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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Ll Cool J And Method ManHit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem)4:17Space Jam (OST)51996207
2B T SBobolo3:18Techno-logy I9 128
3B*WitchedC'est La Vie2:54Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 199921999225
4The B.B. & Q. BandOn The Beat3:43The Disco Box (Disc 4)111999250
5B.B. KingInto The Night4:11Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks (Disc 3)112000232
6B.B. KingJoe Cool3:50Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown21989207
7B.B. KingThree O'Clock Blues2:58Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)42011195
8B.B. KingShake It Up And Go2:34Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)122011208
9B.B. KingMiss Martha King2:42King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196611992126
10B.B. KingShe's Dynamite2:31King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196621992126
11B.B. KingThree O'Clock Blues3:02King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196631992126
12B.B. KingPlease Love Me2:48King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196641992128
13B.B. KingYou Upset Me Baby3:02King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196651992127
14B.B. KingEveryday I Have The Blues2:48King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196661992127
15B.B. KingRock Me Baby3:02King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196671992185
16B.B. KingRecession Blues2:21King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196681992126
17B.B. KingDon't Get Around Much Anymore3:15King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-196691992185
18B.B. KingI'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In2:13King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966101992210
19B.B. KingBlues At Midnight2:59King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966111992197
20B.B. KingSneakin' Around2:07King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966121992197
21B.B. KingMy Baby's Comin' Home2:08King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966131992203
22B.B. KingSlowly Losing My Mind2:31King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966141992200
23B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get2:42King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966151992201
24B.B. KingRockin' Awhile2:44King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966161992202
25B.B. KingHelp The Poor2:38King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966171992153
26B.B. KingStop Leadin' Me On2:22King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966181992210
27B.B. KingNever Trust A Woman2:37King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966191992197
28B.B. KingSweet Little Angel3:50King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966201992193
29B.B. KingAll Over Again2:35King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966211992195
30B.B. KingSloppy Drunk3:11King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966221992153
31B.B. KingDon't Answer The Door, Parts One And Two5:10King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966231992200
32B.B. KingI Done Got Wise2:20King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966241992204
33B.B. KingThink It Over2:51King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966251992197
34B.B. KingGambler's Blues3:16King Of The Blues (Disc 1) - 1949-1966261992203
35B.B. KingGoin' Down Slow6:30King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196911992188
36B.B. KingTired Of Your Jive3:32King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196921992198
37B.B. KingSweet Sixteen, Parts One And Two6:11King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196931992173
38B.B. KingPaying The Cost To Be The Boss2:33King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196941992203
39B.B. KingI'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me2:44King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196951992204
40B.B. KingLucille10:15King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196961992208
41B.B. KingWatch Yourself5:49King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196971992214
42B.B. KingYou Put It On Me2:47King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196981992197
43B.B. KingGet Myself Somebody2:35King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-196991992161
44B.B. KingI Want You So Bad4:13King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969101992201
45B.B. KingWhy I Sing The Blues8:35King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969111992202
46B.B. KingGet Off My Back Woman3:15King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969121992213
47B.B. KingPlease Accept My Love2:47King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969131992190
48B.B. KingFools Get Wise2:39King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969141992158
49B.B. KingNo Good4:36King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969151992194
50B.B. KingSo Excited5:35King Of The Blues (Disc 2) - 1966-1969161992198
51B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:26King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197511992187
52B.B. KingConfessin' The Blues4:58King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197521992199
53B.B. KingNobody Loves Me But My Mother1:26King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197531992195
54B.B. KingHummingbird4:36King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197541992208
55B.B. KingAsk Me No Questions3:09King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197551992210
56B.B. KingChains And Things4:53King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197561992195
57B.B. KingEyesight To The Blind4:06King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197571992205
58B.B. KingNiji Baby6:28King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197581992190
59B.B. KingBlue Shadows5:09King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-197591992179
60B.B. KingGhetto Woman5:15King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975101992164
61B.B. KingAin't Nobody Home3:13King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975111992186
62B.B. KingI Got Some Help I Don't Need (Single Edit)3:26King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975121992190
63B.B. KingFive Long Years5:13King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975131992184
64B.B. KingTo Know You Is To Love You8:35King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975141992212
65B.B. KingI Like To Live The Love3:29King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975151992211
66B.B. KingDon't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes3:15King Of The Blues (Disc 3) - 1969-1975161992201
67B.B. KingLet The Good Times Roll5:33King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199111992207
68B.B. KingDon't You Lie To Me6:09King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199121992185
69B.B. KingMother Fuyer3:06King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199131992196
70B.B. KingNever Make A Move Too Soon5:29King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199141992219
71B.B. KingWhen It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)4:12King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199151992204
72B.B. KingBetter Not Look Down3:23King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199161992207
73B.B. KingCaldonia2:48King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199171992186
74B.B. KingThere Must Be A Better World Somewhere3:46King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199181992202
75B.B. KingPlay With Your Poodle (Solo)0:55King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-199191992177
76B.B. KingDarlin' You Know I Love You4:46King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991101992198
77B.B. KingInflation Blues4:15King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991111992192
78B.B. KingMake Love To Me1:47King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991121992190
79B.B. KingInto The Night4:12King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991131992198
80B.B. KingSix Silver Strings4:19King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991141992198
81B.B. KingWhen Love Comes To Town3:30King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991151992187
82B.B. KingRight Place, Wrong Time4:02King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991161992187
83B.B. KingMany Miles Travelled4:01King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991171992205
84B.B. KingI'm Moving On4:10King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991181992202
85B.B. KingSince I Met You Baby2:51King Of The Blues (Disc 4) - 1976-1991191992200
86B.B. KingEvery Day I Have The Blues2:38Live At The Regal [MFSL]11965206
87B.B. KingSweet Little Angel4:12Live At The Regal [MFSL]21965206
88B.B. KingIt's My Own Fault3:35Live At The Regal [MFSL]31965205
89B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get3:36Live At The Regal [MFSL]41965208
90B.B. KingPlease Love Me2:59Live At The Regal [MFSL]51965208
91B.B. KingYou Upset Me Baby2:21Live At The Regal [MFSL]61965201
92B.B. KingWorry, Worry6:24Live At The Regal [MFSL]71965202
93B.B. KingWoke Up This Mornin'1:41Live At The Regal [MFSL]81965205
94B.B. KingYou Done Lost Your Good Thing Now4:36Live At The Regal [MFSL]91965203
95B.B. KingHelp The Poor2:37Live At The Regal [MFSL]101965197
96B.B. KingYou Put It On Me2:41Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 2) - Gone Hollywood102001198
97B.B. KingAin't Nobody Home3:10Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 721991201
98B.B. KingIt's My Own Fault Baby3:34The Blues At Christmas (The Blues Collection Vol. 93)21993196
99B.B. KingB.B. Blues2:31The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)31994126
100B.B. King & Eric ClaptonRiding With The King4:23Riding With The King12000229
101B.B. King & Eric ClaptonTen Long Years4:40Riding With The King22000210
102B.B. King & Eric ClaptonKey To The Highway3:40Riding With The King32000209
103B.B. King & Eric ClaptonMarry You4:59Riding With The King42000225
104B.B. King & Eric ClaptonThree O'Clock Blues8:36Riding With The King52000199
105B.B. King & Eric ClaptonHelp The Poor5:06Riding With The King62000201
106B.B. King & Eric ClaptonI Wanna Be4:45Riding With The King72000230
107B.B. King & Eric ClaptonWorried Life Blues4:25Riding With The King82000208
108B.B. King & Eric ClaptonDays Of Old3:00Riding With The King92000235
109B.B. King & Eric ClaptonWhen My Heart Beats Like A Hammer7:09Riding With The King102000205
110B.B. King & Eric ClaptonHold On! I'm Comin'6:20Riding With The King112000223
111B.B. King & Eric ClaptonCome Rain Or Come Shine4:11Riding With The King122000202
112B.B. King & John PopperBack Door Santa3:49A Very Special Christmas 5102001222
113B.J. ThomasI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry3:07AM Gold: 1966221995128
114B.J. ThomasHooked On A Feeling2:47AM Gold: 1968121995194
115B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head2:58AM Gold: 196921995194
116B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head3:00Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)131992190
117B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head2:59Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)2 194
118B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head3:02Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)91994180
119B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Falling3:04Greatest Hits11977200
120B.J. ThomasAnother Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song3:26Greatest Hits21977193
121B.J. ThomasHooked On A Feeling2:49Greatest Hits31977205
122B.J. ThomasDon't Worry Baby3:05Greatest Hits41977187
123B.J. ThomasI Just Can't Help Believing3:01Greatest Hits51977202
124B.J. ThomasRock & Roll Lullaby4:13Greatest Hits61977205
125B.J. ThomasThe Eyes Of A New York Woman3:05Greatest Hits71977203
126B.J. ThomasI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry3:12Greatest Hits81977191
127B.J. ThomasEverybody Loves A Rain Song2:40Greatest Hits91977195
128B.J. ThomasStill The Lovin' Is Fun3:35Greatest Hits101977207
129B.J. ThomasBilly & Sue3:12Greatest Hits111977197
130B.J. ThomasRock 'N' Roll Lullaby4:13Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 14) (Only You)6 202
131B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head3:03More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)91999197
132B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head3:01Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)52001195
133B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head2:54The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties17 190
134B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head2:59The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)71998201
135B.J. ThomasEverybody's Out Of Town2:42The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)91998197
136B.J. Thomas(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song3:23The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)22001192
137B.J. Thomas & Jennifer WarnesGrowing Pains1:02All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)212005131
138B.o.B. feat. Rivers CuomoMagic3:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0832010217
139B.O.B. Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes2:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0642010187
140B.O.KFunky Jockey3:37B.O.K1Áý32000187
141B.T. ExpressDo It ('Til You're Satisfied)3:11Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)102001223
142B.T. ExpressExpress3:32Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)22001232
143B.T. ExpressExpress4:59Disco Train Vol. 111996242
144B.T. ExpressIf It Don't Turn You On5:34Disco Train Vol. 191996233
145B.T. ExpressDo It ('Til You're Satisfied)5:51Disco Train Vol. 241997241
146B.T. ExpressOnce You Get It3:17Disco Train Vol. 2101997224
147B.T. ExpressDo It ('Til You're Satisfied)3:12Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)211998201
148B.T. ExpressDo It ('Til You're Satisfied)3:14Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-1974151997198
149B.T. ExpressDo It ('Til You're Satisfied)3:12Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers151996219
150B.W. StevensonMy Maria2:2570s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)22005221
151B.W. StevensonMy Maria2:25American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 191989258
152B.W. StevensonMy Maria2:32Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 11111990237
153B.W. StevensonMy Maria2:36Very Best of B.W. Stevenson11999320
154B.W. StevensonBe My Woman Tonight2:38Very Best of B.W. Stevenson21999320
155B.W. StevensonSunset Woman3:38Very Best of B.W. Stevenson31999320
156B.W. StevensonA Good Love Is Like a Good Song2:33Very Best of B.W. Stevenson41999320
157B.W. StevensonGrab On Hold of My Soul2:56Very Best of B.W. Stevenson51999320
158B.W. StevensonShambala2:33Very Best of B.W. Stevenson61999320
159B.W. StevensonLucky Touch3:19Very Best of B.W. Stevenson71999320
160B.W. StevensonI've Got to Boogie3:09Very Best of B.W. Stevenson81999320
161B.W. StevensonRemember Me3:54Very Best of B.W. Stevenson91999320
162B.W. StevensonPass This Way1:35Very Best of B.W. Stevenson101999320
163B.W. StevensonThe River of Love2:40Very Best of B.W. Stevenson111999320
164B.W. StevensonMy Feet Are So Weary3:52Very Best of B.W. Stevenson121999320
165B.W. StevensonAugust Evening Lady3:20Very Best of B.W. Stevenson131999320
166B.W. StevensonSong for Katy2:54Very Best of B.W. Stevenson141999320
167B.W. StevensonLook for the Light3:08Very Best of B.W. Stevenson151999320
168B.W. StevensonRoll On3:02Very Best of B.W. Stevenson161999320
169B2kSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:09Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)52003227
170B2kGots Ta Be4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07132002213
171B2K feat. P. DiddyBump, Bump, Bump3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1292002196
172B5Get'cha Head In The Game2:43High School Musical (OST)112006175
173The B-52'sPlanet Claire4:36B-52's11979223
174The B-52's52 Girls3:35B-52's21979223
175The B-52'sDance This Mess Around4:37B-52's31979212
176The B-52'sRock Lobster6:51B-52's41979227
177The B-52'sLava4:55B-52's51979223
178The B-52'sThere's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)4:58B-52's61979221
179The B-52'sHero Worship4:09B-52's71979218
180The B-52's6060-8422:52B-52's81979219
181The B-52'sDowntown2:57B-52's91979212
182The B-52'sRoam4:05Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)202002245
183The B-52's52 Girls3:36Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)12002239
184The B-52'sDance This Mess Around4:37Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)22002209
185The B-52'sRock Lobster6:51Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)32002234
186The B-52'sLava4:56Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)42002228
187The B-52'sHero Worship4:08Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)52002225
188The B-52'sPlanet Claire4:37Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)62002225
189The B-52'sGive Me Back My Man4:01Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)72002210
190The B-52'sPrivate Idaho3:36Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)82002194
191The B-52'sDevil In My Car4:27Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)92002210
192The B-52'sParty Out Of Bounds3:23Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)102002194
193The B-52'sStrobe Light4:00Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)112002191
194The B-52'sQuiche Lorraine4:31Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)122002216
195The B-52'sMesopotamia3:51Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)132002197
196The B-52'sQueen Of Las Vegas5:40Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)142002201
197The B-52'sLegal Tender3:41Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)152002236
198The B-52'sSong For A Future Generation3:59Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)162002198
199The B-52'sTrism3:23Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)172002227
200The B-52'sWhammy Kiss3:59Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 1)182002226
201The B-52'sSummer Of Love4:03Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)12002225
202The B-52'sAin't It A Shame4:33Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)22002181
203The B-52'sTheme For A Nude Beach4:24Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)32002176
204The B-52'sGirl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland4:22Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)42002221
205The B-52'sWig4:21Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)52002213
206The B-52'sShe Brakes For Rainbows4:40Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)62002200
207The B-52'sCosmic Thing3:52Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)72002231
208The B-52'sDeadbeat Club4:57Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)82002237
209The B-52'sLove Shack5:23Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)92002224
210The B-52'sRoam4:56Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)102002219
211The B-52'sChannel Z4:50Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)112002220
212The B-52'sJunebug5:05Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)122002207
213The B-52'sFollow Your Bliss4:09Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)132002221
214The B-52'sGood Stuff5:58Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)142002222
215The B-52'sRevolution Earth5:50Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)152002224
216The B-52'sIs That You Mo-Dean?4:38Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)162002211
217The B-52'sDebbie3:32Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology (Disc 2)172002226
218The B-52'sRoam3:59Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)11 205
219The B-52'sDebbie3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0681998226
220Babe RuthWells Fargo6:16First Base11973243
221Babe RuthThe Runaways7:27First Base21973199
222Babe RuthKing Kong6:45First Base31973220
223Babe RuthBlack Dog8:03First Base41973216
224Babe RuthThe Mexican5:48First Base51973226
225Babe RuthJoker7:41First Base61973227
226Babe RuthJack O' Lantern3:24Greatest Hits11981209
227Babe RuthThe Mexican (Interpolating "Per qualche dollaro in piu")5:47Greatest Hits21981220
228Babe RuthWe People Darker than Blue4:47Greatest Hits31981202
229Babe RuthLady3:36Greatest Hits41981211
230Babe RuthTomorrow (Joining of the day)5:06Greatest Hits51981209
231Babe RuthTurquoise3:13Greatest Hits61981206
232Babe RuthBlack Dog7:58Greatest Hits71981213
233Babes In ToylandCalling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft4:08If I Were A Carpenter101994194
234Babes In ToylandSweet 694:04Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)62005241
235Baby AnimalsOne Word3:58Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)192000221
236Baby BashSuga Suga (Reggae Mix)4:12Be Cool (OST)62005212
237Baby BashCyclone3:41Nu Music Traxx Vol. 215 July 2007132007233
238Baby BashSuga Suga3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0992003196
239Baby BashShorty Doowop3:18Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01192004215
240Baby Bash & AkonBaby I'm Back3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0182005169
241Baby Bash feat. Marcos HernandezMamacita4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-02182006223
242Baby Bash feat. T-PainCyclone3:41Now That's What I Call Music! 26102007233
243Baby Boy Featuring Lil BoosieThe Way I Live3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02142007146
244BabyfaceThis Is For The Lover In You4:0190's Pop Hits (Disc 3)112002174
245BabyfaceFor The Cool In You4:52A Collection Of His Greatest Hits12000222
246BabyfaceIt's No Crime4:02A Collection Of His Greatest Hits22000229
247BabyfaceWhip Appeal5:46A Collection Of His Greatest Hits32000227
248BabyfaceNever Keeping Secrets4:53A Collection Of His Greatest Hits42000216
249BabyfaceEvery Time I Close My Eyes4:57A Collection Of His Greatest Hits52000210
250BabyfaceWhen Can I See You3:48A Collection Of His Greatest Hits62000194
251BabyfaceReason For Breathing5:42A Collection Of His Greatest Hits72000206
252BabyfaceThis Is For The Lover In You4:00A Collection Of His Greatest Hits82000182
253BabyfaceHow Come, How Long (featuring Stevie Wonder)5:12A Collection Of His Greatest Hits92000215
254BabyfaceChange The World (featuring Eric Clapton)7:32A Collection Of His Greatest Hits102000209
255BabyfaceI Love You Babe4:09A Collection Of His Greatest Hits112000210
256BabyfaceSoon As I Get Home5:08A Collection Of His Greatest Hits122000227
257BabyfaceWhere Will You Go5:08A Collection Of His Greatest Hits132000213
258BabyfaceWhen Men Grow Old5:32A Collection Of His Greatest Hits142000187
259BabyfaceWhen Can I See You3:50Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 2)52003192
260BabyfaceWhip Appeal5:45Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)62003220
261BabyfaceWhen Can I See You3:49Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)22004197
262BabyfaceNever Keeping Secrets4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-01181994212
263Babyface & Stevie WonderHow Come, How Long5:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)52001194
264Babylon ZooAll the Money's Gone3:46King Kong Groover11999128
265Babylon ZooManhattan Martian6:01King Kong Groover2199996
266Babylon ZooHonaloochie Boogie3:29King Kong Groover31999112
267Babylon ZooHoneymoon in Space4:53King Kong Groover41999112
268Babylon ZooStereo Superstar3:39King Kong Groover51999128
269Babylon ZooChrome Invader5:03King Kong Groover61999128
270Babylon ZooBikini Machine3:55King Kong Groover71999128
271Babylon ZooAre You a Boy or a Girl5:05King Kong Groover8199996
272Babylon ZooHey Man5:34King Kong Groover91999112
273Babylon ZooAroma Girl6:59King Kong Groover101999112
274Babylon ZooSpaceman (Radio Edit)4:05Spaceman (Single)11996222
275Babylon ZooMetal Vision3:50Spaceman (Single)21996198
276Babylon ZooBlue Nude2:12Spaceman (Single)31996196
277Babylon ZooSpaceman (The 5th Dimension)5:10Spaceman (Single)41996228
278Babylon ZooSpaceman4:02The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)51999216
279Babylon ZooAnimal Army5:55The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes11996216
280Babylon ZooSpaceman5:40The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes21996213
281Babylon ZooZodiac Sign4:57The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes31996197
282Babylon ZooParis Green4:42The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes41996204
283Babylon ZooConfused Art4:31The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes51996201
284Babylon ZooCaffeine6:34The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes61996200
285Babylon ZooThe Boy with the X-Ray Eyes4:26The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes71996203
286Babylon ZooDon't Feed the Animals1:37The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes81996199
287Babylon ZooFire Guided Light6:42The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes91996197
288Babylon ZooIs Your Soul For Sale?5:52The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes101996181
289Babylon ZooI'm Cracking Up I Need a Pill4:46The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes111996161
290The BabysWrong or Right3:26Broken Heart11977217
291The BabysGive Me Your Love3:37Broken Heart21977210
292The BabysIsn't It Time4:04Broken Heart31977199
293The BabysAnd if You Could See Me Fly2:52Broken Heart41977206
294The BabysThe Golden Mile5:02Broken Heart51977201
295The BabysBroken Heart3:02Broken Heart61977207
296The BabysI'm Falling3:56Broken Heart71977203
297The BabysRescue Me3:51Broken Heart81977205
298The BabysSilver Dreams3:01Broken Heart91977193
299The BabysA Piece of the Action4:28Broken Heart101977209
300The BabysIsn't It Time4:04Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)21998193
301The BabysLove Don't Prove I'm Right2:45Head First11979214
302The BabysEvery Time I Think Of You4:03Head First21979200
303The BabysI Was One3:29Head First31979223
304The BabysWhite Lightning3:20Head First41979211
305The BabysRun To Mexico4:34Head First51979206
306The BabysHead First4:01Head First61979211
307The BabysYou (Got It)4:39Head First71979212
308The BabysPlease Don't Leave Me5:08Head First81979199
309The BabysCalifornia4:01Head First91979207
310The BabysEverytime I Think Of You4:00Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)152002210
311The BabysTurn And Walk Away3:11On The Edge [1990 Remaster]11980213
312The BabysSweet 172:46On The Edge [1990 Remaster]21980223
313The BabysShe's My Girl3:19On The Edge [1990 Remaster]31980217
314The BabysDarker Side Of Town2:25On The Edge [1990 Remaster]41980203
315The BabysRock 'N Roll Is (Alive And Well)4:06On The Edge [1990 Remaster]51980220
316The BabysDowntown3:35On The Edge [1990 Remaster]61980216
317The BabysPostcard2:40On The Edge [1990 Remaster]71980212
318The BabysToo Far Gone2:54On The Edge [1990 Remaster]81980214
319The BabysGonna Be Somebody2:57On The Edge [1990 Remaster]91980219
320The BabysLove Won't Wait3:01On The Edge [1990 Remaster]101980210
321The BabysEverytime I Think Of You4:00One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)172001253
322The BabysLooking For Love4:48The Babys11976190
323The BabysIf You've Got The Time2:23The Babys21976177
324The BabysI Believe In Love4:20The Babys31976184
325The BabysWild Man3:32The Babys41976181
326The BabysLaura5:04The Babys51976176
327The BabysI Love How You Love Me2:24The Babys61976196
328The BabysRodeo2:58The Babys71976175
329The BabysOver And Over4:51The Babys81976194
330The BabysRead My Stars2:47The Babys91976188
331The BabysDying Man6:32The Babys101976184
332The BabysIsn't It Time4:03The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)141999193
333The BabysIsn't It Time3:24Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two71991200
334The BabysIsn't It Time3:58Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)112001225
335The BabysBack On My Feet Again3:18Union Jacks11980212
336The BabysTrue Love True Confessions4:06Union Jacks21980218
337The BabysMidnight Rendezvous3:36Union Jacks31980223
338The BabysUnion Jacks5:40Union Jacks41980211
339The BabysIn Your Eyes4:05Union Jacks51980213
340The BabysAnytime3:22Union Jacks61980218
341The BabysJesus, Are You There?3:33Union Jacks71980221
342The BabysTurn Around In Tokyo3:54Union Jacks81980213
343The BabysLove Is Just A Mystery3:30Union Jacks91980210
344BabyshamblesFuck Forever4:39Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)132006234
345BaccaraYes Sir, I Can Boogie4:29Living In The 70's (Disc 2)151995208
346BaccaraYes Sir, I Can Boogie4:33Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)152000203
347BachSt. Matthew Passion, MWV 244 (Erbarme dich)7:25The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music101995192
348Bachelor GirlBuses And Trains3:39Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)132000220
349The BachelorsDiane2:32Your Hit Parade - The '60s31993126
350Bachman-Turner OverdriveGimme Your Money Please4:45Bachman-Turner Overdrive11973212
351Bachman-Turner OverdriveHold Back The Water5:09Bachman-Turner Overdrive21973197
352Bachman-Turner OverdriveBlue Collar6:12Bachman-Turner Overdrive31973206
353Bachman-Turner OverdriveLittle Gandy Dancer4:25Bachman-Turner Overdrive41973226
354Bachman-Turner OverdriveStayed Awake All Night4:10Bachman-Turner Overdrive51973221
355Bachman-Turner OverdriveDown And Out Man3:15Bachman-Turner Overdrive61973212
356Bachman-Turner OverdriveDon't Get Yourself In Trouble4:56Bachman-Turner Overdrive71973210
357Bachman-Turner OverdriveThank You For The Feelin'4:07Bachman-Turner Overdrive81973204
358Bachman-Turner OverdriveBlown4:20Bachman-Turner Overdrive II11973208
359Bachman-Turner OverdriveWelcome Home5:33Bachman-Turner Overdrive II21973197
360Bachman-Turner OverdriveStonegates5:37Bachman-Turner Overdrive II31973206
361Bachman-Turner OverdriveLet It Ride4:27Bachman-Turner Overdrive II41973215
362Bachman-Turner OverdriveGive It Time5:46Bachman-Turner Overdrive II51973211
363Bachman-Turner OverdriveTramp4:06Bachman-Turner Overdrive II61973201
364Bachman-Turner OverdriveI Don't Have To Hide4:25Bachman-Turner Overdrive II71973182
365Bachman-Turner OverdriveTakin' Care Of Business4:49Bachman-Turner Overdrive II81973199
366Bachman-Turner OverdriveLet It Ride4:26Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)14 212
367Bachman-Turner OverdriveFour Wheel Drive4:24Four Wheel Drive11975250
368Bachman-Turner OverdriveShe's A Devil4:45Four Wheel Drive21975257
369Bachman-Turner OverdriveHey You3:36Four Wheel Drive31975260
370Bachman-Turner OverdriveFlat Broke Love3:59Four Wheel Drive41975263
371Bachman-Turner OverdriveShe's Keepin Time4:11Four Wheel Drive51975253
372Bachman-Turner OverdriveQuick Change Artist3:20Four Wheel Drive61975258
373Bachman-Turner OverdriveLowland Fling5:21Four Wheel Drive71975254
374Bachman-Turner OverdriveDon't Let The Blues Get You Down4:11Four Wheel Drive81975261
375Bachman-Turner OverdriveCan We All Come Together5:54Freeways11977216
376Bachman-Turner OverdriveLife Still Goes On (I'm Lonely)4:00Freeways21977207
377Bachman-Turner OverdriveShotgun Rider5:23Freeways31977203
378Bachman-Turner OverdriveJust For You4:50Freeways41977206
379Bachman-Turner OverdriveMy Wheels Won't Turn5:24Freeways51977210
380Bachman-Turner OverdriveDown, Down4:24Freeways61977199
381Bachman-Turner OverdriveEasy Groove5:06Freeways71977201
382Bachman-Turner OverdriveFreeways4:57Freeways81977205
383Bachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet3:28Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)31998217
384Bachman-Turner OverdriveFind Out About Love4:43Head On11975225
385Bachman-Turner OverdriveIt's Over3:23Head On21975232
386Bachman-Turner OverdriveAverage Man4:05Head On31975231
387Bachman-Turner OverdriveWoncha Take Me For A While5:05Head On41975227
388Bachman-Turner OverdriveWild Spirit3:13Head On51975247
389Bachman-Turner OverdriveTake It Like A Man3:44Head On61975227
390Bachman-Turner OverdriveLookin' Out For #15:21Head On71975216
391Bachman-Turner OverdriveAway From Home4:31Head On81975247
392Bachman-Turner OverdriveStay Alive4:15Head On91975134
393Bachman-Turner OverdriveDown To The Line (Bonus Track)4:01Head On101975244
394Bachman-Turner OverdriveNot Fragile4:05Not Fragile11974249
395Bachman-Turner OverdriveRock Is My Life, And This Is My Song4:38Not Fragile21974252
396Bachman-Turner OverdriveRoll On Down The Highway3:57Not Fragile31974227
397Bachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet3:48Not Fragile41974277
398Bachman-Turner OverdriveFree Wheelin'3:46Not Fragile51974219
399Bachman-Turner OverdriveSledgehammer4:31Not Fragile61974239
400Bachman-Turner OverdriveBlue Moanin'3:46Not Fragile71974254
401Bachman-Turner OverdriveSecond Hand3:23Not Fragile81974253
402Bachman-Turner OverdriveGivin' It All Away3:48Not Fragile91974256
403Bachman-Turner OverdriveTakin' Care Of Business4:48Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)141996215
404Bachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet3:32Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)12000217
405Bachman-Turner OverdriveThe Letter4:36The Anthology (Disc 1)11993196
406Bachman-Turner OverdriveI Think You Better Slow Down/Slow Down Boogie9:09The Anthology (Disc 1)21993197
407Bachman-Turner OverdriveHold Back The Water5:06The Anthology (Disc 1)31993223
408Bachman-Turner OverdriveBlue Collar6:10The Anthology (Disc 1)41993207
409Bachman-Turner OverdriveGimme Your Money Please4:41The Anthology (Disc 1)51993243
410Bachman-Turner OverdriveStayed Awake All Night (Unreleased Version)8:28The Anthology (Disc 1)61993206
411Bachman-Turner OverdriveThank You For The Feelin'4:06The Anthology (Disc 1)71993213
412Bachman-Turner OverdriveTakin' Care Of Business4:51The Anthology (Disc 1)81993190
413Bachman-Turner OverdriveGive It Time5:43The Anthology (Disc 1)91993187
414Bachman-Turner OverdriveWelcome Home5:31The Anthology (Disc 1)101993197
415Bachman-Turner OverdriveLet It Ride4:26The Anthology (Disc 1)111993207
416Bachman-Turner OverdriveFree Wheelin' (Quad Mix)3:46The Anthology (Disc 1)121993199
417Bachman-Turner OverdriveSledgehammer4:35The Anthology (Disc 1)131993184
418Bachman-Turner OverdriveBlue Moanin'3:42The Anthology (Disc 1)141993200
419Bachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet3:55The Anthology (Disc 2)11993193
420Bachman-Turner OverdriveNot Fragile (Quad Mix)4:08The Anthology (Disc 2)21993198
421Bachman-Turner OverdriveRock Is My Life, And This Is My Song (Quad Mix)4:41The Anthology (Disc 2)31993193
422Bachman-Turner OverdriveRoll On Down The Highway4:00The Anthology (Disc 2)41993177
423Bachman-Turner OverdriveFour Wheel Drive4:22The Anthology (Disc 2)51993204
424Bachman-Turner OverdriveHey You3:35The Anthology (Disc 2)61993224
425Bachman-Turner OverdriveFlat Broke Love (Quad Mix)3:49The Anthology (Disc 2)71993194
426Bachman-Turner OverdriveDon't Let The Blues Get You Down4:13The Anthology (Disc 2)81993213
427Bachman-Turner OverdriveFind Out About Love4:43The Anthology (Disc 2)91993212
428Bachman-Turner OverdriveIt's Over3:24The Anthology (Disc 2)101993213
429Bachman-Turner OverdriveTake It Like A Man3:43The Anthology (Disc 2)111993200
430Bachman-Turner OverdriveLookin' Out For #15:21The Anthology (Disc 2)121993199
431Bachman-Turner OverdriveDown To The Line4:03The Anthology (Disc 2)131993205
432Bachman-Turner OverdriveDon't Get Yourself In Trouble (Live)10:35The Anthology (Disc 2)141993204
433Bachman-Turner OverdriveShotgun Rider5:21The Anthology (Disc 2)151993196
434Bachman-Turner OverdriveI'm In Love3:52The Anthology (Disc 2)161993178
435Bachman-Turner OverdriveHeartaches3:54The Anthology (Disc 2)171993185
436Bachman-Turner OverdriveLookin' Out For No. 15:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)22001211
437Backstreet BoysWe've Got It Goin' On3:40Backstreet Boys11996192
438Backstreet BoysQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)3:54Backstreet Boys21996188
439Backstreet BoysAs Long as You Love Me3:33Backstreet Boys31996219
440Backstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)4:47Backstreet Boys41996194
441Backstreet BoysAll I Have to Give4:35Backstreet Boys51996212
442Backstreet BoysAnywhere for You4:41Backstreet Boys61996219
443Backstreet BoysHey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)4:25Backstreet Boys71996207
444Backstreet BoysI'll Never Break Your Heart4:47Backstreet Boys81996216
445Backstreet BoysDarlin'5:31Backstreet Boys91996204
446Backstreet BoysGet Down (You're the One for Me)3:52Backstreet Boys101996209
447Backstreet BoysSet Adrift on Memory Bliss3:30Backstreet Boys111996213
448Backstreet BoysIf You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)4:48Backstreet Boys121996233
449Backstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)3:46Backstreet's Back11997199
450Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love Me3:42Backstreet's Back21997203
451Backstreet BoysAll I Have To Give4:36Backstreet's Back31997210
452Backstreet BoysThat's The Way I Like It3:39Backstreet's Back41997220
453Backstreet Boys10,000 Promises4:05Backstreet's Back51997187
454Backstreet BoysLike A Child5:07Backstreet's Back61997185
455Backstreet BoysHey Mr DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)4:26Backstreet's Back71997207
456Backstreet BoysSet Adrift On Memory Bliss3:32Backstreet's Back81997208
457Backstreet BoysThat's What She Said4:05Backstreet's Back91997190
458Backstreet BoysAnywhere For You4:42Backstreet's Back101997218
459Backstreet BoysIf You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)4:51Backstreet's Back111997231
460Backstreet BoysIf I Don't Have You4:33Backstreet's Back121997208
461Backstreet BoysThe Call3:24Black & Blue12000221
462Backstreet BoysShape Of My Heart3:50Black & Blue22000198
463Backstreet BoysGet Another Boyfriend3:06Black & Blue32000211
464Backstreet BoysShining Star3:23Black & Blue42000226
465Backstreet BoysI Promise You (With Everything I Am)4:22Black & Blue52000203
466Backstreet BoysThe Answer To Our Life3:17Black & Blue62000208
467Backstreet BoysEveryone3:30Black & Blue72000208
468Backstreet BoysMore Than That3:44Black & Blue82000214
469Backstreet BoysTime3:56Black & Blue92000196
470Backstreet BoysNot For Me3:15Black & Blue102000195
471Backstreet BoysYes I Will3:50Black & Blue112000205
472Backstreet BoysIt's True4:14Black & Blue122000214
473Backstreet BoysHow Did I Fall In Love With You4:04Black & Blue132000178
474Backstreet BoysLarger Than Life3:52Millennium11999228
475Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way3:33Millennium21999209
476Backstreet BoysShow Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely3:55Millennium31999209
477Backstreet BoysIt's Gotta Be You2:57Millennium41999195
478Backstreet BoysI Need You Tonight4:23Millennium51999202
479Backstreet BoysDon't Want You Back3:26Millennium61999209
480Backstreet BoysDon't Wanna Lose You Now3:55Millennium71999198
481Backstreet BoysThe One3:46Millennium81999217
482Backstreet BoysBack To Your Heart4:21Millennium91999202
483Backstreet BoysSpanish Eyes3:55Millennium101999211
484Backstreet BoysNo One Else Comes Close3:43Millennium111999209
485Backstreet BoysThe Perfect Fan4:13Millennium121999211
486Backstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)3:45Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)72000228
487Backstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)3:38Much Dance 199911999191
488Backstreet BoysMore Than That3:41Now That's What I Call Music! 08112001210
489Backstreet BoysAll I Have to Give4:35Now That's What I Call Music! 361999211
490Backstreet BoysShape Of My Heart3:51Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)152001212
491Backstreet BoysDrowning4:26Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9152002202
492Backstreet BoysInconsolable3:37Nu Music Traxx Vol. 219 September 200712007243
493Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love Me3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-1131997221
494Backstreet BoysI'll Never Break Your Heart4:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0711998218
495Backstreet BoysIncomplete (Album Version)3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0512005223
496Backstreet BoysJust Want You To Know3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0842005219
497Backstreet BoysCrawling Back To You3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11102005226
