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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1AmandaYou Don't Stand A Chance3:44Rugrats In Paris (OST)22000218
2Amanda MarshallBeautiful Goodbye5:16Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)182001185
3Amanda PerezNever3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-07162003230
4Amanda PerezI Pray3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-05192004205
5Amani A. W. - MurrayCharlie Brown Theme3:39Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown101989203
6Amaran's PlightRoom 3161:34Voice in the Light12007220
7Amaran's PlightFriends Forever2:49Voice in the Light22007206
8Amaran's PlightComing of Age4:58Voice in the Light32007226
9Amaran's PlightIncident at Haldeman's Lake11:28Voice in the Light42007233
10Amaran's PlightReflections Part I3:20Voice in the Light52007192
11Amaran's PlightI Promise You2:56Voice in the Light62007216
12Amaran's PlightConsummation Opus4:31Voice in the Light72007212
13Amaran's PlightTruth and Tragedy3:02Voice in the Light82007231
14Amaran's PlightShattered Dreams13:24Voice in the Light92007230
15Amaran's PlightViper5:36Voice in the Light102007239
16Amaran's PlightBetrayed by Love ~ Reflections Part II7:14Voice in the Light112007225
17Amaran's PlightTurning Point4:47Voice in the Light122007232
18Amaran's PlightRevelation13:10Voice in the Light132007227
19The Amazing OnionheadsDown with V.E.G.3:16Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0311994128
20AmazuluMontego Bay3:05Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)13 195
21AmberThis Is Your Night3:52A Night At The Roxbury (OST)91998253
22AmberThis Is Your Night (Main Mix)3:58Fired Up! (Disc 1)12003249
23AmberSexual (Li Da Di)3:44Fired Up! 282005228
24AmberThis Is Your Night3:15Jock Jams, Vol. 261996249
25AmberThis Is Your Night3:45Ultimate Dance Party 1997141996245
26Amber PacificFall Back Into My Life3:37TMNT (OST)72006166
27The Amboy DukesBaby Please Don't Go5:39Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)191998218
28The Amboy DukesJourney To The Center Of The Mind3:34Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)301998253
29AmbrosiaNice, Nice, Very Nice5:49Ambrosia11975232
30AmbrosiaTime Waits For No One5:01Ambrosia21975232
31AmbrosiaHoldin' On To Yesterday4:19Ambrosia31975200
32AmbrosiaWorld Leave Me Alone3:17Ambrosia41975209
33AmbrosiaMake Us All Aware4:28Ambrosia51975210
34AmbrosiaLover Arrive3:12Ambrosia61975183
35AmbrosiaMama Frog6:06Ambrosia71975209
36AmbrosiaDrink Of Water6:29Ambrosia81975213
37AmbrosiaMama Don't Understand4:31Anthology11997213
38AmbrosiaBiggest Part Of Me5:25Anthology21997203
39AmbrosiaYou're The Only Woman4:20Anthology31997202
40AmbrosiaNice, Nice, Very Nice5:52Anthology41997221
41AmbrosiaLife Beyond L.A.4:45Anthology51997217
42AmbrosiaLivin' On My Own4:40Anthology61997208
43AmbrosiaHoldin' On To Yesterday4:16Anthology71997204
45AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:43Anthology91997209
46AmbrosiaTime Waits For No One4:58Anthology101997233
47AmbrosiaI Just Can't Let Go5:20Anthology111997210
48AmbrosiaHeart To Heart2:47Anthology121997191
49AmbrosiaAnd...Somewhere I've Never Travelled5:00Anthology131997222
50AmbrosiaSky Is Falling6:02Anthology141997231
51AmbrosiaStill Not Satisfied3:59Anthology151997221
52AmbrosiaCowboy Star (Edit)5:22Anthology161997205
53AmbrosiaLife Beyond L.A.4:47Life Beyond L.A.11978225
54AmbrosiaArt Beware2:15Life Beyond L.A.21978208
55AmbrosiaApothecary4:53Life Beyond L.A.31978210
56AmbrosiaIf Heaven Could Find Me4:29Life Beyond L.A.41978219
57AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:44Life Beyond L.A.51978212
58AmbrosiaDancin' By Myself4:42Life Beyond L.A.61978220
59AmbrosiaAngola3:52Life Beyond L.A.71978222
60AmbrosiaHeart To Heart2:49Life Beyond L.A.81978193
61AmbrosiaNot As You Were3:52Life Beyond L.A.91978217
62AmbrosiaReady For Camarillo4:55Life Beyond L.A.101978201
63AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:48Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone102000207
64AmbrosiaAnd...0:47Somewhere I've Never Travelled11976196
65AmbrosiaSomewhere I've Never Travelled4:12Somewhere I've Never Travelled21976229
66AmbrosiaCowboy Star6:24Somewhere I've Never Travelled31976207
67AmbrosiaRunnin' Away3:31Somewhere I've Never Travelled41976202
68AmbrosiaHarvey1:29Somewhere I've Never Travelled51976177
69AmbrosiaI Wanna Know6:02Somewhere I've Never Travelled61976230
70AmbrosiaThe Brunt5:29Somewhere I've Never Travelled71976226
71AmbrosiaDanse With Me George7:51Somewhere I've Never Travelled81976209
72AmbrosiaCan't Let A Woman4:24Somewhere I've Never Travelled91976223
73AmbrosiaWe Need You Too5:33Somewhere I've Never Travelled101976222
74AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:47Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2521996202
75AmbrosiaBiggest Part Of Me5:27The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 2)11 205
76AmbrosiaYou're The Only Woman (You & I)4:16TM Century GoldDisc Update 391991197
77A'Me LorainWhole Wide World3:52Whole Wide World981990320
78Amen CornerAt Last I've Found Someone To Love3:45Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 1)141992189
79Amen CornerIf Paradise Is Half As Nice2:45Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 2)21992197
80Amen CornerHello Suzie2:53Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)71992228
81Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice2:50Number Ones Of The Sixties241993211
82AmericaA Horse With No Name4:1370s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)12005199
85AmericaThree Roses3:56America31972201
87AmericaA Horse With No Name4:17America51972195
89AmericaI Need You3:08America71972210
90AmericaRainy Day2:55America81972197
91AmericaNever Found The Time3:50America91972208
93AmericaDonkey Jaw5:19America111972209
94AmericaPigeon Song2:18America121972200
95AmericaA Horse With No Name4:10Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)5 200
96AmericaGod Of The Sun3:16Harbor11977192
97AmericaShow Down3:14Harbor21977206
98AmericaDon't Cry Baby3:19Harbor31977191
99AmericaNow She's Gone2:28Harbor41977206
100AmericaPolitical Poachers2:41Harbor51977196
102AmericaSergeant Darkness2:59Harbor71977188
103AmericaAre You There2:53Harbor81977203
104AmericaThese Brown Eyes2:32Harbor91977196
107AmericaDown To The Water2:32Harbor121977196
108AmericaMuskrat Love3:05Hat Trick11973206
109AmericaWind Wave2:54Hat Trick21973219
110AmericaShe's Gonna Let You Down3:39Hat Trick31973202
111AmericaRainbow Song3:52Hat Trick41973210
112AmericaSubmarine Ladies3:11Hat Trick51973214
113AmericaIt's Life4:00Hat Trick61973205
114AmericaHat Trick8:25Hat Trick71973209
115AmericaMolten Love3:07Hat Trick81973210
116AmericaGreen Monkey3:37Hat Trick91973220
117AmericaWillow Tree Lullaby2:33Hat Trick101973206
118AmericaGoodbye3:12Hat Trick111973204
119AmericaA Horse With No Name3:50Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)181998204
120AmericaDaisy Jane3:06Hearts11975182
121AmericaHalf A Man3:37Hearts21975203
123AmericaBell Tree2:33Hearts41975192
124AmericaOld Virginia3:31Hearts51975173
125AmericaPeople On The Valley2:42Hearts61975192
127AmericaWoman Tonight2:22Hearts81975197
128AmericaThe Story Of A Teenager3:19Hearts91975192
129AmericaSister Golden Hair3:19Hearts101975193
132AmericaSimple Life2:11Hearts131975204
133AmericaLovely Night2:33Hideaway11976199
134AmericaAmber Cascades2:51Hideaway21976208
135AmericaDon't Let It Get You Down2:58Hideaway31976198
136AmericaCan't You See2:22Hideaway41976198
137AmericaWatership Down4:59Hideaway51976187
138AmericaShe's Beside You2:59Hideaway61976201
139AmericaHideaway Part I1:32Hideaway71976208
140AmericaShe's a Liar3:31Hideaway81976197
142AmericaToday's The Day3:16Hideaway101976184
143AmericaJet Boy Blue3:25Hideaway111976196
144AmericaWho Loves You4:31Hideaway121976191
145AmericaHideaway Part II2:01Hideaway131976217
147AmericaTin Man3:29Holiday21974207
148AmericaAnother Try3:21Holiday31974188
149AmericaLonely People2:30Holiday41974197
150AmericaGlad To See You3:45Holiday51974201
151AmericaMad Dog2:41Holiday61974205
153AmericaBaby It's Up To You2:26Holiday81974205
155AmericaOld Man Took3:15Holiday101974198
156AmericaWhat Does It Matter2:22Holiday111974193
157AmericaIn The Country2:55Holiday121974205
158AmericaVentura Highway3:33Homecoming11972191
159AmericaTo Each His Own3:15Homecoming21972189
160AmericaDon't Cross The River2:31Homecoming31972214
161AmericaMoon Song3:41Homecoming41972209
162AmericaOnly In Your Heart3:19Homecoming51972204
163AmericaTill The Sun Comes Up Again2:12Homecoming61972191
164AmericaCornwall Blank4:19Homecoming71972208
165AmericaHead And Heart3:49Homecoming81972203
166AmericaCalifornia Revisited3:05Homecoming91972215
167AmericaSaturn Nights3:33Homecoming101972195
168AmericaOnly Game In Town4:13Silent Letter11979214
169AmericaAll Around3:22Silent Letter21979204
170AmericaTall Treasure3:19Silent Letter31979199
171America19603:11Silent Letter41979198
172AmericaAnd Forever3:13Silent Letter51979194
173AmericaFoolin'2:54Silent Letter61979208
174AmericaAll Night3:20Silent Letter71979214
175AmericaNo Fortune3:21Silent Letter81979211
176AmericaAll My Life3:03Silent Letter91979198
177AmericaOne Morning2:14Silent Letter101979202
178AmericaHigh In The City3:03Silent Letter111979202
179AmericaA Horse With No Name4:11The Complete Greatest Hits12001197
180AmericaSandman5:08The Complete Greatest Hits22001210
181AmericaI Need You3:06The Complete Greatest Hits32001208
182AmericaEveryone I Meet Is From California3:05The Complete Greatest Hits42001209
183AmericaVentura Highway3:33The Complete Greatest Hits52001185
184AmericaDon't Cross The River2:32The Complete Greatest Hits62001209
185AmericaOnly In Your Heart3:19The Complete Greatest Hits72001200
186AmericaMuskrat Love3:06The Complete Greatest Hits82001194
187AmericaAnother Try3:19The Complete Greatest Hits92001186
188AmericaTin Man3:27The Complete Greatest Hits102001213
189AmericaLonely People2:28The Complete Greatest Hits112001194
190AmericaSister Golden Hair3:16The Complete Greatest Hits122001209
191AmericaDaisy Jane3:10The Complete Greatest Hits132001181
192AmericaWoman Tonight2:23The Complete Greatest Hits142001195
193AmericaToday's The Day3:16The Complete Greatest Hits152001191
194AmericaAmber Cascades2:53The Complete Greatest Hits162001206
195AmericaCalifornia Dreamin'2:46The Complete Greatest Hits172001219
196AmericaYou Can Do Magic3:53The Complete Greatest Hits182001193
197AmericaRight Before Your Eyes3:53The Complete Greatest Hits192001187
198AmericaThe Border4:01The Complete Greatest Hits202001195
199AmericaWorld Of Light4:50The Complete Greatest Hits212001211
200AmericaParadise3:39The Complete Greatest Hits222001203
201AmericaVentura Highway3:27The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)31999198
202AmericaSister Golden Hair3:21The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)13 189
203AmericaYou Can Do Magic3:53The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)51999200
204AmericaHark! The Herald Angels Sing2:31The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 682001206
205AmericaA Horse With No Name4:06Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)142001206
206AmericaSister Golden Hair3:18Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)22001202
207The American BreedBend Me, Shape Me2:12Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On191989209
208American BreedBend Me, Shape Me2:08Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)22000205
209The American BreedBend Me, Shape Me2:07The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)11 204
210American FlyerSpirit Of A Woman2:28The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock51996214
211American Hi-FiSurround3:11American Hi-Fi12001222
212American Hi-FiFlavor Of The Weak3:08American Hi-Fi22001231
213American Hi-FiA Bigger Mood3:38American Hi-Fi32001212
214American Hi-FiSafer On The Outside4:01American Hi-Fi42001215
215American Hi-FiI'm A Fool4:00American Hi-Fi52001238
216American Hi-FiHi-Fi Killer3:05American Hi-Fi62001216
217American Hi-FiBlue Day3:33American Hi-Fi72001243
218American Hi-FiMy Only Enemy3:27American Hi-Fi82001219
219American Hi-FiDon't Wait For The Sun3:50American Hi-Fi92001205
220American Hi-FiAnother Perfect Day3:38American Hi-Fi102001215
221American Hi-FiScar4:03American Hi-Fi112001223
222American Hi-FiWhat About Today3:35American Hi-Fi122001233
223American Hi-FiWall Of Sound5:46American Hi-Fi132001220
224American Hi-FiMaybe Won't Do3:26Hearts On Parade12005234
225American Hi-FiHell Yeah!3:06Hearts On Parade22005245
226American Hi-FiThe Geeks Get The Girls2:50Hearts On Parade32005237
227American Hi-FiWe Can't Be Friends3:22Hearts On Parade42005249
228American Hi-FiSomething Real3:50Hearts On Parade52005231
229American Hi-FiHighs & Lows3:17Hearts On Parade62005244
230American Hi-FiThe Everlasting Fall3:29Hearts On Parade72005236
231American Hi-FiSeperation Anxiety3:35Hearts On Parade82005235
232American Hi-FiBaby Come Home2:51Hearts On Parade92005241
233American Hi-FiWhere Did We Go Wrong3:06Hearts On Parade102005236
234American Hi-FiHearts On Parade5:23Hearts On Parade112005236
235American Hi-FiThe Geeks Get The Girls (Album Version)2:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03182005240
236American Idol FinalistsGod Bless The U.S.A.3:11TM Century PrimeCuts 510P42003193
237American Music ClubGoodbye To Love3:12If I Were A Carpenter11994195
238AmerieI'm Coming Out3:32Maid In Manhattan (OST)12002203
239AmerieTake Control3:42Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)122007240
240AmerieWhy Don't We Fall In Love2:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-08162002220
241AmerieTalkin To Me3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-10182002194
242Amerie feat. Eve1 Thing (Remix)3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05152005173
243The Ames BrothersRag Mop2:40The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)71997170
244The Ames BrothersMelody D'Amour2:40The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)51997176
245Ames BrothersGood King Wenceslas2:19Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer51998196
246The Ames BrothersSentimental Me3:18Your Hit Parade 19509 127
247The Ames BrothersRag Mop2:41Your Hit Parade 195019 126
248The Ames BrothersUndecided3:00Your Hit Parade 1951131988126
249The Ames BrothersYou You You2:56Your Hit Parade 19533 128
250The Ames BrothersThe Naughty Lady of Shady Lane2:52Your Hit Parade 19554 130
251The Ames BrothersMelodie d'Amour2:40Your Hit Parade 1957131990193
252Amii StewartKnock On Wood (Disco Diva Mix)7:38   128
253Amii StewartKnock On Wood3:5070s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)72005212
254Amii StewartKnock On Wood3:53Disco Classics (Disc 1)82004230
255Amii StewartKnock on Wood (Original 12" Mix)7:44Old Disco 00241978192
256Amii StewartKnock On Wood3:43Pure Disco81996230
257Amii StewartKnock On Wood3:52Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-197910 196
258Amii StewartKnock On Wood5:25The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties13 220
259Amii StewartKnock on Wood3:52The Disco Box (Disc 3)91999251
260Amilcare PonchielliLa Gioconda: Act 3 (Dance Of The Hours)9:30In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance131997188
261Amon Düül IIOne Blue Morning7:32Almost Alive11977214
262Amon Düül IIGood Bye My Love8:17Almost Alive21977199
263Amon Düül IIAin't Today Tomorrow Yesterday7:22Almost Alive31977194
264Amon Düül IIHallelujah4:21Almost Alive41977197
265Amon Düül IIFeeling Uneasy6:15Almost Alive51977191
266Amon Düül IILive in Jericho12:07Almost Alive61977209
267Amon Düül IIC.I.D. in Uruk5:36Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]11972205
268Amon Düül IIAll the Years Round7:23Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]21972203
269Amon Düül IIShimmering Sand6:36Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]31972214
270Amon Düül IIKronwinkel 123:54Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]41972197
271Amon Düül IITables Are Turned3:36Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]51972205
272Amon Düül IIHawknose Harlekin9:49Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]61972208
273Amon Düül IILight (Bonus Track)3:50Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]71972212
274Amon Düül IIBetween the Eyes (Bonus Track)2:28Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]81972189
275Amon Düül IIAll the Years Round (Bonus Track)4:11Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]91972210
276Amon Düül IICasteneda Da Dream (Bonus Track)7:46Carnival in Babylon [2000 Remaster & Expanded]101972219
277Amon Düül III Can't Wait (Part 1 + Part 2) - Mirror11:07Hi-Jack11974209
278Amon Düül IITraveller4:28Hi-Jack21974193
279Amon Düül IIYou're Not Alone6:57Hi-Jack31974197
280Amon Düül IIExplode Like A Star4:02Hi-Jack41974215
281Amon Düül IIDa Guadeloop7:03Hi-Jack51974231
282Amon Düül IILonely Woman4:43Hi-Jack61974218
283Amon Düül IILiquid Whisper3:32Hi-Jack71974204
284Amon Düül IIArchy The Robot3:31Hi-Jack81974212
285Amon Düül IIDreams4:11Made In Germany11975213
286Amon Düül IILudwig3:05Made In Germany21975215
287Amon Düül IIThe King's Chocolate Waltz2:27Made In Germany31975206
288Amon Düül IIBlue Grotto4:04Made In Germany41975199
289Amon Düül II5.5.553:14Made In Germany51975213
290Amon Düül IIEmigrant Song3:24Made In Germany61975216
291Amon Düül IILa Krautoma6:12Made In Germany71975218
292Amon Düül IIMetropolis3:40Made In Germany81975211
293Amon Düül IILoosey Girls5:19Made In Germany91975222
294Amon Düül IIGala Gnome1:17Made In Germany101975202
295Amon Düül IITop Of The Mud3:46Made In Germany111975223
296Amon Düül IIMr. Kraut's Jinx8:53Made In Germany121975210
297Amon Düül IIKanaan4:02Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]11969202
298Amon Düül IIDem Guten, Schönen, Wahren6:12Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]21969206
299Amon Düül IILuzifers Ghilom8:34Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]31969201
300Amon Düül IIHenriette Krötenschwanz2:03Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]41969194
301Amon Düül IIPhallus Dei20:47Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]51969204
302Amon Düül IIFreak Out Requiem I4:02Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]61969193
303Amon Düül IIFreak Out Requiem II3:47Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]71969199
304Amon Düül IIFreak Out Requiem III0:42Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]81969175
305Amon Düül IIFreak Out Requiem IV7:49Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]91969204
306Amon Düül IICymbals In The End0:31Phallus Dei [2002 Remaster]101969210
307Amon Düül IIFlower Of The Orient6:04Pyragony X11976182
308Amon Düül IIMerlin4:27Pyragony X21976187
309Amon Düül IICrystal Hexagram5:39Pyragony X31976186
310Amon Düül IILost In Space4:14Pyragony X41976178
311Amon Düül IISally The Seducer3:04Pyragony X51976178
312Amon Düül IITelly Vision4:06Pyragony X61976186
313Amon Düül IIThe Only Thing7:30Pyragony X71976191
314Amon Düül IICapuccino3:08Pyragony X81976184
315Amon Düül IIMozambique7:42Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)61996201
316Amon Düül IISyntelman's March Of The Roaring Seventies15:50Tanz Der Lemminge11971207
317Amon Düül IIRestless Skylight-Transistor-Child19:33Tanz Der Lemminge21971209
318Amon Düül IIChamsin Soundtrack-The Marylin Monroe Memorium Church18:09Tanz Der Lemminge31971185
319Amon Düül IIChewinggum Telegram2:45Tanz Der Lemminge41971197
320Amon Düül IIStumbling Over Melted Moonlight4:38Tanz Der Lemminge51971188
321Amon Düül IIToxicological Whispering7:48Tanz Der Lemminge61971204
322Amon Düül IIA Morning Excuse3:19Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]11974216
323Amon Düül IIFly United3:30Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]21974211
324Amon Düül IIJalousie3:29Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]31974185
325Amon Düül IIIm Krater Blühn Wieder Die Bäume3:08Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]41974221
326Amon Düül IIMozambique7:44Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]51974201
327Amon Düül IIApocalyptic Bore6:40Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]61974208
328Amon Düül IIDr. Jeckyll2:59Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]71974220
329Amon Düül IITrap3:36Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]81974216
330Amon Düül IIPig Man2:39Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]91974206
331Amon Düül IIManana3:23Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]101974219
332Amon Düül IILadies Mimikry4:34Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]111974212
333Amon Düül IIHands Up Fool (Bonus Track)6:15Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]121974216
334Amon Düül IIPink Purple (Bonus Track)7:05Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]131974229
335Amon Düül IILook (Bonus Track)4:59Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]141974195
336Amon Düül IIBomb (Bonus Track)4:12Vive La Trance [2007 Reissue]151974180
337Amon Düül IISurrounded by the Stars7:50Wolf City11972195
338Amon Düül IIGreen Bubble Raincoated Man5:03Wolf City21972201
339Amon Düül IIJail-House Frog4:56Wolf City31972207
340Amon Düül IIWolf City3:19Wolf City41972190
341Amon Düül IIWie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse5:47Wolf City51972205
342Amon Düül IIDeutsch Nepal3:02Wolf City61972205
343Amon Düül IISleepwalker's Timeless Bridge4:55Wolf City71972200
344Amon Düül IISoap Shop Rock13:42Yeti [2001 Remaster]11970185
345Amon Düül IIShe Came Through The Chimney2:59Yeti [2001 Remaster]21970230
346Amon Düül IIArchangels Thunderbird3:32Yeti [2001 Remaster]31970194
347Amon Düül IICerberus4:22Yeti [2001 Remaster]41970199
348Amon Düül IIThe Return Of Ruebezahl1:39Yeti [2001 Remaster]51970205
349Amon Düül IIEye-Shaking King5:40Yeti [2001 Remaster]61970213
350Amon Düül IIPale Gallery2:15Yeti [2001 Remaster]71970211
351Amon Düül IIYeti (Improvisation)18:13Yeti [2001 Remaster]81970197
352Amon Düül IIYeti Talks To Yogi (Improvisation)6:15Yeti [2001 Remaster]91970198
353Amon Düül IISandoz In The Rain (Improvisation)8:59Yeti [2001 Remaster]101970197
354Amon Düül IIRattlesnakeplumcake3:18Yeti [2001 Remaster]111970215
355Amon Düül IIBetween The Eyes2:27Yeti [2001 Remaster]121970197
356Amos LeeArms of a Woman4:10The Last Kiss (OST)132006196
357Amos MilburnLet's Make Christmas Merry, Baby2:56Billboard Greatest R&B Christmas Hits41990130
358Amos MilburnChicken Shack2:29Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)161999144
359AmphoraTimothey3:14Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)111992195
363AmplifierOld Movies5:50Amplifier42005257
364AmplifierPost Acid Youth6:05Amplifier52005260
367AmplifierThe Consultancy4:59Amplifier82005284
368AmplifierOne Great Summer5:57Amplifier92005255
370AmplifierBoomtime4:52Amplifier (Bonus EP)12005275
371AmplifierHalf Life3:48Amplifier (Bonus EP)22005266
372AmplifierThrowaway2:30Amplifier (Bonus EP)32005270
373AmplifierGlory Electricity7:36Amplifier (Bonus EP)42005265
374AmsterdamDon't Be Down3:15Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)192001210
375Amy GrantTennessee Christmas4:36A Christmas Album11983191
376Amy GrantHark! The Herald Angels Sing2:56A Christmas Album21983179
377Amy GrantPreiset Dem König!1:39A Christmas Album31983189
378Amy GrantEmmanuel3:09A Christmas Album41983206
379Amy GrantLittle Town3:10A Christmas Album51983195
380Amy GrantChristmas Hymn1:57A Christmas Album61983177
381Amy GrantLove Has Come4:00A Christmas Album71983185
382Amy GrantSleigh Ride3:37A Christmas Album81983189
383Amy GrantThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts)3:47A Christmas Album91983183
384Amy GrantHeirlooms3:45A Christmas Album101983190
385Amy GrantA Mighty Fortress/Angels We Have Heard On High5:00A Christmas Album111983184
386Amy GrantA Christmas to Remember4:21A Christmas to Remember11999216
387Amy GrantChristmas Can't Be Very Far Away3:15A Christmas to Remember21999181
388Amy GrantSilent Night3:46A Christmas to Remember31999182
389Amy GrantChristmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home)3:10A Christmas to Remember41999186
390Amy GrantHighland Cathedral2:49A Christmas to Remember51999201
391Amy GrantJingle Bell Rock2:25A Christmas to Remember61999196
392Amy GrantMister Santa2:30A Christmas to Remember71999201
393Amy Grant'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again5:04A Christmas to Remember81999188
394Amy GrantGabriel's Oboe2:14A Christmas to Remember91999184
395Amy GrantWelcome to Our World2:56A Christmas to Remember101999180
396Amy GrantAgnus Dei10:33A Christmas to Remember111999184
397Amy GrantIn A Little While4:25Age To Age11982179
398Amy GrantI Have Decided3:17Age To Age21982184
399Amy GrantI Love A Lonely Day4:06Age To Age31982183
400Amy GrantDon't Run Away3:34Age To Age41982190
401Amy GrantFat Baby2:13Age To Age51982180
402Amy GrantSing Your Praise To The Lord3:16Age To Age61982188
403Amy GrantEl Shaddai4:09Age To Age71982178
404Amy GrantRaining On The Inside4:13Age To Age81982190
405Amy GrantGot To Let It Go4:02Age To Age91982187
406Amy GrantArms Of Love3:20Age To Age101982176
407Amy GrantThat's What Love Is For4:19Awesome Hits101992244
408Amy GrantNobody Home3:37Behind The Eyes11997229
409Amy GrantI Will Be Your Friend4:00Behind The Eyes21997215
410Amy GrantLike I Love You4:31Behind The Eyes31997208
411Amy GrantTakes A Little Time4:33Behind The Eyes41997206
412Amy GrantCry A River4:39Behind The Eyes51997211
413Amy GrantTurn This World Around3:40Behind The Eyes61997218
414Amy GrantCurious Thing4:05Behind The Eyes71997219
415Amy GrantEvery Road4:31Behind The Eyes81997198
416Amy GrantLeave It All Behind3:22Behind The Eyes91997221
417Amy GrantMissing You4:29Behind The Eyes101997207
418Amy GrantThe Feeling I Had2:55Behind The Eyes111997172
419Amy GrantSomewhere Down The Road5:08Behind The Eyes121997188
420Amy GrantGood For Me3:59Heart In Motion11991216
421Amy GrantBaby Baby3:57Heart In Motion21991211
422Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat3:33Heart In Motion31991216
423Amy GrantThat's What Love Is For4:17Heart In Motion41991196
424Amy GrantAsk Me3:53Heart In Motion51991201
425Amy GrantGalileo4:20Heart In Motion61991209
426Amy GrantYou're Not Alone3:49Heart In Motion71991216
427Amy GrantHats4:09Heart In Motion81991211
428Amy GrantI Will Remember You5:00Heart In Motion91991206
429Amy GrantHow Can We See That Far4:26Heart In Motion101991190
430Amy GrantHope Set High2:48Heart In Motion111991192
431Amy GrantHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2:37Home For Christmas11992169
432Amy GrantIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year2:26Home For Christmas21992181
433Amy GrantJoy To The World/For Unto Us A Child Is Born2:32Home For Christmas31992194
434Amy GrantBreath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)5:29Home For Christmas41992177
435Amy GrantO' Come All Ye Faithful3:01Home For Christmas51992180
436Amy GrantGrown-Up Christmas List5:03Home For Christmas61992172
437Amy GrantRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:08Home For Christmas71992193
438Amy GrantWinter Wonderland2:17Home For Christmas81992180
439Amy GrantI'll Be Home For Christmas3:27Home For Christmas91992176
440Amy GrantThe Night Before Christmas3:51Home For Christmas101992184
441Amy GrantEmmanuel, God With Us4:56Home For Christmas111992176
442Amy GrantJesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring4:47Home For Christmas121992195
443Amy GrantLucky One4:10House of Love11994200
444Amy GrantSay You'll Be Mine4:04House of Love21994214
445Amy GrantWhatever It Takes4:12House of Love31994202
446Amy GrantHouse of Love4:39House of Love41994213
447Amy GrantThe Power3:54House of Love51994201
448Amy GrantOh How the Years Go By5:15House of Love61994215
449Amy GrantBig Yellow Taxi2:59House of Love71994231
450Amy GrantHelping Hand4:43House of Love81994222
451Amy GrantLove Has a Hold On Me3:56House of Love91994195
452Amy GrantOur Love5:12House of Love101994194
453Amy GrantChildren of the World5:17House of Love111994221
454Amy Grant19744:22Lead Me On11988214
455Amy GrantLead Me On5:36Lead Me On21988208
456Amy GrantShadows5:26Lead Me On31988193
457Amy GrantSaved By Love4:39Lead Me On41988200
458Amy GrantFaithless Heart5:13Lead Me On51988187
459Amy GrantWhat About the Love5:25Lead Me On61988199
460Amy GrantIf These Walls Could Speak5:42Lead Me On71988172
461Amy GrantAll Right4:24Lead Me On81988192
462Amy GrantWait For the Healing5:40Lead Me On91988202
463Amy GrantSure Enough4:02Lead Me On101988202
464Amy GrantIf You Have To Go Away4:03Lead Me On111988207
465Amy GrantSay Once More4:54Lead Me On121988187
466Amy GrantThis Is My Father's world3:06Legacy...Hymns & Faith12002196
467Amy GrantMy Jesus, I Love Thee3:34Legacy...Hymns & Faith22002214
468Amy GrantSoftly And Tenderly4:03Legacy...Hymns & Faith32002185
469Amy GrantI Need Thee Every Hour; Nothing But The Blood4:42Legacy...Hymns & Faith42002193
470Amy GrantWhat You Already Own3:21Legacy...Hymns & Faith52002200
471Amy GrantIt Is Well With My Soul; The River's Gonna Keep On Rolling4:54Legacy...Hymns & Faith62002198
472Amy GrantDo You Remember The Time3:51Legacy...Hymns & Faith72002186
473Amy GrantFields Of Plenty Be Still My Soul4:36Legacy...Hymns & Faith82002175
474Amy GrantImagine; Sing The Wondrous Love Of Jesus5:17Legacy...Hymns & Faith92002203
475Amy GrantCome, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing3:15Legacy...Hymns & Faith102002178
476Amy GrantFairest Lord Jesus3:15Legacy...Hymns & Faith112002208
477Amy GrantHoly, Holy, Holy2:26Legacy...Hymns & Faith122002174
478Amy GrantWhat A Friend We Have In Jesus; Old Rugged Cross; How Great Thou Art3:30Legacy...Hymns & Faith132002183
479Amy GrantMarching To Zion3:21Legacy...Hymns & Faith142002206
480Amy GrantBaby Baby3:54More Summer21994243
481Amy GrantFather's Eyes4:06My Father's Eyes11979177
482Amy GrantFaith Walkin' People3:30My Father's Eyes21979196
483Amy GrantAlways The Winner2:32My Father's Eyes31979186
484Amy GrantNever Give You Up3:22My Father's Eyes41979194
485Amy GrantBridegroom2:51My Father's Eyes51979193
486Amy GrantLay Down2:46My Father's Eyes61979187
487Amy GrantYou Were There2:33My Father's Eyes71979195
488Amy GrantO Sacred Head2:06My Father's Eyes81979196
489Amy GrantAll That I Need Is You3:36My Father's Eyes91979192
490Amy GrantFairytale3:13My Father's Eyes101979196
491Amy GrantGiggle3:03My Father's Eyes111979190
492Amy GrantThere Will Never Be Another3:39My Father's Eyes121979195
493Amy GrantKeep It On Going1:06My Father's Eyes131979196
494Amy GrantLook What Has Happened To Me3:16Never Alone11980174
495Amy GrantSo Glad4:43Never Alone21980180
496Amy GrantWalking Away With You4:25Never Alone31980192
497Amy GrantFamily2:44Never Alone41980165
498Amy GrantDon't Give Up On Me3:59Never Alone51980182
499Amy GrantThat's The Day3:44Never Alone61980171
500Amy GrantIf I Have To Die3:48Never Alone71980177
501Amy GrantAll I Ever Have To Be2:37Never Alone81980169
502Amy GrantIt's A Miracle2:45Never Alone91980194
503Amy GrantToo Late3:14Never Alone101980192
504Amy GrantFirst Love2:50Never Alone111980187
505Amy GrantSay Once More2:26Never Alone121980192
506Amy GrantA Christmas To Remember4:20Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)142003223
507Amy GrantAnywhere With Jesus3:12Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith12005221
508Amy GrantCarry You3:01Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith22005198
509Amy GrantSweet Will of God3:45Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith32005191
510Amy GrantJoyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee3:25Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith42005212
511Amy GrantJesus Loves Me / They'll Know We Are Christians / Helping Hand4:45Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith52005220
512Amy GrantRock of Ages (Duet With Vince Gill)3:39Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith62005204
513Amy GrantO Master, Let Me Walk With Thee2:46Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith72005210
514Amy GrantAbide With Me4:49Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith82005206
515Amy GrantGod Moves In a Mysterious Way / The Lord Is In His Holy Temple2:06Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith92005179
516Amy GrantTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus3:09Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith102005208
517Amy GrantEl Shaddai4:06Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith112005188
518Amy GrantI Surrender All2:37Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith122005235
519Amy GrantO Love That Will Not Let Me Go4:18Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith132005207
520Amy GrantHappy4:10Simple Things12003234
521Amy GrantEye To Eye3:58Simple Things22003236
522Amy GrantSimple Things3:58Simple Things32003244
