A Jedi's Destiny

Story by: King Buster of www.lionking.org Fan-fic forum and TLK chat.



(c)This story does not in any way infringe on the Lion King and Simba's Pride franchise in any way. There for this story was made not to make money and not to overide any copy right laws placed by Disney and company.

Chapter 1

The Begining

Shortly after World War II, a corporation by the name of X began experimental studies on the animals of Africa and discovered a way to convert a normal human being in to a lion and or other creatures that were brought back by various raids on places like Kenya. Now some 50 years later, the same corporation has converted two men in to lion's. Corp. X hopes to find out any way to breed half human/lion mix's to substitute for loss of manpower in wars and peace battles.

Pride Lands 1997

Simba and Nala just celebrated the birth of their daughter Kiara. Every thing was going to plan in the ceremony until a dark and distant figure appeared in the distance.

He Slowly walked to a strange rock figure that had so many creatures gathered around it. "Now what is all of this for? Why are all of those animals around that rock any way?" He thought to him self as he looked down at a vid screen that was surgically implanted by his corp. He continued to go father a head and stopped due to a noisy beeping on the implant. He looked at it and saw that the Atom Reconstructed was ready to begin its job. "Not now you stupid thing!" He yelled. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!" He moaned in pain. He fell to the ground and started to scream like he was a pregnant woman giving birth, but in his case it was not giving birth. He was changing!

Zazu's attention was distracted as Rafiky presented Kiara to the animals. "Sounds Like creature giving birth out there" he said into Simba's ear. "What, where?" Simba replied. "Over there sir". Zazu reported. "Go see what the problem is then wilya, I'm kind of busy here" Simba Ordered.

When Zazu got to the location of which he thought he saw the creature. There was nothing in sight but an odd looking bluish material on the ground covered with the words "CORP. X". Zazu returned to pride rock after an extensive search of the area. He now was in a meeting with Simba. "I'm sure a saw at least a Lion sir" He said to Simba. "Ok then, what is this talk about a bluish material?" Simba asked. "It had the words CORP. X on it. There was a little blood on the Blue thing though" Zazu said. (King Buster smiling at his new look after his conversion. Ursula of TLK Chat created this picture)

***Now the movie Simba's Pride kicks in***

Chapter 2

Zira's Alive!

After Kiara and Kovu were married, the pride lands were peacefully quite. The once elegant Zira was found barely alive by the stranger that had appeared only when Kiara was presented. He picked her limp body up and started to find his way back to the conversion site. The site for 17 months had been his home. When he found it, Zira was starting to wake up. He put her down and left without a word in search of something for her eat.

Zira finally opened her eyes after hours of pain and suffering due to the vultures that circled her when the stranger found her. She looked at the ceiling of the cave she was in for a long time until she heard a voice out side. "Who are you" the voice asked. "I'm the master of this cave" Another voice said. "Is there any one else in that cave mister……." "Buster, my name is Buster Tiberious" The one said again. "And, no there is no one in side the cave" Buster said. "Ok, carry on" the first voice said.

Zira backed up against the wall of the cave when this Buster T. entered the cave. He sat down and turned to face Zira and passed her a chunk of meat. She hesitated for a couple of seconds and then leaned forward and took the piece of meat into her mouth. She went back to the wall and slowly started to eat the meat. "My name is Buster, What is yours?" he asked. "M-my name is Zira" She squeaked out under her eating frenzy. "Why did you save me?" Zira asked. "It's my nature to help others in need. In fact when I saved you, I noticed who attractive you were" Buster said. "Attractive? Me attractive!?" she laughed with an al most upset way. "Yes attractive" Buster replied. "But look at me! All mangled and stuff!" She Yelled. "Ah that's just little minor reflections of a great and attractive Lioness" Buster said with ease. "But why do you think I'm attractive?" Zira asked wide eyes. "Because of all the time I have spent here hiding in the shadows down wind of that idiot Simba. Y! ou're the first lioness I love for what I have read in the eyes of Simba and Nala of how much you were powerful and graceful at Team work in a pride, that's why Zira" Buster Said. With those words, Zira got up and walked over to Buster. She nuzzled up against Buster's side and laid back down at his side.

United States/. White House

"Now every one are you sure buster has not replied to the orders given to him over the last 14 months?" The President of the US asked his legislature. "Mr. President, as a representative of CORP. X. Yes Capt. Buster never replied to any transition's over the covert Ethernet system supplied by Canada's Prime Minister and the CIA" A man said as he got up in the last row of the meeting room. "Is that true Mr. Valekahn?" The secretary of defense asked as he looked at the print outs of Buster's Geographic location. "Yes it's all true Mr. Deker. It's apparent that he has changed into the lion that was electronically stored in the vid screen computer. It's also known that he has achieved the respect of a lioness as well" Mr. Valekahn reported to the Secretary of defense. The president then made a funny strange face spoke "When you say, achieved the respect of a lioness. Are you hinting that Capt. Buster has found a mate down there as a lion?" Mr. Valekahn paused for a moment. "M! r. President. He indeed has found a mate, but this is not for certain. Now for example, a pride consists of an alpha lion like we categorize the lead male of a wolf pack. This lion may chose to breed with any member of the lioness's of the pride and therefore makes a, if you will, feline pack of the same value" explained Valekahn. "This is stupid! This meeting is over gentlemen. If you want to speak to me on this idiotic topic, forget it!" The President yelled.

With those words, the meeting was over and the men that were at the meeting left for their homes. Instead of going home, Mr. Valekahn stayed at the White House. Around 10 PM that same night, he slipped in to a highly restricted area and started work on his anti lion system. Under the noise of the welding rod, he spoke. "Buster, my dear-dear friend. Your as good as dead!"

Pride Lands

Simba was having a hard time when he heard of Zira not being dead.

Chapter 3

The rising of Outlander rock

Some where in the barren wastelands called the outlands, buster took his mate Zira to found a pride of their own. This area was north of pride rock and was once a long time ago a safe and green area until the drought of 1941 struck with tremendous power to the area surrounding it. Buster believed that Simba's bloodline dated back to east part of the area.

"Buster! Were the hell are we!!?" Zira yelled over the cries of a sandstorm. "We have just a little more to go until we reach the north area's center! Hang in there, luv!" Buster said in a low and compassionate tone to erasure Zira. Buster and Zira continued to walk into the on coming sandstorm for 2 more painful hours. After the sun had gone down 4 hours earlier, buster and Zira came to a wide patch of sand that had no signs of the storm due to a huge up rooted tree. Buster told Zira to go under the tree and wait for him to return with some food.

Zira was under the tree for almost 12 hours of waiting for Buster to return with the food he promised so many hours ago. "I wonder if he is hurt or some thing? Will Buster return? Will I bear many cubs with him? Return Buster, please return!" she started to think while a tear was forming in her right eye. Just when she was going to bawl out, Buster appeared in the distance with a couple of hornbill birds in his mouth. He crept in under the tree and passed one of the birds to Zira who was trying to conceal her emotions.

"Is there something wrong, Zira?" Buster asked with wide eyes. Zira looked up at Buster. "No there is nothing wrong" She replied. "Good, get that bird in your stomach and get some sleep, because tomorrow you be come the first queen of hell rock" Buster announced. "Ha. The name of our throne sure matches our kingdom" Zira laughed as she feel asleep. She put her head on buster's folded paws and quietly nodded off for the night.

Pride Lands next morning. Nala shook Simba wake while Zazu was reporting that a sandstorm was on it's way to the pride lands. She finally kicked him in the gut, which got him awake. "Owww! What was that for!!?" he yelled as he rubbed his stomach. "Zazu, tell him of the sandstorm" Nala commanded. "Sir! There is one hell of a sandstorm coming this way!" Zazu yelled. "What! Have every animal go to the safe part in Rafikies tree!" Simba ordered.

With in a few hours to spear, most of the animals were hiding in the huge tree of the crazy Baboon. Simba was listening for the storm when he heard a voice come from the sky. This time it was not his father. "Taste the bitterness of defeat Simba!" As it faded away, the storm hit. The howling went on for days. Nothing to eat, no water and not one ounce of fresh air to breathe in. Nala crawled over to her husband and started to sob. "Simba? (SOB!) Will we make it? I can't stand it any more! (SOB) I need water and food! (SOB)" Simba looked down at Nala who now was in a full frenzy crying session. "We will come out of this alive Nala!" He yelled as he looked up through a hole in the canopy of the leaves and saw a glimpse of a star twinkling.

When Simba awoke the next morning, he heard a lot of crying out side and pushed the leaves side and saw the worst damage to the pride lands he had ever seen! "What the? A sandstorm could not have generated this damage!" He thought with rage and sorrows build up inside of him.

Untied States/ White House

"Now gentle men, this sandstorm took out an area equal in size to the Siberian region in Russia. This may seem unbelievable but it has indeed happened. The strangest part about it is that there is no originating spot for the wind to come from. It is like it came out of hell it self" The Secretary of defense addressed to the meeting. "That's bull crap! A sandstorm can't build up like that in any way! Another thing is that the winds recorded by weather SATs indicated that around 2 hours ago, reached a record breaking 450 miles per hour" The president said. The members looked at each other and started to talk about scientific reach. "No! you idiots! I want that land preserved the way it is so I can kill buster when I finish the Khan killing lion. No freaking reach please!" Mr. Valekahn screamed as he entered the meeting room. "Ah, Mr. V, can you clear this Buster crap up as well as reach?" the president asked. "I would be only so kind to, Mr. President." He replied. "Good, t! hen go and take Buster out with all of your man power!" The meeting closed and Mr. Valekahn did the same thing and around 10pm slipped into his lab.


After 2 days of the sandstorm, it died down and Buster got up from his sleep and stepped out side. To his amazement, the storm produced a huge solid rock sand dune surrounding the tree were he and Zira were hiding. "What the hell?!" He thought as he stared up the wall that he calculated must be no more than 300 feet high. "Zira! Come quick and look at this thing!" He yelled as he saw a tattered resemblance of the Nazi symbol high upon the wall. On the top of the ridge were 4 flags with a nasty set of scars on them as the symbol.

Zira came out and gasped as the she almost hit the wall of rock hard stone head on. "Were did this thing come from!? What the hell is it!? She asked as she looked up also in amazement. "I wish I knew" Buster said. "I wonder what those swastika's are there for. May be this some kind of joke or something" Buster added. "A swas-swastika? What is a swastika?" Zira asked. "It's a, was a symbol that a country used in a war. They were called Germans and they wanted their race to rule the earth. I do believe they wanted people who had fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes" Buster explained as he sat down on the scorching sand. Zira looked at buster's eyes saw that they were a dark black color. "What was the race called, Buster?" Zira asked. "Buster looked up at the sky as if he was trying to remember something. "They were, umm, I can't remember what they were called" Buster looked at the ground. "What did these Germans do that could have been controversial?" Zira asked again. "At ! the beginning if the war, they herded many people called Jews into concentration camps. The name concentration camp was plainly a cover up for what they actually were. They were death camps and they would slaughter women and children in showers that had a special system attached to it. The system was a gas system that killed any thing in the area. Young boys of age's 15 and up were to work in the fields and other things while they thought their mothers, brothers and sisters were working just fine in the sewing complex's. In fact, some men had to work in the complex that had all of the dead people's clothing and belonging's. These men at some time or another would come across his wife's wedding ring, clothing, and so on" After buster finished that talking, he laid down on the sand. "That's horrible!" Zira protested. "I know it is horrible. My great cousin was an inmate of one of them" Buster said with a very little hint of a sob. "Well now what do we do?" Zira asked while jus! t getting settled on buster's side. "We wait for some thing to happen" Buster said as he yawned. "Wait? Wait for what to happen…oh, he's sleeping now." Zira started to fall asleep just as fast as Buster did.

Pride Lands

The entire area of the pride lands now was under a good 20 feet of sand. Simba looked around and could only see a few fig trees peering out from the sand. One side of Pride rock was completely covered by the sand and was leaning due to the force of the wind and sand that occurred no more that 4 hors ago.

Chapter 4

Simba's Allegiance

The Outlands

Buster took almost three hours to make his way around the newly formed wall. He came back to Zira who was sleeping. Buster looked up the tallest ridge and started to walk to it. He looked up the step sloping wall and sighed. He found a safe location to put his feet and started the climb up it.

After a couple of hours of climbing, buster looked over the edge. He saw an entire green land ready to be taken by him and his mate to rule over. "Wow! What is al of this for" he thought. "Why, Simba, has the tables turned or is this an illusion?" he said with a ground shacking roar.

Down below, Zira was awakened by Buster's voice. She looked up and gasped! "Buster! What are you doing?" she screamed.

Buster looked down to she his mate jump to her feet and yell something. "Nuts. Better make my way down" He said. Buster quickly started to jump his way down on to every paw print he made when he ascended to the top.

Zira's heart was beating like mad when she saw Buster jump to every paw print. Buster now was no more than 40 feet from the ground and lost his footing and tumbled over and over. He made a loud thump noise when he landed. Zira ran to him. He was laughing kind of like when Scar had an evil plan or something. "What is wrong with you Buster!" She sat down and stared Buster in the eye and looked as if she wanted a response. "Whoa! Ouch! Owwwie! That really hurt!… What's with you?!" Buster asked while complaining about his pains. "What do you mean what's with me? I could have lost you today!(Sob)" Zira yelled as she started to cry. "Shit" Buster muttered "(SOB) what?" "Never mind. I wish you were up there with me though. It's awesome!" Buster said. "What's so awesome about it?" Zira demanded. "Our outlands are so green. It's like the tables between us and Simba turned for the best, on our behalf that is" Buster announced. "You mean we have the green pastures and Simba has the ! sand?!" Zira asked with laughter. "Yes, Simba has the sand and we have the food and water."

Untied States

"Did you see the crap on the radar last night!? The entire area surrounding the Pride lands had it's sand uncovered by more then we thought!" The president yelled straight in the Secretary of defense's face. "Yes I did sir! Damn it! You don't have to yell at me like that!" he objected. "Well would some one like to explain what the hell happened down there?" Mr. Valekahn asked while he entered the same old boring meeting room with some kind of vending machine sandwich. "Ah, Mr. Valekahn, nice of you to join our meeting. Your late pal" The Russian secret agent by the name of Professor X asked. "Your cheap ass equipment is really beginning to piss me off PX. I had some trouble with the logging out process to day if your concerned with my lateness" Mr. Valekahn reported. "Cheap ass! You jerk off! It took me ten years to compile that equipment! Don't you go and bad mouth my county's equipment!" PX yelled. "Guys, don't fight like that, it's so stupid to see grown men argue abou! t computers. Now, what have you collected on this so called sandstorm Mr. Valekahn?" The president asked. "Well it sure has done a number to the locale Pride Lands. What I mean by this is that the pride lands are totally almost covered by the sand by what was called the Outlands" Mr. Valekahn said. "Plus I know for a fact that Buster's radar beacon is working just fine. With the presidents permission, I hope to return to my native country to hunt down buster and kill any thing that blocks my path to doing so" Mr. Valekahn asked. "Of course Mr. V, we can have a drop ship take you to the area" Moments later, Mr. Valekahn got up and left the meeting room and headed for an armory in the basement of the white house.

Pride Lands

Simba had some trouble, but found a good place to stay until he would venture into the altered Outlands to claim it as his Kingdom.

"Simba?" Nala asked. "What is it Nala?" Simba said lazily. "When are you going to claim the outlands?" Nala requested as she cared for her newborn cub named Jester. "I was going to do it when there was no wind blowing as bad as this. I hope that idiot Zira's pride was killed in that storm though so I can claim it as easy as that" Simba said as he ran a paw through Jester's hair. "I wish Jester won't live in this kind of land his whole life though. He's to young to travel is he Zazu?" Zazu looked up from the ground to face Simba. "He would die if we took him out at this point in time. I guess you'll have to go alone on this mission of refuge Sir" Zazu replied before looking back at the ground. "Well I guess there is no time better than the present to go and claim it Nala." Simba said. "Wait! You don't know the outlands as well as I do, Simba" Zazu said.

Chapter 5

Beyond the Wall


Buster sat down after he had found some water and food for him and Zira to use. As he was to close his eyes, he heard a distant yelling beyond the wall of sand and rock. He climbed the wall and saw a lion and some kind of bird following by his side. Buster squinted in the blinding light of the sun and started to growl when Zira below saw her new mate at the top of the wall.

Buster looked down at her as she yelled at him. "No Zira! You come up here!" he yelled back. Zira sighed and started to climb. When she finally got to the top. She was blinded by the heavy glow of the forest below her. "Wow. Is this what I think it is, Buster dear?" Buster turned his face to hers. "It's the Outlands Zira. This is our new home and from what I can see, that figure over there is Simba and his ass birdie buddy Zazu" he said with a low droning voice.

Zira looked at her mate and noticed that the same kind of droning vice came from Scar when Simba returned to take over his kingdom from scar. She always would not forget her Scar's death. She was on a ledge some 20 yards below from were Scar and Simba were fighting. "It's the Hyena's fault. It was their idea!" she heard from scar trying to desperately escape Simba. "Why should I believe you, every thing you ever told me was a lie!" Simba yelled back. Zira tried to listen closer, but the hyenas and lionesses below just started another advance on each other. She listened and then caught a glimpse of Scar falling off the side of pride rock and with out no warning, the hyena's turned on their master and killed him. She cried for hours on end. Some two weeks past and she gave birth to her second cub and was confronted by Simba and then was banished to the Outlands. Little did Simba know that the Outlands would receive a new lease on life and an end to the Pride Lands.

Zira Looked harder this time and slowly said Simba in her mind and then she too began to growl. "If he thinks he's taking this land for himself, he's got another thing coming!" She snarled as the bird flew up the side of the wall. "That's far enough Zazu. Return to the pride ands and we'll spare your life!" Zazu gasped as he heard Zira's voice and returned to Simba.

