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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1MFSBTSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)3:3370s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)142005219
2MFSBK-Jee4:15Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]161977193
3MFSB & The 3 DegreesLove Is The Message6:36Disco Super Hits101998217
4MFSB & The Three DegreesTSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)3:37Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1972-197411997215
5MFSB feat. The Three DegreesTSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)3:36Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)11995226
6The M-G-M Studio OrchestraCyclone [Extended Version]2:19The Wizard Of Oz (OST)31995127
7The M-G-M Studio OrchestraDelirious Escape [Extended Version] / Delirious Escape Continued / End Title3:31The Wizard Of Oz (OST)261995128
8The M-G-M Studio Orchestra And ChorusMain Title2:00The Wizard Of Oz (OST)11995127
9The M-G-M Studio Orchestra, The Debutantes, And The RhythmettesOptimistic Voices1:11The Wizard Of Oz (OST)211995126
10MGMTIt's Working4:06Congratulations12010241
11MGMTSong For Dan Treacy4:09Congratulations22010242
12MGMTSomeone's Missing2:29Congratulations32010224
13MGMTFlash Delirium4:15Congratulations42010224
14MGMTI Found A Whistle3:40Congratulations52010221
15MGMTSiberian Breaks12:09Congratulations62010224
16MGMTBrian Eno4:31Congratulations72010223
17MGMTLady Dada's Nightmare4:31Congratulations82010228
19MGMTTime To Pretend4:21Oracular Spectacular12008238
20MGMTWeekend Wars4:12Oracular Spectacular22008219
21MGMTThe Youth3:48Oracular Spectacular32008230
22MGMTElectric Feel3:49Oracular Spectacular42008230
23MGMTKids5:02Oracular Spectacular52008232
24MGMT4th Dimensional Transition3:58Oracular Spectacular62008236
25MGMTPieces Of What2:43Oracular Spectacular72008214
26MGMTOf Moons, Birds & Monsters4:46Oracular Spectacular82008241
27MGMTThe Handshake3:39Oracular Spectacular92008224
28MGMTFuture Reflections4:00Oracular Spectacular102008234
29MGP JR 2008Ung I 20952:59Hits for Kids 2072008224
30Mia RoseHold Me Now4:08Nu Music Traxx Vol. 216 August 200742007179
31Mia XBring It On (feat. Fiend, Mystikal, C-Murder, Skull Duggery & Mac)5:09No Limit - Greatest Hits (Disc 2)32006191
32Miami Sound MachineBody To Body4:01Primitive Love11985193
33Miami Sound MachinePrimitive Love4:46Primitive Love21985197
34Miami Sound MachineWords Get In The Way3:28Primitive Love31985184
35Miami Sound MachineBad Boy3:57Primitive Love41985199
36Miami Sound MachineFalling In Love (Uh-oh)4:01Primitive Love51985200
37Miami Sound MachineConga4:16Primitive Love61985215
38Miami Sound MachineMucho Money4:48Primitive Love71985214
39Miami Sound MachineYou Make A Fool Of Me2:57Primitive Love81985181
40Miami Sound MachineMovies3:00Primitive Love91985208
41Miami Sound MachineSurrender Paradise4:50Primitive Love101985191
42Miami Sound MachineHot Summer Nights3:38Top Gun (OST)61986227
43Mica ParisMy One Temptation3:39The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)5 194
44Mica Paris & Will DowningWhere Is The Love3:25Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)14 207
45Michael And The MessengersRomeo And Juliet2:00Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)171998164
46Michael Andrews feat. Gary JulesMad World2:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0392004161
47Michael BallLove Changes Everything3:29Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold112002200
48Michael BoltonWhite Christmas3:39A Very Special Christmas 2101992172
49Michael BoltonGo the Distance4:42Hercules (OST)121997183
50Michael BoltonOur Love Is Like A Holiday3:16Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)52001195
51Michael BoltonThe Best Of Love4:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-1171997199
52Michael BoltonSoul Provider4:28Soul Provider11989195
53Michael BoltonGeorgia On My Mind4:58Soul Provider21989183
54Michael BoltonIt's Only My Heart4:33Soul Provider31989216
55Michael BoltonHow Am I Supposed To Live Without You4:49Soul Provider41989186
56Michael BoltonHow Can We Be Lovers3:56Soul Provider51989216
57Michael BoltonYou Wouldn't Know Love3:55Soul Provider61989226
58Michael BoltonWhen I'm Back On My Feet Again3:49Soul Provider71989171
59Michael BoltonFrom Now On (Duet With Suzie Benson)4:09Soul Provider81989186
60Michael BoltonLove Cuts Deep3:51Soul Provider91989192
61Michael BoltonStand Up For Love4:44Soul Provider101989172
62Michael BoltonHot Love3:49The Hunger11987194
63Michael BoltonWait On Love4:29The Hunger21987205
64Michael Bolton(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay3:55The Hunger31987173
65Michael BoltonGina4:10The Hunger41987193
66Michael BoltonThat's What Love Is All About3:59The Hunger51987174
67Michael BoltonThe Hunger4:19The Hunger61987200
68Michael BoltonYou're All That I Need4:22The Hunger71987193
69Michael BoltonTake A Look At My Face4:01The Hunger81987197
70Michael BoltonWalk Away4:12The Hunger91987192
71Michael BoltonSaid I Loved You ... But I Lied5:06The One Thing11993198
72Michael BoltonI'm Not Made of Steel5:11The One Thing21993197
73Michael BoltonThe One Thing5:09The One Thing31993214
74Michael BoltonSoul of My Soul5:42The One Thing41993202
75Michael BoltonCompletely4:25The One Thing51993186
76Michael BoltonLean On Me5:20The One Thing61993203
77Michael BoltonAin't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got Love5:04The One Thing71993229
78Michael BoltonA Time For Letting Go5:39The One Thing81993184
79Michael BoltonNever Get Enough of Your Love5:06The One Thing91993213
80Michael BoltonIn The Arms of Love4:48The One Thing101993173
81Michael BoltonTime, Love & Tenderness4:20The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)4 227
82Michael BoltonHow Am I Supposed To Live Without You?4:16The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)3 201
83Michael BoltonSilent Night4:05This Is The Time - The Christmas Album11996186
84Michael BoltonSanta Claus Is Coming To Town4:05This Is The Time - The Christmas Album21996201
85Michael BoltonHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:01This Is The Time - The Christmas Album31996189
86Michael BoltonJoy To The World4:06This Is The Time - The Christmas Album41996225
87Michael BoltonAve Maria (Duet With Placido Domingo)4:42This Is The Time - The Christmas Album51996169
88Michael BoltonThe Christmas Song4:10This Is The Time - The Christmas Album61996175
89Michael BoltonO Holy Night4:53This Is The Time - The Christmas Album71996191
90Michael BoltonWhite Christmas3:44This Is The Time - The Christmas Album81996176
91Michael BoltonThis Is The Time (Duet With Wynonna)4:05This Is The Time - The Christmas Album91996190
92Michael BoltonLove Is The Power5:36This Is The Time - The Christmas Album101996218
93Michael BoltonLove Is A Wonderful Thing4:43Time, Love & Tenderness11991212
94Michael BoltonTime Love And Tenderness5:31Time, Love & Tenderness21991210
95Michael BoltonMissing You Now4:33Time, Love & Tenderness31991206
96Michael BoltonForever Isn't Long Enough4:32Time, Love & Tenderness41991217
97Michael BoltonNow That I Found You4:32Time, Love & Tenderness51991187
98Michael BoltonWhen A Man Loves A Woman3:52Time, Love & Tenderness61991199
99Michael BoltonWe're Not Makin' Love Anymore4:41Time, Love & Tenderness71991189
100Michael BoltonNew Love4:32Time, Love & Tenderness81991203
101Michael BoltonSave Me4:22Time, Love & Tenderness91991200
102Michael BoltonSteel Bars3:29Time, Love & Tenderness101991211
103Michael BoltonSince I fell For You3:09Timeless (The Classics)11992174
104Michael BoltonTo Love Somebody4:09Timeless (The Classics)21992195
105Michael BoltonReach Out I'll Be There3:54Timeless (The Classics)31992199
106Michael BoltonYou Send Me4:01Timeless (The Classics)41992176
107Michael BoltonYesterday3:31Timeless (The Classics)51992176
108Michael BoltonHold On, I'm Coming3:15Timeless (The Classics)61992201
109Michael BoltonBring It On Home To Me4:27Timeless (The Classics)71992192
110Michael BoltonKnock On Wood3:51Timeless (The Classics)81992207
111Michael BoltonDrift Away6:07Timeless (The Classics)91992193
112Michael BoltonWhite Christmas3:43Timeless (The Classics)101992176
113Michael BoltonHow Am I Supposed To Live Without You4:16Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love52003195
114Michael Bolton & Placido DomingoAve Maria4:41Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)161997212
115Michael BreckerItsbynne Reel7:43Don't Try This at Home11988249
116Michael BreckerChime This7:51Don't Try This at Home21988242
117Michael BreckerScriabin7:47Don't Try This at Home31988237
118Michael BreckerSuspone4:58Don't Try This at Home41988249
119Michael BreckerDon't Try This at Home9:30Don't Try This at Home51988252
120Michael BreckerEverything Happens When You're Gone7:13Don't Try This at Home61988231
121Michael BreckerTalking to Myself5:10Don't Try This at Home71988240
122Michael BreckerThe Gentleman & Hizcaine5:18Don't Try This at Home81988251
123Michael BreckerSea Glass5:50Michael Brecker11987198
124Michael BreckerSyzygy9:45Michael Brecker21987216
125Michael BreckerChoices8:07Michael Brecker31987198
126Michael BreckerNothing Personal5:31Michael Brecker41987209
127Michael BreckerThe Cost Of Living7:49Michael Brecker51987190
128Michael BreckerOriginal Rays9:06Michael Brecker61987206
129Michael BreckerMy One And Only Love8:16Michael Brecker71987158
130Michael BreckerChan's Song5:15Nearness of You: The Ballad Book12001186
131Michael BreckerDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight4:44Nearness of You: The Ballad Book22001179
132Michael BreckerNascente6:18Nearness of You: The Ballad Book32001201
133Michael BreckerMidnight Mood6:23Nearness of You: The Ballad Book42001186
134Michael BreckerThe Nearness of You4:38Nearness of You: The Ballad Book52001180
135Michael BreckerIncandescence5:22Nearness of You: The Ballad Book62001193
136Michael BreckerSometimes I See5:29Nearness of You: The Ballad Book72001186
137Michael BreckerMy Ship7:11Nearness of You: The Ballad Book82001190
138Michael BreckerAlways5:37Nearness of You: The Ballad Book92001187
139Michael BreckerSeven Days5:34Nearness of You: The Ballad Book102001201
140Michael BreckerI Can See Your Dreams3:49Nearness of You: The Ballad Book112001178
141Michael BreckerThe Mean Time6:56Pilgrimage12007190
142Michael BreckerFive Months From Midnight7:41Pilgrimage22007182
143Michael BreckerAnagram10:11Pilgrimage32007200
144Michael BreckerTumbleweed9:39Pilgrimage42007212
145Michael BreckerWhen Can I Kiss You Again?9:45Pilgrimage52007181
146Michael BreckerCardinal Rule7:34Pilgrimage62007195
147Michael BreckerHalf Moon Lane7:18Pilgrimage72007182
148Michael BreckerLoose Threads8:36Pilgrimage82007192
149Michael BreckerPilgrimage10:02Pilgrimage92007190
150Michael BreckerSlings and Arrows6:20Tales from the Hudson11996217
151Michael BreckerMidnight Voyage7:18Tales from the Hudson21996207
152Michael BreckerSong for Bilbao5:44Tales from the Hudson31996212
153Michael BreckerBeau Rivage7:38Tales from the Hudson41996194
154Michael BreckerAfrican Skies8:13Tales from the Hudson51996212
155Michael BreckerIntroduction to Naked Soul1:13Tales from the Hudson61996147
156Michael BreckerNaked Soul8:45Tales from the Hudson71996202
157Michael BreckerWillie T.8:13Tales from the Hudson81996202
158Michael BreckerCabin Fever6:59Tales from the Hudson91996220
159Michael BreckerArc Of The Pendulum8:59Time Is Of The Essence11999212
160Michael BreckerSound Off6:04Time Is Of The Essence21999213
161Michael BreckerHalf Past Late7:54Time Is Of The Essence31999204
162Michael BreckerTimeline6:05Time Is Of The Essence41999209
163Michael BreckerThe Morning Of This Night7:42Time Is Of The Essence51999184
164Michael BreckerRenaissance Man8:36Time Is Of The Essence61999205
165Michael BreckerDr. Slate7:40Time Is Of The Essence71999203
166Michael BreckerAs I Am6:49Time Is Of The Essence81999194
167Michael BreckerOutrance10:08Time Is Of The Essence91999218
168Michael BreckerMadame Toulouse5:19Two Blocks From The Edge11997243
169Michael BreckerTwo Blocks From The Edge8:31Two Blocks From The Edge21997247
170Michael BreckerBye George6:58Two Blocks From The Edge31997250
171Michael BreckerEl Niño7:43Two Blocks From The Edge41997258
172Michael BreckerCat's Cradle6:43Two Blocks From The Edge51997240
173Michael BreckerThe Impaler7:13Two Blocks From The Edge61997253
174Michael BreckerHow Long 'Til The Sun7:38Two Blocks From The Edge71997237
175Michael BreckerDelta City Blues5:36Two Blocks From The Edge81997248
176Michael BubléThe Best Is Yet To Come3:05Call Me Irresponsible12007213
177Michael BubléIt Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)3:06Call Me Irresponsible22007222
178Michael BubléMe And Mrs. Jones4:33Call Me Irresponsible32007188
179Michael BubléI'm Your Man4:59Call Me Irresponsible42007196
180Michael BubléComin' Home Baby (with Boyz II Men)3:27Call Me Irresponsible52007208
181Michael BubléLost3:40Call Me Irresponsible62007188
182Michael BubléCall Me Irresponsible3:16Call Me Irresponsible72007199
183Michael BubléWonderful Tonight (with Ivan Lins)4:12Call Me Irresponsible82007182
184Michael BubléEverything3:33Call Me Irresponsible92007189
185Michael BubléI've Got The World On A String2:47Call Me Irresponsible102007207
186Michael BubléAlways On My Mind4:30Call Me Irresponsible112007172
187Michael BubléThat's Life4:15Call Me Irresponsible122007209
188Michael BubléDream5:05Call Me Irresponsible132007185
189Michael BubléNice 'N Easy3:02Come Fly With Me12004201
190Michael BubléCan't Help Falling In Love3:49Come Fly With Me22004186
191Michael BubléMy Funny Valentine5:15Come Fly With Me32004194
192Michael BubléMack The Knife3:25Come Fly With Me42004209
193Michael BubléFever4:07Come Fly With Me52004196
194Michael BubléYou'll Never Know4:31Come Fly With Me62004175
195Michael BubléFor Once In My Life2:43Come Fly With Me72004208
196Michael BubléMoondance3:53Come Fly With Me82004194
197Michael BubléCry Me A River4:14Crazy Love12009199
198Michael BubléAll Of Me3:07Crazy Love22009210
199Michael BubléGeorgia On My Mind3:08Crazy Love32009184
200Michael BubléCrazy Love3:31Crazy Love42009199
201Michael BubléHaven't Met You Yet4:05Crazy Love52009215
202Michael BubléAll I Do Is Dream Of You2:32Crazy Love62009212
203Michael BubléHold On4:06Crazy Love72009201
204Michael BubléHeartache Tonight3:52Crazy Love82009224
205Michael BubléYou're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You3:07Crazy Love92009197
206Michael BubléBaby (You've Got What It Takes)3:20Crazy Love102009185
207Michael BubléAt This Moment4:37Crazy Love112009196
208Michael BubléStardust3:15Crazy Love122009200
209Michael BubléWhatever It Takes4:34Crazy Love132009209
210Michael BubléSome Kind Of Wonderful3:04Crazy Love142009198
211Michael BubléFeeling Good3:57It's Time [Special Edition]12005199
212Michael BubléA Foggy Day2:31It's Time [Special Edition]22005212
213Michael BubléYou Don't Know Me4:14It's Time [Special Edition]32005181
214Michael BubléQuando, Quando, Quando (Duet With Nelly Furtatdo)4:45It's Time [Special Edition]42005191
215Michael BubléHome3:45It's Time [Special Edition]52005185
216Michael BubléCan't Buy Me Love3:14It's Time [Special Edition]62005209
217Michael BubléThe More I See You3:47It's Time [Special Edition]72005218
218Michael BubléSave The Last Dance For Me3:38It's Time [Special Edition]82005219
219Michael BubléTry A Little Tenderness4:05It's Time [Special Edition]92005181
220Michael BubléHow Sweet It Is2:58It's Time [Special Edition]102005221
