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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1Biff Rose(Lord, I) Done Bumped Into You3:16The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock141996187
2Biff, Bang, Pow!There Must Be A Better Life3:05Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)212005169
3Big "T" TylerKing Kong2:04Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)201999133
4Big & RichRollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich)4:50Horse Of A Different Color12004223
5Big & RichWild West Show4:20Horse Of A Different Color22004233
6Big & RichBig Time3:56Horse Of A Different Color32004211
7Big & RichKick My Ass4:58Horse Of A Different Color42004196
8Big & RichSix Foot Town3:47Horse Of A Different Color52004217
9Big & RichHoly Water4:16Horse Of A Different Color62004215
10Big & RichSaved4:51Horse Of A Different Color72004226
11Big & RichReal World5:05Horse Of A Different Color82004217
12Big & RichSave A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)3:20Horse Of A Different Color92004212
13Big & RichDrinkin' 'bout You2:53Horse Of A Different Color102004179
14Big & RichLove Train3:47Horse Of A Different Color112004223
15Big & RichDeadwood Mountain5:10Horse Of A Different Color122004215
16Big & RichLive This Life5:33Horse Of A Different Color132004180
17Big Ang feat. SiobhanIt's Over Now4:15Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)42003203
18Big Audio DynamiteRush3:58The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)101999177
19Big Audio Dynamite IIRush4:1990's Pop Hits (Disc 3)82002188
20Big Blue Missile (with Scott Weiland)Time of the Season3:25Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)81999199
21Big BopperChantilly Lace2:2345s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)101987178
22The Big BopperChantilly Lace2:23American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)121973196
23The Big BopperChantilly Lace2:25Chantilly Lace11958126
24The Big BopperPink Petticoats2:12Chantilly Lace21958127
25The Big BopperThe Clock2:28Chantilly Lace31958127
26The Big BopperWalking Through My Dreams2:20Chantilly Lace41958126
27The Big BopperSomeone Watching Over You2:34Chantilly Lace51958126
28The Big BopperBig Bopper's Wedding2:12Chantilly Lace61958129
29The Big BopperLittle Red Riding Hood2:12Chantilly Lace71958127
30The Big BopperPreacher And The Bear2:24Chantilly Lace81958127
31The Big BopperIt's The Truth Ruth2:16Chantilly Lace91958127
32The Big BopperWhite Lightnin'2:14Chantilly Lace101958132
33Big BopperChantilly Lace2:22Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)131999129
34The Big BopperChantilly Lace2:20Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)19 199
35Big BopperChantilly Lace2:23Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)82004151
36Big BopperChantilly Lace2:24Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958201987129
37The Big BopperChantilly Lace2:22TM Century GoldDisc 605261991128
38Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBye, Bye Baby2:39Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]11967210
39Big Brother & The Holding CompanyEasy Rider2:25Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]21967209
40Big Brother & The Holding CompanyIntruder2:30Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]31967213
41Big Brother & The Holding CompanyLight Is Faster Than Sound2:33Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]41967213
42Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCall On Me2:35Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]51967202
43Big Brother & The Holding CompanyWomen Is Losers2:05Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]61967209
44Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBlindman2:25Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]71967206
45Big Brother & The Holding CompanyDown On Me2:07Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]81967213
46Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCaterpillar2:20Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]91967192
47Big Brother & The Holding CompanyAll Is Loneliness2:32Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]101967201
48Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCoo Coo (Single)1:58Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]111967210
49Big Brother & The Holding CompanyThe Last Time (Single)2:17Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]121967210
50Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCall On Me (Alternate Take)2:41Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]131967196
51Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBye, Bye Baby (Alternate Take)2:39Big Brother & The Holding Company [1999 Remaster]141967208
52Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCombination Of The Two5:47Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]11968208
53Big Brother & The Holding CompanyI Need A Man To Love4:54Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]21968195
54Big Brother & The Holding CompanySummertime4:00Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]31968198
55Big Brother & The Holding CompanyPiece Of My Heart4:15Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]41968167
56Big Brother & The Holding CompanyTurtle Blues4:22Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]51968201
57Big Brother & The Holding CompanyOh, Sweet Mary4:16Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]61968205
58Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBall And Chain9:38Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]71968189
59Big Brother & The Holding CompanyRoadblock (Studio Outtake)5:33Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]81968175
60Big Brother & The Holding CompanyFlower In The Sun (Studio Outtake)3:05Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]91968179
61Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCatch Me Daddy (Live)5:31Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]101968211
62Big Brother & The Holding CompanyMagic Of Love (Live)3:58Cheap Thrills [1999 Reissue]111968207
63Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCombination Of The Two5:40Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)51998196
64Big Brother & The Holding CompanySummertime4:00Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)7 192
65Big BudRock Around The Christmas Tree2:31   64
66Big City RockBlack Betty3:32TMNT (OST)122006160
67Big CountryIn A Big Country3:55Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)112002190
68Big CountryKing of Emotion4:51Peace in Our Time11988204
69Big CountryBroken Heart (13 Valleys)5:12Peace in Our Time21988188
70Big CountryThousand Yard Stare3:53Peace in Our Time31988208
71Big CountryFrom Here to Eternity4:58Peace in Our Time41988199
72Big CountryEverything I need4:45Peace in Our Time51988202
73Big CountryPeace in Our Time4:36Peace in Our Time61988193
74Big CountryTime for Leaving5:04Peace in Our Time71988196
75Big CountryRiver of Hope4:32Peace in Our Time81988200
76Big CountryIn this Place4:23Peace in Our Time91988190
77Big CountryI Could be Happy Here4:32Peace in Our Time101988205
78Big CountryThe Travellers3:14Peace in Our Time111988218
79Big CountryIn A Big Country3:56Rock Of The 80's Volume 1561994215
80Big CountryFlame of the West5:01Steeltown11984240
81Big CountryEast of Eden4:29Steeltown21984239
82Big CountrySteeltown4:39Steeltown31984245
83Big CountryWhere the Rose Is Sown4:58Steeltown41984244
84Big CountryCome Back to Me4:35Steeltown51984255
85Big CountryTall Ships Go4:38Steeltown61984234
86Big CountryGirl with Grey Eyes4:47Steeltown71984254
87Big CountryRain Dance4:19Steeltown81984243
88Big CountryThe Great Divide4:50Steeltown91984237
89Big CountryJust a Shadow5:38Steeltown101984241
90Big CountryIn A Big Country4:43The Crossing11986198
91Big CountryInwards4:36The Crossing21986196
92Big CountryChance4:26The Crossing31986191
93Big Country1000 Stars3:52The Crossing41986199
94Big CountryThe Storm6:21The Crossing51986203
95Big CountryHarvest Home4:20The Crossing61986208
96Big CountryLost Patrol4:51The Crossing71986194
97Big CountryClose Action4:14The Crossing81986192
98Big CountryFields Of Fire3:31The Crossing91986181
99Big CountryPorrohman7:51The Crossing101986210
100Big CountryAngle Park4:07The Crossing111986194
101Big CountryAll Of Us4:09The Crossing121986194
102Big CountryThe Crossing7:08The Crossing131986215
103Big CountryHeart & Soul4:33The Crossing141986204
104Big CountryWonderland3:59The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)8 197
105Big CountryAlone5:15The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 2)41999208
106Big CountryLook Away4:24The Seer11986197
107Big CountryThe Seer5:24The Seer21986206
108Big CountryThe Teacher4:06The Seer31986191
109Big CountryI Walk The Hill3:30The Seer41986200
110Big CountryEiledon5:36The Seer51986196
111Big CountryOne Great Thing4:02The Seer61986199
112Big CountryHold The Heart6:07The Seer71986192
113Big CountryRemembrance Day4:29The Seer81986194
114Big CountryRed Fox4:12The Seer91986194
115Big CountrySailor4:55The Seer101986192
116Big Daddy Kane Featuring Barry WhiteAll Of Me5:45Barry White - Just For You (Disc 3)121992197
117Big Daddy WeaveWithout You5:36WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)152006211
118Big Daddy WeaveEvery Time I Breathe3:46WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)92007219
119Big Daddy WeaveWhat Life Would Be Like4:06WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)122009218
120Big Daddy Weave with Barlow GirlYou're Worthy Of My Praise4:22WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)152005241
121Big Dee IrwinSwinging on a Star2:41Lost Treasures Volume 17 127
122The Big Dirty BandI Fought The Law3:52Trailer Park Boys The Movie Soundtrack (OST)22006231
123Big FunCan't Shake The Feeling3:35Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)101989241
124Big Head Todd And The MonstersBroken Hearted Savior4:21Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)32005216
125Big Jack JohnsonJingle Bell Boogie3:40Blue Yule: Christmas Blues And R&B Classics91991193
126Big Jay McNeelyThere Is Something On Your Mind3:12Lost Treasures Volume 210 178
127Big Mama ThorntonHound Dog2:52There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller11991128
128Big Mama ThorntonHound Dog2:54Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 3)91997203
129Big MaybelleWhole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On2:58Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed52001128
130Big MountainBaby, I Love Your Way4:19Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)2 199
131Big PigI Can't Break Away3:37Another Lost Decade: The '80s: Hard To Find Hits152005223
132Big PigI Can't Break Away3:36Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (OST)61989195
133Big StarFeel3:34#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)11992241
134Big StarThe Ballad of El Goodo4:21#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)21992216
135Big StarIn The Street2:55#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)31992239
136Big StarThirteen2:34#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)41992216
137Big StarDon't Lie To Me3:07#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)51992235
138Big StarThe India Song2:20#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)61992202
139Big StarWhen My Baby's Beside Me3:23#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)71992237
140Big StarMy Life Is Right3:08#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)81992225
141Big StarGive Me Another Chance3:27#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)91992217
142Big StarTry Again3:31#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)101992217
143Big StarWatch The Sunrise3:45#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)111992228
144Big StarST 100/61:01#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)121992203
145Big StarO My Soul5:40#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)131992140
146Big StarLife Is White3:19#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)141992219
147Big StarWay Out West2:50#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)151992219
148Big StarWhat's Going Ahn2:40#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)161992224
149Big StarYou Get What You Deserve3:08#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)171992217
150Big StarMod Lang2:45#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)181992232
151Big StarBack Of A Car2:46#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)191992226
152Big StarDaisy Glaze3:49#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)201992222
153Big StarShe's A Mover3:12#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)211992248
154Big StarSeptember Gurls2:49#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)221992230
155Big StarMorphia Too1:28#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)231992187
156Big StarI'm In Love With A Girl1:48#1 Record (1972) & Radio City (1974)241992205
157Big StarDony2:45In Space12005223
158Big StarLady Sweet3:41In Space22005211
159Big StarBest Chance3:04In Space32005215
160Big StarTurn My Back on the Sun2:38In Space42005200
161Big StarLove Revolution5:51In Space52005232
162Big StarFebruary's Quiet2:45In Space62005219
163Big StarMine Exclusively2:32In Space72005234
164Big StarA Whole New Thing3:53In Space82005222
165Big StarAria, Largo2:31In Space92005162
166Big StarHung Up with Summer3:04In Space102005217
167Big StarDo You Wanna Make It2:46In Space112005190
168Big StarMakeover3:42In Space122005237
169Big StarDon't Lie to Me3:25Nobody Can Dance11999213
170Big StarBack of a Car2:55Nobody Can Dance21999215
171Big StarO My Soul5:33Nobody Can Dance31999211
172Big StarMod Lang2:32Nobody Can Dance41999217
173Big StarShe's a Mover4:01Nobody Can Dance51999211
174Big StarSeptember Gurls3:01Nobody Can Dance61999212
175Big StarIn the Street3:16Nobody Can Dance71999212
176Big StarYou Get What You Deserve4:01Nobody Can Dance81999208
177Big StarBaby Strange3:54Nobody Can Dance91999198
178Big StarMod Lang2:55Nobody Can Dance101999200
179Big StarYou Get What You Deserve3:06Nobody Can Dance111999199
180Big StarThe Letter3:12Nobody Can Dance121999197
181Big StarSeptember Gurls2:55Nobody Can Dance131999194
182Big StarWay Out West2:31Nobody Can Dance141999198
183Big StarO My Soul6:00Nobody Can Dance151999198
184Big StarKizza Me2:44Third/Sister Lovers11978212
185Big StarThank You Friends3:06Third/Sister Lovers21978209
186Big StarBig Black Car3:36Third/Sister Lovers31978189
187Big StarJesus Christ2:40Third/Sister Lovers41978214
188Big StarFemme Fatale3:30Third/Sister Lovers51978194
189Big StarO, Dana2:35Third/Sister Lovers61978199
190Big StarHolocaust3:49Third/Sister Lovers71978175
191Big StarKangaroo3:47Third/Sister Lovers81978192
192Big StarStroke It Noel2:06Third/Sister Lovers91978187
193Big StarFor You2:43Third/Sister Lovers101978200
194Big StarYou Can't Have Me3:11Third/Sister Lovers111978211
195Big StarNightime2:53Third/Sister Lovers121978196
196Big StarBlue Moon2:06Third/Sister Lovers131978183
197Big StarTake Care2:47Third/Sister Lovers141978201
198Big StarNature Boy2:30Third/Sister Lovers151978178
199Big StarTill the End of the Day2:15Third/Sister Lovers161978200
200Big StarDream Lover3:35Third/Sister Lovers171978194
201Big StarDowns1:52Third/Sister Lovers181978219
202Big StarWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On3:22Third/Sister Lovers191978213
203Big Tent RevivalWhat Would Jesus Do?5:10WOW 1999 (Green Disc)141998209
204The Big Yard FamilyAll We Need Is Love3:58Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)142001190
205BigtopSub6:14Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)62004254
206Bikini KillPussy Whipped3:32Pussy Whipped 199448
207Bikini KillRebel Girl2:37Pussy Whipped 1994128
208Bikini KillSugar2:21Pussy Whipped71994128
209Bikini KillCarnival1:29The C.D. Version of the First Two Records31993128
210Bikini KillStrawberry Julius2:17The Singles51998128
211Bikini KillAnti-Pleasure Dissertation2:28The Singles61998128
212Bikini KillI Like Fucking2:16The Singles81999128
213Bikini KillCapri Pants1:39Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)142005250
214BileI Reject2:48Mortal Kombat (OST)121995236
215Bill & Belle ReedOld Lady and the Devil3:05Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 1)51952128
216Bill & BusterHold On To What You've Got3:50Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)121992188
217Bill AllenPlease Give Me Something2:15Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)242006130
218Bill And BoydPut Another Log On The Fire2:23Country Complete (Disc 5)111997204
219Bill AndersonStill2:49Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 1)101997186
220Bill BaileyInsect Nation4:37Bewilderness12000228
221Bill BaileyGwydion And The Druid - Chapter 10:28Bewilderness22000179
222Bill BaileyRichard Clayderman Plays Three Blind Mice1:35Bewilderness32000238
223Bill BaileyUnisex Chip Shop (Tribute To Billy Bragg)1:34Bewilderness42000195
224Bill BaileyScooby Doo0:12Bewilderness52000216
225Bill BaileySirens2:24Bewilderness62000211
226Bill BaileyJean-Michel Jarre0:48Bewilderness72000203
227Bill BaileyHats Off To The Zebras (Celebrating Bryan Adams)3:04Bewilderness82000226
228Bill BaileyPhilip Glass Plays Pop Goes The Weasel0:31Bewilderness92000244
229Bill BaileyFoxhunting2:04Bewilderness102000225
230Bill BaileyTom Waits Plays Three Blind Mice0:57Bewilderness112000227
231Bill BaileyLeg Of Time4:33Bewilderness122000224
232Bill BaileyClassical Cockney3:38Bewilderness132000224
233Bill BaileyChaucer Pubbe Gagge2:35Bewilderness142000171
234Bill BaileyMedieval Porn1:50Bewilderness152000198
235Bill BaileyGwydion And The Druid - Chapter 20:19Bewilderness162000190
236Bill BaileyDr. Qui3:34Bewilderness172000228
237Bill BaileyCockney Medley2:41Bewilderness182000222
238Bill BaileyBeautiful Ladies (In Honour Of Chris De Burgh)3:18Bewilderness192000224
239Bill BaileyGwydion And The Druid - Chapter 470:21Bewilderness202000171
240Bill BaileyPart Troll - Pt. I41:53Part Troll (Disc 1)12004181
241Bill BaileyPart Troll - Pt. II48:08Part Troll (Disc 2)12004187
242Bill BaileyInsect Nation4:36The Ultimate Collection...Ever!12000186
243Bill BaileyGwidion & The Druid - Chapter 10:30The Ultimate Collection...Ever!22000128
244Bill BaileyRichard Clayderman Plays Three Blind Mice1:36The Ultimate Collection...Ever!32000193
245Bill BaileyUnisex Chip Shop [Tribute To Billy Bragg]1:35The Ultimate Collection...Ever!42000144
246Bill BaileyScooby Doo0:13The Ultimate Collection...Ever!52000157
247Bill BaileySirens2:23The Ultimate Collection...Ever!62000157
248Bill BaileyJean-Michelle Jarre0:48The Ultimate Collection...Ever!72000158
249Bill BaileyHats Off To The Zebras3:04The Ultimate Collection...Ever!82000162
250Bill BaileyPhillip Glass Plays Pop Goes The Weasel0:31The Ultimate Collection...Ever!92000197
251Bill BaileyFoxhunting2:04The Ultimate Collection...Ever!102000173
252Bill BaileyTom Waits Plays Three Blind Mice0:58The Ultimate Collection...Ever!112000164
253Bill BaileyLeg Of Time4:35The Ultimate Collection...Ever!122000185
254Bill BaileyClassical Cockney3:37The Ultimate Collection...Ever!132000174
255Bill BaileyChaucer Pubbe Gagge2:35The Ultimate Collection...Ever!142000133
256Bill BaileyMedieval Porn1:52The Ultimate Collection...Ever!152000173
257Bill BaileyGwidion & The Druid - Chapter 20:21The Ultimate Collection...Ever!162000137
258Bill BaileyDr. Qui3:36The Ultimate Collection...Ever!172000172
259Bill BaileyCockney Medley2:43The Ultimate Collection...Ever!182000183
260Bill BaileyBeautiful Ladies [In Honour Of Chris De Burgh]3:20The Ultimate Collection...Ever!192000172
261Bill BaileyGwidion & The Druid - Chapter 470:23The Ultimate Collection...Ever!202000125
262Bill BaileyDrum 'N' Bush3:40The Ultimate Collection...Ever!212000191
263Bill Black's ComboSmokie--Part 22:09Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals31991155
264Bill Black's ComboWhite Silver Sands2:37Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)161992196
265Bill BrufordHell's Bells3:33Master Strokes 1978-198511986210
266Bill BrufordOne Of A Kind - Parts One And Two6:25Master Strokes 1978-198521986215
267Bill BrufordTravels With Myself - And Someone Else6:15Master Strokes 1978-198531986206
268Bill BrufordGothic 175:09Master Strokes 1978-198541986207
269Bill BrufordPalewell Park4:01Master Strokes 1978-198551986194
270Bill BrufordIf You Can't Stand The Heat...3:27Master Strokes 1978-198561986190
271Bill BrufordFive G4:46Master Strokes 1978-198571986195
272Bill BrufordJoe Frazier4:45Master Strokes 1978-198581986212
273Bill BrufordLiving Space3:53Master Strokes 1978-198591986205
274Bill BrufordThe Drum Also Waltzes2:55Master Strokes 1978-1985101986185
275Bill BrufordSplit Seconds4:42Master Strokes 1978-1985111986184
276Bill BrufordFainting In Coils6:37Master Strokes 1978-1985121986203
277Bill BrufordBeelzebub3:22Master Strokes 1978-1985131986195
278Bill BrufordThe Sahara Of Snow - Part Two3:27Master Strokes 1978-1985141986200
279Bill BrufordHell's Bells3:33One Of A Kind11979204
280Bill BrufordOne of a Kind, Part 12:20One Of A Kind21979211
281Bill BrufordOne of a Kind, Part 24:04One Of A Kind31979200
282Bill BrufordTravels with Myself (and Someone Else)6:13One Of A Kind41979199
283Bill BrufordFainting in Coils6:34One Of A Kind51979204
284Bill BrufordFive G4:46One Of A Kind61979197
285Bill BrufordThe Abingdon Chasp4:54One Of A Kind71979200
286Bill BrufordForever Until Sunday5:51One Of A Kind81979192
287Bill BrufordThe Sahara Of Snow, part 15:18One Of A Kind91979201
288Bill BrufordThe Sahara Of Snow, part 23:24One Of A Kind101979200
289Bill BrufordHell's Bells4:35The Bruford Tapes11979206
290Bill BrufordSample And Hold6:35The Bruford Tapes21979212
291Bill BrufordFainting In Coils7:25The Bruford Tapes31979218
292Bill BrufordTravels With Myself - And Someone Else4:38The Bruford Tapes41979204
293Bill BrufordBeelzebub3:52The Bruford Tapes51979219
294Bill BrufordThe Sahara Of Snow - Part 15:05The Bruford Tapes61979228
295Bill BrufordThe Sahara Of Snow - Part 23:32The Bruford Tapes71979213
296Bill BrufordOne Of A Kind (Part 2)8:45The Bruford Tapes81979211
297Bill Bruford5G2:38The Bruford Tapes91979216
298Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezIf Summer Had Its Ghosts6:21If Summer Had Its Ghosts11997207
299Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezNever The Same Way Once5:05If Summer Had Its Ghosts21997207
300Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezForgiveness5:17If Summer Had Its Ghosts31997197
301Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezSomersaults3:29If Summer Had Its Ghosts41997202
302Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezThistledown4:14If Summer Had Its Ghosts51997212
303Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezThe Battle Of Vilcabamba5:03If Summer Had Its Ghosts61997199
304Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezAmethyst (For Carmen)4:19If Summer Had Its Ghosts71997200
305Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezSplendour Among Shadows4:52If Summer Had Its Ghosts81997200
306Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezSome Other Time3:01If Summer Had Its Ghosts91997217
307Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezSilent Pool3:35If Summer Had Its Ghosts101997197
308Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie GomezNow Is The Next Time4:02If Summer Had Its Ghosts111997207
309Bill Bruford, Gary Green, Tony Levin, Tommy Shaw & Edgar WinterMoney6:22Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd52006210
310Bill Bruford's EarthworksStrombili Kicks5:34DIG?11989236
311Bill Bruford's EarthworksGentle Persuasion4:22DIG?21989236
312Bill Bruford's EarthworksDowntown5:50DIG?31989240
313Bill Bruford's EarthworksPilgrims' Way6:23DIG?41989230
314Bill Bruford's EarthworksDancing On Frith Street4:19DIG?51989238
315Bill Bruford's EarthworksA Stone's Throw6:06DIG?61989242
316Bill Bruford's EarthworksLibreville6:10DIG?71989248
317Bill Bruford's EarthworksCorroboree4:47DIG?81989249
318Bill Bruford's EarthworksThud4:13Earthworks11987245
319Bill Bruford's EarthworksMaking A Song And Dance5:56Earthworks21987249
320Bill Bruford's EarthworksUp North5:28Earthworks31987257
321Bill Bruford's EarthworksPressure7:26Earthworks41987251
322Bill Bruford's EarthworksMy Heart Declares A Holiday4:40Earthworks51987256
323Bill Bruford's EarthworksEmotional Shirt4:47Earthworks61987257
324Bill Bruford's EarthworksIt Needn't End In Tears5:14Earthworks71987238
325Bill Bruford's EarthworksThe Shepherd Is Eternal1:51Earthworks81987259
326Bill Bruford's EarthworksBridge Of Inhibition4:16Earthworks91987244
327Bill Bruford's EarthworksFootloose And Fancy Free9:01Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)12002212
328Bill Bruford's EarthworksIf Summer Had Its Ghosts8:29Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)22002206
329Bill Bruford's EarthworksA Part, And Yet Apart10:26Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)32002217
330Bill Bruford's EarthworksTriplicity7:39Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)42002208
331Bill Bruford's EarthworksCome To Dust10:53Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)52002193
332Bill Bruford's EarthworksNo Truce With The Furies6:55Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)62002201
333Bill Bruford's EarthworksThe Wooden Man Sings, And The Stone Woman Dances7:20Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 1)72002197
334Bill Bruford's EarthworksRevel Without A Pause8:42Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)12002221
335Bill Bruford's EarthworksNever The Same Way Once10:16Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)22002206
336Bill Bruford's EarthworksOriginal Sin7:49Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)32002211
337Bill Bruford's EarthworksCloud Cuckoo Land8:08Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)42002213
338Bill Bruford's EarthworksDewey-Eyed, Then Dancing6:33Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)52002211
339Bill Bruford's EarthworksThe Emperor's New Clothes7:45Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)62002203
340Bill Bruford's EarthworksBridge Of Inhibition7:54Footloose And Fancy Free (Disc 2)72002215
341Bill Bruford's EarthworksMy Heart Declares A Holiday5:26Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)12004208
342Bill Bruford's EarthworksWhite Knuckle Wedding7:43Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)22004214
343Bill Bruford's EarthworksTurn And Return2:51Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)32004157
344Bill Bruford's EarthworksTramontana8:05Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)42004215
345Bill Bruford's EarthworksBajo Del Sol8:44Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)52004204
346Bill Bruford's EarthworksSeems Like A Lifetime Ago (Part 1)3:55Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)62004207
347Bill Bruford's EarthworksModern Folk6:27Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)72004213
348Bill Bruford's EarthworksWith Friends Like These...2:52Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)82004210
349Bill Bruford's EarthworksSpeaking With Wooden Tongues7:54Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)92004213
350Bill Bruford's EarthworksOne Of A Kind (Part 1)2:09Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)102004221
351Bill Bruford's EarthworksOne Of A Kind (Part 2)4:16Random Acts Of Happiness (Featuring Tim Garland)112004224
352Bill CaddickThe Lover's Rose3:08fRoots #671996171
353Bill Cole, Gene Merlino, Stan Farber, Ian Freebairn-Smith & Morton StevensGilligan's Island1:03All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)342005138
354Bill ContiCagney & Lacey1:16All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)302005177
355Bill ContiDynasty1:33All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)332005136
356Bill ContiGonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)2:48Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 19121993201
357Bill ContiDynasty1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)351990185
358Bill ContiLifestyles Of The Rich And Famous1:13Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)321996214
359Bill ContiFalcon Crest1:08Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)361996197
360Bill ContiThe Colbys1:20Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)371996140
361Bill ContiCagney & Lacey1:17Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)501996180
362Bill CosbyLittle Ole Man (Uptight-Everything's Alright)4:09  1967192
363Bill CosbyMothers And Fathers4:20200 M.P.H.11968216
364Bill CosbyThe Wife1:48200 M.P.H.21968208
365Bill CosbyThe Grandfather4:08200 M.P.H.31968205
366Bill CosbyDogs And Cats3:01200 M.P.H.41968211
367Bill Cosby200 M.P.H.22:58200 M.P.H.51968210
368Bill CosbyFroofie The Dog5:29At His Best11973182
369Bill CosbyFootball2:31At His Best21973184
370Bill CosbyMy Brother, Russell3:07At His Best31973192
371Bill Cosby(In Las Vegas) Be Good To Your Wives4:06At His Best41973189
372Bill CosbyFat Albert Got A Hernia3:56At His Best51973190
373Bill CosbyWhy Beat Your Wife4:35At His Best61973185
374Bill CosbyEnnis' Toilet1:42At His Best71973185
375Bill CosbyGrover Henson Feels Forgotten3:40At His Best81973141
376Bill CosbyBill's Marriage2:09At His Best91973186
377Bill CosbyTrack And Field High Jump5:37At His Best101973191
378Bill CosbyA Nut In Every Car3:15Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!11963147
379Bill CosbyToss Of The Coin2:10Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!21963149
380Bill CosbyLittle Tiny Hairs1:45Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!31963158
381Bill CosbyNoah: Right!3:35Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!41963165
382Bill CosbyNoah: And The Neighbor1:15Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!51963161
383Bill CosbyNoah: Me And You, Lord3:01Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!61963154
384Bill CosbySuperman1:03Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!71963150
385Bill CosbyHoof And Mouth1:45Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!81963156
386Bill CosbyGreasy Kid Stuff3:07Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!91963148
387Bill CosbyThe Difference Between Men And Women2:14Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!101963150
388Bill CosbyThe Pep Talk1:45Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!111963154
389Bill CosbyKarate5:10Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!121963154
390Bill CosbyBedroom Slippers6:47Classic Comedy21995189
391Bill CosbyThe Invention of Baseball4:21Classic Comedy51995192
392Bill CosbyThe Cost of an Egg3:04Classic Comedy101995204
393Bill CosbyThe Dentist5:59Himself11982175
394Bill CosbyNatural Child Birth8:17Himself21982191
395Bill CosbyBrain Damage4:21Himself31982187
396Bill CosbyKill The Boy4:09Himself41982177
397Bill CosbyChocolate Cake For Breakfast7:44Himself51982171
398Bill CosbySame Thing Happens Every Night7:57Himself61982192
399Bill CosbyThe Grandparents7:06Himself71982182
400Bill CosbySneakers1:56I Started Out As A Child11964156
401Bill CosbyStreet Football1:21I Started Out As A Child21964162
402Bill CosbyThe Water Bottle0:50I Started Out As A Child31964158
403Bill CosbyChristmas Time1:43I Started Out As A Child41964155
404Bill CosbyThe Giant2:28I Started Out As A Child51964157
405Bill CosbyOops!0:58I Started Out As A Child61964162
406Bill CosbyThe Lone Ranger3:07I Started Out As A Child71964163
407Bill CosbyRalph Jameson1:53I Started Out As A Child81964163
408Bill CosbyMedic3:45I Started Out As A Child91964162
409Bill CosbyMy Pet Rhinoceros0:45I Started Out As A Child101964161
410Bill CosbyHalf Man0:46I Started Out As A Child111964162
411Bill CosbyRigor Mortis2:47I Started Out As A Child121964157
412Bill CosbyThe Neanderthal Man3:15I Started Out As A Child131964160
413Bill CosbyT.V. Football1:13I Started Out As A Child141964157
414Bill CosbySeattle3:48I Started Out As A Child151964158
415Bill CosbyRevenge6:02Revenge11967201
416Bill CosbyTwo Daughters5:10Revenge21967199
417Bill CosbyTwo Brothers2:53Revenge31967190
418Bill CosbyThe Tank1:35Revenge41967192
419Bill CosbySmoking2:52Revenge51967197
420Bill CosbyWives2:37Revenge61967197
421Bill CosbyCool Covers4:22Revenge71967189
422Bill Cosby9th St. Bridge5:09Revenge81967194
423Bill CosbyBuck, Buck9:13Revenge91967195
424Bill CosbyPlanes2:02Revenge101967197
425Bill CosbyBaseball2:36To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With11968180
