My first story created! I am Anthony Zamora and I’m presenting

Anthony’s Cartoony Adventure!

Based on the Lion King background with a plot twist inside. Please note that all characters within this story belong respectfully to Disney, and some other characters that belong to MCA Universal.

The characters Anthony, Alex, Phillip, Gabbie, Mom, and Dad are real people, but their personalities do not pertain to their real selves. Ynohtna on the other hand was a character I created and not to be used by anyone else without my permission.

Please enjoy my story. Have fun! 8D!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: The Cartoon World

Chapter 3: BUSTED!

Chapter 4: Reunited With The Past

Chapter 5: A New Dream

                                          Chapter 6: Some New Friends

Chapter 7: Meeting The Pride 

Chapter 8: Gone Missing

Chapter 9: Meeting Nala

Chapter 10: Chaos And Trouble In The Elephant Graveyard

Chapter 11: The First Kill

Chapter 12: Other Sides Of The Story

Chapter 13: A Meal To Feast On

Chapter 14: The Cartoon Army Is Complete

Chapter 15: The Big Headache

Chapter 16: A Little Explanation

Chapter 17: Farewell

Chapter 18: The Attack

Chapter 19: A New World

Chapter 20: The Reinforcements

Chapter 21: Continuing The Conversation

Chapter 22: Cartoon Central

Chapter 23: A New Chance

Chapter 24: The Tragedies of Pride Rock And Simba

Chapter 25: Hope Is Not Lost

Chapter 26: A Fight

Chapter 27: Reunion

Chapter 28: Army Complete? Yes. Army Ready? Probably.

Chapter 29: A Vision

Chapter 30: A Good Soul Gone Bad

Chapter 31: Training Is Over And Some Help From Three Friends

Chapter 32: Invasion Of Pride Rock

Chapter 33: The War!

Chapter 34: Interruption

Chapter 35: The Death Of A King

Chapter 36: Confrontation

Chapter 37: Clash Of The Two Brothers

Chapter 38: Survival Of The Fittest


Chapter 1: The Beginning


         “ARGGG! NOOOO!” I was running away from my twin brother who always attempted to kill me during our road trip back home from Washington D.C. is now chasing me and got separated in the middle of the trip when I was 8 years old. “There’s no escaping now. HA HA HA!!!” BEEEEEEEEEP. I woke up with a start and heard my watch beeping over and over again. I found myself on the table in my room with all my tools on it, because I was working on a machine that would lead me into the cartoon world.


         “HOLY COW! I MISSED MY BUS TO SCHOOL!!!” I grabbed all of my books and papers, ate a quick breakfast, and then went to my mom’s room to ask if she could take me to school. “Again!? That’s the 3rd time this week, Anthony. I’m going to do something about you and that machine of yours.” I didn’t listen to a word she said. I missed 1st period, but I didn’t like first anyway.


         It was lunch time and I was sitting next to the girl I like, Gabbie. “Hi Gabbie,” I said. “Hi Anthony,” she responded. “So how was first period?” I asked. “It was good, but we also watched a movie in the classroom,” she responded. I made a disappointed face because when I miss a movie, I usually miss all the fun. After school, I got a notice saying to not ride the bus home because my mom was picking me up. My mom seemed angry, but I couldn’t tell. When I got in the car, my mom didn’t say anything. All she did was give me a list of things to do. When I read it, it said this:


1: Clean your room.

2: Pick up all your tools from your room and put it away.

3: Do your homework.



         “WHAAAAAAT!!! But I worked too hard on that thing! I can’t give up,” I screamed. But all she said was this, “If you don’t follow those rules then that machine and the tools will go to the junkyard.” Then when we got home I started to think so I can continue working on the machine and not let my mom notice. Then it hit me, I’ll work at midnight. At that time, nobody will notice that I’m awake.



Chapter 2: The Cartoon World


         After I finished cleaning my room, putting my tools away, and doing my homework, I went to eat dinner and pretended to go to sleep. When I heard no more noises in the house, I got up from bed and took out my tools carefully. Then went to work. I was almost about to fall asleep until the machine started to work! “SHHHH!!!” I didn’t want my mom to wake up, but by that time, I saw a sudden flash and everything went blank. The next morning I was awake and in bed.


         “WHOOAA, was that a dream?” I muttered to myself, but then I felt that there was something heavy on my chest. When I looked up, I saw some sort of cartoon lion! I yelled and the cartoon did as well. Then it jumped off my chest and jumped into the machine! There was a big portal inside and suddenly shut off in an instant. I finally finished the work on the machine and was proud, but the problem now is how to open the portal again. I looked at my watch and it was one minute before my bus came and I quickly got ready. I ran outside, saw my bus, got on, laid down, and started to think what was that little lion doing in my room?


         When I got to school, I went to the science lab to ask my sixth period teacher, Mrs. Raines, to use the computer and science lab. “Why do you need to use the lab for?” she asked. “I think I made a great discovery, that cartoons exist and I want to use the lab to do some experiments!” “Oh No! You remember what happened in the lab the last time I let you use it and I told you many times that cartoons don’t exist in this world!” “In this world. But what about a different world?” But all she simply said was, “You know what I mean.” RIIINNNGGG!!! That was the bell for first period and I ran over to the classroom. When I got there I sat down and took notes on the board.


         The rest of the day went on like this. It was finally over and I ran to the bus. As soon as I got on the bus, I saw my two good friends, Alex and Phillip. I was the head of the group but I always treated them equally no matter what. “Hello captain!” Alex said sarcastically. “You guys got to stop calling me that. First of all, I know that I’m the leader, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the ruler of you,” I said. “We just like to joke around. So, what are we going to do today at your house?” asked Alex. I totally forgot that it was Wednesday. On that day we usually hung out over at my house, but I was grounded so we couldn’t. “Sorry guys but I’m grounded and I can’t let you guys in,” and when both of them left, it was my turn

to go.


I got off the bus and entered my house, my mom was standing there

with a bird cage in her hand but in it was a cartoon bird! This time my mom was going to actually kill me for this.


Chapter 3: BUSTED!


         I didn’t know where to start. “Well, I’m waiting,” she said, but just then the door opened and it was my father. “Dad! I’m glad you’re home from work!” He works as a police officer and was working 24 hours a day continuously. It was a rare occasion for him to come home for that day. “Okay, what’s the matter?” he asked. My mom answered that before I could even sputter a word.


         “Well dear, your son here has finished his machine and this bird,” showing him the bird, “has been making a raucous in this house!” After she calmed down, she looked back at me. “Well, the machine was meant to lead to a new discovery of another world, but you’re always saying it’s stupid and that it’ll never work. I proved you wrong and you’ll never destroy my machine!” I yelled. Then my father took out his gun and said, “Give me the bird so I can get rid of it,” he said. She gave the cage to him and pointed the gun to the bird. “NOOOOO!!!,” I screamed and tackled my dad to the ground.


         Then I took the bird cage, grabbed the gun that my dad dropped, and ran upstairs to my room. When I entered my room I saw the machine portal open and was sucking all my papers from school. I grabbed a grappling hook and jumped in the portal. When I entered, the bird yelled to me, “I say, let me go you assassin!” and with that I opened up the cage and it flew to an opening. When I saw this, I took the grappling hook and shot it towards the opening the bird flew through.


         All of the sudden, I got a grip on the hook and reeled in the hook. I finally reached the opening and then I was in the sky then started to fall. When I hit the ground on the left side of my body causing the gun to fire and creating a big hole in my pants. I was knocked unconscious and fell asleep.


Chapter 4: Reunited With The Past


While I was unconscious, there was a presence in my room. It was Ynohtna Zamora, my twin since childhood. “Hmm, I see that the foolish boy finally finished the machine. Perrrrrfect.” Then he went downstairs and saw my parents and my parents saw him. “I thought we got rid of you for good when

you were eight years old!” said my mom.  “Apparently you didn’t. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Now I will let you feel the pain I suffered when you dumped me in the streets during our road trip.” and then he pulled out a gun and pointed it at my dad.


         “WHOA, slow down there. You can’t kill me. I’m your father!” “I didn’t see a father and mother, what I saw was two people throwing me out of the car and leaving me alone to DIE! I was cold and hungry. Luckily somebody cared enough to take me in. After 4 years I killed that person, left no tracks, and came here for a year long walk!” “We had to get rid of you because you were trying to kill your brother and he was only trying to play with you,” my mom said.


         “You only cared about Anthony! Not about me! You were always talking about how he is so good and special. Well Mr. Goody Good is gone now and I finally have my chance to kill you for what you have done!” But by that time, my

dad punched him in the stomach and took the gun off his hands and they ran out of the house. Then Ynohtna took out a spare gun and ran outside. When he got outside they already left the house in the car.


         “Grrr. No matter, I can do as I please now that I own this abandoned house. Now, this gives me enough time to gather up my cartoon army. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!” He went up to my room and looks at my machine and said:


Open the door to this new world

For ruin and destruction will unfold

Unless I go in and set it right

Let me see this Cartoon sight


Then the portal opens up again and he jumps inside.


Chapter 5: A New Dream


         Everything… is…in darkness. I was now walking towards a person and I didn’t know who it was, but whoever it was, I couldn’t stop walking towards him. Now I finally came up to him and then he turned around and it was Ynohtna, my brother 7 years ago. He was so young and happy and always playing with me. I remember the good time that we used to have in our house and out side with the

butterflies in the air.


         Then one day all of that changed. It has been 2 whole years and that was when he took a knife and almost sliced me like sushi. Darkness… I…can’t…stand…the…darkness. No…no…NO…NOOOOOOOO!!!


             Chapter 6: Some New Friends


         Ugggg, my head. What happened? I thought to myself. I was now conscious, lying down in the middle of a land, was covered in dirt, couldn’t move, and with the blazing sun in my eyes, I couldn’t open them. “I say, Simba are you sure we should be poking around something that we don’t know if it’s alive?” “But Zazu, I’ve seen this boy before. He screamed and when he screamed, I ran for the machine in his room and it led me back here.” “Now Simba, I was told not to let you touch things while playing in the Pride Lands.”


         “Ow! get your claws off me!” as I said that, I grabbed him by the scruff. “Okay, who is Simba and who is Zazu?” I asked “Why do you want to know?” asked the bird. “Hey! I saved your tail back at my house and if it wasn’t for me, you would be supper for us!” I yelled back at him. “No wonder you tackled that big guy and carried me to that machine. I am dreadfully sorry.” “Hey! What am I, chopped liver? Put me down already,” the lion cub asked. “I’ll let you down after you tell me your name.” “Okay, my name is Simba.” Then I let him down. “So, you must be Zazu then,” I asked the bird. He responded, “Yes.”


         Then I asked, “Hey, where am I?” “You are in the Pride Lands. Home to the lions and Simba is the future King after our King passes away,” Zazu explained. “So where are the lions? May I meet them?” I asked him. “I don’t know,” Simba said. “My dad may let you…” I stopped him at mid sentence when I said, “Wait a minute, did you say that your father would let me in? Does that mean that your father is the King?!” “Yes, that does mean I’m the King,” said a deep voice. Simba had a scared look on his face and turned around and said, “Uhh…hi dad.” this was the worst thing that could happen to all of us three. “And who is this?” asked the King. “Oh BOY.” said Zazu.


