Three Brothers


Character list

Howie- the annoying little brother (Michael’s bro)

Michael- “the brains of the outfit”


Simba- © Disney

Nala- © Disney

Serabi- © Disney

Mufasa- © Disney

Scar- © Disney

Timon- © Disney

Pumbaa- © Disney

Sarafina- © Disney

Shenzie- © Disney

Bonzai- © Disney

Ed- © Disney


CHAPTER 1- the beginning


Michael: (to Howie) I dug these two rings up with my metal detector, look.

Howie: (to Michael) let’s put them on, one each.

Michael nods and puts one on, a perfect fit

Howie does the same, also a perfect fit

Michael: (to Howie) hey it’s late and I promised mom we’d be in bed by 11:00

Howie: (out loud) awwwww…….

Michael reaches for a video tape and pops it in the vcr, then something falls out of his ring, it was a piece of paper. Two barely legible words are wrote on it, “reality ring” on the back, a warning, “do not break while in your alternate reality or you will be locked in it forever” then a name “Captain Taylor of flight 19”

Michael: (astonished) oh my…

Howie: (asleep) *snore*

Michael fell asleep watching the random movie he had put in

It was “The Lion King” As soon as both boys were asleep they started dreaming, the reality rings fed off the dreams and created the new reality, and little did the boys know: they were in for the ride of their lives


CHAPTER 2- new beginnings


Sunrise on the Pridelands, a lion’s roar is heard

This is the message it conveys “come to pride rock to witness the birth of 3 lion cubs” so the animals start moving, meerkats, water buffalo, giraffes, wildebeests, almost every African animal gathers around the rock to see the birth of the new heirs

The king and queen preside over the ceremony as the mandrill named Rafiki holds up the cubs one at a time, the queen has named them, Simba, Michael, and Howie (the rings let them keep their name)

And on that day everyone in Africa is happy, except the newborns Michael and Howie who have developed a telepathic bond from being in the same room when reality was changed. Howie was (mad)

Howie: (in mind through bond) you idiot!! What have you done to us?!?

Michael: (in mind through bond) how the heck are you in my head???

Howie: (in mind through bond) don’t change the subject, what have you done?

Michael: (honest/in mind) must have something to do with that set of reality rings I found

Howie: (mad/in mind) REALITY WHAT????!!!!!

A voice is then heard

Voice: you will now forget everything about the previous reality you were in, except your names, your bond, and your brotherhood not only with each other but with the other you were born with

Howie: (question) Simba?

Voice: that is correct, (voice suddenly very loud) I NOW TAKE WITH ME THE MEMORIES OF A PREVIOUS LIFETIME (brief pause) and your TLK rings. (Laughter)

Both their previous lives flash in front of them, and then are gone in an instant leaving them with nothing but the memories acquired in the realm of the lion king.

Now begins their 2nd life…




CHAPTER 3- TLK forever


A year has passed, Michael, Howie and Simba are still very young but old enough to talk and walk by themselves. we drop in very early in the morning

Simba charges into the den

Simba: (to his father) dad! Dad! Come on dad we gotta go, get up!

Michael: (to Simba/half asleep) Simba, seriously give it a rest, its super early (groans and rolls over)

Simba: (trying to state a point) I know, dad said he’d watch the sunrise with us.

Howie: (asleep) *snore*

Michael drowsily gets up and stands over his brother (Howie)

Michael: (drowsy/to Howie) hey! Sleeping beauty (nudges with left forepaw) wake up.

Howie: (half asleep/out loud) huh…what’s tha...?

Michael: (awake but tired) I said get up.

Howie: (to Michael) it’s still dark out Michael, why did you wake me up?

Michael: (explanation) blame Simba.

Howie: (complaining) Simba…

Michael: (quieting Howie) quiet! He’s on a roll

Simba: (to his dad) you promised.

Mufasa: (to Simba) alright, alright... I’m up I’m up. 

Michael: (to Simba) there! Now we go watch the sunrise and come straight back here and get in a few more hours of sleep

Simba: (contradicting) no. after the sunrise you, I and Howie get to learn what it takes to be a king

Michael: (sarcasm) oh goody…

Simba: (logic) Michael, you are the oldest of all three of us.

Michael: (logic) but with you as the second oldest you would make a far better king than me.

Howie: (annoyed) look will you two quit arguing and go look at the sunrise.

Michael: (question) your not coming?

Howie: (answer) I am coming.

Mufasa who’s been waiting for the cubs to stop talking pipes in.

Mufasa: (ushering tone) come on then, let’s go.

Michael, Howie, and Simba: (unison) ok

They climb to the very summit of pride rock and look out just as the sun creeps over the horizon

Mufasa: (telling them to look) look children, everything the light touches is our home

All: (astonished) whoa…

Mufasa: (continuing) a king’s time as ruler, rises and falls like the sun. One day the sun will set on my time here and will rise with one of you 3 as the new king

And everything you see will belong to you.

Michael: (notices a region the light doesn’t touch) what about that shadowy place?

Mufasa: (explanation) that’s beyond our borders, you must never go there

Michael: (talking) but I thought a king can do whatever he wants

Mufasa: (explanation) oh trust me, there’s more to being king than getting your way all the time

Michael: (question/evil looking smile) there’s MORE?

Later on the plains…

Mufasa: (talking) everything you see exists together in a delicate balance as king you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope…

Zazu: (flying down) good morning sire.

Mufasa: (reply) good morning Zazu.

Zazu: (regular voice) checking in with the morning report.

