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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1J. A. C. RedfordSykes2:19Oliver & Company (OST)61988186
2J. A. C. RedfordBedtime Story4:41Oliver & Company (OST)71988192
3J. A. C. RedfordThe Rescue3:24Oliver & Company (OST)81988190
4J. A. C. RedfordPursuit Through The Subway3:47Oliver & Company (OST)91988186
5J. A. C. RedfordEnd Title1:16Oliver & Company (OST)111988183
6J. BastosLoop Di Love2:34Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 3)11992221
7J. CostaHow Am I Supposed To Live Without You [Mig-Holland Club]6:27TM Century PrimeCuts Dance 561D72004208
8J. E. Mainer's MountaineersJohn Henry Was A Little Boy3:13Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)62000156
9J. Frank Wilson & The CavaliersLast Kiss2:27AM Gold: The Mid '60s51995126
10J. Frank Wilson & The CavaliersLast Kiss2:23The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1964111995176
11J. Geils BandCenterfold3:37100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)141997188
12J. Geils Band(Ain't Nothin' But A) House Party4:43Bloodshot11973220
13J. Geils BandMake Up Your Mind3:30Bloodshot21973198
14J. Geils BandBack To Get Ya5:19Bloodshot31973224
15J. Geils BandStruttin' With My Baby3:18Bloodshot41973213
16J. Geils BandDon't Try To Hide It2:34Bloodshot51973211
17J. Geils BandSouthside Shuffle3:43Bloodshot61973198
18J. Geils BandHold Your Loving2:32Bloodshot71973211
19J. Geils BandStart All Over Again4:13Bloodshot81973210
20J. Geils BandGive It To Me6:32Bloodshot91973229
21J. Geils BandFreeze-Frame3:57Champions Of Rock11996209
22J. Geils BandCenterfold3:37Champions Of Rock21996189
23J. Geils BandOne Last Kiss4:22Champions Of Rock31996201
24J. Geils BandI Do3:09Champions Of Rock41996220
25J. Geils BandCome Back3:36Champions Of Rock51996215
26J. Geils BandWild Man4:02Champions Of Rock61996202
27J. Geils BandSanctuary3:51Champions Of Rock71996210
28J. Geils BandRiver Blindness6:04Champions Of Rock81996217
29J. Geils BandDo You Remember When4:46Champions Of Rock91996202
30J. Geils BandRage In The Cage4:58Champions Of Rock101996202
31J. Geils BandFlamethrower4:59Champions Of Rock111996197
32J. Geils BandNight Time4:30Champions Of Rock121996199
33J. Geils BandInsane, Insane Again4:45Champions Of Rock131996213
34J. Geils BandNo Anchovies, Please2:40Champions Of Rock141996191
35J. Geils BandYou're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd6:55Champions Of Rock151996218
36J. Geils BandConcealed Weapons3:31Champions Of Rock161996226
37J. Geils BandFreeze-Frame3:56Freeze Frame11981209
38J. Geils BandRage In The Cage4:56Freeze Frame21981202
39J. Geils BandCenterfold3:36Freeze Frame31981189
40J. Geils BandDo You Remember When4:45Freeze Frame41981191
41J. Geils BandInsane, Insane Again4:43Freeze Frame51981211
42J. Geils BandFlamethrower4:58Freeze Frame61981197
43J. Geils BandRiver Blindness6:06Freeze Frame71981217
44J. Geils BandAngel In Blue4:51Freeze Frame81981206
45J. Geils BandPiss On The Wall3:02Freeze Frame91981201
46J. Geils BandCentrefold3:34Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)141992195
47J. Geils BandCenterfold3:38Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 1)171998187
48J. Geils BandCenterfold3:38Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)52002218
49J. Geils BandJust Can't Wait3:24Love Stinks11980188
50J. Geils BandCome Back5:11Love Stinks21980224
51J. Geils BandTalkin' You Down4:05Love Stinks31980192
52J. Geils BandNight Time4:31Love Stinks41980196
53J. Geils BandNo Anchovies, Please2:41Love Stinks51980189
54J. Geils BandLove Stinks3:44Love Stinks61980185
55J. Geils BandTrying Not To Think About It6:22Love Stinks71980203
56J. Geils BandDesire (Please Don't Turn Away)3:35Love Stinks81980185
57J. Geils BandTill The Walls Come Tumblin' Down4:01Love Stinks91980195
58J. Geils BandDetroit Breakdown6:02Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle11974218
59J. Geils BandGivin' It All Up3:44Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle21974215
60J. Geils BandMust Of Got Lost5:06Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle31974219
61J. Geils BandLook Me In The Eye3:59Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle41974223
62J. Geils BandNightmares1:15Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle51974205
63J. Geils BandStoop Down #396:53Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle61974214
64J. Geils BandI'll Be Coming Home4:40Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle71974214
65J. Geils BandFunky Judge3:19Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle81974219
66J. Geils BandGettin' Out5:49Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle91974212
67J. Geils BandCenterfold3:37One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)162001227
68J. Geils BandCenterfold3:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)182001201
69J. Hizzle, P. t. altaicaGive Me The Ball2:18Orange and Black: The Furst Album72010128
70J. HolidayBed3:48Now That's What I Call Music! 2692007196
71J. Pat O'MalleyColonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song)2:32The Jungle Book (OST)31967189
72J. Pat O'MalleyColonel Hathi's March (Reprise)2:00The Jungle Book (OST)81967163
73J. Pat O'Malley With THe Pachyderm ChorusColonel Hathi's March (The Jungle Book 1967)2:31Classic Disney, Vol. 1161995189
74J. S. BachRollerball (Tocatta in D Minor)2:51This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)41999204
75J. Vincent EdwardsThanks3:05Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)31992211
76J. Vincent EdwardsDo It All Over Again3:14Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 4)181997189
77J.D. SoutherStep By Step4:28About Last Night (OST)51986210
78J.D. SoutherBanging My Head Against the Moon3:41Black Rose11976206
79J.D. SoutherIf You Have Crying Eyes5:05Black Rose21976204
80J.D. SoutherYour Turn Now3:48Black Rose31976206
81J.D. SoutherFaithless Love3:33Black Rose41976190
82J.D. SoutherBaby Come Home3:47Black Rose51976207
83J.D. SoutherSimple Man, Simple Dream1:49Black Rose61976194
84J.D. SoutherSilver Blue4:15Black Rose71976185
85J.D. SoutherMidnight Prowl5:09Black Rose81976211
86J.D. SoutherDoors Swing Open4:42Black Rose91976197
87J.D. SoutherBlack Rose3:56Black Rose101976206
88J.D. SoutherThe Fast One3:12John David Souther11972213
89J.D. SoutherRun Like a Thief3:19John David Souther21972196
90J.D. SoutherJesus in 3/4 Time3:42John David Souther31972200
91J.D. SoutherKite Woman3:11John David Souther41972182
92J.D. SoutherSome People Call It Music3:23John David Souther51972202
93J.D. SoutherWhite Wing4:25John David Souther61972192
94J.D. SoutherIt's the Same3:37John David Souther71972195
95J.D. SoutherHow Long3:26John David Souther81972214
96J.D. SoutherOut To Sea5:11John David Souther91972205
97J.D. SoutherLullaby1:36John David Souther101972185
98J.D. SoutherAnything But Love1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)351996189
99J.D. SoutherYou're Only Lonely2:48TM Century GoldDisc Update 581991196
100J.D. SoutherYou're Only Lonely3:48You're Only Lonely11979200
101J.D. SoutherIf You Don't Want My Love4:23You're Only Lonely21979205
102J.D. SoutherThe Last in Love3:42You're Only Lonely31979203
103J.D. SoutherWhite Rhythm and Blues4:41You're Only Lonely41979201
104J.D. Souther'Til the Bars Burn Down4:43You're Only Lonely51979219
105J.D. SoutherThe Moon Just Turned Blue2:07You're Only Lonely61979211
106J.D. SoutherSongs of Love4:20You're Only Lonely71979201
107J.D. SoutherFifteen Bucks3:24You're Only Lonely81979212
108J.D. SoutherTrouble in Paradise4:27You're Only Lonely91979229
109J.J FadSupersonic3:30Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's131997252
110J.J. BarrieNo Charge3:41Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)232001187
111J.J. CaleMoney Talks4:21#811983202
112J.J. CaleLosers2:42#821983198
113J.J. CaleHard Times3:56#831983202
114J.J. CaleReality2:24#841983204
115J.J. CaleTakin' Care Of Business2:11#851983180
116J.J. CalePeople Lie2:11#861983206
117J.J. CaleUnemployment4:10#871983195
118J.J. CaleTrouble In The City3:24#881983193
119J.J. CaleTeardrops In My Tequila2:18#891983196
120J.J. CaleLivin' Here Too2:18#8101983205
121J.J. CaleThirteen Days2:50511979202
122J.J. CaleBoilin' Pot2:51521979199
123J.J. CaleI'll Make Love To You Anytime3:13531979215
124J.J. CaleDon't Cry Sister2:14541979204
125J.J. CaleToo Much For Me3:13551979166
126J.J. CaleSensitive Kind5:10561979183
127J.J. CaleFriday4:13571979202
128J.J. CaleLou-easy-ann2:47581979198
129J.J. CaleLet's Go To Tahiti2:52591979194
130J.J. CaleKaty Kool Lady2:245101979185
131J.J. CaleFate Of A Fool2:545111979197
132J.J. CaleMona3:175121979194
133J.J. CaleCity Girls2:50Grasshopper11982188
134J.J. CaleDevil In Disguise2:02Grasshopper21982213
135J.J. CaleOne Step Ahead Of The Blues2:24Grasshopper31982201
136J.J. CaleYou Keep Me Hangin' On3:27Grasshopper41982196
137J.J. CaleDowntown L.A.2:26Grasshopper51982184
138J.J. CaleCan't Live Here2:13Grasshopper61982180
139J.J. CaleGrasshopper1:38Grasshopper71982197
140J.J. CaleDrifters Wife1:41Grasshopper81982189
141J.J. CaleDon't Wait3:11Grasshopper91982205
142J.J. CaleA Thing Going On2:39Grasshopper101982204
143J.J. CaleNobody But You3:03Grasshopper111982211
144J.J. CaleMississippi River2:05Grasshopper121982199
145J.J. CaleDoes Your Mama Like To Reggae3:42Grasshopper131982189
146J.J. CaleDr. Jive1:44Grasshopper141982182
147J.J. CaleCall Me The Breeze2:39Naturally11971185
148J.J. CaleCall The Doctor2:28Naturally21971187
149J.J. CaleDon't Go To Strangers2:25Naturally31971183
150J.J. CaleWoman I Love2:39Naturally41971203
151J.J. CaleMagnolia3:25Naturally51971193
152J.J. CaleClyde2:33Naturally61971196
153J.J. CaleCrazy Mama2:25Naturally71971158
154J.J. CaleNowhere To Run2:27Naturally81971208
155J.J. CaleAfter Midnight2:26Naturally91971191
156J.J. CaleRiver Runs Deep2:42Naturally101971169
157J.J. CaleBrining It Back2:45Naturally111971199
158J.J. CaleCrying Eyes3:13Naturally121971178
159J.J. CaleCrying2:35Okie11974201
160J.J. CaleI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)2:24Okie21974205
161J.J. CaleStarbound2:00Okie31974208
162J.J. CaleRock And Roll Records2:10Okie41974197
163J.J. CaleThe Old Man And Me2:06Okie51974214
164J.J. CaleEverlovin' Woman2:12Okie61974212
165J.J. CaleCajun Moon2:14Okie71974200
166J.J. CaleI'd Like To Love You Baby2:52Okie81974208
167J.J. CaleAnyway The Wind Blows3:24Okie91974196
168J.J. CalePrecious Memories2:11Okie101974199
169J.J. CaleOkie1:59Okie111974197
170J.J. CaleI Got The Same Old Blues2:59Okie121974206
171J.J. CaleLies2:56Really11972177
172J.J. CaleEverything Will Be Alright3:15Really21972198
173J.J. CaleI'll Kiss The World Goodbye1:47Really31972209
174J.J. CaleChanges2:25Really41972188
175J.J. CaleRight Down Here3:14Really51972183
176J.J. CaleIf You're Ever In Oklahoma2:06Really61972203
177J.J. CaleRidin' Home2:39Really71972178
178J.J. CaleGoing Down3:00Really81972176
179J.J. CaleSoulin'2:19Really91972187
180J.J. CalePlaying In The Street1:51Really101972182
181J.J. CaleMo Jo2:29Really111972158
182J.J. CaleLouisiana Women2:56Really121972156
183J.J. CaleCarry On2:20Shades11980209
184J.J. CaleDeep Dark Dungeon2:10Shades21980203
185J.J. CaleWish I Had Not Said That3:23Shades31980196
186J.J. CalePack My Jack5:13Shades41980199
187J.J. CaleIf You Leave Her2:42Shades51980207
188J.J. CaleMama Don't3:49Shades61980189
189J.J. CaleRunaround2:42Shades71980190
190J.J. CaleWhat Do You Expect3:22Shades81980206
191J.J. CaleLove Has Been Gone2:13Shades91980195
192J.J. CaleCloudy Day5:24Shades101980190
193J.J. CaleLies2:48The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)51999185
194J.J. CaleAfter Midnight2:21The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)71999190
195J.J. CaleHey Baby3:13Troubadour11976198
196J.J. CaleTravelin' Light2:51Troubadour21976190
197J.J. CaleYou Got Something4:00Troubadour31976190
198J.J. CaleRide Me High3:35Troubadour41976196
199J.J. CaleHold On1:59Troubadour51976192
200J.J. CaleCocaine2:49Troubadour61976188
201J.J. CaleI'm A Gypsy Man2:43Troubadour71976213
202J.J. CaleThe Woman That Got Away2:53Troubadour81976204
203J.J. CaleSuper Blue2:42Troubadour91976190
204J.J. CaleLet Me Do It To You3:00Troubadour101976188
205J.J. CaleCherry3:22Troubadour111976199
206J.J. CaleYou Got Me On So Bad3:17Troubadour121976182
207J.J. FadSupersonic (Vocal Remix)6:45Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]62004218
208J.J. JacksonBut It's Alright2:54Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 281997138
209J.P. NestorTrain On The Island3:00Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)121952126
210Ja RulePain Is Love (Skit)1:18Pain Is Love12001202
211Ja RuleDial M For Murder3:32Pain Is Love22001208
212Ja RuleLivin' It Up (feat. Case)4:17Pain Is Love32001202
213Ja RuleThe Inc. (feat. Caddillac Tah & Black Child)3:56Pain Is Love42001204
214Ja RuleAlways On Time (feat. Ashanti)4:05Pain Is Love52001216
215Ja RuleDown Ass Bitch (feat. Charli Baltimore)5:31Pain Is Love62001205
216Ja RuleNever Again4:19Pain Is Love72001214
217Ja RuleWorldwide Gangsta3:20Pain Is Love82001205
218Ja RuleLeo (Skit)2:18Pain Is Love92001179
219Ja RuleI'm Real (Murder Remix feat. J-Lo)4:13Pain Is Love102001193
220Ja RuleSmokin' And Ridin'4:51Pain Is Love112001219
221Ja RuleX (feat. Missy Elliott & Tweet)5:02Pain Is Love122001191
222Ja RuleBig Remo (Skit)0:19Pain Is Love132001149
223Ja RuleLost Little Girl5:00Pain Is Love142001203
224Ja RuleSo Much Pain5:03Pain Is Love152001197
225Ja RulePain Is Love5:04Pain Is Love162001221
226Ja RuleIntro1:14Rule 3:3612000179
227Ja RuleWatching Me1:55Rule 3:3622000232
228Ja RuleBetween Me and You4:10Rule 3:3632000226
229Ja RulePut It on Me4:22Rule 3:3642000208
230Ja Rule6 Feet Underground5:05Rule 3:3652000210
231Ja RuleLove Me, Hate Me4:44Rule 3:3662000216
232Ja RuleDie4:37Rule 3:3672000198
233Ja RuleFuck You4:13Rule 3:3682000196
234Ja RuleI'll Fuck U Girl (Skit)1:34Rule 3:3692000148
235Ja RuleGrey Box (Skit)0:16Rule 3:36102000137
236Ja RuleExtasy5:06Rule 3:36112000190
237Ja RuleIt's Your Life4:30Rule 3:36122000226
238Ja RuleI Cry5:17Rule 3:36132000194
239Ja RuleOne of Us5:56Rule 3:36142000214
240Ja RuleChris Black (Skit)3:02Rule 3:36152000188
241Ja RuleThe Rule Won't Die2:18Rule 3:36162000203
242Ja RuleBitch Betta Have My Money3:28Rush Hour (OST)71998167
243Ja RuleIntro0:20The Last Temptation12002176
244Ja RuleThug Lovin' (feat. Bobby Brown)4:50The Last Temptation22002202
245Ja RuleMesmerize (feat. Ashanti)4:38The Last Temptation32002207
246Ja RulePop Niggaz4:29The Last Temptation42002188
247Ja RuleThe Pledge Remix (feat. Ashanti, NAS and 2Pac)3:54The Last Temptation52002210
248Ja RuleMurder Reigns4:02The Last Temptation62002219
249Ja RuleLast Temptation (feat. Charli Baltimore)4:58The Last Temptation72002212
250Ja RuleMurder Me (feat. Caddillac Tah and Alexi)5:15The Last Temptation82002209
251Ja RuleThe Warning5:05The Last Temptation92002207
252Ja RuleConnected (feat. Eastwood and Crooked I)4:54The Last Temptation102002213
253Ja RuleEmerica (feat. Young Life and Chink Santana)5:16The Last Temptation112002201
254Ja RuleRock Star4:58The Last Temptation122002199
255Ja RuleDestiny (Outro)2:07The Last Temptation132002209
256Ja Rule feat. AshantiAlways On Time4:01Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)182003225
257Ja Rule feat. CASELivin' It Up4:18Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 962002193
258Ja Rule feat. R. Kelly & AshantiWonderful4:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0982004193
259Jaci VelasquezEscuchame (Listen To Me)3:13Crystal Clear12000229
260Jaci VelasquezCrystal Clear3:49Crystal Clear22000213
261Jaci VelasquezEverytime I Fall3:26Crystal Clear32000224
262Jaci VelasquezYou're Not There4:01Crystal Clear42000213
263Jaci VelasquezAdore4:12Crystal Clear52000203
264Jaci VelasquezHe's My Savior4:17Crystal Clear62000227
265Jaci VelasquezYou Don't Miss A Thing4:10Crystal Clear72000238
266Jaci VelasquezImagine Me Without You4:10Crystal Clear82000194
267Jaci VelasquezCome As You Are3:29Crystal Clear92000187
268Jaci VelasquezCenter Of Your Love4:20Crystal Clear102000233
269Jaci VelasquezJust A Prayer Away4:25Crystal Clear112000194
270Jaci VelasquezIf This World4:04Heavenly Place11996188
271Jaci VelasquezUn Lugar Celestial (A Heavenly Place)4:07Heavenly Place21996213
272Jaci VelasquezFlower In The Rain3:37Heavenly Place31996200
273Jaci VelasquezOn My Knees3:49Heavenly Place41996181
274Jaci VelasquezShelter4:19Heavenly Place51996185
275Jaci VelasquezBaptize Me4:16Heavenly Place61996198
276Jaci VelasquezWe Can Make A Difference3:50Heavenly Place71996177
277Jaci VelasquezI Promise3:38Heavenly Place81996178
278Jaci VelasquezWe Will Overcome3:52Heavenly Place91996210
279Jaci VelasquezThief Of Always4:29Heavenly Place101996171
280Jaci VelasquezGod So Loved4:58Jaci Velasquez11998210
281Jaci VelasquezShow You Love4:29Jaci Velasquez21998223
282Jaci VelasquezLittle Voice Inside4:36Jaci Velasquez31998203
283Jaci VelasquezYou3:37Jaci Velasquez41998201
284Jaci VelasquezLook What Love Has Done4:37Jaci Velasquez51998184
285Jaci VelasquezChild Of Mine4:03Jaci Velasquez61998216
286Jaci VelasquezSpeak For Me4:09Jaci Velasquez71998183
287Jaci VelasquezGlory3:28Jaci Velasquez81998220
288Jaci VelasquezSweet Surrender3:39Jaci Velasquez91998206
289Jaci VelasquezPaper Tigers4:10Jaci Velasquez101998208
290Jaci VelasquezMade My World3:25Jaci Velasquez111998226
291Jaci VelasquezAl Mundo Dios Amó5:06Jaci Velasquez121998215
292Jaci VelasquezLove Will Find You4:34Music Of The Heart (OST)101999214
293Jaci VelasquezJesus Is [AC Mix]3:48TM Century PrimeCuts 524P182003208
294Jaci VelasquezOn My Knees3:51WOW #1s (Blue Disc)132005181
295Jaci VelasquezWe Can Make a Difference3:49WOW 1998 (Red Disc)111997177
296Jaci VelasquezGod So Loved4:14WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)21998212
297Jaci VelasquezShow You Love4:29WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)41999222
298Jaci VelasquezCrystal Clear3:50WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)82000210
299Jaci VelasquezI'll Be Home For Christmas4:07WOW Christmas (Green Disc)82005186
300Jaci VelasquezAdore4:12WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)112001202
301Jaci VelasquezYou're My God3:21WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)112003210
302Jaci VelasquezUnspoken3:33WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)82004211
303Jack Blanchard and Misty MorganTennessee Bird Walk2:45Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)111996196
304Jack Cassidy and Shirley JonesGirl Land2:42Free to Be... You and Me161972200
305Jack ChertokMy Favorite Martian0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)311986194
306Jack CostanzoI Love Paris2:21Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler201996214
307Jack ElliotNight Court0:43Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)21996127
308Jack ElliottHowdido1:23A Tribute to Woody Guthrie221972183
309Jack Elliott1913 Massacre4:30A Tribute to Woody Guthrie241972170
310Jack ElliottNight Court0:42All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)252005127
311Jack Elliott & Allyn FergusonCharlie's Angels1:13All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)462005171
312Jack Elliott & Allyn FergusonBarney Miller0:47All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)32005140
313Jack Elliott & Allyn FergusonBarney Miller0:48Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)221990145
314Jack Elliott & Allyn FergusonCharlie's Angels1:06Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)441990188
315Jack FascinatoSpring, Sprang, Sprung2:59Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale71996183
316Jack Fascinato & Burr TillstromKukla, Fran And Ollie (Here We Are, Hop, Hop, Hop)0:39Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)111996218
317Jack GreenThere Goes My Everything2:34The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)162001198
318Jack GreeneThere Goes My Everything2:39Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)161996185
319Jack HaleyIf I Only Had A Heart [Extended Version]3:13The Wizard Of Oz (OST)171995127
320Jack IngramHow Many Days3:25Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 1999101999206
321Jack JerseyI'm Calling3:29Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)51997202
322Jack JohnsonSitting, Waiting, Wishing3:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03122005202
323Jack JohnsonUpside Down3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0362006212
324Jack JonesThe Love Boat1:36All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)412005183
325Jack JonesThe Impossible Dream2:20Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)8 181
326Jack JonesWives & Lovers2:29More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)131999198
327Jack JonesWives And Lovers2:30The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)251998191
328Jack JonesMistletoe and Holly1:40Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy11998201
329Jack JonesWives And Lovers2:33Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s201993182
330Jack KellerHere Come The Brides ("Seattle")0:54Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5211996192
331Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug BandCold Iron Bed3:07Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)92000130
332Jack MarshallThe Munsters0:47Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)191986197
333Jack Marshall & Bob MosherKaren0:47Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)201996129
334Jack Mc DuffDuffin Around5:17Groovy Organ Funk71992195
335Jack NitzscheThe Lonely Surfer2:36Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals201991194
336Jack Off JillAmerican Made (Tweaker Remix)3:25Covetous Creature (EP)11998236
337Jack Off JillMy Cat (Meow Mix)5:47Covetous Creature (EP)21998286
338Jack Off JillPoor Impulse Control (No Control Mix)4:41Covetous Creature (EP)31998282
339Jack Off JillGirl Scout (Sunday Mix)3:54Covetous Creature (EP)41998227
340Jack Off JillCumdumpster (Delusional Cannibal Mix)3:07Covetous Creature (EP)51998254
341Jack Off JillMy Cat (Automatic Speed Mix)4:56Covetous Creature (EP)61998267
342Jack Off JillPoor Impulse Control (750 Degrees Of Separation Mix)20:14Covetous Creature (EP)71998211
343Jack ScottMy True Love2:39100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)161999220
344Jack ScottGoodbye Baby2:06100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)141999154
345Jack ScottBurning Bridges2:39AM Gold: Early '60s Classics211995181
346Jack ScottGoodbye Baby2:11Jukebox Hits Of 195931991216
347Jack ScottBurning Bridges2:42Jukebox Hits Of 1960191991257
348Jack ScottLeroy2:09Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)61999137
349Jack ScottThe Way I Walk2:42Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)52006128
350Jack ScottJingle Bell Slide2:10Rockin' Holidays102001216
351Jack ScottWhat In The World's Come Over You2:44The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)231960131
352Jack ScottThe Way I Walk2:44The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly31990166
353Jack ScottLeroy2:11The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Red-Hot Rockabilly201990141
354Jack ScottWhat In The World's Come Over You2:45The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960221995201
355Jack Shaindlin & Irving RobbinABC's Wide World of Sports1:07Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)621986189
356Jack Teagarden and His SextettBasin Street Blues5:10Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland71987189
357Jack WagnerAll I Need3:30Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s91996198
358Jack WagnerAll I Need3:29TM Century GoldDisc Update 541991206
359Jack WagnerAll I Need3:31Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love152003201
360Jackal QueenstonCackling Fiend2:47   165
361Jackal QueenstonDo It3:49   158
362Jackal QueenstonIron Fist2:54   159
363Jackal QueenstonKing Vicious6:00   174
364Jackal QueenstonKingdom Come3:50   192
365Jackal QueenstonLife Force2:41   157
366Jackal QueenstonLife Force (K2 Wakka Mix)1:17   162
367Jackal QueenstonNightmare Fortissimo!3:05   169
368Jackal QueenstonPressure Drop4:26   161
369Jackal QueenstonR U Ready2:32   167
370Jackal QueenstonRe-Animated4:10   192
371Jackal QueenstonRewind Rolla4:05   163
372Jackal QueenstonSome Day Soon3:41   170
373Jackal QueenstonThe Flag On High3:07   175
374Jackal QueenstonThe Night He Came Home3:38   192
375Jackal QueenstonTicking in My Head2:32   160
376Jackal QueenstonWired Up3:22   171
377Jackal QueenstonGold Rush3:14 5 160
378Jackal QueenstonJackal Queenston Mix17:48End of Days22008156
379Jackal QueenstonIn Strange Care31:06In Strange Care12010126
380Jackal QueenstonPanic3:27LapFox Trax 2009202
381Jackal QueenstonPainajainen42:01Painajainen12007160
382Jackal Queenston feat. MayhemLaugh at Life (FIAB's Wikked Remix)3:54   161
383Jackal Queenston feat. Sonitus VirHeartsifter3:38   160
384Jackal Queenston feat. Sonitus VirSoulcrusher3:43   154
385Jackal Queenston VS FIABYou're Already Dead3:44   158
386Jackie BrenstonRocket 882:49Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)12011175
387Jackie Brenston & His Delta CatsRocket "88"2:49Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 3)171999128
388Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner's Kings Of RhythmMuch Later2:16Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 1)122011126
389Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner's Kings Of RhythmThe Mistreater2:14Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 1)132011126
390Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner's Kings Of RhythmWhat Can It Be2:23Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 1)142011126
391Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner's Kings Of RhythmGonna Wait For My Chance2:02Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 1)152011126
392Jackie Brenston with His Delta CatsRocket "88"2:47The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)21994127
393Jackie ChanJackie Chan Kicks Ass (Skit)0:09Rush Hour (OST)51998179
394Jackie DavisGlow Worm Cha-Cha-Cha2:23Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler41996216
395Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now Is Love3:11AM Gold: 196531995185
396Jackie DeShannonPut A Little Love In Your Heart2:32AM Gold: 196941995186
397Jackie DeShannonWhat the World Needs Now3:06Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)202007210
398Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now3:07Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over6 129
399Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now Is Love3:15Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)152007222
400Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now Is Love3:14Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 1)141994180
401Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now Is Love3:15Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)142002183
402Jackie DeShannonTrouble2:28Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)112006127
403Jackie DeShannonPut A Little Love In Your Heart2:36Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s91989209
404Jackie DeShannonWhat The World Needs Now Is Love3:14The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)101998184
405Jackie DeShannonA Lifetime Of Loneliness2:36The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)151998192
406Jackie DeShannonCome And Get Me2:41The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)191998128
407Jackie DeShannonSo Long Johnny2:25The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 2)231998204
408Jackie DeShannon With The ByrdsSplendor In The Grass2:23Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)22009135
409Jackie GleasonThe Honeymooners1:14All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)452005189
410Jackie GleasonThe Honeymooners1:24Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)231986182
411Jackie GleasonThe Jackie Gleason Show2:01Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)631986192
412Jackie Gleason & His Concert OrchestraMelancholy Serenade3:16Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals51992126
413Jackie Gleason, Jack MarshallI'll Be Home For Christmas; Baby It's Cold Outside4:19Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One131996186
414Jackie GotroeLobo Jones1:56Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)62006127
415Jackie Lee & His OrchestraIsle Of Capri2:30Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals191992126
416Jackie MoorePrecious Precious3:29Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)21991198
417Jackie MoorePrecious, Precious3:26Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)202001132
418Jackie MorningstarRockin' In The Graveyard2:41Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)261999132
419Jackie MorningstartRockin' In The Graveyard2:40Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1)112006127
420Jackie RossSelfish One3:20Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)41997217
421Jackie TrentWhere Are You Now (My Love)2:47More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)181999198
422Jackie WilsonBaby Workout3:02Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 211997140
423Jackie WilsonBaby Workout2:59Jukebox Hits Of 1963201991232
424Jackie WilsonTalk That Talk2:13Lost Treasures Volume 29 185
425Jackie WilsonBilly Ward & The Dominoes - St. Louis Blues1:51Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)11992161
426Jackie WilsonBilly Ward & The Dominoes - St. Therese Of The Roses3:11Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)21992128
427Jackie WilsonReet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)2:46Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)31992132
428Jackie WilsonBy The Light Of The Silvery Moon2:20Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)41992130
429Jackie WilsonDanny Boy (Version 1)3:29Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)51992128
430Jackie WilsonRight Now!2:21Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)61992128
431Jackie WilsonI'm Wanderin'2:44Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)71992128
432Jackie WilsonWe Have Love2:25Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)81992195
433Jackie WilsonSinging A Song2:20Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)91992209
434Jackie WilsonTo Be Loved2:30Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)101992128
435Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops2:45Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)111992129
436Jackie WilsonI'll Be Satisfied2:13Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)121992171
437Jackie WilsonYou Better Know It2:02Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)131992212
438Jackie WilsonTalk That Talk2:17Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)141992190
439Jackie WilsonOnly You, Only Me3:14Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)151992182
440Jackie WilsonHush-A-Bye2:47Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)161992129
441Jackie WilsonThat's Why (I Love You So)2:07Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)171992207
442Jackie WilsonI Know I'll Always Be In Love With You2:40Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)181992198
443Jackie WilsonWishing Well2:30Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)191992203
444Jackie WilsonSo Much2:17Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)201992202
445Jackie WilsonIt's All A Part Of Love2:27Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)211992195
446Jackie WilsonNight2:51Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)221992183
447Jackie WilsonDoggin' Around2:57Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)231992173
448Jackie WilsonShe Done Me Wrong3:02Mr. Excitement! (Disc 1)241992198
449Jackie WilsonSazzle Dazzle2:05Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)11992172
450Jackie Wilson(You Were Made For) All My Love2:06Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)21992175
451Jackie WilsonA Woman, A Lover, A Friend2:37Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)31992182
452Jackie WilsonAm I The Man2:37Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)41992192
453Jackie WilsonAlone At Last3:03Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)51992177
454Jackie WilsonMy Empty Arms2:53Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)61992192
455Jackie WilsonThe Tear Of The Year2:39Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)71992179
456Jackie WilsonYour One And Only Love2:42Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)81992173
457Jackie WilsonPlease Tell Me Why2:03Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)91992182
458Jackie WilsonI'm Comin' On Back To You2:23Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)101992196
459Jackie WilsonYears From Now2:38Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)111992197
460Jackie WilsonYou Don't Know What It Means3:26Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)121992193
461Jackie WilsonStormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time)3:18Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)131992192
462Jackie WilsonLonely Life2:28Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)141992191
463Jackie WilsonMy Heart Belongs To Only You2:49Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)151992190
464Jackie WilsonThe Greatest Hurt3:12Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)161992189
465Jackie WilsonI Found Love (with Linda Hopkins)2:52Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)171992184
466Jackie WilsonI Just Can't Help It3:02Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)181992132
467Jackie WilsonBaby Workout3:03Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)191992220
468Jackie WilsonShake A Hand (with Linda Hopkins)3:07Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)201992202
469Jackie WilsonSqueeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her)2:00Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)211992198
470Jackie WilsonI've Got To Get Back (Country Boy)3:04Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)221992179
471Jackie WilsonSilent One2:32Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)231992178
472Jackie WilsonShe's All Right2:24Mr. Excitement! (Disc 2)241992191
473Jackie WilsonShake! Shake! Shake!2:10Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)11992215
474Jackie WilsonDanny Boy (Version II)4:18Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)21992182
475Jackie WilsonNo Pity (In The Naked City)3:34Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)31992193
476Jackie WilsonThink Twice (with LaVern Baker)2:35Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)41992205
477Jackie WilsonI Believe3:35Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)51992176
478Jackie WilsonWhispers (Gettin' Louder)2:28Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)61992195
479Jackie WilsonI've Lost You2:43Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)71992209
480Jackie WilsonWho Am I3:02Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)81992210
481Jackie WilsonJust Be Sincere2:54Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)91992218
482Jackie WilsonI Don't Want To Lose You2:40Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)101992195
483Jackie WilsonStop Lying2:13Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)111992192
484Jackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher3:00Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)121992199
485Jackie WilsonSince You Showed Me How To Be Happy2:49Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)131992226
486Jackie WilsonOpen The Door To Your Heart2:32Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)141992215
487Jackie WilsonChain Gang (with Count Basie)2:51Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)151992209
488Jackie WilsonEven When You Cry (with Count Basie)2:44Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)161992216
489Jackie WilsonI Get The Sweetest Feeling2:58Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)171992201
490Jackie WilsonFor Once In My Life3:10Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)181992193
491Jackie Wilson(I Can Feel Those Vibrations) This Love Is Real2:57Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)191992214
492Jackie WilsonThis Love Is Mine2:59Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)201992206
493Jackie WilsonYou Got Me Walking2:45Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)211992214
494Jackie WilsonNo More Goodbyes3:16Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)221992190
495Jackie WilsonJust Call My Name3:09Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)231992209
496Jackie WilsonDon't Burn No Bridges (with The Chi-Lites)3:31Mr. Excitement! (Disc 3)241992210
497Jackie WilsonBaby Workout2:55Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)24 196
498Jackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher3:00Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)62002200
499Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops2:32Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)42004192
500Jackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher2:59Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)21995200
501Jackie WilsonDoggin' Around2:48The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)241960186
502Jackie WilsonReef Petite2:43The Rock Box (Disc 1)14 197
503Jackie WilsonDoggin' Around2:50The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 2)22006195
504Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops2:34TM Century GoldDisc Update 6161991190
505Jacki-O Feat. RodneyNookie [Radio Edit]4:12TM Century PrimeCuts 524P62003197
506JackpotsJack In The Box2:04Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)222001185
507The JacksWhy Don't You Write Me?2:50The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)211994128
508The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye2:57AM Gold: 197191998203
509The Jackson 5Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town2:24Billboard Greatest R&B Christmas Hits91990198
510The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye2:57Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)61994202
511The Jackson 5ABC2:58Crooklyn (OST)71994224