221Michael BubléSong For You4:42It's Time [Special Edition]112005179
222Michael BubléI've Got You Under My Skin3:40It's Time [Special Edition]122005204
223Michael BubléYou And I3:55It's Time [Special Edition]132005176
224Michael BubléDream A Little Dream (Bonus Track)3:08It's Time [Special Edition]142005177
225Michael BubléMack The Knife (Bonus Track)3:20It's Time [Special Edition]152005204
226Michael BubléLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2:05Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]12003194
227Michael BubléThe Christmas Song4:15Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]22003186
228Michael BubléGrown-Up Christmas List3:41Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]32003170
229Michael BubléI'll Be Home For Christmas3:39Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]42003160
230Michael BubléWhite Christmas3:59Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]52003189
231Michael BubléLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Live)2:24Let It Snow! (EP) [2007 Bonus Track]62003223
232Michael BubléFever3:52Michael Bublé12003191
233Michael BubléMoondance4:14Michael Bublé22003196
234Michael BubléKissing A Fool4:35Michael Bublé32003181
235Michael BubléFor Once In My Life2:34Michael Bublé42003204
236Michael BubléHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart3:55Michael Bublé52003185
237Michael BubléSummer Wind2:56Michael Bublé62003216
238Michael BubléYou'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine4:04Michael Bublé72003192
239Michael BubléCrazy Little Thing Called Love3:10Michael Bublé82003234
240Michael BubléPut Your Head On My Shoulder4:27Michael Bublé92003175
241Michael BubléSway3:08Michael Bublé102003210
242Michael BubléThe Way You Look Tonight4:39Michael Bublé112003196
243Michael BubléCome Fly With Me3:19Michael Bublé122003197
244Michael BubléThat's All3:59Michael Bublé132003175
245Michael BubléHaven't Met You Yet4:03Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-02182010215
246Michael BubléHollywood3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-10132010239
247Michael BubléHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart4:00TM Century PrimeCuts 528P32003180
248Michael BufferLet's Get Ready To Rumble!0:26Jock Jams, Vol. 111995218
249Michael BurnsForwards7:43Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 1)52004228
250Michael Caine[Speech]0:09Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)21968125
251Michael Caine[Interview]1:29Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)151968125
252Michael CardA Fragile Stone2:42A Fragile Stone12003184
253Michael CardSea Of Souls7:58A Fragile Stone22003220
254Michael CardLiving Stones2:43A Fragile Stone32003146
255Michael CardI Left Everything To Follow You4:36A Fragile Stone42003191
256Michael CardI Am Not Supposed To Be Here3:14A Fragile Stone52003185
257Michael CardNot That Kind Of King3:56A Fragile Stone62003191
258Michael CardStranger On The Shore3:36A Fragile Stone72003179
259Michael CardHis Gaze3:42A Fragile Stone82003193
260Michael CardWalking On The Water2:47A Fragile Stone92003208
261Michael CardMourning The Death Of A Dream2:22A Fragile Stone102003164
262Michael CardSea Of Solos3:45A Fragile Stone112003186
263Michael CardThe Poem of Your Life3:02Poiema11994195
264Michael CardThe Basin and the Towel3:58Poiema21994182
265Michael CardThings We Leave Behind4:13Poiema31994192
266Michael CardEarthly Perfect Harmony2:58Poiema41994178
267Michael CardHome3:34Poiema51994176
268Michael CardLowden's Prayer2:36Poiema61994212
269Michael CardThe Poem of Your Life (Reprise)1:28Poiema71994204
270Michael CardThe Edge5:48Poiema81994207
271Michael CardHope3:24Poiema91994195
272Michael CardBearers of the Light3:57Poiema101994189
273Michael CardThe Greening of Belfast4:27Poiema111994171
274Michael CardFor F. F. B.3:50Poiema121994144
275Michael CardSunrise of Your Smile4:11Poiema131994169
276Michael CardA Violent Grace4:04Soul Anchor12000201
277Michael CardA New and Living Way4:07Soul Anchor22000206
278Michael CardHe Was Heard3:51Soul Anchor32000196
279Michael CardBy Faith5:32Soul Anchor42000198
280Michael CardNever Will I Leave You3:08Soul Anchor52000166
281Michael CardPilgrims to the City of God3:53Soul Anchor62000220
282Michael CardSoul Anchor3:51Soul Anchor72000221
283Michael CardFellow Prisoners3:38Soul Anchor82000195
284Michael CardSeventh Sunrise4:20Soul Anchor92000198
285Michael CardGrace Be With You All3:25Soul Anchor102000159
286Michael CardBe Thou My Vision3:27Starkindler11998179
287Michael CardStarkindler3:49Starkindler21998204
288Michael CardMorning Has Broken3:08Starkindler31998187
289Michael CardI Will Arise And Go To Jesus / Musical Priest3:23Starkindler41998204
290Michael CardLet All Things Now Living3:10Starkindler51998190
291Michael CardThe King Of Love My Shepherd Is2:57Starkindler61998176
292Michael CardJesus, Lover Of My Soul2:56Starkindler71998199
293Michael CardI Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say / Blarney Pilgrim4:49Starkindler81998203
294Michael CardHoly God, We Praise Thy Name2:55Starkindler91998197
295Michael CardBe Thou My Vision (Reprise)3:27Starkindler101998184
296Michael CardPrelude2:56Unveiled Hope11997191
297Michael CardThe Unveiling3:45Unveiled Hope21997196
298Michael CardTo The Overcomers3:56Unveiled Hope31997194
299Michael CardHoly, Holy, Holy2:00Unveiled Hope41997183
300Michael CardYou Are Worthy3:55Unveiled Hope51997197
301Michael CardSalvation2:51Unveiled Hope61997200
302Michael CardInterlude0:30Unveiled Hope71997196
303Michael CardThe Dragon4:08Unveiled Hope81997191
304Michael CardThe Song Of The Lamb3:02Unveiled Hope91997171
305Michael CardThe City Of Doom4:36Unveiled Hope101997195
306Michael CardHallelujah3:35Unveiled Hope111997197
307Michael CardNew Jerusalem4:48Unveiled Hope121997181
308Michael CardReprise1:22Unveiled Hope131997199
309Michael Card & John Michael TalbotOne Faith4:46Brother to Brother11996200
310Michael Card & John Michael TalbotCome Worship the Lord (Psalm 95)5:22Brother to Brother21996175
311Michael Card & John Michael TalbotGlory to Thee (O God of Life)2:57Brother to Brother31996175
312Michael Card & John Michael TalbotImmanuel / Behold Now the Kingdom3:51Brother to Brother41996172
313Michael Card & John Michael TalbotAdvent Suite4:45Brother to Brother51996167
314Michael Card & John Michael TalbotThe Word2:54Brother to Brother61996186
315Michael Card & John Michael TalbotThe Final Word3:01Brother to Brother71996174
316Michael Card & John Michael TalbotWhy4:07Brother to Brother81996171
317Michael Card & John Michael TalbotThe Mystery2:22Brother to Brother91996200
318Michael Card & John Michael TalbotHealer of My Soul3:09Brother to Brother101996176
319Michael Card & John Michael TalbotLive This Mystery3:09Brother to Brother111996172
320Michael Card & John Michael TalbotCome to the Table4:31Brother to Brother121996191
321Michael CrawfordThe Music Of The Night5:13Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold82002188
322Michael CrawfordPut On Your Sunday Clothes1:17WALL-E (OST)12008201
323Michael CrawfordIt Only Takes a Moment1:07WALL-E (OST)362008181
324Michael DamianRock On3:22Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 198982000227
325Michael DamianRock On3:23Teen Riot (Disc 1)92000224
326Michael Franti & SpearheadThe Sound Of Sunshine3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-10202010222
327Michael Gambon & Hans ZimmerThe General2:21Toys (OST)81992195
328Michael GoreTheme from Terms of Endearment3:30Terms of Endearment (OST)91983179
329Michael Gore & Dean PitchfordFame1:12Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)331996195
330Michael GrayThe Weekend3:12Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)112005222
331Michael Henderson'Til You Love Somebody4:00About Last Night (OST)81986213
332Michael HendersonWide Receiver5:20The Buddah Box (Disc 3)141993216
333Michael HightowerBaby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style3:33  2007192
334Michael HollidayPalace Of Love2:10Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)22002126
335Michael JacksonBad4:07Bad11987218
336Michael JacksonThe Way You Make Me Feel4:58Bad21987222
337Michael JacksonSpeed Demon4:00Bad31987214
338Michael JacksonLiberian Girl3:53Bad41987190
339Michael JacksonJust Good Friends4:07Bad51987207
340Michael JacksonAnother Part Of Me3:54Bad61987219
341Michael JacksonMan In The Mirror5:19Bad71987197
342Michael JacksonI Just Can't Stop Loving You4:13Bad81987192
343Michael JacksonDirty Diana4:41Bad91987208
344Michael JacksonSmooth Criminal4:20Bad101987218
345Michael JacksonLeave Me Alone4:39Bad111987218
346Michael JacksonBen2:46Ben11972183
347Michael JacksonGreatest Show On Earth2:50Ben21972206
348Michael JacksonPeople Make The World Go 'Round3:16Ben31972198
349Michael JacksonWe've Got A Good Thing Going3:05Ben41972176
350Michael JacksonEverybody's Somebody's Fool3:01Ben51972196
351Michael JacksonMy Girl3:10Ben61972202
352Michael JacksonWhat Goes Around Comes Around3:34Ben71972217
353Michael JacksonIn Our Small Way3:40Ben81972198
354Michael JacksonShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day3:22Ben91972196
355Michael JacksonYou Can Cry On My Shoulder2:39Ben101972205
356Michael JacksonBlood On The Dance Floor4:14Blood On The Dance Floor11997213
357Michael JacksonMorphine6:28Blood On The Dance Floor21997225
358Michael JacksonSuperfly Sister6:27Blood On The Dance Floor31997237
359Michael JacksonGhosts5:13Blood On The Dance Floor41997224
360Michael JacksonIs It Scary5:35Blood On The Dance Floor51997215
361Michael JacksonScream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix)5:26Blood On The Dance Floor61997200
362Michael JacksonMoney (Fire Island Radio Edit)4:22Blood On The Dance Floor71997223
363Michael Jackson2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)3:33Blood On The Dance Floor81997187
364Michael JacksonStranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix)6:54Blood On The Dance Floor91997224
365Michael JacksonThis Time Around (D.m. Radio Mix)4:04Blood On The Dance Floor101997222
366Michael JacksonEarth Song (Hani's Club Experience)7:55Blood On The Dance Floor111997208
367Michael JacksonYou Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix)7:37Blood On The Dance Floor121997239
368Michael JacksonHistory (Tony Moran's History Lesson)8:00Blood On The Dance Floor131997200
369Michael JacksonJam5:39Dangerous11992215
370Michael JacksonWhy You Wanna Trip On Me5:25Dangerous21992208
371Michael JacksonIn The Closet6:32Dangerous31992191
372Michael JacksonShe Drives Me Wild3:42Dangerous41992215
373Michael JacksonRemember The Time4:00Dangerous51992209
374Michael JacksonCan't Let Her Get Away5:02Dangerous61992214
375Michael JacksonHeal The World6:24Dangerous71992211
376Michael JacksonBlack or White4:16Dangerous81992216
377Michael JacksonWho Is It6:35Dangerous91992208
378Michael JacksonGive In To Me5:28Dangerous101992218
379Michael JacksonWill You Be There7:40Dangerous111992211
380Michael JacksonKeep The Faith5:57Dangerous121992204
381Michael JacksonGone Too Soon3:22Dangerous131992184
382Michael JacksonDangerous7:00Dangerous141992213
383Michael JacksonWe're Almost There3:44Forever, Michael11975224
384Michael JacksonTake Me Back3:25Forever, Michael21975213
385Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life4:17Forever, Michael31975195
386Michael JacksonCinderella Stay Awhile3:10Forever, Michael41975203
387Michael JacksonWe've Got Forever3:13Forever, Michael51975195
388Michael JacksonJust A Little Bit Of You3:13Forever, Michael61975207
389Michael JacksonYou Are There3:24Forever, Michael71975198
390Michael JacksonDapper-Dan3:12Forever, Michael81975208
391Michael JacksonDear Michael2:38Forever, Michael91975190
392Michael JacksonI'll Come Home To You3:02Forever, Michael101975192
393Michael JacksonAin't No Sunshine4:13Got To Be There11972204
394Michael JacksonI Wanna Be Where You Are3:02Got To Be There21972204
395Michael JacksonGirl Don't Take You Love From Me3:51Got To Be There31972201
396Michael JacksonIn Our Small Way3:41Got To Be There41972197
397Michael JacksonGot To Be There3:24Got To Be There51972200
398Michael JacksonRockin' Robin2:34Got To Be There61972200
399Michael JacksonWings Of My Love3:25Got To Be There71972181
400Michael JacksonMaria (You Were The Only One)3:43Got To Be There81972195
401Michael JacksonLove Is Here And Now You're Gone2:54Got To Be There91972183
402Michael JacksonYou've Got A Friend4:53Got To Be There101972213
403Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life4:11Heart & Soul101989232
404Michael JacksonBillie Jean4:54HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)11995210
405Michael JacksonThe Way You Make Me Feel4:57HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)21995229
406Michael JacksonBlack Or White4:15HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)31995215
407Michael JacksonRock With You3:40HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)41995215
408Michael JacksonShe's Out of My Life3:38HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)51995167
409Michael JacksonBad4:07HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)61995230
410Michael JacksonI Just Can't Stop Loving You4:12HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)71995196
411Michael JacksonMan In The Mirror5:19HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)81995208
412Michael JacksonThriller5:57HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)91995217
413Michael JacksonBeat It4:19HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)101995225
414Michael JacksonThe Girl Is Mine3:41HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)111995211
415Michael JacksonRemember The Time3:59HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)121995204
416Michael JacksonDon't Stop 'Til You Get Enough6:05HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)131995220
417Michael JacksonWanna Be Startin' Somethin'6:04HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)141995232
418Michael JacksonHeal The World6:24HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 1)151995215
419Michael JacksonScream (Duet With Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson)4:39HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)11995229
420Michael JacksonThey Don't Care About Us4:44HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)21995213
421Michael JacksonStranger In Moscow5:44HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)31995204
422Michael JacksonThis Time Around4:21HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)41995195
423Michael JacksonEarth Song6:46HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)51995221
424Michael JacksonD.S.4:49HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)61995222
425Michael JacksonMoney4:41HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)71995216
426Michael JacksonCome Together4:02HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)81995199
427Michael JacksonYou Are Not Alone5:45HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)91995191
428Michael JacksonChildhood (Theme From "Free Willy 2")4:28HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)101995175
429Michael JacksonTabloid Junkie4:32HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)111995212
430Michael Jackson2 Bad4:49HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)121995222
431Michael JacksonHIStory6:34HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)131995199
432Michael JacksonLittle Susie6:13HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)141995181
