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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1A*TeensDancing Queen3:47Hits for Kids 2082008229
2A*TeensSuper Trouper3:50Hitzone 881999236
3A*TeensCan't Help Falling in Love3:07Lilo and Stitch (OST)92002227
4A*TeensMamma Mia3:43Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)142001200
5A.C.TTake It Easy4:27Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]12001243
6A.C.THippest Flop4:48Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]22001234
7A.C.TA Supposed Tour4:41Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]32001224
8A.C.TBiggest Mistake7:49Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]42001229
9A.C.TImaginary Friends5:50Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]52001242
10A.C.TShe/Male4:47Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]62001239
11A.C.TRelationships: At The Altar0:38Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]72001172
12A.C.TRelationships: Svetlana3:42Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]82001236
13A.C.TRelationships: No Perspective1:06Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]92001198
14A.C.TRelationships: Second Thoughts0:54Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]102001240
15A.C.TRelationships: Mr. Unfaithful7:04Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]112001228
16A.C.TRelationships: Gamophobia0:46Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]122001216
17A.C.TRelationships: Little Beauty4:18Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]132001233
18A.C.TRelationships: And They Lived Happily Ever After6:40Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]142001193
19A.C.TMouse In A Maze (Bonus Track)5:31Imaginary Friends [2004 Remaster]152001204
20A.C.TIntro0:48Last Epic12003174
21A.C.TWailings From A Building4:21Last Epic22003233
22A.C.TMr. Landlord4:40Last Epic32003211
23A.C.TTorn By A Phrase5:35Last Epic42003214
24A.C.TTed's Ballad3:46Last Epic52003179
25A.C.TDance Of Mr. Gumble2:09Last Epic62003239
26A.C.TWake Up4:27Last Epic72003216
27A.C.TManipulator6:13Last Epic82003230
28A.C.TA Loaded Situation3:29Last Epic92003222
29A.C.TThe Observer3:07Last Epic102003233
30A.C.TThe Cause3:26Last Epic112003225
31A.C.TThe Effect4:39Last Epic122003225
32A.C.TSummary5:04Last Epic132003225
33A.C.TOutro1:15Last Epic142003197
34A.C.TTruth Is Pain4:10Silence12006207
36A.C.TWonderful Earth4:20Silence32006205
37A.C.TOut Of Ideas4:47Silence42006196
39A.C.TInto The Unknown3:55Silence62006204
40A.C.TNo Longer Touching Ground4:11Silence72006199
41A.C.TUseless Argument4:49Silence82006195
42A.C.TThe Voice Within3:53Silence92006202
43A.C.TCall In Dead2:51Silence102006207
44A.C.TSilent Screams1:58Silence112006198
46A.C.TThe Millionaire2:10Silence132006211
48A.C.TA Father's Love2:32Silence152006170
49A.C.TMemory To Fight2:43Silence162006211
50A.C.TThe Diary3:10Silence172006206
51A.C.TA Wound That Won't Heal4:32Silence182006209
52A.C.TThe Final Silence1:34Silence192006190
53A.C.TAbandoned World4:04Today's Report [2003 Remaster]11998234
54A.C.TThe Wandering5:37Today's Report [2003 Remaster]21998228
55A.C.TGrandpa Phone Home4:39Today's Report [2003 Remaster]31998224
56A.C.TWaltz with Mother Nature6:38Today's Report [2003 Remaster]41998221
57A.C.TWhy Bother4:49Today's Report [2003 Remaster]51998245
58A.C.TToday's Report4:47Today's Report [2003 Remaster]61998225
59A.C.TWelcome5:50Today's Report [2003 Remaster]71998224
60A.C.TCat Eyes4:26Today's Report [2003 Remaster]81998231
61A.C.TThe Chase5:14Today's Report [2003 Remaster]91998229
62A.C.TPersonalities: Foreplay0:23Today's Report [2003 Remaster]101998185
63A.C.TPersonalities: Piece of Meat1:17Today's Report [2003 Remaster]111998245
64A.C.TPersonalities: Tinnitus1:07Today's Report [2003 Remaster]121998232
65A.C.TPersonalities: Lord of Lies2:24Today's Report [2003 Remaster]131998219
66A.C.TPersonalities: Emelie2:00Today's Report [2003 Remaster]141998212
67A.C.TPersonalities: Insomniac4:38Today's Report [2003 Remaster]151998228
68A.C.TPersonalities: Concluding Speech0:33Today's Report [2003 Remaster]161998187
69A.C.THappy Days (1996 Demo)3:54Today's Report [2003 Remaster]171998190
70A.C.TRecall (1996 Demo)2:46Today's Report [2003 Remaster]181998194
71A.J. Gil feat. Max-A-MillionShe's Hot3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0732003219
72The A.K.A.'sChristmas In Hollis3:38A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas12003213
73A+Enjoy Yourself3:39Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)72001222
74A3Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)4:05The Sopranos (OST)11999205
75AaliyahWe Need a Resolution feat. Timbaland4:02Aaliyah12001220
76AaliyahLoose Rap feat. Static from Playa3:50Aaliyah22001201
77AaliyahRock the Boat4:34Aaliyah32001231
78AaliyahMore than a Woman3:49Aaliyah42001212
79AaliyahNever No More3:58Aaliyah52001209
80AaliyahI Care 4 U4:33Aaliyah62001203
81AaliyahExtra Smooth3:54Aaliyah72001211
82AaliyahRead Between the Lines4:20Aaliyah82001222
83AaliyahU Got Nerve3:42Aaliyah92001219
84AaliyahI Refuse5:57Aaliyah102001197
85AaliyahIt's Whatever4:08Aaliyah112001178
86AaliyahI Can Be2:59Aaliyah122001221
87AaliyahThose Were the Days3:24Aaliyah132001211
88AaliyahWhat If4:20Aaliyah142001223
89AaliyahTry Again4:45Aaliyah152001216
90AaliyahIntro1:30Age Ain't Nothing But A Number11994198
91AaliyahThrow Your Hands Up3:34Age Ain't Nothing But A Number21994215
92AaliyahBack & Forth3:51Age Ain't Nothing But A Number31994231
93AaliyahAge Ain't Nothing But A Number4:14Age Ain't Nothing But A Number41994202
94AaliyahDown With The Clique3:24Age Ain't Nothing But A Number51994217
95AaliyahAt Your Best (You Are Love)4:51Age Ain't Nothing But A Number61994185
96AaliyahNo One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You Do4:07Age Ain't Nothing But A Number71994205
97AaliyahI'm So Into You3:25Age Ain't Nothing But A Number81994199
98AaliyahStreet Thing4:58Age Ain't Nothing But A Number91994205
99AaliyahYoung Nation4:40Age Ain't Nothing But A Number101994223
100AaliyahOld School3:17Age Ain't Nothing But A Number111994206
101AaliyahI'm Down3:16Age Ain't Nothing But A Number121994216
102AaliyahBack & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's Remix)3:44Age Ain't Nothing But A Number131994197
103AaliyahJourney To The Past4:04Anastasia (OST)91997205
104AaliyahBack And Forth3:49I Care 4 U12002234
105AaliyahAre You That Somebody4:25I Care 4 U22002191
106AaliyahOne In A Million4:29I Care 4 U32002199
107AaliyahI Care 4 U4:33I Care 4 U42002200
108AaliyahMore Than A Woman3:50I Care 4 U52002208
109AaliyahDon't Know What To Tell Ya5:01I Care 4 U62002211
110AaliyahTry Again4:44I Care 4 U72002211
111AaliyahAll I Need3:08I Care 4 U82002215
112AaliyahMiss You4:05I Care 4 U92002205
113AaliyahDon't Worry3:51I Care 4 U102002220
114AaliyahCome Over (feat. Tank)3:55I Care 4 U112002212
115AaliyahErica Kane4:37I Care 4 U122002204
116AaliyahAt Your Best4:50I Care 4 U132002187
117AaliyahGot To Give It Up (Remix)3:57I Care 4 U142002186
118AaliyahAge Ain't Nothing But A Number4:12Monsta Jamz182002202
119AaliyahAge Ain't Nothing But A Number3:34More! Bump N' Grind131995195
120AaliyahTurn The Page4:16Music Of The Heart (OST)31999193
121AaliyahRock The Boat4:33Now That's What I Call Music! 0892001225
122AaliyahI Care 4 U4:32Now That's What I Call Music! 11122002203
123AaliyahBeats 4 Da Streets (Intro)2:10One In A Million11996201
124AaliyahHot Like Fire4:23One In A Million21996204
125AaliyahOne In A Million4:30One In A Million31996195
126AaliyahA Girl Like You4:22One In A Million41996173
127AaliyahIf Your Girl Only Knew4:51One In A Million51996184
128AaliyahChoosey Lover (Old School/New School)7:07One In A Million61996202
129AaliyahGot To Give It Up4:41One In A Million71996205
130Aaliyah4 Page Letter4:52One In A Million81996217
131AaliyahEverything's Gonna Be Alright4:49One In A Million91996216
132AaliyahGiving You More4:25One In A Million101996180
133AaliyahI Gotcha' Back2:53One In A Million111996213
134AaliyahNever Givin' Up5:11One In A Million121996198
135AaliyahHeartbroken4:19One In A Million131996183
136AaliyahNever Comin' Back4:06One In A Million141996205
137AaliyahLadies In Da House4:20One In A Million151996203
138AaliyahThe One I Gave My Heart To4:30One In A Million161996199
139AaliyahCame To Give Love (Outro)1:40One In A Million171996209
140AaliyahIf Your Girl Only Knew3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-08141996188
141AaliyahMiss You4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12102002202
142AaliyahBack & Forth3:50Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)132005227
143The AardvarksYou're My Loving Way2:44Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)92005215
144Aaron CarterI'm All About You3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-03132002210
145Aaron CarterLife Is A Party3:26Rugrats In Paris (OST)32000223
146Aaron CoplandFanfare for the Common Man (From Symphony No.3)2:04Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)1 183
147Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Very slowly2:42Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)2 186
148Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Allegro2:42Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)3 197
149Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Moderato3:51Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)4 186
150Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Fast3:34Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)5 198
151Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Sub. Allegro3:44Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)6 199
152Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - As at first (slowly)1:14Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)7 186
153Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring - Doppio movimento (Shaker Melody "The Gift to be Simple")6:49Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)8 183
154Aaron CoplandRodeo - I. Buckaroo Holiday7:02Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)9 195
155Aaron CoplandRodeo - II. Corral Nocturne4:03Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)10 186
156Aaron CoplandRodeo - III. Saturday Night4:12Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)11 188
157Aaron CoplandRodeo - IV. Hoe-Down3:11Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)12 195
158Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Introduction: The Open Prairie3:14Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)13 190
159Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Street in a Frontier Town3:22Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)14 195
160Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Mexican Dance and Finale2:01Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)15 203
161Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Parie Night (Card Game at Night)4:22Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)16 189
162Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Gun Battle1:49Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)17 201
163Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Celebration (After Billy's Capture)2:21Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)18 205
164Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - Billy's Death1:19Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)19 192
165Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid - The Open Prairie Again1:47Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Billy the Kid - Bernstein, NYPO (1987)20 196
166Aaron CoplandFanfare for the Common Man3:37Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)1 182
167Aaron CoplandAppalachian Spring25:12Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)2 186
168Aaron CoplandSymphony No.3 - Molto moderato10:37Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)3 184
169Aaron CoplandSymphony No.3 - Allegro molto8:15Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)4 189
170Aaron CoplandSymphony No.3 - Andantino - Quasi allegretto10:23Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)5 184
171Aaron CoplandSymphony No.3 - Molto deliberato14:16Fanfare, Appalachian Spring, Symphony 3 - Eiji Oue (Reference 2000)6 187
172Aaron CoplandFanfare for the Common Man3:19Greatest Hits11994320
173Aaron CoplandEl Salón México11:31Greatest Hits21994320
174Aaron CoplandSimple Gifts [from Appalachian Spring]5:42Greatest Hits31994320
175Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid (Orchestral Suite)(Excerpts)2:16Greatest Hits41994320
176Aaron CoplandBilly the Kid (Orchestral Suite)(Celebration)2:22Greatest Hits51994320
177Aaron CoplandRodeo (Excerpts)7:03Greatest Hits61994320
178Aaron CoplandRodeo (Excerpts)3:12Greatest Hits71994320
179Aaron CoplandThe Promise of Living [from The Tender Land]5:42Greatest Hits81994320
180Aaron CoplandDance from Music for the Theatre3:20Greatest Hits91994320
181Aaron CoplandQuiet City10:55Greatest Hits101994320
182Aaron CoplandMorning on the Ranch [from the Red Pony]4:32Greatest Hits111994320
183Aaron CoplandLincoln Portrait15:16Greatest Hits121994320
184Aaron HallTell Me What You Like5:42The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)61999206
185Aaron JeoffreyAfter the Rain4:00WOW 1997 (Disc 2)121996204
186Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is2:43AM Gold: 1967111995126
187Aaron NevilleWrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye)2:52Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)81997128
188Aaron NevilleBells Of St. Marys2:45Christmas Of Hope91995185
189Aaron NevilleIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear3:38Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)102003186
190Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is2:44Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)162002205
191Aaron NevilleLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2:20Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)131995194
192Aaron NevilleDon't Take Away My Heaven4:38The Grand Tour11993209
193Aaron NevilleI Owe You One5:33The Grand Tour21993200
194Aaron NevilleDon't Fall Apart On Me Tonight4:24The Grand Tour31993199
195Aaron NevilleMy Brother, My Brother4:59The Grand Tour41993210
196Aaron NevilleBetcha By Golly, Wow3:56The Grand Tour51993192
197Aaron NevilleSong Of Bernadette4:04The Grand Tour61993172
198Aaron NevilleYou Never Can Tell2:54The Grand Tour71993208
199Aaron NevilleThe Bells3:22The Grand Tour81993190
200Aaron NevilleThese Foolish Things4:23The Grand Tour91993170
201Aaron NevilleThe Roadie Song4:41The Grand Tour101993202
202Aaron NevilleAin't No Way5:01The Grand Tour111993193
203Aaron NevilleThe Grand Tour3:22The Grand Tour121993188
204Aaron NevilleThe Lord's Prayer1:58The Grand Tour131993143
205Aaron NevilleLouisiana 19273:05Warm Your Heart11991191
206Aaron NevilleEverybody Plays The Fool4:26Warm Your Heart21991199
207Aaron NevilleIt Feels Like Rain4:58Warm Your Heart31991198
208Aaron NevilleSomewhere, Somebody3:00Warm Your Heart41991190
209Aaron NevilleDon't Go, Please Stay2:43Warm Your Heart51991186
210Aaron NevilleWith You In Mind3:32Warm Your Heart61991190
211Aaron NevilleThat's The Way She Loves4:46Warm Your Heart71991192
212Aaron NevilleAngola Bound4:34Warm Your Heart81991217
213Aaron NevilleClose Your Eyes3:11Warm Your Heart91991162
214Aaron NevilleLa Vie Dansante3:21Warm Your Heart101991212
215Aaron NevilleWarm Your Heart3:51Warm Your Heart111991192
216Aaron NevilleI Bid You Goodnight4:02Warm Your Heart121991190
217Aaron NevilleAve Maria4:41Warm Your Heart131991176
218Aaron ShustMy Savior My God4:51WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)42006219
219Aaron ShustGive It All Away3:34WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)132007225
220Aaron Smith ft. LuvliDancin'4:00Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 200692006173
221Aaron TippinThe Call Of The Wild4:34Call Of The Wild11993252
222Aaron TippinHonky-Tonk Superman2:54Call Of The Wild21993252
223Aaron TippinNothin' In The World2:33Call Of The Wild31993248
224Aaron TippinWorking Man's Ph.D.3:30Call Of The Wild41993249
225Aaron TippinI Promosed You The World4:54Call Of The Wild51993249
226Aaron TippinWhen Country Took The Throne2:26Call Of The Wild61993246
227Aaron TippinLet's Talk About You2:47Call Of The Wild71993243
228Aaron TippinWhole Lotta Love On The Line3:45Call Of The Wild81993247
229Aaron TippinMy Kind Of Town3:02Call Of The Wild91993247
230Aaron TippinTrim Yourself To Fit The World2:35Call Of The Wild101993240
231Aaron TippinCold Gray Kentucky Morning3:40Greatest Hits ... And Then Some11997194
232Aaron TippinYou've Got To Stand For Something3:02Greatest Hits ... And Then Some21997192
233Aaron TippinThere Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio2:48Greatest Hits ... And Then Some31997208
234Aaron TippinI Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way3:12Greatest Hits ... And Then Some41997188
235Aaron TippinA Door3:10Greatest Hits ... And Then Some51997201
236Aaron TippinMy Blue Angel3:24Greatest Hits ... And Then Some61997199
237Aaron TippinWorking Man's Ph.D3:30Greatest Hits ... And Then Some71997203
238Aaron TippinThe Call Of The Wild4:29Greatest Hits ... And Then Some81997208
239Aaron TippinThat's What Happens When I Hold You3:43Greatest Hits ... And Then Some91997178
240Aaron TippinWhole Lotta Love On The Line3:44Greatest Hits ... And Then Some101997195
241Aaron TippinI Got It Honest3:46Greatest Hits ... And Then Some111997199
242Aaron TippinThat's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You3:18Greatest Hits ... And Then Some121997190
243Aaron TippinIf Only Your Eyes Could Lie3:19Greatest Hits ... And Then Some131997190
244Aaron TippinKiss This2:53People Like Us12000190
245Aaron TippinAnd I Love You3:07People Like Us22000197
246Aaron TippinPeople Like Us3:22People Like Us32000224
247Aaron TippinAlways Was4:01People Like Us42000208
248Aaron TippinI'd Be Afraid Of Losing You3:36People Like Us52000198
249Aaron TippinLost3:15People Like Us62000204
250Aaron TippinBig Boy Toys3:11People Like Us72000196
251Aaron TippinTwenty-Nine And Holding3:42People Like Us82000192
252Aaron TippinEvery Now And Then (I Wish Then Was Now)3:23People Like Us92000198
253Aaron TippinThe Night Shift3:06People Like Us102000216
254Aaron TippinThe Best Love We Never Made (With Thea Tippin)3:57People Like Us112000180
255Aaron TippinThe Sound Of Your Goodbye (Sticks And Stones)3:05Read Between The Lines11992207
256Aaron TippinMy Blue Angel3:23Read Between The Lines21992203
257Aaron TippinIf I Had It To Do Over3:54Read Between The Lines31992198
258Aaron TippinThere Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio2:46Read Between The Lines41992213
259Aaron TippinRead Between The Lines3:42Read Between The Lines51992206
260Aaron TippinThis Heart2:54Read Between The Lines61992205
261Aaron TippinThese Sweet Dreams3:36Read Between The Lines71992197
262Aaron TippinI Was Born With A Broken Heart2:49Read Between The Lines81992209
263Aaron TippinI Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way3:11Read Between The Lines91992195
264Aaron TippinI Miss Misbehavin'2:49Read Between The Lines101992198
265Aaron TippinWhere The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly3:48Stars & Stripes12002210
266Aaron TippinI'll Take Love Over Money3:34Stars & Stripes22002205
267Aaron TippinI Believed4:12Stars & Stripes32002226
268Aaron TippinHonky Tonk If You Love Country3:19Stars & Stripes42002226
269Aaron TippinIf Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me3:03Stars & Stripes52002227
270Aaron TippinLove Like There's No Tomorrow3:43Stars & Stripes62002213
271Aaron TippinAt The End Of The Day3:19Stars & Stripes72002211
272Aaron TippinWe Can't Get Any Higher Than This2:38Stars & Stripes82002238
273Aaron TippinFive Gallon Tear4:28Stars & Stripes92002213
274Aaron TippinThis Old Couch3:28Stars & Stripes102002205
275Aaron TippinLove Me Back3:23Stars & Stripes112002201
276Aaron TippinTen Pound Hammer3:03Tool Box11995218
277Aaron TippinThat's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You3:16Tool Box21995197
278Aaron TippinA Real Nice Problem To Have3:15Tool Box31995208
279Aaron TippinWithout Your Love3:29Tool Box41995196
280Aaron TippinHow's The Radio Know3:09Tool Box51995212
281Aaron TippinEverything I Own3:32Tool Box61995198
282Aaron TippinI Can Help3:23Tool Box71995228
283Aaron TippinYou Gotta Start Somewhere3:02Tool Box81995192
284Aaron TippinShe Made A Man Out Of A Mountain Of Stone2:50Tool Box91995211
285Aaron TippinYou've Always Got Me3:03Tool Box101995213
286Aaron TippinCountry Boy's Tool Box3:03Tool Box111995230
287Aaron TippinWhat This Country Needs3:09What This Country Needs11998203
288Aaron TippinFor You I Will3:31What This Country Needs21998211
289Aaron TippinHer3:14What This Country Needs31998208
290Aaron TippinI Didn't Come This Far (Just To Walk Away)2:55What This Country Needs41998197
291Aaron TippinI'm Leaving3:21What This Country Needs51998201
292Aaron TippinNothing Compares To Loving You4:18What This Country Needs61998224
293Aaron TippinDon't Stop (We're Just Gettin' Started)3:03What This Country Needs71998205
294Aaron TippinSomewhere Under The Rainbow3:36What This Country Needs81998203
295Aaron TippinBack When I Knew Everything3:02What This Country Needs91998202
296Aaron TippinSweetwater4:10What This Country Needs101998201
297Aaron TippinYou're The Only Reason For Me3:33What This Country Needs111998196
298Aaron TippinIn My Wildest Dreams2:37You've Got To Stand For Something11990204
299Aaron TippinI've Got A Good Memory3:02You've Got To Stand For Something21990206
300Aaron TippinYou've Got To Stand For Something3:03You've Got To Stand For Something31990198
301Aaron TippinI Wonder How Far It Is Over You3:30You've Got To Stand For Something41990196
302Aaron TippinAin't That A Hell Of A Note2:35You've Got To Stand For Something51990195
303Aaron TippinThe Man That Came Between Us3:09You've Got To Stand For Something61990179
304Aaron TippinShe Made A Memory Out Of Me2:32You've Got To Stand For Something71990189
305Aaron TippinUp Against You3:07You've Got To Stand For Something81990205
306Aaron TippinThe Sky's Got The Blues3:00You've Got To Stand For Something91990196
307Aaron TippinMany, Many, Many Beers Ago2:50You've Got To Stand For Something101990191
308Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Go Go Power Rangers (Long Version)4:33Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure11994162
309Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Fight4:12Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure21994163
310Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Lord Zedd2:38Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure31994169
311Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Hey Rita1:57Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure41994158
312Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)We Need A Hero5:51Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure51994165
313Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Combat3:13Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure61994163
314Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Go Green Ranger Go3:19Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure71994160
315Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)5-4-12:29Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure81994164
316Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Zords3:28Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure91994162
317Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)I Will Win5:19Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure101994161
318Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)Go Go Power Rangers (T.V. Version)1:17Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure111994172
319Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)White Ranger Tiger Power1:13Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Album: A Rock Adventure121994160
320ABBAMamma Mia3:34ABBA11975202
321ABBAHey, hey Helen3:18ABBA21975215
322ABBATropical Loveland3:06ABBA31975202
324ABBAMan in the Middle3:03ABBA51975203
326ABBAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:17ABBA71975208
327ABBARock Me3:05ABBA81975225
328ABBAIntermezzo no. 13:47ABBA91975221
329ABBAI've Been Waiting for You3:41ABBA101975225
330ABBASo Long3:08ABBA111975221
332ABBAHasta Mañana3:10ABBA131975191
333ABBAHoney, Honey2:57ABBA141975228
334ABBARing, Ring3:06ABBA151975221
335ABBANina, Pretty Ballerina2:53ABBA161975208
336ABBACrazy World3:48ABBA171975194
338ABBAWhen I Kissed the Teacher3:01Arrival11976215
339ABBADancing Queen3:50Arrival21976212
340ABBAMy Love, my Life3:52Arrival31976177
341ABBADum Dum Diddle2:54Arrival41976189
342ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You4:03Arrival51976208
343ABBAMoney, Money, Money3:06Arrival61976194
344ABBAThat's Me3:16Arrival71976198
345ABBAWhy Did It Have To Be Me?3:22Arrival81976192
349ABBADancing Queen3:47Pure Disco31996222
350ABBAGimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! (A Man After Midnight)4:50Pure Disco 2161997219
351ABBALay All Your Love On Me4:35Pure Disco 3151998202
352ABBARing, Ring3:07Ring Ring (Remastered)11970221
353ABBAAnother Town, Another Train3:13Ring Ring (Remastered)21970223
354ABBADisillusion3:07Ring Ring (Remastered)31970189
355ABBAPeople Need Love2:46Ring Ring (Remastered)41970220
356ABBAI Saw It In The Mirror2:34Ring Ring (Remastered)51970193
357ABBANina, Pretty Ballerina2:53Ring Ring (Remastered)61970209
358ABBALove Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)2:55Ring Ring (Remastered)71970213
359ABBAMe And Bobby And Bobby's Brother2:52Ring Ring (Remastered)81970212
360ABBAHe Is Your Brother3:19Ring Ring (Remastered)91970195
361ABBAShe's My Kind Of Girl2:45Ring Ring (Remastered)101970144
362ABBAI Am Just A Girl3:04Ring Ring (Remastered)111970216
363ABBARock 'N' Roll Band3:11Ring Ring (Remastered)121970207
364ABBAMerry-Go-Round3:26Ring Ring (Remastered)131970202
365ABBASanta Rosa3:01Ring Ring (Remastered)141970216
366ABBARing, Ring (Swedish)3:10Ring Ring (Remastered)151970208
367ABBASuper Trouper4:14Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]11980206
368ABBAThe Winner Takes It All4:54Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]21980204
369ABBAOn And On And On3:40Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]31980221
370ABBAAndante, Andante4:39Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]41980193
371ABBAMe And I4:55Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]51980216
372ABBAHappy New Year4:23Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]61980198
373ABBAOur Last Summer4:19Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]71980200
374ABBAThe Piper3:27Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]81980216
375ABBALay All Your Love On Me4:34Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]91980206
376ABBAThe Way Old Friends Do2:57Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]101980194
377ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:53Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]111980209
378ABBAElaine3:45Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]121980228
379ABBAPut On Your White Sombrero4:31Super Trouper [1997 Remaster]131980219
380ABBAEagle5:53The Album11977237
381ABBATake A Chance On Me4:03The Album21977204
382ABBAOne Man, One Woman4:37The Album31977203
383ABBAThe Name Of The Game4:54The Album41977201
384ABBAMove On4:45The Album51977220
385ABBAHole In Your Soul3:43The Album61977205
386ABBAThank You For The Music3:51The Album71977204
387ABBAI Wonder (Departure)4:34The Album81977188
388ABBAI'm A Marionette4:04The Album91977230
389ABBAThe Visitors (Crackin' Up)5:47The Visitors11981200
390ABBAHead Over Heels3:48The Visitors21981214
391ABBAWhen All Is Said And Done3:19The Visitors31981202
392ABBASoldiers4:40The Visitors41981214
393ABBAI Let The Music Speak5:23The Visitors51981179
394ABBAOne Of Us3:57The Visitors61981198
395ABBATwo For The Price Of One3:38The Visitors71981195
396ABBASlipping Through My Fingers3:53The Visitors81981188
397ABBALike An Angel Passing Through My Room3:40The Visitors91981167
398ABBAShould I Laugh Or Cry (Bonus Track)4:29The Visitors101981196
399ABBAThe Day Before You Came (Bonus Track)5:53The Visitors111981185
400ABBACassandra (Bonus Track)4:56The Visitors121981207
401ABBAUnder Attack (Bonus Track)3:48The Visitors131981204
402ABBAFernando4:07TM Century GoldDisc 10991991187
403AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:55Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)172001209
404ABBAAs Good As New3:24Voulez-Vous11979200
406ABBAI Have A Dream4:46Voulez-Vous31979213
407ABBAAngel Eyes4:23Voulez-Vous41979217
408ABBAThe King Has Lost His Crown3:33Voulez-Vous51979215
409ABBADoes Your Mother Know3:15Voulez-Vous61979205
410ABBAIf It Wasn't For The Nights5:11Voulez-Vous71979204
412ABBALovers (Live A Little Longer)3:31Voulez-Vous91979208
413ABBAKisses Of Fire3:20Voulez-Vous101979211
414ABBASummer Night City3:35Voulez-Vous111979237
416ABBAWaterloo2:48Waterloo [2001 Remaster]11974191
417ABBASitting In The Palmtree3:38Waterloo [2001 Remaster]21974204
418ABBAKing Kong Song3:14Waterloo [2001 Remaster]31974223
419ABBAHasta Mañana3:10Waterloo [2001 Remaster]41974192
420ABBAMy Mama Said3:14Waterloo [2001 Remaster]51974196
421ABBADance (While The Music Still Goes On)3:12Waterloo [2001 Remaster]61974223
422ABBAHoney, Honey2:56Waterloo [2001 Remaster]71974230
423ABBAWatch Out3:47Waterloo [2001 Remaster]81974205
424ABBAWhat About Livingstone2:55Waterloo [2001 Remaster]91974202
425ABBAGonna Sing You My Lovesong3:38Waterloo [2001 Remaster]101974195
426ABBASuzy-Hang-Around3:18Waterloo [2001 Remaster]111974203
427ABBARing, Ring (U.S. Remix 1974)3:07Waterloo [2001 Remaster]121974233
428ABBAWaterloo (Swedish Version)2:46Waterloo [2001 Remaster]131974233
429ABBAHoney, Honey (Swedish Version)2:58Waterloo [2001 Remaster]141974250
430Abbott & CostelloCostello Goes To Peter Lorrie's Sanatorium With Peter Lorrie13:10Abbott & Costello12003128
431Abbott & CostelloGiving Marilyn A Driving Lesson18:52Abbott & Costello22003128
432Abbott & CostelloCostello Buys A Radio Station With Alan Ladd19:37Abbott & Costello32003128
433Abbott & CostelloWho's On First?4:23The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]12002126
434Abbott & CostelloShooting A Picture6:34The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]22002127
435Abbott & CostelloOn The Ranch With Tex Mellonhead3:10The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]32002126
436Abbott & CostelloChristmas Shopping4:23The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]42002127
437Abbott & CostelloLending Abbott Money2:47The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]52002126
438Abbott & CostelloPay The Dollar14:32The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]62002127
439Abbott & CostelloGetting A Whole Year's Pay4:41The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]72002126
440Abbott & CostelloCostello Honoured By Patterson, New Jersey13:04The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]82002127
441Abbott & CostelloThe Car6:19The Golden Age Of Comedy [Digitally Remastered]92002128
442ABCPoison Arrow3:24Absolutely ABC11990201
443ABCThe Look Of Love3:30Absolutely ABC21990201
444ABCAll Of My Heart4:50Absolutely ABC31990200
445ABCTears Are Not Enough3:31Absolutely ABC41990201
446ABCThat Was Then But This Is Now3:35Absolutely ABC51990187
447ABCS.O.S.4:31Absolutely ABC61990199
448ABCHow To Be A Millionaire3:37Absolutely ABC71990187
449ABCBe Near Me3:39Absolutely ABC81990224
450ABCWhen Smokey Sings4:22Absolutely ABC91990192
451ABCThe Night You Murdered Love4:53Absolutely ABC101990199
452ABCKing Without A Crown4:41Absolutely ABC111990203
453ABCOne Better World4:29Absolutely ABC121990226
454ABCOcean Blue (pacific mix)3:40Absolutely ABC131990203
455ABCThe Look Of Love (1990 remix)4:38Absolutely ABC141990199
456ABCWhen Smokey Sings (the miami mix)5:10Absolutely ABC151990216
457ABCBe Near Me (munich disco mix)5:00Absolutely ABC161990226
458ABCOne Better World (pickering-park mix)6:10Absolutely ABC171990201
459ABCAvenue A...0:56Alphabet City11987200
460ABCWhen Smokey Sings4:18Alphabet City21987184
461ABCThe Night You Murdered Love4:54Alphabet City31987195
462ABCThink Again3:40Alphabet City41987203
463ABCRage And Then Regret3:33Alphabet City51987196
464ABCArk-Angel4:55Alphabet City61987198
465ABCKing Without A Crown4:41Alphabet City71987199
466ABCBad Blood3:57Alphabet City81987194
467ABCJealous Lover3:36Alphabet City91987194
468ABCOne Day5:35Alphabet City101987207
469ABC...Avenue Z0:42Alphabet City111987196
470ABCMinneapolis2:58Alphabet City121987199
471ABCWhen Smokey Sings [The Miami Mix]7:05Alphabet City131987208
472ABCThe Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story)8:15Alphabet City141987196
473ABCChicago [Abridged]3:41Alphabet City151987185
474ABCWhen Smokey Sings4:23Another Lost Decade: The '80s: Hard To Find Hits12005187
475ABCThat Was Then But This Is Now3:33Beauty Stab11983206
476ABCLove's a Dangerous Language3:39Beauty Stab21983207
477ABCIf I Ever Thought You'd Be Lonely3:55Beauty Stab31983204
478ABCPower of Persuasion3:31Beauty Stab41983217
479ABCBeauty Stab2:06Beauty Stab51983228
480ABCBy Default By Design4:05Beauty Stab61983185
481ABCHey Citizen!3:55Beauty Stab71983199
482ABCKing Money4:02Beauty Stab81983200
483ABCBite the Hand3:06Beauty Stab91983214
484ABCUnzip2:49Beauty Stab101983206
485ABCS.O.S.4:48Beauty Stab111983205
486ABCUnited Kingdom3:20Beauty Stab121983187
487ABCVertigo1:57Beauty Stab131983207
488ABCThe Look Of Love3:30Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's51997246
489ABCFear Of The World3:51How To Be A... Zillionaire!11985252
490ABCBe Near Me3:39How To Be A... Zillionaire!21985257
491ABCVanity Kills3:29How To Be A... Zillionaire!31985241
492ABCOcean Blue3:33How To Be A... Zillionaire!41985255
493ABC15 Storey Halo5:35How To Be A... Zillionaire!51985239
494ABCA To Z2:50How To Be A... Zillionaire!61985245
495ABCHow To Be A Millionaire3:35How To Be A... Zillionaire!71985242
496ABCTower Of London3:39How To Be A... Zillionaire!81985241
497ABCSo Hip It Hurts4:19How To Be A... Zillionaire!91985262
498ABCBetween You & Me3:19How To Be A... Zillionaire!101985246
499ABCFear Of The World (In Cinemascope)4:40How To Be A... Zillionaire!111985259
500ABCBe Near Me (Munich Disco Mix)5:27How To Be A... Zillionaire!121985255
501ABCHow To Be A Millionaire (Bond St. Mix)6:05How To Be A... Zillionaire!131985255