512The Jackson 5I Want You Back3:00Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)11971220
513The Jackson 5ABC2:59Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)21971228
514The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye3:02Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)31971197
515The Jackson 5Sugar Daddy2:31Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)41971207
516The Jackson 5I'll Be There3:59Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)51971195
517The Jackson 5Maybe Tomorrow4:40Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)61971202
518The Jackson 5The Love You Save3:05Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)71971221
519The Jackson 5Who's Lovin' You4:01Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)81971212
520The Jackson 5Mama's Pearl3:14Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)91971182
521The Jackson 5Goin' Back To Indiana3:33Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)101971207
522The Jackson 5I Found That Girl3:08Greatest Hits (1987 Reissue)111971205
523The Jackson 5ABC2:43Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)141998238
524The Jackson 5I Want You Back3:01Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)11992132
525The Jackson 5ABC2:59Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)41992132
526The Jackson 5The Love You Save3:05Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)61992142
527The Jackson 5I'll Be There3:45Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)121992129
528The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye3:02Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)181992133
529The Jackson 5Dancing Machine2:42Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)141993190
530The Jackson 5I Want You Back3:00Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection11996231
531The Jackson 5ABC2:58Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection21996229
532The Jackson 5The Love You Save3:04Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection31996233
533The Jackson 5I'll Be There3:57Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection41996198
534The Jackson 5It's Your Thing3:41Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection51996211
535The Jackson 5Who's Lovin' You4:01Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection61996222
536The Jackson 5Mama's Pearl3:12Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection71996193
537The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye3:00Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection81996216
538The Jackson 5Maybe Tomorrow4:46Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection91996210
539The Jackson 5Got to Be There3:23Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection101996197
540The Jackson 5Sugar Daddy2:32Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection111996232
541The Jackson 5Rockin' Robin2:33Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection121996201
542The Jackson 5Daddy's Home3:03Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection131996207
543The Jackson 5Lookin' Through the Windows3:38Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection141996208
544The Jackson 5I Wanna Be Where You Are2:57Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection151996201
545The Jackson 5Get It Together2:50Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection161996227
546The Jackson 5Dancing Machine2:36Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection171996207
547The Jackson 5The Life of the Party2:34Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection181996217
548The Jackson 5I Am Love - Parts 1 & 27:29Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection191996213
549The Jackson 5Just a Little Bit of You3:14Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection201996222
550The Jackson 5It's Your Thing (The J5 in '95 Extended Remix)5:57Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection211996190
551The Jackson 5Up on the Housetop3:13Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)42006235
552The Jackson 5Dancing Machine2:37Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-197481997204
553The Jackson 5ABC2:59Teen Idols Of The 70's21999224
554The Jackson 5I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus3:00The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)102003204
555Jackson 5Santa Claus Is Coming To Town2:22The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)161996207
556The Jackson 5Dancing Machine2:41The Disco Box (Disc 1)21999244
557The Jackson 5Give Love On Christmas Day3:00The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2101995244
558The Jackson 5I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus3:00The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5192000204
559The Jackson 5Frosty The Snowman2:40The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 652001221
560Jackson BrowneSomebody's Baby4:03Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)11982195
561Jackson BrowneTake It Easy3:51For Everyman11973207
562Jackson BrowneOur Lady Of The Well3:39For Everyman21973196
563Jackson BrowneColors Of The Sun4:17For Everyman31973191
564Jackson BrowneI Thought I Was A Child3:45For Everyman41973192
565Jackson BrowneThese Days4:42For Everyman51973197
566Jackson BrowneRed Neck Friend3:59For Everyman61973209
567Jackson BrowneThe Times You've Come3:39For Everyman71973194
568Jackson BrowneReady Or Not3:35For Everyman81973206
569Jackson BrowneSing My Songs To Me3:25For Everyman91973200
570Jackson BrowneFor Everyman6:12For Everyman101973211
571Jackson BrowneDisco Apocalypse5:12Hold Out11980186
572Jackson BrowneHold Out5:48Hold Out21980180
573Jackson BrowneThat Girl Could Sing4:37Hold Out31980201
574Jackson BrowneBoulevard3:22Hold Out41980193
575Jackson BrowneOf Missing Persons6:35Hold Out51980200
576Jackson BrowneCall It A Loan4:50Hold Out61980204
577Jackson BrowneHold On Hold Out8:06Hold Out71980199
578Jackson BrowneI'm Alive5:01I'm Alive11993213
579Jackson BrowneMy Problem Is You4:40I'm Alive21993191
580Jackson BrowneEverywhere I Go4:38I'm Alive31993210
581Jackson BrowneI'll Do Anything4:32I'm Alive41993189
582Jackson BrowneMiles Away3:52I'm Alive51993210
583Jackson BrowneToo Many Angels6:05I'm Alive61993197
584Jackson BrowneTake This Rain4:50I'm Alive71993196
585Jackson BrowneTwo Of Me, Two of You2:56I'm Alive81993183
586Jackson BrowneSky Blue and Black6:07I'm Alive91993192
587Jackson BrowneAll Good Things4:27I'm Alive101993191
588Jackson BrowneJamaica Say You Will3:25Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)11972200
589Jackson BrowneA Child In These Hills3:59Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)21972187
590Jackson BrowneSong For Adam5:23Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)31972189
591Jackson BrowneDoctor My Eyes3:17Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)41972213
592Jackson BrowneFrom Silver Lake3:49Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)51972208
593Jackson BrowneSomething Fine3:48Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)61972180
594Jackson BrowneUnder The Falling Sky4:10Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)71972210
595Jackson BrowneLooking Into You4:18Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)81972188
596Jackson BrowneRock Me On The Water4:14Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)91972201
597Jackson BrowneMy Opening Farewell4:44Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)101972189
598Jackson BrowneLate For The Sky5:41Late For The Sky11974168
599Jackson BrowneFountain Of Sorrow6:52Late For The Sky21974202
600Jackson BrowneFarther On5:21Late For The Sky31974169
601Jackson BrowneThe Late Show5:15Late For The Sky41974168
602Jackson BrowneThe Road And The Sky3:08Late For The Sky51974198
603Jackson BrowneFor A Dancer4:46Late For The Sky61974177
604Jackson BrowneWalking Slow3:55Late For The Sky71974200
605Jackson BrowneBefore The Deluge6:20Late For The Sky81974199
606Jackson BrowneLawyers in Love4:21Lawyers in Love11983185
607Jackson BrowneOn the Day4:00Lawyers in Love21983192
608Jackson BrowneCut it Away4:47Lawyers in Love31983194
609Jackson BrowneDowntown4:08Lawyers in Love41983186
610Jackson BrowneTender Is the Night4:53Lawyers in Love51983188
611Jackson BrowneKnock on Any Door3:38Lawyers in Love61983200
612Jackson BrowneSay It Isn't True5:25Lawyers in Love71983192
613Jackson BrowneFor a Rocker4:04Lawyers in Love81983196
614Jackson BrowneFor America5:12Lives in the Balance11986216
615Jackson BrowneSoldier of Plenty4:37Lives in the Balance21986195
616Jackson BrowneIn the Shape of a Heart5:41Lives in the Balance31986193
617Jackson BrowneCandy4:12Lives in the Balance41986204
618Jackson BrowneLawless Avenues5:41Lives in the Balance51986202
619Jackson BrowneLives in the Balance4:18Lives in the Balance61986189
620Jackson BrowneTill I Go Down4:19Lives in the Balance71986192
621Jackson BrowneBlack and White5:11Lives in the Balance81986197
622Jackson BrowneLooking East4:57Looking East11996239
623Jackson BrowneThe Barricades Of Heaven5:42Looking East21996220
624Jackson BrowneSome Bridges4:51Looking East31996212
625Jackson BrowneInformation Wars5:14Looking East41996223
626Jackson BrowneI'm The Cat3:56Looking East51996219
627Jackson BrowneCulver Moon5:45Looking East61996200
628Jackson BrowneBaby How Long5:05Looking East71996203
629Jackson BrowneNino5:14Looking East81996222
630Jackson BrowneAlive In The World4:51Looking East91996212
631Jackson BrowneIt Is One4:54Looking East101996209
632Jackson BrowneLives In The Balance4:15Miami Vice II (OST)81986197
633Jackson BrowneI'm Alive4:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-01161994213
634Jackson BrowneRunning On Empty5:30Running On Empty11977196
635Jackson BrowneThe Road4:46Running On Empty21977195
636Jackson BrowneRosie3:41Running On Empty31977189
637Jackson BrowneYou Love The Thunder3:55Running On Empty41977184
638Jackson BrowneCocaine4:53Running On Empty51977203
639Jackson BrowneSharky Town3:38Running On Empty61977195
640Jackson BrowneLove Needs A Heart3:28Running On Empty71977187
641Jackson BrowneNothing But Time3:37Running On Empty81977208
642Jackson BrowneThe Load-Out / Stay8:59Running On Empty91977189
643Jackson BrowneLives In The Balance4:15The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)131988198
644Jackson BrowneThe Fuse5:50The Pretender11976206
645Jackson BrowneYour Bright Baby Blues6:05The Pretender21976202
646Jackson BrowneLinda Paloma4:06The Pretender31976204
647Jackson BrowneHere Come Those Tears Again3:37The Pretender41976188
648Jackson BrowneThe Only Child3:43The Pretender51976185
649Jackson BrowneDaddy's Tune3:35The Pretender61976189
650Jackson BrowneSleep's Dark And Silent Gate2:37The Pretender71976190
651Jackson BrowneThe Pretender5:52The Pretender81976190
652Jackson BrowneWorld In Motion4:27World In Motion11989197
653Jackson BrowneEnough Of The Night4:56World In Motion21989198
654Jackson BrowneChasing You Into The Light4:19World In Motion31989209
655Jackson BrowneHow Long6:14World In Motion41989193
656Jackson BrowneAnything Can Happen5:08World In Motion51989194
657Jackson BrowneWhen The Stone Begins To Turn4:51World In Motion61989195
658Jackson BrowneThe Word Justice4:21World In Motion71989205
659Jackson BrowneMy Personal Revenge4:09World In Motion81989197
660Jackson BrowneI Am A Patriot4:05World In Motion91989204
661Jackson BrowneLights And Virtues4:45World In Motion101989197
662Jackson Browne & Clarence ClemonsYou're A Friend Of Mine4:51The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)10 219
663Jackson Browne And Bonnie RaittPoor Poor Pitiful Me4:05Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon42004208
664The Jackson FiveDancing Machine2:41Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)21995197
665The Jackson SistersI Believe In Miracles4:50Funked! Vol. 232001213
666Jackson SistersI Believe In Miracles (Extended Mix)4:50Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 1)42001212
667The Jackson SistersI Believe In Miracles2:53Van Inkel's Choice131993207
668The JacksonsArt Of Madness5:062300 Jackson Street11989213
669The JacksonsNothin' (That Compares 2 U)5:222300 Jackson Street21989225
670The JacksonsMaria5:482300 Jackson Street31989216
671The JacksonsPrivate Affair4:102300 Jackson Street41989221
672The Jacksons2300 Jackson Street5:062300 Jackson Street51989204
673The JacksonsHarley4:242300 Jackson Street61989207
674The JacksonsShe5:012300 Jackson Street71989220
675The JacksonsAlright With Me3:252300 Jackson Street81989227
676The JacksonsPlay It Up4:522300 Jackson Street91989216
677The JacksonsMidnight Rendezvous4:242300 Jackson Street101989222
678The JacksonsIf You'd Only Believe6:132300 Jackson Street111989201
679The JacksonsBlame It On The Boogie3:35Destiny11978200
680The JacksonsPush Me Away4:18Destiny21978202
681The JacksonsThings I Do For You4:05Destiny31978201
682The JacksonsShake Your Body (Down To The Ground)8:02Destiny41978222
683The JacksonsDestiny4:52Destiny51978204
684The JacksonsBless His Soul4:56Destiny61978205
685The JacksonsAll Night Dancin'6:10Destiny71978200
686The JacksonsThat's What You Get (For Being Polite)4:57Destiny81978200
687The JacksonsEnjoy Yourself (Extended Version)3:39The Essential Jacksons12004223
688The JacksonsShow You The Way To Go5:26The Essential Jacksons22004222
689The JacksonsGoin' Places4:28The Essential Jacksons32004232
690The JacksonsFind Me A Girl4:32The Essential Jacksons42004205
691The JacksonsBlame It On The Boogie3:30The Essential Jacksons52004214
692The JacksonsShake Your Body (Down To The Ground)7:57The Essential Jacksons62004236
693The JacksonsLovely One4:49The Essential Jacksons72004233
694The JacksonsThis Place Hotel5:44The Essential Jacksons82004227
695The JacksonsCan You Feel It5:58The Essential Jacksons92004233
696The JacksonsWalk Right Now6:26The Essential Jacksons102004226
697The JacksonsState Of Shock (With Mick Jagger)4:30The Essential Jacksons112004219
698The Jacksons2300 Jackson Street5:05The Essential Jacksons122004203
699The JacksonsNothin (That Compares 2 U)5:24The Essential Jacksons132004228
700The JacksonsDon't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Live From The 1981 U.S. Tour)4:44The Essential Jacksons142004219
701The JacksonsBlame It On The Boogie3:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)92001228
702The JacksonsCan You Feel It6:00Triumph11980257
703The JacksonsLovely One4:52Triumph21980262
704The JacksonsYour Ways4:31Triumph31980260
705The JacksonsEverybody5:00Triumph41980256
706The JacksonsHeartbreak Hotel5:44Triumph51980262
707The JacksonsTime Waits For No One3:24Triumph61980251
708The JacksonsWalk Right Now6:29Triumph71980254
709The JacksonsGive It Up4:21Triumph81980257
710The JacksonsWondering Who4:18Triumph91980255
711The JacksonsTorture4:52Victory11984210
712The JacksonsWait5:26Victory21984207
713The JacksonsOne More Chance5:06Victory31984204
714The JacksonsBe Not Always5:37Victory41984167
715The JacksonsState of Shock4:31Victory51984207
716The JacksonsWe Can Change the World4:45Victory61984206
717The JacksonsThe Hurt5:26Victory71984197
718The JacksonsBody5:06Victory81984209
719Jacky WilsonReet Petite2:42The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)3 183
720JackylI Stand Alone3:57Jackyl11992225
721JackylDirty Little Mind3:30Jackyl21992241
722JackylDown on Me4:03Jackyl31992228
723JackylWhen Will It Rain4:34Jackyl41992215
724JackylRedneck Punk3:37Jackyl51992232
725JackylThe Lumberjack3:32Jackyl61992222
726JackylReach for Me3:34Jackyl71992218
727JackylBack Off Brother3:25Jackyl81992211
728JackylBrain Drain4:58Jackyl91992219
729JackylJust Like a Devil3:34Jackyl101992220
730JackylShe Loves My Cock3:51Jackyl111992207
731JackylPush Comes To Shove3:06Push Comes To Shove11994229
732JackylHeaded For Destruction5:14Push Comes To Shove21994222
733JackylMy Life4:05Push Comes To Shove31994228
734JackylI Could Never Touch You Like You Do3:50Push Comes To Shove41994218
735JackylDixieland6:01Push Comes To Shove51994217
736JackylI Want It5:04Push Comes To Shove61994228
737JackylPrivate Hell4:38Push Comes To Shove71994236
738JackylI Am The I Am3:42Push Comes To Shove81994241
739JackylSecret Of The Bottle5:26Push Comes To Shove91994204
740JackylRock-A-Ho3:50Push Comes To Shove101994219
741JackylBack Down In The Dirt4:02Push Comes To Shove111994227
742JackylChinatown3:24Push Comes To Shove121994229
743Jaco PastoriusMysterious Mountain1:34Holiday for Pans11993199
744Jaco PastoriusElegant People6:49Holiday for Pans21993210
745Jaco PastoriusGood Morning Annya5:36Holiday for Pans31993202
746Jaco PastoriusShe's Leaving Home3:37Holiday for Pans41993187
747Jaco PastoriusHoliday for Pans3:17Holiday for Pans51993207
748Jaco PastoriusGiant Steps3:15Holiday for Pans61993199
749Jaco PastoriusCity of Angels8:56Holiday for Pans71993210
750Jaco PastoriusBirth of Island23:48Holiday for Pans81993199
751Jaco PastoriusDonna Lee2:27Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]11976180
752Jaco PastoriusCome On, Come Over3:54Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]21976197
753Jaco PastoriusContinuum4:33Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]31976194
754Jaco PastoriusKuru/Speak Like A Child7:43Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]41976212
755Jaco PastoriusPortrait Of Tracy2:23Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]51976169
756Jaco PastoriusOpus Pocus5:30Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]61976209
757Jaco PastoriusOkonkole Y Trompa4:25Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]71976215
758Jaco Pastorius(Used To Be A) Cha-Cha8:57Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]81976207
759Jaco PastoriusForgotten Love2:14Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]91976209
760Jaco Pastorius(Used To Be A) Cha-Cha (Alternate Take)8:49Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]101976205
761Jaco Pastorius6/4 Jam7:45Jaco Pastorius [2000 Remaster]111976200
762Jaco PastoriusCrisis5:20Word of Mouth11981213
763Jaco Pastorius3 Views of a Secret6:09Word of Mouth21981192
764Jaco PastoriusLiberty City11:59Word of Mouth31981210
765Jaco PastoriusChromatic Fantasy3:01Word of Mouth41981202
766Jaco PastoriusBlackbird2:47Word of Mouth51981192
767Jaco PastoriusWord of Mouth3:53Word of Mouth61981203
768Jaco PastoriusJohn and Mary10:53Word of Mouth71981197
769Jacques OffenbachBarcarole3:20100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 29 204
770Jacques OffenbachLa Vie Parisienne1:47100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 310 206
771Jacques OffenbachLes Brigands3:21100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 48 194
772JadeDon't Walk Away4:42Monsta Jamz132002201
773JadeEvery Day Of The Week3:28More! Bump N' Grind111995166
774JadeI Wanna Love You4:05Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)14 181
775Jade AndersonSugarhigh3:24Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0382002211
776JadisThe Great Outside6:41Fanatic [Special Edition]12003231
777JadisInto Temptation6:41Fanatic [Special Edition]22003224
778JadisEach & Everday6:14Fanatic [Special Edition]32003212
779JadisI Never Noticed5:26Fanatic [Special Edition]42003222
780JadisFanatic4:06Fanatic [Special Edition]52003219
781JadisYourself Alone5:58Fanatic [Special Edition]62003208
782JadisTake These Words4:22Fanatic [Special Edition]72003220
783JadisWhat Kind of Reason8:23Fanatic [Special Edition]82003210
784JadisWho Can We Be Sure of5:01Fanatic [Special Edition]92003225
785JadisThe Flame is Burning Out (Bonus Track)4:22Fanatic [Special Edition]102003224
786JadisSleepwalk7:49More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]11992226
787JadisHiding in the Corner4:17More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]21992217
788JadisG.135:44More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]31992223
789JadisWonderful World8:41More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]41992217
790JadisMore Than Meets the Eye4:53More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]51992205
791JadisThe Begining and the End6:11More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]61992220
792JadisHolding Your Breath9:46More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster]71992219
793JadisThis Changing Face ('87-'89 Demos)4:07More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)11992202
794JadisFollow Me to Salzburg ('87-'89 Demos)4:23More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)21992222
795JadisScratching the Surface ('87-'89 Demos)3:14More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)31992208
796JadisTaking Your Time ('87-'89 Demos)4:39More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)41992211
797JadisG.13 ('87-'89 Demos)5:40More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)51992172
798JadisOut of Reach ('87-'89 Demos)4:03More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)61992183
799JadisDon't Keep Me Waiting ('87-'89 Demos)3:15More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)71992183
800JadisIn the Dark ('87-'89 Demos)3:58More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)81992188
801JadisLost For Words ('87-'89 Demos)3:55More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)91992183
802JadisThis Changing Face ('87-'89 Demos)4:12More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)101992242
803JadisBaboon Enquireies (one) ('87-'89 Demos)0:42More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)111992200
804JadisThe Beginning and the End ('87-'89 Demos)4:56More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)121992239
805JadisBaboon Enquireies (two) ('87-'89 Demos)1:08More Than Meets the Eye [2005 Remaster] (Bonus Disc)131992194
806JaffaBe Nude, Baby4:55Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)22003150
807Jagged EdgeLet's Get Married4:09Dance R&B Anthems12001194
808Jagged EdgeHeartbreak1:12j.e. heartbreak11999183
809Jagged EdgeDid She Say3:22j.e. heartbreak21999222
810Jagged EdgeHe Can't Love U4:04j.e. heartbreak31999225
811Jagged EdgeWhat You Tryin' To Do4:17j.e. heartbreak41999199
812Jagged EdgeGirl Is Mine4:21j.e. heartbreak51999203
813Jagged EdgeHealing3:42j.e. heartbreak61999223
814Jagged EdgeLet's Get Married4:23j.e. heartbreak71999223
815Jagged EdgeTrue Man4:57j.e. heartbreak81999204
816Jagged EdgeCan I Get With You4:02j.e. heartbreak91999231
817Jagged EdgePromise4:07j.e. heartbreak101999224
818Jagged EdgeKeys To The Range3:48j.e. heartbreak111999222
819Jagged EdgeLace You3:58j.e. heartbreak121999205
820Jagged EdgeThe Saga Continues0:45Jagged Little Thrill12002198
821Jagged EdgeWhere The Party At (feat. Nelly)3:52Jagged Little Thrill22002208
822Jagged EdgeGoodbye4:33Jagged Little Thrill32002188
823Jagged EdgeCut Somethin' (feat. Ludacris)3:41Jagged Little Thrill42002206
824Jagged EdgeGirl It's Over4:28Jagged Little Thrill52002203
825Jagged EdgeCan We Be Tight4:18Jagged Little Thrill62002210
826Jagged EdgeI Got It (feat. Trina)3:04Jagged Little Thrill72002221
827Jagged EdgeBest Man4:13Jagged Little Thrill82002211
828Jagged EdgeWithout You3:33Jagged Little Thrill92002222
829Jagged EdgeDriving Me To Drink3:23Jagged Little Thrill102002204
830Jagged EdgeThis Goes Out (feat. Big Duke & Joe Blak)3:31Jagged Little Thrill112002215
831Jagged EdgeRespect4:44Jagged Little Thrill122002200
832Jagged EdgeHead Of Household4:42Jagged Little Thrill132002209
833Jagged EdgeRemedy5:13Jagged Little Thrill142002200
834Jagged EdgeWalked Outta Heaven [Album Version]4:37TM Century PrimeCuts 527P72003185
835Jagged Edge feat. VoltioSo Amazing3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-12172005195
836JaggerzThe Rapper2:4470s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)82005188
837JaggerzThe Rapper2:46Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 191990193
838JaggerzThe Rapper2:43The Buddah Box (Disc 2)31993175
839The JaggerzThe Rapper2:47TM Century GoldDisc Update 631991190
840The JaggerzThe Rapper2:43Yummy Yummy Yummy The Best of Bubble Gum Music101995229
841Jagz KoonerConey Island Express7:09Requiem for a Dream (Remixed) (OST)62002235
842Jaime BrockettTalkin' Green Beret New Super Yellow Hydraulic Banana Teeny Bopper Blues5:23Remember The Wind And The Rain11971200
843Jaime BrockettRemember The Wind And The Rain5:36Remember The Wind And The Rain21971201
844Jaime BrockettSt. Botolph St. Grey Morning Dulcimer Thing3:26Remember The Wind And The Rain31971196
845Jaime BrockettBlue Chip7:26Remember The Wind And The Rain41971193
846Jaime BrockettNowadays5:53Remember The Wind And The Rain51971190
847Jaime BrockettLegend Of The U.S.S. Titanic13:32Remember The Wind And The Rain61971192
848Jaime BrockettSuzzane4:31Remember The Wind And The Rain71971179
849Jaime BrockettOne Too Many Mornings3:06Remember The Wind And The Rain81971189
850Jaime BrockettBag On The Table6:48Remember The Wind And The Rain91971193
851Jakob DylanEvil Is Alive And Well3:56Seeing Things12008167
852Jakob DylanValley Of The Low Sun3:57Seeing Things22008186
853Jakob DylanAll Day And All Night3:28Seeing Things32008197
854Jakob DylanEverybody Pays As They Go3:00Seeing Things42008149
855Jakob DylanWill It Grow4:49Seeing Things52008198
856Jakob DylanI Told You I Couldn't Stop4:14Seeing Things62008185
857Jakob DylanWar Is Kind3:08Seeing Things72008177
858Jakob DylanSomething Good This Way Comes3:39Seeing Things82008175
859Jakob DylanOn Up The Mountain3:45Seeing Things92008192
860Jakob DylanThis End Of The Telescope3:59Seeing Things102008192
861Jakob DylanNothing But The Whole Wide World3:48Women + Country12010173
862Jakob DylanDown On Our Own Shield3:40Women + Country22010189
863Jakob DylanLend A Hand3:48Women + Country32010177
864Jakob DylanWe Don't Live Here Anymore4:23Women + Country42010175
865Jakob DylanEverybody's Hurting3:40Women + Country52010181
866Jakob DylanYonder Come The Blues4:01Women + Country62010162
867Jakob DylanHoly Rollers For Love3:55Women + Country72010191
868Jakob DylanTruth For A Truth3:35Women + Country82010172
869Jakob DylanThey've Trapped Us Boys4:01Women + Country92010193
870Jakob DylanSmile When You Call Me That3:59Women + Country102010154
871Jakob DylanStanding Eight Count3:56Women + Country112010163
872The JamAll Mod Cons1:20All Mod Cons11978199
873The JamTo Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time)2:32All Mod Cons21978195
874The JamMr. Clean3:31All Mod Cons31978193
875The JamDavid Watts2:56All Mod Cons41978192
876The JamEnglish Rose2:52All Mod Cons51978191
877The JamIn The Crowd5:44All Mod Cons61978194
878The JamBilly Hunt3:03All Mod Cons71978191
879The JamIt's Too Bad2:39All Mod Cons81978199
880The JamFly3:22All Mod Cons91978185
881The JamThe Place I Love2:52All Mod Cons101978197
882The Jam'A' Bomb In Wardour Street2:37All Mod Cons111978197
883The JamDown In The Tube Station At Midnight4:44All Mod Cons121978202
884The JamArt School2:01In The City11977219
885The JamI've Changed My Address3:31In The City21977194
886The JamSlow Down2:38In The City31977199
887The JamI Got By In Time2:07In The City41977199
888The JamAway From The Numbers4:03In The City51977201
889The JamBatman Theme1:30In The City61977191
890The JamIn The City2:18In The City71977218
891The JamSounds From The Street3:13In The City81977198
892The JamNon-Stop Dancing2:27In The City91977199
893The JamTime For Truth3:09In The City101977212
894The JamTakin' My Love2:16In The City111977192
895The JamBricks And Mortar2:34In The City121977199
896The JamGirl On The Phone2:56Setting Sons11979186
897The JamThick As Thieves3:42Setting Sons21979185
898The JamPrivate Hell3:51Setting Sons31979188
899The JamLittle Boy Soldier3:35Setting Sons41979184
900The JamWasteland2:54Setting Sons51979193
901The JamBurning Sky3:35Setting Sons61979191
902The JamSmithers-Jones3:02Setting Sons71979184
903The JamSaturday's Kids2:56Setting Sons81979185
904The JamThe Eton Rifles4:03Setting Sons91979186
905The JamHeat Wave2:23Setting Sons101979181
906The JamPretty Green2:37Sound Affects11980197
907The JamMonday3:02Sound Affects21980203
908The JamBut I'm Different Now1:52Sound Affects31980216
909The JamSet The House Ablaze5:03Sound Affects41980202
910The JamStart!2:33Sound Affects51980211
911The JamThat's Entertainment3:38Sound Affects61980208
912The JamDream Time3:54Sound Affects71980199
913The JamMan In The Corner Shop3:12Sound Affects81980196
914The JamMusic For The Last Couple3:45Sound Affects91980202
915The JamBoy About Town2:00Sound Affects101980178
916The JamScrape Away3:59Sound Affects111980195
917The JamHappy Together2:51The Gift11982211
918The JamGhosts2:10The Gift21982198
919The JamPrecious4:13The Gift31982221
920The JamJust Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?2:17The Gift41982226
921The JamTrans-Global Express4:01The Gift51982221
922The JamRunning On the Spot3:06The Gift61982226
923The JamCircus2:12The Gift71982219
924The JamThe Planners Dream Goes Wrong2:18The Gift81982227
925The JamCarnation3:27The Gift91982212
926The JamTown Called Malice2:57The Gift101982217
927The JamThe Gift3:07The Gift111982213
928The JamEnglish Rose2:51The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)71999185
929The JamThe Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)3:35The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)81999196
930The JamThe Modern World2:32This Is The Modern World11977230
931The JamLondon Traffic1:51This Is The Modern World21977208
932The JamStandards2:29This Is The Modern World31977233
933The JamLife From A Window2:55This Is The Modern World41977224
934The JamThe Combine2:22This Is The Modern World51977230
935The JamDon't Tell Them You're Sane3:42This Is The Modern World61977228
936The JamIn The Street, Today1:32This Is The Modern World71977227
937The JamLondon Girl2:42This Is The Modern World81977211
938The JamI Need You (For Someone)2:42This Is The Modern World91977215
939The JamHere Comes The Weekend3:31This Is The Modern World101977230
940The JamTonight At Noon3:02This Is The Modern World111977219
941The JamIn The Midnight Hour1:52This Is The Modern World121977223
942The JamA Town Called Malice2:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)132001238
943Jamal SkiJump, Spread Out0:20From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)122002133
944JamariquoiVirtual Insanity5:41Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)172005200
945JameliaThank You3:08Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)32004199
946James "J.T." TaylorThe Promised Land4:17Ghostbusters II (OST)31989196
947James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your Puppet3:02Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)191997132
948James & KlingA Terrorist Christmas3:28Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia111995206
949James and Bobby PurifyI'm Your Puppet3:01The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 2)52006137
950James BaskettZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Song Of The South 1946)2:18Classic Disney, Vol. 1211995125
951James Baskett, Jesse Cryor, Johnny Lee And Nicodemus StewartEv'rybody Has A Laughing Place (Song Of The South 1946)0:51Classic Disney, Vol. 2201995122
952James BlundellThis Road3:48Country Complete (Disc 5)21997219
953James Blundell & James ReyneWay Out West4:04Country Complete (Disc 5)121997215
954James BluntHigh3:44Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 200632006209
955James Blunt19733:58Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 2007192007203
956James BluntYou're Beautiful3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0162006207
957James BluntHigh3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0652006204
958James BluntGoodbye My Lover3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11192006160
959James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)2:4620 All-Time Greatest Hits!11991131
960James BrownGet Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, Pt. 15:1520 All-Time Greatest Hits!21991137
961James BrownI Got The Feelin'2:3820 All-Time Greatest Hits!31991130
962James BrownMother Popcorn, Pt. 13:1620 All-Time Greatest Hits!41991214
963James BrownGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose3:1120 All-Time Greatest Hits!51991132
964James BrownMake It Funky, Pt. 13:1520 All-Time Greatest Hits!61991129
965James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New Bag, Pt. 12:0620 All-Time Greatest Hits!71991131
966James BrownThink2:4520 All-Time Greatest Hits!81991139
967James BrownIt's A Man's Man's Man's World2:4720 All-Time Greatest Hits!91991136
968James BrownTry Me2:3020 All-Time Greatest Hits!101991128
969James BrownNight Train3:3120 All-Time Greatest Hits!111991142
970James BrownCold Sweat, Pt. 12:5220 All-Time Greatest Hits!121991162
971James BrownGet On The Good Foot3:3520 All-Time Greatest Hits!131991136
972James BrownPapa Don't Take No Mess, Pt. 14:2320 All-Time Greatest Hits!141991194
973James BrownThe Payback7:3820 All-Time Greatest Hits!151991210
974James BrownSay It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud), Pt. 12:4620 All-Time Greatest Hits!161991209
975James BrownSuper Bad, Pts. 1&25:0020 All-Time Greatest Hits!171991136
976James BrownHot Pants, Pt. 13:0720 All-Time Greatest Hits!181991208
977James BrownGet Up Offa That Thing4:1020 All-Time Greatest Hits!191991219
978James BrownPlease, Please, Please2:4420 All-Time Greatest Hits!201991128
979James BrownPlease, Please, Please2:4640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)11996128
980James BrownTry Me2:3340th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)21996126
981James BrownGood Good Lovin'2:1640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)31996129
982James BrownI'll Go Crazy2:0940th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)41996133
983James BrownThink2:5240th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)51996129
984James BrownLost Someone3:0740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)61996127
985James BrownNight Train3:3240th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)71996140
986James BrownPrisoner Of Love2:2340th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)81996126
987James BrownOut Of Sight2:2440th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)91996172
988James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New Bag4:1940th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)101996129
989James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)2:4840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)111996165
990James BrownIt's A Man's, Man's, Man's World2:4840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)121996128
991James BrownMoney Won't Change You2:4740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)131996130
992James BrownCold Sweat7:2640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)141996128
993James BrownThere Was A Time4:2740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)151996212
994James BrownI Got The Feelin'2:3940th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)161996128
995James BrownLicking Stick-Licking Stick2:4940th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)171996210
996James BrownSay It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud4:5340th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)181996184
997James BrownGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose2:5240th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)191996195
998James BrownI Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I'll Get It Myself)3:0640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)201996127
999James BrownMother Popcorn3:1840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)211996209
1000James BrownAin't It Funky Now3:3840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)221996129
1001James BrownGet Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine5:1840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)11996217
1002James BrownSuper Bad5:0240th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)21996129
1003James BrownSoul Power3:2140th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)31996128
1004James BrownHot Pants3:0840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)41996202
1005James BrownMake It Funky3:1740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)51996127
1006James BrownTalkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothin'3:2540th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)61996175
1007James BrownKing Heroin3:5740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)71996181
1008James BrownGet On The Good Foot3:3640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)81996132
1009James BrownThe Boss3:1540th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)91996199
1010James BrownDoing It To Death5:0740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)101996127
1011James BrownThe Payback7:3840th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)111996203
1012James BrownPapa Don't Take No Mess4:3040th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)121996206
1013James BrownMy Thang4:1740th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)131996199
1014James BrownFunky President4:0340th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)141996206
1015James BrownGet Up Offa That Thing6:1640th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)151996214
1016James BrownBody Heat4:0440th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)161996204
1017James BrownIt's Too Funky In Here4:0040th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)171996201
1018James BrownLivin' In America4:0940th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)181996217
1019James BrownPapa's Got a Brand New Bag (Part 1)2:07'60s Soul Number 1's52007170
1020James BrownThe Boss3:14Be Cool (OST)72005198
1021James BrownStone To The Bone10:00Blaxploitation: Soul, Jazz & Funk61996192
1022James BrownThe Payback - Part 13:31Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)12001214
1023James BrownMerry Christmas, Baby3:57Christmas Of Hope71995207
1024James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New Bag2:08Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over1 127
1025James BrownSoul Power4:25Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)71994191
1026James BrownPapa's Got a Brand New Bag2:10Disco Fever (Disc 3)61997215
1027James BrownI Feel Good2:47Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)111989179
1028James BrownFunky Drummer7:01Funked! Vol. 112001229
1029James BrownSex Machine Part I & II5:16Funked! Vol. 132001177
1030James BrownSoul Power3:01Funked! Vol. 162001198
