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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1The 'E' TypesPut The Clock Back On The Wall2:25Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)101998142
2E. U.Da' Butt5:11Booty Jams11998222
3E. U.Da Butt3:53Monster Booty172001220
4E.G. DailyDil-A-Bye3:43The Rugrats Movie (OST)51998181
5E.G. Daily, Christine Cavanaugh & Kath SoucieYo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Yum!2:18The Rugrats Movie (OST)121998220
6E.S. PosthumusAntissa5:11Unearthed12001192
7E.S. PosthumusTikal3:46Unearthed22001228
8E.S. PosthumusHarappa4:36Unearthed32001214
9E.S. PosthumusUlaid5:09Unearthed42001190
10E.S. PosthumusEbla6:09Unearthed52001219
11E.S. PosthumusNara4:51Unearthed62001210
12E.S. PosthumusCuzco4:02Unearthed72001191
13E.S. PosthumusNiveneh3:42Unearthed82001232
14E.S. PosthumusLepcis Magna3:27Unearthed92001226
15E.S. PosthumusMenouthis3:55Unearthed102001244
16E.S. PosthumusEstremoz5:06Unearthed112001199
17E.S. PosthumusPompeii3:40Unearthed122001230
18E.S. PosthumusIsfahan4:34Unearthed132001199
19E-40 feat. T-Pain & Kandi GirlYou And Dat (PO Clean Edit)3:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-07152006170
20Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight3:5990's Pop Hits (Disc 1)2 219
21Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight4:00Desireless11998219
22Eagle-Eye CherryIndecision5:16Desireless21998214
23Eagle-Eye CherryComatose (In The Arms Of Slumber)4:37Desireless31998200
24Eagle-Eye CherryWorried Eyes4:31Desireless41998197
25Eagle-Eye CherryRainbow Wings4:04Desireless51998175
26Eagle-Eye CherryFalling In Love Again3:30Desireless61998201
27Eagle-Eye CherryConversation4:44Desireless71998205
28Eagle-Eye CherryWhen Mermaids Cry4:23Desireless81998212
29Eagle-Eye CherryShooting Up In Vain5:34Desireless91998200
30Eagle-Eye CherryPermanent Tears4:43Desireless101998185
31Eagle-Eye CherryDeath Defied By Will4:24Desireless111998215
32Eagle-Eye CherryDesireless6:15Desireless121998200
33Eagle-Eye CherryBeen Here Once Before3:32Living In The Present Future12000197
34Eagle-Eye CherryAre You Still Having Fun?3:09Living In The Present Future22000201
35Eagle-Eye CherryOne Good Reason3:27Living In The Present Future32000202
36Eagle-Eye CherryPromises Made3:37Living In The Present Future42000190
37Eagle-Eye CherryBurning Up4:15Living In The Present Future52000231
38Eagle-Eye CherryTogether5:17Living In The Present Future62000198
39Eagle-Eye CherryLong Way Around (feat. Neneh Cherry)3:29Living In The Present Future72000219
40Eagle-Eye CherryLonley Days (Miles Away)3:58Living In The Present Future82000223
41Eagle-Eye CherryFirst To Fall3:57Living In The Present Future92000201
42Eagle-Eye CherryMiss Fortune3:47Living In The Present Future102000197
43Eagle-Eye CherryShe Didn't Believe3:41Living In The Present Future112000218
44Eagle-Eye CherryShades of Gray3:23Living In The Present Future122000195
45Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0781998221
46Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight3:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)142001210
47EaglesPlease Come Home For Christmas3:00Christmas Of Hope41995209
48EaglesDoolin' Dalton3:28Desperado (Remastered)11973197
49EaglesTwenty-one2:10Desperado (Remastered)21973228
50EaglesOut of Control3:05Desperado (Remastered)31973230
51EaglesTequila Sunrise2:54Desperado (Remastered)41973213
52EaglesDesperado3:36Desperado (Remastered)51973184
53EaglesCertain Kind of Fool3:01Desperado (Remastered)61973215
54EaglesDoolin' Dalton (Instrumental)0:47Desperado (Remastered)71973212
55EaglesOutlaw Man3:35Desperado (Remastered)81973232
56EaglesSaturday Night3:20Desperado (Remastered)91973197
57EaglesBitter Creek5:03Desperado (Remastered)101973198
58EaglesDoolin' Dalton / Desperado(Reprise)4:54Desperado (Remastered)111973196
59EaglesFunky New Year4:01Eagles Boxset762005217
60EaglesHotel California7:00Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]11980217
61EaglesHeartache Tonight4:33Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]21980225
62EaglesI Can't Tell You Why5:17Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]31980201
63EaglesThe Long Run5:51Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]41980221
64EaglesNew Kid in Town5:53Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]51980216
65EaglesLife's Been Good8:56Eagles Live (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]61980224
66EaglesSeven Bridges Road3:54Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]11980196
67EaglesWasted Time5:21Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]21980195
68EaglesTake It to the Limit5:14Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]31980205
69EaglesDoolin-Dalton (Reprise II)0:41Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]41980215
70EaglesDesperado3:57Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]51980198
71EaglesSaturday Night3:47Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]61980199
72EaglesAll Night Long5:34Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]71980226
73EaglesLife in the Fast Lane5:09Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]81980228
74EaglesTake It Easy5:16Eagles Live (Disc 2) [1999 Remaster]91980229
75EaglesGet Over It3:31Hell Freezes Over11994219
76EaglesLove Will Keep Us Alive4:03Hell Freezes Over21994192
77EaglesThe Girl From Yesterday3:24Hell Freezes Over31994196
78EaglesLearn To Be Still4:28Hell Freezes Over41994207
79EaglesTequila Sunrise3:28Hell Freezes Over51994206
80EaglesHotel California7:12Hell Freezes Over61994205
81EaglesWasted Time5:19Hell Freezes Over71994183
82EaglesPretty Maids All In A Row4:27Hell Freezes Over81994199
83EaglesI Can't Tell You Why5:11Hell Freezes Over91994199
84EaglesNew York Minute6:37Hell Freezes Over101994192
85EaglesThe Last Resort7:24Hell Freezes Over111994201
86EaglesTake It Easy4:36Hell Freezes Over121994226
87EaglesIn The City4:07Hell Freezes Over131994215
88EaglesLife In The Fast Lane6:01Hell Freezes Over141994213
89EaglesDesperado4:15Hell Freezes Over151994192
90EaglesHotel California6:31Hotel California11976198
91EaglesNew Kid In Town5:04Hotel California21976204
92EaglesLife In The Fast Lane4:46Hotel California31976219
93EaglesWasted Time4:55Hotel California41976183
94EaglesWasted Time (reprise)1:23Hotel California51976201
95EaglesVictim Of Love4:09Hotel California61976205
96EaglesPretty Maids All In A Row3:59Hotel California71976198
97EaglesTry And Love Again5:11Hotel California81976200
98EaglesThe Last Resort7:28Hotel California91976201
99EaglesNo More Walks In The Wood2:00Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)12007188
100EaglesHow Long3:16Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)22007223
101EaglesBusy Being Fabulous4:20Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)32007207
102EaglesWhat Do I Do With My Heart3:54Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)42007199
103EaglesGuilty Of The Crime3:43Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)52007227
104EaglesI Don't Want To Hear Any More4:21Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)62007206
105EaglesWaiting In The Weeds7:46Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)72007200
106EaglesNo More Cloudy Days4:03Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)82007207
107EaglesFast Company4:00Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)92007212
108EaglesDo Something5:12Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)102007209
109EaglesYou Are Not Alone2:24Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 1)112007192
110EaglesLong Road Out Of Eden10:17Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)12007203
111EaglesI Dreamed There Was No War1:38Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)22007210
112EaglesSomebody4:09Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)32007216
113EaglesFrail Grasp On The Big Picture5:46Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)42007211
114EaglesLast Good Time In Town7:07Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)52007217
115EaglesI Love To Watch A Woman Dance3:16Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)62007184
116EaglesBusiness As Usual5:31Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)72007207
117EaglesCenter Of The Universe3:42Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)82007204
118EaglesIt's Your World Now4:22Long Road Out Of Eden (Disc 2)92007219
119EaglesAlready Gone4:14On The Border11974209
120EaglesYou Never Cry Like A Lover4:00On The Border21974201
121EaglesMidnight Flyer3:58On The Border31974196
122EaglesMy Man3:30On The Border41974204
123EaglesOn The Border4:25On The Border51974209
124EaglesJames Dean3:39On The Border61974217
125EaglesOl' 554:22On The Border71974203
126EaglesIs It True?3:14On The Border81974206
127EaglesGood Day In Hell4:24On The Border91974215
128EaglesBest Of My Love4:30On The Border101974211
129EaglesOne Of These Nights4:51One Of These Nights11975214
130EaglesToo Many Hands4:40One Of These Nights21975207
131EaglesHollywood Waltz4:01One Of These Nights31975211
132EaglesJourney Of The Sorcerer6:39One Of These Nights41975198
133EaglesLyin' Eyes6:21One Of These Nights51975221
134EaglesTake It To The Limit4:46One Of These Nights61975203
135EaglesVisions3:58One Of These Nights71975199
136EaglesAfter The Thrill Is Gone3:56One Of These Nights81975201
137EaglesI Wish You Peace3:43One Of These Nights91975200
138EaglesTake It Easy3:35The Eagles11972214
139EaglesWitchy Woman4:13The Eagles21972196
140EaglesChug All Night3:18The Eagles31972206
141EaglesMost Of Us Are Sad3:38The Eagles41972196
142EaglesNightingale4:08The Eagles51972198
143EaglesTrain Leaves Here This Morning4:13The Eagles61972199
144EaglesTake The Devil4:04The Eagles71972200
145EaglesEarlybird3:02The Eagles81972206
146EaglesPeaceful Easy Feeling4:21The Eagles91972211
147EaglesTryin'2:54The Eagles101972211
148EaglesThe Long Run3:43The Long Run11979211
149EaglesI Can't Tell You Why4:55The Long Run21979190
150EaglesIn The City3:45The Long Run31979219
151EaglesThe Disco Strangler2:44The Long Run41979190
152EaglesKing Of Hollywood6:28The Long Run51979216
153EaglesHeartache Tonight4:27The Long Run61979213
154EaglesThose Shoes4:54The Long Run71979225
155EaglesTeenage Jail3:44The Long Run81979214
156EaglesThe Greeks Don't Want No Freaks2:20The Long Run91979223
157EaglesThe Sad Cafe5:34The Long Run101979208
158EaglesHole In The World4:25TM Century PrimeCuts 515P12003189
159EaglesLyin' Eyes6:23Urban Cowboy (OST)81980228
160Eagles Of Death MetalI Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)2:21Death By Sexy...12006247
161Eagles Of Death MetalI Got A Feelin' (Just Nineteen)3:30Death By Sexy...22006259
162Eagles Of Death MetalCherry Cola3:17Death By Sexy...32006258
163Eagles Of Death MetalI Like To Move In The Night3:59Death By Sexy...42006243
164Eagles Of Death MetalSolid Gold4:20Death By Sexy...52006239
165Eagles Of Death MetalDon't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)2:47Death By Sexy...62006249
166Eagles Of Death MetalKeep Your Head Up2:27Death By Sexy...72006244
167Eagles Of Death MetalThe Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck1:59Death By Sexy...82006254
168Eagles Of Death MetalPoor Doggie3:16Death By Sexy...92006247
169Eagles Of Death MetalChase The Devil3:02Death By Sexy...102006244
170Eagles Of Death MetalEagles Goth1:59Death By Sexy...112006226
171Eagles Of Death MetalShasta Beast2:26Death By Sexy...122006252
172Eagles Of Death MetalBag O' Miracles2:19Death By Sexy...132006197
173Eagles Of Death MetalNasty Notion (Bonus Track)3:11Death By Sexy...152006207
174Eagles Of Death MetalAnything 'Cept The Truth4:34Heart On12008199
175Eagles Of Death MetalWannabe In L.A.2:15Heart On22008204
176Eagles Of Death Metal(I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants3:35Heart On32008227
177Eagles Of Death MetalHigh Voltage2:43Heart On42008251
178Eagles Of Death MetalSecret Plans2:22Heart On52008215
179Eagles Of Death MetalNow I'm A Fool3:41Heart On62008221
180Eagles Of Death MetalHeart On2:43Heart On72008234
181Eagles Of Death MetalCheap Thrills3:42Heart On82008222
182Eagles Of Death MetalHow Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So All Alone3:02Heart On92008227
183Eagles Of Death MetalSolo Flights3:25Heart On102008234
184Eagles Of Death MetalPrissy Prancin'3:40Heart On112008201
185Eagles Of Death MetalI'm Your Torpedo5:12Heart On122008226
186Eagles Of Death MetalI Only Want You2:48Peace Love Death Metal12004220
187Eagles Of Death MetalSpeaking In Tongues2:49Peace Love Death Metal22004235
188Eagles Of Death MetalSo Easy4:00Peace Love Death Metal32004198
189Eagles Of Death MetalFlames Go Higher2:53Peace Love Death Metal42004194
190Eagles Of Death MetalBad Dream Mama3:02Peace Love Death Metal52004225
191Eagles Of Death MetalEnglish Girl2:38Peace Love Death Metal62004231
192Eagles Of Death MetalStacks O' Money2:48Peace Love Death Metal72004183
193Eagles Of Death MetalMidnight Creeper1:57Peace Love Death Metal82004195
194Eagles Of Death MetalStuck In The Metal3:18Peace Love Death Metal92004221
195Eagles Of Death MetalAlready Died3:00Peace Love Death Metal102004216
196Eagles Of Death MetalKiss The Devil2:52Peace Love Death Metal112004240
197Eagles Of Death MetalWhorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)3:34Peace Love Death Metal122004178
198Eagles Of Death MetalSan Berdoo Sunburn3:42Peace Love Death Metal132004172
199Eagles Of Death MetalWastin' My Time2:42Peace Love Death Metal142004233
200Eagles Of Death MetalMiss Alissa2:38Peace Love Death Metal152004265
201Eagles Of Death MetalI Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)2:22Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)152007279
202EamonFuck It (I Don't Want You Back)3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-03122004198
203Eamon(How Could You) Bring Him Home3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0852006212
204Earl GrantThe End2:19Your Hit Parade - Late 50's24 128
205Earl RobinsonMail Myself to You1:16A Tribute to Woody Guthrie211972174
206Earl ScruggsJingle Bells2:44A Very Special Acoustic Christmas72003210
207Earl Scruggs with Billy Bob ThorntonRing Of Fire3:57Earl Scruggs and Friends32001204
208Earl Scruggs with Don Henley & Johnny CashPassin' Thru5:37Earl Scruggs and Friends112001204
209Earl Scruggs with Dwight YoakamBorrowed Love3:00Earl Scruggs and Friends22001183
210Earl Scruggs with Elton JohnCountry Comfort4:52Earl Scruggs and Friends12001198
211Earl Scruggs with Gary Scruggs & Travis TrittTrue Love Never Dies3:47Earl Scruggs and Friends42001203
212Earl Scruggs with Glen Duncan, Randy Scruggs, Steve Martin, Vince GillFoggy Mountain Breakdown4:49Earl Scruggs and Friends72001210
213Earl Scruggs with John FogertyBlue Ridge Mountain Blues3:21Earl Scruggs and Friends102001207
214Earl Scruggs with Marty StuartFoggy Mountain Rock - Foggy Mountain Special2:26Earl Scruggs and Friends122001217
215Earl Scruggs with Melissa EthridgeThe Angels4:54Earl Scruggs and Friends52001204
216Earl Scruggs with Randy ScruggsSomethin' Just Ain't Right3:54Earl Scruggs and Friends82001203
217Earl Scruggs with StingFill Her Up5:44Earl Scruggs and Friends62001196
218Earl Scruggs with Vince Gill & Rosanne CashI Found Love3:10Earl Scruggs and Friends92001202
219Earl Thomas ConleyHard Days & Honky Tonk Nights2:37Honky Tonk 2: Saloon Country51992208
220Earle HagenThe Dick Van Dyke Show0:48All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)382005125
221Earle HagenThe Andy Griffith Show0:53All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)392005125
222Earle HagenThe Dick Van Dyke Show0:42Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)271986191
223Earle HagenThe Andy Griffith Show0:54Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)321986174
224Earle HagenThe Mod Squad1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)631986188
225Earle HagenGomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)341986195
226Earle HagenI Spy1:00Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)521986193
227Earle HagenI Spy2:12Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene21996201
228Earle, Steve & The DukesI Ain't Even Satisfied3:54The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)101999196
229The EarlsRemember Then2:121963 - Still Rockin'7 133
230The EarlsLookin' For My Baby1:59The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)161994128
231The EarlsRemember Then2:09The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)191994214
232The EarlybirdsMerry Christmas Everybody3:27So This Is Christmas112010232
233EarthSeven Angels15:35Earth2 (Special Low Frequency Version)11993205
234EarthTeeth Of Lions Rule The Divine27:04Earth2 (Special Low Frequency Version)21993234
235EarthLike Gold And Faceted30:21Earth2 (Special Low Frequency Version)31993231
236EarthA Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 17:23Extra-Capsular Extraction11991218
237EarthA Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 26:38Extra-Capsular Extraction21991212
238EarthOuroboros Is Broken18:19Extra-Capsular Extraction31991218
239EarthMirage1:45HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method12005173
240EarthLand Of Some Other Order7:18HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method22005204
241EarthThe Dire And Ever Circling Wolves7:34HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method32005197
242EarthLeft In The Desert1:13HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method42005188
243EarthLens Of Unrectified Night7:56HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method52005207
244EarthAn Inquest Concerning Teeth5:16HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method62005200
245EarthRaiford (The Felon Wind)7:21HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method72005217
246EarthThe Dry Lake3:21HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method82005190
247EarthTethered To The Polestar4:42HEX; Or Printing In The Infernal Method92005181
248EarthOuroboros Is Broken8:17Hibernaculum12007205
249EarthCoda Maestoso in F (Flat) Minor6:51Hibernaculum22007197
250EarthMiami Morning Coming Down5:15Hibernaculum32007232
251EarthA Plague of Angels16:21Hibernaculum42007186
252EarthIntroduction5:15Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons11996199
253EarthHigh Command5:50Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons21996208
254EarthCrooked Axis For String Quartet5:29Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons31996207
255EarthTallahassee3:50Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons41996218
256EarthCharioteer (Temple Song)4:17Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons51996237
257EarthPeace In Mississippi5:56Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons61996217
258EarthSonar And Depth Charge7:13Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons71996156
259EarthCoda Maestoso In F(flat) Minor5:19Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons81996205
260EarthHarvey2:54Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]11995229
261EarthTibetan Quaaludes7:43Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]21995215
262EarthLullaby (Take 2: How Dry I am)3:15Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]31995240
263EarthSong 42:50Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]41995159
264EarthSite Specific Carnivorous Occurrence8:41Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]51995219
265EarthPhase 3: Agni Detonating Over The Thar Desert...12:28Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]61995208
266EarthThrones And Dominions14:21Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]71995214
267EarthSong 6 (Chime)2:48Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions [2006 Reissue]81995218
268EarthOmens And Portents I: The Driver9:07The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull12008199
269EarthRise To Glory5:46The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull22008216
270EarthMiami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)8:01The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull32008196
271EarthEngine Of Ruin6:28The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull42008211
272EarthOmens And Portents II: Carrion Crow8:04The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull52008227
273EarthHung From The Moon7:43The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull62008206
274EarthThe Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull8:14The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull72008189
275Earth and FireWeekend3:27One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)182001240
276Earth and FireCarnival of the Animals2:43Song of the Marching Children11971205
277Earth and FireEbbtide3:07Song of the Marching Children21971201
278Earth and FireStorm and Thunder6:25Song of the Marching Children31971196
279Earth and FireIn the Mountains3:03Song of the Marching Children41971202
280Earth and FireSong of the Marching Children18:27Song of the Marching Children51971196
281Earth and FireMemories (Extra Track)3:21Song of the Marching Children61971193
282Earth and FireSeasons4:07The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)12003208
283Earth and FireRuby Is the One3:26The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)22003223
284Earth and FireWild and Exciting4:03The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)32003227
285Earth and FireInvitation3:50The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)42003220
286Earth and FireStorm and Thunder4:50The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)52003217
287Earth and FireMemories3:20The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)62003193
288Earth and FireMaybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight3:12The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)72003228
289Earth and FireLove of Life3:07The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)82003230
290Earth and FireOnly Time Will Tell3:43The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)92003231
291Earth and FireThanks For the Love3:40The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)102003235
292Earth and FireWhat Difference Does It Make3:09The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)112003227
293Earth and Fire78th Avenue3:01The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)122003229
294Earth and FireWeekend3:31The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)132003210
295Earth and FireFire of Love3:45The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)142003211
296Earth and FireDream2:58The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)152003213
297Earth and FireTwenty-Four Hours3:39The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)162003216
298Earth and FireJack Is Back3:12The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)172003213
299Earth and FireThe Two of Us3:57The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)182003207
300Earth and FireHazy Paradise3:46The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)12003214
301Earth and FireMechanical Lover2:16The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)22003215
302Earth and FireVivid Shady Land4:12The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)32003228
303Earth and FireLove Quiver7:35The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)42003224
304Earth and FireSong of the Marching Children4:08The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)52003213
305Earth and FireLost Forever2:47The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)62003225
306Earth and FireEbbtide4:54The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)72003219
307Earth and FireFanfare6:04The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)82003205
308Earth and FireFun3:38The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)92003229
309Earth and FireCircus6:14The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)102003220
310Earth and FireDe Tijd Zegt Niets3:16The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)112003200
311Earth and FireSmile3:10The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)122003219
312Earth and FireGreen Park Station2:59The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)132003216
313Earth and FireAnswer Me5:13The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)142003208
314Earth and FireSeason of the Falling Leaves3:22The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)152003192
315Earth and FireTell Me Why3:08The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)162003193
316Earth and FireWhat More Could You Desire3:02The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)172003229
317Earth and FireLove Is an Ocean3:57The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)182003212
318Earth and FireAllright, Here I Am (Jerney Kaagman)3:06The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)12003209
319Earth and FireMy Mystery Man (Jerney Kaagman)3:34The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)22003201
320Earth and FireDon't Say It (Jerney Kaagman)4:09The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)32003217
321Earth and FireRunning Away From Love (Jerney Kaagman)3:59The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)42003212
322Earth and FireQueen of Hearts (Jerney Kaagman)4:11The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)52003215
323Earth and FireVictim of the Night (Jerney Kaagman)3:41The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)62003216
324Earth and FireGood Enough3:51The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)72003227
325Earth and FireKeep On Missing You6:29The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)82003219
326Earth and FireFrench Word For Love3:16The Ultimate Collection (Disc 3)92003201
327Earth and FireSeasons4:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)22001197
328Earth Wind And FireGot To Get You Into My Life4:13Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)6 202
329Earth Wind and FireFanstasy4:39Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)12004222
330Earth, Wind & FireSerpentine Fire3:50All 'N All11977208
331Earth, Wind & FireFantasy4:37All 'N All21977202
332Earth, Wind & FireIn The Marketplace (Interlude)0:43All 'N All31977202
333Earth, Wind & FireJupiter3:11All 'N All41977214
334Earth, Wind & FireLove's Holiday4:22All 'N All51977207
335Earth, Wind & FireBrazilian Rhyme1:23All 'N All61977197
336Earth, Wind & FireI'll Write A Song For You5:24All 'N All71977199
337Earth, Wind & FireMagic Mind3:38All 'N All81977211
338Earth, Wind & FireRunnin'5:51All 'N All91977205
339Earth, Wind & FireBrazilian Rhyme (Interlude)0:53All 'N All101977192
340Earth, Wind & FireBe Ever Wonderful5:09All 'N All111977201
341Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:51Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)52002207
342Earth, Wind & FireFantasy3:48Be Cool (OST)12005213
343Earth, Wind & FireReasons4:59Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)202001220
344Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:52Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)12001216
345Earth, Wind & FireMagnetic4:21Electric Universe11983217
346Earth, Wind & FireTouch4:55Electric Universe21983207
347Earth, Wind & FireMoonwalk4:09Electric Universe31983217
348Earth, Wind & FireCould It Be Right5:14Electric Universe41983190
349Earth, Wind & FireSpirit Of A New World4:30Electric Universe51983222
350Earth, Wind & FireSweet Sassy Lady4:13Electric Universe61983219
351Earth, Wind & FireWe're Living In Our Own Time5:23Electric Universe71983193
352Earth, Wind & FireElectric Nation4:34Electric Universe81983222
353Earth, Wind & FireLet Me Talk4:08Faces11980220
354Earth, Wind & FireTurn It Into Something Good4:10Faces21980203
355Earth, Wind & FirePride4:11Faces31980213
356Earth, Wind & FireYou5:10Faces41980188
357Earth, Wind & FireSparkle3:51Faces51980203
358Earth, Wind & FireBack On The Road3:33Faces61980213
359Earth, Wind & FireSong In My Heart4:17Faces71980205
360Earth, Wind & FireYou Went Away4:24Faces81980192
361Earth, Wind & FireAnd Love Goes On4:05Faces91980208
362Earth, Wind & FireSailaway4:37Faces101980190
363Earth, Wind & FireTake It To The Sky3:50Faces111980205
364Earth, Wind & FireWin Or Lose3:53Faces121980217
365Earth, Wind & FireShare Your Love3:17Faces131980206
366Earth, Wind & FireIn Time4:13Faces141980200
367Earth, Wind & FireFaces8:02Faces151980198
368Earth, Wind & FireIntroduction by MC Perry Jones0:20Gratitude11975179
369Earth, Wind & FireAfricano/Power5:55Gratitude21975213
370Earth, Wind & FireYearnin' Learnin'4:15Gratitude31975210
371Earth, Wind & FireDevotion4:51Gratitude41975199
372Earth, Wind & FireSun Goddess7:51Gratitude51975209
373Earth, Wind & FireReasons8:20Gratitude61975202
374Earth, Wind & FireSing a Message To You1:19Gratitude71975214
375Earth, Wind & FireShining Star4:54Gratitude81975207
376Earth, Wind & FireNew World Symphony9:26Gratitude91975206
377Earth, Wind & FireMusical Interlude #10:14Gratitude101975192
378Earth, Wind & FireSunshine4:17Gratitude111975202
379Earth, Wind & FireSing a Song3:23Gratitude121975209
380Earth, Wind & FireGratitude3:28Gratitude131975198
381Earth, Wind & FireCelebrate3:07Gratitude141975202
382Earth, Wind & FireMusical Interlude #20:27Gratitude151975210
383Earth, Wind & FireCan't Hide Love4:10Gratitude161975210
384Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:53Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)91998214
385Earth, Wind & FireIn The Stone4:48I Am11979208
386Earth, Wind & FireCan't Let Go3:29I Am21979225
387Earth, Wind & FireAfter The Love Has Gone4:27I Am31979204
388Earth, Wind & FireLet Your Feelings Show5:24I Am41979221
389Earth, Wind & FireBoogie Wonderland4:48I Am51979214
390Earth, Wind & FireStar4:24I Am61979207
391Earth, Wind & FireWait3:39I Am71979204
392Earth, Wind & FireRock That!3:07I Am81979219
393Earth, Wind & FireYou and I3:31I Am91979206
394Earth, Wind & FireBoogie Wonderland4:49Madagascar (OST)42005224
395Earth, Wind & FireEven If You Wonder4:37Millennium11993220
396Earth, Wind & FireSunday Morning4:37Millennium21993235
397Earth, Wind & FireBlood Brothers5:22Millennium31993238
398Earth, Wind & FireKalimba Interlude0:29Millennium41993164
399Earth, Wind & FireSpend The Night4:23Millennium51993213
400Earth, Wind & FireDivine4:32Millennium61993225
401Earth, Wind & FireTwo Hearts5:05Millennium71993211
402Earth, Wind & FireHonor The Magic3:03Millennium81993220
403Earth, Wind & FireLove Is The Greatest Story4:36Millennium91993237
404Earth, Wind & FireThe "L" Word4:32Millennium101993225
405Earth, Wind & FireJust Another Lonely Night4:36Millennium111993228
406Earth, Wind & FireSuper Hero4:07Millennium121993222
407Earth, Wind & FireWouldn't Change A Thing About You4:45Millennium131993226
408Earth, Wind & FireLove Across The Wire3:32Millennium141993223
409Earth, Wind & FireChicago (Chi-Town) Blues4:57Millennium151993231
410Earth, Wind & FireKalimba Blues0:39Millennium161993156
411Earth, Wind & FireMighty Mighty3:04Open Our Eyes11974198
412Earth, Wind & FireDevotion4:50Open Our Eyes21974194
413Earth, Wind & FireFair But So Uncool3:40Open Our Eyes31974205
414Earth, Wind & FireFeelin' Blue4:30Open Our Eyes41974201
415Earth, Wind & FireKalimba Story4:03Open Our Eyes51974208
416Earth, Wind & FireDrum Song5:11Open Our Eyes61974206
417Earth, Wind & FireTee Nine Chee Bit3:46Open Our Eyes71974213
418Earth, Wind & FireSpasmodic Moments1:51Open Our Eyes81974204
419Earth, Wind & FireCaribou3:58Open Our Eyes91974205
420Earth, Wind & FireOpen Our Eyes5:08Open Our Eyes101974194
421Earth, Wind & FireFall In love With Me5:55Powerlight11983209
422Earth, Wind & FireSpread Your Love3:51Powerlight21983218
423Earth, Wind & FireSide By Side5:57Powerlight31983206
424Earth, Wind & FireStraight From The Heart4:42Powerlight41983201
425Earth, Wind & FireThe Speed Of Love3:36Powerlight51983209
426Earth, Wind & FireFreedom Of Choice4:10Powerlight61983216
427Earth, Wind & FireSomething Special4:23Powerlight71983208
428Earth, Wind & FireHearts To Heart3:45Powerlight81983211
429Earth, Wind & FireMiracles4:58Powerlight91983204
430Earth, Wind & FireLet's Groove5:37Raise!11981205
431Earth, Wind & FireLady Sun3:39Raise!21981215
432Earth, Wind & FireMy Love4:35Raise!31981195
433Earth, Wind & FireEvolution Orange4:37Raise!41981204
434Earth, Wind & FireKalimba Tree0:24Raise!51981219
435Earth, Wind & FireYou Are a Winner4:10Raise!61981204
436Earth, Wind & FireI've Had Enough4:36Raise!71981218
437Earth, Wind & FireWanna Be with You4:36Raise!81981206
438Earth, Wind & FireThe Changing Times5:54Raise!91981216
439Earth, Wind & FireGetaway3:48Spirit11976206
440Earth, Wind & FireOn Your Face4:34Spirit21976213
441Earth, Wind & FireImagination5:17Spirit31976204
442Earth, Wind & FireSpirit3:13Spirit41976183
443Earth, Wind & FireSaturday Nite4:02Spirit51976206
444Earth, Wind & FireEarth, Wind & Fire4:42Spirit61976203
445Earth, Wind & FireDeparture0:27Spirit71976173
446Earth, Wind & FireBiyo3:37Spirit81976226
447Earth, Wind & FireBurnin' Bush6:45Spirit91976195
448Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:50That's The Way Of The World11975203
449Earth, Wind & FireThat's The Way Of The World5:45That's The Way Of The World21975200
450Earth, Wind & FireHappy Feelin'3:18That's The Way Of The World31975182
451Earth, Wind & FireAll About Love6:35That's The Way Of The World41975193
452Earth, Wind & FireYearnin', Learnin'3:39That's The Way Of The World51975221
453Earth, Wind & FireReasons4:59That's The Way Of The World61975209
454Earth, Wind & FireAfricano5:09That's The Way Of The World71975223
455Earth, Wind & FireSee The Light6:18That's The Way Of The World81975205
456Earth, Wind & FireGot To Get You Into My Life4:04The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 111978208
457Earth, Wind & FireFantasy3:46The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 121978208
458Earth, Wind & FireCan't Hide Love4:10The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 131978206
459Earth, Wind & FireLove Music3:55The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 141978207
460Earth, Wind & FireGetaway3:48The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 151978214
461Earth, Wind & FireThat's The Way of the World5:46The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 161978201
462Earth, Wind & FireSeptember3:36The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 171978211
463Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:50The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 181978205
464Earth, Wind & FireReasons5:00The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 191978202
465Earth, Wind & FireSingasong3:23The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1101978210
466Earth, Wind & FireTurn On (The Beat Box)4:43The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 211988220
467Earth, Wind & FireLet's Groove5:39The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 221988212
468Earth, Wind & FireAfter The Love Has Gone3:58The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 231988203
469Earth, Wind & FireFantasy3:49The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 241988207
470Earth, Wind & FireDevotion4:53The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 251988201
471Earth, Wind & FireSerpentine Fire3:53The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 261988209
472Earth, Wind & FireLove's Holiday4:26The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 271988211
473Earth, Wind & FireBoogie Wonderland (With The Emotions)4:51The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 281988217
474Earth, Wind & FireSaturday Nite4:06The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 291988213
475Earth, Wind & FireMighty Mighty3:05The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 2101988196
476Earth, Wind & FireAfter The Love Has Gone3:56The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)141999213
477Earth, Wind & FireSunday Morning4:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)172001223
478Earth, Wind & FireSystem Of Survival5:00Touch The World11987202
479Earth, Wind & FireEvil Roy4:52Touch The World21987203
480Earth, Wind & FireThinking Of You4:41Touch The World31987206
481Earth, Wind & FireYou And I4:04Touch The World41987189
482Earth, Wind & FireMusical Interlude: New Horizons2:03Touch The World51987204
483Earth, Wind & FireMoney Tight4:37Touch The World61987210
484Earth, Wind & FireEvery Now And Then4:22Touch The World71987189
485Earth, Wind & FireTouch The World5:16Touch The World81987202
486Earth, Wind & FireHere Today And Gone Tomorrow4:00Touch The World91987194
487Earth, Wind & FireVictim Of The Modern Heart3:48Touch The World101987210
488Earth, Wind and FireThat's the Way of the World3:08Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)41995213
489Earth, Wind and Fire with The EmotionsBoogie Wonderland4:53Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-19799 209
490Eartha KittJe Cherche Un Homme (I Want a Man)2:50"Miss Kitt," To You11992128
491Eartha KittJust an Old Fashioned Girl2:54"Miss Kitt," To You21992128
492Eartha KittLazy Afternoon2:23"Miss Kitt," To You31992128
493Eartha KittSt. Louis Blues2:47"Miss Kitt," To You41992206
494Eartha KittSmoke Gets in Your Eyes3:04"Miss Kitt," To You51992136
495Eartha KittMy Heart Belongs to Daddy3:03"Miss Kitt," To You61992139
496Eartha KittAvril Au Portugal (April in Portugal)3:27"Miss Kitt," To You71992137
497Eartha KittC'est Si Bon (It's So Good)2:59"Miss Kitt," To You81992136
498Eartha KittHey Jacque2:39"Miss Kitt," To You91992150
499Eartha KittMademoiselle Kitt2:32"Miss Kitt," To You101992156
500Eartha KittBeale St. Blues3:14"Miss Kitt," To You111992199
501Eartha KittLet's Do It3:08"Miss Kitt," To You121992144
502Eartha KittI'm a Funny Dame2:10"Miss Kitt," To You131992134
503Eartha KittA Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman2:02"Miss Kitt," To You141992130
504Eartha KittToujour Gai2:10"Miss Kitt," To You151992130
505Eartha KittMonotonous3:44"Miss Kitt," To You161992128
506Eartha KittSanta Baby (1953)3:25Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)101989127
507Eartha KittSomething May Go Wrong4:54Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz11991199
508Eartha KittGod Bless The Child4:50Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz21991168
509Eartha KittYou Can't Fool Me2:31Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz31991169
510Eartha KittEmpty House5:35Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz41991208
511Eartha KittNight And Day3:43Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz51991207
512Eartha KittThat Old Hotel2:44Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz61991201
513Eartha KittYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home To3:58Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz71991213
514Eartha KittSmoke Gets In Your Eyes4:47Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz81991163
515Eartha KittLife Made Me Beautiful At Forty5:06Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz91991204
516Eartha KittGod Bless The Child (Instrumental)4:48Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz101991181
517Eartha KittLullaby Of Birdland3:09Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz111991161
518Eartha KittMy Funny Valentine3:29Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz121991168
519Eartha KittHow Many Times3:11Eartha Kitt Thinking Jazz131991172
520Eartha KittJust An Old Fashioned Girl2:54Greatest Hits Purr-fect11998126
521Eartha KittJe Cherche Un Homme2:52Greatest Hits Purr-fect21998126
522Eartha KittI Want To Be Evil3:32Greatest Hits Purr-fect31998127
523Eartha KittMink, Schmink3:05Greatest Hits Purr-fect41998126
524Eartha KittLet's Do It3:07Greatest Hits Purr-fect51998126
525Eartha KittC'est Si Bon3:00Greatest Hits Purr-fect61998127
526Eartha KittAnnie Doesn't Live Here Any More2:53Greatest Hits Purr-fect71998128
527Eartha KittMonotonous3:47Greatest Hits Purr-fect81998126
528Eartha KittMy Heart Belongs To Daddy3:03Greatest Hits Purr-fect91998127
529Eartha KittUnder The Bridges Of Paris2:43Greatest Hits Purr-fect101998126
530Eartha KittI Wantcha Around2:32Greatest Hits Purr-fect111998127
531Eartha KittLilac Wine3:45Greatest Hits Purr-fect121998126
532Eartha KittSomebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell2:47Greatest Hits Purr-fect131998126
533Eartha KittThursday's Child4:01Greatest Hits Purr-fect141998126
534Eartha KittAngelitos Negros3:28Greatest Hits Purr-fect151998127
535Eartha KittLovin' Spree2:57Greatest Hits Purr-fect161998128
536Eartha KittToujours Gai2:12Greatest Hits Purr-fect171998126
537Eartha KittUska Dara (A Turkish Tale)3:09Greatest Hits Purr-fect181998127
538Eartha KittProceed With Caution2:30Greatest Hits Purr-fect191998126
539Eartha KittThe Blues3:36Greatest Hits Purr-fect201998129
540Eartha KittThe Heel2:48Greatest Hits Purr-fect211998126
541Eartha KittSanta Baby3:24Greatest Hits Purr-fect221998127
542Eartha KittSell Me!4:35In Person at the Plaza11965199
543Eartha KittI Wanna Be Evil!3:36In Person at the Plaza21965190
544Eartha KittWaray, Waray3:41In Person at the Plaza31965187
545Eartha KittThe Touch3:46In Person at the Plaza41965184
546Eartha KittHow Could You Believe Me?4:50In Person at the Plaza51965189
547Eartha KittZhara Bee, Zha,Zha4:05In Person at the Plaza61965201
548Eartha KittChampagne Taste4:01In Person at the Plaza71965193
549Eartha KittC'mon a My House!2:04In Person at the Plaza81965203
