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Based loosely around the Disney Classic, The Lion King.

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This is sort of a continuation of Two Worlds, alone but still with editorial help from Serine Hatake

Favour for Friends

Do you remember what they all look like? ‘Cause I can only remember Saphira.” The Lightning Flyer finished yet another flawless corkscrew and turned his jet black wings to face his companion.

A sudden up draft caught the pair and lifted them another few feet into the air, causing his adolescent bright orange mane to fall into his eyes; he flicked it out as she let out a wind chime laugh.

Nice Bron, its okay I remember them all. Should I point them out for you?”

He playfully glared at her as they continued towards their destination.

He was what should be the age of a maturing adolescent into full adult lion hood with dark brown fur that covered all his body apart from just above the elbow joint down on his front eagle legs, which were tanned and hard as leather. His wings and tail feathers were jet black although his first primary remiges were bright silver in colour, as was his eyes.

She was as different as possible. She had a savannah golden tan coloured pelt, with pure white wings and tail feathers; her left eye was floral green, and her right a bright butterscotch gold. She was what looked around the same age, if not a bit younger.

Although despite their appearances they were both at least four times the age they looked.

They landed on the outskirts of the Pride’s lands amongst a rather large patch of low standing dense shrubs, only tall enough to hide them if they were lying down. The sun was setting, causing the Savannah around them to glow gold with a cool breeze wafting through, dancing with the grass as it swayed.

I feel a little sorry for Landies” Bron said as they landed.

Anasa lay down and slightly poked her nose out under the bush in the shade, whilst Bron landed and rolled into his favourite position, on his back with his wings spread full along the ground.

Why’s that?” her answer raised a dust cloud from the ground, resulting from her tired state from flying all day and not moving off the ground.

Well, they don’t get to see and live in Heaven; they get stuck out here, in the average drought that comes through more often than not lately”

Well all bar one” Anasa adjusted.

Yeah duh, of course I meant Purple as an exception” Upside down, he shuffled forward so he could poke his head out the other side, same as Anasa.

Resisting temptation, she raised her head to turn and look at him slightly confused she asked Purple?

Serine” He adjusted “Her mane colour is pink and purple”

Oh yeah” She giggled as she moved so she could lay her head back down, but this time on her claws.

They awoke the following morning and disappeared into the dark sky before the sun breached the horizon.

They flew around the morning, high enough above the earth that if any Landie looked up, all they would see was two buzzards flying in circles, looking for food. It was a trick the ancestor Flyers learnt as a way of not bringing too much attention to the ground animals.

The pride woke up on sunrise and went about their morning routine, the King awoke first and left to walk the boundaries, whilst the lionesses formed a hunting group and left, leaving the older ones to look after the cubs as they scampered about wrestling and play fighting.

Finally, after the King had returned, and the hunting party brought back three kills, did someone they were looking for finally show up.

Buru was leaving the cave with a lioness that had joined the hunt and they left in a direction that wasn’t used very often due to the fact they were walking through rather tall grass.

She was trying her hardest to keep his attention, and it was working extremely well.

Anasa noticed him first and pointed him out to Bron, slightly annoyed.

Why does he have to be with someone else who doesn’t know us?”

I know, but I think he should let them go for now, though we should watch, you know” he joked “Just in case she attacks him or something”

She glared disgusted at him “BRON! You perv that’s gross, and you know he’ll get attacked, but not by anyone intending harm” Bron just laughed

I was joking Sas, come on lets get his attention before they get too keen”

Actually” Anasa cut in “Let me, I think I know a way I can get him” She quickly explained what she saw in his mind the last time.

Okay go nuts.”

She concentrated on the memory she heard in his mind and played through it. It was only a few weeks after he had left on his own from Cassandra and Serenity. He was following a trail worn by use when a shadow the shape of a Flyer passed over him and he looked up and saw an Angel- “Mali!?” Anasa asked, confusing herself finally realising who he had seen.

What!” Bron screamed “Where!?” turning his head in every direction, he pulled off a 180 degree front flip, so he could survey absolutely everywhere around him, much to the amazement of Anasa.

