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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1Gia FarrellHit Me Up3:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1162006222
2Giacomo MeyerbeerCoronation March3:51100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 43 204
3Gibson BrothersCuba3:41Pure Disco161996225
4GiGi D'AgnostinoI'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours)4:16Totally Dance81998205
5Gigi D'AgostinoI'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours) (Bla Bla Bla Edit)3:41Fired Up! 2172005218
6Gigolo AuntsWhere I Find My Heaven3:25Dumb And Dumber (OST)91994256
7Gil MelleNight Gallery0:38Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5521996128
8Gil MelleKolchack The Night Stalker1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5531996128
9Gil Scott-HeronFree Will3:43Free Will11972206
10Gil Scott-HeronThe Middle Of Your Day4:32Free Will21972199
11Gil Scott-HeronThe Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues5:12Free Will31972198
12Gil Scott-HeronSpeed Kills3:19Free Will41972196
13Gil Scott-HeronDid You Hear What They Said3:32Free Will51972198
14Gil Scott-HeronThe King Alfred Plan2:48Free Will61972198
15Gil Scott-HeronNo Knock2:12Free Will71972206
16Gil Scott-HeronWiggy1:37Free Will81972208
17Gil Scott-HeronAin't No New Thing4:36Free Will91972210
18Gil Scott-HeronBilly Green Is Dead1:30Free Will101972206
19Gil Scott-HeronSex Education: Ghetto Style0:51Free Will111972206
20Gil Scott-Heron...And Then He Wrote Meditations3:16Free Will121972203
21Gil Scott-HeronOn Coming From a Broken Home (Part 1)2:20I'm New Here12010136
22Gil Scott-HeronMe and the Devil3:33I'm New Here22010155
23Gil Scott-HeronI'm New Here3:33I'm New Here32010129
24Gil Scott-HeronYour Soul and Mine2:02I'm New Here42010162
25Gil Scott-HeronParents (Interlude)0:18I'm New Here52010132
26Gil Scott-HeronI'll Take Care of You2:58I'm New Here62010179
27Gil Scott-HeronBeing Blessed (Interlude)0:12I'm New Here72010139
28Gil Scott-HeronWhere Did the Night Go1:14I'm New Here82010145
29Gil Scott-HeronI Was Guided (Interlude)0:14I'm New Here92010146
30Gil Scott-HeronNew York Is Killing Me4:29I'm New Here102010160
31Gil Scott-HeronCertail Things (Interlude)0:08I'm New Here112010128
32Gil Scott-HeronRunning2:00I'm New Here122010136
33Gil Scott-HeronThe Crutch2:44I'm New Here132010146
34Gil Scott-HeronI've Been Me (Interlude)0:16I'm New Here142010133
35Gil Scott-HeronOn Coming from a Broken Home (Part 2)2:15I'm New Here152010132
36Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised3:09Pieces of a Man11971205
37Gil Scott-HeronSave The Children4:27Pieces of a Man21971204
38Gil Scott-HeronLady Day and John Coltrane3:37Pieces of a Man31971206
39Gil Scott-HeronHome Is Where The Hatred Is3:22Pieces of a Man41971206
40Gil Scott-HeronWhen You Are Who You Are3:23Pieces of a Man51971210
41Gil Scott-HeronI Think I'll Call It Morning3:31Pieces of a Man61971207
42Gil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man4:54Pieces of a Man71971187
43Gil Scott-HeronA Sign Of The Ages4:03Pieces of a Man81971195
44Gil Scott-HeronOr Down You Fall3:14Pieces of a Man91971206
45Gil Scott-HeronThe Needle's Eye4:51Pieces of a Man101971218
46Gil Scott-HeronThe Prisoner9:25Pieces of a Man111971195
47Gil Scott-HeronMessage To The Messengers4:57Spirits11994196
48Gil Scott-HeronSpirits7:48Spirits21994195
49Gil Scott-HeronGiver Her A Call5:44Spirits31994195
50Gil Scott-HeronLady's Song3:14Spirits41994192
51Gil Scott-HeronSpirits Past3:00Spirits51994177
52Gil Scott-HeronThe Other Side, Part I5:25Spirits61994164
53Gil Scott-HeronThe Other Side, Part II6:10Spirits71994208
54Gil Scott-HeronThe Other Side, Part III6:40Spirits81994193
55Gil Scott-HeronWork For Peace7:33Spirits91994200
56Gil Scott-HeronDon't Give Up5:58Spirits101994196
57Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised3:10The Best Of11984211
58Gil Scott-HeronThe Bottle4:04The Best Of21984200
59Gil Scott-HeronWinter In America6:11The Best Of31984199
60Gil Scott-HeronJohannesburg4:53The Best Of41984212
61Gil Scott-HeronAin't No Such Thing As a Superman4:13The Best Of51984216
62Gil Scott-HeronRe-Ron6:47The Best Of61984216
63Gil Scott-HeronShutum down5:20The Best Of71984207
64Gil Scott-HeronAngeldust4:19The Best Of81984197
65Gil Scott-Heron"B" Movie7:00The Best Of91984215
66Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised3:07The Revolution Will Not Be Televised11974216
67Gil Scott-HeronSex Education - Ghetto Style0:52The Revolution Will Not Be Televised21974202
68Gil Scott-HeronThe Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues5:08The Revolution Will Not Be Televised31974198
69Gil Scott-HeronNo Knock1:30The Revolution Will Not Be Televised41974213
70Gil Scott-HeronLady Day And John Coltrane3:34The Revolution Will Not Be Televised51974213
71Gil Scott-HeronPieces Of A Man4:56The Revolution Will Not Be Televised61974196
72Gil Scott-HeronHome Is Where The Hatred Is3:20The Revolution Will Not Be Televised71974205
73Gil Scott-HeronBrother1:45The Revolution Will Not Be Televised81974208
74Gil Scott-HeronSave The Children4:27The Revolution Will Not Be Televised91974208
75Gil Scott-HeronWhitey On The Moon1:29The Revolution Will Not Be Televised101974209
76Gil Scott-HeronDid You Hear What They Said?3:28The Revolution Will Not Be Televised111974205
77Gil Scott-HeronWhen You Are Who You Are3:23The Revolution Will Not Be Televised121974207
78Gil Scott-HeronI Think I'll Call It Morning3:32The Revolution Will Not Be Televised131974208
79Gil Scott-HeronA Sign Of The Ages4:03The Revolution Will Not Be Televised141974198
80Gil Scott-HeronOr Down You Fall3:13The Revolution Will Not Be Televised151974208
81Gil Scott-HeronThe Needle's Eye4:51The Revolution Will Not Be Televised161974214
82Gil Scott-HeronThe Prisoner9:28The Revolution Will Not Be Televised171974198
83Gil TrythallFoggy Mountain Breakdown2:11Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's71999252
84Gilbert MontagneThe Fool3:07Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)61992214
85Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:39Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)11998214
86Gilbert O'SullivanGet Down2:42Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1181990224
87Gilbert O'SullivanClair3:03Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 9111990212
88Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:40Teen Idols Of The 70's101999208
89Gilbert O'SullivanNothing Rhymed3:24The Berry Vest of12004258
90Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:38The Berry Vest of22004248
91Gilbert O'SullivanClair3:02The Berry Vest of32004255
92Gilbert O'SullivanGet Down2:42The Berry Vest of42004256
93Gilbert O'SullivanWe Will (Gus Dudgeon re-mix)3:55The Berry Vest of52004255
94Gilbert O'SullivanNo Matter How I Try3:01The Berry Vest of62004241
95Gilbert O'SullivanMatrimony3:14The Berry Vest of72004263
96Gilbert O'SullivanOut of the Question2:58The Berry Vest of82004260
97Gilbert O'SullivanOoh Wakka Doo Wakka Day2:47The Berry Vest of92004236
98Gilbert O'SullivanWhy Oh Why Oh Why3:50The Berry Vest of102004247
99Gilbert O'SullivanWho Was It2:29The Berry Vest of112004260
100Gilbert O'SullivanOoh Baby (radio mix)3:24The Berry Vest of122004221
101Gilbert O'SullivanMiss My Love Today3:49The Berry Vest of132004223
102Gilbert O'SullivanWhat's in a Kiss2:37The Berry Vest of142004253
103Gilbert O'SullivanSo What4:16The Berry Vest of152004250
104Gilbert O'SullivanCan't Think Straight (duet with Peggy Lee)4:03The Berry Vest of162004226
105Gilbert O'SullivanDoesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar & Brick)3:25The Berry Vest of172004251
106Gilbert O'SullivanHappiness Is Me and You3:07The Berry Vest of182004253
107Gilbert O'SullivanTwo's Company (Three Is Allowed)3:40The Berry Vest of192004246
108Gilbert O'SullivanWhat's It All Supposed to Mean4:20The Berry Vest of202004205
109Gilbert O'SullivanMr. Moody's Garden3:45The Berry Vest of212004150
110Gilbert O'SullivanMatrimony3:14The Very Best Of11995216
111Gilbert O'SullivanNothing Rhymed3:21The Very Best Of21995199
112Gilbert O'SullivanOoh Wakka Doo Wakka Day2:47The Very Best Of31995209
113Gilbert O'SullivanYou Are You3:18The Very Best Of41995217
114Gilbert O'SullivanGet Down2:40The Very Best Of51995220
115Gilbert O'SullivanNo Matter How I Try3:01The Very Best Of61995215
116Gilbert O'SullivanClair2:58The Very Best Of71995211
117Gilbert O'SullivanI Don't Think I Love You But I Like You3:06The Very Best Of81995231
118Gilbert O'SullivanUnderneath The Blanket Go3:05The Very Best Of91995215
119Gilbert O'SullivanWe Will3:53The Very Best Of101995203
120Gilbert O'SullivanAt The Very Mention Of Your Name4:46The Very Best Of111995206
121Gilbert O'SullivanWhy, Oh Why, Oh Why3:51The Very Best Of121995207
122Gilbert O'SullivanOoh Baby3:43The Very Best Of131995224
123Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:37The Very Best Of141995209
124Gilbert O'SullivanCan't Think Straight (duet with Peggy Lee)4:03The Very Best Of151995191
125Gilbert O'SullivanI Wish I Could Cry3:33The Very Best Of161995204
126Gilbert O'SullivanAre You Happy3:26The Very Best Of171995199
127Gilbert O'SullivanWhat's In A Kiss2:36The Very Best Of181995210
128Gilbert O'SullivanLost A Friend3:03The Very Best Of191995188
129Gilbert O'SullivanI'll Believe It When I See It5:17The Very Best Of201995207
130Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:40TM Century GoldDisc Update 5181991204
131Gilley's Urban Cowboy BandOrange Blossom Special, Hoedown2:08Urban Cowboy (OST)131980187
132Gillian WelchIn Tall Buildings3:59A Tribute to John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage62001178
133Gin BlossomsDay Job3:51Congratulations I'm Sorry11996190
134Gin BlossomsHighwire2:24Congratulations I'm Sorry21996215
135Gin BlossomsFollow You Down4:30Congratulations I'm Sorry31996186
136Gin BlossomsNot Only Numb3:06Congratulations I'm Sorry41996212
137Gin BlossomsAs Long As It Matters4:31Congratulations I'm Sorry51996215
138Gin BlossomsPerfectly Still4:05Congratulations I'm Sorry61996226
139Gin Blossoms7th Inning Stretch0:14Congratulations I'm Sorry71996200
140Gin BlossomsMy Car4:17Congratulations I'm Sorry81996229
141Gin BlossomsVirginia4:02Congratulations I'm Sorry91996208
142Gin BlossomsWhitewash3:19Congratulations I'm Sorry101996226
143Gin BlossomsI Can't Figure You Out3:18Congratulations I'm Sorry111996207
144Gin BlossomsMemphis Time3:14Congratulations I'm Sorry121996217
145Gin BlossomsCompetition Smile4:48Congratulations I'm Sorry131996181
146Gin BlossomsChristine Sixteen3:09Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved41994235
147Gin BlossomsLearning The Hard Way4:09Major Lodge Victory12006243
148Gin BlossomsCome On Hard4:10Major Lodge Victory22006235
149Gin BlossomsSomeday Soon4:41Major Lodge Victory32006222
150Gin BlossomsHeart Shaped Locket3:49Major Lodge Victory42006234
151Gin BlossomsThe End Of The World4:05Major Lodge Victory52006219
152Gin BlossomsLong Time Gone3:49Major Lodge Victory62006239
153Gin BlossomsSuper Girl4:57Major Lodge Victory72006229
154Gin BlossomsLet's Play Two3:03Major Lodge Victory82006250
155Gin BlossomsCurious Thing4:12Major Lodge Victory92006244
156Gin BlossomsJet Black Sunrise4:13Major Lodge Victory102006223
157Gin BlossomsFool For The Taking3:46Major Lodge Victory112006242
158Gin BlossomsCalifornia Sun4:05Major Lodge Victory122006222
159Gin BlossomsLost Horizons3:21New Miserable Experience11992229
160Gin BlossomsHey Jealousy3:56New Miserable Experience21992215
161Gin BlossomsMrs. Rita4:25New Miserable Experience31992215
162Gin BlossomsUntil I Fall Away3:52New Miserable Experience41992216
163Gin BlossomsHold Me Down4:51New Miserable Experience51992223
164Gin BlossomsCajun Song2:56New Miserable Experience61992222
165Gin BlossomsHands Are Tied3:18New Miserable Experience71992228
166Gin BlossomsFound Out About You3:53New Miserable Experience81992229
167Gin BlossomsAllison Road3:19New Miserable Experience91992215
168Gin Blossoms294:19New Miserable Experience101992226
169Gin BlossomsPieces Of The Night4:34New Miserable Experience111992222
170Gin BlossomsCheatin'3:25New Miserable Experience121992217
171Gin BlossomsDon't Change For Me4:05No Chocolate Cake12010221
172Gin BlossomsI Don't Want To Lose You Now4:11No Chocolate Cake22010208
173Gin BlossomsMiss Disarray3:29No Chocolate Cake32010193
174Gin BlossomsWave Bye Bye4:06No Chocolate Cake42010213
175Gin BlossomsI'm Ready4:22No Chocolate Cake52010234
176Gin BlossomsSomewhere Tonight3:56No Chocolate Cake62010210
177Gin BlossomsGo CryBaby4:59No Chocolate Cake72010210
178Gin BlossomsIf You'll Be Mine3:13No Chocolate Cake82010176
179Gin BlossomsDead Or Alive On The 4053:02No Chocolate Cake92010197
180Gin BlossomsSomething Real4:02No Chocolate Cake102010224
181Gin BlossomsGoin' To California3:43No Chocolate Cake112010214
182Gin BlossomsAs Long As It Matters4:18Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-08151996216
183Gin BlossomsTil I Hear It From You (LP Version)3:50Til I Hear It From You (Single)11996221
184Gin BlossomsHands Are Tied3:17Til I Hear It From You (Single)21996220
185Gin BlossomsHey Jealousy3:55Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)102005203
186Gina GEverytime I Fall4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11181997230
187Gina G.Ooh Ah... Just A Little Bit3:17Fired Up! (Disc 2)52003213
188Ginger AleThe Flood3:37Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)71992161
189Ginger AleScoobidab2:51Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)151997193
190Ginny OwensFree3:28WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)112000197
191Gino VanelliI Just Wanna Stop3:34Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)102004209
192Gino VannelliMardi Gras3:29A Pauper In Paradise11977211
193Gino VannelliValleys Of Valhalla4:25A Pauper In Paradise21977199
194Gino VannelliThe Surest Things Can Change4:38A Pauper In Paradise31977206
195Gino VannelliOne Night With You4:20A Pauper In Paradise41977211
196Gino VannelliA Song And Dance3:42A Pauper In Paradise51977209
197Gino VannelliBlack And Blue4:24A Pauper In Paradise61977185
198Gino VannelliA Pauper In Paradise - 1st Movement4:46A Pauper In Paradise71977192
199Gino VannelliA Pauper In Paradise - 2nd Movement2:29A Pauper In Paradise81977187
200Gino VannelliA Pauper In Paradise - 3rd Movement4:22A Pauper In Paradise91977208
201Gino VannelliA Pauper In Paradise - 4th Movement4:20A Pauper In Paradise101977192
202Gino VannelliBlack Cars3:09Black Cars11985211
203Gino VannelliThe Other Man3:39Black Cars21985211
204Gino VannelliIt's Over3:40Black Cars31985203
205Gino VannelliHere She Comes3:20Black Cars41985219
206Gino VannelliHurts To Be In Love3:43Black Cars51985199
207Gino VannelliTotal Stranger4:54Black Cars61985201
208Gino VannelliJust A Motion Away4:18Black Cars71985198
209Gino VannelliImagination3:10Black Cars81985219
210Gino VannelliHow Much3:53Black Cars91985214
211Gino VannelliAppaloosa4:43Brother To Brother11978203
212Gino VannelliThe River Must Flow3:49Brother To Brother21978199
213Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:38Brother To Brother31978194
214Gino VannelliLove And Emotion3:50Brother To Brother41978210
215Gino VannelliFeel Like Flying5:19Brother To Brother51978200
216Gino VannelliBrother To Brother7:19Brother To Brother61978214
217Gino VannelliWheels Of Life4:15Brother To Brother71978207
218Gino VannelliThe Evil Eye4:13Brother To Brother81978217
219Gino VannelliPeople I Belong To4:01Brother To Brother91978199
220Gino VannelliLiving Inside Myself4:20Hit History Vol. 27 1981131990201
221Gino VannelliNightwalker5:08Nightwalker11981201
222Gino VannelliSeek And You Will Find4:39Nightwalker21981206
223Gino VannelliPut The Weight On My Shoulders4:44Nightwalker31981202
224Gino VannelliI Believe4:10Nightwalker41981206
225Gino VannelliSanta Rosa4:06Nightwalker51981203
226Gino VannelliLiving Inside Myself4:23Nightwalker61981202
227Gino VannelliStay With Me4:43Nightwalker71981216
228Gino VannelliSally (She Says The Sweetest Things)4:30Nightwalker81981200
229Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:38Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs111999198
230Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:37Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)31996199
231Gino VannelliPeople Gotta Move3:21Powerful People11974211
232Gino VannelliLady3:42Powerful People21974199
233Gino VannelliSon Of A New York Gun3:22Powerful People31974208
234Gino VannelliJack Miraculous2:42Powerful People41974213
235Gino VannelliJo Jo3:39Powerful People51974198
236Gino VannelliPowerful People6:12Powerful People61974209
237Gino VannelliFelicia3:03Powerful People71974201
238Gino VannelliThe Work Verse2:54Powerful People81974177
239Gino VannelliPoor Happy Jimmy3:49Powerful People91974190
240Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:37Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2551996196
241Gino VannelliLove Of My Life4:32The Gist Of The Gemini11976220
242Gino VannelliUgly Man3:55The Gist Of The Gemini21976181
243Gino VannelliA New Fix For '763:34The Gist Of The Gemini31976202
244Gino VannelliOmens Of Love4:33The Gist Of The Gemini41976186
245Gino VannelliFly Into This Night3:26The Gist Of The Gemini51976223
246Gino VannelliPrelude To The War (Instr.)4:31The Gist Of The Gemini61976207
247Gino VannelliThe Battle Cry (Instr.)1:54The Gist Of The Gemini71976223
248Gino VannelliTo The War4:35The Gist Of The Gemini81976217
249Gino VannelliCarnal Question2:35The Gist Of The Gemini91976216
250Gino VannelliAfter The Last Battle (Instr.)1:59The Gist Of The Gemini101976199
251Gino VannelliTo The War (Reflection)2:11The Gist Of The Gemini111976195
252Gino VannelliSummers Of My Life4:35The Gist Of The Gemini121976196
253Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:40The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)21999194
254Gino VannelliAppaloosa4:43Ultimate Collection12000210
255Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:39Ultimate Collection22000208
256Gino VannelliLiving Inside Myself4:24Ultimate Collection32000216
257Gino VannelliHurts To Be In Love3:42Ultimate Collection42000211
258Gino VannelliThe River Must Flow3:50Ultimate Collection52000228
259Gino VannelliFly Into This Night3:28Ultimate Collection62000228
260Gino VannelliCrazy Life2:50Ultimate Collection72000198
261Gino VannelliNightwalker5:08Ultimate Collection82000219
262Gino VannelliBrother To Brother7:19Ultimate Collection92000219
263Gino VannelliOne Night With You4:22Ultimate Collection102000241
264Gino VannelliWheels Of Life4:15Ultimate Collection112000209
265Gino VannelliLove Of My Life4:32Ultimate Collection122000241
266Gino VannelliPeople Gotta Move3:21Ultimate Collection132000221
267Gino VannelliPowerful People6:13Ultimate Collection142000220
268Gino VannelliMama Coco3:08Ultimate Collection152000221
269Gino VannelliLove Me Now3:58Ultimate Collection162000205
270Gino VannelliBlack Cars3:10Ultimate Collection172000226
271Gino VannelliWild Horses4:37Ultimate Collection182000218
272GinuwineI'm Feelin' You4:40Men In Black (OST)31997192
273GinuwinePony4:11Monsta Jamz72002217
274GinuwineStingy3:59Now That's What I Call Music! 11132002210
275GinuwineDifferences4:08Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9142002215
276GinuwineIn Those Jeans4:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-08132003189
277GinuwineWhy Not Me6:11The Life12001201
278GinuwineThere It Is (Interlude)5:00The Life22001192
279Ginuwine2 Way4:10The Life32001193
280GinuwineDifferences4:25The Life42001218
281GinuwineSo Fine3:14The Life52001180
282GinuwineTribute To A Woman4:59The Life62001206
283GinuwineWhy Did You Go (Interlude)6:06The Life72001200
284GinuwineHow Deep Is Your Love4:21The Life82001205
285GinuwineThat's How I Get Down (feat. Ludacris)4:13The Life92001223
286GinuwineShow After The Show4:21The Life102001209
287GinuwineRole Play3:52The Life112001191
288GinuwineOpen Arms4:45The Life122001196
289GinuwineSuperhuman4:10The Life132001215
290GinuwineTwo Reasons I Cry5:15The Life142001199
291GinuwineJust Because3:42The Life152001214
292GinuwineMike Tyson0:12The Senior12003125
293GinuwineGet Ready (Ft. Snoop Dogg & The Rock)4:35The Senior22003175
294GinuwineChedda Brings (Ft. Jose Cenquentez)3:36The Senior32003210
295GinuwineHell Yeah (Ft. Baby) - In Those Jeans Interlude5:38The Senior42003217
296GinuwineIn Those Jeans4:03The Senior52003189
297GinuwineStingy4:19The Senior62003213
298GinuwineLove You More4:01The Senior72003203
299GinuwineBedda To Have Loved ("Locked Down" The Movie)11:31The Senior82003194
300GinuwineLocked Down5:03The Senior92003196
301GinuwineOn My Way - Sex Interlude4:56The Senior102003203
302GinuwineSex (Ft. Sole)3:50The Senior112003205
303GinuwineBedda Man3:45The Senior122003199
304GinuwineOur First Born4:15The Senior132003222
305GinuwineBig Plans (Ft. Method Man)3:27The Senior142003197
306GinuwineHell Yeah (Ft. R. Kelly, Baby & Clipse)4:30The Senior152003186
307GinuwineTigger & The Gizzle4:28The Senior162003192
308Gioachino RossiniThe Barber of Seville: Temporale3:17100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 38 195
309Gioachino RossiniThe Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)1:13All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)502005213
310Gioachino RossiniWilliam Tell Overture5:59Best Loved Classics (Disc 1)71988199
311Gioachino RossiniLa Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie)8:59Great Rossini Overtures11988197
312Gioachino RossiniLa Scala Di Seta (The Silken Ladder)6:06Great Rossini Overtures21988195
313Gioachino RossiniIl Barbiere Di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville)7:01Great Rossini Overtures31988197
314Gioachino RossiniSemiramide11:14Great Rossini Overtures41988198
315Gioachino RossiniGuglielmo Tell (William Tell)11:35Great Rossini Overtures51988202
316Gioachino RossiniWilliam Tell: Overture12:15In Classical Mood - 06 - Great Overtures111996179
317Gioachino RossiniThe Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)481986177
318GiorgioSon of My Father3:43Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 7121990210
319Giorgio MoroderChase3:42Casablanca Records Greatest Hits131996190
320Giorgio MoroderThe Autopsy1:32Cat People (OST)21982192
321Giorgio MoroderIrena's Theme4:21Cat People (OST)31982204
322Giorgio MoroderNight Rabbit2:00Cat People (OST)41982191
323Giorgio MoroderLeopard Tree Dream4:02Cat People (OST)51982202
324Giorgio MoroderPauls' Theme (Jogging Chase)3:54Cat People (OST)61982207
325Giorgio MoroderThe Myth5:12Cat People (OST)71982200
326Giorgio MoroderTo The Bridge2:51Cat People (OST)81982227
327Giorgio MoroderTransformation Seduction2:46Cat People (OST)91982205
328Giorgio MoroderBring The Prod1:59Cat People (OST)101982206
329Gipsy KingsHotel California5:47The Big Lebowski (OST)121998224
330GiR2007Mr Parsley1:24  2009192
331GiR2007Mr Parsley [Dark Version]1:07  2009192
332GiR2007Pumpkin Massacre3:33  2009192
333GiR2007FatWallet.com1:31  2006192
334GiR2007I Can't Believe It's Christmas3:582006 2006256
335GiR2007iBlinds2:332007 comps 2007256
336GiR2007Addicted To YouTube2:43Professional Insanity12006192
337GiR2007Barbados Rocks3:09Professional Insanity32006192
338GiR2007Pancakes!2:10Professional Insanity42006192
339GiR2007Pancakes! (with sound effects)2:22Professional Insanity42006192
340GiR2007 & GroovyMike83The Garden3:48  2006256
341GiR2007 & GroovyMike83Sheep Are Fluffy4:33GiR2007 Videos22006192
342A Girl Called JaneHe's Alive3:08Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 200752007186
343A Girl Called JaneHe's Alive3:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-03132007187
344The GirlfriendsMy One And Only, Jimmy Boy2:16The '60s - Jukebox Memories12 128
345Girls AloudGrease3:25Hits for Kids 20102008209
346Girls AloudJump3:40Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)122004251
347Gisele MackenzieHard To Get3:03Your Hit Parade 195511 128
348The GitsAbsynthe3:13Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)142005234
349Gitti und EricaDie schöne Polkamusik2:42Wir tanzen wieder Polka121992201
350GiuffriaDo Me Right4:12Giuffria [FR]11984228
351GiuffriaCall To The Heart4:37Giuffria [FR]21984214
352GiuffriaDon't Tear Me Down4:54Giuffria [FR]31984241
353GiuffriaDance4:08Giuffria [FR]41984245
354GiuffriaLonely In Love4:54Giuffria [FR]51984228
355GiuffriaTrouble Again5:25Giuffria [FR]61984229
356GiuffriaTurn Me Again4:25Giuffria [FR]71984240
357GiuffriaLine Of Fire4:56Giuffria [FR]81984234
358GiuffriaThe Awakening2:34Giuffria [FR]91984199
359GiuffriaOut Of The Blue5:31Giuffria [FR]101984207
360Giuseppe TartiniViolin Sonata In G Minor: Third Movement (The Devil's Trill)6:25In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic41998192
361Giuseppe VerdiLa Traviata - Prelude3:50100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 213 192
362Giuseppe VerdiAida: Prelude4:17100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 32 184
363Giuseppe VerdiIl Trovatore: Soldiers' Chorus4:59100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 410 194
364Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Preludio4:09Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)1 195
365Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Si corre voce che l'Etiope ardisca1:41Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)2 196
366Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Se quel guerrier io fossi!4:37Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)3 191
367Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Quale insolita gioia6:33Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)4 196
368Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Alta cagion v'aduna6:30Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)5 203
369Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 1 - Ritorna vincitor !7:29Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)6 188
370Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 2 - Possente, possente Ftha5:56Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)7 186
371Giuseppe VerdiAct I, Scene 2 - Mortal, diletto ai Numi5:33Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 1)8 195
372Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 1 - Chi mai fra gl'inni e i plausi6:51Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)1 186
373Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 1 - Fu la sorte dell'armi a' tuoi funesta7:44Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)2 194
374Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 1 - Su! del Nilo al sacro lido2:48Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)3 193
375Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside3:17Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)4 203
376Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Marcia6:03Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)5 202
377Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Vieni, o guerriero vindice2:18Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)6 215
378Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Salvator della patria, io ti saluto2:02Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)7 188
379Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Che veggo!... Egli?... Mio Padre!1:01Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)8 192
380Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Quest'assisa ch'io vesto vi dica1:03Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)9 192
381Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Ma tu, Re, tu signore possente4:10Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)10 204
382Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Re: pei sacri Num2:22Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)11 196
383Giuseppe VerdiAct II - Scene 2 - Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside3:12Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 2)12 201
384Giuseppe VerdiAct III - O tu che sei d'Osiride5:02Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)1 191
385Giuseppe VerdiAct III - Qui Radames verra! ... Che vorra dirmi?7:16Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)2 190
386Giuseppe VerdiAct III - Ciel! mio padre!8:03Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)3 195
387Giuseppe VerdiAct III - Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida .2:57Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)4 193
388Giuseppe VerdiAct III - Fuggiam gli ardori inospiti6:42Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)5 193
389Giuseppe VerdiAct III - Tu... Amonasro! ... tu! ... il Re?2:42Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)6 205
390Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 1 - L'abborrita rivale a me sfuggia...3:16Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)7 190
391Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 1 - Sacerdoti adunansi6:51Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)8 202
392Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 1 - Ohime! ... morir mi sento! Oh! chi lo salva?4:51Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)9 199
393Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 1 - Radames! Radames! Radames!7:00Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)10 202
394Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 2 - La fatal pietra sovra me si chiuse2:29Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)11 186
395Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 2 - Presago il core della tua condanna4:19Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)12 181
396Giuseppe VerdiAct IV - Scene 2 - O terra, addio; addio, valle di pianti5:48Aida - Price, Vickers, Solti (1962 Decca) (Disc 3)13 188
397Giuseppe VerdiLa Traviata: Prelude4:21In Classical Mood - 06 - Great Overtures31996197
398Gizelle D'ColeRevancha De Amor4:07Music Of The Heart (OST)81999247
399The GladiolasLittle Darlin'2:22The Doo Wop Box (Disc 2)161994159
400GladstoneA Piece of Paper3:05Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s111996200
401Gladys KnightLicense To Kill5:15The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)102002214
402Gladys KnightLicence To Kill4:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 1)22001180
403Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train To Georgia4:3870's Party Mix (Disc 1)131996201
