Kiara and Kovu still had a difficult time choosing an heir.  It was not an easy choice to make, now that their cubs were adolescents they both possessed obvious strengths and weaknesses when it came to ruling a kingdom.  They were two extreme opposites, Epesi and Giza that is, and itÕs not until they were two years old that some extreme personalities came out.  The following characters belong to Disney:  Simba, Nala, Sarabi, Sarafina, Kovu, Kiara.  The following characters are mine:  Epesi, Giza, Imara, Hofu, Jujuhara, Veni, Ouilee, Mopa, Lushatra, Varcia, Tohanuro, Miki, Fewahara, and Pem.  Send feedback or any other mumbo jumbo to



            You could read any part of this story first, it doesnÕt matter.  All of them have secrets that are revealed in another segment.  You do not have to read this story chronologically if you donÕt want to.



From Disney:

Simba (8 Years)

Nala (8 Years)

Kiara (4 Years)

Kovu (4 Years)

Sarabi (15 Years)

Sarafina (12 Years)


My Original Characters:

Epesi (1 Year)

Giza (1 Year)

Veni (15 Years)

Ouilee (12 Years)

Mopa (9 Years)

Jujuhara (7 Years)

Imara (1 Year)

Hofu (2 Years)


Royal Family Tree (simplified):



                                    Igunoi + Frehda          Ahadi + Uru

                                                |                                         |

                                                |                       ---------------------------

                                                |                       |                 |                 |

Sarafina + Xygolapo       Sarabi      +     Mufasa         Scar + Zira    Veni + Trapa

               |                                         |                                   |                      |

               |                                --------------           ---------------------          |

               |                                |                 |           |                           |         |

            Nala           +          Simba        Kimba  Nuka                    Vitani    ?


                        ------------        Phantooh + Kura

                        |              |                         |

                    Kopa       Kiara       +      Kovu



                                          |                      |

                                      Giza               Epesi


Perspective A:  Innocent Darkness

Chapter 1:  It Needs Meaning

Chapter 2:  I Just Need SomeoneÉ

Chapter 3:  New Members

Chapter 4:  Royalty

Chapter 5:  Return


About Me:


            Hello everybody, my name is Giza and I was chosen to be the queen of the Pride Lands.  I was born in a litter of two; me and my brother were the only two lions anybody had ever seen that look like we do.  ItÕs because of our parents that we have unique genes; my brother, with golden colored fur with small blotches of red around his paws, his pure black mane that shags down to his face, and his eyes being of two different colors (red and green) is a rare trait only held by one in every fifty-something thousand lions.  Then thereÕs me, the darker colored one.  My fur is actually brown, something that no one had ever seen before, the hair of my tail is red, and my eyes are blue.


            WeÕre two opposites; even our personalities are on two opposite endings of the spectrum.  My brother is just creepy and quiet, I really donÕt understand him.  When it comes to who I am, well, I am me.  I love to talk, and I love to hang out with my friends.  I love it when itÕs sunny outside and I spend hours a day just sunbathing.  IÕve made some mistakes in my life, but I believe that everyone has.  I am compassionate and caring towards everyone, many of the cubs turn to me for advice (or, at least they did).  IÕm always willing to help others and give one-hundred and ten percent when doing so.  What happened to my brother Epesi is very tragic; IÕll never understand why he did what he did, but IÕll never forgive him for it.  I just need to wait for him to join me up here.  Epesi, how could you do this?


Chapter 1:  It Needs Meaning


            I wasnÕt very old when the first Pride Lander of my time had died.  I wasnÕt young, but I wasnÕt mature yet.  My great-grandma Sarabi died.  I felt sad because I never got to know her very well.  I hated it, she had to die before I got a chance to know her.  I just couldnÕt feel all that sad about it.  I did cry, but it was only minimal; I cried more because someone died, not because she died.  I didnÕt want this to happen with my other great-grandma.  Her death had to mean something to me.  I was going to get to know her better.