433Michael JacksonSmile4:55HIStory - Past, Present And Future, Book 1 (Disc 2)151995181
434Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life4:13Hit History Vol. 27 198161990198
435Michael JacksonGot To Be There3:25Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)11993189
436Michael JacksonBen2:47Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)51993168
437Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life4:18Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 3)31993181
438Michael JacksonUnbreakable6:26Invincible12001214
439Michael JacksonHeartbreaker5:09Invincible22001231
440Michael JacksonInvicible4:46Invincible32001210
441Michael JacksonBreak Of Dawn5:32Invincible42001218
442Michael JacksonHeaven Can Wait4:50Invincible52001210
443Michael JacksonYou Rock My World5:39Invincible62001217
444Michael JacksonButterflies4:40Invincible72001212
445Michael JacksonSpeechless3:18Invincible82001186
446Michael Jackson2000 Watts4:24Invincible92001219
447Michael JacksonYou Are My Life4:33Invincible102001199
448Michael JacksonPrivacy5:05Invincible112001233
449Michael JacksonDon't Walk Away4:24Invincible122001190
450Michael JacksonCry5:00Invincible132001211
451Michael JacksonThe Lost Children4:00Invincible142001212
452Michael JacksonWhatever Happens4:56Invincible152001207
453Michael JacksonThreatened4:18Invincible162001208
454Michael JacksonHold My Hand (duet with Akon)3:33Michael12010201
455Michael JacksonHollywood Tonight4:31Michael22010209
456Michael JacksonKeep Your Head Up4:51Michael32010219
457Michael Jackson(I Like) The Way You Love Me4:34Michael42010223
458Michael JacksonMonster (feat. 50 Cent)5:06Michael52010239
459Michael JacksonBest Of Joy3:03Michael62010198
460Michael JacksonBreaking News4:14Michael72010219
461Michael Jackson(I Can't Make It) Another Day (feat. Lenny Kravitz)3:55Michael82010218
462Michael JacksonBehind The Mask5:02Michael92010219
463Michael JacksonMuch Too Soon2:48Michael102010179
464Michael JacksonFarewell My Summer Love3:41More Summer11994214
465Michael JacksonWith A Child's Heart3:32Music & Me11973186
466Michael JacksonUp Again2:49Music & Me21973209
467Michael JacksonAll The Things You Are2:59Music & Me31973205
468Michael JacksonHappy (Love Theme From 'Lady Sings The Blues')3:25Music & Me41973210
469Michael JacksonToo Young3:36Music & Me51973193
470Michael JacksonDoggin' Around2:54Music & Me61973199
471Michael JacksonJohnny Raven3:34Music & Me71973195
472Michael JacksonEuphoria2:50Music & Me81973205
473Michael JacksonMorning Glow3:38Music & Me91973210
474Michael JacksonMusic And Me2:34Music & Me101973200
475Michael JacksonDon't Stop 'Til You Get Enough6:06Off The Wall11979215
476Michael JacksonRock With You3:40Off The Wall21979212
477Michael JacksonWorking Day And Night5:14Off The Wall31979225
478Michael JacksonGet On The Floor4:39Off The Wall41979219
479Michael JacksonOff The Wall4:06Off The Wall51979211
480Michael JacksonGirlfriend3:05Off The Wall61979201
481Michael JacksonShe's Out Of My Life3:38Off The Wall71979170
482Michael JacksonI Can't Help It4:30Off The Wall81979199
483Michael JacksonIt's The Falling In Love3:48Off The Wall91979204
484Michael JacksonBurn This Disco Out3:41Off The Wall101979219
485Michael JacksonThriller5:19Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man22001219
486Michael JacksonDon't Stop 'Til You Get Enough6:04Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man122001218
487Michael JacksonCaptain EO17:43Rock 1986128
488Michael JacksonLittle Christmas Tree3:36Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)171995195
489Michael JacksonBen2:47Teen Idols Of The 70's91999178
490Michael JacksonRockin' Robin2:34Teen Idols Of The 70's121999202
491Michael JacksonWanna Be Startin' Somethin'6:03Thriller11982224
492Michael JacksonBaby Be Mine4:20Thriller21982204
493Michael JacksonThe Girl Is Mine (feat. Paul McCartney)3:42Thriller31982203
494Michael JacksonThriller5:59Thriller41982210
495Michael JacksonBeat It4:18Thriller51982215
496Michael JacksonBillie Jean4:54Thriller61982210
497Michael JacksonHuman Nature4:06Thriller71982213
498Michael JacksonP.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)3:59Thriller81982207
499Michael JacksonThe Lady In My Life4:59Thriller91982197
500Michael JacksonMan In The Mirror5:06TM Century GoldDisc Update 3111991198
501Michael JacksonOne Day In Your Life4:10Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)172001202
502Michael JacksonGone Too Soon3:23Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)31997230
503Michael JacksonWe Are Here To Change The World (From "Captain EO")2:53Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)112004223
504Michael JohnsonBluer Than Blue2:53Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)221993175
505Michael JohnsonBluer Than Blue3:00Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 21101993169
506Michael JohnsonWorth The Trouble3:20Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)171997203
507Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraThe Cavern of Cardinal Richelien (Overture-Passacaille)2:58The Three Musketeers (OST)21993193
508Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraD'Artagman (Galliard & Air)3:19The Three Musketeers (OST)31993193
509Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraAthos, Porthos and Aramis (Courante)5:24The Three Musketeers (OST)41993193
510Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraSword Fight (Bransle)3:20The Three Musketeers (OST)51993192
511Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraLoius XIII, Queen Anne and Constance-Lady In Waiting (Gavotte)5:05The Three Musketeers (OST)61993189
512Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraThe Cardinal's Coach (Estampie)4:45The Three Musketeers (OST)71993203
513Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraCannonballs (Rigadoon)3:29The Three Musketeers (OST)81993193
514Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraM' Lady DeWinter (Lament)4:16The Three Musketeers (OST)91993190
515Michael Kamen and The Greater Los Angeles All Star OrchestraThe Fourth Muskateer (Concert Royaux)5:19The Three Musketeers (OST)101993193
516Michael M. MurpheyWildfire (45 Version)3:21TM Century GoldDisc Update 9101991199
517Michael MarkEntertainment Tonight1:29Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)491990200
518Michael Martin MurpheyLone Cowboy3:12Buckaroo Blue Grass12009223
519Michael Martin MurpheyWhat Am I Doing Hanging Around3:09Buckaroo Blue Grass22009228
520Michael Martin MurpheyLost River3:17Buckaroo Blue Grass32009214
521Michael Martin MurpheyCarolina In The Pines4:36Buckaroo Blue Grass42009234
522Michael Martin MurpheyCherokee Fiddle4:21Buckaroo Blue Grass52009217
523Michael Martin MurpheyDancing In The Meadow3:45Buckaroo Blue Grass62009222
524Michael Martin MurpheyHealing Spring4:57Buckaroo Blue Grass72009212
525Michael Martin MurpheyFiddlin' Man4:25Buckaroo Blue Grass82009223
526Michael Martin MurpheyBoy From The Country4:23Buckaroo Blue Grass92009211
527Michael Martin MurpheyWild Bird2:56Buckaroo Blue Grass102009218
528Michael Martin MurpheyClose To The Land (America's Heartland)4:26Buckaroo Blue Grass112009198
529Michael Martin MurpheyCowboy Logic3:35Cowboy Songs11990225
530Michael Martin MurpheyI Ride An Old Paint/Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo, Git Along Little Doggies3:01Cowboy Songs21990229
531Michael Martin MurpheyTumbling Tumbleweeds2:20Cowboy Songs31990209
532Michael Martin MurpheyTying Knots In The Devil's Tail3:06Cowboy Songs41990234
533Michael Martin MurpheyThe Old Chisholm Trail4:46Cowboy Songs51990243
534Michael Martin MurpheyHome On The Range3:31Cowboy Songs61990210
535Michael Martin MurpheyWhat Am I Doing Here3:02Cowboy Songs71990206
536Michael Martin MurpheyWild Ripplin' Waters1:47Cowboy Songs81990200
537Michael Martin MurpheyThe Yellow Rose Of Texas3:00Cowboy Songs91990225
538Michael Martin MurpheySpanish Is The Lovin' Tongue5:41Cowboy Songs101990204
539Michael Martin MurpheyCowboy Pride2:51Cowboy Songs111990203
540Michael Martin MurpheyRed River Valley3:31Cowboy Songs121990209
541Michael Martin MurpheyLet The Cowboy Dance3:01Cowboy Songs131990230
542Michael Martin MurpheyJack Of Diamonds1:13Cowboy Songs141990197
543Michael Martin MurpheyTexas Rangers3:21Cowboy Songs151990212
544Michael Martin MurpheyWhen The Work's All Done This Fall3:18Cowboy Songs161990226
545Michael Martin MurpheyThe Streets Of Laredo4:06Cowboy Songs171990215
546Michael Martin MurpheyO Bury Me Not On The Lone Prarie3:02Cowboy Songs181990172
547Michael Martin MurpheyWhere Do Cowboys Go When They Die / Reincarnation3:42Cowboy Songs191990217
548Michael Martin MurpheyGoodby Old Paint2:13Cowboy Songs201990217
549Michael Martin MurpheyHappy Trails2:17Cowboy Songs211990209
550Michael Martin MurpheyBig Iron (Duet With Marty Robbins)4:08Cowboy Songs III11993238
551Michael Martin MurpheyRhymes Of The Renegades4:35Cowboy Songs III21993236
552Michael Martin MurpheyRiders In The Sky3:28Cowboy Songs III31993230
553Michael Martin MurpheyEl Paso4:53Cowboy Songs III41993220
554Michael Martin MurpheySonora's Death Row4:30Cowboy Songs III51993242
555Michael Martin MurpheyBallad Of Billy The Kid4:03Cowboy Songs III61993243
556Michael Martin MurpheyBilly Gray (Duet With Debbie Nims)4:11Cowboy Songs III71993224
557Michael Martin MurpheyRoses And Thorns (Duet With Ryan Murphey)4:18Cowboy Songs III81993231
558Michael Martin MurpheyStrawberry Roan (Duet With Chris LeDoux)3:44Cowboy Songs III91993240
559Michael Martin MurpheyThe Wild West Is Gonna Get Wilder4:28Cowboy Songs III101993231
560Michael Martin MurpheyThe Ballad Of Jesse James4:18Cowboy Songs III111993235
561Michael Martin MurpheyFrank James' Farewell (Duet With Hal Ketchum)3:41Cowboy Songs III121993238
562Michael Martin MurpheyCole Younger3:57Cowboy Songs III131993236
563Michael Martin MurpheyBelle Star (Duet With Bill Miller)6:02Cowboy Songs III141993234
564Michael Martin MurpheyQueen Of Heartaches4:23Cowboy Songs III151993234
565Michael Martin MurpheySam Bass4:51Cowboy Songs III161993225
566Michael Martin MurpheyBirmingham Jail4:52Cowboy Songs III171993238
567Michael Martin MurpheyStill Taking Chances4:09The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock91996201
568Michael Martin MurpheyCarolina In The Pines4:10The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey11995203
569Michael Martin MurpheyGeronimo's Cadillac5:26The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey21995187
570Michael Martin MurpheyCherokee Fiddle5:38The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey31995205
571Michael Martin MurpheyStill Taking Chances4:11The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey41995197
572Michael Martin MurpheyWhat's Forever For2:51The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey51995184
573Michael Martin MurpheyWildfire5:07The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey61995198
574Michael Martin MurpheyWhat She Wants3:45The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey71995184
575Michael Martin MurpheyLove Affairs3:33The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey81995195
576Michael Martin MurpheyDisenchanted4:34The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey91995179
577Michael Martin MurpheyDon't Count The Rainy Days3:24The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey101995205
578Michael Martin MurpheyWill It Be Love By Morning2:26The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey111995194
579Michael Martin MurpheyRadio Land4:01The Best Of Michael Martin Murphey121995179
580Michael McDonaldPlayin' By The Rules5:00If That's What It Takes11982203
581Michael McDonaldI Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)3:43If That's What It Takes21982190
582Michael McDonaldLove Lies3:25If That's What It Takes31982200
583Michael McDonaldI Gotta Try3:55If That's What It Takes41982185
584Michael McDonaldI Can Let Go Now2:56If That's What It Takes51982179
585Michael McDonaldThat's Why4:26If That's What It Takes61982196
586Michael McDonaldIf That's What It Takes4:20If That's What It Takes71982189
587Michael McDonaldNo Such Luck3:48If That's What It Takes81982169
588Michael McDonaldLosin' End4:15If That's What It Takes91982184
589Michael McDonaldBelieve In It4:41If That's What It Takes101982196
590Michael McDonaldI Heard It Through The Grapevine3:44Motown12003214
591Michael McDonaldYou Are Everything2:48Motown22003205
592Michael McDonaldSigned Sealed Delivered4:07Motown32003214
593Michael McDonaldI'm Gonna Make You Love Me3:56Motown42003209
594Michael McDonaldAin't Nothing Like The Real Thing2:48Motown52003210
595Michael McDonaldReflections3:22Motown62003216
596Michael McDonaldHow Sweet It Is5:21Motown72003200
597Michael McDonaldAin't No Mountain High Enough2:49Motown82003224
598Michael McDonaldAll In Love Is Fair3:31Motown92003192
599Michael McDonaldI Want You4:27Motown102003225
600Michael McDonaldDistant Lover4:20Motown112003205
601Michael McDonaldI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)5:05Motown122003215
602Michael McDonaldSince I Lost My Baby4:34Motown132003171
603Michael McDonaldToo High5:25Motown142003206
604Michael McDonaldYou're All I Need To Get By3:32Motown Two12004218
605Michael McDonaldI Was Made To Love Her3:11Motown Two22004213
606Michael McDonaldReach Out, I'll Be There3:42Motown Two32004220
607Michael McDonaldStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)3:49Motown Two42004204
608Michael McDonaldBaby I Need Your Lovin'3:19Motown Two52004216
609Michael McDonaldLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever3:37Motown Two62004222
610Michael McDonaldTracks Of My Tears3:37Motown Two72004204
611Michael McDonaldWhat's Goin' On4:03Motown Two82004216
612Michael McDonaldSecond That Emotion3:30Motown Two92004211
613Michael McDonaldAfter The Dance3:43Motown Two102004209
614Michael McDonaldNowhere To Run3:13Motown Two112004226
615Michael McDonaldTuesday Heartbreak3:23Motown Two122004207
616Michael McDonaldMercy Mercy Me3:32Motown Two132004217
617Michael McDonaldBaby I'm For Real3:43Motown Two142004203
618Michael McDonaldNo Lookin' Back3:56No Lookin' Back11985220
619Michael McDonaldBad Times4:21No Lookin' Back21985214
620Michael McDonald(I'll Be Your) Angel3:53No Lookin' Back31985217
621Michael McDonaldBy Heart4:35No Lookin' Back41985215
622Michael McDonaldAny Foolish Thing4:23No Lookin' Back51985204
623Michael McDonaldOur Love4:30No Lookin' Back61985198
624Michael McDonald(I Hang) On Your Every Word3:22No Lookin' Back71985210
625Michael McDonaldLost In The Parade3:49No Lookin' Back81985209
626Michael McDonaldDon't Let Me Down4:01No Lookin' Back91985221
627Michael McDonaldI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)4:05Soul Speak12008232
628Michael McDonaldLiving For The City5:00Soul Speak22008210
629Michael McDonaldLove T.K.O.5:01Soul Speak32008209
630Michael McDonaldWalk On By2:46Soul Speak42008192
631Michael McDonaldStill Not Over You (Getting Over Me)3:57Soul Speak52008206
632Michael McDonaldFor Once In My Life3:39Soul Speak62008222
633Michael McDonaldInto The Mystic4:12Soul Speak72008199
634Michael McDonaldHallelujah5:01Soul Speak82008190
635Michael McDonaldEnemy Within4:06Soul Speak92008196
636Michael McDonald(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher3:05Soul Speak102008209
637Michael McDonaldOnly God Can Help Me Now5:02Soul Speak112008183
638Michael McDonaldBaby Can I Change My Mind3:42Soul Speak122008223
639Michael McDonaldRedemption Song3:59Soul Speak132008187
640Michael McDonaldYou Don't Know Me3:12Soul Speak142008170
