Shego’s Story

              By Stormer23

                  Disney’s characters belong to Disney, Stormer23 character’s belong to Stormer23. © for all of them!

       This story was written by me a long time ago, & it’s about a young brave lioness known as ‘Shego’. The first part is about her mother, ‘Via’s parents when they were young, and then Via’s story but shortened. How this story is related to the Lion King, is because Shego becomes Toko’s mate. Toko is Kiara and Kovu’s second born son, who becomes king. It also mentions Vitani, which in my Lion King universe falls in love with a black panther named, Ronnto and they have a cub named Yeoko. (I will admit that the first part isn’t so exciting, but keep reading it, and it gets good. But you have to read it beginning to end, otherwise some parts won’t make much sense.) Enjoy!


Via’s Parents as cubs.

Wind rustled leaves fell. A proud king and his queen watched their son go through the tradition of being a prince. Also another lioness was having two cubs one boy and one girl, from the same pride. As the cubs got older another cub was born, she had a fluff of hair on her head, her father was different then her older bother and sister’s dad. She had the same mother as the two other cubs, I had already told you about. They grew older. “Come on guys”. The young prince said has he waited on the large, tall rock that hovered the small savanna plain. Out of the large cave came out one of the older cubs, the female cub. “My momma said we can’t play right now”. She said. “Why not”? “Because they’re taking a bath.” “Oh”. He said with a sigh. “But I can play, because I took a bath already”. “Okay”! The happy prince declared. Then the two cubs ran down the large rocks some covered in green grass, or moss, or just plain rock to the small watering hole. Then when they got there the elephants were slurping the water, where the hippos slept. They also saw the mother of the three cubs giving the two other cubs a bath. “Hi guys, so you’re taking a bath now. Right”? “Yup”. Said the older cub. Well years passed since that day. They soon grew into teenagers, then adults. The problem was since there was two males, the king thought to be fair that they each leave with one of the females and make there own prides, and so was done. The prince and the older female went south, and the others went north. When the prince and the older female got there, to what they thought was a safe home, which was a gigantic forest, called “The Green Thicket”. They meet a few other lionesses who had no leader in along time. They told the prince about there old ways and that they needed a king who would have a title like the “Great King of the forest.” The prince agreed and the other lioness that had traveled with him became his queen. Soon one day three little cubs were born. One was named Via which was his and the queen’s cub, another named Tazar which was his and another lioness’s cub, and Miya which was also his and another lioness’s cub.


When the cubs were older Via had found a cub named Henry that had no family since his father had been gone for three years, his little sister had died in an earthquake, his older bother went off in search of his father, and his mother had died in a thunder storm a few weeks before. The Great King of the forest took Henry in as his own. He tried to find a foster mother for him, but realized he needed him instead. When Henry grew up The Great King told him to take his crown, but Henry thought he could never take his place. He told him that the Great King would always be The Great King of the

Forest, but Henry said he would become the Great Prince of the green thicket pride instead of taking his place. The Great King agreed. One sad day the Great King died. Henry and Via became the new rulers of the forest, they roared loudly the one morning The Great King died so all the creatures of the forest now knew that now that they where the new rulers of the forest.


When Via was pregnant Miya and Henry had a cub named Tiya but Miya thought Tiya should be the princess. Henry did not agree. He thought that Via and his; unborn cub should be the next one in line for the thrown. Henry exiled Miya and baby Tiya out of fear of Miya’s ambitions. He was still fearful for Via and their unborn cub. So he told Via to move some where in the forest where she should be safe. Via understood. She and Henry nuzzled each other one last time, and then she left.