1031James BrownMake It Funky3:16Funked! Vol. 192001174
1032James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)2:45Good Morning, Vietnam (OST)111988199
1033James BrownThe Payback - Part 14:06Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)141998202
1034James BrownIt's A New Day6:23In The Jungle Groove11986199
1035James BrownFunky Drummer9:15In The Jungle Groove21986218
1036James BrownGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Remix)6:12In The Jungle Groove31986196
1037James BrownI Got To Move (Previously Unreleased)7:18In The Jungle Groove41986183
1038James BrownFunky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise)2:59In The Jungle Groove51986205
1039James BrownTalkin' Loud & Sayin' Nothing (Remix)7:45In The Jungle Groove61986191
1040James BrownGet Up, Get Into It & Get Involved7:05In The Jungle Groove71986166
1041James BrownSoul Power (Re-Edit)8:02In The Jungle Groove81986157
1042James BrownHot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants)8:41In The Jungle Groove91986203
1043James BrownIntroduction By Fats Gonder/Opening Fanfare1:48Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]11963203
1044James BrownI'll Go Crazy2:05Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]21963194
1045James BrownTry Me2:26Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]31963180
1046James BrownThink1:57Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]41963195
1047James BrownI Don't Mind2:39Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]51963175
1048James BrownLost Someone10:43Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]61963178
1049James BrownMedley: Please, Please, Please/You've Got The Power/I Found Someone/Why6:26Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]71963185
1050James BrownNight Train3:28Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]81963182
1051James BrownThink2:00Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]91963128
1052James BrownMedley: I Found Someone/Why Do You Do Me/I Want You So Bad2:10Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]101963127
1053James BrownLost Someone2:42Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]111963127
1054James BrownI'll Go Crazy2:17Live At The Apollo [2004 Deluxe Edition]121963128
1055James BrownIntroduction To The James Brown Show (MC Frankie Crocker)0:31Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]11967190
1056James BrownThink (Vocal Duet With Martha Whitney)2:55Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]21967220
1057James BrownI Wanna Be Around3:11Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]31967186
1058James BrownJames Brown (Thanks)1:51Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]41967154
1059James BrownThat's Life4:40Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]51967182
1060James BrownKansas City3:52Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]61967235
1061James BrownSweet Soul Music (Bobby Byrd)2:37Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]71967213
1062James BrownIt's A Man's Man's Man's World19:11Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]81967188
1063James BrownCaravan (The James Brown Band Featuring The J.B. Dancers)3:19Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1) [2001 Deluxe Edition]91967197
1064James BrownIntroduction To 'Startime' (Frankie Crocker With Sad Sam)0:34Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]11967181
1065James BrownMoney Won't Change You / Out Of Sight0:42Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]21967211
1066James BrownBring It Up4:40Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]31967201
1067James BrownTry Me3:13Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]41967187
1068James BrownLet Yourself Go1:42Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]51967204
1069James BrownThere Was A Time8:52Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]61967201
1070James BrownI Feel All Right7:05Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]71967192
1071James BrownCold Sweat6:02Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]81967203
1072James BrownPrisoner Of Love8:16Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]91967183
1073James BrownMy Girl (Instrumental Interlude)0:23Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]101967222
1074James BrownMaybe The Last Time4:36Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]111967203
1075James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)0:28Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]121967205
1076James BrownPlease, Please, Please3:01Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]131967219
1077James BrownBring It Up (Finale)1:12Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2) [2001 Deluxe Edition]141967197
1078James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)2:48Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)102002208
1079James BrownGet Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine10:52Sex Machine11970208
1080James BrownBrother Rapp (Part I & Part Ii)5:10Sex Machine21970212
1081James BrownBewildered6:11Sex Machine31970201
1082James BrownI Got The Feelin'1:07Sex Machine41970206
1083James BrownGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose6:32Sex Machine51970204
1084James BrownI Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself)4:32Sex Machine61970194
1085James BrownLicking Stick1:20Sex Machine71970194
1086James BrownLowdown Popcorn3:26Sex Machine81970189
1087James BrownSpinning Wheel4:03Sex Machine91970205
1088James BrownIf I Ruled The World4:04Sex Machine101970181
1089James BrownThere Was A Time4:16Sex Machine111970196
1090James BrownIt's A Man's Man's Man's World3:33Sex Machine121970193
1091James BrownPlease, Please, Please2:28Sex Machine131970204
1092James BrownI Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)1:29Sex Machine141970194
1093James BrownMother Popcorn5:46Sex Machine151970193
1094James BrownHold It2:11Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)11993127
1095James BrownThe Scratch1:46Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)21993128
1096James BrownSuds2:20Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)31993227
1097James BrownCross Firing2:23Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)41993135
1098James BrownLimbo Jimbo3:15Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)51993213
1099James BrownJoggin' Along2:25Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)61993128
1100James BrownDoin' The Limbo2:29Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)71993138
1101James BrownChoo-Choo (Locomotion)2:56Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)81993129
1102James Brown(Can You) Feel It, Pt. 12:57Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)91993129
1103James BrownSoul Food, Pts. 1 & 24:09Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)101993209
1104James BrownEvil2:48Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)111993172
1105James BrownInfatuation4:31Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)121993189
1106James BrownHeadache2:23Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)131993213
1107James BrownEvery Beat Of My Heart5:02Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)141993204
1108James BrownTry Me3:09Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)151993189
1109James BrownNew Breed3:47Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)161993210
1110James BrownJabo2:58Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)171993218
1111James BrownFat Bag4:19Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)181993211
1112James BrownSumpin' Else6:01Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)191993200
1113James BrownDevil's Den (Live)5:55Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 1)201993204
1114James BrownThe King6:22Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)11993129
1115James BrownMashed Potatoes '665:07Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)21993199
1116James BrownGittin' A Little Hipper2:49Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)31993213
1117James BrownGo On Now5:53Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)41993209
1118James BrownIn The Middle, Pt. 12:44Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)51993197
1119James BrownTighten Up (Live)7:19Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)61993144
1120James BrownThe Popcorn3:04Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)71993189
1121James BrownSoul Pride, Pts. 1 & 24:31Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)81993185
1122James BrownSudsy4:42Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)91993200
1123James BrownThe Chicken4:05Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)101993201
1124James BrownThe Chase0:32Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)111993186
1125James BrownCome On In The House2:32Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)121993127
1126James BrownLowdown Popcorn4:32Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)131993127
1127James BrownTop Of The Stack2:51Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)141993189
1128James BrownAin't It Funky Now, Pts. 1 & 27:15Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)151993182
1129James BrownFunky Drummer9:28Soul Pride 1960 -1969 (Disc 2)161993208
1130James BrownIt's a Man's Man's Man's World2:48Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)41995140
1131James BrownPlease Please Please2:45Star Time (Disc 1)11991129
1132James BrownWhy Do You Do Me3:00Star Time (Disc 1)21991160
1133James BrownTry Me2:31Star Time (Disc 1)31991128
1134James BrownTell Me What I Did Wrong2:21Star Time (Disc 1)41991135
1135James BrownBewildered2:23Star Time (Disc 1)51991187
1136James BrownGood Good Lovin'2:19Star Time (Disc 1)61991215
1137James BrownI'll Go Crazy2:07Star Time (Disc 1)71991215
1138James BrownI Know It's True2:41Star Time (Disc 1)81991207
1139James Brown(Do The) Mashed Potatoes, Part 11:52Star Time (Disc 1)91991195
1140James BrownThink2:46Star Time (Disc 1)101991152
1141James BrownBaby, You're Right2:59Star Time (Disc 1)111991128
1142James BrownLost Someone3:29Star Time (Disc 1)121991184
1143James BrownNight Train3:39Star Time (Disc 1)131991151
1144James BrownI've Got Money2:30Star Time (Disc 1)141991143
1145James BrownI Don't Mind (Live)2:30Star Time (Disc 1)151991176
1146James BrownPrisoner Of Love2:26Star Time (Disc 1)161991181
1147James BrownDevil's Den4:49Star Time (Disc 1)171991129
1148James BrownOut Of The Blue2:16Star Time (Disc 1)181991149
1149James BrownOut Of Sight2:21Star Time (Disc 1)191991129
1150James BrownGrits3:59Star Time (Disc 1)201991205
1151James BrownMaybe The Last Time3:01Star Time (Disc 1)211991170
1152James BrownIt's A Man's World3:17Star Time (Disc 1)221991190
1153James BrownI Got You2:28Star Time (Disc 1)231991185
1154James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New Bag, Parts 1, 2 & 36:58Star Time (Disc 1)241991129
1155James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 12:08Star Time (Disc 2)11991131
1156James BrownI Got You (I Feel Good)2:45Star Time (Disc 2)21991132
1157James BrownAin't That A Groove3:32Star Time (Disc 2)31991174
1158James BrownIt's A Man's Man's Man's World2:47Star Time (Disc 2)41991186
1159James BrownMoney Won't Change You6:02Star Time (Disc 2)51991142
1160James BrownDon't Be A Dropout4:32Star Time (Disc 2)61991165
1161James BrownBring It Up (Hipster's Avenue)4:07Star Time (Disc 2)71991190
1162James BrownLet Yourself Go3:54Star Time (Disc 2)81991187
1163James BrownCold Sweat7:32Star Time (Disc 2)91991163
1164James BrownGet It Together8:58Star Time (Disc 2)101991142
1165James BrownI Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)3:30Star Time (Disc 2)111991152
1166James BrownI Got The Feelin'2:38Star Time (Disc 2)121991157
1167James BrownLicking Stick - Licking Stick4:53Star Time (Disc 2)131991208
1168James BrownSay It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud, Part 13:01Star Time (Disc 2)141991182
1169James BrownThere Was A Time (Live)4:58Star Time (Disc 2)151991154
1170James BrownGive It Up Or Turnit A Loose3:11Star Time (Disc 2)161991156
1171James BrownI Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself)6:00Star Time (Disc 2)171991158
1172James BrownMother Popcorn6:16Star Time (Disc 3)11991176
1173James BrownFunky Drummer7:01Star Time (Disc 3)21991206
1174James BrownGet Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine5:16Star Time (Disc 3)31991167
1175James BrownSuper Bad, Pts. 1 & 24:27Star Time (Disc 3)41991156
1176James BrownTalkin' Loud & Sayin' Nothing9:28Star Time (Disc 3)51991197
1177James BrownGet Up, Get Into It And Get Involved7:04Star Time (Disc 3)61991190
1178James BrownSoul Power, Pts. 1 & 24:24Star Time (Disc 3)71991184
1179James BrownBrother Rapp - Ain't It Funky Now (Live)7:45Star Time (Disc 3)81991193
1180James BrownHot Pants, Pt. 13:07Star Time (Disc 3)91991132
1181James BrownI'm A Greedy Man, Pt. 13:36Star Time (Disc 3)101991199
1182James BrownMake It Funky, Pt. 13:36Star Time (Disc 3)111991132
1183James BrownIt's A New Day (Live)3:49Star Time (Disc 3)121991188
1184James BrownI Got Ants In My Pants, Pt. 13:02Star Time (Disc 3)131991202
1185James BrownKing Heroin3:57Star Time (Disc 3)141991186
1186James BrownThere It Is, Pt 13:21Star Time (Disc 4)11991169
1187James BrownPublic Enemy #1, Pt 15:09Star Time (Disc 4)21991172
1188James BrownGet On The Good Foot4:08Star Time (Disc 4)31991155
1189James BrownI Got A Bag Of My Own3:48Star Time (Disc 4)41991205
1190James BrownDoing It To Death5:15Star Time (Disc 4)51991130
1191James BrownThe Payback7:28Star Time (Disc 4)61991208
1192James BrownPapa Don't Take No Mess, Pt 14:24Star Time (Disc 4)71991193
1193James BrownStoned To The Bone, Pt 13:28Star Time (Disc 4)81991130
1194James BrownMy Thang4:38Star Time (Disc 4)91991176
1195James BrownFunky President (People It's Bad)3:58Star Time (Disc 4)101991132
1196James BrownHot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved)5:04Star Time (Disc 4)111991186
1197James BrownGet Up Offa That Thing (Release The Pressure)6:15Star Time (Disc 4)121991219
1198James BrownBody Heat, Pt 14:31Star Time (Disc 4)131991212
1199James BrownIt's Too Funky In Here5:41Star Time (Disc 4)141991194
1200James BrownRapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)4:38Star Time (Disc 4)151991221
1201James BrownUnity, Pt 1 - (with Afrika Bambaataa)3:41Star Time (Disc 4)161991205
1202James BrownThe Old Landmark2:58The Blues Brothers (OST)61980194
1203James BrownThink2:46The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)271960129
1204James Brown & FriendsShow Intro0:28James Brown Greatest Hits11990199
1205James Brown & FriendsPapa's Got A Brand New Bag3:15James Brown Greatest Hits21990210
1206James Brown & FriendsHow Do You Stop5:22James Brown Greatest Hits31990186
1207James Brown & FriendsCold Sweat4:08James Brown Greatest Hits41990208
1208James Brown & FriendsOut Of Sight2:34James Brown Greatest Hits51990202
1209James Brown & FriendsWhen A Man Loves A Woman5:46James Brown Greatest Hits61990197
1210James Brown & FriendsGimme Your Love5:16James Brown Greatest Hits71990195
1211James Brown & FriendsI'll Go Crazy3:16James Brown Greatest Hits81990190
1212James Brown & FriendsI Got You (I Feel Good)3:25James Brown Greatest Hits91990194
1213James Brown & FriendsTry Me5:18James Brown Greatest Hits101990185
1214James Brown & FriendsLiving In America4:06James Brown Greatest Hits111990203
1215James Brown And The Famous FlamesPlease, Please, Please2:46Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 2)62004128
1216James CarterWhite Christmas8:06You Sleigh Me!101995198
1217James Carter And The PrisonersPo Lazarus4:30O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)12000202
1218James CottonBoogie Thing3:21100% Cotton11974217
1219James CottonOne More Mile2:39100% Cotton21974227
1220James CottonAll Walks of Life2:28100% Cotton31974209
1221James CottonCreeper Creeps Again6:57100% Cotton41974196
1222James CottonRocket 882:33100% Cotton51974220
1223James CottonHow Long Can a Fool Go Wrong4:07100% Cotton61974216
1224James CottonI Don't Know2:49100% Cotton71974204
1225James CottonBurner3:49100% Cotton81974232
1226James Cotton'Fatuation3:30100% Cotton91974203
1227James CottonFever5:12100% Cotton101974199
1228James CottonCoach's Better Days3:00Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes12004212
1229James CottonBaby, Don't You Tear My Clothes2:43Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes22004198
1230James CottonWhen You Got a Good Friend3:39Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes32004200
1231James CottonStealin', Stealin'4:47Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes42004210
1232James CottonKey to the Highway4:48Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes52004187
1233James CottonI Almost Lost My Mind3:25Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes62004218
1234James CottonRainin' in My Heart4:17Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes72004200
1235James CottonBring It on Home to Me5:27Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes82004205
1236James CottonMuleskinner Blues3:35Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes92004196
1237James CottonHow Long Blues2:50Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes102004199
1238James CottonMississippi Blues6:24Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes112004201
1239James CottonBlues for Jacklyn2:58Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes122004215
1240James CottonFriends5:22Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes132004193
1241James CottonCotton Crop Blues2:21Best Of The Vanguard Years11999227
1242James CottonThe Blues Keep Falling4:05Best Of The Vanguard Years21999229
1243James CottonLove Me Or Leave Me3:28Best Of The Vanguard Years31999224
1244James CottonRocket 882:06Best Of The Vanguard Years41999221
1245James CottonWest Helena Blues3:32Best Of The Vanguard Years51999222
1246James CottonRiver's Invitation2:47Best Of The Vanguard Years61999240
1247James CottonHonest I Do2:52Best Of The Vanguard Years71999259
1248James CottonGot To Get You Off My Mind2:10Best Of The Vanguard Years81999252
1249James CottonCoast Blues7:22Best Of The Vanguard Years91999241
1250James CottonNext Time You See Me2:53Best Of The Vanguard Years101999263
1251James CottonCut You Loose3:00Best Of The Vanguard Years111999261
1252James CottonAin't Nobody's Business3:25Best Of The Vanguard Years121999263
1253James CottonSet A Date2:19Best Of The Vanguard Years131999252
1254James CottonSlippin' And Slidin'4:30Best Of The Vanguard Years141999250
1255James CottonNegative 10-46:51Best Of The Vanguard Years151999244
1256James CottonNext Time You See Me [Previously Unreleased]3:03Best Of The Vanguard Years161999195
1257James CottonDown At Your Buryin'4:34Deep In The Blues11996171
1258James CottonAll Walks Of Life3:36Deep In The Blues21996172
1259James CottonYou Got My Nose Open4:20Deep In The Blues31996181
1260James CottonDealin' With The Devil3:36Deep In The Blues41996167
1261James CottonStrange Things Happen4:21Deep In The Blues51996162
1262James CottonCountry Boy3:22Deep In The Blues61996168
1263James CottonVineyard Blues3:31Deep In The Blues71996155
1264James CottonWorried Life Blues4:06Deep In The Blues81996156
1265James CottonTwo Trains Runnin'4:57Deep In The Blues91996178
1266James CottonOzark Mountain Railroad3:46Deep In The Blues101996154
1267James CottonSad Letter4:16Deep In The Blues111996173
1268James CottonPlay With Your Poodle3:40Deep In The Blues121996172
1269James CottonBlues In My Sleep6:11Deep In The Blues131996163
1270James CottonEverybody's Fishin'3:17Deep In The Blues141996174
1271James CottonMississippi Freight Train1:28Living The Blues11994241
1272James CottonYou Didn't Think About That3:48Living The Blues21994225
1273James CottonPacific Blues3:11Living The Blues31994246
1274James CottonTake A Message4:55Living The Blues41994229
1275James CottonHungry Country Girl7:02Living The Blues51994238
1276James CottonHucklebuck3:38Living The Blues61994235
1277James CottonOne Little Piece Of Shade3:22Living The Blues71994225
1278James CottonLiving The Blues4:59Living The Blues81994218
1279James CottonBlack Knights5:18Living The Blues91994232
1280James CottonMississippi Saxophone3:43Living The Blues101994222
1281James CottonCotton In The Kitchen5:09Living The Blues111994255
1282James CottonCertified4:43Living The Blues121994213
1283James CottonMississippi Freight Train (Part 2)2:13Living The Blues131994251
1284James CottonCotton Crop Blues2:56The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)231994129
1285James DarrenHer Royal Majesty2:11Her Royal Majesty 1962320
1286James DarrenGoodbye Cruel World2:18Jukebox Hits Of 1961201991259
1287James DarrenGoodbye Cruel World2:23The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)71997147
1288James DooleyWhacked Out Conspiracy2:16Madagascar (OST)52005226
1289James GalwayThe Wexford Carol3:27Celtic Christmas II31996181
1290James GalwayI'll Rock You To Rest3:54Celtic Christmas II111996169
1291James GangAin't Seen Nothing Yet3:06Passin' Thru11972213
1292James GangOne-Way Street4:37Passin' Thru21972202
1293James GangHad Enough3:02Passin' Thru31972206
1294James GangUp To Yourself2:46Passin' Thru41972189
1295James GangEverybody Needs A Hero6:07Passin' Thru51972194
1296James GangRun, Run, Run3:46Passin' Thru61972195
1297James GangThings I Want To Say To You3:41Passin' Thru71972187
1298James GangOut Of Control3:40Passin' Thru81972194
1299James GangDrifting Girl5:10Passin' Thru91972192
1300James GangFunk #493:54Rides Again11970213
1301James GangAsshtonpark2:01Rides Again21970209
1302James GangWoman4:35Rides Again31970210
1303James GangThe Bomber: Closet Queen / Cast Your Fate to the Wind5:38Rides Again41970205
1304James GangTend My Garden5:35Rides Again51970204
1305James GangGarden Gate1:40Rides Again61970195
1306James GangThere I Go Again2:49Rides Again71970208
1307James GangThanks2:19Rides Again81970200
1308James GangAshes, the Rain and I4:54Rides Again91970207
1309James GangWalk Away3:32Thirds11971207
1310James GangYadig2:32Thirds21971190
1311James GangThings I Could Be4:18Thirds31971216
1312James GangDreamin' In The Country2:59Thirds41971207
1313James GangIt's All The Same4:12Thirds51971203
1314James GangMidnight Man3:29Thirds61971212
1315James GangAgain4:03Thirds71971204
1316James GangWhite Man, Black Man5:38Thirds81971199
1317James GangLive My Life Again5:24Thirds91971200
1318James GangTuning Part One0:41Yer' Album11969218
1319James GangTake A Look Around6:16Yer' Album21969219
1320James GangFunk #482:45Yer' Album31969222
1321James GangBluebird6:02Yer' Album41969221
1322James GangLost Woman9:05Yer' Album51969223
1323James GangStone Rap1:00Yer' Album61969151
1324James GangCollage4:03Yer' Album71969192
1325James GangI Don't Have The Time2:49Yer' Album81969204
1326James GangWrapcity In English0:57Yer' Album91969194
1327James GangFred4:10Yer' Album101969200
1328James GangStop12:07Yer' Album111969207
1329James HornerMain Title5:10An American Tail (OST)11986187
1330James HornerThe Cossack Cats2:18An American Tail (OST)21986191
1331James HornerThe Storm4:03An American Tail (OST)41986192
1332James HornerGive Me Your Tired, Your Poor2:48An American Tail (OST)51986187
1333James HornerThe Market Place3:05An American Tail (OST)71986191
1334James HornerReleasing The Secret Weapon3:41An American Tail (OST)101986192
1335James HornerReunited4:47An American Tail (OST)131986191
1336James HornerFlying Away And End Credits6:01An American Tail (OST)141986197
1337James HornerMain Title/Balto's Story Unfolds4:40Balto (OST)21995192
1338James HornerThe Dogsled Race1:41Balto (OST)31995192
1339James HornerRosy Goes To The Doctor4:05Balto (OST)41995192
1340James HornerBoris & Balto1:29Balto (OST)51995192
1341James HornerThe Journey Begins5:06Balto (OST)61995192
1342James HornerGrizzly Bear5:22Balto (OST)71995192
1343James HornerJenna/Telegraphing The News2:22Balto (OST)81995192
1344James HornerSteele's Treachery4:38Balto (OST)91995192
1345James HornerThe Epidemic's Toll3:29Balto (OST)101995192
1346James HornerHeritage Of The Wolf5:53Balto (OST)111995192
1347James HornerBalto Brings The Medecine!4:52Balto (OST)121995192
1348James HornerBS - Universal Logo0:20Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1349James HornerBS 1- First meeting2:03Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1350James HornerBS 2- Depressed Balto1:52Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1351James HornerBS 3- What's Wrong With Rosy?3:02Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1352James HornerBS 4- Aurora Borealis1:06Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1353James HornerBS 5- Calling Anchorage2:17Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1354James HornerBS 6- Rosy...1:35Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1355James HornerBS 7- The Ice Cave1:01Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1356James HornerBS 8- Balto's Back (film version)1:07Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1357James Horner & Steve WinwoodReach for the Light (film version)5:09Balto soundtrack (Balto Source) 1995192
1358James IngramWhere Did My Heart Go3:54Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music11991193
1359James IngramHow Do You Keep The Music Playing4:17Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music21991191
1360James IngramJust Once4:35Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music31991193
1361James IngramSomewhere Out There (Duet With Linda Ronstadt)3:59Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music41991187
1362James IngramI Don't Have The Heart4:14Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music51991205
1363James IngramThere's No Easy Way3:52Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music61991191
1364James IngramGet Ready4:33Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music71991224
1365James IngramBaby Come To Me (Duet With Patti Austin)3:38Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music81991196
1366James IngramOne Hundred Ways4:20Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music91991178
1367James IngramYah Mo Be There (Duet With Michael McDonald)4:32Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music101991212
1368James IngramRemember The Dream4:24Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music111991191
1369James IngramWhatever We Imagine4:00Greatest Hits - The Power Of Great Music121991205
1370James IngramJust Once4:31Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)101995194
1371James Ingram & Patti AustinHow Do You Keep The Music Playing?4:15Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man132001194
1372James Ingram With Michael McDonaldYah Mo B There4:29Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man52001221
1373James LaBrieCrucify6:01Elements Of Persuasion12005246
1374James LaBrieAlone5:37Elements Of Persuasion22005241
1375James LaBrieFreaks5:30Elements Of Persuasion32005231
1376James LaBrieInvisible5:37Elements Of Persuasion42005227
1377James LaBrieLost3:41Elements Of Persuasion52005217
1378James LaBrieUndecided5:31Elements Of Persuasion62005239
1379James LaBrieSmashed5:34Elements Of Persuasion72005213
1380James LaBriePretender5:34Elements Of Persuasion82005247
1381James LaBrieSlightly Out Of Reach6:11Elements Of Persuasion92005221
1382James LaBrieOblivious5:23Elements Of Persuasion102005249
1383James LaBrieIn Too Deep6:56Elements Of Persuasion112005225
1384James LaBrieDrained5:10Elements Of Persuasion122005241
1385James LaBrieOne More Time4:16Static Impulse12010250
1386James LaBrieJekyll Or Hyde3:46Static Impulse22010252
1387James LaBrieMislead4:18Static Impulse32010246
1388James LaBrieEuphoric5:09Static Impulse42010242
1389James LaBrieOver The Edge4:20Static Impulse52010248
1390James LaBrieI Need You4:11Static Impulse62010259
1391James LaBrieWho You Think I Am3:57Static Impulse72010255
1392James LaBrieI Tried3:58Static Impulse82010243
1393James LaBrieJust Watch Me4:18Static Impulse92010237
1394James LaBrieThis Is War4:30Static Impulse102010244
1395James LaBrieSuperstar3:33Static Impulse112010245
1396James LaBrieComing Home4:24Static Impulse122010195
1397James LaBrieJekyll Or Hyde (Demo)3:48Static Impulse132010208
1398James LaBrieComing Home (Alternate Mix)4:24Static Impulse142010191
1399James McnallyBlack Is The Colour5:51Celtic Christmas III101997189
1400James RayIf You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody1:58The '60s - Keep on Rockin'16 207
1401James Rich & Boots RandolphThe Benny Hill Show1:04Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)251996186
1402James TaylorWinter Wonderland3:36A Christmas Album12004186
1403James TaylorGo Tell It On A Mountain3:48A Christmas Album22004207
1404James TaylorIn The Bleak Midwinter4:18A Christmas Album32004201
1405James TaylorBaby, It's Cold Outside4:19A Christmas Album42004206
1406James TaylorSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:58A Christmas Album52004193
1407James TaylorJingle Bells3:55A Christmas Album62004209
1408James TaylorThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On The Open Fire)3:54A Christmas Album72004182
1409James TaylorDeck The Halls2:51A Christmas Album82004201
1410James TaylorSome Children See Him4:41A Christmas Album92004186
1411James TaylorWho Comes This Night4:17A Christmas Album102004195
1412James TaylorAuld Lang Syne3:41A Christmas Album112004201
1413James TaylorFire and Rain3:18Back to the 70's! (Disc 1)3 208
1414James TaylorCountry Road3:20Back to the 70's! (Disc 2)11 201
1415James TaylorSomething in the Way She Moves3:04Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)11 192
1416James TaylorOur Town4:07Cars (OST)52006190
1417James TaylorIt's Growing4:07Covers12008204
1418James Taylor(I'm a) Road Runner3:19Covers22008207
1419James TaylorWichita Lineman3:41Covers32008190
1420James TaylorWhy Baby Why2:41Covers42008195
1421James TaylorSome Days You Gotta Dance2:41Covers52008221
1422James TaylorSeminole Wind4:50Covers62008203
1423James TaylorSuzanne3:36Covers72008181
1424James TaylorHound Dog3:03Covers82008188
1425James TaylorSadie4:34Covers92008197
1426James TaylorOn Broadway4:11Covers102008179
1427James TaylorSummertime Blues2:39Covers112008215
1428James TaylorNot Fade Away2:45Covers122008198
1429James TaylorHard Times3:12Dad Loves His Work11981200
1430James TaylorHer Town Too4:34Dad Loves His Work21981195
1431James TaylorHour That The Morning Comes2:57Dad Loves His Work31981197
1432James TaylorI Will Follow4:18Dad Loves His Work41981194
1433James TaylorBelieve It Or Not3:51Dad Loves His Work51981183
1434James TaylorStand And Fight3:11Dad Loves His Work61981203
1435James TaylorOnly For Me4:56Dad Loves His Work71981181
1436James TaylorSummer's Here2:43Dad Loves His Work81981178
1437James TaylorSugar Trade2:49Dad Loves His Work91981164
1438James TaylorLondon Town3:56Dad Loves His Work101981180
1439James TaylorThat Lonesome Road2:22Dad Loves His Work111981176
1440James TaylorHow Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You3:36Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)21989198
1441James TaylorShower The People3:58Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)141989204
1442James TaylorCompany Man3:47Flag11979186
1443James TaylorJohnnie Comes Back3:55Flag21979201
1444James TaylorDay Tripper4:26Flag31979209
1445James TaylorI Will Not Lie For You3:17Flag41979203
1446James TaylorBrother Trucker4:02Flag51979206
1447James TaylorIs That The Way You Look?1:59Flag61979191
1448James TaylorB.S.U.R.3:23Flag71979187
1449James TaylorRainy Day Man3:02Flag81979188
1450James TaylorMillworker3:52Flag91979173
1451James TaylorUp On The Roof4:22Flag101979198
1452James TaylorChanson Française2:05Flag111979169
1453James TaylorSleep Come Free Me4:43Flag121979184
1454James TaylorMexico2:59Gorilla11975207
1455James TaylorMusic3:47Gorilla21975197
1456James TaylorHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)3:36Gorilla31975207
1457James TaylorWandering2:41Gorilla41975189
1458James TaylorGorilla3:12Gorilla51975190
1459James TaylorYou Make It Easy4:09Gorilla61975199
1460James TaylorI Was a Fool To Care3:21Gorilla71975191
1461James TaylorLighthouse3:16Gorilla81975188
1462James TaylorAngry Blues3:26Gorilla91975209
1463James TaylorLove Songs5:46Gorilla101975189
1464James TaylorSarah Maria2:45Gorilla111975191
1465James TaylorSomething in the Way She Moves3:13Greatest Hits11976175
1466James TaylorCarolina in My Mind4:00Greatest Hits21976198
1467James TaylorFire and Rain3:26Greatest Hits31976207
1468James TaylorSweet Baby James2:54Greatest Hits41976199
1469James TaylorCountry Road3:25Greatest Hits51976200
1470James TaylorYou've Got a Friend4:32Greatest Hits61976203
1471James TaylorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2:38Greatest Hits71976196
1472James TaylorWalking Man3:35Greatest Hits81976214
1473James TaylorHow Sweet It Is3:39Greatest Hits91976210
1474James TaylorMexico3:01Greatest Hits101976196
1475James TaylorShower the People4:01Greatest Hits111976194
1476James TaylorSteamroller5:18Greatest Hits121976214
1477James TaylorSecret O' Life3:35Greatest Hits Vol. 212000174
1478James TaylorHandy Man3:18Greatest Hits Vol. 222000191
1479James TaylorYour Smiling Face2:45Greatest Hits Vol. 232000211
1480James TaylorUp on the Roof4:22Greatest Hits Vol. 242000194
1481James TaylorHer Town Too4:34Greatest Hits Vol. 252000179
1482James TaylorThat's Why I'm Here3:39Greatest Hits Vol. 262000189
1483James TaylorOnly a Dream in Rio5:01Greatest Hits Vol. 272000200
1484James TaylorEveryday3:17Greatest Hits Vol. 282000197
1485James TaylorSong for You Far Away2:58Greatest Hits Vol. 292000180
1486James TaylorNever Die Young4:24Greatest Hits Vol. 2102000206
1487James Taylor(I've Got to) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That4:02Greatest Hits Vol. 2112000229
1488James TaylorCopperline4:22Greatest Hits Vol. 2122000208
1489James TaylorShed a Little Light4:20Greatest Hits Vol. 2132000206
1490James TaylorAnother Day2:22Greatest Hits Vol. 2142000158
1491James TaylorLittle More Time with You3:52Greatest Hits Vol. 2152000197
1492James TaylorEnough to be on Your Way5:27Greatest Hits Vol. 2162000174
1493James TaylorFire & Rain3:54Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)161998187
1494James TaylorLine 'Em Up4:44Hourglass11997184
1495James TaylorEnough To Be On Your Way5:29Hourglass21997175
1496James TaylorLittle More Time With You3:52Hourglass31997198
1497James TaylorGaia5:31Hourglass41997182
1498James TaylorAnanas5:44Hourglass51997197
1499James TaylorJump Up Behind Me3:30Hourglass61997186
1500James TaylorAnother Day2:23Hourglass71997160
1501James TaylorUp Er Mei3:49Hourglass81997183
1502James TaylorUp From Your Life5:17Hourglass91997190
1503James TaylorYellow And Rose4:55Hourglass101997194
1504James TaylorBoatman3:59Hourglass111997182
1505James TaylorWalking My Baby Back Home3:12Hourglass121997139
1506James TaylorHangnail2:21Hourglass131997183
1507James TaylorShower the People4:34In the Pocket11976191
1508James TaylorA Junkie's Lament3:31In the Pocket21976178
1509James TaylorMoney Machine4:36In the Pocket31976213
1510James TaylorSlow Burning Love3:44In the Pocket41976196
1511James TaylorEverybody Has the Blues2:03In the Pocket51976190
1512James TaylorDaddy's All Gone3:37In the Pocket61976187
1513James TaylorWoman's Gotta Have It4:20In the Pocket71976191
1514James TaylorCaptain Jim's Drunken Dream4:04In the Pocket81976214
1515James TaylorDon't Be Sad 'Cause Your Sun Is Down3:30In the Pocket91976165
1516James TaylorNothing Like a Hundred Miles3:45In the Pocket101976189
1517James TaylorFamily Man3:39In the Pocket111976185
1518James TaylorGolden Moments3:34In the Pocket121976196
1519James TaylorYour Smiling Face2:47JT11977212
1520James TaylorThere We Are3:00JT21977192
1521James TaylorHoney Don't Leave L.A.3:06JT31977207
1522James TaylorAnother Grey Morning2:44JT41977191
1523James TaylorBartender's Blues4:12JT51977203
1524James TaylorSecret O' Life3:35JT61977199
1525James TaylorHandyman3:18JT71977203
1526James TaylorI Was Only Telling A Lie3:25JT81977208
1527James TaylorLooking For Love On Broadway2:21JT91977185
1528James TaylorTerra Nova4:33JT101977192
1529James TaylorTraffic Jam1:58JT111977188
1530James TaylorIf I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight2:56JT121977197
1531James TaylorLove Has Brought Me Around2:44Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon11971193
1532James TaylorYou've Got A Friend4:29Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon21971201
1533James TaylorPlaces In My Past2:02Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon31971198
1534James TaylorRiding On A Railroad2:43Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon41971197
1535James TaylorSoldiers1:15Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon51971193
1536James TaylorMud Slide Slim5:20Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon61971192
1537James TaylorHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox3:48Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon71971196
1538James TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes2:29Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon81971183
1539James TaylorMachine Gun Kelly2:37Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon91971206
1540James TaylorLong Ago And Far Away2:21Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon101971188
1541James TaylorLet Me Ride2:44Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon111971195
1542James TaylorHighway Song3:54Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon121971187
1543James TaylorIsn't It Nice To Be Home Again0:54Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon131971180
1544James TaylorNever Die Young4:23Never Die Young11988201
1545James TaylorT-Bone3:47Never Die Young21988200
1546James TaylorBaby Boom Baby4:59Never Die Young31988195
1547James TaylorRunaway Boy4:19Never Die Young41988198
1548James TaylorValentine's Day2:36Never Die Young51988149
1549James TaylorSun on the Moon4:10Never Die Young61988204
1550James TaylorSweet Potato Pie3:30Never Die Young71988202
1551James TaylorHome By Another Way3:50Never Die Young81988188
1552James TaylorLetter in the Mail4:42Never Die Young91988189
1553James TaylorFirst of May3:58Never Die Young101988207
1554James TaylorCopperline4:22New Moon Shine11991204
1555James TaylorDown In The Hole5:15New Moon Shine21991197
1556James Taylor(I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That4:00New Moon Shine31991220
