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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesSkótoseme6:27The Sporting Life11994195
2Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesDo You Take This Man?6:09The Sporting Life21994203
3Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesDark End Of The Street2:43The Sporting Life31994174
4Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesYou're Mine5:10The Sporting Life41994204
5Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesTony5:37The Sporting Life51994186
6Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesDevil's Rodeo5:37The Sporting Life61994192
7Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesThe Sporting Life5:45The Sporting Life71994194
8Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesBaby's Insane4:39The Sporting Life81994193
9Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesLast Man Down4:50The Sporting Life91994154
10Diamanda Galás With John Paul JonesHex8:04The Sporting Life101994192
11Diamond HeadAm I Evil?7:40Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]12004211
12Diamond HeadLightning To The Nations4:12Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]22004203
13Diamond HeadThe Prince6:24Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]32004209
14Diamond HeadIt's Electric3:35Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]42004208
15Diamond HeadSucking My Love9:29Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]52004210
16Diamond HeadHelpless6:53Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]62004200
17Diamond HeadShoot Out The Lights4:13Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]72004217
18Diamond HeadWe Won't Be Back4:16Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]82004220
19Diamond HeadI Don't Got4:20Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]92004224
20Diamond HeadPlay It Loud3:28Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]102004221
21Diamond HeadDead Reckoning3:31Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]112004228
22Diamond HeadIn The Heat Of The Night4:56Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]122004218
23Diamond HeadTo Heaven From Hell6:13Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 1) [UK]132004208
24Diamond HeadCall Me3:52Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]12004216
25Diamond HeadBorrowed Time7:38Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]22004213
26Diamond HeadMakin' Music3:51Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]32004223
27Diamond HeadOut Of Phase3:33Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]42004235
28Diamond HeadTo The Devil His Due6:01Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]52004222
29Diamond HeadKnight Of The Swords6:50Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]62004203
30Diamond HeadIshmael4:02Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]72004225
31Diamond HeadTruckin'3:06Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]82004228
32Diamond HeadCalling Your Name4:06Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]92004215
33Diamond HeadI Can't Help Myself3:38Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]102004231
34Diamond HeadRun4:44Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]112004210
35Diamond HeadHome4:42Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]122004233
36Diamond HeadTo Heaven From Hell (Live)5:53Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]132004226
37Diamond HeadTo The Devil His Due (Live)6:09Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]142004206
38Diamond HeadLightning To The Nations (Acoustic)3:05Am I Evil? (The Diamond Head Anthology) (Disc 2) [UK]152004208
39Diamond RioOh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby3:15Close To The Edge11992195
40Diamond RioIn A Week Or Two3:00Close To The Edge21992189
41Diamond RioIt Does Get Better Than This3:25Close To The Edge31992191
42Diamond RioSawmill Road4:49Close To The Edge41992201
43Diamond RioCalling All Hearts (Come Back Home)3:07Close To The Edge51992192
44Diamond RioThis Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet2:44Close To The Edge61992203
45Diamond RioI Was Meant To Be With You3:17Close To The Edge71992188
46Diamond RioOld Weakness (Coming On Strong)3:18Close To The Edge81992188
47Diamond RioDemons & Angels3:18Close To The Edge91992198
48Diamond RioNothing In This World3:01Close To The Edge101992199
49Diamond RioClose To The Edge2:35Close To The Edge111992213
50Diamond RioBeautiful Mess3:48Completely12002209
51Diamond RioBig Ol' Fire3:06Completely22002213
52Diamond RioI Believe3:56Completely32002188
53Diamond RioSomething Cool3:11Completely42002187
54Diamond RioThe Box3:17Completely52002220
55Diamond RioWe All Fall Down4:08Completely62002195
56Diamond RioWrinkles3:09Completely72002206
57Diamond RioCompletely3:47Completely82002191
58Diamond RioA Better Idea3:53Completely92002200
59Diamond RioIf You'd Like Some Lovin'3:07Completely102002202
60Diamond RioYou'll Find Me3:47Completely112002199
61Diamond RioRural Philharmonic3:19Completely122002211
62Diamond RioMake Sure You've Got It All4:11Completely132002194
63Diamond RioMeet In The Middle3:19Diamond Rio11991208
64Diamond RioThis State Of Mind2:44Diamond Rio21991199
65Diamond RioThey Don't Make Hearts (Like They Used To)3:34Diamond Rio31991199
66Diamond RioMirror Mirror3:14Diamond Rio41991205
67Diamond RioThe Ballad Of Conley And Billy (The Proof's In the Pickin')5:02Diamond Rio51991212
68Diamond RioNowhere Bound3:42Diamond Rio61991220
69Diamond RioIt's Gone3:18Diamond Rio71991202
70Diamond RioNorma Jean Riley3:06Diamond Rio81991211
71Diamond RioMama Don't Forget To Pray For Me4:13Diamond Rio91991203
72Diamond RioPick Me Up3:25Diamond Rio101991215
73Diamond RioPoultry Promenade3:26Diamond Rio111991220
74Diamond RioHoldin'3:11IV11996196
75Diamond RioWalkin' Away3:50IV21996193
76Diamond RioThat's What I Get For Loving You3:19IV31996198
77Diamond RioShe Misses Him On Sunday The Most3:26IV41996183
78Diamond RioShe Sure Did Like To Run3:07IV51996196
79Diamond RioIt's All In Your Head3:40IV61996197
80Diamond RioWho Am I3:47IV71996186
81Diamond RioLove Takes You There3:13IV81996195
82Diamond RioIs That Askin' Too Much3:58IV91996198
83Diamond RioJust Another Heart3:28IV101996180
84Diamond RioBig (Instumental)2:46IV111996207
85Diamond RioLove A Little Stronger3:42Love A Little Stronger11994212
86Diamond RioYou Ain't In It2:54Love A Little Stronger21994212
87Diamond RioFinish What We Started3:20Love A Little Stronger31994207
88Diamond RioNight Is Fallin' In My Heart3:32Love A Little Stronger41994218
89Diamond RioDown By The Riverside3:42Love A Little Stronger51994204
90Diamond RioWild Blue Yonder2:55Love A Little Stronger61994204
91Diamond RioBubba Hyde3:46Love A Little Stronger71994210
92Diamond RioGone Out Of My Mind3:00Love A Little Stronger81994203
93Diamond RioAppalachian Dream2:27Love A Little Stronger91994218
94Diamond RioKentucky Mine4:54Love A Little Stronger101994218
95Diamond RioThat's Just That2:32One More Day12000216
96Diamond RioOne More Day3:35One More Day22000195
97Diamond RioSweet Summer4:29One More Day32000202
98Diamond RioI'm Already Gone3:28One More Day42000199
99Diamond RioI Could Do It With My Eyes Closed2:55One More Day52000206
100Diamond Rio'Til The Heartache's Gone2:57One More Day62000187
101Diamond RioHere I Go Fallin'3:30One More Day72000209
102Diamond RioI Think I Love You3:20One More Day82000232
103Diamond RioHearts Against The Wind4:58One More Day92000189
104Diamond RioYou Make Me Feel3:51One More Day102000213
105Diamond RioThe Love Of a Woman3:59One More Day112000199
106Diamond RioI'm Trying (Duet with Chely Wright)4:10One More Day122000180
107Diamond RioStuff3:04One More Day132000209
108Diamond RioTwo Pump Texaco3:55Unbelievable11998198
109Diamond RioMiss That Girl3:00Unbelievable21998209
110Diamond RioYou're Gone3:59Unbelievable31998196
111Diamond RioWhat More Do You Want From Me2:35Unbelievable41998203
112Diamond RioUnbelievable2:21Unbelievable51998207
113Diamond RioLong Way Back3:33Unbelievable61998195
114Diamond RioI Thought I'd Seen Everything3:58Unbelievable71998210
115Diamond RioHold Me Now3:15Unbelievable81998200
116Diamond RioI Know How The River Feels3:40Unbelievable91998184
117Diamond Rio(I Will) Start All Over Again4:52Unbelievable101998202
118The DiamondsWhy Do Fools Fall in Love2:25100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)91999225
119The DiamondsThe Stroll2:28100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)91999203
120The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:05100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)91999220
121The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:0745s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)31987210
122The DiamondsThe Stroll2:3045s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)61987162
123The DiamondsThe Stroll2:27American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)91973196
124The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:06American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)151973182
125The DiamondsA Beggar For Your Kisses2:59Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)41991127
126The DiamondsThe Stroll2:29Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)14 192
127The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:08Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)132004165
128The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:10Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)141997206
129DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:10The Rock Box (Disc 2)13 207
130The DiamondsThe Stroll2:27The Ultimate Party Survival Kit71995127
131The DiamondsLittle Darlin'2:11TM Century GoldDisc 605231991152
132Diana DeGarmoEmotional3:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0162005242
133Diana Herstein with OddyWill There Really Be a Morning2:26  2009192
134Diana KingShy Guy4:1990's Pop Hits (Disc 2)8 197
135Diana KingL-L-Lies3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11161997207
136Diana KingShy Guy3:15The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)181999196
137Diana KrallJingle Bells2:11Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)72001161
138Diana RossLove Hangover3:45   128
139Diana RossEndless Love4:28All The Great Hits12000198
140Diana RossIt's My Turn3:58All The Great Hits22000211
141Diana RossTheme From Mahogany3:24All The Great Hits32000213
142Diana RossReach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)3:01All The Great Hits42000235
143Diana RossTouch Me In The Morning3:53All The Great Hits52000210
144Diana RossGood Morning Heartache2:22All The Great Hits62000192
145Diana RossLast Time I Saw Him2:50All The Great Hits72000216
146Diana RossUpside Down4:06All The Great Hits82000228
147Diana RossI'm Coming Out5:22All The Great Hits92000221
148Diana RossTenderness3:51All The Great Hits102000218
149Diana RossMy Old Piano3:55All The Great Hits112000234
150Diana RossThe Boss3:54All The Great Hits122000228
151Diana RossIt's My House4:32All The Great Hits132000233
152Diana RossLove Hangover7:54All The Great Hits142000229
153Diana RossAin't No Mountain High Enough6:20All The Great Hits152000227
154Diana RossRemember Me3:29All The Great Hits162000227
155Diana RossUpside Down3:42Billboard Top Hits (1980)61992249
156Diana RossReach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)3:01Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection61993185
157Diana RossAin't No Mountain High Enough3:31Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection71993176
158Diana RossTouch Me In The Morning3:27Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection81993209
159Diana RossTheme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)3:26Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection91993193
160Diana RossLove Hangover3:45Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection101993183
161Diana RossUpside Down4:08Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection111993215
162Diana RossWhy Do Fools Fall In Love2:56Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection131993201
163Diana RossMissing You4:19Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection141993192
164Diana RossChain Reaction3:48Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection151993216
165Diana RossWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me4:13Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection161993197
166Diana RossOne Shining Moment4:46Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection171993200
167Diana RossIf We Hold On Together4:10Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection181993180
168Diana RossThe Best Years Of My Life4:23Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection191993196
169Diana RossSomeday We'll Be Together (remix)3:03Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection201993205
170Diana RossLove Hangover3:41Disco Classics (Disc 1)52004193
171Diana RossUpside Down3:35Disco Classics (Disc 2)12004214
172Diana RossWhen We Grow Up2:11Free to Be... You and Me31972195
173Diana RossChain Reaction3:51Greatest Hits - The RCA Years11997194
174Diana RossSummertime4:08Greatest Hits - The RCA Years21997175
175Diana RossMuscles4:06Greatest Hits - The RCA Years31997200
176Diana RossIt's Never Too Late3:20Greatest Hits - The RCA Years41997190
177Diana RossExperience4:56Greatest Hits - The RCA Years51997198
178Diana RossLove or Loneliness4:20Greatest Hits - The RCA Years61997183
179Diana RossMissing You4:06Greatest Hits - The RCA Years71997185
180Diana RossSelfish One3:26Greatest Hits - The RCA Years81997193
181Diana RossTell Me Again3:17Greatest Hits - The RCA Years91997187
182Diana RossLet's Go Up4:04Greatest Hits - The RCA Years101997209
183Diana RossMirror, Mirror4:08Greatest Hits - The RCA Years111997206
184Diana RossIn Your Arms4:08Greatest Hits - The RCA Years121997181
185Diana Ross(I Love) Being in Love with You4:34Greatest Hits - The RCA Years131997207
186Diana RossSwept Away4:05Greatest Hits - The RCA Years141997220
187Diana RossIt's Hard For Me to Say4:45Greatest Hits - The RCA Years151997190
188Diana RossWhy Do Fools Fall in Love2:56Greatest Hits - The RCA Years161997189
189Diana RossCross My Heart4:14Greatest Hits - The RCA Years171997190
190Diana RossEndless Love4:57Greatest Hits - The RCA Years181997184
191Diana RossTheme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)3:24Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)91998204
192Diana RossWhy Do Fools Fall In Love2:54Hit History Vol. 27 198111990200
193Diana RossAin't No Mountain High Enough3:31Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)101992133
194Diana RossTouch Me In The Morning3:28Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)101993183
195Diana RossLove Hangover3:50Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)21993173
196Diana RossUpside Down3:40Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 3)11993194
197Diana RossLove Hangover7:51Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 1)32001198
198Diana RossI'm Coming Out5:23Maid In Manhattan (OST)122002227
199Diana RossLove Hangover3:45Pure Disco151996191
200Diana RossUpside Down4:07Pure Disco 2121997231
201Diana RossI'm Coming Out3:56Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)111995211
202Diana RossUpside Down3:41Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-1982111995200
203Diana RossWinter Wonderland3:21The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)102003197
204Diana RossLove Hangover3:51Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two71991190
205Diana RossMy Old Piano3:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)152001237
206Diana RossMissing You4:15Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)81997239
207Diana Ross & Lionel RichieEndless Love4:29Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection121993179
208Diana Ross & Lionel RichieEndless Love4:27Heart & Soul51989246
209Diana Ross & Lionel RichieEndless Love4:25Hit History Vol. 27 1981181990200
210Diana Ross & Marvin GayeYou Are Everything2:52Heart & Soul121989241
211Diana Ross & Marvin GayeYou Are Everything3:06Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)52001192
212Diana Ross & Michael JacksonEase On Down The Road3:19Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 2) - Gone Hollywood42001239
213Diana Ross & The SupremesBaby Love2:40AM Gold: 196411995208
214Diana Ross & The SupremesSomeday We'll Be Together3:28AM Gold: 196971995199
215Diana Ross & The SupremesYour Heart Belongs To Me2:38Anthology (Disc 1)11986209
216Diana Ross & The SupremesLet Me Go The Right Way2:35Anthology (Disc 1)21986211
217Diana Ross & The SupremesA Breathtaking Guy2:23Anthology (Disc 1)31986204
218Diana Ross & The SupremesWhen The Lovelight Starts Shining In His Eyes2:40Anthology (Disc 1)41986201
219Diana Ross & The SupremesStanding At The Crossroads Of Love2:30Anthology (Disc 1)51986199
220Diana Ross & The SupremesRun, Run, Run2:22Anthology (Disc 1)61986197
221Diana Ross & The SupremesWhere Did Our Love Go2:31Anthology (Disc 1)71986202
222Diana Ross & The SupremesBaby Love2:36Anthology (Disc 1)81986222
223Diana Ross & The SupremesAsk Any Girl2:45Anthology (Disc 1)91986216
224Diana Ross & The SupremesCome See About Me2:38Anthology (Disc 1)101986219
225Diana Ross & The SupremesStop! In The Name Of Love2:52Anthology (Disc 1)111986213
226Diana Ross & The SupremesBack In My Arms Again2:52Anthology (Disc 1)121986210
227Diana Ross & The SupremesNothing But Heartaches2:57Anthology (Disc 1)131986215
228Diana Ross & The SupremesI Hear A Symphony2:41Anthology (Disc 1)141986205
229Diana Ross & The SupremesMy World Is Empty Without You2:34Anthology (Disc 1)151986218
230Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Is Like An Itching In My Heart2:57Anthology (Disc 1)161986205
231Diana Ross & The SupremesYou Can't Hurry Love2:47Anthology (Disc 1)171986213
232Diana Ross & The SupremesYou Keep Me Hangin' On2:42Anthology (Disc 1)181986194
233Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Is Here And Now You're Gone2:47Anthology (Disc 1)191986200
234Diana Ross & The SupremesThe Happening2:49Anthology (Disc 1)201986216
235Diana Ross & The SupremesA Hard Day's Night2:23Anthology (Disc 1)211986217
236Diana Ross & The SupremesFunny How Time Slips Away3:15Anthology (Disc 1)221986190
237Diana Ross & The SupremesYou Send Me2:13Anthology (Disc 1)231986198
238Diana Ross & The SupremesFalling In Love With Love2:31Anthology (Disc 1)241986208
239Diana Ross & The SupremesI'm The Greatest Star5:54Anthology (Disc 1)251986205
240Diana Ross & The SupremesReflections2:50Anthology (Disc 2)11986205
241Diana Ross & The SupremesIn And Out Of Love2:40Anthology (Disc 2)21986200
242Diana Ross & The SupremesForever Came Today3:14Anthology (Disc 2)31986206
243Diana Ross & The SupremesSome Things You Never Get Used To2:25Anthology (Disc 2)41986209
244Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Child2:57Anthology (Disc 2)51986216
245Diana Ross & The SupremesI'm Gonna Make You Love Me3:09Anthology (Disc 2)61986195
246Diana Ross & The SupremesI'm Livin' In Shame2:57Anthology (Disc 2)71986222
247Diana Ross & The SupremesThe Composer3:00Anthology (Disc 2)81986210
248Diana Ross & The SupremesI'll Try Something New2:20Anthology (Disc 2)91986210
249Diana Ross & The SupremesThe Young Folks3:12Anthology (Disc 2)101986202
250Diana Ross & The SupremesNo Matter What Sign You Are2:49Anthology (Disc 2)111986212
251Diana Ross & The SupremesSomeday We'll Be Together3:27Anthology (Disc 2)121986218
252Diana Ross & The SupremesUp The Ladder To The Roof3:11Anthology (Disc 2)131986220
253Diana Ross & The SupremesEverybody's Got The Right To Love2:38Anthology (Disc 2)141986214
254Diana Ross & The SupremesSoned Love4:09Anthology (Disc 2)151986222
255Diana Ross & The SupremesNathan Jones3:00Anthology (Disc 2)161986214
256Diana Ross & The SupremesFloy Joy2:33Anthology (Disc 2)171986189
257Diana Ross & The SupremesTouch3:41Anthology (Disc 2)181986197
258Diana Ross & The SupremesAutomatically Sunshine2:39Anthology (Disc 2)191986199
259Diana Ross & The SupremesYour Wonderful, Sweet, Seet Love2:59Anthology (Disc 2)201986203
260Diana Ross & The SupremesI Guess I'll Miss The Man2:42Anthology (Disc 2)211986190
261Diana Ross & The SupremesBad Weather3:05Anthology (Disc 2)221986217
262Diana Ross & The SupremesIt's All Been Said Before2:29Anthology (Disc 2)231986184
263Diana Ross & The SupremesI'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking3:08Anthology (Disc 2)241986206
264Diana Ross & The SupremesStop! In The Name Of Love2:53Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over13 212
265Diana Ross & The SupremesReflections2:54Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection51993183
266Diana Ross & The SupremesBaby Love2:38Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)141989214
267Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Child3:03Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)161992144
268Diana Ross & The SupremesSomeday We'll Be Together3:24Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone82000141
269Diana Ross & The SupremesLittle Bright Star2:26Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)161995217
270Diana Ross & The SupremesSilver Bells3:02The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 191994233
271Diana Ross & The SupremesWhite Christmas3:56The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 221995224
272Diana Ross & The SupremesThe Children's Christmas Song2:52The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6102001211
273Diana Ross & The SupremesStop! In The Name Of Love2:55TM Century GoldDisc 109101991212
274Diana Ross & The SupremesSomeday We'll Be Together3:25Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)152001208
275Diana SandsGrandma2:36Free to Be... You and Me151972188
276Diane DaneMy World is Over3:01That Thing You Do! (OST)111996205
277Diane RenayNavy Blue2:28AM Gold: 1964101995127
278Diane RenayNavy Blue2:29Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)72002129
279Dianne ReevesChristmas Time Is Here3:18Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)62006188
280Dick & Dee DeeThe Mountain's High2:18Jukebox Hits Of 1961181991219
281Dick & DeedeeThe Mountain's High2:13The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'161961132
282Dick and Dee DeeThou Shalt Not Steal1:59AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics201995190
283Dick CavettMy Dog is a Plumber0:33Free to Be... You and Me121972185
284Dick Dale & His Del-TonesLet's Go Trippin'2:10King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones11989142
285Dick Dale & His Del-TonesShake 'N' Stomp2:11King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones21989128
286Dick Dale & His Del-TonesMisirlou2:14King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones31989142
287Dick Dale & His Del-TonesMr. Peppermint Man2:24King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones41989129
288Dick Dale & His Del-TonesSurf Beat3:00King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones51989128
289Dick Dale & His Del-TonesTake It Off2:10King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones61989128
290Dick Dale & His Del-TonesKing Of The Surf Guitar (Vocal)2:08King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones71989197
291Dick Dale & His Del-TonesHava Nagila2:07King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones81989207
292Dick Dale & His Del-TonesRiders In The Sky2:14King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones91989204
293Dick Dale & His Del-TonesThe Wedge2:01King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones101989212
294Dick Dale & His Del-TonesNight Rider1:47King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones111989206
295Dick Dale & His Del-TonesMr. Eliminator2:00King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones121989204
296Dick Dale & His Del-TonesThe Victor3:14King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones131989209
297Dick Dale & His Del-TonesTaco Wagon2:10King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones141989199
298Dick Dale & His Del-TonesTidal Wave2:04King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones151989236
299Dick Dale & His Del-TonesBanzai Washout2:19King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones161989191
300Dick Dale & His Del-TonesOne Double One Oh! (Instrumental Version)2:44King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones171989211
301Dick Dale & His Del-TonesPipeline (With Stevie Ray Vaughn)2:58King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones181989204
302Dick Dale & His Del-TonesLet's Go Trippin'2:34Rock 'N' Roll Guitar Classics71990204
303Dick Dale and His Del-TonesMisirlou2:15Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals11991144
304Dick FellerMakin' The Best Of A Bad Situation2:4540 Wacky Classics Of The '70s (Disc 2)141974320
305Dick FellerThe Credit Card Song3:23Dr. Demento's Country Corn121974192
306Dick HaymesIt Might As Well Be Spring3:11Your Hit Parade 19454 131
307Dick HaymesMaybe It's Because3:22Your Hit Parade 194917 125
308Dick Haymes & Gordon JenkinsLittle White Lies3:15Your Hit Parade 194891990126
309Dick Haymes & Helen ForrestIt Had to Be You3:12Your Hit Parade 194416 126
310Dick Haymes & The Song SpinnersYou'll Never Know2:46Your Hit Parade 1943101991127
311Dick HymanGive It Up Or Turn It Loose3:15Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's171999240
312Dick Hyman TrioMoritat2:18Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals31992126
313Dick JusticeHenry Lee3:28Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 1)11952128
314Dick PriceGod Told Me To Rob The 7-112:21Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0351994128
315Dick Van DykePavement Artist (Chim Chim Cher-Ee)2:00Mary Poppins (OST)61963245
316Dick Van DykeJolly Holiday5:24Mary Poppins (OST)71963261
317Dick Van DykeSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious2:03Mary Poppins (OST)81963234
318Dick Van DykeStep In Time8:43Mary Poppins (OST)151963242
319Dick Van Dyke And Julie AndrewsJolly Holiday (Mary Poppins 1964)4:58Classic Disney, Vol. 1101995197
320Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Karen Dotrice And Matthew GarberChim Chim Cher-Ee (Mary Poppins 1964)2:47Classic Disney, Vol. 191995181
321Dickey Betts BandRave On3:42Let's Get Together12001196
322Dickey Betts BandLet's All Get Together4:39Let's Get Together22001169
323Dickey Betts BandImmortal4:26Let's Get Together32001190
324Dickey Betts BandTombstone Eyes5:51Let's Get Together42001193
325Dickey Betts BandHere Come the Blues Again7:39Let's Get Together52001192
326Dickey Betts BandOne Stop Be-Bop10:12Let's Get Together62001186
327Dickey Betts BandI Gotta Know8:09Let's Get Together72001175
328Dickey Betts BandCall Me Anytime4:40Let's Get Together82001193
329Dickey Betts BandDona Maria12:17Let's Get Together92001204
330Dickey Betts BandAll For You7:08Let's Get Together102001191
331Dickey Betts BandSing While I'm Walkin'6:41Let's Get Together112001183
332Dickey LeePatches3:00AM Gold: 1962211995166
333Dickey LeeLaurie (Strange Things Happen)3:05Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics152001193
334Dickey LeeI Saw Linda Yesterday2:04Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)52001192
335Dickie GoodmanMr. Jaws2:04Mr. Jaws 1975320
336Dickie JonesI've Got No Strings (Pinocchio 1940)2:21Classic Disney, Vol. 5251998127
337Dickie Jones & Mae QuestelI've Got No Strings2:22Pinocchio (OST) [1992 Reissue]111940126
338Dicky Doo And The Don'tsNee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu2:14The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky101991164
339Diddy feat. Keyshia ColeLast Night4:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0482007189
340Diddy feat. Nicole ScherzingerCome To Me (PO Clean Edit)3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0942006184
341Didier HébertI Woke Up One Morning In May3:04Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)41952128
342DidoChristmas Day4:01A Very Special Christmas 582001205
343DidoChristmas Day4:04Christmas Songs [Nettwerk]32000201
344DidoDon't Leave Home (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)10:52Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)52004212
345DidoWhite Flag4:01Life For Rent12003207
346DidoStoned5:55Life For Rent22003186
347DidoLife For Rent3:41Life For Rent32003205
348DidoMary's In India3:41Life For Rent42003180
349DidoSee You When You're 405:20Life For Rent52003211
350DidoDon't Leave Home3:46Life For Rent62003214
351DidoWho Makes You Feel4:20Life For Rent72003206
352DidoSand In My Shoes4:59Life For Rent82003219
353DidoDo You Have A Little Time3:55Life For Rent92003193
354DidoThis Land Is Mine3:46Life For Rent102003190
355DidoSee The Sun10:35Life For Rent112003175
356DidoHere With Me4:15No Angel12002196
357DidoHunter3:57No Angel22002220
358DidoDon't Think Of Me4:32No Angel32002227
359DidoMy Lover's Gone4:27No Angel42002171
360DidoAll You Want3:53No Angel52002183
361DidoThank You3:38No Angel62002205
362DidoHonestly OK4:38No Angel72002196
363DidoSlide4:52No Angel82002197
364DidoIsobel3:54No Angel92002185
365DidoI'm No Angel3:55No Angel102002191
366DidoMy Life3:09No Angel112002173
367DidoTake My Hand6:42No Angel122002207
368DidoHere With Me (Lukas Burton Mix)3:58No Angel (Bonus Disc)12001182
369DidoThank You (Deep Dish Remix)9:28No Angel (Bonus Disc)22001198
370DidoHunter (MJ Cole Remix)6:07No Angel (Bonus Disc)32001196
371DidoTake My Hand (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)8:04No Angel (Bonus Disc)42001210
372DidoChristmas Day4:03No Angel (Bonus Disc)52001206
373DidoWhite Flag3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0872003209
374DidoSand In My Shoes3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1072004224
375DidoStoned [Beginnerz Remix]8:22TM Century PrimeCuts Dance 561D12004196
376DidoThankyou (Deep Dish Vocal Mix)3:56Totally Dance21998216
377Die Blaskapelle PilgramsreuthMorgenpolka2:48Wir tanzen wieder Polka111992195
378Die Isartaler Blasmusik, Ltg.: Adi StahuberSchön Blüh'n die2:49Wir tanzen wieder Polka101992208
379Die lustigen OberbayernHoch drob'n auf dem Berg2:38Wir tanzen wieder Polka71992197
380Die Original Donauschwaben-Musikanten, Ltg.: Fritz LauberFerienklänge3:13Wir tanzen wieder Polka61992186
381Die Original Linzer Buam, Ltg.: Edi MatzerDer Klarinetten-Muckl2:07Wir tanzen wieder Polka31992204
382Die Westfälischen Nachtigallen, Ltg.: Dietmar HahnLiechtensteiner Polka2:27Wir tanzen wieder Polka161992199
383Died PrettyOut Of The Unknown4:07Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)32005231
384Dierks BentleyWhat Was I Thinkin'4:20Dierks Bentley12003224
385Dierks BentleyWish It Would Break3:36Dierks Bentley22003222
386Dierks BentleyForget About You3:03Dierks Bentley32003230
387Dierks BentleyI Can Only Think Of One3:50Dierks Bentley42003212
388Dierks BentleyMy Last Name3:30Dierks Bentley52003194
389Dierks BentleyBartenders, Etc2:47Dierks Bentley62003221
390Dierks BentleyIs Anybody Loving You These Days3:22Dierks Bentley72003218
391Dierks BentleyMy Love Will Follow You3:18Dierks Bentley82003213
392Dierks BentleyHow Am I Doin'3:48Dierks Bentley92003212
393Dierks BentleyDistant Shore3:01Dierks Bentley102003200
394Dierks BentleyI Bought The Shoes3:27Dierks Bentley112003211
395Dierks BentleyWhiskey Tears3:32Dierks Bentley122003207
396Dierks BentleyTrain Travelin' (Feat. The Del McCoury Band)4:38Dierks Bentley132003200
397Dierks BentleyLife On The Run3:47Feel That Fire12009231
398Dierks BentleySideways3:04Feel That Fire22009243
399Dierks BentleyFeel That Fire3:21Feel That Fire32009233
400Dierks BentleyI Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes3:59Feel That Fire42009211
401Dierks BentleyHere She Comes4:28Feel That Fire52009234
402Dierks BentleyI Can't Forget Her4:15Feel That Fire62009224
403Dierks BentleyBeautiful World (Feat. Patty Griffin)3:14Feel That Fire72009209
404Dierks BentleyLittle Heartwrecker3:26Feel That Fire82009222
405Dierks BentleyYou Hold Me Together3:57Feel That Fire92009225
406Dierks BentleyBetter Believer4:15Feel That Fire102009223
407Dierks BentleyPray4:19Feel That Fire112009190
408Dierks BentleyLast Call (Feat. Ronnie McCoury & Friends)4:26Feel That Fire122009211
409Dierks BentleyEvery Mile A Memory3:53Long Trip Alone12006221
410Dierks BentleyCan't Live It Down3:23Long Trip Alone22006242
411Dierks BentleyLong Trip Alone3:44Long Trip Alone32006205
412Dierks BentleyThat Don't Make It Easy Loving Me4:09Long Trip Alone42006230
413Dierks BentleySoon As You Can4:00Long Trip Alone52006220
414Dierks BentleyTrying To Stop Your Leaving3:39Long Trip Alone62006206
415Dierks BentleyHope For Me Yet2:56Long Trip Alone72006222
416Dierks BentleyThe Heaven I'm Headed To4:31Long Trip Alone82006211
417Dierks BentleyFree And Easy (Down The Road I Go)3:19Long Trip Alone92006212
418Dierks BentleyBand Of Brothers3:44Long Trip Alone102006226
419Dierks BentleyProdigal Son's Prayer (feat. The Grascals)2:51Long Trip Alone112006204
420Dierks BentleyLot Of Leavin' Left To Do4:32Modern Day Drifter12005225
421Dierks BentleyCome A Little Closer4:42Modern Day Drifter22005211
422Dierks BentleyCab Of My Truck3:39Modern Day Drifter32005226
423Dierks BentleySettle For A Slowdown3:43Modern Day Drifter42005210
424Dierks BentleyDomestic, Light And Cold4:00Modern Day Drifter52005217
425Dierks BentleyGood Things Happen3:45Modern Day Drifter62005193
426Dierks BentleyDown On Easy Street3:30Modern Day Drifter72005221
427Dierks BentleySo So Long3:24Modern Day Drifter82005213
428Dierks BentleyModern Day Drifter4:10Modern Day Drifter92005208
429Dierks BentleyGood Man Like Me (feat. Del McCoury Band)3:07Modern Day Drifter102005198
430Dierks BentleyGonna Get There Someday4:14Modern Day Drifter112005185
431Dierks BentleyFree And Easy (Down The Road I Go)3:21Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 2007142007213
432DieselTip Of My Tongue4:13Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)142000221
433DieselSausalito Summernight5:08Watts In A Tank11981211
434DieselGoin' Back To China3:04Watts In A Tank21981217
435DieselAlibi2:48Watts In A Tank31981220
436DieselMy Kind Of Woman3:21Watts In A Tank41981192
437DieselAll Because Of You3:46Watts In A Tank51981212
438DieselDown In The Silvermine3:01Watts In A Tank61981202
439DieselGood Mornin', Day3:48Watts In A Tank71981215
440DieselReady For Love2:33Watts In A Tank81981213
441DieselThe Harness2:49Watts In A Tank91981188
442DieselRemember The Romans2:51Watts In A Tank101981221
443DieselBite Back2:38Watts In A Tank111981173
444DigFat Albert Theme3:46Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits131995237
445Digable PlanetsRebirth Of Slick4:24Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19936 199
446Digable PlanetsRebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)4:22The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)72004202
447Digital LoFiCougar Boulevard7:38 322000128
448Digital UndergroundThe Humpty Dance5:50MTV Party To Go, Vol. 1101991187
449Digital UndergroundThe Humpty Dance (Bonus Hump Mix)4:41Old School Nation! (Disc 1) [CA]82004197
450The DillardsBilly Jack2:51The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock121996217
451The DillardsOld Train2:20Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)91997190
452The DillardsLemon Chimes2:36Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)52009128
453DillingerCokane In My Brain2:4540 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)62001154
454DillingerCocaine2:46One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)192001173
455Dillon FenceChristmas3:08You Sleigh Me!91995244
456Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned WashingtonRawhide0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)431986191
457Dina CarrollThe Perfect Year3:46The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 1)15 180
458Dina DoreAll My Children1:06Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5271996128
459Dina DoreGeneral Hospital ("Autumn breeze")1:38Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5281996128
460Dinah ShoreI'm Old Fashioned2:53Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)42002186
461Dinah ShoreSweet Violets2:54The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)161997222
462Dinah ShoreBlues in the Night3:10Your Hit Parade 19428 127
463Dinah ShoreYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home To2:55Your Hit Parade 194351991127
464Dinah ShoreYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song2:26Your Hit Parade 19465 126
465Dinah ShoreLaughing On The Outside3:11Your Hit Parade 194616 126
466Dinah ShoreYou Do2:46Your Hit Parade 1947221989128
467Dinah ShoreButtons & Bows2:04Your Hit Parade 1948181990171
468Dinah ShoreLove And Marriage2:26Your Hit Parade 195515 128
469Dinah WashingtonWhat A Diff'rence A Day Makes2:30More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)111999195
470Dinah WashingtonMakin' Whoopee2:26Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed82001139
471Dinah WashingtonMellow Mama Blues3:10The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)11998126
472Dinah WashingtonAll Or Nothing2:54The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)21998131
473Dinah WashingtonRich Man's Blues2:56The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)31998131
474Dinah WashingtonChewin' Woman Blues2:55The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)41998127
475Dinah WashingtonBlues For A Day2:54The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)51998128
476Dinah WashingtonWise Woman Blues2:50The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)61998127
477Dinah WashingtonMy Voot Is Really Vout3:10The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)71998127
478Dinah WashingtonPacific Coast Blues2:42The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)81998127
479Dinah WashingtonBeggin' Mama Blues2:55The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)91998128
480Dinah WashingtonWalking Blues2:42The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)101998127
481Dinah WashingtonNo Voot No Boot3:04The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)111998126
482Dinah WashingtonMy Lovin' Papa3:04The Blues Collection (Disc 3) (Dinah's Blues)121998128
483Dinah WashingtonUnforgetable2:48Your Hit Parade 19593 184
484Dinah WashingtonWhat a Diff'rence A Day Makes2:29Your Hit Parade 195922 188
485Dinah Washington & Brook BentonBaby (You've Got What It Takes)2:46The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)221960194
486Dinah Washington & Brook BentonA Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around & Fall In Love)2:28The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)51960192
487Dinah Washington and Brook BentonBaby (You've Got What It Takes)2:46Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)8 193
488The DingoesWay Out West3:54Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)172000215
489DinoThe Opening - No More Heartbreak6:1524/711989201
490DinoI Like It5:0724/721989198
491DinoNever 2 Much Of U5:3024/731989181
492DinoSummergirls (Remix)6:1624/741989213
494DinoReal Love4:2824/761989192
497DinoIn The City6:0424/791989191
498DinoNighttime Lovekind6:0924/7101989222
500DinoI Like It3:57Teen Riot (Disc 1)112000197
501Dino Desi And BillyI'm A Fool2:4720 Platinum Oldies131986215
502Dino, Desi & BillyI'm A Fool2:52Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind81965213
503Dino, Desi & BillyThe Rebel Kind2:34Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)22009155
504Dino, Desi and BillyI'm A Fool2:52AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics91995215