502ABCVanity Kills (The Abigail's Party Mix)5:09How To Be A... Zillionaire!141985251
503ABCThe Look Of Love (Part 1)3:31Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)22002232
504ABCThe Look Of Love3:30Rock Of The 80's Volume 241992236
505ABCShow Me4:04The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]11982202
506ABCPoison Arrow3:24The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]21982212
507ABCMany Happy Returns3:59The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]31982193
508ABCTears Are Not Enough3:30The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]41982232
509ABCValentine's Day3:42The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]51982205
510ABCThe Look of Love (Part 1)3:30The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]61982200
511ABCDate Stamp3:51The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]71982195
512ABCAll of My Heart5:19The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]81982212
513ABC4 Ever 2 Gether5:33The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]91982196
514ABCThe Look of Love (Part 4)1:00The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]101982187
515ABCOverture3:59The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]111982199
516ABCTears Are Not Enough (7")3:36The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]121982199
517ABCAlphabet Soup (12" Mix)8:03The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]131982189
518ABCTheme from "Man Trap"4:20The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]141982182
519ABCPoison Arrow (Jazz Mix)7:06The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]151982219
520ABCInto the Valley of the Heathen Go2:00The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]161982175
521ABCAlphabet Soup (BBC Swapshop Version, 29/11/81)3:14The Lexicon of Love (Disc 1) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]171982219
522ABCTears Are Not Enough (Phonogram Demo, 20th July 1981)3:32The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]11982231
523ABCShow Me (Phonogram Demo, 20th July 1981)4:03The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]21982215
524ABCSurrender (Phonogram Demo, 20th July 1981)3:30The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]31982214
525ABCOverture (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)3:56The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]41982200
526ABCShow Me (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)4:21The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]51982211
527ABCMany Happy Returns (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)7:02The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]61982210
528ABCTears Are Not Enough (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)5:33The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]71982218
529ABCDate Stamp (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)7:07The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]81982213
530ABCThe Look of Love (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)5:59The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]91982216
531ABCAll of My Heart (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)6:45The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]101982214
532ABCValentine's Day (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)4:44The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]111982219
533ABC4 Ever 2 Gether (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)6:53The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]121982223
534ABCAlphabet Soup (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)8:26The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]131982221
535ABCPoison Arrow (Encore) (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982)5:22The Lexicon of Love (Disc 2) [2004 Deluxe Edition] [EU]141982200
536ABCAll Of My Heart5:20The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)111999179
537ABCThat Was Then, This Is Now3:34The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)11 205
538ABCThe Night You Murdered Love4:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)162001205
539ABCNever More Than Now6:03Up11989210
540ABCThe Real Thing4:55Up21989211
541ABCOne Better World5:38Up31989229
542ABCWhere Is the Heaven?6:27Up41989210
543ABCThe Greatest Love of All5:35Up51989228
545ABCI'm in Love With You4:35Up71989206
546ABCPaper Thin5:51Up81989199
547ABCOne Better World (Pickering-Park mix)4:24Up91989196
548ABCThe Greatest Love of All (Kraushaar mix)5:44Up101989219
549ABCNever More Than Now (Kraushaar mix)5:58Up111989211
550AbelOnderweg3:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)42001188
551Abney ParkThe Wake5:18Cemetery Number 112000161
552Abney ParkBlack Day4:39Cemetery Number 122000170
553Abney ParkRebirth2:30Cemetery Number 132000172
554Abney ParkVengance3:23Cemetery Number 142000142
555Abney ParkThe Only One4:22Cemetery Number 152000184
556Abney ParkThe Shadow of Life3:08Cemetery Number 162000190
557Abney ParkBurn3:04Cemetery Number 172000149
558Abney ParkNo Life2:46Cemetery Number 182000162
559Abney ParkThe Change Cage8:14Cemetery Number 192000139
560Abney ParkAbney Park3:30Cemetery Number 1102000146
561Abney ParkThe Root of All Evil4:07From Dreams or Angels12001165
562Abney ParkTiny Monster2:58From Dreams or Angels22001174
563Abney ParkHoly War4:24From Dreams or Angels32001153
564Abney ParkKine4:30From Dreams or Angels42001166
565Abney ParkBreathe3:52From Dreams or Angels52001174
566Abney ParkHush3:14From Dreams or Angels62001166
567Abney ParkThornes & Brambles3:44From Dreams or Angels72001163
568Abney ParkChild King5:01From Dreams or Angels82001152
569Abney ParkThe Box3:02From Dreams or Angels92001141
570Abney ParkTwisted & Broken3:58From Dreams or Angels102001170
571Abney ParkBreathe (acoustic)3:42From Dreams or Angels112001144
572Above & BeyondTri-State4:11Tri-State12006205
573Above & BeyondStealing Time7:11Tri-State22006209
574Above & BeyondWorld On Fire4:44Tri-State32006206
575Above & BeyondAir For Life (With Andy Moor)7:27Tri-State42006219
576Above & BeyondCan't Sleep7:23Tri-State52006204
577Above & BeyondHope4:28Tri-State62006200
578Above & BeyondLiquid Love6:42Tri-State72006204
579Above & BeyondIn The Past2:28Tri-State82006210
580Above & BeyondAlone Tonight6:23Tri-State92006196
581Above & BeyondGood For Me5:42Tri-State102006187
582Above & BeyondFor All I Care5:50Tri-State112006218
583Above & BeyondIndonesia5:01Tri-State122006212
584Above & BeyondHome7:12Tri-State132006207
585Above & Beyond feat. Zoe JohnstonNo One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)9:02Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)72004244
586Above the Golden StateSound of Your Name3:26WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)152008235
587AC/DCJailbreak4:40'74 Jailbreak [2003 Remaster]11984217
588AC/DCYou Ain't Got a Hold on Me3:31'74 Jailbreak [2003 Remaster]21984223
589AC/DCShow Business4:46'74 Jailbreak [2003 Remaster]31984235
590AC/DCSoul Stripper6:25'74 Jailbreak [2003 Remaster]41984202
591AC/DCBaby, Please Don't Go5:00'74 Jailbreak [2003 Remaster]51984199
592AC/DCHells Bells5:12Back In Black [2003 Remaster]11980214
593AC/DCShoot To Thrill5:17Back In Black [2003 Remaster]21980238
594AC/DCWhat Do You Do For Money Honey3:35Back In Black [2003 Remaster]31980258
595AC/DCGivin' The Dog A Bone3:31Back In Black [2003 Remaster]41980235
596AC/DCLet Me Put My Love Into You4:15Back In Black [2003 Remaster]51980240
597AC/DCBack In Black4:15Back In Black [2003 Remaster]61980240
598AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:30Back In Black [2003 Remaster]71980241
599AC/DCHave A Drink On Me3:58Back In Black [2003 Remaster]81980239
600AC/DCShake A Leg4:05Back In Black [2003 Remaster]91980226
601AC/DCRock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution4:26Back In Black [2003 Remaster]101980212
602AC/DCHard As A Rock4:31Ballbreaker11995220
603AC/DCCover You In Oil4:32Ballbreaker21995228
604AC/DCThe Furor4:10Ballbreaker31995226
605AC/DCBoogie Man4:07Ballbreaker41995228
606AC/DCThe Honey Roll5:34Ballbreaker51995227
607AC/DCBurnin' Alive5:05Ballbreaker61995234
608AC/DCHail Caesar5:14Ballbreaker71995224
609AC/DCLove Bomb3:14Ballbreaker81995230
610AC/DCCaught With Your Pants Down4:14Ballbreaker91995223
611AC/DCWhiskey On The Rocks4:35Ballbreaker101995225
613AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Train4:21Black Ice12008232
614AC/DCSkies On Fire3:34Black Ice22008225
615AC/DCBig Jack3:57Black Ice32008224
616AC/DCAnything Goes3:22Black Ice42008238
617AC/DCWar Machine3:09Black Ice52008223
618AC/DCSmash 'N' Grab4:06Black Ice62008231
619AC/DCSpoilin' For A Fight3:17Black Ice72008234
620AC/DCWheels3:28Black Ice82008240
621AC/DCDecibel3:33Black Ice92008211
622AC/DCStormy May Day3:10Black Ice102008231
623AC/DCShe Likes Rock 'N' Roll3:52Black Ice112008224
624AC/DCMoney Made4:15Black Ice122008226
625AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Dream4:40Black Ice132008225
626AC/DCRocking All The Way3:22Black Ice142008214
627AC/DCBlack Ice3:25Black Ice152008216
628AC/DCHeatseeker3:50Blow Up Your Video11988215
629AC/DCThat's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll3:45Blow Up Your Video21988209
630AC/DCMeanstreak4:09Blow Up Your Video31988218
631AC/DCGo Zone4:27Blow Up Your Video41988206
632AC/DCKissin' Dynamite3:59Blow Up Your Video51988199
633AC/DCNick Of Time4:18Blow Up Your Video61988220
634AC/DCSome Sin For Nuthin'4:11Blow Up Your Video71988206
635AC/DCRuff Stuff4:30Blow Up Your Video81988213
636AC/DCTwo's Up5:21Blow Up Your Video91988208
637AC/DCThis Means War4:23Blow Up Your Video101988227
638AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap3:52Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]11976203
639AC/DCLove At First Feel3:12Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]21976221
640AC/DCBig Balls2:38Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]31976187
641AC/DCRocker2:51Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]41976233
642AC/DCProblem Child5:46Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]51976192
643AC/DCThere's Gonna Be Some Rockin'3:18Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]61976174
644AC/DCAin't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)6:57Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]71976200
645AC/DCRide On5:53Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]81976174
646AC/DCSquealer5:27Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [2003 Remaster]91976172
647AC/DCRising Power3:43Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]11983234
648AC/DCThis House Is On Fire3:23Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]21983233
649AC/DCFlick Of The Switch3:13Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]31983247
650AC/DCNervous Shakedown4:27Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]41983226
651AC/DCLandslide3:57Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]51983241
652AC/DCGuns For Hire3:24Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]61983236
653AC/DCDeep In The Hole3:19Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]71983207
654AC/DCBedlam In Belgium3:52Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]81983204
655AC/DCBadlands3:38Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]91983211
656AC/DCBrain Shake4:09Flick Of The Switch [2003 Remaster]101983221
657AC/DCFly On The Wall3:44Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]11985226
658AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:10Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]21985249
659AC/DCFirst Blood3:46Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]31985246
660AC/DCDanger4:22Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]41985212
661AC/DCSink The Pink4:15Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]51985236
662AC/DCPlaying With Girls3:44Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]61985247
663AC/DCStand Up3:53Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]71985238
664AC/DCHell Or High Water4:32Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]81985243
665AC/DCBack In Business4:24Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]91985244
666AC/DCSend For The Man3:36Fly On The Wall [2003 Remaster]101985211
667AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)5:44For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]11981234
668AC/DCI Put The Finger On You3:25For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]21981236
669AC/DCLet's Get It Up3:54For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]31981236
670AC/DCInject The Venom3:30For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]41981218
671AC/DCSnowballed3:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]51981231
672AC/DCEvil Walks4:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]61981223
673AC/DCC.O.D.3:19For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]71981243
674AC/DCBreaking The Rules4:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]81981226
675AC/DCNight Of The Long Knives3:25For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]91981240
676AC/DCSpellbound4:39For Those About To Rock We Salute You [2003 Remaster]101981213
677AC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)5:01High Voltage [2003 Remaster]11976226
678AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Singer5:03High Voltage [2003 Remaster]21976227
679AC/DCThe Jack5:53High Voltage [2003 Remaster]31976202
680AC/DCLive Wire5:50High Voltage [2003 Remaster]41976194
681AC/DCT.N.T.3:34High Voltage [2003 Remaster]51976204
682AC/DCCan I Sit Next To You Girl4:12High Voltage [2003 Remaster]61976221
683AC/DCLittle Lover5:39High Voltage [2003 Remaster]71976217
684AC/DCShe's Got Balls4:51High Voltage [2003 Remaster]81976216
685AC/DCHigh Voltage4:14High Voltage [2003 Remaster]91976225
686AC/DCHighway To Hell3:28Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]11979243
687AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm3:23Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]21979234
688AC/DCWalk All Over You5:10Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]31979245
689AC/DCTouch Too Much4:26Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]41979251
690AC/DCBeating Around The Bush3:55Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]51979236
691AC/DCShot Down In Flames3:22Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]61979240
692AC/DCGet It Hot2:34Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]71979241
693AC/DCIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)4:36Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]81979249
694AC/DCLove Hungry Man4:17Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]91979252
695AC/DCNight Prowler6:28Highway To Hell [2003 Remaster]101979244
696AC/DCShoot To Thrill5:19Iron Man 2 (OST)12010236
697AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Damnation3:38Iron Man 2 (OST)22010203
698AC/DCGuns For Hire3:26Iron Man 2 (OST)32010234
699AC/DCCold Hearted Man3:35Iron Man 2 (OST)42010230
700AC/DCBack In Black4:17Iron Man 2 (OST)52010237
701AC/DCThunderstruck4:53Iron Man 2 (OST)62010236
702AC/DCIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)4:35Iron Man 2 (OST)72010248
703AC/DCEvil Walks4:25Iron Man 2 (OST)82010221
704AC/DCT.N.T.3:35Iron Man 2 (OST)92010203
705AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:15Iron Man 2 (OST)102010238
706AC/DCHave A Drink On Me4:00Iron Man 2 (OST)112010236
707AC/DCThe Razors Edge4:24Iron Man 2 (OST)122010236
708AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:07Iron Man 2 (OST)132010254
709AC/DCWar Machine3:11Iron Man 2 (OST)142010221
710AC/DCHighway To Hell3:28Iron Man 2 (OST)152010243
711AC/DCGo Down5:31Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]11977207
712AC/DCDog Eat Dog3:34Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]21977225
713AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:06Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]31977255
714AC/DCBad Boy Boogie4:27Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]41977210
715AC/DCProblem Child5:24Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]51977194
716AC/DCOverdose6:09Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]61977225
717AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:14Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]71977240
718AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:33Let There Be Rock [2003 Remaster]81977246
719AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Damnation3:37Powerage [2003 Remaster]11978203
720AC/DCDown Payment Blues6:03Powerage [2003 Remaster]21978212
721AC/DCGimme A Bullet3:21Powerage [2003 Remaster]31978236
722AC/DCRiff Raff5:11Powerage [2003 Remaster]41978230
723AC/DCSin City4:45Powerage [2003 Remaster]51978201
724AC/DCWhat's Next To The Moon3:31Powerage [2003 Remaster]61978217
725AC/DCGone Shootin'5:05Powerage [2003 Remaster]71978197
726AC/DCUp To My Neck In You4:13Powerage [2003 Remaster]81978235
727AC/DCKicked In The Teeth4:03Powerage [2003 Remaster]91978216
728AC/DCStiff Upper Lip3:34Stiff Upper Lip12000234
729AC/DCMeltdown3:41Stiff Upper Lip22000233
730AC/DCHouse Of Jazz3:56Stiff Upper Lip32000216
731AC/DCHold Me Back3:59Stiff Upper Lip42000226
732AC/DCSafe In New York City3:59Stiff Upper Lip52000223
733AC/DCCan't Stand Still3:41Stiff Upper Lip62000224
734AC/DCCan't Stop Rock 'N' Roll4:02Stiff Upper Lip72000234
735AC/DCSatellite Blues3:46Stiff Upper Lip82000224
736AC/DCDamned3:52Stiff Upper Lip92000219
737AC/DCCome And Get It4:02Stiff Upper Lip102000220
738AC/DCAll Screwed Up4:36Stiff Upper Lip112000231
739AC/DCGive It Up3:55Stiff Upper Lip122000232
740AC/DCThunderstruck4:52The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]11990238
741AC/DCFire Your Guns2:53The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]21990249
742AC/DCMoneytalks3:46The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]31990234
743AC/DCThe Razor's Edge4:22The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]41990238
744AC/DCMistress For Christmas3:59The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]51990238
745AC/DCRock Your Heart Out4:06The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]61990240
746AC/DCAre You Ready4:10The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]71990244
747AC/DCGot You By The Balls4:30The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]81990235
748AC/DCShot Of Love3:56The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]91990240
749AC/DCLet's Make It3:32The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]101990232
750AC/DCGoodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck3:13The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]111990230
751AC/DCIf You Dare3:18The Razor's Edge [2003 Remaster]121990247
752AC/DCWho Made Who3:27Who Made Who11986213
753AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:31Who Made Who21986224
754AC/DCD. T.2:56Who Made Who31986189
755AC/DCSink the Pink4:15Who Made Who41986216
756AC/DCRide On5:50Who Made Who51986183
757AC/DCHells Bells5:13Who Made Who61986205
758AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:10Who Made Who71986217
759AC/DCChase the Ace3:01Who Made Who81986196
760AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)5:43Who Made Who91986208
761AcapulcoJe Vais A Rio3:43Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)82005260
762AcceptBalls To The Wall5:43Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]11983220
763AcceptLondon Leatherboys3:57Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]21983208
764AcceptFight It Back3:34Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]31983208
765AcceptHead Over Heels4:25Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]41983214
766AcceptLosing More Than You've Ever Had5:09Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]51983214
767AcceptLove Child3:34Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]61983216
768AcceptTurn Me On5:12Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]71983211
769AcceptLosers And Winners4:20Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]81983219
770AcceptGuardian Of The Night4:24Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]91983217
771AcceptWinter Dreams4:55Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]101983213
772AcceptHead Over Heels [Bonus Live Track]5:52Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]111983220
773AcceptLove Child [Bonus Live Track]4:57Balls To The Wall [2001 Remaster]121983224
776AcceptRun If You Can4:48Breaker31981213
777AcceptCan't Stand The Night5:23Breaker41981205
778AcceptSon Of A Bitch3:53Breaker51981221
781AcceptMidnight Highway3:58Breaker81981222
782AcceptBreaking Up Again4:37Breaker91981193
783AcceptDown And Out3:44Breaker101981232
784AcceptMetal Heart5:24Metal Heart11985214
785AcceptMidnight Mover3:06Metal Heart21985216
786AcceptUp To The Limit3:47Metal Heart31985218
787AcceptWrong Is Right3:08Metal Heart41985220
788AcceptScreaming For A Love-Bite4:04Metal Heart51985220
789AcceptToo High To Get It Right3:47Metal Heart61985217
790AcceptDogs On Leads4:24Metal Heart71985205
791AcceptTeach Us To Survive3:33Metal Heart81985207
792AcceptLiving For Tonite3:34Metal Heart91985214
793AcceptBound To Fail5:05Metal Heart101985213
794AcceptFast As A Shark3:49Restless And Wild11982220
795AcceptRestless And Wild4:12Restless And Wild21982220
796AcceptAhead Of The Pack3:24Restless And Wild31982223
797AcceptShake Your Heads4:17Restless And Wild41982213
798AcceptNeon Nights6:02Restless And Wild51982207
799AcceptGet Ready3:41Restless And Wild61982214
800AcceptDemon's Night4:28Restless And Wild71982217
801AcceptFlash Rockin' Man4:28Restless And Wild81982209
802AcceptDon't Go Stealing My Soul Away3:16Restless And Wild91982218
803AcceptPrincess Of The Dawn6:16Restless And Wild101982227
804AcceptanceSo This Is Christmas4:04A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas112003212
805Acda En De MunnikNiet Of Nooit Geweest4:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)72001183
806AceHow Long3:23Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection11994213
807AceThe Real Feeling2:24Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection21994209
808AceNo Future In Your Eyes3:26Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection31994204
809AceYou're All That I Need3:45Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection41994215
810AceHow Long3:24Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1491990217
811AceHow Long3:23The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)61999202
812AceHow Long3:17Then '70s: Totally Oldies 642003215
813Ace CannonTuff2:19Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals221991174
814Ace FrehleyRip It Out3:40Ace Frehley [Remastered]11978222
815Ace FrehleySpeedin' Back To My Baby3:37Ace Frehley [Remastered]21978225
816Ace FrehleySnow Blind3:55Ace Frehley [Remastered]31978230
817Ace FrehleyOzone4:43Ace Frehley [Remastered]41978243
818Ace FrehleyWhat's On Your Mind?3:28Ace Frehley [Remastered]51978241
819Ace FrehleyNew York Groove3:03Ace Frehley [Remastered]61978222
820Ace FrehleyI'm In Need Of Love4:39Ace Frehley [Remastered]71978232
821Ace FrehleyWiped-Out4:13Ace Frehley [Remastered]81978233
822Ace FrehleyFractured Mirror5:26Ace Frehley [Remastered]91978223
823Ace FrehleyNew York Groove2:59Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2571996221
824Ace Of BaseBeautiful Life3:12A Night At The Roxbury (OST)101998197
825Ace Of BaseAll That She Wants3:33Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19932 194
826Ace of BaseLife Is A Flower3:47Flowers11998225
827Ace of BaseAlways Have, Always Will3:46Flowers21998226
828Ace of BaseCruel Summer3:35Flowers31998221
829Ace of BaseTravel To Romantis4:10Flowers41998236
830Ace of BaseAdventures In Paradise3:32Flowers51998217
831Ace of BaseDr. Sun3:35Flowers61998222
832Ace of BaseCecilia3:55Flowers71998228
833Ace of BaseHe Decides3:09Flowers81998194
834Ace of BaseI Pray3:18Flowers91998231
835Ace of BaseTokyo Girl3:36Flowers101998241
836Ace of BaseDon't Go Away3:41Flowers111998238
837Ace of BaseCaptain Nemo4:02Flowers121998194
838Ace of BaseDonnie4:39Flowers131998207
839Ace of BaseCruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)4:07Flowers141998231
840Ace of BaseAll That She Wants3:34Happy Nation (U.S. Version)11993150
841Ace of BaseDon't Turn Around3:51Happy Nation (U.S. Version)21993179
842Ace of BaseYoung And Proud3:58Happy Nation (U.S. Version)31993206
843Ace of BaseThe Sign3:12Happy Nation (U.S. Version)41993163
844Ace of BaseLiving In Danger3:44Happy Nation (U.S. Version)51993197
845Ace of BaseVoulez-Vous Danser3:20Happy Nation (U.S. Version)61993172
846Ace of BaseHappy Nation4:17Happy Nation (U.S. Version)71993186
847Ace of BaseHear Me Calling3:52Happy Nation (U.S. Version)81993227
848Ace of BaseWaiting For Magic (Total Remix 7")3:54Happy Nation (U.S. Version)91993195
849Ace of BaseFashion Party4:13Happy Nation (U.S. Version)101993187
850Ace of BaseWheel Of Fortune3:56Happy Nation (U.S. Version)111993196
851Ace of BaseDancer In A Daydream3:41Happy Nation (U.S. Version)121993182
852Ace of BaseMy Mind (Mindless Mix)4:12Happy Nation (U.S. Version)131993203
853Ace of BaseAll That She Wants (Banghra Version)4:18Happy Nation (U.S. Version)141993163
854Ace of BaseHappy Nation (Remix)3:44Happy Nation (U.S. Version)151993205
855Ace of BaseCruel Summer3:42Much Dance 199931999227
856Ace of BaseThe Sign3:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-0131994170
857Ace Of BaseNever Gonna Say I'm Sorry3:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0851996181
858Ace Of BaseCruel Summer3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07111998240
859Ace Of BaseAll That She Wants3:30The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)71993162
860Ace of BaseBeautiful Life3:39The Bridge11995187
861Ace of BaseNever Gonna Say I'm Sorry3:14The Bridge21995181
862Ace of BaseLucky Love (Acoustic Version)2:52The Bridge31995220
863Ace of BaseEdge Of Heaven3:49The Bridge41995195
864Ace of BaseStrange Ways4:26The Bridge51995187
865Ace of BaseRavine4:39The Bridge61995175
866Ace of BasePerfect World3:55The Bridge71995203
867Ace of BaseAngel Eyes3:13The Bridge81995172
868Ace of BaseMy Déjà Vu3:40The Bridge91995214
869Ace of BaseWave Wet Sand3:18The Bridge101995179
870Ace of BaseQue Sera3:47The Bridge111995197
871Ace of BaseJust 'n' Image3:07The Bridge121995189
872Ace of BaseExperience Pearls3:57The Bridge131995183
873Ace of BaseWhispers In Blindness4:10The Bridge141995198
874Ace of BaseBlooming 183:38The Bridge151995211
875Ace Of BaseAll That She Wants3:30Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)62001155
876Ace Of BaseBeautiful Life3:34Ultimate Dance Party 199751996190
877Ace of ClubsThe Polex Swing3:06Santastic Four142008192
878AchokarlosThe Traveller6:14Parametric Milk3 128
879AchokarlosThe Fly4:48Parametric Milk13 128
880Acid GalleryDance Around The Maypole2:41Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)202001132
881Acker BilkStranger On The Shore3:20It's Trad Dad51998207
882Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz BandSweet Georgia Brown4:17It's Trad Dad171998205
883Acker Bilk's Paramount Jazz BandMarching Through Georgia3:18It's Trad Dad111998175
884AcoustixYou're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch2:58   128
885Across The SkyMasquerade3:26WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)172003199
886The ActionI'll Keep Holding On3:39Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)62001147
887ActionShadows & Reflections2:52Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)212001138
888Ad LibsThe Boy From New York City3:01Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On101988156
889The Ad LibsThe Boy From New York City3:02The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 141990162
890Adam and the AntsCartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)6:51Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]11979226
891Adam and the AntsDigital Tenderness3:03Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]21979230
892Adam and the AntsNine Plan Failed5:18Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]31979217
893Adam and the AntsDay I Met God2:58Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]41979228
894Adam and the AntsTabletalk5:34Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]51979210
895Adam and the AntsCleopatra3:15Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]61979229
896Adam and the AntsCatholic Day3:08Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]71979220
897Adam and the AntsNever Trust a Man (With Egg On His Face)3:13Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]81979214
898Adam and the AntsAnimals and Men3:20Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]91979211
899Adam and the AntsFamily of Noise2:36Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]101979218
900Adam and the AntsThe Idea3:26Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]111979223
901Adam and the AntsZerox3:48Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]121979231
902Adam and the AntsWhip In My Valise4:00Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]131979202
903Adam and the AntsKick!1:37Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]141979213
904Adam and the AntsPhysical3:59Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]151979224
905Adam and the AntsCartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)6:36Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]161979217
906Adam and the AntsFriends2:40Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]171979220
907Adam and the AntsCartrouble (Single Version)3:24Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]181979206
908Adam and the AntsKick! (Single Version)2:06Dirk Wears White Sox [Remaster]191979207
909Adam and the AntsDog Eat Dog3:11Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]11980181
910Adam and the AntsAntmusic3:37Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]21980203
911Adam and the AntsFeed Me to the Lions3:03Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]31980191
912Adam and the AntsLos Rancheros3:30Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]41980190
913Adam and the AntsAnts Invasion3:20Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]51980217
914Adam and the AntsKiller in the Home4:22Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]61980198
915Adam and the AntsKings of the Wild Frontier3:57Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]71980206
916Adam and the AntsThe Magnificent Five3:07Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]81980175
917Adam and the AntsDon't Be Square (Be There)3:32Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]91980231
918Adam and the AntsJolly Roger2:11Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]101980200
919Adam and the AntsMaking History2:59Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]111980204
920Adam and the AntsThe Human Beings4:32Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]121980207
921Adam and the AntsAntmusic (Alternative Mix)3:43Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]131980144
922Adam and the AntsAntmusic (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:29Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]141980201
923Adam and the AntsFeed Me to the Lions (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:02Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]151980192
924Adam and the AntsThe Human Beings (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:30Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]161980181
925Adam and the AntsS.E.X. (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:57Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]171980182
926Adam and the AntsOmelette from Outer Space (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:07Kings of the Wild Frontier [2004 Remaster]181980163
927Adam and the AntsScorpios2:46Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]11981179
928Adam and the AntsPicasso Vista el Planeta de los Simios3:29Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]21981214
929Adam and the AntsPrince Charming3:18Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]31981198
930Adam and the AntsFive Guns West5:02Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]41981196
931Adam and the AntsThat Voodoo!4:18Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]51981186
932Adam and the AntsStand and Deliver3:35Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]61981178
933Adam and the AntsMile High Club2:43Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]71981188
934Adam and the AntsAnt Rap3:26Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]81981187
935Adam and the AntsMowhok3:28Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]91981197
936Adam and the AntsS.E.X.5:05Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]101981200
937Adam and the AntsPrince Charming (Original 1981 Demo)3:09Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]111981127
938Adam and the AntsStand and Deliver (Original 1981 Demo)3:05Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]121981227
939Adam and the AntsShowbiz (Original 1981 Demo)3:07Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]131981186
940Adam and the AntsPicasso Visits the Planet of the Apes (Original 1981 Demo)3:21Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]141981189
941Adam and the AntsWho's a Goofy Bunny Then? (Original 1981 Demo)4:25Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]151981192
942Adam and the AntsScorpio Writing (Original 1981 Demo)3:20Prince Charming [2004 Remaster]161981126
943Adam AntFall In2:10B-Side Babies11994193
944Adam AntMaking History2:58B-Side Babies21994183
945Adam AntBeat My Guest3:12B-Side Babies31994204
946Adam AntFriends (Version 2)3:33B-Side Babies41994193
947Adam AntRed Scab4:09B-Side Babies51994185
948Adam AntJuanito The Bandito4:28B-Side Babies61994213
949Adam AntWhy Do Girls Love Horses2:36B-Side Babies71994173
950Adam AntYours, Yours, Yours3:08B-Side Babies81994203
951Adam AntKiss The Drummer3:36B-Side Babies91994213
952Adam AntB-Side Baby4:42B-Side Babies101994229
953Adam AntGreta-X3:19B-Side Babies111994224
954Adam AntHuman Bondage Den3:09B-Side Babies121994196
955Adam AntPhysical (You're So)4:28B-Side Babies131994220
956Adam AntIt Doesn't Matter2:15B-Side Babies141994219
957Adam AntChristian D'or4:16B-Side Babies151994179
958Adam AntViva Le Rock (Instrumental Dub Mix)5:11B-Side Babies161994211
