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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1G.B. GraysonOmmie Wise3:12Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 1)131952128
2G.C. CameronIt's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday3:27Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)191993166
3Gabriel & DresdenLet Go6:38Gabriel & Dresden12006187
4Gabriel & DresdenEleven5:00Gabriel & Dresden22006196
5Gabriel & DresdenEnemy5:27Gabriel & Dresden32006198
6Gabriel & DresdenDust In The Wind8:45Gabriel & Dresden42006198
7Gabriel & DresdenMass Repeat4:58Gabriel & Dresden52006189
8Gabriel & DresdenCloser5:43Gabriel & Dresden62006175
9Gabriel & DresdenNot Enough4:09Gabriel & Dresden72006182
10Gabriel & DresdenAmsterdam Interlude1:22Gabriel & Dresden82006211
11Gabriel & DresdenNew Path4:56Gabriel & Dresden92006183
12Gabriel & DresdenSydney6:36Gabriel & Dresden102006199
13Gabriel & DresdenDangerous Power7:45Gabriel & Dresden112006198
14Gabriel & DresdenTracking Treasure Down8:41Gabriel & Dresden122006181
15Gabriel & DresdenArcadia8:28Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)12004209
16Gabriel & DresdenSerendipity8:13Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)22004231
17Gabriel & DresdenLament8:14Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)32004257
18Gabriel & DresdenDub Horizon6:58Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)92004228
19Gabriel FauréPavane, Op.505:27Paper Music - Bobby McFerrin & Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra31995188
20Gabriel KaplanUp Your Nose3:52The Dr. Demento Collection: The Late '70s131996128
21GabrielleDreams3:38The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)201993183
22Gabrielle Roth & The MirrorsGhost Dancer5:14Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)21997194
23Gaelic StormAn Irish Party in Third Class3:49Back to Titanic (OST) 1998224
24Gaelic StormHills of Connemara3:11Gaelic Storm11998227
25Gaelic StormBonnie Ship The Diamond/Tamlinn5:25Gaelic Storm21998248
26Gaelic StormThe Farmer's Frolic2:35Gaelic Storm31998239
27Gaelic StormJohnny Jump Up/Morrison's Jig5:00Gaelic Storm41998196
28Gaelic StormThe Storm4:30Gaelic Storm51998239
29Gaelic StormTell Me Ma2:43Gaelic Storm61998223
30Gaelic StormRocky Road To Dublin/Kid on the Mountain3:59Gaelic Storm71998210
31Gaelic StormSight of Land4:39Gaelic Storm81998250
32Gaelic StormThe Leaving of Liverpool3:40Gaelic Storm91998234
33Gaelic StormSammy's Fancy4:29Gaelic Storm101998238
34Gaelic StormMcCloud's Reel/Whup Jamboree3:05Gaelic Storm111998250
35Gaelic StormThe Road to Liskeard3:06Gaelic Storm121998228
36Gaelic StormDrink the Night Away3:14Herding Cats11999243
37Gaelic StormThe Ferryman4:00Herding Cats21999241
38Gaelic StormSouth Australia4:12Herding Cats31999230
39Gaelic StormAfter Hours at McGann's3:40Herding Cats41999258
40Gaelic StormHeart of the Ocean4:29Herding Cats51999220
41Gaelic StormBreakfast at Lady A.'s4:06Herding Cats61999240
42Gaelic StormThe Park East Polkas3:46Herding Cats71999224
43Gaelic StormSpanish Lady3:53Herding Cats81999237
44Gaelic StormThe Devil Went Down to Doolin5:48Herding Cats91999259
45Gaelic StormTHe Barnyards of Delgaty2:35Herding Cats101999226
46Gaelic StormThe Broken Promise4:35Herding Cats111999262
47Gaelic StormShe Was the Prize4:11Herding Cats121999244
48Gaelic StormTitanic Set3:22Herding Cats131999231
49Gaelic StormI Miss My Home3:52How Are We Getting Home?12004256
50Gaelic StormBorn To Be A Bachelor3:47How Are We Getting Home?22004248
51Gaelic StormPunjab Paddy3:45How Are We Getting Home?32004234
52Gaelic StormStain The Grout3:23How Are We Getting Home?42004203
53Gaelic StormTear Upon The Rose4:58How Are We Getting Home?52004222
54Gaelic StormSummer's Gone4:19How Are We Getting Home?62004230
55Gaelic StormPiña Colada In A Pint Glass3:39How Are We Getting Home?72004235
56Gaelic StormFish And Get Fat4:10How Are We Getting Home?82004228
57Gaelic StormThe Lone-Star Stowaway3:18How Are We Getting Home?92004250
58Gaelic StormWhen I Win4:42How Are We Getting Home?102004252
59Gaelic StormAn Cailin Deas Rua4:36How Are We Getting Home?112004225
60Gaelic StormDown Underground4:09How Are We Getting Home?122004219
61Gaelic StormCab Ride To Kingston3:34How Are We Getting Home?132004219
62Gaelic StormTime, Drink 'em Up3:33How Are We Getting Home?142004252
63Gaelic StormShort A Couple A' Bob3:06How Are We Getting Home?152004238
64Gaelic StormCourtin' In The Kitchen4:08Special Reserve12003219
65Gaelic StormJohnny Tarr3:31Special Reserve22003220
66Gaelic StormThe Schooner Lake Set4:04Special Reserve32003203
67Gaelic StormThe Leaving Of Liverpool3:40Special Reserve42003196
68Gaelic StormDrink The Night Away3:15Special Reserve52003205
69Gaelic StormAfter Hours At McGann's3:40Special Reserve62003235
70Gaelic StormSwimmin' In The Sea4:20Special Reserve72003215
71Gaelic StormNancy Whiskey3:28Special Reserve82003226
72Gaelic StormShe Was The Prize4:12Special Reserve92003203
73Gaelic StormJohnny Jump Up / Morrison's Jig5:00Special Reserve102003163
74Gaelic StormTitanic Set3:22Special Reserve112003209
75Gaelic StormTell Me Ma2:43Special Reserve122003184
76Gaelic StormBeggerman3:45Special Reserve132003219
77Gaelic StormBeggarman3:45Tree12001260
78Gaelic StormBefore The Night Is Over4:53Tree22001245
79Gaelic StormJohnny Tarr3:30Tree32001258
80Gaelic StormSwimmin' In The Sea4:21Tree42001254
81Gaelic StormThe Plouescat Races4:28Tree52001247
82Gaelic StormBlack Is The Colour5:31Tree62001230
83Gaelic StormMary's Eyes4:18Tree72001215
84Gaelic StormNew York Girls4:24Tree82001256
85Gaelic StormAn Poc Ar Buile3:58Tree92001254
86Gaelic StormThirsty Work3:34Tree102001250
87Gaelic StormI Thought I Knew You3:29Tree112001246
88Gaelic StormGo Home, Girl!3:27Tree122001247
89Gaelic StormMidnight Kiss6:04Tree132001247
90Gaelic StormWalk Through My Door3:55Tree142001223
91Gaetano BragaAmos N' Andy1:19Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)581996155
92GalaFreed From Desire2:28Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)152000253
93Gale GarnettWe'll Sing In The Sunshine2:59AM Gold: 1964201995183
94Gale GarnettWe'll Sing In The Sunshine2:59Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)3 186
95Gale GarnettWe'll Sing in the Sunshine3:00TM Century GoldDisc Update 451991193
96Gale McCormickIt's A Cryin' Shame2:48Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)62001209
97Gale StormDark Moon2:29The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)41997197
98Gale StormDark Moon2:29Your Hit Parade 1957151990126
99Gallagher & LyleHeart on My Sleeve3:25Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s91996183
100Gallagher & LyleHeart On My Steeve3:08The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)31999187
101Gallagher & LyleBreakaway3:45The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)91999186
102Gallagher & LyleI Wanna Stay With You2:59The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)71999191
103Gallagher & LyleI Wanna Stay With You3:00Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)222001190
104GalleryNice to Be With You2:3770s Music Explosion: Sunshine (Disc 2)142005231
105GalleryNice To Be With You2:38Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)51998230
106GalleryBig City Miss Ruth Ann2:27Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1161990229
107GalleryI Believe In Music2:39Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 971990212
108The Game feat. 50 CentHow We Do3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03112005171
109The Game feat. 50 CentHate It Or Love It (Album Version - Edited)3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0442005199
110The Game ft. Kayne WestWouldn't Get Far3:52Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 200782007188
111GammaThunder and Lightning4:37Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]11979197
112GammaI'm Alive3:18Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]21979205
113GammaRazor King5:53Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]31979209
114GammaNo Tears4:53Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]41979208
115GammaSolar Heat3:09Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]51979192
116GammaReady For Action3:39Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]61979212
117GammaWish I Was5:17Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]71979195
118GammaFight to the Finish6:25Gamma 1 [2002 Remaster]81979208
119GammaMean Streak4:50Gamma 211980238
120GammaFour Horsemen4:48Gamma 221980215
121GammaDirty City4:05Gamma 231980232
122GammaVoyager5:23Gamma 241980210
123GammaSomething In The Air3:17Gamma 251980221
124GammaCat On A Leash4:03Gamma 261980239
125GammaSkin & Bone4:48Gamma 271980226
126GammaMayday5:37Gamma 281980224
127GammaWhat's Gone Is Gone5:30Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]11982223
128GammaRight the First Time3:47Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]21982203
129GammaMoving Violation3:36Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]31982223
130GammaMobile Devotion6:34Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]41982215
131GammaStranger3:00Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]51982212
132GammaCondition Yellow4:08Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]61982219
133GammaModern Girl3:35Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]71982220
134GammaNo Way Out4:05Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]81982219
135GammaThird Degree4:37Gamma 3 [2002 Remaster]91982219
136Gang Of FourEther3:50Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)11995212
137Gang Of FourNatural's Not In It3:06Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)21995187
138Gang Of FourNot Great Men3:06Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)31995190
139Gang Of FourDamaged Goods3:26Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)41995208
140Gang Of FourReturn The Gift3:06Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)51995207
141Gang Of FourGuns Before Butter3:45Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)61995191
142Gang Of FourI Found That Essence Rare3:14Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)71995201
143Gang Of FourGlass2:28Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)81995187
144Gang Of FourContract2:40Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)91995198
145Gang Of FourAt Home He's A Tourist3:30Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)101995202
146Gang Of Four5.453:43Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)111995195
147Gang Of FourAnthrax4:25Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)121995167
148Gang Of FourOutside The Trains Don't Run On Time3:15Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)131995219
149Gang Of FourHe'd Send In the Army3:41Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)141995213
150Gang Of FourIt's Her Factory3:09Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)151995214
151Gang Of FourArmalite Rifle2:50Entertainment! (1979) Yellow (EP) (1980)161995210
152Gang Of FourParalysed3:22Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)11995184
153Gang Of FourWhat We All Want4:59Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)21995194
154Gang Of FourWhy Theory?2:33Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)31995198
155Gang Of FourIf I Could Keep It For Myself4:09Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)41995203
156Gang Of FourOutside The Trains Don't Run On Time3:19Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)51995196
157Gang Of FourCheeseburger4:05Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)61995190
158Gang Of FourThe Republic3:21Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)71995201
159Gang Of FourIn The Ditch4:22Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)81995183
160Gang Of FourA Hole In The Wallet4:05Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)91995210
161Gang Of FourHe'd Send In The Army4:28Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)101995196
162Gang Of FourTo Hell With Poverty!4:59Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)111995221
163Gang Of FourCapital (It Fails Us Now)4:04Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)121995217
164Gang Of FourHistory's Bunk!3:01Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)131995200
165Gang Of FourCheeseburger (Live)3:40Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)141995193
166Gang Of FourWhat We All Want (Live)5:24Solid Gold (1981) Another Day/Another Dollar (1982)151995178
167Gang StarrYou Know My Steez3:44The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)72004165
168GANGgajangSounds Of Then3:55Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)22000217
169GangstarrBattle2:568 Mile (OST)152002148
170GANSJoin the Party4:20  2000128
171The GantsRoad Runner2:21Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets7 227
172The GantsI Wonder2:15Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)211998155
173The Gap BandOops Upside Your Head8:40Funked! Vol. 3132001224
174The Gap BandBurn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)5:32Funked! Vol. 3152001215
175The Gap BandYou Dropped A Bomb On Me4:03Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)202002252
176The Gap BandYou Dropped a Bomb on Me (Original Version)5:11Old School Jams 3 (Disc 1)82001222
177The Gap BandOops Upside Your Head3:25Pure Disco141996215
178The Gap BandThe Boys Are Back In Town3:23Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)232001199
179GarbageShut Your Mouth3:25Beautiful Garbage12001235
180GarbageAndrogyny3:09Beautiful Garbage22001206
181GarbageCan't Cry These Tears4:16Beautiful Garbage32001207
182GarbageTil The Day I Die3:28Beautiful Garbage42001186
183GarbageCup Of Coffee4:31Beautiful Garbage52001193
184GarbageSilence Is Golden3:49Beautiful Garbage62001210
185GarbageCherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)3:12Beautiful Garbage72001213
186GarbageBreaking Up The Girl3:33Beautiful Garbage82001224
187GarbageDrive You Home3:58Beautiful Garbage92001183
188GarbageParade4:06Beautiful Garbage102001204
189GarbageNobody Loves You5:07Beautiful Garbage112001208
190GarbageUntouchable4:03Beautiful Garbage122001187
191GarbageSo Like A Rose6:17Beautiful Garbage132001166
192GarbageBad Boyfriend3:46Bleed Like Me12005246
193GarbageRun Baby Run3:58Bleed Like Me22005236
194GarbageRight Between The Eyes3:56Bleed Like Me32005239
195GarbageWhy Do You Love Me3:54Bleed Like Me42005238
196GarbageBleed Like Me4:01Bleed Like Me52005203
197GarbageMetal Heart3:59Bleed Like Me62005247
198GarbageSex Is Not The Enemy3:06Bleed Like Me72005245
199GarbageIt's All Over But The Crying4:39Bleed Like Me82005214
200GarbageBoys Wanna Fight4:16Bleed Like Me92005237
201GarbageWhy Don't You Come Over3:25Bleed Like Me102005254
202GarbageHappy Home6:00Bleed Like Me112005229
205GarbageOnly Happy When It Rains3:56Garbage31995228
206GarbageAs Heaven Is Wide4:43Garbage41995231
207GarbageNot My Idea3:49Garbage51995199
208GarbageA Stroke Of Luck4:45Garbage61995198
210GarbageStupid Girl4:18Garbage81995226
211GarbageDog New Tricks3:57Garbage91995228
212GarbageMy Lover's Box3:55Garbage101995221
213GarbageFix Me Now4:43Garbage111995209
215GarbageSpecial3:45Now That's What I Call Music! 3101999231
216GarbageThe World Is Not Enough3:56The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)202002197
217GarbageParanoid [The Crystal Method Remix]5:23The Crystal Method - Community Service122002238
218GarbageTemptation Waits4:36Version 2.011998226
219GarbageI Think I'm Paranoid3:38Version 2.021998206
220GarbageWhen I Grow Up3:24Version 2.031998217
221GarbageMedication4:08Version 2.041998212
222GarbageSpecial3:43Version 2.051998238
223GarbageHammering In My Head4:52Version 2.061998222
224GarbagePush It4:02Version 2.071998227
225GarbageThe Trick Is To Keep Breathing4:11Version 2.081998178
226GarbageDumb3:50Version 2.091998237
227GarbageSleep Together4:03Version 2.0101998206
228GarbageWicked Ways3:43Version 2.0111998199
229GarbageYou Look So Fine5:24Version 2.0121998209
230The Garden ClubLittle Girls Lost-And-Found3:01Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)122009154
231Garnet MimmsCry Baby3:26Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1963101986196
232Garnet Mimms and the EnchantersA Quiet Place2:23Lost Treasures Volume 110 178
233Garnet Mimms and the EnchantersCry Baby3:26The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 1)72006202
234Garry Malkin & Michael BoydUnsolved Mysteries1:53Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)491996215
235Garth BrooksGo Tell It On The Mountain3:30Beyond The Season11992198
236Garth BrooksGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:34Beyond The Season21992188
237Garth BrooksThe Old Man's Back In Town2:34Beyond The Season31992205
238Garth BrooksThe Gift4:44Beyond The Season41992186
239Garth BrooksUnto You This Night3:17Beyond The Season51992186
240Garth BrooksWhite Christmas2:56Beyond The Season61992189
241Garth BrooksThe Friendly Beasts3:34Beyond The Season71992183
242Garth BrooksSanta Looked A Lot Like Daddy2:31Beyond The Season81992198
243Garth BrooksSilent Night3:46Beyond The Season91992175
244Garth BrooksMary's Dream0:50Beyond The Season101992177
245Garth BrooksWhat Child Is This3:27Beyond The Season111992180
246Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge2:57Double Live (Disc 1)11998215
247Garth BrooksTwo Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House2:38Double Live (Disc 1)21998207
248Garth BrooksShameless4:02Double Live (Disc 1)31998195
249Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama2:45Double Live (Disc 1)41998206
250Garth BrooksThe Thunder Rolls (The Long Version)4:49Double Live (Disc 1)51998192
251Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free4:44Double Live (Disc 1)61998176
252Garth BrooksUnanswered Prayers3:42Double Live (Disc 1)71998186
253Garth BrooksStanding Outside The Fire3:36Double Live (Disc 1)81998204
254Garth BrooksLongneck Bottle (With Special Guest Steve Wariner)2:44Double Live (Disc 1)91998203
255Garth BrooksIt's Your Song4:18Double Live (Disc 1)101998189
256Garth BrooksMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)3:14Double Live (Disc 1)111998206
257Garth BrooksThe River3:42Double Live (Disc 1)121998180
258Garth BrooksTearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)3:58Double Live (Disc 1)141998215
259Garth BrooksAin't Goin' Down ('til The Sun Comes Up)4:46Double Live (Disc 2)11998202
260Garth BrooksRodeo3:39Double Live (Disc 2)21998212
261Garth BrooksThe Beaches Of Cheyenne3:49Double Live (Disc 2)31998201
262Garth BrooksTwo Piña Coladas4:28Double Live (Disc 2)41998197
263Garth BrooksWild As The Wind (The Duet With Trisha Yearwood)4:11Double Live (Disc 2)51998184
264Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love2:59Double Live (Disc 2)61998182
265Garth BrooksThat Summer4:44Double Live (Disc 2)71998187
266Garth BrooksAmerican Honky-Tonk Bar Association4:07Double Live (Disc 2)81998212
267Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:45Double Live (Disc 2)91998186
268Garth BrooksThe Fever3:41Double Live (Disc 2)101998226
269Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places (The Long Version)8:57Double Live (Disc 2)111998201
270Garth BrooksThe Dance3:57Double Live (Disc 2)121998193
271Garth BrooksThe Old Stuff4:12Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)11995210
272Garth BrooksCowboys And Angels3:16Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)21995192
273Garth BrooksThe Fever2:40Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)31995221
274Garth BrooksThat Ol' Wind5:22Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)41995195
275Garth BrooksRollin'4:08Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)51995214
276Garth BrooksThe Change4:06Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)61995172
277Garth BrooksThe Beaches Of Cheyenne4:13Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)71995217
278Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love3:55Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)81995165
279Garth BrooksIt's Midnight Cinderella2:24Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)91995198
280Garth BrooksShe's Every Woman2:51Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)101995187
281Garth BrooksIreland5:02Fresh Horses (The Limited Series)111995186
282Garth BrooksIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year2:57Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas11999202
283Garth BrooksLet It Snow2:06Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas21999203
284Garth BrooksThe Christmas Song3:25Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas31999179
285Garth BrooksWhite Christmas2:58Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas41999179
286Garth BrooksBaby Jesus Is Born3:59Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas51999189
287Garth BrooksGOD Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:35Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas61999186
288Garth BrooksWinter Wonderland3:33Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas71999196
289Garth BrooksSleigh Ride3:27Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas81999192
290Garth BrooksHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:05Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas91999177
291Garth Brooks(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays2:18Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas101999203
292Garth BrooksSilver Bells3:34Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas111999188
293Garth BrooksGo Tell It On The Mountain3:25Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas121999204
294Garth BrooksThe Wise Men's Journey1:28Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas131999195
295Garth BrooksO Little Town Of Bethlehem3:03Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas141999175
296Garth BrooksNot Counting You2:34Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]11989201
297Garth BrooksI've Got A Good Thing Going2:54Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]21989193
298Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:40Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]31989185
299Garth BrooksUptown Down-Home Good Ol' Boy3:05Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]41989191
300Garth BrooksEverytime That It Rains4:12Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]51989188
301Garth BrooksAlabama Clay3:40Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]61989188
302Garth BrooksMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)2:58Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]71989201
303Garth BrooksCowboy Bill4:34Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]81989179
304Garth BrooksNobody Gets Off In This Town2:19Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]91989183
305Garth BrooksI Know One2:55Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]101989192
306Garth BrooksThe Dance3:42Garth Brooks [The Limited Series]111989186
307Garth BrooksStanding Outside The Fire3:52In Pieces [The Limited Series]11993220
308Garth BrooksThe Night I Called The Old Man Out3:12In Pieces [The Limited Series]21993219
309Garth BrooksAmerican Honky-Tonk Bar Association3:33In Pieces [The Limited Series]31993221
310Garth BrooksOne Night A Day4:15In Pieces [The Limited Series]41993192
311Garth BrooksKickin' And Screamin'4:01In Pieces [The Limited Series]51993198
312Garth BrooksAnonymous2:55In Pieces [The Limited Series]61993179
313Garth BrooksAin't Going Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)4:34In Pieces [The Limited Series]71993232
314Garth BrooksThe Red Strokes3:44In Pieces [The Limited Series]81993209
315Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge2:38In Pieces [The Limited Series]91993221
316Garth BrooksThe Night Will Only Know3:55In Pieces [The Limited Series]101993221
317Garth BrooksThe Cowboy Song4:00In Pieces [The Limited Series]111993202
318Garth BrooksHard Luck Woman3:16Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved21994234
319Garth BrooksThe Thunder Rolls3:45No Fences11990198
320Garth BrooksNew Way To Fly3:54No Fences21990180
321Garth BrooksTwo Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House2:32No Fences31990199
322Garth BrooksVictim Of The Game3:06No Fences41990184
323Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places4:19No Fences51990195
324Garth BrooksWild Horses3:09No Fences61990205
325Garth BrooksUnanswered Prayers3:25No Fences71990194
326Garth BrooksSame Old Story2:52No Fences81990187
327Garth BrooksMr. Blue3:18No Fences91990184
328Garth BrooksWolves4:08No Fences101990188
329Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07141998179
330Garth BrooksAgainst The Grain2:22Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]11991207
331Garth BrooksRodeo3:53Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]21991205
332Garth BrooksWhat She's Doing Now3:26Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]31991195
333Garth BrooksBurning Bridges3:34Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]41991197
334Garth BrooksWhich One Of Them2:39Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]51991171
335Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama2:51Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]61991216
336Garth BrooksShameless4:20Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]71991212
337Garth BrooksCold Shoulder3:55Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]81991190
338Garth BrooksWe Bury The Hatchet3:05Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]91991199
339Garth BrooksIn Lonesome Dove4:48Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]101991200
340Garth BrooksThe River4:28Ropin' The Wind [The Limited Series]111991191
341Garth BrooksWhy Ain't I Running4:32Scarecrow12001224
342Garth BrooksBeer Run (With George Jones)2:30Scarecrow22001203
343Garth BrooksWrapped Up In You4:43Scarecrow32001214
344Garth BrooksThe Storm4:36Scarecrow42001191
345Garth BrooksThicker Than Blood2:53Scarecrow52001198
346Garth BrooksBig Money4:01Scarecrow62001190
347Garth BrooksSqueeze Me In (With Trisha Yearwood)3:32Scarecrow72001214
348Garth BrooksMr. Midnight4:03Scarecrow82001183
349Garth BrooksPushing Up Daisies4:19Scarecrow92001184
350Garth BrooksRodeo Or Mexico4:23Scarecrow102001218
351Garth BrooksDon't Cross The River4:08Scarecrow112001191
352Garth BrooksWhen You Come Back To Me Again4:44Scarecrow122001198
353Garth BrooksLongneck Bottle2:17Sevens11997203
354Garth BrooksHow You Ever Gonna Know3:36Sevens21997205
355Garth BrooksShe's Gonna Make It2:47Sevens31997192
356Garth BrooksI Don't Have To Wonder3:04Sevens41997201
357Garth BrooksTwo Piña Coladas3:35Sevens51997203
358Garth BrooksCowboy Cadillac2:51Sevens61997223
359Garth BrooksFit For A King4:00Sevens71997203
360Garth BrooksDo What You Gotta Do2:59Sevens81997221
361Garth BrooksYou Move Me4:34Sevens91997200
362Garth BrooksIn Another's Eyes (feat. Trisha Yearwood)3:33Sevens101997188
363Garth BrooksWhen There's No One Around3:33Sevens111997199
364Garth BrooksA Friend To Me3:05Sevens121997180
365Garth BrooksTake The Keys To My Heart2:32Sevens131997199
366Garth BrooksBelleau Wood3:29Sevens141997176
367Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free3:48The Chase [The Limited Series]11992207
368Garth BrooksSomewhere Other Than The Night3:12The Chase [The Limited Series]21992189
369Garth BrooksMr. Right2:01The Chase [The Limited Series]31992205
370Garth BrooksEvery Now And Then4:16The Chase [The Limited Series]41992191
371Garth BrooksWalking After Midnight2:33The Chase [The Limited Series]51992195
372Garth BrooksDixie Chicken4:25The Chase [The Limited Series]61992203
373Garth BrooksLearning To Live Again4:06The Chase [The Limited Series]71992188
374Garth BrooksThat Summer4:46The Chase [The Limited Series]81992199
375Garth BrooksSomething With A Ring To It2:33The Chase [The Limited Series]91992206
376Garth BrooksNight Rider's Lament4:05The Chase [The Limited Series]101992180
377Garth BrooksFace To Face4:26The Chase [The Limited Series]111992191
378Garth BrooksThat's The Way I Remember It4:29The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)11999189
379Garth BrooksLost In You3:04The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)21999185
380Garth BrooksSnow In July4:19The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)31999215
381Garth BrooksDriftin' Away4:57The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)41999190
382Garth BrooksWay Of The Girl3:44The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)51999205
383Garth BrooksUnsigned Letter4:16The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)61999195
384Garth BrooksIt Don't Matter To The Sun4:22The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)71999190
385Garth BrooksRight Now3:24The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)81999205
386Garth BrooksMain Street4:12The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)91999221
387Garth BrooksWhite Flag4:43The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)101999217
388Garth BrooksDigging For Gold5:09The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)111999209
389Garth BrooksMaybe5:11The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)121999203
390Garth BrooksMy Love Tells Me So4:35The Life Of Chris Gaines (OST)131999217
391Garth BrooksGood Ride Cowboy3:25The Lost Sessions12005222
392Garth BrooksAllison Miranda5:04The Lost Sessions22005219
393Garth BrooksLove Will Always Win (With Trisha Yearwood)4:41The Lost Sessions32005205
394Garth BrooksShe Don't Care About Me2:56The Lost Sessions42005219
395Garth BrooksThat Girl Is A Cowboy4:22The Lost Sessions52005220
396Garth BrooksFishin' In the Dark3:39The Lost Sessions62005231
397Garth BrooksFor A Minute There5:15The Lost Sessions72005206
398Garth BrooksI'd Rather Have Nothing3:46The Lost Sessions82005215
399Garth BrooksCowgirl's Saddle3:19The Lost Sessions92005218
400Garth BrooksUnder the Table3:04The Lost Sessions102005205
401Garth BrooksAmerican Dream1:54The Lost Sessions112005200
402Garth BrooksI'll Be The Wind4:05The Lost Sessions122005236
403Garth BrooksMeet Me In Love2:58The Lost Sessions132005203
404Garth BrooksYou Can't Help Who You Love3:46The Lost Sessions142005208