426Bill CosbyConflict1:18To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With21968178
427Bill CosbyThe Losers8:50To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With31968180
428Bill CosbyThe Apple1:41To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With41968181
429Bill CosbyTo Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With26:42To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With51968182
430Bill CosbyKindergarten8:14Why Is There Air?11965161
431Bill CosbyPersonal Hygiene1:02Why Is There Air?21965163
432Bill CosbyShop3:09Why Is There Air?31965156
433Bill CosbyBaby3:46Why Is There Air?41965164
434Bill CosbyDriving in San Francisco3:50Why Is There Air?51965168
435Bill Cosby$75 Car7:38Why Is There Air?61965165
436Bill CosbyThe Toothache4:09Why Is There Air?71965160
437Bill CosbyHofstra8:00Why Is There Air?81965160
438Bill CosbyTonsils15:06Wonderfulness11966192
439Bill CosbyThe Playground3:16Wonderfulness21966191
440Bill CosbyLumps1:37Wonderfulness31966196
441Bill CosbyGo Carts5:47Wonderfulness41966196
442Bill CosbyChicken Heart12:22Wonderfulness51966197
443Bill CosbyShop2:34Wonderfulness61966190
444Bill CosbySpecial Class1:25Wonderfulness71966195
445Bill CosbyNiagara Falls5:00Wonderfulness81966193
446Bill Deal & RhondelsI've Been Hurt2:16Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 341987125
447Bill DoggettHonky Tonk (Parts 1&2)5:44Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 2)152004131
448Bill EngvallIntroduction0:11Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography12002260
449Bill EngvallFreshness Emergency2:50Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography22002189
450Bill EngvallGrading Your Biological Output3:43Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography32002189
451Bill EngvallDriver's ED3:27Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography42002196
452Bill EngvallOld Fashioned3:34Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography52002191
453Bill EngvallEvery Public Restroom In America2:24Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography62002190
454Bill EngvallCigarettes Equal Pain3:58Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography72002186
455Bill EngvallVicodinland7:28Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography82002185
456Bill EngvallNever Have My Own Animal Show2:39Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography92002195
457Bill Engvall"Nice" Stops At Midnight1:39Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography102002197
458Bill EngvallAfter Twenty Years Of Marriage3:47Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography112002200
459Bill EngvallBizarre Magazines2:54Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography122002202
460Bill EngvallEncore-Here's Your Sign2:50Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography132002207
461Bill EngvallRich, Fat And Ugly2:51Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography142002202
462Bill EngvallI'm A Cheap Drunk4:14Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography152002209
463Bill EngvallFactory Outlet Malls1:38Dorkfish11998213
464Bill EngvallFlying3:35Dorkfish21998192
465Bill EngvallSmokers1:56Dorkfish31998191
466Bill EngvallWeather And News4:13Dorkfish41998189
467Bill EngvallBungee Jumping And Parachuting5:11Dorkfish51998192
468Bill EngvallMy Daughter's Growing Up2:32Dorkfish61998186
469Bill EngvallT-Ball And Indian Guides8:02Dorkfish71998191
470Bill EngvallMinivan1:43Dorkfish81998195
471Bill EngvallDiscovery Channel3:28Dorkfish91998183
472Bill EngvallDorkfish2:00Dorkfish101998187
473Bill EngvallWhale Watching2:06Dorkfish111998186
474Bill EngvallBroke Food2:56Dorkfish121998196
475Bill EngvallMore Here's Your Sign3:15Dorkfish131998195
476Bill EngvallBronc Busting4:48Dorkfish141998181
477Bill EngvallDeer Hunting4:34Dorkfish151998187
478Bill EngvallI'm A Cowboy3:17Dorkfish161998231
479Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign Christmas2:19Dorkfish171998224
480Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign Christmas2:18Dorkfish321998128
481Bill EngvallIntroduction0:26Here's Your Christmas Album11999174
482Bill EngvallI'm Getting Sued By Santa Claus3:38Here's Your Christmas Album21999210
483Bill EngvallChristmas In The Country Holiday3:19Here's Your Christmas Album31999205
484Bill EngvallRudolph Got A DUI2:57Here's Your Christmas Album41999195
485Bill EngvallThe Christmas Sign4:01Here's Your Christmas Album51999221
486Bill EngvallA Gift That She Don't Want4:02Here's Your Christmas Album61999197
487Bill EngvallGift Emergency3:28Here's Your Christmas Album71999220
488Bill EngvallFruitcake Makes Me Puke3:49Here's Your Christmas Album81999213
489Bill EngvallThat's What's Wrong With Christmas4:52Here's Your Christmas Album91999201
490Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign Christmas2:32Here's Your Christmas Album101999221
491Bill EngvallThe Bike3:02Here's Your Christmas Album111999177
492Bill EngvallFruitcake Make Me Puke (Rock Version)3:44Here's Your Christmas Album121999208
493Bill EngvallIntroduction0:16Here's Your Sign11996195
494Bill EngvallI Love Golf3:09Here's Your Sign21996173
495Bill EngvallGoing To The Fair4:10Here's Your Sign31996178
496Bill EngvallWe've Got A Full House8:26Here's Your Sign41996173
497Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign7:45Here's Your Sign51996179
498Bill EngvallNobody Disciplines Their Kids Anymore5:17Here's Your Sign61996177
499Bill EngvallThings Have Changed3:26Here's Your Sign71996179
500Bill EngvallCaught Big Time3:22Here's Your Sign81996177
501Bill EngvallI.G. Joe5:13Here's Your Sign91996178
502Bill EngvallBaby Barf And The Turkey Hunt2:47Here's Your Sign101996176
503Bill EngvallTell Me What I'm Thinking1:28Here's Your Sign111996176
504Bill EngvallLove Magic8:16Here's Your Sign121996179
505Bill EngvallIntroduction0:29Here's Your Sign RELOADED12003235
506Bill EngvallI've Been Married For Twenty Years2:42Here's Your Sign RELOADED22003184
507Bill EngvallThe Differences In Years1:41Here's Your Sign RELOADED32003183
508Bill EngvallGetting Old Sucks2:13Here's Your Sign RELOADED42003175
509Bill EngvallIn Vitro3:59Here's Your Sign RELOADED52003180
510Bill EngvallBoys Have No Descretion6:11Here's Your Sign RELOADED62003178
511Bill EngvallJolly Roger Party Boat3:10Here's Your Sign RELOADED72003181
512Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign5:27Here's Your Sign RELOADED82003189
513Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign (Don't Mess With Us)2:30Here's Your Sign RELOADED92003209
514Bill EngvallMarried For Twenty Years4:03Here's Your Sign RELOADED102003228
515Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign (Wear It All The Time)3:37Here's Your Sign RELOADED112003223
516Bill EngvallHere's Your Sign Christmas2:28Here's Your Sign RELOADED122003224
517Bill EngvallIntroduction0:45Now That's Awesome12000239
518Bill EngvallThe 90's1:03Now That's Awesome22000179
519Bill EngvallBar Scene In California1:33Now That's Awesome32000194
520Bill EngvallNow That's Awesome1:44Now That's Awesome42000186
521Bill EngvallThe Dog Had To Be Trained2:47Now That's Awesome52000185
522Bill EngvallPound Puppies1:20Now That's Awesome62000185
523Bill EngvallSmoker Aquarium1:32Now That's Awesome72000183
524Bill EngvallPads4:34Now That's Awesome82000191
525Bill EngvallWhen Did Shrapnel Become A Fashion Accessory?3:37Now That's Awesome92000194
526Bill EngvallToo Much Information (Cause I'm The Dad)4:26Now That's Awesome102000195
527Bill EngvallWhite Trash Road Race4:04Now That's Awesome112000178
528Bill EngvallA Snake In The Toilet6:33Now That's Awesome122000183
529Bill EngvallSurfing Lesson4:32Now That's Awesome132000178
530Bill EngvallPeople Amaze Me (Here's Your Sign)3:01Now That's Awesome142000196
531Bill EngvallNow That's Awesome (Song) (Feat. Tracy Byrd, Neal McCoy And T. Graham Brown)3:04Now That's Awesome152000208
532Bill EngvallShoulda Shut Up (Song) (Feat. Julie Reeves)3:45Now That's Awesome162000202
533Bill EvansMy Man's Gone Now6:45Gershwin Jazz141998163
534Bill Evans TrioMy Foolish Heart4:53Waltz for Debby11961205
535Bill Evans TrioWaltz for Debby (take 2)6:59Waltz for Debby21961201
536Bill Evans TrioWaltz for Debby (take 1)6:47Waltz for Debby31961194
537Bill Evans TrioDetour Ahead (take 2)7:38Waltz for Debby41961203
538Bill Evans TrioDetour Ahead (take 1)7:12Waltz for Debby51961206
539Bill Evans TrioMy Romance (take 1)7:12Waltz for Debby61961205
540Bill Evans TrioMy Romance (take 2)7:14Waltz for Debby71961204
541Bill Evans TrioSome Other Time5:05Waltz for Debby81961199
542Bill Evans TrioMilestones6:36Waltz for Debby91961210
543Bill Evans TrioPorgy (I Loves You, Porgy)5:57Waltz for Debby101961204
544Bill Farmer, Aaron Lohr, And ChorusOn The Open Road (A Goofy Movie 1995)3:03Classic Disney, Vol. 431997200
545Bill Haley & His CometsRock Around the Clock2:21100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)191999224
546Bill Haley & His CometsSee You Later Alligator2:09100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)211999227
547Bill Haley & His CometsRock Around The Clock2:1120 Platinum Oldies81986189
548Bill Haley & His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock2:10American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)11973208
549Bill Haley & His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock2:10Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)211999137
550Bill Haley & His CometsSee You Later, Alligator2:46Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)51999140
551Bill Haley & His CometsCrazy Man, Crazy2:40Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 4)31999145
552Bill Haley & His CometsSee You Later, Alligator2:44Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)14 187
553Bill Haley & His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock2:11The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection11999170
554Bill Haley & His CometsShake, Rattle and Roll2:31The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection21999177
555Bill Haley & His CometsThirteen Women (And Only One Man in Town)2:54The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection31999156
556Bill Haley & His CometsDim, Dim the Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)2:32The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection41999165
557Bill Haley & His CometsRudy's Rock2:42The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection51999167
558Bill Haley & His CometsRazzle Dazzle2:44The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection61999184
559Bill Haley & His CometsThe Saints Rock 'N' Roll3:30The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection71999174
560Bill Haley & His CometsSkinny Minnie2:59The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection81999161
561Bill Haley & His CometsR-O-C-K2:22The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection91999175
562Bill Haley & His CometsBurn That Candle2:47The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection101999172
563Bill Haley & His CometsRock-A-Beatin' Boogie2:21The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection111999175
564Bill Haley & His CometsSee You Later, Alligator2:44The Best of Bill Haley & His Comets - The Millennium Collection121999172
565Bill Haley And His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock2:14Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)12004135
566Bill Haley And His CometsSee You Later, Alligator2:45Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 2)182004134
567Bill Haley And His CometsRock Around The Clock2:12Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)21997204
568Bill HayesThe Ballad Of Davy Crockett2:24Your Hit Parade 195524 128
569Bill JustisRaunchy2:2645s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)51987232
570Bill JustisRaunchy2:22Rockin' USA - The Memphis Sound - The 50s31960168
571Bill Justis & His OrchestraRaunchy2:23The Sun Records Collection (Disc 3)111994127
572Bill Lee And The ChildrenThe Sound Of Music2:11The Sound Of Music (OST) [1995 Remaster]101965193
573Bill Lee, Julie Andrews, The Children And ChorusEdelweiss1:49The Sound Of Music (OST) [1995 Remaster]141965201
574Bill Medley And Jennifer Warnes(I've Had) The Time Of My Life4:50Dirty Dancing (OST)11987208
575Bill MonroeNew Mule Skinner Blues2:30Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)12003175
576Bill MonroeMy Little Georgia Rose3:06Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)22003175
577Bill MonroeUncle Pen2:45Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)32003178
578Bill MonroeRaw Hide2:37Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)42003195
579Bill MonroeKentucky Waltz3:16Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)52003183
580Bill MonroeWhen the Cactus Is In Bloom2:04Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)62003185
581Bill MonroeGet Down On Your Knees And Pray3:01Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)72003190
582Bill MonroeIn the Pines3:11Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)82003180
583Bill MonroeFootprints In The Snow2:41Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)92003188
584Bill MonroeWalking in Jerusalem Just Like John2:00Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)102003164
585Bill MonroeGet Up John2:11Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)112003185
586Bill MonroeOn And On2:47Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)122003180
587Bill MonroeI'm Working On A Building2:43Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)132003175
588Bill MonroeBlue Moon Of Kentucky2:08Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)142003191
589Bill MonroeRoanoke2:39Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)152003208
590Bill MonroeGoodbye Old Pal2:04Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)162003136
591Bill MonroeMolly & Tenbrooks2:22Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)172003184
592Bill MonroeI'm Sittin' On Top Of The World2:19Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)182003159
593Bill MonroeI Saw The Light2:30Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)192003186
594Bill MonroeScotland1:55Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)202003184
595Bill MonroePanhandle Country2:05Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)212003178
596Bill MonroeGotta Travel On2:34Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)222003196
597Bill MonroeBig Mon2:17Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)232003197
598Bill MonroeLinda Lou2:10Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)242003194
599Bill MonroeLonesome Road Blues2:28Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 1)252003220
600Bill MonroeTime Changes Everything2:15Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)12003211
601Bill MonroeI'm Going Back To Old Kentucky2:23Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)22003184
602Bill MonroeToy Heart2:15Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)32003188
603Bill MonroeLive And Let Live2:40Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)42003199
604Bill MonroeOld Joe Clark2:24Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)52003232
605Bill MonroeColumbus Stockade Blues3:05Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)62003205
606Bill MonroeDrifting Too Far From The Shore2:29Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)72003183
607Bill MonroeSomebody Touched Me2:32Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)82003207
608Bill MonroeJimmy Brown The Newsboy2:26Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)92003181
609Bill MonroeI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:13Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)102003202
610Bill MonroeDevil's Dream2:24Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)112003198
611Bill MonroeHighway Of Sorrow2:22Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)122003202
612Bill MonroeRoll On Buddy, Roll On2:11Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)132003223
613Bill Monroe(We're Goin') Just Over In The Gloryland2:23Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)142003200
614Bill MonroeFire On The Mountain2:05Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)152003216
615Bill MonroeThe Long Black Veil2:40Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)162003208
616Bill MonroeI Wonder Where You Are Tonight2:34Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)172003226
617Bill MonroeDusty Miller2:19Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)182003233
618Bill MonroeMidnight On The Stormy Deep3:42Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)192003211
619Bill MonroeSally Goodin'3:15Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)202003212
620Bill MonroeWalls Of Time3:19Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)212003209
621Bill MonroeI Haven't Seen Mary In Years3:04Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)222003205
622Bill MonroeWith Body And Soul3:06Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)232003213
623Bill MonroeWalk Softly On My Heart2:35Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)242003215
624Bill MonroeMy Last Days On Earth4:42Anthology (1950-1981) (Disc 2)252003204
625Bill MonroeBlue Moon of Kentucky3:03Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.61997127
626Bill MonroeScotland1:54Red White and Bluegrass62002152
627Bill MonroeWith Body And Soul3:28That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)111995191
628Bill MonroeRocky Road Blues2:36The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)11992127
629Bill MonroeKentucky Waltz2:44The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)21992127
630Bill MonroeTrue Life Blues2:50The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)31992127
631Bill MonroeNobody Loves Me4:11The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)41992129
632Bill MonroeGoodbye Old Pal2:25The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)51992165
633Bill MonroeFootprints In The Snow2:39The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)61992127
634Bill MonroeBlue Grass Special2:26The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)71992127
635Bill MonroeCome Back To Me In My Dreams3:00The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)81992127
636Bill MonroeHeavy Traffic Ahead2:51The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)91992127
637Bill MonroeWhy Did You Wander2:34The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)101992129
638Bill MonroeBlue Moon Of Kentucky3:03The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)111992127
639Bill MonroeToy Heart2:46The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)121992127
640Bill MonroeSummertime Is Past And Gone2:55The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)131992127
641Bill MonroeMansions For Me3:16The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)141992127
642Bill MonroeMother' Only Sleeping3:16The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)151992127
643Bill MonroeBlue Yodel No. 43:06The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)161992127
644Bill MonroeWill You Be Loving Another Man2:53The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)171992127
645Bill MonroeHow Will I Explain About You?2:57The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)181992127
646Bill MonroeShining Path2:26The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)191992127
647Bill MonroeWicked Path Of Sin2:55The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 1)201992128
648Bill MonroeI'm Going Back To Old Kentucky3:15The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)11992127
649Bill MonroeIt's Might Dark To Travel2:52The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)21992127
650Bill MonroeI Hear A Sweet Voice Calling2:58The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)31992126
651Bill MonroeLittle Cabin Home On The Hill3:11The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)41992126
652Bill MonroeMy Rose Of Old Kentucky2:57The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)51992127
653Bill MonroeBlue Grass Breakdown2:40The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)61992127
654Bill MonroeSweetheart, You Done Me Wrong3:35The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)71992127
655Bill MonroeThe Old Cross Road2:42The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)81992127
656Bill MonroeThat Home Above3:50The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)91992127
657Bill MonroeRemember The Cross3:03The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)101992127
658Bill MonroeLittle Community Church2:46The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)111992127
659Bill MonroeAlong About Daybreak3:08The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)121992161
660Bill MonroeWhen You Are Lonely2:46The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)131992126
661Bill MonroeMolly And Tenbrooks (The Racehorse Song)2:44The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)141992127
662Bill MonroeShine Hallelujah Shine2:34The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)151992127
663Bill MonroeI'm Travellin' On And On2:36The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)161992127
664Bill MonroeCan't You Hear Me Callin'?3:48The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)171992127
665Bill MonroeTravellin' This Lonesome Road3:25The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)181992127
666Bill MonroeBlue Grass Stomp3:00The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)191992126
667Bill MonroeThe Girl In The Blue Velvet Band3:12The Essential Bill Monroe (1945-1949) (Disc 2)201992128
668Bill MonroeMolly And Tenbrooks2:33Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 1)121997186
669Bill MumyThe Ballad Of William Robinson2:52Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space102002174
670Bill ParsonsThe All American Boy3:02Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)22002131
671Bill ParsonsThe All American Boy2:59Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1959151988138
672Bill PursellOur Winter Love2:24Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals181993188
673Bill WithersLean On Me3:4870's Party Mix (Disc 1)81996176
674Bill WithersLovely Day4:07Back To The 80's (Disc 1)121996222
675Bill WithersLean On Me3:48Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)52001177
676Bill WithersUse Me3:46Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)22001210
677Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:05Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)32004201
678Bill WithersLean On Me3:42Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)231998183
679Bill WithersLovely Day4:02Heart & Soul91989238
680Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:05Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone42000194
681Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:05Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 621991196
682Bill WithersLovely Day4:16The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day11998208
683Bill WithersJust The Two Of Us3:56The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day21998207
684Bill WithersUse Me3:46The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day31998212
685Bill WithersKissing My Love3:50The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day41998214
686Bill WithersHarlem3:23The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day51998211
687Bill WithersLonely Town, Lonely Street3:43The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day61998213
688Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:04The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day71998203
689Bill WithersWho Is He (And What Is He To You?)3:12The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day81998203
690Bill WithersSweet Wanomi2:34The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day91998181
691Bill WithersI Don't Want You On My Mind4:36The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day101998210
692Bill WithersThe Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Has Made Me Cry)3:24The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day111998210
693Bill WithersI Don't Know3:07The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day121998191
694Bill WithersGrandma's Hands2:00The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day131998196
695Bill WithersBetter Off Dead2:16The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day141998204
696Bill WithersTake It All In Check It All Out2:39The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day151998210
697Bill WithersI Want To Spend The Night3:20The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day161998205
698Bill WithersHello Like Before5:29The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day171998204
699Bill WithersHope She'll Be Happier4:28The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day181998201
700Bill WithersLean On Me4:18The Best Of Bill Withers: Lovely Day191998188
701Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:06The Buddah Box (Disc 2)101993197
702Bill WithersLean On Me4:19The Buddah Box (Disc 2)121993176
703Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:05The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)41992206
704Bill WithersLean On Me4:18TM Century GoldDisc Update 5121991182
705Bill Withers & Grover WashingtonJust The Two Of Us3:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)162001220
706Billie Burke And The MunchkinsCome Out, Come Out...0:43The Wizard Of Oz (OST)41995127
707Billie HolidayMiss Brown to You3:0116 Most Requested Songs11993127
708Billie HolidayIf You Were Mine3:1516 Most Requested Songs21993127
709Billie HolidayThese Foolish Things3:1916 Most Requested Songs31993127
710Billie HolidayThe Way You Look Tonight3:0316 Most Requested Songs41993127
711Billie HolidayPennies From Heaven3:1816 Most Requested Songs51993128
712Billie HolidayI Can't Give You Anything But Love3:2916 Most Requested Songs61993127
713Billie HolidayI've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm2:5716 Most Requested Songs71993127
714Billie HolidayWhy Was I Born?2:5116 Most Requested Songs81993127
715Billie HolidayCarelessly3:0916 Most Requested Songs91993127
716Billie HolidayEasy Living3:0516 Most Requested Songs101993127
717Billie HolidayMy Man3:0416 Most Requested Songs111993127
718Billie HolidayI'm Gonna Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key2:1016 Most Requested Songs121993125
719Billie HolidayBody and Soul3:0016 Most Requested Songs131993127
720Billie HolidayGloomy Sunday3:1416 Most Requested Songs141993127
721Billie HolidayGod Bless the Child2:5916 Most Requested Songs151993127
722Billie HolidayI'm a Fool to Want You3:2416 Most Requested Songs161993190
723Billie HolidayWhat A Little Moonlight Can Do3:12Billie's Best11992127
724Billie HolidayA Foggy Day4:42Billie's Best21992174
725Billie HolidayCome Rain Or Come Shine4:25Billie's Best31992127
726Billie HolidayComes Love4:02Billie's Best41992127
727Billie HolidayHe's Funny That Way3:14Billie's Best51992126
728Billie HolidayStars Fell On Alabama4:31Billie's Best61992161
729Billie HolidayGone With The Wind3:25Billie's Best71992127
730Billie HolidayThey Can't Take That Away From Me4:12Billie's Best81992127
731Billie HolidayEast Of The Sun2:56Billie's Best91992126
732Billie HolidayEverything I Have Is Yours3:47Billie's Best101992126
733Billie HolidayStormy Blues3:29Billie's Best111992127
734Billie HolidaySpeak Low4:28Billie's Best121992127
735Billie HolidayApril In Paris3:05Billie's Best131992126
736Billie HolidayI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm3:58Billie's Best141992127
737Billie HolidaySome Other Spring3:38Billie's Best151992126
738Billie HolidayAll The Way3:23Billie's Best161992196
739Billie HolidayThey Can't Take That Away From Me4:11Gershwin Jazz31998129
740Billie HolidayStrange Fruit3:13The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)11997126
741Billie HolidayStrange Fruit #23:21The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)21997126
742Billie HolidayYesterdays3:26The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)31997126
743Billie HolidayYesterdays #23:00The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)41997126
744Billie HolidayFine And Mellow3:18The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)51997126
745Billie HolidayI Gotta Right To Sing The Blues2:51The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)61997127
746Billie HolidayI Gotta Right To Sing The Blues #22:51The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)71997126
747Billie HolidayHow Am I To Know2:31The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)81997126
748Billie HolidayHow Am I To Know #2 [-1]2:36The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)91997127
749Billie HolidayHow Am I To Know #2 [-2]2:40The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)101997126
750Billie HolidayHow Am I To Know2:47The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)111997126
751Billie HolidayMy Old Flame #33:21The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)121997126
752Billie HolidayMy Old Flame [TK 2]3:07The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)131997126
753Billie HolidayMy Old Flame #23:12The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)141997126
754Billie HolidayMy Old Flame3:05The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)151997126
755Billie HolidayI'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)3:01The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)161997126
756Billie HolidayI'l Get By #23:00The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)171997126
757Billie HolidayI Cover The Waterfront #33:52The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)181997126
758Billie HolidayI Cover The Waterfront #23:44The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)191997126
759Billie HolidayI Cover The Waterfront [-1]3:24The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)201997126
760Billie HolidayI Cover The Waterfront3:33The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)211997126
761Billie HolidayI'll Be Seeing You #33:39The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)221997126
762Billie HolidayI'll Be Seeing You3:33The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)231997126
763Billie HolidayI'll Be Seeing You #23:27The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 1)241997128
764Billie HolidayI'm Yours #33:14The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)11997126
765Billie HolidayI'm Yours #23:25The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)21997126
766Billie HolidayI'm Yours3:18The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)31997126
767Billie HolidayEmbraceable You #33:15The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)41997126
768Billie HolidayEmbraceable You3:18The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)51997126
769Billie HolidayEmbraceable You #23:14The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)61997126
770Billie HolidayAs Time Goes By3:14The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)71997126
771Billie HolidayAs Time Goes By #23:17The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)81997126
772Billie Holiday(I've Got a Man, Crazy For Me) He's Funny That Way #23:34The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)91997126
773Billie HolidayHe's Funny That Way (TK 2A)3:17The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)101997126
774Billie HolidayHe's Funny That Way3:18The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)111997126
775Billie HolidayHe's Funny That Way #43:05The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)121997126
776Billie HolidayHe's Funny That Way #33:05The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)131997126
777Billie HolidayLover, Come Back To Me (-1)3:25The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)141997126
778Billie HolidayLover, Come Back To Me #33:16The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)151997126
779Billie HolidayBillie's Blues #23:30The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)161997126
780Billie HolidayBillie's Blues #32:55The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)171997126
781Billie HolidayLover, Come Back To Me3:22The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)181997126
782Billie HolidayBillie's Blues3:10The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)191997126