            I would spend, at least the early mornings, with great-grandma Sarafina.  She enjoyed my company, sometimes grandma and grandpa would come hang out with us too.  We talked about many things; I really learned a lot from her.  She would speak of her past; she was born and raised in the Pride Lands.  SheÕs seen the hard times that our family, and pride, has been through, first hand.  Of course IÕve heard these stories many times over; about mom and dad, grandpa and his uncle; but Sarafina knew just how to tell them.  She made me feel exactly how she felt, just by talking about a certain event.  I liked her, she was always so cheerful and upbeat during any situation.  She was there to cheer up Sarabi after she lost her family.  In fact, Sarafina was one of the few that kept the pride going during ScarÕs reign.  If it wasnÕt for her there wouldÕve been so much more tragedy.  She said that she talked many of the lionesses out of committing suicide, when others were on the brink of starvation and had no food sheÕd let them eat most of her carcass, and sheÕd listen to everyoneÕs problems and offer them advice; her deeds will not go unforgotten in the Pride Lands.  She not only spoke of her good deeds but also of her mate Xygolapo (my great-grandpa).  She was one of the few who did not mate with any of the kings; there were always a few lionesses that could mate with those outside of their prideÕs leader, however only in the Pride Lands were those rouges ever allowed to live with the pride.  He was killed, the pride to the north killed him when all that he wanted to do was make peace with them.  Nobody knew why they hated us, they just did.  So when great-grandpa left to negotiate with them he never came back, their pride had killed him.  Great-grandma told me everything that there was to tell about herself.  I may have been closer to her than I was to my own mother.


            I was two on the day that I met great-grandpa (yes, the one who is dead).  Obviously he wasnÕt actually dead.  I was overjoyed to see him, so were great-grandma and grandma.  Everybody else was interested.  He told us his story:

He received urgent news from my great-grandfather Mufasa.  He needed to try and make peace with the pride to the north.  So off he ran, off to the Dwabe Lands to make peace.  On the way there he was captured by humans.  They stuck him in a cage and gave him everything that he wanted and more.  He said that they stuck a couple of lionesses in there with him; but, being the kind lion that he is, he remained faithful to great-grandma (IÕm so proud of him).

I was fascinated while listening to his story.  He seemed so sad that he never got to see his family for all of these years; he actually kept blinking to keep himself from crying.  I wanted to get to know him better but he only wanted to spend time with great-grandma and grandma.  He spent the day with them and left early the next morning.

Nobody ever saw him againÉ


            I felt bad for great-grandma, she just lost the will to live after great-grandpa left.  She stopped talking to everyone, even me.  She just sat around, crying endlessly.  Every time that I tried to cheer her up, or even just talk to her, she closed her ears right down against her head, not listening to me or anybody.


            Then, in only a matter of weeks, great-grandma Sarafina died.  I accomplished my goal though, I got to know her, so I was actually mourning her death.  I was going to keep on doing what she did; I would go around with a cheery face and help all of those that needed it.  I would be there to cheer everyone up when things got out of hand.  I would be there to put a smile on everybodyÕs faces.  But, before I could do that, I had to go through the five stages of grieving:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.


Chapter 2:  I Just Need SomeoneÉ


            Of course I didnÕt want to believe that my great-grandma was dead, not after finally getting to know her better.  My mind kept telling me the opposite of what my eyes were looking at; it kept telling me that something was keeping her alive.  She wasnÕt really dead, she couldnÕt have beenÉ and I would do anything to prove it.


            I cried at her funeral.  I was angry that everybody actually believed she was dead, I felt like I could scream really loud.  ÒSheÕs NOT DEAD!!!Ó I wanted to roar out as loudly as I possibly could; but I didnÕt, they would never believe me.  I had to prove it to them, prove to all of them that she really was alive, I wouldÕve sold my soul to prove that she still had some life left in her.  ÒMy eyes are lying to me.Ó I thought.  I wouldÕve left the pride to prove it to them; how dare they give up so easily, especially when theyÕre being fooled by their eyes.  Unfortunately, I could do nothing but wait, wait for her to end this horrific joke on us.


            Although I didnÕt know it at the time, I was very different over the next few days.  I didnÕt feel depressed about it, I felt very normal actually.  But, looking back, I know that I was sad for the next four days; and it caused me to act irrationally.  I had lost my great-grandma, I needed somebody to talk to; so I turned to Imara.  I did like him, and I knew that I could trust him with anything.  I decided to go out on a walk with him (which we did at least once a week.) and thatÕs all it was supposed to be, just a walk.  Like I said, I was very irrational at the time.  I headed over to where he was at the time and talked him into coming with me.  We were just walking through the savannah casually, I had a lot to say about my great-grandma, he just listened and gave me a caring smile when I needed one.  I was overwhelmed by the sorrow; itÕs like I was trapped in darkness, and Imara was the single ray of light that shot through the darkness in an attempt to free me.  I was relieved to have this light guiding me out of the darkness, it reached out to me in my hour of need.  I needed the light then, more than ever.  So, I decided to run off with Imara; no rules, no boundaries, no anything, it would just be the two of us.  It would just be me and my guide out of this miserable pit.