550Eartha KittOld Fashioned Girl3:21In Person at the Plaza91965192
551Eartha KittC'est Si Bon3:35In Person at the Plaza101965205
552Eartha KittRumania, Rumania4:29In Person at the Plaza111965191
553Eartha KittSanta Baby (Alexkid & DJ Seep Remix)3:42Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed52005170
554Eartha KittSanta Baby3:25Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)71995174
555Eartha KittSanta Baby3:23The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)141996160
556Eartha KittSanta Baby3:27Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy21998126
557Eartha KittSomebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell (Who's Got De Ding Dong?)2:48Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s51993125
558EarthsuitWhitehorse4:14WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)162000192
559E-A-SkiBlast If I Have To4:01Friday (OST)131995212
560East 17Stay Another Day4:27100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 199591995215
561East 17House Of Love4:29The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)141993221
562East 17It's Alright4:38The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)201994198
563East 17Stay Another Day4:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)82001209
564Eastside BeatRide Like The Wind3:56The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)81993226
565The EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:44Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)22000214
566The EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:38Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)141992209
567The EasybeatsHello How Are You3:19Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 4)81992202
568The EasybeatsSorry2:35Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)82001138
569EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:52Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)222001148
570EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:41One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)202001223
571The EasybeatsShe's So Fine2:06The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)151997189
572The EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:42The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)181997202
573EasybeatsFriday On My Mind2:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)92001213
574Eazy EMerry Mother Fuckin' Christmas5:53   128
575EBN; OZNAEIOU Sometimes Y3:56Generation 80's (Disc 2)122001208
576Ebony FosterCrazy For You4:00The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)151999198
577Ebony Vibe EverlastingGroove Of Love3:35More! Bump N' Grind161995202
578EchelonsA Christmas Long Ago (Jingle Jingle)3:14The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 261995236
579Echo & The BunnymenRescue4:18Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen11997211
580Echo & The BunnymenDo It Clean2:45Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen21997221
581Echo & The BunnymenVilliers Terrace3:12Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen31997201
582Echo & The BunnymenAll That Jazz2:51Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen41997203
583Echo & The BunnymenOver The Wall5:50Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen51997212
584Echo & The BunnymenA Promise3:42Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen61997207
585Echo & The BunnymenThe Disease2:23Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen71997188
586Echo & The BunnymenThe Back Of Love3:14Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen81997206
587Echo & The BunnymenThe Cutter3:53Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen91997217
588Echo & The BunnymenNever Stop3:33Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen101997189
589Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon5:46Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen111997191
590Echo & The BunnymenSilver3:20Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen121997197
591Echo & The BunnymenSeven Seas3:19Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen131997202
592Echo & The BunnymenBring On The Dancing Horses3:56Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen141997205
593Echo & The BunnymenPeople Are Strange3:38Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen151997210
594Echo & The BunnymenThe Game3:46Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen161997203
595Echo & The BunnymenLips Like Sugar4:52Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen171997220
596Echo & The BunnymenBedbugs & Ballyhoo3:26Ballyhoo: The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen181997207
597Echo & The BunnymenGoing Up3:59Crocodiles11980206
598Echo & The BunnymenDo It Clean2:47Crocodiles21980226
599Echo & The BunnymenStars Are Stars2:48Crocodiles31980219
600Echo & The BunnymenPride2:42Crocodiles41980201
601Echo & The BunnymenMonkeys2:50Crocodiles51980222
602Echo & The BunnymenCrocodiles2:40Crocodiles61980227
603Echo & The BunnymenRescue4:30Crocodiles71980207
604Echo & The BunnymenVilliers Terrace2:46Crocodiles81980218
605Echo & The BunnymenRead It in Books2:33Crocodiles91980205
606Echo & The BunnymenPictures on My Wall2:54Crocodiles101980216
607Echo & The BunnymenAll That Jazz2:48Crocodiles111980218
608Echo & The BunnymenHappy Death Men4:56Crocodiles121980219
609Echo & The BunnymenThe Game3:51Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]11987228
610Echo & The BunnymenOver You4:02Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]21987243
611Echo & The BunnymenBedbugs And Ballyhoo3:29Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]31987226
612Echo & The BunnymenAll In Your Mind4:33Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]41987244
613Echo & The BunnymenBombers Bay4:25Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]51987220
614Echo & The BunnymenLips Like Sugar4:52Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]61987233
615Echo & The BunnymenLost And Found3:37Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]71987225
616Echo & The BunnymenNew Direction4:48Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]81987243
617Echo & The BunnymenBlue Blue Ocean5:09Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]91987234
618Echo & The BunnymenSatellite3:04Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]101987231
619Echo & The BunnymenAll My Life4:16Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]111987216
620Echo & The BunnymenJimmy Brown (Bonus Track)4:07Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]121987222
621Echo & The BunnymenHole In The Holy (Bonus Track)4:44Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]131987219
622Echo & The BunnymenSoul Kitchen (Bonus Track)3:56Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]141987206
623Echo & The BunnymenThe Game (Bonus Track)3:57Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]151987206
624Echo & The BunnymenBedbugs And Ballyhoo (Bonus Track)3:41Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]161987208
625Echo & The BunnymenOver Your Shoulder (Bonus Track)4:10Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]171987226
626Echo & The BunnymenBring On The Dancing Horses (Bonus Track)5:50Echo & The Bunnymen [2003 Remaster]181987213
627Echo & The BunnymenDon't Let It Get You Down3:52Evergreen11997226
628Echo & The BunnymenIn My Time3:26Evergreen21997227
629Echo & The BunnymenI Want To Be There (When You Come)3:39Evergreen31997225
630Echo & The BunnymenEvergreen4:11Evergreen41997230
631Echo & The BunnymenI'll Fly Tonight4:24Evergreen51997220
632Echo & The BunnymenNothing Lasts Forever3:57Evergreen61997225
633Echo & The BunnymenBaseball Bill4:04Evergreen71997222
634Echo & The BunnymenAltamont3:53Evergreen81997230
635Echo & The BunnymenJust A Touch Away5:08Evergreen91997210
636Echo & The BunnymenEmpire State Halo3:59Evergreen101997204
637Echo & The BunnymenToo Young To Kneel3:40Evergreen111997222
638Echo & The BunnymenForgiven5:48Evergreen121997203
639Echo & The BunnymenKing Of Kings4:23Flowers12001224
640Echo & The BunnymenSuperMellowMan4:57Flowers22001227
641Echo & The BunnymenHide & Seek4:07Flowers32001217
642Echo & The BunnymenMake Me Shine3:53Flowers42001224
643Echo & The BunnymenIt's Alright3:32Flowers52001229
644Echo & The BunnymenBuried Alive3:55Flowers62001217
645Echo & The BunnymenFlowers4:15Flowers72001219
646Echo & The BunnymenEverybody Knows4:40Flowers82001233
647Echo & The BunnymenLife Goes On3:59Flowers92001234
648Echo & The BunnymenAn Etnernity Turns4:02Flowers102001226
649Echo & The BunnymenBurn For Me3:41Flowers112001205
650Echo & The BunnymenShow Of Strength4:49Heaven Up Here11981200
651Echo & The BunnymenWith A Hip3:16Heaven Up Here21981217
652Echo & The BunnymenOver The Wall5:56Heaven Up Here31981209
653Echo & The BunnymenIt Was A Pleasure3:11Heaven Up Here41981210
654Echo & The BunnymenA Promise4:09Heaven Up Here51981197
655Echo & The BunnymenHeaven Up Here3:44Heaven Up Here61981215
656Echo & The BunnymenThe Disease2:27Heaven Up Here71981195
657Echo & The BunnymenAll My Colours4:04Heaven Up Here81981217
658Echo & The BunnymenNo Dark Things4:28Heaven Up Here91981211
659Echo & The BunnymenTurquoise Days3:51Heaven Up Here101981204
660Echo & The BunnymenAll I Want4:06Heaven Up Here111981206
661Echo & The BunnymenSilver3:20Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]12003212
662Echo & The BunnymenNocturnal Me4:58Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]22003211
663Echo & The BunnymenCrystal Days2:24Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]32003219
664Echo & The BunnymenThe Yo-Yo Man3:10Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]42003198
665Echo & The BunnymenThorn Of Crowns4:55Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]52003206
666Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon5:47Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]62003198
667Echo & The BunnymenSeven Seas3:20Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]72003211
668Echo & The BunnymenMy Kingdom4:05Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]82003225
669Echo & The BunnymenOcean Rain5:24Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]92003197
670Echo & The BunnymenAngels And Devils [Bonus]4:24Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]102003220
671Echo & The BunnymenAll You Need Is Love [Life At Brian's]6:45Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]112003129
672Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon [Life At Brian's]3:27Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]122003129
673Echo & The BunnymenStars Are Stars [Life At Brian's]3:05Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]132003129
674Echo & The BunnymenVilliers Terrace [Life At Brian's]6:00Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]142003132
675Echo & The BunnymenSilver [Life At Brian's]3:25Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]152003132
676Echo & The BunnymenMy Kingdom [Live]3:58Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]162003214
677Echo & The BunnymenOcean Rain [Live]5:18Ocean Rain [Bonus Tracks]172003188
678Echo & The BunnymenThe Cutter3:54Porcupine11983215
679Echo & The BunnymenBack Of Love3:15Porcupine21983207
680Echo & The BunnymenMy White Devil4:39Porcupine31983208
681Echo & The BunnymenClay4:16Porcupine41983198
682Echo & The BunnymenPorcupine5:57Porcupine51983208
683Echo & The BunnymenHeads Will Roll3:32Porcupine61983197
684Echo & The BunnymenRipeness4:48Porcupine71983201
685Echo & The BunnymenHigher Hell5:04Porcupine81983202
686Echo & The BunnymenGods Will Be Gods5:26Porcupine91983192
687Echo & The BunnymenIn Bluer Skies4:32Porcupine101983216
688Echo & The BunnymenGone, Gone, Gone4:13Reverberation11990212
689Echo & The BunnymenEnlighten Me5:01Reverberation21990194
690Echo & The BunnymenCut & Dried3:47Reverberation31990217
691Echo & The BunnymenKing Of Your Castle4:36Reverberation41990204
692Echo & The BunnymenDevilment4:44Reverberation51990197
693Echo & The BunnymenThick Skinned World4:18Reverberation61990185
694Echo & The BunnymenFreaks Dwell3:51Reverberation71990202
695Echo & The BunnymenSenseless4:55Reverberation81990200
696Echo & The BunnymenFlaming Red5:33Reverberation91990200
697Echo & The BunnymenFalse Goodbyes5:40Reverberation101990199
698Echo & The BunnymenStormy Weather4:24Siberia12005218
699Echo & The BunnymenAll Because of You Days5:44Siberia22005203
700Echo & The BunnymenParthenon Drive5:11Siberia32005200
701Echo & The BunnymenIn the Margins5:06Siberia42005209
702Echo & The BunnymenOf a Life3:44Siberia52005222
703Echo & The BunnymenMake Us Blind4:00Siberia62005225
704Echo & The BunnymenEverything Kills You4:17Siberia72005217
705Echo & The BunnymenSiberia4:56Siberia82005217
706Echo & The BunnymenSideways Eight3:16Siberia92005194
707Echo & The BunnymenScissors in the Sand5:29Siberia102005210
708Echo & The BunnymenWhat If We Are?5:09Siberia112005193
709Echo & The BunnymenWhat Are You Going To Do With Your Life?5:11What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?11999219
710Echo & The BunnymenRust5:09What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?21999226
711Echo & The BunnymenGet In The Car4:21What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?31999220
712Echo & The BunnymenBaby Rain4:17What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?41999226
713Echo & The BunnymenHistory Chimes3:26What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?51999197
714Echo & The BunnymenLost On You4:50What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?61999230
715Echo & The BunnymenMorning Sun4:12What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?71999228
716Echo & The BunnymenWhen It All Blows Over2:57What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?81999219
717Echo & The BunnymenFools Like Us4:02What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?91999219
718Echo and The BunnymenPeople Are Strange3:39The Lost Boys (OST)51987193
719EchobellyInsomniac4:15Dumb And Dumber (OST)31994232
720echolynBright Sides3:07...and every blossom (EP)11993209
721echolynBallet For A Marsh4:38...and every blossom (EP)21993201
722echolynBrunch In The Sun3:49...and every blossom (EP)31993177
723echolynBlue And Sand4:19...and every blossom (EP)41993194
724echolynAll Ways The Same0:35as the world11995193
725echolynAs The World4:52as the world21995226
726echolynUncle6:55as the world31995218
727echolynHow Long I Have Waited4:44as the world41995213
728echolynBest Regards4:11as the world51995225
729echolynThe Cheese Stands Alone4:48as the world61995212
730echolynProse1:46as the world71995195
731echolynA Short Essay4:35as the world81995215
732echolynMy Dear Wormwood3:36as the world91995231
733echolynEntry 11•19•935:33as the world101995200
734echolynOne For The Show4:32as the world111995218
735echolynThe Wiblet0:47as the world121995215
736echolynAudio Verit?4:28as the world131995218
737echolynSettled Land5:42as the world141995213
738echolynA Habit Worth Forming4:30as the world151995217
739echolynNever The Same7:55as the world161995209
740echolynTexas Dust5:15Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]12000231
741echolynPoem #11:35Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]22000204
742echolynHuman Lottery5:30Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]32000216
743echolynGray Flannel Suits4:52Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]42000216
744echolynPoem #20:59Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]52000190
745echolynHigh as Pride6:47Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]62000214
746echolynAmerican Vacation Tune5:20Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]72000214
747echolynSwingin' the Ax3:17Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]82000194
748echolyn1729 Broadway6:03Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]92000207
749echolynPoem #31:52Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]102000194
750echolyn67 Degrees5:25Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]112000202
751echolynBrittany6:31Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]122000221
752echolynPoem #41:30Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]132000218
753echolynToo Late For Everything4:37Cowboy Poems Free [2008 Remaster]142000181
754echolynFountainhead - A) Dominique, B) Howard Roark, C) The Banner2:57echolyn11991209
755echolynThe Great Men8:32echolyn21991218
756echolynOn Any Given Night5:03echolyn31991208
757echolynCarpe Diem5:10echolyn41991227
759echolynClumps Of Dirt4:24echolyn61991216
760echolynPeace In Time6:40echolyn71991210
761echolynMeaning And The Moment7:25echolyn81991229
762echolynBreath Of Fresh Air3:42echolyn91991220
763echolynUntil It Rains5:18echolyn101991237
764echolynThe Velveteen Rabbit7:27echolyn111991206
766echolyn215:48Suffocating The Bloom11992218
767echolynWinterthru3:45Suffocating The Bloom21992235
768echolynMemoirs From Between8:01Suffocating The Bloom31992208
769echolynReaping The Harvest1:41Suffocating The Bloom41992178
770echolynIn Every Garden4:39Suffocating The Bloom51992218
771echolynA Little Nonsense3:37Suffocating The Bloom61992217
772echolynThe Sentimental Chain1:40Suffocating The Bloom71992206
773echolynOne Voice5:21Suffocating The Bloom81992207
774echolynHere I Am5:21Suffocating The Bloom91992224
775echolynCactapus2:53Suffocating The Bloom101992212
776echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Only Twelve1:07Suffocating The Bloom111992200
777echolynA Suite For The Everyman - A Cautious Repose2:36Suffocating The Bloom121992213
778echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Bearing Down3:49Suffocating The Bloom131992240
779echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Cash Flow Shuffle0:38Suffocating The Bloom141992227
780echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Mr. Oxy Moron3:23Suffocating The Bloom151992217
781echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Twelve's Enough2:21Suffocating The Bloom161992225
782echolynA Suite For The Everyman - I Am The Tide1:15Suffocating The Bloom171992173
783echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Cannoning In B Major1:19Suffocating The Bloom181992220
784echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Picture Perfect0:53Suffocating The Bloom191992222
785echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Those Who Want To Buy6:49Suffocating The Bloom201992225
786echolynA Suite For The Everyman - Suffocating The Bloom3:59Suffocating The Bloom211992190
787echolynGeorgia Pine5:49The End Is Beautiful12005223
788echolynHeavy Blue Miles6:48The End Is Beautiful22005222
789echolynLovesick Morning10:12The End Is Beautiful32005202
790echolynMake Me Sway5:23The End Is Beautiful42005222
791echolynThe End Is Beautiful7:45The End Is Beautiful52005207
792echolynSo Ready5:01The End Is Beautiful62005222
793echolynArc Of Descent (Dancing In A Motel Just West Of Lincoln)5:46The End Is Beautiful72005201
794echolynMisery, Not Memory9:03The End Is Beautiful82005215
795echolyn100 Diversions7:10When The Sweet Turns Sour11996206
796echolynAnother Day3:30When The Sweet Turns Sour21996212
797echolynWhere The Sour Turns To Sweet4:58When The Sweet Turns Sour31996206
798echolynMeaning and the Moment4:49When The Sweet Turns Sour41996207
799echolynThe Currents of Me7:25When The Sweet Turns Sour51996208
800echolynPatchwork3:30When The Sweet Turns Sour61996209
801echolynThis Time Alone9:09When The Sweet Turns Sour71996201
802echolynA Little Nonsense7:07When The Sweet Turns Sour81996202
803echolynAs The World6:56When The Sweet Turns Sour91996192
804Eck RobertsonBrilliancy Medley3:01Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 1)61952127
805Ed AltonThe Single Guy0:54Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)281996197
806Ed AmesMy Cup Runneth Over2:47Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)11 183
807Ed AmesAway In A Manger2:23The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)141987170
808Ed AmesAway in a Manger2:23Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 1) - Christmas Favorites41998166
809Ed BruceThe Last Cowboy Song4:5816 Top Country Hits Volume 2141990203
810Ed Fournier & Ricky SheldonFat Albert & The Cosby Kids1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)101990171
811Edd KalehoffThe Price Is Right1:07Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)291996172
812Eddie & The Hot RodsThe Kids Are Alright2:37Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)4 223
813Eddie AdcockBlack Mountain Rag (Instr.)3:08That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)31995204
814The Eddie Adcock BandDixie In My Eye3:55That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)161995192
815Eddie Albert & Eva GaborGreen Acres1:06All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)332005236
816Eddie and The TidePower Play3:59The Lost Boys (OST)71987171
817Eddie BondRockin' Daddy2:00Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)132006132
818Eddie C. CampbellSanta's Messin' With The Kid3:22Blue Yule: Christmas Blues And R&B Classics11991201
819Eddie CalvertOh Mein Papa2:47The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)111997133
820Eddie Cantor, Murray Mencher & CharlieTobiasMerrie Melodies (Merrily We Roll Along)0:15All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)462005132
821Eddie Cantor, Murray Mencher & CharlieTobiasMerrie Melodies0:41Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)21986194
822Eddie CochranC'mon Everybody1:55100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)31997143
823Eddie CochranSummertime Blues1:56100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)11997178
824Eddie CochranSummertime Blues1:59Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)12007144
825Eddie CochranSummertime Blues2:00Everything Summer91997132
826Eddie CochranMy Way2:23James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel41991131
827Eddie CochranC'mon Everybody2:26Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)11999130
828Eddie CochranSummertime Blues2:12Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)11999139
829Eddie CochranSomethin' Else2:09Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 4)21999142
830Eddie CochranSummertime Blues2:01Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 1)172004136
831Eddie CochranSummertime Blues1:59Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)42006138
832Eddie CochranSummertime Blues1:58Rockin' USA - The Memphis Sound - The 50s141960151
833Eddie CochranThree Steps To Heaven2:23The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)31960213
834Eddie CochranJeannie Jeannie Jeannie2:24The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly171990166
835Eddie CochranThree Steps To Heaven2:24The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196011995212
836Eddie CochranSummertime Blues2:00Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 195821987135
837Eddie Condon & His BandFidgety Feet2:41The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 1)42000162
838Eddie Condon & His BandRose Room3:00The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)62000172
839Eddie Condon and His BoysSt. Louis Blues4:52Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland61987132
840Eddie Condon's Hot ShotsI'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee3:36The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 2)42000147
841Eddie Condon's Hot ShotsThat's A Serious Thing3:34The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)52000126
842Eddie DunstedterI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus; Jingle Bells Bossa Nova4:44Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One111996204
843Eddie DunstedterLet It Snow!/Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer5:01Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two51997196
844Eddie FisherDungaree Doll2:04The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)11997144
845Eddie FisherCindy Oh Cindy3:01The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)81997137
846Eddie FisherDungaree Doll2:03Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever11992126
847Eddie FisherLady Of Spain3:07Your Hit Parade 19527 128
848Eddie FisherWish You Were Here2:58Your Hit Parade 195214 128
849Eddie FisherAny Time2:38Your Hit Parade 195223 128
850Eddie FisherI'm Walking Behind You3:06Your Hit Parade 19536 128
851Eddie FisherMany Times2:32Your Hit Parade 195314 128
852Eddie FisherI Need You Now2:32Your Hit Parade 195421989128
853Eddie FisherOh! My Papa3:09Your Hit Parade 1954211989128
854Eddie FloydKnock On Wood3:05Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)161991127
855Eddie FloydBig Bird3:03Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 2161997135
856Eddie FloydKnock On Wood2:58The Essential Rock 'N' Roll Jukebox Vol.2111999186
857Eddie FontaineNothin' Shakin'2:56Lost Treasures Volume 23 187
858Eddie GrantElectric Avenue (Ringbang Mix By Peter Black)2:53Totally Dance131998278
859Eddie HeywoodSoft Summer Breeze2:44Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals101992126
860Eddie Hodges(Girls, Girls, Girls) Made To Love2:27The '60s - Jukebox Memories13 155
861Eddie HodgesI'm Gonna Knock On Your Door2:06The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)151997221
862Eddie HollandLeaving Here2:34Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 2231997129
863Eddie HollandJamie2:25Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)41992128
864Eddie HollandLeaving Here2:33Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)171992128
865Eddie HollandLeaving Here2:30Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)132000126
866Eddie HollandJust Can't Get Enough Love2:28Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)142000126
867Eddie HollandCandy To Me2:28Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)152000131
868Eddie HolmanHey There Lonely Girl3:36Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)51997204
869Eddie HolmanThis Can't Be True3:06Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)32005128
870Eddie HolmanAm I A Loser (From The Start)2:36Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)62005127
871Eddie HolmanHey There Lonely Girl3:21Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)32001199
872Eddie Horst & Sonny SharrockSpace Ghost Coast To Coast0:38Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)61996148
873Eddie IzzardBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2:42Across The Universe (OST) [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)22007200
874Eddie JobsonInner Secrets3:50Theme Of Secrets11985178
875Eddie JobsonSpheres Of Influence3:00Theme Of Secrets21985184
876Eddie JobsonThe Sojourn6:35Theme Of Secrets31985192
877Eddie JobsonIce Festival5:33Theme Of Secrets41985182
878Eddie JobsonTheme Of Secrets5:28Theme Of Secrets51985192
879Eddie JobsonMemories Of Vienna4:59Theme Of Secrets61985198
880Eddie JobsonLakemist6:03Theme Of Secrets71985195
881Eddie JobsonOuter Secrets5:34Theme Of Secrets81985186
882Eddie JobsonTransporter1:10Zinc (The Green Album)11983180
883Eddie JobsonResident6:00Zinc (The Green Album)21983220
884Eddie JobsonEasy For You To Say4:06Zinc (The Green Album)31983204
885Eddie JobsonPrelude2:29Zinc (The Green Album)41983202
886Eddie JobsonNostalgia2:30Zinc (The Green Album)51983187
887Eddie JobsonWalking From Pastel2:03Zinc (The Green Album)61983196
888Eddie JobsonTurn It Over4:14Zinc (The Green Album)71983235
889Eddie JobsonGreen Face4:20Zinc (The Green Album)81983229
890Eddie JobsonWho My Friends...6:32Zinc (The Green Album)91983205
891Eddie JobsonColour Code1:06Zinc (The Green Album)101983222
892Eddie JobsonListen To Reason5:25Zinc (The Green Album)111983225
893Eddie JobsonThrough The Glass6:05Zinc (The Green Album)121983213
894Eddie JobsonTransporter II0:18Zinc (The Green Album)131983187
895Eddie KendricksKeep on Truckin' (Part 1)3:30Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)122001191
896Eddie KendricksGirl You Need A Change Of Mind7:39Funked! Vol. 1132001218
897Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin' (Part 1)3:31Funked! Vol. 222001199
898Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin' (Pt. 1)3:34Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)121993186
899Eddie KendricksBoogie Down3:52Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)131993175
900Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin' (Part 1)3:36Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-1974161997190
901Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin'8:01The Ultimate Collection11998228
902Eddie KendricksIf You Let Me3:23The Ultimate Collection21998213
903Eddie KendricksGet The Cream Off The Top3:08The Ultimate Collection31998211
904Eddie KendricksTell Her Love Has Felt The Need4:28The Ultimate Collection41998204
905Eddie KendricksBoogie Down7:01The Ultimate Collection51998214
906Eddie KendricksGoin' Up In Smoke4:34The Ultimate Collection61998226
907Eddie KendricksShoeshine Boy3:17The Ultimate Collection71998198
908Eddie KendricksThis Used To Be The Home Of Johnnie Mae5:49The Ultimate Collection81998199
909Eddie KendricksDate With The Rain2:42The Ultimate Collection91998222
910Eddie KendricksDarling Come Back Home4:09The Ultimate Collection101998217
911Eddie KendricksGirl You Need A Change Of Mind7:32The Ultimate Collection111998223
912Eddie KendricksHe's A Friend4:39The Ultimate Collection121998223
913Eddie KendricksIntimate Friends5:53The Ultimate Collection131998183
914Eddie KendricksSkippin' Work Today4:40The Ultimate Collection141998197
915Eddie KendricksGet It While It's Hot3:12The Ultimate Collection151998222
916Eddie KendricksCan I6:12The Ultimate Collection161998196
917Eddie LawrenceThe Old Philosopher3:20Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers181993166
918Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight3:32Can't Hold Back11986218
919Eddie MoneyOne Love4:12Can't Hold Back21986212
920Eddie MoneyI Wanna Go Back3:59Can't Hold Back31986216
921Eddie MoneyEndless Nights3:23Can't Hold Back41986199
922Eddie MoneyOne Chance4:48Can't Hold Back51986218
923Eddie MoneyWe Should Be Sleeping3:59Can't Hold Back61986217
924Eddie MoneyBring On The Rain4:57Can't Hold Back71986207
925Eddie MoneyI Can't Hold Back3:52Can't Hold Back81986205
926Eddie MoneyStranger In A Strange Land3:35Can't Hold Back91986225
927Eddie MoneyCalm Before The Storm4:32Can't Hold Back101986214
928Eddie MoneyTwo Tickets To Paradise4:00Eddie Money11977208
929Eddie MoneyYou've Really Got A Hold On Me3:51Eddie Money21977207
930Eddie MoneyWanna Be A Rock & Roll Star3:59Eddie Money31977204
931Eddie MoneySave A Little Room In Your Heart For Me4:57Eddie Money41977192
932Eddie MoneySo Good To Be In Love Again4:13Eddie Money51977221
933Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On3:32Eddie Money61977195
934Eddie MoneyDon't Worry3:44Eddie Money71977212
935Eddie MoneyJealousys4:00Eddie Money81977221
936Eddie MoneyGot To Get Another Girl3:26Eddie Money91977205
937Eddie MoneyGamblin Man3:59Eddie Money101977221
938Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On3:33Greatest Hits Sound Of Money11989193
939Eddie MoneyTwo Tickets To Paradise3:59Greatest Hits Sound Of Money21989208
940Eddie MoneyPeace In Our Time5:05Greatest Hits Sound Of Money31989197
941Eddie MoneyWhere's The Party (Live)5:50Greatest Hits Sound Of Money41989189
942Eddie MoneyI Wanna Go Back3:56Greatest Hits Sound Of Money51989201
943Eddie MoneyWalk On Water4:40Greatest Hits Sound Of Money61989222
944Eddie MoneyShakin'3:08Greatest Hits Sound Of Money71989196
945Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)3:32Greatest Hits Sound Of Money81989209
946Eddie MoneyThink I'm In Love3:10Greatest Hits Sound Of Money91989216
947Eddie MoneyLooking Through The Eyes Of A Child4:32Greatest Hits Sound Of Money101989207
948Eddie MoneyNo Control3:58Greatest Hits Sound Of Money111989205
949Eddie MoneyWe Should Be Sleeping3:56Greatest Hits Sound Of Money121989213
950Eddie MoneyStop Steppin' On My Heart4:22Greatest Hits Sound Of Money131989212
951Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On3:04Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)151998207
952Eddie MoneyLife For The Taking4:47Life For The Taking11978213
953Eddie MoneyCan't Keep A Good Man Down3:40Life For The Taking21978220
954Eddie MoneyNightmare4:24Life For The Taking31978212
955Eddie MoneyGimme Some Water3:38Life For The Taking41978212
956Eddie MoneyRock And Roll The Place3:05Life For The Taking51978220
957Eddie MoneyMaybe I'm A Fool3:05Life For The Taking61978207
958Eddie MoneyLove The Way You Love Me3:38Life For The Taking71978206
959Eddie MoneyMaureen3:36Life For The Taking81978210
960Eddie MoneyNobody4:41Life For The Taking91978207
961Eddie MoneyCall On Me6:01Life For The Taking101978205
962Eddie MoneyShakin'3:08No Control11982203
963Eddie MoneyRunnin' Away3:33No Control21982201
964Eddie MoneyThink I'm In Love3:09No Control31982219
965Eddie MoneyHard Life3:51No Control41982208
966Eddie MoneyNo Control3:58No Control51982208
967Eddie MoneyTake A Little Bit3:23No Control61982198
968Eddie MoneyKeep My Motor Runnin'3:13No Control71982192
969Eddie MoneyMy Friends, My Friends3:16No Control81982203
970Eddie MoneyDrivin' Me Crazy3:05No Control91982200
971Eddie MoneyPassing By The Graveyard (Song For John B.)3:08No Control101982197
972Eddie MoneyIt Could Happen To You3:28No Control111982197
973Eddie MoneyWalk On Water4:43Nothing To Lose11988224
974Eddie MoneyMagic4:41Nothing To Lose21988206
975Eddie MoneyThe Love In Your Eyes4:09Nothing To Lose31988209
976Eddie MoneyLet Me In4:58Nothing To Lose41988206
977Eddie MoneyBoardwalk Baby5:08Nothing To Lose51988206
978Eddie MoneyForget About Love4:43Nothing To Lose61988221
979Eddie MoneyPull Together4:46Nothing To Lose71988200
980Eddie MoneyFar Cry From A Heartache4:40Nothing To Lose81988209
981Eddie MoneyBad Boy3:26Nothing To Lose91988209
982Eddie MoneyDancing With Mr. Jitters4:37Nothing To Lose101988211
983Eddie MoneyTrinidad5:09Playing For Keeps11980208
984Eddie MoneyRunning Back4:02Playing For Keeps21980205
985Eddie MoneyThe Wish3:58Playing For Keeps31980213
986Eddie MoneyGet A Move On3:40Playing For Keeps41980203
987Eddie MoneyWhen You Took My Heart3:36Playing For Keeps51980203
988Eddie MoneySatin Angel3:43Playing For Keeps61980198
989Eddie MoneyLet's Be Lovers Again3:56Playing For Keeps71980192
990Eddie MoneyNobody Knows3:55Playing For Keeps81980208
991Eddie MoneyMillion Dollar Girl4:30Playing For Keeps91980212
992Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight3:28The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 1)101999216
993Eddie Money With Ronnie SpectorTake Me Home Tonight3:34Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-198661995219
994Eddie MurphyI'm a Believer (Reprise)1:12Shrek (OST)122001238
995Eddie MurphyParty All The Time4:11Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-1986101995194
996Eddie Murphy & Antonio BanderasLivin' la Vida Loca3:29Shrek 2 (OST)132004232
997Eddie Murphy And Antonio BanderasThank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again)4:39Shrek The Third (OST)122007224
998Eddie PalmieriPuerto Rico6:59Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)111994230
999Eddie RabbittSomeone Could Lose A Heart Tonight3:25  1981192
1000Eddie RabbittStep By Step3:40  1981128
1001Eddie RabbittI Love A Rainy Night3:10All Time Greatest Hits11991209
1002Eddie RabbittDrivin' My Life Away3:14All Time Greatest Hits21991212
1003Eddie RabbittGone Too Far3:23All Time Greatest Hits31991198
1004Eddie RabbittSuspicions4:20All Time Greatest Hits41991194
1005Eddie RabbittI Can't Help Myself (Here Comes That Feelin')3:12All Time Greatest Hits51991208
1006Eddie RabbittRocky Mountain Music3:35All Time Greatest Hits61991210
1007Eddie RabbittTwo Dollars In The Jukebox2:25All Time Greatest Hits71991210
1008Eddie RabbittDo You Right Tonight2:33All Time Greatest Hits81991209
1009Eddie RabbittPour Me Another Tequila3:25All Time Greatest Hits91991200
1010Eddie RabbittHearts On Fire2:34All Time Greatest Hits101991201
1011Eddie RabbittI Love A Rainy Night3:10Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)31989206
1012Eddie RabbittDrinkin' My Baby Off My Mind2:25Honky Tonk 2: Saloon Country31992227
1013Eddie RabbittI Love A Rainy Night3:10Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)132002216
1014Eddie RabbittDrivin' My Life Away3:14The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)52001217
1015Eddie RabbittStep By Step3:39TM Century GoldDisc Update 7121991194
1016Eddie RabbittDrivin' My Life Away3:09Van Inkel's Choice161993214
1017Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal GayleYou And I4:01TM Century GoldDisc Update 571991195
1018Eddie RuffinWalk Away From Love3:18Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)211993177
1019Eddie TaylorBig Town Playboy2:59The Blues At Christmas II81994127
1020Eddie WadeConcrete and Clay3:39Gumby21989187
1021Eddy ArnoldThe Streets Of Laredo3:07Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale11990183
1022Eddy ArnoldCool Water3:36Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale21990197
1023Eddy ArnoldCattle Call2:42Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale31990166
1024Eddy ArnoldLeanin' On The Old Top Rail2:05Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale41990193
1025Eddy ArnoldOle Faithful1:51Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale51990194
1026Eddy ArnoldA Cowboy's Dream3:29Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale61990189
1027Eddy ArnoldThe Wayward Wind3:06Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale71990193
1028Eddy ArnoldTumblin Tumbleweeds2:39Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale81990183
1029Eddy ArnoldCowpoke2:21Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale91990213
1030Eddy ArnoldWhere The Mountains Meet The Sky1:59Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale101990197
1031Eddy ArnoldSierra Sue2:43Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale111990194
1032Eddy ArnoldCarry Me Back To The Lone Prairie2:17Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale121990199
1033Eddy ArnoldJim I Wore A Tie Today2:38Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale131990192
1034Eddy ArnoldTom Dooley2:10Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale141990190
1035Eddy ArnoldNellie Sits A-Waitin'2:35Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale151990184
1036Eddy ArnoldTennesee Stud3:07Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale161990216
1037Eddy ArnoldThe Battle Of Little Big Horn2:17Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale171990192
1038Eddy ArnoldThe Wreck Of The Old '972:03Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale181990193
1039Eddy ArnoldThe Red Headed Stranger3:28Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale191990194
1040Eddy ArnoldJohnny Reb, That's Me2:27Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale201990182
1041Eddy ArnoldRiders In The Sky2:46Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale211990212
1042Eddy ArnoldBoot Hill2:58Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale221990185
1043Eddy ArnoldThe Ballad Of Davy Crockett2:33Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale231990194
1044Eddy ArnoldPartners2:14Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale241990189
1045Eddy ArnoldJesse James3:28Cattle Call & Thereby Hangs A Tale251990196
1046Eddy ArnoldTennessee Stud3:07Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 2)112001211
1047Eddy ArnoldTennessee Stud3:07Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)21999212
1048Eddy ArnoldMake The World Go Away2:40Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)5 189
1049Eddy ArnoldTo Life3:23Seven Decades Of Hits12000198
1050Eddy ArnoldAnytime2:26Seven Decades Of Hits22000206
1051Eddy ArnoldI Walk Alone2:25Seven Decades Of Hits32000201
1052Eddy ArnoldI'll Hold You In My Heart2:24Seven Decades Of Hits42000204
1053Eddy ArnoldIn The Misty Moonlight2:09Seven Decades Of Hits52000210
1054Eddy ArnoldThen You Can Tell Me Goodbye2:41Seven Decades Of Hits62000199
1055Eddy ArnoldLonely Again2:49Seven Decades Of Hits72000195
1056Eddy ArnoldMake The World Go Away2:25Seven Decades Of Hits82000205
1057Eddy ArnoldWhat's He Doing In My World2:08Seven Decades Of Hits92000204
1058Eddy ArnoldThe Last Word In Lonesome Is Me2:16Seven Decades Of Hits102000195
1059Eddy ArnoldBouquet Of Roses2:31Seven Decades Of Hits112000205
1060Eddy ArnoldHave I Told You Lately That I Love You (with Carrie-Margaret Frey)3:06Seven Decades Of Hits122000182
1061Eddy ArnoldLet It Be Me (with Lisa Carrie)3:25Seven Decades Of Hits132000187
1062Eddy ArnoldCattle Call (with Leann Rimes)3:09Seven Decades Of Hits142000205
1063Eddy ArnoldThe End (feat. Christy Miller)3:41Seven Decades Of Hits152000191
1064Eddy ArnoldHappy Birthday To You2:19Seven Decades Of Hits162000201
1065Eddy ArnoldJolly Old Saint Nicholas2:20Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer31998187
1066Eddy GrantGimme Hope Jo'Anna3:59100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)61997194
1067Eddy GrantElectric Avenue3:49Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)32002211
1068Eddy HowardI Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder3:03Your Hit Parade 1947231989126
1069Eddy HowardIt's No Sin2:49Your Hit Parade 1951181988126
1070Eddy MoneyTake Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)3:31Van Inkel's Choice41993218