No sorry it’s alright Bron, that’s not who I meant” She looked apologetic at him as he turned with an eyebrow raised.

Then who did you mean?”

Sorry, it was the Flyer who was Death before Jaaru”

Um, okay then, but why? Do you mean he’s here?” Still stumped Bron started looking around again.

No silly” She giggled “Mali was the Flyer that Buru saw when he was a cub….ish lion thing. Adolescent that’s it! So I take it you didn’t see the memory when it flashed through his head last time we were here?”

Bron shook his head “Nah I was in defence mode against Saphira”

Yeah that makes sense”

You gunna get him before she seduces him completely or what?” Bron suddenly asked looking back at their objective.

The two lions were walking past a medium sized Boab tree heading towards what looked like the start of a small forest on the very edge of the pride’s lands.

Well I think we’re already too late to stop that, I mean from the sound of their minds-”

-He’s keen as!” Bron laughed deeply “That dirty minded boy!”

Anasa started the process to get into others minds. She concentrated on everything she knew about him, his name, his relations, his physical appearance and how she was connected to him. When she felt the time was right, she brought up the memory of when he last saw Serine, but focused the memory on Bron and herself.

Bron was watching Buru, and was paying close attention to his mind.

When Anasa snapped out saying she had done it, he was surprised, Buru hadn’t even responded to the alien thought in his head.

Are you sure it worked?”

Yeah I’m positive, I felt his mind agree, even though there was nothing to agree to, it was weird, I think other Flyers have been in his mind before, that must be why he wasn’t as weirded out by us last time and now.”

Bron nodded his head in agreement, “Let’s land behind that thick tree, that way the lioness won’t see us”

Buru paused after the memory had played thorough, he knew that they were near, he looked at the lioness; and he knew he wasn’t to bring her with him.

What’s wrong Bu? Having second thoughts? You said you wanted me” she joked trying to get to the cover of trees quicker.

Ha of course I want you, how about this, you head in there, and I’ll be in there in a minute, and make it a little surprising alright?”

She giggled her agreement and headed off to the trees, flicking her tail to give Buru a good incentive to follow quickly.

He grinned as he turned and walked back the way he came. A small rock landed a little to his right, and when he looked up he could see the silent female from the reunion with Serenity standing behind the Boab tree. He walked towards her asking; “What do you want? Is Serenity here?” he sat down a few feet from her.

Approaching more silent than death itself, Bron walked up the right side of Buru and spoke in his ear.

We have a few questions” Bron knew what it would do and held back a laugh.

Bron’s silent approach followed by the sentence scarred Buru to the core, he went instantly into defensive mode and launched himself away from both Flyers and spun into a fight stance.

It unnerved him when the two Angels didn’t even respond to his movement; they just stood there waiting for the lion to calm down.

Okay geez” He tried to disguise a shiver by shaking his mane out. “So what did you want to know? And why come to me?”

Buru was still on the defensive watching the male Angel to take in any of the female, and was surprised when she spoke first. From his first glance at her, and from the previous time he had seen her, he had imagined that her voice would be a little rough, a bit like her appearance and attitude with the scar running down her cheek and up her chin. He expected a monotone undercurrent from the rough female, but his perspective of her changed when she spoke. Her voice was soft and tingled as if it was water running fast through sticks and rocks as they bumped against each other. It reminded him of a quiet night next to a girl he was with once, of the smile he received from the Queen when he offered his service to the King from a pride long ago. It reminded him of Serenity.

We want to know if you have seen any other Angels apart from us, between now and when we last revealed ourselves to you.” She stood up and walked to stand beside Bron.

To know of any takings of life or sudden disappearances within the explained time frame within your pride” Bron finished.

Buru had trouble trying to remember what the key details of the two questions were, he couldn’t get his mind or eyes off the female, at first he didn’t think that she was that exceptional, but now for some reason he couldn’t believe how absolutely stunning she was.

Uhhh no, no angels have come past since you brought Serenity last time, and no, no one has been murdered or disappeared. Someone got exiled” he suddenly remembered “And rather unjustly too, but nothing like what your talking about. Why? What’s it to you?” He directed the question at Bron but still hadn’t stopped looking at everything about the female, the shape of her face, the way she held her ears, one just slightly lower than the other.