            We started running off, out to the Outlands, and then even further than that, we had no idea where we ended up.  My sorrow seemed to melt away when I was around him; we nuzzled and licked each other all through the night.  That first night we slept together (we actually just slept next to each other, there was no physical intimacy).  We continued to hang out the second day, but my grief stricken state put me into an intense heat.  So over the next several days there was only me and him.  It was me, him, and everything that he provided for me:  wondrous hope, relief of my sadness, an ever listening ear, and that incredible coitus.  Now, I knew that heats were supposed to last a long time; but this being my first one I didnÕt know how long I was supposed to feel like this.  On the fourth day my estrus shut off; I knew that this was too soon, and I also knew what it meant when it ended too soonÉ I was pregnant.  I had to tell Imara, but we didnÕt know how we were going to break it to the pride.  We were never planning on leaving them for more than a month when I said that we should run off, but now we were considering never going back.  But, I couldnÕt do it.  What would great-grandma say?  I felt that it was my duty to go back and help anybody who needed it.  I told Imara that we had to go back, things would work out fine once we returned.


Chapter 3:  New Members


            So, reluctantly, Imara and I headed back home, on that day, to tell everybody what had happened.  Imara and I returned to the den, we gathered everybody that we felt needed to know (which ended up being the whole pride, of course).  There would be no beating around the bush, it was impossible.  Even if I wanted to lie I couldnÕt, there would be no way to hide it, eventually my belly would expand.  Imara stood very close to me, he wanted to take his share of the blame; I told him that he couldÕve gotten away with it, but he was half of the reason why I was in this mess; he didnÕt want me to be the only one paying the price for it.  He stood very close to me as we both stared at our paws.  We agreed that I would do the talking (Imara couldnÕt have possibly handled it), I had to just come out and say it.  There was no way to ease into it, and our parents were already staring at us.  We knew that they were angry, and worst of all, we knew that they knew about our situation.  I had to do it, once I finally gathered the courage I looked my parents straight in the eyes and told them that I was pregnant.  They told me that since I was only two I needed to control my hormones better (what an age to tell your cubs that).  They nagged and scolded me, so did ImaraÕs mother (well, she scolded him, but stillÉ).


            That would be a memorable night, but not in a good way.  Mom and dad were furious at me.  They were practically roaring at the top of their lungs.  Nobody had ever seen them this angry before; finally grandma and grandpa stepped in and told them to cool off.  Despite my grandparentsÕ best efforts, mom and dad still walked away in a sour mood, I would get more of my fair share the next morning.  Luckily they were able to keep my parents from getting too far out of line.  However, when the next morning came and my parents woke up, they were not angry.  Maybe it just took time for the information to settle in, but they seemed to be okay with it.  ItÕs not that they werenÕt talking about it, because they were, but they were no longer angry at me, or Imara.  Mom told me about her first heat when she was my age and how she had to restrain herself for another year, she said it was the most difficult thing that she ever had to do; in fact, she actually did give into temptation a few times since dad was around.  She never actually got pregnant though since they rarely slept together that year, so it was easy to hide; but IÕm not to tell anyone in the pride about that (youÕre not a Pridelander, are you?).  She said that it was even worse for grandma because she had to go through two heats without an able-male (Scar was hardly able enough, plus the age difference).  Mom says that itÕs the hardest temptation in life to fight, because your hormones push you into wanting it.  They flood your body just asking for that single pleasure, they crave it and they make you crave it as well.  Even though the males donÕt go through heats the second that they get a scent of a female in heat theyÕre hormones go just as wild; and if there are multiple females in heat at once, then they just canÕt control themselves.  ItÕs hard, but there are just times when you have to fight these natural urges.