405Garth BrooksPlease Operator (Could You Trace This Call)3:43The Lost Sessions152005223
406Garth BrooksMy Baby No Esta Aqui2:51The Lost Sessions162005236
407Garth BrooksLast Night I Had the Strangest Dream3:31The Lost Sessions172005181
408Garth Brooks As Chris GainesRight Now3:24Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 199981999205
409Gary "U.S." BondsSchool Is Out2:31Still Rockin' 196121989155
410Gary & DaveCould You Ever Love Me Again3:25Living In The 70's (Disc 1)191995209
411Gary AllanMan To Man3:43Alright Guy12001212
412Gary AllanThe Devil's Candy2:32Alright Guy22001203
413Gary AllanWhat I'd Say3:39Alright Guy32001195
414Gary AllanMan Of Me3:28Alright Guy42001227
415Gary AllanAdobe Walls4:17Alright Guy52001189
416Gary AllanWhat's On My Mind3:00Alright Guy62001222
417Gary AllanAlright Guy4:22Alright Guy72001203
418Gary AllanThe One4:19Alright Guy82001211
419Gary AllanI'm Doin' My Best3:46Alright Guy92001202
420Gary AllanI Don't Look Back3:04Alright Guy102001239
421Gary AllanWhat Would Willie Do5:28Alright Guy112001188
422Gary AllanGet Off On The Pain3:55Get Off On The Pain12010235
423Gary AllanI Think I've Had Enough3:43Get Off On The Pain22010207
424Gary AllanToday3:58Get Off On The Pain32010208
425Gary AllanThat Ain't Gonna Fly2:57Get Off On The Pain42010227
426Gary AllanKiss Me When I'm Down3:53Get Off On The Pain52010211
427Gary AllanWe Fly By Night4:39Get Off On The Pain62010208
428Gary AllanWhen You Give Yourself Away3:34Get Off On The Pain72010214
429Gary AllanAlong The Way3:48Get Off On The Pain82010212
430Gary AllanShe Gets Me4:00Get Off On The Pain92010202
431Gary AllanNo Regrets4:34Get Off On The Pain102010197
432Gary AllanIt Would Be You2:55It Would Be You11998206
433Gary AllanNo Man In His Wrong Heart4:13It Would Be You21998210
434Gary AllanDon't Leave Her Lonley Too Long3:35It Would Be You31998220
435Gary AllanI'll Take Today2:57It Would Be You41998195
436Gary AllanI Ain't Runnin' Yet4:27It Would Be You51998206
437Gary AllanShe Loves Me, She Don't Love You3:22It Would Be You61998206
438Gary AllanI've Got A Quarter In My Pocket2:34It Would Be You71998211
439Gary AllanBaby I Will3:12It Would Be You81998192
440Gary AllanRed Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies3:00It Would Be You91998218
441Gary AllanIt Took Us All Night Long To Say Goodbye3:02It Would Be You101998216
442Gary AllanForgotten, But Not Gone9:09It Would Be You111998180
443Gary AllanWatching Airplanes4:03Living Hard12007228
444Gary AllanWe Touched The Sun3:42Living Hard22007237
445Gary AllanShe's So California3:21Living Hard32007224
446Gary AllanLike It's A Bad Thing3:23Living Hard42007234
447Gary AllanLearning How To Bend3:27Living Hard52007230
448Gary AllanAs Long As You're Looking Back3:29Living Hard62007226
449Gary AllanWrecking Ball3:49Living Hard72007243
450Gary AllanYesterday's Rain3:55Living Hard82007209
451Gary AllanTrying To Matter3:27Living Hard92007241
452Gary AllanHalf Of My Mistakes4:31Living Hard102007218
453Gary AllanLiving Hard3:54Living Hard112007235
454Gary AllanDrinkin' Dark Whiskey3:01See If I Care12003200
455Gary AllanCan't Do It Today3:26See If I Care22003211
456Gary AllanTough Little Boys3:57See If I Care32003184
457Gary AllanSee If I Care3:39See If I Care42003185
458Gary AllanSongs About Rain4:25See If I Care52003210
459Gary AllanI Can Love You2:51See If I Care62003187
460Gary AllanDon't Look Away4:32See If I Care72003190
461Gary AllanGuys Like Me2:58See If I Care82003206
462Gary AllanNothing On But The Radio3:32See If I Care92003225
463Gary AllanYou Don't Know A Thing About Me4:18See If I Care102003197
464Gary AllanA Showman's Life (Featuring Willie Nelson)4:32See If I Care112003197
465Gary AllanSmoke Rings In The Dark4:18Smoke Rings In The Dark11999201
466Gary AllanRight Where I Need To Be3:02Smoke Rings In The Dark21999221
467Gary AllanDon't Tell Mama3:56Smoke Rings In The Dark31999193
468Gary AllanLovin' You Against My Will3:59Smoke Rings In The Dark41999212
469Gary AllanSorry3:07Smoke Rings In The Dark51999188
470Gary AllanCryin' For Nothin'4:18Smoke Rings In The Dark61999215
471Gary AllanBourbon Borderline2:47Smoke Rings In The Dark71999202
472Gary AllanRunaway2:45Smoke Rings In The Dark81999214
473Gary AllanLearning To Live With Me2:36Smoke Rings In The Dark91999199
474Gary AllanCowboy Blues2:58Smoke Rings In The Dark101999214
475Gary AllanI'm The One3:18Smoke Rings In The Dark111999202
476Gary AllanGreenfields3:11Smoke Rings In The Dark121999193
477Gary AllanTough All Over3:21Tough All Over12005237
478Gary AllanBest I Ever Had4:11Tough All Over22005215
479Gary AllanI Just Got Back From Hell4:03Tough All Over32005207
480Gary AllanRing3:47Tough All Over42005216
481Gary AllanPromise Broken3:11Tough All Over52005208
482Gary AllanNickajack Cave (Johnny Cash's Redemption)4:15Tough All Over62005194
483Gary AllanLife Ain't Always Beautiful3:44Tough All Over72005203
484Gary AllanHe Can't Quit Her3:32Tough All Over82005216
485Gary AllanWhat Kind Of Fool3:57Tough All Over92005213
486Gary AllanPuttin' Memories Away3:21Tough All Over102005210
487Gary AllanNo Damn Good3:44Tough All Over112005221
488Gary AllanPutting My Misery On Display6:07Tough All Over122005228
489Gary AllanSend Back My Heart3:19Used Heart For Sale11996226
490Gary AllanHer Man2:44Used Heart For Sale21996200
491Gary AllanForever And A Day2:38Used Heart For Sale31996213
492Gary AllanLiving In A House Full Of Love2:21Used Heart For Sale41996220
493Gary AllanAll I Had Is Going Is Gone2:56Used Heart For Sale51996198
494Gary AllanUsed Heart For Sale2:29Used Heart For Sale61996214
495Gary AllanOf All The Hearts2:46Used Heart For Sale71996203
496Gary AllanFrom Where I'm Sitting4:04Used Heart For Sale81996201
497Gary AllanWine Me Up2:22Used Heart For Sale91996215
498Gary AllanWake Up Screaming4:43Used Heart For Sale101996211
499Gary BarlowSo Help Me Girl4:29Total Hits Vol. 2181999204
500Gary BarlowForever Love4:50World Of Music - Ballads From The 90's42002195
501Gary Beach & Cady HuffmanPrisoners Of Love (Leo & Max)4:15The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)192001196
502Gary Beach & Eric FunhusSpringtime For Hitler8:24The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)152001192
503Gary Beach & Roger BartKeep It Gay5:11The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)82001183
504Gary Beach & Roger BartYou Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night1:36The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)142001189
505Gary Byrd And The GB ExperienceThe Crown (12" Vocal)10:43Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 2)62001212
506Gary ChapmanMan After Your Own Heart4:54WOW 1997 (Disc 1)131996193
507Gary ChapmanOne of Two4:56WOW 1998 (Black Disc)131997196
508Gary CrosbyPlay A Simple Melody2:55Your Hit Parade 19506 130
509Gary GlitterRock and Roll (Part 1 & 2)5:46   128
510Gary GlitterRock And Roll Part 23:02Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)91998212
511Gary GlitterRock & Roll, Part 22:58Jock Jams, Vol. 1201995226
512Gary GlitterRock And Roll Part Two3:03Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits11998208
513Gary GlitterDo You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!)3:21Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits21998227
514Gary GlitterI'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)3:31Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits31998138
515Gary GlitterThe Wanderer2:49Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits41998217
516Gary GlitterI Didn't Know I Loved You ('Til I Saw You Rock And Roll)3:26Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits51998208
517Gary GlitterRock On3:36Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits61998213
518Gary GlitterHello! Hello! I'm Back Again3:23Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits71998207
519Gary GlitterBaby Please Don't Go2:55Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits81998214
520Gary GlitterRemember Me This Way4:21Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits91998130
521Gary GlitterI Love You Love Me Love3:15Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits101998135
522Gary GlitterDoing Alright With The Boys3:19Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits111998133
523Gary GlitterLove Like You And Me3:20Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits121998138
524Gary GlitterAlways Yours3:26Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits131998204
525Gary GlitterOh Yes! You're Beautiful3:54Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits141998200
526Gary GlitterYou Belong To Me3:31Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits151998203
527Gary GlitterRock And Roll Part One3:03Rock And Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits161998204
528Gary GlitterAnother Rock And Roll Christmas3:47Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)141995213
529Gary GlitterRock And Roll Part 22:59Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 931990208
530Gary GlitterAnother Rock 'N' Roll Christmas3:48The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)141996211
531Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandHello Hello I'm Back Again3:22Back Again - Their Very Best11991214
532Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandDo You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)3:19Back Again - Their Very Best21991207
533Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandLet's Get Together Again4:02Back Again - Their Very Best31991207
534Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandI'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)3:29Back Again - Their Very Best41991170
535Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandLove In The Sun3:05Back Again - Their Very Best51991195
536Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandJust For You3:09Back Again - Their Very Best61991203
537Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandGoodbye My Love3:42Back Again - Their Very Best71991208
538Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandRock And Roll (Part 2)3:01Back Again - Their Very Best81991213
539Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandI Love You, Love Me Love3:10Back Again - Their Very Best91991185
540Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandAngel Face2:57Back Again - Their Very Best101991200
541Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandPeople Like You And People Like Me3:17Back Again - Their Very Best111991207
542Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandThe Tears I Cried3:34Back Again - Their Very Best121991127
543Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandAlways Yours3:24Back Again - Their Very Best131991192
544Gary Glitter & The Glitter BandRemember Me This Way4:19Back Again - Their Very Best141991171
545Gary Green, Robby Krieger, Jay Schellen, Alan White & Colin MouldingTime6:56Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd32006209
546Gary HoeyShed My Skin3:14American Made12006249
547Gary HoeyLunatic Fringe4:00American Made22006245
548Gary HoeyReaction3:33American Made32006226
549Gary HoeyPsychedelic Psycho4:17American Made42006238
550Gary HoeyFly On The Wall3:44American Made52006225
551Gary HoeyAmerican Made4:03American Made62006232
552Gary HoeyWelcome To My World3:59American Made72006241
553Gary HoeyGonzo Guru4:35American Made82006243
554Gary HoeyFades Away4:11American Made92006234
555Gary HoeyTruth4:54American Made102006221
556Gary HoeyTribal Mania4:10American Made112006227
557Gary HoeyThe Deep6:02American Made122006223
558Gary HoeyMass Hysteria3:41Animal Instinct11993237
559Gary HoeyAnimal Instinct3:56Animal Instinct21993227
560Gary HoeyHocus Pocus4:05Animal Instinct31993205
561Gary HoeyBert's Lounge4:56Animal Instinct41993211
562Gary HoeyTexas Son3:57Animal Instinct51993200
563Gary HoeyDeep South Cafe4:42Animal Instinct61993217
564Gary HoeyMotown Fever3:02Animal Instinct71993207
565Gary HoeyFade to Blue5:52Animal Instinct81993195
566Gary HoeyDrive4:06Animal Instinct91993218
567Gary HoeyJamie2:20Animal Instinct101993199
568Gary HoeyDesire3:18Bug Alley11996237
569Gary HoeyTribal War Babies4:35Bug Alley21996233
570Gary HoeyBlack Magic Woman6:22Bug Alley31996234
571Gary HoeyYeah3:53Bug Alley41996221
572Gary HoeyBug Alley3:32Bug Alley51996236
573Gary HoeyPeace Pipe5:08Bug Alley61996219
574Gary HoeyGotta Serve Somebody4:43Bug Alley71996225
575Gary HoeyKarma Climb5:25Bug Alley81996223
576Gary HoeyMoustache Muchacho4:18Bug Alley91996232
577Gary HoeyCoasting5:21Bug Alley101996219
578Gary HoeyThe Green Room4:39Bug Alley111996198
579Gary HoeyWipeout4:20Bug Alley121996236
580Gary HoeyRockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:45Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)12003241
581Gary HoeyJingle Bell Rock3:42Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)22003220
582Gary HoeyThe First Noel3:39Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)32003240
583Gary HoeySanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:07Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)42003247
584Gary HoeyJingle Bells2:56Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)52003237
585Gary HoeyLittle Drummer Boy3:39Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)62003226
586Gary HoeyTwelve Days Of Christmas3:47Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)72003255
587Gary HoeyMy Favorite Things2:56Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)82003264
588Gary HoeyO Come All Ye Faithful2:23Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)92003216
589Gary HoeyBlue Christmas3:31Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)102003224
590Gary HoeyThe Christmas Song3:43Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)112003192
591Gary Hoey'Twas The Night Before Christmas3:30Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)122003247
592Gary HoeySilent Night4:19Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)132003227
593Gary HoeyDeck The Halls3:33Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)142003241
594Gary HoeySilver Bells4:08Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)152003239
595Gary HoeyJoy To The World3:49Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)162003215
596Gary HoeyAve Maria2:33Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)172003238
597Gary HoeyWe Wish You A Merry Christmas3:33Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 1)182003227
598Gary HoeyFrosty The Snowman2:31Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)12003244
599Gary HoeyLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2:30Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)22003228
600Gary HoeyGreensleeves3:33Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)32003222
601Gary HoeyWinter Wonderland2:57Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)42003216
602Gary HoeyCarol Of The Bells2:50Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)52003245
603Gary HoeyYou're A Mean One Mr. Grinch3:16Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)62003232
604Gary HoeyAway In A Manager2:52Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)72003220
605Gary HoeyI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus3:42Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)82003241
606Gary HoeyFeliz Navidad3:40Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)92003233
607Gary HoeyWhite Christmas3:16Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)102003200
608Gary HoeyGod Rest3:58Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)112003232
609Gary HoeyI'll Be Home For Christmas3:42Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)122003246
610Gary HoeyHappy Xmas3:53Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)132003237
611Gary HoeyO Little Town Of Bethlehem2:35Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)142003229
612Gary HoeyHark The Herald Angels Sing2:38Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)152003251
613Gary HoeyHo! Ho! Hoey4:14Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)162003251
614Gary HoeyIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear3:04Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)172003226
615Gary HoeyCookies And Egg Nog3:49Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)182003214
616Gary HoeyAuld Lang Syne3:41Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection (Disc 2)192003222
617Gary HoeyMoney3:04Money11999274
618Gary HoeyPeahi4:22Money21999233
619Gary HoeyDa Kine3:21Money31999269
620Gary HoeyBula Brain4:05Money41999238
621Gary HoeyDrop In3:04Money51999229
622Gary HoeyQuack3:16Money61999238
623Gary HoeyZen Den4:02Money71999249
624Gary HoeyFacedown3:02Money81999249
625Gary HoeySmokin' Up Sunshine3:00Money91999247
626Gary HoeyBuddhaville3:24Money101999270
627Gary HoeyHail To Dale3:18Money111999240
628Gary HoeyGone Surfin'3:12Money121999221
629Gary HoeyLow Rider4:20The Best Of Gary Hoey12004246
630Gary HoeyDrive4:05The Best Of Gary Hoey22004222
631Gary HoeyHocus Pocus3:54The Best Of Gary Hoey32004214
632Gary HoeyWipeout3:31The Best Of Gary Hoey42004233
633Gary HoeyPeace Pipe5:08The Best Of Gary Hoey52004226
634Gary HoeyDesire3:18The Best Of Gary Hoey62004236
635Gary HoeyLinus And Lucy3:37The Best Of Gary Hoey72004251
636Gary HoeyBula Brain4:05The Best Of Gary Hoey82004211
637Gary HoeyMoney3:04The Best Of Gary Hoey92004241
638Gary HoeyBlast4:07The Best Of Gary Hoey102004252
639Gary HoeyMisirlou3:04The Best Of Gary Hoey112004249
640Gary HoeyGone Surfin3:13The Best Of Gary Hoey122004210
641Gary HoeyBug Alley3:32The Best Of Gary Hoey132004239
642Gary HoeyHigh Top Bop3:48The Best Of Gary Hoey142004233
643Gary HoeyThe Deep3:16The Best Of Gary Hoey152004214
644Gary HoeyFrankenstein2:42The Best Of Gary Hoey162004252
645Gary HoeyRocky Mountain Way3:53The Best Of Gary Hoey172004252
646Gary HoeyPadres Song1:10The Best Of Gary Hoey182004248
647Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:111965 Billboard Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits31993185
648Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:14AM Gold: 1965131995172
649Gary Lewis & The PlayboysShe's Just My Style3:03AM Gold: 1966161995162
650Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSave Your Heart For Me1:58AM Gold: The Mid '60s161995185
651Gary Lewis & The PlayboysCount Me In2:26Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over8 175
652Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSave Your Heart for Me1:58Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind131965198
653Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves A Clown2:26Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets1 181
654Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:15Complete Hits12005189
655Gary Lewis & The PlayboysGreen Grass2:15Complete Hits22005204
656Gary Lewis & The PlayboysLet Me Tell Your Fortune2:15Complete Hits32005215
657Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves A Clown2:25Complete Hits42005188
658Gary Lewis & The PlayboysMy Heart's Symphony3:04Complete Hits52005196
659Gary Lewis & The PlayboysCount Me In2:33Complete Hits62005199
660Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSure Gonna Miss Her2:32Complete Hits72005190
661Gary Lewis & The PlayboysWhen Summer Is Gone2:27Complete Hits82005200
662Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSave Your Heart For Me2:03Complete Hits92005206
663Gary Lewis & The PlayboysI Won't Make That Mistake Again2:07Complete Hits102005188
664Gary Lewis & The PlayboysTina (I Held You In My Arms)2:06Complete Hits112005175
665Gary Lewis & The Playboys(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture2:34Complete Hits122005210
666Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSealed With A Kiss2:28Complete Hits132005195
667Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes3:11Complete Hits142005183
668Gary Lewis & The PlayboysAutumn2:50Complete Hits152005171
669Gary Lewis & The PlayboysGo To Him2:06Complete Hits162005217
670Gary Lewis & The PlayboysMr. Blue2:21Complete Hits172005192
671Gary Lewis & The PlayboysWell Respected Man2:55Complete Hits182005142
672Gary Lewis & The PlayboysFace In The Crowd2:21Complete Hits192005208
673Gary Lewis & The PlayboysTime Stands Still2:02Complete Hits202005208
674Gary Lewis & The PlayboysRubber Ball2:28Complete Hits212005140
675Gary Lewis & The PlayboysIce Melts In The Sun2:10Complete Hits222005210
676Gary Lewis & The PlayboysYou're Sixteen2:10Complete Hits232005212
677Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSloop John B.2:27Complete Hits242005217
678Gary Lewis & The PlayboysString Along2:38Complete Hits252005136
679Gary Lewis & The PlayboysShe's Just My Style3:12Complete Hits262005175
680Gary Lewis & The PlayboysWhere Will The Words Come From2:01Complete Hits272005211
681Gary Lewis & The PlayboysLets Be More Than Friends2:06Complete Hits282005199
682Gary Lewis & The PlayboysOne Track Mind2:43Complete Hits292005146
683Gary Lewis & The PlayboysPalisades Park2:01Complete Hits302005136
684Gary Lewis & The PlayboysBarefootin'2:36Complete Hits312005133
685Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:09Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)11 196
686Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:11Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)132002187
687Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:09Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s31989202
688Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:08The Rock Box (Disc 4)20 203
689Gary Lewis & The PlayboysShe's Just My Style3:10TM Century GoldDisc Update 131991212
690Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSure Gonna Miss Her2:19TM Century GoldDisc Update 1231991227
691Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:11TM Century GoldDisc Update 4231991183
692Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves A Clown2:25Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)162001210
693Gary Lewis & The PlayboysJill2:16Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)182009136
694Gary MooreCold Day In Hell4:27After Hours11992217
695Gary MooreDon't You Lie To Me (I Get Evil)2:30After Hours21992214
696Gary MooreStory Of The Blues6:41After Hours31992200
697Gary MooreSince I Met You Baby2:52After Hours41992199
698Gary MooreSeparate Ways4:54After Hours51992207
699Gary MooreOnly Fool In Town3:52After Hours61992211
700Gary MooreKey To Love1:59After Hours71992201
701Gary MooreJumpin' At Shadows4:21After Hours81992195
702Gary MooreThe Blues Is Alright5:45After Hours91992196
703Gary MooreThe Hurt Inside5:53After Hours101992203
704Gary MooreNothing's The Same5:05After Hours111992193
705Gary MooreRun For Cover4:13Run For Cover11985214
706Gary MooreReach For The Sky4:46Run For Cover21985219
707Gary MooreMilitary Man5:40Run For Cover31985206
708Gary MooreEmpty Rooms4:17Run For Cover41985183
709Gary MooreOut Of My System4:02Run For Cover51985205
710Gary MooreOut In The Fields4:17Run For Cover61985182
711Gary MooreNothing To Loose4:41Run For Cover71985191
712Gary MooreOnce In A Lifetime4:18Run For Cover81985201
713Gary MooreAll Messed Up4:52Run For Cover91985216
714Gary MooreListen To Your Heartbeat4:31Run For Cover101985184
715Gary MooreMoving On2:39Still Got the Blues11990207
716Gary MooreOh Pretty Woman4:25Still Got the Blues21990203
717Gary MooreWalking by My Self2:55Still Got the Blues31990194
718Gary MooreStill Got the Blues6:10Still Got the Blues41990202
719Gary MooreTexas Strut4:51Still Got the Blues51990203
720Gary MooreToo Tired2:50Still Got the Blues61990200
721Gary MooreKing of the Blues4:36Still Got the Blues71990187
722Gary MooreAs the Years Go Passing by7:44Still Got the Blues81990195
723Gary MooreMidnight Blues4:58Still Got the Blues91990184
724Gary MooreThat Kind of Woman4:30Still Got the Blues101990208
725Gary MooreAll Your Love3:41Still Got the Blues111990192
726Gary MooreStop Messin' Around3:52Still Got the Blues121990193
727Gary MooreWalking By Myself2:55The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)12002203
728Gary MooreOh Pretty Woman (Featuring Albert King)4:24The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)22002221
729Gary MooreStill Got The Blues (Full Version)6:10The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)32002208
730Gary MooreSeparate Ways4:54The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)42002212
731Gary MooreSince I Met You Baby (Featuring B.B. King)2:51The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)52002208
732Gary MooreStory Of The Blues (Single Edition)4:34The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)62002197
733Gary MooreAll Your Love3:40The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)72002196
734Gary MooreToo Tired (Featuring Albert Collins)2:50The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)82002216
735Gary MooreNeed Your Love So Bad (Single Edition)4:06The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)92002190
736Gary MooreMidnight Blues4:58The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)102002190
737Gary MooreKing Of The Blues4:34The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)112002211
738Gary MooreJumpin' At Shadows4:20The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)122002198
739Gary MooreTexas Strut4:49The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)132002218
740Gary MooreMoving On2:38The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)142002225
741Gary MooreStop Messin' Around3:52The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)152002206
742Gary MooreParisienne Walkways5:02The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)162002222
743Gary MooreThe Supernatural3:01The Best Of The Blues (Disc 1)172002214
744Gary MooreCaldonia (Featuring Albert Collins & Albert King)5:35The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)12002245
745Gary MooreYou Don't Love Me4:17The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)22002237
746Gary MooreKey To Love2:21The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)32002200
747Gary MooreThe Thrill Is Gone (Featuring B.B. King)8:43The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)42002201
748Gary MooreStormy Monday (Featuring Albert King)10:17The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)52002221
749Gary MooreCold, Cold Feeling (Featuring Albert Collins)7:18The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)62002213
750Gary MooreFurther Up The Road (Featuring Albert Collins)5:49The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)72002239
751Gary MooreThe Stumble3:00The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)82002227
752Gary MooreOh Pretty Woman4:07The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)92002237
753Gary MooreWalking By Myself4:10The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)102002234
754Gary MooreToo Tired (Featuring Albert Collins)3:41The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)112002231
755Gary MooreStill Got The Blues6:50The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)122002219
756Gary MooreAll Your Love3:54The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)132002206
757Gary MooreMidnight Blues6:58The Best Of The Blues (Disc 2)142002196
758Gary MooreStill Got The Blues4:09Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)32001203
759Gary MooreStill Get The Blues (For You)4:00U Can't Touch This51990202
760Gary MooreVictims Of The Future6:14Victims Of The Future11983220
761Gary MooreTeenage Idol4:07Victims Of The Future21983211
762Gary MooreShapes Of Things To Come4:14Victims Of The Future31983233
763Gary MooreEmpty Rooms6:35Victims Of The Future41983198
764Gary MooreMurder In The Skies7:17Victims Of The Future51983224
765Gary MooreAll I Want4:18Victims Of The Future61983215
766Gary MooreHold On To Love4:25Victims Of The Future71983218
767Gary MooreThe Law Of The Jungle6:17Victims Of The Future81983223
768Gary NumanCars3:57Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)162002219
769Gary NumanCars (Premier Mix)3:40Premier Hits11997224
770Gary NumanI Die, You Die3:42Premier Hits21997181
771Gary NumanAre 'Friends' Electric?5:23Premier Hits31997199
772Gary NumanDown In The Park4:23Premier Hits41997192
773Gary NumanWe Are Glass4:47Premier Hits51997219
774Gary NumanBombers3:53Premier Hits61997211
775Gary NumanWe Take Mystery (To Bed)3:42Premier Hits71997208
776Gary NumanShe's Got Claws4:56Premier Hits81997183
777Gary NumanComplex3:11Premier Hits91997185
778Gary NumanMusic For Chameleons3:40Premier Hits101997219
779Gary NumanThat's Too Bad3:20Premier Hits111997193
780Gary NumanThis Wreckage5:23Premier Hits121997206
781Gary NumanWarriors4:08Premier Hits131997214
782Gary NumanLove Needs No Disquise4:38Premier Hits141997214
783Gary NumanWhite Boys And Heroes3:36Premier Hits151997206
784Gary NumanSister Suprise5:01Premier Hits161997181
785Gary NumanStormtrooper In Drag4:53Premier Hits171997175
786Gary NumanCars (Original Version)3:55Premier Hits181997217
787Gary NumanCars3:49Rock Of The 80's Volume 271992254
788Gary NumanCars4:00Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980121995209
789Gary NumanAirlane3:18The Pleasure Principle11979221
790Gary NumanMetal3:32The Pleasure Principle21979200
791Gary NumanComplex3:12The Pleasure Principle31979181
792Gary NumanFilms4:09The Pleasure Principle41979200
793Gary NumanM.E.5:37The Pleasure Principle51979196
794Gary NumanTracks2:51The Pleasure Principle61979200
795Gary NumanObserver2:53The Pleasure Principle71979197
796Gary NumanConversation7:36The Pleasure Principle81979197
797Gary NumanCars3:58The Pleasure Principle91979206
798Gary NumanEngineers4:01The Pleasure Principle101979185
799Gary NumanRandom3:49The Pleasure Principle111979224
800Gary NumanOceans3:03The Pleasure Principle121979169
801Gary NumanAsylum2:31The Pleasure Principle131979150
802Gary NumanMe! I Disconnect From You (Live)3:06The Pleasure Principle141979224
803Gary NumanBombers (Live)5:47The Pleasure Principle151979203
804Gary NumanRemember I Was Vapour (Live)4:46The Pleasure Principle161979185
805Gary NumanOn Broadway (Live)4:46The Pleasure Principle171979175
806Gary PortnoyCheers1:04All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)282005184
807Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart AngeloCheers ("Where Everybody Knows Your Name")1:06Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)151990176
808Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:13Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 4)71992219
809Gary Puckett & The Union GapLady Willpower2:39Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 3)71997211
810Gary Puckett & The Union GapWoman, Woman3:17Greatest Hits11990246
811Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:14Greatest Hits21990251
812Gary Puckett & The Union GapDon't Give In To Him2:15Greatest Hits31990241
813Gary Puckett & The Union GapHome3:17Greatest Hits41990258
814Gary Puckett & The Union GapLet's Give Adam & Eve Another Chance2:50Greatest Hits51990240
815Gary Puckett & The Union GapDon't Make Promises2:34Greatest Hits61990254
816Gary Puckett & The Union GapThis Girl Is A Woman Now3:10Greatest Hits71990239
817Gary Puckett & The Union GapOver You2:25Greatest Hits81990242
818Gary Puckett & The Union GapReverend Posey3:47Greatest Hits91990257
819Gary Puckett & The Union GapLady Willpower2:39Greatest Hits101990245
820Gary Puckett & The Union GapThe Beggar2:48Greatest Hits111990245
821Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:07Happy Days 1960's (Disc 3)131997173
822Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:16Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s51989218
823Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:13The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties19 217
824Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:10The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)21992215
825Gary Puckett & The Union GapLady Willpower2:39The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)11992207
826Gary Puckett & The Union GapYoung Girl3:13The Rock Box (Disc 6)1 216
827Gary Puckett and The Union GapLady Willpower2:41Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)92000191
828Gary StewartShe's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)2:48Honky Tonk 2: Saloon Country41992214
829Gary 'U. S.' BondsSchool Is Out2:30Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)171996135
830Gary U.S. BondsThis Little Girl3:41100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)111997196
831Gary U.S. BondsNew Orleans2:51196019 126
832Gary U.S. BondsQuarter To Three2:30Jukebox Hits Of 196191991179
833Gary U.S. BondsDear Lady Twist2:40The '60s - Keep on Rockin'13 173
834Gary U.S. BondsTwist Twist Señora2:41The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance181991182
835Gary U.S. BondsNew Orleans2:51The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds11998127
836Gary U.S. BondsNot Me2:37The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds21998127
837Gary U.S. BondsShine On Lover's Moon2:33The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds31998191
838Gary U.S. BondsQuarter To Three2:30The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds41998128
839Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is Out2:29The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds51998173
840Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is In2:08The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds61998128
841Gary U.S. BondsDear Lady Twist2:32The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds71998167
842Gary U.S. BondsHavin' So Much Fun3:16The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds81998204
843Gary U.S. BondsTwist, Twist Señora2:37The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds91998127
844Gary U.S. BondsSeven Day Weekend2:33The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds101998187
845Gary U.S. BondsGettin' A Groove3:30The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds111998186
846Gary U.S. BondsCopy Cat2:39The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds121998205
847Gary U.S. BondsI Dig This Station2:15The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds131998204
848Gary U.S. BondsWhere Did The Naughty Little Girl Go3:19The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds141998204
849Gary U.S. BondsI Wanna Holler (But The Town's Too Small)4:10The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds151998203
850Gary U.S. BondsTake Me Back To New Orleans2:54The Very Best of Gary U.S. Bonds161998135
851Gary 'U.S.' BondsQuarter To Three2:30Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)4 162
852Gary 'U.S.' BondsQuarter To Three2:29Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)82004128
853Gary 'U.S.' BondsQuarter To Three2:30The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'121961131
854Gary WrightLove Is Alive3:2870's Party Mix (Disc 2)61996210
855Gary WrightWater Sign4:30Dream Weaver And Other Hits12007208
856Gary WrightLove Is Alive3:48Dream Weaver And Other Hits22007215
857Gary WrightI'm The One Who'll Be By Your Side4:17Dream Weaver And Other Hits32007207
858Gary WrightPhantom Writer3:32Dream Weaver And Other Hits42007219
859Gary WrightDream Weaver4:15Dream Weaver And Other Hits52007183
860Gary WrightThe Light Of Smiles3:26Dream Weaver And Other Hits62007201
861Gary WrightReally Wanna Know You4:20Dream Weaver And Other Hits72007201
862Gary WrightLove Is Why4:05Dream Weaver And Other Hits82007204
863Gary WrightMade To Love You3:43Dream Weaver And Other Hits92007220
864Gary WrightHeartbeat4:39Dream Weaver And Other Hits102007209
865Gary WrightDream Weaver3:26Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)171998192
866Gary WrightDream Weaver3:44Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976181989185
867Gary WrightLove Is Alive3:54The Dream Weaver11975211
868Gary WrightLet It Out3:26The Dream Weaver21975200
869Gary WrightCan't Find The Judge3:24The Dream Weaver31975226
870Gary WrightMade To Love You3:46The Dream Weaver41975203
871Gary WrightPower Of Love3:37The Dream Weaver51975216
872Gary WrightDream Weaver4:16The Dream Weaver61975191
873Gary WrightBlind Feeling4:45The Dream Weaver71975219
874Gary WrightMuch Higher3:01The Dream Weaver81975215
875Gary WrightFeel For Me4:44The Dream Weaver91975205
876Gary WrightLove Is Alive3:28Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two61991210
877Gary WrightAre You Weepin'3:55Van Inkel's Choice141993203
878Gary WrightDream Weaver4:25Wayne's World (OST)41992199
880GaskitWhat Did I Do?2:56Saturation22004239
881GaskitSimple Man3:09Saturation32004227
882GaskitResponse Ability4:11Saturation42004226
883GaskitThe Prize3:25Saturation52004224
885GaskitIn My Hands3:39Saturation72004221
886GaskitNot a Pretty Picture3:22Saturation82004226
887GaskitWearing Thin4:10Saturation92004232
888GaskitTime To Decide (acoustic)4:00Saturation102004194
889Gatsby's American DreamChristmastime Is Here2:19A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas122003176
890Gaudino Feat. Crystal WatersDestination Unknown6:47TM Century PrimeCuts Dance 561D42004194
891Gavin DeGrawFollow Through3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-09172003223
892Gavin DeGrawI Don't Want To Be3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-03182004218
893Gavin DeGrawChariot4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0272005229
894Gavin DeGrawFollow Through [Remix]3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-09122005223
895Gavin FridayYou, Me & World War III4:28Mission: Impossible (OST)101996202
896Gavin GreenawayTennessee3:39Pearl Harbor (OST)22001239
897Gavin GreenawayBrothers4:04Pearl Harbor (OST)32001246
898Gavin Greenaway...And Then I Kissed Him5:36Pearl Harbor (OST)42001248
899Gavin GreenawayI Will Come Back2:56Pearl Harbor (OST)52001242
900Gavin GreenawayAttack8:54Pearl Harbor (OST)62001250
901Gavin GreenawayDecember 7th5:08Pearl Harbor (OST)72001239
902Gavin GreenawayWar5:14Pearl Harbor (OST)82001267
903Gavin GreenawayHeart Of A Volunteer7:05Pearl Harbor (OST)92001243
904Gayla PeeveyI Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas2:38Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD51989128
905The GaylordsFrom the Vine Comes the Grape2:41100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)141999203
906The GaylordsIsle Of Capri2:15100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)121999214
907The GaylordsTell Me You're Mine2:41100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)151999202
908The GaylordsThe Shoemaker2:13100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)141999213
909The GaylordsThe Little Shoemaker2:19Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever201992126
910The GaylordsFrom The Vine Came The Grape2:39Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s101992127
911The G-ClefsI Understand (Just How You Feel)2:46The American Roots Of The British Invasion152002126
912The G-ClefsKa-Ding Dong2:00The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)81996139
913GeckoesThe Old John Peel3:35fRoots #6131996199
914Geddy LeeMy Favorite Headache4:44My Favorite Headache12000233
915Geddy LeeThe Present Tense3:25My Favorite Headache22000235
916Geddy LeeWindow To The World3:01My Favorite Headache32000225
917Geddy LeeWorking At Perfekt4:59My Favorite Headache42000219
918Geddy LeeRunaway Train4:31My Favorite Headache52000239
919Geddy LeeThe Angels' Share4:34My Favorite Headache62000222
920Geddy LeeMoving To Bohemia4:25My Favorite Headache72000226
921Geddy LeeHome On The Strange3:47My Favorite Headache82000231
922Geddy LeeSlipping5:05My Favorite Headache92000227
923Geddy LeeStill4:29My Favorite Headache102000209
924Geddy LeeGrace To Grace4:57My Favorite Headache112000234
925Gee BrosCanta Canta Libre3:30Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)212001214
926GeebrosMade In Hong Kong2:34Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 4)151997158
927Geezer (GZR)The Invisible3:43Mortal Kombat (OST)81995217
928Gefilte Joe & the FishHanukkah Rocks3:51Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia141995211
929Gene AllisonYou Can Make It If You Try2:09Lost Treasures Volume 25 126
930Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1949)3:15Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)31989128
931Gene AutryHere Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) (1947)2:34Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)91989128
932Gene AutryBack in the Saddle Again2:47Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.41997127
933Gene AutryRudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer3:12Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)112001127
934Gene AutryFrosty the Snowman2:54Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)112006130
935Gene AutryBack In The Saddle Again2:41Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)11997127
936Gene AutryDust2:19Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)21997129
937Gene AutrySing Me A Song Of The Saddle1:47Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)31997128
938Gene AutryTumbling Tumbleweeds2:25Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)41997127
939Gene AutryThe One Rose2:11Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)51997128
940Gene AutryThat Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine2:00Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)61997129
941Gene AutryRhythm Of The Range1:38Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)71997129
942Gene AutryBlueberry Hill2:25Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)81997129
943Gene AutryEl Rancho Grande2:14Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)91997128
944Gene AutryMellow Mountain Moon2:05Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)101997130
945Gene AutryWe Never Dream The Same Dream Twice2:01Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)111997128
946Gene AutryWhen You And I Were Young Maggie2:04Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)121997128
947Gene AutryMaria Elena2:03Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)131997128
948Gene AutryBe Honest With Me1:50Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)141997128
949Gene AutryTears On My Pillow2:37Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)151997128
950Gene AutryThe Yellow Rose Of Texas1:41Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)161997129
951Gene AutryLonely River1:52Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)171997130
952Gene AutryTweedle-O-Twill1:49Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)181997127
953Gene AutryAt Mail Call Today2:43Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)191997127
954Gene AutryDon't Live A Lie2:35Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)201997127
955Gene AutryDon't Hang Around Me Anymore2:47Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)211997128
956Gene AutryI'll Be Back2:33Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)221997128
957Gene AutrySilver Spurs (On The Golden Stairs)2:42Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)231997128
958Gene AutryI Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine2:37Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)241997130
959Gene AutryYou Only Want Me When You're Lonely2:34Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)251997127
960Gene AutryYou're Not My Darlin' Anymore2:42Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)261997127
961Gene AutryOklahoma Hills2:06Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 1)271997128
962Gene AutrySioux City Sue2:06Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)11997128
963Gene AutrySomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)1:39Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)21997127
964Gene AutryGonna Build A Big Fence Around Texas1:51Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)31997128
965Gene AutryThe Old Lamplighter2:15Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)41997128
966Gene AutrySan Fernando Valley1:30Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)51997128
967Gene AutryI'm A Fool To Care1:39Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)61997127
968Gene AutryGoodbye Little Darling Goodbye2:00Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)71997129
969Gene AutryYou Can't See The Sun When You're Crying2:05Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)81997129
970Gene AutryI Tipped My Hat And Slowly Rode Away1:50Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)91997128
971Gene AutryThe Angel Song1:46Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)101997128
972Gene AutryOne Hundred And Sixty Acres1:30Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)111997128
973Gene AutryAt Sundown2:03Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)121997128
974Gene AutryIt Happened In Monterey2:07Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)131997127
975Gene AutryIt Make No Difference Now2:03Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)141997127
976Gene AutryThe Singing Hills2:50Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)151997128
977Gene AutryYou Laughed And I Cried1:46Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)161997128
978Gene AutryPretty Mary2:12Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)171997128
979Gene AutryMexicali Rose1:59Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)181997127
980Gene AutryWave To Me My Lady1:22Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)191997128
981Gene AutryLet The Rest Of The World Go By2:45Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)201997128
982Gene AutryHoney, I'm In Love With You (The Honey Song)1:17Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)211997126
983Gene AutryOle Faithful3:14Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)221997128
984Gene AutryHere Comes Santa Claus1:55Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)231997128
985Gene AutryYou Are My Sunshine1:53Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)241997126
986Gene AutryButtons And Bows1:59Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)251997128
987Gene AutryBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain1:58Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)261997128
988Gene AutryShame On You1:40Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)271997131
989Gene AutryWhile The Angelus Was Ringing1:44Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)281997126
990Gene AutryUnder Fiesta Stars2:11Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 2)291997128
991Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer1:56Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)11997128
992Gene AutryMule Train2:28Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)21997128
993Gene AutryDear Hearts And Gentle People1:23Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)31997128
994Gene AutryChattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy2:09Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)41997128
995Gene AutryPeter Cottontail1:44Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)51997129
996Gene AutryGone Fishin'2:52Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)61997127
997Gene AutryTeardrops From My Eyes (With Jo Stafford)2:58Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)71997128
998Gene Autry(I Got Spurs That) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle1:57Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)81997128
999Gene AutrySouth Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)3:12Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)91997128
1000Gene AutryThe Last Round-Up3:22Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)101997128
1001Gene AutryDon't Fence Me In2:21Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)111997128
1002Gene AutryRidin' Down The Canyon2:42Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)121997129
1003Gene AutryI Was Just Walking Out The Door2:46Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)131997128
1004Gene AutryYou're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven1:56Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)141997127
1005Gene AutryThe Night Before Christmas Song (With Rosemary Clooney)5:11Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)151997128
1006Gene AutryLook Out The Window (With Rosemary Clooney)2:44Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)161997128
1007Gene AutryFrosty The Snowman2:02Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)171997128
1008Gene AutrySomebody Bigger Than You And I2:49Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)181997128
1009Gene AutryHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1:57Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)191997128
1010Gene AutryI'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes1:43Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)201997127
1011Gene AutryYour Cheatin' Heart2:14Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)211997128
1012Gene AutryI Hang My Head And Cry2:14Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)221997127
1013Gene AutryIt's My Lazy Day1:49Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)231997128
1014Gene AutryYou're The Only Good Thing That Happened To Me2:05Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)241997128
1015Gene AutryHarbor Lights2:29Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)251997128
1016Gene AutryThe Leaf Of Love1:55Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)261997128
1017Gene AutryYou've Got To Take The Bitter With The Sweet2:09Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)271997128
1018Gene AutryBack In The Saddle Again (Closing Theme)0:42Sing Cowboy Sing (The Gene Autry Collection) (Disc 3)281997130
1019Gene AutryBack In The Saddle Again2:35Sleepless In Seattle (OST)61993131
1020Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer3:02The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)171987130
1021Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer3:14The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 1111994169
1022Gene AutryHere Comes Santa Claus2:33The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 231995171
1023Gene AutryIf It Doesn't Snow On Christmas Day2:45The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4102000128
1024Gene AutryFrosty the Snowman2:55Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 1) - Christmas Favorites71998127
1025Gene AutryUp on the House Top (Ho! Ho! Ho!)2:51Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy31998151
1026Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl2:31100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)221999145
1027Gene ChandlerDuke of Earl2:2419621 126
1028Gene ChandlerRainbow2:54Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)211997129
1029Gene ChandlerGood Times2:24Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 3221987218
1030Gene ChandlerGet Down3:23Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)181997213
1031Gene ChandlerGet Down3:36Funked! Vol. 392001212
1032Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl2:32Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 2)52004200
1033Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl2:29The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)141996192
1034Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl2:36The Rock Box (Disc 3)18 173
1035Gene ClarkEchoes3:22Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers11967245
1036Gene ClarkThink I'm Gonna Feel Better1:38Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers21967227
1037Gene ClarkTried So Hard2:24Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers31967241
1038Gene ClarkIs Yours Is Mine2:28Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers41967248
1039Gene ClarkKeep On Pushin'1:50Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers51967237
1040Gene ClarkI Found You3:03Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers61967246
1041Gene ClarkSo You Say You Lost Your Baby2:10Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers71967248
1042Gene ClarkElevator Operator2:32Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers81967254
1043Gene ClarkThe Same One3:33Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers91967266
1044Gene ClarkCouldn't Believe Her1:56Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers101967247
1045Gene ClarkNeeding Someone2:09Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers111967254
1046Gene ClarkLife's Greatest Fool4:44No Other [2003 Remaster]11974247
1047Gene ClarkSilver Raven4:53No Other [2003 Remaster]21974245
1048Gene ClarkNo Other5:08No Other [2003 Remaster]31974257
1049Gene ClarkStrength of Strings6:32No Other [2003 Remaster]41974247
1050Gene ClarkFrom a Silver Phial3:40No Other [2003 Remaster]51974258
1051Gene ClarkSome Misunderstanding8:09No Other [2003 Remaster]61974240
1052Gene ClarkThe True One3:58No Other [2003 Remaster]71974258
1053Gene ClarkLady of the North6:09No Other [2003 Remaster]81974233
1054Gene ClarkTrain Leaves Here This Morning5:04No Other [2003 Remaster]91974221
1055Gene ClarkLife's Greatest Fool (alternate)4:25No Other [2003 Remaster]101974219
1056Gene ClarkSilver Raven (alternate)3:04No Other [2003 Remaster]111974245
1057Gene ClarkNo Other (alternate)4:03No Other [2003 Remaster]121974216
1058Gene ClarkFrom a Silver Phial (alternate)3:46No Other [2003 Remaster]131974247
1059Gene ClarkSome Misunderstanding (alternate)5:25No Other [2003 Remaster]141974235
1060Gene ClarkLady of the North (alternate)5:46No Other [2003 Remaster]151974239
1061Gene ClarkShe's The Kind Of Girl3:01Roadmaster11972206
1062Gene ClarkOne In A Hundred2:47Roadmaster21972205
1063Gene ClarkHere Tonight3:32Roadmaster31972206
1064Gene ClarkFull Circle Song2:45Roadmaster41972202
1065Gene ClarkIn A Misty Morning4:59Roadmaster51972202
1066Gene ClarkRough & Rocky3:17Roadmaster61972196
1067Gene ClarkRoadmaster4:13Roadmaster71972211
1068Gene ClarkI Really Don't Want To Know4:40Roadmaster81972202
1069Gene ClarkI Remember The Railroad2:33Roadmaster91972204
1070Gene ClarkShe Don't Care About Time3:40Roadmaster101972205
1071Gene ClarkShooting Star4:38Roadmaster111972204
1072Gene ClarkLos Angeles2:35Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)102009132
1073Gene ClarkThe Virgin3:30White Light11971230
1074Gene ClarkWith Tomorrow2:23White Light21971242
1075Gene ClarkWhite Light3:40White Light31971253
1076Gene ClarkBecause Of You4:04White Light41971261
1077Gene ClarkOne In A Hundred3:31White Light51971252
1078Gene ClarkFor A Spanish Guitar5:00White Light61971239
1079Gene ClarkWhere My Love Lies Asleep4:19White Light71971245
1080Gene ClarkTears Of Rage4:13White Light81971242
1081Gene Clark19754:00White Light91971245
1082Gene KellySingin' In The Rain2:37A Clockwork Orange (OST)151972166
1083Gene KrupaGrandfather's Clock2:46Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)12005153
1084Gene KrupaI Know That You Know2:09Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)22005153
1085Gene KrupaFare Thee Well, Annie Laurie2:53Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)32005152
1086Gene KrupaWire Brush Stomp2:13Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)42005155
1087Gene KrupaNagasaki2:27Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)52005154
1088Gene KrupaJeepers Creepers3:01Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)62005138
1089Gene KrupaMurdy Purdy3:09Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)72005160
1090Gene KrupaTa-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E3:08Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)82005159
1091Gene KrupaBolero At The Savoy2:48Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)92005168
1092Gene KrupaApurksody2:57Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)102005144
1093Gene KrupaNever Felt Better, Never Had Less2:45Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)112005151
1094Gene KrupaDo You Wanna Jump, Children2:33Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)122005143
1095Gene KrupaThe Madam Swings It3:02Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)132005148
1096Gene KrupaDracula2:38Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)142005148
1097Gene KrupaSymphony In Riffs2:53Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)152005150
1098Gene KrupaDrummin' Man2:58Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)162005165
1099Gene KrupaGeorgia On My Mind2:54Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)172005151
1100Gene KrupaFool Am I2:51Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)182005149
1101Gene KrupaYou're Breaking My Heart All Over Again3:04Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 1)192005137
1102Gene KrupaI Hear Music2:55Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)12005141
1103Gene KrupaDown Argentina Way3:04Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)22005139
1104Gene KrupaMoon Over Burma3:16Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)32005144
1105Gene KrupaHigh On A Windy Hill3:00Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)42005146
1106Gene KrupaLike The Fella Once Said2:32Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)52005150
1107Gene KrupaSomewhere3:11Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)62005142
1108Gene KrupaI'd Know YOu Anywhere2:32Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)72005150
1109Gene KrupaHow 'Bout That Mess?2:44Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)82005152
1110Gene KrupaYou Danced With Dynamite3:25Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)92005143
1111Gene KrupaWhen You Awake2:59Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)102005144
1112Gene KrupaIt All Comes Back To Me Now3:10Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)112005140
1113Gene KrupaHamtramck2:55Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)122005155
1114Gene KrupaYes, My Darling Daughter2:29Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)132005147
1115Gene KrupaFull Dress Hop2:45Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)142005148
1116Gene KrupaSweet Georgia Brown2:51Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)152005144
1117Gene KrupaOh! They're Making Me All Over In The Army2:47Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)162005142
1118Gene KrupaDeep In The Blues3:18Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)172005145
1119Gene KrupaYou Are The One3:14Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)182005140
1120Gene KrupaYou Forget About Me6:04Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)192005140
1121Gene KrupaIsn't That Just Like Love2:41Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 2)202005145
1122Gene KrupaKnock Me A Kiss3:02Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)12005137
1123Gene KrupaBarrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street3:08Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)22005141
1124Gene KrupaAll Those Wonderful Years3:12Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)32005131
1125Gene KrupaDeliver Me To Tennessee3:14Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)42005140
1126Gene KrupaThat Drummer's Band3:07Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)52005144
1127Gene KrupaBeaver3:12Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)62005151
1128Gene KrupaMassachusetts3:14Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)72005145
1129Gene KrupaMurder, Her Says3:21Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)82005142
1130Gene KrupaLiza2:53Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)92005128
1131Gene KrupaHodge-Podge2:01Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)102005127
1132Gene KrupaThe Very Thought Of You4:54Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)112005143
1133Gene KrupaFish Market5:23Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)122005144
1134Gene KrupaI Walked In3:03Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)132005130
1135Gene KrupaI'll Remember Suzanne3:16Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)142005127
1136Gene KrupaLeave Us Leap3:02Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)152005149
1137Gene KrupaI Should Care3:06Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)162005128
1138Gene KrupaCry And You Cry Alone2:47Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)172005133
1139Gene KrupaWhat's This2:45Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)182005149
1140Gene KrupaDark Eyes3:25Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)192005136
