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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1Bo BiceInside Your Heaven4:14Inside Your Heaven (Single)12005199
2Bo BiceVehicle2:49Inside Your Heaven (Single)22005213
3Bo BiceThe Real Thing (Album Version)3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-01132006219
4Bo BiceU Make Me Better3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0782006233
5Bo DiddleyBo Diddley2:31Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)11986128
6Bo DiddleyI'm A Man2:47Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)21986129
7Bo DiddleyBring It To Jerome2:29Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)31986130
8Bo DiddleyBefore You Accuse Me3:07Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)41986128
9Bo DiddleyHey Bo Diddley2:13Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)51986128
10Bo DiddleyDearest Darilng2:51Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)61986128
11Bo DiddleyHush Your Mouth2:52Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)71986132
12Bo DiddleySay Boss Man2:33Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)81986128
13Bo DiddleyDiddley Daddy2:29Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)91986128
14Bo DiddleyDiddy Wah Diddy2:31Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)101986128
15Bo DiddleyWho Do You Love2:30Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)111986128
16Bo DiddleyPretty Thing2:46Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)121986128
17Bo DiddleyCrackin' Up2:07Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)131986128
18Bo DiddleyI'm Sorry2:26Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)141986128
19Bo DiddleyBo's Guitar2:35Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)151986128
20Bo DiddleyWillie And Lillie2:17Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)161986129
21Bo DiddleyYou Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)2:45Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)171986129
22Bo DiddleySay Man3:12Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)181986128
23Bo DiddleyGreat Grandfather2:30Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)191986128
24Bo DiddleyOh Yeah3:08Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)201986128
25Bo DiddleyDon't Let It Go2:42Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)211986128
26Bo DiddleyLittle Girl2:32Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)221986129
27Bo DiddleyDeartest Darling2:52Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)231986128
28Bo DiddleyClock Strikes Twelve2:57Bo Diddley (1957) Go Bo Diddley (1959)241986129
29Bo DiddleyHey! Bo-Diddley2:13Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)81999141
30Bo DiddleyWho Do You Love?2:30Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)41999138
31Bo DiddleyBo Diddley2:29Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)81999138
32Bo DiddleyBite You4:21Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 09152000227
33Bo DiddleyBo Diddley2:30Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)42004128
34Bo DiddleySay Man3:10Say Man11991130
35Bo DiddleyI'm A Man2:47Say Man21991133
36Bo DiddleyDiddley Daddy2:27Say Man31991128
37Bo DiddleyPretty Thing2:45Say Man41991128
38Bo DiddleyCrackin' Up2:01Say Man51991128
39Bo DiddleyBo Diddley2:30Say Man61991129
40Bo DiddleyRoad Runner2:45Say Man71991156
41Bo DiddleyYou Can't Judge A Book By The Cover3:41Say Man81991211
42Bo DiddleyBring It To Jerome2:30Say Man91991130
43Bo DiddleyCops And Robbers3:26Say Man101991132
44Bo DiddleyDearest Darling2:49Say Man111991217
45Bo DiddleyHey Bo Diddley2:08Say Man121991133
46Bo DiddleyRoad Runner2:47The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance121991172
47Bo DiddleyI'm a Man2:44The Sopranos (OST)91999140
48Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsBilly, Don't Be A Hero3:40Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)121998212
49Bo Donaldson And The HeywoodsBilly Don't Be A Hero3:24Those Fabulous '70s41990203
50Bo HanssonAttic Thoughts - A) March B) Repose C) Wandering5:33Attic Thoughts11975214
51Bo HanssonTime And Space1:39Attic Thoughts21975220
52Bo HanssonWaiting...7:34Attic Thoughts31975207
53Bo HanssonWaltz For Interbeings3:26Attic Thoughts41975204
54Bo HanssonTime For Great Achievements3:11Attic Thoughts51975204
55Bo HanssonThe Hybrills1:24Attic Thoughts61975230
56Bo HanssonRabbit Music - A) General Woundwort B) Fiver6:30Attic Thoughts71975203
57Bo HanssonDay And Night4:33Attic Thoughts81975193
58Bo HanssonA Happy Prank3:15Attic Thoughts91975225
59Bo HanssonLeaving Shire3:30Lord Of The Rings11970201
60Bo HanssonThe Old Forest & Tom Bombadil3:43Lord Of The Rings21970193
61Bo HanssonFog On The Barrow-Downs2:31Lord Of The Rings31970190
62Bo HanssonThe Black Riders & Flight To The Ford4:08Lord Of The Rings41970199
63Bo HanssonAt The House Of Elrond & The Ring Goes South4:43Lord Of The Rings51970184
64Bo HanssonA Journey In The Dark1:12Lord Of The Rings61970183
65Bo HanssonLothlórien4:00Lord Of The Rings71970206
66Bo HanssonShadowfax0:50Lord Of The Rings81970203
67Bo HanssonThe Horns Of Rohan & The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields4:00Lord Of The Rings91970212
68Bo HanssonDreams In The House Of Healing1:58Lord Of The Rings101970192
69Bo HanssonHomeward Bound & The Scouring Of The Shire2:56Lord Of The Rings111970211
70Bo HanssonThe Grey Havens5:01Lord Of The Rings121970202
71Bo HanssonBig City (Extended)11:28Magicians Hat11972205
72Bo HanssonElidor1:35Magicians Hat21972200
73Bo HanssonBefore The Rain1:30Magicians Hat31972199
74Bo HanssonFylke1:52Magicians Hat41972190
75Bo HanssonPlaying Downhill Into The Downs1:45Magicians Hat51972205
76Bo HanssonFindhorn's Song1:37Magicians Hat61972197
77Bo HanssonAwakening2:47Magicians Hat71972217
78Bo HanssonWandering Song3:16Magicians Hat81972210
79Bo HanssonThe Sun (Parallell Or 90 Degrees)7:14Magicians Hat91972202
80Bo HanssonExcursion With Complications3:29Magicians Hat101972213
81Bo HanssonDivided Reality6:20Magicians Hat111972217
82Bo HanssonFörsta Vandringen3:30Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)11970200
83Bo HanssonDen Gamla Skogen & Tom Bombadill3:43Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)21970192
84Bo HanssonI Skuggornas Rike2:31Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)31970188
85Bo HanssonDe Svarta Ryttarna & Flykten Från Vadstället4:08Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)41970192
86Bo HanssonI Elronds Hus & Ringen Vandrar Söderut4:43Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)51970184
87Bo HanssonEn Vandring I Mörkret1:12Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)61970181
88Bo HanssonLothlorien4:00Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)71970205
89Bo HanssonSkuggfaxe0:50Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)81970200
90Bo HanssonRohans Horn & Slaget På Pelennors Slätter4:00Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)91970201
91Bo HanssonDrömmar I Läkandets Hus1:58Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)101970190
92Bo HanssonHemfärden & Fylke Rensas2:56Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)111970202
93Bo HanssonDe Grå Hamnarna5:05Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)121970198
94Bo HanssonFindhorns Sång (Bonus Track)1:49Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)131970200
95Bo HanssonFöre Regnet (Bonus Track)1:30Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)141970198
96Bo HanssonFylke (Bonus Track)1:50Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)151970197
97Bo HanssonSluttningar (Lek I Nerförsbacke) (Bonus Track)1:42Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)161970206
98Bo HanssonVandringslåt (Bonus Track)3:16Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)171970208
99Bo HanssonUtflykt Med Förvecklingar (Del Ett) (Bonus Track)1:58Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)181970221
100Bo HanssonKaninmusik - Intro (Bonus Track)0:39Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)191970168
101Bo HanssonFunderingar På Vinden - Uppehåll (Bonus Track)2:17Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)201970206
102Bo HanssonFunderingar På Vinden - Vandring (Bonus Track)2:25Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)211970214
103Bo HanssonKaninmusik - Femman (Bonus Track)2:44Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)221970197
104Bo HanssonLyckat Upptåg (Bonus Track)3:12Sagan Om Ringen (Extended Version)231970218
105Bob & Doug McKenzieTwelve Days of Christmas4:46A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II91998207
106Bob & Doug McKenzieTwelve Days Of Christmas4:48Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD101989206
107Bob & Doug McKenzieThis Is Our Album, Eh?3:44Great White North11981187
108Bob & Doug McKenzieThe Beerhunter2:25Great White North21981192
109Bob & Doug McKenzieSchool Announcements1:54Great White North31981183
110Bob & Doug McKenzieThe Miracle Of Music0:44Great White North41981172
111Bob & Doug McKenziePeter's Donuts3:04Great White North51981191
112Bob & Doug McKenzieGimme A Smoke2:03Great White North61981183
113Bob & Doug McKenzieTake Off4:46Great White North71981194
114Bob & Doug McKenzieCoffee Sandwich2:28Great White North81981186
115Bob & Doug McKenzieWelcome To Side Two0:58Great White North91981186
116Bob & Doug McKenzieDoug's Mouth3:35Great White North101981188
117Bob & Doug McKenzieElron McKenzie2:30Great White North111981173
118Bob & Doug McKenzieBlack Holes2:11Great White North121981184
119Bob & Doug McKenzieYou Are Our Guest2:16Great White North131981186
120Bob & Doug McKenzieErnie's Mom1:54Great White North141981185
121Bob & Doug McKenzieTwelve Days Of Christmas4:45Great White North151981202
122Bob & Doug McKenzieRalph The Dog3:16Great White North161981188
123Bob & Doug McKenzieOkay, This Is The End, Eh?2:03Great White North171981183
124Bob & Doug McKenzieHonest0:31Great White North181981184
125Bob & Doug McKenzieTake Off2:43Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)102002252
126Bob & EarlHarlem Shuffle2:49Disco Fever (Disc 3)51997146
127The Bob & Tom BandIt's Christmas And I Wonder Where I Am2:02Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia41995200
128Bob And EarlHarlem Shuffle2:48The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance131991174
129Bob And LucilleEeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe2:10Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)222006131
130Bob and TomThe Real 12 Days of Christmas2:09   80
131Bob and TomBill Clinton Christmas Songs2:56Christmas Comedy  56
132Bob and TomAn Armenian Christmas1:53With A Little Help From Our Friends36 128
133Bob Atcher & the Dinning SistersChristmas Island2:28Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two151997167
134Bob B. Soxx & the Blue JeansThe Bells Of St. Mary2:58A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector31963127
135Bob B. Soxx & the Blue JeansHere Comes Santa Claus2:07A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector121963125
136Bob B. Soxx & The Blue JeansZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah2:50Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)121991144
137Bob B. Soxx & The Blue JeansWhy Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts2:49Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)151991128
138Bob B. Soxx & The Blue JeansNot Too Young To Get Married2:28Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)211991129
139Bob CarlisleOn My Way To Paradise4:18Shades Of Grace11996213
140Bob CarlisleButterfly Kisses5:41Shades Of Grace21996185
141Bob CarlisleI'm Gonna Be Ready4:58Shades Of Grace31996205
142Bob CarlisleLiving Water4:29Shades Of Grace41996206
143Bob CarlisleOne Man Revival4:15Shades Of Grace51996182
144Bob CarlisleYou Must Have Been An Angel4:16Shades Of Grace61996209
145Bob CarlisleMan Of His Word4:58Shades Of Grace71996194
146Bob CarlisleIt Is Well With My Soul4:19Shades Of Grace81996191
147Bob CarlisleOn My Knees4:11Shades Of Grace91996189
148Bob CarlisleMighty Love4:34Shades Of Grace101996196
149Bob CarlisleButterfly Kisses (Country Remix)5:41Shades Of Grace111996191
150Bob CarlisleButterfly Kisses5:38WOW #1s (Blue Disc)162005190
151Bob CarlisleOn My Way to Paradise4:15WOW 1998 (Black Disc)31997217
152Bob CarlisleIn The Hands Of Jesus5:36WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)91998217
153Bob CopperRags And Old Iron3:36fRoots #6191996196
154Bob Crewe GenerationMusic To Watch Girls By2:55Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)92001195
155The Bob Crewe GenerationMusic To Watch Girls By2:57Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two211993198
156Bob CrosbyDown Argentina Way2:34Your Hit Parade 19407 125
157Bob DoroughSchoolhouse Rocky (Original Theme Music)0:13Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks11996119
158Bob DoroughThree Is A Magic Number3:15The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock21998235
159Bob DoroughMy Hero, Zero3:16The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock31998231
160Bob DoroughFigure Eight3:01The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock41998225
161Bob DoroughConjunction Junction2:59The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock61998235
162Bob DoroughThe Check's In The Mail3:00The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock171998235
163Bob DylanI Ain't Got No Home3:43A Tribute to Woody Guthrie61972201
164Bob DylanDear Mrs. Roosevelt5:47A Tribute to Woody Guthrie91972152
165Bob DylanThe Grand Coulee Dam2:57A Tribute to Woody Guthrie121972181
166Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 & 354:36Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)11966192
167Bob DylanPledging My Time3:50Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)21966191
168Bob DylanVisions of Johanna7:33Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)31966198
169Bob DylanOne of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)4:54Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)41966212
170Bob DylanI Want You3:07Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)51966193
171Bob DylanStuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again7:05Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)61966200
172Bob DylanLeopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat3:58Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)71966204
173Bob DylanJust Like a Woman4:50Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 1)81966190
174Bob DylanMost Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)3:30Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)11966196
175Bob DylanTemporary Like Achilles5:02Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)21966194
176Bob DylanAbsolutely Sweet Marie4:57Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)31966210
177Bob Dylan4th Time Around4:35Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)41966199
178Bob DylanObviously 5 Believers3:35Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)51966207
179Bob DylanSad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands11:20Blonde On Blonde [2003 Remaster] (Disc 2)61966195
180Bob DylanTangled Up In Blue5:41Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]11975203
181Bob DylanSimple Twist Of Fate4:17Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]21975203
182Bob DylanYou're A Big Girl Now4:34Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]31975195
183Bob DylanIdiot Wind7:47Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]41975194
184Bob DylanYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go2:55Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]51975205
185Bob DylanMeet Me In The Morning4:21Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]61975200
186Bob DylanLily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts8:52Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]71975212
187Bob DylanIf You See Her, Say Hello4:47Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]81975211
188Bob DylanShelter From The Storm5:00Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]91975202
189Bob DylanBuckets Of Rain3:22Blood On The Tracks [2003 Remaster]101975197
190Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 and 354:39Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits11967201
191Bob DylanBlowin' In the Wind2:49Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits21967207
192Bob DylanThe Times They Are a-Chaingin'3:16Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits31967207
193Bob DylanIt Ain't Me Babe3:37Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits41967194
194Bob DylanLike a Rolling Stone6:10Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits51967217
195Bob DylanMr. Tambourine Man5:29Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits61967208
196Bob DylanSubterranean Homesick Blues2:21Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits71967197
197Bob DylanI Want You3:08Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits81967206
198Bob DylanPositively 4th Street3:56Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits91967210
199Bob DylanJust Like a Woman4:52Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits101967202
200Bob DylanSubterranean Homesick Blues2:21Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]11965182
201Bob DylanShe Belongs To Me2:49Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]21965180
202Bob DylanMaggie's Farm3:57Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]31965159
203Bob DylanLove Minus Zero/No Limit2:51Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]41965162
204Bob DylanOutlaw Blues3:06Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]51965198
205Bob DylanOn The Road Again2:37Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]61965168
206Bob DylanBob Dylan's 115th Dream6:33Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]71965180
207Bob DylanMr. Tambourine Man5:28Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]81965185
208Bob DylanGates Of Eden5:44Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]91965134
209Bob DylanIt's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)7:33Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]101965187
210Bob DylanIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue4:15Bringing It All Back Home [2003 Remaster]111965172
211Bob DylanHere Comes Santa Claus2:35Christmas In The Heart12009177
212Bob DylanDo You Hear What I Hear?3:02Christmas In The Heart22009197
213Bob DylanWinter Wonderland1:53Christmas In The Heart32009198
214Bob DylanHark The Herald Angels Sing2:30Christmas In The Heart42009186
215Bob DylanI'll Be Home For Christmas2:54Christmas In The Heart52009152
216Bob DylanLittle Drummer Boy2:53Christmas In The Heart62009157
217Bob DylanThe Christmas Blues2:55Christmas In The Heart72009203
218Bob DylanO' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)2:48Christmas In The Heart82009178
219Bob DylanHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:06Christmas In The Heart92009174
220Bob DylanMust Be Santa2:48Christmas In The Heart102009214
221Bob DylanSilver Bells2:36Christmas In The Heart112009170
222Bob DylanThe First Noel2:30Christmas In The Heart122009193
223Bob DylanChristmas Island2:28Christmas In The Heart132009194
224Bob DylanThe Christmas Song3:57Christmas In The Heart142009175
225Bob DylanO' Little Town Of Bethlehem2:17Christmas In The Heart152009163
226Bob DylanHurricane8:32Desire [2003 Remastered]11975229
227Bob DylanIsis6:59Desire [2003 Remastered]21975216
228Bob DylanMozambique3:01Desire [2003 Remastered]31975212
229Bob DylanOne More Cup Of Coffee3:47Desire [2003 Remastered]41975202
230Bob DylanOh, Sister4:03Desire [2003 Remastered]51975204
231Bob DylanJoey11:05Desire [2003 Remastered]61975200
232Bob DylanRomance In Durango5:44Desire [2003 Remastered]71975203
233Bob DylanBlack Diamond Bay7:30Desire [2003 Remastered]81975208
234Bob DylanSara5:31Desire [2003 Remastered]91975210
235Bob DylanMutineer3:10Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon102004196
236Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 & 354:37Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)101994182
237Bob DylanLike A Rolling Stone6:13Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]11965218
238Bob DylanTombstone Blues5:58Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]21965239
239Bob DylanIt Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry4:09Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]31965206
240Bob DylanFrom A Buick 63:19Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]41965215
241Bob DylanBallad Of A Thin Man5:58Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]51965210
242Bob DylanQueen Jane Approximately5:31Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]61965211
243Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited3:30Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]71965222
244Bob DylanJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues5:31Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]81965209
245Bob DylanDesolation Row11:20Highway 61 Revisited [2003 Remaster]91965227
246Bob DylanJohn Wesley Harding3:00John Wesley Harding [SACD]11968184
247Bob DylanAs I Went Out One Morning2:52John Wesley Harding [SACD]21968192
248Bob DylanI Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine3:55John Wesley Harding [SACD]31968164
249Bob DylanAll Along The Watchtower2:34John Wesley Harding [SACD]41968182
250Bob DylanThe Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest5:35John Wesley Harding [SACD]51968180
251Bob DylanDrifter's Escape2:48John Wesley Harding [SACD]61968181
252Bob DylanDear Landlord3:18John Wesley Harding [SACD]71968196
253Bob DylanI Am A Lonesome Hobo3:24John Wesley Harding [SACD]81968210
254Bob DylanI Pity The Poor Immigrant4:16John Wesley Harding [SACD]91968180
255Bob DylanThe Wicked Messenger2:05John Wesley Harding [SACD]101968204
256Bob DylanDown Along The Cove2:25John Wesley Harding [SACD]111968196
257Bob DylanI'll Be Your Baby Tonight2:39John Wesley Harding [SACD]121968191
258Bob DylanTweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum4:46Love And Theft (Disc 1)12001196
259Bob DylanMississippi5:20Love And Theft (Disc 1)22001211
260Bob DylanSummer Days4:52Love And Theft (Disc 1)32001193
261Bob DylanBye And Bye3:16Love And Theft (Disc 1)42001192
262Bob DylanLonesome Day Blues6:05Love And Theft (Disc 1)52001215
263Bob DylanFloater (Too Much To Ask)4:59Love And Theft (Disc 1)62001201
264Bob DylanHigh Water (For Charley Patton)4:04Love And Theft (Disc 1)72001220
265Bob DylanMoonlight3:23Love And Theft (Disc 1)82001181
266Bob DylanHonest With Me5:49Love And Theft (Disc 1)92001196
267Bob DylanPo' Boy3:05Love And Theft (Disc 1)102001186
268Bob DylanCry A While5:05Love And Theft (Disc 1)112001191
269Bob DylanSugar Baby6:40Love And Theft (Disc 1)122001197
270Bob DylanI Was Young When I Left Home5:24Love And Theft (Disc 2)12001188
271Bob DylanThe Times They Are A-Changin'2:57Love And Theft (Disc 2)22001179
272Bob DylanThunder On The Mountain5:55Modern Times12006210
273Bob DylanSpirit On The Water7:42Modern Times22006213
274Bob DylanRollin' And Tumblin'6:01Modern Times32006229
275Bob DylanWhen The Deal Goes Down5:04Modern Times42006176
276Bob DylanSomeday Baby4:55Modern Times52006190
277Bob DylanWorkingman's Blues #26:07Modern Times62006216
278Bob DylanBeyond The Horizon5:36Modern Times72006207
279Bob DylanNettie Moore6:52Modern Times82006184
280Bob DylanThe Levee's Gonna Break5:43Modern Times92006208
281Bob DylanAin't Talkin'8:48Modern Times102006197
282Bob DylanGirl from the North Country3:44Nashville Skyline [SACD]11969204
283Bob DylanNashville Skyline Rag3:14Nashville Skyline [SACD]21969219
284Bob DylanTo Be Alone with You2:10Nashville Skyline [SACD]31969214
285Bob DylanI Threw It All Away2:26Nashville Skyline [SACD]41969213
286Bob DylanPeggy Day2:05Nashville Skyline [SACD]51969213
287Bob DylanLay Lady Lay3:21Nashville Skyline [SACD]61969212
288Bob DylanOne More Night2:25Nashville Skyline [SACD]71969221
289Bob DylanTell Me That It Isn't True2:43Nashville Skyline [SACD]81969213
290Bob DylanCountry Pie1:39Nashville Skyline [SACD]91969223
291Bob DylanTonight I'll Be Staying Here with You3:23Nashville Skyline [SACD]101969221
292Bob DylanMain Title Theme (Billy)6:05Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid11973211
293Bob DylanCantina Theme (Workin' For The Law)2:56Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid21973190
294Bob DylanBilly 13:55Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid31973200
295Bob DylanBunkhouse Theme2:15Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid41973190
296Bob DylanRiver Theme1:28Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid51973189
297Bob DylanTurkey Chase3:34Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid61973216
298Bob DylanKnockin' On Heaven's Door2:32Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid71973203
299Bob DylanFinal Theme5:23Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid81973195
300Bob DylanBilly 45:03Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid91973195
301Bob DylanBilly 72:08Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid101973211
302Bob DylanAll the Tired Horses3:11Self Portrait11970198
303Bob DylanAlberta, No. 12:57Self Portrait21970195
304Bob DylanI Forgot More Than You Will Ever Know2:23Self Portrait31970206
305Bob DylanDays of '495:27Self Portrait41970213
306Bob DylanEarly Morning Rain3:34Self Portrait51970193
307Bob DylanIn Search of Little Sadie2:27Self Portrait61970212
308Bob DylanLet It Be Me3:00Self Portrait71970203
309Bob DylanLittle Sadie2:00Self Portrait81970228
310Bob DylanWoogie Boogie2:06Self Portrait91970221
311Bob DylanBelle Isle2:30Self Portrait101970211
312Bob DylanLiving the Blues2:43Self Portrait111970210
313Bob DylanLike a Rolling Stone5:18Self Portrait121970221
314Bob DylanCopper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight)3:34Self Portrait131970189
315Bob DylanGotta Travel On3:08Self Portrait141970208
316Bob DylanBlue Moon2:29Self Portrait151970208
317Bob DylanThe Boxer2:48Self Portrait161970198
318Bob DylanThe Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)2:48Self Portrait171970219
319Bob DylanTake Me as I Am (or Let Me Go)3:03Self Portrait181970215
320Bob DylanTake a Message to Mary2:46Self Portrait191970211
321Bob DylanIt Hurts Me Too3:15Self Portrait201970196
322Bob DylanMinstrel Boy3:32Self Portrait211970213
323Bob DylanShe Belongs to Me2:43Self Portrait221970214
324Bob DylanWigwam3:09Self Portrait231970214
325Bob DylanAlberta, No. 23:11Self Portrait241970203
326Bob DylanGotta Serve Somebody5:25Slow Train Coming11979182
327Bob DylanPrecious Angel6:30Slow Train Coming21979217
328Bob DylanI Believe In You5:05Slow Train Coming31979200
329Bob DylanSlow Train5:59Slow Train Coming41979204
330Bob DylanGonna Change My Way Of Thinking5:28Slow Train Coming51979191
331Bob DylanDo Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)3:53Slow Train Coming61979196
332Bob DylanWhen You Gonna Wake Up5:28Slow Train Coming71979204
333Bob DylanMan Gave Names To All The Animals4:26Slow Train Coming81979216
334Bob DylanWhen He Returns4:30Slow Train Coming91979182
335Bob DylanThe Man in Me3:08The Big Lebowski (OST)11998211
336Bob DylanBlowin' In The Wind2:49The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]11963203
337Bob DylanGirl From The North Country3:23The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]21963178
338Bob DylanMasters Of War4:38The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]31963194
339Bob DylanDown The Highway3:32The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]41963196
340Bob DylanBob Dylan's Blues2:28The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]51963204
341Bob DylanA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall6:53The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]61963187
342Bob DylanDon't Think Twice, It's All Right3:41The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]71963178
343Bob DylanBob Dylan's Dream5:02The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]81963201
344Bob DylanOxford Town1:50The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]91963210
345Bob DylanTalking World War III Blues6:27The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]101963207
346Bob DylanCorrine, Corrina2:44The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]111963181
347Bob DylanHoney, Just Allow Me One More Chance2:00The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]121963208
348Bob DylanI Shall Be Free4:47The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [2003 Remaster] [Gold Disc]131963200
349Bob DylanGotta Serve Somebody5:19The Sopranos (OST)41999191
350Bob DylanLove Sick5:21Time Out Of Mind11997197
351Bob DylanDirt Road Blues3:36Time Out Of Mind21997196
352Bob DylanStanding In The Doorway7:43Time Out Of Mind31997209
353Bob DylanMillion Miles5:52Time Out Of Mind41997181
354Bob DylanTryin' To Get To Heaven5:22Time Out Of Mind51997185
355Bob Dylan'Til I Fell In Love With You5:17Time Out Of Mind61997190
356Bob DylanNot Dark Yet6:29Time Out Of Mind71997153
357Bob DylanCold Irons Bound7:15Time Out Of Mind81997186
358Bob DylanMake You Feel My Love3:33Time Out Of Mind91997181
359Bob DylanCan't Wait5:47Time Out Of Mind101997190
360Bob DylanHighlands16:31Time Out Of Mind111997202
361Bob DylanI Want You3:04Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)12001204
362Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadSlow Train4:57Dylan & The Dead11989196
363Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadI Want You4:04Dylan & The Dead21989194
364Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadGotta Serve Somebody5:50Dylan & The Dead31989195
365Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadQueen Jane Approximately6:38Dylan & The Dead41989200
366Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadJoey9:12Dylan & The Dead51989199
367Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadAll Along The Watchtower6:27Dylan & The Dead61989210
368Bob Dylan & Grateful DeadKnockin' On Heaven's Door6:52Dylan & The Dead71989197
369Bob Dylan & The BandOdds And Ends1:47The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)11975202
370Bob Dylan & The BandOrange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast)3:39The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)21975203
371Bob Dylan & The BandMillion Dollar Bash2:33The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)31975202
372Bob Dylan & The BandYazoo Street Scandal3:30The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)41975212
373Bob Dylan & The BandGoin' To Acapulco5:29The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)51975201
374Bob Dylan & The BandKatie's Been Gone2:46The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)61975191
375Bob Dylan & The BandLo And Behold!2:48The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)71975201
376Bob Dylan & The BandBessie Smith4:18The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)81975202
377Bob Dylan & The BandClothes Line Saga2:57The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)91975199
378Bob Dylan & The BandApple Suckling Tree2:49The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)101975205
379Bob Dylan & The BandPlease, Mrs. Henry2:34The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)111975211
380Bob Dylan & The BandTears Of Rage4:12The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)121975206
381Bob Dylan & The BandToo Much Of Nothing3:03The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)11975206
382Bob Dylan & The BandYea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread2:15The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)21975205
383Bob Dylan & The BandAin't No More Cane3:57The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)31975201
384Bob Dylan & The BandCrash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)2:05The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)41975208
385Bob Dylan & The BandRuben Remus3:15The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)51975210
386Bob Dylan & The BandTiny Montgomery2:47The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)61975211
387Bob Dylan & The BandYou Ain't Goin' Nowhere2:42The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)71975209
388Bob Dylan & The BandDon't Ya Tell Henry3:14The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)81975207
389Bob Dylan & The BandNothing Was Delivered4:24The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)91975206
390Bob Dylan & The BandOpen The Door, Homer2:50The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)101975206
391Bob Dylan & The BandLong Distance Operator3:40The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)111975207
392Bob Dylan & The BandThis Wheel's On Fire3:50The Basement Tapes (Disc 2)121975212
393Bob EvansNowhere Without You4:17Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)62007216
394Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays4:17Loudmouth - The Best Of11994193
395Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsThis Is The World Calling4:23Loudmouth - The Best Of21994204
396Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsRat Trap4:51Loudmouth - The Best Of31994216
397Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsThe Great Sound Of Indifference4:35Loudmouth - The Best Of41994188
398Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsLove Or Something4:32Loudmouth - The Best Of51994223
399Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsBanana Republic3:29Loudmouth - The Best Of61994194
400Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsCrazy4:29Loudmouth - The Best Of71994211
401Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard3:42Loudmouth - The Best Of81994222
402Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At You4:22Loudmouth - The Best Of91994216
403Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsShe's So Modern2:56Loudmouth - The Best Of101994225
404Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsHouse On Fire4:46Loudmouth - The Best Of111994216
405Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsThe Beat Of The Night5:06Loudmouth - The Best Of121994192
406Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsDiamond Smiles3:49Loudmouth - The Best Of131994205
407Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsLike Clockwork3:38Loudmouth - The Best Of141994180
408Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsRoom 19 (Sha La La La Lee)3:41Loudmouth - The Best Of151994225
409Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsMary Of The 4th Form3:30Loudmouth - The Best Of161994227
410Bob Geldof & The Boomtown RatsLooking After Number One3:08Loudmouth - The Best Of171994206
411Bob Harris, Stu Phillips & D. KaprossSpider-Man1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)111986198
412Bob HudsonThe Newcastle Song3:00Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)191995203
413Bob JamesTaxi0:49All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)382005149
414Bob JamesTaxi ("Angela")1:05Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)211990184
415Bob KamesThe Chicken Dance2:37The Ultimate Party Survival Kit11995222
416Bob Kuban & The In-MenThe Cheater2:41Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 2171997131
417Bob LindElusive Butterfly2:51AM Gold: 196651995199
418Bob LindElusive Butterfly2:49Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)11997206
419Bob LumanLet's Think About Living2:04AM Gold: Early '60s Classics181995189
420Bob LumanLet's Think About Living1:51Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)141996213
421Bob LumanWhen You Say Love2:14Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)171996195
422Bob LumanLet's Think About Livin'2:07Country Complete (Disc 1)51997206
423Bob LumanThe Great Snowman2:51Country Complete (Disc 3)121997207
424Bob LumanRed Hot2:02Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)62006141
425Bob LumanRed Cadillac And A Black Mustache2:18The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly231990128
426Bob ManningThe Nearness Of You3:06Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)52002174
427Bob Marley & Funkstar DeLuxeSun Is Shining3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)112001184
428Bob Marley & The WailersGet Up, Stand Up3:19Burnin' [Expanded]11973185
429Bob Marley & The WailersHallelujah Time3:33Burnin' [Expanded]21973195
430Bob Marley & The WailersI Shot the Sheriff4:41Burnin' [Expanded]31973205
431Bob Marley & The WailersBurnin' and Lootin'4:18Burnin' [Expanded]41973185
432Bob Marley & The WailersPut It On4:00Burnin' [Expanded]51973209
433Bob Marley & The WailersSmall Axe4:02Burnin' [Expanded]61973191
434Bob Marley & The WailersPass It On3:35Burnin' [Expanded]71973175
435Bob Marley & The WailersDuppy Conqueror3:47Burnin' [Expanded]81973182
436Bob Marley & The WailersOne Foundation3:43Burnin' [Expanded]91973177
437Bob Marley & The WailersRasta Man Chant3:48Burnin' [Expanded]101973190
438Bob Marley & The WailersReincarnated Souls [*]3:45Burnin' [Expanded]111973203
439Bob Marley & The WailersNo Sympathy [#/*]3:11Burnin' [Expanded]121973199
440Bob Marley & The WailersThe Oppressed Song [#/*]3:16Burnin' [Expanded]131973198
441Bob Marley & The WailersConcrete Jungle4:16Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)11973186
442Bob Marley & The WailersStir It Up3:39Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)21973171
443Bob Marley & The WailersHigh Tide Or Low Tide4:44Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)31973162
444Bob Marley & The WailersStop The Train3:55Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)41973170
445Bob Marley & The Wailers400 Years3:02Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)51973154
446Bob Marley & The WailersBaby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)4:05Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)61973189
447Bob Marley & The WailersMidnight Ravers5:09Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)71973175
448Bob Marley & The WailersAll Day All Night3:29Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)81973174
449Bob Marley & The WailersSlave Driver2:56Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)91973190
450Bob Marley & The WailersKinky Reggae3:44Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)101973174
451Bob Marley & The WailersNo More Trouble5:16Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)111973173
452Bob Marley & The WailersConcrete Jungle4:14Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)11973198
453Bob Marley & The WailersSlave Driver2:54Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)21973204
454Bob Marley & The Wailers400 Years2:46Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)31973199
455Bob Marley & The WailersStop the Train3:56Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)41973197
456Bob Marley & The WailersBaby We've Got a Date (Rock It Baby)3:58Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)51973209
457Bob Marley & The WailersStir It Up5:34Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)61973204
458Bob Marley & The WailersKinky Reggae3:39Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)71973198
459Bob Marley & The WailersNo More Trouble4:00Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)81973206
460Bob Marley & The WailersMidnight Ravers5:08Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2)91973221
461Bob Marley & The WailersRock To The Rock2:26Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock11998166
462Bob Marley & The WailersRocking Steady (Alternate)2:05Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock21998180
463Bob Marley & The WailersHow Many Times3:04Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock31998191
464Bob Marley & The WailersTouch Me3:02Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock41998187
