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This skips ahead in time a bit. Basically, Zira showed Athari to the hyenas and scared them into working for her, and now we see what comes of it…

(again if you’ve followed me you can ignore this) For those of you who don’t know, here’s a list of the non-canon characters:

Athari – youngest son of Kiara and Kovu; resembles Scar

Swafi – oldest son of Kiara and Kovu; resembles Mufasa

Nefret – daughter of Dotty and Nuka; has a crush on Swafi

Akhil – son of Nuka and Dotty

Also, I DO NOT own The Lion King, Simba’s Pride, or any of its affiliated characters. This is a fanwork and a fanwork only. Thank you.

Now then, on with the story…

The day was peaceful at Pride Rock. Peaceful, at least, in the sense that nothing was happening. But the pride members still felt ill at ease as they rested in various places across the rock; an uneasiness they could not put away. It was as though they were of the same heart and the single heart they shared felt that something terrible was about to dawn on them.

The former king Simba, getting on in years now, was laying beside his mate with his head resting on crossed paws; perhaps the least ill-at-ease among the group because he was napping. His mane, tipped at the ends with gray, hung in his closed eyes. His ears twitched at the sound of approaching footsteps. Many, many approaching footsteps.

It was a sound that alerted the pride and they all tuned their ears as one to the approaching menace. All except Swafi, who swaggered out of the den close by to stand by his mother with his usual smirk, sporting a generous amount of dark, almost black mane across his head and shoulders and chest. He was bigger now and his already muscular cub body was beginning to take on more adult features.

“Hello Mother Dearest, what’s got you lookin’ so worried?”

“Shhh Swafi.” Was her only reply, that in itself was enough to alert the young Prince. He looked off into the distance, confused, trying to see what everyone was looking at.

“Dad?” He said uneasily. “What’s wrong? What’s everyone looking at?”

“Hush Swafi.” Kovu said without looking at him. Now Swafi was starting to get worried. He looked from one face to the next, trying to find someone who’d pay attention to him.

“Grandma? Grandma can you tell me what’s going on? Auntie Vitani? Grandpa?”

“Swafi be quiet!” Nala’s voice was slightly impatient. Frightened, Swafi looked around for his friends and noticed Akhil and Nefret sitting close by their mother on the other side of Kovu. Immediately he trotted over to them at a fairly decent pace.

“What’s going on guys? What’s everyone looking at?”

“We don’t….know….” Nefret’s voice was distracted; she too was gazing off into the distance. “But…but what-“ And then he heard it. Swafi’s multicolored eyes locked onto the distant horizon, listening intently with a look of absolute terror in his eyes. Those footsteps, they were so many and sounded like the rumble of distant thunder.

The noise shocked Simba awake and he looked drearily off into the distance. All he saw was a large cloud of dust rising up over the plain, and at once he was a cub at the bottom of a gorge, looking up in sheer terror as a huge herd of wildebeest came stampeding over the cliff wall. Coming right toward him.

But instead of wildebeest…there were hyenas. Hundreds of hyenas and at the head of them all…At the head of them all, Scar and Zira. Leading the horde. Leading the attack on Pride Rock. They’re ghosts, he thought. They’re ghosts! They’re ghosts they’re all spectors they’re coming to get me!

“THEY’VE COME BACK FOR ME!!” He screamed suddenly, catching everyone’s attention. “IT’S SCAR AND ZIRA AND THEY’RE AFTER MY BLOOD!! THEY’RE AFTER MY BLOOD!!!”

“Simba!!” Nala gasped in shock but her mate didn’t seem to hear her. “YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!! YOU HEAR ME?! NEVER!!!” And suddenly he took off running, running straight toward the wall of hyenas closing in on them.

“SIMBA!!!!” Nala screamed and she almost ran after him, but Kovu dove into her path and blocked her way. “SIMBA NOOOO!!”

“DADDY!!!” Kiara also screamed, but their cries fell on deaf ears. Simba never stopped running or even looked back.

Is that Simba coming to meet me? Zira thought with a gleam in her eye. Oh how nice! A homecoming party! She licked her lips. “We’ll decorate the balloons with your blood!!” It was simply too easy. Simba’s eyes had the look of a wild, trapped animal trying to escape and any rhyme or reason he might have had, any shred of common sense had disappeared. So he ran right into Zira and she found it was simply too easy to close her jaws around his throat.