Chapter 7: Meeting The Pride


          Now I knew that I was in real trouble. I still had the gun in my pocket and I could have shot at any moment now, but since I would be considered a murderer and there is no place to run, I would be killed by backup lions. “Zazu! I asked you

a question!” and by that time other female lions came up the hill. I started to speak in a shaky voice. “I-I a-am…” but just then my gun slipped out of the hole in my pocket and onto the ground.


         “HE’S A HUNTER!” screamed a lioness, “GRAB HIM QUICKLY!!!” and all of the sudden I was jumped, scratched, and finally knocked unconscious, again. I started to wake up and I heard some soft whispering. I opened my eyes and saw all the lions along with the King. I saw my gun on the other side of a place I was in. “Where am I?” I asked, but just then I got slapped in the face by a lioness. “HEY! WHAT DID I DO??!!” I yelled in anger “You know what you were trying to do! You were trying to kill my son and Zazu! And don’t start saying you weren’t trying that at all because we all saw the gun!” said the lioness


         “Listen,” I said calmly, but they all seemed to have turned away to dream land because I saw them just humming to themselves. “I SAID LISTEN!!! THE GUN FELL OUT OF MY POCKET HOLE AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, THEN LOOK AT MY POCKET AND YOU CAN SEE THAT I AM NOT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I started to breathe heavily after that statement and the King turned and looked at me angrily.


         “All right then, but if you do any funny business, then I, or the pride, will kill you.” The King went over and picked up my gun and took it over to me and put it in my pocket. When he stepped away he heard the gun drop to the floor and saw that there indeed was a hole in my pocket. “Well then, you are telling the truth, but that doesn’t mean that I will let you go,” the King said, but I responded, “That’s the thing, I can’t go anywhere because I am not from this world.


         “Well, let me first say that my name is Anthony, Anthony Zamora, I am 13 years old, and I used a special machine to get me here.” Simba was then in shock when I said this. Not because I built the machine, but the fact that he went through the machine and is afraid that he would get caught for sneaking out at night and for waltzing into my room without permission. He was making signals indicating that he wanted me to change the subject but it was too late for that.


         Everybody saw him doing this and his mom said, “Simba, is there something you would like to tell us?” He was silent for a few seconds and finally said, “Alright, I snuck out at night and I saw this huge glowing thingy and jumped inside and all of the sudden I was in a weird place where he was sleeping and then I jumped on him and he woke up then he screamed and I screamed then I ran for the big glowing thing and ran back to Pride Rock. There now that I confessed don’t

be mad at…” he was cut off by his mom and wiped the tears off Simba’s eyes.


         “Honey, it’s okay now. Just don’t do that again. Okay?” his mom said. “Okay,” Simba said in a sad voice. His mom and dad came up to me and said, “We are Mufasa, the King, and Sarabi, the Queen of Pride Rock. You are inside Pride Rock and the land you are in right now is called the Pride Lands…” and they went on and on about information on the Pride Lands. When the sun came down I went outside and slept on a rock. I fell peacefully asleep.


                   Chapter 8: Gone Missing


         “I’m telling you Phillip, he will not be in the HOUSE!” “Oh, shut your trap. I don’t really care about what you think, Alex.” The guys were talking about if I could come over the next day and see if the weekend is possible too. “Listen Alex, we do not have our leader in the group so you should just be quiet and…” BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! “HOLY MAC AND CHEESE!” cried out Alex. There was a big old explosion in my house and debris started to fall on the ground. Alex and Phillip were running away to get to a safe place.


         Phillip suggested something and said, “Enough fighting. Let’s go to that girl’s house that Anthony likes and...” “ARE YOU NUTS!! SHE’LL GO BALLISTIC IF SHE HEARD THAT HER FRIEND WAS IN A MIDDLE OF AN EXPLOSION INSIDE HIS OWN HOUSE!! BESIDES WE DON’T KNOW HER ADDRESS!” “Um…there’s something called a phonebook.” “Oh all right, but if this doesn’t work, then you have to pay me ten dollars.” “What fo…” Phillip was cut in mid sentence when Ynohtna came outside and then started to talk to the two boys.


         “Well well well, look who’s here.” “Anthony! What are you trying to pull!” cried Alex. “How did you survive that explosion!? Was that a real explosion?” “Hm, I believe it was, Alex and Phillip, but I can’t let you go because you were witnesses of this explosion. My army of cartoons should be big enough to kill you both.” then Phillip finally spoke up, “What do you mean kill us and like we always tell you, there is no such thing as cartoons. It’s as simple as that.” “Oh, but I beg to differ. CARTOON ARMY! ASSEMBLE!!”


Then all of the sudden, a whole fleet of cartoons were standing in front of the boys and were aiming for them. “Anthony, how could you do this to us? I thought you were our best friend.” “I am not Anthony first of all and I’m not your

best friend. I am Ynohtna, his twin and dark side. Enough information, I will exterminate you now and be rid of you pests!” All of the sudden, a car comes crashing into the wall and in it was a tall and good looking girl. “Hurry and hop inside!!” she pulled out a fire cracker, lit it, and threw at the cartoon army. They all jumped away and left.


         “Grrr, I’ll get you Gabbie if it’s the last thing I do! Come, we still have to gather the rest of our army!” “Captain, I need to get back to Pride Rock so that I will not look suspicious when I get back.” said a tan colored male lion with a black mane. “Oh, all right then, but remember that tonight is an army meeting. You know the words right, Scar?” “Yes sir! I’ll be back tonight, with what you want.” and with that he left and hopped into the machine and he was gone.


Chapter 9: Meeting Nala 


         It was another day in the Pride Lands and Simba was all jumpy, literally. “Simba, would you please stop jumping on me,” I said, but he wasn’t even paying attention. I just felt like grabbing him by the scruff and grab his attention that way, but if his parents saw this, then they would think I’m holding him hostage. “Anthony, why are you so grumpy today?” “I don’t know why Simba, but I just have this weird feeling in my head and it really hurts.” “Do you need to lie down Anthony?” asked Simba. “That is what I’m going to do next, Simba.” When I was looking for a place to lie down, Simba called me back to come with him instead.


“Anthony, I want you to meet my friend. She’s very nice and I should introduce you to her.” I started to complain but when I was thinking whether I should go or not I felt no more pain in my head, so I agreed to go with him. When we got there, there were a lot of lionesses, and some of them with cubs. “Hey Simba, do you know which cub is your friend?” “Sure, of course, she’s always yelling out loud to grab attention. So what I need to do is scream out her name and follow her voice.” And with no time wasted, he screamed out his lungs.


NNNNAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” he screamed out so loud that my eardrums might be ringing faster than normal. Simba also started a commotion with all the other lionesses. “Hey! Keep it down Simba I finally got my daughter to sleep!” “Sorry. Come on Anthony, let’s look for my friend.” “You can say Nala. I heard you loud and clear, a bit too loud and clear.” I whispered. We took about ten minutes looking for her and then she called out to Simba and our search was over.



She looked just like her mother. Blue eye and a khaki coat. “Nala, are you busy? I want to play some games with you and my new friend here.” “Now Simba,” said a voice from behind us on top of a rock, “I don’t want you going out with that kid just yet. I still don’t trust him yet.” “Oh, hi mom, but he hasn’t done anything wrong. Please can he come with us?” I said to Simba, “You know, she’s right, I’m just a newcomer over here. I’m sure you can play with just Nala.”


Simba was disappointed, but he understood. When the two cubs left, Sarabi wanted to talk to me. “Why did you agree with what I said to him?” “Because I already caused enough trouble here.” “How?” “I entered this world for too long and if I don’t get back to my real world soon, I might start to change my outside form. I think it’s time to start what I wanted to do. Rebuild a machine from scratch and transport home.” And I left without any questions asked.


Simba and Nala were playing a game until Simba’s uncle asked him, “What game are you guys playing?” “Oh, hi Uncle Scar. We’re playing wrestling. Want to be the referee?” asked Simba. “No thanks, I have more important business to attend to,” he responded “You always seem to be busy now, Scar,” said Nala. “Well, I am an old lion and…” he stopped in mid-sentence when he saw me walking by and looked at me seriously. “I’ll be right back kids,” and went for me. “Sir, what are you doing here, I thought you were at the house planning the meeting.” I was completely confused and said to him, “Huh? First of all, I am Anthony not sir and second, who are you?”


He had a puzzled look at first, but that was quickly replaced by a worried face. He then started to run away from me as if I did something to him. He went over to the cubs and said to them, “Listen kids, I need to go somewhere so if your dad asks for me, Simba, tell him I’m doing some business. All right?” Then Simba shook his head and then Scar left. “Hey Simba, lets go and follow him and see what he does that is making him so busy.” Simba had a bad feeling about this but then agreed to go with her plan.


Chapter 10: Chaos And Trouble In The         Elephant Graveyard


The two cubs were catching up to Scar and the further they walked, the less grass they saw. They have been walking for about 15 minutes until the ground was

filled with bones and black dirt. “Are you sure we should be doing this? I feel that we shouldn’t be here,” said Simba. “I do too Simba, but if we leave now, we’ll

never find out why Scar is so busy,” said Nala. While they were walking, they noticed a big scull in the shape of an elephant’s head. “WOW! Look at this place! It’s so big!” exclaimed Simba. “This should be our playing spot for our entire life!” said Nala.


Then on the top of the scull was Scar with an evil look on his face. “I have you right where I want you,” said Scar, and then he leapt down into the scull and said, “See, the two cubs are there looking for me, as planed. Now, get out there and capture them. It’s necessary to have them or Ynohtna’s plan won’t work. UNDERSTOOD!” “Yes sir, we understand.” said a trio of hyenas.


Then the three hyenas left to the bottom of the scull and had the two cubs in their sight. “You know the plan, right boys?” asked one of the hyenas who was a female, and the other hyenas responded to her, “Yes ma’am. We know what to do.” “Do you think we’ll get in trouble if we we’re caught here,” asked Nala. “I would think so, but when we finish over here we need to…” “Come with us to be our dinner,” said one of the hyenas from behind. The two cubs were startled and turned around. “Nala, stay behind me,” but just then, two more hyenas came out of nowhere.


They were completely surrounded by the hyenas. That’s when they screamed out loud, “HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!” They were so loud that the whole Pride Rock heard the voices, even me while I was working to build a remake of the machine. “MUFASA! THOSE ARE THE CHILDRENS VOICES! GO RESCUE THEM!” Sarabi exclaimed and without question, Mufasa dashed out to follow the sound of Simba’s and Nala’s voices.


I was taking a break when I was thinking, isn’t there anything to do in order to help? What if Mufasa is surrounded by enemies and can’t hold them off? I kept asking myself this and I knew what I had to do. When the lionesses left the cave, I quickly grabbed the gun from the cave and headed for where Mufasa was heading.