783Billie HolidayOn The Sunny Side Of The Street3:04The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)201997126
784Billie HolidayLover, Come Back To Me #23:18The Complete Commodore Recordings (Disc 2)211997127
785Billie HolidayGod Bless the Child2:56Your Hit Parade 19419 126
786Billie Jo SpearsIf You Want Me2:27Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)61996207
787Billie Jo SpearsWhat I've Got In Mind2:42Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)51996213
788Billie Jo SpearsLook What They've Done To My Song2:39Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 1)41996226
789Billie Jo SpearsMr. Walker It's All Over3:05Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)51996222
790Billie Jo SpearsBlanket On The Ground3:32Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)71996210
791Billie Jo SpearsYou've Got The Power2:48Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 2)71996209
792Billie Jo SpearsBlanket On The Ground3:34Country Complete (Disc 1)61997224
793Billie Jo SpearsWhat I've Got In Mind2:44Country Complete (Disc 2)91997203
794Billie Jo Spears57 Chevrolet2:51Country Complete (Disc 3)131997200
795Billie Jo SpearsWhat I've Got In Mind2:44Country Girls 221991207
796Billie Jo Spears'57 Chevrolet2:52Country Girls 2101991213
797Billie Jo SpearsI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:22Country Girls 361995208
798Billie Jo SpearsLook What They've Done To My Song, Ma2:42Country Girls 3241995224
799Billie Jo SpearsBlanket On The Ground3:33One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)32001256
800Billie MyersKiss The Rain (TP2K Radio Remix - Edit)3:21Fired Up! (Disc 1)152003225
801Billy "Flabber" ForesterBig Bad Beetleborgs2:29 11996160
802Billy "The Kid" EmersonRed Hot2:25The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)71994126
803Billy & The BeatersAt This Moment4:14Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)62002242
804Billy Abbott & The JewelsCome On And Dance With Me2:18Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)172005126
805Billy Abbott & The JewelsGroovy Baby2:17Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)182005126
806Billy Abbott & The JewelsHey Good Lookin'1:53Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)62005141
807Billy AnthonyThis Ole House2:19Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)152002126
808Billy BlandLet The Little Girl Dance2:21196021 130
809Billy BlandLet The Little Girl Dance2:21The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)61960163
810Billy BlandLet The Little Girl Dance2:19The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960231995209
811Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colveg, And Harry StantonThe Lollipop Guild0:24The Wizard Of Oz (OST)121995128
812Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colveg, And J.D. JewkesAs Mayor Of The Munchkin City0:32The Wizard Of Oz (OST)81995128
813Billy Bob ThortonThe Wind4:07Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon82004190
814Billy Boy ArnoldI Wish You Would2:42The Blues At Christmas II31994132
815Billy CobhamPanhandler4:05A Funky Thide Of Sings11998228
816Billy CobhamSorcery2:24A Funky Thide Of Sings21998217
817Billy CobhamA Funky Thide Of Sings3:37A Funky Thide Of Sings31998231
818Billy CobhamThinking Of You4:28A Funky Thide Of Sings41998220
819Billy CobhamSome Skunk Funk5:08A Funky Thide Of Sings51998220
820Billy CobhamLight At The End Of The Tunnel3:39A Funky Thide Of Sings61998217
821Billy CobhamA Funky Kind Of Thing9:14A Funky Thide Of Sings71998210
822Billy CobhamMoody Modes12:05A Funky Thide Of Sings81998209
823Billy CobhamStratus6:48Blaxploitation: Soul, Jazz & Funk91996216
824Billy CobhamKinky Dee6:31By Design11992210
825Billy CobhamSlidin' By3:22By Design21992209
826Billy CobhamPanama6:44By Design31992196
827Billy CobhamDo You Mean to Imply9:52By Design41992202
828Billy CobhamMirror's Image7:46By Design51992192
829Billy CobhamSerrengetti Plains4:36By Design61992201
830Billy CobhamLayed Back Lifestyle8:48By Design71992176
831Billy CobhamPermanent Jet Lag3:33By Design81992198
832Billy CobhamMirror's Image (Reprise)1:48By Design91992187
833Billy CobhamDream7:20By Design101992205
834Billy CobhamStreet Urchin5:12By Design111992211
835Billy CobhamRendez-Vous at Studio Gimmick6:19By Design121992216
836Billy CobhamDream (Reprise)1:03By Design131992207
837Billy CobhamSpanish Moss - "A Sound Portrait"17:29Crosswinds11974197
838Billy CobhamThe Pleasant Pheasant5:20Crosswinds21974203
839Billy CobhamHeather8:39Crosswinds31974188
840Billy CobhamCrosswind3:42Crosswinds41974212
841Billy CobhamMoon Germs6:02Palindrome12010218
842Billy CobhamTwo for Juan9:37Palindrome22010211
843Billy CobhamObliquely Speaking6:16Palindrome32010229
844Billy CobhamIsle of Skye7:18Palindrome42010207
845Billy CobhamA Days Grace8:11Palindrome52010207
846Billy CobhamMirage7:36Palindrome62010223
847Billy CobhamCancun Market8:22Palindrome72010231
848Billy CobhamTorpedo Flo8:28Palindrome82010229
849Billy CobhamAlfa Waves6:49Palindrome92010215
850Billy CobhamSaippuakivikauppias7:21Palindrome102010230
851Billy CobhamTimes Of My Life5:18Powerplay11986208
852Billy CobhamZanzibar Breeze4:52Powerplay21986191
853Billy CobhamRadioactive4:01Powerplay31986213
854Billy CobhamA Light Shines In Your Eyes Summit Afrique (Excerpts From ...)6:02Powerplay41986195
855Billy CobhamA. The Foundation ("Isisekelo Zulu")2:02Powerplay51986211
856Billy CobhamB. Dance Of The Blue Men / The Nomads2:02Powerplay61986209
857Billy CobhamC. The Debate ("Indaba")0:51Powerplay71986204
858Billy CobhamD. The Conflict ("Ingxabano")1:42Powerplay81986216
859Billy CobhamE. The Little One ("Omncane")4:50Powerplay91986206
860Billy CobhamF. The Promise...Unity ("Isithembiso...Umanyano")2:17Powerplay101986207
861Billy CobhamDesiccated Coconuts4:27Powerplay111986203
862Billy CobhamTinseltown5:57Powerplay121986208
863Billy CobhamSchmagofatz6:15Powerplay131986210
864Billy CobhamQuadrant 44:21Spectrum11973201
865Billy CobhamSearching for the Right Door1:24Spectrum21973198
866Billy CobhamSpectrum5:09Spectrum31973213
867Billy CobhamAnxiety1:41Spectrum41973206
868Billy CobhamTaurian Matador3:03Spectrum51973214
869Billy CobhamStratus9:49Spectrum61973207
870Billy CobhamTo the Women in My Life0:50Spectrum71973166
871Billy CobhamLe Lis3:20Spectrum81973212
872Billy CobhamSnoopy's Search1:02Spectrum91973200
873Billy CobhamRed Baron6:37Spectrum101973211
874Billy CobhamMozaik5:08Warning11985221
875Billy CobhamRed & Yellow Cabriolet5:13Warning21985206
876Billy CobhamSlow Body Poppin'5:26Warning31985207
877Billy CobhamUnknown Jeromies4:26Warning41985224
878Billy CobhamThe Dancers5:20Warning51985217
879Billy CobhamStratus4:35Warning61985210
880Billy CobhamCome on, Join Me5:41Warning71985221
881Billy CobhamGo For It!4:35Warning81985224
882Billy Cobham, Peter Gabriel, The Holmes Brothers, Wendy Melvoin, Arona N diaye, Jah WobbleBurn You Up, Burn You Down4:30Big Blue Ball72008204
883Billy Crash CraddockRub It In2:14Country Complete (Disc 1)161997221
884Billy CrystalYou Look Marvelous3:58Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)182002262
885Billy CurringtonI Got A Feelin'3:14Billy Currington12003211
886Billy CurringtonThat's Just Me3:00Billy Currington22003212
887Billy CurringtonHangin' Around3:19Billy Currington32003203
888Billy CurringtonOff My Rocker3:09Billy Currington42003213
889Billy CurringtonWalk A Little Straighter3:43Billy Currington52003202
890Billy CurringtonWhere The Girls Are3:13Billy Currington62003223
891Billy CurringtonTime With You3:45Billy Currington72003194
892Billy CurringtonWhen She Gets Close To Me3:35Billy Currington82003215
893Billy CurringtonGrowin' Up Down There3:00Billy Currington92003216
894Billy CurringtonNext Time3:17Billy Currington102003211
895Billy CurringtonAin't What It Used To Be3:15Billy Currington112003228
896Billy CurringtonI Wanna Be A Hillbilly3:06Doin' Somethin' Right12005223
897Billy CurringtonGood Directions3:35Doin' Somethin' Right22005201
898Billy CurringtonMust Be Doin' Somethin' Right4:29Doin' Somethin' Right32005208
899Billy CurringtonWhy, Why, Why2:46Doin' Somethin' Right42005212
900Billy CurringtonThat Changes Everything3:49Doin' Somethin' Right52005205
901Billy CurringtonLittle Bit Lonely3:46Doin' Somethin' Right62005225
902Billy CurringtonShe's Got A Way With Me4:46Doin' Somethin' Right72005199
903Billy CurringtonLucille4:08Doin' Somethin' Right82005198
904Billy CurringtonWhole Lot More2:31Doin' Somethin' Right92005230
905Billy CurringtonHere I Am3:42Doin' Somethin' Right102005204
906Billy CurringtonShe Knows What To Do With A Saturday Night3:38Doin' Somethin' Right112005226
907Billy CurringtonSwimmin' In Sunshine4:46Little Bit Of Everything12008229
908Billy CurringtonLife & Love And The Meaning Of3:40Little Bit Of Everything22008222
909Billy CurringtonEvery Reason Not To Go4:12Little Bit Of Everything32008211
910Billy CurringtonDon't3:57Little Bit Of Everything42008204
911Billy CurringtonPeople Are Crazy3:52Little Bit Of Everything52008202
912Billy CurringtonEverything4:20Little Bit Of Everything62008212
913Billy CurringtonWalk On3:58Little Bit Of Everything72008217
914Billy CurringtonNo One Has Eyes Like You2:58Little Bit Of Everything82008201
915Billy CurringtonThat's How Country Boys Roll3:44Little Bit Of Everything92008213
916Billy CurringtonI Shall Return3:11Little Bit Of Everything102008210
917Billy CurringtonHeal Me4:09Little Bit Of Everything112008212
918Billy De WolfeDon't Dress Your Cat in an Apron0:34Free to Be... You and Me41972181
919Billy De Wolfe, Bobby Morse, and Marlo ThomasDudley Pippin and the Principal2:09Free to Be... You and Me91972183
920Billy EckstineNo One But You3:09Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)151999127
921Billy Eckstine With Quincy Jones & His OrchestraSophisticated Lady3:46Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed132001129
922Billy EldridgeLet's Go Baby2:49Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)22006132
923Billy FieldYou Weren't in Love with Me3:23Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)181992198
924Billy FuryColette1:51The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)181960127
925Billy FuryJealousy2:47The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'171961126
926Billy FuryColette1:52The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960111995177
927Billy GoldenbergKojak0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)571990192
928Billy GrammerGotta Travel On2:31Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s231992127
929Billy IdolMony Mony4:0980's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]161997249
930Billy IdolCome On, Come On4:00Billy Idol11982194
931Billy IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1)4:12Billy Idol21982199
932Billy IdolHot In The City3:38Billy Idol31982202
933Billy IdolDead On Arrival3:55Billy Idol41982207
934Billy IdolNobody's Business4:06Billy Idol51982205
935Billy IdolLove Calling4:56Billy Idol61982184
936Billy IdolHole In The Wall4:11Billy Idol71982201
937Billy IdolShooting Stars4:34Billy Idol81982203
938Billy IdolIt's So Cruel5:11Billy Idol91982193
939Billy IdolDancing With Myself3:20Billy Idol101982207
940Billy IdolThe Loveless4:17Charmed Life11990227
941Billy IdolPumping On Steel4:42Charmed Life21990230
942Billy IdolProdigal Blues5:42Charmed Life31990214
943Billy IdolL.A. Woman5:30Charmed Life41990223
944Billy IdolTrouble With The Sweet Stuff5:59Charmed Life51990219
945Billy IdolCradle Of Love4:41Charmed Life61990221
946Billy IdolMark Of Caine4:32Charmed Life71990220
947Billy IdolEndless Sleep3:13Charmed Life81990180
948Billy IdolLove Unchained4:40Charmed Life91990231
949Billy IdolThe Right Way5:04Charmed Life101990229
950Billy IdolLicense To Thrill6:02Charmed Life111990227
951Billy IdolDancing With Myself4:50Greatest Hits12001224
952Billy IdolMony Mony5:01Greatest Hits22001239
953Billy IdolHot In The City3:33Greatest Hits32001222
954Billy IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1)4:12Greatest Hits42001212
955Billy IdolRebel Yell4:46Greatest Hits52001214
956Billy IdolEyes Without A Face4:57Greatest Hits62001210
957Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy4:37Greatest Hits72001202
958Billy IdolCatch My Fall3:41Greatest Hits82001195
959Billy IdolTo Be A Lover3:52Greatest Hits92001221
960Billy IdolDon't Need A Gun (Single Edit)5:23Greatest Hits102001218
961Billy IdolSweet Sixteen4:14Greatest Hits112001206
962Billy IdolCradle Of Love4:38Greatest Hits122001219
963Billy IdolL.A. Woman (Single Edit)4:03Greatest Hits132001231
964Billy IdolShock To The System3:36Greatest Hits142001225
965Billy IdolRebel Yell (Live And Acoustic)5:35Greatest Hits152001207
966Billy IdolDon't You (Forget About Me)4:52Greatest Hits162001217
967Billy IdolEyes Without A Face4:11Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)21998212
968Billy IdolDancing With Myself3:19Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)12002217
969Billy IdolRebel Yell4:47More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)22003218
970Billy IdolLovechild5:40Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal71990225
971Billy IdolCherie3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-06172005235
972Billy IdolRebel Yell4:48Rebel Yell11983206
973Billy IdolDaytime Drama4:04Rebel Yell21983211
974Billy IdolEyes Without A Face4:59Rebel Yell31983214
975Billy IdolBlue Highway5:10Rebel Yell41983201
976Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy4:39Rebel Yell51983214
977Billy IdolCatch My Fall3:43Rebel Yell61983209
978Billy IdolCrank Call4:00Rebel Yell71983210
979Billy Idol(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows3:13Rebel Yell81983220
980Billy IdolThe Dead Next Door3:46Rebel Yell91983193
981Billy IdolEyes Without A Face4:11The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)9 222
982Billy IdolWhite Wedding - Parts 1 & 28:23Vital Idol11987201
983Billy IdolMony Mony5:02Vital Idol21987227
984Billy IdolHot In the City5:10Vital Idol31987222
985Billy IdolDancing With Myself6:00Vital Idol41987211
986Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy7:04Vital Idol51987206
987Billy IdolTo Be a Lover6:48Vital Idol61987226
988Billy IdolLove Calling5:32Vital Idol71987208
989Billy IdolCatch My Fall4:56Vital Idol81987215
990Billy IdolWorlds Forgotten Boy5:43Whiplash Smile11986199
991Billy IdolTo Be A Lover3:51Whiplash Smile21986210
992Billy IdolSoul Standing By4:38Whiplash Smile31986189
993Billy IdolSweet Sixteen4:17Whiplash Smile41986203
994Billy IdolMan For All Seasons4:39Whiplash Smile51986207
995Billy IdolDon't Need A Gun6:16Whiplash Smile61986209
996Billy IdolBeyond Belief4:02Whiplash Smile71986197
997Billy IdolFatal Charm3:44Whiplash Smile81986198
998Billy IdolAll Summer Single4:33Whiplash Smile91986212
999Billy IdolOne Night, One Chance3:55Whiplash Smile101986225
1000Billy IdolAdam In Chains6:24World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)101998200
1001Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasDo You Want To Know A Secret2:02100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)241997130
1002Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasLittle Children2:48AM Gold: 1964191995139
1003Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasBad To Me2:22Classic Rock - 196417 193
1004Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasTrains & Boats & Planes2:23The Essential Rock 'N' Roll Jukebox Vol.281999186
1005Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasLittle Children2:48The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)111997131
1006Billy J. Kramer & The DakotasTrains And Boats And Planes2:51The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)171997158
1007Billy Joe and the CheckmatesPercolator (Twist)2:13Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals211991146
1008Billy Joe RoyalHush2:3060's Pop Hits (Disc 1)7 182
1009Billy Joe RoyalDown In The Boondocks2:36Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 2)131996208
1010Billy Joe RoyalDown In The Boondocks2:35Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)161997196
1011Billy Joe RoyalDown In The Boondocks2:33Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits12005220
1012Billy Joe RoyalI Fought The Law2:20Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits22005170
1013Billy Joe RoyalCherry Hill Park2:58Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits32005200
1014Billy Joe RoyalLast Kiss2:47Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits42005191
1015Billy Joe RoyalI Knew You When2:45Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits52005203
1016Billy Joe RoyalThe Twist2:37Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits62005181
1017Billy Joe RoyalI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:45Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits72005216
1018Billy Joe Royal96 Tears3:01Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits82005178
1019Billy Joe RoyalMaking Believe3:03Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits92005214
1020Billy Joe RoyalAmen3:24Down In The Boondocks And Other Huge Hits102005190
1021Billy Joe RoyalCherry Hill Park2:50Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 141990212
1022Billy Joe RoyalDown in the Boondocks2:34The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)121992224
1023Billy Joe RoyalHush2:30The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)81992165
1024Billy Joe RoyalDown In The Boondocks2:37The Rock Box (Disc 3)17 216
1025Billy Joe RoyalDown in the Boondocks2:36TM Century GoldDisc Update 4191991198
1026Billy Joe RoyalDown In The Boondocks2:33Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)222001200
1027Billy Joe RoyalHeart's Desire2:37Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)242001210
1028Billy Joe ShaverBlack Rose2:44Old Five And Dimers Like Me11973190
1029Billy Joe ShaverOld Five And Dimers Like Me2:41Old Five And Dimers Like Me21973189
1030Billy Joe ShaverL.A. Turnaround2:49Old Five And Dimers Like Me31973192
1031Billy Joe ShaverJesus Christ, What A Man2:26Old Five And Dimers Like Me41973187
1032Billy Joe ShaverPlayed The Game Too Long3:23Old Five And Dimers Like Me51973186
1033Billy Joe ShaverI Been To Georgia On A Fast Train2:18Old Five And Dimers Like Me61973202
1034Billy Joe ShaverWilly The Wandering Gypsy And Me2:29Old Five And Dimers Like Me71973180
1035Billy Joe ShaverLow Down Freedom2:53Old Five And Dimers Like Me81973191
1036Billy Joe ShaverJesus Was Our Savior And Cotton Was Our King1:47Old Five And Dimers Like Me91973191
1037Billy Joe ShaverSerious Souls2:10Old Five And Dimers Like Me101973195
1038Billy Joe ShaverBottom Dollar2:53Old Five And Dimers Like Me111973196
1039Billy Joe ShaverRide Cowboy Ride2:46Old Five And Dimers Like Me121973211
1040Billy Joe ShaverGood Christian Soldiers3:06Old Five And Dimers Like Me131973196
1041Billy Joe ShaverBlack Rose2:49Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198711995189
1042Billy Joe ShaverOld Five And Dimers Like Me2:45Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198721995184
1043Billy Joe ShaverBottom Dollar2:55Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198731995187
1044Billy Joe ShaverLately I Been Leanin' T'ward The Blues2:39Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198741995205
1045Billy Joe ShaverTexas Uphere Tennessee2:51Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198751995210
1046Billy Joe ShaverRide Me Down Easy3:20Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198761995205
1047Billy Joe ShaverWhen I Get My Wings2:54Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198771995208
1048Billy Joe ShaverA Restless Wind2:22Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198781995205
1049Billy Joe ShaverYou Asked Me To3:58Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-198791995202
1050Billy Joe ShaverFit To Killl And Going Out In Style2:50Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987101995218
1051Billy Joe ShaverRagged Old Truck4:12Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987111995208
1052Billy Joe ShaverI'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal2:04Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987121995210
1053Billy Joe ShaverAmtrak (Ain't Coming Back)3:00Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987131995199
1054Billy Joe ShaverLow Down Freedom3:14Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987141995197
1055Billy Joe ShaverI Been To Georgia On A Fast Train3:01Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987151995198
1056Billy Joe ShaverSweet Mama3:22Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987161995180
1057Billy Joe ShaverIt Was Fun While It Lasted3:41Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987171995175
1058Billy Joe ShaverGood News Blues2:57Restless Wind: The Legendary Billy Joe Shaver 1973-1987181995196
1059Billy Joe SpearsBlanket On The Ground3:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)172001218
1060Billy JoelBig Shot4:0352nd Street11978213
1061Billy JoelHonesty3:5352nd Street21978203
1062Billy JoelMy Life4:4452nd Street31978194
1063Billy JoelZanzibar5:1352nd Street41978213
1064Billy JoelStiletto4:4252nd Street51978204
1065Billy JoelRosalinda's Eyes4:4252nd Street61978198
1066Billy JoelHalf a Mile Away4:0852nd Street71978207
1067Billy JoelUntil the Night6:3552nd Street81978203
1068Billy Joel52nd Street2:3252nd Street91978193
1069Billy JoelEasy Money4:05An Innocent Man11983177
1070Billy JoelAn Innocent Man5:18An Innocent Man21983177
1071Billy JoelThe Longest Time3:37An Innocent Man31983156
1072Billy JoelThis Night4:18An Innocent Man41983185
1073Billy JoelTell Her About It3:51An Innocent Man51983175
1074Billy JoelUptown Girl3:17An Innocent Man61983183
1075Billy JoelCareless Talk3:47An Innocent Man71983181
1076Billy JoelChristie Lee3:30An Innocent Man81983157
1077Billy JoelLeave A Tender Moment Alone3:56An Innocent Man91983170
1078Billy JoelKeeping The Faith4:42An Innocent Man101983172
1079Billy JoelShe's Got a Way2:55Cold Spring Harbor11971166
1080Billy JoelYou Can Make Me Free2:58Cold Spring Harbor21971161
1081Billy JoelEverybody Loves You Now2:49Cold Spring Harbor31971190
1082Billy JoelWhy Judy Why2:56Cold Spring Harbor41971153
1083Billy JoelFalling of the Rain2:42Cold Spring Harbor51971181
1084Billy JoelTurn Around3:07Cold Spring Harbor61971181
1085Billy JoelYou Look So Good to Me2:28Cold Spring Harbor71971166
1086Billy JoelTomorrow Is Today4:41Cold Spring Harbor81971151
1087Billy JoelNocturne2:53Cold Spring Harbor91971187
1088Billy JoelGot to Begin Again2:52Cold Spring Harbor101971168
1089Billy JoelCat4:14Further Than Heaven11994208
1090Billy JoelHotel St. George5:00Further Than Heaven21994204
1091Billy JoelLand Of Despair3:37Further Than Heaven31994203
1092Billy JoelFurther Than Heaven7:25Further Than Heaven41994196
1093Billy JoelCountry Boy2:28Further Than Heaven51994207
1094Billy JoelNight After Day2:59Further Than Heaven61994221
1095Billy JoelHour Of The Wolf11:49Further Than Heaven71994204
1096Billy JoelFour O'clock In The Morning3:07Further Than Heaven81994197
1097Billy JoelYou May Be Right4:16Glass Houses11980196
1098Billy JoelSometimes A Fantasy3:40Glass Houses21980192
1099Billy JoelDon't Ask Me Why2:59Glass Houses31980187
1100Billy JoelIt's Still Rock And Roll To Me2:57Glass Houses41980191
1101Billy JoelAll For Leyna4:15Glass Houses51980208
1102Billy JoelI Don't Want To Be Alone3:57Glass Houses61980202
1103Billy JoelSleeping With The Television On3:02Glass Houses71980201
1104Billy JoelC'Etait Toi (You Were The One)3:25Glass Houses81980191
1105Billy JoelClose To The Borderline3:47Glass Houses91980193
1106Billy JoelThrough The Long Night2:44Glass Houses101980179
1107Billy JoelYou're Only Human (Second Wind)4:48Greatest Hits - Volume II (1978-1985)131985212
1108Billy JoelThe Night Is Still Young5:28Greatest Hits - Volume II (1978-1985)141985204
1109Billy JoelTo Make You Feel My Love3:53Greatest Hits - Volume III151997178
1110Billy JoelHey Girl3:57Greatest Hits - Volume III161997207
1111Billy JoelLight As The Breeze6:12Greatest Hits - Volume III171997177
1112Billy JoelOdoya1:17Kohuept11987170
1113Billy JoelAngry Young Man5:23Kohuept21987213
1114Billy JoelHonesty3:58Kohuept31987172
1115Billy JoelGoodnight Saigon7:20Kohuept41987187
1116Billy JoelStiletto5:09Kohuept51987210
1117Billy JoelBig Man on Mulberry Street7:17Kohuept61987205
1118Billy JoelBaby Grand6:09Kohuept71987188
1119Billy JoelAn Innocent Man6:09Kohuept81987207
1120Billy JoelAllentown4:22Kohuept91987212
1121Billy JoelA Matter of Trust5:09Kohuept101987226
1122Billy JoelOnly the Good Die Young3:31Kohuept111987214
1123Billy JoelSometimes a Fantasy3:38Kohuept121987225
1124Billy JoelUptown Girl3:08Kohuept131987238
1125Billy JoelBig Shot4:44Kohuept141987208
1126Billy JoelBack in the U.S.S.R.2:43Kohuept151987225
1127Billy JoelThe Times They Are a Changin'2:55Kohuept161987173
1128Billy JoelWhy Should I Worry?3:34Oliver & Company (OST)21988203
1129Billy JoelTravelin' Prayer4:16Piano Man11973204
1130Billy JoelPiano Man5:38Piano Man21973178
1131Billy JoelAin't No Crime3:18Piano Man31973189
1132Billy JoelYou're My Home3:13Piano Man41973202
1133Billy JoelThe Ballad Of Billy The Kid5:42Piano Man51973190
1134Billy JoelWorse Comes To Worst3:15Piano Man61973191
1135Billy JoelStop In Nevada3:55Piano Man71973188
1136Billy JoelIf I Only Had The Words (To Tell You)3:34Piano Man81973173
1137Billy JoelSomewhere Along The Line3:20Piano Man91973179
1138Billy JoelCaptain Jack7:17Piano Man101973192
1139Billy JoelNo Man's Land4:48River Of Dreams11993224
1140Billy JoelThe Great Wall Of China5:47River Of Dreams21993233
1141Billy JoelBlonde Over Blue4:55River Of Dreams31993219
1142Billy JoelA Minor Variation5:36River Of Dreams41993203
1143Billy JoelShades Of Grey4:11River Of Dreams51993212
1144Billy JoelAll About Soul6:01River Of Dreams61993218
1145Billy JoelLullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)3:34River Of Dreams71993195
1146Billy JoelThe River Of Dreams4:07River Of Dreams81993206
1147Billy JoelTwo Thousand Years5:20River Of Dreams91993198
1148Billy JoelFamous Last Words4:54River Of Dreams101993222
1149Billy JoelMiami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On...5:04Songs In The Attic11981193
1150Billy JoelSummer, Highland Falls3:06Songs In The Attic21981187
1151Billy JoelStreetlife Serenader5:17Songs In The Attic31981203
1152Billy JoelLos Angelenos3:49Songs In The Attic41981208
1153Billy JoelShe's Got A Way3:00Songs In The Attic51981177
1154Billy JoelEverybody Loves You Now3:06Songs In The Attic61981206
1155Billy JoelSay Goodbye To Hollywood4:17Songs In The Attic71981228
1156Billy JoelCaptain Jack7:17Songs In The Attic81981188
1157Billy JoelYou're My Home3:06Songs In The Attic91981202
1158Billy JoelThe Ballad Of Billy The Kid5:27Songs In The Attic101981190
1159Billy JoelI've Loved These Days4:34Songs In The Attic111981179
1160Billy JoelThat's Not Her Style5:10Storm Front11989207
1161Billy JoelWe Didn't Start The Fire4:50Storm Front21989208
1162Billy JoelThe Downeaster "Alexa"3:44Storm Front31989193
1163Billy JoelI Go To Extremes4:23Storm Front41989211
1164Billy JoelShameless4:26Storm Front51989196
1165Billy JoelStorm Front5:17Storm Front61989193
1166Billy JoelLeningrad4:06Storm Front71989197
1167Billy JoelState Of Grace4:30Storm Front81989212
1168Billy JoelWhen In Rome4:50Storm Front91989214
1169Billy JoelAnd So It Goes3:38Storm Front101989194
1170Billy JoelStreetlife Serenader5:19Streetlife Serenade11974183
1171Billy JoelLos Angelenos3:42Streetlife Serenade21974199
1172Billy JoelThe Great Suburban Showdown3:46Streetlife Serenade31974178
1173Billy JoelRoot Beer Rag3:03Streetlife Serenade41974204
1174Billy JoelRoberta4:33Streetlife Serenade51974194
1175Billy JoelThe Entertainer3:40Streetlife Serenade61974195
1176Billy JoelLast Of The Big Time Spenders4:35Streetlife Serenade71974170
1177Billy JoelWeekend Song3:31Streetlife Serenade81974203
1178Billy JoelSouvenir2:00Streetlife Serenade91974168
1179Billy JoelThe Mexican Connection3:36Streetlife Serenade101974193
1180Billy JoelRunning On Ice3:19The Bridge11986200
1181Billy JoelThis Is The Time5:01The Bridge21986173
1182Billy JoelA Matter Of Trust4:12The Bridge31986198
1183Billy JoelModern Woman3:51The Bridge41986211
1184Billy JoelBaby Grand4:06The Bridge51986177
1185Billy JoelBig Man On Mulberry Street5:30The Bridge61986186
1186Billy JoelTemptation4:16The Bridge71986176
1187Billy JoelCode Of Silence5:16The Bridge81986200
1188Billy JoelGetting Closer5:00The Bridge91986205
1189Billy JoelAllentown3:52The Nylon Curtain11982204
1190Billy JoelLaura5:06The Nylon Curtain21982180
1191Billy JoelPressure4:42The Nylon Curtain31982188
1192Billy JoelGoodnight Saigon7:05The Nylon Curtain41982169
1193Billy JoelShe's Right On Time4:15The Nylon Curtain51982192
1194Billy JoelA Room Of Our Own4:05The Nylon Curtain61982202
1195Billy JoelSurprises3:28The Nylon Curtain71982192
1196Billy JoelScandinavian Skies6:00The Nylon Curtain81982169
1197Billy JoelWhere's The Orchestra?3:19The Nylon Curtain91982197
1198Billy JoelMovin' Out (Anthony's Song)3:30The Stranger11977207
1199Billy JoelThe Stranger5:10The Stranger21977201
1200Billy JoelJust The Way You Are4:50The Stranger31977201
1201Billy JoelScenes From An Italian Restaurant7:37The Stranger41977189
1202Billy JoelVienna3:34The Stranger51977190
1203Billy JoelOnly The Good Die Young3:55The Stranger61977197
1204Billy JoelShe's Always A Woman3:21The Stranger71977192
1205Billy JoelGet It Right The First Time3:57The Stranger81977202
1206Billy JoelEverybody Has A Dream6:33The Stranger91977190
1207Billy JoelGoodnight Saigon6:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)32001205
1208Billy JoelSay Goodbye To Hollywood4:37Turnstiles11976212
1209Billy JoelSummer, Highland Falls3:15Turnstiles21976203
1210Billy JoelAll You Wanna Do Is Dance3:40Turnstiles31976217
1211Billy JoelNew York State Of Mind5:59Turnstiles41976184
1212Billy JoelJames3:54Turnstiles51976187
1213Billy JoelAngry Young Man5:15Turnstiles61976214
1214Billy JoelI've Loved These Days4:31Turnstiles71976201
1215Billy JoelMiami 20175:14Turnstiles81976198
1216Billy JoelThis Is The Time5:01Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love72003177
1217Billy JonasWhat Kind Of Cat Are You?3:36Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 122 320
1218Billy Lee RileyFlyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll2:03Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)162006137
1219Billy Lee RileyRed Hot2:32The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly11990129
1220Billy Lee RileyFlyin' Saucers Rock & Roll2:03The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly191990149
1221Billy MayRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo (Malibu Remix)4:03Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed82005211
1222Billy MayThe Green Hornet0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)561986187
1223Billy MayMain Title (The Man With The Golden Arm)2:49The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)81997180
1224Billy MayRudolf, The Red Nosed Reindeer Mambo2:40Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One11996168
1225Billy MayDo You Believe In Santa Claus2:33Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three8 127
1226Billy MayMan With the Golden Arm2:51Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene61996164
1227Billy MayMission: Impossible2:27Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene91996195
1228Billy MayGirl Talk2:50Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood141997207
1229Billy MaySo Nice (Samba de Verao)3:08Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler181996199
1230Billy May & Milt RaskinNaked City0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)531996133
1231Billy May, Leroy HolmesA Man And A Woman/Live For Life5:26Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood21997203
1232Billy MylesThe Joker (That's What They Call Me)2:39Lost Treasures Volume 15 126
1233Billy OceanCan You Feel It3:23Disco Fever (Disc 3)81997190
1234Billy OceanNights (Feel Like Gettin' Down)4:42Disco Super Hits61998214
1235Billy OceanWhen The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going4:10Greatest Hits11989211
1236Billy OceanLicense To Chill4:54Greatest Hits21989214
1237Billy OceanCaribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)4:07Greatest Hits31989209
1238Billy OceanThere'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)4:50Greatest Hits41989182
1239Billy OceanLoverboy4:11Greatest Hits51989216
1240Billy OceanSuddenly3:53Greatest Hits61989172
1241Billy OceanGet Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)4:46Greatest Hits71989202