505Dinosaur Jr.Goin' Blind3:24Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved71994226
506Dinosaur Jr.Start Choppin5:36Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)132005227
507DioStand Up And Shout3:18Holy Diver11983138
508DioHoly Diver5:55Holy Diver21983148
509DioGypsy3:40Holy Diver31983143
510DioCaught In The Middle4:17Holy Diver41983144
511DioDon't Talk To Strangers4:54Holy Diver51983142
512DioStraight Through The Heart4:34Holy Diver61983134
513DioInvisible5:26Holy Diver71983135
514DioRainbow In The Dark4:14Holy Diver81983140
515DioShame On The Night5:18Holy Diver91983138
516DioKing Of Rock And Roll3:51Sacred Heart11985185
517DioSacred Heart6:30Sacred Heart21985199
518DioAnother Lie3:50Sacred Heart31985199
519DioRock 'N' Roll Children4:34Sacred Heart41985193
520DioHungry For Heaven4:14Sacred Heart51985179
521DioLike The Beat Of A Heart4:26Sacred Heart61985201
522DioJust Another Day3:26Sacred Heart71985196
523DioFallen Angels4:03Sacred Heart81985201
524DioShoot Shoot4:17Sacred Heart91985199
525DioWe Rock4:35The Last In Line11984168
526DioThe Last In Line5:47The Last In Line21984176
527DioBreathless4:09The Last In Line31984182
528DioI Speed At Night3:22The Last In Line41984199
529DioOne Night In The City5:16The Last In Line51984184
530DioEvil Eyes3:38The Last In Line61984182
531DioMystery3:58The Last In Line71984188
532DioEat Your Heart Out3:50The Last In Line81984186
533DioEgypt (The Chains Are On)6:57The Last In Line91984175
534DionRunaround Sue2:33100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)41997220
535DionLonely Teenager2:171960 - Still Rockin'22 212
536DionAbraham, Martin & John3:201960's Classic Hits122003195
537DionThe Wanderer2:49196213 187
538DionDonna, The Prima Donna2:5460's Pop Hits (Disc 1)12 205
539DionAbraham, Martin And John3:18AM Gold: 1968201995187
540DionRunaround Sue2:38Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)52007129
541DionA Teenager in Love2:39Dion's Greatest Hits11973131
542DionWhere or When2:39Dion's Greatest Hits21973128
543DionRunaround Sue2:39Dion's Greatest Hits31973131
544DionA Lover's Prayer2:20Dion's Greatest Hits41973128
545DionLovers Who Wander2:22Dion's Greatest Hits51973128
546DionI Know Why2:20Dion's Greatest Hits61973128
547DionNo One Knows2:35Dion's Greatest Hits71973128
548DionWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:26Dion's Greatest Hits81973127
549DionLonely Teenager2:14Dion's Greatest Hits91973127
550DionThe Wanderer2:41Dion's Greatest Hits101973134
551DionAbraham, Martin And John3:20Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)82007236
552DionThe Wanderer2:49James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel61991201
553DionWhere Or When2:37Jukebox Hits Of 1960231991227
554DionRunaround Sue2:43Jukebox Hits Of 1961101991265
555DionSandy2:18Jukebox Hits Of 1963171991250
556DionLove Came To Me2:44Love Came To Me 1962320
557DionAbraham, Martin and John3:19Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)212002193
558DionRunaround Sue2:52Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)132004198
559DionThe Wanderer2:49Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)172004202
560DionRunaround Sue2:43Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)131997198
561DionThe Wanderer2:48Sock Hoppin' Sixties11988202
562DionDrip Drop2:34The '60s - Jukebox Memories1 207
563DionLittle Diane2:42The '60s - Keep on Rockin'12 215
564DionRunaround Sue2:40The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties14 127
565DionThe Wanderer2:43The Essential Dion12005128
566DionRunaround Sue2:41The Essential Dion22005128
567DionLovers Who Wander2:22The Essential Dion32005126
568DionRuby Baby2:38The Essential Dion42005207
569DionCan't We Be Sweethearts2:21The Essential Dion52005202
570DionThis Little Girl Of Mine2:48The Essential Dion62005193
571DionDonna The Prima Donna2:49The Essential Dion72005127
572DionNo One's Waiting For Me2:11The Essential Dion82005125
573DionDrip Drop2:35The Essential Dion92005128
574DionThis Little Girl2:37The Essential Dion102005128
575DionSweet, Sweet Baby2:22The Essential Dion112005194
576DionKickin' Child3:03The Essential Dion122005134
577DionTime In My Heart For You2:47The Essential Dion132005199
578DionAbraham, Martin And John3:16The Essential Dion142005128
579DionWhere Or When2:39The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)221960186
580DionLonely Teenager2:15The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'31961196
581DionPlease Come Home For Christmas4:00The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1131994241
582DionMerry Christmas Baby3:26The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 291995238
583DionRuby Baby2:39There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller131991207
584DionDrip Drop2:38There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller171991209
585Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager In Love2:33100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)81997202
586Dion & The BelmontsWhere or When2:401960 - Still Rockin'4 132
587Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager in Love2:38A Teenager in Love: The Best of11992197
588Dion & The BelmontsNo One Knows2:37A Teenager in Love: The Best of21992188
589Dion & The BelmontsI Wonder Why2:23A Teenager in Love: The Best of31992210
590Dion & The BelmontsWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:28A Teenager in Love: The Best of41992202
591Dion & The BelmontsI Can't Go On2:15A Teenager in Love: The Best of51992207
592Dion & The BelmontsWhere or When2:39A Teenager in Love: The Best of61992208
593Dion & The BelmontsIn the Still of the Night2:38A Teenager in Love: The Best of71992199
594Dion & The BelmontsEvery Litte Thing I Do2:03A Teenager in Love: The Best of81992143
595Dion & The BelmontsDon't Pity Me2:37A Teenager in Love: The Best of91992195
596Dion & The BelmontsA Lover's Prayer2:19A Teenager in Love: The Best of101992207
597Dion & The BelmontsDon't Pity Me2:36Jukebox Hits Of 195921991249
598Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager In Love2:33Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)162004203
599Dion & The BelmontsI Wonder Why2:19The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)51994129
600Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager In Love2:37The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)211994180
601Dion & The BelmontsWhere Or When2:40The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)191996126
602Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager In Love2:38Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 195921988199
603Dion TurnerDark by Nine - Top Gear Track One (Deep Vegas Mix)5:41Dion Turner's Album 2011192
604Dionne & FriendsThat's What Friends Are For4:14The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)211998196
605Dionne FarrisI Know3:4890's Pop Hits (Disc 2)2 215
606Dionne FarrisI Know3:47Billboard Top Hits - 19951 216
607Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A Heart3:05AM Gold: 1963211995174
608Dionne WarwickWalk On By2:53AM Gold: 196471995170
609Dionne WarwickMessage to Michael3:08AM Gold: 1966101995185
610Dionne WarwickI Say A Little Prayer3:03AM Gold: 196791995196
611Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose2:55AM Gold: 1968101995179
612Dionne Warwick(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls3:33AM Gold: 1968181995177
613Dionne WarwickThis Girl's In Love With You4:10AM Gold: 1969111995185
614Dionne WarwickDon't Make Me Over2:50Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)141997134
615Dionne WarwickDon't Make Me Over2:48Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196911991190
616Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A Heart3:04Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196921991189
617Dionne WarwickWalk On By2:57Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196931991189
618Dionne WarwickYou'll Never Get To Heaven3:10Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196941991202
619Dionne WarwickA House Is Not A Home3:08Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196951991190
620Dionne WarwickReach Out For Me2:52Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196961991191
621Dionne WarwickAre You There?2:52Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196971991193
622Dionne WarwickMessage To Michael3:08Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196981991136
623Dionne WarwickTrains And Boats And Planes2:50Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-196991991192
624Dionne WarwickAlfie2:46Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969101991189
625Dionne WarwickThe Windows Of The World3:21Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969111991187
626Dionne WarwickI Say A Little Prayer3:10Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969121991201
627Dionne Warwick(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls3:40Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969131991195
628Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose3:00Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969141991189
629Dionne WarwickPromises Promises3:02Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969151991196
630Dionne WarwickI'll Never Fall In Love Again2:54Dionne Warwick Anthology 1962-1969161991200
631Dionne WarwickAlfie2:44Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)16 174
632Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose2:56Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)13 180
633Dionne WarwickThat's What Friends Are For4:19Greatest Hits 1979-199011989191
634Dionne WarwickHeartbreaker4:19Greatest Hits 1979-199021989200
635Dionne WarwickLove Power4:36Greatest Hits 1979-199031989199
636Dionne WarwickI'll Never Love This Way Again3:32Greatest Hits 1979-199041989187
637Dionne WarwickHow Many Times Can We Say Goodbye3:30Greatest Hits 1979-199051989187
638Dionne WarwickDeja Vu3:51Greatest Hits 1979-199061989186
639Dionne WarwickWalk Away4:06Greatest Hits 1979-199071989199
640Dionne WarwickTake Good Care Of You & Me4:39Greatest Hits 1979-199081989197
641Dionne WarwickAll The Love In The World3:31Greatest Hits 1979-199091989195
642Dionne WarwickRun To Me4:37Greatest Hits 1979-1990101989189
643Dionne WarwickYours5:07Greatest Hits 1979-1990111989184
644Dionne WarwickSo Amazing3:44Greatest Hits 1979-1990121989187
645Dionne WarwickA True Love3:22Greatest Hits 1979-1990131989197
646Dionne WarwickI Don't Need Another Love4:12Greatest Hits 1979-1990141989201
647Dionne WarwickWalk On By2:55Her Greatest Hits11989200
648Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A Heart3:02Her Greatest Hits21989202
649Dionne WarwickMessage To Michael3:07Her Greatest Hits31989181
650Dionne WarwickDon't Make Me Over2:47Her Greatest Hits41989203
651Dionne WarwickYou'll Never Get To Heaven3:08Her Greatest Hits51989205
652Dionne WarwickThis Girl's In Love With You4:16Her Greatest Hits61989164
653Dionne WarwickI Say A Little Prayer3:08Her Greatest Hits71989209
654Dionne WarwickI'll Never Fall In Love Again2:56Her Greatest Hits81989194
655Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose2:58Her Greatest Hits91989202
656Dionne WarwickAlfie2:47Her Greatest Hits101989195
657Dionne WarwickYou've Lost That Lovin' Feeling4:17Her Greatest Hits111989207
658Dionne WarwickWho Can I Turn To3:10Her Greatest Hits121989185
659Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A Heart3:09More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)121999191
660Dionne WarwickValley Of The Dolls3:37Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)91999144
661Dionne WarwickValley Of The Dolls3:37Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)122001197
662Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose2:56Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)72001189
663Dionne WarwickDon't Make Me Over3:25The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)161998188
664Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A Heart3:12The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)231998187
665Dionne WarwickWalk On By2:56The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)11998180
666Dionne WarwickLand Of Make Believe3:02The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)61998177
667Dionne WarwickHere I Am2:58The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)141998191
668Dionne WarwickAre You There (With Another Girl)2:50The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)181998185
669Dionne WarwickIn Between The Heartaches2:51The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)211998174
670Dionne WarwickThe Windows Of The World3:17The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)241998182
671Dionne WarwickI Say A Little Prayer3:04The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)261998206
672Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San José2:55The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)21998188
673Dionne WarwickPromises, Promises3:00The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)51998197
674Dionne WarwickOdds And Ends3:26The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)81998169
675Dionne WarwickI'll Never Fall In Love Again3:00The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)101998175
676Dionne WarwickPaper Mache2:56The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)121998180
677Dionne WarwickCheck Out Time4:06The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)141998174
678Dionne WarwickThe Balance Of Nature3:25The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)161998173
679Dionne WarwickWalk On By2:56Your Hit Parade - The '60s121993182
680Dionne Warwick & The SpinnersThen Came You3:5570's Party Mix (Disc 1)161996209
681Dionne Warwick & The SpinnersThen Came You3:57Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974191990208
682Dire StraitsSo Far Away5:12Brothers in Arms11985194
683Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing8:26Brothers in Arms21985204
684Dire StraitsWalk of Life4:12Brothers in Arms31985178
685Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick6:33Brothers in Arms41985188
686Dire StraitsWhy Worry8:31Brothers in Arms51985184
687Dire StraitsRide Across the River6:58Brothers in Arms61985202
688Dire StraitsThe Man's Too Strong4:40Brothers in Arms71985202
689Dire StraitsOne World3:40Brothers in Arms81985176
690Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms6:55Brothers in Arms91985193
691Dire StraitsOnce Upon A Time In The West5:26Communiqué11979212
692Dire StraitsNews4:13Communiqué21979205
693Dire StraitsWhere Do You Think You're Going?3:50Communiqué31979206
694Dire StraitsCommuniqué5:50Communiqué41979207
695Dire StraitsLady Writer3:45Communiqué51979211
696Dire StraitsAngel Of Mercy4:35Communiqué61979211
697Dire StraitsPortobello Belle4:30Communiqué71979198
698Dire StraitsSingle-Handed Sailor4:41Communiqué81979210
699Dire StraitsFollow Me Home5:51Communiqué91979204
700Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline4:02Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]11978212
701Dire StraitsWater Of Love5:26Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]21978208
702Dire StraitsSetting Me Up3:19Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]31978226
703Dire StraitsSix Blade Knife4:13Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]41978199
704Dire StraitsSouthbound Again2:59Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]51978200
705Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing5:48Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]61978205
706Dire StraitsIn The Gallery6:16Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]71978199
707Dire StraitsWild West End4:41Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]81978204
708Dire StraitsLions5:03Dire Straits [2000 Remaster]91978200
709Dire StraitsTelegraph Road14:18Love Over Gold (Remastered)11982196
710Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations6:46Love Over Gold (Remastered)21982195
711Dire StraitsIndustrial Disease5:50Love Over Gold (Remastered)31982200
712Dire StraitsLove Over Gold6:17Love Over Gold (Remastered)41982206
713Dire StraitsIt Never Rains7:59Love Over Gold (Remastered)51982203
714Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love8:08Making Movies11980206
715Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet5:54Making Movies21980189
716Dire StraitsSkateaway6:19Making Movies31980191
717Dire StraitsExpresso Love5:03Making Movies41980191
718Dire StraitsHand In Hand4:49Making Movies51980199
719Dire StraitsSolid Rock3:19Making Movies61980204
720Dire StraitsLes Boys4:06Making Movies71980196
721Dire StraitsCalling Elvis6:26On Every Street11991186
722Dire StraitsOn Every Street5:04On Every Street21991195
723Dire StraitsWhen It Comes To You5:01On Every Street31991200
724Dire StraitsFade To Black3:50On Every Street41991183
725Dire StraitsThe Bug4:16On Every Street51991174
726Dire StraitsYou And Your Friend5:59On Every Street61991196
727Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel4:56On Every Street71991210
728Dire StraitsIron Hand3:09On Every Street81991184
729Dire StraitsTicket To Heaven4:25On Every Street91991210
730Dire StraitsMy Parties5:33On Every Street101991201
731Dire StraitsPlanet Of New Orleans7:48On Every Street111991201
732Dire StraitsHow Long3:49On Every Street121991204
733Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations5:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)12001209
734Dirk FreymuthThe Glen Road to Carrick/The Boys of Lough/The Dublin Lasses4:16Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery11997225
735Dirk FreymuthDown by the Sally Gardens3:56Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery21997185
736Dirk FreymuthCiti na gCumann4:51Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery31997196
737Dirk FreymuthCarolan's Receipt1:53Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery41997200
738Dirk FreymuthThe Black-Haired Lass/The Morning Dew/Drowsie Maggie3:29Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery51997218
739Dirk FreymuthDanny Boy4:16Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery61997223
740Dirk FreymuthLord Inchiquin3:39Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery71997211
741Dirk FreymuthGive Me Your Hand2:56Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery81997203
742Dirk FreymuthFoxhunter's Slip Jig/The High Road to Dublin4:05Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery91997213
743Dirk FreymuthOne Starry Night2:17Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery101997158
744Dirk FreymuthSiubhan Ni Dhuibhir/Carolan's Welcome8:35Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery111997194
745Dirk FreymuthCarolan's Quarrel2:40Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery121997196
746Dirk FreymuthThe Golden Eagle/The Hawk3:13Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery131997216
747Dirk FreymuthMist-Covered Mountains3:59Celtic Traditions: Celtic Mystery141997154
748Dirt DevilsMusic Is Life (Jono Grant vs. P.O.S. Remix)4:27Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)172003210
749The DirtbombsStart The Party1:41Dangerous Magical Noise12003210
750The DirtbombsGet It While You Can2:25Dangerous Magical Noise22003217
751The DirtbombsDon't Break My Heart1:43Dangerous Magical Noise32003272
752The DirtbombsSun Is Shining2:37Dangerous Magical Noise42003187
753The DirtbombsEarthquake Heart2:23Dangerous Magical Noise52003207
754The DirtbombsThunder In The Sky3:37Dangerous Magical Noise62003266
755The DirtbombsMotor City Baby3:02Dangerous Magical Noise72003186
756The DirtbombsStuck In The Garage2:00Dangerous Magical Noise82003188
757The DirtbombsI'm Through With White Girls3:02Dangerous Magical Noise92003208
758The Dirtbombs21st Century Fox3:30Dangerous Magical Noise102003221
759The DirtbombsStop3:46Dangerous Magical Noise112003184
760The DirtbombsStupid2:23Dangerous Magical Noise122003205
761The DirtbombsF.I.D.O.4:47Dangerous Magical Noise132003208
762The DirtbombsKing's Lead Hat4:03Dangerous Magical Noise142003228
763The DirtbombsExecutioner Of Love3:23Dangerous Magical Noise152003195
764The DirtbombsVixens In Space2:18Horndog Fest11998198
765The DirtbombsI Can't Stop Thinking About It3:03Horndog Fest21998187
766The DirtbombsGranny's Little Chicken3:54Horndog Fest31998195
767The DirtbombsBittersweet Romance Song2:21Horndog Fest41998177
768The DirtbombsArmageddon Double Feature (Lovesick Blues #4)3:30Horndog Fest51998214
769The DirtbombsShe Blinded Me With Playtex1:30Horndog Fest61998187
770The DirtbombsA Brief Treatise On The Discovery Of Antimatter0:50Horndog Fest71998216
771The DirtbombsPheremone Smile2:59Horndog Fest81998219
772The DirtbombsMy Heart Burns With Deeps Of Lurve4:05Horndog Fest91998234
773The DirtbombsBurnt To Cinders1:40Horndog Fest101998219
774The DirtbombsFox Box2:15Horndog Fest111998198
775The DirtbombsShake!! Shivaree1:26Horndog Fest121998192
776The DirtbombsChains Of Love2:21Ultraglide In Black12001244
777The DirtbombsIf You Can Want2:57Ultraglide In Black22001261
778The DirtbombsUnderdog3:35Ultraglide In Black32001226
779The DirtbombsYour Love Belongs Under A Rock2:20Ultraglide In Black42001246
780The DirtbombsI'll Wait3:00Ultraglide In Black52001216
781The DirtbombsLivin' For The City3:07Ultraglide In Black62001221
782The DirtbombsThe Thing2:02Ultraglide In Black72001256
783The DirtbombsKung Fu5:42Ultraglide In Black82001235
784The DirtbombsOde To A Black Man3:38Ultraglide In Black92001261
785The DirtbombsGot To Give It Up4:03Ultraglide In Black102001194
786The DirtbombsLivin' For The Weekend3:29Ultraglide In Black112001236
787The DirtbombsI'm Qualified To Satisfy You3:53Ultraglide In Black122001227
788The DirtbombsDo You See My Love (For You Growing)4:20Ultraglide In Black132001198
789Dirtie BlondeWalk Over Me2:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-04182006221
790DirtnappRevolver5:33Heavycore: Core Til Death192002175
791Dirty Heads feat. RomeLay Me Down3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-07112010224
792Dirty VegasDays Go By (7" Mix)3:43Days Go By (Single)12001199
793Dirty VegasDays Go By (Full Vocal Mix)8:10Days Go By (Single)22001227
794Dirty VegasDays Go By (Acoustic)2:43Days Go By (Single)32001235
795Dirty VegasI Should Know6:11Dirty Vegas12002171
796Dirty VegasGhosts5:20Dirty Vegas22002160
797Dirty VegasLost Not Found4:07Dirty Vegas32002185
798Dirty VegasDays Go By7:10Dirty Vegas42002179
799Dirty VegasThrowing Shapes6:54Dirty Vegas52002193
800Dirty VegasCandles3:14Dirty Vegas62002153
801Dirty VegasAll Or Nothing4:57Dirty Vegas72002201
802Dirty VegasAlive3:23Dirty Vegas82002163
803Dirty Vegas7AM6:15Dirty Vegas92002212
804Dirty VegasThe Brazilian3:55Dirty Vegas102002196
805Dirty VegasSimple Things Part 26:46Dirty Vegas112002200
806Dirty VegasUntitled (Days Go By - New acoustic version)2:44Dirty Vegas122002169
807Dirty VegasDays Go By3:40Fired Up! 222005174
808Dirty VegasDays Go By3:38Now That's What I Call Music! 1152002130
809Dis 'N' DatParty3:52Jock Jams, Vol. 2131996208
810Disco 3Fat Boys4:29The Buddah Box (Disc 3)151993162
811The Disco BiscuitsHope4:35Señor Boombox12002220
812The Disco BiscuitsFloat Like a Butterfly4:27Señor Boombox22002215
813The Disco BiscuitsIn the Sky0:46Señor Boombox32002174
814The Disco BiscuitsFloodlights2:40Señor Boombox42002228
815The Disco BiscuitsJigsaw Earth7:15Señor Boombox52002210
816The Disco BiscuitsSugarcane1:08Señor Boombox62002217
817The Disco BiscuitsSound One3:30Señor Boombox72002218
818The Disco BiscuitsThe Tunnel7:46Señor Boombox82002229
819The Disco BiscuitsSprawl0:29Señor Boombox92002198
820The Disco BiscuitsFloes7:24Señor Boombox102002223
821The Disco BiscuitsTriumph3:33Señor Boombox112002236
822The Disco BiscuitsHope II4:15Señor Boombox122002221
823The Disco Biscuits(Untitled)15:37Señor Boombox132002138
824The Disco BiscuitsWorld Is Spinning3:52The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)12006225
825The Disco BiscuitsVoices Insane11:43The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)22006237
826The Disco BiscuitsCaterpillar12:50The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)32006223
827The Disco BiscuitsKitchen Mitts9:42The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)42006222
828The Disco BiscuitsSweating Bullets7:56The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)52006223
829The Disco BiscuitsWet5:36The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)62006217
830The Disco BiscuitsSpy12:46The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)72006214
831The Disco BiscuitsMorph Dusseldorf12:37The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 1)82006218
832The Disco BiscuitsStory of the World17:25The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 2)12006218
833The Disco BiscuitsBasis for a Day29:28The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 2)22006215
834The Disco BiscuitsLittly Shimmy in a Conga Line17:08The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 2)32006211
835The Disco BiscuitsPat and Dex8:30The Wind At Four To Fly (Disc 2)42006215
836The Disco BiscuitsVassillios6:18Uncivilized Area11998207
837The Disco BiscuitsAceetobee10:55Uncivilized Area21998204
838The Disco BiscuitsJamillia7:39Uncivilized Area31998212
839The Disco BiscuitsLittle Betty Boop15:11Uncivilized Area41998217
840The Disco BiscuitsM.E.M.P.H.I.S.4:59Uncivilized Area51998219
841The Disco BiscuitsMorph Dusseldorf7:56Uncivilized Area61998199
842The Disco BiscuitsI-Man13:13Uncivilized Area71998200
843The Disco BiscuitsAwol's Blues5:44Uncivilized Area81998195
844Disco Tex & The Sex-O-LettesGet Dancing3:50One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)202001249
845Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes (Feat. Sir Monti Rock III)Get Dancin'3:54The Disco Box (Disc 1)61999262
846DishwallaIt's Going To Take Some Time4:18If I Were A Carpenter61994222
847DishwallaPretty Babies5:31Pet Your Friends11995216
848DishwallaHaze4:21Pet Your Friends21995213
849DishwallaCounting Blue Cars4:52Pet Your Friends31995216
850DishwallaExplode3:03Pet Your Friends41995210
851DishwallaCharlie Brown's Parents5:17Pet Your Friends51995213
852DishwallaGive5:25Pet Your Friends61995214
853DishwallaMiss Emma Peel4:06Pet Your Friends71995227
854DishwallaMoisture5:26Pet Your Friends81995220
855DishwallaThe Feeder3:59Pet Your Friends91995207
856DishwallaAll She Can See3:46Pet Your Friends101995209
857DishwallaOnly For So Long3:28Pet Your Friends111995197
858DishwallaDate With Sarah4:27Pet Your Friends121995196
859DisinterThe Hunters Moon3:11Heavycore: Core Til Death212002209
860DisneyHere Comes Santa Claus2:13   64
861DisneyWe Wish You a Merry Christmas1:09Christmas Songs32 128
862DisneyJolly Old Saint Nick2:02Disney Christmas  128
863Disney ChorusHeffalumps And Woozles (Winnie The Pooh 1968)2:04Classic Disney, Vol. 3101996196
864Disney ChorusPink Elephants On Parade (Dumbo 1941)4:29Classic Disney, Vol. 3231996127
865Disney ChorusLittle April Shower (Bambi 1942)3:55Classic Disney, Vol. 3241996128
866The Disney ChorusWinnie The Pooh (Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree 1966)2:25Classic Disney, Vol. 4141997126
867The Disney ChorusSteady As The Beating Drum (Pocahontas 1995)1:52Classic Disney, Vol. 551998197
868The Disney ChorusThe Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down (Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day 1968)1:40Classic Disney, Vol. 5131998188
869The Disney ChorusYo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) (The Pirates Of The Caribbean 1967)4:46Classic Disney, Vol. 5161998147
870Disney ChorusHumphrey Hop (In The Bag 1956)1:25Classic Disney, Vol. 5211998163
871The Disney ChorusSong Of The South (Song Of The South 1946)1:58Classic Disney, Vol. 5231998127
872Disney OrchestraStart Of Something New (Karaoke Instrumental)3:31High School Musical (OST)122006207
873Disney OrchestraBreaking Free (Karaoke Instrumental)3:42High School Musical (OST)132006215
874DisneylandMain Street Electrical Parade5:10Classic Disney - 60 Years of Musical Magic91979189
875DisneylandMain Street Electrical Parade (1979)5:12Classic Disney, Vol. 291995189
876The Disneyland ChorusIt's A Small World (New York World's Fair 1964)2:41Classic Disney, Vol. 2151995132
879DisturbedThe Infection4:08Asylum32010255
881DisturbedAnother Way to Die4:13Asylum52010229
882DisturbedNever Again3:33Asylum62010236
883DisturbedThe Animal4:13Asylum72010235
886DisturbedMy Child3:18Asylum102010229
902DisturbedRemember (Live)4:22Believe (Bonus Disc)12002227
903DisturbedBound (Live)3:51Believe (Bonus Disc)22002225
904DisturbedFear (Live)3:50Believe (Bonus Disc)32002230
905DisturbedConflict (Live)4:40Believe (Bonus Disc)42002219
906DisturbedDroppin' Plates (Live)3:56Believe (Bonus Disc)52002231
908DisturbedInside the Fire3:51Indestructible22008242
910DisturbedThe Night4:46Indestructible42008229
911DisturbedPerfect Insanity3:56Indestructible52008244
914DisturbedThe Curse3:24Indestructible82008238
919DisturbedTen Thousand Fists3:33Ten Thousand Fists12005246
920DisturbedJust Stop3:46Ten Thousand Fists22005237
921DisturbedGuarded3:22Ten Thousand Fists32005229
922DisturbedDeify4:18Ten Thousand Fists42005237
923DisturbedStricken4:07Ten Thousand Fists52005246
924DisturbedI'm Alive4:42Ten Thousand Fists62005232
925DisturbedSons Of Plunder3:50Ten Thousand Fists72005241
926DisturbedOverburdened5:59Ten Thousand Fists82005230
927DisturbedDecadence3:27Ten Thousand Fists92005241
928DisturbedForgiven4:15Ten Thousand Fists102005233
929DisturbedLand Of Confusion4:50Ten Thousand Fists112005249
930DisturbedSacred Lie3:08Ten Thousand Fists122005249
931DisturbedPain Redefined4:09Ten Thousand Fists132005234
932DisturbedAvarice2:56Ten Thousand Fists142005244
933DisturbedVoices3:11The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]12000255
934DisturbedThe Game3:47The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]22000252
935DisturbedStupify4:34The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]32000230
936DisturbedDown With The Sickness4:38The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]42000238
937DisturbedViolence Fetish3:23The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]52000249
938DisturbedFear3:46The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]62000234
939DisturbedNumb3:44The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]72000244
940DisturbedWant3:52The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]82000238
941DisturbedConflict4:35The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]92000237
942DisturbedShout20004:17The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]102000248
943DisturbedDroppin' Plates3:49The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]112000238
944DisturbedMeaning Of Life4:01The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]122000235
945DisturbedGod Of The Mind3:04The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]132000250
946DisturbedStupify (Live)4:53The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]142000225
947DisturbedThe Game (Live)3:52The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]152000233
948DisturbedVoices (Live)3:35The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]162000241
949DisturbedDown With The Sickness (Live)6:16The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]172000225
950DisturbedThis Moment3:05Transformers: The Album (OST)32007240
951DivaPerfect!3:48   80
952The Diva MegamixThe Diva Megamix3:05Pure Disco 2211997249
953Divide & KreateBlitzkrieg Santa2:08Santastic Four172008320
954DivineLately3:29Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)22000191
955The DivinylsI Touch Myself3:47Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)111997214
956DivinylsI Touch Myself3:44Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)32000216
957DivinylsI Touch Myself3:47Living In The 90's (Disc 2)21995208
958DivinylsI Touch Myself3:46One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 8)112001236
959DivinylsI Touch Myself3:42Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)9 200
960DivinylsI Touch Myself3:47Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)132005211
961Dixie ChicksReady To Run3:52Fly11999183
962Dixie ChicksIf I Fall You're Going Down With Me3:05Fly21999209
963Dixie ChicksCowboy Take Me Away4:51Fly31999199
964Dixie ChicksCold Day In July5:12Fly41999192
965Dixie ChicksGoodbye Earl4:19Fly51999212
966Dixie ChicksHello Mr. Heartache3:49Fly61999209
967Dixie ChicksDon't Waste Your Heart2:49Fly71999177
968Dixie ChicksSin Wagon3:41Fly81999206
969Dixie ChicksWithout You3:32Fly91999174
970Dixie ChicksSome Days You Gotta Dance2:30Fly101999180
971Dixie ChicksHole In My Head3:22Fly111999217
972Dixie ChicksHeartbreak Town3:48Fly121999185
973Dixie ChicksLet Him Fly3:07Fly141999166
974Dixie ChicksLong Time Gone4:10Home12002194
975Dixie ChicksLandslide3:50Home22002177
976Dixie ChicksTravelin' Soldier5:43Home32002168
977Dixie ChicksTruth No. 24:28Home42002185
978Dixie ChicksWhite Trash Wedding2:21Home52002199
979Dixie ChicksA Home4:56Home62002174
980Dixie ChicksMore Love5:07Home72002179
981Dixie ChicksI Believe In Love4:14Home82002169
982Dixie ChicksTortured, Tangled Hearts3:40Home92002186
983Dixie ChicksLil' Jack Slade2:24Home102002227
984Dixie ChicksGodspeed (Sweet Dreams)4:42Home112002176
985Dixie ChicksTop Of The World6:01Home122002174
986Dixie ChicksLandslide3:46Now That's What I Call Music! 11112002179
987Dixie ChicksNot Ready To Make Nice4:00Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 2006202006196
988The Dixie ChicksLandslide (Sheryl Crow Remix)3:47Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1172002184
989Dixie ChicksNot Ready To Make Nice3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-08202006197
990Dixie ChicksWhistles And Bells3:01Shouldn't A Told You That11993201
991Dixie ChicksI'm Falling Again3:26Shouldn't A Told You That21993205
992Dixie ChicksShouldn't A Told You That3:05Shouldn't A Told You That31993203
993Dixie ChicksDesire3:32Shouldn't A Told You That41993213
994Dixie ChicksThere Goes My Dream3:32Shouldn't A Told You That51993195
995Dixie ChicksOne Heart Away3:35Shouldn't A Told You That61993207
996Dixie ChicksThe Thrill Is In The Chase3:10Shouldn't A Told You That71993198
997Dixie ChicksI Wasn't Looking For You3:29Shouldn't A Told You That81993196
998Dixie ChicksI've Only Got Myself To Blame3:24Shouldn't A Told You That91993211
999Dixie ChicksPlanet Of Love5:02Shouldn't A Told You That101993183
1000Dixie ChicksThe Long Way Around4:33Taking The Long Way12006210
1001Dixie ChicksEasy Silence4:02Taking The Long Way22006192
1002Dixie ChicksNot Ready To Make Nice3:58Taking The Long Way32006197
1003Dixie ChicksEverybody Knows4:18Taking The Long Way42006197
1004Dixie ChicksBitter End4:38Taking The Long Way52006209
1005Dixie ChicksLullaby5:51Taking The Long Way62006184
1006Dixie ChicksLubbock Or Leave It3:54Taking The Long Way72006202
1007Dixie ChicksSilent House5:23Taking The Long Way82006222
1008Dixie ChicksFavorite Year4:29Taking The Long Way92006210
1009Dixie ChicksVoice Inside My Head5:52Taking The Long Way102006221
1010Dixie ChicksI Like It4:34Taking The Long Way112006206
1011Dixie ChicksBaby Hold On5:04Taking The Long Way122006216
1012Dixie ChicksSo Hard4:28Taking The Long Way132006206
1013Dixie ChicksI Hope5:25Taking The Long Way142006183
1014Dixie ChicksI Can Love You Better3:54Wide Open Spaces11998223
1015Dixie ChicksWide Open Spaces3:43Wide Open Spaces21998211
1016Dixie ChicksLoving Arms3:37Wide Open Spaces31998199
1017Dixie ChicksThere's Your Trouble3:12Wide Open Spaces41998212
1018Dixie ChicksYou Were Mine3:37Wide Open Spaces51998200
1019Dixie ChicksNever Say Die3:56Wide Open Spaces61998194
1020Dixie ChicksTonight the Heartache's on Me3:26Wide Open Spaces71998212
1021Dixie ChicksLet 'er Rip2:50Wide Open Spaces81998202
1022Dixie ChicksOnce You've Loved Somebody3:28Wide Open Spaces91998200
1023Dixie ChicksI'll Take Care of You3:40Wide Open Spaces101998185
1024Dixie ChicksAm I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)3:25Wide Open Spaces111998205
1025Dixie ChicksGive It up or Let Me Go4:56Wide Open Spaces121998209
1026The Dixie CupsPeople Say2:36Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On31988128
1027The Dixie CupsIko Iko2:05Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind121965133
1028Dixie CupsChapel Of Love2:47Girls Girls Girls Volume 1141995165
1029The Dixie CupsChapel Of Love2:49Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)82002138
1030The Dixie CupsChapel Of Love2:50The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 131990174
1031The Dixie CupsPeople Say2:46The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 1111990169
1032Dixie CupsChapel Of Love2:45The Rock Box (Disc 3)13 203
1033The Dixie CupsChapel Of Love2:49The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1964181995154
1034Dixie DregsRoad Expense3:46Bring 'Em Back Alive11992217
1035Dixie DregsAssembly Line3:47Bring 'Em Back Alive21992209
1036Dixie DregsHoliday4:04Bring 'Em Back Alive31992211
1037Dixie DregsCountry House Shuffle4:02Bring 'Em Back Alive41992220
1038Dixie DregsKashmir3:36Bring 'Em Back Alive51992207
1039Dixie DregsOdyssey6:12Bring 'Em Back Alive61992212
1040Dixie DregsKat Food5:19Bring 'Em Back Alive71992220
1041Dixie DregsHereafter6:10Bring 'Em Back Alive81992197
1042Dixie DregsMedley (Take It Off The Top)6:20Bring 'Em Back Alive91992220
1043Dixie DregsDivided We Stand4:54Bring 'Em Back Alive101992204
1044Dixie DregsBloodsucking Leeches4:07Bring 'Em Back Alive111992224
1045Dixie DregsCruise Control14:22Bring 'Em Back Alive121992212
1046Dixie DregsWages Of Weirdness4:10California Screamin'12000218
1047Dixie DregsPeaches En Regalia3:23California Screamin'22000217
1048Dixie DregsFreefall4:40California Screamin'32000200
1049Dixie DregsAftershock3:46California Screamin'42000231
1050Dixie DregsThe Bash6:49California Screamin'52000219
1051Dixie DregsNight Meets Light9:00California Screamin'62000200
1052Dixie DregsRefried Funky Chicken4:05California Screamin'72000207
1053Dixie DregsJessica7:19California Screamin'82000214
1054Dixie DregsWhat If5:10California Screamin'92000189
1055Dixie DregsSleeveless In Seattle4:15California Screamin'102000208
1056Dixie DregsIonized3:49California Screamin'112000217
1057Dixie DregsThe Great Spectacular3:30California Screamin'122000209
1058Dixie DregsDixie1:30California Screamin'132000202
1059Dixie DregsRoad Expense3:24Dregs Of The Earth11980211
1060Dixie DregsPride O' the Farm3:41Dregs Of The Earth21980193
1061Dixie DregsTwiggs Approved4:34Dregs Of The Earth31980187
1062Dixie DregsHereafter6:26Dregs Of The Earth41980196
1063Dixie DregsThe Great Spectacular3:21Dregs Of The Earth51980210
1064Dixie DregsBroad Street Strut3:58Dregs Of The Earth61980194
1065Dixie DregsI'm Freaking Out9:08Dregs Of The Earth71980182
1066Dixie DregsOld World2:02Dregs Of The Earth81980191
1067Dixie DregsTake It Off The Top4:13Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks (Disc 3)42000265
1068Dixie DregsFree Fall4:41Free Fall11977207
1069Dixie DregsHoliday4:25Free Fall21977206
1070Dixie DregsHand Jig3:18Free Fall31977207
1071Dixie DregsMoe Down3:51Free Fall41977205
1072Dixie DregsRefried Funky Chicken3:18Free Fall51977210
1073Dixie DregsSleep1:57Free Fall61977183
1074Dixie DregsCruise Control6:16Free Fall71977215
1075Dixie DregsCosmopolitan Traveler3:04Free Fall81977205
1076Dixie DregsDig The Ditch3:51Free Fall91977211
1077Dixie DregsWages Of Weirdness3:47Free Fall101977215
1078Dixie DregsNorthern Lights3:14Free Fall111977195
1079Dixie DregsAftershock3:45Full Circle11994213
1080Dixie DregsPerpetual Reality5:33Full Circle21994198
1081Dixie DregsCalcutta5:28Full Circle31994192
1082Dixie DregsGoin' to Town3:39Full Circle41994185
1083Dixie DregsPompous Circumstances3:22Full Circle51994207
1084Dixie DregsShapes Of Things3:47Full Circle61994192