465Bob Marley & The WailersMellow Mood (Alternate)2:35Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock51998192
466Bob Marley & The WailersThere She Goes2:33Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock61998180
467Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Rebel3:53Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock71998187
468Bob Marley & The WailersPut It On (Alternate)3:02Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock81998184
469Bob Marley & The WailersChances Are (Alternate)3:19Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock91998193
470Bob Marley & The WailersLove2:55Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock101998162
471Bob Marley & The WailersBend Down Low (Alternate)3:29Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock111998166
472Bob Marley & The WailersThe World Is Changing2:37Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock121998205
473Bob Marley & The WailersNice Time (Alternate)2:47Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock131998142
474Bob Marley & The WailersTreat You Right2:17Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock141998185
475Bob Marley & The WailersWhat Goes Around Comes Around4:14Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock151998162
476Bob Marley & The WailersWhat Goes Around Comes Around (Alternate)4:14Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 1) Rock to the Rock161998129
477Bob Marley & The WailersDon't Rock My Boat2:34Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel11998201
478Bob Marley & The WailersThe Lord Will Make A Way2:13Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel21998167
479Bob Marley & The WailersChances Are3:20Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel31998166
480Bob Marley & The WailersSelassie Is The Chapel3:53Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel41998157
481Bob Marley & The WailersTread Oh2:50Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel51998177
482Bob Marley & The WailersFeel Alright2:33Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel61998162
483Bob Marley & The WailersRhythm2:32Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel71998156
484Bob Marley & The WailersRocking Steady1:50Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel81998168
485Bob Marley & The WailersAdam And Eve3:06Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel91998149
486Bob Marley & The WailersWisdom3:14Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel101998146
487Bob Marley & The WailersThis Train (Alternate)2:39Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel111998141
488Bob Marley & The WailersThank You Lord (Alternate)3:21Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel121998141
489Bob Marley & The WailersGive Me A Ticket1:59Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel131998151
490Bob Marley & The WailersTrouble On The Road Again2:34Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel141998200
491Bob Marley & The WailersBlack Progress2:31Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel151998147
492Bob Marley & The WailersBlack Progress (Alternate)2:38Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel161998151
493Bob Marley & The WailersTread Oh (Alternate)2:26Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 2) Selassie Is the Chapel171998174
494Bob Marley & The WailersSugar Sugar2:48Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers11998164
495Bob Marley & The WailersStop The Train2:19Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers21998127
496Bob Marley & The WailersCheer Up2:02Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers31998126
497Bob Marley & The WailersSoon Come2:22Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers41998128
498Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Captives2:03Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers51998142
499Bob Marley & The WailersGo Tell It To The Mountain3:15Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers61998142
500Bob Marley & The WailersCan't You See (Alternate)2:42Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers71998137
501Bob Marley & The WailersGive Me A Ticket (Alternate)2:00Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers81998137
502Bob Marley & The WailersHold On This Feeling2:56Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers91998152
503Bob Marley & The WailersMr. Chatterbox (Alternate)2:38Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers101998142
504Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Shake Down (Alternate)3:07Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers111998127
505Bob Marley & The WailersSoon Come (Alternate)2:25Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers121998126
506Bob Marley & The WailersMr. Chatterbox (Alternate)3:03Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers131998202
507Bob Marley & The WailersHold On To This Feeling (Alternate)2:52Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 1 (Disc 3) Best of the Wailers141998145
508Bob Marley & The WailersTry Me2:47Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels11998126
509Bob Marley & The WailersIt's Alright2:36Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels21998127
510Bob Marley & The WailersNo Sympathy2:14Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels31998126
511Bob Marley & The WailersMy Cup (A.K.A. "I Have To Cry, Cry, Cry")3:35Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels41998126
512Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Almighty2:42Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels51998126
513Bob Marley & The WailersRebel's Hop (Medley): Keep On Moving/Cloud Nine/Rebel's Hop2:40Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels61998126
514Bob Marley & The WailersCorner Stone2:29Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels71998126
515Bob Marley & The WailersFour Hundred Years2:33Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels81998126
516Bob Marley & The WailersNo Water2:09Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels91998126
517Bob Marley & The WailersReaction2:42Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels101998126
518Bob Marley & The WailersMy Sympathy ("Four Hundred" Dub Version)2:44Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels111998126
519Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Rebel (Dub Version)2:55Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels121998127
520Bob Marley & The WailersTry Me (Dub Version)3:02Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels131998126
521Bob Marley & The WailersIt's Alright (Dub Version)2:31Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels141998177
522Bob Marley & The WailersNo Sympathy (Dub Version)2:24Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels151998178
523Bob Marley & The WailersMy Cup (Dub Version)3:13Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels161998200
524Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Almighty (Dub Version)3:21Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels171998202
525Bob Marley & The WailersRebel's Hop (Dub Version)2:46Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels181998154
526Bob Marley & The WailersCorner Stone (Dub Version)2:25Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels191998135
527Bob Marley & The WailersNo Water (Dub Version) (False Start)0:11Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels201998170
528Bob Marley & The WailersNo Water (Dub Version)2:35Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels211998189
529Bob Marley & The WailersReaction (Dub Version)3:33Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels221998170
530Bob Marley & The WailersRebel Version (A.K.A. "Soul Rebel (Version 2)")2:42Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 1) Soul Rebels231998184
531Bob Marley & The WailersKeep On Moving (Original Version) (A.K.A. "I Gotta Keep On Moving")3:06Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II11998187
532Bob Marley & The WailersPut It On (Alternate)3:34Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II21998178
533Bob Marley & The WailersFussing And Fighting2:29Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II31998211
534Bob Marley & The WailersMemphis2:10Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II41998198
535Bob Marley & The WailersRiding High2:44Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II51998190
536Bob Marley & The WailersKaya (Original Version)2:39Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II61998195
537Bob Marley & The WailersAfrican Herbsman2:22Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II71998174
538Bob Marley & The WailersStand Alone2:11Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II81998202
539Bob Marley & The WailersBrain Washing2:41Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II91998189
540Bob Marley & The WailersKeep On Moving (Dub Version)3:07Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II101998142
541Bob Marley & The WailersDon't Rock My Boat (Dub Version)4:32Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II111998127
542Bob Marley & The WailersFussing And Fighting (Dub Version)3:32Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II121998148
543Bob Marley & The WailersPut It On (Dub Version)2:28Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II131998126
544Bob Marley & The WailersDuppy Version ("Duppy Conqueror" Version)3:26Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II141998129
545Bob Marley & The WailersMemphis (Dub Version)2:08Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II151998143
546Bob Marley & The WailersRiding High (Dub Version)2:45Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II161998127
547Bob Marley & The WailersKaya (Version 1)2:37Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II171998158
548Bob Marley & The WailersAfrican Herbsman (Dub Version)2:24Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II181998126
549Bob Marley & The WailersStand Alone (Dub Version)2:09Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II191998126
550Bob Marley & The WailersSun Is Shining (Dub Version)2:10Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II201998187
551Bob Marley & The WailersBrain Washing (Dub Version)2:41Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 2) Soul Revolution Part II211998156
552Bob Marley & The WailersKaya (Alternate)2:35Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe11998187
553Bob Marley & The WailersLove Light (Original)3:02Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe21998183
554Bob Marley & The WailersSecond Hand (Original)3:58Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe31998127
555Bob Marley & The WailersJah Is Mighty ("Corner Stone" Alternate)2:27Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe41998202
556Bob Marley & The WailersRun For Cover ("Soul Rebel" Alternate)3:15Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe51998180
557Bob Marley & The WailersMan To Man (Original) (Later Known As "Who The Cap Fits")3:32Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe61998183
558Bob Marley & The WailersDownpresser3:14Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe71998175
559Bob Marley & The WailersDon't Rock My Boat (Alternate 2)2:55Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe81998192
560Bob Marley & The WailersMore Axe ("Small Axe" Alternate)3:31Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe91998195
561Bob Marley & The WailersLong Long Winter3:04Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe101998158
562Bob Marley & The WailersAll in One (Original)3:41Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe111998181
563Bob Marley & The WailersTurn Me Loose ("Kaya" Alternate Dub Version)2:35Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe121998131
564Bob Marley & The WailersKaya (Version 2) (Scat Mix Dub Version)2:44Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe131998199
565Bob Marley & The WailersBattle Axe ("Small Axe" Dub Version)3:32Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe141998139
566Bob Marley & The WailersLong Long Winter (Dub Version)3:03Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe151998190
567Bob Marley & The WailersSecond Hand (Dub Version)3:06Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe161998200
568Bob Marley & The WailersDownpresser (Dub Version)3:11Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe171998137
569Bob Marley & The WailersShocks of Mighty ("Soul Almighty" Dub Version feat. Lee Perry)3:26Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe181998213
570Bob Marley & The WailersAxe Man ("Small Axe" Binghi Dub Version)2:46Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe191998179
571Bob Marley & The WailersNicoteen ("Man To Man" Dub Version)2:39Complete 1967-1972, Pt. 2 (Disc 3) More Axe201998189
572Bob Marley & The WailersChant Down Babylon2:36Confrontation11983197
573Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo Soldier4:17Confrontation21983201
574Bob Marley & The WailersJump Nyabinghi3:43Confrontation31983208
575Bob Marley & The WailersMix Up, Mix Up5:02Confrontation41983198
576Bob Marley & The WailersGive Thanks And Praises3:15Confrontation51983187
577Bob Marley & The WailersBlackman Redemption3:33Confrontation61983204
578Bob Marley & The WailersTrench Town3:12Confrontation71983197
579Bob Marley & The WailersStiff Necked Fools3:25Confrontation81983194
580Bob Marley & The WailersI Know3:21Confrontation91983206
581Bob Marley & The WailersRastaman Live Up!5:22Confrontation101983201
582Bob Marley & The WailersNatural Mystic3:27Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]11977205
583Bob Marley & The WailersSo Much Things To Say3:07Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]21977189
584Bob Marley & The WailersGuiltiness3:19Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]31977212
585Bob Marley & The WailersThe Heathen2:31Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]41977186
586Bob Marley & The WailersExodus7:39Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]51977201
587Bob Marley & The WailersJamming3:30Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]61977191
588Bob Marley & The WailersWaiting In Vain4:15Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]71977205
589Bob Marley & The WailersTurn Your Lights Down Low3:38Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]81977195
590Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds2:59Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]91977210
591Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love/People Get Ready2:52Exodus [MFSL Ultradisc II]101977201
592Bob Marley & The WailersEasy Skanking2:58Kaya11978200
593Bob Marley & The WailersKaya3:15Kaya21978198
594Bob Marley & The WailersIs This Love3:52Kaya31978194
595Bob Marley & The WailersSun Is Shining4:58Kaya41978206
596Bob Marley & The WailersSatisfy My Soul4:31Kaya51978202
597Bob Marley & The WailersShe's Gone2:25Kaya61978205
598Bob Marley & The WailersMisty Morning3:33Kaya71978193
599Bob Marley & The WailersCrisis3:54Kaya81978207
600Bob Marley & The WailersRunning Away4:15Kaya91978199
601Bob Marley & The WailersTime Will Tell3:29Kaya101978196
602Bob Marley & The WailersIs This Love3:51Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)11984204
603Bob Marley & The WailersNo Woman No Cry (Live)7:09Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)21984216
604Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved3:58Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)31984214
605Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds3:01Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)41984209
606Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo Soldier4:18Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)51984200
607Bob Marley & The WailersGet Up Stand Up3:19Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)61984189
608Bob Marley & The WailersStir It Up5:34Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)71984202
609Bob Marley & The WailersEasy Skanking2:58Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)81984208
610Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love / People Get Ready2:53Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)91984207
611Bob Marley & The WailersI Shot The Sheriff4:41Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)101984205
612Bob Marley & The WailersWaiting In Vain4:17Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)111984213
613Bob Marley & The WailersRedemption Song3:48Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)121984184
614Bob Marley & The WailersSatisfy My Soul4:33Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)131984205
615Bob Marley & The WailersExodus7:40Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)141984212
616Bob Marley & The WailersJamming3:33Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)151984192
617Bob Marley & The WailersPunky Reggae Party6:52Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)161984215
618Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love / People Get Ready (Extended Version)7:01Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)11984204
619Bob Marley & The WailersWaiting In Vain5:56Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)21984200
620Bob Marley & The WailersJamming5:35Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)31984219
621Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds - Three Little Birds (Dub Version)5:20Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)41984210
622Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved5:26Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)51984224
623Bob Marley & The WailersNo Woman No Cry4:11Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)61984214
624Bob Marley & The WailersComing In From The Cold5:42Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)71984206
625Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo Soldier5:25Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)81984211
626Bob Marley & The WailersJamming3:22Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)91984212
627Bob Marley & The WailersWaiting In Vain4:12Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)101984206
628Bob Marley & The WailersExodus8:50Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)111984216
629Bob Marley & The WailersLively Up Yourself5:18Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)121984214
630Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love / People Get Ready (Dub Version)4:56Legend [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)131984201
631Bob Marley & The WailersLively Up Yourself5:11Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]11974206
632Bob Marley & The WailersNo Woman, No Cry3:46Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]21974183
633Bob Marley & The WailersThem Belly Full (But We Hungry)3:13Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]31974179
634Bob Marley & The WailersRebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)6:45Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]41974181
635Bob Marley & The WailersSo Jah Seh4:28Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]51974172
636Bob Marley & The WailersNatty Dread3:35Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]61974201
637Bob Marley & The WailersBend Down Low3:22Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]71974202
638Bob Marley & The WailersTalkin' Blues4:06Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]81974173
639Bob Marley & The WailersRevolution4:23Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]91974194
640Bob Marley & The WailersAm-A-Do3:20Natty Dread [2001 Remaster]101974190
641Bob Marley & The WailersMr. Brown3:33Rasta Revolution11974129
642Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Rebel3:19Rasta Revolution21974128
643Bob Marley & The WailersTry Me2:47Rasta Revolution31974130
644Bob Marley & The WailersIt's Alright2:36Rasta Revolution41974130
645Bob Marley & The WailersNo Sympathy2:13Rasta Revolution51974128
646Bob Marley & The WailersMy Cup3:37Rasta Revolution61974128
647Bob Marley & The WailersDuppy Conquerer3:46Rasta Revolution71974129
648Bob Marley & The WailersRebel's Hop2:40Rasta Revolution81974128
649Bob Marley & The WailersCorner Stone2:30Rasta Revolution91974130
650Bob Marley & The Wailers400 Years2:34Rasta Revolution101974128
651Bob Marley & The WailersNo Water2:10Rasta Revolution111974128
652Bob Marley & The WailersReaction2:42Rasta Revolution121974128
653Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Almighty2:41Rasta Revolution131974131
654Bob Marley & The WailersPositive Vibration3:33Rastaman Vibration11976219
655Bob Marley & The WailersRoots, Rock, Reggae3:38Rastaman Vibration21976200
656Bob Marley & The WailersJohnny Was3:48Rastaman Vibration31976184
657Bob Marley & The WailersCry To Me2:36Rastaman Vibration41976188
658Bob Marley & The WailersWant More4:15Rastaman Vibration51976201
659Bob Marley & The WailersCrazy Baldhead3:11Rastaman Vibration61976212
660Bob Marley & The WailersWho The Cap Fit4:43Rastaman Vibration71976197
661Bob Marley & The WailersNight Shift3:10Rastaman Vibration81976213
662Bob Marley & The WailersWar3:36Rastaman Vibration91976204
663Bob Marley & The WailersRat Race2:52Rastaman Vibration101976202
664Bob Marley & The WailersJah Live (Bonus Track)4:13Rastaman Vibration111976199
665Bob Marley & The WailersSo Much Trouble In The World4:00Survival11979204
666Bob Marley & The WailersZimbabwe3:51Survival21979204
667Bob Marley & The WailersTop Rankin'3:10Survival31979209
668Bob Marley & The WailersBabylon System4:21Survival41979203
669Bob Marley & The WailersSurvival3:52Survival51979209
670Bob Marley & The WailersAfrica Unite2:55Survival61979198
671Bob Marley & The WailersOne Drop3:51Survival71979201
672Bob Marley & The WailersRide Natty Ride3:51Survival81979209
673Bob Marley & The WailersAmbush In The Night3:14Survival91979187
674Bob Marley & The WailersWake Up And Live4:57Survival101979214
675Bob Marley & The WailersComing In From The Cold4:31Uprising [2001 Remaster]11980196
676Bob Marley & The WailersReal Situation3:08Uprising [2001 Remaster]21980202
677Bob Marley & The WailersBad Card2:50Uprising [2001 Remaster]31980204
678Bob Marley & The WailersWe And Dem3:14Uprising [2001 Remaster]41980198
679Bob Marley & The WailersWork3:41Uprising [2001 Remaster]51980215
680Bob Marley & The WailersZion Train3:36Uprising [2001 Remaster]61980213
681Bob Marley & The WailersPimper's Paradise3:27Uprising [2001 Remaster]71980210
682Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved3:57Uprising [2001 Remaster]81980215
683Bob Marley & The WailersForever Loving Jah4:02Uprising [2001 Remaster]91980214
684Bob Marley & The WailersRedemption Song3:53Uprising [2001 Remaster]101980181
685Bob Marley & The WailersRedemption Song (Band Version)4:50Uprising [2001 Remaster]111980210
686Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved (12" Mix)5:25Uprising [2001 Remaster]121980224
687Bob Marley vs. Funkstar DeluxeSun Is Shining3:55Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 199921999205
688Bob MooreMexico2:39Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)51997200
689Bob MooreMexico2:38Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)10 179
690Bob Moore & His OrchestraMexico2:40Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals101993173
691Bob RiversDirty Deeds Done With Sheep2:33   128
692Bob RiversFrosty the Pervert2:26   128
693Bob RiversGrab Your Balls Like Michael Jackson1:08   128
694Bob RiversHark the Hair Lipped Angels Sing0:57   128
695Bob RiversI Love to Choke My Chicken with My Hand2:57   128
696Bob RiversMost Fattening Time of the Year2:52   128
697Bob RiversPolice Stop My Car1:58   128
698Bob RiversRum Pa Pum Pum4:02   128
699Bob RiversWho Put the Stump in My Rump2:57   128
700Bob RiversThe Twisted Chipmunk Song2:01Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire12000147
701Bob RiversChipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire3:19Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire22000172
702Bob RiversThe Angel1:14Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire32000201
703Bob RiversWho Put The Stump?2:13Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire42000194
704Bob RiversDecorations2:18Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire52000194
705Bob RiversCarol Of The Bartenders1:38Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire62000199
706Bob RiversChristmas Party Song1:43Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire72000196
707Bob RiversChristmas Money (That's What I Want)2:17Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire82000208
708Bob RiversPokemon1:32Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire92000203
709Bob RiversGoin' Up To Bethlehem2:07Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire102000213
710Bob RiversHomeless On The Holidays2:52Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire112000184
711Bob RiversHe's So Jolly2:04Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire122000211
712Bob RiversFlu Ride2:46Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire132000192
713Bob RiversSanta Claus Is Foolin' Around3:22Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire142000217
714Bob RiversStumpmaster Remix2:57Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire152000211
715Bob RiversThe 12 Pains Of Christmas3:36Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia11995188
716Bob RiversSled Zeppelin2:38More Twisted Christmas 2000128
717Bob RiversYellow Snow2:28Twisted Christmas  128
718Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThere's Another Santa Claus2:01I Am Santa Claus11993189
719Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioWalkin' Round In Women's Underwear1:55I Am Santa Claus21993203
720Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioI Am Santa Claus3:22I Am Santa Claus31993214
721Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioManger 60:44I Am Santa Claus41993211
722Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioO Little Town Of Bethlehem2:09I Am Santa Claus51993204
723Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioI Came Upon A Roadkill Deer3:01I Am Santa Claus61993178
724Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioTeddy The Red-Nosed Senator1:25I Am Santa Claus71993180
725Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioGrahbe Yahbalz1:08I Am Santa Claus81993198
726Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioA Letter To Santa2:41I Am Santa Claus91993147
727Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioJingle Hell's Bells2:38I Am Santa Claus101993206
728Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThe Kids2:18I Am Santa Claus111993175
729Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThe Magical Kingdom Of Claus5:53I Am Santa Claus121993184
730Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThe "What's It To Ya" Chorus2:37I Am Santa Claus131993217
731Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioDidn't I Get This Last Year?3:22I Am Santa Claus141993180
732Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThe Under Tree World Of Jacques Cousteau3:02I Am Santa Claus151993180
733Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioO Christmas Tree2:33I Am Santa Claus161993210
734Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioAquaclaus2:47White Trash Christmas12002188
735Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioWhat If Eminem Did Jingle Bells3:08White Trash Christmas22002172
736Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioOsama Got Run Over By A Reindeer1:44White Trash Christmas32002200
737Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioWhite Trash Christmas2:46White Trash Christmas42002197
738Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioThe Little Hooters Girl1:52White Trash Christmas52002190
739Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioBe Claus I Got High3:27White Trash Christmas62002176
740Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioNot So Silent Night1:55White Trash Christmas72002216
741Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioMe And Mrs. Claus2:20White Trash Christmas82002183
742Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioHave Yourself An Ozzy Little Christmas1:49White Trash Christmas92002202
743Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioMerry Christmas Allah2:41White Trash Christmas102002175
744Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioShoppin' Around For A Christmas Tree1:51White Trash Christmas112002191
745Bob Rivers And Twisted RadioI'll Be Stoned For Christmas2:27White Trash Christmas122002201
746Bob Rivers Comedy CorpThe Twelve Pains of Christmas3:41Twisted Christmas11987183
747Bob Rivers Comedy CorpThe Chimney Song2:11Twisted Christmas21987190
748Bob Rivers Comedy CorpWe Wish You Weren't Living With Us0:49Twisted Christmas31987176
749Bob Rivers Comedy CorpWreck the Malls2:04Twisted Christmas41987203
750Bob Rivers Comedy CorpA Visit From St. Nicholson4:32Twisted Christmas51987192
751Bob Rivers Comedy CorpO Come All Ye Grateful Dead-Heads1:26Twisted Christmas61987192
752Bob Rivers Comedy CorpI'm Dressin' Up Like Santa (When I Get Out On Parole)3:08Twisted Christmas71987206
753Bob Rivers Comedy CorpThe Restroom Door Said, "Gentlemen"1:36Twisted Christmas81987194
754Bob Rivers Comedy CorpForeigners2:08Twisted Christmas91987189
755Bob Rivers Comedy CorpJoy To the World1:23Twisted Christmas101987222
756Bob Rivers Comedy CorpA Message From the King2:18Twisted Christmas111987178
757Bob SegerThe Ballad of the Yellow Beret2:29  1966320
758Bob SegerLiving Inside My Heart3:29About Last Night (OST)61986205
759Bob SegerRoll Me Away4:38Armageddon (OST)51998204
760Bob SegerBeautiful Loser3:29Beautiful Loser11975211
761Bob SegerBlack Night3:24Beautiful Loser21975220
762Bob SegerKatmandu6:09Beautiful Loser31975233
763Bob SegerJody Girl3:41Beautiful Loser41975202
764Bob SegerTravelin' Man2:41Beautiful Loser51975204
765Bob SegerMomma3:22Beautiful Loser61975210
766Bob SegerNutbush City Limits3:57Beautiful Loser71975223
767Bob SegerSailing Nights3:18Beautiful Loser81975203
768Bob SegerFine Memory2:56Beautiful Loser91975193
769Bob SegerEast Side Story2:27Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)182005129
770Bob SegerBo Diddley6:17Smokin' O.P.'s11972233
771Bob SegerLove The One You're With4:17Smokin' O.P.'s21972230
772Bob SegerIf I Were A Carpenter3:47Smokin' O.P.'s31972211
773Bob SegerHummin' Bird3:46Smokin' O.P.'s41972208
774Bob SegerLet It Rock3:25Smokin' O.P.'s51972227
775Bob SegerTurn On Your Love Light4:44Smokin' O.P.'s61972230
776Bob SegerJesse James3:26Smokin' O.P.'s71972200
777Bob SegerSomeday2:31Smokin' O.P.'s81972186
778Bob SegerHeavy Music2:28Smokin' O.P.'s91972227
779Bob Seger & The Last HeardHeavy Music Part 12:41Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)232005130
780Bob Seger & The Last HeardSock It To Me Santa2:13Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)252005129
781Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandThe Little Drummer Boy3:32A Very Special Christmas111987208
782Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Horizontal Bop4:03Against The Wind11980211
783Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandYou'll Accompany Me3:59Against The Wind21980211
784Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHer Strut3:54Against The Wind31980212
785Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNo Man's Land3:44Against The Wind41980211
786Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLong Twinsilver Line4:18Against The Wind51980214
787Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst The Wind5:34Against The Wind61980221
788Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandGood For Me4:03Against The Wind71980204
789Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBetty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight2:52Against The Wind81980227
790Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFire Lake3:33Against The Wind91980210
791Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShinin' Brightly4:28Against The Wind101980214
792Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst The Wind5:36Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)151994218
793Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRoll Me Away4:40Greatest Hits11994187
794Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNight Moves5:25Greatest Hits21994201
795Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTurn The Page5:03Greatest Hits31994191
796Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandYou'll Accomp'ny Me4:00Greatest Hits41994206
797Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights5:02Greatest Hits51994212
798Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandStill The Same3:20Greatest Hits61994204
799Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandOld Time Rock & Roll3:14Greatest Hits71994191
800Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWe've Got Tonight4:40Greatest Hits81994191
801Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst The Wind5:33Greatest Hits91994212
802Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMainstreet3:42Greatest Hits101994211
803Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Inside5:55Greatest Hits111994208
804Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLike A Rock5:55Greatest Hits121994191
805Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandC'est La Vie2:59Greatest Hits131994211
806Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandIn Your Time3:05Greatest Hits141994203
807Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandUnderstanding3:44Greatest Hits 212003226
808Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Down Below4:27Greatest Hits 222003228
809Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHer Strut3:51Greatest Hits 232003227
810Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBeautiful Loser3:27Greatest Hits 242003223
811Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSunspot Baby4:37Greatest Hits 252003226
812Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandKatmandu6:09Greatest Hits 262003233
813Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShame On The Moon4:53Greatest Hits 272003214
814Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFire Lake3:31Greatest Hits 282003219
815Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTryin' To Live My Life Without You (Live)4:10Greatest Hits 292003225
816Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShakedown4:03Greatest Hits 2102003205
817Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandManhattan5:23Greatest Hits 2112003197
818Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNew Coat Of Paint3:28Greatest Hits 2122003220
819Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandChances Are4:18Greatest Hits 2132003198
820Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRock And Roll Never Forgets3:51Greatest Hits 2142003231
821Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSatisfied3:30Greatest Hits 2152003220
822Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTomorrow3:39Greatest Hits 2162003212
823Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRite Of Passage3:51It's a Mystery11995225
824Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLock And Load4:55It's a Mystery21995218
825Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBy The River3:26It's a Mystery31995192
826Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandManhattan5:22It's a Mystery41995192
827Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandI Wonder4:06It's a Mystery51995187
828Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandIt's A Mystery4:18It's a Mystery61995233
829Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRevisionism Street3:48It's a Mystery71995178
830Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandGolden Boy2:25It's a Mystery81995199
831Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandI Can't Save You Angelene3:56It's a Mystery91995209
832Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band16 Shells From A 30-64:20It's a Mystery101995211
833Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWest Of The Moon4:37It's a Mystery111995206
834Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHands In The Air4:43It's a Mystery121995206
835Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAmerican Storm4:18Like a Rock11986201
836Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLike a Rock5:56Like a Rock21986198
837Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMiami4:40Like a Rock31986205
838Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Ring5:35Like a Rock41986206
839Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTightrope4:31Like a Rock51986200
840Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Aftermath3:30Like a Rock61986220
841Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSometimes3:31Like a Rock71986209
842Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandIt's You4:03Like a Rock81986209
843Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSomewhere Tonight4:25Like a Rock91986182
844Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFortunate Son [Live]3:17Like a Rock101986216
845Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNutbush City Limits4:37Live Bullet11976219
846Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTravelin' Man4:54Live Bullet21976214
847Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBeautiful Loser3:59Live Bullet31976210
848Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandJody Girl4:36Live Bullet41976196
849Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandI've Been Working4:37Live Bullet51976216
850Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTurn The Page5:06Live Bullet61976202
851Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandU.M.C.3:17Live Bullet71976212
852Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBo Diddley5:47Live Bullet81976217
853Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRamblin' Gamblin' Man3:01Live Bullet91976220
854Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHeavy Music8:13Live Bullet101976216
855Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandKatmandu6:43Live Bullet111976227
856Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLookin' Back2:35Live Bullet121976225
857Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandGet Out Of Denver5:21Live Bullet131976222
858Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLet It Rock8:29Live Bullet141976220
859Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRock And Roll Never Forgets3:53Night Moves11976214
860Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNight Moves5:29Night Moves21976206
861Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Down Below4:27Night Moves31976210
862Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSunburst5:13Night Moves41976207
863Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSunspot Baby4:38Night Moves51976218
864Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMainstreet3:42Night Moves61976216
865Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandCome To Poppa3:11Night Moves71976216
866Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShip Of Fools3:25Night Moves81976222
867Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMary Lou2:55Night Moves91976216
868Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNine Tonight5:14Nine Tonight11981201
869Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTryin' To Live My Life Without You4:03Nine Tonight21981204
870Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandYou'll Accomp'ny Me4:12Nine Tonight31981213
871Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights4:49Nine Tonight41981215
872Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandOld Time Rock And Roll5:17Nine Tonight51981207
873Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMainstreet4:12Nine Tonight61981199
874Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst The Wind5:27Nine Tonight71981208
875Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Down Below4:47Nine Tonight81981205
876Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHer Strut3:57Nine Tonight91981198
877Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFeel Like A Number4:10Nine Tonight101981206
878Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFire Lake3:51Nine Tonight111981210
879Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBetty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight2:59Nine Tonight121981203
880Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWe've Got Tonight4:55Nine Tonight131981204
881Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNight Moves5:44Nine Tonight141981198
882Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRock And Roll Never Forgets3:35Nine Tonight151981207
883Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLet It Rock (Edited For CD)6:18Nine Tonight161981205
884Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights5:03Stranger In Town11978216
885Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandStill The Same3:23Stranger In Town21978210
886Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandOld Time Rock And Roll3:16Stranger In Town31978199
887Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTill It Shines3:54Stranger In Town41978216
888Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFeel Like A Number3:45Stranger In Town51978202
889Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAin't Got No Money4:14Stranger In Town61978197
890Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWe've Got Tonight4:41Stranger In Town71978197
891Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBrave Strangers6:22Stranger In Town81978194
892Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Famous Final Scene5:10Stranger In Town91978205
893Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandEven Now4:33The Distance11982192
894Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMakin' Thunderbirds3:00The Distance21982206
895Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBoomtown Blues3:40The Distance31982197
896Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShame On The Moon4:58The Distance41982209
897Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLove's The Last To Know4:28The Distance51982175
898Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandRoll Me Away4:41The Distance61982193
899Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHouse Behind A House4:03The Distance71982217
900Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandComin' Home6:08The Distance81982186
901Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLittle Victories5:53The Distance91982193
902Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTake A Chance3:40The Fire Inside11991220
903Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Real Love4:40The Fire Inside21991207
904Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandSightseeing3:39The Fire Inside31991226
905Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandReal At The Time3:52The Fire Inside41991229
906Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAlways In My Heart4:14The Fire Inside51991183
907Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Inside5:56The Fire Inside61991217
908Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNew Coat Of Paint3:25The Fire Inside71991209
909Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWhich Way3:57The Fire Inside81991218
910Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Mountain6:45The Fire Inside91991220
911Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Long Way Home4:24The Fire Inside101991176
912Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBlind Love4:22The Fire Inside111991204
913Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShe Can't Do Anything Wrong3:38The Fire Inside121991228
914Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandYou'll Accomp'ny Me4:00TM Century GoldDisc 109131991208
915Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNight Moves (LP Version)5:28TM Century GoldDisc Update 9151991208
916Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNine Tonight4:15Urban Cowboy (OST)41980216
917Bob Seger (And The Last Heard)Sock It To Me Santa2:16A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas31994126
918The Bob Seger SystemRamblin' Gamblin Man2:21Ramblin' Gamblin' Man11968231
919The Bob Seger SystemTales Of Lucy Blue2:28Ramblin' Gamblin' Man21968223
920The Bob Seger SystemIvory2:23Ramblin' Gamblin' Man31968227
921The Bob Seger SystemGone3:28Ramblin' Gamblin' Man41968196
922The Bob Seger SystemDown Home3:01Ramblin' Gamblin' Man51968206
923The Bob Seger SystemTrain Man4:06Ramblin' Gamblin' Man61968219
924The Bob Seger SystemWhite Wall5:20Ramblin' Gamblin' Man71968206
925The Bob Seger SystemBlack Eyed Girl6:33Ramblin' Gamblin' Man81968211
926The Bob Seger System2 + 2 = ?2:49Ramblin' Gamblin' Man91968204
927The Bob Seger SystemDoctor Fine1:05Ramblin' Gamblin' Man101968195
928The Bob Seger SystemThe Last Song (Love Needs To Be Loved)3:04Ramblin' Gamblin' Man111968204
929Bob The BuilderCan We Fix It3:07Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)212001247
930Bob Wallis & His Storyville JazzmenWhen Its Sleepy Time Down South3:03It's Trad Dad121998197
931Bob Wallis & His Storyville JazzmenI'm Shy Mary Elen, I'm Shy2:35It's Trad Dad141998177
932Bob WeirBombs Away5:10Heaven Help The Fool11978213
933Bob WeirEasy To Slip3:07Heaven Help The Fool21978208
934Bob WeirSalt Lake City4:07Heaven Help The Fool31978197
935Bob WeirShade Of Grey4:30Heaven Help The Fool41978195
936Bob WeirHeaven Help The Fool5:32Heaven Help The Fool51978203
937Bob WeirThis Time Forever4:12Heaven Help The Fool61978193
938Bob WeirI'll Be Doggone3:11Heaven Help The Fool71978207
939Bob WeirWrong Way Feelin'5:10Heaven Help The Fool81978198
940Bob WelchEbony Eyes3:32Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)71998240
941Bob WelchSentimental Lady2:58French Kiss11977207
942Bob WelchEasy To Fall3:28French Kiss21977212
943Bob WelchHot Love, Cold World3:40French Kiss31977216
944Bob WelchMystery Train3:08French Kiss41977224
945Bob WelchLose My Heart1:55French Kiss51977217
946Bob WelchOutskirts3:18French Kiss61977205
947Bob WelchEbony Eyes3:32French Kiss71977201
948Bob WelchLose Your...0:45French Kiss81977215
949Bob WelchCarolene3:13French Kiss91977215
950Bob WelchDancin' Eyes3:21French Kiss101977216
951Bob WelchDanchiva3:51French Kiss111977198
952Bob WelchLose Your Heart3:04French Kiss121977206
953Bob WelchSentimental Lady2:55Greatest Hits11994200
954Bob WelchEbony Eyes3:32Greatest Hits21994197
955Bob WelchPrecious Love3:16Greatest Hits31994212
956Bob WelchHot Love, Cold World3:42Greatest Hits41994212
957Bob WelchChurch3:06Greatest Hits51994201
958Bob WelchCome Softly to Me2:47Greatest Hits61994176
959Bob WelchThe Girl Can't Stop It3:16Greatest Hits71994196
960Bob WelchSpanish Dances5:04Greatest Hits81994209
961Bob WelchThree Hearts3:24Greatest Hits91994216
962Bob WelchJealous2:28Greatest Hits101994189
963Bob WelchEbony Eyes3:34Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)191993197
964Bob WelchSentimental Lady2:57The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 2)14 206
965Bob Willis and His Texas PlayboysNew San Antonio Rose2:36Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.51997126
966Bob WillsNew San Antonio Rose2:37Your Hit Parade 194119 126
967Bob Wirth & Rik HowardSilver Spoons ("Together")1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)81996128
968The BobbettesMr. Lee2:13Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)21991127
969The BobbettesMr. Lee2:15The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)221996133
970Bobbi MartinDon't Forget I Still Love You2:44Your Hit Parade - The '60s231993214
971Bobbie Eakes & Jeff TrachtaUp Where We Belong3:32Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)241994188
972Bobbie GentryOde To Billie Joe4:11AM Gold: 1967221995187
973Bobbie GentryMississippi Delta3:07Country Girls 2151991129
974Bobbie GentryOde To Billie Joe4:14Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)4 186
975Bobbie GentryI'll Never Fall In Love Again2:54The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)191997208
976Bobbie GentryOde To Billy Joe4:13The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)162001184
977Bobbie GentryOde to Billy Joe4:16TM Century GoldDisc Update 4141991170
978Bobby "Boris" PickettMonster Mash3:05Elvira Presents Monster Hits51994136
979Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Mash3:13Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)101991218
980Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-KickersMonster Mash3:12Halloween Hits11991218
981Bobby & LaurieCaroll County Accident2:48Country Complete (Disc 5)171997158
982Bobby & Terry CarawayBallin' Keen1:53Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)112006132
983Bobby (Boris) PickettMonster Mash3:22One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)132001246
984Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt KickersMonster Mash3:21The Rock Box (Disc 1)11 205
985Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Mash3:07Monster Mash11962155
986Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersGraveyard Shift2:08Monster Mash21962130
987Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersBlood Bank Blues2:47Monster Mash31962136
988Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersRabian-The Fiendage Idol2:39Monster Mash41962117
989Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Holiday3:08Monster Mash51962125
990Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Minuet1:54Monster Mash61962125
991Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersTransylvania Twist1:36Monster Mash71962117
992Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersSinister Stomp2:15Monster Mash81962115
993Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMe & My Mummy2:31Monster Mash91962119
994Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Mash Party2:57Monster Mash101962143
995Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersBellas' Bash2:50Monster Mash111962123
996Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-KickersLet's Fly Away0:48Monster Mash121962105
997Bobby And LaurieHitch Hiker2:36The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)171997184
998Bobby BareTequila Sheila4:25Biggest Hits11982222
999Bobby BareTill I Gain Control Again4:06Biggest Hits21982198
1000Bobby BareLearning to Live Again3:00Biggest Hits31982195
1001Bobby BareLet Him Roll4:32Biggest Hits41982200
1002Bobby BareGreasy Grit Gravy2:55Biggest Hits51982192
1003Bobby BareNumbers5:12Biggest Hits61982200
1004Bobby BareTake Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)2:39Biggest Hits71982193
1005Bobby BareBig Dupree2:52Biggest Hits81982204
1006Bobby BareNew Cut Road3:26Biggest Hits91982198
1007Bobby BareGoin Back to Texas3:39Biggest Hits101982207
1008Bobby BareMiller's Cave2:54Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 1)102001197
1009Bobby BareDetroit City2:51Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 2)142001199
1010Bobby BareDetroit City2:47Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)61997204
1011Bobby BareFour Strong Winds2:51Country Complete (Disc 3)111997210
1012Bobby BareAll American Boy3:00The Essential Bobby Bare11997205
1013Bobby BareShame On Me2:46The Essential Bobby Bare21997200
1014Bobby BareDetroit City2:51The Essential Bobby Bare31997198
1015Bobby Bare500 Miles Away From Home2:42The Essential Bobby Bare41997195
1016Bobby BareMiller's Cave2:54The Essential Bobby Bare51997196
1017Bobby BareFour Strong Winds2:46The Essential Bobby Bare61997201
1018Bobby BareA Dear John Letter1:56The Essential Bobby Bare71997179
1019Bobby BareIt's All Right2:40The Essential Bobby Bare81997197
1020Bobby BareThe Streets Of Baltimore2:39The Essential Bobby Bare91997191
1021Bobby BareThe Game Of Triangles2:42The Essential Bobby Bare101997185
1022Bobby BareCharleston Railroad Tavern2:14The Essential Bobby Bare111997186
1023Bobby BareMargie's At The Lincoln Park Inn3:20The Essential Bobby Bare121997191
1024Bobby BareBless America Again2:49The Essential Bobby Bare131997193
1025Bobby BareYour Husband My Wife2:58The Essential Bobby Bare141997182
1026Bobby BareRide Me Down Easy3:01The Essential Bobby Bare151997191
1027Bobby BareDaddy What If3:12The Essential Bobby Bare161997183
1028Bobby BareMarie Laveau3:11The Essential Bobby Bare171997187
1029Bobby BareThe Winner5:22The Essential Bobby Bare181997200
1030Bobby BareDropkick Me, Jesus2:13The Essential Bobby Bare191997193
1031Bobby BareVegas2:52The Essential Bobby Bare201997205
1032Bobby BareAll American Boy3:09The Millenium Collection (Disc 2) (50's)81999198
1033Bobby BlandTwo Steps From The Blues2:35Two Steps From The Blues11961194
1034Bobby BlandCry, Cry, Cry2:43Two Steps From The Blues21961160
1035Bobby BlandI'm Not Ashamed2:36Two Steps From The Blues31961150
1036Bobby BlandDon't Cry No More2:27Two Steps From The Blues41961172
1037Bobby BlandLead Me On2:06Two Steps From The Blues51961151
1038Bobby BlandI Pity The Fool2:43Two Steps From The Blues61961146
1039Bobby BlandI've Got To Forget You2:34Two Steps From The Blues71961150
1040Bobby BlandLittle Boy Blue2:38Two Steps From The Blues81961140
1041Bobby BlandSt. James Infirmary2:26Two Steps From The Blues91961146
1042Bobby BlandI'll Take Care Of You2:25Two Steps From The Blues101961181
1043Bobby BlandI Don't Want No Woman2:40Two Steps From The Blues111961160
1044Bobby BlandI've Been Wrong So Long2:18Two Steps From The Blues121961147
1045Bobby BloomMontego Bay2:56Everything Summer61997193
1046Bobby Boris PickettThe Monster Mash3:09The Ultimate Party Survival Kit41995216
1047Bobby 'Boris' PickettMonster Mash3:11The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky151991210
1048Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster's Holiday3:11Rockin' Holidays42001142
1049Bobby Brackins feat. Ray J1433:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0882010175
1050Bobby BrownHumpin' Around (Prelude)0:10Bobby11992186
1051Bobby BrownHumpin' Around6:18Bobby21992193
1052Bobby BrownTwo Can Play That Game4:59Bobby31992203
1053Bobby BrownGet Away5:10Bobby41992216
1054Bobby BrownTil The End Of Time5:21Bobby51992223
1055Bobby BrownGood Enough5:02Bobby61992221
1056Bobby BrownPretty Little Girl5:12Bobby71992218
1057Bobby BrownLovin' You Down5:50Bobby81992222
1058Bobby BrownOne More Night6:29Bobby91992223
1059Bobby BrownSomething In Common (with Whitney Houston)4:59Bobby101992210
1060Bobby BrownThat's The Way Love Is4:51Bobby111992227
1061Bobby BrownCollege Girl6:06Bobby121992206
1062Bobby BrownStorm Away6:05Bobby131992207
1063Bobby BrownI'm Your Friend (with Debra Winans)5:04Bobby141992220
1064Bobby BrownOn Our Own (Extended Version)6:26Dance Classics Vol. 3122010220
1065Bobby BrownCruel Prelude0:37Don't Be Cruel11988183
1066Bobby BrownDon't Be Cruel6:48Don't Be Cruel21988214
1067Bobby BrownMy Prerogative4:51Don't Be Cruel31988197
1068Bobby BrownRoni5:58Don't Be Cruel41988220
1069Bobby BrownRock Wit'cha4:49Don't Be Cruel51988205
1070Bobby BrownEvery Little Step3:57Don't Be Cruel61988215
1071Bobby BrownI'll Be Good To You4:25Don't Be Cruel71988196
1072Bobby BrownTake It Slow5:23Don't Be Cruel81988193
1073Bobby BrownAll Day All Night4:40Don't Be Cruel91988204
1074Bobby BrownI Really Love You Girl5:10Don't Be Cruel101988200
1075Bobby BrownCruel Reprise0:20Don't Be Cruel111988169
1076Bobby BrownOn Our Own4:54Ghostbusters II (OST)11989216
1077Bobby BrownWe're Back5:10Ghostbusters II (OST)41989226
1078Bobby BrownTwo Can Play That Game3:32More! Bump N' Grind101995198
1079Bobby BrownOn Our Own4:13Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)31989259
1080Bobby BrownDon't Be Cruel4:10Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1988111995218
1081Bobby BrownRoni4:37Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two161996223
1082Bobby BrownEvery Little Step4:00TM Century GoldDisc Update 841991211
1083Bobby BrownTwo Can Play That Game3:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 2)52001193
1084Bobby ByrdI Need Help (I Can't Do it Alone) Part I & II5:37Funked! Vol. 142001195
1085Bobby ByrdI Know You Got Soul4:42Funked! Vol. 172001204
1086Bobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For Love3:32Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)182001196
1087Bobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For Love3:32Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6162003200
1088Bobby CharlesLater Alligator2:51Lost Treasures Volume 22 139
1089Bobby DarinThings2:33AM Gold: 1962121995182
1090Bobby DarinYou're The Reason I'm Living2:28AM Gold: 196331995182
1091Bobby DarinEighteen Yellow Roses2:19Country Complete (Disc 1)121997201
1092Bobby DarinYour The Reason I'm Living2:29Country Complete (Disc 3)141997201
1093Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:49Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)5 183
1094Bobby DarinIf I Were A Carpenter2:23Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)15 180
1095Bobby DarinPlain Jane1:57Jukebox Hits Of 1959111991234
1096Bobby DarinYou're The Reason I'm Living2:28Jukebox Hits Of 196331991223
1097Bobby DarinSplish Splash2:12Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)71999147
1098Bobby DarinQueen Of The Hop2:07Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 4)221999142
1099Bobby DarinMack The Knife3:08Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"11991194
1100Bobby DarinLazy River2:32Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"21991166
1101Bobby DarinThat's The Way Love Is3:01Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"31991160
1102Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:50Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"41991127
1103Bobby DarinWas There A Call For Me3:09Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"51991190
1104Bobby DarinI Guess I'm Good For Nothing But The Blues3:25Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"61991189
1105Bobby DarinDon't Dream Of Anybody But Me4:10Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"71991128
1106Bobby DarinGuys And Dolls2:12Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"81991140
1107Bobby DarinDown With Love2:58Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"91991149
1108Bobby DarinBlack Coffee4:02Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"101991144
1109Bobby DarinPete Kelly's Blues4:10Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"111991150
1110Bobby DarinClementine3:15Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"121991160
1111Bobby DarinBill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home2:06Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"131991194
1112Bobby DarinArtificial Flowers3:18Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"141991128
1113Bobby DarinI Didn't Know What Time It Was2:16Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"151991169
1114Bobby DarinWhat A Difference A Day Made3:38Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"161991156
1115Bobby DarinSkylark2:41Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"171991187
1116Bobby DarinJust Friends2:13Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"181991199
1117Bobby DarinDon't Get Around Much Anymore2:49Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"191991194
1118Bobby DarinI Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan2:12Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"201991197
1119Bobby DarinChristmas Auld Lang Syne2:43Mack The Knife "The Best Of Bobby Darin Volume 2"211991132
1120Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea (From "Goodfellas")2:52Mob Hits II - More Music From The Great Mob Movies22000207
1121Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:53Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)71999196
1122Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:50Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)32001152
1123Bobby DarinSunday In New York2:30New York With Fond Memories31992217
1124Bobby DarinQueen Of The Hop2:08Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)17 208
1125Bobby DarinSplish Splash2:15Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)142002144
1126Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:50Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)192002128
1127Bobby DarinSplish Splash2:10Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)72004208
1128Bobby DarinDream Lover2:34Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)142004206
1129Bobby DarinSplish Splash2:14The Hit Singles Collection12002145
1130Bobby DarinEarly In The Morning2:18The Hit Singles Collection22002156
1131Bobby DarinQueen Of The Hop2:08The Hit Singles Collection32002137
1132Bobby DarinPlain Jane1:58The Hit Singles Collection42002143
1133Bobby DarinDream Lover2:32The Hit Singles Collection52002137
1134Bobby DarinMack The Knife3:06The Hit Singles Collection62002134
1135Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:51The Hit Singles Collection72002127
1136Bobby DarinClementine3:15The Hit Singles Collection82002213
1137Bobby DarinBill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home2:08The Hit Singles Collection92002128
1138Bobby DarinArtificial Flowers3:18The Hit Singles Collection102002134
1139Bobby DarinLazy River2:34The Hit Singles Collection112002129
1140Bobby DarinYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby2:15The Hit Singles Collection122002143
1141Bobby DarinIrresistable You2:36The Hit Singles Collection132002133
1142Bobby DarinMultiplication2:16The Hit Singles Collection142002129
1143Bobby DarinWhat'd I Say4:07The Hit Singles Collection152002137
1144Bobby DarinThings2:35The Hit Singles Collection162002187
1145Bobby DarinYou're The Reason I'm Living2:29The Hit Singles Collection172002179
1146Bobby Darin18 Yellow Roses2:20The Hit Singles Collection182002186
1147Bobby DarinIf I Were A Carpenter2:23The Hit Singles Collection192002192
1148Bobby DarinLovin' You2:12The Hit Singles Collection202002133
1149Bobby DarinMultiplication2:16The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'241961199
1150Bobby DarinChristmas Auld Lang Syne2:45The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1241994160
1151Bobby DarinSplish, Splash2:09Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958101987204
1152Bobby DarinDream Lover2:31Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 195951988152
1153Bobby DarinMore2:25Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler101996210
1154Bobby DarinBeyond The Sea2:49Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s191992183
1155Bobby DarinLazy River2:31Your Hit Parade - The '60s241993206
1156Bobby Darin18 Yellow Roses2:19Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s231993200
1157Bobby DarinMack The Knife3:12Your Hit Parade 19591 186
1158Bobby DarinSplish Splash2:11You've Got Mail (OST)31998181
1159Bobby Darin & His OrchestraTheme From Come September2:38More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)21999151
1160Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:36100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)81999233
1161Bobby DayLittle Bitty Pretty One2:21100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)81999195
1162Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:34Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)72004127
1163Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:37Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)181997179
1164Bobby DayOver And Over2:20The American Roots Of The British Invasion182002127
1165Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:35The Rock Box (Disc 2)9 145
1166Bobby DayRock-in Robin2:36Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958191987129
1167Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:40TM Century GoldDisc 60511991149
1168Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:38TM Century GoldDisc Update 6101991161
1169Bobby DayRockin' Robin2:35You've Got Mail (OST)71998215
1170Bobby Driscoll And Paul CollinsFollowing The Leader (Peter Pan 1953)1:36Classic Disney, Vol. 3191996125
1171Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins And Tommy LuskeYou Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (Peter Pan 1953)4:05Classic Disney, Vol. 1181995127
1172Bobby FreemanDo You Wanna Dance2:37American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)61973195
1173Bobby FreemanDo You Wanna Dance2:33Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)92007138
1174Bobby FreemanDo You Wanna Dance2:34The Essential Rock 'N' Roll Jukebox Vol.241999186
1175Bobby FreemanC'mon And Swim2:46The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1964101995174
1176Bobby FreemanDo You Wanna Dance2:38Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958221987129
1177Bobby FreemanDo You Want To Dance2:38TM Century GoldDisc Update 6221991170
1178Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The Law2:14Highs Of The Sixties181986236
1179Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The Law2:15One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)242001260
1180The Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The Law2:19The Rock Box (Disc 6)13 229
1181Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The Law2:17The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)13 204
1182Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The Law2:14Toga Rock71987238
1183The Bobby Fuller FourBaby My Heart2:15Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)102009150
1184Bobby GoldsboroSee The Funny Little Clown2:38AM Gold: 1964211995189
1185Bobby GoldsboroLittle Things2:27AM Gold: 1965211995204
1186Bobby GoldsboroHoney4:00AM Gold: 1968111995184
1187Bobby GoldsboroHoney3:55Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)72007208
1188Bobby GoldsboroSee The Funny Little Clown2:38Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)15 190
1189Bobby GoldsboroHoney4:00Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)7 185
1190Bobby GoldsboroSummer (The First Time)4:44Hit History Vol. 19 1973141990205
1191Bobby GoldsboroHoney3:57One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)52001267
1192Bobby GoldsboroMe Japanese Boy I Love You2:27The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)31998202
1193Bobby Gregg & His FriendsThe Jam Part 12:30Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)192005126
1194Bobby HebbSunny2:4140 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)142001208
1195Bobby HebbSunny2:43AM Gold: 196631995182
1196Bobby HebbSunny2:49Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)121997128
1197Bobby HelmsFraulein2:39Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)181996199
1198Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock (1957)2:11Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)11989128
1199Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock2:09Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)142001186
1200Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock2:11The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)132003174
1201Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock2:13The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)201987157
1202Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock2:11The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 121994163
1203Bobby Hughes CombinationOlympic Girls3:57Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)82003194
1204Bobby Lee TrammellShirley Lee1:46Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)232006127
1205Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin'2:15Animal House (OST)41978189
1206Bobby LewisOne Track Mind2:04Back to the '60s Volume V6 177
1207Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin'2:35Jukebox Hits Of 196121991250
1208Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin'2:33Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)1 207
1209Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin'2:19Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)112004127
1210Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin'2:35Sock Hoppin' Sixties51988206
1211Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your Mind (Parts 1 & 2)4:471960 - Still Rockin'23 151
1212Bobby MarchanMeet Me In Church3:11Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)82005129
1213Bobby MarchanShake Your Tambourine3:02Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)212005131
1214Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be Happy3:52100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)231997202
1215Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be Happy3:55Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)11989205
1216Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be Happy3:55Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)182002234
1217Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be Happy3:53One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 8)32001236
1218Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry, Be Happy4:54Simple Pleasures11988192
1219Bobby McFerrinAll I Want2:56Simple Pleasures21988195
1220Bobby McFerrinDrive My Car2:44Simple Pleasures31988202
1221Bobby McFerrinSimple Pleasures2:08Simple Pleasures41988193
1222Bobby McFerrinGood Lovin'2:58Simple Pleasures51988182
1223Bobby McFerrinCome To Me3:38Simple Pleasures61988201
1224Bobby McFerrinSuzie Q2:50Simple Pleasures71988191
1225Bobby McFerrinDrive3:58Simple Pleasures81988198
1226Bobby McFerrinThem Changes3:55Simple Pleasures91988193
1227Bobby McFerrinSunshine Of Your Love3:39Simple Pleasures101988187
1228Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry, Be Happy3:56Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 198851995204
1229Bobby Morse and Marlo ThomasDudley Pippin and His No-Friend1:28Free to Be... You and Me171972194
1230Bobby Pickett & Peter FerraraStardrek4:53Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space42002166
1231Bobby RydellKissin' Time2:14Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)212005127
1232Bobby RydellWe Got Love2:24Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)222005127
1233Bobby RydellWild One2:22Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)242005143
1234Bobby RydellSwingin' School2:16Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)252005131
1235Bobby RydellThe Cha-Cha-Cha2:32Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)92005129
1236Bobby RydellVolare2:28Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)102005128
1237Bobby RydellForget Him2:08Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)152005126
1238Bobby RydellWild One2:43Greatest Hits11989204
1239Bobby RydellForget Him2:06Greatest Hits21989206
1240Bobby RydellSwingin' School2:14Greatest Hits31989206
1241Bobby RydellWe Got Love2:22Greatest Hits41989208
1242Bobby RydellBobby's Girl2:19Greatest Hits51989223
1243Bobby RydellTell Him2:17Greatest Hits61989209
1244Bobby RydellRuby Ann1:57Greatest Hits71989203
1245Bobby RydellUp On The Roof2:31Greatest Hits81989210
1246Bobby RydellVolare2:40Greatest Hits91989217
1247Bobby RydellRemember Then2:09Greatest Hits101989215
1248Bobby RydellTelstar2:29Greatest Hits111989212
1249Bobby RydellSee See Rider2:29Greatest Hits121989201
1250Bobby RydellEverybody Loves A Lover2:36Greatest Hits131989193
1251Bobby RydellTwo Lovers2:43Greatest Hits141989195
1252Bobby RydellWhat's Your Name2:09Greatest Hits151989194
1253Bobby RydellI Know2:22Greatest Hits161989195
1254Bobby RydellVolare2:34Jukebox Hits Of 1960171991234
1255Bobby RydellWild One2:20The Rock Box (Disc 2)11 216
1256Bobby Rydell & Chubby CheckerTeach Me To Twist2:31Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)272005154
1257Bobby Rydell & Chubby CheckerJingle Bell Rock2:29Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)302005131
1258Bobby ScottChain Gang2:54Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s221992128
1259Bobby ShermanJulie, Do Ya Love Me2:5470s Music Explosion: Sunshine (Disc 2)122005192
1260Bobby ShermanJulie, Do Ya Love Me2:55Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)51995180
1261Bobby ShermanJulie, Do Ya Love Me2:55Teen Idols Of The 70's41999189
1262Bobby ShermanEasy Come, Easy Go2:42Teen Idols Of The 70's131999226
1263Bobby ShermanLittle Woman2:23The Very Best of Bobby Sherman11991232
1264Bobby ShermanLa La La (If I Had You)2:44The Very Best of Bobby Sherman21991242
1265Bobby ShermanEasy Come, Easy Go2:42The Very Best of Bobby Sherman31991228
1266Bobby ShermanSeattle3:27The Very Best of Bobby Sherman41991220
1267Bobby ShermanHey, Mister Sun2:32The Very Best of Bobby Sherman51991241
1268Bobby ShermanJulie, Do Ya Love Me?2:56The Very Best of Bobby Sherman61991204
1269Bobby ShermanCried Like A Baby3:20The Very Best of Bobby Sherman71991223
1270Bobby ShermanThe Drum2:20The Very Best of Bobby Sherman81991227
1271Bobby ShermanGetting Together1:57The Very Best of Bobby Sherman91991216
1272Bobby ShermanMr. Success2:07The Very Best of Bobby Sherman101991216
1273Bobby ShermanRunaway2:41The Very Best of Bobby Sherman111991214
1274Bobby ShermanOur Last Song Together3:49The Very Best of Bobby Sherman121991206
1275Bobby ShermanLa La La (If I Had You)2:50Yummy Yummy Yummy The Best of Bubble Gum Music81995197
1276Bobby Taylor & The VancouversDoes Your Mama Know About Me2:48Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)141992129
1277Bobby Taylor & The VancouversDoes Your Mama Know About Me2:55Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)32000194
1278Bobby The PoetWhite Christmas (3 O'Clock Weather Report)2:31Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)292005128
1279Bobby ValentinoSlow Down3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04202005138
1280Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:26100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)21997225
1281Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes2:36AM Gold: 1963201995184
1282Bobby VeeCome Back When You Grow Up2:42AM Gold: 1967141995170
1283Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:27Back to the '60s Volume V11 208
1284Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes2:36Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)111997207
1285Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes2:36Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)12 183
1286Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:27Hit History Vol. 7 1961121990195
1287Bobby VeeDevil Or Angel2:18Jukebox Hits Of 1960291991255
1288Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:28Jukebox Hits Of 196151991227
1289Bobby VeeCharms2:25Jukebox Hits Of 1963271991243
1290Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:20One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)32001216
1291Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:28Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)4 192
1292Bobby VeeOne Last Kiss2:02Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)91997201
1293Bobby VeeTake Good Care of My Baby2:30Still Rockin' 1961131989190
1294Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:21The Bobby Vee Singles Album11992207
1295Bobby VeeWell All Right2:17The Bobby Vee Singles Album21992226
1296Bobby VeeStayin' In2:04The Bobby Vee Singles Album31992204
1297Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:29The Bobby Vee Singles Album41992191
1298Bobby VeeWalkin' With My Angel2:18The Bobby Vee Singles Album51992201
1299Bobby VeeSharing You2:02The Bobby Vee Singles Album61992201
1300Bobby VeeYesterday And You (Armen's Theme)2:18The Bobby Vee Singles Album71992125
1301Bobby VeePunish Her1:56The Bobby Vee Singles Album81992199
1302Bobby VeeCome Back When You Grow Up2:15The Bobby Vee Singles Album91992201
1303Bobby VeeHow Many Tears2:03The Bobby Vee Singles Album101992205
1304Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes2:35The Bobby Vee Singles Album111992210
1305Bobby VeeOne Last Kiss1:59The Bobby Vee Singles Album121992200
1306Bobby VeeSweet Little Sixteen2:25The Bobby Vee Singles Album131992211
1307Bobby VeeBaby Face2:00The Bobby Vee Singles Album141992206
1308Bobby VeeRun To Him2:10The Bobby Vee Singles Album151992193
1309Bobby VeePlease Don't Ask About Barbara2:03The Bobby Vee Singles Album161992206
1310Bobby VeeDevil Or Angel2:19The Bobby Vee Singles Album171992202
1311Bobby VeeCharms2:12The Bobby Vee Singles Album181992205
1312Bobby VeeMore Than I Can Say2:30The Bobby Vee Singles Album191992200
1313Bobby VeeA Forever Kind Of Love2:24The Bobby Vee Singles Album201992215
1314Bobby VeeDevil Or Angel2:19The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)181960184
1315Bobby VeeRun To Him2:09The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'181961210
1316Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes2:36The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols81990204
1317Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:20The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols181990202
1318Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:27The Rock Box (Disc 1)2 215
1319Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:30The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)191997193
1320Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:30TM Century GoldDisc 605141991206
1321Bobby VeeRun to Him2:12TM Century GoldDisc Update 421991203
1322Bobby VeeCome Back When You Grow Up2:19TM Century GoldDisc Update 4111991207
1323Bobby VeeTake Good Care of My Baby2:40TM Century GoldDisc Update 6141991207
1324Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:50AM Gold: 1963171995185
1325Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:42AM Gold: 1964151995185
1326Bobby VintonBlue on Blue2:24AM Gold: Early '60s Classics191995204
1327Bobby VintonThere! I've Said It Again2:21AM Gold: The Mid '60s61995184
1328Bobby VintonMy Melody Of Love3:11Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits11990210
1329Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love)2:38Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits21990207
1330Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:49Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits31990196
1331Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:40Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits41990199
1332Bobby VintonI've Always Loved You3:45Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits51990198
1333Bobby VintonBlue On Blue3:11Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits61990207
1334Bobby VintonSealed With A Kiss2:45Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits71990207
1335Bobby VintonAre You Sincere3:08Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits81990191
1336Bobby VintonWhat Did You Do With Your Old 45's3:58Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits91990209
1337Bobby VintonBecause Of You2:43Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits101990197
1338Bobby VintonRoses Are Red2:39Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)71997198
1339Bobby VintonHurt2:59Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)31997192
1340Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:50Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)1 183
1341Bobby VintonPlease Love Me Forever2:37Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)12 182
1342Bobby VintonI Love How You Love Me2:32Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)10 179
1343Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love)2:41His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)11994244
1344Bobby VintonPlease Love Me Forever2:37His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)21994242