         Chapter 11: The First Kill


Simba and Nala were running away from more hyenas ever since Mufasa cleared a path for them. “Don’t slow down Nala! We need to find a cave or something to hide in!” said Simba. “But I don’t see any caves or holes!” But then, they found a cave. They were so exhausted that they approached inside carefully

and slowly.



When Mufasa was trying his best to keep all the hyenas away from him, he was losing energy by the second. When I reached a cliff on this weird place, I saw Mufasa and he was totally surrounded by hyenas. I took the gun, put it in the air, and gave it one shot while screaming, “ENOUGH!” I jumped down and stood by Mufasa who was on the ground resting.


“If one of you take one more step, all I do is one shot and your dead!” one of the hyenas didn’t believe me and approached slowly. “I warned you,” and I pulled the trigger and shot the approaching hyena, splattering blood everywhere. In just a split second all the other hyenas ran away.


I turned around to look at Mufasa and he said, “Thank you for saving my life, even if it meant to kill a hyena.” He had regained some energy so we could continue searching for Simba and Nala. When we found them, there were three hyenas aiming for the two cubs. Mufasa roared as loud as he could to scare them away.


When the hyenas ran off, Simba approached Mufasa and said, “Dad I…” “You deliberately disobeyed me,” Mufasa said. He was very upset and told all of us to lets go home. While we were exiting the cave, I could have sworn that I heard Nala say, “Sorry, Simba. I didn’t mean for this to happen to you.” I kept the gun in my hand for any more hyenas out there.


When we neared the Pride Lands, Mufasa called to me. “Yes Mufasa?” I responded and he said, “Take Nala home please, I got to teach my son a lesson,” and with that said he looked at Simba as if he was going to attack him. I went over to Nala, who was standing right next to Simba, and said, “Come on Nala, let’s go,” and I picked her up in my arms as if carrying a baby.


While I was walking, Nala was trying to say something to me because I saw her open her mouth and not say anything. I said to her, “Don’t be scared to talk to me. Now what are you trying to say?” She acted as if she didn’t hear me, but then she finally said, “Oh Anthony, it was my fault we ended up there, not Simba’s. And now he’s getting yelled at probably just because of me.” She said this in a shaky voice with teary eyes.


When we reached Pride Rock I took Nala to her mom and was thinking where I was going to sleep next because this is the second night that I was here. I found a big rock right below Pride Rock and decided to sleep there. I closed my

eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. Just then, Scar went through a portal

without anybody noticing. Everybody was asleep except for some other lions or people.


Chapter 12: Other Sides Of The Story

       *Note: this chapter has four parts to it and these parts are crucial to the*                                                        *story, so please read it.*


Part 1: Sarabi And Mufasa Have A Secret.


         Simba and Mufasa came back, Mufasa sent Simba to sleep, went over to Sarabi and whispered, “Sarabi, we need to talk. It’s about Anthony.” With that they left the cave and went to a special place to talk. “Mufasa, what is this all about? What happened this evening?” Sarabi asked. He responded, “Well, he saved my life for starters, but had to use his gun in order to do it. I’m thinking this will be better than the other one.”


         “I thought that we discussed that we wouldn’t mention what happened in the past. The other kid thought this was all an illusion and started to strangle all the lionesses. And even worse, he knew the rhyme to get in and out of different cartoon worlds! In the end we had to…kill him” Sarabi said.


         “Do you think that it will be better if we tell him the rhyme of how to get home? He’s only trying to do that because all day he was looking for items to rebuild something to get him back home. I think we can trust him,” Mufasa told her. “Let’s wait a few more days before we make the decision.” Sarabi said in reply. When the two lions were walking back to Pride Rock, they saw that Simba was sleeping on top of me.


         “Maybe he feels safer with him. Let him sleep there tonight,” Mufasa said. Sarabi had a worried look on her face, but it soon disappeared and they went inside the cave to sleep.


Part 2: Alex, Phillip, And Gabbie Find Out What’s Going On


The trio of friends pulled over at Gabbie’s house and started talking about what had just happened. “Who was that over at Anthony’s house? That was really freaky,” said Alex. “Well, you guys must be the ones that Anthony was talking about. Alex and Phillip. Right?” “Sure, Sweet cheeks,” Phillip said. Alex slapped

him in the face for this. “What was going on there?” asked Alex. “Obviously, Anthony finished

the machine and left it on,” said Gabbie.


         “Isn’t there any way we can communicate through a device to get to Anthony,” Phillip asked. “We’ll try to sneak into the room and see if he has anything to communicate with. Until then,” Gabbie threw a pillow and cover


to them and said, “Good Night. And sleep well.” The two boys went to the floor and slept through the night.


Part 3: The Cartoon Army Meeting.


         The cartoons that were on Ynohtna’s side were at the meeting to plan a devious plan to destroy the cartoon world with the help of the evil cartoons. “Listen up!” Ynohtna said, “We’re going to destroy my brother Anthony and the cartoon friends he’s made. Our plan is…” he was interrupted when Scar came to him and wanted to talk to him privately.


         “What is it Scar. We have to plan an attack to get rid of Anthony once and for all!” Ynohtna had screamed, but Scar had replied, “This is the thing sir, I was walking to capture the cubs, but Anthony was at the place when I called him Sir.” “YOU IMBECILE! Did he get suspicious?” Ynohtna had screamed. “No sir, he was just confused that I called him sir and he didn’t know who I was,” Scar said.


         “You are one lucky lion, because if he had been suspicious, then I would have to kill you right here, right now. Now, get back in the meeting, stat or I’ll make sure you are not a suspect,” Ynohtna said, and with that being said, Scar returned to the meeting and resumed where he left off. “As I was saying, we will take him down in a week or more…” and the meeting went on and on until at least midnight.


Part 4: What Mom And Dad Are Doing.


         My mom and dad were in the car in Miami hiding from any more danger. “Do you think Anthony is going to be okay?” mom asked. “Well it depends. Either Anthony has been killed by his brother or that he escaped through the machine,” dad said. They were doing nothing to help themselves. They didn’t even go to the police for help. “We need to get the police involved in this or we will be facing a bad future,” dad said. They went to sleep and the next day, they would go to the police and tell them what had happened.



Chapter 13: A Meal To Feast On


         The next morning finally arrived and when I woke up, I saw Simba still sleeping on my stomach and purring. I didn’t want wake him up so I went back to the way I was and started to think. My head was hurting again. What is with this headache! I can’t even think about how to survive in this jungle if there isn’t any food I can eat. I thought this to myself when Simba was waking up from his lion sleep.


         “Good morning Simba,” I said while Simba was getting off me saying, “I’m sorry that I slept on you. I couldn’t let you off guard during the night.” I chuckled a little bit because he reminded me of my mom. When I got up, my stomach growled so loud that Simba heard it. “You have nothing to eat, Anthony?” Simba asked. “I am extremely hungry that I could eat a mammoth in a day! I didn’t bring anything with me to eat when I was saving Zazu,” I explained. Simba felt bad that I might starve to death so he said, “Wait here. I’m going to see if I can get my mom to catch you a meal.


         I just sat down and waited. When Simba returned, he said, “My mom said she was happy to get you something. It’ll take time though. So you’ll have to wait a while.” “As long as I can get some food, then I’ll even wait an hour!” It didn’t take too long to get some food, but when it came to eating, I had to figure out how to cut the meat and cook it.


         I took a very sharp rock and used it to cut some of the meat, and with two other small rocks and a big flat plated rock, I made a frying pan with some fire. The meal was tasty and the first meal I had in two whole days. “How was your meal, Anthony?” Simba asked me. I responded, “Delicious! That was the best tasting meat in the whole cartoon world. Now, I will take a nap and wake me up in about an hour,” I said yawning.



Simba went over to his mother and took a nap as well. His mom licked him and also went to sleep. Soon, the whole pride was taking a nap on the ground after a tasty meal. I had sweet dreams that I was revealing the secret of the cartoon world and becoming extremely famous, but I was also dreaming of how my brother was doing. Then, I started to cry in my sleep.                    



Chapter 14: The Cartoon Army Is       Complete


         Ynohtna has finally finished collecting the villains and enemies from the cartoon worlds. “CARTOON ARMY! ASEMBLE!” and then the army were at attention listening to what he had to say. “The army is finally finished, and now we can go for the attack on all the cartoon worlds one at a time! Each of you cartoons will have dominance over the other cartoons!” the whole army yelled in excitement. “But we need to strike at Pride Rock first because we need to get rid of my brother, Anthony,” and then the whole army started to hiss and boo.


         “This is the plan, EVERYBODY, GET INTO THE SQUADRONS!” After that being said, the army went into groups of six. “Squadron A will go on the left side of Pride Rock and make sure that nobody gets through there unless they’re from your squadron. Squadron B will do the same thing but on the right side of Pride Rock. Squadron C will take care of the slaves that we will have when we rule that world and that squadron will make sure that the slaves are doing their work. If not, shoot them.


         “Squadron D will take care of the weapons. Make sure that the weapons are not touched by anyone else and that when we go to war, the weapons will be ready or else. Squadrons E and F will be the cartoons to go to war if one occurs.” After one full hour of talking to the army, Ynohtna is finished with his speech and told them, “We will leave tomorrow and camp in the Pride Lands and attack the next day.”


         All of the cartoons went to rest because in exactly two more days, the cartoon army will attack the cartoon world to rule it, according to Ynohtna. As they went to sleep, other cartoons was talking about how they were going to be the ruler of the world or some are saying that they hope that they are not going to die.


         “Those suckers really don’t know what’s really going to happen. When I’m the ruler of the worlds, I will kill all of the army and I, Ynohtna Zamora will finally have revenge on that bastard Anthony and will finally have the things the way I want it to be! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!”



Chapter 15: The Big Headache


         I ended up sleeping till the next day. Holy Cow. I slept through the whole day. I got up and Mufasa was waiting for me to come up. The gun was at his paws and said, “I think you should hold onto it, because we can’t always keep an eye on it.” with that said, he pushed the gun over to me and I was able to put it into my other pocket where there was no hole.


         “Thanks. Actually, if you don’t mind, I would use the gun to hunt for food so I can eat as well?” he nodded his head in agreement and he left Pride Rock to hunt. I wasn’t hungry yet, but I would have to use it soon. Just then, Simba came up to me and said, “I guess my dad likes and trusts you. Probably you can stay forever.” He laughs a little. I responded, “Well, I’m sorry to say that I must go when I get the chance. Look at my arm,” and when I pulled out my arm, it looked like cartoon arm. “The transformation will be complete if I don’t get out of here and if it’s complete, I probably can’t leave.”


         Simba gave me a look that was too cute to refuse. “Well, I might visit, but there has to be some things done before I can just jump right in this world again,” I said to him. Simba went back inside Pride rock and decided to wait until his dad came back with the prey. I was also waiting until the right time came so I can go and hunt, but just then I got an extremely bad headache that could’ve made my head explode.