1141Gene KrupaBody And Soul3:25Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)202005135
1142Gene KrupaStompin' At The Savoy3:05Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 3)212005129
1143Gene KrupaOld Devil Moon3:04Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)12005128
1144Gene KrupaSame Old Blues3:15Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)22005134
1145Gene KrupaDisc Jockey Jump3:12Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)32005136
1146Gene KrupaBy The River St. Marie3:13Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)42005140
1147Gene KrupaDreams Are Dime A Dozen3:01Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)52005136
1148Gene KrupaYes, Yes, Honey3:10Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)62005137
1149Gene KrupaGene's Boogie2:56Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)72005136
1150Gene KrupaStarburst2:59Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)82005146
1151Gene KrupaI'll Never Make The Same Mistake Again3:07Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)92005128
1152Gene KrupaFun And Fancy Free3:07Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)102005135
1153Gene KrupaPlease Don't Play Number3:00Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)112005137
1154Gene KrupaI May Be Wrong2:51Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)122005129
1155Gene KrupaTeach Me, Teach Me, Baby3:10Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)132005133
1156Gene KrupaYou Turned The Tables On Me3:07Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)142005133
1157Gene KrupaIt's Watcha Do With Watcha Got3:11Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)152005131
1158Gene KrupaI Should Have Kept On Dreaming3:20Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)162005137
1159Gene KrupaCalling Dr. Gillespie3:22Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)172005137
1160Gene KrupaUp An Atom2:59Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)182005146
1161Gene KrupaBop Boogie3:06Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)192005138
1162Gene KrupaLemon Drop3:10Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)202005143
1163Gene KrupaBambina Mia3:16Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)212005131
1164Gene KrupaSimilau3:04Quadromania - Drummin' Man (Disc 4)222005138
1165Gene KrupaLet Me Off Uptown3:07Your Hit Parade 19412 126
1166Gene Krupa & Buddy RichIntroduction By Norman Granz0:42The Drum Battle11952127
1167Gene Krupa & Buddy RichIdaho6:46The Drum Battle21952128
1168Gene Krupa & Buddy RichSophisticated Lady4:39The Drum Battle31952128
1169Gene Krupa & Buddy RichFlying Home6:00The Drum Battle41952127
1170Gene Krupa & Buddy RichDrum Boogie9:04The Drum Battle51952128
1171Gene Krupa & Buddy RichThe Drum Battle3:36The Drum Battle61952129
1172Gene Krupa & Buddy RichPerdido5:01The Drum Battle71952128
1173Gene Krupa Big BandLet Me Off Uptown3:21Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed72001132
1174Gene Loves JezebelHeartache4:21Discover11986202
1175Gene Loves JezebelOver The Rooftops3:12Discover21986207
1176Gene Loves JezebelKick3:10Discover31986195
1177Gene Loves JezebelA White Horse3:08Discover41986175
1178Gene Loves JezebelWait And See3:22Discover51986205
1179Gene Loves JezebelDesire (Come And Get It)3:18Discover61986208
1180Gene Loves JezebelBeyond Doubt4:22Discover71986215
1181Gene Loves JezebelSweetest Thing3:12Discover81986208
1182Gene Loves JezebelMaid Of Sker4:25Discover91986197
1183Gene Loves JezebelBrand New Moon3:41Discover101986205
1184Gene McDanielsTower of Strength2:16AM Gold: Early '60s Classics71995183
1185Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds of Clay2:19Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)32007183
1186Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of Clay2:21Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)13 185
1187Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of Clay2:16Hit History Vol. 7 1961141990213
1188Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of Clay2:19Jukebox Hits Of 1961211991252
1189Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of Clay2:20Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)151997202
1190Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds of Clay2:23Still Rockin' 1961201989208
1191Gene McDanielsChip Chip2:18The '60s - Jukebox Memories14 201
1192Gene McDanielsTower Of Strength2:16The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)61998138
1193Gene McDanielsChip Chip2:19The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)31997214
1194Gene PitneyOnly Love Can Break A Heart2:51196210 180
1195Gene PitneyTwenty Four Hours From Tulsa3:011963 - Still Rockin'11 203
1196Gene PitneyOnly Love Can Break a Heart2:51AM Gold: 196271995183
1197Gene PitneyI'm Gonna Be Strong2:14AM Gold: 196441995180
1198Gene PitneyThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance2:56AM Gold: Early '60s Classics21995185
1199Gene PitneyIt Hurts To Be In Love2:34AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics81995131
1200Gene PitneySomewhere In The Country3:09Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)101996176
1201Gene Pitney(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance2:55Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 2)91996203
1202Gene PitneyI'm Gonna Be Strong2:16Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On171988199
1203Gene PitneyShe's A Heartbreaker3:17Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind201991199
1204Gene Pitney24 Hours From Tulsa2:59Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)131997205
1205Gene PitneyLips Are Redder On You2:15Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)141997202
1206Gene PitneyMecca2:17Jukebox Hits Of 1963241991225
1207Gene PitneyIt Hurts To Be In Love2:34Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)61996134
1208Gene PitneyEvery Breath I Take2:45Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)51991127
1209Gene PitneyPretty Flamingo2:06The American Roots Of The British Invasion202002231
1210Gene Pitney(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance2:59The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)91998201
1211Gene PitneyOnly Love Can Break A Heart2:49The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)141998192
1212Gene PitneyTrue Love Never Runs Smooth2:25The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)191998192
1213Gene PitneyTwenty Four Hours From Tulsa2:59The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)221998206
1214Gene PitneyFool Killer3:23The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)81998197
1215Gene PitneyThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance2:58The Rock Box (Disc 2)14 200
1216Gene PitneyTwenty Four Hours From Tulsa3:00The Rock Box (Disc 3)4 192
1217Gene PitneyIf I Didn't Have A Dime2:29The Rock Box (Disc 4)14 207
1218Gene PitneyHalf Heaven, Half Heartache2:48The Rock Box (Disc 5)4 183
1219Gene PitneyEvery Breath I Take2:46The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance61991157
1220Gene PitneyIt Hurts To Be In Love2:34The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196441995144
1221Gene PitneyTwenty Four Hours From Tulsa3:02The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)111997193
1222Gene PitneyIt Hurts To Be In Love2:34TM Century GoldDisc 605171991142
1223Gene PitneyTown Without Pity2:52Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood191997162
1224Gene Raskin & Louis C. SingerThe Big World Of Little Adam0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)101996212
1225Gene SimmonsRadioactive3:51Gene Simmons [Remastered]11978194
1226Gene SimmonsBurning Up With Fever4:22Gene Simmons [Remastered]21978203
1227Gene SimmonsSee You Tonite2:28Gene Simmons [Remastered]31978211
1228Gene SimmonsTunnel Of Love3:52Gene Simmons [Remastered]41978196
1229Gene SimmonsTrue Confessions3:30Gene Simmons [Remastered]51978207
1230Gene SimmonsLiving In Sin3:51Gene Simmons [Remastered]61978201
1231Gene SimmonsAlways Near You / Nowhere To Hide4:12Gene Simmons [Remastered]71978197
1232Gene SimmonsMan Of 1,000 Faces3:17Gene Simmons [Remastered]81978216
1233Gene SimmonsMr. Make Believe4:02Gene Simmons [Remastered]91978215
1234Gene SimmonsSee You In Your Dreams2:49Gene Simmons [Remastered]101978222
1235Gene SimmonsWhen You Wish Upon A Star2:44Gene Simmons [Remastered]111978186
1236Gene SummersSchool Of Rock 'N Roll2:04Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)252006130
1237Gene Summers & His RebelsSchool Of Rock 'n Roll2:05Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)221999130
1238Gene ThomasSometimes2:24Lost Treasures Volume 16 126
1239Gene VincentRace With The Devil2:04James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel121991206
1240Gene VincentBe-Bop-A-Lula2:37Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 2)72004133
1241Gene VincentLotta Lovin'2:13Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)171997137
1242Gene VincentBluejean Bop2:24Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)151997147
1243Gene VincentCat Man2:18Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)52006131
1244Gene VincentWoman Love2:32Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)242006134
1245Gene VincentBe-Bop-a-Lula2:36Rockin' USA - The Memphis Sound - The 50s51960130
1246Gene VincentPistol Packin' Mama2:08The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)201960136
1247Gene VincentDance To The Bop2:16The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly51990160
1248Gene VincentRace With The Devil2:05The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly151990129
1249Gene Vincent & His Blue CapsB-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go2:16Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)21999151
1250Gene Vincent & His Blue CapsBe-Bop-A-Lula2:36Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)241999138
1251Gene Vincent & His Blue CapsJumps, Giggles And Shouts2:51Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)121999141
1252Gene Vincent & His Blue CapsRace With The Devil2:03Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)241999146
1253Gene Vincent & The Blue CapsBe-Bo-A-Lula2:36100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)31997139
1254Gene WatsonYou're Out Doing What I'm Here Doing Without2:3616 Top Country Hits Volume 2101990209
1255General JohnsonCan't Nobody Love Me Like You Do3:50Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)162001209
1256General PublicI'll Take You There4:0490's Pop Hits (Disc 2)4 207
1257General PublicHot You're Cool3:47All The Rage11984195
1258General PublicTenderness3:37All The Rage21984175
1259General PublicAnxious4:20All The Rage31984180
1260General PublicNever You Done That4:10All The Rage41984183
1261General PublicBurning Bright4:32All The Rage51984197
1262General PublicAs A Matter Of Fact5:22All The Rage61984189
1263General PublicAre You Leading Me On?3:11All The Rage71984205
1264General PublicDay-To-Day3:30All The Rage81984189
1265General PublicWhere's The Line?4:08All The Rage91984186
1266General PublicGeneral Public4:25All The Rage101984211
1267General PublicCome Again3:43Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]11986256
1268General PublicFaults And All3:35Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]21986248
1269General PublicForward As One6:08Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]31986246
1270General PublicMurder4:21Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]41986253
1271General PublicCheque In The Post3:39Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]51986253
1272General PublicToo Much Or Nothing4:25Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]61986248
1273General PublicLove Without The Fun3:29Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]71986245
1274General PublicIn Conversation5:43Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]81986240
1275General PublicNever All There4:04Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]91986250
1276General PublicCry On Your Own Shoulder3:55Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]101986246
1277General PublicGeneral Public (12" Version) [Bonus Track]6:06Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]111986247
1278General PublicLimited Balance [Bonus Track]4:10Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]121986254
1279General PublicAll The Rage [Bonus Track]3:23Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]131986260
1280General PublicTaking The Day Off [Bonus Track]3:55Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]141986240
1281General PublicDay-To-Day (Live) [Bonus Track]3:22Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]151986255
1282General PublicWhere's The Line? (Live) [Bonus Track]3:30Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]161986252
1283General PublicTenderness (Live) [Bonus Track]4:01Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]171986235
1284General PublicHot You're Cool (Live) [Bonus Track]3:44Hand To Mouth [1993 Remaster With Bonus Tracks]181986247
1285General PublicTenderness3:31Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)92002193
1286General PublicTenderness3:37Rock Of The 80's Volume 141990220
1287GenesisDown and Out5:26...And Then There Were Three...11978196
1288GenesisUndertow4:46...And Then There Were Three...21978186
1289GenesisBallad of Big4:50...And Then There Were Three...31978207
1290GenesisSnowbound4:31...And Then There Were Three...41978192
1291GenesisBurning Rope7:09...And Then There Were Three...51978211
1292GenesisDeep in the Motherlode5:15...And Then There Were Three...61978203
1293GenesisMany Too Many3:31...And Then There Were Three...71978203
1294GenesisScenes From a Night's Dream3:29...And Then There Were Three...81978214
1295GenesisSay It's Alright Joe4:20...And Then There Were Three...91978186
1296GenesisThe Lady Lies6:07...And Then There Were Three...101978188
1297GenesisFollow You Follow Me3:59...And Then There Were Three...111978196
1298GenesisCalling All Stations5:43...Calling All Stations...11997213
1299GenesisCongo4:52...Calling All Stations...21997202
1300GenesisShipwrecked4:23...Calling All Stations...31997190
1301GenesisAlien Afternoon7:53...Calling All Stations...41997212
1302GenesisNot About Us4:39...Calling All Stations...51997203
1303GenesisIf That's What You Need5:12...Calling All Stations...61997191
1304GenesisThe Dividing Line7:44...Calling All Stations...71997197
1305GenesisUncertain Weather5:29...Calling All Stations...81997203
1306GenesisSmall Talk5:02...Calling All Stations...91997214
1307GenesisThere Must Be Some Other Way7:55...Calling All Stations...101997201
1308GenesisOne Man's Fool8:46...Calling All Stations...111997202
1309GenesisHappy The Man3:111970-1975 Extra Tracks12008195
1310GenesisTwilight Alehouse7:471970-1975 Extra Tracks22008206
1311GenesisGoing Out To Get You (Demo)4:541970-1975 Extra Tracks32008213
1312GenesisShepherd (BBC Nightride 1970)4:041970-1975 Extra Tracks42008185
1313GenesisPacidy (BBC Nightride 1970)5:441970-1975 Extra Tracks52008196
1314GenesisLet Us Now Make Love (BBC Nightride 1970)6:161970-1975 Extra Tracks62008183
1315GenesisProvocation (Genesis Plays Jackson)4:091970-1975 Extra Tracks72008164
1316GenesisFrustration (Genesis Plays Jackson)3:421970-1975 Extra Tracks82008165
1317GenesisManipulation (Genesis Plays Jackson)3:481970-1975 Extra Tracks92008160
1318GenesisResignation (Genesis Plays Jackson)3:031970-1975 Extra Tracks102008152
1319GenesisPaperlate3:251976-1982 Extra Tracks12007204
1320GenesisEvidence Of Autumn4:581976-1982 Extra Tracks22007208
1321GenesisPigeons3:161976-1982 Extra Tracks32007217
1322GenesisYou Might Recall5:351976-1982 Extra Tracks42007199
1323GenesisNaminanu3:541976-1982 Extra Tracks52007235
1324GenesisInside And Out6:481976-1982 Extra Tracks62007208
1325GenesisVancouver3:031976-1982 Extra Tracks72007201
1326GenesisMe And Virgil6:191976-1982 Extra Tracks82007186
1327GenesisIt's Yourself6:151976-1982 Extra Tracks92007199
1328GenesisMatch Of The Day3:301976-1982 Extra Tracks102007222
1329GenesisOpen Door4:061976-1982 Extra Tracks112007179
1330GenesisThe Day The Light Went Out3:121976-1982 Extra Tracks122007221
1331GenesisSubmarine4:381976-1982 Extra Tracks132007206
1332GenesisOn The Shoreline4:501983-1998 Extra Tracks12007203
1333GenesisHearts On Fire5:161983-1998 Extra Tracks22007194
1334GenesisDo The Neurotic7:071983-1998 Extra Tracks32007216
1335GenesisFeeding The Fire5:531983-1998 Extra Tracks42007210
1336GenesisI'd Rather Be You4:041983-1998 Extra Tracks52007213
1337GenesisAnything Now7:031983-1998 Extra Tracks62007223
1338GenesisSign Your Life Away4:451983-1998 Extra Tracks72007220
1339GenesisRun Out Of Time6:351983-1998 Extra Tracks82007198
1340GenesisDance On A Volcano5:57A Trick Of The Tail11976205
1341GenesisEntangled6:26A Trick Of The Tail21976210
1342GenesisSquonk6:28A Trick Of The Tail31976205
1343GenesisMad Man Moon7:35A Trick Of The Tail41976202
1344GenesisRobbery, Assault And Battery6:18A Trick Of The Tail51976210
1345GenesisRipples8:05A Trick Of The Tail61976199
1346GenesisA Trick Of The Tail4:34A Trick Of The Tail71976200
1347GenesisLos Endos5:47A Trick Of The Tail81976210
1349GenesisNo Reply at All4:40Abacab21981208
1350GenesisMe and Sarah Jane6:02Abacab31981196
1351GenesisKeep It Dark4:32Abacab41981208
1353GenesisWho Dunnit?3:24Abacab61981216
1354GenesisMan on the Corner4:27Abacab71981196
1355GenesisLike It or Not4:58Abacab81981199
1356GenesisAnother Record4:28Abacab91981198
1357GenesisCongo (Edit)3:14Congo (Single)11997207
1358GenesisPapa He Said4:09Congo (Single)21997196
1359GenesisBanjo Man4:21Congo (Single)31997193
1360GenesisBehind the Lines5:30Duke11980211
1362GenesisGuide Vocal1:34Duke31980187
1363GenesisMan of Our Times5:35Duke41980215
1366GenesisTurn It on Again3:51Duke71980213
1367GenesisAlone Again3:57Duke81980194
1369GenesisPlease Don't Ask4:02Duke101980190
1370GenesisDuke's Travels8:39Duke111980211
1371GenesisDuke's End2:07Duke121980221
1372GenesisWatcher of the Skies7:23Foxtrot11972211
1373GenesisTime Table4:47Foxtrot21972202
1374GenesisGet 'em Out By Friday8:37Foxtrot31972204
1375GenesisCan-Utility and the Coastliners5:45Foxtrot41972216
1377GenesisSupper's Ready22:52Foxtrot61972205
1378GenesisThe Silent Sun2:14From Genesis To Revelation11969144
1379GenesisThat's Me2:39From Genesis To Revelation21969142
1380GenesisWhere The Sour Turns To Sweet3:14From Genesis To Revelation31969208
1381GenesisIn The Beginning3:45From Genesis To Revelation41969181
1382GenesisFireside Song4:18From Genesis To Revelation51969205
1383GenesisThe Serpent4:38From Genesis To Revelation61969188
1384GenesisAm I Very Wrong3:31From Genesis To Revelation71969202
1385GenesisIn The Wilderness3:30From Genesis To Revelation81969191
1386GenesisThe Conqueror3:40From Genesis To Revelation91969186
1387GenesisIn Hiding2:37From Genesis To Revelation101969205
1388GenesisOne Day3:21From Genesis To Revelation111969203
1389GenesisWindow3:33From Genesis To Revelation121969202
1390GenesisIn Limbo3:30From Genesis To Revelation131969213
1391GenesisSilent Sun2:13From Genesis To Revelation141969173
1392GenesisA Place To Call My Own2:00From Genesis To Revelation151969190
1393GenesisA Winter's Tale3:31From Genesis To Revelation161969141
1394GenesisOne Eyed Hound2:33From Genesis To Revelation171969139
1395GenesisImage Blown Out (Demo)2:48From Genesis To Revelation181969199
1396GenesisShe's So Beautiful (Demo The Serpent)3:43From Genesis To Revelation191969194
1398GenesisThat's All4:26Genesis21983180
1399GenesisHome By The Sea4:52Genesis31983199
1400GenesisSecond Home By The Sea6:22Genesis41983203
1401GenesisIllegal Alien5:15Genesis51983204
1402GenesisTaking It All Too Hard3:58Genesis61983192
1403GenesisJust A Job To Do4:47Genesis71983189
1404GenesisSilver Rainbow4:29Genesis81983193
1405GenesisIt's Gonna Get Better4:58Genesis91983201
1406GenesisHome By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea11:15Genesis 1983226
1407GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway6:29Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)11998182
1408GenesisFly On A Windshield4:38Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)21998187
1409GenesisBroadway Melody of 19740:34Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)31998191
1410GenesisCuckoo Cocoon2:17Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)41998167
1411GenesisIn The Cage7:56Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)51998181
1412GenesisThe Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging4:25Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)61998173
1413GenesisBack In N.Y.C.6:18Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)71998179
1414GenesisHairless Heart2:21Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)81998178
1415GenesisCounting Out Time3:59Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)91998181
1416GenesisCarpet Crawlers5:45Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)101998175
1417GenesisThe Chamber Of 32 Doors5:51Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 1)111998172
1418GenesisLilywhite Lilith3:04Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)11998173
1419GenesisThe Waiting Room6:15Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)21998178
1420GenesisAnyway3:28Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)31998173
1421GenesisHere Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist3:57Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)41998184
1422GenesisThe Lamia7:12Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)51998177
1423GenesisSilent Sorrow In Empty Boats3:14Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)61998196
1424GenesisThe Colony Of Slippermen (Arrival; A Visit To The Doktor; Raven)8:46Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)71998181
1425GenesisRavine1:38Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)81998182
1426GenesisThe Light Dies Down On Broadway3:37Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)91998180
1427GenesisRiding The Scree4:29Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)101998174
1428GenesisIn The Rapids2:25Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)111998173
1429GenesisIt4:19Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 2)121998222
1430GenesisDancing With The Moonlit Knight7:05Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)11998207
1431GenesisFirth Of Fifth8:29Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)21998204
1432GenesisMore Fool Me4:01Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)31998175
1433GenesisSupper's Ready26:31Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)41998201
1434GenesisI Know What I Like5:36Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)51998217
1435GenesisStagnation8:53Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)61998196
1436GenesisTwilight Alehouse7:48Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)71998207
1437GenesisHappy The Man2:54Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)81998191
1438GenesisWatcher Of The Skies3:42Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 3)91998196
1439GenesisIn The Wilderness2:59Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)11998180
1440GenesisShepherd4:00Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)21998171
1441GenesisPacidy5:41Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)31998179
1442GenesisLet Us Now Make Love6:13Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)41998170
1443GenesisGoing Out To Get You4:53Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)51998212
1444GenesisDusk6:13Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)61998215
1445GenesisBuild Me A Mountain4:12Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)71998183
1446GenesisImage Blown Out2:11Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)81998185
1447GenesisOne Day3:08Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)91998128
1448GenesisWhere The Sour Turns To Sweet3:14Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)101998131
1449GenesisIn The Beginning3:31Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)111998128
1450GenesisThe Magic Of Time2:01Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)121998135
1451GenesisHey!2:27Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)131998128
1452GenesisHidden In The World Of Dawn3:10Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)141998128
1453GenesisSea Bee3:04Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)151998127
1454GenesisThe Mystery Of The Flannan Isle Lighthouse2:35Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)161998129
1455GenesisHair On The Arms And Legs2:41Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)171998127
1456GenesisShe Is Beautiful3:46Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)181998127
1457GenesisTry A Little Sadness3:20Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)191998127
1458GenesisPatricia3:05Genesis Archive 1967-75 (Disc 4)201998127
1459GenesisOn The Shoreline4:49Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)12000204
1460GenesisHearts On Fire5:14Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)22000191
1461GenesisYou Might Recall5:32Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)32000213
1462GenesisPaperlate3:21Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)42000214
1463GenesisEvidence Of Autumn4:58Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)52000213
1464GenesisDo The Neurotic7:09Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)62000225
1465GenesisI'd Rather Be You3:59Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)72000208
1466GenesisNaminanu3:54Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)82000215
1467GenesisInside And Out6:43Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)92000210
1468GenesisFeeding The Fire5:51Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)102000201
1469GenesisI Can't Dance 12"7:02Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)112000216
1470GenesisSubmarine5:13Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 1)122000211
1471GenesisIllegal Alien (Live)5:31Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)12000228
1472GenesisDreaming While You Sleep (Live)7:48Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)22000217
1473GenesisIt's Gonna Get Better (Live)7:32Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)32000218
1474GenesisDeep In The Motherlode (Live)5:54Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)42000218
1475GenesisRipples (Live)9:53Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)52000224
1476GenesisThe Brazilian (Live)5:17Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)62000243
1477GenesisYour Own Special Way (Live)6:51Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)72000175
1478GenesisBurning Rope (Live)7:28Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)82000205
1479GenesisEntangled (Live)6:57Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)92000206
1480GenesisDuke's Travels (Live)9:31Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 2)102000229
1481GenesisInvisible Touch 12"5:58Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)12000229
1482GenesisLand Of Confusion 12"6:59Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)22000214
1483GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight 12"11:46Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)32000217
1484GenesisNo Reply At All (Live)4:56Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)42000225
1485GenesisMan On The Corner (Live)4:04Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)52000192
1486GenesisThe Lady Lies (Live)6:08Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)62000235
1487GenesisOpen Door4:08Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)72000186
1488GenesisThe Day The Light Went Out3:14Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)82000228
1489GenesisVancouver3:03Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)92000211
1490GenesisPigeons3:13Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)102000199
1491GenesisIt's Yourself5:25Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)112000203
1492GenesisMama (Work In Progress)10:43Genesis Archives Volume 2: 1976-1992 (Disc 3)122000202
1493GenesisLand Of Confusion5:16Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)11992186
1494GenesisNo Son Of Mine7:05Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)21992195
1495GenesisJesus He Knows Me5:23Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)31992196
1496GenesisThrowing It All Away6:01Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)41992191
1497GenesisI Can't Dance6:55Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)51992187
1498GenesisMama6:50Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)61992194
1499GenesisHold On My Heart5:40Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)71992204
1500GenesisThat's All4:59Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)81992199
1501GenesisIn Too Deep5:36Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)91992184
1502GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight3:35Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)101992193
1503GenesisInvisible Touch5:41Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts)111992201
1504GenesisOld Medley19:31Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)11993209
1505GenesisDriving The Last Spike10:17Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)21993208
1506GenesisDomino11:20Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)31993202
1507GenesisFading Lights10:54Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)41993198
1508GenesisHome By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea12:14Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)51993208
1509GenesisDrum Duet6:06Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)61993231
1510GenesisInvisible Touch3:29Invisible Touch11986210
1511GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight8:53Invisible Touch21986207
1512GenesisLand of Confusion4:46Invisible Touch31986188
1513GenesisIn Too Deep4:59Invisible Touch41986188
1514GenesisAnything She Does4:09Invisible Touch51986188