Mufasa: (command) fire away.

(Start morning report song)

Zazu: (singing/British accent) Chimps are going ape, giraffes remain above it all, elephants remember though tis what I can’t recall, we haven’t paid the hornbills and the vultures have a hunch, not everyone invited will be coming back from lunch…

Zazu: (annoying British accent singing voice) this is the morning report, gives you the long and the short, every grunt roar and snort. It’s not a tale I retort, it is the morning report

(There is a brief pause in the song where Zazu starts listing off all the problems in the Pridelands

During this pause Simba pounces on Zazu knocking him to the ground, Simba picks up the song)

Simba: (singing) this is the morning report

Michael: (joining) gives you the long and the short

Howie: (joining) every grunt, roar, and snort

Simba Michael and Howie: (unison) it’s not a tale I retort, it’s the morning report (End of morning report song)

A gopher appears next to Zazu

Gopher: (at attention) Zazu. Sir, news from the underground.

Zazu: (alarmed) sire! Hyenas in the Pridelands

Mufasa: (serious) Zazu take my cubs home

Simba: (disappointed) awwwww dad, cant we come?

Mufasa: (refusal) no son.

Mufasa runs to confront the hyenas and the cubs walk home.


CHAPTER 4 – Uncle Scar’s trick


That very same day we find the cubs’ uncle Scar

Lazing around, the three pay him a visit.

Howie: (to Scar) hey uncle Scar guess what.

Scar: (bored tone) I despise guessing games

Howie: (confident) im gonna be king of pride rock

Simba and Michael: (shocked) hey!

Howie: (retraction) I mean we will be the kings

Scar: (sarcasm) oh goody…

Simba: (question) hey uncle Scar, when we’re king, what’ll that make you?

Scar: (sarcasm) a monkey’s uncle

Michael: (laughing) you’re so weird.

Scar: (sarcasm) you have no idea… (Brief pause) so, your father showed you the whole kingdom eh?

Simba: (confirmation) everything.

Scar: (question) did he show you that rise on the northern border?

Simba: (answer) no, he said we can’t go there…

Scar: (interrupting) and he’s ABSOLUTELY RIGHT it’s far too dangerous, only the bravest lions go there

Howie: (probing) trust us uncle Scar, if it’s one thing we have plenty of, it’s courage, so what’s out there?

Scar: (stubborn) im sorry Howie I just cant tell you…

Howie: (question) why not?

Scar: (answer) Howie, Howie im only looking after the well being of my three favorite nephews.

Simba: (piping in) yeah right were your only nephews

Scar: (trick) all the more reason for me to be protective, now look, an elephant graveyard is nowhere for you three to be (pause for effect) oops!

Michael: (astonished) an elephant what? Whoa!

Scar: (mock surprise) oh dear I’ve said too much, well I suppose you would’ve found out sooner or later, you three being so clever and all (voice changes to mock concern) do me a big favor, promise me you’ll never visit that dreadful place

Michael: (lying) no problem.

Scar: (mock relief) there’s some good lads, now run along and have fun, and remember it’s our little secret…









CHAPTER 5 – The Elephant Graveyard


After hearing the news about the elephant graveyard the three rushed to get their friend Nala who was currently getting a lion-style bath


Michael: (to Nala) hey Nala.

Nala: (to the three) hey Michael, Howie, and Simba.

Howie: (whispering) come on! We just heard about this great place.

Nala: (to Howie) Howie, im kinda In the middle of a bath.

On the word “bath” Howie cringes

Serabi: (to Howie) and it’s time for yours

Serabi gets Howie in the getting a bath position and starts licking, starting with the cub’s pathetic excuse for a mane

Howie: (complaining) mom, mom you’re messing up my mane.

Howie manages to squirm free and fixes his “mane” (small patch of fur on his head not enough to be called a mane)

Howie: (rushing) ok im clean, can we go now?

Nala: (question) so where are we going? It better not be anyplace dumb.

Michael: (recovery statement) no, it’s really cool

Serabi: (curious) so where is this “really cool place”

Simba: (lie/answer) around the water hole…

Nala: (interrupting) the water hole?!? What’s so great about the water hole, all it does is give you water.

Simba: (angry whisper) we’ll show you WHEN WE GET THERE…

Nala: (realizing they aren’t going to the water hole) oh… uh, mom can I go?

Sarafina: (smiling) hmmm… I dunno what do you think Serabi?

Serabi: (building suspense) well…

Simba, Nala, Michael and Howie: (together) pleeeaaaasssseeeee???????

Serabi: (letting them go) it’s alright with me…

All cubs: (together) yeah!!! Alright!!

Serabi: (shooting their hopes down) as long as Zazu goes with you.

Simba: (disappointed) awwwww… not Zazu…


Later on…


They are walking to the water hole with Zazu overhead

Zazu: (British accent) step lightly, the sooner we reach the water hole the sooner we can leave…

Nala: (whispering) so where are we really going??

Michael: (whispering/answer) an elephant graveyard

Nala: (really loud) WOW!!

Simba: (quieting tone) shhhhhhh!!!!!

Nala: (whisper) so how do we ditch the bird?

They whisper something incoherent to each other on how to get rid of Zazu…

CHAPTER 6 – To be king, challenges await…


Well let’s make a long story short and say: they got rid of Zazu

Nala: (running with the others) I think we lost him.

Michael: (ego) I am a genius

Simba: (retort) hey genius it was my idea

Howie: (adding in) but I pulled it off.

Nala: (raised tone) with me.

Michael: (changing the subject) hey! We’re here.