Via soon gave birth to a white colored baby girl. Since Via left the kingdom for her child’s safety and no longer could do any royal duties, all the animals in the forest came to see the new princess. Young animals came, old ones too, some tall and some small. A young cub named “Yeoko” the most curious of all, stared at Via’s new born cub. “Hello.” Yeoko said. Yeoko was born four months before the new princess. Her mother Vitani a lioness, who had fallen in love with a black panther named Ronnto, the leader of the leopard pack, and soon they had Yeko. “Well, I say this is a rare occasion to have a new princess.” Replied an old wise eagle named Friend Olido, Friend Owl for short because of his accent that sounds like an owl. “Why Friend Owl, I hardly see you any more. Where have you been?” Asked Via glancing up at him as he sat on a tall fat branch. “My wife Harriet and I now keep a nest full of eagle eggs.” Friend Owl replied as he blushed happily. “Why congratulations Friend Owl!” Via shouted happily. Then the little princess yawned and opened her eyes for the first time. “Wow look!” Cried a little black sparrow named Raven. She ran as fast as she could with her little bird feet right next to Yeko. “Why morning sleepy head, wake up now, friends are here to see you.” Via told her baby cub gently, and then licked her head. Then everyone noticed something, three markings on her forehead, they were little blue markings, a line on the top of her head, a triangle under that, and then under that a little perfect dot. “Why goodness! Your child, I mean the princess has, well… something on its head!” Shouted Mrs. Sparrow. “I’m sure it’s nothing, really.” Via muttered to the visitors. “Can she walk?” Raven said, trying to help Via out, by changing the subject. “Well let’s see dear.” Via nudged her baby. “I think she’s a bit too young to walk, see dear.” Via replied trying not to disappoint little Raven. “I think we all need to leave now.” Replied Friend Owl; at once when he saw the princess yawn. One by one the guests left, except for little Yeoko. “What are you goanna call it?” Yeoko asked before she left. “I think I’m going to name her Shego.” “I like that name too.” Yeoko said with a happy smile, and then left.

The new day.

One nice day in the forest queen Via and little five month old Shego went to go explore the forest. “Mother.” “Yes dear.” “What’s that blue thing over there?” “That is the river, where we might be able to get something to eat.” Via answered with a smile. When they reached the river Via put her head in the water and had caught a fish. She threw it hard on its back face forward onto the ground. “Shego eat some fish so you don’t go hungry.” “Yes mother.” Shego answered excitedly. When she was done eating she left some for her mother, and waited patiently for her to finish. “Shego dear, I like to give you fishing lessons now while you are still young enough to learn them.” “Alright.” Shego said. “Now dear it might be a bit cold.” Via told her as she walked calmly into the cold river knowing that Shego would follow her. Shego went in carefully knowing how cold it might be. “COLD!” Shego yelled. “Cold! Cold!” Shego repeated over and over again as she jumped quickly back to shore. “Come on now dear. I told you that it would be a bit cold, but the freeze will be over soon, once your settled.” “But mother.” “No buts just come in and get used to it.” Via declared. “Oh fiddle fish.” Shego murmured to herself. She got in to the water and settled down. “Now back to the lesson.” Via said smiling at her daughter. “Put your head in the water and then close your mouth while under the water, keep your eyes open at all times except if the water your in is salty.” Via told Shego for the first step to the fishing lesson. “Now when you see a target stay calm and still. Then once the fish comes near your mouth, or feet, grab it with your claws, or bite it with your teeth.

Toss it on dry land so it can’t breath. If your prey starts to jump up and down trying to get to off land move it back, or grab it carefully.” Via told her. Shego did all that her mother had told her to do. Shego closed her eyes hoping for luck, and then all of a sudden a fish went toward her. Shego could feel it… the fish. “The fish is coming.” Shego said calmly, and then she opened her eyes and jumped for the fish. She sadly missed. “A good try comes in as a valuable lesson. My mother told me that when I was a cub about your age maybe a little older.” Via said as she smiled at her little princess and gave her a kiss with her tongue. “Lets go to the den Shego.” Via whispered with a smile.

The Great Prince, & Yeoko.