"I'm telling you sir! She's alive and what I saw might as well be her new mate!' Zazu yelled. "What the ! What are you doing hear Zira!?" Simba Yelled.

Buster started to laugh hysterically and then answered "Why you banished us here you stupid puts! Turn now or we'll kill you! This is our kingdom and get out!" Zira roared and then crouched lower on her hunches "Leave or die Simba! Listen to my mates orders or we'll kill you were you stand!" She yelled. Buster slowly turned to face Zira. He smiled faintly at her and then he too lowered on to his hunches.

"They have us there sir. Wait one minute! Mate?" Zazu and Simba said together. Four more minutes went by and Buster nudged Zira's shoulder and they both started to descend on Simba. Simba did not see this until it was to late. "Die Simba!" Zira Snarled.

Simba and Zira were fighting for seZiral minutes until Simba had Zira pinned down on the ground. Simba was about to slit her throat when Buster garbed his arm and swung it back taking him off of Zira. Simba landed backside down and sprung up on to his feet to meet the stone cold look on Buster face. Buster lounged at Simba and had him in some kind of head locking position. He continued to pound and batter Simba's head until Simba slipped away and returned the advance on Buster. Buster jumped into the air while at the same time, Simba slid under him. Buster landed and turned and the he rose to on his hind legs standing straight up in the air.

Zira watched with horror as her mate's right paw spawned two shinny talons on either side of his arm. She then saw Buster walk on his hind legs towards Simba with the talons pointing straight at him. Buster looked over Simba as he slowly ran the talons over his throat. Buster lifted up his arm and as he was about to strike, Zira stopped Buster.

"What are you doing Zira!?" Buster asked as Zira held his leg up from Simba. "Don't let it end this way, luv" Zira asked sadly. Buster looked into her already watery eyes and then shifted his gaze to Simba's eyes that were filled fear. Buster looked at Zira again then lightly licked her left check and picked up Simba.


Deep with in the former KGB HQ building was a genetics laboratory that was not shut down after USSR was diminished. There the select men and women those were still deep into the communist way experimented on children to achieve a perfect human race only to serve in battle. While the leaders of Russia would sit on their butts while total carnage is taking place.

In a large leather chair was on old scruffy looking doctor with a twisted up beard. Protruding from that beard was a Cuban cigar. In front of him was an assortment of computer screens with Russian text running over them. In his left hand was a laser pen and he was touching it to parts of a screen while he continued to blow heavy smoke out of his mouth. A door behind him opened. "Professor Tiberious, we have located a very strange signature in Africa" A young man asked as he saluted his soupier officer. "Vat? A strange signature uh. Vat is the origin of the signature private" Professor Tiberious asked as he wheeled his chair around. "It's a twenty year old match to the test subject sergeant B-Buster Tiberious" he said out barley over a whisper. "Vat!? Get me the location on his exact location. Damn you! NOW!" he yelled. "Yes sir, right away sir!" The Private said and ran out of the office. "I have you now Buster. And now we see if you can defeat project XT!" Professor Tiberious "X" began to laugh as he opened a file and portrayed a half-human, lion project that was just like Buster. He continued to open and activate features on the project and then snarled as he activated to project. "10 years of waiting has finally paid off Buster! Now I send my only child and you cousin, Frederic to kill you"


Simba awoke in the presence of Zira looking at him from a high platform underneath a tree. He squinted to see if her new mate was around. She watched him then spoke. "Buster's not home yet Simba. I bet he's in a bad mood due to the happenings of this day" Simba looked at Zira. "Why did you stop your mate from killing me?" Simba asked as he sat up. "I didn't want any more blood shed. I should've listened to Vitani. It's quite peaceful without war between us" Zira said then gave Simba a sort of motherly look. "Zira!" Buster voice droned out side. "I must go now, Simba" she said as she jumped down from her platform.

When she got out side, Buster had some food. "I see you have found a proper use for those things, wait what are they? Please dear what are they?" She asked. "Things don't look they way they seem, Zira. These were a part of a project in a Pride known as the USSR" Buster replied. "U-S-S-R? What did they do to you?" Zira commanded. "Well, were do I start? Oh yes now I remember. I was a cub when this Pride located me and took me away from my mother and father. I do believe I'm the king of my pride, because my parents were king and queen of eastern mountains of Madagascar. They tormented me and put me through the most horrific things! They put these things into my body (sob)!" cut short by Zira's nudging. "It's ok Buster, your with me now and nothing is going to separate us" She calmed buster and then took him inside.

Simba looked up to see Buster then he bowed to him. "What did you do that for, Simba" Zira asked. "Over heard your conversation. Buster, may I and my pride join yours to get it started and to save my people from starvation?" Buster looked at the ground. He moved his gaze to Zira who was sitting eagerly just as Simba was. "If you join my Pride, you won't have royal power in my kingdom. You will have to follow the law under my protocol as a member of my pride. Plus anyone whom is related to Zira is of royal blood and that to an extent is even you as well. Do you except these terms Simba?" buster explained. Simba looked Zira who was making flashes of compassion to Buster. "Yes, I except the terms" Zira straightened up and then spoke. "Good, now go and bring the rest of your pride here so we can prosper" Zira said with royalty in her voice.

Simba left after an hour of eating the zebra Buster had killed. Buster was not eating when Zira noticed he was watching her as she ate the meat Buster had caught. "Is there something wrong, Buster?" She asked with a full mouth. Buster looked away and answered. "No there is nothing wrong, I just noticed that we have not yet made love to each other" Zira's ears involuntarily perked up when Buster finished speaking. "Well, why didn't you say anything?" Zira asked. Buster rose to all fours and moved beside Zira. He laid down beside her and then nudged her from eating. Zira moved away from the food and turned around. Then she lay down again and Buster got up and turned in the general direction of her. He was standing over her now with a little smile breaking from the left cheek. He lowered his bulk onto Zira who gasped as he interred her. They both breathed heavily for seZiral minutes and then it was over.

Buster had fell asleep aside Zira who was snug up against her mate. They Slept in peace that night while the noise's of the outlands were howling their protest to the new animals outside.

Chapter 6

The Hunt


After 2 months of working and procedures, project XT was underway. Frederic was able to comprehend the new stream of commands via vidscreen while positioned out in the field. Armed with a militia class 3-barrel gattling gun, one Siberian 88 magnum and two sets of talons, 2inch short-range gutters and 14inch war blades. "Frederic, continue to stage 7 for test of hell fire cannon!" a voice came over a headset specially placed with in Frederic's inferred helmet. "Affirmative" He replied with a lifeless computer droning voice. He ran like hell to a building and stopped he surveyed the building. On the screen, there were 10-13 guards guarding a keycard to the Class seven attack chopper behind the building.

He kneeled on the ground and pulled out the 3-barrel gattling gun. He aimed and fired like a mad man with a trail of shells spewing out all over the ground. Huge bullets flew through the men inside of the building. He ran and picked up the keycard while still firing the HFC gattling. Frederic stuffed the card in his coat pocket and shot his way through the last of the guards. The gun depleted its supply of ammo and the barrels were still turning as he climbed into the choppers pilot seat. He threw the gattling on the floor and jammed the keycard into the ignition slot on the chopper.

From a distance, Frederic's father, Professor X was watching through field glasses. "Are you ready Buster!?" He thought to him self.

Pride Lands Simba was already to leave the pride lands with his Pride when they began to ask questions. What will happen to us, Is there any room in the Outlands for use?, Will this Buster Betray us?, and so on was asked by the lioness's before they would trench through the remains of the Pride Lands to their new home in the Outlands. Simba assured each of the lionesses and then turned his back on Pride Rock to face the Outlands.

Outlands Days later, the caravan of lion and lioness's came to the same wall as Simba did before only with one side completely torn down to serve as passage to their new home. "Ok! Every one stay here as I go and see if Zira and Buster have changed their mind on this" Simba asked. With out any word he went for the newly opened passage way and saw that the tree was just the same as before only that their were neatly placed flags fluttering in the breeze of the late afternoon. Three flags with the symbol of an eagle with its head facing to the left siting on a small gray symbol. It's wings facing straight down its body. Simba looked at it for a few minutes and then heard Zira's voice.

"It's ok Simba, don't be alarmed by the flags. They just represent my pregnancy" Simba looked strangely at Zira and then came closer. "So you are going to bear Buster cub are you" Simba asked. "Yes I am. Were is the rest of the Pride!" Zira asked. For a couple seconds, Simba noticed that Zira was in fact getting a little fatter. "They are just out side Zira. Do you want me to get them?" "Yes, that would be nice" She replied as she turned to see her mate emerge from the cave in the tree. "Good morn, beloved" She said cheerfully and then walked over to him. "Ah, Simba, good to see you. Were are you going?" Buster said with a tired voice. "I'm just going to get the rest of your new Pride" Simba said with Pride.

After Simba disappeared around the corner, Buster looked at Zira. "You know, Zira, I've always looked forward to this day." Buster said. "I know you have looked forward to this day" Zira said. Simba appeared around the corner and who followed would be Buster and Zira's salvation.

After every one of the lionesses were sitting in the presence of Buster, their new king, Buster spoke. "Welcome to your new home lady's, Simba. I hope as we prosper, we can get to know each of you" interrupted by a female in the back. "Mother?!" Vitani asked. Zira pushed buster aside and looked into the crowed and saw her only daughter with tears in her eyes. "Vitani? Come here and give me huge hug my baby Vitani!" Zira cried. Vitani got and ran to her mother. When she got into her Zira's grasp, they both feel to the ground crying. "Mother, it's so wonderful your alive and what's more, you and Buster have excepted us as a part of your Pride" Vitani said. "Welcome home Vitani. I'm your stepfather Buster" Buster said as he bent closer to Vitani. Vitani got up and nuzzled her stepfather's gray main. Buster nuzzled her back and the lionesses' awed. "Look Buster is nice and not evil at all" they all said to each other.

After a good 2 hours of questions, Buster saw two figures in the distance. It was Kovu and Kiara with their son Taka. Buster began to speak. "Is that Kovu Zira?" Zira looked up from the lionesses and gasped. "Well it is my second son Kovu. Kovu!" she yelled. Kovu looked up startled and then ran to his mother. He stopped two feet short and then asked a question. "Will you forgive me, mother?" Zira looked hard down at her second son and then slowly a smile made it's way to her lips. "Of course I forgive you my son. Join us your family in our new home. "New home?" Kiara asked confused. "Kiara, this is our new home" Nala said as she made her way to her daughter. "I see" she said sarcastically. "Kiara!" Simba snapped. "This is our home now" Simba finished. "So, we have another kingdom to goof up, uh" she said sarcastically again. "Kiara! This is not our kingdom. It's Buster and Zira's kingdom and we are going to follow their laws as long as we are under their jurisdiction" Nal! a said with pride. "What! It's Zira's kingdom!?" she blurted out. "Not just Zira's but mine as well, Kiara" Buster said with a funny gaze. "Ok father, if this is our new home, it's our new home" Kiara said with a drop of tone in her voice.

Drop Site

Frederic landed the chopper on top of the old Pride rock and surveyed the area. "Last indication of Lions: searching, searching: 4.3 days past. Locating direction taken: searching, searching: northeast, 20 degrees north." A stream of Russian text reported and surveyed. "Following northeast 20 degrees" it said again. Frederic jumped out of the chopper and then looked down at his vidscreen to introduce the serum system to totally reconstruct his DNA strings. He pushed a red glowing button and then went through the same procedure Buster did, but faster.

After the conversion, he packed his weapons neatly into his pack and ran in the direction of the 4 day old path.

On the way to the Outlands, Frederic hunted for his food. A saw three Deer like animals and pulled out his Siberian 88 magnum. The first shot was loud and splattered blood from one of them to another's face. He fired another shot and then another. He picked up a small heater from his pack and then placed it on the ground. Huge flames spewed out of the heater and then he took a chunk of flesh from one of the creatures. He cooked it until it was black and took out his 2inch gutter talons and cut a piece off of the cooking meat.

After 2 hours, he finished eating every inch of flesh on all three Zebras. He continued to survey the area when a dark lion approached him from behind. "Who are you!?" he asked. Frederic did not reply to the lion's question. "Who the hell are you!" He yelled at him. "What are all these things you stupid mute dope!?" He asked again. "I am a hunter of Buster Stewart Masterson" Frederic replied. "Who is that, wait, let me introduce my self. I am Alicia. From Outlander Pride. What grudge do you hold against my King and Master?" Alicia asked. Frederic looked at the lioness and answered. "I must kill him" Alicia looked at this strange lion and then turned around to leave. "Hold it! Turn and face me!" He yelled. Alicia turned to see him with a stick of some sort in his right paw. "What is that!?" She yelled. He got up on his hunches and then held the strange stick against his shoulder and spoke. "Stop or I'll kill you" He said. "With that stick. Yeah right moron!" Alicia sarcas! tically remarked. Then in the blink of an eye,


Alicia went blank and woke up in pain in her sister's den, Zira. "Oh! What happened to me?" She moaned as she tried to get up. "Don't move Alicia. You were the first lion of this pride to be shot by a gun" Buster said as he looked her over. "And apparently, it was a single bullet from a HFC gattling. Very deadly machine that hell fire cannon" Alicia looked up at her leaders face and made a funny face. "What are you talking about Buster, sir?" she asked.

Zira came in from eating and saw that her only sister was on her bed with a huge blood crusted wound on her left shoulder. "What happened to you. Get stepped on or something?" Zira asked as she laid down next to Alicia. "Your sibling has been the first victim of what I feared of ever since we meet a year ago, Zira. My Russian friend, Professor T. X has retaliated and sent another of my kind to kill me and do the tests I was designed for" Buster said as he laid his head on Zira's back. "What are you talking about Sir" Alicia asked. "Never mind" Zira told her as she started to nod off to sleep.

Simba woke up after he and Nala rested in the tree. There was no one around for miles and he sat up and stretched his back muscles. Nala woke up a couple of minutes later. "What time of day do you think it is, Simba?" asked as she leaned over her son, Jester. "I don't know, Nala. I have to get used to this latitude and longitude before I can tell what time is what around here. I kind of like it here anyway" Simba said as he peered out side. He then noticed a lion high above him watching him with a shinny material around his eyes. Buster came out of his part of the tree and saw Simba Squinting at something. "What are you looking at, Simba?" Buster asked. "That lion way, way up there" Simba replied turning his head to face Buster. "What lion?" Buster asked again. "That one right there in that crevice of shrubs and stuff" "Oh, there. Ahh that's just, wait. That's not Nuka, is it?" Buster said as he stared at the lion. "No! Buster! Please don't remind me of Nuka, Please." Zir! a asked with tears in her eyes as she started to make some attempt to bond with Vitani. "Uh? Sorry Zira, dear" Buster said. Buster turned to face Simba who was not making a sound. "Simba? What did you do to my step son any way?" Buster asked. "It was not my fault, Buster. The logs he was on just weren't steady enough and he fell. That's all I know of. Unless Zira will tell us what happened after I left. That's all I know, Buster" Simba said. "Well if you wanted to know Buster. You just had to ask me. After Simba got away and the dust had settled again, Nuka was beneath a couple of logs. His last words at all were. I'm sorry mother. I tried. He died with out much of my motherly love in his life. I guess he died knowing that I-I loved him" Zira finished with a tremor in her voice. "Buster moved back towards her and laid a paw on her folded paws as she quietly began to cry.

Frederic finally came to a stop and saw smoke in the distance. In his helmet, a square picked an area and then enlarged it. "So that's Buster's little hiding place" Professor X said. For he was watching the whole thing back in Russia.

Chapter 7

5 Years Later


The Outlands after a short few months became the most popular place for the grazing animals instead of the once prosperous Pride Lands. After a couple of months of working hard to achieve his position, Buster celebrated the birth of his son, Dagger. Zira was so proud of her position of queen of the Outlands that she called a meeting with her mate and the rest of the Pride to make the day of Dagger's birth a day of celebration. Zira now was closer to Buster than never before after Dagger's birth.

All of which is now in the past. Now 5 years later, the Russian parliament was over thrown by another revolution. Word of this first came to Buster when Frederic defected to his Pride after the falling of the Russian Empire and the rising of mankind's ultimate mistake. The Clone. Buster watched in horror through the small little vidscreen on Frederic's chest as millions of men, women and children that were brutally gunned down in some protest by the half lion human clones.

As time went on, Buster became more aware that the US was now under the jurisdiction of a new government only calling it self-the Imperialists. These imperialists seemed to enjoy tormenting the people of the Untied States. Plus the imperialists controlled all of the Americans, north, central and south. Slowly Buster realized that the imperialists could develop a taste for Asia, which he knew all too well that Africa was apart of Asia.

Outlands/ Present Time

It was a dark and lonely night as a lone lioness found a spot to rest from the raging storm that had raged for days with razor sharp raindrops. She laid down on some soft grass under a tree and quickly fell asleep. In the same area, a lion walking on his hind legs stopped to smell the air around him. He then reached up with a paw and took off a heavy metal piece of equipment and looked deeper into the brush were a smell had caught his attention. "What is this?" He thought deep in his mind. The lion then put the metal thing back over his eyes.

In the screen of the mask was a triangle with its lines moving into the middle and then back. Some thing flashed and then he moved a bit closer to a fallen tree.

The lioness was awakened by a snapping of a twig and looked around. After she had not seen the lion, she went back to sleep. The lion then pulled out a gun and inserted two high powered tranquilizer darts and aimed at the lioness. The gun shot broke the already noisy night and awoke Zira and Buster who were sleeping in their cave.

"I wonder what that was?" Buster said slowly in Zira's ear. Zira turned over and moaned. "oh! Who cares. I'm tired and tired of you waking me in the middle of the night!" Zira snapped then started to snore. "What ever. Well I guess I'll go see what that was any way" Buster said to him self. Before he could get out of the cave, Zira awoke and was feeling for her mate's body to be there. She turned and saw him setting in the mouth of the cave and then got up. "What are you looking at?" She asked while setting beside him. "I heard a gun, Zira. It came from in that direction. Nuts! Who left to find food this time, Zira?" Buster said with a ghostly face. "Crap! Vitani is out there" Zira said.

