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The Merchandise section here at Kiara’s Sahifa has two main purposes: 1. To make available images of all the Simba's Pride-related merchandise that we can, and 2. To provide easy access to ordering such merchandise online. We will also strive to keep a list of merchandise that we have knowledge of but no pictures for yet. Many of these items are no longer available for retail sale

Merchandise Co-Editor:
Kristin Cheddar

Current Merchandise Pages

Activity Sets · Backpacks · Balloons · Banks · Board Games · Christmas · Customizable Products · Doormats · Jigsaw Puzzles · Keychains · My Size Puzzles · Notepads · Playing Cards · Plush Toys · Postage Stamps

Old Merchandise Pages

These pages are from the old Merchandise section and are slowly being rebuilt and re-designed. When all of the content from one of these pages makes it into one of the Current Merchandise Pages then that page will be removed from here until all of the old ones are gone. Additionally, all of these old pages will open up in popup windows that you should close before viewing another one.

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Unpictured Merchandise

The following are known merchandise items for which we currently have no picture

E-mail more merchandise pictures to

If you have pictures of any Simba's Pride-related merchandise that is not shown here yet please e-mail them to

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