I screamed so loud that my scream echoed throughout the whole Pride Lands. I went to a big rock and started hitting my head with it while saying this. “WHAT…IS…UP…WITH…THIS… HEEAADAACCCHHH?!!”

That was when I knocked my own self unconscious and bleeding at the same time.


         I started having dreams that were very weird. Like, there was a whole bunch of cartoons in front of me with weapons attacking me. All of the sudden, I hear

voices that were familiar. “Anthony! Anthony wake up! You’re starting to scare me,” said the voice. When I woke up, I see the pride all around me and Simba had tears in his eyes.



Chapter 16: A Little Explanation



“Anthony, what happened?” Mufasa asked. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve been having these really painful headaches in the past few days. I think this was the third time it happened,” I said. I took my hand and put it against my head. It was bleeding less now but that didn’t change how bloody my shirt looks.


         “Sarabi, do you think that he needs to go home now?” Mufasa whispered to Sarabi. “Maybe. We need to talk to him,” Sarabi whispered to Mufasa. Simba was on me wiping his tears on my clothes. I started to stroke his fur with my hand saying that I was fine and not to worry.


         “Anthony,” Mufasa called, “We need to talk to you.” I did my best to get up although my head felt like a ton of bricks. Simba started following me and I told him that he needed to stay behind. “No, he needs to hear this too,” Mufasa said. When we reached a spot where it was safe to talk, we all sat down and Mufasa started explaining.


         “Okay Anthony, you said that you used a machine to get here, right?” Mufasa asked. I nodded my head yes and said, “It took me a while before it was finished, but when it activated I got knocked out.” Sarabi joined the conversation, “The main conversation was about the worlds. You see Anthony, all the worlds are linked together and any cartoon is able to intertwine with other cartoons, but in order to do this, the cartoons need a special rhyme.”


I was confused for a moment but then knew what she was talking about. “Do you mean that this rhyme can go to the human world too?!” I asked. “Yes Anthony, and we see that this world is too much for you,” Sarabi said. Simba had a scared look on his face and leapt into my lap asking me, “What are you going to do Anthony?” “Let me answer that for you two,” said Mufasa, “You need to leave the cartoon world, permanently. I’m sorry.”


         My mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe it. “I can’t leave! Not right now that is!” I screamed “Yeah! Please let him stay! I don’t want to lose a friend forever!” said Simba.




Chapter 17: Farewell


         “We don’t want any excuses. Anthony will leave tomorrow,” Sarabi said. There was nothing I nor Simba could do. All I did was take a little stroll through the Pride Lands to get one last look at the place before I left. While looking through, I saw a whole bunch of tents that was out of sight from Pride Rock. I was suspicious about it, so I went closer.


I went into one of the tents and then I saw a bunch of stuff from my world! What I saw was a gun, two bullet proof vests, and a bunch of ammo. “I’m going to take this vest just in case these guys are poachers,” I said to myself. After that being said I took the vest, put it on, and left.


         The next day came and Sarabi said I were to leave in the afternoon. I wanted to say goodbye to Simba before I left for the journey back home, but the question was, where was he? It was still morning so I had some time to look for him. “SIMBA! WHERE ARE YOU!” I screamed still looking for him. Off in the distance was Simba hearing my voice, but ignores it.


         He is near the elephant graveyard and he is lying down on a rock talking to himself. “Why does he need to leave now? If he can’t stay, then I’ll have to stay here,” he said to himself. I finally found him laying on the rock. I hid behind a bigger rock so I can hear what he was saying to himself. “I’ll live here if I have to, just to get rid the painful memories.” I saw tears in his eyes and he sniffled.


         “Aww, come on,” I said, “you don’t really mean that, do you?” He looked back and saw me. “ANTHONY!” he screamed, ran up to me and said, “Were you listening to me this whole time!?” I nodded my head yes. His ears fell down flat and said, “Sorry, but you’re my friend. Sometimes I say stuff I really don’t mean.”


         I understood him clearly. I didn’t want to leave yet, but the cartoon transformation already had taken both of my arms and one of my legs. I clearly have no choice at all, but when I had to leave, I had to leave.


         “Listen, Simba, I really don’t want to leave a friend behind, but it’s for very good reasons. I need you to promise me that no matter where I go, you will never forget me, and that you will obey your mom and dad.” He was silent for a moment, but after the silence, he nodded his head in agreement. I picked him up in my arms

and started walking back to Pride lands.

Chapter 18: The Attack!


         “ALL RIGHT, LET’S MOVE OUT AND ATTACK!” Ynohtna screamed out loud giving the signal that it’s time to attack the Pride lands and me. I was finally at Pride Rock when Sarabi came up to me with an angry face. “Where have you been all this time, I was about to let the lionesses go and search for you!” she

said. “I was looking for Simba to say goodbye before leaving, but he was nowhere to be found so I went looking for him,” I said. “Well, it’s time for you…” while she was saying this, the whole Pride lands started to shake.


In the distance I could see a whole bunch of cartoons heading our way with weapons in their hands! “Who are they!?” I screamed. When they got closer and closer, I saw more cartoons in the distance, but when they all came to a stop, a guy comes walking towards me and I knew in a second who he was. He was my brother Ynohtna!


         I quickly pulled out my gun and pointed it at him. “Tsk tsk tsk. You really want to kill me right now?” he said in a menacing voice. “I thought that we got rid of you for good. What do you what from me?” I said in a normal suspicious voice. He chuckled and said to me, “If you leave these guys and join my army of cartoons, the cartoon world can be yours and we could rule it TOGETHER!”


All the lions were in an attacking position just in case. “Who is this guy Anthony? He’s starting to freak me out,” Simba whispered. Ynohtna answered before I could and told him this, “This simple minded fool is my brother, but the difference is that he’s always happy but I’m always the one with a miserable life!” He pulled out a gun and said some sort of thing I couldn’t understand.


Momen popen!

Looty lortal!


         All of the sudden, a portal opened up right behind me. Sarabi cried out, “How does he know the rhyme!?” he pointed his gun at my chest but I shot him until I ran out of ammo. “Ha! You thought that you could kill me, didn’t you? Well for your information, I had a bullet proof vest on me so you couldn’t kill me, but as for you, you’ll die in the cartoon world,” he said.


         He pulled the trigger and the impact from the bullet pushed me back into the portal he had recently opened. “NOOOOO!” Simba cried out. He ran and leaped up at Ynohtna. When he landed on him, he started to scratch his face like crazy, leaving blood stains on his claws.


         “Get off me you little pest!” Then he grabbed him by the neck choking Simba, and then threw him at the ground hard. “I swear, that I will kill you the second you touch me again!” He touched his face and there was blood everywhere on his hand and face.



“Get me a piece of cloth from one of the tents and put the plan in effect starting now!” Said Ynohtna. “How did you get the rhyme to get to the other worlds!?” implored Sarabi. “I’d rather not tell you, but you been so nosey,” he gave one snap of his finger and two big cartoons came to him, “Take her away, and make sure that she is kept under guard 24/7. NOW!” And then they grabbed her to take her to a place to keep her locked up.


         “You!” said Ynohtna to Simba, “You’re going to be my assistant and if refuse,” he took his gun out again, pointed it at him, and said, “you’ll die.”

“Y-yes s-sir,” said Simba in a shaky voice.


Chapter 19: A New World


         My head was spinning like crazy and there was nothing I can do next. I kept asking myself Why did I ever build the machine? My eyes were still closed. I was mad that all of the past events have happened. All of the sudden my head felt a big impact because I went through the roof of something (CRASH!).


         When I opened my eyes, I saw a whole bunch of wood on me and it looked like a boat inside. I fainted because of the big impact. The things that happened today will never be remembered. I will purposely forget all the lions from Pride Rock, even…Simba. I heard a low growl coming from a dog who was probably in front of me. I gasped when I opened my eyes because instead of a dog, it was a wolf! “–nice wolf, I don’t want any trouble,” I said. “Oh right like I’m going to believe that nonsense! Explain why you’re here! NOW!” The wolf said.


         There wasn’t anything to do. I lost my friend, Ynohtna is about to take over the cartoon worlds, and now I’m trapped by a wolf who is going to kill me. “Please, just kill me right now. There’s nothing live for anymore. My life is gone. Please just kill me, right now,” I said.


         I stood up and took the gun that was still in my hand, that he didn’t notice, and looked at it. “If I had one bullet in this gun right now,” I took the gun and put it against my head, “I would end all this misery right now,” I said. “Please just kill me, but let the cartoon worlds know to take cover, because it being taken over as I speak,” I warned. I sat down and started to cry.


         “How do you know about the other worlds and are you from the human world?” asked the wolf. “I-I built a m-machine to get here, BUT IT CAUSED

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!!” I went into a major seizure and ran out of the boat and started beating myself up. I took pieces of broken wood and slammed it against my head.


         “KID, KID SETTLE DOWN! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ME!!!” He yelled. It didn’t work. I was still romping around trying to kill myself. “I didn’t want to do this, but,” he jumped up on my back and started slashing it. “You need to calm down!” he kept slashing until I he knocked me unconscious.


I woke up a bit later where there was a fire in front of me along with the wolf and some other characters outside of the boat, which I smashed up. I heard a female dog talking with the wolf. “He’s awake,” the female dog whispered to the wolf. The wolf went up to me and said, “Listen, I don’t want to hurt you anymore, but I do want some answers from you, even if it brings back some painful memories.”


         I nodded my head yes, but asked, “What world is this and can you tell me, after I talk to you, how to get out of this world and to the human world?”


Chapter 20: The Reinforcements


         My friends are still at Gabbie’s house and are still trying to figure out a plan. “Phillip, aren’t you good at hacking into computers and their hard drives?” asked Alex. “I don’t know if it’ll work because one, Anthony has his own computer virus and anybody who hacks into it will just catch the virus and their computer will just crash permanently, and two I don’t know if his computer is connected to the cartoon world,” explained Phillip.


         “Dang it!” said Alex. Gabbie was sitting down trying to see if they can go to the house again. “Maybe, his brother is not even there. So we can just walk right in there without causing a scene,” explained Gabbie, but Phillip said in response, “But what if there other cartoons there guarding the place?” Gabbie just then pulled a gun from under her bed.


         The two boys were surprised that a girl had a gun under her bed and gasped. “My father told me to use it if there are any strangers in the house and if they were going to hurt me, then I would use this,” she explained. “I also know a place where I can get guns for free and ammo,” she continued. “Then lets go! We’re going to

need weapons to save Anthony and the cartoon world! And you’re the only one who can drive anyway,” said Alex.


         They all agreed and therefore they went to go get the ammo. When they got there, the sign said “Laundry Palace.” The boys were confused why they were here, but when Gabbie went up to the door and knocked it a strange man came outside and said, “Hey! What’s up Gabbie. Need more ammo for your pistol?” She shook her head and said, “I need a better gun.”


