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The Valley was a beautiful golden hue from the sun as it was slowly disappearing behind the Cliffs. The same Cliffs that safeguarded this Heaven from the rest of the world.


The weird half lion cub half bird nestling sat on one of the small gorge walls that ran along either side of the Blue River as it snaked its way through the gorge and into the Valley.

He loved this time of the day. “Twilight” A bird had once told him.

To him, it was the best time of the entire day. Although he could not give a reason as to why he enjoyed it, he just did.

A slow smile of ease spread across his lips as he lay down onto his back with his wings fully extended along the ground either side of him.

He laid there staring up at the sky, waiting for the first stars of the night to appear.

‘The only problem with being half and half at the moment’ he thought to himself ‘Is that my wings STILL aren't strong enough to let my fly.’

“One day though. One day” He said to himself, shifting his body so the small pebbles digging into his back would move into a more comfortable position.



“HA! Tag your IT!” cried the 2 year old half bird-cub.

“Nhut-AH!” cried the female who was still only one.


She dove at him, but missed by centimeters as he launched into the air, not very high but high enough to keep in flight, and quickly flew away from her laughing.

“Ha. You can’t get away from me by flying anymore Bron!” she yelled at him with a smile on her face as she too launched into the air on a pair of brilliant white wings, which shone like beckons at this time of the night.

“You’ll have to catch me first Sas!” Bron laughed as he took a big wide turn into the gorge.


He flew right above the water and every now and then would descend just enough to dunk his talons into the almost warm, but still cold water.

“HA! Got ya BACK!” Sas cried as she landed on his back laughing, making him crash land into the one of the multiple deep holes along the River.

Water went everywhere and they both came up spluttering and laughing.


The stars were just beginning to come out, when the young bird cub could hear the echo of wings flying along the inside of the gorge.

He rolled over and crawled to the edge and peered down.

He got to the edge in just enough time to see a girl bird cub land on an older boy yelling “HA! Got ya BACK!” The boy bird cub could not hold both of their weight and had crashed into the water.

After they had remerged laughing, the bird cub started making his way down to them.


Once the pair had managed to swim back to shallow water, Sas slowly lent over towards Bron, and with exaggerated slowness tagged his shoulder saying “Tag your It. There” and slowly laughed as she shook herself to get rid of the water on her wings and back.

Bron joined in and was going to reply, when they both heard a rather significant splash.

They both turned to find the source of the noise, and noticed a younger flying lion standing in the River.

“Hi” was all he said, in a friendly way, as he examined the two others.


The male was clearly older, as he stood a fair few inches taller the female, he had the beginning of a light brown, which almost looked orange, tuft of fur for a mane, a dark chocolate hide with a lighter but still dark brown strip down his chest, with midnight black wings and tail. What he didn’t notice until later, was that each of the male’s wing tip feathers were a silver grey colour, as was his eyes, which stood out at this time of the night. He noticed that he had the same front legs as himself, the fur ending just above the knee joint, and was a hard tan coloured skin, that ran down to his talon armed claw for a foot instead of a paw, which his back two still were.


He turned to look at the girl bird cub.  She was almost the exact opposite of the boy; she had a golden tan body, with pure white wings and tail. She too had the exact same front legs as the others, ending in talloned claws instead of paws, what he also noticed, were that her eyes were mismatched in colour, her left was a beautiful floral green, and her right a warm butterscotch gold, very close to the same shade as his own eyes.


Both Bron and Sas looked at the newcomer with a happy look in their eyes and a smile on their faces, they were both glad to find another bird cub their own age for once as they took in his appearance as well.


He was a little bit shorter then Sas, with almost the exact same butterscotch golden eyes. He had light brown coloured fur that was similar to the beginning of Bron’s mane, which made his almost tan front legs really stand out.  A dark red strip of fur on his head betrayed what colour his mane would turn out to be once it fully grew, and his wings and tail were as dark as Bron’s dark brown hide.


“Hi!” Bron said, taking a few steps towards him through the water. “My name’s Bron, what’s yours?” he asked the smaller bird cub with a smile.

“Well, a bigger bird lion once called me ‘A Silver Bolt’, so I guess that’s my name.” He said looking from one to the next.

“Silver Bolt. Hm. I like it. My name’s Anasa” The female said, smiling as she walked forward to great Silver Bolt.

“It’s finally good to meet someone my size for once” Silver said smiling as he walked over and softly head butted Bron’s lowered head.

“You mean you have never seen anyone else?” Bron asked looking sideways at Anasa with a puzzled look, as she returned the same look.

“No, I’ve seen birds and big lion birds before but never one’s as small as you two.”

“Lion birds?” Anasa asked looking at Silver Bolt with a confused look.

“Yeah, us, half lion half bird, I don’t know what we are called, but I know we are half lion half bird”

“Okay, Okay wait.” Bron said with a smile slightly shaking his head, “We are called Flyers” he said the last word with evident pride in his voice. “And not JUST a bird, most of the bird side is Eagle, the best bird ever!”

“Fliers?” Silver Bolt asked, taking his turn to look confused. “I know we fly but aren’t all animals that fly called fliers?”