498Backstreet BoysQuit Playin' Games With My Heart3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)52001177
499Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love Me3:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)102001208
500Backstreet BoysQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)3:52Total Hits Vol. 221999185
501Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin' Love5:1370's Party Mix (Disc 2)11996196
502Bad CompanyCan't Get Enough4:16Bad Company11974197
503Bad CompanyRock Steady3:47Bad Company21974189
504Bad CompanyReady For Love5:02Bad Company31974199
505Bad CompanyDon't Let Me Down4:20Bad Company41974184
506Bad CompanyBad Company4:50Bad Company51974188
507Bad CompanyThe Way I Choose5:05Bad Company61974184
508Bad CompanyMovin' On3:24Bad Company71974198
509Bad CompanySeagull4:03Bad Company81974210
510Bad CompanyBurnin' Sky5:19Burnin' Sky11977205
511Bad CompanyMorning Sun3:56Burnin' Sky21977197
512Bad CompanyLeaving You3:23Burnin' Sky31977209
513Bad CompanyLike Water4:19Burnin' Sky41977200
514Bad CompanyKnapsack1:20Burnin' Sky51977179
515Bad CompanyEverything I Need3:23Burnin' Sky61977203
516Bad CompanyHeartbeat2:37Burnin' Sky71977202
517Bad CompanyPeace Of Mind3:25Burnin' Sky81977205
518Bad CompanyPassing Time2:29Burnin' Sky91977205
519Bad CompanyToo Bad3:52Burnin' Sky101977214
520Bad CompanyMan Needs Woman3:46Burnin' Sky111977209
521Bad CompanyMaster Of Ceremony7:08Burnin' Sky121977209
522Bad CompanyShooting Star6:16Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)9 194
523Bad CompanyCompany Of Strangers5:14Company Of Strangers11995217
524Bad CompanyClearwater Highway3:25Company Of Strangers21995227
525Bad CompanyJudas My Brother4:44Company Of Strangers31995217
526Bad CompanyLittle Martha2:57Company Of Strangers41995216
527Bad CompanyGimme Gimme3:33Company Of Strangers51995220
528Bad CompanyWhere I Belong4:01Company Of Strangers61995199
529Bad CompanyDown Down Down3:19Company Of Strangers71995225
530Bad CompanyAbandoned And Alone5:39Company Of Strangers81995204
531Bad CompanyDown And Dirty4:50Company Of Strangers91995220
532Bad CompanyPretty Woman3:32Company Of Strangers101995228
533Bad CompanyYou're The Only Reason3:46Company Of Strangers111995223
534Bad CompanyDance With The Devil3:06Company Of Strangers121995214
535Bad CompanyLoving You Out Loud2:49Company Of Strangers131995198
536Bad CompanyOne Night4:41Dangerous Age11988204
537Bad CompanyShake It Up3:58Dangerous Age21988203
538Bad CompanyNo Smoke Without A Fire4:39Dangerous Age31988193
539Bad CompanyBad Man3:49Dangerous Age41988198
540Bad CompanyDangerous Age3:50Dangerous Age51988203
541Bad CompanyDirty Boy3:52Dangerous Age61988209
542Bad CompanyRock Of America3:56Dangerous Age71988198
543Bad CompanySomething About You4:19Dangerous Age81988179
544Bad CompanyThe Way That It Goes3:27Dangerous Age91988201
545Bad CompanyLove Attack3:55Dangerous Age101988212
546Bad CompanyExcited4:33Dangerous Age111988211
547Bad CompanyRock 'N' Roll Fantasy3:19Desolation Angels11979222
548Bad CompanyCrazy Circles3:32Desolation Angels21979228
549Bad CompanyGone, Gone, Gone3:50Desolation Angels31979202
550Bad CompanyEvil Wind4:21Desolation Angels41979217
551Bad CompanyEarly In The Morning5:45Desolation Angels51979208
552Bad CompanyLonely For Your Love3:25Desolation Angels61979221
553Bad CompanyOh, Atlanta4:08Desolation Angels71979223
554Bad CompanyTake The Time4:14Desolation Angels81979222
555Bad CompanyRhythm Machine3:44Desolation Angels91979228
556Bad CompanyShe Brings Me Love4:41Desolation Angels101979204
557Bad CompanyBurning Up4:04Fame And Fortune11986210
558Bad CompanyThis Love4:06Fame And Fortune21986196
559Bad CompanyFame And Fortune3:34Fame And Fortune31986207
560Bad CompanyThat Girl4:02Fame And Fortune41986196
561Bad CompanyTell It Like It Is3:45Fame And Fortune51986202
562Bad CompanyLong Walk3:39Fame And Fortune61986200
563Bad CompanyHold On My Heart4:20Fame And Fortune71986208
564Bad CompanyValerie3:28Fame And Fortune81986213
565Bad CompanyWhen We Made Love4:22Fame And Fortune91986195
566Bad CompanyIf I'm Sleeping3:27Fame And Fortune101986207
567Bad CompanyHow About That5:27Here Comes Trouble11992210
568Bad CompanyStranger Than Fiction5:14Here Comes Trouble21992223
569Bad CompanyHere Comes Trouble4:10Here Comes Trouble31992218
570Bad CompanyThis Could Be The One5:18Here Comes Trouble41992224
571Bad CompanyBoth Feet In The Water4:44Here Comes Trouble51992211
572Bad CompanyTake This Town4:17Here Comes Trouble61992220
573Bad CompanyWhat About You3:55Here Comes Trouble71992218
574Bad CompanyLittle Angel5:03Here Comes Trouble81992212
575Bad CompanyHold On To My Heart4:40Here Comes Trouble91992212
576Bad CompanyBrokenhearted4:48Here Comes Trouble101992216
577Bad CompanyMy Only One5:01Here Comes Trouble111992199
578Bad CompanyHoly Water4:07Holy Water11990195
579Bad CompanyWalk Through Fire4:48Holy Water21990201
580Bad CompanyStranger Stranger4:52Holy Water31990209
581Bad CompanyYou Needed Somebody4:21Holy Water41990194
582Bad CompanyFearless3:33Holy Water51990210
583Bad CompanyLay Your Love On Me4:05Holy Water61990187
584Bad CompanyBoys Cry Tough5:35Holy Water71990206
585Bad CompanyWith You In A Heartbeat4:34Holy Water81990193
586Bad CompanyI Don't Care4:34Holy Water91990195
587Bad CompanyNever Too Late3:42Holy Water101990188
588Bad CompanyDead Of The Night3:41Holy Water111990201
589Bad CompanyI Can't Live Without You3:51Holy Water121990189
590Bad Company100 Miles1:57Holy Water131990215
591Bad CompanyElectricland5:29Rough Diamonds11982210
592Bad CompanyUntie The Knot4:11Rough Diamonds21982216
593Bad CompanyNuthin' On The TV3:48Rough Diamonds31982209
594Bad CompanyPainted Face3:28Rough Diamonds41982207
595Bad CompanyKickdown3:37Rough Diamonds51982196
596Bad CompanyBallad Of The Band2:14Rough Diamonds61982199
597Bad CompanyCross Country Boy3:02Rough Diamonds71982204
598Bad CompanyOld Mexico3:51Rough Diamonds81982211
599Bad CompanyDownhill Ryder4:14Rough Diamonds91982215
600Bad CompanyRacetrack4:47Rough Diamonds101982219
601Bad CompanyLive For The Music3:59Run With The Pack11976200
602Bad CompanySimple Man3:38Run With The Pack21976193
603Bad CompanyHoney Child3:16Run With The Pack31976197
604Bad CompanyLove Me Somebody3:08Run With The Pack41976198
605Bad CompanyRun With The Pack5:20Run With The Pack51976209
606Bad CompanySilver, Blue & Gold5:04Run With The Pack61976203
607Bad CompanyYoung Blood2:41Run With The Pack71976196
608Bad CompanyDo Right By Your Woman2:53Run With The Pack81976203
609Bad CompanySweet Lil' Sister3:31Run With The Pack91976210
610Bad CompanyFade Away2:52Run With The Pack101976191
611Bad CompanyCan't Get Enough3:33Sounds Of The Seventies - 197411990188
612Bad CompanyOne On One4:01Stories Told And Untold11996220
613Bad CompanyOh, Atlanta3:41Stories Told And Untold21996239
614Bad CompanyYou're Never Alone4:37Stories Told And Untold31996225
615Bad CompanyI Still Believe In You4:37Stories Told And Untold41996222
616Bad CompanyReady For Love4:36Stories Told And Untold51996211
617Bad CompanyWaiting On Love4:32Stories Told And Untold61996214
618Bad CompanyCan't Get Enough3:41Stories Told And Untold71996215
619Bad CompanyIs That All There Is To Love3:33Stories Told And Untold81996199
620Bad CompanyLove So Strong3:49Stories Told And Untold91996226
621Bad CompanySilver, Blue And Gold3:38Stories Told And Untold101996221
622Bad CompanyDownpour In Cairo3:47Stories Told And Untold111996216
623Bad CompanyShooting Star5:17Stories Told And Untold121996224
624Bad CompanySimple Man4:37Stories Told And Untold131996210
625Bad CompanyWeep No More8:58Stories Told And Untold141996182
626Bad CompanyGood Lovin' Gone Bad3:38Straight Shooter11975184
627Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin' Love5:16Straight Shooter21975195
628Bad CompanyWeep No More4:02Straight Shooter31975203
629Bad CompanyShooting Star6:18Straight Shooter41975196
630Bad CompanyDeal Wth the Preacher5:03Straight Shooter51975179
631Bad CompanyWild Fire Woman4:35Straight Shooter61975184
632Bad CompanyAnna3:44Straight Shooter71975171
633Bad CompanyCall On Me6:03Straight Shooter81975178
634Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin' Love5:08The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)81999205
635Bad CompanyYoung Blood2:40Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two101991196
636Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin' Love3:28Van Inkel's Choice31993185
637Bad EnglishBest Of What I Got4:40Bad English11989229
638Bad EnglishHeaven Is A 4 Letter Word4:45Bad English21989226
639Bad EnglishPossession5:08Bad English31989198
640Bad EnglishForget Me Not4:58Bad English41989221
641Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile4:20Bad English51989200
642Bad EnglishTough Times Don't Last4:42Bad English61989212
643Bad EnglishGhost In Your Heart4:46Bad English71989232
644Bad EnglishPrice Of Love4:47Bad English81989199
645Bad EnglishReady When You Are4:20Bad English91989226
646Bad EnglishLay Down4:38Bad English101989219
647Bad EnglishThe Restless Ones5:23Bad English111989197
648Bad EnglishRockin' Horse5:31Bad English121989218
649Bad EnglishDon't Walk Away4:30Bad English131989201
650Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile4:17The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)111999191
651Bad EnglishTime Stood Still5:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)112001214
652Bad InfluenceTarzan Boy3:17Hits for Kids 20182008197
653Bad MannersLip Up Fatty - ne-ne-na-na-na-na-nu-nu5:00Ska Party12001222
654Bad MannersHi Ho Silver Lining1:11Ska Party22001215
655Bad MannersMy Girl Lollipop (My Boy Lollypop)2:28Ska Party32001209
656Bad MannersBlack Night1:56Ska Party42001206
657Bad MannersCider Drinker0:56Ska Party52001185
658Bad MannersHokey Cokey0:47Ska Party62001198
659Bad MannersCan Can0:57Ska Party72001188
660Bad MannersSpecial Brew2:15Ska Party82001211
661Bad MannersSkaville UK2:32Ska Party92001188
662Bad MannersFatty Fatty2:21Ska Party102001209
663Bad MannersSkinhead Love Affair1:45Ska Party112001181
664Bad MannersTeddy Bears Picnic3:42Ska Party122001191
665Bad MannersWeeping and Wailing1:36Ska Party132001203
666Bad MannersOh , I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside0:22Ska Party142001202
667Bad MannersKnees Up Mother Brown-Oh What a Rotten Sod!0:22Ska Party152001208
668Bad MannersShow Me the Way Home0:22Ska Party162001206
669Bad MannersI'm a Mummy1:48Ska Party172001211
670Bad MannersI Don't Care2:21Ska Party182001186
671Bad MannersCan Can - Buster's Groove1:28Ska Party192001195
672Bad MannersJust a Feeling2:16Ska Party202001223
673Bad MannersHoots Mon1:48Ska Party212001215
674Bad MannersSamson and Delilah2:16Ska Party222001174
675Bad Mannersne-ne-na-na-na-na-nu-nu1:52Ska Party232001207
676Bad MannersLorraine2:03Ska Party242001224
677Bad MannersSkamix - I Just Wanna Bang on a Drum All Day5:16Ska Party252001222
678Bad ReligionGenerator3:24Generator [2004 Remastered]11992241
679Bad ReligionToo Much To Ask2:46Generator [2004 Remastered]21992252
680Bad ReligionNo Direction3:16Generator [2004 Remastered]31992248
681Bad ReligionTomorrow1:57Generator [2004 Remastered]41992265
682Bad ReligionTwo Babies In The Dark2:26Generator [2004 Remastered]51992239
683Bad ReligionHeaven Is Falling2:04Generator [2004 Remastered]61992262
684Bad ReligionAtomic Garden3:12Generator [2004 Remastered]71992260
685Bad ReligionThe Answer3:23Generator [2004 Remastered]81992266
686Bad ReligionFertile Cresent2:09Generator [2004 Remastered]91992253
687Bad ReligionChimaera2:29Generator [2004 Remastered]101992251
688Bad ReligionOnly Entertainment3:15Generator [2004 Remastered]111992255
689Bad ReligionFertile Crescent (Bonus)2:18Generator [2004 Remastered]121992256
690Bad ReligionHeaven Is Falling (Bonus)2:18Generator [2004 Remastered]131992259
691Bad Religion52 Seconds0:58New Maps Of Hell12007268
692Bad ReligionHeroes & Martyrs1:25New Maps Of Hell22007278
693Bad ReligionGerms Of Perfection1:27New Maps Of Hell32007241
694Bad ReligionNew Dark Ages2:47New Maps Of Hell42007240
695Bad ReligionRequiem For Dissent2:08New Maps Of Hell52007248
696Bad ReligionBefore You Die2:34New Maps Of Hell62007236
697Bad ReligionHonest Goodbye2:51New Maps Of Hell72007222
698Bad ReligionDearly Beloved2:19New Maps Of Hell82007238
699Bad ReligionGrains Of Wrath3:00New Maps Of Hell92007253
700Bad ReligionMurder1:18New Maps Of Hell102007247
701Bad ReligionScrutiny2:37New Maps Of Hell112007247
702Bad ReligionProdigal Son3:07New Maps Of Hell122007246
703Bad ReligionThe Grand Delusion2:10New Maps Of Hell132007242
704Bad ReligionLost Pilgrim2:28New Maps Of Hell142007259
705Bad ReligionSubmission Complete3:40New Maps Of Hell152007241
706Bad ReligionFields Of Mars3:39New Maps Of Hell162007214
707Bad ReligionHear It1:49No Substance11998230
708Bad ReligionShades of Truth4:01No Substance21998213
709Bad ReligionAll Fantastic Images2:08No Substance31998215
710Bad ReligionThe Biggest Killer in American History2:14No Substance41998238
711Bad ReligionNo Substance3:04No Substance51998235
712Bad ReligionRaise Your Voice!2:55No Substance61998231
713Bad ReligionSowing the Seeds of Utopia2:01No Substance71998238
714Bad ReligionThe Hippy Killers3:01No Substance81998210
715Bad ReligionThe State of the End of the Millenium Address2:22No Substance91998262
716Bad ReligionThe Voracious March of Godliness2:27No Substance101998212
717Bad ReligionMediocre Minds1:56No Substance111998232
718Bad ReligionVictims of the Revolution3:17No Substance121998220
719Bad ReligionStrange Denial3:02No Substance131998231
720Bad ReligionAt the Mercy of Imbeciles1:34No Substance141998203
721Bad ReligionThe Same Person2:49No Substance151998228
722Bad ReligionSo Many Ways3:04No Substance161998227
723Bad ReligionRecipe For Hate2:02Recipe For Hate11993208
724Bad ReligionKerosene2:41Recipe For Hate21993228
725Bad ReligionAmerican Jesus3:17Recipe For Hate31993211
726Bad ReligionPortrait Of Authority2:44Recipe For Hate41993210
727Bad ReligionMan With A Mission3:11Recipe For Hate51993205
728Bad ReligionAll Good Soldiers3:07Recipe For Hate61993220
729Bad ReligionWatch It Die2:34Recipe For Hate71993207
730Bad ReligionStruck A Nerve3:47Recipe For Hate81993207
731Bad ReligionMy Poor Friend Me2:42Recipe For Hate91993195
732Bad ReligionLookin' In2:03Recipe For Hate101993212
733Bad ReligionDon't Pray On Me2:42Recipe For Hate111993213
734Bad ReligionModern Day Catastrophists2:46Recipe For Hate121993215
735Bad ReligionSkyscraper3:15Recipe For Hate131993173
736Bad ReligionStealth0:42Recipe For Hate141993198
737Bad ReligionIncomplete2:29Stranger Than Fiction11994232
738Bad ReligionLeave Mine To Me2:07Stranger Than Fiction21994227
739Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction2:20Stranger Than Fiction31994221
740Bad ReligionTiny Voices2:37Stranger Than Fiction41994227
741Bad ReligionThe Handshake2:50Stranger Than Fiction51994234
742Bad ReligionBetter Off Dead2:38Stranger Than Fiction61994224
743Bad ReligionInfected4:09Stranger Than Fiction71994228
744Bad ReligionTelevision2:03Stranger Than Fiction81994222
745Bad ReligionIndividual1:58Stranger Than Fiction91994231
746Bad ReligionHooray For Me...2:50Stranger Than Fiction101994229
747Bad ReligionSlumber2:39Stranger Than Fiction111994221
748Bad ReligionMarked1:48Stranger Than Fiction121994226
749Bad ReligionInner Logic2:57Stranger Than Fiction131994220
750Bad ReligionWhat It Is2:08Stranger Than Fiction141994222
751Bad Religion21st Century (Digital Boy)2:46Stranger Than Fiction151994213
752Bad ReligionOverture1:09The Empire Strikes First12004196
753Bad ReligionSinister Rouge1:53The Empire Strikes First22004252
754Bad ReligionSocial Suicide1:35The Empire Strikes First32004236
755Bad ReligionAtheist Peace1:57The Empire Strikes First42004234
756Bad ReligionAll There is2:57The Empire Strikes First52004246
757Bad ReligionLos Angeles is Burning3:23The Empire Strikes First62004243
758Bad ReligionLet Them Eat War2:57The Empire Strikes First72004250
759Bad ReligionGods Love2:32The Empire Strikes First82004236
760Bad ReligionTo Another Abyss4:07The Empire Strikes First92004243
761Bad ReligionThe Quickening2:19The Empire Strikes First102004244
762Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes First3:23The Empire Strikes First112004248
763Bad ReligionBeyond Electric Dreams4:02The Empire Strikes First122004248
764Bad ReligionBoot Stamping on A Human Face3:49The Empire Strikes First132004223
765Bad ReligionLive Again - the Fall of Man3:35The Empire Strikes First142004239
766Bad ReligionThe Gray Race2:06The Gray Race11996238
767Bad ReligionThem And Us2:50The Gray Race21996243
768Bad ReligionA Walk2:14The Gray Race31996233
769Bad ReligionParallel3:19The Gray Race41996248
770Bad ReligionPunk Rock Song2:27The Gray Race51996242
771Bad ReligionEmpty Causes2:51The Gray Race61996244
772Bad ReligionNobody Listens1:57The Gray Race71996237
773Bad ReligionPity The Dead2:56The Gray Race81996244
774Bad ReligionSpirit Shine2:11The Gray Race91996230
775Bad ReligionThe Streets Of America3:49The Gray Race101996233
776Bad ReligionTen In 20102:22The Gray Race111996248
777Bad ReligionVictory2:36The Gray Race121996238
778Bad ReligionDrunk Sincerity2:13The Gray Race131996233
779Bad ReligionCome Join Us2:03The Gray Race141996232
780Bad ReligionCease2:35The Gray Race151996239
781Bad ReligionYou've Got A Chance3:41The New America12000199
782Bad ReligionIt's A Long Way To The Promise Land2:28The New America22000230
783Bad ReligionA World Without Melody2:32The New America32000224
784Bad ReligionNew America3:24The New America42000212
785Bad Religion1000 Memories3:00The New America52000214
786Bad ReligionA Streetkid Named Desire3:17The New America62000215
787Bad ReligionWhisper In Time2:32The New America72000217
788Bad ReligionBelieve It3:41The New America82000218
789Bad ReligionI Love My Computer3:05The New America92000217
790Bad ReligionThe Hopeless Housewife2:59The New America102000217
791Bad ReligionThere Will Be A Way2:52The New America112000219
792Bad ReligionLet It Burn2:44The New America122000208
793Bad ReligionDon't Sell Me Short3:57The New America132000214
794Bad ReligionSupersonic1:46The Process Of Belief12002235
795Bad ReligionProve It1:14The Process Of Belief22002223
796Bad ReligionCan't Stop It1:09The Process Of Belief32002250
797Bad ReligionBroken2:55The Process Of Belief42002253
798Bad ReligionDestined For Nothing2:35The Process Of Belief52002241
799Bad ReligionMaterialist1:53The Process Of Belief62002238
800Bad ReligionKyoto Now!3:19The Process Of Belief72002231
801Bad ReligionSorrow3:21The Process Of Belief82002229
802Bad ReligionEpiphany3:59The Process Of Belief92002222
803Bad ReligionEvangeline2:10The Process Of Belief102002241
804Bad ReligionThe Defense3:53The Process Of Belief112002239
805Bad ReligionThe Lie2:18The Process Of Belief122002250
806Bad ReligionYou Don't Belong2:49The Process Of Belief132002232
807Bad ReligionBored & Extremely Dangerous3:25The Process Of Belief142002234
808Bad Religion21st Century (Digital Boy)2:48Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)72005226
809BadfingerCome And Get It2:23Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger11995207
810BadfingerMaybe Tomorrow2:52Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger21995193
811BadfingerRock Of All Ages3:17Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger31995188
812BadfingerDear Angie2:40Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger41995212
813BadfingerCarry On Till Tomorrow4:48Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger51995200
814BadfingerNo Matter What3:01Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger61995195
815BadfingerBelieve Me3:00Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger71995197
816BadfingerMidnight Caller2:50Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger81995206
817BadfingerBetter Days4:01Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger91995206
818BadfingerWithout You4:44Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger101995199
819BadfingerTake It All4:28Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger111995203
820BadfingerMoney3:29Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger121995200
821BadfingerFlying2:36Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger131995204
822BadfingerThe Name Of The Game5:18Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger141995207
823BadfingerSuitcase2:55Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger151995194
824BadfingerDay After Day3:12Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger161995199
825BadfingerBaby Blue3:36Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger171995211
826BadfingerWhen I Say3:09Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger181995196
827BadfingerIcicles2:35Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger191995195
828BadfingerI Can Love You3:37Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger201995206
829BadfingerApple Of My Eye3:05Come And Get It: The Best Of Badfinger211995199
830BadfingerI Can't Take It2:57No Dice11970201
831BadfingerI Don't Mind3:15No Dice21970193
832BadfingerLove Me Do3:00No Dice31970215
833BadfingerMidnight Caller2:50No Dice41970212
834BadfingerNo Matter What3:01No Dice51970212
835BadfingerWithout You4:43No Dice61970207
836BadfingerBlodwyn3:26No Dice71970208
837BadfingerBetter Days4:01No Dice81970212
838BadfingerIt Had To Be2:29No Dice91970206
839BadfingerWatford John3:23No Dice101970217
840BadfingerBelieve Me3:01No Dice111970209
841BadfingerWe're For The Dark3:55No Dice121970200
842BadfingerGet Down3:46No Dice131970176
843BadfingerFriends Are Hard To Find2:32No Dice141970197
844BadfingerMean Mean Jemima3:43No Dice151970206
845BadfingerLoving You2:53No Dice161970214
846BadfingerI'll Be The One2:54No Dice171970227
847BadfingerCome and Get it2:14Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)32000199
848BadfingerTake It All4:26Straight Up11971203
849BadfingerBaby Blue3:37Straight Up21971206
850BadfingerMoney3:29Straight Up31971200
851BadfingerFlying2:38Straight Up41971202
852BadfingerI'd Die Babe2:33Straight Up51971203
853BadfingerName Of The Game5:19Straight Up61971208
854BadfingerSuitcase2:52Straight Up71971196
855BadfingerSweet Tuesday Morning2:31Straight Up81971200
856BadfingerDay After Day3:10Straight Up91971200
857BadfingerSometimes2:56Straight Up101971196
858BadfingerPerfection5:07Straight Up111971206
859BadfingerIt's Over3:34Straight Up121971204
860BadfingerMoney4:20Straight Up131971203
861BadfingerFlying2:25Straight Up141971198
862BadfingerName Of The Game4:27Straight Up151971195
863BadfingerSuitcase3:20Straight Up161971201
864BadfingerPerfection4:41Straight Up171971200
865BadfingerBaby Blue (US Single Mix)3:35Straight Up181971209
866The BadlovesLost3:32Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)182000207
867Badly Drawn BoyOnce Around The Block3:44   128
868Badly Drawn BoySomething to Talk About3:38Best Of Acoustic CD152004128
869Badly Drawn BoyYou Were Right4:52Have You Fed The Fish - Advance82002197
870Badly Drawn BoyThe Shining5:17The Hour of Bewilderbeast12000128
871Baek Ji YoungSad Salsa3:52Rouge52000184
872Baha MenWho Let the Dogs Out3:17   128
873Baha MenWho Let The Dogs Out3:18Rugrats In Paris (OST)42000223
874Baha MenBest Years of Our Lives2:58Shrek (OST)52001229
875The Baja Marimba BandAlong Comes Mary2:13The Best of The Baja Marimba Band12001208
876The Baja Marimba BandJuarez2:40The Best of The Baja Marimba Band22001202
877The Baja Marimba BandComin' in the Back Door2:15The Best of The Baja Marimba Band32001193
878The Baja Marimba BandGeorgy Girl2:33The Best of The Baja Marimba Band42001209
879The Baja Marimba BandGhost Riders in the Sky2:49The Best of The Baja Marimba Band52001231
880The Baja Marimba BandThe Cry of the Wild Goose2:13The Best of The Baja Marimba Band62001223
881The Baja Marimba BandThe Portuguese Washerwoman1:54The Best of The Baja Marimba Band72001216
882The Baja Marimba BandSunrise, Sunset3:28The Best of The Baja Marimba Band82001195
883The Baja Marimba BandSounds of Silence2:47The Best of The Baja Marimba Band92001189
884The Baja Marimba BandThose Were the Days3:14The Best of The Baja Marimba Band102001201
885The Baja Marimba BandWindy2:45The Best of The Baja Marimba Band112001208
886The Baja Marimba BandAcapulco 18822:09The Best of The Baja Marimba Band122001208
887The Baja Marimba BandFowl Play2:07The Best of The Baja Marimba Band132001212
888The Baja Marimba BandThe Look of Love (from the Columbia motion picture "Casino Royale")2:55The Best of The Baja Marimba Band142001203
889The Baja Marimba BandMaria's First Rose2:49The Best of The Baja Marimba Band152001200
890The Baja Marimba BandSomewhere My Love2:46The Best of The Baja Marimba Band162001194
891The Baja Marimba BandBaja Nights2:29The Best of The Baja Marimba Band172001201
892The Baja Marimba BandDo You Know the Way to San Jose2:24The Best of The Baja Marimba Band182001203
893The Baja Marimba BandWalk On By2:48The Best of The Baja Marimba Band192001207
894The Baja Marimba BandPicasso Summer2:59The Best of The Baja Marimba Band202001211
895The Baja Marimba BandFlyin' High2:10The Best of The Baja Marimba Band212001197
896The Baja Marimba BandMore2:23The Best of The Baja Marimba Band222001196
897The Baja Marimba BandFiddler on the Roof1:48The Best of The Baja Marimba Band232001213
898The Baja Marimba BandSpanish Eyes2:58The Best of The Baja Marimba Band242001205
899The Baja Marimba BandI'll Marimba You2:10The Best of The Baja Marimba Band252001205
900The Balloon FarmA Question Of Temperature2:40Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)191998146
901The BallroomBaby, Please Don't Go3:06Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)252009158
902BaltimoraTarzan Boy3:44Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)11993220
903BaltimoraTarzan Boy (Remix)3:45Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)91993210
904BaltimoraTarzan Boy3:43Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)22001229
905BambooBamboogie (Radio Edit)3:15A Night At The Roxbury (OST)21998193
906BananaramaVenus3:38Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's101997263
907BananaramaVenus3:50Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)12002271
908BananaramaVenus (Extended Version)8:26Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 2) [CA]112005226
909BananaramaVenus3:39Rock Of The 80's Volume 441993256
910BananaramaI Heard A Rumour3:27Sounds Of The Eighties - 1987121995232
911BananaramaVenus3:40The Greatest Hits Collection11988203
912BananaramaI Heard a Rumour3:25The Greatest Hits Collection21988199
913BananaramaLove in the First Degree3:30The Greatest Hits Collection31988205
914BananaramaI Can't Help It3:29The Greatest Hits Collection41988217
915BananaramaI Want You Back3:47The Greatest Hits Collection51988203
916BananaramaLove, Truth and Honesty3:27The Greatest Hits Collection61988193
917BananaramaNathan Jones3:03The Greatest Hits Collection71988192
918BananaramaHe Was Really Sayin' Somethin'2:42The Greatest Hits Collection81988181
919BananaramaShy Boy3:14The Greatest Hits Collection91988205
920BananaramaRobert De Niro's Waiting3:31The Greatest Hits Collection101988188
921BananaramaCruel Summer3:30The Greatest Hits Collection111988188
922BananaramaNa Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)3:25The Greatest Hits Collection121988201
923BananaramaA Trick of the Night4:08The Greatest Hits Collection131988194
924BananaramaAie a Mwana3:35The Greatest Hits Collection141988197
925BananaramaHelp!2:23The Greatest Hits Collection151988192
926BananaramaVenus3:39Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)72001228
927Bananarama & Fun Boy ThreeIt Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)62001209
928BanarooBa Yonga Wamba3:25Hits for Kids 20142008217
929BancoTraccia II2:45Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 5)71996205
930Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoL'Evoluzione13:58Darwin!11972197
931Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoLa Conquista Della Posizione Eretta8:41Darwin!21972200
932Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoDanza Dei Grandi Rettili3:42Darwin!31972190
933Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoCento Mani E Cento Occhi5:21Darwin!41972205
934Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso750.000 Anni Fa... L'Amore?5:37Darwin!51972196
935Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoMiserere Alla Storia5:57Darwin!61972203
936Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoEd Ora Io Domano Tempo Al Tempo Ed Egli Mi Risponde... Non Ne Ho!3:25Darwin!71972204
937The BandLife Is A Carnival4:00Cahoots [2000 Expanded]11971213
938The BandWhen I Paint My Masterpiece4:21Cahoots [2000 Expanded]21971202
939The BandLast Of The Blacksmiths3:41Cahoots [2000 Expanded]31971210
940The BandWhere Do We Go From Here3:50Cahoots [2000 Expanded]41971204
941The Band4% Pantomime4:33Cahoots [2000 Expanded]51971200
942The BandShoot Out In Chinatown2:54Cahoots [2000 Expanded]61971194
943The BandThe Moon Struck One4:09Cahoots [2000 Expanded]71971197
944The BandThinkin' Out Loud3:20Cahoots [2000 Expanded]81971211
945The BandSmoke Signal5:10Cahoots [2000 Expanded]91971216
946The BandVolcano3:04Cahoots [2000 Expanded]101971206
947The BandThe River Hymn4:39Cahoots [2000 Expanded]111971204
948The BandEndless Highway (Early Studio Take)3:46Cahoots [2000 Expanded]121971201
949The BandWhen I Paint My Masterpiece (Alternate Take)3:57Cahoots [2000 Expanded]131971208
950The BandBessie Smith (Outtake)4:17Cahoots [2000 Expanded]141971198
951The BandDon't Do It (Outtake - Studio Version)3:54Cahoots [2000 Expanded]151971253
952The BandRadio Commercial1:02Cahoots [2000 Expanded]161971205
953The BandUp On Cripple Creek4:31Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 2)41998203
954The BandWhen I Paint My Masterpiece4:21Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)15 190
955The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down3:32Country Complete (Disc 4)151997204
956The BandUp On Cripple Creek4:36Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)72007248
957The BandTears of Rage5:23Music From Big Pink [Remaster]11968186
958The BandTo Kingdom Come3:22Music From Big Pink [Remaster]21968214
959The BandIn a Station3:34Music From Big Pink [Remaster]31968176
960The BandCaledonia Mission2:59Music From Big Pink [Remaster]41968190
961The BandThe Weight4:38Music From Big Pink [Remaster]51968205
962The BandWe Can Talk3:06Music From Big Pink [Remaster]61968212
963The BandLong Black Veil3:06Music From Big Pink [Remaster]71968201
964The BandChest Fever5:18Music From Big Pink [Remaster]81968205
965The BandLonesome Suzie4:04Music From Big Pink [Remaster]91968192
966The BandThis Wheel's on Fire3:14Music From Big Pink [Remaster]101968200
967The BandI Shall Be Released3:19Music From Big Pink [Remaster]111968190
968The BandYazoo Street Scandal (Outtake)4:01Music From Big Pink [Remaster]121968205
969The BandTears of Rage (Alternate Take)5:32Music From Big Pink [Remaster]131968187
970The BandKatie's Been Gone (Outtake)2:46Music From Big Pink [Remaster]141968195
971The BandIf I Lose (Outtake)2:29Music From Big Pink [Remaster]151968203
972The BandLong Distance Operator (Outtake)3:58Music From Big Pink [Remaster]161968207
973The BandLonesone Suzie (Alternate Take)3:00Music From Big Pink [Remaster]171968165
974The BandOrange Juice Blues (Blues for Breakfast) (Outtake-Demo)3:40Music From Big Pink [Remaster]181968202
975The BandKey to the Highway (Outtake)2:28Music From Big Pink [Remaster]191968186
976The BandFerdinand the Imposter (Outtake-Demo)3:59Music From Big Pink [Remaster]201968133
977The BandForbidden Fruit5:59Northern Lights - Southern Cross11975228
978The BandHobo Jungle4:15Northern Lights - Southern Cross21975216
979The BandOphelia3:32Northern Lights - Southern Cross31975220
980The BandAcadian Driftwood6:42Northern Lights - Southern Cross41975220
981The BandRing Your Bell3:55Northern Lights - Southern Cross51975222
982The BandIt Makes No Difference6:34Northern Lights - Southern Cross61975222
983The BandJupiter Hollow5:20Northern Lights - Southern Cross71975220
984The BandRags & Bones4:45Northern Lights - Southern Cross81975210
985The BandTwilight (Early Alternate Version)3:13Northern Lights - Southern Cross91975164
986The BandChristmas Must Be Tonight (Alternate Version)3:01Northern Lights - Southern Cross101975180
987The BandThe Weight4:34Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)101996212
988The BandStrawberry Wine2:36Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]11970211
989The BandSleeping3:17Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]21970194
990The BandTime To Kill3:28Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]31970208
991The BandJust Another Whistle Stop3:54Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]41970201
992The BandAll La Glory3:35Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]51970215
993The BandThe Shape I'm In4:00Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]61970213
994The BandThe W.S. Walcott Medicine Show3:00Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]71970226
995The BandDaniel And The Sacred Harp4:13Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]81970204
996The BandStage Fright3:43Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]91970215
997The BandThe Rumor4:16Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]101970218
998The BandDaniel And The Sacred Harp (Alternate Take)5:01Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]111970191
999The BandTime To Kill (Alternate Mix)3:26Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]121970230
1000The BandThe W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (Alternate Mix)3:05Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]131970221
1001The BandRadio Commercial1:03Stage Fright [2000 Expanded]141970216
1002The BandAcross The Great Divide2:53The Band [2000 Remaster]11969195
1003The BandRag Mama Rag3:04The Band [2000 Remaster]21969203
1004The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down3:33The Band [2000 Remaster]31969195
1005The BandWhen You Awake3:13The Band [2000 Remaster]41969200
1006The BandUp On Cripple Creek4:34The Band [2000 Remaster]51969214
1007The BandWhispering Pines3:58The Band [2000 Remaster]61969194
1008The BandJemima Surrender3:31The Band [2000 Remaster]71969206
1009The BandRockin' Chair3:43The Band [2000 Remaster]81969207
1010The BandLook Out Cleveland3:09The Band [2000 Remaster]91969212
1011The BandJawbone4:20The Band [2000 Remaster]101969213
1012The BandThe Unfaithful Servant4:17The Band [2000 Remaster]111969195
1013The BandKing Harvest (Has Surely Come)3:39The Band [2000 Remaster]121969193
1014The BandGet Up Jake (Outtake - Stereo Mix)2:17The Band [2000 Remaster]131969204
1015The BandRag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take - Rough Mix)3:05The Band [2000 Remaster]141969182
1016The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Alternate Mix)4:16The Band [2000 Remaster]151969197
1017The BandUp On Cripple Creek (Alternate Take)4:54The Band [2000 Remaster]161969190
1018The BandWhispering Pines (Alternate Take)5:06The Band [2000 Remaster]171969185
1019The BandJemima Surrender (Alternate Take)3:48The Band [2000 Remaster]181969194
1020The BandKing Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Alternate Performance)4:30The Band [2000 Remaster]191969131
1021The BandTheme From The Last Waltz [With Orchestra]3:52The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)12002196
1022The BandUp On Cripple Creek5:31The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)22002200
1023The BandThe Shape I'm In4:10The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)32002202
1024The BandIt Makes No Difference6:51The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)42002184
1025The BandWho Do You Love [With Ronnie Hawkins]4:51The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)52002190
1026The BandLife Is A Carnival4:25The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)62002197
1027The BandSuch A Night [With Dr. John]4:41The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)72002188
1028The BandThe Weight4:50The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)82002189
1029The BandDown South In New Orleans [With Bobby Charles]3:11The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)92002200
1030The BandThe Wheel's On Fire3:54The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)102002189
1031The BandMystery Train [With Paul Butterfield]5:03The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)112002209
1032The BandCaldonia [With Muddy Waters]6:08The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)122002196
1033The BandMannish Boy [With Muddy Waters]6:40The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)132002189
1034The BandStagefright4:31The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 1)142002200
1035The BandRag Mama Rag4:34The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)12002191
1036The BandAll Our Past Times (With Eric Clapton)5:01The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)22002186
1037The BandFurther On Up The Road (With Eric Clapton)5:30The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)32002197
1038The BandOphelia3:45The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)42002199
1039The BandHelpless (With Neil Young & Joni Mitchell)5:53The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)52002183
1040The BandFour Strong Winds (With Neil Young)4:37The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)62002179
1041The BandCoyote (With Joni Mitchell & Dr John)5:28The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)72002191
1042The BandShadows And Light (With Joni Mitchell & Dr John)5:45The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)82002181
1043The BandFurry Sings The Blues (With Joni Mitchell & Neil Young)5:09The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)92002174
1044The BandAcadian Driftwood (With Joni Mitchell, Neil Young & Larry Packer)7:07The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)102002184
1045The BandDry Your Eyes (With Neil Diamond)4:16The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)112002183
1046The BandThe W.S.Walcott Medicine Show3:39The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)122002195
1047The BandTura Lura Lural (That's An Irish Lullaby) (With Van Morrison)4:10The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)132002183
1048The BandCaravan (With Van Morrison)6:12The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 2)142002201
1049The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down4:35The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)12002188
1050The BandThe Genetic Method / Chest Fever (Excerpt from Movie Soundtrack)2:41The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)22002198
1051The BandBaby Let Me Follow You Down - with Bob Dylan2:55The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)32002193
1052The BandHazel - with Bob Dylan3:41The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)42002181
1053The BandI Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - with Bob Dylan3:29The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)52002183
1054The BandForever Young - with Bob Dylan5:51The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)62002177
1055The BandBaby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) - with Bob Dylan2:58The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)72002191
1056The BandI Shall Be Released (Finale)4:49The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)82002190
1057The BandJam #15:32The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)92002196
1058The BandJam #29:10The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)102002190
1059The BandDon't Do It6:19The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)112002197
1060The BandGreensleeves (From Movie Soundtrack)1:37The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 3)122002200
1061The BandThe Well3:32The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)12002193
1062The BandEvangeline - with Emmylou Harris3:10The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)22002200
1063The BandOut of the Blue3:20The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)32002193
1064The BandThe Weight - with The Staples4:35The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)42002194
1065The BandThe Last Waltz Refrain1:32The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)52002176
1066The BandTheme from The Last Waltz3:26The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)62002186
1067The BandKing Harvest (Has Surely Come)3:52The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)72002195
1068The BandTura Lura Lural (That's an Irish Lullaby) - with Van Morrison3:52The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)82002179