Relishing her victory, Zira listened with a sadistic, sick pleasure as Simba wheezed out his last few breaths. She even fancied he was talking to her. “You’ll….you’ll never take me….alive…” He let out a gasping cough and then the great king’s head went limp in her jaws. She barely had time to release the dead body when she heard “You FIEND!!” and something knocked into her with the force of a freight train. Zira fought the creamy blur tearing into her with all the strength she had, and she was quite surprised, very surprised. She had never thought of Nala as much of a fighter, but the former queen was still a master of prowess and rage fueled her to fight, even if it were to the death.

As the lionesses tumbled over each other, a wildly spinning pattern of creamy beige and dark tan, the hyenas closed the distance between themselves and Pride Rock. And Kiara and Kovu and the rest of the Pride found themselves engaged in a battle for their lives. In the ensuing chaos it was as Nuka once said, every lion for himself. Every lion found themselves fighting for their lives, a dozen hyenas to every one lion.

And through the madness, through the gore, through the chaos, Athari wandered, too confused and shocked to know what he was supposed to do. It was as though he was a figurehead and now that the battle had become reality, he was no longer needed. He felt very lost and confused and it was hard to believe this was really happening. For lack of knowing what else to do, Athari cast his gaze heavenward. “Please…tell me what to do. Please…”

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my little baby brother.” Athari’s ears perked up at the voice and he looked around, trying to spot the owner. He knew that voice. He knew that voice like his own. If he could only….suddenly a mass of hyenas ran by. And there he was. Swafi was standing maybe fifteen-twenty feet away, looking the same as he always had except with much more mane along his head, shoulders and chest.

“Or is it….Scar?” Athari cringed and Swafi’s smirk grew wider. He began strolling toward his brother casually; in that moment it seemed the battle raging around them was a world away and they were the only two standing there. “See? You proved me right, didn’t you Athari? This is happening all because of you.”

“No!! No, it’s not!! Zira did this!”

“Now Athari, let’s be honest. Would Zira even BE here if it weren’t for you? Would our grandfather be DEAD if you hadn’t come back?”

“Grandpa’s dead?!” Athari’s eyes widened in horror. “No!”

YES. And it’s all because of you. This whole pride would have been better off if you had never even been born.”

“Shut up Swafi! That’s not true!”

“It is true. Think about it.”

“Swafi listen to me! That Zira she’s mad! I didn’t have a choice!”

“Sure Athari, just like you had no choice but to run away. Run away like the spineless little coward you are!” A strange feeling was boiling up inside Athari like he’d never felt before. Before…he’d just back away. Before…he would have just sat there and taken it while Swafi dealt him blow after psychological blow. But this time he felt anger boiling inside him and it was getting hotter with every word he heard. Slowly he raised his head to his brother, gritting his teeth with suppressed rage.

“Swafi. Shut up.” No fear at all. Just a taunting sneer. “Awwww, did I make the little baby mad? Is my widdle baby bwother gonna cwy? Are you gonna cwy Athawi?”

“Swafi, shut UP!”

“What was it I used to call you? Oh yes. Little Scar. Little Scaw, awe you gonna cwy? Are you gonna cwy like a wuffless cowood?”

“SHUT UP!!!”

“See, you are just like Scar. He was a weak and spineless coward and so are you Athari!”

“I SAID—“ And Swafi was taken by surprise when his brother suddenly tackled him, “SHUT UP!!!!” For a moment the two young adolescents went tumbling head over heels. To Swafi’s immense surprise, Athari came out on top and began clawing him across the face, over and over and over. “I HATE YOU SWAFI!!! I HATE YOU FOR EVERY SINGLE MEAN THING YOU EVER SAID TO ME!!! I HATE YOU, YOU HEAR ME?!! I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!” Athari was screaming at the top of his lungs, punctuating his ‘I hate yous ‘with a slap in Swafi’s face, claws extended. Finally letting out the rage he didn’t know he’d been suppressing all his life. And there was no-one to stop him. He just kept slapping Swafi’s face, over and over and over, so hard and in such rapid succession that Swafi could not form words to scream.

Finally, Swafi managed to work his back legs under Athari’s stomach and kick him off, only to roll onto his stomach and find his brother charging at him again. Athari’s teeth found the back of Swafi’s neck but couldn’t get a hold because of the thick mane growing there, and Swafi bucked and knocked him off like a raging zebra. And the battle was on. The brothers went around and around in circles, fighting each other for their very lives. This was no game, this was not a play-fight. This was a fight to the death.