959Adam AntFriend Or Foe3:23Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]11982195
960Adam AntSomething Girls3:52Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]21982179
961Adam AntPlace In The Country2:50Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]31982213
962Adam AntDesperate But Not Serious4:15Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]41982214
963Adam AntHere Comes The Grump3:37Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]51982208
964Adam AntHello I Love You2:39Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]61982204
965Adam AntGoody Two Shoes3:29Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]71982228
966Adam AntCrackpot History And The Right To Lie2:45Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]81982191
967Adam AntMade Of Money3:31Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]91982187
968Adam AntCajun Twisters2:58Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]101982222
969Adam AntTry This For Sighs3:04Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]111982233
970Adam AntMan Called Marco3:30Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]121982199
971Adam AntGoody Two Shoes (Chris Hughes Single Mix)3:21Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]131982207
972Adam AntCoup d'Etat (Original Album Outtake)3:11Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]141982211
973Adam AntGoody Two Shoes (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:12Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]151982209
974Adam AntHere Comes The Grump (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:27Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]161982237
975Adam AntLittle Italy (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:19Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]171982171
976Adam AntMade Of Money (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:50Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]181982204
977Adam AntPlace In The Country (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:01Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]191982252
978Adam AntAnd So You Shall (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:40Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]201982235
979Adam AntYellowbeard (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:26Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]211982194
980Adam AntI Know They Know (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:50Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]221982217
981Adam AntGargoyles Are Go (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:23Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]231982242
982Adam AntGood Sex Rumples The Clothing (Previously Unreleased Track)3:01Friend Or Foe [2005 Remaster]241982224
983Adam AntGoody Two Shoes3:30Greatest Hits Of The 80's: Vol. 771996229
984Adam AntGoody Two Shoes3:32Rock Of The 80's Volume 531993276
985Adam AntDesperate But Not Serious4:15Rock Of The 80's Volume 651993236
986Adam AntStrip3:50Rock Of The 80's Volume 871993243
987Adam AntStrip3:48Strip [2005 Remaster]11983232
988Adam AntBaby Let Me Scream at You4:06Strip [2005 Remaster]21983218
989Adam AntLibertine4:19Strip [2005 Remaster]31983210
990Adam AntSpanish Games3:00Strip [2005 Remaster]41983235
991Adam AntVanity4:08Strip [2005 Remaster]51983209
992Adam AntPuss 'n Boots3:52Strip [2005 Remaster]61983226
993Adam AntPlayboy3:50Strip [2005 Remaster]71983220
994Adam AntMontreal4:22Strip [2005 Remaster]81983219
995Adam AntNavel to Neck3:41Strip [2005 Remaster]91983220
996Adam AntAmazon3:54Strip [2005 Remaster]101983223
997Adam AntStrip (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:00Strip [2005 Remaster]111983196
998Adam AntDirty Harry (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:56Strip [2005 Remaster]121983213
999Adam AntHorse You Rode in On (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)2:45Strip [2005 Remaster]131983206
1000Adam AntShe Wins Zulus (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)3:07Strip [2005 Remaster]141983213
1001Adam AntPuss 'n Boots (Previously Unreleased Demo Recording)4:09Strip [2005 Remaster]151983183
1002Adam AntPlayboy (Previously Unreleased Rehearsal Recording)6:08Strip [2005 Remaster]161983205
1003Adam AntNavel to Neck (Previously Unreleased Rehearsal Recording)3:56Strip [2005 Remaster]171983225
1004Adam AntStrip (Previously Unreleased Live Studio Version)4:30Strip [2005 Remaster]181983192
1005Adam AntVive Le Rock3:40Vive le Rock [Remastered]11985218
1006Adam AntMiss Thing3:08Vive le Rock [Remastered]21985227
1007Adam AntRazor Keen3:52Vive le Rock [Remastered]31985224
1008Adam AntRip Down3:23Vive le Rock [Remastered]41985228
1009Adam AntScorpio Rising4:06Vive le Rock [Remastered]51985224
1010Adam AntApollo 93:22Vive le Rock [Remastered]61985221
1011Adam AntHell's Eight Acres3:52Vive le Rock [Remastered]71985251
1012Adam AntMohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys3:14Vive le Rock [Remastered]81985230
1013Adam AntNo Zap3:15Vive le Rock [Remastered]91985226
1014Adam AntP.O.E3:25Vive le Rock [Remastered]101985209
1015Adam AntApollo 9 (A Cappela Reprise)1:30Vive le Rock [Remastered]111985228
1016Adam AntHuman Bondage Den (Original Album Outtake)3:07Vive le Rock [Remastered]121985211
1017Adam AntVive Le Rock (Rico Conning 12" Mix)7:28Vive le Rock [Remastered]131985217
1018Adam AntApollo 9 (Francois Kervorkian 7" Mix)3:41Vive le Rock [Remastered]141985231
1019Adam AntDoggy Style (Demo)3:48Vive le Rock [Remastered]151985136
1020Adam AntNight They Vietcong (Demo)3:06Vive le Rock [Remastered]161985195
1021Adam AntBig Big Man (Razor Keen) (Demo)3:28Vive le Rock [Remastered]171985185
1022Adam AntRip Down (Demo)3:15Vive le Rock [Remastered]181985197
1023Adam AntApollo 9 (Francois Kervorkian 'Splashdown' 12" Mix)6:46Vive le Rock [Remastered]191985230
1024Adam AntVive Le Rock (Steve Thompson 12" Mix)3:49Vive le Rock [Remastered]201985214
1025Adam AntWon't Take That Talk3:59Wonderful11995215
1026Adam AntBeautiful Dream4:13Wonderful21995203
1027Adam AntWonderful4:22Wonderful31995221
1028Adam Ant1969 Again4:18Wonderful41995213
1029Adam AntYin & Yang4:33Wonderful51995206
1030Adam AntImage Of Yourself4:02Wonderful61995219
1031Adam AntAlien3:39Wonderful71995231
1032Adam AntGotta Be A Sin4:13Wonderful81995229
1033Adam AntVampires4:35Wonderful91995227
1034Adam AntAngel4:39Wonderful101995231
1035Adam AntVery Long Ride4:13Wonderful111995208
1036Adam Clayton & Larry MullenTheme From "Mission: Impossible"3:28Mission: Impossible (OST)11996216
1037Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen"Mission: Impossible" Theme (Mission Accomplished)3:05Mission: Impossible (OST)151996188
1038Adam FaithIt's Alright2:39Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 1)51992137
1039Adam FaithWhat Do You Want1:37Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)162002130
1040Adam FaithPoor Me1:46Number Ones Of The Sixties21993169
1041Adam FaithLonely Pup1:47The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)101996208
1042Adam FaithPoor Me1:46The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)151960131
1043Adam FaithPoor Me1:47The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196041995193
1044Adam FaithWhat Do You Want1:39The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)121997170
1045Adam LambertMusic Again3:16For Your Entertainment12009243
1046Adam LambertFor Your Entertainment3:35For Your Entertainment22009209
1047Adam LambertWhataya Want From Me3:47For Your Entertainment32009234
1048Adam LambertStrut3:29For Your Entertainment42009236
1049Adam LambertSoaked4:33For Your Entertainment52009210
1050Adam LambertSure Fire Winners3:33For Your Entertainment62009229
1051Adam LambertA Loaded Smile4:04For Your Entertainment72009199
1052Adam LambertIf I Had You3:48For Your Entertainment82009220
1053Adam LambertPick U Up4:00For Your Entertainment92009227
1054Adam LambertFever3:26For Your Entertainment102009218
1055Adam LambertSleepwalker4:26For Your Entertainment112009226
1056Adam LambertAftermath4:26For Your Entertainment122009251
1057Adam LambertBroken Open5:03For Your Entertainment132009185
1058Adam LambertTime For Miracles4:42For Your Entertainment142009240
1059Adam LambertMaster Plan3:20For Your Entertainment152009226
1060Adam LambertDown The Rabbit Hole4:04For Your Entertainment162009225
1061Adam LambertVoodoo3:14For Your Entertainment172009227
1062Adam LambertCan't Let You Go4:14For Your Entertainment182009206
1063Adam LambertIf I Had You3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0682010219
1064Adam SandlerI Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog1:14   128
1065Adam SandlerUses of the Word Fuck3:09   128
1066Adam SandlerYoda Drunk on the Set0:33   128
1067Adam SandlerWerewolves Of London4:01Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon22004220
1068Adam SandlerHot Water Burn Baby4:28Stan And Judy's Kid11999207
1069Adam SandlerCool Guy 10:57Stan And Judy's Kid21999192
1070Adam SandlerFoot Man3:43Stan And Judy's Kid31999198
1071Adam SandlerThe Peeper6:03Stan And Judy's Kid41999192
1072Adam SandlerCool Guy 21:36Stan And Judy's Kid51999195
1073Adam SandlerDee Wee (My Friend The Massive Idiot)2:59Stan And Judy's Kid61999198
1074Adam SandlerWhitey16:18Stan And Judy's Kid71999195
1075Adam SandlerCool Guy 31:23Stan And Judy's Kid81999191
1076Adam SandlerShe Comes Home To Me4:01Stan And Judy's Kid91999219
1077Adam SandlerThe Champion7:56Stan And Judy's Kid101999168
1078Adam SandlerCool Guy 41:15Stan And Judy's Kid111999178
1079Adam SandlerChanukah Song Part II3:59Stan And Judy's Kid121999209
1080Adam SandlerInner Voice4:30Stan And Judy's Kid131999198
1081Adam SandlerCool Guy 51:37Stan And Judy's Kid141999169
1082Adam SandlerWelcome My Son2:12Stan And Judy's Kid151999176
1083Adam SandlerThe Psychotic Legend Of Uncle Donnie11:17Stan And Judy's Kid161999198
1084Adam SandlerReprise1:01Stan And Judy's Kid171999170
1085Adam SandlerJoining The Cult2:52What The Hell Happened To Me?11996199
1086Adam SandlerRespect4:34What The Hell Happened To Me?21996182
1087Adam SandlerOde To My Car3:55What The Hell Happened To Me?31996181
1088Adam SandlerThe Excited Southerner Orders A Meal0:45What The Hell Happened To Me?41996192
1089Adam SandlerThe Goat8:51What The Hell Happened To Me?51996195
1090Adam SandlerThe Chanukah Song3:44What The Hell Happened To Me?61996179
1091Adam SandlerThe Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over1:04What The Hell Happened To Me?71996192
1092Adam SandlerThe Hypnotist8:02What The Hell Happened To Me?81996198
1093Adam SandlerSteve Polychronopolous3:11What The Hell Happened To Me?91996202
1094Adam SandlerThe Excited Southerner At A Job Interview1:10What The Hell Happened To Me?101996193
1095Adam SandlerDo It For Your Mama5:23What The Hell Happened To Me?111996194
1096Adam SandlerCrazy Love3:56What The Hell Happened To Me?121996198
1097Adam SandlerThe Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson1:08What The Hell Happened To Me?131996168
1098Adam SandlerThe Adventures Of The Cow5:04What The Hell Happened To Me?141996184
1099Adam SandlerDip Doodle3:48What The Hell Happened To Me?151996180
1100Adam SandlerThe Excited Southerner Proposes To A Woman1:03What The Hell Happened To Me?161996191
1101Adam SandlerMemory Lane2:43What The Hell Happened To Me?171996188
1102Adam SandlerMr. Bake-O4:06What The Hell Happened To Me?181996215
1103Adam SandlerSex Or Weight Lifting7:06What The Hell Happened To Me?191996190
1104Adam SandlerWhat The Hell Happened To Me?2:26What The Hell Happened To Me?201996189
1105Adam WadeThe Writing On The Wall2:28The Writing On The Wall561961320
1106Adam WadeTake Good Care Of Her2:35Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s101992178
1107Adam WadeAs If I Didn't Know3:01Your Hit Parade - The '60s101993199
1108AdamoAnother Love Affair2:38Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)132001169
1109AdamskiKiller4:11The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)11993188
1110Addrisi BrothersSlow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On3:14The Buddah Box (Disc 3)131993222
1112AdeleBest For Last4:181922008170
1113AdeleChasing Pavements3:301932008171
1114AdeleCold Shoulder3:111942008199
1115AdeleCrazy For You3:281952008148
1116AdeleMelt My Heart To Stone3:231962008176
1117AdeleFirst Love3:101972008193
1118AdeleRight As Rain3:171982008192
1119AdeleMake You Feel My Love3:321992008172
1120AdeleMy Same3:1519102008199
1122AdeleHometown Glory4:3119122008202
1123AdeleRolling In The Deep3:492112011198
1124AdeleRumour Has It3:432122011201
1125AdeleTurning Tables4:102132011201
1126AdeleDon't You Remember4:032142011211
1127AdeleSet Fire To The Rain4:012152011218
1128AdeleHe Won't Go4:372162011213
1129AdeleTake It All3:482172011161
1130AdeleI'll Be Waiting4:012182011210
1131AdeleOne And Only5:482192011212
1133AdeleSomeone Like You4:4721112011179
1134AdemaGiving In3:55Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9202002250
1135AdevaI Thank You3:14Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)61989259
1136AdevaRespect4:03Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)172001182
1137Adina HowardFreak Like Me4:10Monsta Jamz172002221
1138Adina HowardFreak Like Me3:32The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)72002267
1139The AdmirationsThe Bells Of Rosa Rita2:11The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)171996181
1140Adraen feat. Jackal QueenstonVV Science Division3:42   153
1141Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)Good Morning Vietnam...Opening Show2:10Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)11988129
1142Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)My Name Is Bob, Play It Loud OK0:15Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)51988128
1143Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)Women On Crete...Traffic Report0:47Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)71988128
1144Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)James Brown Coming Your Way0:34Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)101988129
1145Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)Thank You...Boogaloo Till We Puke0:08Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)121988132
1146Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)Good Morning Vietnam 2...Nixon0:33Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)141988129
1147Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams)We're Back...News Approved By US Army1:21Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)181988129
1148Adrian GurvitzClassic3:40One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)202001239
1149Adrian GurvitzClassic3:40The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)91999191
1150Adriana CaselottiSome Day My Prince Will Come (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937)1:54Classic Disney, Vol. 1241995125
1151Adriana Caselotti And Harry StockwellI'm Wishing - One Song (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937)3:06Classic Disney, Vol. 4251997127
1152The AdventuresBroken Land5:00One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)121999211
1153Adventures Of Flash On The Wheels Of SteelGrandmaster Flash6:55Old Skool Hip Hop (Disc 2)92002207
1154Adventures Of Stevie VDirty Cash3:55Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers41996251
1155AergorDon't Let the Boss Aggro on Me5:32World of Filkcraft22010128
1156AergorBrand New Touring Rocket5:29World of Filkcraft52010128
1157Aergor and AeslinI've Been Everywhere2:12World of Filkcraft62010160
1158Aergor and AquilaeHave Your Ever Really Tanked a Dungeon4:30World of Filkcraft12010192
1159Aergor and AquilaePart of Your Guild3:11World of Filkcraft32010128
1160Aergor, Aquilae, and MaerilGold Farmer3:07World of Filkcraft42010128
1161AeroplaneMountains Of Moscow2:56We Can't Fly12010211
1162AeroplaneWe Can't Fly4:14We Can't Fly22010205
1163AeroplaneSuperstar2:35We Can't Fly32010212
1164AeroplaneLondon Bridge3:38We Can't Fly42010196
1165AeroplaneI Don't Feel4:58We Can't Fly52010213
1166AeroplaneWithout Lies2:11We Can't Fly62010196
1167AeroplaneThe Point Of No Return4:50We Can't Fly72010232
1168AeroplaneGood Riddance4:02We Can't Fly82010231
1169AeroplaneCaramellas5:13We Can't Fly92010214
1170AeroplaneFish In The Sky3:56We Can't Fly102010222
1171AeroplaneMy Enemy6:08We Can't Fly112010213
1172AeroplaneWe Fall Over4:05We Can't Fly122010182
1173AerosmithMake It3:40Aerosmith11973210
1175AerosmithDream On4:27Aerosmith31973207
1176AerosmithOne Way Street7:02Aerosmith41973219
1177AerosmithMama Kin4:28Aerosmith51973215
1178AerosmithWrite Me A Letter4:12Aerosmith61973222
1179AerosmithMovin' Out5:02Aerosmith71973211
1180AerosmithWalkin' The Dog3:12Aerosmith81973204
1181AerosmithI Don't Want To Miss A Thing4:59Armageddon (OST)11998206
1182AerosmithWhat Kind Of Love Are You On3:15Armageddon (OST)31998195
1183AerosmithSweet Emotion5:10Armageddon (OST)71998218
1184AerosmithCome Together3:44Armageddon (OST)91998179
1185AerosmithAngel's Eye3:22Charlie's Angels (OST)72000249
1186AerosmithLet the Music Do the Talking3:48Done With Mirrors11985213
1187AerosmithMy Fist Your Face4:23Done With Mirrors21985204
1188AerosmithShame on You3:22Done With Mirrors31985215
1189AerosmithThe Reason a Dog4:13Done With Mirrors41985198
1190AerosmithShela4:25Done With Mirrors51985218
1191AerosmithGypsy Boots4:16Done With Mirrors61985226
1192AerosmithShe's On Fire3:47Done With Mirrors71985225
1193AerosmithThe Hop3:45Done With Mirrors81985215
1194AerosmithDarkness3:43Done With Mirrors91985206
1195AerosmithDraw The Line3:22Draw The Line11977146
1196AerosmithI Wanna Know Why3:08Draw The Line21977190
1197AerosmithCritical Mass4:50Draw The Line31977194
1198AerosmithGet It Up4:01Draw The Line41977189
1199AerosmithBright Light Fright2:19Draw The Line51977160
1200AerosmithKings And Queens4:53Draw The Line61977188
1201AerosmithThe Hand That Feeds4:21Draw The Line71977194
1202AerosmithSight For Sore Eyes3:51Draw The Line81977196
1203AerosmithMilk Cow Blues4:10Draw The Line91977198
1204AerosmithIntro0:24Get A Grip11993198
1205AerosmithEat The Rich4:10Get A Grip21993241
1206AerosmithGet A Grip3:57Get A Grip31993242
1207AerosmithFever4:15Get A Grip41993262
1208AerosmithLivin' On The Edge6:07Get A Grip51993231
1209AerosmithFlesh5:56Get A Grip61993221
1210AerosmithWalk On Down3:39Get A Grip71993247
1211AerosmithShut Up And Dance4:55Get A Grip81993249
1212AerosmithCryin'5:08Get A Grip91993208
1213AerosmithGotta Love It5:58Get A Grip101993254
1214AerosmithCrazy5:16Get A Grip111993211
1215AerosmithLine Up4:02Get A Grip121993226
1216AerosmithAmazing5:56Get A Grip131993221
1217AerosmithBoogie Man2:18Get A Grip141993196
1218AerosmithSame Old Song And Dance3:53Get Your Wings [Remastered]11974207
1219AerosmithLord Of The Thighs4:14Get Your Wings [Remastered]21974215
1220AerosmithSpaced4:21Get Your Wings [Remastered]31974206
1221AerosmithWoman Of The World5:50Get Your Wings [Remastered]41974218
1222AerosmithS.O.S. (Too Bad)2:51Get Your Wings [Remastered]51974188
1223AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'5:33Get Your Wings [Remastered]61974202
1224AerosmithSeasons Of Wither5:38Get Your Wings [Remastered]71974195
1225AerosmithPandora's Box5:44Get Your Wings [Remastered]81974186
1226AerosmithRoad Runner3:45Honkin' On Bobo12004242
1227AerosmithShame, Shame, Shame2:14Honkin' On Bobo22004237
1228AerosmithEyesight to the Blind3:10Honkin' On Bobo32004238
1229AerosmithBaby, Please Don't Go3:23Honkin' On Bobo42004237
1230AerosmithNever Loved a Girl3:12Honkin' On Bobo52004229
1231AerosmithBack Back Train4:23Honkin' On Bobo62004201
1232AerosmithYou Gotta Move5:30Honkin' On Bobo72004257
1233AerosmithThe Grind3:46Honkin' On Bobo82004218
1234AerosmithI'm Ready4:15Honkin' On Bobo92004249
1235AerosmithTemperature2:51Honkin' On Bobo102004220
1236AerosmithStop Messin' Around4:32Honkin' On Bobo112004222
1237AerosmithJesus is on the Main Line2:48Honkin' On Bobo122004248
1238AerosmithBeyond Beautiful4:45Just Push Play12001233
1239AerosmithJust Push Play3:51Just Push Play22001246
1240AerosmithJaded3:35Just Push Play32001246
1241AerosmithFly Away From Here5:01Just Push Play42001241
1242AerosmithTrip Hoppin'4:27Just Push Play52001258
1243AerosmithSunshine3:37Just Push Play62001245
1244AerosmithUnder My Skin3:47Just Push Play72001253
1245AerosmithLuv Lies4:26Just Push Play82001254
1246AerosmithOutta Your Head3:22Just Push Play92001254
1247AerosmithDrop Dead Gorgeous3:42Just Push Play102001245
1248AerosmithLight Inside3:34Just Push Play112001262
1249AerosmithAvant Garden6:35Just Push Play122001204
1250AerosmithBack In The Saddle4:27Live Bootleg11978205
1251AerosmithSweet Emotion4:40Live Bootleg21978218
1252AerosmithLord Of The Thighs7:17Live Bootleg31978199
1253AerosmithToys In The Attic3:54Live Bootleg41978193
1254AerosmithLast Child3:15Live Bootleg51978211
1255AerosmithCome Together4:52Live Bootleg61978219
1256AerosmithWalk This Way3:47Live Bootleg71978207
1257AerosmithSick As A Dog4:45Live Bootleg81978207
1258AerosmithDream On4:31Live Bootleg91978191
1259AerosmithChip Away The Stone4:15Live Bootleg101978228
1260AerosmithSight For Sore Eyes3:15Live Bootleg111978214
1261AerosmithMama Kin3:43Live Bootleg121978201
1262AerosmithS.O.S.2:50Live Bootleg131978203
1263AerosmithI Ain't Got You3:57Live Bootleg141978187
1264AerosmithMother Popcorn11:36Live Bootleg151978195
1265AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'/Strangers In The Night4:46Live Bootleg161978197
1266AerosmithNo Surprize4:26Night In The Ruts11979243
1267AerosmithChiquita4:26Night In The Ruts21979224
1268AerosmithRemember (Walking In The Sand)4:05Night In The Ruts31979219
1269AerosmithCheese Cake4:15Night In The Ruts41979226
1270AerosmithThree Mile Smile3:43Night In The Ruts51979234
1271AerosmithReefer Head Woman4:02Night In The Ruts61979212
1272AerosmithBone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)2:59Night In The Ruts71979218
1273AerosmithThink About It3:35Night In The Ruts81979237
1274AerosmithMia4:13Night In The Ruts91979205
1275AerosmithNine Lives4:01Nine Lives11997257
1276AerosmithFalling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)3:25Nine Lives21997242
1277AerosmithHole In My Soul6:10Nine Lives31997225
1278AerosmithTaste Of India5:53Nine Lives41997241
1279AerosmithFull Circle5:00Nine Lives51997234
1280AerosmithSomething's Gotta Give3:36Nine Lives61997257
1281AerosmithAin't That A Bitch5:25Nine Lives71997241
1282AerosmithThe Farm4:27Nine Lives81997254
1283AerosmithCrash4:25Nine Lives91997264
1284AerosmithKiss Your Past Good-Bye4:31Nine Lives101997244
1285AerosmithPink3:55Nine Lives111997238
1286AerosmithAttitude Adjustment3:44Nine Lives121997252
1287AerosmithFallen Angels8:16Nine Lives131997230
1288AerosmithJust Push Play3:17Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9172002245
1289AerosmithHeart's Done Time4:41Permanent Vacation11987215
1290AerosmithMagic Touch4:37Permanent Vacation21987202
1291AerosmithRag Doll4:24Permanent Vacation31987218
1292AerosmithSimoriah3:21Permanent Vacation41987221
1293AerosmithDude (Looks Like A Lady)4:25Permanent Vacation51987211
1294AerosmithSt. John4:10Permanent Vacation61987211
1295AerosmithHangman Jury5:31Permanent Vacation71987207
1296AerosmithGirl Keeps Coming Apart4:13Permanent Vacation81987226
1297AerosmithAngel5:09Permanent Vacation91987200
1298AerosmithPermanent Vacation4:48Permanent Vacation101987220
1299AerosmithI'm Down2:19Permanent Vacation111987209
1300AerosmithThe Movie [Instrumental]3:59Permanent Vacation121987221
1301AerosmithI Don't Want To Miss A Thing4:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0621998213
1302AerosmithYoung Lust4:18Pump [2001 Remaster]11989262
1303AerosmithF.I.N.E.4:09Pump [2001 Remaster]21989233
1304AerosmithGoing Down/Love in an Elevator5:38Pump [2001 Remaster]31989230
1305AerosmithMonkey on My Back3:57Pump [2001 Remaster]41989237
1306AerosmithWater Song/Janie's Got a Gun5:38Pump [2001 Remaster]51989213
1307AerosmithDulcimer Stomp/The Other Side4:56Pump [2001 Remaster]61989226
1308AerosmithMy Girl3:10Pump [2001 Remaster]71989239
1309AerosmithDon't Get Mad, Get Even4:48Pump [2001 Remaster]81989224
1310AerosmithHoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man4:39Pump [2001 Remaster]91989221
1311AerosmithWhat It Takes6:28Pump [2001 Remaster]101989226
1312AerosmithJailbait4:38Rock In A Hard Place11982220
1313AerosmithLightning Strikes4:26Rock In A Hard Place21982222
1314AerosmithBitch's Brew4:14Rock In A Hard Place31982230
1315AerosmithBolivian Ragamuffin3:32Rock In A Hard Place41982226
1316AerosmithCry Me A River4:06Rock In A Hard Place51982194
1317AerosmithPrelude To Joanie1:21Rock In A Hard Place61982179
1318AerosmithJoanie's Butterfly5:36Rock In A Hard Place71982201
1319AerosmithRock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)4:45Rock In A Hard Place81982217
1320AerosmithJig Is Up3:10Rock In A Hard Place91982218
1321AerosmithPush Comes To Shove4:28Rock In A Hard Place101982209
1322AerosmithBack In The Saddle4:40Rocks [1993 Remaster]11976204
1323AerosmithLast Child3:26Rocks [1993 Remaster]21976208
1324AerosmithRats In The Cellar4:06Rocks [1993 Remaster]31976193
1325AerosmithCombination3:40Rocks [1993 Remaster]41976212
1326AerosmithSick As A Dog4:11Rocks [1993 Remaster]51976200
1327AerosmithNobody's Fault4:25Rocks [1993 Remaster]61976190
1328AerosmithGet The Lead Out3:41Rocks [1993 Remaster]71976205
1329AerosmithLick And A Promise3:05Rocks [1993 Remaster]81976185
1330AerosmithHome Tonight3:17Rocks [1993 Remaster]91976188
1331AerosmithTheme From Spider Man2:57Spider-Man (OST)192002212
1332AerosmithToys In The Attic3:06Toys In The Attic (Remastered)11975210
1333AerosmithUncle Salty4:10Toys In The Attic (Remastered)21975197
1334AerosmithAdam's Apple4:33Toys In The Attic (Remastered)31975200
1335AerosmithWalk This Way3:41Toys In The Attic (Remastered)41975205
1336AerosmithBig Ten Inch Record2:16Toys In The Attic (Remastered)51975182
1337AerosmithSweet Emotion4:34Toys In The Attic (Remastered)61975205
1338AerosmithNo More No More4:34Toys In The Attic (Remastered)71975204
1339AerosmithRound And Round5:03Toys In The Attic (Remastered)81975209
1340AerosmithYou See Me Crying5:12Toys In The Attic (Remastered)91975187
1341Afgan WhigsGentlemen3:54Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)72005228
1342AFIMiss Murder3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09172006227
1343AFILove Like Winter2:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-03142007209
1344AFIMiss Murder3:24Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)22007247
1345Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic ForcePlanet Rock6:23The Hip Hop Box (Disc 1)42004226
1346Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic ForcePlanet Rock6:22Electro Breakdance (Disc 1)72002226
1347Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic ForcePlanet Rock (Original Vocal Version)6:26Old School Nation! (Disc 1) [CA]32004222
1348Afro Celt Sound SystemEirann (Mass Remix)6:10Celtic Soundclash12001212
1349Afro Celt Sound SystemRise Above6:17Pod12004219
1350Afro Celt Sound SystemJohnny At Sea4:48Pod22004233
1351Afro Celt Sound SystemPersistence Of Memory5:14Pod32004181
1352Afro Celt Sound SystemFurther In Time7:45Pod42004228
1353Afro Celt Sound SystemFull Moon Low Tide4:34Pod52004223
1354Afro Celt Sound SystemRelease4:58Pod62004200
1355Afro Celt Sound SystemRelease It1:20Pod72004204
1356Afro Celt Sound SystemWhirly 37:55Pod82004238
1357Afro Celt Sound SystemRiding The Skies6:04Pod92004226
1358Afro Celt Sound SystemÉireann6:17Pod102004214
1359Afro Celt Sound SystemRelease5:30Pod112004180
1360Afro Celt Sound SystemWhen You're Falling4:37Pod122004223
1361Afro Celt Sound SystemLagan4:36Pod132004200
1362Afro Celt Sound SystemCyberia7:41Seed12003216
1363Afro Celt Sound SystemSeed6:25Seed22003213
1364Afro Celt Sound SystemNevermore4:45Seed32003216
1365Afro Celt Sound SystemThe Other Side7:01Seed42003227
1366Afro Celt Sound Systema. Ayub's Song; b. As You Were7:31Seed52003219
1367Afro Celt Sound SystemRise3:06Seed62003186
1368Afro Celt Sound SystemRise Above It10:11Seed72003218
1369Afro Celt Sound SystemDeep Channel6:48Seed82003228
1370Afro Celt Sound SystemAll Remains7:30Seed92003205
1371Afro Celt Sound SystemGreen (Nevermore Instrumental)5:57Seed102003209
1372Afro Celt Sound SystemPart a: Saor / Free / Part b: News From Nowhere8:21Volume 1 Sound Magic11996181
1373Afro Celt Sound SystemWhirl-Y-Reel 1 (Beard and Sandals Mix)7:21Volume 1 Sound Magic21996208
1374Afro Celt Sound SystemIníon / Daughter4:15Volume 1 Sound Magic31996167
1375Afro Celt Sound SystemPart a: Sure-As-Not / Part b: Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue)9:58Volume 1 Sound Magic41996199
1376Afro Celt Sound SystemNíl Cead Againn Dul Abhaile / We Cannot Go Home7:20Volume 1 Sound Magic51996190
1377Afro Celt Sound SystemDark Moon, High Tide (including Farewell to Eireann)4:12Volume 1 Sound Magic61996174
1378Afro Celt Sound SystemWhirl-Y-Reel 2 (Folk Police mix)5:28Volume 1 Sound Magic71996198
1379Afro Celt Sound SystemHouse Of The Ancestors8:01Volume 1 Sound Magic81996189
1380Afro Celt Sound SystemPart a: Eistigh Liomsa Sealad / Listen To Me / Part b: Saor Reprise10:53Volume 1 Sound Magic91996162
1381Afro Celt Sound SystemRelease7:36Volume 2: Release11999207
1382Afro Celt Sound SystemLovers Of Light3:58Volume 2: Release21999223
1383Afro Celt Sound SystemÉireann5:09Volume 2: Release31999187
1384Afro Celt Sound SystemUrban Aire2:08Volume 2: Release41999164
1385Afro Celt Sound SystemBig Cat7:43Volume 2: Release51999217
1386Afro Celt Sound SystemEven In My Dreams7:05Volume 2: Release61999180
1387Afro Celt Sound SystemAmber5:26Volume 2: Release71999189
1388Afro Celt Sound SystemHypnotica7:18Volume 2: Release81999209
1389Afro Celt Sound SystemRiding The Waves6:35Volume 2: Release91999230
1390Afro Celt Sound SystemI Think Of...4:36Volume 2: Release101999195
1391Afro Celt Sound SystemRelease It (Instrumental)6:27Volume 2: Release111999213
1392Afro Celt Sound SystemNorth6:49Volume 3: Further In Time12001207
1393Afro Celt Sound SystemNorth 23:01Volume 3: Further In Time22001216
1394Afro Celt Sound SystemWhen You're Falling (with Peter Gabriel)5:14Volume 3: Further In Time32001227
1395Afro Celt Sound SystemColossus6:44Volume 3: Further In Time42001223
1396Afro Celt Sound SystemLagan4:05Volume 3: Further In Time52001205
1397Afro Celt Sound SystemShadowman6:36Volume 3: Further In Time62001219
1398Afro Celt Sound SystemLife Begin Again (with Robert Plant)6:22Volume 3: Further In Time72001196
1399Afro Celt Sound SystemFurther In Time6:32Volume 3: Further In Time82001209
1400Afro Celt Sound SystemGo On Through (with Pina Kollars)8:03Volume 3: Further In Time92001196
1401Afro Celt Sound SystemPersistence of Memory4:29Volume 3: Further In Time102001193
1402Afro Celt Sound SystemThe Silken Whip7:18Volume 3: Further In Time112001222
1403Afro Celt Sound SystemOnwards5:27Volume 3: Further In Time122001186
1404Afro Celt Sound SystemWhen I Still Needed You8:16Volume 5: Anatomic12005213
1405Afro Celt Sound SystemMy Secret Bliss7:04Volume 5: Anatomic22005216
1406Afro Celt Sound SystemMojave10:35Volume 5: Anatomic32005210
1407Afro Celt Sound SystemSené (Working The Land)5:59Volume 5: Anatomic42005210
1408Afro Celt Sound SystemBeautiful Rain4:59Volume 5: Anatomic52005200
1409Afro Celt Sound SystemAnatomic5:24Volume 5: Anatomic62005221
1410Afro Celt Sound SystemMother6:29Volume 5: Anatomic72005208
1411Afro Celt Sound SystemDhol Dogs6:25Volume 5: Anatomic82005217
1412Afro Celt Sound SystemDrake6:04Volume 5: Anatomic92005200
1413After 7Ready Or Not4:30Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)122003225
1414After 7Sara Smile4:32The Very Best Of After 711997199
1415After 7Ready Or Not4:32The Very Best Of After 721997225
1416After 7Can't Stop4:56The Very Best Of After 731997223
1417After 7Heat Of The Moment4:17The Very Best Of After 741997235
1418After 7One Night4:59The Very Best Of After 751997221
1419After 7Baby I'm For Real5:07The Very Best Of After 761997210
1420After 7Not Enough Hours In The Night4:27The Very Best Of After 771997204
1421After 7Can He Love U Like This5:19The Very Best Of After 781997217
1422After 7Takin' My Time5:23The Very Best Of After 791997221
1423After 7Gonna Love You Right5:13The Very Best Of After 7101997205
1424After 7Nights Like This4:02The Very Best Of After 7111997209
1425After 7'Til You Do Me Right4:54The Very Best Of After 7121997225
1426After TeaSnowflakes On Amsterdam2:30Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)122001215
1427After The FallConcrete Boots3:35Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)112006241
1428After The FireDer Kommissar4:0880's Pop Hits (Disc 3)132001253
1429After The FireDer Kommissar4:08Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)132002225
1430After The FireDer Kommissar5:47Rock Of The 80's Volume 471993254
1431After The FireDer Kommissar4:08VH-1 More Of The Big 80's31997219
1432The Afternoon DelightsGeneral Hospi-Tale4:02Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)202002212
1433The AftersBeautiful Love3:59WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)132005236
1434The AftersAll That I Am4:24WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)122006220
1435AftershockSlave To The Vibe3:55The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)71993192
1437AgainLet's Go4:59期待22006234
1446Agents of MercyThe Fading Ghosts of Twilight7:29The Fading Ghosts of Twilight12009204
1447Agents of MercyThe Unwanted Brother5:45The Fading Ghosts of Twilight22009202
1448Agents of MercyAfternoon Skies4:01The Fading Ghosts of Twilight32009184
1449Agents of MercyHeroes & Beacons9:06The Fading Ghosts of Twilight42009204
1450Agents of MercyJesus on the Barricades4:02The Fading Ghosts of Twilight52009191
1451Agents of MercyWaiting For the Sun5:17The Fading Ghosts of Twilight62009196
1452Agents of MercyA Different Sun8:08The Fading Ghosts of Twilight72009211
1453Agents of MercyReady to Fly4:53The Fading Ghosts of Twilight82009213
1454Agents of MercyPeople Like Us4:54The Fading Ghosts of Twilight92009206
1455Agents of MercyA Soldiers Tale11:48The Fading Ghosts of Twilight102009214
1456Agents of MercyBomb Inside Her Heart4:25The Fading Ghosts of Twilight112009192
1457Agents of MercyMercy & Mercury7:56The Fading Ghosts of Twilight122009206
1459a-haDon't Do Me Any Favours3:50Analogue22005220
1460a-haCozy Prison4:08Analogue32005211
1464a-haOver The Treetops4:24Analogue72005222
1465a-haHalfway Through The Tour7:26Analogue82005202
1466a-haA Fine Blue Line4:09Analogue92005211