Vitani awoke being dragged through mud and water by a strange looking lion. "Hello, who the heck are you?" she said sarcastically the strange lion said nothing and continued to pull her through mud and water. When he stopped, Vitani looked up a step shiny wall with 40 or so lights emulating from it.

Buster was now pounding on Simba's cave entrance. "What the hell do you want Buster!" Simba yelled. " I need your help to find Vitani. I know she is on a hunting trip and I also heard a gun shot from about a few hundred yards from here." Buster asked while rain continued to pour all over Buster. "Well, ok then" Simba said as he cautiously moved Nala's paw off of him.

Vitani woke up for the second time and this time was in the middle of a room with other lions and lioness's. In one end of the room was a large structure with Greek symbols surrounding it. On the other side was a door and a large hulking lion came through it. He walked to the other side were the large structure was and stopped in front of it. He reached down and unsheathed a sword and brought it down on the structure. Fleeting flashes of electricity flew out of the cracks and were absorbed into the large lion. After the electricity stopped pouring out of the structure, it turned into sand and crumbled to the floor. Then with the strange things that just happened, Vitani was now wearing a beat up military uniform and straps of ammunition. She found her self holding a 9.mm pistol in her left hand. She reached up to scratch behind her ear and found a Cuban cigar lazily draping from her lips. She turned to look be hind her and there on her back was a World War II surplus radi! o. On the old military uniform was a pocket with a card in side. She took it out and saw the words "OUTLANDER ASSAIAN MEMBER 4".

Before Buster knew what was happening, he found him self carrying a Russian anti air craft gattling. "What is this thing!" Buster said turning to Simba. "Holy Shi.. Buster! What's that in my paw!?" Simba asked. "What's in your hand, a 308 auto Winchester rifle? What the hell is going on here?" Buster looked over his crappy looking gun and then back at Simba's Auto Winchester rifle. Buster was about to speak when he heard a noise over the great gorge of the old Pride Lands. Buster and Simba ran like they had never ran before to the ridge of the gorge. Down in the bottom were poorly constructed metal shacks with fires in cans in front of every shack. Only a few creatures could be seen from the point of view Buster and Simba were looking.

"Ok, I think I'll be leaving now" Buster said. "What, why?" Simba asked. "Those creatures down there are humans and from my own experiences, I have come to this conclusion. Humans are the death of every thing beautiful and wonderful" Simba looked up at his superior and questioned his motives for hating mankind. "Now, Buster, why do you hate humans?" Buster looked down at his right hand colleague and spoke. "I was a prince in Madagascar when men and women from Russia killed every lion and lioness in my mothers pride. A few other cubs and I were brought back to Russia for experimental work. They made me half-human and gave me a task I could not have completed. That was to kill you and your Pride. Knowing what I went through, I could not let the same thing happen to your daughter, Kiara" Simba looked down at the creatures then noticed a big mistake on Buster's behalf. "Those are not humans! They are lions!" Simba said. "What? What!? Were?!" Buster yelled. "There" Buster look! ed closer and noticed that some of the shacks had flags similar to the flags representing Daggers conception. These in fact were his fellow lions from the Outlands.

Outland Senate House When Buster and Simba made there way down to the area, he noticed that there were posters of him on a lot of the buildings. He walked over to a tall building and saw that it had the words "Outland Senate House". This was the future. Buster before Dagger was born dreamed of calling his and Zira's House the Outland Senate House. But how did these strange things happen? How did this place just appear out of no were? Why did lions all of a sudden learn how to use cameras? What kind of technology are lions capable of?

Chapter 8

A New Lease On Life


Soon every lion under the jurisdiction of Buster could read and weight fluent English. The newly acquired intelligence made some lions go insane while most had found a way to cope with the new sensation of knowing complex calculations and other important mankind skills.

While Buster was looking around his old home, he noticed that there were some real funny looking symbols over the mouth of the cave. At first Buster could not under stand them, but he took a closer look and made sense of them. The symbols were two symbols. "A" And "W". "Alfa and Omega" Buster said to him self. "What would alpha and omega be on my home?" Buster said again.

Buster was still looking at the symbols as Zira came up behind him. She moved him aside and sat down at his side. "What are you looking at Buster?" She asked. "Nothing Zira. Lets get back to Outland City before the convoy leaves" Buster said turning away. "I'll miss this place a lot, Buster" Zira said with a hind of crying. Buster stopped walking and turned to Zira. He walked over to her and put his paw on her hers and spoke. "It's ok Zira. We have a better place to raise our young" Buster finished off with a light lick on her left cheek.

United States

The president of the United States was looking at some top-secret documents when Professor X entered his office. "Ha! PX! Your stupid super race turned against you" the president said. "I know that sir. Now it's my responsibility to locate the number of missing Lions and Lioness's from my genetics lab" PX said. "That's not all you goof Russian. The Greek mantle in Athens was reported missing and then found in Africa with one hell of a sword wedged on the top" The president said with an accusing voice. "Crap. We are screwed" PX finished before leaving the president in his office. PX walked sown the hallway and noticed how strange it was outside. The sky a week ago was a bright as any typical summer day. But now there was a dark green cloud descending on the city. PX walked farther down the hall and stopped at a military info post. The monitors that usually weren't filled with over extensive text were now reading reports of hideous crimes committed over a 4-day period. "So,! what's the crime rate at now Lieutenant Summers?" PX asked as he poured him self a cup of coffee. "Well, the last time you asked me was yesterday, right?" Lieut. Summers asked. PX looked up from taking a sip of coffee and nodded slightly. "That was 34% and now there is a crime rate of 76%" PX groaned and turned away to his office. When he settled down in his chair, he took another sip of coffee and put the cup on his desk. By now his desk was a total pigsty with mostly documents in Russian. He looked at his watch and then started to shuffle through some of the papers and pulled out a coffee stained KGB letter that was sent to him 12 years ago. He then held it to his desk lamp and started to read it. After reading it, an evil smile began to form on his left cheek. He turned around in his chair and got up. Then he moved some filling cabinets out from a wall and there before him was an old Russian safe. PX then moved the combination wheel once left, twice right and pushed it i! n. The door came open and then he saw an experimental fully automatic pistol and a silenced AK 47. After he had put the pistol in his pocket, and the AK 47 on his desk, he found another weapon that resembled a pistol, but was high powered UZI and a whole Kevlar bullet proof body suite with a bullet resistant face shield. Then the last item was a black robe that only a Male Lion would use when he fights for his Pride. PX dawned all of the equipment including spare clips in a small bag on the left of the suite. After he had every thing in place he looked at the black rode that was draped over his chair. "Buster, you better accept me in your civilization or I'll go as insane as Red Neck with your people" He said in his mind as he pulled the robe over his Kevlar suite.


Buster sat down to the dinner table and passed Zira the meat as he did when something concerned him in the government. Buster usually would not eat as a result of over working, problems at the throne and other things that fell under his power as King. "Buster is something bothering you?" Zira asked as she took the bowl of meat from his grasp. "Uh? What? No Zira, umm, yes there is a problem I'm faced with" Buster said looking at his son Dagger across Zira playing with his food. "What is it Buster, a new cub in the kingdom, idiots on patrol, what?" Buster got and reached across the table and smacked Daggers paw. "Ouch! What did you do that for daddy?!" Buster looked his son straight in the eye. "Don't play with you food boy" Buster said. Daggers ears dropped and he lowered in his seat. "Now go to your room Dagger" Zira finished off. Buster looked over at Zira who slapped her paws together and the little Dagger was out of sight in seconds. "Thank you for finishing off the pu! nishment, Zira. I'm a kind of tired" Buster said getting up to got to the living cave.

Zira picked up all of the dishes and put them in the sink. She then went into the living cave and found Buster watching the Outland Daily news on the TV. She sat down beside him and asked him what was bothering him. When Buster had finished, Zira was still in shock even though she heard the problem over 3 minutes ago. "Are you sure that Professor X is fighting and killing his own creations? Because that makes no sense at all" Zira asked as Buster turned the TV Channel. "Yes it is the truth. And I'm damn glade that Professor X is wearing an Outlander Black Robe uniform. May be this is a new chance to strengthen our defenses just in case if an outside Pride tries to take from us which is rightfully ours.

Chapter 9

I.N. Pride's Red Crossed Symbol


Buster was working on some kind of work form to allow PX to join as a military General. Zira was in the next room of the Outland Senate house meeting with members of the Outland Lioness Group. Paxton whom was Zira's nephew from Alicia was old enough to tag around with his aunt and uncle, was bugging Zira for some credits to get a drink. "Later Paxton, later." Zira whispered into his ear as she leaned side ways to tell him. "But, I'm thirsty aunt Zira" He whined in an annoying tone. "Go see if you uncle has some credits, I'm busy little one" Zira whispered again "Don't call me that!" He yelled. Having startling every lioness in the room, Zira got up and picked Paxton up by the nap of his neck and left the room.

The hallway was very cold and little lighted when Zira stepped out the door and set Paxton down. "Don't bother me any more. Now go to your uncle or go home!" Zira said in a threatening voice. Paxton's ears dropped and he slowly turned a way to go to Buster's office. Zira turned around, still a little steamed and joined her friends for a cup of coffee.

When Paxton got to Buster's office, he was afraid that his uncle Buster would send him away like aunt Zira did. Paxton slowly opened the door. When he got it halfway open, Buster said. "Come in Paxton, what brings you here?" Paxton walked over to the empty seat in front of Busters desk and sat down. "I'm thirst Uncle Buster, my I have a few credits to buy a drink?" Paxton asked. "Why don't you have some of that water over there, it's free" Buster said not looking up from his paper work. Paxton got down and found a cup and poured him self some water. Paxton got back in the seat and asked Buster what he was doing. "What are you doing Uncle Buster?" Now Buster looked up and said. "Paxton buddy boy, this is confidential paper work. Finish you water and then you'll have to go home. Ok?" Buster said. Paxton looked down at the floor with his ears once again pointing down ward. A light on an electronic panel caught his attention. "Uncle Buster, what's that light for?" Buster look! ed up and saw his nephew pointing to the enemy detection light. "Crap! Go home now and tell any one you see that there are enemy lions coming from the I.N. Pride!" Buster yelled as he moved his paper work aside and started to punch a computer panel. "Yes sir!" Paxton yelled franticly as he spilled the water over the floor to get to the door. When out in the hallways, Paxton yelling enemies from the I.N. Pride were on the move, every on his message reached was moving down into the bomb shelters provided.

Buster then jammed every radio station and said the following. "This is King Buster. It is apparent that the I.N. Pride Lander's are on the move to our city. Every on is to stay in side at all times as to give the Outland Military personnel complete freedom of movement. Those whom have no home may use the following buildings for shelter: The Aircraft hangers, school and Outland Senate House bomb shelter. God be with you" Buster finished off. Then a computer voice was activated. "Est. time to arrival: 04:30:50"

With in fifteen minutes, all hell broke lose in Outland City as lion's were trying to get the Lionesses and cubs to their homes or the few available shelters. Lions bought all sorts of weapons from the gun shops and hid in places in the city.

5 hours had passed and there was no sign of the I.N. Pride any were. Until Buster heard the distant sound of a mortar gun launching it's explosive charge into the air. "It's just my men firing at them" Buster repeated until an explosion occurred just seZiral meters above Buster window. The result was metal and glass flying every which way as Buster hid under his desk shielding t him self from the instantly made shrapnel that took every over lion out in the room.

Outland Military Compound Professor X was now enjoying the respect of the lions under his power and that was cut short by the form of a mortar shell hitting the roof of the compound. After arranging a meeting with the lesser ranking officers, PX drafted the beginnings of the Outland Secret Service. The first members were 3 hand chosen Outlanders. Two of them being family and the third had no family. There was Xisor, Vitani and Shazer. Xisor was the mate to Vitani and Shazer was a loan lioness.

Debriefing Room

"Ok members of OSS. The current situation is as follows: A Pride that is not part of Outland Peace Treaty has openly and willing declared a state of war against King Buster. The Pride goes by the name of I.N. Now then, Vitani, since you are the leader chosen from the military compound. I must speak with you in private" PX briefed while opening a door to his new office to show Vitani in. Vitani looked at her mate and shrugged then followed PX into his office. "Have a seat sergeant Vitani" Vitani sat down and waited for PX to talk. "What it is sir?" She asked. "It's about time I told someone whom your up against. I.N. It stands for a human Terrorist organization" PX said slowly before he took a pencil out of his desk. "A what sir?" Vitani asked while scratching her head. "I.N. stands for International Nazi. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, my be and the rest of OSS should not know what a Nazi was" PX said with a hint of anger in his voice every time he said ! Nazi.

Battle Field

Guns were firing in every direction while the fight was on. Buster was in a new office by the time the I.N. Pride took half of the city by ferrous force. Zira was crying in the corner of the office when Buster stepped in. He with out noticing Alicia dead and ran to her and asked her what was wrong. "Zira, what's wrong dear?!" Zira looked up at Buster and then slowly pointing to the lioness that was covered in blood. "It's Alicia, my dear, beloved (Sob), sister Buster. Those basturds killed her!" Zira was now crying more heavily when Buster got to his feet to see Alicia. Buster knelt beside her then in total frustration yelled out with tears in his eyes and an unstoppable rage of emotion. "Damn you! Damn you all to hell! I'll kill every last one of you basturds if it's the last thing I do! Alicia my sister in-law, why did it have to be you! Damn you International Nazi basturds! Alicia! Revenge is a dish best served cold! I'll hunt these Hitler wannabes to the ends of the e! arth and beyond! (Sobbing)" Zira got up with Paxton tucked under her chest. When Paxton saw his mother motion less on the floor, Zira stopped him but he over powered Zira and ran past Buster and started to shake Alicia's head. "Mother, come on wake up mommy! Wake up!" Buster put his arms around his nephew and started to drag him away. "Uncle no! Mother is alright!" Paxton yelled. "No Paxton. Your mother has past on. Give her rest Paxton" Buster said calmly. "No listen to me Uncle. She's not dead! I felt a pulse in her throat!" Buster put Paxton down and felt his sister in-laws throat. "Shit, your right Paxton. Zira! Get help!"

After Alicia was cared for, Buster took a look out side the window in the infirmary. There in the distance was a flag with the Swastika flapping and tossing in the wind. "This is enough" Buster said as he sat down in the chair next to Zira. "I'll see that this Pride pays for what the have done to you Alicia" Buster said in Alicia's ear.

Chapter 10

Outland Opposition

The I.N. Capital City (I.N.C.C.)

The I.N. Pride capital city was twice as large as Tokyo and was comprised of tall and large buildings that reached into the clouds. Among some seZiral hundred buildings was the Largest of all of them. On one side there was the swastika over looking the north end of I.N.C.C. On the east wall was a picture of the leader whom was named Tinop Slazenger. He was an elderly lion that was in his late 70's. His main was white was snow with some of it cut off to make a buzz cut. The southern wall was just plain windows. The Western Wall was a picture of Tinop Slazenger's mate and queen, Ness Slazenger. Ness was not to far behind her mate at her early 70's. She on the other hand fur as black as a panther, but she was a lioness.

Inside the building were massive research facilities much greater than the ones found in the juggernaut pride. There was also count less weapons assembly lines, military barracks and other war oriented places to be found in the Senate building of the I.N. and I.N.C.C. Surrounding the city were to many automated gun towers to prevent any attackers getting to the city. Out of the 300 square miles surrounding the city, 95% of that land was a minefield. An estimate of 400 hangers were posted all over the place out side the city limits (end of 300 square mile minefield). Here there were any kind of war machine that could kill was found.

Outlands / Aftermath

It took Buster's military personnel that weren't killed in the battle, 3 and a half weeks to clean up the mess and properly care for the wounded. Buster was not looking through his usual papers when Alicia came in through the door in a wheel chair. Buster looked at her and from knowing Zira, she was upset. "What is it Alicia?" Buster asked. Alicia looked at the ground and started to cry. "I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong, Alicia" Buster asked while looking at her. "Umm, uh, the doctor said I will never walk again" Buster took off his glasses and got up. He walked over to Alicia and put his arm around her and said that she will persevere. Zira then came in and saw Buster holding Alicia and with that she Knelt on the ground and embraced her sister. They all were crying when PX came in the room. "Well what's the matter with you guys?" PX asked as he laid a folder of paper down on Buster's desk. Buster looked up and saw PX running through some vid screens on! the O.S.S. Security System prototype.

The computer took PX to an outside connection. While PX was working with the security computer, Buster wheeled Alicia out of the office for PX to have less noise to bother him.

"Buster?" Zira asked whipping some tears from her eyes and still a little bit of a tremor in her voice. "Yes, what is it Zira?" Buster said looking at her. "I'm going to have another cub" She quickly and hastily made out. "What, another cub you say?" Buster eagerly asked. "Yes, another cub, Buster" Zira looked at her mate and with out warning, gave Buster a long and compassionate French kiss. After she backed away, Buster had the damnedest smile starting from one side of his mouth that reached over to the other side. Now smiling with a huge teeth beard smile, he motioned for a guard to take Alicia home.