1557James TaylorShed A Little Light3:52New Moon Shine41991205
1558James TaylorThe Frozen Man3:54New Moon Shine51991192
1559James TaylorSlap Leather2:00New Moon Shine61991221
1560James TaylorLike Everyone She Knows4:56New Moon Shine71991190
1561James TaylorOne More Go Round4:40New Moon Shine81991201
1562James TaylorEverybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha3:37New Moon Shine91991213
1563James TaylorNative Son3:49New Moon Shine101991212
1564James TaylorOh Brother4:25New Moon Shine111991191
1565James TaylorThe Water Is Wide3:00New Moon Shine121991181
1566James TaylorSeptember Grass4:51October Road12002162
1567James TaylorOctober Road3:57October Road22002192
1568James TaylorOn The 4th Of July3:25October Road32002194
1569James TaylorWhenever You're Ready4:14October Road42002202
1570James TaylorBelfast To Boston4:16October Road52002189
1571James TaylorMean Old Man3:44October Road62002174
1572James TaylorMy Traveling Star3:55October Road72002197
1573James TaylorRaised Up Family4:40October Road82002193
1574James TaylorCarry Me On My Way4:30October Road92002195
1575James TaylorCaroline I See You4:58October Road102002184
1576James TaylorBaby Buffalo4:50October Road112002178
1577James TaylorHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas3:50October Road122002174
1578James TaylorSomething in the Way She Moves3:47One Man Band12007164
1579James TaylorNever Die Young4:24One Man Band22007179
1580James TaylorThe Frozen Man5:07One Man Band32007177
1581James TaylorMean Old Man3:42One Man Band42007183
1582James TaylorSchool Song1:27One Man Band52007188
1583James TaylorCountry Road4:08One Man Band62007175
1584James TaylorSlap Leather3:07One Man Band72007223
1585James TaylorMy Traveling Star4:11One Man Band82007185
1586James TaylorYou've Got a Friend5:02One Man Band92007169
1587James TaylorSteamroller Blues5:59One Man Band102007190
1588James TaylorSecret o' Life3:42One Man Band112007166
1589James TaylorLine 'Em Up4:39One Man Band122007172
1590James TaylorChili Dog1:57One Man Band132007203
1591James TaylorShower the People4:56One Man Band142007179
1592James TaylorSweet Baby James3:41One Man Band152007162
1593James TaylorCarolina in My Mind5:04One Man Band162007172
1594James TaylorFire and Rain4:52One Man Band172007175
1595James TaylorCopperline4:52One Man Band182007177
1596James TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes3:08One Man Band192007166
1597James TaylorOne Man Parade3:11One Man Dog11972182
1598James TaylorNobody But You2:57One Man Dog21972192
1599James TaylorChili Dog1:35One Man Dog31972189
1600James TaylorFool For You1:42One Man Dog41972194
1601James TaylorInstrumental I0:54One Man Dog51972204
1602James TaylorNew Tune1:36One Man Dog61972199
1603James TaylorBack On The Street Again3:01One Man Dog71972207
1604James TaylorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2:36One Man Dog81972176
1605James TaylorWoh, Don't You Know2:12One Man Dog91972203
1606James TaylorOne Morning In May2:54One Man Dog101972195
1607James TaylorInstrumental Ii1:41One Man Dog111972204
1608James TaylorSomeone3:36One Man Dog121972204
1609James TaylorHymn2:24One Man Dog131972204
1610James TaylorFanfare2:33One Man Dog141972202
1611James TaylorLittle David1:00One Man Dog151972211
1612James TaylorMescalito0:29One Man Dog161972187
1613James TaylorDance2:06One Man Dog171972199
1614James TaylorJig1:14One Man Dog181972213
1615James TaylorOh, What a Beautiful Mornin'3:10Other Covers12009155
1616James TaylorGet a Job4:08Other Covers22009209
1617James TaylorMemphis3:10Other Covers32009195
1618James TaylorShiver Me Timbers4:19Other Covers42009185
1619James TaylorWasn't That a Mighty Storm4:15Other Covers52009207
1620James TaylorIn the Midnight Hour3:14Other Covers62009204
1621James TaylorKnock On Wood3:52Other Covers72009209
1622James TaylorFire and Rain3:24Singers And Songwriters [1970-1971] (Disc 2)22000190
1623James TaylorSweet Baby James2:53Sweet Baby James11970192
1624James TaylorLo and Behold2:36Sweet Baby James21970193
1625James TaylorSunny Skies2:21Sweet Baby James31970193
1626James TaylorSteamroller2:57Sweet Baby James41970188
1627James TaylorCountry Road3:22Sweet Baby James51970197
1628James TaylorOh, Susannah2:01Sweet Baby James61970189
1629James TaylorFire and Rain3:24Sweet Baby James71970198
1630James TaylorBlossom2:14Sweet Baby James81970194
1631James TaylorAnywhere Like Heaven3:28Sweet Baby James91970196
1632James TaylorOh Baby, Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me1:50Sweet Baby James101970188
1633James TaylorSuite For 20 G4:41Sweet Baby James111970209
1634James TaylorThat's Why I'm Here3:40That's Why I'm Here11985187
1635James TaylorSong For You Far Away2:57That's Why I'm Here21985177
1636James TaylorOnly A Dream In Rio5:01That's Why I'm Here31985197
1637James TaylorTurn Away3:25That's Why I'm Here41985191
1638James TaylorGoing Around One More Time3:26That's Why I'm Here51985193
1639James TaylorMy Romance2:50That's Why I'm Here61985156
1640James TaylorEveryday3:15That's Why I'm Here71985190
1641James TaylorLimousine Driver3:53That's Why I'm Here81985201
1642James TaylorOnly One4:20That's Why I'm Here91985192
1643James TaylorMona2:50That's Why I'm Here101985172
1644James TaylorThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance3:45That's Why I'm Here111985199
1645James TaylorThat's Why I'm Here (Reprise)0:25That's Why I'm Here121985176
1646James TaylorWalking Man3:34Walking Man11974211
1647James TaylorRock n Roll is Music Now3:28Walking Man21974219
1648James TaylorLet It All Fall Down3:35Walking Man31974206
1649James TaylorMe and My Guitar3:34Walking Man41974213
1650James TaylorDaddy's Baby2:39Walking Man51974197
1651James TaylorAin't No Song3:31Walking Man61974204
1652James TaylorHello Old Friend2:48Walking Man71974198
1653James TaylorMigration3:17Walking Man81974204
1654James TaylorThe Promised Land4:04Walking Man91974211
1655James TaylorFading Away3:33Walking Man101974194
1656James Taylor QuartetAustin's Theme3:39Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)101997201
1657Jamia Simone Nash and Impact Repertory TheatreRaise It Up2:28August Rush (OST)72007163
1658Jamie CullumWheels3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06142010208
1659Jamie CullumThese Are the Days3:22Twentysomething12004194
1660Jamie CullumTwentysomething3:40Twentysomething22004211
1661Jamie CullumWind Cries Mary3:35Twentysomething32004211
1662Jamie CullumAll at Sea4:33Twentysomething42004187
1663Jamie CullumLover, You Should've Come Over4:48Twentysomething52004186
1664Jamie CullumSingin' in the Rain4:06Twentysomething62004200
1665Jamie CullumI Get a Kick Out Of You4:11Twentysomething72004212
1666Jamie CullumBlame It on My Youth3:10Twentysomething82004168
1667Jamie CullumHigh and Dry4:18Twentysomething92004183
1668Jamie CullumIt's About Time4:07Twentysomething102004197
1669Jamie CullumBut For Now3:55Twentysomething112004183
1670Jamie CullumI Could Have Danced All Night3:25Twentysomething122004219
1671Jamie CullumNext Year, Baby4:49Twentysomething132004204
1672Jamie CullumWhat a Difference a Day Makes5:12Twentysomething142004177
1673Jamie CullumFrontin'5:35Twentysomething152004210
1674Jamie Foxx feat. LudacrisUnpredictable3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-02142006195
1675Jamie Foxx feat. Stack$Blame It4:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04132009212
1676The Jamie Hartford BandWho Cut Your Heart Out?4:01A Tribute to John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage52001184
1677Jamie LidellFigured Me Out (LA Garage Mix)3:19Jim 2008128
1678The JamiesSummertime, Summertime2:00Everything Summer111997196
1679JamiroquaiDeeper Underground4:42Godzilla (OST)31998202
1680JamiroquaiCosmic Girl3:46The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)141999228
1681Jan & DeanSurf City2:41100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)161997172
1682Jan & DeanJennie Lee2:03All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)11996262
1683Jan & DeanBaby Talk2:31All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)21996174
1684Jan & DeanHeart And Soul2:06All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)31996221
1685Jan & DeanA Sunday Kind Of Love2:15All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)41996196
1686Jan & DeanTennessee2:06All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)51996208
1687Jan & DeanYour Heart Has Changed Its Mind2:34All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)61996130
1688Jan & DeanMy Favorite Dream2:16All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)71996187
1689Jan & DeanFiddle Around2:30All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)81996220
1690Jan & DeanShe's Still Talking Baby Talk2:16All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)91996144
1691Jan & DeanLinda2:47All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)101996211
1692Jan & DeanThe Best Friend I Ever Had (alternate version)1:53All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)111996208
1693Jan & DeanSurf City2:38All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)121996178
1694Jan & DeanShe's My Summer Girl3:02All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)131996215
1695Jan & DeanHonolulu Lulu2:20All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)141996218
1696Jan & DeanSomeday (You'll Go Walking By)2:24All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)151996203
1697Jan & DeanWhen Summer Comes (Get A Chance With You)2:46All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)161996200
1698Jan & DeanDrag City2:36All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)171996173
1699Jan & DeanBucket "T"2:23All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)181996200
1700Jan & DeanPopsicle (Truck)2:39All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)191996218
1701Jan & DeanHot Stocker3:19All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)201996230
1702Jan & DeanMy Mighty G.T.O. (single version)2:56All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)211996185
1703Jan & DeanThree Window Coupe3:00All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)221996219
1704Jan & Dean(When Summer Comes) Gonna Hustle You2:34All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)231996214
1705Jan & DeanQuasimoto (alternate version)2:21All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)241996186
1706Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve (single version)3:03All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)251996208
1707Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 010:15All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)261996123
1708Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 020:22All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)271996121
1709Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 030:12All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)281996121
1710Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 040:11All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)291996119
1711Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 050:08All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)301996118
1712Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 070:09All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)321996113
1713Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 080:12All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)331996116
1714Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 090:23All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)341996121
1715Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 100:30All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)351996124
1716Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 110:26All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)361996126
1717Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 120:34All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)371996145
1718Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 130:22All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)381996188
1719Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 140:45All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)391996191
1720Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 150:27All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)401996190
1721Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 160:34All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)411996192
1722Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 170:22All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)421996185
1723Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 180:26All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)431996186
1724Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 190:21All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)441996193
1725Jan & DeanKFWB "Jan & Dean Day" Radio Spot 200:38All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)451996114
1726Jan & Dean"Merry Christmas" Promo0:09All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 1)461996130
1727Jan & DeanThe New Girl In School3:02All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)11996218
1728Jan & DeanLittle Old Lady (From Pasadena)2:46All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)21996199
1729Jan & DeanThe Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review And Timing Association2:45All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)31996212
1730Jan & DeanSummer Means Fun2:25All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)41996184
1731Jan & DeanRide The Wild Surf2:17All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)51996180
1732Jan & DeanSidewalk Surfin'2:42All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)61996207
1733Jan & Dean(Here They Come) From All Over The World2:44All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)71996227
1734Jan & DeanFreeway Flyer2:50All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)81996195
1735Jan & DeanYou Really Know How To Hurt A Guy3:20All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)91996193
1736Jan & DeanI Found A Girl2:39All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)101996193
1737Jan & DeanIt's A Shame To Say Goodbye2:47All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)111996184
1738Jan & DeanI Can't Wait To Love You2:40All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)121996218
1739Jan & DeanA Beginning From An End3:34All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)131996200
1740Jan & DeanEveryone's Gone To The Moon2:33All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)141996174
1741Jan & DeanThe Universal Coward3:13All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)151996207
1742Jan & DeanBatman2:46All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)161996197
1743Jan & DeanSummertime, Summertime (alternate version)2:38All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)171996175
1744Jan & DeanPopsicle (Truck) (alternate version)2:40All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)181996201
1745Jan & DeanThe Little Old Lady From Pasadena (version #2)2:43All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)191996231
1746Jan & DeanMusic City "(Here They Come) From All Over The World" (alternate version)3:03All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)201996229
1747Jan & DeanYou Really Know How To Hurt A Guy (alternate take)3:46All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)211996202
1748Jan & DeanIn The Studio With Jan & Dean2:42All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)221996189
1749Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve (instrumental)3:04All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)231996202
1750Jan & DeanSurf City (instrumental)2:50All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)241996161
1751Jan & DeanDrag City (instumental with backing vocals)2:32All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)251996187
1752Jan & DeanRide The Wild Surf (instumental with backing vocals)2:21All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)261996177
1753Jan & DeanDick Biondi's Radio Show Promos3:26All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)271996128
1754Jan & Dean"Happy New Year" Promo0:09All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City (Disc 2)281996128
1755Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve2:31Classic Rock - 196416 180
1756Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve2:31James Dean: Tribute To A Rebel131991200
1757Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve2:31Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)111996186
1758Jan & DeanThe Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)2:21Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)19 201
1759Jan & DeanSurf City2:29Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 1)82004228
1760Jan & DeanSurf City2:29Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s111989209
1761Jan & DeanSurf City2:31Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits11988177
1762Jan & DeanLittle Old Lady From Pasadena2:27Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits21988200
1763Jan & DeanHelp Me Rhonda2:55Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits31988205
1764Jan & DeanDon't Fly Away2:23Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits41988128
1765Jan & DeanGee2:15Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits51988128
1766Jan & DeanSidewalk Surfin'2:08Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits61988190
1767Jan & DeanLittle Deuce Coupe1:59Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits71988183
1768Jan & DeanJudy1:52Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits81988128
1769Jan & DeanI Get Around2:13Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits91988200
1770Jan & DeanCindy1:59Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits101988129
1771Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve2:24Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits111988187
1772Jan & DeanWe Go Together2:39Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits121988128
1773Jan & DeanRide the Wild Surf2:16Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits131988181
1774Jan & DeanDrag City2:15Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits141988178
1775Jan & DeanBaby Talk2:27Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits151988128
1776Jan & DeanFun, Fun, Fun2:10Surfin' Sounds Jan & Dean's Greatest Hits161988172
1777Jan & DeanSurf City2:28The Best Of 60s Surf21987220
1778Jan & DeanRide The Wild Surf2:19The Best Of 60s Surf81987211
1779Jan & DeanFun Fun Fun2:09The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)20 206
1780Jan & DeanDrag City2:18The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance191991204
1781Jan & DeanSurf City2:28Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196311986215
1782Jan & DeanDead Man's Curve2:32TM Century GoldDisc Update 331991204
1783Jan & DeanFan Tan2:20Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)42009151
1784Jan AkkermanHouse Of The King2:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)192001227
1785Jan and DeanHonolulu Lulu2:17The '60s - Jukebox Memories20 200
1786Jan and DeanThe Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)2:25The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196451995192
1787Jan BradleyMama Didn't Lie2:051963 - Still Rockin'10 130
1788Jan HammerAirwolf Theme2:58   256
1789Jan HammerMiami Vice1:02All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)242005239
1790Jan Hammer"Miami Vice" Theme2:27Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)92002277
1791Jan HammerThe Original Miami Vice Theme (Instrumental)1:02Miami Vice (OST)11985223
1792Jan HammerMiami Vice (Instrumental)2:28Miami Vice (OST)61985240
1793Jan HammerFlashback (Instrumental)3:20Miami Vice (OST)91985193
1794Jan HammerChase (Instrumental)2:39Miami Vice (OST)101985226
1795Jan HammerEvan (Instrumental)3:09Miami Vice (OST)111985181
1796Jan HammerCrockett's Theme (Instrumental)3:27Miami Vice II (OST)51986216
1797Jan HammerMiami Vice: New York Theme (Instrumental)3:01Miami Vice II (OST)101986221
1798Jan HammerThe Original Miami Vice Theme (Instrumental)1:02Miami Vice II (OST)111986216
1799Jan HammerMiami Vice1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)501990231
1800Jan HammerThe Original Miami Vice Theme1:05The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)11988210
1801Jan HammerOne Way Out4:18The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)61988208
1802Jan HammerCrockett's Theme3:28The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)91988215
1803Jan HammerCrockett's Theme3:32Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)22001228
1804Jan Hellriegel + Dick JohnsonJoy To The World2:52So This Is Christmas102010201
1805Jan HowardEvil On Your Mind2:17Country Girls 3181995190
1806Jan JohnstonDelirium7:28Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club102005232
1807Jane Birkin & Serge GainsbourgJe T'Aime... Moi Non Plus4:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)102001193
1808Jane ChildDon't Wanna Fall In Love6:13MTV Party To Go, Vol. 1111991201
1809Jane ChildDon't Wanna Fall in Love3:59Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)5 223
1810Jane FromanI'll Walk Alone2:57Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 5)122002161
1811Jane MorganThe Day The Rains Came3:01Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever101992127
1812Jane MorganFascination2:23Your Hit Parade 1957221990127
1813Jane Siberry with k.d. langCalling All Angels5:15Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)52005184
1814Jane WiedlinRush Hour4:06Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 1)12 211
1815Jane WiedlinCool Places3:24The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)11993220
1816Jane WiedlinSomebody's Going To Get Into This House3:41The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)21993217
1817Jane WiedlinMy Traveling Heart4:09The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)31993205
1818Jane WiedlinOne Hundred Years Of Solitude4:43The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)41993205
1819Jane WiedlinBlue Kiss3:28The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)51993207
1820Jane WiedlinRush Hour4:02The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)61993217
1821Jane WiedlinFur3:12The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)71993207
1822Jane WiedlinInside A Dream3:35The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)81993206
1823Jane WiedlinGive!3:14The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)91993220
1824Jane WiedlinThe End Of Love3:14The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)101993189
1825Jane WiedlinSong Of The Factory4:56The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)111993204
1826Jane WiedlinTangled4:45The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)121993214
1827Jane WiedlinFlowers On The Battlefield4:25The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)131993210
1828Jane WiedlinPaper Heart4:34The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)141993193
1829Jane WiedlinGuardian Angel4:40The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)151993205
1830Jane WiedlinBig Rock Candy Mountain4:27The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)161993202
1831Jane Wiedlin99 Ways4:35The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)171993216
1832Jane WiedlinWorld On Fire3:43The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)181993203
1833Jane WiedlinOur Lips Are Sealed2:47The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin (From Cool Places To Worlds On Fire)191993200
1834Jane's AddictionTrip Away3:34Jane's Addiction11987188
1835Jane's AddictionWhores4:04Jane's Addiction21987192
1836Jane's AddictionPigs In Zen4:54Jane's Addiction31987176
1837Jane's Addiction1%3:31Jane's Addiction41987188
1838Jane's AddictionI Would For You3:52Jane's Addiction51987169
1839Jane's AddictionMy Time3:32Jane's Addiction61987199
1840Jane's AddictionJane Says4:20Jane's Addiction71987178
1841Jane's AddictionRock 'N' Roll4:03Jane's Addiction81987222
1842Jane's AddictionSympathy5:25Jane's Addiction91987227
1843Jane's AddictionChip Away2:43Jane's Addiction101987202
1844Jane's AddictionKettle Whistle7:47Kettle Whistle11997198
1845Jane's AddictionOcean Size4:31Kettle Whistle21997242
1846Jane's AddictionMy Cat's Name Is Maceo4:23Kettle Whistle31997177
1847Jane's AddictionHad a Dad3:45Kettle Whistle41997223
1848Jane's AddictionSo What!4:41Kettle Whistle51997214
1849Jane's AddictionJane Says6:31Kettle Whistle61997204
1850Jane's AddictionMountain Song4:08Kettle Whistle71997216
1851Jane's AddictionSlow Divers4:35Kettle Whistle81997219
1852Jane's AddictionThree Days12:06Kettle Whistle91997221
1853Jane's AddictionAin't No Right3:23Kettle Whistle101997218
1854Jane's AddictionUp the Beach3:20Kettle Whistle111997215
1855Jane's AddictionStop4:23Kettle Whistle121997232
1856Jane's AddictionBeen Caught Stealing4:20Kettle Whistle131997230
1857Jane's AddictionWhores3:58Kettle Whistle141997207
1858Jane's AddictionCity2:30Kettle Whistle151997210
1859Jane's AddictionUp The Beach3:01Nothing's Shocking11988215
1860Jane's AddictionOcean Size4:19Nothing's Shocking21988209
1861Jane's AddictionHad A Dad3:45Nothing's Shocking31988209
1862Jane's AddictionTed, Just Admit It7:22Nothing's Shocking41988218
1863Jane's AddictionStanding In The Shower...Thinking3:05Nothing's Shocking51988222
1864Jane's AddictionSummertime Rolls6:20Nothing's Shocking61988198
1865Jane's AddictionMountain Song4:03Nothing's Shocking71988232
1866Jane's AddictionIdiots Rule3:01Nothing's Shocking81988234
1867Jane's AddictionJane Says4:53Nothing's Shocking91988222
1868Jane's AddictionThank You Boys1:04Nothing's Shocking101988162
1869Jane's AddictionPigs In Zen4:30Nothing's Shocking111988200
1870Jane's AddictionStop!4:14Ritual De Lo Habitual11990214
1871Jane's AddictionNo One's Leaving3:01Ritual De Lo Habitual21990219
1872Jane's AddictionAin't No Right3:34Ritual De Lo Habitual31990214
1873Jane's AddictionObvious5:55Ritual De Lo Habitual41990229
1874Jane's AddictionBeen Caught Stealing3:34Ritual De Lo Habitual51990225
1875Jane's AddictionThree Days10:48Ritual De Lo Habitual61990203
1876Jane's AddictionThen She Did...8:18Ritual De Lo Habitual71990210
1877Jane's AddictionOf Course7:02Ritual De Lo Habitual81990199
1878Jane's AddictionClassic Girl5:07Ritual De Lo Habitual91990176
1879Jane's AddictionTrue Nature3:49Strays12003259
1880Jane's AddictionStrays4:32Strays22003237
1881Jane's AddictionJust Because3:51Strays32003242
1882Jane's AddictionPrice I Pay5:27Strays42003209
1883Jane's AddictionThe Riches5:44Strays52003213
1884Jane's AddictionSuperhero3:58Strays62003240
1885Jane's AddictionWrong Girl4:32Strays72003220
1886Jane's AddictionEverybody's Friend3:18Strays82003194
1887Jane's AddictionSuffer Some4:14Strays92003249
1888Jane's AddictionHypersonic3:32Strays102003247
1889Jane's AddictionTo Match the Sun5:25Strays112003222
1890JanetGo Deep3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0731998198
1891Ja'net Dubois & Oren WatersThe Jeffersons (Movin' On Up)1:09All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)62005189
1892Janet Jackson(Intro) 200:5220 Y.O.12006168
1893Janet JacksonSo Excited (Feat. Khia)3:1420 Y.O.22006216
1894Janet JacksonShow Me3:3820 Y.O.32006210
1895Janet JacksonGet It Out Me3:0420 Y.O.42006215
1896Janet JacksonDo It 2 Me4:0620 Y.O.52006208
1897Janet JacksonThis Body4:1020 Y.O.62006238
1898Janet Jackson20 Part 2 (Interlude)0:2720 Y.O.72006141
1899Janet JacksonWith U5:0820 Y.O.82006193
1900Janet JacksonCall On Me (With Nelly)3:2420 Y.O.92006222
1901Janet Jackson20 Part 3 (Interlude)0:2820 Y.O.102006136
1902Janet JacksonDaybreak4:2120 Y.O.112006223
1903Janet JacksonEnjoy4:3020 Y.O.122006215
1904Janet Jackson20 Part 4 (Interlude)0:4320 Y.O.132006204
1905Janet JacksonTake Care5:4320 Y.O.142006196
1906Janet JacksonLove 2 Love5:0320 Y.O.152006189
1907Janet Jackson(Outro) 20 Part 51:0320 Y.O.162006153
1908Janet JacksonIntro1:00All For You12001156
1909Janet JacksonYou Ain't Right4:32All For You22001220
1910Janet JacksonAll For You5:29All For You32001229
1911Janet Jackson2wayforyou (Interlude)0:19All For You42001196
1912Janet JacksonCome On Get Up4:47All For You52001204
1913Janet JacksonWhen We Oooo4:34All For You62001215
1914Janet JacksonChina Love4:36All For You72001201
1915Janet JacksonLove Scene (Ooh Baby)4:16All For You82001194
1916Janet JacksonWould You Mind5:31All For You92001220
1917Janet JacksonLame (Interlude)0:11All For You102001205
1918Janet JacksonTrust A Try5:16All For You112001238
1919Janet JacksonClouds (Interlude)0:19All For You122001190
1920Janet JacksonSon Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)5:56All For You132001212
1921Janet JacksonTruth6:45All For You142001207
1922Janet JacksonTheory (Interlude)0:26All For You152001167
1923Janet JacksonSomeone To Call My Lover4:32All For You162001225
1924Janet JacksonFeels So Right4:42All For You172001207
1925Janet JacksonDoesn't Really Matter4:25All For You182001199
1926Janet JacksonBetter Days5:05All For You192001204
1927Janet JacksonOutro0:09All For You202001143
1928Janet JacksonControl5:54Control11986208
1929Janet JacksonNasty4:03Control21986203
1930Janet JacksonWhat Have You Done For Me Lately4:59Control31986186
1931Janet JacksonYou Can Be Mine5:16Control41986219
1932Janet JacksonThe Pleasure Principle4:59Control51986195
1933Janet JacksonWhen I Think Of You3:56Control61986215
1934Janet JacksonHe Doesn't Know I'm Alive3:32Control71986181
1935Janet JacksonLet's Wait Awhile4:38Control81986187
1936Janet JacksonFunny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)4:30Control91986187
1937Janet JacksonLooking For Love1:29Damita Jo12004187
1938Janet JacksonDamita Jo2:45Damita Jo22004206
1939Janet JacksonSexhibition2:29Damita Jo32004230
1940Janet JacksonStrawberry Bounce3:10Damita Jo42004212
1941Janet JacksonMy Baby4:17Damita Jo52004189
1942Janet JacksonThe Islands0:39Damita Jo62004166
1943Janet JacksonSpending Time With You4:14Damita Jo72004194
1944Janet JacksonMagic Hour0:23Damita Jo82004185
1945Janet JacksonIsland Life3:53Damita Jo92004220
1946Janet JacksonAll Nite (Don't Stop)3:26Damita Jo102004229
1947Janet JacksonR&B Junkie3:10Damita Jo112004233
1948Janet JacksonI Want You4:12Damita Jo122004216
1949Janet JacksonLike You Don't Love Me3:39Damita Jo132004194
1950Janet JacksonThinkin' Bout My Ex4:33Damita Jo142004208
1951Janet JacksonWarmth3:44Damita Jo152004229
1952Janet JacksonMoist4:55Damita Jo162004205
1953Janet JacksonIt All Comes Down To Love0:38Damita Jo172004192
1954Janet JacksonTruly3:58Damita Jo182004203
1955Janet JacksonThe One1:01Damita Jo192004173
1956Janet JacksonSlolove3:44Damita Jo202004218
1957Janet JacksonCountry0:30Damita Jo212004152
1958Janet JacksonJust A Little While4:13Damita Jo222004235
1959Janet JacksonRunaway3:35Design of a Decade: 1986-199611995204
1960Janet JacksonWhat Have You Done For Me Lately4:44Design of a Decade: 1986-199621995203
1961Janet JacksonNasty4:03Design of a Decade: 1986-199631995213
1962Janet JacksonWhen I Think of You3:55Design of a Decade: 1986-199641995223
1963Janet JacksonEscapade4:45Design of a Decade: 1986-199651995212
1964Janet JacksonMiss You Much4:12Design of a Decade: 1986-199661995221
1965Janet JacksonLove Will Never Do (Without You)4:35Design of a Decade: 1986-199671995222
1966Janet JacksonAlright4:39Design of a Decade: 1986-199681995237
1967Janet JacksonControl5:15Design of a Decade: 1986-199691995221
1968Janet Jacksonthe Pleasure Principle4:13Design of a Decade: 1986-1996101995213
1969Janet JacksonBlack Cat4:48Design of a Decade: 1986-1996111995239
1970Janet JacksonRhythm Nation5:58Design of a Decade: 1986-1996121995234
1971Janet JacksonThat's the Way Love Goes4:26Design of a Decade: 1986-1996131995199
1972Janet JacksonCome Back To Me5:38Design of a Decade: 1986-1996141995214
1973Janet JacksonLet's Wait Awhile4:37Design of a Decade: 1986-1996151995193
1974Janet JacksonTwenty Foreplay6:06Design of a Decade: 1986-1996161995202
1975Janet JacksonI.D.0:47Discipline12008187
1976Janet JacksonFeedback3:38Discipline22008233
1977Janet JacksonLuv3:09Discipline32008231
1978Janet JacksonRollercoaster3:50Discipline52008217
1979Janet JacksonBathroom Break0:40Discipline62008177
1980Janet JacksonRock With U3:51Discipline72008214
1981Janet Jackson2nite4:08Discipline82008218
1982Janet JacksonCan't B Good4:13Discipline92008206
1983Janet Jackson4 Words0:10Discipline102008195
1984Janet JacksonNever Letchu Go4:07Discipline112008221
1985Janet JacksonTruth Or Dare0:23Discipline122008191
1986Janet JacksonGreatest X4:23Discipline132008192
1987Janet JacksonGood Morning Janet0:43Discipline142008196
1988Janet JacksonSo Much Betta2:52Discipline152008199
1989Janet JacksonPlay Selection0:17Discipline162008212
1990Janet JacksonThe 13:40Discipline172008205
1991Janet JacksonWhat's Ur Name2:33Discipline182008209
1992Janet JacksonThe Meaning1:16Discipline192008182
1993Janet JacksonDiscipline5:00Discipline202008187
1994Janet JacksonBack0:18Discipline212008204
1995Janet JacksonCurtains3:50Discipline222008208
1996Janet JacksonSay You Do6:50Janet Jackson11982205
1997Janet JacksonYou'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)4:11Janet Jackson21982201
1998Janet JacksonYoung Love4:58Janet Jackson31982198
1999Janet JacksonLove And My Best Friend4:48Janet Jackson41982170
2000Janet JacksonDon't Mess Up This Good Thing3:55Janet Jackson51982190
2001Janet JacksonForever Yours4:57Janet Jackson61982185
2002Janet JacksonThe Magic Is Working4:08Janet Jackson71982203
2003Janet JacksonCome Give Your Love To Me5:03Janet Jackson81982191
2004Janet JacksonThat's The Way Love Goes (CJ FXTC Club Mix)6:24Janet Remixed11995214
2005Janet JacksonIf (Brothers In Rhythm House Mix)7:10Janet Remixed21995223
2006Janet JacksonBecause Of Love (Frankie & David Treat Mix)6:41Janet Remixed31995214
2007Janet JacksonAnd On And On4:50Janet Remixed41995165
2008Janet JacksonThrob (Morales Badyard Club)8:59Janet Remixed51995187
2009Janet JacksonYou Want This (E-Smoove's House Anthem)9:51Janet Remixed61995210
2010Janet JacksonAny Time, Any Place (CJ's 12" Mix)8:18Janet Remixed71995194
2011Janet JacksonWhere Are You Now (Nelle Hooper Mix)5:22Janet Remixed81995197
2012Janet Jackson70's Love Groove5:47Janet Remixed91995178
2013Janet JacksonWhat'll I Do (Dave Navarro Mix)4:20Janet Remixed101995226
2014Janet JacksonAny Time, Any Place (R. Kelly Mix)5:11Janet Remixed111995200
2015Janet JacksonMorning0:31janet.11993177
2016Janet JacksonThat's The Way Love Goes4:25janet.21993178
2017Janet JacksonYou Know...0:12janet.31993184
2018Janet JacksonYou Want This5:05janet.41993203
2019Janet JacksonBe A Good Boy0:08janet.51993176
2020Janet JacksonIf4:31janet.61993208
2021Janet JacksonThis Time6:59janet.81993185
2022Janet JacksonThrob4:35janet.101993211
2023Janet JacksonWhat'll I Do4:05janet.111993216
2024Janet JacksonThe Lounge0:15janet.121993208
2025Janet JacksonFunky Big Band5:23janet.131993195
2026Janet JacksonRacism0:08janet.141993163
2027Janet JacksonNew Agenda4:00janet.151993206
2028Janet JacksonLove Pt. 20:11janet.161993170
2029Janet JacksonBecause Of Love4:21janet.171993199
2030Janet JacksonWind0:11janet.181993165
2031Janet JacksonAgain3:47janet.191993170
2032Janet JacksonAnother Lover0:11janet.201993165
2033Janet JacksonWhere Are You Now5:47janet.211993204
2034Janet JacksonHold On Baby0:08janet.221993191
2035Janet JacksonThe Body That Loves You5:33janet.231993192
2036Janet JacksonRain0:18janet.241993220
2037Janet JacksonAny Time, Any Place7:08janet.251993178
2038Janet JacksonAre You Still Up1:36janet.261993191
2039Janet JacksonSweet Dreams5:34janet.271993189
2040Janet JacksonSomeone To Call My Lover4:32Now That's What I Call Music! 0852001218
2041Janet JacksonDoesn't Really Matter4:56Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)12000199
2042Janet JacksonJust A Little While3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0342004239
2043Janet JacksonAll Nite (Don't Stop) (Vox Up Version)3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0512004229
2044Janet JacksonSo Excited3:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11112006214
2045Janet JacksonInterlude: Pledge0:47Rhythm Nation 181411989188
2046Janet JacksonRhythm Nation5:30Rhythm Nation 181421989232
2047Janet JacksonInterlude: T.V.0:21Rhythm Nation 181431989197
2048Janet JacksonState Of The World4:47Rhythm Nation 181441989229
2049Janet JacksonThe Knowledge3:53Rhythm Nation 181461989236
2050Janet JacksonMiss You Much4:12Rhythm Nation 181481989222
2051Janet JacksonInterlude: Come Back Interlude0:21Rhythm Nation 181491989196
2052Janet JacksonLove Will Never Do (Without You)5:50Rhythm Nation 1814101989225
2053Janet JacksonLivin' In A World (They Didn't Make)4:41Rhythm Nation 1814111989193
2054Janet JacksonAlright6:26Rhythm Nation 1814121989223
2055Janet JacksonInterlude: Hey Baby0:09Rhythm Nation 1814131989172
2056Janet JacksonEscapade4:44Rhythm Nation 1814141989219
2057Janet JacksonBlack Cat4:50Rhythm Nation 1814161989229
2058Janet JacksonLonely4:59Rhythm Nation 1814171989215
2059Janet JacksonCome Back To Me5:32Rhythm Nation 1814181989203
2060Janet JacksonSomeday Is Tonight6:01Rhythm Nation 1814191989189
2061Janet JacksonInterlude: Livin'... In Complete Darkness1:07Rhythm Nation 1814201989186
2062Janet JacksonInterlude - Twisted Elegance0:42The Velvet Rope11997188
2063Janet JacksonVelvet Rope (Feat. Vanessa Mae)4:55The Velvet Rope21997212
2064Janet JacksonYou4:42The Velvet Rope31997222
2065Janet JacksonGot 'til It's Gone (Feat. Q-Tip And Joni Mitchell)4:01The Velvet Rope41997161
2066Janet JacksonInterlude - Speaker Phone0:54The Velvet Rope51997179
2067Janet JacksonMy Need3:44The Velvet Rope61997212
2068Janet JacksonInterlude - Fasten Your Seatbelts0:19The Velvet Rope71997167
2069Janet JacksonGo Deep4:42The Velvet Rope81997201
2070Janet JacksonFree Xone4:57The Velvet Rope91997205
2071Janet JacksonTogether Again5:01The Velvet Rope111997209
2072Janet JacksonInterlude - Online0:19The Velvet Rope121997147
2073Janet JacksonEmpty4:32The Velvet Rope131997198
2074Janet JacksonInterlude - Full0:12The Velvet Rope141997211
2075Janet JacksonWhat About4:24The Velvet Rope151997207
2076Janet JacksonEvery Time4:17The Velvet Rope161997175
2077Janet JacksonTonight's The Night5:07The Velvet Rope171997182
2078Janet JacksonI Get Lonely5:17The Velvet Rope181997189
2079Janet JacksonRope Burn4:15The Velvet Rope191997165