Very well” The two angels replied in unison, the high bass and low tinkle mixing well together, and they both launched straight into the air and vanished.

Finally coming out of his daze he laughed at himself. “Wow, she was gorgeous!” he chuckled, still thinking about her as he headed back to the pride’s shelter, completely forgetting about the lioness in the forest.

Bron beat Anasa to the height where they were no longer identifiable from the ground and waited for her to catch up.

Well I got nothing, how ‘bout you?” they flew in a wide circle around four feet from each other, enforcing the buzzard effect.

Well he wasn’t lying and I couldn’t find anything either. You know” She added after a thought “I wouldn’t mind Dad’s power, that’s awesome, plus it would’ve been extremely helpful at the moment”

Yeah not wrong” he laughed. They continued in the buzzard formation as a powerful draft dragged them off course for a few minutes before Anasa folded her wings and dropped out of it, indicating with her head for Bron to follow.

He stayed in the draft till Anasa actually started flying away before following her. He could hear her saying that they should do what Silver had asked and keep watch on all three of Serine’s, if not by blood, family members.

Three days of watching the pride past before Bron couldn’t take it anymore. It was minuets before sunrise and they had just woken up ready to fly for another full day again.

They don’t DO ANYTHING!” He growled

Who cares?” Anasa countered, to herself mainly as Bron wasn’t listening “At least we haven’t had to fight off Mali yet.”

-They get up” Bron continued, impervious to Anasa’s interjection “some get a drink at the water hole, some go hunting the rest basically sleep all freaking day under that rock shelter for a den, they get a drink at the end of the day then go back to sleep!” during his rant he was walking in circles around the little patch of dirt between the shrubs they were calling home for the past few days, Anasa was sitting in the middle getting dizzy from the rings Bron was making. She rolled her eyes and Bron just kept ranting “-Like they could at least MOVE during the day or do something! The only ones who do stuff each day are the King and Buru, because at least they check the borders every day! You know,” he paused to look at Anasa “I ALMOST wish Mali would show up, then at least WE would have something to do!”

You don’t mean that you idiot” Anasa said in a firm tone “Besides you said to Silver you’d do anything remember?”

He looked at her with a ‘Yeah right!” look on his face “I never said that!”

Anasa just raised her eyebrows and shook her head “You laughed, and we all know that you laughing is you saying ‘yeah sure no problem’ correct?” she laughed when he just shook his head and continued the circles.

Yeah true, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to complain about it!”

She laughed again, as Bron’s orange mane just got illuminated. She looked out as the sun cracked the horizon and started repainting the savannah gold instead of black. “Come on let’s go do our rounds” She laughed at his groan and launched into the air, she looked back down to watch Bron.

Instead of just jumping into the air, he jumped over the bushes and ran towards a rather large rock. He hit it at speed with his wings open, and used it as a launching pad and shot into the sky twenty feet in front of her. “Show-off!” she screamed laughing as they headed towards the pride.

They watch over the pride for another two days, without much of Flyer influence worrying them. Buru told Cassandra that they had ‘appeared’ to him again, and she was extremely excited thinking that Serine was back, but once he told her the reason and his own guessed real reason for their appearance she sulked for the two days, although she had to hide it around the pride, she stayed with Saphira for most of the time whilst Buru would periodically join them. Bron got a good laugh on the first day there, Buru’s ‘friend’ he left and forgot about in the forest came back that night with the foulest mood, and she slapped him hard across the face, without sheathing her claws.

Bron and Anasa both agreed, that after the full week, plus the four days flight to get here, that the danger Mali posed was gone, for the Elders would have sent him by now if they agreed to it. So they got up on the last day, and left the sorry spit of dirt and headed back to Heaven.

Oh my back flipping flying god! I. Am. So glad. To be going home!” Bron exclaimed as they passed over the prides border, heading for the Valley.

But I thought you liked travelling?” Anasa sarcastically asked laughing.

Yeah Boo ya right there, ‘travelling’ I love it, but staying in one place that’s NOT the valley for THAT long is absolutely boring as!”