1069The BandCaravan - with Van Morrison6:30The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)92002190
1070The BandSuch a Night - with Dr. John5:24The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)102002179
1071The BandRag Mama Rag3:52The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)112002198
1072The BandMad Waltz (Sketch track for "The Well")5:31The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)122002198
1073The BandThe Last Waltz Refrain (Instrumental Version)0:50The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)132002180
1074The BandThe Last Waltz Theme (Sketch)3:34The Last Waltz [Rhino Box Set] (Disc 4)142002201
1075The BandLong Black Veil3:11Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)101994192
1076The BandLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever5:04Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)111994195
1077The BandThe Weight4:47Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)121994198
1078Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas3:40Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)32001200
1079Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas?3:52Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)21995200
1080Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas3:43The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)32003203
1081Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas3:43The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)51996207
1082Band of SusansElizabeth Stride (1843-1888)9:06Here Comes Success11995193
1083Band of SusansDirge8:11Here Comes Success21995217
1084Band of SusansHell Bent9:23Here Comes Success31995221
1085Band of SusansPardon My French6:55Here Comes Success41995224
1086Band of SusansAs Luck Would Have It0:54Here Comes Success51995205
1087Band of SusansTwo Jacks7:32Here Comes Success61995221
1088Band of SusansStone Like a Heart7:42Here Comes Success71995213
1089Band of SusansIn the Eye of the Beholder (For Rhys)10:00Here Comes Success81995219
1090Band of SusansSermon on Competition, Part 1 (Nothing Is Recoupable)4:30Here Comes Success91995223
1091Band of SusansThe Pursuit of Happiness5:29Love Agenda11989239
1092Band of SusansIt's Locked Away5:10Love Agenda21989231
1093Band of SusansBirthmark4:09Love Agenda31989227
1094Band of SusansTourniquet3:21Love Agenda41989213
1095Band of SusansThorn in My Side2:55Love Agenda51989252
1096Band of SusansSin Embargo3:43Love Agenda61989238
1097Band of SusansBecause of You3:52Love Agenda71989213
1098Band of SusansHard Light4:41Love Agenda81989228
1099Band of SusansWhich Dream Came True4:55Love Agenda91989231
1100Band of SusansChild of the Moon4:10Love Agenda101989235
1101Band of SusansTake the Express3:25Love Agenda111989226
1102Band of SusansIce Age5:30The Word and the Flesh11991222
1103Band of SusansNow Is Now4:36The Word and the Flesh21991220
1104Band of SusansTrouble Follows3:25The Word and the Flesh31991242
1105Band of SusansPlot Twist4:22The Word and the Flesh41991226
1106Band of SusansEstranged Labor4:41The Word and the Flesh51991227
1107Band of SusansSermon on Competition, Part 25:00The Word and the Flesh61991233
1108Band of SusansBitter and Twisted3:13The Word and the Flesh71991243
1109Band of SusansBad Timing3:27The Word and the Flesh81991195
1110Band of SusansTilt5:06The Word and the Flesh91991220
1111Band of SusansSilver Lining4:42The Word and the Flesh101991223
1112Band of SusansGuitar Trio13:20The Word and the Flesh111991206
1113Band of SusansMood Swing5:06Veil11993202
1114Band of SusansNot in This Life5:03Veil21993211
1115Band of SusansThe Red and the Black5:01Veil31993211
1116Band of SusansFollowing My Heart4:29Veil41993220
1117Band of SusansStained Glass6:02Veil51993211
1118Band of SusansThe Last Temptation of Susan2:38Veil61993201
1119Band of SusansTruce3:59Veil71993209
1120Band of SusansTrouble Spot4:40Veil81993206
1121Band of SusansPearls of Wisdom4:10Veil91993223
1122Band of SusansTrollbinders Theme4:24Veil101993207
1123Band of SusansBlind4:30Veil111993194
1124Band of SusansThe Red and the Black [Remix]6:23Veil121993220
1125The Band PerryYou Lie3:36The Band Perry12010207
1126The Band PerryHip To My Heart3:00The Band Perry22010230
1127The Band PerryIf I Die Young3:44The Band Perry32010190
1128The Band PerryAll Your Life3:52The Band Perry42010203
1129The Band PerryMiss You Being Gone2:56The Band Perry52010204
1130The Band PerryDouble Heart3:38The Band Perry62010223
1131The Band PerryPostcard From Paris3:36The Band Perry72010203
1132The Band PerryWalk Me Down The Middle4:01The Band Perry82010202
1133The Band PerryIndependence3:37The Band Perry92010205
1134The Band PerryQuittin' You3:20The Band Perry102010230
1135The Band PerryLasso4:25The Band Perry112010193
1136Bang vs. ParadiseSunshine On A Cloudy Day4:48Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)152003196
1137BanglesHero Takes A Fall2:54All Over The Place11984220
1138BanglesLive2:36All Over The Place21984201
1139BanglesJames2:36All Over The Place31984190
1140BanglesAll About You2:26All Over The Place41984205
1141BanglesDover Beach3:48All Over The Place51984206
1142BanglesTell Me2:15All Over The Place61984202
1143BanglesRestless2:41All Over The Place71984211
1144BanglesGoing Down To Liverpool3:41All Over The Place81984198
1145BanglesHe's Got A Secret2:42All Over The Place91984209
1146BanglesSilent Treatment2:06All Over The Place101984200
1147BanglesMore Than Meets The Eye3:20All Over The Place111984177
1148BanglesEternal Flame3:57Back To The 80's (Disc 1)11996189
1149BanglesThe Real World2:35Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)32005249
1150BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:23Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 2)3 228
1151BanglesManic Monday3:06Different Light11986191
1152BanglesIn A Different Light2:52Different Light21986207
1153BanglesWalking Down Your Street3:04Different Light31986189
1154BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:24Different Light41986220
1155BanglesStanding In The Hallway2:56Different Light51986213
1156BanglesReturn Post4:22Different Light61986202
1157BanglesIf She Knew What She Wants3:49Different Light71986205
1158BanglesLet It Go2:32Different Light81986208
1159BanglesSeptember Gurls2:45Different Light91986199
1160BanglesAngels Don't Fall In Love3:23Different Light101986209
1161BanglesFollowing3:21Different Light111986186
1162BanglesNot Like You3:06Different Light121986205
1163BanglesEternal Flame3:57Eternal Flame (EP)11989191
1164BanglesWhat I Meant To Say3:23Eternal Flame (EP)21989235
1165BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix)5:50Eternal Flame (EP)31989218
1166BanglesIn Your Room3:30Everything11988225
1167BanglesComplicated Girl3:40Everything21988224
1168BanglesBell Jar3:21Everything31988203
1169BanglesSomething To Believe In4:06Everything41988188
1170BanglesEternal Flame3:58Everything51988190
1171BanglesBe With You3:03Everything61988220
1172BanglesGlitter Years3:41Everything71988226
1173BanglesI'll Set You Free4:29Everything81988220
1174BanglesWatching The Sky4:13Everything91988226
1175BanglesSome Dreams Come True3:29Everything101988219
1176BanglesMake A Play For Her Now3:48Everything111988216
1177BanglesWaiting For You3:39Everything121988218
1178BanglesCrash And Burn2:36Everything131988230
1179BanglesHero Takes A Fall2:54Greatest Hits11990219
1180BanglesGoing Down To Liverpool3:41Greatest Hits21990200
1181BanglesManic Monday3:06Greatest Hits31990197
1182BanglesIf She Knew What She Wants3:50Greatest Hits41990209
1183BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:24Greatest Hits51990228
1184BanglesWalking Down Your Street3:17Greatest Hits61990210
1185BanglesFollowing3:21Greatest Hits71990188
1186BanglesHazy Shade Of Winter2:47Greatest Hits81990198
1187BanglesIn Your Room3:29Greatest Hits91990229
1188BanglesEternal Flame3:56Greatest Hits101990186
1189BanglesBe With You3:02Greatest Hits111990212
1190BanglesI'll Set You Free4:51Greatest Hits121990210
1191BanglesEverything I Wanted3:37Greatest Hits131990227
1192BanglesWhere Were You When I Needed You3:05Greatest Hits141990218
1193BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:24Greatest Hits Of The 80's: Vol. 711996226
1194BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:24Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)22002274
1195BanglesGet The Girl3:10More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)61999235
1196BanglesManic Monday3:06The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)11999208
1197BanglesHazy Shade Of Winter2:47Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 198811995202
1198BanglesEternal Flame3:58Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two81996190
1199BanglesSomething That You Said4:22TM Century PrimeCuts 528P12003206
1200BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian3:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)22001235
1201BanglesEternal Flame3:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)12001199
1202The BangsGetting Out Of Hand2:15Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)62005232
1203BanyaBeat Of The War 24:35   256
1204BanyaBee1:26   160
1205BanyaBetrayer3:20   128
1206BanyaBlazing1:39   128
1207BanyaCanon-D3:18   128
1208BanyaCharisma4:01   128
1209BanyaChicken Wing1:38   128
1210BanyaCome To Me2:49   128
1211BanyaCsikos Post1:44   128
1212BanyaCsikos Post 21:50   192
1213BanyaD Gang1:34   160
1214BanyaDr. M 21:46   192
1215BanyaFinal Audition8:44   128
1216BanyaFirst Love (Spanish Version)1:32   128
1217BanyaGet Up!4:04   80
1218BanyaGet Your Groove On3:32   64
1219BanyaHello1:32   160
1220BanyaMaria4:54   80
1221BanyaMemories3:46   128
1222BanyaMission Possible2:35   80
1223BanyaMuhon4:33   128
1224BanyaNaissance 21:43   128
1225BanyaPhantom1:38  2006192
1226BanyaPump Jump3:23   128
1227BanyaPumping Up1:28   128
1228BanyaRolling Christmas 21:44   192
1229BanyaTake On Me3:56   64
1230BanyaTechno Repeatorment2:37   80
1231BanyaThe Emperor3:39   64
1232BanyaBeethoven Virus1:40 2 128
1233BanyaDance With Me3:29Banya 3rd O.S.T - Unfinished (  160
1234BanyaMiss's Story3:55Banya 3rd O.S.T - Unfinished (  160
1235BanyaN3:32Banya 3rd O.S.T - Unfinished (  160
1236BanyaWill We Meet Again3:21Banya 3rd O.S.T - Unfinished (  160
1237BanyaOy Oy Oy2:20Banya 3rd O.S.T - Unfinished (  160
1238BanyaWinter2:59BANYA OST 2nd "InterLock"162001128
1239BanyaEverybody Feel the Groove3:35Hampsterdance: The Album12200064
1240BanyaNo Way (Remix)2:27 200096
1241BanyaNo Way2:39 200096
1242BanyaMonkey Fingers1:42PH's Funbox Cut Exceed GST (3/14)  128
1243BanyaPoint Break3:25PIU - Full Versions  128
1244BanyaMy Way2:28PIU - Full Versions32001128
1245BanyaMidnight Blue1:36Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete  128
1246BanyaClose Your Eyes1:33Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1247BanyaHypnosis1:34Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1248BanyaLove Is A Danger Zone1:40Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1249BanyaLove Is A Danger Zone 24:21Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  112
1250BanyaNightmare1:37Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1251BanyaSet Me Up1:44Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1252BanyaWarm Shadow In A Stranger's Eyes4:01Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
1253BanyaGolden Tears3:06Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection52001128
1254BanyaGoing Home2:56Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection72001128
1255BanyaLet Me Break It Down2:38Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection92001128
1256BanyaFree Style1:33Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection13 128
1257BanyaFirst Love1:33Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection19 128
1258BanyaSeoul Train1:15Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection29 128
1259BanyaNaissance1:40Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection39 128
1260BanyaTurkey March1:41Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection43 128
1261BanyaPump Me Amadeus1:39Pump It Up GST (  128
1262BanyaJump1:39Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1263BanyaBullfighter's Song1:26Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1264BanyaDo You Know That -Old School-1:33Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1265BanyaGun Rock1:41Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1266BanyaHi-Bi1:35Pump It Up GST (  128
1267BanyaJ Bong1:32Pump It Up GST (  128
1268BanyaLove Song 20061:35Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1269BanyaMoonlight1:42Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1270BanyaUgly Dee1:34Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1271BanyaWitch Doctor1:31Pump It Up GST ( 2006192
1272BanyaWith My Lover1:35Pump It Up GST (  128
1273BanyaOh! Rosa (Original ver.)2:31Pump it up Original Soundtrack242000128
1274BanyaShe Likes Pizza2:39Pump It Up Original Soundtrack25 128
1275BanyaMr. Larpus (Original ver.)2:36Pump it up Original Soundtrack27 128
1276BanyaIgnition STARTS1:34Pump It Up The 1st Dance Floor  128
1277BanyaCreamy Skinny1:33Pump It Up The 2nd Dance Floor  128
1278BanyaExtravaganza1:38Pump It Up The 2nd Dance Floor  128
1279BanyaKoul1:36Pump It Up The 2nd Dance Floor  128
1280BanyaAll I Want For X-mas1:40Pump It Up The 5th Dance Floor The Perfect Collection  128
1281BanyaRolling Christmas1:38Pump It Up The 5th Dance Floor The Perfect Collection  128
1282BanyaDr. M1:40Pump It Up The 8th Dance Floor The Rebirth  128
1283BanyaVook1:37Pump It Up The 8th Dance Floor The Rebirth  128
1284BanyaStreet Show Down1:35Pump It Up The 8th Dance Floor The Rebirth  128
1285BanyaTill the End of Time1:47Pump It Up The 8th Dance Floor The Rebirth  128
1286BanyaWill-o-the-Wisp1:34Pump It Up The 8th Dance Floor The Rebirth  128
1287BanyaOh! Rosa (Español)2:30Pump It Up: Exceed OST 2004128
1288BanyaOy Oy Oy (Español)2:22PumpSonora 200432004128
1289Barbara CameronRoad Runner1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)81986193
1290Barbara FairchildKid Stuff2:20Country Girls 321995195
1291Barbara FairchildColor My World2:41Country Girls 3171995208
1292Barbara FairchildTeddy Bear Song3:08Country Superstars101992199
1293Barbara GeorgeI Know (You Don't Love Me No More)2:2419627 126
1294Barbara GeorgeI Know2:21Girls Girls Girls Volume 161995221
1295Barbara GeorgeI Know (You Don't Love Me No More)2:24Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 1)12004166
1296Barbara HigbieIn Dulci Jubilo4:00A Windham Hill Christmas42002320
1297Barbara LewisHello Stranger2:42AM Gold: 196341995195
1298Barbara LewisMake Me Your Baby2:31AM Gold: 1965101995200
1299Barbara LewisHello Stranger2:41Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)151991198
1300Barbara LewisBaby I'm Yours2:30Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)271991189
1301Barbara LewisMake Me Your Baby2:30Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over17 207
1302Barbara LewisHello Stranger2:43Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196361986218
1303Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good Thing2:2319625 128
1304Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good Thing2:21The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 1)52006128
1305Barbara Mandrell(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right3:0816 Top Country Hits Volume 2151990203
1306Barbara MandrellStanding Room Only3:0720th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell12000242
1307Barbara MandrellMarried But Not To Each Other2:5720th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell22000239
1308Barbara MandrellWoman To Woman3:2620th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell32000252
1309Barbara MandrellSleeping Single In A Double Bed2:2120th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell42000247
1310Barbara Mandrell(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want It To Be Right3:0720th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell52000242
1311Barbara MandrellYears3:5320th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell62000235
1312Barbara MandrellCrackers2:3520th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell72000226
1313Barbara MandrellI Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool (Duet With George Jones)3:4020th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell82000252
1314Barbara Mandrell'till You're Gone2:5620th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell92000243
1315Barbara MandrellOne Of A Kind Pair Of Fools2:4820th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell102000236
1316Barbara MandrellHappy Birthday Dear Heartache2:3120th Century Masters - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell112000239
1317Barbara MandrellI Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today2:52Country Girls 251991197
1318Barbara MandrellIt All Came True3:03Country Girls 2131991203
1319Barbara MandrellWhere Are the Pieces of My Heart3:03No Nonsense11990190
1320Barbara MandrellFeed the Fire2:56No Nonsense21990202
1321Barbara MandrellToo Soon to Tell2:57No Nonsense31990193
1322Barbara MandrellStraight and Narrow2:37No Nonsense41990190
1323Barbara MandrellI'd Rather Be Used (Than Not Needed at All)3:54No Nonsense51990197
1324Barbara MandrellMore Fun Than the Law Allows2:58No Nonsense61990202
1325Barbara MandrellYou Gave It to Me3:02No Nonsense71990187
1326Barbara MandrellMen and Trains3:32No Nonsense81990200
1327Barbara MandrellWe Can't Go Back3:40No Nonsense91990196
1328Barbara MandrellI'll Leave Something Good Behind3:38No Nonsense101990186
1329Barbara MandrellJust To Satisfy You3:34Sure Feels Good11987205
1330Barbara MandrellYou Can't Get There From Here3:00Sure Feels Good21987189
1331Barbara MandrellIt All Came True3:04Sure Feels Good31987207
1332Barbara MandrellHangin' On4:01Sure Feels Good41987196
1333Barbara MandrellChild Support3:53Sure Feels Good51987196
1334Barbara MandrellAngels Love Bad Men3:47Sure Feels Good61987202
1335Barbara MandrellOne Of Us Is Always Leaving3:13Sure Feels Good71987196
1336Barbara MandrellSunshine Street3:14Sure Feels Good81987200
1337Barbara MandrellI'm Glad I Married You4:01Sure Feels Good91987188
1338Barbara MandrellSure Feels Good3:28Sure Feels Good101987194
1339Barbara MandrellWoman To Woman3:28The Best Of Barbara Mandrell11979215
1340Barbara MandrellLove Is Thin Ice2:50The Best Of Barbara Mandrell21979200
1341Barbara MandrellHold Me2:58The Best Of Barbara Mandrell31979200
1342Barbara MandrellAfter The Lovin'3:31The Best Of Barbara Mandrell41979203
1343Barbara MandrellMarried But Not To Each Other2:58The Best Of Barbara Mandrell51979206
1344Barbara MandrellSleeping Single In A Double Bed2:20The Best Of Barbara Mandrell61979215
1345Barbara MandrellThat's What Friends Are For2:44The Best Of Barbara Mandrell71979190
1346Barbara MandrellMidnight Angel2:51The Best Of Barbara Mandrell81979197
1347Barbara MandrellStanding Room Only3:07The Best Of Barbara Mandrell91979213
1348Barbara MandrellTonight2:58The Best Of Barbara Mandrell101979208
1349Barbara MasonYes, I'm Ready3:07AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics211995187
1350Barbara MasonYes, I'm Ready3:04Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over23 219
1351Barbara MasonFrom His Woman To You5:00The Buddah Box (Disc 3)51993197
1352Barbara MasonYes, I'm Ready3:04The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 2)62006201
1353Barbara PittmanI Need A Man3:14Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)232006133
1354The BarbariansMoulty2:35Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)101998142
1355The BarbariansAre You A Boy Or Are You A Girl2:16Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)41998138
1356Barbie GayeMy Boy Lollipop2:10The American Roots Of The British Invasion62002129
1357Barbra StreisandJingle Bells1:57A Christmas Album11967191
1358Barbra StreisandHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas3:13A Christmas Album21967185
1359Barbra StreisandThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)4:00A Christmas Album31967183
1360Barbra StreisandWhite Christmas3:08A Christmas Album41967180
1361Barbra StreisandMy Favorite Things3:08A Christmas Album51967181
1362Barbra StreisandThe Best Gift3:14A Christmas Album61967184
1363Barbra StreisandSleep in Heavenly Peace (Silent Night)3:07A Christmas Album71967167
1364Barbra StreisandGounod's Ave Maria3:26A Christmas Album81967173
1365Barbra StreisandO Little Town of Bethlehem2:58A Christmas Album91967175
1366Barbra StreisandI Wonder as I Wander3:18A Christmas Album101967176
1367Barbra StreisandThe Lord's Prayer2:45A Christmas Album111967181
1368Barbra StreisandAs If We Never Said Goodbye4:47Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold22002188
1369Barbra StreisandYesterdays3:07Color Me Barbra11966202
1370Barbra StreisandOne Kiss2:18Color Me Barbra21966143
1371Barbra StreisandThe Minute Waltz2:00Color Me Barbra31966197
1372Barbra StreisandGotta Move2:01Color Me Barbra41966198
1373Barbra StreisandNon C'est Rien3:27Color Me Barbra51966177
1374Barbra StreisandWhere Or When3:07Color Me Barbra61966174
1375Barbra StreisandMedley (Animal Crackers In My Soup, Funny Face, That Face, They Didn't Bel)9:03Color Me Barbra71966188
1376Barbra StreisandC'est Si Bon (It's So Good)3:41Color Me Barbra81966194
1377Barbra StreisandWhere Am I Going?2:52Color Me Barbra91966192
1378Barbra StreisandStarting Here, Starting Now2:54Color Me Barbra101966195
1379Barbra StreisandGuilty4:23Guilty11980186
1380Barbra StreisandWoman In Love3:49Guilty21980195
1381Barbra StreisandRun Wild4:06Guilty31980181
1382Barbra StreisandPromises4:20Guilty41980190
1383Barbra StreisandThe Love Inside5:08Guilty51980175
1384Barbra StreisandWhat Kind Of Fool4:06Guilty61980171
1385Barbra StreisandLife Story4:38Guilty71980193
1386Barbra StreisandNever Give Up3:45Guilty81980188
1387Barbra StreisandMake It Like A Memory7:28Guilty91980192
1388Barbra StreisandSmile4:17Mona Lisa Smile (OST)142003183
1389Barbra StreisandI'll Be Home for Christmas4:12Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)22003175
1390Barbra StreisandPutting It Together4:21The Broadway Album11985185
1391Barbra StreisandIf I Loved You2:38The Broadway Album21985172
1392Barbra StreisandSomething's Coming2:55The Broadway Album31985191
1393Barbra StreisandNot While I'm Around3:29The Broadway Album41985164
1394Barbra StreisandBeing Alive3:23The Broadway Album51985179
1395Barbra StreisandI Have Dreamed - We Kiss In A Shadow - Something Wonderful4:51The Broadway Album61985174
1396Barbra StreisandAdelaide's Lament3:26The Broadway Album71985173
1397Barbra StreisandSend In The Clowns4:42The Broadway Album81985169
1398Barbra StreisandPretty Women / The Ladies Who Lunch5:09The Broadway Album91985188
1399Barbra StreisandCan't Help Lovin' That Man3:30The Broadway Album101985166
1400Barbra StreisandI Loves You Porgy / Porgy I's Your Woman Now4:36The Broadway Album111985165
1401Barbra StreisandSomewhere4:54The Broadway Album121985193
1402Barbra StreisandA Sleepin' Bee4:24The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)12002171
1403Barbra StreisandCry Me A River3:39The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)22002183
1404Barbra StreisandI Stayed Too Long At The Fair4:22The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)32002186
1405Barbra StreisandLover, Come Back To Me2:19The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)42002210
1406Barbra StreisandPeople3:42The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)52002187
1407Barbra StreisandMy Man3:00The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)62002191
1408Barbra StreisandSecond Hand Rose2:11The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)72002203
1409Barbra StreisandHe Touched Me3:12The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)82002190
1410Barbra StreisandDon't Rain On My Parade2:45The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)92002176
1411Barbra StreisandHappy Days Are Here Again3:13The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)102002189
1412Barbra StreisandOn A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)2:11The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)112002190
1413Barbra StreisandStoney End3:02The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)122002237
1414Barbra StreisandSince I Fell For You3:27The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)132002182
1415Barbra StreisandWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life3:20The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)142002188
1416Barbra StreisandThe Way We Were3:31The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)152002187
1417Barbra StreisandAll In Love Is Fair3:51The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)162002174
1418Barbra StreisandLazy Afternoon3:49The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)172002168
1419Barbra StreisandEvergreen (Love Theme from 'A Star Is Born')3:06The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)182002194
1420Barbra StreisandMy Heart Belongs To Me3:23The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)192002188
1421Barbra StreisandYou Don't Bring Me Flowers (Duet with Neil Diamond)3:26The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)202002178
1422Barbra StreisandThe Main Event-Fight4:54The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)212002211
1423Barbra StreisandNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet with Donna Summer)4:42The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 1)222002195
1424Barbra StreisandWoman In Love3:53The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)12002201
1425Barbra StreisandGuilty (Duet with Barry Gibb)4:25The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)22002197
1426Barbra StreisandComin' In And Out Of Your Life4:10The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)32002187
1427Barbra StreisandMemory3:54The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)42002187
1428Barbra StreisandPapa, Can You Hear Me?3:31The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)52002168
1429Barbra StreisandA Piece Of Sky4:23The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)62002177
1430Barbra StreisandPutting It Together4:21The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)72002188
1431Barbra StreisandNot While I'm Around3:30The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)82002163
1432Barbra StreisandSend In The Clowns4:42The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)92002176
1433Barbra StreisandSomewhere4:56The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)102002190
1434Barbra StreisandAll I Ask Of You4:03The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)112002177
1435Barbra StreisandChildren Will Listen4:09The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)122002175
1436Barbra StreisandAs If We Never Said Goodbye4:45The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)132002178
1437Barbra StreisandI Finally Found Someone (Duet with Bryan Adams)3:43The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)142002189
1438Barbra StreisandTell Him (Duet with Celine Dion)4:54The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)152002179
1439Barbra StreisandI've Dreamed Of You4:53The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)162002171
1440Barbra StreisandSomeday My Prince Will Come4:07The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)172002171
1441Barbra StreisandYou'll Never Walk Alone4:35The Essential Barbra Streisand (Disc 2)182002193
1442Barbra StreisandEvergreen3:07Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)161997200
1443Barbra Streisand & Barbra StreisandOne Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home6:32Barbra Streisand - Duets112002179
1444Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbGuilty4:25Barbra Streisand - Duets22002190
1445Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbWhat Kind Of Fool4:06Barbra Streisand - Duets92002163
1446Barbra Streisand & Barry ManilowI Won't Be The One To Let Go4:41Barbra Streisand - Duets12002179
1447Barbra Streisand & Bryan AdamsI Finally Found Someone3:42Barbra Streisand - Duets42002182
1448Barbra Streisand & Céline DionTell Him4:53Barbra Streisand - Duets72002174
1449Barbra Streisand & Don JohnsonTill I Loved You4:17Barbra Streisand - Duets132002187
1450Barbra Streisand & Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)4:43Barbra Streisand - Duets82002188
1451Barbra Streisand & Frank SinatraI've Got A Crush On You3:23Barbra Streisand - Duets62002190
1452Barbra Streisand & Harold ArlenDing-Dong! The Witch Is Dead1:54Barbra Streisand - Duets172002182
1453Barbra Streisand & Johnny MathisI Have A Love / One Hand One Heart4:45Barbra Streisand - Duets102002161
1454Barbra Streisand & Josh GrobanAll I Know Of Love4:29Barbra Streisand - Duets192002173
1455Barbra Streisand & Judy GarlandGet Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again2:21Barbra Streisand - Duets182002161
1456Barbra Streisand & Kim CarnesMake No Mistake, He's Mine4:10Barbra Streisand - Duets142002171
1457Barbra Streisand & Kris KristoffersonLost Inside Of You2:55Barbra Streisand - Duets122002184
1458Barbra Streisand & Michael CrawfordThe Music Of The Night5:38Barbra Streisand - Duets162002170
1459Barbra Streisand & Neil DiamondYou Don't Bring Me Flowers3:25Barbra Streisand - Duets32002172
1460Barbra Streisand & Ray CharlesCryin' Time2:17Barbra Streisand - Duets52002173
1461Barbra Streisand & Vince GillIf You Ever Leave Me4:37Barbra Streisand - Duets152002191
1462Barclay James HarvestTitles3:4440 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)142001227
1463Barclay James HarvestCrazy Over (You)4:17Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]11973204
1464Barclay James HarvestDelph Town Morn4:48Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]21973207
1465Barclay James HarvestSummer Soldier10:27Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]31973215
1466Barclay James HarvestThank You4:23Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]41973233
1467Barclay James HarvestOne Hundred Thousand Smiles Out6:04Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]51973205
1468Barclay James HarvestMoonwater7:30Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]61973192
1469Barclay James HarvestChild of Man (Bonus Track)3:21Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]71973188
1470Barclay James HarvestI'm Over You (Bonus Track)3:52Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]81973210
1471Barclay James HarvestWhen the City Sleeps (Bonus Track)4:15Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]91973211
1472Barclay James HarvestBreathless (Bonus Track)3:08Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]101973210
1473Barclay James HarvestThank You (Previously Unreleased Alternative Version)4:27Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]111973232
1474Barclay James HarvestMedicine Man (Single Version) (Bonus Track)4:29Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]121973204
1475Barclay James HarvestRock & Roll Woman (Bonus Track)3:17Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]131973209
1476Barclay James HarvestThe Joker (Bonus Track)3:32Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]141973214
1477Barclay James HarvestChild of Man (Previously Unreleased BBC Session 15th March 1972)3:36Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]151973210
1478Barclay James HarvestMoonwater (Previously Unreleased 2002 Remix)7:20Baby James Harvest [2002 Remaster]161973194
1479Barclay James HarvestTaking Some Time On5:30Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]11970215
1480Barclay James HarvestMother Dear3:20Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]21970200
1481Barclay James HarvestThe Sun Will Never Shine5:07Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]31970194
1482Barclay James HarvestWhen The World Was Woken5:50Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]41970197
1483Barclay James HarvestGood Love Child5:10Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]51970219
1484Barclay James HarvestThe Iron Maiden2:42Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]61970199
1485Barclay James HarvestDark Now My Sky12:05Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]71970205
1486Barclay James HarvestEarly Morning2:34Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]81970132
1487Barclay James HarvestMister Sunshine2:54Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]91970129
1488Barclay James HarvestSo Tomorrow3:27Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]101970212
1489Barclay James HarvestEden Unobtainable3:10Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]111970198
1490Barclay James HarvestNight3:19Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]121970139
1491Barclay James HarvestPols Of Blue3:28Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]131970139
1492Barclay James HarvestNeed You Oh So Bad1:17Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]141970128
1493Barclay James HarvestSmall Time Town2:12Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]151970133
1494Barclay James HarvestDark Now My Sky3:42Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]161970134
1495Barclay James HarvestI Can't Go On Without You2:13Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]171970128
1496Barclay James HarvestEden Unobtainable3:03Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]181970129
1497Barclay James HarvestPoor Wages2:33Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]191970186
1498Barclay James HarvestBrother Thrush3:06Barclay James Harvest ...Their First Album [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]201970199
1499Barclay James HarvestEarly Morning2:34Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]11972207
1500Barclay James HarvestPoor Wages2:31Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]21972199
1501Barclay James HarvestBrother Thrush3:07Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]31972203
1502Barclay James HarvestMr. Sunshine2:53Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]41972203
1503Barclay James HarvestTaking Some Time On5:29Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]51972207
1504Barclay James HarvestMother Dear3:16Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]61972205
1505Barclay James HarvestMocking Bird6:37Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]71972202
1506Barclay James HarvestSong With No Meaning4:19Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]81972197
1507Barclay James HarvestI'm Over You3:51Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]91972197
1508Barclay James HarvestChild Of Man3:19Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]101972181
1509Barclay James HarvestAfter The Day4:39Early Morning Onwards [1997 Remaster]111972209
1510Barclay James HarvestChild Of The Universe5:06Everyone Is Everybody Else11974182
1511Barclay James HarvestNegative Earth5:32Everyone Is Everybody Else21974186
1512Barclay James HarvestPaper Wings4:19Everyone Is Everybody Else31974198
1513Barclay James HarvestThe Great 1974 Mining Disaster4:39Everyone Is Everybody Else41974189
1514Barclay James HarvestCrazy City4:09Everyone Is Everybody Else51974198
1515Barclay James HarvestSee Me See You4:37Everyone Is Everybody Else61974182
1516Barclay James HarvestPoor Boy Blues3:05Everyone Is Everybody Else71974209
1517Barclay James HarvestMill Boys2:47Everyone Is Everybody Else81974202
1518Barclay James HarvestFor No One5:08Everyone Is Everybody Else91974204
1519Barclay James HarvestLove On The Line4:45Eyes Of The Universe11979215
1520Barclay James HarvestAlright Down Get Boogie (Muala Rusic)3:53Eyes Of The Universe21979206
1521Barclay James HarvestThe Song (They Love To Sing)6:15Eyes Of The Universe31979203
1522Barclay James HarvestSkin Flicks6:54Eyes Of The Universe41979205
1523Barclay James HarvestSperratus5:04Eyes Of The Universe51979202
1524Barclay James HarvestRock 'N' Roll Lady4:34Eyes Of The Universe61979210
1525Barclay James HarvestCapricorn4:35Eyes Of The Universe71979204
1526Barclay James HarvestPlay To The World7:02Eyes Of The Universe81979207
1527Barclay James HarvestHymn5:08Gone to Earth11977188
1528Barclay James HarvestLove Is Like a Violin4:06Gone to Earth21977197
1529Barclay James HarvestFriend of Mine3:32Gone to Earth31977210
1530Barclay James HarvestPoor Man's Moody Blues6:58Gone to Earth41977192
1531Barclay James HarvestHard Hearted Woman4:27Gone to Earth51977204
1532Barclay James HarvestSea of Tranquility4:06Gone to Earth61977195
1533Barclay James HarvestSpirit on the Water4:52Gone to Earth71977199
1534Barclay James HarvestLeper's Song3:34Gone to Earth81977211
1535Barclay James HarvestTaking Me Higher3:07Gone to Earth91977195
1536Barclay James HarvestThe World Goes On6:30Octoberon11976184
1537Barclay James HarvestMay Day8:00Octoberon21976206
1538Barclay James HarvestRa7:21Octoberon31976191
1539Barclay James HarvestRock'n Roll Star5:18Octoberon41976194
1540Barclay James HarvestPolk Street Rag5:40Octoberon51976196
1541Barclay James HarvestBelieve In Me4:24Octoberon61976195
1542Barclay James HarvestSuicide?7:56Octoberon71976202
1543Barclay James HarvestShe Said8:21Once Again [2003 Harvest]11971213
1544Barclay James HarvestHappy Old World4:40Once Again [2003 Harvest]21971194
1545Barclay James HarvestSong For Dying5:02Once Again [2003 Harvest]31971215
1546Barclay James HarvestGaladriel3:14Once Again [2003 Harvest]41971196
1547Barclay James HarvestMocking Bird6:39Once Again [2003 Harvest]51971201
1548Barclay James HarvestVanessa Simmons3:45Once Again [2003 Harvest]61971218
1549Barclay James HarvestBall And Chain4:49Once Again [2003 Harvest]71971219
1550Barclay James HarvestLady Loves4:07Once Again [2003 Harvest]81971219
1551Barclay James HarvestIntroduction - White Sails (A Seascape) (Bonus Track Previously Unreleased)1:43Once Again [2003 Harvest]91971197
1552Barclay James HarvestToo Much On Your Plate (Bonus Track Previously Unreleased)5:28Once Again [2003 Harvest]101971217
1553Barclay James HarvestHappy Old World (Quadrophonic Mix) (Bonus Track)4:40Once Again [2003 Harvest]111971191
1554Barclay James HarvestVanessa Simmons (Quadrophonic Mix) (Bonus Track)3:46Once Again [2003 Harvest]121971194
1555Barclay James HarvestBall And Chain (Quadrophonic Mix) (Bonus Track)4:48Once Again [2003 Harvest]131971218
1556Barclay James HarvestLife Is For Living3:31The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)101999194
1557Barclay James HarvestIn My Life4:40Time-Honoured Ghosts11975201
1558Barclay James HarvestSweet Jesus3:30Time-Honoured Ghosts21975173
1559Barclay James HarvestTitles3:47Time-Honoured Ghosts31975211
1560Barclay James HarvestJonathan4:48Time-Honoured Ghosts41975187
1561Barclay James HarvestBeyond the Grave4:08Time-Honoured Ghosts51975192
1562Barclay James HarvestSong for You5:21Time-Honoured Ghosts61975202
1563Barclay James HarvestHymn for the Children3:40Time-Honoured Ghosts71975189
1564Barclay James HarvestMoongirl4:51Time-Honoured Ghosts81975188
1565Barclay James HarvestOne Night5:19Time-Honoured Ghosts91975194
1566Barclay James HarvestTitles3:44Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)192001228
1567Barclay James HarvestWaiting On The Borderline3:45Turn Of The Tide11981204
1568Barclay James HarvestHow Do You Feel Now?4:51Turn Of The Tide21981199
1569Barclay James HarvestBack To The Wall5:12Turn Of The Tide31981202
1570Barclay James HarvestHighway For Fools3:13Turn Of The Tide41981220
1571Barclay James HarvestEchoes And Shadows5:03Turn Of The Tide51981195
1572Barclay James HarvestDeath Of A City3:47Turn Of The Tide61981217
1573Barclay James HarvestI'm Like A Train5:25Turn Of The Tide71981191
1574Barclay James HarvestDoctor Doctor5:36Turn Of The Tide81981196
1575Barclay James HarvestLife Is For Living3:41Turn Of The Tide91981211
1576Barclay James HarvestIn Memory Of The Martyrs7:56Turn Of The Tide101981214
1577Barclay James HarvestFantasy: Loving Is Easy4:06XII11978191
1578Barclay James HarvestBerlin4:55XII21978202
1579Barclay James HarvestClassics: A Tale Of Two Sixties3:35XII31978196
1580Barclay James HarvestTurning In Circles3:31XII41978194
1581Barclay James HarvestFact: The Closed Shop3:49XII51978200
1582Barclay James HarvestIn Search Of England4:18XII61978192
1583Barclay James HarvestSip Of Wine4:31XII71978196
1584Barclay James HarvestHarbour3:49XII81978204
1585Barclay James HarvestScience Fiction: Nova Lepidoptera5:58XII91978179
1586Barclay James HarvestGiving It Up4:49XII101978200
1587Barclay James HarvestFiction: The Streets Of San Francisco5:43XII111978205
1588Barenaked LadiesYou Run Away4:22All In Good Time12010220
1589Barenaked LadiesSummertime3:51All In Good Time22010228