1467a-haKeeper Of The Flame3:58Analogue102005205
1468a-haMake It Soon3:19Analogue112005204
1469a-haWhite Dwarf4:24Analogue122005180
1470a-haThe Summers Of Our Youth3:57Analogue132005193
1471a-haCrying in the Rain4:25East of the Sun, West of the Moon11990205
1472a-haEarly Morning2:58East of the Sun, West of the Moon21990196
1473a-haI Call Your Name4:53East of the Sun, West of the Moon31990212
1474a-haSlender Frame3:42East of the Sun, West of the Moon41990213
1475a-haEast of the Sun4:47East of the Sun, West of the Moon51990197
1476a-haSycamore Leaves5:21East of the Sun, West of the Moon61990200
1477a-haWaiting for Her4:49East of the Sun, West of the Moon71990208
1478a-haCold River4:41East of the Sun, West of the Moon81990220
1479a-haThe Way We Talk1:31East of the Sun, West of the Moon91990195
1480a-haRolling Thunder5:43East of the Sun, West of the Moon101990199
1481a-ha(Seemingly) Nonstop July2:55East of the Sun, West of the Moon111990193
1482a-haThe Bandstand4:02Foot Of The Mountain12009221
1483a-haRiding The Crest4:16Foot Of The Mountain22009212
1484a-haWhat There Is3:43Foot Of The Mountain32009230
1485a-haFoot Of The Mountain3:57Foot Of The Mountain42009240
1486a-haReal Meaning3:40Foot Of The Mountain52009188
1487a-haShadowside4:55Foot Of The Mountain62009202
1488a-haNothing Is Keeping You Here3:17Foot Of The Mountain72009208
1489a-haMother Nature Goes To Heaven4:08Foot Of The Mountain82009219
1490a-haSunny Mystery3:30Foot Of The Mountain92009218
1491a-haStart The Simulator5:17Foot Of The Mountain102009134
1492a-haTake On Me3:48Hunting High And Low11985203
1493a-haTrain Of Thought4:14Hunting High And Low21985213
1494a-haHunting High And Low3:45Hunting High And Low31985199
1495a-haThe Blue Sky2:36Hunting High And Low41985203
1496a-haLiving A Boy's Adventure Tale5:02Hunting High And Low51985216
1497a-haThe Sun Always Shines On T.V.5:08Hunting High And Low61985204
1498a-haAnd Tell Me1:52Hunting High And Low71985187
1499a-haLove Is Reason3:07Hunting High And Low81985202
1500a-haI Dream Myself Alive3:10Hunting High And Low91985206
1501a-haHere I Stand And Face The Rain4:30Hunting High And Low101985210
1503a-haYou Wanted More3:40Lifelines22002205
1504a-haForever Not Yours4:06Lifelines32002210
1505a-haThere's a Reason for It4:21Lifelines42002191
1506a-haTime and Again5:04Lifelines52002199
1507a-haDid Anyone Approach You?4:10Lifelines62002215
1508a-haAfternoon High4:30Lifelines72002190
1509a-haOranges on Appletrees4:16Lifelines82002236
1510a-haA Little Bit4:10Lifelines92002167
1511a-haLess Than Pure4:13Lifelines102002235
1512a-haTurn the Lights Down4:14Lifelines112002200
1513a-haCannot Hide3:19Lifelines122002217
1514a-haWhite Canvas3:27Lifelines132002193
1517a-haTake On Me3:47Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)32002245
1518a-haDark Is The Night For All3:46Memorial Beach11993198
1519a-haMove To Memphis4:22Memorial Beach21993203
1520a-haCold As Stone8:19Memorial Beach31993204
1521a-haAngel In The Snow4:13Memorial Beach41993197
1522a-haLocust5:08Memorial Beach51993190
1523a-haLie Down In Darkness4:31Memorial Beach61993202
1524a-haHow Sweet It Was6:02Memorial Beach71993195
1525a-haLamb To The Slaughter4:20Memorial Beach81993203
1526a-haBetween Your Mama And Yourself4:15Memorial Beach91993199
1527a-haMemorial Beach4:36Memorial Beach101993189
1528a-haMinor Earth Major Sky5:24Minor Earth Major Sky12000196
1529a-haLittle Black Heart4:36Minor Earth Major Sky22000208
1530a-haVelvet4:19Minor Earth Major Sky32000207
1531a-haSummer Moved On4:37Minor Earth Major Sky42000194
1532a-haThe Sun Never Shone That Day4:38Minor Earth Major Sky52000210
1533a-haTo Let You win4:23Minor Earth Major Sky62000194
1534a-haThe Company Man3:14Minor Earth Major Sky72000204
1535a-haThought That It Was You3:49Minor Earth Major Sky82000196
1536a-haI Wish I Cared4:21Minor Earth Major Sky92000188
1537a-haBarely Hanging On3:55Minor Earth Major Sky102000199
1538a-haYou'll Never Get Over Me5:38Minor Earth Major Sky112000212
1539a-haI Won't Forget Her4:43Minor Earth Major Sky122000188
1540a-haMary Ellen Makes The Moment Count4:53Minor Earth Major Sky132000204
1541a-haScoundrel Days4:02Scoundrel Days11986179
1542a-haThe Swing Of Things4:14Scoundrel Days21986204
1543a-haI've Been Losing You4:24Scoundrel Days31986183
1544a-haOctober3:55Scoundrel Days41986205
1545a-haManhattan Skyline4:52Scoundrel Days51986185
1546a-haCry Wolf4:06Scoundrel Days61986195
1547a-haWe're Looking For The Whales3:43Scoundrel Days71986182
1548a-haThe Weight Of The Wind4:00Scoundrel Days81986195
1549a-haMaybe Maybe2:36Scoundrel Days91986207
1550a-haSoft Rains Of April3:12Scoundrel Days101986203
1551a-haStay On These Roads4:46Stay On These Roads11988196
1552a-haThe Blood That Moves The Body4:06Stay On These Roads21988190
1553a-haTouchy!4:33Stay On These Roads31988206
1554a-haThis Alone Is Love5:15Stay On These Roads41988197
1555a-haHurry Home4:37Stay On These Roads51988209
1556a-haThe Living Daylights4:47Stay On These Roads61988188
1557a-haThere's Never A Forever Thing2:51Stay On These Roads71988186
1558a-haOut Of Blue Comes Green6:42Stay On These Roads81988195
1559a-haYou Are The One3:51Stay On These Roads91988186
1560a-haYou'll End Up Crying2:07Stay On These Roads101988160
1561A-HaThe Living Daylights4:15The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)92002235
1562a-haTake On Me3:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)12001234
1563A-HaCry Wolf4:06Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)172001197
1564Ahmad BelvinSuper Sorry3:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-08142010223
1565Ahmad JamalBut Not for Me3:32At The Pershing/But Not For Me11958138
1566Ahmad JamalSurrey With The Fringe On Top2:35At The Pershing/But Not For Me21958143
1567Ahmad JamalMoonlight In Vermont3:09At The Pershing/But Not For Me31958136
1568Ahmad Jamal(Put Another Nickel In) Music Music Music2:56At The Pershing/But Not For Me41958140
1569Ahmad JamalNo Greater Love3:26At The Pershing/But Not For Me51958133
1570Ahmad JamalPoinciana8:07At The Pershing/But Not For Me61958133
1571Ahmad JamalWoody'n You3:40At The Pershing/But Not For Me71958142
1572Ahmad JamalWhat's New4:11At The Pershing/But Not For Me81958133
1573Aikawa RikakoHowaito Dansu3:49Pikachuu no Fuyuyasumi12000177
1574Aimee MannToday's the Day4:43The Last Kiss (OST)122006245
1575Áine MinogueThe Dove's Return3:01Celtic Christmas II141996196
1576AirLa Femme d'Argent7:10Moon Safari11998190
1577AirSexy Boy4:58Moon Safari21998172
1578AirAll I Need4:28Moon Safari31998177
1579AirKelly Watch the Stars!3:46Moon Safari41998177
1580AirTalisman4:16Moon Safari51998185
1581AirRemember2:34Moon Safari61998171
1582AirYou Make It Easy4:01Moon Safari71998189
1583AirCe Matin La3:38Moon Safari81998185
1584AirNew Star in the Sky (Chanson Pour Solal)5:40Moon Safari91998182
1585AirLe Voyage de Penelope3:11Moon Safari101998186
1586AirVenus4:04Talkie Walkie12004211
1587AirCherry Blossom Girl3:39Talkie Walkie22004225
1588AirRun4:12Talkie Walkie32004190
1589AirUniversal Traveler4:22Talkie Walkie42004218
1590AirMike Mills4:26Talkie Walkie52004217
1591AirSurfing on a Rocket3:43Talkie Walkie62004216
1592AirAnother Day3:21Talkie Walkie72004195
1593AirAlpha Beta Gaga4:39Talkie Walkie82004226
1594AirBiological6:04Talkie Walkie92004198
1595AirAlone in Kyoto4:51Talkie Walkie102004205
1596Air SupplyThe One That You Love4:14Billboard Top Hits 198131992184
1597Air SupplyI Can Wait Forever5:10Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]51984203
1598Air SupplyLost In Love3:54Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)112002195
1599Air SupplyTwo Less Lonely People In The World4:03Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs141999191
1600Air SupplyAll Out Of Love4:03Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-198291995197
1601Air SupplyLost In Love3:54The Definitive Collection11999190
1602Air SupplyAll Out Of Love4:02The Definitive Collection21999192
1603Air SupplyChances3:34The Definitive Collection31999211
1604Air SupplyEvery Woman In The World3:31The Definitive Collection41999200
1605Air SupplyThe One That You Love4:16The Definitive Collection51999190
1606Air SupplyHere I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)3:49The Definitive Collection61999180
1607Air SupplySweet Dreams5:20The Definitive Collection71999181
1608Air SupplyI Want To Give It All3:39The Definitive Collection81999178
1609Air SupplyEven The Nights Are Better3:58The Definitive Collection91999201
1610Air SupplyNow And Forever3:50The Definitive Collection101999176
1611Air SupplyYoung Love3:52The Definitive Collection111999187
1612Air SupplyTwo Less Lonely People In The World4:01The Definitive Collection121999180
1613Air SupplyTaking The Chance4:11The Definitive Collection131999179
1614Air SupplyCome What May4:01The Definitive Collection141999184
1615Air SupplyMaking Love Out Of Nothing At All5:43The Definitive Collection151999194
1616Air SupplyI Can Wait Forever5:10The Definitive Collection161999191
1617Air SupplyJust As I Am4:45The Definitive Collection171999197
1618Air SupplyLost In Love [Original Australian Version]5:30The Definitive Collection181999200
1619Air SupplyLost In Love3:52The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)7 205
1620Air SupplyEven The Nights Are Better3:59TM Century GoldDisc 10971991193
1621Air SupplyMaking Love Out Of Nothing At All5:22TM Century GoldDisc Update 891991183
1622Air SupplyAll Out Of Love4:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)142001210
1623Airborne Toxic EventSometime Around Midnight4:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04162009225
1624The AirchecksRinkeldekinkel Radio5:43Van Inkel's Choice211993181
1625AkmusiqueCafé Noir3:53Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)52003196
1626AkonSorry, Blame It On Me4:57Nu Music Traxx Vol. 216 August 200772007174
1627AkonLonely3:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04112005200
1628AkonBonanza (Belly Dancer)3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-06162005230
1629AkonDon't Matter4:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0352007194
1630AkonLocked Up3:56Trouble12004186
1631AkonTrouble Nobody3:22Trouble22004205
1632AkonBananza (Belly Dancer)4:00Trouble32004227
1635AkonPot of Gold3:36Trouble62004202
1636AkonShow Out3:24Trouble72004188
1638AkonWhen the Time's Right3:44Trouble92004211
1640AkonDon't Let Up4:03Trouble112004184
1641AkonEasy Road3:22Trouble122004185
1642AkonLocked Up (Remix)4:07Trouble132004209
1643Akon feat. EminemSmack That3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1062006197
1644Akon feat. Snoop DoggI Wanna Love You4:08Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)202007213
1645Akon feat. Snoop DoggI Wanna Love You3:56Now That's What I Call Music! 2462007161
1646Akon feat. Styles PLocked Up3:47Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-10182004209
1647Ak'sent feat. Beenie ManZingy (PO Clean Edit)2:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-05192006220
1648Al B. SureNite And Day4:06Teen Riot (Disc 2)132000196
1649Al B. Sure!Nite And Day3:57Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 2)72003209
1650Al CaiolaBonanza2:17Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)21996219
1651Al CaiolaThe Magnificient Seven2:03Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)21996195
1652Al CaiolaExperiment In Terror2:59Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood11997224
1653Al CaiolaThe Magnificent Seven2:05Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two11993207
1654Al Caiola & His OrchestraBonanza2:20Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals191993193
1655Al Caiola & Riz OrtolaniHoliday On Skis2:32Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One71996199
1656Al DeLorySong From MASH2:30   128
1657Al Dexter & His TroopersPistol-Packin' Mama2:48Your Hit Parade 1943191991127
1658Al Di MeolaEgyptian Danza5:57Casino [1991 Remaster]11978208
1659Al Di MeolaChasin' The Voodoo5:05Casino [1991 Remaster]21978204
1660Al Di MeolaDark Eye Tango5:26Casino [1991 Remaster]31978210
1661Al Di MeolaSeñor Mouse7:21Casino [1991 Remaster]41978212
1662Al Di MeolaFantasia Suite For Two Guitars5:11Casino [1991 Remaster]51978213
1663Al Di MeolaCasino9:29Casino [1991 Remaster]61978206
1664Al Di MeolaGod Bird Change3:53Electric Rendezvous11982211
1665Al Di MeolaElectric Rendezvous7:50Electric Rendezvous21982211
1666Al Di MeolaPassion, Grace & Fire5:37Electric Rendezvous31982219
1667Al Di MeolaCrusin'4:16Electric Rendezvous41982198
1668Al Di MeolaBlack Cat Shuffle3:01Electric Rendezvous51982211
1669Al Di MeolaRitmo De La Noche4:19Electric Rendezvous61982202
1670Al Di MeolaSomalia1:40Electric Rendezvous71982195
1671Al Di MeolaJewel Inside A Dream4:02Electric Rendezvous81982190
1672Al Di MeolaFlight Over Rio7:16Elegant Gypsy11976205
1673Al Di MeolaMidnight Tango7:28Elegant Gypsy21976204
1674Al Di MeolaMediterranean Sundance5:14Elegant Gypsy31976227
1675Al Di MeolaRace With Devil On Spanish Highway6:18Elegant Gypsy41976210
1676Al Di MeolaLady Of Rome, Sister Of Brazil1:46Elegant Gypsy51976216
1677Al Di MeolaElegant Gypsy Suite9:16Elegant Gypsy61976215
1678Al Di MeolaThe Wizard6:48Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]11976215
1679Al Di MeolaLand Of The Midnight Sun9:13Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]21976206
1680Al Di MeolaSarabande From Violin Sonata In B Minor1:20Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]31976164
1681Al Di MeolaLove Theme From "Pictures Of The Sea"2:26Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]41976195
1682Al Di MeolaSuite Golden Dawn9:49Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]51976207
1683Al Di MeolaShort Tales Of The Black Forest5:40Land Of The Midnight Sun [1991 Remaster]61976200
1684Al Di MeolaAlien Chase on Arabian Desert8:59Splendido Hotel11980225
1685Al Di MeolaSilent Story in Her Eyes7:35Splendido Hotel21980223
1686Al Di MeolaRoller Jubilee4:44Splendido Hotel31980240
1687Al Di MeolaTwo to Tango4:13Splendido Hotel41980223
1688Al Di MeolaAl Di's Dream Theme6:50Splendido Hotel51980213
1689Al Di MeolaDinner Music of the Gods8:33Splendido Hotel61980216
1690Al Di MeolaSplendido Sundance4:51Splendido Hotel71980232
1691Al Di MeolaI Can Tell4:01Splendido Hotel81980218
1692Al Di MeolaSpanish Eyes5:11Splendido Hotel91980237
1693Al Di MeolaIsfahan11:35Splendido Hotel101980206
1694Al Di MeolaBianca's Midnight Lullaby1:54Splendido Hotel111980217
1695Al DowningDown On The Farm1:33Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)102006135
1696Al Fairweather Quartet With Sandy BrownChinatown, My Chinatown2:48It's Trad Dad81998126
1697Al GreenTired of Being Alone2:58Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]11975204
1698Al GreenCall Me (Come Back Home)3:11Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]21975202
1699Al GreenI'm Still In Love With You3:20Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]31975202
1700Al GreenHere I Am (Come and Take Me)4:20Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]41975169
1701Al GreenLove and Happiness5:08Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]51975194
1702Al GreenLet's Stay Together4:56Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]61975204
1703Al GreenI Can't Get Next To You3:56Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]71975209
1704Al GreenYou Ought To Be With Me3:26Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]81975204
1705Al GreenLook What You Done For Me3:12Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]91975207
1706Al GreenLet's Get Married4:32Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]101975190
1707Al GreenLivin' For You3:17Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]111975190
1708Al GreenSha La La (Make Me Happy)3:06Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]121975191
1709Al GreenL-O-V-E (Love)3:14Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]131975199
1710Al GreenFull of Fire5:20Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]141975206
1711Al GreenBelle4:49Al Green's Greatest Hits [1998 DCC Gold]151975199
1712Al GreenEverything's Gonna Be Alright4:24And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green11994207
1713Al GreenThe Message Is Love6:23And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green21994217
1714Al GreenYou Know And I Know4:03And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green31994186
1715Al GreenAs Long As We're Together3:47And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green41994207
1716Al GreenPut A Little Love In Your Heart (w/ Annie Lenox)3:50And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green51994216
1717Al GreenGoing Away3:37And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green61994175
1718Al GreenHe Ain't Heavy4:02And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green71994178
1719Al GreenTrue Love4:30And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green81994175
1720Al GreenSoul Survivor4:44And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green91994208
1721Al GreenTryin' To Do The Best I Can3:05And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green101994214
1722Al GreenMighty Clouds Of Joy4:18And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green111994206
1723Al GreenYou've Got A Friend (w/ Billy Preston)5:39And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green121994193
1724Al GreenI Feel Like Going On3:12And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green131994186
1725Al GreenTryin' To Get Over You2:06And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green141994194
1726Al GreenNearer My God To Thee3:46And The Message Is Love: The Best of Al Green151994187
1727Al GreenLet's Stay Together3:15Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)32003182
1728Al GreenCall Me (Come Back Home)3:03Call Me / Livin' for You11973194
1729Al GreenHave You Been Making Out O.K.3:41Call Me / Livin' for You21973195
1730Al GreenStand Up3:24Call Me / Livin' for You31973193
1731Al GreenI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry3:07Call Me / Livin' for You41973196
1732Al GreenYour Love Is Like the Morning Sun3:06Call Me / Livin' for You51973202
1733Al GreenHere I Am (Come and Take Me)4:15Call Me / Livin' for You61973183
1734Al GreenFunny How Time Slips Away5:31Call Me / Livin' for You71973202
1735Al GreenYou Ought to Be With Me3:15Call Me / Livin' for You81973200
1736Al GreenJesus Is Waiting5:35Call Me / Livin' for You91973196
1737Al GreenLivin' for You3:09Call Me / Livin' for You101973205
1738Al GreenHome Again3:54Call Me / Livin' for You111973203
1739Al GreenFree at Last3:24Call Me / Livin' for You121973199
1740Al GreenLet's Get Married5:28Call Me / Livin' for You131973201
1741Al GreenSo Good to Be Here2:36Call Me / Livin' for You141973198
1742Al GreenSweet Sixteen3:23Call Me / Livin' for You151973202
1743Al GreenUnchained Melody5:31Call Me / Livin' for You161973204
1744Al GreenMy God Is Real2:41Call Me / Livin' for You171973201
1745Al GreenBeware8:11Call Me / Livin' for You181973201
1746Al GreenLet's Stay Together3:20Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)152001166
1747Al GreenSha-la-la (Make Me Happy)3:00Explores Your Mind11974211
1748Al GreenTake Me to the River3:44Explores Your Mind21974196
1749Al GreenGod Bless Our Love3:56Explores Your Mind31974192
1750Al GreenThe City3:24Explores Your Mind41974208
1751Al GreenOne Nite Stand2:25Explores Your Mind51974200
1752Al GreenI'm Hooked on You3:21Explores Your Mind61974216
1753Al GreenStay With Me Forever3:14Explores Your Mind71974210
1754Al GreenHangin' On4:20Explores Your Mind81974182
1755Al GreenSchool Days3:11Explores Your Mind91974204
1756Al GreenHow Can You Mend a Broken Heart6:18Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)162004222
1757Al GreenLet's Stay Together3:18Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)71998128
1758Al GreenLet's Stay Together4:44Heart & Soul131989242
1759Al GreenI'm Still In Love With You3:15I'm Still In Love With You11972195
1760Al GreenI'm Glad You're Mine2:56I'm Still In Love With You21972184
1761Al GreenLove And Happiness5:09I'm Still In Love With You31972190
1762Al GreenWhat A Wonderful Thing Love Is3:38I'm Still In Love With You41972185
1763Al GreenSimply Beautiful4:09I'm Still In Love With You51972185
1764Al GreenOh, Pretty Woman3:20I'm Still In Love With You61972174
1765Al GreenFor The Good Times6:27I'm Still In Love With You71972194
1766Al GreenLook What You Done For Me3:06I'm Still In Love With You81972189
1767Al GreenOne Of These Good Old Days3:15I'm Still In Love With You91972189
1768Al GreenLet's Stay Together (Long Version)4:51More Greatest Hits11998198
1769Al GreenTake Me To The River3:47More Greatest Hits21998193
1770Al GreenRight Now, Right Now2:53More Greatest Hits31998177
1771Al GreenOh Me Oh My (Dreams In My Arms)2:46More Greatest Hits41998207
1772Al GreenBack Up Train2:22More Greatest Hits51998128
1773Al GreenFor The Good Times6:27More Greatest Hits61998189
1774Al GreenLet It Shine3:16More Greatest Hits71998190
1775Al GreenAs Long As We're Together (With Al B. Sure)3:42More Greatest Hits81998198
1776Al GreenI Tried To Tell Myself3:27More Greatest Hits91998185
1777Al GreenYou Say It2:54More Greatest Hits101998203
1778Al GreenGuilty3:00More Greatest Hits111998204
1779Al GreenYour Heart's In Good Hands6:04More Greatest Hits121998219
1780Al GreenHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart6:26More Greatest Hits131998154
1781Al GreenKeep Me Cryin'3:08More Greatest Hits141998174
1782Al GreenFunny How Time Slips Away (With Lyle Lovett)4:36More Greatest Hits151998167
1783Al GreenI Feel Good5:22More Greatest Hits161998208
1784Al GreenWait Here2:44More Greatest Hits171998190
1785Al GreenTo Sir With Love4:05More Greatest Hits181998204
1786Al GreenO Holy Night3:43Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)52006186
1787Al GreenLet's Stay Together3:14Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)101995206
1788Al GreenSha-La-La (Make Me Happy)2:59Sounds Of The Seventies - 197471990197
1789Al HibblerUnchained Melody2:5620 Platinum Oldies181986200
1790Al HibblerDanny Boy3:12Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 1) (1947-1952)131991126
1791Al HibblerAfter The Lights Go Down Low2:41Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)221991126
1792Al HibblerUnchained Melody2:57Your Hit Parade 195510 128
1793Al HibblerAfter The Lights Go Down Low2:36Your Hit Parade 195622 131
1794Al HirtJava1:56   128
1795Al HirtJava1:58AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics41995199
1796Al HirtJava1:58Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)8 199
1797Al Hirt(Do You Know What It Means To Miss) New Orleans?2:55Greatest Hits12000193
1798Al HirtThree Little Words2:47Greatest Hits22000170
1799Al HirtJava1:59Greatest Hits32000205
1800Al HirtMan With a Horn2:58Greatest Hits42000190
1801Al HirtFly Me To the Moon (In Other Words)2:41Greatest Hits52000191
1802Al HirtI'm Movin' On2:24Greatest Hits62000218
1803Al HirtOl' Man River3:06Greatest Hits72000189
1804Al HirtI Love Paris (from Can-Can)2:53Greatest Hits82000215
1805Al HirtThe Girl From Ipanema3:15Greatest Hits92000204
1806Al HirtIf You Go Away ("Ne Me Quitte Pas")2:27Greatest Hits102000167
1807Al HirtOh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!1:57Greatest Hits112000214
1808Al HirtOh, Dem Golden Slippers2:28Greatest Hits122000194
1809Al HirtThe Birth of Blues3:18Greatest Hits132000197
1810Al HirtDiga Diga Doo1:59Greatest Hits142000213
1811Al HirtDear Old Southland2:59Greatest Hits152000195
1812Al HirtWhen the Saints Go Marching In1:57Greatest Hits162000210
1813Al HirtGreen Hornet2:18Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST)82003227
1814Al HirtJava1:59Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals201993199
1815Al HirtCotton Candy2:18Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two31993193
1816Al Hopkins & His Buckle BustersWest Virginia Gals3:05Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 2)32000153
1817Al JarreauThinkin' About It Too3:22All Fly Home11978213
1818Al JarreauI'm Home5:22All Fly Home21978192
1819Al JarreauBrite 'N' Sunny Babe3:31All Fly Home31978203
1820Al JarreauI Do4:27All Fly Home41978184
1821Al JarreauFly3:52All Fly Home51978197
1822Al JarreauWait A Little While3:40All Fly Home61978208
1823Al JarreauShe's Leaving Home7:06All Fly Home71978200
1824Al JarreauAll3:52All Fly Home81978200
1825Al JarreauSittin' On The Dock Of The Bay4:01All Fly Home91978201
1826Al JarreauRandom Act Of Love4:43All I Got12002227
1827Al JarreauLife Is4:00All I Got22002242
1828Al JarreauNever Too Late4:04All I Got32002240
1829Al JarreauFeels Like Heaven4:38All I Got42002244
1830Al JarreauLost And Found4:49All I Got52002235
1831Al JarreauSecrets Of Love4:37All I Got62002243
1832Al JarreauAll I Got5:29All I Got72002241
1833Al JarreauUntil You Love Me4:40All I Got82002250
1834Al JarreauOasis6:19All I Got92002226
1835Al JarreauJacaranda Bougainvillea4:46All I Got102002237
1836Al JarreauRoute 662:33All I Got112002229
1837Al JarreauMoonlighting1:01All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)222005211
1838Al JarreauCompared to What5:23Best of Al Jarreau11996229
1839Al JarreauGoodhands Tonight6:17Best of Al Jarreau21996197
1840Al JarreauAgua de Beber3:56Best of Al Jarreau31996207
1841Al JarreauYour Song5:37Best of Al Jarreau41996186
1842Al JarreauTake Five3:29Best of Al Jarreau51996161
1843Al JarreauSpain (I Can Recall)6:36Best of Al Jarreau61996197
1844Al JarreauNever Givin' Up3:57Best of Al Jarreau71996212
1845Al JarreauBreakin' Away4:12Best of Al Jarreau81996212
1846Al JarreauRoof Garden5:31Best of Al Jarreau91996204
1847Al JarreauWe're in This Love Together3:47Best of Al Jarreau101996195
1848Al JarreauMornin'4:17Best of Al Jarreau111996216
1849Al JarreauBoogie Down4:03Best of Al Jarreau121996222
1850Al JarreauMoonlighting (Theme)3:02Best of Al Jarreau131996215
1851Al JarreauSince I Fell for You3:53Best of Al Jarreau141996186
1852Al JarreauL Is for Lover5:06Best of Al Jarreau151996228
1853Al JarreauSo Good4:14Best of Al Jarreau161996203
1854Al JarreauHeaven and Earth4:25Best of Al Jarreau171996202
1855Al JarreauCloser To Your Love3:57Breakin' Away11981181
1856Al JarreauMy Old Friend4:29Breakin' Away21981197
1857Al JarreauWe're In This Love Together3:47Breakin' Away31981183
1858Al JarreauEasy5:26Breakin' Away41981187
1859Al JarreauOur Love3:53Breakin' Away51981173
1860Al JarreauBreakin' Away4:13Breakin' Away61981200
1861Al JarreauRoof Garden6:21Breakin' Away71981182
1862Al Jarreau(Round, Round, Round) Blue Rondo A La Turk4:44Breakin' Away81981184
1863Al JarreauTeach Me Tonight4:13Breakin' Away91981178
1864Al JarreauAll Or Nothing At All3:58Heart's Horizon11988199
1865Al JarreauSo Good4:39Heart's Horizon21988190
1866Al JarreauAll Of My Love4:43Heart's Horizon31988206
1867Al JarreauPleasure Over Pain5:21Heart's Horizon41988204
1868Al JarreauYo Jeans1:46Heart's Horizon51988201
1869Al JarreauWay To Your Heart4:35Heart's Horizon61988208
1870Al JarreauOne Way4:41Heart's Horizon71988202
1871Al Jarreau10k Hi3:45Heart's Horizon81988187
1872Al JarreauI Must Have Been A Fool4:10Heart's Horizon91988205
1873Al JarreauMore Love3:36Heart's Horizon101988179
1874Al JarreauKiller Love4:12Heart's Horizon111988196
1875Al JarreauHeart's Horizon4:37Heart's Horizon121988204
1876Al JarreauWhat You Do To Me4:34Heaven And Earth11992214
1877Al JarreauIt's Not Hard To Love You6:12Heaven And Earth21992199
1878Al JarreauBlue Angel5:08Heaven And Earth31992207
1879Al JarreauHeaven And Earth4:27Heaven And Earth41992197
1880Al JarreauSuperfine Love5:24Heaven And Earth51992214
1881Al JarreauWhenever I Hear Your Name5:28Heaven And Earth61992202
1882Al JarreauLove Of My Life4:04Heaven And Earth71992220
1883Al JarreauIf I Break5:46Heaven And Earth81992211
1884Al JarreauBlue In Green (Tapestry) Part I-The Dedication2:53Heaven And Earth91992190
1885Al JarreauBlue In Green (Tapestry) Part II-The Dance3:28Heaven And Earth101992201
1886Al JarreauMornin'4:18Jarreau11983204
1887Al JarreauBoogie Down4:13Jarreau21983203
1888Al JarreauI Will Be Here For You4:21Jarreau31983199
1889Al JarreauSave Me6:34Jarreau41983197
1890Al JarreauStep By Step4:27Jarreau51983214
1891Al JarreauBlack And Blues4:52Jarreau61983221
1892Al JarreauTrouble In Paradise3:48Jarreau71983214
1893Al JarreauNot Like This2:39Jarreau81983200
1894Al JarreauLove Is Waiting3:45Jarreau91983217
1895Al JarreauNever Givin' Up3:59This Time11980205
1896Al JarreauGimme What You Got3:45This Time21980206
1897Al JarreauLove Is Real4:26This Time31980203
1898Al JarreauAlonzo5:26This Time41980199
1899Al Jarreau(If I Could Only) Change Your Mind4:17This Time51980200
1900Al JarreauSpain (I Can Recall)6:32This Time61980204
1901Al JarreauDistracted5:53This Time71980201
1902Al JarreauYour Sweet Love4:14This Time81980207
1903Al Jarreau(A Rhyme) This Time3:41This Time91980199
1904Al JarreauJust To Be Loved4:18Tomorrow Today11999214
1905Al JarreauLet Me Love You4:41Tomorrow Today21999205
1906Al JarreauIn My Music4:05Tomorrow Today31999203
1907Al JarreauThrough It All4:30Tomorrow Today41999203
1908Al JarreauTomorrow Today4:41Tomorrow Today51999214
1909Al JarreauFlame5:31Tomorrow Today61999211
1910Al JarreauSomething That You Said5:57Tomorrow Today71999166
1911Al JarreauLast Night3:48Tomorrow Today81999204
1912Al JarreauGod's Gift To The World4:28Tomorrow Today91999220
1913Al JarreauIt's How You Say It4:45Tomorrow Today101999203
1914Al JarreauPuddit (Put It Where You Want It)2:45Tomorrow Today111999167
1915Al JarreauRoof Garden6:21Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)72001206
1916Al JolsonAnniversary Song3:08Your Hit Parade 194751989126
1917Al MartinoSpanish Eyes2:48Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)6 193
1918Al MartinoNow3:12Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)82002154
1919Al MartinoTake My Heart3:09Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 5)42002149
1920Al MartinoSpanish Eyes2:46Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)41999195
1921Al MartinoSpanish Eyes2:46One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)172001242
1922Al MartinoSpanish Eyes2:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)152001192
1923Al MartinoVolare2:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)112001212
1924Al MartinoMary In The Morning2:52Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)192001137
1925Al MartinoRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer2:55Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three10 193
1926Al MartinoI Love You More And More Every Day2:15Your Hit Parade - The '60s171993197
1927Al MartinoI Love You Because2:44Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s31993200
1928Al MartinoHere In My Heart3:14Your Hit Parade 195222 128
1929Al MatthewsFool3:44Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)11997193
1930Al Roberts JrMy Granpappy Don' Smoke No Grass2:37Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 06171997128
1931Al StewartRunning Man5:1124 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]11980194
1932Al StewartMidnight Rocks3:5624 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]21980196
1933Al StewartConstantinople4:4124 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]31980207
1934Al StewartMerlin's Time2:4524 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]41980190
1935Al StewartMondo Sinistro3:0724 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]51980214
1936Al StewartMurmansk Run/Ellis Island7:1524 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]61980216
1937Al StewartRocks In The Ocean5:1324 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]71980203
1938Al StewartPaint By Numbers5:3124 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]81980209
1939Al StewartOptical Illusion3:2824 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]91980210
1940Al StewartHere In Angola4:3824 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]101980207
1941Al StewartIndian Summer3:3424 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]111980204
1942Al StewartPandora4:3824 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]121980204
1943Al StewartDelia's Gone2:5324 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]131980213
1944Al StewartPrincess Olivia3:2224 Carrots [Bonus Tracks] [1992 EMI]141980222
1945Al StewartYear Of The Cat6:35Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 2)71998197
1946Al StewartCarol4:24Modern Times11975210
1947Al StewartSirens of Titan2:50Modern Times21975187
1948Al StewartWhat's Going On?3:34Modern Times31975218
1949Al StewartNot the One4:34Modern Times41975204
1950Al StewartNext Time4:19Modern Times51975201
1951Al StewartApple Cider Re-constitution5:19Modern Times61975181
1952Al StewartThe Dark and the Rolling Sea5:21Modern Times71975200
1953Al StewartModern Times8:21Modern Times81975195
1954Al StewartNews from Spain (the re-mix single version)6:03Modern Times91975200
1955Al StewartElvaston Place2:53Modern Times101975203
1956Al StewartSwallow Wind3:21Modern Times111975178
1957Al StewartYear Of The Cat6:33One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)132001248
1958Al StewartOld Admirals5:56Past, Present And Future11974251
1959Al StewartWarren Harding2:41Past, Present And Future21974250
1960Al StewartSoho (Needless To Say)3:55Past, Present And Future31974258
1961Al StewartThe Last Day Of June 19344:46Past, Present And Future41974253
1962Al StewartPost World War Two Blues4:18Past, Present And Future51974249
1963Al StewartRoads To Moscow8:01Past, Present And Future61974253
1964Al StewartTerminal Eyes3:23Past, Present And Future71974240
1965Al StewartNostradamus9:43Past, Present And Future81974252
1966Al StewartYear Of The Cat4:35The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)41999207
1967Al StewartTime Passages6:34The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)51999185
1968Al StewartTime Passages6:41Time Passages11978188
1969Al StewartValentina Way4:04Time Passages21978185
1970Al StewartLife In Dark Water5:49Time Passages31978185
1971Al StewartMan For All Seasons5:50Time Passages41978195
1972Al StewartAlmost Lucy3:43Time Passages51978202
1973Al StewartPalace Of Versailles5:19Time Passages61978198
1974Al StewartTimeless Skies3:36Time Passages71978199
1975Al StewartSong On The Radio6:22Time Passages81978204
1976Al StewartEnd Of The Day3:11Time Passages91978195
1977Al StewartYear Of The Cat3:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)32001214
1978Al StewartYear Of The Cat6:36World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)141998196
1979Al StewartLord Grenville5:02Year Of The Cat11976204