Shego was going to the meadow with her mother to visit the other lions and creatures. “Mother.” “Yes dear.” “Will any of my friends be there?” “I don’t know, but maybe some friends will be there. But I know who will be there, and it’s a surprise.” “Please mother can you tell me.” Shego asked looking at her mother, with hope of an answer. “No I can’t tell. It’s a surprise now, and will stay that way as a surprise.” Via said sternly at Shego. “Now we’re here, now careful, even the meadow has eyes of its own.” She told her carefully. “What do you mean it has eyes of its own?” Shego asked confusingly. “You will understand some day.” Via said with a sigh. “ Now let me go first, hide just incase of any danger, and do not follow me just stay here.” Shego did what she was told and waited for her mother to answer. Via sniffed and looked all around her, then she saw a tall cliff in the distance with a lion on top of it, and then she smiled at the figure on the cliff and then back at Shego. “It’s alright dear, come on out it looks safe now, there’s no danger.” Shego ran over to her mother and then they played in the meadow. Two butterflies came out of the grass, Shego stared at them and giggled. Via lay down on her back in the soft grass with her paws on her stomach as she smiled at Shego. Shego followed the butterflies and stumbled into the Sparrow family. “Hi Shego!” Said Raven, she was now an older sister of four little sparrows that looked a lot like Raven’s mother. “Hi Raven! Sorry Mrs. Sparrow about the stumble.” “It’s okay, since it was from you.” Mrs. Sparrow answered. “Shego! Come here!” It was Via’s voice. “I have to go now.” “See you later.” The Sparrow siblings chorused. “Coming mother!” Shego raced over to her mother as she saw a lioness with it’s cub that looked like a cheetah almost, standing near Via and talking with her. “Shego there you are, this Vitani and her daughter Yeoko.” “Hello.” Yeoko said sweetly with a smile on her face. Shego was shy, she hid behind her mother’s leg. “Shego don’t be afraid its just little Yeoko. Did you know she and her mother Vitani met you when you were just born?” Shego didn’t know they had met before, she didn’t know what to say or do. “Yeoko say hello to the cub again she must be still a little frightened.” Vitani suggested. “Hello Shego I’m Yeoko.” “Shego say hello.” Via told her. “Um…a… hello.” Shego said bashfully. “Well seems like you aren’t shy any more.” Vitani told Shego with a smile. “Can Shego and I play now momma?” Yeoko asked excitedly. “What do think Via?” Vitani asked Via to see if it was alright with her. “I think its fine.” Via answered with a smile. “Come on Shego lets go play on the small field with the rock on it.” “Okay, your it!” Shego shouted with delight as she ran fast up to the rock on the small hill. “No fair!” Yeoko shouted with a smile glancing up at Shego who was running away from her. “Can’t catch me!” Shego declared happily. “Can to!” Rumble… rumble… rumble! “What was that?” Shego asked. “I think it’s that group of lions running over there from the Green Thicket Pride.” “The what?” “You don’t know what the Green Thicket Pride is!?” Yeko shouted confused. “Yes…” “Run!” Yeoko interrupted. The Green Thicket Pride was running strait toward them! The two cubs ran fast as they could, but soon Shego stopped. “I’m going to follow them.” Shego said looking at the running lions. “Be careful.” Yeoko warned her as she ran over to her mother and Via. Yeoko told them what had happened and also told them about that Shego was going to follow them. “Oh no! Shego could get hurt. I’ll go get her before any damage happens.” Via declared in calm worry, and was off like a gazelle running toward the dust cased by the Green Thicket Pride. On the other hand Shego was doing fine following the pride and all of a sudden the whole pride stopped dead in their tracks, they all were staring at something. Shego looked at the pride and then got on a small rock near the leader, which was a tall lioness, taller than the others. She looked some how like Shego’s mother because they both had the same warm feeling amber-hazel colored eyes and the same tanish brown fur color, except that this lioness had her fur color a little lighter than Shego’s mothers. Anyway, Shego looked at what every one was looking at, it was a very large and tall handsome a middle-aged lion. He walked gracefully in front of the pride and stopped in front of Shego. Shego stared at him and started to form a smile at him. He smiled back and then his smile faded and he walked away. Via soon came calmly seeing that no one was hurt, or killed. She too stared at the tall and graceful lion, and smiled. Shego turned to her mother. “Why is every one looking at him when he came to the grassy meadow, mother?” “Because he is a graceful, royal, and very wise lion. He is The Great Prince of the Green Thicket Pride and is know as to be your father and ruler of the hole forest.” Via said gently, smiling lovingly at her daughter. “He’s my father?” “Yes dear.” “That means I’m a princess!” Shego declared happily. That’s what Yeoko meant! About the Green Thicket Pride! Shego thought to herself. “Now there’s someone I’d like you to meet Shego, she’s an old childhood best friend of mine and your father.” The lioness stepped forward, it was the leader of the Green Thicket Pride! “This Shego is Tazar, Tazar this is young Shego, Prince Henry’s and my daughter.” Via said glancing at her old best friend. “Queen Via and of course princess Shego, I am delighted to see you both.” Tazar said and then bowed down to her best friend and now her niece. “Shego we should leave now its getting late which means it’s time for bed.”

