Shenzi, Banzai, Ed or T?


1. Which would you rather have out of the following?

A. Zebra.

B. Wildebeest.

C. Impala.

D. Antelope.

2. You see your crush walking by, what do you do?

A. What crush? Males/Females, who needs ‘em!

B. You feel sweat forming on the top of your brow, but you still manage to look cool.

C. Say, “Hey cutie, lookin’ good!”

D. Depends on what mood I’m in, but I always check to see if my hair looks ok.

3. Someone confronts you about a problem YOU caused them in the past, what do you do?

A. Say “Sucks to be you.”

B. Say “Sucks to be you.”

C. Say “Sucks to be you.”

D. Ask them exactly what is was you did and try to fix it the best you can.

4. What do you do when somebody makes you mad?

A. Let ‘em off the hook for now, but plan some well thought-out payback for later.

B. Tell ‘em they better brace themselves because you two are gonna have it out, RIGHT NOW.

C. Laugh in a creepy tone and stare at them until they get freaked out and never bother you again.

D. Shrug it off, there’s nothing you can do anyway (unless of course it scars you for life, in which case BLACKLIST ‘EM!)

5. What do you do when somebody makes you happy?

A. That doesn’t happen very often; seeing as how I live with a bunch of idiots. Don’t hit ‘em I guess.

B. …Got me. I get a weird feeling, but that’s about it.

C. Everything makes me happy, but I try to make the person feel good in return with a nice joke.

D. Smile and thank the person.

6. How do you feel about human society?

A. …What the heck is that?

B. …What the heck is that?

C. …What the heck is that?

D. Stupid, pointless, and one day man will cause even his own demise. What else?

7. What is your catch phrase?

A. Too cool for a catch phrase

B. The ever popular “Bite Me.”


D. Don’t have one, catch phrases are for humans.

8. Name a thing you hate the most, then name two things you love the most. (And the thing you like better is listed first)

A. Lions; food and others having to listen to you.

B. Wimps; S.M.P.V.J.H. and food.

C. Anybody who has no sense of humor whatsoever; food and comedy.

D. Humans; Good friends and good food.

9. What characteristics are you looking for in a lover/soul mate?

A. What did I just tell you? I don’t need one!

B. Already have someone in mind, but not going to say who.

C. I like someone who loves to laugh.

D. It doesn’t matter as long as he/she’s nice and we have at least a few things in common.

10. What kind of relationship would you have with that one person?

A. Well since that person doesn’t even exist I’m not even going to grace that question with an answer.

B. I’d love them ‘till the day I died, and even afterwards. (But if you tell anybody I said that, I’LL KILL YOU.)

C. ONE person?! I’d give ALL my girlfriends (or boyfriends) the same amount of love!

D. A loving one, what else?

11. If someone offered you food in exchange for the murder of his brother, would you take it up?

A. Sounds a little messy for me, but with food sweetinin’ the deal what could go wrong?

B. Food?! Heck ya!

C. Me hungry! Me want food!

D. Are you crazy?! I’m not gonna commit murder! Besides, I’ve got plenty of food as it is.

12. What’s the best thing you like about the place you were born?

A. Hmm, let’s see… Well when ya get past the obvious the company’s fairly pleasant.

B. What the heck is there to like? This place stinks!

C. (Whimpers) I wish there were a better place.

D. Oh my birthplace is great, but let’s just say I had issues with my family.

13. What’s the most hilarious thing you like to see?

A. My friends beatin’ each other up.

B. The birdie boiler.

C. I find everything hilarious.

D. My cousin when she hasn’t “put on her face”.

14. How do you feel about lions?

A. The world could do without ‘em.

B. Man I hate lions!

C. Some are kind of scary.

D. They’re ok, although mostly we just try to steer clear of each other.

15. Is there anything important you learned from your life so far?

A. Yeah: never ever trust a lion.

B. Uh…don’t fall into a thorn patch?

C. It’s best to stay quiet in my condition, although sometimes I just can’t help myself.

D. Try not to get shot.

16. How do you feel about your true, honest-to-goodness, name?

A. Ugh, don’t remind me about my name.

B. It’s ok I guess. (Laughing) I’m probably the only one out of the group that doesn’t hate my name.

C. I love my nickname, but my “proper” name, I hate; I mean it’s so serious, where’s the fun in it?

D. Eww, I hate it. It sounds so stupid. In fact, that’s what it means! Don’t ask.

17. What do you do when someone mentions your full name?

A. Let’s just say you don’t see ‘em around anymore.

B. Not much offense taken.

C. I tell ‘em not to call me that but if they purposely do it again I make them sorry.

D. I give ‘em a little “warning” just to let ‘em know it’s not exactly safe to call me that.

18. How long have you known your friends?

A. As far back as I can remember, and I can honestly say they ain’t changed a bit. …And that’s not a good thang.

B. Lifelong, and it looks like none of us are goin’ anywhere.

C. For forever! Although there is our new member and I’m the only one who seems to pay attention to her/him.

D. Not very long, but I think they accept me and I’m glad I met them.

19. Have you known them long enough to learn anything about them?

A. (Laughing) Oh yeah! One of us is a total sissy!

B. Oh yeah, but sometimes I learn way too much.

C. You bet I do! Man, is he ever gonna tell her he likes her?

D. Not a lot, but I do know they’re not very fond of lions.

20. How important are your friends to you?

A. Well they ain’t perfect, and I really mean they ain’t perfect, but I wouldn’t say they’re terrible either.

B. Eh, they’re ok.

C. I love those guys!!

D. Couldn’t ask for better ones.

Random Question What kind of music do you like?

A. Rap and Hip Hop baby!

B. Rock n’ Roll, especially 80’s bands!

C. I like a lotta music, but one of my favs. would definitely have to be “Laughtrack” by “The Acrobrats”!

D. I’m sorry, I was too distracted by the fact that those three up there know what music is, but they don’t know what human society is!

Ok, let’s see how ya did:

Mostly A’s: You’re Shenzi; you’re the head of your own group. Although your friends can really get on your nerves at times, there aren’t any other people you’d rather be around. You’re probably popular among your peers as well and are looked up to for leadership at times. But if you had a choice, you’d probably give up that leadership to someone else but hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

Mostly B’s: You’re Banzai; you’re the most privileged of the group because you can have arguments with the leader. You’re also the only one who doesn’t hate your name although you like to poke fun at your friends’ names when you have the chance. Your luck isn’t so great however because mishaps tend to befall you everywhere you go. You certainly don’t have a problem letting out your anger but you may have a hard time expressing your other emotions, especially to that “special someone”. Maybe it’s time to admit your feelings?

Mostly C’s: You are Ed my friend; You love humor and you try to find even the slightest thing to laugh about. Although some may look at you weirdly at times your friends are always there to back you up and that’s all that matters to you. You think laughter is the best medicine and you think the world needs more jokers than geniuses.

Mostly D’s: You’re T! You’re the newest member of the group and you try to make a good impression by staying loyal to your new pals. They seem to accept you although your diverse origins make it difficult for you all some times. You seem to always stay on your friends’ good sides no matter what and sometimes they confide in you which makes you feel glad that you’re wanted. You’re also the lesser violent one but if somebody in the past really did a number on you, you don’t forget it.