            As you know I was very young when I held those cubs of mine.  Although my body could handle it, it could just barely do so because of my age.  All of the time I felt tired and weak, like these cubs were parasites sucking all of the life out of me.  I barely moved by the end of the second month; not only did I have less energy but I also had more weight to carry.  I couldnÕt get up even if I tried to do so (except for the occasional walk to the waterhole, or to take care of business.  Then, three weeks after the end of the third month I went into labor; itÕs so weird.  At that moment you never want to have to go through it ever again, ever.  But, once you see those cubs of yours walking around and you notice how adorable they all are, you feel that not only was it worth it, but youÕd be willing to go through it again just to see more adorable cubs.  Maybe the reason why it hurt as bad as it did was because I was so young, all of the lionesses said that I did way more screaming than anybody else ever had.  I was also the most fertile female in the pride (either that or Imara is the most potent male), but either way I had five cubs.  Two and three are common, one and four are rare, but five, thatÕs unheard of.  Sadly they couldnÕt be raised as the royals that they are.  Although usually itÕs the prideÕs job to take care of any and all cubs in every manner thinkable, it was still tradition for the ones of the royal family to only be cared for by their birthparents.  Imara and I were way too young for that.  Of course we could still see them and play with them everyday, but they would have to spend their entire lives believing that they were anotherÕs cubs.  It was heartbreaking, I couldnÕt help but cry; although I could see all five of them everyday I could never let them know that IÕm their true mother.  ItÕs so hard, watching your cubs being raised everyday by the paws of another lioness.  Talking with them, playing with them, and eventually hunting with them; but never being able to tell them that theyÕre really your cubs.  I decided to give them to two other Pridelanders.  Neither of them were able to produce a cub and they both desperately wanted one.  I gave Varcia, Miki, and Pem to Lushatra.  I gave Tohanuro and Fewahara to another lioness (I can never remember her name).


            I discovered that I had a great-great-aunt who I had never met before.  SheÕs supposed to be great-grandpaÕs long-lost sister.  Only one lioness recognized her (but this lioness was very old).  There was a huge crowd around my great-great-aunt Veni and her family.  Her mate is named Ouilee and their son is named Mopa.  I couldnÕt hear anything that she was saying because of the crowd, I tried asking my brother what he heard but he just told me to ask someone else.  He gave me the scariest look that I had ever seen when he said that.  Hiding in-between those drooping bangs of his I could see his eyes shooting me a look of contemptible hatred.

Allow me to back up here a step.  My brother Epesi has always been, wellÉ different.  Ever since the one day when I tried to wrestle him and almost knocked him off of Pride Rock heÕs hated me.  He stopped talking to me and always sobbed whenever I was around him.  IÕll admit that I was angry with him for awhile after that, I canÕt believe that heÕd actually accuse me of trying to knock him off.  I was angry with him and I showed it whenever he was near, but he did the same to me.  Then once I felt like I was no longer angry with him heÕd just silently sob and walk away.  Now he just pushes me aside like I donÕt matter at all.  We donÕt even talk, itÕs not that I hate him, because I donÕt even really know him; thereÕs nothing for me to hate, but thereÕs also nothing for me to like either.  Things have been like that ever since that dayÉ


            I got so distracted by what he said that I had completely forgotten about my great-great-aunt.  Now she was gone, I guess that she wanted to see her home again.  Sadly she didnÕt make it through the night.  She was very frail when she came to us and everyone was surprised that she was even alive when she reached home.  My great-great-uncle and cousin (since I donÕt know how IÕm really related to him) were allowed to stay with us since they had nowhere else to go and were too old to gain control over a pride.


Chapter 4:  Royalty


            Mom and dad decided that I would be the one to rule over the Pride Lands.  Epesi was never around, he was quiet and distant, and he wasnÕt exactly the friendliest lion.  I was well liked, I had a mate, and my future looked bright.  When I was three years old I underwent the Ôascension of the throneÕ ceremony, with Imara right by side.  After my proud, triumphant roar and my speech I was officially the queen; and Imara was officially the king.  But, where did we go from here?  I sure didnÕt feel any different.  But, that uncertainty only lasted for so long.  Once Imara and I got settled on what was now our platform in the den we got called off to solve our first problem.


            By the end of the week Imara and I were being run ragged.  Him always having to run off to settle every little dispute and solve every little problem, and me, always having to keep the lionesses and the cubs in line.  We had no time to ourselves and barely any time with each other.  Mom and dad said that itÕs one of the most tiring things at first, but once you get used to it you discover how to manage your time better.  They would give us a day off once every two weeks to help us ease into it.  We would spend our days off together, finding some spot where we could be alone and away from all of the chaos around us.  Having the king as my mate (well, anybody that I wouldÕve chosen wouldÕve been the king anyway) is kind of awkward.  He has to take care of all of the other lionesses in the pride when theyÕre in heat, other than the ones that have mates with them; like mom.  Although itÕs disturbing it does come with the job, and he does shower me with all of the romance and affection.  With the other lionesses itÕs really just a matter of getting it over with, he does love me and I know that thereÕs no deep emotional bond between him and any of the others (aside from his family, but thatÕs different).