2080Janet JacksonAnything4:54The Velvet Rope201997224
2081Janet JacksonInterlude - Sad0:10The Velvet Rope211997198
2082Janet JacksonSpecial7:54The Velvet Rope221997200
2083Jang Yoon JungOh My!3:11Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
2084Janis IanSociety's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)3:13AM Gold: The '60s Generation181995131
2085Janis IanWhen the Party's Over3:00Between the Lines11975187
2086Janis IanAt Seventeen4:43Between the Lines21975190
2087Janis IanFrom Me To You3:19Between the Lines31975199
2088Janis IanBright Lights and Promises4:19Between the Lines41975186
2089Janis IanIn The Winter2:30Between the Lines51975187
2090Janis IanWater Colors5:04Between the Lines61975198
2091Janis IanBetween The Lines4:04Between the Lines71975199
2092Janis IanThe Come On3:59Between the Lines81975183
2093Janis IanLight A Light2:46Between the Lines91975189
2094Janis IanTea & Sympathy4:32Between the Lines101975190
2095Janis IanLover's Lullaby5:25Between the Lines111975187
2096Janis IanAll Roads to the River3:05Breaking Silence11993195
2097Janis IanRide Me Like a Wave3:40Breaking Silence21993188
2098Janis IanTattoo4:20Breaking Silence31993193
2099Janis IanGuess You Had to Be There4:07Breaking Silence41993182
2100Janis IanWhat About the Love?4:58Breaking Silence51993196
2101Janis IanHis Hands5:18Breaking Silence61993186
2102Janis IanWalking on Sacred Ground3:26Breaking Silence71993195
2103Janis IanThis Train Still Runs4:03Breaking Silence81993190
2104Janis IanThough the Years3:40Breaking Silence91993178
2105Janis IanThis House5:05Breaking Silence101993190
2106Janis IanSome People's Lives3:52Breaking Silence111993166
2107Janis IanBreaking Silence3:09Breaking Silence121993198
2108Janis IanSociety's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)3:14Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)92007182
2109Janis IanDanger Danger2:49Folk Is The New Black12006175
2110Janis IanThe Great Divide5:11Folk Is The New Black22006177
2111Janis IanLife Is Never Wrong4:15Folk Is The New Black32006180
2112Janis IanJackie Skates3:03Folk Is The New Black42006177
2113Janis IanAll Those Promises3:44Folk Is The New Black52006165
2114Janis IanStanding In The Shadows Of Love3:28Folk Is The New Black62006176
2115Janis IanThe Drowning Man5:01Folk Is The New Black72006158
2116Janis IanCrocodile Song3:11Folk Is The New Black82006175
2117Janis IanThe Last Train3:13Folk Is The New Black92006146
2118Janis IanMy Autobiography2:49Folk Is The New Black102006175
2119Janis IanHome Is The Heart3:57Folk Is The New Black112006170
2120Janis IanShadows On The Wind4:51Folk Is The New Black122006164
2121Janis IanHaven't I Got Eyes3:35Folk Is The New Black132006160
2122Janis IanJoy2:42Folk Is The New Black142006152
2123Janis IanFolk Is The New Black3:02Folk Is The New Black152006153
2124Janis IanGod & The FBI4:10God & The FBI12000194
2125Janis IanOn The Other Side4:26God & The FBI22000201
2126Janis IanMemphis5:13God & The FBI32000164
2127Janis IanJolene4:06God & The FBI42000191
2128Janis IanWhen You Love Someone4:08God & The FBI52000179
2129Janis IanPlay Like A Girl3:38God & The FBI62000175
2130Janis IanDays Like These3:25God & The FBI72000162
2131Janis IanBoots Like Emmy Lou's3:53God & The FBI82000155
2132Janis IanShe Must Be Beautiful4:42God & The FBI92000182
2133Janis IanThe Last Comeback4:49God & The FBI102000184
2134Janis IanMurdering Stravinsky3:31God & The FBI112000173
2135Janis IanBlack And White4:44Hunger11997198
2136Janis IanOn The Dark Side Of Town3:54Hunger21997184
2137Janis IanMight As Well Be Monday4:34Hunger31997208
2138Janis IanGetting Over You4:30Hunger41997173
2139Janis IanSearching For America8:24Hunger51997167
2140Janis IanHunger6:27Hunger61997192
2141Janis IanWelcome To Acousticville7:54Hunger71997158
2142Janis IanHonor Them All3:56Hunger81997201
2143Janis IanEmpty3:11Hunger91997185
2144Janis IanHouse Without A Heart4:19Hunger101997192
2145Janis IanShadow5:15Hunger111997147
2146Janis IanGetting Over You (w/ strings)4:25Hunger121997170
2147Janis IanThis Train Still Runs4:39Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)12003198
2148Janis IanFly Too High4:49Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)22003198
2149Janis IanIntro: "We Love You"0:12Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)32003205
2150Janis IanTake Me Walking In The Rain5:50Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)42003203
2151Janis IanJesse5:15Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)52003164
2152Janis IanParis In Your Eyes4:08Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)62003155
2153Janis IanRide Me Like A Wave5:13Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)72003179
2154Janis IanLove Is Blind3:29Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)82003161
2155Janis IanIntro: "Vote For Me"0:21Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)92003133
2156Janis IanBoots Like Emmy Lou's4:16Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)102003142
2157Janis IanDays Like These3:41Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)112003191
2158Janis IanSociety's Child3:56Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)122003187
2159Janis IanIntro: "My Pal Tiffany"1:13Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)132003177
2160Janis IanBetween The Lines5:12Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)142003186
2161Janis IanIntro: "How Lucky Am I?"1:52Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)152003141
2162Janis IanTake No Prisoners10:13Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 1)162003176
2163Janis IanIntro: "Has-Been At 19"0:39Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)12003131
2164Janis IanStars8:43Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)22003133
2165Janis IanWill You Dance?2:58Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)32003157
2166Janis IanHonor Them All3:25Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)42003159
2167Janis IanIntro: "Moving Back Home"1:39Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)52003178
2168Janis IanAt Seventeen5:17Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)62003159
2169Janis IanCosmopolitan Girl3:28Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)72003192
2170Janis IanTattoo4:20Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)82003194
2171Janis IanWatercolors5:28Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)92003136
2172Janis IanBreaking Silence3:24Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)102003201
2173Janis IanBerlin3:51Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)112003179
2174Janis IanSilly Habits4:42Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)122003191
2175Janis IanIn The Winter3:48Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)132003190
2176Janis IanIntro: "Kumbaya"1:44Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)142003189
2177Janis IanThese Boots Were Made For Walking2:53Live: Working Without A Net (Disc 2)152003193
2178Janis IanThe Seaside0:46Present Company11971189
2179Janis IanPresent Company2:17Present Company21971203
2180Janis IanSee My Grammy Ride1:58Present Company31971196
2181Janis IanHere in Spain2:23Present Company41971215
2182Janis IanOn the Rain1:36Present Company51971184
2183Janis IanHe's a Rainbow3:14Present Company61971200
2184Janis IanWeary Lady3:56Present Company71971184
2185Janis IanNature's at Peace2:30Present Company81971196
2186Janis IanSee the River0:36Present Company91971192
2187Janis IanLet It Run Free2:32Present Company101971208
2188Janis IanAlabama4:27Present Company111971209
2189Janis IanLiberty1:08Present Company121971196
2190Janis IanMy Land3:38Present Company131971209
2191Janis IanHello Jerry1:33Present Company141971190
2192Janis IanCan You Reach Me3:07Present Company151971197
2193Janis IanThe Sunlight1:03Present Company161971183
2194Janis IanReady For The War4:21Revenge11995228
2195Janis IanTake No Prisoners3:51Revenge21995246
2196Janis IanTenderness3:44Revenge31995239
2197Janis IanNo One Else Like You3:41Revenge41995239
2198Janis IanDavy3:53Revenge51995236
2199Janis IanWhen The Silence Falls2:30Revenge61995253
2200Janis IanTake Me Walking In The Rain6:50Revenge71995246
2201Janis IanBerlin3:51Revenge81995257
2202Janis IanStolen Fire4:10Revenge91995253
2203Janis IanRuby4:21Revenge101995236
2204Janis IanThe Mission5:57Revenge111995252
2205Janis IanWhen Angels Cry4:45Revenge121995219
2206Janis IanAt Seventeen3:59Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1551990183
2207Janis IanFrom Me to You3:29The Bottom Line Encore Collection11999196
2208Janis IanNight Rains3:31The Bottom Line Encore Collection21999196
2209Janis IanI Would Like to Dance3:24The Bottom Line Encore Collection31999209
2210Janis IanJesse5:54The Bottom Line Encore Collection41999171
2211Janis IanThe Other Side of the Sun3:54The Bottom Line Encore Collection51999207
2212Janis IanIn the Winter3:54The Bottom Line Encore Collection61999203
2213Janis IanSilly Habits4:44The Bottom Line Encore Collection71999200
2214Janis IanMemories4:59The Bottom Line Encore Collection81999220
2215Janis IanFly Too High6:08The Bottom Line Encore Collection91999215
2216Janis IanAt Seventeen5:23The Bottom Line Encore Collection101999193
2217Janis IanStars9:07The Bottom Line Encore Collection111999178
2218Janis IanSociety's Child4:31The Bottom Line Encore Collection121999184
2219Janis IanAt Seventeen6:16The Bottom Line Encore Collection131999184
2220Janis IanAt Seventeen4:50TM Century GoldDisc 109151991190
2221Janis IanStars7:12Up 'Til Now11991155
2222Janis IanThe Man You Are In Me2:59Up 'Til Now21991182
2223Janis IanJesse4:09Up 'Til Now31991169
2224Janis IanFrom Me To You3:20Up 'Til Now41991197
2225Janis IanIn The Winter2:32Up 'Til Now51991185
2226Janis IanAt Seventeen4:42Up 'Til Now61991189
2227Janis IanAftertones3:15Up 'Til Now71991187
2228Janis IanLet Me Be Lonely4:00Up 'Til Now81991194
2229Janis IanMiracle Row7:26Up 'Til Now91991180
2230Janis IanDo You Wanna Dance5:07Up 'Til Now101991183
2231Janis IanSilly Habits3:08Up 'Til Now111991168
2232Janis IanThe Other Side Of The Sun4:00Up 'Til Now121991193
2233Janis IanFly Too High5:08Up 'Til Now131991197
2234Janis IanJenny (Iowa Sunrise)3:33Up 'Til Now141991164
2235Janis IanI Believe I'm Myself Again2:30Up 'Til Now151991191
2236Janis IanPassion Play4:45Up 'Til Now161991177
2237Janis IanThis Night4:24Up 'Til Now171991193
2238Janis JoplinTry (Just A Little Bit Harder)3:57I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]11969191
2239Janis JoplinMaybe3:41I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]21969192
2240Janis JoplinOne Good Man4:12I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]31969201
2241Janis JoplinAs Good As You've Been To This World5:27I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]41969214
2242Janis JoplinTo Love Somebody5:14I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]51969188
2243Janis JoplinKozmic Blues4:24I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]61969206
2244Janis JoplinLittle Girl Blue3:51I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]71969178
2245Janis JoplinWork Me, Lord6:46I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]81969184
2246Janis JoplinDear Landlord [Session Outtake]2:32I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]91969186
2247Janis JoplinSummertime [Live At Woodstock]5:04I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]101969180
2248Janis JoplinPiece Of My Heart [Live At Woodstock]6:31I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! [1999 Remaster]111969171
2249Janis JoplinMove Over3:43Pearl [1999 Remaster]11971197
2250Janis JoplinCry Baby3:58Pearl [1999 Remaster]21971170
2251Janis JoplinA Woman Left Lonely3:29Pearl [1999 Remaster]31971178
2252Janis JoplinHalf Moon3:53Pearl [1999 Remaster]41971203
2253Janis JoplinBuried Alive In The Blues2:27Pearl [1999 Remaster]51971195
2254Janis JoplinMy Baby3:45Pearl [1999 Remaster]61971181
2255Janis JoplinMe And Bobby McGee4:31Pearl [1999 Remaster]71971174
2256Janis JoplinMercedes Benz1:47Pearl [1999 Remaster]81971142
2257Janis JoplinTrust Me3:17Pearl [1999 Remaster]91971170
2258Janis JoplinGet It While You Can3:33Pearl [1999 Remaster]101971167
2259Janis JoplinTell Mama (Live)6:32Pearl [1999 Remaster]111971178
2260Janis JoplinLittle Girl Blue (Live)3:56Pearl [1999 Remaster]121971185
2261Janis JoplinTry (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Live)6:52Pearl [1999 Remaster]131971185
2262Janis JoplinCry Baby (Live)6:30Pearl [1999 Remaster]141971171
2263Janis JoplinDown On Me2:06TM Century GoldDisc Update 8141991206
2264Janis JoplinTry4:27Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)71994181
2265Janis JoplinWork Me Lord7:52Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)81994191
2266Janis JoplinBall And Chain5:39Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)91994192
2267Janis MartinLove Me To Pieces1:41Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59231989174
2268Janis MartinTwo Long Years2:08Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59241989180
2269Janis MartinAll Right Baby1:42Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59251989191
2270Janis MartinLove And Kisses2:00Girls Girls Girls Volume 1161995165
2271Janis MartinMy Boy Elvis2:05Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 1)201999140
2272Janis MartinBang Bang1:57Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 4)192006134
2273Jann ArdenInsensitive4:14100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 199531995192
2274Jann ArdenWaiting In Canada3:43Blood Red Cherry12001199
2275Jann ArdenCherry Popsicle3:37Blood Red Cherry22001200
2276Jann ArdenSleepless4:38Blood Red Cherry32001209
2277Jann ArdenNever Give Up On Me4:06Blood Red Cherry42001210
2278Jann ArdenMend4:11Blood Red Cherry52001195
2279Jann ArdenI Only Wanted Sex3:38Blood Red Cherry62001209
2280Jann ArdenTaste Of This4:39Blood Red Cherry72001221
2281Jann ArdenInto The Sun4:17Blood Red Cherry82001198
2282Jann ArdenIn Your Keeping3:59Blood Red Cherry92001172
2283Jann ArdenBest Dress2:39Blood Red Cherry102001210
2284Jann ArdenAnother Human Being5:40Blood Red Cherry112001201
2285Jann ArdenSorry For Myself3:56Blood Red Cherry122001189
2286Jann ArdenJaneen3:41Blood Red Cherry132001219
2287Jann ArdenPiece Of It All5:05Blood Red Cherry142001201
2288Jann ArdenThe Sound Of3:35Happy?11997207
2289Jann ArdenLeave Me Now3:50Happy?21997191
2290Jann ArdenI Know You4:16Happy?31997211
2291Jann ArdenHoly Moses4:54Happy?41997192
2292Jann ArdenWishing That4:12Happy?51997199
2293Jann ArdenSaved4:36Happy?61997203
2294Jann ArdenOde To A Friend2:56Happy?71997183
2295Jann ArdenShooting Horses4:14Happy?81997201
2296Jann ArdenWeeds3:56Happy?91997202
2297Jann ArdenHangin' By A Thread9:46Happy?101997186
2298Jann ArdenCould I Be Your Girl4:48Living Under June11995222
2299Jann ArdenDemolition Love4:05Living Under June21995191
2300Jann ArdenLooking For It3:53Living Under June31995189
2301Jann ArdenInsensitive4:15Living Under June41995192
2302Jann ArdenGasoline4:35Living Under June51995214
2303Jann ArdenWonderdrug3:35Living Under June61995195
2304Jann ArdenLiving Under June4:01Living Under June71995215
2305Jann ArdenUnloved4:14Living Under June81995184
2306Jann ArdenGood Mother4:58Living Under June91995198
2307Jann ArdenIt Looks Like Rain4:53Living Under June101995174
2308Jann ArdenCould I Be Your Girl4:48Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)51996222
2309Jann ArdenI Would Die For You4:35Time For Mercy11993186
2310Jann ArdenWaiting For Someone4:40Time For Mercy21993189
2311Jann ArdenWill You Remember Me3:46Time For Mercy31993186
2312Jann ArdenWe Do Some Strange Things5:31Time For Mercy41993178
2313Jann ArdenI'm Not Your Lover4:13Time For Mercy51993193
2314Jann ArdenGive Me Back My Heart5:02Time For Mercy61993175
2315Jann ArdenThe Way Things Are Going4:10Time For Mercy71993183
2316Jann ArdenKitchen Window5:07Time For Mercy81993190
2317Jann ArdenI Just Don't Love You Anymore3:53Time For Mercy91993172
2318Jann ArdenTime for Mercy4:15Time For Mercy101993164
2319Jann ArdenOver You5:31Time For Mercy111993194
2320Jann ArdenInsensitive4:15Women & Songs 3111999195
2321JapanimationTouch My Heart (ReMix)6:38   128
2322JaqlDreadnaught3:28   157
2323JaqlForgive Me2:02   162
2324JaqlFunky Compressor2:25   162
2325JaqlGarage Droppa2:40   166
2326JaqlMalevolent Bobby-Soxer2:38   167
2327JaqlMonsters2:42   180
2328JaqlPoey1:37   157
2329JaqlSpectrum Influence1:41   179
2330JaqlThe King2:14   159
2331JaqlTuesday After2:52   162
2332The JarmelsA Little Bit of Soap2:14Still Rockin' 196191989214
2333JarrellWinter3:19  200956
2334JarrellCome Seek5:57 11200956
2335JarrellDance of the Woodland Critters4:17Chain Letter 1993128
2336JarrellTabaqui2:56Chain Letter 1993128
2337JarrellThree From Waynesboro5:03Neolithic Age 1992128
2338JarrellA Song for Bob4:10Two Hearts, One Rhythm 2000128
2339JarrellLatin Luau for flute2:31Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:46 PM)3201056
2340JarrellAf-roca3:36Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:46 PM)4201056
2341JarrellPeg Leg The Pirate3:28Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:46 PM)9201056
2342JarrellNeolith4:03Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:46 PM)10201056
2343JarrellAdam Walking with the Lord3:38Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:46 PM)11201056
2344JarrellFireflies1:56Unknown Album (2/23/2009 9:09:42 AM)4201056
2345JarrellFriends3:22Worlds Apart 1994128
2346JarrellSeabiscuit3:28Worlds Apart 1994128
2347Jarrell WoodsA People Set Free4:30Unknown Album (2/22/2009 5:21:5201156
2348Jarrell WoodsHey Guys, Wait Up!3:09Unknown Album (2/23/2009 9:04:8201156
2349Jarrell WoodsSet Free, revisited3:26Unknown Album (2/23/2009 9:09:1201156
2350Jars of ClayThe Gift Of St. Cecilia1:21Christmas Songs12007172
2351Jars of ClayWonderful Christmastime3:37Christmas Songs22007196
2352Jars of ClayLove Came Down At Christmas3:02Christmas Songs32007208
2353Jars of ClayO' Little Town Of Bethlehem4:41Christmas Songs42007219
2354Jars of ClayHibernation Day2:59Christmas Songs52007196
2355Jars of ClayWinter Skin2:59Christmas Songs62007161
2356Jars of ClayPeace Is Here4:09Christmas Songs72007218
2357Jars of ClayGod Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen3:43Christmas Songs82007201
2358Jars of ClayEvergreen2:45Christmas Songs92007202
2359Jars of ClayChristmastime Is Here3:21Christmas Songs102007207
2360Jars of ClayDrummer Boy4:35Christmas Songs112007221
2361Jars of ClayGabriel's Message2:07Christmas Songs122007194
2362Jars of ClayIn The Bleak Midwinter4:36Christmas Songs132007172
2363Jars of ClayI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day5:31Christmas Songs142007214
2364Jars Of ClayLittle Drummer Boy4:25Drummer Boy11995198
2365Jars Of ClayGoe Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen3:04Drummer Boy21995177
2366Jars Of ClayHe (Acoustic Version)5:27Drummer Boy31995208
2367Jars Of ClayLittle Drummer Boy (Grinch Mix)4:47Drummer Boy41995205
2368Jars of ClayWork3:53Good Monsters12006216
2369Jars of ClayDead Man (Carry Me)3:19Good Monsters22006243
2370Jars of ClayAll My Tears3:45Good Monsters32006234
2371Jars of ClayEven Angels Cry4:21Good Monsters42006194
2372Jars of ClayThere Is A River3:51Good Monsters52006227
2373Jars of ClayGood Monsters4:05Good Monsters62006233
2374Jars of ClayOh My God6:05Good Monsters72006197
2375Jars of ClaySurprise3:50Good Monsters82006203
2376Jars of ClayTake Me Higher4:40Good Monsters92006238
2377Jars of ClayMirrors & Smoke3:58Good Monsters102006226
2378Jars of ClayLight Gives Heat4:41Good Monsters112006211
2379Jars of ClayWater Under The Bridge3:58Good Monsters122006211
2380Jars of ClayGoodbye, Goodnight2:53If I Left the Zoo11999197
2381Jars of ClayUnforgetful You3:20If I Left the Zoo21999239
2382Jars of ClayCollide4:46If I Left the Zoo31999213
2383Jars of ClayNo One Loves Me Like You3:48If I Left the Zoo41999210
2384Jars of ClayFamous Last Words3:26If I Left the Zoo51999224
2385Jars of ClaySad Clown4:27If I Left the Zoo61999200
2386Jars of ClayHand3:36If I Left the Zoo71999219
2387Jars of ClayI'm Alright3:40If I Left the Zoo81999216
2388Jars of ClayGrace4:31If I Left the Zoo91999222
2389Jars of ClayCan't Erase It3:35If I Left the Zoo101999233
2390Jars of ClayRiver Constantine4:48If I Left the Zoo111999206
2391Jars of ClayLiquid3:31Jars Of Clay11995204
2392Jars of ClaySinking3:47Jars Of Clay21995211
2393Jars of ClayLove Song For A Savior4:46Jars Of Clay31995193
2394Jars of ClayLike A Child4:35Jars Of Clay41995227
2395Jars of ClayArt In Me3:58Jars Of Clay51995191
2396Jars of ClayHe5:19Jars Of Clay61995178
2397Jars of ClayBoy On A String3:31Jars Of Clay71995214
2398Jars of ClayFlood3:31Jars Of Clay81995203
2399Jars of ClayWorlds Apart5:18Jars Of Clay91995196
2400Jars of ClayBlind/Four Seven27:15Jars Of Clay101995158
2401Jars of ClayOverjoyed2:58Much Afraid11997218
2402Jars of ClayFade to Grey3:34Much Afraid21997213
2403Jars of ClayTea and Sympathy4:51Much Afraid31997208
2404Jars of ClayCrazy Times3:34Much Afraid41997228
2405Jars of ClayFrail6:57Much Afraid51997200
2406Jars of ClayFive Candles (You Were There)3:48Much Afraid61997234
2407Jars of ClayWeighed Down3:39Much Afraid71997210
2408Jars of ClayPortrait of an Apology5:43Much Afraid81997226
2409Jars of ClayTruce3:11Much Afraid91997218
2410Jars of ClayMuch Afraid3:53Much Afraid101997194
2411Jars of ClayHymn3:53Much Afraid111997193
2412Jars of ClayGod Be Merciful To Me (Psalm 51)4:31Redemption Songs12005206
2413Jars of ClayI Need Thee Every Hour3:47Redemption Songs22005210
2414Jars of ClayGod Will Lift Up Your Head4:22Redemption Songs32005223
2415Jars of ClayI'll Fly Away (Feat. Sarah Kelly)4:42Redemption Songs42005211
2416Jars of ClayNothing But The Blood (Feat. The Blind Boys Of Alabama)4:13Redemption Songs52005231
2417Jars of ClayLet Us Love & Sing & Wonder (Feat. Martin Smith Of Delirious)4:24Redemption Songs62005197
2418Jars of ClayOur Lord Is Crucified4:05Redemption Songs72005213
2419Jars of ClayHiding Place4:06Redemption Songs82005193
2420Jars of ClayJesus, I Lift My Eyes3:28Redemption Songs92005210
2421Jars of ClayIt Is Well3:54Redemption Songs102005241
2422Jars of ClayOn Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand (Feat. The Blind Boys Of Alabama)4:32Redemption Songs112005200
2423Jars of ClayThou Lovely Source Of True Delight4:31Redemption Songs122005201
2424Jars of ClayAnd They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love3:02Redemption Songs132005182
2425Jars of ClayCrazy Times4:46Seatbelt Tuba (EP)11997203
2426Jars of ClayLiquid3:58Seatbelt Tuba (EP)21997202
2427Jars of ClayCoffee Song3:02Seatbelt Tuba (EP)31997200
2428Jars Of ClayHibernation Day3:01Seriouly Westcoast Vol. 2 2007192
2429Jars of ClayDisappear3:56The Eleventh Hour12002227
2430Jars of ClaySomething Beautiful3:46The Eleventh Hour22002226
2431Jars of ClayRevolution3:42The Eleventh Hour32002253
2432Jars of ClayFly3:20The Eleventh Hour42002237
2433Jars of ClayI Need You3:40The Eleventh Hour52002224
2434Jars of ClaySilence5:17The Eleventh Hour62002198
2435Jars of ClayScarlet3:32The Eleventh Hour72002228
2436Jars of ClayWhatever She Wants3:43The Eleventh Hour82002258
2437Jars of ClayThe Eleventh Hour4:27The Eleventh Hour92002229
2438Jars of ClayThese Ordinary Days3:04The Eleventh Hour102002216
2439Jars of ClayThe Edge Of Water3:54The Eleventh Hour112002219
2440Jars of ClayThe Long Fall2:19The Long Fall Back To Earth12009208
2441Jars of ClayWeapons3:27The Long Fall Back To Earth22009245
2442Jars of ClayTwo Hands4:26The Long Fall Back To Earth32009247
2443Jars of ClayHeaven3:18The Long Fall Back To Earth42009260
2444Jars of ClayCloser3:56The Long Fall Back To Earth52009244
2445Jars of ClaySafe To Land4:47The Long Fall Back To Earth62009232
2446Jars of ClayHeadphones4:53The Long Fall Back To Earth72009209
2447Jars of ClayDon't Stop3:43The Long Fall Back To Earth82009231
2448Jars of ClayBoys (Lesson One)4:00The Long Fall Back To Earth92009208
2449Jars of ClayHero4:51The Long Fall Back To Earth102009254
2450Jars of ClayScenic Route5:41The Long Fall Back To Earth112009230
2451Jars of ClayThere Might Be A Light3:55The Long Fall Back To Earth122009216
2452Jars of ClayForgive Me3:53The Long Fall Back To Earth132009235
2453Jars of ClayHeart5:50The Long Fall Back To Earth142009229
2454Jars of ClayUnforgetful You (Remix)3:27The White Elephant Sessions11999203
2455Jars of ClayCrazy Times3:37The White Elephant Sessions21999225
2456Jars of ClayGoodbye Goodnight2:36The White Elephant Sessions31999169
2457Jars of ClayRiver Constantine2:01The White Elephant Sessions41999183
2458Jars of ClayGrace3:51The White Elephant Sessions51999225
2459Jars of ClayHeadstrong4:04The White Elephant Sessions61999151
2460Jars of ClayCoffee Song3:02The White Elephant Sessions71999202
2461Jars of ClayCan't Erase It3:11The White Elephant Sessions81999221
2462Jars of ClayKaylos0:42The White Elephant Sessions91999171
2463Jars of ClayNew Math3:20The White Elephant Sessions101999206
2464Jars of ClayFly Farther5:31The White Elephant Sessions111999192
2465Jars of ClayCollide4:15The White Elephant Sessions121999227
2466Jars of ClayFrail4:04The White Elephant Sessions131999174
2467Jars of ClaySunny Days3:30Who We Are Instead12003235
2468Jars of ClayAmazing Grace5:18Who We Are Instead22003209
2469Jars of ClayLonely People2:45Who We Are Instead32003226
2470Jars of ClayOnly Alive4:04Who We Are Instead42003206
2471Jars of ClayTrouble Is3:50Who We Are Instead52003225
2472Jars of ClayFaith Enough5:24Who We Are Instead62003205
2473Jars of ClayShow You Love3:33Who We Are Instead72003241
2474Jars of ClayLesser Things4:36Who We Are Instead82003217
2475Jars of ClayI'm In The Way2:33Who We Are Instead92003243
2476Jars of ClayJesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet3:39Who We Are Instead102003201
2477Jars of ClayJealous Kind4:10Who We Are Instead112003191
2478Jars of ClaySing4:11Who We Are Instead122003234
2479Jars of ClayMy Heavenly3:29Who We Are Instead132003200
2480Jars Of ClayFlood3:31WOW #1s (Gray Disc)12005213
2481Jars of ClayLove Song for a Savior4:45WOW 1997 (Disc 1)41996192
2482Jars of ClayOverjoyed2:57WOW 1998 (Red Disc)11997218
2483Jars Of ClayCrazy Times3:30WOW 1999 (Green Disc)31998227
2484Jars Of ClayNobody Loves Me Like You3:50WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)21999207
2485Jars of ClayUnforgetful You3:21WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)72000229
2486Jars of ClayGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen3:03WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)72002181
2487Jars Of ClayLittle Drummer Boy4:20WOW Christmas (Green Disc)102005221
2488Jars of ClayI Need You3:39WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)72002221
2489Jars Of ClayThe Valley Song (Sing Of Your Mercy)4:09WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)72003200
2490Jars Of ClayShow You Love3:31WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)102004234
2491Jars of ClayGod Will Lift Up Your Head4:22WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)52005222
2492Jars of ClayDead Man (Carry Me)3:20WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)72006239
2493Jars Of ClayWork3:54WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)132007216
2494Jars of ClayTwo Hands4:27WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)112009247
2495Jason & The ScorchersSelf-Sabotage2:57Clear Impetuous Morning11996204
2496Jason & The ScorchersCappuccino Rosie4:34Clear Impetuous Morning21996199
2497Jason & The ScorchersDrugstore Truck Drivin' Man3:36Clear Impetuous Morning31996213
2498Jason & The ScorchersGoing Nowhere4:26Clear Impetuous Morning41996176
2499Jason & The ScorchersUncertain Girl4:00Clear Impetuous Morning51996214
2500Jason & The Scorchers2+1=Nothing3:22Clear Impetuous Morning61996208
2501Jason & The ScorchersVictory Road3:27Clear Impetuous Morning71996208
2502Jason & The ScorchersKick Me Down3:14Clear Impetuous Morning81996207
2503Jason & The ScorchersEverything Has A Cost4:29Clear Impetuous Morning91996195
2504Jason & The ScorchersTo Feel No Love4:09Clear Impetuous Morning101996201
2505Jason & The ScorchersWalking A Vanishing Line3:23Clear Impetuous Morning111996209
2506Jason & The ScorchersTomorrow Has Come Today3:40Clear Impetuous Morning121996208
2507Jason & The ScorchersJeremy's Glory3:34Clear Impetuous Morning131996167
2508Jason & The ScorchersI'm Sticking With You3:11Clear Impetuous Morning141996200
2509Jason & The ScorchersAbsolutely Sweet Marie3:12Fervor (EP)11983212
2510Jason & The ScorchersHelp There's A Fire2:34Fervor (EP)21983195
2511Jason & The ScorchersI Can't Help Myself2:52Fervor (EP)31983202
2512Jason & The ScorchersHot Nights In Georgia2:30Fervor (EP)41983206
2513Jason & The ScorchersPray For Me, Mama (I'm A Gypsy Now)3:52Fervor (EP)51983201
2514Jason & The ScorchersHarvest Moon3:23Fervor (EP)61983206
2515Jason & The ScorchersBoth Sides Of The Line3:52Fervor (EP)71983205
2516Jason & The ScorchersAbsolutely Sweet Marie3:13The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock181996219
2517Jason & The ScorchersWhen The Angels Cry4:25Thunder and Fire11989238
2518Jason & The ScorchersNow That You're Mine4:16Thunder and Fire21989233
2519Jason & The ScorchersYou Gotta Way With Me3:28Thunder and Fire31989229
2520Jason & The ScorchersMy Kingdom For A Car3:44Thunder and Fire41989233
2521Jason & The ScorchersClose Up The Road5:06Thunder and Fire51989216
2522Jason & The ScorchersLights Out3:27Thunder and Fire61989231
2523Jason & The ScorchersFind You3:56Thunder and Fire71989239
2524Jason & The ScorchersBible And A Gun4:27Thunder and Fire81989217
2525Jason & The ScorchersSix Feet Underground3:19Thunder and Fire91989228
2526Jason & The ScorchersNo Turning Back3:47Thunder and Fire101989218
2527Jason & The ScorchersAway From You3:28Thunder and Fire111989226
2528Jason AldeanHicktown5:06Jason Aldean12005228
2529Jason AldeanAmarillo Sky3:23Jason Aldean22005220
2530Jason AldeanWhy3:33Jason Aldean32005214
2531Jason AldeanEven If I Wanted To4:11Jason Aldean42005210
2532Jason AldeanLonesome U.S.A.3:40Jason Aldean52005234
2533Jason AldeanAsphalt Cowboy4:03Jason Aldean62005219
2534Jason AldeanI'm Just A Man3:17Jason Aldean72005216
2535Jason AldeanYou're The Love I Wanna Be In3:18Jason Aldean82005217
2536Jason AldeanGood To Go4:02Jason Aldean92005205
2537Jason AldeanI Believe In Ghosts3:26Jason Aldean102005219
2538Jason AldeanShe Loved Me3:25Jason Aldean112005216
2539Jason AldeanJohnny Cash3:10Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007132007224
2540Jason AldeanJohnny Cash3:10Relentless12007226
2541Jason AldeanLaughed Until We Cried3:22Relentless22007210
2542Jason AldeanDo You Wish It Was Me4:24Relentless32007221
2543Jason AldeanI Use What I Got3:06Relentless42007208
2544Jason AldeanWho's Kissing You Tonight3:24Relentless52007207
2545Jason AldeanRelentless3:41Relentless62007228
2546Jason AldeanMy Memory Ain't What It Used To Be4:14Relentless72007214
2547Jason AldeanNo3:41Relentless82007222
2548Jason AldeanBack In This Cigarette4:35Relentless92007214
2549Jason AldeanGrown Woman3:58Relentless102007207
2550Jason AldeanI Break Everything I Touch3:20Relentless112007213
2551Jason AldeanNot Every Man Lives3:54Relentless122007215
2552Jason AldeanWide Open4:00Wide Open12009223
2553Jason AldeanThis I Gotta See3:57Wide Open22009213
2554Jason AldeanFast4:14Wide Open32009212
2555Jason AldeanCrazy Town3:03Wide Open42009219
2556Jason AldeanDon't Give Up On Me3:40Wide Open52009205
2557Jason AldeanShe's Country3:40Wide Open62009223
2558Jason AldeanOn My Highway3:47Wide Open72009208
2559Jason AldeanKeep The Girl4:30Wide Open82009222
2560Jason AldeanBig Green Tractor3:24Wide Open92009199
2561Jason AldeanThe Truth3:58Wide Open102009219
2562Jason AldeanLove Was Easy3:34Wide Open112009210
2563Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough And Mary WickesA Guy Like You (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1996)2:54Classic Disney, Vol. 421997183
2564Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Wickes, and Mary StoutA Guy Like You2:54The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)81996176
2565Jason DerüloRidin' Solo3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06172010201
2566Jason FiotoTime To Go3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11202004225
2567Jason Gleason (Of Further Seems Forever)Sleigh Bells And Wine3:15A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas132003174
2568Jason HayesEnchantedForest033:54   128
2569Jason Hayesangelic010:47World of Warcraft 2004160
2570Jason HayesDayVolcanic01-new1:12World of Warcraft  160
2571Jason HayesDayVolcanic02-new1:27World of Warcraft  160
2572Jason Hayeshaunted021:00World of Warcraft  160
2573Jason HayesHumanNarration-new1:28World of Warcraft  160
2574Jason HayesNightElfNarration_withmusic1:48World of Warcraft 2004160
2575Jason HayesOrcNarration1:12World of Warcraft  160
2576Jason Hayesorgrimmar01-moment1:08World of Warcraft  160
2577Jason HayesSignpost- Ogrimmar0:40World of Warcraft 2003160
2578Jason Hayesspooky01-moment0:25World of Warcraft  160
2579Jason Hayesstormwind_highseas-moment2:13World of Warcraft  160
2580Jason Hayesstormwind_intro-moment1:06World of Warcraft  160
2581Jason Hayesstormwind01-moment0:35World of Warcraft  160
2582Jason Hayesstormwind02-moment0:54World of Warcraft  160
2583Jason Hayesstormwind03-moment1:09World of Warcraft  160
2584Jason Hayesstormwind04-zone1:02World of Warcraft  160
2585Jason Hayesstormwind05-zone1:00World of Warcraft  160
2586Jason Hayesstormwind06-live0:53World of Warcraft  160
2587Jason Hayesstormwind07-live1:26World of Warcraft  160
2588Jason Hayestavern01_zone10:47World of Warcraft  160
2589Jason Hayestavern01_zone20:51World of Warcraft  160
2590Jason Hayestavern02_zone10:48World of Warcraft  160
2591Jason Hayestavern02_zone20:39World of Warcraft  160
2592Jason HayesTrollNarration-new1:04World of Warcraft  160
2593Jason Hayeshaunted011:02World of Warcraft  128
2594Jason Hayesmonestary010:16World of Warcraft 2004160
2595Jason Hayesstormwind08-zone1:17World of Warcraft  128
2596Jason Hayesswamp010:34World of Warcraft 2004128
2597Jason HayesLegends of Azeroth2:41World Of Warcraft (OST)12004205
2598Jason HayesThe Shaping of the World2:25World Of Warcraft (OST)22004197
2599Jason HayesLegacy2:26World Of Warcraft (OST)32004206
2600Jason HayesSong of Elune2:15World Of Warcraft (OST)42004188
2601Jason HayesEchoes of the Past1:54World Of Warcraft (OST)52004207
2602Jason HayesA Call to Arms2:19World Of Warcraft (OST)62004185
2603Jason HayesSeasons of War2:58World Of Warcraft (OST)72004198
2604Jason HayesStormwind2:15World Of Warcraft (OST)82004200
2605Jason HayesOrgrimmar2:15World Of Warcraft (OST)92004211
2606Jason HayesThe Undercity2:28World Of Warcraft (OST)102004191
2607Jason HayesThunder Bluff2:37World Of Warcraft (OST)112004194
2608Jason HayesDarnassus2:45World Of Warcraft (OST)122004204
2609Jason HayesIronforge2:15World Of Warcraft (OST)132004206
2610Jason HayesElwynn Forest3:04World Of Warcraft (OST)142004197
2611Jason HayesDuskwood6:02World Of Warcraft (OST)152004188
2612Jason HayesDun Morogh7:31World Of Warcraft (OST)162004182
2613Jason HayesBurning Steppes2:27World Of Warcraft (OST)172004197
2614Jason HayesShimmering Flats4:08World Of Warcraft (OST)182004191
2615Jason HayesFelwood2:38World Of Warcraft (OST)192004203
2616Jason HayesStranglethorn Vale4:13World Of Warcraft (OST)202004174
2617Jason HayesTanaris2:32World Of Warcraft (OST)212004199
2618Jason HayesTeldrassil3:56World Of Warcraft (OST)222004197
2619Jason HayesTavern1:14World Of Warcraft (OST)232004199
2620Jason HayesMoonfall0:49World Of Warcraft (OST)242004191
2621Jason HayesRuins1:17World Of Warcraft (OST)252004199
2622Jason HayesTemple1:04World Of Warcraft (OST)262004194
2623Jason HayesLurking1:01World Of Warcraft (OST)272004196
2624Jason HayesSacred1:11World Of Warcraft (OST)282004205
2625Jason HayesGraveyard1:08World Of Warcraft (OST)292004185
2626Jason HayesWar0:48World Of Warcraft (OST)302004215
2627Jason HayesDayEvilForest011:10World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2628Jason HayesDayEvilForest021:12World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2629Jason HayesDayEvilForest031:10World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2630Jason HayesDayForest010:55World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2631Jason HayesDayForest021:12World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2632Jason HayesDayForest031:04World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2633Jason HayesDayJungle010:46World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2634Jason HayesDayJungle021:38World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2635Jason HayesDayJungle030:48World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2636Jason HayesDayPlains010:53World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2637Jason HayesDayPlains021:16World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2638Jason HayesEnchantedForest010:49World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2639Jason HayesEnchantedForest021:07World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2640Jason Hayesmagic01-moment1:03World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2641Jason Hayesmagic01-zone10:33World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2642Jason Hayesmagic01-zone20:39World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2643Jason HayesNightEvilForest010:57World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2644Jason HayesNightEvilForest021:15World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2645Jason HayesNightEvilForest031:10World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2646Jason HayesNightForest010:53World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2647Jason HayesNightForest020:42World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2648Jason HayesNightForest030:59World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2649Jason HayesNightForest040:54World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2650Jason HayesNightJungle010:54World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2651Jason HayesNightJungle020:53World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2652Jason HayesNightJungle031:29World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2653Jason HayesNightMountain011:04World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2654Jason HayesNightMountain021:03World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2655Jason HayesNightMountain031:09World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2656Jason HayesNightMountain041:03World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2657Jason HayesNightPlains010:58World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2658Jason HayesNightPlains021:08World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2659Jason HayesNightVolcanic011:11World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2660Jason HayesNightVolcanic021:04World of Warcraft mp3s  160