523Amy GrantBeautiful4:11Simple Things42003218
524Amy GrantOut In the Open4:37Simple Things52003219
525Amy GrantI Don't Know Why3:31Simple Things62003218
526Amy GrantLooking For You4:12Simple Things72003251
527Amy GrantTouch3:28Simple Things82003212
528Amy GrantInnocence Lost4:20Simple Things92003207
529Amy GrantAfter the Fire3:21Simple Things102003181
530Amy GrantBetter Tthan A Hallelujah3:43Somewhere Down The Road12010200
531Amy GrantOvernight (Feat. Sarah Chapman)4:24Somewhere Down The Road22010193
532Amy GrantEvery Road4:29Somewhere Down The Road32010203
533Amy GrantUnafraid3:26Somewhere Down The Road42010179
534Amy GrantHard Times3:01Somewhere Down The Road52010187
535Amy GrantWhat Is The Chance Of That3:27Somewhere Down The Road62010199
536Amy GrantSomewhere Down The Road5:08Somewhere Down The Road72010191
537Amy GrantThird World Woman3:01Somewhere Down The Road82010185
538Amy GrantFind What You're Looking For4:25Somewhere Down The Road92010205
539Amy GrantCome Into My World3:25Somewhere Down The Road102010129
540Amy GrantArms Of Love (2010 Version)2:59Somewhere Down The Road112010183
541Amy GrantImagine/Sing The Wonderous Love Of Jesus5:19Somewhere Down The Road122010208
542Amy GrantWhere Do You Hide Your Heart3:59Straight Ahead11984190
543Amy GrantJehovah5:59Straight Ahead21984191
544Amy GrantAngels4:13Straight Ahead31984209
545Amy GrantStraight Ahead3:49Straight Ahead41984189
546Amy GrantThy Word3:21Straight Ahead51984179
547Amy GrantIt's Not A Song3:28Straight Ahead61984193
548Amy GrantOpen Arms3:25Straight Ahead71984175
549Amy GrantDoubly Good To You3:15Straight Ahead81984182
550Amy GrantTomorrow3:26Straight Ahead91984201
551Amy GrantThe Now And The Not Yet3:38Straight Ahead101984197
552Amy GrantStay for Awhile5:37The Collection11986199
553Amy GrantLove Can Do4:22The Collection21986212
554Amy GrantFind a Way3:31The Collection31986196
555Amy GrantEverywhere I Go4:10The Collection41986189
556Amy GrantAngels4:10The Collection51986209
557Amy GrantThy Word3:19The Collection61986178
558Amy GrantEmmanuel3:08The Collection71986196
559Amy GrantWhere Do You Hide Your Heart?3:58The Collection81986193
560Amy GrantSing Your Praise to the Lord3:17The Collection91986190
561Amy GrantIn a Little While4:23The Collection101986185
562Amy GrantEl Shaddai4:11The Collection111986173
563Amy GrantI Have Decided3:16The Collection121986189
564Amy GrantToo Late4:23The Collection131986198
565Amy GrantI'm Gonna Fly4:24The Collection141986188
566Amy GrantAll I Ever Have to Be2:36The Collection151986172
567Amy GrantFather's Eyes4:05The Collection161986184
568Amy GrantAgeless Medley6:11The Collection171986201
569Amy GrantTakes A Little Time4:33Total Hits Vol. 2121999199
570Amy GrantLove of Another Kind3:23Unguarded11985195
571Amy GrantFind a Way3:28Unguarded21985198
572Amy GrantEverywhere I Go4:36Unguarded31985187
573Amy GrantI Love You4:26Unguarded41985197
574Amy GrantSteppin In Your Shoes4:38Unguarded51985196
575Amy GrantFight4:43Unguarded61985204
576Amy GrantWise Up3:52Unguarded71985206
577Amy GrantWho To Listen To4:23Unguarded81985197
578Amy GrantSharayah4:53Unguarded91985192
579Amy GrantThe Prodigal5:08Unguarded101985189
580Amy GrantLead Me On5:36WOW #1s (Blue Disc)72005228
581Amy GrantChildren Of The World5:17WOW 1996 (Disc 1)21995221
582Amy GrantCarry You4:49WOW 1998 (Black Disc)41997207
583Amy GrantSomewhere Down The Road5:09WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)61998188
584Amy GrantTakes A Little Time4:33WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)21999203
585Amy GrantA Christmas To Remember4:20WOW Christmas (Green Disc)12005224
586Amy GrantIt Is Well With My Soul/The River's Gonna Keep On Rolling4:53WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)92002199
587Amy GrantSimple Things3:57WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)32003237
588Amy GrantCarry You3:01WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)122005192
589Amy Grant feat. Keb' Mo'Come Be With Me4:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-10132004180
590Amy StudtJust A Little Girl3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0782002198
591Amy WinehouseRehab3:34Back To Black12006200
592Amy WinehouseYou Know I'm No Good4:17Back To Black22006182
593Amy WinehouseMe & Mr Jones2:33Back To Black32006170
594Amy WinehouseJust Friends3:13Back To Black42006171
595Amy WinehouseBack To Black4:01Back To Black52006186
596Amy WinehouseLove Is A Losing Game2:35Back To Black62006166
597Amy WinehouseTears Dry On Their Own3:06Back To Black72006196
598Amy WinehouseWake Up Alone3:42Back To Black82006180
599Amy WinehouseSome Unholy War2:22Back To Black92006189
600Amy WinehouseHe Can Only Hold Her2:46Back To Black102006188
601Amy WinehouseAddicted2:45Back To Black112006233
602Amy WinehouseIntro / Stronger Than Me3:54Frank12003184
603Amy WinehouseYou Sent Me Flying6:50Frank22003181
604Amy WinehouseKnow You Now3:03Frank32003169
605Amy WinehouseFuck Me Pumps3:20Frank42003182
606Amy WinehouseI Heard Love Is Blind2:10Frank52003178
607Amy WinehouseMoody's Mood for Love3:28Frank62003178
608Amy Winehouse(There Is) No Greater Love2:08Frank72003151
609Amy WinehouseIn My Bed5:17Frank82003201
610Amy WinehouseTake the Box3:20Frank92003185
611Amy WinehouseOctober Song3:24Frank102003176
612Amy WinehouseWhat It Is About Men3:29Frank112003158
613Amy WinehouseHelp Yourself5:01Frank122003197
614Amy WinehouseAmy Amy Amy / Outro13:16Frank132003165
615Amy WinehouseRehab3:33Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 200742007197
616Amy WinehouseRehab3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0542007202
617Amy Winehouse feat. Jay ZRehab [Remix]3:53Nu Music Traxx Vol. 215 July 200752007163
618Ana PopovicNothing Personal3:36Blind For Love12009218
619Ana PopovicWrong Woman3:45Blind For Love22009245
620Ana PopovicSteal Me Away3:31Blind For Love32009209
621Ana PopovicBlind For Love3:14Blind For Love42009200
622Ana PopovicMore Real3:38Blind For Love52009197
623Ana PopovicPutting Out The APB3:48Blind For Love62009247
624Ana PopovicGet Back Home To You3:34Blind For Love72009217
625Ana PopovicThe Only Reason3:53Blind For Love82009195
626Ana PopovicPart Of Me (Lullaby For Luuk)3:16Blind For Love92009190
627Ana PopovicLives That Don't Exist3:55Blind For Love102009215
628Ana PopovicNeed Your Love3:22Blind For Love112009206
629Ana PopovicBlues For M5:23Blind For Love122009202
630Ana PopovicDon't Bear Down On Me (I'm Here To Steal The Show)3:55Comfort To The Soul12003231
631Ana PopovicLove Me Again5:10Comfort To The Soul22003222
632Ana PopovicComfort To The Soul3:28Comfort To The Soul32003208
633Ana PopovicChange My Mind4:30Comfort To The Soul42003231
634Ana PopovicSittin' On Top Of The World3:48Comfort To The Soul52003236
635Ana PopovicNight By Night3:36Comfort To The Soul62003207
636Ana PopovicNavajo Moon4:47Comfort To The Soul72003228
637Ana PopovicNeed All The Help I Can Get2:50Comfort To The Soul82003209
638Ana PopovicRecall The Days3:45Comfort To The Soul92003225
639Ana PopovicFool Proof3:24Comfort To The Soul102003219
640Ana PopovicJaco4:00Comfort To The Soul112003215
641Ana PopovicLove Fever4:29Hush!12001190
642Ana PopovicMended4:23Hush!22001216
643Ana PopovicHometown7:09Hush!32001214
644Ana PopovicI Won't Let You Down4:22Hush!42001191
645Ana PopovicThe Hustle Is On2:43Hush!52001211
646Ana PopovicDowntown4:24Hush!62001204
647Ana PopovicHow Lonely Can A Woman Get3:59Hush!72001215
648Ana PopovicWalk Away3:22Hush!82001224
649Ana PopovicGirl Of Many Words3:54Hush!92001197
650Ana PopovicMinute 'Till Dawn5:14Hush!102001180
651Ana PopovicBring Your Fine Self Home5:12Hush!112001222
652Ana PopovicHow The Mighty Have Fallen4:39Hush!122001187
653Ana PopovicU Complete Me3:48Still Making History12007223
654Ana PopovicHold On4:11Still Making History22007212
655Ana PopovicBetween Our Worlds5:08Still Making History32007208
656Ana PopovicIs This Everything There Is?3:59Still Making History42007211
657Ana PopovicHungry4:08Still Making History52007227
658Ana PopovicDoubt Everyone But Me4:22Still Making History62007197
659Ana PopovicYou Don't Move Me4:43Still Making History72007219
660Ana PopovicStill Making History6:07Still Making History82007206
661Ana PopovicMy Favorite Night4:56Still Making History92007218
662Ana PopovicHow'd You Learn To Shake It Like That?3:57Still Making History102007211
663Ana PopovicShadow After Dark4:17Still Making History112007206
664Ana PopovicCalendars4:24Still Making History122007214
665Ana PopovicSexiest Man Alive4:14Still Making History132007208
666Ana PopovicU Complete Me (Blues Version)5:23Still Making History142007177
667AnastaciaLove Is A Crime3:20Chicago (OST)182002221
668AnastaciaLeft Outside Alone3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0422004215
671AnathemaForgotten Hopes3:50Judgement31999203
672AnathemaDestiny Is Dead1:46Judgement41999194
673AnathemaMake It Right (F.F.S)4:19Judgement51999207
674AnathemaOne Last Goodbye5:23Judgement61999189
675AnathemaParisienne Moonlight2:09Judgement71999197
677AnathemaDon't Look Too Far4:56Judgement91999196
678AnathemaEmotional Winter5:54Judgement101999200
679AnathemaWings Of God6:29Judgement111999205
680AnathemaAnyone, Anywhere4:50Judgement121999206
681Anathema2000 & Gone4:50Judgement131999200
682AndainHere Is The House4:52Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)42004241
683Anderson & WakemanLiving Tree (Part 1)4:03The Living Tree12010196
684Anderson & WakemanMorning Star4:30The Living Tree22010197
685Anderson & WakemanHouse Of Freedom5:37The Living Tree32010193
686Anderson & WakemanLiving Tree (Part 2)4:37The Living Tree42010195
687Anderson & WakemanAnyway And Always3:51The Living Tree52010195
688Anderson & Wakeman23/24/116:24The Living Tree62010167
689Anderson & WakemanForever5:32The Living Tree72010183
690Anderson & WakemanGarden3:23The Living Tree82010182
691Anderson & WakemanJust One Man4:46The Living Tree92010165
692Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweThemes5:58Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe11989212
693Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweFist Of Fire3:32Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe21989210
694Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweBrother Of Mine10:21Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe31989204
695Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweBirthright6:04Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe41989207
696Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweThe Meeting4:23Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe51989185
697Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweQuartet9:23Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe61989186
698Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweTeakbois7:41Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe71989202
699Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweOrder Of The Universe9:02Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe81989224
700Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweLet's Pretend2:55Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe91989185
701André BrasseurEarly Bird2:17Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)41997207
702André BrasseurBig Fat Spiritual2:33Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)81997207
703André PrevinO Little Town Of Bethlehem2:54The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)41987191
704André PrevinWhat Child Is This?3:09The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)61987194
705André Van DuinEr Staat Een Paard In De Gang3:15Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)112005238
706AndreaI'm A Lover3:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)142001230
707Andrea True ConnectionMore, More, More (Part 1)3:01Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)221998209
708Andrea True ConnectionMore More More6:16Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)42000203
709Andrea True ConnectionMore More More, Part 13:04The Buddah Box (Disc 3)111993203
710Andrea True ConnectionMore, More, More (Pt. 1)3:02The Disco Box (Disc 1)181999246
711Andrew & Jim BaxterGeorgia Stomp2:47Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 1)51952128
712Andrew BirdOh No4:20Noble Beast12009197
713Andrew BirdMasterswarm6:35Noble Beast22009218
714Andrew BirdFitz And The Dizzyspells3:36Noble Beast32009211
715Andrew BirdEffigy5:06Noble Beast42009198
716Andrew BirdTenuousness3:51Noble Beast52009202
717Andrew BirdNomenclature2:54Noble Beast62009196
718Andrew BirdOuo0:20Noble Beast72009167
719Andrew BirdNot A Robot, But A Ghost5:37Noble Beast82009208
720Andrew BirdUnfolding Fans0:57Noble Beast92009186
721Andrew BirdAnonanimal4:47Noble Beast102009204
722Andrew BirdNatural Disaster4:18Noble Beast112009183
723Andrew BirdThe Privateers3:24Noble Beast122009196
724Andrew BirdSouverian7:18Noble Beast132009185
725Andrew BirdOn Ho1:08Noble Beast142009155
726Andrew Bird(Untitled)1:05The Mysterious Production Of Eggs12005216
727Andrew BirdSovay4:41The Mysterious Production Of Eggs22005158
728Andrew BirdA Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left4:59The Mysterious Production Of Eggs32005180
729Andrew BirdFake Palindromes2:52The Mysterious Production Of Eggs42005204
730Andrew BirdMeasuring Cups2:51The Mysterious Production Of Eggs52005172
731Andrew BirdBanking On A Myth4:28The Mysterious Production Of Eggs62005185
732Andrew BirdMasterfade4:10The Mysterious Production Of Eggs72005164
733Andrew BirdOpposite Day4:31The Mysterious Production Of Eggs82005190
734Andrew BirdSkin Is, My3:36The Mysterious Production Of Eggs92005202
735Andrew BirdThe Naming Of Things4:57The Mysterious Production Of Eggs102005192
736Andrew BirdMX Missiles4:21The Mysterious Production Of Eggs112005146
737Andrew Bird(Untitled)1:08The Mysterious Production Of Eggs122005177
738Andrew BirdTables And Chairs4:44The Mysterious Production Of Eggs132005161
739Andrew BirdThe Happy Birthday Song5:03The Mysterious Production Of Eggs142005182
740Andrew BirdFirst Song4:19Weather Systems12003188
741Andrew BirdI3:13Weather Systems22003192
742Andrew BirdLull5:09Weather Systems32003205
743Andrew BirdAction/Adventure4:04Weather Systems42003187
744Andrew BirdUntitled1:36Weather Systems52003218
745Andrew BirdSkin2:53Weather Systems62003205
746Andrew BirdWeather Systems6:31Weather Systems72003179
747Andrew BirdDon't Be Scared3:40Weather Systems82003171
748Andrew BirdUntitled2:38Weather Systems92003204
749Andrew GoldMad About You1:39All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)92005202
750Andrew GoldLonely Boy3:58Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)181993201
751Andrew GoldLonely Boy4:01Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1981993206
752Andrew GoldThe Golden Girls ("Thank You For Being A Friend")0:42Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)171996197
753Andrew GoldThe Final Frontier [Theme From Mad About You]1:35Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold11997205
754Andrew GoldThank You For Being A Friend4:42Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold21997208
755Andrew GoldLonely Boy4:23Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold31997217
756Andrew GoldOh Urania (Take Me Away)4:21Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold41997196
757Andrew GoldNever Let Her Slip Away3:27Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold51997181
758Andrew GoldHow Can This Be Love3:57Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold61997199
759Andrew GoldYou're Free4:08Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold71997197
760Andrew GoldHope You Feel Good4:46Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold81997204
761Andrew GoldOne Of Them Is Me3:58Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold91997199
762Andrew GoldKiss This One Goodbye4:04Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold101997200
763Andrew GoldGo Back Home Again3:12Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold111997215
764Andrew GoldLooking For My Love3:37Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold121997177
765Andrew GoldEndless Flight4:58Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold131997212
766Andrew GoldThat's Why I Love You3:10Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold141997200
767Andrew GoldHeartaches In Heartaches3:13Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold151997218
768Andrew GoldFirefly3:22Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold161997173
769Andrew GoldPassing Thing4:10Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold171997200
770Andrew GoldStill You Linger On3:20Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold181997166
771Andrew GoldCan Anybody See You4:11Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold191997212
772Andrew GoldThe King Of Showbiz4:52Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold201997212
773Andrew GoldLonely Boy4:21The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)111999219
774Andrew GoldThank Your For Being A Freind4:00The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)8 207
775Andrew GoldNever Let Her Slip Away3:25The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)101999196
776Andrew GoldNever Let Her Slip Away3:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)72001171
777Andrew GoldLonely Boy4:17Van Inkel's Choice91993212
778Andrew Lloyd WebberOverture2:28Cats (OST) (Disc 1)11981200
779Andrew Lloyd WebberPrologue Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats5:39Cats (OST) (Disc 1)21981209
780Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Naming Of Cats2:19Cats (OST) (Disc 1)31981204
781Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Invitation To The Jellicle Ball2:13Cats (OST) (Disc 1)41981188
782Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Old Gumbie Cat5:16Cats (OST) (Disc 1)51981196
783Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Rum Tum Tugger3:05Cats (OST) (Disc 1)61981194
784Andrew Lloyd WebberGrizabella2:27Cats (OST) (Disc 1)71981191
785Andrew Lloyd WebberBustopher Jones4:21Cats (OST) (Disc 1)81981198
786Andrew Lloyd WebberMungojerrie And Rumpleteazer3:50Cats (OST) (Disc 1)91981203
787Andrew Lloyd WebberOld Deuteronomy4:52Cats (OST) (Disc 1)101981186
788Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Jellicle Ball7:14Cats (OST) (Disc 1)111981201
789Andrew Lloyd WebberGrizabella, The Glamour Cat3:02Cats (OST) (Disc 1)121981184
790Andrew Lloyd WebberMemory1:23Cats (OST) (Disc 1)131981180
791Andrew Lloyd WebberMemory3:12Cats (OST) (Disc 2)11981181
792Andrew Lloyd WebberGus The Theatre Cat6:41Cats (OST) (Disc 2)21981192
793Andrew Lloyd WebberGrowltiger's Last Stand Incl. The Ballad Of Billy Mccaw9:40Cats (OST) (Disc 2)31981197
794Andrew Lloyd WebberSkimbleshanks The Railway Cat4:45Cats (OST) (Disc 2)41981217
795Andrew Lloyd WebberMacavity6:57Cats (OST) (Disc 2)51981196
796Andrew Lloyd WebberMr. Mistoffelees3:37Cats (OST) (Disc 2)61981221
797Andrew Lloyd WebberMemory5:15Cats (OST) (Disc 2)71981182
798Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Journey To The Heaviside Layer1:53Cats (OST) (Disc 2)81981205
799Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Ad-dressing Of Cats5:19Cats (OST) (Disc 2)91981197
800Andrew Lloyd WebberPrologue1:38Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat11991228
801Andrew Lloyd WebberAny Dream Will Do [Single Version]3:55Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat21991254
802Andrew Lloyd WebberJacob & Sons/Joseph's Coat5:31Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat31991231
803Andrew Lloyd WebberJoseph's Dreams2:52Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat41991233
804Andrew Lloyd WebberPoor, Poor Joseph2:33Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat51991241
805Andrew Lloyd WebberOne More Angel In Heaven2:58Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat61991236
806Andrew Lloyd WebberPotiphar4:43Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat71991238
807Andrew Lloyd WebberClose Every Door3:49Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat81991227
808Andrew Lloyd WebberGo, Go, Go, Joseph5:17Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat91991239
809Andrew Lloyd WebberPharaoh Story3:09Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat101991235
810Andrew Lloyd WebberPoor, Poor Pharaoh1:49Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat111991225
811Andrew Lloyd WebberSong Of The King (Seven Fat Cows)2:56Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat121991242
812Andrew Lloyd WebberPharaoh's Dreams Explained1:22Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat131991234
813Andrew Lloyd WebberStone The Crows2:35Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat141991238
814Andrew Lloyd WebberThose Canaan Days4:33Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat151991224
815Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Brothers Come To Egypt/Grovel, Grovel4:20Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat161991237
816Andrew Lloyd WebberWho's The Thief2:07Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat171991241
817Andrew Lloyd WebberBenjamin Calypso2:26Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat181991241
818Andrew Lloyd WebberJoseph All The Time0:58Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat191991225
819Andrew Lloyd WebberJacob In Egypt1:05Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat201991233
820Andrew Lloyd WebberFinale: Any Dream Will Do/Give Me My Coloured Coat3:32Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat211991222
821Andrew Lloyd WebberJoseph Megamix8:41Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat221991257
822Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RicePrologue1:53The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)11987171
823Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceOverture3:04The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)21987179
824Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceThink of Me4:08The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)31987180
825Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceAngel of Music2:20The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)41987185
826Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceLittle Lotte.../The Mirror...(Angel of Music)2:48The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)51987192
827Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceThe Phantom of the Opera5:02The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)61987189
828Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceThe Music of the Night5:41The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)71987185
829Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceI Remember.../Stranger Than You Dreamt It3:21The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)81987181
830Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceMagical Lasso...0:59The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)91987193
831Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceNotes.../Prima Donna10:55The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)101987195
832Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RicePoor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh3:06The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)111987188
833Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceWhy Have You Brought Me Here.../Raoul, I've Been There...3:10The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)121987176
834Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceAll I Ask of You4:14The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)131987184
835Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceAll I Ask of You (Reprise)3:19The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 1)141987181
836Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceEntr'acte3:01The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)11987195
837Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceMasquerade/Why So Silent...6:24The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)21987189
838Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceNotes.../Twisted Every Way...9:40The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)31987189
839Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceWishing You Were Somehow Here Again3:29The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)41987165
840Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceWandering Child.../Bravo Monsieur...6:26The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)51987186
841Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceThe Point of No Return5:32The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)61987183
842Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim RiceDown Once More.../Track Down This Murderer...11:51The Phantom of the Opera - Original Cast Recording (Disc 2)71987183
843Andrew Loog Oldham[Quote]0:23Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)91968121
844Andrew Loog Oldham[Interview]1:22Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)111968128
845Andrew Paul WoodworthStarting To Turn3:53Single  128
846Andrew PetersonIsn't It Love3:19WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)162001218
847Andrew Sisters And Guy LombardoChristmas Island (1946)2:38Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)71989128
848Andrews SistersRum And Coca Cola3:1020 Greatest Hits1 137
849Andrews SistersBei Mir Bist Du Schön3:0720 Greatest Hits2 155
850Andrews SistersDon't Sit Under The Appletree2:5720 Greatest Hits3 133
851Andrews SistersBeat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar2:5120 Greatest Hits4 134
852Andrews SistersBeer Barrel Polka2:5220 Greatest Hits5 142
853Andrews SistersI Can Dream, Can't I?2:3920 Greatest Hits6 143
854Andrews SistersAlexander's Ragtime Band3:0020 Greatest Hits7 149
855Andrews SistersTuxedo Junction3:0720 Greatest Hits8 137
856Andrews SistersBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy2:4320 Greatest Hits9 140
857Andrews SistersWay Down Yonder In New Orleans2:2320 Greatest Hits10 129
858Andrews SistersPagan Love Song2:2420 Greatest Hits11 146
859Andrews SistersCorns For My Country2:4920 Greatest Hits12 154
860Andrews SistersGimme Some Skin My Friend2:5220 Greatest Hits13 157
861Andrews SistersWhen The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabama2:4520 Greatest Hits14 141
862Andrews SistersBounce Me Brother With A Solid Four2:1920 Greatest Hits15 157
863Andrews SistersHold Tight3:1520 Greatest Hits16 137
864Andrews SistersRhumboogie2:3920 Greatest Hits17 147
865Andrews SistersSonny Boy2:5120 Greatest Hits18 130
866Andrews SistersShoo Shoo Baby2:5120 Greatest Hits19 137
867Andrews SistersCivilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)3:0020 Greatest Hits20 130
868The Andrews SistersWell All Right! (Tonight's The Night)3:16Pottery Barn Kids: Play Time!82002139
869The Andrews SistersRum And Coca Cola2:37Rum & Coca Cola11996126
870The Andrews SistersBei Mir Bist Du Schön2:57Rum & Coca Cola21996127
871The Andrews SistersDon't Sit Under The Apple Tree3:05Rum & Coca Cola31996128
872The Andrews SistersTi-Pi-Tin2:41Rum & Coca Cola41996149
873The Andrews SistersBeer Barrel Polka2:54Rum & Coca Cola51996159
874The Andrews SistersLullaby Of Broadway2:47Rum & Coca Cola61996136
875The Andrews SistersAlexander's Ragtime Band3:00Rum & Coca Cola71996133
876The Andrews SistersPennsylvania Polka2:48Rum & Coca Cola81996126
877The Andrews SistersWhen The Midnight Choo Choo Le2:46Rum & Coca Cola91996127
878The Andrews SistersThe Jumpin' Jive2:49Rum & Coca Cola101996147
879The Andrews SistersJoseph, Joseph2:47Rum & Coca Cola111996128
880The Andrews SistersShortnin' Bread2:49Rum & Coca Cola121996131
881The Andrews SistersWinter Wonderland2:43The Polar Express (OST)102004168
882The Andrews SistersFerryboat Serenade (La Piccinina)3:07Your Hit Parade 194014 126
883The Andrews SistersBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy2:46Your Hit Parade 19417 126
884The Andrews SistersI'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time3:01Your Hit Parade 194117 126
885The Andrews SistersShoo-Shoo Baby2:52Your Hit Parade 19443 126
886The Andrews SistersRum & Coca Cola3:11Your Hit Parade 19453 129
887The Andrews SistersToolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)2:51Your Hit Parade 1948201990126
888The Andrews SistersI Wanna Be Loved3:17Your Hit Parade 19503 128
889The Andrews SistersI Can Dream Can't I2:41Your Hit Parade 195014 130
890The Android SistersTreasury Wizards2:38   320
891The Android SistersTelephone Wires in the Tropics3:58   320
893AndromedaIn The End4:58Chimera22006195
894AndromedaThe Hidden Riddle5:51Chimera32006189
895AndromedaGoing Under6:27Chimera42006200
896AndromedaThe Cage Of Me7:07Chimera52006200
897AndromedaNo Guidelines6:22Chimera62006210
898AndromedaInner Circle7:03Chimera72006220
900AndromedaBlink Of An Eye9:29Chimera92006202
901AndromedaEncyclopedia7:35II = I12003214
902AndromedaMirages5:42II = I22003227
903AndromedaReaching Deep Within4:50II = I32003216
904AndromedaTwo Is One10:09II = I42003206
905AndromedaMorphing Into Nothing7:34II = I52003220
906AndromedaCastaway6:16II = I62003181
907AndromedaParasite6:54II = I72003204
908AndromedaOne In My Head8:02II = I82003202
909AndromedaThis Fragile Surface8:04II = I92003208
910AndromedaSomething White And Sigmund4:03Something White And Sigmund (EP)12003215
911AndromedaMercury 2 Degrees4:42Something White And Sigmund (EP)22003190
912AndromedaRaido4:29Something White And Sigmund (EP)32003216
913AndromedaThird Dimension Color Scene3:03Something White And Sigmund (EP)42003216
914AndromedaStarseeds4:01Something White And Sigmund (EP)52003220
915Andy DickTop of the Woods2:41Hoodwinked (OST)212005211
916Andy Fairweather LowReggae Tune3:19Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)62001198
917Andy Fairweather LowWide Eyed And Legless3:58Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)202001199
918Andy GibbMan On Fire5:21Andy Gibb11991187
919Andy GibbI Just Want To Be Your Everything3:47Andy Gibb21991217
920Andy Gibb(Love Is) Thicker Than Water4:15Andy Gibb31991218
921Andy GibbFlowing Rivers3:39Andy Gibb41991213
922Andy GibbShadow Dancing4:33Andy Gibb51991219
923Andy GibbAn Everlasting Love4:08Andy Gibb61991223
924Andy Gibb(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away4:07Andy Gibb71991205
925Andy GibbDesire4:29Andy Gibb81991212
926Andy GibbAfter Dark4:21Andy Gibb91991210
927Andy GibbI Can't Help It (Duet With Olivia Newton-John)4:08Andy Gibb101991207
928Andy GibbTime Is Time3:43Andy Gibb111991188
929Andy GibbMe (Without You)3:41Andy Gibb121991184
930Andy GibbI Just Want To Be Your Everything3:46Pure Disco 271997218
931Andy GibbShadow Dancing4:35Pure Disco 3181998212
932Andy GibbI Just Want To Be Your Everything3:47Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1976-19775 207
933Andy GibbShadow Dancing4:30Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-197918 212
934Andy GibbI Just Want to Be Your Everything3:46Teen Idols Of The 70's81999215
935Andy GibbShadow Dancing4:35The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)14 212
936Andy GriffithWhat It Was, Was Football5:39  1953128
937Andy GriffithGo Tell It on the Mountain2:21Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)152003195
938Andy HunterAmazing5:18Plastic Compilation Vol. 662002222
939Andy KimBaby I Love You2:54Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)101992209
940Andy KimRock Me Gently3:28Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)211996224
941Andy KimRock Me Gently3:27One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)192001261
942Andy KimRock Me Gently3:31TM Century GoldDisc Update 1181991207
943Andy KimBaby I Love You2:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)212001208
944Andy KimSo Good Together2:54Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)202001190
945Andy McKeeArt Of Motion3:25Art Of Motion12005199
946Andy McKeeWhen She Cries3:35Art Of Motion22005191
947Andy McKeeDrifting3:11Art Of Motion32005171
948Andy McKeeFor My Father3:55Art Of Motion42005154
949Andy McKeePractice Is Perfect2:59Art Of Motion52005167
950Andy McKeeShanghai4:14Art Of Motion62005163
951Andy McKeeInto The Ocean3:52Art Of Motion72005191
952Andy McKeeNocturne3:13Art Of Motion82005167
953Andy McKeeHeather's Song3:24Art Of Motion92005203
954Andy McKeeSamus' Stardrive2:41Art Of Motion102005171
955Andy McKeeKeys To The Hovercar3:48Art Of Motion112005181
956Andy McKeeRylynn5:13Art Of Motion122005165
957Andy McKeeThe Gates Of Gnomeria5:39The Gates Of Gnomeria12007179
958Andy McKeeI'll Be Over You3:24The Gates Of Gnomeria22007177
959Andy McKee7-143:26The Gates Of Gnomeria32007186
960Andy McKeeA Sphere3:22The Gates Of Gnomeria42007180
961Andy McKeeOuray2:21The Gates Of Gnomeria52007178
962Andy McKeeAll Laid Back And Stuff2:45The Gates Of Gnomeria62007171