After Alicia was gone, Buster picked Zira up and walked home carrying her all the way. When they got home, Dagger had made a mess of every thing in the cave. The stove had some kind of meat burning and stinking up the kitchen, clothes were every were, The TV was on with some kind of killing movie, there were lit cigars in ash trays, cigarettes all over the floor, etc. "Dagger! Get your ass out here!" Zira yelled as she jumped for Buster's arms. "What the hell! Come here you little shit storm!" Buster yelled as he picked up a dirty magazine from under the couch. "Zira, look" With out any words, Zira started to run through the cave looking for Dagger. As Zira closed in on Daggers room, she caught the sight of fur running past her. "Get back here you brat!" She screamed and tried to stop but ran into the corner of her bed room door. "SLAM! Shit you Dagger! Buster! Get him! He's headed for the door!" Zira yelled almost starting to cry. But she knew if she were to cry, Buster ! would literally beat the crap out of Dagger. "That's it you little POS! You made your mother cry!" Buster yelled running to the door. Zira looked up from her bruised paw and quietly began to cry with a small little smile on her lips. "I love you Buster" She said in her mind. "CRASH!" Zira looked up to what the crashing noise was. "Got ya!" Buster yelled. "SMACK! PUNCH! SLAM! NO FATHER!" Dagger screamed as he was already getting the beating of his life. Buster stopped after a few minutes and noticed that he had really hurt Dagger this time. "Oh Dagger, why did you make your mother cry!?" Buster demanded. "Umm…I don't kno..SMACK! Wah!" Dagger said resulting in a smack across his face. Zira got up and walked into the hallway and stepped on Daggers tail and would not let it go. "Ouch! Please get off my tail mom! Please!" Dagger yelled. "No! Not until you ask for forgiveness from me and your father!" Zira promptly said in her son's face. "I'm sorry" Dagger replied after a long f! ew minutes. Zira took her paw off of Daggers tail and stopped him from running away. "Now young man, you are grounded for 3 weeks. Your father and I will expect you to clean every inch of this cave" Zira said directly in Daggers face. "Aw maw!" "SMACK!" Zira backhanded Daggers side of his head making him to fall to the floor. Buster then dragged Dagger to his room by his tail. "Stay in your room until you think what you have done over" Buster said closing the door. Dagger then got a funny look on his face. "Plus, MORE THAN ONE HOUR! SLAM!" Buster finished off. Dagger then put his head under his pillows and cried for hours.

After Buster and Zira were in bed, Dagger still crying in his room, Zira snuggled in closer to Buster's body. "You were going to make love to me, right Buster?" Zira asked liking her bruised paw. Buster turned his head to face Zira. "No not really. It's actually about that lion Simba spotted awhile back on the old hill. It was Nuka"

Chapter 11

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

United States

The president was now in the process of finding out why PX left and disappeared. He spent most of his time in his secret office looking through papers and what not to determine what happened. He also was in great trouble with the Imperialists.

The president the turned on the TV and listened to a reporter from the Chicago times commenting on the Imperialists. "By now the Imperialists were running most of the United States in a brutal and strict way. Most of the people living under their power were mostly women and children. Their husbands might as well have been killed or they are working in the Imperialist buildings in every city, town, village or hamlet. Never having the right to go home to their wives and children, they work with fear building on their minds and souls as this new government takes over."

The President now had a choice between giving up or fighting. "Mr. Valekahn, Please report to my office" The president said as he took a long sip from his cup of coffee.

Mr. Valekahn was in PX's old office rummaging for signs of betrayal in PX's things when the president's call on the PA system stopped him. He walked out of the office and entered the president's office on the far side of the hallway.

"Yes sir, what is it?" Mr. Valekahn asked sitting in one of the chairs provided. "Well its high time we take action against these Imperialists" The president said handing Mr. Valekahn an order form. Mr. Valekahn then got up and left the room and found a terminal were he connected to the DOF (Department Of War).


In the morning, Buster served Zira her breakfast in bed. Buster looked around and found Dagger just sitting on his bed still quietly crying to him self. Buster moved over to the kitchen table and cleared off a spot to eat. "Damn Brat!" Buster said to him self as he pealed a piece of pizza off of the table. Buster then sat down and started to eat a wildebeest breakfast bar. He looked around him and after long few minutes, Buster got up and put his black OSS suite on and left his house. After he had gotten into his office, he put some papers down on his desk. He hung up his jacket as he did when he was concerned about something. He then walked slowly dragging his feet to his desk and sat down with a thud in his leather seat. "Send them in Rezit. I don't have all day" Buster said pushing a button down on a microphone. "Buster looked up the door opening. And there was a lioness and a Leopard standing right in front of Buster. Buster motioned them to sit down. They sat down ho! lding paws and as Buster was about to make his long speech, he noticed they held paws. "Before I begin, Swenia, the reason why I have summoned you from your pride is to rule out any problems we have with each other. And I think your relation With Radon is a little awkward" Buster said pointing at Swenia's paws in Rasuma's. "We love each other a lot Buster" Radon said as he looked up at Buster staring down at him in disgust. "Please Buster, it's totally legal for us to be mates" Swenia said under her voice. "Not under this law it isn't. You'll follow the law or I'll have to exile the both of you. And furthermore, You'll have to take a lion as your mate" Buster said as he sat down. "But…" "But nothing! I talked to the O.S.S. and they believe that it's not even morally right" Buster snapped at Radon. "Then exile us you dope!" Swenia yelled and got up threatening Buster with a boot knife. "For that little out come, Swenia, I'll sentience you to 2 months of solitaire confinement ! in the prison OPMC!" Buster yelled at the top of his lungs. "You can't do that!" Swenia yelled back holding the knife to Buster's throat. "Swenia! Settle down luv! He'll kill you for that!" Radon snapped at Swenia. "Not kill, solitaire confinement sounds a whole lot better to me" Buster said as he gashed Swenia's hand sending the knife to the other side of the room. "I'll wait for you when your sentence is finished dear" Radon said holding Swenia. "Leave Radon" Buster ordered. After Radon was gone, Swenia and Buster were literally fighting as Buster attempted to put her in handcuffs. After Buster had control, he slapped Swenia across the face and then handed her over to the OSS for movement to the OPMC mining prison.

After Buster had sent Swenia away to the Outland Prison Mining Company, he set up his office for a visitor. Buster cleaned off his desk from his and Swenia's hair from the fight. Buster then cleared up the cuts on his arm. Just as he was to eat his lunch, a young adolescent lion came through the door. "Sir. Status report as follows. No new sightings of I.N. Pride Landers at this time. New weapons dealer ship open for business in Basement of this building. PX has requested a shipment of Ak-47's, .9 mm's, M-16's, Uzi's and experimental Magnum Uzi's. That's it for the report sir" he said as he headed out the door. Buster looked up from his pigfest and stopped the teen lion. "Paxton? Your aunt and I are very proud of you. You stayed with your mother even though your friends wanted to play" Buster said as he sat straighter in his chair. "Uncle, I have to go now" Paxton said as he walked out the door.

Chapter 12

The Wolf Allegiance


Buster was in his office as he saw outside, Swenia being pushed into a truck. On the side of the truck was the words "OPMC" in large print. He then saw Radon behind the police lines blowing a kiss to Swenia.

Buster got out of his leather chair and walked over to the PA system. Buster took the microphone out of its holder and pressed "Outside Speakers" button. "Radon to my office, Radon to my office" Buster said into the microphone. Out side, Radon looked up to the speaker beside him on a wall of a near by Police Security booth. Swenia looked up from her cuffed paws and had an unsure look on her voice as she saw her mate, Radon walking to the entrance of the Outland Senate House. Once Radon was inside an OSS member greeted him. "This way Radon" He said as he opened a door that Radon wanted to se behind for some time. The OSS member led him into an elevator and pressed the top floor button. After the elevator was running for a long few minutes, The OSS member introduced him self. "My name is General Dekengeo, and you must be the leopard who has a lioness for a mate?" Radon looked over to him and saw that this OSS member was a leopard as well. "Yes, I have a lioness for a mate, ! but I love her very much and she loves me the same" Radon said. "You're a leopard right?" Radon asked as he put his paws into his pockets. "How observant of you. I have been employed by Professor X who now is the top ranking General in the Outland Royal Military and the Outland Secret Service" Dekengeo said with pride. Then Radon heard the bing of the elevator. The door opened with a loud whooshing noise and another leopard came to him from a desk. "This way sir, my name is Dekitjav, the OSS informer. I have here a request from King Buster that you must meet him in his high rise office" The leopard said before turning around and showing him the way. "Am I in trouble?" Radon asked. "I have no information about the meeting" Dekitjav said as he slipped a shiny metal card into a slot next to a door. "Access granted" A computer voice replied to the card in the slot. The door opened a little and Dekitjav pushed Radon through the door. The door closed with a loud mechanical Clang i! n side the massive metal door. "Well the reason why I have summoned you Radon is to work out an agreement to keep you and Swenia together" Buster said in the blackest of clothes Radon had ever seen in his life. Buster was wearing a Black Robe Uniform that indicated he was the King with two large strips that were woven into the zipper region of the silk toga. Around the collar of the BR was dark green like forest green also woven into the hems. Radon gave Buster a confused look before sitting down in one of the two chairs. "Good then, I just don't want to have you and Swenia on my case forever you know. Swenia just has to serve her time and when she is out, I'll arrange a nice home for both of you. And any cubs she bears will be given the rights to the best of the jobs around here I have to offer" Buster said starting his Cuban cigar up from his ash trey. Radon looked at Buster and then smiled and gave Buster a hardy paw shake before making a move to the door. "Wait, I'm not ! done yet" Buster said as he opened on of the draws on his desk. "Come take this as a token of my friend ship, may this gift help you and Swenia through hard times and good ones as well" Buster said holding a black case out to Radon. Radon took it and opened it up. A tear began to form in the corner of His eye and he quickly wiped it away. "Thank you Buster, this money will go to good use and I will give this medallion to Swenia" Radon said with more than a tremble in his voice. "That's a good 50'000 there Radon, I know you'll put it to good use" "What! 50'000!? Thank you so much! I'll honor you and Zira the rest of my life!" Radon cried out. "You should go now, I'm expecting some representatives of the Dorgana Pack" Buster said pulling a glass of brandy to his lips. Radon walked out the door and went home to wait out the two months for Swenia's sentence.

Buster closed his door and then sat down and finished his brandy in one gulp. He looked at the papers on his desk and then put them in front of him. "Now lets see, The alphas are Tesren and Ursula, eh?" Buster then looked at some of the most recent pictures of the two in the stack of paper.

"Nice looking couple, that's if I were a wolf. So what do they want from me?" Buster said taking another glass of brandy. "PFFFFFFFT! They want what!?" Buster said spitting out the brandy in Dekitjav's face. "What the fu…! Why'd you do that for!" Dekitjav yelled wiping his face with his uniform. "Crap. I did not see you there. Sorry, it's just that Tesren and Ursula want a platoon of Military personnel to protect them from an INer threat" Buster said wiping a bit of brandy from his lips. "Oh, they're waiting out side sir. Shall I show them in?" Dekitjav asked cleaning his face with his paw. "Umm, yes" Buster replied as he turned the chair away to face out side through the large window that was half way built on the floor to under his feet. "Umm are you Buster, King of the Outlands?" a voice came from behind the chair. "Yes I am King Buster, Name?" Buster demanded as he slowly turned the chair. "My name is Tesren and this is my mate, Ursula. We are the Alphas of the Dorgan! a Pack" Buster finished turning around and took off his wire framed glasses. "I know who you are, It's just that I am questioning your request for a platoon of my best Military personnel" Buster said handing Tesren the letter sent to him two days before. "Umm, we have some problems with The IN Pride Lands" Ursula said as she sat down in a chair. "Don't we all have some kind of confrontation with them asinine Lions. I have had my share of the attacks from them and know that they probably want the land your territory is based on, is that right Tesren?" Buster asked as he took the letter from Ursula. "Yes they want my land. I tried an agreement with them for parts of the land but they just want it all!" Tesren muttered under his breath. Buster turned the chair to the left and then got up and walked to a computer terminal. "Now then, I must have your allegiance to my authority before I can make any such requests, Tesren, is that all right?" Buster said pressing a small gray squa! re on a piece of glass. Then a small screen lit up. "Uh, I guess so. Oh hell sign me up then" Tesren said with pride in his voice. Then Buster typed and typed until he stopped to soothe his wrist. "Good that should do it. You are now members of the Outland Kingdom. Now concerning your request, I can have my General Dekengeo take you home with a set mission for commanding the Blood Platoon when they are assembled from their most recent mission which I might add was victorious" Buster poured out as he started typing more. "There General Dekengeo is assigned the mission and you might know him from when you had omega's as apart of wolf society" Buster said again as he gave a recent picture of General Dekengeo to Ursula. "Yes, he was a omega. He was my sweet heart before Tesren chose me over the rest of the pack females. I have always wondered what he did with him self, now I know" Ursula said as she handed Tesren the picture. "This guy resembles a wolf who was banished, but the ! name is not coming to my lips at all" Tesren said as he looked closer at the picture. "Or there is Arin, one of the Dorgana omega's that now is located in his own pack" Buster said pulling another picture out of a file. "Arin, that's my psychotic brother" Tesren gasped as he held the picture in his paws. "Arin has his own pack?!" Ursula screamed and took the picture from Tesren's grasp. "Yes he's psychotic, and has a motto with his pack. It's called. ANGER, HATE, MAD, TRECHERIOUS AND UNFORGIVING Is We". Buster said as he rubbed his eyes and put his Daggers back on. "He sounds like he is say he wants revenge on me or something" Tesren said in a shallow voice. "I know he has no grudge against you Tesren. He has lost his alpha female to a wolf of his own pack who was working for the INers" Buster said just as Zira came through the back door. "Oh hi Zira babe, what brings you here dear?" Buster said grasping on of Zira's paws. "It's that cub of ours, that little piece of crap ma! de more mess then cleaning the existing one" Zira said in crying tone. "Oh that shit's getting it now! Dekit!" Buster yelled getting up. "Yes sir?" Dekit said as he entered the through the main door. "Take Tesren and Ursula to the transportation department on level B. I'll contact you too later" Buster said, but Tesren got up and looked at Buster and asked a question. "We can't go back now, as no ones allowed to enter. It's a now entry time for two days" Buster shook his head and sat back down. "Umm there is no room in any of the motels at this time, so why don't you two spend them two days with Zira and I. It would be an honor to spend time with two of the most respected wolves around here" Buster said. Tesren and Ursula excepted the invitation and when they were sleeping on the hide-a-bed couch fixture, Buster was talking to Dagger. "Ok Dagger I know you don't like what you mother and I made you do so just do it and get it over with" Buster said to his adolescent son. "But it sucks! I hate cleaning!" Dagger yelled. "Hey! There are two wolves in the living room who have travailed a long way just to spend the next couple of nights here. So keep it down" Buster threatened in a low voice. "But, I don't like it" Dagger repeated. Buster sighed and started to wrestle with Dagger a little. Soon they were both laughing out loudly and screaming at each other. After they settled down Buster was sitting on ht end of Daggers bed and then spoke. "You know I have not have that much fun for a long time" Buster said looking at his son. "Dad, I'm sorry for making the messes in the house, forgive me?" Dagger asked as he sat up. "Of course Dagger, your forgiven. Come here you and give your ol! d lion a big father son hug" Buster said as he outstretched his arms to welcome the embrace from his son. Buster and Dagger hugged for a while and Buster then tucked his son into bed eve though he was old enough not to have it done. Buster then gave Dagger a small kiss on the forehead and shut off the light and closed the door.

As Buster was to go to his room, Ursula startled him. "Your sure know how to father a cub, Buster" She said. "What, oh yes. Well see you in the morning" Buster said. "Same here" Tesren said. Buster then went into his room and crawled into bed. Zira turned to face him with out words said and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Chapter 13

Buster's Pay Back


Buster woke up the next morning to the noise of talking coming from the kitchen. As he got up, he noticed that Tesren was still sleeping on the hide-a-bed couch.

Buster woke Dagger up and sent him to help his mother in the kitchen. Then Buster got a shower going and had a short refreshing shower. After he got out of the bathroom, Tesren was siting up yawning and taking a big stretch. Buster walked over to him. "How did you sleep? Well I hope?" Buster asked as he picked up his wire frame glasses off the coffee table. "It was alright. Except the fact that there were some lions in this place snoring like hell" Tesren said looking up at Buster. "Har har. I snore, Zira snores and Dagger snores" Buster said laughing quietly. "Now you tell me, gees!" Tesren laughed out.

"Breakfast is on!" Zira hollered into the living room. Buster picked up some of the newspaper and went into the kitchen. Tesren got up and followed. "How's Buster this fine morn? Hum?" Zira asked rubbing his shoulders. "Good luv, how are you doing Ursula?" Buster replied and asked as he sat down into his favorite chair. "Umm, good, ummm.." Ursula tried to say but buster cut in. "Let me guess. The snoring kept you awake? Right?" Buster asked as he put the newspaper down on the table. "Why yes, you and Zira snore like hell!" Dagger then sat down at the table and added his two cents. "And don't forget me" He said as his Zira put a plate of Zebra roast in front of him. "Thank you mom" He said looking in Zira's Compassion filled eyes. "Your welcome son. Eat up" Zira said with a smile. "Yeah eat up boy" Buster said as he remembered a hissy fit Dagger had when he was only 18 months old. "I will! Don't have a crap over it" Every one at the table then looked at Dagger. "Hey Boy, w! hat about I kick your ass" Buster said in a low sarcastic tone. "Buster! We have company!" Zira snapped at Buster. "Eat them snot balls Dad!" Dagger hilariously laughed out. "Dagger! Watch that mouth of yours!" Zira snapped. Tesren then started to laugh like there was no tomorrow. Soon, Ursula joined in. Buster and Zira looked at one another then looked at Tesren and Ursula laughing their asses off. "What?!" Buster said. "This is just like our place! HA HA HA HA HA HA" Tesren laughed and snorted as he tried to answer Buster. Buster then looked at Zira and then started to eat.

