I rewrote this part of the story as well, my reason for calling this the second setting is because it takes place through, roughly, the same time period as the first half of the story (well you really could read it in any order but not a lot of people would suddenly skip to the second half of the story).  This story is completely made up and as I said before any similarities between this story and anybody else’s is purely coincidence.  Zira and Taka are the only characters in this story belonging to Disney, everybody else I made up myself (really the only new characters are Ethigi and Varimi a.k.a. Zira’s parents).  If you want to use Ethigi and Varimi then let me know, I won’t mind just as long as I’m aware of it; if you don’t let me know then I’ll show you no mercy.  Send feedback, questions, comments, blah, blah, blah to  Enjoy…



From Disney:

Taka/Scar (11 Months – He’s 18 Months when he appears in the story)

Zira (Newborn)


My Original Characters:

Ethigi:  (6 Years)

Varimi:  (5 Years)


Royal Family Tree:



                                                                        (Ahadi) + Uru



                                                                        |                  |                |

                                                                  Mufasa         Taka          Veni



The Outlands:  Undeclared territory south of the Pride Lands.  It's almost completely desolate and barren and its inhabitants just barely get by.  Dead flora and many intertwining caverns fill up the Outlands.


Setting 2:  Out in the Desolate Wastes

Chapter 1:  New Life

Chapter 2:  Living in Poverty

Chapter 3:  Tragedy Strikes

Chapter 4:  What Now?

Chapter 5:  Joining the Ranks

Chapter 6:  The Plan is Set in Motion


Chapter 1:  New Life


            Sunlight was beating down mercilessly on the Outlands, it was incredibly hot and dry, many winds circulated dust and sand throughout the desert-like environment.  But on this day it was unusually hot; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to shade the environment, the winds were like flames dancing through the sky, and there was nothing but sand all around.  The sand was blistering hot in its own right, every little rock and stone that made up the desert sand burned tiny holes into the paws of those who dared to tread on it.  In the midst of this boiling hot weather stood two lions; a male, and a female who was going into labor.

            She was a beautiful lioness, the one going into labor, her fur is a very light sand color and her body has all of the right natural curves to it.  Her face is complimented with red eyes, a round (as opposed to triangular) shaped nose, a gentle and comfortable smile, and perfectly shaped ears.  Her name is Varimi and everybody always found it weird that out of any lion out there she chose Ethigi to be her mate.  Ethigi looks horrifying and his appearance scares almost every creature off.  He’s completely hairless; termites have eaten all of his hair except for part of mane, his pure black bangs that stretched from his forehead down to his eyes remained intact.  His gray eyes make him look ghostly, as if he can see right through your very soul… just the sight of him is enough to make any animal jump back in terror, and yet, he also looks very sick.  Maybe it’s because of his lack of fur but he appears to be very skinny and weak looking, nothing like a ferocious beast, but at the same time he looks very unstable, like he might snap at any given moment.


            Varimi started going into labor for the first time of her life, she knew that it was going to be the most intense pain that she’ll ever feel in her entire life; but she was ready for it.  Varimi pushed and pushed trying to force the cub out of her while maintaining a healthy breathing pace.  Ethigi coached her through it the entire time, he actually felt kind of bad that there was nothing more that he could do.  He never left Varimi’s side for a second, he couldn’t just leave her in her time of need.  He watched over her trying to keep her relaxed, well as relaxed as she could possibly be, and he made sure that she didn’t overwork herself.  Once the head began to crown Ethigi started getting excited, “Oooh, I can see our cub!  It’s coming, I see it’s head!!” but Varimi just glared at him.

“Sorry.” Ethigi said.  Eventually the shoulders were visible which made Ethigi ecstatic.

“Come on, you can do it, just one more push!!” Ethigi said in frantic excitement.

            “I knew that you could do it.” Ethigi cheered as he smiled.

“That… was… exha… usting.” Varimi said as she continued gasping for air.

“But you did it, I’m so happy.”

“Yeah, look… we have a… daughter.”

Both Ethigi and Varimi looked down at the newborn cub, after her mom cleaned off all of the gunk on her, her sand colored fur was revealed.  She stood there shaking, eyes closed, stiff, and so small.  She started meowing; she was lost, no longer was she contained in that cozy womb that she spent all of her time in; she was exposed, naked to the outside world.  For the first time she felt air moving around, there was no more stagnant liquid surrounding her, now there were molecules moving about… gaseous molecules.  She was standing up, she was no longer attached to her mother by an umbilical cord.  She could move about freely, now the whole world was at the tip of her paws; instead of being entombed in that warm cozy sack that she knew so well she was out and in the world.  It was terrifying, she didn’t know where she was or what was going on; she was crying out for someone to help her, for someone to show her what to do next.