641Michael McDonaldI Can Let Go Now2:56The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)15 178
642Michael McDonaldNo Lookin' Back3:51The Very Best Of Michael McDonald12001229
643Michael McDonaldI Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)3:42The Very Best Of Michael McDonald22001199
644Michael McDonaldI Gotta Try3:53The Very Best Of Michael McDonald32001190
645Michael McDonaldOur Love (Theme From "No Mercy") (Single Version)4:22The Very Best Of Michael McDonald42001209
646Michael McDonaldYah Mo B There (With James Ingram) (Single Version)4:32The Very Best Of Michael McDonald52001195
647Michael McDonaldOn My Own (With Patti LaBelle)4:39The Very Best Of Michael McDonald62001197
648Michael McDonaldBy Heart4:37The Very Best Of Michael McDonald72001226
649Michael McDonaldBad Times4:23The Very Best Of Michael McDonald82001218
650Michael McDonaldMatters Of The Heart4:29The Very Best Of Michael McDonald92001195
651Michael McDonaldSweet Freedom (Single Version)4:05The Very Best Of Michael McDonald102001234
652Michael McDonaldGet The Word Started5:40The Very Best Of Michael McDonald112001200
653Michael McDonaldAny Foolish Thing4:24The Very Best Of Michael McDonald122001210
654Michael McDonaldTake It To Heart5:54The Very Best Of Michael McDonald132001212
655Michael McDonaldHigher Ground4:03The Very Best Of Michael McDonald142001210
656Michael McDonaldLost In The Parade3:49The Very Best Of Michael McDonald152001213
657Michael McDonaldBlink Of An Eye4:53The Very Best Of Michael McDonald162001214
658Michael McDonald and Chaka KhanTime To Be Lovers4:47Beverly Hills 90210 (OST)101992184
659Michael MishThe Air3:05Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)121997195
660Michael MurpheyWildfire4:48Blue Sky Night Thunder11975195
661Michael MurpheyCarolina in the Pines3:57Blue Sky Night Thunder21975206
662Michael MurpheyDesert Rat3:54Blue Sky Night Thunder31975192
663Michael MurpheyWild Bird2:25Blue Sky Night Thunder41975202
664Michael MurpheyBlue Sky Riding Song3:34Blue Sky Night Thunder51975214
665Michael MurpheyMedicine Man3:52Blue Sky Night Thunder61975205
666Michael MurpheySecret Mountain Hideout4:01Blue Sky Night Thunder71975206
667Michael MurpheyWithout My Lady There2:36Blue Sky Night Thunder81975188
668Michael MurpheyNight Thunder2:48Blue Sky Night Thunder91975196
669Michael MurpheyRings of Life3:21Blue Sky Night Thunder101975186
670Michael MurpheyWildfire3:18Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 14101990202
671Michael MurpheyWildfire4:46Van Inkel's Choice51993197
672Michael NesmithRio5:22Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)21992210
673Michael Nesmith & The First National BandSilver Moon3:12Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)101992220
674Michael Nesmith & The First National BandJoanne3:13Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)41995191
675Michael NymanGattaca The Morrow3:10This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)171999205
676Michael O'BrienIf I Said Nothing3:43Conviction11996209
677Michael O'BrienAnd The Story Goes On4:57Conviction21996189
678Michael O'Brien1st Peter3:35Conviction31996184
679Michael O'BrienLeast That I Can Do4:01Conviction41996218
680Michael O'BrienAll Is Forgiven4:20Conviction51996183
681Michael O'BrienThink About You3:48Conviction61996228
682Michael O'BrienConviction3:29Conviction71996219
683Michael O'BrienWhat Held You On The Cross4:48Conviction81996181
684Michael O'BrienYours To Keep3:43Conviction91996187
685Michael O'BrienSomewhere Beyond The Moon3:51Conviction101996171
686Michael Parrott (Birdman)Ambient Stress3:03 321998128
687Michael Parrott (Birdman)Idle Worship5:25 321998128
688Michael Parrott (Birdman)Plains4:27 321998128
689Michael PennMacy Day Parade4:18Godzilla (OST)71998201
690Michael PennNo Myth4:09Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)32005222
691Michael Penn & Patrick WarrenThe Big Top (Theme From Boogie Nights)9:58Boogie Nights (OST)131997188
692Michael PetersonLost In The Shuffle3:36Michael Peterson11997230
693Michael PetersonLove's Great2:41Michael Peterson21997226
694Michael PetersonWhen The Bartender Cries3:42Michael Peterson31997191
695Michael PetersonDrink, Swear, Steal & Lie3:01Michael Peterson41997215
696Michael PetersonI Finally Passed The Bar3:42Michael Peterson51997199
697Michael PetersonFrom Here To Eternity3:36Michael Peterson61997197
698Michael PetersonThat's What They Said About The Buffalo3:31Michael Peterson71997212
699Michael PetersonToo Good To Be True3:19Michael Peterson81997229
700Michael PetersonSince I Thought I Knew It All3:34Michael Peterson91997201
701Michael PetersonBy The Book3:02Michael Peterson101997217
702Michael PetersonFor A Song6:15Michael Peterson111997177
703Michael PraetoriusWilson's Wilde/Mistress Winter's Jump2:50In Classical Mood - 12 - An Invitation To Dance121997175
704The Michael Schenker GroupAssault Attack4:18Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]11982187
705The Michael Schenker GroupRock You To The Ground5:43Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]21982200
706The Michael Schenker GroupDancer4:42Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]31982225
707The Michael Schenker GroupSamurai5:10Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]41982181
708The Michael Schenker GroupDesert Song5:52Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]51982195
709The Michael Schenker GroupBroken Promises6:15Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]61982198
710The Michael Schenker GroupSearching For A Reason3:48Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]71982190
711The Michael Schenker GroupUlcer3:53Assault Attack [1996 Remaster]81982195
712The Michael Schenker GroupRock My Nights Away4:36Built To Destroy [Remastered]11983220
713The Michael Schenker GroupI'm Gonna Make You Mine4:36Built To Destroy [Remastered]21983219
714The Michael Schenker GroupThe Dogs Of War4:51Built To Destroy [Remastered]31983202
715The Michael Schenker GroupSystems Failing4:18Built To Destroy [Remastered]41983214
716The Michael Schenker GroupCaptian Nemo3:22Built To Destroy [Remastered]51983221
717The Michael Schenker GroupStill Love That Little Devil3:40Built To Destroy [Remastered]61983222
718The Michael Schenker GroupRed Sky5:04Built To Destroy [Remastered]71983206
719The Michael Schenker GroupTime Waits (For No One)4:04Built To Destroy [Remastered]81983210
720The Michael Schenker GroupWalk The Stage5:39Built To Destroy [Remastered]91983199
721The Michael Schenker GroupAre You Ready to Rock3:27MSG11981205
722The Michael Schenker GroupAttack of the Mad Axeman4:20MSG21981212
723The Michael Schenker GroupOn and On4:42MSG31981205
724The Michael Schenker GroupLet Sleeping Dogs Lie5:25MSG41981202
725The Michael Schenker GroupBut I Want More7:00MSG51981214
726The Michael Schenker GroupNever Trust a Stranger4:28MSG61981204
727The Michael Schenker GroupLooking For Love4:05MSG71981199
728The Michael Schenker GroupSecondary Motion3:45MSG81981213
729The Michael Schenker GroupArmed And Ready6:23One Night At Bodukan11981187
730The Michael Schenker GroupCry For The Nation5:30One Night At Bodukan21981192
731The Michael Schenker GroupAttack Of The Mad Axeman5:03One Night At Bodukan31981189
732The Michael Schenker GroupVictim Of Illusion5:14One Night At Bodukan41981188
733The Michael Schenker GroupInto The Arena5:52One Night At Bodukan51981194
734The Michael Schenker GroupOn And On5:30One Night At Bodukan61981192
735The Michael Schenker GroupNever Trust A Stranger5:39One Night At Bodukan71981181
736The Michael Schenker GroupLet Sleeping Dogs Lie7:10One Night At Bodukan81981193
737The Michael Schenker GroupCourvoisier3:36One Night At Bodukan91981196
738The Michael Schenker GroupLost Horizons7:31One Night At Bodukan101981191
739The Michael Schenker GroupDoctor Doctor5:56One Night At Bodukan111981195
740The Michael Schenker GroupAre You Ready To Rock7:16One Night At Bodukan121981185
741The Michael Schenker GroupCaptian Nemo3:48Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]11984229
742The Michael Schenker GroupRock My Nights Away4:13Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]21984226
743The Michael Schenker GroupAre You Ready To Rock4:33Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]31984225
744The Michael Schenker GroupAttack Of The Mad Axeman4:24Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]41984218
745The Michael Schenker GroupInto The Arena4:12Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]51984235
746The Michael Schenker GroupRock Will Never Die5:25Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]61984204
747The Michael Schenker GroupDesert Song5:47Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]71984232
748The Michael Schenker GroupI'm Gonna Make You Mine5:17Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]81984248
749The Michael Schenker GroupDoctor, Doctor5:24Rock Will Never Die [1996 Remaster]91984228
750The Michael Schenker GroupArmed And Ready4:08The Michael Schenker Group11980180
751The Michael Schenker GroupCry For The Nations5:10The Michael Schenker Group21980193
752The Michael Schenker GroupVictim Of Illusion4:45The Michael Schenker Group31980188
753The Michael Schenker GroupBijou Pleasurette2:18The Michael Schenker Group41980197
754The Michael Schenker GroupFeels Like A Good Thing3:45The Michael Schenker Group51980188
755The Michael Schenker GroupInto The Arena4:11The Michael Schenker Group61980203
756The Michael Schenker GroupLooking Out From Nowhere4:33The Michael Schenker Group71980178
757The Michael Schenker GroupTales Of Mystery3:17The Michael Schenker Group81980186
758The Michael Schenker GroupLost Horizons7:05The Michael Schenker Group91980176
759Michael SembelloManiac4:20Casablanca Records Greatest Hits121996207
760Michael SembelloManiac4:19Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 1) (Gotta Go Disco)111995209
761Michael SembelloManiac4:19Disco Nights, Vol. 8: Dance Floor Hits21995214
762Michael SembelloManiac4:04Flashdance (OST)101983180
763Michael SembelloManiac4:11Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)182002190
764Michael SembelloManiac4:18The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)13 212
765Michael ShambergAmerica's Most Wanted1:11Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)481996138
766Michael TaveraRobotropolis/Opening Credits (Score)1:03Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)11993320
767Michael TaveraSally By His Side1:03Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)21993320
768Michael TaveraBurning Way Past Cool1:04Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)31993320
769Michael TaveraGonna Have A Party (Version 1)1:03Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)41993320
770Michael TaveraGonna Have A Party (Version 2)1:04Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)51993320
771Michael TaveraSuper Sonic1:03Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)61993320
772Michael TaveraRobotropolis Battle Theme (Score)1:04Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)71993320
773Michael TaveraFreedom Fighter Victory Theme 1 (Score)1:02Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)81993320
774Michael TaveraFreedom Fighter Victory Theme 2 (Score)1:04Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)91993320
775Michael TaveraFastest Thing Alive (Extended Version)1:51Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)111993320
776Michael TaveraRobotropolis Main Theme (Score)1:00Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) (OST)101993320
777Michael W. SmithPicture Perfect3:59Change Your World11992224
778Michael W. SmithLove One Another4:55Change Your World21992221
779Michael W. SmithI Will Be Here For You4:35Change Your World31992212
780Michael W. SmithColor Blind5:17Change Your World41992229
781Michael W. SmithSomewhere Somehow4:17Change Your World51992196
782Michael W. SmithCross Of Gold4:36Change Your World61992235
783Michael W. SmithOut Of This World4:25Change Your World71992229
784Michael W. SmithSomebody Love Me4:00Change Your World81992198
785Michael W. SmithGive it Away5:08Change Your World91992198
786Michael W. SmithI Wanna Tell The World4:29Change Your World101992226
787Michael W. SmithFriends4:41Change Your World111992200
788Michael W. SmithOverture/O Come All Ye Faithful5:40Christmas11989190
789Michael W. SmithLux Venit3:28Christmas21989186
790Michael W. SmithAnthem For Christmas3:11Christmas31989174
791Michael W. SmithFirst Snowfall2:44Christmas41989182
792Michael W. SmithChrist The Messiah3:58Christmas51989183
793Michael W. SmithNo Eye Had Seen2:53Christmas61989176
794Michael W. SmithAll Is Well4:08Christmas71989184
795Michael W. SmithMemoirs: A Trilogy The Voice, Good King Wenceslaus, Hark The Herald Angels Sing4:28Christmas81989190
796Michael W. SmithGloria5:03Christmas91989192
797Michael W. SmithSilent Night1:33Christmas101989185
798Michael W. SmithFreedom3:37Freedom12000190
799Michael W. SmithThe Offering1:26Freedom22000159
800Michael W. SmithCarol Ann3:34Freedom32000188
801Michael W. SmithThe Giving3:18Freedom42000192
802Michael W. SmithHibernia4:47Freedom52000202
803Michael W. SmithLetter to Sarah1:45Freedom62000174
804Michael W. SmithFreedom Battle4:33Freedom72000195
805Michael W. SmithCry of the Heart2:23Freedom82000159
806Michael W. SmithPrayer for Taylor3:01Freedom92000196
807Michael W. SmithThe Call5:02Freedom102000215
808Michael W. SmithThy Word3:30Freedom112000204
809Michael W. SmithFree Man3:56Freedom122000199
810Michael W. SmithGo West Young Man4:01Go West Young Man11990216
811Michael W. SmithLove Crusade4:24Go West Young Man21990218
812Michael W. SmithPlace In This World4:01Go West Young Man31990197
813Michael W. SmithFor You4:10Go West Young Man41990216
814Michael W. SmithHow Long Will Be Too Long4:37Go West Young Man51990203
815Michael W. SmithSeed To Sow6:14Go West Young Man61990212
816Michael W. SmithCross My Heart4:37Go West Young Man71990201
817Michael W. SmithEmily4:18Go West Young Man81990193
818Michael W. SmithAgnus Dei5:09Go West Young Man91990197
819Michael W. Smith19901:40Go West Young Man101990196
820Michael W. SmithHere I Am5:10Healing Rain12004226
821Michael W. SmithHealing Rain4:59Healing Rain22004228
822Michael W. SmithLive Forever5:19Healing Rain32004221
823Michael W. SmithHang On4:13Healing Rain42004252
824Michael W. SmithFly To The Moon5:20Healing Rain52004225
825Michael W. SmithHuman Spark4:50Healing Rain62004219
826Michael W. SmithWe Can't Wait Any Longer4:42Healing Rain72004217
827Michael W. SmithI Am Love3:56Healing Rain82004210
828Michael W. SmithBridge Over Troubled Water4:44Healing Rain92004204
829Michael W. SmithEagles Fly3:08Healing Rain102004239
830Michael W. SmithAll I Want4:33Healing Rain112004193
831Michael W. SmithHand Of Providence4:35i 2 (eye)11988185
832Michael W. SmithSecret Ambition6:27i 2 (eye)21988192
833Michael W. SmithOn The Other Side3:44i 2 (eye)31988188
834Michael W. SmithAll You're Missin' Is A Heartache5:44i 2 (eye)41988191
835Michael W. SmithI Miss The Way4:35i 2 (eye)51988170
836Michael W. SmithLive And Learn6:19i 2 (eye)61988184
837Michael W. SmithI Hear Leesha5:29i 2 (eye)71988182
838Michael W. SmithHelp You Find Your Way5:29i 2 (eye)81988184
839Michael W. SmithAshton3:17i 2 (eye)91988194
840Michael W. SmithThe Throne6:48i 2 (eye)101988186
841Michael W. SmithPray For Me3:53i 2 (eye)111988191
842Michael W. SmithCry For Love5:11I'll Lead You Home11995215
843Michael W. SmithBreakdown5:27I'll Lead You Home21995226
844Michael W. SmithAs It Is In Heaven5:09I'll Lead You Home31995207