1242Billy OceanLove Zone4:15Greatest Hits81989198
1243Billy OceanHere's To You4:12Greatest Hits91989178
1244Billy OceanI Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else's Bed)5:16Greatest Hits101989224
1245Billy OceanThe Colour Of Love4:23Greatest Hits111989191
1246Billy OceanTear Down These Walls3:38Greatest Hits121989191
1247Billy OceanMystery Lady3:55Greatest Hits131989188
1248Billy OceanCaribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)4:06Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)111998217
1249Billy OceanSuddenly3:51Heart & Soul31989245
1250Billy OceanLove Really Hurts Without You3:01Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)71995193
1251Billy OceanCarribean Queen (No More Love on the Run)4:06Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)161995214
1252Billy OceanThere'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)4:52Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-198691995185
1253Billy OceanLoverboy4:12Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two11996221
1254Billy OceanGet Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car [AC Edit]4:34TM Century GoldDisc Update 7131991212
1255Billy OceanLoverboy4:09Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)102001230
1256Billy PaulMe And Mrs. Jones4:47Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)192001198
1257Billy PaulMe And Mrs. Jones4:47Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)121998193
1258Billy PaulMe And Mrs. Jones4:39Romantic Love Songs91985205
1259Billy PaulMe and Mrs. Jones4:46The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)151992198
1260Billy PilgrimThe First Noel3:17You Sleigh Me!51995232
1261Billy PrestonWill It Go Round In Circles3:50AM Gold: 1970-1974141995207
1262Billy PrestonOuta-Space4:09Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)212001209
1263Billy PrestonOutta Space4:10Funked! Vol. 1102001220
1264Billy PrestonOuta-Space4:15The Best11988215
1265Billy PrestonWill It Go Round In Circles3:49The Best21988218
1266Billy PrestonThat's The Way God Planned It4:17The Best31988199
1267Billy PrestonStruttin'2:37The Best41988193
1268Billy PrestonYou Are So Beautiful4:52The Best51988202
1269Billy PrestonNothing From Nothing2:39The Best61988203
1270Billy PrestonGet Back3:19The Best71988186
1271Billy PrestonI'm Really Gonna Miss You3:07The Best81988190
1272Billy PrestonSpace Race3:30The Best91988209
1273Billy PrestonI Wrote A Simple Song3:26The Best101988195
1274Billy PrestonGirls on Film4:17When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear72002185
1275Billy Preston & SyreetaWith You I'm Born Again3:41Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)182000184
1276Billy Preston & SyreetaIt Will Come In Time3:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)182001227
1277Billy Preston and SyreetaWith You I'm Born Again3:42Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)171993174
1278Billy Ray CyrusReady, Set, Don't Go4:04Home At Last12007160
1279Billy Ray CyrusThe Beginning3:55Home At Last22007160
1280Billy Ray CyrusThe Buffalo3:53Home At Last32007160
1281Billy Ray CyrusFlying By3:57Home At Last42007160
1282Billy Ray CyrusBrown Eyed Girl3:43Home At Last52007128
1283Billy Ray CyrusDon't Give Up on Me3:22Home At Last62007160
1284Billy Ray CyrusYou've Got A Friend4:23Home At Last72007160
1285Billy Ray CyrusYou Can't Lose Me4:01Home At Last82007160
1286Billy Ray CyrusI Can't Live Without Your Love3:41Home At Last92007160
1287Billy Ray CyrusMy Everything3:28Home At Last102007160
1288Billy Ray CyrusPut a Little Love in Your Heart3:12Home At Last112007160
1289Billy Ray CyrusOver the Rainbow5:16Home At Last122007160
1290Billy Ray CyrusStand4:00Home At Last132007160
1291Billy Ray CyrusIn The Heart Of A Woman3:59It Won't Be The Last11993192
1292Billy Ray CyrusTalk Some4:14It Won't Be The Last21993206
1293Billy Ray CyrusSomebody New3:45It Won't Be The Last31993188
1294Billy Ray CyrusOnly Time Will Tell3:19It Won't Be The Last41993202
1295Billy Ray CyrusAin't Your Dog No More2:30It Won't Be The Last51993204
1296Billy Ray CyrusWords By Heart3:06It Won't Be The Last61993184
1297Billy Ray CyrusIt Won't Be The Last3:49It Won't Be The Last71993188
1298Billy Ray CyrusThrowin' Stones3:40It Won't Be The Last81993205
1299Billy Ray CyrusRight Face Wrong Time3:26It Won't Be The Last91993200
1300Billy Ray CyrusDreamin' In Color, Livin' In Black And White4:15It Won't Be The Last101993198
1301Billy Ray CyrusWhen I'm Gone3:01It Won't Be The Last111993150
1302Billy Ray CyrusCould've Been Me3:46Some Gave All11992193
1303Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart3:24Some Gave All21992204
1304Billy Ray CyrusShe's Not Cryin' Anymore3:27Some Gave All31992185
1305Billy Ray CyrusWher'm Gonna Live?3:30Some Gave All41992191
1306Billy Ray CyrusThese Boots Are Made For Walking2:48Some Gave All51992203
1307Billy Ray CyrusSomeday, Somewhere, Somehow3:49Some Gave All61992193
1308Billy Ray CyrusNever Thought I'd Fall In Love With You3:42Some Gave All71992192
1309Billy Ray CyrusAin't No Good Goodbye3:24Some Gave All81992178
1310Billy Ray CyrusI'm So Miserable4:01Some Gave All91992195
1311Billy Ray CyrusSome Gave All4:05Some Gave All101992207
1312Billy Ray CyrusFace Of God3:48The Other Side12003220
1313Billy Ray CyrusWouldn't You Do This For Me?3:35The Other Side22003202
1314Billy Ray CyrusAlways Sixteen3:32The Other Side32003219
1315Billy Ray CyrusI Need You Now4:06The Other Side42003187
1316Billy Ray CyrusLove Has No Walls3:42The Other Side52003191
1317Billy Ray CyrusTip Of My Heart4:22The Other Side62003195
1318Billy Ray CyrusDid I Forget To Pray3:09The Other Side72003208
1319Billy Ray CyrusHolding On To A Dream3:23The Other Side82003228
1320Billy Ray CyrusI Love You This Much3:27The Other Side92003197
1321Billy Ray CyrusThe Other Side3:59The Other Side102003185
1322Billy Ray CyrusAmazing Grace5:48The Other Side112003219
1323Billy Ray CyrusTrail Of Tears3:43Trail Of Tears11996198
1324Billy Ray CyrusTruth Is I Lied3:19Trail Of Tears21996208
1325Billy Ray CyrusTenntucky2:24Trail Of Tears31996206
1326Billy Ray CyrusCall Me Daddy5:10Trail Of Tears41996208
1327Billy Ray CyrusSend Me Back Home3:38Trail Of Tears51996199
1328Billy Ray CyrusThree Little Words4:16Trail Of Tears61996205
1329Billy Ray CyrusHarper Valley P.T.A.4:11Trail Of Tears71996178
1330Billy Ray CyrusI Am Here Now3:29Trail Of Tears81996173
1331Billy Ray CyrusNeed A Little Help5:11Trail Of Tears91996202
1332Billy Ray CyrusShould I Stay4:38Trail Of Tears101996141
1333Billy Ray CyrusCrazy Mama3:02Trail Of Tears111996169
1334Billy Ray CyrusWanna Be Your Joe3:12Wanna Be Your Joe12006216
1335Billy Ray CyrusI Want My Mullet Back3:18Wanna Be Your Joe22006225
1336Billy Ray CyrusThe Man (Tribute To Dale Earnhardt)3:25Wanna Be Your Joe32006200
1337Billy Ray CyrusI Wouldn't Be Me4:10Wanna Be Your Joe42006207
1338Billy Ray CyrusWhat About Us3:00Wanna Be Your Joe52006198
1339Billy Ray CyrusCountry Music Has The Blues (Feat. George Jones & Loretta Lynn)2:55Wanna Be Your Joe62006190
1340Billy Ray CyrusThe Freebird Fell4:59Wanna Be Your Joe72006208
1341Billy Ray CyrusI Wonder3:46Wanna Be Your Joe82006199
1342Billy Ray CyrusLonely Wins3:28Wanna Be Your Joe92006231
1343Billy Ray CyrusHow've Ya Been3:19Wanna Be Your Joe102006203
1344Billy Ray CyrusOle What's Her Name4:25Wanna Be Your Joe112006234
1345Billy Ray CyrusHey Daddy3:47Wanna Be Your Joe122006188
1346Billy Ray CyrusStand (Feat. Miley Cyrus)4:28Wanna Be Your Joe132006234
1347Billy Ray CyrusA Pain In The Gas (Bonus Track)3:49Wanna Be Your Joe142006144
1348Billy Ray MartinYour Loving Arms4:13Fired Up! (Disc 2)42003212
1349Billy Riley & His Little Green MenRed Hot2:31Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)51999141
1350Billy Riley & His Little Green MenFlyin' Saucers Rock & Roll2:01Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)221999142
1351Billy Riley & His Little Green MenFlying Saucer Rock And Roll2:03The Sun Records Collection (Disc 3)31994126
1352Billy Riley & His Little Green MenRed Hot2:31The Sun Records Collection (Disc 3)91994128
1353Billy ScottYou're The Greatest2:24Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)52005149
1354Billy SquierThe Stroke3:3816 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier11995212
1355Billy SquierIn The Dark4:1016 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier21995216
1356Billy SquierMy Kinda Lover3:3316 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier31995205
1357Billy SquierEmotions In Motion5:0016 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier41995217
1358Billy SquierEverybody Wants You3:4716 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier51995220
1359Billy SquierShe's A Runner4:0416 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier61995215
1360Billy SquierRock Me Tonite4:5616 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier71995199
1361Billy SquierAll Night Long4:4916 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier81995205
1362Billy SquierEye On You4:4016 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier91995201
1363Billy SquierLove Is The Hero4:4816 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier101995189
1364Billy SquierDon't Say You Love Me4:3116 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier111995221
1365Billy SquierDon't Let Me Go5:1616 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier121995209
1366Billy SquierShe Goes Down4:0816 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier131995216
1367Billy SquierTied Up4:0016 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier141995210
1368Billy SquierFacts Of Life4:3216 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier151995203
1369Billy Squier(L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word4:5716 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier161995208
1370Billy SquierChristmas Is The Time To Say I Love You2:54A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas91994202
1371Billy SquierChristmas Is The Time To Say I Love You2:54Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas21994213
1372Billy SquierIn The Dark4:09Don't Say No11981220
1373Billy SquierThe Stroke3:37Don't Say No21981215
1374Billy SquierMy Kinda Lover3:33Don't Say No31981206
1375Billy SquierYou Know What I Like2:57Don't Say No41981198
1376Billy SquierToo Daze Gone4:05Don't Say No51981214
1377Billy SquierLonely Is The Night4:41Don't Say No61981203
1378Billy SquierWhadda You Want From Me3:45Don't Say No71981219
1379Billy SquierNobody Knows4:19Don't Say No81981208
1380Billy SquierI Need You3:52Don't Say No91981203
1381Billy SquierDon't Say No3:19Don't Say No101981214
1382Billy SquierEverybody Wants You3:46Emotions in Motion11982220
1383Billy SquierEmotions in Motion4:58Emotions in Motion21982217
1384Billy SquierLearn How to Live4:04Emotions in Motion31982208
1385Billy SquierIn Your Eyes3:46Emotions in Motion41982212
1386Billy SquierKeep Me Satisfied3:41Emotions in Motion51982224
1387Billy SquierIt Keeps You Rockin'4:06Emotions in Motion61982229
1388Billy SquierOne Good Woman3:41Emotions in Motion71982231
1389Billy SquierShe's a Runner4:03Emotions in Motion81982215
1390Billy SquierCatch 225:04Emotions in Motion91982214
1391Billy SquierListen to the Heartbeat4:25Emotions in Motion101982217
1392Billy SquierFast Times (The Best Years of Our Lives)3:41Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)111982212
1393Billy SquierThe Stroke3:37Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)212002212
1394Billy StewartI Do Love You3:06Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)171997129
1395Billy StewartSummertime2:43Summer Hits51993201
1396Billy Strange, His Guitar & OrchestraThe James Bond Theme2:00Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals131993195
1397Billy SwanI Can Help3:5740 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)12001225
1398Billy SwanI Can Help2:5770s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)62005215
1399Billy SwanI Can Help2:59Sounds Of The Seventies - 197461990208
1400Billy TalentRed Flag3:17TMNT (OST)82006162
1401Billy 'The Kid' EmersonIf Lovin' Is Believing2:13Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)162011126
1402Billy ThorpeWrapped In The Chains3:38Children Of The Sun11979211
1403Billy ThorpeDream Maker3:43Children Of The Sun21979216
1404Billy ThorpeSimple Life5:39Children Of The Sun31979205
1405Billy ThorpeGoddess Of The Night4:21Children Of The Sun41979205
1406Billy ThorpeChildren Of The Sun6:44Children Of The Sun51979205
1407Billy ThorpeWe're Leaving3:50Children Of The Sun61979209
1408Billy ThorpeWe Welcome You4:43Children Of The Sun71979202
1409Billy ThorpeSolar Anthem0:55Children Of The Sun81979180
1410Billy ThorpeThe Beginning4:15Children Of The Sun91979190
1411Billy Thorpe & The AztecsMost People I Know Think That I'm Crazy4:11Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)42000196
1412Billy Thorpe And The AztecsPoison Ivy3:08The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)101997129
1413Billy VaughnSail Along Silv'ry Moon2:12Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)121992215
1414Billy VaughnMelody of Love3:04Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)131992199
1415Billy VaughnSail Along Silvery Moon2:10The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)101997226
1416Billy VaughnSail Along Silvery Moon2:11Your Hit Parade 1958221990129
1417Billy Vaughn & His OrchestraA Swingin' Safari2:18Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals11993196
1418Billy Vaughn & His OrchestraLook For A Star2:13Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two181993203
1419Billy Vaughn & His OrchestraMelody Of Love3:03Your Hit Parade 195523 129
1420Billy WalkerWhen A Man Loves A Woman2:26Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 2)121996202
1421Billy WalkerCross The Brazos At Waco2:53Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 1)92001200
1422Billy WalkerCharlie's Shoes2:17Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 2)91999211
1423Billy WilliamsI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter2:09Pecker (OST)71998128
1424Billy WilliamsI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter2:10The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)31997130
1425Billy WilliamsI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter2:10Your Hit Parade - Late 50's2 129
1426Billy WilliamsI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter2:07You've Got Mail (OST)131998131
1427Bing CrosbyDinah2:5516 Most Requested Songs11992126
1428Bing CrosbyCan't We Talk It Over3:0916 Most Requested Songs21992126
1429Bing CrosbyShine3:1316 Most Requested Songs31992127
1430Bing CrosbyParadise3:0616 Most Requested Songs41992126
1431Bing CrosbySweet Georgia Brown3:0616 Most Requested Songs51992128
1432Bing CrosbyPlease3:0716 Most Requested Songs61992126
1433Bing CrosbyHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)3:1516 Most Requested Songs71992127
1434Bing Crosby(I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance3:1416 Most Requested Songs81992127
1435Bing CrosbyBrother, Can You Spare A Dime?3:1516 Most Requested Songs91992126
1436Bing CrosbyLet's Put Out The Lights (And Go To Sleep)3:1416 Most Requested Songs101992126
1437Bing CrosbyYou're Getting To Be A Habit With Me2:5216 Most Requested Songs111992126
1438Bing CrosbyI've Got The World On A String3:1016 Most Requested Songs121992126
1439Bing CrosbyTemptation3:0916 Most Requested Songs131992126
1440Bing CrosbyDid You Ever See A Dream Walking?3:2216 Most Requested Songs141992126
1441Bing CrosbyLove Thy Heighbor3:0816 Most Requested Songs151992126
1442Bing CrosbyLove In Bloom3:0816 Most Requested Songs161992128
1443Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas (1942)3:07Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)11989128
1444Bing CrosbySilent Night (1935)2:39Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)81989128
1445Bing CrosbySweet Leilani3:19Bing's Gold Records11997126
1446Bing CrosbyNew San Antonio Rose3:19Bing's Gold Records21997127
1447Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:03Bing's Gold Records31997126
1448Bing CrosbySilent Night, Holy Night2:42Bing's Gold Records41997127
1449Bing CrosbySunday, Monday or Always2:39Bing's Gold Records51997126
1450Bing CrosbyPistol Packin' Mama3:03Bing's Gold Records61997128
1451Bing CrosbyJingle Bells2:36Bing's Gold Records71997128
1452Bing CrosbyI'll Be Home for Christmas2:57Bing's Gold Records81997126
1453Bing CrosbySwinging on a Star2:32Bing's Gold Records91997126
1454Bing CrosbyToo-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)3:01Bing's Gold Records101997127
1455Bing CrosbyDon't Fence Me In3:06Bing's Gold Records111997126
1456Bing CrosbyI Can't Begin to Tell You2:55Bing's Gold Records121997126
1457Bing CrosbyMacNamara's Band2:44Bing's Gold Records131997128
1458Bing CrosbySouth America, Take It Away3:12Bing's Gold Records141997126
1459Bing CrosbyAlexander's Ragtime Band3:00Bing's Gold Records151997129
1460Bing CrosbyWhiffenpoof Song3:03Bing's Gold Records161997126
1461Bing CrosbyNow Is The Hour (Maori Farewell Song)3:10Bing's Gold Records171997126
1462Bing CrosbyGalway Bay3:03Bing's Gold Records181997126
1463Bing CrosbyDear Hearts and Gentle People2:41Bing's Gold Records191997126
1464Bing CrosbyPlay a Simple Melody2:56Bing's Gold Records201997129
1465Bing CrosbySam's Song2:53Bing's Gold Records211997127
1466Bing CrosbyHappy Holidays [Beef Wellington Remix]3:17Christmas Remixed, Vol. 122003200
1467Bing CrosbyThe First Noel [Attaboy House Party Mix]5:15Christmas Remixed, Vol. 1112003191
1468Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas [Kaskade Remix]3:35Christmas Remixed, Vol. 292005172
1469Bing CrosbyWinter Wonderland (Bent Remix)2:58Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed12005190
1470Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas2:58Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)22001127
1471Bing CrosbySilver Bells3:03Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)62006162
1472Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:03Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)11995158
1473Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:02The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)192003183
1474Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:07The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)11996152
1475Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:05The Polar Express (OST)92004154
1476Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:06The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)11987154
1477Bing CrosbyDo You Hear What I Hear?2:46The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)111987198
1478Bing CrosbyIt's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas2:48The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2171995166
1479Bing CrosbyFrosty The Snowman2:14Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three2 207
1480Bing CrosbySilent Night2:39White Christmas11998164
1481Bing CrosbyAdeste Fideles3:12White Christmas21998160
1482Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:06White Christmas31998156
1483Bing CrosbyGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:20White Christmas41998161
1484Bing CrosbyFaith Of Our Fathers2:55White Christmas51998157
1485Bing CrosbyI'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams)2:58White Christmas61998161
1486Bing CrosbyJingle Bells (with The Andrews Sisters)2:36White Christmas71998167
1487Bing CrosbySanta Claus Is Comin' To Town (with The Andrews Sisters)2:43White Christmas81998173
1488Bing CrosbySilver Bells (with Carole Richards)3:05White Christmas91998162
1489Bing CrosbyIt's Beginning To Look Like Christmas2:49White Christmas101998160
1490Bing CrosbyChristmas In Killarney2:44White Christmas111998162
1491Bing CrosbyMele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) (with The Andrews Sisters)2:55White Christmas121998168
1492Bing CrosbySierra Sue3:03Your Hit Parade 19404 128
1493Bing CrosbyOnly Forever3:10Your Hit Parade 194012 126
1494Bing CrosbyTrade Winds3:17Your Hit Parade 194020 126
1495Bing CrosbyDolores3:13Your Hit Parade 194120 126
1496Bing CrosbyBe Careful It's My Heart2:45Your Hit Parade 194221 126
1497Bing CrosbySunday, Monday Or Always2:37Your Hit Parade 194341991126
1498Bing CrosbyMoonlight Becomes You3:12Your Hit Parade 1943211991127
1499Bing CrosbySan Fernando Valley3:16Your Hit Parade 19442 127
1500Bing CrosbyI'll Be Seeing You2:52Your Hit Parade 194412 126
1501Bing CrosbySwinging on a Star2:32Your Hit Parade 194422 126
1502Bing CrosbyYou Belong To My Heart2:30Your Hit Parade 19452 134
1503Bing CrosbyI Can't Begin To Tell You2:54Your Hit Parade 194515 128
1504Bing CrosbySioux City Sue2:50Your Hit Parade 19461 127
1505Bing CrosbyNow Is the Hour3:08Your Hit Parade 1948241990150
1506Bing CrosbyGalway Bay3:04Your Hit Parade 19499 128
1507Bing CrosbyDear Hearts And Gentle People2:41Your Hit Parade 195023 128
1508Bing Crosby & David BowieLittle Drummer Boy & Peace On Earth2:36Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)182001128
1509Bing Crosby & David BowieLittle Drummer Boy, Peace on Earth2:39The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)162003141
1510Bing Crosby & David BowiePeace On Earth2:38The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)211996139
1511Bing Crosby & David BowiePeace On Earth; The Little Drummer Boy2:38The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 442000160
1512Bing Crosby & Grace KellyTrue Love3:07The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)71997171
1513Bing Crosby & Guy LombardoYoung At Heart2:48Your Hit Parade 1954141989129
1514Bing Crosby & Jane WymanIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening3:27Your Hit Parade 195131988127
1515Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersHere Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)3:04The Polar Express (OST)132004129
1516Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersDon't Fence Me In3:08Your Hit Parade 194522 128
1517Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersSouth America Take It Away3:11Your Hit Parade 194615 128
1518Bing Crosby & Trudy ErwinPeople Will Say We're In Love2:58Your Hit Parade 1943121991127
1519Bing Crosby (With Carol Richards)Silver Bells3:04The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5182000127
1520Bing Crosby and Ella FitzgeraldRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [John Beltran Remix]3:37Christmas Remixed, Vol. 232005137
1521BirdsSay Those Magic Words3:15Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)72001133
1522BirdsNo Good Without You2:40Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)182001127
1523Bitty McLeanIt Keeps Rainin'3:44The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)121993204
1524Bitty McLeanDedicated To The One I Love3:40The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)191994191
1525Biz MarkieThe Energy Blues3:10Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks91996195
1526Biz MarkieOne Two2:22The Best Of Cold Chillin'12000188
1527Biz MarkieBiz Dance Pt. 13:41The Best Of Cold Chillin'22000204
1528Biz MarkieNobody Beats The Biz5:47The Best Of Cold Chillin'32000203
1529Biz MarkiePickin' Boogers4:41The Best Of Cold Chillin'42000187
1530Biz MarkieMake The Music With Your Mouth Biz4:58The Best Of Cold Chillin'52000199
1531Biz MarkieThe Doo Doo2:21The Best Of Cold Chillin'62000202
1532Biz MarkieBiz Is Goin' Off4:53The Best Of Cold Chillin'72000217
1533Biz MarkieVapors4:34The Best Of Cold Chillin'82000205
1534Biz MarkieAlbee Square Mall4:44The Best Of Cold Chillin'92000197
1535Biz MarkieJust A Friend4:03The Best Of Cold Chillin'102000189
1536Biz MarkieSpring Again4:09The Best Of Cold Chillin'112000140
1537Biz MarkieI Hear Music3:50The Best Of Cold Chillin'122000137
1538Biz MarkieWhat Comes Around Goes Around4:07The Best Of Cold Chillin'132000145
1539Biz MarkieTake It From The Top6:46The Best Of Cold Chillin'142000146
1540Biz MarkieBusy Doing Nuthin'3:55The Best Of Cold Chillin'152000180
1541Biz MarkieYoung Girl Bluez4:10The Best Of Cold Chillin'162000157
1542Biz MarkieStudda Step4:03The Best Of Cold Chillin'172000131
1543Biz MarkieJust A Friend4:01The Hip Hop Box (Disc 2)72004188
1544BizarreRockstar3:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0642005190
1545Bizarre Inc.I'm Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix)5:2090's Pop Hits (Disc 3)132002186
1546Bizarre Inc.I'm Gonna Get You3:19The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)181993161
1547BJ Hughes & Max DeGrootDo You Hear What I Hear4:20Christmas With Dipper52010128
1548BJ ThomasAnother Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song3:21Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)112001200
1549BjörkHuman Behaviour4:10Debut11993169
1551BjörkVenus As A Boy4:42Debut31993182
1552BjörkThere's More To Life Than This (Recorded Live At The Milk Bar Toilets)3:21Debut41993190
1553BjörkLike Someone In Love4:33Debut51993180
1554BjörkBig Time Sensuality3:56Debut61993217
1555BjörkOne Day5:22Debut71993200
1557BjörkCome To Me4:55Debut91993189
1558BjörkViolently Happy4:59Debut101993213
1559BjörkThe Anchor Song3:31Debut111993166
1560BjörkPlay Dead3:56Debut121993186
1565BjörkAll Neon Like5:53Homogenic51997176
1566Björk5 Years4:29Homogenic61997207
1568BjörkAlarm Call4:19Homogenic81997174
1570BjörkAll Is Full Of Love4:33Homogenic101997204
1571BjörkPleasure Is All Mine3:26Medulla12004184
1572BjörkShow Me Forgiveness1:23Medulla22004138
1573BjörkWhere Is The Line4:41Medulla32004187
1575BjörkOll Birtan1:52Medulla52004163
1576BjörkWho Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right)3:57Medulla62004192
1578BjörkDesired Constellation4:55Medulla82004160
1580BjörkSonnets / Unrealities XI1:59Medulla102004161
1582BjörkMouth's Cradle3:59Medulla122004194
1584BjörkTriumph Of A Heart4:04Medulla142004212
1585BjörkArmy Of Me3:54Post11995198
1587BjörkThe Modern Things4:10Post31995170
1588BjörkIt's Oh So Quiet3:38Post41995174
1590BjörkYou've Been Flirting Again2:29Post61995165
1592BjörkPossibly Maybe5:06Post81995184
1593BjörkI Miss You4:03Post91995169
1594BjörkCover Me2:06Post101995191
1596BjörkOverture3:38Selmasongs (OST)12000190
1597BjörkCvalda4:48Selmasongs (OST)22000206
1598BjörkI've Seen It All5:29Selmasongs (OST)32000190
1599BjörkScatterheart6:39Selmasongs (OST)42000193
1600BjörkIn the Musicals4:41Selmasongs (OST)52000200
1601Björk107 Steps2:36Selmasongs (OST)62000184
1602BjörkNew World4:21Selmasongs (OST)72000185
1603BjörkPossibly Maybe (Lucy Mix)3:03Telegram11997205
1604BjörkHyperballad (Brodsky Quartet Version)4:21Telegram21997181
1605BjörkEnjoy (Further Over The Edge Mix)4:21Telegram31997215
1606BjörkMy Spine (Evelyn Glennie Mix)2:33Telegram41997181
1607BjörkI Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One - Sunshine Mix)5:35Telegram51997183
1608BjörkIsobel (Deodato Mix)6:11Telegram61997208
1609BjörkYou've Been Flirting Again (Flirt As A Promise)3:20Telegram71997168
1610BjörkCover Me (Dillinja Mix)6:22Telegram81997173
1611BjörkArmy Of Me (Masseymix)5:18Telegram91997222
1612BjörkHeadphones (0 Remix)6:17Telegram101997185
1613BjörkI Miss You (Original Mix)3:59Telegram111997171
1614BjörkHidden Place5:29Vespertine12001176
1616BjörkIt's Not Up To You5:09Vespertine32001196
1618BjörkPagan Poetry5:14Vespertine52001194
1621BjörkAn Echo, A Stain4:04Vespertine82001182
1622BjörkSun In My Mouth2:40Vespertine92001173
1624BjörkHarm Of Will4:36Vespertine112001158
1626BjörkEarth Intruders6:13Volta12007251
1628BjörkThe Dull Flame Of Desire7:30Volta32007215
1630BjörkI See Who You Are4:22Volta52007211
1631BjörkVertebrae By Vertebrae5:08Volta62007210
1634BjörkDeclare Independence4:13Volta92007239
1635BjörkMy Juvenile4:03Volta102007217
1636BlackWonderful Life4:49The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 1)71999204
1637BlackSweetest Smile5:22The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)51999187
1638BlackWonderful Life4:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)142001198
1639Black BoxStrike It Up3:35Jock Jams, Vol. 141995224
1640Black BoxEverybody Everybody4:04Jock Jams, Vol. 231996202
1641Black BoxStrike It Up5:16Living In The 90's (Disc 2)41995206
1642Black BoxRide On Time4:34The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)11993219
1643Black Country CommunionBlack Country3:15Black Country Communion12010188
1644Black Country CommunionOne Last Soul3:52Black Country Communion22010224
1645Black Country CommunionThe Great Divide4:45Black Country Communion32010227
1646Black Country CommunionDown Again5:45Black Country Communion42010223
1647Black Country CommunionBeggarman4:51Black Country Communion52010209
1648Black Country CommunionSong Of Yesterday8:33Black Country Communion62010213
1649Black Country CommunionNo Time4:18Black Country Communion72010212
1650Black Country CommunionMedusa6:56Black Country Communion82010202
1651Black Country CommunionThe Revolution In Me4:59Black Country Communion92010216
1652Black Country CommunionStand (At The Burning Tree)7:02Black Country Communion102010220
1653Black Country CommunionSista Jane6:54Black Country Communion112010206
1654Black Country CommunionToo Late For The Sun11:21Black Country Communion122010209
1655The Black CrowesGone5:08Amorica11994221
1656The Black CrowesConspiracy4:46Amorica21994209
1657The Black CrowesHigh Head Blues4:01Amorica31994206
1658The Black CrowesCursed Diamond5:56Amorica41994197
1659The Black CrowesNonfiction4:16Amorica51994184
1660The Black CrowesShe Gave Good Sunflowers5:48Amorica61994190
1661The Black CrowesP.25 London3:39Amorica71994215
1662The Black CrowesBallad In Urgency5:39Amorica81994189
1663The Black CrowesWiser Time5:33Amorica91994189
1664The Black CrowesDowntown Money Waster3:41Amorica101994211
1665The Black CrowesDescending5:39Amorica111994207
1666The Black CrowesGood Morning Captain3:24Before the Frost...12009207
1667The Black CrowesBeen A Long Time (Waiting On Love)7:47Before the Frost...22009210
1668The Black CrowesAppaloosa3:35Before the Frost...32009208
1669The Black CrowesA Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound4:23Before the Frost...42009216
1670The Black CrowesI Aint Hiding5:57Before the Frost...52009227
1671The Black CrowesKept My Soul5:23Before the Frost...62009215
1672The Black CrowesWhat Is Home?5:13Before the Frost...72009204
1673The Black CrowesHouston Don't Dream About Me5:05Before the Frost...82009203
1674The Black CrowesMake Glad4:18Before the Frost...92009220
1675The Black CrowesAnd The Band Played On...4:12Before the Frost...102009206
1676The Black CrowesThe Last Place That Love Lives4:57Before the Frost...112009169
1677The Black CrowesGo Faster4:02By Your Side11999239
1678The Black CrowesKickin' My Heart Around3:40By Your Side21999253
1679The Black CrowesBy Your Side4:28By Your Side31999242
1680The Black CrowesHorseHead4:02By Your Side41999242
1681The Black CrowesOnly A Fool3:43By Your Side51999214
1682The Black CrowesHeavy4:43By Your Side61999246
1683The Black CrowesWelcome To The Goodtimes4:00By Your Side71999227
1684The Black CrowesGo Tell The Congregation3:35By Your Side81999243
1685The Black CrowesDiamond Ring4:08By Your Side91999219
1686The Black CrowesThen She Said My Name3:43By Your Side101999256
1687The Black CrowesVirtue And Vice4:45By Your Side111999234
1688The Black CrowesMidnight From The Inside Out4:20Lions12001210
1689The Black CrowesLickin'3:42Lions22001211
1690The Black CrowesCome On2:58Lions32001228
1691The Black CrowesNo Use Lying4:56Lions42001211
1692The Black CrowesLosing My Mind4:26Lions52001217
1693The Black CrowesOzone Mama4:00Lions62001199
1694The Black CrowesGreasy Grass River3:20Lions72001219
1695The Black CrowesSoul Singing3:53Lions82001217
1696The Black CrowesMiracle To Me4:42Lions92001195
1697The Black CrowesYoung Man, Old Man4:13Lions102001221
1698The Black CrowesCosmic Friend5:22Lions112001210
1699The Black CrowesCypress Tree3:40Lions122001215
1700The Black CrowesLay It All On Me5:29Lions132001207
1701The Black CrowesMidnight From the Inside Out4:46Live (Disc 1)12002252
1702The Black CrowesSting Me4:28Live (Disc 1)22002261
1703The Black CrowesThick 'n' Thin3:42Live (Disc 1)32002236
1704The Black CrowesGreasy Grass River3:38Live (Disc 1)42002263
1705The Black CrowesSometimes Salvation6:29Live (Disc 1)52002235
1706The Black CrowesCursed Diamond6:08Live (Disc 1)62002243
1707The Black CrowesMiracle to Me6:12Live (Disc 1)72002215
1708The Black CrowesWiser Time7:39Live (Disc 1)82002249
1709The Black CrowesGirl From a Pawnshop6:44Live (Disc 1)92002238
1710The Black CrowesCosmic Friend5:08Live (Disc 1)102002257
1711The Black CrowesBlack Moon Creeping5:59Live (Disc 2)12002248