404Gladys Knight & the PipsMidnight Train to Georgia3:57Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)142001199
405Gladys Knight & The PipsEvery Beat Of My Heart2:04Essential Collection11999151
406Gladys Knight & The PipsLetter Full Of Tears2:50Essential Collection21999128
407Gladys Knight & The PipsGiving Up3:05Essential Collection31999128
408Gladys Knight & The PipsI Heard It Through The Grapevine2:47Essential Collection41999211
409Gladys Knight & The PipsIf I Were Your Woman3:17Essential Collection51999209
410Gladys Knight & The PipsFriendship Train3:51Essential Collection61999217
411Gladys Knight & The PipsI Don't Want To Do Wrong3:19Essential Collection71999210
412Gladys Knight & The PipsDaddy Could Swear, I Declare3:43Essential Collection81999222
413Gladys Knight & The PipsNeither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)4:23Essential Collection91999203
414Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train To Georgia3:44Essential Collection101999214
415Gladys Knight & The PipsI've Got To Use My Imagination3:32Essential Collection111999195
416Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me3:46Essential Collection121999203
417Gladys Knight & The PipsI Feel A Song (In My Heart)3:21Essential Collection131999218
418Gladys Knight & The PipsOn And On4:20Essential Collection141999209
419Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Way We Were/Try To Remember4:38Essential Collection151999184
420Gladys Knight & The PipsSave The Overtime (For Me)4:43Essential Collection161999200
421Gladys Knight & The PipsHero (Wind Beneath My Wings)3:43Essential Collection171999195
422Gladys Knight & The PipsLove Overboard5:19Essential Collection181999204
423Gladys Knight & The PipsI've Got To Use My Imagination3:31Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)131994202
424Gladys Knight & The PipsEvery Beat Of My Heart2:04Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)81994142
425Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train To Georgia3:58Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)21998198
426Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train To Georgia4:36Heart & Soul61989242
427Gladys Knight & The PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love Me2:56Hit History Vol. 13 1967181990223
428Gladys Knight & The PipsEvery Beat Of My Heart1:52Hit History Vol. 7 196181990209
429Gladys Knight & The PipsI Heard It Through The Grapevine2:56Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)101992131
430Gladys Knight & The PipsIf I Were Your Woman3:14Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)151992129
431Gladys Knight & The PipsI Don't Want To Do Wrong3:24Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)201992129
432Gladys Knight & The PipsNeither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)4:23Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)91993184
433Gladys Knight & The PipsDo You Hear What I Hear?3:58Rockin' Holidays92001185
434Gladys Knight & The PipsNeither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)4:21Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)161995204
435Gladys Knight & The PipsEvery Beat Of My Heart1:54The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)11995205
436Gladys Knight & The PipsLetter Full Of Tears3:51The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)21995212
437Gladys Knight & The PipsGiving Up3:35The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)31995210
438Gladys Knight & The PipsJust Walk In My Shoes2:28The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)41995223
439Gladys Knight & The PipsSince I've Lost You2:33The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)51995209
440Gladys Knight & The PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love Me2:56The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)61995216
441Gladys Knight & The PipsEverybody Needs Love3:05The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)71995205
442Gladys Knight & The PipsI Heard It Through The Grapevine2:46The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)81995209
443Gladys Knight & The PipsThe End Of Our Road2:18The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)91995235
444Gladys Knight & The PipsDon't Let Her Take Your Love From Me2:50The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)101995193
445Gladys Knight & The PipsAll I Could Do Was Cry2:54The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)111995207
446Gladys Knight & The PipsIt Should Have Been Me3:00The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)121995206
447Gladys Knight & The PipsI Wish It Would Rain2:50The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)131995189
448Gladys Knight & The PipsDidn't You Know (You'd Have To Cry Sometime)3:31The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)141995211
449Gladys Knight & The PipsGot Myself A Good Man3:02The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)151995227
450Gladys Knight & The PipsI Want Him To Say It Again2:58The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)161995211
451Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Nitty Gritty3:00The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)171995230
452Gladys Knight & The Pips(I Know) I'm Losing You2:30The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)181995203
453Gladys Knight & The PipsCloud Nine3:11The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)191995220
454Gladys Knight & The PipsEvery Little Bit Hurts2:55The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)201995198
455Gladys Knight & The PipsBilly, Come Back As Quick As You Can2:24The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)211995225
456Gladys Knight & The PipsIt's Bad For Me To See You4:47The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 1)221995199
457Gladys Knight & The PipsFriendship Train3:49The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)11995217
458Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Tracks Of My Tears2:51The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)21995204
459Gladys Knight & The PipsYou Need Love Like I Do (Don't You?)3:39The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)31995222
460Gladys Knight & The PipsIf I Were Your Woman3:15The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)41995208
461Gladys Knight & The PipsI Don't Want To Do Wrong3:19The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)51995204
462Gladys Knight & The PipsIt's All Over But The Shoutin'3:48The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)61995224
463Gladys Knight & The PipsSomebody Stole The Sunshine3:15The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)71995213
464Gladys Knight & The PipsFor Once In My Life3:47The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)81995199
465Gladys Knight & The PipsFeeling Alright3:44The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)91995226
466Gladys Knight & The PipsMake Me The Woman That You Go Home To3:46The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)101995214
467Gladys Knight & The PipsIf You Gonna Leave (Just Leave)3:36The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)111995211
468Gladys Knight & The PipsHelp Me Make It Through The Night4:21The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)121995192
469Gladys Knight & The PipsNeither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)4:21The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)131995198
470Gladys Knight & The PipsDaddy Could Swear, I Declare3:42The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)141995218
471Gladys Knight & The PipsCan't Give It Up No More3:37The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)151995210
472Gladys Knight & The PipsAll I Need Is Time3:24The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)161995191
473Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Only Time You Love Me Is When You're Losing Me2:46The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)171995196
474Gladys Knight & The PipsBetween Her Goodbye And My Hello3:50The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips (Disc 2)181995197
475Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train To Georgia4:39The Buddah Box (Disc 3)21993195
476Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me3:46The Buddah Box (Disc 3)31993198
477Gladys Knight & The PipsSilent Night2:45The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5222000201
478Gladys Knight and the PipsIf I Were Your Woman3:11AM Gold: 1971211998202
479Gladys Knight And The PipsSend It To Me4:13Miami Vice II (OST)21986198
480Gladys Knight And The PipsBest Thing That Ever Happened To Me3:45Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs61999204
481Glass HammerShadows of the Past3:19Journey of the Dunadan11993200
482Glass HammerSomething's Coming3:18Journey of the Dunadan21993217
483Glass HammerSong of the Dunadan9:13Journey of the Dunadan31993216
484Glass HammerFog on the Barrow Downs2:33Journey of the Dunadan41993195
485Glass HammerThe Prancing Pony1:12Journey of the Dunadan51993194
486Glass HammerThe Way to Her Heart3:30Journey of the Dunadan61993190
487Glass HammerThe Ballad of Balin Longbeard3:40Journey of the Dunadan71993201
488Glass HammerRivendell3:30Journey of the Dunadan81993209
489Glass HammerKhazad-Dum1:24Journey of the Dunadan91993172
490Glass HammerNimrodel4:57Journey of the Dunadan101993200
491Glass HammerThe Palantir6:39Journey of the Dunadan111993203
492Glass HammerPelennor Fields4:25Journey of the Dunadan121993203
493Glass HammerWhy I Cry (Arwen's Song)5:20Journey of the Dunadan131993202
494Glass HammerAnduril2:02Journey of the Dunadan141993212
495Glass HammerMorannon Gate5:41Journey of the Dunadan151993215
496Glass HammerThe Return of the King8:59Journey of the Dunadan161993201
497Glass HammerOn To Evermore7:00On To Evermore11998200
498Glass HammerThe Mayor Of Longview5:26On To Evermore21998214
499Glass HammerThe Conflict5:46On To Evermore31998207
500Glass HammerMuse1:06On To Evermore41998176
501Glass HammerArianna16:45On To Evermore51998209
502Glass HammerOnly Red5:18On To Evermore61998218
503Glass HammerThis Fading Age5:14On To Evermore71998221
504Glass HammerJunkyard Angel9:08On To Evermore81998204
505Glass HammerTwilight On Longview5:42On To Evermore91998215
506Glass HammerWind (hidden)1:22On To Evermore101998198
507Glass HammerNow Arriving2:01Perelandra11995190
508Glass HammerTime Marches On10:37Perelandra21995211
509Glass HammerLliusion9:07Perelandra31995214
510Glass HammerThe Way to Her Heart4:47Perelandra41995200
511Glass HammerFelix the Cat2:33Perelandra51995206
512Glass HammerNow Departing1:05Perelandra61995172
513Glass HammerPerelandra8:07Perelandra71995209
514Glass HammerLe Danse Final5:19Perelandra81995195
515Glass HammerThat Hideous Strength3:54Perelandra91995221
516Glass HammerEnda the Lion0:56Perelandra101995201
517Glass HammerInto the Night4:46Perelandra111995204
518Glass HammerHeaven8:37Perelandra121995216
519The Glass HouseCrumbs Off The Table2:40Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)42001220
520Glass TigerDiamond Sun5:23Diamond Sun11988185
521Glass TigerFar Away From Here4:08Diamond Sun21988208
522Glass TigerI'm Still Searching3:58Diamond Sun31988201
523Glass TigerA Lifetime Of Moments4:59Diamond Sun41988186
524Glass TigerIt's Love U Feel5:32Diamond Sun51988187
525Glass TigerMy Song3:26Diamond Sun61988186
526Glass Tiger(Watching) Worlds Crumble4:53Diamond Sun71988189
527Glass TigerSend Your Love4:28Diamond Sun81988193
528Glass TigerSuffer In Silence3:35Diamond Sun91988188
529Glass TigerThis Island Earth6:31Diamond Sun101988197
530Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)4:06Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)101996208
531Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)4:06The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 1)121999201
532Glass TigerThin Red Line4:57The Thin Red Line11986200
533Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)4:08The Thin Red Line21986212
534Glass TigerCloser To You3:37The Thin Red Line31986203
535Glass TigerVanishing Tribe4:06The Thin Red Line41986218
536Glass TigerLooking At A Picture4:03The Thin Red Line51986202
537Glass TigerThe Secret0:47The Thin Red Line61986189
538Glass TigerAncient Evenings4:55The Thin Red Line71986199
539Glass TigerEcstacy4:25The Thin Red Line81986212
540Glass TigerSomeday3:37The Thin Red Line91986197
541Glass TigerI Will Be There3:29The Thin Red Line101986197
542Glass TigerYou're What I Look For3:52The Thin Red Line111986195
543Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)4:08Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s41996194
544Glen A. LarsonSwitch1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5411996128
545Glen A. LarsonB.J. & The Bear1:27Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)401996134
546Glen A. LarsonThe Fall Guy ("The Unknown Stuntman")1:47Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)421996135
547Glen A. LarsonKnight Rider1:18Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)551996138
548Glen A. Larson & Stu PhillipsQuincy, M.E.1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)601990146
549Glen BurtnickNot So Far Away3:48Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (OST)31989206
550Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:02AM Gold: 1968171995189
551Glen CampbellToday2:29Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)112007147
552Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:08Country Complete (Disc 1)11997217
553Glen CampbellTry A Little Kindness2:27Country Complete (Disc 2)61997206
554Glen CampbellGalveston2:41Country Complete (Disc 3)41997205
555Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix2:45Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)10 190
556Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:06Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)4 187
557Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:14Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)61998211
558Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix2:44More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)111999213
559Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:03Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)121999212
560Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:11Original Gold (Disc 1)11998226
561Glen CampbellYour Cheatin' Heart3:19Original Gold (Disc 1)21998189
562Glen CampbellTogether Again2:20Original Gold (Disc 1)31998191
563Glen CampbellMy Special Angel2:15Original Gold (Disc 1)41998199
564Glen CampbellAll I Have To Do Is Dream2:34Original Gold (Disc 1)51998195
565Glen CampbellTake These Chains Off My Heart2:35Original Gold (Disc 1)61998183
566Glen CampbellYou Win Again3:41Original Gold (Disc 1)71998189
567Glen CampbellIt's Only Make Believe2:27Original Gold (Disc 1)81998214
568Glen CampbellMy Prayer2:41Original Gold (Disc 1)91998203
569Glen CampbellIf You Could Read My Mind3:45Original Gold (Disc 1)101998199
570Glen CampbellThe Last Time I Saw Her4:06Original Gold (Disc 1)111998200
571Glen CampbellSomething 'bout You Baby I Like2:44Original Gold (Disc 1)121998214
572Glen CampbellEverything A Man Could Ever Need2:32Original Gold (Disc 1)131998228
573Glen CampbellDon't Pull Your Love/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye3:20Original Gold (Disc 1)141998215
574Glen CampbellBonapart's Retreat2:48Original Gold (Disc 1)151998216
575Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:05Original Gold (Disc 2)11998210
576Glen CampbellHelp Me Make It Through The Night2:20Original Gold (Disc 2)21998199
577Glen CampbellGalveston2:40Original Gold (Disc 2)31998214
578Glen CampbellGentle On My Mind2:57Original Gold (Disc 2)41998214
579Glen CampbellHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother3:28Original Gold (Disc 2)51998202
580Glen CampbellI Can't Help It2:40Original Gold (Disc 2)61998185
581Glen CampbellYou've Still Got A Place In My Heart2:31Original Gold (Disc 2)71998204
582Glen CampbellDream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)2:31Original Gold (Disc 2)81998212
583Glen CampbellHey Little One2:32Original Gold (Disc 2)91998206
584Glen CampbellOklahoma Sunday Morning2:59Original Gold (Disc 2)101998205
585Glen CampbellIt's A Sin When You Love Somebody2:23Original Gold (Disc 2)111998199
586Glen CampbellTry A Little Kindness2:25Original Gold (Disc 2)121998215
587Glen CampbellAmazing Grace4:24Original Gold (Disc 2)131998197
588Glen CampbellManhattan Kansas2:41Original Gold (Disc 2)141998184
589Glen CampbellTrue Grit2:29Original Gold (Disc 2)151998211
590Glen CampbellHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas3:12The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)192003196
591Glen CampbellBlue Christmas2:35The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)131987196
592Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:02The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)92001208
593Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:19The Very Best Of Glen Campbell11987211
594Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:08The Very Best Of Glen Campbell21987204
595Glen CampbellGalveston2:44The Very Best Of Glen Campbell31987209
596Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix2:47The Very Best Of Glen Campbell41987213
597Glen CampbellTry A Little Kindness2:28The Very Best Of Glen Campbell51987209
598Glen CampbellHey Little One2:34The Very Best Of Glen Campbell61987204
599Glen CampbellWhere's The Playground Susie2:58The Very Best Of Glen Campbell71987198
600Glen CampbellGentle On My Mind3:00The Very Best Of Glen Campbell81987213
601Glen CampbellDreams Of The Everyday Housewife2:36The Very Best Of Glen Campbell91987204
602Glen CampbellAll I Have To Do Is Dream2:36The Very Best Of Glen Campbell101987196
603Glen CampbellDream Baby2:34The Very Best Of Glen Campbell111987198
604Glen CampbellIt's Only Make Believe2:29The Very Best Of Glen Campbell121987200
605Glen CampbellSunflower2:54The Very Best Of Glen Campbell131987206
606Glen CampbellSouthern Nights3:01The Very Best Of Glen Campbell141987212
607Glen CampbellCountry Boy3:08The Very Best Of Glen Campbell151987215
608Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:13Those Fabulous '70s191990210
609Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:09Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)32001227
610Glen Campbell & Bobbie GentryMy Elusive Dreams3:11Country Complete (Disc 2)201997200
611Glen GrayMy Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart?)3:22Your Hit Parade 194417 127
612Glenda CollinsSomething I've Got To Tell You2:40It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek171995130
613Glenda CollinsIt's Hard To Believe It3:01It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek201995129
614Glenn Close & Alan CampbellThe Perfect Year3:15Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold132002178
615Glenn FreyThe Heat Is On3:46Beverly Hills Cop (OST)61984209
616Glenn FreyFlip City5:12Ghostbusters II (OST)91989223
617Glenn FreySmuggler's Blues3:50Miami Vice (OST)21985203
618Glenn FreyYou Belong To The City5:51Miami Vice (OST)41985205
619Glenn FreyI Found Somebody4:05No Fun Aloud11982193
620Glenn FreyThe One You Love4:34No Fun Aloud21982199
621Glenn FreyPartytown2:57No Fun Aloud31982215
622Glenn FreyI Volunteer4:06No Fun Aloud41982205
623Glenn FreyI've Been Born Again4:36No Fun Aloud51982206
624Glenn FreySea Cruise2:36No Fun Aloud61982218
625Glenn FreyThat Girl3:41No Fun Aloud71982186
626Glenn FreyAll Those Lies4:43No Fun Aloud81982199
627Glenn FreyShe Can't Let Go3:11No Fun Aloud91982211
628Glenn FreyDon't Give Up4:48No Fun Aloud101982231
629Glenn FreyYou Belong To The City5:50One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)151999214
630Glenn FreyLivin' Right5:02Soul Searchin'11988253
631Glenn FreySome Kind Of Blue4:42Soul Searchin'21988244
632Glenn FreyTrue Love4:40Soul Searchin'31988239
633Glenn FreyCan't Put Out This Fire5:08Soul Searchin'41988255
634Glenn FreyI Did It For Your Love4:02Soul Searchin'51988254
635Glenn FreyLet's Pretend We're Still In Love4:50Soul Searchin'61988253
636Glenn FreyWorking Man3:33Soul Searchin'71988243
637Glenn FreySoul Searchin'5:35Soul Searchin'81988246
638Glenn FreyTwo Hearts4:04Soul Searchin'91988246
639Glenn FreyIt's Your Life5:01Soul Searchin'101988247
640Glenn FreySilent Spring (Instrumental Prelude)0:40Strange Weather11992248
641Glenn FreyLong Hot Summer5:17Strange Weather21992244
642Glenn FreyStrange Weather5:03Strange Weather31992251
643Glenn FreyAqua Tranquilla (Instrumental)0:50Strange Weather41992265
644Glenn FreyLove In The 21st Century6:12Strange Weather51992256
645Glenn FreyHe Took Advantage4:42Strange Weather61992257
646Glenn FreyRiver Of Dreams6:07Strange Weather71992250
647Glenn FreyI've Got Mine5:35Strange Weather81992249
648Glenn FreyRising Sun (Instrumental)0:38Strange Weather91992235
649Glenn FreyBrave New World6:20Strange Weather101992265
650Glenn FreyDelicious3:47Strange Weather111992249
651Glenn FreyA Walk In The Dark5:19Strange Weather121992260
652Glenn FreyBefore The Ship Goes Down4:31Strange Weather131992253
653Glenn FreyBig Life4:18Strange Weather141992255
654Glenn FreyPart Of Me, Part Of You5:58Strange Weather151992264
655Glenn FreyThe Allnighter4:24The Allnighter11984206
656Glenn FreySexy Girl3:32The Allnighter21984201
657Glenn FreyI Got Love3:51The Allnighter31984199
658Glenn FreySomebody Else6:03The Allnighter41984211
659Glenn FreyLover's Moon4:14The Allnighter51984201
660Glenn FreySmuggler's Blues4:20The Allnighter61984222
661Glenn FreyLet's Go Home5:02The Allnighter71984205
662Glenn FreyBetter In The U.S.A.3:02The Allnighter81984210
663Glenn FreyThe Heat Is On3:48The Allnighter91984213
664Glenn FreyNew Love4:26The Allnighter101984198
665Glenn FreySmugglers Blues3:53The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)41988201
666Glenn FreyYou Belong To The City5:52The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)121988204
667Glenn FreySmuggler's Blues3:50Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s11996201
668Glenn FreyTrue Love4:16TM Century GoldDisc Update 7181991193
669Glenn LewisLooking 4 La La4:20Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)132003212
670Glenn LewisDon't You Forget It1:58From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)72002141
671Glenn LewisFall Again4:19Maid In Manhattan (OST)62002203
672Glenn MedeirosNothing's Gonna Change My Love For You3:49Teen Riot (Disc 2)182000209
673Glenn MedeirosNothing's Gonna Change My Love For You3:49The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)5 197
674Glenn Medeiros (Featuring Bobby Brown)She Ain't Worth It3:21U Can't Touch This121990229
675Glenn MillerSleigh Ride3:48In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 111988190
676Glenn MillerYuletide Medley #1: O Holy Night, Joy To The World, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Deck The Halls5:46In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 121988168
677Glenn MillerRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer3:17In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 131988165
678Glenn MillerSilver Bells2:38In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 141988176
679Glenn MillerJingle Bells4:44In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 151988197
680Glenn MillerFrosty The Snowman4:06In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 161988187
681Glenn MillerHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas3:59In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 171988169
682Glenn MillerYuletide Medley #2: O Christmas Tree, It Came Upon The Midnight Clear, We Three Kings, What Child Is This?5:52In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 181988184
683Glenn MillerI'll Be Home For Christmas3:18In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 191988175
684Glenn MillerSilent Night2:31In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 1101988151
685Glenn MillerIn The Christmas Mood3:33In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 1111988210
686Glenn MillerWe Wish You A Merry Christmas3:20In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 211993181
687Glenn MillerWhite Christmas3:52In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 221993163
688Glenn MillerYuletide Medley #1 (Away In A Manger/Ave Maria/The First Noel)5:42In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 231993167
689Glenn MillerThe Twelve Days Of Christmas3:24In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 241993165
690Glenn MillerWinter Wonderland3:23In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 251993198
691Glenn MillerThe Christmas Song4:34In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 261993181
692Glenn MillerYuletide Medley #2 (Hark The Herald / Angels Sing Angels...)5:18In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 271993167
693Glenn Miller(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays2:47In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 281993186
694Glenn MillerGood King Wenceslas2:33In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 291993159
695Glenn MillerSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:32In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 2101993199
696Glenn MillerLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow3:14In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 2111993195
697Glenn MillerAuld Lang Syne2:32In The Christmas Mood, Vol. 2121993173
698Glenn MillerChattanooga Choo Choo3:30Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)12003127
699Glenn MillerElmer's Tune3:09Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)22003128
700Glenn MillerStar Dust3:23Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)32003126
701Glenn MillerStairway to the Stars2:54Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)42003129
702Glenn MillerThe Woodpecker Song2:35Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)52003128
703Glenn MillerJuke Box Saturday Night3:06Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)62003129
704Glenn MillerOver The Rainbow2:31Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)72003127
705Glenn MillerA String Of Pearls3:16Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)82003129
706Glenn MillerWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:54Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)92003127
707Glenn MillerImagination2:50Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)102003127
708Glenn MillerBeat Me Daddy Eight to The Bar3:05Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)112003126
709Glenn MillerTuxedo Junction3:29Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)122003126
710Glenn MillerSerenade In Blue3:28Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)132003126
711Glenn MillerDanny Boy2:17Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)142003126
712Glenn MillerA Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square3:42Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)152003126
713Glenn MillerBlue Rain3:12Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)162003127
714Glenn MillerAlong The Sante Fe Trail3:22Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)172003126
715Glenn MillerGive a Little Whistle2:32Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)182003127
716Glenn MillerThe Boogie Wooglie Piggy3:26Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)192003126
717Glenn MillerMoonlight Cocktail3:17Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 1)202003128
718Glenn MillerIn the Mood3:39Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)12003129
719Glenn Miller(I've Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo3:17Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)22003126
720Glenn MillerMy Blue Heaven3:15Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)32003127
721Glenn MillerLittle Brown Jug2:51Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)42003127
722Glenn MillerDon't Sit Under the Apple Tree (with Anyone Else but Me)3:13Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)52003128
723Glenn MillerThe Story of a Starry Night3:31Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)62003128
724Glenn MillerAt Last3:06Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)72003126
725Glenn MillerBlueberry Hill2:54Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)82003127
726Glenn MillerDing Dong! The Witch Is Dead2:36Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)92003127
727Glenn MillerAmerican Patrol3:19Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)102003126
728Glenn MillerBugle Call Rag2:57Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)112003127
729Glenn MillerFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)2:35Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)122003126
730Glenn MillerThe Nearness of You3:14Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)132003126
731Glenn MillerBlue Orchids2:55Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)142003126
732Glenn MillerPennsylvania 6-50003:15Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)152003128
733Glenn MillerSong of the Volga Boatmen3:26Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)162003127
734Glenn MillerMoon Love2:55Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)172003128
735Glenn MillerI'll Never Smile Again2:36Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)182003127
736Glenn MillerRhapsody In Blue3:04Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)192003126
737Glenn MillerMoonlight Serenade3:24Platinum Glenn Miller (Disc 2)202003128
738Glenn MillerMoonlight Serenade3:25The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)11989168
739Glenn MillerKing Porter Stomp3:32The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)21989160
740Glenn MillerAnd The Angels Sing2:52The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)31989157
741Glenn MillerThe Lady's In Love With You3:03The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)41989174
742Glenn MillerLittle Brown Jug2:55The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)51989167
743Glenn MillerBut It Didn't Mean A Thing2:44The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)61989180
744Glenn MillerStairway To The Stars2:55The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)71989161
