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Based loosely around the Disney Classic, The Lion King.

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This is sort of a continuation of Two Worlds, alone but still with editorial help from Serine Hatake

A New Found Power

“Serine would you mind coming with me for a minute?” The Flyer said, walking towards the cave entrance. He stood around half a head taller than the lioness, and his torso was more a light brown than a savannah tan, his front legs that he had inherited from his eagle side of his physiology was a light tan which in compared to his pelt, looked a little yellow. He flicked his contrastingly white extra long mane out of his eyes as he ruffled his darker than midnight wings and walked out of the cave, disappearing with a flick of his long completely feathered pitch black tail.

She turned her head to look at the Flyer she was lying next to. He was the same height as the other, but was a completely different colour. His pelt was a light brown, his eagle legs were still tanned, but didn’t look yellow, he had an adolescent mane, deep yet still vibrant red and tree brown feathers filled in his folded wings and tail. She missed looking into his warm gold butterscotch eyes which still portrayed movement even if he was standing still.

“Will he be alright Elder Araju?” She called out, giving the Flyer a lick on the cheek before getting up and slowly walking out side.

“Silver will be fine, Mali’s not a threat any more, you know that” Araju responded from along the well worn path from Serine’s paws leading up to the cave roof. “Same goes for Gymara. And how many times do I have to say, you don’t have to call me Elder anymore.”

She didn’t verbally respond, settling for simply nodding her head in agreement.

Araju lead the way to the top and walked to the ledge and dropped his talons over. Serine walked over to the spot she had made from the many trips up here at night. She was facing away from the mouth of the cave, to a beautiful view of the Valley, The only river in the Valley and possibly the only river for a few days run in any direction, weaved its way between the hills and mountains as if it was trying to avoid hitting anything.

Without moving, whilst still on the edge looking out over the mouth of the cave Araju asked her “Do you know why you sit right there, facing that particular direction?”

Looking at him with a slight puzzled look she muttered “Um, it’s comfy? And the view is pretty good?” She was more confused with his serious tone than the question itself. Slightly smiling he turned to look at her.

“And what do you see in this particular view?” He moved over next to her and stared out at her view.

“Well all I can see is the Valley and the Cliff walls” She looked up at him but he didn’t move.

“And what’s beyond them?”

Trying to remember if she had actually been out of the Valley in that particular direction, the events of the previous few days kept playing through her head and she couldn’t concentrate.

“Here, does this help?” Araju asked taking the half step closer and brushed his foreleg against her side, and as soon as she felt his touch, her mind went clear. The events of the previous few days were gone; though she couldn’t remember what she was couldn’t remember.

“Yes actually, how did you do that?”

“Never mind” He said smiling down at her “Just answer my question if you can, and if you want to know that answer, its yes you can” She giggled and he chuckled.

When she tried again, it was much easier, though the last thing she could remember before the sunrise this morning was the day Silver, Bron and herself left for Cassandra’s, her mother’s pride lands.

“Your right again, I do know what’s out there, right there is where Silver told me he can jump the whole way to the top of the Cliff walls, and he almost made it with me on his back too, past the walls after a fair few days is my mother’s pride lands.”

“Good. Now I need you to close your eyes, because when I give you your memories back, they will flow through your mind as if you are experiencing them for the first time, and it’s easier if your eyes are closed, do you understand?”

“Sort of” she replied giggling and closed her eyes. A few seconds later the last couple of days played back through her head, whilst she was reliving her past few days Araju walked over near the edge of the cave facing Cassandra’s pride lands.

“I sat beside him for a full day?” she was surprised, it felt like one night, not two nights and a whole day. Araju turned and his green-gold eyes were shinning and inviting.

“You love him, to you it would have felt like minutes not hours right?”

Smiling she agreed with a nod. He smiled and turned to look out towards the Pride’s direction again.

“So, your mother’s pride is out that way huh?” He said more to himself than Serine. She responded anyway.

“Yeah, so I guess that’s why I face that way, but what does that have to do anything?” She felt like the question was leading up to something, not simply that he was curious.

Araju smiled and turned to face her. “Your right Serine, I wasn’t simply curious I am leading to something” he walked over to her and sat beside her. She leant down and rested her head on her paws.

“I wanted to show you something, well actually try and teach you something”

“Okay, cool, what is it?”

“Well, as you have already pointed out, you sat down in this spot facing this particular direction because your mother’s pride lands are out that way.” He unfolded and pointed with one of his wings. “But you only figured out your mother was out there AFTER you already sat down, so without you actually really noticing it, your body placed you in the direction of a desire you greatly yearn for. Did you know that this is accomplished by your heart trying to tell your mind to go that way, but your mind can’t rationalize the impulse so it simply ignores it, but because of the strength of it, your brain actually makes as much of your physical self respond, and in your case it tries to do this whilst your mind is at its most preoccupied state. True so far?”