“No, no, no” Anasa said quickly, “You’ve got it all wrong, see, you’re saying it as if it’s what we do-”

“-but you’re meant to say it as if it’s what we Are, like you would say Lion. You are a Flyer, and the three of us are Flyers”

“Oh I get it now!” Silver Bolt said softly laughing. “So I’m a Flyer. Cool. Part Eagle. Sweet” He finished with a smug little grin.

“Well it’s nice to meet you fellow Flyers Bron and Anasa.” He said, smiling a little half grin at his two new friends.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Silver Bolt” Anasa said with a cute little smile.

Bron grinned at Silver Bolt and asked “Hey! Do you want to play tag with us? I’m It.”

“Tag? How do you play?”

“Well,” Anasa started, splashing water at Bron as she walked over to stand next to Silver Bolt. “Every one takes flight, and fly around in the air, whilst the person who is ‘It’ has to try to tag them-”

“-and if they get someone, they become ‘It’ and have to tag someone else”

“Oh, then I can’t play” Silver Bolt said, looking down.

“What?” Bron asked as Anasa asked “How come?”

“I can’t fly yet.” He said looking off to the running water beside him.

“Man that would suck” was all Bron said, looking at him with a sad look.

“Well, it doesn’t matter!” Anasa said with glee in her voice, we can just play it on the ground!”

“But how do you play it on the ground?” Silver asked, looking up at them with newfound hope.

“Same as in the air” Bron said, as he looked slyly at Anasa, “And Sas is now IT!” he said as he dove and tagged her then took off through the water, as fast as he could, splashing it everywhere, laughing his head off.

“OI!” Anasa yelled “Hmph” she said, and then noticed that Silver was still standing right next to her looking at Bron with a confused look in his eyes.

“Ha Tag your It!” she said as she used his shoulder as a launching pad and jumped to the path along the side of the river, and took off along it laughing as manically as a young cub playing would.

“Oh! Oi get back here!” Silver yelled, laughing chasing after his two new friends.


After Silver got Bron, then Bron in turn got Anasa, who got Bron, who got Silver again, it was getting rather dark, and although they didn’t have much of a problem just yet, mainly because of the extra sight their eagle eyes gave them, but if they kept going it would be getting well beyond dark.

The game of Tag had taken them out of the gorge with Blue River and into a dense patch of low trees and rather tall shrubs and bushes.

Silver was It again, and was slowly stalking a pair of luminescent wings through the scrub, which he knew belonged to Anasa. Bron was lucky; Silver had lost him through the trees, because of his dark fur he blended right into the background, even with the advanced eye sight, Silver Bolt still had trouble finding him, so he went looking for Anasa.


Anasa was lying as low to the ground as she possibly could, so hopefully if Silver walked past he won’t see her. At least, that’s what she was hoping for, and at that exact moment, Silver was in mid air jumping over the bushes concealing the un-expecting Flyer.

“TAG! You’re It!” Silver screamed, when he was still in the air above her, and he threw out his right leg to tag her on the shoulder.


All Anasa heard was “Tag!” before she let go of a scream and launched herself backwards into the air.

They could both see just how close Silver’s talons were to Anasa’s face, and with Silver trying to move them back, whilst still falling forward, and Anasa turning her head to the side, only made it worse.


When Silver had launched into the air to jump the bushes, he miscalculated just how close to the bush Anasa was, so he was landing way to close to her for him to have his front three talons pointing straight at her.

And when Anasa took flight, the only thing it helped with, was forcing Silver’s middle and right talons into the side of her face, just in front of and below her ear.

Thankfully the furthest right talon, which would have pierced her neck, only just scraped along the top of the skin, still cutting her, but not deep.  But the middle talon was slammed that hard into her cheek that the entire thing was almost below the surface of her face.  She screamed in pain and fright when they connected, but once she could feel the blood running from both of the cuts, down Silver’s arm and onto the ground, Silver could have sworn that the scream got louder.


Silver landed on the ground on three shaky legs, and the impact from it caused the two talons in Anasa’s face, start sliding along her cheek and neck towards the front of her face as if they were slicing through water, not muscle, skin and fur.

“Oh shit oh shit” said Silver really quickly when the blood wasn’t slowing down. Anasa just kept crying and she made the worst mistake she could ever have made. Even though when Silver had landed, it had forced the holes in her face into small lines down her face and neck. Anasa tried out of reaction, to move her face away from his talons. She did it with the much force that the middle talon moved just above and along her cheek bone, then slipped down underneath her chin and was dragged forward until it slipped up the front of her chin bone, and broke through the skin up till almost her lower lip.

She collapsed to the ground still squealing and crying.

“Oh Shit, I’m so sorry Anasa!” Silver said over the top of the tears. “BRON!” he yelled into the night as he sat down and started to lick the wounds clean, and try to stop the bleeding.  He knew, at least with smaller cuts, that if he licked them they would stop bleeding, but he didn’t know if it would work with bigger cuts like this one. He looked at Anasa’s face as he first simply applied his tongue to the start of the cut and just sat there.