845Michael W. SmithStraight To The Heart2:48I'll Lead You Home41995194
846Michael W. SmithSomeday3:52I'll Lead You Home51995223
847Michael W. SmithI'll Be Around4:44I'll Lead You Home61995223
848Michael W. SmithI'll Lead You Home5:23I'll Lead You Home71995218
849Michael W. SmithTrilogy: The Other Side Of Me4:24I'll Lead You Home81995194
850Michael W. SmithTrilogy: Breathe In Me3:55I'll Lead You Home91995190
851Michael W. SmithTrilogy: Angels Unaware4:56I'll Lead You Home101995196
852Michael W. SmithCalling Heaven4:54I'll Lead You Home111995202
853Michael W. SmithA Little Stronger Everyday4:43I'll Lead You Home121995217
854Michael W. SmithCrown Him With Many Crowns4:33I'll Lead You Home131995225
855Michael W. SmithI'm Waiting For You3:13I'll Lead You Home141995188
856Michael W. SmithChristmas Angels3:50It's A Wonderful Christmas12007185
857Michael W. SmithIt's A Wonderful Christmas5:05It's A Wonderful Christmas22007202
858Michael W. SmithThe Promise5:05It's A Wonderful Christmas32007184
859Michael W. SmithSong For The King4:19It's A Wonderful Christmas42007194
860Michael W. SmithChristmas Day (Featuring Mandisa)3:20It's A Wonderful Christmas52007186
861Michael W. SmithA Highland Carol2:19It's A Wonderful Christmas62007189
862Michael W. SmithSing Noel, Sing Hallelujah3:40It's A Wonderful Christmas72007202
863Michael W. SmithWhat Child Is This2:52It's A Wonderful Christmas82007186
864Michael W. SmithSon Of God4:48It's A Wonderful Christmas92007191
865Michael W. SmithAudrey's Gift1:49It's A Wonderful Christmas102007180
866Michael W. SmithAll Year Long2:39It's A Wonderful Christmas112007187
867Michael W. SmithMissing Person6:01Live the Life11998218
868Michael W. SmithLove Me Good4:41Live the Life21998231
869Michael W. SmithLive the Life4:35Live the Life31998214
870Michael W. SmithNever Been Unloved4:38Live the Life41998215
871Michael W. SmithI Believe in You Now4:44Live the Life51998229
872Michael W. SmithDon't Give Up4:20Live the Life61998231
873Michael W. SmithLet Me Show You the Way4:11Live the Life71998209
874Michael W. SmithI Know Your Name4:00Live the Life81998206
875Michael W. SmithMatter of Time3:41Live the Life91998217
876Michael W. SmithIn My Arms Again6:11Live the Life101998208
877Michael W. SmithSong for Rich1:53Live the Life111998171
878Michael W. SmithHello, Good-Bye7:53Live the Life121998212
879Michael W. SmithA Way3:54Michael W. Smith 211984206
880Michael W. SmithI Am Sure4:45Michael W. Smith 221984203
881Michael W. SmithEnd Of The Book4:11Michael W. Smith 231984202
882Michael W. SmithI'm Up3:14Michael W. Smith 241984202
883Michael W. SmithGlorious Grace3:20Michael W. Smith 251984185
884Michael W. SmithMusical Instruments1:06Michael W. Smith 261984217
885Michael W. SmithRestless Heart5:02Michael W. Smith 271984204
886Michael W. SmithAll I Need To Say4:23Michael W. Smith 281984185
887Michael W. SmithWings Of The Wind4:15Michael W. Smith 291984212
888Michael W. SmithHosanna2:29Michael W. Smith 2101984198
889Michael W. SmithCover Me3:27Stand12006223
890Michael W. SmithOpen Arms3:49Stand22006222
891Michael W. SmithCome To The Cross4:06Stand32006238
892Michael W. SmithHow To Say Goodbye2:18Stand42006197
893Michael W. SmithBe Lifted High4:10Stand52006199
894Michael W. SmithOh Lord, Your're Beautiful2:37Stand62006200
895Michael W. SmithGrace4:07Stand72006199
896Michael W. SmithThe Stand2:54Stand82006226
897Michael W. SmithCome See5:23Stand92006213
898Michael W. SmithIn Silence3:29Stand102006229
899Michael W. SmithEscape Your Love3:29Stand112006210
900Michael W. SmithLamu6:00The Big Picture11986216
901Michael W. SmithWired For Sound6:01The Big Picture21986220
902Michael W. SmithOld Enough To Know4:47The Big Picture31986221
903Michael W. SmithPursuit Of The Dream5:12The Big Picture41986217
904Michael W. SmithRocketown4:35The Big Picture51986193
905Michael W. SmithVoices5:51The Big Picture61986204
906Michael W. SmithThe Last Letter4:48The Big Picture71986215
907Michael W. SmithGoin' Thru The Motions4:55The Big Picture81986229
908Michael W. SmithTearin' Down The Wall3:30The Big Picture91986237
909Michael W. SmithYou're Alright4:36The Big Picture101986222
910Michael W. SmithData0:41The Big Picture111986172
911Michael W. SmithDo You Dream Of Me4:19The First Decade (1983-1993)11993189
912Michael W. SmithKentucky Rose5:27The First Decade (1983-1993)21993186
913Michael W. SmithPicture Perfect3:55The First Decade (1983-1993)31993225
914Michael W. SmithI Will Be Here For You4:35The First Decade (1983-1993)41993219
915Michael W. SmithGive It Away5:07The First Decade (1983-1993)51993201
916Michael W. SmithPlace In This World3:59The First Decade (1983-1993)61993203
917Michael W. SmithGo West Young Man3:56The First Decade (1983-1993)71993224
918Michael W. SmithPray For Me3:53The First Decade (1983-1993)81993207
919Michael W. SmithSecret Ambition6:27The First Decade (1983-1993)91993206
920Michael W. SmithEmily4:19The First Decade (1983-1993)101993201
921Michael W. SmithOld Enough To Know4:48The First Decade (1983-1993)111993231
922Michael W. SmithRocketown4:35The First Decade (1983-1993)121993197
923Michael W. SmithI Am Sure4:44The First Decade (1983-1993)131993209
924Michael W. SmithFriends4:41The First Decade (1983-1993)141993206
925Michael W. SmithGreat Is The Lord2:53The First Decade (1983-1993)151993206
926Michael W. SmithRince Dé1:30This Is Your Time11999202
927Michael W. SmithHey You It's Me4:02This Is Your Time21999219
928Michael W. SmithWorth It All4:03This Is Your Time31999223
929Michael W. SmithI Will Be Your Friend3:18This Is Your Time41999184
930Michael W. SmithThis Is Your Time4:28This Is Your Time51999200
931Michael W. SmithI Will Carry You5:04This Is Your Time61999181
932Michael W. SmithShe Walks With Me3:42This Is Your Time71999200
933Michael W. SmithReach Out To Me3:58This Is Your Time81999213
934Michael W. SmithI Still Have The Dream4:18This Is Your Time91999230
935Michael W. SmithI'm Gone4:33This Is Your Time101999208
936Michael W. SmithAnna4:15This Is Your Time111999194
937Michael W. SmithEverybody Free4:44This Is Your Time121999194
938Michael W. SmithThis Is Your Time (Reprise)2:23This Is Your Time131999193
939Michael W. SmithForever5:50Worship12001232
940Michael W. SmithThe Heart Of Worship6:15Worship22001201
941Michael W. SmithDraw Me Close4:14Worship32001203
942Michael W. SmithTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus3:12Worship42001180
943Michael W. SmithOpen The Eyes Of My Heart5:21Worship52001220
944Michael W. SmithAbove All4:23Worship62001202
945Michael W. SmithBreathe6:56Worship72001201
946Michael W. SmithLet It Rain5:40Worship82001211
947Michael W. SmithAgnus Dei6:40Worship92001206
948Michael W. SmithAwesome God4:40Worship102001220
949Michael W. SmithMore Love, More Power5:10Worship112001193
950Michael W. SmithPurified4:32Worship122001210
951Michael W. SmithAbove All (Studio Version)4:36Worship132001193
952Michael W. SmithStep by Step/Forever We Will Sing6:22Worship Again12002232
953Michael W. SmithYou Are the Lord4:16Worship Again22002226
954Michael W. SmithThe Wonderful Cross6:21Worship Again32002216
955Michael W. SmithAncient Words4:36Worship Again42002190
956Michael W. SmithLord Have Mercy5:15Worship Again52002193
957Michael W. SmithThe Sacred Romance [Instrumental]1:45Worship Again62002174
958Michael W. SmithI Can Hear Your Voice3:33Worship Again72002181
959Michael W. SmithI Give You My Heart3:25Worship Again82002202
960Michael W. SmithThere Is None Like You2:09Worship Again92002205
961Michael W. SmithI See You6:56Worship Again102002213
962Michael W. SmithYou Are Holy (Prince of Peace)6:07Worship Again112002243
963Michael W. SmithLord Have Mercy [studio] [feat. Amy Grant]4:26Worship Again122002196
964Michael W. SmithHere I Am to Worship [studio]4:58Worship Again132002207
965Michael W. SmithThere She Stands [Bonus Track]4:03Worship Again142002175
966Michael W. SmithPlace In This World4:01WOW #1s (Blue Disc)82005206
967Michael W. SmithCry For Love5:08WOW 1996 (Disc 1)11995211
968Michael W. SmithI'll Lead You Home5:24WOW 1997 (Disc 1)61996219
969Michael W. SmithMissing Person5:08WOW 1998 (Red Disc)61997225
970Michael W. SmithLove Me Good4:41WOW 1999 (Green Disc)41998230
971Michael W. SmithI Will Be Your Friend3:18WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)31999187
972Michael W. SmithThis Is Your Time4:29WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)42000200
973Michael W. SmithBreathe (Live)5:44WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)62001212
974Michael W. SmithAbove All (Studio Version)4:34WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)22002196
975Michael W. SmithHealing Rain4:55WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)92005225
976Michael W. SmithHere I Am5:11WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)132006222
977Michael W. SmithCome To The Cross4:07WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)122007241
978Michael W. SmithMighty to Save7:40WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)92008224
979Michael W. SmithA New Hallelujah5:22WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)82009242
980Michael W. Smith (feat. Sarah McIntosh)Love Have Mercy (Live)5:08WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)62003193
981Michael Zager BandTraffic Jam7:11Disco Train Vol. 161996231
982Michael Zager BandLet's All Chant3:01Disco Train Vol. 251997239
983Michael Zager BandLet's All Chant3:02Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)91998226
984Michael Zager BandLet's All Chant3:07Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)181995211
985Michael Zager BandLet's All Chant3:02One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)62001262
986Micheal O'DomhnaillSweeney's Buttermilk/The Ships Are Sailing/Jerry's Chickens3:49Celtic Christmas IV51998212
987Michel DelpechPour Un Flirt3:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)182001224
988Michel'leNo More Lies3:42No More Lies761990320
989Michelle BranchIntro0:11Hotel Paper12003161
990Michelle BranchAre You Happy Now?3:49Hotel Paper22003228
991Michelle BranchFind Your Way Back3:44Hotel Paper32003245
992Michelle BranchEmpty Handed4:50Hotel Paper42003230
993Michelle BranchTuesday Morning4:43Hotel Paper52003234
994Michelle BranchOne Of These Days3:22Hotel Paper62003189
995Michelle BranchLove Me Like That (Featuring Sheryl Crow)4:35Hotel Paper72003226
996Michelle BranchDesperately3:06Hotel Paper82003204
997Michelle BranchBreathe3:31Hotel Paper92003222
998Michelle BranchWhere Are You Now?3:25Hotel Paper102003212
999Michelle BranchHotel Paper4:19Hotel Paper112003198
1000Michelle Branch'til I Get Over You4:10Hotel Paper122003228
1001Michelle BranchIt's You3:12Hotel Paper132003168
1002Michelle BranchGoodbye To You [Radio Remix]3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0752002236
1003Michelle BranchAre You Happy Now?3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0612003230
1004Michelle BranchBreathe3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0922003222
1005Michelle BranchTil I Get Over You3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-02162004237
1006Michelle BranchEverywhere3:35The Spirit Room12001244
1007Michelle BranchYou Get Me3:53The Spirit Room22001205
1008Michelle BranchAll You Wanted3:37The Spirit Room32001243
1009Michelle BranchYou Set Me Free3:11The Spirit Room42001218
1010Michelle BranchSomething To Sleep To4:15The Spirit Room52001209
1011Michelle BranchHere With Me3:25The Spirit Room62001206
1012Michelle BranchSweet Misery3:43The Spirit Room72001214
1013Michelle BranchIf Only She Knew4:19The Spirit Room82001230
1014Michelle BranchI'd Rather Be In Love3:55The Spirit Room92001213
1015Michelle BranchGoodbye To You4:11The Spirit Room102001192
1016Michelle BranchDrop In The Ocean4:17The Spirit Room112001194
1017Michelle BranchAre You Happy Now3:56TM Century PrimeCuts 515P32003220
1018Michelle GayleSweetness3:40More! Bump N' Grind121995204
1019Michelle Shocked33 Rpm Soul4:10Arkansas Traveler11992200
1020Michelle ShockedCome A Long Way4:43Arkansas Traveler21992210
1021Michelle ShockedSecret To A Long Life3:50Arkansas Traveler31992206
1022Michelle ShockedContest Coming (Cripple Creek)3:35Arkansas Traveler41992190
1023Michelle ShockedOver The Waterfall4:39Arkansas Traveler51992197
1024Michelle ShockedShaking Hands (Soldier's Joy)3:25Arkansas Traveler61992192
1025Michelle ShockedJum Jim Crowl , Zip A Dee Doo Dah3:32Arkansas Traveler71992183
1026Michelle ShockedHold Me Back (Frankie & Johnny)5:10Arkansas Traveler81992188
1027Michelle ShockedStrawberry Jam4:33Arkansas Traveler91992186
1028Michelle ShockedProdigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)6:43Arkansas Traveler101992189
1029Michelle ShockedBlackberry Blossom3:31Arkansas Traveler111992191
1030Michelle ShockedWeaving Way2:57Arkansas Traveler121992209
1031Michelle ShockedArkansas Traveler4:20Arkansas Traveler131992199
1032Michelle ShockedWoody's Rag2:51Arkansas Traveler141992202
1033Michelle ShockedGod Is A Real Estate Developer3:12Captain Swing11989255
1034Michelle ShockedOn The Greener Side2:55Captain Swing21989267
1035Michelle ShockedSilent Ways2:41Captain Swing31989227
1036Michelle ShockedSleep Keeps Me Awake2:45Captain Swing41989237
1037Michelle ShockedCement Lament3:06Captain Swing51989240
1038Michelle Shocked(Don't You Mess Around with) My Little Sister2:39Captain Swing61989261
1039Michelle ShockedLooks Like Mona Lisa2:34Captain Swing71989238
1040Michelle ShockedToo Little Too Late2:12Captain Swing81989201
1041Michelle ShockedStreetcorner Ambassador3:29Captain Swing91989237
1042Michelle ShockedMust Be Luff2:41Captain Swing101989252
1043Michelle ShockedRussian Roulette3:40Captain Swing111989212
1044Michelle ShockedMust Be Luff (Acoustic Demo)2:55Captain Swing121989238
1045Michelle ShockedSleep Keeps Me Awake (Acoustic Demo)3:10Captain Swing131989243
1046Michelle ShockedCement Lament (Acoustic Demo)3:10Captain Swing141989238
1047Michelle ShockedSlient Ways (Acoustic Demo)2:13Captain Swing151989233
1048Michelle ShockedStreetcorner Ambassador (Acoustic Demo)2:22Captain Swing161989236
1049Michelle ShockedEarly Morning Saturday (Acoustic Demo)3:06Captain Swing171989226
1050Michelle ShockedGod Is A Real Estate Developer (Acoustic Demo)3:11Captain Swing181989236
1051Michelle ShockedToo Little Too Late (Acoustic Demo)1:49Captain Swing191989240
1052Michelle ShockedHepcat (Acoustic Demo)2:58Captain Swing201989248
1053Michelle ShockedBarefootin'6:06Captain Swing211989277
1054Michelle ShockedGarden Salad Diplomacy0:44Captain Swing221989192
1055Michelle ShockedPoll Tax Song3:32Captain Swing231989172
1056Michelle ShockedThe Titanic3:46Captain Swing241989231
1057Michelle ShockedOld Paint2:38Captain Swing251989227
1058Michelle ShockedWorth The Weight2:23Captain Swing261989237
1059Michelle ShockedFairy Tales2:27Captain Swing271989248
1060Michelle ShockedWhen I Grow Up3:34Short Sharp Shocked11988206
1061Michelle ShockedHello Hopeville2:55Short Sharp Shocked21988217
1062Michelle ShockedMemories Of East Texas3:35Short Sharp Shocked31988189
1063Michelle Shocked(Making The Run To) Gladewater3:05Short Sharp Shocked41988190
1064Michelle ShockedGraffiti Limbo3:40Short Sharp Shocked51988192
1065Michelle ShockedIf Love Was A Train4:07Short Sharp Shocked61988211
1066Michelle ShockedAnchorage3:24Short Sharp Shocked71988193
1067Michelle ShockedThe L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore4:10Short Sharp Shocked81988185
1068Michelle ShockedV.F.D.2:49Short Sharp Shocked91988197
1069Michelle ShockedBlack Widow2:44Short Sharp Shocked101988190
1070Michelle ShockedFog Town2:25Short Sharp Shocked111988205