The Hunting Lessons.

It was a new beautiful spring day. The birds chirped and the butterflies danced. Shego yawned happily as she stared at her mother still asleep. Shego got out of their den and jumped on to a big rock that guarded the den. Soon Via woke up and roared a yawn as she stretched. “Shego come along now. We have to go out to the wisdom tree.” Via told her as she climbed down one of the tall rocks that hid the hidden trail to the den. “What is the wisdom tree?” Shego asked her mother as she looked up at her. “It is a tree where lessons are learned and taught, where discoveries are made, and when problems are solved.” Via told her. Shego was confused. What did she mean about all those things? Shego thought to herself. They soon walked and walked, until they found a big tall tree, to be exact it was the biggest tree Shego had ever seen. “Wow mother look how big this tree is!” “I know Shego. This tree is the wisdom tree, it has lived here before your grandfather ever came here and was rightfully proclaimed The Great King.” Via told her. Shego had heard the story of her grandfather and grandmother’s journey many times, because her mother Via, told her the history of their family on the night that they came home from the meadow.

“Shego I think you need to learn how to hunt, now at your young age.” Via declared to her. “Shego I need you to climb the wisdom tree.” Shego did what her mother had told her to do. “Now put your front paws on that tree branch over there near your right shoulder.” “Very good, now jump up and wait for me to climb on.” Shego waited patiently for her mother to get on. Via gently jumped on the nearby tree branch and said, “Now follow me.” Shego followed her mother through the wisdom tree. Shego did have a few slips and falls while climbing, but her mother was always there for her, ready to lend her a paw.

Finally the two lions took a rest in the tree for a short nap. Via dug a small circle in the tree branch, small enough for some leaves to be pushed into it to make two beds for two tired lions. Via walked into her sleep position, (which was walking in a circle twice,) and then laid down and fell asleep. Shego on the other hand couldn’t fall asleep, she was tired but just couldn’t fall asleep. She soon saw a monkey with its baby holding on to its back passing by through the vines. Then a lizard came by walking on a very small vine. Some monkeys in love jumped through the air together grabbing the same vine, the female saw a beautiful flower, she picked it up and handed it to her mate. Shego got up and a pretty butterfly landed on her nose. She giggled and it flew away. Via got up as she heard Shego giggle.

“Nature is wonderful, isn’t it?” Via asked her daughter with a smile.

“Mother how come I don’t see any other lion cubs here?” Shego asked.

“Well dear a lot of lions don’t live here in the forest, they live in the savanna, the grass lands.” Via said. “Could we go there some day?” Shego asked her mother hopefully. “Well I guess we can go now we are very close to the grass lands. How about it Shego dear?” Via asked with a smile. “Oh could we!” Shego asked in delight. Via gave a proud nod with affection and Shego purred as they made their way down the tree, towards the grasslands.


The two lions climbed out of the tree together. When they reached the grasslands Shego gasped, “Mother look! No trees except for some small trees and the grass is yellow and straw too.” Shego told Via wonderingly. “I know.” Via said calmly. “Now go explore the new wonders here in this world. I will be right here or hunting for some lunch, if there is any danger or you’re in trouble I’ll know, but if I don’t, call me or yell for help.” Via told her. Shego nodded understandingly and then was off.