1980Al StewartOn The Border3:23Year Of The Cat21976186
1981Al StewartMidas Shadow3:16Year Of The Cat31976189
1982Al StewartSand In Your Shoes3:04Year Of The Cat41976199
1983Al StewartIf It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It4:30Year Of The Cat51976201
1984Al StewartFlying Sorcery4:22Year Of The Cat61976215
1985Al StewartBroadway Hotel3:58Year Of The Cat71976200
1986Al StewartOne Stage Before4:41Year Of The Cat81976192
1987Al StewartYear Of The Cat6:37Year Of The Cat91976197
1988Al WilsonShow and Tell3:29Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)202001210
1989Al WilsonShow And Tell3:35Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 3101987205
1990Al WilsonShow And Tell3:30Sounds Of The Seventies - 197421990211
1991AlabamaForty Hour Week (For A Livin')3:2440 Hour Week11985182
1992AlabamaCan't Keep A Good Man Down3:4040 Hour Week21985192
1993AlabamaThere's No Way4:1240 Hour Week31985184
1994AlabamaDown On Longboat Key4:1040 Hour Week41985187
1995AlabamaLouisiana Moon3:0740 Hour Week51985197
1996AlabamaI Want To Know You Before We Make Love4:0440 Hour Week61985173
1997AlabamaFireworks3:5340 Hour Week71985187
1998Alabama(She Won't Have A Thing To Do With) Nobody But Me3:1140 Hour Week81985196
1999AlabamaAs Right Now3:0440 Hour Week91985194
2000AlabamaIf It Ain't Dixie (It Won't Do)7:3640 Hour Week101985186
2001AlabamaThistlehair the Christmas Bear4:04A Country Christmas Wonderland41991187
2002AlabamaChristmas in Dixie3:34A Country Christmas Wonderland81991186
2003AlabamaTake A Little Trip3:17American Pride11992213
2004AlabamaHometown Honeymoon3:18American Pride21992210
2005AlabamaOnce Upon A Lifetime4:14American Pride31992205
2006AlabamaYou Can't Take The Country Out Of Me2:59American Pride41992217
2007AlabamaI'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)2:50American Pride51992217
2008AlabamaRichard Petty Fans3:35American Pride61992210
2009AlabamaHomesick Fever3:53American Pride71992224
2010AlabamaBetween The Two Of Them3:58American Pride81992202
2011AlabamaAmerican Pride4:42American Pride91992219
2012AlabamaSometimes Out Of Touch3:36American Pride101992212
2013AlabamaPictures & Memories3:41American Pride111992214
2014AlabamaStill Goin' Strong3:02Cheap Seats11993206
2015AlabamaT.L.C.A.S.A.P.3:33Cheap Seats21993203
2016AlabamaKaty Brought My Guitar Back Today3:09Cheap Seats31993182
2017AlabamaOn This Side Of The Moon3:29Cheap Seats41993183
2018AlabamaThe Cheap Seats3:53Cheap Seats51993192
2019AlabamaReckless3:19Cheap Seats61993179
2020AlabamaThat Feeling3:21Cheap Seats71993196
2021AlabamaThis Love's On Me3:03Cheap Seats81993202
2022AlabamaClear Water Blues4:06Cheap Seats91993191
2023AlabamaA Better Word For Love3:43Cheap Seats101993195
2024AlabamaAngels Among US4:08Cheap Seats111993176
2025AlabamaSanta Claus (I Still Believe In You)4:10Christmas11985176
2026AlabamaJoseph And Mary's Boy4:07Christmas21985188
2027AlabamaHappy Holidays3:19Christmas31985181
2028AlabamaChristmas Memories3:22Christmas41985171
2029AlabamaTonight Is Christmas4:19Christmas51985188
2030AlabamaThistlehair The Christmas Bear4:06Christmas61985187
2031AlabamaTennessee Christmas3:42Christmas71985168
2032AlabamaA Candle In The Window3:49Christmas81985171
2033AlabamaHomecoming Christmas3:51Christmas91985181
2034AlabamaChristmas In Dixie3:36Christmas101985184
2035AlabamaThe Blessings4:35Christmas Volume II11996196
2036AlabamaChristmas In Your Arms3:23Christmas Volume II21996205
2037AlabamaChristmas Is Love3:24Christmas Volume II31996196
2038AlabamaWhen It Comes To Christmas2:50Christmas Volume II41996217
2039AlabamaI Was Young Once Too3:32Christmas Volume II51996171
2040AlabamaThe Night Before Christmas4:13Christmas Volume II61996211
2041AlabamaO Little Town Of Bethlehem3:11Christmas Volume II71996166
2042AlabamaHappy Birthday Jesus3:08Christmas Volume II81996184
2043AlabamaThe Christmas Spirit4:12Christmas Volume II91996187
2044AlabamaHangnin' Round The Mistletoe2:19Christmas Volume II101996194
2045AlabamaLittle Drummer Boy4:40Christmas Volume II111996193
2046AlabamaRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:21Christmas Volume II121996216
2047AlabamaNew Year's Eve 19992:45Christmas Volume II131996167
2048AlabamaRoll On (Eighteen Wheeler)4:17Classic Country - Road Songs92003201
2049AlabamaDancin', Shaggin' on the Boulevard4:44Dancin' On The Boulevard11997218
2050AlabamaSad Lookin' Moon3:33Dancin' On The Boulevard21997229
2051AlabamaAnytime (I'm Your Man)3:53Dancin' On The Boulevard31997195
2052AlabamaShe's Got that Look in Her Eyes3:18Dancin' On The Boulevard41997204
2053AlabamaMy Girl3:08Dancin' On The Boulevard51997205
2054AlabamaOf Course I'm Alright3:45Dancin' On The Boulevard61997183
2055AlabamaI Just Couldn't Say No4:36Dancin' On The Boulevard71997189
2056AlabamaIs the Magic Still There3:15Dancin' On The Boulevard81997203
2057AlabamaCalling all Angels4:38Dancin' On The Boulevard91997198
2058AlabamaHey Baby3:07Dancin' On The Boulevard101997194
2059AlabamaOne More Time Around4:15Dancin' On The Boulevard111997199
2060AlabamaFeels So Right3:36Feels So Right11981208
2061AlabamaLove In The First Degree3:19Feels So Right21981212
2062AlabamaBurn Georgia Burn3:31Feels So Right31981207
2063AlabamaRide The Train3:46Feels So Right41981210
2064AlabamaFantasy4:03Feels So Right51981209
2065AlabamaHollywood3:52Feels So Right61981215
2066AlabamaOld Flame3:15Feels So Right71981204
2067AlabamaWoman Back Home2:21Feels So Right81981198
2068AlabamaSee The Embers, Feel The Flame2:43Feels So Right91981226
2069AlabamaI'm Stoned4:52Feels So Right101981212
2070AlabamaFive O'Clock 5003:38For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 1)11998192
2071AlabamaKeepin' Up3:06For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 1)21998214
2072AlabamaHow Do You Fall In Love3:02For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 1)31998181
2073AlabamaShe And I3:36For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 1)221998195
2074AlabamaTouch Me When We're Dancing3:43For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 2)11998183
2075AlabamaYou've Got The Touch4:15For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 2)21998192
2076AlabamaThen Again3:44For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 2)131998191
2077AlabamaBorn Country3:18For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 2)141998203
2078AlabamaGive Me One More Shot3:30For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (Disc 2)191998223
2079AlabamaFeels So Right3:29Hit History Vol. 27 1981171990206
2080AlabamaSunday Drive2:31In Pictures11995202
2081AlabamaShe Ain't Your Ordinary Girl3:08In Pictures21995205
2082AlabamaMy Love Belongs To You3:35In Pictures31995186
2083AlabamaI've Loved A Lot More Than I've Hurt3:13In Pictures41995205
2084AlabamaSpin The Wheel4:37In Pictures51995216
2085AlabamaNothing Comes Close3:31In Pictures61995188
2086AlabamaSay I3:11In Pictures71995212
2087AlabamaIt Works3:42In Pictures81995189
2088AlabamaThe Maker Said Take Her3:43In Pictures91995194
2089AlabamaIn Pictures3:34In Pictures101995185
2090AlabamaHeartbreak Express3:40In Pictures111995210
2091AlabamaTar Top4:57Just Us11987174
2092AlabamaI Can't Stop4:01Just Us21987184
2093AlabamaI Saw The Time3:57Just Us31987181
2094AlabamaYou're My Explanation For Living6:54Just Us41987206
2095AlabamaFace To Face3:01Just Us51987184
2096Alabama(I Wish It Could Always Be) '554:44Just Us61987197
2097AlabamaOld Man3:28Just Us71987182
2098AlabamaIf I Could Just See You Now3:15Just Us81987174
2099AlabamaFallin' Again7:41Just Us91987192
2100AlabamaMountain Music4:11Mountain Music11982200
2101AlabamaClose Enough To Perfect3:34Mountain Music21982207
2102AlabamaWords At Twenty Paces3:53Mountain Music31982206
2103AlabamaChanges Comin' On6:50Mountain Music41982208
2104AlabamaGreen River2:50Mountain Music51982208
2105AlabamaTake Me Down4:53Mountain Music61982208
2106AlabamaYou Turn Me On3:10Mountain Music71982200
2107AlabamaNever Be One2:45Mountain Music81982197
2108AlabamaLovin' You Is Killin' Me3:00Mountain Music91982212
2109AlabamaGonna Have A Party4:09Mountain Music101982212
2110AlabamaMy Home's In Alabama6:31My Home's In Alabama11980199
2111AlabamaHanging Up My Travelin' Shoes2:18My Home's In Alabama21980208
2112AlabamaWhy Lady Why4:14My Home's In Alabama31980196
2113AlabamaGetting Over You3:17My Home's In Alabama41980201
2114AlabamaI Wanna Come Over3:30My Home's In Alabama51980217
2115AlabamaTennessee River3:09My Home's In Alabama61980216
2116AlabamaSome Other Place, Some Other Time3:11My Home's In Alabama71980209
2117AlabamaCan't Forget About You5:41My Home's In Alabama81980201
2118AlabamaGet It While It's Hot3:05My Home's In Alabama91980214
2119AlabamaKeep On Dreamin'4:07My Home's In Alabama101980214
2120AlabamaPass It On Down4:53Pass It On Down11990200
2121AlabamaHere We Are2:52Pass It On Down21990190
2122AlabamaDown Home3:29Pass It On Down31990196
2123AlabamaForever's As Far As I'll Go3:36Pass It On Down41990175
2124AlabamaJukebox In My Mind3:40Pass It On Down51990201
2125AlabamaMoonlight Lounge3:06Pass It On Down61990185
2126AlabamaGoodbye (Kelly's Song)4:00Pass It On Down71990173
2127AlabamaFire On Fire4:28Pass It On Down81990205
2128AlabamaUntil It Happens To You3:42Pass It On Down91990191
2129AlabamaGulf Of Mexico4:00Pass It On Down101990200
2130AlabamaStarting Tonight3:15Pass It On Down111990200
2131AlabamaI Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today4:03Pass It On Down121990197
2132AlabamaRoll On (Eighteen Wheeler)4:22Roll On11984198
2133AlabamaCarolina Mountain Dewe4:23Roll On21984187
2134AlabamaThe End Of The Lyin'3:04Roll On31984207
2135AlabamaI'm Not That Way Anymore4:46Roll On41984186
2136AlabamaIf You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)4:28Roll On51984203
2137Alabama(There's A) Fire In The Night4:15Roll On61984196
2138AlabamaWhen We Make Love3:37Roll On71984187
2139AlabamaCountry Side Of Life3:47Roll On81984200
2140AlabamaThe Boy3:35Roll On91984192
2141AlabamaFood On The Table4:01Roll On101984181
2142AlabamaHis Eye Is On The Sparrow4:10Songs Of Inspiration12006159
2143AlabamaIn The Garden3:28Songs Of Inspiration22006174
2144AlabamaAmazing Grace3:35Songs Of Inspiration32006169
2145AlabamaHow Great Thou Art4:26Songs Of Inspiration42006171
2146AlabamaI Need Thee (feat. The Isaacs)2:09Songs Of Inspiration52006160
2147AlabamaOld Shep3:06Songs Of Inspiration62006165
2148AlabamaJesus Loves Me3:19Songs Of Inspiration72006165
2149AlabamaSilent Night3:31Songs Of Inspiration82006159
2150AlabamaI Am The Man Thomas (feat. Dr. Ralph Stanley)2:02Songs Of Inspiration92006179
2151AlabamaRock Of Ages2:36Songs Of Inspiration102006177
2152AlabamaIn The Sweet By And By3:28Songs Of Inspiration112006172
2153AlabamaThe Old Rugged Cross3:09Songs Of Inspiration122006159
2154AlabamaWhat Will I Leave Behind2:40Songs Of Inspiration132006166
2155AlabamaOne Big Heaven4:16Songs Of Inspiration142006173
2156AlabamaRain3:35Songs Of Inspiration152006192
2157AlabamaSong Of The South3:12Southern Star11989194
2158AlabamaDown On The River3:05Southern Star21989199
2159AlabamaHigh Cotton3:02Southern Star31989206
2160Alabama"Ole" Baugh Road3:53Southern Star41989209
2161AlabamaThe Borderline4:34Southern Star51989215
2162AlabamaI'm Still Dreamin'3:01Southern Star61989205
2163AlabamaPete's Music City3:35Southern Star71989216
2164AlabamaSouthern Star3:11Southern Star81989202
2165AlabamaIf I Had You3:35Southern Star91989195
2166AlabamaShe Can3:39Southern Star101989211
2167AlabamaI Showed Her4:26Southern Star111989198
2168AlabamaBarefootin'2:48Southern Star121989210
2169AlabamaDixie Fire3:58Southern Star131989200
2170AlabamaThe Closer You Get4:33The Closer You Get...11983187
2171AlabamaLady Down on Love4:00The Closer You Get...21983189
2172AlabamaShe Put the Sad in All His Songs4:03The Closer You Get...31983192
2173AlabamaRed River4:20The Closer You Get...41983189
2174AlabamaWhat in the Name Of Love3:54The Closer You Get...51983178
2175AlabamaDixieland Delight5:25The Closer You Get...61983201
2176AlabamaVery Special Love4:50The Closer You Get...71983195
2177AlabamaDixie Boy4:20The Closer You Get...81983189
2178AlabamaAlabama Sky3:21The Closer You Get...91983194
2179AlabamaLovin' Man2:33The Closer You Get...101983187
2180AlabamaFeels So Right3:34The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)12 201
2181AlabamaChristmas In Dixie3:41The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)101987187
2182Alabama"You've Got" The Touch4:16The Touch11986190
2183AlabamaVacation5:35The Touch21986197
2184AlabamaTrue, True Housewife3:54The Touch31986182
2185AlabamaIs This How Love Begins2:40The Touch41986179
2186AlabamaCruisin'3:39The Touch51986197
2187AlabamaTouch Me When We're Dancing3:42The Touch61986183
2188AlabamaLet's Hear It For The Girl3:59The Touch71986187
2189AlabamaIt's All Comin' Back To Me Now4:29The Touch81986182
2190AlabamaI Taught Her Everything She Knows4:37The Touch91986188
2191AlabamaPony Express7:53The Touch101986194
2192AlabamaTwentieth Century4:12Twentieth Century11999207
2193AlabamaGod Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You4:38Twentieth Century21999199
2194AlabamaI'm In That Kind Of Mood3:40Twentieth Century31999212
2195AlabamaWe Made Love3:36Twentieth Century41999182
2196AlabamaLife's Too Short To Love This Fast3:19Twentieth Century51999214
2197AlabamaThen We Remember4:13Twentieth Century61999202
2198AlabamaLittle Things3:22Twentieth Century71999180
2199AlabamaMist Of Desire3:06Twentieth Century81999192
2200AlabamaSmall Stuff4:00Twentieth Century91999208
2201AlabamaToo Much Love3:56Twentieth Century101999199
2202AlabamaWrite It Down In Blue4:16Twentieth Century111999191
2203AlabamaI Love You Enough To Let You Go3:25Twentieth Century121999186
2204AlabamaWhen It All Goes South6:57When It All Goes South12000215
2205AlabamaThe Woman He Loves3:55When It All Goes South22000194
2206AlabamaClear Across America Tonight3:22When It All Goes South32000218
2207AlabamaWill You Marry Me (Duet with Jann Arden)3:16When It All Goes South42000187
2208AlabamaI Can't Hide My Heart3:10When It All Goes South52000210
2209AlabamaI Can't Love You Any Less3:38When It All Goes South62000203
2210AlabamaReinvent The Wheel3:29When It All Goes South72000200
2211AlabamaI Write a Little (Dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Military)4:16When It All Goes South82000204
2212AlabamaDown This Road3:23When It All Goes South92000188
2213AlabamaLove Remains (Guest vocals by Christopher Cross)4:34When It All Goes South102000203
2214AlabamaStart Living4:17When It All Goes South112000182
2215AlabamaSimple As That3:45When It All Goes South122000215
2216AlabamaYou Only Paint The Picture Once3:33When It All Goes South132000181
2217AlabamaWonderful Waste of Time3:19When It All Goes South142000216
2218AlabamaRight Where I Am4:34When It All Goes South152000209
2219Alabama Sacred Harp SingersRocky Road2:45Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)31952128
2220Alabama Sacred Harp SingersPresent Joys2:53Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)41952128
2221Alan Alch & Dominic FrontiereBranded0:56Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)431986187
2222Alan Alda and Marlo ThomasWilliam's Doll3:16Free to Be... You and Me131972199
2223Alan Alda and Marlo ThomasAtalanta7:16Free to Be... You and Me141972195
2224Alan Aldridge[Interview]0:46Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)171968128
2225Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & David ShireAlice ("There's A New Girl In Town")1:01Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)131996206
2226Alan DaleSweet And Gentle2:53Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s141992128
2227Alan GinsbergTonite Let's All Make Love In London1:09Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)231968127
2228Alan JacksonChattahoochee2:28A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love11992200
2229Alan JacksonShe's Got The Rhytm (And I Got The Blues)2:24A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love21992193
2230Alan JacksonTonight I Climbed The Wall3:30A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love31992196
2231Alan JacksonI Don't Need The Booze (To Get A Buzz On)3:15A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love41992203
2232Alan Jackson(Who Says) You Can't Have It All3:29A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love51992190
2233Alan JacksonUp To My Ears In Tears2:54A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love61992204
2234Alan JacksonTropical Depression2:57A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love71992202
2235Alan JacksonShe Likes It Too2:50A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love81992204
2236Alan JacksonIf It Ain't One Thing (It's You)3:52A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love91992196
2237Alan JacksonMercury Blues3:39A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love101992206
2238Alan JacksonJust Put a Ribbon in Your Hair3:27A Very Special Acoustic Christmas42003170
2239Alan JacksonMercury Blues3:40Classic Country - Road Songs22003211
2240Alan JacksonDon't Rock The Jukebox2:52Don't Rock The Jukebox11991197
2241Alan JacksonThat's All I Need To Know3:47Don't Rock The Jukebox21991193
2242Alan JacksonDallas2:45Don't Rock The Jukebox31991206
2243Alan JacksonMidnight In Montgomery3:46Don't Rock The Jukebox41991199
2244Alan JacksonLove's Got A Hold On You2:54Don't Rock The Jukebox51991205
2245Alan JacksonSomeday3:18Don't Rock The Jukebox61991179
2246Alan JacksonJust Playin' Possum2:54Don't Rock The Jukebox71991199
2247Alan JacksonFrom A Distance3:38Don't Rock The Jukebox81991195
2248Alan JacksonWalkin' The Floor Over Me2:26Don't Rock The Jukebox91991203
2249Alan JacksonWorking Class Hero3:14Don't Rock The Jukebox101991202
2250Alan JacksonDrive (For Daddy Gene)4:02Drive12002193
2251Alan JacksonA Little Bluer Than That2:54Drive22002180
2252Alan JacksonBring On The Night4:04Drive32002188
2253Alan JacksonWork In Progress4:07Drive42002196
2254Alan JacksonThe Sounds3:23Drive52002191
2255Alan JacksonDesignated Drinker (Duet With George Strait)3:52Drive62002197
2256Alan JacksonWhere Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)5:06Drive72002186
2257Alan JacksonThat'd Be Alright3:41Drive82002197
2258Alan JacksonOnce In A Lifetime Love3:25Drive92002196
2259Alan JacksonWhen Love Comes Around3:07Drive102002196
2260Alan JacksonI Slipped And Fell In Love2:55Drive112002186
2261Alan JacksonFirst Love3:14Drive122002204
2262Alan JacksonWhere Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) (Live 35Th CMA Awards)5:49Drive132002192
2263Alan JacksonLittle Bitty2:38Everything I Love11996199
2264Alan JacksonEverything I Love3:07Everything I Love21996192
2265Alan JacksonBuicks To The Moon2:37Everything I Love31996202
2266Alan JacksonBetween The Devil And Me4:22Everything I Love41996208
2267Alan JacksonThere Goes3:55Everything I Love51996197
2268Alan JacksonA House With No Curtains3:26Everything I Love61996206
2269Alan JacksonWho's Cheatin' Who4:02Everything I Love71996208
2270Alan JacksonWalk On The Rock3:30Everything I Love81996197
2271Alan JacksonMust've Had A Ball3:34Everything I Love91996197
2272Alan JacksonIt's Time You Learned About Good-Bye3:12Everything I Love101996208
2273Alan JacksonGood Time5:06Good Time12008198
2274Alan JacksonSmall Town Southern Man4:40Good Time22008195
2275Alan JacksonI Wish I Could Back Up5:05Good Time32008197
2276Alan JacksonCountry Boy4:06Good Time42008192
2277Alan JacksonRight Where I Want You3:51Good Time52008186
2278Alan Jackson19764:09Good Time62008192
2279Alan JacksonWhen The Love Factor's High4:18Good Time72008191
2280Alan JacksonLong Long Way4:08Good Time82008191
2281Alan JacksonSissy's Song3:03Good Time92008178
2282Alan JacksonI Still Like Bologna4:39Good Time102008192
2283Alan JacksonNever Loved Before (Feat. Martina McBride)3:32Good Time112008186
2284Alan JacksonNothing Left To Do4:44Good Time122008195
2285Alan JacksonListen To Your Senses3:09Good Time132008192
2286Alan JacksonThis Time4:34Good Time142008193
2287Alan JacksonLaid Back 'N Low Key (Cay)2:51Good Time152008191
2288Alan JacksonIf You Want To Make Me Happy4:20Good Time162008195
2289Alan JacksonIf Jesus Walked The World Today4:57Good Time172008193
2290Alan JacksonAce Of Hearts3:06Here In The Real World11989195
2291Alan JacksonHere In The Real World3:38Here In The Real World21989193
2292Alan JacksonBlue Blooded Woman2:14Here In The Real World31989206
2293Alan JacksonWanted2:59Here In The Real World41989187
2294Alan JacksonChasin' That Neon Rainbow3:06Here In The Real World51989204
2295Alan JacksonShe Don't Get The Blues2:46Here In The Real World61989201
2296Alan JacksonI'd Love You All Over Again3:11Here In The Real World71989190
2297Alan JacksonDog River Blues2:20Here In The Real World81989203
2298Alan JacksonHome3:18Here In The Real World91989180
2299Alan JacksonShort Sweet Ride2:28Here In The Real World101989204
2300Alan JacksonRight On The Money3:49High Mileage11998177
2301Alan JacksonGone Crazy3:50High Mileage21998189
2302Alan JacksonLittle Man4:28High Mileage31998194
2303Alan JacksonWhat A Day Yesterday Was3:48High Mileage41998194
2304Alan JacksonHurtin' Comes Easy3:02High Mileage51998193
2305Alan JacksonI'll Go On Loving You3:58High Mileage61998190
2306Alan JacksonAnother Good Reason4:27High Mileage71998197
2307Alan JacksonA Woman's Love3:54High Mileage81998194
2308Alan JacksonDancin' All Around It2:58High Mileage91998193
2309Alan JacksonAmarillo4:11High Mileage101998187
2310Alan JacksonHonky Tonk Christmas2:53Honky Tonk Christmas11993190
2311Alan JacksonThe Angels Cried (Duet With Alison Krauss)2:51Honky Tonk Christmas21993183
2312Alan JacksonIf We Make It Through December2:45Honky Tonk Christmas31993193
2313Alan JacksonIf You Don't Wanna See Santa Claus3:14Honky Tonk Christmas41993182
2314Alan JacksonI Only Want You For Christmas3:20Honky Tonk Christmas51993195
2315Alan JacksonMerry Christmas To Me2:53Honky Tonk Christmas61993198
2316Alan JacksonA Holly Jolly Christmas2:16Honky Tonk Christmas71993192
2317Alan JacksonThere's A New Kid In Town (Duet With Keith Whitley)4:09Honky Tonk Christmas81993194
2318Alan JacksonSanta's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck (Duet With The Chipmunks)4:08Honky Tonk Christmas91993196
2319Alan JacksonPlease Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)3:20Honky Tonk Christmas101993195
2320Alan JacksonHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2:58Let It Be Christmas12002177
2321Alan JacksonWinter Wonderland2:18Let It Be Christmas22002181
2322Alan JacksonO Come, All Ye Faithful3:18Let It Be Christmas32002174
2323Alan JacksonSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town2:42Let It Be Christmas42002186
2324Alan JacksonThe Christmas Song3:53Let It Be Christmas52002187
2325Alan JacksonSilent Night3:47Let It Be Christmas62002187
2326Alan JacksonLet It Be Christmas4:11Let It Be Christmas72002185
2327Alan JacksonJingle Bells2:50Let It Be Christmas82002197
2328Alan JacksonWhite Christmas3:19Let It Be Christmas92002184
2329Alan JacksonSilver Bells3:36Let It Be Christmas102002183
2330Alan JacksonAway In A Manger2:49Let It Be Christmas112002178
2331Alan JacksonAnywhere On Earth You Are4:13Like Red On A Rose12006200
2332Alan JacksonGood Imitation Of The Blues3:23Like Red On A Rose22006203
2333Alan JacksonLike Red On A Rose3:32Like Red On A Rose32006201
2334Alan JacksonNobody Said That It Would Be Easy3:44Like Red On A Rose42006208
2335Alan JacksonDon't Change On Me3:26Like Red On A Rose52006213
2336Alan JacksonThe Firefly's Song3:56Like Red On A Rose62006186
2337Alan JacksonWait A Minute4:22Like Red On A Rose72006191
2338Alan JacksonHad It Not Been You4:01Like Red On A Rose82006183
2339Alan JacksonA Woman's Love4:13Like Red On A Rose92006215
2340Alan JacksonDon't Ask Why3:01Like Red On A Rose102006184
2341Alan JacksonAs Lovely As You4:05Like Red On A Rose112006193
2342Alan JacksonWhere Do I Go From Here (A Trucker's Song)4:02Like Red On A Rose122006188
2343Alan JacksonBluebird3:25Like Red On A Rose132006178
2344Alan JacksonPop A Top3:06Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 1999121999202
2345Alan JacksonBlessed Assurance1:56Precious Memories12006184
2346Alan JacksonSoftly And Tenderly3:17Precious Memories22006179
2347Alan JacksonI Love To Tell The Story2:53Precious Memories32006182
2348Alan JacksonWhen We All Get To Heaven1:44Precious Memories42006184
2349Alan Jackson'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus1:52Precious Memories52006185
2350Alan JacksonIn The Garden2:55Precious Memories62006184
2351Alan JacksonAre You Washed In The Blood?1:16Precious Memories72006201
2352Alan JacksonI'll Fly Away2:13Precious Memories82006200
2353Alan JacksonWhat A Friend We Have In Jesus2:16Precious Memories92006175
2354Alan JacksonStanding On The Promises1:35Precious Memories102006181
2355Alan JacksonTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus3:47Precious Memories112006188
2356Alan JacksonLeaning On The Everlasting Arms1:34Precious Memories122006184
2357Alan JacksonThe Old Rugged Cross3:06Precious Memories132006181
2358Alan JacksonHow Great Thou Art3:32Precious Memories142006192
2359Alan JacksonI Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You3:06Precious Memories152006188
2360Alan JacksonChattahoochee3:58The Greatest Hits Collection11995200
2361Alan JacksonGone Country4:19The Greatest Hits Collection21995210
2362Alan JacksonShe's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)2:25The Greatest Hits Collection31995198
2363Alan JacksonMidnight In Montgomery3:44The Greatest Hits Collection41995206
2364Alan JacksonTall, Tall Trees2:28The Greatest Hits Collection51995211
2365Alan JacksonChasin' That Neon Rainbow3:05The Greatest Hits Collection61995209
2366Alan JacksonI'll Try3:51The Greatest Hits Collection71995201
2367Alan JacksonDon't Rock The Jukebox2:51The Greatest Hits Collection81995204
2368Alan JacksonLivin' On Love3:48The Greatest Hits Collection91995204
2369Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:12The Greatest Hits Collection101995209
2370Alan JacksonLove's Got A Hold Of You2:54The Greatest Hits Collection111995212
2371Alan Jackson(Who Says) You Can't Have It All3:29The Greatest Hits Collection121995194
2372Alan JacksonHome3:18The Greatest Hits Collection131995187
2373Alan JacksonWanted2:57The Greatest Hits Collection141995192
2374Alan JacksonI Don't Even Know Your Name3:50The Greatest Hits Collection151995191
2375Alan JacksonDallas2:44The Greatest Hits Collection161995214
2376Alan JacksonHere In The Real World3:38The Greatest Hits Collection171995197
2377Alan JacksonSomeday3:17The Greatest Hits Collection181995188
2378Alan JacksonMercury Blues3:39The Greatest Hits Collection191995214
2379Alan JacksonI'd Love Your All Over Again3:11The Greatest Hits Collection201995194
2380Alan JacksonPop A Top3:06Under The Influence11999202
2381Alan JacksonFarewell Party4:07Under The Influence21999184
2382Alan JacksonKiss An Angel Good Mornin'2:05Under The Influence31999190
2383Alan JacksonRight In The Palm Of Your Hand3:39Under The Influence41999190
2384Alan JacksonThe Blues Man (A Tribute To Hank Williams, Jr.)7:05Under The Influence51999196
2385Alan JacksonRevenooer Man2:33Under The Influence61999192
2386Alan JacksonMy Own Kind Of Hat3:22Under The Influence71999195
2387Alan JacksonShe Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs2:43Under The Influence81999193
2388Alan JacksonThe Way I Am3:05Under The Influence91999185
2389Alan JacksonIt Must Be Love2:53Under The Influence101999205
2390Alan JacksonOnce You've Had The Best4:11Under The Influence111999183
2391Alan JacksonMargaritaville (With Jimmy Buffet)4:15Under The Influence121999201
2392Alan JacksonToo Much Of A Good Thing3:09What I Do12004190
2393Alan JacksonRainy Day In June4:40What I Do22004183
2394Alan JacksonUSA Today3:26What I Do32004178
2395Alan JacksonIf Love Was A River3:54What I Do42004186
2396Alan JacksonIf French Fries Were Fat Free4:16What I Do52004177
2397Alan JacksonYou Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture3:46What I Do62004181
2398Alan JacksonThere Ya Go3:13What I Do72004183
2399Alan JacksonThe Talkin' Song Repair Blues2:58What I Do82004179
2400Alan JacksonStrong Enough4:04What I Do92004184
2401Alan JacksonMonday Morning Church3:23What I Do102004170
2402Alan JacksonBurnin' The Honky Tonks Down4:53What I Do112004188
2403Alan JacksonTo Do What I Do (Live)3:00What I Do122004176
2404Alan JacksonMeat And Potato Man2:28When Somebody Loves You12000191
2405Alan JacksonWhen Somebody Loves You3:28When Somebody Loves You22000189
2406Alan JacksonThe Thrill Is Back2:45When Somebody Loves You32000179
2407Alan Jacksonwww.Memory2:36When Somebody Loves You42000187
2408Alan JacksonWhere I Come From4:02When Somebody Loves You52000187
2409Alan JacksonI Still Love You3:19When Somebody Loves You62000183
2410Alan JacksonLife Or Love2:31When Somebody Loves You72000178
2411Alan JacksonA Love Like That3:28When Somebody Loves You82000190
2412Alan JacksonIt's Alright To Be A Redneck2:44When Somebody Loves You92000183
2413Alan JacksonMaybe I Should Stay Here3:33When Somebody Loves You102000182
2414Alan JacksonThree Minute Positive Not Too Country Up - Tempo Love Song3:02When Somebody Loves You112000189
2415Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:12Who I Am11994201
2416Alan JacksonLivin' On Love3:49Who I Am21994201
2417Alan JacksonHole In The Wall3:33Who I Am31994189
2418Alan JacksonGone Country4:20Who I Am41994208
2419Alan JacksonWho I Am2:47Who I Am51994191
2420Alan JacksonYou Can't Give Up On Love3:06Who I Am61994193
2421Alan JacksonI Don't Even Know Your Name3:51Who I Am71994183
2422Alan JacksonSong For The Life4:32Who I Am81994188
2423Alan JacksonThank God For The Radio3:20Who I Am91994193
2424Alan JacksonAll American Country Boy3:19Who I Am101994198
2425Alan JacksonJob Description4:42Who I Am111994201
2426Alan JacksonIf I Had You3:33Who I Am121994185
2427Alan JacksonLet's Get Back To Me And You2:52Who I Am131994206
2428Alan MackeyAerobatics1:35  1998128
2429Alan MackeySpite4:15  1998128
2430Alan MackeyDive4:31 322000128
2431Alan MackeyPack Mentality3:57 321999128
2432Alan MackeyUnknown3:45-321998128
2433Alan MackeyAndroid Dancehall3:19Patchwerk321999128
2434Alan MenkenStreet Urchins1:52Aladdin (OST)41992194
2435Alan MenkenTo Be Free1:39Aladdin (OST)71992197
2436Alan MenkenJafar's Hour2:42Aladdin (OST)101992201
2437Alan MenkenThe Ends Of The Earth1:35Aladdin (OST)121992197
2438Alan MenkenThe Kiss1:51Aladdin (OST)131992193
2439Alan MenkenOn A Dark Night2:55Aladdin (OST)141992195
2440Alan MenkenJasmine Runs Away0:47Aladdin (OST)151992191
2441Alan MenkenMarketplace2:37Aladdin (OST)161992197
2442Alan MenkenThe Cave Of Wonders4:57Aladdin (OST)171992202
2443Alan MenkenAladdin's Word1:51Aladdin (OST)181992194
2444Alan MenkenThe Battle3:38Aladdin (OST)191992203
2445Alan MenkenHappy End In Agrabah4:12Aladdin (OST)201992195
2446Alan MenkenPrologue2:26Beauty And The Beast (OST)11991187
2447Alan MenkenTo The Fair1:58Beauty And The Beast (OST)101991200
2448Alan MenkenWest Wing4:25Beauty And The Beast (OST)111991199
2449Alan MenkenThe Beast Lets Belle Go2:22Beauty And The Beast (OST)121991192
2450Alan MenkenBattle On The Tower5:29Beauty And The Beast (OST)131991199
2451Alan MenkenTransformation5:49Beauty And The Beast (OST)141991202
2452Alan MenkenOh Mighty Zeus0:46Hercules (OST)61997198
2453Alan MenkenThe Big Olive1:07Hercules (OST)131997201
2454Alan MenkenThe Prophecy0:53Hercules (OST)141997197
2455Alan MenkenDestruction of the Agora2:07Hercules (OST)151997198
2456Alan MenkenPhil's Island2:25Hercules (OST)161997198
2457Alan MenkenRodeo0:39Hercules (OST)171997208
2458Alan MenkenSpeak of the Devil1:30Hercules (OST)181997189
2459Alan MenkenThe Hydra Battle3:28Hercules (OST)191997202
2460Alan MenkenMeg's Garden1:14Hercules (OST)201997184
2461Alan MenkenHercules' Villa0:37Hercules (OST)211997199
2462Alan MenkenAll Time Chump0:38Hercules (OST)221997190
2463Alan MenkenCutting the Thread3:23Hercules (OST)231997203
2464Alan MenkenShip At Sea2:34Pocahontas (OST)21995201
2465Alan MenkenGrandmother Willow1:27Pocahontas (OST)71995196
2466Alan MenkenI'll Never See Him Again1:55Pocahontas (OST)141995192
2467Alan MenkenPocahontas1:22Pocahontas (OST)151995195
2468Alan MenkenCouncil Meeting1:11Pocahontas (OST)161995190
2469Alan MenkenPercy's Bath0:51Pocahontas (OST)171995194
2470Alan MenkenRiver's Edge1:28Pocahontas (OST)181995195
2471Alan MenkenSkirmish2:03Pocahontas (OST)191995205
2472Alan MenkenGetting Aquainted1:30Pocahontas (OST)201995192
2473Alan MenkenRatcliffe's Plan1:47Pocahontas (OST)211995200
2474Alan MenkenPicking Corn0:55Pocahontas (OST)221995195
2475Alan MenkenThe Warriors Arrive1:23Pocahontas (OST)231995198
2476Alan MenkenJohn Smith Sneaks Out1:14Pocahontas (OST)241995194
2477Alan MenkenExecution1:34Pocahontas (OST)251995196
2478Alan MenkenFarewell4:48Pocahontas (OST)261995196
2479Alan MenkenThe Bell Tower3:05The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)61996181
2480Alan MenkenParis Burning1:56The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)91996187
2481Alan MenkenInto The Sunlight2:09The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)131996185
2482Alan MenkenMain Titles1:26The Little Mermaid (OST)21988201
2483Alan MenkenFanfare0:30The Little Mermaid (OST)31988179
2484Alan MenkenFireworks0:37The Little Mermaid (OST)111988178
2485Alan MenkenJig1:34The Little Mermaid (OST)121988188
2486Alan MenkenThe Storm3:20The Little Mermaid (OST)131988198
2487Alan MenkenDestruction Of The Grotto1:55The Little Mermaid (OST)141988190
2488Alan MenkenFlotsam And Jetsam1:25The Little Mermaid (OST)151988182
2489Alan MenkenTour Of The Kingdom1:27The Little Mermaid (OST)161988200
2490Alan MenkenBedtime1:23The Little Mermaid (OST)171988183
2491Alan MenkenWedding Announcement2:19The Little Mermaid (OST)181988185
2492Alan MenkenEric To The Rescue3:43The Little Mermaid (OST)191988200
2493Alan Menken & Howard AshmanFathoms Below1:41The Little Mermaid (OST)11988190
2494Alan Menken & Howard AshmanHappy Ending3:11The Little Mermaid (OST)201988194
2495Alan Menken & Stephen SchwartzHumiliation1:40The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)41996183
2496Alan Menken & Stephen SchwartzSanctuary!6:02The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)111996187
2497Alan Menken & Stephen SchwartzAnd He Shall Smite The Wicked3:30The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)121996185
2498Alan Menken and Stephen SchwartzThe Virginia Company1:30Pocahontas (OST)11995191
2499Alan Menken and Stephen SchwartzSteady As The Beating Drum1:46Pocahontas (OST)41995199
