Three Brothers 3


Full character List

Michael- a now overprotective father

Kani- MichaelÕs Son

Howie- glad heÕs still an uncle

Simba- glad heÕs still an uncle as well

Nala- MichaelÕs wife (authorÕs note: marriage is oh so very overrated)

Zira- the warleader of the outland pride

Kovu- ZiraÕs son





CHAPTER ONE – The one who could destroy us allÉ


It is midnight in the Pridelands, a light rain is falling, and everyone is asleep, except for one night-black lionÉ

(MichaelÕs Dream)

Michael is standing out on the plains, they look terrible, and they are charred black.

Michael: (thinking out loud) where am I?

(A voice answers)

Voice: (answer) you are in the lands that you used to rule.

Michael: (another question) who are you?

Voice: (answer) me? I am a monument to your one biggest mistake.

Michael: (confused) which was?

Voice: (answer) the night after Ra died, you said ÒI donÕt want my family lineage to stop with me and my brothers.Ó And Nala agreed with you, if you know what I mean.

Michael: (statement) yes, yes I get it but I still donÕt understand how that was bad.

Voice: (explanation) it is not what you did, it is the result of what you did, that is your problem.

(Then a Black lion walks by, Michael looks at the lion, night black fur, blood red eyes, and a white mark of fur on his head, the voice then speaks)

Voice: (question) in your haste to continue your family line, and bad parenting, you have spawned the one who could kill us all.

Voice: (continuing) but then again, you could try and change this uncertain fate, because in this future, you donÕt exist anymore.

Michael: (confused) I still donÕt understand, what happened?

Voice: (statement) come, I will show you, lets rewind to two years ago.

(A muscular human being is standing over a large grey box with a digital timer on it, he presses a button and a beep is heard, the numbers on the timer start flashing, and the human runs, a mechanical voice is then heard)

Machine: (monotonous) 90 giga-ton nuclear detonation in 60 seconds

(Michael didnÕt know what a Ònuclear detonationÓ was, but he didnÕt like the sound of it.)

(The beeping increases and then BOOM, a very bright blast vaporizes pride rock and a 270 mile radius around it, the voice then speaks)

Voice: (letting it all sink in) your son, somehow made contact with these animals, and arranged for the complete annihilation of the Prideland pride, but he was betrayed after wards by these ÒhumansÓ so he killed them, and now he wanders the lands aimlessly, forever sentenced to die.

Michael: (words canÕt describe his feelings) I-I father him?

Voice: (changing the subject) it is morning in the real world, you should wake up and watch the presentation of your newborn cub, oh and I have the perfect name for him, how does Kani sound?

(Kani means ÒTraitorÓ or ÒdestroyerÓ in South African)


Chapter Two- Kani


Nala: (breaking MichaelÕs sleep) hey! Wake up!

Michael: (oblivious) I thought up the perfect name for him.

Nala: (anxious) well? LetÕs hear it!

Michael: (suggestion) how does Kani sound?

Nala: (likes it) it sounds pretty good; it has its own ring to it.

Michael: (question) do you have any suggestions?

Nala: (statement) not really.

Howie: (yelling into the den) hey! Hurry up in there; you two are late to your own ceremony.

 Nala: (correction) you mean the babyÕs ceremonyÉ

Howie: (agreeing) yea, yea sure, just get out there!

Michael: (picking up the cub) alright Kani, itÕs time for you to see your new home.

(Nala thinks about the similarities between father and son for a second)

Nala: (thinking) they are almost twins, except for their eye colors, and that white mark near

KaniÕs left eye.

Michael: (to Nala) Nala? Are you coming?

Nala: (snapping out of thinking) yes, give me a second

Nala: (question) did you ever notice that your son has red eyes?

Michael: (answer) yes, my family has a history of red eyes, my father had red eyes, my mother had red eyes, my grandmother had red eyes, the only lions ive ever heard of in my family that didnÕt have red eyes, were me, my grandfather, and my brother.

Nala: (realizing) hey! We gotta get out there!

Michael: (stating a fact) thatÕs what ive been trying to do, but you keep stopping meÉ

(After a ten minute argument they finally show their son to an anxious kingdom)


Chapter Three- DonÕt Go ThereÉ


(A year has passed, Kani is a little older, and a little bit arrogant)


Michael: (to Kani) just where do you think you are going?

