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Everyone has one of these fancy disclaimer thingies at the start of their thingies. Lol ok so I don’t own The Lion King, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, or anything related to it. All rights are reserved to Walt Disney Studios.

Lol it was just for fun.



You Know You’re a Hardcore ‘The Lion King’ Fan When…




1)    You consistently refer to The Lion King and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride as TLK and SP

2)    Almost all you drew starting out was lions

3)    You’ve traced TLK and/or SP coloring book lineart to look like one or more of your own characters

4)    Your first character was a lion

5)    When you were kids, your pretend games revolved around TLK and/or SP

6)    You’ve learned to draw your favorite TLK characters meticulously well in the Disney style

7)    You’ve made at least one fan comic/story continuing the movies

8)    You’ve made your own versions of Kiara and Kovu’s sons/daughters

9)    You believe that the cub at the end of TLK was not Kiara but her brother/sister

10) You know who Kopa, Tojo, Chumvi, Malka, Tama, Kula and Ni are

11)  You have read the books the aforementioned characters are from (read the actual books or read copies of them online)

12) You know what The Lion King: Six New Adventures are

13) You refer to the aforementioned book more often than not as TLK:6NA

14) It drives you crazy when a non-TLK fan refers to a picture of Kopa as Simba

15) It bugs you when people don’t use the proper movie colors for any of the characters

16) You think Kimba the White Lion is a ripoff of TLK

17) You have an artist account on The Lion King Fanart Archive

18) You have read most of the stories in the text and fanfiction section of The Lion King Worldwide Web Archive

19) You refer to The Lion King Fanart Archive as simply TLKFAA

20) Your friends know what TLKFAA, TLK and SP stand for, even if they aren’t fans themselves

21) You’ve lionized all your friends and even went through the trouble of searching up Swahili names with special meanings for them

22) You’ve lionized your family members and went through the trouble of searching up Swahili names with special meanings for them

23) You’ve lionized yourself or attempted it

24) You know what ‘lionize’ means

25) You have a fursona

26) Your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is your fursona’s mate

27) You know what a fursona is

28) You have been active on at least one or two TLK-themed roleplay message boards at some point in your life

29) You hate it when people say ‘Lion King’ instead of ‘The Lion King’

30) You’ve drawn the characters from the movies so much you got sick of them and started making up your own

31) Years later you rediscover said love for drawing TLK and SP characters

32) You have so many lion characters sometimes you discover ones you don’t remember creating

33) When you were a kid you had at least one TLK-themed birthday party

34) When you were a kid your utensils were TLK-themed (for example you had a plate with Simba’s picture on it)

35) You had/have a host of TLK plushies, figures, and books.

36) Your favorite toys at some point in your life were said TLK plushies and figures (my faves were Simba and Nala and later Kiara and Kovu ;)

37) You’ve been to Disney World and seen The Lion King puppet show (I did when I was 4…that was like 94/95)

38) You pretty much became an artist because you watched TLK when you were little

39) Or it made you want to draw all the more (me to a T <3)

40) You’re actually writing this list (haha)

41) You have a biased opinion of who could be a couple in TLKdom

42) You’re prepared to start a flame war over said couple

43) You’ve made at least one original species that’s part lion or any kind of big cat that’s found in Africa

44) You know who Brian Tiemann is

45) You know what Lilymud is

46) You’ve made friends with people online that you know from TLKFAA or a TLK-themed message board you both roleplayed on

47) Said people are on your MSN/Yahoo messenger list

48) You’re 18/19/21 and have been a fan since you saw the movie for the first time when you were a little kid


LOL all I could think of atm….if anyone can think of more email me at