2500Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:2570s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)102005186
2501Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:2870's Party Mix (Disc 2)111996183
2502Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:29Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)151995183
2503Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:27Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)211993184
2504Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:28Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 19111993187
2505The Alan Parsons ProjectPrime Time5:03Ammonia Avenue11984200
2506The Alan Parsons ProjectLet Me Go Home3:21Ammonia Avenue21984182
2507The Alan Parsons ProjectOne Good Reason3:37Ammonia Avenue31984197
2508The Alan Parsons ProjectSince The Last Goodbye4:35Ammonia Avenue41984174
2509The Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Answer Me4:12Ammonia Avenue51984187
2510The Alan Parsons ProjectDancing On A Highwire4:23Ammonia Avenue61984193
2511The Alan Parsons ProjectYou Don't Believe4:26Ammonia Avenue71984176
2512The Alan Parsons ProjectPipeline3:57Ammonia Avenue81984210
2513The Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia Avenue6:32Ammonia Avenue91984182
2514The Alan Parsons ProjectLucifer5:09Eve11979204
2515The Alan Parsons ProjectYou Lie Down With Dogs3:49Eve21979204
2516The Alan Parsons ProjectI'd Rather Be A Man3:54Eve31979203
2517The Alan Parsons ProjectYou Won't Be There3:37Eve41979194
2518The Alan Parsons ProjectWinding Me Up4:02Eve51979189
2519The Alan Parsons ProjectDamned If I Do4:53Eve61979201
2520The Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Hold Back3:37Eve71979201
2521The Alan Parsons ProjectSecret Garden4:44Eve81979208
2522The Alan Parsons ProjectIf I Could Change Your Mind5:48Eve91979197
2523The Alan Parsons ProjectSirius [instrumental]1:53Eye in the Sky11982197
2524The Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky4:36Eye in the Sky21982198
2525The Alan Parsons ProjectChildren of the Moon4:51Eye in the Sky31982175
2526The Alan Parsons ProjectGemini2:11Eye in the Sky41982161
2527The Alan Parsons ProjectSilence and I7:23Eye in the Sky51982179
2528The Alan Parsons ProjectYou're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned4:23Eye in the Sky61982184
2529The Alan Parsons ProjectPsychobabble4:51Eye in the Sky71982187
2530The Alan Parsons ProjectMammagamma [instrumental]3:35Eye in the Sky81982187
2531The Alan Parsons ProjectStep by Step3:54Eye in the Sky91982178
2532The Alan Parsons ProjectOld and Wise4:54Eye in the Sky101982174
2533The Alan Parsons ProjectLa Sagrada Familia8:46Gaudi11987183
2534The Alan Parsons ProjectToo Late4:31Gaudi21987204
2535The Alan Parsons ProjectCloser To Heaven5:53Gaudi31987181
2536The Alan Parsons ProjectStanding On Higher Ground5:03Gaudi41987191
2537The Alan Parsons ProjectMoney Talks4:26Gaudi51987186
2538The Alan Parsons ProjectInside Looking Out6:22Gaudi61987181
2539The Alan Parsons ProjectPaseo De Gracia [Instrumental]3:47Gaudi71987192
2540The Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot5:59I Robot [MFSL]11977211
2541The Alan Parsons ProjectI Wouldn't Want To Be Like You3:23I Robot [MFSL]21977190
2542The Alan Parsons ProjectSome Other Time4:05I Robot [MFSL]31977190
2543The Alan Parsons ProjectBreakdown3:53I Robot [MFSL]41977198
2544The Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Let It Show4:25I Robot [MFSL]51977181
2545The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Voice5:21I Robot [MFSL]61977186
2546The Alan Parsons ProjectNucleus3:31I Robot [MFSL]71977182
2547The Alan Parsons ProjectDay After Day (The Show Must Go On)3:49I Robot [MFSL]81977193
2548The Alan Parsons ProjectTotal Eclipse3:13I Robot [MFSL]91977186
2549The Alan Parsons ProjectGenesis CH.1. V/:323:33I Robot [MFSL]101977184
2550Alan Parsons ProjectTime4:32Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)142002250
2551The Alan Parsons ProjectEye In The Sky4:32One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)31999210
2552The Alan Parsons ProjectVoyager2:15Pyramid11978203
2553The Alan Parsons ProjectWhat Goes Up...3:57Pyramid21978196
2554The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Eagle Will Rise Again4:04Pyramid31978195
2555The Alan Parsons ProjectOne More River4:17Pyramid41978207
2556The Alan Parsons ProjectCan't Take It With You5:03Pyramid51978211
2557The Alan Parsons ProjectIn The Lap Of The Gods5:30Pyramid61978198
2558The Alan Parsons ProjectPyramania2:43Pyramid71978211
2559The Alan Parsons ProjectHyper-Gamma-Spaces4:20Pyramid81978216
2560The Alan Parsons ProjectShadow Of A Lonely Man5:34Pyramid91978181
2561The Alan Parsons ProjectGames People Play4:21Rock Of The 80's Volume 1241994221
2562The Alan Parsons ProjectEye In The Sky4:31Rock Of The 80's Volume 731993235
2563The Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomy7:18Stereotomy11985195
2564The Alan Parsons ProjectBeaujolais4:27Stereotomy21985199
2565The Alan Parsons ProjectUrbania (Instrumental)4:59Stereotomy31985196
2566The Alan Parsons ProjectLimelight4:39Stereotomy41985185
2567The Alan Parsons ProjectIn the Real World4:20Stereotomy51985188
2568The Alan Parsons ProjectWhere's the Walrus? (Instrumental)7:30Stereotomy61985210
2569The Alan Parsons ProjectLight of the World6:19Stereotomy71985191
2570The Alan Parsons ProjectChinese Whispers (Instrumental)1:00Stereotomy81985205
2571The Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomy Two1:20Stereotomy91985193
2572The Alan Parsons ProjectA Dream Within a Dream4:13Tales of Mystery and Imagination11976187
2573The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Raven3:57Tales of Mystery and Imagination21976202
2574The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Tell-tale Heart4:38Tales of Mystery and Imagination31976206
2575The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Cask of Amontillado4:33Tales of Mystery and Imagination41976202
2576The Alan Parsons Project(The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether4:21Tales of Mystery and Imagination51976214
2577The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Fall of the House of Usher: I Prelude7:01Tales of Mystery and Imagination61976190
2578The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Fall of the House of Usher: II Arrival2:41Tales of Mystery and Imagination71976210
2579The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Fall of the House of Usher: III Intermezzo1:00Tales of Mystery and Imagination81976216
2580The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Fall of the House of Usher: IV Pavane4:37Tales of Mystery and Imagination91976207
2581The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Fall of the House of Usher: V Fall0:49Tales of Mystery and Imagination101976186
2582The Alan Parsons ProjectTo One in Paradise4:45Tales of Mystery and Imagination111976191
2583The Alan Parsons ProjectMay Be A Price To Pay4:57The Turn Of A Friendly Card11980205
2584The Alan Parsons ProjectGames People Play4:21The Turn Of A Friendly Card21980210
2585The Alan Parsons ProjectTime5:02The Turn Of A Friendly Card31980201
2586The Alan Parsons ProjectI Don't Wanna Go Home4:56The Turn Of A Friendly Card41980205
2587The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Gold Bug4:33The Turn Of A Friendly Card51980204
2588The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Turn Of A Friendly Card16:21The Turn Of A Friendly Card61980203
2589The Alan Parsons ProjectLet's Talk About Me4:29Vulture Culture11985198
2590The Alan Parsons ProjectSeparate Lives4:59Vulture Culture21985184
2591The Alan Parsons ProjectDays Are Numbers (The Traveller)4:31Vulture Culture31985187
2592The Alan Parsons ProjectSooner Or Later4:25Vulture Culture41985193
2593The Alan Parsons ProjectVulture Culture5:22Vulture Culture51985190
2594The Alan Parsons ProjectHawkeye3:49Vulture Culture61985192
2595The Alan Parsons ProjectSomebody Out There4:55Vulture Culture71985196
2596The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Same Old Sun5:25Vulture Culture81985187
2597Alan PriceThe House That Jack Built3:12Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 3)41992159
2598Alan PriceSunshine And Rain2:54Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)61992215
2599Alan PriceJust For You3:14The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)14 198
2600Alan Reeves, Phil Steele And Philip BrighamThe Chase1:03Kill Bill Vol. 2 (OST)72004205
2601Alan SilvestriBack To The Future3:20Back To The Future (OST)31985202
2602Alan SilvestriBack To The Future Overture8:19Back To The Future (OST)61985195
2603Alan SilvestriMain Title2:22Back To The Future Part II (OST)11989188
2604Alan SilvestriThe Future5:22Back To The Future Part II (OST)21989186
2605Alan SilvestriHoverboard Chase2:49Back To The Future Part II (OST)31989188
2606Alan SilvestriA Flying Delorean?4:30Back To The Future Part II (OST)41989185
2607Alan SilvestriMy Father!2:05Back To The Future Part II (OST)51989187
2608Alan Silvestri"Alternate 1985"3:03Back To The Future Part II (OST)61989187
2609Alan SilvestriIf They Ever Did3:57Back To The Future Part II (OST)71989181
2610Alan SilvestriPair O' Docs1:27Back To The Future Part II (OST)81989180
2611Alan SilvestriThe Book4:49Back To The Future Part II (OST)91989188
2612Alan SilvestriTunnel Chase5:21Back To The Future Part II (OST)101989195
2613Alan SilvestriBurn The Book2:25Back To The Future Part II (OST)111989182
2614Alan SilvestriWestern Union1:52Back To The Future Part II (OST)121989186
2615Alan SilvestriEnd Title4:37Back To The Future Part II (OST)131989184
2616Alan SilvestriMain Title3:08Back To The Future Part III (OST)11990189
2617Alan SilvestriIt's Clara (The Train, Part II)4:35Back To The Future Part III (OST)21990196
2618Alan SilvestriHill Valley2:20Back To The Future Part III (OST)31990181
2619Alan SilvestriThe Hanging1:44Back To The Future Part III (OST)41990197
2620Alan SilvestriAt First Sight3:17Back To The Future Part III (OST)51990189
2621Alan SilvestriIndians1:11Back To The Future Part III (OST)61990197
2622Alan SilvestriGoodbye Clara3:01Back To The Future Part III (OST)71990190
2623Alan SilvestriDoc Returns2:54Back To The Future Part III (OST)81990193
2624Alan SilvestriPoint Of No Return (The Train, Part III)3:48Back To The Future Part III (OST)91990194
2625Alan SilvestriThe Future Isn't Written3:36Back To The Future Part III (OST)101990188
2626Alan SilvestriThe Showdown1:29Back To The Future Part III (OST)111990188
2627Alan SilvestriDoc To The Rescue0:56Back To The Future Part III (OST)121990200
2628Alan SilvestriThe Kiss1:54Back To The Future Part III (OST)131990191
2629Alan SilvestriWe're Out Of Gas1:17Back To The Future Part III (OST)141990193
2630Alan SilvestriWake Up Juice1:11Back To The Future Part III (OST)151990187
2631Alan SilvestriA Science Experiment? (The Train, Part I)3:10Back To The Future Part III (OST)161990194
2632Alan SilvestriDoubleback (Acoustic Instrumental Version)1:19Back To The Future Part III (OST)171990189
2633Alan SilvestriEnd Credits4:01Back To The Future Part III (OST)181990199
2634Alan SilvestriForrest Gump Suite8:50Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)161994198
2635Alan SilvestriStitch to the Rescue5:54Lilo and Stitch (OST)102002188
2636Alan SilvestriYou Can Never Belong3:54Lilo and Stitch (OST)112002191
2637Alan SilvestriI'm Lost4:41Lilo and Stitch (OST)122002188
2638Alan SilvestriMaid In Manhattan2:16Maid In Manhattan (OST)132002215
2639Alan SilvestriAt Last3:37Maid In Manhattan (OST)142002201
2640Alan SilvestriTheme From 'The Bodyguard'2:43The Bodyguard (OST)111992199
2641Alan SilvestriSpirit Of The Season2:33The Polar Express (OST)62004218
2642Alan SilvestriSeeing Is Believing (Score)3:47The Polar Express (OST)72004205
2643Alan SilvestriSuite From The Polar Express (Score)6:02The Polar Express (OST)142004212
2644Alan SorrentiTu Sei I'unica Donna Per Me3:45One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)52001251
2645Alan Thicke, Al Burton & Gloria LoringDiff'rent Strokes ("It Takes Diff'rent Strokes")0:54Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)41996153
2646Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring & Al BurtonThe Facts Of Life0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)261990194
2647Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring, Gene Morford & Linda HarmonDiff'rent Strokes0:53All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)362005125
2648Alanis MorissetteCitizen Of The Planet4:22Flavors of Entanglement12008209
2649Alanis MorissetteUnderneath4:07Flavors of Entanglement22008225
2650Alanis MorissetteStraitjacket3:08Flavors of Entanglement32008219
2651Alanis MorissetteVersions Of Violence3:36Flavors of Entanglement42008239
2652Alanis MorissetteNot As We4:45Flavors of Entanglement52008186
2653Alanis MorissetteIn Praise Of The Vulnerable Man4:07Flavors of Entanglement62008196
2654Alanis MorissetteMoratorium5:34Flavors of Entanglement72008195
2655Alanis MorissetteTorch4:50Flavors of Entanglement82008183
2656Alanis MorissetteGiggling Again For No Reason3:48Flavors of Entanglement92008208
2657Alanis MorissetteTapes4:26Flavors of Entanglement102008201
2658Alanis MorissetteIncomplete3:30Flavors of Entanglement112008209
2659Alanis MorissetteOrchid4:21Flavors of Entanglement (Bonus Disc)12008174
2660Alanis MorissetteThe Guy Who Leaves4:12Flavors of Entanglement (Bonus Disc)22008201
2661Alanis MorissetteMadness6:21Flavors of Entanglement (Bonus Disc)32008186
2662Alanis MorissetteLimbo No More5:21Flavors of Entanglement (Bonus Disc)42008199
2663Alanis MorissetteOn The Tequila3:42Flavors of Entanglement (Bonus Disc)52008197
2664Alanis MorissetteAll I Really Want4:44Jagged Little Pill11995211
2665Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know4:09Jagged Little Pill21995228
2666Alanis MorissettePerfect3:07Jagged Little Pill31995198
2667Alanis MorissetteHand In My Pocket3:41Jagged Little Pill41995189
2668Alanis MorissetteRight Through You2:55Jagged Little Pill51995217
2669Alanis MorissetteForgiven5:00Jagged Little Pill61995232
2670Alanis MorissetteYou Learn3:59Jagged Little Pill71995196
2671Alanis MorissetteHead Over Feet4:27Jagged Little Pill81995226
2672Alanis MorissetteMary Jane4:40Jagged Little Pill91995196
2673Alanis MorissetteIronic3:49Jagged Little Pill101995208
2674Alanis MorissetteNot the Doctor3:47Jagged Little Pill111995210
2675Alanis MorissetteWake Up4:53Jagged Little Pill121995219
2676Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know (Alternate Take)/Your House8:13Jagged Little Pill131995159
2677Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know4:11Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)171996219
2678Alanis MorissetteEverything3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-04132004232
2679Alanis MorissetteCrazy (James Michael Mix)3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1142005220
2680Alanis MorissetteEight Easy Steps2:52So-Called Chaos12004228
2681Alanis MorissetteOut Is Through3:52So-Called Chaos22004235
2682Alanis MorissetteExcuses3:32So-Called Chaos32004225
2683Alanis MorissetteDoth I Protest Too Much4:03So-Called Chaos42004229
2684Alanis MorissetteKnees Of My Bees3:41So-Called Chaos52004248
2685Alanis MorissetteSo-Called Chaos5:03So-Called Chaos62004223
2686Alanis MorissetteNot All Me3:58So-Called Chaos72004223
2687Alanis MorissetteThis Grudge5:07So-Called Chaos82004202
2688Alanis MorissetteSpineless4:15So-Called Chaos92004228
2689Alanis MorissetteEverything4:36So-Called Chaos102004232
2690Alanis MorissetteFront Row4:13Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie11998212
2691Alanis MorissetteBaba4:29Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie21998220
2692Alanis MorissetteThank U4:18Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie31998187
2693Alanis MorissetteAre You Still Mad4:04Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie41998184
2694Alanis MorissetteSympathetic Character5:13Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie51998189
2695Alanis MorissetteThat I Would Be Good4:16Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie61998190
2696Alanis MorissetteThe Couch5:24Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie71998184
2697Alanis MorissetteCan't Not4:36Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie81998194
2698Alanis MorissetteUR3:31Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie91998190
2699Alanis MorissetteI Was Hoping3:51Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie101998193
2700Alanis MorissetteOne4:40Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie111998207
2701Alanis MorissetteWould Not Come4:05Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie121998234
2702Alanis MorissetteUnsent4:10Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie131998169
2703Alanis MorissetteSo Pure2:50Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie141998191
2704Alanis MorissetteJoining You4:24Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie151998216
2705Alanis MorissetteHeart of the House3:46Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie161998188
2706Alanis MorissetteYour Congratulations3:54Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie171998160
2707Alanis MorissetteWunderkind5:19The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (OST)152005182
2708Alanis Morissette21 Things I Want In A Lover3:28Under Rug Swept12002207
2709Alanis MorissetteNarcissus3:38Under Rug Swept22002203
2710Alanis MorissetteHands Clean4:31Under Rug Swept32002224
2711Alanis MorissetteFlinch6:03Under Rug Swept42002204
2712Alanis MorissetteSo Unsexy5:08Under Rug Swept52002205
2713Alanis MorissettePrecious Illusions4:11Under Rug Swept62002203
2714Alanis MorissetteThat Particular Time4:21Under Rug Swept72002165
2715Alanis MorissetteA Man4:33Under Rug Swept82002220
2716Alanis MorissetteYou Owe Me Nothing In Return4:57Under Rug Swept92002206
2717Alanis MorissetteSurrendering4:35Under Rug Swept102002215
2718Alanis MorissetteUtopia4:58Under Rug Swept112002226
2719Alanis MorissetteThank U4:18Women & Songs 311999190
2720Alannah MylesBlack Velvet4:26Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)41996192
2721Alannah MylesBlack Velvet4:04The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 2)91999209
2722Alannah MylesSong Instead Of A Kiss5:04Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)182001177
2723The AlarmSold Me Down the River5:25Change11989197
2724The AlarmThe Rock4:39Change21989194
2725The AlarmDevolution Workin' Man Blues4:10Change31989198
2726The AlarmLove Don't Come Easy4:08Change41989198
2727The AlarmHardland4:10Change51989190
2728The AlarmChange II2:52Change61989211
2729The AlarmNo Frontiers3:52Change71989213
2730The AlarmScarlet4:18Change81989211
2731The AlarmWhere a Town Once Stood4:09Change91989214
2732The AlarmBlack Sun4:31Change101989203
2733The AlarmPrison Without Prison Bars3:48Change111989198
2734The AlarmHow the Mighty Fall4:21Change121989202
2735The AlarmRivers to Cross3:42Change131989181
2736The AlarmA New South Wales4:47Change141989189
2737The AlarmDeclaration0:43Declaration11984191
2738The AlarmMarching On3:35Declaration21984190
2739The AlarmWhere Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?2:56Declaration31984186
2740The AlarmThird Light3:19Declaration41984212
2741The AlarmSixty Eight Guns5:46Declaration51984192
2742The AlarmWe Are the Light3:16Declaration61984184
2743The AlarmShout to the Devil4:22Declaration71984182
2744The AlarmBlaze of Glory6:04Declaration81984186
2745The AlarmTell Me3:10Declaration91984193
2746The AlarmThe Deceiver4:49Declaration101984185
2747The AlarmThe Stand (Prophecy)1:17Declaration111984196
2748The AlarmHowling Wind6:46Declaration121984199
2749The AlarmRain In The Summertime5:14Eye Of The Hurricane11987231
2750The AlarmNewtown Jericho4:08Eye Of The Hurricane21987210
2751The AlarmHallowed Ground4:19Eye Of The Hurricane31987212
2752The AlarmOne Step Closer To Home4:36Eye Of The Hurricane41987186
2753The AlarmShelter3:08Eye Of The Hurricane51987219
2754The AlarmRescue Me3:22Eye Of The Hurricane61987218
2755The AlarmPermanence In Change4:04Eye Of The Hurricane71987211
2756The AlarmPresence Of Love4:04Eye Of The Hurricane81987213
2757The AlarmOnly Love Can Set Me Free4:23Eye Of The Hurricane91987219
2758The AlarmEye Of The Hurricane3:38Eye Of The Hurricane101987211
2759The AlarmRaw4:28Raw11991199
2760The AlarmRockin' In The Free World3:59Raw21991209
2761The AlarmGod Save Somebody4:09Raw31991207
2762The AlarmMoments In Time5:42Raw41991195
2763The AlarmHell Or High Water3:47Raw51991206
2764The AlarmLead Me Through The Darkness4:34Raw61991213
2765The AlarmThe Wind Blows Away My Words4:32Raw71991208
2766The AlarmLet The River Run Its Course3:53Raw81991209
2767The AlarmSave Your Crying4:38Raw91991203
2768The AlarmWonderful World5:00Raw101991205
2769The AlarmStrength5:38Rock Of The 80's Volume 1381994230
2770The AlarmThe Road3:13Standards11990224
2771The AlarmUnsafe Building4:07Standards21990214
2772The AlarmThe Stand4:43Standards31990203
2773The AlarmSixty Eight Guns3:15Standards41990209
2774The AlarmWhere Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?2:57Standards51990198
2775The AlarmAbsolute Reality3:26Standards61990235
2776The AlarmStrength5:35Standards71990193
2777The AlarmSpirit of '767:06Standards81990201
2778The AlarmRain in the Summertime5:11Standards91990225
2779The AlarmRescue Me3:20Standards101990209
2780The AlarmSold Me Down the River4:11Standards111990192
2781The AlarmDevolution Workin' Man Blues4:11Standards121990195
2782The AlarmHappy Christmas (War Is Over)3:41Standards131990207
2783The AlarmMarching On3:32Standards141990214
2784The AlarmBlaze of Glory6:04Standards151990203
2785The AlarmKnife Edge5:08Strength11985195
2786The AlarmStrength5:36Strength21985187
2787The AlarmDawn Chorus5:26Strength31985194
2788The AlarmSpirit of '767:05Strength41985203
2789The AlarmDeeside3:10Strength51985179
2790The AlarmFather to Son4:06Strength61985187
2791The AlarmOnly the Thunder4:08Strength71985204
2792The AlarmThe Day the Ravens Left the Tower4:47Strength81985195
2793The AlarmAbsolute Reality3:26Strength91985217
2794The AlarmWalk Forever by My Side3:36Strength101985173
2795Albert BrooksRewriting The National Anthem3:58Classic Comedy11995196
2796Albert CollinsThere's Gotta Be A Change3:39Collins Mix: The Best11993208
2797Albert CollinsHoney Hush4:17Collins Mix: The Best21993200
2798Albert CollinsMaster Charge5:48Collins Mix: The Best31993213
2799Albert CollinsIf Trouble Was Money9:21Collins Mix: The Best41993201
2800Albert CollinsDon't Lose Your Cool3:24Collins Mix: The Best51993220
2801Albert CollinsIf You Love Me Like You Say4:12Collins Mix: The Best61993210
2802Albert CollinsFrosty3:24Collins Mix: The Best71993213
2803Albert CollinsTired Man5:01Collins Mix: The Best81993206
2804Albert CollinsThe Moon Is Full4:36Collins Mix: The Best91993205
2805Albert CollinsCollins' Mix2:58Collins Mix: The Best101993218
2806Albert CollinsSame Old Thing5:56Collins Mix: The Best111993199
2807Albert CollinsIce Pick3:08The Blues At Christmas (The Blues Collection Vol. 93)51993213
2808Albert CollinsFrosty3:05Truckin' With Albert Collins11969216
2809Albert CollinsHot 'N' Cold3:07Truckin' With Albert Collins21969220
2810Albert CollinsFrostbite2:08Truckin' With Albert Collins31969223
2811Albert CollinsTremble2:44Truckin' With Albert Collins41969236
2812Albert CollinsThaw Out2:41Truckin' With Albert Collins51969236
2813Albert CollinsDyin' Flu3:17Truckin' With Albert Collins61969233
2814Albert CollinsDon't Lose Your Cool2:17Truckin' With Albert Collins71969206
2815Albert CollinsBackstroke2:51Truckin' With Albert Collins81969211
2816Albert CollinsKool Aide2:47Truckin' With Albert Collins91969252
2817Albert CollinsShiver 'N' Shake2:14Truckin' With Albert Collins101969201
2818Albert CollinsIcy Blue3:02Truckin' With Albert Collins111969200
2819Albert CollinsSnow-Cone II2:35Truckin' With Albert Collins121969219
2820Albert HammondAir Disaster3:39Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)51992200
2821Albert HammondUnder The Christmas Tree3:37Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)101995220
2822Albert HammondWhen I Need You3:34Romantic Love Songs111985216
2823Albert HammondIt Never Rains In Southern California3:39Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1011990217
2824Albert HammondThe Free Electric Band3:27Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1191990221
2825Albert HammondIt Never Rains in Southern California3:51The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)31992210
2826Albert Hammond99 Miles From L.A.3:59The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)41999192
2827Albert HammondThe Free Electric Band3:25The Very Best Of Albert Hammond11995216
2828Albert HammondThe Peacemaker2:41The Very Best Of Albert Hammond21995223
2829Albert HammondDown By The River3:02The Very Best Of Albert Hammond31995208
2830Albert HammondWhen I Need You4:29The Very Best Of Albert Hammond41995197
2831Albert HammondRebecca3:04The Very Best Of Albert Hammond51995217
2832Albert Hammond99 Miles From L.A.3:58The Very Best Of Albert Hammond61995197
2833Albert HammondIt Never Rains In Southern California3:53The Very Best Of Albert Hammond71995207
2834Albert HammondEverything I Want To Do2:52The Very Best Of Albert Hammond81995192
2835Albert HammondWe're Running Out2:54The Very Best Of Albert Hammond91995201
2836Albert HammondIf You Gotta Break Another Heart2:36The Very Best Of Albert Hammond101995217
2837Albert HammondMoonlight Lady3:08The Very Best Of Albert Hammond111995190
2838Albert HammondThese Are The Good Old Days3:27The Very Best Of Albert Hammond121995205
2839Albert HammondI'm A Train3:19The Very Best Of Albert Hammond131995216
2840Albert HammondNew York City Here I Come3:08The Very Best Of Albert Hammond141995211
2841Albert HammondHalf A Million Miles From Home2:47The Very Best Of Albert Hammond151995215
2842Albert HammondThe Air That I Breathe3:47The Very Best Of Albert Hammond161995200
2843Albert KingBorn Under A Bad Sign2:48Born Under A Bad Sign11967197
2844Albert KingCrosscut Saw2:35Born Under A Bad Sign21967193
2845Albert KingKansas City2:33Born Under A Bad Sign31967187
2846Albert KingOh, Pretty Woman2:50Born Under A Bad Sign41967193
2847Albert KingDown Don't Bother Me2:10Born Under A Bad Sign51967194
2848Albert KingThe Hunter2:45Born Under A Bad Sign61967195
2849Albert KingI Almost Lost My Mind3:30Born Under A Bad Sign71967189
2850Albert KingPersonal Manager4:31Born Under A Bad Sign81967185
2851Albert KingLaundromat Blues3:21Born Under A Bad Sign91967191
2852Albert KingAs The Years Go Passing By3:48Born Under A Bad Sign101967192
2853Albert KingThe Very Thought Of You3:46Born Under A Bad Sign111967192
2854Albert KingWatermelon Man4:07Live Wire/Blues Power11968193
2855Albert KingBlues Power10:21Live Wire/Blues Power21968205
2856Albert KingNight Stomp5:51Live Wire/Blues Power31968204
2857Albert KingBlues At Sunrise8:47Live Wire/Blues Power41968204
2858Albert KingPlease Love Me3:57Live Wire/Blues Power51968196
2859Albert KingLook Out5:18Live Wire/Blues Power61968199
2860Albert KingLet's Have A Natural Ball2:55The Big Blues11962163
2861Albert KingWhat Can I Do To Change Your Mind?2:54The Big Blues21962156
2862Albert KingI Get Evil2:31The Big Blues31962157
2863Albert KingHad You Told It Like It Was (It Wouldn't Be Like It)3:09The Big Blues41962164
2864Albert KingThis Morning2:12The Big Blues51962159
2865Albert KingI Walked All Night Long2:56The Big Blues61962157
2866Albert KingDon't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong3:00The Big Blues71962159
2867Albert KingTravelin' to California3:05The Big Blues81962156
2868Albert KingI've Made Nights by Myself2:40The Big Blues91962164
2869Albert KingThis Funny Feeling2:37The Big Blues101962156
2870Albert KingOoh-ee Baby3:58The Big Blues111962169
2871Albert KingDyna Flow2:52The Big Blues121962188
2872Albert KingDon't Burn Down The Bridge4:10The Blues At Christmas II11994196
2873Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanCall It Stormy Monday9:00In Session11999184
2874Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan"Old Times"1:15In Session21999165
2875Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanPride And Joy5:59In Session31999180
2876Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanAsk Me No Questions5:02In Session41999202
2877Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan"Pep Talk"0:52In Session51999163
2878Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanBlues At Sunrise15:10In Session61999178
2879Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan"Turn It Over"0:51In Session71999179
2880Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanOverall Junction8:20In Session81999187
2881Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanMatch Box Blues7:39In Session91999202
2882Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan"Who Is Stevie?"0:44In Session101999172
2883Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanDon't Lie To Me8:59In Session111999188
2884Albert WestGinny Come Lately2:50The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)141992210
2885AlcazarCrying At The Discoteque3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07192002208
2886AlcazarDon't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11202002224
2887Aldo NovaFantasy5:05Aldo Nova11981207
2888Aldo NovaHot Love3:55Aldo Nova21981214
2889Aldo NovaIt's Too Late3:23Aldo Nova31981206
2890Aldo NovaBall And Chain4:01Aldo Nova41981173
2891Aldo NovaHeart To Heart3:42Aldo Nova51981206
2892Aldo NovaFoolin' Yourself3:35Aldo Nova61981180
2893Aldo NovaUnder The Gun3:47Aldo Nova71981201
2894Aldo NovaYou're My Love3:34Aldo Nova81981199
2895Aldo NovaCan't Stop Lovin' You3:57Aldo Nova91981196
2896Aldo NovaSee The Light3:57Aldo Nova101981197
2897Aldo NovaBlood On The Bricks4:52Blood On The Bricks11991218
2898Aldo NovaMedicine Man4:47Blood On The Bricks21991200
2899Aldo NovaBang Bang4:25Blood On The Bricks31991195
2900Aldo NovaSomeday5:06Blood On The Bricks41991191
2901Aldo NovaYoung Love4:14Blood On The Bricks51991210
2902Aldo NovaModern World4:31Blood On The Bricks61991208
2903Aldo NovaThis Ain't Love5:03Blood On The Bricks71991199
2904Aldo NovaHey Ronnie (Veronica's Song)4:43Blood On The Bricks81991187
2905Aldo NovaTouch Of Madness4:22Blood On The Bricks91991213
2906Aldo NovaBright Lights6:20Blood On The Bricks101991213
2907Aldo NovaSubject's Theme1:36Subject.....Aldo Nova11983198
2908Aldo NovaArmageddon (Race Cars)0:25Subject.....Aldo Nova21983198
2909Aldo NovaArmageddon2:41Subject.....Aldo Nova31983207
2910Aldo NovaMonkey On Your Back4:35Subject.....Aldo Nova41983220
2911Aldo NovaHey Operator3:54Subject.....Aldo Nova51983220
2912Aldo NovaCry Baby Cry4:17Subject.....Aldo Nova61983211
2913Aldo NovaVictim Of A Broken Heart4:19Subject.....Aldo Nova71983211
2914Aldo NovaAfrica (Primal Love)0:39Subject.....Aldo Nova81983217
2915Aldo NovaHold Back The Night4:48Subject.....Aldo Nova91983211
2916Aldo NovaAlways Be Mine4:11Subject.....Aldo Nova101983207
2917Aldo NovaAll Night Long3:41Subject.....Aldo Nova111983227
2918Aldo NovaWar Suite1:26Subject.....Aldo Nova121983210
2919Aldo NovaPrelude To Paradise1:31Subject.....Aldo Nova131983182
2920Aldo NovaParadise3:17Subject.....Aldo Nova141983207
2921Aldo NovaTonite (Lift Me Up)4:16Twitch11985201
2922Aldo NovaRumours Of You4:55Twitch21985197
2923Aldo NovaSurrender Your Heart4:26Twitch31985186
2924Aldo NovaIf Looks Could Kill3:49Twitch41985217
2925Aldo NovaHeartless3:19Twitch51985204
2926Aldo NovaLong Hot Summer4:11Twitch61985194
2927Aldo NovaFallen Angel4:24Twitch71985202
2928Aldo NovaStay3:48Twitch81985201
2929Aldo NovaLay Your Love On Me3:59Twitch91985220
2930Aldo NovaTwitch2:29Twitch101985222
2931Aled JonesWalking In The Air3:25The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)71996180
2932Alessandro SafinaLuna3:57Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)82001186
2933AlessiSavin' The Day3:24Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]31984216
2934Alessi BrothersOh Lori3:1940 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)52001169
2935Alessi BrothersAll For A Reason3:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)182001198
2936Alex De GrassiChrist The Apple Tree / Once In Royal David's City3:40A Windham Hill Christmas92002320
2937Alex HarveyTo Make My Life Beautiful3:23Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)51992196
2938Alex LifesonDon't Care4:05Victor11996218
2939Alex LifesonPromise5:44Victor21996225
2940Alex LifesonStart Today3:52Victor31996200
2941Alex LifesonMr. X2:22Victor41996222
2942Alex LifesonAt The End6:09Victor51996197
2943Alex LifesonSending Out A Warning4:13Victor61996191
2944Alex LifesonShut Up Shuttin' Up4:06Victor71996198
2945Alex LifesonStrip And Go Naked3:57Victor81996195
2946Alex LifesonThe Big Dance4:17Victor91996223
2947Alex LifesonVictor6:27Victor101996185
2948Alex LifesonI Am The Spirit5:31Victor111996196
2949Alex LloydBrand New Day4:08Alex Lloyd12005235
2950Alex LloydOutside3:31Alex Lloyd22005240
2951Alex LloydNever Meant To Fail3:48Alex Lloyd32005222
2952Alex LloydAll You Need3:03Alex Lloyd42005228
2953Alex LloydStill Waiting3:26Alex Lloyd52005225
2954Alex LloydSometimes4:18Alex Lloyd62005216
2955Alex LloydThe Wonder4:14Alex Lloyd72005223
2956Alex LloydHolding On3:44Alex Lloyd82005218
2957Alex LloydI Wish3:18Alex Lloyd92005216
2958Alex LloydFollow3:16Alex Lloyd102005222
2959Alex LloydStand Down3:27Alex Lloyd112005225
2960Alex LloydSpeeding Cars3:36Alex Lloyd122005205
2961Alex LloydHallelujah4:09Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)12005136
2962Alex LloydStill Waiting3:21Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)22005139
2963Alex LloydI Wish3:15Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)32005137
2964Alex LloydAll You Need3:02Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)42005166
2965Alex LloydSometimes3:36Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)52005172
2966Alex LloydBrand New Day4:18Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)62005138
2967Alex LloydHolding On3:52Alex Lloyd (The Other Side - Acoustic Sessions) (Bonus Disc)72005183
2968Alex LloydMelting4:14Black The Sun11999202
2969Alex LloydMomo4:33Black The Sun21999186
2970Alex LloydSomething Special3:13Black The Sun31999217
2971Alex LloydDesert3:44Black The Sun41999220
2972Alex LloydSnow3:44Black The Sun51999201
2973Alex LloydMy Way Home4:30Black The Sun61999190
2974Alex LloydBlack The Sun3:45Black The Sun71999168
2975Alex LloydLucky Star3:59Black The Sun81999213
2976Alex LloydWhat A Year3:02Black The Sun91999208