            Ethigi grabbed his daughter and brought her over to Varimi, once the cub felt her mother’s warm fur she rubbed up against it and quickly fell asleep.  Ethigi walked up to Varimi and nuzzled her, then they both looked down at their daughter once more, “Happy dreams… Zira.” Varimi said as she licked her daughter before taking a much deserved rest.  Ethigi joined them and licked his daughter as well, “Happy dreams, Zira.”


Chapter 2:  Living In Poverty


            For seven months everything went fine; Ethigi, Varimi, and Zira tried to join a pride but nobody wanted Ethigi around.  He just didn’t look trustworthy to anyone, his appearance was grotesque and he seemed like he would keel over any minute, or they feared that he might just go psycho.  It was rough living in the Outlands, not being a part of any pride or anything, they were all alone out there aside from a few other rouge lions.  There is very little prey, very little water, and a lot of competition for the scarce resources available.  Since every lion there was either a loner, a mated pair, or a single family none of them ever got to know each other… it was every lion for themselves.  In fact in the families usually one, if not both, of the parents died because they had to sacrifice what little food there was for their cubs until they could hunt for themselves.

            Zira and her parents were walking northbound through the Outlands, they always traveled together.  Zira needed her parents, and Ethigi had to always be around Varimi; if he were to leave her side and one of the rouges found her then she might become a target of their sexual frustration.

“Mommy, daddy, I’m hungry.” Zira whined, “When are we going to eat?”

“As soon as we can dear, I promise.” Varimi said.

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know dear, just please try and be patient.”

“But my tummy hurts…”

“I know, so does mine.”

“Uhh…” Zira whined, “Where is all of the stupid prey…”

“They’re probably a long way away from here.”

“I’m sorry you guys…” Ethigi sighed, “It’s all my fault that we can’t join a pride and live in comfort…”

“Now dear, you know that Zira and I are happy here, at least we have our health.” Varimi said comfortingly.


“Come on daddy, don’t be so sad.  Those prides are all so mean anyway, what do we need to live in a pride for?” Zira said.

Ethigi just looked down at Zira and smiled, “You’re right, what do I have to be sad about?”, then Ethigi’s mind started reminding him of everything, “Well for starters you’re holding your family back.  These termites are now eating away at your skin.  You’re a hideous monster.” Ethigi’s thoughts just continued to eat away at him.  All of these thoughts that he knew weren’t true, all of the guilt that he felt for holding his family back, the feeling like his existence is useless, all of it eating away at his mind; and the physical manifestation that it took in the form of the many termites eating away at his bare flesh.  He was beginning to crack under the pressure, he didn’t know how much longer he could handle living like this.

            “Daddy, you’re frowning again.” Zira said a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry, but daddy is thinking too much again.” Ethigi said.

Varimi looked at her mate with concern, “You’re not… going to abandon us are you?” she asked worriedly.

Ethigi just sighed and walked off.

“Daddy, where are you going?” Zira asked.

“Don’t worry, he won’t go too far, he has to make sure that nobody comes after us out here.” Varimi assured her daughter.

“How long will he be gone?”

“I don’t know, but he needs to be alone for a little while, we have no choice but to wait here so he knows where we are; he’s not really gone, he’s still watching us making sure that nothing will happen.”

“But, didn’t you just ask daddy if he was going to abandon us?  What if that’s what he’s doing?!  Aren’t you going to stop him?!!” Zira yelled furiously.

“Enough, Zira!!  He wouldn’t leave us like this, I only asked because I know that he wants a better life for us.  He thinks that he needs to leave us for that to happen, but he’d only do that once we’ve been introduced to a pride; don’t worry he won’t leave us here, he won’t leave us at all.  He just needs to come to his senses.”

“Mommy, is daddy all right?”

Varimi sighed, “I just don’t know Zira, I just don’t know…”


            Ethigi stood in a very small patch of shrubbery just northwest of where he left Varimi and Zira; he could still see them so he’d know that they’re at least safe.  But he needed some time to be left alone with his thoughts.  He started having a mental argument with himself, but it was as if there was two of him; one side is logical and rational while the other uses only pure emotion, and his emotional half was winning.  “Why am I doing this to them?  All that I’m doing is holding them back.” His emotional half began.