1712The Black CrowesHigh Head Blues6:11Live (Disc 2)22002251
1713The Black CrowesTitle Song8:25Live (Disc 2)32002241
1714The Black CrowesShe Talks to Angels6:01Live (Disc 2)42002233
1715The Black CrowesTwice as Hard4:35Live (Disc 2)52002258
1716The Black CrowesLickin'5:14Live (Disc 2)62002241
1717The Black CrowesSoul Singing3:53Live (Disc 2)72002244
1718The Black CrowesHard to Handle3:26Live (Disc 2)82002254
1719The Black CrowesRemedy5:37Live (Disc 2)92002260
1720The Black CrowesTwice As Hard4:11Shake Your Money Maker11990217
1721The Black CrowesJealous Again4:36Shake Your Money Maker21990220
1722The Black CrowesSister Luck5:15Shake Your Money Maker31990218
1723The Black CrowesCould I've Been So Blind3:45Shake Your Money Maker41990210
1724The Black CrowesSeeing Things5:20Shake Your Money Maker51990202
1725The Black CrowesHard To Handle3:08Shake Your Money Maker61990219
1726The Black CrowesThick N' Thin2:44Shake Your Money Maker71990209
1727The Black CrowesShe Talks To Angels5:31Shake Your Money Maker81990202
1728The Black CrowesStruttin' Blues4:10Shake Your Money Maker91990222
1729The Black CrowesStare It Cold5:16Shake Your Money Maker101990217
1730The Black CrowesLive Too Fast Blues1:07Shake Your Money Maker111990187
1731The Black CrowesSting Me4:40The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion11992258
1732The Black CrowesRemedy5:22The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion21992244
1733The Black CrowesThorn In My Pride6:03The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion31992229
1734The Black CrowesBad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye6:28The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion41992213
1735The Black CrowesSometimes Salvation4:44The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion51992224
1736The Black CrowesHotel Illness3:59The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion61992234
1737The Black CrowesBlack Moon Creeping4:54The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion71992234
1738The Black CrowesNo Speak No Slave4:01The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion81992250
1739The Black CrowesMy Morning Song6:15The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion91992248
1740The Black CrowesTime Will Tell4:07The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion101992209
1741The Black CrowesSting Me (Slow)5:49The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion111992208
1742The Black Crowes99 Lbs4:18The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion121992240
1743The Black CrowesUnder A Mountain4:10Three Snakes And One Charm11996232
1744The Black CrowesGood Friday3:52Three Snakes And One Charm21996214
1745The Black CrowesNebakanezer4:08Three Snakes And One Charm31996201
1746The Black CrowesOne Mirror Too Many3:34Three Snakes And One Charm41996214
1747The Black CrowesBlackberry3:27Three Snakes And One Charm51996219
1748The Black CrowesGirl From A Pawnshop6:17Three Snakes And One Charm61996207
1749The Black Crowes(Only) Halfway To Everywhere3:59Three Snakes And One Charm71996231
1750The Black CrowesBring On, Bring On3:56Three Snakes And One Charm81996212
1751The Black CrowesHow Much For Your Wings?3:28Three Snakes And One Charm91996218
1752The Black CrowesLet Me Share The Ride3:22Three Snakes And One Charm101996219
1753The Black CrowesBetter When You're Not Alone4:09Three Snakes And One Charm111996226
1754The Black CrowesEvil Eye4:10Three Snakes And One Charm121996217
1755The Black CrowesGoodbye Daughters Of The Revolution5:03Warpaint12008207
1756The Black CrowesWalk Believer Walk4:39Warpaint22008204
1757The Black CrowesOh Josephine6:37Warpaint32008193
1758The Black CrowesEvergreen4:20Warpaint42008189
1759The Black CrowesWe Who See The Deep4:49Warpaint52008183
1760The Black CrowesLocust Street4:14Warpaint62008205
1761The Black CrowesMovin' On Down The Line5:41Warpaint72008197
1762The Black CrowesWounded Bird4:23Warpaint82008203
1763The Black CrowesGod's Got It3:22Warpaint92008179
1764The Black CrowesThere's Gold In Them Hills4:46Warpaint102008188
1765The Black CrowesWhoa Mule5:45Warpaint112008204
1766The Black CrowesHard To Handle3:09Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)152005229
1767The Black Eyed PeasSexy4:46Be Cool (OST)52005208
1768The Black Eyed PeasHands Up3:35Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]12003209
1769The Black Eyed PeasLabor Day (It's A Holiday)3:58Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]22003201
1770The Black Eyed PeasLet's Get Retarded3:35Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]32003213
1771The Black Eyed PeasHey Mama3:34Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]42003228
1772The Black Eyed PeasShut Up4:56Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]52003201
1773The Black Eyed PeasSmells Like Funk5:04Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]62003218
1774The Black Eyed PeasLatin Girls6:17Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]72003215
1775The Black Eyed PeasSexy4:43Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]82003215
1776The Black Eyed PeasFly Away3:35Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]92003198
1777The Black Eyed PeasThe Boogie That Be5:12Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]102003207
1778The Black Eyed PeasThe Apl Song2:54Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]112003191
1779The Black Eyed PeasAnxiety3:38Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]122003236
1780The Black Eyed PeasWhere Is The Love4:46Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]132003206
1781The Black Eyed PeasThird Eye3:42Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]142003209
1782The Black Eyed PeasRock My Shit3:52Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]152003210
1783The Black Eyed PeasWhat's Goin Down2:41Elephunk [UK Bonus Tracks]162003192
1784The Black Eyed PeasPump It3:33Monkey Business12005219
1785The Black Eyed PeasDon't Phunk With My Heart3:59Monkey Business22005208
1786The Black Eyed PeasMy Style4:28Monkey Business32005203
1787The Black Eyed PeasDon't Lie3:39Monkey Business42005205
1788The Black Eyed PeasMy Humps5:27Monkey Business52005214
1789The Black Eyed PeasLike That4:34Monkey Business62005201
1790The Black Eyed PeasDum Diddly4:19Monkey Business72005238
1791The Black Eyed PeasFeel It4:19Monkey Business82005209
1792The Black Eyed PeasGone Going3:13Monkey Business92005217
1793The Black Eyed PeasThey Don't Want Music6:46Monkey Business102005209
1794The Black Eyed PeasDisco Club3:48Monkey Business112005219
1795The Black Eyed PeasBebot3:30Monkey Business122005208
1796The Black Eyed PeasBa Bump3:56Monkey Business132005213
1797The Black Eyed PeasAudio Delite At Low Fidelity5:29Monkey Business142005212
1798The Black Eyed PeasUnion5:04Monkey Business152005217
1799The Black Eyed PeasShut Up3:46Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)72004199
1800The Black Eyed PeasWhere Is The Love?4:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06132003228
1801The Black Eyed PeasHey Mama (Remix)3:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01132004215
1802The Black Eyed PeasLet's Get It Started3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0732004223
1803The Black Eyed PeasDon't Phunk With My Heart4:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0552005207
1804The Black Eyed PeasDon't Lie3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1062005204
1805The Black Eyed PeasMy Humps (Promo Only Clean Edit)5:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-10202005203
1806Black Eyed PeasPump It3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0212006217
1807The Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom Pow3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0432009179
1808The Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling4:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0712009217
1809The Black Eyed PeasThe Time (The Dirty Bit)4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1212010165
1810The Black Eyed PeasThe Time (Dirty Bit)5:07The Beginning12010206
1811The Black Eyed PeasLight Up the Night4:21The Beginning22010186
1812The Black Eyed PeasLove You Long Time3:45The Beginning32010198
1813The Black Eyed PeasXOXOXO3:45The Beginning42010188
1814The Black Eyed PeasSomeday4:33The Beginning52010187
1815The Black Eyed PeasWhenever3:15The Beginning62010191
1816The Black Eyed PeasFashion Beats5:20The Beginning72010186
1817The Black Eyed PeasDon't Stop The Party6:07The Beginning82010212
1818The Black Eyed PeasDo It Like This5:29The Beginning92010208
1819The Black Eyed PeasThe Best One Yet (The Boy)4:25The Beginning102010208
1820The Black Eyed PeasJust Can't Get Enough3:39The Beginning112010189
1821The Black Eyed PeasPlay It Loud4:20The Beginning122010217
1822The Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom Pow5:08The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)12009186
1823The Black Eyed PeasRock That Body4:28The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)22009218
1824The Black Eyed PeasMeet Me Halfway4:44The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)32009214
1825The Black Eyed PeasImma Be4:16The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)42009195
1826The Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling4:48The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)52009213
1827The Black Eyed PeasAlive5:02The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)62009207
1828The Black Eyed PeasMissing You4:34The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)72009202
1829The Black Eyed PeasRing-A-Ling4:32The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)82009161
1830The Black Eyed PeasParty All The Time4:43The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)92009199
1831The Black Eyed PeasOut Of My Head3:51The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)102009187
1832The Black Eyed PeasElectric City4:08The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)112009206
1833The Black Eyed PeasShowdown4:27The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)122009206
1834The Black Eyed PeasNow Generation4:06The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)132009182
1835The Black Eyed PeasOne Tribe4:40The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)142009200
1836The Black Eyed PeasRockin To The Beat3:45The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)152009206
1837The Black Eyed PeasWhere Ya Wanna Go5:08The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)12009178
1838The Black Eyed PeasSimple Little Melody3:11The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)22009174
1839The Black Eyed PeasMare2:55The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)32009195
1840The Black Eyed PeasDon't Bring Me Down3:11The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)42009206
1841The Black Eyed PeasPump It Harder3:51The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)52009172
1842The Black Eyed PeasLet's Get Re-started2:57The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)62009193
1843The Black Eyed PeasShut The Phunk Up4:19The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)72009210
1844The Black Eyed PeasThat's The Joint3:48The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)82009212
1845The Black Eyed PeasAnother Weekend4:11The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)92009194
1846The Black Eyed PeasDon't Phunk Around3:47The E.N.D. [Limited Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)102009178
1847Black FlagRise Above2:26Damaged11981193
1848Black FlagSpray Paint0:33Damaged21981195
1849Black FlagSix Pack2:20Damaged31981198
1850Black FlagWhat I See1:55Damaged41981161
1851Black FlagTV Party3:31Damaged51981166
1852Black FlagThirsty and Miserable2:05Damaged61981204
1853Black FlagPolice Story1:32Damaged71981201
1854Black FlagGimmie Gimmie Gimmie1:47Damaged81981179
1855Black FlagDepression2:28Damaged91981201
1856Black FlagRoom 132:04Damaged101981165
1857Black FlagDamaged II3:23Damaged111981200
1858Black FlagNo More2:25Damaged121981164
1859Black FlagPadded Cell1:47Damaged131981199
1860Black FlagLife of Pain2:50Damaged141981201
1861Black FlagDamaged I3:50Damaged151981199
1862The Black KeysAll You Ever Wanted2:56Attack & Release12008203
1863The Black KeysI Got Mine3:59Attack & Release22008198
1864The Black KeysStrange Times3:10Attack & Release32008221
1865The Black KeysPsychotic Girl4:10Attack & Release42008224
1866The Black KeysLies3:59Attack & Release52008198
1867The Black KeysRemember When (Side A)3:21Attack & Release62008215
1868The Black KeysRemember When (Side B)2:11Attack & Release72008238
1869The Black KeysSame Old Thing3:09Attack & Release82008211
1870The Black KeysSo He Won't Break4:14Attack & Release92008210
1871The Black KeysOceans And Streams3:26Attack & Release102008217
1872The Black KeysThings Ain't Like They Used To Be4:36Attack & Release112008204
1873The Black KeysEverlasting Light3:23Brothers12010201
1874The Black KeysNext Girl3:18Brothers22010190
1875The Black KeysTighten Up3:31Brothers32010223
1876The Black KeysHowlin' For You3:11Brothers42010256
1877The Black KeysShe's Long Gone3:06Brothers52010192
1878The Black KeysBlack Mud2:09Brothers62010212
1879The Black KeysThe Only One5:00Brothers72010200
1880The Black KeysToo Afraid To Love You3:24Brothers82010175
1881The Black KeysTen Cent Pistol4:29Brothers92010185
1882The Black KeysSinister Kid3:44Brothers102010201
1883The Black KeysThe Go Getter3:36Brothers112010206
1884The Black KeysI'm Not The One3:49Brothers122010178
1885The Black KeysUnknown Brother3:59Brothers132010175
1886The Black KeysNever Gonna Give You Up3:39Brothers142010188
1887The Black KeysThese Days5:11Brothers152010200
1888The Black KeysKeep Your Hands Off Her3:06Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)12006199
1889The Black KeysHave Mercy On Me4:42Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)22006229
1890The Black KeysWork Me4:16Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)32006200
1891The Black KeysMeet Me In The City3:38Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)42006179
1892The Black KeysNobody But You5:21Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)52006202
1893The Black KeysMy Mind Is Ramblin'6:45Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)62006196
1894The Black KeysJunior's Wife0:32Chulahoma - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough (EP)72006132
1895The Black KeysJust Got To Be3:00Magic Potion12006194
1896The Black KeysYour Touch2:44Magic Potion22006188
1897The Black KeysYou're The One3:28Magic Potion32006179
1898The Black KeysJust A Little Heat3:42Magic Potion42006180
1899The Black KeysGive Your Heart Away3:27Magic Potion52006188
1900The Black KeysStrange Desire4:21Magic Potion62006189
1901The Black KeysModern Times4:21Magic Potion72006184
1902The Black KeysThe Flame4:36Magic Potion82006201
1903The Black KeysGoodbye Babylon5:55Magic Potion92006192
1904The Black KeysBlack Door3:30Magic Potion102006203
1905The Black KeysElevator3:43Magic Potion112006187
1906The Black KeysWhen The Lights Go Out3:23Rubber Factory12004205
1907The Black Keys10 A.M. Automatic2:59Rubber Factory22004226
1908The Black KeysJust Couldn't Tie Me Down2:57Rubber Factory32004214
1909The Black KeysAll Hands Against His Own3:16Rubber Factory42004210
1910The Black KeysThe Desperate Man3:54Rubber Factory52004229
1911The Black KeysGirl Is On My Mind3:28Rubber Factory62004226
1912The Black KeysThe Lengths4:54Rubber Factory72004188
1913The Black KeysGrown So Ugly2:27Rubber Factory82004227
1914The Black KeysStack Shot Billy3:21Rubber Factory92004184
1915The Black KeysAct Nice And Gentle2:41Rubber Factory102004212
1916The Black KeysAeroplane Blues2:50Rubber Factory112004221
1917The Black KeysKeep Me2:52Rubber Factory122004217
1918The Black KeysTill I Get My Way2:31Rubber Factory132004169
1919The Black KeysBusted2:34The Big Come Up12002233
1920The Black KeysDo The Rump2:37The Big Come Up22002196
1921The Black KeysI'll Be Your Man2:20The Big Come Up32002188
1922The Black KeysCountdown2:38The Big Come Up42002221
1923The Black KeysThe Breaks3:01The Big Come Up52002183
1924The Black KeysRun Me Down2:27The Big Come Up62002178
1925The Black KeysLeavin' Trunk3:00The Big Come Up72002228
1926The Black KeysHeavy Soul2:08The Big Come Up82002231
1927The Black KeysShe Said, She Said2:32The Big Come Up92002221
1928The Black KeysThem Eyes2:23The Big Come Up102002216
1929The Black KeysYearnin'1:58The Big Come Up112002209
1930The Black KeysBrooklyn Bound3:11The Big Come Up122002198
1931The Black Keys240 Years Before Your Time23:20The Big Come Up13200254
1932The Black KeysThickfreakness3:48Thickfreakness12003138
1933The Black KeysHard Row3:15Thickfreakness22003155
1934The Black KeysSet You Free2:46Thickfreakness32003205
1935The Black KeysMidnight In Her Eyes4:03Thickfreakness42003129
1936The Black KeysHave Love Will Travel3:04Thickfreakness52003162
1937The Black KeysHurt Like Mine3:27Thickfreakness62003183
1938The Black KeysEverywhere I Go5:40Thickfreakness72003138
1939The Black KeysNo Trust3:37Thickfreakness82003147
1940The Black KeysIf You See Me2:52Thickfreakness92003154
1941The Black KeysHold Me In Your Arms3:19Thickfreakness102003173
1942The Black KeysI Cry Alone2:48Thickfreakness112003146
1943The Black Keys10am Automatic2:57Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)92005230
1944Black LabTell Me What To Say4:06Can't Hardly Wait (OST)111998218
1945Black LabLearn to Crawl3:36Spider-Man (OST)42002243
1946Black Oak ArkansasJim Dandy2:43Hot And Nasty And Other Hits11977229
1947Black Oak ArkansasDixie3:41Hot And Nasty And Other Hits21977208
1948Black Oak ArkansasHot And Nasty2:57Hot And Nasty And Other Hits31977218
1949Black Oak ArkansasSon Of A Gun4:33Hot And Nasty And Other Hits41977210
1950Black Oak ArkansasSo You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star?2:38Hot And Nasty And Other Hits51977199
1951Black Oak ArkansasWhen Electricity Came To Arkansas5:41Hot And Nasty And Other Hits61977210
1952Black Oak ArkansasLord Have Mercy On My Soul6:16Hot And Nasty And Other Hits71977186
1953Black Oak ArkansasEverybody Wants To See Heaven "Nobody Wants To Die"3:07Hot And Nasty And Other Hits81977234
1954Black Oak ArkansasHot Rod3:24Hot And Nasty And Other Hits91977217
1955Black Oak ArkansasTaxman4:28Hot And Nasty And Other Hits101977218
1956Black Oak ArkansasJim Dandy2:43Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1231990228
1957Black SabbathBlack Sabbath6:19Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)11970210
1958Black SabbathThe Wizard4:23Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)21970234
1959Black SabbathWasp, Behind The Wall Of Sleep, Bassically, N.I.B.9:44Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)31970227
1960Black SabbathWicked World4:46Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)41970219
1961Black SabbathA Bit Of Finger, Sleeping Village, Warning14:16Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)51970219
1962Black SabbathEvil Woman3:23Black Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)61970227
1963Black SabbathWheels Of Confusion/The Straightener8:01Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)11972217
1964Black SabbathTomorrows Dream3:11Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)21972217
1965Black SabbathChanges4:44Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)31972188
1966Black SabbathFX1:43Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)41972184
1967Black SabbathSupernaut4:49Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)51972257
1968Black SabbathSnowblind5:33Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)61972242
1969Black SabbathCornucopia3:54Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)71972223
1970Black SabbathLaguna Sunrise2:55Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)81972196
1971Black SabbathSt. Vitus Dance2:29Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)91972213
1972Black SabbathUnder The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes5:52Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Black Box Remaster)101972251
1973Black SabbathTrashed4:16Born Again11983230
1974Black SabbathStonehenge1:58Born Again21983196
1975Black SabbathDisturbing The Priest5:49Born Again31983206
1976Black SabbathThe Dark0:45Born Again41983196
1977Black SabbathZero The Hero7:35Born Again51983208
1978Black SabbathDigital Bitch3:39Born Again61983227
1979Black SabbathBorn Again6:34Born Again71983207
1980Black SabbathHot Line4:52Born Again81983231
1981Black SabbathKeep It Warm5:36Born Again91983222
1982Black SabbathParanoid2:49Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 1)11998187
1983Black SabbathNeon Knights3:53Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]11980212
1984Black SabbathChildren Of The Sea5:34Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]21980214
1985Black SabbathLady Evil4:26Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]31980219
1986Black SabbathHeaven And Hell6:59Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]41980219
1987Black SabbathWishing Well4:07Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]51980215
1988Black SabbathDie Young4:45Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]61980204
1989Black SabbathWalk Away4:25Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]71980219
1990Black SabbathLonely Is The Word5:51Heaven And Hell [2008 Remaster]81980224
1991Black SabbathThe Mob Rules3:15Heavy Metal (OST)131981198
1992Black SabbathSweet Leaf5:05Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)11971226
1993Black SabbathAfter Forever5:27Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)21971231
1994Black SabbathEmbryo0:28Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)31971203
1995Black SabbathChildren Of The Grave5:17Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)41971232
1996Black SabbathOrchid1:30Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)51971199
1997Black SabbathLord Of This World5:26Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)61971233
1998Black SabbathSolitude5:02Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)71971194
1999Black SabbathInto The Void6:13Master Of Reality (Black Box Remaster)81971242
2000Black SabbathTurn Up The Night3:42Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]11981222
2001Black SabbathVoodoo4:32Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]21981216
2002Black SabbathThe Sign Of The Southern Cross7:47Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]31981209
2003Black SabbathE51502:51Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]41981227
2004Black SabbathThe Mob Rules3:15Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]51981224
2005Black SabbathCountry Girl4:02Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]61981220
2006Black SabbathSlipping Away3:46Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]71981231
2007Black SabbathFalling Off The Edge Of The World5:03Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]81981207
2008Black SabbathOver And Over5:29Mob Rules [2008 Remaster]91981222
2009Black SabbathNever Say Die3:49Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)11978220
2010Black SabbathJohnny Blade6:28Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)21978212
2011Black SabbathJunior's Eyes6:42Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)31978215
2012Black SabbathA Hard Road6:04Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)41978200
2013Black SabbathShock Wave5:15Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)51978205
2014Black SabbathAir Dance5:17Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)61978193
2015Black SabbathOver To You5:22Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)71978216
2016Black SabbathBreakout2:35Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)81978196
2017Black SabbathSwinging The Chain4:17Never Say Die (Black Box Remaster)91978195
2018Black SabbathWar Pigs7:57Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)11970221
2019Black SabbathParanoid2:52Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)21970213
2020Black SabbathPlanet Caravan4:32Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)31970204
2021Black SabbathIron Man5:58Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)41970232
2022Black SabbathElectric Funeral4:52Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)51970223
2023Black SabbathHand Of Doom7:07Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)61970215
2024Black SabbathRat Salad2:31Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)71970223
2025Black SabbathFairies Wear Boots6:15Paranoid (Black Box Remaster)81970216
2026Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath5:45Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)11973232
2027Black SabbathA National Acrobat6:16Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)21973226
2028Black SabbathFluff4:11Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)31973194
2029Black SabbathSabbra Cadabra5:59Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)41973216
2030Black SabbathKilling Yourself To Live5:41Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)51973220
2031Black SabbathWho Are You4:11Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)61973219
2032Black SabbathLooking For Today5:06Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)71973227
2033Black SabbathSpiral Architect5:29Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Black Box Remaster)81973209
2034Black SabbathHole in the Sky3:59Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]11975212
2035Black SabbathDon't Start (Too Late)0:49Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]21975195
2036Black SabbathSymptom of the Universe6:29Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]31975188
2037Black SabbathMegalomania9:46Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]41975209
2038Black SabbathThe Thrill of It All5:56Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]51975222
2039Black SabbathSupertzar3:44Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]61975199
2040Black SabbathAm I Going Insane? [radio edit]4:16Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]71975184
2041Black SabbathThe Writ8:45Sabotage [Black Box, Remastered 2004]81975221
2042Black SabbathBackstreet Kids3:47Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)11976238
2043Black SabbathYou Won't Change Me6:42Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)21976205
2044Black SabbathIt's Allright4:04Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)31976209
2045Black SabbathGypsy5:14Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)41976221
2046Black SabbathAll Moving Parts (Stand Still)5:07Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)51976222
2047Black SabbathRock 'N' Roll Doctor3:30Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)61976185
2048Black SabbathShe's Gone4:58Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)71976183
2049Black SabbathDirty Woman7:13Technical Ecstacy (Black Box Remaster)81976190
2050Black SabbathTime Machine4:19Wayne's World (OST)61992199
2051Black SheepIntro0:49A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing11991174
2052Black SheepU Mean I'm Not1:24A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing21991139
2053Black SheepButt... In The Meantime4:14A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing31991144
2054Black SheepHave U.N.E. Pull3:50A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing41991175
2055Black SheepStrobelite Honey3:05A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing51991160
2056Black SheepAre You Mad?0:43A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing61991176
2057Black SheepThe Choice Is Yours3:23A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing71991163
2058Black SheepTo Whom It May Concern4:03A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing81991163
2059Black SheepSimilak Child4:26A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing91991167
2060Black SheepTry Counting Sheep4:23A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing101991148
2061Black SheepFlavor Of The Month4:19A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing111991135
2062Black SheepLa Menage3:24A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing121991136
2063Black SheepL.A.S.M.2:12A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing131991186
2064Black SheepGimme The Finga4:27A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing141991145
2065Black SheepHoes We Knows4:22A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing151991147
2066Black SheepGo To Hail1:03A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing161991171
2067Black SheepBlack With N.V. (No Vision)3:57A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing171991145
2068Black SheepPass The 404:48A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing181991136
2069Black SheepBlunted1:58A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing191991155
2070Black SheepFor Doz That Slept2:38A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing201991147
2071Black SheepThe Choice Is Yours [Revisited] (Bonus Track)4:03A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing211991140
2072Black SheepYes (Bonus Track)3:20A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing221991163
2073Black SheepThe Choice Is Yours (Revisited)4:03The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)42004144
2074Black SlateAmigo4:50One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)122001251
2075Black SlateAmigo4:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)142001225
2076The Black SorrowsChained To The Wheel3:56Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)62000234
2077Black Tape For A Blue GirlAll My Lovers4:03Projekt: Gothic42003214
2078Black UhuruChill Out4:54Chill Out11982213
2079Black UhuruDarkness4:43Chill Out21982204
2080Black UhuruEye Market4:09Chill Out31982206
2081Black UhuruRight Stuff4:30Chill Out41982214
2082Black UhuruMondays3:56Chill Out51982210
2083Black UhuruFleety Foot4:02Chill Out61982195
2084Black UhuruWicked Act4:35Chill Out71982209
2085Black UhuruMoya (Queen Of I Jungle)3:16Chill Out81982202
2086Black UhuruEmotional Slaughter3:42Chill Out91982201
2087Black UhuruShine Eye Gal7:39Guess Who's Coming To Dinner11987221
2088Black UhuruLeaving To Zion5:32Guess Who's Coming To Dinner21987208
2089Black UhuruGeneral Penitentiary5:33Guess Who's Coming To Dinner31987207
2090Black UhuruGuess Who's Coming To Dinner6:21Guess Who's Coming To Dinner41987197
2091Black UhuruAbortion7:25Guess Who's Coming To Dinner51987187
2092Black UhuruNatural Reggae Beat8:14Guess Who's Coming To Dinner61987204
2093Black UhuruPlastic Smile7:11Guess Who's Coming To Dinner71987188
2094Black UhuruYouth of Eglington5:01Red11981202
2095Black UhuruSponji Reggae4:53Red21981207
2096Black UhuruSistren4:35Red31981156
2097Black UhuruJourney5:22Red41981199
2098Black UhuruUtterance3:35Red51981193
2099Black UhuruPuff She Puff5:09Red61981200
2100Black UhuruRockstone4:35Red71981193
2101Black UhuruCarbine6:06Red81981213
2102Black UhuruHappiness4:20Sinsemilla11980218
2103Black UhuruWorld Is Africa5:17Sinsemilla21980217
2104Black UhuruPush Push4:11Sinsemilla31980209
2105Black UhuruThere Is Fire5:02Sinsemilla41980203
2106Black UhuruNo Loafing (Sit and Wonder)3:56Sinsemilla51980221
2107Black UhuruSinsemilla5:10Sinsemilla61980208
2108Black UhuruEvery Dreadlocks4:01Sinsemilla71980210
2109Black UhuruVampire4:34Sinsemilla81980213
2110Black UhuruSinsemilla5:10Ultimate Collection12000204
2111Black UhuruI Love King Selassie4:35Ultimate Collection22000169
2112Black UhuruGuess Who's Coming To Dinner4:54Ultimate Collection32000202
2113Black UhuruSponji Reggae4:56Ultimate Collection42000216
2114Black UhuruLove Crisis3:47Ultimate Collection52000132
2115Black UhuruRent Man3:18Ultimate Collection62000212
2116Black UhuruEndurance4:00Ultimate Collection72000216
2117Black UhuruWorld Is Africa5:15Ultimate Collection82000212
2118Black UhuruUtterance3:43Ultimate Collection92000198
2119Black UhuruWhat Is Life?5:44Ultimate Collection102000216
2120Black UhuruYouth Of Eglington5:02Ultimate Collection112000206
2121Black UhuruYouth3:48Ultimate Collection122000194
2122Black UhuruTry It5:26Ultimate Collection132000220
2123Black UhuruDread In The Mountain4:05Ultimate Collection142000203
2124Black UhuruBrutal4:07Ultimate Collection152000214
2125Black UhuruDarkness3:59Ultimate Collection162000201
2126Black UhuruChill Out5:58Ultimate Collection172000200
2127BlackbyrdsWalking In Rhythm2:55Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)182001198