         The man was tall and big so instead of coming out to see who was behind her, he asked her, “Who are they?” she explained that they were okay so they all went inside to talk. “We need some machine guns because my friend, Anthony, has made a machine to go to a cartoon world and he went inside it and apparently he has an evil brother who wanted to destroy this cartoon world. So can you help us out here?” said Gabbie.


         He looked like he didn’t buy the story, but he got up and came back with three machine guns, three bullet proof vests, and 300 rounds of extra ammo(100 rounds of extra ammo for each one). “No need to thank me, just bring back those guns and vests when you’re done with them,” he said. Then she drove back to my house, saw that no one was there, and jumped into the machine.


Chapter 21: Continuing The Conversation


         My surrounding was extremely cold and I was shivering like crazy. There were some other figures in the dark so I couldn’t make them out. The wolf broke the silence and said, “I don’t know what happened with you before, but we need to explain something first. First of all, you are in Alaska and second you destroyed my home with that act.”


         I was still shivering, but I managed to say, “I didn’t mean to, but the past events that happened in another world I was mad at myself. I want to make it up, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” After that was said, another animal came up to me and turned out to be a female dog, but I couldn’t make out the color because of the darkness.


         She said to me, “We are going to try and see if we can sort things out, so you are going to have to cooperate with us here. We know now that you are from the

human world, but we need to know where you have been and to tell us if you have shot anyone or anything.” I responded to her as calm as possible because the coldness was making me go numb, “I only have killed a hyena in the world called the Pride Lands.”


There was a sudden change in expression on her face and the expression wasn’t mad. It was a sort of sad-surprised expression. She then asked me, “Why did you kill the hyena?” I responded to her as if I was in trouble with this dog, “I killed the hyena because it was trying my patience while I was trying to protect the king of Pride Rock.”


         Then the wolf said to me, “We know about Pride Rock. We know how to get there and everything, but the problem is that there was an incident with the cartoon world before and it had to do with a human coming to the cartoon world. We can help you if you can help us.” I was trying to think about this really hard, but I didn’t have time to think at all. Simba, Nala, and the other lions needed my help to regain their home.


“I agree to the offer you are making, if I can get a coat for this place. It is freezing down here!” I said. And that was when they finally introduced themselves. “I’m Balto,” the wolf said, “this is Jenna,” pointing to the female dog, “these two are Muk and Luc,” he said pointing to two polar bears, “and finally this is Boris,” he said pointing at a goose. After the introduction, I was given a coat and then went to sleep so tomorrow I can do what I promised to do.


Chapter 22: Cartoon Central


         The three friends just landed in a weird place and they don’t know where they are. “Um, are we supposed to be here?” asked Alex. They started to walk wherever the place led them to. While walking they spotted a door with two big, muscled shaped cartoons. They stopped right in front of the two big cartoons and said, “We would like to get through this door,” said Gabbie. One of the big cartoons looked at her and asked, “Are you from the human world?” When she answered yes, she also asked, “What world is this sir?”


         He replied in a serious voice, “This is Cartoon Central. Behind this door is a great computer that can access any cartoon world there is. Cartoons used to use it to contact other cartoons from another world, but ever since this human kid came to this place a long time ago, he messed up the computer and now it only lets humans in. I’ll let you in on one condition, you restore the computer for us and you can use it whenever you like.”


         Gabbie held out her hand, said yes, and shook his hand. When he and the other guard stepped out of the way, there was a device that scanned for handprint and rectum of the eye. Gabbie went to the machine, looked at the device, and the machine suddenly came to life. When it came to life, it said, “IDENTIFICATION PLEASE,” and she said out loud her name. Then it said. “PLEASE, SCAN HAND AND EYE,” and she did what it told her to do.


         After all that it granted her access to the inside of the place. Alex and Phillip did the same thing. Once they where all inside, they were amazed of all the technology was there. There was a huge computer in front of them and they turned it on. Once it was turned on the whole room was filled with light because little blank screens started to float around them. “Amazing, it like the time I was at the TV store with a whole bunch of blank screens,” Alex cried out.


         Once the computer was ready to go, it asked for a password. They were stumped on this one, but Phillip got a brilliant idea. “It’s simple,” he cried out, “I just need to do a special thing that will allow me to change the password without anybody knowing!” That’s what he did. He did it faster that a cheetah and in no time, they where in the computer’s main page.


         “Let’s see. If  I click on this, then it should give me the cartoon worlds,” Phillip said. When he clicked it, it did give him all the worlds: China (Mulan), Hawaii (Lilo and Stich), Pride Rock (Lion King), et cetera. They kept that page open and then started looking for the place where they can change who goes in and out.


         “This is harder than I thought it would be,” said Phillip, “It appears to have a voice password and only the person who can unlock it is the person who came in first to this place.” Everyone was depressed that they can’t crack it. Phillip tried to do something he has never done before, he’s said he was going to attempt to make his voice dubbed by making a machine to change his voice.                   

Chapter 23: A New Chance


         The next morning, I was still awake. In fact I didn’t go to sleep at all. I was starring at the sky thinking about Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, and the rest of the

Pride. It was probably still around 3:00 a.m. When I was still looking at the sky, Balto came up to me and sat down. “You know, you’re not going to have enough energy to work if you don’t sleep at least one hour, and if you’re going to get the chance to save whoever you’re trying to save, then you won’t be able to, because you didn’t sleep,” he said.


         I knew he was right, but the fact of Ynohtna torturing poor Simba gives me goose bumps. He’s probably trying to get an excuse for everything so he can kill the pride one by one. “Sorry Balto, I can’t sleep with the fact that my brother is going to take over the cartoon world and my friend needs my help more than ever,” I said. He didn’t know who I was talking about.


         “Who is Simba? I know about Pride Rock, but I haven’t been there for so long that I don’t know who the ruler is right now,” said Balto. The sun was rising and I started squinting at the sight of it. “I need to get started on working, okay,” I said. I walked away from Balto and went over to get whatever I can to start working on the boat.


         When I got to the boat, I saw that the rest of the gang sleeping. I should probably wait until they wake up, I said to myself. While walking through the area, I kick the gun that I dropped from the seizure. I picked it up and looked at the gun carefully. I went up to Balto and asked him, “Is there an ammo shop anywhere in this town up ahead?”


         He looked at me with suspicion, but he answered, “There was only one store that does, but I think that after what happened with the incident, they shop keeper will only come out if only it’s an emergency for the cartoon world.” I closed my eyes and thought for a moment.


         “Is a world getting taking over an emergency enough for him to give me ammo for me and my soon to be army of cartoons?” Balto was very confused, but he finally said, “If you want to, lets go to him and ask him and check it out, but what do you mean ‘future army of cartoons?’” All I did was grin and headed of for the town ahead.


         Balto and I went into town and walked slowly and carefully. We didn’t want to attract attention from town. “Here’s the place,” he said. When I saw it, it looked like a broken down place that hasn’t been running for years. When we went in, it was dark. Then a man asked who approached the counter. “Sir, I come from

the human world and I believe that the cartoon world is in grave peril,” I responded.


Chapter 24: The Tragedies Of Pride Rock And Simba


         In the Pride Lands, things were just getting worse by the minute. “I want the lions to work faster! NOW!” screamed Ynohtna. Simba said with a low voice, “I’ll inform the lions right away sir.” He limped all the way outside and stood on top of a rock. He yelled out loud, “Ynohtna wants all the lions to work harder and faster!” Simba slipped from the rock in pain of being beaten by Ynohtna with a whip. Some lions came over to him and helped him up, but all he said was to get back to work.


         Back in the cave Ynohtna was sitting down right by Scar. “Well, you are the king of Pride Rock now. What are you going to do with it?” Ynohtna asked him. “I plan to have all the lionesses work to the bone and probably pick one to be my queen,” Scar answered. Simba had just entered the cave when they finished talking.


“All the lionesses are informed, sir,” he said in a shaky voice. “Good.  Now I want you to get me some water,” Ynohtna commanded, but Simba said in reply, “Sir, there is no water. All of it has been dried up due to the lack of rain and the polluted sky.” Ynohtna got up to whip Simba. Simba flinched and prepared for the impact.


“AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!” Simba yelled in pain. He fell to the ground and started to cry. “You dare to talk back to me like that! Don’t do it again or I’ll make sure that you die of pain! Now I said get me some water!” Simba had trouble getting up, but he did get back up somehow. He grabbed the big cup that Ynohtna gave him and headed outside to look for some water.


While outside, his parents came up to him and gave him a hug and saw that Ynohtna gave him another hit. “Honey, are you all right?” His mom asked him. Simba just cried some more. “I wish Anthony was here,” Simba said in a shaky and weak voice. “Please, leave me alone. If Ynohtna sees you not working, then he’ll probably kill you.” He continued walking to look for some water. On the way he saw Nala and her mother. They were straining to do the work, but it was too hard for them.


         Nala caught a glimpse of Simba and ran toward him. “Simba, what are we going to do?” He didn’t respond to her question. He just kept walking to find some water. He went to a lot of rivers that were dried up, but still has an empty cup.

“Anthony! Were are you!? sob. You’re our only hope to survive this mess! Please come back!” he yelled at the sky.


Later on, he found a good amount of water somehow and drank some then filled up the cup. When he got to back Pride Rock, Ynohtna was waiting for him. He took the water and drank it all in one sip. It came nighttime and Ynohtna called all the lionesses inside the cave. While they were getting ready to sleep, Simba found his mom, dad, Nala, and Nala’s mom. They all slept together and waited for the next day of torture. Simba stayed awake humming to himself a song that his mom used to sing him. “Where are you Anthony? Where?” He whispered and went straight to sleep.


Chapter 25: Hope Is Not Lost


         After I told him the whole story about Pride Rock and that my evil brother is about to take control of the cartoon world, he was thinking. “How do I know if you’re not lying to me about this and trying to take my guns?” I replied, “Because when it come s to saving the world, I’m going to be serious about everything.” The man looked at me funny and then nodded his head. “I’ll show you what you have to do first,” he said. He pointed at a computer and turned it on, but this wasn’t an ordinary computer, this was a portal to lead me to a different world.


“This leads to a world that is the central for all worlds, Cartoon Central. There has been a problem with the computer in that place. I need you to go and fix it because this is the only way I can help you. Besides, with the computer hijacked from the last incident, no cartoon has been able to leave their world.” I looked at the portal and walked through it slowly. The next thing I know is that I’m in a hallway with a body guard guarding a door.


         I went up to him and before I could talk, he said, “Are you a human? If so, then there are others inside who are also human. Go and help them unlock the computer.” I went to the end of the hallway and saw a machine that automatically scanned my eye and handprint, but when I was starting to see all of the technology they had, there were my three friends from school!


         “GABBIE! ALEX! PHILLIP!” They all turned their heads around and they saw me too. I ran up to all of them and gave them a great, big hug. “What are you guys doing here!?” I asked in excitement. “Well, we went looking for you, but knew already you had been in the cartoon world. If it wasn’t for the trouble that Ynohtna caused, we wouldn’t be here!” said Alex. I saw a whole bunch of computer parts on the floor and asked them, “Why is there such a mess here?”