745Glenn MillerPagan Love Song3:17The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)81989162
746Glenn MillerOver The Rainbow2:30The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)91989169
747Glenn MillerWe Can Live On Love2:34The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)101989151
748Glenn MillerGlenn Island Special3:03The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)111989164
749Glenn MillerIt's A Blue World3:21The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)121989165
750Glenn MillerAin't Cha Comin' Out?2:40The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)131989171
751Glenn MillerRunnin' Wild2:50The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)141989150
752Glenn MillerMoon Love2:55The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)151989153
753Glenn MillerFarewell Blues3:15The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)161989161
754Glenn MillerBlue Evening3:20The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)171989167
755Glenn MillerBluebirds In The Moonlight3:02The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)181989173
756Glenn MillerSunrise Serenade3:31The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)191989174
757Glenn MillerOh! You Crazy Moon3:22The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 1)201989168
758Glenn MillerIn The Mood3:37The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)11989168
759Glenn MillerIndian Summer3:19The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)21989176
760Glenn MillerThe Rhumba Jumps2:51The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)31989172
761Glenn MillerStar Dust3:24The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)41989159
762Glenn MillerPolka Dots And Moonbeams2:49The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)51989183
763Glenn MillerTuxedo Junction3:29The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)61989162
764Glenn MillerApril Played The Fiddle2:59The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)71989179
765Glenn MillerDanny Boy (Londonderry Air)2:17The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)81989177
766Glenn MillerBe Happy2:10The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)91989178
767Glenn MillerThe Nearness Of You3:15The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)101989182
768Glenn MillerMy Blue Heaven3:16The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)111989185
769Glenn MillerIt's Always You3:11The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)121989155
770Glenn MillerBugle Call Rag2:58The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)131989176
771Glenn MillerA Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square3:39The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)141989178
772Glenn MillerPennsylvania 6-50003:17The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)151989174
773Glenn MillerYes, My Darling Daughter2:29The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)161989176
774Glenn MillerAnvil Chorus4:57The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)171989168
775Glenn MillerI Know Why (And So Do You)3:00The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)181989163
776Glenn MillerYou Stepped Out Of A Dream3:03The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)191989165
777Glenn MillerI Drempt I Dwelt In Harlem3:37The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 2)201989153
778Glenn MillerA String Of Pearls3:16The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)11989158
779Glenn MillerPerfidia3:19The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)21989155
780Glenn MillerSun Valley Jump2:59The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)31989148
781Glenn MillerSlumber Song2:29The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)41989149
782Glenn MillerThe Spirit Is Willing3:29The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)51989148
783Glenn MillerElmer's Tune3:08The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)61989163
784Glenn MillerAdios2:55The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)71989161
785Glenn MillerMoonlight Cocktail3:19The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)81989168
786Glenn MillerMoonlight Sonata3:38The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)91989152
787Glenn MillerChattanooga Choo-Choo3:26The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)101989163
788Glenn MillerAt Last3:07The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)111989149
789Glenn MillerDon't Sit Under The Apple Tree3:13The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)121989170
790Glenn MillerRhapsody In Blue3:04The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)131989172
791Glenn Miller(I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo3:18The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)141989177
792Glenn MillerSerenade In Blue3:29The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)151989167
793Glenn MillerCaribbean Clipper2:42The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)161989191
794Glenn MillerThat Old Black Magic3:06The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)171989171
795Glenn MillerJuke Box Saturday Night3:07The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)181989180
796Glenn MillerMoonlight Becomes You3:20The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)191989171
797Glenn MillerAmerican Patrol3:17The Popular Recordings - (1938-1942) (Disc 3)201989185
798Glenn MillerIn the Mood3:36Your Hit Parade 19401 128
799Glenn MillerBlueberry Hill2:56Your Hit Parade 19409 126
800Glenn MillerPennsylvania 6-50003:19Your Hit Parade 194019 129
801Glenn MillerChattanooga Choo Choo3:27Your Hit Parade 194113 126
802Glenn MillerElmer's Tune3:16Your Hit Parade 194123 126
803Glenn MillerA String of Pearls3:13Your Hit Parade 194216 130
804Glenn MillerMoonlight Cocktail3:17Your Hit Parade 194222 128
805Glenn Miller & His OrchestraDon't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)3:12Your Hit Parade 19421 127
806Glenn Miller & His Orchestra(I've Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo3:16Your Hit Parade 194211 127
807Glenn Miller & His OrchestraJuke Box Saturday Night3:05Your Hit Parade 194311991129
808Glenn Miller & His OrchestraThat Old Black Magic3:04Your Hit Parade 1943111991127
809Glenn ShorrockDream Lover3:32Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 5)81998186
810Glenn StaffordIronforge Walking 031:21   128
811Glenn StaffordDwarfNarration1:01World of Warcraft 2004128
812Glenn StaffordTaurenNarration1:15World of Warcraft 2004128
813Glenn YarbroughBaby The Rain Must Fall2:22Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)12 187
814The GlobetrottersRainy Day Bells3:07Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 311987167
815GloriaThe Last Seven Days4:24Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)232001233
816Gloria EstefanAy, Ay, I3:48Cuts Both Ways11989199
817Gloria EstefanHere We Are4:51Cuts Both Ways21989181
818Gloria EstefanSay3:41Cuts Both Ways31989209
819Gloria EstefanThink About You Now4:20Cuts Both Ways41989187
820Gloria EstefanNothin' New3:50Cuts Both Ways51989209
821Gloria EstefanOye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)4:52Cuts Both Ways61989202
822Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose You4:11Cuts Both Ways71989202
823Gloria EstefanGet On Your Feet3:38Cuts Both Ways81989213
824Gloria EstefanYour Love Is Bad For Me3:50Cuts Both Ways91989176
825Gloria EstefanCuts Both Ways3:16Cuts Both Ways101989179
826Gloria EstefanOye Mi Canto4:58Cuts Both Ways111989201
827Gloria EstefanSi Voy A Perderte4:07Cuts Both Ways121989202
828Gloria EstefanComing Out of the Dark4:05Into the Light11991182
829Gloria EstefanSeal Our Fate4:25Into the Light21991199
830Gloria EstefanWhat Goes Around4:01Into the Light31991223
831Gloria EstefanNayib's Song (I Am Here for You)4:40Into the Light41991193
832Gloria EstefanRemember Me With Love4:36Into the Light51991207
833Gloria EstefanHeart With Your Name on It4:46Into the Light61991205
834Gloria EstefanSex in the 90's3:43Into the Light71991215
835Gloria EstefanClose My Eyes4:29Into the Light81991198
836Gloria EstefanLight of Love3:52Into the Light91991211
837Gloria EstefanCan't Forget You4:15Into the Light101991200
838Gloria EstefanLive for Loving You4:38Into the Light111991205
839Gloria EstefanMama Yo Can't Go3:33Into the Light121991214
840Gloria EstefanDesde la Oscuridad (Coming Out of the Dark - Spanish Version)4:09Into the Light131991180
841Gloria EstefanRhythm Is Gonna Get You3:56More Summer51994208
842Gloria EstefanLove On Layaway4:26Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)102001211
843Gloria EstefanChristmas Through Your Eyes5:01Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)122003202
844Gloria EstefanI'll Be Home for Christmas3:29Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)112006181
845Gloria EstefanLive For Loving You4:22The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 1)51999221
846Gloria EstefanHere We Are4:19The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)9 190
847Gloria EstefanLive for Loving You (LP Version)4:36TM Century GoldDisc Update 941991203
848Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose You4:03Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)141997248
849Gloria EstefanAnything For You4:05Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love82003199
850Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineBetcha Say That4:41Let It Loose11988195
851Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineLet It Loose2:51Let It Loose21988190
852Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineCan't Stay Away From You3:58Let It Loose31988188
853Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineGive It Up3:01Let It Loose41988188
854Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineSurrender4:03Let It Loose51988195
855Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineRhythm Is Gonna Get You3:57Let It Loose61988209
856Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineLove Toy4:33Let It Loose71988200
857Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineI Want You So Bad4:21Let It Loose81988173
858Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine1-2-33:32Let It Loose91988204
859Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineAnything For You3:43Let It Loose101988189
860Gloria GaynorI Will Survive (Remix)3:35Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)92005225
861Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:18Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 1) (Gotta Go Disco)21995213
862Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye3:00Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 2) (T.G.I. Disco)81995223
863Gloria Gaynorl Will Survive3:12Disco Classics (Disc 2)62004222
864Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:34Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)121998216
865Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:17Pure Disco51996225
866Gloria GaynorI Will Survive (remix)4:00Pure Disco 211997218
867Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye2:58Pure Disco 371998232
868Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:17Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas12000215
869Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:15Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 2)162000223
870Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:16Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)91995219
871Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye2:59Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-197461997229
872Gloria GaynorI Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Remix)3:39The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)51993208
873Gloria GaynorHoneybee3:44The Disco Box (Disc 1)41999280
874Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye3:00The Disco Box (Disc 1)81999276
875Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:18The Disco Box (Disc 3)41999252
876Gloria GaynorNaver Can Say Goodbye2:57Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)152001212
877Gloria LoringThe Facts Of Life0:52All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)352005196
878GlorianaSilent Night4:21A Very Special Christmas 7132009204
879Glory RevealedBy His Wounds3:22WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)82007183
880GlowormCarry Me Home3:41The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)81994233
881Glynis JohnsSister Suffragette1:45Mary Poppins (OST)21963235
882Gnarls BarkleyCrazy2:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-06112006187
883Gnarls BarkleyGo-Go Gadget Gospel2:19St. Elsewhere12006231
884Gnarls BarkleyCrazy2:58St. Elsewhere22006188
885Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere2:30St. Elsewhere32006221
886Gnarls BarkleyGone Daddy Gone2:28St. Elsewhere42006223
887Gnarls BarkleySmiley Faces3:05St. Elsewhere52006194
888Gnarls BarkleyThe Boogie Monster2:50St. Elsewhere62006174
889Gnarls BarkleyFeng Shui1:26St. Elsewhere72006188
890Gnarls BarkleyJust A Thought3:42St. Elsewhere82006234
891Gnarls BarkleyTransformer2:17St. Elsewhere92006220
892Gnarls BarkleyWho Cares?2:27St. Elsewhere102006223
893Gnarls BarkleyOnline1:48St. Elsewhere112006189
894Gnarls BarkleyNecromancer2:57St. Elsewhere122006232
895Gnarls BarkleyStorm Coming3:08St. Elsewhere132006224
896Gnarls BarkleyThe Last Time3:25St. Elsewhere142006212
897Gnarls BarkleyCrazy2:58Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)62007234
898Go Home ProductionsHigh Tides And Blocked Peace Pipes3:58Santastic Four62008320
899Go WestWe Close Our Eyes3:53Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West11993214
900Go WestThe King Of Wishful Thinking4:01Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West21993214
901Go WestTracks Of My Tears3:48Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West31993198
902Go WestCall Me4:10Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West41993217
903Go WestFaithful4:22Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West51993217
904Go WestDon't Look Down - The Sequel4:19Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West61993200
905Go WestOne Way Street4:33Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West71993204
906Go WestWhat You Won't Do For Love4:23Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West81993200
907Go WestFrom Baltimore To Paris5:45Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West91993204
908Go WestNever Let Them See You Sweat4:21Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West101993223
909Go WestGoodbye Girl4:33Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West111993197
910Go WestI Want To Hear From You3:41Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West121993246
911Go WestTell Me4:15Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West131993205
912Go WestTrue Colours3:54Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West141993219
913Go WestThe King Is Dead4:26Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West151993187
914Go WestTears To Late4:20Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West161993203
915Go WestHealing Hands4:51Aces And Kings The Best Of Go West171993198
916Go WestWe Close Our Eyes (the Total Overhang Club mix)6:01Bangs And Crashes11985204
917Go WestMan in My Mirror4:34Bangs And Crashes21985198
918Go WestGoodbye Girl (remix)4:36Bangs And Crashes31985186
919Go WestS.O.S. (the Perpendicular mix)5:09Bangs And Crashes41985217
920Go WestEye to Eye (the Horizontal mix)5:12Bangs And Crashes51985210
921Go WestBall of Confusion (live)6:55Bangs And Crashes61985203
922Go WestCall Me (the Indiscriminate mix)6:39Bangs And Crashes71985214
923Go WestHaunted3:17Bangs And Crashes81985216
924Go WestMissing Persons (live)6:43Bangs And Crashes91985195
925Go WestDon't Look Down (the Stratospheric mix)6:07Bangs And Crashes101985194
926Go WestOne Way Street4:39Bangs And Crashes111985201
927Go WestInnocence (the Desperation mix)5:53Bangs And Crashes121985226
928Go WestI Want To Hear It From You3:44Dancing On The Couch11987225
929Go WestLittle Caesar4:28Dancing On The Couch21987195
930Go WestMasque Of Love4:07Dancing On The Couch31987205
931Go WestFrom Baltimore To Paris5:47Dancing On The Couch41987200
932Go WestTrue Colours3:56Dancing On The Couch51987207
933Go WestThe King Is Dead4:27Dancing On The Couch61987186
934Go WestChinese Whispers4:14Dancing On The Couch71987214
935Go WestLet's Build A Boat3:41Dancing On The Couch81987190
936Go WestCrossfire4:31Dancing On The Couch91987201
937Go WestDangerous3:55Dancing On The Couch101987212
938Go WestWe Close Our Eyes3:50Go West11985199
939Go WestDon't Look Down3:55Go West21985200
940Go WestCall Me4:11Go West31985200
941Go WestEye To Eye3:34Go West41985201
942Go WestHaunted3:18Go West51985210
943Go WestS.O.S.4:01Go West61985200
944Go WestGoodbye Girl5:08Go West71985180
945Go WestInnocence4:10Go West81985206
946Go WestMissing Persons5:26Go West91985199
947Go WestFaithful4:24Indian Summer11992221
948Go WestStill In Love4:47Indian Summer21992203
949Go WestTell Me4:17Indian Summer31992205
950Go WestThat's What Love Can Do4:28Indian Summer41992212
951Go WestWhat You Won't Do For Love4:25Indian Summer51992203
952Go WestKing Of Wishful Thinking4:03Indian Summer61992218
953Go WestThe Sun And The Moon4:55Indian Summer71992200
954Go WestCount Me Out4:10Indian Summer81992207
955Go WestCrystal Ball4:37Indian Summer91992212
956Go WestForget That Girl4:18Indian Summer101992211
957Go WestBluebeat4:11Indian Summer111992216
958Go WestI Want You Back4:18Indian Summer121992215
959Go WestA Taste Of Things To Come3:46Indian Summer131992226
960Go WestThe King Of Wishful Thinking4:03The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)4 216
961Go WestWhat You Won't Do For Love4:22The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)12 202
962Go WestKing Of Wishful Thinking4:04TM Century GoldDisc Update 861991225
963GoannaSolid Rock4:31Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)142000224
964GoannaSolid Rock4:30Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)161992210
965The GodfathersThis Damn Nation2:46Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)12005210
966Godley & CremeUnder Your Thumb3:40Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme31987217
967Godley & CremeAn Englishman In New York5:54Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme51987233
968Godley & CremeSnack Attack3:55Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme81987222
969Godley & CremeCry3:58Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme91987207
970Godley & CremeWedding Bells3:20Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme111987214
971Godley & CremeSave A Mountain For Me3:36Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme151987199
972Godley & CremeCry (Extended Version)6:33Cry (EP)11985255
973Godley & CremeLove Bombs4:56Cry (EP)21985263
974Godley & CremeUnder Your Thumb3:47Cry (EP)31985255
975Godley & CremePower Behind The Throne3:31Cry (EP)41985234
976Godley & CremeUnder Your Thumb4:44The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 1)11 242
977Godley & CremeCry3:57The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)9 207
978Godley & CremeAn Englishman In New York5:53The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)91991237
979Godley & CremeCry3:56The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)171991211
980Godley & CremeAn Englishman In New York5:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)112001246
981Godley & CremeCry4:02VH-1 More Of The Big 80's141997201
982God's Property From Kirk Franklin's Nu NationStomp5:00WOW #1s (Gray Disc)112005222
983GodsmackSick of Life3:52Awake12000221
986GodsmackBad Magick4:17Awake42000233
987GodsmackGoin' Down3:24Awake52000236
990GodsmackForgive Me4:19Awake82000221
992GodsmackThe Journey0:49Awake102000190
994GodsmackStraight Out Of Line4:19Faceless12003236
997GodsmackMake Me Believe4:08Faceless42003252
998GodsmackI Stand Alone4:06Faceless52003240
1000GodsmackI Fucking Hate You4:07Faceless72003257
1001GodsmackReleasing the Demons4:12Faceless82003249
1002GodsmackDead And Broken4:11Faceless92003255
1003GodsmackI Am3:59Faceless102003255
1004GodsmackThe Awakening1:29Faceless112003225
1006GodsmackMoon Baby4:23Godsmack11998235
1008GodsmackKeep Away4:50Godsmack31998254
1009GodsmackTime Bomb3:59Godsmack41998245
1010GodsmackBad Religion3:13Godsmack51998243
1012GodsmackSomeone Of London2:03Godsmack71998218
1013GodsmackGet Up, Get Out!3:29Godsmack81998246
1014GodsmackNow Or Never5:06Godsmack91998238
1018GodsmackLivin' In Sin4:39IV12006228
1020GodsmackThe Enemy4:07IV32006221
1021GodsmackShine Down5:01IV42006234
1023GodsmackNo Rest For The Wicked4:38IV62006224
1024GodsmackBleeding Me3:37IV72006238
1025GodsmackVoodoo Too5:26IV82006219
1028GodsmackOne Rainy Day7:22IV112006212
1029GodsmackCryin' Like A Bitch3:23The Oracle12010251
1030GodsmackSaints And Sinners4:10The Oracle22010244
1031GodsmackWar And Peace3:09The Oracle32010244
1032GodsmackLove-Hate-Sex-Pain5:15The Oracle42010241
1033GodsmackWhat If?6:35The Oracle52010242
1034GodsmackDevil's Swing3:30The Oracle62010241
1035GodsmackGood Day To Die3:55The Oracle72010239
1036GodsmackForever Shamed3:23The Oracle82010251
1037GodsmackShadow Of A Soul4:44The Oracle92010236
1038GodsmackThe Oracle6:22The Oracle102010240
1039GodsmackRunning Blind3:59The Other Side12004219
1040GodsmackRe-Align4:23The Other Side22004236
1041GodsmackTouché3:37The Other Side32004228
1042GodsmackVoices3:44The Other Side42004223
1043GodsmackKeep Away4:48The Other Side52004233
1044GodsmackSpiral5:21The Other Side62004220
1045GodsmackAsleep3:58The Other Side72004202
1046Godspeed You! Black EmperorThe Dead Flag Blues16:28F# A# Infinity11998171
1047Godspeed You! Black EmperorEast Hastings17:58F# A# Infinity21998181
1048Godspeed You! Black EmperorProvidence29:02F# A# Infinity31998175
1049Godspeed You! Black EmperorStorm22:32Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 1)12000202
1050Godspeed You! Black EmperorStatic22:35Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 1)22000202
1051Godspeed You! Black EmperorSleep23:17Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 2)12000201
1052Godspeed You! Black EmperorAntennas To Heaven18:57Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 2)22000189
1053GodspellDay By Day3:14Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)241998195
1054Gogi GrantThe Wayward Wind3:00Country Girls 181991153
1055Gogi GrantThe Wayward Wind2:58Your Hit Parade 19564 127
1056The Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed2:48Beauty And The Beat11981198
1057The Go-Go'sHow Much More3:05Beauty And The Beat21981200
1058The Go-Go'sTonite3:35Beauty And The Beat31981177
1059The Go-Go'sLust To Love4:03Beauty And The Beat41981198
1060The Go-Go'sThis Town3:20Beauty And The Beat51981192
1061The Go-Go'sWe Got The Beat2:32Beauty And The Beat61981171
1062The Go-Go'sFading Fast3:41Beauty And The Beat71981204
1063The Go-Go'sAutomatic3:06Beauty And The Beat81981188
1064The Go-Go'sYou Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)2:54Beauty And The Beat91981204
1065The Go-Go'sSkidmarks On My Heart3:06Beauty And The Beat101981188
1066The Go-Go'sCan't Stop The World3:18Beauty And The Beat111981203
1067Go-Go'sSpeeding2:13Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)81982191
1068The Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed2:46Greatest11990206
1069The Go-Go'sCool Jerk3:07Greatest21990181
1070The Go-Go'sWe Got The Beat2:30Greatest31990181
1071The Go-Go'sHead Over Heels3:36Greatest41990209
1072The Go-Go'sGet Up And Go3:16Greatest51990202
1073The Go-Go'sVacation2:59Greatest61990202
1074The Go-Go'sBeatnik Beach2:51Greatest71990207
1075The Go-Go'sYou Thought4:18Greatest81990198
1076The Go-Go'sI'm The Only One3:33Greatest91990226
1077The Go-Go'sThis Town3:18Greatest101990203
1078The Go-Go'sLust To Love4:03Greatest111990204
1079The Go-Go'sMercenary3:34Greatest121990219
1080The Go-Go'sHow Much More3:03Greatest131990214
1081The Go-Go'sTurn To You3:49Greatest141990227
1082The Go-Go'sVacation3:01Rock Of The 80's Volume 1231994248
1083Go-Go'sLust To Love4:03Rock Of The 80's Volume 891993242
1084Golden EarringCandy's Going Bad6:12Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)15 210
1085Golden EarringRadar Love [Edit]2:57Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s101996203
1086Golden EarringRadar Love5:04Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)221998199
1087Golden EarringTwilight Zone4:51Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)142002279
1088Golden EarringRadar Love6:25Moontan11974195
1089Golden EarringCandy's Going Bad6:13Moontan21974205
1090Golden EarringVanilla Queen9:21Moontan31974202
1091Golden EarringBig Tree, Blue Sea8:15Moontan41974196
1092Golden EarringAre You Receiving Me9:33Moontan51974209
1093Golden EarringRadar Love6:23One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)142001276
1094Golden EarringRadar Love6:28Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 5)111996209
1095Golden EarringPlease Go2:56The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197411992201
1096Golden EarringThat Day2:30The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197421992128
1097Golden EarringIf You Leave Me2:16The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197431992128
1098Golden EarringDaddy Buy Me A Girl2:42The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197441992133
1099Golden EarringSound Of The Screaming Day2:52The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197451992134
1100Golden EarringTogether We Live, Together We Love3:08The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197461992128
1101Golden EarringI've Just Lost Somebody3:06The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197471992196
1102Golden EarringDong-Dong-Diki-Digi-Dong3:01The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197481992131
1103Golden EarringJust A Little Bit Of Peace5:18The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 197491992183
1104Golden EarringWhere Will I Be3:52The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974101992205
1105Golden EarringAnother 45 Miles4:45The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974111992217
1106Golden EarringBack Home3:51The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974121992204
1107Golden EarringHoly Holy Life3:55The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974131992206
1108Golden EarringJessica4:25The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974141992205
1109Golden EarringShe Flies On Strange Wings4:29The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974151992195
1110Golden EarringBuddy Joe3:49The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974161992219
1111Golden EarringStand By Me4:31The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974171992207
1112Golden EarringRadar Love5:03The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974181992199
1113Golden EarringThe Song Is Over4:47The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974191992212
1114Golden EarringInstant Poetry4:57The Complete Single Collection Vol. 1 - 1965 - 1974201992212
1115Golden EarringKill Me (Ce Soir)3:27The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199111992213
1116Golden EarringSleepwalkin'4:58The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199121992195
1117Golden EarringBabylon4:15The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199131992199
1118Golden EarringBombay3:52The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199141992199
1119Golden EarringMovin' Down Life3:32The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199151992214
1120Golden EarringCan't Talk Now3:30The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199161992235
1121Golden EarringWeekend Love4:15The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199171992205
1122Golden EarringLong Blond Animal3:35The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199181992220
1123Golden EarringTwilight Zone4:40The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 199191992219
1124Golden EarringThe Devil Made Me Do It3:22The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991101992218
1125Golden EarringWhen The Lady Smiles5:38The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991111992198
1126Golden EarringClear Night, Moon Light3:25The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991121992211
1127Golden EarringQuiet Eyes4:01The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991131992206
1128Golden EarringMy Killer My Shadow4:07The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991141992193
1129Golden EarringTurn The World Around5:32The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991151992192
1130Golden EarringGoing To The Run3:55The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991161992213
1131Golden EarringTemporary Madness3:32The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991171992211
1132Golden EarringPourin' My Heart Out Again4:00The Complete Single Collection Vol. 2 - 1975 - 1991181992199
1133Golden EarringRadar Love6:24The Continuing Story Of Radar Love11989195
1134Golden EarringThe Vanilla Queen9:14The Continuing Story Of Radar Love21989205
1135Golden EarringCandy's Going Bad6:13The Continuing Story Of Radar Love31989206
1136Golden EarringShe Flies On Strange Wings7:23The Continuing Story Of Radar Love41989200
1137Golden EarringCe Soir6:14The Continuing Story Of Radar Love51989194
1138Golden EarringMad Love's Comin'7:45The Continuing Story Of Radar Love61989206
1139Golden EarringLeather5:02The Continuing Story Of Radar Love71989216
1140Golden EarringClear Night Moonlight3:25The Continuing Story Of Radar Love81989198
1141Golden EarringLost And Found3:55The Continuing Story Of Radar Love91989205
1142Golden EarringThe Devil Made Me Do It3:20The Continuing Story Of Radar Love101989217
1143Golden EarringQuiet Eyes4:10The Continuing Story Of Radar Love111989205
1144Golden EarringTwilight Zone7:52The Continuing Story Of Radar Love121989214
1145Golden EarringThat Day2:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)92001130
1146Golden EarringBack Home3:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)92001217
1147Golden EarringRadar Love6:24Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)172001206