963Andy McKeeNakagawa-san4:34The Gates Of Gnomeria72007168
964Andy McKeeDependant Arising4:46The Gates Of Gnomeria82007178
965Andy McKeeVenus As A Girl4:28The Gates Of Gnomeria92007199
966Andy McKeeShe3:01The Gates Of Gnomeria102007191
967Andy McKeeEbon Coast5:06The Gates Of Gnomeria112007204
968Andy TaylorWhen The Rain Comes Down3:52Miami Vice II (OST)61986210
969Andy WilliamsCanadian Sunset2:3916 Most Requested Songs11986132
970Andy WilliamsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song2:2716 Most Requested Songs21986183
971Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing You2:2316 Most Requested Songs31986188
972Andy WilliamsRed Roses For A Blue Lady2:2616 Most Requested Songs41986192
973Andy WilliamsDear Heart2:5516 Most Requested Songs51986182
974Andy WilliamsMoon River2:4616 Most Requested Songs61986187
975Andy WilliamsBorn Free2:2616 Most Requested Songs71986212
976Andy WilliamsDanny Boy2:5616 Most Requested Songs81986157
977Andy WilliamsDays Of Wine And Roses2:4716 Most Requested Songs91986204
978Andy WilliamsEmily2:2416 Most Requested Songs101986175
979Andy WilliamsSweet Memories3:0516 Most Requested Songs111986207
980Andy WilliamsMore2:3116 Most Requested Songs121986207
981Andy WilliamsMaria3:4216 Most Requested Songs131986198
982Andy WilliamsWhat Now My Love2:0516 Most Requested Songs141986184
983Andy WilliamsLove Theme From "Romeo And Juliet" (A Time For Us)2:3416 Most Requested Songs151986187
984Andy WilliamsThe Impossible Dream (The Quest)2:3616 Most Requested Songs161986211
985Andy WilliamsBorn Free2:27Andy Williams' Greatest Hits11970210
986Andy WilliamsDays of Wine and Roses2:48Andy Williams' Greatest Hits21970200
987Andy WilliamsMoon River2:46Andy Williams' Greatest Hits31970201
988Andy WilliamsDear Heart2:56Andy Williams' Greatest Hits41970199
989Andy WilliamsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song2:29Andy Williams' Greatest Hits51970192
990Andy WilliamsMore2:31Andy Williams' Greatest Hits61970226
991Andy WilliamsAlmost There2:59Andy Williams' Greatest Hits71970206
992Andy WilliamsCharade2:34Andy Williams' Greatest Hits81970203
993Andy WilliamsHappy Heart3:15Andy Williams' Greatest Hits91970205
994Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used to Losing You2:24Andy Williams' Greatest Hits101970199
995Andy WilliamsMay Each Day2:51Andy Williams' Greatest Hits111970196
996Andy WilliamsIt's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year [A Shrift Remix]4:08Christmas Remixed, Vol. 112003207
997Andy WilliamsMusic To Watch Girls By2:36Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)111997217
998Andy WilliamsBattle Hymn Of The Republic3:26Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 3)121997202
999Andy WilliamsMoon River2:47Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)15 183
1000Andy WilliamsDear Heart2:55Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)14 187
1001Andy WilliamsWalk Hand In Hand2:52Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)12002171
1002Andy WilliamsHawaiian Wedding Song2:28Jukebox Hits Of 195941991232
1003Andy WilliamsThere Will Never Be Another You2:55Lets Dance! The Best Of Ballroom (Fox Trots & Waltzes)11997202
1004Andy WilliamsCharade2:34Lets Dance! The Best Of Ballroom (Fox Trots & Waltzes)131997208
1005Andy WilliamsCan't Help Falling In Love3:15More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)11999206
1006Andy WilliamsAlmost There2:59More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)201999208
1007Andy WilliamsMusic To Watch Girls By2:34Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)11999204
1008Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:10Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)191999195
1009Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:11Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)12001202
1010Andy WilliamsHappy Heart3:13Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)182001211
1011Andy WilliamsThe First Noel3:07Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)112003186
1012Andy WilliamsIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year2:32Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)52006196
1013Andy WilliamsIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year2:32The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)202003218
1014Andy WilliamsHappy Holiday2:37The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)131996191
1015Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing You2:24The Best Of Heartbeat (Disc 2)101994224
1016Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:13The Love Songs11997191
1017Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing You2:22The Love Songs21997187
1018Andy WilliamsSomething Stupid2:58The Love Songs31997175
1019Andy WilliamsSeasons In The Sun4:40The Love Songs41997196
1020Andy WilliamsStrangers In The Night2:32The Love Songs51997182
1021Andy WilliamsFire & Rain3:37The Love Songs61997195
1022Andy WilliamsYou've Got A Friend4:44The Love Songs71997184
1023Andy WilliamsWe've Only Just Begun3:15The Love Songs81997196
1024Andy WilliamsWhere Do I Begin? (Love Story)3:10The Love Songs91997198
1025Andy WilliamsThe Way We Were3:18The Love Songs101997198
1026Andy WilliamsThe Look Of Love2:52The Love Songs111997188
1027Andy WilliamsYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life3:10The Love Songs121997190
1028Andy WilliamsTouch Me In The Morning3:51The Love Songs131997184
1029Andy WilliamsWithout You3:16The Love Songs141997212
1030Andy WilliamsSolitaire4:23The Love Songs151997211
1031Andy WilliamsUnchained Melody3:16The Love Songs161997190
1032Andy WilliamsCan't Help Falling In Love3:15The Love Songs171997254
1033Andy WilliamsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song2:27The Love Songs181997180
1034Andy WilliamsI Won't Last A Day Without You5:17The Love Songs191997199
1035Andy WilliamsMusic To Watch Girls By2:35The Love Songs201997191
1036Andy WilliamsButterfly2:22The Love Songs211997129
1037Andy WilliamsKilling Me Softly (With Her Song)4:18The Love Songs221997199
1038Andy WilliamsMay Each Day2:52The Love Songs231997185
1039Andy WilliamsButterfly2:21The Millenium Collection (Disc 2) (50's)121999182
1040Andy WilliamsIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year2:34The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2221995235
1041Andy WilliamsSleigh Ride2:06The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 592000208
1042Andy WilliamsLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2:16The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 662001212
1043Andy WilliamsSilver Bells3:09The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6192001214
1044Andy WilliamsThe Village Of St. Bernadette3:20The Village Of St Bernadette751960320
1045Andy WilliamsO Holy Night3:25Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy61998196
1046Andy WilliamsA Song and a Christmas Tree (The Twelve Days of Christmas)3:58Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer61998205
1047Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing You2:23Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)92001191
1048Andy WilliamsMary's Little Boy Child4:13We Need A Little Christmas11996194
1049Andy WilliamsI'll Be Home For Christmas3:21We Need A Little Christmas21996173
1050Andy WilliamsUp On The House-Top3:08We Need A Little Christmas31996200
1051Andy WilliamsAway In A Manger3:01We Need A Little Christmas41996182
1052Andy WilliamsWe Need A Little Christmas3:32We Need A Little Christmas51996209
1053Andy WilliamsAngel Medley4:40We Need A Little Christmas61996202
1054Andy WilliamsThe Christmas Song4:02We Need A Little Christmas71996180
1055Andy WilliamsIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year3:34We Need A Little Christmas81996190
1056Andy WilliamsJolly Old Saint Nicholas2:33We Need A Little Christmas91996172
1057Andy WilliamsI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day3:08We Need A Little Christmas101996184
1058Andy WilliamsWhat Child Is This?4:09We Need A Little Christmas111996196
1059Andy WilliamsSilent Night5:27We Need A Little Christmas121996181
1060Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing You2:23Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s21992177
1061Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of Love2:32Your Hit Parade - Late 50's13 152
1062Andy WilliamsA Fool Never Learns1:58Your Hit Parade - The '60s11993208
1063Andy WilliamsCanadian Sunset2:38Your Hit Parade 19568 127
1064Andy WilliamsButterfly2:24Your Hit Parade 1957211990126
1065Andy WilliamsAre You Sincere2:43Your Hit Parade 195841990185
1066Andy WilliamsLonely Street2:49Your Hit Parade 195910 185
1067Andy WilliamsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song2:28Your Hit Parade 195923 180
1068AnekaJapanese Boy3:57Hit History Vol. 27 198141990219
1069AnekdotenFrom Within7:26From Within11999212
1070AnekdotenKiss Of Life4:40From Within21999232
1071AnekdotenGroundbound5:24From Within31999224
1072AnekdotenHole11:08From Within41999218
1073AnekdotenSlow Fire7:26From Within51999216
1074AnekdotenFirefly4:49From Within61999205
1075AnekdotenThe Sun Absolute6:39From Within71999215
1076AnekdotenFor Someone3:30From Within81999195
1077AnekdotenNucleus5:11Live [EP]11997222
1078AnekdotenThe Flow6:03Live [EP]21997232
1079AnekdotenA Way of Life8:11Live [EP]31997204
1080AnekdotenKarelia6:04Live [EP]41997216
1083AnekdotenBook Of Hours A) Pendulum Swing B) The Book9:58Nucleus31995196
1087AnekdotenThis Far From The Sky8:56Nucleus71995209
1088AnekdotenIn Freedom6:27Nucleus81995149
1089AnekdotenKarelia7:22Vemod [JP]11993207
1090AnekdotenThe Old Man And The Sea7:49Vemod [JP]21993190
1091AnekdotenWhere Solitude Remains7:21Vemod [JP]31993203
1092AnekdotenThoughts In Absence4:12Vemod [JP]41993194
1093AnekdotenThe Flow7:00Vemod [JP]51993203
1094AnekdotenLonging4:54Vemod [JP]61993197
1095AnekdotenWheel8:05Vemod [JP]71993192
1096AnekdotenSad Rain (Bonus Track)10:13Vemod [JP]81993176
1097AngeFils De Lumiere3:59Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)91996210
1098AngelChristmas Song4:04A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II51998181
1099AngelWinter Song3:47Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)122001216
1100AngelWintersong3:48Van Inkel's Choice101993197
1101Angela LansburyBeauty And The Beast2:46Beauty And The Beast (OST)91991186
1102Angela LansburyBeauty And The Beast (Beauty And The Beast 1991)2:46Classic Disney, Vol. 131995186
1103Angela LansburyThe Age Of Not Believing (Bedknobs And Broomsticks 1971)3:17Classic Disney, Vol. 2101995197
1104Angela LansburyA Step In The Right Direction (Bedknobs And Broomsticks 1971)2:24Classic Disney, Vol. 5141998201
1105The Angelic Gospel SingersTouch Me Lord Jesus2:39Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel51992127
1106Angelica & The SumosBad Girls4:05Rugrats In Paris (OST)132000233
1107Angelique KidjoAe Ae3:31Djin Djin12007241
1108Angelique KidjoDjin Djin (feat. Alicia Keys & Branford Marsalis)4:18Djin Djin22007223
1109Angelique KidjoGimme Shelter (feat. Joss Stone)4:08Djin Djin32007238
1110Angelique KidjoSalala (feat. Peter Gabriel)3:24Djin Djin42007219
1111Angelique KidjoSenamou (C'est L'amour) (feat. Amadou & Mariam)3:44Djin Djin52007237
1112Angelique KidjoPearls (feat. Carlos Santana & Josh Groban)5:05Djin Djin62007214
1113Angelique KidjoSedjedo (feat. Ziggy Marley)3:56Djin Djin72007232
1114Angelique KidjoPapa4:35Djin Djin82007241
1115Angelique KidjoArouna3:35Djin Djin92007227
1116Angelique KidjoAwan N'La3:29Djin Djin102007243
1117Angelique KidjoEmma3:29Djin Djin112007205
1118Angelique KidjoMama Golo Papa3:41Djin Djin122007236
1119Angelique KidjoLonlon (Ravel's Bolero)4:54Djin Djin132007201
1120Angélique KidjoAgolo4:50Ayé11994213
1121Angélique KidjoAdouma4:28Ayé21994218
1122Angélique KidjoAzan Nan Kpé4:10Ayé31994196
1123Angélique KidjoTatchédogbé4:21Ayé41994218
1124Angélique KidjoDjan-Djan4:11Ayé51994208
1125Angélique KidjoLon Lon Vadjro5:09Ayé61994209
1126Angélique KidjoHoungbati4:44Ayé71994209
1127Angélique KidjoIdjé Idjé5:48Ayé81994206
1128Angélique KidjoYemandja4:14Ayé91994208
1129Angélique KidjoTombo4:55Ayé101994227
1130Angélique KidjoRefavela4:15Black Ivory Soul12002220
1131Angélique KidjoTumba3:48Black Ivory Soul22002226
1132Angélique KidjoLes Enfants Perdus3:32Black Ivory Soul32002195
1133Angélique KidjoBahia3:33Black Ivory Soul42002207
1134Angélique KidjoNe Cédez Jamais3:55Black Ivory Soul52002192
1135Angélique KidjoIemanja4:25Black Ivory Soul62002212
1136Angélique KidjoAfirika4:15Black Ivory Soul72002211
1137Angélique KidjoOlofoofo4:14Black Ivory Soul82002208
1138Angélique KidjoCes Petits Riens2:14Black Ivory Soul92002172
1139Angélique KidjoBlack Ivory Soul (Edit)4:17Black Ivory Soul102002221
1140Angélique KidjoOminira4:23Black Ivory Soul112002221
1141Angélique KidjoOkan Bale3:32Black Ivory Soul122002192
1142Angélique KidjoIwoya (Duet With Dave Matthews)3:47Black Ivory Soul132002207
1143Angélique KidjoMondjuba3:04Black Ivory Soul142002189
1144Angélique KidjoLes Enfants Perdus (Single Version)3:46Black Ivory Soul152002207
1145Angélique KidjoThe Sound Of The Drums4:59Fifa11996249
1146Angélique KidjoWombo Lombo4:15Fifa21996233
1147Angélique KidjoWelcome4:25Fifa31996257
1148Angélique KidjoShango4:53Fifa41996269
1149Angélique KidjoBitchifi4:27Fifa51996250
1150Angélique KidjoFifa3:57Fifa61996240
1151Angélique KidjoGoddess Of The Sea4:11Fifa71996254
1152Angélique KidjoAkwaba4:24Fifa81996246
1153Angélique KidjoKoro-Koro3:41Fifa91996263
1154Angélique KidjoNaïma4:31Fifa101996228
1155Angélique KidjoBatonga4:34Logozo11991216
1156Angélique KidjoTché-Tché4:37Logozo21991201
1157Angélique KidjoLogozo3:51Logozo31991183
1158Angélique KidjoWé-Wé4:27Logozo41991202
1159Angélique KidjoMalaïka4:15Logozo51991181
1160Angélique KidjoEwa Ka Djo4:18Logozo61991206
1161Angélique KidjoKaléta4:37Logozo71991203
1162Angélique KidjoElédjiré3:50Logozo81991219
1163Angélique KidjoSénié1:54Logozo91991169
1164Angélique KidjoEkoléya4:12Logozo101991206
1165Angélique KidjoIntroduction0:38Oremi11998179
1166Angélique KidjoVoodoo Child (Slight Return)3:49Oremi21998214
1167Angélique KidjoNever Know4:43Oremi31998216
1168Angélique KidjoBabalao4:31Oremi41998209
1169Angélique KidjoLoloye3:52Oremi51998196
1170Angélique KidjoItche Koutche5:56Oremi61998211
1171Angélique KidjoOpen Your Eyes4:28Oremi71998214
1172Angélique KidjoYaki Yaki3:42Oremi81998211
1173Angélique KidjoGive It Up4:20Oremi91998214
1174Angélique KidjoOremi3:51Oremi101998201
1175Angélique KidjoOrubaba4:16Oremi111998201
1176Angélique KidjoNo Worry3:42Oremi121998197
1177Angélique KidjoAlindjo4:05Parakou11990216
1178Angélique KidjoZanku4:18Parakou21990206
1179Angélique KidjoDoliéo3:56Parakou31990204
1180Angélique KidjoAgossi4:02Parakou41990219
1181Angélique KidjoKpeti-Kpeti4:07Parakou51990217
1182Angélique KidjoGogbahoun4:01Parakou61990192
1183Angélique KidjoBlewu2:04Parakou71990176
1184Angélique KidjoYonnoun4:40Parakou81990223
1185Angélique KidjoTanyin3:12Parakou91990197
1186Angélique KidjoWe Are One4:10The Lion King II: Return To Pride Rock (OST)71998217
1187Angelo Badalamenti & David LynchTwin Peaks2:44Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)541996196
1188Angelo BadelamentiTwin Peaks Theme4:21This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)241999192
1189AngelsTill2:28AM Gold: 1962151995186
1190The AngelsAm I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again3:18Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)42000208
1191The AngelsShadow Boxer2:40Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 5)131998215
1192The Angels'Til2:27Girls Girls Girls Volume 1151995221
1193The AngelsNo Secrets4:17Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)101992206
1194The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:39Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)41996217
1195The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:37Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)9 226
1196The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:08Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 2)182004233
1197The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:39Sock Hoppin' Sixties81988220
1198The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:39The '60s - Keep on Rockin'1 221
1199The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:39The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 211990275
1200The Angels'Til2:30The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance111991204
1201The AngelsMy Boyfriend's Back2:40TM Century GoldDisc Update 6121991227
1202The AngelsBack Street Pick Up4:20U Can't Touch This151990207
1203AnggunSnow On The Sahara3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0671998207
1204Angie Martinez feat. Lil' Mo & SacarioIf I Couuld Go!4:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1082002193
1205Angie StoneBrotha4:30Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 1)32003178
1206Angie StoneGroove Me4:15Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)42002191
1211ÄnglagårdSista Somrar13:11Epilog51994193
1212ÄnglagårdSaknadens Fullhet2:00Epilog61994189
1214ÄnglagårdVandringar I Vilsenhet11:57Hybris21992190
1215ÄnglagårdIfrån Klarhet Till Klarhet8:09Hybris31992196
1216ÄnglagårdKung Bore12:57Hybris41992192
1217Angus And Julia StonePaper Aeroplane3:41Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)132007231
1218Ani DiFrancoNot A Pretty Girl3:56Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)182005195
1219Ani DiFranco & Jackie ChanUnforgettable3:54When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear12002175
1220Animal CollectiveGraze5:22Fall Be Kind (EP)12009215
1221Animal CollectiveWhat Would I Want? Sky6:45Fall Be Kind (EP)22009215
1222Animal CollectiveBleed3:28Fall Be Kind (EP)32009188
1223Animal CollectiveOn a Highway4:36Fall Be Kind (EP)42009206
1224Animal CollectiveI Think I Can7:09Fall Be Kind (EP)52009217
1225Animal CollectiveDid You See the Words5:15Feels12005202
1226Animal CollectiveGrass2:59Feels22005206
1227Animal CollectiveFlesh Canoe3:44Feels32005208
1228Animal CollectiveThe Purple Bottle6:48Feels42005199
1229Animal CollectiveBees5:38Feels52005199
1230Animal CollectiveBanshee Beat8:22Feels62005194
1231Animal CollectiveDaffy Duck7:34Feels72005200
1232Animal CollectiveLoch Raven4:59Feels82005166
1233Animal CollectiveTurn into Something6:29Feels92005203
1234Animal CollectiveNative Belle3:52Here Comes The Indian12003217
1235Animal CollectiveHey Light5:41Here Comes The Indian22003204
1236Animal CollectiveInfant Dressing Table8:35Here Comes The Indian32003221
1237Animal CollectivePanic4:48Here Comes The Indian42003192
1238Animal CollectiveTwo Sails On A Sound12:20Here Comes The Indian52003203
1239Animal CollectiveSlippi2:49Here Comes The Indian62003208
1240Animal CollectiveToo Soon6:27Here Comes The Indian72003203
1241Animal CollectiveIn The Flowers5:22Merriweather Post Pavilion12009212
1242Animal CollectiveMy Girls5:40Merriweather Post Pavilion22009207
1243Animal CollectiveAlso Frightened5:14Merriweather Post Pavilion32009210
1244Animal CollectiveSummertime Clothes4:30Merriweather Post Pavilion42009211
1245Animal CollectiveDaily Routine5:46Merriweather Post Pavilion52009208
1246Animal CollectiveBluish5:13Merriweather Post Pavilion62009222
1247Animal CollectiveGuys Eyes4:30Merriweather Post Pavilion72009206
1248Animal CollectiveTaste3:53Merriweather Post Pavilion82009213
1249Animal CollectiveLion In A Coma4:12Merriweather Post Pavilion92009228
1250Animal CollectiveNo More Runnin4:23Merriweather Post Pavilion102009195
1251Animal CollectiveBrother Sport5:59Merriweather Post Pavilion112009215
1252Animal CollectiveIt's You3:39Prospect Hummer (EP)12005168
1253Animal CollectiveProspect Hummer4:40Prospect Hummer (EP)22005192
1254Animal CollectiveBaleen Sample5:05Prospect Hummer (EP)32005203
1255Animal CollectiveI Remember Learning How To Drive2:17Prospect Hummer (EP)42005187
1256Animal CollectiveSpirit They've Vanished5:35Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)12003241
1257Animal CollectiveApril And The Phantom5:53Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)22003228
1258Animal Collective(Untitled)2:58Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)32003186
1259Animal CollectivePenny Dreadfuls7:59Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)42003198
1260Animal CollectiveChocolate Girl8:28Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)52003212
1261Animal CollectiveEveryone Whistling1:00Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)62003216
1262Animal CollectiveLa Rapet7:52Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)72003221
1263Animal CollectiveBat You'll Fly5:03Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)82003225
1264Animal CollectiveSomeday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As The Giant3:10Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)92003218
1265Animal CollectiveAlvin Row12:39Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 1)102003216
1266Animal CollectiveA Manatee Dance1:02Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)12003196
1267Animal CollectivePenguin Penguin2:15Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)22003244
1268Animal CollectiveAnother White Singer (Little White Glove)1:58Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)32003205
1269Animal CollectiveEssplode3:23Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)42003208
1270Animal CollectiveMeet The Light Child8:44Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)52003214
1271Animal CollectiveRunnin' The Round Ball2:07Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)62003229
1272Animal CollectiveBad Crumbs1:43Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)72003191
1273Animal CollectiveThe Living Toys7:48Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)82003206
1274Animal CollectiveThrowin' The Round Ball1:35Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)92003195
1275Animal CollectiveAhhh Good Country8:18Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)102003228
1276Animal CollectiveLoblakely Dress2:38Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)112003246
1277Animal CollectiveIn The Singing Box5:36Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee (Disc 2)122003213
1278Animal CollectivePeacebone5:13Strawberry Jam12007216
1279Animal CollectiveUnsolved Mysteries4:25Strawberry Jam22007215
1280Animal CollectiveChores4:30Strawberry Jam32007227
1281Animal CollectiveFor Reverend Green6:34Strawberry Jam42007222
1282Animal CollectiveFireworks6:50Strawberry Jam52007225
1283Animal Collective#14:32Strawberry Jam62007206
1284Animal CollectiveWinter Wonder Land2:44Strawberry Jam72007227
1285Animal CollectiveCuckoo Cuckoo5:42Strawberry Jam82007209
1286Animal CollectiveDerek3:01Strawberry Jam92007205
1287Animal CollectiveLeaf House2:42Sung Tongs12004208
1288Animal CollectiveWho Could Win a Rabbit2:18Sung Tongs22004235
1289Animal CollectiveThe Softest Voice6:46Sung Tongs32004199
1290Animal CollectiveWinters Love4:55Sung Tongs42004210
1291Animal CollectiveKids on Holiday5:47Sung Tongs52004225
1292Animal CollectiveSweet Road1:15Sung Tongs62004211
1293Animal CollectiveVisiting Friends12:36Sung Tongs72004197
1294Animal CollectiveCollege0:53Sung Tongs82004192
1295Animal CollectiveWe Tigers2:43Sung Tongs92004209
1296Animal CollectiveMouth Wooed Her4:24Sung Tongs102004213
1297Animal CollectiveGood Lovin Outside4:26Sung Tongs112004218
1298Animal CollectiveWhaddit I Done4:05Sung Tongs122004170
1299The AnimalsBring It On Home To Me2:41100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)251997128
1300The AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This Place3:11100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)181997130
1301The AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You Home2:19100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)221997134
1302The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:26100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)31997130
1303The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun4:29Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)12003136
1304The AnimalsBoom Boom3:17Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)22003174
1305The AnimalsI'm Crying2:46Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)32003133
1306The AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You Home2:20Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)42003143
1307The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:27Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)52003174
1308The AnimalsBring It On Home To Me2:42Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)62003135
1309The AnimalsWe Gotta Get Out Of This Place3:13Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)72003144
1310The AnimalsIt's My Life3:06Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)82003131
1311The AnimalsInside, Looking Out3:46Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)92003129
1312The AnimalsDon't Bring Me Down3:15Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)102003228
1313The AnimalsSee See Rider4:02Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)112003215
1314The AnimalsHelp Me Girl2:40Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)122003203
1315The AnimalsWhen I Was Young3:00Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)132003154
1316The AnimalsSan Franciscan Nights3:20Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)142003204
1317The AnimalsMonterey4:37Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)152003206
1318The AnimalsSky Pilot Parts 1 And 27:24Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)162003222
1319The AnimalsRing Of Fire4:46Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)172003215
1320The AnimalsGood Times3:00Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)182003224
1321The AnimalsColoured Rain9:31Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)192003210
1322The AnimalsAnimal Interviews4:35Absolute Animals 1964-1968 (2003 Remaster)202003149
1323The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun4:30Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)101998129
1324The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun4:30Number Ones Of The Sixties111993130
1325The AnimalsThe House Of The Rising Sun4:29The Best Of The Animals11997195
1326The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood4:00The Best Of The Animals21997208
1327The AnimalsWe Gotta Get Out Of This Place3:41The Best Of The Animals31997201
1328The AnimalsFrisco Queen4:08The Best Of The Animals41997216
1329The AnimalsTo Love Somebody5:25The Best Of The Animals51997194
1330The AnimalsColour Of The Sunset5:13The Best Of The Animals61997200
1331The AnimalsHowlin'4:48The Best Of The Animals71997211
1332The AnimalsScandinavian Dreams4:34The Best Of The Animals81997176
1333The AnimalsSan Franciscan Nights3:28The Best Of The Animals91997196
1334The AnimalsWhen I Was Young3:45The Best Of The Animals101997204
1335The AnimalsLove Fire4:24The Best Of The Animals111997203
1336The AnimalsNight Fighter4:52The Best Of The Animals121997222
1337The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun4:31The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties3 156
1338The AnimalsBoom Boom3:20The Complete Animals (Disc 1)11990130
1339The AnimalsTalkin' 'Bout You [Full Version]7:06The Complete Animals (Disc 1)21990132
1340The AnimalsBlue Feeling2:33The Complete Animals (Disc 1)31990127
1341The AnimalsDimples2:53The Complete Animals (Disc 1)41990129
1342The AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You Home2:23The Complete Animals (Disc 1)51990132
1343The AnimalsGonna Send You Back To Walker2:30The Complete Animals (Disc 1)61990130
1344The AnimalsBaby What's Wrong2:51The Complete Animals (Disc 1)71990128
1345The AnimalsThe House Of The Rising Sun4:32The Complete Animals (Disc 1)81990129
1346The AnimalsF-E-E-L2:44The Complete Animals (Disc 1)91990132
1347The AnimalsI'm Mad Again4:18The Complete Animals (Disc 1)101990127
1348The AnimalsThe Right Time3:47The Complete Animals (Disc 1)111990127
1349The AnimalsAround And Around2:47The Complete Animals (Disc 1)121990126
1350The AnimalsI'm In Love Again3:03The Complete Animals (Disc 1)131990126
1351The AnimalsBury My Body2:52The Complete Animals (Disc 1)141990126
1352The AnimalsShe Said Yeah2:21The Complete Animals (Disc 1)151990126
1353The AnimalsI'm Crying2:49The Complete Animals (Disc 1)161990126
1354The AnimalsTake It Easy2:55The Complete Animals (Disc 1)171990126
1355The AnimalsThe Story Of Bo Diddley5:45The Complete Animals (Disc 1)181990127
1356The AnimalsThe Girl Can't Help It2:23The Complete Animals (Disc 1)191990127
1357The AnimalsI've Been Around1:36The Complete Animals (Disc 1)201990127
1358The AnimalsMemphis Tennessee3:08The Complete Animals (Disc 2)11990126
1359The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:30The Complete Animals (Disc 2)21990128
1360The AnimalsClub A Go-Go2:22The Complete Animals (Disc 2)31990126
1361The AnimalsRoadrunner2:50The Complete Animals (Disc 2)41990131
1362The AnimalsHallelujah I Love Her So2:48The Complete Animals (Disc 2)51990128
1363The AnimalsDon't Watch Much3:25The Complete Animals (Disc 2)61990131
1364The AnimalsI Believe To My Soul3:26The Complete Animals (Disc 2)71990126
1365The AnimalsLet The Good Times Roll1:57The Complete Animals (Disc 2)81990125
1366The AnimalsMess Around2:22The Complete Animals (Disc 2)91990129
1367The AnimalsHow You've Changed3:14The Complete Animals (Disc 2)101990126
1368The AnimalsI Ain't Got You2:31The Complete Animals (Disc 2)111990131
1369The AnimalsRoberta2:07The Complete Animals (Disc 2)121990128
1370The AnimalsBright Lights Big City2:57The Complete Animals (Disc 2)131990127
1371The AnimalsWorried Life Blues4:13The Complete Animals (Disc 2)141990128
1372The AnimalsBring It On Home To Me2:45The Complete Animals (Disc 2)151990126
1373The AnimalsFor Miss Caulker3:59The Complete Animals (Disc 2)161990126
1374The AnimalsI Can't Believe It3:33The Complete Animals (Disc 2)171990127
1375The AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This Place3:15The Complete Animals (Disc 2)181990128
1376The AnimalsIt's My Life3:09The Complete Animals (Disc 2)191990126
1377The AnimalsI'm Gonna Change The World3:34The Complete Animals (Disc 2)201990129
1378The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun4:31The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)91997201
1379The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:17Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)42001205
1380Animals As LeadersTempting Time5:23Animals As Leaders12009268
1381Animals As LeadersSoraya4:27Animals As Leaders22009242
1382Animals As LeadersThoroughly At Home4:02Animals As Leaders32009259
1383Animals As LeadersOn Impulse6:09Animals As Leaders42009247
1384Animals As LeadersTessitura1:06Animals As Leaders52009199
1385Animals As LeadersBehaving Badly4:26Animals As Leaders62009252
1386Animals As LeadersThe Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing5:32Animals As Leaders72009237
1387Animals As LeadersCafo6:41Animals As Leaders82009252
1388Animals As LeadersInamorata6:08Animals As Leaders92009253
1389Animals As LeadersPoint To Point1:44Animals As Leaders102009231
1390Animals As LeadersModern Meat2:06Animals As Leaders112009166
1391Animals As LeadersSong Of Solomon4:16Animals As Leaders122009260
1392AnimaniacsNoel Song1:51 32 96
1393AnimaniacsAnimaniacs1:09Animaniacs (OST)11993193
1394AnimaniacsYakko's Universe1:58Animaniacs (OST)21993186
1395AnimaniacsSchnitzelbank2:48Animaniacs (OST)31993174
1396AnimaniacsWhat Are We?1:46Animaniacs (OST)41993179
1397AnimaniacsYes, Brothers Warner We1:06Animaniacs (OST)51993202
1398AnimaniacsYakko's World1:48Animaniacs (OST)61993179
1399AnimaniacsWakko's America1:54Animaniacs (OST)71993209
1400AnimaniacsVideo Revue1:45Animaniacs (OST)81993184
1401AnimaniacsI Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Individual1:12Animaniacs (OST)91993176
1402AnimaniacsI'm Mad4:01Animaniacs (OST)101993172
1403AnimaniacsThe Planets0:43Animaniacs (OST)111993174
1404AnimaniacsThe Etiquette Song0:55Animaniacs (OST)121993167
1405AnimaniacsI'm Cute2:00Animaniacs (OST)131993172
1406AnimaniacsThe Senses1:48Animaniacs (OST)141993198
1407AnimaniacsBe Careful What You Eat1:23Animaniacs (OST)151993160
1408AnimaniacsLet The Anvils Ring1:37Animaniacs (OST)161993203
1409AnimaniacsAnimaniacs2:01Animaniacs (OST)171993198
1410AnimaniacsVariety Speak1:58Variety Pack11995175
1411AnimaniacsThe Monkey Song2:52Variety Pack21995189
1412AnimaniacsAll The Words In The English Language (Part 1)1:01Variety Pack31995162
1413AnimaniacsPinky & The Brain1:30Variety Pack41995165
1414AnimaniacsCheese Roll Call2:32Variety Pack51995170
1415AnimaniacsMultiplication1:29Variety Pack61995172
1416AnimaniacsDot's Song0:45Variety Pack71995190
1417AnimaniacsDot's Quiet Time1:40Variety Pack81995167
1418AnimaniacsAll The Words In The English Language (Part 2)1:13Variety Pack91995165