Meanwhile another cub named Toko who was a young prince of a place called Great Rock that had belonged to his assisters, was watching his older brother Rocco talk to Yeoko, who was Shego’s best friend. Toko’s older brother Rocco was going to be king, but he didn’t want to be king and Toko was the only one who knew that. Rocco didn’t want to be king, because he cared mostly about being free, he didn’t want the wait of a kingdom’s responsibility hanging over his shoulders like a heavy weight.

Toko decided to go in the back of the Pride Rock kingdom to his favorite place, which was a pathway leading to the open savanna. He sat still smiling with his eyes closed and the wind in his face, until he heard a giggle. “Who’s there?” He asked bravely as he was also being cautious of an intruder. “Hello!” It was Shego. “What are you doing here intruder?” Toko asked her. “I’m not an intruder. I’m a princess, princess Shego of the Great Green Thicket pride.” Shego said proudly with a bright big smile on her face. “The Great what?” Toko asked confusingly. “The Great Green Thicket pride.” Shego repeated to him. “What’s your name?” Shego asked her new acquaintance. “The name’s Toko. What’s yours again?” “Shego.” She answered. “I’m one of the princes of the Pride Rock kingdom.” Toko told her proudly. “Do you want to play chase?” Toko suddenly asked with a shy smile on his face as he looked at Shego. “Sure!” “Your it!” Toko yelled happily. They played until Shego’s mother Via came.

“Shego time to go now.” She shouted. “One minute mother! Bye Toko it’s been nice playing with you.” Shego said with a shy smile on her face. “Yup it was fun.” Toko said with a big bright smile on his face. “Shego time to go now.” Via shouted once again. “Hold on!” Shego answered trying to stall her mother from getting her. “I hope I get to see you again Toko.” Shego told him, her shy smile still upon her face and then she left him, down the path.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll see you again.” Toko said with a blushing smile. “Now you come after I call you twice.” Via scolded firmly. But then she smiled looking down at her daughter. “He must have been worth it.” Via replied. Shego blushed. Yep he was worth it. She thought to herself.

Then they both left the grasslands back to their forest home.

The Sudden Tragedy.

         The seasons went by, including winter. But this winter made it Shego’s first and worst, and will change her life forever.

During the winter most animals hibernate and migrate, because of food and climate conditions. It was freezing in the forest. In the savanna though, very little of the climate changed, it was mildly warm. But the lions and other creatures in the forest froze and huddled together in their families and dens to keep warm. Since hardly any prey was out, Via and Shego would have to eat bitter tasting tree bark, tree branches, twigs and sticks, rotten wood, insects, and sometimes if it was available fruit.

         One day, one of the coldest during the end of winter, Via and Shego went out in the meadow. Via and Shego sniffed around eagerly for a hare’s den, since prey was very scare during the winter. Via sniffed, and she sniffed harder. Following the scent she found a well-buried hare’s den. In delight she called to Shego, “Shego, look! A hare’s den.” Shego’s eyes brightened as she galloped like a horse to her mother. “Now, it’s important for you to learn how to do these things, in similar circumstances. Do what I do, after I’m finished.” Via instructed. Shego sat down and watched as her mother gently unsheathed her claws, and dug around the hidden spots of the well-buried hare hole. Via stopped at what she though was enough, and stood beside her daughter that stared at her waiting for the next instructions. “Alright. Now, you give it a try, and try to reach the hare’s den and find your prize inside.” Shego bounced up in excitement and started digging eagerly.

         Via meanwhile stood, her ears on the alert. Then suddenly, Via’s ears perked up in alarm, along with her hazel-amber colored eyes widening. “Shego, Shego run!” She suddenly cried, as she heard the loud sounds of Mrs. Sparrow and her mate cawing out a warning of Man and his hounds.

         Shego stopped what she was doing and raced as fast as she could towards the thicket. “Shego run! Don’t look back! Just run!” Her mother called to her in despair behind her, after she looked behind herself toward her mother. She dodged logs, and upright roots strait home, the sounds of blasts from man’s rifles ringing in her ears. The howls and long dreaded barks from the dogs sounded even louder. Shego smiled as she imagined her and her mother outrunning the dogs. She heard another loud Bang! and the rifles stopped shooting, the hound’s voices slowed.

