The Lion King 2  1/2: We Are One

Written By: Suka Outlander


"We are all one in the Great Circle of life"




It's a cool day in the Pridelands as the king's new daughater, Kiara, is presented to the animals below. Rafiky holds Kiara high for everyone to see her, The traditional mark of the Boab fruit across her forehead. The animals bow graciously as the wind blows gently over the ground stirring up dust causing a few of the animals to sneeze, But maintain their graceful bows.


The scene suddenly pauses


Timon and Pumba's shadows are seen at the bottom as Timon drinks from a gourd and Pumba looks to the screen, Then to Timon.


Timon, Why did you stop the movie?


Timon spits out his straw.


Ever wonder what's up with that pink gourd stripe thingy?


I think it symbolises the birth of a new child in the royal family Timon.


Timon looks to the screen and then back to Pumba.


Well of course I knew THAT... I was just err, Just seeing if you knew that too.


Pumba looks to Timon and he says "Sure" very sarcasticaly.


Anyways, What do YOU think the Outlanders do for a birth, Or where in the heck Kovu even came from, Or what about Sarafina's disapperance, Or how about...


Timon flicks the remote and the movie rewinds to the beginning.


Oh ! Are we going back to the beginning Agian? Pumba squeals happily


No Pumba, We going to the beginning after the beginning, Er, I mean how the next beginning began. Oh I dunno how you use a cool saying here... Let's just show them how everything unfolded in our homelands, Where all these stupid carnavores came from and how all this carnavore stuff came to be ! yelled Timon


Pumba can be seen looking at something of screen.


Pumba, What are you looking at?


Timon's gaze freezes as their faces follow a low leon shadow across the bottom of the screen.


It sits in the chair and looks to Timon and Pumba.


Oh, Okay, What are you doing here Nuka? gulps Timon.


Oh nuttin, Mother just wanted me to come here and make sure you didnt bucture out our scenes agian like Disney did...


Timon sighs and the screen goes black.


We hear Pumba's voice admist the darkness

Ou oh... This is gonna be a long movie isnt it Timon?


Timon speaks, I want my attourne...


The movie starts as Scar plummets down the cliff and lands in a hummic of sand. he slowly stands up dazed from the fall. he see his hyena army surronding him. They've come to check on me. he thought. Ah, My friends. he spoke. Frhehe..iends? laughed Shenzi. I thought he said we were the enemy. smiled Shenzi as she looked to her brother. Yeah, that's what I heard... he agreed, Ed just laughed hystericaly, But in an evil tone as he licked his lips. No, You dont understand, No, Wait. Let me explain, No, No, I, NOOO!