2661Jason HayesDayMountain012:00World of Warcraft mp3s 2002128
2662Jason HayesDayMountain021:06World of Warcraft mp3s 2003128
2663Jason HayesDayMountain031:20World of Warcraft mp3s 2003128
2664Jason HayesEnchantedForest041:00World of Warcraft mp3s 2003160
2665Jason HayesEnchantedForest051:10World of Warcraft mp3s 2003160
2666Jason HayesCT_HillsbradExtWalk1Uni1:01WoW BC 2004160
2667Jason HayesCT_HillsbradExtWalk2Uni0:56WoW BC 2004160
2668Jason HayesCT_HyjalExtWalk7Uni1:06WoW BC 2004160
2669Jason HayesCT_HyjalExtWalk8Uni1:10WoW BC 2004160
2670Jason Hayes & Russell BrowerShalandis Isle 31:07WoW BC 2006160
2671Jason MrazLife Is Wonderful4:20Mr. A-Z12005200
2672Jason MrazWordplay3:06Mr. A-Z22005225
2673Jason MrazGeek In The Pink3:55Mr. A-Z32005224
2674Jason MrazDid You Get My Message?4:00Mr. A-Z42005215
2675Jason MrazMr. Curiosity3:55Mr. A-Z52005168
2676Jason MrazClockwatching4:23Mr. A-Z62005208
2677Jason MrazBella Luna5:02Mr. A-Z72005190
2678Jason MrazPlane5:13Mr. A-Z82005181
2679Jason MrazO. Lover3:54Mr. A-Z92005218
2680Jason MrazPlease Don't Tell Her4:37Mr. A-Z102005209
2681Jason MrazThe Forecast3:45Mr. A-Z112005201
2682Jason MrazSong For A Friend8:10Mr. A-Z122005196
2683Jason MrazWordplay3:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-07182005226
2684Jason MrazGeek In The Pink3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-01182006208
2685Jason MrazYou And I Both3:39Waiting For My Rocket To Come12002199
2686Jason MrazI'll Do Anything3:11Waiting For My Rocket To Come22002213
2687Jason MrazThe Remedy (I Won't Worry)4:16Waiting For My Rocket To Come32002210
2688Jason MrazWho Needs Shelter3:12Waiting For My Rocket To Come42002188
2689Jason MrazCurbside Prophet3:34Waiting For My Rocket To Come52002199
2690Jason MrazSleep All Day4:56Waiting For My Rocket To Come62002207
2691Jason MrazToo Much Food3:41Waiting For My Rocket To Come72002224
2692Jason MrazAbsolutely Zero5:39Waiting For My Rocket To Come82002191
2693Jason MrazOn Love, In Sadness3:28Waiting For My Rocket To Come92002197
2694Jason MrazNo Stopping Us3:18Waiting For My Rocket To Come102002211
2695Jason MrazThe Boy's Gone4:15Waiting For My Rocket To Come112002192
2696Jason MrazTonight, Not Again4:49Waiting For My Rocket To Come122002209
2697Jason MrazMake It Mine3:08We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.12008177
2698Jason MrazI'm Yours4:03We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.22008154
2699Jason MrazLucky (Feat. Colbie Caillat)3:09We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.32008165
2700Jason MrazButterfly5:00We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.42008194
2701Jason MrazLive High4:12We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.52008169
2702Jason MrazLove For A Child4:05We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.62008165
2703Jason MrazDetails In The Fabric (Feat. James Morrison)5:45We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.72008147
2704Jason MrazCoyotes3:38We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.82008195
2705Jason MrazOnly Human4:02We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.92008158
2706Jason MrazThe Dynamo Of Volition3:36We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.102008169
2707Jason MrazIf It Kills Me4:33We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.112008174
2708Jason MrazA Beautiful Mess5:38We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.122008148
2709Jason Raize, EnsembleEndless Night4:41The Lion King Original Broadway Cast161997174
2710Jason WadeYou Belong to Me2:41Shrek (OST)82001193
2711Jason Weaver With Rowan Atkinson And Laura WilliamsI Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King 1994)2:51Classic Disney, Vol. 171995191
2712Jason Weaver with Rowan Atkinson and Laura WilliamsI Just Can't Wait to Be King2:50The Lion King (OST)21994191
2713JavellsGoodbye Nothing To Say2:46Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)92001196
2714JavierCrazy4:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-09122003226
2715JavierDance For Me [Reggaeton Radio Version Without Rap]3:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0952005195
2716Jay & The AmericansShe Cried2:39196214 176
2717Jay & the AmericansShe Cried2:38AM Gold: 1962141995176
2718Jay & The AmericansCome A Little Bit Closer2:46AM Gold: 1964181995128
2719Jay & The AmericansThis Magic Moment2:59AM Gold: 1969131995186
2720Jay & The AmericansCara, Mia2:34AM Gold: Mid '60s Classics101995186
2721Jay & The AmericansCome A Little Bit Closer2:48Classic Rock - 196421 126
2722Jay & The AmericansCara Mia2:34One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)162001225
2723Jay & The AmericansCome A Little Bit Closer2:43Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)18 222
2724Jay & The AmericansOnly In America2:10Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)22002128
2725Jay & The AmericansLet's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key)2:28The '60s - Jukebox Memories8 208
2726Jay & The AmericansCome A Little Bit Closer2:49The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)81997158
2727Jay & The AmericansOnly In America2:10There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller141991129
2728Jay & The AmericansCara Mia2:32Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)212001198
2729Jay & The TechniquesApples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie2:26AM Gold: The '60s Generation151995192
2730Jay FergusonShakedown Cruise4:13  1979320
2731Jay FergusonThunder Island3:2770's Party Mix (Disc 2)151996205
2732Jay FergusonThunder Island3:31Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2151993213
2733Jay FergusonThunder Island3:51Van Inkel's Choice121993217
2734Jay GruskaLois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman1:03Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)571996186
2735Jay Livingston & Ray EvansMister Ed0:55Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)181986208
2736Jay Livingston & Ray EvansBonanza0:39Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)421986193
2737Jay Ungar And Molly MasonAshokan Farewell4:11Songs Of The Civil War11991185
2738Jay Ungar And Molly MasonMarching Through Georgia3:01Songs Of The Civil War211991178
2739Jay WardRocky & Bullwinkle1:32Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)31986202
2740Jay WardDudley Do-Right0:23Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)131990175
2741Jay WardFractured Fairy Tales0:24Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)141990156
2742Jay WigginsSad Girl2:20Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)221997129
2743Jaye P. MorganThat's All I Want From You2:43Your Hit Parade 19559 128
2744Jay-Jay JohansonAutomatic Lover4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-08192003219
2745The JaynettsSally, Go 'Round The Roses3:16The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 161990173
2746The JaynettsSally Go 'round The Roses3:06Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1963111986141
2747Jay-ZIntro2:00American Gangster12007229
2748Jay-ZPray4:24American Gangster22007227
2749Jay-ZAmerican Dreamin'4:47American Gangster32007211
2750Jay-ZHello Brooklyn 2.0 (feat. Lil Wayne)3:56American Gangster42007196
2751Jay-ZNo Hook3:14American Gangster52007201
2752Jay-ZROC Boys (And The Winner Is)...4:12American Gangster62007222
2753Jay-ZSweet3:26American Gangster72007235
2754Jay-ZI Know3:42American Gangster82007212
2755Jay-ZParty Life4:29American Gangster92007220
2756Jay-ZIgnorant Shit (feat. Beanie Sigel)3:41American Gangster102007216
2757Jay-ZSay Hello5:26American Gangster112007216
2758Jay-ZSuccess (feat. NAS)3:30American Gangster122007169
2759Jay-ZFallin'4:06American Gangster132007199
2760Jay-ZBlue Magic4:10American Gangster142007200
2761Jay-ZAmerican Gangster3:41American Gangster152007210
2762Jay-ZChange The Game (Remix)3:11From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)42002147
2763Jay-ZSong Cry2:34From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)222002129
2764Jay-ZIntro/A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More3:21In My Lifetime, Vol. 111997169
2765Jay-ZThe City Is Mine (ft. BlackStreet)4:02In My Lifetime, Vol. 121997211
2766Jay-ZI Know What Girls Like (ft. Puff Daddy and Lil' Kim)4:50In My Lifetime, Vol. 131997202
2767Jay-ZImaginary Player3:57In My Lifetime, Vol. 141997170
2768Jay-ZStreets Is Watching3:58In My Lifetime, Vol. 151997172
2769Jay-ZFriend or Foe '982:09In My Lifetime, Vol. 161997170
2770Jay-ZLucky Me5:00In My Lifetime, Vol. 171997201
2771Jay-Z(Always Be My) Sunshine4:43In My Lifetime, Vol. 181997192
2772Jay-ZWho U Wit II4:29In My Lifetime, Vol. 191997171
2773Jay-ZFace Off (ft. Sauce Money)3:31In My Lifetime, Vol. 1101997210
2774Jay-ZReal Niggaz (ft. Too Short)5:07In My Lifetime, Vol. 1111997215
2775Jay-ZRap Game/Crack Game2:40In My Lifetime, Vol. 1121997209
2776Jay-ZWhere I'm From4:26In My Lifetime, Vol. 1131997193
2777Jay-ZYou Must Love Me5:47In My Lifetime, Vol. 1141997196
2778Jay-ZThe Prelude2:44Kingdom Come12006195
2779Jay-ZOh My God4:17Kingdom Come22006218
2780Jay-ZKingdom Come4:23Kingdom Come32006242
2781Jay-ZShow Me What You Got3:43Kingdom Come42006227
2782Jay-ZLost One (featuring Chrisette Michele)3:44Kingdom Come52006191
2783Jay-ZDo U Wanna Ride (featuring John Legend)5:29Kingdom Come62006177
2784Jay-Z30 Something4:13Kingdom Come72006181
2785Jay-ZI Made It3:25Kingdom Come82006213
2786Jay-ZAnything (featuring Pharrell & Usher)4:21Kingdom Come92006216
2787Jay-ZHollywood (featuring Beyoncé)4:17Kingdom Come102006203
2788Jay-ZTrouble4:53Kingdom Come112006210
2789Jay-ZDig a Hole (featuring Sterling Simms)4:11Kingdom Come122006216
2790Jay-ZMinority Report (featuring Ne-Yo)4:33Kingdom Come132006225
2791Jay-ZBeach Chair (featuring Chris Martin)5:08Kingdom Come142006222
2792Jay-ZPolitics As Usual4:17Kingdom Come (Bonus Disc)12006197
2793Jay-ZCan't Knock the Hustle6:34Kingdom Come (Bonus Disc)22006184
2794Jay-ZCan I Live5:00Kingdom Come (Bonus Disc)32006188
2795Jay-ZDirt Off Your Shoulder3:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-05112004210
2796Jay-Z99 Problems3:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0672004224
2797Jay-ZShow Me What You Got3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1112006225
2798Jay-ZSunshine2:50Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 1122004166
2799Jay-ZCan't Knock The Hustle5:17Reasonable Doubt11996149
2800Jay-ZPolitics As Usual3:41Reasonable Doubt21996179
2801Jay-ZBrooklyn's Finest4:36Reasonable Doubt31996195
2802Jay-ZDead Presidents II4:27Reasonable Doubt41996153
2803Jay-ZFeelin' It3:48Reasonable Doubt51996177
2804Jay-ZD'evils3:31Reasonable Doubt61996162
2805Jay-Z22 Two's3:29Reasonable Doubt71996213
2806Jay-ZCan I Live4:10Reasonable Doubt81996155
2807Jay-ZAin't No Nigga4:03Reasonable Doubt91996154
2808Jay-ZFriend Or Foe1:49Reasonable Doubt101996150
2809Jay-ZComing Of Age3:59Reasonable Doubt111996179
2810Jay-ZCashmere Thoughts2:56Reasonable Doubt121996201
2811Jay-ZBring It On5:01Reasonable Doubt131996151
2812Jay-ZRegrets4:34Reasonable Doubt141996186
2813Jay-ZCan I Live II3:57Reasonable Doubt151996178
2814Jay-ZCan I Get A.. (feat. Amil & Ja Rule)5:11Rush Hour (OST)41998177
2815Jay-Z(Interlude)1:21The Black Album12003168
2816Jay-ZDecember 4th4:33The Black Album22003207
2817Jay-ZWhat More Can I Say4:55The Black Album32003185
2818Jay-ZEncore4:11The Black Album42003204
2819Jay-ZChange Clothes4:18The Black Album52003190
2820Jay-ZDirt Off Your Shoulder4:05The Black Album62003201
2821Jay-ZThreat4:06The Black Album72003188
2822Jay-ZMoment of Clarity4:24The Black Album82003189
2823Jay-Z99 Problems3:54The Black Album92003225
2824Jay-ZPublic Service Annoucement (Interlude)2:53The Black Album102003191
2825Jay-ZJustify My Thug4:04The Black Album112003197
2826Jay-ZLucifer3:12The Black Album122003209
2827Jay-ZAllure4:52The Black Album132003170
2828Jay-ZMy 1st Song4:45The Black Album142003212
2829Jay-ZThe Ruler's Back3:49The Blueprint12001192
2830Jay-ZTakeover5:13The Blueprint22001157
2831Jay-ZIzzo (H.O.V.A.)4:00The Blueprint32001157
2832Jay-ZGirls, Girls, Girls4:35The Blueprint42001204
2833Jay-ZJigga That Nigga3:24The Blueprint52001204
2834Jay-ZU Don't Know3:19The Blueprint62001212
2835Jay-ZHola' Hovito4:33The Blueprint72001218
2836Jay-ZHeart of the City (Ain't No Love)3:43The Blueprint82001213
2837Jay-ZNever Change3:58The Blueprint92001199
2838Jay-ZSong Cry5:03The Blueprint102001184
2839Jay-ZAll I Need4:28The Blueprint112001191
2840Jay-ZRenegade (ft. Eminem)5:37The Blueprint122001165
2841Jay-ZBlueprint (Momma Loves Me)12:08The Blueprint132001176
2842Jay-ZA Dream4:12The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)12002198
2843Jay-ZHovi Baby4:21The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)22002223
2844Jay-ZThe Watcher 25:57The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)32002189
2845Jay-Z'03 Bonnie & Clyde3:25The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)42002187
2846Jay-ZExcuse Me Miss4:41The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)52002212
2847Jay-ZWhat They Gonna Do4:54The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)62002232
2848Jay-ZAll Around The World3:52The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)72002210
2849Jay-ZPoppin' Tags6:00The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)82002208
2850Jay-ZFuck All Night4:19The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)92002202
2851Jay-ZThe Bounce4:18The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)102002220
2852Jay-ZI Did It My Way3:42The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 1)112002211
2853Jay-ZDiamond Is Forever3:55The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)12002200
2854Jay-ZGuns & Roses4:25The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)22002193
2855Jay-ZU Don't Know (Remix)4:27The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)32002230
2856Jay-ZMeet The Parents4:58The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)42002192
2857Jay-ZSome How Some Way5:37The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)52002189
2858Jay-ZSome People Hate4:31The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)62002192
2859Jay-ZBlueprint 24:49The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)72002195
2860Jay-ZNigga Please4:38The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)82002223
2861Jay-Z2 Many Hoes3:34The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)92002226
2862Jay-ZAs One3:48The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)102002223
2863Jay-ZA Ballad For The Fallen Soldier4:42The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)112002199
2864Jay-ZShow You How (Bonus Track)2:58The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)122002201
2865Jay-ZBitches & Sisters (Bonus Track)2:38The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)132002228
2866Jay-ZWhat They Gonna Do Part II **Bonus Track**3:47The Blueprint 2 The Gift & The Curse (Disc 2)142002183
2867Jay-ZWhat We Talkin' About (feat. Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun)4:04The Blueprint 312009190
2868Jay-ZThank You4:10The Blueprint 322009198
2869Jay-ZD.O.A.(Death Of Auto-Tune)4:15The Blueprint 332009214
2870Jay-ZRun This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)4:27The Blueprint 342009182
2871Jay-ZEmpire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)4:36The Blueprint 352009198
2872Jay-ZReal As It Gets (feat. Young Jeezy)4:12The Blueprint 362009241
2873Jay-ZOn To The Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz)4:17The Blueprint 372009231
2874Jay-ZOff That (feat. Drake)4:06The Blueprint 382009255
2875Jay-ZA Star Is Born (feat. J.Cole)3:48The Blueprint 392009217
2876Jay-ZVenus vs. Mars3:10The Blueprint 3102009227
2877Jay-ZAlready Home (feat. Kid Cudi)4:29The Blueprint 3112009205
2878Jay-ZHate (feat. Kanye West)2:31The Blueprint 3122009188
2879Jay-ZReminder4:18The Blueprint 3132009245
2880Jay-ZSo Ambitious (feat. Pharrell)4:12The Blueprint 3142009191
2881Jay-ZYoung Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson)4:13The Blueprint 3152009182
2882Jay-ZIntro3:10The Dynasty Roc La Familia12000195
2883Jay-ZChange The Game3:07The Dynasty Roc La Familia22000183
2884Jay-ZI Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)3:47The Dynasty Roc La Familia32000174
2885Jay-ZStreets Is Talking4:44The Dynasty Roc La Familia42000215
2886Jay-ZThis Can't Be Life4:48The Dynasty Roc La Familia52000195
2887Jay-ZGet Your Mind Right Mami4:22The Dynasty Roc La Familia62000180
2888Jay-ZStick 2 The Script4:08The Dynasty Roc La Familia72000201
2889Jay-ZYou, Me, Him And Her3:44The Dynasty Roc La Familia82000167
2890Jay-ZGuilty Until Proven Innocent4:56The Dynasty Roc La Familia92000197
2891Jay-ZParking Lot Pimpin'4:15The Dynasty Roc La Familia102000192
2892Jay-ZHolla3:32The Dynasty Roc La Familia112000208
2893Jay-Z1-900-Hustler3:50The Dynasty Roc La Familia122000196
2894Jay-ZThe R.O.C.4:06The Dynasty Roc La Familia132000190
2895Jay-ZSoon You'll Understand4:35The Dynasty Roc La Familia142000199
2896Jay-ZSqueeze 1st3:50The Dynasty Roc La Familia152000178
2897Jay-ZWhere Have You Been5:33The Dynasty Roc La Familia162000199
2898Jay-ZCan't Knock The Hustle3:55The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)112002251
2899Jay-ZLa-La-La (Excuse Me Again) [Radio Edit]4:49TM Century PrimeCuts 515P62003193
2900Jay-ZIntro - Hand It Down (Feat. Memphis Bleek)2:56Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life11998156
2901Jay-ZHard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem)3:58Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life21998163
2902Jay-ZIf I Should Die (Feat. Da Ranjahz)4:55Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life31998172
2903Jay-ZRide Or Die4:48Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life41998208
2904Jay-ZNigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99) (Feat. Big Jaz)3:53Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life51998190
2905Jay-ZMoney, Cash, Hoes (Feat. DMX)4:46Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life61998196
2906Jay-ZA Week Ago (Feat. Too $hort)5:00Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life71998183
2907Jay-ZComing Of Age (Da Sequel) (Feat. Memphis Bleek)4:21Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life81998180
2908Jay-ZCan I Get A... (Feat. Amil & Ja Rule)5:09Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life91998184
2909Jay-ZPaper Chase (Feat. Foxy Brown)4:34Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life101998207
2910Jay-ZReservoir Dogs (Feat. The Lox, Beanie Siegel & Sauce Money)5:19Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life111998176
2911Jay-ZIt's Like That (Feat. Kid Capri)3:45Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life121998201
2912Jay-ZIt's Alright (Feat. Memphis Bleek) (Bonus Track)4:01Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life131998196
2913Jay-ZMoney Ain't A Thang (Feat. Jermaine Dupri) (Bonus Track)4:13Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life141998201
2914Jay-ZHova Song (Intro)2:20Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter11999193
2915Jay-ZSo Ghetto4:00Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter21999175
2916Jay-ZDo It Again (Put Your Hands Up)4:38Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter31999177
2917Jay-ZDope Man4:02Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter41999170
2918Jay-ZThings That You Do4:52Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter51999184
2919Jay-ZIt's Hot (Some Like It Hot)4:15Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter61999188
2920Jay-ZSnoopy Track4:01Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter71999211
2921Jay-ZS. Carter4:14Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter81999179
2922Jay-ZPop 4 Roc4:35Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter91999160
2923Jay-ZWatch Me4:34Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter101999179
2924Jay-ZBig Pimpin'4:44Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter111999212
2925Jay-ZThere's Been A Murder3:39Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter121999194
2926Jay-ZCome And Get Me6:08Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter131999221
2927Jay-ZNYMP4:02Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter141999154
2928Jay-ZHova Song (Outro)11:01Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter151999159
2929Jay-Z & Foxy BrownAin't No Nigga4:27The Nutty Professor (OST)91996174
2930Jay-Z & Linkin ParkDirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You4:04Collision Course12004225
2931Jay-Z & Linkin ParkBig Pimpin'/Papercut2:36Collision Course22004224
2932Jay-Z & Linkin ParkJigga What/Faint3:31Collision Course32004233
2933Jay-Z & Linkin ParkNumb/Encore3:25Collision Course42004216
2934Jay-Z & Linkin ParkIzzo/In The End2:44Collision Course52004176
2935Jay-Z & Linkin ParkPoints Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer4:55Collision Course62004259
2936Jay-Z & Linkin ParkNumb To Encore3:24Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1292004214
2937Jay-Z (Feat. Memphis Bleek & Amil)Hey Papi4:28Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)22000217
2938Jay-Z feat Freeway8 Miles and Runnin'4:088 Mile (OST)72002175
2939Jay-Z feat. BeyoncéBonnie & Clyde3:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11212002206
2940Jay-Z feat. BeyoncéHollywood4:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0272007203
2941Jay-Z feat. Gwen DickeyWishing On A Star3:03The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)152003249
2942Jay-Z, Scarface & Beanie SiegalGuess Who's Back3:53From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)192002195
2943JazooVöcklabruck8:30Detached1 128
2944The JB'sPass The Peas3:12Crooklyn (OST)121994221
2945JC ChasezAll Day Long I Dream About Sex3:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-04142004211
2946JC ChasezBuild My World4:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-07122004192
2947JC ChasezUntil Yesterday4:08Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11212006172
2948JC ChasezYou Ruined Me3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-06172007228
2949JD NatashaHey Ya2:36Imperfecta14 128
2950Jean Baptiste LoeilletLargo cantablile2:18100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 59 187
2951Jean Joseph MouretMasterpiece Theatre1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5581996128
2952Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:31Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)52001205
2953Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:49Crooklyn (OST)101994225
2954Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:47Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)181989218
2955Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:30Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)101998208
2956Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:45Mr. Big Stuff11971128
2957Jean KnightMr. Big Stuff2:31Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 5101991208
2958Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 12:23Équinoxe11978190
2959Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 25:02Équinoxe21978204
2960Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 35:09Équinoxe31978211
2961Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 46:54Équinoxe41978234
2962Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 53:53Équinoxe51978218
2963Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 63:28Équinoxe61978221
2964Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 77:05Équinoxe71978196
2965Jean Michel JarreÉquinoxe Part 84:59Équinoxe81978199
2966Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 117:54Magnetic Fields11981217
2967Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 23:59Magnetic Fields21981216
2968Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 34:15Magnetic Fields31981204
2969Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 46:18Magnetic Fields41981236
2970Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields Part 5 (The Last Rumba)3:30Magnetic Fields51981205
2971Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part I)7:59Oxygène11976196
2972Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part II)7:48Oxygène21976202
2973Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part III)2:56Oxygène31976205
2974Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part IV)4:15Oxygène41976224
2975Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part V)10:23Oxygène51976207
2976Jean Michel JarreOxygène (Part VI)6:18Oxygène61976228
2977Jean Michel JarreIndustrial Revolution (Overture)5:11Revolutions11988216
2978Jean Michel JarreIndustrial Revolution (Part 1)5:10Revolutions21988197
2979Jean Michel JarreIndustrial Revolution (Part 2)2:19Revolutions31988186
2980Jean Michel JarreIndustrial Revolution (Part 3)4:11Revolutions41988197
2981Jean Michel JarreLondon Kid4:28Revolutions51988232
2982Jean Michel JarreRevolutions4:59Revolutions61988216
2983Jean Michel JarreTokyo Kid5:23Revolutions71988202
2984Jean Michel JarreComputer Weekend4:43Revolutions81988213
2985Jean Michel JarreSeptember4:05Revolutions91988220
2986Jean Michel JarreThe Emigrant3:57Revolutions101988189
2987Jean Michel JarreCalypso8:23Waiting For Cousteau11990222
2988Jean Michel JarreCalypso Part 27:10Waiting For Cousteau21990210
2989Jean Michel JarreCalypso Part 3 (Fin de siècle)6:30Waiting For Cousteau31990190
2990Jean Michel JarreWaiting For Cousteau46:53Waiting For Cousteau41990196
2991Jean Michel JarreEthnicolor11:39Zoolook [With Remixes]11985216
2992Jean Michel JarreDiva7:33Zoolook [With Remixes]21985208
2993Jean Michel JarreZoolookologie (Remix)3:42Zoolook [With Remixes]31985238
2994Jean Michel JarreWooloomooloo3:18Zoolook [With Remixes]41985204
2995Jean Michel JarreZoolook (Remix)3:50Zoolook [With Remixes]51985221
2996Jean Michel JarreBlah-Blah Cafe3:20Zoolook [With Remixes]61985220
2997Jean Michel JarreEthnicolor II3:52Zoolook [With Remixes]71985206
2998Jean NineSlower Traffic Keep Right4:33Whispers And The Storm3 128
2999Jean ShepardThink I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep2:48Country Complete (Disc 1)181997189
3000Jean ShepardSlippin' Away2:12Country Girls 2171991198
3001Jean ShepardA Satisfied Mind2:28Country Girls 381995193
3002Jean SibeliusSymphony No.1 in Em, Op.39 - I. Andante, ma non troppo - Allegro energico11:23The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)1 191
3003Jean SibeliusSymphony No.1 in Em, Op.39 - II. Andante. Ma non troppo lento9:20The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)2 191
3004Jean SibeliusSymphony No.1 in Em, Op.39 - III. Scherzo. Allegro5:25The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)3 191
3005Jean SibeliusSymphony No.1 in Em, Op.39 - IV.Finale13:19The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)4 196
3006Jean SibeliusSymphony No.4 in Am, Op.63 - I. Tempo molto moderato, quasi adagio11:02The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)5 182
3007Jean SibeliusSymphony No.4 in Am, Op.63 - II. Allegro molto vivace4:41The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)6 192
3008Jean SibeliusSymphony No.4 in Am, Op.63 - III. Il tempo largo12:55The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)7 183
3009Jean SibeliusSymphony No.4 in Am, Op.63 - IV. Allegro8:38The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)8 190
3010Jean SibeliusSymphony No.2 in D, Op.43 - I. Allegretto - Poco allegro - Tranquillo...9:47The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)1 192
3011Jean SibeliusSymphony No.2 in D, Op.43 - II. Tempo andante, ma rubato - Andante sostenuto14:40The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)2 191
3012Jean SibeliusSymphony No.2 in D, Op.43 - III. Vivacissimo - Lento e suave - Largamente5:58The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)3 192
3013Jean SibeliusSymphony No.2 in D, Op.43 - IV. Finale. Allegro moderato14:41The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)4 194
3014Jean SibeliusSymphony No.5 in Eb, Op.82 - I. Tempo molto moderato - Largamento - Allegro moderato15:01The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)5 192
3015Jean SibeliusSymphony No.5 in Eb, Op.82 - II. Andante mosso, quasi allegretto9:03The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)6 184
3016Jean SibeliusSymphony No.5 in Eb, Op.82 - III. Allegro molto8:04The Complete Symphonies I - Colin Davis (1975-77 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)7 193
3017Jean SibeliusSymphony No.3 In C, Op.52 - I. Allegro moderato10:50The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)1 193
3018Jean SibeliusSymphony No.3 In C, Op.52 - II. Andantino con moto, quasi allegretto10:18The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)2 182
3019Jean SibeliusSymphony No.3 In C, Op.52 - III. Moderato - Allegro. Ma non tanto8:35The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)3 198
3020Jean SibeliusSymphony No.6 In Dm, Op.104 - I. Allegro molto moderato7:57The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)4 194
3021Jean SibeliusSymphony No.6 In Dm, Op.104 - II. Allegretto moderato4:34The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)5 189
3022Jean SibeliusSymphony No.6 In Dm, Op.104 - III. Poco vivace3:45The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)6 190
3023Jean SibeliusSymphony No.6 In Dm, Op.104 - IV. Allegro molto8:31The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)7 192
3024Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7 In C, Op.105 - I. Adagio -10:01The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)8 193
3025Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7 In C, Op.105 - II. Vivacissimo - Adagio2:31The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)9 196
3026Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7 In C, Op.105 - III. Allegro molto moderato - Allegro moderato3:53The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)10 194
3027Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7 In C, Op.105 - IV. Vivace - Presto - Adagio - Largamente molto3:00The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)11 197
3028Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7 In C, Op.105 - V. Affettuoso1:56The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 1)12 184
3029Jean SibeliusViolin Concerto In Dm, Op.47 - I. Allegro moderato16:54The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)1 183
3030Jean SibeliusViolin Concerto In Dm, Op.47 - II. Adagio di molto10:16The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)2 181
3031Jean SibeliusViolin Concerto In Dm, Op.47 - III. Allegro, ma non tanto7:31The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)3 187
3032Jean SibeliusFinlandia, Op.267:58The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)4 195
3033Jean SibeliusTapiola, Op.112: Tone Poem18:02The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)5 185
3034Jean SibeliusThe Swan Of Tuonela, Op.22 No.2: Legend9:22The Complete Symphonies II - Colin Davis (1975-79 Philips 1995) (Disc 2)6 180
3035Jean Wyclef (Ft. Claudette Ortiza)Two Wrongs3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07152002198
3036Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanOverture2:37Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)12002205
3037Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanNot For The Life Of Me2:10Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)22002169
3038Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanThoroughly Modern Millie2:57Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)32002203
3039Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanNot For The Life Of Me (Reprise)2:04Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)42002183
3040Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanHow The Other Half Lives2:42Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)52002198
3041Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanNot For The Life Of Me (Reprise)1:05Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)62002197
3042Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanThe Speed Test5:54Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)72002183
3043Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanThey Don't Know2:09Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)82002173
3044Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanThe Nuttycracker Suite3:25Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)92002202
3045Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanWhat Do I Need With Love?3:03Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)102002188
3046Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanOnly In New York3:40Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)112002171
3047Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanJimmy3:28Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)122002167
3048Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanBack At Work0:25Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)132002202
3049Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanForget About The Boy3:23Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)142002195
3050Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanAh! Sweet Mystery Of Life/I'm Falling In Love With Someone3:37Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)152002195
3051Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanI Turned The Corner/I'm Falling In Love (Quartet/rReprise)4:11Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)162002198
3052Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanMuqin2:17Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)172002193
3053Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanLong As I'm Here With You2:24Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)182002186
3054Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanGimme Gimme3:34Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)192002178
3055Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanFinale (Thoroughly Modern Millie)1:20Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)202002198
3056Jeanine Tesori and Dick ScanlanFinal Bows2:07Thoroughly Modern Millie (Original Broadway Cast)212002208
3057Jean-Jacques PerreyE.V.A.3:11Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's31999251
3058Jean-Jacques PerreyE.V.A. [FatBoy Slim Remix]6:24Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's191999221
3059Jean-Luc PontyStay With Me5:38A Taste For Passion11979216
3060Jean-Luc PontySunset Drive5:44A Taste For Passion21979210
3061Jean-Luc PontyDreamy Eyes4:19A Taste For Passion31979200
3062Jean-Luc PontyBeach Girl4:56A Taste For Passion41979201
3063Jean-Luc PontyA Taste For Passion5:25A Taste For Passion51979211
3064Jean-Luc PontyLife Cycles5:46A Taste For Passion61979221
3065Jean-Luc PontyReminiscence1:27A Taste For Passion71979202
3066Jean-Luc PontyGive Us A Chance3:21A Taste For Passion81979217
3067Jean-Luc PontyObsession0:41A Taste For Passion91979220
3068Jean-Luc PontyFarewell3:01A Taste For Passion101979212
3069Jean-Luc PontyIs Once Enough?4:59Aurora11975217
3070Jean-Luc PontyRenaissance5:49Aurora21975204
3071Jean-Luc PontyAurora Part I2:46Aurora31975206
3072Jean-Luc PontyAurora Part II6:16Aurora41975209
3073Jean-Luc PontyPassenger Of The Dark4:18Aurora51975213
3074Jean-Luc PontyLost Forest5:27Aurora61975211
3075Jean-Luc PontyBetween You And Me5:59Aurora71975210
3076Jean-Luc PontyWaking Dream2:25Aurora81975204
3077Jean-Luc PontyCosmic Messenger4:40Cosmic Messenger11978212
3078Jean-Luc PontyThe Art Of Happiness4:32Cosmic Messenger21978212
3079Jean-Luc PontyDon't Let The World Pass You By6:21Cosmic Messenger31978211
3080Jean-Luc PontyI Only Feel Good With You3:08Cosmic Messenger41978201
3081Jean-Luc PontyPuppet's Dance3:39Cosmic Messenger51978214
3082Jean-Luc PontyFake Paradise5:39Cosmic Messenger61978207
3083Jean-Luc PontyEthereal Mood4:01Cosmic Messenger71978216
3084Jean-Luc PontyEgocentric Molecules5:43Cosmic Messenger81978215
3085Jean-Luc PontyOverture0:47Enigmatic Ocean11977213
3086Jean-Luc PontyThe Trans-Love Express3:59Enigmatic Ocean21977219
3087Jean-Luc PontyMirage4:53Enigmatic Ocean31977219
3088Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Pt. 12:23Enigmatic Ocean41977202
3089Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Pt. 23:35Enigmatic Ocean51977224
3090Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Pt. 33:42Enigmatic Ocean61977219
3091Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Pt. 42:26Enigmatic Ocean71977209
3092Jean-Luc PontyNostalgic Lady5:24Enigmatic Ocean81977219
3093Jean-Luc PontyThe Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea, Pt. 13:35Enigmatic Ocean91977203
3094Jean-Luc PontyThe Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea, Pt. 23:34Enigmatic Ocean101977207
3095Jean-Luc PontyThe Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea, Pt. 36:03Enigmatic Ocean111977210
3096Jean-Luc PontyInfinite Pursuit6:01Fables11985223
3097Jean-Luc PontyElephants in Love5:23Fables21985209
3098Jean-Luc PontyRadioactive Legacy6:20Fables31985211
3099Jean-Luc PontyCats Tales4:55Fables41985218
3100Jean-Luc PontyPerpetual Rondo4:47Fables51985214
3101Jean-Luc PontyIn the Kingdom of Peace4:07Fables61985156
3102Jean-Luc PontyPlastic Idols3:59Fables71985199
3103Jean-Luc PontyNew Country3:08Imaginary Voyage11976212
3104Jean-Luc PontyThe Gardens of Babylon5:07Imaginary Voyage21976213
3105Jean-Luc PontyWandering on the Milky Way1:49Imaginary Voyage31976198
3106Jean-Luc PontyOnce Upon a Dream4:07Imaginary Voyage41976206
3107Jean-Luc PontyTarantula4:08Imaginary Voyage51976216
3108Jean-Luc PontyImaginary Voyage, Part I2:22Imaginary Voyage61976215
3109Jean-Luc PontyImaginary Voyage, Part II4:04Imaginary Voyage71976208
3110Jean-Luc PontyImaginary Voyage, Part III5:26Imaginary Voyage81976215
3111Jean-Luc PontyImaginary Voyage, Part IV8:01Imaginary Voyage91976202
3112Jean-Luc PontyComputer Incantations For World Peace5:43Individual Choice11983210
3113Jean-Luc PontyFar From the Beaten Paths6:02Individual Choice21983212