Later Buster was holding Zira while watching TV. Tesren and Ursula were looking out the window. Buster then was interrupted by a phone call. "What?………Yeah sure Arin was working with us, why do want to know?……………..Oh, so he is a former member of the Dorgana Pack" Tesren and Ursula turned their heads the second Buster said Dorgana Pack. "No, ummm, just wait. Tesren? Was Arin a Sigma or an Omega?" Buster asked. "He was an Omega. But he betrayed us just to have some new flashy technology and he wanted Ursula as his mate." Tesren said holding Ursula ever closer. "He was an Omega General D…………….Oh so he has made his own Pack?………………A what now?…………….Well this couldn't have happened at a better time! Sure he can………Ok then I have to go now, good bye………." Buster hung the phone up then he walked over to Ursula who was giving Buster a strange look. "It's ok Ursula, he has barley any memory of any thing any more" Buster said putting a paw on her shoulder to relax her. "What? Memory?" U! rsula asked with a more confused look. "Arin is a Robotic Covert Operative of the OSS. He has been killed" Buster reluctantly allowed him self to say. "What?! Killed?! One of my best friends?! (SOB)" Ursula cried out. "Now then, he was brought to life by the aid of the complex computer used and the biological circuits surgically implanted throughout his body. The technology used was called the J.A.M.C. This means the Jaggernaut Alpha Matrix Computer" Buster said as he showed Ursula a picture of the Technologically Advanced Facility based deep with in the heart of the Jaggernaut Empire. "So he is clinically dead?" Tesren asked as he sat down. Buster nodded lightly and then turned away to recall the mistake that had been made in the reactivation. "And there were complications as well. One of them was when in the last stage of reactivation, Arin came on line with the Alpha Matrix Computer and override the security and used the computer to gain access to the manufacturing Facili! ty based here in this city. He made a completely new look for him self and added things such as the ability of flight. He then had the ability to kill for the making of more half-machine wolves. Arin then escaped the Jaggernaut Tech Advanced Facility and created right way his own pack of wolves. These wolves though are partial machine like him self. He therefore is a threat to society" Buster then put his paw down on a leather book and opened it to the page that said Arin Must be stopped!

United Omega Pack

Arin sat in his black marble seat over looking through the window of his office at the activities out side. He then looked at the distant horizon that led to the heartland Of the IN Pride Lands. "Soon I'll own that land. King Slazenger can't stop me and my undead minions now!" Arin thought, as he looked deeper into the horizon. He than made a low groan and then pressed a button on the arm of his chair. The chair swung around slowly but noisily. He then opened the door on the opposite side of the room. The door was a heavy-duty bay door and opened with a squeaking metal noise. Arin then got up and walked over to the wardrobe he had just on the left side of the door. He put on a vest that was thick and had two large openings on the back. He the stepped out side to a large working place filled with homes built in the walls of the mined mountain of Wolves. The mountain was a large mountain located just 150 or so miles from the IN broader. He then walked down a narrow catwalk ! to the right to a much larger door that had a star symbol on it with the Greek letter Alpha in the middle.

As he got to the door, he pulled a patch of fur from his left arm and pulled a long wire with a 9-pin male computer connection on it. He the pushed it all the way into the female 9 pin connection on the side of the large door. As he was waiting, a little hard disk was making a little bit of noise from inside the door. Then finally the connection came lose and Arin put the wire and connector back inside of his body and closed the small patch of fur around it. The door then opened very loudly and fast at least. Inside the room was a converted United States aircraft hanger. Inside were wolves assembling all kinds of things from weapons of mass destruction to parts for future Untied Omega's. Arin came to a stop behind the young adolescent wolf who also was a former member of the Dorgana Pack. His name was Talisman, younger brother of Tesren and former Sigma wolf. Arin ordered the young wolf to turn around. Talisman turned around with a pair of night vision goggles surgically ! implanted over his eyes. "Yes master, what is thin bidding" Talisman asked with loyalty in his voice. "I'm going to have you accompany me on a mission. The mission is to sneak into the massive military compound deep with in the IN Pride lands. Once we have infiltrated the compound, we'll severely damage the compound internally and externally" Arin said as he reached down to help his younger brother with the night vision goggles. "Ok, then Arin. Will we get the chance to have our revenge on brother Tesren?" Talisman asked. "I don't right now care about that useless excuse of a brother. You know that I am the oldest and should at least have had the chance to become the leader of the Dorgana pack" Arin said with a lot of anger and harassment in his voice. "Well what if we never get the chance?" Talisman replied. "I'm far more powerful than Tesren, Tal, I'll get the chance sooner or later, you can count on that" Arin said looking around. "Damn rights! You have the strength of a ! bulldozer and the intelligence of great unimaginable depths! We will have our revenge!" Tal yelled and put his arms around his older brother in a brotherly embrace. Arin put his paw on his brother's shoulder and then put him on the ground, as Tal was not yet completely grown. Arin walked away with a small smile on his lips as he looked over the other things being made in the old aircraft hanger.

IN Pride Lands

King Slazenger was looking over some of the files his famous bloodthirsty Gestapo officers collected from various places al over Africa. "Letz see here zen, the Outland Empire owned by King Buster iz not lately cauzing any problemz, but this packs of wolves, Untied Omegas haz been making frequent trips here?" He said to him self. "Datsoner! Arrange an attack on the pack of wolves known as the United Omega's!" King Slazenger yelled as he took to a computer terminal built in his desk.

With that, there were hundreds up hundreds of choppers in the air, hundreds of tanks lined up out side the 3 mile mine field and thousands of ground troops starting to march into Outlands but only to attack the United Omega pack.

United Omega Pack

"Sir! This is commander Deaten! Report to the look out station ASAP!" The PA system announced. "What? Oh what ever" Arin said. "Well I needed to see if these wings will work to day, so what the hey!" Arin said as he put his work aside. He than pressed a button on his desk and the wall to the right moved away to unveil the outside. Arin walked over to the balcony and out of the two slots in his vest on the back, metal wings sprung from his back. He fly higher and higher to the look out station and landed be hind Commander Deaten. With a loud metal thudding noise, the wings were folded up and stored in his back once again. "Holly crap! They finally worked!" Commander Deaten said in aww of his Leader. "Yes, what is it" Arin asked. "That's what I called you here for, look" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not now!" Arin yelled. "What shall we do sir?!" Commander Deaten yelled with confusion in his voice. Arin turned around to face the computer terminal in the look out station. "Now it'! s time we see if this pack has the repulsing ability. Arm computer operated tactical system? Yes. Arm mortar guns 1-23? Yes. Arin then jumped over the rail into the elevator belong. He activated it and was on his way down to the surface.


Buster was driving Tesren and Ursula to the boarder to meet their people when a stray cruise missile struck the side of the road. "Holy Crap!" Buster yelled trying to turn away from the explosion. The car crashed into a light post. Buster got out and helped Tesren and Ursula to safety. "What the hell was that, Buster!?" Tesren asked franticly. "That my friend was an INer cruise missile. Damn it! They are attacking again?!" Buster yelled in a crying type voice. "BEEEEP BEEEEP" Busters cell phone rang scaring the crap out of him. "What the hell do you want!?………………What a damn relief! Whew!………So who are they attacking instead?……………….Your joking! Right? They are going to kill the innocent she wolves and pups just for land?! Well to hell with the International Nazi Pride! Get ready for a full over blown attack this instance!" As Buster slowly closed the phone up, Ursula gave him a concerned look. "Oh no, it's not your pack guys, it's a pack known as the United ! Omega. It's Arin's pack" Buster assured her then looked at his watch. Buster looked down the road behind them and saw a semi coming. Buster stepped out on the road waving his hands. After the semi came to a stop, Buster asked the driver to take Tesren and Ursula to the boarder. After a few minutes of waiting for the driver to make room, Buster shook Tesren's paw and gave Ursula a kiss on the forehead. The he pressed a small button on his watch and a large apache chopper rose from the horizon. After it landed, Buster got in and then waved bye to Tesren and Ursula as he put a communication link over his ears.

In Chopper

After the chopper was underway, Buster started to talk. "Now then, General Dekengeo, lets get this chopper to the action, now!" Buster ordered. "Sir, yes sir!" Dekengeo replied as he increased the throttle to full. The chopper sore threw the sky with ease and wove threw Outland cities very immensely fast. Buster looked out his window at the missile volley and then at the tactical display of the forward gattling gun. Dekengeo was a leopard born to a lioness that was a pioneer in leopard/lioness relationships. Her name was Kiara former mate of Kovu. The leopard in her life was only known as Jesto. Jesto was killed in an attempt to kill the INers in the first attack they ever amounted on the Outlands. Kiara cried for days on end. Kovu was not much of a help to her then and after the separation, Kovu was tried and sentenced to 30 years of a life sentence in the OPMC mining prison. Now Dekengeo had forgiven Kovu, but Kiara still hated him.

"Chopper homing system has picked up some rather large INer activity deep with in the United Omega pack land. 3 minutes to arrival" Dekengeo reported while fidgeting with some knobs on the control panel. "Increase speed now!" Buster yelled looking at the read out on the display monitor. "Yes sir!" Dekengeo replied while switching on a switch labeled "Jet Engine Upgrade" Buster could feel him self sinking into the chair after the chopper was soaring at 500 MPH. On the rear of the chopper where the fuselage ended and the tail began, there were two huge large openings on the fuselage. Out of these openings, fire was shooting out making the chopper reach its top speed.

United Omega Pack

The fighting started over 20 minutes ago and Arin was trying desperately to ward off the INer lions. "Ok, fire the outboard cannons! Activate mine fields alpha-gamma!" Arin yelled into his Comm-link. "Bring up tactical display sir, now" A wolf in a green US military uniform said while sitting at a computer terminal. "good, where have they reached?" Arin asked. "The alpha minefield" The other replied.

The INer lions slowly walked across the minefield and then hide behind a wall. "Ok men, load your gunz!" an old INer ordered his younger troops. The INer troops took out their assault rifles and loaded each loaded their assault rifles with a large clip. "Set Zem to automatic!" He said once again to them. "Now kill zem UO's!"

Arin then noticed from the read out on the tactical display and from the Technician with him, that the INers were already close enough to do some major damage.

Then out of no were the INers started to fire at the front lines. The assault rifles broke the silence of waiting and then there was complete panic through out the city. Heavy duty assault rifles in one place and pod guns in another. Some wolf solders in a nearby store were trying to organize a route to get the cubs that were trapped there to safety. One of the four solders ran out into the street and was shot six times in the lower back region. He then fell too his knees and fell over backwards.

The chopper now was over the alpha mine field and Buster was pointing and yelling at INers on it. "You got it, sire" Dekengeo yelled back. Then Dekengeo swerved the chopper into a vertical fight pattern and fired two missiles onto the minefield. Like rabies, after the first two mines blew half of them exploded. Killing the INers on the minefield. After the dust settled, not one INer was stirring on the minefield. "Eat that!" Buster yelled.

The solders in the city looked up from their attackers, and saw the hulking salvation craft. The Royal Outland apache chopper.

Buster then pointed to the gate to the city. With out questions, Dekengeo let lose an endless stream of 50-mm shells from the forward gattling. Bullets struck INers from head to toe. After Dekengeo stopped firing, blood oozed from the remaining INers.

From a distance, The remaining INer forces retreated to their capital city.

Just as they retreated, Buster ordered Dekengeo to fire an anti tank missile the last tank. The AT missile flew from the barrel and completely destroyed the tank. The chopper landed in front of the United Omega great hall where Arin was standing on the steps out side of the large metal door. After the chopper had completely landed, Buster got out and walked over to Arin.

Arin knelt down before Buster as Buster showed his protocol. Buster helped him up then shook his paw. "Sire, we shall remain your loyal subjects for all time" Arin proudly said looking into Busters eyes.


In the large conference room of the Outland military, Zira and her son Dagger were hugging each other over Busters victory. Paxton was holding his mothers paw while she was quietly sleeping. "Umm, humm, what's happening Paxton?" Alicia asked waking up from her sleep. "Mother, Uncle Buster won the battle over the United Omega capital city" Paxton replied with honor to his mother who still was in her wheel chair. "That's nice, dear ….(snore)" Paxton looked down at his mother and put his coat over her. "Sleep mother" he quietly whispered into her ear. Paxton then joined the feast at the military conference table. "What would my nephew like today?" Zira asked hugging him. Paxton gave Zira a light kiss on the cheek then sat down. "I'll have Red INer meat, thank you." With that every started to laugh the hell out of their lungs as Paxton just smiled at his remark. "Good one Pax!" Dagger barely laughed out. "I know, I know" Paxton replied. "Now then, what would you really like, ! Paxton?" Zira asked again snickering. "Oh just some old fashion Zebra, Aunt Zira" Paxton politely asked.

After every one was feed well, Buster returned home. He was greeted by a lot of cheers from most of the military personnel and lots of hugs from Zira and Dagger. After the commotion died down, Buster woke up Alicia. "Wake up, Alicia. I had pay back today" Buster whispered into her ear. "Hmm, leave me alone Paxton, Mom's tiered" Alicia lazily said keeping her eyes closed. "You better leave her alone dear" Zira said rubbing Buster's shoulders. Buster turned around and hugged Zira and gave her a long kiss. "Oh what's this? Is that our new cub inside of you Zira?" Buster asked feeling Zira's fairly round stomach. "Yes Buster, it is" Zira replied and gave Buster another kiss.

Chapter 14

Sereina's Birth & The Power of Electro Officer


In a dimly lit hallway, Buster waited for the birth of his second cub to accrue while he waited in the waiting room of the Outland Infirmary. Buster was kind of tiered when Zira woke him up early in the morning complaining about stomach pains. But Buster knew what was happening.

Later that morning as Buster was driving Zira to the hospital; he saw a lion he had never seen before in a dark gray metallic suite. Buster was tempted to pull over, but Zira moaned the second he decreased the gas.

Buster now reading a newspaper, found him self trailing back to the lion he saw earlier that morning. "Sire, you have a healthy girl" The doctor reported as he came out of the room with some blood soaked towels. "Uh? What? Oh, I have a girl?" Buster stuttered as he looked from the newspaper. "Yes sire, you have a little girl. Zira is asking for you," the doctor said as he dropped the towels down the laundry shout.

Buster got up and went into the room. There he saw Zira holding a girl cub that looked a lot like him self. "Is that my little one? What's her name?" Buster asked. Zira looked up into her Mates eyes and then leaned closer to kiss him. Buster and Zira kissed a few seconds then; Zira laid back and held her new born close to her chest. "I want you to name her Buster" Zira replied sleepily. "Well how's the name Sereina?" Buster asked. "Hummm. What? Sereina you say?" Zira asked. Buster nodded and then put his left paw over Zira's folded paws and kissed her gently on her lips. "It's a good name Buster, hummmm. Can I rest now, Doctor?" Zira quietly spoke. "Hum? Oh yes you can rest now Zira" The doctor replied in his low raspy voice. "I'll come and pick you up later today, Zira. Is that ok?" Buster asked whispering in Zira's ear. Zira just slowly and lazily nodded her head and then started to snore quietly.

Buster shook the doctor's paw and hugged him. "Hey! I don't hug Sire" The doctor snapped quietly. "Oh sorry, I remember that the only thing you loved was taken away from you. Sorry" Buster quickly said. Buster left and went down the hallway to his service elevator to meet Radon who was concerned about the cub that Swenia gave birth to in the OPMC mining prison.

As the door opened, Dekengeo greeted Buster. "Good morning sir. Why are you up at this time of day?" Dekengeo asked while rubbing his left shoulder and downing the last of his coffee. "Umm. Zira gave birth to Sereina" Dekengeo looked up from his coffee and then extended his paw to shake Buster's. "Congratulation sir. A girl huh?" Dekengeo asked with a small smile on his face. "Yep, and she looks a lot like me" Buster replied. The elevator came to a stop and Buster walked out and headed to his office were Radon waited.

Buster stepped into his office and then he sat down. "Good morning Radon, the cubs name is Tana. He was born to days ago" Buster said as he sat down in his chair. "It's a boy then?" Radon asked. "Yes it is" Buster replied drinking a warm cup of coffee. "Swenia is said to be fine" Buster finished off. "What I can't even go and see her and my cub!?" Radon yelled out. "Now Radon, you have never made a show of anger in my presence before, but I'm tired of it already as Zira just had my second this morning" Buster quickly snapped back. Radon hastily left Buster's office and left the compound.

Later that Day/ Outland Military Compound Buster had assembled the elite members of the OSS and a few Wolves from the Dorgana Pack to present Tesren with the position of Wolf Electro Officer. This position in the outlands was the most horned position a wolf could have.

Tesren was knelt before Buster and as Buster was about to give Tesren the medals, Arin, his older brother drove a tank into the hallway. Arin got out in front of the stage and walked up the stairs. Tesren looked down at him in disgust. Arin continued to walk up the stairs and when he reached the top end, he pushed Tesren aside and took the medals from Buster's paws and Buster allowed it.

Arin walked back to the tank and before he got in, he tipped his hat at Ursula who was standing with Tesren. She looked at him and then he nodded and hoped into the tank and took off.

United Omega

When Arin returned to home, he walked gingerly and slowly to his office that had served as his bedroom. He then sat down and looked at the clock on the far side of the office. "Bed time, eh? Oh I guess I need my sleep" Arin said taking his coat off and laid it on the back of his leather chair. He then took off his pants and put them on his desk. Arin walked to the other side of the room in nothing but his underwear. He garbed a hook in the side of the wall and yanked on it to pull down a metal door. He then reached in side and pulled out a cot.

Arin slowly crawled under the covers and fell asleep with Ursula on his mind.