1071Michelle TumesHealing Waters4:43WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)101998213
1072Michelle TumesFor The Glory Of Your Name3:33WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)141999172
1073Michelle WeeksDon't Give Up2:47Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)122000225
1074Mick JaggerVisions Of Paradise4:01Goddess In The Doorway12001226
1075Mick JaggerJoy4:40Goddess In The Doorway22001244
1076Mick JaggerDancing In The Starlight4:06Goddess In The Doorway32001224
1077Mick JaggerGod Gave Me Everything3:34Goddess In The Doorway42001237
1078Mick JaggerHide Away4:33Goddess In The Doorway52001185
1079Mick JaggerDon't Call Me Up5:14Goddess In The Doorway62001218
1080Mick JaggerGoddess In The Doorway4:56Goddess In The Doorway72001245
1081Mick JaggerLucky Day4:51Goddess In The Doorway82001231
1082Mick JaggerEverybody Getting High3:56Goddess In The Doorway92001252
1083Mick JaggerGun4:41Goddess In The Doorway102001247
1084Mick JaggerToo Far Gone4:35Goddess In The Doorway112001219
1085Mick JaggerBrand New Set Of Rules7:39Goddess In The Doorway122001176
1086Mick JaggerThrowaway5:03Primitive Cool11987209
1087Mick JaggerLet's Work4:50Primitive Cool21987209
1088Mick JaggerRadio Control3:56Primitive Cool31987205
1089Mick JaggerSay You Will5:07Primitive Cool41987209
1090Mick JaggerPrimitive Cool5:49Primitive Cool51987198
1091Mick JaggerKow Tow4:54Primitive Cool61987209
1092Mick JaggerShoot Off Your Mouth3:34Primitive Cool71987210
1093Mick JaggerPeace For The Wicked4:03Primitive Cool81987205
1094Mick JaggerParty Doll5:19Primitive Cool91987203
1095Mick JaggerWar Baby6:39Primitive Cool101987188
1096Mick JaggerLonely At The Top3:47She's The Boss11985196
1097Mick Jagger1 2 A Loaf4:58She's The Boss21985213
1098Mick JaggerRunning Out Of Luck4:15She's The Boss31985208
1099Mick JaggerTurn The Girl Loose3:54She's The Boss41985214
1100Mick JaggerHard Woman4:26She's The Boss51985200
1101Mick JaggerJust Another Night5:16She's The Boss61985207
1102Mick JaggerLucky In Love6:13She's The Boss71985211
1103Mick JaggerSecrets5:02She's The Boss81985209
1104Mick JaggerShe's The Boss5:15She's The Boss91985222
1105Mick Jagger[Interview]3:15Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)131968126
1106Mick JaggerWired All Night4:06Wandering Spirit11993218
1107Mick JaggerSweet Thing4:19Wandering Spirit21993191
1108Mick JaggerOut Of Focus4:35Wandering Spirit31993209
1109Mick JaggerDon't Tear Me Up4:12Wandering Spirit41993205
1110Mick JaggerPut Me In The Trash3:35Wandering Spirit51993220
1111Mick JaggerUse Me4:28Wandering Spirit61993192
1112Mick JaggerEvening Gown3:32Wandering Spirit71993204
1113Mick JaggerMother Of A Man4:17Wandering Spirit81993222
1114Mick JaggerThink2:59Wandering Spirit91993222
1115Mick JaggerWandering Spirit4:18Wandering Spirit101993194
1116Mick JaggerHang On To Me Tonght4:36Wandering Spirit111993175
1117Mick JaggerI've Been Lonely For So Long3:29Wandering Spirit121993192
1118Mick JaggerAngel In My Heart3:27Wandering Spirit131993189
1119Mick JaggerHandsome Molly2:06Wandering Spirit141993172
1120Mick Jagger & Peter ToshDon't Look Back3:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)12001218
1121Mick SmileyMagic4:21Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]71984219
1122Mickey & SylviaLove Is Strange2:58Mermaids (OST)81990127
1123Mickey & The MilkshakesIt's You2:18Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)182005212
1124Mickey & The MilkshakesPlease Don't Tell My Baby1:44Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)72005203
1125Mickey And SylviaLove Is Strange2:54Dirty Dancing (OST)101987180
1126Mickey And SylviaLove Is Strange2:54Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)142004135
1127Mickey FinnGarden of My Mind2:34Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)132001127
1128Mickey GilleyTrue Love Ways2:57Biggest Hits11982248
1129Mickey GilleyThe Power Of Positive Drinkin'2:29Biggest Hits21982249
1130Mickey GilleyA Headache Tomorrow (Or A Heartache Tonight)3:36Biggest Hits31982248
1131Mickey GilleyChains Of Love2:41Biggest Hits41982237
1132Mickey GilleyTears Of The Lonely3:18Biggest Hits51982247
1133Mickey GilleyStand By Me3:39Biggest Hits61982250
1134Mickey GilleyMy Affection3:02Biggest Hits71982249
1135Mickey GilleyThat's All That Matters2:40Biggest Hits81982251
1136Mickey GilleyLonely Nights3:31Biggest Hits91982245
1137Mickey GilleyYou Don't Know Me3:04Biggest Hits101982242
1138Mickey GilleyRoom Full Of Roses2:51Country Complete (Disc 1)171997196
1139Mickey GilleyRoom Full Of Roses2:50Ten Years Of Hits11984194
1140Mickey GilleyI Overlooked An Orchid2:52Ten Years Of Hits21984203
1141Mickey GilleyWindow Up Above2:38Ten Years Of Hits31984208
1142Mickey GilleyCity Lights2:47Ten Years Of Hits41984210
1143Mickey GilleyDon't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time2:59Ten Years Of Hits51984218
1144Mickey GilleyLonely Nights3:29Ten Years Of Hits61984197
1145Mickey GilleyTears Of The Lonely3:15Ten Years Of Hits71984201
1146Mickey GilleyPut Your Dreams Away3:22Ten Years Of Hits81984190
1147Mickey GilleyTalk To Me3:18Ten Years Of Hits91984184
1148Mickey GilleyYou've Really Got A Hold On Me3:00Ten Years Of Hits101984187
1149Mickey GilleyStand By Me3:37Ten Years Of Hits111984208
1150Mickey GilleyTrue Love Ways2:56Ten Years Of Hits121984205
1151Mickey GilleyThat's All That Matters To Me2:39Ten Years Of Hits131984196
1152Mickey GilleyA Headache Tomorrow (Or A Heartache Tonight)3:32Ten Years Of Hits141984203
1153Mickey GilleyYou Don't Know Me3:05Ten Years Of Hits151984198
1154Mickey GilleyBring It On Home To Me2:22Ten Years Of Hits161984213
1155Mickey GilleyLawdy Miss Clawdy2:23Ten Years Of Hits171984197
1156Mickey GilleyShe's Pulling Me Back Again2:29Ten Years Of Hits181984210
1157Mickey GilleyChains Of Love2:38Ten Years Of Hits191984205
1158Mickey GilleyThe Power Of Positive Drinkin'2:27Ten Years Of Hits201984223
1159Mickey GilleyStand By Me3:37Urban Cowboy (OST)51980206
1160Mickey GilleyHere Comes The Hurt Again2:42Urban Cowboy (OST)121980194
1161Mickey HartVietnam: A Television History1:13Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)641996133
1162Mickey MouseTwelve Days Of Christmas3:41Christmas10 96
1163Middle Georgia Singing Conv. No. 1This Song Of Love2:58Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)51952127
1164Middle Of The RoadTweedle Dee Tweedle Dum3:14Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 3)31992197
1165Middle Of The RoadYellow Boomerang2:38Hit History Vol. 19 197361990218
1166Middle Of The RoadChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep3:00Living In The 70's (Disc 1)61995220
1167Middle Of The RoadChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep2:59Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)72000224
1168Middle Of The RoadSacramento2:57Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)152000216
1169Middle Of The RoadSacramento2:57Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)52001232
1170Middle Of The RoadTalk Of All The USA3:12Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)162001210
1171Midge UreIf I Was4:45Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)151998206
1172Midge UreNo Regrets4:02The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)141999178
1173Midge UreIf I Was5:19The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)13 191
1174Midnight OilOutside World4:2110,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,111982196
1175Midnight OilOnly The Strong4:3510,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,121982196
1176Midnight OilShort Memory3:5310,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,131982203
1177Midnight OilRead About It3:5210,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,141982195
1178Midnight OilScream In Blue6:2110,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,151982202
1179Midnight OilU.S. Forces4:0610,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,161982201
1180Midnight OilPower And The Passion5:3910,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,171982208
1181Midnight OilMaralinga4:4410,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,181982196
1182Midnight OilTin Legs And Tin Mines4:2010,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,191982197
1183Midnight OilSomebody's Trying To Tell Me Something4:0410,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1101982198
1184Midnight OilPower And The Passion5:40Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)32000233
1185Midnight OilBlue Sky Mine4:15Blue Sky Mining11990203
1186Midnight OilStars Of Warburton4:54Blue Sky Mining21990205
1187Midnight OilBedlam Bridge4:32Blue Sky Mining31990200
1188Midnight OilForgotten Years4:16Blue Sky Mining41990215
1189Midnight OilMountains Of Burma4:57Blue Sky Mining51990209
1190Midnight OilKing Of The Mountain3:51Blue Sky Mining61990206
1191Midnight OilRiver Runs Red5:22Blue Sky Mining71990195
1192Midnight OilShakers And Movers4:28Blue Sky Mining81990198
1193Midnight OilOne Country5:53Blue Sky Mining91990205
1194Midnight OilAntartica4:17Blue Sky Mining101990195
1195Midnight OilBeds Are Burning4:16Diesel And Dust11987194
1196Midnight OilPut Down That Weapon4:38Diesel And Dust21987191
1197Midnight OilDreamworld3:36Diesel And Dust31987187
1198Midnight OilArctic World4:21Diesel And Dust41987188
1199Midnight OilWarakurna4:38Diesel And Dust51987192
1200Midnight OilThe Dead Heart5:11Diesel And Dust61987204
1201Midnight OilWhoah3:51Diesel And Dust71987198
1202Midnight OilBullroarer4:59Diesel And Dust81987185
1203Midnight OilSell My Soul3:37Diesel And Dust91987204
1204Midnight OilSometimes3:53Diesel And Dust101987205
1205Midnight OilGunbarrel Highway3:38Diesel And Dust111987196
1206Midnight OilFeeding Frenzy5:08Earth And Sun And Moon11993194
1207Midnight OilMy Country4:51Earth And Sun And Moon21993215
1208Midnight OilRenaissance Man4:41Earth And Sun And Moon31993193
1209Midnight OilEarth And Sun And Moon4:33Earth And Sun And Moon41993192
1210Midnight OilTruganini5:11Earth And Sun And Moon51993197
1211Midnight OilBushfire4:36Earth And Sun And Moon61993203
1212Midnight OilDrums Of Heaven5:31Earth And Sun And Moon71993198
1213Midnight OilOutbreak Of Love5:14Earth And Sun And Moon81993191
1214Midnight OilIn The Valley4:41Earth And Sun And Moon91993201
1215Midnight OilTell Me The Truth4:06Earth And Sun And Moon101993215
1216Midnight OilNow Or Never Land5:22Earth And Sun And Moon111993209
1217Midnight OilDon't Wanna Be The One3:05Place Without A Postcard11981171
1218Midnight OilBrave Faces4:49Place Without A Postcard21981176
1219Midnight OilArmistice Day4:28Place Without A Postcard31981168
1220Midnight OilSomeone Else To Blame2:50Place Without A Postcard41981178
1221Midnight OilBasement Flat4:35Place Without A Postcard51981176
1222Midnight OilWritten In The Heart3:16Place Without A Postcard61981180
1223Midnight OilBurnie4:46Place Without A Postcard71981174
1224Midnight OilQuinella Holiday2:36Place Without A Postcard81981176
1225Midnight OilLoves On Sale2:23Place Without A Postcard91981174
1226Midnight OilIf Ned Kelly Was King3:40Place Without A Postcard101981179
1227Midnight OilLucky Country4:48Place Without A Postcard111981182
1228Midnight OilWhen The Generals Talk3:35Red Sails In The Sunset11984163
1229Midnight OilBest Of Both Worlds4:06Red Sails In The Sunset21984164
1230Midnight OilSleep5:11Red Sails In The Sunset31984166
1231Midnight OilMinutes To Midnight3:09Red Sails In The Sunset41984170
1232Midnight OilJimmy Sharman's Boxers7:34Red Sails In The Sunset51984162
1233Midnight OilBakerman0:57Red Sails In The Sunset61984153
1234Midnight OilWho Can Stand In The Way4:37Red Sails In The Sunset71984163
1235Midnight OilKosciusko4:43Red Sails In The Sunset81984166
1236Midnight OilHelps Me Helps You3:49Red Sails In The Sunset91984168
1237Midnight OilHarrisburg3:52Red Sails In The Sunset101984156
1238Midnight OilBells And Horns In The Back Of Beyond3:29Red Sails In The Sunset111984169
1239Midnight OilShipyards Of New Zealand5:53Red Sails In The Sunset121984170
1240Midnight OilProgress3:59Species Deceases11985187
1241Midnight OilHercules4:29Species Deceases21985204
1242Midnight OilBlossom And Blood4:28Species Deceases31985202
1243Midnight OilPictures3:16Species Deceases41985211
1244Midnight StarSlow Jam4:13Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 1)92003197
1245Midnight StarFreak-a-Zoid (Full Length Album Version)8:00Old School Jams 3 (Disc 1)52001213
1246The Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhy Can't We Be Friends4:08   128
1247The Mighty Mighty BosstonesA Jackknife To A Swan2:48A Jackknife To A Swan12002209
1248The Mighty Mighty BosstonesMr. Moran3:04A Jackknife To A Swan22002247
1249The Mighty Mighty BosstonesYou Gotta Go!2:42A Jackknife To A Swan32002210
1250The Mighty Mighty BosstonesEverybody's Better3:41A Jackknife To A Swan42002190
1251The Mighty Mighty BosstonesSugar Free2:44A Jackknife To A Swan52002214
1252The Mighty Mighty BosstonesI Want My City Back3:16A Jackknife To A Swan62002210
1253The Mighty Mighty BosstonesYou're Chasing The Sun Away3:28A Jackknife To A Swan72002204
1254The Mighty Mighty BosstonesYou Can't Win3:19A Jackknife To A Swan82002221
1255The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Old School Off The Bright2:26A Jackknife To A Swan92002209
1256The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Punch Line3:15A Jackknife To A Swan102002218
1257The Mighty Mighty BosstonesGo Big2:52A Jackknife To A Swan112002228
1258The Mighty Mighty BosstonesShit Out Of Luck2:57A Jackknife To A Swan122002207
1259The Mighty Mighty BosstonesSeven Ways To Sunday3:58A Jackknife To A Swan132002210
1260Mighty Mighty BosstonesThis Time Of Year2:19A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas152003240
1261The Mighty Mighty BosstonesOur Only Weapon3:07Don't Know How To Party11993212
1262The Mighty Mighty BosstonesLast Dead Mouse3:37Don't Know How To Party21993212
1263The Mighty Mighty BosstonesDon't Know How To Party3:14Don't Know How To Party31993209
1264The Mighty Mighty BosstonesSomeday I Suppose3:28Don't Know How To Party41993211
1265The Mighty Mighty BosstonesA Man Without2:47Don't Know How To Party51993220
1266The Mighty Mighty BosstonesHoly Smoke2:52Don't Know How To Party61993210
1267The Mighty Mighty BosstonesIllegal Left3:11Don't Know How To Party71993229
1268The Mighty Mighty BosstonesTin Soldiers3:24Don't Know How To Party81993224
1269The Mighty Mighty BosstonesAlmost Anything Goes4:11Don't Know How To Party91993220
1270The Mighty Mighty BosstonesIssachar3:46Don't Know How To Party101993219
1271The Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhat Was Was Over2:59Don't Know How To Party111993217
1272The Mighty Mighty BosstonesSeven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue4:32Don't Know How To Party121993207
1273The Mighty Mighty BosstonesDetroit Rock City4:21Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved101994219
1274The Mighty Mighty BosstonesNoise Brigade2:13Let's Face It11997213
1275The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Rascal King2:46Let's Face It21997212
1276The Mighty Mighty BosstonesRoyal Oil2:38Let's Face It31997199
1277The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I Get3:14Let's Face It41997208
1278The Mighty Mighty BosstonesLet's Face It2:33Let's Face It51997209
1279The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThat Bug Bit Me2:07Let's Face It61997220
1280The Mighty Mighty BosstonesAnother Drinkin' Song3:49Let's Face It71997232