1590Barenaked LadiesAnother Heartbreak3:23All In Good Time32010217
1591Barenaked LadiesFour Seconds2:44All In Good Time42010216
1592Barenaked LadiesOn the Lookout3:31All In Good Time52010202
1593Barenaked LadiesOrdinary4:09All In Good Time62010218
1594Barenaked LadiesI Have Learned3:06All In Good Time72010218
1595Barenaked LadiesEvery Subway Car3:49All In Good Time82010216
1596Barenaked LadiesJerome3:22All In Good Time92010214
1597Barenaked LadiesHow Long3:39All In Good Time102010226
1598Barenaked LadiesGolden Boy3:13All In Good Time112010227
1599Barenaked LadiesI Saw It3:51All In Good Time122010201
1600Barenaked LadiesThe Love We're In2:42All In Good Time132010179
1601Barenaked LadiesWatching the Northern Lights4:27All In Good Time142010195
1602Barenaked LadiesAnother Heartbreak (Acoustic Version)3:17All In Good Time152010320
1603Barenaked LadiesFour Seconds (Acoustic Version)2:57All In Good Time162010320
1604Barenaked LadiesIn The Orchard0:33As You Like It12005155
1605Barenaked LadiesIt Was A Lover And His Lass1:33As You Like It22005184
1606Barenaked LadiesThe Party0:45As You Like It32005189
1607Barenaked LadiesIf Music Be The Food Of Love2:25As You Like It42005180
1608Barenaked LadiesFight Setup0:13As You Like It52005179
1609Barenaked LadiesWrestling1:04As You Like It62005206
1610Barenaked LadiesRosalind And Orlando3:00As You Like It72005217
1611Barenaked LadiesInto Arden0:56As You Like It82005185
1612Barenaked LadiesUnder The Greenwood Tree2:04As You Like It92005185
1613Barenaked LadiesThe Party II0:27As You Like It102005203
1614Barenaked LadiesBanished0:33As You Like It112005153
1615Barenaked LadiesBlow, Blow Thou Winter Wind3:20As You Like It122005185
1616Barenaked LadiesOrlando's Poems0:40As You Like It132005211
1617Barenaked LadiesCome Sweet Audrey0:48As You Like It142005197
1618Barenaked LadiesThey Shall Be Married Tomorrow0:34As You Like It152005174
1619Barenaked LadiesDeer Song1:07As You Like It162005194
1620Barenaked LadiesHymen's Wedding3:29As You Like It172005188
1621Barenaked LadiesIt Was A Lover And His Lass (Reprise)1:13As You Like It182005198
1622Barenaked LadiesCurtain Call1:34As You Like It192005207
1623Barenaked LadiesJingle Bells3:57Barenaked For The Holidays12004186
1624Barenaked LadiesGreen Christmas2:34Barenaked For The Holidays22004205
1625Barenaked LadiesI Saw Three Ships1:07Barenaked For The Holidays32004205
1626Barenaked LadiesHanukkah Blessings3:27Barenaked For The Holidays42004205
1627Barenaked LadiesO Holy Night1:09Barenaked For The Holidays52004219
1628Barenaked LadiesElf's Lament3:39Barenaked For The Holidays62004210
1629Barenaked LadiesSnowman2:59Barenaked For The Holidays72004184
1630Barenaked LadiesDo They Know It's Christmas3:32Barenaked For The Holidays82004226
1631Barenaked LadiesHanukkah, Oh Hanukkah2:11Barenaked For The Holidays92004186
1632Barenaked LadiesGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings3:26Barenaked For The Holidays102004162
1633Barenaked LadiesRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer0:59Barenaked For The Holidays112004207
1634Barenaked LadiesCarol Of The Bells3:00Barenaked For The Holidays122004205
1635Barenaked LadiesFootprints3:14Barenaked For The Holidays132004191
1636Barenaked LadiesDeck The Stills0:32Barenaked For The Holidays142004185
1637Barenaked LadiesChristmastime (Oh Yeah)2:16Barenaked For The Holidays152004198
1638Barenaked LadiesSleigh Ride0:46Barenaked For The Holidays162004216
1639Barenaked LadiesChristmas Pics2:14Barenaked For The Holidays172004180
1640Barenaked LadiesI Have A Little Dreidel0:52Barenaked For The Holidays182004195
1641Barenaked LadiesWonderful Christmastime1:18Barenaked For The Holidays192004198
1642Barenaked LadiesAuld Lang Syne3:04Barenaked For The Holidays202004181
1643Barenaked LadiesAdrift3:35Barenaked Ladies Are Me12006210
1644Barenaked LadiesBank Job4:27Barenaked Ladies Are Me22006197
1645Barenaked LadiesSound of Your Voice3:16Barenaked Ladies Are Me32006222
1646Barenaked LadiesEasy4:31Barenaked Ladies Are Me42006210
1647Barenaked LadiesHome3:34Barenaked Ladies Are Me52006218
1648Barenaked LadiesBull in a China Shop3:24Barenaked Ladies Are Me62006236
1649Barenaked LadiesEverything Had Changed3:22Barenaked Ladies Are Me72006197
1650Barenaked LadiesPeterborough and the Kawarthas2:40Barenaked Ladies Are Me82006213
1651Barenaked LadiesMaybe You're Right4:27Barenaked Ladies Are Me92006219
1652Barenaked LadiesTake It Back4:01Barenaked Ladies Are Me102006201
1653Barenaked LadiesVanishing3:14Barenaked Ladies Are Me112006210
1654Barenaked LadiesRule the World with Love3:52Barenaked Ladies Are Me122006232
1655Barenaked LadiesWind It Up4:26Barenaked Ladies Are Me132006235
1656Barenaked LadiesSerendipity4:12Barenaked Ladies Are Men12007218
1657Barenaked LadiesSomething You'll Never Find4:57Barenaked Ladies Are Men22007234
1658Barenaked LadiesOne And Only3:48Barenaked Ladies Are Men32007208
1659Barenaked LadiesAngry People4:02Barenaked Ladies Are Men42007208
1660Barenaked LadiesDown To Earth3:46Barenaked Ladies Are Men52007222
1661Barenaked LadiesBeautiful2:35Barenaked Ladies Are Men62007211
1662Barenaked LadiesRunning Out Of Ink3:58Barenaked Ladies Are Men72007212
1663Barenaked LadiesHalf A Heart4:27Barenaked Ladies Are Men82007198
1664Barenaked LadiesMaybe Not3:00Barenaked Ladies Are Men92007225
1665Barenaked LadiesI Can I Will I Do3:09Barenaked Ladies Are Men102007187
1666Barenaked LadiesFun & Games3:45Barenaked Ladies Are Men112007214
1667Barenaked LadiesThe New Sad2:33Barenaked Ladies Are Men122007200
1668Barenaked LadiesQuality4:16Barenaked Ladies Are Men132007225
1669Barenaked LadiesAnother Spin4:05Barenaked Ladies Are Men142007235
1670Barenaked LadiesWhat A Letdown3:49Barenaked Ladies Are Men152007220
1671Barenaked LadiesWhy Say Anything Nice?3:43Barenaked Ladies Are Men162007222
1672Barenaked LadiesStomach vs. Heart2:29Born On A Pirate Ship11996204
1673Barenaked LadiesStraw Hat And Old Dirty Hank3:23Born On A Pirate Ship21996206
1674Barenaked LadiesI Know3:02Born On A Pirate Ship31996198
1675Barenaked LadiesThis Is Where It Ends2:53Born On A Pirate Ship41996207
1676Barenaked LadiesWhen I Fall4:04Born On A Pirate Ship51996197
1677Barenaked LadiesI Live With It Every Day4:30Born On A Pirate Ship61996199
1678Barenaked LadiesThe Old Apartment3:30Born On A Pirate Ship71996207
1679Barenaked LadiesCall Me Calmly2:52Born On A Pirate Ship81996200
1680Barenaked LadiesBreak Your Heart4:57Born On A Pirate Ship91996194
1681Barenaked LadiesSpider In My Room4:04Born On A Pirate Ship101996194
1682Barenaked LadiesSame Thing4:01Born On A Pirate Ship111996187
1683Barenaked LadiesJust A Toy3:42Born On A Pirate Ship121996198
1684Barenaked LadiesIn The Drink5:12Born On A Pirate Ship131996182
1685Barenaked LadiesShoe Box2:55Born On A Pirate Ship141996214
1686Barenaked LadiesOld Apartment3:22Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)12001229
1687Barenaked LadiesFalling For The First Time3:39Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)22001229
1688Barenaked LadiesBrian Wilson4:44Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)32001225
1689Barenaked LadiesOne Week2:48Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)42001226
1690Barenaked LadiesBe My Yoko Ono2:44Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)52001232
1691Barenaked LadiesAlternative Girlfriend4:20Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)62001236
1692Barenaked LadiesIt's Only Me (The Wizard Of Magicland)2:34Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)72001257
1693Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $10000004:25Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)82001223
1694Barenaked LadiesCall And Answer5:48Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)92001236
1695Barenaked LadiesGet In Line3:39Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)102001219
1696Barenaked LadiesIt's All Been Done3:26Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)112001232
1697Barenaked LadiesJane4:04Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)122001227
1698Barenaked LadiesLovers In A Dangerous Time4:05Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)132001222
1699Barenaked LadiesPinch Me4:37Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)142001215
1700Barenaked LadiesShoebox3:09Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)152001231
1701Barenaked LadiesWhat A Good Boy4:50Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)162001215
1702Barenaked LadiesToo Little Too Late3:23Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)172001242
1703Barenaked LadiesEnid4:07Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)182001241
1704Barenaked LadiesThanks That Was Fun3:39Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)192001236
1705Barenaked LadiesCelebrity3:27Everything to Everyone12003208
1706Barenaked LadiesMaybe Katie2:58Everything to Everyone22003210
1707Barenaked LadiesAnother Postcard3:25Everything to Everyone32003202
1708Barenaked LadiesNext Time3:51Everything to Everyone42003210
1709Barenaked LadiesFor You3:27Everything to Everyone52003201
1710Barenaked LadiesShopping3:34Everything to Everyone62003223
1711Barenaked LadiesTesting 1,2,33:32Everything to Everyone72003205
1712Barenaked LadiesUpside Down3:15Everything to Everyone82003205
1713Barenaked LadiesWar on Drugs5:32Everything to Everyone92003191
1714Barenaked LadiesAluminum4:34Everything to Everyone102003208
1715Barenaked LadiesUnfinished3:00Everything to Everyone112003214
1716Barenaked LadiesSecond Best3:21Everything to Everyone122003207
1717Barenaked LadiesTake It Outside3:49Everything to Everyone132003213
1718Barenaked LadiesHave You Seen My Love?2:55Everything to Everyone142003195
1719Barenaked LadiesAnother Postcard (Acoustic)3:35Everything to Everyone152003177
1720Barenaked LadiesMaybe Katie (Acoustic)3:09Everything to Everyone162003178
1721Barenaked LadiesSecond Best (Acoustic)3:31Everything to Everyone172003199
1722Barenaked LadiesHello City3:22Gordon11992209
1723Barenaked LadiesEnid4:08Gordon21992211
1724Barenaked LadiesGrade 92:55Gordon31992211
1725Barenaked LadiesBrian Wilson4:49Gordon41992215
1726Barenaked LadiesBe My Yoko Ono2:47Gordon51992209
1727Barenaked LadiesWrap Your Arms Around Me4:34Gordon61992209
1728Barenaked LadiesWhat A Good Boy3:54Gordon71992195
1729Barenaked LadiesThe King Of Bedside Manor2:26Gordon81992218
1730Barenaked LadiesBox Set4:49Gordon91992212
1731Barenaked LadiesI Love You4:08Gordon101992195
1732Barenaked LadiesNew Kid (On The Block)4:12Gordon111992218
1733Barenaked LadiesBlame It On Me3:54Gordon121992210
1734Barenaked LadiesThe Flag3:53Gordon131992203
1735Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $10000004:27Gordon141992203
1736Barenaked LadiesCrazy4:50Gordon151992212
1737Barenaked LadiesToo Little Too Late3:24Maroon12000236
1738Barenaked LadiesNever Do Anything3:51Maroon22000228
1739Barenaked LadiesPinch Me4:45Maroon32000212
1740Barenaked LadiesGo Home2:43Maroon42000247
1741Barenaked LadiesFalling for the First Time3:40Maroon52000226
1742Barenaked LadiesConventioneers3:43Maroon62000169
1743Barenaked LadiesSell Sell Sell4:01Maroon72000222
1744Barenaked LadiesHumour of the Situation3:45Maroon82000233
1745Barenaked LadiesBaby Seat4:13Maroon92000207
1746Barenaked LadiesOff the Hook4:34Maroon102000213
1747Barenaked LadiesHelicopters4:33Maroon112000225
1748Barenaked LadiesTonight Is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel/Hidden Sun8:51Maroon122000180
1749Barenaked LadiesJane4:04Maybe You Should Drive11994205
1750Barenaked LadiesIntermittently3:05Maybe You Should Drive21994196
1751Barenaked LadiesThese Apples3:10Maybe You Should Drive31994205
1752Barenaked LadiesYou Will Be Waiting3:45Maybe You Should Drive41994184
1753Barenaked LadiesA4:19Maybe You Should Drive51994195
1754Barenaked LadiesEverything Old Is New Again4:13Maybe You Should Drive61994173
1755Barenaked LadiesAlternative Girlfriend4:22Maybe You Should Drive71994209
1756Barenaked LadiesAm I The Only One?4:49Maybe You Should Drive81994163
1757Barenaked LadiesLittle Tiny Song1:02Maybe You Should Drive91994163
1758Barenaked LadiesLife, In A Nutshell3:14Maybe You Should Drive101994199
1759Barenaked LadiesThe Wrong Man Was Convicted5:06Maybe You Should Drive111994177
1760Barenaked LadiesGreat Provider4:34Maybe You Should Drive121994191
1761Barenaked LadiesGet In Line3:43Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 1999141999208
1762Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $10000004:28Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)131996203
1763Barenaked LadiesBrian Wilson4:46Rock Spectacle11996218
1764Barenaked LadiesStraw Hat And Old Dirty Hank3:33Rock Spectacle21996232
1765Barenaked LadiesBreak Your Heart5:06Rock Spectacle31996199
1766Barenaked LadiesJane3:58Rock Spectacle41996220
1767Barenaked LadiesWhen I Fall4:23Rock Spectacle51996190
1768Barenaked LadiesHello City3:13Rock Spectacle61996210
1769Barenaked LadiesWhat A Good Boy4:47Rock Spectacle71996207
1770Barenaked LadiesThe Old Apartment3:21Rock Spectacle81996223
1771Barenaked LadiesLife, In A Nutshell2:40Rock Spectacle91996210
1772Barenaked LadiesThese Apples3:59Rock Spectacle101996218
1773Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $10000009:16Rock Spectacle111996182
1774Barenaked LadiesElf's Lament3:38Seriouly Westcoast Vol. 2 2007192
1775Barenaked LadiesGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen3:29Seriouly Westcoast Vol. 2 2007192
1776Barenaked LadiesShoe Box (Radio Remix)3:09Shoe Box EP11996220
1777Barenaked LadiesTrust Me (Previously Unreleased)2:51Shoe Box EP21996204
1778Barenaked LadiesIf I Had A $1000000 (Yellow Tape Version)3:53Shoe Box EP31996201
1779Barenaked LadiesShoe Box (Album Version)2:54Shoe Box EP41996215
1780Barenaked Ladies7 8 91:32Snacktime!12008200
1781Barenaked LadiesThe Ninjas1:06Snacktime!22008205
1782Barenaked LadiesPollywog In A Bog3:05Snacktime!32008199
1783Barenaked LadiesRaisins1:39Snacktime!42008201
1784Barenaked LadiesEraser2:23Snacktime!52008200
1785Barenaked LadiesI Can Sing1:09Snacktime!62008149
1786Barenaked LadiesLouis Loon2:57Snacktime!72008194
1787Barenaked LadiesFood Party1:39Snacktime!82008179
1788Barenaked LadiesThe Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: I) Snacktime3:30Snacktime!92008206
1789Barenaked LadiesThe Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: II) Popcorn1:17Snacktime!102008187
1790Barenaked LadiesThe Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: III) Vegetable Town2:30Snacktime!112008204
1791Barenaked LadiesDrawing1:43Snacktime!122008192
1792Barenaked LadiesHumungous Tree3:30Snacktime!132008194
1793Barenaked LadiesMy Big Sister0:54Snacktime!142008182
1794Barenaked LadiesAllergies1:48Snacktime!152008221
1795Barenaked LadiesI Don't Like3:07Snacktime!162008200
1796Barenaked LadiesWhat A Wild Tune2:31Snacktime!172008189
1797Barenaked LadiesBad Day3:42Snacktime!182008187
1798Barenaked LadiesThings0:57Snacktime!192008176
1799Barenaked LadiesCurious2:00Snacktime!202008189
1800Barenaked LadiesA Word For That1:40Snacktime!212008199
1801Barenaked LadiesWishing2:11Snacktime!222008207
1802Barenaked LadiesCrazy ABC's3:49Snacktime!232008217
1803Barenaked LadiesHere Come The Geese3:12Snacktime!242008197
1804Barenaked LadiesOne Week2:49Stunt11998218
1805Barenaked LadiesIt's All Been Done3:26Stunt21998229
1806Barenaked LadiesLight Up My Room3:36Stunt31998210
1807Barenaked LadiesI'll Be That Girl3:33Stunt41998226
1808Barenaked LadiesLeave3:23Stunt51998229
1809Barenaked LadiesAlcohol3:43Stunt61998243
1810Barenaked LadiesCall And Answer5:48Stunt71998224
1811Barenaked LadiesIn The Car3:53Stunt81998232
1812Barenaked LadiesNever Is Enough3:23Stunt91998223
1813Barenaked LadiesWho Needs Sleep?3:44Stunt101998206
1814Barenaked LadiesTold You So4:21Stunt111998221
1815Barenaked LadiesSome Fantastic4:16Stunt121998229
1816Barenaked LadiesWhen You Dream6:48Stunt131998161
1817Barenaked LadiesShe's On Time3:22Stunt141998206
1818Barenaked LadiesLong Way Back Home4:39Stunt151998225
1819Barenaked LadiesBrian Wilson (Live)4:46Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)82005217
1820Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLachlanGod Rest Ye Merry Gentleman / We Three Kings3:30Christmas Songs [Nettwerk]12000160
1821BargoFirst Flight7:30  1998136
1822BargoLarson3:10  1997122
1823BargoLarson (Clear Skies Mix)2:14  1997126
1824BargoLove Ascending5:57  1997125
1825The Bar-KaysSoul Finger2:22Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)31991201
1826Bar-KaysSoul Finger2:21Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 2211997133
1827The Bar-KaysShake Your Rump To The Funk3:38Funked! Vol. 2142001229
1828The Bar-KaysLet's Have Some Fun3:37Funked! Vol. 362001218
1829Barlow GirlNever Alone4:29WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)72004217
1830Barlow GirlMirror3:54WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)22005220
1831Barlow GirlLet Go2:59WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)12006245
1832Barlow GirlI Need You To Love Me4:22WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)22007224
1833Barlow GirlBeautiful Ending4:18WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)72009237
1834BarlowGirlO Holy Night4:33WOW Christmas (Green Disc)132005251
1835BarnacleManiac2:38Brewed In Nova Scotia92000189
1836Barnes & BarnesFish Heads2:26Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)101991182
1837Barnes & BarnesFish Heads2:25The Very Best Of Dr. Demento42001176
1838Barra MacNeilsMouth Music3:47Brewed In Nova Scotia102000208
1839The BarracudasWe're Living In Violent Times2:47Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)42005206
1840The BarracudasI Can't Pretend2:31Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)22005223
1841Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)2:371960 - Still Rockin'13 163
1842Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)2:37Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)11992139
1843Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)2:36Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)52004134
1844Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)2:36Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)72000126
1845Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)2:37The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)121960128
1846The Barrio BoyzzConga4:45Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)41993198
1847Barry & EileenIf You Go2:59Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)71994205
1848Barry and The TamerlanesI Wonder What She's Doing Tonight1:52The '60s - Jukebox Memories7 133
1849Barry BlueDancin' On A Saturdaynight3:07Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)91992227
1850Barry BlueDancin' (On A Saturday Night)3:06Living In The 70's (Disc 1)151995209
1851Barry BlueDancing On A Saturday Night3:06One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)122001278
1852Barry Bostwick and Susan SarandonDammit Janet2:47Rocky Horror Picture Show (OST)21975190
1853Barry Bostwick and Susan SarandonOver at the Frankenstein Place2:44Rocky Horror Picture Show (OST)31975191
1854Barry Bostwick and Susan SarandonSuper Heroes3:04Rocky Horror Picture Show (OST)131975190
1855Barry CoffingThe Heights1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)441996185
1856Barry De VorzonS.W.A.T.1:13All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)52005193
1857Barry De VorzonS.W.A.T.1:14Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)511990193
1858Barry De VorzonSimon & Simon1:05Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)621990195
1859Barry De Vorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr.Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless)3:27 101976320
1860Barry GibbI'll Kiss Your Memory4:27Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)72001168
1861Barry GordonNuttin' For Christmas (1955)2:37Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)71989128
1862Barry GordonNuttin' for Christmas2:37Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits [1955-1989]71955202
1863Barry GordonNuttin' For Christmas2:38The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2141995169
1864Barry GoudreauHard Luck3:39Barry Goudreau11980220
1865Barry GoudreauNothin' To Lose4:01Barry Goudreau21980211
1866Barry GoudreauWhat's a Fella to Do?4:30Barry Goudreau31980207
1867Barry GoudreauMean Woman Blues3:55Barry Goudreau41980219
1868Barry GoudreauLeavin' Tonight3:25Barry Goudreau51980212
1869Barry GoudreauDreams3:31Barry Goudreau61980202
1870Barry GoudreauLife Is What We Make It3:11Barry Goudreau71980215
1871Barry GoudreauSailin' Away1:48Barry Goudreau81980197
1872Barry GoudreauCold Cold World4:56Barry Goudreau91980211
1873Barry GrayFireball XL-51:26Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)131986178
1874Barry GrayStingray1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume 511996105
1875Barry GrayThunderbirds1:13Television's Greatest Hits Volume 521996100
1876Barry GrayTheme From Space 19992:00This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)81999130
1877Barry GrayMain Theme From Thunderbirds2:31This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)91999131
1878Barry GrayTheme From U.F.O.2:09This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)141999158
1879Barry GrayTheme From Captain Scarlet1:50This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)191999130
1880Barry ManilowSing It1:16Barry Manilow I11973140
1881Barry ManilowSweetwater Jones2:29Barry Manilow I21973199
1882Barry ManilowCloudburst2:27Barry Manilow I31973191
1883Barry ManilowOne Of These Days2:52Barry Manilow I41973175
1884Barry ManilowOh My Lady3:29Barry Manilow I51973196
1885Barry ManilowI Am Your Child2:18Barry Manilow I61973159
1886Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic6:51Barry Manilow I71973188
1887Barry ManilowSeven More Years3:39Barry Manilow I81973158
1888Barry ManilowFlashy Lady3:56Barry Manilow I91973197
1889Barry ManilowFriends3:08Barry Manilow I101973191
1890Barry ManilowSweet Life3:48Barry Manilow I111973181
1891Barry ManilowI Want to Be Somebody's Baby4:22Barry Manilow II11974210
1892Barry ManilowEarly Morning Strangers3:29Barry Manilow II21974185
1893Barry ManilowMandy3:37Barry Manilow II31974188
1894Barry ManilowThe Two of Us3:10Barry Manilow II41974183
1895Barry ManilowSomething's Comin' Up3:09Barry Manilow II51974189
1896Barry ManilowIt's A Miracle4:03Barry Manilow II61974211
1897Barry ManilowAvenue C2:43Barry Manilow II71974204
1898Barry ManilowMy Baby Loves Me3:21Barry Manilow II81974182
1899Barry ManilowSandra4:39Barry Manilow II91974182
1900Barry ManilowHome Again5:35Barry Manilow II101974184
1901Barry ManilowCopacabana (At the Copa)5:44Even Now11978206
1902Barry ManilowSomewhere in the Night3:25Even Now21978169
1903Barry ManilowA Linda Song3:20Even Now31978182
1904Barry ManilowCan't Smile Without You3:12Even Now41978194
1905Barry ManilowLeavin' in the Morning3:25Even Now51978191
1906Barry ManilowWhere Do I Go From Here3:09Even Now61978184
1907Barry ManilowEven Now3:29Even Now71978184
1908Barry ManilowI Was a Fool (To Let You Go)3:31Even Now81978183
1909Barry ManilowLosing Touch2:41Even Now91978189
1910Barry ManilowI Just Want to Be the One in Your Life3:40Even Now101978186
1911Barry ManilowStarting Again2:41Even Now111978179
1912Barry ManilowSunrise3:16Even Now121978181
1913Barry ManilowRiders to the Stars4:32Live11977179
1914Barry ManilowWhy Don't We Live Together3:41Live21977181
1915Barry ManilowLooks Like We Made It3:43Live31977181
1916Barry ManilowNew York City Rhythm4:50Live41977173
1917Barry ManilowA Very Strange Medley (V.S.M.)4:44Live51977169
1918Barry ManilowJump Shout Boogy Medley7:58Live61977188
1919Barry ManilowThis One's for You4:06Live71977180
1920Barry ManilowDaybreak3:39Live81977177
1921Barry ManilowLay Me Down4:47Live91977200
1922Barry ManilowWeekend in New England4:01Live101977189
1923Barry ManilowStudio Musician3:59Live111977195
1924Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic / Mandy7:25Live121977191
1925Barry ManilowIt's a Miracle4:02Live131977178
1926Barry ManilowIt's Just Another New Year's Eve5:28Live141977199
1927Barry ManilowI Write the Songs4:31Live151977191
1928Barry ManilowCopacabana (At the Copa)4:07Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (OST)142008217
1929Barry Manilow(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays2:27Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)172003206
1930Barry ManilowCopacabana (At The Copa)5:44Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)132000221
1931Barry ManilowMandy3:22The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)12005184
1932Barry ManilowIt's A Miracle3:45The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)22005167
1933Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic4:18The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)32005187
1934Barry ManilowI Write The Songs3:55The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)42005203
1935Barry ManilowBandstand Boogie2:50The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)52005211
1936Barry ManilowTryin' To Get The Feeling Again3:50The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)62005174
1937Barry ManilowBeautiful Music4:38The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)72005185
1938Barry ManilowThis One's For You3:30The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)82005196
1939Barry ManilowWeekend In New England3:46The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)92005195
1940Barry ManilowJump Shout Boogie2:55The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)102005199
1941Barry ManilowLooks Like We Made It3:34The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)112005198
1942Barry ManilowDaybreak (Live)3:42The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)122005191
1943Barry ManilowNew York City Rhythm (Live)3:51The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)132005206
1944Barry ManilowCan't Smile Without You3:12The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)142005209
1945Barry ManilowEven Now3:30The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)152005194
1946Barry ManilowCopacabana (At The Copa)5:46The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)162005225
1947Barry ManilowReady To Take A Chance Again3:02The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 1)172005191
1948Barry ManilowSomewhere In The Night3:30The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)12005168
1949Barry ManilowShips4:01The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)22005198
1950Barry ManilowWhen I Wanted You3:36The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)32005194
1951Barry ManilowI Don't Want To Walk Without You3:57The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)42005198
1952Barry ManilowOne Voice3:04The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)52005183
1953Barry ManilowI Made It Through The Rain4:26The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)62005202
1954Barry ManilowLonely Together4:21The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)72005199
1955Barry ManilowThe Old Songs4:42The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)82005223
1956Barry ManilowSomewhere Down The Road4:01The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)92005208
1957Barry ManilowMemory4:57The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)102005185
1958Barry ManilowSome Kind Of Friend4:04The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)112005219
1959Barry ManilowRead 'em And Weep5:26The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)122005217
1960Barry ManilowWhen October Goes4:02The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)132005200
1961Barry ManilowI'm Your Man (Club Mix)6:13The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)142005215
1962Barry ManilowBrooklyn Blues5:11The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)152005202
1963Barry ManilowHey Mambo (with Kid Creole & The Coconuts)2:53The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)162005225
1964Barry ManilowI'd Really Love To See You Tonight (Up-Tempo Mix)3:53The Essential Barry Manilow (Disc 2)172005203
1965Barry ManilowIt's Just Another New Year's Eve (Live)4:18The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5252000212
1966Barry ManilowThe Christmas Song3:55The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 692001172
1967Barry ManilowThis One's For You3:31This One's For You11976187
1968Barry ManilowDaybreak3:09This One's For You21976208
1969Barry ManilowYou Oughta Be Home With Me3:13This One's For You31976170
1970Barry ManilowJump Shout Boogie3:07This One's For You41976191
1971Barry ManilowWeekend In New England3:47This One's For You51976190
1972Barry ManilowRiders To The Stars3:37This One's For You61976192
1973Barry ManilowLet Me Go4:00This One's For You71976203
1974Barry ManilowLooks Like We Made It3:35This One's For You81976180
1975Barry ManilowSay The Words2:53This One's For You91976210
1976Barry ManilowAll The Time3:20This One's For You101976181
1977Barry ManilowSee The Show Again4:28This One's For You111976177
1978Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic4:30TM Century GoldDisc 10921991192
1979Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic (Long Version)6:49TM Century GoldDisc 109201991191
1980Barry ManilowNew York City Rhythm4:44Tryin' To Get The Feeling11975204
1981Barry ManilowTryin' To Get The Feeling Again3:52Tryin' To Get The Feeling21975186
1982Barry ManilowWhy Don't We Live Together2:56Tryin' To Get The Feeling31975173
1983Barry ManilowBandstand Boogie2:51Tryin' To Get The Feeling41975191
1984Barry ManilowYou're Leaving Too Soon3:33Tryin' To Get The Feeling51975176
1985Barry ManilowShe's A Star4:17Tryin' To Get The Feeling61975175
1986Barry ManilowI Write The Songs3:56Tryin' To Get The Feeling71975174
1987Barry ManilowAs Sure As I'm Standin' Here4:50Tryin' To Get The Feeling81975180
1988Barry ManilowA Nice Boy Like Me3:58Tryin' To Get The Feeling91975168
1989Barry ManilowLay Me Down4:20Tryin' To Get The Feeling101975181
1990Barry ManilowBeautiful Music4:35Tryin' To Get The Feeling111975168
1991Barry ManilowMarry Me A Little3:39Tryin' To Get The Feeling121975188
1992Barry Manilow, Bruce Howard Sussman, Charles Albertine & Les ElgartAmerican Bandstand ("Bandstand Boogie")1:25Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)471990170
1993Barry MannWho Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)2:45Still Rockin' 196111989220
1994Barry MartinButt Scootin' Doggie2:43Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0811999128
1995Barry McGuireEve of Destruction3:371965 Billboard Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits101993202
1996Barry McGuireEve Of Destruction3:35Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)31998205
1997Barry McGuireEve Of Destruction3:38Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On11988202
1998Barry McGuireInner-Manipulations3:40Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)252009205
1999Barry WebbLive For Tomorrow Harry Jones2:49Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)32001203
2000Barry WhiteLove's Theme4:11All-Time Greatest Hits11995222
2001Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby4:02All-Time Greatest Hits21995220
2002Barry WhiteI've Got So Much To Give5:21All-Time Greatest Hits31995210
2003Barry WhiteNever, Never Gonna Give Ya Up4:10All-Time Greatest Hits41995235
2004Barry WhiteHoney Please, Can't Ya See3:17All-Time Greatest Hits51995218
2005Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe3:55All-Time Greatest Hits61995220
2006Barry WhiteYou're The First, The Last, My Everything3:28All-Time Greatest Hits71995219
2007Barry WhiteWhat Am I Gonna Do With You3:38All-Time Greatest Hits81995211
2008Barry WhiteI'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To4:14All-Time Greatest Hits91995222
2009Barry WhiteLet The Music Play3:34All-Time Greatest Hits101995199
2010Barry WhiteYou See The Trouble With Me3:24All-Time Greatest Hits111995214
2011Barry WhiteBaby, We Better Try To Get It Together4:30All-Time Greatest Hits121995198
2012Barry WhiteDon't Make Me Wait Too Long3:24All-Time Greatest Hits131995218
2013Barry WhiteI'm Qualified To Satisfy You3:12All-Time Greatest Hits141995220
2014Barry WhiteIt's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me3:28All-Time Greatest Hits151995188
2015Barry WhitePlaying Your Game, Baby3:39All-Time Greatest Hits161995212
2016Barry WhiteOh, What A Night For Dancing3:18All-Time Greatest Hits171995201
2017Barry WhiteYour Sweetness Is My Weakness4:15All-Time Greatest Hits181995217
2018Barry WhiteJust The Way You Are4:13All-Time Greatest Hits191995210
2019Barry WhiteSatin Soul4:13All-Time Greatest Hits201995221
2020Barry WhiteIt Ain't Love, Babe (Until You Give It)4:19Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)21992222
2021Barry WhiteI'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To4:09Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)31992229
2022Barry WhiteRio De Janeiro4:22Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)41992207
2023Barry WhiteJust The Way You Are7:05Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)81992203
2024Barry WhiteBeware5:51Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)91992181
2025Barry WhiteWho's The Fool?6:36Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)101992205
2026Barry WhiteLove's Interlude / Good Night My Love7:47Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)141992178
2027Barry WhiteMellow Mood (Part I)1:52Can't Get Enough11974205
2028Barry WhiteYou're The First The Last My Everything4:36Can't Get Enough21974218
2029Barry WhiteI Can't Believe You Love Me10:21Can't Get Enough31974199
2030Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe4:34Can't Get Enough41974219
2031Barry WhiteOh Love Well We Finally Made It3:54Can't Get Enough51974208
2032Barry WhiteI Love You More Than Anything4:59Can't Get Enough61974200
2033Barry WhiteMellow Mood (Part II)1:23Can't Get Enough71974210
2034Barry WhiteYou See The Trouble With Me3:17Disco Classics (Disc 2)42004228
2035Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe4:31Disco Nights, Vol. 8: Dance Floor Hits71995226
2036Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You A Little More Baby3:53Funked! Vol. 1142001224
2037Barry WhiteIt's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me6:56Funked! Vol. 322001213
2038Barry WhiteYou're The One I Need2:57Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)231994208
2039Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby4:10Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)161998237
2040Barry WhiteYou're The First, The Last, My Everything3:27Heart & Soul81989247
2041Barry WhitePrologue (Love's Beginning)2:17Just For You (Disc 1)11992204
2042Barry WhiteLove's Theme (with Love Unlimited Orchestra)4:08Just For You (Disc 1)21992224
2043Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just Little More Baby7:08Just For You (Disc 1)31992232
2044Barry WhiteNever Never Gonna Give You Up7:58Just For You (Disc 1)41992230
2045Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe4:51Just For You (Disc 1)51992219
2046Barry WhiteYou're The First, The Last, My Everything4:35Just For You (Disc 1)61992223
2047Barry WhiteWhat Am I Gonna Do With You?3:36Just For You (Disc 1)71992218
2048Barry WhiteLet The Music Play6:15Just For You (Disc 1)81992217
2049Barry WhiteYou See The Trouble With Me3:29Just For You (Disc 1)91992226
2050Barry WhiteHoney Please Can't Ya See5:10Just For You (Disc 1)101992217
2051Barry WhiteDon't Make Me Wait Too Long4:42Just For You (Disc 1)111992229
2052Barry WhiteIt's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me6:58Just For You (Disc 1)121992213
2053Barry WhiteYour Sweetness Is My Weakness8:09Just For You (Disc 1)131992225
2054Barry WhiteL.A. My Kinda Place4:50Just For You (Disc 1)141992221
2055Barry WhiteMy Sweet Summer Suite (feat. Love Unlimited Orchestra)7:13Just For You (Disc 2)11992237
2056Barry WhiteChange6:14Just For You (Disc 2)21992193
2057Barry WhiteSho' You Right7:44Just For You (Disc 2)31992222
2058Barry WhiteSheet Music7:02Just For You (Disc 2)41992216
2059Barry WhiteLove Makin' Music4:57Just For You (Disc 2)51992205
2060Barry WhitePlaying Your Game, Baby7:12Just For You (Disc 2)61992225
2061Barry WhiteIts Only Love Doing Its Thing3:55Just For You (Disc 2)71992213
2062Barry WhiteLove Serenade, Pt. 14:59Just For You (Disc 2)81992214
2063Barry WhiteBaby Blues (feat. Love Unlimited Orchestra)5:39Just For You (Disc 2)91992207
2064Barry WhiteI've Got So Much To Give8:12Just For You (Disc 2)101992210
2065Barry WhiteI've Found Something5:53Just For You (Disc 2)111992206
2066Barry WhiteOh What A Night For Dancing3:55Just For You (Disc 2)121992202
2067Barry WhiteYour Sweetness Is My Weakness8:02Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 1)72001227
2068Barry WhiteYou're The First, My Last, My Everything3:23Pure Disco61996226
2069Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe3:55Pure Disco 291997223
2070Barry WhiteYou're the First, the Last, My Everything3:33Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)201995229
2071Barry WhiteNever, Never Gonna Give Ya Up4:49Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-1974131997226
2072Barry WhiteMary Hartman, Mary Hartman ("Premiere Occasion") ("You Have Never Been in Love")0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5301996112
2073Barry WhiteIt's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me3:36Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two111991187
2074Barry WhiteYou're The First, The Last, My Everything3:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)142001228
2075Barry White And Chris RockBasketball Jones5:40Space Jam (OST)101996194
2076Barry White And Isaac HayesDark And Lovely4:54Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)131992195
2077Bart Cordin & Havens WrayBat Masterson1:08Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)441986204
2078Bart KaellDe Marie Louise2:54Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)172005228
2079Bart Van Den BosscheGa Met Me Mee3:10Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)162005227
2080Bascom Lamar LunsfordDry Bones3:00Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)101952128
2081Bascom Lamar LunsfordI Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground3:21Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)71952128
2082Basement JaxxWhere's Your Head At4:42Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)92001214
2083Basement JaxxWhere's Your Head At?3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-03152002142
2084Basement JaxxTake Me Back To Your House3:42Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)82007236
2085Basic Pleasure ModelSunyata3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-04182004210
2086Bass BumpersMusic's Got Me (Voodoo & Serano Mix)3:52Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)72003181
2087BasshunterI Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly (FIAB Remix)3:31   154
2088BasshunterEvery Morning3:19Bass Generation (Disc 1)12009199
2089BasshunterI Promised Myself2:37Bass Generation (Disc 1)22009200
2090BasshunterWhy3:12Bass Generation (Disc 1)32009200
2091BasshunterI Will Learn To Love Again (feat. Stunt)3:07Bass Generation (Disc 1)42009196
2092BasshunterDon't Walk Away3:02Bass Generation (Disc 1)52009185
2093BasshunterI Still Love3:33Bass Generation (Disc 1)62009188
2094BasshunterDay & Night2:55Bass Generation (Disc 1)72009204
2095BasshunterI Can't Deny (feat. Lauren)4:00Bass Generation (Disc 1)82009192
2096BasshunterFar From Home4:10Bass Generation (Disc 1)92009194
2097BasshunterI Know U Know2:45Bass Generation (Disc 1)102009187
2098BasshunterOn Our Side3:55Bass Generation (Disc 1)112009216
2099BasshunterCan You2:25Bass Generation (Disc 1)122009206
2100BasshunterPlane To Spain3:42Bass Generation (Disc 1)132009191
2101BasshunterEvery Morning (Michael Mind Edit)11:16Bass Generation (Disc 1)142009125
2102BasshunterNow You're Gone (feat. DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheadz) (DJ Alex Extended Mix)5:43Bass Generation (Disc 2)12009191
2103BasshunterAll I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJ's Remix)5:33Bass Generation (Disc 2)22009176
2104BasshunterAngel In The Night (Headhunters Remix)5:37Bass Generation (Disc 2)32009195
2105BasshunterI Miss You (Hyperzone Remix)5:35Bass Generation (Disc 2)42009180
2106BasshunterPlease Don't Go (Bad Behaviour Remix)6:45Bass Generation (Disc 2)52009200
2107BasshunterWalk On Water (Ultra DJ's Remix)5:19Bass Generation (Disc 2)62009185
2108BasshunterEvery Morning (Raindropz! Remix)4:54Bass Generation (Disc 2)72009195
2109BasshunterCamilla (Swedish Version)3:22Bass Generation (Disc 2)82009204
