Return to the Pridelands 2

Character listing

Michael- ex general to the Prideland army; went into hiding after the outlanders won the war.

Tsara- ex Prideland assassin and Michael’s wife

Mufasa- Michael’s son, destined for greatness

Taka- Meaning “Scar” in Swahili, Michael’s younger son

Akahitu- Michael’s best friend and father to his Niece

Zira- Michael’s niece

Kara- Michael’s sister and an ex assassin for the Pridelands 

Raidou- ruler of the former Pridelands 

Zazu- a bird that Taka and Mufasa run into later on in the story 

Serabi- Raidou’s daughter

Rafiki- the wise Mandrill and healer to Raidou

Serafina- Serabi’s friend

Leon- Lead bounty hunter and Raidou’s bodyguard, former Prideland commander

Howie- appears in the last chapter

Chapter One- The Next Story…

(The Sun is falling in the outlands, and Michael is out on the plains, waiting for Mufasa to be quiet for this evening’s story…)

Young Mufasa: (question) so what’s this one about, dad? 

Michael: (answer/storytelling voice) ok, this one is about the lion named Michael and his dealing with a betrayal from his most trusted commander named Leon.

(this is Michael telling the story)ok, so Michael is about to dominate a battle against the outlanders when all of a sudden, Leon attacks him from behind, so he attacks back, and after a long drawn out battle, Leon decides to turn tail and run, thus another victory for our hero, the end)

Young Mufasa: (question) that’s it?

Michael: (answer) that’s why I only brought you out here into the open plains, because your brother hates shorties.

Young Mufasa: (understanding) oh well, I can’t hate you, you’re my dad, and we’re supposed friends forever right?

Michael: (sighing and looking up) Mufasa, look with me, at the stars.

Young Mufasa: (looking up as well) what about ‘em?

Michael: (looking up at the stars) in my younger days, I was told that all our ancestors reside up there, one on each star, and they guide us and watch over us, even though they aren’t visible, they will always be there, and I hate to come out and tell you this so blandly but, one day, my time on earth will end, and I will have a star of my own up there, next to thousands of the great kings of the past…

Young Mufasa: (question) yea, but that will be a long time from now, right?

Michael: (looking his son in the eyes) Mufasa, none of us are even guaranteed that we will even live to see the light of tomorrow, so I could go up there at anytime, but im hoping it’s years from now.

Young Mufasa: (looking at his dad) dad, is there something wrong?

Michael: (remembering) no, nothing, its just that my father told me the same thing the exact day before he added his star to the collection up there (pauses and changes the subject) now we need to head home, it’s way past your bedtime. 

Young Mufasa: (complaining) aww… I hate bedtime.

Michael: (command) oh, none of that, you need your sleep son.

(To make an epic in it’s own very very short, Michael got home and got Mufasa asleep, and then he lay next to his wife and went to sleep as well…)

Chapter Two- Disappearance

(It is morning, Tsara opens her eyes, and sees that Michael is gone, which freaks her out)

Tsara: (looking around) Michael? Where are you?

(It wasn’t like Michael to run off without at least telling someone, as she repeatedly cries out his name, a large lion approaches)

Lion: (to Tsara/smiling) he’s no longer with us Tsara, he put up a good fight, but in the end, he ended up falling anyways

(Tsara has a flashback to her exile day, this lion had tried to kill her then, but what was his name, she couldn’t remember, young Taka and Mufasa then come out to where she is, further interrupting her memory process)

Young Mufasa: (question) mom, what’s going on?

Lion: (answering for Tsara) nothing that concerns you child.

Tsara: (to Mufasa) stay out of this Mufasa, this is a conversation between me and Leon here

Young Mufasa: (statement) Leon, dad told me a story about you.

Taka: (question) when did that happen, im sure that I wasn’t there

Leon: (ignoring the cubs) lord Raidou sends a message

Tsara: (question) what is it?

(Leon hits Taka in the face, leaving a deep gash across his eye and flinging him to the other side of the den)

Leon: (answer/smiling) that.

Tsara: (running over to Taka) Taka? Taka? (Turns to Leon who is laughing) you… ill have you killed for that. 

Leon: (leaving) goodbye Tsara, I hope you enjoyed the dent I put in your family as much as I did.

