Furry convention locator

If you have ever wondered which furry conventions are closest to you, or wondered if there are any nearby that you haven't heard about, this is the tool for you. It uses the power of Google Maps to produce a list of furry conventions, sorted from the closest to the farthest in terms of road distance.

Step 1: Select a continent: Currently only North America, Europe, and Australia are supported.

Step 2: Enter your starting address in the space below and click the 'Submit' button. This will zoom the map to the location specified. If the location you enter can be resolved to street address precision, the list will be dispalyed automatically. You can move the marker as needed, either by dragging the marker or clicking on the desired location. You can also pan, zoom, switch to/from satellite view, as you see fit.

Alternatively, you can bypass the entry field altogether by zooming the map and clicking on your location to place a marker.

Step 3: Review the options below the map and change if desired, then click the "Show List" button. That's all there is to it!

Starting address:

If you change the location or either of the following options, click "Show List" to regenerate the list.

Avoid tolls Avoid ferries

Changing the following options will cause the list (if present) to auto-update.

Sort by:
travel time

Clicking the symbol in the Show Route column will display a suggested route.

Watch this space!

If you know of any conventions that are missing from the results, or spot any other errors in the convention listings (a convention has moved or been discontinued, broken links, etc.), please write and tell me. Also please notify me of any unexpected errors, bug reports, usability concerns, or other suggestions. My e-mail address is is mwalimulion (at) gmail (dot) com.

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