Kani: (confused) where does it look like im going?

Michael: (answer) right now? Nowhere.

Kani: (upset) awwÉ come on dadÉ

Michael: (giving in) ok, ok no lower lip thing, you can go, just no fighting with TalaÕs boy anymore.

Kani: (statement) we werenÕt fighting, we were just having an aggressive discussion.

Michael: (statement) whatever, and one more thing, stay away from the outlands, unless you want more scratches like this one. (Touches a deep scratch on KaniÕs forehead)

Kani: (annoyed) arrgh! I hate it when you do that; that hurts.

Howie: (question) what hurts?

Kani: (answer) nothing, uncle Howie, ill be going now.

Michael: (reminder) be home before the sun sets.

Kani: (not really paying attention) yea, ok

Michael: (whispering to Howie) go and watch him for me ok?

Howie: (leaving) ok sure.

(Kani walks around the plains until curiosity gets the better of him)

Kani: (thinking out loud) the outlands donÕt look so bad, I wonder what my fatherÕs not telling me.

Howie: (sneaking up) heÕs telling you everything, you can get carved up pretty bad out there.

Kani: (question) who asked you to follow me?

Howie: (answer/lie) no one.

Kani: (annoyed tone/sees right through the lie) all I asked for was one day of no one bothering me, but oh no, my outrageously overprotective father sends my outrageously overprotective uncle to watch me.

Howie: (leaving/mock sadness) if you didnÕt need me, all you had to do was askÉ

Kani: (to Howie) uncle Howie, see you later

Howie: (continuing to walk away) see ya Kani, have fun, donÕt get hurt out there (whispers to himself) something is gonna happen and weÕll end up seeing him hurt or killed.

Kani: (walking toward the outlands/hears Howie whispering) oh donÕt worry about thatÉ


Chapter Four- The Outlands (and the Capture)

(Kani walks through the outlands, and stumbles head on into an outsider)


Outsider Cub: (question/growling) who are you, Pridelander?

Kani: (answer/question) my name is Kani, and seriously, quit growling, you are not ÒthreateningÓ in any sense of the word.

Outsider Cub: (retort) oh really? We will see about that.

Kani: (statement) IÕd like to know the name of the cub im about to wipe the floor with.

Outsider Cub: (answer) my name is Kovu, and you have goaded me too many times.

Kani: (question) have I? Then why donÕt you back up your words with action?

(Kovu lets out a cry as he charges at Kani, but Kani side steppes, and Kovu is flung into the fast-moving river behind Kani) 

Kovu: (mixed emotions) help! I canÕt swimÉ

Kani: (sort of frantic) im sorry, I wanted that to be a clean fight, I had no idea that was there, grab that branch about an inch from you.

(Kovu does as he is instructed)

Kovu: (impatient/interrupted) pull me in!

(Then, a Human hand plucks Kovu from the water, and throws him and Kani in a cage)

Human: (holding the necklace he is wearing to his mouth) hmmmÉ the boss said he wanted adults, but you two will make him a nice fortune.

(Surprisingly the two cubs understood the human.)

Kovu: (mixed emotions) oh great, how are we gonna get out of here?

Kani: (ramming himself against the cage) I donÕt knowÉ these walls are toughÉ

Human: (listening to the cubs) donÕt even bother, that cage is 100% titanium alloy, there is no way you are getting outÉ

(KovuÕs mom overhears the human and interrupts)

Zira: (interrupting) unless I help themÉ

Human: (mock surprise) well, well, well, lookie here an adult (un-slings a large caliber rifle) I know you donÕt want to feel this, and my boss prefers live lions over dead ones

Zira: (angrily) foolish human, do you think a stick is gonna- arrgh!

(The human shoots Zira in the head, the bullet penetrates ZiraÕs skull and escorts bits of brain and skull at high velocity out the other side)

Kovu: (out loud) mom! No!!!

Human: (laughing) heh heh I warned her.

Kani: (almost mad) what do you want?

Human: (answer) why little Kani, I want you and your friend here, to join us in creating a superbreed of lion

Kovu: (crying) whoÕs side are you on (cries some more)

Human: (playing mind games) im on your side Kovu, canÕt you see that?