(A steam vent lets loose some hot air

In front of them is a massive bull elephant skull)

Nala: (wonder) I wonder if its brains are still in there

Howie: (mischievous tone) there’s only one way to know, come on lets go check it out…

Zazu: (flying in) the only checking out you four will be doing will to be to check out of here

Michael: (conclusion) awwwww man we’re busted

Zazu: (scared tone) we’re way beyond the boundary of the Pridelands

Michael: (laughing) hey look, banana beak is scared

Zazu: (poking Michael in the nose) its MISTER banana beak to you, fuzzy and we are all in very real danger…

Michael: (walking toward the bull elephant skull) Danger? Ha! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger. Muhuhahaha!

Laughter is heard coming from the inside of the skull and Michael is scared by this

Michael: (very low whisper) Howie, Simba form a defensive circle around Nala and Zazu

Shenzi the hyena: (question/to Bonzai the hyena) well, well, well Bonzai what have we here?

Bonzai the hyena: (answer/second question to Ed the hyena) hmmm… I dunno Shenzi. What do you think Ed?

Ed: (insane) ooh ha-ha ooh ha-ha haaah….

Bonzai: (eyeballing the cubs) that’s just what I was thinking, a band of trespassers!

Zazu: (scared) and quite by accident let me assure you, a simple navigational error

Shenzi: (recognizes Zazu) whoa, whoa, wait, wait, I know you, you’re mufasa’s little stooge

Zazu: (offended/angry) I Madame am the king’s majordomo.

Bonzai: (to Simba) and that would make you three…

Simba: (interruption) the future kings

Shenzi: (threat) do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?

Michael: (retort) puh! You can’t do anything to us.

Zazu: (scared) uh technically they can, we are on their land

Michael: (statement) but Zazu, you said they’re nothin but slobbering, mangy, stupid dogs.

Zazu: (whispering) shhhhhhh…

Zazu: (trying to usher the kids away) oh my, look at the sun. Its time to go!

Shenzi: (sarcastic) what’s the hurry? We’d love you to stick around for dinner.

Bonzai: (trying to make a funny) yeah we could have whatever’s lion around! Ha, ha, ha, ha

Shenzi: (joining in) oh I got one “make mine a CUB sandwich” wha’ja think?

(Ed starts bouncing around and pointing)

Shenzi: (question) what Ed? What is it?

Bonzai: (sees what Ed is pointing at) hey did we order this dinner to go?

Shenzi: (confused) no. why?

Bonzai: (yelling) CAUSE THERE IT GOES!!!

(The cubs are running as fast as they can, deeper into the elephant graveyard they quickly loose Zazu so they stop)

Simba: (question) where’s Zazu?

Not very far away…

The hyenas push Zazu into a steam vent they call the “birdie boiler”

Bonzai: (storytelling tone) and then the majordomo bird hipity hopped all the way to the birdie boiler.

Zazu: (scared) oh no not the birdie boilerrrrrr!!!!!

The steam vent shoots Zazu up in the air, the hyenas howl with laughter

Michael: (to the hyenas) hey! Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size

Shenzi: (agreeing) like YOU

Michael: (scared) oops…

The four cubs run through the graveyard till they come to a split in the path

Michael: (to the other three) you guys go that way, ill distract them.

The three run the way Michael had told them to

Then the hyenas come.

Michael: (to the hyenas) hey do you wanna know what I call a hyena with half a brain

Ed nods his head yes

Michael: (finishing the joke) GIFTED!!!

Ed howls with laughter until he is slapped by Bonzai

Bonzai: (to Ed) stupid, he’s talking about us

(Michael then runs down the other path until he hits a dead end)

Michael: (really scared) uh-oh… I didn’t plan on this…

Bonzai: (mocking) hey guys what do you call a lion cub with half a brain (brief pause) DINNER!

Michael: (against the wall) I REALLY didn’t plan on this… (He thinks, then acts)

Michael: (attempt at roaring) rnnnaarrrgh!

Bonzai: (laughing) is that it?

An adult roar is heard; the hyenas stare at Michael in astonishment and fear

Bonzai: (scared) n… n… nice lion cub g… g… good lion cub, please don’t do that again.

Shenzi: (scared) yeah we was just playin, we didn’t mean anything by it.

The hyenas bolt out of the chamber, Mufasa appears with a cocky grin on his face, and then he looks down on Michael with a scowl

Michael: (knows he’s in big trouble) dad, I can explain everything, this is all my fault don’t blame my brothers

Mufasa just keep staring then motions for Michael to come, they then go get everyone else and they walk home with the only words to come out of Mufasa’s mouth “your mother will deal with you three”

Later on…


Chapter 6 ½ Parental discipline…

Serabi: (to Michael) you can’t run off like that Michael, Do you realize the danger you put your brothers and your friend in, not to mention yourself?

Michael: (explanation) the only reason we ran off was that you guys won’t let us have hardly any fun…

Serabi: (interrupting) is that what you call fun? Almost getting you, your brothers, and your friend killed?

(Michael starts to walk away without answering)

Serabi: (demanding) Michael get back here this INSTANT! Im not finished with you!

Michael: (to Serabi) well im finished with you!

(Serabi was at a loss of words after being back-talked like that)

Mufasa: (coming outside) let him go Serabi, he’s had a rough day, ill speak with him in the morning.

(Michael walks to a spot near the den and lays down

It’s almost an instant and he’s asleep…)


CHAPTER 7- The Stampede


The next morning Simba and Howie get up and try to wake Michael up

Howie: (to Michael) why haven’t you woke up yet? Everyone else is awake.