The next morning was like any other but today, Buster was caring for Zira as she gave birth to their second the day before. As Buster was kissing and hugging Zira and Sereina a lot, Dagger was watching TV. Buster broke into the living room and shut off the TV when one of the lions on some show cussed. "Hey! I was watching that!" Dagger protested as he stood up. "Nope, they cussed, they go off" Buster said looking down at his son. "But you watch it!" Dagger yelled as he fished for the remote in the cracks of the couch. "Keep your voice down, boy or I'll have to kick your ass" Buster threateningly said in a low voice. Dagger turned around and walked to his mother holding Sereina. "Damn you! You make my life such a freagin Nightmare Sereina!" Dagger yelled in his day old sister's face. "That's it Dagger, Go to your room, this instant!" Zira snapped back. "To hell with you! Shit on my room!" Dagger yelled storming out into the hallway. Zira sat there with a dazed look on her ! face when Buster started to get pissed off. "Get back here boy!" Buster yelled. "Kiss a dead warthogs ass father" Dagger said aloud. "Why you little piece of shit, get back here before I kick your ass into oblivion!" Buster yelled as he stood with Zira. "SLAM!!!!" The door shut with enough force. "Let him go, Buster" Zira said putting her paw on his left shoulder.

Chapter 15

Premium High Octane

United Omega

After Arin awoke from a long sleep, he went to work on his computer at his desk. "Welcome sir" the computer said in a sluggish male voice. "Thank you for not being a dope this time" Arin said as he began work on the computer. A few minutes later, he saw the report sheets of the Computerized Wolf Division. "Shit. They are working against me!" Arin jumped to his feet and got to his communication panel by his door.

"This is Alpha Male Arin, this is how my voice sounds" Arin said into a speaker on an identifier machine. "Access granted" The computer voice said back after a few minutes. "Sir? What is it?" A wolf on the other end asked while eating. "Stop that eating and get your butt off that lounge couch you lazy jerk. I have to speak to Command Control" Arin said with a low growl in his voice. "Sir, Yes sir!" The other wolf said and sounding like he pushed some papers aside. After a short few minutes, the large door began to squeakily open. Arin stepped out into a mess of food wrappings and empty beer cans. "Damn it! You're a freagin pig!" Arin said kicking some beer cans out of his way. Arin walked over to the far end door labeled with the Greek Symbol "" He pushed it open and saw a younger wolf making love to another wolf. "Oh my God! What the hell is going on in here!?" Arin asked flicking the light switch on. "Oh Shit. Umm you better leave dear," The male wolf said to th! e way younger she-wolf. After the Younger She-wolf made it passed Arin with out being hit, he walked over to his Commander of Defense. "Explain" Was all Arin said looking down at him. "Ummm, huumm? Uh, uh,….." He said before Arin got really mad. "Let me guess, Prostitution. Judging from her age, I think it may have been Solicitor Prostitution, am I right!?" Arin yelled in his face. "Y-e-s" He slowly made him self say. "Arrgh! You goof! What did you think you were doing!?" Arin yelled holding the younger wolf up off the ground by the collar of his coat. "It'll never happen again!" He yelled as he tried to get back on the ground.

Outlands/ 14 hours later

Buster was a little up set still after the verbal fight at home from the night before. He was about to leave his office when he received the most disturbing transmission he had ever had. "This is Alpha Male Arin of the United Omega. The INers and what seems to be the remains of the defective wolves of my pack are making a platoon of thousands of troops that are being called the Premium High Octane. King Buster, I have no idea what Premium High Octane stands for, but looking at the shear size of these lions and computerized wolves, it means trouble. Please send assistance as soon as possible. We are counting on you. United Omega transmission end" Buster sat in his chair looking at the vid screen on the left wall with his mouth wide open. After a while, Buster got up and walked over to the vid screen and dialed the code number for Professor X's office in the Royal Outland military.

Royal Outland Military

Professor X was kissing a lioness that had come to love him as a mate. Her name was Alicia, Paxton's mother. PX looked away from Alicia and saw a message from King Buster on his vid screen. "Shit. Not now" PX moaned. Alicia opened her eyes and saw the message and sighed. "Oh, well" PX said leaning back into his chair from kissing Alicia. PX then ran his hand through her hair and got up. "Yes sire?" He asked as he activated the vid screen. "I need you to send 12 thousand troops to the United Omega front to prevent an attack of lions and wolves known as Premium High Octane" Buster said with some duty in his voice. "12 thousand? Is that kinda steep?" PX asked as he tried to hide Alicia from being seen. "Yes 12 thousand is what I want sent, understood?" Buster asked trying to look beyond PX's attempts to hide some thing. "Yes sire, I'll send them. Oh and one thing. I have to bring this up sooner or later. I want your sister in-law to be …..my mate" PX said crossing his finger! s behind his back. Buster looked at him in shock then strangely nodded his head.

StartLight Pack

Tesren was in the living room of his home when he saw a huge train engine with treads pull up in front of his lawn. He ran outside and saw two suite cases on the steps outside of the front door. Ursula then pushed him aside with out any signs of tears in her eyes. She then picked up the suite cases and walked over to the large tank. Tesren followed behind her.

Then a metal door opened and there stood a wolf with a clipboard. "Name?" he called out. "Ursula" Ursula replied with harshness in her voice. The wolf in the door way moved aside and then out of the blackness of the void of the tank, a figure emerged wearing a gray military uniform that went down to the middle of the thighs. The figure was wearing a pair of pants that were plastered with light and dark gray patterns. He moved father ahead and was wearing a thick leather belt that had the symbol of "A" on the buckle. Many military medals lined the left side o the uniform near his neck. On the collars of the uniform sat two pins with a lightning on them.

Arin stepped onto the metal platform in front of him. Ursula looked up at him unsure with the decision she made. "I here by make, Ursula, to join me in mateship as my mate" Arin said proudly. "Uh?" Ursula asked as she scratched here arm. "Ursula, Arin used ancient Greek to say this. I here by call upon, Ursula, to join me in mateship as my mate" The other wolf said as he stood up straight to attention. "Do you except?" Arin asked while his paws were crossed over his belt buckle. "Umm? Yes" Ursula said very slowly. Tesren then turned away and walked in the opposite direction. "Tesren? I have made up my mind, you are never there for me! So in turn I'll never be there for you! Arin is your older brother and needs me more than you ever needed me! Arin take me from this place and lets be a great nation" Ursula said to Tesren then faced Arin who was smiling when she said she'd join with him in mateship. "Then so be it. Ursula, come with me to your new home" Arin said holding ou! t his paw. Ursula dropped her suitcases and grabbed onto Arin's paw. The other wolf then stepped onto the grass and picked up Ursula's luggage. Arin held onto Ursula's paw until they got in the recreation room of the tank. He then kissed Ursula on the cheek and seated her in a leather love couch. He then walked to the other end of the room and picked up a phone. "Ok, guys, Home ward we go!" he triumphantly yelled into it.

The tank then started to turn then pick up speed toward the United Omega boarder.

United Omega

When Arin and Ursula, woke up, they were in the center of a deadly battle. The United Omega Pack Military was fighting off a group of lions and wolves who allied them selves with each other. A select group of INers and members of the United Omega who were no longer needed as their technology was outdated by 2-6 years. The wolves were the former computer technicians who worked for less then any other United Omega wolf. 4 years in the past, they were deeply resentful of their positions. The INer lions that allied with them gave them technology that was up to date. Arin looked out through the window and saw the blood shed first hand. The south were hundreds of INer and disgustingly looking wolves with swords for arms, guns on their shoulders, tanks that all had some blood on the grilles, large cannons and many other kinds of malicious artillery. Arin then looked out at his forces massing near some treed area.

Arin then went in to the back room and came out with a black suite and a pair of boots. He then hugged Ursula and kissed her. Arin then put the clothes on and slipped strap type suspenders over his the black shirt. On his back was a four way metal ring that was making the suspenders tight. On the metal ring were three metal rectangles that had a part of the suspenders attached to it. Arin then pulled out from under the couch, a metal briefcase. He set it on the table and opened it. Inside were 3 guns. One was a standard .9 mm pistol. Another was a western class 6 shooter. The last one was a small compact .45 magnum auto machine pistol.

Arin grabbed the small auto machine pistol and put it in a holster. He then put the six shooter in the pocket his black pants. He then picked up the .9 mm looking at it's engraving on the handle.

"To peace we prosper

To freedom we live

To war we kill"

Arin said looking into Ursula's eyes. "Take this gun, you'll need it, my luv" Arin said as he tried to stop from crying. Ursula looked at Arin and saw the pain of tears in his eyes. "Awww, don't cry dear. We will make it" Ursula said holding his paw close to her stomach.

Then the fighting commenced.

Later In The Day

Each attempt made by the United Omega's to storm the invaders was put to a halt by endless gunfire. Wolves, who were on the other side, were using laser sights to spot any thing and every thing. The tanks they used left behind a bloody mess of tangled and torn bodies. The rampaging computer wolves even had the nerve to kill an entire infirmary filled with innocent she-wolves and pups.

Arin and Ursula did make it to safety by the means of flooring the yacht tank. Arin led Ursula to their her new home after they had a quickie supper.

As Ursula walked beside Arin, she noticed that his leather military boots made a majestic sound when he stepped. Arin looked over at Ursula and saw she was smiling and holding onto his right arm. He then stopped and turned her to face him. He looked into her eyes and few seconds later, swept her off her feet and carried her in his arms. It was at this time, Ursula noticed, Arin had much more strength then Tesren ever had. She then laid her head on his shoulder and kissed him on his cheek.

Then Arin slipped in to an office and quickly closed the door still carrying Ursula. The door closed then a loud locking noise came from it. He then moved to the end of the office and opened another door that led in to his lounge room. He set Ursula down in a chair and leaned over and kissed her.


Buster woke up from sleeping in and saw Zira feeding Sereina. He then got up and kissed her on her cheek and then wen to Dagger's room. "You may come out" He said. "You hate me" Dagger said in a low voice. "You never actually spent time with me as father and son" Dagger slowly said again. "I don't hate you, you're my son Dagger. Come here, I'm sorry for not spending time with you on a regular basis" Buster said in his most sincere voice as he heard the quite muffled sobs of his son holding his head under his pillow. Buster then walked in to his room and sat on his bed. He then put his paw on Dagger's shoulder and then reached with his other paw around his other shoulder. Buster pulled Dagger up from under his pillow and hugged him and held Dagger's head close to his heart. "Father?" Dagger asked as he was whimpering. "Yes?" Buster asked stroking Dagger's small main. "I love you dad! (cries)" Dagger said aloud. "Shhh it's ok, Dagger. I love you too" Buster said calming Dag! ger down and hugging him still. Zira looked through the crack of the door and saw her mate and son together hugging. She smiled and walked in to the room. "Zira, come her and share this moment with me" Buster asked looking up at Zira with tears in his eyes. "Your father and I love you so much Dagger" Zira said in Dagger's ear.

United Omega

Arin had woke up with a little bit of a headache when Ursula had found her way around the kitchen. Arin got up from his bed and saw the recently indent made by Ursula as she slept beside him the following night. He smiled and got despite is headache.

Ursula was preparing a simple breakfast for her self when she saw Arin exit their bedroom. She looked at the pan as it cooked the meat in side of it and added another 4 pieces of bacon and added another slice of bread to the toaster.

Arin walked into the bathroom and sat down in the tub. He then turned on the preheated warm water tap and laid back to take a bath. He then started to scrub his fur with a bar of soap.

Ursula hearing the water took Arin's breakfast to him in the bathroom. "Good morning Arin, have a good nights rest? She asked as she put the plate on the edge of the tub. Arin looked at the plate and then looked into Ursula's eyes. "Thank you, Ursula. No one has ever preformed these services for me before in my whole life. I love you" Arin said as he began to cry. "Arin, Arin. Don't cry, I don't want to see a grown wolf cry" Ursula said while washing Arin's Fur or him as he ate the breakfast she had made for him. "You have soft fur, Arin" She said rubbing his back. "Yeah, I guess it's always been like that" Arin quietly said as he swallowed a piece of bacon. "Ursula, I want you to have this. I want it to represent my undying love for you" Arin sincerely said while looking into Ursula's eyes. He then handed her the necklace he had around his neck. "Arin, I can't take this" She said with remorse. "But, I want you to have it. Take it please" Arin pleaded. "Ok" Ursula said wi! th a tremor in her voice. She took it from Arin's paw and placed it around her neck. She then held the medallion on the necklace to see what it said. "To My Beloved Mate" She slowly said. She then continued. "I Arin Here By Promise To Love And Cherish Ursula For As Long As I Shall Live" "I Arin Make Ursula Alpha Female Of The United Omega" Ursula then reached down and hugged Arin and kissed him on the back of his neck. "I love you" She whispered in his ear.

The Battle

The battle out side of the United Omega Capital city was still raging on. Still yet, no attempts by The United Omega had worked. The High Premium Octane Alliance was making a quick job of the United Omega forces. In the trenches were death, suffering surrendering the scared, helpless wolves as their comrades whom actually went over the top to rush the invaders ended up being blown to pieces or gunned down. Some of the wolves who went over the top that were shot, and did not die, cried for help as their friends and family stayed in the trenches. "Help me please! (sob) I don't want to die! Help!(sob)" One of the numerous wounded wolves cried out as 4 or 5 wolves who were just behind him in the trench just sat their. "Guys, we must help him" One said with tears running down his cheeks. "Yeah, we must. He's one of us" Another said while peeking above the trench ledge. "I'm your superior officer, we are risking our lives going after him" A wolf who was sitting in a crack in th! e wall said. "Sir, he's my brother, please may I go get him?" A very young adolescent wolf asked with tears in his eyes. "Ok, go get your brother" The superior officer wolf said. "The young wolf then picked up his rifle and placed his helmet on and peeked over the ledge. He waited for his brother to cry again and lifted him self out of the trench.

He ran to the lump of fur in front of him and then saw it was not his brother but a young she-wolf that had a gunshot wound to her chest. He looked up for a quick moment and saw his brother just a few feet from him. He ran to his and woke him up. "You ok?" He asked as he shook his brother awake. His brother just nodded and he picked him up and draped him over his back and ran back to the trench. He reached the trench and lowered his brother down to the guys below. Just as he let go of his brother, a stray gunshot hit the back of his head. He sank to his knees and keeled over forward back into the trench. His buddies below caught him as blood was literally squirting out of his head with every last beat his heart made.

The battle continued on for hours as the invaders had endless automated gun turrets that were placed everywhere and wolves with machine guns attached to their bodies in places were they once had flesh.

Near the end, Arin who was holding Ursula close in his office prepared a massive offensive. The offensive was to rush the gun turrets and cyber wolves.

"Yes sir!" The general in charge of the trench line said into the phone radio one of the solders had on his back.

20 minutes later, they rushed, 1200 wolves ran the storming attempt. The turret guns then fired like crazy and lots of wolves that were in front feel down with blood covering the ground. Once the guns were successfully terminated, they went on to face the very wolves that were responsible for the creation of the pack. The fighting raged on for 2 hours in a bloody show down with less and less United Omega's left to fight.

Then came the tanks of the United Omega military. Running over the opposition and sending them back to the dark ages with 20 mm cannons. In one of the tanks was Talisman. He was Arin's younger brother. The youngest of the family. Torn apart by greed, by his older brother, Tesren. Talisman followed Arin in his paw prints to form the United Omega. Talisman being the beta wolf of the pack, he had no mate, but was powerful enough to enjoy his position in the pack.

Talisman was shorter than Arin but he was just as strong as he was. The only thing that made them different was the fact of Talisman's eyes. He had none. He had a set of night-vision goggles fused into his eyes to serve as his eyes.

"Ok every one! Run 'em over!" Talisman yelled into a microphone on his dashboard.

The entire platoon of tanks lined up one by one and rushed the invading wolves and INers. Just as the invaders started their attack, the United Omega Tankers ran over them. There was not as much blood in doing so, due to most of the wolves weren't even wolves. Just a bunch of useless computer and mechanical components.

After four hours passing by, Arin and Ursula went down to see their wounded comrades. Some of the wolves never even left the trenches and were just sitting in the trench holding onto their rifles. Most of them had a strange dazed look on their faces.

Arin jumped down into the trench and nearly tripped over a fellow United Omega. "Did we win?" Arin asked looking into his eyes. "Yes, we won. M-my brother…is ….dead" He said as he looked away over at a lump of fur a few meters down the trench. Arin looked over at the lump of fur and pointed it out for Ursula to check it out. Ursula slowly and sacredly walked over to the body. She then moved the dead wolf over onto his back. "She began to cry as he was only an adolescent wolf. Arin looked over at Ursula and then helped up his comrade. He sat him down by Ursula and looked at the dead wolf in front of him. "He never had a chance to live long" Ursula began to cry harder. Arin took off his hat and held it to his chest. "Rest in peace, William" Arin said as he looked at his dog tags. Ursula then slowly moved her paw over William's face closing his eyelids forever. Then William's brother started to cry and put his head on William's chest. Ursula looked over at him and looked at ! his dog tags. "Shaltzer, let him rest" Ursula slowly said. Shaltzer continued to cry and sob for a while longer until Arin picked him up from his brother's dead body.


Buster was in his office with Radon talking about Swenia. "Now Radon, due to the resent battle in the united Omega, I'm releasing Swenia" Buster said as he wrote in his leather book. "Thank you sire" Radon said with joy. "What is that book you're writing in there, sire?" Radon asked. "Oh this? Ummm it's the Outland History book. It contains every lion and lioness and leopard in this Empire" Buster said as he put his pen down. "hum, you mean I'm in there too?" Radon asked. Buster nodded and then gave Radon a pick up slip for the OPMC mining prison. Radon got up and walked out of the office with tears of joy in his eyes.