1281The Mighty Mighty BosstonesNumbered Days3:11Let's Face It81997219
1282The Mighty Mighty BosstonesBreak So Easily2:44Let's Face It91997226
1283The Mighty Mighty BosstonesNevermind Me3:23Let's Face It101997220
1284The Mighty Mighty BosstonesDesensitized2:04Let's Face It111997240
1285The Mighty Mighty Bosstones1-2-82:38Let's Face It121997233
1286The Mighty Mighty BosstonesLet Me Be3:52Pay Attention12000222
1287The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Skeleton Song3:00Pay Attention22000225
1288The Mighty Mighty BosstonesAll Things Considered4:01Pay Attention32000220
1289The Mighty Mighty BosstonesSo Sad To Say3:10Pay Attention42000222
1290The Mighty Mighty BosstonesAllow Them3:27Pay Attention52000224
1291The Mighty Mighty BosstonesHigh School Dance2:52Pay Attention62000211
1292The Mighty Mighty BosstonesOver The Eggshells2:30Pay Attention72000218
1293The Mighty Mighty BosstonesShe Just Happened2:54Pay Attention82000222
1294The Mighty Mighty BosstonesFinally3:46Pay Attention92000227
1295The Mighty Mighty BosstonesI Know More3:08Pay Attention102000228
1296The Mighty Mighty BosstonesRiot On Broad Street3:16Pay Attention112000248
1297The Mighty Mighty BosstonesOne Million Reasons3:01Pay Attention122000231
1298The Mighty Mighty BosstonesBad Reasons And Bad Breaks3:33Pay Attention132000218
1299The Mighty Mighty BosstonesTemporary Trip2:27Pay Attention142000235
1300The Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhere You Come From2:47Pay Attention152000208
1301The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Day He Didn't Die3:26Pay Attention162000208
1302The Mighty Mighty BosstonesKinder Words3:06Question the Answers11994243
1303The Mighty Mighty BosstonesA Sad Silence3:57Question the Answers21994224
1304The Mighty Mighty BosstonesHell of a Hat3:54Question the Answers31994221
1305The Mighty Mighty BosstonesPictures To Prove it3:16Question the Answers41994225
1306The Mighty Mighty BosstonesWe Should Talk3:12Question the Answers51994218
1307The Mighty Mighty BosstonesA Dollar and a Dream3:18Question the Answers61994215
1308The Mighty Mighty BosstonesStand Off3:22Question the Answers71994230
1309The Mighty Mighty Bosstones365 Days3:10Question the Answers81994230
1310The Mighty Mighty BosstonesToxic Toast3:47Question the Answers91994228
1311The Mighty Mighty BosstonesBronzing the Garbage2:27Question the Answers101994240
1312The Mighty Mighty BosstonesDogs and Chaplains3:02Question the Answers111994219
1313The Mighty Mighty BosstonesJump Through the Hoops4:11Question the Answers121994228
1314The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I Get3:13Total Hits Vol. 291999199
1315The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I Get3:15Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)42005207
1316Mighty SparrowOnly A Fool2:4640 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)202001210
1317Miguel RiosSong Of Joy4:24Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)11992128
1318MikaGrace Kelly3:07Life In Cartoon Motion12007211
1319MikaLollipop3:03Life In Cartoon Motion22007214
1320MikaMy Interpretation3:35Life In Cartoon Motion32007237
1321MikaLove Today3:55Life In Cartoon Motion42007233
1322MikaRelax (Take It Easy)4:30Life In Cartoon Motion52007209
1323MikaAny Other World4:19Life In Cartoon Motion62007205
1324MikaBilly Brown3:14Life In Cartoon Motion72007183
1325MikaBig Girl (You Are Beautiful)4:08Life In Cartoon Motion82007208
1326MikaStuck In The Middle4:08Life In Cartoon Motion92007217
1327MikaHappy Ending10:21Life In Cartoon Motion102007166
1328MikaRing Ring (Bonus Track)2:48Life In Cartoon Motion112007230
1329MikaLove Today3:23Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)82007259
1330MikaLove Today3:22Nu Music Traxx Vol. 216 August 2007182007231
1331MIKAGrace Kelly3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02202007210
1332MikaWe Are Golden3:58The Boy Who Knew Too Much12009210
1333MikaBlame It On The Girls3:34The Boy Who Knew Too Much22009217
1334MikaRain3:43The Boy Who Knew Too Much32009206
1335MikaDr. John3:44The Boy Who Knew Too Much42009215
1336MikaI See You4:16The Boy Who Knew Too Much52009184
1337MikaBlue Eyes2:50The Boy Who Knew Too Much62009197
1338MikaGood Gone Girl3:01The Boy Who Knew Too Much72009224
1339MikaTouches You3:20The Boy Who Knew Too Much82009233
1340MikaBy The Time3:21The Boy Who Knew Too Much92009181
1341MikaOne Foot Boy2:58The Boy Who Knew Too Much102009201
1342MikaToy Boy2:58The Boy Who Knew Too Much112009176
1343MikaPick Up off the Floor3:22The Boy Who Knew Too Much122009181
1344Mike & The MechanicsEverybody Gets A Second Chance3:40Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)52000216
1345Mike + The MechanicsA Beggar On A Beach Of Gold4:35Beggar On A Beach Of Gold11995199
1346Mike + The MechanicsAnother Cup Of Coffee4:42Beggar On A Beach Of Gold21995224
1347Mike + The MechanicsYou've Really Got A Hold On Me3:29Beggar On A Beach Of Gold31995196
1348Mike + The MechanicsMea Culpa6:20Beggar On A Beach Of Gold41995195
1349Mike + The MechanicsOver My Shoulder3:37Beggar On A Beach Of Gold51995217
1350Mike + The MechanicsSomeone Always Hates Someone3:42Beggar On A Beach Of Gold61995181
1351Mike + The MechanicsThe Ghost Of Sex And You6:24Beggar On A Beach Of Gold71995196
1352Mike + The MechanicsWeb Of Lies5:38Beggar On A Beach Of Gold81995220
1353Mike + The MechanicsPlain & Simple3:58Beggar On A Beach Of Gold91995206
1354Mike + The MechanicsSomething To Believe In4:18Beggar On A Beach Of Gold101995196
1355Mike + The MechanicsA House Of Many Rooms5:39Beggar On A Beach Of Gold111995201
1356Mike + The MechanicsI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)3:11Beggar On A Beach Of Gold121995186
1357Mike + The MechanicsGoing, Going ..... Home4:30Beggar On A Beach Of Gold131995193
1358Mike + The MechanicsThe Living Years5:30Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1989102000186
1359Mike + The MechanicsWhenever I Stop3:40M611999217
1360Mike + The MechanicsNow That You've Gone4:48M621999228
1361Mike + The MechanicsOrdinary Girl3:51M631999244
1362Mike + The MechanicsAll The Light I Need4:37M641999214
1363Mike + The MechanicsWhat Will You Do3:14M651999202
1364Mike + The MechanicsMy Little Island4:06M661999204
1365Mike + The MechanicsOpen Up4:05M671999216
1366Mike + The MechanicsWhen I Get Over You4:13M681999224
1367Mike + The MechanicsIf Only4:42M691999201
1368Mike + The MechanicsAsking (For The Last Time)4:17M6101999215
1369Mike + The MechanicsAlways Listen To Your Heart4:16M6111999223
1370Mike + The MechanicsDid You See Me Coming4:07M6121999216
1371Mike + The MechanicsLook Across At Dreamland4:15M6131999195
1372Mike + The MechanicsSilent Running6:14Mike + The Mechanics11985190
1373Mike + The MechanicsAll I Need Is A Miracle4:10Mike + The Mechanics21985185
1374Mike + The MechanicsPar Avion3:35Mike + The Mechanics31985196
1375Mike + The MechanicsHanging By A Thread4:41Mike + The Mechanics41985180
1376Mike + The MechanicsI Get The Feeling4:30Mike + The Mechanics51985184
1377Mike + The MechanicsTake The Reins4:18Mike + The Mechanics61985193
1378Mike + The MechanicsYou Are The One3:45Mike + The Mechanics71985173
1379Mike + The MechanicsA Call To Arms4:41Mike + The Mechanics81985185
1380Mike + The MechanicsTaken In4:17Mike + The Mechanics91985179
1381Mike + The MechanicsAin't That Peculiar3:23Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal131990220
1382Mike + The MechanicsSilent Running (On Dangerous Ground)4:13Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection201994210
1383Mike + The MechanicsThe Living Years5:31Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection211994196
1384Mike + The MechanicsNobody's Perfect4:48The Living Years11988181
1385Mike + The MechanicsThe Living Years5:32The Living Years21988184
1386Mike + The MechanicsSeeing Is Believing3:13The Living Years31988207
1387Mike + The MechanicsNobody Knows4:23The Living Years41988187
1388Mike + The MechanicsPoor Boy Down4:33The Living Years51988212
1389Mike + The MechanicsBlame5:23The Living Years61988204
1390Mike + The MechanicsDon't5:45The Living Years71988206
1391Mike + The MechanicsBlack & Blue3:27The Living Years81988185
1392Mike + The MechanicsBeautiful Day3:38The Living Years91988202
1393Mike + The MechanicsWhy Me?6:25The Living Years101988195
1394Mike + The MechanicsAll I Need Is A Miracle3:44Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-1986141995210
1395Mike + The MechanicsGet Up4:23Word Of Mouth11991220
1396Mike + The MechanicsWord Of Mouth3:56Word Of Mouth21991224
1397Mike + The MechanicsA Time And Place4:50Word Of Mouth31991187
1398Mike + The MechanicsYesterday, Today, Tommorrow4:37Word Of Mouth41991221
1399Mike + The MechanicsThe Way You Look At Me5:08Word Of Mouth51991199
1400Mike + The MechanicsEverybody Gets A Second Chance3:57Word Of Mouth61991197
1401Mike + The MechanicsStop Baby3:53Word Of Mouth71991197
1402Mike + The MechanicsMy Crime Of Passion4:55Word Of Mouth81991216
1403Mike + The MechanicsLet's Pretend It Didn't Happen5:34Word Of Mouth91991212
1404Mike + The MechanicsBefore (The Next Heartache Falls)6:38Word Of Mouth101991226
1405Mike BattLady Of The Dawn4:04Romantic Love Songs141985190
1406Mike BattLady Of The Dawn4:03Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)122001190
1407Mike BattWinds Of Change3:57World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)31998192
1408Mike Batt (With The New Edition)Summertime City3:39Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)182001205
1409Mike Berry & The OutlawsTribute To Buddy Holly3:00It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek31995128
1410Mike Berry & The OutlawsMy Baby Doll1:55It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek161995133
1411The Mike Curb CongregationBurning Bridges2:47Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 5121990199
1412Mike DouglasThe Men In My Little Girl's Life3:46The Men In My Little Girl's Life 1966320
1413The Mike Flowers PopsCall Me2:52Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)121997181
1414Mike FrancisSurvivor4:17One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)161999220
1415Mike GordonTake Me Out3:03Inside In12003182
1416Mike GordonBone Delay4:20Inside In22003197
1417Mike GordonAdmoop1:56Inside In32003207
1418Mike GordonOutside Out3:23Inside In42003208
1419Mike GordonThe Beltless Buckler3:22Inside In52003198
1420Mike GordonSoulfood Man3:29Inside In62003207
1421Mike GordonThe Teacher3:32Inside In72003190
1422Mike GordonGatekeeper3:22Inside In82003185
1423Mike GordonCouch Lady4:01Inside In92003204
1424Mike GordonMajor Minor3:43Inside In102003208
1425Mike GordonThe Lesson3:00Inside In112003195
1426Mike GordonExit Wound3:22Inside In122003194
1427Mike GordonSteel Bones5:55Inside In132003191
1428Mike GordonTake Me Out II2:24Inside In142003185
1429Mike GordonTake Me Out Outro2:09Inside In152003206
1430Mike HansenDesert Fox2:42Thoughts from the Wild 2008128
1431Mike KennedyLouisiana3:30Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)81992206
1432Mike KennedyMen Don't Ever Cry4:40Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)61992202
1433Mike KennedyLouisiana3:32Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s131996212
1434Mike McClellanSong And Dance Man3:10Country Complete (Disc 5)91997213
1435Mike Melange feat. Alan ConnorLet Your Love Flow7:03CD Pool Remix March32008192
1436Mike MyersAustin Meets Felicity (Film Dialogue)0:10More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)11999127
1437Mike OldfieldAmarok1:00:02Amarok [Remastered]11990216
1438Mike OldfieldCrises20:53Crises11983210
1439Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow3:38Crises21983218
1440Mike OldfieldIn High Places3:33Crises31983197
1441Mike OldfieldForeign Affair3:53Crises41983204
1442Mike OldfieldTaurus 32:25Crises51983223
1443Mike OldfieldShadow On The Wall3:09Crises61983206
1444Mike OldfieldTo France4:39Discovery11984191
1445Mike OldfieldPoison Arrows3:57Discovery21984195
1446Mike OldfieldCrystal Gazing3:02Discovery31984193
1447Mike OldfieldTricks Of The Light3:52Discovery41984190
1448Mike OldfieldDiscovery4:35Discovery51984190
1449Mike OldfieldTalk About Your Life4:24Discovery61984185
1450Mike OldfieldSaved By A Bell4:39Discovery71984193
1451Mike OldfieldThe Lake12:10Discovery81984197
1452Mike OldfieldTaurus II24:43Five Miles Out11982209
1453Mike OldfieldFamily Man3:45Five Miles Out21982203
1454Mike OldfieldOrabidoo13:03Five Miles Out31982203
1455Mike OldfieldMount Teidi4:10Five Miles Out41982188
1456Mike OldfieldFive Miles Out4:16Five Miles Out51982213
1457Mike OldfieldHergest Ridge Part One21:29Hergest Ridge11974202
1458Mike OldfieldHergest Ridge Part Two18:45Hergest Ridge21974204
1459Mike OldfieldIncantation, Pt. 119:09Incantations11978209
1460Mike OldfieldIncantation, Pt. 219:38Incantations21978194
1461Mike OldfieldIncantation, Pt. 313:50Incantations31978228
1462Mike OldfieldIncantation, Pt. 417:01Incantations41978222
1463Mike OldfieldOmmadawn, Part One19:19Ommadawn11975201
1464Mike OldfieldOmmadawn, Part Two13:55Ommadawn21975190
1465Mike OldfieldOn Horseback3:25Ommadawn31975200
1466Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow3:35One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)131999223
1467Mike OldfieldIn Dulci Jubilo2:49Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)161995202
1468Mike OldfieldIn Dulce Jubilo2:51The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)171996202
1469Mike OldfieldIn The Beginning1:24The Songs Of Distant Earth11994181
1470Mike OldfieldLet There Be Light4:57The Songs Of Distant Earth21994203
1471Mike OldfieldSupernova3:24The Songs Of Distant Earth31994186
1472Mike OldfieldMagellan4:40The Songs Of Distant Earth41994220
1473Mike OldfieldFirst Landing1:16The Songs Of Distant Earth51994198
1474Mike OldfieldOceania3:19The Songs Of Distant Earth61994187
1475Mike OldfieldOnly Time Will Tell4:26The Songs Of Distant Earth71994198
1476Mike OldfieldPrayer For The Earth2:09The Songs Of Distant Earth81994185
1477Mike OldfieldLament For Atlantis2:43The Songs Of Distant Earth91994181
1478Mike OldfieldThe Chamber1:47The Songs Of Distant Earth101994196
1479Mike OldfieldHibernaculum3:33The Songs Of Distant Earth111994213
1480Mike OldfieldTubular World3:24The Songs Of Distant Earth121994221
1481Mike OldfieldThe Shining Ones2:57The Songs Of Distant Earth131994207
1482Mike OldfieldCrystal Clear5:42The Songs Of Distant Earth141994215
1483Mike OldfieldThe Sunken Forest2:37The Songs Of Distant Earth151994188
1484Mike OldfieldAscension5:49The Songs Of Distant Earth161994218
1485Mike OldfieldA New Beginning1:33The Songs Of Distant Earth171994195
1486Mike OldfieldIn Dulce Jubilo2:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)42001206
1487Mike OldfieldTubular Bells - Part One25:36Tubular Bells (Remastered)11973205
1488Mike OldfieldTubular Bells - Part Two23:20Tubular Bells (Remastered)21973216
1489Mike OldfieldSentinel8:07Tubular Bells II11992201
1490Mike OldfieldDark Star2:16Tubular Bells II21992202
1491Mike OldfieldClear Light5:48Tubular Bells II31992193
1492Mike OldfieldBlue Saloon2:59Tubular Bells II41992191
1493Mike OldfieldSunjammer2:32Tubular Bells II51992215
1494Mike OldfieldRed Dawn1:50Tubular Bells II61992201
1495Mike OldfieldThe Bell6:59Tubular Bells II71992202
1496Mike OldfieldWeightless5:43Tubular Bells II81992198
1497Mike OldfieldThe Great Plain4:48Tubular Bells II91992214
1498Mike OldfieldSunset Door2:23Tubular Bells II101992190
1499Mike OldfieldTattoo4:15Tubular Bells II111992185
1500Mike OldfieldAltered State5:12Tubular Bells II121992211
1501Mike OldfieldMaya Gold4:01Tubular Bells II131992197