Michael: (half asleep/answer) I wake up slow.

Howie: (command) well wake up faster!

Simba: (statement) we were supposed to meet uncle Scar in the Canyon

Michael: (suddenly wide awake) yea, he said he had a surprise for us

Howie: (ushering tone) then let’s go!

Later on…

Scar: (to the three boys) ah! There you are,

I was beginning to think you three weren’t going to show

Scar: (leaving) now for the surprise to work I have to go get your father, you three just wait here, ill be back soon

Up on the plains, the hyenas are waiting near a herd of 200,000 wildebeest

Bonzai’s stomach growls, he is slapped by Shenzi

Shenzi: (command) shut your stomach up.

Bonzai: (complaining) I can’t help it, I haven’t eaten in four days…

Shenzi: (command) wait for the signal from Scar. (Scar appears and shakes his head up and down 3 times, the signal)

Shenzi: (evil voice) there he is, let’s go cause a stampede.

Back down inside the Canyon, the cubs are wrestling with each other

Michael: (to Simba) heh-heh I pinned ya!

Simba: (command) let me up.

The loose pebbles on the ground begin to bounce and a low rumble is heard

Michael: (looks up/scared) run.

(The wildebeest stampede into the Canyon and charge straight toward the cubs

Simba climbs up a tree and Howie hides in a small outcropping, but Michael can’t find a hiding place and is kicked in the head by the bone crushing power of a wildebeest and knocked sprawling to the ground, unconscious or dead, so Howie probes the telepathic bond, he cant concentrate long enough to get an adequate reading)

(Then Mufasa jumps out of nowhere to go grab Simba whose tree had snapped, he is able to place Simba on a ledge before being pushed away by the stampeding wildebeest. Out of nowhere again he jumps out of the stampede and starts climbing the 90 degree angle cliff wall.

Then not even a minute later he falls from 60 feet up, both an echoing noooooooo!!!! And an echoing ahhhhh!!! Are heard. Then the stampede goes through the canyon just as fast as it had come.

The 1st thing Howie does is check on Michael to make sure he’s dead, he’s not. His eyes are open, but have now a white haze over them)

Howie: (relieved) Michael?

Michael: (alarmed) Howie? Is that you?

Howie: (laughing) good one Michael, im right in front of you.

Michael: (mad) im serious, I can’t see.

Howie: (worried) why not???

Michael: (commanding tone) never mind that now help me up.

Howie: (ushering) you’ll be better in the morning, im sure of it, now lets go check on Simba

Michael: (coming along) what happened anyways?

Howie: (explaining) dad fell from way high up

Michael: (smelling) they’re very near

Howie: (question) why are you sniffing?

Michael: (stressed) ugh, I can’t see. What am I supposed to do??

They walk up on their father and Simba, Simba is crying, their father is lying on the ground

Howie: (question/tears welling) is he…?

Simba nods.

Michael: (confused/sad) what happened?

Simba: (answer/crying) he had dropped me on a ledge then the wildebeest knocked him down and he jumped up and started to climb the cliff, then he just fell, I didn’t see much

Scar appears and sees the three cubs standing near their dead father, he seizes the opportunity.

Scar: (to the three cubs) boys, what have you done?

Simba: (explanation) there were wildebeest and he tried to save us. It was an accident, we didn’t mean for anything to happen.

Scar: (false sympathy) of course you didn’t, no one ever means for these things to happen (brief pause) but the king is dead.

(On the word “dead” Simba cringes)

Scar: (continuing) and if it weren’t for you three, he’d still be alive (pause to let it sink in) oh, what will your mother think?

Michael: (question/desperate sounding) what are we gonna do?

Scar: (ushering tone) run away you three, run, run away and never return.

Simba and Howie start running and Michael quickly follows their scent trail

The three Hyenas appear behind Scar and he gives them one order

Scar: (command) kill them.

The three cubs run through the canyon and quickly loose Michael

Michael: (question) hey guys can you please wait? Guys?

Michael’s improved hearing due to his lack of sight hears low ominous sounding growling coming from his far left, and his improved sense of touch allows him to “see” with the vibrations created by all things around him with this info he learned that his brothers are gone and there is three bloodthirsty hyenas about 18 feet away, and that there is a narrow passage on the same side. do the math, a hyena can run 3 feet per second and a lion can run 4.5 per second, that’s one and a half seconds difference in Michael’s favor, he decided he’d take a chance, he makes it, there is nothing but desert for miles, but Michael decides to walk it anyways

The cubs have lived today, but will they fight tomorrow…



CHAPTER 8 – The Desert


After escaping the hyenas, Michael starts wandering aimlessly through the desert; some vultures attempt to stop him

Vulture: (Spanish) Hola amigo! Como Te llamas?

Michael: (unknowingly understands and replies) me llamo Michael

Different Vulture: (question) say, aren’t you Mufasa’s boy?

Michael: (sad) I don’t wanna talk about it… please let me continue walking, from what I can smell there’s a jungle about a 5 hour walk from here.

Vulture #2: (question/again) why are you smellin? Why aint you seein?

Michael: (answer) im blind.

Vulture #2: (understanding/another question) well you were born seeing. Why cant you now?

Michael: (answer/frustrated) I got kicked in the head, now can you please move so I can get going?

Vulture #2: (understanding) ok, ok were going, just one more thing, how can you know where you’re going when you’re blind?

(Michael points at his nose and then at his ears, then he stomps the ground)

(The vultures fly away)

Michael: (to himself) what was that about?