1071EddysonsUps And Downs3:00Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 3)31997158
1072Eden KaneBoys Cry2:15Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)122001188
1073Eden's CrushGet Over Yourself (Al B. Rich X-Tended Mix)3:44Totally Dance71998241
1074Edgar WinterFree Ride3:04Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)3 198
1075Edgar WinterGive It Everything You Got4:33Edgar Winter's White Trash11971224
1076Edgar WinterFly Away3:02Edgar Winter's White Trash21971193
1077Edgar WinterWhere Would I Be3:59Edgar Winter's White Trash31971211
1078Edgar WinterLet's Get It On5:05Edgar Winter's White Trash41971221
1079Edgar WinterI've Got News For You3:56Edgar Winter's White Trash51971183
1080Edgar WinterSave The Planet5:41Edgar Winter's White Trash61971200
1081Edgar WinterDying To Live4:04Edgar Winter's White Trash71971176
1082Edgar WinterKeep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll3:46Edgar Winter's White Trash81971218
1083Edgar WinterYou Were My Light5:02Edgar Winter's White Trash91971206
1084Edgar WinterGood Morning Music4:20Edgar Winter's White Trash101971208
1085Edgar WinterWinter's Dream: Entrance3:29Entrance11970199
1086Edgar WinterWhere Have You Gone2:40Entrance21970203
1087Edgar WinterRise to Fall4:04Entrance31970194
1088Edgar WinterFire and Ice6:52Entrance41970203
1089Edgar WinterHung Up3:00Entrance51970211
1090Edgar WinterBack in the Blues2:17Entrance61970198
1091Edgar WinterRe-entrance2:30Entrance71970198
1092Edgar WinterTobacco Road4:10Entrance81970186
1093Edgar WinterJump Right Out4:22Entrance91970197
1094Edgar WinterPeace Pipe4:42Entrance101970200
1095Edgar WinterA Different Game5:04Entrance111970203
1096Edgar WinterJimmy's Gospel4:41Entrance121970193
1097Edgar Winter GroupFrankenstein4:45Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)6 208
1098Edgar Winter GroupFrankenstein3:27Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)231998224
1099The Edgar Winter GroupFrankenstein3:26Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 9121990224
1100The Edgar Winter GroupHangin' Around3:03They Only Come Out At Night11972211
1101The Edgar Winter GroupWhen It Comes3:16They Only Come Out At Night21972200
1102The Edgar Winter GroupAlta Mira3:18They Only Come Out At Night31972197
1103The Edgar Winter GroupFree Ride3:08They Only Come Out At Night41972216
1104The Edgar Winter GroupUndercover Man3:49They Only Come Out At Night51972190
1105The Edgar Winter GroupRound And Round4:00They Only Come Out At Night61972204
1106The Edgar Winter GroupRock 'N' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues3:25They Only Come Out At Night71972204
1107The Edgar Winter GroupAutumn3:00They Only Come Out At Night81972197
1108The Edgar Winter GroupWe All Had A Real Good Time3:05They Only Come Out At Night91972209
1109The Edgar Winter GroupFrankenstein4:47They Only Come Out At Night101972210
1110The Edgar Winter GroupFree Ride (single version)3:06Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1973 Take Two161990199
1111Edie Brickell & New BohemiansMama Help Me4:03Ghost Of A Dog11990178
1112Edie Brickell & New BohemiansBlack & Blue3:55Ghost Of A Dog21990202
1113Edie Brickell & New BohemiansCarmelito4:15Ghost Of A Dog31990218
1114Edie Brickell & New BohemiansHe Said5:31Ghost Of A Dog41990202
1115Edie Brickell & New BohemiansTimes Like This2:56Ghost Of A Dog51990179
1116Edie Brickell & New Bohemians10,000 Angels6:07Ghost Of A Dog61990194
1117Edie Brickell & New BohemiansGhost of a Dog1:34Ghost Of A Dog71990165
1118Edie Brickell & New BohemiansStrings of Love4:13Ghost Of A Dog81990213
1119Edie Brickell & New BohemiansWoyaho2:35Ghost Of A Dog91990200
1120Edie Brickell & New BohemiansOak Cliff Bra1:29Ghost Of A Dog101990163
1121Edie Brickell & New BohemiansStwisted5:10Ghost Of A Dog111990200
1122Edie Brickell & New BohemiansThis Eye3:17Ghost Of A Dog121990161
1123Edie Brickell & New BohemiansForgiven5:34Ghost Of A Dog131990209
1124Edie Brickell & New BohemiansMe by the Sea3:04Ghost Of A Dog141990167
1125Edie Brickell & New BohemiansBig Day Little Boat3:34Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal81990189
1126Edie Brickell & New BohemiansWhat I Am4:58Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars11988199
1127Edie Brickell & New BohemiansLittle Miss S.3:39Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars21988198
1128Edie Brickell & New BohemiansAir Of December5:59Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars31988196
1129Edie Brickell & New BohemiansThe Wheel3:54Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars41988191
1130Edie Brickell & New BohemiansLove Like We Do3:09Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars51988197
1131Edie Brickell & New BohemiansCircle3:13Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars61988183
1132Edie Brickell & New BohemiansBeat The Time2:58Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars71988212
1133Edie Brickell & New BohemiansShe5:08Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars81988197
1134Edie Brickell & New BohemiansNothing4:51Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars91988207
1135Edie Brickell & New BohemiansNow6:05Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars101988196
1136Edie Brickell & New BohemiansKeep Coming Back2:46Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars111988223
1137Edie Brickell & New BohemiansI Do2:00Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars121988185
1138Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows)2:4740 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)162001236
1139Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:4770s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)112005208
1140Edison LighthouseLove Grows2:48Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)21992203
1141Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:51Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)112007260
1142Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:53Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)11998197
1143Edison LighthouseLove Grows Where My Rosemary Goes2:50Living In The 70's (Disc 1)21995206
1144Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:48One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)192001287
1145Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:32Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)82000210
1146Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:50Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)82000213
1147Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:33The Rock Box (Disc 6)18 196
1148Edna Gallmon CookeNobody But You, Lord2:49Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel151992127
1149Edna O'Brien[Interview]2:23Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)71968128
1150The EdselsRama Lama Ding Dong2:26Still Rockin' 1961161989142
1151The EdselsRama Lama Ding Dong2:28The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)121994142
1152Edvard GriegSolveig's Song5:12100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 27 184
1153Edvard GriegIch IIebe Dich (Jeg Elsker Deg)1:31100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 219 197
1154Edvard GriegPeer Gynt: Arab Dance4:30100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 39 195
1155Edvard GriegHerzwunden4:22100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 45 192
1156Edvard GriegPeer Gynt: The Abduction4:32100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 419 190
1157Edvard GriegPeer Gynt's Homecoming3:05100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 53 194
1158Edvard GriegHolberg Suite: Prelude2:38100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 514 199
1159Edvard GriegPeer Gynt, Suite No.1, Opus 46: Anitra's Dance3:35In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance21997189
1160Edvard GriegPeer Gynt Suite No.1, Opus 46: In The Hall Of The Mountain King2:39In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic11998188
1161Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.1, Op.46 - Morgenstimmung3:54Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)1 175
1162Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.1, Op.46 - Ases Tod4:34Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)2 174
1163Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.1, Op.46 - Anitras Tanz3:33Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)3 174
1164Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.1, Op.46 - In Der Halle Des Bergkönigs2:22Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)4 168
1165Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.2, Op.55 - Der Brautraub4:12Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)5 178
1166Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.2, Op.55 - Arabischer Tanz4:37Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)6 184
1167Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.2, Op.55 - Peer Gynt's Heimkehr2:32Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)7 180
1168Edvard GriegPeer Gynt No.2, Op.55 - Solveig's Lied5:26Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)8 163
1169Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 - Prelude2:46Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)9 196
1170Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 - Sarabande4:08Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)10 194
1171Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 - Gavotte3:06Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)11 196
1172Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 - Andante religioso5:35Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)12 193
1173Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 - Rigaudon3:03Peer Gynt Suites, Holberg Suite - Libor Pesek (Prestige 1998)13 194
1174Edvard GriegPiano Concerto in Am, Op.16 - I. Allegro molto moderato12:38Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)1 196
1175Edvard GriegPiano Concerto in Am, Op.16 - II. Adagio - attacca6:34Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)2 191
1176Edvard GriegPiano Concerto in Am, Op.16 - III. Allegro moderato molto e marcato - Quasi presto - Andante maestoso9:40Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)3 198
1177Edward BearLast Song3:12Living In The 70's (Disc 1)121995195
1178Edward BearLast Song3:11Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)231996202
1179Edward BearLast Song3:14Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1031990197
1180Edward BearLast Song3:13TM Century GoldDisc Update 591991196
1181Edward Byrnes & Connie StevensKookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)2:05Jukebox Hits Of 1959201991258
1182Edward Caswall & John GossSee Amid the Winter's Snow3:46Favourite Christmas Carols - The Bach Choir, Case, The Jacques Orchestra, Willcocks261993213
1183Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Theme (Enigma)1:23Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)1 191
1184Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 1 (C.A.E)1:39Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)2 195
1185Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 2 (H.D.S-P)0:44Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)3 195
1186Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 3 (R.B.T)1:28Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)4 193
1187Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 4 (W.M.B)0:33Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)5 199
1188Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 5 (R.P.A)1:56Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)6 189
1189Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 6 (Ysobel)1:16Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)7 187
1190Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 7 (Troyte)0:58Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)8 201
1191Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 8 (W.N)1:26Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)9 194
1192Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 9 (Nimrod)3:20Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)10 200
1193Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 10 (Dorabella) Intermezzo2:40Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)11 186
1194Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 11 (G.R.S)0:58Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)12 200
1195Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 12 (B.G.N)2:42Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)13 195
1196Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 13 (Romanza)2:47Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)14 194
1197Edward ElgarEnigma Variations - Variation 14 (E.D.U)5:27Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)15 199
1198Edward ElgarCello Concerto In E minor - Adagio-Moderato8:41Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)16 195
1199Edward ElgarCello Concerto In E minor - Lento-Allegro Molto4:34Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)17 197
1200Edward ElgarCello Concerto In E minor - Adagio5:52Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)18 199
1201Edward ElgarCello Concerto In E minor - Allegro-Moderatro-Allegro Ma Non Troppo12:14Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)19 194
1202Edward ElgarCockaign Overture (In London Town)14:40Enigma Variations-Cello Concerto, Du Pre, Ormandy (1960s,70 Sony 1997)20 202
1203Edward GregsonConcerto for Tuba and Brass Band / I Allegro deciso6:16Concertos for Brass11982180
1204Edward GregsonConcerto for Tuba and Brass Band / II Lento e mesto5:46Concertos for Brass21982177
1205Edward GregsonConcerto for Tuba and Brass Band / III Allegro giocoso6:03Concertos for Brass31982181
1206Edward GregsonConcerto for French Horn and Brass Band / I Allegro non troppo4:57Concertos for Brass41982184
1207Edward GregsonConcerto for French Horn and Brass Band / II Andante cantabile7:19Concertos for Brass51982184
1208Edward GregsonConcerto for French Horn and Brass Band / III Allegro brioso5:00Concertos for Brass61982183
1209Edward L. CrainCole Younger2:57Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 2)11952128
1210Edward Maya ft. Vika JigulinaStereo Love3:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1092010192
1211Edward WhiteCaptain Kangaroo (Puffin' Billy)0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)11986192
1212Edwin AstleyThe Saint0:58Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)541986189
1213Edwin BruceRock Boppin' Baby2:17Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)122006133
1214The Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy Day5:06Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On221989199
1215Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy Day3:12Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 4)61997197
1216Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy Day5:12The Buddah Box (Disc 1)141993199
1217Edwin Hawkins SingersOh, Happy Day5:11The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 1)152006227
1218The Edwin Hawkins' SingersOh Happy Day5:09Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel181992213
1219Edwin McCainWish in This World3:45Messenger11999239
1220Edwin McCainBeautiful Life5:07Messenger21999240
1221Edwin McCainPromise of You5:32Messenger31999235
1222Edwin McCainGhosts of Jackson Square4:16Messenger41999215
1223Edwin McCainI Could Not Ask For More4:37Messenger51999223
1224Edwin McCainDo Your Thing4:34Messenger61999233
1225Edwin McCainPrayer to St. Peter3:44Messenger71999191
1226Edwin McCainGo Be Young3:44Messenger81999224
1227Edwin McCainAnything Good About Me3:49Messenger91999243
1228Edwin McCainI'll Be (Acoustic Version)4:37Messenger101999205
1229Edwin McCainSign on the Door6:01Messenger111999219
1230Edwin McCainSee Off This Mountain7:02Messenger121999217
1231Edwin McCainSee the Sky Again4:10Misguided Roses11997215
1232Edwin McCainGrind Me in the Gears4:21Misguided Roses21997203
1233Edwin McCainCleveland Park4:28Misguided Roses31997214
1234Edwin McCainI'll Be4:26Misguided Roses41997206
1235Edwin McCainHow Strange It Seems4:14Misguided Roses51997205
1236Edwin McCainThe Rhythm of Life5:29Misguided Roses61997215
1237Edwin McCainPunish Me5:08Misguided Roses71997206
1238Edwin McCainDarwin's Children4:15Misguided Roses81997227
1239Edwin McCainTake Me4:15Misguided Roses91997204
1240Edwin McCain(I've Got to) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That3:50Misguided Roses101997212
1241Edwin McCainWhat Matters5:18Misguided Roses111997217
1242Edwin McCainHoly City11:54Misguided Roses121997196
1243Edwin McCainI'll Be4:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11201997204
1244Edwin McCainArtist Drop0:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07231998196
1245Edwin StarrWar3:24AM Gold: 1970-197431995233
1246Edwin StarrAgent Double-O-Soul2:46Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 221997141
1247Edwin StarrWar3:28Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)172001138
1248Edwin StarrAgent Double-O Soul2:42Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind181965141
1249Edwin StarrTwenty-Five Miles3:22Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)211992142
1250Edwin StarrWar3:28Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)81992137
1251Edwin StarrWar3:23Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)12000227
1252Edwin StarrWar3:23Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)102000237
1253Edwin StarrTwenty Five Miles3:21Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)112000216
1254Edwin StarrAgent Double-O Soul2:41Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)112000201
1255Edwin Starr(SOS) Stop Her On Sight2:20Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)122000216
1256Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio3:28The Disco Box (Disc 3)191999253
1257Edwin StarrContact3:32The Essential Collection12001224
1258Edwin StarrWar3:17The Essential Collection22001224
1259Edwin StarrI Have Faith In You2:18The Essential Collection32001188
1260Edwin StarrI'm Still A Struggling Man2:22The Essential Collection42001215
1261Edwin StarrOoh Baby Baby [Duet With Blinky Williams]2:39The Essential Collection52001222
1262Edwin StarrYou've Got My Soul On Fire3:21The Essential Collection62001205
1263Edwin Starr24 Hours (To Find My Baby)2:40The Essential Collection72001232
1264Edwin StarrThere You Go3:00The Essential Collection82001192
1265Edwin StarrFunky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On3:09The Essential Collection92001241
1266Edwin StarrI Want My Baby Back2:34The Essential Collection102001214
1267Edwin StarrAin't It Hell Up In Harlem2:41The Essential Collection112001237
1268Edwin StarrTime2:54The Essential Collection122001241
1269Edwin StarrBack Street2:46The Essential Collection132001226
1270Edwin StarrWho Is The Leader Of The People2:15The Essential Collection142001177
1271Edwin StarrEasin' In3:16The Essential Collection152001194
1272Edwin StarrStop The War Now3:36The Essential Collection162001221
1273Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio3:22The Essential Collection172001220
1274Edwin StarrStop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)2:17The Hits Of Edwin Starr11987208
1275Edwin Starr25 Miles3:16The Hits Of Edwin Starr21987208
1276Edwin StarrHeadline News2:32The Hits Of Edwin Starr31987207
1277Edwin StarrAgent Double-O Soul2:42The Hits Of Edwin Starr41987202
1278Edwin StarrBack Street2:48The Hits Of Edwin Starr51987200
1279Edwin StarrI Want My Baby Back2:36The Hits Of Edwin Starr61987197
1280Edwin StarrFunky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On3:12The Hits Of Edwin Starr71987227
1281Edwin StarrSoul Master3:19The Hits Of Edwin Starr81987204
1282Edwin StarrYou've Got My Soul On Fire3:28The Hits Of Edwin Starr91987196
1283Edwin StarrWho's Right Or Wrong3:19The Hits Of Edwin Starr101987202
1284Edwin StarrWar3:24The Hits Of Edwin Starr111987216
1285Edwin StarrStop The War Now3:37The Hits Of Edwin Starr121987205
1286Edwin StarrWay Over There2:45The Hits Of Edwin Starr131987206
1287Edwin StarrTake Me Clear From Here3:20The Hits Of Edwin Starr141987128
1288Edwin StarrCloud Nine3:28The Hits Of Edwin Starr151987223
1289Edwin StarrThere You Go3:04The Hits Of Edwin Starr161987187
1290Edwin StarrGonna Keep On Tryin' Till I Win Your Love2:46The Hits Of Edwin Starr171987205
1291Edwin StarrTime3:01The Hits Of Edwin Starr181987227
1292Edwin StarrMy Weakness Is You2:35The Hits Of Edwin Starr191987200
1293Edwin StarrHarlem2:19The Hits Of Edwin Starr201987157
1294Edwin StarrWar3:18Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)162001215
1295Edwyn CollinsThe Magic Piper Of Love3:50Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)11997142
1296EelsMy Beloved Monster2:10Shrek (OST)72001215
1297EelsI Need Some Sleep2:28Shrek 2 (OST)72004190
1298EelsRoyal Pain2:28Shrek The Third (OST)12007185
1299EelsLosing Streak2:50Shrek The Third (OST)102007203
1300Eg & AliceIndian3:48The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)51999199
1303EgotrippiKoivuniemen Herra2:50Helsinki-Hollola32000221
1305EgotrippiKäytettyä Ilmaa3:10Helsinki-Hollola52000222
1306EgotrippiMitä Susta Mietin Selkäsi Takana Vaikka Kohdatessa Hymyillään3:38Helsinki-Hollola62000195
1307EgotrippiTälläisena Iltana2:56Helsinki-Hollola72000231
1308EgotrippiTäytyy Mennä3:03Helsinki-Hollola82000241
1309EgotrippiSuljetuin Silmin4:01Helsinki-Hollola92000184
1310EgotrippiAsunto 353:08Helsinki-Hollola102000222
1313Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee)3:30Europop11999209
1314Eiffel 65Too Much of Heaven5:19Europop21999180
1315Eiffel 65Dub in Life3:59Europop31999197
1316Eiffel 65Living in a Bubble5:05Europop41999184
1317Eiffel 65Move Your Body4:30Europop51999192
1318Eiffel 65My Console4:15Europop61999201
1319Eiffel 65Your Clown4:11Europop71999223
1320Eiffel 65Another Race4:36Europop81999191
1321Eiffel 65The Edge4:22Europop91999197
1322Eiffel 65Now is Forever5:46Europop101999203
1323Eiffel 65Silicon World4:33Europop111999195
1324Eiffel 65Europop5:28Europop121999194
1325Eiffel 65Hyperlink (Deep Down)4:59Europop131999195
1326Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Extended Mix)4:46Europop141999208
1327Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee)3:28Fired Up! (Disc 2)82003211
1328Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee)3:40Hitzone 891999225
1329Eileen BartonIf I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake2:39Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s31993126
1330EkseptionThe 5th3:28Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits11969200
1331EkseptionAir2:53Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits21969202
1332EkseptionRondo5:25Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits31969206
1333EkseptionPeace Planet3:34Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits41969176
1334EkseptionAdagio3:52Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits51969212
1335EkseptionItalian Concerto5:04Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits61969212
1336EkseptionRhapsody In Blue4:02Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits71969194
1337EkseptionPartita No.2 In C Minor5:47Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits81969215
1338EkseptionA La Turka2:29Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits91969210
1339EkseptionSiciliano In G3:59Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits101969221
1340EkseptionRomance3:34Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits111969209
1341EkseptionConcerto3:57Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits121969209
1342EkseptionVivace2:51Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits131969215
1343EkseptionToccata5:18Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits141969198
1344EkseptionSabre Dance3:50Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits151969182
1345EkseptionAve Maria2:35Ekseptional Classics - Ekseption Greatest Hits161969205
1346EkseptionAir2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)152001204
1347EkseptionAnother History4:05Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)92001202
1348El ChicanoTell Her She's Lovely3:03Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)172001211
1349El ChicanoTell Her She's Lovely3:15Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)191998217
1350El DebargeWho's Holding Donna Now4:31  1985128
1351The El DoradosAt My Front Door2:39The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)231994128
1352The El DoradosI'll Be Forever Loving You2:27The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 1)251996129
1353The Elastik BandSpazz2:46Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)81998153
1354Elders Mcintorsh & Edwards' Sanctified SingersSince I Laid My Burden Down3:19Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)81952128
1355The Electric FlagKilling Floor4:11A Long Time Comin'11968200
1356The Electric FlagGroovin' Is Easy3:06A Long Time Comin'21968202
1357The Electric FlagOver-Lovin' You2:12A Long Time Comin'31968204
1358The Electric FlagShe Should Have Just5:03A Long Time Comin'41968227
1359The Electric FlagWine3:15A Long Time Comin'51968200
1360The Electric FlagTexas4:48A Long Time Comin'61968209
1361The Electric FlagSittin' In Circles3:54A Long Time Comin'71968216
1362The Electric FlagYou Don't Realize4:56A Long Time Comin'81968209
1363The Electric FlagAnother Country8:47A Long Time Comin'91968209
1364The Electric FlagEasy Rider0:53A Long Time Comin'101968177
1365The Electric FlagSunny4:02A Long Time Comin'111968201
1366The Electric FlagMystery2:56A Long Time Comin'121968210
1367The Electric FlagLook Into My Eyes3:07A Long Time Comin'131968200
1368The Electric FlagGoin' Down Slow4:42A Long Time Comin'141968208
1369The Electric FlagSoul Searchin'2:57An American Music Band11968199
1370The Electric FlagSunny4:00An American Music Band21968202
1371The Electric FlagWith Time There Is Change3:14An American Music Band31968200
1372The Electric FlagNothing To Do4:18An American Music Band41968201
1373The Electric FlagSee To Your Neighbor2:35An American Music Band51968207
1374The Electric FlagQualified3:01An American Music Band61968204
1375The Electric FlagHey, Little Girl2:35An American Music Band71968210
1376The Electric FlagMystery2:53An American Music Band81968213
1377The Electric FlagMy Woman That Hangs Around The House3:12An American Music Band91968202
1378The Electric FlagKilling Floor4:13Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag11995213
1379The Electric FlagGroovin' Is Easy3:08Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag21995194
1380The Electric FlagShe Should Have Just5:05Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag31995218
1381The Electric FlagGoin' Down Slow4:46Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag41995187
1382The Electric FlagTexas4:49Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag51995205
1383The Electric FlagSittin' In Circles (Alternate)4:17Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag61995190
1384The Electric FlagYou Don't Realize5:00Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag71995207
1385The Electric FlagMovie Music-Improvisation3:57Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag81995162
1386The Electric FlagAnother Country8:45Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag91995210
1387The Electric FlagEasy Rider0:52Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag101995172
1388The Electric FlagSoul Searchin'2:59Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag111995183
1389The Electric FlagSee To Your Neighbor (Demo)2:43Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag121995195
1390The Electric FlagWith Time There Is Change3:16Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag131995194
1391The Electric FlagNothing To Do4:20Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag141995198
1392The Electric FlagHey Little Girl2:38Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag151995202
1393The Electric FlagDrinkin' Wine (Live - Monterey)2:30Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag161995222
1394The Electric FlagThe Nighttime Is The Right Time (Live - Monterey)5:25Old Glory - The Best Of Electric Flag171995204
1395Electric IndianKeem-O-Sabe2:03Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)182001208
1396Electric Light OrchestraRoll Over Beethoven4:31100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)131997221
1397Electric Light OrchestraTightrope5:03A New World Record11976212
1398Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line4:38A New World Record21976196
1399Electric Light OrchestraRockaria!3:12A New World Record31976206
1400Electric Light OrchestraMission (A World Record)4:25A New World Record41976200
1401Electric Light OrchestraSo Fine3:54A New World Record51976207
1402Electric Light OrchestraLivin' Thing3:31A New World Record61976195
1403Electric Light OrchestraAbove The Clouds2:16A New World Record71976203
1404Electric Light OrchestraDo Ya3:44A New World Record81976218
1405Electric Light OrchestraShangri-La5:34A New World Record91976202
1406Electric Light OrchestraHeaven Only Knows2:56Balance of Power11986178
1407Electric Light OrchestraSo Serious2:43Balance of Power21986194
1408Electric Light OrchestraGetting to the Point4:30Balance of Power31986187
1409Electric Light OrchestraSecret Lives3:29Balance of Power41986180
1410Electric Light OrchestraIs It Alright3:24Balance of Power51986181
1411Electric Light OrchestraSorrow About To Fall4:04Balance of Power61986179
1412Electric Light OrchestraWithout Someone3:51Balance of Power71986171
1413Electric Light OrchestraCalling America3:28Balance of Power81986192
1414Electric Light OrchestraEndless Lies2:59Balance of Power91986185
1415Electric Light OrchestraSend It3:08Balance of Power101986194
1416Electric Light OrchestraLivin' Thing3:30Boogie Nights (OST)111997218
1417Electric Light OrchestraDo Ya3:47Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)5 196
1418Electric Light OrchestraShine a Little Love4:43Discovery11979201
1419Electric Light OrchestraConfusion3:42Discovery21979185
1420Electric Light OrchestraNeed Her Love5:11Discovery31979200
1421Electric Light OrchestraThe Diary of Horace Wimp4:17Discovery41979190
1422Electric Light OrchestraLast Train to London4:32Discovery51979210
1423Electric Light OrchestraMidnight Blue4:19Discovery61979197
1424Electric Light OrchestraOn the Run3:56Discovery71979213
1425Electric Light OrchestraWishing4:13Discovery81979200
1426Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me Down4:02Discovery91979231
1427Electric Light OrchestraEldorado Overture2:13Eldorado11974192
1428Electric Light OrchestraCan't Get It Out Of My Head4:21Eldorado21974197
1429Electric Light OrchestraBoy Blue5:19Eldorado31974206
1430Electric Light OrchestraLaredo Tornado5:30Eldorado41974199
1431Electric Light OrchestraPoor Boy (The Greenwood)2:55Eldorado51974200
1432Electric Light OrchestraMister Kingdom5:30Eldorado61974196
1433Electric Light OrchestraNobody's Child3:56Eldorado71974197
1434Electric Light OrchestraIllusions In G Major2:37Eldorado81974223
1435Electric Light OrchestraEldorado5:18Eldorado91974205
1436Electric Light OrchestraEldorado Finale1:29Eldorado101974198
1437Electric Light OrchestraIn Old England Town (Boogie #2)6:56Electric Light Orchestra II11973238
1438Electric Light OrchestraMama7:03Electric Light Orchestra II21973222
1439Electric Light OrchestraRoll Over Beethoven8:11Electric Light Orchestra II31973214
1440Electric Light OrchestraFrom the Sun to the World (Boogie #1)8:22Electric Light Orchestra II41973222
1441Electric Light OrchestraKuiama11:19Electric Light Orchestra II51973212
1442Electric Light OrchestraFire On High5:30Face The Music11975201
1443Electric Light OrchestraWaterfall4:27Face The Music21975187
1444Electric Light OrchestraEvil Woman4:19Face The Music31975201
1445Electric Light OrchestraNight Rider4:23Face The Music41975194
1446Electric Light OrchestraPoker3:31Face The Music51975176
1447Electric Light OrchestraStrange Magic4:29Face The Music61975176
1448Electric Light OrchestraDown Home Town3:54Face The Music71975201
1449Electric Light OrchestraOne Summer Dream5:47Face The Music81975207
1450Electric Light OrchestraEvil Woman3:20Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)81998194
1451Electric Light OrchestraShowdown4:09Hit History Vol. 19 1973181990209
1452Electric Light Orchestra10538 Overture5:31No Answer11972187
1453Electric Light OrchestraLook at Me Now3:17No Answer21972183
1454Electric Light OrchestraNellie Takes Her Bow5:59No Answer31972183
1455Electric Light OrchestraBattle of Marston Moor (July 2, 1644)6:05No Answer41972178
1456Electric Light Orchestra1st Movement3:00No Answer51972186
1457Electric Light OrchestraMr. Radio5:04No Answer61972172
1458Electric Light OrchestraManhatten Rumble (49th St. Massacre)4:22No Answer71972182
1459Electric Light OrchestraQueen of the Hours3:22No Answer81972189
1460Electric Light OrchestraWhisper in the Night4:45No Answer91972175
1461Electric Light OrchestraOcean Breakup/King of the Universe4:06On the Third Day11973193
1462Electric Light OrchestraBluebird Is Dead4:22On the Third Day21973197
1463Electric Light OrchestraOh No Not Susan3:27On the Third Day31973195
1464Electric Light OrchestraNew World Rising/Ocean Breakup Reprise4:06On the Third Day41973189
1465Electric Light OrchestraShowdown4:12On the Third Day51973186
1466Electric Light OrchestraDaybreaker3:50On the Third Day61973211
1467Electric Light OrchestraMa-Ma-Ma Belle3:52On the Third Day71973196
1468Electric Light OrchestraDreaming of 40005:03On the Third Day81973193
1469Electric Light OrchestraIn the Hall of the Mountain King6:32On the Third Day91973193
1470Electric Light OrchestraTurn To Stone3:47Out Of The Blue11977224
1471Electric Light OrchestraIt's Over4:08Out Of The Blue21977216
1472Electric Light OrchestraSweet Talkin' Woman3:50Out Of The Blue31977221
1473Electric Light OrchestraAcross The Border3:52Out Of The Blue41977230
1474Electric Light OrchestraNight In The City4:02Out Of The Blue51977226
1475Electric Light OrchestraStarlight4:28Out Of The Blue61977212
1476Electric Light OrchestraJungle3:52Out Of The Blue71977216
1477Electric Light OrchestraBelieve Me Now1:21Out Of The Blue81977214
1478Electric Light OrchestraSteppin' Out4:39Out Of The Blue91977205
1479Electric Light OrchestraStandin' In The Rain4:20Out Of The Blue101977212
1480Electric Light OrchestraBig Wheels5:06Out Of The Blue111977207
1481Electric Light OrchestraSummer And Lightning4:13Out Of The Blue121977217
1482Electric Light OrchestraMr. Blue Sky5:05Out Of The Blue131977220
1483Electric Light OrchestraSweet Is The Night3:28Out Of The Blue141977220
1484Electric Light OrchestraThe Whale5:02Out Of The Blue151977205
1485Electric Light OrchestraBirmingham Blues4:23Out Of The Blue161977216
1486Electric Light OrchestraWild West Hero4:42Out Of The Blue171977215
1487Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line4:33Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone122000199
1488Electric Light OrchestraSecret Messages4:43Secret Messages11983217
1489Electric Light OrchestraLoser Gone Wild5:25Secret Messages21983190
1490Electric Light OrchestraBluebird4:06Secret Messages31983215
1491Electric Light OrchestraTake Me On And On5:02Secret Messages41983201
1492Electric Light OrchestraTime After Time4:00Secret Messages51983196
1493Electric Light OrchestraFour Little Diamonds4:05Secret Messages61983228
1494Electric Light OrchestraStranger4:27Secret Messages71983211
1495Electric Light OrchestraDanger Ahead3:52Secret Messages81983213
1496Electric Light OrchestraLetter From Spain2:51Secret Messages91983184
1497Electric Light OrchestraTrain Of Gold4:20Secret Messages101983200
1498Electric Light OrchestraRock 'N' Roll Is King3:44Secret Messages111983205
1499Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me Down4:06Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)32000241
1500Electric Light OrchestraRoll Over Beethoven8:11Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)71996214
1501Electric Light OrchestraLivin' Thing3:31The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)151999204
1502Electric Light OrchestraMr. Blue Sky5:02The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)51999209
1503Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line4:40The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)11999188
1504Electric Light OrchestraShine A Little Love4:39The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)6 209
1505Electric Light OrchestraPrologue1:16Time [Remaster]11981190
1506Electric Light OrchestraTwilight3:41Time [Remaster]21981231
1507Electric Light OrchestraYours Truly, 20953:11Time [Remaster]31981225
1508Electric Light OrchestraTicket To The Moon4:07Time [Remaster]41981195
1509Electric Light OrchestraThe Way Life's Meant To Be4:38Time [Remaster]51981231
1510Electric Light OrchestraAnother Heart Breaks3:49Time [Remaster]61981222
1511Electric Light OrchestraRain Is Falling3:55Time [Remaster]71981216
1512Electric Light OrchestraFrom The End Of The World3:16Time [Remaster]81981220
1513Electric Light OrchestraThe Lights Go Down3:33Time [Remaster]91981208
1514Electric Light OrchestraHere Is The News3:49Time [Remaster]101981226
1515Electric Light Orchestra21st Century Man4:02Time [Remaster]111981203
1516Electric Light OrchestraHold On Tight3:06Time [Remaster]121981224
1517Electric Light OrchestraEpilogue1:35Time [Remaster]131981196
1518Electric Light OrchestraThe Bouncer (Bonus Track)3:14Time [Remaster]141981226
1519Electric Light OrchestraWhen Time Stood Still (Bonus Track)3:33Time [Remaster]151981205
1520Electric Light OrchestraJulie Don't Live Here (Bonus Track)3:42Time [Remaster]161981242
1521Electric Light OrchestraEvil Woman3:28Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two111991188
1522Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line4:42Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two81991201
1523Electric Light OrchestraDo Ya3:47Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two151991215
1524Electric Light OrchestraI'm Alive3:45Xanadu (OST)61980197
1525Electric Light OrchestraThe Fall3:35Xanadu (OST)71980197
1526Electric Light OrchestraDon't Walk Away4:40Xanadu (OST)81980193
1527Electric Light OrchestraAll Over the World4:05Xanadu (OST)91980199
1528Electric Mayhem Band'Zat You, Santa Claus2:34A Green And Red Christmas12006192
1529Electric Mayhem BandRun, Run Rudolph3:10A Green And Red Christmas92006224
1530Electric PrunesI Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)2:58Highs Of The Sixties11986204
1531The Electric PrunesI Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)2:59I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]11967204
1532The Electric PrunesBangles2:29I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]21967208
1533The Electric PrunesOnie2:42I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]31967187
1534The Electric PrunesAre You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy It Less)2:25I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]41967209
1535The Electric PrunesTrain For Tomorrow3:02I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]51967201
1536The Electric PrunesSold To The Highest Bidder2:23I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]61967225
1537The Electric PrunesGet Me To The World On Time2:32I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]71967215
1538The Electric PrunesAbout A Quarter To Nine2:13I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]81967173
1539The Electric PrunesThe King Is In The Counting House2:01I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]91967193
1540The Electric PrunesLuvin2:04I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]101967198
1541The Electric PrunesTry Me On For Size2:22I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]111967223
1542The Electric PrunesThe Toonerville Trolley2:34I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]121967222
1543The Electric PrunesAin't It Hard2:14I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]131967158
1544The Electric PrunesLittle Oliver2:40I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [2000 Reissue]141967188
1545The Electric PrunesShadows2:23Lost Dreams12001205
1546The Electric PrunesAin't It Hard2:14Lost Dreams22001129
1547The Electric PrunesLittle Oliver2:42Lost Dreams32001131
1548The Electric PrunesI Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)2:58Lost Dreams42001205
1549The Electric PrunesI've Got a Way of My Own2:20Lost Dreams52001205
1550The Electric PrunesLuvin'2:04Lost Dreams62001205
1551The Electric PrunesI Happen to Love You3:15Lost Dreams72001211
1552The Electric PrunesAre You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)2:22Lost Dreams82001220
1553The Electric PrunesHideaway3:28Lost Dreams92001199
1554The Electric PrunesTry Me on for Size2:19Lost Dreams102001231
1555The Electric PrunesThe Great Banana Hoax4:37Lost Dreams112001196
1556The Electric PrunesYou Never Had It Better2:09Lost Dreams122001230
1557The Electric PrunesDr. Do-Good2:47Lost Dreams132001211
1558The Electric PrunesGet Me to the World on Time2:32Lost Dreams142001135
1559The Electric PrunesCaptain Glory2:14Lost Dreams152001223
1560The Electric PrunesWorld of Darkness2:19Lost Dreams162001141
1561The Electric PrunesTrain for Tomorrow3:01Lost Dreams172001205
1562The Electric PrunesBig City2:46Lost Dreams182001202