2977Alex LloydFaraway3:11Black The Sun101999199
2978Alex LloydAliens3:46Black The Sun111999167
2979Alex LloydGender3:36Black The Sun121999178
2980Alex LloydBackseat Clause4:28Black The Sun131999140
2981Alex LloydHello The End3:53Distant Light12003229
2982Alex LloydDistant Light4:02Distant Light22003202
2983Alex LloydComing Home3:06Distant Light32003227
2984Alex LloydFar Away4:20Distant Light42003243
2985Alex Lloyd1000 Miles3:02Distant Light52003200
2986Alex LloydSave My Soul3:56Distant Light62003209
2987Alex LloydOrdinary Boy4:12Distant Light72003210
2988Alex LloydBeautiful3:22Distant Light82003238
2989Alex LloydThis Is A Call4:07Distant Light92003219
2990Alex LloydChasing The Sun2:55Distant Light102003213
2991Alex LloydLight Is On3:45Distant Light112003239
2992Alex LloydWhat's Wrong?3:49Distant Light122003222
2993Alex LloydAmerica3:31Distant Light132003217
2994Alex LloydIntro0:12Good In The Face Of A Stranger12008181
2995Alex LloydSpecial3:49Good In The Face Of A Stranger22008210
2996Alex LloydSlow Train4:22Good In The Face Of A Stranger32008213
2997Alex LloydSomething For Nothing3:52Good In The Face Of A Stranger42008208
2998Alex LloydLonely Town4:17Good In The Face Of A Stranger52008222
2999Alex LloydLast Drinks1:07Good In The Face Of A Stranger62008197
3000Alex LloydFace Of A Stranger4:02Good In The Face Of A Stranger72008216
3001Alex LloydDrugs And Love3:25Good In The Face Of A Stranger82008226
3002Alex LloydHollywood4:15Good In The Face Of A Stranger92008193
3003Alex LloydSame Day4:08Good In The Face Of A Stranger102008208
3004Alex LloydWhat We Started3:41Good In The Face Of A Stranger112008218
3005Alex LloydLast Bell5:29Good In The Face Of A Stranger122008215
3006Alex LloydEverybody's Laughing3:50Watching Angels Mend12001200
3007Alex LloydGreen4:02Watching Angels Mend22001222
3008Alex LloydTrigger5:05Watching Angels Mend32001205
3009Alex LloydMy Friend3:36Watching Angels Mend42001205
3010Alex LloydLost In The Rain3:02Watching Angels Mend52001209
3011Alex LloydSleep4:02Watching Angels Mend62001179
3012Alex LloydAmazing3:23Watching Angels Mend72001201
3013Alex LloydDowntown4:44Watching Angels Mend82001223
3014Alex LloydBus Ride4:32Watching Angels Mend92001193
3015Alex LloydBurn3:29Watching Angels Mend102001204
3016Alex LloydEasy Exit Station3:01Watching Angels Mend112001129
3017Alex StordahlMcHale's Navy0:30Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)291986187
3018Alex Welsh and His Jazz BandHindustan3:01Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland111987202
3019Alexander BorodinPrince Igor: Act 2 (Polovtsian Dances)9:12In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance141997196
3020Alexander CourageStar Trek1:24Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)331986192
3021Alexander CourageJudd For The Defense0:50Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5461996119
3022Alexander CourageStar Trek - The Next Generation1:45Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)551996176
3023Alexander CurlyDear Mrs. Meyer2:37Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)61997188
3024Alexander CurlyI'll Never Drink Again3:32Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)192002207
3025Alexander CurlyI'll Never Drink Again3:33Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)102001215
3026Alexander LaszloMy Little Margie1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)161996187
3027Alexander O'NeilThe Christmas Song3:16Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)81995183
3028Alexander RybakRoll With The Wind3:34Fairytales12009228
3029Alexander RybakFairytale3:05Fairytales22009196
3030Alexander RybakDolphin4:15Fairytales32009201
3031Alexander RybakKiss And Tell3:21Fairytales42009202
3032Alexander RybakFunny Little World3:45Fairytales52009195
3033Alexander RybakIf You Were Gone4:31Fairytales62009172
3034Alexander RybakAbandoned4:09Fairytales72009164
3035Alexander Rybak13 Horses5:43Fairytales82009168
3036Alexander RybakSong From A Secret Garden3:28Fairytales92009150
3037Alexander ScriabinEtudes Op. 8 No. 4 B major1:35Romantic Piano Music Vol. 261990150
3038Alexander ScriabinEtudes Op. 8 No. 12 D sharp minor2:16Romantic Piano Music Vol. 271990184
3039Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 9 No. 1 C sharp minor2:20Romantic Piano Music Vol. 281990150
3040Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 6 B minor0:47Romantic Piano Music Vol. 291990169
3041Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 3 G major1:01Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2101990146
3042Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 17 A flat major0:49Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2111990142
3043Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 14 E flat minor1:09Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2121990170
3044Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 13 G flat major1:30Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2131990143
3045Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 3 G major1:09Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2141990141
3046Alexander ScriabinPrelude Op. 11 No. 23 F major0:46Romantic Piano Music Vol. 2151990137
3047Alexandra SlateGuilty2:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11162002232
3048AlexisonfireSweet Leaf6:26Trailer Park Boys The Movie Soundtrack (OST)62006230
3049Alf ClausenAlf1:11Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)181996218
3050Alfie KhanShe's Coming Back3:02Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)152001214
3051AliasSay What I Wanna Say4:44Alias11990210
3052AliasHaunted Heart3:52Alias21990212
3053AliasWaiting For Love4:38Alias31990220
3054AliasThe Power4:26Alias41990223
3056AliasWhat To Do4:18Alias61990209
3057AliasAfter All The Love Is Gone4:16Alias71990225
3058AliasMore Than Words Can Say3:54Alias81990194
3059AliasOne More Chance3:37Alias91990233
3060AliasTrue Emotion4:58Alias101990206
3061AliasStanding In The Darkness4:29Alias111990213
3062Alias & EhrenCobblestoned Waltz3:38Lillian12 192
3063Alias Ron KavanaSt. Patrick's Day In New Orleans3:20fRoots #6171996197
3064Alice CooperOnly Women Bleed3:3270's Party Mix (Disc 2)51996191
3065Alice CooperGo To Hell5:15Alice Cooper Goes To Hell11976195
3066Alice CooperYou Gotta Dance2:45Alice Cooper Goes To Hell21976180
3067Alice CooperI'm The Coolest3:58Alice Cooper Goes To Hell31976167
3068Alice CooperDidn't We Meet4:16Alice Cooper Goes To Hell41976179
3069Alice CooperI Never Cry3:44Alice Cooper Goes To Hell51976174
3070Alice CooperGive The Kid A Break4:14Alice Cooper Goes To Hell61976192
3071Alice CooperGuilty3:22Alice Cooper Goes To Hell71976178
3072Alice CooperWake Me Gently5:03Alice Cooper Goes To Hell81976191
3073Alice CooperWish You Were Here4:36Alice Cooper Goes To Hell91976178
3074Alice CooperI'm Always Chasing Rainbows2:08Alice Cooper Goes To Hell101976187
3075Alice CooperGoing Home3:47Alice Cooper Goes To Hell111976161
3076Alice CooperPrologue/I Know Where You Live4:21Along Came A Spider12008228
3077Alice CooperVengeance Is Mine4:26Along Came A Spider22008230
3078Alice CooperWake The Dead3:53Along Came A Spider32008230
3079Alice CooperCatch Me If You Can3:15Along Came A Spider42008247
3080Alice Cooper(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side3:16Along Came A Spider52008239
3081Alice CooperWrapped In Silk4:17Along Came A Spider62008220
3082Alice CooperKilled By Love3:34Along Came A Spider72008196
3083Alice CooperI'm Hungry3:58Along Came A Spider82008205
3084Alice CooperThe One That Got Away3:21Along Came A Spider92008231
3085Alice CooperSalvation4:36Along Came A Spider102008181
3086Alice CooperI Am The Spider/Epilogue5:21Along Came A Spider112008202
3087Alice CooperPoison4:29Back To The 80's (Disc 1)51996206
3088Alice CooperHello Hooray4:15Billion Dollar Babies11973188
3089Alice CooperRaped & Freezin'3:19Billion Dollar Babies21973188
3090Alice CooperElected4:05Billion Dollar Babies31973217
3091Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies3:43Billion Dollar Babies41973171
3092Alice CooperUnfinished Sweet6:18Billion Dollar Babies51973181
3093Alice CooperNo More Mister Nice Guy3:06Billion Dollar Babies61973177
3094Alice CooperGeneration Landslide4:31Billion Dollar Babies71973193
3095Alice CooperSick Things4:18Billion Dollar Babies81973190
3096Alice CooperMary Ann2:20Billion Dollar Babies91973187
3097Alice CooperI Love the Dead5:08Billion Dollar Babies101973192
3098Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy3:07Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)7 190
3099Alice CooperWoman Of Mass Distraction3:59Dirty Diamonds12005201
3100Alice CooperPerfect3:30Dirty Diamonds22005204
3101Alice CooperYou Make Me Wanna3:30Dirty Diamonds32005223
3102Alice CooperDirty Diamonds4:02Dirty Diamonds42005202
3103Alice CooperThe Saga Of Jesse Jane4:15Dirty Diamonds52005186
3104Alice CooperSunset Babies (All Got Rabies)3:28Dirty Diamonds62005230
3105Alice CooperPretty Ballerina3:01Dirty Diamonds72005187
3106Alice CooperRun Down The Devil3:29Dirty Diamonds82005214
3107Alice CooperSteal That Car3:16Dirty Diamonds92005203
3108Alice CooperSix Hours3:24Dirty Diamonds102005204
3109Alice CooperYour Own Worst Enemy2:15Dirty Diamonds112005250
3110Alice CooperZombie Dance4:27Dirty Diamonds122005220
3111Alice CooperStand (feat. Xzibit)4:04Dirty Diamonds132005203
3112Alice CooperFeed My Frankenstein4:46Elvira Presents Monster Hits41994233
3113Alice CooperSchool's Out3:32Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)152007233
3114Alice CooperSchool's Out3:30Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)141998212
3115Alice CooperHey Stoopid4:34Hey Stoopid11991225
3116Alice CooperLove's a Loaded Gun4:11Hey Stoopid21991230
3117Alice CooperSnakebite4:33Hey Stoopid31991218
3118Alice CooperBurning Our Bed4:34Hey Stoopid41991214
3119Alice CooperDangerous Tonight4:41Hey Stoopid51991241
3120Alice CooperMight as Well Be on Mars7:09Hey Stoopid61991220
3121Alice CooperFeed My Frankenstein4:44Hey Stoopid71991233
3122Alice CooperHurricane Years3:58Hey Stoopid81991217
3123Alice CooperLittle by Little4:35Hey Stoopid91991219
3124Alice CooperDie For You4:16Hey Stoopid101991215
3125Alice CooperDirty Dreams3:29Hey Stoopid111991239
3126Alice CooperWind-up Toy5:27Hey Stoopid121991227
3127Alice CooperUnder My Wheels2:51Killer11971214
3128Alice CooperBe My Lover3:21Killer21971208
3129Alice CooperHalo Of Flies8:22Killer31971213
3130Alice CooperDesperado3:30Killer41971203
3131Alice CooperYou Drive Me Nervous2:28Killer51971209
3132Alice CooperYeah, Yeah, Yeah3:39Killer61971199
3133Alice CooperDead Babies5:45Killer71971206
3134Alice CooperKiller6:58Killer81971215
3135Alice CooperIt's Hot Tonight3:21Lace And Whiskey11977187
3136Alice CooperLace And Whiskey3:13Lace And Whiskey21977198
3137Alice CooperRoad Rats4:51Lace And Whiskey31977193
3138Alice CooperDamned If You Do3:13Lace And Whiskey41977191
3139Alice CooperYou And Me5:07Lace And Whiskey51977199
3140Alice CooperKing Of The Silver Screen5:35Lace And Whiskey61977186
3141Alice CooperUbangi Stomp2:12Lace And Whiskey71977190
3142Alice Cooper(No More) Love At Your Convenience3:49Lace And Whiskey81977197
3143Alice CooperI Never Wrote Those Songs4:34Lace And Whiskey91977188
3144Alice CooperMy God5:40Lace And Whiskey101977208
3145Alice CooperCaught In A Dream3:09Love It To Death11971192
3146Alice CooperI'm Eighteen3:00Love It To Death21971201
3147Alice CooperLong Way To Go3:04Love It To Death31971207
3148Alice CooperBlack Juju9:11Love It To Death41971192
3149Alice CooperIs It My Body2:39Love It To Death51971212
3150Alice CooperHallowed Be My Name2:29Love It To Death61971210
3151Alice CooperSecond Coming3:04Love It To Death71971196
3152Alice CooperBallad Of Dwight Fry6:33Love It To Death81971202
3153Alice CooperSun Arise3:50Love It To Death91971199
3154Alice CooperBig Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)5:09Muscle Of Love11973205
3155Alice CooperNever Been Sold Before4:28Muscle Of Love21973188
3156Alice CooperHard Hearted Alice4:53Muscle Of Love31973194
3157Alice CooperCrazy Little Child5:01Muscle Of Love41973197
3158Alice CooperWorking Up A Sweat3:32Muscle Of Love51973199
3159Alice CooperMuscle Of Love3:45Muscle Of Love61973178
3160Alice CooperMan With The Golden Gun4:12Muscle Of Love71973183
3161Alice CooperTeenage Lament '743:53Muscle Of Love81973184
3162Alice CooperWoman Machine4:31Muscle Of Love91973210
3163Alice CooperSchool's Out3:30School's Out11972212
3164Alice CooperLuney Tune3:43School's Out21972178
3165Alice CooperGutter Cat Vs. The Jets4:40School's Out31972188
3166Alice CooperStreet Fight0:53School's Out41972213
3167Alice CooperBlue Turk5:33School's Out51972200
3168Alice CooperMy Stars5:49School's Out61972202
3169Alice CooperPublic Animal #93:54School's Out71972185
3170Alice CooperAlma Mater4:26School's Out81972196
3171Alice CooperGrand Finale4:25School's Out91972182
3172Alice CooperElected4:03Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)132001229
3173Alice CooperHalo Of Flies8:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)22001233
3174Alice CooperHello Hurray3:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)112001221
3175Alice CooperPoison4:30Trash11989218
3176Alice CooperSpark In The Dark3:52Trash21989223
3177Alice CooperHouse Of Fire3:47Trash31989223
3178Alice CooperWhy Trust You3:13Trash41989226
3179Alice CooperOnly My Heart Talkin'4:46Trash51989218
3180Alice CooperBed Of Nails4:20Trash61989230
3181Alice CooperThis Maniacs' In Love With You3:48Trash71989230
3182Alice CooperTrash4:02Trash81989221
3183Alice CooperHell Is Living Without You4:11Trash91989223
3184Alice CooperI'm Your Gun3:49Trash101989229
3185Alice CooperFeed My Frankenstein4:46Wayne's World (OST)101992236
3186Alice CooperWelcome To My Nightmare5:20Welcome To My Nightmare11975184
3187Alice CooperDevil's Food3:35Welcome To My Nightmare21975186
3188Alice CooperThe Black Widow3:37Welcome To My Nightmare31975186
3189Alice CooperSome Folks4:18Welcome To My Nightmare41975194
3190Alice CooperOnly Women Bleed5:49Welcome To My Nightmare51975185
3191Alice CooperDepartment Of Youth3:20Welcome To My Nightmare61975173
3192Alice CooperCold Ethyl2:57Welcome To My Nightmare71975177
3193Alice CooperYears Ago2:51Welcome To My Nightmare81975184
3194Alice CooperSteven5:46Welcome To My Nightmare91975175
3195Alice CooperThe Awakening2:30Welcome To My Nightmare101975185
3196Alice CooperEscape3:15Welcome To My Nightmare111975202
3197Alice CooperZorro's Ascent3:56Zipper Catches Skin11982198
3198Alice CooperMake That Money (Scrooge's Song)3:31Zipper Catches Skin21982215
3199Alice CooperI Am The Future3:29Zipper Catches Skin31982203
3200Alice CooperNo Baloney Homosapiens5:07Zipper Catches Skin41982199
3201Alice CooperAdaptable (Anything For You)2:56Zipper Catches Skin51982214
3202Alice CooperI Like Girls2:25Zipper Catches Skin61982218
3203Alice CooperRemarkably Insincere2:07Zipper Catches Skin71982199
3204Alice CooperTag, You're It2:54Zipper Catches Skin81982188
3205Alice CooperI Better Be Good2:48Zipper Catches Skin91982211
3206Alice CooperI'm Alive (That Was The Day My Dead Pet Returned To Save My Life)3:14Zipper Catches Skin101982210
3207Alice DeeJayBetter Off Alone3:35Fired Up! (Disc 2)12003196
3208Alice In ChainsGrind4:45Alice In Chains11995233
3209Alice In ChainsBrush Away3:22Alice In Chains21995196
3210Alice In ChainsSludge Factory7:12Alice In Chains31995217
3211Alice In ChainsHeaven Beside You5:27Alice In Chains41995214
3212Alice In ChainsHead Creeps6:28Alice In Chains51995203
3213Alice In ChainsAgain4:05Alice In Chains61995214
3214Alice In ChainsShame In You5:35Alice In Chains71995219
3215Alice In ChainsGod Am4:08Alice In Chains81995220
3216Alice In ChainsSo Close2:45Alice In Chains91995217
3217Alice In ChainsNothin' Song5:40Alice In Chains101995217
3218Alice In ChainsFrogs8:18Alice In Chains111995195
3219Alice In ChainsOver Now7:04Alice In Chains121995198
3220Alice In ChainsAll Secrets Known4:42Black Gives Way To Blue12009238
3221Alice In ChainsCheck My Brain3:57Black Gives Way To Blue22009244
3222Alice In ChainsLast Of My Kind5:52Black Gives Way To Blue32009236
3223Alice In ChainsYour Decision4:43Black Gives Way To Blue42009223
3224Alice In ChainsA Looking In View7:06Black Gives Way To Blue52009244
3225Alice In ChainsWhen The Sun Rose Again4:00Black Gives Way To Blue62009210
3226Alice In ChainsAcid Bubble6:56Black Gives Way To Blue72009227
3227Alice In ChainsLesson Learned4:16Black Gives Way To Blue82009236
3228Alice In ChainsTake Her Out4:00Black Gives Way To Blue92009215
3229Alice In ChainsPrivate Hell5:38Black Gives Way To Blue102009226
3230Alice In ChainsBlack Gives Way To Blue3:03Black Gives Way To Blue112009197
3231Alice In ChainsThem Bones2:30Dirt11992243
3232Alice In ChainsDam That River3:09Dirt21992212
3233Alice In ChainsRain When I Die6:01Dirt31992220
3234Alice In ChainsDown In A Hole5:38Dirt41992211
3235Alice In ChainsSickman5:29Dirt51992213
3236Alice In ChainsRooster6:15Dirt61992197
3237Alice In ChainsJunkhead5:09Dirt71992209
3238Alice In ChainsDirt5:16Dirt81992220
3239Alice In ChainsGod Smack3:50Dirt91992229
3240Alice In ChainsIntro (Dream Sequence)0:43Dirt101992209
3241Alice In ChainsHate To Feel5:16Dirt111992223
3242Alice In ChainsAngry Chair4:47Dirt121992203
3243Alice In ChainsWould?3:27Dirt131992225
3244Alice In ChainsWe Die Young2:32Facelift11990220
3245Alice In ChainsMan In The Box4:46Facelift21990212
3246Alice In ChainsSea Of Sorrow5:49Facelift31990204
3247Alice In ChainsBleed The Freak4:01Facelift41990202
3248Alice In ChainsI Can't Remember3:42Facelift51990212
3249Alice In ChainsLove, Hate, Love6:27Facelift61990197
3250Alice In ChainsIt Ain't Like That4:37Facelift71990209
3251Alice In ChainsSunshine4:44Facelift81990202
3252Alice In ChainsPut You Down3:16Facelift91990200
3253Alice In ChainsConfusion5:44Facelift101990206
3254Alice In ChainsI Know Somethin (Bout You)4:21Facelift111990216
3255Alice In ChainsReal Thing4:03Facelift121990204
3256Alice In ChainsRotten Apple6:58Jar Of Flies11994201
3257Alice In ChainsNutshell4:19Jar Of Flies21994176
3258Alice In ChainsI Stay Away4:14Jar Of Flies31994210
3259Alice In ChainsNo Excuses4:15Jar Of Flies41994219
3260Alice In ChainsWhale & Wasp2:37Jar Of Flies51994209
3261Alice In ChainsDon't Follow4:22Jar Of Flies61994173
3262Alice In ChainsSwing On This4:04Jar Of Flies71994193
3263Alice In ChainsBrother4:27Sap (EP)11994195
3264Alice In ChainsGot Me Wrong4:12Sap (EP)21994196
3265Alice In ChainsRight Turn3:17Sap (EP)31994180
3266Alice In ChainsI Am Inside5:09Sap (EP)41994199
3267Alice In ChainsLove Story3:44Sap (EP)51994213
3268Alice In ChainsWould?3:28Singles (OST)11992201
3269Alice In ChainsNutshell4:57Unplugged11996216
3270Alice In ChainsBrother5:27Unplugged21996205
3271Alice In ChainsNo Excuses4:57Unplugged31996225
3272Alice In ChainsSludge Factory4:36Unplugged41996216
3273Alice In ChainsDown In A Hole5:46Unplugged51996217
3274Alice In ChainsAngry Chair4:36Unplugged61996219
3275Alice In ChainsRooster6:41Unplugged71996203
3276Alice In ChainsGot Me Wrong4:59Unplugged81996225
3277Alice In ChainsHeaven Beside You5:37Unplugged91996225
3278Alice In ChainsWould?3:43Unplugged101996231
3279Alice In ChainsFrogs7:30Unplugged111996202
3280Alice In ChainsOver Now7:12Unplugged121996213
3281Alice In ChainsKiller Is Me5:24Unplugged131996212
3282Alice Peacock feat. John MayerBliss [Edit]3:45TM Century PrimeCuts 515P22003203
3283Alicia BridgesI Love The Nightlife3:27Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 2) (T.G.I. Disco)71995222
3284Alicia BridgesI Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)3:01Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)131998192
3285Alicia BridgesI Love The Nightlife3:06Pure Disco91996207
3286Alicia BridgesI Love The Nightlife3:01Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas92000191
3287Alicia BridgesI Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)3:01The Disco Box (Disc 2)171999225
3288Alicia KeysA Woman's Worth5:05Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 2)12003188
3289Alicia KeysAs I Am (Intro)1:52As I Am12007185
3290Alicia KeysGo Ahead4:35As I Am22007207
3291Alicia KeysSuperwoman4:34As I Am32007199
3292Alicia KeysNo One4:13As I Am42007190
3293Alicia KeysLike You'll Never See Me Again5:15As I Am52007217
3294Alicia KeysLesson Learned (feat. John Mayer)4:13As I Am62007210
3295Alicia KeysWreckless Love3:52As I Am72007192
3296Alicia KeysThe Thing About Love3:49As I Am82007180
3297Alicia KeysTeenage Love Affair3:10As I Am92007184
3298Alicia KeysI Need You5:09As I Am102007212
3299Alicia KeysWhere Do We Go From Here4:10As I Am112007174
3300Alicia KeysPrelude To A Kiss2:07As I Am122007193
3301Alicia KeysTell You Something (Nana's Reprise)4:28As I Am132007201
3302Alicia KeysSure Looks Good To Me4:31As I Am142007181
3303Alicia KeysDah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)4:11Men In Black (OST)41997176
3304Alicia KeysIf I Ain't Got You3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0592004167
3305Alicia KeysKarma3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-12122004182
3306Alicia KeysPiano & I1:51Songs in A Minor12001177
3307Alicia KeysGirlfriend3:34Songs in A Minor22001194
3308Alicia KeysHow Come You Don't Call Me3:57Songs in A Minor32001183
3309Alicia KeysFallin'3:30Songs in A Minor42001203
3310Alicia KeysTroubles4:28Songs in A Minor52001187
3311Alicia KeysRock Wit U5:36Songs in A Minor62001212
3312Alicia KeysA Woman's Worth5:03Songs in A Minor72001185
3313Alicia KeysJane Doe3:48Songs in A Minor82001202
3314Alicia KeysGoodbye4:20Songs in A Minor92001189
3315Alicia KeysThe Life5:25Songs in A Minor102001217
3316Alicia KeysMr. Man4:09Songs in A Minor112001203
3317Alicia KeysNever Felt This Way (Interlude)2:00Songs in A Minor122001170
3318Alicia KeysButterflyz4:08Songs in A Minor132001178
3319Alicia KeysWhy Do I Feel So Sad4:25Songs in A Minor142001184
3320Alicia KeysCaged Bird3:02Songs in A Minor152001135
3321Alicia KeysLovin' U3:48Songs in A Minor162001191
3322Alicia KeysHarlem's Nocturne1:43The Diary of Alicia Keys12003192
3323Alicia KeysKarma4:16The Diary of Alicia Keys22003183
3324Alicia KeysHeartburn3:28The Diary of Alicia Keys32003193
3325Alicia KeysIf I Was Your Woman/Walk On By3:06The Diary of Alicia Keys42003193
3326Alicia KeysYou Don't Know My Name6:06The Diary of Alicia Keys52003176
3327Alicia KeysIf I Ain't Got You3:48The Diary of Alicia Keys62003166
3328Alicia KeysDiary (feat. Tony! Toni! Tone!)4:44The Diary of Alicia Keys72003170
3329Alicia KeysDragon Days4:36The Diary of Alicia Keys82003191
3330Alicia KeysWake Up4:27The Diary of Alicia Keys92003185
3331Alicia KeysSo Simple3:49The Diary of Alicia Keys102003152
3332Alicia KeysWhen You Really Love Someone4:09The Diary of Alicia Keys112003183
3333Alicia KeysFeeling U, Feeling Me [interlude]2:07The Diary of Alicia Keys122003192
3334Alicia KeysSlow Down4:18The Diary of Alicia Keys132003179
3335Alicia KeysSamsonite Man4:12The Diary of Alicia Keys142003201
3336Alicia KeysNobody Not Really [interlude]2:56The Diary of Alicia Keys152003190
3337Alicia Keys Feat. LudacrisLike You'll Never See Me Again3:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-0442008177
3338Alides HiddingHollywood Seven4:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)122001217
3339Alien Ant FarmBug Bytes3:32Spider-Man (OST)62002238
3340Alien Ant FarmThese Days [Album Version]3:11TM Century PrimeCuts 528P132003193
3341Alien FolklifeThomas Cat3:18Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 06121997128
3342Aliotta, Haynes & JeremiahLake Shore Drive3:49   192
3343AlishaBaby Talk4:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)132001234
3344AlishaBaby Talk6:43Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)41997218
3345Alison BrownG Bop3:08Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)71997205
3346Alison KraussOnly You Can Bring Me Cheer (Gentleman's Lady)3:36A Very Special Acoustic Christmas52003210
3347Alison KraussStay3:25Forget About It11999189
3348Alison KraussForget About It3:28Forget About It21999201
3349Alison KraussIt Wouldn't Have Made Any DIfference4:27Forget About It31999179
3350Alison KraussMaybe3:47Forget About It41999175
3351Alison KraussEmpty Hearts3:24Forget About It51999176
3352Alison KraussNever Got Off The Ground3:39Forget About It61999194
3353Alison KraussGhost In This House4:00Forget About It71999175
3354Alison KraussIt Don't Matter Now2:49Forget About It81999185
3355Alison KraussThat Kind Of Love3:43Forget About It91999170
3356Alison KraussCould You Lie2:54Forget About It101999192
3357Alison KraussDreaming My Dreams With You4:28Forget About It111999180
3358Alison KraussI've Got That Old Feeling2:56I've Got That Old Feeling11990189
3359Alison KraussDark Skies2:23I've Got That Old Feeling21990197
3360Alison KraussWish I Still Had You3:47I've Got That Old Feeling31990189
3361Alison KraussEndless Highway2:21I've Got That Old Feeling41990196
3362Alison KraussWinter Of A Broken Heart3:01I've Got That Old Feeling51990180
3363Alison KraussIt's Over3:06I've Got That Old Feeling61990182
3364Alison KraussWill You Be Leaving2:27I've Got That Old Feeling71990204
3365Alison KraussSteel Rails2:19I've Got That Old Feeling81990190
3366Alison KraussTonight I'll Be Lonely Too3:31I've Got That Old Feeling91990187
3367Alison KraussOne Good Reason3:10I've Got That Old Feeling101990182
3368Alison KraussThat Makes One Of Us3:23I've Got That Old Feeling111990183
3369Alison KraussLongest Highway2:49I've Got That Old Feeling121990192
3370Alison KraussWhat'll I Do3:12Mona Lisa Smile (OST)92003183
3371Alison KraussBaby, Now That I've Found You3:49Now That I've Found You11995190
3372Alison KraussOh, Atlanta4:43Now That I've Found You21995186
3373Alison KraussBroadway3:57Now That I've Found You31995186
3374Alison KraussEvery Time You Say Goodbye3:15Now That I've Found You41995187
3375Alison KraussTonight I'll Be Lonely Too3:30Now That I've Found You51995186
3376Alison KraussTeardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew3:41Now That I've Found You61995195
3377Alison KraussSleep On2:23Now That I've Found You71995190
3378Alison KraussWhen God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart4:26Now That I've Found You81995178
3379Alison KraussI Will4:04Now That I've Found You91995173
3380Alison KraussI Don't Believe You've Met My Baby3:10Now That I've Found You101995163
3381Alison KraussIn The Palm Of Your Hand3:25Now That I've Found You111995198
3382Alison KraussWhen You Say Nothing At All4:21Now That I've Found You121995188
3383Alison KraussShimmy Down the Chimney (Fill Up My Stocking)4:24Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)82006180
3384Alison KraussDown To The River To Pray2:56O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)42000167
3385Alison KraussToo Late to Cry2:56Too Late To Cry11987193
3386Alison KraussFoolish Heart3:27Too Late To Cry21987205
3387Alison KraussSong For Life2:57Too Late To Cry31987185
3388Alison KraussDusty Miller3:43Too Late To Cry41987204
3389Alison KraussIf I Give My Heart4:11Too Late To Cry51987182
3390Alison KraussIn Your Eyes3:17Too Late To Cry61987192
3391Alison KraussDon't Follow Me2:46Too Late To Cry71987191
3392Alison KraussGentle River4:27Too Late To Cry81987179
3393Alison KraussOn the Borderline3:42Too Late To Cry91987195
3394Alison KraussForgotten Pictures2:22Too Late To Cry101987180
3395Alison KraussSleep On2:25Too Late To Cry111987197
3396Alison Krauss & Union StationEvery Time You Say Goodbye3:18Every Time You Say Goodbye11992190
3397Alison Krauss & Union StationAnother Night2:59Every Time You Say Goodbye21992189
3398Alison Krauss & Union StationLast Love Letter3:06Every Time You Say Goodbye31992193
3399Alison Krauss & Union StationCluck Old Hen2:34Every Time You Say Goodbye41992212
3400Alison Krauss & Union StationWho Can Blame You3:19Every Time You Say Goodbye51992193
3401Alison Krauss & Union StationIt Won't Work This Time3:00Every Time You Say Goodbye61992197
3402Alison Krauss & Union StationHeartstrings3:33Every Time You Say Goodbye71992187
3403Alison Krauss & Union StationI Don't Know Why2:45Every Time You Say Goodbye81992173
3404Alison Krauss & Union StationCloudy Days3:20Every Time You Say Goodbye91992178
3405Alison Krauss & Union StationNew Fool2:49Every Time You Say Goodbye101992177
3406Alison Krauss & Union StationShield Of Faith2:36Every Time You Say Goodbye111992189
3407Alison Krauss & Union StationLose Again2:57Every Time You Say Goodbye121992184
3408Alison Krauss & Union StationAnother Day, Another Dollar2:32Every Time You Say Goodbye131992182
3409Alison Krauss & Union StationJesus Help Me To Stand3:50Every Time You Say Goodbye141992165
3410Alison Krauss & Union StationLet Me Touch You for Awhile3:46Live (Disc 1)12002199
3411Alison Krauss & Union StationChoctaw Hayride3:25Live (Disc 1)22002209
3412Alison Krauss & Union StationThe Lucky One3:41Live (Disc 1)32002211
3413Alison Krauss & Union StationBaby, Now That I've Found You5:03Live (Disc 1)42002190
3414Alison Krauss & Union StationBright Sunny South3:07Live (Disc 1)52002199
3415Alison Krauss & Union StationEvery Time You Say Goodbye3:04Live (Disc 1)62002192
3416Alison Krauss & Union StationTiny Broken Heart3:08Live (Disc 1)72002201
3417Alison Krauss & Union StationCluck Old Hen2:47Live (Disc 1)82002222
3418Alison Krauss & Union StationStay3:16Live (Disc 1)92002185
3419Alison Krauss & Union StationBroadway3:57Live (Disc 1)102002186
3420Alison Krauss & Union StationGhost in This House4:29Live (Disc 1)112002176
3421Alison Krauss & Union StationForget About It3:18Live (Disc 1)122002201
3422Alison Krauss & Union StationFaraway Land3:19Live (Disc 1)132002196
3423Alison Krauss & Union StationA Tribute to Peador O'Donnell / Monkey Let the Hogs Out4:58Live (Disc 2)12002192
3424Alison Krauss & Union StationThe Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn5:58Live (Disc 2)22002189
3425Alison Krauss & Union StationTake Me for Longing2:47Live (Disc 2)32002199
3426Alison Krauss & Union StationI Am a Man of Constant Sorrow4:12Live (Disc 2)42002208
3427Alison Krauss & Union StationMaybe4:25Live (Disc 2)52002176
3428Alison Krauss & Union StationWe Hide & Seek5:41Live (Disc 2)62002222
3429Alison Krauss & Union StationBut You Know I Love You3:39Live (Disc 2)72002189
3430Alison Krauss & Union StationWhen You Say Nothing at All4:21Live (Disc 2)82002186
3431Alison Krauss & Union StationNew Favorite4:00Live (Disc 2)92002193
3432Alison Krauss & Union StationOh, Atlanta6:47Live (Disc 2)102002215
3433Alison Krauss & Union StationDown to the River to Pray2:09Live (Disc 2)112002155
3434Alison Krauss & Union StationThere Is a Reason5:11Live (Disc 2)122002171
3435Alison Krauss & Union StationGravity3:35Lonely Runs Both Ways12004195
3436Alison Krauss & Union StationRestless2:51Lonely Runs Both Ways22004187
3437Alison Krauss & Union StationRain Please Go Away2:28Lonely Runs Both Ways32004204
3438Alison Krauss & Union StationGoodbye Is All We Have3:52Lonely Runs Both Ways42004192
3439Alison Krauss & Union StationUnionhouse Branch2:55Lonely Runs Both Ways52004222
3440Alison Krauss & Union StationWouldn't Be So Bad3:10Lonely Runs Both Ways62004192
3441Alison Krauss & Union StationPastures Of Plenty3:44Lonely Runs Both Ways72004198
3442Alison Krauss & Union StationCrazy As Me3:13Lonely Runs Both Ways82004201
3443Alison Krauss & Union StationBorderline3:25Lonely Runs Both Ways92004192
3444Alison Krauss & Union StationMy Poor Old Heart3:07Lonely Runs Both Ways102004202
3445Alison Krauss & Union StationThis Sad Song2:20Lonely Runs Both Ways112004196
3446Alison Krauss & Union StationDoesn't Have To Be This Way3:33Lonely Runs Both Ways122004185
3447Alison Krauss & Union StationI Don't Have To Live This Way2:03Lonely Runs Both Ways132004205
3448Alison Krauss & Union StationIf I Didn't Know Any Better3:48Lonely Runs Both Ways142004186
3449Alison Krauss & Union StationA Living Prayer3:34Lonely Runs Both Ways152004149
3450Alison Krauss & Union StationLet Me Touch You For Awhile3:21New Favorite12001193
3451Alison Krauss & Union StationThe Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn4:40New Favorite22001182
3452Alison Krauss & Union StationThe Lucky One3:10New Favorite32001193
3453Alison Krauss & Union StationChoctaw Hayride3:10New Favorite42001201
3454Alison Krauss & Union StationCrazy Faith3:47New Favorite52001186
3455Alison Krauss & Union StationMomma Cried3:20New Favorite62001190
3456Alison Krauss & Union StationI'm Gone3:28New Favorite72001175
3457Alison Krauss & Union StationDaylight4:03New Favorite82001190
3458Alison Krauss & Union StationBright Sunny South3:00New Favorite92001197
3459Alison Krauss & Union StationStars2:54New Favorite102001169
3460Alison Krauss & Union StationIt All Comes Down To You2:44New Favorite112001199
3461Alison Krauss & Union StationTake Me For Longing2:51New Favorite122001190
3462Alison Krauss & Union StationNew Favorite4:34New Favorite132001184
3463Alison Krauss & Union StationPaper Airplane3:36Paper Airplane12011194
3464Alison Krauss & Union StationDust Bowl Children3:06Paper Airplane22011184
3465Alison Krauss & Union StationLie Awake3:55Paper Airplane32011183
3466Alison Krauss & Union StationLay My Burden Down3:52Paper Airplane42011187
3467Alison Krauss & Union StationMy Love Follows You Where You Go4:03Paper Airplane52011201
3468Alison Krauss & Union StationDimming Of The Day5:20Paper Airplane62011173
3469Alison Krauss & Union StationOn The Outside Looking In3:35Paper Airplane72011195
3470Alison Krauss & Union StationMiles To Go2:54Paper Airplane82011179
3471Alison Krauss & Union StationSinking Stone4:42Paper Airplane92011178
3472Alison Krauss & Union StationBonita And Bill Butler4:03Paper Airplane102011192
3473Alison Krauss & Union StationMy Opening Farewell4:09Paper Airplane112011172
3474Alison Krauss & Union StationSo Long, So Wrong3:24Red White and Bluegrass22002204
3475Alison Krauss & Union StationSo Long, So Wrong3:23So Long So Wrong11997205
3476Alison Krauss & Union StationNo Place To Hide3:28So Long So Wrong21997216
3477Alison Krauss & Union StationDeeper Than Crying3:07So Long So Wrong31997202
3478Alison Krauss & Union StationI Can Let Go Now2:27So Long So Wrong41997182
3479Alison Krauss & Union StationThe Road Is A Lover3:11So Long So Wrong51997206
3480Alison Krauss & Union StationLittle Liza Jane1:43So Long So Wrong61997232
3481Alison Krauss & Union StationIt Doesn't Matter3:53So Long So Wrong71997195
3482Alison Krauss & Union StationFind My Way Back To My Heart3:33So Long So Wrong81997201
3483Alison Krauss & Union StationI'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers3:02So Long So Wrong91997216
3484Alison Krauss & Union StationLooking In The Eyes Of Love4:19So Long So Wrong101997180