(Leon leaves, and all the attention turns to Taka, as he gets up and cries out in agony)

Tsara: (to Taka) im sorry son, but you will have that scar for the rest of your life

Taka: (in pain) where’s dad?

Tsara: (answer) he’s dead son, Leon killed him

Young Mufasa: (to himself) well dad, turns out it was sooner, but I swear I’ll kill Leon for this…

Chapter Two and a 1/2 - Two Years Later

(It’s been two years, Leon has visited only one other time, and shortly after that Akah, Kara, and Zira disappeared, Tsara and teenage Mufasa are arguing)

Mufasa: (annoyed tone) I think we’re old enough to take Raidou down.

Taka: (agreeing) Mufasa’s right, and besides mom, you have to realize that we’re not kids anymore

Tsara: (retort) you’re not invincible either.

Mufasa: (continuing) we know, but we need to try, because as long as Raidou rules, our family will continue to shrink until there’s no one left.

Tsara: (frustrated) look, im too old to argue with you, just be careful and watch your back.

Mufasa: (agreeing) we will mom, you ready Taka?

Taka: (answer) yea, lets go

(As the two leave, Tsara yells out “good luck”)

Chapter Three- Harder than we thought…

(As the two walk along, not saying much, they come to a 16-mile stretch of lavafield, they have no choice but to attempt to navigate the many hazardous vents and constantly shifting fissures, which could be 1-100,000 feet deep, one misstep could kill them)

Mufasa: (observing) dad told me a war story about a battle in a lavafield, he said a fissure ate half their army and his army took care of the rest.

Taka: (motioning forward) look up ahead, a thick smoke cloud blocks our way out, let’s turn back.

Mufasa: (stern refusal to do so) No, we’ve already came this far, we’re going the rest of the way.

Taka: (hesitantly agreeing) ok, but I don’t want to end up like dad, falling off a cliff.

Mufasa: (uneasily reassuring) you won’t, walk at my pace, and we’ll do fine.

Taka: (refusing) I’ll just walk behind you.

Mufasa: (walking) ok, follow me.

Taka: (walking behind him) im following 

(The two walk into the thick cloud of pumice and ash, every once in a while, they would call out to each other to see if they were still close by then a low cracking noise is heard, Taka then looks down, he is standing on a small crack in the earth, Mufasa calls out “jump, jump now!” but Taka is frozen with fear, and it doesn’t click in time, the next thing he knew he started to drop like a rock, he flung himself to the edge and grabbed on, very swiftly loosing his grip, if Mufasa hadn’t been there, he would’ve fell into the crimson river of lava below, which would’ve cooked him alive, but Mufasa pulled him out, all Taka had to say was “how ironic”)

Mufasa: (command) try not to do that again, ok?

Taka: (still in some shock) ok, I- I’ll try.

(The two resume their walk through the ash cloud, after six hours the ash clears and they see their goal.) 

Mufasa: (noticing) we’re through…

Taka: (looking out) and there, on the horizon, is Pride Rock.

(All of a sudden, a bird flies out of nowhere and stops them)

Zazu: (British accent) I do say, what is your business here?

Mufasa: (answer) we’re here to kill Raidou and to liberate the Pridelands 

Zazu: (thinking) hmmm… well, we could use a bit of a change, ‘tell ya what, ill take you to my friend, his name is Rafiki, he will tell you how to defeat Raidou.




Chapter Four- A Crazy old monkey

(The bird led Taka and Mufasa to the base of a large tree, at which the bird flies into the leaves, leaving the two below)

Mufasa: (question/to Taka) why are we here, we could already be the king by now…

Rafiki: (jumping down from the tree) heh heh heh, dat’s what you think… 

Taka: (to Rafiki) you are gonna train us? 

Rafiki: (answer) I think I can, but were short on time, so I’ll condense your training into one night, you can leave in the morning, but be careful, pride rock does not just contain what you seek, but some others that you don’t seek but know. Alright, what do you know of the ways of lion style combat?

(As the day progresses, Taka and Mufasa are instructed in the fighting style of their race, the day ending in a Training fight between the two, in which Mufasa won)

Rafiki: (to the two) you two learn fast, Raidou will not know what hit him, you two will leave first thing in the morning, goodbye, and for the sake of living, good luck…

(And with that, Rafiki waves his hand and disappears in a cloud of smoke) 

Mufasa: (to Taka) we’d better get some sleep, we leave in four hours, so we can still grab two hours of sleep

Taka: (question) will we fight until our last breath my brother?