(He hears the vultures say something like “we’ll be eating him before too long” and “I haven’t had anything to eat in months” as they fly away)

Meanwhile with the other two cubs…

Howie: (to Simba) I think we lost Michael.

Howie realizes that Simba has fainted from heat exhaustion so he lies next to his brother, he looks up and sees vultures circling over head, the circling motion hypnotized Howie into the deepest sleep he had slept in forever.

He is then awoken by a very sharp pain

He stood up and roared the best roar a lion cub could muster. The vultures didn’t even budge; he passes out from the pain

It was the vultures that Michael heard that interested him and his stomach so he decided to check it out, and then he heard the sound of hooves, the vibrations from it showed a meerkat riding a warthog. And they were chasing the vultures off whatever they had been eating.

Michael: (thinking to himself) oh great, more scavengers, im starving too ya know.

Then Michael hears the warthog speak

Warthog: (to Meerkat) uh-oh… hey Timon ya better come look I think their still alive.

Timon: (murmuring) all righty what have we here?

Michael’s improved hearing picks up the faint sound of sniffing, his touch picks up the vibrations and forms a picture, two lion cubs lying together, he stops and processes this new information then gasps, the two are his brothers, he emerges from his hiding place…

Michael: (to the warthog) hello im those two’s brother and I was wondering, are they alright?

Michael hears the faint chattering of teeth

Michael: (calming tone) relax. I don’t even know how to kill things yet, plus im blind so it would be impossible for me to kill you.

Timon: (relieved/to Michael) do you have a name kid?

Michael: (introduction) my name is Michael

Timon: (intro) im Timon and this is my ol’ warthog buddy Pumbaa.

Michael: (to Timon) is there anywhere with water we could take these two?

Timon: (pointing) look over there about five miles ahead.

(Michael clears his throat)

Timon: (ashamed) oh right your blind. Well follow our scent trail and we will be there in no time

Pumbaa: (thinking) Timon, that’s not such a good idea…

Later on…

Timon: (angry/to Pumbaa) Pumbaa I told you no eating anymore re-fried beans, oi… no wonder the kid passed out. Sheesh!

Pumbaa: (apologetic) sorry…

Timon: (mad) oh no Pumbaa, don’t tell that to me. Tell it to the blind lion you just knocked out!!!!!!!

(Timon flings meerkat sized handfuls of ice cold water in each of the cubs’ faces, all of them wake up)

Howie: (confused) wow dying wasn’t all that bad…

Michael: (shocked) im dead?!? The warthog killed me with a gas emission?!?

Simba: (distant) this isn’t heaven… it’s the world, were still alive.

(Michael breathes a heavy sigh of relief)

Michael: (to the other two) are you guys ready? We leave right now

Timon: (stopping them from leaving) whoa!! Wait a second, where are your parents?

Michael: (covering up) last I remember we had no parents…

Timon: (telling) then you’re staying here, with us well be your “parents” and best friends

Michael: (happy) they live in a jungle, have a bed and a ample source of food, that’s all I need.

Timon: (adding) we have one more thing you won’t find anywhere else.

Howie: (question) what is that?

Timon: (answer/southwest African) Hakuna Matata.

Simba: (question/distant) what?

Pumbaa: (answer) simply put kid, it means no worries, and we don’t have to sing to tell you about it either, just one simple meaning “no worries”

Later on, the cubs are getting a tour of the jungle

Pumbaa: (belches) im starved.

Howie: (agreement) me too.

After a little bit more walking, they come to a fallen log.

Timon: (happy) ah this looks like a good spot to wrestle out some grub (snaps finger)

(Pumbaa lifts the log and thousands of bugs come crawling out from under it)

Howie: (curious) what’s that?

Timon: (holding a huge worm) a grub, what’s it look like?

Simba: (grossed out) ewww… gross

Michael: (confused) what’s going on? What’s gross?

Timon: (to Michael) here kid, try this. (Hands Michael a large worm) (Michael slurps the worm down and swallows it)

Michael: (question) can I have another??

Timon: (explaining) learn to like these, because if your gonna live with us, your gonna have to eat like us. Ok?

Michael: (slurping another worm) ok.

Howie: (staring at the worm in his grasp) o- ok (bites off it’s head) I cant believe I like this.

Simba: (attempting to stomach his worm) slimy, yet satisfying…



CHAPTER 9 – Parenthood (The raising of the three cubs/Timon and Pumbaa’s worst nightmare)

A brief amount of time has passed sense the three arrived in the jungle, they are now teenagers

Michael: (waking up) what time is it?

Timon: (half asleep) not time for us to wake up, cant you see that.

Michael: (clearing his throat/laughing) heh, heh, heh what’s the matter Timon? Had a little too much Hakuna Matata lately?

Timon: (half asleep) come on, you and I know there’s no such a thing as “too much” of anything.

Michael: (turning his words around) but with you, and trust me on this, there is.

Timon: (waking Pumbaa) hey Pumbaa, who holds the record for the world’s longest bug-belch?

Pumbaa: (answer) Michael with a time of three minutes and twenty nine seconds.

Timon: (question) beetle breaking?

Pumbaa: (answer) Simba with a total of 1,000 beetles broken.

Timon: (getting desperate) cricket crunching?

Pumbaa: (answer) Howie with a total of 400,000 crickets crunched.

Howie: (interruption) and still feeling them.

Timon: (question) Snail slurping???

Pumbaa: (statement) I don’t know, we never had a snail eating contest before.