“No I’m not!!” his logical half refuted, “If they truly thought that I was holding them back then they’d leave me.”

“No they wouldn’t, they just don’t want you to feel bad.”

“No, that’s not true!!  Shut the hell up!!  Just SHUT UP!!!!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!  You’re pitiful, pathetic, weak, a wimp; you’re useless to them, you’re useless to everyone, all creatures big and small are more important than you.  You’re screwing up your family by hanging around them.  Just do them a favor and leave, leave them behind, just turn around now and run off.  Come on do it!”

“I told you to shut up!!  They love me; they don’t care if we can’t join a pride!!”

“Stop deluding yourself into a false reality.  They hate you, they despise you, they want you gone so that they can live their own lives!!  Leave, turn around and run… DO IT!!!!”

“Stop it, stop it, stop it!!  I can’t leave them, where would they be without me?”

“They’d be a lot better off without you, you’re causing them nothing but misery and you’re making yourself feel guilty.  All that you have to do to end this is turn around and run away, then it’ll all be over and you can all live happier lives.”

“What about me?  How can I ever be happy without them?”

“You poor, poor fool.  You think that YOU can be happy?  Ha!  Please, happiness is only for those foolish enough to exclude themselves from the truth.  The world is not a happy place, it’s a stinking pit of misery, and the only truly happy ones are those who are either; really stupid, children, and those who live in fantasy worlds and don’t face reality.”

“But we ARE happy!!  So what if we don’t live in a nicer area or have friends, all that we need is food, water, shelter, and each other… all of that can be found here.”
“Stop thinking that you’re happy, if you really were happy then would you even have these thoughts?”

“These aren’t my thoughts, they’re yours!”
“But I am you, I’m the part of you that you always hide away, the one that you’re not willing to face.  If it weren’t for me then you wouldn’t escape from reality and delude yourself into happiness.  The truth is that you, all beings, exist in a state of perpetuated misery; the only times that we’re happy are those brief moments when we’ve done something to subside our misery.  Happiness doesn’t really exist; there are just moments in life when you’re not miserable or sad.  Happiness is nothing more than a myth, if happiness were truly an emotion then it would last for more than an instant; it would last for more than a mere moment of time.  Misery is eternal, it is indefinite, it is the one thing that we all truly feel…”


Chapter 3:  Tragedy Strikes


            Ethigi stood over the edge of the cliff to the right of his previous location.  He looked down; there were many sharp, jagged rocks in the valley below.  He sighed, still gazing into the pit that waited for something to fall into it, waiting for some creature to stumble or trip into it, waiting for a life to take.  Ethigi continued to stare, he watched as if something was going to happen; he observed the jagged rocks that lie in wait.  He sighed once more, deeper than the first time, then he turned around and walked a good two yards from the cliff.

“What’s going on?” Varimi asked approaching her mate from behind.

“Wha…?  Oh, nothing sorry…” Ethigi responded.

“Sorry, did I startle you?”

“Just a little, it’s okay though.”

“Ethigi, what’s going on?  I mean, why are you acting so quiet and distant now?”

“I really don’t know, it’s like, it’s like I’m not even myself anymore…”

“What do you mean by that?”

Ethigi sighed, “What does it matter?”

“It matters to me.”

“Varimi, you know that I love you… right?  And Zira as well?”

“Of course dear, we love you too.  You don’t ever have to question these things, we love each other and we always will.”

“Sometimes I wonder.”


“I wonder, is love enough?  Love kills, the willingness to die for the well-being of others… it’s almost like a trap.  I just don’t know if it’s enough, even if you die so that another can survive who’s to say that they won’t die shortly thereafter?”

“Why are you thinking like this…?  Who thinks this way?”

Ethigi started to sob a little bit, “I just don’t know… I just… don’t know…  It’s not that I want to think this way, I just do.  I hate it, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, it’s too much for me to handle…”

“Daddy, don’t cry, I hate it when adults cry.” Zira said sadly.

“I’m sorry Zira, I just need to be alone for a little while longer.”

“Are you sure?” Varimi asked.


“You don’t sound very-”

“Please, just leave me for a while.”

“Okay then.” Varimi nuzzled her mate but he gave no response, it was as if he didn’t even notice her.  After Varimi walked off a little bit with Zira, Ethigi started thinking again.