Chapter 16

Buster the Jedi Knight


Buster was now working on making an offensive attack on the INers that attacked Arin's pack while Zira was feeding Sereina in the chair in front of his desk. He then noticed that Zira was having problems with Sereina. "Is there any thing wrong dear?" Buster asked as he put his pen down. "She won't drink any of my milk" Zira said in a low voice. "Ah, just giver some of that milk in the fridge there, Zira" Buster said picking up his pen. "She won't even drink that either" Zira said while Lifting Sereina off of her lap. "That's odd, Dagger drank any thing and every thing" Buster said looking at a resent picture of Dagger that was on his desk. "Buster, could she be ill?" Zira asked while looking at Sereina's actions to her nipples. Buster then got up and felt Zira's breasts and then looked at Sereina. "Well your full of milk, but Sereina does not seem to be ill or any thing" Buster said putting his paw on Zira's Shoulder. "I'm scared Buster, she could starve to death if she d! oes not drink any of my milk" Zira said with tears in her eyes. Buster looked down at her and then picked up Sereina. "Now, let's see if I can see what you want" Buster said looking into Sereina's eyes. Buster walked over to his desk with Sereina scratching him as he took her away from Zira. "Buster, she's not used to being plucked away from me" Zira said as she got up. Buster just walked over to the desk and put his daughter on it. She cried for a while until Buster gave her a bottle of wolf milk. "There, she's drinking that" Buster said with relief. "What is that milk from?" Zira asked. "Umm it's imported milk from the United Omega Pack" Buster said as he picked Sereina up again and up her in Zira's lap.

Just as Buster was about to lead Zira out, he got an urgent distress call from Arin. Buster closed the door and went to the vid screen. "Yes, what is it Arin" Buster said into the microphone. Then a statically damaged transmission came to life on the vid screen. "King Buster, we need urgent assistance in a problem here! We have Renegade Members running amuck and INers attacking from North, South and east! They are devouring every thing!" Arin yelled through the static. "Now hold on here! Renegade Members?" Buster asked as he looked at his boarder intrusion system underneath the vid screen. "The computerized wolves who were banished for miss use of their powers and for the mass production of weapons of mass destruction" Arin said as he seemed to look to the right of him.

"I thought I had removed the threat of them resurfacing 2 years ago, but they have resurfaced with a lethal allegiance to the INers. God help me, what have I done!?" Arin said in a low voice as he pulled a she-wolf close to him. "Ursula?" Buster asked squinting his eyes through the static. "Yes it's me, Buster" Ursula said looking into Arin's eyes. "And now, the Renegades have removed their limbs in place are high-powered weapons and guns" Arin said again, lightly kissing Ursula's right cheek.

United Omega

"Ok, I need you to send some military assistance" Arin said still holding onto Ursula. "Sure" Buster said through the static. After that, Buster had turned off his vid screen console. Arin took Ursula to the large window in the main administration conference room. "Look, Ursula. Our home. Our freedom. Our lively hood. Is at stake" Arin said with some tears in his eyes. Ursula looked over at her new mate and with tears in her eyes as well. "Are we going to win?" Ursula asked. "I don't know, I hope so, but it seems like an impossible feat to eliminate the Renegades calling them selves Premium High Octane. At least our littler won't be born into a war harden family" Arin said looking own at Ursula. "Huh?" Ursula said in response. "Won't be born into a war harden family?" She asked. "I'm leaving and so are you" he said as he looked over at the wall. "What! Leave our home?!" Ursula yelled at him. "We are not leaving our land, it's just that we and some select members are going! to leave this area to go to the Mountain Top City on Mt. Lonely. There you will have our litter and raise them" Arin said handing a map of the Mt. Lonely City. "I love you, Arin. I could have never asked for another wolf as sweet as you" Ursula slowly cried and leaned up against Arin.

Mountain Top City/ Mt. Lonely

After a few hours, of preparations, the city officials were in the United Omega Intelligence Corps conference room. Each member was assigned a sector of the city that was under his jurisdiction and power. A member was expected to complete series of law enforcement methods made and issued by the oZirall city official. His name is Jacter Keltin, The mayor of the MT City.

Arin was holding onto Ursula as the clunky old chopper made it's way up the 800-meter mountain. As the pilots maneuvered the chopper through fog and cloud, Arin was stroking Ursula's stomach. She was asleep. He then looked down at Ursula who was sleeping with her head on his lap. He then looked at her closely and woke her up. "There yet?" She asked groggily and tiredly. "Almost, Ursula" Arin said while leaning down and kissing on her right cheek. He then moved her into her chair and got up. He walked hanging on straps on the ceiling. He got to a gray case that was bolted on the wall near were the cockpit was. He pulled out two bags of some meat from the gray case.

He then walked back to his seat and passed one of the bags to Ursula. She slowly opened the bag and started to munch on the dried meat. Arin then opened his and started to eat as well.


After a successful victory over The INers in a part of their own country, Buster was watching through his vid screen in the O.S.S. Operations room, his Military win. He then looked closer at the vid screen and saw more INers in the distance, but could not tell if they were INers or the INer Renegades. So he got up and walked over to where PX and Alicia were kissing. Buster then got him up from his huge leathery chair and took him into his office.

PX sat down at his desk then looked at Buster. Buster sat down in the guest chair and spoke. "It's time we begin to ponder the vastness of space my friend" Buster started. "Huh?" PX asked with a funny face. "Can you have a spacecraft manufactured?" Buster asked looking out the sunroof into the stars above him. PX looked up at the window as well and had a large smirk on his face. "Yes my lord, I can have a spacecraft manufactured to your needs. And might I add, many more" PX said as he slowly opened the Top Secret labeled door behind him. "Follow me master, what do you think of these designs?" PX proudly asked as the door opened all the way. "Buster looked at some of the various drawings on the walls and drawing boards. Then out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. He walked over to the drawing on the far end and looked at it. "Now this is more like it!" Buster aloud. "Ah, you likes it?" PX asked wide eyed. "Yes, I do" Buster said. "What is it called?"! Buster asked. "I called that one the T-188 Plutonium Powered Transport or just T-188 PPT" PX said as he walked over to Buster. "I like it" Buster said. "I'll begin construction right away master if you wish" PX asked as he reached for the drawing. "Certainly PX, begin it right away" Buster said. PX took the drawing from Buster's grasp and saluted him and walked off into another door just beyond all the drawings.

Beyond the second door were many computer terminals with many lions seated at them punching in many various things. Screens every were displayed blueprints of all the ships and other things that would concern The OSS Top Secret Corps. PX then stopped at one computer terminal that was empty of its operator. He then sat down in the chair and slapped the T-188 PPT blueprints onto a scanner. Then the blueprint showed up on the screen. PX then mailed it through the net work to his Construction prepares who then would take the image to the 3D moldiests who then would send a detailed description of the ship to the main factory. The factory then would place the 3D ship program in their computers to start a completely automated construction assembly line. Then a prototype of the ship would come out the other end.

After a few days, Buster got a rude awakening from out side his window in his and Zira's bedroom. Buster stared with awe in his expression as a ship hovered with out the aid of a propeller or a stabilizer propeller. The ship was hovering due to large jets of wind being propelled out of three grilled coverings on it's under side. On the nose was a large cockpit and seated with in it was PX smiling broadly. Buster started to laugh loudly and Zira was awakened and came into the room and nearly dropped Sereina as she saw this menacingly looking ship hovering outside her window. Then it landed on the grass out side and Buster rushed down to greet PX.

PX then got out of his chair and walked down the hallway of the new ship. He got to a large door and pressed a green switch in. The door the clanked and PX pushed it open. "Well now, how about we give this sucker a test drive, master?" PX asked. Buster said nothing and walked into the ship. He sat down in the co-pilot seat and buckled in. PX smiled and quickly walked back to his chair and buckled in him self. He then switched a red button and powered the ship to life. Then the massive nuclear driven engines powered up. The rumbling drove wild vibrations into Buster's spine as he waited for PX to lift the massive ship off the ground.

Then the loud whistling of the hover vents stifled out the rumbling of the engines. The ship then began to lift off the ground and slowly up ward was the engine nose and hover vent whistling powered up much faster. Then PX switched a button that was set to auto pilot to manual. He took control of the ship at that moment and steered the ship to an eighty-five degree angle and slowly pushed a lever back. "This is it master, our achievement today will better our selves!" PX yelled as he gripped the lever. "Lets do it!" Buster yelled over the massive nose. "5-4-3-2------1!" PX yelled and cranked the lever back full. The ship then was propelled up ward with extreme speed and velocity that Buster felt that his stomach was left behind him 20 miles behind him. The large engines afterburners were a bright white/yellow color as the ship was physically speeding through the air at a speed of 1050 mph. Buster then blacked out due to the extensive gravity forced upon his body.

When he came around, he was faced with the awesome view of space as he slowly tried to get out of his chair. Before Buster could undo his buckle, an Outland O.S.S. side arm .9 mm pistol floated into Buster's face. "What the hell?!" Buster yelled loudly as he watched the heavy pistol float in front of his face. "No gravity master, this place has a zero gravity level" PX said floating by Buster like he was lying on a bed. "Holy shit! You mean we I can do that too?!" Buster asked unbuckling his seat belt. Buster then let go of the belt and he slowly lost control of his movements and floated out of his chair.

After PX had orbited the earth once, they were preparing to go back when in the distance, they saw a massively huge orbital space station. PX veered the ship in the direction and slowly made their way to see it up close. "What make is it?" Buster asked squinting his eyes as the lights in the cockpit were off. "Um, I don't know, it's not human. That I do know. Lets get a little closer to it" The ship slowly made it's way closer to the station and in the light of the sun, the INer symbol appeared as the light from the sun slowly uncovered it. "Awe shit!" PX yelled as he powered the cockpit lights back on. "How the hell did they achieve space travel before us!?" Buster yelled. 'What are you doing!?" Buster yelled at PX as he was powering on the lights and engaging the engines. "I'm getting the hell out of here, what do you think I'm doing! Walking right up to em and saying screw you!?" PX yelled as he veered the ship into a huge U-turn.

In a large room with many windows and computer screens, sat an old INer officer. "Whatz this, Outlanderz! Here already!" The old lion yelled and pressed a large button on his chair. The lighting in the whole room turned red and an alarm was sounding.

Buster turned to look back at the station and saw small metal objects being shot from its main hall. "What the fu--….. Lets get the hell out of here!" Buster yelled slamming his fist on the dashboard. "What?!" PX asked then looked into his rear camera fixture display. "Shit! What are those things!?" He yelled. Then as Buster turned to face the station again, the small metal objects appeared to be small ships fitted with many guns and weapons. "We're screwed" Buster said looking out the mirror. "Hey PX! Let me pilot her!" Buster yelled. "Ok master, you have control of the ship, now!" PX yelled. Buster took the controls and dived down into the atmosphere of earth and dodged and swerved all over as to keep a proper reentry angle at which he could reenter and land. "Can we get a transmission out at this speed?!" Buster asked ramming one of the smaller INer ships. "Shit! This thing has a new paint job, master, go easy on her! And no we can't!" PX yelled as pieces of the rammed! INer ship hit the windows. "Holy, don't crap your self about it!" Buster then turned the ship into a jet stream and tried to get away from the small INer ships. "S-H-I-T! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" PX yelled as Buster tore through clouds caught in a large jet stream. Buster then turned the ship against the jet stream and soared below it at a fast pace. After the ship was slowed down and was hovering over a patch of grass, PX looked at Buster. "You cheap ass! This thing was designed not to go through a high speed jet stream! You could've killed me!" PX said as he was trying to slap at Buster. "Ugh, don't have a crap! We're alive aren't we?" Buster said switching off the engines. "Ah, oops!" Buster said knowing what he had just done. The ship then fell like a rock and hit the ground with a thud. PX already had hit his head on the ceiling as Buster jumped out of his seat for the exit. "Yeah ya better run ya piece of shit! Argh! My freagin head hurts like hell!" PX yelled as Buster got out! of the ship and ran to his senate building.

United States

The president was sitting quietly as he watched two satellites monitor unknown ships in orbit. "Could those be Russian, Mr. Valekahn?" He asked while a man in a black suite was standing at the window looking outside. "Huh? I have no idea what they are sir" He said looking back out side the window. "Well for a second there, it looked like the Nazi symbol was on that huge station" The president said looking at the vid screen and rubbing his beard. "The Swastika?" Mr. Valekahn asked looking at the President's chair. "It sure looked like it" The president said turning off the monitors. "Bull crap sir, you and I both know that the Nazi Third Reich has been dead for the last 50 or so years. And Germany isn't even capable of space exploration" Mr. Valekahn said looking at the window. "Something with that window?" The president asked. "No, it's just that I like to watch from this hidden window down upon those Imperialists trying to force the people of this country to obey them. I! 'll tell you something right now, they stink at power ship!" Mr. Valekahn yelled at the window. "Keep it down crap head! Do you want them to hear us?!" The president yelled as he opened his cigarette case. "Sorry" Mr. Valekahn said as he walked for the exit. "Ok, ready for this allegiance with these so called Outlanders?" The president asked. "Yes" Mr. Valekahn said walking out of the office.

As Mr. Valekahn was walking down the hall way, he looked down at his waist and carefully uncovered a rod that was neatly secured and concealed in a sheathe of cloth. "Your time has come my friends" He slowly repeated to himself a few times before reaching his office. When he got inside, he slammed the door shut and walked over to his desk and there was a briefcase with an odd symbol on it. He opened it and there was a laser of some kind with another rod. He removed the first layer of packing foam and found a uniform under it. He then removed his hat and shirt. He put them aside and put the uniform on. It resembled the ones used by the American Imperialists but it was much darker and had a different symbol on the shoulder. He then found a hat and put it on. It looked like a police mans hat but the strange symbol was in the middle of it. Mr. Valekahn then found a pair of leather gloves and put them on. He then left his desk and sat down on his couch and removed his old shoe! s and put on a real shiny pair of leather boots that went half way up his shinbones. He then got up and walked back to the desk and found the laser pistol and metal rod. He put the rod in the same place and threw the other one in the garbage. Mr. Valekahn then put the laser pistol in a holster on his left side. He looked in the mirror. He straightened out some badges on his left chest that looked like just pieces of colored blocks fitted on to a metal plate. He then turned and faced the door. With a huge demonic smile on his face, Mr. Valekahn walked towards the door. It opened and he walked out into the hallway. As he passed the security guard post, the guard on duty looked up at him funnily. Mr. Valekahn then continued to walk down the hallway. Then he reached the door he had entered on many occasions, but this time was different from all the other times. He walked in and there sat the President looking out the window. "Who is it?" The president asked. Mr. Valekahn then to! ok the laser from its holster and spoke. "It is I sir" He said. "Oh, it's you Mr. Valekahn" The president said. "No, my name is KaNar Gardon, supreme leader of the Imperialists" He said slowly. "Awe shit" the president said. The president then turned in his chair to look upon the man he had tried to destroy but he was not broken in spirit as the president thought. He was his most trusted military General, Mr. Valekahn. "What do you want from me?!" The president yelled. "Death" KaNar said in a sinister laugh. The president then reached for his silent alarm button and pressed it 4 times to indicate there was a direct threat to him. "Mistake" KaNar said moving to the left of the door. When the door opened, he brought the metal rod out of the sheathe of cloth. "Sir?" The guard asked with his .9 mm in hand. But it was too late, the metal rod KaNar had in his hand revealed a blinding red light. Before the president could see it more clearly, KaNar brought it down on the guard's gu! n. There was a low buzzing emitting from the light then followed by the guard's screams of pain. The president looked at the guard cradling his arm as he his hand and gun were in the floor. KaNar then brought his knee up into the guard's stomach and as the guard was hunched over his knee, kicked him into the hallway and shut the door.

KaNar then pressed a button on the rod and the light disappeared. He walked to the president's desk and picked him up from his chair by the collar of the president's shirt. KaNar placed the President down on his feet and place the laser pistol to his head. "Nighty night, Mark Hamill president of the United States!" He yelled into his ear then fired the laser. He then picked up his body and threw it out the window.

Down below were the imperialists watching their leader over power the last prominent power in the world. KaNar looked out the window and yelled "The time has come! Remove these American pigs and rejoin our friends in the heavens!!" KaNar looked upon his people and with the snapping of his fingers, they used any kind of firearm to get through the police barricades surrounding the White House.

The police were quickly surpassed with in a few hours of fighting. The war was over for the old remnants of the Galactic Empire on earth so they stormed the White House and broke into the US Archives to reveal a vast fleet of ships. Among the small little ships in the back was a window. Beyond that window was a large ship that looked like an arrow head with a large top with two balls on either end. The engines were three large turbines on the rear of it.

As the people looked through the window, KaNar walked down a large arm connection hallway to one of the entrances of the ship.

He got inside and looked upon the old ship thoroughly and then reactivated the power source with in it.

He picked up a microphone and spoke. "Women and children are to be in this ship while men are to use the smaller ships. I told ya people that we weren't meant to be here!" He yelled as he opened some large doors on the ship. The men separated from the women and children and pushed them selves into the smaller ships. A large door to the side of the window opened and an arm like hallway appeared for the women and children to use.

And thus was the Galactic Empire was in power once again, and the Sith Lord, KaNar Gardon as it's Emperor.


Buster knew something was not right when he was sitting in his chair just waiting for his supper to arrive from the Galilee. "I wonder why I feel so strange today? It fells like there is disturbance in my life right at this point. Maybe these medallions I wear have something to do with it? Nah! Zira gave them to me. Or maybe those powers my father and his ancestors powers, being a Jedi or some kind of crap like that" Buster said looking out his window. "Sire, I could not help my self, but you just said that your ancestors were Jedi?" an old lion asked sitting in one of the guest chairs. "Holly snakes! Were did you come from" Buster asked. "I've lived here so long I don't even know" He said. "Oh and yes, my ancestors were Jedi, what's that to you?" Buster asked again. "I'm a Jedi just as you are and I have come to warn you that there is a disturbance in the force" He said while looking at Buster. "The what? Force?" Buster asked very confused. "It surrounds every thing ever! y where and we who have the higher midicarbons in our blood know that there is a higher power than any thing we have come to know" he said still looking at Buster. "Now I'm very damn confused here. Midi what's now and just what are you talking about!?" Buster snapped as he got up out of his chair. "There is a good side of the force which the members of our called Jedi and there is of course a dark side with it's members know as the Sith. You are a Jedi Buster Tiberious and so am I. KaNar Gardon is not however. He seeks to end the Jedi even though years have passed since the Jedi have almost completely killed the Sith into extinction. But the Sith still thrive. KaNar is your true enemy, not these mindless International Nazi bastards. They pose no threat to us. They are weak. They conquered by KaNar years ago" Buster looked the old lion in the eyes and he could feel that there was truth coming from the lips from this elderly lion. "When was young, my father used to tell me bed! time stories of his ancestors fighting with such weapons he liked to call lightsabers. Is that part of being a Jedi, using this so called lightsaber?" The old lion looked up into Buster's eyes with tears in his eyes. "Yes, Buster Tiberious, son of a Jedi Master" the old lion said. "Now I know who you are! You're my great Uncle JoRan!" Buster asked enthusiastically. "Yes, I have come I long way to find you, and now that I have found, you. I shall train you to be a Jedi" JoRan said as he got up.