Timon: (happy) then we’ll have one between the three, winner takes all!

Pumbaa: (question) all of what?

Timon: (answer) that’s not really all that important…

Later on…

An old tree stump is piled high with well over a 1,000,000 snails. The three stand over it waiting for the race to begin.

Timon: (announcer’s tone) meerkats and gentlehogs turn your attention to the center stump, in this corner I give you Michael “no see” the lion, and in this corner I give you Howie “lightning” the lion, and in this corner, I give you Simba the lion, Who will take home tonight’s prize? Will it be Michael, Howie, or Simba?

Michael: (interrupting) just shut up and let’s get this show on the road.

(Timon claps his hands, signaling them to start, they start wolfing down snail after snail leaving only the shells)

Four hours later…

(Three snails left, Michael reaches over and eats his snail, Simba attempts to eat his but he coughs it back up, grossing Howie out)

Timon: (to Michael) come on Michael, now all you have to do is eat the last snail that Howie didn’t eat

(Michael slurps the final snail down, then he collapses, a low rumble is heard)

Timon: (out loud) he’s gonna blow!!!!!

(The loudest burp in history is heard)

Michael: (burping) URRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

(The wind from the burp was so great; it caused the world’s largest hurricane to form in the Gulf of México) J

Howie: (astonished) Holy…

Michael: (laughing) I think we have a winner for the world’s LOUDEST bug-belch, ha-ha that was awesome.

Timon: (proud) we have the winner of the snail eating contest and the world’s loudest bug-belch (mutters: and my ears are still ringing) Michael.

Timon: (statement) im gonna go see if that hot spring is all it’s cracked up to be.

All three teens: (statement/together) right behind you.

Later on…

Three of the four that were going to the hot spring are in but there’s one question that’s on the three that are there’s mind “where is Michael?”

Michael: (jumping out of nowhere) cannonball!!!!!

(A loud splash is heard)

Howie: (to Michael/frustrated) Michael?!? What are you doing?

Michael: (answer) jumpin’ on you.

Howie: (statement) you missed.

Michael: (statement) my whole point Howie.


Chapter 10- A Blast from The Past


A year has passed since the bug eating games, the three have matured into young adults, we find Timon and Pumbaa singing and walking

Timon: (singing) in the jungle, the mighty jungle the lions sleep tonight, in the jungle the mighty jungle the lions sleep to- I can’t hear ya Pumbaa back me up. (Instantaneously reverts back to singing) a wheeeeeeeee a wheeeeee a bum bum bom a way. (Realizes he’s all alone) Pumbaa? Pumbaa?

(Pumbaa is quietly following a dung beetle as it crawls across the ground humming very lightly the backup for “in the jungle”)

(The beetle flies away and Pumbaa sees something tan in the grass moving very slowly, he then realizes what it is, A LIONESS, and from the looks of things he was on the menu) (He runs frantically as the lioness chases him through the jungle, then he gets stuck on a root), Timon hearing the commotion runs to Pumbaa’s location.

Timon: (question) what’s wrong buddy?

Pumbaa: (screaming) SHE’S GONNA EAT ME!!!!!!!

Michael: (walking up) who?

Michael smelled a tinge in the air that smelled distinctly familiar…

The vibrations showed a lioness charging toward Pumbaa and Timon, so Michael jumped in the way and got slammed into a tree, hitting his head and getting knocked out cold (Howie runs up and sees what has happened so far)

Howie: (out loud) who are you?

Lioness: (familiar tone) the better question would be, who are YOU?

Howie: (answer) im Howie, and the lion whose neck you’re about to step on is my brother Michael.

Lioness: (appearing astonished/backing off Michael) no… you can’t be… Howie and Michael died a long time ago…

Howie: (coming to a recognization) I know you… you’re Nala.

Lioness: (looking over Howie) yes, that’s my name (asks a question only Howie would know) ok the day before Howie died what did I say to his brother on the walk home?

Howie: (remembering) it was “I thought you were very brave” (pauses) why did you ask me that?

Nala: (overwhelmed with joy) Howie?

Howie: (confused) yes Nala?

(Michael begins to wake up)

Michael: (confused) what hit me?

Howie: (answer) a tree, and hey your bleeding pretty bad, I guess Nala doesn’t know her own strength.

(Michael feels a very heavy sense of pressure being relieved in the back of his head)

Michael: (complaining tone) ohhhhh…. What a head rush….

(All of a sudden Michael gets really exited)

 Michael: (exited/normal tone) I can see…

Howie: (sight test) ok then how many fingers am I holding up? (Holding up 4 fingers)

Michael: (answer) four

(Nala looks confused)

Howie: (explanation) he got kicked in the head and lost the ability too see 3 years ago.

Nala: (question) where’s Simba?

Michael: (answer) said something about a spa this morning, come on let’s go look for him.

Timon: (stressed voice) wait a minute, you can see?!?!

Michael: (answer) yep.

Timon: (confused tone) who’s the braud?

Nala: (offended) Braud?!? I beg your pardon?

Michael: (answer) this is our best friend Nala

Timon: (confused) I don’t get it, one second you are ripping each other apart and then your friends? Oi! What next, Simba falls from the sky!?!?

(The sound of a vine snapping is heard, and then a shadow is cast on Timon, Simba’s shadow.)

Timon: (bracing himself) this is gonna hurt…

(Simba lands with a resounding thump and then looks confused at Nala)

Simba: (confused) who’s she?