2128The BlackbyrdsWalking In Rhythm2:55Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6142003191
2129BlackbyrdsWalking In Rhythm4:14TM Century GoldDisc Update 5191991200
2130BlackfieldOpen Mind3:50Blackfield12004222
2137BlackfieldCloudy Now3:34Blackfield82004194
2138BlackfieldThe Hole In Me2:47Blackfield92004212
2140BlackfieldPerfect World3:53Blackfield (Bonus Disc)12004191
2141BlackfieldWhere Is My Love?3:01Blackfield (Bonus Disc)22004192
2142BlackfieldCloudy Now (Live)3:44Blackfield (Bonus Disc)32004164
2143BlackfieldOnce4:03Blackfield II12007201
2144Blackfield1,000 People3:54Blackfield II22007205
2145BlackfieldMiss U4:13Blackfield II32007207
2146BlackfieldChristenings4:37Blackfield II42007201
2147BlackfieldThis Killer4:06Blackfield II52007194
2148BlackfieldEpidemic4:59Blackfield II62007205
2149BlackfieldMy Gift Of Silence4:05Blackfield II72007198
2150BlackfieldSome Day4:22Blackfield II82007202
2151BlackfieldWhere Is My Love?2:59Blackfield II92007216
2152BlackfieldEnd Of The World5:13Blackfield II102007209
2153BlackfieldGlass House2:56Welcome to My DNA12011196
2154BlackfieldGo to Hell3:03Welcome to My DNA22011196
2155BlackfieldRising of the Tide3:47Welcome to My DNA32011188
2156BlackfieldWaving3:54Welcome to My DNA42011184
2157BlackfieldFar Away2:47Welcome to My DNA52011169
2158BlackfieldDissolving with the Night4:06Welcome to My DNA62011184
2159BlackfieldBlood3:17Welcome to My DNA72011211
2160BlackfieldOn the Plane3:42Welcome to My DNA82011201
2161BlackfieldOxygen3:05Welcome to My DNA92011190
2162BlackfieldZigota5:04Welcome to My DNA102011191
2163BlackfieldDNA3:56Welcome to My DNA112011170
2164BlackfootFeelin Good2:49Flyin' High11976248
2165BlackfootFlyin' High4:20Flyin' High21976224
2166BlackfootTry A Little Harder4:49Flyin' High31976240
2167BlackfootStranger On The Road2:44Flyin' High41976241
2168BlackfootSave Your Time3:44Flyin' High51976242
2169BlackfootDancin' Man3:40Flyin' High61976260
2170BlackfootIsland Of Life4:07Flyin' High71976252
2171BlackfootJunkie's Dream3:57Flyin' High81976243
2172BlackfootMadness4:57Flyin' High91976251
2173BlackfootMother2:45Flyin' High101976234
2174BlackfootGood Morning3:37Marauder11981220
2175BlackfootPayin' For It3:38Marauder21981208
2176BlackfootDiary Of A Working Man5:36Marauder31981198
2177BlackfootToo Hard To Handle4:02Marauder41981213
2178BlackfootFly Away2:58Marauder51981202
2179BlackfootDry County3:42Marauder61981210
2180BlackfootFire Of The Dragon4:05Marauder71981205
2181BlackfootRattlesnake Rock 'n' Roller4:01Marauder81981194
2183BlackfootSend Me an Angel4:38Siogo11983231
2185BlackfootHeart's Grown Cold3:24Siogo31983226
2186BlackfootWe're Goin' Down4:13Siogo41983223
2187BlackfootTeenage Idol4:49Siogo51983228
2188BlackfootGoin' in Circles3:08Siogo61983222
2189BlackfootRun For Cover4:21Siogo71983233
2190BlackfootWhite Man's Land2:56Siogo81983232
2191BlackfootSail Away4:31Siogo91983223
2192BlackfootDrivin' Fool4:44Siogo101983216
2193BlackfootRoad Fever3:11Strikes11979215
2194BlackfootI Got A Line On You3:20Strikes21979212
2195BlackfootLeft Turn On A Red Light4:39Strikes31979212
2196BlackfootPay My Dues3:06Strikes41979214
2197BlackfootBaby Blue2:36Strikes51979220
2198BlackfootWishing Well3:14Strikes61979206
2199BlackfootRun And Hide3:27Strikes71979204
2200BlackfootTrain, Train (Prelude)0:36Strikes81979141
2201BlackfootTrain, Train2:58Strikes91979217
2202BlackfootHighway Song7:01Strikes101979208
2204BlackfootOn The Run4:00Tomcattin'21980254
2205BlackfootDream On5:16Tomcattin'31980246
2206BlackfootStreet Fighter2:34Tomcattin'41980257
2207BlackfootGimme, Gimme, Gimme4:06Tomcattin'51980252
2208BlackfootEvery Man Should Know (Queenie)3:43Tomcattin'61980259
2209BlackfootIn the Night3:52Tomcattin'71980247
2210BlackfootReckless Abandoner5:13Tomcattin'81980247
2211BlackfootSpendin' Cabbage3:15Tomcattin'91980247
2212BlackfootFox Chase4:23Tomcattin'101980249
2213BlackfootMorning Dew5:28Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]11984204
2214BlackfootLivin' In The Limelight4:02Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]21984207
2215BlackfootRide With You3:33Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]31984204
2216BlackfootGet It On4:29Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]41984228
2217BlackfootYoung Girl4:24Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]51984207
2218BlackfootSummer Days3:19Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]61984204
2219BlackfootA Legend Never Dies3:03Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]71984212
2220BlackfootHeartbeat And Heels3:15Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]81984208
2221BlackfootIn For The Kill3:50Vertical Smiles [2002 Reissue]91984214
2222BlackHawkGoodbye Says It All3:24BlackHawk11994209
2223BlackHawkDown In Flames3:44BlackHawk21994210
2224BlackHawkEvery Once In A While3:40BlackHawk31994213
2225BlackHawkI Sure Can Smell The Rain3:37BlackHawk41994205
2226BlackHawkThat's Just About Right4:04BlackHawk51994188
2227BlackHawkOne More Heartache3:27BlackHawk61994198
2228BlackHawkLove Like This3:03BlackHawk71994181
2229BlackHawkBetween Ragged And Wrong3:36BlackHawk81994198
2230BlackHawkStone By Stone3:56BlackHawk91994203
2231BlackHawkLet 'em Whirl3:54BlackHawk101994202
2232BlackHawkLove & Gravity3:15Love & Gravity11997209
2233BlackHawkStepping Stones4:05Love & Gravity21997197
2234BlackHawkPostmarked Birmingham4:20Love & Gravity31997192
2235BlackHawkWill You Be There (In The Morning)3:48Love & Gravity41997199
2236BlackHawkIt Ain't About Love Anymore4:00Love & Gravity51997195
2237BlackHawkNobody's Fool3:52Love & Gravity61997199
2238BlackHawkIf That Was A Lie3:59Love & Gravity71997199
2239BlackHawkHole In My Heart3:59Love & Gravity81997199
2240BlackHawkHold Me Harmless3:33Love & Gravity91997196
2241BlackHawkShe Dances With Her Shadow3:23Love & Gravity101997187
2242BlackHawkLonely Boy3:55Love & Gravity111997197
2243BlackHawkOne Love3:18Spirit Dancer12002241
2244BlackHawkOne Night In New Orleans3:39Spirit Dancer22002257
2245BlackHawkDays Of America2:58Spirit Dancer32002254
2246BlackHawkSpirit Dancer4:31Spirit Dancer42002236
2247BlackHawkI Will3:29Spirit Dancer52002257
2248BlackHawkBrothers Of The Southland4:47Spirit Dancer62002253
2249BlackHawkGloryland3:51Spirit Dancer72002258
2250BlackHawkForgiveness3:03Spirit Dancer82002235
2251BlackHawkFaith Is The Light3:50Spirit Dancer92002251
2252BlackHawkI'll Always Love You3:49Spirit Dancer102002253
2253BlackHawkLeavin The Land Of The Broken Hearted4:06Spirit Dancer112002255
2254BlackHawkBig Guitar2:57Strong Enough11995212
2255BlackHawkLike There Ain't No Yesterday3:17Strong Enough21995212
2256BlackHawkCast Iron Heart3:28Strong Enough31995213
2257BlackHawkI'm Not Strong Enough to Say No4:16Strong Enough41995211
2258BlackHawkAlmost a Memory Now3:17Strong Enough51995210
2259BlackHawkKing of the World3:22Strong Enough61995200
2260BlackHawkBad Love Gone Good3:47Strong Enough71995209
2261BlackHawkAny Man With a Heartbeat3:23Strong Enough81995209
2262BlackHawkA Kiss Is Worth a Thousand Words3:09Strong Enough91995203
2263BlackHawkHook, Line, and Sinker3:32Strong Enough101995212
2264BlackHawkYour Own Little Corner Of My Heart3:25The Sky's The Limit11999228
2265BlackHawkWho Am I Now3:14The Sky's The Limit21999217
2266BlackHawkThere You Have It3:12The Sky's The Limit31999220
2267BlackHawkIn My Heart Of Hearts3:40The Sky's The Limit41999207
2268BlackHawkNobody Knows What To Say3:44The Sky's The Limit51999218
2269BlackHawkGoin' Down Fightin'2:59The Sky's The Limit61999230
2270BlackHawkWalkin' On Water3:34The Sky's The Limit71999223
2271BlackHawkAlways Have, Always Will2:45The Sky's The Limit81999208
2272BlackHawkWhen I Find It, I'll Know It3:40The Sky's The Limit91999229
2273BlackHawkThink Again4:50The Sky's The Limit101999207
2274BlackHawkThe Last Time4:01The Sky's The Limit111999211
2275Blackman, Destruct & IconHome4:22Office Space (OST)81999241
2276Blackmore's NightHighland5:49Autumn Sky12011221
2277Blackmore's NightVagabond (Make A Princess Of Me)5:23Autumn Sky22011180
2278Blackmore's NightJourneyman5:41Autumn Sky32011205
2279Blackmore's NightBelieve In Me4:25Autumn Sky42011181
2280Blackmore's NightSake Of The Song2:47Autumn Sky52011187
2281Blackmore's NightSong And Dance (Part II)2:03Autumn Sky62011217
2282Blackmore's NightCelluloid Heroes5:27Autumn Sky72011177
2283Blackmore's NightKeeper Of The Flame4:42Autumn Sky82011216
2284Blackmore's NightNight At Eggersberg2:15Autumn Sky92011191
2285Blackmore's NightStrawberry Girl4:05Autumn Sky102011192
2286Blackmore's NightAll The Fun Of The Fayre3:55Autumn Sky112011224
2287Blackmore's NightDarkness3:21Autumn Sky122011193
2288Blackmore's NightDance Of The Darkness3:35Autumn Sky132011213
2289Blackmore's NightHealth To The Company4:19Autumn Sky142011174
2290Blackmore's NightBarbara Allen3:39Autumn Sky152011178
2291Blackmore's NightWritten In The Stars4:49Fires At Midnight12001197
2292Blackmore's NightThe Times They Are A Changin'3:33Fires At Midnight22001198
2293Blackmore's NightI Still Remember5:42Fires At Midnight32001218
2294Blackmore's NightHome Again5:27Fires At Midnight42001216
2295Blackmore's NightCrowning Of The King4:31Fires At Midnight52001196
2296Blackmore's NightFayre Thee Well2:08Fires At Midnight62001183
2297Blackmore's NightFires At Midnight7:36Fires At Midnight72001210
2298Blackmore's NightHanging Tree3:47Fires At Midnight82001190
2299Blackmore's NightStorm6:11Fires At Midnight92001197
2300Blackmore's NightMid Winter's Night4:30Fires At Midnight102001188
2301Blackmore's NightAll Because Of You3:36Fires At Midnight112001224
2302Blackmore's NightWaiting Just For You3:16Fires At Midnight122001202
2303Blackmore's NightPraetorius (Courante)1:57Fires At Midnight132001193
2304Blackmore's NightBenzai-Ten3:52Fires At Midnight142001195
2305Blackmore's NightVillage On The Sand5:04Fires At Midnight152001213
2306Blackmore's NightAgain Someday1:42Fires At Midnight162001186
2307Blackmore's NightPossum's Last Dance2:42Fires At Midnight172001196
2308Blackmore's NightWay To Mandalay6:25Ghost Of A Rose12003198
2309Blackmore's Night3 Black Crows3:43Ghost Of A Rose22003190
2310Blackmore's NightDiamonds And Rust4:54Ghost Of A Rose32003191
2311Blackmore's NightCartouche3:48Ghost Of A Rose42003233
2312Blackmore's NightQueen For A Day (Part 1)3:05Ghost Of A Rose52003183
2313Blackmore's NightQueen For A Day (Part 2)1:36Ghost Of A Rose62003214
2314Blackmore's NightIvory Tower4:24Ghost Of A Rose72003205
2315Blackmore's NightNur Eine Minute1:07Ghost Of A Rose82003184
2316Blackmore's NightGhost Of A Rose5:45Ghost Of A Rose92003213
2317Blackmore's NightMr. Peagram's Morris And Sword2:01Ghost Of A Rose102003192
2318Blackmore's NightLoreley3:36Ghost Of A Rose112003216
2319Blackmore's NightWhere Are We Going From Here4:04Ghost Of A Rose122003186
2320Blackmore's NightRainbow Blues4:30Ghost Of A Rose132003207
2321Blackmore's NightAll For One5:36Ghost Of A Rose142003216
2322Blackmore's NightDandelion Wine5:39Ghost Of A Rose152003198
2323Blackmore's NightMid Winter's Night (Live Acoustic Version)4:45Ghost Of A Rose162003132
2324Blackmore's NightWay To Mandalay (Radio Edit)3:02Ghost Of A Rose172003201
2325Blackmore's NightGod Save the Keg3:40Secret Voyage12008208
2326Blackmore's NightLocked Within the Crystal Ball8:04Secret Voyage22008227
2327Blackmore's NightGilded Cage3:42Secret Voyage32008197
2328Blackmore's NightToast to Tomorrow3:49Secret Voyage42008228
2329Blackmore's NightPrince Waldecks Galliard2:13Secret Voyage52008181
2330Blackmore's NightRainbow Eyes6:01Secret Voyage62008206
2331Blackmore's NightThe Circle4:48Secret Voyage72008220
2332Blackmore's NightSister Gypsy3:21Secret Voyage82008230
2333Blackmore's NightCan't Help Falling In Love2:51Secret Voyage92008215
2334Blackmore's NightPeasants Promise5:33Secret Voyage102008188
2335Blackmore's NightFar Far Away3:54Secret Voyage112008193
2336Blackmore's NightEmpty Words2:40Secret Voyage122008173
2337Blackmore's NightShadow Of The Moon5:06Shadow Of The Moon11997192
2338Blackmore's NightThe Clock Ticks On5:15Shadow Of The Moon21997189
2339Blackmore's NightBe Mine Tonight2:51Shadow Of The Moon31997184
2340Blackmore's NightPlay Minstrel Play3:59Shadow Of The Moon41997193
2341Blackmore's NightOcean Gipsy6:06Shadow Of The Moon51997176
2342Blackmore's NightMinstrel Hall2:36Shadow Of The Moon61997179
2343Blackmore's NightMagical World4:01Shadow Of The Moon71997180
2344Blackmore's NightWriting On The Wall4:34Shadow Of The Moon81997225
2345Blackmore's NightRenaissance Faire4:16Shadow Of The Moon91997190
2346Blackmore's NightMemmingen1:05Shadow Of The Moon101997188
2347Blackmore's NightNo Second Chance5:38Shadow Of The Moon111997207
2348Blackmore's NightMond Tanz3:33Shadow Of The Moon121997199
2349Blackmore's NightSpirit Of The Sea4:49Shadow Of The Moon131997175
2350Blackmore's NightGreensleeves3:46Shadow Of The Moon141997190
2351Blackmore's NightWish You Were Here5:06Shadow Of The Moon151997190
2352Blackmore's Night25 Years4:56The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]12006233
2353Blackmore's NightVillage Lanterne5:11The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]22006204
2354Blackmore's NightI Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore4:48The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]32006216
2355Blackmore's NightThe Messenger (Instrumental)2:53The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]42006176
2356Blackmore's NightWorld Of Stone4:24The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]52006194
2357Blackmore's NightFaerie Queen - Faerie Dance4:55The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]62006196
2358Blackmore's NightSt. Teresa5:25The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]72006204
2359Blackmore's NightVillage Dance (Instrumental)1:56The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]82006183
2360Blackmore's NightMond Tanz / Child In Time6:10The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]92006215
2361Blackmore's NightStreets Of London3:45The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]102006191
2362Blackmore's NightJust Call My Name (I'll Be There)4:47The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]112006225
2363Blackmore's NightOlde Mill Inn3:19The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]122006223
2364Blackmore's NightWindmills3:25The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]132006176
2365Blackmore's NightStreet Of Dreams4:33The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]142006222
2366Blackmore's NightCall It Love (Bonus Track)2:53The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]152006184
2367Blackmore's NightStreet Of Dreams (Feat. Joe Lynn Turner) (Bonus Track)4:33The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]162006215
2368Blackmore's NightAll Because Of You (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)3:23The Village Lanterne [Bonus Tracks]172006214
2369Blackmore's NightUnder A Violet Moon4:23Under A Violet Moon11999201
2370Blackmore's NightCastles And Dreams3:33Under A Violet Moon21999159
2371Blackmore's NightPast Time With Good Company3:24Under A Violet Moon31999179
2372Blackmore's NightMorning Star4:40Under A Violet Moon41999195
2373Blackmore's NightAvalon3:02Under A Violet Moon51999181
2374Blackmore's NightPossum Goes To Prague1:13Under A Violet Moon61999192
2375Blackmore's NightWind In The Willows4:12Under A Violet Moon71999208
2376Blackmore's NightGone With The Wind5:23Under A Violet Moon81999201
2377Blackmore's NightBeyond The Sunset3:44Under A Violet Moon91999190
2378Blackmore's NightMarch The Heroes Home4:39Under A Violet Moon101999185
2379Blackmore's NightSpanish Night (I Remember It Well)5:22Under A Violet Moon111999208
2380Blackmore's NightCatherine Howard's Fate2:34Under A Violet Moon121999183
2381Blackmore's NightFool's Gold3:31Under A Violet Moon131999184
2382Blackmore's NightDurch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus2:31Under A Violet Moon141999184
2383Blackmore's NightNow And Then3:11Under A Violet Moon151999169
2384Blackmore's NightSelf Portrait3:18Under A Violet Moon161999195
2385Blackmore's NightHark The Herald Angels Sing / Come All Ye Faithful3:50Winter Carols12006208
2386Blackmore's NightI Saw Three Ships2:40Winter Carols22006201
2387Blackmore's NightWinter (Basse Dance)3:07Winter Carols32006219
2388Blackmore's NightDing Dong Merrily On High3:16Winter Carols42006190
2389Blackmore's NightMa-O-Tzur2:19Winter Carols52006168
2390Blackmore's NightGood King Wenceslas4:44Winter Carols62006197
2391Blackmore's NightLord Of The Dance / Simple Gifts3:34Winter Carols72006217
2392Blackmore's NightWe Three Kings4:48Winter Carols82006208
2393Blackmore's NightWish You Were Here5:02Winter Carols92006212
2394Blackmore's NightEmmanuel3:32Winter Carols102006174
2395Blackmore's NightChristmas Eve4:20Winter Carols112006220
2396Blackmore's NightWe Wish You A Merry Christmas1:21Winter Carols122006203
2397BlacksheepsOro Jaska, Beana2:42Hits for Kids 2042008200
2398BlackstreetIntro (Blackstreet Philosophy) (Interlude)0:56Blackstreet11994173
2399BlackstreetBaby Be Mine3:02Blackstreet21994175
2400BlackstreetU Blow My Mind3:49Blackstreet31994199
2401BlackstreetHey Love (Keep It Real) (Interlude)1:11Blackstreet41994181
2402BlackstreetI Like The Way You Work4:44Blackstreet51994182
2403BlackstreetGood Life4:04Blackstreet61994167
2404BlackstreetPhysical Thing4:37Blackstreet71994189
2405BlackstreetMake U Wet4:59Blackstreet81994206
2406BlackstreetBooti Call4:26Blackstreet91994205
2407BlackstreetLove's In Need4:41Blackstreet101994180
2409BlackstreetBefore I Let You Go4:59Blackstreet121994206
2410BlackstreetConfession (Interlude)0:54Blackstreet131994209
2411BlackstreetFalling In Love Again4:34Blackstreet141994188
2412BlackstreetCandlelight Night (Interlude)0:55Blackstreet151994177
2413BlackstreetTonight's The Night4:18Blackstreet161994191
2414BlackstreetHappy Home5:37Blackstreet171994205
2415BlackstreetOnce In A Lifetime (Interlude)1:02Blackstreet181994200
2416BlackstreetWanna Make Love5:09Blackstreet191994193
2417BlackstreetGivin' You All My Lovin' (Bonus)4:12Blackstreet201994198
2418BlackstreetOn The Floor4:45Dance R&B Anthems42001182
2419BlackstreetBooti Call4:30Monster Booty132001203
2420BlackstreetU Blow My Mind3:46More! Bump N' Grind61995206
2421BlackstreetConfused3:57Wild Wild West (OST)31999197
2422Blackstreet & Dr. DreNo Diggity5:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 2)62001173
2423Blackstreet & Mya (Feat. Mase & Blinky Blink)Take Me There4:04The Rugrats Movie (OST)11998210
2424Blackstreet & Mya (Feat. Mase & Blinky Blink)Take Me There (Remix) (Bonus Track)3:59The Rugrats Movie (OST)131998218
2425Blackstreet (Featuring Dr. Dre)No Diggity4:56Monsta Jamz32002181
2426Blackstreet feat. Dr. DreNo Diggity5:04Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)72003198
2427BlackthornCliffs Of Dooneen3:21All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)91994185
2428Blake Hunter, Larry Carlton, Robert Craft & Martin CohanWho's The Boss ("Brand New Life")1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)111996193
2429Blake LewisHow Many Words3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04182008198
2430Blake SheltonEvery Time I Look At You2:57Blake Shelton12001225
2431Blake SheltonAll Over Me3:14Blake Shelton22001196
2432Blake SheltonShe Doesn't Know She's Got It3:18Blake Shelton32001211
2433Blake SheltonAustin3:50Blake Shelton42001206
2434Blake SheltonOl' Red3:42Blake Shelton52001195
2435Blake SheltonI Thought There Was Time3:25Blake Shelton62001207
2436Blake SheltonSame Old Song3:50Blake Shelton72001200
2437Blake SheltonThat's What I Call Home3:17Blake Shelton82001209
2438Blake SheltonProblems At Home4:00Blake Shelton92001199
2439Blake SheltonIf I Was Your Man3:39Blake Shelton102001225
2440Blake SheltonSome Beach3:24Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill12004189
2441Blake SheltonNobody But Me2:38Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill22004198
2442Blake SheltonGood Old Boy, Bad Old Boyfriend3:03Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill32004198
2443Blake SheltonLove Gets In The Way3:30Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill42004211
2444Blake SheltonGoodbye Time3:23Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill52004190
2445Blake SheltonCotton Pickin' Time3:16Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill62004187
2446Blake SheltonWhat's On My Mind3:05Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill72004196
2447Blake SheltonWhen Somebody Knows You That Well3:41Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill82004198
2448Blake SheltonOn A Good Day3:34Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill92004206
2449Blake SheltonThe Bartender3:16Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill102004193
2450Blake SheltonI Drink3:25Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill112004196
2451Blake SheltonThis Can't Be Good3:32Pure BS12007215
2452Blake SheltonDon't Make Me4:07Pure BS22007222
2453Blake SheltonThe More I Drink3:37Pure BS32007230
2454Blake SheltonI Don't Care3:52Pure BS42007195
2455Blake SheltonShe Don't Love Me3:04Pure BS52007212
2456Blake SheltonBack There Again4:17Pure BS62007189
2457Blake SheltonIt Ain't Easy Bein' Me3:19Pure BS72007217
2458Blake SheltonWhat I Wouldn't Give4:22Pure BS82007215
2459Blake SheltonI Have Been Lonely3:15Pure BS92007213
2460Blake SheltonShe Can't Get That3:45Pure BS102007217
2461Blake SheltonThe Last Country Song3:23Pure BS112007216
2462Blake SheltonHoney Bee3:30Red River Blue12011215
2463Blake SheltonReady To Roll3:36Red River Blue22011208
2464Blake SheltonGod Gave Me You3:50Red River Blue32011216
2465Blake SheltonGet Some3:32Red River Blue42011209
2466Blake SheltonDrink On It3:31Red River Blue52011213
2467Blake SheltonGood Ole Boys3:08Red River Blue62011211
2468Blake SheltonI'm Sorry3:29Red River Blue72011191
2469Blake SheltonSunny In Seattle3:27Red River Blue82011212
2470Blake SheltonOver3:13Red River Blue92011199
2471Blake SheltonHey3:31Red River Blue102011238
2472Blake SheltonRed River Blue3:21Red River Blue112011204
2473Blake SheltonHeavy Liftin'3:26The Dreamer12003218
2474Blake SheltonThe Baby3:54The Dreamer22003194
2475Blake SheltonAsphalt Cowboy3:39The Dreamer32003213
2476Blake SheltonIn My Heaven3:10The Dreamer42003212
2477Blake SheltonThe Dreamer3:59The Dreamer52003199
2478Blake SheltonMy Neck Of The Woods3:45The Dreamer62003220
2479Blake SheltonUnderneath The Same Moon3:52The Dreamer72003204
2480Blake SheltonGeorgia In A Jug3:06The Dreamer82003207
2481Blake SheltonPlayboys Of The Southwestern World4:28The Dreamer92003215
2482Blake SheltonSomeday3:36The Dreamer102003204
2483BlancmangeGod's Kitchen2:55Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)11990205
2484BlancmangeI've Seen The Word3:05Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)21990199
2485BlancmangeFeel Me5:06Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)31990224
2486BlancmangeLiving On The Ceiling4:01Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)41990205
2487BlancmangeWaves4:07Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)51990207
2488BlancmangeGame Above My Head3:59Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)61990213
2489BlancmangeBlind Vision3:59Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)71990206
2490BlancmangeThat's Love, That It Is4:20Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)81990210
2491BlancmangeDon't Tell Me3:31Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)91990204
2492BlancmangeThe Day Before You Came4:25Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)101990163
2493BlancmangeWhat's Your Problem4:11Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)111990207
2494BlancmangeYour Time Is Over5:49Second Helpings (The Best Of Blancmange)121990215
2495Blaque8083:2790's Pop Hits (Disc 3)42002211
2496BlaqueI Do3:27Dance R&B Anthems92001200
2497Blaque ft. *NSYNCBring It All To Me3:46Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 199941999199
2498The BlendellsLa La La La La2:57Lost Treasures Volume 112 126
2499The BlendellsLa La La La La2:54Toga Rock21987194
2500Blessed With PainShackled Soul4:17Heavycore: Core Til Death52002241
2501Blessid Union Of SoulsI Believe4:39Billboard Top Hits - 19953 188
2502Blessid Union Of SoulsI Wanna Be There4:30Blessid Union Of Souls11997215
2503Blessid Union Of SoulsJelly4:46Blessid Union Of Souls21997189
2504Blessid Union Of SoulsLight In Your Eyes4:16Blessid Union Of Souls31997206
2505Blessid Union Of SoulsScenes From A Coffee House (You'll Always Be Mine)4:20Blessid Union Of Souls41997244
2506Blessid Union Of SoulsHold Her Closer3:23Blessid Union Of Souls51997189
2507Blessid Union Of SoulsMy Friend4:10Blessid Union Of Souls61997216
2508Blessid Union Of SoulsWhere We Were Before3:24Blessid Union Of Souls71997200
2509Blessid Union Of SoulsIt's Your Day4:39Blessid Union Of Souls81997218
2510Blessid Union Of SoulsHumble Star3:29Blessid Union Of Souls91997218
2511Blessid Union Of SoulsWhen She Comes3:30Blessid Union Of Souls101997164
2512Blessid Union Of SoulsPeace And Love4:20Blessid Union Of Souls111997218
2513Blessid Union Of SoulsI Believe4:27Home11995187
2514Blessid Union Of SoulsLet Me Be The One4:38Home21995216
2515Blessid Union Of SoulsAll Along3:54Home31995202
2516Blessid Union Of SoulsOh Virginia3:59Home41995219
2517Blessid Union Of SoulsNora4:09Home51995176
2518Blessid Union Of SoulsWould You Be There4:00Home61995217
2519Blessid Union Of SoulsHome3:29Home71995218
2520Blessid Union Of SoulsEnd Of The World3:42Home81995206
2521Blessid Union Of SoulsHeaven4:33Home91995227
2522Blessid Union Of SoulsForever For Tonight5:08Home101995190
2523Blessid Union Of SoulsLucky To Be Here5:46Home111995195
2524Blessid Union Of SoulsI Believe4:41Home121995194
2525Blessid Union of SoulsShe Likes Me for Me3:26Now That's What I Call Music! 3141999225
2526Blessid Union Of SoulsLast Day3:45Walking Off The Buzz11999229
2527Blessid Union Of SoulsThat's The Girl I've Been Telling You About3:31Walking Off The Buzz21999232
2528Blessid Union Of SoulsHey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)3:28Walking Off The Buzz31999231
2529Blessid Union Of SoulsStanding At The Edge Of The Earth4:20Walking Off The Buzz41999206
2530Blessid Union Of SoulsStone Glass Window4:11Walking Off The Buzz51999236
2531Blessid Union Of SoulsIf She Couldn't Sleep3:51Walking Off The Buzz61999223
2532Blessid Union Of SoulsSouth Hampton Avenue4:08Walking Off The Buzz71999218
2533Blessid Union Of SoulsWhat Have I Got To Lose4:27Walking Off The Buzz81999203
2534Blessid Union Of SoulsThe Rest Of My Life3:11Walking Off The Buzz91999183
2535Blessid Union Of SoulsWalking Off The Buzz3:52Walking Off The Buzz101999181
2536Blessid Union Of SoulsReal Good Friends4:05Walking Off The Buzz111999223
2537Blessid Union Of SoulsRevolution (Bonus Track)3:42Walking Off The Buzz121999253
2538BleuSomebody Else3:37Spider-Man (OST)52002255
2539Blind Alfred ReedHow Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live3:16Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 2)42000130
2540Blind Boys Of AlabamaWelcome3:13Brother Bear (OST)72003216
2541Blind FaithHad To Cry Today8:48Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]11969181
2542Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home3:16Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]21969207
2543Blind FaithWell All Right4:27Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]31969203
2544Blind FaithPresence Of The Lord4:51Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]41969202
2545Blind FaithSea Of Joy5:22Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]51969197
2546Blind FaithDo What You Like15:22Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]61969205
2547Blind FaithSleeping In The Ground (Previously Unreleased Mix)2:51Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]71969212
2548Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home (Electric Version, Previously Unreleased Mix)5:42Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]81969222
2549Blind FaithAcoustic Jam (Previously Unreleased)15:53Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]91969204
2550Blind FaithTime Winds (Previously Unreleased)3:17Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]101969204
2551Blind FaithSleeping In The Ground (Previously Unreleased Slow Blues Version)4:45Blind Faith (Disc 1) [2000 Deluxe Edition]111969195
2552Blind FaithJam No.1 'Very Long & Good Jam'14:03Blind Faith (Disc 2) [2000 Deluxe Edition]11969216
2553Blind FaithJam No.2 'Slow Jam #1'15:09Blind Faith (Disc 2) [2000 Deluxe Edition]21969207
2554Blind FaithJam No.3 'Change Of Address Jam'12:09Blind Faith (Disc 2) [2000 Deluxe Edition]31969212
2555Blind FaithJam No.4 'Slow Jam #2'16:06Blind Faith (Disc 2) [2000 Deluxe Edition]41969208
2556Blind FaithPresence Of The Lord4:49Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 1)71998195
2557Blind FaithPresence Of The Lord4:48Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 2)51988201
2558Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home3:16Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 2)61988209
2559Blind FaithSleeping In The Ground2:50Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 2)71988196
2560Blind GuardianPrecious Jerusalem6:22A Night at the Opera12002233
2561Blind GuardianBattlefield5:37A Night at the Opera22002246
2562Blind GuardianUnder the Ice5:44A Night at the Opera32002238
2563Blind GuardianSadly Sings Destiny6:04A Night at the Opera42002229
2564Blind GuardianThe Maiden and the Minstrel Knight5:30A Night at the Opera52002212
2565Blind GuardianWait for an Answer6:30A Night at the Opera62002239
2566Blind GuardianThe Soulforged5:18A Night at the Opera72002237
2567Blind GuardianAge of False Innocence6:05A Night at the Opera82002235
2568Blind GuardianPunishment Divine5:45A Night at the Opera92002232
2569Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence14:07A Night at the Opera102002225
2570Blind GuardianMies del Dolor3:39A Night at the Opera112002202
2571Blind GuardianMoisson de Peine3:39A Night At The Opera (Bonus Disc)12002214
2572Blind GuardianThis Will Never End5:07A Twist In The Myth12006240
2573Blind GuardianOtherland5:15A Twist In The Myth22006225
2574Blind GuardianTurn The Page4:18A Twist In The Myth32006216
2575Blind GuardianFly5:45A Twist In The Myth42006222
2576Blind GuardianCarry The Blessed Home4:04A Twist In The Myth52006211
2577Blind GuardianAnother Stranger Me4:37A Twist In The Myth62006224
2578Blind GuardianStraight Through The Mirror5:50A Twist In The Myth72006212
2579Blind GuardianLionhearth4:17A Twist In The Myth82006214
2580Blind GuardianSkalds And Shadows3:13A Twist In The Myth92006220
2581Blind GuardianThe Edge4:29A Twist In The Myth102006214
2582Blind GuardianThe New Order4:54A Twist In The Myth112006212
2583Blind GuardianDead Sound Of Misery5:20A Twist In The Myth122006211
2584Blind Guardian(Untitled)8:07A Twist In The Myth13200632
2585Blind GuardianInterview12:38A Twist In The Myth142006195
2586Blind GuardianMajesty7:31Battalions Of Fear11988262
2587Blind GuardianGuardian Of The Blind5:11Battalions Of Fear21988255
2588Blind GuardianTrial By The Archon1:44Battalions Of Fear31988251
2589Blind GuardianWizard's Crown3:50Battalions Of Fear41988256
2590Blind GuardianRun For The Night3:36Battalions Of Fear51988255
2591Blind GuardianThe Martyr6:17Battalions Of Fear61988254
2592Blind GuardianBattalions Of Fear6:08Battalions Of Fear71988249
2593Blind GuardianBy The Gates Of Moria2:53Battalions Of Fear81988249
2594Blind GuardianGandalf's Rebirth2:10Battalions Of Fear91988256
2595Blind GuardianInquisition0:41Follow the Blind11989191
2596Blind GuardianBanish From Sanctuary5:28Follow the Blind21989211
2597Blind GuardianDamned For All Time4:59Follow the Blind31989223
2598Blind GuardianFollow the Blind7:13Follow the Blind41989219
2599Blind GuardianHall of the King4:17Follow the Blind51989221
2600Blind GuardianFast to Madness5:59Follow the Blind61989212
2601Blind GuardianBeyond the Ice3:30Follow the Blind71989232
2602Blind GuardianValhalla4:57Follow the Blind81989225
2603Blind GuardianDon't Break the Circle4:20Follow the Blind91989250
2604Blind GuardianBarbara Ann1:42Follow the Blind101989222
2605Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other Side7:18Imaginations from the Other Side11995238
2606Blind GuardianI'm Alive5:31Imaginations from the Other Side21995251
2607Blind GuardianA Past And Future Secret3:47Imaginations from the Other Side31995209
2608Blind GuardianThe Script For My Requiem6:08Imaginations from the Other Side41995248
2609Blind GuardianMordred's Song5:28Imaginations from the Other Side51995236
2610Blind GuardianBorn In A Mourning Hall5:14Imaginations from the Other Side61995248