1515GenesisDomino (Part One - In the Glow of the Night; Part Two - The Last Domino)10:45Invisible Touch61986200
1516GenesisThrowing It All Away3:51Invisible Touch71986185
1517GenesisThe Brazilian4:49Invisible Touch81986218
1518GenesisWatcher Of The Skies8:34Live11973187
1519GenesisGet 'em Out By Friday9:18Live21973200
1520GenesisThe Return Of The Giant Hogweed8:18Live31973184
1521GenesisThe Musical Box10:59Live41973198
1522GenesisThe Knife9:47Live51973201
1523GenesisWatcher Of The Skies8:39Live [2009 Remaster]11973202
1524GenesisGet 'em Out By Friday9:08Live [2009 Remaster]21973188
1525GenesisThe Return Of The Giant Hogweed8:32Live [2009 Remaster]31973202
1526GenesisThe Musical Box10:34Live [2009 Remaster]41973190
1527GenesisThe Knife9:48Live [2009 Remaster]51973195
1528GenesisBack In New York City6:10Live [2009 Remaster]61973197
1529GenesisFly On A Windshield2:54Live [2009 Remaster]71973197
1530GenesisBroadway Melody Of 19742:18Live [2009 Remaster]81973190
1531GenesisAnyway3:33Live [2009 Remaster]91973187
1532GenesisChamber Of 32 Doors5:58Live [2009 Remaster]101973185
1533GenesisDancing With The Moonlit Knight9:15Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks12009195
1534GenesisCinema Show11:05Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks22009202
1535GenesisI Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)5:23Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks32009202
1536GenesisFirth Of Fifth8:32Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks42009190
1537GenesisMore Fool Me3:24Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks52009180
1538GenesisThe Battle Of Epping Forest12:22Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks62009202
1539GenesisSupper's Ready23:41Live 1973-2007 Extra Tracks72009191
1540GenesisTurn It On Again4:36Live Over Europe12007218
1541GenesisNo Son Of Mine6:53Live Over Europe22007193
1542GenesisHome By The Sea11:58Live Over Europe32007215
1543GenesisMama5:18Live Over Europe42007175
1544GenesisFollow You Follow Me3:59Live Over Europe52007203
1545GenesisAbacab4:10Live Over Europe62007212
1546GenesisMany Too Many3:32Live Over Europe72007200
1547GenesisThe Cinema Show10:49Live Over Europe82007202
1548GenesisTonight Tonight Tonight3:53Live Over Europe92007187
1549GenesisInvisible Touch5:05Live Over Europe102007188
1550GenesisLos Endos6:17Live Over Europe112007220
1551GenesisCarpet Crawlers6:02Live Over Europe122007208
1552GenesisDuke's Intro (Behind the Lines/Duke's End)3:49Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)12007237
1553GenesisTurn It On Again4:26Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)22007219
1554GenesisNo Son Of Mine6:57Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)32007193
1555GenesisLand Of Confusion5:11Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)42007207
1556GenesisIn The Cage/The Cinema Show/Duke's Travels13:30Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)52007209
1557GenesisAfterglow4:27Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)62007194
1558GenesisHold On My Heart5:58Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)72007187
1559GenesisHome By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea11:58Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)82007215
1560GenesisFollow You, Follow Me4:19Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)92007184
1561GenesisFirth Of Fifth (excerpt)4:39Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)102007220
1562GenesisI Know What I Like/Stagnation/I Know What I Like (reprise)6:45Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 1)112007203
1563GenesisMama6:57Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)12007195
1564GenesisRipples7:57Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)22007193
1565GenesisThrowing It All Away6:01Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)32007197
1566GenesisDomino11:34Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)42007208
1567GenesisConversations With 2 Stools6:48Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)52007221
1568GenesisLos Endos6:24Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)62007220
1569GenesisTonight Tonight Tonight (excerpt)3:49Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)72007187
1570GenesisInvisible Touch5:35Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)82007189
1571GenesisI Can't Dance6:11Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)92007191
1572GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers6:00Live Over Europe 2007 (Disc 2)102007208
1573GenesisThe Musical Box10:29Nursery Cryme11971197
1574GenesisFor Absent Friends1:47Nursery Cryme21971190
1575GenesisThe Return of the Giant Hogweed8:10Nursery Cryme31971198
1576GenesisSeven Stones5:11Nursery Cryme41971173
1577GenesisHarold the Barrel3:00Nursery Cryme51971187
1578GenesisHarlequin2:56Nursery Cryme61971187
1579GenesisThe Fountain of Salmacis7:53Nursery Cryme71971181
1580GenesisSquonk6:39Seconds Out (Disc 1)11977196
1581GenesisThe Carpet Crawl5:29Seconds Out (Disc 1)21977197
1582GenesisRobbery, Assault & Battery6:04Seconds Out (Disc 1)31977193
1583GenesisAfterglow4:28Seconds Out (Disc 1)41977194
1584GenesisFirth of Fifth8:56Seconds Out (Disc 1)51977202
1585GenesisI Know What I Like8:50Seconds Out (Disc 1)61977197
1586GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway4:59Seconds Out (Disc 1)71977192
1587GenesisThe Musical Box (Closing Section)3:09Seconds Out (Disc 1)81977201
1588GenesisSupper's Ready24:35Seconds Out (Disc 2)11977197
1589GenesisCinema Show11:00Seconds Out (Disc 2)21977198
1590GenesisDance On A Volcano4:21Seconds Out (Disc 2)31977201
1591GenesisLos Endos7:15Seconds Out (Disc 2)41977222
1592GenesisDancing With the Moonlit Knight8:04Selling England By the Pound11973205
1593GenesisI Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)4:08Selling England By the Pound21973215
1594GenesisFirth of Fifth9:37Selling England By the Pound31973204
1595GenesisMore Fool Me3:10Selling England By the Pound41973178
1596GenesisThe Battle of Epping Forest11:46Selling England By the Pound51973206
1597GenesisAfter the Ordeal4:16Selling England By the Pound61973208
1598GenesisThe Cinema Show11:06Selling England By the Pound71973213
1599GenesisAisle of Plenty1:31Selling England By the Pound81973200
1600GenesisMatch Of The Day3:23Spot The Pigeon (EP)11977207
1601GenesisPigeons3:13Spot The Pigeon (EP)21977201
1602GenesisInside And Out6:44Spot The Pigeon (EP)31977202
1603GenesisThe Musical Box10:31Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)61996197
1604GenesisDancing With The Moonlight Night8:04Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)11996204
1605GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway4:46The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)11974195
1606GenesisFly on a Windshield2:45The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)21974190
1607GenesisBroadway Melody of 19742:10The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)31974197
1608GenesisCuckoo Cocoon2:11The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)41974200
1609GenesisIn the Cage8:12The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)51974197
1610GenesisThe Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging2:44The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)61974193
1611GenesisBack in N.Y.C.5:34The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)71974194
1612GenesisHairless Heart2:20The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)81974203
1613GenesisCounting Out Time3:41The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)91974208
1614GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers5:14The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)101974189
1615GenesisThe Chamber of 32 Doors5:40The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1)111974196
1616GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway4:52The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]11974203
1617GenesisFly on a Windshield2:45The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]21974210
1618GenesisBroadway Melody of 19742:11The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]31974193
1619GenesisCuckoo Cocoon2:12The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]41974185
1620GenesisIn the Cage8:12The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]51974210
1621GenesisThe Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging2:46The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]61974190
1622GenesisBack in N.Y.C.5:45The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]71974204
1623GenesisHairless Heart2:10The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]81974189
1624GenesisCounting Out Time3:40The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]91974206
1625GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers5:15The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]101974178
1626GenesisThe Chamber of 32 Doors5:45The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 1) [2008 Remaster]111974185
1627GenesisLilywhite Lilith2:43The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)11974214
1628GenesisThe Waiting Room5:21The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)21974206
1629GenesisAnyway3:07The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)31974198
1630GenesisThe Supernatural Anaesthetist2:59The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)41974204
1631GenesisThe Lamia6:56The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)51974197
1632GenesisSilent Sorrow In Empty Boats3:06The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)61974195
1633GenesisThe Colony of Slippermen (The Arrival; A Visit to the Doktor; The Raven)8:13The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)71974195
1634GenesisRavine2:02The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)81974188
1635GenesisThe Light Dies Down on Broadway3:32The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)91974202
1636GenesisRiding the Scree3:56The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)101974201
1637GenesisIn the Rapids2:23The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)111974200
1638Genesisit4:18The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2)121974202
1639GenesisLilywhite Lilith2:48The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]11974204
1640GenesisThe Waiting Room5:17The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]21974207
1641GenesisAnyway3:17The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]31974196
1642GenesisThe Supernatural Anaesthesist2:49The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]41974212
1643GenesisThe Lamia6:57The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]51974186
1644GenesisSilent Sorrow in Empty Boats3:01The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]61974184
1645GenesisThe Colony of Slippermen8:11The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]71974212
1646GenesisRavine2:05The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]81974181
1647GenesisThe Light Dies Down on Broadway3:32The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]91974204
1648GenesisRiding the Scree4:07The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]101974200
1649GenesisIn the Rapids2:22The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]111974180
1650Genesisit4:18The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Disc 2) [2008 Remaster]121974217
1651GenesisTurn It On Again5:23Three Sides Live (Disc 1)11982195
1652GenesisDodo7:20Three Sides Live (Disc 1)21982196
1653GenesisAbacab8:43Three Sides Live (Disc 1)31982201
1654GenesisBehind The Lines5:24Three Sides Live (Disc 1)41982201
1655GenesisDuchess6:38Three Sides Live (Disc 1)51982202
1656GenesisMe And Sarah Jane5:52Three Sides Live (Disc 1)61982202
1657GenesisFollow You Follow Me4:44Three Sides Live (Disc 1)71982196
1658GenesisTurn It On Again5:16Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]11982198
1659GenesisDodo7:20Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]21982202
1660GenesisAbacab8:45Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]31982205
1661GenesisBehind The Lines5:24Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]41982205
1662GenesisDuchess6:42Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]51982204
1663GenesisMe & Sarah Jane6:07Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]61982195
1664GenesisFollow You, Follow Me4:49Three Sides Live (Disc 1) [2009 Remaster]71982204
1665GenesisMisunderstanding4:05Three Sides Live (Disc 2)11982194
1666GenesisIn The Cage11:52Three Sides Live (Disc 2)21982190
1667GenesisAfterglow5:03Three Sides Live (Disc 2)31982196
1668GenesisPaperlate3:15Three Sides Live (Disc 2)41982188
1669GenesisYou Might Recall5:28Three Sides Live (Disc 2)51982199
1670GenesisMe And Virgil6:19Three Sides Live (Disc 2)61982180
1671GenesisEvidence Of Autumn4:58Three Sides Live (Disc 2)71982199
1672GenesisOpen Door4:04Three Sides Live (Disc 2)81982191
1673GenesisMisunderstanding4:12Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]11982193
1674GenesisIn The Cage (Medley - Cinema Show - The Colony Of Slippermen)11:51Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]21982190
1675GenesisAfterglow5:13Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]31982188
1676GenesisOne For The Vine11:04Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]41982199
1677GenesisThe Fountain Of Salmacis8:34Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]51982191
1678GenesisIt/Watcher Of The Skies7:03Three Sides Live (Disc 2) [2009 Remaster]61982206
1679GenesisOne for the Vine11:04Three Sides Live [UK edition side 4]41982204
1680GenesisThe Fountain of Salmacis8:40Three Sides Live [UK edition side 4]51982212
1681GenesisIt/Watcher of the Skies7:22Three Sides Live [UK edition side 4]61982199
1682GenesisThrowing It All Away3:50Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-1986171995187
1683GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight4:36TM Century GoldDisc Update 7151991199
1684GenesisLooking for Someone7:07Trespass11970196
1685GenesisWhite Mountain6:46Trespass21970199
1686GenesisVisions of Angels6:54Trespass31970194
1689GenesisThe Knife9:00Trespass61970204
1690GenesisNo Son of Mine6:39We Can't Dance11991194
1691GenesisJesus He Knows Me4:16We Can't Dance21991201
1692GenesisDriving the Last Spike10:08We Can't Dance31991211
1693GenesisI Can't Dance4:01We Can't Dance41991180
1694GenesisNever a Time3:50We Can't Dance51991188
1695GenesisDreaming While You Sleep7:16We Can't Dance61991196
1696GenesisTell Me Why4:59We Can't Dance71991203
1697GenesisLiving Forever5:41We Can't Dance81991208
1698GenesisHold on My Heart4:38We Can't Dance91991198
1699GenesisWay of the World5:39We Can't Dance101991209
1700GenesisSince I Lost You4:09We Can't Dance111991211
1701GenesisFading Lights10:16We Can't Dance121991200
1702GenesisEleventh Earl Of Mar7:44Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]11976208
1703GenesisOne For The Vine10:00Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]21976202
1704GenesisYour Own Special Way6:18Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]31976188
1705GenesisWot Gorilla?3:19Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]41976221
1706GenesisAll In A Mouse's Night6:38Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]51976201
1707GenesisBlood On The Rooftops5:27Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]61976191
1708GenesisUnquiet Slumber For The Sleepers...2:23Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]71976195
1709Genesis...In That Quiet Earth4:49Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]81976212
1710GenesisAfterglow4:12Wind And Wuthering [Definitive Edition Remaster]91976203
1711GenfAaachen-Brüssel (Hans Niesw And T Whirlpool Remix)6:02Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)132003215
1712The GeniesWho's That Knocking2:18The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)221994128
1713Gentle GiantPantagruel's Nativity6:53Acquiring the Taste11971206
1714Gentle GiantEdge of Twilight3:51Acquiring the Taste21971190
1715Gentle GiantThe House, the Street, the Room6:05Acquiring the Taste31971208
1716Gentle GiantAcquiring the Taste1:39Acquiring the Taste41971187
1717Gentle GiantWreck4:40Acquiring the Taste51971204
1718Gentle GiantThe Moon Is Down4:48Acquiring the Taste61971200
1719Gentle GiantBlack Cat3:54Acquiring the Taste71971197
1720Gentle GiantPlain Truth7:36Acquiring the Taste81971206
1721Gentle GiantJust the Same5:29Free Hand11975204
1722Gentle GiantOn Reflection5:29Free Hand21975198
1723Gentle GiantFree Hand6:15Free Hand31975200
1724Gentle GiantTime to Kill5:10Free Hand41975198
1725Gentle GiantHis Last Voyage6:26Free Hand51975194
1726Gentle GiantTalybont2:43Free Hand61975197
1727Gentle GiantMobile4:47Free Hand71975207
1728Gentle GiantGiant6:24Gentle Giant11970199
1729Gentle GiantFunny Ways4:23Gentle Giant21970195
1730Gentle GiantAlucard6:01Gentle Giant31970204
1731Gentle GiantIsn't It Quiet And Cold?3:53Gentle Giant41970193
1732Gentle GiantNothing At All9:08Gentle Giant51970198
1733Gentle GiantWhy Not?5:31Gentle Giant61970201
1734Gentle GiantThe Queen1:39Gentle Giant71970198
1735Gentle GiantThe Runaway7:15In A Glass House11973215
1736Gentle GiantAn Inmates Lullaby4:39In A Glass House21973199
1737Gentle GiantWay Of Life8:04In A Glass House31973206
1738Gentle GiantExperience7:50In A Glass House41973213
1739Gentle GiantA Reunion2:11In A Glass House51973205
1740Gentle GiantIn A Glass House8:09In A Glass House61973215
1741Gentle GiantInterview6:54Interview11976210
1742Gentle GiantGive It Back5:11Interview21976209
1743Gentle GiantDesign5:00Interview31976195
1744Gentle GiantAnother Show3:29Interview41976235
1745Gentle GiantEmpty City4:23Interview51976217
1746Gentle GiantTiming4:52Interview61976227
1747Gentle GiantI Lost My Head6:57Interview71976215
1748Gentle GiantThe Advent Of Panurge4:44Octopus11973210
1749Gentle GiantRaconteur, Troubadour4:05Octopus21973206
1750Gentle GiantA Cry For Everyone4:08Octopus31973214
1751Gentle GiantKnots4:13Octopus41973210
1752Gentle GiantThe Boys In The Band4:36Octopus51973214
1753Gentle GiantDog's Life3:13Octopus61973205
1754Gentle GiantThink Of Me With Kindness3:33Octopus71973204
1755Gentle GiantRiver5:53Octopus81973213
1756Gentle GiantFree Hand6:17Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 5)31996209
1757Gentle GiantTwo Weeks in Spain3:05The Missing Piece11977202
1758Gentle GiantI'm Turning Around3:59The Missing Piece21977191
1759Gentle GiantBetcha Thought We Couldn't Do It2:25The Missing Piece31977201
1760Gentle GiantWho Do You Think You Are?3:35The Missing Piece41977203
1761Gentle GiantMountain Time3:23The Missing Piece51977207
1762Gentle GiantAs Old as You're Young4:21The Missing Piece61977203
1763Gentle GiantMemories of Old Days7:18The Missing Piece71977203
1764Gentle GiantWinning4:17The Missing Piece81977218
1765Gentle GiantFor Nobody4:07The Missing Piece91977208
1766Gentle GiantProclamation6:47The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]11974208
1767Gentle GiantSo Sincere3:51The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]21974205
1768Gentle GiantAspirations4:40The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]31974197
1769Gentle GiantPlaying The Game6:46The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]41974210
1770Gentle GiantCogs In Cogs3:07The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]51974215
1771Gentle GiantNo Gods A Man4:27The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]61974208
1772Gentle GiantThe Face4:12The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]71974216
1773Gentle GiantValedictory3:21The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]81974211
1774Gentle GiantThe Power And The Glory (Bonus Track)2:52The Power And The Glory [Bonus Track]91974217
1775Gentle GiantPrologue6:13Three Friends11972210
1776Gentle GiantSchooldays7:37Three Friends21972202
1777Gentle GiantWorking All Day5:12Three Friends31972205
1778Gentle GiantPeel The Paint7:31Three Friends41972201
1779Gentle GiantMister Class And Quality?3:23Three Friends51972202
1780Gentle GiantThree Friends5:26Three Friends61972206
1781The GentrysKeep On Dancing2:13Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On181988138
1782The GentrysTwist & Shout2:42The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)16 213
1783The GentrysKeep On Dancing2:11Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)182001171
1784Geoff Hoyle, Samuel E. Wright, Scott Irby-RanniarThe Morning Report2:31The Lion King Original Broadway Cast31997189
1785Geoff Hoyle, Scott Irby-Ranniar, Kajuana ShufordI Just Can't Wait To Be King3:02The Lion King Original Broadway Cast51997199
1786Geoff LoveBarbarella2:43This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)121999207
1787Geoff Love & His OrchestraSpace 19992:29This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)201999217
1788Geoff Love & His OrchestraU.F.O.2:35This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)211999215
1789Geoff Love & His OrchestraTheme From Logan's Run4:57This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)221999228
1790Geoff Moore & The DistanceHome Run4:08WOW 1996 (Disc 2)81995216
1791Geoff Moore & The DistanceMore Than Gold4:20WOW 1997 (Disc 2)61996216
1792Geoffrey WilliamsLet Me Be Your Baby4:56Beverly Hills 90210 (OST)61992198
1793Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois G dur (43:G7): Dolce2:28String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)1 191
1794Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois G dur (43:G7): Allegro2:17String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)2 198
1795Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois G dur (43:G7): Largo1:57String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)3 192
1796Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois G dur (43:G7): Allegro2:03String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)4 191
1797Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois B dur (43:B3): Polonoise2:31String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)5 191
1798Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois B dur (43:B3): Allegro3:36String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)6 196
1799Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois B dur (43:B3): Largo2:06String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)7 192
1800Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto polonois B dur (43:B3): Allegro1:00String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)8 186
1801Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento A dur (50:22): Presto1:16String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)9 197
1802Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento A dur (50:22): Scherzo I. Gaglierdamente1:15String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)10 187
1803Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento A dur (50:22): Scherzo II / III / II / IV / II4:56String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)11 194
1804Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento A dur (50:22): Scherzo V / VI / V3:44String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)12 188
1805Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento B dur (50:23): Allegro assai1:31String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)13 193
1806Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento B dur (50:23): Scherzo I / II / I2:56String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)14 194
1807Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento B dur (50:23): Scherzo III / IV / III1:43String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)15 198
1808Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento B dur (50:23): Scherzo V. Con giubilo2:10String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)16 194
1809Georg Philipp TelemannDivertimento B dur (50:23): Scherzo VI. Arlechinoso0:50String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)17 181
1810Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für Viola (51:G9): Largo3:10String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)18 184
1811Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für Viola (51:G9): Allegro2:37String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)19 190
1812Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für Viola (51:G9): Andante1:47String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)20 188
1813Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für Viola (51:G9): Presto3:22String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)21 190
1814Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto "a sei" G dur (52:G2): Grave1:48String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)22 186
1815Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto "a sei" G dur (52:G2): Allegro1:59String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)23 191
1816Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto "a sei" G dur (52:G2): Largo1:49String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)24 182
1817Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto "a sei" G dur (52:G2): Presto3:43String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)25 191
1818Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für 2 Violen (52:G3): Lento1:39String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)26 191
1819Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für 2 Violen (52:G3): Gai1:48String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)27 198
1820Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für 2 Violen (52:G3): Large1:15String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)28 187
1821Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto G dur für 2 Violen (52:G3): Vif1:37String Concertos - Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv 2000)29 194
1822George And LouisThe Return Of Jerry Lee2:33The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky111991163
1823George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag4:04Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 4)141997204
1824George Baker SelectionOver And Over3:15Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)51992191
1825George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag3:24Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)71998220
1826George Baker SelectionPaloma Blanca3:27Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)122002227
1827George Baker SelectionUna Paloma Blanca2:47One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)52001249
1828George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag3:15Reservoir Dogs (OST)21992216
1829George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag4:04The Complete Collection (Disc 1)12003205
1830George Baker SelectionPretty Little Dreamer2:19The Complete Collection (Disc 1)22003201
1831George Baker SelectionDear Ann3:03The Complete Collection (Disc 1)32003202
1832George Baker SelectionFly2:37The Complete Collection (Disc 1)42003204
1833George Baker SelectionI Wanna Love You2:48The Complete Collection (Disc 1)52003210
1834George Baker SelectionMidnight2:54The Complete Collection (Disc 1)62003196
1835George Baker SelectionOver And Over3:18The Complete Collection (Disc 1)72003188
1836George Baker SelectionNathalie2:57The Complete Collection (Disc 1)82003192
1837George Baker SelectionTonight2:41The Complete Collection (Disc 1)92003213
1838George Baker SelectionSuzanna2:32The Complete Collection (Disc 1)102003186
1839George Baker SelectionMama Oh Mama3:45The Complete Collection (Disc 1)112003208
1840George Baker SelectionHoly Day3:17The Complete Collection (Disc 1)122003172
1841George Baker SelectionI'm On My Way3:38The Complete Collection (Disc 1)132003214
1842George Baker SelectionMademoiselle2:53The Complete Collection (Disc 1)142003187
1843George Baker SelectionThe Prisoner3:54The Complete Collection (Disc 1)152003198
1844George Baker SelectionMarie-Jeanne3:15The Complete Collection (Disc 1)162003206
1845George Baker SelectionMorning Light3:28The Complete Collection (Disc 1)172003197
1846George Baker SelectionBlue Eyes2:40The Complete Collection (Disc 1)182003154
1847George Baker SelectionDrink Drink Drink3:50The Complete Collection (Disc 1)192003198
1848George Baker SelectionBaby Blue3:27The Complete Collection (Disc 1)202003198
1849George Baker Selection(Fly Away) Little Paraquayo3:18The Complete Collection (Disc 1)212003220
1850George Baker SelectionCanta Libre3:29The Complete Collection (Disc 1)222003210
1851George Baker SelectionSing A Song Of Love3:26The Complete Collection (Disc 1)232003214
1852George Baker SelectionPaloma Blanca3:27The Complete Collection (Disc 2)12003219
1853George Baker SelectionDreamboat4:36The Complete Collection (Disc 2)22003205
1854George Baker SelectionMorning Sky3:21The Complete Collection (Disc 2)32003201
1855George Baker SelectionWild Bird3:59The Complete Collection (Disc 2)42003215
1856George Baker SelectionMañana (Mi Amor)4:27The Complete Collection (Disc 2)52003202
1857George Baker SelectionSilver3:34The Complete Collection (Disc 2)62003201
1858George Baker SelectionRiver Song5:13The Complete Collection (Disc 2)72003212
1859George Baker SelectionBeautiful Rose2:54The Complete Collection (Disc 2)82003208
1860George Baker SelectionMarja3:55The Complete Collection (Disc 2)92003200
1861George Baker SelectionRosita3:50The Complete Collection (Disc 2)102003218
1862George Baker SelectionSing For The Day3:55The Complete Collection (Disc 2)112003207
1863George Baker SelectionOh Magdalena4:24The Complete Collection (Disc 2)122003207
1864George Baker SelectionNiño Del Sol4:00The Complete Collection (Disc 2)132003195
1865George Baker SelectionAll My Love3:39The Complete Collection (Disc 2)142003196
1866George Baker SelectionYou Don't Love Me Anymore3:13The Complete Collection (Disc 2)152003200
1867George Baker SelectionLove Is The Sweetest Rose4:24The Complete Collection (Disc 2)162003195
1868George Baker SelectionPapillon3:55The Complete Collection (Disc 2)172003185
1869George Baker SelectionWhen We're Dancing3:45The Complete Collection (Disc 2)182003210
1870George Baker SelectionThe Wind (Ay Ay Ay Maria)3:16The Complete Collection (Disc 2)192003225
1871George Baker SelectionParadise Island3:52The Complete Collection (Disc 3)12003204