Shego had stopped when she reached home realizing her mother Via wasn’t behind her like before. “Mother!” She shouted. “Mother! Mother!” “Mother! Where are you?” Shego sobbed. Shego raced around the den in and out, and then in the thicket woods. But it was no use. Via wasn’t anywhere. Shego couldn’t scent her anywhere. Her body was cowered as she continued the hopeless search for her mother sobbing.

Then, Shego knocked into some soft fur hard, and bounced back in fright. She gasped. The Great Prince Henry stood in front of her, as he said “Shego you cannot be with your mother anymore, Man has taken her away. Come my daughter. I’ll take you home” Shego cried as she followed her father to her new home deep in the forest.

Shego grown up.

Many years passed and Shego had grown up into a beautiful lioness. She now lived with her father and the other lionesses including Tazar. One morning Shego was dreaming about her mother and the dreadful tragedy. “No mother! Don’t go! Ah!” Shego Shouted she was panting fast and heavily. “It was just a dream, a horrible dream!” She told herself. “Oh no! I over slept. Oh father will be angry with me again.” Shego ran over to Ruler Cliff, which was a tall big cliff that her father stood on for patrolling the forest grounds, you could see him from miles around on that cliff in the meadow. Shego ran fast as she could to Ruler Cliff, on the side of Ruler Cliff was a secret underground cave. Shego got in the cave quickly. “Hello, father.” Shego said in a grim guilty voice. “Shego you are late once again, I thought something happened to you and now the meeting in the forest is delayed by an hour. Now explain why you’re late to every one, if you would Shego.” “Yes sir.” Shego said gloomily. “I was late because I over slept. I’m sorry that I delayed the meeting by an hour.” Shego apologized yet again in gloomy tone. “We accept Shego.” Henry said with a smile as he put his arm over her shoulder. “May I go now father?” “I don’t see why not. You may go.” Shego happily ran out of the cave.

“Tazar she’s growing every second it seems to me. Do you believe she can take care of the family tradition?” “Do you sire?” Tazar asked in response. “I don’t know.” The Great Prince admitted and watched his daughter go.


Shego decided to go hunting. She was walking around trying to see where some prey might be, but right when she saw some prey she heard someone scream, “Help! Help me! Anyone please help! Ah!” and then she heard barking from Man’s dogs. Shego raced toward the noises.

Shego spotted eight of man’s dogs barking and leaping up at a lioness who was cowered on a tall rock in fright. The lioness seemed to have never seen a dog before, and kept trying to claw a few dogs that got too close to her, with a swipe from one of her agile paws. The lioness gasped as one of her back legs slipped on the rock, as some unbalanced pieces of the rocks crumpled off. Shego no longer watching then sprang into action.

Shego grabbed one of the dogs with her teeth and claws. She fought desperately against Man’s dogs.

The lioness stood and watched in amassment, as Shego fought the dogs. Shego was injured during the fight; it was her left front paw, she bruised it as she was rammed into a boulder by one of the dogs. Struggling to get back up on her feet, one of the dogs bite her bruised paw. Shego roared in pain and nipped the dog’s ear. With a yelp and shook it’s head. Two other dogs rushed towards her. Shego swat at them each with unsheathed paw. Then the lead dog a huge black hound, that had a spiral curved stomach, with unusual large leg muscles, rammed into Shego and bit into her back. Trying to shake him off, she slammed her back into a tree, causing the dog to fall off. A grey dog jumped onto Shego’s backside. Shego shook her back drowsily and then fiercely. With all her might she flung the dog into the boulder she had been rammed into earlier. Another two dogs came towards her, one biting into the severely injured paw. The other bit Shego’s other foreleg. Shego roared in pain and growled at them each. She bit hard into the dog’s neck that held onto her foreleg. The dog yelp in fright and raced away from her. With her right forepaw free, Shego swiped it across the other dog’s nose. The dog gave a whimper and shook his nose painfully, drips of blood splattered around. Out of all the energy Shego had left, she roared louder than she ever had before to chase the dogs away.