1345Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:50His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)31994229
1346Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:42His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)41994238
1347Bobby VintonTrouble Is My Middle Name2:29His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)51994237
1348Bobby VintonClinging Vine2:29His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)61994245
1349Bobby VintonTo Know You Is To Love You2:23His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)71994237
1350Bobby VintonMy Heart Belongs To Only You2:45His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)81994229
1351Bobby VintonComing Home Soldier2:32His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)91994226
1352Bobby VintonBlue On Blue2:32His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)101994249
1353Bobby VintonWhat Color (Is A Man)1:58His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)111994243
1354Bobby VintonEvery Day Of My Life2:50His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)121994259
1355Bobby VintonLonley2:26His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)131994234
1356Bobby VintonSatin Pillows2:27His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)141994256
1357Bobby VintonI Love You The Way You Are2:57His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)151994217
1358Bobby VintonLets Kiss And Make Up2:30His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)161994224
1359Bobby VintonMisty Blue2:16His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)171994237
1360Bobby VintonRain Rain Go Away2:57His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)181994227
1361Bobby VintonJust As Much As Ever2:22His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)191994231
1362Bobby VintonMy Melody Of Love3:08His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 1)201994272
1363Bobby VintonThere Goes That Song Again2:11His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)11994242
1364Bobby VintonI Remember You3:16His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)21994242
1365Bobby VintonSaturday Night2:35His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)31994236
1366Bobby VintonSomeday2:01His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)41994220
1367Bobby VintonSerenade Of The Bells2:41His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)51994232
1368Bobby VintonTo Each His Own2:40His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)61994250
1369Bobby VintonSentimental Journey3:08His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)71994242
1370Bobby VintonI'll Walk Alone2:29His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)81994227
1371Bobby VintonI'll Never Smile Again2:42His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)91994217
1372Bobby VintonThere, I've Said It Again2:23His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)101994232
1373Bobby VintonTell Me Why2:38His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)111994225
1374Bobby VintonOver The Mountain, Across The Sea2:27His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)121994224
1375Bobby VintonToo Young2:44His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)131994226
1376Bobby VintonMy Special Angel3:05His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)141994234
1377Bobby VintonWhen I Fall In Love2:19His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)151994236
1378Bobby VintonThe Twelfth Of Never2:10His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)161994232
1379Bobby VintonBlue Moon2:44His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)171994226
1380Bobby VintonLong Lonely Nights2:28His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)181994229
1381Bobby VintonSentimental Me2:54His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)191994226
1382Bobby VintonGoodnight, My Love2:19His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 2)201994243
1383Bobby VintonI Love How You Love Me2:32His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)11994222
1384Bobby VintonTake Good Care Of My Baby2:48His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)21994237
1385Bobby VintonSealed With A Kiss2:51His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)31994233
1386Bobby VintonHalfway To Paradise2:42His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)41994236
1387Bobby VintonMy Elusive Dreams3:16His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)51994244
1388Bobby VintonDum De Da2:08His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)61994184
1389Bobby VintonMoon River3:49His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)71994230
1390Bobby VintonTraces3:04His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)81994240
1391Bobby VintonThe Days Of Sand And Shovels3:47His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)91994231
1392Bobby VintonIn The Still Of The Night2:41His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)101994231
1393Bobby VintonThis Is My Song2:16His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)111994232
1394Bobby VintonTheme From "A Summer Place"2:28His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)121994232
1395Bobby VintonThis Guy's In Love With You3:10His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)131994238
1396Bobby VintonDear Heart2:53His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)141994237
1397Bobby VintonSunrise, Sunset2:29His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)151994230
1398Bobby VintonAround The World2:17His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)161994224
1399Bobby VintonThe Shadow Of Your Smile2:48His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)171994244
1400Bobby VintonUnchained Melody2:47His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)181994249
1401Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:53His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)191994259
1402Bobby VintonThere, I've Said In Again - Roses Are Red (Medley)5:39His Greatest Hits And Finest Performances (Disc 3)201994262
1403Bobby VintonOver The Mountain Across The Sea2:27Jukebox Hits Of 1963191991234
1404Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love) (From "Goodfellas")2:39Mob Hits II - More Music From The Great Mob Movies32000210
1405Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:49Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)71999210
1406Bobby VintonMy Heart Belongs To Only You2:42Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)6 209
1407Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:41Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)12 208
1408Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:49Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)6 186
1409Bobby VintonBlue On Blue2:25The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)181998213
1410Bobby VintonSealed with a Kiss2:49The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)161992213
1411Bobby VintonChristmas Eve In My Home Town2:43The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4142000188
1412Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love)2:40Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s151992190
1413Bobby VintonBlue On Blue2:24Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s101993215
1414Bobby WomackFly Me To The Moon2:57Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)161997129
1415Bobby WomackLookin' for a Love2:38Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)212001197
1416Bobby WomackThat's the Way I Feel About Cha3:18Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 781991173
1417BoDeansGood Things4:12Black And White11991250
1418BoDeansTrue Devotion4:34Black And White21991253
1419BoDeansBlack, White And Blood Red4:01Black And White31991252
1420BoDeansParadise3:40Black And White41991250
1421BoDeansAny Given Day3:49Black And White51991256
1422BoDeansForever On My Mind4:23Black And White61991255
1423BoDeansNaked3:38Black And White71991270
1424BoDeansLong Hard Day3:28Black And White81991250
1425BoDeansDo I Do4:13Black And White91991257
1426BoDeansHell Of A Chance4:42Black And White101991254
1427BoDeansBad For You4:01Black And White111991257
1428BoDeansGoing Home3:45Black And White121991260
1429BoDeansCloser To Free3:08Go Slow Down11993244
1430BoDeansSave A Little4:03Go Slow Down21993205
1431BoDeansIn Trow / Texas Ride Song5:18Go Slow Down31993226
1432BoDeansGo Slow Down3:37Go Slow Down41993215
1433BoDeansIdaho4:39Go Slow Down51993235
1434BoDeansFreedom4:34Go Slow Down61993208
1435BoDeansThe Other Side3:02Go Slow Down71993225
1436BoDeansStay On5:40Go Slow Down81993225
1437BoDeansFeed The Fire3:43Go Slow Down91993228
1438BoDeansCold Winter's Day4:21Go Slow Down101993207
1439BoDeansSomething's Telling Me5:57Go Slow Down111993130
1440BoDeansShe's So Fine (Veronica)2:39Go Slow Down121993187
1441BoDeansShe's A Runaway3:37Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams11986196
1442BoDeansFadeaway4:27Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams21986201
1443BoDeansStill The Night4:01Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams31986204
1444BoDeansRickshaw Riding4:56Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams41986195
1445BoDeansAngels3:33Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams51986207
1446BoDeansMisery4:38Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams61986210
1447BoDeansThe Strangest Kind3:45Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams71986189
1448BoDeansSay You Will4:05Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams81986202
1449BoDeansUltimately Fine2:17Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams91986199
1450BoDeansThat's All3:26Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams101986217
1451BoDeansLookin' For Me Somewhere3:01Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams111986192
1452BodyRockersI Like The Way3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0492006195
1453BohannonLet's Start To Dance Again4:42Disco Classics (Disc 1)112004242
1454BojouraEverybody's Day2:04Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)182001209
1455BojouraThe Letter3:35Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)32001210
1456Bomb The BaseBeat Dis3:20The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)201993225
1457Bon IverBlood Bank4:45Blood Bank (EP)12009187
1458Bon IverBeach Baby2:40Blood Bank (EP)22009131
1459Bon IverBabys4:43Blood Bank (EP)32009199
1460Bon IverWoods4:45Blood Bank (EP)42009185
1461Bon IverPerth4:22Bon Iver12011199
1462Bon IverMinnesota, WI3:52Bon Iver22011193
1463Bon IverHolocene5:36Bon Iver32011188
1464Bon IverTowers3:08Bon Iver42011198
1465Bon IverMichicant3:45Bon Iver52011194
1466Bon IverHinnom, TX2:45Bon Iver62011177
1467Bon IverWash.4:58Bon Iver72011184
1468Bon IverCalgary4:10Bon Iver82011194
1469Bon IverLisbon, OH1:33Bon Iver92011150
1470Bon IverBeth/Rest5:16Bon Iver102011179
1471Bon IverFlume3:39For Emma, Forever Ago12007151
1472Bon IverLump Sum3:21For Emma, Forever Ago22007170
1473Bon IverSkinny Love3:58For Emma, Forever Ago32007188
1474Bon IverThe Wolves (Act I And II)5:22For Emma, Forever Ago42007180
1475Bon IverBlindsided5:29For Emma, Forever Ago52007178
1476Bon IverCreature Fear3:06For Emma, Forever Ago62007143
1477Bon IverTeam1:56For Emma, Forever Ago72007172
1478Bon IverFor Emma3:40For Emma, Forever Ago82007200
1479Bon Iverre: Stacks6:41For Emma, Forever Ago92007169
1480Bon JoviIn And Out Of Love4:247800° Fahrenheit11985223
1481Bon JoviPrice Of Love4:147800° Fahrenheit21985215
1482Bon JoviOnly Lonely4:597800° Fahrenheit31985214
1483Bon JoviKing Of The Mountain3:547800° Fahrenheit41985207
1484Bon JoviSilent Night5:047800° Fahrenheit51985192
1485Bon JoviTokyo Road5:417800° Fahrenheit61985209
1486Bon JoviHardest Part Is The Night4:227800° Fahrenheit71985206
1487Bon JoviAlways Run To You4:597800° Fahrenheit81985212
1488Bon JoviTo The Fire4:267800° Fahrenheit91985203
1489Bon JoviSecret Dreams4:527800° Fahrenheit101985197
1490Bon JoviBack Door Santa3:53A Very Special Christmas131987214
1491Bon JoviRunaway3:50Bon Jovi11984215
1492Bon JoviRoulette4:40Bon Jovi21984192
1493Bon JoviShe Don't Know Me3:58Bon Jovi31984202
1494Bon JoviShot Through the Heart4:18Bon Jovi41984205
1495Bon JoviLove Lies4:08Bon Jovi51984200
1496Bon JoviBreakout5:22Bon Jovi61984217
1497Bon JoviBurning for Love3:53Bon Jovi71984198
1498Bon JoviCome Back3:57Bon Jovi81984194
1499Bon JoviGet Ready4:07Bon Jovi91984217
1500Bon JoviUndivided3:53Bounce12002210
1501Bon JoviEveryday2:59Bounce22002239
1502Bon JoviThe Distance4:48Bounce32002236
1503Bon JoviJoey4:54Bounce42002225
1504Bon JoviMisunderstood3:30Bounce52002213
1505Bon JoviAll About Lovin' You3:46Bounce62002223
1506Bon JoviHook Me Up3:54Bounce72002225
1507Bon JoviRight Side Of Wrong5:50Bounce82002189
1508Bon JoviLove Me Back To Life4:09Bounce92002223
1509Bon JoviYou Had Me From Hello3:49Bounce102002181
1510Bon JoviBounce3:12Bounce112002237
1511Bon JoviOpen All Night4:19Bounce122002179
1512Bon JoviLivin' On A Prayer4:11Cross Road11994218
1513Bon JoviKeep The Faith5:44Cross Road21994212
1514Bon JoviSomeday I'll Be Saturday Night4:39Cross Road31994233
1515Bon JoviAlways5:53Cross Road41994204
1516Bon JoviWanted Dead Or Alive5:07Cross Road51994205
1517Bon JoviLay Your Hands On Me5:58Cross Road61994225
1518Bon JoviYou Give Love A Bad Name3:44Cross Road71994230
1519Bon JoviBed Of Roses6:35Cross Road81994199
1520Bon JoviBlaze Of Glory5:40Cross Road91994209
1521Bon JoviPrayer '945:17Cross Road101994209
1522Bon JoviBad Medicine5:16Cross Road111994225
1523Bon JoviI'll Be There For You5:41Cross Road121994196
1524Bon JoviIn & Out Of Love4:27Cross Road131994235
1525Bon JoviRunaway3:52Cross Road141994245
1526Bon JoviIt's My Life3:44Crush12000212
1527Bon JoviSay It Isn't So3:33Crush22000231
1528Bon JoviThank You For Loving Me5:08Crush32000208
1529Bon JoviTwo Story Town5:10Crush42000212
1530Bon JoviNext 100 Years6:19Crush52000230
1531Bon JoviJust Older4:28Crush62000221
1532Bon JoviMystery Train5:14Crush72000198
1533Bon JoviSave The World5:32Crush82000208
1534Bon JoviCaptain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars4:31Crush92000234
1535Bon JoviShe's A Mystery5:18Crush102000173
1536Bon JoviI Got The Girl4:36Crush112000240
1537Bon JoviOne Wild Night4:42Crush122000219
1538Bon JoviHave A Nice Day3:49Have A Nice Day12005237
1539Bon JoviI Want To Be Loved3:49Have A Nice Day22005247
1540Bon JoviWelcome To Wherever You Are3:47Have A Nice Day32005236
1541Bon JoviWho Says You Can't Go Home4:40Have A Nice Day42005258
1542Bon JoviLast Man Standing4:37Have A Nice Day52005251
1543Bon JoviBells Of Freedom4:55Have A Nice Day62005243
1544Bon JoviWildflower4:13Have A Nice Day72005213
1545Bon JoviLast Cigarette3:38Have A Nice Day82005224
1546Bon JoviI Am3:53Have A Nice Day92005254
1547Bon JoviComplicated3:37Have A Nice Day102005236
1548Bon JoviNovocaine4:49Have A Nice Day112005208
1549Bon JoviStory Of My Life4:08Have A Nice Day122005246
1550Bon JoviWho Says You Can't Go Home (Duet With Jennifer Nettles Of Sugarland)3:50Have A Nice Day132005240
1551Bon JoviI Believe5:46Keep The Faith11992213
1552Bon JoviKeep The Faith5:47Keep The Faith21992211
1553Bon JoviI'll Sleep When I'm Dead4:43Keep The Faith31992206
1554Bon JoviIn These Arms5:19Keep The Faith41992216
1555Bon JoviBed Of Roses6:34Keep The Faith51992196
1556Bon JoviIf I Was Your Mother4:28Keep The Faith61992214
1557Bon JoviDry County9:52Keep The Faith71992202
1558Bon JoviWoman In Love6:55Keep The Faith81992211
1559Bon JoviFear5:36Keep The Faith91992194
1560Bon JoviI Want You4:24Keep The Faith101992204
1561Bon JoviBlame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll5:46Keep The Faith111992213
1562Bon JoviLittle Bit Of Soul5:57Keep The Faith121992215
1563Bon JoviLost Highway4:14Lost Highway12007241
1564Bon JoviSummertime3:18Lost Highway22007247
1565Bon Jovi(You Want To) Make A Memory4:37Lost Highway32007195
1566Bon JoviWhole Lot Of Leavin'4:17Lost Highway42007229
1567Bon JoviWe Got It Going On (Feat. Big & Rich)4:13Lost Highway52007243
1568Bon JoviAny Other Day4:03Lost Highway62007233
1569Bon JoviSeat Next To You4:23Lost Highway72007204
1570Bon JoviEverybody's Broken4:13Lost Highway82007228
1571Bon JoviTill We Ain't Strangers Anymore (Feat. Leann Rimes)4:44Lost Highway92007198
1572Bon JoviThe Last Night3:33Lost Highway102007248
1573Bon JoviOne Step Closer3:37Lost Highway112007232
1574Bon JoviI Love This Town4:38Lost Highway122007246
1575Bon JoviWalk Like A Man4:29Lost Highway132007245
1576Bon JoviI Love This Town (Live From The Cannery Ballroom)4:46Lost Highway142007229
1577Bon JoviLay Your Hands on Me5:59New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]11988199
1578Bon JoviBad Medicine5:16New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]21988203
1579Bon JoviBorn to Be My Baby4:40New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]31988194
1580Bon JoviLiving in Sin4:39New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]41988195
1581Bon JoviBlood on Blood6:16New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]51988191
1582Bon JoviHomebound Train5:10New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]61988193
1583Bon JoviWild Is the Wind5:08New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]71988193
1584Bon JoviRide Cowboy Ride1:24New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]81988152
1585Bon JoviStick to Your Guns4:45New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]91988195
1586Bon JoviI'll Be There for You5:46New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]101988183
1587Bon Jovi99 in the Shade4:29New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]111988196
1588Bon JoviLove for Sale4:01New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]121988203
1589Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name (Live)3:53New Jersey [Japan Bonus Track]131988204
1590Bon JoviEveryday2:57Now That's What I Call Music! 11202002245
1591Bon JoviHave A Nice Day3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-09172005240
1592Bon JoviWho Says You Can't Go Home3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-04192006260
1593Bon Jovi(You Want To) Make A Memory4:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-05142007193
1594Bon JoviWhat Do You Got?3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-10212010159
1595Bon JoviLet It Rock5:23Slippery When Wet11986209
1596Bon JoviYou Give Love A Bad Name3:43Slippery When Wet21986199
1597Bon JoviLivin' On A Prayer4:10Slippery When Wet31986201
1598Bon JoviSocial Disease4:18Slippery When Wet41986208
1599Bon JoviWanted Dead Or Alive5:10Slippery When Wet51986192
1600Bon JoviRaise Your Hands4:18Slippery When Wet61986199
1601Bon JoviWithout Love3:40Slippery When Wet71986198
1602Bon JoviI'd Die For You4:32Slippery When Wet81986209
1603Bon JoviNever Say Goodbye4:50Slippery When Wet91986185
1604Bon JoviWild In The Streets3:54Slippery When Wet101986206
1605Bon JoviWe Weren't Born To Follow4:03The Circle12009228
1606Bon JoviWhen We Were Beautiful5:18The Circle22009203
1607Bon JoviWork For The Working Man4:04The Circle32009226
1608Bon JoviSuperman Tonight5:12The Circle42009222
1609Bon JoviBullet3:50The Circle52009236
1610Bon JoviThorn In My Side4:07The Circle62009233
1611Bon JoviLive Before You Die4:18The Circle72009209
1612Bon JoviBrokenpromiseland4:57The Circle82009230
1613Bon JoviLove's The Only Rule4:38The Circle92009224
1614Bon JoviFast Cars3:16The Circle102009216
1615Bon JoviHappy Now4:21The Circle112009235
1616Bon JoviLearn To Love4:39The Circle122009210
1617Bon JoviHey God6:10These Days11995238
1618Bon JoviSomething For The Pain4:48These Days21995229
1619Bon JoviThis Ain't A Love Song5:06These Days31995202
1620Bon JoviThese Days6:27These Days41995208
1621Bon JoviLie To Me5:34These Days51995198
1622Bon JoviDamned4:33These Days61995217
1623Bon JoviMy Guitar Lies Bleeding In Your Arms5:41These Days71995199
1624Bon Jovi(It's Hard) Letting You Go5:51These Days81995180
1625Bon JoviHearts Breaking Even5:06These Days91995212
1626Bon JoviSomething To Believe In5:25These Days101995198
1627Bon JoviIf That's What It Takes5:17These Days111995215
1628Bon JoviDiamond Ring3:45These Days121995179
1629Bon JoviFields Of Fire [Demo]4:12These Days (Bonus Disc)11996220
1630Bon JoviI Thank You3:14These Days (Bonus Disc)21996220
1631Bon JoviMrs. Robinson3:21These Days (Bonus Disc)31996194
1632Bon JoviLet's Make It Baby [Demo]6:19These Days (Bonus Disc)41996195
1633Bon JoviI Don't Like Mondays [Live]5:57These Days (Bonus Disc)51996164
1634Bon JoviCrazy [Live]3:30These Days (Bonus Disc)61996185
1635Bon JoviTumblin' Dice [Live]4:18These Days (Bonus Disc)71996217
1636Bon JoviHeaven Help Us [Live]4:36These Days (Bonus Disc)81996195
1637Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyLook Into My Eyes4:27Batman & Robin (OST)21997201
1638Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyCarole of the Bones0:52Greatest Hits (Disc 1)12004206
1639Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyThuggish Ruggish Bone4:40Greatest Hits (Disc 1)22004218
1640Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyFoe tha Love of $ (feat. Eazy-E)4:32Greatest Hits (Disc 1)32004203
1641Bone Thugs-N-Harmony1st of tha Month5:14Greatest Hits (Disc 1)42004207
1642Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyShoot 'Em Up5:15Greatest Hits (Disc 1)52004167
1643Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBuddah Lovaz4:42Greatest Hits (Disc 1)62004204
1644Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyDays of Our Livez5:49Greatest Hits (Disc 1)72004195
1645Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyTha Crossroads3:42Greatest Hits (Disc 1)82004208
1646Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyThug Luv (feat. Tupac)5:07Greatest Hits (Disc 1)92004204
1647Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyNotorious Thugs (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)6:05Greatest Hits (Disc 1)102004227
1648Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBreakdown (feat. Mariah Carey)4:42Greatest Hits (Disc 1)112004203
1649Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyAll Good (feat. Mo Thug Family)3:57Greatest Hits (Disc 1)122004207
1650Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyLook Into My Eyes4:19Greatest Hits (Disc 2)12004200
1651Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBlaze It2:08Greatest Hits (Disc 2)22004186
1652Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyGet 'Cha Thug On4:02Greatest Hits (Disc 2)32004167
1653Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyThug Mentality4:20Greatest Hits (Disc 2)42004224
1654Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyResurrection (Paper, Paper)5:10Greatest Hits (Disc 2)52004208
1655Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyEcstasy5:43Greatest Hits (Disc 2)62004176
1656Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyWeed Song4:09Greatest Hits (Disc 2)72004161
1657Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyStill the Greatest (feat. Big Chan)5:28Greatest Hits (Disc 2)82004203
1658Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyGet Up and Get It (feat. 3LW And Felecia)4:00Greatest Hits (Disc 2)92004189
1659Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyMoney, Money5:26Greatest Hits (Disc 2)102004187
1660Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyGhetto Cowboy5:24Greatest Hits (Disc 2)112004212
1661Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyThugz Cry3:46Greatest Hits (Disc 2)122004205
1662Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyHome (feat. Phil Collins)5:18Greatest Hits (Disc 2)132004216
1663Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyCleveland Is the City (feat. Avant)5:00Greatest Hits (Disc 2)142004188
1664Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyTha Crossroads3:48Tha Crossroads (Single)11996204
1665Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyTha Crossroads (Instrumental)3:48Tha Crossroads (Single)21996203
1666Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyCrossroad (LP Version)3:33Tha Crossroads (Single)31996201
1667Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyCrossroad (LP Version) (Instrumental)3:24Tha Crossroads (Single)41996209
1668Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyTha Crossroads3:45The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)32004204
1669Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. AkonI Tried4:47Now That's What I Call Music! 25132007170
1670Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Mariah Carey & Bow WowLil Love3:52Nu Music Traxx Vol. 215 July 2007122007221
1671Boney M.Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord5:09Christmas Hits 1978160
1672Boney M.Little Drummer Boy4:21Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)141995192
1673Boney M.Rivers Of Babylon3:45Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)102000214
1674Boney M.Sunny3:16Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)102000222
1675Boney M.Auld Lang Syne2:34The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs16 166
1676Boney M.Rivers Of Babylon3:47The Best Of Boney M.11998204
1677Boney M.Ma Baker4:37The Best Of Boney M.21998209
1678Boney M.Rasputin5:54The Best Of Boney M.31998226
1679Boney M.He Was A Steppenwolf6:53The Best Of Boney M.41998205
1680Boney M.Daddy Cool3:29The Best Of Boney M.51998223
1681Boney M.Motherless Child4:59The Best Of Boney M.61998221
1682Boney M.Brown Girl In The Ring4:04The Best Of Boney M.71998207
1683Boney M.Sunny3:18The Best Of Boney M.81998209
1684Boney M.No Woman, No Cry3:38The Best Of Boney M.91998203
1685Boney M.Mary's Boy Child4:25The Best Of Boney M.101998200
1686Boney M.Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday3:12The Best Of Boney M.111998221
1687Boney M.Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night5:35The Best Of Boney M.121998220
1688Boney M.Voodoonight3:33The Best Of Boney M.131998213
1689Boney M.Still I'm Sad4:36The Best Of Boney M.141998198
1690Boney M.Nightflight To Venus4:49The Best Of Boney M.151998208
1691Boney M.Heart Of Gold4:07The Best Of Boney M.161998207
1692Boney M.Gotta Go Home4:40The Best Of Boney M.171998207
1693Bonnie GuitarDark Moon2:38Country Girls 3131995167
1694Bonnie GuitarDark Moon2:41Lost Treasures Volume 222 127
1695Bonnie McKeeSomebody3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04122005215
1696Bonnie PointerHeaven Must Have Sent You3:35Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)131993212
1697Bonnie RaittBluebird3:30Bonnie Raitt11971203
1698Bonnie RaittMighty Tight Woman4:21Bonnie Raitt21971206
1699Bonnie RaittThank You2:51Bonnie Raitt31971176
1700Bonnie RaittFinest Lovin' Man4:43Bonnie Raitt41971207
1701Bonnie RaittAny Day Woman2:24Bonnie Raitt51971187
1702Bonnie RaittBig Road3:32Bonnie Raitt61971190
1703Bonnie RaittWalking Blues2:40Bonnie Raitt71971209
1704Bonnie RaittDanger Heartbreak Dead Ahead2:53Bonnie Raitt81971198
1705Bonnie RaittSince I Fell For You3:05Bonnie Raitt91971172
1706Bonnie RaittI Ain't Blue3:36Bonnie Raitt101971184
1707Bonnie RaittWomen Be Wise4:09Bonnie Raitt111971177
1708Bonnie RaittThe Fundamental Things3:45Fundamental11998195
1709Bonnie RaittCure For Love4:11Fundamental21998197
1710Bonnie RaittRound & Round3:15Fundamental31998216
1711Bonnie RaittSpirit Of Love4:44Fundamental41998198
1712Bonnie RaittLover's Will4:29Fundamental51998193
1713Bonnie RaittBlue For No Reason4:12Fundamental61998221
1714Bonnie RaittMeet Me Half Way4:16Fundamental71998180
1715Bonnie RaittI'm On Your Side3:44Fundamental81998203
1716Bonnie RaittFearless Love4:08Fundamental91998194
1717Bonnie RaittI Need Love2:41Fundamental101998206
1718Bonnie RaittOne Belief Away4:37Fundamental111998185
1719Bonnie RaittGive It Up or Let Me Go4:30Give It Up11972194
1720Bonnie RaittNothing Seems to Matter4:05Give It Up21972196
1721Bonnie RaittI Know3:48Give It Up31972196
1722Bonnie RaittIf You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody3:00Give It Up41972195
1723Bonnie RaittLove Me Like a Man3:12Give It Up51972202
1724Bonnie RaittToo Long at the Fair2:58Give It Up61972186
1725Bonnie RaittUnder the Falling Sky3:45Give It Up71972208
1726Bonnie RaittYou Got to Know How3:36Give It Up81972189
1727Bonnie RaittYou Told Me Baby4:12Give It Up91972208
1728Bonnie RaittLove Has No Pride3:46Give It Up101972182
1729Bonnie RaittKeep This Heart In Mind3:20Green Light11982185
1730Bonnie RaittRiver Of Tears4:54Green Light21982176
1731Bonnie RaittCan't Get Enough2:51Green Light31982174
1732Bonnie RaittWillya Wontcha3:22Green Light41982180
1733Bonnie RaittLet's Keep It Between Us4:43Green Light51982168
1734Bonnie RaittMe And The Boys3:39Green Light61982208
1735Bonnie RaittI Can't Help Myself3:06Green Light71982184
1736Bonnie RaittBaby Come Back2:48Green Light81982205
1737Bonnie RaittTalk To Me3:22Green Light91982182
1738Bonnie RaittGreen Lights3:14Green Light101982196
1739Bonnie RaittWhat Do You Want The Boy To Do3:20Home Plate11975197
1740Bonnie RaittGood Enough2:57Home Plate21975183
1741Bonnie RaittRun Like A Thief3:02Home Plate31975187
1742Bonnie RaittFool Yourself3:05Home Plate41975193
1743Bonnie RaittMy First Night Alone Without You3:04Home Plate51975193
1744Bonnie RaittWalk Out The Front Door3:10Home Plate61975186
1745Bonnie RaittSugar Mama3:47Home Plate71975188
1746Bonnie RaittPleasin' Each Other3:45Home Plate81975190
1747Bonnie RaittI'm Blowin' Away3:26Home Plate91975181
1748Bonnie RaittSweet And Shiny Eyes2:44Home Plate101975180
1749Bonnie RaittLove Sneakin' Up On You3:41Longing In Their Hearts11994203
1750Bonnie RaittLonging In Their Hearts4:48Longing In Their Hearts21994214
1751Bonnie RaittYou4:27Longing In Their Hearts31994197
1752Bonnie RaittCool, Clear Water5:27Longing In Their Hearts41994202
1753Bonnie RaittCircle Dance4:11Longing In Their Hearts51994176
1754Bonnie RaittI Sho Do3:38Longing In Their Hearts61994209
1755Bonnie RaittDimming Of The Day3:39Longing In Their Hearts71994165
1756Bonnie RaittFeeling Of Falling6:17Longing In Their Hearts81994190
1757Bonnie RaittSteal Your Heart Away5:44Longing In Their Hearts91994211
1758Bonnie RaittStorm Warning4:31Longing In Their Hearts101994195
1759Bonnie RaittHell To Pay4:03Longing In Their Hearts111994191
1760Bonnie RaittShadow Of Doubt4:26Longing In Their Hearts121994192
1761Bonnie RaittSomething To Talk About3:48Luck Of The Draw11991196
1762Bonnie RaittGood Man, Good Woman3:33Luck Of The Draw21991204
1763Bonnie RaittI Can't Make You Love Me5:33Luck Of The Draw31991176
1764Bonnie RaittTangled & Dark4:53Luck Of The Draw41991205
1765Bonnie RaittCome To Me4:20Luck Of The Draw51991199
1766Bonnie RaittNo Business4:24Luck Of The Draw61991203
1767Bonnie RaittOne Part Be My Lover5:06Luck Of The Draw71991180
1768Bonnie RaittNot The Only One5:03Luck Of The Draw81991194
1769Bonnie RaittPapa Come Quick (Jody & Chico)2:43Luck Of The Draw91991216
1770Bonnie RaittSlow Ride3:59Luck Of The Draw101991196
1771Bonnie RaittLuck Of The Draw5:17Luck Of The Draw111991202
1772Bonnie RaittAll At Once5:03Luck Of The Draw121991180
1773Bonnie RaittNick of Time3:53Nick of Time11989196
1774Bonnie RaittThing Called Love3:52Nick of Time21989211
1775Bonnie RaittLove Letter4:04Nick of Time31989192
1776Bonnie RaittCry On My Shoulder3:44Nick of Time41989200
1777Bonnie RaittReal Man4:27Nick of Time51989203
1778Bonnie RaittNobody's Girl3:14Nick of Time61989182
1779Bonnie RaittHave a Heart4:50Nick of Time71989190
1780Bonnie RaittToo Soon To Tell3:45Nick of Time81989183
1781Bonnie RaittI Will Not Be Denied4:55Nick of Time91989185
1782Bonnie RaittI Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again2:38Nick of Time101989166
1783Bonnie RaittThe Road's My Middle Name3:31Nick of Time111989179
1784Bonnie RaittNo Way To Treat A Lady3:51Nine Lives11986193
1785Bonnie RaittRunnin' Back To Me4:14Nine Lives21986200
1786Bonnie RaittWho But A Fool (Thief Into Paradise)4:26Nine Lives31986194
1787Bonnie RaittCrime Of Passion4:20Nine Lives41986204
1788Bonnie RaittAll Day, All Night4:04Nine Lives51986198
1789Bonnie RaittStand Up To The Night4:43Nine Lives61986195
1790Bonnie RaittExcited3:12Nine Lives71986174
1791Bonnie RaittFreezin' (For A Little Human Love)4:59Nine Lives81986188
1792Bonnie RaittTrue Love Is Hard To Find4:35Nine Lives91986177
1793Bonnie RaittAngel4:00Nine Lives101986165
1794Bonnie RaittThing Called Love4:48Road Tested (Disc 1)11995220
1795Bonnie RaittThree Time Loser3:38Road Tested (Disc 1)21995219
1796Bonnie RaittLove Letter4:38Road Tested (Disc 1)31995203
1797Bonnie RaittNever Make Your Move Too Soon3:32Road Tested (Disc 1)41995209
1798Bonnie RaittSomething To Talk About3:43Road Tested (Disc 1)51995216
1799Bonnie RaittMatters Of The Heart4:59Road Tested (Disc 1)61995195
1800Bonnie RaittShake A Little4:39Road Tested (Disc 1)71995203
1801Bonnie RaittHave A Heart5:45Road Tested (Disc 1)81995200
1802Bonnie RaittLove Me Like A Man5:11Road Tested (Disc 1)91995198
1803Bonnie RaittThe Kokomo Medley5:00Road Tested (Disc 1)101995198
1804Bonnie RaittLouise3:46Road Tested (Disc 1)111995190
1805Bonnie RaittDimming Of The Day4:18Road Tested (Disc 1)121995190
1806Bonnie RaittLonging In Their Hearts5:02Road Tested (Disc 2)11995221
1807Bonnie RaittCome To Me5:02Road Tested (Disc 2)21995216
1808Bonnie RaittLove Sneakin' Up On You3:52Road Tested (Disc 2)31995210
1809Bonnie RaittBurning Down The House4:02Road Tested (Disc 2)41995219
1810Bonnie RaittI Can't Make You Love Me5:44Road Tested (Disc 2)51995183
1811Bonnie RaittFeeling Of Falling6:44Road Tested (Disc 2)61995205
1812Bonnie RaittI Believe I'm In Love With You4:20Road Tested (Disc 2)71995219
1813Bonnie RaittRock Steady4:12Road Tested (Disc 2)81995217
1814Bonnie RaittMy Opening Farewell4:57Road Tested (Disc 2)91995179
1815Bonnie RaittAngel From Montgomery5:16Road Tested (Disc 2)101995172
1816Bonnie RaittFool's Game4:06Silver Lining12002243
1817Bonnie RaittI Can't Help You Now3:14Silver Lining22002230
1818Bonnie RaittSilver Lining6:17Silver Lining32002238
1819Bonnie RaittTime of Our Lives4:00Silver Lining42002235
1820Bonnie RaittGnawin' on it4:44Silver Lining52002248
1821Bonnie RaittMonkey Business3:36Silver Lining62002242
1822Bonnie RaittWherever You May Be5:31Silver Lining72002219
1823Bonnie RaittValley of Pain4:27Silver Lining82002246
1824Bonnie RaittHear Me Lord5:09Silver Lining92002243
1825Bonnie RaittNo Gettin' Over You4:45Silver Lining102002237
1826Bonnie RaittBack Around5:15Silver Lining112002234
1827Bonnie RaittWounded Heart4:13Silver Lining122002215
1828Bonnie RaittI Will Not Be Broken3:39Souls Alike12005196
1829Bonnie RaittGod Was In The Water5:15Souls Alike22005211
1830Bonnie RaittLove On One Condition3:41Souls Alike32005206
1831Bonnie RaittSo Close3:19Souls Alike42005198
1832Bonnie RaittTrinkets5:00Souls Alike52005196
1833Bonnie RaittCrooked Crown3:47Souls Alike62005204
1834Bonnie RaittUnnecessarily Mercenary3:49Souls Alike72005214
1835Bonnie RaittI Don't Want Anything To Change4:26Souls Alike82005194
1836Bonnie RaittDeep Water3:56Souls Alike92005200
1837Bonnie RaittTwo Lights In The Nighttime4:20Souls Alike102005217
1838Bonnie RaittThe Bed I Made4:59Souls Alike112005176
1839Bonnie RaittThat Song About The Midway4:43Streetlights11974191
1840Bonnie RaittRainy Day Man3:38Streetlights21974196
1841Bonnie RaittAngel From Montgomery3:59Streetlights31974198
1842Bonnie RaittI Got Plenty3:10Streetlights41974197
1843Bonnie RaittStreet Lights5:04Streetlights51974198
1844Bonnie RaittWhat Is Success3:31Streetlights61974203
1845Bonnie RaittAin't Nobody Home3:04Streetlights71974202
1846Bonnie RaittEverything That Touches You3:30Streetlights81974195
1847Bonnie RaittGot You On My Mind3:51Streetlights91974193
1848Bonnie RaittYou Got To Be Ready For Love (If You Wanna Be Mine)3:08Streetlights101974202
1849Bonnie RaittAbout To Make Me Leave Home4:15Sweet Forgiveness11977188
1850Bonnie RaittRunaway3:57Sweet Forgiveness21977201
1851Bonnie RaittTwo Lives3:49Sweet Forgiveness31977188
1852Bonnie RaittLouise2:45Sweet Forgiveness41977192
1853Bonnie RaittGamblin' Man3:27Sweet Forgiveness51977206
1854Bonnie RaittSweet Forgiveness4:12Sweet Forgiveness61977199
1855Bonnie RaittMy Opening Farewell5:21Sweet Forgiveness71977198
1856Bonnie RaittThree Time Loser3:19Sweet Forgiveness81977199
1857Bonnie RaittTakin' My Time3:37Sweet Forgiveness91977204
1858Bonnie RaittHome3:25Sweet Forgiveness101977182
1859Bonnie RaittYou've Been In Love Too Long3:45Takin' My Time11973202
1860Bonnie RaittI Gave My Love A Candle4:23Takin' My Time21973192
1861Bonnie RaittLet Me In3:40Takin' My Time31973208
1862Bonnie RaittEverybody's Crying Mercy3:28Takin' My Time41973190
1863Bonnie RaittCry Like A Rainstorm3:56Takin' My Time51973187
1864Bonnie RaittWah She Go Do3:15Takin' My Time61973204
1865Bonnie RaittI Feel The Same4:41Takin' My Time71973199
1866Bonnie RaittI Thought I Was A Child3:48Takin' My Time81973191
1867Bonnie RaittKokomo Blues/Write Me A Few Of Your Lines3:38Takin' My Time91973197
1868Bonnie RaittGuilty2:58Takin' My Time101973195
1869Bonnie RaittI Thank You2:51The Glow11979202
1870Bonnie RaittYour Good Thing (Is About To End)4:01The Glow21979196
1871Bonnie RaittStandin' By The Same Old Love4:12The Glow31979202
1872Bonnie RaittSleep's Dark And Silent Gate3:27The Glow41979188
1873Bonnie RaittThe Glow4:12The Glow51979183
1874Bonnie RaittBye Bye Baby3:19The Glow61979200
1875Bonnie RaittThe Boy Can't Help It3:41The Glow71979198
1876Bonnie Raitt(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend2:54The Glow81979197
1877Bonnie RaittYou're Gonna Get What's Coming3:32The Glow91979208
1878Bonnie Raitt(Goin') Wild For You Baby5:26The Glow101979199
1879Bonnie RaittRunaway3:25Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two31991207
1880Bonnie RaittDon't It Make Ya Wanna Dance3:30Urban Cowboy (OST)101980204
1881Bonnie RaittDarlin'2:36Urban Cowboy (OST)161980175
1882Bonnie Raitt & Charles BrownMerry Christmas Baby4:32A Very Special Christmas 2131992183
1883Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:3370s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)72005208
1884Bonnie TylerLost In France3:55A Decade Of Pop The 70's16 201
1885Bonnie TylerLost In France3:54Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 1)6 211
1886Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:28Country Complete (Disc 4)101997208
1887Bonnie TylerHolding Out For A Hero5:50Footloose (OST) (15th Anniversary Collector's Edition)41984237
1888Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse Of The Heart5:35Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)182002235
1889Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:30Living In The 70's (Disc 2)161995211
1890Bonnie TylerLost In France3:55Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)141995204
1891Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse Of The Heart6:56Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone142000209
1892Bonnie TylerLost In France3:56Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 4)82000204
1893Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart6:59Super Hits11999210
1894Bonnie TylerHave You Ever Seen the Rain?4:08Super Hits21999226
1895Bonnie TylerRavishing6:25Super Hits31999207
1896Bonnie TylerIf You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)5:16Super Hits41999202
1897Bonnie TylerLoving You's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It7:48Super Hits51999200
1898Bonnie TylerTake Me Back5:22Super Hits61999215
1899Bonnie TylerRebel Without a Clue8:36Super Hits71999228
1900Bonnie TylerFaster Than the Speed of Night6:42Super Hits81999216
1901Bonnie TylerHere She Comes3:48Super Hits91999191
1902Bonnie TylerHolding out for a Hero5:49Super Hits101999232
1903Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:34Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2191993203
1904Bonnie TylerLost In France3:54The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)101999209
1905Bonnie TylerMore Than A Lover4:11The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)4 201