“Oh man, what use am I?  All that I’m doing here is keeping my family from joining a pride… they might die because of me!  Love, they’d be willing to die if it meant that they could stay with me… I don’t want to be their burden, I don’t want to be anybody’s burden.”


            Ethigi continued to stand in silence, his thoughts subsiding; he was meditating, he had to mentally prepare himself to make the plunge into the valley of his doom.  He started to cry, he really broke down and couldn’t even begin to calm himself, “It’s all my fault, it’s all because of me!!  Love isn’t enough, they need more than me!!  They need to live in a pride that will take care of them, a pride where they can have plenty of food and water, a pride where they’ll be safe…  And if I stick around then they’ll never find it, they’ll be forever cursed to roam the Outlands with me; always living in fear, in danger of starvation, and in danger of being raped…  I love them, if I need to die for them to have a better life then I will… wait a minute… Love!  I’m willing to die for them to survive, it’s no longer their will to die for me, I will die for them so that they can live better lives.”  By now Ethigi was wallowing in misery and tears, he had to jump; death was the only way to truly save his family.

            He stared at the cliff that lied in wait for him, only a measly two yards in front of his face.  Varimi and Zira couldn’t see him; it was for the better; he didn’t want them to have to witness his death.  He gathered up what little energy he had and darted off towards the cliff, as he inched closer and closer he could see his life flashing before his eyes.  The tears that filled up his eyes made his life seem like a blur, “How appropriate.” he thought, “Life goes by so fast… it’s all just a giant blur.”  He was only a foot away from the canyon when he leaped into the air.

“Daddy, daddy, mommy has a questi-” Zira saw her father in the air over the cliff, she witnessed him fall into it.  Once her dad was no longer visible above the canyon, she started running up to where he jumped.  Before she made it there she heard the sound of several sharp objects piercing through her father’s flesh.  It sounded like a soft, somewhat squishy object had been torn through.  Simultaneously, she heard a yelp of pain followed by a groan of pure anguish… it was her father’s dying gasp.


Chapter 4:  What Now?


            Zira peered over the edge of the cliff, she saw her father’s body suspended in the air with the support of eleven sharp, pointed, jagged rocks.  These rocks were more like spikes in their shape, and there was blood scattered all over the place.  Blood protruded from Ethigi’s body where all of the rocks tore holes, one of the rocks pierced right through his heart; there the blood was literally squirting out, and some of his organs stuck to the pointed ends of the rocks.  Zira saw the eleven points sticking out of her father’s right side, the blood flowing everywhere, and some of her father’s internal organs littering the tips of some of those spiked rocks.

            “DADDY!!!!!!” Zira cried, there was no response not even a twitch from her father, “DADDY!!!!!!” she hopelessly yelled into the pit once more, the only response she got was her own echo.  “…no…” she whispered, “…it-it can’t be… daddy, daddy’s dead…” Zira told herself in shock, in disbelief, “He’s my daddy, he can’t be dead…” she said as she started crying hysterically.

“MOMMY!!!!!!” she yelled as she ran off to where her mother waited for her.  She ran out of the dry bushes into the open desert-like plains where her mother stood.  Varimi turned around immediately and saw her daughter rushing up to her with streaks of tears running down her cheeks.  Varimi rushed over to her daughter.

“Zira, what’s wrong?!!”

“[sniff], Mommy, daddy’s… he’s, [sniff]”

“Daddy’s what, dear?!!” Varimi said nervously and alertedly.

“He’s, he’s… DEAD!!” Zira groaned.

“WHAT?!!!!  What do you mean he’s dead?!!”

“He fell off of the cliff over there!!” Zira cried hysterically.
“…no, it can’t be.” Varimi told herself.

Zira was still hysterical, “Mommy!!” she screamed, “Look, he died!”

            Varimi looked over the cliff and saw it all; the jagged that had pierced through her mate’s body, the blood and guts scattered everywhere, but she noticed something that Zira didn’t… he was smiling.  “You didn’t fall… you jumped.” she whispered to herself.

“What?” Zira asked.

“…nothing.” Varimi said before escaping into her mind, “No Ethigi, no!  Why did you do this?  You didn’t have to, we could’ve lived on happily.  This can’t be true… it just can’t be… I want to wake up from this nightmare.”