1563The Electric PrunesWind-Up Toys2:26Lost Dreams192001208
1564The Electric PrunesIt's Not Fair2:04Lost Dreams202001229
1565The Electric PrunesSold to the Highest Bidder2:22Lost Dreams212001227
1566The Electric PrunesEveryone Knows You're Not in Love3:06Lost Dreams222001204
1567The Electric PrunesLong Day's Flight ('til Tomorrow)5:14Lost Dreams232001197
1568The Electric PrunesKyrie Eleison3:21Mass in F Minor11968197
1569The Electric PrunesGloria5:45Mass in F Minor21968190
1570The Electric PrunesCredo5:02Mass in F Minor31968195
1571The Electric PrunesSanctus2:57Mass in F Minor41968206
1572The Electric PrunesBenedictus4:52Mass in F Minor51968206
1573The Electric PrunesAgnus Dei4:29Mass in F Minor61968209
1574The Electric PrunesHey Mr. President (Bonus Track)2:49Mass in F Minor71968153
1575The Electric PrunesFlowing Smoothly (Bonus Track)3:04Mass in F Minor81968150
1576The Electric PrunesI Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)2:59Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)11998134
1577The Electric PrunesGet Me To The World On Time2:33Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)171998129
1578The Electric PrunesHideaway2:40Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 2)62009130
1579Electrik CokernutJeepster4:08Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's121999247
1580Electrik CokernutBack Off Boogaloo2:29Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's141999233
1581The ElegantsLittle Star2:42Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)52004140
1582The ElegantsLittle Star2:44The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)111994128
1583The ElegantsLittle Star2:41Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958151987126
1584Elemeno PWe Wish You A Merry Christmas1:59So This Is Christmas122010221
1585ElementCome & Fly With Me (Ultrabeat Mix)2:58Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)42003219
1586Elevation + Gabriel & DresdenAthena4:55Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)22004245
1587ElfHoochie Koochie Lady5:34Elf11972224
1588ElfFirst Avenue4:24Elf21972222
1589ElfNever More3:51Elf31972219
1590ElfI'm Coming Back For You3:29Elf41972229
1591ElfSit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)3:49Elf51972219
1592ElfDixie Lee Junction5:11Elf61972227
1593ElfLove Me Like A Woman3:49Elf71972204
1594ElfGambler, Gambler4:26Elf81972214
1595ElgarPomp And Circumstance March No. I4:35A Clockwork Orange (OST)71972194
1596ElgarPomp And Circumstance March No. IV (Abridged)1:38A Clockwork Orange (OST)81972192
1597ElginsDarling Baby2:36Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)161992128
1598ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent You2:32Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)271992131
1599The ElginsDarling Baby2:32Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)142000215
1600The ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent You2:38Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)152000211
1601The ElginsStay In My Lonely Arms2:58Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)222000201
1602The ElginsPut Yourself In My Place2:40Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 3)232000203
1603Eliot Daniel & Harold AdamsonI Love Lucy1:01Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)311986192
1604Eliot SloanI Want You3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0732002226
1605Elis ReginaRoda2:38Be Cool (OST)42005168
1606Elite ForceCurveball4:00The Crystal Method - Community Service62002239
1607Elite ForceGhetto Fabulous5:31The Crystal Method - Community Service II32005189
1608Elkie BrooksPearl's A Singer3:42Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 2)7 187
1609Elkie BrooksFool If You Think It's Over4:57The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)7 202
1610Elkie BrooksPearl's A Singer3:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)132001195
1611Ella FitzgeraldO Holy Night1:49Christmas Album11978182
1612Ella FitzgeraldIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear3:21Christmas Album21978171
1613Ella FitzgeraldHark! The Herald Angels Sing1:50Christmas Album31978191
1614Ella FitzgeraldThe First Noel1:50Christmas Album41978176
1615Ella FitzgeraldSilent Night2:52Christmas Album51978186
1616Ella FitzgeraldO Come All Ye Faithful2:46Christmas Album61978185
1617Ella FitzgeraldSleep My Little Jesus2:17Christmas Album71978175
1618Ella FitzgeraldO Little Town Of Bethlehem2:06Christmas Album81978174
1619Ella FitzgeraldWe Three Kings2:07Christmas Album91978184
1620Ella FitzgeraldGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1:25Christmas Album101978192
1621Ella FitzgeraldIntroductions And Announcements1:20Ella Returns To Berlin11961128
1622Ella FitzgeraldGive Me The Simple Life2:02Ella Returns To Berlin21961128
1623Ella FitzgeraldTake The "A" Train3:46Ella Returns To Berlin31961128
1624Ella Fitzgerald(I'd Like To Get You On A) Slow Boat To China2:20Ella Returns To Berlin41961128
1625Ella FitzgeraldMedley (Why Was I Born/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/People Will Say We're In Love)5:37Ella Returns To Berlin51961128
1626Ella FitzgeraldIntro0:11Ella Returns To Berlin61961128
1627Ella FitzgeraldYou're Driving Me Crazy3:24Ella Returns To Berlin71961128
1628Ella FitzgeraldRock It For Me3:20Ella Returns To Berlin81961128
1629Ella FitzgeraldWitchcraft2:55Ella Returns To Berlin91961128
1630Ella FitzgeraldAnything Goes2:33Ella Returns To Berlin101961128
1631Ella FitzgeraldCheek To Cheek3:46Ella Returns To Berlin111961127
1632Ella FitzgeraldMisty2:57Ella Returns To Berlin121961128
1633Ella FitzgeraldCaravan2:02Ella Returns To Berlin131961128
1634Ella FitzgeraldIf You Can't Sing It You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini)4:44Ella Returns To Berlin141961128
1635Ella FitzgeraldMack The Knife3:29Ella Returns To Berlin151961128
1636Ella FitzgeraldFanfare For Ella0:22Ella Returns To Berlin161961128
1637Ella Fitzgerald'Round Midnight3:31Ella Returns To Berlin171961128
1638Ella FitzgeraldJoe Williams' Blues5:27Ella Returns To Berlin181961128
1639Ella FitzgeraldFanfare For Ella0:53Ella Returns To Berlin191961128
1640Ella FitzgeraldThis Can't Be Love4:29Ella Returns To Berlin201961128
1641Ella FitzgeraldClosing Announcements By Norman Granz0:54Ella Returns To Berlin211961128
1642Ella FitzgeraldA-Tisket A-Tasket1:54For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing11989153
1643Ella FitzgeraldOh Lady, Be Good4:05For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing21989153
1644Ella FitzgeraldStompin' At The Savoy6:31For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing31989157
1645Ella FitzgeraldHow High The Moon8:02For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing41989156
1646Ella FitzgeraldMr. Paganini4:04For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing51989193
1647Ella FitzgeraldSweet Georgia Brown3:33For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing61989203
1648Ella FitzgeraldMack The Knife5:07For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing71989135
1649Ella FitzgeraldCaravan2:43For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing81989156
1650Ella FitzgeraldA Night In Tunisia4:07For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing91989183
1651Ella FitzgeraldRockin' In Rythm5:19For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing101989131
1652Ella FitzgeraldHoneysuckle Rose2:42For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing111989194
1653Ella FitzgeraldI Got Rhythm3:06For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing121989189
1654Ella FitzgeraldA Fine Romance3:52For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing131989127
1655Ella FitzgeraldOn The Sunny Side Of The Street3:05For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing141989195
1656Ella FitzgeraldParty Blues3:59For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing151989127
1657Ella FitzgeraldCottontail3:23For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 1) Monuments Of Swing161989130
1658Ella FitzgeraldMisty2:44For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues11989156
1659Ella FitzgeraldSophisticated Lady5:20For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues21989130
1660Ella FitzgeraldMidnight Sun4:54For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues31989198
1661Ella FitzgeraldSolitude2:08For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues41989126
1662Ella FitzgeraldHow Long Blues4:01For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues51989172
1663Ella FitzgeraldI Loves You Porgy4:52For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues61989150
1664Ella FitzgeraldSummertime2:54For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues71989130
1665Ella FitzgeraldMood Indigo3:28For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues81989127
1666Ella FitzgeraldLaura3:44For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues91989193
1667Ella FitzgeraldStormy Weather5:15For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues101989188
1668Ella FitzgeraldAutumn In New York6:01For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues111989131
1669Ella FitzgeraldThese Foolish Things3:50For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues121989175
1670Ella FitzgeraldI Can't Get Started3:32For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues131989194
1671Ella FitzgeraldSee See Rider2:43For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues141989190
1672Ella FitzgeraldI Love Paris5:00For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues151989128
1673Ella FitzgeraldBlues In The Night7:08For The Love Of Ella Fitzgerald (Disc 2) Ballads & Blues161989191
1674Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love3:18Groovy Organ Funk161992216
1675Ella FitzgeraldSleigh Ride (The Latin Project Remix)4:10Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed42005200
1676Ella FitzgeraldSomeone To Watch Over Me3:15Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)112001145
1677Ella FitzgeraldI Love Paris4:59Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)92001127
1678Ella FitzgeraldSleigh Ride2:56Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)62001198
1679Ella FitzgeraldRudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer2:54Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)102006179
1680Ella FitzgeraldA-Tisket, A-Tasket2:38The Best of Ella Fitzgerald12003127
1681Ella FitzgeraldDream A Little Dream Of Me3:05The Best of Ella Fitzgerald22003145
1682Ella FitzgeraldBut Not For Me3:12The Best of Ella Fitzgerald32003172
1683Ella FitzgeraldUndecided3:19The Best of Ella Fitzgerald42003127
1684Ella FitzgeraldI'm Just A Lucky So-And-So2:56The Best of Ella Fitzgerald52003127
1685Ella FitzgeraldLullaby Of Birdland2:50The Best of Ella Fitzgerald62003155
1686Ella FitzgeraldYou'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini), Parts 1 & 25:10The Best of Ella Fitzgerald72003135
1687Ella FitzgeraldHard Hearted Hannah3:00The Best of Ella Fitzgerald82003166
1688Ella FitzgeraldLet's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)3:33The Best of Ella Fitzgerald92003132
1689Ella FitzgeraldJust A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'3:31The Best of Ella Fitzgerald102003129
1690Ella FitzgeraldA Fine Romance3:36The Best of Ella Fitzgerald112003196
1691Ella FitzgeraldBlues In The Night7:09The Best of Ella Fitzgerald122003193
1692Ella FitzgeraldSomething's Gotta Give2:35The Best Of The Song Books11993201
1693Ella FitzgeraldLove Is Here To Stay3:55The Best Of The Song Books21993191
1694Ella FitzgeraldBewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered7:04The Best Of The Song Books31993187
1695Ella FitzgeraldI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2:58The Best Of The Song Books41993186
1696Ella FitzgeraldThe Lady Is A Tramp3:24The Best Of The Song Books51993188
1697Ella FitzgeraldI Got It Bad (& That Ain't Good)6:15The Best Of The Song Books61993127
1698Ella FitzgeraldMiss Otis Regrets3:03The Best Of The Song Books71993126
1699Ella Fitzgerald'S Wonderful3:30The Best Of The Song Books81993193
1700Ella FitzgeraldBetween The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea2:24The Best Of The Song Books91993198
1701Ella FitzgeraldLove For Sale5:54The Best Of The Song Books101993128
1702Ella FitzgeraldThey Can't Take That Away From Me3:11The Best Of The Song Books111993190
1703Ella FitzgeraldMidnight Sun4:54The Best Of The Song Books121993195
1704Ella FitzgeraldHooray For Love2:44The Best Of The Song Books131993208
1705Ella FitzgeraldWhy Was I Born?3:46The Best Of The Song Books141993184
1706Ella FitzgeraldCotton Tail3:26The Best Of The Song Books151993127
1707Ella FitzgeraldEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye3:31The Best Of The Song Books161993128
1708Ella FitzgeraldSmooth Sailing3:06Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever171992126
1709Ella FitzgeraldStone Cold Dead In The Market2:45Your Hit Parade 19467 130
1710Ella Fitzgerald With Count Basie & His OrchestraI'm Beginning To See The Light4:03Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed172001202
1711Ella Mae MorseThe Blacksmith Blues3:03The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)121997214
1712Ellen McLainStill Alive (The Portal Song)2:56  2007256
1713Ellie GreenwichYou Don't Know3:17The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 261990221
1714Elliot GoldenthalA Batman Overture3:36Batman & Robin (OST)131997206
1715Elliot YaminWait For You3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0472007187
1716Elliott FisherTheme From "Our Man Flint"2:31Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale61996189
1717Elliott FisherMister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang1:52Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene121996195
1718Elliott SmithMemory Lane2:33Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)202005192
1719Elliott YaminWait for You3:58Now That's What I Call Music! 25192007187
1720Elliott YaminWait For You4:21Nu Music Traxx Vol. 213 June 200752007168
1721Elmer BernsteinMain Title Theme (Ghostbusters)3:01Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]81984208
1722Elmer BernsteinDana's Theme3:32Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]91984193
1723Elmer BernsteinThe Rookies1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)561990182
1724Elmer BernsteinJohnny Staccato0:46Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)521996196
1725Elmer BernsteinThinking of Baby3:03Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene31996188
1726Elmer BernsteinStaccato's Theme2:56Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene141996188
1727Elmer Bernstein OrchestraFaber College Theme0:24Animal House (OST)11978190
1728Elmer Bernstein OrchestraIntro0:48Animal House (OST)81978179
1729Elmer Bernstein OrchestraFaber College Theme1:55Animal House (OST)141978182
1730Elmo & PatsyGrandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (1983)3:29Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)101989191
1731Elmo & PatsyGrandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer3:31Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD81989188
1732Elmo & PatsyGrandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer3:27Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)122001182
1733Elmo & PatsyGrandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer3:31The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 251995251
1734Elmo and PatsyGrandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer3:28The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)92003180
1735Elmore JamesLost Woman Blues (Please Find My Baby)3:05Blues Kingpins12003136
1736Elmore JamesRock My Baby Right2:35Blues Kingpins22003132
1737Elmore JamesI Believe3:11Blues Kingpins32003127
1738Elmore JamesBaby What's Wrong2:53Blues Kingpins42003138
1739Elmore JamesSinful Woman2:51Blues Kingpins52003134
1740Elmore JamesHawaiian Boogie2:19Blues Kingpins62003127
1741Elmore JamesCan't Stop Lovin'2:25Blues Kingpins72003135
1742Elmore JamesMake My Dreams Come True2:41Blues Kingpins82003128
1743Elmore JamesDark & Dreary2:46Blues Kingpins92003127
1744Elmore JamesStanding At The Crossroads2:46Blues Kingpins102003128
1745Elmore JamesSunnyland3:17Blues Kingpins112003128
1746Elmore JamesThe Way You Treat Me (Mean & Evil)2:14Blues Kingpins122003128
1747Elmore JamesHappy Home2:45Blues Kingpins132003132
1748Elmore JamesNo Love In My Heart2:23Blues Kingpins142003131
1749Elmore JamesI Was A Fool2:50Blues Kingpins152003127
1750Elmore JamesDust My Blues3:09Blues Kingpins162003128
1751Elmore JamesBlues Before Sunrise2:43Blues Kingpins172003127
1752Elmore JamesGoodbye Baby2:56Blues Kingpins182003127
1753Elmore JamesDust My Broom2:54Dust My Broom11990132
1754Elmore JamesLook On Yonder Wall2:29Dust My Broom21990159
1755Elmore JamesDone Somebody Wrong2:21Dust My Broom31990131
1756Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too3:04Dust My Broom41990133
1757Elmore JamesI'm Worried2:49Dust My Broom51990166
1758Elmore JamesOne Way Out2:21Dust My Broom61990210
1759Elmore JamesFine Little Mama2:33Dust My Broom71990130
1760Elmore JamesRollin' And Tumblin'2:29Dust My Broom81990128
1761Elmore JamesShake Your Moneymaker2:31Dust My Broom91990131
1762Elmore JamesThe Sky Is Crying2:42Dust My Broom101990210
1763Elmore JamesStranger Blues3:14Dust My Broom111990165
1764Elmore JamesI Can't Stop Lovin' You2:39Dust My Broom121990130
1765Elmore JamesComing Home2:25Dust My Broom131990131
1766Elmore JamesMy Bleeding Heart3:02Dust My Broom141990205
1767Elmore JamesStanding At The Crossroads2:54Dust My Broom151990215
1768Elmore JamesMake My Dreams Come True2:54Dust My Broom161990221
1769Elmore JamesDust My Blues3:15Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James11986164
1770Elmore JamesBlues Before Sunrise2:42Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James21986170
1771Elmore JamesNo Love In My Heart2:23Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James31986182
1772Elmore JamesSho Nuff I Do2:44Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James41986165
1773Elmore JamesStanding At The Crossroads2:46Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James51986180
1774Elmore JamesI Was A Fool2:50Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James61986161
1775Elmore JamesSunnyLand3:16Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James71986179
1776Elmore JamesCanton, Mississippi Breakdown3:46Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James81986174
1777Elmore JamesHappy Home2:44Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James91986165
1778Elmore JamesWild About You Baby3:17Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James101986159
1779Elmore JamesLong Tall Woman3:38Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James111986177
1780Elmore JamesSo Mean To Me2:27Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James121986178
1781Elmore JamesHawaiian Boogie (No. 2)2:18Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James131986175
1782Elmore JamesMean And Evil2:13Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James141986189
1783Elmore JamesDark And Dreary2:45Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James151986170
1784Elmore JamesMy Best Friend2:43Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James161986169
1785Elmore JamesI Believe3:11Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James171986150
1786Elmore JamesGoodbye Baby2:56Lets Cut It - The Very Best Of Elmore James181986168
1787Elmore JamesComin' Home2:27Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)11999136
1788Elmore JamesThe Twelve Year Old Boy3:05Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)21999133
1789Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too3:05Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)31999134
1790Elmore JamesKnocking At Your Door2:37Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)41999140
1791Elmore JamesElmore's Contribution To Jazz2:19Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)51999128
1792Elmore JamesCry For Me Baby2:45Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)61999126
1793Elmore JamesTake Me Wherever You Go2:21Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)71999127
1794Elmore JamesDust My Broom2:54Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)81999172
1795Elmore JamesThe Sky Is Crying2:47Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)91999177
1796Elmore JamesBaby Please Set A Date2:54Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)101999169
1797Elmore JamesHeld My Baby Last Night2:53Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)111999169
1798Elmore JamesRollin' & Tumblin'2:31Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)121999159
1799Elmore JamesDone Somebody Wrong2:20Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)131999175
1800Elmore JamesFine Little Mama2:33Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)141999165
1801Elmore JamesI Can't Stop Lovin' You2:39Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)151999165
1802Elmore JamesEarly One Morning2:46Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)161999158
1803Elmore JamesI Need You2:49Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)171999157
1804Elmore JamesStrange Angels3:06Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 1)181999168
1805Elmore JamesStranger Blues3:16Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)11999156
1806Elmore JamesBleeding Heart3:04Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)21999133
1807Elmore JamesStanding At The Crossroads3:01Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)31999139
1808Elmore JamesOne Way Out2:27Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)41999133
1809Elmore JamesGot To Move2:44Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)51999130
1810Elmore JamesMy Baby's Gone2:58Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)61999197
1811Elmore JamesFind My Kinda Woman2:57Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)71999196
1812Elmore JamesLook On Yonder Wall2:56Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)81999180
1813Elmore JamesShake Your Moneymaker2:34Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)91999137
1814Elmore JamesMean Mistreatin' Mama1:37Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)101999127
1815Elmore JamesSunnyland Train2:16Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)111999180
1816Elmore JamesI Have A Right To Love My Baby2:44Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)121999201
1817Elmore JamesEveryday I Have The Blues3:22Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)131999203
1818Elmore JamesSo Unkind2:32Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)141999129
1819Elmore JamesMake My Dreams Come True2:52Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)151999214
1820Elmore JamesTalk To Me Baby2:50Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)161999203
1821Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too3:20Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)171999209
1822Elmore JamesI Gotta Go Now3:37Rollin' & Tumblin' (Disc 2)181999215
1823Elmore JamesDust My Broom2:53The Blues At Christmas (The Blues Collection Vol. 93)81993174
1824Elmore JamesDust My Broom2:45The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James11993142
1825Elmore JamesThe Sun Is Shining2:45The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James21993158
1826Elmore JamesHawaiian Boogie2:19The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James31993164
1827Elmore JamesSho' Nuff I Do2:54The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James41993136
1828Elmore JamesPlease Find My Baby3:07The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James51993163
1829Elmore JamesT.V. Mama (with Joe Turner & His Blues Kings)2:48The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James61993162
1830Elmore JamesMy Best Friend3:21The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James71993170
1831Elmore JamesMadison Blues2:24The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James81993161
1832Elmore JamesCry For Me Baby2:46The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James91993150
1833Elmore JamesThe Sky Is Crying2:48The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James101993163
1834Elmore JamesSunny Land3:16The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James111993163
1835Elmore JamesI Can't Hold Out2:15The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James121993148
1836Elmore JamesLook On Yonder Wall2:27The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James131993134
1837Elmore JamesI Need You3:32The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James141993160
1838Elmore JamesDone Somebody Wrong2:21The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James151993151
1839Elmore JamesShake Your Moneymaker2:33The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James161993145
1840Elmore JamesThe 12 Year Old Boy3:05The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James171993133
1841Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too3:04The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James181993136
1842Elmore JamesRolling And Tumblin2:34The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James191993165
1843Elmore JamesSomething Inside Me5:03The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James201993159
1844Elmore JamesStanding At The Crossroads2:59The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James211993153
1845Elmore James & His Broom DustersSho Nuff I Do2:52Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)182011131
1846The ElmsHey, Hey3:08WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)162001211
1847EloisBy My Side2:17Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)182001134
1852EloyChild Migration7:20Colours51980204
1857EloyBetween The Times1:50Dawn21976206
1858EloyThe Sun-Song1:56Dawn31976205
1859EloyThe Dance In Doubt And Fear1:13Dawn41976202
1860EloyLost!?? (Introduction)1:08Dawn51976210
1861EloyMemory - Flash4:55Dawn61976204
1862EloyAppearance Of The Voice4:27Dawn71976204
1863EloyReturn Of The Voice5:22Dawn81976202
1864EloyLost?? (The Decision)5:01Dawn91976208
1865EloyThe Midnight-Flight / The Victory Of Mental Force8:07Dawn101976210
1866EloyGliding Into Light And Knowledge4:16Dawn111976205
1867EloyLe Reveil Du Soleil / The Dawn6:49Dawn121976211
1869EloyThe Light From Deep Darkness14:40Floating21974205
1870EloyCastle In The Air7:16Floating31974213
1871EloyPlastic Girl9:11Floating41974205
1873EloyLand Of No Body17:24Inside11973206
1875EloyFuture City5:37Inside31973231
1876EloyUp And Down8:27Inside41973206
1877EloyEscape To The Heights4:59Metromania11984235
1878EloySeeds Of Creation4:29Metromania21984234
1879EloyAll Life Is One6:29Metromania31984220
1880EloyThe Stranger4:04Metromania41984220
1881EloyFollow The Light9:40Metromania51984220
1884EloyPoseidon's Creation11:44Ocean11977197
1885EloyIncarnation Of The Logos8:27Ocean21977189
1886EloyDecay Of The Logos8:18Ocean31977196
1887EloyAtlantis' Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime15:39Ocean41977199
1888EloyBetween Future And Past2:42Ocean 2 - The Answer11998203
1889EloyRo Setau7:09Ocean 2 - The Answer21998221
1890EloyParalysed Civilization9:28Ocean 2 - The Answer31998223
1891EloySerenity3:11Ocean 2 - The Answer41998198
1892EloyAwakening Of Consciousness6:03Ocean 2 - The Answer51998225
1893EloyReflections From The Spheres Beyond12:59Ocean 2 - The Answer61998216
1894EloyWaves Of Intuition4:56Ocean 2 - The Answer71998213
1895EloyThe Answer11:19Ocean 2 - The Answer81998225
1896EloyIntroduction1:11Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]11996207
1897EloyJourney Into 13582:54Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]21996216
1898EloyLove Over Six Centuries10:09Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]31996219
1899EloyMutiny9:08Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]41996226
1900EloyImprisonment3:13Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]51996210
1901EloyDaylight2:38Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]61996225
1902EloyThoughts Of Home1:05Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]71996205
1903EloyThe Zany Magician2:48Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]81996230
1904EloyBack Into The Present3:02Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]91996227
1905EloyThe Bells Of Notre Dame6:21Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]101996214
1906EloyThe Bells Of Notre Dame (Remix 1999)6:34Power And The Passion [2001 Remaster] [Bonus Track]111996200
1907EloyDarbreak3:40Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)11991208
1908EloyOn The Road2:32Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)21991206
1909EloyChild Migration4:04Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)31991206
1910EloyLet The Sun Rise In Your Brain3:29Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)41991208
1911EloySilhouette3:30Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)51991214
1912EloyHorizons3:21Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)61991211
1913EloyWings Of Vision3:52Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)71991213
1914EloySunset2:58Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)81991203
1915EloyTime To Turn4:35Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)91991213
1916EloyThrough A Somber Galaxy5:17Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)101991220
1917EloyThe Stranger4:00Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)111991215
1918EloyWings Of Vision (12" Version)4:15Rarities (The Singles + Rare Tracks)121991215
1919EloyAstral Entrance - Master Of Sensation9:09Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes11979202
1920EloyThe Apocalypse (Silent Cries Divide The Nights, The Vision - Burning, Force Majeure)14:58Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes21979203
1921EloyPilot To Paradise7:06Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes31979206
1922EloyDe Labore Solis5:11Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes41979206
1923EloyMighty Echoes7:14Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes51979208
1924EloyThe Day Of Crimson Skies5:02The Tides Return Forever11994232
1925EloyFatal Illusions9:21The Tides Return Forever21994221
1926EloyChildhood Memories6:21The Tides Return Forever31994212
1927EloyGeneration Of Innocence6:10The Tides Return Forever41994231
1928EloyThe Tides Return Forever6:39The Tides Return Forever51994204
1929EloyThe Last In Line4:01The Tides Return Forever61994231
1930EloyCompany Of Angels9:44The Tides Return Forever71994229
1931Elroy DietzelRock-N-Bones1:57Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)262006129
1932Elton JohnChasing The Crown5:3821 At 3311980193
1933Elton JohnLittle Jeannie5:1721 At 3321980191
1934Elton JohnSartorial Eloquence4:4221 At 3331980196
1935Elton JohnTwo Rooms At The End Of The World5:3821 At 3341980198
1936Elton JohnWhite Lady White Powder4:3521 At 3351980200
1937Elton JohnDear God3:4621 At 3361980191
1938Elton JohnNever Gonna Fall In Love Again4:0721 At 3371980195
1939Elton JohnTake Me Back3:5121 At 3381980188
1940Elton JohnGive Me The Love5:2321 At 3391980204
1941Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:31A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas11994209
1942Elton JohnShine On Through3:42A Single Man11978196
1943Elton JohnReturn To Paradise4:13A Single Man21978211
1944Elton JohnI Don't Care4:21A Single Man31978236
1945Elton JohnBig Dipper4:02A Single Man41978213
1946Elton JohnIt Ain't Gonna Be Easy8:23A Single Man51978209
1947Elton JohnPart-Time Love3:14A Single Man61978204
1948Elton JohnGeorgia4:48A Single Man71978204
1949Elton JohnShooting Star2:43A Single Man81978205
1950Elton JohnMadness5:51A Single Man91978212
1951Elton JohnReverie0:52A Single Man101978183
1952Elton JohnSong For Guy6:37A Single Man111978200
1953Elton JohnLittle Jeannie5:14Billboard Top Hits (1980)51992235
1954Elton JohnYour Starter For...1:23Blue Moves (Disc 1)11976224
1955Elton JohnTonight7:52Blue Moves (Disc 1)21976188
1956Elton JohnOne Horse Town5:56Blue Moves (Disc 1)31976229
1957Elton JohnChameleon5:27Blue Moves (Disc 1)41976199
1958Elton JohnBoogie Pilgrim6:05Blue Moves (Disc 1)51976218
1959Elton JohnCage the Songbird3:26Blue Moves (Disc 1)61976201
1960Elton JohnCrazy Water5:42Blue Moves (Disc 1)71976229
1961Elton JohnShoulder Holster5:10Blue Moves (Disc 1)81976225
1962Elton JohnSorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word3:49Blue Moves (Disc 2)11976196
1963Elton JohnOut of the Blue6:14Blue Moves (Disc 2)21976231
1964Elton JohnBetween Seventeen and Twenty5:17Blue Moves (Disc 2)31976223
1965Elton JohnThe Wide-Eyed and Laughing3:27Blue Moves (Disc 2)41976193
1966Elton JohnSomeone's Final Song4:10Blue Moves (Disc 2)51976190
1967Elton JohnWhere's the Shoorah?4:09Blue Moves (Disc 2)61976181
1968Elton JohnIf There's a God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?)4:25Blue Moves (Disc 2)71976226
1969Elton JohnIdol4:08Blue Moves (Disc 2)81976200
1970Elton JohnTheme From a Non-Existent TV Series1:19Blue Moves (Disc 2)91976235
1971Elton JohnBite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance)6:43Blue Moves (Disc 2)101976260
1972Elton JohnRestless5:17Breaking Hearts11984180
1973Elton JohnSlow Down Georgie4:11Breaking Hearts21984179
1974Elton JohnWho Wears These Shoes4:05Breaking Hearts31984180
1975Elton JohnBreaking Hearts3:36Breaking Hearts41984185
1976Elton JohnLi'l 'Frigerator3:36Breaking Hearts51984198
1977Elton JohnPassengers3:24Breaking Hearts61984182
1978Elton JohnIn Neon4:22Breaking Hearts71984189
1979Elton JohnBurning Buildings4:02Breaking Hearts81984184
1980Elton JohnDid He Shoot Her3:22Breaking Hearts91984188
1981Elton JohnSad Songs4:48Breaking Hearts101984199
1982Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy5:46Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]11975203
1983Elton JohnTower Of Babel4:28Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]21975201
1984Elton JohnBitter Fingers4:33Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]31975211
1985Elton JohnTell Me When The Whistle Blows4:20Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]41975209
1986Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life Tonight6:44Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]51975197
1987Elton John(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket4:01Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]61975208
1988Elton JohnBetter Off Dead2:37Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]71975205
1989Elton JohnWriting3:40Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]81975204
1990Elton JohnWe All Fall In Love Sometimes4:12Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]91975186
1991Elton JohnCurtains6:34Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]101975187
1992Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds6:17Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]111975188
1993Elton JohnOne Day At A Time3:49Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]121975192
1994Elton JohnPhiladelphia Freedom5:24Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [Remaster]131975213
1995Elton JohnThe Bitch Is Back3:45Caribou11974243
1996Elton JohnPinky3:54Caribou21974201
1997Elton JohnGrimsby3:47Caribou31974235
1998Elton JohnDixie Lily2:55Caribou41974215
1999Elton JohnSolar Prestige a Gammon2:52Caribou51974214
2000Elton JohnYour're So Static4:53Caribou61974217
2001Elton JohnI've Seen the Saucers4:48Caribou71974205
2002Elton JohnStinker5:20Caribou81974213
2003Elton JohnDon't Let the Sun Go Down on Me5:36Caribou91974202
2004Elton JohnTicking7:48Caribou101974207
2005Elton JohnPinball Wizard5:09Caribou111974223
2006Elton JohnSick City5:23Caribou121974224
2007Elton JohnCold Highway3:25Caribou131974217
2008Elton JohnStep into Christmas4:32Caribou141974229
2009Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:30Christmas Of Hope81995214
2010Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds5:54Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)3 208
2011Elton JohnAre You Ready For Love3:11Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)172003211
2012Elton JohnDaniel3:54Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player11973203
2013Elton JohnTeacher I Need You4:09Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player21973220
2014Elton JohnElderberry Wine3:33Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player31973221
2015Elton JohnBlues For My Baby And Me5:42Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player41973200
2016Elton JohnMidnight Creeper3:53Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player51973222
2017Elton JohnHave Mercy On The Criminal5:57Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player61973215
2018Elton JohnI'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol3:55Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player71973210
2019Elton JohnTexan Love Song3:33Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player81973206
2020Elton JohnCrocodile Rock3:56Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player91973235
2021Elton JohnHigh Flying Bird4:27Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player101973205
2022Elton JohnScrew You4:43Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player111973212
2023Elton JohnJack Rabbit1:49Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player121973221
2024Elton JohnWhenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)2:51Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player131973199
2025Elton JohnSkyline Pigeon [Piano Version]3:54Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player141973207
2026Elton JohnYour Song4:04Elton John11970197
2027Elton JohnI Need You To Turn To2:34Elton John21970188
2028Elton JohnTake Me To The Pilot3:49Elton John31970193
2029Elton JohnNo Shoe Strings On Louise3:33Elton John41970195
2030Elton JohnFirst Episode At Hienton4:51Elton John51970180
2031Elton JohnSixty Years On4:35Elton John61970189
2032Elton JohnBorder Song3:22Elton John71970191
2033Elton JohnThe Greatest Discovery4:15Elton John81970191
2034Elton JohnThe Cage3:31Elton John91970196
2035Elton JohnThe King Must Die5:09Elton John101970195
2036Elton JohnDuets For One4:52Elton John - Duets161993217
2037Elton JohnYour Song (Demo Version)3:35Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)11970133
2038Elton JohnI Need You To Turn To (Piano Demo)2:12Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)21970128
2039Elton JohnTake Me To The Pilot (Piano Demo)2:36Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)31970128
2040Elton JohnNo Shoe Strings On Louise (Piano Demo)3:33Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)41970128
2041Elton JohnSixty Years On (Piano Demo)4:21Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)51970157
2042Elton JohnThe Greatest Discovery (Piano Demo)3:58Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)61970128
2043Elton JohnThe Cage (Demo)3:21Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)71970129
2044Elton JohnThe King Must Die (Piano Demo)5:24Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)81970128
2045Elton JohnRock N Roll Madonna (Piano Demo)3:11Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)91970128
2046Elton JohnThank You Mama (Piano Demo)3:20Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)101970128
2047Elton JohnAll The Way Down To El Paso (Piano Demo)2:49Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)111970128
2048Elton JohnI'm Going Home (Piano Demo)3:05Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)121970133
2049Elton JohnGrey Seal (Piano Demo)3:19Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)131970128
2050Elton JohnRock N Roll Madonna (Alternate Take, Incomplete Band Demo)2:55Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)141970203
2051Elton JohnBad Side Of The Moon3:13Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)151970204
2052Elton JohnGrey Seal (Original Version)3:36Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)161970209
2053Elton JohnRock N Roll Madonna4:18Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)171970208
2054Elton JohnBorder Song (BBC Session With Hookfoot)3:21Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)181970137
2055Elton JohnYour Song (BBC Session)4:01Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)191970171
2056Elton JohnTake Me To The Pilot (BBC Session)3:33Elton John [2008 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)201970154
2057Elton JohnEmpty Sky8:29Empty Sky11969182
2058Elton JohnVal-Hala4:12Empty Sky21969181
2059Elton JohnWestern Ford Gateway3:15Empty Sky31969209
2060Elton JohnHymn 20004:29Empty Sky41969200
2061Elton JohnLady What's Tomorrow3:09Empty Sky51969191
2062Elton JohnSails3:45Empty Sky61969190
2063Elton JohnThe Scaffold3:18Empty Sky71969183
2064Elton JohnSkyline Pigeon3:37Empty Sky81969184
2065Elton JohnGulliver - It's Hay Chewed - Reprise7:13Empty Sky91969181
2066Elton JohnLady Samantha3:04Empty Sky101969156
2067Elton JohnAll Across the Havens2:52Empty Sky111969200
2068Elton JohnIt's Me That You Need4:04Empty Sky121969141
2069Elton JohnJust Like Strange Rain3:44Empty Sky131969142
2070Elton JohnCrocodile Rock3:53Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)201989220