3485Alison Krauss & Union StationPain Of A Troubled Life2:53So Long So Wrong111997204
3486Alison Krauss & Union StationHappiness3:55So Long So Wrong121997198
3487Alison Krauss & Union StationBlue Trail Of Sorrow3:39So Long So Wrong131997211
3488Alison Krauss & Union StationThere Is A Reason5:34So Long So Wrong141997192
3489Alison Krauss & Union StationTwo Highways3:35Two Highways11989217
3490Alison Krauss & Union StationI'm Alone Again2:56Two Highways21989201
3491Alison Krauss & Union StationWild Bill Jones3:25Two Highways31989195
3492Alison Krauss & Union StationBeaumont Rag2:33Two Highways41989228
3493Alison Krauss & Union StationHeaven's Bright Shore3:04Two Highways51989192
3494Alison Krauss & Union StationLove You In Vain2:23Two Highways61989209
3495Alison Krauss & Union StationHere Comes Goodbye3:51Two Highways71989203
3496Alison Krauss & Union StationAs Lovely As You4:01Two Highways81989197
3497Alison Krauss & Union StationWindy City Rag2:31Two Highways91989220
3498Alison Krauss & Union StationLord Don't Forsake Me4:08Two Highways101989193
3499Alison Krauss & Union StationTeardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew3:42Two Highways111989196
3500Alison Krauss & Union StationMidnight Rider2:49Two Highways121989214
3501Alison Krauss And Gillian WelchI'll Fly Away3:57O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)92000182
3502Alison MacCallumSuperman2:30Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)121995194
3503Alison MoyetThe Coventry Carol3:24A Very Special Christmas141987162
3504Alison MoyetLove Resurrection3:52Alf11984209
3505Alison MoyetHoney For The Bees4:12Alf21984225
3506Alison MoyetFor You Only4:06Alf31984184
3507Alison MoyetInvisible4:00Alf41984207
3508Alison MoyetSteal Me Blind3:18Alf51984179
3509Alison MoyetAll Cried Out6:50Alf61984209
3510Alison MoyetMoney Mile3:44Alf71984217
3511Alison MoyetTwisting The Knife3:28Alf81984224
3512Alison MoyetWhere Hides Sleep4:17Alf91984197
3513Alison MoyetWeak In The Presence Of Beauty3:48Raindancing11987214
3514Alison MoyetOrdinary Girl3:28Raindancing21987224
3515Alison MoyetYou Got Me Wrong4:06Raindancing31987205
3516Alison MoyetWithout You3:29Raindancing41987225
3517Alison MoyetSleep Like Breathing4:22Raindancing51987209
3518Alison MoyetIs This Love?4:02Raindancing61987215
3519Alison MoyetBlow Wind Blow5:49Raindancing71987187
3520Alison MoyetGlorious Love4:23Raindancing81987219
3521Alison MoyetWhen I Say (No Giveaway)2:57Raindancing91987225
3522Alison MoyetStay3:28Raindancing101987194
3523Alison MoyetThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face3:19Singles (Disc 1)11995198
3524Alison MoyetOnly You3:12Singles (Disc 1)21995198
3525Alison MoyetNobody's Diary4:31Singles (Disc 1)31995188
3526Alison MoyetSituation2:24Singles (Disc 1)41995226
3527Alison MoyetLove Resurrection3:52Singles (Disc 1)51995215
3528Alison MoyetAll Cried Out3:42Singles (Disc 1)61995215
3529Alison MoyetInvisible4:08Singles (Disc 1)71995216
3530Alison MoyetThat Ole Devil Called Love3:05Singles (Disc 1)81995167
3531Alison MoyetIs This Love?4:01Singles (Disc 1)91995220
3532Alison MoyetWeak In the Presence of Beauty3:33Singles (Disc 1)101995218
3533Alison MoyetOrdinary Girl3:08Singles (Disc 1)111995232
3534Alison MoyetLove Letters2:51Singles (Disc 1)121995173
3535Alison MoyetIt Won't Be Long4:09Singles (Disc 1)131995231
3536Alison MoyetWishing You Were Here3:59Singles (Disc 1)141995217
3537Alison MoyetThis House3:56Singles (Disc 1)151995197
3538Alison MoyetFalling3:39Singles (Disc 1)161995219
3539Alison MoyetWhispering Your Name3:49Singles (Disc 1)171995212
3540Alison MoyetGetting Into Something4:15Singles (Disc 1)181995213
3541Alison MoyetOde To Boy II2:57Singles (Disc 1)191995196
3542Alison MoyetSolid Wood4:37Singles (Disc 1)201995204
3543Alison MoyetGetting Into Something5:16Singles (Live) (Disc 2)11996195
3544Alison MoyetChain of Fools5:05Singles (Live) (Disc 2)21996196
3545Alison MoyetLove Letters4:43Singles (Live) (Disc 2)31996177
3546Alison MoyetAll Cried Out4:08Singles (Live) (Disc 2)41996188
3547Alison MoyetDorothy3:23Singles (Live) (Disc 2)51996201
3548Alison MoyetFalling3:44Singles (Live) (Disc 2)61996205
3549Alison MoyetOde to Boy3:07Singles (Live) (Disc 2)71996220
3550Alison MoyetIs This Love?3:59Singles (Live) (Disc 2)81996206
3551Alison MoyetNobody's Diary4:30Singles (Live) (Disc 2)91996212
3552Alison MoyetWhispering Your Name3:53Singles (Live) (Disc 2)101996202
3553Alison MoyetThere Are Worse Things I Could Do3:05Singles (Live) (Disc 2)111996187
3554Alive & KickingTighter, Tighter2:45Tower Records: 30 Years On The Sunset Strip92000209
3555All About EveScarlet3:48The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)71999183
3556All About EveFarewell Mr. Sorrow3:34The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 2)51999213
3557The All American RejectsMove Along3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0342006253
3558All CityThe Actual4:14The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)51999181
3559All SaintsPure Shores4:28All Hits12001213
3560All SaintsNever Ever6:27All Hits22001210
3561All SaintsUnder The Bridge5:02All Hits32001190
3562All SaintsLady Marmalade (98 Remix)4:03All Hits42001201
3563All SaintsI Know Where It's At (Original Mix)4:54All Hits52001187
3564All SaintsTwentyfourseven (Radio Version) - Artful Dodger3:48All Hits62001204
3565All SaintsBlack Coffee4:49All Hits72001192
3566All SaintsBootie Call (Single Version)3:35All Hits82001191
3567All SaintsAll Hooked Up (Single Version)3:50All Hits92001214
3568All SaintsWar Of Nerves (98 remix)4:49All Hits102001196
3569All SaintsPure Shores (2 Da beach U Don't Stop Remix)20:06All Hits112001159
3570All SaintsNever Ever5:45Much Dance 199961999182
3571All Star R&B Army For ACTWake Up Everybody4:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-09172004168
3572All-4-OneSo Much In Love3:32All-4-One11994180
3573All-4-OneOh Girl5:45All-4-One21994206
3574All-4-OneA Better Man4:04All-4-One31994179
3575All-4-OneI Swear4:19All-4-One41994204
3576All-4-OneDown To The Last Drop4:41All-4-One51994197
3577All-4-OneWithout You5:11All-4-One61994206
3578All-4-One(She's Got) Skillz4:06All-4-One71994183
3580All-4-OneSomething About You5:06All-4-One91994202
3581All-4-OneThe Bomb4:41All-4-One101994202
3582All-4-OneHere If You're Ready4:54All-4-One111994205
3583All-4-OneI Can Love You Like That4:22And The Music Speaks11995217
3584All-4-OneI'm Sorry4:54And The Music Speaks21995195
3585All-4-OneThese Arms5:01And The Music Speaks31995208
3586All-4-OneI'm Your Man5:26And The Music Speaks41995219
3587All-4-OneGiving You My Heart Forever4:56And The Music Speaks51995176
3588All-4-OneCould This Be Magic3:47And The Music Speaks61995196
3589All-4-OneLove Is More Than Just Another Four-Letter Word5:08And The Music Speaks71995207
3590All-4-OneThink You're The One For Me4:33And The Music Speaks81995195
3591All-4-OneColors Of Love5:24And The Music Speaks91995211
3592All-4-OneRoll Call5:33And The Music Speaks101995199
3593All-4-OneHere For You5:24And The Music Speaks111995188
3594All-4-OneWe Dedicate3:28And The Music Speaks121995191
3595All-4-OneI Turn To You4:52Space Jam (OST)111996191
3596All-4-OneSomeday4:20The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)151996175
3597The All-American RejectsDirty Little Secret3:13Move Along12005236
3598The All-American RejectsStab My Back3:10Move Along22005260
3599The All-American RejectsMove Along4:00Move Along32005253
3600The All-American RejectsIt Ends Tonight4:04Move Along42005243
3601The All-American RejectsChange Your Mind3:40Move Along52005238
3602The All-American RejectsNight Drive3:25Move Along62005256
3603The All-American Rejects11:11PM3:04Move Along72005251
3604The All-American RejectsDance Inside4:02Move Along82005231
3605The All-American RejectsTop Of The World3:25Move Along92005257
3606The All-American RejectsStraightjacket Feeling3:37Move Along102005245
3607The All-American RejectsI'm Waiting3:37Move Along112005245
3608The All-American RejectsCan't Take It2:52Move Along122005227
3609The All-American RejectsIt Ends Tonight4:04Now That's What I Call Music! 24202007243
3610The All-American RejectsTime Stands Still3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0862003226
3611The All-American RejectsDirty Little Secret3:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-07142005238
3612The All-American RejectsIt Ends Tonight4:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-10132006242
3613The All-American RejectsMy Paper Heart3:48The All-American Rejects12002244
3614The All-American RejectsYour Star4:20The All-American Rejects22002216
3615The All-American RejectsSwing, Swing3:53The All-American Rejects32002222
3616The All-American RejectsTime Stands Still3:30The All-American Rejects42002226
3617The All-American RejectsOne More Sad Song3:03The All-American Rejects52002223
3618The All-American RejectsWhy Worry4:16The All-American Rejects62002237
3619The All-American RejectsDon't Leave Me3:28The All-American Rejects72002246
3620The All-American RejectsToo Far Gone4:05The All-American Rejects82002231
3621The All-American RejectsDrive Away3:00The All-American Rejects92002242
3622The All-American RejectsHappy Endings4:25The All-American Rejects102002236
3623The All-American RejectsThe Last Song5:00The All-American Rejects112002235
3624The All-American RejectsI Wanna3:28When The World Comes Down12008233
3625The All-American RejectsFallin' Apart3:27When The World Comes Down22008216
3626The All-American RejectsDamn Girl3:51When The World Comes Down32008209
3627The All-American RejectsGives You Hell3:33When The World Comes Down42008192
3628The All-American RejectsMona Lisa (When The World Comes Down)3:14When The World Comes Down52008201
3629The All-American RejectsBreakin'3:58When The World Comes Down62008224
3630The All-American RejectsAnother Heart Calls Feat. The Pierces4:09When The World Comes Down72008220
3631The All-American RejectsReal World4:03When The World Comes Down82008222
3632The All-American RejectsBack To Me4:28When The World Comes Down92008228
3633The All-American RejectsBelieve3:28When The World Comes Down102008222
3634The All-American RejectsThe Wind Blows4:22When The World Comes Down112008222
3635The All-American Rejects30 Seconds Of Silence0:30When The World Comes Down12200832
3636The All-American RejectsSunshine (Sierra's Song) [Hidden Track]2:59When The World Comes Down132008208
3637Allan HoldsworthLanyard Loop5:46All Night Wrong12002222
3638Allan HoldsworthThe Things You See6:53All Night Wrong22002224
3639Allan HoldsworthAlphrazallan7:04All Night Wrong32002215
3640Allan HoldsworthFunnels5:01All Night Wrong42002220
3641Allan HoldsworthZone9:19All Night Wrong52002220
3642Allan HoldsworthWater On The Brain Pt. II5:30All Night Wrong62002236
3643Allan HoldsworthAbove & Below8:21All Night Wrong72002194
3644Allan HoldsworthGas Lamp Blues7:59All Night Wrong82002230
3645Allan HoldsworthNon Brewed Condiment3:41Atavachron11986267
3646Allan HoldsworthFunnels6:13Atavachron21986251
3647Allan HoldsworthThe Dominant Plague5:42Atavachron31986250
3648Allan HoldsworthAtavachron4:44Atavachron41986255
3649Allan HoldsworthLooking Glass4:36Atavachron51986258
3650Allan HoldsworthMr. Berwell6:23Atavachron61986252
3651Allan HoldsworthAll Our Yesterdays5:29Atavachron71986238
3652Allan HoldsworthPrelude1:35Hard Hat Area11994188
3653Allan HoldsworthRuhkukah5:34Hard Hat Area21994213
3654Allan HoldsworthLow Levels, High Stakes9:05Hard Hat Area31994205
3655Allan HoldsworthHard Hat Area6:06Hard Hat Area41994202
3656Allan HoldsworthTullio6:02Hard Hat Area51994209
3657Allan HoldsworthHouse Of Mirrors7:47Hard Hat Area61994200
3658Allan HoldsworthPostlude5:28Hard Hat Area71994198
3659Allan HoldsworthThe Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun)5:52I. O. U.11982195
3660Allan HoldsworthWhere Is One5:38I. O. U.21982187
3661Allan HoldsworthChecking Out3:39I. O. U.31982190
3662Allan HoldsworthLetters Of Marque7:00I. O. U.41982196
3663Allan HoldsworthOut From Under3:34I. O. U.51982201
3664Allan HoldsworthTemporary Fault3:17I. O. U.61982202
3665Allan HoldsworthShallow Sea6:04I. O. U.71982180
3666Allan HoldsworthWhite Line4:42I. O. U.81982194
3667Allan HoldsworthCountdown3:11None Too Soon11996207
3668Allan HoldsworthNuages5:41None Too Soon21996185
3669Allan HoldsworthHow Deep is the Ocean5:29None Too Soon31996197
3670Allan HoldsworthIsotope5:42None Too Soon41996199
3671Allan HoldsworthNone Too Soon7:43None Too Soon51996198
3672Allan HoldsworthNorwegian Wood5:55None Too Soon61996197
3673Allan HoldsworthVery Early7:41None Too Soon71996196
3674Allan HoldsworthSan Marcos3:24None Too Soon81996205
3675Allan HoldsworthInner Urge6:17None Too Soon91996198
3676Allan HoldsworthSand5:25Sand11987194
3677Allan HoldsworthDistance Vs. Desire5:17Sand21987194
3678Allan HoldsworthPud Wud6:43Sand31987197
3679Allan HoldsworthClown5:14Sand41987199
3680Allan HoldsworthThe 4.15 Bradford Executive8:28Sand51987208
3681Allan HoldsworthMac Man4:02Sand61987220
3682Allan HoldsworthCity Nights2:34Secrets11989195
3683Allan HoldsworthSecrets4:22Secrets21989195
3684Allan Holdsworth54 Duncan Terrace4:34Secrets31989195
3685Allan HoldsworthJoshua5:59Secrets41989198
3686Allan HoldsworthSpokes3:32Secrets51989199
3687Allan HoldsworthMaid Marion7:16Secrets61989189
3688Allan HoldsworthPeril Premonition4:45Secrets71989201
3689Allan HoldsworthEndomorph4:19Secrets81989185
3690Allan Holdsworth02747:46The Sixteen Men Of Tain12000190
3691Allan HoldsworthThe Sixteen Men Of Tain6:26The Sixteen Men Of Tain22000195
3692Allan HoldsworthAbove And Below3:08The Sixteen Men Of Tain32000173
3693Allan HoldsworthThe Drums Were Yellow5:58The Sixteen Men Of Tain42000200
3694Allan HoldsworthTexas5:44The Sixteen Men Of Tain52000200
3695Allan HoldsworthDownside Up7:07The Sixteen Men Of Tain62000211
3696Allan HoldsworthEidolon4:36The Sixteen Men Of Tain72000198
3697Allan HoldsworthAbove And Below (Reprise)4:06The Sixteen Men Of Tain82000186
3698Allan Holdsworth5 to 105:36Wardenclyffe Tower11992207
3699Allan HoldsworthSphere of Innocence5:58Wardenclyffe Tower21992197
3700Allan HoldsworthWardenclyffe Tower8:44Wardenclyffe Tower31992210
3701Allan HoldsworthDodgy Boat5:37Wardenclyffe Tower41992196
3702Allan HoldsworthZarabeth6:31Wardenclyffe Tower51992209
3703Allan HoldsworthAgainst the Clock4:58Wardenclyffe Tower61992212
3704Allan HoldsworthQuestions4:07Wardenclyffe Tower71992209
3705Allan HoldsworthOneiric Moor1:41Wardenclyffe Tower81992188
3706Allan ShermanHello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp)2:49Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)71991193
3707Allan ShermanThe Twelve Gifts Of Christmas3:24Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD41989190
3708Allan ShermanHello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)2:49The Very Best Of Dr. Demento62001181
3709Allan ShermanHello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter from Camp)2:44Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers141993180
3710Allan Sherman with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston PopsPeter And The Commissar24:30Peter And The Commissar11964198
3711Allan Sherman with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston PopsPeter And The Commissar: Side Two Introduction3:01Peter And The Commissar21964192
3712Allan Sherman with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston PopsVariations On 'How Dry I Am'9:43Peter And The Commissar31964201
3713Allan Sherman with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston PopsThe End Of A Symphony8:08Peter And The Commissar41964202
3714Allan TewThe People's Court ("The Big One")0:44Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)271996223
3715AllesMurdock 9 1961824:29Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)132001199
3716The Alley CatsPuddin' N' Tain2:48Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)131991138
3717All-For-OneI Swear3:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 2)32001203
3718Allison Iraheta feat. OrianthiDon't Waste The Pretty3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-07202010238
3719AllisterJimmy's Dreamgirl1:24Dead Ends And Girlfriends11999214
3720AllisterResidential Burglary1:37Dead Ends And Girlfriends21999250
3721AllisterMoper2:19Dead Ends And Girlfriends31999253
3722AllisterJacob2:28Dead Ends And Girlfriends41999255
3723AllisterIt's Just Me2:29Dead Ends And Girlfriends51999245
3724AllisterMiz1:50Dead Ends And Girlfriends61999253
3725AllisterMoon Lake Village1:43Dead Ends And Girlfriends71999256
3726AllisterI Told You So1:55Dead Ends And Girlfriends81999249
3727AllisterTiming3:18Dead Ends And Girlfriends91999254
3728AllisterFriday Night2:27Dead Ends And Girlfriends101999260
3729AllisterChasing Amy2:04Dead Ends And Girlfriends111999256
3730AllisterBoysenberry1:58Dead Ends And Girlfriends121999251
3731AllisterFraggle Rawk1:19Dead Ends And Girlfriends131999242
3732AllisterPictures2:21Dead Ends And Girlfriends141999251
3733AllisterLove Song0:18Dead Ends And Girlfriends151999160
3734AllisterI Want It That Way2:23Dead Ends And Girlfriends161999199
3735The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues4:18At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)11971200
3736The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More3:44At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)21971202
3737The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'3:27At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)31971210
3738The Allman Brothers BandDone Somebody Wrong4:33At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)41971207
3739The Allman Brothers BandStormy Monday8:49At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)51971193
3740The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out4:58At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)61971210
3741The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory Of Elizabeth Reed13:07At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)71971210
3742The Allman Brothers BandYou Don't Love Me19:18At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)81971206
3743The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider2:55At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)91971181
3744The Allman Brothers BandHot 'Lanta5:22At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)11971202
3745The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post22:53At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)21971206
3746The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam33:41At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)31971208
3747The Allman Brothers BandDrunken Hearted Boy6:54At Fillmore East [2003 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)41971181
3748The Allman Brothers BandWasted Words4:20Brothers And Sisters11973192
3749The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man4:48Brothers And Sisters21973197
3750The Allman Brothers BandCome And Go Blues4:55Brothers And Sisters31973205
3751The Allman Brothers BandJelly Jelly5:46Brothers And Sisters41973200
3752The Allman Brothers BandSouthbound5:10Brothers And Sisters51973219
3753The Allman Brothers BandJessica7:31Brothers And Sisters61973212
3754The Allman Brothers BandPony Boy5:51Brothers And Sisters71973200
3755Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post5:21Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)61998197
3756The Allman Brothers BandJessica4:03Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)4 228
3757The Allman Brothers BandDimples5:03Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)61974222
3758The Allman Brothers BandDone Somebody Wrong4:33Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)81974215
3759The Allman Brothers BandLeave My Blues At Home4:18Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)91974214
3760The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider2:55Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)101974180
3761The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues4:18Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 2)61972214
3762The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wondering3:28Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 2)71972217
3763The Allman Brothers BandStandback3:25Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 2)81972206
3764The Allman Brothers BandDreams7:16Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 2)91972211
3765The Allman Brothers BandLittle Martha2:06Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 2)101972190
3766The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wasting Time No More3:39Eat A Peach11972194
3767The Allman Brothers BandLes Brers In A Minor9:02Eat A Peach21972187
3768The Allman Brothers BandMelissa3:54Eat A Peach31972199
3769The Allman Brothers BandStand Back3:22Eat A Peach71972190
3770The Allman Brothers BandBlue Sky5:10Eat A Peach81972189
3771The Allman Brothers BandLittle Martha2:07Eat A Peach91972182
3772The Allman Brothers BandCrazy Love3:44Enlightened Rogues11979212
3773The Allman Brothers BandCan't Take It With You3:34Enlightened Rogues21979219
3774The Allman Brothers BandPegasus7:32Enlightened Rogues31979201
3775The Allman Brothers BandNeed Your Love So Bad4:02Enlightened Rogues41979195
3776The Allman Brothers BandBlind Love4:42Enlightened Rogues51979208
3777The Allman Brothers BandTry It One More Time5:03Enlightened Rogues61979219
3778The Allman Brothers BandJust Ain't Easy6:07Enlightened Rogues71979197
3779The Allman Brothers BandSail Away3:34Enlightened Rogues81979199
3780The Allman Brothers BandRevival4:05Idlewild South [MFSL]11970208
3781The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'3:29Idlewild South [MFSL]21970212
3782The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider2:59Idlewild South [MFSL]31970214
3783The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory Of Elizabeth Reed6:56Idlewild South [MFSL]41970211
3784The Allman Brothers BandHoochie Coochie Man4:59Idlewild South [MFSL]51970209
3785The Allman Brothers BandPlease Call Home4:04Idlewild South [MFSL]61970197
3786The Allman Brothers BandLeave My Blues At Home4:19Idlewild South [MFSL]71970219
3787The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man4:47James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel81991212
3788The Allman Brothers BandDon't Want You No More2:25The Allman Brothers Band11969210
3789The Allman Brothers BandIt's Not My Cross to Bear4:57The Allman Brothers Band21969196
3790The Allman Brothers BandBlack Hearted Woman5:17The Allman Brothers Band31969211
3791The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More3:49The Allman Brothers Band41969203
3792The Allman Brothers BandEvery Hungry Woman4:18The Allman Brothers Band51969203
3793The Allman Brothers BandDreams7:18The Allman Brothers Band61969196
3794The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post5:20The Allman Brothers Band71969202
3795The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man4:45The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)11994203
3796The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider2:58The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)101994211
3797The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man4:47The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)91999207
3798The Allman Brothers BandIntroduction By Bill Graham1:08Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas11976206
3799The Allman Brothers BandWasted Words5:16Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas21976199
3800The Allman Brothers BandSouthbound6:08Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas31976199
3801The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man7:11Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas41976198
3802The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory Of Elizabeth Reed17:25Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas51976198
3803The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More5:46Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas61976198
3804The Allman Brothers BandCome And Go Blues5:09Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas71976202
3805The Allman Brothers BandCan't Lose What You Never Had6:47Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas81976202
3806The Allman Brothers BandDon't Want You No More2:50Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas91976206
3807The Allman Brothers BandIt's Not My Cross To Bear5:26Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas101976201
3808The Allman Brothers BandJessica9:12Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas111976211
3809AllureAll Cried Out (Dance Version)3:53The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)171999177
3810AllureAll Cried Out4:36Total Hits Vol. 2171999197
3811Ally & AJRush3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0272006215
3812Allyn Ferguson & Jack ElliotFish1:04Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)11996160
3813Alma CoganLove Me Again2:51Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 5)72002126
3814Alpenparty BoysHossa Hossa Hossa1:04Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)32005239
3815AlphavilleIao0:43Afternoons In Utopia11986165
3816AlphavilleFantastic Dream3:57Afternoons In Utopia21986212
3817AlphavilleJerusalem4:10Afternoons In Utopia31986217
3818AlphavilleDance With Me4:01Afternoons In Utopia41986216
3819AlphavilleAfternoons In Utopia3:06Afternoons In Utopia51986178
3820AlphavilleSensations4:25Afternoons In Utopia61986186
3821Alphaville20th Century1:24Afternoons In Utopia71986188
3822AlphavilleThe Voyager4:38Afternoons In Utopia81986190
3823AlphavilleCarol Masters4:33Afternoons In Utopia91986196
3824AlphavilleUniversal Daddy4:00Afternoons In Utopia101986189
3825AlphavilleLassie Come Home7:07Afternoons In Utopia111986197
3826AlphavilleRed Rose4:09Afternoons In Utopia121986185
3827AlphavilleLady Bright0:42Afternoons In Utopia131986139
3828AlphavilleA Victory Of Love4:16Forever Young11984192
3829AlphavilleSummer In Berlin4:44Forever Young21984211
3830AlphavilleBig In Japan4:46Forever Young31984214
3831AlphavilleTo Germany With Love4:14Forever Young41984210
3832AlphavilleFallen Angel3:58Forever Young51984210
3833AlphavilleForever Young3:48Forever Young61984191
3834AlphavilleIn The Mood4:33Forever Young71984214
3835AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody4:45Forever Young81984218
3836AlphavilleLies3:33Forever Young91984213
3837AlphavilleThe Jet Set4:55Forever Young101984232
3838AlphavilleThe Paradigm Shift3:47Prostitute11994214
3841AlphavilleAscension Day5:47Prostitute41994219
3842AlphavilleThe Impossible Dream4:55Prostitute51994212
3844AlphavilleAin't It Strange5:22Prostitute71994229
3845AlphavilleAll In The Golden Afternoon3:40Prostitute81994203
3846AlphavilleOh Patti1:45Prostitute91994178
3847AlphavilleIvory Tower3:16Prostitute101994211
3849AlphavilleIron John3:44Prostitute121994214
3850AlphavilleThe One Thing3:55Prostitute131994223
3851AlphavilleSome People4:41Prostitute141994212
3854AlphavilleSummer Rain4:10The Breathtaking Blue11989196
3855AlphavilleRomeos5:29The Breathtaking Blue21989225
3856AlphavilleShe Fades Away4:57The Breathtaking Blue31989203
3857AlphavilleThe Mysteries Of Love4:55The Breathtaking Blue41989210
3858AlphavilleAriana3:42The Breathtaking Blue51989205
3859AlphavilleHeaven Or Hell3:26The Breathtaking Blue61989185
3860AlphavilleFor A Million6:09The Breathtaking Blue71989219
3861AlphavilleMiddle Of The Riddle3:19The Breathtaking Blue81989198
3862AlphavillePatricia's Park4:12The Breathtaking Blue91989195
3863AlphavilleAnyway2:49The Breathtaking Blue101989205
3864AlphavilleForever Young (Special Extended Mix)6:10The Singles Collection11988216
3865AlphavilleRed Rose (Single Version '88)4:27The Singles Collection21988209
3866AlphavilleBig In Japan (Single Version '88)3:52The Singles Collection31988209
3867AlphavilleDance With Me (Long Version)8:16The Singles Collection41988221
3868AlphavilleForever Young (Album Version)3:46The Singles Collection51988209
3869AlphavilleRed Rose (12" Mix)7:54The Singles Collection61988200
3870AlphavilleBig In Japan (Remix '88)7:00The Singles Collection71988213
3871AlphavilleDance With Me (Album Version)3:57The Singles Collection81988214
3872AlphavilleBig In Japan4:44Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)52001222
3873AlquinOriental Journey4:22Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)11990210
3874AlquinThe Least You Could Do Is Send Me Some Flowers2:28Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)21990198
3875AlquinSoft Royce6:58Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)31990200
3876AlquinI Wish I Could11:30Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)41990209
3877AlquinYou Always Can Change3:06Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)51990209
3878AlquinMarc's Occasional Showers3:25Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)61990203
3879AlquinCatharine's Wig2:35Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)71990200
3880AlquinThe Dance12:01Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)81990203
3881AlquinSoft-Eyed Woman2:38Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)91990205
3882AlquinConvicts Of The Air3:55Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)101990204
3883AlquinMouintain Queen4:33Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)111990197
3884AlquinDon & Dewey1:27Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)121990200
3885AlquinMr. Barnum's Jr.'s Magnificent & Fabulous City, Pt. 18:15Marks (1972) / Mountain Queen (1973)131990203
3886AlquinNew Guinea Sunrise6:36Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)11990213
3887AlquinMr. Widow3:31Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)21990210
3888AlquinStranger6:41Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)31990210
3889AlquinDarling Superstar7:59Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)41990212
3890AlquinFarewell, Miss Barcelona2:56Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)51990202
3891AlquinWheelchair Groupie3:12Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)61990210
3892AlquinRevolution's Eve7:26Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)71990212
3893AlquinFool In The Mirror8:20Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)81990211
3894AlquinCentral Station Hustle4:59Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)91990203
3895AlquinL.A. Rendezvous4:39Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)101990205
3896AlquinHigh Rockin'5:29Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)111990195
3897AlquinOne More Night9:01Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)121990210
3898AlquinTake Any Road5:49Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) / Best Kept Secret (1976)131990198
3899AltanSoillse Na Nollag4:39Celtic Christmas101995171
3900AltanDónal Agus Mórag4:27Trad at Heart31995199
3901AltanThe Snowy Path2:14Trad at Heart81995199
3902Alter BridgeBroken Wings3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04152005217
3903Altered ImagesDead Pop Stars3:16The Best Of Altered Images11992206
3904Altered ImagesSentimental3:23The Best Of Altered Images21992203
3905Altered ImagesLeave Me Alone4:14The Best Of Altered Images31992195
3906Altered ImagesA Day's Wait3:31The Best Of Altered Images41992220
3907Altered ImagesHappy Birthday6:58The Best Of Altered Images51992206
3908Altered ImagesJeepster2:27The Best Of Altered Images61992198
3909Altered ImagesI Could Be Happy5:37The Best Of Altered Images71992213
3910Altered ImagesDisco Pop Stars2:35The Best Of Altered Images81992189
3911Altered ImagesLegionaire3:29The Best Of Altered Images91992209
3912Altered ImagesSee Those Eyes3:06The Best Of Altered Images101992207
3913Altered ImagesPinky Blue3:06The Best Of Altered Images111992209
3914Altered ImagesLittle Brown Head2:38The Best Of Altered Images121992202
3915Altered ImagesDon't Talk To Me About Love4:48The Best Of Altered Images131992214
3916Altered ImagesBring Me Closer3:13The Best Of Altered Images141992228
3917Altered ImagesSuprise Me2:58The Best Of Altered Images151992233
3918Altered ImagesLove To Stay3:21The Best Of Altered Images161992197
3919Altered ImagesChange Of Heart3:35The Best Of Altered Images171992184
3920Alvin & the ChipmunksCountry Pride3:23Chipmunks In Low Places11992187
3921Alvin & the ChipmunksAchy Breaky Heart (with Billy Ray Cyrus)4:49Chipmunks In Low Places21992183
3922Alvin & the ChipmunksThere Ain't Nothin' Wrong With the Radio (with Aaron Tippin)4:17Chipmunks In Low Places31992189
3923Alvin & the ChipmunksStand by Your Man (with Tammy Wynette)4:46Chipmunks In Low Places41992169
3924Alvin & the ChipmunksGotta Believe in Pumpkins3:13Chipmunks In Low Places51992173
3925Alvin & the ChipmunksBrothers & Old Boots (with Charlie Daniels)4:27Chipmunks In Low Places61992200
3926Alvin & the ChipmunksDon't Rock the Jukebox (with Alan Jackson)3:44Chipmunks In Low Places71992190
3927Alvin & the ChipmunksDown at the Twist and Shout3:28Chipmunks In Low Places81992192
3928Alvin & the ChipmunksOutlaws (with Waylon Jennings)3:51Chipmunks In Low Places91992189
3929Alvin & the ChipmunksI Feel Lucky3:09Chipmunks In Low Places101992197
3930Alvin & the ChipmunksI Ain't No Dang Cartoon3:06Chipmunks In Low Places111992184
3931Alvin & the ChipmunksThe Boys & Girls of Rock & Roll3:19Greatest Hits (Disk 1)102008128
3932Alvin & The ChipmunksThe Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)2:22The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1141994243
3933Alvin and the ChipmunksAll I Want For Christmas1:40   128
3934Alvin and the ChipmunksJingle Bells2:36   128
3935Alvin and the ChipmunksTwelve Days of Christmas4:23   128
3936Alvin and the ChipmunksThe Chipmunk Song2:23Christmas Comedy Classics5 128
3937Alvin and the ChipmunksJolly Old Saint Nicholas1:52Christmas With the Chimpmunks6 96
3938Alvin and the ChipmunksAll I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth1:41Comedy  128
3939Alvin StardustPretend2:39100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)141997215
3940Alvin StardustMy Coo Ca Choo2:48Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)132001221
3941Alvino ReyNight Train3:48Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale81996186
3942Alvino ReyDeep in the Heart of Texas2:38Your Hit Parade 194214 127
3943Alvino Rey And His OrchestraCement Mixer (Put-Ti, Put-Ti)2:39Pottery Barn Kids: Play Time!42002133
3944Aly & AJChemicals React2:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-08192006249

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