Nala: (as if anything couldn’t be more obvious) Simba, it’s me Nala

Timon: (interrupting) um not to interrupt, but while you four are chatting, every bone in my body is being crushed!!

Simba: (embarrassed/jumping up) oh! Sorry Timon…

Timon: (walking away) oh don’t mind me or Pumbaa, just sit there and chat, im sure you four have a lot of chatting to do.

Nala: (to Michael) can I speak with you alone for a minute???

Michael: (normal tone) ok.

(Michael and Nala walk away from the other two)

Michael: (to Nala) so what’s up?

Nala: (confused) with what?

Michael: (explanation) when I got up, you couldn’t stop staring at me, even now you’re staring right into my eyes, and when you stare you look rather distant so I know that there is something wrong.

Nala: (explanation) we’ve really needed you three back home.

Michael: (to Nala) Tch, no one needs any of us.

Nala: (not fully comprehending) why would you say something like that?

Michael: (low voice) you wouldn’t understand…

Nala: (stern) Try Me.

(Michael tells the tale of the stampede from start to where they are standing now)

Michael: (finishing) and that’s how we ended up here.

Nala: (amazed) no that’s impossible… you three were just cubs; you couldn’t have killed Mufasa... even if you had tried… wait who else did you say was there?

Michael: (naming names) uncle Scar, the three Hyenas, and Zazu, who disappeared in the beginning of the stampede.

Nala: (process of elimination) the three hyenas are too simple minded to kill, Zazu couldn’t harm a fly… your uncle on the other paw (hand whatever) held a grudge against your father, and lusted for the throne…

Michael: (interrupting) wait. You’re saying my Uncle did it?

Nala: (statement) everything adds up that way, yes.

Michael: (statement) and sense im the oldest…

Nala: (finishing) you have to find a lover and become king.

Michael: (question) hey, you are still single right?

Nala: (confused) yes… why?

Michael: (question) will you marry me?

Nala: (shocked/happy) that was fast but ok I will.

Michael: (normal tone) now all we have to do is de-throne Scar.

Nala: (normal tone) im helping you, you can’t do it alone.

Michael: (trying to talk her out of it) it’ll be dangerous.

Howie: (emerging with Simba/mocking tone) Danger? Ha! I laugh in the face of danger ha ha ha

Nala: (smiling) took the words right out of my mouth…

Michael: (warm smile at his brothers and his friend) thanks guys

Nala: (clears throat) *Ahem*

Michael: (fixing the statement) thank you *everybody* we leave at first light tomorrow morning; rest up well you’ll need your strength.

(Everybody quickly falls asleep, some deeper than others…)


Chapter 11- sighting the horizon (the future in a dream- Michael’s premonition)

Michael is standing on Pride Rock, his home, he feels the stickiness of blood on his claws, his uncle lie dead at his forepaws, but he cant shake the feeling that something more important was about to happen, then he looks up; hyenas maybe 300 or so very hungry hyenas wanting either him or his uncle’s corpse

Hyena: (to another hyena) get the body, thank the kid, and let’s go, there’s nothing left for us here in the Pridelands.

Hyena#2: (gratifying/mafia accent) there’s not too many words to say to you except thank you for stopping the evil dictatorship of your uncle, and if you ever need us just give us a holler, y’ hear?

Michael: (exhausted/normal) your welcome, if I ever need anything ill find you, goodbye.

Random hyena: (Spanish) adios!

(The hyenas leave the Pridelands in a mass-exodus but before Michael could see what his life with Nala would be like he was awoken by her)


Chapter 12- The Sons Have Returned

At first light the next morning the four set out to stop Scar’s Rule.

Simba: (Announcement) well, I think this is the Pridelands’ boundary so we have about an hour’s walk to where we need to go.

Michael: (question/looking around/astonished) what happened here?

Nala: (explanation) the night after you guys disappeared, the whole of the Pridelands was enflamed, no lions were killed, but it killed all the plants and nearly all our food animals, Scar makes us go on 5 day long hunts, and currently we have four cubs living in the den and they barely are fed because after 5 days the meat has turned white with maggots and other lovely stuff like that.

Howie: (statement) that’s terrible…

Michael: (rushing) every second we stand here is another one of which Scar rules over, we need to quit talking and de- throne him now.

Timon: (coming up from behind) so, why did you not tell us about your plan to save the Pridelands?

Nala: (annoyed) if we were still planning, we wouldn’t be here.

Michael: (suggestion) Hey Nala, you did say something about Hyenas; well I propose we use live bait to sneak past them. (Stares at Timon)

Timon: (scared) what do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula???

Michael: (agreement) ok sure whatever, as long as it distracts them.

While Timon and Pumbaa distract the hyenas, the others sneak in.

Michael: (turns to Nala) go find our mother and gather the other lionesses.

Nala: (question) while you do what? Stand there and look pretty?

Michael: (answer) im going to find Scar.

Simba: (objection) no way. Im not gonna let you do this on your own.

Michael: (listening) im sorry Simba but I can’t let you come; I have to do this on my own.

Howie: (butting in) I don’t care what you say, im at least gonna stand off to one side and be there for you.

(Before Michael could object a loud shout of “Serabi!!!” is heard in the commanding voice of their uncle)

Over where Scar and Serabi are…

Scar: (almost mad) where is your hunting parties? They’re not doing their jobs.

Serabi: (emotionless tone) Scar, there is no food.

Scar: (persistent) No. you’re just not looking hard enough.