2611Blind GuardianBright Eyes5:15Imaginations from the Other Side71995234
2612Blind GuardianAnother Holy War4:31Imaginations from the Other Side81995252
2613Blind GuardianAnd The Story Ends5:59Imaginations from the Other Side91995249
2614Blind GuardianWar Of Wrath1:50Nightfall In Middle-Earth11998200
2615Blind GuardianInto The Storm4:24Nightfall In Middle-Earth21998246
2616Blind GuardianLammoth0:28Nightfall In Middle-Earth31998198
2617Blind GuardianNightfall5:34Nightfall In Middle-Earth41998226
2618Blind GuardianThe Minstrel0:32Nightfall In Middle-Earth51998198
2619Blind GuardianThe Curse Of Feanor5:41Nightfall In Middle-Earth61998241
2620Blind GuardianCaptured0:26Nightfall In Middle-Earth71998196
2621Blind GuardianBlood Tears5:25Nightfall In Middle-Earth81998229
2622Blind GuardianMirror Mirror5:06Nightfall In Middle-Earth91998243
2623Blind GuardianFace The Truth0:24Nightfall In Middle-Earth101998186
2624Blind GuardianNoldor (Dead Winter Reigns)6:51Nightfall In Middle-Earth111998258
2625Blind GuardianBattle Of Sudden Flame0:44Nightfall In Middle-Earth121998191
2626Blind GuardianTime Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)4:53Nightfall In Middle-Earth131998240
2627Blind GuardianThe Dark Elf0:23Nightfall In Middle-Earth141998198
2628Blind GuardianThorn6:19Nightfall In Middle-Earth151998234
2629Blind GuardianThe Eldar3:39Nightfall In Middle-Earth161998198
2630Blind GuardianNom The Wise0:33Nightfall In Middle-Earth171998186
2631Blind GuardianWhen Sorrow Sang4:25Nightfall In Middle-Earth181998234
2632Blind GuardianOut On The Water0:44Nightfall In Middle-Earth191998191
2633Blind GuardianThe Steadfast0:21Nightfall In Middle-Earth201998196
2634Blind GuardianA Dark Passage6:01Nightfall In Middle-Earth211998224
2635Blind GuardianFinal Chapter (Thus Ends...)0:48Nightfall In Middle-Earth221998169
2636Blind GuardianTime What Is Time5:45Somewhere Far Beyond11992200
2637Blind GuardianJourney Through The Dark4:48Somewhere Far Beyond21992217
2638Blind GuardianBlack Chamber0:58Somewhere Far Beyond31992188
2639Blind GuardianTheatre Of Pain4:17Somewhere Far Beyond41992207
2640Blind GuardianThe Quest For Tanelorn5:56Somewhere Far Beyond51992205
2641Blind GuardianAshes To Ashes6:00Somewhere Far Beyond61992224
2642Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song - In The Forest3:10Somewhere Far Beyond71992186
2643Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song - The Hobbit3:53Somewhere Far Beyond81992203
2644Blind GuardianThe Pipper's Calling0:58Somewhere Far Beyond91992169
2645Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond7:30Somewhere Far Beyond101992215
2646Blind GuardianSpread Your Wings4:15Somewhere Far Beyond111992221
2647Blind GuardianTrial By Fire3:44Somewhere Far Beyond121992224
2648Blind GuardianTheatre Of Pain (Classic Version)4:14Somewhere Far Beyond131992223
2649Blind GuardianTraveler in Time6:01Tales from the Twilight World11991236
2650Blind GuardianWelcome to Dying4:50Tales from the Twilight World21991245
2651Blind GuardianWeird Dreams1:21Tales from the Twilight World31991236
2652Blind GuardianLord of the Rings3:18Tales from the Twilight World41991211
2653Blind GuardianGoodbye My Friend5:36Tales from the Twilight World51991245
2654Blind GuardianLost in the Twilight Hall6:01Tales from the Twilight World61991242
2655Blind GuardianTommyknockers5:12Tales from the Twilight World71991242
2656Blind GuardianAltair 42:27Tales from the Twilight World81991225
2657Blind GuardianThe Last Candle6:01Tales from the Twilight World91991243
2658Blind GuardianRun for the Night (Live)3:44Tales from the Twilight World101991202
2659Blind GuardianMr. Sandman2:10The Forgotten Tales11996221
2660Blind GuardianSurfin' USA2:25The Forgotten Tales21996223
2661Blind GuardianBright Eyes (Acoustic)4:22The Forgotten Tales31996207
2662Blind GuardianLord Of The Rings (Orchestral)3:56The Forgotten Tales41996200
2663Blind GuardianThe Wizard3:16The Forgotten Tales51996227
2664Blind GuardianSpread Your Wings4:13The Forgotten Tales61996234
2665Blind GuardianMordred's Song (Acoustic)5:16The Forgotten Tales71996212
2666Blind GuardianBlack Chamber (Orchestral)1:15The Forgotten Tales81996186
2667Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song (Live)4:11The Forgotten Tales91996203
2668Blind GuardianBarbara Ann / Long Tall Sally1:45The Forgotten Tales101996231
2669Blind GuardianA Past And Future Secret3:47The Forgotten Tales111996206
2670Blind GuardianTo France4:42The Forgotten Tales121996219
2671Blind GuardianTheatre Of Pain (Orchestral)4:15The Forgotten Tales131996199
2672Blind Lemon JeffersonRabbit Foot Blues2:57Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)131952128
2673Blind Lemon JeffersonPrison Cell Blues2:47Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)51952126
2674Blind Lemon JeffersonSee That My Grave Is Kept Clean2:55Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)61952126
2675Blind MelonSoak The Sin4:00Blind Melon11992209
2676Blind MelonTones Of Home4:26Blind Melon21992212
2677Blind MelonI Wonder5:32Blind Melon31992204
2678Blind MelonPaper Scratcher3:13Blind Melon41992218
2679Blind MelonDear Ol' Dad3:01Blind Melon51992216
2680Blind MelonChange3:41Blind Melon61992201
2681Blind MelonNo Rain3:37Blind Melon71992206
2682Blind MelonDeserted4:20Blind Melon81992202
2683Blind MelonSleepyhouse4:29Blind Melon91992199
2684Blind MelonHolyman4:47Blind Melon101992207
2685Blind MelonSeed To A Tree3:29Blind Melon111992213
2686Blind MelonDrive4:40Blind Melon121992196
2687Blind MelonTime6:02Blind Melon131992199
2688Blind MelonThree Is A Magic Number3:14Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks31996217
2689Blind MelonGalaxie3:31Soup11995200
2690Blind Melon2x44:00Soup21995197
2691Blind MelonVernie3:15Soup31995198
2692Blind MelonSkinned1:58Soup41995193
2693Blind MelonToes Across The Floor3:07Soup51995204
2694Blind MelonWalk2:47Soup61995205
2695Blind MelonDumptruck3:40Soup71995191
2696Blind MelonCar Seat (God's Presents)2:43Soup81995207
2697Blind MelonWilt2:30Soup91995206
2698Blind MelonThe Duke3:37Soup101995195
2699Blind MelonSt. Andrew's Fall4:12Soup111995202
2700Blind MelonNew Life3:35Soup121995194
2701Blind MelonMouthful Of Cavities3:34Soup131995212
2702Blind MelonLemonade3:37Soup141995195
2703Blind Willie JohnsonJohn The Revelator3:21Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)111952128
2704Blink-182Won't Be Home for Christmass3:17 32 128
2705Blink-182I Won't Be Home For Christmas3:14A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas42003251
2706Blink-182Feeling This2:52Blink-18212003230
2708Blink-182I Miss You3:47Blink-18232003239
2710Blink-182Stockholm Syndrome2:41Blink-18252003231
2712Blink-182The Fallen Interlude2:12Blink-18272003207
2716Blink-182Easy Target2:20Blink-182112003241
2717Blink-182All of This4:40Blink-182122003215
2718Blink-182Here's Your Letter2:54Blink-182132003238
2719Blink-182I'm Lost Without You6:20Blink-182142003240
2720Blink-182Dammit2:46Can't Hardly Wait (OST)31998236
2721Blink-182Carousel3:15Cheshire Cat11995201
2722Blink-182M&M's2:39Cheshire Cat21995228
2723Blink-182Fentoozler2:04Cheshire Cat31995208
2724Blink-182Touchdown Boy3:10Cheshire Cat41995218
2725Blink-182Strings2:25Cheshire Cat51995209
2726Blink-182Peggy Sue2:38Cheshire Cat61995221
2727Blink-182Sometimes1:08Cheshire Cat71995215
2728Blink-182Does My Breath Smell?2:38Cheshire Cat81995210
2729Blink-182Cacophony3:05Cheshire Cat91995202
2730Blink-182Tv1:41Cheshire Cat101995206
2731Blink-182Toast And Bananas2:42Cheshire Cat111995190
2732Blink-182Wasting Time2:49Cheshire Cat121995209
2733Blink-182Romeo And Rebecca2:34Cheshire Cat131995198
2734Blink-182Ben Wah Balls3:55Cheshire Cat141995205
2735Blink-182Just About Done2:16Cheshire Cat151995171
2736Blink-182Depends2:48Cheshire Cat161995188
2737Blink-182Pathetic2:28Dude Ranch11997255
2738Blink-182Voyeur2:43Dude Ranch21997252
2739Blink-182Dammit2:45Dude Ranch31997246
2740Blink-182Boring1:41Dude Ranch41997237
2741Blink-182Dick Lips2:57Dude Ranch51997221
2742Blink-182Waggy3:16Dude Ranch61997257
2743Blink-182Enthused2:48Dude Ranch71997248
2744Blink-182Untitled2:46Dude Ranch81997224
2745Blink-182Apple Shampoo2:52Dude Ranch91997237
2746Blink-182Emo2:50Dude Ranch101997240
2747Blink-182Josie3:20Dude Ranch111997255
2748Blink-182A New Hope3:45Dude Ranch121997246
2749Blink-182Degenerate2:28Dude Ranch131997227
2750Blink-182Lemmings2:38Dude Ranch141997252
2751Blink-182I'm Sorry5:38Dude Ranch151997222
2752Blink-182Dumpweed2:23Enema Of The State11999253
2753Blink-182Don't Leave Me2:23Enema Of The State21999253
2754Blink-182Aliens Exist3:13Enema Of The State31999258
2755Blink-182Going Away To College2:59Enema Of The State41999246
2756Blink-182What's My Age Again?2:28Enema Of The State51999248
2757Blink-182Dysentery Gary2:45Enema Of The State61999248
2758Blink-182Adam's Song4:09Enema Of The State71999228
2759Blink-182All The Small Things2:48Enema Of The State81999258
2760Blink-182The Party Song2:19Enema Of The State91999258
2761Blink-182Mutt3:23Enema Of The State101999255
2762Blink-182Wendy Clear2:50Enema Of The State111999268
2763Blink-182Anthem3:37Enema Of The State121999261
2764Blink-182The Rock Show2:49Now That's What I Call Music! 08172001246
2765blink-182What's My Age Again?2:29Now That's What I Call Music! 331999246
2766blink-182I Miss You3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-02102004241
2767Blink-182Anthem Part Two3:48Take Off Your Pants and Jacket12001265
2768Blink-182Online Songs2:25Take Off Your Pants and Jacket22001259
2769Blink-182First Date2:51Take Off Your Pants and Jacket32001277
2770Blink-182Happy Holidays, You Bastard0:42Take Off Your Pants and Jacket42001280
2771Blink-182Story of a Lonely Guy3:39Take Off Your Pants and Jacket52001264
2772Blink-182The Rock Show2:51Take Off Your Pants and Jacket62001272
2773Blink-182Stay Together for the Kids3:59Take Off Your Pants and Jacket72001275
2774Blink-182Roller Coaster2:47Take Off Your Pants and Jacket82001272
2775Blink-182Reckless Abandon3:06Take Off Your Pants and Jacket92001276
2776Blink-182Everytime I Look for You3:05Take Off Your Pants and Jacket102001281
2777Blink-182Give Me One Good Reason3:18Take Off Your Pants and Jacket112001262
2778Blink-182Shut Up3:20Take Off Your Pants and Jacket122001269
2779Blink-182Please Take Me Home6:08Take Off Your Pants and Jacket132001198
2780Blink-182Expert Knowledge2:33Take Off Your Pants and Jacket142001277
2781Blink-182Grandpa1:39Take Off Your Pants and Jacket152001233
2782Blizzard EntertainmentTwas the Night Before Winter Veil8:32  2006160
2783Blizzard EntertainmentWoW: Christmas 20048:26  2004128
2784Bloc PartyTwo More Years3:42Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)62006214
2785BløfHarder Dan Ik Hebben Kan4:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)132001209
2786BlondieDenise2:16100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)51997212
2787BlondieCall Me3:30100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)211997222
2788BlondieHanging On The Telephone2:20100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)201997207
2789BlondieHeart Of Glass3:2270's Party Mix (Disc 2)161996211
2790BlondieCall Me3:32Absolute 80s (Disc 2)111999213
2791BlondieEuropa3:30Autoamerican [Re-Issue]11980185
2792BlondieLive It Up4:09Autoamerican [Re-Issue]21980224
2793BlondieHere's Looking At You2:58Autoamerican [Re-Issue]31980197
2794BlondieThe Tide Is High4:40Autoamerican [Re-Issue]41980209
2795BlondieAngels On The Balcony3:47Autoamerican [Re-Issue]51980222
2796BlondieGo Through It2:42Autoamerican [Re-Issue]61980209
2797BlondieDo The Dark3:51Autoamerican [Re-Issue]71980206
2798BlondieRapture6:31Autoamerican [Re-Issue]81980234
2799BlondieFaces3:52Autoamerican [Re-Issue]91980187
2800BlondieT-Birds3:57Autoamerican [Re-Issue]101980202
2801BlondieWalk Like Me3:45Autoamerican [Re-Issue]111980190
2802BlondieFollow Me3:10Autoamerican [Re-Issue]121980176
2803BlondieCall Me [Original Long Version]8:06Autoamerican [Re-Issue]131980215
2804BlondieSuzy & Jeffrey4:10Autoamerican [Re-Issue]141980212
2805BlondieRapture [Special Disco Mix]9:59Autoamerican [Re-Issue]151980235
2806BlondieCall Me3:35Billboard Top Hits (1980)11992234
2807BlondieHeroes (Live)6:34Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)1 174
2808BlondieCall Me3:28Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 1)2 220
2809BlondieDreaming3:08Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]11979175
2810BlondieThe Hardest Part3:42Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]21979191
2811BlondieUnion City Blue3:21Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]31979194
2812BlondieShayla3:58Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]41979197
2813BlondieEat To The Beat2:40Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]51979203
2814BlondieAccidents Never Happen4:15Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]61979191
2815BlondieDie Young Stay Pretty3:34Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]71979195
2816BlondieSlow Motion3:28Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]81979220
2817BlondieAtomic4:40Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]91979201
2818BlondieSound-A-Sleep4:18Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]101979161
2819BlondieVictor3:19Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]111979177
2820BlondieLiving In The Real World2:53Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]121979177
2821BlondieDie Young Stay Pretty (Live BBC 12/31/79)3:27Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]131979225
2822BlondieSeven Rooms Of Gloom (Live BBC 12/31/79)2:48Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]141979209
2823BlondieHeroes (Live 1/12/80)6:19Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]151979178
2824BlondieRing Of Fire (Live)3:30Eat To The Beat [2001 Remaster]161979191
2825BlondieHeart Of Glass4:35Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)41998211
2826BlondieCall Me3:32Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)82002218
2827BlondieOne Way or Another3:27More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)12003225
2828BlondieRapture (Original Disco Mix)9:59Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)42001234
2829BlondieHanging On The Telephone2:22Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)11978225
2830BlondieOne Way Or Another3:35Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)21978220
2831BlondiePicture This2:56Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)31978223
2832BlondieFade Away And Radiate4:02Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)41978189
2833BlondiePretty Baby3:18Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)51978211
2834BlondieI Know But I Don't Know3:56Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)61978227
2835Blondie11 593:20Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)71978222
2836BlondieWill Anything Happen3:00Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)81978221
2837BlondieSunday Girl3:05Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)91978210
2838BlondieHeart of Glass5:50Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)101978220
2839BlondieI'm Gonna Love You Too2:06Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)111978216
2840BlondieJust Go Away3:33Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)121978219
2841BlondieBonus - Once I Had A Love (aka The Disco Song) (1978 Version)3:18Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)131978211
2842BlondieBonus - Bang A Gong (Get It On) (Live - 11/4/78)5:30Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)141978180
2843BlondieBonus - I Know But I Don't Know (Live - 11/6/78)4:35Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)151978176
2844BlondieBonus - Hanging On The Telephone (Live - 1980)2:22Parallel Lines (Re-Issue)161978198
2845BlondieFan Mail2:38Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]11977194
2846BlondieDenis2:19Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]21977199
2847BlondieBermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)2:48Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]31977169
2848BlondieYouth Nabbed As Sniper3:03Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]41977201
2849BlondieContact In Red Square2:02Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]51977210
2850Blondie(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear2:43Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]61977201
2851BlondieI'm On E2:18Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]71977185
2852BlondieI Didn't Have the Nerve To Say No2:52Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]81977208
2853BlondieLove At the Pier2:28Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]91977188
2854BlondieNo Immagination2:55Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]101977166
2855BlondieKidnapper2:37Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]111977166
2856BlondieDetroit 4422:29Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]121977173
2857BlondieCautious Lip4:32Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]131977180
2858BlondieOnce I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) [1975 Version]3:59Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]141977189
2859BlondieScenery3:10Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]151977180
2860BlondiePoets Problem2:20Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]161977153
2861BlondieDetroit 442 [Recorded Live 11/16/78 At The Walnut Theatre In Philadelphia, PA]2:33Plastic Letters [2001 Remaster]171977143
2862BlondieHeart Of Glass3:25Pure Disco 3191998225
2863BlondieCall Me3:34Rock Of The 80's Volume 121990240
2864BlondieHeart Of Glass4:11Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)82000223
2865BlondieCall Me (Theme From "American Gigolo")3:34Sounds Of The Eighties - 198061995213
2866BlondieRapture5:38Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-198241995222
2867BlondieDreaming3:04Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)141993176
2868BlondieHeart Of Glass3:24The Disco Box (Disc 4)11999245
2869BlondieCall Me3:29The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)1 222
2870BlondieThe Tide Is High4:35The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)111999183
2871Blondie(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear2:43The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)12 203
2872BlondieDenis2:14Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)12001195
2873BlondieTide Is High4:30Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)22001195
2874Blood Sweat & TearsGod Bless The Child5:55Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)11 193
2875Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:161960's Classic Hits102003201
2876Blood, Sweat & TearsHi-De-Ho4:26311970202
2877Blood, Sweat & TearsThe Battle2:43321970201
2878Blood, Sweat & TearsLucreitia Mac Evil3:03331970210
2879Blood, Sweat & TearsLucreita's Reprise2:35341970202
2880Blood, Sweat & TearsFire And Rain4:02351970205
2881Blood, Sweat & TearsLonesome Suzie4:35361970189
2882Blood, Sweat & TearsSymphony For The Devil/Sypathy For The Devil7:49371970202
2883Blood, Sweat & TearsHe's A Runner4:15381970195
2884Blood, Sweat & TearsSomethin' Comin' On4:33391970201
2885Blood, Sweat & Tears40,000 Headmen4:403101970189
2886Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:1660's Pop Hits (Disc 1)1 208
2887Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:06AM Gold: The '60s Generation61995195
2888Blood, Sweat & TearsVariations On Theme By Erik Satie (1st And 2nd Movements)2:31Blood, Sweat & Tears11969189
2889Blood, Sweat & TearsSmiling Phases5:10Blood, Sweat & Tears21969221
2890Blood, Sweat & TearsSometimes In Winter3:08Blood, Sweat & Tears31969212
2891Blood, Sweat & TearsMore And More3:03Blood, Sweat & Tears41969211
2892Blood, Sweat & TearsAnd When I Die4:05Blood, Sweat & Tears51969189
2893Blood, Sweat & TearsGod Bless The Child5:55Blood, Sweat & Tears61969200
2894Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:08Blood, Sweat & Tears71969210
2895Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:19Blood, Sweat & Tears81969209
2896Blood, Sweat & TearsBlues, Pt. 211:45Blood, Sweat & Tears91969188
2897Blood, Sweat & TearsVariations On A Theme By Erik Satie (1st Movement)1:37Blood, Sweat & Tears101969164
2898Blood, Sweat & TearsOverture1:32Child Is Father to the Man11968209
2899Blood, Sweat & TearsI Love You More Than You Ever Know5:55Child Is Father to the Man21968204
2900Blood, Sweat & TearsMorning Glory4:14Child Is Father to the Man31968212
2901Blood, Sweat & TearsMy Days Are Numbered3:18Child Is Father to the Man41968218
2902Blood, Sweat & TearsWithout Her2:40Child Is Father to the Man51968199
2903Blood, Sweat & TearsJust One Smile4:33Child Is Father to the Man61968219
2904Blood, Sweat & TearsI Can't Quit Her3:38Child Is Father to the Man71968216
2905Blood, Sweat & TearsMeagan's Gypsy Eyes3:22Child Is Father to the Man81968212
2906Blood, Sweat & TearsSomethin' Goin' On7:57Child Is Father to the Man91968215
2907Blood, Sweat & TearsHouse In The Country3:05Child Is Father to the Man101968204
2908Blood, Sweat & TearsThe Modern Adventure Of Plato, Diogenes And Freud4:11Child Is Father to the Man111968187
2909Blood, Sweat & TearsSo Much Love / Underture4:40Child Is Father to the Man121968211
2910Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:07Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)81998201
2911Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:07Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On81989209
2912Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:13Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 2)131998200
2913Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy3:33Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]11972204
2914Blood, Sweat & TearsI Can't Quit Her3:40Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]21972224
2915Blood, Sweat & TearsGo Down Gamblin'2:47Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]31972222
2916Blood, Sweat & TearsHi-De-Ho That Old Sweet Roll3:59Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]41972201
2917Blood, Sweat & TearsSometimes In Winter3:07Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]51972194
2918Blood, Sweat & TearsAnd When I Die3:26Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]61972185
2919Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel2:40Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]71972197
2920Blood, Sweat & TearsLisa, Listen To Me2:59Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]81972210
2921Blood, Sweat & TearsI Love You More Than You'll Ever Know5:57Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]91972203
2922Blood, Sweat & TearsLucretia Mac Evil3:04Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]101972211
2923Blood, Sweat & TearsGod Bless The Child5:52Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]111972193
2924Blood, Sweat & TearsSo Long Dixie4:27Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]121972198
2925Blood, Sweat & TearsMore And More2:40Greatest Hits [1999 Remaster]131972222
2926Blood, Sweat & TearsDown In The Flood4:21New Blood11972210
2927Blood, Sweat & TearsTouch Me3:33New Blood21972191
2928Blood, Sweat & TearsAlone5:29New Blood31972201
2929Blood, Sweat & TearsVelvet3:31New Blood41972191
2930Blood, Sweat & TearsI Can't Move No Mountains2:58New Blood51972205
2931Blood, Sweat & TearsOver The Hill4:20New Blood61972208
2932Blood, Sweat & TearsSo Long Dixie4:29New Blood71972194
2933Blood, Sweat & TearsShow Queen5:24New Blood81972216
2934Blood, Sweat & TearsMaiden Voyage6:14New Blood91972205
2935Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:05Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)91996208
2936Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel4:05The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)71992210
2937Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel2:40Woodstock Memories91995142
2938The Bloodhound GangI Hope You Die3:39Hooray For Boobies11999246
2939The Bloodhound GangThe Inevitable Return Of The Great White Dope4:02Hooray For Boobies21999181
2940The Bloodhound GangMama's Boy0:34Hooray For Boobies31999128
2941The Bloodhound GangThree Point One Four3:55Hooray For Boobies41999235
2942The Bloodhound GangMope4:36Hooray For Boobies51999174
2943The Bloodhound GangYummy Down On This3:49Hooray For Boobies61999223
2944The Bloodhound GangThe Ballad Of Chasey Lain2:21Hooray For Boobies71999228
2945The Bloodhound GangR.S.V.P.0:15Hooray For Boobies81999141
2946The Bloodhound GangMagna Cum Nada4:00Hooray For Boobies91999239
2947The Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch4:20Hooray For Boobies101999199
2948The Bloodhound GangThat Cough Came With A Prize0:14Hooray For Boobies111999158
2949The Bloodhound GangTake The Long Way Home3:07Hooray For Boobies121999197
2950The Bloodhound GangHell Yeah5:02Hooray For Boobies131999238
2951The Bloodhound GangRight Turn Clyde5:24Hooray For Boobies141999202
2952The Bloodhound GangThis Is Stupid0:10Hooray For Boobies151999141
2953The Bloodhound GangA Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying5:37Hooray For Boobies161999182
2954The Bloodhound GangThe Ten Coolest Things About New Jersey0:10Hooray For Boobies171999177
2955The Bloodhound GangAlong Comes Mary3:25Hooray For Boobies181999224
2956The Bloodhound GangKiss Me Where It Smells Funny3:05One Fierce Beer Coaster11996218
2957The Bloodhound GangLift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)4:58One Fierce Beer Coaster21996180
2958The Bloodhound GangFire Water Burn4:51One Fierce Beer Coaster31996214
2959The Bloodhound GangI Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks3:49One Fierce Beer Coaster41996231
2960The Bloodhound GangWhy's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?3:21One Fierce Beer Coaster51996183
2961The Bloodhound GangIt's Tricky2:36One Fierce Beer Coaster61996215
2962The Bloodhound GangAsleep At The Wheel4:06One Fierce Beer Coaster71996182
2963The Bloodhound GangShut Up3:14One Fierce Beer Coaster81996178
2964The Bloodhound GangYour Only Friends Are Make Believe7:02One Fierce Beer Coaster91996213
2965The Bloodhound GangBoom4:05One Fierce Beer Coaster101996188
2966The Bloodhound GangGoing Nowhere Slow4:21One Fierce Beer Coaster111996199
2967The Bloodhound GangReflections Of Remoh0:51One Fierce Beer Coaster121996196
2968The Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch4:25The Bad Touch (Single)12000199
2969The Bloodhound GangWhy's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?3:23The Bad Touch (Single)22000183
2970The Bloodhound GangBoom4:06The Bad Touch (Single)32000194
2971Bloodhound GangFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo2:50Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)172006233
2972BloodstoneNatural High4:01Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)92001181
2973Blossom ToesWhen The Alarm Clock Rings2:16Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)282001204
2974BlouAcadico3:59Brewed In Nova Scotia112000224
2975The Blow MonkeysYou Don't Own Me3:01Dirty Dancing (OST)71987199
2976Blu CantrellWaste My Time - feat. L.O.3:45So Blu12001216
2977Blu CantrellHit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)4:10So Blu22001212
2978Blu CantrellTill I'm Gone4:21So Blu32001218
2979Blu CantrellU Must B Crazy4:07So Blu42001207
2980Blu CantrellThe One3:31So Blu52001222
2981Blu CantrellI'll Find A Way5:15So Blu62001190
2982Blu CantrellSwingin'3:58So Blu72001209
2983Blu Cantrell10,000 Times4:25So Blu82001215
2984Blu CantrellWhen I Needed You3:49So Blu92001222
2985Blu CantrellAll You Had To Say4:22So Blu102001212
2986Blu CantrellI Can't Believe3:37So Blu112001183
2987Blu CantrellSo Blu4:14So Blu122001225
2988Blu CantrellBlu Is A Mood5:23So Blu132001199
2989BlueFly By3:33The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)102003225
2990Blue Amazon vs. Darren TateThe Other Love5:03Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)102003200
2991Blue BaronCruising Down The River2:54Your Hit Parade 194923 126
2992The Blue Bottles feat. Duncan FaureBrother3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-06191998227
2993The Blue Cat ExpressMardis Gras In New Orleans4:31Spirit Of New Orleans12005201
2994The Blue Cat ExpressNew Orleans Gettin' Too Hot2:49Spirit Of New Orleans22005179
2995The Blue Cat ExpressFever4:27Spirit Of New Orleans32005186
2996The Blue Cat ExpressIko-Iko2:25Spirit Of New Orleans42005216
2997The Blue Cat ExpressThey All Ask'd For You2:57Spirit Of New Orleans52005201
2998The Blue Cat ExpressBasin Street Blues3:23Spirit Of New Orleans62005171
2999The Blue Cat ExpressGumbo Mama3:48Spirit Of New Orleans72005193
3000The Blue Cat ExpressHard Hearted Hannah4:04Spirit Of New Orleans82005188
3001The Blue Cat ExpressGod Bless The Child5:07Spirit Of New Orleans92005190
3002The Blue Cat ExpressSecond Line4:28Spirit Of New Orleans102005199
3003The Blue Cat ExpressDon't Mess With My Toot-Toot3:01Spirit Of New Orleans112005184
3004The Blue Cat ExpressRoute 662:34Spirit Of New Orleans122005199
3005The Blue Cat ExpressWhen The Saints Go Marching In3:30Spirit Of New Orleans132005206
3006Blue CheerSummertime Blues3:46Highs Of The Sixties41986205
3007Blue CheerFeathers From Your Tree3:33Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]11968204
3008Blue CheerSun Cycle4:14Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]21968211
3009Blue CheerJust A Little Bit3:28Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]31968226
3010Blue CheerGypsy Ball2:59Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]41968217
3011Blue CheerCome And Get It3:18Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]51968205
3012Blue CheerSatisfaction5:09Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]61968212
3013Blue CheerThe Hunter4:31Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]71968218
3014Blue CheerMagnolia Caboose Babyfinger1:33Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]81968209
3015Blue CheerBabylon4:24Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]91968201
3016Blue CheerFortunes (Bonus Track)2:21Outsideinside [2003 Reissue]101968158
3017Blue CheerSummertime Blues3:47Vincebus Eruptum11968204
3018Blue CheerRock Me Baby4:22Vincebus Eruptum21968212
3019Blue CheerDoctor Please7:53Vincebus Eruptum31968208
3020Blue CheerOut Of Focus3:58Vincebus Eruptum41968205
3021Blue CheerParchment Farm5:49Vincebus Eruptum51968205
3022Blue CheerSecond Time Around6:17Vincebus Eruptum61968203
3023Blue DiamondsLittle Ship2:05Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)32001192
3024Blue FloydHal 9000 Intro - Shine On You Crazy Diamond11:33Begins (Disc 1)12008182
3025Blue FloydHave A Cigar7:56Begins (Disc 1)22008187
3026Blue FloydFearless7:39Begins (Disc 1)32008181
3027Blue FloydInterstellar Overdrive - Wish You Were Here11:20Begins (Disc 1)42008182
3028Blue FloydDrums9:52Begins (Disc 1)52008206
3029Blue FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun7:10Begins (Disc 1)62008203
3030Blue FloydHey You - Another Brick In The Wall Pt 220:21Begins (Disc 1)72008188
3031Blue FloydIn the Flesh - Sheep12:59Begins (Disc 2)12008190
3032Blue FloydMoney12:06Begins (Disc 2)22008182
3033Blue FloydUs & Them - Jam18:09Begins (Disc 2)32008185
3034Blue FloydYoung Lust8:43Begins (Disc 2)42008187
3035Blue FloydBeatJam - Come Together7:22Begins (Disc 2)52008136
3036Blue FloydBeatJam - Taxman8:18Begins (Disc 2)62008136
3037Blue FoundationSweep10:52Miami Vice (OST)112006205
3038Blue HazeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes3:1540 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)192001214
3039Blue HazeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes3:17Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)111992210
3040Blue HazeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes3:14Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6102003213
3041Blue HazeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes3:15Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)42001214
3042The Blue JaysLover's Island2:20The '60s - Keep on Rockin'6 143
3043The Blue JaysLover's Island2:18The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)71996128
3044Blue King BrownCome And Check You Head3:58Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)172007248
3045Blue MagicSideshow4:11Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)181991199
3046Blue MagicSideshow4:11Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)32001188
3047Blue MagicSideshow4:11Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)21998197
3048Blue Man GroupTV Song2:09Audio11998228