Eventually it became evident who was the stronger and faster of the two. Athari began to tire and weaken, and he began to err in judgement little by little. Eventually Swafi found it was no trouble at all to pin his exhausted brother to the ground. Panting heavily, even with his face covered in scratches, Swafi managed to pull off his trademark smirk.

See? This is why I should have been the heir. I should have been the king, not you!!” Athari was almost too exhausted to understand what he was talking about. He looked up at his brother with half-open eyes. “Wha…? What are you talking about…?”

Don’t play dumb Athari!! You knew Mom and Dad chose YOU to be the king, not me!!” Now Athari was truly puzzled. “What? What are you talking about Swafi? You’re the oldest.”

But YOU’RE the king! Mom and Dad chose YOU over me! I know because I heard them talking about it!” Suddenly something frightening came into Swafi’s eyes that made Athari’s widen in fear. He was chuckling, showing off a sinister smirk as he drew close to his brother’s face. “But now you won’t. You won’t be a problem for me ever again.” Athari was truly frightened now. “Swafi wha…what are you-“

Say hi to Grandpa for me. IF you go to the Great Kings, that is. Which I doubt you will.” Swafi was chuckling again and Athari looked at him fearfully. “Swafi what are you-“ Suddenly it dawned on him and fear seized his whole body. “NO!! No Swafi don’t do it!!”

Say bye bye Athari!” Swafi was chuckling. A chuckle that turned suddenly into a vicious growl and suddenly Athari felt teeth clutching his throat. Cutting off his air. “No!…” he choked out, “Swafi please!!” But there was no answer. Only the sawlike pricking of his brother’s teeth. Athari made a few more pitiful attempts to choke in some air, noticing that his vision was sliding in and out of focus. The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was a huge hulking blurry beige lump…a beige lump with green eyes…

“…Athari? Honey?” I’m dreaming, Athari thought. I’m hearing Great-Grandma Sarabi’s voice….I wonder if I’m going to meet Mufasa too? But…no. Something was wrong. That voice was familiar to him, very familiar. Slowly Athari’s eyes slid open. At first everything was out of focus…

Ah good! The young Prince awakes! Hohoho!” A strange male voice, a voice Athari assumed was coming from the gray blob looming over him.

Is he gonna be all right?!” The female voice again. The voice that wasn’t his great grandmother but…finally his eyes focused, right onto the hairy, colorful face of the mandrill shaman Rafiki.

He was so close that Athari started back with a gasp. “Calm yourself young Prince!”

What happened?!” Athari was looking around wildly, but all he could see was the forest of legs gathered around him. “Where are the hyenas where’s Zira, what happened to Swafi?!” Athari swung around to find his mother standing behind him; the name had caused a grim expression to come onto her face. “Don’t….don’t worry about Swafi for now hun, you need to rest.”

But what happened to him Mom I gotta know!” Kiara stared at him for a moment, as if she were debating within herself. Then she sighed. “Swafi…Swafi is going to be put on trial.”

On trial?! For what?” Kiara’s eyes met his. “For the attempted assassination of a Prince.”

Eventually Athari learned that Zira had died a gruesome death. It seemed that when Simba’s last breath left him, it took what was left of her sanity with it. Nala described to a horrified Athari how Zira had gone stark raving mad and began killing anyone and anything that crossed her path, including her own allies the hyenas. The evidence of this was plain in the corpses lying in the ways all around Pride Rock. Thankfully no lionesses had been killed, though some had been injured severely by Zira in her bloodmisted rage. It took Nala, Vitani, Kovu and Kiara combined to take her down.

Kovu and Vitani seemed numb at the moment. Petrified with guilt and shock that they had had to kill their own mother. Kiara remained by Kovu’s side, helping the grief-stricken young king, and Athari listened as Nala explained to him that Swafi had admitted everything to them while he was unconscious. All the physical and emotional abuse he had put Athari through, right up to his attempted murder. Right now, everyone was too shattered to think about a trial. But some days later, a somewhat recovered Kovu presided as king over an assembly of all the animals in the Pridelands.

The proper punishment for shedding royal blood was instant and immediate death, but neither Kiara nor Kovu could bear to see Swafi die. Not after all that happened. So he was proclaimed banished. Banished from Pride Rock, and from the kingdom. As a great surprise to all, young Nefret chose to go with him, and Athari watched with trepidation as his one and only brother trotted away from Pride Rock forever.

As the sole remaining heir, Kovu chose Athari as the king to follow in his footsteps, and when the time came, Athari took his place as the King of the Pridelands. In time, he even took a mate, and had a daughter of his own, and under his gentle and kind gaze, the lands became peaceful once more.