1085Dixie DregsSleeveless in Seattle4:07Full Circle71994181
1086Dixie DregsGood Intentions4:00Full Circle81994194
1087Dixie DregsYeolde2:18Full Circle91994204
1088Dixie DregsIonized4:00Full Circle101994191
1089Dixie DregsAssembly Line4:25Industry Standard11982171
1090Dixie DregsCrank It Up3:35Industry Standard21982189
1091Dixie DregsChips Ahoy3:39Industry Standard31982184
1092Dixie DregsBloodsucking Leeches3:59Industry Standard41982178
1093Dixie DregsUp in the Air2:27Industry Standard51982196
1094Dixie DregsRidin' High3:40Industry Standard61982179
1095Dixie DregsWhere's Dixie3:57Industry Standard71982180
1096Dixie DregsConversation Piece6:12Industry Standard81982191
1097Dixie DregsVitamin Q5:33Industry Standard91982167
1098Dixie DregsPunk Sandwich3:14Night Of The Living Dregs11979213
1099Dixie DregsCountry House Shuffle4:16Night Of The Living Dregs21979206
1100Dixie DregsThe Riff Raff3:18Night Of The Living Dregs31979196
1101Dixie DregsLong Slow Distance6:35Night Of The Living Dregs41979201
1102Dixie DregsNight Of The Living Dregs4:18Night Of The Living Dregs51979205
1103Dixie DregsThe Bash4:29Night Of The Living Dregs61979216
1104Dixie DregsLeprechaun Promenade3:46Night Of The Living Dregs71979207
1105Dixie DregsPatchwork4:46Night Of The Living Dregs81979215
1106Dixie DregsCruise Control3:37Unsung Heroes11981247
1107Dixie DregsDivided We Stand5:00Unsung Heroes21981244
1108Dixie DregsI'll Just Pick4:01Unsung Heroes31981245
1109Dixie DregsDay 4447:07Unsung Heroes41981243
1110Dixie DregsRock & Roll Park4:37Unsung Heroes51981239
1111Dixie DregsAttila The Hun4:02Unsung Heroes61981246
1112Dixie DregsKat Food5:02Unsung Heroes71981235
1113Dixie DregsGo For Baroque3:57Unsung Heroes81981241
1114Dixie DregsTake It Off The Top4:06What If11978230
1115Dixie DregsOdyssey7:36What If21978215
1116Dixie DregsWhat If5:03What If31978204
1117Dixie DregsTravel Tunes4:36What If41978229
1118Dixie DregsIce Cakes4:38What If51978224
1119Dixie DregsLittle Kids2:05What If61978205
1120Dixie DregsGina Lola Breakdown3:59What If71978226
1121Dixie DregsNight Meets Light7:58What If81978209
1122Dixie HummingbirdsChristian's Automobile2:14Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel121992129
1123The Dixiebelles(Down At) Papa Joe's2:3360's Pop Hits (Disc 1)9 194
1124DixiebellesDown at Papa Joe's2:32Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics112001128
1125Dizzee RascalFix Up3:23Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 172004174
1126Dizzy GillespieBlue Rhythm Fantasy2:44The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High12001127
1127Dizzy GillespieHot Mallets2:18The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High22001126
1128Dizzy GillespiePickin' The Cabbage2:49The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High32001126
1129Dizzy GillespieBye Bye Blues2:54The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High42001126
1130Dizzy GillespieOnce In A Lovetime2:48The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High52001126
1131Dizzy GillespieStardust3:27The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High62001126
1132Dizzy GillespieLittle John Special3:11The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High72001131
1133Dizzy GillespieWoody'n'you2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High82001127
1134Dizzy GillespieDisorder At The Border2:55The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High92001126
1135Dizzy GillespieI Stay In The Mood For You2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High102001129
1136Dizzy GillespieI Can't Get Started3:01The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High112001126
1137Dizzy GillespieGood Bait3:00The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High122001126
1138Dizzy GillespieBebop3:09The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High132001127
1139Dizzy GillespiePerdido2:54The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High142001126
1140Dizzy GillespieCherokee2:54The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High152001126
1141Dizzy GillespieA Night In Tunisia3:08The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High162001126
1142Dizzy GillespieGroovin' High2:38The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High172001126
1143Dizzy GillespieBlue 'n' Boogie2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High182001126
1144Dizzy GillespieGroovin' High2:41The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High192001126
1145Dizzy GillespieAll The Things You Are2:48The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High202001126
1146Dizzy GillespieDizzy Atmosphere2:47The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High212001127
1147Dizzy GillespieSalt Peanuts3:14The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High222001126
1148Dizzy GillespieShaw'nuff2:58The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High232001126
1149Dizzy GillespieHot House3:07The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High242001126
1150Dizzy GillespieGet Happy3:44The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High252001127
1151Dizzy GillespieCongo Blues3:52The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 1) Groovin' High262001127
1152Dizzy GillespieTen Lessons With Timothy2:43The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come12001126
1153Dizzy GillespieSlim's Jam3:19The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come22001126
1154Dizzy GillespieDizzy Atmosphere4:49The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come32001127
1155Dizzy GillespieDiggin' Diz2:54The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come42001126
1156Dizzy GillespieConfirmation2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come52001126
1157Dizzy GillespieDiggin' For Diz2:52The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come62001126
1158Dizzy GillespieDynamo A3:04The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come72001126
1159Dizzy GillespieWhen I Grow Too Old To Dream2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come82001126
1160Dizzy Gillespie'Round About Midnight2:53The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come92001126
1161Dizzy GillespieThe Way You Look Tonight2:47The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come102001126
1162Dizzy GillespieWhy Do I Love You?2:22The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come112001126
1163Dizzy GillespieWho2:56The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come122001126
1164Dizzy GillespieAll The Things You Are2:18The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come132001126
1165Dizzy Gillespie52nd Street Theme3:05The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come142001126
1166Dizzy GillespieA Night In Tunisia3:05The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come152001126
1167Dizzy GillespieOl' Man Bebop2:45The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come162001126
1168Dizzy GillespieAnthropology2:38The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come172001126
1169Dizzy GillespieOne Bass Hit, Pt.12:54The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come182001126
1170Dizzy GillespieOop-Bop-Sh'bam2:59The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come192001126
1171Dizzy GillespieThat's Earl Brother2:43The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come202001126
1172Dizzy GillespieOur Delight2:30The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come212001131
1173Dizzy GillespieGood Dues Blues3:01The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come222001128
1174Dizzy GillespieRay's Idea2:22The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come232001133
1175Dizzy GillespieThings To Come2:44The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come242001129
1176Dizzy GillespieFor Hecklers Only2:57The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come252001126
1177Dizzy GillespieSmokey Hollow Jump3:00The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come262001127
1178Dizzy GillespieBoppin' The Blues3:05The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 2) Things To Come272001127
1179Dizzy GillespieMoody Speaks2:32The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo12001126
1180Dizzy GillespieEmanon3:08The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo22001129
1181Dizzy GillespieOw!2:58The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo32001127
1182Dizzy GillespieOo-Pop-A-Da3:13The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo42001130
1183Dizzy GillespieTwo Bass Hit2:47The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo52001128
1184Dizzy GillespieStay On It3:13The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo62001134
1185Dizzy GillespieA Night In Tunisia5:08The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo72001127
1186Dizzy GillespieDizzy Atmosphere4:03The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo82001127
1187Dizzy GillespieGroovin' High5:15The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo92001127
1188Dizzy GillespieConfirmation5:40The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo102001127
1189Dizzy GillespieKo Ko4:09The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo112001127
1190Dizzy GillespieLeap Here3:27The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo122001127
1191Dizzy GillespieAlgo Bueno (Woody'N'You)3:00The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo132001132
1192Dizzy GillespieCool Breeze2:46The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo142001132
1193Dizzy GillespieCubana Be2:41The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo152001126
1194Dizzy GillespieCubana Bop3:08The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo162001127
1195Dizzy GillespieManteca3:06The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo172001131
1196Dizzy GillespieGood Bait2:48The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo182001132
1197Dizzy GillespieOol-Ya-Koo2:50The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo192001131
1198Dizzy GillespieMinor Walk2:44The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo202001133
1199Dizzy GillespieGuarachi Guaro3:11The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo212001129
1200Dizzy GillespieDuff Capers4:15The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 3) Ool-Ya-Koo222001131
1201Dizzy GillespieLover Come Back To Me3:33The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier12001129
1202Dizzy GillespieI'm Be Boppin' Too2:17The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier22001127
1203Dizzy GillespieSwedish Suite2:55The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier32001129
1204Dizzy GillespieSt. Louis Blues3:07The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier42001130
1205Dizzy GillespieKaty (Dizzier And Dizzier)3:03The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier52001127
1206Dizzy GillespieJump Di-Le-Ba2:31The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier62001131
1207Dizzy GillespieHey Pete, Le's Eat Mo' Meat3:01The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier72001132
1208Dizzy GillespieJumpin' With Symphony Sid3:05The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier82001133
1209Dizzy GillespieIn The Land Of Oo-Bla-Dee2:36The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier92001128
1210Dizzy GillespieSay When3:15The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier102001126
1211Dizzy GillespieYou Stole My Wife, You Horsethief3:12The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier112001126
1212Dizzy GillespieCoast To Coast3:20The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier122001127
1213Dizzy GillespieOo-La-La2:52The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier132001126
1214Dizzy GillespieBloomdido3:27The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier142001127
1215Dizzy GillespieAn Oscar For Treadwell3:25The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier152001126
1216Dizzy GillespieMohawk3:37The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier162001127
1217Dizzy GillespieMy Melancholy Baby3:25The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier172001126
1218Dizzy GillespieLeap Frog2:31The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier182001127
1219Dizzy GillespieRelaxin' With Lee2:48The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier192001127
1220Dizzy GillespieSwing Low Sweet Chariot2:55The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier202001126
1221Dizzy GillespieLullaby Of The Leaves2:27The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier212001126
1222Dizzy GillespieWhat Is There To Say2:46The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier222001126
1223Dizzy GillespieAlone Together4:45The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier232001127
1224Dizzy GillespieOn The Alamo2:19The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier242001126
1225Dizzy GillespieInterlude In C2:34The Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950 (Disc 4) Dizzier And Dizzier252001126
1226Dizzy Man's BandThe Show3:12Hit History Vol. 19 197341990208
1227Dizzy Man's BandThe Show3:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)82001216
1228DJ 440Let's Play Bongo9:40Made In Japan Mix 232008163
1229DJ 440440's Mambo Favorites12:30Made In Japan Mix 2152008160
1230Dj Allstars Feat NazLast Christmas3:29Absolute Christmas Hitmania22004211
1231dj BCThe Nightclub Before Christmas2:59Santastic Four72008256
1232dj BCSugar Plum Fairy Coda (recoda)4:09Santastic Four152008256
1233DJ ButterscotchFoxy Tails2:41   128
1234DJ ButterscotchRaccoon Song Remix2:21MFF 20031 128
1235DJ ButterscotchTracking The Scent3:35Vixenly Goodness12003128
1236DJ CasperCha Cha Slide (Hardino Mix)3:35Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)182003187
1237DJ CasperCha Cha Slide3:41Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)112004202
1238DJ DocBeauty And The Beast (Ok? Ok!)3:43   128
1239DJ DocRun to You3:465? 5% The Life... DOC Blues72000128
1240DJ DocOne Night3:12Love, Sex, Happiness92004160
1241DJ DookieHybs3:43Pump It Up NX OST (  160
1242DJ Felli Fel feat. Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous & Ne-YoFiner Things4:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04152008177
1243DJ FlackO Chanukah Dubstep Bassline Remix3:26Santastic Four112008320
1244DJ FoodDub Lion (Remake)5:22Morley Select Part 2072009164
1245DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceA Nightmare On My Street4:55Elvira Presents Monster Hits61994211
1246DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime4:33Living In The 90's (Disc 2)51995202
1247DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime (Extended Club Mix)5:23MTV Party To Go, Vol. 231992212
1248DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime4:28New Millennium Hip-Hop Party172000205
1249DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceGirls Ain't Nothing But Trouble4:47Old Skool Hip Hop (Disc 2)132002202
1250DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceBoom! Shake The Room3:45The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)51993191
1251DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime4:29The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)22004215
1252DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe Fresh Prince Of Bel Air2:30The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)52003245
1253DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime3:36The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)62002256
1254DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceParents Just Don't Understand5:13Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two141996193
1255DJ JeanThe Launch3:34Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)52001145
1256DJ Khaled feat. T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Baby & Lil' WayneWe Taking Over4:24Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 200772007176
1257DJ Kicken vs. MC-QAin't No Party (Like An Alcoholic Party)3:36Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)172005177
1258DJ KrushIntro1:04Strictly Turntablized11996188
1259DJ KrushLunation3:34Strictly Turntablized21996218
1260DJ KrushFucked-Up Pendulum4:26Strictly Turntablized31996257
1261DJ KrushKemuri4:41Strictly Turntablized41996232
1262DJ KrushThe Loop1:53Strictly Turntablized51996203
1263DJ KrushSilent Ungah (Too Much Pain)4:23Strictly Turntablized61996220
1264DJ KrushInterlude1:11Strictly Turntablized71996206
1265DJ KrushDig This Vibe4:54Strictly Turntablized81996211
1266DJ KrushYeah3:22Strictly Turntablized91996187
1267DJ KrushTo The Infinity4:09Strictly Turntablized101996205
1268DJ KrushThe Nightmare Of Ungah (Sandro In Effect)4:28Strictly Turntablized111996229
1269DJ LearyFairy King Skank2:49Celtic Soundclash102001188
1270DJ Ötzi & Nic P.Ein Stern der deinen Namen trägt5:39Sternstunden 2001218
1271DJ QueckSilberBounced2:08  2004160
1272DJ QueckSilberEchoes of the Dawn3:35  2004160
1273DJ QuikTonite5:23The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)32004185
1274DJ RapGood To Be Alive3:38Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 199911999204
1275DJ Renard2009 Worst Mix23:082009 Worst Mix 200996
1276DJ RenardTrauma Megamix50:07Trauma Megamix  156
1277DJ Sammy & YanouHeaven3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0762002220
1278DJ Sammy feat. DoHeaven (Radio Version)3:38Fired Up! 212005217
1279DJ SchmolliPumping Up Christmas4:09Santastic Four92008256
1280DJ ShadowBest Foot Forward0:46Endtroducing.....11996186
1281DJ ShadowBuilding Steam With A Grain Of Salt6:39Endtroducing.....21996207
1282DJ ShadowThe Number Song4:34Endtroducing.....31996182
1283DJ ShadowChangeling7:16Endtroducing.....41996184
1284DJ Shadow** Transmission 10:35Endtroducing.....51996183
1285DJ ShadowWhat Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt. 4)5:02Endtroducing.....61996201
1286DJ ShadowUntitled0:25Endtroducing.....71996184
1287DJ ShadowStem/Long Stem7:47Endtroducing.....81996200
1288DJ Shadow** Transmission 21:29Endtroducing.....91996218
1289DJ ShadowMutual Slump4:00Endtroducing.....101996174
1290DJ ShadowOrgan Donor1:57Endtroducing.....111996177
1291DJ ShadowWhy Hip Hop Sucks In '960:43Endtroducing.....121996210
1292DJ ShadowMidnight In A Perfect World4:58Endtroducing.....131996210
1293DJ ShadowNapalm Brain/Scatter Brain9:21Endtroducing.....141996190
1294DJ ShadowWhat Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt. 1 - Blue Sky Revisit)6:17Endtroducing.....151996171
1295DJ Shadow** Transmission 31:10Endtroducing.....161996186
1296DJ ShadowRight Thing (Z-Trip 'Get the Party Off Mix' in Three Parts)6:17Right Thing12003243
1297DJ ShadowSix Days (Soulwax Mix)5:17Right Thing22003258
1298DJ ShadowGDMFSOB (Unkle Uncensored) feat. Roots Manuva6:25Right Thing32003237
1299DJ ShadowWalkie Talkie (Radio Edit)3:12Right Thing42003263
1300DJ ShadowMashin' on the Motorway (Radio Edit)2:39Right Thing52003227
1301DJ ShadowI'm Gonna Give My Heart2:57Right Thing62003242
1302DJ ShadowDon't Cry3:20Right Thing72003249
1303DJ ShadowBoys3:16Right Thing82003268
1304DJ ShadowI Don't Wanna Lose You3:33Right Thing92003254
1305DJ ShadowInto the Night3:50Right Thing102003266
1306DJ ShadowEurope2:56Right Thing112003258
1307DJ ShadowGigolo2:53Right Thing122003275
1308DJ ShadowThe Girl of Lucifer2:39Right Thing132003259
1309DJ ShadowPancho Villa2:56Right Thing142003253
1310DJ ShadowTouch My Heart1:56Right Thing152003213
1311DJ ShadowHey Hey Guy1:33Right Thing162003277
1312DJ ShadowY.M.C.A.3:20Right Thing172003258
1313DJ ShadowVamosa La Playa1:06Right Thing182003263
1314DJ ShadowABCD1:28Right Thing192003257
1315DJ ShadowBambina2:44Right Thing202003276
1316DJ ShadowTwo of Hearts4:08Right Thing212003255
1317DJ ShotDance Fur-eak4:54   128
1318DJ ShotOpen Your Mind5:13   128
1319DJ SkribbleEverybody Come On6:55Dance R&B Anthems162001195
1320DJ TiëstoTrance Energy X-Mix 2003 (Party Mix)1:10:08   256
1321DJ TiëstoForever Today11:59Just Be12004211
1322DJ TiëstoLove Comes Again8:08Just Be22004219
1323DJ TiëstoTraffic5:27Just Be32004204
1324DJ TiëstoSweet Misery7:33Just Be42004198
1325DJ TiëstoNyana6:44Just Be52004205
1326DJ TiëstoUr5:59Just Be62004193
1327DJ TiëstoWalking On Clouds7:26Just Be72004206
1328DJ TiëstoA Tear In The Open9:22Just Be82004189
1329DJ TiëstoJust Be8:45Just Be92004222
1330DJ TiëstoAdagio For Strings7:23Just Be102004206
1331DJ TiëstoM. Mayer - Love Is Stronger Than Pride7:05Nyana (Disc 1)12003222
1332DJ TiëstoTom Mangan - Chutney (Size 9 Reinterpretation)4:48Nyana (Disc 1)22003221
1333DJ TiëstoThe Ambush - Acapulco3:38Nyana (Disc 1)32003206
1334DJ TiëstoDJ Tiësto vs. Junkie Xl - Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix)3:52Nyana (Disc 1)42003194
1335DJ TiëstoPlanisphere - Totem8:00Nyana (Disc 1)52003174
1336DJ TiëstoDarren Tate vs. Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In6:16Nyana (Disc 1)62003227
1337DJ TiëstoMidway - Inca3:55Nyana (Disc 1)72003221
1338DJ TiëstoDJ Tiësto - Nyana7:34Nyana (Disc 1)82003213
1339DJ TiëstoDJ Cor Fijneman feat. Jan Johnston - Venus (Meant to Be Your Lover) (Tiësto Remix)4:49Nyana (Disc 1)92003231
1340DJ TiëstoConjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)6:31Nyana (Disc 1)102003224
1341DJ TiëstoDJ Ton T.B. - Electronic Malfunction5:40Nyana (Disc 1)112003206
1342DJ TiëstoThe Gift - Love Angel5:22Nyana (Disc 1)122003233
1343DJ TiëstoSolar Factor - Urban Shakedown (Original Mix)3:31Nyana (Disc 1)132003233
1344DJ TiëstoGTR - Mistral6:11Nyana (Disc 1)142003224
1345DJ TiëstoCatcher - Destiny Sunrise5:51Nyana (Disc 2)12003198
1346DJ TiëstoFilterheadz Present Orange 3 - In Your Eyes (Blue Mix)3:56Nyana (Disc 2)22003197
1347DJ TiëstoAndain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dreseden Remix)7:15Nyana (Disc 2)32003188
1348DJ TiëstoSolarstone vs. Sirocco - Destination5:13Nyana (Disc 2)42003227
1349DJ TiëstoYoung Parisians - U Write the Rules (Solarstone Remix)5:13Nyana (Disc 2)52003234
1350DJ TiëstoHolden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)5:40Nyana (Disc 2)62003222
1351DJ TiëstoMr. Sam vs. Fred Baker Present as One - Forever Waiting5:39Nyana (Disc 2)72003206
1352DJ TiëstoMotorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Exclusive Demo Mix)6:43Nyana (Disc 2)82003199
1353DJ TiëstoThe Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (DJ Tiësto Remix vs. Filterheadz Remix)9:29Nyana (Disc 2)92003215
1354DJ TiëstoSmart System - Morgentau (Spring Mix)4:42Nyana (Disc 2)102003214
1355DJ TiëstoLeama - Requiem For a Dream (Leama's Dream Mix)7:18Nyana (Disc 2)112003231
1356DJ TiëstoP.O.S. - Remember (Summer Sun)5:32Nyana (Disc 2)122003211
1357DJ TiëstoSolid Globe - North Pole6:24Nyana (Disc 2)132003239
1358DJ TiëstoTraffic [Original Mix]7:04TM Century PrimeCuts 528P182003206
1359DJ Tiesto Featuring Nicola HitchcockIn My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal Mix)8:24Plastic Compilation Vol. 6102002224
1360DJ TopcatCandy All Night Long-140bpm (master)4:06MAY2008MASHUPS&REMIXES9 128
1361DJ Vix-NFootsteps of the Wolf5:17   192
1362DJ Vix-NMom's Music Box4:10   192
1363DJ Vix-NSong of the Quetzal3:12   192
1364DJ Vix-NDance Fur-eak3:34Spifftacular1 128
1365DJ Vix-NNight Beat3:41Spifftacular2 128
1366DJ Vix-NOpen Your Mind4:24Spifftacular3 128
1367DJ Vix-NFluffy Tails Mix3:48Spifftacular4 192
1368DJ Vix-NSnugglepile3:17Spifftacular5 128
1369DJ Vix-NTale of the Grunt3:37Spifftacular6 128
1370DJ Vix-NOtters' Dance4:06Spifftacular7 192
1371DJ Vix-NTransformation3:17Spifftacular8 128
1372DJ Vix-NVulpine's Revenge3:05Spifftacular9 128
1373DJ Vix-NWorkin' Furs3:18Spifftacular10 128
1374DJ Vix-NYour Love3:34Spifftacular11 128
1375Django ReinhardtSweet Georgia Brown3:01I Got Rhythm11938201
1376Django ReinhardtBugle Call Rag2:41I Got Rhythm21938202
1377Django ReinhardtBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea2:56I Got Rhythm31938184
1378Django ReinhardtExactly Like You2:28I Got Rhythm41938192
1379Django ReinhardtCharleston2:51I Got Rhythm51938206
1380Django ReinhardtYou're Driving Me Crazy2:52I Got Rhythm61938207
1381Django ReinhardtFarewell Blues3:13I Got Rhythm71938190
1382Django ReinhardtI Got Rhythm2:12I Got Rhythm81938191
1383Django ReinhardtAin't Misbehavin'2:52I Got Rhythm91938197
1384Django ReinhardtRose Room2:43I Got Rhythm101938199
1385Django ReinhardtJapanese Sandman2:56I Got Rhythm111938178
1386Django ReinhardtSwing Guitars2:23I Got Rhythm121938202
1387Django ReinhardtMinor Swing3:15I Got Rhythm131938190
1388Django ReinhardtAfter You've Gone3:05I Got Rhythm141938191
1389Django ReinhardtLimehouse Blues2:44I Got Rhythm151938193
1390Django ReinhardtNagasaki2:48I Got Rhythm161938190
1391Django ReinhardtHoneysuckle Rose2:45I Got Rhythm171938191
1392Django ReinhardtCrazy Rhythm3:00I Got Rhythm181938196
1393Django ReinhardtOut Of Nowhere3:16I Got Rhythm191938191
1394Django ReinhardtChicago3:28I Got Rhythm201938197
1395Django ReinhardtGeorgia On My Mind3:13I Got Rhythm211938186
1396Django ReinhardtShine2:55I Got Rhythm221938207
1397Django ReinhardtDinah2:36The Gold Collection (Disc 1)11997136
1398Django ReinhardtTiger Rag2:35The Gold Collection (Disc 1)21997138
1399Django ReinhardtLady Be Good2:54The Gold Collection (Disc 1)31997135
1400Django ReinhardtI Saw Stars2:31The Gold Collection (Disc 1)41997134
1401Django ReinhardtConfessin'2:56The Gold Collection (Disc 1)51997143
1402Django ReinhardtBlue Drag2:53The Gold Collection (Disc 1)61997148
1403Django ReinhardtSwanee River3:04The Gold Collection (Disc 1)71997126
1404Django ReinhardtTon Doux Sourire2:56The Gold Collection (Disc 1)81997143
1405Django ReinhardtUltrafox3:21The Gold Collection (Disc 1)91997145
1406Django ReinhardtClouds3:15The Gold Collection (Disc 1)101997126
1407Django ReinhardtBelieve It, Beloved3:13The Gold Collection (Disc 1)111997126
1408Django ReinhardtChasing Shadows3:00The Gold Collection (Disc 1)121997126
1409Django ReinhardtI've Had My Moments2:59The Gold Collection (Disc 1)131997126
1410Django ReinhardtSome Of These Days2:25The Gold Collection (Disc 1)141997125
1411Django ReinhardtDjangology2:57The Gold Collection (Disc 1)151997126
1412Django ReinhardtSt. Louis Blues3:29The Gold Collection (Disc 1)161997126
1413Django ReinhardtLimehouse Blues3:10The Gold Collection (Disc 1)171997126
1414Django ReinhardtI Got Rhythm2:57The Gold Collection (Disc 1)181997126
1415Django ReinhardtI've Found A New Baby3:05The Gold Collection (Disc 1)191997131
1416Django ReinhardtIt Was So Beautiful2:49The Gold Collection (Disc 1)201997127
1417Django ReinhardtChina Boy3:01The Gold Collection (Disc 2)11997126
1418Django ReinhardtMoonglow3:02The Gold Collection (Disc 2)21997126
1419Django ReinhardtIt Don't Mean A Thing3:04The Gold Collection (Disc 2)31997127
1420Django ReinhardtOriental Shuffle2:39The Gold Collection (Disc 2)41997126
1421Django ReinhardtAre You In The Mood?2:50The Gold Collection (Disc 2)51997130
1422Django ReinhardtLimehouse Blues2:46The Gold Collection (Disc 2)61997149
1423Django ReinhardtSwing Guitars2:26The Gold Collection (Disc 2)71997144
1424Django ReinhardtIn The Still Of The Night3:06The Gold Collection (Disc 2)81997132
1425Django ReinhardtSweet Chorus2:45The Gold Collection (Disc 2)91997131
1426Django ReinhardtExactly Like You2:30The Gold Collection (Disc 2)101997139
1427Django ReinhardtCharleston2:53The Gold Collection (Disc 2)111997149
1428Django ReinhardtYou're Driving Me Crazy2:55The Gold Collection (Disc 2)121997148
1429Django ReinhardtTears2:38The Gold Collection (Disc 2)131997127
1430Django ReinhardtSolitude3:10The Gold Collection (Disc 2)141997126
1431Django ReinhardtHot Lips3:04The Gold Collection (Disc 2)151997127
1432Django ReinhardtAin't Misbehavin'2:54The Gold Collection (Disc 2)161997140
1433Django ReinhardtRose Room2:42The Gold Collection (Disc 2)171997146
1434Django ReinhardtBody And Soul3:29The Gold Collection (Disc 2)181997131
1435Django ReinhardtWhen Day Is Done3:13The Gold Collection (Disc 2)191997131
1436Django ReinhardtRunnin'Wild2:52The Gold Collection (Disc 2)201997139
1437DJNoNoScarey Xmas4:05Santastic Four122008320
1438djpretzelWolf's Rain: This Time Tomorrow3:08 2005160
1439D-MeOh Ooo Oh Ooh3:46Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)22005189
1440Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 1 - 1. Allegretto - Allegro Non Troppo8:58Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 1)11989188
1441Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 1 - 2. Allegro - Meno Mosso - Allegro - Meno Mosso4:52Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 1)21989187
1442Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 1 - 3. Lento - Largo - Lento10:19Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 1)31989191
1443Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 1 - 4. Allegro Molto - Lento - Allegro Molto...10:50Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 1)41989186
1444Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 7 - 1. Allegretto31:43Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 1)51989196
1445Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 7 - 2. Moderato (Poco Allegretto)14:54Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 2)11989189
1446Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 7 - 3. Adagio19:25Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 2)21989190
1447Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony 7 - 4. Allegro Non Troppo18:51Symphonies 1 & 7 "Leningrad" - Leonard Bernstein (1988 DG) (Disc 2)31989199
1448Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.10 in Em, Op.93 - 1. Moderato22:35Symphony 10 - Karajan, BPO (1981 DG 1995)1 187
1449Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.10 in Em, Op.93 - 2. Allegro4:16Symphony 10 - Karajan, BPO (1981 DG 1995)2 188
1450Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.10 in Em, Op.93 - 3. Allegretto11:42Symphony 10 - Karajan, BPO (1981 DG 1995)3 182
1451Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.10 in Em, Op.93 - 4. Andante - Allegro13:02Symphony 10 - Karajan, BPO (1981 DG 1995)4 189
1452Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.5 in Dm, Op47 - I. Moderato17:59Symphony 5 - Maazel, Cleveland Orch (1981 Telarc)1 181
1453Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.5 in Dm, Op47 - II. Allegretto5:05Symphony 5 - Maazel, Cleveland Orch (1981 Telarc)2 188
1454Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.5 in Dm, Op47 - III. Largo14:30Symphony 5 - Maazel, Cleveland Orch (1981 Telarc)3 179
1455Dmitri ShostakovichSymphony No.5 in Dm, Op47 - IV. Allegro non troppo9:30Symphony 5 - Maazel, Cleveland Orch (1981 Telarc)4 192
1456D-Mob Introducing Cathy DennisC'Mon And Get My Love3:48Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)71989236
1457D-Mode-DAtmos Break (Adraen OJ Remix)2:22   153
1458D-Mode-DBow Your Head4:13   157
1459D-Mode-DDancefloor Killer3:44   159
1460D-Mode-DStart to Shake3:01   165
1461D-Mode-DThe Folly3:40   158
1462DMXParty Up4:30Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)162003213
1463DMX (Feat. Dyme)I'm Gonna Crawl4:10Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)62000197
1464DMX Ft. SheekGet At Me Dog3:05The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)82004220
1465DMZBusy Man (EP version)3:22Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)142005265
1466Dobie GrayDrift Away3:33Back to the 70's! (Disc 1)9 197
1467Dobie GrayThe "In" Crowd2:53Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind41965167
1468Dobie GrayDrift Away3:52Country Complete (Disc 4)191997192
1469Dobie GrayThe In Crowd2:50More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)41999188
1470Dobie GrayDrift Away3:58Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1081990179
1471Dobie GrayDrift Away3:55The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)81999187
1472Doc Mo SheHanukkah Homeboy4:32Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia151995203
1473Doc SeverinsenDo It To It5:26Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]11977209
1474Doc SeverinsenChicken Chatter5:12Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]21977195
1475Doc SeverinsenMidnite Flite5:27Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]31977201
1476Doc SeverinsenFernandos Fantasy4:53Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]41977205
1477Doc SeverinsenVirginia Sunday4:08Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]51977195
1478Doc SeverinsenSoft Tough5:57Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]61977185
1479Doc SeverinsenThere Is A Girl4:54Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]71977214
1480Doc SeverinsenShenandoah5:42Brand New Thing [2009 Remaster]81977187
1481Doc SeverinsenBrass Roots3:13Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]11971223
1482Doc SeverinsenOkefenokee4:16Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]21971221
1483Doc SeverinsenPsalm 1507:14Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]31971220
1484Doc SeverinsenGood Medicine3:55Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]41971210
1485Doc SeverinsenPrelude: "Come Sweet Death"/"Love Story"5:39Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]51971188
1486Doc SeverinsenMove Over4:18Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]61971207
1487Doc SeverinsenCelebrate4:31Brass Roots [2009 Remaster]71971222
1488Doc SeverinsenLiberia3:09Doc [2009 Remaster]11972229
1489Doc SeverinsenTheme From "Portnoy's Complaint"2:42Doc [2009 Remaster]21972221
1490Doc SeverinsenTheme From "The Summer Of '42"3:07Doc [2009 Remaster]31972190
1491Doc SeverinsenThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face3:18Doc [2009 Remaster]41972200
1492Doc SeverinsenLiving Free2:42Doc [2009 Remaster]51972198
1493Doc SeverinsenTheme From "Leonard Bernstein's Mass"2:09Doc [2009 Remaster]61972231
1494Doc SeverinsenBonnie3:23Doc [2009 Remaster]71972214
1495Doc SeverinsenBaby, I'm-A Want You3:14Doc [2009 Remaster]81972191
1496Doc SeverinsenThe Godfather Waltz3:45Doc [2009 Remaster]91972195
1497Doc SeverinsenLucky Me2:40Doc [2009 Remaster]101972201
1498Doc SeverinsenI Only Want To Say (Gethsemane)3:35Doc [2009 Remaster]111972207
1499Doc SeverinsenI Wanna Be With You4:11Night Journey [2009 Remaster]11976237
1500Doc SeverinsenNight Journey4:14Night Journey [2009 Remaster]21976240
1501Doc SeverinsenThe World's Gone Home4:30Night Journey [2009 Remaster]31976198
1502Doc SeverinsenSpanish Dreams6:05Night Journey [2009 Remaster]41976230
1503Doc SeverinsenYou Put The Shine On Me4:07Night Journey [2009 Remaster]51976240
1504Doc SeverinsenNow And Then5:08Night Journey [2009 Remaster]61976211
1505Doc SeverinsenLittle Tiny Feets3:20Night Journey [2009 Remaster]71976227
1506Doc SeverinsenLookin' Good3:54Night Journey [2009 Remaster]81976251
1507Doc SeverinsenOpen The Gates Of Love3:10Night Journey [2009 Remaster]91976256
1508Doc SeverinsenRhapsody For Now17:00Rhapsody For Now! [2009 Remaster]11973209
1509Doc SeverinsenPictures3:20Rhapsody For Now! [2009 Remaster]21973222
1510Doc SeverinsenRhapsody For Then12:22Rhapsody For Now! [2009 Remaster]31973210
1511Doc SeverinsenI Remember Louis9:00Rhapsody For Now! [2009 Remaster]41973196
1512Doc SeverinsenBellstedt - Napoli-Canzone - Napolitana Con Variazioni5:00Trumpet Spectacular11990192
1513Doc SeverinsenRossini - Largo Al Factotum From The Barber Of Seville, Act I5:06Trumpet Spectacular21990189
1514Doc SeverinsenClarke - Trumpet Voluntary In D Major3:00Trumpet Spectacular31990194
1515Doc SeverinsenBach - Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring4:04Trumpet Spectacular41990198
1516Doc SeverinsenRimsky-Korsakov - The Flight Of The Bumblebee1:38Trumpet Spectacular51990197
1517Doc SeverinsenBizet (Arr. Proto) - A Carmen Fantasy For Trumpet And Orchestra12:43Trumpet Spectacular61990193
1518Doc SeverinsenPuccini - Medley Of Famous Tenor Arias10:29Trumpet Spectacular71990190
1519Doc SeverinsenRossini - La Danza1:57Trumpet Spectacular81990197
1520Doc SeverinsenSchumann - Traumerei3:12Trumpet Spectacular91990181
1521Doc SeverinsenTraditional (Arr. Staigers) - Carnival Of Venice, Fantasia Brillante3:50Trumpet Spectacular101990193
1522Doc SeverinsenAnderson - A Trumpeter's Lullaby3:31Trumpet Spectacular111990185
1523Doc SeverinsenBach - Chaconne10:43Trumpet Spectacular121990190
1524Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniBrass On Ivory2:48Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]11972196
1525Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniDreamsville2:22Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]21972190
1526Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniNever My Love2:33Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]31972195
1527Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniIf3:14Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]41972193
1528Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniWillow Weep For Me3:12Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]51972196
1529Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniSometimes2:48Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]61972201
1530Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniPoor Butterfly3:08Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]71972193
1531Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniMisty3:17Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]81972197
1532Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniBrian's Song3:27Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]91972192
1533Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniWe've Only Just Begun3:05Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]101972198
1534Doc Severinsen & Henry ManciniSoldier In The Rain3:15Brass On Ivory [2009 Remaster]111972191
1535Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassCopland - Fanfare for the Common Man3:10Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)11991166
1536Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassCheetham - Commemorative Fanfare2:16Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)21991169
1537Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassVizzutti - Five Episodes for Brass: Episode 11:31Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)31991161
1538Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassVizzutti - Five Episodes for Brass: Episode 23:52Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)41991165
1539Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassVizzutti - Five Episodes for Brass: Episode 33:13Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)51991148
1540Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassVizzutti - Five Episodes for Brass: Episode 42:29Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)61991182
1541Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassVizzutti - Five Episodes for Brass: Episode 55:07Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)71991171
1542Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassBernstein - Mass: Gloria in Excelsis4:48Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)81991171
1543Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassBernstein - Mass: De Profundus3:51Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)91991178
1544Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassScott - Music of America5:57Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)101991174
1545Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassHaufrecht - Symphony for Brass and Tympani: Dona Nobis Pacem4:46Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)111991171
1546Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassHaufrecht - Symphony for Brass and Tympani: Elegy4:32Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)121991158