1148Golden EarringsDaddy, Buy Me A Girl2:41Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)92001131
1149Golden EarringsSound Of The Screaming Day2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)72001198
1150Golden Gate Jubilee QuartetGolden Gate Gospel Train2:36Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel61992127
1151Goldenrod J. FoxAbandoned Hilltops4:54  2005128
1152Goldenrod J. FoxDead Men Tell No Tails2:10  1999193
1153Goldenrod J. FoxThe FurToonia Treehouse2:17  1999128
1154Goldenrod J. FoxThe Nght of the Tiger2:02 321999128
1155GoldfrappStrict Machine3:53Miami Vice (OST)82006216
1156GoldfrappOoh La La (Mike "Spike" Stent Single Version)3:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-04142006176
1157GoldfrappOoh La La2:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-04152007202
1158GoldieMaking Up Again3:32The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)31999195
1159GoldieMaking Up Again3:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)222001213
1160The GolliwogsDon't Tell Me No Lies1:55Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)52001129
1161The GolliwogsLittle Girl (Does Your Momma Know)2:37Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)62001127
1162The GolliwogsWhere You Been2:42Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)72001127
1163The GolliwogsYou Came Walking2:00Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)82001205
1164The GolliwogsYou Can't Be True2:47Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)92001169
1165The GolliwogsYou Got Nothin' On Me2:38Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)102001157
1166The GolliwogsI Only Met You Just An Hour Ago2:09Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)112001127
1167The GolliwogsBrown-Eyed Girl2:35Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)122001126
1168The GolliwogsYou Better Be Careful2:38Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)132001126
1169The GolliwogsFight Fire2:34Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)142001127
1170The GolliwogsFragile Child2:39Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)152001126
1171The GolliwogsShe Was Mine2:20Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)162001126
1172The GolliwogsGonna Hang Around2:29Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)172001127
1173The GolliwogsTry Try Try2:13Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)182001128
1174The GolliwogsInstrumental #13:01Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)192001130
1175The GolliwogsLittle Tina2:30Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)202001198
1176The GolliwogsWalking On The Water3:10Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)212001203
1177The GolliwogsYou Better Get It Before It Gets You3:41Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)222001217
1178The GolliwogsTell Me4:05Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)232001225
1179The GolliwogsYou Can't Be True2:49Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)242001179
1180The GolliwogsAction USA Promotional Spot1:03Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set (Disc 1)252001127
1181The GolliwogsFight Fire2:34Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)21998145
1182GongOther Side Of The Sky7:40Angel's Egg11973194
1183GongSold To The Highest Buddha4:24Angel's Egg21973210
1184GongCastle In The Clouds1:15Angel's Egg31973189
1185GongProstitute Poem4:52Angel's Egg41973199
1186GongGivin My Luv To You0:48Angel's Egg51973191
1187GongSelene3:38Angel's Egg61973194
1188GongFlute Salad2:09Angel's Egg71973187
1189GongOily Way3:37Angel's Egg81973206
1190GongOuter Temple1:08Angel's Egg91973209
1191GongInner Temple2:33Angel's Egg101973205
1192GongPercolations0:46Angel's Egg111973205
1193GongLove Is How You Make It3:28Angel's Egg121973208
1194GongI Never Glid Before5:37Angel's Egg131973206
1195GongEat That Phone Book Coda3:13Angel's Egg141973194
1196GongOoby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day DJ's Got The D.D.T. Blues5:08Angel's Egg151973206
1197GongOther Side of the Sky7:38Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)11973191
1198GongSold to the Highest Buddha3:11Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)21973206
1199GongCastle in the Clouds1:13Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)31973207
1200GongProstitute Poem6:05Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)41973196
1201GongGivin' My Luv to You0:46Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)51973194
1202GongSelene3:35Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)61973192
1203GongFlute Salad2:45Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)71973189
1204GongOily Way3:00Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)81973210
1205GongOuter Temple1:08Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)91973210
1206GongInner Temple3:19Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)101973203
1207GongLove Is How You Make It3:27Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)111973208
1208GongI Never Glid Before5:36Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)121973201
1209GongEat That Phone Book Coda3:07Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)131973202
1210GongRadio Gnome0:27Camembert Electrique11971182
1211GongYou Can't Kill Me6:18Camembert Electrique21971214
1212GongI've Bin Stone Before2:36Camembert Electrique31971197
1213GongMister Long Shanks / I Am Your Fantasy5:57Camembert Electrique41971199
1214GongDynamite / I Am Your Animal4:32Camembert Electrique51971211
1215GongWet Cheese Delirium0:31Camembert Electrique61971179
1216GongSqueezing Sponges over Policemen's Heads0:12Camembert Electrique71971183
1217GongFohat Digs Holes in Space6:22Camembert Electrique81971210
1218GongTried So Hard4:38Camembert Electrique91971206
1219GongTropical Fish: Selene7:36Camembert Electrique101971202
1220GongGnome the Second0:27Camembert Electrique111971195
1222GongNight Illusion3:42Gazeuse!21976190
1223GongPercolations - Part I & Part II10:02Gazeuse!31976205
1224GongShadows Of7:48Gazeuse!41976192
1227GongWingful of Eyes6:20Shamal11975188
1230GongCat in Clark's Shoes7:43Shamal41975203
1233GongPerfect Mystery2:29Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 5)21996189
1234GongRadio Gnome Invisible5:33The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)11973210
1235GongFlying Teapot11:51The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)21973208
1236GongThe Pot Head Pixies3:02The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)31973216
1237GongThe Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine1:51The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)41973205
1238GongZero The Hero And The Witch's Spell9:37The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)51973215
1239GongWitch's Song, I Am Your Pussy5:08The Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)61973215
1240GongThoughts For Naught1:32You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)11974190
1241GongA P H.P.'s Advice1:38You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)21974193
1242GongMagick Mother Invocation2:11You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)31974182
1243GongMaster Builder6:17You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)41974194
1244GongA Sprinkling Of Clouds9:03You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)51974194
1245GongPerfect Mystery2:31You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)61974197
1246GongThe Isle Of Everywhere10:24You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)71974199
1247GongYou Never Blow Y'r Trip Forever11:10You (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3)81974193
1248GonnBlackout Of Gretely4:36Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)281998133
1249GonnaBeesQueen Of Pop3:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-03202004225
1250Gonzo & RizzoIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year2:52A Green And Red Christmas72006229
1251Goo Goo DollsLong Way Down3:28A Boy Named Goo11995239
1252Goo Goo DollsBurnin' Up2:29A Boy Named Goo21995242
1253Goo Goo DollsNaked3:43A Boy Named Goo31995239
1254Goo Goo DollsFlat Top4:30A Boy Named Goo41995242
1255Goo Goo DollsImpersonality2:41A Boy Named Goo51995237
1256Goo Goo DollsName4:30A Boy Named Goo61995212
1257Goo Goo DollsOnly One3:18A Boy Named Goo71995231
1258Goo Goo DollsSomethin' Bad2:31A Boy Named Goo81995237
1259Goo Goo DollsAin't That Unusual3:19A Boy Named Goo91995231
1260Goo Goo DollsSo Long2:33A Boy Named Goo101995239
1261Goo Goo DollsEyes Wide Open3:56A Boy Named Goo111995240
1262Goo Goo DollsDisconnected3:00A Boy Named Goo121995238
1263Goo Goo DollsSlave Girl2:17A Boy Named Goo131995246
1264Goo Goo DollsLazy Eye3:47Batman & Robin (OST)71997245
1265The Goo Goo DollsDizzy2:41Dizzy Up the Girl11998242
1266The Goo Goo DollsSlide3:32Dizzy Up the Girl21998238
1267The Goo Goo DollsBroadway3:58Dizzy Up the Girl31998234
1268The Goo Goo DollsJanuary Friend2:44Dizzy Up the Girl41998230
1269The Goo Goo DollsBlack Balloon4:09Dizzy Up the Girl51998220
1270The Goo Goo DollsBullet Proof4:37Dizzy Up the Girl61998226
1271The Goo Goo DollsAmigone3:15Dizzy Up the Girl71998226
1272The Goo Goo DollsAll Eyes On Me3:57Dizzy Up the Girl81998229
1273The Goo Goo DollsFull Forever2:51Dizzy Up the Girl91998217
1274The Goo Goo DollsAcoustic #31:56Dizzy Up the Girl101998184
1275The Goo Goo DollsIris4:49Dizzy Up the Girl111998207
1276The Goo Goo DollsExtra Pale2:10Dizzy Up the Girl121998250
1277The Goo Goo DollsHate This Place4:24Dizzy Up the Girl131998227
1278The Goo Goo DollsBig Machine3:10Gutterflower12002247
1279The Goo Goo DollsThink About Me3:59Gutterflower22002254
1280The Goo Goo DollsHere Is Gone3:58Gutterflower32002245
1281The Goo Goo DollsYou Never Know3:07Gutterflower42002249
1282The Goo Goo DollsWhat A Scene4:27Gutterflower52002254
1283The Goo Goo DollsUp, Up, Up2:58Gutterflower62002246
1284The Goo Goo DollsIt's Over3:35Gutterflower72002243
1285The Goo Goo DollsSympathy2:58Gutterflower82002205
1286The Goo Goo DollsWhat Do You Need?3:49Gutterflower92002238
1287The Goo Goo DollsSmash2:26Gutterflower102002239
1288The Goo Goo DollsTucked Away3:13Gutterflower112002240
1289The Goo Goo DollsTruth Is A Whisper4:00Gutterflower122002226
1290Goo Goo DollsLaughing3:40Hold Me Up11990214
1291Goo Goo DollsJust The Way You Are3:08Hold Me Up21990217
1292Goo Goo DollsSo Outta Line2:22Hold Me Up31990215
1293Goo Goo DollsThere You Are3:07Hold Me Up41990225
1294Goo Goo DollsYou Know What I Mean3:24Hold Me Up51990209
1295Goo Goo DollsOut Of The Red1:40Hold Me Up61990226
1296Goo Goo DollsNever Take The Place Of Your Man3:52Hold Me Up71990207
1297Goo Goo DollsHey2:51Hold Me Up81990220
1298Goo Goo DollsOn Your Side3:04Hold Me Up91990211
1299Goo Goo Dolls22 Seconds0:39Hold Me Up101990194
1300Goo Goo DollsKevin's Song3:09Hold Me Up111990208
1301Goo Goo DollsKnow My Name2:42Hold Me Up121990217
1302Goo Goo DollsMillion Miles Away2:44Hold Me Up131990220
1303Goo Goo DollsTwo Days In February3:11Hold Me Up141990177
1304Goo Goo DollsI Don't Want To Know3:37Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac's Rumours91998233
1305The Goo Goo DollsStay With You3:56Let Love In12006256
1306The Goo Goo DollsLet Love In5:01Let Love In22006242
1307The Goo Goo DollsFeel The Silence3:50Let Love In32006242
1308The Goo Goo DollsBetter Days3:35Let Love In42006196
1309The Goo Goo DollsWithout You Here3:49Let Love In52006237
1310The Goo Goo DollsListen3:10Let Love In62006279
1311The Goo Goo DollsGive A Little Bit3:36Let Love In72006246
1312The Goo Goo DollsCan't Let It Go3:53Let Love In82006249
1313The Goo Goo DollsWe'll Be Here (When You're Gone)3:29Let Love In92006283
1314The Goo Goo DollsStrange Love3:35Let Love In102006262
1315The Goo Goo DollsBecome4:08Let Love In112006250
1316Goo Goo DollsBig Machine3:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07122002249
1317Goo Goo DollsBetter Days (Album Version)3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11132005219
1318Goo Goo DollsStay With You (Album Version)3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-05132006257
1319Goo Goo DollsLet Love In4:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11142006244
1320Goo Goo DollsHome3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-08162010181
1321Goo Goo DollsSweetest Lie3:21Something For The Rest Of Us12010237
1322Goo Goo DollsAs I Am3:53Something For The Rest Of Us22010238
1323Goo Goo DollsHome4:43Something For The Rest Of Us32010224
1324Goo Goo DollsNotbroken4:10Something For The Rest Of Us42010212
1325Goo Goo DollsOne Night5:01Something For The Rest Of Us52010229
1326Goo Goo DollsNothing Is Real4:05Something For The Rest Of Us62010214
1327Goo Goo DollsNow I Hear3:19Something For The Rest Of Us72010251
1328Goo Goo DollsStill Your Song4:20Something For The Rest Of Us82010230
1329Goo Goo DollsSomething For The Rest Of Us4:27Something For The Rest Of Us92010220
1330Goo Goo DollsSay You're Free3:11Something For The Rest Of Us102010223
1331Goo Goo DollsHey Ya3:37Something For The Rest Of Us112010210
1332Goo Goo DollsSoldier4:14Something For The Rest Of Us122010221
1333Goo Goo DollsFallin' Down3:18Superstar Car Wash11993232
1334Goo Goo DollsLucky Star3:06Superstar Car Wash21993231
1335Goo Goo DollsCuz You're Gone3:31Superstar Car Wash31993230
1336Goo Goo DollsDon't Worry2:25Superstar Car Wash41993220
1337Goo Goo DollsGirl Right Next To Me3:44Superstar Car Wash51993230
1338Goo Goo DollsDomino2:37Superstar Car Wash61993214
1339Goo Goo DollsWe Are The Normal3:38Superstar Car Wash71993232
1340Goo Goo DollsString Of Lies3:08Superstar Car Wash81993232
1341Goo Goo DollsAnother Second Time Around3:01Superstar Car Wash91993236
1342Goo Goo DollsStop The World3:32Superstar Car Wash101993227
1343Goo Goo DollsAlready There2:45Superstar Car Wash111993218
1344Goo Goo DollsOn The Lie3:18Superstar Car Wash121993229
1345Goo Goo DollsClose Your Eyes2:25Superstar Car Wash131993217
1346Goo Goo DollsSo Far Away3:55Superstar Car Wash141993234
1347Goo Goo DollsBefore It's To Late (Sam And Mikaela's Theme)3:05Transformers: The Album (OST)42007217
1348Goo Goo DollsSlide3:33Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)152005235
1349Good CharlotteLittle Things3:23Good Charlotte12000215
1350Good CharlotteWaldorfworldwide3:20Good Charlotte22000210
1351Good CharlotteThe Motivation Proclamation3:36Good Charlotte32000213
1352Good CharlotteEast Coast Anthem2:27Good Charlotte42000216
1353Good CharlotteFestival Song3:00Good Charlotte52000217
1354Good CharlotteComplicated2:49Good Charlotte62000202
1355Good CharlotteSeasons3:16Good Charlotte72000213
1356Good CharlotteI Don't Wanna Stop2:40Good Charlotte82000198
1357Good CharlotteI Heard You2:42Good Charlotte92000204
1358Good CharlotteThe Click3:33Good Charlotte102000217
1359Good CharlotteWalk By2:42Good Charlotte112000214
1360Good CharlotteLet Me Go3:01Good Charlotte122000226
1361Good CharlotteScreamer3:36Good Charlotte132000218
1362Good CharlotteChange8:36Good Charlotte142000184
1363Good CharlotteI Don't Wanna Be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem)3:47Now That's What I Call Music! 26202007186
1364Good CharlotteDance Floor Anthem4:03Nu Music Traxx Vol. 213 June 2007172007226
1365Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich And Famous3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1132002237
1366Good CharlotteGirls And Boys3:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0682003256
1367Good CharlottePredictable3:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0912004251
1368Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1252004239
1369Good CharlotteWe Beleive3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0482005243
1370Good CharlotteThe River3:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0262007226
1371The Good GirlsYour Sweetness4:04Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)101993191
1372The GoodmenGive It Up2:58Jock Jams, Vol. 2151996239
1373The GoodmenGive It Up3:26The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)111994215
1374GoodnessElectricity, Electricity3:21Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks51996240
1375Gor MkhitarianSarer2:29   192
1376Gor MkhitarianSasuntsiner3:22   192
1377Gor MkhitarianStigma4:06   192
1378Gordian KnotArsis1:59Emergent12003156
1379Gordian KnotMuttersprache6:26Emergent22003214
1380Gordian KnotA Shaman's Whisper6:33Emergent32003222
1381Gordian KnotFischer's Gambit5:43Emergent42003210
1382Gordian KnotGrace (live)8:27Emergent52003172
1383Gordian KnotSome Brighter Thing7:34Emergent62003215
1384Gordian KnotThe Brook The Ocean4:06Emergent72003201
1385Gordian KnotSinging Deep Mountain9:00Emergent82003208
1386Gordian KnotGalois2:03Gordian Knot11999187
1387Gordian KnotCode/Anticode6:47Gordian Knot21999215
1388Gordian KnotReflections6:49Gordian Knot31999227
1389Gordian KnotMegrez3:58Gordian Knot41999185
1390Gordian KnotSingularity4:45Gordian Knot51999205
1391Gordian KnotRedemption's Way6:59Gordian Knot61999207
1392Gordian KnotKomm Susser Tod, Komm Sel'ge2:21Gordian Knot71999168
1393Gordian KnotRivers Dancing7:36Gordian Knot81999216
1394Gordian KnotSrikara Tal9:25Gordian Knot91999200
1395Gordian KnotGrace7:25Gordian Knot101999194
1396Gordon JenkinsMaybe You'll Be There3:16Your Hit Parade 194861990148
1397Gordon JenkinsDon't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)3:14Your Hit Parade 194911 126
1398Gordon JenkinsMy Foolish Heart3:20Your Hit Parade 19505 128
1399Gordon JenkinsGoodnight Irene3:23Your Hit Parade 195017 126
1400Gordon LangfordRhapsody for Cornet and Brass Band13:16Concertos for Brass71982176
1401Gordon LightfootBend In The Water3:00Cold On The Shoulder11975208
1402Gordon LightfootRainy Day People2:50Cold On The Shoulder21975190
1403Gordon LightfootCold On The Shoulder3:02Cold On The Shoulder31975200
1404Gordon LightfootThe Soul Is The Rock5:51Cold On The Shoulder41975199
1405Gordon LightfootBells Of The Evening3:57Cold On The Shoulder51975169
1406Gordon LightfootRainbow Trout2:52Cold On The Shoulder61975198
1407Gordon LightfootA Tree Too Weak To Stand3:24Cold On The Shoulder71975189
1408Gordon LightfootAll The Lovely Ladies3:38Cold On The Shoulder81975208
1409Gordon LightfootFine As Fine Can Be3:01Cold On The Shoulder91975184
1410Gordon LightfootCherokee Bend5:03Cold On The Shoulder101975199
1411Gordon LightfootNow And Then3:12Cold On The Shoulder111975211
1412Gordon LightfootSlide On Over3:42Cold On The Shoulder121975206
1413Gordon LightfootDon Quixote3:42Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]11972207
1414Gordon LightfootChristian Island (Georgian Bay)4:02Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]21972191
1415Gordon LightfootAlberta Bound3:07Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]31972212
1416Gordon LightfootLooking At The Rain3:40Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]41972197
1417Gordon LightfootOrdinary Man3:19Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]51972202
1418Gordon LightfootBrave Mountaineers3:36Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]61972217
1419Gordon LightfootOde To Big Blue4:48Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]71972204
1420Gordon LightfootSecond Cup Of Coffee3:03Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]81972201
1421Gordon LightfootBeautiful3:23Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]91972191
1422Gordon LightfootOn Susan's Floor2:57Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]101972194
1423Gordon LightfootThe Patriot's Dream6:04Don Quixote [2010 Remaster]111972209
1424Gordon LightfootSea Of Tranquility3:17Dream Street Rose11980178
1425Gordon LightfootGhosts Of Cape Horn4:09Dream Street Rose21980200
1426Gordon LightfootDream Street Rose2:58Dream Street Rose31980191
1427Gordon LightfootOn The High Seas3:18Dream Street Rose41980184
1428Gordon LightfootWhisper My Name3:12Dream Street Rose51980190
1429Gordon LightfootIf You Need Me2:50Dream Street Rose61980187
1430Gordon LightfootHey You2:53Dream Street Rose71980204
1431Gordon LightfootMake Way For The Lady3:43Dream Street Rose81980182
1432Gordon LightfootMister Rock Of Ages3:33Dream Street Rose91980192
1433Gordon LightfootThe Auctioneer3:51Dream Street Rose101980196
1434Gordon LightfootI'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness3:06Gord's Gold, Vol. 111975188
1435Gordon LightfootSong For A Winter's Night3:02Gord's Gold, Vol. 121975205
1436Gordon LightfootCanadian Railroad Triology7:05Gord's Gold, Vol. 131975208
1437Gordon LightfootSoftly2:39Gord's Gold, Vol. 141975190
1438Gordon LightfootFor Lovin' Me/Did She Mention My Name3:29Gord's Gold, Vol. 151975209
1439Gordon LightfootSteel Rail Blues2:49Gord's Gold, Vol. 161975198
1440Gordon LightfootWherefore And Why2:48Gord's Gold, Vol. 171975204
1441Gordon LightfootBitter Green2:46Gord's Gold, Vol. 181975194
1442Gordon LightfootEarly Morning Rain3:18Gord's Gold, Vol. 191975208
1443Gordon LightfootMinstrel Of The Dawn3:27Gord's Gold, Vol. 1101975189
1444Gordon LightfootSundown3:36Gord's Gold, Vol. 1111975195
1445Gordon LightfootBeautiful3:23Gord's Gold, Vol. 1121975203
1446Gordon LightfootSummer Side Of Life4:05Gord's Gold, Vol. 1131975191
1447Gordon LightfootRainy Day People2:49Gord's Gold, Vol. 1141975206
1448Gordon LightfootCotton Jenny3:26Gord's Gold, Vol. 1151975186
1449Gordon LightfootDon Quixote3:40Gord's Gold, Vol. 1161975209
1450Gordon LightfootCircle Of Steel2:48Gord's Gold, Vol. 1171975205
1451Gordon LightfootOld Dan's Records3:05Gord's Gold, Vol. 1181975206
1452Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind3:49Gord's Gold, Vol. 1191975196
1453Gordon LightfootCold On The Shoulder3:01Gord's Gold, Vol. 1201975206
1454Gordon LightfootCarefree Highway3:41Gord's Gold, Vol. 1211975204
1455Gordon LightfootIf It Should Please You2:54Gord's Gold, Vol. 211988198
1456Gordon LightfootEndless Wire4:18Gord's Gold, Vol. 221988198
1457Gordon LightfootHangdog Hotel Room2:50Gord's Gold, Vol. 231988166
1458Gordon LightfootI'm Not Supposed To Care3:22Gord's Gold, Vol. 241988175
1459Gordon LightfootHigh And Dry2:30Gord's Gold, Vol. 251988207
1460Gordon LightfootThe Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald6:18Gord's Gold, Vol. 261988199
1461Gordon LightfootThe Pony Man3:37Gord's Gold, Vol. 271988172
1462Gordon LightfootRace Among The Ruins3:26Gord's Gold, Vol. 281988186
1463Gordon LightfootChristian Island3:16Gord's Gold, Vol. 291988174
1464Gordon LightfootAll The Lovely Ladies2:51Gord's Gold, Vol. 2101988175
1465Gordon LightfootAlberta Bound3:01Gord's Gold, Vol. 2111988214
1466Gordon LightfootCherokee Bend5:00Gord's Gold, Vol. 2121988199
1467Gordon LightfootTriangle3:57Gord's Gold, Vol. 2131988209
1468Gordon LightfootShadows3:02Gord's Gold, Vol. 2141988179
1469Gordon LightfootMake Way (For The Lady)3:45Gord's Gold, Vol. 2151988190
1470Gordon LightfootGhosts Of Cape Horn4:08Gord's Gold, Vol. 2161988201
1471Gordon LightfootBaby Step Back3:58Gord's Gold, Vol. 2171988208
1472Gordon LightfootIt's Worth Believin'3:22Gord's Gold, Vol. 2181988211
1473Gordon LightfootMinstrel Of The Dawn3:27If You Could Read My Mind11970192
1474Gordon LightfootMe And Bobby McGee3:46If You Could Read My Mind21970200
1475Gordon LightfootApproaching Lavender2:57If You Could Read My Mind31970218
1476Gordon LightfootSaturday Clothes3:21If You Could Read My Mind41970195
1477Gordon LightfootCobwebs & Dust3:23If You Could Read My Mind51970181
1478Gordon LightfootPoor Little Allison2:31If You Could Read My Mind61970195
1479Gordon LightfootSit Down Young Stranger3:26If You Could Read My Mind71970203
1480Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind3:51If You Could Read My Mind81970198
1481Gordon LightfootBaby It's Allright3:03If You Could Read My Mind91970202
1482Gordon LightfootYour Love's Return (Song For Stephen Foster)3:57If You Could Read My Mind101970194
1483Gordon LightfootThe Pony Man3:29If You Could Read My Mind111970198
1484Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind3:48Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)81996200
1485Gordon LightfootFarewell To Annabel2:59Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]11972198
1486Gordon LightfootThat Same Old Obsession3:46Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]21972182
1487Gordon LightfootOld Dan's Records3:05Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]31972200
1488Gordon LightfootLazy Mornin'3:43Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]41972194
1489Gordon LightfootYou Are What I Am2:37Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]51972199
1490Gordon LightfootCan't Depend On Love3:12Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]61972199
1491Gordon LightfootMy Pony Won't Go3:50Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]71972191
1492Gordon LightfootIt's Worth Believin'3:24Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]81972207
1493Gordon LightfootMother Of A Miner's Child3:18Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]91972183
1494Gordon LightfootHi'way Songs3:38Old Dan's Records [2010 Remaster]101972216
1495Gordon Lightfoot10 Degrees & Getting Colder2:41Summer Side of Life11971193
1496Gordon LightfootMiguel4:13Summer Side of Life21971201
1497Gordon LightfootGo My Way2:16Summer Side of Life31971192
1498Gordon LightfootSummer Side of Life4:09Summer Side of Life41971193
1499Gordon LightfootCotton Jenny3:27Summer Side of Life51971193
1500Gordon LightfootTalking in Your Sleep3:01Summer Side of Life61971187
1501Gordon LightfootNous Vivons Ensemble3:44Summer Side of Life71971180
1502Gordon LightfootSame Old Loverman3:21Summer Side of Life81971185
1503Gordon LightfootRedwood Hill2:51Summer Side of Life91971193
1504Gordon LightfootLove & Maple Syrup3:15Summer Side of Life101971193
1505Gordon LightfootCabaret5:48Summer Side of Life111971193
1506Gordon LightfootRace Among the Ruins3:21Summertime Dream11976192
1507Gordon LightfootThe Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald6:32Summertime Dream21976196
1508Gordon LightfootI'm Not Supposed To Care3:31Summertime Dream31976199
1509Gordon LightfootI'd Do It Again3:13Summertime Dream41976200
1510Gordon LightfootNever Too Close3:04Summertime Dream51976199
1511Gordon LightfootProtocol4:02Summertime Dream61976212
1512Gordon LightfootThe House You Live In2:55Summertime Dream71976194
1513Gordon LightfootSummertime Dream2:30Summertime Dream81976206
1514Gordon LightfootSpanish Moss3:51Summertime Dream91976188
1515Gordon LightfootToo Many Clues In This Room4:49Summertime Dream101976199
1516Gordon LightfootSomewhere U.S.A.2:56Sundown11974198
1517Gordon LightfootHigh And Dry2:17Sundown21974200
1518Gordon LightfootSeven Island Suite6:03Sundown31974203
1519Gordon LightfootCircle Of Steel2:48Sundown41974203
1520Gordon LightfootIs There Anyone Home3:17Sundown51974208
1521Gordon LightfootThe Watchman's Gone4:20Sundown61974208
1522Gordon LightfootSundown3:37Sundown71974195
1523Gordon LightfootCarefree Highway3:45Sundown81974206
1524Gordon LightfootThe List3:11Sundown91974203
1525Gordon LightfootToo Late For Prayin'4:13Sundown101974199
1526Gordon LightfootI'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness2:56The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock21996201
1527Gordon MacRaeThe Secret2:42Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s31992126
1528Gordon MacRae & the StarlightersHair of Gold, Eyes of Blue2:23Your Hit Parade 1948191990152
1529Gordon McraeMy Funny Valentine3:32Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 5)12002200
1530Gordon TerryIt Ain't Right2:05Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59311989167
1531GorillazIntro1:03Demon Days12005175
1532GorillazLast Living Days3:10Demon Days22005196
1533GorillazKids with Guns (feat. Neneh Cherry)3:45Demon Days32005213
1534GorillazO Green World4:32Demon Days42005200
1535GorillazDirty Harry (feat. Bootie Brown)3:43Demon Days52005197
1536GorillazFeel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul)3:41Demon Days62005197
1537GorillazEl Mañana3:50Demon Days72005184
1538GorillazEvery Plant We Reach Is Dead4:53Demon Days82005173
1539GorillazNovember Has Come (feat. MF Doom)2:41Demon Days92005153
1540GorillazAll Alone (feat. Martina Topley-Bird & Roots Manuva)3:30Demon Days102005225
1541GorillazWhite Light2:08Demon Days112005205
1542GorillazDare (feat. Shaun Ryder)4:04Demon Days122005202
1543GorillazFire Coming out of a Monkey's Head (feat. Dennis Hopper)3:16Demon Days132005175
1544GorillazDon't Get Lost in Heaven2:00Demon Days142005200
1545GorillazDemon Days4:28Demon Days152005203
1548GorillazTomorrow Comes Today3:12Gorillaz32001187
1549GorillazNew Genious (Brother)3:58Gorillaz42001189
1550GorillazClint Eastwood5:42Gorillaz52001198
1551GorillazMan Research (Clapper)4:30Gorillaz62001201
1553GorillazSound Check (Gravity)4:41Gorillaz82001193
1554GorillazDouble Bass4:45Gorillaz92001216
1555GorillazRock The House4:09Gorillaz102001204
1557GorillazLatin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)3:36Gorillaz122001184
1559GorillazSlow Country3:35Gorillaz142001195
1560GorillazM1 A13:59Gorillaz152001204
1561GorillazClint Eastwood (Ed Case/Sweetie Irie Re-fix)(Edit)3:42Gorillaz162001160
1562Gorillaz19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)3:27Gorillaz172001212
1563Gorillaz19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)3:32G-Sides12002211
1565GorillazRock The House (Radio Edit)3:05G-Sides32002212
1566GorillazThe Sounder (Edit)4:31G-Sides42002160
1568GorillazClint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)4:54G-Sides62002174
1569GorillazGhost Train3:56G-Sides72002198
1570GorillazHip Albatross2:45G-Sides82002196
1571GorillazLeft Hand Suzuki Method3:14G-Sides92002208
1573GorillazClint Eastwood3:43Now That's What I Call Music! 08122001174
1574GorillazClint Eastwood (Ed Case - Sweetie Irie Refix)3:40Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)62001196
1575GorillazOrchestral Intro1:09Plastic Beach12010196
1576GorillazWelcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach3:35Plastic Beach22010214
1577GorillazWhite Flag3:43Plastic Beach32010232
1578GorillazRhinestone Eyes3:20Plastic Beach42010217
1579GorillazStylo4:30Plastic Beach52010248
1580GorillazSuperfast Jellyfish2:54Plastic Beach62010229
1581GorillazEmpire Ants4:43Plastic Beach72010224
1582GorillazGlitter Freeze4:03Plastic Beach82010235
1583GorillazSome Kind Of Nature2:59Plastic Beach92010224