Kovu: (confused) you are? Then why did you just kill my mom?

Human: (a boast) Kovu, this here is a .50 caliber semi automatic sniper rifle.

Kovu: (question) what?

Human: (answer) nevermind, youÕll learn more when I take you to see my boss, but as for your mum, sheÕs dead son, a .50 can nearly penetrate your cageÉ

Kani: (falling for the humanÕs tricks) you wonÕt kill us?

Human: (disgusted tone) I would never even begin to think about it my friend

Kani: (seduced) I think we can trust him Kovu.

Kovu: (not happily agreeing) I will, for now.

(The human then takes them to a field camp by jeep where they are handed off to another human)

Human#1: (to Human#2) boss, I got something for ya.

Human#2: (curious/lets call him ÒbossÓ) you do? Let me see the lions.

Human#1: (slight introductions) this Ôere is Kani, MichaelÕs boy, and this one Ôere is Kovu, whoÕs mum I had to kill earlier.

The boss: (outraged tone) cubs? You brought me cubs? I told you to bring me two adults!

The boss: (dismissing the thought) ah nevermind just set the cage next to the tigerÕs cageÉ

Kani: (question) where are we going?

Human#1: (answer) you are going to storage in the tent next to this one, the boss has all kinds of tests for you two.

The boss: (running after them) wait! Ive changed my mind, get them to my lab, we are going to run some experiments on them.

Kovu: (question) how do you understand us?

Human#1: (showing them his lion-shaped pendant) this here is an amulet of lionspeak, it allows me and the boss to talk with you, and vice-versa. I also have all these (shows a mass of different animal shaped pendants)

The boss: (impatient) Rainsford, get Kani in my operating room now, he needs some shots

Rainsford: (picking up Kani) come on you little bugger, time for your shots.

(Kani is strapped into a table, a needle with a purple fluid in it, slides up and aims for KaniÕs left forepaw)

Kani: (in pain) ow!

(a heads up display appears in front of the boss, it says what kind of shot Kani is receiving, it reads, Òextract of cheetah speed, body speed amplified times 1000%Ó then a needle with yellow fluid comes down and aims for KaniÕs stomach, the h.u.d says Òextract of tiger strength, body strength amplified by 1000%Ó

The boss: (talking) now, we see what has happened, move into the next room please

(The straps on Kani release and he walks into the next room, like he was told to)

Rainsford: (to the boss) what if the enhancers did the opposite effect?

The boss: (answer) then his bones will shatter when you tell him to attack that concrete target

Rainsford: (to Kani) ok Kani; do you see that pole in front of you?

Kani: (answer) yea.

Rainsford: (continuing) I want you to hit that pole as hard and as fast as you can.

(A blur of motion is seen and then the pillar crumbles like a cracker dropped from the empire state building)

The boss: (astonished) this is truly a breakthrough in modern genetics engineering! And I discovered it.

Rainsford: (Sarcasm) right, and im just chopped liver, without me you wouldnÕt have Kani, I was the one who tracked his parents and brought him-

(The boss pulls a .45 out of his sleeve)

The boss: (talking to Rainsford) then maybe youÕll become their dinner tonight.

(The boss then tosses the small handgun away and waves his hand)

The boss: (going over an imaginary list) now we inject Kovu with the serums Kani has, then we inject them both with steel skin extract and virtually, we make them invincibleÉ


Chapter Five- Where did he go?


(A couple of years have passed, we find Michael remembering fatherhood)


Michael: (thinking out loud) where did I go wrong?

Simba: (answering the question) you didnÕt go wrong anywhere.

Michael: (whining) then how do you explain two dead sons.

Simba: (explaining) we donÕt even know if Kani is dead, we havenÕt found his body!

Nala: (in the opening of the cave/distant) there is a chance that he could be aliveÉ

Michael: (doubtful) no, heÕs dead, I failed.