The hyena army hadnt been fed in days, So they put their abusive ruler to good use...By eating him alive, Alive and screaming. Simba and the other Pridelanders converged as a shrill noise periced through the air, Someone was screaming from somewhere. On a ledge not too far set a golden lioness and her cubs Nuka, And Vitani. She slowly made her way toward the huddle of grey fur and told her eldest child, Being Nuka, To stay here and protect his little sister Vitani. The lioness then made her way down the cliff and began fighting off the hyenas one by one. She was going to fight or die trying to get to her beloved. After sometime a loud roar echoed alongst the yelps of hyenas and thunder. The hyenas turned their attention toward Simba standing atop pride Rock, reclaming Scar's kingdom as his agian. The hyenas knew if they were to stay they would surely but put to death for siding with Scar, The untrue king in the Pridelander's eyes. So they decided it would be wise to head back to their homelands, The Elephant Graveyard. Meanwhile the golden lioness approached a bloody mass she was positive that once was her mate...She couldnt even tell it was him anymore. She bent down and put a paw to his mouth, But he wasnt breathing. She listened for a heartbeat...But found nothing. Nuka crept down the cliff with Vitani in tow. he set beside his mother and cried when he saw his father before him in shreds. She turned her attention to the small form crying beside her. She saw it was her eldest son, Nuka, Crying at the sight of his father. Nuka, I thought I told you to watch over your sister? Oh, it's ok ma, She's right behind me. The lioness eyes buldged and saw her very young daughater looking at the bloody form of her father. I didnt want EITHER of you to see your father like this. she growled as she picked up Vitani in her mouth. The lioness did not stop until her daughater spoke. Mommy, Why is daddy covered in red? The lioness eyed her son and muffled. Now you see what I have to explain to her? I didnt want her to know about death this young...We have had QUITE enough death in our family already. she snorted as she took her daughater in the cave and explained everything from life and death to what blood is. After she was finished explaining eveything to Vitani she laid down so she could feed so she would go to sleep. She then turned her attention to Nuka as Vitani fed. Nuka, im very disapointed in your actions today, it's beacuse of you that now your young sister knows of things YOU shouldnt even know about yet... Im sorry mother, I just wanted to know why you were crying, mommy, Why did daddy die, And how? The lioness frowned. Well, I suppose I will tell you since you know enough alreday about life and its brother, death. Your father had claimed these lands in his name as he always aimed to do. There were some thing he had to...get over...Before he could do this though. Your father claimed the throne and gave us a home where we were safe from harm and had plenty of food and water. Your father was one of the greatest kings to ever live Nuka. Nuka looked confused. What is it my son? she asked. Well, if daddy was a great king, The why did everything in the lands die and become dry? The lioness shook her head at this comment. Nuka, Do I have control over the weather? she asked. Nuka shrugged. I dont think so...he beamed up at this mother. the lioness rolled her eyes and continued. Your father is no more powerful than I, Neither of us have control over the weather. So it wasnt daddy's fault everything dried out? asked Nuka. The lioness shook her head as she noticed Vitani was culed up beside her, fast asleep.


The movie pauses agian.


Not Scar's fault the lands dried out huh? snorted Timon

Pumbaa looked to Timon.

Oh that Zira chick thinks she can convince her spawn Nuka it Wasnt his father's fault?

Low growling could be heard.

Uh, Timon, maybe you should...

We were there Pumbaa, Wern't we?

Uh, Timon...

We ALL know it WAS Scar's falt, I tell ya Pumbaa, Zira dosent know what she's talking about when she speaks of the lands decaying beacuse of Scar.

The growling has now become quite loud.

Pumbaa, Did you leave the air conditioning on agian? asks Timon.

Timon, you forgot Nuka was here didnt you? squeaked Pumbaa.

Timon goes to speak and freezes as his smile fades and his eyes open slowly reveling his terrified stare. They look over to a lion filled with rage. Timon looks back to the screen slowly. Pumbaa, Please start the movie agian. speaks Timon monochromaticaly. (lifelessly)


The movie continues from where it stopped.


The lioness smiled and told Nuka it was time to go to sleep, They would need their strength tomorrow.


Later on that evening Simba curls up beside his mate Nala as he goes to sleep after they became one. Simba, What are you going to do with Ushranda? asked Nala. Simba looked to her quizicaly. Who? he asked. Ushranda, Scar's mate, She is still here. she spoke. Oh, Well im tired right now, I'll get to her tomorrow. grunted Simba. So, How are you going to punish her? asked Nala. Well, I guess it depends who she is loyal to, Me or Scar. Simba then went back to sleep as he slept with Nala for the first time in years.