The dogs where frightened by her powerful roar. In frightened terror they raced far away, two of them knocking heads together. One of the dogs faced Shego shaking, and Shego bared her teeth and growl, and roared again. The dog have yelps of fright and join the others, running away in terror.

Shego cleaned her cut on her paw with her tongue. The lioness jumped down several small rocks down to thank her rescuer. “Thank you for rescuing me. Oh no your hurt!” “I’m fine….” Shego told her. “What were those cruel creatures?” “Dogs… Man’s dogs. What’s your name anyway?” Shego asked. “Oh how rude of me not to introduce myself, I’m queen Kiara, queen of Pride Rock.” “Oh I’m so sorry how I acted your highness, I’m princess Shego, princess of the Great Green Thicket pride.” “I’m glad to know you Shego, by the way you fought off those dogs really well.” Queen Kiara paused slightly and then asked Shego hesitantly. “What I’m trying to say is Shego, could you please escort me back to my kingdom? I’m… a bit… well, lost.” Shego smiled and answered, “It would be an honor, but one question, do you know a lion named Toko?” “Do I know him! He’s my son!” Kiara shouted with a bright ditz-like smile, and so their journey began.

Toko and Shego reunite.

Kiara told Shego about her story of her hunting one-day and had followed her prey which had been an antelope, which had run deep into the forest. Kiara followed it and got lost for two days, wondering around in circles. She had become hungry and had gotten tracked down by Man’s dogs.

       The two lions walked slowly each day and some nights because of Shego’s severely injured paw. Finally one day they made it to Pride Rock. “Shego there it is!” Kiara shouted delighted. King Kovu, Kira’s mate and father of prince Rocco, and prince Toko, was very worried about his mate’s disappearance. But then Kiara and Shego climbed up Pride Rock. “Kiara my love I thought we lost you.” King Kovu cried. They loving nuzzled each other. “Who is this?” King Kovu asked. Looking at Shego. “Dear, this is princess Shego, princess of The Great Green Thicket pride.” “Pleased to meet you, King….” “King Kovu.” Kovu answered. Then Toko and his brother Rocco walked into the kingdom. “Shego is that you?” Toko asked his old friend. “Yes, it’s me Shego!” Shego answered. They ran to each other, Shego had to limp, though. “Shego, I’ve missed you so much…what happen to your paw!” Toko noticed. Shego’s paw had a two huge scars on it that were deep. It looked like it had been shot by a lazar beam, and then covered in cuts, with the two huge scars in the middle of it all. It would never heal. “I got hurt in a fight, it’s a long story.” Later after a good meal, which was a meal Shego, had never eaten before which was zebra, (since where she lived the prey mostly consisted of tree bark, fruit, bats, hares, snakes, insects, apes, monkeys, lizards, and other small things) Toko and Shego took a stroll down the path where they had first met.

      Shego and Toko fall in love.

       “Oh Toko, when we were just little cubs meeting each other that day here, (sigh).” Shego told him lovingly, not being able to finish her sentence. “Look at the stars Shego, they look like a lioness smiling.” Shego pulled away from Toko. “What’s wrong?” “It’s just it looks… just like my mother.” Shego stammered looking up at the stars. “I’m afraid I don’t understand Shego.” Toko asked kindly. “ My mother died a month after I first met you.” Shego told Toko with tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry Shego.” Toko told her sadly. Toko tired to comfort Shego by nuzzling her above her chin, which helped. “Shego!” Squawked a voice, it was Raven! Raven was flying with Sika; he was Friend Owl’s son. “Raven!” Shego shouted with delight. Racing after her friend, leaping up to her in delight. The last time they had seen each other was Yeoko’s death when they had been teenagers, and Yeoko had fallen in a gorge during a rockslide and had gotten crushed by rocks. The Great Prince declared that Shego and Raven would never play with each other ever again, to the best friend’s despair. Shego had been all alone except for Tazar after that. Vitani had become completely devastated and had left the forest and Ronnto, back to the Outlands. A dry barren placed with hardly any prey at all. It was rumored that some lionesses that had once belonged to Vitani’s pride were still there, so Vitani had gone to join them and take her rightful place as ruler there.