Mufasa: (answer) if we cannot win, we will fight and die honorably

(Looking in on the two are two adolescent female lionesses)

Lioness#1: (to the other) hmmm… so the rumors are true, there are two males in our lands, (she laughs) the one on the left is kinda handsome; you can have the one on the right…

Lioness#2: (agreeing) he’s kinda handsome himself…

Lioness#1: (walking away) im gonna go say hi, get to know ‘em

Lioness#2: (retort) well, im gonna tell Raidou see ya later Serabi 

Serabi: (continuing to walk away) goodbye Sarafina… 

(She walks to where Taka and Mufasa are sleeping and lies down next to Mufasa, and afterward falls asleep next to him)

Chapter Five- Serabi

(When Mufasa wakes up two hours later, to find a lioness asleep next to him, he is startled)

Mufasa: (startled) who are you??

Serabi: (answer) my name is Serabi, who are you two?

Leon: (interrupting) my prisoners.

Serabi: (to Leon) no! My father will have your head if you lay a paw on them without my permission…

Leon: (laughing) heh heh heh… your father ordered me to… and you as well, if you don’t agree with me… do you Serabi?

Serabi: (obviously not agreeing) go drop yourself off a cliff…

Leon: (smiling) why Serabi, you sting me with your words, and here I was hoping to become a father off of you, but it looks like your useless to me, you will come with me, all three of you.

Serabi: (whispering/to Mufasa) do you two know how to fight?

Mufasa: (answer/whispering) yeah

Taka: (whispering) definitely

Serabi: (to Leon) no, they will come with me, and if you don’t like it fine

Leon: (hitting Serabi aside) if you will not come willingly, you three will die

Mufasa: (angered) it’s time for you to pay for all the pain you’ve caused me and my family

(a three hour fight then ensues with the two adolescents overpowering Leon, before the final blow was struck, Leon said ‘Zira escaped…’ then the final blow, which decapitated Leon, then Mufasa went to check on Serabi, who was coming around)

Mufasa: (to Serabi) by the way, my name’s Mufasa 

Serabi: (to Mufasa) I love you… Mufasa

Mufasa: (surprised) you do?

Serabi: (smiling) with all my heart, you saved my life…

Mufasa: (blushing) I love you too… Serabi

(and on that night, the seeds of romance were sewn)

Chapter Six- Fighting an Empire/Startling Revelations

(The three set off toward Pride rock, encountering heavy resistance along the way, after seven days, they arrive at the base of the rock itself)

Taka: (exhausted) well, I think it is high time we destroyed Raidou, and take our places in the circle 

Mufasa: (question) until death?

Taka: (answer) yes.

Serabi: (statement) im coming, I want to personally oversee my father’s death

Mufasa: (uneasy) ok… if you… really want to…

Taka: (alert) did you guys hear that?

Serabi: (question) hear wha-

Taka: (interrupting) shut up.

(A low growl is heard, and then a large black lion leaps in front of the trio, leaving Mufasa and Taka dumbstruck)

Lion: (bearing his teeth) here is where you three meet your end.

(The Lion was HUGE with obvious signs of massive combat all over his muscular form, Mufasa and Taka couldn’t believe it but, the lion that stood in front of them was their father Michael)

Mufasa: (practically speechless) but… you… it’s not possible… Dad???

Michael: (winking/evilly laughing) exactly.

Taka: (disbelief/on the verge of disgust) but, why?

Michael: (smugly explaining) yes Leon and his bounty hunters dragged me off in my sleep, but they did not kill me, they tortured me until I broke, which took two years, they sent Leon with news of my “death” the day after I was captured, and it gets boring from there, so now I give you your choices, come with me, to Raidou and beg forgiveness, or die right here by my paw (hand whatever)

Taka: (disgusted) is this how far-gone you are father, to kill your own sons?

Mufasa: (look of absolute disbelief) take us to Raidou… I will not fight you…

Serabi and Taka: (together) WHAT???