1547Doc Severinsen & Summit BrassHaufrecht - Symphony for Brass and Tympani: Jubilation3:48Doc Severinsen & Summit Brass (First Choice)131991176
1548Doc Watson and Merle WatsonMuskrat2:54Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)101997205
1549Doc Watson and Merle WatsonCountry Blues3:33Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)111997200
1550Doctor LI Can Make A Tear And Make It Dissappear7:05French Fried Funk31998211
1551Doctor OctorocWe Three Konami1:258-Bit Jesus12008192
1552Doctor Octoroc8 Days of Master Robots0:518-Bit Jesus22008192
1553Doctor OctorocRyu, the Red Nosed Ninja1:378-Bit Jesus32008192
1554Doctor OctorocWe Wish You a Merry Faxanadu1:158-Bit Jesus42008192
1555Doctor OctorocSilent Knight Man1:188-Bit Jesus52008192
1556Doctor OctorocCarol of the Belmonts1:378-Bit Jesus62008192
1557Doctor OctorocContraland1:008-Bit Jesus72008192
1558Doctor OctorocLittle Drummer Nemo0:508-Bit Jesus82008192
1559Doctor OctorocJoy To Commando1:108-Bit Jesus92008192
1560Doctor OctorocSuper Jingle Bros.0:538-Bit Jesus102008192
1561Doctor OctorocBubbles We Have Heard On Bobble0:518-Bit Jesus112008192
1562Doctor OctorocWhat Guardian is Legend?1:158-Bit Jesus122008192
1563Doctor OctorocDeck the Kremlin1:108-Bit Jesus132008192
1564Doctor OctorocIcarus! the Angels Sing1:298-Bit Jesus142008192
1565Doctor OctorocThe Legend of Noël1:018-Bit Jesus152008192
1566Doctor OctorocO Come, All Ye Vampires1:108-Bit Jesus162008192
1567Doctor OctorocKraid, Rest Ye Merry Mother Brain1:438-Bit Jesus172008192
1568Doctor OctorocHave Yourself a Final Little Fantasy1:218-Bit Jesus182008192
1569Doctor RossCome Back Baby2:48The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)191994127
1570Dodie StevensPink Shoe Laces2:26Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)101997213
1571Dodie StevensMerry Merry Christmas Baby2:14The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 472000127
1572Doe MaarWatje2:55Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)152001205
1573Dogs Die In Hot CarsGodhopping2:42Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)102005234
1574Dog's Eye ViewEverything Falls Apart3:5490's Pop Hits (Disc 1)9 214
1575Dog's Eye ViewUmbrella3:34Can't Hardly Wait (OST)141998188
1576DokkenKiss Of Death5:51Back For The Attack11987205
1577DokkenPrisoner4:20Back For The Attack21987201
1578DokkenNight By Night5:23Back For The Attack31987213
1579DokkenStanding In The Shadows5:07Back For The Attack41987210
1580DokkenHeaven Sent4:52Back For The Attack51987221
1581DokkenMr. Scary4:31Back For The Attack61987224
1582DokkenSo Many Tears4:56Back For The Attack71987206
1583DokkenBurning Like A Flame4:46Back For The Attack81987207
1584DokkenLost Behind The Wall4:19Back For The Attack91987206
1585DokkenStop Fighting Love4:52Back For The Attack101987202
1586DokkenCry Of The Gypsy4:51Back For The Attack111987200
1587DokkenSleepless Nights4:32Back For The Attack121987215
1588DokkenDream Warriors4:42Back For The Attack131987203
1589DokkenBreaking The Chains3:51Breaking The Chains11983213
1590DokkenIn The Middle3:43Breaking The Chains21983193
1591DokkenFelony3:08Breaking The Chains31983206
1592DokkenI Can't See You3:11Breaking The Chains41983201
1593DokkenLive To Rock (Rock To Live)3:39Breaking The Chains51983213
1594DokkenNightrider3:13Breaking The Chains61983203
1595DokkenSeven Thunders3:55Breaking The Chains71983202
1596DokkenYoung Girls3:14Breaking The Chains81983205
1597DokkenStick To Your Guns3:25Breaking The Chains91983227
1598DokkenParis Is Burning5:11Breaking The Chains101983206
1599DokkenWithout Warning1:35Tooth And Nail11984200
1600DokkenTooth And Nail3:39Tooth And Nail21984225
1601DokkenJust Got Lucky4:34Tooth And Nail31984210
1602DokkenHeartless Heart3:30Tooth And Nail41984215
1603DokkenDon't Close Your Eyes4:09Tooth And Nail51984224
1604DokkenWhen Heaven Comes Down3:44Tooth And Nail61984218
1605DokkenInto The Fire4:27Tooth And Nail71984207
1606DokkenBullets To Spare3:35Tooth And Nail81984219
1607DokkenAlone Again4:20Tooth And Nail91984207
1608DokkenTurn On The Action4:44Tooth And Nail101984225
1609DokkenUnchain The Night5:21Under Lock And Key11985148
1610DokkenThe Hunter4:09Under Lock And Key21985144
1611DokkenIn My Dreams4:22Under Lock And Key31985143
1612DokkenSlippin' Away3:50Under Lock And Key41985139
1613DokkenLightnin' Strikes Again3:50Under Lock And Key51985147
1614DokkenIt's Not Love5:02Under Lock And Key61985151
1615DokkenJaded Heart4:18Under Lock And Key71985146
1616DokkenDon't Lie To Me3:39Under Lock And Key81985142
1617DokkenWill The Sun Rise4:12Under Lock And Key91985144
1618DokkenTil The Livin' End3:59Under Lock And Key101985146
1619DollarShooting Star3:51A Decade Of Pop The 70's3 203
1620DollarI Wanna Hold Your Hand3:02Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)8 193
1621Dolly Bird[Interview]0:52Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)51968128
1622Dolly Dots(Tell It All About) Boys3:08Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)102001230
1623Dolly DotsLeila (The Queen Of Sheba)3:12Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)182001227
1624Dolly DotsShe's A Liar3:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)172001222
1625Dolly PartonWhite Christmas3:05A Country Christmas Wonderland61991181
1626Dolly PartonHard Candy Christmas3:50A Country Christmas Wonderland101991197
1627Dolly PartonHere You Come Again2:52American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 1181989256
1628Dolly PartonCoat of Many Colors3:04Coat Of Many Colors11971199
1629Dolly PartonTraveling Man2:40Coat Of Many Colors21971216
1630Dolly PartonMy Blue Tears2:17Coat Of Many Colors31971211
1631Dolly PartonIf I Lost My Mind2:29Coat Of Many Colors41971195
1632Dolly PartonThe Mystery of the Mystery2:28Coat Of Many Colors51971190
1633Dolly PartonShe Never Met a Man (She Didn't Like)2:41Coat Of Many Colors61971202
1634Dolly PartonEarly Morning Breeze2:54Coat Of Many Colors71971189
1635Dolly PartonThe Way I See You2:46Coat Of Many Colors81971202
1636Dolly PartonHere I Am3:19Coat Of Many Colors91971210
1637Dolly PartonA Better Place to Live2:39Coat Of Many Colors101971215
1638Dolly PartonHere You Come Again2:56Country Complete (Disc 4)21997205
1639Dolly Parton9 To 52:46Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)122002217
1640Dolly PartonLittle Sparrow4:14Red White and Bluegrass32002172
1641Dolly Parton9 To 52:48The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.111995201
1642Dolly PartonSingle Women3:45The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.121995180
1643Dolly PartonThink About Love3:28The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.131995213
1644Dolly PartonBut You Know I Love You3:20The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.141995194
1645Dolly PartonDo I Ever Cross Your Mind4:05The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.151995197
1646Dolly PartonReal Love4:00The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.161995210
1647Dolly PartonYou're The Only One3:25The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.171995200
1648Dolly PartonSweet Summer Lovin'3:19The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.181995181
1649Dolly PartonHeartbreak Express3:16The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.191995189
1650Dolly PartonTie Our Love (In A Double Knot)3:23The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1101995217
1651Dolly PartonIslands In The Stream (Duet With Kenny Rogers)4:12The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1111995198
1652Dolly PartonTwo Doors Down3:04The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1121995215
1653Dolly PartonGod Won't Get You4:15The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1131995185
1654Dolly PartonDon't Call It Love3:22The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1141995205
1655Dolly PartonTo Daddy (Original Version)2:40The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1151995188
1656Dolly PartonStarting Over Again3:59The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1161995188
1657Dolly PartonTennessee Homesick Blues3:23The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1171995209
1658Dolly PartonSave The Last Dance For Me3:51The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1181995202
1659Dolly PartonOld Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You3:27The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1191995200
1660Dolly PartonI Will Always Love You3:05The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.1201995194
1661Dolly PartonMule Skinner Blues3:10The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.211997208
1662Dolly PartonTouch Your Woman2:39The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.221997187
1663Dolly PartonThe Bargain Store2:42The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.231997192
1664Dolly PartonCoat Of Many Colors3:05The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.241997197
1665Dolly PartonMy Tennessee Mountain Home3:06The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.251997202
1666Dolly PartonJoshua3:02The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.261997205
1667Dolly PartonJust Because I'm A Woman3:05The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.271997204
1668Dolly PartonJolene2:40The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.281997202
1669Dolly PartonI Will Always Love You2:55The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.291997186
1670Dolly PartonLight Of A Clear Blue Morning4:56The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2101997205
1671Dolly PartonHere You Come Again2:56The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2111997208
1672Dolly PartonLove Is Like A Butterfly2:21The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2121997199
1673Dolly PartonWe Used To3:13The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2131997201
1674Dolly PartonMe And Little Andy2:38The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2141997203
1675Dolly PartonIt's All Wrong, But It's All Right3:16The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2151997220
1676Dolly PartonAll I Can Do2:24The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2161997219
1677Dolly PartonHeartbreaker3:31The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2171997205
1678Dolly PartonI Really Got The Feeling3:09The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2181997202
1679Dolly PartonThe Seeker3:15The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2191997207
1680Dolly PartonWings Of A Dove2:34The Essential Dolly Parton Vol.2201997192
1681Dolly PartonWinter Wonderland/Sleigh Ride3:44The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)21987197
1682Dolly PartonJolene2:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)122001211
1683Dolly Parton9 To 52:43Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)52001223
1684Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisLover's Return4:00Trio II11999188
1685Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisHigh Sierra4:22Trio II21999184
1686Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisDo I Ever Cross Your Mind3:17Trio II31999189
1687Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisAfter the Gold Rush3:31Trio II41999185
1688Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisThe Blue Train4:59Trio II51999198
1689Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisI Feel the Blues Movin' In4:31Trio II61999202
1690Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisYou'll Never Be the Sun4:44Trio II71999180
1691Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisHe Rode All the Way to Texas3:07Trio II81999183
1692Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisFeels Like Home4:49Trio II91999183
1693Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisWhen We're Gone, Long Gone3:59Trio II101999183
1694Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisThe Pain Of Loving You2:34Trio!11987184
1695Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisMaking Plans3:38Trio!21987184
1696Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisTo Know Him Is To Love Him3:50Trio!31987197
1697Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisHobo's Meditation3:19Trio!41987187
1698Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisWildflowers3:35Trio!51987183
1699Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisTelling Me Lies4:25Trio!61987191
1700Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisMy Dear Companion2:57Trio!71987176
1701Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisThose Memories Of You4:01Trio!81987189
1702Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisI've Had Enough3:32Trio!91987182
1703Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisRosewood Casket3:01Trio!101987192
1704Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisFarther Along4:08Trio!111987183
1705Dolores KeaneThe Island4:55The Essential Celtic Woman Collection (Disc 1)62005192
1706Dolores KeaneMy Love Is in America4:21The Essential Celtic Woman Collection (Disc 2)52005191
1707Domenic FrontiereVegas1:26Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)481996133
1708Domenic FrontiereMatt Houston0:58Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)491996136
1709Domenico ModugnoNel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)3:34Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever31992126
1710Dominic FrontiereRat Patrol1:42Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)351986204
1711Dominic FrontiereTwelve O'Clock High1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)361986191
1712Dominic FrontiereOuter Limits1:12Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)571986182
1713Dominic FrontiereThe Flying Nun ("Who needs wings to fly")1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5221996192
1714Dominic FrontiereThe Invaders0:52Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5541996128
1715DominiciIntroduction2:59O3 A Trilogy - Part 112005205
1716DominiciUnwilling Volunteer3:04O3 A Trilogy - Part 122005201
1717DominiciMy New Land2:34O3 A Trilogy - Part 132005209
1718DominiciI Found My Love2:58O3 A Trilogy - Part 142005200
1719DominiciThe Dream6:56O3 A Trilogy - Part 152005201
1720DominiciA Day Of Conflict4:37O3 A Trilogy - Part 162005208
1721DominiciThe Order Comes4:02O3 A Trilogy - Part 172005204
1722DominiciThe Plan4:36O3 A Trilogy - Part 182005204
1723DominiciI Will Return4:52O3 A Trilogy - Part 192005200
1724DominiciThe Hand Of God4:40O3 A Trilogy - Part 1102005210
1725DominiciThe Monster8:28O3 A Trilogy - Part 212007231
1726DominiciNowhere To Hide5:06O3 A Trilogy - Part 222007245
1727DominiciCaptured4:16O3 A Trilogy - Part 232007242
1728DominiciGreed, The Evil Seed7:26O3 A Trilogy - Part 242007242
1729DominiciSchool Of Pain7:23O3 A Trilogy - Part 252007242
1730DominiciThe Calling6:39O3 A Trilogy - Part 262007239
1731DominiciThe Real Life3:28O3 A Trilogy - Part 272007200
1732DominiciThe Cop4:48O3 A Trilogy - Part 282007256
1733DominiciA New Hope6:53O3 A Trilogy - Part 292007238
1734DominoGetto Jam4:18Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)101995194
1735DominoSweet Potatoe Pie4:00Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)121995195
1736Don & DeweyKoko Joe2:13Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)191999133
1737Don & JuanWhat's Your Name2:15The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)161996128
1738Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseLast Chance3:57Living Loud12004222
1739Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseI Don't Know4:20Living Loud22004233
1740Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseEvery Moment A Lifetime7:12Living Loud32004218
1741Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseCrazy Train5:35Living Loud42004234
1742Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseIn The Name Of God3:35Living Loud52004236
1743Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseFlying High Again5:21Living Loud62004209
1744Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorsePushed Me Too Hard5:48Living Loud72004208
1745Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseMr. Crowley4:27Living Loud82004237
1746Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseTonight5:16Living Loud92004222
1747Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseWalk Away5:12Living Loud102004212
1748Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseOver The Mountain5:18Living Loud112004225
1749Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseCrazy Train (Bonus Track Recorded Live April 26 2004)6:21Living Loud122004232
1750Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve MorseGood Times (Bonus Track Recorded Live April 26 2004)4:54Living Loud132004230
1751Don And JuanWhat's Your Name2:12196222 128
1752Don CaballeroLucky Father Brown3:18Singles Breaking Up11999189
1753Don CaballeroBelted Sweater2:10Singles Breaking Up21999184
1754Don CaballeroShoe Shine5:33Singles Breaking Up31999199
1755Don CaballeroUnresolved Kharma4:16Singles Breaking Up41999183
1756Don CaballeroPuddin' in My Eye2:58Singles Breaking Up51999185
1757Don CaballeroMy Ten Year Old Lady Is Giving It Away5:48Singles Breaking Up61999203
1758Don CaballeroOur Caballero2:10Singles Breaking Up71999213
1759Don CaballeroANDANDANDANDANDANDANDANDANDAND2:19Singles Breaking Up81999224
1760Don CaballeroFirst Hits3:29Singles Breaking Up91999227
1761Don CaballeroNo More Peace and Quiet For the Warlike4:38Singles Breaking Up101999219
1762Don CaballeroIf You've Read Dr. Adder Then You Know What I Want1:08Singles Breaking Up111999214
1763Don CaballeroTrey Dog's Acid3:54Singles Breaking Up121999208
1764Don CaballeroRoom Temperature Lounge5:07Singles Breaking Up131999219
1765Don CherryBand Of Gold2:37The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)141997206
1766Don CherryVanity3:16Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s171992126
1767Don CornellThe Bible Tells Me So2:18The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)151997148
1768Don CornellI'm Yours2:55Your Hit Parade 195210 128
1769Don CornellHold My Hand2:49Your Hit Parade 195441989128
1770Don Cornell, Allan Dale & Johnny Desmond(The Gang That Sang) Heart Of My Heart2:53Your Hit Parade 1954161989126
1771Don CostaNever On Sunday3:03Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)141992203
1772Don Costa, His Orchestra & ChorusNever On Sunday2:55Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two151993204
1773Don CovayMercy Mercy2:26Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)221991193
1774Don CovaySee-Saw3:02Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)71991127
1775Don CovayThe Popeye Waddle2:31Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)72005127
1776Don CovayMercy, Mercy2:28Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On41988128
1777Don Dorsey and Jack WagnerMain Street Electrical Parade14:18Fantasmic! Good Clashes with Evil in a Nighttime Spectacular (Disneyland)21992192
1778Don FardonFollow Your Drum3:11Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)131995194
1779Don FardonIndian Reservation3:25One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)152001220
1780Don FardonDelta Queen3:17Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)172001207
1781Don FelderNever Surrender4:25Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)101982214
1782Don FelderHeavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)4:59Heavy Metal (OST)61981202
1783Don FelderAll of You4:22Heavy Metal (OST)141981197
1784Don Ferris & Irving FriedmanCaptain Midnight1:07Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)131996166
1785Don Gardner and Dee Dee FordI Need Your Loving2:52The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 1)142006203
1786Don GibsonI Can't Stop Loving You2:35Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)101996209
1787Don GibsonOh Lonesome Me2:30Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)131996216
1788Don GibsonBlue, Blue Day1:56Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)111999125
1789Don GibsonSea Of Heartbreak2:34Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)41997200
1790Don GibsonOh Lonesome Me2:32Country Complete (Disc 1)81997195
1791Don GibsonLonesome Number One2:22Country Complete (Disc 2)161997189
1792Don GibsonSea Of Heartbreak2:33Country Superstars21992206
1793Don GibsonOh Lonesome Me2:32The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)191997173
1794Don HenleyThe Boys of Summer4:50Building the Perfect Beast11984214
1795Don HenleyYou Can't Make Love3:33Building the Perfect Beast21984204
1796Don HenleyMan With a Mission2:45Building the Perfect Beast31984193
1797Don HenleyYou're Not Drinking Enough4:41Building the Perfect Beast41984191
1798Don HenleyNot Enough Love In the World3:54Building the Perfect Beast51984202
1799Don HenleyBuilding the Perfect Beast5:01Building the Perfect Beast61984192
1800Don HenleyAll She Wants To Do Is Dance4:30Building the Perfect Beast71984195
1801Don HenleyA Month of Sundays4:29Building the Perfect Beast81984190
1802Don HenleySunset Grill6:20Building the Perfect Beast91984204
1803Don HenleyDrivin' With Your Eyes Closed3:38Building the Perfect Beast101984180
1804Don HenleyLand of the Living3:22Building the Perfect Beast111984195
1805Don HenleyAll She Wants To Do Is Dance4:30Coyote Ugly (OST)52000199
1806Don HenleySearching For A Heart4:05Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon12004187
1807Don HenleyLove Rules4:07Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)31982191
1808Don HenleyI Can't Stand Still3:34I Can't Stand Still11982195
1809Don HenleyYou Better Hang Up3:22I Can't Stand Still21982204
1810Don HenleyLong Way Home5:29I Can't Stand Still31982186
1811Don HenleyNobody's Business3:44I Can't Stand Still41982185
1812Don HenleyTalking To The Moon4:39I Can't Stand Still51982179
1813Don HenleyDirty Laundry5:36I Can't Stand Still61982208
1814Don HenleyJohnny Can't Read3:33I Can't Stand Still71982187
1815Don HenleyThem And Us4:02I Can't Stand Still81982202
1816Don HenleyLa Eile0:51I Can't Stand Still91982179
1817Don HenleyLilah4:08I Can't Stand Still101982181
1818Don HenleyThe Unclouded Day3:36I Can't Stand Still111982197
1819Don HenleyThe End Of The Innocence5:18The End Of The Innocence11989191
1820Don HenleyHow Bad Do You Want It?3:47The End Of The Innocence21989178
1821Don HenleyI Will Not Go Quietly5:43The End Of The Innocence31989200
1822Don HenleyThe Last Worthless Evening6:04The End Of The Innocence41989191
1823Don HenleyNew York Minute6:37The End Of The Innocence51989185
1824Don HenleyShangri-La4:57The End Of The Innocence61989189
1825Don HenleyLittle Tin God4:43The End Of The Innocence71989203
1826Don HenleyGimme What You Got6:13The End Of The Innocence81989188
1827Don HenleyIf Dirt Were Dollars4:34The End Of The Innocence91989200
1828Don HenleyThe Heart Of The Matter5:25The End Of The Innocence101989198
1829Don HoTiny Bubbles2:45Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)7 187
1830Don HoTiny Bubbles3:01Gold11982188
1831Don HoHanalei Moon2:44Gold21982206
1832Don HoNanakuli Blues3:03Gold31982185
1833Don HoMoonlight Lady4:00Gold41982166
1834Don HoHawaiian Wedding Song3:04Gold51982188
1835Don HoI'll Remember You4:05Gold61982190
1836Don HoHawaiian Lullabye2:32Gold71982190
1837Don HoKuu Home O Kahaluu4:36Gold81982186
1838Don HoKanaka Wai Wai4:04Gold91982193
1839Don HoPapa's Memento3:34Gold101982144
1840Don HoMedley: Tiny Bubbles/Pearly Shells3:42Hawaiian Favourites11994209
1841Don HoMoonlight Lady3:47Hawaiian Favourites21994206
1842Don HoLovely Hula Hands2:58Hawaiian Favourites31994193
1843Don HoThe Hukilau Song2:14Hawaiian Favourites41994196
1844Don HoKuu Honie O Kahalua4:39Hawaiian Favourites51994209
1845Don HoForevermore3:22Hawaiian Favourites61994194
1846Don HoWaikiki3:02Hawaiian Favourites71994194
1847Don HoKanaka Wai Wai3:25Hawaiian Favourites81994202
1848Don HoI'll Remember You3:34Hawaiian Favourites91994195
1849Don HoWaimanalo Blues (Nanokuli Blues)2:54Hawaiian Favourites101994218
1850Don HoHanalei Moon2:31Hawaiian Favourites111994193
1851Don HoSweet Someone2:47Hawaiian Favourites121994205
1852Don HoMorning Dew3:10Hawaiian Favourites131994195
1853Don HoMedley: Sweet Lailani/Blue Hawaii2:36Hawaiian Favourites141994192
1854Don HoShock the Monkey4:09When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear52003192
1855Don JohnsonTell It Like It Is4:32Back To The 80's (Disc 1)31996192
1856Don JohnsonHeartbeat4:17Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)192002246
1857Don JohnsonHeartbeat4:21The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)111988199
1858Don JohnsonHeartbeat4:17Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two91996217
1859Don JohnsonTell It Like It Is4:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)82001191
1860Don Julian & The MeadowlarksHeaven & Paradise2:53The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 1)191996127
1861Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:09100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)241997198
1862Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:34100% Pure Rock141994185
1863Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:32AM Gold: 1970-1974201995180
1864Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:36American Pie11971182
1865Don McLeanTill Tomorrow2:15American Pie21971196
1866Don McLeanVincent4:03American Pie31971190
1867Don McLeanCrossroads3:39American Pie41971194
1868Don McLeanWinter Wood3:10American Pie51971200
1869Don McLeanEmpty Chairs3:27American Pie61971179
1870Don McLeanEverybody Loves Me, Baby3:36American Pie71971173
1871Don McLeanSister Fatima2:35American Pie81971175
1872Don McLeanThe Grave3:14American Pie91971185
1873Don McLeanBabylon1:41American Pie101971179
1874Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:08Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)8 184
1875Don McLeanCrying3:43Country Complete (Disc 4)91997203
1876Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:12Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)71998197
1877Don McLeanAmerican Pie (Parts I & II)4:09Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)132007225
1878Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:07Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)62002193
1879Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:09One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)222001206
1880Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:28Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)162000192
1881Don McLeanAnd I Love You So4:14The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock81996192
1882Don McLeanCrying3:50The Collection12000194
1883Don McLeanCrazy3:25The Collection22000194
1884Don McLeanDream Lover3:48The Collection32000206
1885Don McLeanCastles In The Air3:42The Collection42000208
1886Don McLeanWords & Music3:06The Collection52000206
1887Don McLeanPrime Time5:03The Collection62000222
1888Don McLeanBelievers6:15The Collection72000217
1889Don McLeanIf You Can Dream2:49The Collection82000159
1890Don McLeanSince I Don't Have You2:35The Collection92000194
1891Don McLeanIt Doesn't Matter Anymore3:05The Collection102000178
1892Don McLeanYour Cheating Heart3:05The Collection112000194
1893Don McLeanIf You Could Read My Mind4:52The Collection122000198
1894Don McLeanChain Lightning7:48The Collection132000176
1895Don McLeanThe Statue3:20The Collection142000193
1896Don McLeanWonderful Night3:07The Collection152000208
1897Don McLeanSomewhere Over The Rainbow/Brother Can You Spare A Dime5:37The Collection162000179
1898Don McLeanVincent (Live)4:51The Collection172000197
1899Don McLeanAmerican Pie (Live)8:33The Collection182000213
1900Don McLeanVincent4:01The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)121999183
1901Don McLeanCrying3:42The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)5 195
1902Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:33The Very Best Of Don McLean11982236
1903Don McLeanVincent4:01The Very Best Of Don McLean21982232
1904Don McLeanCastles In The Air3:41The Very Best Of Don McLean31982247
1905Don McLeanDreidel3:46The Very Best Of Don McLean41982246
1906Don McLeanWinterwood3:10The Very Best Of Don McLean51982252
1907Don McLeanIf We Try3:34The Very Best Of Don McLean61982230
1908Don McLeanMountains O' Mourne4:30The Very Best Of Don McLean71982236
1909Don McLeanPrime Time5:02The Very Best Of Don McLean81982265
1910Don McLeanAnd I Love You So4:16The Very Best Of Don McLean91982244
1911Don McLeanWonderful Baby2:05The Very Best Of Don McLean101982232
1912Don McLeanWords & Music3:05The Very Best Of Don McLean111982253
1913Don McLeanCrying3:50The Very Best Of Don McLean121982234
1914Don McLeanIt's Just The Sun2:30The Very Best Of Don McLean131982266
1915Don McLeanIt Doesn't Matter Anymore3:06The Very Best Of Don McLean141982239
1916Don McLeanSince I Don't Have You2:35The Very Best Of Don McLean151982228
1917Don McLeanLeft For Dead On The Road Of Love2:55The Very Best Of Don McLean161982258
1918Don McLeanCrying3:43TM Century GoldDisc Update 5131991205
1919Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)112001195
1920Don McLeanCrying3:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)102001214
1921Don Nicholl & Joe RaposoThree's Company1:01Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)231990175
1922Don PartridgeRosie2:1540 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)122001211
1923Don RenoFeudin' Banjos2:0850 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 331992194
1924Don RenoLimehouse Blues2:1350 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 4151992207
1925Don Reno & Arthur SmithRemington Ride2:2950 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 2171992215
1926Don Reno & Arthur SmithLittle Rock Getaway2:0350 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 4101992212
1927Don Reno & Arthur SmithOver The Rainbow (Instr.)2:25That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)21995218
1928Don Reno & Bill HarrellI'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap2:1250 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 371992195
1929Don Reno & Bill Harrell & The Tennessee Cut-UpsI Know You're Married2:1450 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 1171992197
1930Don Reno & The Tennesse Cut-UpsCharlotte Breakdown1:4950 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 1101992217
1931Don RobertsonThe Happy Whistler2:22The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)51997215
1932Don RobertsonThe Happy Whistler2:26Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s191992126
1933Don RondoWhite Silver Sands2:42The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)71997139
1934Don RondoWhite Silver Sands2:41Your Hit Parade 195771990126
1935Don RosenbaumMiss America2:28Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)42001211
1936Don WadeOh Love1:49Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)242006127
1937Don White'Lijah5:59Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 04191995128
1938Don WilliamsTulsa Time3:1216 Top Country Hits Volume 221990183
1939Don WilliamsCome Early Morning3:0920 Greatest Hits11987190
1940Don WilliamsAmanda3:1220 Greatest Hits21987182
1941Don WilliamsI Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me3:0020 Greatest Hits31987182
1942Don WilliamsYou're My Best Friend2:4820 Greatest Hits41987187
1943Don Williams(Turn Out The Light And) Love Me Tonight2:2220 Greatest Hits51987193
1944Don WilliamsSay It Again2:5820 Greatest Hits61987198
1945Don WilliamsShe Never Knew Me2:4920 Greatest Hits71987187
1946Don WilliamsSome Broken Hearts Never Mend2:4920 Greatest Hits81987203
1947Don WilliamsI'm Just A Country Boy3:0620 Greatest Hits91987186
1948Don WilliamsRake And Ramblin' Man2:5320 Greatest Hits101987188
1949Don WilliamsTulsa Time3:1420 Greatest Hits111987186
1950Don WilliamsIt Must Be Love2:2820 Greatest Hits121987183
1951Don WilliamsLove Me Over Again2:5720 Greatest Hits131987198
1952Don WilliamsGood Ole Boys Like Me4:1220 Greatest Hits141987195
1953Don WilliamsI Believe In You4:0720 Greatest Hits151987179
1954Don WilliamsLord, I Hope This Day Is Good4:0820 Greatest Hits161987212
1955Don WilliamsIf Hollywood Don't Need You (Honey, I Still Do)3:1220 Greatest Hits171987194
1956Don WilliamsLove Is On A Roll3:4020 Greatest Hits181987205
1957Don WilliamsThat's The Thing About Love3:4120 Greatest Hits191987190
1958Don WilliamsMaggie's Dream4:0920 Greatest Hits201987177
1959Don WilliamsTulsa Time3:07Classic Country - Road Songs172003184
1960Don WilliamsI Believe In You4:02Country Complete (Disc 3)181997198
1961Don WillisBoppin' High School Baby2:31Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)152006127
1962Donald FagenTrue Companion5:08Heavy Metal (OST)71981205
1963Donald FagenTrans-Island Skyway6:30Kamakiriad11993191
1964Donald FagenCountermoon5:05Kamakiriad21993200
1965Donald FagenSpringtime5:06Kamakiriad31993195
1966Donald FagenSnowbound7:08Kamakiriad41993194
1967Donald FagenTomorrow's Girls6:17Kamakiriad51993194
1968Donald FagenFlorida Room6:02Kamakiriad61993196
1969Donald FagenOn the Dunes8:07Kamakiriad71993200
1970Donald FagenTeahouse on the Tracks6:11Kamakiriad81993198
1971Donald FagenMorph The Cat6:49Morph The Cat12006203
1972Donald FagenH Gang5:15Morph The Cat22006209
1973Donald FagenWhat I Do6:02Morph The Cat32006197
1974Donald FagenBrite Nitegown7:16Morph The Cat42006215
1975Donald FagenThe Great Pagoda Of Funn7:39Morph The Cat52006213
1976Donald FagenSecurity Joan6:09Morph The Cat62006197
1977Donald FagenThe Night Belongs To Mona4:18Morph The Cat72006197
1978Donald FagenMary Shut The Garden Door6:29Morph The Cat82006217
1979Donald FagenMorph The Cat (Reprise)2:53Morph The Cat92006200
1980Donald FagenI.G.Y.6:04The Nightfly11982200
1981Donald FagenGreen Flower Street3:42The Nightfly21982203
1982Donald FagenRuby Baby5:39The Nightfly31982207
1983Donald FagenMaxine3:49The Nightfly41982190
1984Donald FagenNew Frontier6:21The Nightfly51982207
1985Donald FagenThe Nightfly5:47The Nightfly61982190
1986Donald FagenThe Goodbye Look4:50The Nightfly71982216
1987Donald FagenWalk Between Raindrops2:38The Nightfly81982199
1988Donald NovisLove Is A Song (Bambi 1942)2:09Classic Disney, Vol. 1231995126
1989Donald Novis And The Disney ChorusLooking For Romance (I Bring You A Song) (Bambi 1942)2:09Classic Disney, Vol. 4231997126
1990The DonaysDevil In His Heart2:36The American Roots Of The British Invasion52002195
1991Donell JonesU Know What's Up4:02Save The Last Dance (OST)62000184
1992Donell JonesShorty Got Her Eyes On Me3:03The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)162003250
1993Donell JonesU Know What's Up4:01Where I Wanna Be11999185
1994Donell JonesShorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)3:12Where I Wanna Be21999213
1995Donell JonesWhere I Wanna Be4:13Where I Wanna Be31999221
1996Donell JonesHave You Seen Her3:42Where I Wanna Be41999221
1997Donell JonesThis Luv4:09Where I Wanna Be51999181
1998Donell JonesAll Her Love4:35Where I Wanna Be61999204
1999Donell JonesIt's Alright4:23Where I Wanna Be71999200
2000Donell JonesThink About It (Don't Call My Crib)5:37Where I Wanna Be81999196
2001Donell JonesHe Won't Hurt You4:50Where I Wanna Be91999203
2002Donell JonesPushin'4:55Where I Wanna Be101999201
2003Donell JonesI Wanna Luv U4:18Where I Wanna Be111999215
2004Donell JonesWhen I Was Down3:47Where I Wanna Be121999177
2005Donell JonesU Know What's Up (Featuring Left-Eye)4:03Where I Wanna Be131999196
2006DonkeyDisco Inferno2:49Shrek 2 Party CD12004206
2007Donna AllenSerious (Vocal Extra Long Version)6:22Dance Classics Vol. 3162010208
2008Donna FargoDon't Be Angry3:0716 Top Country Hits Volume 261990207
2009Donna FargoThe Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.2:34Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)121996189
2010Donna FargoDaddy2:55Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)141996195
2011Donna FargoFunny Face2:41Country Complete (Disc 1)41997192
2012Donna FargoThe Happiest Girl In The Whole USA2:32Country Complete (Disc 3)51997203
2013Donna FargoAll That's Keeping Me Alive2:25Country Girls 161991202
2014Donna FargoSuperman2:32Country Girls 391995190
2015Donna FargoThe Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.2:39Country Superstars81992188
2016Donna FargoHappiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.2:35Stars Of Country22001178
2017Donna FargoFunny Face2:49Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1141990196
2018Donna HightowerThis World Today Is A Mess2:49Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 2)141997206
2019Donna HightowerIf You Hold My Hand3:30Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 2)171997198
2020Donna LewisWithout Love3:42Now In A Minute11996214
2021Donna LewisMother4:34Now In A Minute21996192
2022Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever3:59Now In A Minute31996172
2023Donna LewisNothing Ever Changes4:28Now In A Minute41996206
2024Donna LewisSimone4:27Now In A Minute51996190
2025Donna LewisLove And Affection3:56Now In A Minute61996216
2026Donna LewisAgenais4:12Now In A Minute71996188
2027Donna LewisFools Paradise4:02Now In A Minute81996197
2028Donna LewisLights Of Life4:51Now In A Minute91996183
2029Donna LewisSilent World2:55Now In A Minute101996163
2030Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever (Philly Remix)4:40Now In A Minute111996218
2031Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever3:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)162001195
2032Donna LewisChristmas Lights3:45You Sleigh Me!41995232
2033Donna Lewis, Richard MarxAt The Beginning3:40Anastasia (OST)81997198
2034Donna LynnMy Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut2:17Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers201993176
2035Donna McElroyBend Me, Shape Me4:36Gumby41989192
2036Donna StonemanLife's Railway To Heaven3:4650 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 1191992190
2037Donna StonemanUnder The Double Eagle1:4650 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3201992213
2038Donna Stoneman And The StonemansOrange Blossom Special (Instr.)3:30That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)201995215
2039Donna SummerHot Stuff5:15Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]11979231
2040Donna SummerBad Girls4:55Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]21979238
2041Donna SummerLove Will Always Find You3:59Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]31979233
2042Donna SummerWalk Away4:32Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]41979232
2043Donna SummerDim All the Lights4:41Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]51979229
2044Donna SummerJourney to the Centre of Your Heart4:36Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]61979240
2045Donna SummerOne Night in a Lifetime4:12Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]71979239
2046Donna SummerCan't Get to Sleep at Night4:48Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]81979233
2047Donna SummerOn My Honor3:33Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]91979203
2048Donna SummerThere Will Always Be a You5:05Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]101979194
2049Donna SummerAll Through the Night6:00Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]111979187
2050Donna SummerMy Baby Understands4:00Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]121979191
2051Donna SummerOur Love4:53Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]131979215
2052Donna SummerLucky4:37Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]141979213
2053Donna SummerSunset People6:29Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]151979209
2054Donna SummerBad Girls (Demo Version)3:59Bad Girls (Disc 1) [2003 Deluxe Edition]161979202