            For weeks Varimi and Zira were in grief, they were mourning the loss of their patriarch; without him they had no real destination, they didn’t know where to go or what to do next.  Varimi almost never spoke, she never really did anything other than think and take care of Zira.  Zira started feeling really lonely, her mother was the only one that she had left, but they almost never spoke to one another anymore.  Varimi still fed and protected Zira but she never spoke to her daughter anymore, or played with her.  She would just hunt, eat, sleep, and fight off other predators.  There were no other cubs for Zira to hand around, there were no other adults for her to see, there was virtually nothing; nothing visible, nothing audible, and nothing tangible.


            “Ethigi where are you going?” Varimi asked.

“I’m going away… far away.” Ethigi sighed.

“Can I come with you?”

“No, you must stay here with Zira; take her somewhere safe, live the rest of your lives in comfort and luxury.”

“But I don’t want you to go.”

“…I must.” Ethigi said as he walked off.

Varimi tried to follow but she couldn’t get any closer to him, no matter how fast she ran she never moved from her spot, Ethigi just walked further and further away into the eternal darkness until he was no more than a spec.  Varimi was devastated, she couldn’t reach her husband no matter how hard she tried; he had just left her alone in the darkness, but then she felt dizzy and the darkness that surrounded her began to dissipate.

            Varimi’s eyes opened, “Oh, it was just a dream…” but she felt that it really was Ethigi trying to reach out to her in her dreams.  Maybe, just maybe, he delivered that message to her from the afterlife; she thought it was too much of a coincidence to really be a dream.  Suddenly Varimi was frightened, she didn’t see her daughter anywhere, “Zira?!  Zira where are you?!!  Zira?!!”

“Oh, is Zira her name?” said a sinister sounding voice from behind Varimi.

“Wha-” Varimi spun around to find a rather large muscular lion behind her.  He was at least one and a half times the size of any lion that Varimi has ever seen before; his mane was rather dirty and messy, it was a mixture of orange and red with lots of dirt in it making it more of a brownish color.

“What have you done with my daughter?”

“Now, now… there’s no need for such an angry tone now is there?  Don’t worry, she’ll be returned to you after me and my pals are done with her.”

“What do you mean, ‘done with her’?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” said the lion with a lustful look in his eyes.

“Wait a minute… I know that look, how could you even think about that?!!” Varimi roared practically in tears.

“Everyone serves some purpose in this world.”

“Now you see why I didn’t want to tell you?  I knew that you’d overreact.”

“OVERREACT?!!  How dare YOU do this to my cub, how dare you do this to ANY cub!!”

The lion just sighed and looked at Varimi, “What do you really want from me?”

“I want you to give me my daughter back right now!!”

“That’s not possible; you see for me to do that I would have to stop one of my friends and tell them that this cub’s mother is being a pest about the situation and then some of my other friends would complain about not getting a turn, it would just be a mess.”

“How dare you!!  Once I get my daughter back I’m going to kill you for this.”

“Ha!  Good luck finding her, especially with an unconscious body.”

“What?!”  Suddenly the lion swiped at Varimi’s face with his claws fully extended, she fell to the ground and felt the blood run down her face.

“Sorry, but it is easier this way.” Said the lion as he slashed her across the chest and face once more.  At that instant Varimi fell into unconsciousness…


            Sometime later Varimi awoke, the glaring light of the sun almost blinded her.  She gasped and groaned not really aware of her surroundings because of the sun’s glaring light.  She saw nothing more than blurred shadows outlining whatever objects stood in the distance.  She felt like she was being chocked and had to gasp to inhale just a minimal amount of oxygen.  When she looked to her left she saw a giant shadow with something sticking out and touching her throat.  She felt the creature’s paw pressing down on her throat, not crushing it, but keeping her from getting enough oxygen.  She just laid there very tired and dizzy, she didn’t have the energy to move; even if she did have the energy she couldn’t move, the creature also had her pinned by the neck.  If she struggled or tried to break free then all that the creature had to do was push down on her throat even harder.

            It took a long time for Varimi’s eyes to focus, once they did she saw that the creature holding her by the neck was the lion that had knocked her out.  He showed his teeth as he growled deeply, Varimi tried to speak but couldn’t.  The lion gestured for Varimi to look over to her right, she saw Zira.  Zira was sitting there in shock; after everything that she had been through that previous night she now had to watch her own mother, the only one that she has left, struggling to breathe.  Varimi felt the warm tears trickling down her face, she didn’t know what was going to happen; she saw her own daughter start to cry as well, Zira spoke but Varimi couldn’t hear anything over her own heartbeat.  Another lion started walking up behind Zira, Varimi became outraged and tried to break free very violently; but the lion that had her pinned only pushed down on her neck harder, he kept pushing down harder, and harder until Varimi stopped moving completely.