2071Elton JohnLove Is A Cannibal3:54Ghostbusters II (OST)81989233
2072Elton JohnFuneral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding11:07Goodbye Yellow Brick Road11973210
2073Elton JohnCandle In The Wind3:49Goodbye Yellow Brick Road21973196
2074Elton JohnBennie And The Jets5:23Goodbye Yellow Brick Road31973200
2075Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road3:13Goodbye Yellow Brick Road41973187
2076Elton JohnThis Song Has No Title2:23Goodbye Yellow Brick Road51973190
2077Elton JohnGrey Seal4:00Goodbye Yellow Brick Road61973193
2078Elton JohnJamaica Jerk-Off3:38Goodbye Yellow Brick Road71973209
2079Elton JohnI've Seen That Movie Too6:00Goodbye Yellow Brick Road81973193
2080Elton JohnSweet Painted Lady3:54Goodbye Yellow Brick Road91973195
2081Elton JohnThe Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)4:23Goodbye Yellow Brick Road101973190
2082Elton JohnDirty Little Girl5:01Goodbye Yellow Brick Road111973210
2083Elton JohnAll The Girls Love Alice5:09Goodbye Yellow Brick Road121973209
2084Elton JohnYour Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)2:42Goodbye Yellow Brick Road131973215
2085Elton JohnSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting4:55Goodbye Yellow Brick Road141973221
2086Elton JohnRoy Rogers4:07Goodbye Yellow Brick Road151973194
2087Elton JohnSocial Disease3:42Goodbye Yellow Brick Road161973205
2088Elton JohnHarmony2:46Goodbye Yellow Brick Road171973188
2089Elton JohnI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues4:44Greatest Hits, Vol. 311987190
2090Elton JohnMama Can't Buy You Love4:04Greatest Hits, Vol. 321987199
2091Elton JohnLittle Jeannie5:18Greatest Hits, Vol. 331987198
2092Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)4:49Greatest Hits, Vol. 341987193
2093Elton JohnI'm Still Standing3:04Greatest Hits, Vol. 351987190
2094Elton JohnEmpty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)5:14Greatest Hits, Vol. 361987204
2095Elton JohnHeartache All Over The World4:03Greatest Hits, Vol. 371987206
2096Elton JohnToo Low For Zero5:47Greatest Hits, Vol. 381987195
2097Elton JohnKiss The Bride4:23Greatest Hits, Vol. 391987202
2098Elton JohnBlue Eyes3:28Greatest Hits, Vol. 3101987193
2099Elton JohnNikita5:44Greatest Hits, Vol. 3111987200
2100Elton JohnWrap Her Up6:07Greatest Hits, Vol. 3121987209
2101Elton JohnHonky Cat5:13Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]11972212
2102Elton JohnMellow5:32Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]21972194
2103Elton JohnI Think I'm Going To Kill Myself3:35Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]31972208
2104Elton JohnSusie (Dramas)3:25Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]41972215
2105Elton JohnRocket Man4:41Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]51972192
2106Elton JohnSalvation3:58Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]61972197
2107Elton JohnSlave4:22Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]71972194
2108Elton JohnAmy4:03Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]81972212
2109Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters5:00Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]91972183
2110Elton JohnHercules5:35Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]101972207
2111Elton JohnSlave [Bonus Alternative Version]2:53Honky Chateau [1996 Remaster]111972191
2112Elton JohnThis Town3:56Ice On Fire (Remastered)11985206
2113Elton JohnCry To Heaven4:16Ice On Fire (Remastered)21985182
2114Elton JohnSoul Glove3:31Ice On Fire (Remastered)31985207
2115Elton JohnNikita5:43Ice On Fire (Remastered)41985203
2116Elton JohnToo Young5:12Ice On Fire (Remastered)51985200
2117Elton JohnWrap Her Up6:21Ice On Fire (Remastered)61985214
2118Elton JohnSatellite4:37Ice On Fire (Remastered)71985208
2119Elton JohnTell Me What The Papers Say3:40Ice On Fire (Remastered)81985222
2120Elton JohnCandy By The Pound3:57Ice On Fire (Remastered)91985196
2121Elton JohnShoot Down The Moon5:09Ice On Fire (Remastered)101985185
2122Elton JohnBonus: The Man Who Never Died5:12Ice On Fire (Remastered)111985207
2123Elton JohnBonus: Restless (Live)4:25Ice On Fire (Remastered)121985240
2124Elton JohnBonus: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Live)3:23Ice On Fire (Remastered)131985195
2125Elton JohnBonus: I'm Still Standing (Live)4:52Ice On Fire (Remastered)141985232
2126Elton JohnDear John3:28Jump Up!11982209
2127Elton JohnSpiteful Child4:12Jump Up!21982199
2128Elton JohnBall & Chain3:28Jump Up!31982189
2129Elton JohnLegal Boys3:08Jump Up!41982190
2130Elton JohnI Am Your Robot4:44Jump Up!51982194
2131Elton JohnBlue Eyes3:25Jump Up!61982179
2132Elton JohnEmpty Garden5:07Jump Up!71982192
2133Elton JohnPrincess4:56Jump Up!81982196
2134Elton JohnWhere Have All The Good Times Gone3:59Jump Up!91982190
2135Elton JohnAll Quiet On The Western Front6:00Jump Up!101982185
2136Elton JohnLeather Jackets4:13Leather Jackets11986201
2137Elton JohnHoop Of Fire4:15Leather Jackets21986179
2138Elton JohnDon't Trust That Woman4:59Leather Jackets31986206
2139Elton JohnGo It Alone4:29Leather Jackets41986202
2140Elton JohnGypsy Heart4:45Leather Jackets51986187
2141Elton JohnSlow Rivers3:07Leather Jackets61986187
2142Elton JohnHeartache All Over The World4:17Leather Jackets71986199
2143Elton JohnAngeline3:54Leather Jackets81986209
2144Elton JohnMemory Of Love4:08Leather Jackets91986191
2145Elton JohnParis4:00Leather Jackets101986194
2146Elton JohnI Fall Apart4:02Leather Jackets111986179
2147Elton JohnDon't Stop4:40Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac's Rumours41998217
2148Elton JohnBelieve4:54Made in England11995206
2149Elton JohnMade in England5:08Made in England21995230
2150Elton JohnHouse4:27Made in England31995198
2151Elton JohnCold5:37Made in England41995211
2152Elton JohnPain3:51Made in England51995221
2153Elton JohnBelfast6:30Made in England61995186
2154Elton JohnLatitude3:35Made in England71995196
2155Elton JohnPlease3:52Made in England81995210
2156Elton JohnMan5:15Made in England91995197
2157Elton JohnLies4:28Made in England101995222
2158Elton JohnBlessed5:00Made in England111995197
2159Elton JohnTiny Dancer6:16Madman Across The Water (Remastered)11971192
2160Elton JohnLevon5:22Madman Across The Water (Remastered)21971194
2161Elton JohnRazor Face4:44Madman Across The Water (Remastered)31971194
2162Elton JohnMadman Across The Water5:57Madman Across The Water (Remastered)41971191
2163Elton JohnIndian Sunset6:46Madman Across The Water (Remastered)51971175
2164Elton JohnHoliday Inn4:17Madman Across The Water (Remastered)61971202
2165Elton JohnRotten Peaches4:58Madman Across The Water (Remastered)71971188
2166Elton JohnAll The Nasties5:09Madman Across The Water (Remastered)81971196
2167Elton JohnGoodbye1:47Madman Across The Water (Remastered)91971165
2168Elton JohnThe Heart Of Every Girl3:40Mona Lisa Smile (OST)42003206
2169Elton JohnMedicine Man4:24Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal31990217
2170Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:09Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)62003234
2171Elton JohnWeight Of The World3:58Peachtree Road12004206
2172Elton JohnPorch Swing In Tupelo4:38Peachtree Road22004204
2173Elton JohnAnswer In The Sky4:03Peachtree Road32004210
2174Elton JohnTurn The Lights On When You Leave5:02Peachtree Road42004202
2175Elton JohnMy Elusive Drug4:12Peachtree Road52004199
2176Elton JohnThey Call Her The Cat4:27Peachtree Road62004223
2177Elton JohnFreaks In Love4:32Peachtree Road72004208
2178Elton JohnAll That I'm Allowed4:52Peachtree Road82004209
2179Elton JohnI Stop And I Breathe3:39Peachtree Road92004186
2180Elton JohnToo Many Tears4:14Peachtree Road102004206
2181Elton JohnIt's Gettings Dark In Here3:50Peachtree Road112004200
2182Elton JohnI Can't Keep This From You4:34Peachtree Road122004207
2183Elton JohnI've Been Loving You3:18Rare Masters (Disc 1)11992187
2184Elton JohnHere's To The Next Time3:11Rare Masters (Disc 1)21992190
2185Elton JohnLady Samantha3:03Rare Masters (Disc 1)31992186
2186Elton JohnAll Across The Havens2:54Rare Masters (Disc 1)41992204
2187Elton JohnIt's Me That You Need4:04Rare Masters (Disc 1)51992166
2188Elton JohnJust Like Strange Rain3:47Rare Masters (Disc 1)61992161
2189Elton JohnBad Side Of The Moon3:15Rare Masters (Disc 1)71992188
2190Elton JohnRock And Roll Madonna4:20Rare Masters (Disc 1)81992197
2191Elton JohnGrey Seal3:37Rare Masters (Disc 1)91992207
2192Elton JohnFriends2:24Rare Masters (Disc 1)101992200
2193Elton JohnMichelle's Song4:21Rare Masters (Disc 1)111992195
2194Elton JohnSeasons3:57Rare Masters (Disc 1)121992194
2195Elton JohnVariation On Michelle's Song (A Day In The Country)2:47Rare Masters (Disc 1)131992202
2196Elton JohnCan I Put You On5:58Rare Masters (Disc 1)141992204
2197Elton JohnHoney Roll3:07Rare Masters (Disc 1)151992211
2198Elton JohnVariation On Friends1:44Rare Masters (Disc 1)161992193
2199Elton JohnI Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day In The Country)1:37Rare Masters (Disc 1)171992192
2200Elton JohnFour Moods11:01Rare Masters (Disc 1)181992197
2201Elton JohnSeasons Reprise1:39Rare Masters (Disc 1)191992188
2202Elton JohnMadman Across The Water8:53Rare Masters (Disc 2)11992215
2203Elton JohnInto The Old Man's Shoes4:04Rare Masters (Disc 2)21992202
2204Elton JohnRock Me When He's Gone5:03Rare Masters (Disc 2)31992205
2205Elton JohnSlave2:51Rare Masters (Disc 2)41992180
2206Elton JohnSkyline Pigeon3:53Rare Masters (Disc 2)51992201
2207Elton JohnJack Rabbit1:52Rare Masters (Disc 2)61992215
2208Elton JohnWhenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)2:51Rare Masters (Disc 2)71992184
2209Elton JohnLet Me Be Your Car4:54Rare Masters (Disc 2)81992169
2210Elton JohnScrew You (Young Man's Blues)4:44Rare Masters (Disc 2)91992202
2211Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:30Rare Masters (Disc 2)101992212
2212Elton JohnHo, Ho, Ho, Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas4:06Rare Masters (Disc 2)111992196
2213Elton JohnSick City5:25Rare Masters (Disc 2)121992216
2214Elton JohnCold Highway3:27Rare Masters (Disc 2)131992200
2215Elton JohnOne Day At A Time3:47Rare Masters (Disc 2)141992205
2216Elton JohnI Saw Her Standing There3:50Rare Masters (Disc 2)151992195
2217Elton JohnHouse Of Cards3:09Rare Masters (Disc 2)161992203
2218Elton JohnPlanes4:18Rare Masters (Disc 2)171992184
2219Elton JohnSugar On The Floor4:33Rare Masters (Disc 2)181992196
2220Elton JohnTown Of Plenty3:40Reg Strikes Back11988207
2221Elton JohnWord In Spanish4:39Reg Strikes Back21988206
2222Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two)4:12Reg Strikes Back31988212
2223Elton JohnI Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That4:36Reg Strikes Back41988198
2224Elton JohnJapanese Hands4:43Reg Strikes Back51988188
2225Elton JohnGoodbye Marlon Brando3:30Reg Strikes Back61988178
2226Elton JohnThe Camera Never Lies4:36Reg Strikes Back71988201
2227Elton JohnHeavy Traffic3:30Reg Strikes Back81988202
2228Elton JohnPoor Cow3:50Reg Strikes Back91988211
2229Elton JohnSince God Invented Girls4:38Reg Strikes Back101988192
2230Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:30Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)61995219
2231Elton JohnMedley:Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly6:15Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]11975209
2232Elton JohnDan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)3:29Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]21975206
2233Elton JohnIsland Girl3:42Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]31975222
2234Elton JohnGrow Some Funk Of Your Own4:47Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]41975219
2235Elton JohnI Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)5:27Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]51975197
2236Elton JohnStreet Kids6:25Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]61975209
2237Elton JohnHard Luck Story5:16Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]71975220
2238Elton JohnFeed Me4:00Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]81975209
2239Elton JohnBilly Bones And The White Bird4:40Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]91975210
2240Elton JohnDon't Go Breaking My Heart4:42Rock Of The Westies [1995 Remaster]101975214
2241Elton JohnYour Song3:59Romantic Love Songs131985197
2242Elton JohnDurban Deep5:32Sleeping With The Past11989205
2243Elton JohnHealing Hands4:23Sleeping With The Past21989202
2244Elton JohnWhispers5:30Sleeping With The Past31989181
2245Elton JohnClub At The End Of The Street4:51Sleeping With The Past41989201
2246Elton JohnSleeping With The Past4:59Sleeping With The Past51989189
2247Elton JohnStones Throw From Hurtin'4:56Sleeping With The Past61989181
2248Elton JohnSacrifice5:08Sleeping With The Past71989189
2249Elton JohnI Never Knew Her Name3:32Sleeping With The Past81989204
2250Elton JohnAmazes Me4:40Sleeping With The Past91989198
2251Elton JohnBlue Avenue4:22Sleeping With The Past101989187
2252Elton JohnSomething About The Way You Look Tonight4:00Something About The Way You Look Tonight (single)11997206
2253Elton JohnCandle In The Wind 19974:11Something About The Way You Look Tonight (single)21997178
2254Elton JohnThe Emperor's New Clothes4:28Songs From The West Coast12001207
2255Elton JohnDark Diamond4:26Songs From The West Coast22001208
2256Elton JohnLook Ma, No Hands4:22Songs From The West Coast32001205
2257Elton JohnAmerican Triangle4:49Songs From The West Coast42001190
2258Elton JohnOriginal Sin4:49Songs From The West Coast52001195
2259Elton JohnBirds3:51Songs From The West Coast62001217
2260Elton JohnI Want Love4:35Songs From The West Coast72001210
2261Elton JohnThe Wasteland4:21Songs From The West Coast82001226
2262Elton JohnBallad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes4:52Songs From The West Coast92001225
2263Elton JohnLove Her Like Me3:58Songs From The West Coast102001208
2264Elton JohnMansfield4:56Songs From The West Coast112001204
2265Elton JohnThis Train Don't Stop There Anymore4:39Songs From The West Coast122001192
2266Elton JohnLittle Jeannie5:14Sounds Of The Eighties - 198091995193
2267Elton JohnBennie And The Jets5:21Sounds Of The Seventies - 197491990207
2268Elton JohnThe Bitch Is Back3:38Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974201990233
2269Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:10The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)52003222
2270Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:11The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)121996221
2271Elton JohnLong Way From Happiness4:46The Big Picture11997179
2272Elton JohnLive Like Horses5:01The Big Picture21997189
2273Elton JohnThe End Will Come4:52The Big Picture31997202
2274Elton JohnIf The River Can Bend5:24The Big Picture41997186
2275Elton JohnLove's Got A Lot To Answer For5:01The Big Picture51997182
2276Elton JohnSomething About The Way You Look Tonight5:08The Big Picture61997204
2277Elton JohnThe Big Picture3:45The Big Picture71997190
2278Elton JohnRecover Your Soul5:18The Big Picture81997199
2279Elton JohnJanuary4:02The Big Picture91997202
2280Elton JohnI Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You4:10The Big Picture101997192
2281Elton JohnWicked Dreams4:38The Big Picture111997229
2282Elton JohnPostcards From Richard Nixon5:15The Captain & The Kid12006220
2283Elton JohnJust Like Noah's Ark5:33The Captain & The Kid22006231
2284Elton JohnWouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC)4:38The Captain & The Kid32006205
2285Elton JohnTinderbox4:26The Captain & The Kid42006214
2286Elton JohnAnd The House Fell Down4:48The Captain & The Kid52006216
2287Elton JohnBlues Never Fade Away4:45The Captain & The Kid62006202
2288Elton JohnThe Bridge3:38The Captain & The Kid72006176
2289Elton JohnI Must Have Lost It On The Wind3:53The Captain & The Kid82006213
2290Elton JohnOld 674:01The Captain & The Kid92006211
2291Elton JohnThe Captain and The Kid5:01The Captain & The Kid102006227
2292Elton JohnBreaking Down Barriers4:42The Fox11981209
2293Elton JohnHeart in the Right Place5:22The Fox21981205
2294Elton JohnJust Like Belgium4:10The Fox31981210
2295Elton JohnNobody Wins3:43The Fox41981215
2296Elton JohnFascist Faces5:13The Fox51981211
2297Elton JohnCarla/Etude/Fanfare6:11The Fox61981201
2298Elton JohnChloe4:41The Fox71981201
2299Elton JohnHeels of the Wind3:37The Fox81981200
2300Elton JohnElton's Song3:02The Fox91981199
2301Elton JohnThe Fox5:13The Fox101981196
2302Elton JohnCircle of Life4:51The Lion King (OST)101994193
2303Elton JohnI Just Can't Wait to Be King3:37The Lion King (OST)111994176
2304Elton JohnCan You Feel the Love Tonight3:59The Lion King (OST)121994182
2305Elton JohnSimple Life6:25The One11992169
2306Elton JohnThe One5:53The One21992198
2307Elton JohnSweat It Out6:38The One31992192
2308Elton JohnRunaway Train5:23The One41992200
2309Elton JohnWhitewash County5:30The One51992192
2310Elton JohnThe North5:15The One61992189
2311Elton JohnWhen a Woman Doesn't Want You4:55The One71992189
2312Elton JohnEmily4:58The One81992195
2313Elton JohnOn Dark Street4:43The One91992198
2314Elton JohnUnderstanding Women5:03The One101992187
2315Elton JohnThe Last Song3:19The One111992184
2316Elton JohnWe All Fall In Love Sometimes4:18The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)21999183
2317Elton JohnEasier To Walk Away4:25The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 1)21999205
2318Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much) (Boxed Set Version)4:13TM Century GoldDisc Update 971991208
2319Elton JohnCold As Christmas4:20Too Low For Zero11983198
2320Elton JohnI'm Still Standing3:03Too Low For Zero21983181
2321Elton JohnToo Low For Zero5:47Too Low For Zero31983198
2322Elton JohnReligion4:06Too Low For Zero41983198
2323Elton JohnI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues4:42Too Low For Zero51983205
2324Elton JohnCrystal5:05Too Low For Zero61983196
2325Elton JohnKiss The Bride4:23Too Low For Zero71983197
2326Elton JohnWhipping Boy3:43Too Low For Zero81983185
2327Elton JohnSaint5:19Too Low For Zero91983188
2328Elton JohnOne More Arrow3:34Too Low For Zero101983183
2329Elton JohnYour Song4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)22001205
2330Elton JohnBallad Of A Well-Known Gun4:59Tumbleweed Connection11970208
2331Elton JohnCome Down In Time3:25Tumbleweed Connection21970186
2332Elton JohnCountry Comfort5:06Tumbleweed Connection31970206
2333Elton JohnSon Of Your Father3:48Tumbleweed Connection41970206
2334Elton JohnMy Father's Gun6:20Tumbleweed Connection51970207
2335Elton JohnWhere To Now Saint Peter?4:11Tumbleweed Connection61970208
2336Elton JohnLove Song3:41Tumbleweed Connection71970195
2337Elton JohnAmoreena5:00Tumbleweed Connection81970207
2338Elton JohnTalking Old Soldiers4:06Tumbleweed Connection91970179
2339Elton JohnBurn Down The Mission6:35Tumbleweed Connection101970201
2340Elton JohnInto The Old Man's Shoes4:02Tumbleweed Connection111970207
2341Elton JohnMadman Across The Water (Original Version)8:52Tumbleweed Connection121970224
2342Elton JohnJohnny B. Goode8:05Victim of Love11979209
2343Elton JohnWarm Love in a Cold World3:27Victim of Love21979217
2344Elton JohnBorn Bad6:20Victim of Love31979220
2345Elton JohnThunder in the Night3:54Victim of Love41979212
2346Elton JohnSpotlight4:09Victim of Love51979214
2347Elton JohnStreet Boogie4:57Victim of Love61979217
2348Elton JohnVictim of Love4:58Victim of Love71979204
2349Elton John & Bonnie RaittLove Letters4:01Elton John - Duets131993197
2350Elton John & Chris ReaIf You Were Me4:26Elton John - Duets61993195
2351Elton John & Don HenleyShakey Ground3:51Elton John - Duets41993211
2352Elton John & George MichaelDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live)5:46Elton John - Duets151993189
2353Elton John & Gladys KnightGo On & On5:50Elton John - Duets91993203
2354Elton John & k.d. langTeardrops4:54Elton John - Duets11993227
2355Elton John & Kiki DeeTrue Love3:34Elton John - Duets51993196
2356Elton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart4:25Sounds Of The Seventies - 197691989209
2357Elton John & Leon RussellIf It Wasn't For Bad3:42The Union12010194
2358Elton John & Leon RussellEight Hundred Dollar Shoes3:21The Union22010184
2359Elton John & Leon RussellHey Ahab5:37The Union32010201
2360Elton John & Leon RussellGone to Shiloh4:49The Union42010176
2361Elton John & Leon RussellJimmie Rodgers' Dream3:41The Union52010193
2362Elton John & Leon RussellThere's No Tomorrow3:43The Union62010188
2363Elton John & Leon RussellMonkey Suit4:45The Union72010189
2364Elton John & Leon RussellThe Best Part of the Day4:43The Union82010186
2365Elton John & Leon RussellA Dream Come True5:05The Union92010211
2366Elton John & Leon RussellWhen Love Is Dying4:48The Union102010185
2367Elton John & Leon RussellI Should Have Sent Roses5:18The Union112010196
2368Elton John & Leon RussellHearts Have Turned to Stone3:46The Union122010192
2369Elton John & Leon RussellNever Too Old (To Hold Somebody)4:57The Union132010176
2370Elton John & Leon RussellThe Hands of Angels4:42The Union142010174
2371Elton John & Leonard CohenBorn To Lose4:33Elton John - Duets141993188
2372Elton John & Little RichardThe Power6:25Elton John - Duets31993228
2373Elton John & Marcella DetroitAin't Nothing Like The Real Thing3:35Elton John - Duets111993206
2374Elton John & Nik KershawOld Friend4:16Elton John - Duets81993231
2375Elton John & Paul YoungI'm Your Puppet3:36Elton John - Duets121993196
2376Elton John & PM DawnWhen I Think About Love4:34Elton John - Duets21993184
2377Elton John & Ru PaulDon't Go Breaking My Heart5:00Elton John - Duets101993217
2378Elton John & Tammy WynetteA Woman's Needs5:19Elton John - Duets71993190
2379Elvin BishopSilent Night4:01A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas71994218
2380Elvin BishopFooled Around And Fell In Love2:58Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)151998218
2381Elvin BishopJuke Joint Jump5:31Juke Joint Jump11975217
2382Elvin BishopCalling All Cows4:28Juke Joint Jump21975214
2383Elvin BishopRollin' Home4:57Juke Joint Jump31975217
2384Elvin BishopWide River5:54Juke Joint Jump41975209
2385Elvin BishopSure Feels Good2:47Juke Joint Jump51975219
2386Elvin BishopArkansas Line3:21Juke Joint Jump61975215
2387Elvin BishopHold On3:41Juke Joint Jump71975213
2388Elvin BishopCrawling King Snake3:49Juke Joint Jump81975219
2389Elvin BishopDo Nobody Wrong4:50Juke Joint Jump91975210
2390Elvin BishopFooled Around And Fell In Love2:59Sounds Of The Seventies - 197631989215
2391Elvin BishopTulsa Shuffle5:19The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle11994202
2392Elvin BishopHow Much More3:04The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle21994200
2393Elvin BishopThe Things (That) I Used To Do4:02The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle31994202
2394Elvin BishopSweet Potatoe5:37The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle41994190
2395Elvin BishopHoney Bee3:26The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle51994199
2396Elvin BishopPrisoner Of Love5:21The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle61994186
2397Elvin BishopParty Till The Cows Come Home3:29The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle71994193
2398Elvin BishopHogbottom6:54The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle81994199
2399Elvin BishopBe With Me4:18The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle91994200
2400Elvin BishopSo Fine2:39The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle101994186
2401Elvin BishopDon't Fight It (Feel It)3:13The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle111994194
2402Elvin BishopAs The Years Go Passing By4:02The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle121994188
2403Elvin BishopSo Good7:38The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle131994184
2404Elvin BishopRock My Soul2:48The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle141994201
2405Elvin BishopRockbottom2:59The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle151994182
2406Elvin BishopStomp3:14The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle161994196
2407Elvin BishopStealin' Watermelons2:58The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle171994211
2408Elvin BishopLast Mile3:52The Best Of Elvin Bishop: Tulsa Shuffle181994185
2409Elvin BishopFooled Around And Fell In Love4:37The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)91994220
2410Elvin BishopFooled Around And Fell In Love4:34Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)192001223
2411Elvin JonesAnti-Calypso5:21Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)51997213
2412ElviraIntroduction1:19Elvira Presents Monster Hits11994147
2413ElviraMonsta' Rap4:14Elvira Presents Monster Hits21994229
2414ElviraHere Comes the Bride (the Bride of Frankstein)4:00Elvira Presents Monster Hits81994215
2415ElviraOutro1:18Elvira Presents Monster Hits91994146
2416Elvis Costello(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes2:49Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)1 204
2417Elvis CostelloWelcome to the Working Week1:23My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]11977218
2418Elvis CostelloMiracle Man3:33My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]21977199
2419Elvis CostelloNo Dancing2:43My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]31977196
2420Elvis CostelloBlame It on Cain2:53My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]41977198
2421Elvis CostelloAlison3:25My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]51977176
2422Elvis CostelloSneaky Feelings2:12My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]61977204
2423Elvis Costello(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes2:49My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]71977204
2424Elvis CostelloLess Than Zero3:18My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]81977212
2425Elvis CostelloMystery Dance1:37My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]91977199
2426Elvis CostelloPay It Back2:36My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]101977195
2427Elvis CostelloI'm Not Angry3:02My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]111977212
2428Elvis CostelloWaiting for the End of the World3:26My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]121977199
2429Elvis CostelloWatching the Detectives3:45My Aim Is True (Disc 1) [2001 Rhino Reissue]131977195
2430Elvis CostelloNo Action (Early Version)2:15My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]11977206
2431Elvis CostelloLiving in Paradise (Early Version)3:00My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]21977131
2432Elvis CostelloRadio Sweetheart2:31My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]31977194
2433Elvis CostelloStranger in the House3:04My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]41977204
2434Elvis CostelloI Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (Live)2:27My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]51977183
2435Elvis CostelloLess Than Zero (Dallas Version)4:19My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]61977212
2436Elvis CostelloImagination (Is a Powerful Deceiver)3:39My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]71977171
2437Elvis CostelloMystery Dance (Honky Tonk Demo)2:15My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]81977199
2438Elvis CostelloCheap Reward (Honky Tonk Demo)2:18My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]91977191
2439Elvis CostelloJump Up (Honky Tonk Demo)2:09My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]101977182
2440Elvis CostelloWave a White Flag (Honky Tonk Demo)1:59My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]111977187
2441Elvis CostelloBlame It on Cain (Honky Tonk Demo)3:34My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]121977191
2442Elvis CostelloPoison Moon (Honky Tonk Demo)1:53My Aim Is True (Disc 2) [2001 Rhino Reissue]131977188
2443Elvis CostelloVeronica3:10Rock Of The 80's Volume 1051994237
2444Elvis Costello...This Town...4:30Spike11989185
2445Elvis CostelloLet Him Dangle4:45Spike21989180
2446Elvis CostelloDeep Dark Truthful Mirror4:06Spike31989185
2447Elvis CostelloVeronica3:09Spike41989193
2448Elvis CostelloGod's Comic5:32Spike51989191
2449Elvis CostelloChewing Gum3:47Spike61989185
2450Elvis CostelloTramp the Dirt Down5:44Spike71989188
2451Elvis CostelloStalin Malone4:09Spike81989188
2452Elvis CostelloSatellite5:44Spike91989189
2453Elvis CostelloPads, Paws and Claws2:56Spike101989200
2454Elvis CostelloBaby Plays Around2:48Spike111989185
2455Elvis CostelloMiss Macbeth4:25Spike121989187
2456Elvis CostelloAny King's Shilling6:06Spike131989183
2457Elvis CostelloCoal-Train Robberies3:18Spike141989192
2458Elvis CostelloLast Boat Leaving3:30Spike151989181
2459Elvis CostelloClean Money2:00Taking Liberties11980215
2460Elvis CostelloGirls Talk1:57Taking Liberties21980207
2461Elvis CostelloTalking In The Dark1:57Taking Liberties31980197
2462Elvis CostelloRadio Sweetheart2:29Taking Liberties41980207
2463Elvis CostelloBlack And White World1:50Taking Liberties51980204
2464Elvis CostelloBig Tears3:10Taking Liberties61980195
2465Elvis CostelloJust A Memory2:18Taking Liberties71980200
2466Elvis CostelloNight Rally2:43Taking Liberties81980206
2467Elvis CostelloStranger In The House3:03Taking Liberties91980214
2468Elvis CostelloClowntime Is Over3:48Taking Liberties101980190
2469Elvis CostelloGetting Mighty Crowded2:10Taking Liberties111980212
2470Elvis CostelloHoover Factory1:45Taking Liberties121980197
2471Elvis CostelloTiny Steps2:42Taking Liberties131980198
2472Elvis Costello(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea3:07Taking Liberties141980204
2473Elvis CostelloDr. Luther's Assistant3:29Taking Liberties151980199
2474Elvis CostelloSunday's Best3:24Taking Liberties161980213
2475Elvis CostelloCrawling To The U.S.A.2:54Taking Liberties171980206
2476Elvis CostelloWednesday Week2:05Taking Liberties181980211
2477Elvis CostelloMy Funny Valentine1:31Taking Liberties191980176
2478Elvis CostelloGhost Train3:06Taking Liberties201980200
2479Elvis CostelloMy Mood Swings2:10The Big Lebowski (OST)31998208
2480Elvis CostelloAlison3:24The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)11999188
2481Elvis CostelloGOD Give Me Strength6:11The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)9 180
2482Elvis CostelloNo Action2:01This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)11978227
2483Elvis CostelloThis Year's Girl3:22This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)21978208
2484Elvis CostelloThe Beat3:48This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)31978226
2485Elvis CostelloPump It Up3:18This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)41978198
2486Elvis CostelloLittle Triggers2:43This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)51978189
2487Elvis CostelloYou Belong To Me2:25This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)61978200
2488Elvis CostelloHand In Hand2:39This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)71978205
2489Elvis Costello(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea3:10This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)81978226
2490Elvis CostelloLip Service2:39This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)91978230
2491Elvis CostelloLiving In Paradise3:47This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)101978196
2492Elvis CostelloLipstick Vogue3:33This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)111978213
2493Elvis CostelloNight Rally2:46This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)121978221
2494Elvis CostelloRadio, Radio3:05This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 1)131978205
2495Elvis CostelloBig Tears3:12This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)11978200
2496Elvis CostelloCrawling To The USA2:55This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)21978194
2497Elvis CostelloRunning Out Of Angels [Demo]2:05This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)31978173
2498Elvis CostelloGreenshirt [Demo]2:22This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)41978196
2499Elvis CostelloBig Boys [Demo]3:01This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)51978184
2500Elvis CostelloYou Belong To Me [Capital Radio Version]1:55This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)61978226
2501Elvis CostelloRadio, Radio [Capital Radio Version]3:01This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)71978211
2502Elvis CostelloNeat Neat Neat [Live]3:16This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)81978202
2503Elvis CostelloRoadette Song [Live]5:40This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)91978211
2504Elvis CostelloThis Year's Girl [Alternate Eden Studios Version]2:09This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)101978201
2505Elvis Costello(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea [Basing Street Studios Version]3:00This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)111978206
2506Elvis CostelloStranger In The House [BBC Version]4:15This Year's Model [2002 Remaster] (Disc 2)121978201
2507Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWhy Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)1:39Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)11981210
2508Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSweet Dreams2:59Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)21981196
2509Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSuccess2:41Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)31981177
2510Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI'm Your Toy (Hot Burritto)3:23Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)41981194
2511Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTonight The Bottle Let Me Down2:09Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)51981196
2512Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBrown To Blue2:41Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)61981184
2513Elvis Costello & The AttractionsA Good Year For The Roses3:09Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)71981181
2514Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSittin' And Thinkin'3:03Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)81981192
2515Elvis Costello & The AttractionsColour Of The Blues2:21Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)91981177
2516Elvis Costello & The AttractionsToo Far Gone3:28Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)101981186
2517Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHoney Hush2:14Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)111981202
2518Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHow Much I Lied2:48Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 1)121981194
2519Elvis Costello & The AttractionsStranger In The House (With George Jones)3:39Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)11981203
2520Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWe Oughta Be Ashamed (With Johnny Cash)2:47Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)21981181
2521Elvis Costello & The AttractionsRadio Sweetheart (Live)3:15Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)31981193
2522Elvis Costello & The AttractionsStranger In The House (Live)3:56Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)41981190
2523Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPsycho (Live)3:35Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)51981159
2524Elvis Costello & The AttractionsIf I Could Put Them All Together (I'd Have You) (Live)2:28Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)61981203
2525Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMotel Matches (Live)2:21Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)71981207
2526Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHe'll Have To Go (Live)2:51Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)81981199
2527Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGirls Talk (Live)1:46Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)91981211
2528Elvis Costello & The AttractionsToo Far Gone (Lost Session)3:11Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)101981166
2529Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHe's Got You (Lost Session)3:51Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)111981169
2530Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHonky Tonk Girl2:26Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)121981199
2531Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThat's Why I'm Walking2:22Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)131981162
2532Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWondering2:21Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)141981208
2533Elvis Costello & The AttractionsDarling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie2:38Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)151981191
2534Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You2:03Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)161981205
2535Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBlues Keep Calling2:07Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)171981203
2536Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTears Before Bedtime2:26Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)181981199
2537Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPsycho3:22Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)191981188
2538Elvis Costello & The AttractionsCry, Cry, Cry2:50Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)201981179
2539Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI'll Take Care Of You3:11Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)211981196
2540Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYour Angel Steps Out Of Heaven1:59Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)221981178
2541Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBrand New Heartache (Live)2:29Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)231981201
2542Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThere Won't Be Anymore (Live)2:32Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)241981219
2543Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSittin' And Thinkin' (Live)2:52Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)251981211
2544Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHoney Hush (Live)2:30Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)261981232
2545Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI'm Your Toy (Live)4:01Almost Blue [Rhino 2004] (Disc 2)271981202
2546Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAccidents Will Happen3:01Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)11979211
2547Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSenior Service2:18Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)21979216
2548Elvis Costello & The AttractionsOliver's Army2:59Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)31979224
2549Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Boys2:56Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)41979197
2550Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGreen Shirt2:43Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)51979177
2551Elvis Costello & The AttractionsParty Girl3:24Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)61979191
2552Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGoon Squad3:14Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)71979215
2553Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBusy Bodies3:35Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)81979228
2554Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSunday's Best3:22Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)91979218
2555Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMoods For Moderns2:50Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)101979199
2556Elvis Costello & The AttractionsChemistry Class2:56Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)111979206
2557Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTwo Little Hitlers3:16Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)121979193
2558Elvis Costello & The Attractions(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?3:32Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)131979227
2559Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTiny Steps2:43Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)11979202
2560Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBusy Bodies (Alternate Version)3:48Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)21979216
2561Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTalking In The Dark1:58Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)31979205
2562Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Boys (Alternate Version)2:56Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)41979207
2563Elvis Costello & The AttractionsClean Money1:59Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)51979234
2564Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWednesday Week2:06Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)61979202
2565Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMy Funny Valentine1:33Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)71979171
2566Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAccidents Will Happen (Live)3:18Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)81979170