3114Jean-Luc PontyIn Spiritual Love7:01Individual Choice31983218
3115Jean-Luc PontyEulogy to Oscar Romero2:32Individual Choice41983196
3116Jean-Luc PontyNostalgia5:02Individual Choice51983187
3117Jean-Luc PontyIndividual Choice4:57Individual Choice61983208
3118Jean-Luc PontyIn Spite Of All5:55Individual Choice71983213
3119Jean-Luc PontyUne Nuit Au Violon4:45Jazz Long Playing11964144
3120Jean-Luc PontyModo Azul4:40Jazz Long Playing21964151
3121Jean-Luc PontySpanish Castels3:41Jazz Long Playing31964144
3122Jean-Luc PontySniffin' The Blues3:30Jazz Long Playing41964152
3123Jean-Luc PontyPostlude In C3:22Jazz Long Playing51964128
3124Jean-Luc PontyAu Privave3:46Jazz Long Playing61964147
3125Jean-Luc PontyManoir De Mes Rêves3:06Jazz Long Playing71964149
3126Jean-Luc PontyYTNOP Blues3:12Jazz Long Playing81964147
3127Jean-Luc PontyI Want To Talk About You3:50Jazz Long Playing91964140
3128Jean-Luc PontyA Night In Tunisia3:03Jazz Long Playing101964142
3129Jean-Luc PontySatin Doll4:20Jazz Long Playing111964146
3130Jean-Luc PontyQuestion With No Answer3:30Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)11996198
3131Jean-Luc PontyBowing-Bowing4:53Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)21996213
3132Jean-Luc PontyEchoes Of The Future3:11Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)31996201
3133Jean-Luc PontyAurora, Part II6:16Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)41996215
3134Jean-Luc PontyWaking Dream2:26Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)51996211
3135Jean-Luc PontyRenaissance5:48Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)61996206
3136Jean-Luc PontyNew Country3:09Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)71996221
3137Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Part II3:35Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)81996222
3138Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Part III3:45Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)91996217
3139Jean-Luc PontyMirage4:54Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)101996227
3140Jean-Luc PontyEgocentric Molecules5:50Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)111996228
3141Jean-Luc PontyCosmic Messenger4:42Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)121996223
3142Jean-Luc PontyEthereal Mood4:04Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)131996220
3143Jean-Luc PontyI Only Feel Good With You3:17Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)141996199
3144Jean-Luc PontyNo Strings Attached6:07Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 1)151996217
3145Jean-Luc PontyStay With Me5:38Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)11996220
3146Jean-Luc PontyA Taste For Passion5:26Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)21996218
3147Jean-Luc PontyOnce A Blue Planet4:06Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)31996191
3148Jean-Luc PontyForms Of Life4:50Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)41996204
3149Jean-Luc PontyRhythms Of Hope4:04Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)51996221
3150Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures (Suite), Part IV0:47Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)61996171
3151Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures (Suite), Part V5:04Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)71996196
3152Jean-Luc PontyJig3:58Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)81996236
3153Jean-Luc PontyFinal Truth, Part I4:56Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)91996223
3154Jean-Luc PontyComputer Incantations For World Peace5:41Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)101996220
3155Jean-Luc PontyIndividual Choice4:57Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)111996204
3156Jean-Luc PontyNostalgia5:03Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)121996183
3157Jean-Luc PontyEulogy To Oscar Romero2:35Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)131996194
3158Jean-Luc PontyInfinite Pursuit6:00Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)141996233
3159Jean-Luc PontyIn The Kingdom Of Peace4:04Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)151996168
3160Jean-Luc PontyCaracas3:52Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)161996222
3161Jean-Luc PontyForever Together5:46Le Voyage - Anthology (Disc 2)171996212
3162Jean-Luc PontyTwo Thousand-One Years Ago4:20Life Enigma12001235
3163Jean-Luc PontySignals from Planet Earth6:03Life Enigma22001204
3164Jean-Luc PontyThe Infinite Human Caravan6:37Life Enigma32001229
3165Jean-Luc PontyLonely Among All4:25Life Enigma42001191
3166Jean-Luc PontyFirmament7:22Life Enigma52001224
3167Jean-Luc PontyPizzy Cat3:16Life Enigma62001195
3168Jean-Luc PontyLife Enigma5:56Life Enigma72001206
3169Jean-Luc PontyEven the Sun Will Die5:37Life Enigma82001224
3170Jean-Luc PontyLove at Last Sight5:15Life Enigma92001220
3171Jean-Luc PontyAnd Life Goes On6:01Life Enigma102001213
3172Jean-Luc PontyIntroduction0:48Live At Chene Park11996221
3173Jean-Luc PontyInfinite Pursuit7:58Live At Chene Park21996207
3174Jean-Luc PontyTender Memories7:16Live At Chene Park31996201
3175Jean-Luc PontyBetween Sea And Sky5:58Live At Chene Park41996201
3176Jean-Luc PontyCaracas6:36Live At Chene Park51996207
3177Jean-Luc PontyFaith In You5:24Live At Chene Park61996205
3178Jean-Luc PontyAfter The Storm7:15Live At Chene Park71996210
3179Jean-Luc PontyThe Gift Of Time6:05Live At Chene Park81996215
3180Jean-Luc PontyEulogy For Oscar Romero2:56Live At Chene Park91996194
3181Jean-Luc PontyThe Amazon Forest4:32Live At Chene Park101996201
3182Jean-Luc PontyThe Story Teller4:35Live At Chene Park111996206
3183Jean-Luc PontyElephants In Love5:31Live At Chene Park121996216
3184Jean-Luc PontyA Journey's End5:57Live At Chene Park131996230
3185Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures (Suite) Part I3:29Mystical Adventures11982222
3186Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures Part II3:36Mystical Adventures21982209
3187Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures Part III7:29Mystical Adventures31982216
3188Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures Part IV0:47Mystical Adventures41982170
3189Jean-Luc PontyMystical Adventures Part V5:04Mystical Adventures51982207
3190Jean-Luc PontyRhythms of Hope4:02Mystical Adventures61982221
3191Jean-Luc PontyAs5:48Mystical Adventures71982205
3192Jean-Luc PontyFinal Truth Part I4:54Mystical Adventures81982217
3193Jean-Luc PontyFinal Truth Part II2:06Mystical Adventures91982228
3194Jean-Luc PontyJig3:56Mystical Adventures101982233
3195Jean-Luc PontyOpen Mind8:09Open Mind11984228
3196Jean-Luc PontySolitude6:08Open Mind21984189
3197Jean-Luc PontyWatching Birds4:58Open Mind31984214
3198Jean-Luc PontyModern Times Blues7:18Open Mind41984219
3199Jean-Luc PontyOrbital Encounters5:19Open Mind51984230
3200Jean-Luc PontyIntuition7:41Open Mind61984210
3201Jean-Luc PontyIn The Fast Lane4:10Storytelling11989211
3202Jean-Luc PontyTender Memories5:20Storytelling21989209
3203Jean-Luc PontySpring Episode5:52Storytelling31989212
3204Jean-Luc PontyPastoral Harmony4:22Storytelling41989203
3205Jean-Luc PontyThe Story Teller4:26Storytelling51989207
3206Jean-Luc PontyThe Amazon Forest4:27Storytelling61989205
3207Jean-Luc PontyAfter The Storm4:20Storytelling71989208
3208Jean-Luc PontyA Journey's End4:24Storytelling81989207
3209Jean-Luc PontyChopin Prelude No. 20 (With Violin Improvisation)2:59Storytelling91989162
3210Jean-Luc PontyMam' Mai6:00Tchokola11991213
3211Jean-Luc PontySakka Sakka5:22Tchokola21991219
3212Jean-Luc PontyTchokola5:47Tchokola31991212
3213Jean-Luc PontyMouna Bowa6:32Tchokola41991219
3214Jean-Luc PontyN'fan Mot6:10Tchokola51991221
3215Jean-Luc PontyYe' Ke' Ye' Ke'4:58Tchokola61991229
3216Jean-Luc PontyBamako4:32Tchokola71991224
3217Jean-Luc PontyRhum 'N' Zouk5:04Tchokola81991222
3218Jean-Luc PontyCono4:56Tchokola91991212
3219Jean-Luc PontyBottle Bop4:49Tchokola101991224
3220Jean-Luc PontyPrologue1:03The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty12002185
3221Jean-Luc PontyFaith In You4:52The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty22002208
3222Jean-Luc PontyTchokola5:48The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty32002212
3223Jean-Luc PontySpring Episode5:52The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty42002214
3224Jean-Luc PontyMetamorphosis5:53The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty52002210
3225Jean-Luc PontyTender Memories5:20The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty62002210
3226Jean-Luc PontyMouna Bowa6:33The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty72002219
3227Jean-Luc PontyIn The Fast Lane4:10The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty82002211
3228Jean-Luc PontyThe Gift Of Time5:06The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty92002219
3229Jean-Luc PontyAfter The Storm4:21The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty102002211
3230Jean-Luc PontyBottle Bop4:52The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty112002224
3231Jean-Luc PontyPrelude No. 20, Op. 282:59The Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty122002182
3232Jean-Luc PontyPrologue1:01The Gift of Time11987186
3233Jean-Luc PontyNew Resolutions4:47The Gift of Time21987219
3234Jean-Luc PontyFaith in You4:46The Gift of Time31987205
3235Jean-Luc PontyNo More Doubts4:47The Gift of Time41987224
3236Jean-Luc PontyBetween Sea and Sky5:04The Gift of Time51987211
3237Jean-Luc PontyMetamorphosis5:51The Gift of Time61987205
3238Jean-Luc PontyIntrospective Perceptions7:30The Gift of Time71987163
3239Jean-Luc PontyThe Gift of Time5:05The Gift of Time81987213
3240Jean-Luc PontyBowing-Bowing4:53The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty12000208
3241Jean-Luc PontyAurora, Part II6:15The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty22000205
3242Jean-Luc PontyRenaissance5:49The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty32000208
3243Jean-Luc PontyNew Country3:10The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty42000214
3244Jean-Luc PontyEnigmatic Ocean, Part III3:37The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty52000217
3245Jean-Luc PontyMirage4:54The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty62000220
3246Jean-Luc PontyEgocentric Molecules5:49The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty72000204
3247Jean-Luc PontyCosmic Messenger4:41The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty82000211
3248Jean-Luc PontyI Only Feel Good With You3:18The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty92000197
3249Jean-Luc PontyNo Strings Attached (Live)6:02The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty102000212
3250Jean-Luc PontyA Taste For Passion5:25The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty112000213
3251Jean-Luc PontyForms of Life4:50The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty122000206
3252Jean-Luc PontyRhythms Of Hope4:03The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty132000221
3253Jean-Luc PontyFinal Truth, Part I4:54The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty142000216
3254Jean-Luc PontyIndividual Choice4:56The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty152000208
3255Jean-Luc PontyInfinite Pursuit5:59The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty162000229
3256Jeanne BlackHe'll Have To Stay2:42Country Complete (Disc 2)151997186
3257Jeannie C RileyHarper Valley P.T.A3:14Country Complete (Disc 2)51997182
3258Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:13Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 2)101996212
3259Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:16Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 2)122001204
3260Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:21Country Girls 1101991208
3261Jeannie C. RileyThere Never Was A Time2:52Country Girls 3151995172
3262Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:16Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)14 198
3263Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:13One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)42001211
3264Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.3:15The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)122001205
3265Jeannie Ortega feat. PapooseCrowded (Album Version) (PO Clean Edit)3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-05112006197
3266Jeannie PruettSatin Sheets3:15Country Complete (Disc 4)41997218
3267Jeannie SeelyI'll Love You More2:50Country Girls 3221995176
3268Jeannie SeelyDon't Touch Me3:07Country Superstars51992186
3269Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Adrian Belew, Tony Kaye, Malcolm McDowell & Alan WhiteSpeak To Me - Breathe5:41Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd12006210
3270Jeff AlexanderPlease Don't Eat The Daisies0:44Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5181996192
3271Jeff Alexander with Alfred HitchcockMusic to Be Murdered By5:00Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene181996158
3272Jeff BarryThe Archies ("Everything's Archie")1:01Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)111990162
3273Jeff Barry & Ja'net DuboisThe Jeffersons ("Movin' On Up")1:10Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)311990185
3274Jeff Barry & Nancy BarryOne Day At A Time0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)281990199
3275Jeff Barry & Tom ScottFamily Ties ("Without Us")1:03Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)211996134
3276Jeff BeckHi Ho Silver Lining2:51100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)71997140
3277Jeff BeckAll Shook Up4:53Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]11969219
3278Jeff BeckSpanish Boots3:37Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]21969206
3279Jeff BeckGirl From Mill Valley3:49Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]31969202
3280Jeff BeckJailhouse Rock3:14Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]41969203
3281Jeff BeckPlynth (Water Down The Drain)3:09Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]51969230
3282Jeff BeckThe Hangman's Knee4:49Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]61969211
3283Jeff BeckRice Pudding7:22Beck-Ola [2000 Remaster]71969219
3284Jeff BeckYou Know What I Mean4:06Blow By Blow [Remaster]11975200
3285Jeff BeckShe's A Woman4:31Blow By Blow [Remaster]21975220
3286Jeff BeckConstipated Duck2:48Blow By Blow [Remaster]31975217
3287Jeff BeckAir Blower5:10Blow By Blow [Remaster]41975197
3288Jeff BeckScatterbrain5:42Blow By Blow [Remaster]51975194
3289Jeff BeckCause We've Ended As Lovers5:42Blow By Blow [Remaster]61975199
3290Jeff BeckThelonius3:16Blow By Blow [Remaster]71975204
3291Jeff BeckFreeway Jam4:58Blow By Blow [Remaster]81975210
3292Jeff BeckDiamond Dust8:26Blow By Blow [Remaster]91975202
3293Jeff BeckShe's A Woman4:32Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)8 207
3294Jeff BeckAmbitious4:38Flash11985224
3295Jeff BeckGets Us All In The End6:06Flash21985209
3296Jeff BeckEscape4:41Flash31985196
3297Jeff BeckPeople Get Ready4:54Flash41985196
3298Jeff BeckStop, Look And Listen4:27Flash51985216
3299Jeff BeckGet Workin'3:35Flash61985211
3300Jeff BeckEcstacy3:31Flash71985206
3301Jeff BeckNight After Night3:42Flash81985211
3302Jeff BeckYou Know, We Know5:35Flash91985202
3303Jeff BeckNight Hawks4:48Flash101985203
3304Jeff BeckBack On The Street3:42Flash111985217
3305Jeff BeckHi-Ho Silver Lining2:53Hit History Vol. 13 196721990174
3306Jeff BeckGuitar Shop5:03Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop11989208
3307Jeff BeckSavoy3:53Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop21989189
3308Jeff BeckBehind the Veil4:55Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop31989201
3309Jeff BeckBig Block4:09Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop41989197
3310Jeff BeckWhere Were You3:17Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop51989184
3311Jeff BeckStand On It4:59Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop61989203
3312Jeff BeckA Day In The House5:03Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop71989207
3313Jeff BeckTwo Rivers5:25Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop81989202
3314Jeff BeckSling Shot3:05Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop91989201
3315Jeff BeckLove Is Blue2:56One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)72001164
3316Jeff BeckHi Ho Silver Lining2:53The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)141997133
3317Jeff BeckStar Cycle4:59There And Back11980206
3318Jeff BeckToo Much To Lose2:59There And Back21980220
3319Jeff BeckYou Never Know4:04There And Back31980219
3320Jeff BeckThe Pump5:48There And Back41980210
3321Jeff BeckEl Becko4:01There And Back51980216
3322Jeff BeckThe Golden Road4:58There And Back61980202
3323Jeff BeckSpace Boogie5:09There And Back71980201
3324Jeff BeckThe Final Peace3:38There And Back81980202
3325Jeff BeckShapes of Things3:19Truth [2000 Remaster]11968196
3326Jeff BeckLet Me Love You4:43Truth [2000 Remaster]21968198
3327Jeff BeckMorning Dew4:41Truth [2000 Remaster]31968201
3328Jeff BeckYou Shook Me2:29Truth [2000 Remaster]41968201
3329Jeff BeckOl' Man River3:57Truth [2000 Remaster]51968191
3330Jeff BeckGreensleeves1:49Truth [2000 Remaster]61968186
3331Jeff BeckRock My Plimsoul4:13Truth [2000 Remaster]71968193
3332Jeff BeckBeck's Bolero2:53Truth [2000 Remaster]81968206
3333Jeff BeckBlues Deluxe7:32Truth [2000 Remaster]91968203
3334Jeff BeckI Ain't Superstitious4:51Truth [2000 Remaster]101968199
3335Jeff BeckLed Boots4:06Wired [MFSL]11976207
3336Jeff BeckCome Dancing5:54Wired [MFSL]21976207
3337Jeff BeckGoodbye Pork Pie Hat5:30Wired [MFSL]31976199
3338Jeff BeckHead For BackstagePass2:43Wired [MFSL]41976216
3339Jeff BeckBlue Wind5:53Wired [MFSL]51976213
3340Jeff BeckSophie6:30Wired [MFSL]61976199
3341Jeff BeckPlay With Me4:09Wired [MFSL]71976209
3342Jeff BeckLove Is Green2:30Wired [MFSL]81976200
3343Jeff Beck GroupBeck's Bolero2:52Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks (Disc 3)152000239
3344Jeff Beck GroupIce Cream Cake5:40Jeff Beck Group11972212
3345Jeff Beck GroupGlad All Over2:58Jeff Beck Group21972218
3346Jeff Beck GroupTonight I'll Be Staying Here With You4:59Jeff Beck Group31972199
3347Jeff Beck GroupSugar Cane4:07Jeff Beck Group41972212
3348Jeff Beck GroupI Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You2:42Jeff Beck Group51972214
3349Jeff Beck GroupGoing Down6:51Jeff Beck Group61972211
3350Jeff Beck GroupI Got To Have A Song3:26Jeff Beck Group71972200
3351Jeff Beck GroupHighways4:41Jeff Beck Group81972209
3352Jeff Beck GroupDefinitely Maybe5:01Jeff Beck Group91972205
3353Jeff Beck GroupGot the Feeling4:46Rough and Ready11971212
3354Jeff Beck GroupSituation5:26Rough and Ready21971213
3355Jeff Beck GroupShort Business2:34Rough and Ready31971202
3356Jeff Beck GroupMax's Tune8:24Rough and Ready41971199
3357Jeff Beck GroupI've Been Used3:40Rough and Ready51971208
3358Jeff Beck GroupNew Ways Train Train5:52Rough and Ready61971209
3359Jeff Beck GroupJody6:05Rough and Ready71971205
3360Jeff BuckleyMojo Pin5:42Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)11994200
3361Jeff BuckleyGrace5:22Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)21994229
3362Jeff BuckleyLast Goodbye4:35Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)31994242
3363Jeff BuckleyLilac Wine4:32Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)41994173
3364Jeff BuckleySo Real4:43Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)51994223
3365Jeff BuckleyHallelujah6:53Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)61994176
3366Jeff BuckleyLover, You Should've Come Over6:43Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)71994213
3367Jeff BuckleyCorpus Christi Carol2:57Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)81994161
3368Jeff BuckleyEternal Life4:52Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)91994224
3369Jeff BuckleyDream Brother5:25Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 1)101994201
3370Jeff BuckleyForget Her (Previously Unreleased)5:12Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)11994208
3371Jeff BuckleyDream Brother (Previously Unreleased) (Alternate Take)4:56Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)21994203
3372Jeff BuckleyLost Highway4:24Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)31994188
3373Jeff BuckleyAlligator Wine (Previously Unreleased)3:20Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)41994194
3374Jeff BuckleyMama, You Been On My Mind3:26Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)51994173
3375Jeff BuckleyParchman Farm Blues (Previously Unreleased)6:18Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)61994169
3376Jeff BuckleyThe Other Woman (Previously Unreleased)3:06Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)71994163
3377Jeff BuckleyKanga-Roo14:08Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)81994225
3378Jeff BuckleyI Want Someone Badly (with Shudder to Think)2:36Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)91994130
3379Jeff BuckleyEternal Life (Road Version)4:48Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)101994232
3380Jeff BuckleyKick Out the Jams (Previously Unreleased) (Live at Columbia Radio Hour)3:05Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)111994235
3381Jeff BuckleyDream Brother (Nag Champa Mix)5:21Grace (2004 Legacy Edition) (Disc 2)121994209
3382Jeff DanielsDaddy-O Rock2:17Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)42006128
3383Jeff DanielsSwitch Blade Sam2:10Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)102006132
3384Jeff FoxworthyTwas the Night After Christmas3:17   128
3385Jeff FoxworthyIntroduction0:46Big Funny12000255
3386Jeff FoxworthySeeing Things On The Road3:39Big Funny22000191
3387Jeff FoxworthyI'd Thought I'd Heard Every Redneck Thing1:57Big Funny32000190
3388Jeff FoxworthyTelephones In The Bathroom1:11Big Funny42000180
3389Jeff FoxworthyJeff Gordon Enunciates2:13Big Funny52000195
3390Jeff FoxworthySpeaking Of Words1:12Big Funny62000193
3391Jeff FoxworthyThe Way I Grew Up1:58Big Funny72000194
3392Jeff FoxworthyMy Wife's Family5:52Big Funny82000177
3393Jeff FoxworthyHouse Full Of Girls4:50Big Funny92000184
3394Jeff FoxworthyIt's A Different World5:03Big Funny102000182
3395Jeff FoxworthyI Don't Need To Know That1:27Big Funny112000184
3396Jeff FoxworthyYou Are Being Trained1:14Big Funny122000192
3397Jeff FoxworthyWomen Want To Talk6:17Big Funny132000190
3398Jeff FoxworthyThanks Y'all - Encore2:18Big Funny142000207
3399Jeff FoxworthyBlue Collar Dollar3:07Big Funny152000225
3400Jeff FoxworthyTwelve Redneck Days of Xmas2:21Crank It Up - The Music Album  128
3401Jeff FoxworthyRedneck Stomp2:58Crank It Up (The Music Album)11996226
3402Jeff FoxworthyS.I.N.G.L.E.4:01Crank It Up (The Music Album)21996200
3403Jeff FoxworthyParty All Night [With Little Texas]3:07Crank It Up (The Music Album)31996197
3404Jeff FoxworthyRedneck Games [With Alan Jackson]3:27Crank It Up (The Music Album)41996217
3405Jeff FoxworthyBig O' Moon [With Mac Wiseman & Del McCoury]2:24Crank It Up (The Music Album)51996204
3406Jeff FoxworthyRedneck 12 Days Of Christmas2:22Crank It Up (The Music Album)61996215
3407Jeff FoxworthyPure Bred Redneck [With Cooter Brown]3:04Crank It Up (The Music Album)71996222
3408Jeff FoxworthyLet Me Drive ([With Dave MacKenzie]3:11Crank It Up (The Music Album)81996204
3409Jeff FoxworthyCopenhagen2:15Crank It Up (The Music Album)91996201
3410Jeff FoxworthyHowdy From Maui ([With The Beach Boys & Los Straitjackets]2:38Crank It Up (The Music Album)101996209
3411Jeff Foxworthy'Twas The Night After Christmas3:17Crank It Up (The Music Album)111996186
3412Jeff FoxworthyStill More You Might Be A Redneck If...2:57Crank It Up (The Music Album)121996211
3413Jeff FoxworthyIntroduction1:46Games Rednecks Play11995211
3414Jeff FoxworthyVictoria's Secret4:03Games Rednecks Play21995198
3415Jeff FoxworthyGames Rednecks Play3:55Games Rednecks Play31995208
3416Jeff FoxworthySouthern Accent2:24Games Rednecks Play41995196
3417Jeff FoxworthyN.A.S.A & Alabama & Fishing Shows3:20Games Rednecks Play51995192
3418Jeff FoxworthyClampetts Go To Maui6:51Games Rednecks Play61995193
3419Jeff FoxworthyI Love Being A Parent8:46Games Rednecks Play71995193
3420Jeff FoxworthyOut Of The Gene Pool3:30Games Rednecks Play81995187
3421Jeff FoxworthySeek & Destroy4:00Games Rednecks Play91995191
3422Jeff FoxworthyDon't Drink & Drive5:17Games Rednecks Play101995200
3423Jeff FoxworthyMore You Might Be A Redneck If...3:28Games Rednecks Play111995207
3424Jeff FoxworthyParty All Night3:05Games Rednecks Play121995224
3425Jeff FoxworthyHave Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered8:37Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered12004191
3426Jeff FoxworthyAirport Security And Rental Cars3:14Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered22004172
3427Jeff FoxworthyTV And Its Side Effects9:49Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered32004194
3428Jeff FoxworthyOreo Generation3:42Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered42004193
3429Jeff FoxworthyI'm Next In Line8:26Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered52004176
3430Jeff FoxworthyGrocery Stores2:36Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered62004189
3431Jeff FoxworthyCourtesy Sniffs4:15Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered72004186
3432Jeff FoxworthyI Believe (Encore With Larry The Cable Guy)13:35Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered82004201
3433Jeff FoxworthyIntroduction0:31Totally Committed11997228
3434Jeff FoxworthyYou Can't Give Rednecks Money1:47Totally Committed21997188
3435Jeff FoxworthySophisticated People Vs. Rednecks6:18Totally Committed31997182
3436Jeff FoxworthyFaded Genes1:25Totally Committed41997181
3437Jeff FoxworthyI Still Don't Know10:26Totally Committed51997177
3438Jeff FoxworthyThe Rules Of Marriage10:37Totally Committed61997175
3439Jeff FoxworthyProtect Our Stuff5:23Totally Committed71997174
3440Jeff FoxworthyEvery Single Hair On Her Body5:54Totally Committed81997179
3441Jeff FoxworthyI Don't Want To Be Single Again8:30Totally Committed91997178
3442Jeff FoxworthyEncore3:42Totally Committed101997191
3443Jeff FoxworthyTotally Committed3:20Totally Committed111997200
3444Jeff FoxworthyIntroduction0:33You Might Be A Redneck If...11993209
3445Jeff FoxworthyWords In The South2:15You Might Be A Redneck If...21993184
3446Jeff FoxworthyYou Might Be A Redneck If...2:42You Might Be A Redneck If...31993188
3447Jeff FoxworthyLife As A Father9:40You Might Be A Redneck If...41993179
3448Jeff FoxworthySingle Life Is Just Too Hard12:12You Might Be A Redneck If...51993179
3449Jeff FoxworthyI Love Being Married16:46You Might Be A Redneck If...61993178
3450Jeff FoxworthyEncore - You Might Be A Redneck If... Part II2:24You Might Be A Redneck If...71993208
3451Jeff HealeyWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps5:13Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)12 207
3452Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsBugle Call Rag6:30It's Tight Like That12006193
3453Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsSing You Sinners5:05It's Tight Like That22006206
3454Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsBasin Street Blues6:18It's Tight Like That32006177
3455Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsLittle Girl5:18It's Tight Like That42006191
3456Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsSomeday Sweetheart6:48It's Tight Like That52006184
3457Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsDarktown Strutters Ball4:50It's Tight Like That62006194
3458Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsConfessin'8:02It's Tight Like That72006180
3459Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsKeep It To Yourself4:51It's Tight Like That82006183
3460Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsSheik Of Araby5:15It's Tight Like That92006197
3461Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsGoin' Up The River8:04It's Tight Like That102006183
3462Jeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsIt's Tight Like That/Wipe 'em Off7:38It's Tight Like That112006194
3463The Jeff Healey BandShapes Of Things4:38Cover To Cover11995231
3464The Jeff Healey BandFreedom3:33Cover To Cover21995239
3465The Jeff Healey BandYer Blues4:31Cover To Cover31995199
3466The Jeff Healey BandStop Breakin' Down4:21Cover To Cover41995211
3467The Jeff Healey BandAngel4:29Cover To Cover51995210
3468The Jeff Healey BandEvil3:48Cover To Cover61995197
3469The Jeff Healey BandStuck In The Middle With You4:06Cover To Cover71995215
3470The Jeff Healey BandI Got A Line On You3:12Cover To Cover81995235
3471The Jeff Healey BandRun Through The Jungle4:23Cover To Cover91995212
3472The Jeff Healey BandAs The Years Go Passing By6:47Cover To Cover101995203
3473The Jeff Healey BandI'm Ready3:34Cover To Cover111995219
3474The Jeff Healey BandBadge3:57Cover To Cover121995222
3475The Jeff Healey BandCommunication Breakdown3:17Cover To Cover131995242
3476The Jeff Healey BandMe And My Crazy Self2:50Cover To Cover141995208
3477Jeff Healey BandAngel Eyes4:23Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 198962000195
3478The Jeff Healey BandCruel Little Number4:35Feel This11992238
3479The Jeff Healey BandLeave the Light On4:23Feel This21992232
3480The Jeff Healey BandBaby's Lookin' Hot4:11Feel This31992229
3481The Jeff Healey BandLost In Your Eyes5:08Feel This41992218
3482The Jeff Healey BandHouse That Love Built4:51Feel This51992234
3483The Jeff Healey BandEvil and Here To Stay4:31Feel This61992240
3484The Jeff Healey BandMy Kinda Lover4:59Feel This71992237
3485The Jeff Healey BandIt Could All Get Blown Away4:43Feel This81992237
3486The Jeff Healey BandYou're Coming Home4:30Feel This91992213
3487The Jeff Healey BandIf You Can't Feel Anything Else4:57Feel This101992250
3488The Jeff Healey BandHeart of An Angel4:52Feel This111992242
3489The Jeff Healey BandDreams of Love5:33Feel This121992219
3490The Jeff Healey BandWhich One3:56Get Me Some12000230
3491The Jeff Healey BandHey Hey4:35Get Me Some22000241
3492The Jeff Healey BandLove Is The Answer4:24Get Me Some32000222
3493The Jeff Healey BandMy Life Story3:25Get Me Some42000227
3494The Jeff Healey BandI Tried4:06Get Me Some52000198
3495The Jeff Healey BandThe Damage Is Done3:50Get Me Some62000236
3496The Jeff Healey BandFeel Better5:26Get Me Some72000218
3497The Jeff Healey BandHolding On4:24Get Me Some82000251
3498The Jeff Healey BandI Should Have Told You3:40Get Me Some92000238
3499The Jeff Healey BandMacon Georgia Blue4:24Get Me Some102000212
3500The Jeff Healey BandHouse Is Burning Down4:22Get Me Some112000221
3501The Jeff Healey BandRunaway Heart4:17Get Me Some122000210
3502The Jeff Healey BandRachel's Song3:26Get Me Some132000163
3503The Jeff Healey BandFull Circle4:13Hell To Pay11990214
3504The Jeff Healey BandI Think I Love You Too Much6:26Hell To Pay21990211
3505The Jeff Healey BandI Can't Get My Hands On You3:42Hell To Pay31990212
3506The Jeff Healey BandHow Long Can A Man Be Strong4:27Hell To Pay41990204
3507The Jeff Healey BandLet It All Go3:45Hell To Pay51990211
3508The Jeff Healey BandHell To Pay3:54Hell To Pay61990214
3509The Jeff Healey BandWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps5:15Hell To Pay71990214
3510The Jeff Healey BandSomething To Hold On To3:58Hell To Pay81990206
3511The Jeff Healey BandHow Much4:48Hell To Pay91990208
3512The Jeff Healey BandHighway Of Dreams4:48Hell To Pay101990216
3513The Jeff Healey BandLife Beyond The Sky4:54Hell To Pay111990213
3514The Jeff Healey BandSee The Light4:27Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)61996209
3515The Jeff Healey BandConfidence Man3:14See The Light11988211
3516The Jeff Healey BandMy Little Girl3:11See The Light21988200
3517The Jeff Healey BandRiver Of No Return3:33See The Light31988211
3518The Jeff Healey BandDon't Let Your Chance Go By3:21See The Light41988209
3519The Jeff Healey BandAngel Eyes4:40See The Light51988198
3520The Jeff Healey BandNice Problem To Have4:50See The Light61988207
3521The Jeff Healey BandSomeday, Someway3:29See The Light71988211
3522The Jeff Healey BandI Need To Be Loved3:44See The Light81988203
3523The Jeff Healey BandBlue Jean Blues5:39See The Light91988199
3524The Jeff Healey BandThat's What They Say4:28See The Light101988214
3525The Jeff Healey BandHideaway4:27See The Light111988201
3526The Jeff Healey BandSee The Light4:26See The Light121988210
3527Jeff Johnson & Brian DunningWe Follow A Star4:56Celtic Christmas131995186
3528Jeff Johnson & Brian DunningDecember Rain2:52Celtic Christmas IV111998182
3529Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning And John FitzpatrickSussex Carol2:22A Windham Hill Christmas12002320
3530Jeff LynneEvery Little Thing3:44Armchair Theatre11990207
3531Jeff LynneDon't Let Go3:01Armchair Theatre21990188
3532Jeff LynneLift Me Up3:38Armchair Theatre31990194
3533Jeff LynneNobody Home3:53Armchair Theatre41990201
3534Jeff LynneSeptember Song2:59Armchair Theatre51990199
3535Jeff LynneNow You're Gone3:58Armchair Theatre61990199
3536Jeff LynneDon't Say Goodbye3:10Armchair Theatre71990196
3537Jeff LynneWhat Would It Take2:42Armchair Theatre81990185
3538Jeff LynneStormy Weather3:44Armchair Theatre91990181
3539Jeff LynneBlown Away3:33Armchair Theatre101990188
3540Jeff LynneSave Me Now2:37Armchair Theatre111990171
3541Jeff Scott SotoBiker Mice From Mars3:34 11993192
3542Jeff Scott SotoLook Out Below4:58Biker Mice From Mars1199356
3543Jeff Scott SotoHeadin' Home4:08Biker Mice From Mars2199356
3544Jeff Scott SotoBorn To Be Wild3:59Biker Mice From Mars3199356
3545Jeff Scott SotoA Mouse And His Motorcycle4:55Biker Mice From Mars4199356
3546Jeff Scott SotoTunnel Rat3:27Biker Mice From Mars5199356
3547Jeff Scott SotoRockin' Down The Highway3:54Biker Mice From Mars6199356
3548Jeff Scott SotoRide Free, Citizens3:47Biker Mice From Mars7199356
3549Jeff Scott SotoBiker Mice From Mars3:33Biker Mice From Mars8199356
3550Jeff Scott SotoRockin' In The Pit3:42Biker Mice From Mars9199356
3551Jeff Scott SotoTail Whippin' Time3:43Biker Mice From Mars10199356
3552Jeff VictorThe Ghost Piper of An Allt Mòr2:34Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors11997206
3553Jeff VictorThe Mermaid Tears5:07Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors21997191
3554Jeff VictorFarewll to the Lasses of Mon Tays2:29Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors31997182
3555Jeff VictorThe Rowan Tree Trilogy6:15Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors41997195
3556Jeff VictorThe Widow of Loch Lemond6:48Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors51997198
3557Jeff VictorTir-nan-Og (The Land of Eternal Youth)7:16Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors61997193
3558Jeff Victor7th Child of the 7th Child7:26Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors71997191
3559Jeff VictorDance of the Dumfrieshire Dwarves3:40Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors81997193
3560Jeff VictorThe Fisherman's Sorrow/The Battle Cry of Killecrankie9:55Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors91997203
3561Jeff VictorEpilogue: Farewell2:15Celtic Traditions: Scottish Moors101997186
3562Jeff WayneThe Eve Of War4:29Back To The 80's (Disc 1)61996219
3563Jeff WayneThe Eve Of The War9:07War Of The Worlds (Disc 1)11978212
3564Jeff WayneHorsell Common And The Heat Ray11:35War Of The Worlds (Disc 1)21978213
3565Jeff WayneThe Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine10:27War Of The Worlds (Disc 1)31978217
3566Jeff WayneForever Autumn7:55War Of The Worlds (Disc 1)41978204
3567Jeff WayneThunder Child6:03War Of The Worlds (Disc 1)51978212
3568Jeff WayneThe Red Weed (Part 1)5:56War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)11978194
3569Jeff WayneThe Spirit Of Man11:36War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)21978203
3570Jeff WayneThe Red Weed (Part 2)6:59War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)31978204
3571Jeff WayneBrave New World12:08War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)41978204
3572Jeff WayneDead London8:37War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)51978202
3573Jeff WayneEpilogue (Part 1)2:46War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)61978208
3574Jeff WayneEpilogue (Part 2)1:49War Of The Worlds (Disc 2)71978198
3575Jeff Wayne feat. Justin HaywardThe Eve of the War (From War of the Worlds)4:21This is... Science Fiction (Disc 2)231999236
3576JeffersonTake Me In Your Arms2:41Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)172001200
3577Jefferson AirplaneThe Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil4:35After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]11967211
3578Jefferson AirplaneA Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly1:34After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]21967210
3579Jefferson AirplaneYoung Girl Sunday Blues3:35After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]31967202
3580Jefferson AirplaneMartha3:26After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]41967196
3581Jefferson AirplaneWild Tyme (H)3:10After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]51967209
3582Jefferson AirplaneThe Last Wall Of The Castle2:40After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]61967209
3583Jefferson AirplaneRejoyce4:04After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]71967193
3584Jefferson AirplaneWatch Her Ride3:11After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]81967210
3585Jefferson AirplaneSpare Chaynge9:12After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]91967200
3586Jefferson AirplaneTwo Heads3:13After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]101967204
3587Jefferson AirplaneWon't You Try / Saturday Afternoon5:07After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]111967203
3588Jefferson AirplaneThe Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (Live - Long Version)11:07After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]121967219
3589Jefferson AirplaneMartha (Mono Single Version)3:29After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]131967137
3590Jefferson AirplaneTwo Heads (Alternate Version)3:18After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]141967207
3591Jefferson AirplaneThings Are Better In The East (Demo Version)6:40After Bathing At Baxter's [2003 Remaster]151967159