            Even though she wasn’t moving Varimi was still alive, barely.  She saw her entire life flash before her eyes, she heard her heart give one final beat.  After that final beat everything fell into silence, she started to go numb, and shortly thereafter she felt as if she had no body at all.  Then there were no more thoughts, her brain had shut off and her spirit had been severed from her mortal body.


Chapter 5:  Joining the Ranks


            Zira watched as the two lions ran off laughing maniacally, she stood there shaking.  She was overcome with fear and guilt; she could still feel that lion forcing himself into her.  She walked up to her mother’s body; it laid there limp, pallid, motionless, with a now stagnant pool of red trailing from her heart all of the way down to the ground at her left.  Zira nuzzled up against her mother trying to get some reaction out of her… but there was nothing.

“Mom… no… not you too…” Zira sobbed, “Why?  Why is this happening to me…?”  Zira once more broke out into hysterical sobs, she cried herself to a point of exhaustion… sleep quickly kicked in from there.

            Zira awoke the next morning, her mother still laying there beside her… not moving, not even a flinch.  Zira nuzzled up against her mother again, but she was cold now; all of the warmth had escaped her body leaving nothing more than a frozen corpse lying stiff in the middle of the Outlands.  Zira continued to cry; she felt sad, but mostly she felt angry, she felt as if she could kill the ones that did this to her mother.  She felt like they didn’t deserve to live, they’re the scum of the Earth and they needed to die.  Zira lost everything that she had:  her family, shelter/protection, providers, her virginity, and her reason to live.

            Zira got up with an angry look on her face, she knew that she wanted to kill those two lions; so she gazed once more at her mother’s corpse before walking off.  She walked over to the waterhole to get a drink, she heard footsteps approach from behind her.  Quickly she spun around and saw an adolescent lion; he has orangeish-red fur, green eyes, and he’s growing a pure black mane.

“What do you want?!” Zira snarled.

“I would like to have a drink.” said the adolescent lion.

“Yeah, well wait your turn.”

“And just who do you think you are?”

“I’m the one who will kill you if you keep asking me questions.”

“You kill ME, you’re just a cub, I’d like to see you try.”

“You’re in cahoots with the ones that killed my mom aren’t you?!!”

“What?  What are you talking about?”

“Don’t lie to me.” Zira glared at the lion with a look of bloodlust in her eyes.

“I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t LIE TO ME!!” Zira screamed, “Your friends killed my mom, right after my dad died you killed her!!”

“Wait, your parents are dead?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think that I can help you.”

“Oh really.” Zira said sarcastically, “And how could you help me?”

“I seek vengeance… and so do you; I can see it in your eyes.”

“You seek vengeance too?”

“Yes, I want to kill the one who destroyed my parents as well.”
“Your parents are dead too?”

“…To me they are.”

Zira looked puzzled, “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked sharply.

“Don’t worry about it.  So what’s your name?”


“I’m Scar, and I’d like to adopt you.”


Chapter 6:  The Plan is Set in Motion


            Scar told Zira of his plan to take over the Pride Lands; he would wait, he’d wait until Zira came of age to become his mate.  Once Zira reached the appropriate age Scar would leave Pride Rock and impregnate her.  But until she became of age she was to wait in the Outlands.  Scar would go out everyday and train her to become a killer, when he wasn’t out there he’d send his lackeys out to take care of her.  Once Zira gets pregnant Scar and her will run off together until they discover that Mufasa is going to have a cub.  On that day Scar will return with Zira, they’ll wait until everything seems like it’s going fine; just as everyone expects Mufasa’s heir to be the next king Scar will kill him.  Next he will kill Mufasa himself and take over as the king, then Zira would be the queen and their cub will be the next heir.

“So, I’ll get to be a queen!!” Zira excitedly exclaimed.

“Yes, but you’ll have to wait at least three years.” Scar said.

“Ah, man… that’s too long.”

“Yes, but vengeance takes a long time to achieve.”



            Well that’s my theory on how everything comes together.  From here it’s mostly just waiting until the day that Simba that is born.  Like I said before if this is similar to somebody else’s story then I apologize (there’s so many out there that I’ll probably never read them all).  Anyway please send me feedback (even if you don’t have an e-mail address you can click on the e-mail link at the top of the page).