2055Donna SummerI Feel Love (12" Single)8:17Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]11979238
2056Donna SummerLast Dance (Promotional 12" Single)8:12Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]21979213
2057Donna SummerMacArthur Park Suite (12" Single)17:37Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]31979231
2058Donna SummerHot Stuff (12" Single)6:47Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]41979231
2059Donna SummerBad Girls (12" Single)4:57Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]51979233
2060Donna SummerWalk Away (Promotional 12" Single)7:16Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]61979129
2061Donna SummerDim All the Lights (Promotional 12" Single)7:14Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]71979225
2062Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet with Barbra Streisand) (12" Single)11:45Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]81979219
2063Donna SummerOn the Radio (Long Version)7:34Bad Girls (Disc 2) [2003 Deluxe Edition]91979216
2064Donna SummerHot Stuff5:14Casablanca Records Greatest Hits11996221
2065Donna SummerBad Girls4:58Casablanca Records Greatest Hits21996223
2066Donna SummerOn The Radio4:07Casablanca Records Greatest Hits61996205
2067Donna SummerI Feel Love3:49Casablanca Records Greatest Hits101996237
2068Donna SummerDim All The Lights4:07Casablanca Records Greatest Hits171996218
2069Donna SummerLast Dance3:18Casablanca Records Greatest Hits201996204
2070Donna SummerStamp Your Feet3:37Crayons12008239
2071Donna SummerMr. Music3:14Crayons22008226
2072Donna SummerCrayons (feat. Ziggy Marley)3:20Crayons32008220
2073Donna SummerThe Queen Is Back3:30Crayons42008229
2074Donna SummerFame (The Game)4:03Crayons52008214
2075Donna SummerSand On My Feet3:51Crayons62008206
2076Donna SummerDrivin' Down Brazil4:43Crayons72008202
2077Donna SummerI'm A Fire7:10Crayons82008213
2078Donna SummerSlide Over Backwards4:11Crayons92008183
2079Donna SummerScience Of Love3:48Crayons102008221
2080Donna SummerBe Myself Again4:19Crayons112008161
2081Donna SummerBring Down The Reign4:33Crayons122008199
2082Donna SummerHot Stuff3:50Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 1) (Gotta Go Disco)11995227
2083Donna SummerShe Works Hard For The Money5:17Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 1) (Gotta Go Disco)121995226
2084Donna SummerLast Dance3:17Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 2) (T.G.I. Disco)121995205
2085Donna SummerI Feel Love5:05Disco Classics (Disc 1)22004249
2086Donna SummerHot Stuff4:50Disco Classics (Disc 2)32004233
2087Donna SummerBack Off Boogaloo3:42Disco Fever (Disc 3)121997199
2088Donna SummerHot Stuff6:41Disco Nights, Vol. 8: Dance Floor Hits81995229
2089Donna SummerShe Works Hard For The Money5:20Disco Nights, Vol. 8: Dance Floor Hits111995229
2090Donna SummerMelody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved)4:17Endless Summer [EU]11994192
2091Donna SummerLove To Love You Baby3:25Endless Summer [EU]21994221
2092Donna SummerCould It Be Magic3:56Endless Summer [EU]31994204
2093Donna SummerI Feel Love3:48Endless Summer [EU]41994238
2094Donna SummerLove's Unkind4:29Endless Summer [EU]51994220
2095Donna SummerI Love You3:21Endless Summer [EU]61994222
2096Donna SummerLast Dance3:21Endless Summer [EU]71994202
2097Donna SummerMacArthur Park3:59Endless Summer [EU]81994217
2098Donna SummerHot Stuff3:51Endless Summer [EU]91994227
2099Donna SummerBad Girls3:57Endless Summer [EU]101994223
2100Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)4:47Endless Summer [EU]111994214
2101Donna SummerOn The Radio4:06Endless Summer [EU]121994206
2102Donna SummerLove Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)4:22Endless Summer [EU]131994215
2103Donna SummerState Of Independence4:27Endless Summer [EU]141994212
2104Donna SummerShe Works Hard For The Money4:35Endless Summer [EU]151994215
2105Donna SummerUnconditional Love3:58Endless Summer [EU]161994221
2106Donna SummerThis Time I Know It's For Real3:40Endless Summer [EU]171994220
2107Donna SummerI Don't Wanna Get Hurt3:28Endless Summer [EU]181994206
2108Donna SummerAny Way At All4:14Endless Summer [EU]191994201
2109Donna SummerMelody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved)4:17Endless Summer [US]11994200
2110Donna SummerLove To Love You Baby3:25Endless Summer [US]21994224
2111Donna SummerCould It Be Magic3:56Endless Summer [US]31994206
2112Donna SummerI Feel Love3:49Endless Summer [US]41994236
2113Donna SummerLast Dance3:21Endless Summer [US]51994203
2114Donna SummerMacarthur Park3:59Endless Summer [US]61994216
2115Donna SummerHeaven Knows3:23Endless Summer [US]71994215
2116Donna SummerHot Stuff3:51Endless Summer [US]81994228
2117Donna SummerBad Girls3:56Endless Summer [US]91994226
2118Donna SummerDim All The Lights4:05Endless Summer [US]101994222
2119Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)4:47Endless Summer [US]111994216
2120Donna SummerOn The Radio4:05Endless Summer [US]121994208
2121Donna SummerThe Wanderer3:47Endless Summer [US]131994198
2122Donna SummerLove Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)4:22Endless Summer [US]141994218
2123Donna SummerState Of Independance4:27Endless Summer [US]151994215
2124Donna SummerShe Works Hard For The Money4:35Endless Summer [US]161994214
2125Donna SummerThis Time I Know It's For Real3:39Endless Summer [US]171994211
2126Donna SummerAny Way At All4:15Endless Summer [US]181994204
2127Donna SummerHighway Runner3:25Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)161982216
2128Donna SummerBad Girls3:55Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)151989224
2129Donna SummerRomeo3:13Flashdance (OST)71983211
2130Donna SummerOn The Radio (From The Motion Picture Foxes)4:01Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II1 212
2131Donna SummerLove to Love You Baby4:15Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II2 222
2132Donna SummerTry Me, I Know We Can Make It3:18Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II3 219
2133Donna SummerI Feel Love3:21Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II4 240
2134Donna SummerOur Love3:45Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II5 208
2135Donna SummerI Remember Yesterday4:45Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II6 221
2136Donna SummerI Love You3:11Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II7 211
2137Donna SummerHeaven Knows3:31Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II8 218
2138Donna SummerLast Dance4:56Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II9 209
2139Donna SummerMacArthur Park3:55Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II10 220
2140Donna SummerHot Stuff2:55Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II11 222
2141Donna SummerBad Girls3:05Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II12 226
2142Donna SummerDim All The Lights4:11Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II13 222
2143Donna SummerSunset People4:32Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II14 201
2144Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (feat. Barbra Streisand)11:43Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II15 212
2145Donna SummerOn The Radio (Long Version)5:51Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes I & II16 202
2146Donna SummerI Remember Yesterday4:45I Remember Yesterday11977217
2147Donna SummerLove's Unkind4:26I Remember Yesterday21977220
2148Donna SummerBack In Love Again3:55I Remember Yesterday31977215
2149Donna SummerI Remember Yesterday (Reprise)3:04I Remember Yesterday41977216
2150Donna SummerBlack Lady3:49I Remember Yesterday51977218
2151Donna SummerTake Me5:03I Remember Yesterday61977222
2152Donna SummerCan't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over4:25I Remember Yesterday71977195
2153Donna SummerI Feel Love5:55I Remember Yesterday81977238
2154Donna SummerLove To Love You Baby16:52Love To Love You Baby11975221
2155Donna SummerFull Of Emptiness2:31Love To Love You Baby21975197
2156Donna SummerNeed-A-Man Blues4:46Love To Love You Baby31975217
2157Donna SummerWhispering Waves5:01Love To Love You Baby41975191
2158Donna SummerPandora's Box5:02Love To Love You Baby51975210
2159Donna SummerFull Of Emptiness (Reprise)2:23Love To Love You Baby61975198
2160Donna SummerI Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix)15:52Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 1)52001219
2161Donna SummerHot Stuff3:49Pure Disco41996231
2162Donna SummerI Feel Love3:56Pure Disco201996205
2163Donna SummerLast Dance3:19Pure Disco 2201997220
2164Donna SummerCould It Be Magic3:56Pure Disco 391998212
2165Donna SummerState Of Independence4:24Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man142001219
2166Donna SummerI Feel Love3:44Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas62000237
2167Donna SummerHot Stuff3:49Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)62000230
2168Donna SummerThe Wanderer3:50Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980131995196
2169Donna SummerOn The Radio4:06Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-1982101995204
2170Donna SummerLove To Love You Baby4:57Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976111989238
2171Donna SummerI Feel Love5:56Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1976-197712 228
2172Donna SummerLast Dance3:21Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-19793 195
2173Donna SummerLast Dance3:22Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)11993201
2174Donna SummerI Feel Love8:13The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles11987237
2175Donna SummerWith Your Love6:06The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles21987223
2176Donna SummerWith Your Love6:06The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles21987223
2177Donna SummerLast Dance8:10The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles31987212
2178Donna SummerMacArthur Park Suite (MacArthur Park - One Of A Kind - Heaven Knows - MacArthur Park (Reprise))17:47The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles41987226
2179Donna SummerHot Stuff6:40The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles51987224
2180Donna SummerWalk Away7:15The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles61987224
2181Donna SummerDim All The Lights7:09The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles71987221
2182Donna SummerNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)(feat. Barbra Streisand)11:43The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles81987209
2183Donna SummerI Feel Love5:55The Disco Box (Disc 2)101999254
2184Donna SummerBad Girls4:00The Disco Box (Disc 3)151999251
2185Donna SummerDream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love) [12" Extended Remix]9:18TM Century PrimeCuts Dance 561D52004165
2186Donna SummerCould It Be Magic5:15Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)62001219
2187Donnie BrooksMission Bell2:24The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance101991161
2188Donnie ElbertWhere Did Our Love Go3:13Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)14 218
2189Donnie ElbertWhere Did Our Love Go3:24Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 6111991205
2190Donnie IrisAh! Leah!3:45100% Pure Rock71994212
2191Donnie IrisAh! Leah!3:43Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)172002217
2192Donnie IrisAh! Leah!3:42The Best Of - The Millennium Collection12001216
2193Donnie IrisI Can't Hear You3:35The Best Of - The Millennium Collection22001205
2194Donnie IrisAgnes3:27The Best Of - The Millennium Collection32001224
2195Donnie IrisSweet Merilee3:32The Best Of - The Millennium Collection42001211
2196Donnie IrisLove Is Like A Rock3:27The Best Of - The Millennium Collection52001226
2197Donnie IrisThat's The Way Love Ought To Be4:17The Best Of - The Millennium Collection62001224
2198Donnie IrisMy Girl3:56The Best Of - The Millennium Collection72001228
2199Donnie IrisTough World3:47The Best Of - The Millennium Collection82001207
2200Donnie IrisThis Time It Must Be Love4:19The Best Of - The Millennium Collection92001218
2201Donnie IrisDo You Compute?3:40The Best Of - The Millennium Collection102001211
2202Donnie IrisShe's So European3:25The Best Of - The Millennium Collection112001228
2203Donnie IrisThe Rapper (Live)3:43The Best Of - The Millennium Collection122001216
2204Donny & Marie OsmondDeep Purple2:48Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection81995219
2205Donny & Marie OsmondMorning Side Of The Mountain3:04Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection171995231
2206Donny & Marie OsmondI'm Leaving It All Up To You2:55Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection221995221
2207Donny & Marie OsmondI'm Leaving It All Up To You2:48The Osmonds - The Singles152002190
2208Donny & Marie OsmondIt Takes Two2:47The Osmonds - The Singles162002198
2209Donny & Marie OsmondMorning Side Of The Mountain3:03The Osmonds - The Singles182002197
2210Donny & Marie OsmondMake The World Go Away2:46The Osmonds - The Singles212002179
2211Donny & Marie OsmondDeep Purple2:45The Osmonds - The Singles232002190
2212Donny HathawayMaude ("And Then There's Maude")0:49All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)132005124
2213Donny HathawayThe Ghetto6:53Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)191991207
2214Donny HathawayThe Ghetto6:52Blaxploitation: Soul, Jazz & Funk11996208
2215Donny HathawayThis Christmas3:14The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1201994255
2216Donny Hathaway & Margie JosephCome Back Charleston Blue2:06Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 2) - Gone Hollywood72001195
2217Donny OsmondSoldier of Love3:51Absolute 80s (Disc 2)61999188
2218Donny OsmondAny Dream Will Do3:55Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold52002192
2219Donny OsmondPuppy Love3:05Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection11995228
2220Donny OsmondGo Away Little Girl2:32Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection21995217
2221Donny OsmondSweet And Innocent2:56Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection31995249
2222Donny OsmondI've Got Plans For You2:17Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection41995238
2223Donny OsmondToo Young3:09Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection51995241
2224Donny OsmondIf Someone Ever Breaks Your Heart3:03Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection61995245
2225Donny OsmondHey Girl3:13Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection71995227
2226Donny OsmondOurs2:49Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection91995246
2227Donny OsmondA Million To One3:01Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection101995254
2228Donny OsmondWhere Did All The Good Times Go3:09Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection111995210
2229Donny OsmondAre You Lonesome Tonight?3:09Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection121995239
2230Donny OsmondWhen Somebody Cares For You3:12Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection131995229
2231Donny OsmondC'mon Marianne2:23Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection141995244
2232Donny OsmondLast Of The Red Hot Lovers2:27Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection151995224
2233Donny OsmondWhy2:45Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection161995231
2234Donny OsmondTake Me Back Again2:53Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection181995221
2235Donny OsmondLonely Boy2:56Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection191995260
2236Donny OsmondYoung Love2:32Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection201995240
2237Donny OsmondA Day Late And A Dollar Short2:22Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection211995238
2238Donny OsmondThe Twelfth Of Never2:44Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection231995228
2239Donny OsmondSacred Emotion5:11Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection241995242
2240Donny OsmondSoldier Of Love3:49Donny Osmond - 25 Hits Special Collection251995232
2241Donny OsmondGo Away Little Girl2:31Teen Idols Of The 70's201999187
2242Donny Osmond And ChorusI'll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan 1998)3:22Classic Disney, Vol. 511998187
2243Donny Osmond And ChorusI'll Make A Man Out Of You3:22Mulan (OST)31998187
2244Donny WillerLover's Dream3:19Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)152001191
2245DonovanMellow Yellow3:48AM Gold: The '60s Generation131995186
2246DonovanCatch The Wind2:17Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)91998170
2247DonovanMellow Yellow3:46Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On51988193
2248DonovanSunshine Superman4:33Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)111992227
2249DonovanAtlantis5:04Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 3)161997202
2250DonovanMellow Yellow3:42The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties8 135
2251DonovanMellow Yellow3:41The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)161992208
2252DonovanAtlantis4:59The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)101992212
2253DonovanMellow Yellow3:42The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)111992215
2254DonovanCatch The Wind2:20The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)181997180
2255DonovanLondon Town4:08Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)11992127
2256DonovanCodine4:49Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)21992129
2257DonovanCatch The Wind2:55Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)31992176
2258DonovanUniversal Soldier2:13Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)41992174
2259DonovanColours2:44Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)51992202
2260DonovanSunshine Superman3:15Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)61992147
2261DonovanSeason Of The Witch4:57Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)71992134
2262DonovanThe Trip4:35Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)81992130
2263DonovanGuinevere3:41Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)91992128
2264DonovanBreezes Of Patchulie4:35Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)101992133
2265DonovanMuseum2:52Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)111992134
2266DonovanSuper Lungs3:15Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)121992130
2267DonovanMellow Yellow3:42Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)131992127
2268DonovanWinter In The Sun4:31Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)141992129
2269DonovanSand And Foam3:19Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)151992127
2270DonovanSunny South Kensington3:49Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)161992136
2271DonovanEpistle To Dippy3:11Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)171992129
2272DonovanThere Is A Mountain2:35Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)181992127
2273DonovanWear Your Love Like Heaven2:25Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)191992184
2274DonovanOh Gosh1:47Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)201992192
2275DonovanThe Tinker And The Crab2:54Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)211992211
2276DonovanPoor Cow2:56Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 1)221992136
2277DonovanHurdy Gurdy Man3:19Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)11992209
2278DonovanJennifer Juniper2:41Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)21992191
2279DonovanTeen Angel2:19Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)31992127
2280DonovanLalena2:59Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)41992126
2281DonovanTo Susan On The West Coast Waiting3:14Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)51992194
2282DonovanAtlantis5:02Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)61992201
2283DonovanBarabajagal3:20Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)71992217
2284DonovanHappiness Runs3:27Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)81992194
2285DonovanCelia Of The Seals3:01Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)91992200
2286DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi2:55Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)101992211
2287DonovanClaira Clairvoyant2:50Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)111992199
2288DonovanRoots Of Oak5:05Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)121992201
2289DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi4:44Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)131992186
2290DonovanMaria Magenta2:12Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)141992196
2291DonovanCosmic Wheels4:03Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)151992200
2292DonovanI Like You4:36Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)161992192
2293DonovanYellow Star3:06Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)171992201
2294DonovanRock And Roll Souljer3:50Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)181992204
2295DonovanThe Quest3:30Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)191992176
2296DonovanAge Of Treason4:21Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)201992200
2297DonovanWhat The Soul Desires2:35Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)211992191
2298DonovanDark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel3:46Troubadour - The Definitive Collection - 1964-1976 (Disc 2)221992199
2299DonovanAtlantis5:00Woodstock Memories71995200
2300The Doobie BrothersSomething You Said4:48Brotherhood11991233
2301The Doobie BrothersIs Love Enough4:40Brotherhood21991216
2302The Doobie BrothersDangerous5:06Brotherhood31991229
2303The Doobie BrothersOur Love4:32Brotherhood41991196
2304The Doobie BrothersDivided Highway3:50Brotherhood51991225
2305The Doobie BrothersUnder The Spell4:23Brotherhood61991215
2306The Doobie BrothersExcited5:02Brotherhood71991223
2307The Doobie BrothersThis Train I'm On3:55Brotherhood81991222
2308The Doobie BrothersShowdown4:20Brotherhood91991201
2309The Doobie BrothersRollin' On4:16Brotherhood101991212
2310The Doobie BrothersIt Keeps You Runnin4:19Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)1 208
2311The Doobie BrothersThe Doctor3:48Cycles11989209
2312The Doobie BrothersOne Chain (Don't Make No Prison)4:06Cycles21989201
2313The Doobie BrothersTake Me to the Highway3:22Cycles31989197
2314The Doobie BrothersSouth of the Border4:22Cycles41989204
2315The Doobie BrothersTime Is Here and Gone3:52Cycles51989204
2316The Doobie BrothersNeed a Little Taste of Love4:07Cycles61989212
2317The Doobie BrothersI Can Read Your Mind4:32Cycles71989205
2318The Doobie BrothersTonight I'm Coming Through (the Border)4:32Cycles81989195
2319The Doobie BrothersWrong Number4:11Cycles91989195
2320The Doobie BrothersToo High a Price4:13Cycles101989195
2321The Doobie BrothersBlack Water4:17Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)121989209
2322The Doobie BrothersIt Keeps You Runnin'4:21Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)121994210
2323Doobie BrothersLong Train Runnin'3:27Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)41998215
2324The Doobie BrothersYou're Made That Way3:36Livin' on the Fault Line11977204
2325The Doobie BrothersEchoes of Love3:03Livin' on the Fault Line21977181
2326The Doobie BrothersLittle Darling (I Need You)3:29Livin' on the Fault Line31977201
2327The Doobie BrothersYou Belong to Me3:07Livin' on the Fault Line41977187
2328The Doobie BrothersLivin' on the Fault Line4:48Livin' on the Fault Line51977202
2329The Doobie BrothersNothin' but a Heartache3:11Livin' on the Fault Line61977200
2330The Doobie BrothersChinatown5:00Livin' on the Fault Line71977197
2331The Doobie BrothersThere's a Light4:17Livin' on the Fault Line81977200
2332The Doobie BrothersNeed a Lady3:27Livin' on the Fault Line91977197
2333The Doobie BrothersLarry the Logger Two-Step1:18Livin' on the Fault Line101977214
2334The Doobie BrothersHere To Love You4:03Minute By Minute11978206
2335The Doobie BrothersWhat A Fool Believes3:46Minute By Minute21978208
2336The Doobie BrothersMinute By Minute3:29Minute By Minute31978199
2337The Doobie BrothersDependin' On You3:48Minute By Minute41978198
2338The Doobie BrothersDon't Stop To Watch The Wheels3:29Minute By Minute51978195
2339The Doobie BrothersOpen Your Eyes3:19Minute By Minute61978202
2340The Doobie BrothersSweet Feelin'2:44Minute By Minute71978201
2341The Doobie BrothersSteamer Lane Breakdown3:27Minute By Minute81978224
2342The Doobie BrothersYou Never Change3:29Minute By Minute91978218
2343The Doobie BrothersHow Do The Fools Survive?5:17Minute By Minute101978211
2344The Doobie BrothersDedicate This Heart4:10One Step Closer11980198
2345The Doobie BrothersReal Love4:23One Step Closer21980186
2346The Doobie BrothersNo Stoppin' Us Now4:43One Step Closer31980214
2347The Doobie BrothersThank You Love6:23One Step Closer41980214
2348The Doobie BrothersOne Step Closer4:13One Step Closer51980199
2349The Doobie BrothersKeep This Train a-Rollin'3:32One Step Closer61980197
2350The Doobie BrothersJust in Time2:45One Step Closer71980205
2351The Doobie BrothersSouth Bay Strut4:04One Step Closer81980195
2352The Doobie BrothersOne by One3:49One Step Closer91980196
2353The Doobie BrothersReal Love4:20Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-1982171995207
2354The Doobie BrothersTakin' It To The Streets3:48Sounds Of The Seventies - 197621989207
2355The Doobie BrothersSweet Maxine4:27Stampede11975212
2356The Doobie BrothersNeal's Fandango3:10Stampede21975208
2357The Doobie BrothersTexas Lullaby5:02Stampede31975204
2358The Doobie BrothersMusic Man3:34Stampede41975209
2359The Doobie BrothersSlat Key Soquel Rag1:54Stampede51975205
2360The Doobie BrothersTake Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)3:42Stampede61975202
2361The Doobie BrothersI Cheat the Hangman6:36Stampede71975205
2362The Doobie BrothersPrécis0:59Stampede81975180
2363The Doobie BrothersRainy Day Crossroad Blues3:46Stampede91975215
2364The Doobie BrothersI Been Workin' On You4:25Stampede101975201
2365The Doobie BrothersDouble Dealin' Four Flusher3:29Stampede111975219
2366The Doobie BrothersWheels of Fortune4:57Takin' It to the Streets11976211
2367The Doobie BrothersTakin' It to the Streets3:59Takin' It to the Streets21976193
2368The Doobie Brothers8th Avenue Shuffle4:44Takin' It to the Streets31976217
2369The Doobie BrothersLosin' End3:49Takin' It to the Streets41976199
2370The Doobie BrothersRio3:51Takin' It to the Streets51976212
2371The Doobie BrothersFor Someone Special5:05Takin' It to the Streets61976204
2372The Doobie BrothersIt Keeps You Runnin'4:20Takin' It to the Streets71976203
2373The Doobie BrothersTurn It Loose3:57Takin' It to the Streets81976219
2374The Doobie BrothersCarry Me Away4:07Takin' It to the Streets91976206
2375The Doobie BrothersLong Train Running (Remix)3:26The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)61994203
2376The Doobie BrothersNatural Thing3:19The Captain And Me11973202
2377The Doobie BrothersLong Train Runnin'3:28The Captain And Me21973203
2378The Doobie BrothersChina Grove3:17The Captain And Me31973211
2379The Doobie BrothersDark Eyed Cajun Woman4:14The Captain And Me41973209
2380The Doobie BrothersClear As The Driven Snow5:19The Captain And Me51973206
2381The Doobie BrothersWithout You5:01The Captain And Me61973224
2382The Doobie BrothersSouth City Midnight Lady5:29The Captain And Me71973213
2383The Doobie BrothersEvil Woman3:20The Captain And Me81973214
2384The Doobie BrothersBusted Down Around O'Connelly Corners0:48The Captain And Me91973186
2385The Doobie BrothersUkiah3:01The Captain And Me101973213
2386The Doobie BrothersThe Captain And Me4:48The Captain And Me111973210
2387The Doobie BrothersNobody3:46The Doobie Brothers11971212
2388The Doobie BrothersSlippery St. Paul2:15The Doobie Brothers21971202
2389The Doobie BrothersGreenwood Creek3:05The Doobie Brothers31971209
2390The Doobie BrothersIt Won't Be Right2:40The Doobie Brothers41971208
2391The Doobie BrothersTravelin' Man4:27The Doobie Brothers51971199
2392The Doobie BrothersFeelin' Down Farther4:19The Doobie Brothers61971201
2393The Doobie BrothersThe Master3:31The Doobie Brothers71971193
2394The Doobie BrothersGrowin' a Little Each Day3:22The Doobie Brothers81971204
2395The Doobie BrothersBeehive State2:44The Doobie Brothers91971213
2396The Doobie BrothersCloser Every Day4:21The Doobie Brothers101971199
2397The Doobie BrothersChicago1:42The Doobie Brothers111971184
2398The Doobie BrothersTake Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)3:32The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)81999211
2399The Doobie BrothersMinute By Minute3:27The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)11999199
2400The Doobie BrothersWhat A Fool Believes3:41The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)31999208
2401Doobie BrothersSouth City Midnight Angel5:29The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)15 212
2402Doobie BrothersListen To The Music3:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)22001219
2403Doobie BrothersLong Train Runnin'3:27Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)32001218
2404Doobie BrothersWhat A Fool Believes3:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)162001222
2405The Doobie BrothersListen To The Music4:48Toulouse Street11972211
2406The Doobie BrothersRockin' Down The Highway3:23Toulouse Street21972202
2407The Doobie BrothersMamaloi2:30Toulouse Street31972204
2408The Doobie BrothersToulouse Street3:21Toulouse Street41972199
2409The Doobie BrothersCotton Mouth3:43Toulouse Street51972203
2410The Doobie BrothersDon't Start Me To Talkin'2:44Toulouse Street61972195
2411The Doobie BrothersJesus Is Just Alright4:35Toulouse Street71972210
2412The Doobie BrothersWhite Sun2:31Toulouse Street81972207
2413The Doobie BrothersDisciple6:45Toulouse Street91972220
2414The Doobie BrothersSnake Man1:35Toulouse Street101972219
2415The Doobie BrothersWhat A Fool Believes3:44Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love162003213
2416The Doobie BrothersSong To See You Through4:07What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits11974198
2417The Doobie BrothersSpirit3:16What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits21974214
2418The Doobie BrothersPursuit On 53rd St.2:35What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits31974206
2419The Doobie BrothersBlack Water4:21What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits41974205
2420The Doobie BrothersEyes Of Silver3:00What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits51974211
2421The Doobie BrothersRoad Angel4:48What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits61974211
2422The Doobie BrothersYou Just Can't Stop It3:31What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits71974208
2423The Doobie BrothersTell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)3:55What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits81974207
2424The Doobie BrothersDown In The Track4:17What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits91974206
2425The Doobie BrothersAnother Park, Another Sunday4:31What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits101974203
2426The Doobie BrothersDaughters Of The Sea4:34What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits111974211
2427The Doobie BrothersFlying Cloud1:59What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits121974208
2428Dooley WilsonAs Time Goes By3:00Your Hit Parade 1943241991128
2429DooleysLove Of My Life3:05Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)112001216
2430DoopDoop3:28The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)41994225
2431DoopDoop3:03Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)132001145
2432The DoorsGloria6:18Alive She Cried11983210
2433The DoorsLight My Fire9:49Alive She Cried21983212
2434The DoorsYou Make Me Real3:04Alive She Cried31983206
2435The DoorsTexas Radio & The Big Beat1:52Alive She Cried41983157
2436The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:17Alive She Cried51983179
2437The DoorsLittle Red Rooster7:05Alive She Cried61983195
2438The DoorsMoonlight Drive5:32Alive She Cried71983208
2439The DoorsFive to One (live)7:29Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net11997128
2440The DoorsQueen of the Highway (alt. version)3:32Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net21997182
2441The DoorsHyacinth House (demo)2:41Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net31997130
2442The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You (demo)2:03Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net41997128
2443The DoorsWho Scared You3:18Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net51997201
2444The DoorsBlack Train Song (live)12:25Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net61997179
2445The DoorsEnd Of The Night (demo)3:02Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net71997126
2446The DoorsWhiskey, Mystics And Men2:22Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net81997184
2447The DoorsI Will Never Be Untrue (live)3:58Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net91997187
2448The DoorsMoonlight Drive (demo)2:32Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net101997127
2449The DoorsMoonlight Drive (Sunset Sound)2:43Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net111997208
2450The DoorsRock Is Dead16:38Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net121997196
2451The DoorsAlbinoni's Adagio in G Minor4:39Box Set (Disc 1) - Without A Safety Net131997203
2452The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:19Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York11997189
2453The DoorsShip Of Fools5:20Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York21997183
2454The DoorsPeace Frog3:15Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York31997181
2455The DoorsBlue Sunday2:32Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York41997172
2456The DoorsThe Celebration Of The Lizard17:18Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York51997182
2457The DoorsGloria7:13Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York61997205
2458The DoorsCrawling King Snake6:12Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York71997183
2459The DoorsMoney2:48Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York81997182
2460The DoorsPoontang Blues-Build Me A Woman-Sunday Trucker3:34Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York91997188
2461The DoorsThe End17:58Box Set (Disc 2) - Live In New York101997188
2462The DoorsHello To The Cities0:55Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be11997159
2463The DoorsBreak On Through4:44Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be21997194
2464The DoorsRock Me6:34Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be31997221
2465The DoorsMoney2:59Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be41997230
2466The DoorsSomeday Soon3:44Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be51997222
2467The DoorsGo Insane2:30Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be61997129
2468The DoorsMental Floss3:39Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be71997166
2469The DoorsSummer's Almost Gone2:16Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be81997126
2470The DoorsAdolph Hitler0:12Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be91997156
2471The DoorsHello, I Love You2:30Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be101997142
2472The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:55Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be111997222
2473The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:18Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be121997210
2474The DoorsThe Soft Parade10:06Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be131997178
2475The DoorsTightrope Ride4:18Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be141997218
2476The DoorsOrange County Suite5:42Box Set (Disc 3) - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be151997195
2477The DoorsLight My Fire7:08Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites11997222
2478The DoorsPeace Frog2:59Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites21997211
2479The DoorsWishful Sinful2:58Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites31997208
2480The DoorsTake It As It Comes2:17Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites41997217
2481The DoorsL.A. Woman7:51Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites51997202
2482The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:24Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites61997189
2483The DoorsLand Ho!4:08Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites71997214
2484The DoorsYes, the River Knows2:37Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites81997193
2485The DoorsShaman's Blues4:50Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites91997207
2486The DoorsYou're Lost Little Girl3:02Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites101997198
2487The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:17Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites111997207
2488The DoorsWhen the Music's Over10:59Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites121997195
2489The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:21Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites131997197
2490The DoorsWild Child2:37Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites141997186
2491The DoorsRiders On the Storm7:09Box Set (Disc 4) - Band Favorites151997209
2492The DoorsBreak On Through (To The Other Side)2:29Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)151994203
2493The DoorsThe Changeling4:21L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]11971218
2494The DoorsLover Her Madly3:20L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]21971215
2495The DoorsBeen Down So Long4:41L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]31971189
2496The DoorsCars Hiss By My Window4:12L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]41971191
2497The DoorsL.A. Woman7:52L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]51971192
2498The DoorsL'America4:38L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]61971184
2499The DoorsHyacinth House3:12L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]71971181
2500The DoorsCrawling King Snake5:00L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]81971175
2501The DoorsThe WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)4:15L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]91971193
2502The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:19L.A. Woman [1999 Remaster]101971213
2503The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:04Morrison Hotel11970213
2504The DoorsWaiting For The Sun3:59Morrison Hotel21970217
2505The DoorsYou Make Me Real2:52Morrison Hotel31970225
2506The DoorsPeace Frog2:49Morrison Hotel41970216
2507The DoorsBlue Sunday2:12Morrison Hotel51970192
2508The DoorsShip Of Fools3:10Morrison Hotel61970188
2509The DoorsLand Ho!4:10Morrison Hotel71970212
2510The DoorsThe Spy4:17Morrison Hotel81970187
2511The DoorsQueen Of The Highway2:47Morrison Hotel91970215
2512The DoorsIndian Summer2:36Morrison Hotel101970191
2513The DoorsMaggie M'Gill4:23Morrison Hotel111970210
2514The DoorsL.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)4:15Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club52005251
2515The DoorsStrange Days3:08Strange Days11967200
2516The DoorsYou're Lost Little Girl3:02Strange Days21967184