1419AnimaniacsSlappy Squirrel Theme0:33Variety Pack101995172
1420AnimaniacsWakko's Two Note Song2:05Variety Pack111995184
1421AnimaniacsThe Presidents3:20Variety Pack121995166
1422AnimaniacsThe Anvil Song0:52Variety Pack131995153
1423AnimaniacsAt The Big Wrap Party Tonight2:57Variety Pack141995173
1424AnimaniacsAll The Words In The English Language (Part 3)1:00Variety Pack151995173
1425AnimaniacsThe Goodbye Song0:32Variety Pack161995173
1426AnimaniacsTraveling Animaniacs1:08Yakko's World11994170
1427AnimaniacsA Quake! A Quake!2:14Yakko's World21994170
1428AnimaniacsYakko's World1:47Yakko's World31994181
1429AnimaniacsThe Hello Song1:41Yakko's World41994172
1430AnimaniacsLake Titicaca0:33Yakko's World51994199
1431AnimaniacsThe Ballad Of Magellan2:44Yakko's World61994153
1432AnimaniacsSeveral Drops Of Rain1:40Yakko's World71994172
1433AnimaniacsWakko's America1:54Yakko's World81994214
1434AnimaniacsU.N. Me1:38Yakko's World91994190
1435AnimaniacsYakko's Universe1:58Yakko's World101994186
1436AnimaniacsI'll Take An Island1:16Yakko's World111994180
1437AnimaniacsThe Panama Canal1:40Yakko's World121994180
1438AnimaniacsThere's Only One Of You1:42Yakko's World131994179
1439AnimotionObsession3:58Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)12002258
1440AnimotionObsession5:38Modern Rock: 1984 - 1985 (Disc 1)101999211
1441AnimotionObsession5:37Obsession - The Best Of Animotion11996197
1442AnimotionLet Him Go4:27Obsession - The Best Of Animotion21996199
1443AnimotionI Want You4:37Obsession - The Best Of Animotion31996229
1444AnimotionI Engineer4:15Obsession - The Best Of Animotion41996211
1445AnimotionStrange Behaviour3:58Obsession - The Best Of Animotion51996216
1446AnimotionAnxiety4:15Obsession - The Best Of Animotion61996217
1447AnimotionRoom To Move4:36Obsession - The Best Of Animotion71996229
1448AnimotionCalling It Love4:50Obsession - The Best Of Animotion81996223
1449AnimotionObsession (12 Inch Remix Version)7:32Obsession - The Best Of Animotion91996209
1450AnimotionLet Him Go (12 Inch Remix Version)6:04Obsession - The Best Of Animotion101996210
1451AnimotionI Want You (12 Inch Remix Version)6:49Obsession - The Best Of Animotion111996217
1452AnimotionI Engineer (12 Inch Remix Version)10:57Obsession - The Best Of Animotion121996213
1453AnimotionObsession3:57Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-198631995203
1454AnimotionObsession4:04VH-1 More Of The Big 80's111997201
1455AnimusicAcoustic Curves5:35   128
1456AnimusicPipe Dream3:24   192
1457AnimusicPipe Dream 23:56   128
1458AnimusicStarship Groove4:04   128
1459AnimusicFiber Bundles5:19 1 128
1460AnimusicFuture Retro4:25Animusic1 192
1461AnimusicAqua Harp3:42Animusic3 160
1462Anita BakerSweet Love4:24Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)162004221
1463Anita BakerPriceless5:00Giving You The Best That I Got11988185
1464Anita BakerLead Me Into Love4:45Giving You The Best That I Got21988174
1465Anita BakerGiving You The Best That I Got4:20Giving You The Best That I Got31988170
1466Anita BakerGood Love5:39Giving You The Best That I Got41988176
1467Anita BakerRules3:52Giving You The Best That I Got51988183
1468Anita BakerGood Enough4:50Giving You The Best That I Got61988177
1469Anita BakerJust Because5:11Giving You The Best That I Got71988177
1470Anita BakerYou Belong To Me3:46Giving You The Best That I Got81988185
1471Anita BakerSweet Love4:26Rapture11986203
1472Anita BakerYou Bring Me Joy4:26Rapture21986188
1473Anita BakerCaught Up In The Rapture5:17Rapture31986195
1474Anita BakerBeen So Long5:13Rapture41986203
1475Anita BakerMystery4:57Rapture51986191
1476Anita BakerNo One In The World4:07Rapture61986186
1477Anita BakerSame Ole Love4:05Rapture71986196
1478Anita BakerWatch Your Step4:59Rapture81986199
1479Anita BryantIn My Little Corner Of The World2:36In My Little Corner Of The World921960320
1480Anita BryantPaper Roses2:50Paper Roses461960320
1481Anita MeyerWhy Tell Me Why3:26Hit History Vol. 27 198121990204
1482Anita WardRing My Bell3:3170s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)22005216
1483Anita WardRing My Bell4:29One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)192001265
1484Anita WardRing My Bell3:33Pure Disco 2181997232
1485Anita WardRing My Bell3:36The Disco Box (Disc 3)141999228
1486Anita WardRing My Bell3:32Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)172001223
1487Ann & Nancy WilsonBlue Christmas3:48A Very Special Christmas 2171992223
1488Ann CallawayThe Nanny (The Nanny Named Fran)0:47Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)311996132
1489Ann MargrettI Just Don't Understand2:37Girls Girls Girls Volume 1121995219
1490Ann PeeblesI Can't Stand the Rain2:32Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)152001181
1491Ann PeeblesI Can't Stand The Rain2:30Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 2)6 181
1492Anna NalickBreathe (2 AM)4:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0392005221
1493Anna NalickIn The Rough3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11162005236
1494Anne & Johnny HawkerCinderella Rockerfella2:27The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)18 208
1495Anne DudleyThe Robbery7:30Buster (OST)41988192
1496Anne DudleyWill You Still Be Waiting1:53Buster (OST)101988190
1497Anne HathawayGreat Big World1:57Hoodwinked (OST)22005218
1498Anne KarinaMata Hari3:05Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)51997209
1499Anne MurraySnowbird2:12Greatest Hits11980192
1500Anne MurrayDanny's Song3:07Greatest Hits21980203
1501Anne MurrayA Love Song2:51Greatest Hits31980186
1502Anne MurrayYou Won't See Me4:06Greatest Hits41980201
1503Anne MurrayYou Needed Me3:38Greatest Hits51980185
1504Anne MurrayI Just Fall In Love Again2:48Greatest Hits61980195
1505Anne MurrayShadows In The Moonlight3:24Greatest Hits71980191
1506Anne MurrayBroken Hearted Me4:00Greatest Hits81980200
1507Anne MurrayDaydream Believer2:28Greatest Hits91980188
1508Anne MurrayCould I Have This Dance3:14Greatest Hits101980195
1509Anne MurrayTime Don't Run Out on Me3:43Greatest Hits, Vol. 211989183
1510Anne MurrayJust Another Woman in Love2:57Greatest Hits, Vol. 221989199
1511Anne MurrayNow and Forever (You and Me)4:15Greatest Hits, Vol. 231989201
1512Anne MurrayI'd Fall in Love Tonight3:14Greatest Hits, Vol. 241989182
1513Anne MurrayIf I Ever Fall in Love Again3:38Greatest Hits, Vol. 251989199
1514Anne MurrayA Little Good News3:08Greatest Hits, Vol. 261989193
1515Anne MurrayWhen I Fall3:20Greatest Hits, Vol. 271989188
1516Anne MurrayAnother Sleepless Night3:06Greatest Hits, Vol. 281989183
1517Anne MurrayBlessed Are the Believers2:41Greatest Hits, Vol. 291989191
1518Anne MurrayNobody Loves Me Like You Do3:52Greatest Hits, Vol. 2101989183
1519Anne MurrayA Little Bit Of Soap1:35Now & Forever (Disc 1)11994158
1520Anne MurrayLast Thing On My Mind2:22Now & Forever (Disc 1)21994126
1521Anne MurrayWhat About Me2:46Now & Forever (Disc 1)31994203
1522Anne MurrayJust Bidin' My Time3:17Now & Forever (Disc 1)41994191
1523Anne MurraySnowbird2:10Now & Forever (Disc 1)51994200
1524Anne MurrayRain (alt. Version)2:07Now & Forever (Disc 1)61994195
1525Anne MurrayPut Your Hand In The Hand (alt. Version)3:14Now & Forever (Disc 1)71994186
1526Anne MurrayIt Takes Time3:15Now & Forever (Disc 1)81994203
1527Anne MurraySing High, Sing Low2:44Now & Forever (Disc 1)91994194
1528Anne MurrayA Stranger In My Place2:53Now & Forever (Disc 1)101994203
1529Anne MurrayTalk It Over In The Morning2:28Now & Forever (Disc 1)111994217
1530Anne MurrayCotton Jenny2:58Now & Forever (Disc 1)121994204
1531Anne MurrayCanadian Sunset2:49Now & Forever (Disc 1)131994190
1532Anne MurrayRobbie's Song For Jesus2:37Now & Forever (Disc 1)141994209
1533Anne MurrayDrown Me3:05Now & Forever (Disc 1)151994205
1534Anne MurrayDanny's Song3:05Now & Forever (Disc 1)161994202
1535Anne MurrayHe Thinks I Still Care2:52Now & Forever (Disc 1)171994202
1536Anne MurrayA Love Song2:49Now & Forever (Disc 1)181994177
1537Anne MurrayAnother Pot O' Tea3:24Now & Forever (Disc 1)191994191
1538Anne MurrayPlease Don't Sell Nova Scotia2:44Now & Forever (Disc 1)201994192
1539Anne MurrayThe Call2:34Now & Forever (Disc 1)211994215
1540Anne MurrayYou Won't See Me (Live)3:41Now & Forever (Disc 1)221994180
1541Anne MurraySnowbird (Alternate Version)2:01Now & Forever (Disc 2)11994160
1542Anne MurrayA Million More (Live)3:33Now & Forever (Disc 2)21994191
1543Anne MurrayStars Are The Windows Of Heaven3:16Now & Forever (Disc 2)31994179
1544Anne MurrayWalk Right Back2:42Now & Forever (Disc 2)41994204
1545Anne MurrayYou Needed Me3:57Now & Forever (Disc 2)51994181
1546Anne MurrayI Still Wish The Very Best For You3:12Now & Forever (Disc 2)61994199
1547Anne MurrayShadows In The Moonlight3:26Now & Forever (Disc 2)71994206
1548Anne MurrayYou've Got What It Takes3:26Now & Forever (Disc 2)81994207
1549Anne MurrayYucatan Cafe3:04Now & Forever (Disc 2)91994214
1550Anne MurrayI Just Fall In Love Again2:49Now & Forever (Disc 2)101994205
1551Anne MurrayDaydream Believer2:28Now & Forever (Disc 2)111994192
1552Anne MurrayBroken Hearted Me (Spanish Version)3:45Now & Forever (Disc 2)121994199
1553Anne MurrayWintery Feeling4:00Now & Forever (Disc 2)131994186
1554Anne MurrayMoon Over Brooklyn4:00Now & Forever (Disc 2)141994181
1555Anne MurrayNevertheless (I'm In Love With You)3:18Now & Forever (Disc 2)151994168
1556Anne MurrayCould I Have This Dance3:15Now & Forever (Disc 2)161994199
1557Anne MurrayBlessed Are The Believers2:39Now & Forever (Disc 2)171994211
1558Anne MurrayAnother Sleepless Night3:06Now & Forever (Disc 2)181994207
1559Anne MurrayBitter They Are, Harder They Fall2:41Now & Forever (Disc 2)191994180
1560Anne MurrayWe Don't Have To Hold Out3:40Now & Forever (Disc 2)201994202
1561Anne MurraySomebody's Always Saying Goodbye3:26Now & Forever (Disc 2)211994187
1562Anne MurraySong For The Mira4:06Now & Forever (Disc 2)221994179
1563Anne MurrayCould I Have This Dance?3:16Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs91999200
1564Anne MurraySnowbird2:10Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)11996200
1565Anne MurrayYou Needed Me3:40Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)111996194
1566Anne MurrayO Holy Night3:08The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)172003198
1567Anne MurrayHey Daddy2:06There's A Hippo In My Tub11977202
1568Anne MurrayStars Are The Windows Of Heaven3:16There's A Hippo In My Tub21977191
1569Anne MurrayAnimal Crackers2:32There's A Hippo In My Tub31977203
1570Anne MurrayHi-Lili Hi-Lo2:06There's A Hippo In My Tub41977170
1571Anne MurrayWhy Oh Why2:24There's A Hippo In My Tub51977175
1572Anne MurrayTeddy Bears' Picnic2:44There's A Hippo In My Tub61977198
1573Anne MurrayInch Worm2:48There's A Hippo In My Tub71977186
1574Anne MurrayYou Are My Sunshine/Open Up Your Heart2:46There's A Hippo In My Tub81977199
1575Anne MurraySleepytime2:50There's A Hippo In My Tub91977193
1576Anne MurrayLullabye Medley: a. Hush Little Baby (Traditional); b. Sleep Child (Robbie MacNeill); c. Brahms Lullaby (Arr. Robbie MacNeill)3:16There's A Hippo In My Tub101977177
1577Anne MurrayCould I Have This Dance3:16Urban Cowboy (OST)71980201
1578AnnetteTall Paul1:34Jukebox Hits Of 195981991242
1579AnnetteO Dio Mio2:48O Dio Mio941960320
1580Annette Funicello With The Beach BoysThe Monkey's Uncle (The Monkey's Uncle 1965)2:33Classic Disney, Vol. 1131995177
1581Annie HaslamRipples4:49Supper's Ready - Another Serving from the Musical Box41995185
1582Annie LennoxA Thousand Beautiful Things3:07Bare12003185
1583Annie LennoxPavement Cracks5:10Bare22003195
1584Annie LennoxThe Hurting Time7:32Bare32003186
1585Annie LennoxHonestly5:01Bare42003196
1586Annie LennoxWonderful4:16Bare52003190
1587Annie LennoxBitter Pill4:00Bare62003206
1588Annie LennoxLoneliness4:01Bare72003225
1589Annie LennoxThe Saddest Song I've Got4:08Bare82003155
1590Annie LennoxErased4:40Bare92003194
1591Annie LennoxTwisted4:12Bare102003206
1592Annie LennoxOh God (Prayer)2:51Bare112003160
1593Annie LennoxWhy4:53Diva11992170
1594Annie LennoxWalking On Broken Glass4:13Diva21992185
1595Annie LennoxPrecious5:08Diva31992197
1596Annie LennoxLegend In My Living Room3:45Diva41992178
1597Annie LennoxCold4:21Diva51992170
1598Annie LennoxMoney Can't Buy It5:00Diva61992187
1599Annie LennoxLittle Bird4:39Diva71992179
1600Annie LennoxPrimitive4:19Diva81992178
1601Annie LennoxStay By Me6:28Diva91992165
1602Annie LennoxThe Gift4:54Diva101992169
1603Annie LennoxKeep Young And Beautiful2:17Diva111992128
1604Annie LennoxWalking On Broken Glass4:15Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19929 189
1605Annie LennoxNo More "I Love You's"4:52Medusa11995196
1606Annie LennoxTake Me To The River3:33Medusa21995201
1607Annie LennoxA Whiter Shade Of Pale5:16Medusa31995203
1608Annie LennoxDon't Let It Bring You Down3:38Medusa41995192
1609Annie LennoxTrain In Vain4:44Medusa51995181
1610Annie LennoxI Can't Get Next To You3:08Medusa61995211
1611Annie LennoxDowntown Lights6:44Medusa71995195
1612Annie LennoxThin Line Between Love And Hate4:55Medusa81995200
1613Annie LennoxWaiting In Vain5:40Medusa91995207
1614Annie LennoxSomething So Right3:56Medusa101995176
1615Annie LennoxDark Road3:47Songs Of Mass Destruction12007165
1616Annie LennoxLove Is Blind4:18Songs Of Mass Destruction22007198
1617Annie LennoxSmithereens5:17Songs Of Mass Destruction32007185
1618Annie LennoxGhosts In My Machine3:30Songs Of Mass Destruction42007221
1619Annie LennoxWomankind4:28Songs Of Mass Destruction52007214
1620Annie LennoxThrough The Glass Darkly3:29Songs Of Mass Destruction62007169
1621Annie LennoxLost3:41Songs Of Mass Destruction72007160
1622Annie LennoxColoured Bedspread4:31Songs Of Mass Destruction82007205
1623Annie LennoxSing4:48Songs Of Mass Destruction92007190
1624Annie LennoxBig Sky4:02Songs Of Mass Destruction102007191
1625Annie LennoxFingernail Moon5:04Songs Of Mass Destruction112007188
1626Annie LennoxWonderful [Radio Edit]4:23TM Century PrimeCuts 527P22003185
1627Annie LennoxAngel4:16Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)31997200
1628Annie LennoxNo More "I Love You's" (Junior Vasquez Remix Edit)3:12Ultimate Dance Party 1997121996199
1629Annie LennoxWhy4:54Women & Songs 351999175
1630AnointedSend Out A Prayer4:34WOW 1996 (Disc 2)61995190
1631AnointedUnder the Influence4:11WOW 1997 (Disc 1)121996225
1632AnointedAdore You3:57WOW 1998 (Black Disc)81997213
1633AnointedRevive Us4:06WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)91999240
1634AnointedYou'll Never Thirst4:32WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)102001208
1635Anonymous & TateCarol With Lullaby3:21Favourite Christmas Carols - The Bach Choir, Case, The Jacques Orchestra, Willcocks221993204
1636Another Bad CreationIesha4:21Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)141993177
1637Another Bad CreationPlayground (Young Jack Club 12" Mix)4:46MTV Party To Go, Vol. 251992206
1638Another LevelFrom The Heart4:52Hitzone 8171999208
1639Another LevelFreak Me4:55The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)192002250
1640Another LevelFrom The Heart (Notting Hill)4:51World Of Music - Ballads From The 90's142002207
1641AnoukNobody's Wife3:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)32001194
1642AnoukMichel4:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)62001181
1643Anthony & The SophomoresPlay Those Oldies, Mr. Dee-Jay2:32The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)221996129
1644Anthony BattagliaClarissa Explains It All0:34Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)71996159
1645Anthony NewleyDo You Mind2:21Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)131999149
1646Anthony NewleyWhat Kind Of Fool Am I?2:08Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)102001161
1647Anthony PhillipsPrelude '844:26198411981220
1648Anthony Phillips1984 Part 119:02198421981215
1649Anthony Phillips1984 Part 215:26198431981211
1650Anthony PhillipsAnthem 19842:27198441981223
1651Anthony PhillipsWind - Tales1:03The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)11977197
1652Anthony PhillipsWhich Way The Wind Blows5:52The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)21977207
1653Anthony PhillipsHenry - Portraits From Tudor Times (Parts 1 - 6)14:03The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)31977205
1654Anthony PhillipsGod If I Saw Her Now4:14The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)41977190
1655Anthony PhillipsChinese Mushroom Cloud0:46The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)51977205
1656Anthony PhillipsThe Geese And The Ghost (Parts 1 & 2)15:51The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)61977205
1657Anthony PhillipsCollections3:07The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)71977193
1658Anthony PhillipsSleepfall - The Geese Fly West4:35The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 1)81977191
1659Anthony PhillipsMaster Of Time (Demo)7:38The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)11977200
1660Anthony PhillipsTitle Inspiration0:33The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)21977125
1661Anthony PhillipsThe Geese And The Ghost - Part One (Basic Track)7:48The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)31977200
1662Anthony PhillipsCollections Link0:42The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)41977131
1663Anthony PhillipsWhich Way The Wind Blows6:28The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)51977191
1664Anthony PhillipsSilver Song (Basic Track)4:24The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)61977213
1665Anthony PhillipsHenry - Portraits From Tudor Times (Basic Track)5:40The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)71977190
1666Anthony PhillipsCollections (Demo)4:17The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)81977182
1667Anthony PhillipsThe Geese And The Ghost - Part Two (Basic Track)7:32The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)91977209
1668Anthony PhillipsGod If I Saw Her Now (Basic Track)4:19The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)101977191
1669Anthony PhillipsSleepfall (Basic Track)4:26The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)111977186
1670Anthony PhillipsSilver Song (Unreleased Single Version 1973)4:14The Geese And The Ghost [2008 Remaster] (Disc 2)121977200
1671AnthraxAmong The Living5:16Among The Living11987198
1672AnthraxCaught In A Mosh5:00Among The Living21987217
1673AnthraxI Am The Law5:54Among The Living31987211
1674AnthraxEfilnikufesin (N.F.L.)4:55Among The Living41987208
1675AnthraxA Skeleton In The Closet5:29Among The Living51987215
1676AnthraxIndians5:41Among The Living61987215
1677AnthraxOne World5:55Among The Living71987234
1678AnthraxA.D.I./Horror Of It All7:49Among The Living81987216
1679AnthraxImitation Of Life4:22Among The Living91987213
1680AnthraxShe4:51Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved31994239
1681AnthraxTime6:55Persistence Of Time11990237
1682AnthraxBlood7:13Persistence Of Time21990233
1683AnthraxKeep It In The Family7:08Persistence Of Time31990221
1684AnthraxIn My World6:25Persistence Of Time41990240
1685AnthraxGridlock5:17Persistence Of Time51990237
1686AnthraxIntro To Reality3:24Persistence Of Time61990221
1687AnthraxBelly Of The Beast4:47Persistence Of Time71990226
1688AnthraxGot The Time2:44Persistence Of Time81990232
1689AnthraxH8 Red5:04Persistence Of Time91990230
1690AnthraxOne Man Stands5:38Persistence Of Time101990224
1691AnthraxDischarge4:12Persistence Of Time111990230
1692AnthraxPotters Field5:00Sound Of White Noise11993225
1693AnthraxOnly4:56Sound Of White Noise21993224
1694AnthraxRoom For One More4:56Sound Of White Noise31993227
1695AnthraxPackaged Rebellion6:16Sound Of White Noise41993222
1696AnthraxHy Pro Glo4:31Sound Of White Noise51993214
1697AnthraxInvisible6:10Sound Of White Noise61993230
1698Anthrax1000 Points Of Hate5:00Sound Of White Noise71993204
1699AnthraxBlack Lodge5:25Sound Of White Noise81993211
1700AnthraxC11 H17 N2 O2 S Na4:25Sound Of White Noise91993212
1701AnthraxBurst3:41Sound Of White Noise101993217
1702AnthraxThis Is Not An Exit6:49Sound Of White Noise111993211
1703AnthraxBe All, End All6:23State Of Euphoria11988196
1704AnthraxOut Of Sight, Out Of Mind5:13State Of Euphoria21988199
1705AnthraxMake Me Laugh5:41State Of Euphoria31988205
1706AnthraxAntisocial4:26State Of Euphoria41988198
1707AnthraxWho Cares Wins7:35State Of Euphoria51988200
1708AnthraxNow It's Dark5:35State Of Euphoria61988209
1709AnthraxSchism5:29State Of Euphoria71988194
1710AnthraxMisery Loves Company5:41State Of Euphoria81988207
1711Anthrax130:51State Of Euphoria91988198
1712AnthraxFinal5:48State Of Euphoria101988211
1713Antigone RisingHello3:17From The Ground Up12005232
1714Antigone RisingWaiting, Watching, Wishing4:43From The Ground Up22005226
1715Antigone RisingShe's Not Innocent3:31From The Ground Up32005235
1716Antigone RisingOpen Hearts And Doors4:32From The Ground Up42005201
1717Antigone RisingMichael4:13From The Ground Up52005222
1718Antigone RisingWhat?4:13From The Ground Up62005216
1719Antigone RisingHappy Home3:21From The Ground Up72005239
1720Antigone RisingLongshot4:15From The Ground Up82005200
1721Antigone RisingDon't Look Back4:27From The Ground Up92005214
1722Antigone RisingBetter4:25From The Ground Up102005227
1723Antigone RisingShe Lived Here4:46From The Ground Up112005229
1724Antigone RisingYou're The Reason3:09From The Ground Up122005241
1725Antigone RisingRosita4:29From The Ground Up132005228
1726Antigone RisingBroken6:10From The Ground Up142005221
1727AntipathyNo Escape4:18Heavycore: Core Til Death22002239
1728Anton BrucknerSymphony No.1 in Cm - I. Allegro12:12Symphony 1 - Solti, CSO (1995 Decca 1996)1 191
1729Anton BrucknerSymphony No.1 in Cm - II. Adagio13:06Symphony 1 - Solti, CSO (1995 Decca 1996)2 188
1730Anton BrucknerSymphony No.1 in Cm - III. Scherzo: Schnell - Trio: Langsamer8:15Symphony 1 - Solti, CSO (1995 Decca 1996)3 191
1731Anton BrucknerSymphony No.1 in Cm - IV. Finale: Bewegt, feurig13:29Symphony 1 - Solti, CSO (1995 Decca 1996)4 192
1732Anton BrucknerSymphony No.2 in Cm - Moderato18:24Symphony 2 - Karajan (DG 1982)1 187
1733Anton BrucknerSymphony No.2 in Cm - Andante17:42Symphony 2 - Karajan (DG 1982)2 192
1734Anton BrucknerSymphony No.2 in Cm - Scherzo: Massig schnell6:17Symphony 2 - Karajan (DG 1982)3 183
1735Anton BrucknerSymphony No.2 in Cm - Finale: Mehr schnell18:06Symphony 2 - Karajan (DG 1982)4 187
1736Anton BrucknerSymphony No.3 in Dm "Wagner" - Gemäßigt, mehr bewegt, misterioso20:54Symphony 3 (ed. Nowak 1877) - Vanska, BBC (2000 Hyperion 2000)1 176
1737Anton BrucknerSymphony No.3 in Dm "Wagner" - Adagio: Bewegt, quasi andante, feierlich21:06Symphony 3 (ed. Nowak 1877) - Vanska, BBC (2000 Hyperion 2000)2 177
1738Anton BrucknerSymphony No.3 in Dm "Wagner" - Scherzo: Ziemlich schnell - Trio7:11Symphony 3 (ed. Nowak 1877) - Vanska, BBC (2000 Hyperion 2000)3 190
1739Anton BrucknerSymphony No.3 in Dm "Wagner" - Finale: Allegro13:22Symphony 3 (ed. Nowak 1877) - Vanska, BBC (2000 Hyperion 2000)4 180
1740Anton BrucknerSymphony No.4 in Eb "Romantic" - I. Bewegt, nicht zu schnell20:48Symphony 4 - Karajan, BPO (1970 EMI 2000)1 192
1741Anton BrucknerSymphony No.4 in Eb "Romantic" - II. Andante, quasi allegretto15:38Symphony 4 - Karajan, BPO (1970 EMI 2000)2 182
1742Anton BrucknerSymphony No.4 in Eb "Romantic" - III. Scherzo: Bewegt - Trio: Nicht zu schnell, Keinesfalls schleppend10:41Symphony 4 - Karajan, BPO (1970 EMI 2000)3 192
1743Anton BrucknerSymphony No.4 in Eb "Romantic" - IV. Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell23:05Symphony 4 - Karajan, BPO (1970 EMI 2000)4 188
1744Anton BrucknerSymphony No.5 in Bb - I. Introduction: Adagio - Allegro20:51Symphony 5 - Sinopoli, Staatskapelle Dresden (1999 DGG 2001)1 196
1745Anton BrucknerSymphony No.5 in Bb - II. Sehr langsam18:48Symphony 5 - Sinopoli, Staatskapelle Dresden (1999 DGG 2001)2 191
1746Anton BrucknerSymphony No.5 in Bb - III. Scherzo: Molto vivace - Trio13:30Symphony 5 - Sinopoli, Staatskapelle Dresden (1999 DGG 2001)3 199
1747Anton BrucknerSymphony No.5 in Bb - IV. Finale: Adagio - Allegro molto23:28Symphony 5 - Sinopoli, Staatskapelle Dresden (1999 DGG 2001)4 200
1748Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 6 in A major (original version) - 1. Maestoso16:33Symphony 6 - Wand, NDRSO (1995 BMG 1996)1 185
1749Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 6 in A major (original version) - 2. Adagio (Sehr feierlich)15:56Symphony 6 - Wand, NDRSO (1995 BMG 1996)2 177
1750Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 6 in A major (original version) - 3. Scherzo (Nicht schnell) - Trio (Langsam)8:50Symphony 6 - Wand, NDRSO (1995 BMG 1996)3 179
1751Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 6 in A major (original version) - 4. Finale (Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell)13:42Symphony 6 - Wand, NDRSO (1995 BMG 1996)4 184
1752Anton BrucknerApplause0:50Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 1)1 192
1753Anton BrucknerSymphony No.7 in E - I. Allegro moderato24:46Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 1)2 192
1754Anton BrucknerSymphony No.7 in E - II. Adagio. Sehr feierlich und sehr langsam28:46Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 1)3 191
1755Anton BrucknerSymphony No.7 in E - III. Scherzo: Sehr schnell - Trio12:04Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)1 196
1756Anton BrucknerSymphony No.7 in E - IV - Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht schnell14:31Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)2 190
1757Anton BrucknerApplause1:16Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)3 154
1758Anton BrucknerTe Deum - I. Te Deum. Allegro moderato9:44Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)4 195
1759Anton BrucknerTe Deum - II. Te ergo. Moderato3:33Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)5 193
1760Anton BrucknerTe Deum - III. Aeterna fac. Allegro moderato. Feierlich, mit Kraft2:17Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)6 199
1761Anton BrucknerTe Deum - IV. Salvum fac. moderato - Allegro moderato9:05Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)7 192
1762Anton BrucknerTe Deum - V. In te, Domine, speravi. M??ig bewegt - Allegro moderato - Alla breve7:27Symphony 7, Te Deum - Celibidache, MPO (1992-4 EMI 1998) (Disc 2)8 197
1763Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8 in Cm - I. Allegro moderato17:03Symphony 8 - Karajan, VPO (1988 DG 1989) (Disc 1)1 187
1764Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8 in Cm - II. Scherzo: Allegro moderato - Trio. Langsam16:25Symphony 8 - Karajan, VPO (1988 DG 1989) (Disc 1)2 191
1765Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8 in Cm - III. Adagio: Feierlich langsam, doch nicht schleppend25:21Symphony 8 - Karajan, VPO (1988 DG 1989) (Disc 2)1 187
1766Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8 in Cm - IV: Finale: Feierlich, nicht schnell23:59Symphony 8 - Karajan, VPO (1988 DG 1989) (Disc 2)2 190
1767Anton BrucknerI - Feierlich, misterioso22:08Symphony No. 9 in D minor - The Cleveland Orchestra - Christoph von Dohnanyi11989192
1768Anton BrucknerII - Scherzo: Bewegt, lebhaft - Trio: Schnell9:49Symphony No. 9 in D minor - The Cleveland Orchestra - Christoph von Dohnanyi21989192
1769Anton BrucknerIII - Adagio: Langsam, feierlich25:58Symphony No. 9 in D minor - The Cleveland Orchestra - Christoph von Dohnanyi31989190
1770Anton KarasThird Man Theme3:17Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)11992181
1771Anton RubinsteinMelody In F3:08100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 211 197
1772Antonin DvorakSlavonic Dance No.8, Opus 464:06In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance31997205
1773Antonín DvorákHumoreske3:18100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 110 195
1774Antonín DvorákSlavonic Dance No. 84:39100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 26 201
1775Antonín DvorákMelody2:13100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 314 200
1776Antonín DvorákConcerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor, Op. 104 - Allegro16:11Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)12000187
1777Antonín DvorákConcerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor, Op. 104 - Adagio, ma non troppo12:50Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)22000180
1778Antonín DvorákConcerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor, Op. 104 - Finale. Allegro moderato13:25Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)32000185
1779Antonín DvorákTrio for Piano, Violin & Cello in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky) - Lento maestoso10:58Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)42000188
1780Antonín DvorákTrio for Piano, Violin & Cello in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky) - Andante6:17Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)52000183
1781Antonín DvorákTrio for Piano, Violin & Cello in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky) - Andante moderato (quasi tempo di marcia)5:28Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)62000186
1782Antonín DvorákTrio for Piano, Violin & Cello in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky) - Allegro3:52Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)72000188
1783Antonín DvorákTrio for Piano, Violin & Cello in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky) - Lento maestoso4:49Cello Concerto, Dumky Trio - Yo-Yo Ma, Ax, Kim, BP, Maazel (Sony 2000)82000187
1784Antonín DvorákSlavonic Dance No. 7, Op. 723:23Gypsy! Classics Inspired by Gypsy Folk Music41990187
1785Antonín DvorákSlavonic Dance No. 8, Op. 463:44Gypsy! Classics Inspired by Gypsy Folk Music61990187
1786Antonín DvorákSymphony No 8 G - Allegro con brio10:44Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)11987187
1787Antonín DvorákSymphony No 8 G - Adagio10:35Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)21987185
1788Antonín DvorákSymphony No 8 G - Allegretto grazioso6:14Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)31987193
1789Antonín DvorákSymphony No 8 G - Allegro, ma non troppo10:09Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)41987186
1790Antonín DvorákSymphony No 7 Dm - Allegro maestoso10:56Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)51987190
1791Antonín DvorákSymphony No 7 Dm - Poco adagio10:22Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)61987186
1792Antonín DvorákSymphony No 7 Dm - Scherzo. Vivace7:26Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)71987195
1793Antonín DvorákSymphony No 7 Dm - Finale. Allegro9:22Symphony 7 8 - Myung-Whun Chung Gothenburg SO (1987-90 BIS)81987193
1794Antonín DvorákSymphony No. 9 In Em Op. 95 - Adagio-Allegro Molto12:33Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)11998196
1795Antonín DvorákSymphony No. 9 In Em Op. 95 - Largo12:28Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)21998186
1796Antonín DvorákSymphony No. 9 In Em Op. 95 - Molto Vivace7:26Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)31998198
1797Antonín DvorákSymphony No. 9 In Em Op. 95 - Allegro Con Fuoco11:22Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)41998194
1798Antonín Dvorák'Othello' Overture Op. 9314:57Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)51998188
1799Antonín Dvorák'Carnival' Overture Op. 928:58Symphony No. 9 'From The New World' - Kertesz (1965-66 Decca 1998)61998198
1800Antonio Carlos JobimBrazil5:17Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)32003216
1801Antonio VivaldiConcerto In G Minor For 2 Cellos, Strings, And Continuo, RV 531 - I.Allegro4:05Paper Music - Bobby McFerrin & Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra51995195
1802Antonio VivaldiConcerto In G Minor For 2 Cellos, Strings, And Continuo, RV 531 - II.Largo3:14Paper Music - Bobby McFerrin & Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra61995190
1803Antonio VivaldiConcerto In G Minor For 2 Cellos, Strings, And Continuo, RV 531 - III.Allegro3:18Paper Music - Bobby McFerrin & Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra71995190
1804Antonio VivaldiConcerto in B minor, RV 424 - I. Allegro non molto4:01Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)11989188
1805Antonio VivaldiConcerto in B minor, RV 424 - II. Largo2:50Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)21989181
1806Antonio VivaldiConcerto in B minor, RV 424 - III. Allegro3:32Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)31989185
1807Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G minor, RV 416 - I. Allegro3:31Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)41989185
1808Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G minor, RV 416 - II. Adagio3:20Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)51989180
1809Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G minor, RV 416 - III. Allegro2:41Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)61989186