1584GorillazOn Melancholy Hill3:53Plastic Beach102010236
1585GorillazBroken3:17Plastic Beach112010196
1586GorillazSweepstakes5:20Plastic Beach122010197
1587GorillazPlastic Beach3:47Plastic Beach132010222
1588GorillazTo Binge3:55Plastic Beach142010211
1589GorillazCloud Of Unknowing3:06Plastic Beach152010173
1590GorillazPirate Jet2:32Plastic Beach162010199
1591GorillazFeel Good, Inc.3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-06142005197
1592GorillazDare3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0192006207
1593GorillazPhoner To Arizona4:14The Fall12010190
1594GorillazRevolving Doors3:26The Fall22010187
1595GorillazHillbilly Man3:50The Fall32010190
1596GorillazDetroit2:03The Fall42010193
1597GorillazShy-Town2:54The Fall52010201
1598GorillazLittle Pink Plastic Bags3:09The Fall62010185
1599GorillazThe Joplin Spider3:22The Fall72010217
1600GorillazThe Parish Of Space Dust2:25The Fall82010249
1601GorillazThe Snake In Dallas2:11The Fall92010175
1602GorillazAmarillo3:24The Fall102010236
1603GorillazThe Speak It Mountains2:14The Fall112010194
1604GorillazAspen Forest2:50The Fall122010178
1605GorillazBobby In Phoenix (feat. Bobby Womack)3:16The Fall132010176
1606GorillazCalifornia & The Slipping Of The Sun3:24The Fall142010204
1607GorillazSeattle Yodel0:38The Fall152010154
1608GorillazFeel Good Inc. (Feat. De La Soul)3:41Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)32006198
1609GossipStanding In The Way Of Control4:16Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)162007205
1610GotyeHearts a Mess (Radio Edit)4:38Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)92007238
1611Goup1CrewKeys to the Kingdom4:00WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)62009218
1612Gov't MuleBad Man Walking4:08Déjà Voodoo12004220
1613Gov't MuleAbout To Rage8:06Déjà Voodoo22004212
1614Gov't MulePerfect Shelter4:52Déjà Voodoo32004213
1615Gov't MuleLittle Toy Brain5:12Déjà Voodoo42004200
1616Gov't MuleSlackjaw Jezebel5:26Déjà Voodoo52004220
1617Gov't MuleWine And Blood5:47Déjà Voodoo62004190
1618Gov't MuleLola Leave Your Light On6:22Déjà Voodoo72004224
1619Gov't MuleSilent Scream10:57Déjà Voodoo82004199
1620Gov't MuleNo Celebration6:34Déjà Voodoo92004184
1621Gov't MuleMr. Man4:22Déjà Voodoo102004224
1622Gov't MuleMy Separate Reality7:03Déjà Voodoo112004188
1623Gov't MuleNew World Blues6:58Déjà Voodoo122004205
1624Gov't MuleBlind Man In The Dark6:47Dose11998231
1625Gov't MuleThorazine Shuffle6:47Dose21998219
1626Gov't MuleThelonius Beck3:33Dose31998216
1627Gov't MuleGame Face7:55Dose41998225
1628Gov't MuleTowering Fool6:22Dose51998192
1629Gov't MuleBirth Of The Mule6:41Dose61998211
1630Gov't MuleJohn The Revelator3:49Dose71998183
1631Gov't MuleShe Said, She Said6:57Dose81998222
1632Gov't MuleLarger Than Life5:15Dose91998216
1633Gov't MuleRaven Black Night5:29Dose101998205
1634Gov't MuleI Shall Return5:41Dose111998210
1635Gov't MuleGrinnin' in Your Face1:35Gov't Mule11995142
1636Gov't MuleMother Earth8:13Gov't Mule21995214
1637Gov't MuleRocking Horse4:07Gov't Mule31995223
1638Gov't MuleMonkey Hill4:39Gov't Mule41995209
1639Gov't MuleTemporary Saint5:44Gov't Mule51995221
1640Gov't MuleTrane7:27Gov't Mule61995214
1641Gov't MuleMule5:39Gov't Mule71995215
1642Gov't MuleDolphineus2:03Gov't Mule81995211
1643Gov't MulePainted Silver Light7:07Gov't Mule91995218
1644Gov't MuleMr. Big6:08Gov't Mule101995218
1645Gov't MuleLeft Coast Groovies6:52Gov't Mule111995221
1646Gov't MuleWorld of Difference10:14Gov't Mule121995213
1647Gov't MuleMr. High & Mighty5:33High & Mighty12006231
1648Gov't MuleBrand New Angel6:53High & Mighty22006209
1649Gov't MuleSo Weak, So Strong5:08High & Mighty32006199
1650Gov't MuleStreamline Woman4:06High & Mighty42006212
1651Gov't MuleChild of the Earth5:45High & Mighty52006197
1652Gov't MuleLike Flies4:37High & Mighty62006194
1653Gov't MuleUnring the Bell8:05High & Mighty72006192
1654Gov't MuleNothing Again6:55High & Mighty82006190
1655Gov't MuleMillion Miles from Yesterday3:43High & Mighty92006197
1656Gov't MuleBrighter Days6:33High & Mighty102006208
1657Gov't MuleEndless Parade8:58High & Mighty112006176
1658Gov't Mule3 String George [bonus track]5:39High & Mighty122006178
1659Gov't MuleWandering Child6:06Life Before Insanity12000253
1660Gov't MuleLife Before Insanity6:13Life Before Insanity22000240
1661Gov't MuleBad Little Doggie3:48Life Before Insanity32000247
1662Gov't MuleLay Your Burden Down5:27Life Before Insanity42000261
1663Gov't MuleFallen Down6:58Life Before Insanity52000223
1664Gov't MuleWorld Gone Wild6:17Life Before Insanity62000229
1665Gov't MuleTastes Like Wine7:00Life Before Insanity72000234
1666Gov't MuleI Think You Know What I Mean4:57Life Before Insanity82000226
1667Gov't MuleFar Away5:55Life Before Insanity92000232
1668Gov't MuleNo Need to Suffer8:22Life Before Insanity102000244
1669Gov't MuleIn My Life / If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day12:50Life Before Insanity112000209
1670Gov't MuleThorazine Shuffle9:02Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)11999219
1671Gov't MuleDolphineus1:22Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)21999198
1672Gov't MuleWar Pigs8:25Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)31999227
1673Gov't Mule30 Days In The Hole6:28Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)41999220
1674Gov't MuleMr. Big9:14Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)51999215
1675Gov't MuleLook On Yonder Wall11:27Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)61999218
1676Gov't MuleSoulshine9:28Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)71999211
1677Gov't MuleMule17:57Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 1)81999213
1678Gov't MuleSad & Deep As You13:58Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 2)11999196
1679Gov't MuleDevil Likes It Slow10:48Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 2)21999215
1680Gov't MuleCortez The Killer14:07Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 2)31999210
1681Gov't MuleAfro-Blue29:31Live...With A Little Help from Our Friends (Disc 2)41999209
1682Gov't MuleFool's Moon5:52The Deep End, Volume 112001212
1683Gov't MuleLife On The Outside3:47The Deep End, Volume 122001228
1684Gov't MuleBanks Of The Deep End5:56The Deep End, Volume 132001175
1685Gov't MuleDown And Out In New York City6:12The Deep End, Volume 142001213
1686Gov't MuleEffigy9:06The Deep End, Volume 152001213
1687Gov't MuleMaybe I'm A Leo6:07The Deep End, Volume 162001215
1688Gov't MuleSame Price3:36The Deep End, Volume 172001220
1689Gov't MuleSoulshine7:47The Deep End, Volume 182001204
1690Gov't MuleSco-mule6:10The Deep End, Volume 192001225
1691Gov't MuleWorried Down With The Blues8:44The Deep End, Volume 1102001211
1692Gov't MuleBeautifully Broken6:01The Deep End, Volume 1112001212
1693Gov't MuleTear Me Down6:10The Deep End, Volume 1122001225
1694Gov't MuleSin's A Good Man's Brother4:13The Deep End, Volume 1132001202
1695Gov't MuleTrying Not To Fall5:30The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)12002222
1696Gov't MuleTime To Confess5:44The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)22002213
1697Gov't MuleGreasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 1)3:24The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)32002222
1698Gov't MuleGreasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 2)3:35The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)42002212
1699Gov't MuleWhat Is Hip?6:23The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)52002218
1700Gov't MuleWorld Of Confusion5:53The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)62002195
1701Gov't MuleHammer And Nails7:59The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)72002175
1702Gov't MuleSlow Happy Boys6:27The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)82002185
1703Gov't MuleSun Dance6:12The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)92002205
1704Gov't MuleLay Of The Sunflower6:58The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)102002204
1705Gov't MuleCatfish Blues7:54The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)112002210
1706Gov't MuleWhich Way Do We Run?5:33The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)122002184
1707Gov't MuleBabylon Turnpike8:06The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 1)132002185
1708Gov't MuleDrivin' Rain4:09The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 2)12002224
1709Gov't MuleRocking Horse6:41The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 2)22002214
1710Gov't MuleLay Your Burden Down5:42The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 2)32002206
1711Gov't MuleSco-Mule3:07The Deep End, Volume 2 (Disc 2)42002173
1712Gov't MuleBad Little Doggie4:04The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)12003219
1713Gov't MuleGame Face8:36The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)22003223
1714Gov't MuleLarger Than Life6:11The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)32003217
1715Gov't MuleBlindman In The Dark15:38The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)42003209
1716Gov't MuleWhich Way Do We Run?6:56The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)52003211
1717Gov't MuleFool's Moon6:11The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)62003212
1718Gov't MuleSco-Mule8:56The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)72003216
1719Gov't MulePatchwork Quilt6:06The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)82003209
1720Gov't MuleLay Of The Sunflower7:35The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)92003207
1721Gov't MuleJohn The Revelator6:59The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 1)102003202
1722Gov't MuleBeautifully Broken9:49The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)12003208
1723Gov't MuleTime To Confess8:27The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)22003214
1724Gov't MuleBanks Of The Deep End6:45The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)32003213
1725Gov't Mule32/20 Blues12:11The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)42003214
1726Gov't MuleGoin' Down5:58The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)52003221
1727Gov't MuleSlow Happy Boys7:29The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)62003210
1728Gov't MuleI Shall Return7:29The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)72003209
1729Gov't MuleTrying Not To Fall5:48The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)82003219
1730Gov't MuleDrivin' Rain5:03The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)92003225
1731Gov't MuleSoulshine7:41The Deepest End: Live In Concert (Disc 2)102003217
1732GQDisco Nights (Rock-Freak)3:58Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-19795 206
1733GQDisco Nights (Rock-Freak)3:57The Disco Box (Disc 3)101999250
1734G'RaceManhattan2:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)112001216
1735Grace JonesI'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)3:58Inside Story11986219
1736Grace JonesHollywood Liar3:50Inside Story21986213
1737Grace JonesChan Hitchhikes To Shanghai4:33Inside Story31986215
1738Grace JonesVictor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician4:43Inside Story41986203
1739Grace JonesParty Girl3:44Inside Story51986217
1740Grace JonesCrush3:28Inside Story61986213
1741Grace JonesBarefoot In Beverly Hills4:07Inside Story71986212
1742Grace JonesScary But Fun3:55Inside Story81986205
1743Grace JonesWhite Collar Crime5:03Inside Story91986217
1744Grace JonesInside Story4:31Inside Story101986211
1745Grace JonesLa Vie en Rose7:25Island Life11985226
1746Grace JonesI Need a Man3:22Island Life21985224
1747Grace JonesDo or Die3:22Island Life31985219
1748Grace JonesPrivate Life5:11Island Life41985212
1749Grace JonesLove Is the Drug6:03Island Life51985220
1750Grace JonesI've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)4:29Island Life61985207
1751Grace JonesPull Up to the Bumper3:39Island Life71985210
1752Grace JonesWalking in the Rain4:18Island Life81985208
1753Grace JonesMy Jamaican Guy5:59Island Life91985215
1754Grace JonesSlave to the Rhythm4:25Island Life101985211
1755Grace JonesWalking in the Rain4:18Nightclubbing11981202
1756Grace JonesPull Up to the Bumper4:41Nightclubbing21981214
1757Grace JonesUse Me5:04Nightclubbing31981217
1758Grace JonesNightclubbing5:04Nightclubbing41981214
1759Grace JonesArt Groupie2:39Nightclubbing51981206
1760Grace JonesI've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)4:28Nightclubbing61981209
1761Grace JonesFeel Up4:00Nightclubbing71981219
1762Grace JonesDemolition Man4:02Nightclubbing81981208
1763Grace JonesI've Done It Again3:48Nightclubbing91981209
1764Grace JonesJones The Rhythm6:25Slave To The Rhythm11985208
1765Grace JonesThe Fashion Show6:26Slave To The Rhythm21985225
1766Grace JonesThe Frog And The Pincess7:04Slave To The Rhythm31985185
1767Grace JonesOperattack2:45Slave To The Rhythm41985182
1768Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm6:35Slave To The Rhythm51985219
1769Grace JonesThe Crossing (Oohh The Action...)4:57Slave To The Rhythm61985192
1770Grace JonesDon't Cry -- It's Only The Rhythm2:54Slave To The Rhythm71985187
1771Grace JonesLadies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones5:56Slave To The Rhythm81985197
1772Grace JonesI've Seen That Face Before4:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)112001213
1773Grace JonesLa Vie En Rose3:35Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)132001228
1774Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm4:27Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)62001226
1775Grace JonesLet Joy And Innocence Prevail5:01Toys (OST)121992200
1776Grace JonesWarm Leatherette5:38Warm Leatherette11980216
1777Grace JonesPrivate Life6:20Warm Leatherette21980214
1778Grace JonesA Rolling Stone3:32Warm Leatherette31980215
1779Grace JonesLove Is the Drug8:42Warm Leatherette41980217
1780Grace JonesThe Hunter Gets Captured by the Game6:45Warm Leatherette51980215
1781Grace JonesBullshit5:17Warm Leatherette61980224
1782Grace JonesBreakdown5:30Warm Leatherette71980206
1783Grace JonesPars4:51Warm Leatherette81980215
1784Graffiti ProjectAline3:24Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)162005205
1785Graham GouldmanGo For It3:35Animalympics11980128
1786Graham GouldmanAway From It All2:35Animalympics31980128
1787Graham GouldmanBorn to Lose4:09Animalympics41980128
1788Graham GouldmanKit Mambo4:36Animalympics51980128
1789Graham GouldmanZ.O.O.3:32Animalympics61980128
1790Graham GouldmanLove's Not For Me2:44Animalympics71980128
1791Graham GouldmanWith You I Can Run Forever4:05Animalympics81980128
1792Graham GouldmanBionic Boar3:35Animalympics91980128
1793Graham GouldmanWe've Made It To the Top3:57Animalympics101980128
1794Graham GouldmanUnderwater Fantasy3:19Animalympics21980128
1795Graham GouldmanSunburn2:58Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)132001238
1796Graham GouldmanLove's Not For Me2:42Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)212001227
1797Graham NashLove Is the Reason3:28Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)141982200
1798Graham NashMilitary Madness2:57Songs for Beginners11971214
1799Graham NashBetter Days3:50Songs for Beginners21971193
1800Graham NashWounded Bird2:13Songs for Beginners31971142
1801Graham NashI Used to Be a King4:41Songs for Beginners41971209
1802Graham NashBe Yourself3:09Songs for Beginners51971187
1803Graham NashSimple Man2:18Songs for Beginners61971186
1804Graham NashMan in the Mirror2:49Songs for Beginners71971197
1805Graham NashThere's Only One4:01Songs for Beginners81971199
1806Graham NashSleep Song3:00Songs for Beginners91971186
1807Graham NashChicago2:51Songs for Beginners101971198
1808Graham NashWe Can Change the World1:06Songs for Beginners111971199
1809Graham ParkerHeat Treatment3:08Heat Treatment11976194
1810Graham ParkerThat's What They All Say3:48Heat Treatment21976223
1811Graham ParkerTurned Up Too Late3:39Heat Treatment31976199
1812Graham ParkerBlack Honey4:00Heat Treatment41976208
1813Graham ParkerHotel Chambermaid2:58Heat Treatment51976223
1814Graham ParkerPourin' It All Out3:17Heat Treatment61976217
1815Graham ParkerBack Door Love3:00Heat Treatment71976208
1816Graham ParkerSomething You're Going Through4:11Heat Treatment81976215
1817Graham ParkerHelp Me Shake It3:39Heat Treatment91976222
1818Graham ParkerFool's Gold4:12Heat Treatment101976216
1819Graham ParkerWhite Honey3:33Howlin' Wind11976201
1820Graham ParkerNothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart3:21Howlin' Wind21976193
1821Graham ParkerSilly Thing2:52Howlin' Wind31976180
1822Graham ParkerGypsy Blood4:38Howlin' Wind41976195
1823Graham ParkerBetween Me And You2:25Howlin' Wind51976191
1824Graham ParkerBack To Schooldays2:56Howlin' Wind61976192
1825Graham ParkerSoul Shoes3:13Howlin' Wind71976187
1826Graham ParkerLady Doctor2:50Howlin' Wind81976175
1827Graham ParkerYou've Got To Be Kidding3:30Howlin' Wind91976184
1828Graham ParkerHowlin' Wind4:00Howlin' Wind101976180
1829Graham ParkerNot If It Pleases Me3:12Howlin' Wind111976164
1830Graham ParkerDon't Ask Me Questions5:38Howlin' Wind121976196
1831Graham ParkerDiscovering Japan3:28Squeezing Out Sparks11979184
1832Graham ParkerLocal Girls3:37Squeezing Out Sparks21979184
1833Graham ParkerNobody Hurts You3:39Squeezing Out Sparks31979174
1834Graham ParkerYou Can't Be Too Strong3:18Squeezing Out Sparks41979194
1835Graham ParkerPassion Is No Ordinary Word4:27Squeezing Out Sparks51979192
1836Graham ParkerSaturday Nite Is Dead3:17Squeezing Out Sparks61979209
1837Graham ParkerLove Gets You Twisted3:03Squeezing Out Sparks71979203
1838Graham ParkerProtection3:54Squeezing Out Sparks81979208
1839Graham ParkerWaiting For The UFO's3:07Squeezing Out Sparks91979202
1840Graham ParkerDon't Get Excited3:05Squeezing Out Sparks101979203
1841Graham Parker & The RumourHold Back The Night3:05The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)121999190
1842Gram ParsonsStill Feeling Blue2:40GP / Grievous Angel11973199
1843Gram ParsonsWe'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning3:13GP / Grievous Angel21973196
1844Gram ParsonsA Song For You4:58GP / Grievous Angel31973192
1845Gram ParsonsStreets of Baltimore2:53GP / Grievous Angel41973197
1846Gram ParsonsShe4:59GP / Grievous Angel51973183
1847Gram ParsonsThat's All It Took2:59GP / Grievous Angel61973189
1848Gram ParsonsThe New Soft Shoe3:54GP / Grievous Angel71973181
1849Gram ParsonsKiss the Children2:57GP / Grievous Angel81973194
1850Gram ParsonsCry One More Time3:38GP / Grievous Angel91973205
1851Gram ParsonsHow Much I've Lied2:29GP / Grievous Angel101973185
1852Gram ParsonsBig Mouth Blues3:52GP / Grievous Angel111973210
1853Gram ParsonsReturn of the Grievous Angel4:24GP / Grievous Angel121973172
1854Gram ParsonsHearts on Fire3:49GP / Grievous Angel131973186
1855Gram ParsonsI Can't Dance2:23GP / Grievous Angel141973199
1856Gram ParsonsBrass Buttons3:30GP / Grievous Angel151973190
1857Gram Parsons$1000 Wedding5:02GP / Grievous Angel161973191
1858Gram ParsonsMedley Live From Northern Quebec6:26GP / Grievous Angel171973194
1859Gram ParsonsLove Hurts3:41GP / Grievous Angel181973191
1860Gram ParsonsOoh Las Vegas3:30GP / Grievous Angel191973190
1861Gram ParsonsIn My Hour of Darkness3:43GP / Grievous Angel201973177
1862Gram ParsonsStill Feeling Blue2:41Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)22001203
1863Gram ParsonsWe'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning3:13Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)32001204
1864Gram ParsonsA Song For You4:58Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)42001201
1865Gram ParsonsStreets Of Baltimore2:53Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)52001197
1866Gram ParsonsShe4:58Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)62001196
1867Gram ParsonsThe New Soft Shoe3:53Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)72001186
1868Gram ParsonsKiss The Children2:58Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)82001211
1869Gram ParsonsHow Much I've Lied2:28Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)92001189
1870Gram ParsonsReturn Of The Grevous Angel (Remix)3:58Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)132001170
1871Gram ParsonsHearts On Fire3:50Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)142001201
1872Gram ParsonsBrass Buttons3:29Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)152001199
1873Gram Parsons$1000 Wedding5:03Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)162001191
1874Gram ParsonsLove Hurts3:41Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)172001201
1875Gram ParsonsOoh Las Vegas3:31Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)182001204
1876Gram ParsonsIn My Hour Of Darkness3:47Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)192001192
1877Gram ParsonsBrand New Heartache2:28Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)202001191
1878Gram ParsonsSleepless Nights3:25Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)212001183
1879Gram ParsonsThe Angels Rejoiced Last Night3:36Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)222001175
1880Gram Parsons & The Fallen AngelsDrug Store Truck Drivin' Man4:39Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)102001213
1881Gram Parsons & The Fallen AngelsThat's All It Took2:51Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)112001214
1882Gram Parsons & The Fallen AngelsCalifornia Cotton Fields2:46Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology (Disc 2)122001209
1883Grand FunkWe're An American Band3:27100% Pure Rock51994194
1884Grand FunkWe're An American Band3:28Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)102007251
1885Grand FunkThe Loco-Motion2:50Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974121990182
1886Grand Funk RailroadResponsibility3:51All The Girls In The World Beware!!!11974215
1887Grand Funk RailroadRunnin'4:21All The Girls In The World Beware!!!21974225
1888Grand Funk RailroadLife5:00All The Girls In The World Beware!!!31974226
1889Grand Funk RailroadLook At Granny Run Run2:30All The Girls In The World Beware!!!41974212
1890Grand Funk RailroadMemories3:32All The Girls In The World Beware!!!51974204
1891Grand Funk RailroadAll The Girls In The World Beware3:30All The Girls In The World Beware!!!61974220
1892Grand Funk RailroadWild2:53All The Girls In The World Beware!!!71974225
1893Grand Funk RailroadGood And Evil7:33All The Girls In The World Beware!!!81974217
1894Grand Funk RailroadBad Time2:55All The Girls In The World Beware!!!91974205
1895Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful6:30All The Girls In The World Beware!!!101974206
1896Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:45Capitol Collectors Series11991198
1897Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker6:35Capitol Collectors Series21991213
1898Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out9:33Capitol Collectors Series31991188
1899Grand Funk RailroadCloser to Home / I'm Your Captain10:10Capitol Collectors Series41991196
1900Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater5:03Capitol Collectors Series51991190
1901Grand Funk RailroadFeelin' Alright4:26Capitol Collectors Series61991196
1902Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter6:17Capitol Collectors Series71991213
1903Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:47Capitol Collectors Series81991204
1904Grand Funk RailroadRock & Roll Soul3:26Capitol Collectors Series91991203
1905Grand Funk RailroadWe're an American Band3:27Capitol Collectors Series101991185
1906Grand Funk RailroadWalk Like a Man (You Can Call Me Your Man)4:06Capitol Collectors Series111991181
1907Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:59Capitol Collectors Series121991193
1908Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On5:56Capitol Collectors Series131991218
1909Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind of Wonderful3:17Capitol Collectors Series141991205
1910Grand Funk RailroadBad Time2:53Capitol Collectors Series151991190
1911Grand Funk RailroadSin's A Good Man's Brother4:51Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]11970224
1912Grand Funk RailroadAimless Lady3:29Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]21970226
1913Grand Funk RailroadNothing Is The Same5:14Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]31970242
1914Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater4:27Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]41970188
1915Grand Funk RailroadGet It Together5:10Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]51970214
1916Grand Funk RailroadI Don't Have To Sing The Blues4:37Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]61970230
1917Grand Funk RailroadHooked On Love7:13Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]71970232
1918Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your Captain10:08Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]81970234
1919Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater (Alternate Mix)4:33Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]91970194
1920Grand Funk RailroadIn Need (Live)11:30Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]101970237
1921Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker (Live)7:17Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]111970224
1922Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater (Live)5:23Closer To Home [Bonus Tracks]121970185
1923Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:48E Pluribus Funk11972196
1924Grand Funk RailroadPeople, Let's Stop The War5:12E Pluribus Funk21972206
1925Grand Funk RailroadUpsetter4:27E Pluribus Funk31972195
1926Grand Funk RailroadI Come Tumblin'5:40E Pluribus Funk41972189
1927Grand Funk RailroadSave The Land4:13E Pluribus Funk51972201
1928Grand Funk RailroadNo Lies3:57E Pluribus Funk61972182
1929Grand Funk RailroadLoneliness8:38E Pluribus Funk71972202
1930Grand Funk RailroadJust Couldn't Wait3:28Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]11976196
1931Grand Funk RailroadCan You Do It3:17Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]21976211
1932Grand Funk RailroadPass It Around4:59Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]31976222
1933Grand Funk RailroadDon't Let 'Em Take Your Gun3:40Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]41976201
1934Grand Funk RailroadMiss My Baby7:20Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]51976199
1935Grand Funk RailroadBig Buns0:30Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]61976186
1936Grand Funk RailroadOut To Get You4:44Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]71976227
1937Grand Funk RailroadCrossfire4:19Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]81976199
1938Grand Funk Railroad19764:20Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]91976198
1939Grand Funk RailroadRelease Your Love3:52Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]101976193
1940Grand Funk RailroadGoin' For the Pastor5:24Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]111976205
1941Grand Funk RailroadRubberneck (Bonus Track)5:15Good Singin' Good Playin' [1999 Remaster]121976217
1942Grand Funk RailroadQueen Bee3:14Heavy Metal (OST)111981206
1943Grand Funk RailroadFlight Of The Phoenix3:40Phoenix11972207
1944Grand Funk RailroadTryin' To Get Away4:13Phoenix21972191
1945Grand Funk RailroadSomeone4:05Phoenix31972199
1946Grand Funk RailroadShe Got To Move Me4:49Phoenix41972199
1947Grand Funk RailroadRain Keeps Fallin'3:27Phoenix51972191
1948Grand Funk RailroadI Just Gotta Know3:54Phoenix61972205
1949Grand Funk RailroadSo You Won't Have To Die3:23Phoenix71972198
1950Grand Funk RailroadFreedom Is For Children6:10Phoenix81972195
1951Grand Funk RailroadGotta Find Me A Better Day4:11Phoenix91972206
1952Grand Funk RailroadRock & Roll Soul3:32Phoenix101972200
1953Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On5:58Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]11974219
1954Grand Funk RailroadTo Get Back In3:55Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]21974219
1955Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:45Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]31974206
1956Grand Funk RailroadCarry Me Through5:31Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]41974202
1957Grand Funk RailroadPlease Me3:37Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]51974243
1958Grand Funk RailroadMr. Pretty Boy3:08Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]61974193
1959Grand Funk RailroadGettin' Over You3:58Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]71974214
1960Grand Funk RailroadLittle Johnny Hooker5:10Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]81974214
1961Grand Funk RailroadDestitute and Losin'7:03Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]91974203
1962Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On (2002 Remix)6:10Shinin' On [2003 Remaster]101974208
1963Grand Funk RailroadCountry Road4:23Survival11971205
1964Grand Funk RailroadAll You've Got Is Money5:16Survival21971211
1965Grand Funk RailroadComfort Me6:48Survival31971207
1966Grand Funk RailroadFeelin' Alright4:27Survival41971210
1967Grand Funk RailroadI Want Freedom6:19Survival51971205
1968Grand Funk RailroadI Can Feel Him In The Morning7:16Survival61971202
1969Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter6:16Survival71971226
1970Grand Funk RailroadWe're An American Band3:27We're An American Band11973231
1971Grand Funk RailroadStop Lookin' Back4:54We're An American Band21973222
1972Grand Funk RailroadCreepin'7:04We're An American Band31973209
1973Grand Funk RailroadBlack Licorice4:47We're An American Band41973220
1974Grand Funk RailroadThe Railroad6:12We're An American Band51973210
1975Grand Funk RailroadAin't Got Nobody4:28We're An American Band61973221
1976Grand Funk RailroadWalk Like A Man4:07We're An American Band71973206
1977Grand Funk RailroadLoneliest Rider5:17We're An American Band81973210
1978Grand Master Flash & The Furious FiveThe Message7:12The Hip Hop Box (Disc 1)52004205
1979Grand Master Flash & The Furious FiveThe Message7:12Tower Records: 30 Years On The Sunset Strip102000202
1980Grandmaster Flash & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Do It)7:36Electro Breakdance (Disc 1)152002224
1981Grandmaster Flash & the Furious FiveThe Message7:09Electro Breakdance (Disc 2)42002217
1982Grandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveThe Message4:45New Millennium Hip-Hop Party52000204