            Well, thereÕs not as much to being queen then you might think.  ItÕs just like any other position only you get all of the perks and privileges.  It is actually very boring once you learn to manage time.  [Sigh], now I feel like IÕm stuck in a routine; but thatÕs going to change very soonÉ


Chapter 5:  Return


            After being gone for a whole month that stupid brother of mine finally decides to return.  But he was very different now, heÕs not the same lion that he left as, he seemsÉ disturbed.  He came with a lioness, one who grandpa immediately recognized.  They argued and Epesi actually threatened to hurt grandpa.  For the first time in my life I felt unsafe, and that lioness with him, she made me feel terrified for my very life.  We all left Epesi and her alone, we just thought that he was in a bad mood about what grandpa said.  I ordered everybody to go and find something to do (behind EpesiÕs back of course) and not come back until later.  Everyone headed their own way, nobody was going to return at any specific time.


            Me and Imara just went on another walk.  There was something that I needed to tell him, but I didnÕt feel glum about it this time.  It was dark out and very soothing.  I stayed close to Imara keeping my body right by his so that our fur touched during the whole walk.  It was a silent walk; I purred and occasionally rubbed up against him causing him to purr as well.  Eventually we stopped, we looked up at the sky, and then he licked me on the cheek.  I wanted this to be a happy night, I didnÕt want anything to ruin it.  Before I told him I had one more need to take care of, thatÕs right, my hormones started going nuts again.  I started rubbing up against him, vigorously, and released the scent of hormones into the air around us.  I gave him a passionate smile and he gave me that loving look in his eyes.  I laid down on the grass, with him hovering over me, and we were very passionate about it that night.  After it was over we laid on our backs and looked up at the stars, trying to make out as many kings as we could (and many constellations as well).  Once we were at the peak of our evening together, just when things couldnÕt get any better I decided to tell him.  Just as I was about to speak he got up and said, ÒLetÕs go back home.Ó  I just nodded my head and went back with him, IÕd tell him the next morning.


            When we got back I found Epesi lying there with that lioness.  I glared at him showing my disapproval, but he didnÕt seem to care at all.  I just lied down on the royal ledge.  Imara came with me.  We wondered if any of them would be back before tomorrow, it didnÕt seem likely that anyone would stay out for even as long as they were gone.  We fell asleep.  That night I had a dream of chaos and disorder.  My lands were thrown into disarray and everyone was discussing how we would move forward.  I was nowhere in the picture; neither was grandma, dad, or Epesi.  Suddenly I saw two eyes overtake the scene being displayed in front of me.  The eye on the right was red, and the eye on the left was green.  These eyes were growling at me; and I woke up.  I didnÕt even see my brother standing over me, I just remembered the eyes; so in a daze I started to say his name only to find him roaring at the top of his lungs.  Then I felt his sharp claws tear their way through my neck, ripping it open for the blood to flow.  He mustÕve cut out my voice box or something because I couldnÕt speak.  I tried to speak to Imara, ÒImara, IÕm so sorry.  Not only have I died but so has my secret.  ImaraÉ IÕm pregnant.Ó But no words would escape my mouth.  I couldnÕt breathe and so I struggled on the ground, thrashing about as if it would somehow keep me alive.  Then my vision slowly faded, everything went silent, I no longer had the bitter taste in my mouth, and there were no more scents.  But I could still feel.  I felt everything, it was the last thing that I would ever feel in my life; intense pain across my neck.  Slowly I felt my thrashing stop as my nerves died off and disconnected themselves from my brain.  The last nerves to die or disconnect were the ones in my neck.  Once those final nerves died I was left with my consciousness.  For only a few more moments I was still ÒaliveÓ but I was totally unaware of anything that was happening around me.


ThatÕs My Story


The last thing that I saw was EpesiÕs hate-filled face.

The last thing that I heard was EpesiÕs deafening roar declaring that he hated me.

The last thing that I tasted was the leftover essence of raw meat from EpesiÕs mouth.

The last thing that I smelled was EpesiÕs blood-soaked claws.

The last thing that I felt was all of the blood rushing out of the huge gash across my neck.


The last thing that I ever thought was of Epesi.  I remembered back to when he was good.


Shortly after I reached the afterlife I saw Imara materializing beside me.  Only a few hours later came grandma and dadÉ