2517The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:15Strange Days31967187
2518The DoorsUnhappy Girl1:58Strange Days41967190
2519The DoorsHorse Latitudes1:34Strange Days51967201
2520The DoorsMoonlight Drive3:03Strange Days61967182
2521The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11Strange Days71967196
2522The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You2:28Strange Days81967185
2523The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:25Strange Days91967188
2524The DoorsWhen The Music's Over10:55Strange Days101967188
2525The DoorsBreak on Through2:27The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)11985212
2526The DoorsLight My Fire7:06The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)21985213
2527The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:33The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)31985204
2528The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)41985191
2529The DoorsStrange Days3:07The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)51985187
2530The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:16The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)61985196
2531The DoorsAlabama Song3:20The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)71985205
2532The DoorsFive to One4:26The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)81985206
2533The DoorsWaiting for the Sun3:59The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)91985216
2534The DoorsSpanish Caravan2:58The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)101985218
2535The DoorsWhen the Music's Over10:56The Best of The Doors (Disc 1)111985184
2536The DoorsHello, I Love You2:14The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)11985216
2537The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:03The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)21985212
2538The DoorsL.A. Woman7:49The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)31985187
2539The DoorsRiders on the Storm7:11The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)41985210
2540The DoorsTouch Me3:12The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)51985217
2541The DoorsLove Her Madly3:17The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)61985208
2542The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:23The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)71985198
2543The DoorsThe End11:42The Best of The Doors (Disc 2)81985210
2544The DoorsThe Crystal Method Vs. The Doors (Roadhouse Blues Remix)4:57The Crystal Method - Community Service II52005193
2545The DoorsBreak On Through (To The Other Side)2:29The Doors11967196
2546The DoorsSoul Kitchen3:35The Doors21967199
2547The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:34The Doors31967199
2548The DoorsTwentieth Century Fox2:33The Doors41967200
2549The DoorsAlabama Song (Whisky Bar)3:20The Doors51967197
2550The DoorsLight My Fire7:08The Doors61967194
2551The DoorsBack Door Man3:34The Doors71967204
2552The DoorsI Looked At You2:22The Doors81967196
2553The DoorsEnd Of The Night2:52The Doors91967198
2554The DoorsTake It As It Comes2:17The Doors101967200
2555The DoorsThe End11:41The Doors111967205
2556The DoorsTell All The People3:21The Soft Parade11969221
2557The DoorsTouch Me3:12The Soft Parade21969232
2558The DoorsShaman's Blues4:48The Soft Parade31969211
2559The DoorsDo It3:09The Soft Parade41969199
2560The DoorsEasy Ride2:43The Soft Parade51969202
2561The DoorsWild Child2:36The Soft Parade61969206
2562The DoorsRunnin' Blue2:27The Soft Parade71969219
2563The DoorsWishful Sinful2:58The Soft Parade81969217
2564The DoorsThe Soft Parade8:36The Soft Parade91969211
2565The DoorsHello, I Love You2:16Waiting For The Sun11968210
2566The DoorsLove Street2:52Waiting For The Sun21968187
2567The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth3:55Waiting For The Sun31968208
2568The DoorsSummer's Almost Gone3:22Waiting For The Sun41968199
2569The DoorsWintertime Love1:54Waiting For The Sun51968195
2570The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:25Waiting For The Sun61968181
2571The DoorsSpanish Caravan3:00Waiting For The Sun71968205
2572The DoorsMy Wild Love3:01Waiting For The Sun81968201
2573The DoorsWe Could Be So Good Together2:24Waiting For The Sun91968195
2574The DoorsYes, The River Knows2:36Waiting For The Sun101968194
2575The DoorsFive To One4:24Waiting For The Sun111968200
2576The DoorsTake It As It Comes2:14Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)172009140
2577Dora LuzYou Belong To My Heart (The Three Caballeros 1945)2:21Classic Disney, Vol. 5201998127
2578Doris DayIt's Magic3:26A Day at the Movies11988127
2579Doris DayMy Dream Is Yours3:10A Day at the Movies21988126
2580Doris DayIt's a Great Feeling2:32A Day at the Movies31988127
2581Doris DayWith a Song in My Heart3:10A Day at the Movies41988133
2582Doris DayTea for Two3:11A Day at the Movies51988126
2583Doris DayTen Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-Two Sheep3:02A Day at the Movies61988127
2584Doris DayI Love the Way You Say Goodnight2:50A Day at the Movies71988126
2585Doris DayOn Moonlight Bay2:32A Day at the Movies81988125
2586Doris DayI'll See You in My Dreams3:19A Day at the Movies91988126
2587Doris DayApril in Paris3:13A Day at the Movies101988126
2588Doris DayBy the Light of the Silvery Moon2:52A Day at the Movies111988128
2589Doris DaySecret Love3:43A Day at the Movies121988127
2590Doris DayThe Blue Bells of Broadway (Are Ringing Tonight)2:47A Day at the Movies131988136
2591Doris DayThere's a Rising Moon3:09A Day at the Movies141988126
2592Doris DayI'll Never Stop Loving You3:09A Day at the Movies151988126
2593Doris DayWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)2:03A Day at the Movies161988127
2594Doris DayWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)2:04More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)161999127
2595Doris DayOur Day Will Come2:42More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)71999197
2596Doris DayPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps2:32Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)171999191
2597Doris DayMove Over Darling2:35Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)31999208
2598Doris DayI've Grown Accustomed To His Face3:13Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)72001198
2599Doris DayPillow Talk2:11Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)42001198
2600Doris DayQue Sera, Sera (What Ever Will Be, Will Be)2:04Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits11990127
2601Doris DayPillow Talk2:11Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits21990129
2602Doris DayEverybody Loves A Lover2:44Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits31990128
2603Doris DaySecret Love3:40Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits41990127
2604Doris DayA Guy Is A Guy2:40Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits51990127
2605Doris DayTea For Two3:09Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits61990127
2606Doris DayReady, Willing & Able2:27Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits71990127
2607Doris DayTunnel Of Love2:11Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits81990128
2608Doris DayTeacher's Pet2:35Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits91990127
2609Doris DayLullaby Of Broadway2:52Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits101990127
2610Doris DayMoonlight Bay2:29Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits111990127
2611Doris DayThree Coins In The Fountain3:16Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits121990127
2612Doris DayIf I Give My Heart To You2:50Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits131990127
2613Doris DayBy The Light Of The Silvery Moon2:52Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits141990127
2614Doris DayThe Black Hills Of Dakota3:00Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits151990127
2615Doris DayPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps2:32Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits161990127
2616Doris DayIt's Magic3:38Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits171990127
2617Doris DayQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars2:55Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits181990127
2618Doris DaySend Me No Flower2:12Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits191990127
2619Doris DaySentimental Journey3:44Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits201990127
2620Doris DayZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah1:58Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits211990126
2621Doris DaySingin' In The Rain2:37Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits221990127
2622Doris DayTwinkle Lullaby1:49Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits231990126
2623Doris Day(Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To) Shanghai2:21Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits241990127
2624Doris DayFly Me To The Moon2:33Pillow Talk, 25 Greatest Hits251990127
2625Doris DayPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)2:33Strictly Ballroom (OST)21992208
2626Doris DayWinter Wonderland2:57The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)91996180
2627Doris DayQue Sera Sera2:59The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)21997190
2628Doris DayEverybody Loves A Lover2:47The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)21997200
2629Doris DayMove Over Darling2:35The Hit Singles Collection11993129
2630Doris DayEverybody Loves A Lover2:43The Hit Singles Collection21993148
2631Doris DayA Very Precious Love3:05The Hit Singles Collection31993134
2632Doris DayLover Come Back2:17The Hit Singles Collection41993148
2633Doris DayThe Deadwook Stage3:13The Hit Singles Collection51993149
2634Doris DayIf I Give My Heart To You2:52The Hit Singles Collection61993158
2635Doris DayAnyway The Wind Blows2:23The Hit Singles Collection71993169
2636Doris DayIt's Magic3:38The Hit Singles Collection81993142
2637Doris DayThe Black Hills Of Dakota3:00The Hit Singles Collection91993150
2638Doris DayTeacher's Pet2:36The Hit Singles Collection101993161
2639Doris DayLove Me Or Leave Me2:15The Hit Singles Collection111993183
2640Doris DayPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps2:33The Hit Singles Collection121993192
2641Doris DaySecret Love3:42The Hit Singles Collection131993150
2642Doris DayWhatever Will Be Will Be2:06The Hit Singles Collection141993144
2643Doris DayMy Love And Devotion3:03The Hit Singles Collection151993141
2644Doris DayLet's Walk That-A-Way2:39The Hit Singles Collection161993137
2645Doris DayApril In Paris3:11The Hit Singles Collection171993135
2646Doris DayReady Willing2:26The Hit Singles Collection181993134
2647Doris DaySugarbush1:59The Hit Singles Collection191993135
2648Doris DayWhen I Fall In Love2:57The Hit Singles Collection201993130
2649Doris DayPillow Talk2:12The Hit Singles Collection211993215
2650Doris DayThe Sound Of Music2:52The Hit Singles Collection221993192
2651Doris DayLove Him2:20The Hit Singles Collection231993198
2652Doris DayI'll Never Stop Loving You3:05The Hit Singles Collection241993153
2653Doris DayBewitched2:43The Hit Singles Collection251993142
2654Doris DaySentimental Journey3:15The Hit Singles Collection261993144
2655Doris DayThe Christmas Waltz2:47The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6132001200
2656Doris DayHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas3:02Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy91998173
2657Doris DayToyland3:03Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer91998181
2658Doris DayI'll Never Stop Loving You3:04Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever241992128
2659Doris DayIt's Magic3:26Your Hit Parade 1948231990127
2660Doris DayAgain2:50Your Hit Parade 19493 128
2661Doris DayBewitched2:42Your Hit Parade 195018 128
2662Doris DayWhy Did I Tell You I Was Going To (Shanghai)2:24Your Hit Parade 1951231988127
2663Doris DayA Guy Is A Guy2:42Your Hit Parade 195221 128
2664Doris DaySecret Love3:44Your Hit Parade 1954121989128
2665Doris DayIf I Give My Heart To You2:52Your Hit Parade 1954201989126
2666Doris DayI'll Never Stop Loving You3:06Your Hit Parade 195518 126
2667Doris DayWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)2:06Your Hit Parade 19567 126
2668Doris DayEverybody Loves a Lover2:46Your Hit Parade 195881990128
2669Doris Day & Buddy ClarkLove Somebody3:02Your Hit Parade 194871990126
2670Doris Day & Frankie LaineSugarbush2:01Your Hit Parade 195213 128
2671Doris Day And Frankie LaineSugarbush2:00The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)11997131
2672Doris TroyJust One Look2:251963 - Still Rockin'8 125
2673Doris TroyJust One Look2:30Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)171991127
2674Doris TroyJust One Look2:28Mermaids (OST)71990131
2675Dorothy MooreMisty Blue3:35Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two211991197
2676Dorothy ShayFeudin' And Fightin'3:21Your Hit Parade 194781989128
2677Dorsey BurnetteBertha Lou2:34Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)222006139
2678Dós of SoulCome Around3:55The Nutty Professor (OST)71996186
2679Dottie WestHey Mr. Dream Maker4:00Country Girls 271991213
2680DoubleThe Captain Of Her Heart3:18More Summer81994224
2681DoubleThe Captain Of Her Heart4:29One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)111999220
2682The Double Six of ParisFrench Rat Race2:37Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler191996194
2683Double VisionKnockin' (Remix 2000)4:42Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)182000219
2684DoubleUIMHa2:13Electro Funk2 128
2685DoucetteDown The Road3:38Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]11977209
2686DoucetteBack Off2:28Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]21977208
2687DoucetteWhen She Loves Me3:59Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]31977214
2688DoucettePeople Say2:40Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]41977213
2689DoucetteAll I Wanna Do5:41Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]51977208
2690DoucetteMama Let Him Play4:28Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]61977221
2691DoucetteWhat's Your Excuse?3:14Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]71977207
2692DoucetteIt's Gonna Hurt So Bad3:41Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]81977201
2693DoucetteKeep On Running3:14Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]91977205
2694DoucetteLove Is Gonna Find You5:02Mama Let Him Play [1993 Remaster]101977203
2695DoucetteMama Let Him Play4:26Rock Line151992222
2696Doug AshdownWinter In America3:19Country Complete (Disc 5)61997196
2697Doug AshdownWinter In America4:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)172001206
2698Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh CrewSpirit4:14Ghostbusters II (OST)51989152
2699Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh CrewThe Show (Original 12" Vocal Mix)6:46Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)122001219
2700Doug LazyLet It Roll (Vocal Mix)5:41Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]72004195
2701Doug Poindexter & The Starlite WranglersMy Kind Of Carryin' On1:58The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)211994126
2702Doug StoneI'd Be Better Off (In A Pine Box)3:22Doug Stone11990200
2703Doug StoneFourteen Minutes Old2:55Doug Stone21990206
2704Doug StoneIn A Different Light3:28Doug Stone31990209
2705Doug StoneTurn This Thing Around2:31Doug Stone41990209
2706Doug StoneCrying On Your Shoulder Again3:28Doug Stone51990192
2707Doug StoneThese Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye3:30Doug Stone61990184
2708Doug StoneWe Always Agree On Love2:35Doug Stone71990210
2709Doug StoneMy Hat's Off To Him3:47Doug Stone81990209
2710Doug StoneIt's A Good Thing I Don't Love You Anymore3:06Doug Stone91990212
2711Doug StoneHigh Weeds And Rust2:57Doug Stone101990196
2712Doug StoneYou Won't Outlive Me2:44Faith In Me, Faith In You11995214
2713Doug StoneFaith In Me, Faith In You3:24Faith In Me, Faith In You21995197
2714Doug StoneSometime I Forget3:32Faith In Me, Faith In You31995187
2715Doug StoneBorn In The Dark2:23Faith In Me, Faith In You41995206
2716Doug StoneDown On My Knees3:44Faith In Me, Faith In You51995201
2717Doug StoneEnough About Me (Let's Talk About You)2:58Faith In Me, Faith In You61995201
2718Doug StoneI Do All My Crying (On The Inside)3:27Faith In Me, Faith In You71995199
2719Doug StoneHonky Tonk Mona Lisa3:03Faith In Me, Faith In You81995208
2720Doug StoneYou're Not That Easy To Forget3:05Faith In Me, Faith In You91995187
2721Doug StoneLook Where She Is Today2:36Faith In Me, Faith In You101995219
2722Doug StoneWarning Labels2:58From The Heart11992247
2723Doug StoneMade For Lovin' You3:09From The Heart21992247
2724Doug StoneLeave Me The Radio3:09From The Heart31992244
2725Doug StoneThis Empty House3:41From The Heart41992253
2726Doug StoneWhy Didn't I Think Of That3:12From The Heart51992250
2727Doug StoneAin't Your Memory Got No Pride At All3:18From The Heart61992240
2728Doug StoneThe Workin' End Of A Hoe2:46From The Heart71992253
2729Doug StoneToo Busy Being In Love3:53From The Heart81992244
2730Doug StoneShe's Got A Future In Movies2:52From The Heart91992240
2731Doug StoneLeft, Leavin', Goin' Or Gone2:49From The Heart101992253
2732Doug StoneLittle Houses3:37Greatest Hits Volume 111995184
2733Doug StoneToo Busy Being In Love3:54Greatest Hits Volume 121995192
2734Doug StoneA Jukebox With A Country Song3:28Greatest Hits Volume 131995207
2735Doug StoneMade For Lovin You3:07Greatest Hits Volume 141995187
2736Doug StoneWhy Didn't I Think Of That3:11Greatest Hits Volume 151995202
2737Doug StoneIn A Different Light3:39Greatest Hits Volume 161995192
2738Doug StoneCome In Out Of The Pain3:51Greatest Hits Volume 171995182
2739Doug StoneWarning Labels2:57Greatest Hits Volume 181995187
2740Doug StoneI Thought It Was You3:27Greatest Hits Volume 191995195
2741Doug StoneI'd Be Better Off (In A Pine Box)3:20Greatest Hits Volume 1101995189
2742Doug TimmNightflyers - Main Title2:00   128
2743Douglas J. CuomoSex And The City0:41All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)22005203
2744The DovellsBristol Stomp2:20Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)292005143
2745The DovellsDo The New Continental2:39Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)62005138
2746The DovellsYou Can't Sit Down2:21Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)202005136
2747The DoversWhat Am I Going To Do2:41Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)111998151
2748Down LowJohnny B.3:52Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)42000228
2749Downchild Blues Band(I Got Everything I Need) Almost2:42Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)61996195
2750DownhereProtest to Praise5:06WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)172001246
2751Downliners SectGlendora2:44Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)272001130
2752Downliners SectWhy Don't You Smile Now2:08Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)62001129
2753Dr AlbanIt's My Life4:00The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)41993232
2754Dr Dirty12 Days of Christmas4:17   128
2755Dr DirtyJoy to the Girls1:03   128
2756Dr DirtyMenopause is Coming to Town0:49   128
2757Dr DirtyRum Pum Pum1:02   128
2758Dr DirtySilent Fart0:54   128
2759Dr DirtySleigh Ride0:45   128
2760Dr DirtySilent Night1:07Jingle Balls  128
2761Dr Dirty and the PixiesI'll Be Stoned for Christmas0:51   128
2762Dr Dirty and the PixiesLeroy the Big Lipped Nigger1:27   128
2763Dr Dirty and the PixiesSanta's Whore1:10   128
2764Dr Dirty and the PixiesFa La La La La La La La La La2:26Herniated Jingle Balls  128
2765Dr Dirty and the PixiesJingle Balls1:35Herniated Jingle Balls - The E  128
2766Dr HookOnly Sixteen2:49Country Complete (Disc 4)171997196
2767Dr HookGirls Can Get It3:15Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)161992195
2768Dr. AlbanIt's My Life4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)12001226
2769Dr. BombayIntro0:38Rice & Curry11998184
2770Dr. BombayDr. Boom-Bombay3:22Rice & Curry21998227
2771Dr. BombayCalcutta (Taxi, Taxi, Taxi)3:19Rice & Curry31998228
2772Dr. BombayRice & Curry3:13Rice & Curry41998234
2773Dr. BombaySafari3:23Rice & Curry51998247
2774Dr. BombayS.O.S. (The Tiger Took My Family)3:26Rice & Curry61998213
2775Dr. BombayHolabaloo3:04Rice & Curry71998241
2776Dr. BombayShaky Snake3:03Rice & Curry81998232
2777Dr. BombayGirlie Girlie3:10Rice & Curry91998244
2778Dr. BombayMy Sitar3:04Rice & Curry101998227
2779Dr. BombayIndy Dancing3:18Rice & Curry111998242
2780Dr. BombayOutro2:11Rice & Curry121998217
2781Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandCherchez La Femme5:46American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 1161989253
2782Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandI'll Play The Fool3:09Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)92001194
2783Dr. Demento With The Benny Bell OrchestraShaving Cream2:44The Very Best Of Dr. Demento162001128
2784Dr. DreLolo (Intro) (Feat. Xzibit & Tray-Dee)0:41200111999203
2785Dr. DreThe Watcher3:26200121999189
2786Dr. DreFuck You (Feat. Devin The Dude & Snoop Dogg)3:25200131999195
2787Dr. DreStill D.R.E. (Feat. Snoop Dogg)4:30200141999200
2788Dr. DreBig Ego's (Feat. Hittman)3:58200151999189
2789Dr. DreXxplosive (Feat. Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg & Six-Two)3:35200161999209
2790Dr. DreWhat's The Difference (Feat. Eminem & Xzibit)4:04200171999227
2791Dr. DreBar One (Feat. Traci Nelson, Ms. Roc & Eddie Griffin)0:50200181999169
2792Dr. DreLight Speed (Feat. Hittman)2:41200191999177
2793Dr. DreForgot About Dre (Feat. Eminem)3:422001101999195
2794Dr. DreThe Next Episode (Feat. Snopp Dogg)2:412001111999181
2795Dr. DreLet's Get High (Feat. Kurupt, Hittman & Ms. Roc)2:272001121999221
2796Dr. DreBitch Niggaz (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Hittman & Six-Two)4:132001131999164
2797Dr. DreThe Car Bomb (Feat. Mel-Man & Charis Henry)1:002001141999203
2798Dr. DreMurder Ink (Feat. Hittman & Ms. Roc)2:282001151999208
2799Dr. DreEd-Ucation (Feat. Eddie Griffin)1:322001161999156
2800Dr. DreSome L.A. Niggaz (Feat. Defari, Xzibit, Knoc-Turn'al, Time Bomb, King T, Mc Ren & Kokane)4:252001171999160
2801Dr. DrePause 4 Porno (Feat. Jake Steed)1:322001181999135
2802Dr. DreHousewife (Feat. Kurupt & Hittman)4:022001191999188
2803Dr. DreAckrite (Feat. Hittman)3:402001201999180
2804Dr. DreBang Bang (Feat. Knoc-Turn'al & Hittman)3:422001211999179
2805Dr. DreThe Message (Feat. Mary J. Blige & Rell)5:292001221999185
2806Dr. DreKeep Their Heads Ringin'5:06Friday (OST)21995183
2807Dr. DreThe Chronic (Intro)1:58The Chronic11992203
2808Dr. DreFuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')4:52The Chronic21992220
2809Dr. DreLet Me Ride4:21The Chronic31992206
2810Dr. DreThe Day The Niggaz Took Over4:33The Chronic41992234
2811Dr. DreNuthin' But A "G" Thang3:58The Chronic51992224
2812Dr. DreDeez Nuuuts5:06The Chronic61992204
2813Dr. DreLil' Ghetto Boy5:27The Chronic71992210
2814Dr. DreA Nigga Witta Gun3:52The Chronic81992223
2815Dr. DreRat-Tat-Tat-Tat3:48The Chronic91992208
2816Dr. DreThe 20 Sack Pyramid2:53The Chronic101992193
2817Dr. DreLyrical Gangbang4:04The Chronic111992211
2818Dr. DreHigh Powered2:44The Chronic121992202
2819Dr. DreThe Doctor's Office1:03The Chronic131992179
2820Dr. DreStranded On Death Row4:47The Chronic141992202
2821Dr. DreThe Roach (The Chronic Outro)4:36The Chronic151992205
2822Dr. DreBitches Ain't Shit4:47The Chronic161992190
2823Dr. Dre & DJ QuikPut It On Me4:41From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)292002132
2824Dr. Dre & EminemBad Guys Always Die4:40Wild Wild West (OST)71999175
2825Dr. Dre Featuring Snoop DoggThe Next Episode2:44The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)142004181
2826Dr. EvilJust the Two of Us1:44Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)61999214
2827Dr. EvilHard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem - Dr. Evil Remix)1:45Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)102002146
2828Dr. FeelgoodBack In The Night3:18Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)2 205
2829Dr. Feelgood & The InternsMr. Moonlight2:38The American Roots Of The British Invasion132002207
2830Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman2:53Disco Fever (Disc 1)61997206
2831Dr. HookSexy Eyes2:58Disco Fever (Disc 2)31997192
2832Dr. HookSylvia's Mother3:50Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show11972196
2833Dr. HookMarie Lavaux2:40Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show21972205
2834Dr. HookSing Me a Rainbow2:33Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show31972190
2835Dr. HookHey, Lady Godiva2:19Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show41972205
2836Dr. HookFour Years Older Than Me2:31Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show51972204
2837Dr. HookKiss It Away4:04Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show61972170
2838Dr. HookMakin' it Natural2:51Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show71972196
2839Dr. HookI Call That True Love3:01Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show81972204
2840Dr. HookWhen She Cries3:02Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show91972187
2841Dr. HookJudy3:41Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show101972183
2842Dr. HookMama, I'll Sing One Song For You2:32Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show111972201
2843Dr. HookWalk Right In2:56Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)131998221
2844Dr. HookOnly Sixteen2:45Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)51998207
2845Dr. HookSylvia's Mother3:51Greatest Hits (& More)11987200
2846Dr. HookThe Cover Of The Rolling Stone2:54Greatest Hits (& More)21987203
2847Dr. HookOnly Sixteen2:46Greatest Hits (& More)31987196
2848Dr. HookA Little Bit More2:56Greatest Hits (& More)41987180
2849Dr. HookWalk Right In3:06Greatest Hits (& More)51987209
2850Dr. HookMaking Love & Music2:46Greatest Hits (& More)61987196
2851Dr. HookI Couldn't Believe2:48Greatest Hits (& More)71987217
2852Dr. HookA Couple More Years3:09Greatest Hits (& More)81987192
2853Dr. HookSharing The Night Together2:56Greatest Hits (& More)91987200
2854Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman2:59Greatest Hits (& More)101987198
2855Dr. HookBetter Love Next Time3:03Greatest Hits (& More)111987187
2856Dr. HookSexy Eyes3:00Greatest Hits (& More)121987190
2857Dr. HookYears From Now2:57Greatest Hits (& More)131987195
2858Dr. HookThe Radio3:31Greatest Hits (& More)141987180
2859Dr. HookSweetest Of All2:38Greatest Hits (& More)151987192
2860Dr. HookSexy Eyes2:58Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)161998189
2861Dr. HookSharing The Night Together2:54Pleasure And Pain11978201
2862Dr. HookSweetest Of All2:40Pleasure And Pain21978197
2863Dr. HookStorms Never Last3:23Pleasure And Pain31978208
2864Dr. HookI Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight3:27Pleasure And Pain41978202
2865Dr. HookKnowing She's There3:28Pleasure And Pain51978206
2866Dr. HookClyde4:40Pleasure And Pain61978215
2867Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman2:58Pleasure And Pain71978205
2868Dr. HookDooley Jones3:45Pleasure And Pain81978210
2869Dr. HookI Gave Her Comfort3:15Pleasure And Pain91978198
2870Dr. HookAll The Time In The World2:35Pleasure And Pain101978178
2871Dr. HookYou Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance2:23Pleasure And Pain111978204
2872Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman2:57Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)132000195
2873Dr. HookFreakin' At The Freaker's Ball2:52Sloppy Seconds11972198
2874Dr. HookIf I'd Only Come And Gone2:45Sloppy Seconds21972206
2875Dr. HookCarry Me, Carrie4:22Sloppy Seconds31972207
2876Dr. HookThe Things I Didn't Say2:56Sloppy Seconds41972203
2877Dr. HookGet My Rocks Off3:08Sloppy Seconds51972224
2878Dr. HookThe Last Mornin'3:55Sloppy Seconds61972199
2879Dr. HookI Can't Touch The Sun3:35Sloppy Seconds71972204
2880Dr. HookQueen Of The Silver Dollar4:47Sloppy Seconds81972205
2881Dr. HookTurn Of The World3:10Sloppy Seconds91972205
2882Dr. HookStayin' Song2:37Sloppy Seconds101972216
2883Dr. HookCover Of The Rolling Stone2:54Sloppy Seconds111972216
2884Dr. HookLooking For Pussy1:27Sloppy Seconds121972219
2885Dr. HookSharing The Night Together2:55Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)81993199
2886Dr. HookOnly Sixteen2:46The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)51999193
2887Dr. HookSharing The Night Together2:51The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)81999196
2888Dr. HookA Little Bit More2:54The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)81999177
2889Dr. HookA Little Bit More2:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)142001186
2890Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)32001213
2891Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Cover Of "Rolling Stone"2:54100% Pure Rock31994200
2892Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Cover Of "Rolling Stone"2:54Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)101998207
2893Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Cover Of "Rolling Stone"2:56Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1051990206
2894Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother3:47The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)31992205
2895Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother3:53Those Fabulous '70s91990200
2896Dr. JohnCruella De Ville (101 Dalmations Live Action 1996)4:07Classic Disney, Vol. 581998193
2897Dr. JohnIko Iko4:15Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]11972190
2898Dr. JohnBlow Wind Blow3:14Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]21972212
2899Dr. JohnBig Chief3:26Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]31972186
2900Dr. JohnSomebody Changed The Lock2:43Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]41972195
2901Dr. JohnMess Around3:13Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]51972204
2902Dr. JohnLet The Good Times Roll3:57Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]61972200
2903Dr. JohnJunko Partner4:30Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]71972201
2904Dr. JohnStackalee3:29Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]81972203
2905Dr. JohnTipitina2:09Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]91972206
2906Dr. JohnThose Lonely, Lonely Nights2:32Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]101972209
2907Dr. JohnHuey Smith Medley: High Blood Pressure / Don't You Just Know It / Well I'll Be John Brown3:18Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]111972206
2908Dr. JohnLil' Liza Jane3:00Dr. John's Gumbo [Remastered]121972215
2909Dr. JohnGris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya5:36Gris-Gris11968238
2910Dr. JohnDanse Kalinda Ba Doom3:44Gris-Gris21968251
2911Dr. JohnMama Roux2:59Gris-Gris31968241
2912Dr. JohnDanse Fambeaux4:57Gris-Gris41968240
2913Dr. JohnCroker Courtbullion6:00Gris-Gris51968255
2914Dr. JohnJump Sturdy2:21Gris-Gris61968234
2915Dr. JohnI Walk On Guilded Splinters7:38Gris-Gris71968242
2916Dr. JohnRight Place, Wrong Time2:55In The Right Place11973246
2917Dr. JohnSame Old Same Old2:43In The Right Place21973249
2918Dr. JohnJust The Same2:53In The Right Place31973242
2919Dr. JohnQualified4:50In The Right Place41973247
2920Dr. JohnTravelling Mood2:52In The Right Place51973244
2921Dr. JohnPeace Brother Peace2:50In The Right Place61973230
2922Dr. JohnLife2:31In The Right Place71973239
2923Dr. JohnSuch A Night2:57In The Right Place81973246
2924Dr. JohnShoo Fly Marches On3:17In The Right Place91973242
2925Dr. JohnI Been Hoodood3:14In The Right Place101973250
2926Dr. JohnCold Cold Cold2:37In The Right Place111973241
2927Dr. John & Rickie Lee JonesMakin' Whoopee4:08Sleepless In Seattle (OST)41993201
2928Dr. ReanimatorMove Your Dead Bones3:14   192
2929Dr. Seuss & Boris KarloffHow The Grinch Stole Christmas21:41How The Grinch Stole Christmas11996186
2930Dr. Seuss & Boris KarloffWelcome Christmas1:44How The Grinch Stole Christmas21996191
2931Dr. Seuss & Boris KarloffTrim Up The Tree1:21How The Grinch Stole Christmas31996186
2932Dr. Seuss & Boris KarloffYou're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch2:59How The Grinch Stole Christmas41996194
2933Dr. Seuss & Boris KarloffWelcome Christmas (reprise)3:37How The Grinch Stole Christmas51996186
2934Dr. Teeth & The Electric MayhemTenderly2:00The Muppet Show, The 25th Anniversary Collection92002177
2935Dr. Teeth & The Electric MayhemCan You Picture That2:31The Muppet Show, The 25th Anniversary Collection172002211
2936DraconumGrounded (Oddy's On The Floor Mix)3:22  2008128
2937DraconumLooking Glass [Oddy's Dreamy Remix]6:07   128
2938DraconumRising Tide (Oddy's Moonrise Remix)6:48 12009192
2939DraconumGrounded (Oddy's On The Floor Remix)6:58Grounded / Shiranai EP22008128
2940DrafiUnited (Te Deum)3:04Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)192001198
2941Drafi DeutscherMarmor Stein Und Eisen Bricht2:38Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)112001207
2942DragonApril Sun In Cuba3:28Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)92000215
2943Dragon + Sharon O'NeilNoël4:09So This Is Christmas12010197
2944Dragon TalesDragon Tales Theme1:14Dragon Tunes12001218
2945Dragon TalesWake Up2:34Dragon Tunes22001188
2946Dragon TalesThe Hello Song1:32Dragon Tunes32001135
2947Dragon TalesStretch1:32Dragon Tunes42001135
2948Dragon TalesShake Your Dragon Tail1:32Dragon Tunes52001136
2949Dragon TalesBetcha Can1:32Dragon Tunes62001168
2950Dragon TalesDoodli-Do2:32Dragon Tunes72001187
2951Dragon TalesTouch1:32Dragon Tunes82001179
2952Dragon TalesWiggle Song1:31Dragon Tunes92001172
2953Dragon TalesZoo1:32Dragon Tunes102001129
2954Dragon TalesOrd Shuffle2:27Dragon Tunes112001181
2955Dragon TalesBe A Dragon2:30Dragon Tunes122001191
2956Dragon TalesPretend1:31Dragon Tunes132001180
2957Dragon TalesThe Silly Song1:32Dragon Tunes142001137
2958Dragon TalesClap1:31Dragon Tunes152001139
2959Dragon TalesDance2:41Dragon Tunes162001190
2960Dragon TalesCassie2:32Dragon Tunes172001189
2961Dragon TalesHum1:29Dragon Tunes182001129
2962Dragon TalesTry2:36Dragon Tunes192001185
2963Dragon TalesAnd The World Goes Round And Round1:30Dragon Tunes202001177
2964Dragon TalesDragon Tales' Main Theme1:03More Dragon Tunes12005320
2965Dragon TalesFriends2:32More Dragon Tunes22005320
2966Dragon TalesZak & Wheezie2:43More Dragon Tunes32005320
2967Dragon TalesC'mon & Blow2:35More Dragon Tunes42005320
2968Dragon TalesHola2:27More Dragon Tunes52005320
2969Dragon TalesThe Pirate Song2:40More Dragon Tunes62005320
2970Dragon TalesCyrus III2:38More Dragon Tunes72005320
2971Dragon TalesMake a New Friend2:35More Dragon Tunes82005320
2972Dragon TalesSpeak Up2:36More Dragon Tunes92005320
2973Dragon TalesMakin' It Fun2:37More Dragon Tunes102005320
2974Dragon TalesDragon Stomp2:37More Dragon Tunes112005320
2975Dragon TalesFlip Flop2:38More Dragon Tunes122005320
2976Dragon TalesShake Your Dragon Tail [Remix]2:10More Dragon Tunes132005320
2977Dragon TalesDance [Remix]2:43More Dragon Tunes142005320
2978Dragon, Wolf and TigerOpen Your Eyes (WIP/demo)1:17  2009128
2979DragonforceApostles of Darkness1:31   128
2980DragonforceFury of the Storm4:22   192
2981DragonforceMy Spirit Will Go On7:58   128
2982DragonforceStarfire5:44   160
2983DragonforceThrough The Fire And Flames7:21Inhuman Rampage12006235
2984DragonforceRevolution Deathsquad7:52Inhuman Rampage22006239
2985DragonforceStorming The Burning Fields5:19Inhuman Rampage32006240
2986DragonforceOperation Ground And Pound7:44Inhuman Rampage42006236
2987DragonforceBody Breakdown6:58Inhuman Rampage52006232
2988DragonforceCry For Eternity8:12Inhuman Rampage62006237
2989DragonforceThe Flame Of Youth6:41Inhuman Rampage72006236
2990DragonforceTrail Of Broken Hearts5:55Inhuman Rampage82006219
2991DragonforcePrepare For War8:43New 2004  192
2992DragonforceInvocation Of Apocalyptic Evil0:13Valley Of The Damned12003193
2993DragonforceValley Of The Damned7:12Valley Of The Damned22003262
2994DragonforceBlack Fire5:47Valley Of The Damned32003269
2995DragonforceBlack Winter Night6:31Valley Of The Damned42003273
2996DragonforceStarfire5:53Valley Of The Damned52003242
2997DragonforceDisciples Of Babylon7:16Valley Of The Damned62003265
2998DragonforceRevelations6:52Valley Of The Damned72003258
2999DragonforceEvening Star6:39Valley Of The Damned82003269
3000DragonforceHeart Of A Dragon5:22Valley Of The Damned92003268
3001DrakeFind Your Love3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-07142010181
3002Drake BellI Know3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-01152007230
3003Drama ArmadaNobody's Watching Me3:29  2007192
3004DramaticsWhatcha See Is Whatcha Get3:34Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)72001143
3005DramaticsIn The Rain5:09Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)22001185
3006DramaticsWhatcha See Is Whatcha Get3:33Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)31998222
3007The DramaticsWhatcha See Is Whatcha Get3:35Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 611991221
3008The DramaticsIn the Rain4:33Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 7101991197
3009The DramaticsIn the Rain4:31Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)121995210
3010Dread ZeppelinForgetting About Business Part I1:135,000,000*11991187
3011Dread ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same5:295,000,000*21991216
3012Dread ZeppelinStir It Up6:005,000,000*31991210
3013Dread ZeppelinDo The Claw2:165,000,000*41991209
3014Dread ZeppelinWhen The Levee Breaks5:285,000,000*51991214
3015Dread ZeppelinMisty Mountain Hop3:535,000,000*61991231
3016Dread ZeppelinTrain Kept A-Rollin6:185,000,000*71991209
3017Dread ZeppelinNobody's Fault But Mine4:255,000,000*81991203
3018Dread ZeppelinBig Ol' Gol Belt3:555,000,000*91991215
3019Dread ZeppelinForgetting About Business Part II (Theme From 5,000,000*)3:545,000,000*101991219
3020Dread ZeppelinStairway To Heaven8:165,000,000*111991211
3021Dread ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love3:31De-Jah-Voodoo12000209
3022Dread ZeppelinHey, Hey What Can I Do3:28De-Jah-Voodoo22000209
3023Dread ZeppelinKashmir4:25De-Jah-Voodoo32000221
3024Dread ZeppelinLemon Song3:02De-Jah-Voodoo42000198
3025Dread ZeppelinRock and Roll2:35De-Jah-Voodoo52000229
3026Dread ZeppelinKingston Celebration2:47De-Jah-Voodoo62000217
3027Dread ZeppelinHeartbreaker2:18De-Jah-Voodoo72000210
3028Dread ZeppelinGoing to California4:07De-Jah-Voodoo82000227
3029Dread ZeppelinD'yer Mak'er3:26De-Jah-Voodoo92000204
3030Dread ZeppelinImmigrant Song3:21De-Jah-Voodoo102000198
3031Dread Zeppelin10 Years Gone3:41De-Jah-Voodoo112000187
3032Dread Zeppelin4 Jah People3:14De-Jah-Voodoo122000182
3033Dread ZeppelinStairway to Heaven4:42De-Jah-Voodoo132000218
3034Dread Zeppelin(Untitled)1:17De-Jah-Voodoo142000179
3035Dread ZeppelinGood Times Bad Times3:29Hot & Spicy Beanburger11993183
3036Dread ZeppelinGoing To California3:51Hot & Spicy Beanburger21993204
3037Dread ZeppelinGood Rockin Tonight3:30Hot & Spicy Beanburger31993194
3038Dread ZeppelinKashmir10:02Hot & Spicy Beanburger41993194
3039Dread ZeppelinBallad Of Charlie Haj3:40Hot & Spicy Beanburger51993193
3040Dread ZeppelinUnchained Melody3:16Hot & Spicy Beanburger61993186
3041Dread ZeppelinStairway To Heaven7:05Hot & Spicy Beanburger71993186
3042Dread ZeppelinHot & Spicy Beanburger1:12Hot & Spicy Beanburger81993129
3043Dread ZeppelinHotdog3:01Hot & Spicy Beanburger91993200