1872George Baker SelectionGypsy Woman4:28The Complete Collection (Disc 3)22003201
1873George Baker SelectionBye Bye My Love3:53The Complete Collection (Disc 3)32003210
1874George Baker SelectionHow Can I Live Without Your Love3:52The Complete Collection (Disc 3)42003202
1875George Baker SelectionSanta Lucia By Night4:14The Complete Collection (Disc 3)52003203
1876George Baker SelectionManolito3:38The Complete Collection (Disc 3)62003221
1877George Baker SelectionWhen You Learn To Fly3:07The Complete Collection (Disc 3)72003186
1878George Baker SelectionViva America4:10The Complete Collection (Disc 3)82003198
1879George Baker SelectionBella Maria2:57The Complete Collection (Disc 3)92003188
1880George Baker SelectionMarie-Julie3:50The Complete Collection (Disc 3)102003198
1881George Baker SelectionQue Viva Summer Holiday3:06The Complete Collection (Disc 3)112003217
1882George Baker SelectionLove In Your Heart4:15The Complete Collection (Disc 3)122003194
1883George Baker SelectionMarian3:12The Complete Collection (Disc 3)132003207
1884George Baker SelectionFiésta3:16The Complete Collection (Disc 3)142003209
1885George Baker SelectionGoodbye4:10The Complete Collection (Disc 3)152003193
1886George Baker SelectionJessalina4:05The Complete Collection (Disc 3)162003200
1887George Baker SelectionHeart Of My Heart3:53The Complete Collection (Disc 3)172003194
1888George Baker SelectionSay You Love Me3:26The Complete Collection (Disc 3)182003199
1889George Baker SelectionLittle Love / Dear Ann (Live)6:10The Complete Collection (Disc 3)192003231
1890George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag4:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)82001212
1891George Baker SelectionDear Ann3:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)222001203
1892George Baker SelectionPaloma Blanca2:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)62001229
1893George BensonNo One Emotion3:5820/2011985195
1894George BensonPlease Don't Walk Away3:5220/2021985189
1895George BensonI Just Wanna Hang Around You4:4120/2031985183
1896George BensonNothing's Gonna Change My Love For You4:0320/2041985192
1897George BensonBeyond The Sea (La Mer)4:1220/2051985187
1898George Benson20/204:0920/2061985197
1899George BensonNew Day4:2820/2071985186
1900George BensonHold Me4:0520/2081985202
1901George BensonStand Up5:0820/2091985221
1902George BensonYou Are The Love Of My Life2:5020/20101985194
1903George BensonTurn Your Love Around4:18Best Of George Benson Live12005201
1904George BensonThis Masquerade7:48Best Of George Benson Live22005192
1905George BensonBreezin'4:08Best Of George Benson Live32005202
1906George BensonLove X Love5:17Best Of George Benson Live42005201
1907George BensonDeeper Than You Think7:03Best Of George Benson Live52005208
1908George BensonThe Ghetto5:43Best Of George Benson Live62005193
1909George BensonNever Give Up On A Good Thing4:49Best Of George Benson Live72005215
1910George BensonHipping The Hop4:01Best Of George Benson Live82005206
1911George BensonGive Me The Night6:58Best Of George Benson Live92005214
1912George BensonOn Broadway9:22Best Of George Benson Live102005208
1913George BensonBreezin'5:41Breezin'11976214
1914George BensonThis Masquerade8:04Breezin'21976199
1915George BensonSix To Four5:11Breezin'31976205
1916George BensonAffirmation6:58Breezin'41976206
1917George BensonSo This Is Love?7:04Breezin'51976211
1918George BensonLady5:55Breezin'61976207
1919George BensonLove x Love4:46Give Me The Night11980202
1920George BensonOff Broadway5:26Give Me The Night21980215
1921George BensonMoody's Mood3:27Give Me The Night31980175
1922George BensonGive Me The Night5:02Give Me The Night41980207
1923George BensonWhat's On Your Mind4:04Give Me The Night51980195
1924George BensonDinorah, Dinorah3:41Give Me The Night61980204
1925George BensonLove Dance3:18Give Me The Night71980173
1926George BensonStar Of A Story (X)4:43Give Me The Night81980212
1927George BensonMidnight Love Affair3:34Give Me The Night91980205
1928George BensonTurn Out The Lamplight4:44Give Me The Night101980192
1929George BensonThe Greatest Love Of All4:23Heart & Soul181989244
1930George BensonNature Boy6:01In Flight11977214
1931George BensonThe Wind & I5:05In Flight21977218
1932George BensonThe World Is A Ghetto9:43In Flight31977213
1933George BensonGonna Love You More4:38In Flight41977212
1934George BensonValdez In The Country4:30In Flight51977214
1935George BensonEverything Must Change8:06In Flight61977205
1936George BensonFeel Like Making Love4:23In Your Eyes11983219
1937George BensonInside Love (So Personal)5:15In Your Eyes21983208
1938George BensonLady Love Me (One More Time)4:01In Your Eyes31983209
1939George BensonLove Will Come Again5:44In Your Eyes41983209
1940George BensonIn Your Eyes3:20In Your Eyes51983191
1941George BensonNever Too Far To Fall4:05In Your Eyes61983205
1942George BensonBeing With You3:53In Your Eyes71983189
1943George BensonUse Me4:23In Your Eyes81983208
1944George BensonLate At Night3:36In Your Eyes91983190
1945George BensonIn Search Of A Dream4:58In Your Eyes101983206
1946George BensonLivin' Inside Your Love6:37Livin' Inside Your Love11979224
1947George BensonHey Girl4:31Livin' Inside Your Love21979190
1948George BensonNassau Day6:10Livin' Inside Your Love31979216
1949George BensonSoulful Strut5:38Livin' Inside Your Love41979211
1950George BensonPrelude To Fall6:30Livin' Inside Your Love51979205
1951George BensonA Change Is Gonna Come3:43Livin' Inside Your Love61979185
1952George BensonLove Ballad5:16Livin' Inside Your Love71979203
1953George BensonYou're Never Too Far From Me6:44Livin' Inside Your Love81979214
1954George BensonLove Is A Hurtin' Thing4:25Livin' Inside Your Love91979200
1955George BensonWelcome Into My World4:09Livin' Inside Your Love101979212
1956George BensonBefore You Go6:28Livin' Inside Your Love111979205
1957George BensonUnchained Melody6:32Livin' Inside Your Love121979182
1958George BensonGive Me The Night4:58Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man42001214
1959George BensonRock Candy (Live With Brother Jack McDuff)6:12The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)12006211
1960George BensonShadow Dancers4:45The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)22006196
1961George BensonClockwise4:28The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)32006214
1962George BensonWillow Weep For Me7:48The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)42006193
1963George BensonA Foggy Day2:41The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)52006187
1964George BensonThe Borgia Stick3:09The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)62006199
1965George BensonParaphernalia (With Miles Davis)12:38The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)72006210
1966George BensonSugar (With Stanley Turrentine)10:05The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)82006206
1967George BensonSo What9:19The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)92006214
1968George BensonOde To A Kudu (Alternate Take)4:41The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)102006181
1969George BensonCalifornia Dreamin'7:19The Essential George Benson (Disc 1)112006207
1970George BensonWhite Rabbit6:56The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)12006214
1971George BensonBody Talk8:22The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)22006218
1972George BensonTake Five7:07The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)32006194
1973George BensonSummertime (Live)6:05The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)42006198
1974George BensonBreezin'5:21The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)52006219
1975George BensonThis Masquerade8:04The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)62006200
1976George BensonOn Broadway (Live)10:10The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)72006207
1977George BensonGive Me The Night5:02The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)82006212
1978George BensonHip Skip (With Tony Williams)8:07The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)92006227
1979George BensonGotham City (With Dexter Gordon)9:19The Essential George Benson (Disc 2)102006207
1980George BensonTurn Your Love Around3:51The George Benson Collection11981191
1981George BensonLove All The Hurt Away4:10The George Benson Collection21981186
1982George BensonGive Me The Night3:43The George Benson Collection31981209
1983George BensonNever Give Up On A Good Thing4:06The George Benson Collection41981204
1984George BensonOn Broadway5:18The George Benson Collection51981212
1985George BensonWhite Rabbit6:58The George Benson Collection61981203
1986George BensonThis Masquerade3:19The George Benson Collection71981202
1987George BensonLove Ballad4:17The George Benson Collection81981211
1988George BensonNature Boy4:20The George Benson Collection91981215
1989George BensonLast Train To Clarksville5:01The George Benson Collection101981204
1990George BensonLivin' Inside Your Love6:38The George Benson Collection111981224
1991George BensonHere Comes The Sun2:33The George Benson Collection121981169
1992George BensonBreezin'5:39The George Benson Collection131981213
1993George BensonMoody's Mood3:26The George Benson Collection141981184
1994George BensonWe Got The Love3:28The George Benson Collection151981202
1995George BensonThe Greatest Love Of All5:33The George Benson Collection161981192
1996George BensonWeekend In L.A.7:29Weekend In L.A.11978210
1997George BensonOn Broadway10:06Weekend In L.A.21978205
1998George BensonDown Here On The Ground4:54Weekend In L.A.31978209
1999George BensonCalifornia P.M.7:03Weekend In L.A.41978213
2000George BensonThe Greatest Love Of All5:42Weekend In L.A.51978196
2001George BensonIt's All In The Game3:53Weekend In L.A.61978199
2002George BensonWindsong6:13Weekend In L.A.71978208
2003George BensonOde To A Kudu7:25Weekend In L.A.81978191
2004George BensonLady Blue3:38Weekend In L.A.91978225
2005George BensonWe All Remember Wes5:47Weekend In L.A.101978210
2006George BensonWe As Love7:04Weekend In L.A.111978197
2007George BensonWhile The City Sleeps3:35While The City Sleeps11986261
2008George BensonKisses In The Moonlight4:26While The City Sleeps21986243
2009George BensonShiver5:23While The City Sleeps31986260
2010George BensonLove Is Here Tonight5:45While The City Sleeps41986239
2011George BensonTeaser4:41While The City Sleeps51986251
2012George BensonSecrets In The Night5:53While The City Sleeps61986245
2013George BensonToo Many Times4:40While The City Sleeps71986244
2014George BensonDid You Hear Thunder3:45While The City Sleeps81986258
2015George BrunsOverture3:09101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]11959128
2016George BrunsA Beautiful Spring Day3:14101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]21959128
2017George BrunsWhat's All The Hurry / A Perfect Situation / Stir Things Up3:18101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]31959128
2018George BrunsCruella De Vil5:03101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]41959128
2019George BrunsDon't Worry, Perdy / The Puppies Are Here / Lucky / How Marvelous / Not One / A Bloomin' Hero4:07101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]51959128
2020George BrunsOl' Thunder Always Wins2:46101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]61959128
2021George BrunsKanine Krunchies0:30101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]71959128
2022George BrunsBedtime / An Evening Constitutional / A Job To Do / They're Gone!3:10101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]81959128
2023George BrunsDognapped! / Anita Darling / What'll We Do?3:06101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]91959128
2024George BrunsAll Dog Alert0:57101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]101959127
2025George BrunsSergeant Tibs' Recon / Cat Casserole1:35101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]111959128
2026George BrunsCan You Leave Tonight? / Arduous Trek / Any News, Colonel? / I Want The Job Done3:56101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]121959128
2027George BrunsPulling A Snitch / Big Hullabaloo / Battling The Baduns3:51101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]131959128
2028George BrunsMy Darlings / 99 / Better Be Off / Fire One / All Clear3:36101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]141959128
2029George BrunsThrough The Snow / Shelter1:55101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]151959128
2030George BrunsI'm Hungry / Get Some Rest / Back On The Road / Spotted!3:13101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]161959128
2031George BrunsDinsford / Cruella / A Roll In The Soot / To The Van / It Can't Be / Crazed / You Fools!5:19101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]171959128
2032George BrunsPuppies Everywhere2:02101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]181959128
2033George BrunsDalmatian Plantation / Finale0:57101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]191959125
2034George BrunsCruella De Vil - Nonsense Version (Demo)0:50101 Dalmatians (OST) [1998 Remaster]201959120
2035George BrunsOverture2:44The Jungle Book (OST)11967129
2036George BrunsBaby2:11The Jungle Book (OST)21967130
2037George BrunsMonkey Chase1:06The Jungle Book (OST)61967133
2038George BrunsTell Him2:16The Jungle Book (OST)71967134
2039George BrunsJungle Beat1:22The Jungle Book (OST)91967129
2040George BrunsWhat'cha Wanna Do3:09The Jungle Book (OST)111967152
2041George BrunsTiger Fight2:43The Jungle Book (OST)131967144
2042George BrunsPoor Bear1:08The Jungle Book (OST)141967126
2043George CarlinAcknowledgements0:26A Place For My Stuff!11981217
2044George CarlinOpening1:13A Place For My Stuff!21981239
2045George CarlinA Place For My Stuff4:35A Place For My Stuff!31981234
2046George CarlinFirst Announcements1:34A Place For My Stuff!41981217
2047George CarlinHave A Nice Day3:14A Place For My Stuff!51981224
2048George CarlinRice Krispies2:35A Place For My Stuff!61981229
2049George CarlinSecond Announcements1:09A Place For My Stuff!71981210
2050George CarlinInterview With Jesus8:06A Place For My Stuff!81981241
2051George CarlinJoin The Book Club2:37A Place For My Stuff!91981217
2052George CarlinAbortion0:28A Place For My Stuff!101981230
2053George CarlinThird Announcements1:26A Place For My Stuff!111981224
2054George CarlinIce Box Man6:16A Place For My Stuff!121981228
2055George CarlinFourth Announcements0:53A Place For My Stuff!131981228
2056George CarlinAsshole, Jackoff, Scumbag6:29A Place For My Stuff!141981223
2057George CarlinFifth Announcements0:25A Place For My Stuff!151981228
2058George CarlinFussy Eater (Part 1)3:38A Place For My Stuff!161981230
2059George CarlinSixth Announcements1:05A Place For My Stuff!171981221
2060George CarlinFussy Eater (Part 2)4:32A Place For My Stuff!181981219
2061George CarlinSeventh Announcements0:16A Place For My Stuff!191981198
2062George CarlinNew News4:21An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo11975160
2063George CarlinTeenage Masturbation4:53An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo21975163
2064George CarlinMental Hot Foots2:54An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo31975163
2065George CarlinHigh on the Plane4:29An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo41975151
2066George CarlinBodily Functions5:44An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo51975169
2067George CarlinWurds1:01An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo61975156
2068George CarlinFor Names' Sake6:59An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo71975166
2069George CarlinBaseball -- Football2:03An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo81975158
2070George CarlinGood Sports2:30An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo91975159
2071George CarlinFlesh Colored Band-Aids2:48An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo101975156
2072George CarlinReligious Lift3:31An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo111975154
2073George CarlinRadio Dial1:52An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo121975158
2074George CarlinY'Ever2:29An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo131975162
2075George CarlinUnrelated Things2:22An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo141975160
2076George CarlinAbortion8:41Back In Town11996182
2077George CarlinSanctity Of Life3:50Back In Town21996174
2078George CarlinCapital Punishment8:40Back In Town31996181
2079George CarlinState Prison Farms8:13Back In Town41996180
2080George CarlinFarting In Public3:00Back In Town51996187
2081George CarlinFamiliar Expressions9:14Back In Town61996184
2082George CarlinFree-Floating Hostility19:30Back In Town71996180
2083George CarlinClass Clown16:06Class Clown11972211
2084George CarlinWasting Time: Sharing A Swallow2:27Class Clown21972202
2085George CarlinValues (How Much Is That Dog Crap In The Window?) / Shoot Is Shit With T5:16Class Clown31972200
2086George CarlinI Used To Be Irish Catholic2:57Class Clown41972204
2087George CarlinThe Confessional4:12Class Clown51972210
2088George CarlinSpecial Dispensation: Heaven, Hell. Purgatory And Limbo3:41Class Clown61972204
2089George CarlinHeavy Mysteries1:59Class Clown71972202
2090George CarlinMuhammad Ali-America The Beautiful4:35Class Clown81972207
2091George CarlinSeven Words You Can Never Say On Television7:03Class Clown91972209
2092George CarlinThe Opening9:22Complaints And Grievances12001169
2093George CarlinTraffic Accidents - Keep Movin'!6:16Complaints And Grievances22001172
2094George CarlinYou & Me (Things That Come Off Of Your Body)10:38Complaints And Grievances32001171
2095George CarlinPeople Who Oughta Be Killed: Self-Help Books1:16Complaints And Grievances42001172
2096George CarlinMotivation Seminars1:05Complaints And Grievances52001181
2097George CarlinParents Of Honor Students2:15Complaints And Grievances62001188
2098George CarlinBaby Slings0:59Complaints And Grievances72001173
2099George Carlin"My Daddy"0:51Complaints And Grievances82001176
2100George CarlinTelephone Mimes1:09Complaints And Grievances92001191
2101George CarlinHands-Free Telephone Headsets0:38Complaints And Grievances102001186
2102George CarlinAnswering Machines0:52Complaints And Grievances112001192
2103George CarlinFamily Newsletters1:23Complaints And Grievances122001185
2104George CarlinMusic On Answering Machines1:39Complaints And Grievances132001178
2105George CarlinPeople Who Wear Visors0:39Complaints And Grievances142001182
2106George CarlinSingers With One Name0:41Complaints And Grievances152001176
2107George CarlinRich Guys In Hot Air Balloons1:01Complaints And Grievances162001187
2108George CarlinPeople Who Misuse Credit Cards0:51Complaints And Grievances172001186
2109George CarlinGuys Named Todd1:30Complaints And Grievances182001190
2110George CarlinGun Enthusiasts1:26Complaints And Grievances192001172
2111George CarlinWhite Guys Who Shave Their Heads0:48Complaints And Grievances202001190
2112George CarlinNASA-Holes1:32Complaints And Grievances212001166
2113George CarlinWhy We Don't Need 10 Commandments7:14Complaints And Grievances222001171
2114George CarlinShoot5:55FM & AM11971205
2115George CarlinThe Hair Piece2:54FM & AM21971195
2116George CarlinSex In Commercials5:20FM & AM31971196
2117George CarlinDrugs4:24FM & AM41971192
2118George CarlinBirth Control5:10FM & AM51971197
2119George CarlinSon Of Wino6:31FM & AM61971192
2120George CarlinDivorce Game4:30FM & AM71971193
2121George CarlinEd Sullivan Self Taught3:26FM & AM81971191
2122George CarlinLet's Make A Deal4:48FM & AM91971197
2123George CarlinThe 11 O'clock News7:10FM & AM101971201
2124George CarlinWelcome To My Job3:02Occupation: Foole11973192
2125George CarlinOccupation: Foole3:41Occupation: Foole21973189
2126George CarlinWhite Harlem4:45Occupation: Foole31973189
2127George CarlinThe Hallway Groups2:07Occupation: Foole41973184
2128George CarlinBlack Consciousness2:38Occupation: Foole51973187
2129George CarlinNew York Voices7:06Occupation: Foole61973187
2130George CarlinGrass Swept The Neighborhood1:25Occupation: Foole71973180
2131George CarlinChildhood Cliches4:04Occupation: Foole81973188
2132George CarlinCute Little Farts5:10Occupation: Foole91973204
2133George CarlinRaisin Rhetoric2:06Occupation: Foole101973187
2134George CarlinFilthy Words11:30Occupation: Foole111973197
2135George CarlinOn the Road4:47On the Road11977167
2136George CarlinDeath and Dying13:48On the Road21977160
2137George CarlinHeadlines4:23On the Road31977161
2138George CarlinKids Are Too Small3:11On the Road41977165
2139George CarlinRules, Rules, Rules!2:32On the Road51977163
2140George CarlinParents' Cliches and Children's Secret Answers3:19On the Road61977160
2141George CarlinWords We Leave Behind1:56On the Road71977157
2142George CarlinHow's Your Dog?5:06On the Road81977172
2143George CarlinSupermarkets7:03On the Road91977175
2144George CarlinOffensive Language4:47Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics11990176
2145George CarlinI Ain't Afraid Of Cancer1:59Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics21990192
2146George CarlinSome People Are Stupid2:30Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics31990193
2147George CarlinRape Can Be Funny3:51Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics41990194
2148George CarlinFeminist Blowjob7:25Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics51990191
2149George CarlinGood Ideas2:36Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics61990204
2150George CarlinThings You Never See0:55Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics71990210
2151George CarlinThings You Never Hear1:20Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics81990200
2152George CarlinThings You Don't Wanna Hear2:19Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics91990184
2153George CarlinLife's Little Moments3:59Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics101990176
2154George CarlinI Love My Dog7:04Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics111990166
2155George CarlinOrgan Donor Programs1:18Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics121990169
2156George CarlinDon't Pull The Plug On Me1:30Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics131990181
2157George CarlinThey're Only Words1:49Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics141990169
2158George CarlinEuphemisms9:47Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics151990171
2159George CarlinGoofy Shit3:59Toledo Window Box11974203
2160George CarlinToledo Window Box4:56Toledo Window Box21974198
2161George CarlinNursery Rhymes4:15Toledo Window Box31974207
2162George CarlinSome Werds7:57Toledo Window Box41974209
2163George CarlinWater Sez1:05Toledo Window Box51974191
2164George CarlinThe Metric System2:09Toledo Window Box61974192
2165George CarlinGod6:43Toledo Window Box71974193
2166George CarlinGay Lib2:06Toledo Window Box81974181
2167George CarlinSnot, the Original Rubber Cement2:54Toledo Window Box91974203
2168George CarlinUrinals Are 50 Percent Universal2:27Toledo Window Box101974206
2169George CarlinA Few More Farts5:55Toledo Window Box111974203
2170George CarlinReagan's Gang, Church People, And American Values11:10What Am I Doing In New Jersey?11988177
2171George CarlinKeeping People Alert11:11What Am I Doing In New Jersey?21988191
2172George CarlinPeople I Can Do Without3:47What Am I Doing In New Jersey?31988194
2173George CarlinMore Stuff On Cars & Driving21:37What Am I Doing In New Jersey?41988196
2174George CarlinHow's Everybody Doin'?0:54You Are All Diseased11999233
2175George CarlinAirport Security8:02You Are All Diseased21999164
2176George CarlinFear Of Germs5:58You Are All Diseased31999172
2177George CarlinCigars1:39You Are All Diseased41999175
2178George CarlinAngels1:10You Are All Diseased51999177
2179George CarlinHarley Davidson1:24You Are All Diseased61999162
2180George CarlinHouse Of Blues2:00You Are All Diseased71999165
2181George CarlinMinority Language2:12You Are All Diseased81999172
2182George CarlinMan Stuff5:23You Are All Diseased91999165
2183George CarlinKids And Parents6:51You Are All Diseased101999164
2184George CarlinTV Tonight3:53You Are All Diseased111999161
2185George CarlinNames4:23You Are All Diseased121999163
2186George CarlinAdvertising Lullabye2:37You Are All Diseased131999161
2187George CarlinAmerican Bullshit2:38You Are All Diseased141999164
2188George CarlinBusinessmen1:26You Are All Diseased151999164
2189George CarlinReligion2:06You Are All Diseased161999171
2190George CarlinThere Is No God8:37You Are All Diseased171999161
2191George ClintonThe Tracey Ullman Show (You're Thinking Right)0:46Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)631996207
2192George Clinton and Parliament FunkadelicAtomic Dog4:46Booty Jams41998201
2193George DukeRush Hour/Road Rage6:51After Hours11998219
2194George DukeAfter Dinner Drink6:17After Hours21998210
2195George DukeAnticipation4:38After Hours31998202
2196George DukeThe Touch5:29After Hours41998208
2197George DukeIt's On6:11After Hours51998209
2198George DukeTogether As One5:45After Hours61998197
2199George DukeFrom Dusk To Dawn7:12After Hours71998201
2200George DukePeace2:11After Hours81998198
2201George DukeSweet Dreams5:34After Hours91998199
2202George DukeWake Me Gently6:51After Hours101998210
2203George DukeMy Bells1:15After Hours111998168
2204George DukeWe Give Our Love4:33Don't Let Go11978214
2205George DukeMorning Sun4:15Don't Let Go21978195
2206George DukePercussion Interlude2:02Don't Let Go31978231
2207George DukeDukey Stick6:07Don't Let Go41978201
2208George DukeStarting Again4:30Don't Let Go51978200
2209George DukeYeah, We Going3:41Don't Let Go61978198
2210George DukeThe Way I Feel4:45Don't Let Go71978194
2211George DukeMovin' on4:22Don't Let Go81978186
2212George DukeDon't Let Go3:26Don't Let Go91978205
2213George DukePreface1:29Don't Let Go101978187
2214George DukeThe Future3:25Don't Let Go111978198
2215George DukeChariot3:00I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry11975221
2216George DukeLook Into Her Eyes3:25I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry21975209
2217George DukeSister Serene4:33I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry31975203
2218George DukeThat's What She Said4:29I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry41975216
2219George DukeMashavu1:50I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry51975199
2220George DukeRokkinrowl3:27I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry61975203
2221George DukePrepare Yourself5:28I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry71975204
2222George DukeGiant Child Within Us - Ego6:39I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry81975209
2223George DukeSomeday2:40I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry91975195
2224George DukeI Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry5:27I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry101975203
2225George DukeGenesis1:33Illusions11995195
2226George Duke500 Miles To Go5:01Illusions21995219
2227George Duke4115:12Illusions31995211
2228George DukeLove Can Be So Cold5:43Illusions41995209
2229George DukeIllusions5:03Illusions51995216
2230George DukeThe Simple Things5:18Illusions61995220
2231George DukeLife And Times6:09Illusions71995235
2232George DukeLook What We Started Now5:56Illusions81995202
2233George DukeC'est La Vie4:53Illusions91995214
2234George DukeBuffalo Soldier4:53Illusions101995200
2235George DukeMoney5:19Illusions111995221
2236George DukeNo Greater Love4:48Illusions121995220
2237George DukeSo I'll Pretend7:26Illusions131995188
2238George DuningTightrope!0:49Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)461996128
2239George EnescuRomanian Rhapsody No. 112:07Gypsy! Classics Inspired by Gypsy Folk Music31990164
2240George FischoffGeorgia Porcupine2:39  1974320
2241George Frideric HandelLargo3:03100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 14 202
2242George Frideric HandelArrival Of The Queen Of Sheba3:06100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 113 194
2243George Frideric HandelSinfonia and Gavotte2:44100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 411 193
2244George Frideric HandelMessiah: Pastoral Symphony3:17100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 412 187
2245George Frideric HandelAlla Siciliana2:17100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 414 201
2246George Frideric HandelSaul: Sinfonia1:10100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 58 193
2247George Frideric HandelOde for St. Cecilia's Day: Minuet1:13100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 510 195
2248George Frideric HandelWater Music Suite No.2 - Alla Hornpipe4:04Best Loved Classics (Disc 1)21988191
2249George Frideric HandelSinfonia2:52Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)11983189
2250George Frideric HandelComfort Ye, My People/Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted5:30Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)21983182
2251George Frideric HandelAnd The Glory Of The Lord2:40Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)31983200
2252George Frideric HandelThus Saith The Lord/But Who May Abide/And He Shall Purify7:57Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)41983190
2253George Frideric HandelBehold, A Virgin Shall Conceive/O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion6:01Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)51983185
2254George Frideric HandelFor Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Eart/The People That Walked In Darkness5:34Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)61983182
2255George Frideric HandelFor Unto Us A Child Is Born4:02Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)71983191
2256George Frideric HandelPifa...Glory To God5:28Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)81983186
2257George Frideric HandelRejoice Greatly4:10Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)91983185
2258George Frideric HandelThen Shall The Eyes Of The Blind0:21Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)101983172
2259George Frideric HandelHe Shall Feed His Flock4:27Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)111983188
2260George Frideric HandelHis Yoke Is Easy2:00Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 1)121983194