1906Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:28The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)41999208
1907Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:32Then '70s: Totally Oldies 692003214
1908Bonnie TylerIt's A Heartache3:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)192001217
1909Bonnie TylerMaking Love (Out Of Nothing At All)4:15Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 2)122001182
1910Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse Of The Heart5:37Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love122003196
1911BonoLucy In The Sky With Diamonds4:23Across The Universe (OST) [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)162007200
1912Bono & Secret MachinesI Am The Walrus4:47Across The Universe (OST) [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)12007212
1913Bono & The Edge feat. Jay-Z & RihannaStranded (Haiti Mon Amour) (Hyrbrid Mix)4:21U2 - Duals132011205
1914Bono feat. Danny LanoisFalling at Your Feet4:54U2 - Duals32011175
1915Bono, Gavin Friday and Maurice SeezerChildren of the Revolution2:59Moulin Rouge (OST)72001212
1916Bonus TrackBonus Track2:14A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas252003189
1917The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah BandI'm The Urban Spaceman2:2340 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)22001217
1918Boogaloo JoeSweetback7:18Groovy Organ Funk101992198
1919Boogie Down ProductionsPoetry5:03Criminal Minded11987203
1920Boogie Down ProductionsSouth Bronx5:11Criminal Minded21987203
1921Boogie Down Productions9mm Goes Bang4:19Criminal Minded31987216
1922Boogie Down ProductionsWord From Our Sponsor3:54Criminal Minded41987190
1923Boogie Down ProductionsElementary4:06Criminal Minded51987213
1924Boogie Down ProductionsDope Beat5:16Criminal Minded61987193
1925Boogie Down ProductionsRemix For P Is Free4:20Criminal Minded71987218
1926Boogie Down ProductionsThe Bridge Is Over3:27Criminal Minded81987189
1927Boogie Down ProductionsSuper-Hoe5:30Criminal Minded91987205
1928Boogie Down ProductionsCriminal Minded5:20Criminal Minded101987194
1929Boogie Down ProductionsScott LaRock Mega-Mix [Bonus Track]6:49Criminal Minded111987143
1930Boogie Down ProductionsMy Philosophy6:39The Hip Hop Box (Disc 2)22004194
1931Boogie PimpsSomebody To Love2:58Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)132004219
1932Book of LoveModigliani (Lost In Your Eyes)4:02Book of Love11986208
1933Book of LoveYou Make Me Feel So Good4:02Book of Love21986211
1934Book of LoveStill Angry3:23Book of Love31986203
1935Book of LoveWhite Lies3:53Book of Love41986200
1936Book of LoveLost Souls4:52Book of Love51986216
1937Book of LoveLate Show3:38Book of Love61986205
1938Book of LoveI Touch Roses3:26Book of Love71986209
1939Book of LoveYellow Sky4:44Book of Love81986204
1940Book of LoveBoy2:59Book of Love91986210
1941Book of LoveHappy Day2:32Book of Love101986209
1942Book of LoveDie Matrosen3:06Book of Love111986204
1943Book of LoveBook of Love4:35Book of Love121986213
1944Book of LoveModigliani (I Dream Of Jeanne Mix)7:45Book of Love131986215
1945Book of LoveModigliani (Requiem Mass)4:02Book of Love141986198
1946Book of LoveYou Make Me Feel So Good (Flutter Mix)6:05Book of Love151986206
1947Book of LoveI Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)5:46Book of Love161986204
1948Book of LoveBoy (Extended Mix)4:28Book of Love171986210
1949Book of LoveTubular Bells3:00Lullaby11988220
1950Book of LovePretty Boys and Pretty Girls4:25Lullaby21988219
1951Book of LoveSea of Tranquility3:47Lullaby31988188
1952Book of LoveMelt My Heart2:46Lullaby41988213
1953Book of LoveWith a Little Love3:51Lullaby51988176
1954Book of LoveWitchcraft3:43Lullaby61988181
1955Book of LoveYou Look Through Me3:54Lullaby71988200
1956Book of LoveChampagne Wishes3:05Lullaby81988189
1957Book of LoveOranges and Lemons3:35Lullaby91988198
1958Book of LoveLullaby6:15Lullaby101988197
1959Booka ShadeCharlottle [Radio Edit]3:23  2008320
1960Booker T. & The M.G.'sGreen Onions2:25American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)171973217
1961Booker T. & the MG'sGreen Onions2:54Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)91991127
1962Booker T. & The MG'sHip Hug-Her2:25Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)261991129
1963Booker T. & The MG'sTime Is Tight3:19Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On101989199
1964Booker T. & The MG'sGreen Onions2:57Green Onions11962130
1965Booker T. & The MG'sRinky-Dink2:41Green Onions21962129
1966Booker T. & The MG'sI Got A Woman3:35Green Onions31962143
1967Booker T. & The MG'sMo' Onions2:57Green Onions41962129
1968Booker T. & The MG'sTwist And Shout2:13Green Onions51962135
1969Booker T. & The MG'sBehave Yourself3:55Green Onions61962128
1970Booker T. & The MG'sStranger On The Shore2:22Green Onions71962128
1971Booker T. & The MG'sLonely Avenue3:30Green Onions81962128
1972Booker T. & The MG'sOne Who Really Loves You2:26Green Onions91962130
1973Booker T. & The MG'sYou Can't Sit Down2:51Green Onions101962132
1974Booker T. & The MG'sA Woman, A Lover, A Friend2:33Green Onions111962128
1975Booker T. & The MG'sComin' Home Baby3:11Green Onions121962128
1976Booker T. & The MG'sJingle Bells2:38In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]11966208
1977Booker T. & The MG'sSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:36In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]21966190
1978Booker T. & The MG'sWinter Wonderland2:06In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]31966197
1979Booker T. & The MG'sWhite Christmas3:04In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]41966204
1980Booker T. & The MG'sThe Christmas Song3:21In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]51966198
1981Booker T. & The MG'sSilver Bells2:33In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]61966197
1982Booker T. & The MG'sMerry Christmas Baby3:17In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]71966194
1983Booker T. & The MG'sBlue Christmas3:13In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]81966190
1984Booker T. & The MG'sSweet Little Jesus Boy2:51In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]91966186
1985Booker T. & The MG'sSilent Night3:26In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]101966184
1986Booker T. & The MG'sWe Three Kings2:37In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]111966182
1987Booker T. & The MG'sWe Wish You A Merry Christmas2:23In the Christmas Spirit [1991 Remaster]121966202
1988Booker T. & The MG'sMelting Pot8:18Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]11971214
1989Booker T. & The MG'sBack Home4:43Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]21971205
1990Booker T. & The MG'sChicken Pox3:30Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]31971218
1991Booker T. & The MG'sFuquawi3:43Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]41971224
1992Booker T. & The MG'sKinda Easy Like8:47Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]51971204
1993Booker T. & The MG'sHi Ride2:40Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]61971205
1994Booker T. & The MG'sL.A. Jazz Song4:22Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]71971214
1995Booker T. & The MG'sSunny Monday4:35Melting Pot [1990 Remaster]81971211
1996Booker T. & The MG'sGreen Onions2:55The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's11994130
1997Booker T. & The MG'sChinese Checkers2:29The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's21994128
1998Booker T. & The MG'sGroovin'2:45The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's31994128
1999Booker T. & The MG'sSoul Dressing3:00The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's41994128
2000Booker T. & The MG'sBoot-Leg2:07The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's51994129
2001Booker T. & The MG'sMy Sweet Potato2:43The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's61994128
2002Booker T. & The MG'sSlim Jenkins' Place2:31The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's71994128
2003Booker T. & The MG'sBooker-Loo2:29The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's81994128
2004Booker T. & The MG'sHip Hug-Her2:26The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's91994132
2005Booker T. & The MG'sMo' Onions2:55The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's101994129
2006Booker T. & The MG'sSoul Limbo2:26The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's111994130
2007Booker T. & The MG'sHang 'Em High3:55The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's121994129
2008Booker T. & The MG'sTime Is Tight3:16The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's131994132
2009Booker T. & The MG'sMrs. Robinson3:41The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's141994211
2010Booker T. & The MG'sSlum Baby2:40The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's151994207
2011Booker T. & The MG'sMelting Pot3:49The Very Best Of Booker T. & The MG's161994135
2012Booker T. And The MG'sGreen Onions2:54196219 127
2013Booker T. And The MG'sGreen Onions2:55Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 1)52004129
2014BoomerangSo Damn Tuff (Babylon Mix)6:32Morley Select Part 2092009188
2015BoomkatThe Wreckoning3:44Boomkatalog.One  128
2016BoomkatWhat U Do 2 Me3:50Boomkatalog.One122003160
2017BoomkatRip Her To Shreds4:12Mean Girls (OST)62003192
2018BoomkatThe Wreckoning (Pop Radio Edit)3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12152002206
2019BoomkatWhat U Do 2 Me (Remix)3:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06112003214
2020Boomkat (Taryn Manning)Wasting My Time3:378 Mile (OST)122002158
2021Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays3:4540 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)102001194
2022The Boomtown RatsRat Trap5:11A Tonic For The Troops11979201
2023The Boomtown RatsMe And Howard Hughes3:10A Tonic For The Troops21979189
2024The Boomtown Rats(I Never Loved) Eva Braun4:38A Tonic For The Troops31979214
2025The Boomtown RatsLiving In An Island4:10A Tonic For The Troops41979214
2026The Boomtown RatsLike Clockwork3:43A Tonic For The Troops51979210
2027The Boomtown RatsBlind Date3:22A Tonic For The Troops61979208
2028The Boomtown RatsMary Of The 4th Form3:36A Tonic For The Troops71979215
2029The Boomtown RatsDon't Believe What You Read3:08A Tonic For The Troops81979220
2030The Boomtown RatsShe's So Modern2:57A Tonic For The Troops91979198
2031The Boomtown RatsJoey's On The Street Again5:50A Tonic For The Troops101979208
2032Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays3:46Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)22002210
2033The Boomtown RatsMood Mambo4:09Mondo Bongo11980214
2034The Boomtown RatsStraight Up3:19Mondo Bongo21980225
2035The Boomtown RatsThis Is My Room3:42Mondo Bongo31980217
2036The Boomtown RatsAnother Piece of Red2:39Mondo Bongo41980204
2037The Boomtown RatsGo Man Go4:01Mondo Bongo51980212
2038The Boomtown RatsUnder Their Thumb ... Is Under My Thumb2:50Mondo Bongo61980218
2039The Boomtown RatsPlease Don't Go3:36Mondo Bongo71980220
2040The Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard3:45Mondo Bongo81980215
2041The Boomtown RatsBanana Republic5:01Mondo Bongo91980198
2042The Boomtown RatsDon't Talk To Me2:50Mondo Bongo101980192
2043The Boomtown RatsHurt Hurts3:08Mondo Bongo111980216
2044The Boomtown RatsUp All Night3:37Mondo Bongo121980216
2045The Boomtown RatsCheerio0:44Mondo Bongo131980216
2046The Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays4:20Rock Of The 80's Volume 341992232
2047The Boomtown RatsShe's So Modern3:01The Best Of The Boomtown Rats12004217
2048The Boomtown RatsMary Of The 4th Floor3:48The Best Of The Boomtown Rats22004256
2049The Boomtown RatsRat Trap4:56The Best Of The Boomtown Rats32004229
2050The Boomtown RatsLooking After Number No.13:08The Best Of The Boomtown Rats42004227
2051The Boomtown RatsWhen The Night Comes4:45The Best Of The Boomtown Rats52004243
2052The Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At You4:25The Best Of The Boomtown Rats62004226
2053The Boomtown RatsJoey's On The Street Again5:29The Best Of The Boomtown Rats72004233
2054The Boomtown RatsBananna Republic3:24The Best Of The Boomtown Rats82004205
2055The Boomtown RatsDave4:19The Best Of The Boomtown Rats92004237
2056The Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays4:19The Best Of The Boomtown Rats102004202
2057The Boomtown RatsLike Clockwork3:44The Best Of The Boomtown Rats112004219
2058The Boomtown Rats(I Never Loved) Eva Braun4:37The Best Of The Boomtown Rats122004221
2059The Boomtown RatsNeon Heart3:54The Best Of The Boomtown Rats132004240
2060The Boomtown RatsNever In A Million Years3:52The Best Of The Boomtown Rats142004225
2061The Boomtown RatsDiamond Smiles3:53The Best Of The Boomtown Rats152004229
2062The Boomtown RatsDrag Me Down4:09The Best Of The Boomtown Rats162004242
2063The Boomtown RatsI Can Make It5:50The Best Of The Boomtown Rats172004214
2064The Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard3:48The Best Of The Boomtown Rats182004260
2065The Boomtown RatsFall Down1:55The Best Of The Boomtown Rats192004205
2066BootsGaby2:32Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)262001200
2067BootsBut You'll Never Do It Babe2:32Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)232001208
2068BootsIn The Beginning3:42Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)12001137
2069Boots RandolphYakety Sax2:03Jukebox Hits Of 1963141991254
2070Boots RandolphYakety Sax2:05The Rock Box (Disc 4)10 219
2071Boots Randolph & His ComboYakity Sax2:05Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals31993197
2072Boot's WalkerThey're Here2:14Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space72002127
2073Bootsy Collins And Bernie WorrellYou Got Me Wide Open4:47Friday (OST)81995184
2074The Bop-ChordsCastle In The Sky2:24The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)101996135
2075Boris GardinerI Want To Wake Up With You4:01One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 7)142001243
2076BoscoSatellite3:39Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)142001223
2077BossDeeper3:59Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)51995202
2078Boss-TonesMope-Itty Mope2:05The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)11994140
2079BostonMore Than a Feeling4:45Boston11976211
2080BostonPeace of Mind5:02Boston21976226
2081BostonForeplay/Long Time7:47Boston31976210
2082BostonRock & Roll Band3:00Boston41976203
2084BostonHitch a Ride4:11Boston61976215
2085BostonSomething About You3:48Boston71976227
2086BostonLet Me Take You Home Tonight4:43Boston81976223
2087BostonI Had A Good Time4:15Corporate America12002232
2088BostonStare Out Your Window3:19Corporate America22002221
2089BostonCorporate America4:37Corporate America32002241
2090BostonWith You3:28Corporate America42002188
2091BostonSomeone4:10Corporate America52002210
2092BostonTurn It Off4:38Corporate America62002226
2093BostonCryin'5:19Corporate America72002188
2094BostonDidn't Mean To Fall In Love5:14Corporate America82002207
2095BostonYou Gave Up On Love4:22Corporate America92002207
2096BostonLivin' For You5:08Corporate America102002183
2097BostonDon't Look Back5:58Don't Look Back11978217
2098BostonThe Journey1:46Don't Look Back21978201
2099BostonIt's Easy4:27Don't Look Back31978207
2100BostonA Man I'll Never Be6:38Don't Look Back41978209
2101BostonFeelin' Satisfied4:12Don't Look Back51978217
2102BostonParty4:07Don't Look Back61978217
2103BostonUsed To Bad News2:57Don't Look Back71978210
2104BostonDon't Be Afraid3:50Don't Look Back81978206
2105BostonTell Me4:04Greatest Hits11997216
2106BostonHigher Power5:08Greatest Hits21997225
2107BostonMore Than A Feeling4:45Greatest Hits31997212
2108BostonPeace Of Mind5:05Greatest Hits41997228
2109BostonDon't Look Back5:57Greatest Hits51997223
2110BostonCool The Engines4:35Greatest Hits61997203
2111BostonLivin' For You4:57Greatest Hits71997204
2112BostonFeelin' Satisfied4:11Greatest Hits81997212
2113BostonParty4:08Greatest Hits91997218
2114BostonForeplay/Long Time7:48Greatest Hits101997204
2115BostonAmanda4:15Greatest Hits111997202
2116BostonRock And Roll Band3:00Greatest Hits121997192
2117BostonSmokin'4:21Greatest Hits131997211
2118BostonA Man I'll Never Be6:32Greatest Hits141997200
2119BostonThe Star Spangled Banner / 4th Of July Reprise2:45Greatest Hits151997204
2120BostonHigher Power (Kalodner Edit)3:52Greatest Hits161997229
2121BostonMore Than A Feeling4:45Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (OST)112008231
2122BostonAmanda4:14One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)81999209
2123BostonMore Than A Feeling4:46Rock Line91992201
2124BostonWe're Ready4:01Sounds Of The Eighties - 1987141995216
2125BostonMore Than A Feeling3:27Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)31993189
2126BostonMore Than A Feeling3:24The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)11999200
2127BostonMore Than A Feeling3:23Then '70s: Totally Oldies 612003199
2128BostonAmanda4:16Third Stage11986203
2129BostonWe're Ready3:57Third Stage21986210
2130BostonThe Launch2:55Third Stage31986210
2131BostonCool The Engines4:23Third Stage41986210
2132BostonMy Destination2:19Third Stage51986184
2133BostonA New World0:36Third Stage61986205
2134BostonTo Be A Man3:30Third Stage71986201
2135BostonI Think I Like It4:06Third Stage81986207
2136BostonCan'tcha Say/Still In Love5:12Third Stage91986205
2137BostonHollyann5:13Third Stage101986211
2138BostonAmanda4:16Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-198681995209
2139BostonI Need Your Love5:33Walk On11994223
2140BostonSurrender To Me5:33Walk On21994213
2141BostonLivin' For You4:57Walk On31994211
2142BostonWalkin' At Night2:02Walk On41994205
2143BostonWalk On2:57Walk On51994221
2144BostonGet Organ-ized4:27Walk On61994218
2145BostonWalk On (some more)2:55Walk On71994216
2146BostonWhat's Your Name4:28Walk On81994206
2147BostonMagdalene5:57Walk On91994216
2148BostonWe Can Make It5:29Walk On101994211
2149Boston PopsA Christmas Festival (Anderson)8:43Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites11993194
2150Boston PopsSleigh Ride (Anderson)3:03Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites81993205
2151Boston PopsThe Toy Trumpet (Scott)2:29Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites91993184
2152Boston PopsDance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy (Nutcracker) (Tchaikovsky)1:30Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites131993187
2153Boston PopsMarch Of The Toys (Babes In Toyland) (Herbert)3:52Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites141993185
2154Boston Pops OrchestraSleigh Ride3:01Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 1) - Christmas Favorites11998205
2155Bourgeois TaggMutual Surrender (What A Wonderful World)4:10Rock Of The 80's Volume 1491994255
2156Bow WowFresh Azimiz3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0352006215
2157Bow Wow & OmarionHey Baby (Jump Off)3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04132008187
2158Bow Wow feat CiaraLike You [Album Version]3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0932005218
2159Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown & Johnta AustinShortie Like Mine4:27Now That's What I Call Music! 2472007214
2160Bow Wow feat. OmarionLet Me Hold You4:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0772005207
2161Bow Wow feat. T-Pain & Johnta AustinOutta My System3:52Now That's What I Call Music! 25142007204
2162Bow Wow feat. T-Pain & Johnta AustinOutta My System3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-04112007203
2163Bow Wow WowI Want Candy2:46Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)112002244
2164Bow Wow WowI Want Candy2:44Rock Of The 80's Volume 991993222
2165Bowling For SoupHigh School Never Ends (FIAB Remix)2:17   155
2166Bowling For SoupAlmost3:26A Hangover You Don't Deserve12004238
2167Bowling For SoupTrucker Hat3:01A Hangover You Don't Deserve22004233
2168Bowling For Soup19853:13A Hangover You Don't Deserve32004251
2169Bowling For SoupGet Happy2:56A Hangover You Don't Deserve42004237
2170Bowling For SoupOhio (Come Back To Texas)3:50A Hangover You Don't Deserve52004230
2171Bowling For SoupRidiculous3:58A Hangover You Don't Deserve62004246
2172Bowling For SoupShut-Up And Smile4:02A Hangover You Don't Deserve72004260
2173Bowling For SoupLast Call Casualty3:31A Hangover You Don't Deserve82004251
2174Bowling For SoupNext Ex-Girlfriend3:25A Hangover You Don't Deserve92004246
2175Bowling For SoupA-Hole3:56A Hangover You Don't Deserve102004247
2176Bowling For SoupMy Hometown3:02A Hangover You Don't Deserve112004234
2177Bowling For SoupSmoothie King4:01A Hangover You Don't Deserve122004261
2178Bowling For SoupSad Sad Situation2:25A Hangover You Don't Deserve132004238
2179Bowling For SoupReally Might Be Gone3:43A Hangover You Don't Deserve142004255
2180Bowling For SoupDown For The Count3:37A Hangover You Don't Deserve152004223
2181Bowling For SoupTwo-Seater3:55A Hangover You Don't Deserve162004206
2182Bowling For SoupFriends O' Mine2:22A Hangover You Don't Deserve172004197
2183Bowling For SoupOhio (Come Back To Texas) (Outro)7:17A Hangover You Don't Deserve432004189
2184Bowling For SoupBelgium (Remix)2:28A Hangover You Don't Deserve442004178
2185Bowling For SoupGirl All The Bad Guys Want3:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12192002234
2186Bowling For SoupPunk Rock 1013:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06172003215
2187Bowling For Soup19853:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-07162004251
2188Bowling For SoupAlmost3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-12142004237
2189Bowling For SoupOhio (Come Back To Texas)3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0762005228
2190Bowling For SoupHigh School Never Ends3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-10172006274
2191Bowling For SoupWhen We Die4:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-03172007226
2192The Box TopsThe Letter1:541960's Classic Hits22003200
2193The Box TopsCry Like A Baby2:34AM Gold: The '60s Generation11995188
2194The Box TopsThe Letter1:54Hit History Vol. 13 196711990208
2195The Box TopsThe Letter1:56Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)42000186
2196The Box TopsNeon Rainbow2:56Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)141992130
2197Box TopsThe Letter1:54The Best Of Heartbeat (Disc 2)21994237
2198The Box TopsThe Letter1:57The Rock Box (Disc 2)17 172
2199The Box TopsCall Me3:48When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear32002192
2200Boy GeorgeEverything I Own3:57At Worst... The Best Of Boy George & Culture Club121993198
2201Boy GeorgeDon't Cry4:07At Worst... The Best Of Boy George & Culture Club131993193
2202Boy GeorgeThe Crying Game3:22At Worst... The Best Of Boy George & Culture Club161993183
2203Boy GeorgeLive My Life3:36Rock Of The 80's Volume 1081994268
2204Boy GeorgeEverything I Own3:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)42001202
2205Boy Meets GirlWaiting For A Star To Fall4:31Rock Of The 80's Volume 1021994266
2206Boyd BennettMove2:22Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)52006141
2207Boyd Bennett and His RocketsSeventeen2:09Lost Treasures Volume 21 126
2208Boyd GilmoreRamblin' On My Mind2:48Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)82011139
2209BoysDial My Heart4:25Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)81993213
2210Boys ClubI Remember Holding You4:51I Remember Holding You1031989320
2211Boys Don't CryI Wanna Be A Cowboy3:44Rock Of The 80's Volume 1141994245
2212Boys Like GirlsThe Great Escape3:26Now That's What I Call Music! 25162007240
2213Boys Like GirlsThe Great Escape3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0232007240
2214The Boystown GangCruisin' The Streets3:47The Disco Box (Disc 4)101999239
2215Boyz II MenI'll Make Love To You3:50100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995101995221
2216Boyz II MenThe Birth Of Christ2:49A Very Special Christmas 251992180
2217Boyz II MenFour Seasons of Loneliness4:54Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 2)72003186
2218Boyz II MenMotownphilly3:57Awesome Hits41992249
2219Boyz II MenEnd Of The Road5:49Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 2)132003217
2220Boyz II MenAl Final Del Camino (End Of The Road, Spanish Version)5:51Cooleyhighharmony11991205
2221Boyz II MenPlease Don't Go4:26Cooleyhighharmony21991207
2222Boyz II MenLonely Heart3:42Cooleyhighharmony31991190
2223Boyz II MenThis Is My Heart3:23Cooleyhighharmony41991209
2224Boyz II MenUhh Ahh (Sequel Version)4:15Cooleyhighharmony51991177
2225Boyz II MenIt's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday2:50Cooleyhighharmony61991172
2226Boyz II MenIn The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember)2:52Cooleyhighharmony71991171
2227Boyz II MenMotownphilly (Remix Radio Edit)3:51Cooleyhighharmony81991178
2228Boyz II MenUnder Pressure4:14Cooleyhighharmony91991210
2229Boyz II MenSympin (Remix Radio Edit)4:00Cooleyhighharmony101991183
2230Boyz II MenLittle Things4:04Cooleyhighharmony111991220
2231Boyz II MenYour Love5:51Cooleyhighharmony121991209
2232Boyz II MenMotownphilly3:55Cooleyhighharmony131991213
2233Boyz II MenSympin4:23Cooleyhighharmony141991190
2234Boyz II MenUhh Ahh3:51Cooleyhighharmony151991198
2235Boyz II MenIt's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Radio Version)3:09Cooleyhighharmony161991181
2236Boyz II MenEnd Of The Road (LP Version)5:49Cooleyhighharmony171991205
2237Boyz II MenDoin' Just Fine5:32Evolution11997190
2238Boyz II MenNever4:48Evolution21997199
2239Boyz II Men4 Seasons Of Loneliness4:52Evolution31997184
2240Boyz II MenGirl In The Life Magazine3:28Evolution41997181
2241Boyz II MenA Song For Mama5:03Evolution51997186
2242Boyz II MenCan You Stand The Rain4:00Evolution61997173
2243Boyz II MenCan't Let Her Go4:30Evolution71997213
2244Boyz II MenBaby C'mon4:35Evolution81997214
2245Boyz II MenCome On5:00Evolution91997202
2246Boyz II MenAll Night Long5:14Evolution101997188
2247Boyz II MenHuman II (Don't Turn Your Back On Me)4:42Evolution111997206
2248Boyz II MenTo The Limit5:02Evolution121997209
2249Boyz II MenDear God4:57Evolution131997188
2250Boyz II MenMotownphilly3:54Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)151993214
2251Boyz II MenEnd Of The Road5:50Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)171993206
2252Boyz II MenThank You4:35II11994200
2253Boyz II MenAll Around The World4:56II21994193
2254Boyz II MenU Know4:46II31994192
2255Boyz II MenVibin'4:27II41994193
2256Boyz II MenI Sit Away4:34II51994202
2257Boyz II MenJezzebel6:06II61994213
2258Boyz II MenKhalil (Interlude)1:41II71994159
2259Boyz II MenTrying Times5:23II81994190
2260Boyz II MenI'll Make Love To You3:56II91994222
2261Boyz II MenOn Bended Knee5:30II101994181
2262Boyz II Men50 Candles5:07II111994192
2263Boyz II MenWater Runs Dry3:22II121994206
2264Boyz II MenYesterday3:08II131994183
2265Boyz II MenOn Bended Knee4:33Monsta Jamz142002192
2266Boyz II MenMotownphilly (LP Version)3:52MTV Party To Go, Vol. 261992214
2267Boyz II MenSilent Night2:31Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)182001170
2268Boyz II MenI'll Make Love To You3:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 2)92001217
2269Boyz II Men4 Seasons Of Loneliness4:53Total Hits Vol. 2111999182
2270Boyz II MenIt's So Hard To Say Good Bye To Yesterday2:48Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)182005177
2271BoyzoneNo Matter What4:39Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold152002207
2272BoyzoneI Love The Way You Love Me3:46By Request11999212
2273BoyzoneNo Matter What4:34By Request21999211
2274BoyzoneAll That I Need3:42By Request31999211
2275BoyzoneBaby Can I Hold You3:15By Request41999207
2276BoyzonePicture Of You3:29By Request51999207
2277BoyzoneIsn't It A Wonder3:45By Request61999217
2278BoyzoneA Different Beat4:15By Request71999214
2279BoyzoneWords4:04By Request81999207
2280BoyzoneFather And Son2:46By Request91999201
2281BoyzoneSo Good3:03By Request101999230
2282BoyzoneComing Home Now3:45By Request111999199
2283BoyzoneKey To My Life3:45By Request121999215
2284BoyzoneLove Me For A Reason3:39By Request131999222
2285BoyzoneWhen The Going Gets Tough3:38By Request141999231
2286BoyzoneYou Needed Me3:29By Request151999209
2287BoyzoneWhen You Say Nothing At All4:18By Request161999206
2288BoyzoneAll The Time In The World4:14By Request171999214
2289BoyzoneI'll Never Not Need You4:10By Request181999199
2290BoyzoneSo They Told Me3:29By Request191999224
2291BoyzoneLove Me For A Reason3:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)62001194
2292BoyzoneFather & Son2:48Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 2)82001173
2293BoyzoneNo Matter What4:33Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)32001206
2294BoyzoneNo Matter What4:32World Of Music - Ballads From The 90's32002214
2295Boz ScaggsI'm Easy3:08Boz Scaggs11969201
2296Boz ScaggsI'll Be Long Gone4:15Boz Scaggs21969181
2297Boz ScaggsAnother Day (Another Letter)2:58Boz Scaggs31969173
2298Boz ScaggsNow You're Gone3:49Boz Scaggs41969175
2299Boz ScaggsFinding Her3:57Boz Scaggs51969184
2300Boz ScaggsLook What I Got4:12Boz Scaggs61969176
2301Boz ScaggsWaiting For A Train2:41Boz Scaggs71969160
2302Boz ScaggsLoan Me A Dime12:31Boz Scaggs81969176
2303Boz ScaggsSweet Release6:14Boz Scaggs91969181
2304Boz ScaggsMonkey Time3:02Boz Scaggs & Band11971202
2305Boz ScaggsRunnin' Blue3:58Boz Scaggs & Band21971197
2306Boz ScaggsUp To You3:37Boz Scaggs & Band31971207
2307Boz ScaggsLove Anyway3:29Boz Scaggs & Band41971197
2308Boz ScaggsFlames Of Love4:32Boz Scaggs & Band51971223
2309Boz ScaggsHere To Stay2:36Boz Scaggs & Band61971184
2310Boz ScaggsNothing Will Take Your Place3:44Boz Scaggs & Band71971198
2311Boz ScaggsWhy, Why5:33Boz Scaggs & Band81971208
2312Boz ScaggsYou're So Good4:09Boz Scaggs & Band91971206
2313Boz ScaggsWaiting For A Train2:41Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)21974190
2314Boz ScaggsLoan Me A Dime13:01Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 1)81972210
2315Boz ScaggsMiss Sun5:26Everything Summer51997183
2316Boz ScaggsLowdown4:29Hits!11980216
2317Boz ScaggsYou Make It So Hard (To Say No)3:29Hits!21980201
2318Boz ScaggsMiss Sun5:32Hits!31980182
2319Boz ScaggsLido Shuffle3:42Hits!41980206
2320Boz ScaggsWe're All Alone4:12Hits!51980194
2321Boz ScaggsBreakdown Dead Ahead4:04Hits!61980195
2322Boz ScaggsLook What You've Done To Me5:19Hits!71980189
2323Boz ScaggsJojo4:10Hits!81980195
2324Boz ScaggsDinah Flo3:04Hits!91980193
2325Boz ScaggsYou Can Have Me Anytime4:56Hits!101980200
2326Boz ScaggsJojo5:55Middle man11980200
2327Boz ScaggsBreakdown Dead Ahead4:37Middle man21980192
2328Boz ScaggsSimone5:10Middle man31980210
2329Boz ScaggsYou Can Have Me Anytime4:59Middle man41980187
2330Boz ScaggsMiddle man4:54Middle man51980217
2331Boz ScaggsDo Like You Do In New York3:48Middle man61980214
2332Boz ScaggsAngel You3:42Middle man71980226
2333Boz ScaggsIsn't It Time4:56Middle man81980199
2334Boz ScaggsYou Got Some Imagination3:58Middle man91980227
2335Boz ScaggsDinah Flo3:04My Time [2010 Reissue]11972203
2336Boz ScaggsSlowly In The West4:01My Time [2010 Reissue]21972202
2337Boz ScaggsFull-Lock Power Slide3:11My Time [2010 Reissue]31972211
2338Boz ScaggsOld Time Lovin2:55My Time [2010 Reissue]41972207
2339Boz ScaggsMight Have To Cry4:10My Time [2010 Reissue]51972208
2340Boz ScaggsHello My Lover3:27My Time [2010 Reissue]61972207
2341Boz ScaggsFreedom For The Stallion2:36My Time [2010 Reissue]71972191
2342Boz ScaggsHe's A Fool For You3:51My Time [2010 Reissue]81972197
2343Boz ScaggsWe're Gonna Roll2:54My Time [2010 Reissue]91972195
2344Boz ScaggsMy Time2:59My Time [2010 Reissue]101972198
2345Boz ScaggsDinah Flo (Mono 45 Version)3:04My Time [2010 Reissue]111972133
2346Boz ScaggsFreedom For The Stallion ( Playback EP Mix Series)2:37My Time [2010 Reissue]121972186
2347Boz ScaggsFull-Lock Power Slide (Playback EP Mix Series)3:08My Time [2010 Reissue]131972193
2348Boz ScaggsWhat's Number One?3:58Other Roads11988203
2349Boz ScaggsClaudia4:07Other Roads21988208
2350Boz ScaggsHeart Of Mine4:12Other Roads31988207
2351Boz ScaggsRight Out Of My Head5:26Other Roads41988214
2352Boz ScaggsI Don't Hear You4:42Other Roads51988211
2353Boz ScaggsMental Shakedown4:10Other Roads61988215
2354Boz ScaggsCrimes Of Passion4:02Other Roads71988224
2355Boz ScaggsFunny5:50Other Roads81988203
2356Boz ScaggsCool Running4:14Other Roads91988210
2357Boz ScaggsThe Night Of Van Gogh4:20Other Roads101988199
2358Boz ScaggsWhat Can I Say?3:01Silk Degrees11976209
2359Boz ScaggsGeorgia3:56Silk Degrees21976204
2360Boz ScaggsJump Street5:13Silk Degrees31976225
2361Boz ScaggsWhat Do You Want The Girl To Do?3:53Silk Degrees41976201
2362Boz ScaggsHarbor Lights5:57Silk Degrees51976188
2363Boz ScaggsLowdown5:17Silk Degrees61976218
2364Boz ScaggsIt's Over2:52Silk Degrees71976203
2365Boz ScaggsLove Me Tomorrow3:16Silk Degrees81976196
2366Boz ScaggsLido Shuffle3:43Silk Degrees91976220
2367Boz ScaggsWe're All Alone4:12Silk Degrees101976200
2368Boz ScaggsWe're All Alone4:13The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)111999190
2369Boz ScaggsLowdown5:20The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)121999220
2370Boz ScaggsWhat Can I Say3:02The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)9 214
2371Boz ScaggsLook What You've Done To Me5:29Urban Cowboy (OST)171980186
2372Bozzio Levin StevensThe Sun Road14:40Black Light Syndrome11997221
2373Bozzio Levin StevensDark Corners8:33Black Light Syndrome21997222
2374Bozzio Levin StevensDuende7:27Black Light Syndrome31997214
2375Bozzio Levin StevensBlack Light Syndrome8:46Black Light Syndrome41997216
2376Bozzio Levin StevensFalling In Circles9:09Black Light Syndrome51997228
2377Bozzio Levin StevensBook Of Hours9:43Black Light Syndrome61997220
2378Bozzio Levin StevensChaos/Control8:49Black Light Syndrome71997222
2379Bozzio Levin StevensDangerous6:40Situation Dangerous12000232
2380Bozzio Levin StevensEndless10:10Situation Dangerous22000225
2381Bozzio Levin StevensCrash5:08Situation Dangerous32000249
2382Bozzio Levin StevensSpiral4:37Situation Dangerous42000215
2383Bozzio Levin StevensMelt3:48Situation Dangerous52000210
2384Bozzio Levin StevensTragic6:59Situation Dangerous62000238
2385Bozzio Levin StevensTziganne4:27Situation Dangerous72000219
2386Bozzio Levin StevensLost6:24Situation Dangerous82000237
2387Braces TowerNameless3:51Pasteism8 128
2388Brad FiedelMidninght Caller1:33Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)471996201
2389Brad FiedelThe Terminator Main Title2:14This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)61999193
2390Brad KaneOne Jump Ahead2:22Aladdin (OST)31992198
2391Brad KaneOne Jump Ahead (Reprise)1:01Aladdin (OST)51992176
2392Brad KaneOne Jump Ahead (Aladdin 1992)2:24Classic Disney, Vol. 241995195
2393Brad Kane & Lea SalongaA Whole New World2:40Aladdin (OST)91992188
2394Brad Kane And Lea SalongaA Whole New World (Aladdin 1992)2:41Classic Disney, Vol. 111995186
2395Brad OscarIn Old Barvaria0:57The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)62001172
2396Brad OscarHaben Sie Gehört Das Deutsche Band?1:17The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)122001179
2397Brad Oscar & Nathan LaneDer Guten Tag Hop-Clop2:16The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)72001175
2398Brad PaisleySanta Looked A Lot Like Daddy4:13   256
2399Brad PaisleyAll I Wanted Was A Car4:055th Gear12007219
2400Brad PaisleyTicks4:335th Gear22007221
2401Brad PaisleyOnline4:565th Gear32007220
2402Brad PaisleyLetter To Me4:415th Gear42007206
2403Brad PaisleyI'm Still A Guy4:115th Gear52007193
2404Brad PaisleySome Mistakes4:575th Gear62007216
2405Brad PaisleyIt Did3:555th Gear72007196
2406Brad PaisleyMr Policeman4:155th Gear82007210
2407Brad PaisleyIf Love Was A Plane3:565th Gear92007204
2408Brad PaisleyOh Love (Feat. Carrie Underwood)4:115th Gear102007197
2409Brad PaisleyBetter Than This3:125th Gear112007229
2410Brad PaisleyWith You, Without You4:545th Gear122007202
2411Brad PaisleyPreviously (Spoken Word)0:555th Gear132007183
2412Brad PaisleyBigger Fish To Fry (Feat. The New Kung Pao Buckaroos)4:255th Gear142007217
2413Brad PaisleyWhen We All Get To Heaven3:545th Gear152007207
2414Brad PaisleyThrottleneck5:165th Gear162007213
2415Brad PaisleyOuttake 1 (Hidden Track 1)0:265th Gear172007126
2416Brad PaisleyOuttake 2 (Hidden Track 2)0:465th Gear182007129
2417Brad PaisleyAmerican Saturday Night4:34American Saturday Night12009224
2418Brad PaisleyEverybody's Here3:31American Saturday Night22009194
2419Brad PaisleyWelcome To The Future5:52American Saturday Night32009217
2420Brad PaisleyThen5:21American Saturday Night42009209
2421Brad PaisleyWater4:21American Saturday Night52009218
2422Brad PaisleyShe's Her Own Woman4:29American Saturday Night62009197
2423Brad PaisleyWelcome To The Future (Reprise)1:19American Saturday Night72009195
2424Brad PaisleyAnything Like Me4:13American Saturday Night82009196
2425Brad PaisleyYou Do The Math4:36American Saturday Night92009192
2426Brad PaisleyNo4:21American Saturday Night102009198
2427Brad PaisleyCatch All The Fish4:08American Saturday Night112009201
2428Brad PaisleyOh Yeah, You're Gone5:36American Saturday Night122009202
2429Brad PaisleyThe Pants4:36American Saturday Night132009215
2430Brad PaisleyI Hope That's Me3:40American Saturday Night142009199
2431Brad PaisleyWelcome To The Future~Instrumental Bonus Track1:30American Saturday Night152009218
2432Brad PaisleyWinter Wonderland3:31Brad Paisley Christmas12006203
2433Brad PaisleySanta Looked a Lot Like Daddy4:14Brad Paisley Christmas22006224
2434Brad PaisleyI'll Be Home for Christmas4:05Brad Paisley Christmas32006177
2435Brad PaisleyAway in a Manger4:47Brad Paisley Christmas42006202
2436Brad PaisleyPenguin, James Penguin3:18Brad Paisley Christmas52006214
2437Brad Paisley364 Days to Go4:28Brad Paisley Christmas62006181
2438Brad PaisleyJingle Bells (Instrumental)3:05Brad Paisley Christmas72006229
2439Brad PaisleySilent Night4:08Brad Paisley Christmas82006190
2440Brad PaisleyBorn on Christmas Day4:59Brad Paisley Christmas92006170
2441Brad PaisleySilver Bells4:09Brad Paisley Christmas102006200
2442Brad PaisleyKung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (Feat. The Kung Pao Buckaroos)5:23Brad Paisley Christmas112006204
2443Brad Paisley(Untitled)0:34Brad Paisley Christmas122006176
2444Brad PaisleyBehind the Clouds4:08Cars (OST)42006203
2445Brad PaisleyFind Yourself4:11Cars (OST)82006189
2446Brad PaisleyMud On The Tires3:28Mud On The Tires12003220
2447Brad PaisleyCelebrity3:43Mud On The Tires22003203
2448Brad PaisleyAin't Nothin' Like3:35Mud On The Tires32003208
2449Brad PaisleyLittle Moments3:39Mud On The Tires42003207
2450Brad PaisleyThat's Love4:43Mud On The Tires52003208
2451Brad PaisleySomebody Knows You Now3:42Mud On The Tires62003190
2452Brad PaisleyFamous People4:10Mud On The Tires72003216
2453Brad PaisleyHold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall)4:24Mud On The Tires82003219
2454Brad PaisleyWhiskey Lullaby (Featuring Alison Krauss)4:19Mud On The Tires92003184
2455Brad PaisleyThe Best Thing That I Had Goin'4:08Mud On The Tires102003210
2456Brad PaisleyThe Cigar Song3:37Mud On The Tires112003209
2457Brad PaisleyMake A Mistake1:33Mud On The Tires122003202
2458Brad PaisleyMake A Mistake With Me (Instrumental)3:15Mud On The Tires132003211
2459Brad PaisleyIs It Raining At Your House4:01Mud On The Tires142003200
2460Brad PaisleySpaghetti Western Swing (Instrumental Featuring Redd Volkaert)4:32Mud On The Tires152003213
2461Brad PaisleyFarther Along5:23Mud On The Tires162003197
2462Brad PaisleyKung Pao (Bonus)1:01Mud On The Tires172003132
2463Brad PaisleyOnline3:52Nu Music Traxx Vol. 219 September 2007152007215
2464Brad PaisleyTwo Feet Of Topsoil2:46Part II12001207
2465Brad PaisleyI'm Gonna Miss Her3:14Part II22001196
2466Brad PaisleyPart Two3:35Part II32001189
2467Brad PaisleyWrapped Around3:22Part II42001213
2468Brad PaisleyTwo People Fell In Love4:07Part II52001200
2469Brad PaisleyCome On Over Tonight4:33Part II62001200