Mufasa: (almost crying) I will not fight our father… it wont happen…

Michael: (laughing) Mufasa is the smart one Taka, now come, both of you, you as well Serabi, your father wishes to see you.

(The three are taken before Raidou and are now being punished)

Raidou: (to Michael) I want them all dead, I don’t care how you do it, I want them being feasted on by vultures by noon 

Michael: (a hint of shock in his tone) but- my lord surely-

(Michael walks over to Mufasa and whispers in his ear)

Michael: (whispering) play along with what im about to do, it’s time (Michael winks and smiles)

Raidou: (command) kill them.

(Michael growls lowly and moves toward the three, who play along and back up one step, he then turns and shouts ‘now!’ Mufasa and Taka joint pin Raidou to the ground, Michael then looks in Raidou’s face and speaks)

Michael: (laughing) now you should know better than to trust someone with my background.

Mufasa: (looking up) you mean that story was a ploy, they didn’t break you?

Michael: (answer) exactly, now kill him.

Raidou: (struggling) kill them Serabi, daughter please kill them, please…

(Mufasa then breaks Raidou’s forepaws, and then he breaks Raidou’s neck thus ending the dictator’s life)

Serabi: (looking at her father’s corpse) it is done…

(a strange smell can be detected in the air, it is not coming from Raidou’s corpse, nor Mufasa or Michael, or even Taka, Michael then walks into pride rock’s den, explaining he had to get the lionesses off Raidou’s influence, leaving Mufasa, Taka, Serabi and the bizarre smell)

Mufasa: (to Taka) do you smell that bro?

Taka: (answer) yeah, im gonna go find out what is making that smell

Serabi: (to Mufasa) come with me Mufasa, we will leave momentarily…

Mufasa: (to Serabi) ok, but where are we going??

Serabi: (answer) just come with me, you’ll find out soon enough.

Chapter Seven- Taka’s betrayal/Hate forms

(Four days later, Mufasa and Serabi return and Taka is waiting for them…)

Taka: (mad) so that’s how you work huh Mufasa? Get my hopes up that I’ll have a chance at being a king and then slap me across the face? Why? 

Mufasa: (attempt at evasion) I don’t know-

Taka: (interrupting) don’t give me that. I know what you two just did, and im ready to change it.

(Taka charges toward Mufasa, and gets ready to give him a death blow, but Michael jumps in the way of the blow, the blow was mortal, with Michael falling to the ground, cringing and shaking in pain, which enraged Mufasa, he roared and struck Taka across the eye scar that Leon had caused, flipping him backwards and re opening, elongating and deepening the scar.

Taka: (shocked/mad/in pain) Oh my… dad….

(Suddenly enraged) this is YOUR entire fault Mufasa; I swear I’ll become the king, one way or another.

Serabi: (to Taka) get out of here Taka, or should I call you Scar?

(Taka growls, turns around, and leaves, leaving Mufasa, Serabi, and a dying Michael)

Michael: (Trying to get up/to Mufasa) Mufasa, he doesn’t deserve to be king, don’t pay any attention to his threats, they are baseless, and I always wanted you to be the next king, as long as you promise me one thing.

Mufasa: (question) what?

Michael: (answer) take good care of any cubs that you two have, and don’t be like me and abandon them when they are barely old enough to talk…

(The Reality voice piped in)

R.V: (statement) it is time Michael.

Michael: (walking out to the jut of pride rock) I know…

(and with that the reality deleted itself)




    Chapter Eight- the End

(Michael awoke lying in his bed in his house to find his brother standing over him)

Michael: (blinking his eyes) Howie?

Howie: (answer) yeah, I saw what happened on the TV, and I got it nationally broadcast.

Michael: (immediately standing up) YOU WHAT?

Howie: (explaining) it was an immediate hit, there’s reporters out in the living room, they want to speak with you, some want you and me to sign contracts to mass produce Reality rings and market them, you’d better get out there, I’ve done everything to keep them out of our bedroom.

Michael: (smiling) they want us to sign into reality ring producing, I have a community I would like to market it to, exclusively.

(Three months later, working reality rings are marketed to the T.L.K community, thousands of movie’s re writes flood TV channels, but one that will always be remembered are the re write series’  “Three brothers” and “Return to the Pridelands- Prequel to Three Brothers”