2567Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMystery Dance (Live)2:01Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)91979193
2568Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGoon Squad (Live)3:42Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)101979191
2569Elvis Costello & The AttractionsParty Girl (Live)3:19Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)111979185
2570Elvis Costello & The AttractionsStranger In The House (Live)3:52Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)121979187
2571Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAlison (Live)3:08Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)131979182
2572Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLipstick Vogue (Live)4:26Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)141979192
2573Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWatching The Detectives (Live)5:51Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)151979209
2574Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou Belong To Me (Live)2:39Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)161979196
2575Elvis Costello & The AttractionsChemistry Class (Live Solo)2:34Armed Forces [2002 Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)171979211
2576Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLove for Tender1:57Get Happy!!11980236
2577Elvis Costello & The AttractionsOpportunity3:14Get Happy!!21980195
2578Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Imposter1:58Get Happy!!31980228
2579Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSecondary Modern1:58Get Happy!!41980205
2580Elvis Costello & The AttractionsKing Horse3:02Get Happy!!51980218
2581Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPossession2:04Get Happy!!61980225
2582Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMen Called Uncle2:17Get Happy!!71980225
2583Elvis Costello & The AttractionsClowntime Is Over3:00Get Happy!!81980213
2584Elvis Costello & The AttractionsNew Amsterdam2:13Get Happy!!91980225
2585Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHigh Fidelity2:30Get Happy!!101980211
2586Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI Can't Stand Up for Falling Down2:06Get Happy!!111980216
2587Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBlack and White World1:56Get Happy!!121980227
2588Elvis Costello & The Attractions5ive Gears in Reverse2:38Get Happy!!131980211
2589Elvis Costello & The AttractionsB Movie2:04Get Happy!!141980200
2590Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMotel Matches2:30Get Happy!!151980188
2591Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHuman Touch2:29Get Happy!!161980217
2592Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBeaten to the Punch1:49Get Happy!!171980221
2593Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTemptation2:33Get Happy!!181980211
2594Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI Stand Accused2:21Get Happy!!191980234
2595Elvis Costello & The AttractionsRiot Act3:45Get Happy!!201980196
2596Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGirls Talk1:58Get Happy!!211980199
2597Elvis Costello & The AttractionsClowntime Is Over, No. 23:46Get Happy!!221980184
2598Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGetting Mighty Crowded2:18Get Happy!!231980211
2599Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSo Young3:25Get Happy!!241980225
2600Elvis Costello & The AttractionsJust a Memory2:19Get Happy!!251980190
2601Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHoover Factory1:46Get Happy!!261980197
2602Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGhost Train3:06Get Happy!!271980206
2603Elvis Costello & The AttractionsDr. Luther's Assistant3:30Get Happy!!281980186
2604Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBlack and White World1:53Get Happy!!291980206
2605Elvis Costello & The AttractionsRiot Act2:50Get Happy!!301980213
2606Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLove For Tender [Alternate Version]1:39Get Happy!!311980236
2607Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBeyond Belief2:34Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)11982189
2608Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTears Before Bedtime3:03Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)21982180
2609Elvis Costello & The AttractionsShabby Doll4:48Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)31982196
2610Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Long Honeymoon4:15Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)41982181
2611Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMan Out Of Time5:26Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)51982203
2612Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAlmost Blue2:50Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)61982177
2613Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAnd In Every Home3:23Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)71982187
2614Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Loved Ones2:48Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)81982202
2615Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHuman Hands2:43Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)91982188
2616Elvis Costello & The AttractionsKid About It2:45Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)101982177
2617Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLittle Savage2:37Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)111982202
2618Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBoy With A Problem2:12Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)121982180
2619Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPidgin English3:58Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)131982190
2620Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou Little Fool3:11Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)141982207
2621Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTown Cryer4:16Imperial Bedroom (Disc 1)151982186
2622Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Land Of Give And Take [Early Version Of Beyond Belief]3:05Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)11982201
2623Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTears Before Bedtime [Alternate Version]3:04Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)21982211
2624Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMan Out Of Time [Alternate Version]3:43Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)31982182
2625Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHuman Hands [Alternate Version]2:44Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)41982175
2626Elvis Costello & The AttractionsKid About It [Alternate Version]3:18Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)51982170
2627Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLittle Savage [Alternate Version]3:07Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)61982184
2628Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou Little Fool [Alternate Version]2:59Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)71982200
2629Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTown Cryer [Fast Version]2:15Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)81982206
2630Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLittle Goody Two Shoes [Alternate Version]3:11Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)91982178
2631Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Town Where Time Stood Still [Alternate Version]2:57Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)101982177
2632Elvis Costello & The Attractions... And In Every Home [Rehearsal]3:12Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)111982176
2633Elvis Costello & The AttractionsI Turn Around2:10Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)121982219
2634Elvis Costello & The AttractionsFrom Head To Toe2:35Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)131982218
2635Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe World Of Broken Hearts3:03Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)141982168
2636Elvis Costello & The AttractionsNight Time2:55Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)151982194
2637Elvis Costello & The AttractionsReally Mystified2:05Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)161982220
2638Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Stamping Ground3:10Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)171982202
2639Elvis Costello & The AttractionsShabby Doll [Demo]4:21Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)181982188
2640Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMan Out Of Time [Demo]3:27Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)191982201
2641Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou Little Fool [Demo]3:11Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)201982192
2642Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTown Cryer [Demo]3:03Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)211982183
2643Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSeconds Of Pleasure [Demo]3:20Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)221982187
2644Elvis Costello & The AttractionsImperial Bedroom2:48Imperial Bedroom (Disc 2)231982186
2645Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLet Them All Talk3:06Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]11983221
2646Elvis Costello & The AttractionsEveryday I Write The Book3:54Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]21983201
2647Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Greatest Thing3:04Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]31983212
2648Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Element Within Her2:52Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]41983205
2649Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLove Went Mad3:13Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]51983215
2650Elvis Costello & The AttractionsShipbuilding4:54Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]61983190
2651Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTko (Boxing Day)3:28Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]71983210
2652Elvis Costello & The AttractionsCharm School3:55Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]81983220
2653Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Invisible Man3:04Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]91983214
2654Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMouth Almighty3:05Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]101983213
2655Elvis Costello & The AttractionsKing Of Thieves3:45Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]111983200
2656Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPills And Soap3:42Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]121983205
2657Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe World And His Wife3:24Punch The Clock [Rhino 2003]131983208
2658Elvis Costello & The AttractionsMy Funny Valentine1:31The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)81999171
2659Elvis Costello & The AttractionsEveryday I Write The Book3:55The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)51999204
2660Elvis Costello & The AttractionsComplicated Shadows4:44The Sopranos (OST)101999201
2661Elvis Costello & The AttractionsClubland3:43Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)11981221
2662Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLovers Walk2:18Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)21981199
2663Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou'll Never Be a Man2:58Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)31981211
2664Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPretty Words3:12Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)41981213
2665Elvis Costello & The AttractionsStrict Time2:42Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)51981220
2666Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLuxembourg2:28Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)61981225
2667Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWatch Your Step3:00Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)71981194
2668Elvis Costello & The AttractionsNew Lace Sleeves3:47Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)81981197
2669Elvis Costello & The AttractionsFrom a Whisper to a Scream2:56Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)91981234
2670Elvis Costello & The AttractionsDifferent Finger1:59Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)101981183
2671Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWhite Knuckles3:49Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)111981198
2672Elvis Costello & The AttractionsShot with His Own Gun3:41Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)121981181
2673Elvis Costello & The AttractionsFish 'n' Chip Paper2:59Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)131981186
2674Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Sister's Clothes2:12Trust [Expanded] (Disc 1)141981171
2675Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBlack Sails in the Sunset3:09Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)11981184
2676Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Sister2:17Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)21981212
2677Elvis Costello & The AttractionsTwenty-Five to Twelve4:05Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)31981224
2678Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSad About Girls2:49Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)41981201
2679Elvis Costello & The AttractionsFrom a Whisper to a Scream (Alternate Version)3:27Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)51981213
2680Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWatch Your Step (Alternate Version)2:47Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)61981210
2681Elvis Costello & The AttractionsClubland (Alternate Version)4:03Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)71981217
2682Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou'll Never Be a Man (Alternate Version)3:10Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)81981198
2683Elvis Costello & The AttractionsSlow Down2:24Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)91981209
2684Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Sister (Alternate Version)5:07Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)101981199
2685Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBlack Sails in the Sunset (Alternate Version)3:08Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)111981183
2686Elvis Costello & The AttractionsHoover Factory (Alternate Version)1:47Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)121981172
2687Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLove for Sale3:04Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)131981190
2688Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBoy with a Problem2:33Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)141981181
2689Elvis Costello & The AttractionsWeeper's Dream1:07Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)151981127
2690Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGloomy Sunday3:15Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)161981187
2691Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Long Honeymoon (Instrumental Piano Demo)1:41Trust [Expanded] (Disc 2)171981198
2692Elvis CrespoSuavemente4:17Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 199971999203
2693Elvis PresleyThat's All Right1:572nd To None12003126
2694Elvis PresleyI Forgot To Remember To Forget2:292nd To None22003128
2695Elvis PresleyBlue Suede Shoes2:002nd To None32003148
2696Elvis PresleyI Want You, I Need You, I Love You2:402nd To None42003127
2697Elvis PresleyLove Me2:442nd To None52003128
2698Elvis PresleyMean Woman Blues2:162nd To None62003134
2699Elvis PresleyLoving You2:162nd To None72003127
2700Elvis PresleyTreat Me Nice2:122nd To None82003129
2701Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your Neck2:152nd To None92003128
2702Elvis PresleyKing Creole2:092nd To None102003127
2703Elvis PresleyTrouble2:182nd To None112003136
2704Elvis PresleyI Got Stung1:512nd To None122003126
2705Elvis PresleyI Need Your Love Tonight2:062nd To None132003131
2706Elvis PresleyA Mess Of Blues2:412nd To None142003199
2707Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad2:552nd To None152003193
2708Elvis PresleyLittle Sister2:322nd To None162003217
2709Elvis PresleyRock-A-Hula Baby2:002nd To None172003206
2710Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby2:072nd To None182003223
2711Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas2:252nd To None192003225
2712Elvis PresleyIf I Can Dream3:102nd To None202003187
2713Elvis PresleyMemories3:072nd To None212003184
2714Elvis PresleyDon't Cry Daddy2:472nd To None222003184
2715Elvis PresleyKentucky Rain3:192nd To None232003212
2716Elvis PresleyYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me2:312nd To None242003214
2717Elvis PresleyAn American Trilogy4:392nd To None252003184
2718Elvis PresleyAlways On My Mind3:382nd To None262003207
2719Elvis PresleyPromised Land2:582nd To None272003200
2720Elvis PresleyMoody Blue2:492nd To None282003208
2721Elvis PresleyI'm A Roustabout (Previously Unreleased)2:122nd To None292003137
2722Elvis PresleyRubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix - Radio Edit)3:292nd To None302003228
2723Elvis PresleyToo Much Monkey Business (Alternate Take 9)2:422nd To None (Bonus Disc)12003175
2724Elvis PresleyThat's All Right2:252nd To None (Bonus Disc)22003194
2725Elvis PresleyBurning Love2:54American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 181989244
2726Elvis PresleyMemphis Tennessee2:09Artist Of The Century (Disc 2)19200196
2727Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas (1964)2:09Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1955-Present)61989128
2728Elvis PresleyO Come, All Ye Faithful2:53Blue Christmas11992176
2729Elvis PresleyThe First Noel2:10Blue Christmas21992175
2730Elvis PresleyWinter Wonderland2:19Blue Christmas31992186
2731Elvis PresleySilver Bells2:30Blue Christmas41992179
2732Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:09Blue Christmas51992181
2733Elvis PresleySilent Night2:26Blue Christmas61992167
2734Elvis PresleyWhite Christmas2:25Blue Christmas71992172
2735Elvis PresleyI'll Be Home For Christmas1:54Blue Christmas81992170
2736Elvis PresleyBlue Hawaii2:36Blue Hawaii (OST)11961193
2737Elvis PresleyAlmost Always True2:25Blue Hawaii (OST)21961211
2738Elvis PresleyAloha Oe1:53Blue Hawaii (OST)31961212
2739Elvis PresleyNo More2:23Blue Hawaii (OST)41961189
2740Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:01Blue Hawaii (OST)51961200
2741Elvis PresleyRock-A-Hula-Baby1:59Blue Hawaii (OST)61961194
2742Elvis PresleyMoonlight Swim2:20Blue Hawaii (OST)71961203
2743Elvis PresleyKu-U-I-Po2:22Blue Hawaii (OST)81961195
2744Elvis PresleyIto Eats1:23Blue Hawaii (OST)91961190
2745Elvis PresleySlicin' Sand1:35Blue Hawaii (OST)101961200
2746Elvis PresleyHawaiian Sunset2:32Blue Hawaii (OST)111961179
2747Elvis PresleyBeach Boy Blues2:03Blue Hawaii (OST)121961198
2748Elvis PresleyIsland Of Love2:41Blue Hawaii (OST)131961186
2749Elvis PresleyHawaiian Wedding Song2:50Blue Hawaii (OST)141961194
2750Elvis PresleySteppin' Out Of Line1:54Blue Hawaii (OST)151961212
2751Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love (Movie Version)1:54Blue Hawaii (OST)161961191
2752Elvis PresleySlicin' Sand (Alternate Take 4)1:45Blue Hawaii (OST)171961195
2753Elvis PresleyNo More (Alternate Take 7)2:35Blue Hawaii (OST)181961200
2754Elvis PresleyRock-A-Hula-Baby (Alternate Take 1)2:15Blue Hawaii (OST)191961186
2755Elvis PresleyBeach Boy Blues (Movie Version)1:58Blue Hawaii (OST)201961206
2756Elvis PresleySteppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version)1:54Blue Hawaii (OST)211961202
2757Elvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (Alternate Take 3)2:41Blue Hawaii (OST)221961182
2758Elvis PresleySanta Claus Is Back In Town2:22Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]11957132
2759Elvis PresleyWhite Christmas2:44Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]21957132
2760Elvis PresleyHere Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)1:56Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]31957131
2761Elvis PresleyI'll Be Home For Christmas1:55Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]41957130
2762Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:09Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]51957134
2763Elvis PresleySanta Bring My Baby Back (To Me)1:52Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]61957134
2764Elvis PresleyO Little Town Of Bethlehem2:36Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]71957132
2765Elvis PresleySilent Night2:26Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]81957132
2766Elvis Presley(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)3:22Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]91957128
2767Elvis PresleyI Believe2:05Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]101957128
2768Elvis PresleyTake My Hand, Precious Lord3:18Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]111957128
2769Elvis PresleyIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do)3:55Christmas Album [1990 Remaster]121957129
2770Elvis PresleyPromised Land2:57Classic Country - Road Songs42003204
2771Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight3:08Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)71999183
2772Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:01Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 2)61999203
2773Elvis PresleyEasy Come, Easy Go2:20Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)11963228
2774Elvis PresleyThe Love Machine2:50Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)21963208
2775Elvis PresleyYoga Is As Yoga Does2:10Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)31963210
2776Elvis PresleyYou Gotta Stop2:17Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)41963230
2777Elvis PresleySing You Children2:14Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)51963215
2778Elvis PresleyI'll Take Love2:14Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)61963211
2779Elvis PresleyShe's a Machine1:35Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)71963210
2780Elvis PresleyThe Love Machine (Alternate Take 11)2:31Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)81963187
2781Elvis PresleySing You Children (Alternate Take 1)2:28Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)91963195
2782Elvis PresleyShe's a Machine (Alternate Take 13)1:40Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)101963208
2783Elvis PresleySuppose3:02Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)111963185
2784Elvis PresleySpeedway2:16Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)121963226
2785Elvis PresleyThere Ain't Nothing Like a Song2:09Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)131963225
2786Elvis PresleyYour Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby1:53Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)141963188
2787Elvis PresleyWho Are You (Who Am I)2:34Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)151963200
2788Elvis PresleyHe's Your Uncle Not Your Dad2:28Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)161963201
2789Elvis PresleyLet Yourself Go3:00Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)171963215
2790Elvis PresleyFive Sleepy Heads1:30Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)181963168
2791Elvis PresleySuppose2:04Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)191963184
2792Elvis PresleyYour Groovy Self (Nancy Sinatra)2:54Easy Come, Easy Go (OST) & Speedway (OST)201963205
2793Elvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never3:17Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)2 188
2794Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:01Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)12 191
2795Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:09Elv1s 30 #1 Hits12002127
2796Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:04Elv1s 30 #1 Hits22002128
2797Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:15Elv1s 30 #1 Hits32002129
2798Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender2:44Elv1s 30 #1 Hits42002128
2799Elvis PresleyToo Much2:36Elv1s 30 #1 Hits52002137
2800Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up2:00Elv1s 30 #1 Hits62002130
2801Elvis Presley(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear1:49Elv1s 30 #1 Hits72002130
2802Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:37Elv1s 30 #1 Hits82002132
2803Elvis PresleyDon't2:51Elv1s 30 #1 Hits92002128
2804Elvis PresleyHard Headed Woman1:56Elv1s 30 #1 Hits102002134
2805Elvis PresleyOne Night2:34Elv1s 30 #1 Hits112002130
2806Elvis Presley(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I2:41Elv1s 30 #1 Hits122002131
2807Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk O' Love2:16Elv1s 30 #1 Hits132002131
2808Elvis PresleyStuck On You2:20Elv1s 30 #1 Hits142002200
2809Elvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never3:17Elv1s 30 #1 Hits152002190
2810Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight?3:08Elv1s 30 #1 Hits162002170
2811Elvis PresleyWooden Heart2:04Elv1s 30 #1 Hits172002226
2812Elvis PresleySurrender1:55Elv1s 30 #1 Hits182002188
2813Elvis Presley(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame2:08Elv1s 30 #1 Hits192002211
2814Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:00Elv1s 30 #1 Hits202002209
2815Elvis PresleyGood Luck Charm2:27Elv1s 30 #1 Hits212002180
2816Elvis PresleyShe's Not You2:12Elv1s 30 #1 Hits222002174
2817Elvis PresleyReturn To Sender2:11Elv1s 30 #1 Hits232002218
2818Elvis Presley(You're The) Devil In Disguise2:22Elv1s 30 #1 Hits242002201
2819Elvis PresleyCrying In The Chapel2:26Elv1s 30 #1 Hits252002173
2820Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto3:05Elv1s 30 #1 Hits262002187
2821Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds4:34Elv1s 30 #1 Hits272002190
2822Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of You2:28Elv1s 30 #1 Hits282002196
2823Elvis PresleyBurning Love2:59Elv1s 30 #1 Hits292002199
2824Elvis PresleyWay Down2:39Elv1s 30 #1 Hits302002193
2825Elvis PresleyA Little Less Conversation (Remix)3:33Elv1s 30 #1 Hits312002196
2826Elvis PresleyRip It Up1:54Elvis [2005 Remaster]11956127
2827Elvis PresleyLove Me2:45Elvis [2005 Remaster]21956126
2828Elvis PresleyWhen My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again2:22Elvis [2005 Remaster]31956126
2829Elvis PresleyLong Tall Sally1:54Elvis [2005 Remaster]41956126
2830Elvis PresleyFirst In Line3:22Elvis [2005 Remaster]51956127
2831Elvis PresleyParalyzed2:25Elvis [2005 Remaster]61956126
2832Elvis PresleySo Glad You're Mine2:21Elvis [2005 Remaster]71956126
2833Elvis PresleyOld Shep4:10Elvis [2005 Remaster]81956127
2834Elvis PresleyReady Teddy1:57Elvis [2005 Remaster]91956126
2835Elvis PresleyAnyplace Is Paradise2:27Elvis [2005 Remaster]101956126
2836Elvis PresleyHow's The World Treating You?2:25Elvis [2005 Remaster]111956126
2837Elvis PresleyHow Do You Think I Feel2:12Elvis [2005 Remaster]121956127
2838Elvis PresleyPlaying For Keeps2:54Elvis [2005 Remaster]131956126
2839Elvis PresleyToo Much2:34Elvis [2005 Remaster]141956127
2840Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:04Elvis [2005 Remaster]151956126
2841Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:17Elvis [2005 Remaster]161956126
2842Elvis PresleyAny Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)2:15Elvis [2005 Remaster]171956126
2843Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender2:44Elvis [2005 Remaster]181956169
2844Elvis PresleyHarbor Lights2:37Elvis At Sun12004126
2845Elvis PresleyI Love You Because (Alternate Take 2)3:29Elvis At Sun22004127
2846Elvis PresleyThat's All Right1:57Elvis At Sun32004126
2847Elvis PresleyBlue Moon Of Kentucky2:04Elvis At Sun42004126
2848Elvis PresleyBlue Moon2:44Elvis At Sun52004126
2849Elvis PresleyTomorrow Night3:00Elvis At Sun62004126
2850Elvis PresleyI'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')2:25Elvis At Sun72004126
2851Elvis PresleyJust Because2:33Elvis At Sun82004127
2852Elvis PresleyGood Rockin' Tonight2:13Elvis At Sun92004126
2853Elvis PresleyI Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine2:30Elvis At Sun102004130
2854Elvis PresleyMilkcow Blues Boogie2:37Elvis At Sun112004126
2855Elvis PresleyYou're A Heartbreaker2:12Elvis At Sun122004126
2856Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Slow Version)2:41Elvis At Sun132004126
2857Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone2:37Elvis At Sun142004126
2858Elvis PresleyBaby Let's Play House2:17Elvis At Sun152004127
2859Elvis PresleyI Forgot To Remember To Forget2:30Elvis At Sun162004126
2860Elvis PresleyMystery Train2:29Elvis At Sun172004126
2861Elvis PresleyTrying To Get To You2:33Elvis At Sun182004126
2862Elvis PresleyWhen It Rains It Really Pours2:00Elvis At Sun192004127
2863Elvis PresleyMake Me Know It2:04Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]11960212
2864Elvis PresleyFever3:35Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]21960178
2865Elvis PresleyThe Girl Of My Best Friend2:26Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]31960202
2866Elvis PresleyI Will Be Home Again2:38Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]41960172
2867Elvis PresleyDirty, Dirty Feeling1:36Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]51960216
2868Elvis PresleyThrill Of Your Love3:05Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]61960189
2869Elvis PresleySoldier Boy3:10Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]71960188
2870Elvis PresleySuch A Night3:55Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]81960214
2871Elvis PresleyIt Feels So Right2:14Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]91960208
2872Elvis PresleyGirl Next Door Went A'Walking2:17Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]101960203
2873Elvis PresleyLike A Baby2:43Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]111960206
2874Elvis PresleyReconsider Baby3:42Elvis Is Back! [DCC Gold]121960208
2875Elvis PresleyBlue Suede Shoes2:01Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]11956127
2876Elvis PresleyI'm Counting On You2:24Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]21956126
2877Elvis PresleyI Got A Woman2:26Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]31956127
2878Elvis PresleyOne-Sided Love Affair2:11Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]41956126
2879Elvis PresleyI Love You Because2:41Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]51956126
2880Elvis PresleyJust Because2:33Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]61956127
2881Elvis PresleyTutti Frutti1:59Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]71956126
2882Elvis PresleyTrying To Get To You2:33Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]81956126
2883Elvis PresleyI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)2:05Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]91956126
2884Elvis PresleyI'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')2:25Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]101956126
2885Elvis PresleyBlue Moon2:43Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]111956126
2886Elvis PresleyMoney Honey2:36Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]121956126
2887Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel (Bonus Track)2:09Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]131956126
2888Elvis PresleyI Was The One (Bonus Track)2:33Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]141956126
2889Elvis PresleyLawdy, Miss Clawdy (Bonus Track)2:10Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]151956126
2890Elvis PresleyShake, Rattle And Roll (Bonus Track)2:28Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]161956127
2891Elvis PresleyMy Baby Left Me (Bonus Track)2:14Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]171956126
2892Elvis PresleyI Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Bonus Track)2:41Elvis Presley [2005 Remaster]181956126
2893Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:18Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)11994128
2894Elvis PresleyWearing That Loved On Look2:46From Elvis In Memphis11969195
2895Elvis PresleyOnly The Strong Survive2:40From Elvis In Memphis21969191
2896Elvis PresleyI'll Hold You In My Heart4:33From Elvis In Memphis31969193
2897Elvis PresleyLong Black Limousine3:42From Elvis In Memphis41969191
2898Elvis PresleyIt Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'2:38From Elvis In Memphis51969190
2899Elvis PresleyI'm Movin' On2:52From Elvis In Memphis61969195
2900Elvis PresleyPower Of My Love2:37From Elvis In Memphis71969193
2901Elvis PresleyGentle On My Mind3:24From Elvis In Memphis81969203
2902Elvis PresleyAfter Loving You3:08From Elvis In Memphis91969198
2903Elvis PresleyTrue Love Travels On A Gravel Road2:38From Elvis In Memphis101969187
2904Elvis PresleyAny Day Now3:01From Elvis In Memphis111969190
2905Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto2:46From Elvis In Memphis121969187
2906Elvis PresleyThe Last Farewell4:03From Elvis Presley Boulvevard, Memphis Tenneesee41976192
2907Elvis PresleyTonight Is So Right For Love2:16G. I. Blues (OST)11960208
2908Elvis PresleyWhat's She Really Like2:18G. I. Blues (OST)21960207
2909Elvis PresleyFrankfort Special2:54G. I. Blues (OST)31960227
2910Elvis PresleyWooden Heart2:04G. I. Blues (OST)41960200
2911Elvis PresleyG. I. Blues2:39G. I. Blues (OST)51960216
2912Elvis PresleyPocketful Of Rainbows2:31G. I. Blues (OST)61960201
2913Elvis PresleyShoppin' Around2:24G. I. Blues (OST)71960203
2914Elvis PresleyBig Boots1:32G. I. Blues (OST)81960175
2915Elvis PresleyDidja' Ever2:37G. I. Blues (OST)91960191
2916Elvis PresleyBlue Suede Shoes2:06G. I. Blues (OST)101960193
2917Elvis PresleyDoin' The Best I Can3:13G. I. Blues (OST)111960187
2918Elvis PresleyTonight Is So Right For Love (Alternate Version)1:22G. I. Blues (OST)121960193
2919Elvis PresleyCrying In The Chapel2:26He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)11999194
2920Elvis PresleyHis Hand In Mine3:15He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)21999179
2921Elvis PresleyJoshua Fit The Battle2:40He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)31999195
2922Elvis PresleySo High1:56He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)41999213
2923Elvis PresleyIf We Never Meet Again1:58He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)51999185
2924Elvis PresleyMilky White Way2:13He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)61999182
2925Elvis PresleyStand By Me2:27He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)71999184
2926Elvis PresleySombebody Bigger Than You And I2:25He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)81999208
2927Elvis PresleyI Believe In The Man In The Sky2:12He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)91999188
2928Elvis PresleyIn The Garden3:09He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)101999196
2929Elvis PresleyMansion Over The Hilltop2:56He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)111999182
2930Elvis PresleyFarther Along4:05He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)121999195
2931Elvis PresleyWhere No One Stands Alone2:43He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)131999215
2932Elvis PresleyI'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs1:51He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)141999197
2933Elvis PresleyWithout Him2:28He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)151999201
2934Elvis PresleyWorking On The Building1:54He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)161999206
2935Elvis PresleyYou'll Never Walk Alone2:44He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)171999188
2936Elvis PresleySwing Down Sweet Chariot2:15He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)181999209
2937Elvis PresleyWhere Could I Go But To The Lord1:53He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)191999175
2938Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto2:36He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 1)201999178
2939Elvis Presley(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley1:37He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)11999133
2940Elvis PresleyI Believe2:04He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)21999127
2941Elvis PresleyTake My Hand, Precious Lord3:18He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)31999127
2942Elvis PresleyIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do)3:54He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)41999127
2943Elvis PresleyI, John2:10He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)51999202
2944Elvis PresleyBosom Of Abraham0:53He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)61999198
2945Elvis PresleyYou Better Run1:51He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)71999196
2946Elvis PresleyLead Me Guide Me2:53He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)81999196
2947Elvis PresleyTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee2:53He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)91999191
2948Elvis PresleyHe Touched Me2:41He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)101999192
2949Elvis PresleyI've Got Confidence2:20He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)111999200
2950Elvis PresleyAmazing Grace3:35He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)121999201
2951Elvis PresleyA Thing Called Love2:25He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)131999197
2952Elvis PresleyPut Your Hand In The Hand3:16He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)141999203
2953Elvis PresleyReach Out To Jesus3:15He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)151999192
2954Elvis PresleyIf That Isn't Love3:31He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)161999206
2955Elvis PresleyBridge Over Troubled Water4:29He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)171999190
2956Elvis PresleyAn American Trilogy4:44He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)181999178
2957Elvis PresleyWhy Me Lord2:52He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)191999198
2958Elvis PresleyHow Great Thou Art3:34He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Disc 2)201999193
2959Elvis PresleyBeyond the Bend1:51It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)11963201
2960Elvis PresleyRelax2:21It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)21963187
2961Elvis PresleyTake Me to the Fair1:36It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)31963201
2962Elvis PresleyThey Remind Me Too Much of You2:32It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)41963176
2963Elvis PresleyOne Broken Heart for Sale (Film Version)2:24It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)51963203
2964Elvis PresleyI'm Falling in Love Tonight1:41It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)61963170
2965Elvis PresleyCotton Candy Land1:34It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)71963174
2966Elvis PresleyA World of Our Own2:15It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)81963170
2967Elvis PresleyHow Would You Like to Be3:28It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)91963180
2968Elvis PresleyHappy Ending2:10It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)101963199
2969Elvis PresleyOne Broken Heart for Sale1:50It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)111963199
2970Elvis PresleyFun in Acapulco2:30It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)121963197
2971Elvis PresleyVino, Dinero Y Amor1:55It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)131963187
2972Elvis PresleyMexico1:59It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)141963173
2973Elvis PresleyEl Toro2:42It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)151963202
2974Elvis PresleyMarguerita2:42It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)161963195
2975Elvis PresleyThe Bullfighter Was a Lady2:04It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)171963188
2976Elvis PresleyNo Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car1:53It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)181963185
2977Elvis PresleyI Think I'm Gonna Like It Here2:53It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)191963154
2978Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby2:03It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)201963193
2979Elvis PresleyYou Can't Say No in Acapulco1:55It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)211963178
2980Elvis PresleyGuadalajara2:43It Happened at the World's Fair (OST) & Fun in Acapulco (OST)221963198
2981Elvis PresleyIf Every Day Was Like Christmas2:54It's Christmas Time61985165
2982Elvis PresleyMama Liked The Roses2:36It's Christmas Time101985174
2983Elvis PresleyStuck on You2:24Lilo and Stitch (OST)22002204
2984Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds3:23Lilo and Stitch (OST)42002172
2985Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:13Lilo and Stitch (OST)52002154
2986Elvis PresleyDevil in Disguise2:30Lilo and Stitch (OST)62002184