2470Brad PaisleyYou'll Never Leave Harlan Alive5:04Part II72001179
2471Brad PaisleyI Wish You'd Stay6:17Part II82001197
2472Brad PaisleyAll You Really Need Is Love2:44Part II92001200
2473Brad PaisleyMunster Rag (Instrumental)3:15Part II102001217
2474Brad PaisleyYou Have That Effect On Me4:22Part II112001188
2475Brad PaisleyToo Country3:31Part II122001192
2476Brad PaisleyThe Old Rugged Cross3:53Part II132001174
2477Brad PaisleyHuckleberry Jam2:52Play: The Guitar Album12008211
2478Brad PaisleyTurf's Up3:30Play: The Guitar Album22008208
2479Brad PaisleyStart A Band (Duet With Keith Urban)5:26Play: The Guitar Album32008228
2480Brad PaisleyKim3:58Play: The Guitar Album42008193
2481Brad PaisleyDeparture4:28Play: The Guitar Album52008205
2482Brad PaisleyCome On In (Feat. Buck Owens)3:53Play: The Guitar Album62008211
2483Brad PaisleyKentucky Jelly2:44Play: The Guitar Album72008213
2484Brad PaisleyPlaying With Fire4:51Play: The Guitar Album82008199
2485Brad PaisleyMore Than Just This Song (Feat. Steve Wariner)5:14Play: The Guitar Album92008185
2486Brad PaisleyLes Is More3:18Play: The Guitar Album102008191
2487Brad PaisleyPre-Cluster Cluster Pluck Prequel (Prelude)1:34Play: The Guitar Album112008185
2488Brad PaisleyCluster Pluck (Feat. James Burton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee, John Jorgenson, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert And Steve Wariner)3:31Play: The Guitar Album122008207
2489Brad PaisleyCliffs Of Rock City3:44Play: The Guitar Album132008212
2490Brad PaisleyLet The Good Times Roll (Feat. B.B. King)5:30Play: The Guitar Album142008200
2491Brad PaisleyWhat A Friend We Have In Jesus2:31Play: The Guitar Album152008195
2492Brad PaisleyWaitin' On A Woman (With Andy Griffith)5:02Play: The Guitar Album162008214
2493Brad PaisleyThis Is Country Music5:11This Is Country Music12011217
2494Brad PaisleyOld Alabama (Feat. Alabama)5:01This Is Country Music22011218
2495Brad PaisleyA Man Don't Have To Die4:19This Is Country Music32011202
2496Brad PaisleyCamouflage4:26This Is Country Music42011213
2497Brad PaisleyRemind Me (Feat. Carrie Underwood)4:31This Is Country Music52011217
2498Brad PaisleyWorking On A Tan4:04This Is Country Music62011244
2499Brad PaisleyLove Her Like She's Leavin' (Feat. Don Henley)4:08This Is Country Music72011199
2500Brad PaisleyOne Of Those Lives4:13This Is Country Music82011216
2501Brad PaisleyToothbrush3:09This Is Country Music92011193
2502Brad PaisleyBe The Lake3:56This Is Country Music102011222
2503Brad PaisleyEastwood (Feat. Clint Eastwood)5:02This Is Country Music112011209
2504Brad PaisleyNew Favorite Memory4:12This Is Country Music122011193
2505Brad PaisleyDon't Drink The Water (Feat. Blake Shelton)3:46This Is Country Music132011208
2506Brad PaisleyI Do Now4:00This Is Country Music142011209
2507Brad PaisleyLife's Railway To Heaven (Feat. Marty Stuart, Sheryl Crow & Carl Jackson)4:52This Is Country Music152011200
2508Brad PaisleyThe World4:01Time Well Wasted12005235
2509Brad PaisleyAlcohol4:52Time Well Wasted22005206
2510Brad PaisleyWaitin' On A Woman4:32Time Well Wasted32005209
2511Brad PaisleyI'll Take You Back4:23Time Well Wasted42005197
2512Brad PaisleyShe's Everything4:26Time Well Wasted52005203
2513Brad PaisleyYou Need A Man Around Here3:33Time Well Wasted62005199
2514Brad PaisleyOut In The Parkin' Lot (Feat Alan Jackson)4:43Time Well Wasted72005206
2515Brad PaisleyRainin' You4:16Time Well Wasted82005183
2516Brad PaisleyFlowers3:50Time Well Wasted92005207
2517Brad PaisleyLove Is Never-Ending3:58Time Well Wasted102005210
2518Brad PaisleyThe Uncloudy Day0:53Time Well Wasted112005141
2519Brad PaisleyWhen I Get Where I'm Going (Feat Dolly Parton)4:08Time Well Wasted122005190
2520Brad PaisleyEasy Money4:14Time Well Wasted132005220
2521Brad PaisleyTime Warp3:56Time Well Wasted142005196
2522Brad PaisleyTime Well Wasted3:56Time Well Wasted152005198
2523Brad PaisleyCornography (Feat James Burton And The Kung Pao Buckaroos)3:56Time Well Wasted162005198
2524Brad PaisleyUntitled0:15Time Well Wasted172005128
2525Brad PaisleyUntitled0:13Time Well Wasted182005128
2526Brad PaisleyUntitled0:35Time Well Wasted192005128
2527Brad PaisleyUntitled0:34Time Well Wasted202005128
2528Brad PaisleyUntitled0:27Time Well Wasted212005132
2529Brad PaisleyLong Sermon3:18Who Needs Pictures11999202
2530Brad PaisleyMe Neither3:20Who Needs Pictures21999210
2531Brad PaisleyWho Needs Pictures3:45Who Needs Pictures31999199
2532Brad PaisleyDon't Breathe2:54Who Needs Pictures41999212
2533Brad PaisleyHe Didn't Have To Be4:42Who Needs Pictures51999181
2534Brad PaisleyIt Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway2:42Who Needs Pictures61999194
2535Brad PaisleyHoldin' On To You3:00Who Needs Pictures71999196
2536Brad PaisleyI've Been Better4:08Who Needs Pictures81999203
2537Brad PaisleyWe Danced3:46Who Needs Pictures91999195
2538Brad PaisleySleepin' On The Foldout3:22Who Needs Pictures101999208
2539Brad PaisleyCloud Of Dust4:05Who Needs Pictures111999194
2540Brad PaisleyThe Nervous Breakdown3:29Who Needs Pictures121999215
2541Brad PaisleyIn The Garden4:29Who Needs Pictures131999183
2542Bradley KincaidDog And Gun (An Old English Ballad)3:25Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)22000146
2543The Brady Bunch KidsThe Brady Bunch1:00All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)232005223
2544The Brady KidsIt's A Sunshine Day2:33Teen Idols Of The 70's151999196
2545Braga BoysUma Bomba2:01 1 64
2546Brak12 Days of Christmas1:20 32 128
2547Bram TchaikovskyStrange Man, Changed Man4:00Strange Man, Changed Man11979236
2548Bram TchaikovskyLonely Dancer4:00Strange Man, Changed Man21979238
2549Bram TchaikovskyRobber3:08Strange Man, Changed Man31979253
2550Bram TchaikovskyBloodline3:48Strange Man, Changed Man41979241
2551Bram TchaikovskyI'm the One That's Leaving3:28Strange Man, Changed Man51979243
2552Bram TchaikovskyGirl of My Dreams4:08Strange Man, Changed Man61979247
2553Bram TchaikovskyNobody Knows4:32Strange Man, Changed Man71979235
2554Bram TchaikovskyLady from the U.S.A.3:30Strange Man, Changed Man81979220
2555Bram TchaikovskyI'm a Believer3:45Strange Man, Changed Man91979244
2556Bram TchaikovskySarah Smiles3:37Strange Man, Changed Man101979242
2557Bram TchaikovskyTurn on the Light2:48Strange Man, Changed Man111979259
2558Brand XNuclear Burn6:21Brand X Featuring Phil Collins11996185
2559Brand XTouch Wood3:03Brand X Featuring Phil Collins21996200
2560Brand XHate Zone4:41Brand X Featuring Phil Collins31996210
2561Brand XEuthanasia Waltz5:42Brand X Featuring Phil Collins41996177
2562Brand XRunning of Three4:39Brand X Featuring Phil Collins51996210
2563Brand XSun in the Night4:23Brand X Featuring Phil Collins61996211
2564Brand XBorn Ugly8:14Brand X Featuring Phil Collins71996192
2565Brand XWhy Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)11:16Brand X Featuring Phil Collins81996204
2566Brand X...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All2:06Brand X Featuring Phil Collins91996190
2567Brand XUnorthodox Behaviour8:26Brand X Featuring Phil Collins101996203
2568Brand XMalaga Virgen8:28Brand X Featuring Phil Collins111996192
2569Brand XSmacks of Euphoric Hysteria4:28Brand X Featuring Phil Collins121996211
2570Brand XMacrocosm7:21Brand X Featuring Phil Collins131996210
2571Brand XNoddy Goes To Sweden4:30Do They Hurt?11980186
2572Brand XVoidarama4:26Do They Hurt?21980202
2573Brand XAct Of Will4:45Do They Hurt?31980209
2574Brand XFragile5:28Do They Hurt?41980194
2575Brand XCambodia4:33Do They Hurt?51980208
2576Brand XTriumphant Limp7:32Do They Hurt?61980196
2577Brand XD.M.Z.8:41Do They Hurt?71980211
2578Brand XThe Poke5:10Masques11978206
2579Brand XMasques3:16Masques21978197
2580Brand XBlack Moon4:48Masques31978204
2581Brand XDeadly Nightshade11:22Masques41978204
2582Brand XEarth Dance6:08Masques51978213
2583Brand XAccess To Data8:01Masques61978216
2584Brand XThe Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge10:17Masques71978213
2585Brand XSun In The Night4:25Morrocan Roll11977207
2586Brand XWhy Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)11:16Morrocan Roll21977202
2587Brand X...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All2:10Morrocan Roll31977189
2588Brand XHate Zone4:41Morrocan Roll41977207
2589Brand XCollapsar1:35Morrocan Roll51977187
2590Brand XDisco Suicide7:55Morrocan Roll61977207
2591Brand XOrbits1:38Morrocan Roll71977190
2592Brand XMalaga Virgen8:28Morrocan Roll81977191
2593Brand XMacrocosm7:24Morrocan Roll91977203
2594Brand XDon't Make Waves5:31Product11979186
2595Brand XDance Of The Illegal Aliens7:50Product21979211
2596Brand XSoho3:44Product31979213
2597Brand XNot Good Enough - See Me!7:30Product41979192
2598Brand XAlgon (Where An Ordinary Cup Of Drinking Chocolate Costs L8,000,000,000)6:10Product51979203
2599Brand XRhesus Perplexus4:01Product61979185
2600Brand XWal To Wal3:14Product71979194
2601Brand X...And So To F...6:28Product81979194
2602Brand XApril2:09Product91979200
2603Brand XNuclear Burn6:23Unorthodox Behaviour11976183
2604Brand XEuthanasia Waltz5:42Unorthodox Behaviour21976178
2605Brand XBorn Ugly8:15Unorthodox Behaviour31976191
2606Brand XSmacks Of Euphoric Hysteria4:30Unorthodox Behaviour41976209
2607Brand XUnorthodox Behaviour8:29Unorthodox Behaviour51976201
2608Brand XRunning On Three4:38Unorthodox Behaviour61976209
2609Brand XTouch Wood3:04Unorthodox Behaviour71976196
2610Brandi CarlileThe Story3:59Nu Music Traxx Vol. 216 August 2007202007213
2611Brandi CarlileTurpentine2:56Nu Music Traxx Vol. 219 September 2007172007178
2612Brandon HeathGive Me Your Eyes3:54WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)72008190
2613Brandon HeathWait and See3:49WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)72009207
2614BrandyI Wanna Be Down4:10100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995131995201
2615BrandyMovin' On4:28Brandy11994193
2617BrandyBest Friend4:48Brandy31994204
2618BrandyI Wanna Be Down4:51Brandy41994198
2619BrandyI Dedicate (Part 1)1:29Brandy51994200
2621BrandyI'm Yours4:02Brandy71994200
2622BrandySunny Day4:30Brandy81994197
2623BrandyAs Long As You're Here4:45Brandy91994202
2624BrandyAlways On My Mind4:06Brandy101994190
2625BrandyI Dedicate (Part 2)0:56Brandy111994208
2626BrandyLove Is On My Side5:10Brandy121994192
2627BrandyGive Me You4:26Brandy131994209
2628BrandyI Dedicate (Part 3)1:01Brandy141994204
2629BrandyB Rocka Intro1:19Full Moon12002204
2630BrandyFull Moon4:08Full Moon22002178
2631BrandyI Thought4:29Full Moon32002209
2632BrandyWhen You Touch Me5:43Full Moon42002213
2633BrandyLike This4:32Full Moon52002206
2634BrandyAll In Me4:00Full Moon62002203
2635BrandyApart4:27Full Moon72002208
2636BrandyCan We4:43Full Moon82002200
2637BrandyWhat About Us?4:10Full Moon92002226
2638BrandyAnybody4:55Full Moon102002202
2639BrandyNothing4:48Full Moon112002211
2640BrandyIt's Not Worth It4:23Full Moon122002228
2641BrandyHe Is4:21Full Moon132002207
2642BrandyCome A Little Closer4:32Full Moon142002217
2643BrandyLove Wouldn't Count Me Out4:19Full Moon152002218
2644BrandyWOW4:12Full Moon162002225
2645BrandyDie Without You3:56Full Moon172002220
2646BrandyIntro0:48Never Say Never11998218
2647BrandyAngel in Disguise4:48Never Say Never21998237
2648BrandyThe Boy Is Mine4:54Never Say Never31998221
2649BrandyLearn the Hard Way4:51Never Say Never41998234
2650BrandyAlmost Doesn't Count3:36Never Say Never51998222
2651BrandyTop of the World4:41Never Say Never61998220
2652BrandyU Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)4:27Never Say Never71998216
2653BrandyNever Say Never5:10Never Say Never81998228
2654BrandyTruthfully4:58Never Say Never91998211
2655BrandyHave You Ever4:32Never Say Never101998213
2656BrandyPut That on Everything4:51Never Say Never111998214
2657BrandyIn the Car Interlude1:08Never Say Never121998171
2658BrandyHappy4:06Never Say Never131998225
2659BrandyOne Voice4:07Never Say Never141998218
2660BrandyTomorrow5:19Never Say Never151998200
2661Brandy(Everything I Do) I Do It for You4:10Never Say Never161998212
2662BrandyTop Of The World3:55The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)32002253
2663BrandySittin' Up In My Room4:52Waiting To Exhale (OST)51995212
2664Brandy feat. Kanye WestTalk About Our Love3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-06122004195
2665Brass ConstructionMovin'3:59Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)82001213
2666Brass ConstructionMovin'6:40Disco Train Vol. 121996231
2667Brass ConstructionChangin' (Live)4:16Disco Train Vol. 261997220
2668Brave ComboIn Heaven There Is No Beer2:41fRoots #6141996215
2669Brave ComboZydeco Gumby Ya Ya2:23Gumby31989201
2670Brave ComboPokey's Polka3:02Gumby71989190
2671Brave ComboHosa Dyna2:07Polkas For A Gloomy World11995222
2672Brave ComboFlying Saucer3:01Polkas For A Gloomy World21995201
2673Brave ComboEloina's Marbles3:31Polkas For A Gloomy World31995188
2674Brave ComboThe Faithful Hussar1:59Polkas For A Gloomy World41995207
2675Brave ComboNear The Karpat Mountain2:49Polkas For A Gloomy World51995213
2676Brave ComboQuiero Que Sepas2:55Polkas For A Gloomy World61995184
2677Brave ComboMystery Spot Polka2:53Polkas For A Gloomy World71995218
2678Brave ComboPotato Chips Polka2:45Polkas For A Gloomy World81995201
2679Brave ComboBreslau2:38Polkas For A Gloomy World91995192
2680Brave ComboPije Kuba2:12Polkas For A Gloomy World101995209
2681Brave ComboBuscando Tu Corazon3:32Polkas For A Gloomy World111995225
2682Brave ComboKatiusha3:12Polkas For A Gloomy World121995223
2683Brave ComboCamino De Dolores4:06Polkas For A Gloomy World131995196
2684Brave ComboIn Heaven, There Is No Beer2:40Polkas For A Gloomy World141995220
2685The BraveryHonest Mistake3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0632005205
2686The BraveryAn Honest Mistake3:40Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)92006238
2687BreadBaby I'm-a Want You2:3370s Music Explosion: Sunshine (Disc 2)42005202
2688BreadBaby I'm-A Want You2:22AM Gold: 1971201998196
2689BreadMake It With You3:11Anthology of Bread11985202
2690BreadDismal Day2:16Anthology of Bread21985213
2691BreadLondon Bridge2:31Anthology of Bread31985215
2692BreadAnyway You Want Me3:07Anthology of Bread41985210
2693BreadLook What You've Done3:11Anthology of Bread51985202
2694BreadIt Don't Matter To Me2:49Anthology of Bread61985205
2695BreadThe Last Time4:03Anthology of Bread71985214
2696BreadLet Your Love Go2:21Anthology of Bread81985210
2697BreadTruckin'2:31Anthology of Bread91985217
2698BreadIf2:34Anthology of Bread101985191
2699BreadBaby I'm-a Want You2:26Anthology of Bread111985199
2700BreadEverything I Own3:06Anthology of Bread121985198
2701BreadDown On My Knees2:43Anthology of Bread131985199
2702BreadAubrey3:37Anthology of Bread141985196
2703BreadDiary3:07Anthology of Bread151985181
2704BreadSweet Surrender2:35Anthology of Bread161985221
2705BreadThe Guitar Man3:44Anthology of Bread171985224
2706BreadFancy Dancer3:30Anthology of Bread181985215
2707BreadShe's the Only One2:58Anthology of Bread191985209
2708BreadLost Without Your Love2:53Anthology of Bread201985202
2709BreadThe Guitar Man3:43Maid In Manhattan (OST)112002229
2710BreadIf2:35Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs81999186
2711BreadIf2:35Singers And Songwriters [1970-1971] (Disc 2)92000188
2712BreadIt Don't Matter To Me2:50The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)121999190
2713BreadBaby I'm A Want You2:26The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)61999196
2714BreadLost Without Your Love2:57The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)91999193
2715BreadMake It With You3:10The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)15 201
2716BreadHooked On You2:20The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 2)4 191
2717BreadIf2:33Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)32001192
2718BreadLost Without Your Love2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)92001197
2719BreadAubrey3:38Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)182001178
2720Break MachineStreet Dance3:42Electro Breakdance (Disc 2)12002231
2721Breakfast ClubRight On Track4:18Generation 80's (Disc 2)142001216
2722Breaking BenjaminFade Away3:16Dear Agony12009245
2723Breaking BenjaminI Will Not Bow3:36Dear Agony22009249
2724Breaking BenjaminCrawl3:58Dear Agony32009248
2725Breaking BenjaminGive Me A Sign4:17Dear Agony42009242
2726Breaking BenjaminHopeless3:20Dear Agony52009248
2727Breaking BenjaminWhat Lies Beneath3:34Dear Agony62009242
2728Breaking BenjaminAnthem Of The Angels4:02Dear Agony72009236
2729Breaking BenjaminLights Out3:33Dear Agony82009256
2730Breaking BenjaminDear Agony4:18Dear Agony92009252
2731Breaking BenjaminInto The Nothing3:43Dear Agony102009240
2732Breaking BenjaminWithout You4:16Dear Agony112009240
2733Breaking BenjaminBreath [Top 40 Mix]3:11Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007142007230
2734Breaking BenjaminIntro1:13Phobia12006184
2735Breaking BenjaminThe Diary Of Jane3:20Phobia22006242
2736Breaking BenjaminBreath3:38Phobia32006226
2737Breaking BenjaminYou3:22Phobia42006226
2738Breaking BenjaminEvil Angel3:41Phobia52006236
2739Breaking BenjaminUntil The End4:12Phobia62006238
2740Breaking BenjaminDance With The Devil3:47Phobia72006223
2741Breaking BenjaminTopless3:03Phobia82006237
2742Breaking BenjaminHere We Are4:18Phobia92006229
2743Breaking BenjaminUnknown Soldier3:46Phobia102006229
2744Breaking BenjaminHad Enough3:50Phobia112006229
2745Breaking BenjaminYou Fight Me3:12Phobia122006238
2746Breaking BenjaminOutro2:09Phobia132006230
2747Breaking BenjaminThe Diary Of Jane (Acoustic)3:06Phobia142006188
2748Breaking BenjaminBreath3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0562007230
2749Breaking BenjaminWish I May3:58Saturate12002228
2750Breaking BenjaminMedicate3:45Saturate22002226
2751Breaking BenjaminPolyamorous2:57Saturate32002242
2752Breaking BenjaminSkin3:20Saturate42002230
2753Breaking BenjaminNatural Life4:00Saturate52002233
2754Breaking BenjaminNext To Nothing3:43Saturate62002241
2755Breaking BenjaminWater4:12Saturate72002233
2756Breaking BenjaminHome3:37Saturate82002236
2757Breaking BenjaminPhase4:31Saturate92002219
2758Breaking BenjaminNo Games3:35Saturate102002231
2759Breaking BenjaminSugarcoat3:38Saturate112002251
2760Breaking BenjaminShallow Bay4:05Saturate122002237
2761Breaking BenjaminForever (Hidden Bonus Track)3:54Saturate132002220
2762Breaking BenjaminSo Cold (Acoustic)3:55So Cold (EP)12004210
2763Breaking BenjaminBlow Me Away3:25So Cold (EP)22004247
2764Breaking BenjaminLady Bug3:02So Cold (EP)32004225
2765Breaking BenjaminAway (Live)3:24So Cold (EP)42004235
2766Breaking BenjaminBreakdown (Live)3:44So Cold (EP)52004234
2767Breaking BenjaminSo Cold4:33We Are Not Alone12004221
2768Breaking BenjaminSimple Design4:15We Are Not Alone22004253
2769Breaking BenjaminFollow3:18We Are Not Alone32004244
2770Breaking BenjaminFirefly3:07We Are Not Alone42004249
2771Breaking BenjaminBreak My Fall3:25We Are Not Alone52004243
2772Breaking BenjaminForget It3:37We Are Not Alone62004220
2773Breaking BenjaminSooner Or Later3:39We Are Not Alone72004232
2774Breaking BenjaminBreakdown3:36We Are Not Alone82004250
2775Breaking BenjaminAway3:12We Are Not Alone92004243
2776Breaking BenjaminBelieve3:20We Are Not Alone102004247
2777Breaking BenjaminRain3:25We Are Not Alone112004204
2778BreatheJonah4:51All That Jazz11987188
2779BreatheAll That Jazz4:10All That Jazz21987182
2780BreatheMonday Morning Blues3:57All That Jazz31987180
2781BreatheHands To Heaven4:19All That Jazz41987186
2782BreatheAll This I Should Have Known3:49All That Jazz51987185
2783BreatheAny Trick4:01All That Jazz61987181
2784BreatheLiberties Of Love3:32All That Jazz71987190
2785BreatheWon't You Come Back?5:58All That Jazz81987189
2786BreatheDon't Tell Me Lies3:41All That Jazz91987203
2787BreatheHow Can I Fall?4:42All That Jazz101987195
2788BreatheSay A Prayer3:53TM Century GoldDisc Update 811991208
2789The Breaux FreresHome Sweet Home3:00Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 1)121952128
2790The Brecker BrothersKeep It Steady (Brecker Bump)6:29Back To Back11975217
2791The Brecker BrothersIf You Wanna Boogie... Forget It4:01Back To Back21975213
2792The Brecker BrothersLovely Lady6:21Back To Back31975200
2793The Brecker BrothersNight Flight6:18Back To Back41975227
2794The Brecker BrothersSlick Stuff4:50Back To Back51975231
2795The Brecker BrothersDig A Little Deeper4:04Back To Back61975201
2796The Brecker BrothersGrease Piece5:49Back To Back71975231
2797The Brecker BrothersWhat Can A Miracle Do4:17Back To Back81975195
2798The Brecker BrothersI Love Wastin' Time With You6:31Back To Back91975209
2799The Brecker BrothersEast River3:37East River11997200
2800The Brecker BrothersSkunk Funk5:52East River21997198
2801The Brecker BrothersInside Out9:30East River31997205
2802The Brecker BrothersFunky Sea, Funky Dew6:13East River41997214
2803The Brecker BrothersStraphangin'8:08East River51997204
2804The Brecker BrothersThree Some6:21East River61997200
2805The Brecker BrothersRocks4:40East River71997207
2806The Brecker BrothersBaffled5:22East River81997216
2807The Brecker BrothersJacknife6:19East River91997212
2808The Brecker BrothersTee'd Off3:44East River101997214
2809The Brecker BrothersNot Ethiopia5:44East River111997215
2810The Brecker BrothersSneakin' Up Behind You4:47East River121997213
2811The Brecker BrothersSlang6:12Out of the Loop11994186
2812The Brecker BrothersEvocations5:18Out of the Loop21994193
2813The Brecker BrothersScrunch4:31Out of the Loop31994200
2814The Brecker BrothersSecret Heart5:04Out of the Loop41994198
2815The Brecker BrothersAfrican Skies7:49Out of the Loop51994201
2816The Brecker BrothersWhen It Was4:31Out of the Loop61994177
2817The Brecker BrothersHarpoon7:44Out of the Loop71994188
2818The Brecker BrothersThe Nightwalker8:45Out of the Loop81994200
2819The Brecker BrothersAnd Then She Wept4:54Out of the Loop91994183
2820The Brecker BrothersSong For Barry5:07Return Of Brecker Brothers11992207
2821The Brecker BrothersKing Of The Lobby5:21Return Of Brecker Brothers21992206
2822The Brecker BrothersBig Idea4:20Return Of Brecker Brothers31992201
2823The Brecker BrothersAbove & Below7:05Return Of Brecker Brothers41992220
2824The Brecker BrothersThat's All There Is To It5:30Return Of Brecker Brothers51992185
2825The Brecker BrothersWakaria (What's Up?)5:27Return Of Brecker Brothers61992214
2826The Brecker BrothersOn The Backside6:27Return Of Brecker Brothers71992192
2827The Brecker BrothersSozinho (Alone)7:39Return Of Brecker Brothers81992188
2828The Brecker BrothersSpherical5:58Return Of Brecker Brothers91992183
2829The Brecker BrothersGood Gracious5:13Return Of Brecker Brothers101992213
2830The Brecker BrothersRoppongi4:57Return Of Brecker Brothers111992209
2831The Brecker BrothersSome Skunk Funk5:52The Brecker Brothers11975255
2832The Brecker BrothersSponge4:06The Brecker Brothers21975261
2833The Brecker BrothersA Creature Of Many Faces7:44The Brecker Brothers31975258
2834The Brecker BrothersTwilight5:47The Brecker Brothers41975257
2835The Brecker BrothersSneakin' Up Behind You4:56The Brecker Brothers51975250
2836The Brecker BrothersRocks4:40The Brecker Brothers61975253
2837The Brecker BrothersLevitate4:34The Brecker Brothers71975251
2838The Brecker BrothersOh My Stars3:16The Brecker Brothers81975261
2839The Brecker BrothersD.B.B.4:51The Brecker Brothers91975248
2840The Breed of SeditionEvil Inside Me4:36Heavycore: Core Til Death92002208
2841BreedersCannonball3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-0181994203
2842BreezeGypsy Woman3:09Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)11992210
2843BreezeHero4:05Wild Wild West (OST)101999206
2844Brenda & The TabulationsRight On The Tip Of My Tongue3:22Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)92001128
2845Brenda and the TabulationsDry Your Eyes2:51The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 2)102006184
2846Brenda HollowayEvery Little Bit Hurts2:59Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)211992129
2847Brenda HollowayWhen I'm Gone2:09Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)61992128
2848Brenda HollowayYou've Made Me So Happy2:52Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)162000196
2849Brenda HollowayJust Look What You've Done2:55Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)172000199
2850Brenda HollowayEvery Little Bit Hurts2:54Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)12000198
2851Brenda HollowayWhen I'm Gone2:13Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)22000199
2852Brenda HollowayOperator3:14Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)62000129
2853Brenda HollowayI'll Be Available2:40Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)72000130
2854Brenda HollowayI'll Always Love You2:52Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)82000189
2855Brenda K. StarrI Still Believe3:51More Broken Hearted Soul Essentials111988192
2856Brenda LeeBriken Trust3:4816 Top Country Hits Volume 2131990209
2857Brenda LeeSweet Nothin's2:2519609 180
2858Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:46AM Gold: 196261995176
2859Brenda LeeBreak It to Me Gently2:38AM Gold: 1962181995177
2860Brenda LeeFool #12:28AM Gold: Early '60s Classics101995162
2861Brenda LeeRockin' Around The Christmas Tree (1960)2:05Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)21989195
2862Brenda LeeEverybody Loves Me But You2:33Brenda Lee-Anthology 2 (02) Everybody Loves Me But You 1962320
2863Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:45Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 2)31999179
2864Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:43Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 1)71997174
2865Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:41Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)4 177
2866Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:46Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)3 176
2867Brenda LeeBigelow2:14Girls Girls Girls Volume 1191995164
2868Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:41Jukebox Hits Of 196041991243
2869Brenda LeeFool #12:27Jukebox Hits Of 1961221991237
2870Brenda LeeLosing You2:30Jukebox Hits Of 1963261991230
2871Brenda LeeRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:05Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)132001182
2872Brenda LeeJingle Bell Rock2:09Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)162006200
2873Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:42Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)131996128
2874Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:39Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)11 199
2875Brenda LeeSweet Nothin's2:25Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)82004182
2876Brenda LeeDum Dum2:25The '60s - Jukebox Memories2 158
2877Brenda LeeRockin' Around the Christmas Tree2:05The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)82003210
2878Brenda LeeJohnny One Time3:17The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits11974220
2879Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:44The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits21974187
2880Brenda LeeSweet Nothin's2:23The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits31974201
2881Brenda LeeAs Usual2:35The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits41974192
2882Brenda LeeDum Dum2:26The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits51974209
2883Brenda LeeYou Can Depend On Me3:31The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits61974182
2884Brenda LeeComing On Strong2:01The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits71974206
2885Brenda LeeLosing You2:31The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits81974183
2886Brenda LeeFool #12:27The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits91974185
2887Brenda LeeJambalaya (On The Bayou)2:45The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits101974208
2888Brenda LeeEmotions2:50The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits111974184
2889Brenda LeeJust Out Of Reach2:47The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits121974182
2890Brenda LeeAnybody But Me2:26The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits131974199
2891Brenda LeeWe Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)3:31The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits141974190
2892Brenda LeeThanks A Lot2:42The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits151974219
2893Brenda LeeI Want To Be Wanted3:05The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits161974183
2894Brenda LeeYou Always Hurt The One You Love2:45The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits171974193
2895Brenda LeeToo Many Rivers2:49The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits181974195
2896Brenda LeeMy Whole World Is Falling Down1:55The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits191974196
2897Brenda LeeBreak It To Me Gently2:37The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits201974187
2898Brenda LeeThat's All You Gotta Do2:29The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits211974204
2899Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:36The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits221974196
2900Brenda LeeSweet Nothin's2:22The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)41960196
2901Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:39The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)31960192
2902Brenda LeeThat's All You Gotta Do2:29The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)161960127
2903Brenda LeeI Want To Be Wanted3:05The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)211960173
2904Brenda LeeRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:07The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)31987175
2905Brenda LeeRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:07The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 111994233
2906Brenda LeeSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town2:12The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4112000196
2907Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:47Your Hit Parade - The '60s191993189
2908Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:41Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s111993188
2909Brenda RussellPiano in the Dark5:20Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)52004208
2910Brenda RussellPiano In The Dark4:24Slow Dancin'91990200
2911Brenda RussellPiano In The Dark4:21The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 1)12 194
2912Brendan Dolan & Geoff WhelanThe Brothers Grunt0:55Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)31996173
2913Brenton WoodGimme Little Sign2:18Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On2 196
2914Brenton WoodGimme Little Sign2:24Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 3111987187
2915Brewer & ShipleyOne Toke Over The Line3:2070s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)32005212
2916Brewer & ShipleyOne Toke Over The Line3:21Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)22007246
2917Brewer & ShipleyOne Toke Over The Line3:21Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)191998215
2918Brewer & ShipleyOne Toke Over The Line3:22The Buddah Box (Disc 2)71993212
2919Brewer and ShipleyOne Toke Over The Line3:21AM Gold: 1971141998207
2920Brian & MichaelMatchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs4:36A Decade Of Pop The 70's2 194
2921Brian CaddLets Go4:23Country Complete (Disc 5)141997203
2922Brian CaddAlvin Purple2:20Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 5)91998198
2923Brian David FarrIronforgeWalking020:50World of Warcraft 2004128
2924Brian David FarrActionWalkUni011:20WoW BC 2006160
2925Brian David FarrCorrupt 11:00WoW BC 2006160
2926Brian David FarrCorrupt 21:02WoW BC 2006160
2927Brian David FarrCorrupt 31:14WoW BC 2006160
2928Brian David FarrCorrupt 41:11WoW BC 2006160
2929Brian David FarrCorrupt 51:12WoW BC 2006160
2930Brian David FarrCorrupt 61:14WoW BC 2006160
2931Brian David FarrCorrupt 70:52WoW BC 2006160
2932Brian David FarrCorrupt Intro1:15WoW BC 2006160
2933Brian Dunning & Jeff JohnsonLament2:24Celtic Christmas II131996175
2934Brian Dunning, Jeff JohnsonA Raven In The Snow4:08Celtic Christmas III71997200
2935Brian EnoSky Saw3:27Another Green World [2004 Remaster]11975199
2936Brian EnoOver Fire Island1:51Another Green World [2004 Remaster]21975188
2937Brian EnoSt. Elmo's Fire3:02Another Green World [2004 Remaster]31975199
2938Brian EnoIn Dark Trees2:31Another Green World [2004 Remaster]41975190
2939Brian EnoThe Big Ship3:01Another Green World [2004 Remaster]51975187
2940Brian EnoI'll Come Running3:49Another Green World [2004 Remaster]61975185
2941Brian EnoAnother Green World1:41Another Green World [2004 Remaster]71975196
2942Brian EnoSombre Reptiles2:21Another Green World [2004 Remaster]81975193
2943Brian EnoLittle Fishes1:34Another Green World [2004 Remaster]91975192
2944Brian EnoGolden Hours4:00Another Green World [2004 Remaster]101975195
2945Brian EnoBecalmed3:56Another Green World [2004 Remaster]111975192
2946Brian EnoZawinul/Lava3:00Another Green World [2004 Remaster]121975191
2947Brian EnoEverything Merges With The Night3:59Another Green World [2004 Remaster]131975189
2948Brian EnoSpirits Drifting2:36Another Green World [2004 Remaster]141975186
2949Brian EnoNeedle In The Camel's Eye3:11Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]11973235
2950Brian EnoThe Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch3:05Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]21973193
2951Brian EnoBaby's On Fire5:19Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]31973242
2952Brian EnoCindy Tells Me3:25Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]41973206
2953Brian EnoDriving Me Backwards5:12Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]51973189
2954Brian EnoOn Some Faraway Beach4:36Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]61973199
2955Brian EnoBlank Frank3:37Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]71973232
2956Brian EnoDead Finks Don't Talk4:19Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]81973212
2957Brian EnoSome Of Them Are Old5:11Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]91973199
2958Brian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets4:04Here Come The Warm Jets [2004 Remaster]101973198
2959Brian EnoFractal Net6:26Nerve Net11995208
2960Brian EnoWire Shock5:28Nerve Net21995204
2961Brian EnoWhat Actually Happened4:43Nerve Net31995188
2962Brian EnoPierre In Mist3:49Nerve Net41995166
2963Brian EnoMy Squelchy Life4:03Nerve Net51995199
2964Brian EnoJuju Space Jazz4:28Nerve Net61995197
2965Brian EnoThe Roil, The Choke5:01Nerve Net71995211
2966Brian EnoAli Click4:15Nerve Net81995180
2967Brian EnoDistributed Being6:12Nerve Net91995181
2968Brian EnoWeb6:41Nerve Net101995200
2969Brian EnoWeb (Lascaux Mix)9:49Nerve Net111995208
2970Brian EnoDecentre3:25Nerve Net121995174
2971Brian EnoDune Prophecy Theme4:18This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)151999196
2972Brian Eno & David ByrneAmerica Is Waiting3:37My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts11981202
2973Brian Eno & David ByrneMea Culpa3:43My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts21981225
2974Brian Eno & David ByrneRegiment3:58My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts31981213
2975Brian Eno & David ByrneHelp Me Somebody4:19My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts41981232
2976Brian Eno & David ByrneThe Jezebel Spirit4:53My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts51981226
2977Brian Eno & David ByrneVery, Very Hungry3:20My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts61981215
2978Brian Eno & David ByrneMoonlight In Glory4:23My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts71981213
2979Brian Eno & David ByrneThe Carrier3:36My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts81981213
2980Brian Eno & David ByrneA Secret Life2:31My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts91981217
2981Brian Eno & David ByrneCome With Us2:43My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts101981195
2982Brian Eno & David ByrneMountain Of Needles2:34My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts111981207
2983Brian Eno & John CaleLay My Love4:44Wrong Way Up11990221
2984Brian Eno & John CaleOne Word4:34Wrong Way Up21990214
2985Brian Eno & John CaleIn The Backroom4:02Wrong Way Up31990200
2986Brian Eno & John CaleEmpty Frame4:26Wrong Way Up41990199
2987Brian Eno & John CaleCordoba4:22Wrong Way Up51990173
2988Brian Eno & John CaleSpinning Away5:27Wrong Way Up61990212
2989Brian Eno & John CaleFootsteps3:13Wrong Way Up71990197
2990Brian Eno & John CaleBeen There, Done That2:52Wrong Way Up81990201
2991Brian Eno & John CaleCrime In The Desert3:42Wrong Way Up91990213
2992Brian Eno & John CaleThe River4:23Wrong Way Up101990189
2993Brian HylandSealed With A Kiss2:4320 Platinum Oldies21986173
2994Brian HylandGinny Come Lately2:4820 Platinum Oldies121986192
2995Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini2:2220 Platinum Oldies151986209
2996Brian HylandBaby Face1:5720 Platinum Oldies171986214
2997Brian HylandSealed with a Kiss2:42AM Gold: 196251995126
2998Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini2:21Jukebox Hits Of 1960101991262
2999Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini2:20Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)8 213
3000Brian HylandGypsy Woman2:35Singers And Songwriters [1970-1971] (Disc 2)32000129
3001Brian HylandSealed With A Kiss2:43The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols171990127
3002Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini2:23The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky161991206
3003Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini2:23The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960181995208
3004Brian LittrellIn Christ Alone3:42WOW #1s (Blue Disc)42005207
3005Brian LittrellWelcome Home (You)3:05WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)112006226
3006Brian LittrellOver My Head3:56WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)112007218
3007Brian May & Bad NewsCashing in on Christmas4:08 16 128
3008Brian McKnightAnytime4:35Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 1)102003199
3009Brian McKnightLast Dance4:45Back At One11999201
3010Brian McKnightStay4:23Back At One21999217
3011Brian McKnightPlayed Yourself4:16Back At One31999216
3012Brian McKnightBack At One4:22Back At One41999188
3013Brian McKnightStay Or Let It Go4:40Back At One51999229
3014Brian McKnight6, 8, 124:07Back At One61999194
3015Brian McKnightYou Could Be The One3:23Back At One71999208
3016Brian McKnightShall We Begin3:59Back At One81999202
3017Brian McKnightGothic Interlude1:00Back At One91999187
3018Brian McKnightCan You Read My Mind3:57Back At One101999200
3019Brian McKnightLonely4:26Back At One111999224
3020Brian McKnightCherish4:05Back At One121999217
3021Brian McKnightHome4:22Back At One131999196
3022Brian McKnightAnytime (Mr. Mig Dance Remix)4:46Fired Up! 2132005220
3023Brian McKnightBack At One4:24From There To Here: 1989-200211999320
3024Brian McKnightAnytime3:33Much Dance 1999151999204
3025Brian McKnightThinkin' 'Bout Me4:18Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)72000195
3026Brian McKnightAnytime4:34Total Hits Vol. 2141999197
3027Brian PooleSomeone Someone2:38The Rock Box (Disc 5)12 214
3028Brian ProtheroPinball3:10Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)10 204
3029Brian ReganYou Too & Stuff4:52Live11997196
3030Brian ReganHooked on Phonix1:34Live21997187
3031Brian ReganCrank Calls1:09Live31997185
3032Brian ReganStupid in School5:16Live41997185
3033Brian ReganLousy in Little League6:40Live51997187
3034Brian ReganMonster Truck Drivers1:42Live61997204
3035Brian ReganHorns & Windshields2:55Live71997203
3036Brian ReganSeatbelts0:41Live81997203
3037Brian ReganLog Trucks0:52Live91997196
3038Brian ReganBlasting Zone0:32Live101997187
3039Brian ReganEvel Knievel1:02Live111997185
3040Brian ReganFishing on TV2:07Live121997189