2110BasshunterWithout Stars (Swedish Version)3:51Bass Generation (Disc 2)92009182
2111BasshunterAll I Ever Wanted2:55Hits for Kids 20132008188
2112BasshunterNow You're Gone2:40Now You're Gone: The Album12008194
2113BasshunterAll I Ever Wanted2:56Now You're Gone: The Album22008188
2114BasshunterPlease Don't Go2:48Now You're Gone: The Album32008197
2115BasshunterI Miss You3:45Now You're Gone: The Album42008202
2116BasshunterAngel In The Night3:21Now You're Gone: The Album52008198
2117BasshunterIn Her Eyes3:12Now You're Gone: The Album62008200
2118BasshunterLove You More3:50Now You're Gone: The Album72008204
2119BasshunterCamilla3:14Now You're Gone: The Album82008203
2120BasshunterDream Girl4:26Now You're Gone: The Album92008207
2121BasshunterI Can Walk On Water3:44Now You're Gone: The Album102008200
2122BasshunterBass Creator5:00Now You're Gone: The Album112008204
2123BasshunterRussia Privjet4:03Now You're Gone: The Album122008212
2124BasshunterBota Anna3:27Now You're Gone: The Album132008213
2125BasshunterDota3:20Now You're Gone: The Album142008232
2126BasshunterNow You're Gone (Fonzerelli Edit)3:14Now You're Gone: The Album152008219
2127BasshunterAll I Ever Wanted (Fonzerelli Edit)2:34Now You're Gone: The Album162008215
2128BassnectarCozza Frenzy feat. Seasunz3:44Cozza Frenzy22009128
2129Bass-O-MaticFascinating Rhythm3:42The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)101993192
2130Bay City RollersBye Bye Baby2:52Greatest Hits12010320
2131Bay City RollersI Only Want to Be With You3:38Greatest Hits11991209
2132Bay City RollersGive a Little Love3:23Greatest Hits22010320
2133Bay City RollersMoney Honey3:19Greatest Hits21991175
2134Bay City RollersRock and Roll Love Letter2:59Greatest Hits31991167
2135Bay City RollersShang-a-Lang3:03Greatest Hits32010320
2136Bay City RollersSummerlove Sensation3:16Greatest Hits42010320
2137Bay City RollersThe Way I Feel Tonight3:55Greatest Hits41991216
2138Bay City RollersMoney Money3:17Greatest Hits52010320
2139Bay City RollersYesterday's Hero3:55Greatest Hits51991224
2140Bay City RollersDedication3:59Greatest Hits61991196
2141Bay City RollersRemember (Sha La La La)2:32Greatest Hits62010320
2142Bay City RollersMaybe I'm a Fool to Love You3:56Greatest Hits71991193
2143Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:56Greatest Hits72010320
2144Bay City RollersI Only Want to Be With You3:37Greatest Hits82010320
2145Bay City RollersYou Made Me Believe in Magic2:45Greatest Hits81991231
2146Bay City RollersDon't Stop the Music2:55Greatest Hits91991221
2147Bay City RollersLove Me Like I Love You3:17Greatest Hits92010320
2148Bay City RollersAll of Me Loves All of You3:04Greatest Hits102010320
2149Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:55Greatest Hits101991199
2150Bay City RollersKeep on Dancing2:07Greatest Hits112010320
2151Bay City RollersIts a Game2:59Greatest Hits122010320
2152Bay City RollersYou Made Me Believe in Magic2:44Greatest Hits132010320
2153Bay City RollersBe My Baby3:26Greatest Hits142010320
2154Bay City RollersYesterday's Hero3:44Greatest Hits152010320
2155Bay City RollersPlease Stay3:52Greatest Hits162010320
2156Bay City RollersThe Way I Feel Tonight3:54Greatest Hits172010320
2157Bay City RollersYou're a Woman4:15Greatest Hits182010320
2158Bay City RollersLet's Pretend3:28Greatest Hits192010320
2159Bay City RollersOnce Upon a Star3:00Greatest Hits202010320
2160Bay City RollersAnother Rainy Day in New York City4:27Greatest Hits212010320
2161The Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:55Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)41998202
2162Bay City RollersMoney, Honey3:19Living In The 70's (Disc 2)71995192
2163Bay City RollersBye Bye Baby3:07Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)102000223
2164Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:57Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 15101990204
2165The Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:57Teen Idols Of The 70's111999197
2166Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:54Those Fabulous '70s21990193
2167Baz LuhrmannEverybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Edit)5:09Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Single)11999180
2168Baz LuhrmannEverybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Geographic's Factor 15+ Mix)4:44Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Single)21999189
2169Baz LuhrmannLove Is In The Air (Fran Mix)4:30Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Single)31999199
2170BazukaDynomite Pts. 1 & 25:09Funked! Vol. 2102001216
2171BBC Radiophonic WorkshopDr. Who Theme Tune2:40This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)51999202
2172BbmackOut Of My Heart (Into Your Head)4:03Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0712002239
2173BC JeanJust A Guy2:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-10122010160
2174BC-52's(Meet) The Flintstones2:21The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)51994223
2175The Be Good TanyasRudy4:29Seriouly Westcoast Vol. 2 2007192
2176The Beach BearsDon't Think Twice (It's All Right)3:21  2011128
2177The Beach BearsDon't Think Twice (It's All Right) (story)4:53  2011128
2178The Beach BearsI'm a Believer2:42  2011128
2179The Beach BearsI'm a Believer (story)4:17  2011128
2180The Beach BearsMore Than Words4:23  2011127
2181The Beach BearsMore Than Words (story)9:05  2011127
2182The Beach BearsThe 59th Street Bridge Song2:25  2011128
2183The Beach BearsThe 59th Street Bridge Song (story)5:35  2011128
2184The Beach BearsThe Living Years (story)9:10  2011128
2185The Beach BearsUptown Girl3:14  2011192
2186The Beach BearsUptown Girl (story)7:23  2011128
2187The Beach BearsWindy2:56  2011128
2188The Beach BearsWindy (story)4:51  2011127
2189The Beach BearsAmerica the Beautiful4:51  2011128
2190The Beach BearsAmerica the Beautiful (story)8:14  2011128
2191The Beach BearsAnd Your Bird Can Sing2:01  2011128
2192The Beach BearsBack Home Again4:40  2011128
2193The Beach BearsBack Home Again (story)6:09  2011128
2194The Beach BearsBarbara Ann2:12  2011128
2195The Beach BearsBlue Bayou3:57  2011128
2196The Beach BearsBlue Bayou (story)7:36  2011128
2197The Beach BearsChapter 1: Suite Judy Blue Eyes9:38  2011128
2198The Beach BearsChapter 2: Hallelujah4:58  2011128
2199The Beach BearsChapter 3: Somewhere Over The Rainbow4:20  2011128
2200The Beach BearsChapter 5: Barbara Ann4:04  2011128
2201The Beach BearsChapter 6: Surfin' USA4:23  2011128
2202The Beach BearsChapter 7: In My Room3:19  2011128
2203The Beach BearsChapter 9: Just When I Needed You Most5:44  2011128
2204The Beach BearsCountry Roads (Take Me Home)3:09  2011192
2205The Beach BearsCountry Roads (Take Me Home) (story)7:50  2011127
2206The Beach BearsFirst Of May (story)3:36  2011128
2207The Beach BearsFreedom (story)7:54  2011128
2208The Beach BearsHelp Me Rhonda2:53  2011128
2209The Beach BearsHelp Me Rhonda (story)3:46  2011128
2210The Beach BearsHere, There, and Everywhere2:52  2011128
2211The Beach BearsIn My Nephew's Eyes5:44  2011127
2212The Beach BearsIn My Room2:26  2011128
2213The Beach BearsKokomo3:23  2011128
2214The Beach BearsKokomo (story)11:25  201193
2215The Beach BearsLeaving On A Jet Plane4:00  2011128
2216The Beach BearsLeaving On A Jet Plane (story)5:52  2011128
2217The Beach BearsLonely Looking Sky (story)4:33  2011128
2218The Beach BearsMister Cellophane10:24  2011128
2219The Beach BearsNowhere Bear2:42  2011128
2220The Beach BearsNowhere Bear (story)3:23  2011128
2221The Beach BearsPaperback Writer2:13  2011127
2222The Beach BearsPaperback Writer (story)6:21  2011128
2223The Beach BearsRazzle Dazzle (story)6:10  2011128
2224The Beach BearsRhythm of the Rain (story)8:26  2011128
2225The Beach BearsSloop John B (story)4:53  2011128
2226The Beach BearsSloop John B.3:11  2011128
2227The Beach BearsSong Sung Blue (story)4:20  2011126
2228The Beach BearsSugar Sugar2:58  2011128
2229The Beach BearsSugar Sugar (story)4:05  2011127
2230The Beach BearsSurf She Bear2:22  2011128
2231The Beach BearsSurf She Bear (story)3:30  2011127
2232The Beach BearsSurfin' USA2:31  2011128
2233The Beach BearsTell It All3:15  2011128
2234The Beach BearsTell It All (story)17:57  201173
2235The Beach BearsThe Rose3:30  2011128
2236The Beach BearsThe Rose (story)7:15  2011127
2237The Beach BearsWatching Dipper Grow (story)4:51  2011128
2238The Beach BearsWhen I Fall In Love3:05  2011128
2239The Beach BearsWhen I Fall In Love (story)6:50  2011128
2240The Beach BearsYou're So Good To Me2:17  2011128
2241The Beach BearsYou're So Good To Me (story)3:00  2011125
2242The Beach BoysBarbara Ann2:05100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)51997146
2243The Beach BoysI Get Around2:12100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)171997128
2244The Beach BoysSloop John B.2:56100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)201997130
2245The Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:381960's Classic Hits12003133
2246The Beach BoysSurfin' Safari2:06196212 126
2247The Beach BoysHelp Me, Rhonda2:481965 Billboard Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits41993169
2248The Beach BoysHelp Me, Rhonda3:0920 Good Vibrations - The Greatest Hits111995127
2249The Beach BoysBarbara Ann2:1920 Good Vibrations - The Greatest Hits131995142
2250The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:02A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II31998203
2251The Beach BoysSurfer Girl2:31AM Gold: 196351995180
2252The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up1:59AM Gold: 1964171995126
2253The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls2:34AM Gold: 196591995126
2254The Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:38AM Gold: 196621995130
2255The Beach BoysDon't Worry Baby2:46AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics61995199
2256The Beach BoysSloop John B2:59AM Gold: The '60s Generation41995169
2257The Beach BoysSurfin' Safari2:06American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)111973221
2258The Beach BoysAll Summer Long2:05American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)201973226
2259The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:01Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas71994133
2260The Beach BoysGod Only Knows2:48Boogie Nights (OST)121997128
2261The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:02Christmas Album11991204
2262The Beach BoysThe Man With All The Toys1:32Christmas Album21991124
2263The Beach BoysSanta's Beard2:00Christmas Album31991125
2264The Beach BoysMerry Christmas, Baby2:28Christmas Album41991126
2265The Beach BoysChristmas Day1:51Christmas Album51991125
2266The Beach BoysFrosty The Snowman1:55Christmas Album61991191
2267The Beach BoysWe Three Kings Of Orient Are4:05Christmas Album71991153
2268The Beach BoysBlue Christmas3:11Christmas Album81991167
2269The Beach BoysSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town2:21Christmas Album91991193
2270The Beach BoysWhite Christmas2:30Christmas Album101991161
2271The Beach BoysI'll Be Home For Christmas2:46Christmas Album111991177
2272The Beach BoysAuld Lang Syne1:20Christmas Album121991173
2273The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick (Single Version)2:01Christmas Album131991160
2274The Beach BoysThe Lord's Prayer2:34Christmas Album141991186
2275The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick (Alternate Take)1:56Christmas Album151991125
2276The Beach BoysAuld Lang Syne (Alternate Take)1:18Christmas Album161991131
2277Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:38Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)11998160
2278The Beach BoysI Get Around2:11Classic Rock - 19648 162
2279The Beach BoysFun Fun Fun2:06Classic Rock - 196419 180
2280The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up (To Be A Man)2:04Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On111988128
2281The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls2:39Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On41988188
2282The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice2:25Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On61988159
2283The Beach BoysDarlin'2:13Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind61991125
2284The Beach BoysI Can Hear Music2:34Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 2)141998167
2285The Beach BoysBarbara Ann2:05Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)101989136
2286The Beach BoysKokomo3:36Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)161989212
2287The Beach BoysSloop John B2:57Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)111994152
2288The Beach BoysI Get Around2:09Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)31988136
2289The Beach BoysThe Warmth Of The Sun2:48Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)91988206
2290The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A. (Demo Version) (Previously Unreleased)1:49Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)11993127
2291The Beach BoysLittle Surfer Girl (Previously Unreleased)0:31Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)21993134
2292The Beach BoysSurfin' (Rehearsal) (Previously Unreleased)1:31Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)31993153
2293The Beach BoysSurfin'2:28Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)41993128
2294The Beach BoysTheir Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)2:35Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)51993129
2295The Beach BoysSurfin' Safari2:16Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)61993127
2296The Beach Boys4092:09Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)71993126
2297The Beach BoysPunchline (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)1:52Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)81993127
2298The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:29Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)91993127
2299The Beach BoysShut Down1:51Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)101993127
2300The Beach BoysSurfer Girl2:26Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)111993126
2301The Beach BoysLittle Deuce Coupe1:48Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)121993127
2302The Beach BoysIn My Room2:15Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)131993126
2303The Beach BoysCatch A Wave2:18Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)141993127
2304The Beach BoysThe Surfer Moon2:18Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)151993126
2305The Beach BoysBe True To Your School2:07Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)161993127
2306The Beach BoysSpirit Of America2:20Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)171993127
2307The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick (45 RPM)1:59Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)181993154
2308The Beach BoysThings We Did Last Summer (Previously Unreleased)2:27Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)191993127
2309The Beach BoysFun, Fun, Fun2:20Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)201993127
2310The Beach BoysDon't Worry Baby2:49Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)211993128
2311The Beach BoysWhy Do Fools Fall In Love2:08Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)221993126
2312The Beach BoysThe Warmth Of The Sun2:50Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)231993127
2313The Beach BoysI Get Around2:13Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)241993127
2314The Beach BoysAll Summer Long2:07Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)251993127
2315The Beach BoysLittle Honda1:51Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)261993128
2316The Beach BoysWendy2:20Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)271993126
2317The Beach BoysDon't Back Down1:53Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)281993127
2318The Beach BoysDo You Wanna Dance2:17Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)291993126
2319The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up (To Be A Man)2:01Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)301993127
2320The Beach BoysDance, Dance, Dance1:59Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)311993127
2321The Beach BoysPlease Let Me Wonder2:45Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)321993128
2322The Beach BoysShe Knows Me Too Well2:28Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)331993130
2323The Beach BoysRadio Station Jingles (Previously Unreleased)1:03Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)341993141
2324The Beach BoysConcert Promo - Hushabye (Live) (Previously Unreleased)3:56Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 1)351993147
2325The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls2:37Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)11993127
2326The Beach BoysHelp Me Rhonda2:47Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)21993127
2327The Beach BoysThen I Kissed Her2:16Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)31993128
2328The Beach BoysAnd Your Dream Comes True1:06Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)41993123
2329The Beach BoysThe Little Girl I Once Knew (45 Version)2:37Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)51993126
2330The Beach BoysBarbara Ann (45 Version)2:04Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)61993129
2331The Beach BoysRuby Baby (Party LP Outtake) (Previously Unreleased)2:10Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)71993127
2332The Beach BoysKoma (Radio Promo Spot) (Previously Unreleased0:10Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)81993170
2333The Beach BoysSloop John B2:57Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)91993128
2334The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice2:23Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)101993128
2335The Beach BoysYou Still Believe In Me2:30Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)111993127
2336The Beach BoysGod Only Knows2:49Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)121993127
2337The Beach BoysHang On To Your Ego (Alternate Version) (Previously Unreleased)3:13Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)131993128
2338The Beach BoysI Just Wasn't Made For These Times3:12Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)141993128
2339The Beach BoysPet Sounds2:22Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)151993127
2340The Beach BoysCaroline, No2:52Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)161993127
2341The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (45 Version)3:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)171993127
2342The Beach BoysOur Prayer (Previously Unreleased)1:07Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)181993144
2343The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Alternate Version)2:56Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)191993128
2344The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Sections) (Previously Unreleased)6:40Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)201993131
2345The Beach BoysWonderful (Previously Unreleased)2:02Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)211993127
2346The Beach BoysCabinessence3:33Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)221993182
2347The Beach BoysWind Chimes (Previously Unreleased)2:32Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)231993167
2348The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Intro) (Previously Unreleased)0:35Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)241993155
2349The Beach BoysDo You Like Worms (Previously Unreleased)4:00Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)251993164
2350The Beach BoysVegetables (Previously Unreleased)3:29Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)261993138
2351The Beach BoysI Love To Say Da Da (Previously Unreleased)1:34Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)271993133
2352The Beach BoysSurf's Up (Previously Unreleased)3:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)281993150
2353The Beach BoysWith Me Tonight2:17Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 2)291993127
2354The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (45 Version)3:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)11993127
2355The Beach BoysDarlin'2:12Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)21993127
2356The Beach BoysWild Honey2:37Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)31993127
2357The Beach BoysLet The Wind Blow2:21Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)41993126
2358The Beach BoysCan't Wait Too Long3:51Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)51993196
2359The Beach BoysCool Cool Water1:12Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)61993191
2360The Beach BoysMeant For You0:40Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)71993167
2361The Beach BoysFriends2:31Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)81993193
2362The Beach BoysLittle Bird1:58Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)91993186
2363The Beach BoysBusy Doin' Nothin'3:04Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)101993158
2364The Beach BoysDo It Again2:28Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)111993205
2365The Beach BoysI Can Hear Music2:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)121993207
2366The Beach BoysI Went To Sleep1:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)131993185
2367The Beach BoysTime To Get Alone2:43Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)141993178
2368The Beach BoysBreakaway2:56Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)151993211
2369The Beach BoysCotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (45 Version)3:03Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)161993127
2370The Beach BoysSan Miguel2:25Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)171993238
2371The Beach BoysGames Two Can Play (Previously Unreleased)2:02Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)181993186
2372The Beach BoysI Just Got My Pay (Previously Unreleased)2:20Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)191993190
2373The Beach BoysThis Whole World1:57Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)201993198
2374The Beach BoysAdd Some Music3:33Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)211993198
2375The Beach BoysForever2:41Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)221993213
2376The Beach BoysOur Sweet Love2:38Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)231993201
2377The Beach BoysH.E.L.P. Is On The Way (Previously Unreleased)2:30Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)241993196
2378The Beach Boys4th Of July (Previously Unreleased)2:44Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)251993193
2379The Beach BoysLong Promised Road3:27Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)261993204
2380The Beach BoysDisney Girls4:08Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)271993195
2381The Beach BoysSurf's Up4:13Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)281993191
2382The Beach Boys'Til I Die2:30Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 3)291993197
2383The Beach BoysSail On Sailor3:19Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)11993198
2384The Beach BoysCalifornia3:20Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)21993204
2385The Beach BoysTrader5:04Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)31993191
2386The Beach BoysFunky Pretty4:10Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)41993200
2387The Beach BoysFairy Tale Music4:05Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)51993186
2388The Beach BoysYou Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone3:26Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)61993205
2389The Beach BoysMarcella3:52Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)71993205
2390The Beach BoysAll This Is That4:00Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)81993190
2391The Beach BoysRock And Roll Music2:28Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)91993199
2392The Beach BoysIt's OK2:11Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)101993196
2393The Beach BoysHad To Phone Ya1:44Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)111993179
2394The Beach BoysThat Same Song2:15Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)121993208
2395The Beach BoysIt's Over Now (Previously Unreleased)2:50Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)131993193
2396The Beach BoysStill I Dream Of It (Previously Unreleased)3:26Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)141993183
2397The Beach BoysLet Us Go On This Way1:59Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)151993217
2398The Beach BoysThe Night Was So Young2:15Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)161993195
2399The Beach BoysI'll Bet He's Nice2:35Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)171993207
2400The Beach BoysAirplane3:04Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)181993187
2401The Beach BoysCome Go With Me2:03Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)191993198
2402The Beach BoysOur Team (Previously Unreleased)2:33Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)201993203
2403The Beach BoysBaby Blue3:18Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)211993181
2404The Beach BoysGood Timin'2:11Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)221993190
2405The Beach BoysGoin' On3:03Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)231993207
2406The Beach BoysGetcha Back3:02Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)241993196
2407The Beach BoysKokomo3:35Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 4)251993235
2408The Beach BoysIn My Room (Demo)2:33Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)11993159
2409The Beach BoysRadio Spot #10:09Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)21993164
2410The Beach BoysI Get Around (Track Only)2:19Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)31993219
2411The Beach BoysRadio Spot #20:15Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)41993153
2412The Beach BoysDance, Dance, Dance (Tracking Session)2:12Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)51993211
2413The Beach BoysHang On To Your Ego (Sessions)6:40Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)61993183
2414The Beach BoysGod Only Knows (Tracking Session)9:14Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)71993180
2415The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (Sessions)15:18Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)81993137
2416The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Track Only)0:47Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)91993126
2417The Beach BoysCabin Essence (Track Only)3:59Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)101993194
2418The Beach BoysSurf's Up (Track Only)1:40Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)111993204
2419The Beach BoysAll Summer Long (Vocals)2:12Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)131993200
2420The Beach BoysWendy (Vocals)2:27Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)141993194
2421The Beach BoysHushabye (Vocals)2:42Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)151993198
2422The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up (To Be A Man)(Vocals)2:19Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)161993194
2423The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice (Vocals)2:43Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)171993201
2424The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls (Vocals)2:34Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)181993181
2425The Beach BoysRadio Spot #40:11Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)191993144
2426The Beach BoysConcert Intro - Surfin' U.S.A. (Live 1964)3:15Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)201993173
2427The Beach BoysSurfer Girl (Live 1964)2:52Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)211993157
2428The Beach BoysBe True To Your School (Live 1964)2:29Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)221993162
2429The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (Live 1966)5:14Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)231993171
2430The Beach BoysSurfer Girl (Live In Hawaii Rehearsals 1967)2:18Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 5)241993137
2431The Beach BoysBluebirds Over The Mountain2:53Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 6)11993207
2432The Beach BoysTears In The Morning4:08Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 6)21993195
2433The Beach BoysHere Comes The Night [12" Version]10:44Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 6)31993228
2434The Beach BoysLady Lynda4:00Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 6)41993193
2435The Beach BoysSumahama4:09Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc 6)51993196
2436The Beach BoysShut Down1:53James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel91991203
2437The Beach BoysA Young Man Is Gone2:16James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel141991153
2438Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:27Jukebox Hits Of 1963251991180
2439The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:08Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)152001197
2440The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:01Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)22006224
2441The Beach BoysHelp Me, Rhonda2:44Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)3 179
2442The Beach BoysI Get Around2:07Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)2 158
2443The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice2:25Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]11966129
2444The Beach BoysYou Still Believe In Me2:35Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]21966128
2445The Beach BoysThat's Not Me2:30Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]31966133
2446The Beach BoysDon't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)2:54Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]41966128
2447The Beach BoysI'm Waiting For The Day3:06Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]51966128
2448The Beach BoysLet's Go Away For Awhile2:21Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]61966128
2449The Beach BoysSloop John B3:00Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]71966131
2450The Beach BoysGod Only Knows2:53Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]81966128
2451The Beach BoysI Know There's An Answer3:11Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]91966131
2452The Beach BoysHere Today2:55Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]101966129
2453The Beach BoysI Just Wasn't Made For These Times3:15Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]111966128
2454The Beach BoysPet Sounds2:23Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]121966133
2455The Beach BoysCaroline No2:53Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]131966128
2456The Beach BoysHang On To Your Ego (Bonus Track)3:03Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]141966130
2457The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice [Stereo]2:33Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]151966193
2458The Beach BoysYou Still Believe In Me [Stereo]2:36Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]161966199
2459The Beach BoysThat's Not Me [Stereo]2:31Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]171966205
2460The Beach BoysDon't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) [Stereo]2:58Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]181966186
2461The Beach BoysI'm Waiting For The Day [Stereo]3:06Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]191966192
2462The Beach BoysLet's Go Away For Awhile [Stereo]2:24Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]201966196
2463The Beach BoysSloop John B [Stereo]2:59Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]211966184
2464The Beach BoysGod Only Knows [Stereo]2:54Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]221966200
2465The Beach BoysI Know There's An Answer [Stereo]3:18Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]231966179
2466The Beach BoysHere Today [Stereo]3:07Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]241966193
2467The Beach BoysI Just Wasn't Made For These Times [Stereo]3:21Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]251966185
2468The Beach BoysPet Sounds [Stereo]2:37Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]261966220
2469The Beach BoysCaroline No [Stereo]2:51Pet Sounds [2001 Remaster]271966185
2470The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:29Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)12002210
2471The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:30Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 1)72004200
2472Beach BoysSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:18Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)61995200
2473The Beach BoysThen I Kissed Her2:15Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)41997135
2474The Beach BoysDo It Again2:26Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)161997206
2475The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls2:37Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s11989206
2476The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains3:39Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]11967159
2477The Beach BoysVegetables2:09Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]21967150
2478The Beach BoysFall Breaks And Back To Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony)2:17Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]31967154
2479The Beach BoysShe's Goin' Bald2:17Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]41967163
2480The Beach BoysLittle Pad2:33Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]51967151
2481The Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:39Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]61967171
2482The Beach BoysWith Me Tonight2:20Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]71967149
2483The Beach BoysWind Chimes2:38Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]81967151
2484The Beach BoysGettin' Hungry2:30Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]91967155
2485The Beach BoysWonderful2:24Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]101967150
2486The Beach BoysWhistle In1:07Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]111967144
2487The Beach BoysWild Honey2:40Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]121967166
2488The Beach BoysAren't You Glad2:18Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]131967160
2489The Beach BoysI Was Made To Love Her2:07Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]141967167
2490The Beach BoysCountry Air2:22Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]151967160
2491The Beach BoysA Thing Or Two2:42Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]161967156
2492The Beach BoysDarlin'2:14Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]171967163
2493The Beach BoysI'd Love Just Once To See You1:50Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]181967160
2494The Beach BoysHere Comes The Night2:43Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]191967156
2495The Beach BoysLet The Wind Blow2:21Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]201967150
2496The Beach BoysHow She Boogalooed It1:58Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]211967176
2497The Beach BoysMama Says1:08Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]221967151
2498The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Alternate Take)2:59Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]231967161
2499The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (Various Sessions)6:54Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]241967168
2500The Beach BoysGood Vibrations (Early Take)3:03Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]251967169
2501The Beach BoysYou're Welcome1:10Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]261967152
2502The Beach BoysTheir Hearts Were Full Of Spring2:32Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]271967156
2503The Beach BoysCan't Wait Too Long5:35Smiley Smile / Wild Honey [2001 Remaster]281967191
2504The Beach BoysStill Cruisin'3:36Still Cruisin'11989205
2505The Beach BoysSomewhere Near Japan4:50Still Cruisin'21989192
2506The Beach BoysIsland Girl3:50Still Cruisin'31989189
2507The Beach BoysIn My Car3:21Still Cruisin'41989205
2508The Beach BoysKokomo (from "Cocktail")3:38Still Cruisin'51989221
2509The Beach BoysWipe Out (with The Fat Boys)4:01Still Cruisin'61989205
2510The Beach BoysMake It Big (from "Troop Beverly Hills")3:11Still Cruisin'71989212
2511The Beach BoysI Get Around (from "Good Morning Vietnam")2:12Still Cruisin'81989134
2512The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice (from "The Big Chill")2:25Still Cruisin'91989145
2513The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls (from "Soul Man")2:38Still Cruisin'101989174
2514The Beach BoysSurfin' Safari2:07Summer Hits11993129
2515The Beach BoysSurfin'2:13Summer Hits61993179
2516The Beach BoysSlip On Through2:19Sunflower [1990 Remaster]11970187
2517The Beach BoysThis Whole World1:58Sunflower [1990 Remaster]21970182
2518The Beach BoysAdd Some Music To Your Day3:35Sunflower [1990 Remaster]31970183
2519The Beach BoysGot To Know The Woman2:43Sunflower [1990 Remaster]41970193
2520The Beach BoysDeirdre3:29Sunflower [1990 Remaster]51970182
2521The Beach BoysIt's About Time2:56Sunflower [1990 Remaster]61970200
2522The Beach BoysTears In The Morning4:09Sunflower [1990 Remaster]71970185
2523The Beach BoysAll I Wanna Do2:36Sunflower [1990 Remaster]81970188
2524The Beach BoysForever2:42Sunflower [1990 Remaster]91970189
2525The Beach BoysOur Sweet Love2:40Sunflower [1990 Remaster]101970186
2526The Beach BoysAt My Window2:32Sunflower [1990 Remaster]111970190
2527The Beach BoysCool, Cool Water5:03Sunflower [1990 Remaster]121970185
2528The Beach BoysDon't Go Near The Water2:42Surf's Up (Remastered)11971192
2529The Beach BoysLong Promised Road3:34Surf's Up (Remastered)21971191
2530The Beach BoysTake A Load Off Your Feet2:31Surf's Up (Remastered)31971199
2531The Beach BoysDisney Girls (1957)4:11Surf's Up (Remastered)41971184
2532The Beach BoysStudent Demonstration Time4:02Surf's Up (Remastered)51971223
2533The Beach BoysFeel Flows4:49Surf's Up (Remastered)61971187
2534The Beach BoysLookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)1:57Surf's Up (Remastered)71971191
2535The Beach BoysA Day In The Life Of A Tree3:10Surf's Up (Remastered)81971180
2536The Beach Boys'Til I Die2:44Surf's Up (Remastered)91971180
2537The Beach BoysSurf's Up4:11Surf's Up (Remastered)101971178
2538The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick1:59The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)122003185
2539The Beach BoysMerry Christmas Baby2:20The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)92003135
2540The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick1:59The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)151996206
2541The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:28The Best Of 60s Surf11987201
2542The Beach BoysFun, Fun, Fun2:02The Best Of 60s Surf91987207
2543The Beach BoysLady Lynda4:00The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)91999202
2544The Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:39The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)41997153
2545The Beach BoysSanta's Beard2:02The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)121987197
2546The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:00The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 211995248
2547The Beach BoysFrosty The Snowman1:56The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2131995231
2548The Beach BoysThe Man With All the Toys1:31The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 422000189
2549The Beach BoysI'll Be Home For Christmas2:43The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5142000187
2550The Beach BoysSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:20The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 622001213
2551The Beach BoysKokomo3:37Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 198841995219
2552The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:29Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1963181986198
2553The Beach BoysSurfin' USA2:32TM Century GoldDisc 605221991200