They flew all day and landed after the sun had set, they were on a small hill underneath a tree that had a rather familiar feel to it.

I think I’ve been here before...” Bron explained looking around as Anasa was lying down to sleep.

Really? Congratulations. I’m tired, night.” She mumbled closing her eyes and was gone.

...Night” Bron replied, trying to remember why it felt so familiar.

Anasa woke up in the morning alone, she was about to get up to look for Bron when she noticed a hastily scrawled message in the dirt in front of her, it was hard to make out, but she got the gist of it.


I rem mb ed why it wa fami iar, i'll be r ht back


Haha idiot” she laughed, removing the runes from the ground with a sweep of her tail as she walked over it.

She took to the skies and circled low, searching for him.

Mid morning she found him talking to a lioness, which looked apparently pride-less, seeing that there wasn’t one for a while around. She flew directly in line with Bron and the sun, so her shadow draped over only him.

He got the message, and gave his farewell to the lioness.

Anasa turned for home and let Bron catch up.

Since when do you have a Landie friend?” She asked when he caught up.

Oh” he just laughed “Since the last time we flew to Cassandra’s pride lands, we stayed at the same place, and she came up because she could smell the food”

How come you didn’t vanish or act godly?” she turned in time to see him shrug.

Well she had never heard of Angels before so we acted pretty casual, her name is Fayhari if you wanted to know”

Well that’s lovely, are you going to mate up with her like Silver too? Maybe I should go out and find some young strapping Lion for myself? I saw one in a forest not too long ago, and he looked rather complacent, not being in his naturally surroundings”

Ooooh Jealous much? Hahaha you can be so judgemental sometimes”

She flew at him and swung her talons at him, but he just banked off and she hit nothing but air.

So what if I am? I’m allowed to be after what we went through that whole darn week”

See I knew you hated it too!” Bron laughed as he flew back closer, knowing she wasn’t going to actually hit him.

Yeah whatever!” She rolled her eyes and let the high altitude winds carry her towards her home.

They landed in the late afternoon, and Bron left to find some meat whilst Anasa went looking for berries.

Bron came back successfully with a small zebra, but Anasa couldn’t find any.

Hey Bron?” she asked after they had finished, even though more than half of the carcass was remaining.

Yeah?” He was a little distracted by a feeling in his gut trying to tell him something.

Do you feel okay? Because I’m feeling a little off, I feel like getting back up and continuing home. It’s weird”

Okay that’s freaky, because I feel the exact same way”

You don’t think something is wrong in the Valley?” Anasa started getting worried about Silver and Serine, and Bron was thinking along the same lines.

They started chucking ‘What If?’ questions between each other, and got so worked up they decided to just fly the rest of the trip home without stopping again.

The closer they got to the Valley the worse the feeling got.

Bron, I think I’m going to be sick” Anasa said as they were flying over the last mountain before they could see the Cliff walls on the horizon.

I know, this is messed up, something must be really, really wrong we got to get there faster!”

They could see black grey storm clouds in the Valley once they got close enough that the walls became formidable compared to huge. They could feel the cold even though they were still many minutes flight the walls themselves. They forced their wings to beat harder and faster.

At the exact same times, both Bron and Anasa experienced the receiving end of what they could do to others, they both felt something or someone touch their mind and surprised them by talking to them.

Anasa, Bron, Don’t be alarmed, it’s me, Araju, I will explain more later, I suggest you land right inside the walls and walk to Silver’s cave, the storm gets really bad the closer you get and we need you conscious Bron.

Do not go anywhere else, we have something of great importance to tell you, but it can’t be like this. We’re inside the cave. Be safe and see you shortly.’

Ah Bron, did you...” Anasa was dumbstruck as she looked over at Bron; they descended and landed on the cliff walls with a bit of trouble from the strength of the winds.

Yeah, Araju inside your head too?” He asked “I didn’t know that he could do that”

Neither. We’d better hurry, it sounds important. I hope everyone is okay” Anasa walked to the edge and dropped off to land softly below as Bron followed. They both gritted their teeth at the cold and the stinging of the rain as they headed towards Silver’s, well now Silver and Serine’s cave...