2261George Frideric HandelBehold The Lamb Of God2:39Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)11983196
2262George Frideric HandelHe Was Despised10:12Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)21983184
2263George Frideric HandelSurely, He Hath Borne Our Griefs/And With His Stripes/All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray8:04Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)31983197
2264George Frideric HandelAll They That See Him/He Trusted In God3:00Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)41983202
2265George Frideric HandelThy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart/Behold, And See3:03Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)51983180
2266George Frideric HandelHe Was Cut Off/But Thou Didst Not Leave2:21Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)61983181
2267George Frideric HandelLift Up Your Heads2:56Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)71983195
2268George Frideric HandelUnto Which Of The Angels/Let All The Angels Of God1:39Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)81983198
2269George Frideric HandelThou Art Gone Up On High3:15Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)91983181
2270George Frideric HandelThe Lord Gave The Word1:08Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)101983198
2271George Frideric HandelHow Beautiful Are The Feet2:16Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)111983183
2272George Frideric HandelTheir Sound Is Gone Out1:15Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)121983205
2273George Frideric HandelWhy Do The Nations?2:34Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)131983196
2274George Frideric HandelLet Us Break Their Bonds Asunder1:34Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)141983199
2275George Frideric HandelHe That Dwelleth In Heave/Thou Shalt Break Them2:11Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)151983185
2276George Frideric HandelHallelujah3:47Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 2)161983203
2277George Frideric HandelI Know That My Redeemer Liveth6:26Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)11983182
2278George Frideric HandelSince By Man Came Death1:58Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)21983188
2279George Frideric HandelBehold, I Tell You A Mystery0:28Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)31983179
2280George Frideric HandelThe Trumpet Shall Sound8:17Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)41983187
2281George Frideric HandelThen Shall Be Brought To Pass/O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?/But Thanks Be To God4:21Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)51983189
2282George Frideric HandelIf God Be For Us5:04Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)61983177
2283George Frideric HandelWorthy Is The Lamb...Amen7:27Messiah - Gardiner (1982 Philips 1983) (Disc 3)71983198
2284George GershwinRhapsody in Blue16:31Gershwin & Grofé: Rhapsody in Blue - Grand Canyon Suite11986187
2285George GershwinAn American in Paris18:27Gershwin & Grofé: Rhapsody in Blue - Grand Canyon Suite21986196
2286George GershwinSweet And Lowdown3:32Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls11993172
2287George GershwinNovelette In Fourths2:41Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls21993153
2288George GershwinThat Certain Feeling2:47Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls31993172
2289George GershwinSo Am I4:18Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls41993145
2290George GershwinRhapsody In Blue14:25Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls51993169
2291George GershwinSwanee2:17Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls61993172
2292George GershwinWhen You Want 'Em, You Can't Get 'Em, When You've Got 'Em, You Don't Want 'Em1:57Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls71993161
2293George GershwinKickin' The Clouds Away3:20Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls81993174
2294George GershwinIdle Dreams2:59Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls91993170
2295George GershwinOn My Mind The Whole Night Long2:30Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls101993177
2296George GershwinScandal Walk3:16Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls111993160
2297George GershwinAn American In Paris16:34Gershwin Plays Gershwin - The Piano Rolls121993171
2298George GershwinKicking The Clouds Away3:04Ragtime Music Of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin91990189
2299George GershwinTwee-Oodle-Um Bum-Bo2:23Ragtime Music Of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin101990191
2300George GershwinDrifting Along With The Tide2:42Ragtime Music Of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin111990190
2301George GershwinThat Certain Feeling2:44Ragtime Music Of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin121990193
2302George GershwinSweet And Low Down3:08Ragtime Music Of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin131990195
2303George GershwinRhapsody In Blue (1924)15:50Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas11985190
2304George GershwinPreludes For Piano (1926)7:16Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas21985165
2305George GershwinShort Story (1925)2:59Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas31985144
2306George GershwinViolin Piece (Gershwin Melody No. 40)3:48Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas41985149
2307George GershwinSecond Rhapsody For Orchestra With Piano (1932)14:19Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas51985198
2308George GershwinFor Lily Pons (Gershwin Melody No. 79) (1933)2:05Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas61985136
2309George GershwinSleepless Night (Gershwin Melody No. 17) (1936)4:33Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas71985135
2310George GershwinPromenade 'Walking The Dog' (1936)2:56Rhapsody In Blue & Other Works - Michael Tilson Thomas81985190
2311George Givot And Bill ThompsonBella Notte (Lady And The Tramp 1955)2:36Classic Disney, Vol. 3181996126
2312George Hamilton IVAbilene2:13Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)51997206
2313George Hamilton IVAbilene2:13Country Complete (Disc 2)171997208
2314George Hamilton IVWhy Don't They Understand2:34Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s211992126
2315George HarrisonI'd Have You Anytime3:00All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)11971188
2316George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:43All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)21971209
2317George HarrisonWah-Wah5:39All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)31971226
2318George HarrisonIsn't It A Pity7:13All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)41971209
2319George HarrisonWhat Is Life4:27All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)51971236
2320George HarrisonIf Not For You3:33All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)61971199
2321George HarrisonBehind That Locked Door3:10All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)71971203
2322George HarrisonLet It Down5:01All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)81971209
2323George HarrisonRun Of The Mill2:52All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)91971213
2324George HarrisonI Live For You3:37All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)101971223
2325George HarrisonBeware Of Darkness (Demo)3:22All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)111971195
2326George HarrisonLet It Down (Demo)3:55All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)121971189
2327George HarrisonWhat Is Life (Backing Track)4:27All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)131971231
2328George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord (2000)4:57All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 1)141971226
2329George HarrisonBeware Of Darkness3:52All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)11971198
2330George HarrisonApple Scruffs3:09All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)21971238
2331George HarrisonBallad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)3:52All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)31971209
2332George HarrisonAwaiting On You All2:50All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)41971212
2333George HarrisonAll Things Must Pass3:47All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)51971208
2334George HarrisonI Dig Love5:00All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)61971200
2335George HarrisonArt Of Dying3:43All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)71971211
2336George HarrisonIsn't It A Pity?4:51All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)81971204
2337George HarrisonHear Me Lord6:00All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)91971204
2338George HarrisonIt's Johnny's Birthday [Original Jam]0:49All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)101971207
2339George HarrisonPlug Me In [Original Jam]3:19All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)111971232
2340George HarrisonI Remember Jeep [Original Jam]8:09All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)121971231
2341George HarrisonThanks For The Pepperoni [Original Jam]5:32All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)131971239
2342George HarrisonOut Of The Blue [Original Jam]11:16All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition) (Disc 2)141971222
2343George HarrisonAny Road3:52Brainwashed12002220
2344George HarrisonP2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)2:38Brainwashed22002208
2345George HarrisonPisces Fish4:52Brainwashed32002209
2346George HarrisonLooking For My Life3:49Brainwashed42002201
2347George HarrisonRising Sun5:27Brainwashed52002214
2348George HarrisonMarwa Blues3:41Brainwashed62002182
2349George HarrisonStuck Inside A Cloud4:04Brainwashed72002196
2350George HarrisonRun So Far4:05Brainwashed82002218
2351George HarrisonNever Get Over You3:25Brainwashed92002197
2352George HarrisonBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea2:34Brainwashed102002195
2353George HarrisonRocking Chair In HawaII3:07Brainwashed112002192
2354George HarrisonBrainwashed6:07Brainwashed122002200
2355George HarrisonCloud 93:15Cloud Nine11987189
2356George HarrisonThat's What It Takes4:01Cloud Nine21987192
2357George HarrisonFish On The Sand3:24Cloud Nine31987197
2358George HarrisonJust For Today4:05Cloud Nine41987181
2359George HarrisonThis Is Love3:49Cloud Nine51987200
2360George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab3:57Cloud Nine61987189
2361George HarrisonDevil's Radio3:53Cloud Nine71987202
2362George HarrisonSomeplace Else3:52Cloud Nine81987197
2363George HarrisonWreck Of The Hesperus3:33Cloud Nine91987185
2364George HarrisonBreath Away From Heaven3:35Cloud Nine101987180
2365George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You3:50Cloud Nine111987198
2366George HarrisonHari's On Tour (Express)4:44Dark Horse11974197
2367George HarrisonSimple Shady4:38Dark Horse21974197
2368George HarrisonSo Sad5:02Dark Horse31974201
2369George HarrisonBye Bye, Love4:09Dark Horse41974190
2370George HarrisonMaya Love4:24Dark Horse51974192
2371George HarrisonDing Dong, Ding Dong3:41Dark Horse61974200
2372George HarrisonDark Horse3:55Dark Horse71974197
2373George HarrisonFar East Man5:53Dark Horse81974192
2374George HarrisonIt Is He (Jai Sri Krishna)4:50Dark Horse91974200
2375George HarrisonYou3:44Extra Texture11975180
2376George HarrisonThe Answer's At The End5:33Extra Texture21975190
2377George HarrisonThis Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)4:13Extra Texture31975182
2378George HarrisonOoh Baby (You Know That I Love You)4:01Extra Texture41975185
2379George HarrisonWorld Of Stone4:42Extra Texture51975186
2380George HarrisonA Bit More Of You0:44Extra Texture61975198
2381George HarrisonCan't Stop Thinking About You4:32Extra Texture71975189
2382George HarrisonTired Of Midnight Blue4:53Extra Texture81975193
2383George HarrisonGrey Cloudy Lies3:42Extra Texture91975193
2384George HarrisonHis Name Is Legs (Ladies And Gentlemen)5:46Extra Texture101975205
2385George HarrisonLove Comes To Everyone4:36George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]11979210
2386George HarrisonNot Guilty3:34George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]21979188
2387George HarrisonHere Comes The Moon4:50George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]31979198
2388George HarrisonSoft-Hearted Hana4:03George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]41979196
2389George HarrisonBlow Away4:00George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]51979209
2390George HarrisonFaster4:48George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]61979208
2391George HarrisonDark Sweet Lady3:22George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]71979184
2392George HarrisonYour Love Is Forever3:48George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]81979198
2393George HarrisonSoft Touch3:59George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]91979218
2394George HarrisonIf You Believe2:57George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]101979218
2395George HarrisonHere Comes The Moon (Demo Version)3:38George Harrison [2004 Bonus Track]111979182
2396George HarrisonWake Up My Love3:36Gone Troppo [Remastered]11982229
2397George HarrisonThat's The Way It Goes3:37Gone Troppo [Remastered]21982208
2398George HarrisonI Really Love You2:57Gone Troppo [Remastered]31982187
2399George HarrisonGreece4:02Gone Troppo [Remastered]41982197
2400George HarrisonGone Troppo4:27Gone Troppo [Remastered]51982215
2401George HarrisonMystical One3:45Gone Troppo [Remastered]61982221
2402George HarrisonUnknown Delight4:18Gone Troppo [Remastered]71982207
2403George HarrisonBaby Don't Run Away4:04Gone Troppo [Remastered]81982213
2404George HarrisonDream Away4:32Gone Troppo [Remastered]91982214
2405George HarrisonCircles3:47Gone Troppo [Remastered]101982193
2406George HarrisonMystical One (Demo Version)6:01Gone Troppo [Remastered]111982152
2407George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)3:37Living In The Material World11973194
2408George HarrisonSue Me, Sue You Blues4:49Living In The Material World21973208
2409George HarrisonThe Light That Has Lighted The World3:31Living In The Material World31973201
2410George HarrisonDon't Let Me Wait Too Long2:58Living In The Material World41973204
2411George HarrisonWho Can See It3:53Living In The Material World51973209
2412George HarrisonLiving In The Material World5:31Living In The Material World61973203
2413George HarrisonThe Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord)4:35Living In The Material World71973207
2414George HarrisonBe Here Now4:10Living In The Material World81973194
2415George HarrisonTry Some Buy Some4:09Living In The Material World91973208
2416George HarrisonThe Day The World Gets 'Round2:54Living In The Material World101973208
2417George HarrisonThat Is All3:43Living In The Material World111973210
2418George HarrisonBlood From A Clone4:04Somewhere In England11981197
2419George HarrisonUnconsciousness Rules3:37Somewhere In England21981180
2420George HarrisonLife Itself4:26Somewhere In England31981198
2421George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago3:47Somewhere In England41981204
2422George HarrisonBaltimore Oriole3:59Somewhere In England51981193
2423George HarrisonTeardrops4:09Somewhere In England61981206
2424George HarrisonThat Which I Have Lost3:46Somewhere In England71981189
2425George HarrisonWriting's On The Wall4:01Somewhere In England81981165
2426George HarrisonHong Kong Blues2:56Somewhere In England91981187
2427George HarrisonSave The World5:00Somewhere In England101981180
2428George HarrisonSave The World (Demo Version)4:31Somewhere In England111981193
2429George HarrisonWoman Don't You Cry For Me3:20Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]11976223
2430George HarrisonDear One5:08Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]21976214
2431George HarrisonBeautiful Girl3:42Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]31976218
2432George HarrisonThis Song4:14Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]41976207
2433George HarrisonSee Yourself2:51Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]51976222
2434George HarrisonIt's What You Value5:08Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]61976222
2435George HarrisonTrue Love2:44Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]71976229
2436George HarrisonPure Smokey3:55Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]81976199
2437George HarrisonCrackerbox Palace3:58Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]91976198
2438George HarrisonLearning How To Love You4:14Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]101976201
2439George HarrisonTears Of The World4:03Thirty Three & 1/3 [2004 Bonus Track]111976206
2440George JonesA Picture Of Me (Without You)2:3316 Biggest Hits11998187
2441George JonesWhat My Woman Can't Do2:3716 Biggest Hits21998202
2442George JonesThe Grand Tour3:0716 Biggest Hits31998196
2443George JonesThese Days (I Barely Get By)3:0216 Biggest Hits41998199
2444George JonesThe Door2:4316 Biggest Hits51998193
2445George JonesBartender's Blues3:4616 Biggest Hits61998195
2446George JonesHe Stopped Loving Her Today3:1716 Biggest Hits71998190
2447George JonesIf Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)3:1116 Biggest Hits81998196
2448George JonesStill Doin' Time2:5016 Biggest Hits91998193
2449George JonesI Always Get Lucky With You3:1916 Biggest Hits101998194
2450George JonesShe's My Rock2:2716 Biggest Hits111998197
2451George JonesWine Colored Roses3:1916 Biggest Hits121998194
2452George JonesThe Right Left Hand3:1616 Biggest Hits131998193
2453George JonesRadio Lover3:2916 Biggest Hits141998190
2454George JonesThe King Is Gone (So Are You)3:2316 Biggest Hits151998205
2455George JonesWho's Gonna Fill Their Shoes3:1816 Biggest Hits161998191
2456George JonesTender Years2:26Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)41999190
2457George JonesThe Race Is On2:09Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 1)11997196
2458George JonesShe Thinks I Still Care2:35Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)91997174
2459George JonesHe Stopped Lovin' Her Today3:17Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.211997197
2460George JonesThe Race Is On2:07Country Complete (Disc 2)101997210
2461George JonesWhite Lightning2:46Rockin' USA - The Memphis Sound - The 50s191960134
2462George JonesTender Years2:24The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)52001128
2463George Jones And Melba MontgomeryWe Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds2:41Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 2)111999201
2464George Lewis and His BandBeale Street Blues4:01Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland21987216
2465George McCraeRock Your Baby3:13100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)181997227
2466George McCraeRock Your Baby3:2070s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)92005223
2467George McCraeRock Your Baby3:21AM Gold: 1970-1974101995214
2468George McCraeRock Your Baby3:15Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)62001233
2469George McCraeRock Your Baby3:14Disco Fever (Disc 2)81997227
2470George McCraeRock Your Baby3:14Living In The 70's (Disc 2)21995226
2471George McCraeRock Your Baby3:19One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)162001268
2472George McCraeRock Your Baby3:21Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-197421997229
2473George Melly(I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My) Sister Kate3:06It's Trad Dad131998203
2474George Melly And John Chilton's FeetwarmersWay Down Yonder In New Orleans3:03It's Trad Dad21998195
2475George MichaelFaith3:16Faith11987204
2476George MichaelFather Figure5:36Faith21987169
2477George MichaelI Want Your Sex, Pt. 1 & 29:17Faith31987190
2478George MichaelOne More Try5:50Faith41987180
2479George MichaelHard Day4:48Faith51987208
2480George MichaelHand To Mouth4:36Faith61987214
2481George MichaelLook At Your Hands4:37Faith71987199
2482George MichaelMonkey5:06Faith81987193
2483George MichaelKissing A Fool4:35Faith91987177
2484George MichaelHard Day [Shep Pettibone Remix]6:30Faith101987216
2485George MichaelA Last Request (I Want Your Sex, Pt. 3)3:47Faith111987202
2486George MichaelPraying For Time4:41Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 111990203
2487George MichaelFreedom6:30Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 121990203
2488George MichaelThey Won't Go When I Go5:06Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 131990181
2489George MichaelSomething To Save3:18Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 141990205
2490George MichaelCowboys & Angels7:15Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 151990204
2491George MichaelWaiting For That Day4:50Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 161990203
2492George MichaelMothers Pride3:59Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 171990185
2493George MichaelHeal The Pain4:41Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 181990201
2494George MichaelSoul Free5:29Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 191990210
2495George MichaelWaiting (Reprise)2:25Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1101990177
2496George MichaelToo Funky3:44More Summer31994194
2497George MichaelJesus To A Child6:51Older11996196
2498George MichaelFastlove5:24Older21996214
2499George MichaelOlder5:33Older31996174
2500George MichaelSpinning The Wheel6:21Older41996204
2501George MichaelIt Doesn't Really Matter4:50Older51996195
2502George MichaelThe Strangest Thing6:01Older61996218
2503George MichaelTo Be Forgiven5:21Older71996203
2504George MichaelMove On4:45Older81996183
2505George MichaelStar People5:16Older91996177
2506George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:30Older101996187
2507George MichaelFree3:00Older111996192
2508George MichaelPatience2:53Patience12004166
2509George MichaelAmazing4:25Patience22004208
2510George MichaelJohn And Elvis Are Dead4:23Patience32004189
2511George MichaelCars And Trains5:51Patience42004199
2512George MichaelRound Here5:55Patience52004178
2513George MichaelShoot The Dog5:07Patience62004211
2514George MichaelMy Mother Had A Brother6:17Patience72004184
2515George MichaelFlawless (Go To The City)6:51Patience82004209
2516George MichaelAmerican Angel4:07Patience92004196
2517George MichaelPrecious Box7:39Patience102004229
2518George MichaelPlease Send Me Someone (Anselmo's Song)5:26Patience112004206
2519George MichaelFreeek! '044:28Patience122004217
2520George MichaelThrough5:22Patience132004159
2521George MichaelPatience Pt II1:30Patience142004181
2522George MichaelAmazing4:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-04122004208
2523George MichaelBrother Can You Spare A Dime4:22Songs From The Last Century11999197
2524George MichaelRoxanne4:11Songs From The Last Century21999172
2525George MichaelYou've Changed4:25Songs From The Last Century31999183
2526George MichaelMy Baby Just Cares For Me1:46Songs From The Last Century41999189
2527George MichaelThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face5:19Songs From The Last Century51999170
2528George MichaelMiss Sarajevo5:11Songs From The Last Century61999205
2529George MichaelI Remember You4:12Songs From The Last Century71999172
2530George MichaelSecret Love2:39Songs From The Last Century81999213
2531George MichaelWild Is The Wind4:02Songs From The Last Century91999185
2532George MichaelWhere Or When/It's Alright With Me7:00Songs From The Last Century101999181
2533George MichaelFaith3:15TM Century GoldDisc Update 7161991207
2534George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:28Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)21997189
2535George MichaelTonight7:04Two Rooms - Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin161991184
2536George Michael & QueenSomebody To Love5:18Five Live11993176
2537George Michael & QueenKiller5:57Five Live21993208
2538George Michael & QueenPapa Was A Rollin' Stone5:23Five Live31993216
2539George Michael & QueenThese Are The Days Of Our Lives4:44Five Live41993193
2540George Michael & QueenCalling You5:14Five Live51993175
2541George Michael & QueenDear Friends1:08Five Live61993181
2542George NewallUnpack Your Adjectives3:00The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock51998152
2543George NewallThis For That3:02The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock151998236
2544George S. ClintonThe Shag-Adelic Austin Powers Score Medley4:49Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)171997179
2545George S. ClintonThe Austin Powers Shagaphonic Medley4:53More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)121999203
2546George S. ClintonA Taste Of Things To Come0:48Mortal Kombat (OST)11995216
2547George S. ClintonDemon Warriors/Final Kombat3:49Mortal Kombat (OST)171995191
2548George S. Clinton (Feat. Buckethead)Goro Vs. Art2:59Mortal Kombat (OST)161995208
2549George ShearingSnowfall/Snowfall Cha-Cha4:26Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two121997181
2550George StraitI Hate Everything3:5550 Number Ones (Disc 1)12004207
2551George StraitFool Hearted Memory2:1250 Number Ones (Disc 1)22004204
2552George StraitA Fire I Can't Put Out2:5850 Number Ones (Disc 1)32004197
2553George StraitYou Look So Good In Love2:5750 Number Ones (Disc 1)42004210
2554George StraitRight Or Wrong2:0350 Number Ones (Disc 1)52004198
2555George StraitLet's Fall To Pieces Together2:2150 Number Ones (Disc 1)62004196
2556George StraitDoes Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind3:0550 Number Ones (Disc 1)72004194
2557George StraitThe Chair2:4850 Number Ones (Disc 1)82004198
2558George StraitNobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her2:4950 Number Ones (Disc 1)92004196
2559George StraitIt Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You2:3850 Number Ones (Disc 1)102004199
2560George StraitOcean Front Property2:4050 Number Ones (Disc 1)112004191
2561George StraitAll My Ex's Live In Texas3:1750 Number Ones (Disc 1)122004190
2562George StraitAm I Blue3:0450 Number Ones (Disc 1)132004193
2563George StraitFamous Last Words Of A Fool3:2050 Number Ones (Disc 1)142004200
2564George StraitBaby Blue3:2950 Number Ones (Disc 1)152004190
2565George StraitIf You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')2:1750 Number Ones (Disc 1)162004206
2566George StraitBaby's Gotten Good At Goodbye2:5550 Number Ones (Disc 1)172004199
2567George StraitWhat's Going On In Your World3:2650 Number Ones (Disc 1)182004207
2568George StraitAce In The Hole2:3450 Number Ones (Disc 1)192004208
2569George StraitLove Without End, Amen3:0550 Number Ones (Disc 1)202004205
2570George StraitI've Come To Expect It From You3:4250 Number Ones (Disc 1)212004209
2571George StraitIf I Know Me2:4150 Number Ones (Disc 1)222004185
2572George StraitYou Know Me Better Than That3:0050 Number Ones (Disc 1)232004197
2573George StraitThe Chill Of An Early Fall3:1650 Number Ones (Disc 1)242004190
2574George StraitSo Much Like My Dad3:1950 Number Ones (Disc 1)252004199
2575George StraitI Cross My Heart3:2950 Number Ones (Disc 1)262004185
2576George StraitHeartland2:1650 Number Ones (Disc 2)12004206
2577George StraitEasy Come, Easy Go2:3550 Number Ones (Disc 2)22004191
2578George StraitI'd Like To Have This One Back3:4850 Number Ones (Disc 2)32004194
2579George StraitThe Man In Love With You3:1850 Number Ones (Disc 2)42004194
2580George StraitThe Big One2:0550 Number Ones (Disc 2)52004210
2581George StraitYou Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody2:4850 Number Ones (Disc 2)62004191
2582George StraitLead On3:2150 Number Ones (Disc 2)72004186
2583George StraitCheck Yes Or No3:1050 Number Ones (Disc 2)82004208
2584George StraitI Know She Still Loves Me3:0450 Number Ones (Disc 2)92004196
2585George StraitBlue Clear Sky2:3450 Number Ones (Disc 2)102004211
2586George StraitCarried Away2:5850 Number Ones (Disc 2)112004195
2587George StraitI Can Still Make Cheyenne4:1150 Number Ones (Disc 2)122004197
2588George StraitOne Night At A Time3:1950 Number Ones (Disc 2)132004205
2589George StraitCarrying Your Love With Me3:0750 Number Ones (Disc 2)142004199
2590George StraitToday My World Slipped Away3:0550 Number Ones (Disc 2)152004196
2591George StraitRound About Way2:5050 Number Ones (Disc 2)162004215
2592George StraitI Just Want To Dance With You3:1850 Number Ones (Disc 2)172004207
2593George StraitTrue3:1250 Number Ones (Disc 2)182004205
2594George StraitWe Really Shouldn't Be Doing This2:2350 Number Ones (Disc 2)192004214
2595George StraitWrite This Down3:3350 Number Ones (Disc 2)202004199
2596George StraitThe Best Day3:1850 Number Ones (Disc 2)212004199
2597George StraitGo On3:2150 Number Ones (Disc 2)222004209
2598George StraitRun3:4650 Number Ones (Disc 2)232004208
2599George StraitLiving And Living Well3:2650 Number Ones (Disc 2)242004222
2600George StraitShe'll Leave You With A Smile2:4450 Number Ones (Disc 2)252004211
2601George StraitLove's Gonna Make It Alright3:50Here For A Good Time12011220
2602George StraitDrinkin' Man4:27Here For A Good Time22011190
2603George StraitShame On Me2:39Here For A Good Time32011208
2604George StraitPoison3:39Here For A Good Time42011185
2605George StraitHere For A Good Time3:01Here For A Good Time52011214
2606George StraitHouse Across The Bay3:36Here For A Good Time62011201
2607George StraitLone Star Blues4:18Here For A Good Time72011219
2608George StraitA Showman's Life4:43Here For A Good Time82011202
2609George StraitThree Nails And A Cross3:43Here For A Good Time92011196
2610George StraitBlue Marlin Blues3:24Here For A Good Time102011219
2611George StraitI'll Always Remember You3:54Here For A Good Time112011195
2612George StraitThe Best Day3:24Latest Greatest Straitest Hits12000200
2613George StraitMurder On Music Row (A Duet With Alan Jackson)4:22Latest Greatest Straitest Hits22000208
2614George StraitCarrying Your Love With Me3:51Latest Greatest Straitest Hits32000204
2615George StraitAdalida3:35Latest Greatest Straitest Hits42000209
2616George StraitLead On3:26Latest Greatest Straitest Hits52000190