3592Jefferson AirplaneWhen The Earth Moves Again3:57Bark11971170
3593Jefferson AirplaneFeel So Good4:39Bark21971197
3594Jefferson AirplaneCrazy Miranda3:26Bark31971190
3595Jefferson AirplanePretty As You Feel4:33Bark41971183
3596Jefferson AirplaneWild Turkey4:49Bark51971206
3597Jefferson AirplaneLaw Man2:45Bark61971175
3598Jefferson AirplaneRock And Roll Island3:46Bark71971191
3599Jefferson AirplaneThird Week In The Chelsea4:37Bark81971192
3600Jefferson AirplaneNever Argue With A German If You're Tired or European Song4:35Bark91971170
3601Jefferson AirplaneThunk3:01Bark101971157
3602Jefferson AirplaneWar Movie4:42Bark111971183
3603Jefferson AirplaneClergy (prelude)1:35Bless Its Pointed Little Head11969202
3604Jefferson Airplane3/5s of a Mile in 10 Seconds4:52Bless Its Pointed Little Head21969181
3605Jefferson AirplaneSomebody to Love3:59Bless Its Pointed Little Head31969181
3606Jefferson AirplaneFat Angel7:29Bless Its Pointed Little Head41969188
3607Jefferson AirplaneRock Me Baby7:56Bless Its Pointed Little Head51969186
3608Jefferson AirplaneThe Other Side of This Life6:45Bless Its Pointed Little Head61969185
3609Jefferson AirplaneIt's No Secret3:31Bless Its Pointed Little Head71969180
3610Jefferson AirplanePlastic Fantastic Lover3:54Bless Its Pointed Little Head81969176
3611Jefferson AirplaneTurn Out the Lights1:24Bless Its Pointed Little Head91969195
3612Jefferson AirplaneBear Melt11:23Bless Its Pointed Little Head101969190
3613Jefferson AirplaneLather2:57Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]11968183
3614Jefferson AirplaneIn Time4:14Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]21968193
3615Jefferson AirplaneTriad4:55Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]31968195
3616Jefferson AirplaneStar Track3:11Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]41968203
3617Jefferson AirplaneShare A Little Joke3:09Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]51968195
3618Jefferson AirplaneChushingura1:20Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]61968194
3619Jefferson AirplaneIf You Feel3:21Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]71968201
3620Jefferson AirplaneCrown Of Creation2:54Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]81968190
3621Jefferson AirplaneIce Cream Phoenix3:02Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]91968198
3622Jefferson AirplaneGreasy Heart3:26Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]101968196
3623Jefferson AirplaneThe House At Pooneil Corners5:54Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]111968196
3624Jefferson AirplaneRibump Ba Bap Dum Dum1:32Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]121968214
3625Jefferson AirplaneWould You Like A Snack2:40Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]131968200
3626Jefferson AirplaneShare A Little Joke [Mono Single Version]3:09Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]141968126
3627Jefferson AirplaneThe Saga Of Sydney Spacepig [Previously Unreleased]10:30Crown Of Creation [2003 Remaster]151968182
3628Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit2:33Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)101992211
3629Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers2:08Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)11994186
3630Jefferson AirplaneBlues From An Airplane2:13Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]11966222
3631Jefferson AirplaneLet Me In2:59Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]21966220
3632Jefferson AirplaneBringing Me Down2:24Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]31966226
3633Jefferson AirplaneIt's No Secret2:39Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]41966211
3634Jefferson AirplaneTobacco Road3:30Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]51966213
3635Jefferson AirplaneCome Up The Years2:32Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]61966203
3636Jefferson AirplaneRun Around2:40Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]71966218
3637Jefferson AirplaneLet's Get Together3:35Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]81966212
3638Jefferson AirplaneDon't Slip Away2:34Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]91966223
3639Jefferson AirplaneChauffeur Blues2:28Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]101966220
3640Jefferson AirplaneAnd I Like It3:20Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]111966204
3641Jefferson AirplaneRunnin' 'Round This World2:25Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]121966127
3642Jefferson AirplaneHigh Flying Bird2:35Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]131966197
3643Jefferson AirplaneIt's Alright2:17Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]141966205
3644Jefferson AirplaneGo To Her [Early Version]4:09Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]151966214
3645Jefferson AirplaneLet Me In [Original Uncensored Version]3:31Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]161966235
3646Jefferson AirplaneRun Around [Original Uncensored Version]2:35Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]171966132
3647Jefferson AirplaneChauffeur Blues [Alternate Version]2:49Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]181966221
3648Jefferson AirplaneAnd I Like It [Alternate Version]10:36Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [2003 Remaster]191966208
3649Jefferson AirplaneLong John Silver4:25Long John Silver11972205
3650Jefferson AirplaneAerie (Gang Of Eagles)3:56Long John Silver21972214
3651Jefferson AirplaneTwilight Double Leader4:45Long John Silver31972205
3652Jefferson AirplaneMilk Train3:22Long John Silver41972198
3653Jefferson AirplaneThe Son Of Jesus5:30Long John Silver51972198
3654Jefferson AirplaneEaster?4:02Long John Silver61972200
3655Jefferson AirplaneTrial By Fire4:35Long John Silver71972207
3656Jefferson AirplaneAlexander The Medium6:40Long John Silver81972201
3657Jefferson AirplaneEat Starch Mom4:34Long John Silver91972211
3658Jefferson AirplaneShe Has Funny Cars3:10Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]11966218
3659Jefferson AirplaneSomebody To Love2:58Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]21966227
3660Jefferson AirplaneMy Best Friend3:01Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]31966223
3661Jefferson AirplaneToday2:59Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]41966202
3662Jefferson AirplaneComin' Back To Me5:18Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]51966185
3663Jefferson Airplane3_5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds3:41Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]61966236
3664Jefferson AirplaneD.C.B.A. - 252:37Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]71966216
3665Jefferson AirplaneHow Do You Feel?3:31Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]81966224
3666Jefferson AirplaneEmbryonic Journey1:53Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]91966203
3667Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit2:30Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]101966206
3668Jefferson AirplanePlastic Fantastic Lover2:38Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]111966214
3669Jefferson AirplaneIn The Morning [Bonus Track]6:21Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]121966216
3670Jefferson AirplaneJ.P.P.McStep B. Blues [Bonus Track]2:38Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]131966216
3671Jefferson AirplaneGo To Her [Bonus Track]4:02Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]141966244
3672Jefferson AirplaneCome Back Baby [Bonus Track]2:56Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]151966209
3673Jefferson AirplaneSomebody To Love [Mono Single Version]2:58Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]161966155
3674Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit [Mono Single Version]5:20Surrealistic Pillow [2003 Remaster]171966169
3675Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit2:32Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)62001207
3676Jefferson AirplaneWe Can Be Together5:47Volunteers [2003 Remaster]11969202
3677Jefferson AirplaneGood Shepherd4:22Volunteers [2003 Remaster]21969207
3678Jefferson AirplaneThe Farm3:14Volunteers [2003 Remaster]31969187
3679Jefferson AirplaneHey Fredrick8:34Volunteers [2003 Remaster]41969203
3680Jefferson AirplaneTurn My Life Down2:57Volunteers [2003 Remaster]51969203
3681Jefferson AirplaneWooden Ships6:28Volunteers [2003 Remaster]61969198
3682Jefferson AirplaneEskimo Blue Day6:36Volunteers [2003 Remaster]71969194
3683Jefferson AirplaneA Song For All Seasons3:29Volunteers [2003 Remaster]81969207
3684Jefferson AirplaneMeadowlands1:04Volunteers [2003 Remaster]91969196
3685Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers2:08Volunteers [2003 Remaster]101969192
3686Jefferson AirplaneGood Shepherd [Previously Unissued Live Version, Fillmore East, November 1969]7:20Volunteers [2003 Remaster]111969178
3687Jefferson AirplaneSomebody To Love [Previously Unissued Live Version, Fillmore East, November 1969]4:10Volunteers [2003 Remaster]121969178
3688Jefferson AirplanePlastic Fantastic Lover [Previously Unissued Live Version, Fillmore East, November 1969]3:22Volunteers [2003 Remaster]131969182
3689Jefferson AirplaneWooden Ships [Previously Unissued Live Version, Fillmore East, November 1969]7:00Volunteers [2003 Remaster]141969178
3690Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers [Previously Unissued Live Version, Fillmore East, November 1969]3:26Volunteers [2003 Remaster]151969177
3691Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers3:07Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)11994188
3692Jefferson AirplaneSomebody to Love4:36Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)21994199
3693Jefferson AirplaneSaturday Afternoon, Won't You Try5:05Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)31994192
3694Jefferson AirplaneUncle Sam Blues6:09Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)41994194
3695Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit2:53Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 3)51994189
3696Jefferson StarshipMiracles6:54American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 1141989254
3697Jefferson StarshipRide The Tiger5:14Dragonfly11974215
3698Jefferson StarshipThat's For Sure4:59Dragonfly21974202
3699Jefferson StarshipBe Young You3:50Dragonfly31974192
3700Jefferson StarshipCaroline7:30Dragonfly41974207
3701Jefferson StarshipDevil's Den4:03Dragonfly51974210
3702Jefferson StarshipCome To Life3:46Dragonfly61974206
3703Jefferson StarshipAll Fly Away5:26Dragonfly71974198
3704Jefferson StarshipHyperdrive7:45Dragonfly81974208
3705Jefferson StarshipLove Too Good6:07Earth11978198
3706Jefferson StarshipCount On Me3:17Earth21978206
3707Jefferson StarshipTake Your Time4:14Earth31978198
3708Jefferson StarshipCrazy Feelin'3:40Earth41978209
3709Jefferson StarshipSkateboard3:22Earth51978197
3710Jefferson StarshipFire4:46Earth61978212
3711Jefferson StarshipShow Yourself4:39Earth71978198
3712Jefferson StarshipRunaway5:24Earth81978213
3713Jefferson StarshipAll Nite Long6:34Earth91978203
3714Jefferson StarshipJane4:10Freedom At Point Zero11979220
3715Jefferson StarshipLightning Rose4:37Freedom At Point Zero21979210
3716Jefferson StarshipThings To Come4:54Freedom At Point Zero31979220
3717Jefferson StarshipAwakening7:58Freedom At Point Zero41979221
3718Jefferson StarshipGirl With The Hungry Eyes3:29Freedom At Point Zero51979223
3719Jefferson StarshipJust The Same5:18Freedom At Point Zero61979211
3720Jefferson StarshipRock Music3:36Freedom At Point Zero71979210
3721Jefferson StarshipFading Lady Light3:42Freedom At Point Zero81979208
3722Jefferson StarshipFreedom At Point Zero4:29Freedom At Point Zero91979220
3723Jefferson StarshipMiracles3:29Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)131998208
3724Jefferson StarshipFind Your Way Back4:13Modern Times11981213
3725Jefferson StarshipStranger4:41Modern Times21981204
3726Jefferson StarshipWildeyes4:02Modern Times31981212
3727Jefferson StarshipSave Your Love5:58Modern Times41981227
3728Jefferson StarshipModern Times2:37Modern Times51981225
3729Jefferson StarshipMary3:36Modern Times61981210
3730Jefferson StarshipFree4:35Modern Times71981219
3731Jefferson StarshipAlien4:41Modern Times81981207
3732Jefferson StarshipStairway To Cleveland3:57Modern Times91981217
3733Jefferson StarshipLayin' It On The Line4:11Nuclear Furniture11984227
3734Jefferson StarshipNo Way Out4:23Nuclear Furniture21984220
3735Jefferson StarshipSorry Me, Sorry You4:08Nuclear Furniture31984215
3736Jefferson StarshipLive And Let Live3:51Nuclear Furniture41984195
3737Jefferson StarshipConnection4:24Nuclear Furniture51984213
3738Jefferson StarshipRose Goes To Yale2:58Nuclear Furniture61984219
3739Jefferson StarshipMagician3:24Nuclear Furniture71984232
3740Jefferson StarshipAssassin3:54Nuclear Furniture81984197
3741Jefferson StarshipShining In The Moonlight3:38Nuclear Furniture91984223
3742Jefferson StarshipShowdown3:22Nuclear Furniture101984206
3743Jefferson StarshipChampion4:38Nuclear Furniture111984210
3744Jefferson StarshipFast Buck Freddie3:30Red Octopus11975205
3745Jefferson StarshipMiracles6:53Red Octopus21975205
3746Jefferson StarshipGit Fiddler3:11Red Octopus31975206
3747Jefferson StarshipAl Garimasû4:17Red Octopus41975205
3748Jefferson StarshipSweeter Than Honey3:22Red Octopus51975212
3749Jefferson StarshipPlay On Love3:46Red Octopus61975211
3750Jefferson StarshipTumblin3:29Red Octopus71975207
3751Jefferson StarshipI Want To See Another World4:36Red Octopus81975205
3752Jefferson StarshipSandalphon4:11Red Octopus91975209
3753Jefferson StarshipThere Will Be Love5:04Red Octopus101975206
3754Jefferson StarshipCruisin'5:31Spitfire11976193
3755Jefferson StarshipDance With The Dragon5:04Spitfire21976201
3756Jefferson StarshipHot Water3:18Spitfire31976201
3757Jefferson StarshipSt. Charles6:43Spitfire41976201
3758Jefferson StarshipSong To The Sun / Ozymandias / Don't Let It Rain7:18Spitfire51976199
3759Jefferson StarshipWith Your Love3:39Spitfire61976204
3760Jefferson StarshipSwitchblade4:01Spitfire71976200
3761Jefferson StarshipBig City3:24Spitfire81976203
3762Jefferson StarshipLove Lovely Love3:32Spitfire91976212
3763Jefferson StarshipMiracles3:28The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)141999208
3764Jefferson StarshipWinds of Change3:53Winds of Change11982197
3765Jefferson StarshipKeep on Dreamin'5:03Winds of Change21982212
3766Jefferson StarshipBe My Lady3:52Winds of Change31982196
3767Jefferson StarshipI Will Stay3:58Winds of Change41982195
3768Jefferson StarshipOut of Control2:55Winds of Change51982201
3769Jefferson StarshipCan't Find Love4:49Winds of Change61982200
3770Jefferson StarshipBlack Widow5:02Winds of Change71982207
3771Jefferson StarshipI Came Back From the Jaws of the Dragon5:59Winds of Change81982207
3772Jefferson StarshipQuit Wasting Time5:01Winds of Change91982208
3773The Jelly BeansI Wanna Love Him So Bad2:45Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On151988130
3774The Jelly BeansI Wanna Love Him So Bad2:45The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 1141990182
3775The Jelly JamI Can't Help You3:01The Jelly Jam12002229
3776The Jelly JamNo Remedy4:05The Jelly Jam22002223
3777The Jelly JamNature0:58The Jelly Jam32002210
3778The Jelly JamNature's Girl5:12The Jelly Jam42002226
3779The Jelly JamFeeling5:21The Jelly Jam52002211
3780The Jelly JamReliving4:12The Jelly Jam62002203
3781The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam5:49The Jelly Jam72002203
3782The Jelly JamI Am the King4:38The Jelly Jam82002216
3783The Jelly JamThe King's Dance2:11The Jelly Jam92002209
3784The Jelly JamUnder the Tree9:37The Jelly Jam102002207
3785JellybeanSidewalk Talk4:00Absolute 80s (Disc 1)71999225
3786JellyfishThe Man I Used to Be4:33Bellybutton11990200
3787JellyfishThat Is Why4:16Bellybutton21990196
3788JellyfishThe King Is Half-Undressed3:46Bellybutton31990215
3789JellyfishI Wanna Stay Home4:06Bellybutton41990205
3790JellyfishShe Still Loves Him4:31Bellybutton51990203
3791JellyfishAll I Want Is Everything3:44Bellybutton61990218
3792JellyfishNow She Knows She's Wrong2:35Bellybutton71990208
3793JellyfishBedspring Kiss5:04Bellybutton81990203
3794JellyfishBaby's Coming Back2:57Bellybutton91990221
3795JellyfishCalling Sarah4:03Bellybutton101990208
3796JellyfishJoining A Fan Club4:05Best12006245
3797JellyfishThe King Is Half Undressed3:48Best22006224
3798JellyfishNew Mistake4:03Best32006219
3799JellyfishNow She Knows She's Wrong2:36Best42006212
3800JellyfishBye, Bye, Bye4:03Best52006226
3801JellyfishWorthless Heart (Demo)3:06Best62006211
3802JellyfishBaby's Coming Back2:58Best72006224
3803JellyfishHe's My Best Friend3:44Best82006217
3804JellyfishAll I Want Is Everything3:45Best92006241
3805JellyfishLet 'em In/That Is Why (Live)4:57Best102006210
3806JellyfishNo Matter What (Live)2:50Best112006222
3807JellyfishFamily Tree (Demo)4:11Best122006210
3808JellyfishThe Ghost At Number One3:37Best132006218
3809JellyfishToo Much, Too Little, Too Late3:17Best142006213
3810JellyfishI Wanna Stay Home4:06Best152006210
3811JellyfishGlutton Of Sympathy3:49Best162006218
3812JellyfishThe Man I Used To Be (Live)4:46Best172006198
3813JellyfishCalling Sarah (Live)4:03Best182006216
3814JellyfishIgnorance Is Bliss3:59Best192006192
3815JellyfishThink About Your Troubles2:35Best202006208
3816JellyfishHush2:11Spilt Milk11993194
3817JellyfishJoining a Fan Club4:03Spilt Milk21993233
3818JellyfishSebrina, Paste and Plato2:23Spilt Milk31993220
3819JellyfishNew Mistake4:02Spilt Milk41993214
3820JellyfishThe Glutton of Sympathy3:49Spilt Milk51993214
3821JellyfishThe Ghost at Number One3:36Spilt Milk61993214
3822JellyfishBye, Bye, Bye4:03Spilt Milk71993221
3823JellyfishAll Is Forgiven4:09Spilt Milk81993226
3824JellyfishRussian Hill4:45Spilt Milk91993190
3825JellyfishHe's My Best Friend3:44Spilt Milk101993207
3826JellyfishToo Much, Too Little, Too Late3:14Spilt Milk111993208
3827JellyfishBrighter Day6:12Spilt Milk121993223
3828JemOnce In Every Lifetime4:17Eragon (OST)162006193
3829JemMaybe I'm Amazed3:18Music from the O.C. 2004156
3830Jem243:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03132005141
3831Jen TryninGetaway4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11111997213
3832Jenifer McLarenAve Maria2:34Christmas Songs [Nettwerk]122000170
3833Jennifer HansonHalf A Heart Tattoo3:45TM Century PrimeCuts 524P102003214
3834Jennifer HollidayPeace In Our Times5:101988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment In Time71988204
3835Jennifer Hudson...And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going4:46Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 2007192007212
3836Jennifer KnappUndo Me3:25WOW #1s (Gray Disc)42005214
3837Jennifer KnappUndo Me3:23WOW 1999 (Green Disc)51998215
3838Jennifer KnappA Little More3:25WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)71999198
3839Jennifer KnappInto You3:04WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)52000221
3840Jennifer KnappSing Mary Sing4:05WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)22002220
3841Jennifer KnappBreathe on Me3:30WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)62001222
3842Jennifer KnappSay Won't You Say3:59WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)122002207
3843Jennifer Knapp & Mac Powell (of Third Day)Sing Alleluia3:41WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)122003210
3844Jennifer LopezLove Don't Cost A Thing3:42J.Lo12001206
3845Jennifer LopezI'm Real4:58J.Lo22001227
3846Jennifer LopezPlay3:32J.Lo32001216
3847Jennifer LopezWalking On Sunshine3:46J.Lo42001219
3848Jennifer LopezAin't It Funny4:06J.Lo52001224
3849Jennifer LopezCarino4:15J.Lo62001213
3850Jennifer LopezCome Over4:54J.Lo72001199
3851Jennifer LopezWe Gotta Talk4:07J.Lo82001231
3852Jennifer LopezThat's Not Me4:33J.Lo92001202
3853Jennifer LopezDance With Me3:54J.Lo102001219
3854Jennifer LopezSecretly4:25J.Lo112001170
3855Jennifer LopezI'm Gonna Be Alright3:44J.Lo122001223
3856Jennifer LopezThat's The Way3:53J.Lo132001225
3857Jennifer LopezDame4:25J.Lo142001196
3858Jennifer LopezSi Ya Se Acabo3:37J.Lo152001219
3859Jennifer LopezBaila3:55Music Of The Heart (OST)21999243
3860Jennifer LopezI'm Real3:15Now That's What I Call Music! 0832001217
3861Jennifer LopezAin't It Funny4:00Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 952002231
3862Jennifer LopezDo It Well3:08Nu Music Traxx Vol. 219 September 200722007211
3863Jennifer LopezIf You Had My Love4:25On The 611999214
3864Jennifer LopezShould've Never6:14On The 621999212
3865Jennifer LopezToo Late4:27On The 631999214
3866Jennifer LopezFeelin' So Good5:27On The 641999215
3867Jennifer LopezLets Get Loud3:59On The 651999223
3868Jennifer LopezCould This Be Love4:26On The 661999206
3869Jennifer LopezNo Me Ames (Tropical Remix)5:03On The 671999198
3870Jennifer LopezWaiting For Tonight4:06On The 681999231
3871Jennifer LopezOpen Off My Love4:35On The 691999220
3872Jennifer LopezPromise Me You'll Try3:52On The 6101999185
3873Jennifer LopezIt's Not That Serious4:17On The 6111999234
3874Jennifer LopezTalk About Us4:35On The 6121999195
3875Jennifer LopezNo Me Ames (Ballad Version)4:38On The 6131999206
3876Jennifer LopezUna Noche Mas4:07On The 6141999224
3877Jennifer LopezJenny From The Block2:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11132002209
3878Jennifer LopezBaby I Love U3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0842003217
3879Jennifer LopezBaby I Love You (R. Kelly Remix)3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0352004151
3880Jennifer LopezGet Right3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0212005227
3881Jennifer LopezGet Right3:45Rebirth12005227
3882Jennifer LopezStep Into My World4:05Rebirth22005212
3883Jennifer LopezHold You Down (Featuring Fat Joe)4:32Rebirth32005180
3884Jennifer LopezWhatever You Wanna Do3:49Rebirth42005224
3885Jennifer LopezCherry Pie4:06Rebirth52005210
3886Jennifer LopezI Got U3:57Rebirth62005218
3887Jennifer LopezStill Around3:22Rebirth72005211
3888Jennifer LopezRyde Or Die4:03Rebirth82005214
3889Jennifer LopezI, Love3:42Rebirth92005203
3890Jennifer LopezHe'll Be Back4:18Rebirth102005214
3891Jennifer Lopez(Can't Believe) This Is Me4:44Rebirth112005222
3892Jennifer LopezGet Right (Featuring Fabolous)3:50Rebirth122005224
3893Jennifer LopezLove Don't Cost A thing3:26The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)22002262
3894Jennifer LopezStill3:40This Is Me...Then12002207
3895Jennifer LopezLoving You3:45This Is Me...Then22002194
3896Jennifer LopezI'm Glad3:42This Is Me...Then32002199
3897Jennifer LopezThe One3:36This Is Me...Then42002209
3898Jennifer LopezDear Ben3:14This Is Me...Then52002188
3899Jennifer LopezAll I Have (Feat. LL Cool J)4:14This Is Me...Then62002201
3900Jennifer LopezJenny From The Block (Feat. Styles And Jadakiss)3:09This Is Me...Then72002198
3901Jennifer LopezAgain5:47This Is Me...Then82002192
3902Jennifer LopezYou Belong To Me3:30This Is Me...Then92002211
3903Jennifer LopezI've Been Thinkin'4:41This Is Me...Then102002201
3904Jennifer LopezBaby I Love U!4:28This Is Me...Then112002207
3905Jennifer LopezThe One (Version 2)3:31This Is Me...Then122002219
3906Jennifer LopezI'm Gonna Be Alright (Trackmasters Remix Feat. Nas)2:52This Is Me...Then132002217
3907Jennifer Lopez feat. Fat JoeHold You Down3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0362005179
3908Jennifer Lopez feat. Fat JoeHold You Down (Clean Spring Mix)4:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05122005210
3909Jennifer Love HewittBarenaked3:19Now That's What I Call Music! 1192002208
3910Jennifer Love HewittBarenaked3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07142002203
3911Jennifer PaigeCrush3:19Jennifer Paige11998227
3912Jennifer PaigeQuestions4:15Jennifer Paige21998224
3913Jennifer PaigeAlways You4:05Jennifer Paige31998175
3914Jennifer PaigeGet To Me4:00Jennifer Paige41998212
3915Jennifer PaigeBusted3:48Jennifer Paige51998186
3916Jennifer PaigeSober4:05Jennifer Paige61998228
3917Jennifer PaigeBetween You And Me4:00Jennifer Paige71998197
3918Jennifer PaigeLet It Rain4:14Jennifer Paige81998203
3919Jennifer PaigeJust To Have You4:16Jennifer Paige91998220
3920Jennifer PaigeSomewhere, Someday3:58Jennifer Paige101998211
3921Jennifer PaigeAlways You [Bonus Remix]4:05Jennifer Paige111998227
3922Jennifer PaigeCrush On You3:19Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0741998229
3923Jennifer RushYou're My One And Only3:43The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)11 211
3924Jennifer SaundersFairy Godmother Song1:52Shrek 2 (OST)122004177
3925Jennifer SaundersHolding Out for a Hero3:56Shrek 2 (OST)142004224
3926Jennifer SmithOpening Night (Reprise)0:36The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)132001175
3927Jennifer WarnesRight Time Of The Night2:49Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 1)5 206
3928Jennifer WarnesRight Time Of The Night2:54Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)201993202
3929Jenny BurtonPeople Have Got To Move4:19White Nights (OST)101985218
3930Jenny LewisBarking at the Moon3:18Bolt (OST)22008200
3931Jenny Owen YoungsThings We Don't Need Anymore2:58Seriouly Westcoast Vol. 2122007192
3932Jeremy CampTonight3:03Beyond Measure12006240
3933Jeremy CampWhat It Means3:38Beyond Measure22006234
3934Jeremy CampBeyond Measure3:23Beyond Measure32006202
3935Jeremy CampLet It Fade3:44Beyond Measure42006227
3936Jeremy CampFeels Like4:19Beyond Measure52006220
3937Jeremy CampWhen You Are Near4:05Beyond Measure62006199
3938Jeremy CampNo Matter What3:06Beyond Measure72006238
3939Jeremy CampTake A Little Time4:14Beyond Measure82006224
3940Jeremy CampEverything3:21Beyond Measure92006218
3941Jeremy CampI Am Nothing4:07Beyond Measure102006190
3942Jeremy CampGive You Glory4:06Beyond Measure112006246
3943Jeremy CampGive Me Jesus4:24Beyond Measure122006188
3944Jeremy CampTrust in You3:40Carried Me: The Worship Project12004230
3945Jeremy CampBeautiful One3:57Carried Me: The Worship Project22004218
3946Jeremy CampEnough3:57Carried Me: The Worship Project32004233
3947Jeremy CampWonderful Maker4:28Carried Me: The Worship Project42004211
3948Jeremy CampHear My Voice3:49Carried Me: The Worship Project52004228
3949Jeremy CampI Wait for the Lord3:31Carried Me: The Worship Project62004235
3950Jeremy CampEmpty Me3:37Carried Me: The Worship Project72004225
3951Jeremy CampI Surrender to You4:12Carried Me: The Worship Project82004226
3952Jeremy CampWalk By Faith3:58Carried Me: The Worship Project92004217
3953Jeremy CampRevive Me3:26Carried Me: The Worship Project102004177
3954Jeremy CampYou're Worthy of My Praise3:49Carried Me: The Worship Project112004235
3955Jeremy CampLonging Heart4:12Carried Me: The Worship Project122004220
3956Jeremy CampCarried Me4:10Carried Me: The Worship Project132004195
3957Jeremy CampRestored3:24Restored12004263
3958Jeremy CampTake You Back4:00Restored22004256
3959Jeremy CampEven When4:09Restored32004273
3960Jeremy CampLay Down My Pride3:30Restored42004229
3961Jeremy CampMy Desire3:42Restored52004246
3962Jeremy CampBe The One3:31Restored62004248
3963Jeremy CampEverytime3:32Restored72004278
3964Jeremy CampLetting Go3:44Restored82004256
3965Jeremy CampBreathe2:56Restored92004244
3966Jeremy CampThis Man3:33Restored102004273
3967Jeremy CampInnocence3:22Restored112004259
3968Jeremy CampNothing Else I Need4:06Restored122004251
3969Jeremy CampUnderstand3:34Stay12002244
3970Jeremy CampRight Here4:16Stay22002238
3971Jeremy CampWalk By Faith3:59Stay32002216
3972Jeremy CampStay3:16Stay42002253
3973Jeremy CampAll The Time3:20Stay52002236
3974Jeremy CampI Still Believe4:36Stay62002219
3975Jeremy CampOne Day At A Time4:01Stay72002228
3976Jeremy CampBreaking My Fall3:43Stay82002225
3977Jeremy CampNothing3:11Stay92002226
3978Jeremy CampI Know You're Calling3:58Stay102002218
3979Jeremy CampTake My Life3:07Stay112002247
3980Jeremy CampIn Your Presence4:15Stay122002207
3981Jeremy CampI Still Believe4:36WOW #1s (Gray Disc)92005220
3982Jeremy CampI Still Believe4:35WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)112003215
3983Jeremy CampRight Here4:15WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)12004233
3984Jeremy CampTake You Back3:59WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)12005234
3985Jeremy CampThis Man3:32WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)52006240
3986Jeremy CampWhat It Means3:38WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)72007230
3987Jeremy CampLet It Fade3:45WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)52008227
3988Jeremy CampThere Will Be a Day4:38WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)22009217
3989Jeremy EnigkBeen Here Before4:11World Waits22006192
3990Jeremy Irons with Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim CummingsBe Prepared (The Lion King 1994)3:39Classic Disney, Vol. 331996186
3991Jeremy Irons with Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and Jim CummingsBe Prepared3:40The Lion King (OST)31994187
3992Jeremy JordanThe Right Kind of Love4:47Beverly Hills 90210 (OST)31992201
3993Jeremy SweetBig Bad Beetleborgs (Extended Version)1:49  1996320
3994Jermaine JacksonWords into Action4:56About Last Night (OST)41986215
3995Jermaine JacksonLet's Get Serious3:31Funked! Vol. 3142001224
3996Jermaine JacksonDaddy's Home2:55Hit History Vol. 19 1973121990212
3997Jermaine JacksonLet's Get Serious3:36Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)181993217
3998Jermaine JacksonLet's Get Serious3:38Sounds Of The Eighties - 198041995222
3999Jermaine JacksonDaddy's Home3:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)182001231
4000Jermaine JacksonDo What You Do4:47Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)92001205
4001Jermaine JacksonI Found That Girl3:05Ultimate Collection12001131
4002Jermaine JacksonThat's How Love Goes3:29Ultimate Collection22001216
4003Jermaine JacksonDaddy's Home3:07Ultimate Collection32001213
4004Jermaine JacksonYou're In Good Hands3:07Ultimate Collection42001207
4005Jermaine JacksonLet's Be Young Tonight3:53Ultimate Collection52001218
4006Jermaine JacksonCastles Of Sand5:30Ultimate Collection62001205
4007Jermaine JacksonLet's Get Serious8:00Ultimate Collection72001233
4008Jermaine JacksonYou're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me3:42Ultimate Collection82001199
4009Jermaine JacksonLittle Girl Don't You Worry3:57Ultimate Collection92001222
4010Jermaine JacksonYou Like Me Don't You3:52Ultimate Collection102001223
4011Jermaine JacksonI'm Just Too Shy3:46Ultimate Collection112001214
4012Jermaine JacksonLet Me Tickle Your Fancy3:50Ultimate Collection122001230
4013Jermaine JacksonDynamite5:57Ultimate Collection132001207
4014Jermaine JacksonDo What You Do4:28Ultimate Collection142001196
4015Jermaine JacksonI Think It's Love3:53Ultimate Collection152001223
4016Jermaine JacksonDon't Take It Personal4:29Ultimate Collection162001192
4017Jermaine JacksonYou Said, I Said7:03Ultimate Collection172001228
4018Jermaine JacksonI Dream, I Dream4:38Ultimate Collection182001222
4019Jermaine Jackson & La LaRise To The Occasion4:461988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment In Time111988197
4020Jermaine StewartWe Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off4:06Absolute 80s (Disc 2)21999206
4021Jermaine StewartThe Word Is Out (West Mix Extended Version)6:49Old School Jams 3 (Disc 1)112001215
4022Jeroen Van InkelThe Introduction2:22Van Inkel's Choice11993197
4023Jerold ImmelKnots Landing1:36Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)361990197
4024JeromeToo Old For Me4:10Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 151998214
4025Jerrald K. GoldsmithThe Dome - Theme From Logan's Run1:39This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)141999127
4026Jerrold ImmelDallas1:14Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)341990204
4027Jerry Arnold & The Rhythm CaptainsRace For Time1:58Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)32005132
4028Jerry Blavat & The Yon TeenagersOne More Time Back To School2:37Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 2)122005133
4029Jerry ButlerHe Will Break Your Heart2:4919605 193
4030Jerry ButlerOnly the Strong Survive2:32'60s Soul Number 1's22007193
4031Jerry ButlerHey, Western Union Man2:38Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind31991207
4032Jerry ButlerLet It Be Me2:52Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 14) (Only You)7 140
4033Jerry ButlerMoon River2:42Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)182002196
4034Jerry ButlerHe Will Break Your Heart2:49Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 2)32004194
4035Jerry ButlerO Holy Night2:56Rockin' Holidays82001192
4036Jerry ButlerHe Will Break Your Heart2:45The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)141960158
4037Jerry ButlerMake It Easy On Yourself2:41The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)111998191
4038Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee EageAin't Understanding Mellow4:22Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)192001190
4039Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee EagerAin't Understanding Mellow4:22Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 761991189
4040Jerry Butler & The ImpressionsFor Your Precious Love2:46The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)71994184
4041Jerry ByrdTheme From Adventures In Paradise2:35Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two121993187
4042Jerry CantrellShe Was My Girl4:17Spider-Man (OST)162002232
4043Jerry ClowerThe Chauffer and the Professor4:59Classic Comedy41995192
4044Jerry ClowerBird Huntin' at Uncle Versies2:57Classic Comedy71995150
4045Jerry DoucetteMama Let Him Play4:27100% Pure Rock61994229
4046Jerry FieldingHogan's Heroes0:45Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)331986203
4047Jerry FieldingThe Bionic Woman1:24Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5501996128
4048Jerry GarciaLet It Rock3:14Compliments [All Good Things 2004]11974207
4049Jerry GarciaWhen The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game2:49Compliments [All Good Things 2004]21974172
4050Jerry GarciaThat's What Love Will Make You Do3:49Compliments [All Good Things 2004]31974194
4051Jerry GarciaRussian Lullaby3:08Compliments [All Good Things 2004]41974189
4052Jerry GarciaTurn On The Bright Lights5:37Compliments [All Good Things 2004]51974207
4053Jerry GarciaHe Ain't Give You None3:26Compliments [All Good Things 2004]61974196
4054Jerry GarciaWhat Goes Around3:09Compliments [All Good Things 2004]71974207
4055Jerry GarciaLet's Spend The Night Together3:41Compliments [All Good Things 2004]81974218
4056Jerry GarciaMississippi Moon3:09Compliments [All Good Things 2004]91974173
4057Jerry GarciaMidnight Town3:22Compliments [All Good Things 2004]101974191
4058Jerry GarciaThat's A Touch I Like3:40Compliments [All Good Things 2004]111974181
4059Jerry Garcia(I'm A) Road Runner4:10Compliments [All Good Things 2004]121974207
4060Jerry GarciaIt's Too Late4:27Compliments [All Good Things 2004]131974181
4061Jerry GarciaI'll Forget You3:21Compliments [All Good Things 2004]141974192
4062Jerry GarciaTragedy3:52Compliments [All Good Things 2004]151974199
4063Jerry GarciaThink4:12Compliments [All Good Things 2004]161974185
4064Jerry GarciaI Know It's A Sin2:41Compliments [All Good Things 2004]171974179
4065Jerry GarciaLonesome Town6:19Compliments [All Good Things 2004]181974179
4066Jerry GarciaCardiac Arrest (Studio Jam)1:39Compliments [All Good Things 2004]191974188
4067Jerry GarciaBack Home In Indiana7:08Compliments [All Good Things 2004]201974192
4068Jerry GarciaDeal3:14Garcia [All Good Things 2004]11972226
4069Jerry GarciaBird Song4:26Garcia [All Good Things 2004]21972213
4070Jerry GarciaSugaree5:54Garcia [All Good Things 2004]31972209
4071Jerry GarciaLoser4:10Garcia [All Good Things 2004]41972211
4072Jerry GarciaLate For Supper1:37Garcia [All Good Things 2004]51972209
4073Jerry GarciaSpidergawd3:25Garcia [All Good Things 2004]61972193
4074Jerry GarciaEep Hour5:08Garcia [All Good Things 2004]71972216
4075Jerry GarciaTo Lay Me Down6:18Garcia [All Good Things 2004]81972191
4076Jerry GarciaAn Odd Little Place1:38Garcia [All Good Things 2004]91972189
4077Jerry GarciaThe Wheel4:12Garcia [All Good Things 2004]101972216
4078Jerry GarciaSugaree (Alternate Take)7:13Garcia [All Good Things 2004]111972187
4079Jerry GarciaLoser (Alternate Take)4:06Garcia [All Good Things 2004]121972197
4080Jerry GarciaLate For Supper - Spidergawd - Eep Hour (Alternate Takes)10:21Garcia [All Good Things 2004]131972201
4081Jerry GarciaThe Wheel (Alternate Take #1)4:04Garcia [All Good Things 2004]141972185
4082Jerry GarciaThe Wheel (Alternate Take #2)2:53Garcia [All Good Things 2004]151972169
4083Jerry GarciaStudy For "Eep Hour"3:30Garcia [All Good Things 2004]161972194
4084Jerry GarciaDealin' From The Bottom (Studio Jam)1:25Garcia [All Good Things 2004]171972156
4085Jerry GarciaStudy For "The Wheel"3:22Garcia [All Good Things 2004]181972190
4086Jerry GarciaMight As Well3:54Reflections [All Good Things 2004]11976202
4087Jerry GarciaMission In The Rain5:04Reflections [All Good Things 2004]21976193
4088Jerry GarciaThey Love Each Other4:37Reflections [All Good Things 2004]31976199
4089Jerry GarciaI'll Take A Melody9:28Reflections [All Good Things 2004]41976193
4090Jerry GarciaIt Must Have Been The Roses5:29Reflections [All Good Things 2004]51976193
4091Jerry GarciaTore Up Over You4:30Reflections [All Good Things 2004]61976201
4092Jerry GarciaCatfish John7:00Reflections [All Good Things 2004]71976203
4093Jerry GarciaComes A Time6:29Reflections [All Good Things 2004]81976187
4094Jerry GarciaMystery Train (Studio Jam)5:12Reflections [All Good Things 2004]91976189
4095Jerry GarciaAll By Myself (Studio Jam)4:10Reflections [All Good Things 2004]101976190
4096Jerry GarciaOh Babe, It Ain't No Lie3:12Reflections [All Good Things 2004]111976174
4097Jerry GarciaYou Win Again2:25Reflections [All Good Things 2004]121976187
4098Jerry GarciaOrpheus16:45Reflections [All Good Things 2004]131976206
4099Jerry GarciaRun For The Roses3:41Run For The Roses [All Good Things 2004]11982219
4100Jerry GarciaI Saw Her Standing There2:59Run For The Roses [All Good Things 2004]21982197
4101Jerry GarciaWithout Love4:26Run For The Roses [All Good Things 2004]31982189
4102Jerry GarciaMidnight Getaway7:55Run For The Roses [All Good Things 2004]41982193
4103Jerry GarciaLeave The Little Girl Alone3:35Run For The Roses [All Good Things 2004]51982203
4104Jerry GarciaValerie5:27Run For The Roses [