2554The Beach BoysDo You Wanna Dance2:20Today! [1990 Remaster]11965126
2555The Beach BoysGood To My Baby2:17Today! [1990 Remaster]21965126
2556The Beach BoysDon't Hurt My Little Sister2:08Today! [1990 Remaster]31965126
2557The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up (To Be A Man)2:03Today! [1990 Remaster]41965126
2558The Beach BoysHelp Me Rhonda3:10Today! [1990 Remaster]51965127
2559The Beach BoysDance, Dance, Dance2:00Today! [1990 Remaster]61965126
2560The Beach BoysPlease Let Me Wonder2:47Today! [1990 Remaster]71965126
2561The Beach BoysI'm So Young2:32Today! [1990 Remaster]81965126
2562The Beach BoysKiss Me Baby2:36Today! [1990 Remaster]91965126
2563The Beach BoysShe Knows Me Too Well2:30Today! [1990 Remaster]101965128
2564The Beach BoysIn The Back Of My Mind2:10Today! [1990 Remaster]111965125
2565The Beach BoysBull Session With The "Big Daddy"2:14Today! [1990 Remaster]121965126
2566The Beach BoysGod Only Knows2:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)22001203
2567The Beach BoysSloop John B2:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)142001130
2568The Beach BoysI Can Hear Music2:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)52001209
2569The Beach BoysCrocodile Rock4:23Two Rooms - Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin51991206
2570The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick2:03Ultimate Christmas11998204
2571The Beach BoysThe Man With All The Toys1:34Ultimate Christmas21998182
2572The Beach BoysSanta's Beard2:03Ultimate Christmas31998203
2573The Beach BoysMerry Christmas, Baby2:23Ultimate Christmas41998193
2574The Beach BoysChristmas Day1:48Ultimate Christmas51998182
2575The Beach BoysFrosty The Snowman1:59Ultimate Christmas61998217
2576The Beach BoysWe Three Kings Of Orient Are4:06Ultimate Christmas71998166
2577The Beach BoysBlue Christmas3:12Ultimate Christmas81998179
2578The Beach BoysSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:23Ultimate Christmas91998212
2579The Beach BoysWhite Christmas2:32Ultimate Christmas101998190
2580The Beach BoysI'll Be Home For Christmas2:48Ultimate Christmas111998190
2581The Beach BoysAuld Lang Syne1:24Ultimate Christmas121998193
2582The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick (Single Version)2:10Ultimate Christmas131998213
2583The Beach BoysAuld Lang Syne (Alternate Mix)1:25Ultimate Christmas141998191
2584The Beach BoysLittle Saint Nick (Alternate Mix)2:06Ultimate Christmas151998176
2585The Beach BoysChild Of Winter (Christmas Song)2:51Ultimate Christmas161998190
2586The Beach BoysSanta's Got An Airplane3:12Ultimate Christmas171998199
2587The Beach BoysChristmas Time Is Here Again3:04Ultimate Christmas181998224
2588The Beach BoysWinter Symphony3:02Ultimate Christmas191998205
2589The Beach Boys(I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:24Ultimate Christmas201998177
2590The Beach BoysMelekalikimaka2:36Ultimate Christmas211998184
2591The Beach BoysBells Of Christmas2:46Ultimate Christmas221998208
2592The Beach BoysMorning Christmas3:26Ultimate Christmas231998179
2593The Beach BoysToy Drive Public Service Announcement1:23Ultimate Christmas241998128
2594The Beach BoysDennis Wilson Christmas Message0:33Ultimate Christmas251998186
2595The Beach BoysBrian Wilson Christmas Interview2:34Ultimate Christmas261998127
2596The Beach BoysHeroes And Villains (Alternate Take)2:59Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)152009132
2597BeardfishAwaken the Sleeping6:00Destined Solitaire12009202
2598BeardfishDestined Solitaire10:52Destined Solitaire22009212
2599BeardfishUntil You Comply (Including Entropy)15:21Destined Solitaire32009189
2600BeardfishIn Real Life There Is No Algebra4:32Destined Solitaire42009200
2601BeardfishWhere the Rain Comes In8:28Destined Solitaire52009198
2602BeardfishAt Home... Watching Movies1:52Destined Solitaire62009195
2603BeardfishCoup de Grâce9:48Destined Solitaire72009200
2604BeardfishAbigail's Questions (In an Infinite Universe)9:12Destined Solitaire82009203
2605BeardfishThe Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of10:39Destined Solitaire92009201
2606BeardfishThe Platform8:06Mammoth12011222
2607BeardfishAnd the Stone Said "If I Could Speak"15:07Mammoth22011215
2609BeardfishGreen Waves8:53Mammoth42011219
2610BeardfishOutside ~ Inside1:43Mammoth52011180
2612BeardfishWithout Saying Anything (Feat. Ventriloquist)8:10Mammoth72011207
2613Beardfish...on the Verge of Sanity0:47Sleeping in Traffic: Part One12007126
2614BeardfishSunrise7:54Sleeping in Traffic: Part One22007184
2615BeardfishAfternoon Conversation3:42Sleeping in Traffic: Part One32007212
2616BeardfishAnd Never Knew5:59Sleeping in Traffic: Part One42007195
2617BeardfishRoulette12:07Sleeping in Traffic: Part One52007200
2618BeardfishDark Poet3:24Sleeping in Traffic: Part One62007205
2619BeardfishHarmony7:21Sleeping in Traffic: Part One72007207
2620BeardfishThe Ungodly Slob6:42Sleeping in Traffic: Part One82007218
2621BeardfishYear of the Knife7:28Sleeping in Traffic: Part One92007199
2622BeardfishWithout You2:39Sleeping in Traffic: Part One102007196
2623BeardfishSame Old Song (Sunset)7:51Sleeping in Traffic: Part One112007210
2624BeardfishAs The Sun Sets1:12Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two12008188
2625BeardfishInto The Night8:51Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two22008204
2626BeardfishThe Hunter5:57Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two32008225
2627BeardfishSouth of the Border7:43Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two42008224
2628BeardfishCashflow6:07Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two52008206
2629BeardfishThe Downward Spiral / Chimay7:10Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two62008207
2630BeardfishSleeping in Traffic35:44Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two72008205
2631BeardfishSunrise Again1:37Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two82008155
2632Beastie BoysBeastie Boys0:56Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)11999221
2633Beastie BoysSlow And Low3:38Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)21999208
2634Beastie BoysShake Your Rump3:19Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)31999171
2635Beastie BoysGratitude2:45Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)41999195
2636Beastie BoysSkills To Pay The Bills3:13Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)51999149
2637Beastie BoysRoot Down3:32Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)61999196
2638Beastie BoysBelieve Me1:19Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)71999203
2639Beastie BoysSure Shot3:20Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)81999179
2640Beastie BoysBody Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)5:31Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)91999166
2641Beastie BoysBoomin' Granny2:18Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)101999171
2642Beastie BoysFight For Your Right3:27Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)111999216
2643Beastie BoysCountry Mike's Theme0:35Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)121999199
2644Beastie BoysPass The Mic4:17Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)131999195
2645Beastie BoysSomething's Got To Give3:28Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)141999163
2646Beastie BoysBodhisattva Vow3:12Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)151999199
2647Beastie BoysSabrosa3:31Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)161999175
2648Beastie BoysSong For The Man3:11Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)171999223
2649Beastie BoysSoba Violence1:14Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)181999222
2650Beastie BoysAlive3:48Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)191999184
2651Beastie BoysJimmy James (Original Version)3:05Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)201999208
2652Beastie BoysThree MC's And One DJ (Live Video Version)2:18Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 1)211999207
2653Beastie BoysThe Biz Vs. The Nuge0:33Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)11999181
2654Beastie BoysSabotage2:59Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)21999206
2655Beastie BoysShadrach4:10Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)31999186
2656Beastie BoysBrass Monkey2:37Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)41999186
2657Beastie BoysTime For Livin'1:48Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)51999231
2658Beastie BoysDub The Mic3:01Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)61999198
2659Beastie BoysBenny And The Jets4:06Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)71999193
2660Beastie BoysThe Negotiation Limerick File2:52Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)81999195
2661Beastie BoysI Want Some2:00Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)91999195
2662Beastie BoysShe's On It4:18Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)101999189
2663Beastie BoysSon Of Neckbone3:19Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)111999189
2664Beastie BoysGet It Together4:06Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)121999155
2665Beastie BoysTwenty Questions2:28Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)131999215
2666Beastie BoysRemote Control2:59Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)141999194
2667Beastie BoysRailroad Blues2:38Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)151999217
2668Beastie BoysLive Wire3:06Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)161999208
2669Beastie BoysSo What'cha Want3:37Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)171999211
2670Beastie BoysNetty's Girl3:00Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)181999195
2671Beastie BoysEgg Raid On Mojo1:20Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)191999207
2672Beastie BoysHey Ladies3:48Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)201999194
2673Beastie BoysIntergalactic3:30Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)211999199
2674Beastie BoysHold It Now, Hit It3:27Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)31995187
2675Beastie BoysPaul Revere3:43Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)71995191
2676Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till Brooklyn4:09Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)91995202
2677Beastie BoysBrass Monkey2:37Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)81995200
2678Beastie Boys(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)3:27Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)21995225
2679Beastie BoysRhymin & Stealin4:08Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]11986188
2680Beastie BoysThe New Style4:35Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]21986180
2681Beastie BoysShe's Crafty3:35Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]31986238
2682Beastie BoysPosse In Effect2:26Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]41986186
2683Beastie BoysSlow Ride2:56Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]51986223
2684Beastie BoysGirls2:12Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]61986163
2685Beastie BoysFight For Your Right3:28Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]71986207
2686Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till Brooklyn4:07Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]81986206
2687Beastie BoysPaul Revere3:40Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]91986194
2688Beastie BoysHold It Now, Hit It3:26Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]101986188
2689Beastie BoysBrass Monkey2:37Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]111986192
2690Beastie BoysSlow And Low3:38Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]121986213
2691Beastie BoysTime To Get Ill3:39Licensed To Ill [2000 Remaster]131986189
2692Beastie BoysTo All The Girls1:29Paul's Boutique11989141
2693Beastie BoysShake Your Rump3:19Paul's Boutique21989165
2694Beastie BoysJohnny Ryall3:00Paul's Boutique31989164
2695Beastie BoysEgg Man2:57Paul's Boutique41989168
2696Beastie BoysHigh Plains Drifter4:12Paul's Boutique51989206
2697Beastie BoysThe Sounds Of Science3:11Paul's Boutique61989182
2698Beastie Boys3-Minute Rule3:39Paul's Boutique71989200
2699Beastie BoysHey Ladies3:47Paul's Boutique81989183
2700Beastie Boys5-Piece Chicken Dinner0:23Paul's Boutique91989192
2701Beastie BoysLooking Down The Barrel Of A Gun3:28Paul's Boutique101989155
2702Beastie BoysCar Thief3:39Paul's Boutique111989193
2703Beastie BoysWhat Comes Around3:07Paul's Boutique121989184
2704Beastie BoysShadrach4:07Paul's Boutique131989175
2705Beastie BoysAsk For Janice0:11Paul's Boutique141989187
2706Beastie BoysB-Boy Bouillabaisse12:33Paul's Boutique151989181
2707Beastie BoysCh-Check It Out3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-07192004212
2708Beastie BoysB For My Name3:32The Mix-Up12007190
2709Beastie Boys14Th Street Break3:34The Mix-Up22007175
2710Beastie BoysSuco de Tangerina3:17The Mix-Up32007188
2711Beastie BoysThe Gala Event3:47The Mix-Up42007205
2712Beastie BoysElectric Worm3:15The Mix-Up52007199
2713Beastie BoysFreaky Hijiki3:06The Mix-Up62007208
2714Beastie BoysOff The Grid4:36The Mix-Up72007194
2715Beastie BoysThe Rat Cage3:37The Mix-Up82007206
2716Beastie BoysThe Melee3:10The Mix-Up92007179
2717Beastie BoysDramastically Different3:57The Mix-Up102007201
2718Beastie BoysThe Cousin Of Death3:06The Mix-Up112007200
2719Beastie BoysThe Kangaroo Rat3:28The Mix-Up122007181
2720The Beastly BoysSquirrels2:19Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0521996128
2721The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night2:32A Hard Day's Night11964179
2722The BeatlesI Should Have Known Better2:44A Hard Day's Night21964170
2723The BeatlesIf I Fell2:22A Hard Day's Night31964166
2724The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1:58A Hard Day's Night41964180
2725The BeatlesAnd I Love Her2:31A Hard Day's Night51964158
2726The BeatlesTell Me Why2:10A Hard Day's Night61964149
2727The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love2:14A Hard Day's Night71964197
2728The BeatlesAny Time At All2:13A Hard Day's Night81964162
2729The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead1:47A Hard Day's Night91964172
2730The BeatlesThings We Said Today2:38A Hard Day's Night101964142
2731The BeatlesWhen I Get Home2:18A Hard Day's Night111964141
2732The BeatlesYou Can't Do That2:37A Hard Day's Night121964173
2733The BeatlesI'll Be Back2:20A Hard Day's Night131964152
2734The BeatlesCome Together4:20Abbey Road11969204
2735The BeatlesSomething3:03Abbey Road21969189
2736The BeatlesMaxwell's Silver Hammer3:27Abbey Road31969200
2737The BeatlesOh! Darling3:26Abbey Road41969200
2738The BeatlesOctopus's Garden2:51Abbey Road51969219
2739The BeatlesI Want You (She's So Heavy)7:47Abbey Road61969213
2740The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun3:05Abbey Road71969211
2741The BeatlesBecause2:45Abbey Road81969202
2742The BeatlesYou Never Give Me Your Money4:02Abbey Road91969210
2743The BeatlesSun King2:26Abbey Road101969189
2744The BeatlesMean Mr. Mustard1:06Abbey Road111969228
2745The BeatlesPolythene Pam1:12Abbey Road121969215
2746The BeatlesShe Came In Through the Bathroom Window1:57Abbey Road131969221
2747The BeatlesGolden Slumbers1:31Abbey Road141969191
2748The BeatlesCarry That Weight1:36Abbey Road151969216
2749The BeatlesThe End2:19Abbey Road161969187
2750The BeatlesHer Majesty0:23Abbey Road171969190
2751The BeatlesNo Reply2:17Beatles For Sale11964125
2752The BeatlesI'm A Loser2:33Beatles For Sale21964125
2753The BeatlesBaby's In Black2:07Beatles For Sale31964125
2754The BeatlesRock And Roll Music2:33Beatles For Sale41964125
2755The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun1:51Beatles For Sale51964125
2756The BeatlesMr. Moonlight2:37Beatles For Sale61964126
2757The BeatlesKansas City - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey2:33Beatles For Sale71964126
2758The BeatlesEight Days A Week2:45Beatles For Sale81964126
2759The BeatlesWords Of Love2:14Beatles For Sale91964126
2760The BeatlesHoney Don't2:59Beatles For Sale101964125
2761The BeatlesEvery Little Thing2:04Beatles For Sale111964125
2762The BeatlesI Don't Want To Spoil The Party2:36Beatles For Sale121964125
2763The BeatlesWhat You're Doing2:34Beatles For Sale131964126
2764The BeatlesEverybody's Trying To Be My Baby2:24Beatles For Sale141964128
2765The Beatles19634:05Fan Club Christmas Record11970194
2766The Beatles19644:01Fan Club Christmas Record21970191
2767The Beatles19656:42Fan Club Christmas Record31970194
2768The Beatles19666:35Fan Club Christmas Record41970191
2769The Beatles19676:05Fan Club Christmas Record51970197
2770The Beatles19687:59Fan Club Christmas Record61970192
2771The Beatles19697:26Fan Club Christmas Record71970197
2772The BeatlesFree As A Bird4:26Free As A Bird (Single)11995215
2773The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There (Take 9)2:51Free As A Bird (Single)21995209
2774The BeatlesThis Boy (Incomplete Takes 12 & 13)3:17Free As A Bird (Single)31995203
2775The BeatlesChristmas Time (Is Here Again)3:03Free As A Bird (Single)41995174
2776The BeatlesHelp!2:21Help!11965186
2777The BeatlesThe Night Before2:36Help!21965199
2778The BeatlesYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2:11Help!31965191
2779The BeatlesI Need You2:31Help!41965209
2780The BeatlesAnother Girl2:08Help!51965191
2781The BeatlesYou're Going To Lose That Girl2:20Help!61965213
2782The BeatlesTicket To Ride3:12Help!71965190
2783The BeatlesAct Naturally2:33Help!81965222
2784The BeatlesIt's Only Love1:58Help!91965198
2785The BeatlesYou Like Me Too Much2:38Help!101965217
2786The BeatlesTell Me What You See2:39Help!111965207
2787The BeatlesI've Just Seen A Face2:07Help!121965203
2788The BeatlesYesterday2:07Help!131965193
2789The BeatlesDizzy Miss Lizzie2:54Help!141965192
2790The BeatlesTwo Of Us3:36Let It Be11970199
2791The BeatlesDig A Pony3:54Let It Be21970177
2792The BeatlesAcross The Universe3:48Let It Be31970174
2793The BeatlesI Me Mine2:25Let It Be41970195
2794The BeatlesDig It0:50Let It Be51970181
2795The BeatlesLet It Be4:03Let It Be61970171
2796The BeatlesMaggie Mae0:40Let It Be71970188
2797The BeatlesI've Got A Feeling3:38Let It Be81970188
2798The BeatlesOne After 9092:55Let It Be91970188
2799The BeatlesThe Long And Winding Road3:37Let It Be101970191
2800The BeatlesFor You Blue2:32Let It Be111970195
2801The BeatlesGet Back3:07Let It Be121970187
2802The BeatlesGet Back2:34Let It Be...Naked12003190
2803The BeatlesDig A Pony3:38Let It Be...Naked22003181
2804The BeatlesFor You Blue2:27Let It Be...Naked32003189
2805The BeatlesThe Long And Winding Road3:34Let It Be...Naked42003169
2806The BeatlesTwo Of Us3:21Let It Be...Naked52003197
2807The BeatlesI've Got A Feeling3:30Let It Be...Naked62003182
2808The BeatlesOne After 9092:44Let It Be...Naked72003182
2809The BeatlesDon't Let Me Down3:18Let It Be...Naked82003186
2810The BeatlesI Me Mine2:21Let It Be...Naked92003190
2811The BeatlesAcross The Universe3:38Let It Be...Naked102003182
2812The BeatlesLet It Be3:53Let It Be...Naked112003180
2813The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour2:51Magical Mystery Tour11967183
2814The BeatlesThe Fool on the Hill3:00Magical Mystery Tour21967189
2815The BeatlesFlying2:17Magical Mystery Tour31967183
2816The BeatlesBlue Jay Way3:56Magical Mystery Tour41967184
2817The BeatlesYour Mother Should Know2:29Magical Mystery Tour51967191
2818The BeatlesI Am the Walrus4:37Magical Mystery Tour61967191
2819The BeatlesHello Goodbye3:31Magical Mystery Tour71967194
2820The BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever4:10Magical Mystery Tour81967187
2821The BeatlesPenny Lane3:03Magical Mystery Tour91967175
2822The BeatlesBaby You're a Rich Man3:03Magical Mystery Tour101967196
2823The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love3:52Magical Mystery Tour111967187
2824The BeatlesLove Me Do2:23Past Masters, Vol. 111988155
2825The BeatlesFrom Me to You1:57Past Masters, Vol. 121988128
2826The BeatlesThank You Girl2:04Past Masters, Vol. 131988137
2827The BeatlesShe Loves You2:21Past Masters, Vol. 141988148
2828The BeatlesI'll Get You2:05Past Masters, Vol. 151988146
2829The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand2:26Past Masters, Vol. 161988231
2830The BeatlesThis Boy2:16Past Masters, Vol. 171988218
2831The BeatlesKomm, Gib Mir Deine Hand2:26Past Masters, Vol. 181988133
2832The BeatlesSie Liebt Dich2:19Past Masters, Vol. 191988139
2833The BeatlesLong Tall Sally2:03Past Masters, Vol. 1101988212
2834The BeatlesI Call Your Name2:09Past Masters, Vol. 1111988221
2835The BeatlesSlow Down2:56Past Masters, Vol. 1121988214
2836The BeatlesMatchbox1:59Past Masters, Vol. 1131988220
2837The BeatlesI Feel Fine2:19Past Masters, Vol. 1141988205
2838The BeatlesShe's A Woman3:03Past Masters, Vol. 1151988227
2839The BeatlesBad Boy2:20Past Masters, Vol. 1161988200
2840The BeatlesYes It Is2:42Past Masters, Vol. 1171988187
2841The BeatlesI'm Down2:31Past Masters, Vol. 1181988203
2842The BeatlesDay Tripper2:49Past Masters, Vol. 211988220
2843The BeatlesWe Can Work It Out2:15Past Masters, Vol. 221988205
2844The BeatlesPaperback Writer2:18Past Masters, Vol. 231988218
2845The BeatlesRain3:02Past Masters, Vol. 241988236
2846The BeatlesLady Madonna2:17Past Masters, Vol. 251988216
2847The BeatlesThe Inner Light2:36Past Masters, Vol. 261988203
2848The BeatlesHey Jude7:08Past Masters, Vol. 271988208
2849The BeatlesRevolution3:24Past Masters, Vol. 281988234
2850The BeatlesGet Back3:14Past Masters, Vol. 291988213
2851The BeatlesDon't Let Me Down3:34Past Masters, Vol. 2101988200
2852The BeatlesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko3:00Past Masters, Vol. 2111988208
2853The BeatlesOld Brown Shoe3:18Past Masters, Vol. 2121988209
2854The BeatlesAcross The Universe ['Wildlife' version]3:49Past Masters, Vol. 2131988198
2855The BeatlesLet It Be3:51Past Masters, Vol. 2141988209
2856The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)4:19Past Masters, Vol. 2151988143
2857The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There2:55Please Please Me11963140
2858The BeatlesMisery1:50Please Please Me21963126
2859The BeatlesAnna (Go To Him)2:57Please Please Me31963127
2860The BeatlesChains2:26Please Please Me41963129
2861The BeatlesBoys2:27Please Please Me51963126
2862The BeatlesAsk Me Why2:27Please Please Me61963126
2863The BeatlesPlease Please Me2:03Please Please Me71963125
2864The BeatlesLove Me Do2:22Please Please Me81963126
2865The BeatlesP.S. I Love You2:05Please Please Me91963125
2866The BeatlesBaby It's You2:38Please Please Me101963126
2867The BeatlesDo You Want To Know A Secret1:59Please Please Me111963126
2868The BeatlesA Taste Of Honey2:05Please Please Me121963125
2869The BeatlesThere's A Place1:52Please Please Me131963125
2870The BeatlesTwist And Shout2:33Please Please Me141963129
2871The BeatlesTaxman2:39Revolver11966186
2872The BeatlesEleanor Rigby2:07Revolver21966178
2873The BeatlesI'm Only Sleeping3:01Revolver31966183
2874The BeatlesLove You To3:01Revolver41966188
2875The BeatlesHere, There And Everywhere2:25Revolver51966190
2876The BeatlesYellow Submarine2:40Revolver61966191
2877The BeatlesShe Said She Said2:37Revolver71966184
2878The BeatlesGood Day Sunshine2:09Revolver81966193
2879The BeatlesAnd Your Bird Can Sing2:01Revolver91966210
2880The BeatlesFor No One2:01Revolver101966187
2881The BeatlesDoctor Robert2:15Revolver111966187
2882The BeatlesI Want To Tell You2:29Revolver121966185
2883The BeatlesGot To Get You Into My Life2:30Revolver131966190
2884The BeatlesTomorrow Never Knows2:57Revolver141966170
2885The BeatlesDrive My Car2:30Rubber Soul11965213
2886The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2:05Rubber Soul21965212
2887The BeatlesYou Won't See Me3:22Rubber Soul31965211
2888The BeatlesNowhere Man2:44Rubber Soul41965217
2889The BeatlesThink For Yourself2:19Rubber Soul51965214
2890The BeatlesThe Word2:43Rubber Soul61965208
2891The BeatlesMichelle2:42Rubber Soul71965201
2892The BeatlesWhat Goes On2:50Rubber Soul81965222
2893The BeatlesGirl2:33Rubber Soul91965202
2894The BeatlesI'm Looking Through You2:27Rubber Soul101965208
2895The BeatlesIn My Life2:28Rubber Soul111965198
2896The BeatlesWait2:17Rubber Soul121965202
2897The BeatlesIf I Needed Someone2:23Rubber Soul131965213
2898The BeatlesRun For Your Life2:18Rubber Soul141965213
2899The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2:02Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band11967195
2900The BeatlesWith a Little Help From My Friends2:44Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band21967206
2901The BeatlesLucy in the Sky With Diamonds3:28Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band31967193
2902The BeatlesGetting Better2:47Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band41967203
2903The BeatlesFixing A Hole2:36Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band51967198
2904The BeatlesShe's Leaving Home3:35Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band61967199
2905The BeatlesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!2:37Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band71967199
2906The BeatlesWithin You Without You5:05Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band81967197
2907The BeatlesWhen I'm Sixty-Four2:37Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band91967200
2908The BeatlesLovely Rita2:42Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band101967206
2909The BeatlesGood Morning Good Morning2:41Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band111967205
2910The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)1:18Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band121967214
2911The BeatlesA Day In The Life5:33Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band131967200
2912The BeatlesMemphis2:19The Beatles in the beginning8 128
2913The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand2:25The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!12004209
2914The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There2:55The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!22004270
2915The BeatlesThis Boy2:15The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!32004199
2916The BeatlesIt Won't Be Long2:13The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!42004242
2917The BeatlesAll I've Got To Do2:04The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!52004220
2918The BeatlesAll My Loving2:07The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!62004229
2919The BeatlesDon't Bother Me2:29The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!72004217
2920The BeatlesLittle Child1:47The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!82004243
2921The BeatlesTill There Was You2:15The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!92004211
2922The BeatlesHold Me Tight2:33The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!102004226
2923The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your Man2:01The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!112004247
2924The BeatlesNot A Second Time2:05The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!122004234
2925The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand (Mono)2:27The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!132004145
2926The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There (Mono)2:54The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!142004161
2927The BeatlesThis Boy (Mono)2:15The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!152004129
2928The BeatlesIt Won't Be Long (Mono)2:13The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!162004144
2929The BeatlesAll I've Got To Do (Mono)2:04The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!172004140
2930The BeatlesAll My Loving (Mono)2:05The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!182004148
2931The BeatlesDon't Bother Me (Mono)2:29The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!192004131
2932The BeatlesLittle Child (Mono)1:47The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!202004157
2933The BeatlesTill There Was You (Mono)2:15The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!212004129
2934The BeatlesHold Me Tight (Mono)2:33The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!222004140
2935The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your Man (Mono)2:01The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!232004146
2936The BeatlesNot A Second Time (Mono)2:04The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 1) - Meet The Beatles!242004148
2937The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven2:49The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album12004231
2938The BeatlesThank You Girl2:07The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album22004221
2939The BeatlesYou Really Got A Hold On Me3:05The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album32004244
2940The BeatlesDevil In Her Heart2:30The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album42004260
2941The BeatlesMoney2:53The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album52004246
2942The BeatlesYou Can't Do That2:37The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album62004224
2943The BeatlesLong Tall Sally2:07The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album72004218
2944The BeatlesI Call Your Name2:11The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album82004235
2945The BeatlesPlease Mr. Postman2:38The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album92004254
2946The BeatlesI'll Get You2:09The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album102004225
2947The BeatlesShe Loves You2:22The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album112004243
2948The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven (Mono)2:47The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album122004165
2949The BeatlesThank You Girl (Mono)2:06The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album132004134
2950The BeatlesYou Really Got A Hold On Me (Mono)3:04The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album142004134
2951The BeatlesDevil In Her Heart (Mono)2:28The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album152004164
2952The BeatlesMoney (Mono)2:50The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album162004151
2953The BeatlesYou Can't Do That (Mono)2:36The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album172004144
2954The BeatlesLong Tall Sally (Mono)2:06The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album182004131
2955The BeatlesI Call Your Name (Mono)2:14The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album192004134
2956The BeatlesPlease Mr. Postman (Mono)2:37The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album202004164
2957The BeatlesI'll Get You (Mono)2:09The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album212004145
2958The BeatlesShe Loves You (Mono)2:21The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 2) - The Beatles' Second Album222004145
2959The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead1:48The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New12004228
2960The BeatlesThings We Said Today2:38The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New22004222
2961The BeatlesAnytime At All2:14The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New32004231
2962The BeatlesWhen I Get Home2:19The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New42004221
2963The BeatlesSlow Down2:57The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New52004230
2964The BeatlesMatchbox1:57The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New62004223
2965The BeatlesTell Me Why2:11The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New72004228
2966The BeatlesAnd I Love Her2:32The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New82004192
2967The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1:58The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New92004220
2968The BeatlesIf I Fell2:22The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New102004195
2969The BeatlesKomm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand)2:25The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New112004225
2970The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead (Mono)2:09The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New122004134
2971The BeatlesThings We Said Today (Mono)2:38The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New132004132
2972The BeatlesAnytime At All (Mono)2:14The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New142004146
2973The BeatlesWhen I Get Home (Mono)2:18The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New152004140
2974The BeatlesSlow Down (Mono)2:57The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New162004141
2975The BeatlesMatchbox (Mono)1:58The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New172004130
2976The BeatlesTell Me Why (Mono)2:09The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New182004138
2977The BeatlesAnd I Love Her (Mono)2:31The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New192004129
2978The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Mono)1:59The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New202004147
2979The BeatlesIf I Fell (Mono)2:22The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New212004130
2980The BeatlesKomm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand) (Mono)2:27The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 3) - Something New222004130
2981The BeatlesNo Reply2:18The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6512004195
2982The BeatlesI'm A Loser2:32The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6522004212
2983The BeatlesBaby's In Black2:08The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6532004214
2984The BeatlesRock And Roll Music2:34The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6542004193
2985The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun1:51The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6552004191
2986The BeatlesMr. Moonlight2:40The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6562004201
2987The BeatlesHoney Don't3:00The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6572004224
2988The BeatlesI'll Be Back2:24The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6582004213
2989The BeatlesShe's A Woman3:01The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '6592004221
2990The BeatlesI Feel Fine2:23The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65102004215
2991The BeatlesEverybody's Trying To Be My Baby2:25The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65112004213
2992The BeatlesNo Reply (Mono)2:17The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65122004130
2993The BeatlesI'm A Loser (Mono)2:33The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65132004133
2994The BeatlesBaby's In Black (Mono)2:08The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65142004129
2995The BeatlesRock And Roll Music (Mono)2:34The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65152004129
2996The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun (Mono)1:50The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65162004130
2997The BeatlesMr. Moonlight (Mono)2:36The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65172004128
2998The BeatlesHoney Don't (Mono)2:59The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65182004130
2999The BeatlesI'll Be Back (Mono)2:24The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65192004131
3000The BeatlesShe's A Woman (Mono)3:01The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65202004136
3001The BeatlesI Feel Fine (Mono)2:23The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65212004129
3002The BeatlesEverybody's Trying To Be My Baby (Mono)2:25The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (Disc 4) - Beatles '65222004131
3003The BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.2:43The White Album (Disc 1)11968224
3004The BeatlesDear Prudence3:56The White Album (Disc 1)21968213
3005The BeatlesGlass Onion2:18The White Album (Disc 1)31968210
3006The BeatlesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da3:08The White Album (Disc 1)41968217
3007The BeatlesWild Honey Pie0:52The White Album (Disc 1)51968208
3008The BeatlesThe Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill3:14The White Album (Disc 1)61968218
3009The BeatlesWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps4:45The White Album (Disc 1)71968220
3010The BeatlesHappiness Is A Warm Gun2:43The White Album (Disc 1)81968222
3011The BeatlesMartha My Dear2:28The White Album (Disc 1)91968201
3012The BeatlesI'm So Tired2:03The White Album (Disc 1)101968196
3013The BeatlesBlackbird2:18The White Album (Disc 1)111968196
3014The BeatlesPiggies2:04The White Album (Disc 1)121968215
3015The BeatlesRocky Raccoon3:32The White Album (Disc 1)131968193
3016The BeatlesDon't Pass Me By3:50The White Album (Disc 1)141968214
3017The BeatlesWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?1:41The White Album (Disc 1)151968207
3018The BeatlesI Will1:46The White Album (Disc 1)161968206
3019The BeatlesJulia2:54The White Album (Disc 1)171968183
3020The BeatlesBirthday2:42The White Album (Disc 2)11968197
3021The BeatlesYer Blues4:01The White Album (Disc 2)21968210
3022The BeatlesMother Nature's Son2:48The White Album (Disc 2)31968199
3023The BeatlesEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey2:24The White Album (Disc 2)41968225
3024The BeatlesSexy Sadie3:15The White Album (Disc 2)51968216
3025The BeatlesHelter Skelter4:29The White Album (Disc 2)61968213
3026The BeatlesLong, Long, Long3:04The White Album (Disc 2)71968198
3027The BeatlesRevolution 14:15The White Album (Disc 2)81968184
3028The BeatlesHoney Pie2:41The White Album (Disc 2)91968197
3029The BeatlesSavoy Truffle2:54The White Album (Disc 2)101968222
3030The BeatlesCry Baby Cry3:01The White Album (Disc 2)111968209
3031The BeatlesRevolution 98:22The White Album (Disc 2)121968205
3032The BeatlesGood Night3:11The White Album (Disc 2)131968210
3033The BeatlesHello Goodbye3:18TM Century GoldDisc 60561991210
3034The BeatlesHello Goodbye3:30TM Century GoldDisc Update 111991208
3035The BeatlesShe's a Woman3:04TM Century GoldDisc Update 1241991225
3036The BeatlesHey Jude7:08TM Century GoldDisc Update 211991204
3037The BeatlesAnd I Love Her2:31TM Century GoldDisc Update 711991198
3038The BeatlesYellow Submarine2:42Yellow Submarine11969189
3039The BeatlesOnly a Northern Song3:27Yellow Submarine21969185
3040The BeatlesAll Together Now2:13Yellow Submarine31969197
3041The BeatlesHey Bulldog3:14Yellow Submarine41969199
3042The BeatlesIt's All Too Much6:28Yellow Submarine51969185
3043The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love3:52Yellow Submarine61969182
3044The BeatlesPepperland2:24Yellow Submarine71969182
3045The BeatlesSea of Time3:00Yellow Submarine81969193
3046The BeatlesSea of Holes2:20Yellow Submarine91969178
3047The BeatlesSea of Monsters3:39Yellow Submarine101969182
3048The BeatlesMarch of the Meanies2:22Yellow Submarine111969183
3049The BeatlesPepperland Laid Waste2:15Yellow Submarine121969186
3050The BeatlesYellow Submarine in Pepperland2:12Yellow Submarine131969190
3051Beats InternationalDub Be Good To Me3:58The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)161993211
3052The Beau BrummelsYou Tell Me Why3:05Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind101965211
3053The Beau BrummelsLaugh, Laugh3:05Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On51988218
3054Beau BrummelsJust A Little2:24Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)122007256
3055Beau BrummelsLaugh Laugh3:04Highs Of The Sixties161986216
3056The Beau BrummelsLaugh, Laugh3:04Lil' Bit of Gold [Rhino EP]11989228
3057The Beau BrummelsJust a Little2:25Lil' Bit of Gold [Rhino EP]21989200
3058The Beau BrummelsDon't Talk to Strangers2:21Lil' Bit of Gold [Rhino EP]31989223
3059The Beau BrummelsYou Tell Me Why3:05Lil' Bit of Gold [Rhino EP]41989217
3060The Beau BrummelsLaugh, Laugh2:54Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)191998144
3061The Beau BrummelsYou Tell Me Why3:15The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)11975210
3062The Beau BrummelsFirst in Line2:59The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)21975216
3063The Beau BrummelsWolf2:23The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)31975215
3064The Beau BrummelsDown to the Bottom3:24The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)41975209
3065The Beau BrummelsTennessee Walker3:14The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)51975197