1810Antonio VivaldiConcerto in A minor, RV 418 - I. Allegro4:13Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)71989185
1811Antonio VivaldiConcerto in A minor, RV 418 - II. (Largo)3:09Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)81989180
1812Antonio VivaldiConcerto in A minor, RV 418 - III. Allegro3:12Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)91989185
1813Antonio VivaldiConcerto in F major, RV 412 - I. (Allegro)2:50Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)101989186
1814Antonio VivaldiConcerto in F major, RV 412 - II. Larghetto2:13Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)111989190
1815Antonio VivaldiConcerto in F major, RV 412 - III. Allegro2:17Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)121989188
1816Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C minor, RV 401 - I. Allegro non molto4:29Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)131989186
1817Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C minor, RV 401 - II. Adagio3:07Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)141989183
1818Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C minor, RV 401 - III. Allegro ma non molto2:44Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)151989189
1819Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G major, RV 413 - I. Allegro3:11Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)161989183
1820Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G major, RV 413 - II. Largo3:10Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)171989180
1821Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G major, RV 413 - III. Allegro2:53Six Cello Concertos - Christophe Coin & Christopher Hogwood (1988 Decca)181989180
1822Antonio VivaldiSpring - Allegro3:25The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa11982188
1823Antonio VivaldiSpring - Largo2:38The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa21982181
1824Antonio VivaldiSpring - Allegro Pastorale4:12The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa31982186
1825Antonio VivaldiSummer - Allegro non molto5:20The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa41982186
1826Antonio VivaldiSummer - Adagio2:37The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa51982175
1827Antonio VivaldiSummer - Presto2:46The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa61982201
1828Antonio VivaldiAutumn - Allegro4:46The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa71982191
1829Antonio VivaldiAutumn - Adagio molto2:36The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa81982186
1830Antonio VivaldiAutumn - Allegro3:22The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa91982193
1831Antonio VivaldiWinter - Allegro non molto3:15The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa101982189
1832Antonio VivaldiWinter - Largo2:26The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa111982183
1833Antonio VivaldiWinter - Allegro2:53The Four Seasons - Seiji Ozawa121982188
1834Apache IndianBoom Shack-A-Lak3:47The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)61993192
1835Aphrodite's ChildThe System0:23666 (Disc 1)11972189
1836Aphrodite's ChildBabylon2:47666 (Disc 1)21972198
1837Aphrodite's ChildLoud, Loud, Loud2:42666 (Disc 1)31972186
1838Aphrodite's ChildThe Four Horsemen5:53666 (Disc 1)41972224
1839Aphrodite's ChildThe Lamb4:34666 (Disc 1)51972221
1840Aphrodite's ChildThe Seventh Seal1:30666 (Disc 1)61972213
1841Aphrodite's ChildAegian Sea5:22666 (Disc 1)71972210
1842Aphrodite's ChildSeven Bowls1:29666 (Disc 1)81972195
1843Aphrodite's ChildThe Wakening Beast1:11666 (Disc 1)91972200
1844Aphrodite's ChildLament2:45666 (Disc 1)101972193
1845Aphrodite's ChildThe Marching Beast2:00666 (Disc 1)111972213
1846Aphrodite's ChildThe Battle Of The Locusts0:56666 (Disc 1)121972232
1847Aphrodite's ChildDo It1:44666 (Disc 1)131972225
1848Aphrodite's ChildTribulation0:32666 (Disc 1)141972223
1849Aphrodite's ChildThe Beast2:26666 (Disc 1)151972230
1850Aphrodite's ChildOfis0:14666 (Disc 1)161972200
1851Aphrodite's ChildSeven Trumpets0:35666 (Disc 2)11972189
1852Aphrodite's ChildAltamont4:33666 (Disc 2)21972205
1853Aphrodite's ChildThe Wedding Of The Lamb3:38666 (Disc 2)31972234
1854Aphrodite's ChildThe Capture Of The Beast2:17666 (Disc 2)41972210
1855Aphrodite's ChildInfinity5:15666 (Disc 2)51972194
1856Aphrodite's ChildHic And Nunc2:55666 (Disc 2)61972209
1857Aphrodite's ChildAll The Seats Were Occupied19:21666 (Disc 2)71972211
1858Aphrodite's ChildBreak2:59666 (Disc 2)81972196
1859Aphrodite's ChildSpring, Summer, Winter & Fall4:56Best of Aphrodite's Child11969210
1860Aphrodite's ChildSuch A Funny Night4:33Best of Aphrodite's Child21969205
1861Aphrodite's ChildI Want To Live3:51Best of Aphrodite's Child31969201
1862Aphrodite's ChildYou Always Stand In My Way3:57Best of Aphrodite's Child41969205
1863Aphrodite's ChildRain And Tears3:13Best of Aphrodite's Child51969171
1864Aphrodite's ChildMe Let Me Love, Let Me Live4:42Best of Aphrodite's Child61969195
1865Aphrodite's ChildDon't Try To Catch A River3:41Best of Aphrodite's Child71969204
1866Aphrodite's ChildIt's Five O'Clock3:30Best of Aphrodite's Child81969195
1867Aphrodite's ChildWake Up4:02Best of Aphrodite's Child91969210
1868Aphrodite's ChildEnd Of The World3:14Best of Aphrodite's Child101969180
1869Aphrodite's ChildMarie Jolie4:39Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)81992206
1870Aphrodite's ChildSpring, Summer, Winter And Fall4:55Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)141992208
1871Aphrodite's ChildThe System-Babylon3:22Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 2)11996202
1872Aphrodite's ChildIt's Five O'Clock3:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)222001199
1873Aphrodite's ChildI Want To Live3:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)42001197
1874ApocalypticaLife Burns!3:06Apocalyptica12005230
1881ApocalypticaFatal Error2:59Apocalyptica82005237
1882ApocalypticaBetrayal / Forgiveness5:13Apocalyptica92005220
1889ApocalypticaIn Memoriam4:40Cult52001196
1891ApocalypticaBeyond Time3:56Cult72001187
1895ApocalypticaHall Of The Mountain King3:27Cult112001216
1896ApocalypticaUntil It Sleeps3:14Cult122001189
1897ApocalypticaFight Fire With Fire3:23Cult132001232
1898ApocalypticaHarmageddon4:56Inquisition Symphony11998225
1899ApocalypticaFrom Out Of Nowhere3:11Inquisition Symphony21998218
1900ApocalypticaFor Whom The Bell Tolls3:11Inquisition Symphony31998220
1901ApocalypticaNothing Else Matters4:45Inquisition Symphony41998199
1902ApocalypticaRefuse/Resist3:13Inquisition Symphony51998264
1903ApocalypticaM.B.3:58Inquisition Symphony61998234
1904ApocalypticaInquisition Symphony4:57Inquisition Symphony71998234
1905ApocalypticaFade To Black5:00Inquisition Symphony81998205
1906ApocalypticaDomination3:31Inquisition Symphony91998230
1907ApocalypticaToreador4:22Inquisition Symphony101998223
1908ApocalypticaOne5:44Inquisition Symphony111998223
1909ApocalypticaEnter Sandman3:41Plays Metallica By Four Cellos11996208
1910ApocalypticaMaster Of Puppets7:17Plays Metallica By Four Cellos21996199
1911ApocalypticaHarvester Of Sorrow6:15Plays Metallica By Four Cellos31996211
1912ApocalypticaThe Unforgiven5:23Plays Metallica By Four Cellos41996190
1913ApocalypticaSad But True4:48Plays Metallica By Four Cellos51996191
1914ApocalypticaCreeping Death5:08Plays Metallica By Four Cellos61996197
1915ApocalypticaWherever I May Roam6:09Plays Metallica By Four Cellos71996192
1916ApocalypticaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)5:50Plays Metallica By Four Cellos81996181
1917ApocalypticaPrologue (Apprehension)3:12Reflections [Bonus Tracks]12005246
1918ApocalypticaNo Education3:17Reflections [Bonus Tracks]22005230
1919ApocalypticaFaraway5:13Reflections [Bonus Tracks]32005202
1920ApocalypticaSomewhere Around Nothing4:09Reflections [Bonus Tracks]42005254
1921ApocalypticaDrive3:21Reflections [Bonus Tracks]52005217
1922ApocalypticaCohkka4:27Reflections [Bonus Tracks]62005227
1923ApocalypticaConclusion4:06Reflections [Bonus Tracks]72005179
1924ApocalypticaResurrection3:34Reflections [Bonus Tracks]82005224
1925ApocalypticaHeat3:21Reflections [Bonus Tracks]92005231
1926ApocalypticaCortége4:28Reflections [Bonus Tracks]102005216
1927ApocalypticaPandemonium2:06Reflections [Bonus Tracks]112005226
1928ApocalypticaToreador II3:56Reflections [Bonus Tracks]122005238
1929ApocalypticaEpilogue (Relief)3:57Reflections [Bonus Tracks]132005172
1930ApocalypticaSeemann (Album Version) (feat. Nina Hagen)4:42Reflections [Bonus Tracks]142005205
1931ApocalypticaFaraway Vol. 2 (Extended Version)5:12Reflections [Bonus Tracks]152005180
1932ApocalypticaDeep Down Ascend (Demo)3:47Reflections [Bonus Tracks]162005213
1933ApocalypticaKellot (Demo)4:17Reflections [Bonus Tracks]172005198
1934ApocalypticaWorlds Collide4:29Worlds Collide [Special Edition]12007208
1935ApocalypticaGrace (Ft. Tomoyasu Hotei)4:10Worlds Collide [Special Edition]22007230
1936ApocalypticaI'm Not Jesus (Ft. Corey Taylor)3:35Worlds Collide [Special Edition]32007228
1937ApocalypticaIon3:48Worlds Collide [Special Edition]42007235
1938ApocalypticaHelden (Ft. Till Lindemann)4:23Worlds Collide [Special Edition]52007219
1939ApocalypticaStroke4:32Worlds Collide [Special Edition]62007239
1940ApocalypticaLast Hope (Ft. Dave Lombardo)4:50Worlds Collide [Special Edition]72007229
1941ApocalypticaI Don't Care (Ft. Adam Gontier)3:58Worlds Collide [Special Edition]82007231
1942ApocalypticaBurn4:18Worlds Collide [Special Edition]92007223
1943ApocalypticaS.O.S. (Anything But Love) (Ft. Christina Scabbia)4:22Worlds Collide [Special Edition]102007209
1944ApocalypticaPeace5:55Worlds Collide [Special Edition]112007211
1945ApocalypticaUral (Bonus Track)5:41Worlds Collide [Special Edition]122007228
1946ApocalypticaDreamer (Bonus Track)3:36Worlds Collide [Special Edition]132007194
1947Apollo 100Mendelssohn's 4th2:37Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)61992218
1948Apollo 100Joy2:42Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 2)61997218
1949Apollo 100Joy2:46Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)161998215
1950Apollo 100Joy2:50Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)131992219
1951Apollo 100 featuring Tom ParkerJoy2:48Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 791990214
1952Apollo DrivePapercut3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-02192010228
1953Apollo Four FortyCharlie's Angels 20003:57Charlie's Angels (OST)142000163
1954Apple & PearCall Me, Beep Me3:04Hits for Kids 2052008215
1955The ApplejacksMexican Hat Rock2:07Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)162005169
1956The ApplejacksRocka-Conga2:19Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)202005157
1957April ShowerMama Look Upon Me3:37Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)171997192
1958April ShowerRailroad Song4:19Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)212001187
1959April StevensTeach Me Tiger2:22Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler161996169
1960April StevensI'm In Love Again2:56Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s41992126
1961April WineRoller4:18   128
1962April WineYou Could Have Been a Lady3:24Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s141996225
1963April WineFast Train3:21Greatest Hits11991225
1964April WineDrop Your Guns3:38Greatest Hits21991213
1965April WineWeeping Widow3:55Greatest Hits31991217
1966April WineRock N Roll Is A Viscous Game3:20Greatest Hits41991204
1967April WineOowatanite3:52Greatest Hits51991226
1968April WineYou Could Have Been A Lady3:23Greatest Hits61991225
1969April WineRoller3:38Greatest Hits71991222
1970April WineLike A Lover, Like A Song5:08Greatest Hits81991208
1971April WineI'm On Fire For You Baby3:29Greatest Hits91991203
1972April WineLady Run, Lady Hide3:01Greatest Hits101991196
1973April WineBad Side Of The Moon3:15Greatest Hits111991201
1974April WineI Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love3:12Greatest Hits121991203
1975April WineYou Won't Dance With Me3:44Greatest Hits131991182
1976April WineTonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love3:36Greatest Hits141991200
1977April WineI Like To Rock4:22Harder...Faster11979203
1978April WineSay Hello2:59Harder...Faster21979202
1979April WineTonite4:13Harder...Faster31979198
1980April WineLadies' Man3:39Harder...Faster41979182
1981April WineBefore The Dawn4:21Harder...Faster51979200
1982April WineBabes In Arms3:21Harder...Faster61979183
1983April WineBetter Do It Well3:35Harder...Faster71979196
1984April Wine21st Century Schizoid Man6:25Harder...Faster81979195
1985April WineYou Could Have Been A Lady3:21Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)51996220
1986April WineI Like To Rock4:20Rock Line131992202
1987April WineSay Hello2:59The Hits11998207
1988April WineEnough Is Enough4:03The Hits21998209
1989April WineJust Between You And Me3:55The Hits31998199
1990April WineRoller3:36The Hits41998214
1991April WineLove Has Remembered Me4:08The Hits51998197
1992April WineThis Could Be The Right One4:08The Hits61998208
1993April WineSign Of The Gypsy Queen4:15The Hits71998203
1994April WineWhat If We Fall In Love4:18The Hits81998202
1995April WineRock Myself To Sleep2:57The Hits91998209
1996April WineDoin' It Right3:38The Hits101998214
1997April WineTell Me Why3:15The Hits111998204
1998April WineTonite Is A Wonderfull Time To Fall In Love3:37The Hits121998196
1999April WineI'm On Fire For You Baby3:27The Hits131998201
2000April WineYou Could Have Been A Lady3:21The Hits141998220
2001April WineRock 'n Roll Is A Vicious Game3:16The Hits151998204
2002April WineLike A Lover, Like A Song5:07The Hits161998206
2003April WineYou Won't Dance With Me3:43The Hits171998181
2004April WineFast Train3:21The Hits181998227
2005April WineI Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love3:09The Hits191998200
2006April WineAll Over Town3:00The Nature Of The Beast11981200
2007April WineTellin' Me Lies3:01The Nature Of The Beast21981202
2008April WineSign Of The Gypsy Queen4:17The Nature Of The Beast31981203
2009April WineJust Between You And Me3:55The Nature Of The Beast41981190
2010April WineWanna Rock2:05The Nature Of The Beast51981218
2011April WineCaugh In The Crossfire3:34The Nature Of The Beast61981216
2012April WineFuture Tense4:09The Nature Of The Beast71981202
2013April WineBig City Girls3:41The Nature Of The Beast81981204
2014April WineCrash And Burn2:33The Nature Of The Beast91981208
2015April WineBad Boys3:10The Nature Of The Beast101981197
2016April WineOne More Time3:56The Nature Of The Beast111981197
2017April WineI'm On Fire For You Baby3:26Trailer Park Boys The Movie Soundtrack (OST)92006218
2018AquaHappy Boys & Girls3:36Aquarium11997224
2019AquaMy Oh My3:24Aquarium21997233
2020AquaBarbie Girl3:17Aquarium31997236
2021AquaGood Morning Sunshine4:04Aquarium41997213
2022AquaDoctor Jones3:23Aquarium51997232
2023AquaHeat Of The Night3:35Aquarium61997236
2024AquaBe A Man4:23Aquarium71997201
2025AquaLollipop (Candyman)3:36Aquarium81997226
2026AquaRoses Are Red3:45Aquarium91997235
2027AquaTurn Back Time4:09Aquarium101997208
2028AquaCalling You3:32Aquarium111997238
2029AquaCartoon Heroes3:39Aquarius12000221
2030AquaAround the World3:29Aquarius22000204
2031AquaFreaky Friday3:45Aquarius32000206
2032AquaWe Belong to the Sea4:18Aquarius42000209
2033AquaAn Apple a Day3:38Aquarius52000214
2035AquaGood Guys4:00Aquarius72000225
2036AquaBack from Mars4:05Aquarius82000225
2038AquaCuba Libre3:37Aquarius102000225
2039AquaBumble Bees3:54Aquarius112000218
2040AquaGoodbye to the Circus3:59Aquarius122000194
2041AquaBarbie Girl3:14Fired Up! (Disc 1)162003242
2042AquaLollipop (Candyman)2:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-1181997226
2043AquaDr. Jones3:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)92001235
2044AquavivaPoetas Andaluces3:41Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 3)21992203
2045Arcade FireOld Flame3:58Arcade Fire (EP)12003199
2046Arcade FireI'm Sleeping In A Submarine2:48Arcade Fire (EP)22003207
2047Arcade FireNo Cars Go6:02Arcade Fire (EP)32003199
2048Arcade FireThe Woodland National Anthem3:59Arcade Fire (EP)42003130
2049Arcade FireMy Heart Is An Apple4:27Arcade Fire (EP)52003159
2050Arcade FireHeadlights Look Like Diamonds4:25Arcade Fire (EP)62003172
2051Arcade FireVampire / Forest Fire7:16Arcade Fire (EP)72003192
2052Arcade FireNeighborhood #1 (Tunnels)4:48Funeral12004220
2053Arcade FireNeighborhood #2 (Laika)3:32Funeral22004230
2054Arcade FireUne Année Sans Lumiere3:41Funeral32004211
2055Arcade FireNeighborhood #3 (Power Out)5:12Funeral42004240
2056Arcade FireNeighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)4:49Funeral52004186
2057Arcade FireCrown of Love4:42Funeral62004191
2058Arcade FireWake Up5:35Funeral72004202
2059Arcade FireHaiti4:07Funeral82004207
2060Arcade FireRebellion (Lies)5:10Funeral92004206
2061Arcade FireIn the Back Seat6:20Funeral102004197
2062Arcade FireBlack Mirror4:13Neon Bible12007208
2063Arcade FireKeep The Car Running3:29Neon Bible22007234
2064Arcade FireNeon Bible2:16Neon Bible32007186
2065Arcade FireIntervention4:19Neon Bible42007225
2066Arcade FireBlack Wave/Bad Vibrations3:57Neon Bible52007196
2067Arcade FireOcean Of Noise4:53Neon Bible62007187
2068Arcade FireThe Well And The Lighthouse3:56Neon Bible72007168
2069Arcade Fire(Antichrist Television Blues)5:10Neon Bible82007196
2070Arcade FireWindowsill4:16Neon Bible92007184
2071Arcade FireNo Cars Go5:43Neon Bible102007224
2072Arcade FireMy Body Is A Cage4:47Neon Bible112007185
2073Arcade FireThe Suburbs5:15The Suburbs12010199
2074Arcade FireReady To Start4:15The Suburbs22010211
2075Arcade FireModern Man4:39The Suburbs32010189
2076Arcade FireRococo3:56The Suburbs42010217
2077Arcade FireEmpty Room2:51The Suburbs52010211
2078Arcade FireCity With No Children3:11The Suburbs62010197
2079Arcade FireHalf Light I4:13The Suburbs72010204
2080Arcade FireHalf Light II (No Celebration)4:27The Suburbs82010195
2081Arcade FireSuburban War4:45The Suburbs92010210
2082Arcade FireMonth Of May3:50The Suburbs102010200
2083Arcade FireWasted Hours3:20The Suburbs112010175
2084Arcade FireDeep Blue4:28The Suburbs122010213
2085Arcade FireWe Used To Wait5:01The Suburbs132010198
2086Arcade FireSprawl I (Flatland)2:54The Suburbs142010179
2087Arcade FireSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)5:25The Suburbs152010200
2088Arcade FireThe Suburbs (Continued)1:27The Suburbs162010187
2089ArcadiaFlame, The [Remix]4:07Another Lost Decade: The '80s: Hard To Find Hits62005209
2090ArcadiaElection Day5:27One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 7)102001250
2091ArcadiaElection Day5:28So Red the Rose11985198
2092ArcadiaKeep Me In The Dark4:30So Red the Rose21985205
2093ArcadiaGoodbye is Forever3:48So Red the Rose31985196
2094ArcadiaThe Flame4:23So Red the Rose41985196
2095ArcadiaMissing3:42So Red the Rose51985190
2096ArcadiaRose Arcana0:50So Red the Rose61985189
2097ArcadiaThe Promise7:29So Red the Rose71985190
2098ArcadiaEl Diablo6:04So Red the Rose81985186
2099ArcadiaLady Ice7:31So Red the Rose91985192
2100ArcadyBarn Dance2:44Trad at Heart11995220
2101ArcadyHennessey's4:48Trad at Heart91995212
2102Archie Bell & The DrellsTighten Up3:14Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)111991207
2103Archie Bell & The DrellsI Can't Stop Dancing2:22Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind21991193
2104Archie Bell & The DrellsTighten Up3:17TM Century GoldDisc Update 311991207
2105Archie BleyerHernando's Hideaway2:34The Millenium Collection (Disc 2) (50's)131999171
2106Archie BleyerHernando's Hideaway2:36Your Hit Parade 195481989131
2107The ArchiesYou Know I Love You2:11 11969128
2108The ArchiesSugar, Sugar2:49Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On41989207
2109ArchiesJustine2:16Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 1)121992209
2110The ArchiesSugar Sugar2:49Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)131992199
2111ArchiesJingle Jangle2:43Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)91992196
2112ArchiesSugar, Sugar2:52Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 7) (Sugar, Sugar)1 202
2113The ArchiesSugar, Sugar2:47Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s141989197
2114The ArchiesBang Shang A Lang2:36Sugar Sugar11997193
2115The ArchiesFeelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.)3:11Sugar Sugar21997197
2116The ArchiesSugar Sugar2:49Sugar Sugar31997191
2117The ArchiesSunshine3:17Sugar Sugar41997211
2118The ArchiesJingle Jangle2:45Sugar Sugar51997244
2119The ArchiesWho's Your Baby2:55Sugar Sugar61997130
2120The ArchiesEverything's Alright2:19Sugar Sugar71997236
2121The ArchiesThis Is Love2:38Sugar Sugar81997214
2122The ArchiesTruck Driver2:57Sugar Sugar91997135
2123The ArchiesLove Light2:32Sugar Sugar101997221
2124The ArchiesMelody Hill2:27Sugar Sugar111997207
2125The ArchiesOver And Over2:20Sugar Sugar121997206
2126The ArchiesJustine2:16Sugar Sugar131997209
2127The ArchiesRock 'n' Roll Music2:35Sugar Sugar141997224
2128The ArchiesDon't Touch My Guitar2:17Sugar Sugar151997217
2129The ArchiesYou Little Angel2:39Sugar Sugar161997223
2130The ArchiesHot Dog2:20Sugar Sugar171997227
2131The ArchiesInside Out - Upside Down2:14Sugar Sugar181997225
2132The ArchiesGet On The Line2:32Sugar Sugar191997192
2133The ArchiesSugar And Spice2:04Sugar Sugar201997188
2134The ArchiesBicycles, Roller Skates2:34Sugar Sugar211997217
2135The ArchiesSeventeen Ain't Young2:20Sugar Sugar221997177
2136The ArchiesWho's Gonna Love Me1:51Sugar Sugar231997219
2137The ArchiesArchie's Party2:12Sugar Sugar241997244
2138The ArchiesSugar Sugar2:49The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties16 202
2139The ArchiesSugar Sugar2:49The Rock Box (Disc 1)12 200
2140The ArchiesSugar, Sugar2:46The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)1 188
2141The ArchiesSugar Sugar2:48The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)111997196
2142The ArchiesSugar, Sugar2:48The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]11999152
2143The ArchiesMelody Hill2:24The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]21999162
2144The ArchiesOver and Over2:17The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]31999161
2145The ArchiesSugar and Spice2:03The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]41999149
2146The ArchiesJingle Jangle2:45The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]51999152
2147The ArchiesSugar, Sugar (Pistel remix '99)4:53The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]61999168
2148The ArchiesKissin'2:27The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]71999166
2149The ArchiesBang-Shang-a-Lang2:34The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]81999146
2150The ArchiesFeelin' So Good3:09The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]91999184
2151The ArchiesEverything's Alright2:17The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]101999152
2152The ArchiesYou Little Angel, You2:36The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]111999147
2153The ArchiesHot Dog2:21The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]121999161
2154The ArchiesSugar, Sugar (Julian Beeston remix '99)4:43The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]131999167
2155The ArchiesBicycles, Roller Skates and You2:31The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]141999153
2156The ArchiesInside Out, Upside Down2:15The Very Best of the Archies [Cleopatra]151999178
2157Architecture In HelsinkiIt'5!2:07Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)162006211
2159ArchiveSit Back Down6:36Lights22006170
2164ArchiveI Will Fade3:08Lights72006167
2168ArchiveTaste Of Blood4:35Lights112006158
2169ArchiveOld Artist4:03Londinium11996205
2170ArchiveAll Time3:51Londinium21996206
2171ArchiveSo Few Words6:13Londinium31996186
2176ArchiveNothing Else4:37Londinium81996174
2178ArchiveParvaneh (Butterfly)3:51Londinium101996193
2179ArchiveBeautiful World6:36Londinium111996198
2180ArchiveOrgan Song2:22Londinium121996178
2181ArchiveLast Five5:49Londinium131996167
2183ArchiveFuck U5:14Noise22004185
2187ArchiveGet Out4:30Noise62004158
2191ArchiveLove Song6:20Noise102004170
2192ArchiveMe And You7:55Noise112004166
2193ArchiveGet Out (Radio Mix)3:59Noise122004192
2194ArchiveYou Make Me Feel4:06Take My Head11999177
2195ArchiveThe Way You Love Me3:33Take My Head21999195
2196ArchiveBrother3:44Take My Head31999192
2197ArchiveWell Known Sinner4:23Take My Head41999195
2198ArchiveThe Pain Gets Worse4:34Take My Head51999170
2199ArchiveWoman3:39Take My Head61999221
2200ArchiveCloud In The Sky4:41Take My Head71999177
2201ArchiveTake My Head4:39Take My Head81999200
2202ArchiveLove In Summer4:58Take My Head91999205
2203ArchiveRest My Head On You6:54Take My Head101999163
2204ArchiveAgain16:19You All Look The Same To Me12002193
2205ArchiveNumb5:46You All Look The Same To Me22002158
2206ArchiveMeon5:43You All Look The Same To Me32002174
2207ArchiveGoodbye5:38You All Look The Same To Me42002167
2208ArchiveNow And Then1:22You All Look The Same To Me52002164
2209ArchiveSeamless1:43You All Look The Same To Me62002166
2210ArchiveFinding It So Hard15:33You All Look The Same To Me72002207
2211ArchiveFool8:29You All Look The Same To Me82002207
2212ArchiveHate3:43You All Look The Same To Me92002170
2213ArchiveNeed2:26You All Look The Same To Me102002138
2214Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm2:50Favourite Worst Nightmare12007226
2215Arctic MonkeysTeddy Picker2:43Favourite Worst Nightmare22007243
2216Arctic MonkeysD Is For Dangerous2:16Favourite Worst Nightmare32007236
2217Arctic MonkeysBalaclava2:49Favourite Worst Nightmare42007224
2218Arctic MonkeysFluorescent Adolescent2:57Favourite Worst Nightmare52007211
2219Arctic MonkeysOnly Ones Who Know3:02Favourite Worst Nightmare62007205
2220Arctic MonkeysDo Me A Favour3:27Favourite Worst Nightmare72007215
2221Arctic MonkeysThis House Is A Circus3:09Favourite Worst Nightmare82007232
2222Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There, Beware4:34Favourite Worst Nightmare92007238
2223Arctic MonkeysThe Bad Thing2:23Favourite Worst Nightmare102007236
2224Arctic MonkeysOld Yellow Bricks3:11Favourite Worst Nightmare112007224
2225Arctic Monkeys5054:13Favourite Worst Nightmare122007218
2226Arctic MonkeysMy Propeller3:27Humbug12009223
2227Arctic MonkeysCrying Lightning3:43Humbug22009212
2228Arctic MonkeysDangerous Animals3:30Humbug32009224
2229Arctic MonkeysSecret Door3:43Humbug42009212
2230Arctic MonkeysPotion Approaching3:32Humbug52009210
2231Arctic MonkeysFire and the Thud3:57Humbug62009212
2232Arctic MonkeysCornerstone3:18Humbug72009220
2233Arctic MonkeysDance Little Liar4:43Humbug82009203
2234Arctic MonkeysPretty Visitors3:40Humbug92009224
2235Arctic MonkeysThe Jeweller's Hands5:44Humbug102009210
2236Arctic MonkeysThe View from the Afternoon3:38Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not12006223
2237Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor2:53Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not22006240
2238Arctic MonkeysFake Tales of San Francisco2:57Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not32006227
2239Arctic MonkeysDancing Shoes2:21Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not42006233
2240Arctic MonkeysYou Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Staight at Me2:10Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not52006224
2241Arctic MonkeysStill Take You Home2:53Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not62006229
2242Arctic MonkeysRiot Van2:14Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not72006184
2243Arctic MonkeysRed Light Indicates Doors Are Secured2:23Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not82006228
2244Arctic MonkeysMardy Bum2:55Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not92006215
2245Arctic MonkeysPerhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But...4:28Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not102006215
2246Arctic MonkeysWhen the Sun Goes Down3:20Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not112006213
2247Arctic MonkeysFrom the Ritz to the Rubble3:13Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not122006218
2248Arctic MonkeysA Certain Romance5:31Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not132006216
2249Arctic MonkeysThe View From The Afternoon3:40Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?12006218
2250Arctic MonkeysCigarette Smoker Fiona2:56Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?22006226
2251Arctic MonkeysDespair In The Departure Lounge3:22Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?32006178
2252Arctic MonkeysNo Buses3:17Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?42006210
2253Arctic MonkeysWho The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?5:36Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?52006195
2254ArenaWitch Hunt4:17Contagion12003223
2255ArenaAn Angel Falls1:13Contagion22003175
2256ArenaPainted Man4:41Contagion32003210
2257ArenaThis Way Madness Lies3:36Contagion42003217
2258ArenaSpectre At The Feast5:34Contagion52003198
2259ArenaNever Ending Night3:23Contagion62003192
2260ArenaSkin Game4:43Contagion72003207
2262ArenaOn The Box2:40Contagion92003215
2264ArenaBitter Harvest2:52Contagion112003186
2265ArenaThe City Of Lanterns1:22Contagion122003155
2266ArenaRiding The Tide4:28Contagion132003234
2267ArenaMea Culpa3:46Contagion142003186
2268ArenaCutting The Cards4:57Contagion152003214
2270ArenaVanishing Act4:14Contagious (EP)12003232
2271ArenaThe Hour Glass6:08Contagious (EP)22003222
2272ArenaContagious4:23Contagious (EP)32003231
2273ArenaI Spy2:45Contagious (EP)42003227
2274ArenaSpecial Remix Of Witch Hunt3:42Contagious (EP)52003241
2275ArenaOn The Edge Of Despair5:43Contagium (EP)12003215
2276ArenaThe March Of Time7:30Contagium (EP)22003224
2277ArenaConfrontation5:33Contagium (EP)32003219
2278ArenaSpecial Remix Of Salamander4:45Contagium (EP)42003219
2280ArenaWaiting For The Flood5:54Immortal?22000200
2281ArenaThe Butterfly Man8:56Immortal?32000216
2282ArenaGhost In The Firewall4:55Immortal?42000204
2283ArenaClimbing The Net4:40Immortal?52000201
2285ArenaFriday's Dream4:44Immortal?72000193
2286ArenaBedlam Fayre6:06Pepper's Ghost12005242
2287ArenaSmoke And Mirrors4:44Pepper's Ghost22005228
2288ArenaThe Shattered Room9:46Pepper's Ghost32005230
2289ArenaThe Eyes Of Lara Moon4:31Pepper's Ghost42005224
2290ArenaTantalus6:51Pepper's Ghost52005222
2291ArenaPurgatory Road7:27Pepper's Ghost62005236
2292ArenaOpera Fanatica13:07Pepper's Ghost72005229
2293ArenaWelcome To The Cage.....4:15Pride11996243
2294ArenaCrying For Help V2:33Pride21996188
2295ArenaEmpire Of A Thousand Days9:35Pride31996227
2296ArenaCrying For Help VI2:53Pride41996184
2298ArenaCrying For Help VII3:05Pride61996153
2299ArenaFool's Gold9:37Pride71996227
2300ArenaCrying For Help VIII5:12Pride81996210
2302ArenaOut Of The Wilderness8:02Songs From The Lions Cage11995217
2303ArenaCrying For Help I1:22Songs From The Lions Cage21995176
2304ArenaValley Of The Kings10:11Songs From The Lions Cage31995217
2305ArenaCrying For Help II3:09Songs From The Lions Cage41995184
2306ArenaJericho6:51Songs From The Lions Cage51995206
2307ArenaCrying For Help III4:24Songs From The Lions Cage61995199
2308ArenaMidas Vision4:36Songs From The Lions Cage71995224
2309ArenaCrying For Help IV5:06Songs From The Lions Cage81995200
2310ArenaSolomon14:38Songs From The Lions Cage91995216
2311ArenaTheme0:56The Cry11997240
2312ArenaThe Cry3:10The Cry21997197
2313ArenaThe Offering2:32The Cry31997191
2314ArenaProblem Line4:01The Cry41997208
2315ArenaIsolation1:59The Cry51997182
2316ArenaFallen Idols4:12The Cry61997195
2317ArenaGuidance5:09The Cry71997214
2318ArenaOnly Child5:03The Cry81997203
2319ArenaStolen Promise2:58The Cry91997180
2320ArenaThe Healer5:44The Cry101997230
2321ArenaA Crack In The Ice7:25The Visitor11998208
2322ArenaPins And Needles2:46The Visitor21998190
2323ArenaDouble Vision4:24The Visitor31998200
2324ArenaElea2:36The Visitor41998215
2325ArenaThe Hanging Tree7:09The Visitor51998193
2326ArenaA State Of Grace3:26The Visitor61998211
2327ArenaBlood Red Room1:47The Visitor71998211
2328ArenaIn The Blink Of An Eye5:29The Visitor81998209
2329Arena(Don't Forget To) Breathe3:40The Visitor91998197
2330ArenaSerenity2:10The Visitor101998216
2331ArenaTears In The Rain5:43The Visitor111998187
2332ArenaEnemy Without5:05The Visitor121998208
2333ArenaRunning From Damascus3:44The Visitor131998221
2334ArenaThe Visitor6:13The Visitor141998224
2335Aretha FranklinI Say A Little Prayer3:3120 Platinum Oldies51986218
2336Aretha FranklinRock Steady3:1270's Party Mix (Disc 1)61996187
2337Aretha FranklinO Christmas Tree3:34A Very Special Christmas 281992189
2338Aretha FranklinSpanish Harlem3:29AM Gold: 1971191998203
2339Aretha FranklinRespect3:55Aretha Live At Fillmore West11971209
2340Aretha FranklinLove The One You're With4:21Aretha Live At Fillmore West21971213
2341Aretha FranklinBridge Over Troubled Water5:49Aretha Live At Fillmore West31971207