Buster felt a little bit stupid follow this old, very old lion to the forest but he knew he finally could shed some light on his families past with his great Uncle JoRan to help him. "Now here is a good place to begin your training.

So JoRan, Jedi Master and Uncle to Buster, began to train buster to be a Jedi. JoRan taught Buster there is now end to the Force and it would help Buster through many tribulations he'll encounter in the future and his first was the maniacal KaNar Gardon. Buster quickly began to do things he never had any idea he was capable of doing. He moved a rock high up into a bird's nest with out touching it. He knocked over his uncle and apologized to him right after that he force him to the ground with out any physical effort on his part. "Oh no, you don't have to apologize Buster, I know your beginning to have a feel for our ancient power and I know you have the abilities and skills to help better our race from the Sith. The only thing that concerns me is that the Sith Lord Darth Maul had a son and that son escaped the down fall of the Galactic Empire's fall with the end of another Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine. And over the many hundreds of years that son's offspring had propagated! and prospered here on this earth.. Our race thought we had made the Sith a dead race, but there could be as many as 5 million Sith Knights and Sith Lords here on earth. We are a few may be 10-30 at the most against these Dark members of the Sith" JoRan said. Buster looked up at him from trying to move a twig and sat more confused on the ground. "What? You mean there are at the most 10-30 of our race left and the Sith have prospered to 5 million or more!? Fuck!" Buster yelled with his head in his hands. JoRan then smacked Buster over the head. "We may be few and pitiless against them but cussing out of confusion to our poor size is no way to act! We have been here in the cosmos far longer than any other races. Long before the pitiless earth was even created which means long before any kinds of life form walked this earth or any other planet. The same is for the dark agents of the Sith" Buster rubbed his head then he looked his uncle in the eye. "You mean there are other civi! lizations out there?" Buster asked pointing to the star filled night. "Yes. We come from a planet called Tatoonie many years ago. Our fore fathers were human at that time but were subjected to high levels of thermal radiation on this planet as this planet was in the primitive times as the rest of the universe was practically thousands of years ahead of the human race here. As a result, we were caged up like little animals and were subjected to more radiation and any kind of DNA introduced to our bodies made us change. Your Father and Mother wanted me to live to see the day I could train you as I did your father. Your father was a Jedi Master at the time of his death. And has remained a Jedi even though he is long dead and forgotten. Same as your mother. It was their dying wish that I train you and I thought that would never happen as those Russians or what ever that hell they are took you from them screaming for them. I spent my time following many years and now that I felt ! the disturbance in the force just a while ago, a lot like what you had. I took this time to train you" Buster looked into his paws. "We were Human? What was that disturbance about any way?" Buster asked. "Well KaNar Gardon has made this planet his realm. He killed the last human prominent power, President Mark Hamill" JoRan said as he looked into the sky. "Look boy, those lights and other things there" Buster looked up. "What are they?" Buster asked. "It's the Galactic Empire, KaNar's Empire of deadly Sith Knights and Lords. I wonder if there is any hope of you becoming the Jedi Master your father said you would be. Time will tell with lots of training and courage. Now back to your training young Buster" JoRan slowly said as he placed his left paw over his cane.

Sith Ship

KaNar looked over the controls on the ship and he saw that his fleet was ready for hyperspace travel. "He then hit a button on the control board in front of him and the every star there was on the view screen moved with suck power that it felt like the ship was falling apart. But the ship was in fact staying together. The ship then came out of hyperspace and in front of him was a large planet known as Corscant. The planet was like a huge city. Completely industrialized to it's full potential. KaNar then picked up the microphone and placed it to his lips. "Every one! We're home!" As he saw the Imperial symbol incrusted on a building on one of the many orbiting stations. The cheering his fellow Imperial yelled could be heard even though space was a huge vacuum. Then a light came on upon the communications console. "We have you on our scanners, please identify your selves" A voice commanded on the other end. "This is I, KaNar Gardon" He said with a proud voice. "Holly molly!! It's true then, welcome Emperor KaNar Gardon!" the voice obviously said joyfully.

Outlands 5 months later

Buster finally got home from his training and was meet by a very pissed off Zira. "Where the hell were you?!" Zira yelled. "Being trained" Buster said. "Now I have work to do, Zira I'll be back later" Buster said. As he went into his small shop in the back of his home. There he spent two days making his Light-saber and another fixing his father's blaster that JoRan gave to him. Buster then put on a gray wool cloak and a heavy hemp shirt. He also put on a pair of gray boots to match his wool cloak. He looked in the mirror and saw he looked a lot like his father. Buster then before leaving his shop, picked up the Light-saber and turned it on. It came out with a green glowing light and making the same low humming KaNar's did.

Zira was just outside the room when through the cracks of the door, she saw the whole thing. "Holly crap!" she thought. "What are you doing mom?" Dagger asked as he left his room. "Your father is doing some strange things in there" Zira said as she looked over at Dagger.

As Buster knew Zira was watching him, he continued to fix his father's blaster. He spent another week in his shop fixing it. Then it was done, so he picked it up and aimed it at the small window in his shop. It fired so loud it made Zira drop the laundry just outside the living room. The glass flew in every which way as Buster shielded his eyes. "Ho man this is working better than I thought!" Buster yelled. He then put his tools away and placed his new weapons in their places and opened the door. Knocking Zira over, he just continued to walk towards the door. "Where are you going now and what the hells with the nomad clothing!?" Zira asked very upset. Buster turned to face Zira with tears in his eyes. "Zira I must do what my ancestors should have done hundreds of years ago" Buster said as he walked to Zira. "What are you talking about Buster?" Zira asked. Buster took her paws in his and sat her down on the couch. He then sat beside her. "I'm suppose to be human" Buster sa! id. "Huh?!" Zira asked confused. "But you are a lion from the African country Madagascar" Zira said. Buster shook his head. "I may have been born a lion, but my ancestors were human" Buster said as he put one end of his cloak around Zira. "I don't under stand" Zira said. "My ancestors are humans from a different planet called Tatoonie. They were Jedi knights and Masters. They came to earth to escape the ever powerful Sith. Our mortal enemies" Buster said as he pulled Zira closer. "Damn your confusing!" Zira snapped. "This may sound like complete nonsense to you now, but you'll see later on that I am I Jedi Knight" Buster said as he pulled his Light-saber out of his pocket. "What is that?" Zira asked backing away from Buster. "A Jedi's Light-saber or my Light-saber" Buster said as he got up. "A what?" Zira asked as she saw Buster hold the Light-saber in one hand pointing it outward from his stomach. Then the same green light she saw before returned but it was much brighter an! d had an eerie humming as buster swished it back and forth. "Um is that a sword or something?" Zira asked getting up. Buster nodded his head and shut the Light-saber off. "Now you said something you must do?" Zira asked as Buster sat back down. "Oh yeah! I forgot" Buster said as he got back up. "I must go away from here" Buster said. "What?" Zira asked grabbing his cloak. "I must return to the Galactic Empire with my great Uncle JoRan" Buster said as he headed for the door. "You can't leave me here alone!" Zira yelled as she kept cling to Buster's cloak.

Buster pulled away and left the house as Zira was on her knees crying. Buster continued to walk down the hallway with out looking back. His officer in charge of security looked at him as he walked down the hallway in strange clothing. Buster walked down to his office and he stepped in side. Where there once was his vid screen setup there was a hidden hallway instead. He walked down the hidden hallway to a room were there was a ship that was not made and designed by PX. he stepped up the ladder into the hallway of the ship. "Its a massive ship, must have been brought here by JoRan" Buster thought. As he walked down the hallway he saw a few other lions in the seats of the passenger lounge. All wearing the same kind of clothes except different colors and material. Buster looked around and found a letter on the cockpit door.

"Buster, you are the final member of our race on this pitiless planet. Join your relatives and Jedi Knights and Masters with a joyful heart. I'm waiting in the cockpit for you as you're the only one of us is a certified pilot" it read. Buster then found a panel with some button on it by the door. He could not understand them so he used the Force to decipher them. He then opened his eyes and pressed a green button. The door swished open and there sat his uncle in the co-pilot's seat. Buster sat down in the pilot's chair and faced the controls of the ship. "Awe crap, now how am I going to pilot this thing?" Buster asked as he looked at the controls. "Picture them as if they were the controls to one of those tanks widely used here, then it'll be easier" JoRan said as he buckled his seatbelt. Buster closed his eyes and remembered what the controls of an Outland Road Kill tank were like. He then opened his eyes and flipped a switch on and started the engines.

Zira got up from the ground and looked out side through the window in the hallway and saw part of the ground move aside as it were just a hidden door. Then there was a platform rising with a ship on it. The platform rose to 100 feet and stopped.

Buster inside the ship was starting to yearn for Zira already but he oddly enough continued to power up the ship. Then he started to lift the ship off the platform and made started the accent.

The ship rose higher and higher then before Buster knew what was happening, JoRan was putting some coordinates in a computer. "What is that thing" Buster asked. "Oh, this? It's the NAV computer" JoRan said as he finished the final coding. "Now, ready for hyper speed?" JoRan asked with a funny smile on his face. "Uh, sure. What's hyper speed?" Buster asked confused. "It's called Hyper Space or Light Speed, and it makes any physical ship tear through space at tremendous speeds" JoRan explained as he pressed a button above the controls Buster was using to pilot that ship. "Sit back and enjoy the ride" HE said as Buster felt him self being pushed against his seat as the ship started to pick up fast speeds. The whole sky went from star filled night to a screaming speed of light and gut wrenching noises. The ship did this for the next twenty minutes and came out of it in the midst of three huge ships lined up beside each other. "Awe man! What a rush!" Buster yelled. "Uh, what s! hips are they?" Buster asked. JoRan looked up from the NAV computer screen. "Full reverse! They're imperial!" JoRan yelled. Buster turned the ship around, but it was too late, one of the massive imperial ships found the ship on its radar. All three imperial ships turned around. Then activated a tractor beam.

"What the hell is going on?! We're going nowhere!" Buster yelled slamming his fists on the controls. "Crap! They have in a tractor beam!" JoRan yelled. Then the cockpit door opened and a younger lion came through it. "What is happening Master?" He asked. "The imperials have us already" JoRan said calmly. "Hey it sounds like you meant for us to be caught by them!" Buster yelled. "Now listen closely Buster, the Sith aboard that ship will know we're Jedi and he'll have us sent to the imperial capital city on Corscant. There we may get a chance to see who were up against" JoRan said. "KaNar Gardon?" The younger lion asked. "Yes Desmond, KaNar Gardon" JoRan said. Then before Buster could shut off the engines, her heard a noise from out side on the ship. He looked out the window and looked up. Right there was a huge ship.

Then a door in the back of the ship was blown apart and instead of men there were huge two legged droids with massive blaster weapons for a left arm and heavily armored shields as on place of the right arm. A couple of the lions in the back wiped out their blasters and hid behind their chairs and fired at the droids. The droids deflected the blaster shots with the shields and then would quickly spray the lions with a rapid firing blaster weapon. After a couple minutes, the back rows were totally engulfed in flames. The droids continued to pursue father and Buster opened the cockpit door with his arms high in the air. The droids dropped their guard as troops finally came into the ship. They gathered up the rest of the passengers and headed them for the door. One of them came to Buster and got behind him and escorted him and JoRan out of the cockpit keeping his blaster on Buster's back.

Buster and the others were escorted to the prison cells of the ship. As they were being pushed through the hallways, Buster over heard that the name of the ship they were in was called a Star Destroyer. Then he spent with the rest of the crew in the prison a good two hours.

Then the door opened to his cell and he was escorted out as he knew he was going to go some where but he could not quite use the force to his benefit to reading minds of others at the moment. So he and his uncle were taken from the prison block and came to the docking bay were his ship was, but they headed in the direction of an Imperial ship. Buster and JoRan were put aboard it and an imperial crew loaded onto it.

Then Buster JoRan were loaded on to the ship and left the Star Destroyer and flew towards a large planet that looked like it was a huge planetary city. The ship flew at a stead pace and then there was a voice on the COM system. "We have you on our scanners now, please identify your selves" The voice said. "This is Shuttle Tyderian, transferring landing code now" A voice in the cockpit said. "Code checks out, purpose of landing?" The first voice asked. "Two prisoners we caught from 12 or 13 earlier today seem to be well trained Jedi Knights so we're taking them to Emperor Gardon" the cockpit vice said. "You may continue on your mission" The first replied.

Then Buster saw the planet getting closer and larger. Then the ship entered the atmosphere and a lot of clouds. When the clouds cleared, a large city unfolded through the cockpit windows. As the ship got closer to the surface, there was more and more ships flying around. Millions of small ships flying in groups of three were every where. Large ships were there as well. Then the ship leveled out and flew to a distant building in the distance. It was a large type of palace of some kind. The doors on the palace landing pads opened there stood a tall man in a black robe surrounded by the same kind of robot that boarded his ship.

The ship landed and a piece of the floor dropped to the ground at an angle. The armored imperials took Buster and JoRan by the arms and led them out onto the landing pad. The imperials stopped with Buster and JoRan just in front of the man in the black robe.

The man in the black robe removed his hood and he looked like a man he saw before in his lifetime but Buster had no idea where he remembered him. "So this is King Buster Tiberious, now a Jedi Knight I see?" The man asked. "And this must be JoRan Tiberious a Jedi Master?" he asked again. Buster spoke first. "Yes I am King Buster Tiberious and I also am a Jedi Knight" JoRan looked up and spoke. "I am JoRan Tiberious and a Jedi Master, and you must be KaNar Gardon?" JoRan looked up at the cloaked human saw him nod. "Prepare to meet thy doom!" KaNar yelled activating his Light-saber. JoRan than pushed Buster out of the way and activated his blue Light-saber and fought with KaNar. Buster moved back as JoRan and KaNar fought. Every attempt KaNar tried to kill JoRan ended with JoRan's Light-saber blocking them. "Your good old one, but not strong enough!" KaNar yelled as he hit his Light-saber on JoRan's. The noise emitting from the Light-sabers was getting so loud that JoRan bac! ked away from KaNar and while KaNar was stunned by his sudden movements, JoRan knocked his Light-saber out of his hand. JoRan moved a bit closer wielding his Light-saber to KaNar. But KaNar made a back flip on to one of the robot's heavy heads and reached for his Light-saber. It flew right to his out stretched hand and he immediately activated it. JoRan then in turn ran his Light-saber through the robot KaNar was standing on.

KaNar jumped off the robot before it fell to the ground and landed behind JoRan. He then pushed back onto JoRan with his red Light-saber through JoRan's back. JoRan fell to his knees, in pain, he covered the exit wound and fell backwards onto his back.

Buster yelled out in sorrow as his uncle died in front of him. Buster then activated his Light-saber and before he could get to KaNar, the droids stopped him. Buster deflected their blaster shots with his Light-saber as he slowly tried making his way to KaNar. But KaNar boarded the Shuttle Tyderian. So Buster reached into his pocket of the cloak and pulled out a small grappling hook and placed it on the edge of the landing pad while still deflecting the blaster shots from the droids. He grabbed the end of the rope and jumped off the ledge. While falling, he shit his Light-saber off and put it in his pocket. He then reached the end of the rope. Buster looked down. There was a rooftop of something below him 16 feet below. Buster then let go of the rope and fell freely to the rooftop. Buster got to his feet and looked over the edge. There were many kinds of people below and also a numerous amount of different creatures were walking the streets as well.

Buster jumped down to the ground and concealed his Light-saber in an inside pocket. Buster started to walk among them and quickly discovered through the aid of the Force, that a lot of them were Sith members. He looked around at the Sith members and saw the difference among the ranks. Sith Lords were the lower rank like a Jedi Knight and there were the Sith Masters. They looked like monks with not much of their faces showing. They mostly wore black robes like the one KaNar wore.

Then Buster looked behind him and saw that most of the Sith he had passed were following him. Buster picked up the pace and they quickly picked theirs up as well.

Buster looked behind him self again and they were still there. So he started to run. Buster looked behind him and they were running as well. Buster turned and faced them with his Light-saber ready for action. All the Sith members stopped and one came out with his red Light-saber ready as well. Buster and the Sith Lord fought with such ferocity that the other Sith Members stayed at a good distance. Buster then knocked his Light-saber up into the air. As the Sith Lord went to grab for it, Buster cut his hand off. Then Buster gutted him with one left swing if his Light-saber. Buster then saw one of the crowd unveil a Blaster and aimed it at him. Buster swished his Light-saber up as the person fired. The shot was deflected and hit that person in the chest. Buster then grabbed his father's blaster and fired it at that person again.

The rest of the crowd moved aside to let Buster leave, then he walked away. Buster knew he had to get back to that palace to have his revenge. So he walked away from the palace into an area he thought was made up of Jedi. He found one Jedi there. His name was DeVon Kellder. He was a Jedi Knight just as Buster was. Buster could feel that this DeVon was well trained. Well trained enough to stay hidden from the Sith.

So began Buster's true journey. His journey as the Jedi he was to be.

Until Next time my devoted readers!