(as if on cue, Kani walks out of the woods and heads toward his home, but he has been brainwashed with a quite ingenious plot, wait a week, at exactly midnight send a signal, in an hour an elite force of spec ops humans would arrive and place a large grey box with a timer on it in the den, and then boom. The shots that he was given make him practically invincible, but one thing the boss conveniently left out was, the shots turn off with radiation, but he wouldnÕt get radiation poisoning, just turn into an average lion, but the heat would kill him unless he was given a shield shot)

Nala: (staring at the lion walking up/ almost in tears) k- Kani?

Kani: (surprised) mom?

(Nala almost faints)

Michael: (question) Kani?

Kani: (counter question) yes dad?

Simba: (cocky) see? WhaÕd I tell ya?

Michael: (growling) shut up Simba.

Kani: (laughing) donÕt listen to him uncle Simba, you deserve to laugh

(Michael then looks at his wife who is crying)

Michael: (concerned) whatÕs wrong?

Nala: (answer) nothing, I was just thinking about

Ra, I didnÕt want you to bring home KaniÕs body like you did RaÕs, it tore me up to see you crying like thatÉ

Simba: (curious/to Kani) how have you been?

Kani: (answer) im fine, im just a little tired from the long walk

Kani: (looking around) whereÕs uncle Howie?

(Michael turned his head, obviously hurt by the question)

Nala: (answering for Michael) heÉ well your uncle HowieÉ ok Kani, itÕs like thisÉ

Michael: (interrupting) what your mother is trying to say is we donÕt know, the day you disappeared he ran off, he said he didnÕt want to be here when we found your body

Simba: (commanding tone/ sad) oh come off that lie Michael, we all saw Howie jump off that cliff

Michael: (retort/mocking) we never found his body!!! We donÕt know if heÕs dead!!!

Simba: (just talking) regardless, we saw him jump off

Kani: (shocked) heÕs dead?

Nala: (answer) no, I mean we donÕt know

Michael: (yelling) everyone be quiet!!!


(Michael closes his eyes and concentrates)

Nala: (question) what is it?

Michael: (answer) thereÕs something outsideÉ

Kani: (command) stay here, I got it.

(Kani leaps out of the den and tackles the shadow)

Kovu: (annoyed) ow! Get off me.

Kani: (whispering) get out of here! YouÕre not supposed to be here yet! I still have a week!

Kovu: (to Kani) the boss wanted you to move it to tonight, and he wanted you to have this.

(Drops a small blue vial at KaniÕs feet)

 Kani: (question) what is it?

Kovu: (answer) the boss called it a Òheat shield,Ó he said for you to drink it.

(Kani laps down the vialÕs contents in a single gulp)

Kovu: (walking away) well, ill go tell the boss that youÕre ready

Kani: (adding) tell him to hurry.

Kovu: (teasing) want to murder your family quick eh? Ok.

(Kovu sprints away, and Kani goes back inside the den)

Michael: (talking/to Kani) what was out there?

Kani: (yawning/lie) just some cubs looking aroundÉ

Nala: (yawning) well im tired, im going to bedÉ

Kani: (agreement) yea, me too

(Everyone goes to sleep, little do they know, two of them wonÕt see tomorrowÉ)


Chapter Six- Zero Hour


(MichaelÕs vision)

(Mufasa appears as a ghost)

Mufasa: (a sense of urgency in his tone) Michael, you need your memories for the next part of your life, and I scanned your memories, you need what else IÕm giving you.

Michael: (optimistic) which is?

Mufasa: (command) donÕt get that tone with me. (Tone changes) these changes will take place in real life, but this is what will happen if they donÕt.

(Mufasa snaps his ÒfingersÓ and an atomic cloud is seen in the background)

(Meanwhile in the real world)

(Six heavily armored special operations humans are dragging a large silver box into the den, one of them speaks)

Human: (arming the bomb) alright, were done, ive set the timer to go off in an hour, itÕs an untested caliber of atomic weapon but im sure it will get the job done.

(Another one talks)

Human: (to the other human) thatÕs not what I heard, I heard they put one of these bad boys in Japan and set it off, and Japan sank under 130 feet of water, howÕs that for a test?

Human#1: (uninterested) really? Then we better get going, we have an hour to clear a 200-300 mile radius, is the Concorde waiting at the airstrip?

Human#2: (answer) gassed and 30 minutes away.

Human#1: (shouting to his men) alright men, lets moooove out!!!