2617George StraitCarried Away3:21Latest Greatest Straitest Hits62000194
2618George StraitBlue Clear Sky2:53Latest Greatest Straitest Hits72000213
2619George StraitWe Really Shouldn't Be Doing This2:30Latest Greatest Straitest Hits82000217
2620George StraitI Can Still Make Cheyenne4:15Latest Greatest Straitest Hits92000195
2621George StraitTrue3:36Latest Greatest Straitest Hits102000214
2622George StraitKing Of The Mountain3:29Latest Greatest Straitest Hits112000206
2623George StraitRound About Way3:03Latest Greatest Straitest Hits122000215
2624George StraitYou Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody3:20Latest Greatest Straitest Hits132000194
2625George StraitOne Night At A Time3:50Latest Greatest Straitest Hits142000204
2626George StraitToday My World Slipped Away3:14Latest Greatest Straitest Hits152000195
2627George StraitI Know What I Want for Christmas3:23Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)122003185
2628George StraitWrapped4:08Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007122007223
2629George StraitI Just Can't Go On Dying Like This2:46Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)11995204
2630George Strait(That Don't Change) The Way I Feel About You2:11Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)21995205
2631George StraitI Don't Want To Talk It Over Anymore3:11Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)31995196
2632George StraitUnwound2:26Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)41995194
2633George StraitBlame It On Mexico2:51Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)51995199
2634George StraitHer Goodbye Hit Me In The Heart3:06Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)61995213
2635George StraitIf You're Thinking You Want A Stranger (There's One Coming Home)2:58Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)71995219
2636George StraitAny Old Love Won't Do3:04Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)81995193
2637George StraitFool Hearted Memory2:39Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)91995201
2638George StraitMarina Del Rey3:03Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)101995199
2639George StraitI Can't See Texas From Here2:30Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)111995217
2640George StraitHeartbroke3:35Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)121995221
2641George StraitWhat Would Your Memory Do3:18Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)131995183
2642George StraitAmarillo By Morning2:53Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)141995212
2643George StraitI Thought I Heard You Calling My Name2:45Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)151995192
2644George StraitA Fire I Can't Put Out3:00Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)161995197
2645George StraitYou Look So Good In Love3:13Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)171995202
2646George Strait80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper2:16Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 1)181995192
2647George StraitRight Or Wrong2:06Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)11995193
2648George StraitLet's Fall To Pieces Together2:55Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)21995192
2649George StraitDoes Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind3:16Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)31995196
2650George StraitThe Cowboy Rides Away3:23Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)41995183
2651George StraitThe Fireman2:35Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)51995198
2652George StraitThe Chair2:50Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)61995188
2653George StraitYou're Something Special To Me3:20Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)71995196
2654George StraitHaven't You Heard2:56Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)81995188
2655George StraitIn Too Deep2:38Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)91995200
2656George StraitLefty's Gone3:15Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)101995198
2657George StraitNobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her2:52Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)111995186
2658George StraitIt Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You2:51Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)121995193
2659George StraitOcean Front Property3:07Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)131995191
2660George StraitRhythm Of The Road2:17Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)141995218
2661George StraitSix Pack To Go3:02Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)151995192
2662George StraitAll My Ex's Live In Texas3:20Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)161995188
2663George StraitAm I Blue3:06Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)171995194
2664George StraitFamous Last Words Of A Fool3:36Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 2)181995200
2665George StraitBaby Blue3:35Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)11995190
2666George StraitIf You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')2:20Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)21995209
2667George StraitBaby's Gotten Good At Goodbye3:30Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)31995189
2668George StraitBigger Man Than Me2:51Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)41995202
2669George StraitHollywood Squares2:43Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)51995193
2670George StraitWhat's Going On In Your World3:28Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)61995198
2671George StraitAce In The Hole2:38Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)71995200
2672George StraitLove Without End, Amen3:07Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)81995201
2673George StraitDrinking Champagne3:35Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)91995207
2674George StraitI've Come To Expect It From You3:45Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)101995208
2675George StraitIf I Know Me2:42Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)111995187
2676George StraitYou Know Me Better Than That3:03Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)121995193
2677George StraitThe Chill Of An Early Fall3:32Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)131995185
2678George StraitLovesick Blues2:57Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)141995193
2679George StraitMilk Cow Blues5:12Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)151995201
2680George StraitGone As A Girl Can Get3:16Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)161995215
2681George StraitSo Much Like My Dad3:26Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)171995195
2682George StraitTrains Make Me Lonesome3:46Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3)181995185
2683George StraitWonderland Of Love2:56Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)11995201
2684George StraitI Cross My Heart3:31Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)21995183
2685George StraitHeartland2:18Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)31995196
2686George StraitWhen Did You Stop Loving Me2:50Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)41995189
2687George StraitOvernight Male2:36Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)51995214
2688George StraitThe King Of Broken Hearts3:09Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)61995188
2689George StraitWhere The Sidewalk Ends3:10Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)71995198
2690George StraitEasy Come, Easy Go3:05Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)81995190
2691George StraitI'd Like To Have That One Back3:52Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)91995191
2692George StraitLovebug2:51Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)101995199
2693George StraitThe Man In Love With You3:23Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)111995189
2694George StraitJust Look At Me3:10Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)121995180
2695George StraitStay Out Of My Arms2:36Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)131995201
2696George StraitBig Ball's In Cowtown (feat. Asleep At The Wheel)2:42Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)141995187
2697George StraitThe Big One2:10Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)151995200
2698George StraitFly Me To The Moon (feat. Frank Sinatra)2:10Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)161995188
2699George StraitCheck Yes Or No3:20Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)171995205
2700George StraitI Know She Still Loves Me3:07Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 4)181995194
2701George ThorogoodRock and Roll Christmas3:23 1 128
2702George ThorogoodRock and Roll Christmas3:21The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)82003231
2703George Thorogood & The DestroyersRock And Roll Christmas3:26A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas51994208
2704George Thorogood & The DestroyersMadison Blues4:29Anthology (Disc 1)1 220
2705George Thorogood & The DestroyersOne Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer8:28Anthology (Disc 1)2 196
2706George Thorogood & The DestroyersDelaware Slide7:53Anthology (Disc 1)3 215
2707George Thorogood & The DestroyersMove It On Over4:21Anthology (Disc 1)4 224
2708George Thorogood & The DestroyersThe Sky Is Crying5:17Anthology (Disc 1)5 208
2709George Thorogood & The DestroyersI'm wanted4:07Anthology (Disc 1)6 202
2710George Thorogood & The DestroyersNobody But Me3:26Anthology (Disc 1)7 179
2711George Thorogood & The DestroyersBad To The Bone4:50Anthology (Disc 1)8 200
2712George Thorogood & The DestroyersWillie And The Hand Jive4:04Anthology (Disc 1)9 208
2713George Thorogood & The DestroyersI Drink Alone4:33Anthology (Disc 1)10 205
2714George Thorogood & The DestroyersGear Jammer4:35Anthology (Disc 1)11 198
2715George Thorogood & The DestroyersLong Gone4:30Anthology (Disc 1)12 210
2716George Thorogood & The DestroyersReelin' And Rockin' (Live)5:11Anthology (Disc 1)13 223
2717George Thorogood & The DestroyersBottom Of The Sea (Live)3:27Anthology (Disc 1)14 214
2718George Thorogood & The DestroyersNight Times (Live)5:38Anthology (Disc 1)15 235
2719George Thorogood & The DestroyersWho Do You Love (live)5:17Anthology (Disc 2)1 196
2720George Thorogood & The DestroyersBorn to Be Bad3:32Anthology (Disc 2)2 204
2721George Thorogood & The DestroyersYou Talk Too Much4:36Anthology (Disc 2)3 211
2722George Thorogood & The DestroyersI'm Ready3:18Anthology (Disc 2)4 201
2723George Thorogood & The DestroyersShake Your Money Maker3:28Anthology (Disc 2)5 188
2724George Thorogood & The DestroyersIf you don't start drinkin' (I'm gonna leave)4:13Anthology (Disc 2)6 214
2725George Thorogood & The DestroyersHello Little Girl3:48Anthology (Disc 2)7 199
2726George Thorogood & The DestroyersLong Distance Lover3:55Anthology (Disc 2)8 217
2727George Thorogood & The DestroyersGet a Haircut4:11Anthology (Disc 2)9 217
2728George Thorogood & The DestroyersHowlin' For My Baby5:12Anthology (Disc 2)10 210
2729George Thorogood & The DestroyersChristine4:20Anthology (Disc 2)11 189
2730George Thorogood & The DestroyersLet's Work Together (Live)6:00Anthology (Disc 2)12 194
2731George Thorogood & The DestroyersJohnny B. Goode (Live)5:33Anthology (Disc 2)13 187
2732George Thorogood & The DestroyersRockin' My Life Avay3:34Anthology (Disc 2)14 211
2733George Thorogood & The DestroyersI Don't Trust Nobody5:04Anthology (Disc 2)15 187
2734George Thorogood & The DestroyersBack To Wentzville3:30Bad To The Bone11982185
2735George Thorogood & The DestroyersBlue Highway4:44Bad To The Bone21982198
2736George Thorogood & The DestroyersNobody But Me3:28Bad To The Bone31982179
2737George Thorogood & The DestroyersIt's A Sin3:32Bad To The Bone41982169
2738George Thorogood & The DestroyersNew Boogie Chillun5:03Bad To The Bone51982198
2739George Thorogood & The DestroyersBad To The Bone4:52Bad To The Bone61982187
2740George Thorogood & The DestroyersMiss Luann4:13Bad To The Bone71982193
2741George Thorogood & The DestroyersRock And Roll Christmas3:26Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas31994240
2742George Thorogood & The DestroyersMove It On Over4:22Move It On Over11978258
2743George Thorogood & The DestroyersWho Do You Love4:22Move It On Over21978254
2744George Thorogood & The DestroyersThe Sky Is Crying5:18Move It On Over31978248
2745George Thorogood & The DestroyersCocaine Blues2:56Move It On Over41978257
2746George Thorogood & The DestroyersIt Wasn't Me4:07Move It On Over51978258
2747George Thorogood & The DestroyersThat Same Thing3:10Move It On Over61978257
2748George Thorogood & The DestroyersSo Much Trouble3:22Move It On Over71978258
2749George Thorogood & The DestroyersI'm Just Your Good Thing3:37Move It On Over81978251
2750George Thorogood & The DestroyersBaby Please Set A Date4:50Move It On Over91978242
2751George Thorogood & The DestroyersNew Hawaiian Boogie4:43Move It On Over101978245
2752George Tibbles & Ramey IdrissWoody Woodpecker Show0:48Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)41986174
2753George TiptonSoap1:16All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)422005127
2754George TiptonIt's A Living1:12Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)141996132
2755George TiptonSoap1:16Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)231996128
2756George TiptonBenson1:04Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)241996132
2757George W. DuningThe Big Valley0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5351996128
2758George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsI've Found A New Baby3:01The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 1)12000132
2759George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsThe Darktown Strutters Ball3:05The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 1)22000134
2760George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsHeebie Jeebies3:00The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 1)32000132
2761George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsBugle Call Rag3:05The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 2)12000133
2762George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsStruttin' With Some Barbeque3:07The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 2)22000135
2763George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsToo Marvelous For Words4:04The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)12000136
2764George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsHow Come You Do Me Like You Do3:03The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)22000132
2765George Wettling's Chicago Rhythm KingsI Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate3:05The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)32000132
2766George WinstonChristmas Is Coming3:45A Windham Hill Christmas52002320
2767George WinstonJoy3:17Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)51997205
2768George Wyle, Sherwood Schwartz & Gerald FriedIt's About Time1:30Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)301986205
2769Georges BizetCarmen - Toreador's Song (Act II)4:51Best Loved Classics (Disc 1)81988193
2770Georges BizetCarmen: Prelude2:22In Classical Mood - 06 - Great Overtures11996184
2771Georges BizetSymphony In C Major - I. Allegro Vivo10:04Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)9 199
2772Georges BizetSymphony In C Major - II. Adagio10:19Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)10 183
2773Georges BizetSymphony In C Major - III. Scherzo: Allegro Vivace5:35Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)11 197
2774Georges BizetSymphony In C Major - IV. Allegro Vivace6:05Orpheus C.O. - Prokofiev 1, Bizet, Britten Symphonies (1987 DG 1988)12 200
2775Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Prelude1:22Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)21996200
2776Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Aragonaise2:13Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)31996182
2777Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Intermezzo2:40Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)41996185
2778Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Seguedille1:53Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)51996171
2779Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Les Dragons D'Alcala1:37Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)61996167
2780Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 1 Les Toreadors2:18Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)71996180
2781Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 Marche Des Contrebandiers3:58Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)81996190
2782Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 Habanera2:10Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)91996173
2783Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 Nocturne4:10Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)101996192
2784Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 Chanson Du Toreador2:39Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)111996189
2785Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 La Garde Montante3:51Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)121996173
2786Georges BizetCarmen Suite No. 2 Danse Boheme4:34Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)131996174
2787Georges BizetL'Arlesienne Overture6:43Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)141996182
2788Georges BizetL'Arlesienne Carillon4:45Ravel - Bolero, Bizet - Carmen Suites 1-2 (ELAP 1996)151996183
2789Georgia GibbsTweedle Dee2:33Your Hit Parade - Late 50's1 126
2790Georgia GibbsKiss Of Fire2:29Your Hit Parade 19529 128
2791Georgia GibbsDance With Me Henry (The Wallflower)2:20Your Hit Parade 19557 129
2792Georgia Peach & Her Gospel SingersDo Lord Send Me2:48Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel71992127
2793Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself3:26Georgia Satellites11986208
2794Georgia SatellitesRailroad Steel4:12Georgia Satellites21986193
2795Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains2:58Georgia Satellites31986199
2796Georgia SatellitesRed Light2:48Georgia Satellites41986199
2797Georgia SatellitesThe Myth Of Love4:12Georgia Satellites51986212
2798Georgia SatellitesCan't Stand The Pain3:44Georgia Satellites61986202
2799Georgia SatellitesGolden Light3:42Georgia Satellites71986208
2800Georgia SatellitesOver And Over3:37Georgia Satellites81986198
2801Georgia SatellitesNights Of Mystery4:44Georgia Satellites91986198
2802Georgia SatellitesEvery Picture Tells A Story5:22Georgia Satellites101986192
2803Georgia SatellitesDon't Pass Me By4:53Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites11993226
2804Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself3:28Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites21993218
2805Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains2:57Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites31993211
2806Georgia SatellitesThe Myth Of Love4:14Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites41993230
2807Georgia SatellitesCan't Stand The Pain3:44Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites51993224
2808Georgia SatellitesNights Of Mystery4:30Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites61993207
2809Georgia SatellitesLet It Rock (Live)4:02Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites71993219
2810Georgia SatellitesOpen All Night2:50Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites81993209
2811Georgia SatellitesSheila3:43Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites91993231
2812Georgia SatellitesMon Cheri4:40Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites101993202
2813Georgia SatellitesDown And Down3:52Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites111993223
2814Georgia SatellitesSaddle Up2:48Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites121993246
2815Georgia SatellitesHippy Hippy Shake1:48Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites131993201
2816Georgia SatellitesI Dunno3:11Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites141993241
2817Georgia SatellitesAll Over But The Cryin'5:12Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites151993217
2818Georgia SatellitesSix Years Gone3:12Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites161993218
2819Georgia SatellitesHard Luck Boy3:07Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites171993232
2820Georgia SatellitesAlmost Saturday Night; Rockin' All Over The World4:06Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites181993220
2821Georgia SatellitesDan Takes Five3:27Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites191993246
2822Georgia SatellitesAnother Chance4:29Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites201993202
2823Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself3:24Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)52002234
2824Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands to Yourself3:28More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)42003231
2825Georgie DavisBlackstar3:25Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)102001225
2826Georgie FamePapa's Got A Brand New Bag3:39Groovy Organ Funk151992172
2827Georgie FamePeaceful2:33More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)171999198
2828Georgie FameYeh Yeh2:48Number Ones Of The Sixties121993191
2829Georgie FameThe Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde3:08The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)121992173
2830Georgie Fame & The Blue FlamesYeh, Yeh2:47AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics21995169
2831Georgie PorgieAll Because of Me3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-01101994195
2832Georgie PorgieI'm In Love3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0811996221
2833Georgie Young & The Rockin' BocsNine More Miles (The "Faster-Faster" Song)2:32Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)172005162
2834Georgie Young & The Rockin' BocsTwo Weeks With Pay2:13Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)192005155
2835GeorgioLover's Lane (Extended)6:02Dance Classics Vol. 3142010203
2836Gerald AlstonSlow Motion5:08Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)131993178
2837Gerald Fried & Quincy JonesRoots1:46Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)631996200
2838Gerard McMahonThe Look in Your Eyes3:49Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)71982194
2839Gerard McMannCry Little Sister4:47The Lost Boys (OST)61987185
2840GerardoRico Suave4:53Teen Riot (Disc 2)172000214
2841Geri HalliwellMi Chico Latino3:12Hitzone 8111999235
2842Geri HalliwellThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'3:03Rugrats In Paris (OST)82000231
2843Geroge Cole and Dennis WatermanWhat Are We Going to Get for 'Er Indoors3:31The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)72003211
2844Gerri HalliwellIt's Raining Men4:16Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)92005244
2845Gerry & The PacemakersI Like It2:12100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)91997129
2846Gerry & The PacemakersYou'll Never Walk Alone2:39100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)171997133
2847Gerry & The PacemakersDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying2:34AM Gold: 1964221995194
2848Gerry & The PacemakersFerry Cross The Mersey2:22AM Gold: The Mid '60s221995186
2849Gerry & The PacemakersHow Do You Do It?2:26Buster (OST)71988160
2850Gerry & The PacemakersHow Do You Do It1:56Classic Rock - 19645 197
2851Gerry & The PacemakersI Like It2:16Classic Rock - 196420 126
2852Gerry & The PacemakersFerry 'Cross The Mersey2:25Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind111965208
2853Gerry & The PacemakersHow Do You Do It?1:55Number Ones Of The Sixties41993126
2854Gerry & The PacemakersI Like It2:14Original Hits11996320
2855Gerry & The PacemakersHow Do You Do It?1:55Original Hits21996320
2856Gerry & The PacemakersFerry Cross The Mersey2:24Original Hits31996320
2857Gerry & The PacemakersWalk Hand In Hand2:28Original Hits41996320
2858Gerry & The PacemakersI'm The One2:17Original Hits51996320
2859Gerry & The PacemakersDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying2:35Original Hits61996320
2860Gerry & The PacemakersIt's Gonna Be All Right2:10Original Hits71996320
2861Gerry & The PacemakersI'll Be There3:13Original Hits81996320
2862Gerry & The PacemakersGive All Your Love To Me2:36Original Hits91996320
2863Gerry & The PacemakersLa La La2:37Original Hits101996320
2864Gerry & The PacemakersGirl On A Swing2:05Original Hits111996320
2865Gerry & The PacemakersYou're The Reason2:18Original Hits121996320
2866Gerry & The PacemakersAway From You2:08Original Hits131996320
2867Gerry & The PacemakersA Shot Of Rhythm And Blues2:10Original Hits141996320
2868Gerry & The PacemakersJambalaya2:37Original Hits151996320
2869Gerry & The PacemakersWhy Oh Why1:47Original Hits161996320
2870Gerry & The PacemakersIt's Happened To Me2:17Original Hits171996320
2871Gerry & The PacemakersYou'll Never Walk Alone2:38Original Hits181996320
2872Gerry & The PacemakersDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying2:35The Rock Box (Disc 5)3 203
2873Gerry & The PacemakersFerry Cross The Mersey2:25The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)71997194
2874Gerry & The PacemakersHow Do You Do It?1:55The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)151997150
2875Gerry & The PacemakersDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying2:38TM Century GoldDisc Update 281991210
2876Gerry Marsden, Paul McCartney, Holly Johnson & The ChristiansFerry 'Cross The Mersey4:02Now That's What I Call Music! - Vol 15 (Disc 1)101989244
2877Gerry MulliganRain, Rain, Go Away4:28Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown61989188
2878Gerry O'ConnorMoving Cloud3:54Trad at Heart51995222
2879Gerry O'ConnorFunk the Cajun Blues3:13Trad at Heart101995218
2880Gerry RaffertyBaker Street4:06100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)51997216
2881Gerry RaffertyThe Ark5:36City To City11978210
2882Gerry RaffertyBaker Street6:01City To City21978209
2883Gerry RaffertyRight Down The Line4:20City To City31978209
2884Gerry RaffertyCity To City4:51City To City41978233
2885Gerry RaffertyStealin' Time5:39City To City51978215
2886Gerry RaffertyMattie's Rag3:28City To City61978217
2887Gerry RaffertyWhatever's Written In Your Heart6:30City To City71978192
2888Gerry RaffertyHome And Dry4:52City To City81978226
2889Gerry RaffertyIsland5:04City To City91978218
2890Gerry RaffertyWaiting For The Day5:27City To City101978223
2891Gerry RaffertyBaker Street4:07Disco Fever (Disc 1)121997211
2892Gerry RaffertyBaker Street4:05Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 4)41998220
2893Gerry RaffertyNorth & South6:41North & South11988202
2894Gerry RaffertyMoonlight & Gold6:10North & South21988191
2895Gerry RaffertyTired Of Talking4:08North & South31988204
2896Gerry RaffertyHearts Run Dry6:11North & South41988204
2897Gerry RaffertyA Dangerous Age5:29North & South51988229
2898Gerry RaffertyShipyard Town6:17North & South61988200
2899Gerry RaffertyWinter's Come6:35North & South71988203
2900Gerry RaffertyNothing Ever Happens Down Here3:42North & South81988196
2901Gerry RaffertyOn A Night Like This6:11North & South91988194
2902Gerry RaffertyUnselfish Love5:23North & South101988200
2903Gerry RaffertyBaker Street6:05One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)92001239
2904Gerry RaffertyBaker Street6:29Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty11989190
2905Gerry RaffertyWhatever's Written In Your Heart6:38Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty21989183
2906Gerry RaffertyBring It All Home4:33Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty31989197
2907Gerry RaffertyRight Down The Line4:29Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty41989201
2908Gerry RaffertyGet It Right Next Time4:42Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty51989201
2909Gerry RaffertyThe Way That You Do It5:09Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty61989190
2910Gerry RaffertyTired Of Talking4:09Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty71989207
2911Gerry RaffertyThe Garden Of England4:09Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty81989202
2912Gerry RaffertySleepwalking3:53Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty91989204
2913Gerry RaffertyNight Owl4:26Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty101989211
2914Gerry RaffertyAs Wise As A Serpent5:15Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty111989193
2915Gerry RaffertyA Dangerous Age5:29Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty121989235
2916Gerry RaffertyFamily Tree5:57Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty131989204
2917Gerry RaffertyShipyard Town5:14Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty141989211
2918Gerry RaffertyThe Right Moment3:23Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty151989186
2919Gerry RaffertyRight Down The Line4:00The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)12 196
2920Gerry RaffertyBaker Street4:07The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)61999225
2921Gerry RaffertyBaker Street6:07World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)151998196
2922The GesturesRun, Run, Run2:18Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)121998250
2923Geto BoysDamn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta5:09Office Space (OST)71999187
2924Geto BoysStill4:03Office Space (OST)101999242
2925Getz & GilbertoGirl From Ipanema2:46AM Gold: 196461995186
2926Getz & GilbertoThe Girl From Ipanema2:47Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s201992184
2927Ghostface Killah & JadakissRun4:35Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 1142004195
2928GhostlandGuide Me God (feat. Sinead O'connor & Natacha Atlas) (Jet Radio Edit)3:18TM Century PrimeCuts 510P162003221

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