Anasa’s scream picked up a few octaves and she tried to swat at Silver with one of her claws. He dodged it and removed his tongue.

“I’m sorry Anasa, but it will help it heal. I Think.”

“It hurts” Anasa said between sobs, keeping her mouth firmly shut so as to not stretch and hurt the wounds.

“I know I’m sorry” he said yet again, as a few tears came to his eyes for hurting a friend this badly.

When Silver had first started to lick the cuts clean, the blood tasted a little salty and had a bad sour taste to it, but by the time he could hear Bron’s wings bringing him closer, he was getting freaked out, because not only was the blood starting to taste good, it was almost fulfilling.


“What happened? What’s wrong?” Bron said as he landed and walked in front of Anasa.

“It was an accident” Silver started as Bron swore really badly, seeing the two gashes “How the hell did this happen?” He asked looking up at Silver with worried eyes.

“Well, I was It and could see her behind the bushes, so I jumped them to tag her, and she tried to run away, well fly away and my talons hit her face and this happened. Do you know how to fix her? I don’t want her to bleed to death” he said as he pointed to the medium sized pool of blood now forming around their claws.

“Well. Ummm, Oh! Water helps, it stings like all buggeries but it fixes it”

“Well, I have tried to stop the bleeding by licking them, the small one doesn’t bleed anymore but the big one still is, not as much but still bad.” Silver said, helping Anasa to stand and placed one wing over her body to keep her stable.

“Okay then, let’s take her back to Blue River” Bron said over his shoulder as he started walking, leading the way.

“Blue River?” Silver asked, still standing there with the crying Anasa with her head down.

“Yeah, the place where we first met, in the gorge” Bron said slowly down.

“Oh got ya!” Silver said, slowly starting to walk, making Anasa walk beside him, she had quieted down a bit, slowly getting used to the pain.


“Come ON Anasa! You have to put your WHOLE head under for it to heal properly” She had her eyes scrunched up in pain from the water, because she only just put the bottom of her chin in the water, and it hurt like hell.

With her eyes still shut she slowly shook her head back and forth in a defiant No.

“Come on Anasa, you have already started, you might as well finish it” Silver said in a friendly tone. “Or do you want the pain to stay like this forever”

“It Hurts” She repeated still keeping her mouth firmly shut.

“I know it does Sas” Bron said, walking into the water, purposely splashing water up into the gash. She cringed at the pain and tried to back out of the water, but Silver and Bron stopped her.

“No. No running, just get in there!” Bron said as he put one hand on her behind and shoved her into the deeper water. She managed to keep her head above the water, but the gash still got covered in water which made her squeal through her firmly clamped shut mouth, muffling it a bit.

“Ana, just duck under once” Silver said, starting to get slightly annoyed.

She glared at Bron for shoving her in, and turned to look at Silver with a face that said ‘Do I have to?’

“Just do it Sas” Bron said walking up to her and putting his claw on her back as Silver nodded a ‘Yes’.

Her face turned into a glare as she said “FINE!” which came out as “Mime!” through her shut jaw.


She stood there for a few minuets with her eyes softly shut, still crying. She exhaled one last time, took a big breath of air through her nose, and dunked her entire head under the water.

Bron and Silver shared a quickly stopped laugh as they could hear her scream, which kept going after she had ripped her head from the water after only seconds under.

“Feel better?” Bron asked with a chuckle after she had stopped screaming and was drawing in air like it would be her last.

“A little” She said, as she was practicing opening and closing her mouth so as to not hurt the cuts as much as possible, but still cringing at the pain.

“I’m sorry” Silver said walking up to her.

“I know, and I DON’T forgive you yet. Not whilst I still have the pain.”

“I know, and I don’t ever expect you to either. I’m sorry for being such a bad friend, it was an accident I was trying to tag your shoulder.”

“I know and you scarred the hell out of me! Ow”

“Dunk your head again” Bron said looking closely at the wounds again.

“At least they are not bleeding anymore” he said to Silver as Anasa dunked her head, screamed and pulled it back out again, crying softly at the new pain.

“Well it looks as if it has finally stopped bleeding, so we can now get out of this River, I’m freezing” Bron laughed as he helped guide Anasa out of the water.

“Here come with me, I know a good spot to lie down and look up at the stars.” Silver said, leading the way out of the River.

“Okay” Both Flyers replied as they started following their younger friend.


Once they were all lying on top of the gorge wall, in a triad on there backs, both males had their wings open and all three had at least some part of their head touching each other, Silver asked “I hope we can stay friends like this”

“Of Course we will” Anasa said, with sheer obvious tone in her of voice and a smile on her face, which turned into a grimace of pain and then disappeared “Remind me not to smile, it still hurts”

“Haha Okay. No prob.” Bon laughed.


They lay there for a few minuets, behind Silver and Anasa they could see Bron’s right leg raise into the air above their heads.

“Friends Forever?” he asked.

At the same time, Silver Bolt and Anasa raised their legs and all three said, just as their talloned claws touched;

“Friends FOREVER!”









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