“I knew the first part, but it makes sense, so go on” she was trying to go over it in her head quickly before he started talking again.

“Okay… …. …. Drat, now I’m lost, your mind won’t stop going over and over what I said” he laughed looking at her grinning.

“Sorry, I thought I have been getting better with the whole loud mind thing”

He grinned back and laughed. “No you are getting better, they can almost not hear you at all, but no one can hide their thoughts from me.

“Oh ha, yeah I keep forgetting your better than everyone else” She joked.

“Hey! Ease up on the ego bashing, it hasn’t done anything to you yet!” he countered laughing along with the adolescent lioness.

“Okay what I want to try and teach you is: Did you know that Flyers and only a very few other animals can actually stop their mind from ignoring their hearts and brains impulses?”

“Wow! No I didn’t know that. How did you learn to do that?”
Araju stood up and slowly started to walk around the small natural platform the cave roof made. “We didn’t learn it, we were born with it, that’s actually partly why we aren’t allowed to know our parents, but that’s another long story for another time, and that has a few more rule breaking stories in it. Anyway we do it naturally where as almost every other animal either can’t or has taught themselves or been taught to do it.”

“Okay but how does it help? I mean apart from the finding you dearest desire?”

“Well most Flyers just use it as like a guide, to say, like back to the Valley, to find their favourite berry bushes, things like that. Have Silver, Bron or Anasa ever told you a story, or even whilst you were with them ever got lost or didn’t know where they were going?” He paused and raised an eyebrow, letting her mull it over before continuing.

“Well now that you mention it, no actually” She laughed then suddenly stopped “Oh so that’s how Bron knew how to get to my mother’s pride lands, even though he had only been there once! And he only remembered because of her weird name and distinct cut on her nose!”
Continuing his walk he started nodding “Yes I’m quite certain he used this ability, and I want to see if I can get you to be able to do it too.” He paused right behind her and nudged her up.

“Okay to start off, without thinking about it, one way to not think about it, is to fixate on something else, like a good memory or someone’s face. Now close your eyes and walk to the edge in front of you.”

“You’ll tell me to stop if it looks like I won’t?” She looked over her shoulder at him as he sat down.

“Of course now close your eyes. And try it.”

She closed her eyes and thought of nothing except the wonder of the sheer strength that Silver seemed to poses when he needed it. She thought of the time he flew full pelt into the tree and smashed it, roots and all out of the ground and across the river. She stopped walking and looked down, she extended her claws and they didn’t connect with anything. She was looking at the ground below the side of the cave.

“Okay that was easy” she said turning around grinning.

“Haha now I know who made that bridge, don’t come back yet. Close your eyes, I need to pick you up for this next part, May I?”

“Sure” she replied. He opened his massive wing span and launched into the air. Serine closed her eyes before the gust of wind would make them water.

She felt his talons and paws grab her around the middle, and suddenly she was flying. In what felt like circles.

“If you keep going I think I’m going to be sick” she explained squeamishly after he completed another few spins after the second change of direction.

“Okay then, when I put you down, don’t move, just think of nothing but your mother, and when I say, think yourself to walk towards her, and whatever you feel just go with it okay?”He placed her down and landed softly beside her. He was quiet for a few minutes then finally said “Okay, now move.”

The whole time she had been thinking of the last image she had seen of her mother before she climbed on Silver’s back and returned to the Valley. Araju gave the order, and she told her mind to walk towards her mother, but just as she was about to move, she felt a sharp pain in her left side, and turned around to bite it when Araju suddenly yelled

“Stop! Now, open your eyes Serine.” He had a joyful tone so Serine knew what she would see when she did open them. She was facing the direction of the Waterfall in the Valley, but had her head turned to the direction of her mother’s pride.

“Wow, that’s creepy” Serine giggled as she turned to see Araju smiling at her. The sun was in his face and his green-gold eyes had turned a brilliant jade.

“You felt like something was biting you and the reaction was to immediately turn towards it.” It wasn’t a question, thanks to his advanced mind ability he knew exactly what she felt. She still answered.

“Yeah that’s right, it’s still creepy though” She smiled at him and couldn’t look away from his beautiful, yet cold now jade coloured eyes.

“Now” he said standing up, “Turn completely towards your mother, but this time I want you to imagine the kiss you gave Silver before walking out here to meet me.”

“Nothing escapes you does it?” she giggled, he replied with a grin.

“If anything is ever in your mind, no nothing actually CAN escape me. Okay. Kiss you gave Silver. Now”

She got quite excited when she pulled it off no problem again. “So from what I understand is this means I will always be able to find them, no matter where they are?”

“Yep, although I have one more test, I know you have absolutely no idea where Bron and Anasa went, so I want you to think of them and find them.”

