mwalimu's SabrinaVerse Stories

Stories in this section are set in a story universe based on the comic strip Sabrina Online by Eric Schwartz, which became a story setting when Chris "Foxx" Yost wrote Sabrina Online: The Story. This story and James Bruner's Zig Zag: The Story have inspired more than a dozen other authors to tell their tales in what has become known as the SabrinaVerse.

These stories are also hosted on The Raccoon's Bookshelf in PDF format. Stories in this section are rated PG-13, except as indicated.

First Morning (2003, 4K) A short-short featuring Clarence and Cindy. (.txt version.)

Wood (2004, 7K, rated G) Zig Zag has a memory of her grandfather.

On Location (2003-2011, 82K total, rated PG-13) A Double Z Studios film crew is traveling to Georgia to shoot a film that features Wanda the Vixen in the lead role. Clarence thinks it will be nice having two weeks of not having to avoid her, until another member of the crew has a family emergency and he is asked to step in at the last minute.

Anyone wishing to discuss this story with the author or other readers is encouraged to participate in the On Location thread in the Raccoon's Bookshelf discussion forum on the Fur-Haven website. The old discussion thread on Planetfurry BBS is still viewable but can no longer be updated.

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