         “I’m trying to build a voice dubber so we can crack this voice password. Not only do we need the voice, but we also need the password. This is getting tougher by the second,” Phillip had said. Everybody was depressed. “Wait, doesn’t the computer have a file for the user who used it last?” I asked. They all shrugged their elbows and I approached the computer to look for the file.


         Amazingly, I found it and the last user was a kid probably 11 years old. It was a strange looking kid. When I clicked on something, it asked for the password. All of the sudden, my voice changed and I spoke weird words:


Momen popen

Looty Lortal!


All of the sudden, the password was accepted. “Guys, I think I accidentally unlocked the password,” I said nervously. We all looked at the settings. I only clicked one thing, and it was restore to default. The whole computer took some time on this and finally it showed all the settings were restored to their natural place. “That should do the trick. Now we should get out of here and save the cartoon world,” I said. My friends were confused and Alex asked, “What do you mean?”


I looked at them and told them, “Listen, my brother is going to take control of the cartoon worlds. And if you don’t believe me,” I went to the computer and found a file that showed me what was happening in a world, “then look at this.” I found Pride Rocks file and clicked on it. It showed the Pride Lands all gray and the lionesses working without food. “Simba!” I said to myself and saw him weak as a newborn cub and kept falling to the ground while doing something.


I got frustrated and hit the computer. Why is this happening!? If I hadn’t opened up the portal at my house in the first place, we could all be home living happy. I had a tear in my eye and closed the file for no more viewing of the torture Simba was having. I quickly looked for the file to lead me into Balto’s world and found it. It was labeled Alaska. “Sorry to leave you guys so quickly, but there’s something that I need to do. Stay here and protect the computer from further screw ups,” I told them. They all nodded their heads and sat down.


                     Chapter 26: A Fight


“Where is Anthony?” Balto said. A blue portal had opened in front of him and I fell through it. I hit my bottom and felt pain. “The computers are at their regular state,” I informed them. The man went over to the computer and typed something.

There were a whole bunch of weaponry inside to give to three armies! I went inside and grabbed 2 machine guns and lots of ammo.


“Come on Balto, we need to get an army for battle. Thank you sir! I‘ll return the weapons,” I thanked. “Don’t worry about it, and call me Jimmy,” he said. As I left the building, there was a black and white dog that was bigger than Balto. “What are you doing here?” it asked angrily and snarled at him. “Who are you?!” I asked back at him. When he looked at me, he said, “This is none of your business!” he snapped back at me. “Don’t worry Anthony, he just wants me to lose my confidence so that I can’t fit in the city,” Balto said.


“I’ll meet you at the boat,” I said. When I ran to the boat, the gang was waiting for our return. “Where’s Balto?” Jenna asked. “He’s fighting this black and white dog we encountered on our way back here,” I said. She growled and left for the town. “Jenna! Wait!” I ran as fast as I could, but couldn’t keep up with her. When we got to where Balto was, he was beat down in the snow. I was so enraged that I leapt up at the mysterious dog. “What is your problem!” I screamed. I managed to punch him in the snout and he started bleeding from his nose.


            “Ow! Look at what you did to my nose!” the strange dog barked at me. “Well you asked for it. What’s your name? And I’ll treat your nose,” I said to him. “My name is Steele and I was the number one sled dog in town until that mutt,” pointing at Balto, “saved the whole town from an epidemic.” I went to him and ripped a piece of cloth off my shirt and put it around his muzzle.


         I stood up and we went back to the boat. “Well, how do we get started on building and army?” I asked Balto. He went up to me and said, “You already know the password, so now it’s up to you to open and close the portals as we go through.” I put my hand in front of me and cried out the words, “MOMEN POPEN, LOOTY LORTAL!” The portal was open and that was when I started to create an army.


Chapter 27: Reunion


         Back at Pride Rock, things were just getting worse for the lioness.

Simba was so weak that he couldn’t even lift a paw up a few centimeters from the ground. Meanwhile, Scar and Ynohtna were talking about something. “Sir, it looks like Simba served his purpose. Should we dispose of him?” he asked. “Well,”

Ynohtna said in response, “he can barely move now, but probably we can make a goody good like him into a bad lion with some persuading.”


         “What do you have in mind sir?” Scar responded “He could be the commander of the army by force,” snickered Ynohtna. “What’s the ransom?” Scar asked. “If Simba refuses, then his parents and friend will be no more and he will have to be the commander anyway!” Ynohtna never laughed so maniacally in his whole life. When he went up to Simba to talk to him, Simba flinched in fear of being hit again.


         “Having a good rest Simba?” Ynohtna asked evilly. Simba looked at him with confusion and hatred. Tears flooded his eyes and quickly wiped them off and stood up as far as he could. “Y-yes sir, what can I do for you?” he said in a shaky voice. “I have a big promotion for you Simba. Come closer,” Ynohtna said. Simba just gave a weak snarl at him. “Fine! What do you say to being the commander of the army? You can finally be recognized as a lion who controlled an army for me! Surely you can’t decline this offer,” Ynohtna said to him. Simba was looking at the ground and thinking about it.


         After thinking, Simba shook his head no and said, “It’s not what Anthony or my family would like to see.” “So, that’s how it is. I make an offer to have a little freedom from me, but it looks like I have no choice. If you don’t take the job, your parents will be watching you from the stars,” said Ynohtna. “They have nothing to do with this! Leave them alone!” Simba cried out in rage. “You dare to disrespect

me!? It looks like you don’t care what happens to your parents do you?” After that sentence, Simba calmed down and fell down in grief.


         “Do you take the job or not?” Ynohtna asked. “Simba said in a muffled voice, “All right sir,” he sniffs, “when do I start?” Ynohtna said in reply, “Tomorrow  morning, but since you’ve been such a good assistant, I’ll let you spend the rest of the day with your parents and friend.” Simba was filled with joy, but couldn’t express it. When Ynohtna was leaving to go and get his family, he said, “But this is only for today.”


         He didn’t care for how long, he just wanted to see his family again. When he got back, there was Sarabi, Mufasa, Nala, and Sarafina. He got up, but fell down again in weakness. It didn’t matter, they went up to him. His mom started licking him in kisses and washing his blood stains on his fur. Nala gave him a hug and he hugged back.



         “Are all of you all right?” asked Simba. “Well I’m tired like never before and there’s no food in sight,” Nala responded. “What has he done to you, my son,” Mufasa asked Simba, and he responded, “He’s been whipping me like I was some sort of wild beast. Let’s all get some rest. I’m sure we could all use it.” He went to his mom and fell asleep in her arms. Nala did the same, but in Sarafina’s arms.


Chapter 28: Army Complete? Yes. Army Ready? Probably.


         In one day, I have gathered up 582 cartoons that want to help out the cartoon world. “This is tiring Balto,” I complained. Balto was behind me and we are making a pit stop for the cartoons. I gave an announcement to them and said, “Listen all! I thank you for joining me to fight my evil brother’s army to save the cartoon world. We will try to attack without anybody getting hurt. So I want animals in one section, humans in another, and the rest in another group.


         “This is how it’s going to work. The animal section will be the army to battle the other army. The humans will be the backup army, and as for the others, you will be the cartoons to assist the other cartoons that are injured and wounded. We will try to take every one down so please try to come back in one piece.” I left the building I was in and Balto came up to me panting, “Anthony! Look at what I found! It’s sleeping grenades. We can put most of the army asleep and kill the rest.” I was looking at the grenades and went back inside.


         “I have one more announcement! Who will volunteer from the animal section to do a special job for me?” only one volunteered from the crowd. I called him forward and asked, “What’s your name? Are you brave enough to do this task?” he said yes. “Look at these grenades. They’re sleeping grenades. I want you to give partial of the army some drowsiness.” He told me his name was Robin Hood and also agreed to do the job.


         Balto came up to me and said, “I’ll be the second animal to throw the grenade, if you want me to.” I smiled and nodded my head. It was noon and I went to the store that sells the most food and bought it all with fake 100 dollar bills. I came back with food and told everyone to eat because this could be their last meal. When everyone finished, I gave another speech, “We will leave in 4 days. In the meantime, everyone will work out to get stronger for the war. We will need the cooperation of all the cartoons so we can save all of the cartoon worlds.”



         After that, I stepped down and left to a place where I can sleep. I couldn’t get rid of the thought that Simba is dead. I started to cry and had another headache. This one was even worse than the one where I banged my head on the rock. I tried to bare it, but it was so bad that I was knocked unconscious again.


Chapter 29: A Vision


         While unconscious, I had a vision that Simba wasn’t Simba anymore because I saw him with a gun in each hand killing the army that I had. He was laughing so evilly that when I approached him, he shot me as well as if I was a stranger. He was also leading the army Ynohtna had. Simba had turned all his rage into evil so now that there was no point in saving him. “NOOOO!” I yelled. I was panting so hard that I felt like I was running before I went to sleep.


         “Simba, if you can hear me, please don’t be an evil lion like my brother.” with that, I left my room quietly to get something to drink. After that, I tried to go back to sleep. It didn’t come so I just looked at the machine gun I had received from Jimmy.


Chapter 30: A Good Soul Gone Bad


         It was morning and Simba’s time with his family was over. Ynohtna came up to him and said, “Okay, now get back to work. Simba has an army to control.” They all looked at him and left with grief that their time was over. He was led to a cave where the army waited to launch their attacks for war.


         “It’s simple, just command the army to train and make sure that everyone is in order. Take this, you might need it,” Ynohtna said to Simba. What he was giving him was two machine guns and a back holster. He gasped at the sight of the guns and smacked them out of his hands onto the floor.


         With this action, Ynohtna had picked up Simba by the chest and threw him at the wall. “I told you not to touch me! Let alone hit me. If you’re becoming an army leader, you need a weapon. These machine guns will help you conquer anybody with fear of being shot,” Simba was listening, but with pain and rage. “The only...thing you’re... trying to make me do... is kill everyone in the Pride,” Simba stammered.



         He got up with pain and picked up the machine guns, put it on his back, and looked at Ynohtna with anger. “The key to controlling the army is simple, turn all that rage you have in you and use it to command them. Now go on forth and command the army!” Ynohtna said to Simba. Simba went to where the entire army can see him clearly and spoke, “Attention!” but no one listened.


         He was enraged that nobody listened, so he used Ynohtna’s advice. “ATTENTION!” He screamed out loud in rage that nearly caused an avalanche. “We start training NOW! If anyone tries to slow down the training, they will join the slaves we have outside.” the whole army had been listening to him very seriously and in fear.


         Simba’s eyes were bloodshot red and his ears were flat down and curved to have an evil expression. “Move out!” he yelled out and walked out with the army. Simba was changed. He was no longer a happy cub, he’s a miserable cub who has two weapons, a family dying of starvation, was beaten up, and weak as a newborn cub.


         “I’ve been waiting far too long Anthony! Your too late to save anything now! I swear on my life that if I see you again, you’re mine for the kill!” Simba thought out loud. The army trained until nighttime and then they went to sleep.