2987Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:27Lilo and Stitch (OST)82002141
2988Elvis PresleyAlmost in Love3:04Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)11965205
2989Elvis PresleyA Little Less Conversation2:11Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)21965212
2990Elvis PresleyWonderful World2:24Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)31965201
2991Elvis PresleyEdge of Reality3:40Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)41965213
2992Elvis PresleyA Little Less Conversation (Album Version)2:13Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)51965213
2993Elvis PresleyCharro!2:47Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)61965208
2994Elvis PresleyLet's Forget About the Stars2:30Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)71965195
2995Elvis PresleyClean Up Your Own Backyard3:09Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)81965203
2996Elvis PresleySwing Down Sweet Chariot2:16Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)91965210
2997Elvis PresleySigns of the Zodiac2:20Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)101965220
2998Elvis PresleyAlmost1:49Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)111965191
2999Elvis PresleyThe Wiffenpoof Song0:31Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)121965163
3000Elvis PresleyViolet0:52Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)131965168
3001Elvis PresleyClean Up Your Own Backyard (Undubbed Version)3:09Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)141965212
3002Elvis PresleyAlmost (Undubbed Version)1:48Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)151965166
3003Elvis PresleyHave a Happy2:22Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)161965203
3004Elvis PresleyLet's Be Friends2:43Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)171965158
3005Elvis PresleyChange of Habit3:19Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)181965211
3006Elvis PresleyLet Us Pray3:01Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)191965219
3007Elvis PresleyRubberneckin'2:09Live a Little, Love a Little (OST)201965208
3008Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:28Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)31999145
3009Elvis PresleyMy Baby Left Me2:12Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)211999135
3010Elvis PresleyUnchained Melody2:32Moody Blue11977179
3011Elvis PresleyIf You Love Me (Let Me Know)2:59Moody Blue21977190
3012Elvis PresleyLittle Darlin'1:53Moody Blue31977182
3013Elvis PresleyHe'll Have To Go4:31Moody Blue41977202
3014Elvis PresleyWay Down2:36Moody Blue51977199
3015Elvis PresleyPledging My Love2:49Moody Blue61977193
3016Elvis PresleyMoody Blue2:49Moody Blue71977210
3017Elvis PresleyShe Thinks I Still Care3:50Moody Blue81977194
3018Elvis PresleyIt's Easy For You3:28Moody Blue91977190
3019Elvis PresleyHurt2:08Moody Blue101977191
3020Elvis PresleyNever Again2:52Moody Blue111977194
3021Elvis PresleyBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain3:40Moody Blue121977197
3022Elvis PresleyDanny Boy3:58Moody Blue131977180
3023Elvis PresleyThe Last Farewell4:03Moody Blue141977201
3024Elvis PresleyFor The Heart3:21Moody Blue151977208
3025Elvis PresleyBitter They Are, Harder They Fall3:17Moody Blue161977197
3026Elvis PresleySolitaire4:41Moody Blue171977191
3027Elvis PresleyLove Coming Down3:07Moody Blue181977192
3028Elvis PresleyI'll Never Fall In Love Again3:44Moody Blue191977192
3029Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:07Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)32001127
3030Elvis PresleyHere Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)1:55Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)82006127
3031Elvis PresleyI'll Never Stand In Your Way2:03Platinum (Disc 1)11997125
3032Elvis PresleyThat's All Right (Alternate Take)2:08Platinum (Disc 1)21997201
3033Elvis PresleyBlue Moon (Alternate Take 2)3:14Platinum (Disc 1)31997170
3034Elvis PresleyGood Rockin' Tonight2:12Platinum (Disc 1)41997131
3035Elvis PresleyMystery Train2:25Platinum (Disc 1)51997132
3036Elvis PresleyI Got A Woman (Alternate Take)2:26Platinum (Disc 1)61997181
3037Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel (Alternate Take 6)2:15Platinum (Disc 1)71997173
3038Elvis PresleyI'm Counting On You (Alternate Take 13)2:31Platinum (Disc 1)81997166
3039Elvis PresleyShake, Rattle and Roll/Flip, Flop and Fly2:10Platinum (Disc 1)91997145
3040Elvis PresleyLawdy, Miss Clawdy (Alternate Take 1)2:22Platinum (Disc 1)101997141
3041Elvis PresleyI Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Alternate Take 4)2:47Platinum (Disc 1)111997173
3042Elvis PresleyHound Dog (Milton Berle Show)2:36Platinum (Disc 1)121997138
3043Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:03Platinum (Disc 1)131997129
3044Elvis PresleyRip It Up (Alternate Take 15)2:11Platinum (Disc 1)141997150
3045Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender (Ed Sullivan Show)3:18Platinum (Disc 1)151997130
3046Elvis PresleyWhen The Saints Go Marching In (Home Recording)1:22Platinum (Disc 1)161997195
3047Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up1:58Platinum (Disc 1)171997164
3048Elvis PresleyPeace In The Valley (Alternate Take 4)3:24Platinum (Disc 1)181997127
3049Elvis PresleyBlueberry Hill (acetate)3:22Platinum (Disc 1)191997169
3050Elvis Presley(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear1:46Platinum (Disc 1)201997192
3051Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:27Platinum (Disc 1)211997128
3052Elvis PresleyNew Orleans1:59Platinum (Disc 1)221997127
3053Elvis PresleyI Need Your Love Tonight (Alternate Take 7)2:01Platinum (Disc 1)231997173
3054Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk O' Love (Alternate Take 4)2:14Platinum (Disc 1)241997170
3055Elvis PresleyBad Nauheim Medley4:06Platinum (Disc 1)251997172
3056Elvis PresleyStuck On You2:25Platinum (Disc 2)11997204
3057Elvis PresleyFame And Fortune2:26Platinum (Disc 2)21997188
3058Elvis PresleyIts Now Or Never3:14Platinum (Disc 2)31997198
3059Elvis PresleyIt Feels So Right (Alternate Take 3)2:10Platinum (Disc 2)41997207
3060Elvis PresleyA Mess Of Blues (Alternate Take 1)2:45Platinum (Disc 2)51997207
3061Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight3:07Platinum (Disc 2)61997185
3062Elvis PresleyReconsider Baby3:39Platinum (Disc 2)71997200
3063Elvis PresleyTonight Is So Right For Love (Alternate Take 3)2:16Platinum (Disc 2)81997190
3064Elvis PresleyHis Hand In Mine (Alternate Take 1)3:15Platinum (Disc 2)91997197
3065Elvis PresleyMilky White Way (Alternate Take 3)2:32Platinum (Disc 2)101997191
3066Elvis PresleyI'm Comin' Home (Alternate Take 3)2:26Platinum (Disc 2)111997191
3067Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad (Alternate Take 1)2:57Platinum (Disc 2)121997199
3068Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:00Platinum (Disc 2)131997203
3069Elvis PresleySomething Blue (Alternate Take 2)3:05Platinum (Disc 2)141997190
3070Elvis PresleyReturn To Sender2:06Platinum (Disc 2)151997184
3071Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby (Alternate Take 2)2:16Platinum (Disc 2)161997204
3072Elvis PresleyHow Great Thou Art (Alternate Take 2)2:56Platinum (Disc 2)171997191
3073Elvis PresleyGuitar Man (Alternate Take 2)2:26Platinum (Disc 2)181997190
3074Elvis PresleyYou'll Never Walk Alone (Alternate Take 2)3:42Platinum (Disc 2)191997173
3075Elvis PresleyOh How I Love Jesus (Home Recording)1:37Platinum (Disc 2)201997134
3076Elvis PresleyTennessee Waltz (Home Recording)1:20Platinum (Disc 2)211997175
3077Elvis PresleyBlowin' In The Wind (Home Recording)2:06Platinum (Disc 2)221997127
3078Elvis PresleyI Can't Help It (Home Recording)1:54Platinum (Disc 2)231997203
3079Elvis PresleyI'm Beginning To Forget You (Home Recording)0:56Platinum (Disc 2)241997173
3080Elvis PresleyAfter Loving You (Home Recording)2:25Platinum (Disc 2)251997128
3081Elvis PresleyI Got A Woman1:42Platinum (Disc 3)11997200
3082Elvis PresleyTiger Man2:46Platinum (Disc 3)21997206
3083Elvis PresleyWhen My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again0:35Platinum (Disc 3)31997127
3084Elvis PresleyTrying To Get To You2:57Platinum (Disc 3)41997128
3085Elvis PresleyIf I Can Dream [Alternate Take 1]3:08Platinum (Disc 3)51997179
3086Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto [Alternate Take 3]2:40Platinum (Disc 3)61997177
3087Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds [Alternate Take 7]3:18Platinum (Disc 3)71997192
3088Elvis PresleyPower Of My Love [Alternate Take 3]3:03Platinum (Disc 3)81997197
3089Elvis PresleyBaby What You Want Me To Do2:18Platinum (Disc 3)91997191
3090Elvis PresleyWords2:33Platinum (Disc 3)101997179
3091Elvis PresleyJohnny B. Goode2:04Platinum (Disc 3)111997195
3092Elvis PresleyRelease Me1:47Platinum (Disc 3)121997153
3093Elvis PresleySee See Rider2:48Platinum (Disc 3)131997158
3094Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of You2:37Platinum (Disc 3)141997148
3095Elvis PresleyThe Sound Of Your Cry [Alternate Take 3]3:31Platinum (Disc 3)151997161
3096Elvis PresleyYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me2:30Platinum (Disc 3)161997202
3097Elvis PresleyFunny How Time Slips Away4:19Platinum (Disc 3)171997201
3098Elvis PresleyI Washed My Hands In Muddy Water4:15Platinum (Disc 3)181997199
3099Elvis PresleyI Was The One1:02Platinum (Disc 3)191997175
3100Elvis PresleyCattle Call0:25Platinum (Disc 3)201997166
3101Elvis PresleyBaby, Let's Play House1:10Platinum (Disc 3)211997187
3102Elvis PresleyDon't1:55Platinum (Disc 3)221997178
3103Elvis PresleyMoney Honey1:24Platinum (Disc 3)231997198
3104Elvis PresleyWhat'd I Say4:46Platinum (Disc 3)241997213
3105Elvis PresleyBridge Over Troubled Water4:12Platinum (Disc 3)251997190
3106Elvis PresleyMiracle Of The Rosary [Alternate Take 1]1:53Platinum (Disc 4)11997144
3107Elvis PresleyHe Touched Me [Alternate Take 2]2:36Platinum (Disc 4)21997143
3108Elvis PresleyBosom Of Abraham [Alternate Take 3]1:37Platinum (Disc 4)31997166
3109Elvis PresleyI'll Be Home On Christmas Day [Alternate Take 4]3:49Platinum (Disc 4)41997177
3110Elvis PresleyFor The Good Times [Alternate Take 2]3:17Platinum (Disc 4)51997170
3111Elvis PresleyBurning Love [Alternate Take 4]3:05Platinum (Disc 4)61997185
3112Elvis PresleySeparate Ways [Alternate Take 25]2:38Platinum (Disc 4)71997183
3113Elvis PresleyAlways On My Mind [Alternate Take 2]3:33Platinum (Disc 4)81997194
3114Elvis PresleyAn American Trilogy4:17Platinum (Disc 4)91997190
3115Elvis PresleyTake Good Care Of Her [Alternate Take 4]2:53Platinum (Disc 4)101997153
3116Elvis PresleyI've Got A Thing About You Baby2:21Platinum (Disc 4)111997200
3117Elvis PresleyAre You Sincere [Alternate Take 2]2:01Platinum (Disc 4)121997145
3118Elvis PresleyIt's Midnight [Alternate Take 10]3:21Platinum (Disc 4)131997180
3119Elvis PresleyPromised Land [Alternate Take 5]3:21Platinum (Disc 4)141997199
3120Elvis PresleySteamroller Blues [Live 03-20-74]2:52Platinum (Disc 4)151997208
3121Elvis PresleyAnd I Love You So [Alternate Take 2]3:40Platinum (Disc 4)161997188
3122Elvis PresleyT-R-O-U-B-L-E3:03Platinum (Disc 4)171997217
3123Elvis PresleyDanny Boy [Alternate Take 9]3:54Platinum (Disc 4)181997138
3124Elvis PresleyMoody Blue2:50Platinum (Disc 4)191997209
3125Elvis PresleyHurt [Alternate Take 2]2:09Platinum (Disc 4)201997170
3126Elvis PresleyFor The Heart [Alternate Take 1]3:47Platinum (Disc 4)211997184
3127Elvis PresleyPledging My Love [Alternate Take 3]4:52Platinum (Disc 4)221997190
3128Elvis PresleyWay Down [Alternate Take 2]3:05Platinum (Disc 4)231997177
3129Elvis PresleyMy Way [Live 04-25-77]3:48Platinum (Disc 4)241997145
3130Elvis Presley[Excerpt From] The Jaycees Speech0:20Platinum (Disc 4)251997166
3131Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:30Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)62004127
3132Elvis PresleyReady Teddy1:56Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)182004128
3133Elvis PresleyBaby Let's Play House2:17Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)32006127
3134Elvis PresleyOne Night Of Sin2:35Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)252006128
3135Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:09Rockin' Holidays12001126
3136Elvis PresleyWay Down2:39Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)142000219
3137Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of You2:35Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 4)12000206
3138Elvis PresleyMy Way (Studio Version)4:34Studio Rarity (1971) 1970192
3139Elvis PresleyThat's All Right1:58The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)12000320
3140Elvis PresleyMystery Train2:27The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)22000320
3141Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:11The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)32000320
3142Elvis PresleyBlue Suede Shoes2:02The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)42000320
3143Elvis PresleyLawdy, Miss Clawdy2:11The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)52000320
3144Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:17The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)62000320
3145Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:04The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)72000320
3146Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender2:44The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)82000320
3147Elvis PresleyToo Much2:33The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)92000320
3148Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up2:00The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)102000320
3149Elvis PresleyTeddy Bear1:50The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)112000320
3150Elvis PresleyParty1:30The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)122000320
3151Elvis PresleyLoving You2:14The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)132000320
3152Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:29The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)142000320
3153Elvis PresleyDon't2:51The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)152000320
3154Elvis PresleyTrouble2:19The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)162000320
3155Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your Neck2:16The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)172000320
3156Elvis PresleyKing Creole2:11The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)182000320
3157Elvis PresleyHard Headed Woman1:56The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)192000320
3158Elvis PresleyOne Night2:32The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)202000320
3159Elvis PresleyA Fool Such As I2:39The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)212000320
3160Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk O' Love2:15The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)222000320
3161Elvis PresleyStuck On You2:22The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)232000320
3162Elvis PresleyThe Girl Of My Best Friend2:24The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)242000320
3163Elvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never3:15The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)252000320
3164Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight?3:10The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)12000320
3165Elvis PresleyWooden Heart2:05The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)22000320
3166Elvis PresleySurrender1:54The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)32000320
3167Elvis Presley(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame2:10The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)42000320
3168Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:02The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)52000320
3169Elvis PresleyGood Luck Charm2:27The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)62000320
3170Elvis PresleyShe's Not You2:11The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)72000320
3171Elvis PresleyReturn To Sender2:09The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)82000320
3172Elvis Presley(You're The) Devil In Disguise2:23The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)92000320
3173Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas2:24The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)102000320
3174Elvis PresleyCrying In The Chapel2:27The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)112000320
3175Elvis PresleyLove Letters2:54The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)122000320
3176Elvis PresleyGuitar Man2:18The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)132000320
3177Elvis PresleyIf I Can Dream3:14The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)142000320
3178Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto2:48The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)152000320
3179Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds4:30The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)162000320
3180Elvis PresleyDon't Cry Daddy2:50The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)172000320
3181Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of You2:37The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)182000320
3182Elvis PresleyI Just Can't Help Believin'4:37The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)192000320
3183Elvis PresleyAn American Trilogy4:33The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)202000320
3184Elvis PresleyBurning Love2:53The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)212000320
3185Elvis PresleyAlways On My Mind3:41The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)222000320
3186Elvis PresleySuspicion2:33The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)232000320
3187Elvis PresleyMoody Blue2:53The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)242000320
3188Elvis PresleyWay Down2:37The 50 Greatest Hits (Disc 2)252000320
3189Elvis PresleyBurning Love (Honolulu 1/12/1973)2:49The Alternate Aloha31988160
3190Elvis PresleyJust Call Me Lonesome2:07The Country Side Of Elvis11999178
3191Elvis PresleyGreen, Green Grass Of Home3:36The Country Side Of Elvis21999211
3192Elvis PresleyFaded Love4:08The Country Side Of Elvis31999214
3193Elvis PresleyIt's A Matter Of Time3:03The Country Side Of Elvis41999208
3194Elvis PresleyThere Goes My Everything3:00The Country Side Of Elvis51999194
3195Elvis PresleyWild In The Country1:51The Country Side Of Elvis61999185
3196Elvis PresleyGood Time Charlie's Got The Blues3:14The Country Side Of Elvis71999203
3197Elvis PresleyFor The Good Times3:13The Country Side Of Elvis81999198
3198Elvis PresleyI'm Movin' On2:53The Country Side Of Elvis91999208
3199Elvis PresleyIt's A Sin2:42The Country Side Of Elvis101999196
3200Elvis PresleyWhat Now, What Next, Where To1:58The Country Side Of Elvis111999191
3201Elvis PresleyIt Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'2:37The Country Side Of Elvis121999205
3202Elvis PresleyHelp Me Make It Throught The Night2:48The Country Side Of Elvis131999197
3203Elvis PresleySinging Tree2:19The Country Side Of Elvis141999197
3204Elvis PresleyYou Asked Me To2:52The Country Side Of Elvis151999188
3205Elvis PresleyBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain3:41The Country Side Of Elvis161999196
3206Elvis PresleySnowbird2:06The Country Side Of Elvis171999206
3207Elvis PresleyFool2:43The Country Side Of Elvis181999208
3208Elvis PresleyLoving Arms2:51The Country Side Of Elvis191999195
3209Elvis PresleyMr. Songman2:08The Country Side Of Elvis201999214
3210Elvis PresleyFairytale3:03The Country Side Of Elvis211999175
3211Elvis PresleyGentle On My Mind3:22The Country Side Of Elvis221999217
3212Elvis PresleyI Will Be Home Again2:35The Country Side Of Elvis231999184
3213Elvis PresleyIf I'm A Fool (For Loving You)2:45The Country Side Of Elvis241999198
3214Elvis PresleyYou Don't Know Me2:30The Country Side Of Elvis251999182
3215Elvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never3:17The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)11960201
3216Elvis PresleyStuck On You2:19The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)91960207
3217Elvis PresleyA Mess Of Blues2:39The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)171960208
3218Elvis PresleyI Gotta Know2:16The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)131960195
3219Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight3:08The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)41960179
3220Elvis PresleyStranger In My Own Home Town4:38The Memphis Record11969190
3221Elvis PresleyPower Of My Love2:39The Memphis Record21969197
3222Elvis PresleyOnly The Strong Survive2:42The Memphis Record31969184
3223Elvis PresleyAny Day Now2:54The Memphis Record41969217
3224Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds3:24The Memphis Record51969166
3225Elvis PresleyLong Black Limousine3:37The Memphis Record61969176
3226Elvis PresleyWearin' That Loved On Look2:43The Memphis Record71969195
3227Elvis PresleyI'll Hold You In My Heart4:31The Memphis Record81969203
3228Elvis PresleyAfter Loving You3:00The Memphis Record91969187
3229Elvis PresleyRubberneckin'2:07The Memphis Record101969202
3230Elvis PresleyI'm Movin' On2:51The Memphis Record111969200
3231Elvis PresleyGentle On My Mind3:19The Memphis Record121969198
3232Elvis PresleyTrue Love Travels On A Gravel Road2:44The Memphis Record131969193
3233Elvis PresleyIt Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'2:38The Memphis Record141969196
3234Elvis PresleyYou'll Think Of Me4:10The Memphis Record151969170
3235Elvis PresleyMama Liked The Roses2:32The Memphis Record161969193
3236Elvis PresleyDon't Cry Daddy2:48The Memphis Record171969198
3237Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto2:47The Memphis Record181969183
3238Elvis PresleyThe Fair Is Moving On3:08The Memphis Record191969188
3239Elvis PresleyInherit The Wind3:11The Memphis Record201969189
3240Elvis PresleyKentucky Rain3:15The Memphis Record211969205
3241Elvis PresleyWithout Love2:56The Memphis Record221969197
3242Elvis PresleyWho Am I?3:20The Memphis Record231969174
3243Elvis PresleyThat's All Right1:56The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]11976137
3244Elvis PresleyBlue Moon Of Kentucky2:04The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]21976145
3245Elvis PresleyGood Rockin' Tonight2:12The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]31976153
3246Elvis PresleyI Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine2:27The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]41976142
3247Elvis PresleyMilkcow Blues Boogie2:36The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]51976137
3248Elvis PresleyYou're A Heartbreaker2:11The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]61976211
3249Elvis PresleyBaby, Let's Play House2:15The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]71976129
3250Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone2:36The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]81976128
3251Elvis PresleyMystery Train2:26The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]91976128
3252Elvis PresleyI Forgot To Remember To Forget2:29The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]101976128
3253Elvis PresleyI Love You Because2:42The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]111976135
3254Elvis PresleyBlue Moon2:38The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]121976132
3255Elvis PresleyTomorrow Night3:00The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]131976142
3256Elvis PresleyI'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')2:23The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]141976138
3257Elvis PresleyJust Because2:33The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]151976161
3258Elvis PresleyTrying To Get To You2:32The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]161976155
3259Elvis PresleyHarbor Lights2:37The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]171976167
3260Elvis PresleyI Love You Because -- Take 23:29The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]181976127
3261Elvis PresleyThat's All Right2:12The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]191976203
3262Elvis PresleyBlue Moon Of Kentucky1:05The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]201976173
3263Elvis PresleyI Don't Care Of The Sun Don't Shine3:39The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]211976183
3264Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (My Baby's Gone) -- Take 92:41The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]221976128
3265Elvis PresleyI'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')1:05The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]231976159
3266Elvis PresleyWhen It Rains, It Really Pours4:03The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]241976174
3267Elvis PresleyI Love You Because -- Take 33:32The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]251976127
3268Elvis PresleyI Love You Because -- Take 53:26The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]261976127
3269Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (My Baby's Gone) -- Take 72:50The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]271976128
3270Elvis PresleyI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (My Baby's Gone) -- Take 122:38The Sun Sessions [1987 "Complete" CD]281976128
3271Elvis PresleyHere Comes Santa Claus1:59The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)111987144
3272Elvis PresleyIf Every Day Was Like Christmas2:57The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)21987141
3273Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:05The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)11987128
3274Elvis PresleyI Want You, I Need You, I Love You2:37The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)21987129
3275Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:15The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)31987128
3276Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:02The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)41987129
3277Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender2:45The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)51987130
3278Elvis PresleyLove Me2:43The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)61987128
3279Elvis PresleyToo Much2:31The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)71987128
3280Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up1:57The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)81987130
3281Elvis Presley(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear1:48The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)91987128
3282Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:28The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)101987188
3283Elvis PresleyDon't2:49The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)111987158
3284Elvis PresleyI Beg Of You1:53The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)121987169
3285Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your Neck2:13The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)131987158
3286Elvis PresleyHard-Headed Woman1:52The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)141987197
3287Elvis PresleyOne Night2:31The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)151987128
3288Elvis PresleyI Got Stung1:48The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)161987164
3289Elvis Presley(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I2:29The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)171987197
3290Elvis PresleyI Need Your Love Tonight2:02The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)181987129
3291Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk O' Love2:14The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)191987129
3292Elvis PresleyStuck On You2:16The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)11987208
3293Elvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never3:14The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)21987203
3294Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight?3:06The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)31987185
3295Elvis PresleySurrender1:52The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)41987183
3296Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad2:50The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)51987212
3297Elvis PresleyLittle Sister2:29The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)61987199
3298Elvis Presley(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame2:05The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)71987208
3299Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling In Love3:00The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)81987206
3300Elvis PresleyGood-Luck Charm2:23The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)91987197
3301Elvis PresleyShe's Not You2:09The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)101987195
3302Elvis PresleyReturn To Sender2:09The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)111987153
3303Elvis Presley(You're The) Devil In Disguise2:17The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)121987197
3304Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby2:01The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)131987186
3305Elvis PresleyCrying In The Chapel2:23The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)141987130
3306Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto2:45The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)151987183
3307Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds3:22The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)161987170
3308Elvis PresleyDon't Cry Daddy2:50The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)171987196
3309Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of You2:36The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)181987207
3310Elvis PresleyBurning Love2:56The Top Ten Hits (Disc 2)191987206
3311Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:09The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 412000125
3312Elvis PresleySilver Bells2:28The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 532000192
3313Elvis PresleyIf Every Day Was Like Christmas2:54The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5172000196
3314Elvis PresleyLove Me2:45There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller41991128
3315Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:29There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller91991139
3316Elvis PresleyIf Every Day Was Like Christmas2:55Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy51998179
3317Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:11TM Century GoldDisc 605131991142
3318Elvis PresleyKentucky Rain3:25TM Century GoldDisc Update 8101991203
3319Elvis PresleyRubberneckin' [Paul Oakenfold Remix (Radio Edit)]3:36TM Century PrimeCuts 528P162003219
3320Elvis PresleyRunaway (Live 1969)2:51Unreleased121969160
3321Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender2:43Your Hit Parade 195612 126
3322Elvis Presley & The JordanairesHere Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)1:57Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer11998125
3323Elvis Presley With The JordanairesHound Dog2:18Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)22004131
3324Elvis Presley, Scotty & BillThat's All Right1:55The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)11994126
3325Elvis Presley, Scotty & BillGood Rockin' Tonight2:12The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)21994129
3326Elvis Presley, Scotty & BillBaby Let's Play House2:17The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)51994126
3327Elvis Presley, Scotty & BillMystery Train2:29The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)111994126
3328Elvis Vs JxlA Little Less Conversation [Radio Edit Remix]3:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0792002192
3329Emerging From Van DoorsPrelude To...1:20These Words Are Bullets12005237
3330Emerging From Van DoorsInasense2:32These Words Are Bullets22005249
3331Emerging From Van DoorsNever Question Bruce Dickenson2:00These Words Are Bullets32005236
3332Emerging From Van DoorsA Chuck Norris Knife Party2:41These Words Are Bullets42005232
3333Emerging From Van DoorsLook, They're Break Dance Fighting2:57These Words Are Bullets52005247
3334Emerging From Van DoorsThese Words Are Bullets/Monet Romance9:27These Words Are Bullets62005176
3335Emerson Lake & PalmerLucky Man4:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)62001225
3336Emerson, Lake & PalmerI Believe In Father Christmas3:30  2000128
3337Emerson, Lake & PalmerI Believe In Father Christmas3:28A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas61994205
3338Emerson, Lake & PalmerBlack Moon6:59Black Moon11992198
3339Emerson, Lake & PalmerPaper Blood4:28Black Moon21992202
3340Emerson, Lake & PalmerAffairs of the Heart3:47Black Moon31992198
3341Emerson, Lake & PalmerRomeo & Juliet3:42Black Moon41992194
3342Emerson, Lake & PalmerFarewell to Arms5:10Black Moon51992193
3343Emerson, Lake & PalmerChanging States6:02Black Moon61992204
3344Emerson, Lake & PalmerBurning Bridges4:45Black Moon71992194
3345Emerson, Lake & PalmerClose to Home4:29Black Moon81992183
3346Emerson, Lake & PalmerBetter Days5:36Black Moon91992195
3347Emerson, Lake & PalmerFootprints in the Snow3:52Black Moon101992185
3348Emerson, Lake & PalmerJerusalem2:44Brain Salad Surgery11973222
3349Emerson, Lake & PalmerToccata7:22Brain Salad Surgery21973217
3350Emerson, Lake & PalmerStill... You Turn Me On2:53Brain Salad Surgery31973208
3351Emerson, Lake & PalmerBenny The Bouncer2:21Brain Salad Surgery41973224
3352Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 9: 1st Impression - Part 18:37Brain Salad Surgery51973208
3353Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 9: 1st Impression - Part 24:46Brain Salad Surgery61973207
3354Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 9: 2nd Impression7:07Brain Salad Surgery71973211
3355Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 9: 3rd Impression9:24Brain Salad Surgery81973216
3356Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Making Of Brain Salad Surgery13:40Brain Salad Surgery91973128
3357Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Barbarian4:31Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]11970218
3358Emerson, Lake & PalmerTake A Pebble12:31Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]21970205
3359Emerson, Lake & PalmerKnife Edge5:09Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]31970212
3360Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Three Fates7:43Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]41970226
3361Emerson, Lake & PalmerTank6:51Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]51970228
3362Emerson, Lake & PalmerLucky Man4:37Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Remastered]61970218
3363Emerson, Lake & PalmerHand Of Truth5:23In The Hot Seat11994233
3364Emerson, Lake & PalmerDaddy4:42In The Hot Seat21994221
3365Emerson, Lake & PalmerOne By One5:07In The Hot Seat31994228
3366Emerson, Lake & PalmerHeart On Ice4:19In The Hot Seat41994208
3367Emerson, Lake & PalmerThin Line4:45In The Hot Seat51994226
3368Emerson, Lake & PalmerMan In The Long Black Coat4:12In The Hot Seat61994208
3369Emerson, Lake & PalmerChange4:43In The Hot Seat71994221
3370Emerson, Lake & PalmerGive Me A Reason To Stay4:14In The Hot Seat81994215
3371Emerson, Lake & PalmerGone Too Soon4:11In The Hot Seat91994236
3372Emerson, Lake & PalmerStreet War4:24In The Hot Seat101994237
3373Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition A. Promenade1:46In The Hot Seat111994197
3374Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition B. The Gnome2:06In The Hot Seat121994211
3375Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition C. Promenade1:45In The Hot Seat131994190
3376Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition D. The Sage3:10In The Hot Seat141994194
3377Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition E. The Hut Of Baba Yaga1:16In The Hot Seat151994222
3378Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition F. The Great Gates Of Kiev5:24In The Hot Seat161994194
3379Emerson, Lake & PalmerAll I Want Is You2:35Love Beach11978203
3380Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove Beach2:46Love Beach21978200
3381Emerson, Lake & PalmerTaste Of My Love3:32Love Beach31978207
3382Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Gambler3:22Love Beach41978206
3383Emerson, Lake & PalmerFor You4:27Love Beach51978199
3384Emerson, Lake & PalmerCanario (from Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre)4:00Love Beach61978213
3385Emerson, Lake & PalmerMemoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman20:15Love Beach71978206
3386Emerson, Lake & PalmerPromenade1:57Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]11972224
3387Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Gnome4:16Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]21972205
3388Emerson, Lake & PalmerPromenade1:23Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]31972182
3389Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Sage4:40Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]41972181
3390Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Old Castle2:31Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]51972195
3391Emerson, Lake & PalmerBlues Variation4:14Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]61972208
3392Emerson, Lake & PalmerPromenade1:28Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]71972204
3393Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Hut Of Baba Yaga1:12Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]81972203
3394Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Curse Of Baba Yaga4:09Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]91972207
3395Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Hut Of Baba Yaga1:06Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]101972201
3396Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Great Gates Of Kiev6:27Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]111972206
3397Emerson, Lake & PalmerNutrocker4:33Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]121972206
3398Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition [Studio]15:28Pictures At An Exhibition [UK Bonus Track]131972208
3399Emerson, Lake & PalmerI Believe In Father Christmas3:25Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)151995211
3400Emerson, Lake & PalmerKnife-Edge5:08Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 2)61996214
3401Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 913:23Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)101996210
3402Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkus20:42Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]11971231
3403Emerson, Lake & PalmerJeremy Bender1:50Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]21971216
3404Emerson, Lake & PalmerBitches Crystal3:58Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]31971206
3405Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Only Way (Hymn)3:46Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]41971210
3406Emerson, Lake & PalmerInfinite Space (Conclusion)3:22Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]51971211
3407Emerson, Lake & PalmerA Time And A Place3:01Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]61971226
3408Emerson, Lake & PalmerAre You Ready Eddy?2:11Tarkus [1994 Original Master Recording]71971219
3409Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Endless Enigma (Part One)6:44Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]11972213
3410Emerson, Lake & PalmerFugue1:54Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]21972206
3411Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Endless Enigma (Part Two)2:03Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]31972217
3412Emerson, Lake & PalmerFrom The Beginning4:16Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]41972214
3413Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Sheriff3:22Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]51972224
3414Emerson, Lake & PalmerHoedown3:46Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]61972223
3415Emerson, Lake & PalmerTrilogy8:54Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]71972214
3416Emerson, Lake & PalmerLiving Sin3:13Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]81972217
3417Emerson, Lake & PalmerAbaddon's Bolero8:09Trilogy [1995 MFSL Remaster]91972223
3418Emerson, Lake & PalmerHoedown4:54Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 1)11974211
3419Emerson, Lake & PalmerJerusalem2:51Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 1)21974231
3420Emerson, Lake & PalmerToccata7:23Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 1)31974211
3421Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkus27:24Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 1)41974210
3422Emerson, Lake & PalmerTake A Pebble11:06Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 1)51974189
3423Emerson, Lake & PalmerPiano Improvisations11:53Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 2)11974192