3044Dread ZeppelinAll Of My Love5:55Hot & Spicy Beanburger101993185
3045Dread ZeppelinWot Happened? [The Slappy Shuffle]4:20Hot & Spicy Beanburger111993204
3046Dread ZeppelinDisco Inferno6:56It's Not Unusual11992215
3047Dread ZeppelinYou Should Be Dancing3:34It's Not Unusual21992208
3048Dread ZeppelinNight Fever5:07It's Not Unusual31992211
3049Dread ZeppelinShaft3:03It's Not Unusual41992239
3050Dread ZeppelinJungle Boogie4:17It's Not Unusual51992215
3051Dread ZeppelinRamble On5:29It's Not Unusual61992213
3052Dread ZeppelinMore Than A Woman4:10It's Not Unusual71992208
3053Dread ZeppelinJive Talkin'4:34It's Not Unusual81992210
3054Dread ZeppelinDancin' On The Killing Floor3:37It's Not Unusual91992231
3055Dread ZeppelinTakin' Care Of Business4:28It's Not Unusual101992219
3056Dread ZeppelinUn LEDDD ed (in 3D)1:10No Quarter Pounder11995199
3057Dread ZeppelinRamble On4:01No Quarter Pounder21995204
3058Dread ZeppelinViva Las Vegas3:35No Quarter Pounder31995189
3059Dread ZeppelinWhat Is And What Should Never Be4:58No Quarter Pounder41995203
3060Dread ZeppelinLi'l Baby Elvis Jackson3:48No Quarter Pounder51995199
3061Dread ZeppelinHow Many More Times6:26No Quarter Pounder61995200
3062Dread ZeppelinNo Quarter4:34No Quarter Pounder71995191
3063Dread ZeppelinThe Last Resort4:20No Quarter Pounder81995186
3064Dread Zeppelin1-800-PSYCHIC-PAL1:44No Quarter Pounder91995166
3065Dread ZeppelinAmerican Trilogy3:42No Quarter Pounder101995183
3066Dread ZeppelinBrick House (Of The Holy!)5:02No Quarter Pounder111995202
3067Dread ZeppelinLi'l Baby E.J. Goes To College (The "Son" Sessions)3:55No Quarter Pounder121995195
3068Dread ZeppelinGood Times Glad Times0:46Spam Bake11997213
3069Dread ZeppelinJust Believin'4:30Spam Bake21997226
3070Dread ZeppelinHeap O' Lovin'4:03Spam Bake31997229
3071Dread ZeppelinTort's Tale5:54Spam Bake41997206
3072Dread ZeppelinFriend Bob Marley2:43Spam Bake51997226
3073Dread ZeppelinGraceland West Hayride3:12Spam Bake61997223
3074Dread ZeppelinWhat Is And Whatever3:41Spam Bake71997223
3075Dread ZeppelinDreadlocked Cowboy3:59Spam Bake81997218
3076Dread ZeppelinDancin' By The Pool3:39Spam Bake91997220
3077Dread ZeppelinSpambake3:24Spam Bake101997226
3078Dread ZeppelinCharlie's In Love4:30Spam Bake111997213
3079Dread ZeppelinHeartbroken (Bad Spam)4:46Spam Bake121997222
3080Dread ZeppelinWeight Loss Solution3:04Spam Bake131997232
3081Dread ZeppelinFrying In The Chapel3:32Spam Bake141997213
3082Dread ZeppelinSpambake Revisited4:37Spam Bake151997210
3083Dread ZeppelinBaba O'Riley4:06The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics11996221
3084Dread ZeppelinSunshine Of Your Love5:42The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics21996219
3085Dread ZeppelinBorn On The Bayou4:21The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics31996210
3086Dread ZeppelinLight My Fire4:31The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics41996211
3087Dread ZeppelinSmoke On The Water5:19The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics51996218
3088Dread ZeppelinFreebird6:11The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics61996213
3089Dread ZeppelinFeel Like Making Love4:22The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics71996216
3090Dread ZeppelinBBWAGS4:00The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics81996212
3091Dread ZeppelinSuite: Judy Blues Eyes7:09The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics91996218
3092Dread ZeppelinGolden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End5:29The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics101996211
3093Dread ZeppelinBlack Dog5:20Un-Led-Ed11990198
3094Dread ZeppelinHeartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)4:47Un-Led-Ed21990218
3095Dread ZeppelinLiving Loving Maid3:47Un-Led-Ed31990209
3096Dread ZeppelinYour Time Is Gonna Come5:10Un-Led-Ed41990189
3097Dread ZeppelinBring It On Home4:36Un-Led-Ed51990218
3098Dread ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love4:38Un-Led-Ed61990196
3099Dread ZeppelinBlack Mountain Side2:02Un-Led-Ed71990200
3100Dread ZeppelinI Can't Quit You Baby6:04Un-Led-Ed81990207
3101Dread ZeppelinImmigrant Song2:52Un-Led-Ed91990216
3102Dread ZeppelinMoby Dick4:18Un-Led-Ed101990184
3103DreamIt Was All a Dream (Intro)1:16It Was All a Dream12001204
3104DreamHe Loves U Not3:46It Was All a Dream22001230
3105DreamIn My Dreams4:55It Was All a Dream32001182
3106DreamThis Is Me3:12It Was All a Dream42001216
3107DreamI Don't Like Anyone3:27It Was All a Dream52001215
3108DreamReality (Interlude)0:42It Was All a Dream62001197
3109DreamPain3:34It Was All a Dream72001210
3110DreamWhen I Get There3:55It Was All a Dream82001204
3111DreamWhat We Gonna Do About Us4:28It Was All a Dream92001225
3112DreamJordan (Interlude)1:54It Was All a Dream102001208
3113DreamMr. Telephone Man5:01It Was All a Dream112001210
3114DreamAngel Inside3:09It Was All a Dream122001212
3115DreamDo You Wanna Dance3:06It Was All a Dream132001233
3116DreamMiss You4:14It Was All a Dream142001227
3117DreamOur Prayer (Interlude)1:04It Was All a Dream152001171
3118DreamHow Long4:04It Was All a Dream162001219
3119DreamHe Loves U Not (Remix)3:10It Was All a Dream172001207
3120DreamThat's OK4:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0952003172
3121DreamHe Loves U Not (HQ2 Mix)3:39Totally Dance51998218
3122Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town4:18Generation 80's (Disc 2)92001186
3123The Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town4:17Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)102002252
3124The Dream AcademyIndian Summer4:56Remembrance Days11987187
3125The Dream AcademyThe Lesson Of Love4:40Remembrance Days21987199
3126The Dream AcademyHumdrum4:18Remembrance Days31987184
3127The Dream AcademyPower To Believe5:15Remembrance Days41987185
3128The Dream AcademyHampstead Girl3:42Remembrance Days51987190
3129The Dream AcademyHere4:24Remembrance Days61987194
3130The Dream AcademyIn The Hands Of Love4:50Remembrance Days71987183
3131The Dream AcademyBallad In 4/43:59Remembrance Days81987196
3132The Dream AcademyDoubleminded3:53Remembrance Days91987198
3133The Dream AcademyEverybody's Gotta Learn Sometime3:43Remembrance Days101987214
3134The Dream AcademyIn Exile (For Rodrigo Rojas)6:42Remembrance Days111987190
3135The Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town4:19Rock Of The 80's Volume 931993258
3136The Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town4:19The Dream Academy11985199
3137The Dream AcademyThe Edge Of Forever4:23The Dream Academy21985194
3138The Dream Academy(Johnny) New Light4:21The Dream Academy31985211
3139The Dream AcademyIn Places On The Run4:27The Dream Academy41985197
3140The Dream AcademyThis World5:08The Dream Academy51985206
3141The Dream AcademyBound To Be3:08The Dream Academy61985208
3142The Dream AcademyMoving On5:15The Dream Academy71985205
3143The Dream AcademyThe Love Parade3:46The Dream Academy81985211
3144The Dream AcademyThe Party5:07The Dream Academy91985187
3145The Dream AcademyOne Dream2:32The Dream Academy101985167
3146The Dream AcademyLife In A Northern Town4:16The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)7 197
3147Dream feat. LoonCrazy3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0622003185
3148Dream Freq. vs. NorthstarzFeels So Real (Main)3:18Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)62003200
3149The Dream SyndicateTell Me When It's Over3:33Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)22005205
3150Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons23:08A Change Of Seasons11995227
3151Dream TheaterFuneral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding10:49A Change Of Seasons21995201
3152Dream TheaterPerfect Strangers5:33A Change Of Seasons31995207
3153Dream TheaterThe Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains The Same7:28A Change Of Seasons41995217
3154Dream TheaterThe Big Medley10:33A Change Of Seasons51995197
3155Dream TheaterOn The Backs Of Angels8:42A Dramatic Turn Of Events12011233
3156Dream TheaterBuild Me Up, Break Me Down6:59A Dramatic Turn Of Events22011231
3157Dream TheaterLost Not Forgotten10:11A Dramatic Turn Of Events32011231
3158Dream TheaterThis Is The Life6:57A Dramatic Turn Of Events42011221
3159Dream TheaterBridges In The Sky11:01A Dramatic Turn Of Events52011236
3160Dream TheaterOutcry11:24A Dramatic Turn Of Events62011223
3161Dream TheaterFar From Heaven3:56A Dramatic Turn Of Events72011167
3162Dream TheaterBreaking All Illusions12:25A Dramatic Turn Of Events82011231
3163Dream TheaterBeneath The Surface5:26A Dramatic Turn Of Events92011200
3164Dream Theater6:005:31Awake11994240
3165Dream TheaterCaught In A Web5:28Awake21994234
3166Dream TheaterInnocence Faded5:42Awake31994238
3167Dream TheaterErotomania (Instrumental)6:44Awake41994236
3168Dream TheaterVoices9:53Awake51994226
3169Dream TheaterThe Silent Man3:47Awake61994198
3170Dream TheaterThe Mirror6:45Awake71994232
3171Dream TheaterLie6:33Awake81994233
3172Dream TheaterLifting Shadows Off A Dream6:05Awake91994223
3173Dream TheaterScarred10:59Awake101994238
3174Dream TheaterSpace-Dye Vest7:29Awake111994211
3175Dream TheaterA Nightmare to Remember16:10Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)12009245
3176Dream TheaterA Rite of Passage8:36Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)22009243
3177Dream TheaterWither5:25Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)32009230
3178Dream TheaterThe Shattered Fortress12:49Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)42009250
3179Dream TheaterThe Best of Times13:09Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)52009231
3180Dream TheaterThe Count of Tuscany19:16Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)62009239
3181Dream TheaterStargazer8:11Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)12009242
3182Dream TheaterTenement Funster / Flick of the Wrist / Lily of the Valley8:18Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)22009221
3183Dream TheaterOdyssey8:00Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)32009246
3184Dream TheaterTake Your Fingers from My Hair8:18Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)42009237
3185Dream TheaterLarks Tongues in Aspic Pt. II6:32Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)52009249
3186Dream TheaterTo Tame a Land7:15Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2) (Uncovered 2008/2009)62009240
3187Dream TheaterA Nightmare to Remember15:39Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)12009245
3188Dream TheaterA Rite of Passage8:36Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)22009242
3189Dream TheaterWither5:28Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)32009235
3190Dream TheaterThe Shattered Fortress12:47Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)42009251
3191Dream TheaterThe Best of Times13:20Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)52009237
3192Dream TheaterThe Count of Tuscany18:47Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 3) (Instrumental Mixes)62009239
3193Dream TheaterDon't Look Past Me6:23Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]11999231
3194Dream TheaterTo Live Forever '914:36Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]21999227
3195Dream TheaterTo Live Forever '944:54Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]31999221
3196Dream TheaterEve5:09Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]41999212
3197Dream TheaterRaise The Knife11:35Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]51999237
3198Dream TheaterWhere Are You Now?7:26Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]61999237
3199Dream TheaterThe Way It Used To Be7:44Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]71999240
3200Dream TheaterCover My Eyes3:21Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]81999265
3201Dream TheaterSpeak To Me6:09Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]91999219
3202Dream TheaterHidden Track2:45Cleaning Out The Closet [International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1999 No. 004]10199974
3203Dream TheaterNew Millennium8:20Falling Into Infinity11997241
3204Dream TheaterYou Not Me4:58Falling Into Infinity21997248
3205Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies6:43Falling Into Infinity31997226
3206Dream TheaterHollow Years5:53Falling Into Infinity41997224
3207Dream TheaterBurning My Soul5:29Falling Into Infinity51997258
3208Dream TheaterHell's Kitchen4:16Falling Into Infinity61997244
3209Dream TheaterLines In The Sand12:05Falling Into Infinity71997231
3210Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain6:03Falling Into Infinity81997228
3211Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe5:28Falling Into Infinity91997244
3212Dream TheaterAnna Lee5:51Falling Into Infinity101997212
3213Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears (It's Raining, Deep In Heaven, The Wasteland)13:07Falling Into Infinity111997233
3214Dream TheaterPull Me Under8:14Images And Words11992228
3215Dream TheaterAnother Day4:23Images And Words21992209
3216Dream TheaterTake The Time8:21Images And Words31992220
3217Dream TheaterSurrounded5:30Images And Words41992213
3218Dream TheaterMetropolis - Part I "The Miracle And The Sleeper"9:32Images And Words51992220
3219Dream TheaterUnder A Glass Moon7:03Images And Words61992215
3220Dream TheaterWait For Sleep2:31Images And Words71992186
3221Dream TheaterLearning To Live11:30Images And Words81992219
3222Dream TheaterAs I Am7:25Live At Budokan (Disc 1)12004232
3223Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul11:44Live At Budokan (Disc 1)22004236
3224Dream TheaterBeyond This Life19:37Live At Budokan (Disc 1)32004225
3225Dream TheaterHollow Years9:18Live At Budokan (Disc 1)42004213
3226Dream TheaterWar Inside My Head2:22Live At Budokan (Disc 1)52004233
3227Dream TheaterThe Test That Stumped Them All5:00Live At Budokan (Disc 1)62004234
3228Dream TheaterEndless Sacrifice11:18Live At Budokan (Disc 2)12004221
3229Dream TheaterInstrumedley12:15Live At Budokan (Disc 2)22004229
3230Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears13:49Live At Budokan (Disc 2)32004214
3231Dream TheaterNew Millenium8:02Live At Budokan (Disc 2)42004226
3232Dream TheaterKeyboard Solo3:57Live At Budokan (Disc 2)52004226
3233Dream TheaterOnly A Matter Of Time7:21Live At Budokan (Disc 2)62004225
3234Dream TheaterGoodnight Kiss6:16Live At Budokan (Disc 3)12004203
3235Dream TheaterSolitary Shell5:58Live At Budokan (Disc 3)22004222
3236Dream TheaterStream Of Consciousness10:54Live At Budokan (Disc 3)32004224
3237Dream TheaterDisappear5:56Live At Budokan (Disc 3)42004210
3238Dream TheaterPull Me Under8:38Live At Budokan (Disc 3)52004219
3239Dream TheaterIn The Name Of God15:49Live At Budokan (Disc 3)62004216
3240Dream TheaterMetropolis9:33Live at the Marquee11993229
3241Dream TheaterA Fortune In Lies5:15Live at the Marquee21993237
3242Dream TheaterBombay Vindaloo6:59Live at the Marquee31993224
3243Dream TheaterSurrounded6:00Live at the Marquee41993230
3244Dream TheaterAnother Hand-The Killing Hand10:46Live at the Marquee51993228
3245Dream TheaterPull Me Under8:22Live at the Marquee61993242
3246Dream TheaterRegression2:46Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)12001199
3247Dream TheaterOverture 19283:32Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)22001236
3248Dream TheaterStrange Deja Vu5:02Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)32001232
3249Dream TheaterThrough My Words1:42Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)42001179
3250Dream TheaterFatal Tragedy6:21Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)52001231
3251Dream TheaterBeyond This Life11:16Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)62001229
3252Dream TheaterJohn & Theresa Solo Spot3:17Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)72001199
3253Dream TheaterThrough Her Eyes6:17Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)82001208
3254Dream TheaterHome13:21Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)92001232
3255Dream TheaterThe Dance Of Eternity6:24Live Scenes From New York (Disc 1)102001226
3256Dream TheaterOne Last Time4:11Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)12001220
3257Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries On7:40Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)22001219
3258Dream TheaterFinally Free10:59Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)32001221
3259Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 110:36Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)42001227
3260Dream TheaterThe Mirror8:15Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)52001235
3261Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe4:03Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)62001231
3262Dream TheaterAcid Rain2:34Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)72001242
3263Dream TheaterCaught In A New Millennium6:21Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)82001220
3264Dream TheaterAnother Day5:13Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)92001212
3265Dream TheaterJordan Rudess Keyboard Solo6:40Live Scenes From New York (Disc 2)102001214
3266Dream TheaterErotomania7:22Live Scenes From New York (Disc 3)12001230
3267Dream TheaterVoices9:44Live Scenes From New York (Disc 3)22001216
3268Dream TheaterThe Silent Man5:09Live Scenes From New York (Disc 3)32001206
3269Dream TheaterLearning To Live14:01Live Scenes From New York (Disc 3)42001224
3270Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons24:33Live Scenes From New York (Disc 3)52001220
3271Dream TheaterAct I - Scene One: Regression2:06Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory11999183
3272Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Two: I. Overture 19283:37Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory21999233
3273Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu5:12Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory31999237
3274Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Three: I. Through My Words1:02Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory41999160
3275Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy6:49Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory51999232
3276Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Four: Beyond This Life11:22Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory61999232
3277Dream TheaterAct I - Scene Five: Through Her Eyes5:29Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory71999193
3278Dream TheaterAct II - Scene Six: Home12:53Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory81999237
3279Dream TheaterAct II - Scene Seven: I. The Dance Of Eternity6:13Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory91999228
3280Dream TheaterAct II - Scene Seven: II. One Last Time3:46Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory101999224
3281Dream TheaterAct II - Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On6:38Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory111999209
3282Dream TheaterAct II - Scene Nine: Finally Free11:59Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory121999220
3283Dream TheaterThe Root Of All Evil8:25Octavarium12005216
3284Dream TheaterThe Answer Lies Within5:33Octavarium22005201
3285Dream TheaterThese Walls7:36Octavarium32005220
3286Dream TheaterI Walk Beside You4:29Octavarium42005227
3287Dream TheaterPanic Attack8:13Octavarium52005243
3288Dream TheaterNever Enough6:46Octavarium62005239
3289Dream TheaterSacrificed Sons10:43Octavarium72005219
3290Dream TheaterOctavarium24:00Octavarium82005215
3291Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons I: The Crimson Sunrise3:56Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)11998229
3292Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons II: Innocence3:05Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)21998238
3293Dream TheaterPuppies On Acid1:24Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)31998250
3294Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe5:53Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)41998255
3295Dream TheaterVoices10:34Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)51998235
3296Dream TheaterTake The Time12:20Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)61998253
3297Dream TheaterKeyboard Solo1:54Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)71998216
3298Dream TheaterLines In The Sand13:13Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)81998229
3299Dream TheaterScarred9:27Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)91998214
3300Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons IV: The Darkest Of Winters3:17Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)101998232
3301Dream TheaterYtse Jam4:09Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)111998228
3302Dream TheaterDrum Solo6:59Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 1)121998211
3303Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears14:11Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)11998227
3304Dream TheaterHollow Years7:01Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)21998202
3305Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain6:16Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)31998215
3306Dream TheaterCaught In A Web5:16Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)41998235
3307Dream TheaterLie6:45Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)51998246
3308Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies7:50Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)61998232
3309Dream TheaterGuitar Solo8:06Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)71998232
3310Dream TheaterPull Me Under8:15Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)81998243
3311Dream TheaterMetropolis6:16Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)91998246
3312Dream TheaterLearning To Live4:13Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)101998237
3313Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons VII: The Crimson Sunset3:49Once In A LIVEtime (Disc 2)111998250
3314Dream TheaterThe Root of All Evil8:22Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)12006244
3315Dream TheaterI Walk Beside You4:10Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)22006234
3316Dream TheaterAnother Won5:22Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)32006238
3317Dream TheaterAfterlife5:56Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)42006241
3318Dream TheaterUnder a Glass Moon7:28Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)52006239
3319Dream TheaterInnocence Faded5:36Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)62006239
3320Dream TheaterRaise the Knife11:43Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)72006242
3321Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries On9:46Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 1)82006219
3322Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence41:33Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 2)12006233
3323Dream TheaterVacant3:01Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 2)22006200
3324Dream TheaterThe Answer Lies Within5:35Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 2)32006227
3325Dream TheaterSacrificed Sons10:38Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 2)42006238
3326Dream TheaterOctavarium27:16Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 3)12006232
3327Dream TheaterMetropolis10:39Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour (Disc 3)22006239
3328Dream TheaterThe Glass Prison13:52Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)12002235
3329Dream TheaterBlind Faith10:21Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)22002240
3330Dream TheaterMisunderstood9:32Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)32002224
3331Dream TheaterThe Great Debate13:45Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)42002237
3332Dream TheaterDisappear6:46Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)52002214
3333Dream TheaterOverture6:50Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)12002208
3334Dream TheaterAbout To Crash5:51Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)22002231
3335Dream TheaterWar Inside My Head2:08Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)32002243
3336Dream TheaterThe Test That Stumped Them All5:03Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)42002232
3337Dream TheaterGoodnight Kiss6:17Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)52002208
3338Dream TheaterSolitary Shell5:47Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)62002234
3339Dream TheaterAbout To Crash (Reprise)4:04Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)72002244
3340Dream TheaterLosing Time / Grand Finale5:59Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)82002224
3341Dream TheaterIn The Presence Of Enemies - Part I9:00Systematic Chaos12007245
3342Dream TheaterForsaken5:35Systematic Chaos22007240
3343Dream TheaterConstant Motion6:55Systematic Chaos32007248
3344Dream TheaterThe Dark Eternal Night8:53Systematic Chaos42007237
3345Dream TheaterRepentance10:43Systematic Chaos52007215
3346Dream TheaterProphets Of War6:00Systematic Chaos62007248
3347Dream TheaterThe Ministry Of Lost Souls14:57Systematic Chaos72007226
3348Dream TheaterIn The Presence Of Enemies - Part II16:38Systematic Chaos82007240
3349Dream TheaterAs I Am7:47Train Of Thought12003241
3350Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul11:27Train Of Thought22003232
3351Dream TheaterEndless Sacrifice11:24Train Of Thought32003222
3352Dream TheaterHonor Thy Father10:14Train Of Thought42003234
3353Dream TheaterVacant2:57Train Of Thought52003195
3354Dream TheaterStream Of Consciousness11:16Train Of Thought62003232
3355Dream TheaterIn The Name Of God14:14Train Of Thought72003230
3356Dream TheaterA Fortune In Lies5:12When Dream And Day Unite11989217
3357Dream TheaterStatus Seeker4:17When Dream And Day Unite21989203
3358Dream TheaterThe Ytse Jam5:46When Dream And Day Unite31989208
3359Dream TheaterThe Killing Hand8:41When Dream And Day Unite41989193
3360Dream TheaterLight Fuse And Get Away7:23When Dream And Day Unite51989213
3361Dream TheaterAfterlife5:27When Dream And Day Unite61989199
3362Dream TheaterThe Ones Who Help To Set The Sun8:05When Dream And Day Unite71989207
3363Dream TheaterOnly A Matter Of Time6:35When Dream And Day Unite81989193
3364Dream WeaversIt's Almost Tomorrow2:47Your Hit Parade - Late 50's10 128
3365The DreamersDaydreamin' Of You2:02Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)282005126
3366DreamhouseStay3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07181998233
3367DreamlinLoose Your Soul3:49The Colour Of The City5 128
3368DreamlinCuba Libre3:26The Colour Of The City12 128
3369DreamlinOlive5:16The Colour Of The City14 128
3370DreamlinRoll-Tone4:08The Colour Of The City15 128
3371The DreamloversWhen We Get Married2:28Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)42005126
3372The DreamloversWhen We Get Married2:29The '60s - Keep on Rockin'10 140
3373The DreamloversWhen We Get Married2:27The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)91996127
3374dredgOde To The Sun4:12Catch Without Arms12005209
3375dredgBug Eyes4:14Catch Without Arms22005231
3376dredgCatch Without Arms4:11Catch Without Arms32005216
3377dredgNot That Simple4:56Catch Without Arms42005218
3378dredgZebraskin3:26Catch Without Arms52005210
3379dredgThe Tanbark Is Hot Lava3:45Catch Without Arms62005223
3380dredgSang Real4:29Catch Without Arms72005190
3381dredgPlanting Seeds4:12Catch Without Arms82005215
3382dredgSpitshine3:34Catch Without Arms92005255
3383dredgJamais Vu4:56Catch Without Arms102005201
3384dredgHung Over On A Tuesday4:05Catch Without Arms112005232
3385dredgMatroshka (The Ornament)5:38Catch Without Arms122005228
3386dredgAnother Tribe3:46Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy12011186
3387dredgUpon Returning3:50Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy22011209
3388dredgThe Tent4:46Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy32011194
3389dredgSomebody Is Laughing3:31Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy42011211
3390dredgDown Without a Fight3:51Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy52011200
3391dredgThe Ornament4:05Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy62011194
3392dredgThe Thought of Losing You3:33Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy72011222
3393dredgKalathat3:22Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy82011182
3394dredgSun Goes Down3:47Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy92011208
3395dredgWhere I'll End Up3:55Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy102011213
3396dredgBefore It Began2:58Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy112011185
3397dredgBrushstroke: Dcbtfoabaoposba0:57El Cielo12002210
3398dredgSame Ol' Road5:14El Cielo22002213
3399dredgSanzen4:34El Cielo32002208
3400dredgBrushstroke: New Heart Shadow1:33El Cielo42002194
3401dredgTriangle5:03El Cielo52002216
3402dredgSorry But Its Over4:08El Cielo62002216
3403dredgConvalescent3:32El Cielo72002208
3404dredgBrushstroke: Walk in the Park1:40El Cielo82002208
3405dredgEighteen People Living in Harmony4:28El Cielo92002224
3406dredgScissor Lock3:23El Cielo102002217
3407dredgBrushstroke: Reprise1:33El Cielo112002210
3408dredgOf the Room3:44El Cielo122002242
3409dredgBrushstroke: Elephant in the Delta Waves1:47El Cielo132002208
3410dredgIt Only Took a Day3:16El Cielo142002225
3411dredgWhoa Is Me5:36El Cielo152002210
3412dredgThe Canyon Behind Her6:40El Cielo162002219
3413dredgSymbol Song4:23Leitmotif11998226
3414dredgMovement I: @45 Degrees N, 180 Degrees W1:02Leitmotif21998256
3416dredgMovement II: Crosswind Minuet1:32Leitmotif41998217
3417dredgTraversing Through The Arctic Cold We Search For The Spirit Of Yuta - Intermission6:37Leitmotif51998214
3418dredgMovement III: Lyndon3:07Leitmotif61998221
3419dredgPenguins In The Desert4:13Leitmotif71998219
3420dredgMovement IV: RR2:59Leitmotif81998204
3422dredgMovement V: 90 Hour Sleep20:20Leitmotif101998169
3423dredgPariah4:07The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion12009221
3424dredgDrunk Slide1:27The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion22009233
3425dredgIreland3:41The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion32009227
3426dredgStamp of Origin: Pessimistic0:50The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion42009150
3427dredgLight Switch3:30The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion52009206
3428dredgGathering Pebbles4:59The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion62009219
3429dredgInformation5:45The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion72009215
3430dredgStamp of Origin: Ocean Meets Bay0:30The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion82009153
3431dredgSaviour3:56The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion92009237
3432dredgR U O K?2:12The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion102009216
3433dredgI Don't Know3:45The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion112009215
3434dredgMourning This Morning5:41The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion122009212
3435dredgStamp of Origin: Take a Look Around0:58The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion132009154
3436dredgLong Days and Vague Clues1:52The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion142009229
3437dredgCartoon Showroom4:18The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion152009196
3438dredgQuotes6:04The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion162009221
3439dredgDown to the Cellar3:41The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion172009220
3440dredgStamp of Origin: Horizon2:20The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion182009180
3441The Dresden DollsCoin-Operated Boy4:45Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)152005208
3442Drew K & FrenchJungle Boogie3:20The Lion King 1 1/2 (OST)62004215
3443The DriftersDance With Me2:21100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)51999199
3444The DriftersSave the Last Dance for Me2:31100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)201999190
3445The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:16100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)71999215
3446The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:2919601 208
3447The DriftersThis Magic Moment2:301960 - Still Rockin'3 198
3448The DriftersUp On The Roof2:3919624 192
3449The DriftersUp on the Roof2:35AM Gold: 196241995181
3450The DriftersOn Broadway2:59AM Gold: 1963121995178
3451The DriftersUnder The Boardwalk2:42AM Gold: 1964131995186
3452The DriftersAdorable2:41Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)61991127
3453The DriftersRuby Baby2:25Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)81991126
3454The DriftersFools Fall In Love2:31Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)241991127
3455The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:11Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)131991127
3456The DriftersDance With Me2:25Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)171991197
3457The DriftersThis Magic Moment2:33Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)191991192
3458The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:29Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)201991203
3459The DriftersUp on the Roof2:37Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)101991201
3460The DriftersOn Broadway3:00Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)161991185
3461The DriftersUnder the Boardwalk2:41Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)231991193
3462The DriftersWhite Christmas (1954)2:40Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)91989128
3463The DriftersUnder the Boardwalk2:42Everything Summer21997127
3464The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:13Golden Hits11968174
3465The Drifters(If You Cry) True Love, True Love2:23Golden Hits21968197
3466The DriftersDance With Me2:26Golden Hits31968130
3467The DriftersThis Magic Moment2:30Golden Hits41968188
3468The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:30Golden Hits51968205
3469The DriftersI Count The Tears2:15Golden Hits61968189
3470The DriftersSome Kind Of Wonderful2:38Golden Hits71968194
3471The DriftersUp On The Roof2:38Golden Hits81968212
3472The DriftersOn Broadway3:02Golden Hits91968196
3473The DriftersUnder The Boardwalk2:42Golden Hits101968204
3474The DriftersI've Got Sand In My Shoes2:49Golden Hits111968194
3475The DriftersSaturday Night At The Movies2:29Golden Hits121968197
3476The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:29Jukebox Hits Of 196051991258
3477The DriftersOn Broadway3:01Jukebox Hits Of 1963231991239
3478The DriftersPlease Stay2:17Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 7) (Sugar, Sugar)8 197
3479The DriftersLike Sister And Brother3:25Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)161995186
3480The DriftersSaturday Night at the Movies2:28Lost Treasures Volume 116 185
3481The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:11Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)81996127
3482The DriftersDance With Me2:22Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)22 194
3483The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:08Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)23 205
3484The DriftersUp On The Roof2:33Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)14 213
3485The DriftersOn Broadway2:55Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)24 127
3486The DriftersOn Broadway3:04Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)32002131
3487The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:10Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)172004174
3488The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:27Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)142004208
3489The DriftersUp On The Roof2:36Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 2)112004130
3490DriftersKissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies3:32Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)122000219
3491The DriftersPlease Stay2:17Still Rockin' 1961211989208
3492The DriftersI've Got Sand In My Shoes2:47The '60s - Jukebox Memories4 211
3493The DriftersI Count the Tears2:13The '60s - Keep on Rockin'21 191
3494The DriftersUp On The Roof2:36The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters21987130
3495The DriftersDance With Me2:25The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters31987172
3496The DriftersOn Broadway2:57The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters51987187
3497The DriftersSaturday Night At The Movies2:39The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters61987189
3498The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:14The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters71987175
3499The DriftersThis Magic Moment2:42The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters91987187
3500The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:37The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters101987181
3501The DriftersSweets For My Sweet2:38The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters111987199
3502The DriftersPlease Stay2:12The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters131987167
3503The DriftersUnder The Boardwalk2:43The Best Of Ben E. King & The Drifters141987202
3504The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:39The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties20 194
3505The DriftersRuby Baby2:25The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)31996129
3506The DriftersSweets For My Sweet2:43The Essential Rock 'N' Roll Jukebox Vol.2121999194
3507The DriftersPlease Stay2:17The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)41998129
3508The DriftersMexican Divorce2:34The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)81998129
3509The DriftersLet The Music Play2:37The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)171998188
3510The DriftersI Count The Tears2:12The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'141961193
3511DriftersUnder The Boardwalk2:41The Rock Box (Disc 3)5 207
3512DriftersSaturday Night At The Movies2:35The Rock Box (Disc 4)9 190
3513DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:38The Rock Box (Disc 5)6 193
3514The DriftersSweets For My Sweet2:28The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance151991189
3515The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:25The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960241995208
3516The DriftersUnder The Boardwalk2:44The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196431995198
3517The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me2:28The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)101997206
3518The DriftersWhite Christmas2:40The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 151994169
3519The DriftersOn Broadway3:01There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller101991133
3520The DriftersThere Goes My Baby2:11Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1959181988128
3521The DriftersOn Broadway3:01Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1963151986140
3522The DriftersUp On The Roof2:40TM Century GoldDisc Update 321991195
3523The DriftersUp On The Roof2:37TM Century GoldDisc Update 721991196
3524Drifting SlimMy Sweet Woman2:55Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)72011131
3525Driver 67Car 674:06A Decade Of Pop The 70's5 193
3526Driving BlindIt Matters3:51Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)201997195