Serabi: (A hint of Shock in her emotionless tone) is this what you want? To mock our hunting abilities when we have hunted every animal for five hundred miles in each direction to extinction, At least Mufasa had respect for his lioness

Scar: (taking offense/pimp handing (or pimp pawing) Serabi) I haven’t the time to hear how great Mufasa was! (A low growl is heard emanating from the top of the hill; Scar looks in the direction of the growl and sees a black furred lion standing there, the lion speaks)

Michael: (quite thoroughly mad) you have 5 seconds to give me one good reason as to why I should let you remain in one piece.

Scar: (question) so you are threatening me? And we haven’t even got to know each other yet.

Michael: (still very mad) oh you’ll find I know a great deal about you.

Scar: (normal tone) say, you look familiar… do I know you from somewhere?

Michael: (Anger in his tone) and now you sit and pretend to not know me, as if with my disappearance you have lost all recollection of my very existence, you should try to remember better.

Scar: (now shocked) Michael? Impossible, you’re supposed to be dead.

Michael: (Angrily) now that you remember who I am, step down from my rightful position as king

Scar: (it’s not that easy tone) you see I would, but do you see them? (Points to a large grouping of hyenas) they think im king.

Nala: (objection) well we don’t, Michael is the rightful king.

Michael: (still Angry) last chance uncle, either stand down peacefully, or choose plan B.

Scar: (intimidating) you are very confident for one such as young as you, why you’ve barely scratched adulthood, and I have lived in adulthood’s recesses for six to seven years.

Michael: (confident) age doesn’t matter; all that does is your choice…

Scar: (observant) notice the way you back up as I approach, and notice how there is a ninety-nine foot cliff about four steps back, my dear boy you’d better stop backing up or you may have to ask for my assistance instead of wanting to get rid of me…

Michael: (oblivious/still backing up) the jut of pride rock is 100 feet high, not ninety-nine feet high.

Scar: (evilly) that doesn’t really matter; oh I know what would be fun…

(On the word “fun” Michael backs off the edge, but summons the strength to grab the cliff edge and hold on)

Michael: (bleak stare) ………

Scar: (evilly/continuing his statement) … if you were the one to find out.

Michael: (bland tone) oh… something else I didn’t plan on…

Scar: (laughing) I bet you weren’t planning on the 100 foot fall either.

(Scar lets go, sending Michael to an almost certain death, nothing is heard as Michael falls, Howie sees Michael fall and is Enraged by the fact that Scar was Laughing at it, so he runs in and delivers the most brutal Claw slap to Scar’s face, knocking him spinning to the ground, unconscious for the moment)

Michael: (climbing/to Howie) hey don’t mind me… just hanging off a 100 foot cliff here…

Howie: (can’t believe his eyes/helps Michael up) Michael?!? How’d you…

Michael: (interrupting) Survive? I didn’t have to, all I had to do was grab at the rock to stop my falling and climb the five to six feet I fell.

Scar: (congratulating Howie/Unbenounced to Michael’s presence) good job Howie you were the strongest of the three… Michael?!?!? You’re supposed to be dead!

Michael: (smiling) yeah right… no one gets rid of me that easily…

Scar: (agreement) so I see…

Michael: (attacking) and you’re old so you can’t defend against this! (Slits Scar’s throat with his claws)

(Michael realizes that this is what played out in his dream)

Howie: (looking at Scar’s writhing corpse) he won’t be alive for much longer, I’d better just end his suffering right now (Kicks Scar’s corpse in the nuts, this only causes the writhing to intensify)

Michael: (laughing) I think you only made it worse.

Howie: (letting out a sigh) well, you’d better hurry; you have a throne to claim and all.

(All of a sudden, the voice is heard)

Voice: (loud) you have accomplished all you needed to, your memories will be restored and you will be faced with a choice, destroy your rings and stay here in the Pridelands or shun this realm and go back home, to Knoxville Tennessee.

Michael: (remembering everything) I think we’ll stay here.

Voice: (question) are you certain? You do realize that once this decision is made it cannot be reversed.

Howie: (prolonging) wait! Ill go get some opinions.

(Howie gathers up the friends and family they have made in the Pridelands, the voice explains it all to the others)

Nala: (to Michael) if you stay, we can be together, and we may even have that cub that we discussed.

(Michael blushes)

Simba: (to Howie) you guys are entitled to whatever decision you make.

Voice: (rushing) come on you two, there are others who are finding reality rings; I can’t be here for much longer.

Michael: (realizing who the voice is) Mufasa, we’ve decided to stay.

Mufasa/voice: (leaving) I take your memories after you destroy the rings

(Michael and Howie pick up their rings with their mouths and toss them off the cliff, a loud bzzt sound is heard, and then Mufasa speaks)

Mufasa: (leaving) you have chosen to live the rest of your lives in the Pridelands, goodbye my sons. I now take with me the memories of a previous life!!

(In a flash Mufasa is gone and no one remembers anything about the last four minutes)

Howie: (statement) Michael, you have a throne to claim.

Michael: (walking to the tip of Pride rock) I know.

(Michael walks to the tip of pride rock, a heavy rain has begun to fall, and Michael Roars 3 times one for each king before him and one time for him)

Five months later…

(the Pridelands have reverted back to their original condition, lush and full of life, the African animals have gathered around pride rock to witness the continuation of the royal family, for on that morning the Queen (Nala) gave birth to a beautiful baby boy lion cub, the wise old mandrill holds up the newborn for the whole kingdom to see, and as this happens, Mufasa’s voice is heard

Mufasa: (to Michael) well done.

(All the new king can do is look up at the clouds and smile)


(to be continued)