         While sleeping, Nala had sneaked out to see Simba. “Wake up,” she had said when trying to shove him. When he woke up, Simba’s eyes met hers. “Simba, please listen, I don’t know what’s going on, but the guns on your back means that something is happening. Please, let’s leave and escape so we can survive without torture,” she said.


         He looked at her and said this, “No! Get back to where you came from, or I’ll have to resort to extreme consequences!” he said angrily to her. She was shocked to see that he had changed. “Please Simba, I’m your friend. Don’t you want to get out of this mess?” she said. “Shut up!” he said. “What happened to the Simba that was happy and joyful?” He couldn’t contain his rage and the next thing that happened was when he said, “I SAID SHUT UP!” and while saying that, he extracted his claws and slashed Nala’s cheek.


         She fell to the floor with blood all over her face. She started to cry and cowered below Simba. She got up and ran back to where she was sleeping. Simba was looking at his claws and there was still blood left from his attack. He didn’t feel bad, but he felt proud of what he did. He lied down and went to sleep with an evil grin on his face.



Chapter 31: Training Is Over And Some Help From Three Friends


         After 4 days of working hard and making sure everything’s prepared, we would attack the next day. The vision of Simba couldn’t have been real, I kept thinking to myself. I couldn’t live anymore if I saw Simba with guns and an army supporting him. I left my room to grab a snack and I saw Stich trying to steal all the food. “Hey! We need that food Stich. I’ll let you know when it’s lunch time, all right?” I said to him. He put all the food back and said he was sorry. “Here, take this bag of chips if your that hungry.” Then I tossed a bag to him and he left.


         Balto came to me and asked me, “Are you sure that they’re ready to fight?” I patted his head and I shook my head no. “Probably not physically, but maybe it’s the fact that saving the cartoon world is what’s keeping them going. I need to talk to Jimmy about something, okay?” With that being said, I headed out, said the password and ended up in Cartoon Central.


         I wonder how the guys are doing? I thought to myself. I entered inside and saw my friends sleeping. “Hey guys, what have you been doing?” I asked them. They woke and stood up. “Well, we’ve been trying to ask you if we can help out with the army, but we would probably get in the way,” said Alex. “You can help, but that’s up to Balto. I’ll transport you to the place he’s at right now. I need to go and see somebody anyway,” then I headed for the computer and opened a portal for them.


         When they left, I remembered that they have cameras in the cartoon worlds, so I checked out the one for Pride Rock. It was sabotaged so I couldn’t get a visual for things at Pride Rock. I accessed the Alaskan information and jumped into the portal to get there. Upon arriving there, I saw Jimmy outside the shop he’s usually in.


         I called out to him and didn’t respond. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around to see who tapped him. “Oh, hello Anthony. What do you want to ask me?” I looked at him and said, “Do you have a tranquilizer gun?” He was puzzled that I would need a gun that puts animals or people to sleep. “I do. What do you need it for? You’re going to war, not to put people to sleep into la-la land,” Jimmy joked around.


         I started to talk about the two visions I had before and the four headaches that’s been bothering me since I got into the cartoon world. “I have a friend over at a place called Pride Rock, and his name is Simba. I had a vision that he turned into

an evil cub and will fight me until I’m dead. I don’t want to hurt him so I need a tranquilizer to temporarily put him to sleep and knock some sense back into him.” He lead me over to the place where I got my guns and gave me two tranquilizer guns with 5 darts in each one.


         “How do you know if he really turned into a bad cub?” I shrugged my shoulders and thanked him as I left. Upon returning to the base where my army was, Balto was with Alex, Phillip, and Gabbie. I approached them and asked Balto, “So, what are they going to do for the war?” He responded, “they’re going to help the cartoons cure the injured cartoons from war, and protect the place where we are going to keep the wounded.” I nodded and left them alone. The more help we got, the better it is, I said to myself.


         When it came to dinner time, I gave an announcement to the army, “Well, tomorrow we head for the Pride Lands and spend the night there. After that day, we attack! I have but one request, if anyone is scared to battle in the war, please let me know and I can put you back where you came from. I don’t want anybody getting hurt and I’ll understand if you don’t want to battle. That is all.” Upon leaving, a cartoon said, “We won’t let you down Anthony! Will we guys?” and they whole crowd cheered. I felt happy and felt that they would do anything for their home.


         Even my friends are helping out to make this an easy task. I can’t do it without the support of the army and my friends. Everything will be settled once and for all with my brother. The next day, we will set everything to go smoothly.


Chapter 32: Invasion Of Pride Rock


         We left the base and headed for Pride Rock. I made sure we landed far away as possible from Pride Rock. When we got there, I saw the Pride Lands in ruins. “This is horrible!” I said. “Robin Hood, come here. I need the sleeping grenades to hit the entire army, so we will wait until night time and throw this at them. Balto will do the same. This lasts for two days and will make them too weak to battle,” I explained to him.


         I called forth some more cartoons to check the security of the army. I told them to take some dynamite and plant it on Pride Rock so if I have any trouble, I can use the button and blow it up to kill the army. They left and did their mission. When arriving at Pride Rock, they saw security all around the rock. “Anthony, come in,” they whispered into a walkie talky, “the whole area is surrounded by

security. What do we do?” I was thinking, if you can’t pass them, go over them. I told them this and they accepted my command.


         They launched their arrows with rope attached to it and started climbing. The security didn’t notice them while climbing up. When they got to the middle of the rock, they planted the dynamite and left as quickly as possible. They got back and told me the mission was a success. “Good job men! Now get some rest for tomorrow,” I commanded them. I looked out to where they were being tortured as slaves.


         It was getting close to midnight and so I told Robin that he can go and do what I told him to do. When he got there, he launched the first grenade of sleeping gas. That cause a commotion and fled quickly, but Simba was faster than him and pointed his gun at him. Robin had no choice but to put his hands up. “What are you doing here!?” Simba asked madly. Robin didn’t answer him, but he saw that the whole army went to sleep and couldn’t be woken up.


         “Who sent you?” Simba demanded. “I was sent by Anthony,” replied Robin in a scared voice. He dropped his gun and looked to where he thought we were hiding. He looked back at Robin and told him, “Go and tell Anthony that he better not attack or else he’ll answer to me! Also tell him that Ynohtna said this, not me. One more thing, tell him, I’ll kill him if he comes.”


         Robin shook his head and left tripping all over the place and left. Simba was filled with even more rage. He stormed up to Ynohtna to tell him what had just happened, “Ynohtna, Anthony is alive and well. One of his members just paid us a visit to our army and now they are dozing off. What do we do?” Ynohtna was mad that this happened, but had more tricks up his sleeve.


         “Which squadron was taken out?” he asked Simba. “It was squadron E, the better army,” Simba said in response. Ynohtna was really enraged now. “Take squadron F, the hyena army. We will keep on fighting till we win!” Ynohtna said. They both laughed maniacally.


         Meanwhile, Robin came back running. I asked him what was wrong and told me the whole thing, he successfully made the army fall asleep, but now we had to deal with Ynohtna. “Watch out brother! I’ll teach you not to mess with me. We attack tomorrow. Let the army know, Robin.” With that, I left to get my weapons.


         I told myself, I will take him down myself no matter what! After saying that, I went to the army and said, “Listen all! We attack tomorrow at Pride Rock. Do we have any questions?” I looked at the crowd and no cartoon answered. “After

we leave tomorrow, there’s no going back. So if you want to eat, eat a lot, because this might be the last meal for any of you.”


         It was night time so I went to bed and thought of the war that was going to take place the next day. I had to sleep so I can be active tomorrow. I had another headache, but it was weaker than the last one or probably used to the pain that it feels weaker. This vision was small and I saw it while I was awake. I saw a pile of rocks and out of the rocks was a hand. I went to sleep after that. This vision was probably the fate of me or Ynohtna.


Chapter 33: The War!


         Next morning, I was already awake ready to take action. The army was ready and stood in the formation we practiced during the training. The same with Simba’s army. The hyena army was all equipped with pistols and Simba had two machine guns. Their army marched forward toward us first. “Let’s go! We fight for the cartoon world!” I screamed out loud and we all left the place and headed for the Pride Lands. About 17 minutes later of walking, both armies were at a distance and stopped where we were at.


         I fought through the army to get to the front to show myself to the opposing army that I was the leader. I was waiting for Ynohtna to pop out of the crowd as the leader, but when the leader came out, I was in shock and exclaimed, “SIMBA!? IS THAT YOU!!!” and saw him sit down on the ground. I saw the two machine guns on his back and knew right away, this is Ynohtna’s fault. I still had the tranquilizer guns in my back pocket just in case.


         “Anthony, look at my army! It’s much bigger than that puny thing you have there! Surrender the war and I’ll go easy on you!” Simba said to me. I looked away for the sight of Simba being evil was too much. I looked back at him and said to him, “Size doesn’t matter, it’s your goal that does! ATTACK!” I said as a command and with that, the armies clashed fist fighting, guns going off, and a lot of blood splashing on my face. Simba was firing his machine guns at something, but hit none of my army.


         I tackled him down and wrestled his guns out of his hands. “Simba! Snap out of it! It’s me, Anthony! Your friend!” but nothing made him remember. He slashed my face and I fell back in pain. He grabbed one of his guns and pointed it and my head. “Your too late to save anybody! Not even me! This is your fate Anthony!

Any last words?” Simba asked me. I looked at the floor then to his face. I responded, “Yes, I do. I’m sorry that I have to do this!” then I kicked the gun out of paw and then I pulled out the tranquilizer gun and shot him in the neck twice. He started to feel woozy and fell down.


         I quickly picked him up and saw that he was knocked out. I cried and some tears hit his face. I removed the darts from his neck and placed him on the ground and started to shoot every hyena I saw in front of me. Balto ran by and I called to him. “Balto! Take Simba to the resting place so he can be safe. You stay there too. Take a rest and when your ready to battle again, come back!” He followed the order, put Simba on his back, and ran to the resting place.


Chapter 34: Simba’s Awakening


         Balto got to the resting place as soon as he could and upon arriving there, he put Simba down and licked his wounds. “What happened to this little guy?” Gabbie asked? “Anthony fought him to knock some sense into his head. Apparently, he got tranquilized and now is literally knocked out,” replied Balto.


         A few minutes later, Simba started to move. “Ugg, what happened?” why am I all wounded?” Balto rushed over to him and asked quickly, “Simba! How do you fell?” “I feel like I got shot in the neck. What’s going on and where’s Anthony?” Simba asked. Balto looked away with his ears down. “Simba, you became an army leader for Ynohtna’s army. Anthony shot you with some tranquilizer darts and right now, he’s in a war.” Simba got up as far as he could and rushed over to him.


         “Take me to him! Please! I was the one who started this so I will end it!” Balto shook his head no. He put Simba back where Simba was sleeping. Simba put up a fight and wanted to help me. Balto kept Simba away from the exit so he couldn’t get away. “Simba! He told me to not let anything happen to you! If you leave now, then you’ll die. And if that happens, then I won’t be fulfilling my promise.” Simba stopped and settled down a bit.