2342Aretha FranklinEleanor Rigby2:33Aretha Live At Fillmore West41971219
2343Aretha FranklinMake It With You4:32Aretha Live At Fillmore West51971202
2344Aretha FranklinDon't Play That Song3:17Aretha Live At Fillmore West61971223
2345Aretha FranklinDr. Feelgood7:03Aretha Live At Fillmore West71971204
2346Aretha FranklinSpirit In The Dark5:20Aretha Live At Fillmore West81971216
2347Aretha FranklinSpirit In The Dark (Reprise With Ray Charles)8:38Aretha Live At Fillmore West91971211
2348Aretha FranklinReach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)2:39Aretha Live At Fillmore West101971199
2349Aretha FranklinI Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)2:44Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)211991197
2350Aretha FranklinDo Right Woman - Do Right Man3:17Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)221991192
2351Aretha FranklinRespect2:27Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)11991210
2352Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:43Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)21991201
2353Aretha FranklinBaby I Love You2:39Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)41991204
2354Aretha FranklinChain Of Fools2:48Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)61991202
2355Aretha FranklinSince You've Been Gone2:25Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)91991209
2356Aretha FranklinThink2:19Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)131991211
2357Aretha FranklinCall Me3:52Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)221991212
2358Aretha FranklinDon't Play That Song (You Lied)3:00Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)11991204
2359Aretha FranklinRock Steady3:13Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)81991188
2360Aretha FranklinDay Dreamin'4:02Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)91991191
2361Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:44Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On11 198
2362Aretha FranklinChain Of Fools2:46Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On161989192
2363Aretha FranklinIt Ain't Fair3:20Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 1)21974197
2364Aretha FranklinThe Weight2:59Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 1)51972214
2365Aretha FranklinBridge Over Troubled Water5:31Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)172007234
2366Aretha FranklinRespect2:29Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)91994205
2367Aretha FranklinI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (with George Michael)4:02Greatest Hits (Disc 1)11998236
2368Aretha FranklinRespect2:24Greatest Hits (Disc 1)21998129
2369Aretha FranklinI Say A Little Prayer3:34Greatest Hits (Disc 1)31998202
2370Aretha FranklinThink2:17Greatest Hits (Disc 1)41998204
2371Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:46Greatest Hits (Disc 1)51998127
2372Aretha FranklinI Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)2:51Greatest Hits (Disc 1)61998128
2373Aretha FranklinYou Are All I Need To Get By3:36Greatest Hits (Disc 1)71998185
2374Aretha FranklinChain Of Fools2:47Greatest Hits (Disc 1)81998130
2375Aretha FranklinSpanish Harlem3:30Greatest Hits (Disc 1)91998206
2376Aretha FranklinAngel4:28Greatest Hits (Disc 1)101998193
2377Aretha FranklinLet It Be3:31Greatest Hits (Disc 1)111998195
2378Aretha FranklinUntil You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)3:26Greatest Hits (Disc 1)121998194
2379Aretha FranklinSon Of A Preacher Man3:16Greatest Hits (Disc 1)131998193
2380Aretha FranklinDon't Play That Song (You Lied)3:00Greatest Hits (Disc 1)141998207
2381Aretha FranklinRock Steady3:12Greatest Hits (Disc 1)151998202
2382Aretha FranklinSee Saw2:45Greatest Hits (Disc 1)161998204
2383Aretha FranklinAin't Nothing Like The Real Thing3:48Greatest Hits (Disc 1)171998185
2384Aretha FranklinDo Right Woman, Do Right Man3:14Greatest Hits (Disc 1)181998127
2385Aretha FranklinSave Me2:19Greatest Hits (Disc 1)191998127
2386Aretha FranklinThe House That Jack Built2:20Greatest Hits (Disc 1)201998134
2387Aretha FranklinPeople Get Ready3:45Greatest Hits (Disc 1)211998185
2388Aretha FranklinDay Dreaming3:59Greatest Hits (Disc 1)221998188
2389Aretha FranklinSisters Are Doing It For Themselves (with Eurythmics)5:57Greatest Hits (Disc 2)11998222
2390Aretha FranklinA Deeper Love4:41Greatest Hits (Disc 2)21998192
2391Aretha FranklinWhat A Fool Believes4:01Greatest Hits (Disc 2)31998215
2392Aretha FranklinWho's Zoomin' Who?4:43Greatest Hits (Disc 2)41998225
2393Aretha FranklinWilling To Forgive4:12Greatest Hits (Disc 2)51998194
2394Aretha FranklinJumpin' Jack Flash4:59Greatest Hits (Disc 2)61998241
2395Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love4:10Greatest Hits (Disc 2)71998230
2396Aretha FranklinBorder Song (Holy Moses)3:20Greatest Hits (Disc 2)81998186
2397Aretha FranklinOh No Not Me Baby2:52Greatest Hits (Disc 2)91998210
2398Aretha FranklinCall Me3:54Greatest Hits (Disc 2)101998200
2399Aretha FranklinAin't No Way4:12Greatest Hits (Disc 2)111998189
2400Aretha FranklinSince You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)2:24Greatest Hits (Disc 2)121998209
2401Aretha FranklinBaby I Love You2:41Greatest Hits (Disc 2)131998130
2402Aretha FranklinThe Long And Winding Road3:37Greatest Hits (Disc 2)141998201
2403Aretha FranklinToday I Sing The Blues4:24Greatest Hits (Disc 2)151998194
2404Aretha FranklinLove All The Hurt Away (with George Benson)4:09Greatest Hits (Disc 2)161998204
2405Aretha FranklinIt Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be (with Whitney Houston)4:51Greatest Hits (Disc 2)171998214
2406Aretha FranklinThrough The Storm (with Elton John)4:21Greatest Hits (Disc 2)181998217
2407Aretha FranklinA Rose Is Still A Rose3:58Greatest Hits (Disc 2)191998190
2408Aretha FranklinRespect2:27I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You11967132
2409Aretha FranklinDrown In My Own Tears4:07I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You21967128
2410Aretha FranklinI Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)2:51I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You31967130
2411Aretha FranklinSoul Serenade2:39I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You41967128
2412Aretha FranklinDon't Let Me Lose This Dream2:23I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You51967129
2413Aretha FranklinBaby Baby Baby2:54I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You61967128
2414Aretha FranklinDr. Feelgood3:23I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You71967128
2415Aretha FranklinGood Times2:10I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You81967128
2416Aretha FranklinDo Right Woman - Do Right Man3:16I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You91967128
2417Aretha FranklinSave Me2:21I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You101967128
2418Aretha FranklinChange Is Gonna Come4:20I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You111967128
2419Aretha FranklinRespect [Stereo]2:28I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You121967205
2420Aretha FranklinI Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) [Stereo]2:46I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You131967180
2421Aretha FranklinDo Right Woman - Do Right Man [Stereo]3:14I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You141967189
2422Aretha FranklinChain Of Fools2:49Lady Soul11968191
2423Aretha FranklinMoney Won't Change You2:10Lady Soul21968194
2424Aretha FranklinPeople Get Ready3:46Lady Soul31968180
2425Aretha FranklinNiki Hoeky2:31Lady Soul41968196
2426Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:45Lady Soul51968190
2427Aretha FranklinSince You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)2:25Lady Soul61968194
2428Aretha FranklinGood To Me As I Am To You3:58Lady Soul71968187
2429Aretha FranklinCome Back Baby2:27Lady Soul81968187
2430Aretha FranklinGroovin'2:55Lady Soul91968191
2431Aretha FranklinAin't No Way4:10Lady Soul101968181
2432Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:43Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)132001201
2433Aretha FranklinSomewhere6:14Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man112001195
2434Aretha FranklinRespect2:25Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)142002135
2435Aretha FranklinRespect2:27Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)31995211
2436Aretha FranklinThink3:16The Blues Brothers (OST)71980204
2437Aretha FranklinWinter Wonderland2:10The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 632001203
2438Aretha FranklinKissin' By The Mistletoe3:07The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6182001202
2439Aretha FranklinWho's Zoomin' Who4:45Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s71996214
2440Aretha FranklinBaby I Love You2:42TM Century GoldDisc 605121991151
2441Aretha FranklinRespect2:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)162001213
2442Aretha FranklinSpanish Harlem3:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)82001216
2443Aretha FranklinI'll Fly Away4:16Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)181997165
2444Aretha FranklinA Deeper Love (C + C Tribesman Mix)4:10Ultimate Dance Party 199771996196
2445Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:45Van Inkel's Choice71993129
2446Aretha FranklinIt Hurts Like Hell4:19Waiting To Exhale (OST)41995180
2447Aretha Franklin And Members Of The Fame Freedom ChoirJoy To The World3:02Christmas Of Hope111995203
2448Aretha Franklin with James ClevelandPrecious Memories7:19Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel111992193
2449ArgentHold Your Head Up6:17All Together Now11972213
2450ArgentKeep On Rollin'4:31All Together Now21972204
2451ArgentTragedy4:49All Together Now31972205
2452ArgentI Am The Dance Of Ages3:45All Together Now41972210
2453ArgentBe My Lover, Be My Friend5:21All Together Now51972208
2454ArgentHe's A Dynamo3:47All Together Now61972222
2455ArgentPure Love13:06All Together Now71972218
2456ArgentCelebration2:53All Together Now81972228
2457ArgentKingdom3:09All Together Now91972129
2458ArgentCloser To Heaven3:30All Together Now101972215
2459ArgentRejoice3:46All Together Now111972214
2460ArgentGod Gave Rock 'N Roll To You6:45All Together Now121972200
2461ArgentChristmas For The Free4:16All Together Now131972194
2462ArgentIt's Only Money, Pt. 25:14All Together Now141972208
2463ArgentHold Your Head Up6:18Anthology: The Best Of Argent11976202
2464ArgentLiar3:14Anthology: The Best Of Argent21976197
2465ArgentPleasure4:54Anthology: The Best Of Argent31976196
2466ArgentGod Gave Rock & Roll To You6:45Anthology: The Best Of Argent41976189
2467ArgentIt's Only Money, Pt. 14:06Anthology: The Best Of Argent51976202
2468ArgentThunder and Lightning5:09Anthology: The Best Of Argent61976200
2469ArgentTragedy4:48Anthology: The Best Of Argent71976194
2470ArgentTime of the Season6:39Anthology: The Best Of Argent81976187
2471ArgentLothlorien7:54Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)21996217
2472ArkarnaHouse On Fire3:24Batman & Robin (OST)41997209
2473Arlo GuthrieThis Train Is Bound for Glory0:29A Tribute to Woody Guthrie11972174
2474Arlo GuthrieOklahoma Hills3:07A Tribute to Woody Guthrie31972164
2475Arlo GuthrieDo-Re-Mi3:43A Tribute to Woody Guthrie71972215
2476Arlo GuthrieJesus Christ4:06A Tribute to Woody Guthrie231972195
2477Arlo GuthrieAlice's Restaurant Massacree18:37Alice's Restaurant11967180
2478Arlo GuthrieChilling of the Evening3:04Alice's Restaurant21967200
2479Arlo GuthrieRing-Around-A-Rosy Rag2:15Alice's Restaurant31967215
2480Arlo GuthrieNow and Then2:23Alice's Restaurant41967203
2481Arlo GuthrieI'm Going Home3:18Alice's Restaurant51967191
2482Arlo GuthrieThe Motocycle Song2:50Alice's Restaurant61967189
2483Arlo GuthrieHighway in the Wind2:42Alice's Restaurant71967202
2484Arlo GuthrieGuabi Guabi2:29Amigo11976193
2485Arlo GuthrieDarkest Hour4:06Amigo21976199
2486Arlo GuthrieMassachusetts3:13Amigo31976190
2487Arlo GuthrieVictor Jara4:18Amigo41976207
2488Arlo GuthriePatriots' Dream2:53Amigo51976191
2489Arlo GuthrieGrocery Blues2:11Amigo61976194
2490Arlo GuthrieWalking Song3:10Amigo71976196
2491Arlo GuthrieMy Love2:44Amigo81976203
2492Arlo GuthrieManzanillo Bay4:25Amigo91976196
2493Arlo GuthrieOcean Crossing3:22Amigo101976204
2494Arlo GuthrieConnection2:40Amigo111976190
2495Arlo GuthrieAnytime1:50Hobo's Lullaby11972209
2496Arlo GuthrieCity of New Orleans4:34Hobo's Lullaby21972195
2497Arlo GuthrieLightning Bar Blues2:52Hobo's Lullaby31972211
2498Arlo GuthrieShackels and Chains2:51Hobo's Lullaby41972217
2499Arlo Guthrie1913 Massacre4:20Hobo's Lullaby51972188
2500Arlo GuthrieSomebody Turned On the Light3:19Hobo's Lullaby61972206
2501Arlo GuthrieUkulele Lady3:24Hobo's Lullaby71972209
2502Arlo GuthrieWhen the Ship Comes In4:27Hobo's Lullaby81972202
2503Arlo GuthrieMapleview (20% Rag)2:08Hobo's Lullaby91972209
2504Arlo GuthrieDays Are Short4:17Hobo's Lullaby101972207
2505Arlo GuthrieHobo's Lullaby3:58Hobo's Lullaby111972193
2506Arlo GuthrieFarrell O'Gara2:49Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys11969203
2507Arlo GuthrieGypsy Davy3:44Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys21969228
2508Arlo GuthrieThis Troubled Mind of Mine2:27Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys31969215
2509Arlo GuthrieWeek on the Rag2:23Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys41969210
2510Arlo GuthrieMiss the Mississippi and You2:55Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys51969190
2511Arlo GuthrieLovesick Blues2:35Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys61969200
2512Arlo GuthrieUncle Jeff0:56Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys71969218
2513Arlo GuthrieGates of Eden5:16Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys81969218
2514Arlo GuthrieLast Train3:06Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys91969190
2515Arlo GuthrieCowboy Song3:42Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys101969202
2516Arlo GuthrieSailor's Bonnett1:23Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys111969187
2517Arlo GuthrieCooper's Lament2:47Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys121969205
2518Arlo GuthrieRamblin' 'Round3:14Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys131969212
2519Arlo GuthrieOne Night2:46One Night11978192
2520Arlo GuthrieI've Just Seen A Face2:01One Night21978200
2521Arlo GuthrieTennessee Stud3:42One Night31978206
2522Arlo GuthrieAnytime2:38One Night41978185
2523Arlo GuthrieLittle Beggar Man3:08One Night51978180
2524Arlo GuthrieBuffalo Skinners3:54One Night61978192
2525Arlo GuthrieSt. Louis Tickle1:44One Night71978219
2526Arlo GuthrieThe Story of Reuben Clamzo & His Daughter in the Key of A17:33One Night81978137
2527Arlo Guthrie(Last Night I Had The) Strangest Dream2:49One Night91978176
2528Arlo GuthrieAlice's Restaurant Massacree18:36The Best Of Arlo Guthrie11977187
2529Arlo GuthrieGabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues6:25The Best Of Arlo Guthrie21977197
2530Arlo GuthrieCooper's Lament2:49The Best Of Arlo Guthrie31977203
2531Arlo GuthrieMotorcycle (Significance Of The Pickle) Song6:31The Best Of Arlo Guthrie41977201
2532Arlo GuthrieComing Into Los Angeles3:07The Best Of Arlo Guthrie51977216
2533Arlo GuthrieLast Train3:07The Best Of Arlo Guthrie61977194
2534Arlo GuthrieCity Of New Orleans4:33The Best Of Arlo Guthrie71977195
2535Arlo GuthrieDarkest Hour4:09The Best Of Arlo Guthrie81977201
2536Arlo GuthrieLast To Leave2:35The Best Of Arlo Guthrie91977205
2537Arlo GuthrieIntroduction3:21Washington County11970203
2538Arlo GuthrieFencepost Blues3:10Washington County21970225
2539Arlo GuthrieGabriel's Mother's Highway Ballad #166:25Washington County31970200
2540Arlo GuthrieWashington County1:59Washington County41970215
2541Arlo GuthrieValley To Pray2:46Washington County51970219
2542Arlo GuthrieLay Down Little Doggies3:21Washington County61970213
2543Arlo GuthrieI Could Be Singing3:19Washington County71970205
2544Arlo GuthrieIf You Would Just Drop By4:23Washington County81970204
2545Arlo GuthriePercy's Song4:57Washington County91970229
2546Arlo GuthrieI Want To Be Around2:46Washington County101970214
2547Arlo GuthrieComing Into Los Angeles2:24Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)81994172
2548Arlo GuthrieWalking Down The Line5:10Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)91994183
2549Armand Van HeldenThe Funk Phenomena4:18Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)132000212
2550Armando TrovaioliI Apologize Mr. Rossini2:29Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's101999266
2551Armando TrovaioliKinky Peanuts3:37Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's131999261
2552Armenian Jazz SextetHarem Dance2:56Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals81992126
2553Armin Rusch und Hans Wolf, AkkordeonRosamunde3:01Wir tanzen wieder Polka131992202
2554Armor For SleepEnd Of The World4:10Transformers: The Album (OST)92007251
2555Army Of LoversCrucified3:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)42001207
2556Arnold JacobsBuxtehude: Fanfare0:38Portait of an Artist12000192
2557Arnold JacobsWe are enormously complex1:56Portait of an Artist22000159
2558Arnold JacobsRichard Strauss - Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat: I - Allegro4:27Portait of an Artist32000131
2559Arnold JacobsRichard Strauss - Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat: II - Andante3:57Portait of an Artist42000128
2560Arnold JacobsRichard Strauss - Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat: III - Allegro4:29Portait of an Artist52000131
2561Arnold JacobsThe musician plays the instrument2:29Portait of an Artist62000175
2562Arnold JacobsPlaying for the audience1:48Portait of an Artist72000164
2563Arnold JacobsProgramming the brain1:14Portait of an Artist82000170
2564Arnold JacobsVittorio Monti - "Czardas"3:52Portait of an Artist92000128
2565Arnold JacobsHerbert L. Clarke - "Carnival of Venice"2:50Portait of an Artist102000128
2566Arnold JacobsRalph Vaughn Williams - Concerto for Bass Tuba (1st mvmt.)3:12Portait of an Artist112000128
2567Arnold JacobsGugel/Pottag - Etude No. 244:25Portait of an Artist122000159
2568Arnold Jacobs"Czardas" with the metronome1:52Portait of an Artist132000128
2569Arnold JacobsThis is an art form2:11Portait of an Artist142000178
2570Arnold JacobsWe play by song and wind1:30Portait of an Artist152000184
2571Arnold JacobsGiovanni Gabrielli - Canzon per sonare no. 22:58Portait of an Artist162000153
2572Arnold JacobsRichard Wagner - Excerpt: King Heinrich's Call from Lohengrin0:40Portait of an Artist172000161
2573Arnold JacobsHector Berlioz - Dies Irae from Symphonie Fantastique1:01Portait of an Artist182000158
2574Arnold JacobsBecome a singer in your brain1:39Portait of an Artist192000158
2575Arnold JacobsThere must be a source of vibration1:16Portait of an Artist202000173
2576Arnold JacobsBreath as a motor force1:14Portait of an Artist212000160
2577Arnold JacobsEugene Bozza - Sonatine for brass quintet: I - Allegro vivo2:46Portait of an Artist222000128
2578Arnold JacobsEugene Bozza - Sonatine for brass quintet: II - Andante ma non troppo2:38Portait of an Artist232000128
2579Arnold JacobsEugene Bozza - Sonatine for brass quintet: III - Allegro vivo2:03Portait of an Artist242000128
2580Arnold JacobsEugene Bozza - Sonatine for brass quintet: IV - Largo: Allegro3:23Portait of an Artist252000128
2581Arnold JacobsKeeping music as an art form2:31Portait of an Artist262000188
2582Arnold JacobsBreath to expand2:12Portait of an Artist272000164
2583Arnold JacobsF tuba demonstration with Berlioz0:27Portait of an Artist282000173
2584Arnold JacobsHector Berlioz: excerpt from Romeo and Juliet2:06Portait of an Artist292000191
2585Arnold JacobsBéla Bartok: excerpt from Concerto for Orchestra (2nd mvmt.)1:13Portait of an Artist302000188
2586Arnold JacobsIgor Stravinsky: excerpt from Petrouchka (tuba solo)0:57Portait of an Artist312000204
2587Arnold JacobsCarl Nielsen: excerpt from Symphony No. 4 (1st mvmt.)1:18Portait of an Artist322000201
2588Arnold JacobsThe key for communicating in music1:51Portait of an Artist332000162
2589Arnold JacobsModest Mussorgsky/Maurice Ravel: excerpt from "The Great Gate of Kiev" from "Pictures at an Exhibition"1:44Portait of an Artist342000190
2590Arnold Margolin & Charles FoxLove, American Style0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)221986193
2591Arona N Diaye, Rossy, Jah WobbleJijy3:59Big Blue Ball102008202
2592ArpeggioLove and Desire - Part 13:33The Disco Box (Disc 3)111999246
2593Arrested DevelopmentMan's Final Frontier2:393 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...11992213
2594Arrested DevelopmentMama's Always on Stage3:253 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...21992223
2595Arrested DevelopmentPeople Everyday3:273 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...31992215
2596Arrested DevelopmentBlues Happy0:463 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...41992187
2597Arrested DevelopmentMr. Wendal4:073 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...51992210
2598Arrested DevelopmentChildren Play with Earth2:393 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...61992191
2599Arrested DevelopmentRaining Revolution3:563 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...71992194
2600Arrested DevelopmentFishin' 4 Religion4:103 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...81992216
2601Arrested DevelopmentGive a Man a Fish4:233 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...91992219
2602Arrested DevelopmentU5:023 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...101992195
2603Arrested DevelopmentEve of Reality1:423 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...111992203
2604Arrested DevelopmentNatural4:303 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...121992210
2605Arrested DevelopmentDawn of the Dreads5:183 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...131992212
2606Arrested DevelopmentTennessee4:323 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...141992209
2607Arrested DevelopmentWashed Away6:233 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...151992211
2608Arrested DevelopmentTennessee4:36Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19927 213
2609Arrested DevelopmentPeople Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)4:56New Millennium Hip-Hop Party162000179
2610Arrested DevelopmentPeople Everyday4:04The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)81993146
2611Arrested DevelopmentTennessee4:32The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)52004213
2612Arrogant WormsChristmas Hangover2:46   128
2613Arrogant WormsChristmas in Ignace2:08   128
2614Arrogant WormsDad Threw Up on Christmas Day2:00   128
2615Arrogant WormsSanta Got Arrested2:17   128
2616The Arrogant WormsPressure Washer2:20Beige12006181
2617The Arrogant WormsGo To Sleep Little Leech4:32Beige22006195
2618The Arrogant WormsTwins2:40Beige32006168
2619The Arrogant WormsThe Guy With Computer Know-How3:00Beige42006185
2620The Arrogant WormsI.B.S.3:08Beige52006166
2621The Arrogant WormsEzra Eats2:28Beige62006173
2622The Arrogant WormsSecurity Guard3:28Beige72006178
2623The Arrogant WormsThe Ballad Of Edna And Ida4:03Beige82006188
2624The Arrogant WormsMime Abduction3:15Beige92006174
2625The Arrogant WormsHernia Belt1:41Beige102006181
2626The Arrogant WormsCanadaman1:34Beige112006188
2627The Arrogant WormsTeenage Angst2:20Beige122006205
2628The Arrogant WormsThe Prescription Drug Song3:21Beige132006147
2629The Arrogant WormsDumb Guys2:55Beige142006201
2630The Arrogant WormsBrian's Balls4:15Beige152006193
2631The Arrogant WormsSam, The Guy From 'Quincy'2:03C'est Cheese11995192
2632The Arrogant WormsKill The Dog Next Door3:31C'est Cheese21995167
2633The Arrogant WormsLonely Lab Of Broken Hearts5:07C'est Cheese31995189
2634The Arrogant WormsSex, Drugs & Rrsps2:37C'est Cheese41995219
2635The Arrogant WormsHistory Is Made By Stupid People2:39C'est Cheese51995192
2636The Arrogant WormsMy Voice Is Changing2:19C'est Cheese61995190
2637The Arrogant WormsProud To Be A Banker2:24C'est Cheese71995217
2638The Arrogant WormsHorizon3:28C'est Cheese81995188
2639The Arrogant WormsThe Happy Happy Birthday Song1:55C'est Cheese91995208
2640The Arrogant WormsDangerous2:48C'est Cheese101995235
2641The Arrogant WormsThe Mountie Song3:26C'est Cheese111995206
2642The Arrogant WormsDog Food Woman2:48C'est Cheese121995197
2643The Arrogant WormsThe Mounted Animal Nature Trail2:09C'est Cheese131995175
2644The Arrogant WormsA Real Letter From A Real Yahoo0:53C'est Cheese141995205
2645The Arrogant WormsLet There Be Guns2:10C'est Cheese151995196
2646The Arrogant WormsA Man Has Needs3:46Dirt11999195
2647The Arrogant WormsSteel Drivin' Man4:03Dirt21999212
2648The Arrogant WormsGreat To Be A Nerd1:57Dirt31999205
2649The Arrogant WormsCeline Dion3:14Dirt41999193
2650The Arrogant WormsRocks And Trees1:58Dirt51999207
2651The Arrogant WormsGaelic Song2:56Dirt61999200
2652The Arrogant WormsWong's Chinese Buffet2:15Dirt71999226
2653The Arrogant WormsI Am Cow2:02Dirt81999185
2654The Arrogant WormsJohnny Came Home Headless2:57Dirt91999202
2655The Arrogant WormsHeimlich Maneuver3:19Dirt101999200
2656The Arrogant WormsScary Ned3:19Dirt111999200
2657The Arrogant WormsSponges2:18Dirt121999190
2658The Arrogant WormsLog In To You3:59Dirt131999206
2659The Arrogant WormsWinnebago6:23Dirt141999225
2660The Arrogant WormsI Am Cow2:00Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0831999128
2661The Arrogant WormsTokyo Love Song3:13Russell's Shorts11994196
2662The Arrogant WormsCarrot Juice Is Murder3:28Russell's Shorts21994195
2663The Arrogant WormsRippy The Gator2:59Russell's Shorts31994184
2664The Arrogant WormsKiller Robots From Venus3:38Russell's Shorts41994168
2665The Arrogant WormsHaving Fun Is Bad For You5:04Russell's Shorts51994183
2666The Arrogant WormsThe Fishing Song3:33Russell's Shorts61994191
2667The Arrogant WormsWilliam Shakespeare's In My Cat3:30Russell's Shorts71994193
2668The Arrogant WormsA Night On Dildo2:49Russell's Shorts81994186
2669The Arrogant WormsThe Last Sensitive Cowboy4:18Russell's Shorts91994178
2670The Arrogant WormsLosing Hair Under God5:29Russell's Shorts101994181
2671The Arrogant WormsBig Fat Road Manager3:12Russell's Shorts111994186
2672The Arrogant WormsLife On The Road3:14Toast!12004211
2673The Arrogant Worms"I Like Toast"1:14Toast!22004172
2674The Arrogant WormsNew Car Smell2:44Toast!32004201
2675The Arrogant Worms"Waltz, Waltz, Waltz"0:45Toast!42004183
2676The Arrogant WormsHot Dog Song3:06Toast!52004171
2677The Arrogant WormsLittle Cuban Friend3:03Toast!62004192
2678The Arrogant WormsI Am Not American3:15Toast!72004159
2679The Arrogant Worms"Allies Land In Normandy"1:01Toast!82004176
2680The Arrogant WormsThe Golf Song1:44Toast!92004214
2681The Arrogant Worms"All The Lego In Scandinavia"1:08Toast!102004167
2682The Arrogant WormsI Pulled My Groin1:46Toast!112004191
2683The Arrogant Worms"So Disapointed By You All"1:00Toast!122004161
2684The Arrogant WormsBottle Of Booze2:48Toast!132004185
2685The Arrogant Worms"Circulation Man"1:05Toast!142004169
2686The Arrogant WormsHead In The Freezer3:04Toast!152004174
2687The Arrogant WormsThe Monkey Song3:07Toast!162004185
2688The Arrogant Worms"Take Your Shirt Off"0:53Toast!172004170
2689The Arrogant WormsParticle Board2:53Toast!182004190
2690The Arrogant WormsShipwreck Balladeer4:31Toast!192004163
2691The Arrogant WormsThe Coffee Song2:11Toast!202004213
2692The Arrogant Worms"We're Very Ethnic"0:51Toast!212004173
2693The Arrogant WormsTrip To Greece2:42Toast!222004191
2694The Arrogant WormsWolfe Island Ferry2:36Toast!232004191
2695The Arrogant Worms"Thank You Very Much"1:34Toast!242004209
2696The ArrowsThe Rebel (Without A Cause)1:44James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel71991147
2697Ars NovaIntroduction - Biogenesis - Melt Down6:01Biogenesis Project12003212
2698Ars NovaEscape8:17Biogenesis Project22003226
2699Ars NovaMother Earth2:27Biogenesis Project32003199
2700Ars NovaMetamorphosis6:17Biogenesis Project42003216
2701Ars NovaHumanoid's Breakfast3:12Biogenesis Project52003215
2702Ars NovaAgainst the Meteors3:27Biogenesis Project62003218
2703Ars NovaTrust to the Future15:21Biogenesis Project72003216
2704Ars NovaDark Clouds1:45Fear & Anxiety11992190
2705Ars Nova[dziha:d]5:54Fear & Anxiety21992199
2706Ars NovaHouse Of Ben7:56Fear & Anxiety31992204
2707Ars NovaProminence6:25Fear & Anxiety41992196
2708Ars NovaFata Morgana Part I8:37Fear & Anxiety51992198
2709Ars NovaFata Morgana Part II0:58Fear & Anxiety61992181
2710Ars NovaPhantom1:30Transi11994191
2711Ars NovaChase2:48Transi21994200
2712Ars NovaTransi9:36Transi31994210
2713Ars NovaDance Macabre8:39Transi41994213
2714Ars NovaSahara 23016:34Transi51994202
2715Ars NovaNova12:48Transi61994203
2716Art & Dotty ToddChanson D'Amour (Song Of Love)2:53Your Hit Parade - Late 50's14 126
2717Art AdamsDancing Doll1:55Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)122006138
2718Art AdamsRock Crazy Baby2:16Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)32006128
2719Art BlakeyBuhaina Chant10:30Orgy In Rhythm11957202
2720Art BlakeyYa Ya7:06Orgy In Rhythm21957217
2721Art BlakeyToffi12:20Orgy In Rhythm31957222
2722Art BlakeySplit Skins8:58Orgy In Rhythm41957217
2723Art BlakeyAmuck6:49Orgy In Rhythm51957184
2724Art BlakeyElephant Walk6:56Orgy In Rhythm61957204
2725Art BlakeyCome Out And Meet Me Tonight5:43Orgy In Rhythm71957212
2726Art BlakeyAbdallah's Delight9:47Orgy In Rhythm81957214
2727Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersWarm-Up Dialogue0:37Moanin'11958140
2728Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersMoanin'9:33Moanin'21958187
2729Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersAre You Real?4:49Moanin'31958197
2730Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersAlong Came Betty6:11Moanin'41958183
2731Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersThe Drum Thunder Suite7:33Moanin'51958186
2732Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersBlues March6:14Moanin'61958193
2733Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersCome Rain Or Come Shine5:47Moanin'71958192
2734Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersMoanin' (Alternate Take)9:18Moanin'81958190
2735Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersI Could Have Danced All Night4:20Selections from Lerner and Loewe11957258
2736Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersOn The Street Where You Live9:06Selections from Lerner and Loewe21957249
2737Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersThere But For You Go I4:37Selections from Lerner and Loewe31957251
2738Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersThey Call The Wind Maria4:52Selections from Lerner and Loewe41957252
2739Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersI Talk To The Trees8:31Selections from Lerner and Loewe51957234
2740Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersAlmost Like Being In Love4:52Selections from Lerner and Loewe61957256
2741Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersTell It Like It Is7:56The Freedom Rider11961208
2742Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersThe Freedom Rider7:28The Freedom Rider21961203
2743Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersEl Toro6:23The Freedom Rider31961210
2744Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersPetty Larceny6:16The Freedom Rider41961212
2745Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersBlue Lace6:00The Freedom Rider51961208
2746Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersUptight6:16The Freedom Rider61961211
2747Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersPisces6:55The Freedom Rider71961206
2748Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersBlue Ching6:44The Freedom Rider81961213
2749Art FarmerA Night At Tony's5:10Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings12008132
2750Art FarmerBlue Concept5:01Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings22008130
2751Art FarmerStupendous-Lee5:48Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings32008129
2752Art FarmerDeltitnu4:23Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings42008131
2753Art FarmerSocial Call6:08Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings52008127
2754Art FarmerCapri5:02Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings62008136
2755Art FarmerBlue Lights5:19Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings72008129
2756Art FarmerThe Infant's Song5:18Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings82008127
2757Art FarmerForecast4:53Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings92008164
2758Art FarmerEvening In Casablanca5:23Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings102008136
2759Art FarmerNica's Tempo7:52Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings112008153