3424Emerson, Lake & PalmerTake a Pebble (Conclusion)3:32Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 2)21974181
3425Emerson, Lake & PalmerJeremy Bender/The Sheriff (Medley)5:06Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 2)31974221
3426Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 935:18Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (Disc 2)41974213
3427Emerson, Lake & PalmerPiano Concerto No. 118:28Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)11977199
3428Emerson, Lake & PalmerLend Your Love To Me Tonight4:05Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)21977177
3429Emerson, Lake & PalmerC'est La Vie4:20Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)31977186
3430Emerson, Lake & PalmerHallowed Be Thy Name4:37Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)41977197
3431Emerson, Lake & PalmerNobody Loves You Like I Do4:00Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)51977206
3432Emerson, Lake & PalmerCloser To Believing5:33Works Volume 1 (Disc 1)61977193
3433Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits3:21Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)11977216
3434Emerson, Lake & PalmerL.A. Nights5:46Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)21977217
3435Emerson, Lake & PalmerNew Orleans2:50Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)31977195
3436Emerson, Lake & PalmerTwo Part Invention In D Minor1:58Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)41977185
3437Emerson, Lake & PalmerFood For Your Soul4:02Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)51977219
3438Emerson, Lake & PalmerTank5:11Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)61977208
3439Emerson, Lake & PalmerFanfare For The Common Man9:45Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)71977212
3440Emerson, Lake & PalmerPirates13:19Works Volume 1 (Disc 2)81977207
3441Emerson, Lake & PalmerTiger in a Spotlight4:35Works Volume 211977213
3442Emerson, Lake & PalmerWhen the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind, I'll Be Your Valentine3:59Works Volume 221977216
3443Emerson, Lake & PalmerBullfrog3:51Works Volume 231977208
3444Emerson, Lake & PalmerBrain Salad Surgery3:10Works Volume 241977202
3445Emerson, Lake & PalmerBarrelhouse Shake-down3:51Works Volume 251977221
3446Emerson, Lake & PalmerWatching Over You3:55Works Volume 261977190
3447Emerson, Lake & PalmerSo Far to Fall4:57Works Volume 271977192
3448Emerson, Lake & PalmerMaple Leaf Rag2:03Works Volume 281977214
3449Emerson, Lake & PalmerI Believe in Father Christmas3:18Works Volume 291977207
3450Emerson, Lake & PalmerClose But Not Touching3:23Works Volume 2101977205
3451Emerson, Lake & PalmerHonky Tonk Train Blues3:11Works Volume 2111977213
3452Emerson, Lake & PalmerShow Me the Way to Go Home3:30Works Volume 2121977196
3453Emerson, Lake & PowellThe Score9:09Emerson, Lake & Powell11987188
3454Emerson, Lake & PowellLearning to Fly3:51Emerson, Lake & Powell21987189
3455Emerson, Lake & PowellThe Miracle7:03Emerson, Lake & Powell31987187
3456Emerson, Lake & PowellTouch & Go3:38Emerson, Lake & Powell41987190
3457Emerson, Lake & PowellLove Blind3:10Emerson, Lake & Powell51987191
3458Emerson, Lake & PowellStep Aside3:47Emerson, Lake & Powell61987187
3459Emerson, Lake & PowellLay Down Your Guns4:23Emerson, Lake & Powell71987192
3460Emerson, Lake & PowellMars, the Bringer of War7:57Emerson, Lake & Powell81987203
3461Emerson, Lake & PowellThe Loco-Motion4:39Emerson, Lake & Powell91987236
3462Emerson, Lake & PowellVacant Possession4:43Emerson, Lake & Powell101987206
3463EMFLies4:21Awesome Hits51992250
3464EMFUnbelievable3:30Coyote Ugly (OST)62000199
3465EMFUnbelievable3:27Jock Jams, Vol. 1151995211
3466EMFUnbelievable3:30One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 8)72001249
3467EMFUnbelievable3:30Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)142005209
3468Emile Ford & The CheckmatesWhat Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For2:06The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)71960156
3469EmiliaBig Big World3:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)32001165
3470Emiliana TorriniSunnyroad3:02Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)152006175
3471Emilie SimonDesert3:04Emilie Simon12003167
3472Emilie SimonLise3:55Emilie Simon22003197
3473Emilie SimonSecret3:56Emilie Simon32003218
3474Emilie SimonIl Pleut3:30Emilie Simon42003204
3475Emilie SimonI Wanna Be Your Dog2:42Emilie Simon52003196
3476Emilie SimonTo The Dancers In The Rain2:42Emilie Simon62003170
3477Emilie SimonDernier Lit3:06Emilie Simon72003210
3478Emilie SimonGraines D'étoiles3:00Emilie Simon82003207
3479Emilie SimonFlowers2:33Emilie Simon92003200
3480Emilie SimonVu D'ici3:48Emilie Simon102003171
3481Emilie SimonBlue Light3:06Emilie Simon112003193
3482Emilie SimonChanson De Toile4:02Emilie Simon122003162
3483Emilie SimonThe Frozen World4:23La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)12005198
3484Emilie SimonAntarctic2:36La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)22005172
3485Emilie SimonThe Egg4:30La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)32005199
3486Emilie SimonSong Of The Sea2:04La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)42005179
3487Emilie SimonBaby Penguins3:00La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)52005181
3488Emilie SimonAttack Of The Killer Birds2:48La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)62005192
3489Emilie SimonAurora Australis1:18La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)72005193
3490Emilie SimonThe Sea Leopard1:33La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)82005192
3491Emilie SimonSong Of The Storm3:15La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)92005205
3492Emilie SimonMother's Pain1:44La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)102005168
3493Emilie SimonTo The Dancers On The Ice3:15La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)112005189
3494Emilie SimonAll Is White3:19La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)122005194
3495Emilie SimonThe Voyage4:45La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)132005217
3496Emilie SimonFootprints In The Snow2:44La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)142005196
3497Emilie SimonIce Girl3:29La Marche De L'Empereur (OST)152005168
3498Emilie SimonAlicia3:56Végétal12006178
3499Emilie SimonFleur De Saison4:10Végétal22006181
3500Emilie SimonLe Vieil Amant4:36Végétal32006182
3501Emilie SimonSweet Blossom3:46Végétal42006190
3502Emilie SimonOpium2:50Végétal52006149
3503Emilie SimonDame De Lotus3:23Végétal62006188
3504Emilie SimonSwimming4:10Végétal72006206
3505Emilie SimonIn The Lake3:28Végétal82006183
3506Emilie SimonRose Hybride De Thé3:16Végétal92006200
3507Emilie SimonNever Fall In Love2:54Végétal102006192
3508Emilie SimonAnnie3:21Végétal112006208
3509Emilie SimonMy Old Friend4:46Végétal122006189
3510Emilie SimonEn Cendres5:22Végétal132006220
3511Emilio EtsefanPennies In My Pocket3:52Miami Vice (OST)92006241
3512Emilio PericoliAl Di La'2:07Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s171992125
3513Emily & TomAch Heinrich3:21Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)162001190
3514Emily ElbertI Feel Fine2:33Bright Side7 128
3515EminemLose Yourself5:208 Mile (OST)12002164
3516Eminem8 Mile6:008 Mile (OST)32002173
3517EminemRabbit Run3:108 Mile (OST)162002172
3518EminemCurtains Up0:46Encore12004188
3519EminemEvil Deeds4:19Encore22004172
3520EminemNever Enough (featuring 50 Cent & Nate Dogg)2:39Encore32004172
3521EminemYellow Brick Road5:46Encore42004186
3522EminemLike Toy Soldiers4:56Encore52004205
3525EminemMy 1st Single5:02Encore82004196
3526EminemPaul (Skit)0:32Encore92004131
3527EminemRain Man5:13Encore102004159
3528EminemBig Weenie4:26Encore112004199
3529EminemEm Calls Paul (Skit)1:11Encore122004156
3530EminemJust Lose It4:08Encore132004166
3531EminemAss Like That4:25Encore142004178
3532EminemSpend Some Time (featuring Obie Trice, Stat Quo & 50 Cent)5:10Encore152004168
3534EminemCrazy In Love4:02Encore172004172
3535EminemOne Shot 2 Shot (featuring D12)4:26Encore182004173
3536EminemFinal Thought (Skit)0:30Encore192004170
3537EminemEncore (featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent) (Curtains)5:48Encore202004197
3538EminemWe As Americans4:39Encore (Bonus Disc)12004189
3539EminemLove You More4:47Encore (Bonus Disc)22004171
3540EminemRicky Ticky Toc2:49Encore (Bonus Disc)32004173
3541EminemThe Way I Am4:48Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)12003208
3544EminemIt's Ok3:34Infinite31996176
3548EminemOpen Mic4:05Infinite71996182
3549EminemNever 2 Far3:39Infinite81996189
3552EminemJealosy Woes3:20Infinite111996189
3553EminemIf I Get Locked Up Tonight3:42Infinite121996221
3554EminemMurder Murder Kill Kill4:35Infinite131996155
3556EminemFuck Off4:05Infinite151996212
3557EminemI'm Shifty4:44Infinite161996177
3558EminemBad Influence3:39Infinite171996217
3559EminemTurn Me Loose5:05Infinite181996168
3560EminemJust Lose It3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11162004167
3561EminemMockingbird4:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0292005171
3562EminemAss Like That4:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-06132005160
3563EminemWhen I'm Gone4:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1232005201
3564EminemCurtains Up (skit)0:30The Eminem Show12002190
3565EminemWhite America5:24The Eminem Show22002162
3566EminemBusiness4:11The Eminem Show32002182
3567EminemCleanin' Out My Closet4:57The Eminem Show42002162
3568EminemSquare Dance5:24The Eminem Show52002177
3569EminemThe Kiss (skit)1:15The Eminem Show62002194
3570EminemSoldier3:46The Eminem Show72002186
3571EminemSay Goodbye Hollywood4:32The Eminem Show82002177
3572EminemDrips4:45The Eminem Show92002170
3573EminemWithout Me4:50The Eminem Show102002172
3574EminemPaul Rosenberg (skit)0:22The Eminem Show112002128
3575EminemSing For The Moment5:39The Eminem Show122002162
3576EminemSuperman5:50The Eminem Show132002193
3577EminemHailie's Song5:20The Eminem Show142002177
3578EminemSteve Berman (skit)0:33The Eminem Show152002170
3579EminemWhen The Music Stops4:28The Eminem Show162002171
3580EminemSay What You Say5:09The Eminem Show172002179
3581Eminem'Till I Collapse4:57The Eminem Show182002203
3582EminemMy Dad's Gone Crazy4:26The Eminem Show192002194
3583EminemCurtains Close (skit)1:00The Eminem Show202002183
3584EminemPublic Service Announcement 20000:25The Marshall Mathers LP12000168
3585EminemKill You4:24The Marshall Mathers LP22000167
3586EminemStan (Feat. Dido)6:44The Marshall Mathers LP32000192
3587EminemPaul [skit]0:10The Marshall Mathers LP42000141
3588EminemWho Knew3:47The Marshall Mathers LP52000176
3589EminemSteve Berman0:53The Marshall Mathers LP62000186
3590EminemThe Way I Am4:50The Marshall Mathers LP72000186
3591EminemThe Real Slim Shady4:44The Marshall Mathers LP82000184
3592EminemRemember Me? (Feat. RBX & Sticky Fingaz)3:38The Marshall Mathers LP92000170
3593EminemI'm Back5:10The Marshall Mathers LP102000177
3594EminemMarshall Mathers5:20The Marshall Mathers LP112000163
3595EminemKen Kaniff [skit]1:01The Marshall Mathers LP122000191
3596EminemDrug Ballad5:00The Marshall Mathers LP132000188
3597EminemAmityville (Feat. Bizarre from D-12)4:14The Marshall Mathers LP142000206
3598EminemBitch Please II (Feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, & Nate Dogg)4:48The Marshall Mathers LP152000176
3599EminemKim6:17The Marshall Mathers LP162000188
3600EminemUnder The Influence (Feat. D-12)5:22The Marshall Mathers LP172000191
3601EminemCriminal5:19The Marshall Mathers LP182000175
3602EminemPublic Service Announcement0:33The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)11999162
3603EminemMy Name Is4:28The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)21999198
3604EminemGuilty Conscience3:19The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)31999187
3605EminemBrain Damage3:46The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)41999209
3606EminemPaul0:15The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)51999188
3607EminemIf I Had4:05The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)61999218
3608Eminem97' Bonnie & Clyde5:16The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)71999200
3609EminemBitch0:19The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)81999153
3610EminemRole Model3:25The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)91999165
3611EminemLounge0:46The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)101999216
3612EminemMy Fault4:01The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)111999201
3613EminemKen Kaniff1:16The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)121999183
3614EminemCum On Everybody3:39The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)131999193
3615EminemRock Bottom3:34The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)141999189
3616EminemJust Don't Give A Fuck4:02The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)151999255
3617EminemSoap0:34The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)161999156
3618EminemAs The World Turns4:25The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)171999181
3619EminemI'm Shady3:32The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)181999218
3620EminemBad Meets Evil4:13The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)191999189
3621EminemStill Don't Give A Fuck4:12The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 1)201999179
3622EminemHazardous Youth (A Capella Version)0:44The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 2)11999131
3623EminemGet You Mad4:22The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 2)21999209
3624EminemGreg (A Capella Version)0:52The Slim Shady LP [Bonus Disc] (Disc 2)31999132
3625Eminem feat Dr. Dre & 50 CentEncore5:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1242004194
3626Eminem feat. Nate DoggShake That4:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0262006188
3627Eminem ft. Lil WayneNo Love5:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1262010197
3628Eminem, Obie Trice, 50 CentLove Me4:308 Mile (OST)22002176
3629EmmaI'll Be There3:24Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)152004225
3630Emma BuntonWhat Took You So Long3:44Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)132001215
3631Emmanuel ChabrierJoyeuse Marche3:41100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 518 196
3632Emmanuel ChabrierDanse Slave4:56Gypsy! Classics Inspired by Gypsy Folk Music51990201
3633Emmylou HarrisSister's Coming Home2:52Blue Kentucky Girl11979186
3634Emmylou HarrisBeneath Still Waters3:44Blue Kentucky Girl21979196
3635Emmylou HarrisRough And Rocky3:54Blue Kentucky Girl31979178
3636Emmylou HarrisHickory Wind4:05Blue Kentucky Girl41979182
3637Emmylou HarrisSave The Last Dance For Me3:42Blue Kentucky Girl51979179
3638Emmylou HarrisSorrow In The Wind3:32Blue Kentucky Girl61979180
3639Emmylou HarrisThey'll Never Take His Love From Me2:38Blue Kentucky Girl71979189
3640Emmylou HarrisEverytime You Leave3:02Blue Kentucky Girl81979173
3641Emmylou HarrisBlue Kentucky Girl3:21Blue Kentucky Girl91979189
3642Emmylou HarrisEven Cowgirls Get The Blues3:56Blue Kentucky Girl101979187
3643Emmylou HarrisHeaven Only Knows3:36Bluebird11988213
3644Emmylou HarrisYou've Been On My Mind2:54Bluebird21988195
3645Emmylou HarrisIcy Blue Heart4:07Bluebird31988181
3646Emmylou HarrisLove Is3:54Bluebird41988195
3647Emmylou HarrisNo Regrets5:39Bluebird51988183
3648Emmylou HarrisLonely Street3:13Bluebird61988180
3649Emmylou HarrisHeatbreak Hill3:12Bluebird71988211
3650Emmylou HarrisI Still Miss Someone2:54Bluebird81988195
3651Emmylou HarrisA River For Him5:06Bluebird91988182
3652Emmylou HarrisIf You Were A Bluebird4:37Bluebird101988201
3653Emmylou HarrisAmarillo3:08Elite Hotel11975194
3654Emmylou HarrisTogether Again3:57Elite Hotel21975183
3655Emmylou HarrisFeelin' Single -- Seein' Double2:30Elite Hotel31975189
3656Emmylou HarrisSin City3:58Elite Hotel41975168
3657Emmylou HarrisOne of These Days3:05Elite Hotel51975185
3658Emmylou HarrisTill I Gain Control Again5:37Elite Hotel61975182
3659Emmylou HarrisHere, There and Everywhere3:46Elite Hotel71975164
3660Emmylou HarrisOoh! Las Vegas3:44Elite Hotel81975196
3661Emmylou HarrisSweet Dreams4:07Elite Hotel91975180
3662Emmylou HarrisJambalaya3:11Elite Hotel101975169
3663Emmylou HarrisSatan's Jewel Crown3:18Elite Hotel111975170
3664Emmylou HarrisWheels3:12Elite Hotel121975187
3665Emmylou HarrisThe Road5:28Hard Bargain12011202
3666Emmylou HarrisHome Sweet Home3:44Hard Bargain22011199
3667Emmylou HarrisMy Name Is Emmett Till4:52Hard Bargain32011169
3668Emmylou HarrisGoodnight Old World3:53Hard Bargain42011166
3669Emmylou HarrisNew Orleans3:38Hard Bargain52011222
3670Emmylou HarrisBig Black Dog3:25Hard Bargain62011184
3671Emmylou HarrisLonely Girl4:43Hard Bargain72011195
3672Emmylou HarrisHard Bargain3:22Hard Bargain82011212
3673Emmylou HarrisSix White Cadillacs3:20Hard Bargain92011200
3674Emmylou HarrisThe Ship On His Arm4:45Hard Bargain102011188
3675Emmylou HarrisDarlin' Kate3:07Hard Bargain112011150
3676Emmylou HarrisNobody5:03Hard Bargain122011181
3677Emmylou HarrisCross Yourself3:35Hard Bargain132011197
3678Emmylou HarrisLuxury Liner3:43Luxury Liner11977206
3679Emmylou HarrisPancho and Lefty4:53Luxury Liner21977206
3680Emmylou HarrisMaking Believe3:38Luxury Liner31977210
3681Emmylou HarrisYou're Supposed to Be Feeling Good4:07Luxury Liner41977202
3682Emmylou HarrisI'll Be Your San Antonio Rose3:46Luxury Liner51977206
3683Emmylou Harris(You Never Can Tell) C'est La Vie3:33Luxury Liner61977206
3684Emmylou HarrisWhen I Stop Dreaming3:18Luxury Liner71977206
3685Emmylou HarrisHello Stranger4:03Luxury Liner81977218
3686Emmylou HarrisShe3:21Luxury Liner91977206
3687Emmylou HarrisTulsa Queen4:41Luxury Liner101977209
3688Emmylou HarrisBluebird Wine3:19Pieces of the Sky11975217
3689Emmylou HarrisToo Far Gone4:07Pieces of the Sky21975195
3690Emmylou HarrisIf I Could Only Win Your Love2:37Pieces of the Sky31975209
3691Emmylou HarrisBoulder to Birmingham3:37Pieces of the Sky41975198
3692Emmylou HarrisBefore Believing4:45Pieces of the Sky51975190
3693Emmylou HarrisBottle Let Me Down3:19Pieces of the Sky61975190
3694Emmylou HarrisSleepless Nights3:28Pieces of the Sky71975192
3695Emmylou HarrisCoat of Many Colors3:44Pieces of the Sky81975187
3696Emmylou HarrisFor No One3:44Pieces of the Sky91975196
3697Emmylou HarrisQueen of the Silver Dollar5:16Pieces of the Sky101975202
3698Emmylou HarrisBlue Kentucky Girl3:20Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)11979185
3699Emmylou HarrisWayfaring Stranger3:28Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)21979197
3700Emmylou HarrisBeneath Still Waters3:45Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)31979192
3701Emmylou HarrisBorn To Run3:47Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)41979191
3702Emmylou HarrisSomeone Like You3:18Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)51979190
3703Emmylou HarrisMister Sandman2:21Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)61979191
3704Emmylou HarrisPledgin My Love3:02Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)71979180
3705Emmylou HarrisI'm Movin' On2:51Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)81979195
3706Emmylou Harris(Lost His Love) On Our Last Date3:34Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)91979192
3707Emmylou HarrisSave The Last Dance For Me3:39Profile II (Best Of Emmylou Harris)101979181
3708Emmylou HarrisEasy from Now On3:07Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town11978182
3709Emmylou HarrisTwo More Bottles of Wine3:11Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town21978196
3710Emmylou HarrisTo Daddy2:51Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town31978194
3711Emmylou HarrisMy Songbird3:12Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town41978170
3712Emmylou HarrisLeaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight4:22Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town51978191
3713Emmylou HarrisDefying Gravity4:18Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town61978180
3714Emmylou HarrisI Ain't Leaving Long Like This4:09Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town71978198
3715Emmylou HarrisOne Paper Kid3:00Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town81978197
3716Emmylou HarrisGreen Rolling Hills3:40Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town91978188
3717Emmylou HarrisBurn That Candle4:25Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town101978193
3718Emmylou HarrisRoses In The Snow2:37Roses In The Snow11980192
3719Emmylou HarrisWayfaring Stranger3:32Roses In The Snow21980192
3720Emmylou HarrisGreen Pastures3:13Roses In The Snow31980189
3721Emmylou HarrisThe Boxer3:20Roses In The Snow41980190
3722Emmylou HarrisDarkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn3:26Roses In The Snow51980198
3723Emmylou HarrisI'll Go Stepping Too2:20Roses In The Snow61980207
3724Emmylou HarrisYou're Learning3:01Roses In The Snow71980197
3725Emmylou HarrisJordan2:10Roses In The Snow81980197
3726Emmylou HarrisMiss The Mississippi And You3:47Roses In The Snow91980205
3727Emmylou HarrisGold Watch And Chain3:16Roses In The Snow101980198
3728Emmylou HarrisYou're Gonna Change2:40Roses In The Snow111980192
3729Emmylou HarrisRoot Like A Rose4:45Roses In The Snow121980198
3730Emmylou HarrisThe Ballad of Sally Rose2:48The Ballad of Sally Rose11985200
3731Emmylou HarrisRhythm Guitar3:18The Ballad of Sally Rose21985182
3732Emmylou HarrisI Think I Love Him1:07The Ballad of Sally Rose31985173
3733Emmylou HarrisHeart to Heart2:32The Ballad of Sally Rose41985183
3734Emmylou HarrisWoman Walk the Line4:08The Ballad of Sally Rose51985196
3735Emmylou HarrisBad News1:46The Ballad of Sally Rose61985207
3736Emmylou HarrisTimberline2:51The Ballad of Sally Rose71985193
3737Emmylou HarrisLong Tall Sally Rose1:32The Ballad of Sally Rose81985199
3738Emmylou HarrisWhite Line3:46The Ballad of Sally Rose91985203
3739Emmylou HarrisDiamond in My Crown2:55The Ballad of Sally Rose101985165
3740Emmylou HarrisThe Sweetheart of the Rodeo3:41The Ballad of Sally Rose111985185
3741Emmylou HarrisK-S-O-S2:50The Ballad of Sally Rose121985200
3742Emmylou HarrisSweet Chariot2:58The Ballad of Sally Rose131985192
3743Emmylou HarrisMr. Sandman2:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)142001212
3744Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss And Gillian WelchDidn't Leave Nobody But The Baby1:57O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)102000140
3745EmojaErotik City4:34Men In Black (OST)91997174
3746EmoticonEmoticon Mix25:08End of Days12008155
3747The EmotionsBest Of My Love3:39Boogie Nights (OST)21997215
3748EmotionsBest Of My Love3:42Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)122001212
3749EmotionsBest of My Love3:42Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two11991210
3750En VogueGiving Him Somthing He Can Feel3:59Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 1)92003205
3751En VogueMy Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)4:45Best Of En Vogue11998235
3752En VogueHold On5:06Best Of En Vogue21998186
3753En VogueWhatta Man4:57Best Of En Vogue31998169
3754En VogueFree Your Mind4:54Best Of En Vogue41998206
3755En VogueDon't Let Go (Love)4:53Best Of En Vogue51998211
3756En VogueGiving Him Something He Can Feel4:00Best Of En Vogue61998205
3757En VogueNo Fool No More4:19Best Of En Vogue71998222
3758En VogueWhatever4:23Best Of En Vogue81998214
3759En VogueLies4:18Best Of En Vogue91998211
3760En VogueGive It Up, Turn It Loose5:14Best Of En Vogue101998214
3761En VogueRunaway Love5:02Best Of En Vogue111998197
3762En VogueToo Gone, Too Long4:44Best Of En Vogue121998209
3763En VogueLet It Flow5:40Best Of En Vogue131998216
3764En VogueLove Don't Love You3:53Best Of En Vogue141998208
3765En VogueDon't Let Go (Love)4:51Monsta Jamz102002214
3766En VogueMy Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)4:09The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)181993227
3767En VogueMy Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)3:18The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)52002265
3768En VogueMy Lovin'4:12Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 2)142001228
3769En VogueDon't Let Go (Love)4:04Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)42001211
3770En VogueFree Your Mind4:53Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)42005216
3771EnchantThe Thirst6:15A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]11995215
3772EnchantCatharsis5:53A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]21995215
3773EnchantOasis8:12A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]31995206
3774EnchantAcquaintance6:31A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]41995210
3775EnchantMae Dae3:24A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]51995201
3776EnchantAt Death's Door7:17A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]61995216
3777EnchantEast Of Eden5:49A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]71995227
3778EnchantNighttime Sky8:57A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]81995216
3779EnchantEnchanted7:19A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]91995215
3780EnchantOpen Eyes7:43A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]101995217
3781EnchantEnchanted (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)6:37A Blueprint Of The World [Special Edition]111995166
3782EnchantUnder Fire5:57Blink Of An Eye12002237
3783EnchantMonday7:10Blink Of An Eye22002231
3784EnchantSeeds Of Hate6:15Blink Of An Eye32002243
3785EnchantFlat Line5:24Blink Of An Eye42002240
3786EnchantFollow The Sun6:07Blink Of An Eye52002208
3787EnchantUltimate Gift7:58Blink Of An Eye62002217
3788EnchantMy Everafter5:40Blink Of An Eye72002234
3789EnchantInvisible5:41Blink Of An Eye82002237
3790EnchantDespicable4:14Blink Of An Eye92002226
3791EnchantPrognosis (Bonus Track)7:31Blink Of An Eye102002237
3794EnchantMy Enemy6:58Break31998224
3796EnchantThe Lizard4:44Break51998222
3799EnchantIn The Dark5:49Break81998224
3800EnchantMy Gavel Hand5:04Break91998216
3801EnchantThe Cross6:58Break101998223
3802EnchantOnce A Week (Bonus Track)6:23Break111998209
3803EnchantPaint the Picture7:03Juggling 9 or Dropping 1012000224
3804EnchantRough Draft6:14Juggling 9 or Dropping 1022000218
3805EnchantWhat to Say4:20Juggling 9 or Dropping 1032000214
3806EnchantBite My Tongue5:41Juggling 9 or Dropping 1042000220
3807EnchantColors Fade5:25Juggling 9 or Dropping 1052000213
3808EnchantJuggling Knives5:03Juggling 9 or Dropping 1062000221
3809EnchantBlack Eyes & Broken Glass4:33Juggling 9 or Dropping 1072000219
3810EnchantElyse5:47Juggling 9 or Dropping 1082000219
3811EnchantShell of a Man6:01Juggling 9 or Dropping 1092000212
3812EnchantBroken Wave5:23Juggling 9 or Dropping 10102000217
3813EnchantTraces7:19Juggling 9 or Dropping 10112000215
3814EnchantKnow That1:27Juggling 9 or Dropping 10122000165
3815EnchantMan of Our Times5:37Supper's Ready - Another Serving from the Musical Box81995231
3816EnchantBlind Sided6:27Time Lost [Special Edition]11997228
3817EnchantNew Moon8:24Time Lost [Special Edition]21997218
3818EnchantUnder The Sun7:33Time Lost [Special Edition]31997215
3819EnchantFoundations6:11Time Lost [Special Edition]41997226
3820EnchantInteract10:52Time Lost [Special Edition]51997227
3821EnchantStanding Ground5:32Time Lost [Special Edition]61997227
3822EnchantMettle Man8:27Time Lost [Special Edition]71997224
3823EnchantUnder The Sun (Demo)7:26Time Lost [Special Edition]81997217
3824EnchantWords [Instrumental]5:57Time Lost [Special Edition]91997241
3825EnchantSinking Sand7:08Tug of War12003223
3826EnchantTug of War7:41Tug of War22003227
3827EnchantHold The Wind5:44Tug of War32003226
3828EnchantBeautiful4:27Tug of War42003214
3829EnchantQueen of the Informed7:01Tug of War52003229
3830EnchantLiving in a Movie6:58Tug of War62003230
3831EnchantLong Way Down4:57Tug of War72003231
3832EnchantSee No Evil5:52Tug of War82003217
3833EnchantProgtology6:48Tug of War92003233
3834EnchantComatose8:59Tug of War102003207
3835EnchantBelow Zero (Live)6:28Tug of War112003215
3836EnchantBelow Zero6:07Wounded [Special Edition]11996228
3837EnchantFade 2 Grey8:11Wounded [Special Edition]21996229
3838EnchantPure7:18Wounded [Special Edition]31996211
3839EnchantBroken7:44Wounded [Special Edition]41996223
3840EnchantHostile World6:30Wounded [Special Edition]51996230
3841EnchantLook Away6:41Wounded [Special Edition]61996211
3842EnchantArmour6:59Wounded [Special Edition]71996221
3843EnchantDistractions7:27Wounded [Special Edition]81996215
3844EnchantMissing6:40Wounded [Special Edition]91996223
3845EnchantFade 2 Grey Demo (Bonus)8:16Wounded [Special Edition]101996220
3846EnchantPure [Acoustic] (Bonus)4:25Wounded [Special Edition]111996217
3847End Of FashionO Yeah2:59Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)52006233
3848Engelbert HumperdinckRelease Me2:2816 Most Requested Songs12001214
3849Engelbert HumperdinckStill3:3616 Most Requested Songs22001230
3850Engelbert HumperdinckHeart Don't Fail Me Now2:2216 Most Requested Songs32001238
3851Engelbert HumperdinckBeautiful Baby3:1516 Most Requested Songs42001243
3852Engelbert HumperdinckSpanish Eyes5:3216 Most Requested Songs52001240
3853Engelbert HumperdinckA Man Without Love3:2716 Most Requested Songs62001240
3854Engelbert HumperdinckDon't You Love Me Anymore2:4916 Most Requested Songs72001233
3855Engelbert HumperdinckWinter World Of Love3:1916 Most Requested Songs82001232
3856Engelbert HumperdinckAm I That Easy To Forget3:1416 Most Requested Songs92001237
3857Engelbert HumperdinckThere Goes My Everything2:4916 Most Requested Songs102001241
3858Engelbert HumperdinckLes Bicylettes De Belsize3:1116 Most Requested Songs112001234
3859Engelbert HumperdinckMaybe This Time3:2016 Most Requested Songs122001241
3860Engelbert HumperdinckYellow Moon3:0316 Most Requested Songs132001242
3861Engelbert HumperdinckThe Last Waltz3:2616 Most Requested Songs142001229
3862Engelbert HumperdinckI Don't Know How To Say Goodbye3:2016 Most Requested Songs152001251
3863Engelbert HumperdinckAfter The Loving3:2616 Most Requested Songs162001241
3864Engelbert HumperdinckHow To Win Your Love4:02Engelbert At His Very Best12000216
3865Engelbert HumperdinckStrangers In The Night3:31Engelbert At His Very Best22000182
3866Engelbert HumperdinckDance The Night Away4:19Engelbert At His Very Best32000203
3867Engelbert HumperdinckSometimes When We Touch4:07Engelbert At His Very Best42000180
3868Engelbert HumperdinckNothing In This World4:39Engelbert At His Very Best52000179
3869Engelbert HumperdinckA Little More Time4:12Engelbert At His Very Best62000194
3870Engelbert HumperdinckDon't Tell Me You Love Me4:43Engelbert At His Very Best72000190
3871Engelbert HumperdinckYou're What Love Should Be3:59Engelbert At His Very Best82000185
3872Engelbert HumperdinckRelease Me3:21Engelbert At His Very Best92000196
3873Engelbert HumperdinckThe Way It Used To Be3:11Engelbert At His Very Best102000203
3874Engelbert HumperdinckA Man Without Love3:21Engelbert At His Very Best112000200
3875Engelbert HumperdinckSpanish Eyes3:12Engelbert At His Very Best122000210
3876Engelbert HumperdinckQuando Quando Quando3:20Engelbert At His Very Best132000201
3877Engelbert HumperdinckThere's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)3:03Engelbert At His Very Best142000202
3878Engelbert HumperdinckLes Bicyclettes De Belsize3:13Engelbert At His Very Best152000199
3879Engelbert HumperdinckThere Goes My Everything2:56Engelbert At His Very Best162000201
3880Engelbert HumperdinckTen Guitars2:39Engelbert At His Very Best172000211
3881Engelbert HumperdinckWinter World Of Love3:22Engelbert At His Very Best182000198
3882Engelbert HumperdinckAm I That Easy To Forget3:08Engelbert At His Very Best192000206
3883Engelbert HumperdinckThe Last Waltz3:00Engelbert At His Very Best202000202
3884Engelbert HumperdinckRelease Me3:20Number Ones Of The Sixties211993200
3885Engelbert HumperdinckA Night To Remember3:17The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6152001201
3886Engelbert HumperdinckThe Last Waltz2:58Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)92001209
3887Engelbert HumperdinckDommage Dommage2:01Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)62001127
3888EngelsblutIch will kein Mensch mehr sein6:15   192
3889England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2:3870s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)62005212
3890England Dan & John Ford ColeyJust Tell Me You Love Me2:48Essentials12000181
3891England Dan & John Ford ColeyLove Is The Answer4:43Essentials22000197
3892England Dan & John Ford ColeyWanting You Desperately3:36Essentials32000202
3893England Dan & John Ford ColeySome Things Don't Come Easy4:22Essentials42000206
3894England Dan & John Ford ColeyWhy Is It Me4:16Essentials52000195
3895England Dan & John Ford ColeyYou Know We Belong Together3:03Essentials62000194
3896England Dan & John Ford ColeyWe'll Never Have To Say Goodbye2:49Essentials72000193
3897England Dan & John Ford ColeyIt's Sad To Belong2:52Essentials82000199
3898England Dan & John Ford ColeyPart Of Me Part Of You2:24Essentials92000182
3899England Dan & John Ford ColeyWhat's Forever For3:25Essentials102000204
3900England Dan & John Ford ColeyBroken Hearted Me3:56Essentials112000202
3901England Dan & John Ford ColeyOnly A Matter Of Time3:16Essentials122000200
3902England Dan & John Ford ColeyNights Are Forever Without You2:54Essentials132000206
3903England Dan & John Ford ColeyWhat Can I Do With This Broken Heart3:12Essentials142000201
3904England Dan & John Ford ColeyLady4:03Essentials152000203
3905England Dan & John Ford ColeyWhere Do I Go From Here3:02Essentials162000188
3906England Dan & John Ford ColeyGone Too Far3:00Essentials172000196
3907England Dan & John Ford ColeyWho's Lonely Now3:19Essentials182000203
3908England Dan & John Ford ColeyThe Prisoner3:30Essentials192000188
3909England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2:40Essentials202000201
3910England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2:38Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)181998215
3911England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2:38Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)101995200
3912England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2:38The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)141999204
3913England Dan And John Ford ColeyNights Are Forever2:5370's Party Mix (Disc 2)71996203
3914England Dan Seals & John Ford ColeyJames At 15 ("It's All Up To You")0:54Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)431996141
3915Englebert HumperdinckLes Bicyclettes De Belsize3:10Lets Dance! The Best Of Ballroom (Fox Trots & Waltzes)151997203
3916The English CongregationSoftly Whispering I Love You3:00Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 7111990213
3917The EnidFool2:43In The Region Of The Summer Stars11976194
3918The EnidThe Tower Of Babel5:05In The Region Of The Summer Stars21976211
3919The EnidThe Reaper4:03In The Region Of The Summer Stars31976180
3920The EnidThe Loved Ones5:20In The Region Of The Summer Stars41976156
3921The EnidThe Demon King4:18In The Region Of The Summer Stars51976218
3922The EnidPre Dawn1:12In The Region Of The Summer Stars61976150
3923The EnidSunrise3:27In The Region Of The Summer Stars71976179
3924The EnidThe Last Day7:59In The Region Of The Summer Stars81976201
3925The EnidThe Flood1:12In The Region Of The Summer Stars91976213
3926The EnidUnder The Summer Stars5:42In The Region Of The Summer Stars101976205
3927The EnidAdieu2:03In The Region Of The Summer Stars111976165
3928The EnidJudgement8:18In The Region Of The Summer Stars121976205
3929The EnidIn The Region Of The Summer Stars6:19In The Region Of The Summer Stars131976207
3930The EnidHumouresque6:16Touch Me11979199
3931The EnidCortege5:13Touch Me21979209
3932The EnidElegy (Touch Me)3:18Touch Me31979189
3933The EnidGallavant7:18Touch Me41979199
3934The EnidAlbion Fair5:29Touch Me51979178
3935The EnidJoined By The Heart - 110:57Touch Me61979194
3936The EnidJoined By The Heart - 214:43Touch Me71979189
3937EnigmaEppur Si Muove3:41A Posteriori12006193
3938EnigmaFeel Me Heaven4:50A Posteriori22006218
3939EnigmaDreaming of Andromeda4:26A Posteriori32006201
3940EnigmaDancing With Mephisto4:25A Posteriori42006226
3941EnigmaNorthern Lights3:39A Posteriori52006195
3942EnigmaInvisible Love4:55A Posteriori62006213
3943EnigmaMessage From 103:09A Posteriori72006204
3944EnigmaHello and Welcome5:08A Posteriori82006204
3945Enigma20,000 Miles Over the Sea4:23A Posteriori92006208
3946EnigmaSitting on the Moon4:21A Posteriori102006184
3947EnigmaThe Alchemist4:41A Posteriori112006214
3948EnigmaGoodbye Milky Way5:58A Posteriori122006199
3949EnigmaLe Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!1:58Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !11996198
3950EnigmaMorphing Thru Time5:47Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !21996193
3951EnigmaThird Of Its Kind0:19Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !31996200
3952EnigmaBeyond The Invisible5:00Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !41996186
3953EnigmaWhy! ...4:59Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !51996179
3954EnigmaShadows In Silence4:21Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !61996201
3955EnigmaThe Child In Us5:06Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !71996181
3956EnigmaT.N.T. For The Brain4:26Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !81996197
3957EnigmaAlmost Full Moon3:26Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !91996191
3958EnigmaThe Roundabout3:38Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !101996210
3959EnigmaPrism Of Life4:55Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !111996187
3960EnigmaOdyssey Of The Mind1:40Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi !121996187
3961EnigmaThe Voice of Enigma2:21MCMXC a.D.11990181
3962EnigmaPrinciples of Lust: a. Sadeness; b. Find Love; c. Sadeness (Reprise)11:43MCMXC a.D.21990216
3963EnigmaCallas Went Away4:27MCMXC a.D.31990207
3964EnigmaMea Culpa5:03MCMXC a.D.41990193
3965EnigmaThe Voice & the Snake1:40MCMXC a.D.51990196
3966EnigmaKnocking on Forbidden Doors4:31MCMXC a.D.61990210
3967EnigmaBack to the Rivers of Belief: a. Way to Eternity; b. Hallelujah; c. The Rivers of Belief10:32MCMXC a.D.71990211
3968EnigmaSadness Part 1 (Extended Trance Mix)4:47MTV Party To Go, Vol. 211992227
3969EnigmaEncounters3:12Seven Lives Many Faces12008198
3970EnigmaSeven Lives4:25Seven Lives Many Faces22008194
3971EnigmaTouchness3:35Seven Lives Many Faces32008209
3972EnigmaThe Same Parents5:19Seven Lives Many Faces42008194
3973EnigmaFata Morgana3:23Seven Lives Many Faces52008167
3974EnigmaHell's Heaven3:51Seven Lives Many Faces62008189
3975EnigmaLa Puerta del Cielo3:28Seven Lives Many Faces72008203
3976EnigmaDistorted Love4:11Seven Lives Many Faces82008217
3977EnigmaJe T'Aime Till My Dying Day4:18Seven Lives Many Faces92008181
3978EnigmaDéjà Vu2:56Seven Lives Many Faces102008214
3979EnigmaBetween Generations4:31Seven Lives Many Faces112008196
3980EnigmaThe Language of Sound4:20Seven Lives Many Faces122008200
3981EnigmaSecond Chapter2:15The CROSS Of Changes11993199
3982EnigmaThe Eyes Of Truth7:14The CROSS Of Changes21993216
3983EnigmaReturn To Innocence4:15The CROSS Of Changes31993203
3984EnigmaI Love You ... I'll Kill You8:52The CROSS Of Changes41993205
3985EnigmaSilent Warrior6:09The CROSS Of Changes51993197
3986EnigmaThe Dream Of The Dolphin2:47The CROSS Of Changes61993191
3987EnigmaAge Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)5:21The CROSS Of Changes71993198
3988EnigmaOut From The Deep4:53The CROSS Of Changes81993197
3989EnigmaThe CROSS Of Changes2:24The CROSS Of Changes91993186
3990EnigmaThe Gate2:04The Screen Behind the Mirror12000196
3991EnigmaPush the Limits6:26The Screen Behind the Mirror22000209
3992EnigmaGravity of Love3:58The Screen Behind the Mirror32000192
3993EnigmaSmell of Desire4:57The Screen Behind the Mirror42000188
3994EnigmaModern Crusaders3:50The Screen Behind the Mirror52000176
3995EnigmaTraces (Light and Weight)4:11The Screen Behind the Mirror62000203
3996EnigmaThe Screen Behind the Mirror3:58The Screen Behind the Mirror72000215
3997EnigmaEndless Quest3:06The Screen Behind the Mirror82000197
3998EnigmaCamera Obscura1:27The Screen Behind the Mirror92000228
3999EnigmaBetween Mind & Heart4:09The Screen Behind the Mirror102000207
4000EnigmaSilence Must Be Heard5:19The Screen Behind the Mirror112000189
4001EnigmaFrom East To West4:11Voyageur12003196
4004EnigmaPage Of Cups7:00Voyageur42003212
4006EnigmaTotal Eclipse Of The Moon2:16Voyageur62003177
4007EnigmaLook Of Today3:42Voyageur72003207
4008EnigmaIn The Shadow, In The Light5:35Voyageur82003197
4010EnigmaThe Piano2:59Voyageur102003198
4011EnigmaFollowing The Sun5:49Voyageur112003201
4012Ennio MorriconeIl Tramonto1:15Kill Bill Vol. 2 (OST)32004190
4013Ennio MorriconeL'Arena4:46Kill Bill Vol. 2 (OST)92004210
4014Ennio MorriconeA Silhouette Of Doom2:54Kill Bill Vol. 2 (OST)112004197
4015Ennio MorriconeThe Men From Shiloh (1970-1971)1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5381996128
4016Ennio MorriconeThe Thing Humanity (Part 1)6:53This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)131999195
4017Enoch Light & the Light BrigadeBond Street2:38Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's81999262
4018Enoch Light & The Light BrigadeChattanooga Choo-Choo3:35<