3066The Beau BrummelsSinging Cowboy3:17The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)61975208
3067The Beau BrummelsGoldrush3:20The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)71975211
3068The Beau BrummelsThe Lonely Side4:34The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)81975202
3069The Beau BrummelsGate of Hearts3:00The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)91975214
3070The Beau BrummelsToday By Day2:36The Beau Brummels (2007 Reissue)101975210
3071The Beau BrummelsAre You Happy?2:17Triangle (2002 Reissue)11967207
3072The Beau BrummelsOnly Dreaming Now2:06Triangle (2002 Reissue)21967219
3073The Beau BrummelsPainter 0f Women2:51Triangle (2002 Reissue)31967198
3074The Beau BrummelsThe Keeper of Time2:09Triangle (2002 Reissue)41967206
3075The Beau BrummelsIt Won't Get Better2:02Triangle (2002 Reissue)51967195
3076The Beau BrummelsNine Pound Hammer3:19Triangle (2002 Reissue)61967207
3077The Beau BrummelsMagic Hollow2:53Triangle (2002 Reissue)71967195
3078The Beau BrummelsAnd I've Seen Her1:59Triangle (2002 Reissue)81967208
3079The Beau BrummelsTriangle2:17Triangle (2002 Reissue)91967211
3080The Beau BrummelsThe Wolf and the Velvet Fortune4:52Triangle (2002 Reissue)101967194
3081The Beau BrummelsOld Kentucky Home2:05Triangle (2002 Reissue)111967216
3082The Beau-MarksClap Your Hands2:03Lost Treasures Volume 28 125
3083The Beautiful GirlsAshes3:49Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)162006220
3084The Beautiful MistakeA Cradle In Bethlehem3:48A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas172003219
3085The Beautiful SouthSong For Whoever4:05Now That's What I Call Music! - Vol 15 (Disc 1)111989255
3086BeaverPiece Of Mind5:4813eaver [1999 Remaster]11996214
3087BeaverDrown3:0813eaver [1999 Remaster]21996202
3088BeaverDolphinity5:0713eaver [1999 Remaster]31996225
3089BeaverCentaur5:5313eaver [1999 Remaster]41996213
3090BeaverThis Room2:3913eaver [1999 Remaster]51996216
3091BeaverDecisions In Time4:3913eaver [1999 Remaster]61996200
3092BeaverOne Eye Is King4:1513eaver [1999 Remaster]71996213
3093BeaverRipe Fruit5:0013eaver [1999 Remaster]81996209
3094BeaverSnake & Ladders3:5713eaver [1999 Remaster]91996216
3095Beaver5388101:2513eaver [1999 Remaster]101996208
3096BeaverDeep Hibernation3:4813eaver [1999 Remaster]111996203
3097BeaverMiss Interpreter3:0113eaver [1999 Remaster]121996205
3098BeaverInfinity0:2713eaver [1999 Remaster]131996190
3099BeaverStatic6:30Lodge (EP)11999209
3100BeaverTarmac3:48Lodge (EP)21999225
3101BeaverRepossessed3:58Lodge (EP)31999202
3102BeaverInterstate6:50Lodge (EP)41999219
3103BeaverI Reckon7:07Lodge (EP)51999200
3104BeaverPrivate Stash5:25Mobile12000222
3105BeaverAt The Mirror Palace4:56Mobile22000227
3106BeaverEnd Of A Rope4:57Mobile32000213
3109Beaver9 Lives6:11Mobile62000208
3111BeaverHour Glass7:25Mobile82000210
3112BeaverAbsence Without Leave5:06Queens Of The Stone Age / Beaver Split EP31998208
3113BeaverMorocco4:25Queens Of The Stone Age / Beaver Split EP41998210
3114Beavis and Butt-HeadSounds Like Ozzy0:58   128
3115BeBe & CeCe WinansCount It All Joy6:26WOW 1996 (Disc 1)51995198
3116Bebe & CeCe WinansUp Where We Belong5:01WOW 1998 (Black Disc)101997195
3117Bebo NormanCover Me4:39WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)152001208
3118Bebo NormanGreat Light Of The World4:09WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)52003213
3119Bebo NormanDisappear3:50WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)112004223
3120Bebo NormanNothing Without You3:32WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)132005196
3121Bebo Norman & Caedmon's CallHoly Is Your Name3:30WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)132002220
3122Be-Bop DeluxeAxe Victim5:12Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)11997214
3123Be-Bop DeluxeLove With The Madman3:11Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)21997204
3124Be-Bop DeluxeSister Seagull3:36Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)31997212
3125Be-Bop DeluxeHeavenly Homes3:41Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)41997203
3126Be-Bop DeluxeShips In The Night4:25Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)51997186
3127Be-Bop DeluxeTwilight Capers4:28Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)61997197
3128Be-Bop DeluxeKiss Of Light3:11Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)71997192
3129Be-Bop DeluxeCrying To The Sky3:48Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)81997194
3130Be-Bop DeluxeSleep That Burns5:24Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)91997212
3131Be-Bop DeluxeLife In The Air Age (Live)4:21Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)101997194
3132Be-Bop DeluxeElectrical Language4:49Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)111997204
3133Be-Bop DeluxePanic In The World5:01Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)121997208
3134Be-Bop DeluxeMaid In Heaven2:27Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)131997229
3135Be-Bop DeluxeBetween The Worlds3:18Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)141997226
3136Be-Bop DeluxeBlazing Apostles4:28Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)151997191
3137Be-Bop DeluxeLovers Are Mortal4:53Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)161997184
3138Be-Bop DeluxeDown On Terminal Street4:06Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)171997190
3139Be-Bop DeluxeDarkness (L'immoraliste)3:20Air Age Anthology (Disc 1)181997201
3140Be-Bop DeluxeAdventures in a Yorkshire Landscape3:26Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)11997208
3141Be-Bop DeluxeNight Creatures3:32Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)21997215
3142Be-Bop DeluxeMusic in Deamland4:45Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)31997212
3143Be-Bop DeluxeJean Cocteau2:50Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)41997226
3144Be-Bop DeluxeBeauty Secrets2:51Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)51997194
3145Be-Bop DeluxeLife in the Air Age4:01Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)61997210
3146Be-Bop DeluxeSpeed of the Wind4:19Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)71997194
3147Be-Bop DeluxeModern Music3:41Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)81997190
3148Be-Bop DeluxeDancing in the Moonlight (All Alone)2:10Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)91997200
3149Be-Bop DeluxeHoneymoon on Mars1:20Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)101997199
3150Be-Bop DeluxeLost in the Neon World0:47Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)111997194
3151Be-Bop DeluxeDance of Uncle Sam and the Humanoids2:12Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)121997212
3152Be-Bop DeluxeModern Music (Reprise)1:39Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)131997202
3153Be-Bop DeluxeFair Exchange (Live)4:55Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)141997178
3154Be-Bop DeluxeAutosexual5:49Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)151997211
3155Be-Bop DeluxeNew Mysteries4:44Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)161997205
3156Be-Bop DeluxeSurreal Estate5:00Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)171997203
3157Be-Bop DeluxeIslands of the Dead3:43Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)181997185
3158Be-Bop DeluxeVisions of Endless Hopes2:23Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)191997198
3159Be-Bop DeluxeThe Bird Charmers Destiny1:20Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)201997190
3160Be-Bop DeluxeThe Gold at the End of My Rainbow3:54Air Age Anthology (Disc 2)211997183
3161Be-Bop DeluxeAxe Victim5:15Axe Victim11974213
3162Be-Bop DeluxeLove Is Swift Arrows4:12Axe Victim21974221
3163Be-Bop DeluxeJet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus4:10Axe Victim31974208
3164Be-Bop DeluxeThird Floor Heaven2:27Axe Victim41974212
3165Be-Bop DeluxeNight Creatures3:34Axe Victim51974214
3166Be-Bop DeluxeRocket Cathedrals3:01Axe Victim61974208
3167Be-Bop DeluxeAdventures In A Yorkshire Landscape3:23Axe Victim71974210
3168Be-Bop DeluxeJets At Dawn7:19Axe Victim81974215
3169Be-Bop DeluxeNo Trains To Heaven6:39Axe Victim91974208
3170Be-Bop DeluxeDarkness (L'Immortaliste)3:22Axe Victim101974200
3171Be-Bop DeluxePiece Of Mine (Live 1977) (Bonus Track)5:13Axe Victim111974180
3172Be-Bop DeluxeMill Street Junction (Live 1977) (Bonus Track)4:43Axe Victim121974186
3173Be-Bop DeluxeAdventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (Live 1977) (Bonus Track)7:56Axe Victim131974180
3174Be-Bop DeluxeMaid In Heaven2:29Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)12 226
3175Be-Bop DeluxeFair Exchange4:49Sunburst Finish11976181
3176Be-Bop DeluxeHeavenly Homes3:36Sunburst Finish21976203
3177Be-Bop DeluxeShips In The Night4:03Sunburst Finish31976192
3178Be-Bop DeluxeCrying To The Sky3:57Sunburst Finish41976195
3179Be-Bop DeluxeSleep That Burns5:16Sunburst Finish51976212
3180Be-Bop DeluxeBeauty Secrets2:47Sunburst Finish61976197
3181Be-Bop DeluxeLife In The Air Age3:59Sunburst Finish71976210
3182Be-Bop DeluxeLike An Old Blues3:27Sunburst Finish81976217
3183Be-Bop DeluxeCrystal Gazing3:24Sunburst Finish91976202
3184Be-Bop DeluxeBlazing Apostles4:29Sunburst Finish101976190
3185Be-Bop DeluxeShine (Bonus Track)7:48Sunburst Finish111976198
3186Be-Bop DeluxeSpeed Of The Wind (Bonus Track)4:20Sunburst Finish121976194
3187Be-Bop DeluxeBlue As A Jewel (Bonus Track)5:11Sunburst Finish131976197
3188Be-Bop DeluxeJet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus4:09The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe11998205
3189Be-Bop DeluxeAdventures In A Yorkshire Landscape3:57The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe21998202
3190Be-Bop DeluxeMaid In Heaven2:27The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe31998231
3191Be-Bop DeluxeShips In The Night4:03The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe41998202
3192Be-Bop DeluxeLife In The Air Age4:00The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe51998202
3193Be-Bop DeluxeKiss Of Light3:13The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe61998187
3194Be-Bop DeluxeSister Seagull3:36The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe71998216
3195Be-Bop DeluxeModern Music3:44The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe81998184
3196Be-Bop DeluxeJapan2:39The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe91998210
3197Be-Bop DeluxePanic In The World5:04The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe101998204
3198Be-Bop DeluxeBring Back The Spark3:40The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe111998222
3199Be-Bop DeluxeForbidden Lovers4:38The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe121998193
3200Be-Bop DeluxeElectrical Language4:50The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe131998204
3201Be-Bop DeluxeFair Exchange4:48The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe141998193
3202Be-Bop DeluxeSleep That Burns5:18The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe151998217
3203Be-Bop DeluxeBetween The Worlds3:23The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe161998227
3204Be-Bop DeluxeMusic In Dreamland4:46The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe171998217
3205Be-Bop DeluxePiece Of Mine5:10The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe181998187
3206Be-Bop DeluxeMill St. Junction4:44The Very Best Of Be Bop Deluxe191998193
3207BeckLoser3:55Mellow Gold11994191
3208BeckPay No Mind (Snoozer)3:14Mellow Gold21994178
3209BeckFuckin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)3:41Mellow Gold31994218
3210BeckWhiskeyclone, Hotel City 19973:28Mellow Gold41994208
3211BeckSoul Suckin Jerk3:56Mellow Gold51994214
3212BeckTruckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)2:55Mellow Gold61994205
3213BeckSweet Sunshine4:17Mellow Gold71994201
3214BeckBeercan4:00Mellow Gold81994213
3215BeckSteal My Body Home5:33Mellow Gold91994195
3216BeckNitemare Hippy Girl2:55Mellow Gold101994173
3217BeckMutherfuker2:05Mellow Gold111994192
3218BeckBlackhole7:34Mellow Gold121994198
3219BeckSexx Laws3:40Midnite Vultures11999204
3220BeckNicotine & Gravy5:12Midnite Vultures21999224
3221BeckMixed Bizness4:10Midnite Vultures31999217
3222BeckGet Real Paid4:20Midnite Vultures41999225
3223BeckHollywood Freaks3:59Midnite Vultures51999214
3224BeckPeaches & Cream4:54Midnite Vultures61999206
3225BeckBroken Train4:11Midnite Vultures71999213
3226BeckMilk & Honey5:19Midnite Vultures81999203
3227BeckBeautiful Way5:43Midnite Vultures91999199
3228BeckPressure Zone3:06Midnite Vultures101999241
3229BeckDebra13:46Midnite Vultures111999160
3230BeckDiamond Dogs4:34Moulin Rouge (OST)92001203
3231BeckDevils Haircut3:14Odelay11996192
3233BeckLord Only Knows4:14Odelay31996211
3234BeckThe New Pollution3:39Odelay41996221
3238BeckWhere It's At5:30Odelay81996217
3242BeckHigh 5 (Rock The Catskills)4:10Odelay121996205
3244BeckThe Golden Age4:36Sea Change12002183
3245BeckPaper Tiger4:35Sea Change22002191
3246BeckGuess I'm Doing Fine4:49Sea Change32002184
3247BeckLonesome Tears5:37Sea Change42002208
3248BeckLost Cause3:47Sea Change52002196
3249BeckEnd Of The Day5:03Sea Change62002204
3250BeckIt's All In Your Mind3:05Sea Change72002182
3251BeckRound The Bend5:15Sea Change82002194
3252BeckAlready Dead2:58Sea Change92002194
3253BeckSunday Sun4:44Sea Change102002227
3254BeckLittle One4:26Sea Change112002219
3255BeckSide Of The Road3:23Sea Change122002175
3256BeckNausea2:54Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)132007215
3257BeckGirl3:29Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)172006222
3258Beck, Bogert & AppiceBlack Cat Moan3:50Beck Bogert Appice11973218
3259Beck, Bogert & AppiceLady5:33Beck Bogert Appice21973213
3260Beck, Bogert & AppiceOh to Love You4:06Beck Bogert Appice31973206
3261Beck, Bogert & AppiceSuperstition4:19Beck Bogert Appice41973221
3262Beck, Bogert & AppiceSweet Sweet Surrender4:02Beck Bogert Appice51973204
3263Beck, Bogert & AppiceWhy Should I Care About You3:34Beck Bogert Appice61973213
3264Beck, Bogert & AppiceLose Myself with You3:21Beck Bogert Appice71973213
3265Beck, Bogert & AppiceLivin' Alone4:12Beck Bogert Appice81973212
3266Beck, Bogert & AppiceI'm So Proud4:11Beck Bogert Appice91973203
3267Beck, Bogert & AppiceSuperstition4:21Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)12 231
3268Beckie BellSteppin' Out Tonight4:17Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)82001211
3269BedlamMagic Carpet Ride5:11Reservoir Dogs (OST)71992211
3270BedlamHarvest Moon2:38Reservoir Dogs (OST)121992193
3271Bedrich SmetanaThe Bartered Bride: Furiant2:08100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 313 201
3272Bedrich SmetanaThe Bartered Bride: Ballet6:22100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 418 201
3273Bedrich SmetanaThe Bartered Bride: Polka4:57100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 54 200
3274Bedrich SmetanaThe Bartered Bride: Act 3 (Dance Of The Comedians)5:32In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance11997200
3275Bedrich SmetanaTales From Pilsen - Polka E Flat major2:39Romantic Festival Vol. 111990135
3276Bee Bumble & The StingersNut Rocker2:01One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)62001244
3277The Bee GeesShape Of Things To Come4:171988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment In Time61988185
3278The Bee GeesTo Love Somebody2:58AM Gold: 1967101995186
3279The Bee GeesMassachusetts2:22AM Gold: 1967191995175
3280Bee GeesSpicks And Specks2:50Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)142000139
3281Bee GeesWords3:17Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind171991195
3282Bee GeesSpicks And Specks2:51Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 3)21992194
3283The Bee GeesJive Talkin'3:42Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)191989214
3284Bee GeesStayin' Alive4:44Madagascar (OST)72005231
3285Bee GeesHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart?3:30Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal61990177
3286Bee GeesMan In The Middle4:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-01162005228
3287Bee GeesStayin' Alive4:49Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]11977213
3288Bee GeesHow Deep Is Your Love4:06Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]21977202
3289Bee GeesNight Fever3:32Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]31977215
3290Bee GeesMore Than a Woman3:17Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]41977210
3291Bee GeesJive Talkin'3:44Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]121977205
3292Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing4:16Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]131977214
3293The Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing4:17Sounds Of The Seventies - 197671989218
3294Bee GeesThe Woman In You4:03Staying Alive (OST)11983198
3295Bee GeesI Love You Too Much4:27Staying Alive (OST)21983194
3296Bee GeesBreakout4:44Staying Alive (OST)31983195
3297Bee GeesSomeone Belonging To Someone4:25Staying Alive (OST)41983188
3298Bee GeesLife Goes On4:25Staying Alive (OST)51983189
3299Bee GeesStayin' Alive1:32Staying Alive (OST)61983215
3300The Bee GeesNew York Mining Disaster2:12Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)12001164
3301The Bee GeesTo Love Somebody3:02Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)22001174
3302The Bee GeesHoliday2:55Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)32001177
3303The Bee GeesMassachusetts2:25Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)42001181
3304The Bee GeesWorld3:16Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)52001182
3305The Bee GeesWords3:17Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)62001184
3306The Bee GeesI've Gotta Get A Message To You2:52Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)72001185
3307The Bee GeesI Started A Joke3:09Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)82001197
3308The Bee GeesFirst Of May2:50Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)92001180
3309The Bee GeesSaved By The Bell3:08Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)102001210
3310The Bee GeesDon't Forget To Remember3:29Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)112001204
3311The Bee GeesLonely Days3:48Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)122001181
3312The Bee GeesHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart3:59Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)132001188
3313The Bee GeesRun To Me3:13Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)142001182
3314The Bee GeesJive Talkin'3:46Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)152001211
3315The Bee GeesNights On Broadway4:36Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)162001205
3316The Bee GeesFanny (Be Tender With My Love)4:04Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)172001217
3317The Bee GeesLove So Right3:37Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)182001194
3318The Bee GeesIf I Can't Have You3:22Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)192001218
3319The Bee GeesLove Me4:04Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)202001201
3320The Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing4:15Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 1)212001213
3321The Bee GeesStayin' Alive4:47Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)12001225
3322The Bee GeesHow Deep Is Your Love4:03Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)22001224
3323The Bee GeesNight Fever3:31Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)32001218
3324The Bee GeesMore Than A Woman3:17Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)42001217
3325The Bee GeesEmotion3:41Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)52001202
3326The Bee GeesToo Much Heaven4:57Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)62001223
3327The Bee GeesTragedy5:03Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)72001234
3328The Bee GeesLove You Inside Out4:11Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)82001212
3329The Bee GeesGuilty: Barbara Streisand With Barry Gibb4:24Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)92001224
3330The Bee GeesHeartbreaker4:25Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)102001203
3331The Bee GeesIslands In The Stream4:22Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)112001192
3332The Bee GeesYou Win Again4:03Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)122001219
3333The Bee GeesOne4:57Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)132001208
3334The Bee GeesSecret Love3:35Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)142001202
3335The Bee GeesFor Whom The Bell Tolls3:58Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)152001215
3336The Bee GeesAlone4:22Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)162001213
3337The Bee GeesImmortality4:15Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)172001165
3338The Bee GeesThis Is Where I Came In4:00Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)182001216
3339The Bee GeesSpicks & Specks2:51Their Greatest Hits, The Record (Disc 2)192001128
3340Bee GeesSpicks & Specks2:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)52001215
3341Bee GeesThe Singer Sang His Song3:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)202001192
3342Bee GeesDon't Forget To Remember3:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)182001232
3343Bee GeesYou Win Again3:57Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)102001218
3344Bee GeesSecret Love3:35Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 2)152001199
3345Bee GeesAlone4:51Total Hits Vol. 271999212
3346Bee GeesWish You Were Here4:45Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)91997238
3347Beenie Man feat. JanetFeel It Boy3:21Now That's What I Call Music! 1142002226
3348Beenie Man feat. Janet JacksonFeel It Boy3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0832002226
3349Beenie Man feat. Ms. ThingDude3:32Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)92004200
3350Beenie Man feat. Ms. ThingDude3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-05142004202
3351Beenie Sigel & Dirt McGirtWhen You Hear That4:13Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 122004174
3352The BeesVoices Green And Purple1:35Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)291998144
3353The BeesChicken Payback3:12Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)142005232
3354BeethovenNinth Symphony, Second Movement (Abridged)3:51A Clockwork Orange (OST)41972196
3355BeethovenNinth Symphony, Fourth Movement (Abridged)1:38A Clockwork Orange (OST)141972190
3356BefourAll For One3:38Hits for Kids 20202008211
3357Beggars OperaOverture1:44The Final Curtain11996211
3358Beggars OperaLifeline4:33The Final Curtain21996211
3359Beggars OperaYes I Need Someone4:17The Final Curtain31996207
3360Beggars OperaAfrica... At Last4:42The Final Curtain41996196
3361Beggars OperaAtmosphere6:16The Final Curtain51996205
3362Beggars OperaBad Dreams5:53The Final Curtain61996202
3363Beggars OperaI Gave You Love4:28The Final Curtain71996202
3364Beggars OperaShowman in a Showdown4:05The Final Curtain81996210
3365Beggars OperaNow You're Gone4:05The Final Curtain91996192
3366Beggars OperaFour Moons3:54The Final Curtain101996197
3367Beggars OperaPoet & Peasant3:44The Final Curtain111996209
3368Beginning Of The EndFunky Nassau (Parts 1 & 2)5:13Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)61991210
3369The Beginning Of The EndFunky Nassau--Part I3:13Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)212001204
3370The Beginning Of The EndFunky Nassau (Part 1)3:10Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 571991208
3371Begley and CooneyTomaisín a Rí4:11Trad at Heart21995192
3372Begley and CooneyBruach Na Carraige Báine4:48Trad at Heart111995152
3373Béla BartókFalun, 3 Village Scenes, Sz.79: 1. Wedding3:48Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)1 196
3374Béla BartókFalun, 3 Village Scenes, Sz.79: 2. Lullaby4:22Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)2 167
3375Béla BartókFalun, 3 Village Scenes, Sz.79: 3. Lads' Dance2:37Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)3 198
3376Béla BartókConcerto For Orchestra, Sz.116: 1. Introduzione.9:44Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)4 183
3377Béla BartókConcerto For Orchestra, Sz.116: 2. Giuoco delle coppie6:01Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)5 176
3378Béla BartókConcerto For Orchestra, Sz.116: 3. Elegia7:09Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)6 178
3379Béla BartókConcerto For Orchestra, Sz.116: 4. Intermezzo interotto4:17Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)7 174
3380Béla BartókConcerto For Orchestra, Sz.116: 5. Finale9:15Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)8 194
3381Béla BartókKossuth, Sz.21, Symphonic Poem For Large Orchestra19:59Concerto For Orchestra - Ivan Fischer (1997 Philips 1998)9 185
3382Béla BartókString Quartet No. 1 in A minor - Lento9:53String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)11968193
3383Béla BartókString Quartet No. 1 in A minor - Allegretto9:08String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)21968194
3384Béla BartókString Quartet No. 1 in A minor - Introduzione. Allegro - Allegro vivace12:26String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)31968194
3385Béla BartókString Quartet No. 3 - Prima parte. Moderato4:50String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)41968194
3386Béla BartókString Quartet No. 3 - Seconda parte. Allegro5:58String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)51968198
3387Béla BartókString Quartet No. 3 - Ricapitolazione della prima parte. Moderato3:03String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)61968190
3388Béla BartókString Quartet No. 3 - Coda. Allegro molto2:05String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)71968201
3389Béla BartókString Quartet No. 5 - Allegro7:44String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)81968200
3390Béla BartókString Quartet No. 5 - Adagio molto5:36String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)91968194
3391Béla BartókString Quartet No. 5 - Scherzo5:36String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)101968197
3392Béla BartókString Quartet No. 5 - Andante5:16String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)111968194
3393Béla BartókString Quartet No. 5 - Finale7:46String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 1)121968200
3394Béla BartókString Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 17 - Moderato10:34String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)11968194
3395Béla BartókString Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 17- Allegro molto capriccioso7:55String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)21968197
3396Béla BartókString Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 17- Lento8:46String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)31968194
3397Béla BartókString Quartet No. 4 - Allegro6:02String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)41968200
3398Béla BartókString Quartet No. 4 - Prestissimo, con sordino2:56String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)51968186
3399Béla BartókString Quartet No. 4 - Non troppo lento5:39String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)61968191
3400Béla BartókString Quartet No. 4 - Allegretto pizzicato2:53String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)71968189
3401Béla BartókString Quartet No. 4 - Allegro molto5:47String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)81968199
3402Béla BartókString Quartet No. 6 - Mesto -Vivace7:19String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)91968194
3403Béla BartókString Quartet No. 6 - Mesto - Marcia7:33String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)101968195
3404Béla BartókString Quartet No. 6 - Mesto - Burletta. Moderato6:51String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)111968190
3405Béla BartókString Quartet No. 6 - Mesto6:08String Quartets - Novak Quartet (1968 Philips 1994) (Disc 2)121968195
3406Béla FleckOn the Road4:23A Tribute to John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage82001188
3407Béla FleckD. Scarlatti - Keyboard Sonata In C Major2:16Perpetual Motion12001208
3408Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Two-Part Invention No. 131:35Perpetual Motion22001170
3409Béla FleckDebussy - "Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum" From Children's Corner2:29Perpetual Motion32001187
3410Béla FleckChopin - Mazurka In F-sharp Minor3:40Perpetual Motion42001181
3411Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Prelude From Partita No. 3 For Solo Violin3:50Perpetual Motion52001189
3412Béla FleckChopin - Etude In C-sharp Minor2:17Perpetual Motion62001190
3413Béla FleckChopin - Mazurka In F-sharp Minor2:24Perpetual Motion72001175
3414Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) No. 101:00Perpetual Motion82001197
3415Béla FleckTchaikovsky - Melody In E-flat3:15Perpetual Motion92001178
3416Béla FleckBrahms - Presto In G Minor From Five Studies For Piano1:44Perpetual Motion102001175
3417Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Prelude From Suite For Unaccompanied Cello No. 12:14Perpetual Motion112001185
3418Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) No. 151:16Perpetual Motion122001178
3419Béla FleckPaganini - Moto Perpetuo3:44Perpetual Motion132001200
3420Béla FleckD. Scarlatti - Keyboard Sonata In D Minor3:16Perpetual Motion142001195
3421Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Two-Part Invention No. 62:32Perpetual Motion152001188
3422Béla FleckBeethoven - Adagio Sostenuto From Moonlight Sonata5:07Perpetual Motion162001190
3423Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Two-Part Invention No. 110:57Perpetual Motion172001163
3424Béla FleckBeethoven - Seven Variations On "God Save the King"9:08Perpetual Motion182001184
3425Béla FleckJ.S. Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) No. 72:11Perpetual Motion192001173
3426Béla FleckPaganini - Moto Perpetuo (Bluegrass Version)2:38Perpetual Motion202001217
3427Béla FleckUp and Running4:25Tales From the Acoustic Planet11995260
3428Béla FleckFirst Light2:41Tales From the Acoustic Planet21995241
3429Béla FleckThe Great Circle Route4:20Tales From the Acoustic Planet31995252
3430Béla FleckCircus of Regrets4:14Tales From the Acoustic Planet41995228
3431Béla FleckThree Bridges Home5:19Tales From the Acoustic Planet51995233
3432Béla FleckThe Landing3:57Tales From the Acoustic Planet61995252
3433Béla FleckArkansas Traveler3:05Tales From the Acoustic Planet71995232
3434Béla FleckBackwoods Galaxy4:23Tales From the Acoustic Planet81995244
3435Béla FleckIn Your Eyes5:10Tales From the Acoustic Planet91995245
3436Béla FleckSystem Seven4:17Tales From the Acoustic Planet101995250
3437Béla FleckCheeseballs In Cowtown4:53Tales From the Acoustic Planet111995247
3438Béla FleckBicyclops4:20Tales From the Acoustic Planet121995252
3439Béla FleckJayme Lynn5:35Tales From the Acoustic Planet131995248
3440Béla Fleckfor sascha2:34Tales From the Acoustic Planet141995236
3441Béla FleckBlue Mountain Hop4:26The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 211999220
3442Béla FleckBuffalo Nickel4:38The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 221999208
3443Béla FleckWhen Joy Kills Sorrow5:10The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 231999212
3444Béla FleckSpanish Point5:36The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 241999214
3445Béla FleckPolka on the Banjo4:04The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 251999207
3446Béla FleckClarinet Polka1:33The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 261999174
3447Béla FleckThe Over Grown Waltz3:42The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 271999202
3448Béla FleckOde To Earl3:09The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 281999219
3449Béla FleckHome Sweet Home2:20The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 291999195
3450Béla FleckValley Of The Rogue5:12The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2101999223
3451Béla FleckPlunky's Lament2:17The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2111999190
3452Béla FleckMaura On A Bicycle, Stout And Molasses, Way Back When9:41The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2121999207
3453Béla FleckDark Circles5:13The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2131999214
3454Béla FleckOld Jellico, Puddle Jumper, Dead Man's Hill6:08The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2141999207
3455Béla FleckKatmandu4:23The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2151999220
3456Béla FleckDo You Have Room?1:17The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2161999175
3457Béla FleckFoggy Mountain Special2:12The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2171999200
3458Béla FleckMajor Honker4:38The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 2181999223
3459Béla Fleck & Boyd TinsleyBanjo vs. Guitar3:22   128
3460Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAcoustic Brew5:35   128
3461Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesClassical Thump (featuring - Victor Wooten)4:39   128
3462Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesShowdown at the Hoedown5:31 1 128
3463Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSea Brazil3:43Béla Fleck & The Flecktones11990193
3464Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFrontiers6:08Béla Fleck & The Flecktones21990203
3465Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHurricane Camille2:38Béla Fleck & The Flecktones31990206
3466Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHalf Moon Bay5:09Béla Fleck & The Flecktones41990197
3467Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Sinister Minister4:38Béla Fleck & The Flecktones51990198
3468Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSunset Road5:04Béla Fleck & The Flecktones61990180
3469Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlipper4:21Béla Fleck & The Flecktones71990207
3470Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMars Needs Women - Space Is A Lonely Place5:01Béla Fleck & The Flecktones81990181
3471Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMars Needs Women - They're Here3:30Béla Fleck & The Flecktones91990188
3472Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesReflections Of Lucy3:38Béla Fleck & The Flecktones101990187
3473Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesTell It To The Gov'nor4:06Béla Fleck & The Flecktones111990206
3474Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBlu-Bop4:22Flight of the Cosmic Hippo11991214
3475Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlying Saucer Dudes4:50Flight of the Cosmic Hippo21991209
3476Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesTurtle Rock4:13Flight of the Cosmic Hippo31991215
3477Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlight of the Cosmic Hippo4:27Flight of the Cosmic Hippo41991191
3478Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Star Spangled Banner2:35Flight of the Cosmic Hippo51991187
3479Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesStar of the County Down4:22Flight of the Cosmic Hippo61991206
3480Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesJekyll and Hyde (and Ted and Alice)7:05Flight of the Cosmic Hippo71991191
3481Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMichelle5:09Flight of the Cosmic Hippo81991203
3482Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHole in the Wall4:39Flight of the Cosmic Hippo91991192
3483Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlight of the Cosmic Hippo (Reprise)2:15Flight of the Cosmic Hippo101991192
3484Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThrowdown at the Hoedown5:09Left of Cool11998190
3485Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesCommunication4:16Left of Cool21998197
3486Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBig Country5:31Left of Cool31998188
3487Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSojourn of Arjuna5:27Left of Cool41998204
3488Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLet Me Be the One4:38Left of Cool51998194
3489Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesTrane to Conamarra6:48Left of Cool61998196
3490Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAlmost 123:15Left of Cool71998206
3491Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesStep Quiet4:02Left of Cool81998186
3492Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesOddity5:32Left of Cool91998208
3493Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSleeping Dogs Lie4:02Left of Cool101998191
3494Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesTrouble and Strife5:15Left of Cool111998196
3495Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSlow Walker5:23Left of Cool121998191
3496Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesShanti5:12Left of Cool131998188
3497Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Big Blink7:57Left of Cool141998200
3498Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesPrelude to Silence3:55Left of Cool151998194
3499Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesIntro0:39Live Art (Disc 1)11991201
3500Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesNew South Africa4:43Live Art (Disc 1)21991202
3501Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesStomping Grounds5:26Live Art (Disc 1)31991206
3502Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLochs Of Dread5:45Live Art (Disc 1)41991213
3503Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBigfoot7:32Live Art (Disc 1)51991197
3504Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFar East Medley7:21Live Art (Disc 1)61991204
3505Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlying Saucer Dudes5:35Live Art (Disc 1)71991190
3506Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesUFO Tofu3:38Live Art (Disc 1)81991208
3507Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesInterlude-Libation, The Water Ritual3:06Live Art (Disc 1)91991207
3508Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesVix 96:02Live Art (Disc 1)101991204
3509Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Message9:16Live Art (Disc 1)111991203
3510Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesImprov / Amazing Grace6:46Live Art (Disc 2)11991204
3511Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesShubbee's Doobie4:40Live Art (Disc 2)21991212
3512Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesOh Darling6:21Live Art (Disc 2)31991199
3513Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBlu-Bop7:36Live Art (Disc 2)41991184
3514Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSunset Road5:56Live Art (Disc 2)51991186
3515Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMore Luv7:43Live Art (Disc 2)61991197
3516Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesEarly Reflection/Bach/The Ballad Of Jed Clampett6:09Live Art (Disc 2)71991178
3517Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesCheeseballs In Cowtown5:38Live Art (Disc 2)81991204
3518Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Sinister Minister7:30Live Art (Disc 2)91991205
3519Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFlight Of The Cosmic Hippo4:55Live Art (Disc 2)101991192
3520Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThat Old Thing (Intro) - Earth Jam7:55Live At The Quick12002217
3521Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesZona Mona6:34Live At The Quick22002214
3522Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesOvombo Summit2:48Live At The Quick32002202
3523Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHall Of Mirrors5:42Live At The Quick42002203
3524Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesScratch & Sniff6:43Live At The Quick52002217
3525Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesImprov - Amazing Grace5:18Live At The Quick62002198
3526Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBig Country8:22Live At The Quick72002214
3527Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesInterlude1:26Live At The Quick82002163
3528Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLover's Leap6:13Live At The Quick92002204
3529Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAlash Khem (Alash River Song)2:26Live At The Quick102002190
3530Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesA Moment So Close6:55Live At The Quick112002216