3049Blue Man GroupOpening Mandelbrot3:13Audio21998219
3050Blue Man GroupSynaesthetic5:31Audio31998213
3051Blue Man GroupUtne Wire Man3:18Audio41998213
3052Blue Man GroupRods And Cones5:57Audio51998210
3053Blue Man GroupTension 22:05Audio61998184
3054Blue Man GroupMandelgroove5:49Audio71998214
3055Blue Man GroupPVC IV4:23Audio81998203
3056Blue Man GroupClub Nowhere4:50Audio91998202
3057Blue Man GroupDrumbone2:44Audio101998213
3058Blue Man GroupShadows2:06Audio111998227
3059Blue Man GroupCat Video2:20Audio121998211
3060Blue Man GroupKlein Mandelbrot8:03Audio131998219
3061Blue Man GroupEndless Column5:02Audio141998207
3062Blue Man GroupAbove3:30How To Be A Megastar Live!12008219
3063Blue Man GroupDrumbone3:25How To Be A Megastar Live!22008212
3064Blue Man GroupTime To Start4:22How To Be A Megastar Live!32008220
3065Blue Man GroupUp To The Roof4:16How To Be A Megastar Live!42008221
3066Blue Man GroupAltering Appearances2:23How To Be A Megastar Live!52008218
3067Blue Man GroupPersona4:12How To Be A Megastar Live!62008214
3068Blue Man GroupYour Attention4:04How To Be A Megastar Live!72008230
3069Blue Man GroupPiano Smasher6:01How To Be A Megastar Live!82008227
3070Blue Man GroupShirts And Hats4:40How To Be A Megastar Live!92008216
3071Blue Man GroupSing Along3:10How To Be A Megastar Live!102008213
3072Blue Man GroupOne Of These Days3:11How To Be A Megastar Live!112008230
3073Blue Man GroupRock Concert Movement #2370:31How To Be A Megastar Live!122008214
3074Blue Man GroupShadows Part 22:34How To Be A Megastar Live!132008223
3075Blue Man GroupThe Complex6:02How To Be A Megastar Live!142008222
3076Blue Man GroupLight Suits2:31How To Be A Megastar Live!152008211
3077Blue Man GroupI Feel Love4:09How To Be A Megastar Live!162008231
3078Blue Man GroupRock And Go4:32How To Be A Megastar Live!172008237
3079Blue Man GroupBaba O'Riley5:00How To Be A Megastar Live!182008228
3080Blue Man GroupWhat Is Rock3:40How To Be A Megastar Live!192008239
3081Blue Man GroupAbove2:46The Complex12003227
3082Blue Man GroupTime to Start3:43The Complex22003213
3083Blue Man GroupSing Along (featuring Dave Matthews)3:25The Complex32003177
3084Blue Man GroupUp to the Roof (featuring Tracy Bonham)3:51The Complex42003207
3085Blue Man GroupYour Attention4:09The Complex52003225
3086Blue Man GroupPersona (featuring Josh Haden)4:29The Complex62003202
3087Blue Man GroupPiano Smasher3:00The Complex72003210
3088Blue Man GroupWhite Rabbit (featuring Esthero)2:54The Complex82003207
3089Blue Man GroupThe Current (featuring Gavin Rossdale)3:50The Complex92003224
3090Blue Man GroupShadows Part 2 (featuring Tracy Bonham & Rob Swift)2:56The Complex102003207
3091Blue Man GroupWhat Is Rock (featuring Arone Dyer & Peter Moore)3:11The Complex112003232
3092Blue Man GroupThe Complex (featuring Peter Moore)6:25The Complex122003210
3093Blue Man GroupI Feel Love (featuring Venus Hum)5:13The Complex132003217
3094Blue Man GroupExhibit 138:50The Complex142003203
3095The Blue MenValley Of The Saroos2:50It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek91995195
3096The Blue MenThe Bublight2:41It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek101995230
3097Blue MinkMelting Pot3:50Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)121992198
3098Blue MinkRandy3:09Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)101992207
3099Blue MinkMelting Pot3:49One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)92001218
3100The Blue NileSentimental Man3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-08161996210
3101Blue OctoberWeight of the World4:04Approaching Normal12009203
3102Blue OctoberSay It3:38Approaching Normal22009228
3103Blue OctoberDirt Room3:25Approaching Normal32009227
3104Blue OctoberBeen Down4:21Approaching Normal42009210
3105Blue OctoberMy Never3:47Approaching Normal52009189
3106Blue OctoberShould Be Loved4:03Approaching Normal62009236
3107Blue OctoberKangaroo Cry4:53Approaching Normal72009224
3108Blue OctoberPicking Up Pieces4:21Approaching Normal82009211
3109Blue OctoberJump Rope3:19Approaching Normal92009190
3110Blue OctoberBlue Skies3:46Approaching Normal102009210
3111Blue OctoberBlue Does3:29Approaching Normal112009191
3112Blue OctoberThe End4:59Approaching Normal122009202
3113Blue OctoberRetarded Disfigured Clown0:43Consent To Treatment12000138
3114Blue OctoberIndependently Happy4:55Consent To Treatment22000219
3115Blue OctoberJames4:29Consent To Treatment32000216
3116Blue OctoberHRSA3:33Consent To Treatment42000218
3117Blue OctoberBreakfast After 104:28Consent To Treatment52000222
3118Blue OctoberBalance Beam3:50Consent To Treatment62000240
3119Blue OctoberHoller3:23Consent To Treatment72000223
3120Blue OctoberSchizophrenia3:54Consent To Treatment82000240
3121Blue OctoberDrop4:35Consent To Treatment92000210
3122Blue OctoberConversation Via Radio (Do You Ever Wonder)4:03Consent To Treatment102000211
3123Blue OctoberAngel5:05Consent To Treatment112000222
3124Blue OctoberLibby I'm Listening3:31Consent To Treatment122000217
3125Blue OctoberAmnesia3:55Consent To Treatment132000206
3126Blue OctoberThe Answer6:11Consent To Treatment142000188
3127Blue OctoberYou Make Me Smile4:21Foiled12006224
3128Blue OctoberShe's My Ride Home4:41Foiled22006213
3129Blue OctoberInto the Ocean3:59Foiled32006198
3130Blue OctoberWhat If We Could4:03Foiled42006225
3131Blue OctoberHate Me6:20Foiled52006214
3132Blue OctoberLet It Go4:03Foiled62006207
3133Blue OctoberCongratulations (featuring Imogen Heap)4:01Foiled72006185
3134Blue OctoberOverweight4:24Foiled82006223
3135Blue OctoberX Amount of Words4:14Foiled92006202
3136Blue OctoberDrilled a Wire Through My Cheek4:32Foiled102006211
3137Blue OctoberSound of Pulling Heaven Down4:42Foiled112006238
3138Blue OctoberEverlasting Friend4:05Foiled122006197
3139Blue October18th Floor Balcony/It's Just Me11:12Foiled132006140
3140Blue OctoberUgly Side4:21History For Sale12003221
3141Blue OctoberClumsy Card House3:20History For Sale22003216
3142Blue OctoberRazorblade3:18History For Sale32003226
3143Blue OctoberCalling You3:59History For Sale42003235
3144Blue OctoberChameleon Boy5:48History For Sale52003223
3145Blue OctoberSexual Power Trip (One Big Lie) Bla Bla3:04History For Sale62003235
3146Blue OctoberQuiet Mind4:09History For Sale72003210
3147Blue October3 Weeks, She Sleeps1:48History For Sale82003185
3148Blue OctoberInner Glow4:25History For Sale92003235
3149Blue OctoberSomebody3:26History For Sale102003248
3150Blue OctoberCome In Closer5:25History For Sale112003199
3151Blue OctoberAmazing14:23History For Sale122003129
3152Blue OctoberCalling You3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-09142003236
3153Blue OctoberHate Me (Non-Intro Version)3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0532006219
3154Blue Oyster CultVeteran of the Psychic Wars4:49Heavy Metal (OST)41981203
3155Blue Oyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper3:49Rock Line141992201
3156Blue Öyster CultThis Ain't The Summer Of Love2:20Agents Of Fortune11976181
3157Blue Öyster CultTrue Confessions2:56Agents Of Fortune21976209
3158Blue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper5:08Agents Of Fortune31976188
3159Blue Öyster CultE.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)3:42Agents Of Fortune41976206
3160Blue Öyster CultThe Revenge Of Vera Gemini3:52Agents Of Fortune51976191
3161Blue Öyster CultSinful Love3:29Agents Of Fortune61976197
3162Blue Öyster CultTattoo Vampire2:41Agents Of Fortune71976208
3163Blue Öyster CultMorning Final4:30Agents Of Fortune81976192
3164Blue Öyster CultTenderloin3:39Agents Of Fortune91976194
3165Blue Öyster CultDebbie Denise4:13Agents Of Fortune101976207
3166Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown Origin3:29Agents Of Fortune111976191
3167Blue Öyster CultSally (Demo)2:39Agents Of Fortune121976202
3168Blue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Demo)6:19Agents Of Fortune131976188
3169Blue Öyster CultDance The Night Away (Demo)2:37Agents Of Fortune141976184
3170Blue Öyster CultTransmaniacon MC3:21Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]11972195
3171Blue Öyster CultI'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep3:10Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]21972191
3172Blue Öyster CultThen Came The Last Days Of May3:31Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]31972188
3173Blue Öyster CultStairway To The Stars3:43Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]41972191
3174Blue Öyster CultBefore The Kiss, A Redcap4:59Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]51972194
3175Blue Öyster CultScreams3:09Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]61972189
3176Blue Öyster CultShe's As Beautiful As A Foot2:57Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]71972186
3177Blue Öyster CultCities On Flame With Rock And Roll4:03Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]81972192
3178Blue Öyster CultWorkshop Of The Telescopes4:01Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]91972178
3179Blue Öyster CultRedeemed3:52Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]101972197
3180Blue Öyster CultDonovan's Monkey [Demo Version]3:49Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]111972183
3181Blue Öyster CultWhat Is Quicksand [Demo Version]3:39Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]121972190
3182Blue Öyster CultA Fact About Sneakers [Demo Version]2:50Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]131972211
3183Blue Öyster CultBetty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes [Demo Version]2:33Blue Öyster Cult [2001 Remaster]141972191
3184Blue Öyster CultBlack Blade6:34Cultosaurus Erectus11980212
3185Blue Öyster CultMonsters5:11Cultosaurus Erectus21980203
3186Blue Öyster CultDivine Wind5:07Cultosaurus Erectus31980203
3187Blue Öyster CultDeadline4:27Cultosaurus Erectus41980209
3188Blue Öyster CultThe Marshall Plan5:23Cultosaurus Erectus51980212
3189Blue Öyster CultHungry Boys3:38Cultosaurus Erectus61980205
3190Blue Öyster CultFallen Angel3:11Cultosaurus Erectus71980193
3191Blue Öyster CultLips In The Hills4:25Cultosaurus Erectus81980203
3192Blue Öyster CultUnknown Tongue3:57Cultosaurus Erectus91980208
3193Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown Origin4:11Fire Of Unknown Origin11981205
3194Blue Öyster CultBurnin' For You4:30Fire Of Unknown Origin21981199
3195Blue Öyster CultVeteran Of The Psychic Wars4:50Fire Of Unknown Origin31981190
3196Blue Öyster CultSole Survivor4:05Fire Of Unknown Origin41981195
3197Blue Öyster CultHeavy Metal: The Black And Silver3:19Fire Of Unknown Origin51981200
3198Blue Öyster CultVengeance (The Pact)4:41Fire Of Unknown Origin61981206
3199Blue Öyster CultAfter Dark4:25Fire Of Unknown Origin71981187
3200Blue Öyster CultJoan Crawford4:54Fire Of Unknown Origin81981207
3201Blue Öyster CultDon't Turn Your Back4:07Fire Of Unknown Origin91981204
3202Blue Öyster CultDr. Music3:14Mirrors11979216
3203Blue Öyster CultThe Great Sun Jester4:46Mirrors21979195
3204Blue Öyster CultIn Thee3:48Mirrors31979209
3205Blue Öyster CultMirrors3:45Mirrors41979215
3206Blue Öyster CultMoon Crazy4:02Mirrors51979214
3207Blue Öyster CultThe Vigil6:25Mirrors61979201
3208Blue Öyster CultI Am The Storm3:43Mirrors71979198
3209Blue Öyster CultYou're Not The One (I Was Looking For)3:15Mirrors81979202
3210Blue Öyster CultLonely Teardrops3:40Mirrors91979199
3211Blue Öyster CultCareer Of Evil3:59Secret Treaties11974209
3212Blue Öyster CultSubhuman4:37Secret Treaties21974217
3213Blue Öyster CultDominance And Submission5:22Secret Treaties31974210
3214Blue Öyster CultME 2624:44Secret Treaties41974204
3215Blue Öyster CultCagey Cretins3:16Secret Treaties51974197
3216Blue Öyster CultHarvester Of Eyes4:40Secret Treaties61974207
3217Blue Öyster CultFlaming Telepaths5:18Secret Treaties71974208
3218Blue Öyster CultAstronomy6:27Secret Treaties81974203
3219Blue Öyster CultGodzilla3:41Spectres [2007 Remaster]11977200
3220Blue Öyster CultGolden Age Of Leather5:52Spectres [2007 Remaster]21977182
3221Blue Öyster CultDeath Valley Nights4:08Spectres [2007 Remaster]31977180
3222Blue Öyster CultSearchin' For Celine3:36Spectres [2007 Remaster]41977179
3223Blue Öyster CultFireworks3:12Spectres [2007 Remaster]51977195
3224Blue Öyster CultR.U. Ready 2 Rock3:44Spectres [2007 Remaster]61977174
3225Blue Öyster CultCelestial The Queen3:26Spectres [2007 Remaster]71977196
3226Blue Öyster CultGoin' Through The Motions3:12Spectres [2007 Remaster]81977189
3227Blue Öyster CultI Love The Night4:24Spectres [2007 Remaster]91977201
3228Blue Öyster CultNosferatu5:27Spectres [2007 Remaster]101977170
3229Blue Öyster CultNight Flyer (Previously Unreleased)3:49Spectres [2007 Remaster]111977175
3230Blue Öyster CultDial M For Murder (Previously Unreleased)3:11Spectres [2007 Remaster]121977169
3231Blue Öyster CultPlease Hold (Previously Unreleased)2:47Spectres [2007 Remaster]131977177
3232Blue Öyster CultBe My Baby (Previously Unreleased)3:01Spectres [2007 Remaster]141977180
3233Blue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper3:53Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two11991196
3234Blue Öyster CultThe Red & The Black4:24Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]11973206
3235Blue Öyster CultO.D.'d On Life Itself4:47Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]21973193
3236Blue Öyster CultHot Rails To Hell5:11Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]31973204
3237Blue Öyster Cult7 Screaming Diz-Busters7:01Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]41973195
3238Blue Öyster CultBaby Ice Dog3:28Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]51973189
3239Blue Öyster CultWings Wetted Down4:12Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]61973190
3240Blue Öyster CultTeen Archer3:57Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]71973210
3241Blue Öyster CultMistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)5:09Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]81973210
3242Blue Öyster CultCities On Flame With Rock And Roll [Live]4:44Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]91973215
3243Blue Öyster CultBuck's Boogie [Studio Version]5:21Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]101973218
3244Blue Öyster Cult7 Screaming Diz-Busters [Live]14:00Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]111973189
3245Blue Öyster CultO.D.'d On Life Itself [Live]4:52Tyranny And Mutation [2001 Remaster]121973195
3246Blue PearlCan You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix)5:39Rave 'til Dawn41992197
3247Blue PearlNaked In The Rain3:46The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)131994220
3248Blue RodeoTry4:05Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)141996182
3249Blue SixLove Yourself5:23Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)122003214
3250The Blue Sky BoysDown On The Banks Of The Ohio3:20Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)42000134
3251Blue StarsLullaby Of Birdland2:50Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever161992126
3252Blue SwedeNever My Love2:26Never My Love 1974320
3253Blue SwedeHooked On A Feeling2:52One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)112001246
3254Blue SwedeHooked on a Feeling2:53Reservoir Dogs (OST)41992203
3255Blue SwedeHooked On A Feeling2:56Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1271990203
3256Blue Tone GrooveIntro0:46Out of the Blue11998164
3257Blue Tone GrooveOut Of The Blue7:03Out of the Blue21998213
3258Blue Tone GrooveOne For Daddy-O2:49Out of the Blue31998214
3259Blue Tone GrooveBack Alley Strut4:50Out of the Blue41998191
3260Blue Tone GrooveMoanin'6:43Out of the Blue51998197
3261Blue Tone GrooveStraight, No Chaser3:10Out of the Blue61998209
3262Blue Tone GrooveFunky Skillet Monkey5:08Out of the Blue71998211
3263Blue Tone GrooveWaiting For You5:49Out of the Blue81998200
3264Blue Tone GrooveGet Dat Nasty Flat Five Outta Yo' Hat4:48Out of the Blue91998196
3265Blue Tone GrooveLester Leaps In4:18Out of the Blue101998205
3266Blue Tone GrooveCaravan/Funkin' Da Van3:29Out of the Blue111998217
3267Blue Tone GrooveSoulution5:50Out of the Blue121998215
3268Blue123Rain1:21Katawa Shoujo42009177
3269Blue123Happiness1:28Katawa Shoujo62009160
3270Blue123Another Day1:52Katawa Shoujo182009183
3271The Bluegrass CardinalsJust A Little Talk With Jesus2:1050 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 171992198
3272The Bluegrass CardinalsI Wonder Where You Are Tonight2:4150 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 1221992204
3273Bluegrass CardinalsAngels Rock Me To Sleep2:2750 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 271992181
3274Bluegrass CardinalsLow And Lonely2:3750 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 351992202
3275Bluegrass CardinalsSweet Hour Of Prayer3:5850 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 4251992168
3276The Bluegrass CardinalsJust A Little Talk With Jesus2:08That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)181995211
3277BluelagoonBreak My Stride3:01Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)192005227
3278Blues BrothersOpening: I Can't Turn You Loose1:50Briefcase Full Of Blues11978211
3279Blues BrothersHey Bartender2:55Briefcase Full Of Blues21978202
3280Blues BrothersMessin' With The Kid2:59Briefcase Full Of Blues31978202
3281Blues Brothers(I Got Every Thing I Need) Almost3:21Briefcase Full Of Blues41978196
3282Blues BrothersRubber Biscuit2:59Briefcase Full Of Blues51978182
3283Blues BrothersShot Gun Blues5:31Briefcase Full Of Blues61978200
3284Blues BrothersGroove Me3:44Briefcase Full Of Blues71978201
3285Blues BrothersI Don't Know4:19Briefcase Full Of Blues81978197
3286Blues BrothersSoul Man3:02Briefcase Full Of Blues91978202
3287Blues Brothers"B" Movie Box Car Blues4:33Briefcase Full Of Blues101978204
3288Blues BrothersFlip, Flop & Fly3:38Briefcase Full Of Blues111978198
3289Blues BrothersClosing: I Can't Turn You Loose0:48Briefcase Full Of Blues121978210
3290Blues BrothersSoul Finger2:05Made In America11980191
3291Blues BrothersWho's Making Love3:33Made In America21980211
3292Blues BrothersDo You Love Me2:55Made In America31980202
3293Blues BrothersGuilty3:41Made In America41980191
3294Blues BrothersPerry Mason Theme2:04Made In America51980201
3295Blues BrothersRiot In Cell Block Number Nine3:31Made In America61980196
3296Blues BrothersGreen Onions5:46Made In America71980203
3297Blues BrothersI Ain't Got You2:44Made In America81980200
3298Blues BrothersFrom The Bottom3:25Made In America91980190
3299Blues BrothersGoing Back To Miami4:00Made In America101980216
3300Blues BrothersShe Caught The Katy4:13The Blues Brothers (OST)11980200
3301Blues BrothersPeter Gunn Theme3:49The Blues Brothers (OST)21980205
3302Blues BrothersGimme Some Lovin'3:09The Blues Brothers (OST)31980208
3303Blues BrothersEverybody Needs Somebody To Love3:25The Blues Brothers (OST)51980200
3304Blues BrothersTheme From Rawhide2:38The Blues Brothers (OST)81980208
3305Blues BrothersSweet Home Chicago7:51The Blues Brothers (OST)101980209
3306Blues BrothersJailhouse Rock3:18The Blues Brothers (OST)111980201
3307Blues ImageRide Captain Ride3:4370's Party Mix (Disc 1)41996207
3308Blues ImageRide, Captain, Ride3:09Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)81998211
3309The Blues Magoos(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet2:17Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On16 236
3310Blues MagoosTobacco Road4:42Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)201998141
3311Blues Magoos(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet2:18Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)301998134
3312The Blues ProjectNo Time Like The Right Time2:47Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)71998151
3313Blues TravelerYou Can't Stop Thinking About Me4:24¡Bastardos!12005221
3314Blues TravelerAmber Awaits3:47¡Bastardos!22005207
3315Blues TravelerAfter What3:34¡Bastardos!32005224
3316Blues TravelerMoney Back Guarantee3:48¡Bastardos!42005216
3317Blues TravelerCan't Win True Love4:57¡Bastardos!52005196
3318Blues TravelerNail3:06¡Bastardos!62005225
3319Blues TravelerLeaning In3:48¡Bastardos!72005189
3320Blues TravelerShe and I4:51¡Bastardos!82005208
3321Blues TravelerRubberneck3:11¡Bastardos!92005207
3322Blues TravelerNefertiti4:15¡Bastardos!102005202
3323Blues TravelerWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong2:47¡Bastardos!112005214
3324Blues TravelerThat Which Doesn't Kill You4:12¡Bastardos!122005216
3325Blues TravelerShe Isn't Mine3:18¡Bastardos!132005201
3326Blues TravelerThe Children of the Night6:31¡Bastardos!142005223
3327Blues TravelerChristmas5:44A Very Special Christmas 371997222
3328Blues TravelerBut Anyway4:09Blues Traveler11990217
3329Blues TravelerGina4:03Blues Traveler21990205
3330Blues TravelerMulling It Over3:44Blues Traveler31990208
3331Blues Traveler100 Years3:43Blues Traveler41990198
3332Blues TravelerDropping Some NYC3:20Blues Traveler51990206
3333Blues TravelerCrystal Flame9:38Blues Traveler61990196
3334Blues TravelerSlow Change4:55Blues Traveler71990202
3335Blues TravelerWarmer Days4:55Blues Traveler81990186
3336Blues TravelerGotta Get Mean3:50Blues Traveler91990215
3337Blues TravelerAlone7:33Blues Traveler101990193
3338Blues TravelerSweet Talking Hippie6:22Blues Traveler111990205
3339Blues TravelerBack In The Day4:03Bridge12001222
3340Blues TravelerGirl Inside My Head3:38Bridge22001229
3341Blues TravelerRage6:09Bridge32001212
3342Blues TravelerJust For Me3:05Bridge42001237
3343Blues TravelerYou Reach Me4:29Bridge52001227
3344Blues TravelerAll Hands5:06Bridge62001215
3345Blues TravelerPretty Angry7:00Bridge72001197
3346Blues TravelerThe Way4:39Bridge82001225
3347Blues TravelerYou Lost Me There4:09Bridge92001219
3348Blues TravelerSadly A Fiction4:18Bridge102001222
3349Blues TravelerYou're Burning Me2:46Bridge112001216
3350Blues TravelerDecision Of The Skies4:25Bridge122001211
3351Blues TravelerRun-Around4:40Four11994221
3352Blues TravelerStand5:19Four21994230
3353Blues TravelerLook Around5:41Four31994204
3354Blues TravelerFallible4:46Four41994211
3355Blues TravelerThe Mountains Win Again5:05Four51994212
3356Blues TravelerFreedom4:01Four61994215
3357Blues TravelerCrash Burn2:59Four71994215
3358Blues TravelerPrice To Pay5:16Four81994211
3359Blues TravelerHook4:50Four91994217
3360Blues TravelerThe Good, The Bad, And The Ugly1:55Four101994220
3361Blues TravelerJust Wait5:34Four111994203
3362Blues TravelerBrother John6:38Four121994218
3363Blues TravelerStar Spangled Banner3:58Live - What You and I Have Been Through12002174
3364Blues TravelerSlow Change7:03Live - What You and I Have Been Through22002201
3365Blues TravelerReach Me8:06Live - What You and I Have Been Through32002219
3366Blues TravelerSadly A Fiction4:37Live - What You and I Have Been Through42002184
3367Blues TravelerCarolina Blues5:44Live - What You and I Have Been Through52002212
3368Blues TravelerPattern6:09Live - What You and I Have Been Through62002204
3369Blues TravelerBack In The Day4:04Live - What You and I Have Been Through72002180
3370Blues TravelerRage9:47Live - What You and I Have Been Through82002213
3371Blues TravelerLost Me There4:56Live - What You and I Have Been Through92002222
3372Blues TravelerAll Hands9:21Live - What You and I Have Been Through102002229
3373Blues TravelerThe Path8:25Live - What You and I Have Been Through112002189
3374Blues TravelerLove And Greed5:15Live From The Fall (Disc 1)11996196
3375Blues TravelerMulling It Over8:04Live From The Fall (Disc 1)21996202
3376Blues TravelerClosing Down The Park12:55Live From The Fall (Disc 1)31996200
3377Blues TravelerRegarding Steven4:42Live From The Fall (Disc 1)41996198
3378Blues TravelerNew York Prophisie5:13Live From The Fall (Disc 1)51996219
3379Blues Traveler100 Years4:58Live From The Fall (Disc 1)61996213
3380Blues TravelerCrash Burn3:24Live From The Fall (Disc 1)71996223
3381Blues TravelerGina6:45Live From The Fall (Disc 1)81996199
3382Blues TravelerBut Anyway5:55Live From The Fall (Disc 1)91996207
3383Blues TravelerMountain Cry15:17Live From The Fall (Disc 1)101996206
3384Blues TravelerAlone15:43Live From The Fall (Disc 2)11996194
3385Blues TravelerFreedom4:15Live From The Fall (Disc 2)21996192
3386Blues TravelerMountains Win5:42Live From The Fall (Disc 2)31996184
3387Blues TravelerBreakfast4:02Live From The Fall (Disc 2)41996197
3388Blues TravelerGo9:06Live From The Fall (Disc 2)51996221
3389Blues TravelerLow, Go10:48Live From The Fall (Disc 2)61996217
3390Blues TravelerRun4:35Live From The Fall (Disc 2)71996215
3391Blues TravelerHippie, Imagine19:46Live From The Fall (Disc 2)81996190
3392Blues TravelerCarolina Blues5:25Live On The Rocks12003223
3393Blues TravelerLost Me There5:12Live On The Rocks22003218
3394Blues TravelerNo Woman No Cry8:29Live On The Rocks32003205
3395Blues TravelerSave His Soul4:52Live On The Rocks42003210
3396Blues TravelerHook4:40Live On The Rocks52003201
3397Blues TravelerLet Her And Let Go3:47Live On The Rocks62003200
3398Blues TravelerSupport Your Local Emperor7:56Live On The Rocks72003200
3399Blues TravelerThis Ache5:18Live On The Rocks82003196
3400Blues TravelerEventually3:48Live On The Rocks92003208
3401Blues TravelerUnable5:13Live On The Rocks102003198
3402Blues TravelerCan't See Why3:03Live On The Rocks112003214
3403Blues TravelerYou Reach Me9:22Live On The Rocks122003218
3404Blues TravelerCrashburn3:54Live On The Rocks132003225
3405Blues TravelerThinnest Of Air3:47Live On The Rocks142003208
3406Blues TravelerTrina Magna5:51Save His Soul11993203
3407Blues TravelerLove & Greed4:15Save His Soul21993232
3408Blues TravelerLetter From A Friend4:41Save His Soul31993210
3409Blues TravelerBelieve Me3:33Save His Soul41993207
3410Blues TravelerGo Outside & Drive4:50Save His Soul51993197
3411Blues TravelerDefense & Desire3:58Save His Soul61993206
3412Blues TravelerWhoops8:18Save His Soul71993202
3413Blues TravelerManhattan Bridge2:49Save His Soul81993191
3414Blues TravelerLove Of My Life5:39Save His Soul91993189
3415Blues TravelerNY Prophesie4:36Save His Soul101993209
3416Blues TravelerSave His Soul3:13Save His Soul111993214
3417Blues TravelerBullshitter's Lament3:28Save His Soul121993208
3418Blues TravelerConquer Me5:09Save His Soul131993203
3419Blues TravelerFledgling7:24Save His Soul141993189
3420Blues TravelerCarolina Blues4:44Straight On Till Morning11997232
3421Blues TravelerFelicia4:42Straight On Till Morning21997230
3422Blues TravelerJustify The Thrill4:06Straight On Till Morning31997214
3423Blues TravelerCanadian Rose4:31Straight On Till Morning41997223
3424Blues TravelerBusiness As Usual5:17Straight On Till Morning51997227
3425Blues TravelerYours6:34Straight On Till Morning61997196
3426Blues TravelerPsycho Joe3:55Straight On Till Morning71997225
3427Blues TravelerGreat Big World5:37Straight On Till Morning81997227
3428Blues TravelerBattle Of Someone6:03Straight On Till Morning91997204
3429Blues TravelerMost Precarious3:27Straight On Till Morning101997220
3430Blues TravelerThe Gunfighter4:57Straight On Till Morning111997227
3431Blues TravelerLast Night I Dreamed4:10Straight On Till Morning121997235
3432Blues TravelerMake My Way7:24Straight On Till Morning131997197
3433Blues TravelerThe Tiding1:30Travelers & Thieves11991222
3434Blues TravelerOnslaught6:08Travelers & Thieves21991213
3435Blues TravelerIvory Tusk5:15Travelers & Thieves31991206
3436Blues TravelerWhat's For Breakfast3:47Travelers & Thieves41991211
3437Blues TravelerI Have My Moments4:13Travelers & Thieves51991233
3438Blues TravelerOptimistic Thought3:30Travelers & Thieves61991222
3439Blues TravelerThe Best Part4:51Travelers & Thieves71991206
3440Blues TravelerSweet Pain7:42Travelers & Thieves81991212
3441Blues TravelerAll In The Groove4:15Travelers & Thieves91991225
3442Blues TravelerSupport Your Local Emperor6:56Travelers & Thieves101991207
3443Blues TravelerBagheera4:23Travelers & Thieves111991209
3444Blues TravelerMountain Cry9:08Travelers & Thieves121991210
3445Blues TravelerUnable to Get Free4:23Truth Be Told12003226
3446Blues TravelerEventually (I'll Come Around)3:51Truth Be Told22003215
3447Blues TravelerSweet and Broken3:49Truth Be Told32003198
3448Blues TravelerMy Blessed Pain4:35Truth Be Told42003211
3449Blues TravelerLet Her & Let Go3:39Truth Be Told52003212
3450Blues TravelerThinnest of Air3:35Truth Be Told62003203
3451Blues TravelerCan't See Why3:14Truth Be Told72003231
3452Blues TravelerStumble and Fall4:59Truth Be Told82003229
3453Blues TravelerThis Ache4:06Truth Be Told92003231
3454Blues TravelerMount Normal4:04Truth Be Told102003212
3455Blues TravelerThe One3:42Truth Be Told112003225
3456Blues TravelerPartner in Crime3:36Truth Be Told122003232
3457Blues TravelerRun-Around4:40Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)152005221
3458BluesologyCome Back Baby2:45Elton John - To Be Continued... (Disc 1)11965143
3459BluestarsSocial End Product2:33Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)72001139
3462BlurCoffee & TV5:581331999222
3463BlurSwamp Song4:361341999208
3467BlurMellow Song3:561381999195
3470BlurTrimm Trabb5:3713111999197
3471BlurNo Distance Left to Run3:2813121999187
3472BlurOptigan 12:3413131999126
3474BlurSong 22:01Blur21997215
3475BlurCountry Sad Ballad Man4:50Blur31997207
3477BlurOn Your Own4:26Blur51997203
3478BlurTheme from Retro3:37Blur61997202
3479BlurYou're So Great3:35Blur71997232
3480BlurDeath of a Party4:33Blur81997197
3481BlurChinese Bombs1:24Blur91997226
3482BlurI'm Just a Killer for Your Love4:11Blur101997152
3483BlurLook Inside America3:50Blur111997209
3484BlurStrange News from Another Star4:02Blur121997208
3485BlurMovin' On3:44Blur131997223
3486BlurEssex Dogs8:08Blur141997196
3487BlurSong #22:00Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!51999213
3488BlurShe's So High4:44Leisure11991207
3490BlurSlow Down3:11Leisure31991206
3492BlurBad Day4:24Leisure51991209
3494BlurThere's No Other Way3:23Leisure71991204
3496BlurCome Together3:52Leisure91991202
3497BlurHigh Cool3:37Leisure101991214
3499BlurWear Me Down4:49Leisure121991191
3500BlurFor Tomorrow4:20Modern Life Is Rubbish11993210
3501BlurAdvert3:45Modern Life Is Rubbish21993190
3502BlurColin Zeal3:16Modern Life Is Rubbish31993200
3503BlurPressure On Julian3:31Modern Life Is Rubbish41993213
3504BlurStar Shaped3:26Modern Life Is Rubbish51993209
3505BlurBlue Jeans3:54Modern Life Is Rubbish61993207
3506BlurChemical World6:33Modern Life Is Rubbish71993219
3507BlurSunday Sunday2:38Modern Life Is Rubbish81993217
3508BlurOily Water5:00Modern Life Is Rubbish91993218
3509BlurMiss America5:34Modern Life Is Rubbish101993199
3510BlurVilla Rosie3:55Modern Life Is Rubbish111993218
3511BlurCoping3:24Modern Life Is Rubbish121993212
3512BlurTurn It Up3:22Modern Life Is Rubbish131993219
3513BlurResigned6:11Modern Life Is Rubbish141993208
3514BlurGirls & Boys4:50Parklife11994213
3515BlurTracy Jacks4:20Parklife21994199
3516BlurEnd Of A Century2:45Parklife31994204
3518BlurBank Holiday1:42Parklife51994223
3520BlurThe Debt Collector2:11Parklife71994196
3521BlurFar Out1:41Parklife81994193
3522BlurTo The End4:04Parklife91994193
3523BlurLondon Loves4:15Parklife101994214
3524BlurTrouble In The Message Center4:09Parklife111994211
3525BlurClover Over Dover3:22Parklife121994197
3526BlurMagic America3:38Parklife131994200
3528BlurThis Is A Low5:07Parklife151994211
3529BlurLot 1051:17Parklife161994199
3530BlurStereotypes3:10The Great Escape11995207
3531BlurCountry House3:57The Great Escape21995211
3532BlurBest Days4:48The Great Escape31995188
3533BlurCharmless Man3:35The Great Escape41995219
3534BlurFade Away4:19The Great Escape51995208
3535BlurTop Man4:00The Great Escape61995208
3536BlurThe Universal3:59The Great Escape71995208
3537BlurMr. Robinsons' Quango4:01The Great Escape81995203
3538BlurHe Thought Of Cars4:16The Great Escape91995207
3539BlurIt Could Be You3:12The Great Escape101995223
3540BlurErnold Same2:07The Great Escape111995202
3541BlurGlobe Alone2:23The Great Escape121995235
3542BlurDan Abnormal3:24The Great Escape131995205
3543BlurEntertain Me4:19The Great Escape141995222
3544BlurYuko And Hiro5:24The Great Escape151995182
3545BlurAmbulance5:08Think Tank12003211
3546BlurOut Of Time3:51Think Tank22003203
3547BlurCrazy Beat3:14Think Tank32003232
3548BlurGood Song3:08Think Tank42003195
3549BlurOn The Way To The Club3:48Think Tank52003190
3550BlurBrothers And Sisters3:47Think Tank62003195
3551BlurCaravan4:35Think Tank72003189
3552BlurWe've Got A File On You1:02Think Tank82003211
3553BlurMoroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club3:03Think Tank92003208
3554BlurSweet Song4:00Think Tank102003184
3555BlurJets6:25Think Tank112003188
3556BlurGene By Gene3:48Think Tank122003212
3557BlurBattery In Your Leg3:19Think Tank132003178

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