       “We found the most coolest place come on!” Raven squawked, as she flew away. The two lions followed the two birds. They fell down into a small hole in a hill. “I never knew this was here.” Toko gasped. Raven and Sika flew down and dropped down flowers on Shego and Toko’s head. “Huh?” Shego said. A brown monkey suddenly appeared. “Hey every body, give me a… Five, four, seven, eight!” The monkey wasn’t the only one there ether. Suddenly all the animals started playing music. The brown monkey started to sing a song called, Put The Beatle In The Long. “Baby, run Beatle in the log, Run, running away…” Is what he sang. After the monkey sang his song, then he jumped in front of Shego and Toko. “Hey kid, come on and dance with this beautiful little lady right here.” The monkey pointed at Shego as the beautiful lady. Shego blushed. “Come on folks, let’s bring on out the classics.” All of a sudden he sang again. “Take me to love, feet on the ground heart in the air, in my chest…” Shego and Toko sneaked out of the hole together. And walked away into the moonlight. “I never thought I see tonight, that he’ll be my love some night.” Shego started to sing. “I never thought she’d act this way.” Toko sang away. “Now I see my chance to tell him, oh how do I start to say these words…?” How can I tell her that I love her? She is the one.” “Toko I…I love you.” Shego interrupted the song. “Oh Shego so do I.” “I never thought I see tonight, but now I know that it’s true, I love him tonight!” “She is the one! I know now, tonight I’ve found my weakness…” Toko and Shego sang and ran in the grass together in love, until they collapsed on top of each other laughing.

      An Unexpected Reunion.

       Shego and Toko ate some breakfast the next day with the rest of the pride. Shego was able to climb the top of the kingdom. Then she saw it, it was Tazar! Oh no! Shego thought. She rushed down the Pride Rock. But it was to late; Tazar had already asked King Kovu and Queen Kiara if they had seen Shego. “Ah your majesty.” Tazar said with a smile and bowed as she spotted Shego. “Tazar, what are you doing here?” Shego asked in a shaky voice. “Your father has been worried about you and very furious. He has made several search parties for you and it is my duty to bring you home.” Tazar told her. “I can’t go. I belong here.” Shego told her. “Shego you belong at home in the forest.” It was her father, The Great Prince. “Father.” Shego trembled. If he new about Man’s dogs, and about me and Toko all would be lost. Shego thought to herself. “I beg your pardon your majesties about our interruption.” Henry told the King and Queen. Later it was decided that Shego go back with her family and never come back to Pride Rock by her father. “I’ll miss you all. And thanks, for everything.” Shego called out while she left and was off. A tear trickled down her cheek as she saw everyone roaring goodbye to her. Toko looked longing at her, speechless.

      Man returns…

       Shego and her family went through many places, on the way Shego looked back and sighed but also saw something; it was Man’s dogs running into the savanna towards Pride Rock! Shego ran all the way back to the kingdom and fought off Man’s dogs once again. Wine, howl! Came from all Man’s dogs were those sounds. Shego fought off the dogs side by side with Toko and the other members of Pride Rock. Henry and his party followed and joined in. The dogs raced away in terror and never returned.

       Shego and Toko nuzzled each other lovingly. Henry watched his daughter and soon understood that she needed to be with Toko and rule at his side. Henry went up to Shego, and whispered to her in her ear. “Shego, if this is where believe you should be, you belong here. I can’t make you do anything differently.” Shego sounded astounded as she nuzzled her father in happiness. “Oh… father!” He leaned his arm over her back as a hug. Detaching from the hug, Henry gave a nod of approval to Shego and Toko’s relationship as they nuzzled each other happily. Tazar sat next to Henry and nuzzled him underneath his chin. They had very recently become mates and Tazar was expecting a baby cub or two.

       Afterwards they said their farewells, and Henry and Tazar left with their party back to the forest. Shego and Toko had become the new king and queen after Kiara and Kovu retired. Rocco was still a member of the pride, even though he gave Toko the right to be king. He had his own mate too, who’s name was Bonnie. Then one day Shego gave birth and a new circle of life began.

The End