3527The DroogsAhead Of My Times2:40Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)212005197
3528Drop TrioL.U.G.4:542005-02-25: Jake's Sports Cafe, Lubbock, TX, USA2 128
3529Dropkick MurphysWalk Away2:51Blackout12003258
3530Dropkick MurphysWorker's Song3:32Blackout22003265
3531Dropkick MurphysThe Outcast3:10Blackout32003250
3532Dropkick MurphysBlack Velvet Band3:03Blackout42003251
3533Dropkick MurphysGonna Be A Blackout Tonight2:39Blackout52003248
3534Dropkick MurphysWorld Full Of Hate2:22Blackout62003216
3535Dropkick MurphysBuried Alive1:57Blackout72003248
3536Dropkick MurphysThe Dirty Glass3:38Blackout82003240
3537Dropkick MurphysFields Of Athenry4:24Blackout92003235
3538Dropkick MurphysBastards On Parade3:50Blackout102003255
3539Dropkick MurphysAs One3:01Blackout112003248
3540Dropkick MurphysThis Is Your Life3:43Blackout122003250
3541Dropkick MurphysTime To Go2:53Blackout132003236
3542Dropkick MurphysKiss Me I'm Shitfaced5:34Blackout142003231
3543Dropkick MurphysBoys On The Docks2:31Boys On The Docks11998208
3544Dropkick MurphysNever Alone2:59Boys On The Docks21998219
3545Dropkick MurphysIn The Streets Of Boston1:15Boys On The Docks31998218
3546Dropkick MurphysCaps And Bottles2:41Boys On The Docks41998204
3547Dropkick MurphysEuro Trash1:48Boys On The Docks51998231
3548Dropkick MurphysFront Seat2:19Boys On The Docks61998228
3549Dropkick MurphysRocky Road To Dublin2:39Celtic Soundclash152001226
3550Dropkick MurphysCadence to Arms1:49Do or Die11997213
3551Dropkick MurphysDo or Die1:50Do or Die21997246
3552Dropkick MurphysGet Up2:06Do or Die31997249
3553Dropkick MurphysNever Alone2:54Do or Die41997244
3554Dropkick MurphysCaught in a Jar2:19Do or Die51997220
3555Dropkick MurphysMemories Remain2:25Do or Die61997246
3556Dropkick MurphysRoad of the Righteous2:56Do or Die71997244
3557Dropkick MurphysFar Away Coast2:41Do or Die81997240
3558Dropkick MurphysFightstarter Karaoke2:18Do or Die91997237
3559Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero2:57Do or Die101997229
3560Dropkick Murphys3rd Man In2:18Do or Die111997243
3561Dropkick MurphysTenant Enemy #12:13Do or Die121997244
3562Dropkick MurphysFinnegan's Wake2:19Do or Die131997233
3563Dropkick MurphysNoble2:34Do or Die141997239
3564Dropkick MurphysBoys on the Docks (Murphys' Pub Version)2:33Do or Die151997249
3565Dropkick MurphysSkinhead On The MBTA3:49Do or Die161997240
3566Dropkick MurphysHang 'em High3:59Going Out In Style12011230
3567Dropkick MurphysGoing Out In Style4:08Going Out In Style22011262
3568Dropkick MurphysThe Hardest Mile3:26Going Out In Style32011233
3569Dropkick MurphysCruel4:21Going Out In Style42011217
3570Dropkick MurphysMemorial Day2:59Going Out In Style52011239
3571Dropkick MurphysClimbing A Chair To Bed2:59Going Out In Style62011244
3572Dropkick MurphysBroken Hymns5:03Going Out In Style72011215
3573Dropkick MurphysDeeds Not Words3:41Going Out In Style82011247
3574Dropkick MurphysTake 'em Down2:11Going Out In Style92011252
3575Dropkick MurphysSunday Hardcore Matinee2:43Going Out In Style102011245
3576Dropkick Murphys19534:14Going Out In Style112011214
3577Dropkick MurphysPeg O' My Heart2:20Going Out In Style122011253
3578Dropkick MurphysThe Irish Rover3:39Going Out In Style132011245
3579Dropkick MurphysIntro0:56Live On St. Patrick's Day12002177
3580Dropkick MurphysFor Boston1:26Live On St. Patrick's Day22002228
3581Dropkick MurphysBoys On The Docks2:25Live On St. Patrick's Day32002238
3582Dropkick MurphysRoad Of The Righteous2:38Live On St. Patrick's Day42002245
3583Dropkick MurphysUpstarts & Broken Hearts2:49Live On St. Patrick's Day52002233
3584Dropkick MurphysThe Gauntlet2:57Live On St. Patrick's Day62002236
3585Dropkick MurphysRocky Road To Dublin2:35Live On St. Patrick's Day72002231
3586Dropkick MurphysHeroes From Our Past3:50Live On St. Patrick's Day82002214
3587Dropkick MurphysFinnegan's Wake2:14Live On St. Patrick's Day92002240
3588Dropkick MurphysWhich Side Are You On?2:31Live On St. Patrick's Day102002231
3589Dropkick MurphysA Few Good Men3:11Live On St. Patrick's Day112002215
3590Dropkick MurphysCurse Of A Fallen Soul3:15Live On St. Patrick's Day122002208
3591Dropkick MurphysThe Torch3:47Live On St. Patrick's Day132002207
3592Dropkick MurphysGang's All Here4:52Live On St. Patrick's Day142002214
3593Dropkick MurphysForever3:34Live On St. Patrick's Day152002212
3594Dropkick MurphysSpicy McHaggis Jig3:23Live On St. Patrick's Day162002214
3595Dropkick MurphysJohn Law1:29Live On St. Patrick's Day172002237
3596Dropkick MurphysWild Rover3:23Live On St. Patrick's Day182002218
3597Dropkick MurphysFortunate Son3:23Live On St. Patrick's Day192002224
3598Dropkick MurphysNutty (Bruin's Theme)1:37Live On St. Patrick's Day202002209
3599Dropkick MurphysGood Rats4:10Live On St. Patrick's Day212002219
3600Dropkick MurphysAmazing Grace2:27Live On St. Patrick's Day222002229
3601Dropkick MurphysAlcohol1:54Live On St. Patrick's Day232002237
3602Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero2:43Live On St. Patrick's Day242002219
3603Dropkick MurphysDirty Water3:20Live On St. Patrick's Day252002227
3604Dropkick MurphysBloody Pig Pile3:14Live On St. Patrick's Day262002230
3605Dropkick MurphysFor Boston1:33Sing Loud, Sing Proud!12001225
3606Dropkick MurphysThe Legend of Finn MacCumhail2:14Sing Loud, Sing Proud!22001232
3607Dropkick MurphysWhich Side Are You On?2:28Sing Loud, Sing Proud!32001230
3608Dropkick MurphysThe Rocky Road To Dublin2:37Sing Loud, Sing Proud!42001231
3609Dropkick MurphysHeroes From Our Past3:31Sing Loud, Sing Proud!52001219
3610Dropkick MurphysForever3:08Sing Loud, Sing Proud!62001219
3611Dropkick MurphysThe Gauntlet2:49Sing Loud, Sing Proud!72001242
3612Dropkick MurphysGood Rats3:03Sing Loud, Sing Proud!82001224
3613Dropkick MurphysThe New American Way3:32Sing Loud, Sing Proud!92001246
3614Dropkick MurphysThe Torch3:17Sing Loud, Sing Proud!102001249
3615Dropkick MurphysThe Fortunes of War2:43Sing Loud, Sing Proud!112001249
3616Dropkick MurphysA Few Good Men2:36Sing Loud, Sing Proud!122001251
3617Dropkick MurphysRamble and Roll1:59Sing Loud, Sing Proud!132001252
3618Dropkick MurphysCaps and Bottles2:41Sing Loud, Sing Proud!142001249
3619Dropkick MurphysThe Wild Rover3:25Sing Loud, Sing Proud!152001218
3620Dropkick MurphysThe Spicy McHaggis Jig3:27Sing Loud, Sing Proud!162001200
3621Dropkick MurphysTessie4:13Tessie12004259
3622Dropkick MurphysThe Fields Of Athenry4:26Tessie22004272
3623Dropkick MurphysNutty1:21Tessie32004270
3624Dropkick MurphysThe Burden (Live On WBCN)2:49Tessie42004253
3625Dropkick MurphysTessie (Old Timey Baseball Version)4:13Tessie52004251
3626Dropkick MurphysRoll Call0:32The Gang's All Here11999198
3627Dropkick MurphysBlood And Whiskey1:47The Gang's All Here21999227
3628Dropkick MurphysPipebomb On Lansdowne1:50The Gang's All Here31999219
3629Dropkick MurphysPerfect Stranger1:58The Gang's All Here41999239
3630Dropkick Murphys10 Years Of Service2:45The Gang's All Here51999220
3631Dropkick MurphysUpstarts And Broken Hearts2:56The Gang's All Here61999218
3632Dropkick MurphysDevil's Brigade1:27The Gang's All Here71999235
3633Dropkick MurphysCurse Of A Fallen Soul3:00The Gang's All Here81999202
3634Dropkick MurphysHomeward Bound2:00The Gang's All Here91999245
3635Dropkick MurphysGoing Strong3:06The Gang's All Here101999237
3636Dropkick MurphysThe Fighting 69th3:13The Gang's All Here111999211
3637Dropkick MurphysBoston Asphalt1:39The Gang's All Here121999227
3638Dropkick MurphysWheel Of Misfortune3:50The Gang's All Here131999209
3639Dropkick MurphysThe Only Road2:11The Gang's All Here141999237
3640Dropkick MurphysAmazing Grace2:38The Gang's All Here151999200
3641Dropkick MurphysThe Gang's All Here7:59The Gang's All Here161999147
3642Dropkick MurphysFamous For Nothing2:47The Meanest Of Times12007245
3643Dropkick MurphysGod Willing3:16The Meanest Of Times22007239
3644Dropkick MurphysThe State Of Massachusetts3:52The Meanest Of Times32007248
3645Dropkick MurphysTomorrow's Industry2:19The Meanest Of Times42007253
3646Dropkick MurphysEchoes On "A" Street3:17The Meanest Of Times52007240
3647Dropkick MurphysVices And Virtues2:11The Meanest Of Times62007246
3648Dropkick MurphysSurrender3:15The Meanest Of Times72007241
3649Dropkick Murphys(F)lannigan's Ball3:39The Meanest Of Times82007243
3650Dropkick MurphysI'll Begin Again2:38The Meanest Of Times92007252
3651Dropkick MurphysFairmount Hill3:58The Meanest Of Times102007219
3652Dropkick MurphysLoyal To No One2:25The Meanest Of Times112007242
3653Dropkick MurphysShattered2:47The Meanest Of Times122007254
3654Dropkick MurphysRude Awakenings3:23The Meanest Of Times132007245
3655Dropkick MurphysJohnny, I Hardly Knew Ya3:54The Meanest Of Times142007242
3656Dropkick MurphysNever Forget2:49The Meanest Of Times152007241
3657Dropkick MurphysYour Spirit's Alive2:20The Warrior's Code12005243
3658Dropkick MurphysThe Warrior's Code2:29The Warrior's Code22005255
3659Dropkick MurphysCaptain Kelly's Kitchen2:48The Warrior's Code32005241
3660Dropkick MurphysWalking Dead2:07The Warrior's Code42005236
3661Dropkick MurphysSunshine Highway3:22The Warrior's Code52005241
3662Dropkick MurphysWicked Sensitive Crew2:59The Warrior's Code62005234
3663Dropkick MurphysThe Burden2:56The Warrior's Code72005260
3664Dropkick MurphysCitizen C.I.A.1:28The Warrior's Code82005255
3665Dropkick MurphysThe Green Fields Of France4:45The Warrior's Code92005186
3666Dropkick MurphysTake It And Run2:44The Warrior's Code102005233
3667Dropkick MurphysI'm Shipping Up To Boston2:33The Warrior's Code112005230
3668Dropkick MurphysThe Auld Triangle2:41The Warrior's Code122005239
3669Dropkick MurphysThe Last Letter Home3:32The Warrior's Code132005229
3670Dropkick MurphysTessie4:15The Warrior's Code142005230
3671Drowning PoolThink3:32Desensitized12004253
3672Drowning PoolStep Up3:17Desensitized22004240
3673Drowning PoolNumb3:32Desensitized32004249
3674Drowning PoolThis Life3:42Desensitized42004238
3675Drowning PoolNothingness3:23Desensitized52004249
3676Drowning PoolBringing Me Down3:07Desensitized62004242
3677Drowning PoolLove And War3:37Desensitized72004252
3678Drowning PoolForget3:22Desensitized82004247
3679Drowning PoolCast Me Aside4:12Desensitized92004243
3680Drowning PoolKillin' Me3:07Desensitized102004243
3681Drowning PoolHate3:41Desensitized112004254
3682Drowning PoolLet The Sin Begin3:38Drowning Pool12010257
3683Drowning PoolFeel Like I Do3:35Drowning Pool22010244
3684Drowning PoolTurn So Cold3:40Drowning Pool32010232
3685Drowning PoolRegret3:18Drowning Pool42010243
3686Drowning PoolOver My Head3:28Drowning Pool52010230
3687Drowning PoolAll About Me3:43Drowning Pool62010246
3688Drowning PoolMore Than Worthless3:58Drowning Pool72010230
3689Drowning PoolChildren Of The Gun3:33Drowning Pool82010253
3690Drowning PoolAlcohol Blind4:13Drowning Pool92010219
3691Drowning PoolHorns Up3:47Drowning Pool102010247
3692Drowning PoolKing Zero2:59Drowning Pool112010255
3693Drowning PoolFull Circle3:18Full Circle12007226
3694Drowning PoolEnemy3:26Full Circle22007217
3695Drowning PoolShame3:10Full Circle32007220
3696Drowning PoolReborn4:09Full Circle42007226
3697Drowning PoolReason I'm Alive3:49Full Circle52007207
3698Drowning PoolSoldiers3:31Full Circle62007209
3699Drowning PoolParalyzed3:42Full Circle72007206
3700Drowning PoolUpside Down4:18Full Circle82007211
3701Drowning Pool37 Stitches3:50Full Circle92007209
3702Drowning PoolNo More4:36Full Circle102007211
3703Drowning PoolLove X23:26Full Circle112007217
3704Drowning PoolDuet3:21Full Circle122007208
3705Drowning PoolRebel Yell4:22Full Circle132007223
3706Drowning PoolSinner2:27Sinner12001261
3707Drowning PoolBodies3:22Sinner22001242
3708Drowning PoolTear Away4:14Sinner32001234
3709Drowning PoolAll Over Me3:12Sinner42001245
3710Drowning PoolReminded3:24Sinner52001241
3711Drowning PoolPity2:52Sinner62001254
3712Drowning PoolMute3:20Sinner72001234
3713Drowning PoolI Am3:49Sinner82001248
3714Drowning PoolFollow3:20Sinner92001244
3715Drowning PoolTold You So3:06Sinner102001252
3716Drowning PoolSermon4:19Sinner112001233
3717Dru HillHow Deep Is Your Love4:08Dance R&B Anthems102001181
3718Dru HillAnthem0:59Dru Hill11996184
3719Dru HillNothing To prove4:07Dru Hill21996180
3720Dru HillTell Me4:13Dru Hill31996188
3721Dru HillDo U Believe?4:13Dru Hill41996190
3722Dru HillWhatever U Want3:58Dru Hill51996198
3723Dru HillSatisfied4:44Dru Hill61996196
3724Dru HillApril Showers3:34Dru Hill71996198
3725Dru HillAll Alone3:36Dru Hill81996188
3726Dru HillNever Make A Promise5:28Dru Hill91996193
3727Dru HillSo Special5:25Dru Hill101996190
3728Dru HillIn My Bed4:46Dru Hill111996181
3729Dru HillLove's Train4:21Dru Hill121996193
3730Dru HillShare My World4:28Dru Hill131996189
3731Dru Hill5 Steps5:43Dru Hill141996187
3732Dru HillEnter The Dru (Interlude)0:53Enter The Dru11998196
3733Dru HillReal Freak (Feat. Chinky Brown Eyes)3:34Enter The Dru21998210
3734Dru HillHow Deep Is Your Love4:03Enter The Dru31998204
3735Dru HillThis Is What We Do (Feat. Method Man)4:21Enter The Dru41998193
3736Dru HillHolding You4:28Enter The Dru51998190
3737Dru HillI'm Wondering4:18Enter The Dru61998174
3738Dru HillYou Are Everything4:35Enter The Dru71998189
3739Dru HillI'll Be The One4:26Enter The Dru81998190
3740Dru HillNowhere Without You (Interlude)1:08Enter The Dru91998182
3741Dru HillOne Good Reason4:03Enter The Dru101998191
3742Dru HillAngel (Interlude)1:33Enter The Dru111998178
3743Dru HillAngel4:24Enter The Dru121998194
3744Dru HillWhat Do I Do With The Love4:46Enter The Dru131998205
3745Dru HillBeauty4:32Enter The Dru141998202
3746Dru HillThese Are The Times4:09Enter The Dru151998188
3747Dru HillThe Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)5:35Enter The Dru161998204
3748Dru HillWhat Are We Gonna Do5:04Enter The Dru171998189
3749Dru HillHow Deep Is Your Love (feat. Redman)4:10Rush Hour (OST)21998208
3750Dru HillHow Deep Is Your Love4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)142001199
3751Dru Hill Presents JazzHere With Me4:56Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)82000183
3752DrunkenmunkyE2:56Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)62003211
3753The DualsStick Shift2:31Rock 'N' Roll Guitar Classics81990156
3754Duane AllmanHappily Married Man2:41Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 1)11974205
3755Duane AllmanNo Money Down3:27Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 1)71974209
3756Duane AllmanGoin' Down Slow8:46Duane Allman An Anthology (Disc 1)41972196
3757Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:18100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)111999212
3758Duane EddyBecause They're Young1:52100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)201999198
3759Duane EddyForty Miles of Bad Road2:05100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)101999238
3760Duane EddyPeter Gunn2:20Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals191991137
3761Duane EddyBecause They're Young1:57Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)21997126
3762Duane EddyPlay Me Like You Play Your Guitar3:16Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)81992225
3763Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:24Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)21994177
3764Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:25James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel21991135
3765Duane EddyThe Lonely One1:41Jukebox Hits Of 1959101991232
3766Duane EddyBecause They're Young2:00Jukebox Hits Of 1960241991213
3767Duane EddyThe Trembler3:31Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal121990214
3768Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:24Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 1)162004128
3769Duane EddyRebel-Rouser2:21Rock 'N' Roll Guitar Classics21990222
3770Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:34The Best Of Duane Eddy12004226
3771Duane Eddy(Dance With The) Guitar Man2:38The Best Of Duane Eddy22004209
3772Duane EddyBoss Guitar2:25The Best Of Duane Eddy32004215
3773Duane EddyThe Ballad Of Paladin1:55The Best Of Duane Eddy42004208
3774Duane EddyYour Baby's Gone Surfin'2:23The Best Of Duane Eddy52004220
3775Duane EddyThe Son Of Rebel Rouser2:38The Best Of Duane Eddy62004173
3776Duane EddyDeep In The Heart Of Texas2:00The Best Of Duane Eddy72004213
3777Duane EddyTwangsville2:18The Best Of Duane Eddy82004217
3778Duane EddyLonely Boy, Lonely Guitar2:19The Best Of Duane Eddy92004209
3779Duane EddyShindig2:05The Best Of Duane Eddy102004226
3780Duane Eddy(Dance With The) Guitar Man2:43The Best Of Heartbeat (Disc 2)111994232
3781Duane EddyPepe2:07The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'101961126
3782Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:26The Rock Box (Disc 3)8 210
3783Duane EddyPeter Gunn Theme2:28The Rock Box (Disc 4)5 206
3784Duane EddyBecause They're Young1:59The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196051995175
3785Duane EddyRebel-'Rouser2:24Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 195881987134
3786Duane EddyMoovin' N' Groovin'2:04Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)11993127
3787Duane EddyStalkin'2:26Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)21993197
3788Duane EddyRebel Rouser2:22Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)31993180
3789Duane EddyRamrod1:41Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)41993181
3790Duane EddyCannonball1:54Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)51993180
3791Duane EddyThe Lonely One1:39Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)61993196
3792Duane EddyDetour2:13Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)71993180
3793Duane EddyThree-30-Blues3:35Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)81993184
3794Duane EddyI Almost Lost My Mind2:12Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)91993184
3795Duane Eddy"Yep!"2:11Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)101993178
3796Duane EddyForty Miles Of Bad Road2:04Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)111993176
3797Duane EddyHave Love, Will Travel - the Sharps2:20Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)121993176
3798Duane EddyQuiniela4:50Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)131993199
3799Duane EddyPeter Gunn2:21Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)141993204
3800Duane EddySome Kind-a Earthquake1:18Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)151993207
3801Duane EddyFirst Love, First Tears2:07Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)161993198
3802Duane EddyShazam!2:05Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)171993213
3803Duane EddyTiger Love And Turnip Greens1:32Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)181993199
3804Duane EddyTrambone1:39Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)191993200
3805Duane EddyRoute #12:02Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)201993197
3806Duane EddyBecause They're Young1:58Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)211993186
3807Duane EddyKommotion2:53Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)221993172
3808Duane Eddy"Pepe"2:02Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 1)231993210
3809Duane EddyDance With The Guitar Man2:42Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)11993198
3810Duane EddyThe Ballad Of Palladin1:56Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)21993183
3811Duane EddyBoss Guitar2:28Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)31993171
3812Duane EddySugar Foot Rag1:47Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)41993207
3813Duane EddyThe Window Up Above2:43Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)51993192
3814Duane EddyCrazy Arms2:24Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)61993194
3815Duane EddyOne Mint Julep3:51Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)71993150
3816Duane EddyHard Times3:04Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)81993132
3817Duane EddySwanee River Rock3:03Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)91993128
3818Duane EddyBuckaroo2:09Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)101993138
3819Duane EddyPlay Me Like You Play Your Guitar3:15Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)111993208
3820Duane EddyRoadhouse Boogie2:51Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)121993210
3821Duane EddyZephyr Cove3:26Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)131993201
3822Duane EddyRoad Race4:20Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)141993213
3823Duane EddyPeter Gunn (Twang Mix with The Art Of Noise)7:29Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)151993203
3824Duane EddyThe Trembler3:35Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)161993197
3825Duane EddyRockestra Theme4:03Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy Anthology (Disc 2)171993218
3826Duane Eddy & His "Twangy" GuitarRebel-'Rouser2:23Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)181999131
3827Duane Eddy & The RebelsBecause They're Young1:591960 - Still Rockin'16 126
3828Duane Eddy and the RebelsBecause They're Young1:57AM Gold: Early '60s Classics121995125
3829The Dublin City RamblersAll For Me Grog3:37The Craic & The Porter Black1 201
3830The Dublin City RamblersIrish Rover3:23The Craic & The Porter Black2 202
3831The Dublin City RamblersLiverpool Lou3:29The Craic & The Porter Black3 197
3832The Dublin City RamblersBould O'Donoghue2:47The Craic & The Porter Black4 202
3833The Dublin City RamblersSpanish Lady2:44The Craic & The Porter Black5 192
3834The Dublin City RamblersPolkas2:40The Craic & The Porter Black6 222
3835The Dublin City RamblersMolly Malone2:50The Craic & The Porter Black7 182
3836The Dublin City RamblersDicey Riley3:03The Craic & The Porter Black8 199
3837The Dublin City RamblersThe Craic & The Porter Black2:40The Craic & The Porter Black9 190
3838The Dublin City RamblersWhiskey In The Jar2:41The Craic & The Porter Black10 200
3839The Dublin City RamblersWhiskey On A Sunday3:05The Craic & The Porter Black11 175
3840The Dublin City RamblersThe Hot Asphalt3:42The Craic & The Porter Black12 191
3841The Dublin City RamblersPub With No Beer2:35The Craic & The Porter Black13 182
3842The Dublin City RamblersAway Sandy3:29The Craic & The Porter Black14 177
3843The Dublin City RamblersThe Wild Rover2:43The Craic & The Porter Black15 190
3844The Dublin City RamblersThe Waxies Dargle1:46The Craic & The Porter Black16 195
3845The DublinersSeven Drunken Night3:42100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)191997208
3846The DublinersRaglan Road4:19All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)11994192
3847The DublinersFour Green Fields4:54All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)21994204
3848The DublinersSeven Drunken Nights3:20All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)61994199
3849The DublinersBlack Velvet Band3:19All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)71994207
3850The DublinersDonegal Danny4:24All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)121994200
3851The DublinersSpancil Hill4:02All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)151994188
3852The DublinersMcAlpine's Fusiliers3:43All The Best Irish Pub Songs (Vol. 1)161994199
3853The DublinersThe Wild Rover3:13The Best Of The Dubliners11999204
3854The DublinersThe Ragman's Ball2:09The Best Of The Dubliners21999130
3855The DublinersThe Holy Ground2:15The Best Of The Dubliners31999215
3856The DublinersTramps And Hawkers3:08The Best Of The Dubliners41999183
3857The DublinersHome Boys Home3:09The Best Of The Dubliners51999221
3858The DublinersRocky Road To Dublin2:34The Best Of The Dubliners61999211
3859The DublinersBank Of The Roses2:13The Best Of The Dubliners71999210
3860The DublinersI'll Tell My Ma2:06The Best Of The Dubliners81999231
3861The DublinersJar Of Porter1:47The Best Of The Dubliners91999211
3862The DublinersLove Is Pleasing2:14The Best Of The Dubliners101999216
3863The DublinersThe Nightingale3:35The Best Of The Dubliners111999199
3864The DublinersFinnegan's Wake3:11The Best Of The Dubliners121999222
3865The DublinersHot Asphalt3:28The Best Of The Dubliners131999219
3866The DublinersRare Old Mountain Dew1:32The Best Of The Dubliners141999129
3867The DublinersThe Leaving Of Liverpool4:53The Best Of The Dubliners151999212
3868The DubsDon't Ask Me To Be Lonely2:18The Doo Wop Box (Disc 2)171994128
3869The DubsCould This Be Magic2:19The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)11996127
3870The Duck And The BearGoin' Up The Country2:35Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II (Disc 2)71974179
3871Dudley SimpsonTheme From Blakes 73:20This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)101999221
3872Dudley SimpsonTheme From The Tomorrow People0:42This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)111999134
3873DuiceDazzy Dukes4:03Booty Jams131998174
3874DuiceDazzey Dukes4:03Monster Booty122001173
3875DukeStarian3:36   128
3876Duke EllingtonJingle Bells [Robbie Hardkiss Remix]3:50Christmas Remixed, Vol. 1102003219
3877Duke EllingtonStar Spangled Banner1:14Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)11956218
3878Duke EllingtonFather Norman O'Connor Introduces Duke & The Orchestra / Duke Introduces Tune & Anderson, Jackson, & Procope3:39Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)21956130
3879Duke EllingtonBlack And Tan Fantasy6:20Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)31956199
3880Duke EllingtonDuke Introduces Cook & Tune0:26Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)41956144
3881Duke EllingtonTea For Two3:35Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)51956206
3882Duke EllingtonDuke & Band Leave Stage / Father Norman O'Connor Talks About The Festival2:45Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)61956128
3883Duke EllingtonTake The A Train4:21Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)71956210
3884Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Strayhorn's A Train & Nance / Duke Introduces Festival Suite, Part 1 & Hamilton0:41Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)81956128
3885Duke EllingtonPart I - Festival Junction [live]8:05Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)91956212
3886Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Soloists; Introduces Part II [live]0:42Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)101956158
3887Duke EllingtonPart II - Blues To Be There [live]7:14Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)111956201
3888Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Nance & Precope; Introduces Part III [live]0:14Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)121956193
3889Duke EllingtonPart III - Newport Up [live]5:31Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)131956207
3890Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Hamilton, Gonsalves, & Terry / Duke Introduces Carney & Tune0:26Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)141956128
3891Duke EllingtonSophisticated Lady [live]3:53Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)151956198
3892Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Grissom & Tune [live]0:16Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)161956128
3893Duke EllingtonDay In, Day Out [live]3:50Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)171956197
3894Duke EllingtonDuke Introduces Tune(s) And Paul Gonsalves Interludes [live]0:25Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)181956128
3895Duke EllingtonDiminuendo In Blue And Crescendo In Blue [live]14:20Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)191956205
3896Duke EllingtonAnnouncements, Pandemonium [live]0:43Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 1)201956128
3897Duke EllingtonDuke Introduces Johnny Hodges0:18Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)11956128
3898Duke EllingtonI Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)3:38Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)21956192
3899Duke EllingtonJeep's Blues5:08Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)31956194
3900Duke EllingtonDuke Calms Crowd; Introduces Nance & Tune0:09Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)41956139
3901Duke EllingtonTulip or Turnip2:49Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)51956208
3902Duke EllingtonRiot Prevention1:07Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)61956130
3903Duke EllingtonSkin Deep9:12Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)71956212
3904Duke EllingtonMood Indigo1:20Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)81956121
3905Duke EllingtonStudio Concert3:58Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)91956126
3906Duke EllingtonFather Normal O'Connor Introduces Duke Ellington / Duke Introduces New Work, Part I, & Hamilton1:01Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)101956129
3907Duke EllingtonPart I - Festival Junction8:46Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)111956128
3908Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Soloists; Introduces Part II0:30Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)121956128
3909Duke EllingtonPart II - Blues To Be There7:53Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)131956132
3910Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Nance & Procope; Introduces Part III0:10Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)141956128
3911Duke EllingtonPart III - Newport Up5:12Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)151956128
3912Duke EllingtonDuke Announces Hamilton, Gonsalves, & Terry ; Duke Introduces Johnny Hodges0:25Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)161956119
3913Duke EllingtonI Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)3:48Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)171956127
3914Duke EllingtonJeep's Blues4:32Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) (Disc 2)181956128
3915Duke EllingtonMalletoba Spank3:39Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]11959218
3916Duke EllingtonRed Garter3:42Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]21959199
3917Duke EllingtonRed Shoes3:50Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]31959223
3918Duke EllingtonRed Carpet7:42Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]41959195
3919Duke EllingtonReady, Go!6:35Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]51959209
3920Duke EllingtonU.M.M.G.4:32Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]61959203
3921Duke EllingtonAll Of Me2:32Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]71959188
3922Duke EllingtonTymperturbably Blue4:23Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]81959204
3923Duke EllingtonHello Little Girl7:51Jazz Party [1998 Original Master Recording]91959209
3924Duke EllingtonSuch Sweet Thunder3:22Such Sweet Thunder11957184
3925Duke EllingtonSonnet For Caesar3:00Such Sweet Thunder21957196
3926Duke EllingtonSonnet To Hank Cinq1:23Such Sweet Thunder31957191
3927Duke EllingtonLady Mac3:40Such Sweet Thunder41957204
3928Duke EllingtonSonnet In Search Of A Moor2:22Such Sweet Thunder51957193
3929Duke EllingtonThe Telecasters3:05Such Sweet Thunder61957192
3930Duke EllingtonUp And Down, Up And Down (I Will Lead Them Up And Down)3:09Such Sweet Thunder71957209
3931Duke EllingtonSonnet For Sister Kate2:23Such Sweet Thunder81957191
3932Duke EllingtonThe Star-Crossed Lovers4:00Such Sweet Thunder91957189
3933Duke EllingtonMadness In Great Ones3:26Such Sweet Thunder101957199
3934Duke EllingtonHalf The Fun4:19Such Sweet Thunder111957209
3935Duke EllingtonCircle Of Fourths1:49Such Sweet Thunder121957202
3936Duke EllingtonThe Star-Crossed Lovers (Stereo LP Master)4:16Such Sweet Thunder131957191
3937Duke EllingtonCircle Of Fourths (Stereo LP Master)1:49Such Sweet Thunder141957193
3938Duke EllingtonSuburban Beauty (Master Take)2:58Such Sweet Thunder151957202
3939Duke EllingtonA Flat Minor (Preferred Take)2:35Such Sweet Thunder161957200
3940Duke EllingtonCafe Au Lait (Preferred Take)2:45Such Sweet Thunder171957208
3941Duke EllingtonHalf The Fun (Alternate Take)4:12Such Sweet Thunder181957199
3942Duke EllingtonSuburban Beauty (Alternate Take)2:59Such Sweet Thunder191957204
3943Duke EllingtonA Flat Minor (Outtakes)3:52Such Sweet Thunder201957205
3944Duke EllingtonCafe Au Lait (Mono Outtakes)6:22Such Sweet Thunder211957128
3945Duke EllingtonPretty Girl (First Take)8:54Such Sweet Thunder221957192
3946Duke EllingtonTake The 'A' Train3:03Take The 'A' Train11993218
3947Duke EllingtonCrosstown2:50Take The 'A' Train21993208
3948Duke EllingtonOne O'clock Jump5:41Take The 'A' Train31993203
3949Duke EllingtonSophisticated Lady3:01Take The 'A' Train41993201
3950Duke EllingtonCaravan2:50Take The 'A' Train51993201
3951Duke EllingtonRose Of The Rio Grande2:28Take The 'A' Train61993208
3952Duke EllingtonHoneysuckie Rose3:18Take The 'A' Train71993183
3953Duke EllingtonMood Indigo5:07Take The 'A' Train81993204
3954Duke EllingtonThe Mooche5:29Take The 'A' Train91993196
3955Duke EllingtonBlack And Tan Fantasy2:56Take The 'A' Train101993184
3956Duke EllingtonPerdido2:26Take The 'A' Train111993210
3957Duke EllingtonDo Nothing Till You Hear From Me1:50Take The 'A' Train121993194
3958Duke EllingtonMoon Mist3:24Take The 'A' Train131993185
3959Duke EllingtonTea For Two1:53Take The 'A' Train141993194
3960Duke EllingtonPretty Woman2:48Take The 'A' Train151993177
3961Duke EllingtonHow High The Moon2:30Take The 'A' Train161993210
3962Duke EllingtonAsphalt Jungle0:43Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)501996134
3963Duke EllingtonEast St. Louis Toodle-oo3:37The Gold Collection11998204
3964Duke EllingtonSaturday Night Function3:05The Gold Collection21998189
3965Duke EllingtonCotton Club Stomp2:55The Gold Collection31998199
3966Duke EllingtonJungle Nights In Harlem2:55The Gold Collection41998198
3967Duke EllingtonMood Indigo3:05The Gold Collection51998157
3968Duke EllingtonIn A Sentimental Mood3:18The Gold Collection61998175
3969Duke EllingtonCaravan2:44The Gold Collection71998160
3970Duke EllingtonRockin' In Rhythm4:09The Gold Collection81998233
3971Duke EllingtonTake The 'A' Train4:30The Gold Collection91998203
3972Duke EllingtonBlack And Tan Fantasy4:16The Gold Collection101998180
3973Duke EllingtonCreole Love Call1:09The Gold Collection111998166
3974Duke EllingtonThe Mooche3:48The Gold Collection121998180
3975Duke EllingtonSoul Call2:13The Gold Collection131998208
3976Duke EllingtonThings Ain't What They Used To Be2:54The Gold Collection141998207
3977Duke EllingtonTake the A Train3:06Your Hit Parade 19411 126
3978Duke EllingtonI Got It Bad and That Ain't Good3:30Your Hit Parade 194118 126
3979Duke EllingtonDo Nothin' Till You Hear from Me3:20Your Hit Parade 194423 128
3980Duke Ellington & His OrchestraThe Midnight Sun Will Never Set3:06Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed152001192
3981The Dukes Of StratosphearVanishing Girl2:30Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)12005200
3982The Dukes Of Stratosphear25 O'Clock5:05Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)82005202
3983The Dukes Of Stratosphear25 O'Clock5:02Chips From The Chocolate Fireball11987200
3984The Dukes Of StratosphearBike Ride To The Moon2:23Chips From The Chocolate Fireball21987220
3985The Dukes Of StratosphearMy Love Explodes3:49Chips From The Chocolate Fireball31987181
3986The Dukes Of StratosphearWhat In The World??...5:00Chips From The Chocolate Fireball41987189
3987The Dukes Of StratosphearYour Gold Dress4:41Chips From The Chocolate Fireball51987194
3988The Dukes Of StratosphearThe Mole From The Ministry5:48Chips From The Chocolate Fireball61987191
3989The Dukes Of StratosphearVanishing Girl3:00Chips From The Chocolate Fireball71987193
3990The Dukes Of StratosphearHave You Seen Jackie?3:21Chips From The Chocolate Fireball81987208
3991The Dukes Of StratosphearLittle Lighthouse4:30Chips From The Chocolate Fireball91987211
3992The Dukes Of StratosphearYou're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel)3:38Chips From The Chocolate Fireball101987207
3993The Dukes Of StratosphearCollideascope3:23Chips From The Chocolate Fireball111987195
3994The Dukes Of StratosphearYou're My Drug3:18Chips From The Chocolate Fireball121987204
3995The Dukes Of StratosphearShiny Cage3:17Chips From The Chocolate Fireball131987203
3996The Dukes Of StratosphearBrainiac's Daughter3:59Chips From The Chocolate Fireball141987208
3997The Dukes Of StratosphearThe Affiliated2:30Chips From The Chocolate Fireball151987201
3998The Dukes Of StratosphearPale And Precious4:54Chips From The Chocolate Fireball161987196
3999Duncan SheikShe Runs Away3:43Duncan Sheik11996176
4000Duncan SheikIn the Absence of Sun5:05Duncan Sheik21996174
4001Duncan SheikBarely Breathing4:15Duncan Sheik31996206
4002Duncan SheikReasons For Living4:31Duncan Sheik41996184
4003Duncan SheikDays Go By4:48Duncan Sheik51996164
4004Duncan SheikSerena4:43Duncan Sheik61996209
4005Duncan SheikOut of Order4:30Duncan Sheik71996171
4006Duncan SheikNovember4:56Duncan Sheik81996165
4007Duncan SheikHome4:48Duncan Sheik91996160
4008Duncan SheikThe End of Outside4:45Duncan Sheik101996178
4009Duncan SheikLittle Hands6:04Duncan Sheik111996153
4010Duncan SheikSongbird3:27Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac's Rumours61998177
4011DupreesYou Belong to Me2:45AM Gold: 1962101995172
4012The DupreesMy Own True Love2:28The '60s - Jukebox Memories22 175
4013The DupreesYou Belong To Me2:48The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)191996183
4014DupreesThe Christmas Song3:21The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2151995260
4015Duran DuranThe Reflex5:2980's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]41997267
4016Duran DuranAll You Need Is Now4:33All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]12011237
4017Duran DuranBlame the Machines4:09All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]22011233
4018Duran DuranBeing Followed3:49All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]32011231
4019Duran DuranLeave a Light On4:38All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]42011210
4020Duran DuranSafe (In the Heat of the Moment)4:01All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]52011216
4021Duran DuranGirl Panic!4:34All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]62011240
4022Duran DuranA Diamond in the Mind1:18All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]72011194
4023Duran DuranThe Man Who Stole a Leopard6:14All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]82011209
4024Duran DuranOther People's Lives3:45All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]92011229
4025Duran DuranMediterranea5:40All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]102011213
4026Duran DuranToo Bad You're So Beautiful4:55All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]112011217
4027Duran DuranRunway Runaway3:07All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]122011240
4028Duran DuranReturn to Now1:36All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]132011197
4029Duran DuranBefore the Rain4:35All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]142011198
4030Duran DuranNetworker Nation3:10All You Need Is Now [Deluxe Edition]152011230
4031Duran DuranBig Thing3:42Big Thing11988195
4032Duran DuranI Don't Want Your Love4:06Big Thing21988193
4033Duran DuranAll She Wants Is4:35Big Thing31988184
4034Duran DuranToo Late Marlene5:08Big Thing41988201
4035Duran DuranDrug (It's Just A State Of Mind)4:38Big Thing51988203
4036Duran DuranDo You Believe In Shame?4:23Big Thing61988197
4037Duran DuranPalomino5:19Big Thing71988196
4038Duran DuranInterlude One0:33Big Thing81988196
4039Duran DuranLand6:12Big Thing91988196
4040Duran DuranFlute Interlude0:32Big Thing101988186
4041Duran DuranThe Edge Of America2:37Big Thing111988170
4042Duran DuranLake Shore Driving3:04Big Thing121988204