         Simba then left with his tail between his legs and went back to his bed. When Balto left, Simba made his escape and left into the battle field. Meanwhile, Ynohtna was wondering why his army was losing. “I’ll teach that cub a lesson he’ll never forget!” he said in anger. Mufasa overheard him and followed him to the battlefield.


Chapter 35: The Fall Of A King


         The hyena army was down to very little left. No one died in my army and I was glad. The rest of the hyena army had fled back to Pride Rock. “Anthony!” I heard some body say. When I looked back, I saw Simba running towards me. “Simba! You’re okay!” I said in joy. He leapt in my arms and I held him tightly.


         “I’m so glad you’re okay! Why did you leave?” I asked him. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry for the horrible things I’ve done to you,” he said with his ears down. “It’ll be all right,” I said, but then I was suddenly shot in the leg by someone. I fell to the floor and saw Ynohtna on the top of a cliff. “Ha Ha! How does it feel! Painful, doesn’t it? That’s how I felt when you guys left me!”


         I looked at him with anger and told Simba to go behind me. I was hurt badly and tried to stop the bleeding. “You’ll never get away with this!” Simba screamed. “Oh yeah? Well lets see how I get away with it when you’re dead! Say good-bye!” said Ynohtna.


         Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Mufasa pinned Ynohtna with a great leap. “You leave my son alone! He might have done some bad things to hurt us even more, but he’s still my son!” Then he prepared an attack with his claw, but suddenly, Ynohtna managed to pull the trigger of his gun. Simba couldn’t believe what happened next.


         “DAD!” Simba cried out. Ynohtna shot Mufasa right where his heart was. He must be dead, there’s no way that he can survive a shot to the heart and live! I got up, not caring about the pain, and ran towards Ynohtna. “You’ll pay for this!” I yelled at him. Then it was too late, he got away back to Pride rock.



         I ran over to Mufasa to see if he didn’t get shot in the heart. When I approached him, Simba was already there trying to “wake” him up. He was crying like he never cried before. “I tried to stop him, Simba, but now there’s only one

solution to make this right. I’m sorry I have to do this again, Simba,” and as I said that, I pulled out both of my tranquilizer guns and pointed it at Simba.


         “What are you going to do with that?” he asked me. “Please, don’t kill me,” he begged. I shook my head and told him, “Don’t worry. This will make you go to sleep, okay?” he didn’t want to sleep right now, but since I told him, “This is the only way.” He replied, “Okay Anthony, I’m ready,” and with that, I shot him in the side twice and then he fell to the floor again.


         The entire army was already at the resting place. When I came, the entire army stopped talking and looked at who I had in my hands. I put Simba down on a bed and called out to the army, “I’ll need every weapon in the army! I have a score to settle with my brother!” then the whole army took off their holsters and gave me pistols and machine guns. I packed in my pocket two more machine guns, because mine ran out ammo.


Chapter 36: Confrontation


         I left the resting place after I took a drink. Pride Rock would be the final place to go and there would be my evil brother. I still had pain in my leg, but I paid little attention to that. I was almost there to Pride Rock and I saw lions all over the place working their buts off. “What’s going on here?” I asked one of the lioness. “Anthony? Is that you? Hey everybody, Anth...” then I closed her mouth so nobody would know I’m here except the lionesses.


         I then left while all the lions were watching me. Sarabi came up to me and asked, “Did Simba really changed?” I shook my head yes and said, “He did change, but now he has changed back.” then she stopped me to ask, “Do you know where Mufasa is?” I looked away from her and didn’t answer. “I can’t tell you,” I said to her, but she wanted an answer. “Where is Mufasa! Tell me!” she said in an angry and scared voice.


         I didn’t want to tell her so I still kept quiet. She couldn’t take it any longer and pounced on me and yelled, “Where is he!” I then told her in a quick voice, “Ynohtna killed him with a gun trying to kill Simba! There I said it! Now please, I need to go and deal with Ynohtna!” She got off me. She looked surprised and asked,

“Is this true Anthony? Please don’t tell me this is true!” then she started crying and fell to the floor.


         I climbed Pride Rock and went to the entrance. Before I entered, I overheard Scar and Ynohtna speaking. “Now that Mufasa is dead, you can be king! The Pride Lands is yours!” Ynohtna told Scar and he chuckled in joy. I pulled my two tranquilizers and jumped into the cave they were in. I shot the last six darts at Scar’s side and he fell to the ground.


         “You can’t be king unless you’re awake,” I said to the sleeping lion. I dropped the guns on the count they were useless now and started to make my approach to Ynohtna. Meanwhile, Simba was just waking up from the tranquilizers spell and saw that he was again at the resting place. The whole army was there and he asked a cartoon soldier, “Can you escort me to the battle field? I want to see my father.”


         The soldier was confused, but accepted the favor. They were in the battle field and then Simba had the strength to jump off the soldier’s back. “Thank you, you can leave now.” with that, the soldier left. He saw his dad on the floor all bloody and lied down right next to him. A few minutes later, his mom came and saw that I wasn’t lying. She broke into tears and Simba joined her. He gave her a hug, they both lied down, and both said, “Please kill him Anthony.”



Chapter 37: Clash Of The Two Brothers


         Back to where I was, Ynohtna was right in front of me. “You have hurt enough lions! Mufasa is dead, Simba is hurt mentally, and the whole Pride is weak and hungry! Now you have to deal with me!” Ynohtna just chuckled and said, “You don’t get it do you!? I want to rule the cartoon worlds all by myself! And I’ll do it by myself if I have to!” I pulled out my gun and pointed it at him.


         “What a shame,” said Ynohtna, “why don’t we fight like men?” I put my gun down and looked at him. I nodded and put my gun away. I started to run at him and launched a punch to his face. I missed and he punched my back so hard, I thought he cracked it. I fell to the ground and looked at him. He kicked me three time before I kicked him in his knees. He started jumping in pain and I punched his face. When he fell to the ground, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me.



         I tried to pull out my gun quickly, but he shot me before I could. “ARRGGG!!!” I screamed out as my last words. I fell to the floor all covered in blood. My scream echoed throughout the Pride Lands. Simba heard my scream and therefore ran to Pride Rock. His mom grabbed him by the scruff with her mouth and asked, “Where do you think you’re going?” Simba was struggling to get free and told her, “I heard Anthony scream! He’s in trouble!” “I’m not going to let you end up like your father. Please Simba! Don’t do this to me!” Sarabi was in tears that Mufasa, her husband, was dead.


         “Let me go! I need to help him,” Simba said and all of the sudden, some soldiers were running towards Pride Rock to see what happened. His mom was grasping him tight and wouldn’t let him go. He then bit her arm and she let go in pain and he ran away. Ynohtna was right above me looking at me in victory. “Who’s the best fighter? Me!” then I said, “More like the guy of cowardness!” then I kicked his arm and grabbed his gun.


         “How is this possible!? I shot you right in the heart!” then I removed my shirt revealing a sack full of red liquid with a bullet proof vest under it. I got rid of those things and said to Ynohtna, “I was always one step ahead of you.”  “I have more ways of defeating you! Why don’t you look what’s behind you.” I turned around and saw Nala in a bone cage.


         “What did she do to you!?” I yelled at him. Then he gave an evil chuckle and said, “I’ll let her go, if you surrender.” I looked back at Nala and saw that she was sleeping. I turned back around and saw him pull out a knife. “All I have to do is throw this and someone will die, but which one?” he chuckled. I saw him moving the knife back and forth between Nala and me.


         When I made a move, he threw the knife at Nala, but I caught it with my bare hands. My hand was bleeding a lot and dripped down to the floor. “Very clever, but let’s see how you deal with this!” he then pulled out another gun. I leapt at him and strangled for the gun to be out of his reach, but I had no choice.


         “This is going to end now Ynohtna!” and with that being said, I pulled out the button to blow up the dynamite that was already on Pride Rock and pushed it. The rocks caved us in. I managed to knock him out, but Nala and Scar were still in the cave. The Great Rock was falling down and small stones hit my head. I grabbed Nala and Scar then prepared for impact. The stones came crushing down on us and the vision I had in my dream came true. I would be dead with Nala, Scar, and Ynohtna, but the Pride Lands would be safe now. The rocks caved in and Pride Rock was no more.



Chapter 38: Survival Of The Fittest


         Simba was running towards Pride Rock when it came crushing down. His mom finally caught up to him, but also saw that the Great Rock came down to pieces. “Oh no! ANTHONY!” Simba cried out. He ran even faster to make it there, but when he got there, the soldiers were also too late. Simba fell into tears and tried to dig up the rocks. The soldiers stopped him from doing this and carried him away from the rocks. “No! I must see if he’s okay!” Simba replied, but a soldier said in reply, “Do you think he would even be alive at this point!”


         They were standing there and then, something happened. A blue portal opened and out came my mom and dad. “This place is the cartoon world, wow!” said my mom. “Where is Anthony?” my dad asked and they pointed to the pile of rocks. They where surprised that they came too late and burst into tears.


         In the pile of rocks, I opened my eyes and saw that two rocks kept hold of the other rocks to let us survive. “Nala, are you okay?” I asked weakly and saw her head move. I saw a big scar on her cheek and eye. “What happened there? That couldn’t have been the rocks,” I said to her. She started to have tears in her eyes and she replied, “Simba was turned into a bad lion and scratched me because I was trying to help him. Now, I have a terrible mark on my face because of him!” I had to get us out of here.


         I looked at the top of the rocks and saw a little between the rocks. I took a gun, but it was hard for me to do, because I had injured every part of my body. I lifted the gun up and pulled the trigger as many times as I could until I ran out of ammo.


         Boom! Boom! Boom! Went the gunshots and everyone started digging out the rocks until the finally found the three of us. They pulled out Scar, then Nala, then me. Simba was right beside me and cried on my chest. “Oh Anthony! I thought you died!” I thought I did too, I thought to myself and then saw my parents.


         “Simba, I have to go now, but I’ll be back.,” and with that, I fell to ground in a coma from all the intense pain. Everything went into darkness and started to remember all the things that had been happening in the past. Rest was all I could do now. Simba lowered his head in respect for saving the pride, but would miss me until I come back.



Secret Chapter: Ynohtna’s Rise!


         The pile of rocks started to move and out came Ynohtna. “Ha! You can’t keep an evil guy down! I’m still alive and well!” exclaimed Ynohtna. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that. You might just be imagining things,” said a mysterious voice. “Who are you!?” Ynohtna screamed. The mysterious kid just chuckled and said, “Look at what’s happened to you,” then he points to the pile of rocks.


         Ynohtna was still there, with his hands sticking out of the rocks, dead, but his ghost lived. He couldn’t believe it. He thought that he was alive! “I’ll show you how to master the power of the cartoons, and then you have the ability to escape from death,” said the mysterious kid. He laughed and laughed and laughed until Ynohtna joined him. They both laughed and then left to train on how to get out of death.


The End?