All squadmembers: (answering) sir yes sir!

Kani: (an evil smile on his face) thanks guys.

Human#1: (getting in a jeep) no problem, are you certain that you want to stay here?

Kani: (command) hey, yea you, you with the shotgun, shoot me.

(The human obeys and shoots Kani with his shotgun, nothing happens.)

Kani: (question) any more questions?

(the humans drive away, and Kani puts on quite the act to cover up the fact that heÕs working for them, he fake cries a cry of pain, Michael, Nala, And Simba run out to see what happened)

Nala: (question) what happened?

Kani: (fakes Hurting) they came, and hit me over the head, and then they put that box in the den.

Michael: (remembering everything) that cant be what I think it is, because if itÕs what I think it is, we are in trouble.

(He walks over to the bomb and reads the digital display it reads 0:49:56)

Michael: (thinking to himself) I can try to diffuse this sense I got my memories back from Mufasa

Nala: (question) what is it?

Michael: (pretending like he doesnÕt know) I donÕt know but whatever it is, I donÕt like it

(Michael claws open a side panel and cuts a red wire, he then looks at the timer which now says


Michael: (out loud) oopsÉ wrong wire

Simba: (question) what are you doing?

Michael: (panicking) thereÕs no time, run!

Human: (charging in) not so fast, you three are staying right there.

(Then Simba leaps at the human)

Simba: (to Michael and Nala) run! Ill hold him off!

(Michael looks at his brother for the last time and then he and Nala leap out of the cave and start running)

Nala: (running/question) where are we running to?

Michael: (answer/running) as far away from here as possible

(Back in the den, the human was overpowered by Simba, and he looks at the timer it says 0:00:05)

Simba: (last words) good luck guysÉ

(the timer hits 0:00:00 and then a tremor runs at blinding speeds faster than the two who made it can run, it opens a large deep fissure in front of them, Michael sees it and stops on time, but Nala stops a second too late and falls in, but Michael grabs one of her flailing forepaws, a loose grip, it wont hold long so Nala realizes that its time to say their farewells)

Michael: (holding on with all his strength) I- wonÕt- let- goÉ I- canÕt- bare- to- see- you- dieÉ

Nala: (crying/to Michael) let go Michael, save yourself, thereÕs no sense in you dieing when you are salvableÉ

Michael: (tear running down his face) regardless of what happens here, if you survive, remember that I love you.

Nala: (being brutally honest) thereÕs little chance that we will ever see each other again, but I love you too.

(Michael cringed as NalaÕs paw slid out of his grasp, he felt like he was literaly ripping himself in half and throwing one half away, he watched every painful second as Nala faded from view, then Mufasa spoke to him in his head)

Mufasa: (VERY urgent) Michael, quit standing there and RUN! (Pauses) wait, there may be an alternative, here (a familiar looking ring appears on MichaelÕs Òring pawÓ) rub it.

(The blast wave was about ten feet from Michael, and if it hit him, it will sentence him to the same fate as his wife, so he obeyed Mufasa and a bright blue luminescent bubble appeared over him, and the blast wave passed over him no harm to Michael, but he blacked out, and a voice awakens him)

Voice: (to another) neurological scans show that heÕs coming around, canÕt believe how many strings we had to pull to get him to the states

Michael: (question) where am I?

Voice: (answer) your on a rescue trawler designed to recover the remaining wildlife from a 270 mile stretch of southeast Africa, but weÕre full up on space so we have to go back to the states, (she is interrupted by a ding from a monitor) you are one lucky king of beasts, thereÕs no hint of radiation in your bloodstream which is remarkable considering that we found you a mile and a half from the epicenter of the blast

Michael: (standing up on all fours) can I go into the place where you store the survivors?

Nurse: (answer) ok, ill let you in.

(She opens a heavy door)

Nurse: (question) whatÕs up, why do you keep staring into the cages?

Michael: (answer) someone I know is in here.

Nurse: (question) how do you know?

Michael: (smart-alec answer) call it a lion thing.

(The Nurse sighs and walks off, and Michael starts looking in cages, as he looks the sense that someone he knows is still alive grows, and he reaches a cage, and sees a sleeping form in the back of the cage, he calls out to the form)

Michael: (inquiring tone) hello? Can you give me a minute of your time?