1983Grandmaster Flash feat Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Do It)4:26The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)171999224
1984Grandmaster Melle MelVice5:02Miami Vice (OST)71985207
1985Grandmaster Melle MelVice5:02The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)81988207
1986Grandpa JonesShe Was Always Chewing Gum1:4650 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3111992195
1987Grandpa JonesDown The Old Plank Road2:25That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)101995199
1988Grandpa Jones FamilyThe Banks Of The Ohio3:0250 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 2151992184
1989Grandpa Jones FamilyFair And Tender Ladies2:5650 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 461992215
1990Grandpa Jones FamilyAutoharp Concerto (Instr.)1:58That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)191995200
1991Grant GoodeveEight Is Enough1:13All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)432005126
1992Grant Lee BuffaloWe've Only Just Begun3:51If I Were A Carpenter141994195
1993Grant Lee BuffaloMockingbirds4:40Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)92005196
1994GrapefruitDeep Water2:11Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)121992216
1995The Grass RootsWhere Were You When I Needed You3:0120th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits12001208
1996The Grass RootsLet's Live For Today2:4720th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits22001208
1997The Grass RootsThings I Should Have Said2:3020th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits32001208
1998The Grass RootsMidnight Confessions2:4420th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits42001208
1999The Grass RootsBella Linda2:5820th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits52001190
2000The Grass RootsThe River Is Wide2:4020th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits62001187
2001The Grass RootsI'd Wait A Million Years3:2020th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits72001206
2002The Grass RootsHeaven Knows2:2620th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits82001205
2003The Grass RootsBaby Hold On2:3820th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits92001201
2004The Grass RootsTemptation Eyes2:3920th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits102001186
2005The Grass RootsSooner Or Later2:4120th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits112001205
2006The Grass RootsTwo Divided By Love2:3520th Century Masters - The Greatest Hits122001206
2007The Grass RootsLet's Live For Today2:49All Time Greatest Hits11996222
2008The Grass RootsWhere Were You When I Needed You3:03All Time Greatest Hits21996222
2009The Grass RootsThings I Should Have Said2:32All Time Greatest Hits31996216
2010The Grass RootsMidnight Confessions2:46All Time Greatest Hits41996221
2011The Grass RootsThe River Is Wide2:41All Time Greatest Hits51996200
2012The Grass RootsBella Linda3:06All Time Greatest Hits61996179
2013The Grass RootsLovin' Things2:46All Time Greatest Hits71996181
2014The Grass RootsWait A Million Years3:22All Time Greatest Hits81996212
2015The Grass RootsBaby Hold On2:41All Time Greatest Hits91996204
2016The Grass RootsHeaven Knows2:29All Time Greatest Hits101996219
2017The Grass RootsCome On and Say it2:31All Time Greatest Hits111996212
2018The Grass RootsTemptation Eyes2:39All Time Greatest Hits121996201
2019The Grass RootsTwo Divided by Love2:38All Time Greatest Hits131996209
2020The Grass RootsGlory Bound2:37All Time Greatest Hits141996216
2021The Grass RootsThe Runway2:55All Time Greatest Hits151996204
2022The Grass RootsSooner or Later2:40All Time Greatest Hits161996226
2023The Grass RootsTemptation Eyes2:35AM Gold: 1971181998194
2024The Grass RootsLet's Live For Today2:51Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On3 183
2025The Grass RootsMidnight Confessions2:47Temptation Eyes11985215
2026The Grass RootsSooner or Later2:42Temptation Eyes21985208
2027The Grass RootsWhere Were You When I Needed You3:01Temptation Eyes31985242
2028The Grass RootsBella Linda2:58Temptation Eyes41985193
2029The Grass RootsFeelings2:59Temptation Eyes51985222
2030The Grass RootsTemptation Eyes2:34Temptation Eyes61985195
2031The Grass RootsLook Out Girl2:17Temptation Eyes71985212
2032The Grass RootsThings I Should Have Said2:31Temptation Eyes81985212
2033The Grass RootsHeaven Knows2:24Temptation Eyes91985201
2034The Grass RootsI'd Wait a Million Years2:44Temptation Eyes101985211
2035The Grass RootsLet's Live For Today (Piano Con Me)2:47Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)162001212
2036GrasshopperThe Peaceful Path1:19Groovy Organ Funk171992188
2037Grateful DeadBox Of Rain5:18American Beauty [2003 Remaster]11970214
2038Grateful DeadFriend Of The Devil3:24American Beauty [2003 Remaster]21970221
2039Grateful DeadSugar Magnolia3:19American Beauty [2003 Remaster]31970217
2040Grateful DeadOperator2:25American Beauty [2003 Remaster]41970218
2041Grateful DeadCandyman6:13American Beauty [2003 Remaster]51970188
2042Grateful DeadRipple4:09American Beauty [2003 Remaster]61970219
2043Grateful DeadBrokedown Palace4:09American Beauty [2003 Remaster]71970195
2044Grateful DeadTill The Morning Comes3:09American Beauty [2003 Remaster]81970202
2045Grateful DeadAttics Of My Life5:14American Beauty [2003 Remaster]91970194
2046Grateful DeadTruckin'5:17American Beauty [2003 Remaster]101970202
2047Grateful DeadTruckin' (Single Version)3:17American Beauty [2003 Remaster]111970131
2048Grateful DeadFriend Of The Devil (Live)4:21American Beauty [2003 Remaster]121970188
2049Grateful DeadCandyman (Live)5:18American Beauty [2003 Remaster]131970182
2050Grateful DeadTill The Morning Comes (Live)3:20American Beauty [2003 Remaster]141970197
2051Grateful DeadAttics Of My Life (Live)6:31American Beauty [2003 Remaster]151970183
2052Grateful DeadTruckin' (Live)10:10American Beauty [2003 Remaster]161970171
2053Grateful DeadRipple (Alternate Version)3:01American Beauty [2003 Remaster]171970131
2054Grateful DeadAmerican Beauty Radio Spot1:10American Beauty [2003 Remaster]181970205
2055Grateful DeadThat's It For The Other One7:40Anthem Of The Sun11968198
2056Grateful DeadNew Potato Caboose8:25Anthem Of The Sun21968194
2057Grateful DeadBorn Cross-Eyed2:05Anthem Of The Sun31968229
2058Grateful DeadAlligator11:20Anthem Of The Sun41968211
2059Grateful DeadCaution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)9:30Anthem Of The Sun51968203
2060Grateful DeadSt. Stephen4:28Aoxomoxoa11969211
2061Grateful DeadDupree's Diamond Blues3:33Aoxomoxoa21969209
2062Grateful DeadRosemary1:59Aoxomoxoa31969195
2063Grateful DeadDoin' That Rag4:42Aoxomoxoa41969201
2064Grateful DeadMountains Of The Moon4:02Aoxomoxoa51969196
2065Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower3:40Aoxomoxoa61969206
2066Grateful DeadWhat's Become Of The Baby8:14Aoxomoxoa71969181
2067Grateful DeadCosmic Charlie5:29Aoxomoxoa81969204
2068Grateful DeadHelp On The Way/Slipknot!7:20Blues For Allah11975198
2069Grateful DeadFranklin's Tower4:32Blues For Allah21975188
2070Grateful DeadKing Solomon's Marbles5:16Blues For Allah31975215
2071Grateful DeadThe Music Never Stopped4:34Blues For Allah41975199
2072Grateful DeadCrazy Fingers6:42Blues For Allah51975169
2073Grateful DeadSage & Spirit3:07Blues For Allah61975191
2074Grateful DeadBlues For Allah12:32Blues For Allah71975190
2075Grateful DeadFoolish Heart5:11Built To Last11989202
2076Grateful DeadJust A Little Light4:42Built To Last21989207
2077Grateful DeadBuilt To Last5:04Built To Last31989188
2078Grateful DeadBlow Away6:10Built To Last41989187
2079Grateful DeadVictim Or The Crime7:34Built To Last51989204
2080Grateful DeadWe Can Run5:31Built To Last61989178
2081Grateful DeadStanding On The Moon5:20Built To Last71989191
2082Grateful DeadPicasso Moon6:41Built To Last81989194
2083Grateful DeadI Will Take You Home3:45Built To Last91989161
2084Grateful DeadSamson And Delilah5:02Dead Set11981209
2085Grateful DeadFriend Of The Devil7:27Dead Set21981210
2086Grateful DeadNew Minglewood Blues4:41Dead Set31981216
2087Grateful DeadDeal4:35Dead Set41981208
2088Grateful DeadCandyman7:15Dead Set51981207
2089Grateful DeadLittle Red Rooster4:30Dead Set61981213
2090Grateful DeadLoser5:45Dead Set71981211
2091Grateful DeadPassenger3:21Dead Set81981205
2092Grateful DeadFeel Like A Stranger5:40Dead Set91981206
2093Grateful DeadFranklin's Tower5:22Dead Set101981213
2094Grateful DeadRhythm Devils3:55Dead Set111981200
2095Grateful DeadFire On The Mountain6:29Dead Set121981202
2096Grateful DeadGreatest Story Ever Told4:04Dead Set131981212
2097Grateful DeadBrokedown Palace5:41Dead Set141981199
2098Grateful DeadCumberland Blues5:42Europe '72 (Disc 1)11972205
2099Grateful DeadHe's Gone6:53Europe '72 (Disc 1)21972205
2100Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night4:48Europe '72 (Disc 1)31972202
2101Grateful DeadJack Straw4:48Europe '72 (Disc 1)41972199
2102Grateful DeadYou Win Again4:02Europe '72 (Disc 1)51972203
2103Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower5:32Europe '72 (Disc 1)61972210
2104Grateful DeadI Know You Rider5:04Europe '72 (Disc 1)71972202
2105Grateful DeadBrown-Eyed Woman4:38Europe '72 (Disc 1)81972206
2106Grateful DeadHurts Me Too7:19Europe '72 (Disc 1)91972203
2107Grateful DeadRamble On Rose6:00Europe '72 (Disc 1)101972206
2108Grateful DeadSugar Magnolia7:10Europe '72 (Disc 2)11972201
2109Grateful DeadMr. Charlie3:39Europe '72 (Disc 2)21972205
2110Grateful DeadTennessee Jed7:10Europe '72 (Disc 2)31972209
2111Grateful DeadTruckin'13:07Europe '72 (Disc 2)41972200
2112Grateful DeadEpilogue5:04Europe '72 (Disc 2)51972196
2113Grateful DeadPrelude7:37Europe '72 (Disc 2)61972202
2114Grateful Dead(Walk Me out in The) Morning Dew11:26Europe '72 (Disc 2)71972202
2115Grateful DeadBertha5:42Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]11971184
2116Grateful DeadMama Tried2:43Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]21971183
2117Grateful DeadBig Railroad Blues3:35Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]31971200
2118Grateful DeadPlaying In The Band4:40Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]41971197
2119Grateful DeadThe Other One18:05Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]51971177
2120Grateful DeadMe & My Uncle3:04Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]61971166
2121Grateful DeadBig Boss Man5:13Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]71971177
2122Grateful DeadMe & Bobby McGee5:41Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]81971190
2123Grateful DeadJohnny B. Goode3:43Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]91971189
2124Grateful DeadWharf Rat8:30Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]101971183
2125Grateful DeadNot Fade Away / Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad9:12Grateful Dead [Skull & Roses]111971194
2126Grateful DeadU.S. Blues4:42Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel11974198
2127Grateful DeadChina Doll4:11Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel21974182
2128Grateful DeadUnbroken Chain6:46Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel31974201
2129Grateful DeadLoose Lucy3:22Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel41974206
2130Grateful DeadScarlet Begonias4:19Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel51974178
2131Grateful DeadPride Of Cucamonga4:17Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel61974189
2132Grateful DeadMoney Money4:23Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel71974194
2133Grateful DeadShip Of Fools5:27Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel81974191
2134Grateful DeadKatie Mae4:47History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)11973195
2135Grateful DeadDark Hollow3:53History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)21973202
2136Grateful DeadI've Been All Around This World4:19History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)31973195
2137Grateful DeadWake Up Little Susie2:33History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)41973203
2138Grateful DeadBlack Peter7:24History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)51973198
2139Grateful DeadSmokestack Lightnin'18:02History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)61973210
2140Grateful DeadHard to Handle6:15History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)71973217
2141Grateful DeadTouch Of Grey5:49In The Dark11987216
2142Grateful DeadHell In A Bucket5:37In The Dark21987208
2143Grateful DeadWhen Push Comes To Shove4:07In The Dark31987214
2144Grateful DeadWest L.A. Fadeaway6:39In The Dark41987211
2145Grateful DeadTons Of Steel5:17In The Dark51987201
2146Grateful DeadThrowing Stones7:21In The Dark61987206
2147Grateful DeadBlack Muddy River5:57In The Dark71987199
2148Grateful DeadDark Star23:06Live/Dead11969203
2149Grateful DeadSaint Stephen6:31Live/Dead21969198
2150Grateful DeadThe Eleven9:21Live/Dead31969204
2151Grateful DeadTurn On Your Lovelight15:07Live/Dead41969204
2152Grateful DeadDeath Don't Have No Mercy10:28Live/Dead51969198
2153Grateful DeadFeedback7:49Live/Dead61969203
2154Grateful DeadAnd We Bid You Goodnight0:34Live/Dead71969186
2155Grateful DeadDire Wolf3:20Reckoning11981195
2156Grateful DeadThe Race Is On2:57Reckoning21981204
2157Grateful DeadIt Must Have Been The Roses6:56Reckoning31981186
2158Grateful DeadDark Hollow3:50Reckoning41981183
2159Grateful DeadChina Doll5:22Reckoning51981190
2160Grateful DeadBeen All Around This World4:32Reckoning61981180
2161Grateful DeadMonkey And The Engineer2:37Reckoning71981209
2162Grateful DeadJack-A-Roe4:05Reckoning81981191
2163Grateful DeadDeep Elem Blues4:51Reckoning91981201
2164Grateful DeadCassidy4:34Reckoning101981197
2165Grateful DeadTo Lay Me Down8:59Reckoning111981187
2166Grateful DeadRosa Lee McFall2:54Reckoning121981199
2167Grateful DeadOn The Road Again3:16Reckoning131981201
2168Grateful DeadBird Song7:35Reckoning141981192
2169Grateful DeadRipple4:28Reckoning151981189
2170Grateful DeadGood Lovin'4:50Shakedown Street11978196
2171Grateful DeadFrance4:04Shakedown Street21978185
2172Grateful DeadShakedown Street4:58Shakedown Street31978198
2173Grateful DeadSerengetti2:03Shakedown Street41978209
2174Grateful DeadFire On The Mountain3:49Shakedown Street51978178
2175Grateful DeadI Need A Miracle3:36Shakedown Street61978181
2176Grateful DeadFrom The Heart Of Me3:25Shakedown Street71978193
2177Grateful DeadStagger Lee3:28Shakedown Street81978197
2178Grateful DeadAll New Minglewood Blues4:16Shakedown Street91978187
2179Grateful DeadIf I Had The World To Give4:52Shakedown Street101978198
2180Grateful DeadPromised Land3:17Steal Your Face - Volume 111976201
2181Grateful DeadCold Rain & Snow5:37Steal Your Face - Volume 121976200
2182Grateful DeadAround and Around5:06Steal Your Face - Volume 131976210
2183Grateful DeadStella Blue8:48Steal Your Face - Volume 141976196
2184Grateful DeadMississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo8:03Steal Your Face - Volume 151976204
2185Grateful DeadShip of Fools7:01Steal Your Face - Volume 161976193
2186Grateful DeadBeat It On Down Down The Line3:23Steal Your Face - Volume 171976207
2187Grateful DeadBig River4:55Steal Your Face - Volume 211976204
2188Grateful DeadBlack-Throated Wind6:07Steal Your Face - Volume 221976200
2189Grateful DeadU.S. Blues5:21Steal Your Face - Volume 231976207
2190Grateful DeadEl Paso4:17Steal Your Face - Volume 241976206
2191Grateful DeadSugaree7:36Steal Your Face - Volume 251976194
2192Grateful DeadIt Must Have Been The Roses6:00Steal Your Face - Volume 261976192
2193Grateful DeadCasey Jones7:03Steal Your Face - Volume 271976200
2194Grateful DeadEstimated Prophet5:37Terrapin Station11977207
2195Grateful DeadDancin' In The Street3:16Terrapin Station21977216
2196Grateful DeadPassenger2:48Terrapin Station31977220
2197Grateful DeadSamson & Delilah3:29Terrapin Station41977214
2198Grateful DeadSunrise4:03Terrapin Station51977192
2199Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Part 116:18Terrapin Station61977211
2200Grateful DeadThe Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)2:12The Grateful Dead11967221
2201Grateful DeadBeat It On Down The Line2:33The Grateful Dead21967231
2202Grateful DeadGood Morning, Little School Girl5:45The Grateful Dead31967217
2203Grateful DeadCold Rain And Snow2:31The Grateful Dead41967232
2204Grateful DeadSitting On Top Of The World2:07The Grateful Dead51967223
2205Grateful DeadCream Puff War2:29The Grateful Dead61967234
2206Grateful DeadMorning Dew5:08The Grateful Dead71967222
2207Grateful DeadNew, New Minglewood Blues2:37The Grateful Dead81967229
2208Grateful DeadViola Lee Blues10:13The Grateful Dead91967234
2209Grateful DeadMississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo5:43Wake Of The Flood11973197
2210Grateful DeadLet Me Sing Your Blues Away3:18Wake Of The Flood21973191
2211Grateful DeadRow Jimmy7:15Wake Of The Flood31973192
2212Grateful DeadStella Blue6:26Wake Of The Flood41973197
2213Grateful DeadHere Comes Sunshine4:40Wake Of The Flood51973198
2214Grateful DeadEyes Of The World5:21Wake Of The Flood61973199
2215Grateful DeadWeather Report Suite12:43Wake Of The Flood71973201
2216Grateful DeadFeel Like A Stranger7:32Without A Net (Disc 1)11990210
2217Grateful DeadMississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo8:00Without A Net (Disc 1)21990193
2218Grateful DeadWalkin' Blues5:44Without A Net (Disc 1)31990202
2219Grateful DeadAlthea6:55Without A Net (Disc 1)41990210
2220Grateful DeadCassidy6:36Without A Net (Disc 1)51990214
2221Grateful DeadBird Song12:57Without A Net (Disc 1)61990211
2222Grateful DeadLet It Grow11:54Without A Net (Disc 1)71990211
2223Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower - I Know You Rider10:24Without A Net (Disc 2)11990203
2224Grateful DeadLooks Like Rain8:03Without A Net (Disc 2)21990204
2225Grateful DeadEyes Of The World16:14Without A Net (Disc 2)31990215
2226Grateful DeadVictim Or The Crime8:04Without A Net (Disc 2)41990208
2227Grateful DeadHelp On The Way - Slipknot! - Franklin's Tower18:57Without A Net (Disc 2)51990201
2228Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night4:50Without A Net (Disc 2)61990210
2229Grateful DeadDear Mr. Fantasy5:44Without A Net (Disc 2)71990208
2230Grateful DeadUncle John's Band4:45Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]11970206
2231Grateful DeadHigh Time5:14Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]21970194
2232Grateful DeadDire Wolf3:14Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]31970208
2233Grateful DeadNew Speedway Boogie4:06Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]41970212
2234Grateful DeadCumberland Blues3:16Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]51970216
2235Grateful DeadBlack Peter5:43Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]61970193
2236Grateful DeadEasy Wind4:58Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]71970202
2237Grateful DeadCasey Jones4:38Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]81970198
2238Grateful DeadNew Speedway Boogie (Alternate Mix)4:10Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]91970214
2239Grateful DeadDire Wolf (Live)2:31Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]101970206
2240Grateful DeadBlack Peter (Live)9:07Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]111970181
2241Grateful DeadEasy Wind (Live)8:09Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]121970183
2242Grateful DeadCumberland Blues (Live)4:52Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]131970178
2243Grateful DeadMason's Children (Live)6:32Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]141970182
2244Grateful DeadUncle John's Band (Live)7:57Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]151970188
2245Grateful DeadWorkingman's Dead Radio Spot (Hidden Track)0:31Workingman's Dead [2003 Remaster]161970197
2246The Grateful DeadExcerpt From "Dark Star"2:33Zabriskie Point (OST)31970201
2247The Grates19-20-202:04Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)52007233
2248Gravity KillsGoodbye (Demo)3:10Mortal Kombat (OST)21995215
2249The Great GonzoWishing Song2:27The Muppet Show, The 25th Anniversary Collection102002197
2250The Great GonzoI'm Going To Go Back There Someday3:28The Muppet Show, The 25th Anniversary Collection272002206
2251The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up Spock4:49Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space112002187
2252Great Luke SkiIt's a Fanboy Christmas9:54Uber Geek: 99/00 sessions6 128
2253Great WhiteSave Your Love4:30   128
2254Great WhiteMove It5:36...Twice Shy11989208
2255Great WhiteHeart The Hunter4:50...Twice Shy21989203
2256Great WhiteHiway Nights6:00...Twice Shy31989204
2257Great WhiteThe Angel Song4:51...Twice Shy41989186
2258Great WhiteMista Bone5:10...Twice Shy51989207
2259Great WhiteBabys On Fire6:11...Twice Shy61989206
2260Great WhiteHouse Of Broken Love5:58...Twice Shy71989200
2261Great WhiteShe Only5:23...Twice Shy81989181
2262Great WhiteOnce Bitten Twice Shy5:23...Twice Shy91989197
2263Great WhiteLady Red Light4:54Once Bitten11987223
2264Great WhiteGonna Getcha4:13Once Bitten21987211
2265Great WhiteRock Me7:19Once Bitten31987205
2266Great WhiteAll Over Now4:21Once Bitten41987220
2267Great WhiteMistreater5:49Once Bitten51987209
2268Great WhiteNever Change Heart4:27Once Bitten61987197
2269Great WhiteFast Road3:40Once Bitten71987227
2270Great WhiteOn The Edge6:01Once Bitten81987222
2271Great WhiteSave Your Love5:42Once Bitten91987200
2272Great Wolf LodgeGoin' to the Lodge1:28 12011320
2273Greatest Show On EarthReal Cool World4:50Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)41997208
2274greatFoxPuppydog Say4:43   128
2275GreekHava Nageela4:12   160
2276Green DayAt The Library2:261,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]11990242
2277Green DayDon't Leave Me2:381,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]21990232
2278Green DayI Was There3:361,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]31990236
2279Green DayDisappearing Boy2:511,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]41990232
2280Green DayGreen Day3:281,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]51990217
2281Green DayGoing To Pasalacqua3:301,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]61990237
2282Green Day163:241,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]71990237
2283Green DayRoad To Acceptance3:351,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]81990225
2284Green DayRest3:051,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]91990212
2285Green DayThe Judge's Daughter2:341,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]101990233
2286Green DayPaper Lanterns2:251,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]111990232
2287Green DayWhy Do You Want Him?2:321,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]121990229
2288Green Day409 In Your Coffeemaker2:541,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]131990230
2289Green DayKnowledge2:201,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]141990197
2290Green Day1,000 Hours2:251,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]151990238
2291Green DayDry Ice3:441,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]161990251
2292Green DayOnly Of You2:451,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]171990244
2293Green DayThe One I Want3:011,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]181990249
2294Green DayI Want To Be Alone3:091,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours [2004 Remaster]191990228
2295Green DaySong Of The Century0:5721st Century Breakdown12009180
2296Green Day21st Century Breakdown5:0921st Century Breakdown22009281
2297Green DayKnow Your Enemy3:1021st Century Breakdown32009274
2298Green Day¡Viva La Gloria!3:3021st Century Breakdown42009264
2299Green DayBefore The Lobotomy4:3721st Century Breakdown52009267
2300Green DayChristian's Inferno3:0721st Century Breakdown62009277
2301Green DayLast Night On Earth3:5621st Century Breakdown72009247
2302Green DayEast Jesus Nowhere4:3421st Century Breakdown82009276
2303Green DayPeacemaker3:2421st Century Breakdown92009275
2304Green DayLast Of The American Girls3:5121st Century Breakdown102009265
2305Green DayMurder City2:5421st Century Breakdown112009280
2306Green Day¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)3:4721st Century Breakdown122009272
2307Green DayRestless Heart Syndrome4:2121st Century Breakdown132009264
2308Green DayHorseshoes And Handgrenades3:1421st Century Breakdown142009279
2309Green DayThe Static Age4:1621st Century Breakdown152009250
2310Green Day21 Guns5:2121st Century Breakdown162009268
2311Green DayAmerican Eulogy4:2621st Century Breakdown172009265
2312Green DaySee The Light4:3521st Century Breakdown182009271
2313Green DayAmerican Idiot2:54American Idiot12004254
2314Green DayJesus Of Suburbia9:08American Idiot22004242
2315Green DayHoliday3:52American Idiot32004249
2316Green DayBoulevard Of Broken Dreams4:20American Idiot42004246
2317Green DayAre We The Waiting2:42American Idiot52004205
2318Green DaySt. Jimmy2:55American Idiot62004271
2319Green DayGive Me Novacaine3:25American Idiot72004242
2320Green DayShe's A Rebel2:00American Idiot82004257
2321Green DayExtraordinary Girl3:33American Idiot92004222
2322Green DayLetterbomb4:06American Idiot102004242
2323Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends4:45American Idiot112004222
2324Green DayHomecoming9:18American Idiot122004235
2325Green DayWhatsername4:12American Idiot132004195
2326Green DayEspionage3:23Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)71999242
2327Green DayAmerican Idiot4:32Bullet In A Bible12005260
2328Green DayJesus Of Suburbia9:23Bullet In A Bible22005255
2329Green DayHoliday4:12Bullet In A Bible32005263
2330Green DayAre We The Waiting2:49Bullet In A Bible42005223
2331Green DaySt. Jimmy2:55Bullet In A Bible52005264
2332Green DayLongview4:44Bullet In A Bible62005246
2333Green DayHitchin' A Ride4:04Bullet In A Bible72005238
2334Green DayBrain Stew3:02Bullet In A Bible82005244
2335Green DayBasket Case2:58Bullet In A Bible92005262
2336Green DayKing For A Day/Shout8:47Bullet In A Bible102005243
2337Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends5:03Bullet In A Bible112005238
2338Green DayMinority4:19Bullet In A Bible122005245
2339Green DayBoulevard Of Broken Dreams4:45Bullet In A Bible132005248
2340Green DayGood Riddance (Time Of Your Life)3:26Bullet In A Bible142005222
2341Green DayBurnout2:07Dookie11994243
2342Green DayHaving A Blast2:44Dookie21994239
2343Green DayChump2:54Dookie31994234
2344Green DayLongview3:59Dookie41994213
2345Green DayWelcome To Paradise3:44Dookie51994235
2346Green DayPullng Teeth2:30Dookie61994234
2347Green DayBasket Case3:03Dookie71994227
2348Green DayShe2:14Dookie81994235
2349Green DaySassafras Roots2:37Dookie91994246
2350Green DayWhen I Come Around2:58Dookie101994230
2351Green DayComing Clean1:34Dookie111994241
2352Green DayEmenius Sleepus1:44Dookie121994237
2353Green DayIn The End1:46Dookie131994240
2354Green DayF.O.D.5:46Dookie141994155
2355Green DayBrain Stew (The Godzilla Remix)3:57Godzilla (OST)101998224
2356Green DayArmatage Shanks2:16Insomniac11995252
2357Green DayBrat1:43Insomniac21995257
2358Green DayStuck with Me2:15Insomniac31995268
2359Green DayGeek Stink Breath2:15Insomniac41995259
2360Green DayNo Pride2:19Insomniac51995252
2361Green DayBab's Uvula Who?2:08Insomniac61995249
2362Green Day862:47Insomniac71995251
2363Green DayPanic Song3:35Insomniac81995239
2364Green DayStuart and the Ave.2:03Insomniac91995249
2365Green DayBrain Stew3:12Insomniac101995219
2366Green DayJaded1:30Insomniac111995253
2367Green DayWestbound Sign2:13Insomniac121995264
2368Green DayTight Wad Hill2:01Insomniac131995246
2369Green DayWalking Contradiction2:31Insomniac141995251
2370Green Day2000 Light Years Away2:24Kerplunk11991228
2371Green DayOne for the Razorbacks2:30Kerplunk21991231
2372Green DayWelcome to Paradise3:30Kerplunk31991224
2373Green DayChristie Road3:33Kerplunk41991224
2374Green DayPrivate Ale2:26Kerplunk51991218
2375Green DayDominated Love Slave1:41Kerplunk61991190
2376Green DayOne of My Lies2:19Kerplunk71991222
2377Green Day803:39Kerplunk81991237
2378Green DayAndroid3:00Kerplunk91991219
2379Green DayNo One Knows3:39Kerplunk101991207
2380Green DayWho Wrote Holden Caufield?2:44Kerplunk111991221
2381Green DayWords I Might Have Ate2:32Kerplunk121991216
2382Green DaySweet Children1:41Kerplunk131991213
2383Green DayBest Thing In Town2:03Kerplunk141991207
2384Green DayStrangeland2:08Kerplunk151991214
2385Green DayMy Generation2:19Kerplunk161991208
2386Green DayNice Guys Finish Last2:49Nimrod11997253
2387Green DayHitchin' A Ride2:51Nimrod21997250
2388Green DayThe Grouch2:12Nimrod31997250
2389Green DayRedundant3:17Nimrod41997237
2390Green DayScattered3:02Nimrod51997248
2391Green DayAll The Time2:10Nimrod61997253
2392Green DayWorry Rock2:27Nimrod71997245
2393Green DayPlatypus (I Hate You)2:21Nimrod81997245
2394Green DayUptight3:04Nimrod91997236
2395Green DayLast Ride In3:47Nimrod101997222
2396Green DayJinx2:12Nimrod111997266
2397Green DayHaushinka3:25Nimrod121997262
2398Green DayWalking Alone2:45Nimrod131997240
2399Green DayReject2:05Nimrod141997249
2400Green DayTake Back1:09Nimrod151997254
2401Green DayKing For A Day3:13Nimrod161997236
2402Green DayGood Riddance (Time Of Your Life)2:34Nimrod171997192
2403Green DayProsthetic Head3:38Nimrod181997236
2404Green DayBoulevard Of Broken Dreams3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1212004244
2405Green DayHoliday3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0542005249
2406Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends4:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0912005228
2407Green DaySuffocate2:54Shenanigans12002249
2408Green DayDesensitized2:47Shenanigans22002239
2409Green DayYou Lied2:25Shenanigans32002248
2410Green DayOutsider2:16Shenanigans42002234
2411Green DayDon't Wanna Fall In Love1:38Shenanigans52002220
2412Green DayEspionage3:23Shenanigans62002236
2413Green DayI Want To Be On T.V.1:16Shenanigans72002252
2414Green DayScumbag1:45Shenanigans82002235
2415Green DayTired Of Waiting For You2:32Shenanigans92002228
2416Green DaySick Of Me2:07Shenanigans102002258
2417Green DayRotting2:51Shenanigans112002230
2418Green DayDo Da Da1:30Shenanigans122002251
2419Green DayOn The Wagon2:47Shenanigans132002211