3041Brian ReganWhale Noises1:22Live131997187
3042Brian ReganFlipper & Gentle Ben2:08Live141997189
3043Brian ReganBelly Buttons0:43Live151997189
3044Brian ReganKid's Party Games1:44Live161997185
3045Brian ReganBig Family Stuff6:31Live171997189
3046Brian ReganPeanut Butter & Jelly1:01Live181997192
3047Brian ReganDonut Lady2:37Live191997186
3048Brian ReganHealth Club Stuff3:13Live201997191
3049Brian ReganSpider Webs & Bees0:57Live211997196
3050Brian ReganElevators & Faces2:00Live221997194
3051Brian ReganAnimals1:50Live231997189
3052Brian ReganDog Barking2:29Live241997198
3053Brian SetzerSixty Years4:42Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy12003229
3054Brian SetzerDon't Trust A Woman (In A Black Cadillac)3:47Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy22003235
3055Brian SetzerWhen The Bells Don't Chime3:07Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy32003206
3056Brian SetzerThat Someone Just Ain't You3:55Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy42003217
3057Brian SetzerRat Pack Boogie4:21Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy52003175
3058Brian SetzerRing, Ring, Ring2:47Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy62003213
3059Brian SetzerDrink Whiskey And Shut Up4:25Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy72003219
3060Brian SetzerSmokin' 'N Burnin'4:25Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy82003229
3061Brian SetzerWild Wind3:16Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy92003213
3062Brian SetzerSt. Jude4:28Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy102003218
3063Brian SetzerTo Be Loved2:23Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy112003201
3064Brian SetzerJumpin' At The Capitol3:14Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy122003196
3065Brian SetzerWhen The Bells Don't Chime (Banjo Mix)3:07Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy132003200
3066Brian SetzerThe Knife Feels Like Justice4:04The Knife Feels Like Justice11986203
3067Brian SetzerHaunted River3:27The Knife Feels Like Justice21986187
3068Brian SetzerBoulevard of Broken Dreams4:12The Knife Feels Like Justice31986199
3069Brian SetzerBobby's Back3:35The Knife Feels Like Justice41986180
3070Brian SetzerRadiation Ranch3:26The Knife Feels Like Justice51986195
3071Brian SetzerChains Around Your Heart3:47The Knife Feels Like Justice61986176
3072Brian SetzerMaria4:01The Knife Feels Like Justice71986185
3073Brian SetzerThree Guys3:51The Knife Feels Like Justice81986184
3074Brian SetzerAztec4:06The Knife Feels Like Justice91986198
3075Brian SetzerBreath of Life3:28The Knife Feels Like Justice101986177
3076Brian SetzerBarbwire Fence3:44The Knife Feels Like Justice111986203
3077Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialIgnition3:02Ignition!12001217
3078Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback Special5 Years, 4 Months, 3 Days3:06Ignition!22001197
3079Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialHell Bent3:33Ignition!32001200
3080Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialHot Rod Girl2:05Ignition!42001203
3081Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback Special8-Track4:07Ignition!52001198
3082Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback Special'594:34Ignition!62001218
3083Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialRooster Rock2:58Ignition!72001214
3084Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialSanta Rosa Rita3:04Ignition!82001186
3085Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback Special(The Legend of) Johnny Kool (Part 2)3:20Ignition!92001218
3086Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialGet 'em On the Ropes3:17Ignition!102001215
3087Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialWho Would Love This Car But Me?2:44Ignition!112001203
3088Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialBlue Cafe3:51Ignition!122001195
3089Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialDreamsville4:22Ignition!132001172
3090Brian Setzer & '68 Comeback SpecialMalagueña4:15Ignition!142001178
3091Brian Setzer OrchestraStray Cat Strut (Live Star Lounge)3:20   128
3092The Brian Setzer OrchestraJingle Bells2:22Boogie Woogie Christmas12002207
3093The Brian Setzer OrchestraBoogie Woogie Santa Claus3:02Boogie Woogie Christmas22002208
3094The Brian Setzer OrchestraWinter Wonderland2:40Boogie Woogie Christmas32002196
3095The Brian Setzer OrchestraBlue Christmas2:48Boogie Woogie Christmas42002190
3096The Brian Setzer OrchestraSanta Claus Is Back In Town3:48Boogie Woogie Christmas52002189
3097The Brian Setzer OrchestraBaby It's Cold Outside (Duet With Ann-Margret)3:43Boogie Woogie Christmas62002191
3098The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Nutcracker Suite7:13Boogie Woogie Christmas72002203
3099The Brian Setzer Orchestra(Everybody's Waitn' For) The Man With The Bag2:48Boogie Woogie Christmas82002198
3100The Brian Setzer OrchestraSleigh Ride2:40Boogie Woogie Christmas92002209
3101The Brian Setzer OrchestraSo They Say It's Christmas4:46Boogie Woogie Christmas102002185
3102The Brian Setzer OrchestraO Holy Night4:49Boogie Woogie Christmas112002174
3103The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Amens0:59Boogie Woogie Christmas122002167
3104The Brian Setzer OrchestraDig That Crazy Santa Claus2:14Dig That Crazy Christmas!12005202
3105The Brian Setzer OrchestraAngels We Have Heard On High4:21Dig That Crazy Christmas!22005194
3106The Brian Setzer OrchestraGettin' In the Mood (For Christmas)3:34Dig That Crazy Christmas!32005230
3107The Brian Setzer OrchestraWhite Christmas5:22Dig That Crazy Christmas!42005214
3108The Brian Setzer OrchestraLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2:08Dig That Crazy Christmas!52005216
3109The Brian Setzer Orchestra'Zat You Santa Claus?3:13Dig That Crazy Christmas!62005198
3110The Brian Setzer OrchestraHey Santa!4:08Dig That Crazy Christmas!72005210
3111The Brian Setzer OrchestraMy Favorite Things (Instrumental)3:59Dig That Crazy Christmas!82005195
3112The Brian Setzer OrchestraYou're a Mean One, Mister Grinch2:38Dig That Crazy Christmas!92005205
3113The Brian Setzer OrchestraCool Yule2:35Dig That Crazy Christmas!102005207
3114The Brian Setzer OrchestraJingle Bell Rock2:36Dig That Crazy Christmas!112005198
3115The Brian Setzer OrchestraSanta Drives a Hot Rod4:05Dig That Crazy Christmas!122005199
3116The Brian Setzer OrchestraWhat Are You Doing New Year's Eve3:33Dig That Crazy Christmas!132005202
3117The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe House Is Rockin'3:02Guitar Slinger11996230
3118The Brian Setzer OrchestraHoodoo Voodoo Doll3:39Guitar Slinger21996223
3119The Brian Setzer OrchestraTown Without Pity4:04Guitar Slinger31996206
3120The Brian Setzer OrchestraRumble In Brighton3:35Guitar Slinger41996217
3121The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Man With The Magic Touch3:24Guitar Slinger51996214
3122The Brian Setzer Orchestra(The Legend Of) Johnny Kool4:09Guitar Slinger61996221
3123The Brian Setzer OrchestraGhost Radio3:40Guitar Slinger71996215
3124The Brian Setzer Orchestra(Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxaphone3:29Guitar Slinger81996207
3125The Brian Setzer OrchestraBuzz Buzz3:31Guitar Slinger91996211
3126The Brian Setzer OrchestraMy Baby Only Cares For Me4:09Guitar Slinger101996200
3127The Brian Setzer OrchestraHey, Louis Prima2:57Guitar Slinger111996216
3128The Brian Setzer OrchestraSammy Davis City3:55Guitar Slinger121996183
3129Brian Setzer OrchestraJump Jive An'Wail2:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07161998202
3130The Brian Setzer OrchestraLady Luck2:58The Brian Setzer Orchestra11994201
3131The Brian Setzer OrchestraBall And Chain3:19The Brian Setzer Orchestra21994207
3132The Brian Setzer OrchestraSittin' On It All The Time3:24The Brian Setzer Orchestra31994211
3133The Brian Setzer OrchestraGood Rockin' Daddy3:20The Brian Setzer Orchestra41994205
3134The Brian Setzer OrchestraSeptember Skies4:08The Brian Setzer Orchestra51994193
3135The Brian Setzer OrchestraBrand New Cadillac3:37The Brian Setzer Orchestra61994219
3136The Brian Setzer OrchestraThere's A Rainbow 'round My Shoulder2:40The Brian Setzer Orchestra71994188
3137The Brian Setzer OrchestraRoute 664:01The Brian Setzer Orchestra81994188
3138The Brian Setzer OrchestraYour True Love3:33The Brian Setzer Orchestra91994200
3139The Brian Setzer OrchestraA Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square2:46The Brian Setzer Orchestra101994190
3140The Brian Setzer OrchestraStraight Up3:12The Brian Setzer Orchestra111994209
3141The Brian Setzer OrchestraDrink That Bottle Down4:56The Brian Setzer Orchestra121994190
3142The Brian Setzer OrchestraThis Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof2:18The Dirty Boogie11998203
3143The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Dirty Boogie3:13The Dirty Boogie21998222
3144The Brian Setzer OrchestraThis Old House3:06The Dirty Boogie31998220
3145The Brian Setzer OrchestraLet's Live It Up3:41The Dirty Boogie41998198
3146The Brian Setzer OrchestraSleepwalk3:49The Dirty Boogie51998199
3147The Brian Setzer OrchestraJump Jive An' Wail2:53The Dirty Boogie61998201
3148The Brian Setzer OrchestraYou're the Boss3:43The Dirty Boogie71998198
3149The Brian Setzer OrchestraRock This Town6:37The Dirty Boogie81998217
3150The Brian Setzer OrchestraSince I Don't Have You4:09The Dirty Boogie91998204
3151The Brian Setzer OrchestraSwitchblade 3273:30The Dirty Boogie101998216
3152The Brian Setzer OrchestraNosey Joe2:55The Dirty Boogie111998204
3153The Brian Setzer OrchestraHollywood Nocturne5:36The Dirty Boogie121998211
3154The Brian Setzer OrchestraAs Long as I'm Singin'4:03The Dirty Boogie131998202
3155The Brian Setzer OrchestraPennsylvania 6-50003:04Vavoom!12000217
3156The Brian Setzer OrchestraJumpin' East Of Java3:02Vavoom!22000226
3157The Brian Setzer OrchestraAmericano3:02Vavoom!32000225
3158The Brian Setzer OrchestraIf You Can't Rock Me2:39Vavoom!42000210
3159The Brian Setzer OrchestraGettin' In The Mood3:11Vavoom!52000222
3160The Brian Setzer OrchestraDrive Like Lightning4:11Vavoom!62000205
3161The Brian Setzer OrchestraMack The Knife2:48Vavoom!72000213
3162The Brian Setzer OrchestraCaravan2:25Vavoom!82000216
3163The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Footloose Doll3:52Vavoom!92000206
3164The Brian Setzer OrchestraFrom Here To Eternity2:53Vavoom!102000217
3165The Brian Setzer OrchestraThat's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes2:19Vavoom!112000211
3166The Brian Setzer Orchestra'49 Mercury Blues2:50Vavoom!122000220
3167The Brian Setzer OrchestraJukebox3:10Vavoom!132000217
3168The Brian Setzer OrchestraGloria3:52Vavoom!142000216
3169BrickDazz5:38Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)112001228
3170BrickDazz5:37Disco Super Hits51998217
3171BrickDusic5:44PHAT TRAX The Best Of Old School, Vol. 281997227
3172BrickDazz5:39Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1976-19778 216
3173BricklinWalk Away4:11Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (OST)81989221
3174Brie LarsonShe Said3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-01112005198
3175BrierFields Of Athenry4:14All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)31994207
3176BrierRoisin - Last Farewell4:13All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)51994199
3177BrierI'll Tell Me Ma / Mountian Dew / Mursheen Durkin3:29All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)181994210
3178BrierBoys Of Killybegs2:29All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)191994209
3179BrierBoys From Co. Armagh / Green Glens Of Antrim / Homes Of Donegal3:02All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)201994211
3180The Brigands(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man2:21Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)31998137
3181Bright EyesFirst Day Of My Life3:02Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)142006196
3182Brighter Side Of DarknessLove Jones3:21Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)182001190
3183Britney Spears...Baby One More Time3:31...Baby One More Time11999206
3184Britney Spears(You Drive Me) Crazy3:20...Baby One More Time21999207
3185Britney SpearsSometimes4:06...Baby One More Time31999202
3186Britney SpearsSoda Pop3:22...Baby One More Time41999225
3187Britney SpearsBorn To Make You Happy4:05...Baby One More Time51999204
3188Britney SpearsFrom The Bottom Of My Broken Heart5:12...Baby One More Time61999217
3189Britney SpearsI Will Be There3:55...Baby One More Time71999213
3190Britney SpearsI Will Still Love You4:03...Baby One More Time81999225
3191Britney SpearsThinkin' About You3:36...Baby One More Time91999217
3192Britney SpearsE-Mail My Heart3:43...Baby One More Time101999209
3193Britney SpearsThe Beat Goes On3:43...Baby One More Time111999180
3194Britney SpearsGimme More4:11Blackout12007223
3195Britney SpearsPiece Of Me3:32Blackout22007213
3196Britney SpearsRadar3:49Blackout32007231
3197Britney SpearsBreak The Ice3:16Blackout42007236
3198Britney SpearsHeaven On Earth4:52Blackout52007217
3199Britney SpearsGet Naked (I Got A Plan)4:45Blackout62007230
3200Britney SpearsFreakshow2:55Blackout72007211
3201Britney SpearsToy Soldier3:21Blackout82007225
3202Britney SpearsHot As Ice3:16Blackout92007218
3203Britney SpearsOoh Ooh Baby3:28Blackout102007202
3204Britney SpearsPerfect Lover3:02Blackout112007241
3205Britney SpearsWhy Should I Be Sad3:10Blackout122007205
3206Britney SpearsI'm A Slave 4 U3:24Britney [Limited Edition]12002204
3207Britney SpearsOverprotected3:19Britney [Limited Edition]22002206
3208Britney SpearsLonely3:20Britney [Limited Edition]32002210
3209Britney SpearsI'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman3:51Britney [Limited Edition]42002198
3210Britney SpearsBoys3:28Britney [Limited Edition]52002196
3211Britney SpearsAnticipating3:15Britney [Limited Edition]62002219
3212Britney SpearsI Love Rock'n'Roll3:06Britney [Limited Edition]72002215
3213Britney SpearsCinderella3:39Britney [Limited Edition]82002189
3214Britney SpearsLet Me Be2:51Britney [Limited Edition]92002191
3215Britney SpearsBombastic Love3:05Britney [Limited Edition]102002185
3216Britney SpearsThat's Where You Take Me3:32Britney [Limited Edition]112002213
3217Britney SpearsWhen I Found You3:36Britney [Limited Edition]122002205
3218Britney SpearsI Run Away4:04Britney [Limited Edition]132002199
3219Britney SpearsWhat It's Like To Be Me2:51Britney [Limited Edition]142002200
3220Britney SpearsOverprotected3:09Britney [Limited Edition]152002225
3221Britney SpearsI'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman5:27Britney [Limited Edition]162002199
3222Britney SpearsI'm A Slave 4 U3:21Britney [Limited Edition]172002219
3223Britney SpearsWomanizer3:44Circus [Deluxe Edition]12008224
3224Britney SpearsCircus3:12Circus [Deluxe Edition]22008211
3225Britney SpearsOut from Under3:53Circus [Deluxe Edition]32008215
3226Britney SpearsKill the Lights3:59Circus [Deluxe Edition]42008210
3227Britney SpearsShattered Glass2:52Circus [Deluxe Edition]52008206
3228Britney SpearsIf U Seek Amy3:36Circus [Deluxe Edition]62008211
3229Britney SpearsUnusual You4:21Circus [Deluxe Edition]72008196
3230Britney SpearsBlur3:08Circus [Deluxe Edition]82008212
3231Britney SpearsMmm Papi3:22Circus [Deluxe Edition]92008213
3232Britney SpearsMannequin4:06Circus [Deluxe Edition]102008240
3233Britney SpearsLace and Leather2:50Circus [Deluxe Edition]112008186
3234Britney SpearsMy Baby3:21Circus [Deluxe Edition]122008170
3235Britney SpearsRadar3:50Circus [Deluxe Edition]132008228
3236Britney SpearsRock Me In3:17Circus [Deluxe Edition]142008192
3237Britney SpearsPhonography3:33Circus [Deluxe Edition]152008186
3238Britney SpearsSometimes3:54Hitzone 861999208
3239Britney SpearsMe Against the Music (feat. Madonna)3:43In the Zone12003230
3240Britney Spears(I Got That) Boom Boom (feat. Ying Yang Twins)4:51In the Zone22003211
3241Britney SpearsShowdown3:17In the Zone32003216
3242Britney SpearsBreathe On Me3:43In the Zone42003223
3243Britney SpearsEarly Mornin'3:45In the Zone52003202
3244Britney SpearsToxic3:21In the Zone62003212
3245Britney SpearsOutrageous3:21In the Zone72003233
3246Britney SpearsTouch of My Hand4:19In the Zone82003218
3247Britney SpearsThe Hook Up3:54In the Zone92003220
3248Britney SpearsShadow3:45In the Zone102003182
3249Britney SpearsBrave New Girl3:30In the Zone112003224
3250Britney SpearsEverytime3:53In the Zone122003168
3251Britney SpearsMe Against the Music (feat. Madonna) (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)4:29In the Zone132003229
3252Britney SpearsMy Only Wish (This Year)4:15Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)152001197
3253Britney SpearsSometimes3:57Now That's What I Call Music! 351999200
3254Britney SpearsStronger3:23Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)112001202
3255Britney SpearsToxic3:20Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)12004213
3256Britney SpearsI'm A Slave 4 U3:23Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 922002206
3257Britney SpearsOops!... I Did It Again3:31Oops!...I Did It Again12000215
3258Britney SpearsStronger3:23Oops!...I Did It Again22000190
3259Britney SpearsDon't Go Knockin' On My Door3:43Oops!...I Did It Again32000202
3260Britney Spears(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction4:25Oops!...I Did It Again42000206
3261Britney SpearsDon't Let Me Be The Last To Know3:51Oops!...I Did It Again52000211
3262Britney SpearsWhat U See Is What U Get3:36Oops!...I Did It Again62000213
3263Britney SpearsLucky3:26Oops!...I Did It Again72000215
3264Britney SpearsOne Kiss From You3:25Oops!...I Did It Again82000193
3265Britney SpearsWhere Are You Now4:39Oops!...I Did It Again92000206
3266Britney SpearsCan't Make You Love Me3:17Oops!...I Did It Again102000196
3267Britney SpearsWhen Your Eyes Say It4:06Oops!...I Did It Again112000193
3268Britney SpearsGirl In The Mirror3:37Oops!...I Did It Again122000199
3269Britney SpearsYou Got It All4:10Oops!...I Did It Again132000205
3270Britney SpearsHeart3:30Oops!...I Did It Again142000177
3271Britney SpearsDear Diary2:46Oops!...I Did It Again152000170
3272Britney SpearsToxic3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0122004214
3273Britney SpearsEverytime3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0432004170
3274Britney SpearsOutrageous3:20Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0722004234
3275Britney SpearsMy Prerogative3:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1032004226
3276Britney SpearsIf U See Amy3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04172009214
3277Britney SpearsRadar3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0752009231
3278Britney SpearsBoys4:02The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)82003250
3279Britney SpearsBaby One More Time3:30Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)22001193
3280Britney Spears (Ft. Pharrell Williams Of N E R D)Boys [The Co-Ed Remix]3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07182002197
3281Britney Spears Feat. Pharrell Williams Of N.E.R.D.Boys (Co-Ed Remix)3:46Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)32002189
3282Britny FoxSix Guns Loaded3:46Bite Down Hard11991231
3283Britny FoxLouder3:53Bite Down Hard21991225
3284Britny FoxLiar4:42Bite Down Hard31991211
3285Britny FoxCloser To Your Love3:48Bite Down Hard41991218
3286Britny FoxOver And Out4:45Bite Down Hard51991218
3287Britny FoxShot From My Gun4:07Bite Down Hard61991215
3288Britny FoxBlack And White3:35Bite Down Hard71991216
3289Britny FoxLook My Way4:32Bite Down Hard81991227
3290Britny FoxLonely Too Long3:34Bite Down Hard91991215
3291Britny FoxMidnight Moses4:28Bite Down Hard101991225
3292Britny FoxIn Motion2:45Boys In Heat11989202
3293Britny FoxStanding In The Shadows3:48Boys In Heat21989220
3294Britny FoxHair Of The Dog4:17Boys In Heat31989228
3295Britny FoxLivin' On A Dream3:19Boys In Heat41989203
3296Britny FoxShe's So Lonely4:03Boys In Heat51989215
3297Britny FoxDream On4:52Boys In Heat61989224
3298Britny FoxLong Way From Home4:16Boys In Heat71989217
3299Britny FoxPlenty Of Love4:14Boys In Heat81989233
3300Britny FoxStevie4:27Boys In Heat91989225
3301Britny FoxShine On3:32Boys In Heat101989210
3302Britny FoxAngel In My Heart4:23Boys In Heat111989221
3303Britny FoxLeft Me Stray3:14Boys In Heat121989210
3304Britny FoxLongroad4:03Boys In Heat131989218
3305Britny FoxGirlschool4:40Britny Fox11988218
3306Britny FoxLong Way To Love4:55Britny Fox21988229
3307Britny FoxKick 'N' Fight3:38Britny Fox31988218
3308Britny FoxSave The Weak5:29Britny Fox41988204
3309Britny FoxFun In Texas4:28Britny Fox51988203
3310Britny FoxRock Revolution4:43Britny Fox61988222
3311Britny FoxDon't Hide4:50Britny Fox71988213
3312Britny FoxGudbuy T' Jane4:29Britny Fox81988234
3313Britny FoxIn America4:26Britny Fox91988213
3314Britny FoxHold On3:31Britny Fox101988225
3315Britt NicoleSet The World On Fire3:37WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)162007202
3316Britt NicoleSet the World on Fire3:38WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)112008204
3317Britt NicoleThe Lost Get Found3:24WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)52009204
3318BroadcastThe Book Lovers3:34Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)151997181
3319B-Rock & The BizzMy Baby Daddy3:33Pure Dance 199841997128
3320The BroguesI Ain't No Miracle Worker2:49Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)111998153
3321Broken EnglishComing On Strong3:48100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)161997230
3322Bronislau KaperThe F.B.I.1:13Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)571986184
3323Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (12" Mix)5:01Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 2) [CA]122005204
3324Brook BentonIt's Just a Matter of Time2:26100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)101999179
3325Brook BentonKiddio2:35100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)201999173
3326Brook BentonEndlessly2:27100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)181999192
3327Brook BentonIt's Just a Matter of Time2:2845s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)111987199
3328Brook BentonThe Boll Weevil Song2:38AM Gold: Early '60s Classics131995203
3329Brook BentonRainy Night In Georgia3:52Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)181991209
3330Brook BentonThis Time Of Year2:29Billboard Greatest R&B Christmas Hits61990187
3331Brook BentonRainy Night In Georgia3:40Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)52001192
3332Brook BentonThe Boll Weevil Song2:38Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)1 203
3333Brook BentonIt's Just A Matter Of Time2:27Jukebox Hits Of 1959171991223
3334Brook BentonThe Boll Weevil Song2:37Jukebox Hits Of 1961171991258
3335Brook BentonFools Rush In2:29Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)161999221
3336Brook BentonOur First Christmas Together2:33Rockin' Holidays52001151
3337Brook BentonKiddio2:38The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)221960193
3338Brook BentonA House Is Not A Home3:00The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)241998198
3339Brook BentonThis Time Of The Year2:27The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1151994230
3340Brook BentonYou're All I Want for Christmas2:27The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4152000131
3341Brook BentonHotel Happiness2:44Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s131992203
3342Brook BentonSo Many Ways2:34Your Hit Parade - Late 50's20 127
3343Brook BentonThank You Pretty Baby2:33Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever231992126
3344Brook BentonKiddio2:41Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s51993198
3345Brook BentonEndlessly2:24Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s121992128
3346Brook BentonThe Boll Weevil Song2:39Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s211993202
3347Brook BentonIt's Just A Matter of Time2:29Your Hit Parade 195920 127
3348Brook Benton & Dinah WashingtonBaby (You've Got What It Takes)2:49TM Century GoldDisc Update 171991210
3349Brook BrothersWarpaint1:59The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'51961142
3350Brooke HoganEverything To Me3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0682004223
3351Brooke HoganFor A Moment3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02162007203
3352Brooke Hogan feat. Paul WallAbout Us (Pop Edit)3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0882006217
3353Brooke Hogan feat. Stack$Falling3:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04112009201
3354Brooke Valentine feat. Big Boi & Lil JonGirlfight3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0472005214
3355Brooklyn BridgeWorst That Could Happen3:03AM Gold: 1969191995192
3356Brooklyn BridgeWorst That Could Happen3:09The Buddah Box (Disc 1)131993208
3357Brooklyn BridgeHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2:27The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2121995239
3358Brooklyn DreamsMusic, Harmony And Rhythm3:37Casablanca Records Greatest Hits141996211
3359Brooklyn ZooIntro1:24Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 112004168
3360Brooks & DunnMy Maria3:30Borderline11996220
3361Brooks & DunnA Man This Lonely3:34Borderline21996196
3362Brooks & DunnWhy Would I Say Goodbye4:18Borderline31996210
3363Brooks & DunnMama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing4:08Borderline41996228
3364Brooks & DunnI Am That Man4:10Borderline51996200
3365Brooks & DunnMore Than A Magarita3:23Borderline61996202
3366Brooks & DunnRedneck Rhythm & Blues2:52Borderline71996224
3367Brooks & DunnMy Love Will Follow You3:42Borderline81996215
3368Brooks & DunnOne Heartache At A Time3:05Borderline91996208
3369Brooks & DunnTequila Town3:13Borderline101996207
3370Brooks & DunnWhite Line Casanova3:35Borderline111996202
3371Brooks & DunnHow Long Gone3:40If You See Her11998208
3372Brooks & DunnI Can't Get Over You4:08If You See Her21998210
3373Brooks & DunnSouth Of Santa Fe3:48If You See Her31998193
3374Brooks & DunnIf You See Him, If You See Her3:58If You See Her41998192
3375Brooks & DunnBrand New Whiskey3:09If You See Her51998208
3376Brooks & DunnBorn And Raised In Black And White3:55If You See Her61998223
3377Brooks & DunnYour Love Don't Take A Backseat To Nothing3:28If You See Her71998217
3378Brooks & DunnHusbands And Wives3:10If You See Her81998212
3379Brooks & DunnWay Gone3:11If You See Her91998212
3380Brooks & DunnWhen Love Dies3:50If You See Her101998208
3381Brooks & DunnYou're My Angel3:12If You See Her111998197
3382Brooks & DunnOnly In America4:29Steers & Stripes12001234
3383Brooks & DunnThe Last Thing I Do4:02Steers & Stripes22001235
3384Brooks & DunnThe Long Goodbye3:51Steers & Stripes32001199
3385Brooks & DunnGo West3:56Steers & Stripes42001218
3386Brooks & DunnMy Heart Is Lost To You2:59Steers & Stripes52001207
3387Brooks & DunnGood Girls Go To Heaven2:50Steers & Stripes62001222
3388Brooks & DunnWhen She's Gone, She's Gone4:25Steers & Stripes72001190
3389Brooks & DunnAin't Nothing 'Bout You3:22Steers & Stripes82001228
3390Brooks & DunnUnloved4:30Steers & Stripes92001209
3391Brooks & DunnDeny, Deny, Deny3:20Steers & Stripes102001213
3392Brooks & DunnLucky Me, Lonely You3:24Steers & Stripes112001206
3393Brooks & DunnI Fall3:15Steers & Stripes122001196
3394Brooks & DunnEvery River3:29Steers & Stripes132001220
3395Brooks & DunnSee Jane Dance4:12Steers & Stripes142001228
3396Brooks BufordTrailer Fabulous3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0762003243
3397BrosSilent Night3:48Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)91995166
3398BrosWhen Will I Be Famous3:59Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)132001223
3399Brother ApeThe Jerk5:04On the Other Side12005181
3400Brother ApeWaiting for the Sandman4:37On the Other Side22005177
3401Brother ApeI Freak Out4:59On the Other Side32005168
3402Brother ApeRailways4:50On the Other Side42005181
3403Brother ApeClockworks5:24On the Other Side52005154
3404Brother ApeThis Hour4:45On the Other Side62005152
3405Brother ApeUnaccomplished4:15On the Other Side72005208
3406Brother ApeFarewell Song4:31On the Other Side82005168
3407Brother ApeLucky Fool2:03On the Other Side92005165
3408Brother ApeOn the Other Side7:53On the Other Side102005185
3409Brother BeyondDrive On4:05Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)131989255
3410Brother BeyondThe Harder I Try3:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)172001205
3411Brother Joe MaySearch Me Lord3:00Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel171992127
3412Brotherhood Of ManUnited We Stand2:4940 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)82001236
3413The Brotherhood of ManSave Your Kisses for Me3:02Back to the 70's! (Disc 1)2 189
3414The Brotherhood of ManAngelo3:14Back to the 70's! (Disc 2)5 199
3415The Brotherhood of ManBeautiful Lover3:22Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)8 221
3416Brotherhood Of ManKiss Me Kiss Your Baby3:05Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)131992194
3417Brotherhood Of ManLady3:27Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)101997207
3418The BrothersMontego Bay3:31Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)2 202
3419Brothers FourGreenfields3:05AM Gold: Early '60s Classics201995195
3420The Brothers FourGreenfields3:03Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)101996202
3421Brothers FourGreen Leaves Of Summer2:56Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)31997193
3422The Brothers FourGreenfields3:00Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)10 200
3423The Brothers FourGreenfields3:06Jukebox Hits Of 1960121991237
3424The Brothers FourGreenfields3:03The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)21992162
3425The Brothers FourGreenfields3:05Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s161992195
3426The Brothers FrantzichIreland - A Waltzing Within1:41Celtic Traditions: Ireland11997173
3427The Brothers FrantzichThe Sickle, the Sun & a Harvest Dance2:51Celtic Traditions: Ireland21997185
3428The Brothers FrantzichA Ceili for Father William3:50Celtic Traditions: Ireland31997204
3429The Brothers FrantzichBaptism3:48Celtic Traditions: Ireland41997192
3430The Brothers FrantzichA Woman's Lament5:40Celtic Traditions: Ireland51997194
3431The Brothers FrantzichOh, to Open the Rusty Gates of Romance4:32Celtic Traditions: Ireland61997179
3432The Brothers FrantzichThe Gentle Voice of Midwinter6:15Celtic Traditions: Ireland71997196
3433The Brothers FrantzichThe Hour Before Dawn5:19Celtic Traditions: Ireland81997185
3434The Brothers FrantzichA Dublin Pub2:57Celtic Traditions: Ireland91997206
3435The Brothers FrantzichThe Chimney Sweep1:45Celtic Traditions: Ireland101997153
3436The Brothers FrantzichShe Swims at Night in the Silent Sea5:25Celtic Traditions: Ireland111997196
3437The Brothers FrantzichThe Tune a Fisherman Hums4:23Celtic Traditions: Ireland121997201
3438The Brothers FrantzichIreland's Waltz Everlasting2:46Celtic Traditions: Ireland131997194
3439The Brothers JohnsonStrawberry Letter 233:38Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)132001192
3440The Brothers JohnsonStomp!3:53Disco Classics (Disc 1)152004222
3441The Brothers JohnsonStomp!4:06Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man72001215
3442The Brothers JohnsonStrawberry Letter 233:47Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man102001212
3443The Brothers JohnsonI'll Be Good To You3:32Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two161991197
3444BroughamI Walked In4:19Can't Hardly Wait (OST)41998191
3445Brown Eyed Girls & Cho PDHold the Line4:01Pump It Up NX OST ( 160
3446The BrownsThe Three Bells2:49Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)101996127
3447The BrownsScarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)2:37Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 2)51999175
3448The BrownsThe Old Lamplighter2:23Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)9 182
3449BrownsThe Three Bells2:52Jukebox Hits Of 1959291991213
3450The BrownsThe Three Bells2:53The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)41997205
3451The BrownsScarlet Ribbon2:39Your Hit Parade 19594 164
3452The BrownsThe Three Bells2:52Your Hit Parade 195917 176
3453BrownstoneIf You Love Me3:4490's Pop Hits (Disc 1)8 192
3454BrownstoneI Can't Tell You Why4:07Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)62004212
3455BrownstoneIf You Love Me3:43Monsta Jamz162002194
3456Brownsville StationSmokin' In The Boy's Room2:58Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)221998204
3457Brownsville StationRock & Roll Holiday2:37Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of11993198
3458Brownsville StationJailhouse Rock2:31Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of21993228
3459Brownsville StationRoadrunner2:37Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of31993220
3460Brownsville StationRumble3:11Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of41993189
3461Brownsville StationDo The Bosco2:36Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of51993209
3462Brownsville StationThat's Fine2:40Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of61993170
3463Brownsville StationTell Me All About It2:57Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of71993199
3464Brownsville StationWanted (Dead Or Alive)3:26Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of81993216
3465Brownsville StationLet Your Yeah Be Yeah3:36Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of91993195
3466Brownsville StationSmokin' In The Boy's Room2:58Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of101993202
3467Brownsville StationBarefootin'2:55Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of111993216
3468Brownsville StationI'm The Leader Of The Gang3:23Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of121993202
3469Brownsville StationKings Of The Party4:17Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of131993190
3470Brownsville StationMama Don't Allow No Parkin'3:08Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of141993181
3471Brownsville StationI Got It Bad For You2:34Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of151993199
3472Brownsville StationThey Call Me Rock 'N' Roll9:29Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of161993215
3473Brownsville StationLady (Put The Light On Me)3:24Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of171993211
3474Brownsville StationThe Martian Boogie7:00Smokin' In The Boy's Room - The Best Of181993218
3475Brownsville StationSmokin' In The Boy's Room2:59Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974131990198
3476Browser & BlueMeow, Meow, Meow2:41Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0821999128
3477Bruce AdlerArabian Nights1:19Aladdin (OST)11992191
3478Bruce BroughtonWaxing Elizabeth (Rame Tep)3:35Young Sherlock Holmes (OST) 1985224
3479Bruce ChannelHey! Baby2:2619628 125
3480Bruce ChannelHey Baby2:31Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 331987123
3481Bruce ChannelHey Baby2:23Dirty Dancing (OST)81987208
3482Bruce ChannelHey! Baby2:26Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)172002136
3483Bruce ChannelHey! Baby2:23Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 2)62004126
3484Bruce CockburnIf I Had A Rocket Launcher5:00Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)121996223
3485Bruce HornsbyMadman Across the Water6:12Two Rooms - Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin131991203
3486Bruce Hornsby & Béla FleckTangled Up in Blue9:55   128
3487Bruce Hornsby & The RangeA Night On The Town4:26A Night On The Town11990221
3488Bruce Hornsby & The RangeCarry The Water5:09A Night On The Town21990218
3489Bruce Hornsby & The RangeFire On The Cross4:38A Night On The Town31990212
3490Bruce Hornsby & The RangeBarren Ground5:29A Night On The Town41990206
3491Bruce Hornsby & The RangeAcross The River5:10A Night On The Town51990213
3492Bruce Hornsby & The RangeStranded On Easy Street3:54A Night On The Town61990217
3493Bruce Hornsby & The RangeStander On The Mountain6:09A Night On The Town71990226
3494Bruce Hornsby & The RangeLost Soul5:45A Night On The Town81990178
3495Bruce Hornsby & The RangeAnother Day4:24A Night On The Town91990206
3496Bruce Hornsby & The RangeSpecial Night4:10A Night On The Town101990213
3497Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThese Arms Of Mine5:53A Night On The Town111990205
3498Bruce Hornsby & The RangeLook Out Any Window5:27Scenes From The Southside11988203
3499Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Valley Road4:43Scenes From The Southside21988195
3500Bruce Hornsby & The RangeI Will Walk With You4:36Scenes From The Southside31988212
3501Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Road Not Taken7:06Scenes From The Southside41988200
3502Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Show Goes On7:30Scenes From The Southside51988198
3503Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Old Playground4:26Scenes From The Southside61988211
3504Bruce Hornsby & The RangeDefenders Of The Flag4:28Scenes From The Southside71988215
3505Bruce Hornsby & The RangeJacob's Ladder4:36Scenes From The Southside81988192
3506Bruce Hornsby & The RangeTill The Dreaming's Done5:11Scenes From The Southside91988196
3507Bruce Hornsby & The RangeOn The Western Skyline4:42The Way It Is11986216
3508Bruce Hornsby & The RangeEvery Little Kiss5:48The Way It Is21986202
3509Bruce Hornsby & The RangeMandolin Rain5:19The Way It Is31986198
3510Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Long Race4:25The Way It Is41986205
3511Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Way It Is4:58The Way It Is51986201
3512Bruce Hornsby & The RangeDown The Road Tonight4:26The Way It Is61986191
3513Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Wild Frontier4:03The Way It Is71986209
3514Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe River Runs Low4:27The Way It Is81986181
3515Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Red Plains5:01The Way It Is91986204
3516Bruce SpringsteenGrowin' Up2:4018 Tracks11999128
3517Bruce SpringsteenSeaside Bar Song3:3418 Tracks21999222
3518Bruce SpringsteenRendezvous (live)2:5118 Tracks31999233
3519Bruce SpringsteenHearts Of Stone4:3118 Tracks41999189
3520Bruce SpringsteenWhere The Bands Are3:4618 Tracks51999221
3521Bruce SpringsteenLoose Ends4:0218 Tracks61999229
3522Bruce SpringsteenI Wanna Be With You3:2418 Tracks71999217
3523Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A.3:1118 Tracks81999186
3524Bruce SpringsteenMy Love Will Not Let You Down4:2618 Tracks91999239
3525Bruce SpringsteenLion's Den2:1918 Tracks101999220
3526Bruce SpringsteenPink Cadillac3:3618 Tracks111999171
3527Bruce SpringsteenJaney Don't You Lose Heart3:2518 Tracks121999216
3528Bruce SpringsteenSad Eyes3:5018 Tracks131999197
3529Bruce SpringsteenPart Man, Part Monkey4:3118 Tracks141999219
3530Bruce SpringsteenTrouble River4:2118 Tracks151999236
3531Bruce SpringsteenBrothers Under The Bridge4:5818 Tracks161999177
3532Bruce SpringsteenThe Fever7:3918 Tracks171999181
3533Bruce SpringsteenThe Promise4:4818 Tracks181999163
3534Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A.4:39Born In The U.S.A.11984194
3535Bruce SpringsteenCover Me3:28Born In The U.S.A.21984202
3536Bruce SpringsteenDarlington County4:50Born In The U.S.A.31984194
3537Bruce SpringsteenWorking On The Highway3:15Born In The U.S.A.41984205
3538Bruce SpringsteenDownbound Train3:37Born In The U.S.A.51984204
3539Bruce SpringsteenI'm On Fire2:41Born In The U.S.A.61984195
3540Bruce SpringsteenNo Surrender4:02Born In The U.S.A.71984196
3541Bruce SpringsteenBobby Jean3:48Born In The U.S.A.81984204
3542Bruce SpringsteenI'm Goin' Down3:31Born In The U.S.A.91984190
3543Bruce SpringsteenGlory Days4:18Born In The U.S.A.101984200
3544Bruce SpringsteenDancing In The Dark4:05Born In The U.S.A.111984206
3545Bruce SpringsteenMy Hometown4:36Born In The U.S.A.121984181