Familiar Voice: (agitated) I said no medicine; let me die the slow and painful death I deserveÉ

(Michael instantly recognizes the voice as HowieÕs voice)

Michael: (amazed) Howie? We thought you were dead.

Howie: (not really paying attention) I am dead, after what I did twice, poor watching, which ended in both of my nephewÕs deaths, I can never face my older brother againÉ

Michael: (trying to prove something) Howie, itÕs me, Michael.

Howie: (wanting to curl up and die) Michael, im sorryÉ

Michael: (interrupting) donÕt be, im kinda whishing Kani had died a long time ago when he disappeared.

Howie: (confused) you mean he didnÕt? (Asks another question) why?

Michael: (closing his eyes and turning his head away) do you know what he just did, look around you at all the sick and dying animals, Kani did this, all of it, and (pauses) he made me kill Nala

Howie: (words canÕt describe the astonishment heÕs feeling) you- killed her??? Why???

Michael: (brushing it off) itÕs a tale im not about to tell, it still hurts me every time I think about it.

(Kani appears)

Kani: (laughing) heh, heh, heh, heh what are we to do with you dad? An atomic bomb couldnÕt even slow you down; you are almost as strong as meÉ

Michael: (angry) give me three good reasons why I shouldnÕt kill you where you stand, after what youÕve done; I could care less about the fact that youÕre my son.

Kani: (confident) ok, reason one, you canÕt reason two, you canÕt and reason three, you canÕt kill me dad, im beyond killing

Howie: (to Michael) let me out of this cage and ill help you.

Michael: (agreement) ok (turns handle and opens the cage)

Kani: (laughing) uncle Howie, you can barely stand, you have radiation sickness and if I were to even touch you, you could just dissolve into oblivion

(An alarm sounds, and a computerized voice comes over the shipÕs loudspeakers)

Mechanical Voice: (warning) Warning, low Coolant on fusion engine number five, all personnel to the lifeboats immediately

(MichaelÕs old memories reminded him that a fusion engine needed to be cooled or it would explode, and most fusion engines were nuclear, which was bad.)

Michael: (out loud) oh no, not another atomic explosionÉ

(Michael didnÕt see Kani lunge to Attack him, and was subsequently knocked out, he awoke to a sound)


Chapter Seven- What Happened? (Awakening)

(Michael awoke to the sound of SerabiÕs Voice)

Serabi: (Waking up Michael) Michael? Are you awake?

Michael: (to Serabi/drowsy) yea mom, im awake

Serabi: (to Michael) I didnÕt mean to wake you, I was gonna tell you this in the morning, im sorry for yelling at you, but itÕs just that I donÕt like it when you lie to me, especially when that lie nearly gets you killed, now go back to bed, I love you son.

(Michael looks over himself and sees that heÕs a cub again, itÕs early in the morning on the day after the encounter with the hyenas, the day of the stampede, he thinks out loud)

Michael: (confused) that was all a dream? But it was so real, how could thatÕve been a dream?

Michael: (continuing to think out loud) according to my dream, something terrible happens today but I donÕt remember whatÉ

(Howie walks out of the cave and talks to Michael)

Howie: (to Michael) I couldnÕt help but eavesdrop on your talk with mom yesterday, why did you say the things you did? It made mom cry, and she did most of the night, ok I know your older but trust me, mom is trying her best to keep us three as healthy and happy as possible and she would do anything for us.

Michael: (understanding) I know, but the way uncle Scar made it sound was that we were missing out on the coolest thing of all timeÉ

Howie: (agreeing) yea, it was almost as if he wanted us to go thereÉ

Michael: (question) what are you implying?

Howie: (withdrawing) nothing, itÕs just that itÕs a little odd that he told us about it the way he did

Michael: (getting up) ok now you got me thinkingÉ

Howie: (interrupting/teasing) for once in your life.

Michael: (starting to walk away) im gonna go check on our good uncleÉ

(Uncle Scar wasnÕt in the place where he usually sleeps, and a trail of pawprints led back to the elephant graveyard, so Michael followed them, what he saw and heard in the next three minutes would make him run, his uncle was talking to the hyenas that had attacked them earlier, so Michael listened)

Scar: (holding what looked to be a hind leg of a zebra over the hyenas) I donÕt think you deserve this, I practically gift wrapped those cubs for you, and you couldnÕt even dispose of them.