2420Green DayHa Ha You're Dead3:06Shenanigans142002233
2421Green DayWarning3:42Warning12000250
2422Green DayBlood, Sex And Booze3:33Warning22000233
2423Green DayChurch On Sunday3:18Warning32000260
2424Green DayFashion Victim2:48Warning42000271
2425Green DayCastaway3:52Warning52000253
2426Green DayMisery5:05Warning62000227
2427Green DayDeadbeat Holiday3:35Warning72000239
2428Green DayHold On2:56Warning82000258
2429Green DayJackass2:43Warning92000256
2430Green DayWaiting3:13Warning102000240
2431Green DayMinority2:49Warning112000258
2432Green DayMacy's Day Parade3:34Warning122000232
2433Green JellÿThe Bear Song2:41Dumb And Dumber (OST)121994238
2434Green JellÿThree Little Pigs5:54Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)122005224
2435Green On RedDeath And Angels2:15Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)82005240
2436The Green TelescopeMake Me Stay3:06Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)152005202
2437The Greenbriar BoysRagtime Annie1:38Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)121997207
2438Greenfield & CookEasy Boy3:16Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)72001194
2439GreenskeepersLotion3:46Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)182005216
2440GreensladeBedside Manners Are Extra6:24Bedside Manners Are Extra11973195
2441GreensladePilgrims Progress7:05Bedside Manners Are Extra21973211
2442GreensladeTime to Dream4:51Bedside Manners Are Extra31973199
2443GreensladeDrum Folk8:53Bedside Manners Are Extra41973206
2444GreensladeSunkissed You're Not6:36Bedside Manners Are Extra51973197
2445GreensladeChalkhill5:27Bedside Manners Are Extra61973214
2446GreensladeSpirit Of The Dance5:10Spyglass Guest11974204
2447GreensladeLittle Red Fry-up5:07Spyglass Guest21974189
2448GreensladeRainbow4:21Spyglass Guest31974193
2449GreensladeSiam Seesaw4:46Spyglass Guest41974197
2450GreensladeJoie De Vivre8:28Spyglass Guest51974192
2451GreensladeRed Light2:49Spyglass Guest61974181
2452GreensladeMelancholic Race4:17Spyglass Guest71974188
2453GreensladeTheme For An Imaginary Western3:52Spyglass Guest81974199
2454GreenwheelShelter3:31Spider-Man (OST)92002224
2455Greg AllmanMidnight Rider2:59Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)6 210
2456Greg EviganMy Two Dads (You Can Count On Me)0:59Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)121996140
2457Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersExtraction6:13Extraction12003207
2458Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersTease6:07Extraction22003201
2459Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersCrack It Way Open5:59Extraction32003212
2460Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersContigo6:30Extraction42003215
2461Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersProto Cosmos4:15Extraction52003218
2462Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersA Delicacy2:24Extraction62003175
2463Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersLucky 76:02Extraction72003213
2464Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersEase Up6:20Extraction82003192
2465Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis ChambersBird's Eye View6:19Extraction92003219
2466Greg KihnThe Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)2:49Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn11989196
2467Greg KihnJeopardy3:49Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn21989211
2468Greg KihnSomeday3:21Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn31989208
2469Greg KihnLucky3:28Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn41989213
2470Greg KihnReunited3:26Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn51989206
2471Greg KihnSmall Change3:09Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn61989199
2472Greg KihnCan't Stop Hurtin' Myself4:01Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn71989208
2473Greg KihnAny Other Woman3:45Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn81989208
2474Greg KihnHappy Man2:46Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn91989194
2475Greg KihnTestify3:05Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn101989195
2476Greg KihnSorry3:26Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn111989198
2477Greg KihnRemember6:42Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn121989182
2478Greg KihnFor You3:57Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn131989210
2479Greg KihnMadison Avenue4:48Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn141989207
2480Greg KihnRendezvous2:27Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn151989186
2481Greg KihnIn The Naked Eye3:16Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn161989189
2482Greg KihnAnnabelle Lee3:44Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn171989189
2483Greg KihnLove And Rock & Roll3:05Kihnsolidation: The Best Of Greg Kihn181989197
2484Greg Kihn BandJeopardy3:50Generation 80's (Disc 2)62001213
2485Greg Kihn BandJeopardy3:47Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)12002221
2486Greg Kihn BandJeopardy3:50One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 7)72001243
2487Greg LakeI Believe In Father Christmas3:30The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)71996205
2488Greg LakeI Believe In Father Christmas3:33The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6142001215
2489Gregg AllmanMidnight Rider4:27Laid Back11973205
2490Gregg AllmanQueen Of Hearts6:16Laid Back21973204
2491Gregg AllmanPlease Call Home2:44Laid Back31973198
2492Gregg AllmanDon't Mess Up A Good Thing4:05Laid Back41973196
2493Gregg AllmanThese Days3:55Laid Back51973221
2494Gregg AllmanMulti-Colored Lady4:52Laid Back61973201
2495Gregg AllmanAll My Friends4:32Laid Back71973207
2496Gregg AllmanWill The Circle Be Unbroken4:48Laid Back81973210
2497Gregg AllmanFloating Bridge4:45Low Country Blues12011184
2498Gregg AllmanLittle By Little2:45Low Country Blues22011178
2499Gregg AllmanDevil Got My Woman4:52Low Country Blues32011183
2500Gregg AllmanI Can't Be Satisfied3:32Low Country Blues42011197
2501Gregg AllmanBlind Man3:46Low Country Blues52011171
2502Gregg AllmanJust Another Rider5:39Low Country Blues62011185
2503Gregg AllmanPlease Accept My Love3:07Low Country Blues72011183
2504Gregg AllmanI Believe I'll Go Back Home3:49Low Country Blues82011202
2505Gregg AllmanTears, Tears, Tears4:55Low Country Blues92011190
2506Gregg AllmanMy Love Is Your Love4:14Low Country Blues102011197
2507Gregg AllmanChecking On My Baby4:06Low Country Blues112011189
2508Gregg AllmanRolling Stone7:04Low Country Blues122011185
2509Gregg AllmanCome and Go Blues4:48Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)11977190
2510Gregg AllmanLet This Be a Lesson to Ya'3:42Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)21977220
2511Gregg AllmanBrightest Smile in Town3:06Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)31977174
2512Gregg AllmanBring It on Back4:49Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)41977186
2513Gregg AllmanCryin' Shame3:44Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)51977188
2514Gregg AllmanSweet Feelin'3:37Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)61977192
2515Gregg AllmanIt Ain't No Use3:55Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)71977187
2516Gregg AllmanMatthew's Arrival3:50Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)81977200
2517Gregg AllmanOne More Try3:53Playin' Up a Storm (with The Gregg Allman Band)91977189
2518Gregg AllmanWhipping Post4:41Searching For Simplicity11997207
2519Gregg AllmanHouse Of Blues4:00Searching For Simplicity21997183
2520Gregg AllmanCome Back & Help Me3:35Searching For Simplicity31997195
2521Gregg AllmanSilence Ain't Golden Anymore3:33Searching For Simplicity41997185
2522Gregg AllmanRendezvous With The Blues3:53Searching For Simplicity51997180
2523Gregg AllmanWolf's A Howlin'4:14Searching For Simplicity61997201
2524Gregg AllmanLove The Poison3:29Searching For Simplicity71997191
2525Gregg AllmanDon't Deny Me4:37Searching For Simplicity81997186
2526Gregg AllmanDark End Of The Street3:16Searching For Simplicity91997159
2527Gregg AllmanNeighbor, Neighbor3:55Searching For Simplicity101997190
2528Gregg AllmanI've Got News For You4:37Searching For Simplicity111997172
2529Gregg AllmanMemphis In The Meantime3:43Searching For Simplicity121997214
2530Gregg AllmanStartin' Over3:19Searching For Simplicity131997223
2531Gregg AllmanMidnight Rider4:29Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974101990209
2532Gregg AllmanDon't Mess Up A Good Thing5:06The Gregg Allman Tour11974202
2533Gregg AllmanQueen Of Hearts7:43The Gregg Allman Tour21974206
2534Gregg AllmanI Feel So Bad4:47The Gregg Allman Tour31974206
2535Gregg AllmanStand Back3:32The Gregg Allman Tour41974204
2536Gregg AllmanTime Will Take Us (Cowboy)5:51The Gregg Allman Tour51974191
2537Gregg AllmanWhere Can You Go? (Cowboy)8:10The Gregg Allman Tour61974203
2538Gregg AllmanDouble Cross4:41The Gregg Allman Tour71974204
2539Gregg AllmanDreams7:29The Gregg Allman Tour81974208
2540Gregg AllmanAre You Lonely for Me Baby4:27The Gregg Allman Tour91974201
2541Gregg AllmanTurn On Your Love Light10:45The Gregg Allman Tour101974207
2542Gregg AllmanOncoming Traffic5:56The Gregg Allman Tour111974198
2543Gregg AllmanWill The Circle Be Unbroken7:21The Gregg Allman Tour121974199
2544The Gregg Allman BandI'm No Angel3:44I'm No Angel11987195
2545The Gregg Allman BandAnything Goes4:14I'm No Angel21987199
2546The Gregg Allman BandEvidence Of Love4:35I'm No Angel31987193
2547The Gregg Allman BandYours For The Asking3:18I'm No Angel41987191
2548The Gregg Allman BandThings That Might Have Been4:29I'm No Angel51987202
2549The Gregg Allman BandCan't Keep Running4:04I'm No Angel61987186
2550The Gregg Allman BandFaces Without Names3:38I'm No Angel71987205
2551The Gregg Allman BandLead Me On4:46I'm No Angel81987199
2552The Gregg Allman BandDon't Want You No More2:30I'm No Angel91987209
2553The Gregg Allman BandIt's Not My Cross to Bear5:37I'm No Angel101987193
2554The Gregg Allman BandDemons3:28Just Before The Bullets Fly11988194
2555The Gregg Allman BandBefore The Bullets Fly3:41Just Before The Bullets Fly21988208
2556The Gregg Allman BandSlip Away4:31Just Before The Bullets Fly31988193
2557The Gregg Allman BandThorn And A Wild Rose4:14Just Before The Bullets Fly41988199
2558The Gregg Allman BandOcean Awash The Gunwale4:53Just Before The Bullets Fly51988200
2559The Gregg Allman BandCan't Get Over You3:28Just Before The Bullets Fly61988192
2560The Gregg Allman BandIsland4:17Just Before The Bullets Fly71988196
2561The Gregg Allman BandFear Of Falling3:35Just Before The Bullets Fly81988185
2562The Gregg Allman BandNight Games3:53Just Before The Bullets Fly91988190
2563The Gregg Allman BandEvery Hungry Woman4:33Just Before The Bullets Fly101988192
2564Gregory AbbotShake You Down4:05Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)172004214
2565Gregory AbbottShake You Down4:04Slow Dancin'101990214
2566Gregory AbbottShake You Down4:06Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two91996205
2567Gregory AbbottShake You Down4:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)62001205
2568GreniqueDisco4:35Rush Hour (OST)91998205
2569Gretchen LieberumYou Closer4:09Siren Songs  128
2570Gretchen WilsonHere For The Party3:16Here For The Party12004221
2571Gretchen WilsonRedneck Woman3:42Here For The Party22004223
2572Gretchen WilsonWhen I Think About Cheatin'4:09Here For The Party32004201
2573Gretchen WilsonHomewrecker3:27Here For The Party42004208
2574Gretchen WilsonHoldin' You3:34Here For The Party52004188
2575Gretchen WilsonChariot4:26Here For The Party62004202
2576Gretchen WilsonWhat Happened3:51Here For The Party72004175
2577Gretchen WilsonWhen It Rains3:03Here For The Party82004211
2578Gretchen WilsonThe Bed (Featuring Big & Rich)2:53Here For The Party92004190
2579Gretchen WilsonPocahontas Proud5:16Here For The Party102004207
2580The GridSwamp Thing7:14Pecker (OST)151998231
2581The GridSwamp Thing3:55The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)101994224
2582Grim SaviourBananaPhone1:48  2004128
2583GrinspoonHard Act To Follow3:28Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)202005222
2584Grizzly BearAlligator (Choir Version)5:12Friend (EP)12007198
2585Grizzly BearHe Hit Me4:21Friend (EP)22007191
2586Grizzly BearLittle Brother (Electric)6:29Friend (EP)32007202
2587Grizzly BearShift (Alternate Version)3:30Friend (EP)42007163
2588Grizzly BearPlans (Terrible vs. Nonhourse: Sounds Edit)1:36Friend (EP)52007228
2589Grizzly BearGranny Diner4:47Friend (EP)62007170
2590Grizzly BearKnife (Covered by CSS)3:14Friend (EP)72007208
2591Grizzly BearPlans (Covered by Band of Horses)3:23Friend (EP)82007211
2592Grizzly BearKnife (Covered by Atlas Sound)4:54Friend (EP)92007225
2593Grizzly BearDeep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen Home Recording)5:49Friend (EP)102007157
2594Grizzly BearSouthern Point5:02Veckatimest12009214
2595Grizzly BearTwo Weeks4:03Veckatimest22009181
2596Grizzly BearAll We Ask5:21Veckatimest32009181
2597Grizzly BearFine for Now5:31Veckatimest42009189
2598Grizzly BearCheerleader4:54Veckatimest52009211
2599Grizzly BearDory4:26Veckatimest62009178
2600Grizzly BearReady, Able4:17Veckatimest72009196
2601Grizzly BearAbout Face3:21Veckatimest82009201
2602Grizzly BearHold Still2:24Veckatimest92009182
2603Grizzly BearWhile You Wait for the Others4:29Veckatimest102009184
2604Grizzly BearI Live with You4:57Veckatimest112009202
2605Grizzly BearForeground3:35Veckatimest122009178
2606Grizzly BearEasier3:43Yellow House12006195
2607Grizzly BearLullabye5:14Yellow House22006207
2608Grizzly BearKnife5:14Yellow House32006195
2609Grizzly BearCentral And Remote4:54Yellow House42006200
2610Grizzly BearLittle Brother6:24Yellow House52006187
2611Grizzly BearPlans4:16Yellow House62006191
2612Grizzly BearMarla4:56Yellow House72006176
2613Grizzly BearOn A Neck, On A Spit5:46Yellow House82006205
2614Grizzly BearReprise3:19Yellow House92006186
2615Grizzly BearColorado6:13Yellow House102006206
2616Grizzly, Stoat, Birch (and Young)Suite Judy Blue Eyes7:24  2011128
2619GrobschnittDrummer's Dream6:16Ballermann31974208
2620GrobschnittMorning Song5:47Ballermann41974206
2621GrobschnittMagic Train13:22Ballermann51974202
2622GrobschnittSolar Music, Part 117:33Ballermann61974208
2623GrobschnittSolar Music, Part 215:56Ballermann71974200
2624GrobschnittDer Alte Freund4:20Razzia11982211
2625GrobschnittSchweine Im Weltall4:02Razzia21982204
2627GrobschnittWir Wollen Leben4:11Razzia41982193
2628GrobschnittWir Wollen Sterben3:35Razzia51982206
2631GrobschnittErnie's Reise10:56Rockpommel's Land11977208
2632GrobschnittSeverity Town10:01Rockpommel's Land21977196
2633GrobschnittAnywhere4:12Rockpommel's Land31977194
2634GrobschnittRockpommel's Land19:50Rockpommel's Land41977210
2635GrobschnittSolar Music 14:09Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]11978206
2636GrobschnittFood Sicore3:45Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]21978201
2637GrobschnittSolar Music 25:52Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]31978197
2638GrobschnittMühlheim Special10:24Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]41978209
2639GrobschnittOtto Pankrock6:14Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]51978235
2640GrobschnittGolden Mist12:29Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]61978209
2641GrobschnittSolar Music 39:16Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]71978203
2642GrobschnittThe Missing 13 Minutes (Bonus Track)12:59Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]81978211
2643GrobschnittVanishing Towards The East (Bonus Track)0:35Solar Music Live [2008 Remaster]91978179
2644Groove ArmadaI See You Baby4:41Fired Up! (Disc 2)122003160
2645Groove ArmadaEdge Hill7:00Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)132001190
2646Groove CoveragePoison3:077 Years And 50 Days12004208
2647Groove Coverage7 Years & 50 Days (Radio Edit)3:457 Years And 50 Days22004186
2648Groove CoverageRemember3:187 Years And 50 Days32004203
2649Groove CoverageRunaway3:077 Years And 50 Days42004205
2650Groove CoverageI Need You vs. I Need You5:417 Years And 50 Days52004191
2651Groove CoverageThe End3:397 Years And 50 Days62004195
2652Groove CoverageForce Of Nature3:067 Years And 50 Days72004199
2653Groove CoverageWhen Life4:057 Years And 50 Days82004209
2654Groove CoverageHome3:177 Years And 50 Days92004191
2655Groove Coverage7 Years & 50 Days (Album Version)3:187 Years And 50 Days102004189
2656Groove CoverageCan't Get Over You3:247 Years And 50 Days112004215
2657Groove CoverageThe End (Special D. Remix)3:457 Years And 50 Days122004198
2658Groove CoverageNot Available4:407 Years And 50 Days132004204
2659Groove Coverage???2:247 Years And 50 Days142004182
2660Groove GalaxiBlues In The Galaxi4:23Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 09182000220
2661Groove TheoryTell Me3:5790's Pop Hits (Disc 1)11 195
2662Groove TheoryTell Me3:45The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)151999204
2663Group 1 CrewCan't Go On3:17WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)172006216
2664Group CheckCiao Baby2:55Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)182001175
2665The GroupiesPrimitive3:51Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)151998139
2666Grover Washington Jr.Inner City Blues7:08Blaxploitation: Soul, Jazz & Funk21996221
2667Grover Washington, Jr. with Bill WithersJust The Two Of Us3:58Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)152002211
2668GryphonOpening Move9:43Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)11997191
2669GryphonSecond Spasm8:16Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)21997207
2670GryphonLament10:14Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)31997208
2671GryphonCheckmate9:44Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)41997209
2672GryphonDown The Dog2:45Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)51997189
2673GryphonRaindance5:14Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)61997208
2674GryphonMother Nature's Son3:03Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)71997191
2675GryphonLe Cambrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir2:13Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)81997192
2676GryphonOrmolu1:03Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)91997221
2677GryphonFontinental Version5:35Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)101997212
2678GryphonWallbanger3:18Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)111997204
2679GryphonDon't Say Go1:49Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)121997190
2680Gryphon(Ein Klein) Heldenleben15:53Red Queen To Gryphon Three (1974) / Raindance (1975)131997209
2681GryphonKemps Jig3:10The Collection11992190
2682GryphonPastime With Good Company1:31The Collection21992205
2683GryphonTouch And Go1:33The Collection31992193
2684GryphonThe Astrologer3:14The Collection41992196
2685GryphonEstampie4:55The Collection51992208
2686GryphonUnquiet Grave5:45The Collection61992195
2687GryphonJuniper Suite4:49The Collection71992203
2688GryphonMidnight Mushrumps (Excerpt)8:09The Collection81992201
2689GryphonPloughboy's Dream3:04The Collection91992207
2690GryphonEthelion5:17The Collection101992223
2691GryphonLament (Excerpt)5:24The Collection111992204
2692GryphonRaindance5:25The Collection121992208
2693GryphonDon't Say Go1:51The Collection131992200
2694GryphonOrmolu1:04The Collection141992227
2695GryphonEin Klien Heldenleben (Excerpt)9:07The Collection151992221
2696Grystal GaleTalking In Your Sleep2:56Country Complete (Disc 1)91997188
2697The GTOSGirl From New York City2:00Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)212005150
2698GTRWhen The Heart Rules The Mind5:28GTR11986197
2699GTRThe Hunter4:58GTR21986197
2700GTRHere I Wait4:57GTR31986202
2701GTRSketches In The Sun2:33GTR41986203
2702GTRJekyll And Hyde4:45GTR51986203
2703GTRYou Can Still Get Through4:58GTR61986210
2704GTRReach Out (Never Say No)4:06GTR71986198
2705GTRToe The Line4:30GTR81986191
2706GTRHackett To Bits2:10GTR91986216
2708GTRWhen The Heart Rules The Mind5:27Rock Of The 80's Volume 1571994244
2709Guang LiangTong Hua4:04ͯ»°[] 2005192
2710Gudrun JenkinsLetkiss2:12Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 1)61992211
2711Guerilla Black feat. Mario WinansYou're The One3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1182004179
2712Guess WhoAmerican Woman5:08100% Pure Rock11994197
2713The Guess WhoShare The Land3:4870's Party Mix (Disc 1)21996201
2714The Guess WhoThese Eyes3:42AM Gold: 196961995187
2715The Guess WhoAmerican Woman3:54AM Gold: 1970-197421995194
2716The Guess WhoAmerican Woman3:50American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 121989246
2717The Guess WhoAmerican Woman5:10American Woman11970193
2718The Guess WhoNo Time3:50American Woman21970188
2719The Guess WhoTalisman5:10American Woman31970173
2720The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature4:54American Woman41970213
2721The Guess Who969 (The Oldest Man)3:00American Woman51970201
2722The Guess WhoWhen Friends Fall Out3:03American Woman61970195
2723The Guess Who8:153:30American Woman71970217
2724The Guess WhoProper Stranger4:06American Woman81970192
2725The Guess WhoHumpty's Blues/American Woman (Epilogue)6:12American Woman91970186
2726The Guess WhoGot To Find Another Way (Bonus Track)2:51American Woman101970195
2727The Guess WhoNo Time5:37Canned Wheat [Remastered]11969218
2728The Guess WhoMinstrel Boy3:19Canned Wheat [Remastered]21969185
2729The Guess WhoLaughing3:03Canned Wheat [Remastered]31969219
2730The Guess WhoUndun4:18Canned Wheat [Remastered]41969217
2731The Guess Who6 A.M. Or Nearer5:24Canned Wheat [Remastered]51969198
2732The Guess WhoOld Joe2:57Canned Wheat [Remastered]61969200
2733The Guess WhoOf A Dropping Pin3:42Canned Wheat [Remastered]71969211
2734The Guess WhoKey11:16Canned Wheat [Remastered]81969211
2735The Guess WhoFair Warning1:49Canned Wheat [Remastered]91969176
2736The Guess WhoSpecies Hawk3:33Canned Wheat [Remastered]101969224
2737The Guess WhoSilver Bird2:41Canned Wheat [Remastered]111969181
2738The Guess WhoAmerican Woman3:53Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)41998214
2739The Guess WhoPain Train7:00Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]11972251
2740The Guess WhoAlbert Flasher2:59Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]21972231
2741The Guess WhoNew Mother Nature4:26Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]31972221
2742The Guess WhoRunnin' Back To Saskatoon6:24Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]41972244
2743The Guess WhoRain Dance2:53Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]51972220
2744The Guess WhoThese Eyes4:29Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]61972200
2745The Guess WhoGlace Bay Blues3:19Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]71972140
2746The Guess WhoSour Suite3:58Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]81972144
2747The Guess WhoHand Me Down World3:53Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]91972229
2748The Guess WhoAmerican Woman16:53Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]101972234
2749The Guess WhoTruckin' Off Across The Sky7:21Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]111972223
2750The Guess WhoShare The Land4:46Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]121972202
2751The Guess WhoNo Time6:06Live At The Paramount [2000 Reissue]131972225
2752The Guess WhoLonely One4:31Lonely One11995220
2753The Guess WhoLove's All That Matters Tonight4:11Lonely One21995206
2754The Guess WhoSweet Liberty4:00Lonely One31995240
2755The Guess WhoHaunted Heart3:31Lonely One41995203
2756The Guess WhoAnything For Love4:13Lonely One51995225
2757The Guess WhoStill Feels Like Love3:55Lonely One61995218
2758The Guess WhoThe Razor's Edge3:35Lonely One71995216
2759The Guess WhoI Feel Your Pain4:12Lonely One81995197
2760The Guess WhoAmy4:44Lonely One91995216
2761The Guess WhoRock N' Roll Classic3:56Lonely One101995222
2762The Guess WhoAmerican Woman3:51More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)51999217
2763Guess WhoIt's My Pride2:47Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)102001147
2764The Guess WhoAmerican Woman3:54Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)11996210
2765The Guess WhoThese Eyes3:46Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)21996202
2766The Guess WhoAmerican Woman5:07Rock Line101992207
2767The Guess WhoBus Rider2:56Share The Land11970208
2768The Guess WhoDo You Miss Me Darlin'3:56Share The Land21970202
2769The Guess WhoHand Me Down World3:28Share The Land31970204
2770The Guess WhoMoan For You Joe2:41Share The Land41970198
2771The Guess WhoShare The Land3:55Share The Land51970198
2772The Guess WhoHang On To Your Life4:11Share The Land61970210
2773The Guess WhoComing Down Off The Money Bag/Song Of The Dog3:57Share The Land71970211
2774The Guess WhoThree More Days8:54Share The Land81970203
2775The Guess WhoThese Eyes3:46These Eyes11992199
2776The Guess WhoUndun3:28These Eyes21992211
2777The Guess WhoAmerican Woman5:08These Eyes31992207
2778The Guess WhoClap For The Wolfman3:29These Eyes41992202
2779The Guess WhoWhen You Touch Me3:37These Eyes51992205
2780The Guess WhoOld Joe3:10These Eyes61992198
2781The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight4:52These Eyes71992203
2782The Guess WhoShare The Land3:53These Eyes81992192
2783Guess WhoThese Eyes3:38Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)62001201
2784Guess WhoNo Time3:43Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)22001203
2785The Guess WhoThese Eyes3:38Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)11988203
2786The Guess WhoLaughing2:45Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)21988206
2787The Guess WhoUndun3:31Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)31988220
2788The Guess WhoNo Time3:45Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)41988209
2789The Guess WhoAmerican Woman5:08Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)51988205
2790The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature4:53Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)61988203
2791The Guess WhoHand Me Down World3:28Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)71988202
2792The Guess WhoShare The Land3:33Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)81988193
2793The Guess WhoBus Rider2:59Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)91988207
2794The Guess WhoDo You Miss Me Darlin'3:56Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)101988197
2795The Guess WhoHang On To Your Life4:10Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)111988209
2796The Guess WhoAlbert Flasher2:25Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)121988195
2797The Guess WhoBroken3:07Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)131988204
2798The Guess WhoRain Dance2:42Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)141988219
2799The Guess WhoSour Suite4:04Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)151988184
2800The Guess WhoHeartbroken Bopper4:57Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)161988220
2801The Guess WhoRunnin' Back To Saskstoon3:33Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)171988197
2802The Guess WhoFollow Your Daughter Home3:39Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 1)181988201
2803The Guess WhoOrly2:54Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)11988223
2804The Guess WhoGlamour Boy4:47Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)21988189
2805The Guess WhoStar Baby2:39Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)31988187
2806The Guess WhoClap For The Wolfman4:06Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)41988203
2807The Guess WhoDancin' Fool3:19Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)51988183
2808The Guess WhoSona Sona3:20Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)61988170
2809The Guess WhoA Wednesday In Your Garden3:21Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)71988200
2810The Guess WhoProper Stranger3:59Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)81988195
2811The Guess WhoLife In The Bloodstream3:12Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)91988205
2812The Guess WhoGuns Guns Guns5:01Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)101988208
2813The Guess WhoShow Biz Shoes6:51Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)111988204
2814The Guess WhoWhen The Band Was Singin' (Shakin' All Over)3:31Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)121988218
2815The Guess WhoPower In The Music6:36Track Record - The Guess Who Collection (Disc 2)131988203
2816The GuilloteensFor My Own2:08Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)132009161
2817Guilt MachineTwisted Coil11:43On This Perfect Day12009225
2818Guilt MachineLeland Street8:03On This Perfect Day22009219
2819Guilt MachineGreen And Cream10:32On This Perfect Day32009241
2820Guilt MachineSeason Of Denial10:22On This Perfect Day42009227
2821Guilt MachineOver6:11On This Perfect Day52009224
2822Guilt MachinePerfection10:46On This Perfect Day62009221
2823The Gun ClubSex Beat2:47Fire Of Love11981199
2824The Gun ClubPreaching The Blues4:01Fire Of Love21981200
2825The Gun ClubPromise Me2:37Fire Of Love31981200
2826The Gun ClubShe's Like Heroin To Me2:36Fire Of Love41981224
2827The Gun ClubFor The Love Of Ivy5:36Fire Of Love51981204
2828The Gun ClubFire Spirit2:52Fire Of Love61981205
2829The Gun ClubGhost On The Highway2:46Fire Of Love71981199
2830The Gun ClubJack On Fire4:45Fire Of Love81981199
2831The Gun ClubBlack Train2:12Fire Of Love91981225
2832The Gun ClubCool Drink Of Water6:18Fire Of Love101981192
2833The Gun ClubGoodbye Johnny3:46Fire Of Love111981203
2834The Gun ClubCarry Home3:11Miami11982208
2835The Gun ClubLike Calling Up Thunder2:26Miami21982249
2836The Gun ClubBrother and Sister2:57Miami31982223
2837The Gun ClubRun Though the Jungle4:08Miami41982223
2838The Gun ClubA Devil in the Woods3:05Miami51982220
2839The Gun ClubTexas Serenade4:41Miami61982245
2840The Gun ClubWatermelon Man4:06Miami71982199
2841The Gun ClubBad Indian2:35Miami81982248
2842The Gun ClubJohn Hardy3:24Miami91982202
2843The Gun ClubThe Fire of Love2:08Miami101982233
2844The Gun ClubSleeping in Blood City3:28Miami111982247
2845The Gun ClubMother of Earth3:24Miami121982211