3531Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesImprov - Prelude From Bach Violin Partitia #35:59Live At The Quick122002162
3532Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesIntro1:06Live At The Quick132002192
3533Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHoedown8:59Live At The Quick142002216
3534Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesIntro0:41Outbound12000193
3535Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHoe Down4:54Outbound22000212
3536Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesA Moment So Close4:47Outbound32000224
3537Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesZona Mona5:01Outbound42000205
3538Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesHall Of Mirrors4:54Outbound52000203
3539Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesEarth Jam5:55Outbound62000213
3540Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSomething She Said3:36Outbound72000195
3541Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesOvombo Summit0:40Outbound82000196
3542Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAimum5:50Outbound92000205
3543Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesPrelude0:41Outbound102000184
3544Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLover's Leap4:16Outbound112000193
3545Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesOutbound4:52Outbound122000204
3546Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesScratch & Sniff5:00Outbound132000203
3547Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesShuba Yatra4:42Outbound142000198
3548Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThat Old Thing3:21Outbound152000188
3549Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesReprise0:44Outbound162000185
3550Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFugue From Prelude & Fugue No. 20 In A Minor, BWV 8891:51The Hidden Land12006193
3551Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesP'lod In The House3:46The Hidden Land22006211
3552Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesRococo3:46The Hidden Land32006206
3553Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLabyrinth6:21The Hidden Land42006207
3554Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesKaleidoscope5:08The Hidden Land52006194
3555Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesWho's Got Three?5:22The Hidden Land62006188
3556Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesWeed Whacker7:44The Hidden Land72006213
3557Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesCouch Potato3:03The Hidden Land82006206
3558Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesChennai5:48The Hidden Land92006193
3559Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSubterfuge4:04The Hidden Land102006203
3560Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesInterlude0:39The Hidden Land112006190
3561Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMisunderstood7:27The Hidden Land122006195
3562Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Whistle Tune4:54The Hidden Land132006201
3563Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesVix 94:27Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest11993204
3564Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAt Last We Meet Again5:35Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest21993206
3565Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSpunky & Clorissa4:30Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest31993206
3566Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBumbershoot5:24Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest41993197
3567Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBlues For Gordon5:17Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest51993195
3568Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMonkey See3:16Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest61993210
3569Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Message4:05Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest71993209
3570Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesInterlude (Return Of The Ancient Ones)2:06Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest81993184
3571Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Drift3:29Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest91993197
3572Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesA Celtic Medley: Meridian/Traveling Light/Salamander's Reel6:38Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest101993202
3573Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesPeace, Be Still4:04Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest111993194
3574Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Longing5:28Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest121993201
3575Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesFor Now2:40Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest131993172
3576Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe West Country4:30UFO Tofu11992208
3577Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSex In A Pan3:32UFO Tofu21992204
3578Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesNemo's Dream5:07UFO Tofu31992207
3579Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesBonnie & Slyde4:18UFO Tofu41992194
3580Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesScuttlebutt4:03UFO Tofu51992220
3581Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesUFO Tofu3:47UFO Tofu61992210
3582Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesMagic Fingers5:15UFO Tofu71992210
3583Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesTrue North4:53UFO Tofu81992197
3584Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesLife Without Elvis5:08UFO Tofu91992204
3585Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesSeresta3:39UFO Tofu101992199
3586Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesThe Yee-Haw Factor6:58UFO Tofu111992214
3587Béla Fleck & The FlecktonesAfter The Storm3:51UFO Tofu121992194
3588Béla Fleck & Victor WootenBass Solo8:41   128
3589Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is a Place on Earth4:0580's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]131997250
3590Belinda CarlisleIn Too Deep4:05A Woman & A Man11996219
3591Belinda CarlisleCalifornia2:59A Woman & A Man21996205
3592Belinda CarlisleA Woman And A Man5:12A Woman & A Man31996203
3593Belinda CarlisleRemember September4:32A Woman & A Man41996205
3594Belinda CarlisleListen To Love4:09A Woman & A Man51996192
3595Belinda CarlisleAlways Breaking My Heart3:12A Woman & A Man61996234
3596Belinda CarlisleLove Doesn't Live Here4:09A Woman & A Man71996224
3597Belinda CarlisleHe Goes On3:13A Woman & A Man81996200
3598Belinda CarlisleKneel At Your Feet4:18A Woman & A Man91996200
3599Belinda CarlisleLove In The Key Of C3:50A Woman & A Man101996204
3600Belinda CarlisleMy Heart Goes Out To You3:35A Woman & A Man111996187
3601Belinda CarlisleMad About You3:37Belinda11986212
3602Belinda CarlisleI Need A Disguise3:59Belinda21986212
3603Belinda CarlisleSince You've Gone3:10Belinda31986187
3604Belinda CarlisleI Feel The Magic3:24Belinda41986215
3605Belinda CarlisleI Never Wanted A Rich Man4:14Belinda51986203
3606Belinda CarlisleBand Of Gold3:47Belinda61986212
3607Belinda CarlisleGotta Get To You4:06Belinda71986220
3608Belinda CarlisleFrom The Heart3:11Belinda81986204
3609Belinda CarlisleShot In The Dark3:26Belinda91986210
3610Belinda CarlisleStuff And Nonsense4:32Belinda101986195
3611Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is a Place on Earth4:07Heaven on Earth11987203
3612Belinda CarlisleCircle in the Sand4:26Heaven on Earth21987192
3613Belinda CarlisleI Feel Free4:49Heaven on Earth31987221
3614Belinda CarlisleShould I Let You In?4:17Heaven on Earth41987215
3615Belinda CarlisleWorld Without You4:43Heaven on Earth51987201
3616Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak4:52Heaven on Earth61987206
3617Belinda CarlisleWe Can Change3:45Heaven on Earth71987210
3618Belinda CarlisleFool for Love3:55Heaven on Earth81987227
3619Belinda CarlisleNobody Owns Me3:13Heaven on Earth91987217
3620Belinda CarlisleLove Never Dies5:15Heaven on Earth101987213
3621Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free5:15Live Your Life Be Free11991212
3622Belinda CarlisleDo You Feel Like I Feel5:09Live Your Life Be Free21991221
3623Belinda CarlisleHalf The World4:22Live Your Life Be Free31991216
3624Belinda CarlisleYou Came Out Of Nowhere4:11Live Your Life Be Free41991221
3625Belinda CarlisleYou're Nothing Without Me3:54Live Your Life Be Free51991231
3626Belinda CarlisleI Plead Insanity4:39Live Your Life Be Free61991214
3627Belinda CarlisleEmotional Highway5:20Live Your Life Be Free71991211
3628Belinda CarlisleLittle Black Book4:15Live Your Life Be Free81991218
3629Belinda CarlisleLove Revolution5:09Live Your Life Be Free91991223
3630Belinda CarlisleWorld Of Love4:13Live Your Life Be Free101991237
3631Belinda CarlisleLoneliness Game4:43Live Your Life Be Free111991229
3632Belinda CarlisleGoodbye Day4:42Real11993223
3633Belinda CarlisleBig Scary Animal4:17Real21993221
3634Belinda CarlisleToo Much Water5:18Real31993206
3635Belinda CarlisleLay Down Your Arms4:44Real41993225
3636Belinda CarlisleWhere Love Hides5:03Real51993203
3637Belinda CarlisleOne With You5:14Real61993221
3638Belinda CarlisleWrap My Arms4:31Real71993224
3639Belinda CarlisleTell Me5:35Real81993211
3640Belinda CarlisleWindows Of The World3:32Real91993229
3641Belinda CarlisleHere Comes My Baby4:34Real101993200
3642Belinda CarlisleMad About You3:37Rock Of The 80's Volume 911993235
3643Belinda CarlisleLeave A Light On4:37Runaway Horses11989216
3644Belinda CarlisleRunaway Horses4:44Runaway Horses21989211
3645Belinda CarlisleVision Of You4:41Runaway Horses31989201
3646Belinda CarlisleSummer Rain5:32Runaway Horses41989211
3647Belinda CarlisleLa Luna4:45Runaway Horses51989217
3648Belinda Carlisle(We Want) The Same Thing3:59Runaway Horses61989213
3649Belinda CarlisleDeep Deep Ocean4:04Runaway Horses71989204
3650Belinda CarlisleValentine5:04Runaway Horses81989215
3651Belinda CarlisleWhatever It Takes4:49Runaway Horses91989215
3652Belinda CarlisleShades Of Michaelangelo5:49Runaway Horses101989202
3653Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is A Place On Earth4:13Sounds Of The Eighties - 198711995221
3654Belinda CarlisleMad About You3:36Teen Riot (Disc 2)162000207
3655Belinda CarlisleLeave A Light On4:12The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)31999211
3656Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak4:18Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 198891995215
3657Bell & JamesLivin' It Up (Friday Night)3:22The Disco Box (Disc 3)51999251
3658Bell Biv DevoeDo Me!4:34Beat The Heat - Summer 199181991194
3659Bell Biv DevoePoison4:23Living In The 90's (Disc 2)71995176
3660Bell Biv DeVoeDo Me!4:35Monster Booty72001210
3661Bell Biv DevoePoison6:25MTV Party To Go, Vol. 131991196
3662Bell Biv DevoePoison4:14The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)12003238
3663The Bell NotesI've Had It2:40Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1959201988135
3664The Bell SistersBermuda3:16Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever71992127
3665The Bellamy BrothersIf I Said You Had A Beautiful Body3:10Country Complete (Disc 1)151997206
3666The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow2:48Country Complete (Disc 3)91997189
3667Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow2:46Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 4)31998193
3668The Bellamy BrothersIf I Said You Had A Beautiful Body2:45Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)61994209
3669The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow3:17Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)121998224
3670The Bellamy BrothersAlmost Jamica4:17Reggae Cowboys11998213
3671The Bellamy BrothersI'll Be Your Baby Tonight4:11Reggae Cowboys21998207
3672The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow3:41Reggae Cowboys31998209
3673The Bellamy BrothersGet Into Reggae Cowwboy [Live]4:05Reggae Cowboys41998220
3674The Bellamy BrothersSome Broken Hearts3:50Reggae Cowboys51998202
3675The Bellamy BrothersI'll Fly Away3:52Reggae Cowboys61998205
3676The Bellamy BrothersI Make Her Laugh3:19Reggae Cowboys71998210
3677The Bellamy BrothersBye Bye Love3:27Reggae Cowboys81998208
3678The Bellamy BrothersMama Likes To Reggae [Live]4:38Reggae Cowboys91998202
3679The Bellamy BrothersHaving Too Much Fun3:37Reggae Cowboys101998201
3680The Bellamy BrothersI Love Her Mind3:15Reggae Cowboys111998203
3681The Bellamy BrothersStrong Weakness3:24Reggae Cowboys121998203
3682The Bellamy BrothersShine Them Buckles3:55Sons Of Beaches11995227
3683The Bellamy BrothersBig Hair3:09Sons Of Beaches21995199
3684The Bellamy BrothersPit Bulls And Chainsaws2:12Sons Of Beaches31995208
3685The Bellamy BrothersBlue Rodeo4:04Sons Of Beaches41995204
3686The Bellamy BrothersTwang Town3:41Sons Of Beaches51995207
3687The Bellamy BrothersShe's Awesome4:11Sons Of Beaches61995211
3688The Bellamy BrothersOld Hippie (The Sequel)4:01Sons Of Beaches71995200
3689The Bellamy BrothersNative American4:12Sons Of Beaches81995207
3690The Bellamy BrothersFeel Free3:34Sons Of Beaches91995208
3691The Bellamy BrothersToo Much Fun3:40Sons Of Beaches101995201
3692The Bellamy BrothersWe Dared The Lightning4:25Sons Of Beaches111995211
3693The Bellamy BrothersElvis, Marilyn And James Dean2:54Sons Of Beaches121995214
3694The Bellamy BrothersGotta Get A Little Crazy2:13Sons Of Beaches131995216
3695The Bellamy BrothersJesus Is Coming4:09Sons Of Beaches141995199
3696The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow2:50The 25 Year Collection Vol. 112001208
3697The Bellamy BrothersDo You Love As Good As You Look2:59The 25 Year Collection Vol. 122001221
3698The Bellamy BrothersOld Hippie4:05The 25 Year Collection Vol. 132001204
3699The Bellamy BrothersSugar Daddy3:40The 25 Year Collection Vol. 142001208
3700The Bellamy BrothersIf I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)4:42The 25 Year Collection Vol. 152001187
3701The Bellamy BrothersTired Of Getting My Butt Kicked3:12The 25 Year Collection Vol. 162001200
3702The Bellamy BrothersCrazy From The Heart3:35The 25 Year Collection Vol. 172001206
3703The Bellamy BrothersI Need More Of You3:24The 25 Year Collection Vol. 182001216
3704The Bellamy BrothersHard Way To Make An Easy Living3:51The 25 Year Collection Vol. 192001226
3705The Bellamy BrothersI'd Lie To You For You Love3:26The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1102001199
3706The Bellamy BrothersI Could Be Persuaded3:51The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1112001196
3707The Bellamy BrothersCowboy Beat3:28The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1122001232
3708The Bellamy BrothersWhat'll I Do3:10The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1132001195
3709The Bellamy BrothersFeelin' The Feelin'3:43The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1142001200
3710The Bellamy BrothersWhen I'm Away From You3:51The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1152001201
3711The Bellamy BrothersYou Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie4:22The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1162001199
3712The Bellamy BrothersReggae Cowboy3:58The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1172001208
3713The Bellamy BrothersI Love Her Mind3:16The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1182001203
3714The Bellamy BrothersRebels Without A Clue3:16The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1192001208
3715The Bellamy BrothersRedneck Girl7:14The 25 Year Collection Vol. 1202001194
3716The Bellamy BrothersFor All The Wrong Reasons3:43The 25 Year Collection Vol. 212001205
3717The Bellamy BrothersCountry Rap2:32The 25 Year Collection Vol. 222001211
3718The Bellamy BrothersDancin' Cowboys3:19The 25 Year Collection Vol. 232001216
3719The Bellamy BrothersLovers Live Longer3:19The 25 Year Collection Vol. 242001208
3720The Bellamy BrothersOld Hippie (The Sequel) - Live4:07The 25 Year Collection Vol. 252001180
3721The Bellamy BrothersWe Dared The Lightning4:25The 25 Year Collection Vol. 262001211
3722The Bellamy BrothersDesperadoes In Love4:23The 25 Year Collection Vol. 272001188
3723The Bellamy BrothersBig Love3:18The 25 Year Collection Vol. 282001209
3724The Bellamy BrothersAlmost Jamaica4:17The 25 Year Collection Vol. 292001214
3725The Bellamy BrothersKids Of The Baby Boom3:15The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2102001187
3726The Bellamy BrothersForget About Me3:36The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2112001216
3727The Bellamy BrothersYou're My Favourite Star2:57The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2122001213
3728The Bellamy BrothersYou'll Never Be Sorry3:23The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2132001212
3729The Bellamy BrothersBig Hair3:11The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2142001198
3730The Bellamy BrothersRip Off The Knob3:31The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2152001225
3731The Bellamy BrothersCatahoula3:37The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2162001222
3732The Bellamy BrothersWorld's Greatest Lover4:16The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2172001199
3733The Bellamy BrothersSome Broken Hearts3:49The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2182001205
3734The Bellamy BrothersBig Hat, No Cattle4:33The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2192001184
3735The Bellamy BrothersSante Fe - Live4:35The 25 Year Collection Vol. 2202001194
3736The Bellamy BrothersRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer3:21The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)112003215
3737The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow3:14The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)61999227
3738Bellamy BrothersIf I Said You Had A Beautiful Body3:15The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)13 201
3739The Belle StarsSign Of The Times2:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)92001209
3740The BellsStay A While3:22Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)121996196
3741Bells Of JoyLet's Talk About Jesus2:44Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel91992127
3742BellyFeed the Tree3:25Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)8 214
3743BellyGepetto3:23Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)52005221
3744Belouis SomeImagination3:36Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 1)161998218
3745The BelovedHello4:19Happiness11990219
3746The BelovedYour Love Takes Me Higher3:39Happiness21990227
3747The BelovedTime After Time4:13Happiness31990192
3748The BelovedDon't You Worry3:51Happiness41990196
3749The BelovedScarlet Beautiful4:40Happiness51990199
3750The BelovedThe Sun Rising5:04Happiness61990203
3751The BelovedI Love You More3:56Happiness71990207
3752The BelovedWake up Soon5:02Happiness81990210
3753The BelovedUp, Up and Away6:01Happiness91990215
3754The BelovedFound4:24Happiness101990202
3755The BelovedSweet Harmony4:56The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 1)61999222
3756The Bemidji ChoirGloria5:22I Have A Dream31988128
3757The Bemidji ChoirI Have A Dream10:50I Have A Dream51988128
3758The Bemidji ChoirAll My Trials3:25I Have A Dream61988128
3759The Bemidji ChoirWitness2:25I Have A Dream71988128
3760The Bemidji ChoirAin't Got Time to Die2:04I Have A Dream81988128
3761The Bemidji ChoirShut de Do'2:35I Have A Dream131988128
3762The Bemidji ChoirShenandoah3:42I Have A Dream141988128
3763Ben & The Platano GroupPlatano Split4:47Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 09132000240
3764Ben BridgesIt' More Than You3:15The Woman In Red (OST)31984193
3765Ben E KingStand By Me2:5520 Platinum Oldies41986149
3766Ben E. KingSupernatural Thing - Part 13:1870's Party Mix (Disc 2)41996210
3767Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem2:59Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)221991210
3768Ben E. KingYoung Boy Blues2:20Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)231991196
3769Ben E. KingStand By Me3:00Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)241991201
3770Ben E. KingAmor3:05Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)21991202
3771Ben E. KingDon't Play That Song (You Lied)2:49Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)81991192
3772Ben E. KingI (Who Have Nothing)2:26Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)121991127
3773Ben E. KingSupernatural Thing - Part 13:24Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)192001216
3774Ben E. KingSeven Letters2:51Lost Treasures Volume 121 181
3775Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem2:59New York With Fond Memories51992210
3776Ben E. KingStand By Me3:00Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)201996197
3777Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem2:52Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)31991127
3778Ben E. KingStand By Me3:00Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 2)22004202
3779Ben E. KingStand By Me3:01Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)11987192
3780Ben E. KingSave The Last Dance For Me2:29Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)21987206
3781Ben E. KingI (Who Have Nothing)2:29Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)31987126
3782Ben E. KingThat's When It Hurts3:07Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)41987190
3783Ben E. KingI Could Have Danced All Night2:35Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)51987204
3784Ben E. KingFirst Taste Of Love2:32Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)61987203
3785Ben E. KingDream Lover2:41Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)71987196
3786Ben E. KingMoon River2:55Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)81987200
3787Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem3:01Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)91987200
3788Ben E. KingAmor3:07Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)101987205
3789Ben E. KingI Count The Tears2:15Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)111987190
3790Ben E. KingDon't Play That Song2:50Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)121987197
3791Ben E. KingThis Magic Moment2:29Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)131987195
3792Ben E. KingYoung Boy Blues2:21Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)141987191
3793Ben E. KingIt's All In The Game2:52Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)151987200
3794Ben E. KingSupernatural Thing (Part 1)4:11Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)161987203
3795Ben E. KingOn The Street Where You Live3:46Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)171987195
3796Ben E. KingWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow3:11Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)181987189
3797Ben E. KingShow Me The Way2:14Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)191987188
3798Ben E. KingHere Comes The Night2:18Stand By Me (The Ultimate Collection)201987197
3799Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem3:00The '60s - Keep on Rockin'3 203
3800Ben E. KingStand By Me3:04The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters11987185
3801Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem3:01The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters41987199
3802Ben E. KingI (Who Have Nothing)2:28The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters81987185
3803Ben E. KingDon't Play That Song (You Lied)2:53The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters121987201
3804Ben E. KingSupernatural Thing3:22The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters151987212
3805Ben E. KingStand By Me3:00The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'11961194
3806Ben E. KingStand By Me3:00The Rock Box (Disc 3)7 182
3807Ben E. KingStand By Me2:53There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller181991133
3808Ben FoldsRed Is Blue4:21Hoodwinked (OST)52005195
3809Ben FoldsAnnie Waits4:17Rockin' The Suburbs12001198
3810Ben FoldsZak and Sara3:11Rockin' The Suburbs22001233
3811Ben FoldsStill Fighting It4:25Rockin' The Suburbs32001198
3812Ben FoldsGone3:22Rockin' The Suburbs42001202
3813Ben FoldsFred Jones, Part 23:45Rockin' The Suburbs52001180
3814Ben FoldsThe Ascent of Stan4:14Rockin' The Suburbs62001202
3815Ben FoldsLosing Lisa4:10Rockin' The Suburbs72001206
3816Ben FoldsCarrying Cathy3:49Rockin' The Suburbs82001195
3817Ben FoldsNot the Same4:17Rockin' The Suburbs92001226
3818Ben FoldsRockin' the Suburbs4:58Rockin' The Suburbs102001216
3819Ben FoldsFired3:49Rockin' The Suburbs112001200
3820Ben FoldsThe Luckiest4:25Rockin' The Suburbs122001179
3821Ben FoldsBastard5:23Songs For Silverman12005207
3822Ben FoldsYou To Thank3:36Songs For Silverman22005222
3823Ben FoldsJesusland4:31Songs For Silverman32005197
3824Ben FoldsLanded4:28Songs For Silverman42005230
3825Ben FoldsGracie2:40Songs For Silverman52005184
3826Ben FoldsTrusted4:08Songs For Silverman62005213
3827Ben FoldsGive Judy My Notice3:37Songs For Silverman72005194
3828Ben FoldsLate3:58Songs For Silverman82005194
3829Ben FoldsSentimental Guy3:03Songs For Silverman92005192
3830Ben FoldsTime4:30Songs For Silverman102005192
3831Ben FoldsPrison Food4:15Songs For Silverman112005215
3832Ben FoldsAdelaide3:11Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)72005211
3833Ben FoldsHiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)3:37Way To Normal12008240
3834Ben FoldsDr. Yang2:30Way To Normal22008257
3835Ben FoldsThe Frown Song3:37Way To Normal32008232
3836Ben FoldsYou Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)3:11Way To Normal42008214
3837Ben FoldsBefore Cologne0:53Way To Normal52008200
3838Ben FoldsCologne5:02Way To Normal62008206
3839Ben FoldsErrant Dog2:24Way To Normal72008232
3840Ben FoldsFree Coffee4:01Way To Normal82008242
3841Ben FoldsBitch Went Nuts3:06Way To Normal92008245
3842Ben FoldsBrainwascht3:48Way To Normal102008240
3843Ben FoldsEffington3:32Way To Normal112008229
3844Ben FoldsKylie From Connecticut4:43Way To Normal122008201
3845Ben Folds FiveJackson Cannery3:23Ben Folds Five11995210
3846Ben Folds FivePhilosophy4:36Ben Folds Five21995211
3847Ben Folds FiveJulianne2:31Ben Folds Five31995212
3848Ben Folds FiveWhere's Summer B?4:07Ben Folds Five41995208
3849Ben Folds FiveAlice Childress4:34Ben Folds Five51995187
3850Ben Folds FiveUnderground4:11Ben Folds Five61995215
3851Ben Folds FiveSports and Wine2:58Ben Folds Five71995209
3852Ben Folds FiveUncle Walter3:51Ben Folds Five81995200
3853Ben Folds FiveBest Imitation of Myself2:38Ben Folds Five91995203
3854Ben Folds FiveVideo4:07Ben Folds Five101995196
3855Ben Folds FiveThe Last Polka4:34Ben Folds Five111995214
3856Ben Folds FiveBoxing4:45Ben Folds Five121995179
3857Ben Folds FiveAir3:20Godzilla (OST)51998194
3858Ben Folds FiveNarcolepsy5:24The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)11999211
3859Ben Folds FiveDon't Change Your Plans5:10The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)21999207
3860Ben Folds FiveMess4:02The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)31999226
3861Ben Folds FiveMagic4:03The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)41999192
3862Ben Folds FiveHospital Song2:04The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)51999199
3863Ben Folds FiveArmy3:23The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)61999219
3864Ben Folds FiveYour Redneck Past3:42The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)71999220
3865Ben Folds FiveYour Most Valuable Possession1:56The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)81999177
3866Ben Folds FiveRegrets4:09The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)91999212
3867Ben Folds FiveJane2:44The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)101999196
3868Ben Folds FiveLullabye3:53The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)111999190
3869Ben Folds Five(Theme From) Dr. Pyser3:14The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 1)121999207
3870Ben Folds FiveIntro To Emaline1:01The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)11999174
3871Ben Folds FiveEmaline3:49The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)21999176
3872Ben Folds FiveIntro To Steven's Last Night In Town0:11The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)31999170
3873Ben Folds FiveSteven's Last Night In Town5:20The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)41999195
3874Ben Folds FiveBrick4:36The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)61999192
3875Ben Folds FiveWho Is Reinhold Messner?1:11The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)71999150
3876Ben Folds FiveDo You Know Who The Real Reinhold Messner Is?1:03The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)81999147
3877Ben Folds FiveHow Did Army Come About?1:07The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)91999146
3878Ben Folds FiveAre There Any Guest Performers On This Record?0:46The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)101999147
3879Ben Folds FiveHow Did You Create Don't Change Your Plans?1:09The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)111999146
3880Ben Folds FiveWho Are Your Biggest Infuences?1:18The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)121999147
3881Ben Folds FiveDarren - What Was The Inspiration For Magic?0:23The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)131999146
3882Ben Folds FiveIs There A Theme To This Record?0:52The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)141999150
3883Ben Folds FiveMess Has A Great Rhythm0:39The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)151999149
3884Ben Folds FiveWhat's The Most Messed Up Thing...0:59The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)161999150
3885Ben Folds FiveWill You Be Touring To Support This Record?0:18The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)171999145
3886Ben Folds FiveIs Your Redneck Past About Your Redneck Past?0:44The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (Disc 2)181999146
3887Ben Folds FiveBrick4:33Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)92005195
3888Ben Folds FiveOne Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces3:52Whatever and Ever Amen11997227
3889Ben Folds FiveFair5:55Whatever and Ever Amen21997206
3890Ben Folds FiveBrick4:32Whatever and Ever Amen31997196
3891Ben Folds FiveSong For The Dumped3:40Whatever and Ever Amen41997203
3892Ben Folds FiveSelfless, Cold, And Composed6:10Whatever and Ever Amen51997196
3893Ben Folds FiveKate3:13Whatever and Ever Amen61997221
3894Ben Folds FiveSmoke4:52Whatever and Ever Amen71997188
3895Ben Folds FiveCigarette1:38Whatever and Ever Amen81997160
3896Ben Folds FiveSteven's Last Night In Town3:27Whatever and Ever Amen91997206
3897Ben Folds FiveBattle Of Who Could Care Less3:16Whatever and Ever Amen101997196
3898Ben Folds FiveMissing The War4:19Whatever and Ever Amen111997200
3899Ben Folds FiveEvaporated4:28Whatever and Ever Amen121997182
3900Ben JelenCome On3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0242004217
3901Ben LeeGamble Everything For Love3:22Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)172005207
3902Ben LeeCatch My Disease4:13Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)12006218
3903Ben Moody feat. AnastaciaEverything Burns3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-08142005215
3904Ben WebsterLove Is Here To Stay3:23Gershwin Jazz41998128
3905Benjamin BrittenSimple Symphony - I. Boisterous Bourrée: Allegro Ritmico3:26Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)5 194
3906Benjamin BrittenSimple Symphony - II. Playful Pizzicato: Presto Possibile Pizzicato Sempre3:13Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)6 197
3907Benjamin BrittenSimple Symphony - III. Sentimental Saraband: Poco Lento E Pesante8:16Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)7 191
3908Benjamin BrittenSimple Symphony - IV. Frolicsome Finale: Prestissimo Con Fuoco3:01Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)8 190
3909Benjy GaitherBe Prepared2:46Hoodwinked (OST)62005214
3910Bennie KSchool Girl3:43   128
3911Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusMerano6:59Chess (OST) (Disc 1)11984194
3912Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusThe Russian And Molokov: Where I Want To Be6:23Chess (OST) (Disc 1)21984187
3913Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusOpening Ceremony9:20Chess (OST) (Disc 1)31984196
3914Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusQuartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity)2:18Chess (OST) (Disc 1)41984202
3915Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusThe American And Florence / Nobody's Side5:31Chess (OST) (Disc 1)51984185
3916Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusChess5:48Chess (OST) (Disc 1)61984194
3917Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusMountain Duet4:43Chess (OST) (Disc 1)71984169
3918Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusFlorence Quits2:54Chess (OST) (Disc 1)81984192
3919Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusEmbassy Lament1:30Chess (OST) (Disc 1)91984199
3920Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusAnthem3:02Chess (OST) (Disc 1)101984180
3921Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusBangkok / One Night In Bangkok5:01Chess (OST) (Disc 2)11984198
3922Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusHeaven Help My Heart3:30Chess (OST) (Disc 2)21984178
3923Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusArgument1:50Chess (OST) (Disc 2)31984198
3924Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusI Know Him So Well4:15Chess (OST) (Disc 2)41984178
3925Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusThe Deal (No Deal)3:54Chess (OST) (Disc 2)51984193
3926Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusPity The Child5:29Chess (OST) (Disc 2)61984191
3927Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusEndgame10:52Chess (OST) (Disc 2)71984192
3928Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn UlvaeusEpilogue: You And I / The Story Of Chess10:28Chess (OST) (Disc 2)81984179
3929Benny BenassiSatisfaction3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-01172006201
3930Benny Cliff TrioShake Um Up Rock2:16Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)172006131
3931Benny GoodmanClarinade2:48All The Cats Join In11996202
3932Benny GoodmanAll The Cats Join In2:53All The Cats Join In21996204
3933Benny GoodmanThe Mad Boogie2:19All The Cats Join In31996205
3934Benny GoodmanRemember2:45All The Cats Join In41996196
3935Benny GoodmanSomebody Stole My Gal2:26All The Cats Join In51996205
3936Benny GoodmanDarktown Strutter's Ball2:56All The Cats Join In61996203
3937Benny GoodmanLucky3:08All The Cats Join In71996212
3938Benny GoodmanRattle And Roll4:20All The Cats Join In81996205
3939Benny GoodmanBody And Soul3:39All The Cats Join In91996193
3940Benny GoodmanLady Be Good3:01All The Cats Join In101996194
3941Benny GoodmanLet's Dance2:35Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits11997126
3942Benny GoodmanSix Flats Unfurnished3:16Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits21997166
3943Benny GoodmanClarinet a la King3:27Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits31997195
3944Benny GoodmanDon't Be That Way4:19Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits41997154
3945Benny GoodmanJersey Bounce2:55Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits51997130
3946Benny GoodmanSing Sing Sing (With A Swing)9:28Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits61997190
3947Benny GoodmanFlying Home3:17Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits71997168
3948Benny GoodmanSlipped Disc3:59Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits81997193
3949Benny GoodmanAir Mail Special6:10Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits91997202
3950Benny GoodmanBenny Rides Again4:45Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits101997140
3951Benny GoodmanGoodbye3:18Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits111997129
3952Benny GoodmanKing Porter Stomp3:11Stompin' At The Savoy11937133
3953Benny GoodmanGoodbye3:27Stompin' At The Savoy21937132
3954Benny GoodmanGoody Goody2:32Stompin' At The Savoy31937138
3955Benny GoodmanStompin' At The Savoy3:16Stompin' At The Savoy41937139
3956Benny GoodmanThese Foolish Things Remind Me Of You2:46Stompin' At The Savoy51937127
3957Benny GoodmanBugle Call Rag3:01Stompin' At The Savoy61937139
3958Benny GoodmanGoodnight My Love3:10Stompin' At The Savoy71937129
3959Benny GoodmanDon't Be That Way3:23Stompin' At The Savoy81937133
3960Benny GoodmanOne O'Clock Jump3:16Stompin' At The Savoy91937185
3961Benny GoodmanSing, Sing, Sing8:39Stompin' At The Savoy101937131
3962Benny GoodmanOne O'Clock Jump7:42The King of the Swing11987199
3963Benny GoodmanJersey Bounce3:02The King of the Swing21987198
3964Benny GoodmanFrankie and Johnny3:15The King of the Swing31987205
3965Benny GoodmanStompin' at the Savoy2:27The King of the Swing41987204
3966Benny GoodmanDown South Camp Meeting2:58The King of the Swing51987203
3967Benny GoodmanJumpin' at the Woodside3:15The King of the Swing61987207
3968Benny GoodmanLet's Dance0:44The King of the Swing71987212
3969Benny GoodmanKing Porter Stomp3:19The King of the Swing81987195
3970Benny GoodmanI've Found a New Baby3:38The King of the Swing91987196
3971Benny GoodmanRoll 'em6:29The King of the Swing101987212
3972Benny GoodmanStardust3:30The King of the Swing111987190
3973Benny GoodmanThat's a Plenty6:45The King of the Swing121987198
3974Benny GoodmanHow High the Moon8:53The King of the Swing131987189
3975Benny GoodmanSeven Come Eleven6:42The King of the Swing141987180
3976Benny GoodmanDarn that Dream3:02Your Hit Parade 19403 128
3977Benny GoodmanThere'll Be Some Changes Made2:49Your Hit Parade 194114 126
3978Benny GoodmanJersey Bounce2:55Your Hit Parade 19429 128
3979Benny GoodmanGotta Be This Or That3:24Your Hit Parade 194513 130
3980Benny Goodman & His OrchestraZaggin' With Zig3:04Sentimental Journey 129 193980
3981Benny Goodman & His OrchestraKing Porter Stomp3:09Sing, Sing, Sing11987147
3982Benny Goodman & His OrchestraSometimes I'm Happy3:40Sing, Sing, Sing21987155
3983Benny Goodman & His OrchestraBasin Street Blues2:55Sing, Sing, Sing31987193
3984Benny Goodman & His OrchestraIf I Could Be With You2:16Sing, Sing, Sing41987197
3985Benny Goodman & His OrchestraGoody Goody2:29Sing, Sing, Sing51987140
3986Benny Goodman & His OrchestraChristopher Columbus3:33Sing, Sing, Sing61987178
3987Benny Goodman & His OrchestraSing Me A Swing Song2:22Sing, Sing, Sing71987133
3988Benny Goodman & His Orchestra(I Would Do) Anything For You2:49Sing, Sing, Sing81987136
3989Benny Goodman & His OrchestraThese Foolish Things Remind Me Of You2:44Sing, Sing, Sing91987129
3990Benny Goodman & His OrchestraDown South Camp Meeting3:18Sing, Sing, Sing101987130
3991Benny Goodman & His OrchestraBugle Call Rag2:59Sing, Sing, Sing111987148
3992Benny Goodman & His OrchestraGoodnight My Love3:07Sing, Sing, Sing121987130
3993Benny Goodman & His OrchestraHe Ain't Got Rythm2:43Sing, Sing, Sing131987130
3994Benny Goodman & His OrchestraI Want To Be Happy2:38Sing, Sing, Sing141987144
3995Benny Goodman & His OrchestraRoll 'Em3:12Sing, Sing, Sing151987129
3996Benny Goodman & His OrchestraThanks For The Memory3:10Sing, Sing, Sing161987132
3997Benny Goodman & His OrchestraDon't Be That Way3:19Sing, Sing, Sing171987133
3998Benny Goodman & His OrchestraOne O'Clock Jump3:14Sing, Sing, Sing181987132
3999Benny Goodman & His OrchestraTi-Pi-Tin2:35Sing, Sing, Sing191987133
4000Benny Goodman & His OrchestraSing, Sing, Sing8:39Sing, Sing, Sing201987132
4001Benny Goodman & His OrchestraGoodbye3:23Sing, Sing, Sing211987141
4002Benny Goodman & His OrchestraSomebody Else is Taking My Place3:12Your Hit Parade 19422 127
4003Benny Goodman & His OrchestraWhy Don't You Do Right3:14Your Hit Parade 1943131991127
4004Benny Goodman & His OrchestraTaking A Chance On Love3:11Your Hit Parade 1943201991127
4005Benny JoySpin The Bottle2:32Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)212006139
4006Benny MardonesInto The Night4:34The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)5 219
4007Benny MartinWabash Cannonball2:5150 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 2201992190
4008Benny MartinLittle Footprints In The Snow2:2850 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3121992206
4009Benny MartinDark Hollow2:3350 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 4121992204
4010Benny MartinWabash Cannonball (Instr.)2:51That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)13