For those of you who don’t know, there was a series of books written shortly after the release of TLK called “The Lion King:  Six New Adventures”.  This set contains six individual books each about a story being told to Simba’s son Kopa or Kopa learning a life lesson.  The problem with this is that in TLK2 Simba has a daughter named Kiara, Kopa is never mentioned once in the movie, and Kiara is never mentioned once in the books.  At first I believed this was due to the fact that the executives in charge of TLK2 probably didn’t even know of the book’s existence when they were making the movie (it’s a very difficult book to come by).  After I got older and observed the cub’s ceremonies at the end of the first movie and the beginning of the second one I noticed several inconsistencies between them, so I came to the conclusion that Kiara was not mistaken for Kopa.  So the biggest question is:  what happened during that gap between the end of TLK and the beginning of TLK2?  Nobody can truly say the real answer but there are several theories out there.  In this so called story; I’ve created a list of those theories from various people, websites, and other sources (my own theory is at the very end of the list).  If you feel the need to you can email me about this at: the6silent6one6@yahoo.com


New Format:

Since this isn’t a story but rather a list I used a different format.  I have listed the creator of the theory and then their theory, at the very end I’ve created a bibliography (which was lazily done) giving credit to everyone that contributed.


Inconsistencies Between the Two Ceremonies

Name of Inconsistency            “The Lion King”         “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride”

Time of Day:                           Midday                                    Sunrise

Simba & Nala:                        On top of Pride Rock               Inside of the cave

Rafiki:                                      Inside of the cave                     On top of Pride Rock

Timon & Pumbaa:                  On top of Pride Rock               Off to the side on PR

Carrier of the Cub:                 Rafiki                                       Nala

Cub’s Fur:                              Golden Yellow                         Tan with a Yellow hue

Music in Background:             “King of Pride Rock”             “He Lives In You”


I know that the music is intentionally different so don’t email me about that.  Also it appears as if Simba and Nala are older during the ceremony in TLK2 (but that’s not good evidence considering that the artwork for TLK2 is very different from TLK).  However everything else is good solid evidence that the two ceremonies are for two different cubs.


So does anybody else smell something fishy here?  If you have a theory to send me then you may, of course, but it won’t be posted up here because well if you’re reading it then it’s already finished (I’d still like to hear your theory though).


The Theories:

Here are the theories themselves, I put it them alphabetical order by the creator (except that mine’s last) some are humorous, others are serious, but they all fit the gap.  As for which theory is correct, well that’s for you to decide.  I say that none of them are correct (including my own) and that the truth is at the end of TLK nobody knew that a sequel would be made since they didn’t think that the movie was going to do so well.  So when TLK2 came out they mixed it up and made the cub female (shouldn’t it be called The Lion Queen then?), but the theories are interesting to read and I had fun writing mine.


Athari:  Athari states that the cubs from both movies are the same and defends this by arguing that the creators of TLK2 didn’t even bother with continuity between the two movies, therefore the ceremony and cub were meant to be the same (not to mention that the director of TLK2 most likely hadn’t read the Six New Adventures books).


dude_of_meh:  (This is from http://www.slipups.com/items/1446.html [it’s on a list of replies to the movie’s slip-ups.])  According to him (I’m assuming “him” because of dude) that Kopa was accidentally killed as cub and one of the lionesses discovered that it was because of Zira.  He also says that this explains Simba’s over protectiveness of Kiara and also why Zira was banished.


Icer:  Icer believes that TLK cub died or got lost somehow, and that Kiara may be its twin.  Icer believes Kiara to be the original cub’s twin because during her ceremony she seems bigger and older compared to the other cub (and Simba during his ceremony as well).  Icer also says that the reason Simba is so overprotective of Kiara is because he still feels guilty about what happened to Kopa.


Kovukono:  Joke Theory:  As a joke Kovukono said that Kiara had connections with the mob and she wanted to be in Kopa’s spot in the movie so she had Kopa taken out of the picture.  Real Theory:  Kovukono’s real theory is that everybody just forgot about Kopa, and somehow they all think that he never even existed.


Rindimo:  Rindimo’s theory is called “The Rain Man theory” which involves watching the movie “Rain Man”.  Rindimo states that Simba and Nala had Kopa committed to a mental institution.  Once Kiara finds out she helps free Kopa and together the two of them escape and go on wild adventures to Las Vegas.  At Vegas Kiara and Kopa discover that K-Mart sucks.


(Unknown Author) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simba - At the section entitled “Beyond the Films” the author states that what happened to Kopa is a mystery.  However according to this person the most believed theory is that Zira murdered Kopa and was banished along with her pride to The Outlands.  This explains Simba’s hatred toward Zira and his over protectiveness of Kiara.  This is actually the explanation given all wikipedia pages related to “The Lion King” (I think that they were all written by the same person).


My Theory:

            Here’s what I believe happened to Kopa:  It all started with Zira hiding her allegiance to Scar, because she wanted to take over the Pride Lands she could never allow Simba to discover that she was still loyal to Scar.  Coincidentally enough Vitani and Kopa were about the same age; so Zira, who acted like the other lionesses and pretended to despise Scar, decided to set up a play date with Kopa and Vitani (Simba has no knowledge that Zira was Scar’s wife since he was gone while Scar was in charge and on the day he returned Zira was gone somewhere for the time being).  Simba agreed to the play date because he had business to take care of outside of the Pride Lands in a few days.  The day that Simba had to leave he led Kopa over to Zira’s den where Vitani was instructed to play very rough with Kopa.  It started off all fun and games but once Simba left, Vitani was absolutely ruthless and Kopa ended up with several scars and gashes all over his body while Zira stood over them laughing maniacally and encouraging Vitani.  Kopa was trapped in the cave by Nuka and he was scared out of his mind.  Kopa tried to fight back but he didn’t have the training that Vitani had when it came to fighting.  After Vitani got tired Zira gave Kopa a good slash across the face which knocked him unconscious.  Afterwards Zira ordered Nuka to get rid of Kopa, so he grabbed Kopa by the scruff and darted out of the cave.  He threw Kopa into the Elephant Graveyard and let the hyenas do the dirty work.  Simba and Nala were returning home, and the Elephant Graveyard was along the way.  They spotted the hyenas attacking Kopa so they went on a rampage and killed as many hyenas as they could.  Eventually the remaining hyenas ran off, but Shenzi said something before they left… “Zira’s the one who did this you know.” And then she ran off.  They checked on their son but it was too late, he was already dead.  Simba questioned Zira but all that she did was grin, Simba didn’t want to take his chances so he banished Zira, her family, and her followers.  A couple of years later Simba and Nala were able to produce a new cub… and so the second ceremony began… then came the second movie…

Then comes my fourth (well technically third) story which I will work on almost obsessively for the next week or two (actually the story takes place before Kiara’s birth but since the movie came first my story gets knocked down, up?, a peg on the release date).


Bibliography… Sort of


I know this isn’t how you really put a bibliography together but I’m lazy and not doing this for school so as long as I give credit where credit is due that’s good enough.


4 People who contributed theories over TLK mailing list:  Athari, Icer, Kovukono, and Rindimo.  The theories in their name are completely their own idea (well one of them is actually generally accepted, but the person who emailed me with it gets credit for it here).


dude_of_meh, http://www.slipups.com/items/1446.html (Theory #2)


Unknown Author, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simba (Theory #6)


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