The next day Simba awoke to see the sun rising above the southern border. I suppose I'll get this thing with this Ushrinda girl over with early. Simba made his way to the deepest caves and found a large lioness with two cubs curled around her. Simba stepped into the den as the lioness's eys shot open. She looked up to Simba and got a sour look on her face. She carefuly got up without waking her children. What do you want? she hissed. Ushrinda, My mate Nala tells me your alleigance to me may not be exsistant. The lioness twisted her muzzle into hideous grin. First off, My name is Ushranda, But YOU can call me your haterid. she snapped. Second of all, My allegance to you is about as important as hyena dung. Simba growled. Then you wil leave my lands...Zira. The lioness smiled as she liked the ring of that name. I think I like it here Simba. she smiled. Simba had enough of this lioness already. You will leave my lands now. he spoke. Zira merely smiled and made her way back into her cave. LEAVE NOW OR THE CHILDREN OF SCAR DIE ! Simba roared. Both cubs were now awake. Zira stopped and turned to look at him with a sour grin. Simba, You dont have the will to kill an innocent cub. Simba growled at her as he unsheathed his claws and walked toward her. Oh, Are you going to attack a helpless lioness now? she sneered. Get...Out ! he hissed. Zira shook her head. Fine, We will leave these lands if your going to act that way, What a worthless king you must make. Simba made a motion to kill her right there, but he contained his anger. Zira picked her daughater up in her mouth and Nuka followed her out of the cave. As she passed Simba she smacked him right across the face with her bushy tail. Simba mearly watched as she walked to the promotory. Well, What are you waiting for? asked Simba. Well, Are'nt you forgeting something. she sneered. Simba looked to her and then smiled. Oh yes, I must make my desision on where you go...Exile !  Zira looked to him with a sour grin. We shall then move to the grasslands then. she smiled. Simba looked to her then yelled. As king of these lands, I hearby exile you to the Outlands for the rest of your worthless life! these words had an affect on Zira. What do you expect me to do about my children? They will surely die in the Outlands ! she yelled. The so be it Zira, You chose to pick Scar as your mate, You are just as guilty as him, a murder, and not welcome here. So you are willing to kill my children out of anger just beacuse you feared your future? Simba merely made his pride force Zira from Pride Rock. You will pay for this dearly. she snorted as she gave Simba a look that shot ice down his spine, A look of promise... The lioness forced Zira away as she yelled. One day, One shall come back and you shall pay for this !  If any of your blood ever crosses into my land they will mearly be a pound flesh for my pride to feast upon, and if you ever return, You will be killed on sight and your bones will litter our lands just like your mate Scar's. Zira then picked up Vitani and slowly made her way to the distant Outlands. We'll see whos' bones litter who's lands. she hissed.


The movie paused agian.

I tell ya Pumbaa...I have heard of arrogance before...But this is just funny. spoke Timon.

Remember Nuka. whispered Pumbaa.

Timon rolled his eyes, He cant touch us, We're protected by the P.P.A.

 (Prideland Protection Agency)

Oh? spoke Nuka. Nuka pulls out a cell phone and calls someone. Yes, Could you please explain Chapter 3, Sector 2 of the protection agreement? Thank you. spoke Nuka as he handed the phone to Timon who had to hold it with both hands. ...Protection agreement, Chapter 3, Sector 2. The Prideland agreement states in sector 2 that any Name calling, Family insulting, Murdering, Inbreeding, or long chess matches will void our agreement indefinetly. Timon handed the phone back to Nuka who snaps the cellphone shut abruptly. Now, By my knowledge you just insulted my mother three times in a row...Not to mention the rest of my family... I beleave your contract with the P.P.A. is now completely void...Smiled Nuka as he started the movie agian.

Help me. Timon squeals.


When Zira and her children make it to the Outlands they are all depressed at their new home. A land of scorching sand and intense sunlight where nothing living resides. A few scraggly lioness dot these lands looking for anything to eat. Some of them notice Zira and her children. A mobile feeding frenzy to them. It's not every day a lioness of that size and health comes into the Outlands with two young and healthy cubs. Zira soon finds a suitable home, A massive spire of a termite mound. Nuka figets and hops around. Something's biting me ! he howled. he followed his mother as he picked and bit at his thick fur. Zira put Vitani in a hollowed out stump and laid down to think for awhile. First off we need to form an alliance with these lions. It will be a few days before I can actually trust them enough to leave you two here so I can hunt. At that moment another lioness made her way into the interior of the massive mound. Who are you and what are those filthy things doing in my home? she hissed. My name is Zira and I come from the Pridelands, And those "filthy things' are my children, And I will only ask you once to NOT call them filthy things agian you dusty fleabag. Oh, What are ya gonna do? cry to your king, In case you didnt realise your in the Outlands now. sneered the lioness as she thought about having an early supper. I will ask you not to call that worthless lion my king, My king was murdered by that very waste of flesh. Oh, So you are saying your king was Scar huh? What were you, His number one lioness or something? No, I was his mate and loyal queen until his death, and loyal I will remain till the day I die. Dont talk about diying mom. spoke Nuka as looked at her sadly. Im sorry Nuka, But dont worry, Mommy's not going anywhere for a LONG time honey. Nuka smiled and went over to his sister. So, You were Scar's mate huh? Indeed my lioness, I am not proud of the way some lions think the lands decay was of his doing. Ahudi smiles upon some, And frowns on others, Welcome to the land where he frowns upon those not "worthy" or royal life. spoke the lioness. I feel we could have some sort of bond here when it come to those "worthy". smiled Zira. The lioness grinned. If you live long enough for us to grow a friendship. You need to know how to hunt on your own. Zira simply smiled, Oh, Dont worry about me, Im not some pampered Pridelander.