2760Art FarmerSatellite4:25Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings122008162
2761Art FarmerSans Souci6:43Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings132008159
2762Art FarmerShabooz5:33Complete 1954-1955 Prestige Recordings142008143
2763Art FarmerWith Prestige5:13Farmer's Market11956132
2764Art FarmerAd-Dis-Un6:22Farmer's Market21956130
2765Art FarmerFarmer's Market5:50Farmer's Market31956136
2766Art FarmerReminiscing4:57Farmer's Market41956128
2767Art FarmerBy Myself7:03Farmer's Market51956127
2768Art FarmerWailin' With Hank7:13Farmer's Market61956137
2769Art GarfunkelTraveling Boy4:58Angel Clare11973201
2770Art GarfunkelDown in the Willow Garden3:57Angel Clare21973186
2771Art GarfunkelI Shall Sing3:33Angel Clare31973219
2772Art GarfunkelOld Man3:23Angel Clare41973189
2773Art GarfunkelFeuilles-Oh / Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls on Their Way to the Moon3:10Angel Clare51973185
2774Art GarfunkelAll I Know3:46Angel Clare61973194
2775Art GarfunkelMary Was an Only Child3:26Angel Clare71973203
2776Art GarfunkelWoyaya3:18Angel Clare81973203
2777Art GarfunkelBarbara Allen5:25Angel Clare91973196
2778Art GarfunkelAnother Lullaby3:29Angel Clare101973196
2779Art GarfunkelI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be For Ever)3:49Breakaway11975196
2780Art GarfunkelRag Doll3:07Breakaway21975185
2781Art GarfunkelBreak Away3:36Breakaway31975197
2782Art GarfunkelDisney Girls4:33Breakaway41975194
2783Art GarfunkelWaters Of March3:38Breakaway51975211
2784Art GarfunkelMy Little Town3:54Breakaway61975209
2785Art GarfunkelI Only Have Eyes For You3:41Breakaway71975199
2786Art GarfunkelLookin' For The Right One3:22Breakaway81975198
2787Art Garfunkel99 Miles From L.A.3:31Breakaway91975202
2788Art GarfunkelThe Same Old Tears On A New Background3:48Breakaway101975196
2789Art GarfunkelIn A Little While (I'll Be On My Way)3:26Fate For Breakfast11979207
2790Art GarfunkelSince I Don't Have You3:38Fate For Breakfast21979193
2791Art GarfunkelAnd I Know3:40Fate For Breakfast31979198
2792Art GarfunkelSail On A Rainbow3:47Fate For Breakfast41979193
2793Art GarfunkelMiss You Nights3:46Fate For Breakfast51979190
2794Art GarfunkelBright Eyes3:58Fate For Breakfast61979198
2795Art GarfunkelFinally Found A Reason2:41Fate For Breakfast71979201
2796Art GarfunkelBeyond The Tears3:54Fate For Breakfast81979202
2797Art GarfunkelOh How Happy2:41Fate For Breakfast91979198
2798Art GarfunkelWhen Someone Doesn't Want You3:34Fate For Breakfast101979189
2799Art GarfunkelTake Me Away4:03Fate For Breakfast111979206
2800Art GarfunkelCrying In My Sleep4:06Watermark11978246
2801Art GarfunkelMarionette2:33Watermark21978259
2802Art GarfunkelShine It On Me3:32Watermark31978236
2803Art GarfunkelWatermark2:53Watermark41978252
2804Art GarfunkelSaturday Suit3:17Watermark51978242
2805Art GarfunkelAll My Love's Laughter3:58Watermark61978229
2806Art Garfunkel(What A) Wonderful World3:30Watermark71978244
2807Art GarfunkelMr. Shuck 'n' Jive4:48Watermark81978245
2808Art GarfunkelPaper Chase2:39Watermark91978241
2809Art GarfunkelShe Moved Through The Fair3:46Watermark101978234
2810Art GarfunkelSomeone Else (1958)2:19Watermark111978239
2811Art GarfunkelWooden Planes3:09Watermark121978242
2812Art LundMam'selle3:17Your Hit Parade 1947111989128
2813Art MooneyI'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover2:25Your Hit Parade 1948111990127
2814Art MooneyBaby Face2:20Your Hit Parade 1948211990127
2815Art Mooney & His OrchestraHoney-Babe2:56Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever131992126
2816Art Of NoiseA Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)4:45(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!11984201
2817Art Of NoiseBeat Box (Diversion One)8:33(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!21984194
2818Art Of NoiseSnapshot1:02(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!31984191
2819Art Of NoiseClose (To The Edit)5:37(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!41984209
2820Art Of NoiseWho's Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise)4:21(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!51984207
2821Art Of NoiseMoments In Love10:16(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!61984206
2822Art Of NoiseMomento2:12(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!71984196
2823Art Of NoiseHow To Kill2:42(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!81984186
2824Art Of NoiseRealization1:42(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!91984197
2825Art Of NoiseDan Dare6:01Below The Waste11989202
2826Art Of NoiseYebo!7:11Below The Waste21989203
2827Art Of NoiseCatwalk5:29Below The Waste31989208
2828Art Of NoisePromenade 10:32Below The Waste41989197
2829Art Of NoiseDilemma3:01Below The Waste51989207
2830Art Of NoiseIsland5:49Below The Waste61989208
2831Art Of NoiseChain Gang3:07Below The Waste71989216
2832Art Of NoisePromenade 20:38Below The Waste81989196
2833Art Of NoiseBack To Back3:52Below The Waste91989211
2834Art Of NoiseFlashback1:45Below The Waste101989207
2835Art Of NoiseSpit3:31Below The Waste111989203
2836Art Of NoiseRobinson Crusoe3:47Below The Waste121989206
2837Art Of NoiseJames Bond Theme5:18Below The Waste131989207
2838Art Of NoiseFinale2:37Below The Waste141989187
2839Art Of NoiseMoments In Love5:55Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 2)112003212
2840Art Of NoiseDragnet (Art Of Noise 12" Mix)5:57Dragnet (EP)11987258
2841Art Of NoiseDragnet (Arthur Baker 12" Mix)6:15Dragnet (EP)21987254
2842Art Of NoiseActon Art2:49Dragnet (EP)31987245
2843Art Of NoiseThe Art Of Noise (7" Mix)3:02Dragnet (EP)41987254
2844Art Of NoiseGalleons Of Stone1:11In No Sense? Nonsense!11987169
2845Art Of NoiseDragnet3:27In No Sense? Nonsense!21987206
2846Art Of NoiseFin Du Temps2:04In No Sense? Nonsense!31987227
2847Art Of NoiseHow Rapid?0:51In No Sense? Nonsense!41987196
2848Art Of NoiseOpus For Four3:11In No Sense? Nonsense!51987211
2849Art Of NoiseDebut1:44In No Sense? Nonsense!61987194
2850Art Of NoiseE.F.L.6:39In No Sense? Nonsense!71987196
2851Art Of NoiseA Day At The Races4:00In No Sense? Nonsense!81987217
2852Art Of NoiseOde To Don Jose3:13In No Sense? Nonsense!91987194
2853Art Of NoiseCounterpoint0:57In No Sense? Nonsense!101987195
2854Art Of NoiseRoundabout 7270:45In No Sense? Nonsense!111987220
2855Art Of NoiseRansom On The Sand1:17In No Sense? Nonsense!121987188
2856Art Of NoiseRoller 13:30In No Sense? Nonsense!131987226
2857Art Of NoiseNothing Was Going To Stop Them Then, Anyway0:44In No Sense? Nonsense!141987188
2858Art Of NoiseCrusoe3:37In No Sense? Nonsense!151987201
2859Art Of NoiseOne Earth4:29In No Sense? Nonsense!161987210
2860Art Of NoiseOpus 42:00In Visible Silence11986188
2861Art Of NoiseParanoimia4:46In Visible Silence21986185
2862Art Of NoiseEye Of A Needle4:23In Visible Silence31986205
2863Art Of NoiseLegs4:06In Visible Silence41986187
2864Art Of NoiseSlip Of The Tongue1:28In Visible Silence51986204
2865Art Of NoiseBackbeat4:08In Visible Silence61986215
2866Art Of NoiseInstruments Of Darkness7:14In Visible Silence71986195
2867Art Of NoisePeter Gunn3:58In Visible Silence81986204
2868Art Of NoiseCamilla7:23In Visible Silence91986209
2869Art Of NoiseChameleon's Dish4:16In Visible Silence101986209
2870Art Of NoiseBeatback1:20In Visible Silence111986223
2871Art Of NoisePeter Gunn (Extended Version)6:01In Visible Silence121986213
2872The Art Of NoiseParanoimia3:18Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)32002250
2873Art Of NoiseIl Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century)8:02Seduction Of Claude Debussy11999207
2874Art Of NoiseBorn On A Sunday4:40Seduction Of Claude Debussy21999227
2875Art Of NoiseDreaming In Colour6:42Seduction Of Claude Debussy31999221
2876Art Of NoiseOn Being Blue4:58Seduction Of Claude Debussy41999197
2877Art Of NoiseContinued In Colour1:19Seduction Of Claude Debussy51999215
2878Art Of NoiseRapt: In The Evening Air4:22Seduction Of Claude Debussy61999201
2879Art Of NoiseMetaforce3:44Seduction Of Claude Debussy71999221
2880Art Of NoiseThe Holy Egoism Of Genius7:56Seduction Of Claude Debussy81999220
2881Art Of NoiseLa Fl?te De Pan2:45Seduction Of Claude Debussy91999194
2882Art Of NoiseMetaphor On The Floor2:06Seduction Of Claude Debussy101999201
2883Art Of NoiseApproximate Mood Swing No. 22:14Seduction Of Claude Debussy111999199
2884Art Of NoisePause2:30Seduction Of Claude Debussy121999198
2885Art Of NoiseOut Of This World [Version 138]5:25Seduction Of Claude Debussy131999241
2886Art Of NoiseOpus 42:00The Best of The Art of Noise11988192
2887Art Of NoiseBeat Box (Diversion One)8:33The Best of The Art of Noise21988187
2888Art Of NoiseMoments In Love6:58The Best of The Art of Noise31988208
2889Art Of NoiseClose (To The Edit)5:38The Best of The Art of Noise41988204
2890Art Of NoisePeter Gunn Theme (The Twang Mix) (feat. Duane Eddy)7:30The Best of The Art of Noise51988211
2891Art Of NoiseParanormia (feat. Max Headroom)6:42The Best of The Art of Noise61988202
2892Art Of NoiseLegacy8:21The Best of The Art of Noise71988206
2893Art Of NoiseDragnet '887:16The Best of The Art of Noise81988220
2894Art Of NoiseKiss (Aon Mix) (feat. Tom Jones)8:11The Best of The Art of Noise91988207
2895Art Of NoiseSomething Always Happens2:29The Best of The Art of Noise101988193
2896Art Of NoiseMetaforce4:55The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Disc 2)11999218
2897Art Of NoiseMetaforce - The Sighs Of A Metaphor (Roni Size remix)6:37The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Disc 2)21999152
2898Art Of NoiseMetaforce - The Size Of A Metaphor (Roni Size remix)5:41The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Disc 2)31999149
2899Art Of NoiseMetaforce - The Beat Of A Metaphor (Rhythm Masters remix)6:54The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (Disc 2)41999174
2900Art Of Noise (feat. Tom Jones)Kiss3:31Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 198952000214
2901The Art Of Noise (Featuring Duane Eddy)Peter Gunn3:58Rock Of The 80's Volume 1181994238
2902The Art Of Noise (Featuring Tom Jones)Kiss3:32Rock Of The 80's Volume 551993251
2903The Art Of Noise (Ft. Tom Jones)Kiss3:30Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)102001224
2904Art SullivanEnsemble3:45Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)131992202
2905Arthur 'Big Boy' CrudupThat's All Right2:22The Blues At Christmas II101994125
2906Arthur ConleySweet Soul Music2:23Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)201991127
2907Arthur ConleyStuff You Gotta Watch2:14Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 1)91974203
2908Arthur ConleySweet Soul Music2:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)22001174
2909Arthur Fiedler And The Boston PopsHere We Come A-Caroling/O Tannenbaum/I Saw Three Ships5:09The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)211987188
2910Arthur LymanYellow Bird2:46Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)171992184
2911Arthur LymanTaboo1:48Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals221992135
2912Arthur Lyman GroupYellow Bird2:45Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)4 174
2913Arthur Lyman GroupYellow Bird2:47Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals61993183
2914The Arthur Lyman GroupLove For Sale3:02Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two91993207
2915Arthur SmithThe Golden Vanity2:49That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)141995193
2916Arthur Smith & Don Reno12th Street Rag (Instr.)2:13That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)71995220
2917Arthur Smith TrioAdieu False Heart2:51Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)52000127
2918Arthur Smith With Don RenoFeudin' Banjos1:57The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards111991129
2919Artie ShawAny Old Time3:12The Very Best of Artie Shaw12001214
2920Artie ShawRosalie2:43The Very Best of Artie Shaw22001197
2921Artie ShawDeep Purple3:11The Very Best of Artie Shaw32001127
2922Artie ShawEverything is Jumpin'5:09The Very Best of Artie Shaw42001214
2923Artie ShawSummertime5:00The Very Best of Artie Shaw52001131
2924Artie ShawStar Dust3:31The Very Best of Artie Shaw62001135
2925Artie ShawChantez-Les Bas3:07The Very Best of Artie Shaw72001195
2926Artie ShawMy Blue Heaven3:47The Very Best of Artie Shaw82001198
2927Artie ShawTwo in One Blues2:48The Very Best of Artie Shaw92001129
2928Artie ShawNocturne3:34The Very Best of Artie Shaw102001210
2929Artie Shaw'S Wonderful3:07The Very Best of Artie Shaw112001181
2930Artie ShawConcerto for Clarinet, Parts 1 & 29:15The Very Best of Artie Shaw122001197
2931Artie ShawBegin the Beguine3:14The Very Best of Artie Shaw132001132
2932Artie ShawI Cover the Waterfront3:29The Very Best of Artie Shaw142001210
2933Artie ShawTo a Broadway Rose3:25The Very Best of Artie Shaw152001209
2934Artie ShawNightmare2:49The Very Best of Artie Shaw162001156
2935Artie ShawThe Made With The Flaccid Air3:50The Very Best of Artie Shaw172001215
2936Artie ShawDiga Diga Doo2:40The Very Best of Artie Shaw182001219
2937Artie ShawFrenesi3:08Your Hit Parade 19408 126
2938Artie ShawStar Dust3:44Your Hit Parade 194115 126
2939AshKung Fu2:19Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)162005222
2940Ash Ra TempelDer Vierte Kuss6:25Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 2)31996210
2944AshantiLeaving (Always on Time Part II) (feat. Ja Rule)3:55Ashanti42002220
2945AshantiNarrative Call (Skit)0:36Ashanti52002151
2947AshantiScared (feat. Iro Gotti)4:43Ashanti72002223
2952AshantiFight (Over Skit)1:18Ashanti122002211
2955AshantiShi Shi (Skit)0:14Ashanti152002144
2957AshantiThank You1:47Ashanti172002132
2958AshantiIntro/Medley1:18Chapter II12003191
2959AshantiShany's World (Feat. Chink Santana)3:05Chapter II22003211
2960AshantiRock Wit U (Awww Baby)3:29Chapter II32003208
2961AshantiWhat Are They Gonna Say Now? (Skit)0:31Chapter II42003195
2962AshantiBreakup 2 Makeup3:41Chapter II52003210
2963AshantiI Found Lovin'4:15Chapter II62003214
2964AshantiRain On Me4:58Chapter II72003203
2965AshantiThen Ya Gone (Feat. Chink Santana)4:59Chapter II82003196
2966AshantiLiving My Life3:46Chapter II92003203
2967AshantiBlack Child (Skit)1:28Chapter II102003180
2968AshantiFeel So Good4:31Chapter II112003214
2969AshantiCarry On3:15Chapter II122003225
2970AshantiThe Sugar Shack (Skit)1:10Chapter II132003183
2971AshantiThe Story Of 24:33Chapter II142003186
2972AshantiOhhh Ahhh4:36Chapter II152003190
2973AshantiShany Shia (Skit)1:11Chapter II162003128
2974AshantiSweet Baby4:08Chapter II172003193
2975AshantiU Say, I Say (Feat. Gunnz)4:09Chapter II182003185
2976AshantiI Don't Mind5:04Chapter II192003184
2977AshantiOutro (Feat. Chink Santana)0:58Chapter II202003213
2978AshantiUn Foolish3:23From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)272002134
2979AshantiFoolish3:47Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)92003229
2980AshantiFoolish3:47Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-03162002226
2981AshantiHappy3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0852002196
2982AshantiRock Wit U (Awww Baby)3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06152003206
2983AshantiOnly U3:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0122005212
2984Ashanti feat. 7 AureliusDon't Leave Me Alone3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04142005211
2985Asher RothI Love College4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0452009221
2986Ashford & SimpsonSolid5:09Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)71998210
2987Ashlee SimpsonAutobiography3:34Autobiography12004229
2988Ashlee SimpsonPieces Of Me3:39Autobiography22004234
2989Ashlee SimpsonShadow3:59Autobiography32004225
2990Ashlee SimpsonLala3:44Autobiography42004251
2991Ashlee SimpsonLove Makes The World Go Round3:45Autobiography52004239
2992Ashlee SimpsonBetter Off3:28Autobiography62004242
2993Ashlee SimpsonLove For Me3:29Autobiography72004248
2994Ashlee SimpsonSurrender3:20Autobiography82004239
2995Ashlee SimpsonUnreachable3:54Autobiography92004228
2996Ashlee SimpsonNothing New3:08Autobiography102004234
2997Ashlee SimpsonGiving It All Away2:58Autobiography112004232
2998Ashlee SimpsonUndiscovered4:56Autobiography122004196
2999Ashlee SimpsonBoyfriend3:01I Am Me12005225
3000Ashlee SimpsonIn Another Life3:48I Am Me22005246
3001Ashlee SimpsonBeautifully Broken3:16I Am Me32005238
3002Ashlee SimpsonL.O.V.E.2:34I Am Me42005234
3003Ashlee SimpsonComing Back For More3:30I Am Me52005252
3004Ashlee SimpsonDancing Alone3:55I Am Me62005239
3005Ashlee SimpsonBurnin Up3:57I Am Me72005222
3006Ashlee SimpsonCatch Me When I Fall4:02I Am Me82005198
3007Ashlee SimpsonI Am Me3:18I Am Me92005247
3008Ashlee SimpsonEyes Wide Open4:10I Am Me102005234
3009Ashlee SimpsonSay Goodbye4:15I Am Me112005193
3010Ashlee SimpsonPieces Of Me3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0642004150
3011Ashlee SimpsonShadow3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0972004226
3012Ashlee SimpsonAutobiography3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1192004229
3013Ashlee SimpsonLa La3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-12102004250
3014Ashlee SimpsonBoyfriend3:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1032005226
3015Ashlee SimpsonInvisible3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0742006234
3016Ashley AltmanNo More (0DDmix Vocal Mix)1:38  2006128
3017Ashley Parker AngelI'm Better3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-02112006158
3018Ashley Parker AngelLet U Go3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-03132006247
3019Ashley Parker AngelWhere Did You Go?3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-10192006191
3020Ashley SimpsonL.O.V.E. (Album Version)2:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0132006234
3021Ashley TisdaleLast Christmas3:55A Very Special Christmas 7122009230
3022Ashley TisdaleHe Said She Said3:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-03162007213
3023Ashley TisdaleBe Good To Me3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0462007207
3024Ashlyne HuffHeart Of Gold3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06222010229
3025Ashman & MenkenPrologue (Little Shop of Horrors)3:28Little Shop of Horrors (OST)11986197
3026Ashman & MenkenSkid Row (Downtown)4:17Little Shop of Horrors (OST)21986198
3027Ashman & MenkenDa-Doo1:25Little Shop of Horrors (OST)31986208
3028Ashman & MenkenGrow For Me2:24Little Shop of Horrors (OST)41986200
3029Ashman & MenkenSomewhere That's Green3:50Little Shop of Horrors (OST)51986190
3030Ashman & MenkenSome Fun Now2:18Little Shop of Horrors (OST)61986198
3031Ashman & MenkenDentist!2:29Little Shop of Horrors (OST)71986183
3032Ashman & MenkenFeed Me (Git It)3:27Little Shop of Horrors (OST)81986193
3033Ashman & MenkenSuddenly, Seymour3:28Little Shop of Horrors (OST)91986171
3034Ashman & MenkenSuppertime2:05Little Shop of Horrors (OST)101986186
3035Ashman & MenkenThe Meek Shall Inherit3:23Little Shop of Horrors (OST)111986184
3036Ashman & MenkenMean Green Mother From Outerspace4:46Little Shop of Horrors (OST)121986193
3037Ashman & MenkenFinale (Don't Feed the Plants)1:30Little Shop of Horrors (OST)131986208
3038Ashton, Becker, DenteTaking My Time3:43WOW 1996 (Disc 2)151995208
3039Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection Shuffle3:19Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)10 189
3040AsiaDon't Cry3:32Alpha11983206
3041AsiaThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes3:13Alpha21983195
3042AsiaNever in a Million Years3:47Alpha31983204
3043AsiaMy Own Time (I'll Do What I Want)4:49Alpha41983197
3044AsiaThe Heat Goes On4:57Alpha51983206
3045AsiaEye to Eye3:12Alpha61983206
3046AsiaThe Last to Know4:39Alpha71983202
3047AsiaTrue Colours3:51Alpha81983198
3048AsiaMidnight Sun3:47Alpha91983204
3049AsiaOpen Your Eyes6:25Alpha101983198
3050AsiaAqua Part 12:26Aqua11992187
3051AsiaWho Will Stop The Rain?4:35Aqua21992192
3052AsiaBack In Town4:09Aqua31992183
3053AsiaLove Under Fire5:14Aqua41992197
3055AsiaLittle Rich Boy4:37Aqua61992188
3056AsiaThe Voice Of Reason5:36Aqua71992187
3057AsiaLay Down Your Arms4:15Aqua81992199
3058AsiaCrime Of The Heart5:57Aqua91992180
3059AsiaA Far Cry5:30Aqua101992194
3060AsiaDon't Call Me4:56Aqua111992175
3061AsiaHeaven On Earth4:54Aqua121992196
3062AsiaAqua Part 22:10Aqua131992206
3063AsiaHeat Of The Moment3:54Asia11982192
3064AsiaOnly Time Will Tell4:48Asia21982205
3065AsiaSole Survivor4:51Asia31982209
3066AsiaOne Step Closer4:18Asia41982209
3067AsiaTime Again4:48Asia51982212
3068AsiaWildest Dreams5:11Asia61982210
3069AsiaWithout You5:07Asia71982202
3070AsiaCutting It Fine5:40Asia81982213
3071AsiaHere Comes The Feeling5:42Asia91982203
3073AsiaVoice Of America4:28Astra21985188
3074AsiaHard On Me3:36Astra31985198
3076AsiaRock And Roll Dream6:53Astra51985195
3077AsiaCountdown To Zero4:17Astra61985208
3078AsiaLove Now Till Eternity4:13Astra71985194
3079AsiaToo Late4:14Astra81985194
3081AsiaAfter The War5:08Astra101985189
3082AsiaNever Again4:54Phoenix12008227
3083AsiaNothing's Forever5:46Phoenix22008207
3085AsiaSleeping Giant / No Way Back / Reprise8:10Phoenix42008218
3087AsiaI Will Remember You5:10Phoenix62008198
3088AsiaShadow of a Doubt4:18Phoenix72008214
3089AsiaParallel Worlds / Vortex / Déyà8:11Phoenix82008222
3090AsiaWish I'd Know All Along4:05Phoenix92008224
3091AsiaOrchard of Mines5:11Phoenix102008209
3092AsiaOver and Over3:33Phoenix112008226
3093AsiaAn Extraordinary Life4:56Phoenix122008229
3094AsiaHeat Of The Moment3:50Rock Of The 80's Volume 1411994236
3095Asleep At The WheelRoute 662:52Classic Country - Road Songs82003196
3096AslynBe The Girl3:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-01142005238
3099AsperaDo I Dare?5:31Ripples32010241
3101AsperaBetween Black & White8:12Ripples52010237
3102AsperaCatatonic Coma5:44Ripples62010219
3103AsperaTorn Apart4:58Ripples72010217
3104AsperaTraces Inside7:51Ripples82010240
3106AsperaThe Purpose5:58Ripples102010234
3107Assemblage 23Human5:43Storm12004212
3108Assemblage 23Skin6:54Storm22004201
3109Assemblage 23Ground5:06Storm32004220
3110Assemblage 23Let The Wind Erase Me4:46Storm42004211
3111Assemblage 23Infinite5:08Storm52004219
3112Assemblage 23Complacent6:09Storm62004211
3113Assemblage 23You Haven't Earned It5:33Storm72004237
3114Assemblage 23Regret5:01Storm82004229
3115Assemblage 23Apart5:11Storm92004221
3116Assemblage 2330KFT3:15Storm102004207
3117Assembled MultitudeOverture From 'Tommy'2:29Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)82001190
3118The AssociationCherish3:27AM Gold: 1966151995197
3119The AssociationWindy2:52AM Gold: 1967121995184
3120The AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:51AM Gold: The Mid '60s151995198
3121The AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:52Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On211988209
3122The AssociationCherish3:26Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)11 195
3123The AssociationWindy2:56Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)91989196
3124The AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:49Happy Days 1960's (Disc 3)81997186
3125The AssociationSix Man Band2:14Highs Of The Sixties131986208
3126The AssociationWindy2:56More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)171999128
3127The AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:51Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)42002212
3128The AssociationNever My Love3:10Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s131989200
3129The AssociationWindy2:56Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)91992128
3130The AssociationThe Time It Is Today2:20The Association's Greatest Hits!11968205
3131The AssociationEverything That Touches You3:22The Association's Greatest Hits!21968201
3132The AssociationLike Always3:08The Association's Greatest Hits!31968203
3133The AssociationNever My Love3:13The Association's Greatest Hits!41968198
3134The AssociationRequiem For the Masses4:11The Association's Greatest Hits!51968198
3135The AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:51The Association's Greatest Hits!61968216
3136The AssociationEnter the Young2:47The Association's Greatest Hits!71968224
3137The AssociationNo Fair At All2:40The Association's Greatest Hits!81968200
3138The AssociationTime For Livin'2:49The Association's Greatest Hits!91968197
3139The AssociationWe Love2:27The Association's Greatest Hits!101968201
3140The AssociationCherish3:29The Association's Greatest Hits!111968213
3141The AssociationWindy2:58The Association's Greatest Hits!121968189
3142The AssociationSix Man Band2:12The Association's Greatest Hits!131968210
3143AssociationAlong Comes Mary2:48Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)132001233
3144The AssociationWindy2:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)232001208
3145The AssociationOne Too Many Mornings2:51Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)152009139
3146The AssociatonCherish3:27Cherish (OST)72002220
3147The AstronautsBaja2:29Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals161991183
3148Astrud Gilberto Feat. Zoot SimsWho Needs Forever?3:01Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 2) - Gone Hollywood112001196
3149AswadShine3:37The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)131994217
3150AswadDon't Turn Around3:17Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)112001203
3151AswadShine3:38Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)152001213
3152AtarisIn This Diary3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-05132003233
3153The AtarisThe Boys 0f Summer4:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0892003247
3154ATBI Don't Wanna Stop (Pascal Remix)4:31Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)162003189
3155ATCAround The World (La La La La La)3:35Fired Up! (Disc 1)22003207
3156Athena CageAll Or Nothing3:46Save The Last Dance (OST)142000195
3157AthleteEl Salvador3:25The Last Kiss (OST)62006247
3158Atlanta Rhythm SectionLarge Time2:56Champagne Jam11978209
3159Atlanta Rhythm SectionI'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight4:10Champagne Jam21978197
3160Atlanta Rhythm SectionNormal Love3:25Champagne Jam31978185
3161Atlanta Rhythm SectionChampange Jam4:33Champagne Jam41978198
3162Atlanta Rhythm SectionImaginary Lover5:07Champagne Jam51978211
3163Atlanta Rhythm SectionThe Ballad Of Lois Malone4:33Champagne Jam61978205
3164Atlanta Rhythm SectionThe Great Escape4:50Champagne Jam71978206
3165Atlanta Rhythm SectionEvileen3:32Champagne Jam81978207
3166Atlanta Rhythm SectionCrazy3:14Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)12005192
3167Atlanta Rhythm SectionBoogie Smoogie8:15Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)22005213
3168Atlanta Rhythm SectionCuban Crisis3:42Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)32005220
3169Atlanta Rhythm SectionIt Just Ain't Your Moon4:59Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)42005209
3170Atlanta Rhythm SectionDog Days3:39Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)52005202
3171Atlanta Rhythm SectionBless My Soul [instrumental]3:53Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)62005207
3172Atlanta Rhythm SectionSilent Treatment5:23Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)72005206
3173Atlanta Rhythm SectionAll Night Rain3:18Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)82005193
3174Atlanta Rhythm SectionJukin -} San Antonio Rose3:46Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)92005208
3175Atlanta Rhythm SectionMixed Emotions3:20Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)102005213
3176Atlanta Rhythm SectionShanghied2:16Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)112005211
3177Atlanta Rhythm SectionPolice! Police!3:13Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)122005208
3178Atlanta Rhythm SectionBeautiful Dreamers3:29Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)132005191
3179Atlanta Rhythm SectionOh What a Feeling2:40Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)142005214
3180Atlanta Rhythm SectionFree Spirit3:38Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)152005209
3181Atlanta Rhythm SectionAnother Man's Woman9:51Dog Days (1975) / Red Tape (1976)162005215
3182Atlanta Rhythm SectionDoraville3:29The Best Of11991208
3183Atlanta Rhythm SectionAngel (What In The World's Come Over Us)5:09The Best Of21991210
3184Atlanta Rhythm SectionCrazy3:08The Best Of31991193
3185Atlanta Rhythm SectionDog Days3:40The Best Of41991198
3186Atlanta Rhythm SectionAll Night Rain3:15The Best Of51991192
3187Atlanta Rhythm SectionFree Spirit3:31The Best Of61991198
3188Atlanta Rhythm SectionJukin (also includes San Antonio Rose)3:43The Best Of71991206
3189Atlanta Rhythm SectionNeon Nites3:59The Best Of81991192
3190Atlanta Rhythm SectionSo Into You4:23The Best Of91991197
3191Atlanta Rhythm SectionGeorgia Rhythm4:53The Best Of101991194
3192Atlanta Rhythm SectionImaginary Lover5:05The Best Of111991220
3193Atlanta Rhythm SectionChampagne Jam4:35The Best Of121991200
3194Atlanta Rhythm SectionI'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight4:08The Best Of131991205
3195Atlanta Rhythm SectionDo It Or Die3:26The Best Of141991205
3196Atlanta Rhythm SectionSpooky4:58The Best Of151991216
3197Atlanta Rhythm SectionIndigo Passion3:56The Best Of161991196
3198Atlanta Rhythm SectionSilver Eagle3:50The Best Of171991177
3199Atlanta Rhythm SectionChampagne Jam4:34The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)31994198
3200Atlanta Rhythm SectionSo Into You3:15The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)13 208
3201Atlanta Rhythm SectionImaginary Lover4:09The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)8 201
3202Atlantic OceanWaterfall3:21Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 2)62001210
3203Atlantic StarrSecret Lovers5:30Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)42003213
3204Atlantic StarrAlways4:47Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs131999191
3205Atlantic StarrMasterpiece4:15Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)7 180
3206Atlantic StarrCircles4:54Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr11986196
3207Atlantic StarrSilver Shadow4:57Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr21986200
3208Atlantic StarrSend For Me5:31Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr31986180
3209Atlantic StarrSecret Lovers5:30Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr41986200
3210Atlantic StarrLove Me Down4:52Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr51986196
3211Atlantic StarrWhen Love Calls4:34Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr61986189
3212Atlantic StarrAm I Dreaming5:38Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr71986180
3213Atlantic StarrFreak-A-Ristic4:08Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr81986207
3214Atlantic StarrTouch A Four Leaf Clover4:42Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr91986207
3215Atlantic StarrLet's Get Closer5:21Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr101986188
3216Atlantic StarrIf Your Heart Isn't In It4:03Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr111986204
3217Atlantic StarrStand Up4:29Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr121986217
3218Atlantic StarrSilver Bells4:16The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)182003189
3219Atlantic StarrAlways4:02Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two171996186
3220Atlantic StarrSecret Lovers4:05Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s181996205
3221AtlanticsCome On2:55Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)22001127
3222The AtlanticsBombora2:59The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)91997203
3223ATOMYou Should Be A Freaky Christmas, Baby6:09Santastic Four32008320
3224Atomic HooliganHead6:57Morley Select Part 2082009195
3225Atomic KittenWhole Again3:05Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)12001217
3226Atomic KittenThe Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)3:24Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0672003206
3227Atomic Kitten feat. Kool & The GangLadies Night3:06Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)142004219
3228Atomic RoosterFriday The Thirteenth3:31Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]11970184
3229Atomic RoosterAnd So To Bed4:11Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]21970211
3230Atomic RoosterBroken Wings5:46Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]31970205
3231Atomic RoosterBefore Tomorrow5:50Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]41970214
3232Atomic RoosterBanstead3:33Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]51970205
3233Atomic RoosterS.L.Y.4:56Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]61970221
3234Atomic RoosterWinter6:59Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]71970216
3235Atomic RoosterDecline And Fall5:48Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]81970208