3546Bruce SpringsteenThunder Road4:50Born To Run [2005 Remaster]11975171
3547Bruce SpringsteenTenth Avenue Freeze-Out3:11Born To Run [2005 Remaster]21975188
3548Bruce SpringsteenNight3:01Born To Run [2005 Remaster]31975162
3549Bruce SpringsteenBackstreets6:31Born To Run [2005 Remaster]41975169
3550Bruce SpringsteenBorn To Run4:30Born To Run [2005 Remaster]51975190
3551Bruce SpringsteenShe's The One4:30Born To Run [2005 Remaster]61975163
3552Bruce SpringsteenMeeting Across The River3:18Born To Run [2005 Remaster]71975174
3553Bruce SpringsteenJungleland9:35Born To Run [2005 Remaster]81975180
3554Bruce SpringsteenTougher Than the Rest (Live)5:18Chimes of Freedom11988183
3555Bruce SpringsteenBe True (Live)4:48Chimes of Freedom21988214
3556Bruce SpringsteenChimes of Freedom (Live)5:59Chimes of Freedom31988184
3557Bruce SpringsteenBorn to Run (Live Acoustic)5:22Chimes of Freedom41988175
3558Bruce SpringsteenSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town4:29Christmas Of Hope11995189
3559Bruce SpringsteenBadlands4:04Darkness On The Edge Of Town11978188
3560Bruce SpringsteenAdam Raised A Cain4:34Darkness On The Edge Of Town21978193
3561Bruce SpringsteenSomething In The Night5:14Darkness On The Edge Of Town31978184
3562Bruce SpringsteenCandy's Room2:48Darkness On The Edge Of Town41978199
3563Bruce SpringsteenRacing In The Street6:55Darkness On The Edge Of Town51978186
3564Bruce SpringsteenThe Promised Land4:29Darkness On The Edge Of Town61978206
3565Bruce SpringsteenFactory2:19Darkness On The Edge Of Town71978186
3566Bruce SpringsteenStreets Of Fire4:03Darkness On The Edge Of Town81978175
3567Bruce SpringsteenProve It All Night4:01Darkness On The Edge Of Town91978191
3568Bruce SpringsteenDarkness On The Edge Of Town4:29Darkness On The Edge Of Town101978180
3569Bruce SpringsteenDevils & Dust4:58Devils & Dust12005189
3570Bruce SpringsteenAll The Way Home3:38Devils & Dust22005221
3571Bruce SpringsteenReno4:08Devils & Dust32005192
3572Bruce SpringsteenLong Time Comin'4:17Devils & Dust42005237
3573Bruce SpringsteenBlack Cowboys4:08Devils & Dust52005166
3574Bruce SpringsteenMaria's Bed5:35Devils & Dust62005226
3575Bruce SpringsteenSilver Palomino3:22Devils & Dust72005158
3576Bruce SpringsteenJesus Was An Only Son2:54Devils & Dust82005166
3577Bruce SpringsteenLeah3:31Devils & Dust92005219
3578Bruce SpringsteenThe Hitter5:53Devils & Dust102005161
3579Bruce SpringsteenAll I'm Thinkin' About4:22Devils & Dust112005210
3580Bruce SpringsteenMatamoros Banks4:00Devils & Dust122005160
3581Bruce SpringsteenMy Ride's Here4:36Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon52004209
3582Bruce SpringsteenBorn to Run4:30Greatest Hits11995192
3583Bruce SpringsteenThunder Road4:48Greatest Hits21995165
3584Bruce SpringsteenBadlands4:02Greatest Hits31995194
3585Bruce SpringsteenThe River5:00Greatest Hits41995186
3586Bruce SpringsteenHungry Heart3:20Greatest Hits51995212
3587Bruce SpringsteenAtlantic City3:57Greatest Hits61995181
3588Bruce SpringsteenDancing in the Dark4:02Greatest Hits71995211
3589Bruce SpringsteenBorn in the U.S.A.4:41Greatest Hits81995222
3590Bruce SpringsteenMy Hometown4:12Greatest Hits91995189
3591Bruce SpringsteenGlory Days3:49Greatest Hits101995224
3592Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise4:15Greatest Hits111995206
3593Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch5:10Greatest Hits121995218
3594Bruce SpringsteenBetter Days3:44Greatest Hits131995212
3595Bruce SpringsteenStreets of Philadelphia3:16Greatest Hits141995178
3596Bruce SpringsteenSecret Garden4:27Greatest Hits151995174
3597Bruce SpringsteenMurder Incorporated3:57Greatest Hits161995221
3598Bruce SpringsteenBlood Brothers4:34Greatest Hits171995167
3599Bruce SpringsteenThis Hard Land4:51Greatest Hits181995200
3600Bruce SpringsteenBlinded By The Light5:04Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.11973210
3601Bruce SpringsteenGrowin' Up3:05Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.21973214
3602Bruce SpringsteenMary Queen Of Arkansas5:21Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.31973193
3603Bruce SpringsteenDoes This Bus Stop At 82nd Street2:05Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.41973211
3604Bruce SpringsteenLost In The Flood5:17Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.51973203
3605Bruce SpringsteenThe Angel3:24Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.61973192
3606Bruce SpringsteenFor You4:40Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.71973218
3607Bruce SpringsteenSpirit In The Night5:00Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.81973194
3608Bruce SpringsteenIt's Hard To Be A Saint In The City3:13Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.91973202
3609Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch6:31Human Touch11992216
3610Bruce SpringsteenSoul Driver4:39Human Touch21992201
3611Bruce Springsteen57 Channels (And Nothin' On)2:28Human Touch31992173
3612Bruce SpringsteenCross My Heart3:51Human Touch41992205
3613Bruce SpringsteenGloria's Eyes3:46Human Touch51992223
3614Bruce SpringsteenWith Every Wish4:39Human Touch61992190
3615Bruce SpringsteenRoll Of The Dice4:17Human Touch71992220
3616Bruce SpringsteenReal World5:26Human Touch81992225
3617Bruce SpringsteenAll Or Nothin' At All3:23Human Touch91992230
3618Bruce SpringsteenMan's Job4:37Human Touch101992205
3619Bruce SpringsteenI Wish I Were Blind4:48Human Touch111992205
3620Bruce SpringsteenThe Long Goodbye3:30Human Touch121992227
3621Bruce SpringsteenReal Man4:33Human Touch131992223
3622Bruce SpringsteenPony Boy2:14Human Touch141992156
3623Bruce SpringsteenRed Headed Woman2:51In Concert/MTV Plugged11993177
3624Bruce SpringsteenBetter Days4:27In Concert/MTV Plugged21993226
3625Bruce SpringsteenAtlantic City5:37In Concert/MTV Plugged31993219
3626Bruce SpringsteenDarkness On The Edge Of Town4:40In Concert/MTV Plugged41993216
3627Bruce SpringsteenMan's Job5:43In Concert/MTV Plugged51993226
3628Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch7:29In Concert/MTV Plugged61993223
3629Bruce SpringsteenLucky Town5:07In Concert/MTV Plugged71993229
3630Bruce SpringsteenI Wish I Were Blind5:14In Concert/MTV Plugged81993216
3631Bruce SpringsteenThunder Road5:28In Concert/MTV Plugged91993162
3632Bruce SpringsteenLight Of Day8:17In Concert/MTV Plugged101993223
3633Bruce SpringsteenIf I Should Fall Behind4:44In Concert/MTV Plugged111993186
3634Bruce SpringsteenLiving Proof6:05In Concert/MTV Plugged121993214
3635Bruce SpringsteenMy Beautiful Reward5:57In Concert/MTV Plugged131993188
3636Bruce SpringsteenBetter Days4:08Lucky Town11992212
3637Bruce SpringsteenLucky Town3:27Lucky Town21992215
3638Bruce SpringsteenLocal Hero4:04Lucky Town31992212
3639Bruce SpringsteenIf I Should Fall Behind2:57Lucky Town41992177
3640Bruce SpringsteenLeap Of Faith3:27Lucky Town51992210
3641Bruce SpringsteenThe Big Muddy4:06Lucky Town61992165
3642Bruce SpringsteenLiving Proof4:49Lucky Town71992199
3643Bruce SpringsteenBook Of Dreams4:24Lucky Town81992181
3644Bruce SpringsteenSouls Of The Departed4:18Lucky Town91992214
3645Bruce SpringsteenMy Beautiful Reward3:55Lucky Town101992191
3646Bruce SpringsteenRadio Nowhere3:19Magic12007243
3647Bruce SpringsteenYou'll Be Comin' Down3:45Magic22007239
3648Bruce SpringsteenLivin' In The Future3:56Magic32007244
3649Bruce SpringsteenYour Own Worst Enemy3:18Magic42007239
3650Bruce SpringsteenGypsy Biker4:31Magic52007246
3651Bruce SpringsteenGirls In Their Summer Clothes4:19Magic62007242
3652Bruce SpringsteenI'll Work For Your Love3:34Magic72007255
3653Bruce SpringsteenMagic2:45Magic82007208
3654Bruce SpringsteenLast To Die4:16Magic92007233
3655Bruce SpringsteenLong Walk Home4:34Magic102007244
3656Bruce SpringsteenDevil's Arcade5:20Magic112007202
3657Bruce SpringsteenTerry's Song4:11Magic122007170
3658Bruce SpringsteenNebraska4:32Nebraska11982160
3659Bruce SpringsteenAtlantic City4:00Nebraska21982172
3660Bruce SpringsteenMansion On The Hill4:08Nebraska31982181
3661Bruce SpringsteenJohnny 993:43Nebraska41982161
3662Bruce SpringsteenHighway Patrolman5:40Nebraska51982180
3663Bruce SpringsteenState Trooper3:17Nebraska61982173
3664Bruce SpringsteenUsed Cars3:10Nebraska71982174
3665Bruce SpringsteenOpen All Night2:58Nebraska81982162
3666Bruce SpringsteenMy Father's House5:07Nebraska91982173
3667Bruce SpringsteenReason To Believe4:08Nebraska101982170
3668Bruce SpringsteenSanta Claus is Comin' To Town4:25Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)22001178
3669Bruce SpringsteenStreets Of Philadelphia3:55Philadelphia (OST)11994179
3670Bruce SpringsteenSecret Garden4:28Secret Garden (Single)11995174
3671Bruce SpringsteenThe Ghost Of Tom Joad4:22Secret Garden (Single)21995151
3672Bruce SpringsteenStraight Time (Live)4:43Secret Garden (Single)31995147
3673Bruce SpringsteenSing Along Boys (Live)4:03Secret Garden (Single)41995156
3674Bruce SpringsteenThe Ghost Of Tom Joad4:27The Ghost Of Tom Joad11995151
3675Bruce SpringsteenStraight Time3:30The Ghost Of Tom Joad21995152
3676Bruce SpringsteenHighway 293:44The Ghost Of Tom Joad31995153
3677Bruce SpringsteenYoungstown3:57The Ghost Of Tom Joad41995177
3678Bruce SpringsteenSinaloa Cowboys3:52The Ghost Of Tom Joad51995159
3679Bruce SpringsteenThe Line5:19The Ghost Of Tom Joad61995151
3680Bruce SpringsteenBalboa Park3:21The Ghost Of Tom Joad71995148
3681Bruce SpringsteenDry Lightning3:37The Ghost Of Tom Joad81995159
3682Bruce SpringsteenThe New Timer5:49The Ghost Of Tom Joad91995158
3683Bruce SpringsteenAcross The Border5:29The Ghost Of Tom Joad101995157
3684Bruce SpringsteenGalveston Bay5:07The Ghost Of Tom Joad111995169
3685Bruce SpringsteenMy Best Was Never Good Enough2:00The Ghost Of Tom Joad121995155
3686Bruce SpringsteenRacing In The Street ['78]6:50The Promise (Disc 1)12010195
3687Bruce SpringsteenGotta Get That Feeling3:19The Promise (Disc 1)22010221
3688Bruce SpringsteenOutside Looking In2:18The Promise (Disc 1)32010215
3689Bruce SpringsteenSomeday (We'll Be Together)5:39The Promise (Disc 1)42010202
3690Bruce SpringsteenOne Way Street4:20The Promise (Disc 1)52010194
3691Bruce SpringsteenBecause The Night3:25The Promise (Disc 1)62010214
3692Bruce SpringsteenWrong Side Of The Street3:36The Promise (Disc 1)72010240
3693Bruce SpringsteenThe Brokenhearted5:20The Promise (Disc 1)82010193
3694Bruce SpringsteenRendezvous2:39The Promise (Disc 1)92010220
3695Bruce SpringsteenCandy's Boy4:39The Promise (Disc 1)102010186
3696Bruce SpringsteenSave My Love2:38The Promise (Disc 2)12010210
3697Bruce SpringsteenAin't Good Enough For You4:03The Promise (Disc 2)22010218
3698Bruce SpringsteenFire4:10The Promise (Disc 2)32010175
3699Bruce SpringsteenSpanish Eyes3:50The Promise (Disc 2)42010204
3700Bruce SpringsteenIt's A Shame3:16The Promise (Disc 2)52010215
3701Bruce SpringsteenCome On (Let's Go Tonight)2:20The Promise (Disc 2)62010197
3702Bruce SpringsteenTalk To Me4:22The Promise (Disc 2)72010214
3703Bruce SpringsteenThe Little Things (My Baby Does)3:19The Promise (Disc 2)82010236
3704Bruce SpringsteenBreakaway5:32The Promise (Disc 2)92010196
3705Bruce SpringsteenThe Promise5:54The Promise (Disc 2)102010202
3706Bruce SpringsteenCity Of Night7:07The Promise (Disc 2)112010170
3707Bruce SpringsteenLonesome Day4:08The Rising12002225
3708Bruce SpringsteenInto The Fire5:04The Rising22002211
3709Bruce SpringsteenWaitin' On A Sunny Day4:18The Rising32002229
3710Bruce SpringsteenNothing Man4:23The Rising42002184
3711Bruce SpringsteenCountin' On A Miracle4:44The Rising52002231
3712Bruce SpringsteenEmpty Sky3:34The Rising62002224
3713Bruce SpringsteenWorlds Apart6:07The Rising72002229
3714Bruce SpringsteenLet's Be Friends (Skin To Skin)4:21The Rising82002218
3715Bruce SpringsteenFurther On (Up The Road)3:52The Rising92002245
3716Bruce SpringsteenThe Fuse5:37The Rising102002225
3717Bruce SpringsteenMary's Place6:03The Rising112002216
3718Bruce SpringsteenYou're Missing5:11The Rising122002187
3719Bruce SpringsteenThe Rising4:50The Rising132002209
3720Bruce SpringsteenParadise5:39The Rising142002173
3721Bruce SpringsteenMy City Of Ruins5:00The Rising152002185
3722Bruce SpringsteenThe Ties That Bind3:34The River (Disc 1)11980199
3723Bruce SpringsteenSherry Darling4:03The River (Disc 1)21980195
3724Bruce SpringsteenJackson Cage3:04The River (Disc 1)31980195
3725Bruce SpringsteenTwo Hearts2:45The River (Disc 1)41980183
3726Bruce SpringsteenIndependence Day4:50The River (Disc 1)51980169
3727Bruce SpringsteenHungry Heart3:19The River (Disc 1)61980196
3728Bruce SpringsteenOut In The Street4:18The River (Disc 1)71980181
3729Bruce SpringsteenCrush On You3:10The River (Disc 1)81980187
3730Bruce SpringsteenYou Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)2:37The River (Disc 1)91980180
3731Bruce SpringsteenI Wanna Marry You3:30The River (Disc 1)101980174
3732Bruce SpringsteenThe River5:01The River (Disc 1)111980176
3733Bruce SpringsteenPoint Blank6:06The River (Disc 2)11980186
3734Bruce SpringsteenCadillac Ranch3:03The River (Disc 2)21980188
3735Bruce SpringsteenI'm A Rocker3:36The River (Disc 2)31980184
3736Bruce SpringsteenFade Away4:46The River (Disc 2)41980183
3737Bruce SpringsteenStolen Car3:54The River (Disc 2)51980175
3738Bruce SpringsteenRamrod4:05The River (Disc 2)61980201
3739Bruce SpringsteenThe Price You Pay5:29The River (Disc 2)71980188
3740Bruce SpringsteenDrive All Night8:33The River (Disc 2)81980164
3741Bruce SpringsteenWreck On The Highway3:54The River (Disc 2)91980181
3742Bruce SpringsteenState Trooper3:11The Sopranos (OST)81999178
3743Bruce SpringsteenThe E Street Shuffle4:31The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle11973196
3744Bruce Springsteen4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)5:36The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle21973187
3745Bruce SpringsteenKitty's Back7:09The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle31973165
3746Bruce SpringsteenWild Billy's Circus Story4:47The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle41973190
3747Bruce SpringsteenIncident On 57th Street7:45The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle51973181
3748Bruce SpringsteenRosalita7:04The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle61973200
3749Bruce SpringsteenNew York City Serenade9:55The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle71973176
3750Bruce SpringsteenOne Step Up4:26TM Century GoldDisc Update 791991206
3751Bruce SpringsteenMary Queen Of Arkansas4:28Tracks (Disc 1)11998128
3752Bruce SpringsteenIt's Hard To Be A Saint In The City2:55Tracks (Disc 1)21998129
3753Bruce SpringsteenGrowin' Up2:40Tracks (Disc 1)31998128
3754Bruce SpringsteenDoes This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?2:03Tracks (Disc 1)41998129
3755Bruce SpringsteenBishop Danced4:21Tracks (Disc 1)51998177
3756Bruce SpringsteenSanta Ana4:37Tracks (Disc 1)61998207
3757Bruce SpringsteenSeaside Bar Song3:34Tracks (Disc 1)71998222
3758Bruce SpringsteenZero And Blind Terry5:57Tracks (Disc 1)81998207
3759Bruce SpringsteenLinda Let Me Be The One4:27Tracks (Disc 1)91998200
3760Bruce SpringsteenThundercrack8:28Tracks (Disc 1)101998203
3761Bruce SpringsteenRendezvous2:51Tracks (Disc 1)111998233
3762Bruce SpringsteenGive The Girl A Kiss3:55Tracks (Disc 1)121998201
3763Bruce SpringsteenIceman3:18Tracks (Disc 1)131998204
3764Bruce SpringsteenBring On The Night2:40Tracks (Disc 1)141998204
3765Bruce SpringsteenSo Young And In Love3:49Tracks (Disc 1)151998200
3766Bruce SpringsteenHearts Of Stone4:31Tracks (Disc 1)161998189
3767Bruce SpringsteenDon't Look Back3:00Tracks (Disc 1)171998208
3768Bruce SpringsteenRestless Nights3:47Tracks (Disc 2)11998225
3769Bruce SpringsteenA Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)3:17Tracks (Disc 2)21998196
3770Bruce SpringsteenRoulette3:55Tracks (Disc 2)31998218
3771Bruce SpringsteenDollhouse3:34Tracks (Disc 2)41998218
3772Bruce SpringsteenWhere The Bands Are3:45Tracks (Disc 2)51998222
3773Bruce SpringsteenLoose Ends4:03Tracks (Disc 2)61998229
3774Bruce SpringsteenLiving On The Edge Of The World4:19Tracks (Disc 2)71998237
3775Bruce SpringsteenWages Of Sin4:54Tracks (Disc 2)81998172
3776Bruce SpringsteenTake 'Em As They Come4:30Tracks (Disc 2)91998234
3777Bruce SpringsteenBe True3:41Tracks (Disc 2)101998233
3778Bruce SpringsteenRicky Wants A Man Of Her Own2:47Tracks (Disc 2)111998223
3779Bruce SpringsteenI Wanna Be With You3:23Tracks (Disc 2)121998218
3780Bruce SpringsteenMary Lou3:22Tracks (Disc 2)131998212
3781Bruce SpringsteenStolen Car4:31Tracks (Disc 2)141998189
3782Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A.3:11Tracks (Disc 2)151998186
3783Bruce SpringsteenJohnny Bye-Bye1:52Tracks (Disc 2)161998200
3784Bruce SpringsteenShut Out The Light3:51Tracks (Disc 2)171998187
3785Bruce SpringsteenCynthia4:15Tracks (Disc 3)11998219
3786Bruce SpringsteenMy Love Will Not Let You Down4:26Tracks (Disc 3)21998239
3787Bruce SpringsteenThis Hard Land4:50Tracks (Disc 3)31998203
3788Bruce SpringsteenFrankie7:24Tracks (Disc 3)41998201
3789Bruce SpringsteenTV Movie2:46Tracks (Disc 3)51998212
3790Bruce SpringsteenStand On It3:07Tracks (Disc 3)61998224
3791Bruce SpringsteenLion's Den2:19Tracks (Disc 3)71998220
3792Bruce SpringsteenCar Wash2:08Tracks (Disc 3)81998205
3793Bruce SpringsteenRockaway The Days4:43Tracks (Disc 3)91998204
3794Bruce SpringsteenBrothers Under The Bridges ('83)5:08Tracks (Disc 3)101998219
3795Bruce SpringsteenMan At The Top3:24Tracks (Disc 3)111998201
3796Bruce SpringsteenPink Cadillac3:36Tracks (Disc 3)121998172
3797Bruce SpringsteenTwo For The Road2:00Tracks (Disc 3)131998174
3798Bruce SpringsteenJaney Don't You Lose Heart3:27Tracks (Disc 3)141998215
3799Bruce SpringsteenWhen You Need Me2:57Tracks (Disc 3)151998174
3800Bruce SpringsteenThe Wish5:18Tracks (Disc 3)161998188
3801Bruce SpringsteenThe Honeymooners2:07Tracks (Disc 3)171998160
3802Bruce SpringsteenLeavin' Train4:07Tracks (Disc 4)11998233
3803Bruce SpringsteenSeven Angels3:28Tracks (Disc 4)21998229
3804Bruce SpringsteenGave It A Name2:51Tracks (Disc 4)31998182
3805Bruce SpringsteenSad Eyes3:50Tracks (Disc 4)41998197
3806Bruce SpringsteenMy Lover Man3:59Tracks (Disc 4)51998208
3807Bruce SpringsteenOver The Rise2:40Tracks (Disc 4)61998163
3808Bruce SpringsteenWhen The Lights Go Out3:07Tracks (Disc 4)71998201
3809Bruce SpringsteenLoose Change4:22Tracks (Disc 4)81998174
3810Bruce SpringsteenTrouble In Paradise4:43Tracks (Disc 4)91998197
3811Bruce SpringsteenHappy4:54Tracks (Disc 4)101998194
3812Bruce SpringsteenPart Man, Part Monkey4:31Tracks (Disc 4)111998219
3813Bruce SpringsteenGoin' Cali3:04Tracks (Disc 4)121998174
3814Bruce SpringsteenBack In Your Arms4:42Tracks (Disc 4)131998197
3815Bruce SpringsteenBrothers Under The Bridge4:55Tracks (Disc 4)141998178
3816Bruce SpringsteenStreets Of Philadelphia3:16Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)101997178
3817Bruce SpringsteenAin't Got You2:11Tunnel Of Love11987215
3818Bruce SpringsteenTougher Than The Rest4:35Tunnel Of Love21987187
3819Bruce SpringsteenAll That Heaven Will Allow2:40Tunnel Of Love31987194
3820Bruce SpringsteenSpare Parts3:44Tunnel Of Love41987223
3821Bruce SpringsteenCautious Man3:58Tunnel Of Love51987174
3822Bruce SpringsteenWalk Like A Man3:45Tunnel Of Love61987186
3823Bruce SpringsteenTunnel Of Love5:12Tunnel Of Love71987209
3824Bruce SpringsteenTwo Faces3:03Tunnel Of Love81987196
3825Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise4:17Tunnel Of Love91987201
3826Bruce SpringsteenOne Step Up4:22Tunnel Of Love101987208
3827Bruce SpringsteenWhen You're Alone3:24Tunnel Of Love111987193
3828Bruce SpringsteenValentine's Day5:11Tunnel Of Love121987182
3829Bruce SpringsteenOld Dan Tucker2:31We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions12006206
3830Bruce SpringsteenJesse James3:47We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions22006210
3831Bruce SpringsteenMrs. McGrath4:19We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions32006184
3832Bruce SpringsteenO Mary Don't You Weep6:05We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions42006196
3833Bruce SpringsteenJohn Henry5:07We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions52006196
3834Bruce SpringsteenErie Canal4:03We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions62006182
3835Bruce SpringsteenJacob's Ladder4:28We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions72006208
3836Bruce SpringsteenMy Oklahoma Home6:03We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions82006211
3837Bruce SpringsteenEyes On The Prize5:16We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions92006181
3838Bruce SpringsteenShenandoah4:52We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions102006196
3839Bruce SpringsteenPay Me My Money Down4:32We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions112006208
3840Bruce SpringsteenWe Shall Overcome4:53We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions122006203
3841Bruce SpringsteenFroggie Went A Courtin'4:33We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions132006198
3842Bruce SpringsteenOutlaw Pete8:00Working On A Dream12009203
3843Bruce SpringsteenMy Lucky Day4:00Working On A Dream22009251
3844Bruce SpringsteenWorking On A Dream3:30Working On A Dream32009222
3845Bruce SpringsteenQueen Of The Supermarket4:39Working On A Dream42009219
3846Bruce SpringsteenWhat Love Can Do2:56Working On A Dream52009231
3847Bruce SpringsteenThis Life4:30Working On A Dream62009253
3848Bruce SpringsteenGood Eye3:00Working On A Dream72009225
3849Bruce SpringsteenTomorrow Never Knows2:13Working On A Dream82009186
3850Bruce SpringsteenLife Itself4:00Working On A Dream92009213
3851Bruce SpringsteenKingdom Of Days4:02Working On A Dream102009215
3852Bruce SpringsteenSurprise, Surprise3:24Working On A Dream112009234
3853Bruce SpringsteenThe Last Carnival3:29Working On A Dream122009173
3854Bruce SpringsteenThe Wrestler3:50Working On A Dream132009161
3855Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandThunder Road5:44Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)11986168
3856Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandAdam Raised A Cain5:24Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)21986200
3857Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandSpirit In The Night6:23Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)31986197
3858Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)6:32Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)41986196
3859Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandParadise By The "C"3:52Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)51986206
3860Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandFire2:49Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)61986199
3861Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandGrowin' Up7:56Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)71986189
3862Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandIt's Hard To Be A Saint In The City4:37Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)81986199
3863Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBackstreets7:33Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)91986190
3864Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandRosalita (Come Out Tonight)10:06Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)101986193
3865Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandRaise Your Hand4:59Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)111986193
3866Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandHungry Heart4:28Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)121986208
3867Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTwo Hearts3:06Live 1975-'85 (Disc 1)131986221
3868Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandCadillac Ranch4:50Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)11986210
3869Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandYou Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)3:56Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)21986219
3870Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandIndependence Day5:06Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)31986196
3871Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBadlands5:15Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)41986200
3872Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBecause The Night5:17Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)51986205
3873Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandCandy's Room3:17Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)61986214
3874Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandDarkness On The Edge Of Town4:17Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)71986208
3875Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandRacing In The Street8:10Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)81986192
3876Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandThis Land Is Your Land4:19Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)91986167
3877Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandNebraska4:16Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)101986178
3878Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandJohnny 994:22Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)111986180
3879Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandReason To Believe5:17Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)121986184
3880Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBorn In The U.S.A.6:08Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)131986193
3881Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandSeeds5:14Live 1975-'85 (Disc 2)141986196
3882Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandThe River11:40Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)11986189
3883Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandWar4:51Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)21986198
3884Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandDarlington County5:10Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)31986215
3885Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandWorking On The Highway4:02Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)41986192
3886Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandThe Promised Land5:34Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)51986215
3887Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandCover Me6:55Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)61986204
3888Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandI'm On Fire4:24Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)71986191
3889Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBobby Jean4:28Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)81986208
3890Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMy Hometown5:11Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)91986192
3891Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBorn To Run5:01Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)101986205
3892Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandNo Surrender4:40Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)111986161
3893Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTenth Avenue Freeze-Out4:19Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)121986212
3894Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandJersey Girl6:30Live 1975-'85 (Disc 3)131986185
3895Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMy Love Will Not Let You Down5:38Live In New York City (Disc 1)12001240
3896Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandProve It All Night6:16Live In New York City (Disc 1)22001236
3897Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTwo Hearts4:29Live In New York City (Disc 1)32001222
3898Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandAtlantic City6:36Live In New York City (Disc 1)42001214
3899Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMansion On The Hill4:19Live In New York City (Disc 1)52001194
3900Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandThe River11:15Live In New York City (Disc 1)62001189
3901Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandYoungstown6:16Live In New York City (Disc 1)72001218
3902Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMurder Incorporated6:07Live In New York City (Disc 1)82001245
3903Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBadlands5:42Live In New York City (Disc 1)92001231
3904Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandOut In The Street6:39Live In New York City (Disc 1)102001222
3905Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBorn To Run5:56Live In New York City (Disc 1)112001220
3906Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTenth Avenue Freeze-Out16:08Live In New York City (Disc 2)12001210
3907Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandLand Of Hope And Dreams9:46Live In New York City (Disc 2)22001217
3908Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandAmerican Skin (41 Shots)8:44Live In New York City (Disc 2)32001187
3909Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandLost In The Flood7:23Live In New York City (Disc 2)42001203
3910Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBorn In The U.S.A.5:45Live In New York City (Disc 2)52001159
3911Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandDon't Look Back3:18Live In New York City (Disc 2)62001229
3912Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandJungleland10:54Live In New York City (Disc 2)72001209
3913Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandRamrod6:38Live In New York City (Disc 2)82001221
3914Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandIf I Should Fall Behind6:08Live In New York City (Disc 2)92001167
3915Bruce Springsteen and the E Street BandMerry Christmas Baby4:55A Very Special Christmas41987207
3916Bruce WillisUnder The Boardwalk3:03The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)131999195
3917Bruce WillisComin' Right Up3:29The Return Of Bruno11987206
3918Bruce WillisRespect Yourself3:53The Return Of Bruno21987217
3919Bruce WillisDown In Hollywood5:19The Return Of Bruno31987213
3920Bruce WillisYoung Blood4:08The Return Of Bruno41987213
3921Bruce WillisUnder The Boardwalk3:03The Return Of Bruno51987193
3922Bruce WillisSecret Agent Man / James Bond Is Back4:46The Return Of Bruno61987202
3923Bruce WillisJackpot (Bruno's Bop)4:11The Return Of Bruno71987195
3924Bruce WillisFun Time3:36The Return Of Bruno81987211
3925Bruce WillisLose Myself3:56The Return Of Bruno91987201
3926Bruce WillisFlirting With Disaster4:28The Return Of Bruno101987210
3927Bruce WillisUnder The Boardwalk2:58Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)132001192
3928Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesPiercing Glances7:50BLUE Nights (Disc 1)12000203
3929Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesEtude Revisited5:28BLUE Nights (Disc 1)22000211
3930Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesPalace Of Pearls5:59BLUE Nights (Disc 1)32000186
3931Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesOriginal Sin8:13BLUE Nights (Disc 1)42000197
3932Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesDentures Of The Gods6:26BLUE Nights (Disc 1)52000190
3933Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesDeeper Blue6:31BLUE Nights (Disc 1)62000175
3934Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesCobalt Canyons7:29BLUE Nights (Disc 1)72000198
3935Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesFin De Siecle5:48BLUE Nights (Disc 2)12000183
3936Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesPicnic On Vesuvius9:29BLUE Nights (Disc 2)22000170
3937Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesCerulean Sea7:05BLUE Nights (Disc 2)32000200
3938Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesBent Taqasim/Torn DrumBass5:42BLUE Nights (Disc 2)42000197
3939Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesCracking The Midnight Glass6:53BLUE Nights (Disc 2)52000196
3940Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesPresidents Day6:46BLUE Nights (Disc 2)62000185
3941Bruford Levin Upper Extremities3 Minutes Of Pure Entertainment11:03BLUE Nights (Disc 2)72000189
3942Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesOuter Blue6:06BLUE Nights (Disc 2)82000197
3943Bruno MarsGrenade3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1292010178
3944Bryan AdamsTonight We Have The Stars4:061112008229
3945Bryan AdamsI Thought I'd Seen Everything5:061122008203
3946Bryan AdamsI Ain't Losin' The Fight3:561132008211
3947Bryan AdamsOxygen3:351142008208
3948Bryan AdamsWe Found What We Were Looking For3:381152008207
3949Bryan AdamsBroken Wings3:361162008207
3950Bryan AdamsSomethin' To Believe In4:001172008220
3951Bryan AdamsMysterious Ways4:281182008189
3952Bryan AdamsShe's Got A Way4:411192008216
3953Bryan AdamsFlower Grown Wild3:5311102008201
3954Bryan AdamsWalk On By2:5411112008163
3955Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You3:3718 Til I Die11996241
3956Bryan AdamsDo to You4:1118 Til I Die21996245
3957Bryan AdamsLet's Make a Night to Remember6:1818 Til I Die31996201
3958Bryan Adams18 Til I Die3:2918 Til I Die41996238
3959Bryan AdamsStar3:4218 Til I Die51996193
3960Bryan Adams(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear3:1718 Til I Die61996232
3961Bryan AdamsWe're Gonna Win2:2718 Til I Die71996241
3962Bryan AdamsI Think About You3:3618 Til I Die81996197
3963Bryan AdamsI'll Always Be Right There3:1618 Til I Die91996179
3964Bryan AdamsIt Ain't a Party... If You Can't Come 'Round3:4718 Til I Die101996230
3965Bryan AdamsBlack Pearl3:5918 Til I Die111996223
3966Bryan AdamsYou're Still Beautiful to Me5:1318 Til I Die121996201
3967Bryan AdamsHave You Ever Really Loved a Woman?4:5118 Til I Die131996190
3968Bryan AdamsChristmas Time4:10A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II11998189
3969Bryan AdamsRun Rudolph Run2:43A Very Special Christmas121987223
3970Bryan AdamsHidin' From Love3:18Bryan Adams11980185
3971Bryan AdamsWin Some Lose Some3:48Bryan Adams21980179
3972Bryan AdamsWait And See3:06Bryan Adams31980206
3973Bryan AdamsGive Me Your Love2:55Bryan Adams41980181
3974Bryan AdamsWastin' Time3:35Bryan Adams51980189
3975Bryan AdamsDon't Ya Say It3:22Bryan Adams61980200
3976Bryan AdamsRemember3:42Bryan Adams71980160
3977Bryan AdamsState Of Mind3:16Bryan Adams81980192
3978Bryan AdamsTry To See It My Way4:03Bryan Adams91980185
3979Bryan AdamsFits Ya Good3:01Bryan Adams Unplugged51997145
3980Bryan AdamsThe Only One3:16Cuts Like A Knife11983188
3981Bryan AdamsTake Me Back4:41Cuts Like A Knife21983201
3982Bryan AdamsThis Time3:20Cuts Like A Knife31983190
3983Bryan AdamsStraight From The Heart3:31Cuts Like A Knife41983178
3984Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife5:19Cuts Like A Knife51983198
3985Bryan AdamsI'm Ready3:59Cuts Like A Knife61983201
3986Bryan AdamsWhat's It Gonna Be3:40Cuts Like A Knife71983200
3987Bryan AdamsDon't Leave Me Lonely2:58Cuts Like A Knife81983193
3988Bryan AdamsLet Him Know3:11Cuts Like A Knife91983191
3989Bryan AdamsThe Best Was Yet To Come3:05Cuts Like A Knife101983169
3990Bryan AdamsHeat Of The Night5:07Into The Fire11987202
3991Bryan AdamsInto The Fire4:41Into The Fire21987208
3992Bryan AdamsVictim Of Love4:07Into The Fire31987191
3993Bryan AdamsAnother Day3:41Into The Fire41987192
3994Bryan AdamsNative Son6:04Into The Fire51987199
3995Bryan AdamsOnly The Strong Survive3:45Into The Fire61987211
3996Bryan AdamsRebel4:02Into The Fire71987191
3997Bryan AdamsRemembrance Day6:00Into The Fire81987206
3998Bryan AdamsHearts On Fire3:30Into The Fire91987207
3999Bryan AdamsHome Again4:18Into The Fire101987200
4000Bryan AdamsHeaven3:58Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)112002205
4001Bryan AdamsSummer Of '694:01MTV Unplugged11997209
4002Bryan AdamsBack To You4:30MTV Unplugged21997232
4003Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife5:03MTV Unplugged31997204
4004Bryan AdamsI'm Ready4:28MTV Unplugged41997190
4005Bryan AdamsFits Ya Good3:01MTV Unplugged51997200
4006Bryan AdamsWhen You Love Someone3:41MTV Unplugged61997197
4007Bryan Adams18 Til I Die3:30MTV Unplugged71997193
4008Bryan AdamsI Think About You2:36MTV Unplugged81997212
4009Bryan AdamsIf Ya Wanna Be Bad - Ya Gotta Be Good / Let's Make A Night To Remember4:35MTV Unplugged91997209
4010Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You4:34MTV Unplugged101997230
4011Bryan AdamsA Little Love3:22MTV Unplugged111997215
4012Bryan AdamsHeaven4:30MTV Unplugged121997182
4013Bryan AdamsI'll Always Be Right There4:29MTV Unplugged131997202
4014Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife4:04Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)31996214
4015Bryan AdamsOne Night Love Affair4:33Reckless11984199
4016Bryan AdamsShe's Only Happy When She's Dancin'3:14Reckless21984225
4017Bryan AdamsRun To You3:53Reckless31984196
4018Bryan AdamsHeaven4:03Reckless41984195
4019Bryan AdamsSomebody4:43Reckless51984208
4020Bryan AdamsSummer Of '693:36Reckless61984197
4021Bryan AdamsKids Wanna Rock2:35Reckless71984214
4022Bryan AdamsIt's Only Love3:15Reckless81984221
4023Bryan AdamsLong Gone3:58Reckless91984220
4024Bryan AdamsAin't Gonna Cry4:06Reckless101984222
4025Bryan AdamsChristmas Time4:06Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)11995201
4026Bryan AdamsSummer Of '693:34So Far So Good11993223
4027Bryan AdamsStraight From The Heart3:29So Far So Good21993195
4028Bryan AdamsIt's Only Love3:14So Far So Good31993226
4029Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started4:28So Far So Good41993233
4030Bryan AdamsDo I Have To Say The Words?6:10So Far So Good51993217
4031Bryan AdamsThis Time3:19So Far So Good61993210
4032Bryan AdamsRun To You3:53So Far So Good71993204
4033Bryan AdamsHeaven4:03So Far So Good81993208
4034Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife5:12So Far So Good91993229
4035Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do It For You6:34So Far So Good101993197
4036Bryan AdamsSomebody4:42So Far So Good111993221
4037Bryan AdamsKids Wanna Rock2:35So Far So Good121993226
4038Bryan AdamsHeat Of The Night5:05So Far So Good131993226
4039Bryan AdamsPlease Forgive Me5:56So Far So Good141993193
4040Bryan AdamsRun To You3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)162001209
4041Bryan AdamsLet's Make A Night To Remember6:18Total Hits Vol. 251999191
4042Bryan AdamsIs Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?4:40Waking Up The Neighbours11991237
4043Bryan AdamsHey Honey I'm Packin' You In!3:59Waking Up The Neighbours21991216
4044Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started4:29Waking Up The Neighbours31991229
4045Bryan AdamsThought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven5:48Waking Up The Neighbours41991222
4046Bryan AdamsNot Guilty4:11Waking Up The Neighbours51991233
4047Bryan AdamsVanishing5:03Waking Up The Neighbours61991216
4048Bryan AdamsHouse Arrest3:57Waking Up The Neighbours71991232
4049Bryan AdamsDo I Have To Say The Words?6:11Waking Up The Neighbours81991212
4050Bryan AdamsThere Will Never Be Another Tonight4:40Waking Up The Neighbours91991241
4051Bryan AdamsAll I Want Is You5:20Waking Up The Neighbours101991231
4052Bryan AdamsDepend On Me5:07Waking Up The Neighbours111991222
4053Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do It For You6:34Waking Up The Neighbours121991194
4054Bryan AdamsIf You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?)4:42Waking Up The Neighbours131991246
4055Bryan AdamsTouch The Hand4:05Waking Up The Neighbours141991240
4056Bryan AdamsDon't Drop That Bomb On Me6:00Waking Up The Neighbours151991224
4057Bryan AdamsLonely Nights3:48You Want It - You Got It11981204
4058Bryan AdamsOne Good Reason4:23You Want It - You Got It21981210
4059Bryan AdamsDon't Look Now3:09You Want It - You Got It31981225
4060Bryan AdamsComing Home3:37You Want It - You Got It41981197
4061Bryan AdamsFits Ya Good4:37You Want It - You Got It51981230
4062Bryan AdamsJealousy3:51You Want It - You Got It61981212
4063Bryan AdamsTonight4:59You Want It - You Got It71981214