(He drops the leg and the hyenas greedily munch on it as they reply)

Shenzie: (chewing) well ya know, it wasnÕt exactly like they was alone.

Bonzai: (adding) yea what are we supposed to do? Kill Mufasa?

Scar: (answer) precisely.

(Michael, freaked out at the situation got up and attempted to run, but he tripped on some bones and they made a loud thumping noise)

Scar: (looking up/with a sneer) Michael. Not very stealthy.

Shenzi: (laughing) hello little spy, your not very good at spying, lets see how good you taste.

Michael: (taunting) come and get me fleabags!

Bonzai: (angry) hey!

Shenzi: (statement) for your last meal, your gonna eat those words.

(Scar motions for the hyenas to leave)

Scar: (at the hyenas) leave, let me do it.

Scar: (to Michael) itÕs better if I kill you myself.

Michael: (unnecessary bravery) not if I do first.

(But instead of standing and fighting, Michael runs as fast and as hard as he can back to pride rock, he races into the den and wakes his mother

Michael: (out of breath) mom, wake up!

Serabi: (awake) what is it?

(Michael recounts the story of what just happened)

Serabi: (in disbelief/turns to Mufasa) he wants the throne.

Mufasa: (talking/angry) I wouldÕve forgiven him had he wanted only that, but attacking my son, that crosses the line.

Serabi: (question) what did you say to him shortly after we presented Simba, Michael and Howie?

(Mufasa has a flashback why heÕs retelling the story, itÕs a year in the past, and Mufasa is mad at Scar for not showing up for the birth of his sons)

Mufasa: (to Scar) Serabi and I didnÕt see you at the ceremony this morning.

Scar: (mock shock) that was today? Oh I feel just awful, mustÕve slipped my mind.

Mufasa: (statement) well as slippery as your mind is, as my brother you shouldÕve been first in line.

Scar: (statement) well I was first in line, until the little hairballs were born.

Mufasa: (retaliating) those ÒhairballsÓ are my sons, and one of them is your future king.

Scar: (sarcasm/walking away) oh I shall practice my curtsy.

(Flashback ends)

Mufasa: (ending) É and thatÕs all I remember.

Howie: (whispering/to Michael) yea I can see why uncle Scar would want dad dead.

(Howie realizes that Michael isnÕt there)

Howie: (question) Michael?

(A message was clawed into the rock with tiny claw marks, it read Ògoodbye forever, I canÕt take being the source of all problemsÓ)

(Howie looked out the cave and saw Michael running into the sunriseÉ)

(Michael posed a question to himself)

Michael: (question) I wonder if this thing still works (holds up a reality ring)                                                               (he turns the dial on the reality ring and in a flash the reality deleted itself)


Chapter Eight- (Homecoming)

(Michael awoke to human Howie shaking him)

Howie: (command) wake up!

Michael: (question) what time is it?

Howie: (answer) five minutes after we went to sleep at 10:55

Michael: (statement) I had the craziest dream.

Howie: (blatant statement) that was no dream bro, that actually happened.

Michael: (question) it did?

Howie: (answer) yea it did, we could keep these rings just in case we wanted to go into another movie

Howie: (adding) oh, why did you pick that movie??? After all, we have better ones like the fast and the furious.

Michael: (answer) I was born two years before that movie came out, and when mom bought it for me when I was two, I loved the movie, and ive never really gotten over that love, its just there and refuses to go away

Howie: (talking) yea I suppose that was alright, especially you and Nala getting all lovey-dovey and having two kids.

(Michael flushed red with embarrassment)

Michael: (out loud) I know what I could do, im gonna go see if grandmaÕs computer has Microsoft word and im gonna turn this experience into a book.

Howie: (question) can we go into ÒIndependence dayÓ next?

Michael: (answer) you can do that, im gonna start writing on my bookÉ

(And so I sit here, writing the story of my journey into another reality, and this is the end)







(Story wrote by: Michael Lee Burchill, ninth grader at Auburndale senior high school, and writer of a great book)