2846Gunhill RoadBack When My Hair Was Short2:39The Buddah Box (Disc 2)151993201
2847G-UnitStunt 1013:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01212004211
2848G-UnitStunt 1014:05Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 162004152
2849Guns and RosesAxl Rose - White Christmas (rare)2:38   128
2850Guns N' RosesSince I Don't Have You4:19"The Spaghetti Incident?"11993204
2851Guns N' RosesNew Rose2:38"The Spaghetti Incident?"21993251
2852Guns N' RosesDown On The Farm3:28"The Spaghetti Incident?"31993250
2853Guns N' RosesHuman Being6:48"The Spaghetti Incident?"41993236
2854Guns N' RosesRaw Power3:11"The Spaghetti Incident?"51993249
2855Guns N' RosesAin't It Fun5:05"The Spaghetti Incident?"61993237
2856Guns N' RosesBuick Makane2:39"The Spaghetti Incident?"71993236
2857Guns N' RosesHair Of The Dog3:54"The Spaghetti Incident?"81993238
2858Guns N' RosesAttitude1:27"The Spaghetti Incident?"91993234
2859Guns N' RosesBlack Leather4:08"The Spaghetti Incident?"101993240
2860Guns N' RosesYou Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory3:35"The Spaghetti Incident?"111993236
2861Guns N' RosesI Don't Care About You4:51"The Spaghetti Incident?"121993203
2862Guns N' RosesWelcome To The Jungle4:33Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]11987218
2863Guns N' RosesIt's So Easy3:23Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]21987219
2864Guns N' RosesNightrain4:27Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]31987218
2865Guns N' RosesOut Ta Get Me4:22Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]41987228
2866Guns N' RosesMr. Brownstone3:48Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]51987233
2867Guns N' RosesParadise City6:48Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]61987226
2868Guns N' RosesMy Michelle3:40Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]71987234
2869Guns N' RosesThink About You3:51Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]81987221
2870Guns N' RosesSweet Child O' Mine5:56Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]91987209
2871Guns N' RosesYou're Crazy3:17Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]101987241
2872Guns N' RosesAnything Goes3:26Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]111987240
2873Guns N' RosesRocket Queen6:12Appetite For Destruction [MFSL Ultradisc]121987234
2874Guns N' RosesParadise City6:45Can't Hardly Wait (OST)151998235
2875Guns N' RosesChinese Democracy4:43Chinese Democracy12008207
2876Guns N' RosesShackler's Revenge3:36Chinese Democracy22008219
2877Guns N' RosesBetter4:58Chinese Democracy32008211
2878Guns N' RosesStreet Of Dreams4:46Chinese Democracy42008201
2879Guns N' RosesIf The world4:54Chinese Democracy52008199
2880Guns N' RosesThere Was A Time6:41Chinese Democracy62008207
2881Guns N' RosesCatcher In The Rye5:53Chinese Democracy72008208
2882Guns N' RosesScraped3:30Chinese Democracy82008207
2883Guns N' RosesRiad N' The Bedouins4:10Chinese Democracy92008223
2884Guns N' RosesSorry6:14Chinese Democracy102008206
2885Guns N' RosesI.R.S.4:28Chinese Democracy112008222
2886Guns N' RosesMadagascar5:38Chinese Democracy122008192
2887Guns N' RosesThis I love5:34Chinese Democracy132008186
2888Guns N' RosesProstitute6:15Chinese Democracy142008206
2889Guns N' RosesReckless Life3:22G N' R Lies11988227
2890Guns N' RosesNice Boys3:02G N' R Lies21988231
2891Guns N' RosesMove To The City3:42G N' R Lies31988225
2892Guns N' RosesMama Kin3:56G N' R Lies41988216
2893Guns N' RosesPatience5:56G N' R Lies51988206
2894Guns N' RosesUsed To Love Her3:13G N' R Lies61988235
2895Guns N' RosesYou're Crazy4:10G N' R Lies71988231
2896Guns N' RosesOne In A Million6:09G N' R Lies81988226
2897Guns N' RosesCivil War7:36Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal141990222
2898Guns N' RosesRight Next Door to Hell3:02Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]11991206
2899Guns N' RosesDust N' Bones5:00Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]21991208
2900Guns N' RosesLive and Let Die3:06Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]31991203
2901Guns N' RosesDon't Cry (Original)4:45Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]41991189
2902Guns N' RosesPerfect Crime2:24Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]51991218
2903Guns N' RosesYou Ain't The First2:37Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]61991194
2904Guns N' RosesBad Obsession5:29Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]71991203
2905Guns N' RosesBack Off Bitch5:04Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]81991207
2906Guns N' RosesDouble Talkin' Jive3:24Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]91991202
2907Guns N' RosesNovember Rain9:01Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]101991196
2908Guns N' RosesThe Garden5:24Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]111991210
2909Guns N' RosesGarden Of Eden2:42Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]121991214
2910Guns N' RosesDon't Damn Me5:20Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]131991204
2911Guns N' RosesBad Apples4:27Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]141991218
2912Guns N' RosesDead Horse4:18Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]151991213
2913Guns N' RosesComa10:16Use Your Illusion I [MFSL Ultradisc]161991204
2914Guns N' RosesCivil War7:42Use Your Illusion II11991206
2915Guns N' Roses14 Years4:21Use Your Illusion II21991207
2916Guns N' RosesYesterdays3:16Use Your Illusion II31991199
2917Guns N' RosesKnockin' On Heaven's Door5:36Use Your Illusion II41991201
2918Guns N' RosesGet In The Ring5:41Use Your Illusion II51991212
2919Guns N' RosesShotgun Blues3:23Use Your Illusion II61991222
2920Guns N' RosesBreakdown7:04Use Your Illusion II71991212
2921Guns N' RosesPretty Tied Up4:47Use Your Illusion II81991220
2922Guns N' RosesLocomotive8:42Use Your Illusion II91991220
2923Guns N' RosesSo Fine4:06Use Your Illusion II101991192
2924Guns N' RosesEstranged9:23Use Your Illusion II111991197
2925Guns N' RosesYou Could Be Mine5:43Use Your Illusion II121991216
2926Guns N' RosesDon't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)4:44Use Your Illusion II131991187
2927Guns N' RosesMy World1:23Use Your Illusion II141991206
2928Guru with N'Dea DavenportTrust Me4:28Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)42005180
2929Gustav Brom Big BandContraband3:19Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 0982000209
2930Gustav HolstThe Planets: Uranus, The Magician6:11In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic81998186
2931Gustav HolstI - Mars, The Bringer Of War6:36The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)11985196
2932Gustav HolstII - Venus, The Bringer Of Peace9:35The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)21985182
2933Gustav HolstIII - Mercury, The Winged Messenger3:57The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)31985184
2934Gustav HolstIV - Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity8:17The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)41985197
2935Gustav HolstV - Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age8:53The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)51985187
2936Gustav HolstVI - Uranus, The Magician5:24The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)61985190
2937Gustav HolstVII - Neptune, The Mystic8:20The Planets - Leonard Bernstein (1973 CBS 1985)71985177
2938Gustav Holst & Christina RossettiIn the Bleak Midwinter4:40Favourite Christmas Carols - The Bach Choir, Case, The Jacques Orchestra, Willcocks31993198
2939Gustav MahlerSymphony No.5 - IV: Adagietto11:54Best Loved Classics (Disc 1)121988190
2940Gustav MahlerSymphony No.1 in D "Titan" - Langsam. Schleppend. Wie ein Naturlaut - Im Anfang sehr gem?chlich16:20Symphony 1 - Abbado, CSO (1981 DG)1 186
2941Gustav MahlerSymphony No.1 in D "Titan" - Kr?ftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell - Trio. Recht gem?chlich7:16Symphony 1 - Abbado, CSO (1981 DG)2 189
2942Gustav MahlerSymphony No.1 in D "Titan" - Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen10:55Symphony 1 - Abbado, CSO (1981 DG)3 178
2943Gustav MahlerSymphony No.1 in D "Titan" - St?rmisch bewegt19:44Symphony 1 - Abbado, CSO (1981 DG)4 185
2944Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 1. Allegro maestoso23:54Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 1)11986184
2945Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 2. Andante moderato10:16Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)11986184
2946Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 3. In ruhig flie_ender Bewegung11:20Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)21986186
2947Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 4. Urlicht. Sehr feierlich, aber schlicht5:09Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)31986161
2948Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Im Tempo des Scherzos. Wild herausfahrend.6:48Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)41986165
2949Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Weider sehr breit3:07Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)51986179
2950Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Ritardando . . . Maestoso4:36Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)61986195
2951Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Wieder zur?ckhaltend5:58Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)71986174
2952Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Langsam. Misterioso6:34Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)81986169
2953Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Etwas bewegter3:23Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)91986168
2954Gustav MahlerSymphony No.2 in Cm "Resurrection" - 5. Mit Aufschwung aber nicht eilen4:42Symphony 2 - Rattle, CBSO (1986 EMI 1987) (Disc 2)101986198
2955Gustav MahlerSymphony No.4 in G - I. Bedachtig - Nicht Eilen - Recht Gemachlich16:33Symphony 4 - Haitink, Concertgebouw (1967 Philips)1 193
2956Gustav MahlerSymphony No.4 in G - II. In Gemachlicher Bewegung8:41Symphony 4 - Haitink, Concertgebouw (1967 Philips)2 190
2957Gustav MahlerSymphony No.4 in G - III. Ruhevoll (Poco Adagio)19:35Symphony 4 - Haitink, Concertgebouw (1967 Philips)3 193
2958Gustav MahlerSymphony No.4 in G - IV. Sehr Behaglich8:48Symphony 4 - Haitink, Concertgebouw (1967 Philips)4 192
2959Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Andante comodo5:29Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)11979190
2960Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Etwas frischer1:18Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)21979199
2961Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Tempo I. subito5:41Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)31979191
2962Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Leidenschaftlich1:47Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)41979199
2963Gustav Mahler1st Movement - [Ohne Bezeichnung]2:35Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)51979186
2964Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Bewegter1:28Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)61979196
2965Gustav Mahler1st Movement - [Ohne Bezeichnung]1:37Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)71979188
2966Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Wie von Anfang1:48Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)81979195
2967Gustav Mahler1st Movement - Plözlich bedeutend langsamer (Lento) und Leise5:55Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)91979183
2968Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Im Tempo eines gemächlichen Ländlers. Etwas täppisch und sehr derb2:21Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)101979186
2969Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Poco più mosso subito (tempo II.)2:32Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)111979200
2970Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Tempo III.1:38Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)121979186
2971Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - A tempo II.1:24Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)131979202
2972Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Tempo III.1:53Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)141979188
2973Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Tempo I.1:21Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)151979190
2974Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Tempo II.1:38Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)161979203
2975Gustav Mahler2nd Movement - Tempo I. subito3:07Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 1)171979183
2976Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Allegro assai. sehr trotzig1:50Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)11979197
2977Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - l'Istesso tempo1:05Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)21979195
2978Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Sempre l'istesso tempo1:18Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)31979201
2979Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - l'Istesso tempo1:20Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)41979199
2980Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Without indication2:33Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)51979191
2981Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Without indication1:40Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)61979187
2982Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Tempo I. subito1:29Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)71979200
2983Gustav Mahler3rd Movement - Più stretto0:53Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)81979198
2984Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Sehr langsam und noch zurückhaltend4:14Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)91979201
2985Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Plötzlich wieder sehr langsam (wie zu Anfang)2:08Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)101979194
2986Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Molto adagio subito2:04Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)111979209
2987Gustav Mahler4th Movement - A tempo (molto adagio)3:40Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)121979196
2988Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Stets sehr gehalten1:36Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)131979187
2989Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Fließender, doch durchaus nicht eilend1:54Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)141979196
2990Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Tempo I. molto adagio5:36Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)151979196
2991Gustav Mahler4th Movement - Adagissimo4:56Symphony 9 - Leonard Bernstein [1979 DG 1992] (Disc 2)161979191
2992Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 5 In C#min I. Abteilung 1 Trauermarsch12:43Symphony No. 5 - Daniel Barenboim11997189
2993Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 5 In C#min I. Abteilung 2 Sturmisch Bewegt14:31Symphony No. 5 - Daniel Barenboim21997192
2994Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 5 In C#min II. Abteilung 3 Scherzo16:37Symphony No. 5 - Daniel Barenboim31997190
2995Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 5 In C#min III. Abteilung 4 Adagietto9:45Symphony No. 5 - Daniel Barenboim41997193
2996Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 5 In C#min III. Abteilung 5 Rondo-Finale15:38Symphony No. 5 - Daniel Barenboim51997196
2997Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Veni, Creator Spiritus'1:27Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)11972205
2998Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Imple superna gratia'4:25Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)21972203
2999Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Infirma nostri corporis'6:41Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)31972197
3000Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Accende lumen sensibus'4:22Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)41972203
3001Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Veni, Creator Spiritus'4:07Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)51972204
3002Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part I - 'Gloria Patri Domino'2:09Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 1)61972201
3003Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - Poco adagio: 'Waldung, sie schwankt heran14:13Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)11972193
3004Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Ewiger Wonnebrand'1:35Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)21972202
3005Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Wie Felsenabgrund mir zu F??en'4:44Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)31972196
3006Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Gerettet ist das edle Glied'3:00Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)41972202
3007Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Uns bleibt ein Erdenrest - Hier ist die Aussicht frei'2:58Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)51972199
3008Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'H?chste Herrscherin der Welt - Dir, der Unber?hrbaren'8:07Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)61972195
3009Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Bei der Liebe, die den F??en'4:54Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)71972194
3010Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Neige, neige, Du Ohnegleiche'5:18Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)81972198
3011Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Blicket auf zum Retterblick'6:01Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)91972199
3012Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 8 - Part II - 'Alles Verg?ngliche'5:27Symphony No. 8 - Solti (1971 Decca) (Disc 2)101972198
3013GusterAmsterdam (Gonna Write You A Letter) [Remix]3:44TM Century PrimeCuts 524P22003212
3014GuyTeddy's Jam (Extended Version)7:53Dance Classics Vol. 3192010232
3015GuyDo It3:44Dance R&B Anthems152001211
3016GuyThe Best3:39Wild Wild West (OST)131999208
3017A Guy Called GeraldFever (Black Dog Mix)7:11Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)92003196
3018A Guy Called GeraldBody & Fear5:48Requiem for a Dream (Remixed) (OST)142002211
3019Guy ClarkCold Dog Soup3:35Cold Dog Soup11999202
3020Guy ClarkFort Worth Blues4:32Cold Dog Soup21999173
3021Guy ClarkSis Draper3:44Cold Dog Soup31999196
3022Guy ClarkAin't No Trouble To Me3:01Cold Dog Soup41999205
3023Guy ClarkWater Under The Bridge3:13Cold Dog Soup51999207
3024Guy ClarkForever, For Always, For Certain3:17Cold Dog Soup61999193
3025Guy ClarkMen Will Be Boys3:31Cold Dog Soup71999214
3026Guy ClarkIndian Head Penny3:33Cold Dog Soup81999197
3027Guy ClarkBunkhouse Blues3:08Cold Dog Soup91999188
3028Guy ClarkRed River3:05Cold Dog Soup101999186
3029Guy ClarkDie Tryin'2:50Cold Dog Soup111999198
3030Guy ClarkBe Gone Forever3:10Cold Dog Soup121999203
3031Guy ClarkDublin Blues4:20Dublin Blues11995176
3032Guy ClarkBlack Diamond Strings3:51Dublin Blues21995189
3033Guy ClarkShut Up And Talk To Me3:31Dublin Blues31995194
3034Guy ClarkStuff That Works5:07Dublin Blues41995182
3035Guy ClarkHank Williams Said It Best4:44Dublin Blues51995192
3036Guy ClarkThe Cape3:40Dublin Blues61995189
3037Guy ClarkBaby Took A Limo To Memphis4:11Dublin Blues71995188
3038Guy ClarkTryin' To Try3:13Dublin Blues81995170
3039Guy ClarkHangin' Your Life On The Wall3:32Dublin Blues91995192
3040Guy ClarkThe Randall Knife5:32Dublin Blues101995191
3041Guy ClarkFool on the Roof4:13Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]11978205
3042Guy ClarkFools for Each Other4:16Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]21978180
3043Guy ClarkShade of All Greens3:13Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]31978191
3044Guy ClarkVoila, An American Dream3:47Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]41978200
3045Guy ClarkOne Paper Kid3:24Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]51978188
3046Guy ClarkIn the Jailhouse Now3:48Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]61978200
3047Guy ClarkComfort and Crazy3:08Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]71978182
3048Guy ClarkDon't You Take It Too Bad4:03Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]81978195
3049Guy ClarkThe Houston Kid3:59Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]91978213
3050Guy ClarkFool on the Roof Blues2:31Guy Clark [2009 Reissue]101978195
3051Guy ClarkRita Ballou2:49Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'11998200
3052Guy ClarkLa Freeway4:58Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'21998194
3053Guy ClarkShe Ain't Goin' Nowhere3:28Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'31998197
3054Guy ClarkA Nickel For The Fiddler2:48Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'41998210
3055Guy ClarkThat Old Time Feeling4:14Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'51998181
3056Guy ClarkTexas-19473:12Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'61998199
3057Guy ClarkDesperados Waiting For The Train4:31Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'71998188
3058Guy ClarkLike A Coat From The Cold3:19Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'81998187
3059Guy ClarkInstant Coffee Blues3:17Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'91998197
3060Guy ClarkLet Him Roll4:05Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'101998192
3061Guy ClarkTexas Cookin'3:51Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'111998198
3062Guy ClarkAnyhow, I Love You3:56Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'121998187
3063Guy ClarkVirginia's Real3:01Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'131998203
3064Guy ClarkIt's About Time4:58Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'141998193
3065Guy ClarkGood To Love You Lady5:04Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'151998204
3066Guy ClarkBroken Hearted People4:46Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'161998201
3067Guy ClarkBlack Haired Boy3:12Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'171998191
3068Guy ClarkMe I'm Feeling The Same3:33Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'181998205
3069Guy ClarkThe Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint3:56Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'191998206
3070Guy ClarkThe Last Gunfighter Ballad2:50Old No 1 & Texas Cookin'201998187
3071Guy ClarkBaby Took A Limo To Memphis3:31Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe12001195
3072Guy ClarkThe Cape3:29Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe52001190
3073Guy ClarkRandall Knife4:46Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe92001182
3074Guy ClarkDublin Blues4:29Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe132001186
3075Guy ClarkImmigrant Eyes4:08Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe162001187
3076Guy ClarkTexas 19473:12The Essential Guy Clark11997212
3077Guy ClarkDesperadoes Waiting For A Train4:32The Essential Guy Clark21997199
3078Guy ClarkLike A Coat From The Cold3:20The Essential Guy Clark31997206
3079Guy ClarkInstant Coffee Blues3:17The Essential Guy Clark41997208
3080Guy ClarkLet Him Roll4:06The Essential Guy Clark51997191
3081Guy ClarkRita Ballou2:50The Essential Guy Clark61997213
3082Guy ClarkL.A. Freeway4:58The Essential Guy Clark71997200
3083Guy ClarkShe Ain't Goin' Nowhere3:28The Essential Guy Clark81997199
3084Guy ClarkA Nickel For The Fiddler2:48The Essential Guy Clark91997218
3085Guy ClarkThat Old Time Feelin'4:14The Essential Guy Clark101997195
3086Guy ClarkTexas Cookin'3:49The Essential Guy Clark111997211
3087Guy ClarkAnyhow I Love You3:55The Essential Guy Clark121997197
3088Guy ClarkVirginia's Reel3:00The Essential Guy Clark131997212
3089Guy ClarkBroken Hearted People4:44The Essential Guy Clark141997190
3090Guy ClarkBlack Haired Boy3:10The Essential Guy Clark151997191
3091Guy ClarkMe I'm Feelin' The Same3:32The Essential Guy Clark161997198
3092Guy ClarkThe Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint3:52The Essential Guy Clark171997203
3093Guy ClarkDon't Let The Sunshine Fool You2:54The Essential Guy Clark181997220
3094Guy ClarkThe Last Gunfighter Ballad2:51The Essential Guy Clark191997172
3095Guy ClarkFools For Each Other4:15The Essential Guy Clark201997188
3096Guy FletcherMary In The Morning3:36Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)202001199
3097Guy GerberStoppage Time9:57Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)112004203
3098Guy LombardoAuld Lang Syne2:07Christmas Comedy Classics121985159
3099Guy LombardoAuld Lang Syne2:32Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)182003145
3100Guy LombardoSpeak Low (When You Speak, Love)2:49Your Hit Parade 194410 126
3101Guy LombardoIt's Love-Love-Love2:30Your Hit Parade 194420 126
3102Guy LombardoEnjoy Yourself3:20Your Hit Parade 19502 128
3103Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansAuld Lang Syne2:08Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two191997182
3104Guy Lombardo And His Royal CanadiansBoo Hoo2:21Pottery Barn Kids: Play Time!112002197
3105Guy MarksLoving You Has Made Me Bananas2:53Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers231993193
3106Guy MitchellHeartaches By The Number2:39Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)111996134
3107Guy MitchellHeartaches By The Number2:41The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)121997194
3108Guy MitchellSingin' The Blues2:28The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)161997128
3109Guy MitchellPittsburgh, Pennsylvania2:59Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever211992126
3110Guy MitchellMy Truly, Truly Fair2:53Your Hit Parade 195121988127
3111Guy MitchellMy Heart Cries For You2:51Your Hit Parade 1951161988126
3112Guy MitchellSinging The Blues2:28Your Hit Parade 195619 129
3113Guy MitchellHeartaches By The Number2:40Your Hit Parade 195914 189
3114Guys 'n DollsThere's A Whole Lot Of Loving3:13Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)162001231
3115Guys 'n DollsSomething's Gotten Hold Of My Heart3:27Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)142001198
3116Guys 'n' DollsThere's A Whole Lot Of Loving3:15Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)141997200
3117Guys 'n' DollsYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me2:49Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)121997203
3118GW Bush, R Reagan, JFKPresidential Speech Montage3:59God Bless the USA12001149
3119Gwen GuthrieAin't Nothing Goin' On but the Rent (Original Mix)7:13Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)62001219
3120Gwen McCraeRockin' Chair3:18Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)212001204
3121Gwen McCraeAll This Love (That I'm Giving)3:53Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 2)32001215
3122Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For?3:41Love. Angel. Music. Baby.12004232
3123Gwen StefaniRich Girl (Feat. Eve)3:56Love. Angel. Music. Baby.22004195
3124Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl3:19Love. Angel. Music. Baby.32004236
3125Gwen StefaniCool3:09Love. Angel. Music. Baby.42004221
3126Gwen StefaniBubble Pop Electric (Feat. Johnny Vulture)3:42Love. Angel. Music. Baby.52004234
3127Gwen StefaniLuxurious4:24Love. Angel. Music. Baby.62004226
3128Gwen StefaniHarajuku Girls4:51Love. Angel. Music. Baby.72004230
3129Gwen StefaniCrash4:06Love. Angel. Music. Baby.82004215
3130Gwen StefaniThe Real Thing4:12Love. Angel. Music. Baby.92004197
3131Gwen StefaniSerious4:48Love. Angel. Music. Baby.102004207
3132Gwen StefaniDanger Zone3:37Love. Angel. Music. Baby.112004224
3133Gwen StefaniLong Way To Go (Feat. Andre 3000)4:34Love. Angel. Music. Baby.122004227
3134Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For?3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1132004235
3135Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl3:20Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05102005236
3136Gwen StefaniCool3:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0752005226
3137Gwen StefaniCrash4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-02132006213
3138Gwen StefaniWind It Up3:09The Sweet Escape12006193
3139Gwen StefaniThe Sweet Escape (Feat. Akon)4:06The Sweet Escape22006209
3140Gwen StefaniOrange County Girl3:23The Sweet Escape32006211
3141Gwen StefaniEarly Winter4:44The Sweet Escape42006209
3142Gwen StefaniNow That You Got It2:59The Sweet Escape52006222
3143Gwen Stefani4 In The Morning4:51The Sweet Escape62006194
3144Gwen StefaniYummy (Feat. Pharrell)4:57The Sweet Escape72006185
3145Gwen StefaniFluorescent4:18The Sweet Escape82006197
3146Gwen StefaniBreakin' Up3:47The Sweet Escape92006211
3147Gwen StefaniDon't Get It Twisted3:37The Sweet Escape102006216
3148Gwen StefaniU Started It3:08The Sweet Escape112006192
3149Gwen StefaniWonderful Life3:59The Sweet Escape122006211
3150Gwen Stefani feat. AkonThe Sweet Escape4:07Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)22007244
3151Gwen Stefani feat. AkonThe Sweet Escape4:06Now That's What I Call Music! 2532007210
3152Gwen Stefani feat. AkonThe Sweet Escape4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0222007209
3153Gwen Stefani feat. EveRich Girl3:47Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0232005193
3154Gwen Stefani feat. Slim ThugLuxurious (Remix)4:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1152005213
3155Gym Class HeroesCupid's Chokehold / Breakfast In America3:59Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)32007238
3156Gym Class HeroesClothes Off! [Josh Harris Radio Edit]3:53Nu Music Traxx Vol. 219 September 2007122007230
3157Gym Class HeroesThe Queen And I3:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0872006206
3158Gym Class HeroesCupid's Chokehold4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11182006204
3159Gym Class HeroesShell Shock3:17TMNT (OST)12006128
3160GyroscopeFast Girl3:17Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)112006236

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