3236Atomic RoosterPlay The Game4:45Atomic Roooster [2002 Remaster]91970203
3237Atomic RoosterDevil's Answer3:29Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)8 136
3238Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind You7:33Death Walks Behind You11970186
3239Atomic RoosterVug5:02Death Walks Behind You21970204
3240Atomic RoosterTomorrow Night4:01Death Walks Behind You31970203
3241Atomic RoosterStreets6:45Death Walks Behind You41970201
3242Atomic RoosterSleeping For Years5:28Death Walks Behind You51970207
3243Atomic RoosterI Can't Take No More3:34Death Walks Behind You61970189
3244Atomic RoosterNobody Else5:01Death Walks Behind You71970202
3245Atomic RoosterGershatzer7:58Death Walks Behind You81970195
3246Atomic RoosterBreakthrough6:20In Hearing Of11971207
3247Atomic RoosterBreak The Ice5:01In Hearing Of21971204
3248Atomic RoosterDecision / Indecision3:51In Hearing Of31971197
3249Atomic RoosterA Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down4:41In Hearing Of41971202
3250Atomic RoosterBlack Snake6:00In Hearing Of51971202
3251Atomic RoosterHead In The Sky5:40In Hearing Of61971210
3252Atomic RoosterThe Rock4:33In Hearing Of71971189
3253Atomic RoosterThe Price5:16In Hearing Of81971200
3254Atomic RoosterDevil's Answer (Bonus Track)3:27In Hearing Of91971204
3255Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind You7:34Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 2)21996214
3256Atomic TomTake Me Out3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-12102010222
3257AtomizerHooked on Radiation (Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert Mix)5:43Pet Shop Boys - Disco Four62007229
3258Attention DeficitATM3:39Attention Deficit11998221
3259Attention DeficitAn Exchange of Niceties2:34Attention Deficit21998221
3260Attention DeficitScapula5:13Attention Deficit31998219
3261Attention DeficitSnip0:16Attention Deficit41998184
3262Attention DeficitIt's Over, Johnny3:30Attention Deficit51998227
3263Attention DeficitTMA1:50Attention Deficit61998226
3264Attention DeficitFly Pelican, Fly11:58Attention Deficit71998204
3265Attention DeficitFebrile2:51Attention Deficit81998219
3266Attention DeficitMAT3:14Attention Deficit91998215
3267Attention DeficitWrong0:48Attention Deficit101998238
3268Attention DeficitThe Girl From Enchilada2:38Attention Deficit111998197
3269Attention DeficitMerton Hanks3:31Attention Deficit121998204
3270Attention DeficitIll Fated Conspiracy2:51Attention Deficit131998213
3271Attention DeficitThe Blood Room3:20Attention Deficit141998223
3272Attention DeficitFestivus0:11Attention Deficit151998213
3273Attention DeficitKhamsin1:39Attention Deficit161998211
3274Attention DeficitLydia3:47Attention Deficit171998205
3275Attention DeficitSay Hello to My Little Friend2:02Attention Deficit181998210
3276Attention DeficitAmerican Jingo4:04The Idiot King12001210
3277Attention DeficitAny Unforeseen Event3:11The Idiot King22001224
3278Attention DeficitThe Risk of Failure7:41The Idiot King32001229
3279Attention DeficitLow Voter Turnout4:48The Idiot King42001218
3280Attention DeficitUnclear, Inarticulate Things4:04The Idiot King52001232
3281Attention DeficitRSVP7:55The Idiot King62001218
3282Attention DeficitMy Fellow Astronauts4:03The Idiot King72001227
3283Attention DeficitDubya7:14The Idiot King82001226
3284Attention DeficitThe Killers Are to Blame4:23The Idiot King92001213
3285Attention DeficitNightmare on 48th St3:41The Idiot King102001255
3286Attention DeficitPublic Speaking Is Very Easy2:03The Idiot King112001219
3287AttilaWonder Woman3:38Attila11970320
3288AttilaCalifornia Flash3:35Attila21970320
3289AttilaRevenge Is Sweet4:03Attila31970320
3290AttilaRollin' Home4:57Attila51970320
3291AttilaTear This Castle Down5:50Attila61970320
3292AttilaHoly Moses4:31Attila71970320
3293AttilaBrain Invasion5:41Attila81970320
3294AttritionA Girl Called Harmony5:08Projekt: Gothic52003217
3295AuburnAll About Him3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-12132010189
3296Auburn Ft. IyazLa La La3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0652010212
3297Audio AdrenalineWill Not Fade3:48Hit Parade12001218
3298Audio AdrenalineI'm Not The King3:52Hit Parade22001192
3299Audio AdrenalineMighty Good Leader3:12Hit Parade32001229
3300Audio AdrenalineSome Kind Of Zombie4:43Hit Parade42001209
3301Audio AdrenalineGet Down3:14Hit Parade52001214
3302Audio AdrenalineWalk On Water3:50Hit Parade62001207
3303Audio AdrenalineBig House3:38Hit Parade72001196
3304Audio AdrenalineWe're A Band3:59Hit Parade82001204
3305Audio AdrenalineBlitz4:12Hit Parade92001221
3306Audio AdrenalineHands and Feet4:06Hit Parade102001228
3307Audio AdrenalineMan Of God4:17Hit Parade112001181
3308Audio AdrenalineChevette4:16Hit Parade122001200
3309Audio AdrenalineUnderdog3:30Hit Parade132001220
3310Audio AdrenalineNever Gonna Be As Big As Jesus4:26Hit Parade142001190
3311Audio AdrenalineDC-102:22Hit Parade152001216
3312Audio AdrenalineOne Like You3:19Hit Parade162001239
3313Audio AdrenalineRest Easy4:43Hit Parade172001199
3314Audio AdrenalineBig House3:31WOW #1s (Gray Disc)152005197
3315Audio AdrenalineWalk on Water3:53WOW 1997 (Disc 2)41996200
3316Audio AdrenalineMan of God4:18WOW 1998 (Red Disc)71997174
3317Audio AdrenalineChevette (Remix)3:47WOW 1999 (Green Disc)131998234
3318Audio AdrenalineGet Down3:10WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)81999211
3319Audio AdrenalineHands and Feet4:09WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)152000217
3320Audio AdrenalineLittle Drummer Boy3:07WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)152002219
3321Audio AdrenalineBeautiful3:53WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)32001209
3322Audio AdrenalineOcean Floor4:08WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)132002232
3323Audio AdrenalinePierced3:44WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)142003225
3324Audio AdrenalineLeaving 993:27WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)142004236
3325Audio AdrenalineKing4:34WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)142005229
3326Audio ClubSumthin' Serious3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-05102007219
3327Audio LotionAzul De Você4:19Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)62003202
3328AudioholicsExternal Key4:25Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)72004250
3330AudioslaveShow Me How To Live4:37Audioslave22002199
3332AudioslaveWhat You Are4:09Audioslave42002197
3333AudioslaveLike A Stone4:54Audioslave52002196
3334AudioslaveSet It Off4:23Audioslave62002194
3335AudioslaveShadow On The Sun5:43Audioslave72002199
3336AudioslaveI Am The Highway5:34Audioslave82002198
3339AudioslaveBring Em Back Alive5:29Audioslave112002218
3340AudioslaveLight My Way5:03Audioslave122002214
3341AudioslaveGetaway Car4:59Audioslave132002169
3342AudioslaveThe Last Remaining Light5:17Audioslave142002198
3343AudioslaveBe Yourself4:40Be Yourself (Maxi CD)12005214
3344AudioslaveSuper Stupid3:25Be Yourself (Maxi CD)22005214
3345AudioslaveShow Me How To Live (T Ray Remix)4:48Be Yourself (Maxi CD)32005225
3346AudioslaveYour Time Has Come4:15Out Of Exile [UK]12005256
3347AudioslaveOut Of Exile4:51Out Of Exile [UK]22005240
3348AudioslaveBe Yourself4:39Out Of Exile [UK]32005214
3349AudioslaveDoesn't Remind Me4:15Out Of Exile [UK]42005212
3350AudioslaveDrown Me Slowly3:53Out Of Exile [UK]52005247
3351AudioslaveHeaven's Dead4:36Out Of Exile [UK]62005228
3352AudioslaveThe Worm3:57Out Of Exile [UK]72005226
3353AudioslaveMan Or Animal3:53Out Of Exile [UK]82005243
3354AudioslaveYesterday To Tomorrow4:33Out Of Exile [UK]92005222
3355AudioslaveDandelion4:38Out Of Exile [UK]102005237
3356Audioslave#1 Zero4:59Out Of Exile [UK]112005229
3357AudioslaveThe Curse5:19Out Of Exile [UK]122005236
3358AudioslaveLike A Stone (Live)4:22Out Of Exile [UK]132005190
3359AudioslaveBe Yourself4:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05142005211
3361AudioslaveOne And The Same3:38Revelations22006223
3362AudioslaveSound Of A Gun4:20Revelations32006221
3363AudioslaveUntil We Fall3:50Revelations42006223
3364AudioslaveOriginal Fire3:38Revelations52006190
3365AudioslaveBroken City3:48Revelations62006215
3367AudioslaveShape Of Things To Come4:34Revelations82006226
3368AudioslaveJewel Of The Summertime3:53Revelations92006244
3369AudioslaveWide Awake4:26Revelations102006239
3370AudioslaveNothing Left To Say But Goodbye3:32Revelations112006218
3372AudraWhat Your Eyes Had Seen5:18Projekt: Gothic12003233
3373Augie MarchOne Crowded Hour (Single Mix)4:13Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)12007237
3374Augie RiosDonde Esta Santa Claus2:26The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 281995174
3375AugustanaStars And Boulevards4:20Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007182007171
3376Austin RobertsRocky3:39Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)11995191
3377Austin RobertsRocky3:39Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1571990201
3378Austin RobertsSomething's Wrong With Me3:10Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 9101990203
3379Australian CrawlThe Boys Light Up3:58Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)202000225
3380Austrian Death MachineJingle Bells3:01A Very Brutal Christmas12008192
3381Austrian Death MachineGet To The Choppa2:47A Very Brutal Christmas22008192
3382Austrian Death MachineHell Bent For Leather2:57A Very Brutal Christmas32008192
3383Austrian Death MachineDouble Ahhnold1:22Double Brutal (Disc 1)12009175
3384Austrian Death MachineI Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle3:53Double Brutal (Disc 1)22009266
3385Austrian Death MachineLet Off Some Steam Bennett3:14Double Brutal (Disc 1)32009263
3386Austrian Death MachineWho Writes the Songs? (The Real Bomb Track)1:05Double Brutal (Disc 1)42009157
3387Austrian Death MachineIt's Simple, If It Jiggles It's Fat1:44Double Brutal (Disc 1)52009247
3388Austrian Death MachineSee You at the Party Richter3:33Double Brutal (Disc 1)62009258
3389Austrian Death MachineHey Cookie Monster, Nothing Is As Brutal As Neaahhh0:33Double Brutal (Disc 1)72009137
3390Austrian Death MachineWho Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?3:12Double Brutal (Disc 1)82009249
3391Austrian Death MachineCome On Cohaagen, Give Deez People Ehyar3:18Double Brutal (Disc 1)92009263
3392Austrian Death MachineWho Is Your Daddy, And What Does He 2?0:23Double Brutal (Disc 1)102009133
3393Austrian Death MachineCome On, Do It, Do It, Come On, Come On, Kill Me, Do It Now2:58Double Brutal (Disc 1)112009262
3394Austrian Death MachineAllow Me to Break the Ice2:09Double Brutal (Disc 1)122009270
3395Austrian Death MachineConan, What Is Best in Life?2:29Double Brutal (Disc 1)132009257
3396Austrian Death MachineIntro to the Intro0:51Double Brutal (Disc 2)12009153
3397Austrian Death MachineT2 Theme1:13Double Brutal (Disc 2)22009238
3398Austrian Death MachineHell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest Cover)2:32Double Brutal (Disc 2)32009256
3399Austrian Death MachineTime Travel the Metallica Conspiracy0:34Double Brutal (Disc 2)42009136
3400Austrian Death MachineTrapped Under Ice (Metallica Cover)3:59Double Brutal (Disc 2)52009259
3401Austrian Death MachineIron Fist (Motörhead Cover)2:37Double Brutal (Disc 2)62009252
3402Austrian Death MachineRecalling Mars0:35Double Brutal (Disc 2)72009139
3403Austrian Death MachineI Turned into a Martian (Misfits Cover)1:27Double Brutal (Disc 2)82009260
3404Austrian Death MachineKilling Is My Business...and Business Is Good (Megadeth Cover)3:03Double Brutal (Disc 2)92009241
3405Austrian Death MachineTactically Dangerous - Cannibal Commando (Goretorture Cover)2:34Double Brutal (Disc 2)102009259
3406Austrian Death MachineGotta Go (Agnostic Front Cover)3:11Double Brutal (Disc 2)112009235
3407Austrian Death MachineHello California1:24Total Brutal12008129
3408Austrian Death MachineGet to the Choppa2:47Total Brutal22008255
3409Austrian Death MachineRubber Baby Buggy Bumpers2:23Total Brutal32008257
3410Austrian Death MachineAll of the Songs Sound the Same0:12Total Brutal42008131
3411Austrian Death MachineI Am a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton3:33Total Brutal52008252
3412Austrian Death MachineCome with Me if You Want to Live3:47Total Brutal62008259
3413Austrian Death MachineWhat It's Like to Be a Singer at Band Practice1:18Total Brutal72008201
3414Austrian Death MachineWho Is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?3:11Total Brutal82008260
3415Austrian Death MachineYou Have Just Been Erased2:21Total Brutal92008250
3416Austrian Death MachineBroo-Tall Song Idea0:38Total Brutal102008130
3417Austrian Death MachineHere Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero3:09Total Brutal112008261
3418Austrian Death MachineSo Far, So Good, So Let's Talk About It0:42Total Brutal122008128
3419Austrian Death MachineScrew You (Benny)2:49Total Brutal132008270
3420Austrian Death MachineWhy?0:25Total Brutal142008128
3421Austrian Death MachineIf It Bleeds, We Can Kill It3:43Total Brutal152008253
3422Austrian Death MachineIt's Not a Tumor3:16Total Brutal162008255
3423Austrian Death MachineNot So Hidden Track2:49Total Brutal172008128
3424AutographSend Her To Me3:58Sign In Please11984208
3425AutographTurn Up The Radio4:39Sign In Please21984215
3426AutographNight Teen & Non-Stop4:20Sign In Please31984208
3427AutographCloud 103:36Sign In Please41984201
3428AutographDeep End4:18Sign In Please51984209
3429AutographMy Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me3:32Sign In Please61984219
3430AutographThrill Of Love3:59Sign In Please71984215
3431AutographFriday4:13Sign In Please81984215
3432AutographIn The Night3:58Sign In Please91984197
3433AutographAll I'm Gonna Take5:42Sign In Please101984210
3434The AvalanchesUntitled (Intro)0:27El Producto (EP)11997189
3435The AvalanchesRolling High2:58El Producto (EP)21997197
3436The AvalanchesRap Fever4:13El Producto (EP)31997206
3437The AvalanchesRock City3:43El Producto (EP)41997204
3438The AvalanchesUnder Inspection3:44El Producto (EP)51997180
3439The AvalanchesRun Dna3:06El Producto (EP)61997209
3440The AvalanchesUntitled (Outro)1:25El Producto (EP)71997184
3441The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist4:50Frontier Psychiatrist (Maxi CD)12000193
3442The AvalanchesWith My Baby4:38Frontier Psychiatrist (Maxi CD)22000236
3443The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist (Mario Caldato's 85% Mix)4:00Frontier Psychiatrist (Maxi CD)32000190
3444The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist (85% Instrumental)4:03Frontier Psychiatrist (Maxi CD)42000185
3445The AvalanchesSince I Left You4:20Since I Left You12001238
3446The AvalanchesStay Another Season2:20Since I Left You22001231
3447The AvalanchesRadio4:21Since I Left You32001201
3448The AvalanchesTwo Hearts In 3/4 Time3:22Since I Left You42001211
3449The AvalanchesAvalanche Rock0:23Since I Left You52001230
3450The AvalanchesFlight Tonight3:52Since I Left You62001210
3451The AvalanchesClose To You3:56Since I Left You72001222
3452The AvalanchesDiners Only1:34Since I Left You82001209
3453The AvalanchesA Different Feeling4:23Since I Left You92001234
3454The AvalanchesElectricity3:29Since I Left You102001218
3455The AvalanchesTonight2:20Since I Left You112001204
3456The AvalanchesPablo's Cruise0:52Since I Left You122001207
3457The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist4:48Since I Left You132001203
3458The AvalanchesEtoh5:03Since I Left You142001233
3459The AvalanchesSummer Crane4:39Since I Left You152001220
3460The AvalanchesLittle Journey1:36Since I Left You162001221
3461The AvalanchesLive At Dominoes5:39Since I Left You172001237
3462The AvalanchesExtra Kings3:42Since I Left You182001196
3463AvalonTestify To Love4:40A Maze Of Grace11997232
3464AvalonA World Away4:11A Maze Of Grace21997230
3465AvalonA Maze Of Grace4:29A Maze Of Grace31997234
3466AvalonKnockin' On Heaven's Door3:35A Maze Of Grace41997231
3467AvalonAdonai4:02A Maze Of Grace51997194
3468AvalonSpeed Of Light4:01A Maze Of Grace61997234
3469AvalonThe Move5:02A Maze Of Grace71997232
3470AvalonReason Enough4:19A Maze Of Grace81997219
3471AvalonForgive + Forget4:09A Maze Of Grace91997230
3472AvalonDreams I Dream For You3:57A Maze Of Grace101997211
3473AvalonGive It Up4:13Avalon11996225
3474AvalonThis Love3:35Avalon21996236
3475AvalonThe Greatest Story4:55Avalon31996207
3476AvalonPicture Perfect World4:38Avalon41996209
3477AvalonDon't Be Afraid4:35Avalon51996195
3478AvalonHere To Deliver3:25Avalon61996231
3479AvalonLet It Be Forever4:44Avalon71996210
3480AvalonMy Jesus, I Love Thee3:25Avalon81996181
3481AvalonSaviour Love4:22Avalon91996215
3482AvalonJesus Is Lord4:50Avalon101996217
3483AvalonTake You At Your Word4:45In A Different Light11999237
3484AvalonIn Not Of4:03In A Different Light21999231
3485AvalonIn A Different Light3:25In A Different Light31999239
3486AvalonCan't Live A Day4:46In A Different Light41999211
3487AvalonAlways Have, Always Will4:17In A Different Light51999240
3488AvalonI'm Speechless5:05In A Different Light61999226
3489AvalonIf My People Pray5:04In A Different Light71999198
3490AvalonOnly For The Weak4:46In A Different Light81999237
3491AvalonLet Your Love4:02In A Different Light91999232
3492AvalonHide My Soul5:33In A Different Light101999225
3493AvalonFirst Love4:33In A Different Light111999213
3494AvalonWonder Why4:00Oxygen12001245
3495AvalonThe Best Thing4:55Oxygen22001246
3496AvalonBy Heart, By Soul (Feat. Aaron Neville)4:08Oxygen32001219
3497AvalonUndeniably You3:57Oxygen42001243
3498AvalonI Don't Want To Go5:25Oxygen52001207
3499AvalonNever Givin' Up4:26Oxygen62001231
3500AvalonMake It Last Forever3:23Oxygen72001246
3501AvalonThe Glory5:02Oxygen82001220
3503AvalonLove Remains4:31Oxygen102001218
3504AvalonCome And Fill My Heart4:39Oxygen112001229
3505AvalonTestify To Love4:46WOW #1s (Blue Disc)112005229
3506AvalonGive It Up3:44WOW 1998 (Black Disc)61997217
3507AvalonTestify To Love3:56WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)31998231
3508AvalonCan't Live A Day4:43WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)51999205
3509AvalonAlways Have, Always Will4:16WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)72000238
3510AvalonDon't Save It All For Christmas Day4:45WOW Christmas (Green Disc)142005219
3511AvalonWonder Why4:00WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)32001242
3512AvalonI Don't Want to Go5:26WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)122002207
3513AvalonEverything To Me4:48WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)92003227
3514AvalonYou Were There6:50WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)122004201
3515AvancheClair Obscur6:21French Fried Funk111998245
3516AvantRead Your Mind [Radio Edit]4:06TM Century PrimeCuts 528P72003168
3517Avenged SevenfoldCritical Acclaim5:14Avenged Sevenfold12007234
3518Avenged SevenfoldAlmost Easy3:54Avenged Sevenfold22007231
3519Avenged SevenfoldScream4:48Avenged Sevenfold32007239
3520Avenged SevenfoldAfterlife5:53Avenged Sevenfold42007233
3521Avenged SevenfoldGunslinger4:11Avenged Sevenfold52007210
3522Avenged SevenfoldUnbound (The Wild Ride)5:11Avenged Sevenfold62007224
3523Avenged SevenfoldBrompton Cocktail4:13Avenged Sevenfold72007231
3524Avenged SevenfoldLost5:02Avenged Sevenfold82007234
3525Avenged SevenfoldA Little Piece Of Heaven8:00Avenged Sevenfold92007209
3526Avenged SevenfoldDear God6:33Avenged Sevenfold102007226
3527Avenged SevenfoldBeast And The Harlot5:40City Of Evil12005241
3528Avenged SevenfoldBurn It Down4:58City Of Evil22005233
3529Avenged SevenfoldBlinded In Chains6:34City Of Evil32005233
3530Avenged SevenfoldBat Country5:13City Of Evil42005228
3531Avenged SevenfoldTrashed And Scattered5:53City Of Evil52005231
3532Avenged SevenfoldSeize The Day5:32City Of Evil62005231
3533Avenged SevenfoldSidewinder7:01City Of Evil72005238
3534Avenged SevenfoldThe Wicked End7:10City Of Evil82005221
3535Avenged SevenfoldStrength Of The World9:14City Of Evil92005225
3536Avenged SevenfoldBetrayed6:47City Of Evil102005232
3537Avenged SevenfoldM.I.A.8:46City Of Evil112005210
3538Avenged SevenfoldNightmare6:14Nightmare12010227
3539Avenged SevenfoldWelcome to the Family4:05Nightmare22010238
3540Avenged SevenfoldDanger Line5:28Nightmare32010201
3541Avenged SevenfoldBuried Alive6:44Nightmare42010218
3542Avenged SevenfoldNatural Born Killer5:15Nightmare52010236
3543Avenged SevenfoldSo Far Away5:26Nightmare62010216
3544Avenged SevenfoldGod Hates Us5:19Nightmare72010222
3545Avenged SevenfoldVictim7:29Nightmare82010207
3546Avenged SevenfoldTonight the World Dies4:41Nightmare92010208
3547Avenged SevenfoldFiction5:12Nightmare102010204
3548Avenged SevenfoldSave Me10:56Nightmare112010235
3549Avenged SevenfoldTo End The Rapture1:24Sounding The Seventh Trumpet12001229
3550Avenged SevenfoldTurn The Other Way5:36Sounding The Seventh Trumpet22001252
3551Avenged SevenfoldDarkness Surrounding4:49Sounding The Seventh Trumpet32001247
3552Avenged SevenfoldThe Art Of Subconscious Illusion3:45Sounding The Seventh Trumpet42001256
3553Avenged SevenfoldWe Come Out At Night4:44Sounding The Seventh Trumpet52001243
3554Avenged SevenfoldLips Of Deceit4:09Sounding The Seventh Trumpet62001236
3555Avenged SevenfoldWarmness On The Soul4:19Sounding The Seventh Trumpet72001183
3556Avenged SevenfoldAn Epic Of Time Wasted4:18Sounding The Seventh Trumpet82001245
3557Avenged SevenfoldBreaking Their Hold1:11Sounding The Seventh Trumpet92001261
3558Avenged SevenfoldForgotten Faces3:26Sounding The Seventh Trumpet102001252
3559Avenged SevenfoldThick And Thin4:15Sounding The Seventh Trumpet112001257
3560Avenged SevenfoldStreets3:06Sounding The Seventh Trumpet122001250
3561Avenged SevenfoldShattered By Broken Dreams7:08Sounding The Seventh Trumpet132001228
3562Avenged SevenfoldWaking The Fallen1:42Waking The Fallen12003212
3563Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions4:43Waking The Fallen22003241
3564Avenged SevenfoldChapter Four5:42Waking The Fallen32003227
3565Avenged SevenfoldRemenissions6:06Waking The Fallen42003238
3566Avenged SevenfoldDesecrate Through Reverence5:38Waking The Fallen52003232
3567Avenged SevenfoldEternal Rest5:12Waking The Fallen62003234
3568Avenged SevenfoldSecond Heartbeat7:00Waking The Fallen72003239
3569Avenged SevenfoldRadiant Eclipse6:09Waking The Fallen82003235
3570Avenged SevenfoldI Won't See You Tonight Part 18:58Waking The Fallen92003254
3571Avenged SevenfoldI Won't See You Tonight Part 24:44Waking The Fallen102003230
3572Avenged SevenfoldClairvoyant Disease4:59Waking The Fallen112003212
3573Avenged SevenfoldAnd All Things Will End7:40Waking The Fallen122003222
3574Aventures Of Stevie VDirty Cash3:59The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)121993187
3575Average White BandPick Up The Pieces3:02Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)162001217
3576Average White BandCut The Cake3:39Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)32001211
3577Average White BandPick Up The Pieces3:59Disco Fever (Disc 1)141997216
3578Average White BandPick Up The Pieces3:58Disco Train Vol. 221997235
3579Average White BandPick Up The Pieces3:59One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)72001273
3580Average White BandPick Up the Pieces4:02Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)11992222
3581Average White BandPerson to Person3:42Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)21992203
3582Average White BandGot the Love3:53Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)31992215
3583Average White BandYou Got It3:36Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)41992206
3584Average White BandWork to Do3:22Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)51992206
3585Average White BandCut the Cake4:06Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)61992211
3586Average White BandIf I Ever Lose This Heaven5:02Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)71992210
3587Average White BandSchool Boy Crush4:58Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)81992198
3588Average White BandQueen of My Soul4:06Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)91992208
3589Average White BandCloudy (Live Version)3:25Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)101992195
3590Average White BandA Love of Your Own5:36Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)111992211
3591Average White BandSoul Searching3:17Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)121992205
3592Average White BandI'm the One (Live Version)4:44Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)131992213
3593Average White BandGet It Up (with Ben E. King)3:47Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)141992207
3594Average White BandYour Love Is a Miracle3:43Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)151992197
3595Average White BandWhen Will You Be Mine3:31Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)161992194
3596Average White BandLet's Go 'Round Again4:09Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)171992204
3597Average White BandFor You, For Love3:51Pickin' Up the Pieces -- The Best of Average White Band (1974-1980)181992200
3598Average White BandCut the Cake3:38Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)31995206
3599Average White BandPick Up The Pieces3:04Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-197441997220
3600Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistA Manatee Dance1:02Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)12001196
3601Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistPenguin Penguin2:15Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)22001244
3602Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistAnother White Singer (Little White Glove)1:58Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)32001205
3603Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistEssplode3:23Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)42001208
3604Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistMeet the Light Child8:44Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)52001214
3605Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistRunnin' the Round Ball2:07Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)62001229
3606Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistBad Crumbs1:43Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)72001191
3607Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistThe Living Toys7:48Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)82001206
3608Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistThrowin' the Round Ball1:35Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)92001195
3609Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistAhhh Good Country8:18Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)102001228
3610Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistLablakely Dress2:38Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)112001246
3611Avey Tare, Panda Bear and GeologistIn the Singing Box5:36Danse Manatee (2003 Re-issue)122001213
3612AvionSeven Days Without You3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-06132004228
3613The AvonsSeven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat2:13Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)172002148
3614Avril LavigneKeep Holding On4:03Eragon (OST)152006200
3615Avril LavigneLosing Grip3:53Let Go12002221
3616Avril LavigneComplicated4:04Let Go22002220
3617Avril LavigneSk8er Boi3:24Let Go32002254
3618Avril LavigneI'm With You3:43Let Go42002228
3619Avril LavigneMobile3:31Let Go52002238
3620Avril LavigneUnwanted3:41Let Go62002242
3621Avril LavigneTomorrow3:48Let Go72002215
3622Avril LavigneAnything But Ordinary4:11Let Go82002225
3623Avril LavigneThings I'll Never Say3:43Let Go92002224
3624Avril LavigneMy World3:27Let Go102002245
3625Avril LavigneNobody's Fool3:57Let Go112002222
3626Avril LavigneToo Much To Ask3:45Let Go122002228
3627Avril LavigneNaked3:28Let Go132002220
3628Avril LavigneGirlfriend3:36Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)52007264
3629Avril LavigneGirlfriend3:35Now That's What I Call Music! 2522007248
3630Avril LavigneWhen You're Gone3:57Now That's What I Call Music! 26132007224
3631Avril LavigneWhen You're Gone3:59Nu Music Traxx Vol. 215 July 200732007224
3632Avril LavigneI'm With You3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1142002228
3633Avril LavigneDon't Tell Me3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0322004236
3634Avril LavigneMy Happy Ending3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0742004244
3635Avril LavigneNobody's Home3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11112004246
3636Avril LavigneFall To Pieces (Album Version)3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05182005249
3637Avril LavigneGirlfriend3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0432007247
3638Avril LavigneGirlfriend3:37The Best Damn Thing12007246
3639Avril LavigneI Can Do Better3:17The Best Damn Thing22007240
3640Avril LavigneRunaway3:48The Best Damn Thing32007235
3641Avril LavigneThe Best Damn Thing3:10The Best Damn Thing42007238
3642Avril LavigneWhen You're Gone4:00The Best Damn Thing52007222
3643Avril LavigneEverything Back But You3:03The Best Damn Thing62007253
3644Avril LavigneHot3:23The Best Damn Thing72007238
3645Avril LavigneInnocence3:53The Best Damn Thing82007227
3646Avril LavigneI Don't Have To Try3:17The Best Damn Thing92007233
3647Avril LavigneOne Of Those Girls2:56The Best Damn Thing102007224
3648Avril LavigneContagious2:10The Best Damn Thing112007232
3649Avril LavigneKeep Holding On3:59The Best Damn Thing122007242
3650Avril LavigneTake Me Away2:57Under My Skin12004265
3651Avril LavigneTogether3:14Under My Skin22004236
3652Avril LavigneDon't Tell Me3:22Under My Skin32004237
3653Avril LavigneHe Wasn't2:59Under My Skin42004248
3654Avril LavigneHow Does It Feel3:44Under My Skin52004225
3655Avril LavigneMy Happy Ending4:02Under My Skin62004247
3656Avril LavigneNobody's Home3:32Under My Skin72004260
3657Avril LavigneForgotten3:16Under My Skin82004241
3658Avril LavigneWho Knows3:30Under My Skin92004242
3659Avril LavigneFall To Pieces3:28Under My Skin102004250
3660Avril LavigneFreak Out3:13Under My Skin112004246
3661Avril LavigneSlipped Away3:34Under My Skin122004213
3662Awesome 3 vs. FNPDon't Go (FNP Mix)3:18Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)132003208
3663AxeRock 'N' Roll Party In The Streets3:29Offering11982239
3664AxeVideo Inspiration2:49Offering21982244
3665AxeSteal Another Fantasy4:40Offering31982236
3667AxeI Got The Fire3:19Offering51982269
3668AxeBurn The City Down4:45Offering61982257
3669AxeNow Or Never3:51Offering71982245
3670AxeHoldin' On2:54Offering81982263
3671AxeSilent Soldiers6:00Offering91982247
3672AxiomA Little Ray Of Sunshine3:30Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)121998168
3673Ayako Hotta-ListerMidare8:26The Very Best Of Japanese Music82004216
3674Ayiesha WoodsHappy3:38WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)162006211
3675Aynsley Dunbar, Tony Franklin, Robbin Ford & Steve PorcaroAny Colour You Like4:11Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd72006212
3676AyreonDay one: Vigil1:33The Human Equation (Disc 1)12004197
3677AyreonDay two: Isolation8:42The Human Equation (Disc 1)22004214
3678AyreonDay three: Pain4:58The Human Equation (Disc 1)32004211
3679AyreonDay four: Mystery5:37The Human Equation (Disc 1)42004224
3680AyreonDay five: Voices7:09The Human Equation (Disc 1)52004221
3681AyreonDay six: Childhood5:05The Human Equation (Disc 1)62004201
3682AyreonDay seven: Hope2:47The Human Equation (Disc 1)72004213
3683AyreonDay eight: School4:22The Human Equation (Disc 1)82004226
3684AyreonDay nine: Playground2:15The Human Equation (Disc 1)92004206
3685AyreonDay ten: Memories3:57The Human Equation (Disc 1)102004209
3686AyreonDay eleven: Love4:18The Human Equation (Disc 1)112004239
3687AyreonDay twelve: Trauma9:54The Human Equation (Disc 2)12004213
3688AyreonDay thirteen: Sign4:47The Human Equation (Disc 2)22004181
3689AyreonDay fourteen: Pride4:42The Human Equation (Disc 2)32004230
3690AyreonDay fifteen: Betrayal5:24The Human Equation (Disc 2)42004193
3691AyreonDay sixteen: Loser4:46The Human Equation (Disc 2)52004214
3692AyreonDay seventeen: Accident?5:42The Human Equation (Disc 2)62004192
3693AyreonDay eighteen: Realization4:31The Human Equation (Disc 2)72004225
3694AyreonDay nineteen Disclosure4:42The Human Equation (Disc 2)82004202
3695AyreonDay twenty: Confrontation7:03The Human Equation (Disc 2)92004215
3696Az YetLast Night4:27The Nutty Professor (OST)61996200
3697Az YetLast Night4:28World Of Music - Ballads From The 90's92002210
3698Az Yet featuring Peter CeteraHard to Say I'm Sorry3:17Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 2)112003200
3699AzraelPowerhaus (Jaql Remix)2:08   156
3700Aztec CameraOblivious3:04The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)41999228

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