The descendant of Shadowland blood ALWAYS hunts for themselves. smirked Zira. Shadowland blood you say? smiled the lioness. We could use your lineage to our advantage, that is, if you really are Shadowland blood. spoke the lioness as she made her way back outside.


The movie returns to Kiara at Pride Rock. Then the scene changes to Rafiky in his tree as he paints another lion cub on the great Boab tree beside the smudged picture of Simba with a mane. Oh what a day dis has been, Another cub, another generation complete. The wind blows signaling Mufasa's presence. Oh? Mufasa? De circle has continued, With Kiara's birth another legacy begins. The wind blows suddenly stirring up a few paints. Mufasa ! What do you tink you are doin? Rafiky looks to the black smudge on the tree. Oh, There is trouble in de Pridelands... Der is another cub. But where could dis cub be? wondered Rafiky. The winds changed and blew a handful of seeds south,

Toward the Outlands.


Oh, In de Outlands... But dat is where Simba banished Scar's followers, Even his most loyal...Zira.


The screen goes to black and reappears in the Outlands.


The land is dry and cracked, The sky glows with a omnious red hue. A few malnourished looking lioness are fighting over something in the sand, It turns out to be a measly mouse. The camera zooms in on a massive spire in the middle of the desert, Outland hill.


Deep within sets a small brown cub in a hollowed out tree stump within the spire. The cub looks to be a relative to Scar with his yellow eyes and dark tone. A dark shadow envelops the tiny cub as rough laughater breaks out. Scar my dear, Look what I found on my latest hunt, An exact twin of your wonderful stature. The child seems to have been abandoned, I shall take him on as my own and raise him in your name.


The figure took a pawful of sand and lightly rubbed the cub's muzzle in the sand as it stuck to the cub's wet nose, The lion was careful not to get any IN the cub's nose. The lion then licked the rough substance off its nose, Swallowing it quickly. Welcome to your home my son, You will avenge your king Scar, Kovu, You will take your rightful place atop Pride Rock with that Kiara and assume your place as king.


The shadowy figure reveils its form in one of the few rays of light permeating through the roof of the spire. The light illuminates just her muzzle as we hear the rough voice agian. I, Zira, Will avenge my beloved Scar and take our rightful place atop Pride Rock once more.


The figure laughs evily as its shadow leaves the cub's form.


The movie pauses agian.


Pumba looks to the screen innocently.

What happened? whispers Timon.

Dont look at me? snorts Nuka.

Would someone please tell me whats goin on ! yells Timon

Pumba shifts and the movie starts agian.


The scene is in the Pridelands as Kiara looks to the expanses of the Pridelands. Wow, Its so big... I wanna explore it all ! she laughs. Simba's paw shoots into the screen and detains Kiara.


Whoa ! spoke Simba. Uh, Daddy ! Kiara yells. Now I just want you to be careful. smiled Simba. Come..straight..home, Ok ok I know... And stay away from the Outlands. added Simba. Yes, Nothing there but a bunch of backstabbing murders. informed Zazu. And stay on the path i've marked for you! yelled Simba as his daughater ran off.