She took a few minutes, but she ended up facing her mother’s pride lands again.

“Oh oops, I stuffed up I’ll try again” she giggled and quickly shut her eyes

“No it’s alright you were right” Araju replied looking out towards them. Serine looked at him puzzled.

“I understand now,” Araju explained, he turned his head to look at where Silver was lying in the cave as if he could see straight through the solid rock. “I never got Bron and Anasa’s location before all this. Whenever I would search for them, I would end up looking out this way, and I never knew what was out there. Cause the whole past day they haven’t moved the slightest bit, but now I understand why that is.”

“What you think they are at my mother’s pride? What would they be there for?”

“Here” was all he said, and he brought up the memory of the last time she saw the two leave.

“Silver left and followed them to the cliff walls, using your mind as a message sender-”

“So THAT’S why that picture popped into my head that day!” Serine cut in slightly amused.

“Yes, and he must have sent them there to watch over your family in case We, The Elders, or in my case ex Elder decided they should be killed.”

“Oh I didn’t expect them to go and do that! They should have stayed here; we both know they would have been more help here!” She had a stern face and was slightly annoyed at her mate.

“If Bron had been here, Silver wouldn’t have had to fight Mali and Gymara on his own, and I know Anasa would have fought too, and they both would have ended up hurt, but if all three got hurt, together it still wouldn’t have ended up as bad as it did!” she started to get teary and starting choking up sobs between each word “If, f, he simp simply hadddd ddnt beeen so oo o damn pro pro protective-”

“Hey Hey” Araju said, in a calming voice walking over to her, draping one wing over her body, he started digging through her mind for all of her happy memories, and was surprised that in her whole adult life, and almost all of her cub hood her most happiest memories were with Silver, so he picked out all the light ones, like their first kiss, and so on. “Hey Hey, it’s this I feel, is the exact reason he didn’t tell you, in case something like this did actually happen.” He just suddenly picked up on a key detail in her speech.

“Hey and just what am I? a ghost? I took on Gymara whilst Silver had Mali covered” this instantly sobered her up.

“Yeah, but you and Gymara didn’t even TOUCH each other, why didn’t you help out Silver by grabbing Mali like you did to him before Mali got there?” the memory played through her head but she didn’t notice, Araju did, and had a quick laugh.

“Wow, I didn’t know I grabbed him that hard haha he actually face planted oops, and as for helping, I was, it was thanks to me that Silver only had Mali to fight and not the both of them”

“And how did you help?” She glared at him, moving away from his wing. He folded it after a quick rustle.

“Well think of it this way, you’d go into a fight with your experience fresh in your head, your skill at the claw tips and your weight and power already built up in your legs, or in other words your greatest weapons yes?”

She squinted at him, not sure where he was heading. “Yes of course”

“Well my extra mind ability is my greatest weapon. Granted I still can fight, but this usually always trumps fighting.”

“Then why didn’t it help against Gymara and Mali? I mean why didn’t you drop them like you did Silver?”

Araju chuckled “That’s easy, Gymara knows what I’m capable of, and prepared himself mentally for the attack, and as for Mali, well unfortunately when he is concentrating extremely hard, like in a fight for example, his mind sort of protects itself with a impenetrable barrier and all I can do is just read his mind, enough to pick out his moves and give them to Silver, which is why he was actually able to last.” He watched Serine’s expression change from angry to grateful, to sorry as she slowly realized just how much Araju actually DID do.

“If Bron and Anasa were there as well,” Araju added “I wouldn’t have been able to help all of them at once AND keep Gymara at bay, and I’m not that good at group attacks, even with my mind reading.”

“I’m sorry Araju, I didn’t realise just how much you actually did do to help Silver. Thank you.”

“Gratitude is not needed little one, besides I did it to help you as well, so you two can stay together.”

“Araju, I have a random question…” She asked thinking of the first time she met him, not that long ago.

“Your so curious, well it doesn’t matter much now does it?” he chuckled “What is it?”

“I was thinking about your weird language, how come I can understand it?” she watched him chuckle.

“That’s easy, basically, it doesn’t sound like that at all, or at least it used to…not, now because we, as in Flyers and Landies, all talk the same language now, the old ways are slowly fading out, although it almost comes naturally, we don’t actually know the language so it has been mixed lol its come that far, that you hear the old language but understand this one” he laughed at her trying to figure it out

“…Okay I guess that makes sense” she giggled.

“Come on, let’s head back to Silver, but I want you to use your heart to guide you back. And keep your eyes shut. For Flyers, it doesn’t let us walk into or off anything nor stumble or actually miss our target. Though this is the first time testing it with a non Flyer.”

“Gee thanks” Serine said, closing her eyes. Thinking of her love she started off.