1502Mike OldfieldMoonshine1:42Tubular Bells II141992210
1503Mike OldfieldThe Source Of Secrets5:35Tubular Bells III11998219
1504Mike OldfieldThe Watchful Eye2:09Tubular Bells III21998194
1505Mike OldfieldJewel In The Crown5:45Tubular Bells III31998207
1506Mike OldfieldOutcast3:49Tubular Bells III41998232
1507Mike OldfieldSerpent Dream2:53Tubular Bells III51998235
1508Mike OldfieldThe Inner Child4:41Tubular Bells III61998188
1509Mike OldfieldMan In The Rain4:03Tubular Bells III71998218
1510Mike OldfieldThe Top Of The Morning4:26Tubular Bells III81998206
1511Mike OldfieldMoonwatch4:25Tubular Bells III91998193
1512Mike OldfieldSecrets3:20Tubular Bells III101998212
1513Mike OldfieldFar Above The Clouds5:30Tubular Bells III111998232
1514Mike OldfieldThe Song Of The Sun4:32Voyager11996209
1515Mike OldfieldCeltic Rain4:41Voyager21996200
1516Mike OldfieldThe Hero5:03Voyager31996191
1517Mike OldfieldWomen Of Ireland6:29Voyager41996200
1518Mike OldfieldThe Voyager4:26Voyager51996243
1519Mike OldfieldShe Moves Through The Fair4:06Voyager61996192
1520Mike OldfieldDark Island5:43Voyager71996213
1521Mike OldfieldWild Goose Flaps It's Wings5:04Voyager81996197
1522Mike OldfieldFlowers Of The Forest6:03Voyager91996191
1523Mike OldfieldMont St. Michel12:18Voyager101996196
1524Mike Pedicin QuintetShake A Hand2:15Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)142005161
1525Mike PosnerCooler Than Me3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0632010205
1526Mike PosnerPlease Don't Go3:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1032010177
1527Mike PostLaw And Order1:22All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)122005205
1528Mike PostL.A. Law1:31All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)182005218
1529Mike PostHill Street Blues1:15All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)322005125
1530Mike PostMagnum, P.I.1:02All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)342005129
1531Mike PostThe Rockford Files0:55All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)82005183
1532Mike PostThe Rockford Files3:12Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)51998192
1533Mike PostL.A. Law1:36Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)371990207
1534Mike PostHill Street Blues1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)611990182
1535Mike PostDoogie Howser, M.D.1:09Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)331996199
1536Mike PostN.Y.P.D. Blue1:06Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)521996209
1537Mike PostLaw And Order1:24Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)531996203
1538Mike PostQuantum Leap1:26Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)591996192
1539Mike Post & Pete CarpenterThe A-Team1:40All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)262005183
1540Mike Post & Pete CarpenterThe A-Team1:40Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)581990177
1541Mike Post & Pete CarpenterMagnum, P.I.1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)631990208
1542Mike Post & Pete CarpenterThe Rockford Files0:56Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)641990183
1543Mike Post & Pete CarpenterBaa Baa Black Sheep1:16Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)451996142
1544Mike Post & Pete CarpenterHardcastle & McCormick1:03Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)521996148
1545Mike Post & Pete CarpenterHunter1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)531996138
1546Mike Post & Stephen GeyerThe Greatest American Hero ("Believe It Or Not")1:46Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)171990184
1547Mike Post Feat. Larry CarltonThe Theme From Hill Street Blues3:14Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)172002252
1548Mike Reno & Ann WilsonAlmost Paradise3:49Footloose (OST) (15th Anniversary Collector's Edition)31984203
1549Mike RutherfordBetween The Tick & The Tock3:59Smallcreep's Day11980193
1550Mike RutherfordWorking In Line3:08Smallcreep's Day21980216
1551Mike RutherfordAfter Hours1:44Smallcreep's Day31980193
1552Mike RutherfordCats And Rats (In This Neighbourhood)4:51Smallcreep's Day41980196
1553Mike RutherfordSmallcreep Alone1:24Smallcreep's Day51980193
1554Mike RutherfordOut Into The Daylight3:53Smallcreep's Day61980204
1555Mike RutherfordAt The End Of The Day5:38Smallcreep's Day71980184
1556Mike RutherfordMoonshine6:26Smallcreep's Day81980200
1557Mike RutherfordTime And Time Again4:54Smallcreep's Day91980188
1558Mike RutherfordRomani5:27Smallcreep's Day101980201
1559Mike RutherfordEvery Road4:15Smallcreep's Day111980199
1560Mike RutherfordOvernight Job5:44Smallcreep's Day121980200
1561Mike StarrsLovesong4:28Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)122001204
1562Mike SternSunnyside7:29Between the Lines11996228
1563Mike SternThe Vine6:28Between the Lines21996208
1564Mike SternWing and a Prayer6:38Between the Lines31996191
1565Mike SternLose the Suit8:46Between the Lines41996211
1566Mike SternYou Never Know7:15Between the Lines51996211
1567Mike SternTell Me6:03Between the Lines61996199
1568Mike SternWith a Twist6:39Between the Lines71996215
1569Mike SternTrue Enough6:44Between the Lines81996201
1570Mike SternPages6:43Between the Lines91996218
1571Mike SternBait Tone Blues7:37Between the Lines101996220
1572Mike SternI Love You6:20Give & Take11997237
1573Mike SternHook Up7:04Give & Take21997246
1574Mike SternEverything Changes5:40Give & Take31997229
1575Mike SternOne Liners8:18Give & Take41997244
1576Mike SternJones Street7:34Give & Take51997240
1577Mike SternLumpy3:15Give & Take61997241
1578Mike SternRooms5:03Give & Take71997227
1579Mike SternThat's What You Think6:42Give & Take81997244
1580Mike SternGiant Steps5:09Give & Take91997243
1581Mike SternWho Knows3:04Give & Take101997234
1582Mike SternOleo5:33Give & Take111997244
1583Mike SternSwunk7:56Is What It Is11994221
1584Mike SternA Little Luck6:37Is What It Is21994220
1585Mike SternWhat I Meant to Say6:22Is What It Is31994193
1586Mike SternShowbiz5:45Is What It Is41994221
1587Mike SternBelieve It4:36Is What It Is51994206
1588Mike SternWherever You Are5:35Is What It Is61994187
1589Mike SternHa Ha Hotel6:10Is What It Is71994234
1590Mike SternSigns7:49Is What It Is81994207
1591Mike Stern55 Dive5:44Is What It Is91994219
1592Mike SternAnother Way Around6:25Jigsaw [Bonus Track]11989208
1593Mike SternLoose Ends6:11Jigsaw [Bonus Track]21989217
1594Mike SternTo Let You Know6:30Jigsaw [Bonus Track]31989201
1595Mike SternJigsaw7:06Jigsaw [Bonus Track]41989220
1596Mike SternChief7:45Jigsaw [Bonus Track]51989206
1597Mike SternRhyme Or Reason5:46Jigsaw [Bonus Track]61989193
1598Mike SternKwirk6:57Jigsaw [Bonus Track]71989217
1599Mike SternLike Someone In Love6:39Standards (And Other Songs)11992199
1600Mike SternSource1:48Standards (And Other Songs)21992172
1601Mike SternThere Is No Greater Love9:13Standards (And Other Songs)31992209
1602Mike SternL Bird5:48Standards (And Other Songs)41992172
1603Mike SternMoment's Notice4:41Standards (And Other Songs)51992207
1604Mike SternLost Time6:47Standards (And Other Songs)61992198
1605Mike SternWindows6:28Standards (And Other Songs)71992190
1606Mike SternStraight No Chaser5:26Standards (And Other Songs)81992213
1607Mike SternPeace5:17Standards (And Other Songs)91992193
1608Mike SternJean Pierre1:44Standards (And Other Songs)101992183
1609Mike SternNardis7:37Standards (And Other Songs)111992206
1610Mike SternUpside Downside5:42Upside Downside11991219
1611Mike SternLittle Shoes5:33Upside Downside21991209
1612Mike SternGoodbye Again6:37Upside Downside31991198
1613Mike SternMood Swings6:05Upside Downside41991207
1614Mike SternAfter You5:28Upside Downside51991189
1615Mike SternScuffle6:10Upside Downside61991216
1616Mike SternTumble Home8:14Who Let the Cats Out?12006222
1617Mike SternKT7:57Who Let the Cats Out?22006216
1618Mike SternGood Question4:17Who Let the Cats Out?32006218
1619Mike SternLanguage7:03Who Let the Cats Out?42006220
1620Mike SternWe're with You5:48Who Let the Cats Out?52006181
1621Mike SternLeni Goes Shopping4:38Who Let the Cats Out?62006207
1622Mike SternRoll with It5:02Who Let the Cats Out?72006216
1623Mike SternTexas7:04Who Let the Cats Out?82006219
1624Mike SternWho Let the Cats Out?7:44Who Let the Cats Out?92006220
1625Mike SternAll You Need6:57Who Let the Cats Out?102006215
1626Mike SternBlue Runway8:37Who Let the Cats Out?112006224
1627Mikhail GlinkaRuslan and Ludmilla: Overture5:24100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 41 196
1628Miles DavisRight Off26:55A Tribute To Jack Johnson11970204
1629Miles DavisYesternow25:34A Tribute To Jack Johnson21970193
1630Miles DavisPharaoh's Dance20:06Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 1)11970218
1631Miles DavisBitches Brew26:59Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 1)21970211
1632Miles DavisSpanish Key17:34Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 2)11970230
1633Miles DavisJohn McLaughlin4:26Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 2)21970221
1634Miles DavisMiles Runs the Voodoo Down14:03Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 2)31970210
1635Miles DavisSanctuary11:00Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 2)41970203
1636Miles DavisFeio11:50Bitches Brew [1999 Remaster] (Disc 2)51970189
1637Miles DavisShhh/Peaceful18:03In a Silent Way11969194
1638Miles DavisIn a Silent Way/It's About That Time19:57In a Silent Way21969173
1639Miles DavisSo What9:25Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]11959207
1640Miles DavisFreddie Freeloader9:49Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]21959207
1641Miles DavisBlue In Green5:37Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]31959189
1642Miles DavisAll Blues11:35Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]41959210
1643Miles DavisFlamenco Sketches9:26Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]51959190
1644Miles DavisFlamenco Sketches (Alternate Take)9:32Kind Of Blue [1997 Remaster]61959190
1645Miles DavisConcierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)16:23Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]11960188
1646Miles DavisWill O' The Wisp3:49Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]21960184
1647Miles DavisThe Pan Piper3:54Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]31960179
1648Miles DavisSaeta5:08Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]41960185
1649Miles DavisSolea12:20Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]51960195
1650Miles DavisSong Of Our Country3:28Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]61960161
1651Miles DavisConcierto De Aranjuez (Part One)12:05Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]71960188
1652Miles DavisConcierto De Aranjuez (Part Two Ending)3:33Sketches Of Spain [20-Bit Remaster With Bonus Tracks]81960195
1653Miles Davis & Quincy JonesSpringsville3:33Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed202001226
1654Miley CyrusWe Got The Party3:36Hannah Montana212007229
1655Miley CyrusNobody's Perfect3:20Hannah Montana222007225
1656Miley CyrusMake Some Noise4:47Hannah Montana232007241
1657Miley CyrusRock Star2:58Hannah Montana242007236
1658Miley CyrusOld Blue Jeans3:22Hannah Montana252007208
1659Miley CyrusLife's What You Make It3:11Hannah Montana262007229
1660Miley CyrusOne In A Million3:55Hannah Montana272007225
1661Miley CyrusBigger Than Us2:57Hannah Montana282007225
1662Miley CyrusYou And Me Together3:48Hannah Montana292007245
1663Miley CyrusTrue Friend3:09Hannah Montana2102007199
1664Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed2:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0622010191
1665Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana)Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree2:21A Very Special Christmas 732009235
1666Miley Cyrus and John TravoltaI Thought I Lost You3:36Bolt (OST)12008221
1667Milk & HoneyIsn't It Magic3:31Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)121992202
1668MilkshakeManCPThat's Disgustingly Beautiful (JQ Remix)2:48   320
1669Milla's MirakelRytmen Av Ett Regn3:35Absolute Music 3111987212
1670The Miller SistersSomeday You Will Pay2:19The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)61994127
1671Milli VanilliGirl You Know It's True4:13Girl You Know It's True11989206
1672Milli VanilliBaby Don't Forget My Number4:16Girl You Know It's True21989199
1673Milli VanilliBlame It On The Rain4:32Girl You Know It's True31989224
1674Milli VanilliTake It As It Comes4:19Girl You Know It's True41989217
1675Milli VanilliIt's Your Thing4:15Girl You Know It's True51989207
1676Milli VanilliMore Than You'll Ever Know3:51Girl You Know It's True61989222
1677Milli VanilliI'm Gonna Miss You3:54Girl You Know It's True71989223
1678Milli VanilliAll Or Nothing3:17Girl You Know It's True81989211
1679Milli VanilliDreams To Remember3:57Girl You Know It's True91989211
1680Milli VanilliGirl You Know It's True [N.Y. Subway Extended Mix]6:29Girl You Know It's True101989195
1681Milli VanilliGirl I'm Gonna Miss You4:24Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)11989250
1682Millie JacksonHurts So Good3:04Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)132001203
1683Millie SmallMy Boy Lollipop1:59AM Gold: The Mid '60s41995126
1684Millie SmallMy Boy Lollipop2:01Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics62001127
1685The Million Dollar QuartetDown By The Riverside2:22The Sun Records Collection (Disc 3)51994126
1686The Mills BrothersSo Rare2:24100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)221999206
1687The Mills BrothersOne Dozen Roses2:47100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)251999205
1688The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt the One You Love3:13100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)241999167
1689The Mills BrothersTill Then2:58100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)41999199
1690The Mills BrothersGlow Worm2:12100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)101999199
1691The Mills BrothersMr. Sand Man1:51100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)241999196
1692The Mills BrothersSiboney2:28100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)211999204
1693The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:54100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)241999207
1694The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:39All Time Greatest Hits11997126
1695The Mills BrothersLazy River2:47All Time Greatest Hits21997127
1696The Mills BrothersTill Then2:38All Time Greatest Hits31997127
1697The Mills BrothersAcross The Alley From The Alamo2:29All Time Greatest Hits41997126
1698The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt The One You Love3:08All Time Greatest Hits51997127
1699The Mills BrothersI Love You So Much It Hurts3:08All Time Greatest Hits61997127
1700The Mills BrothersI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm3:13All Time Greatest Hits71997150
1701The Mills BrothersDaddy's Little Girl2:55All Time Greatest Hits81997127
1702The Mills BrothersSomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)2:56All Time Greatest Hits91997127
1703The Mills BrothersBe My Lifes Companion3:13All Time Greatest Hits101997127
1704The Mills BrothersSay Si Si2:51All Time Greatest Hits111997128
1705The Mills BrothersYou're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You2:23All Time Greatest Hits121997127
1706The Mills BrothersThe Jones Boy2:55All Time Greatest Hits131997127
1707The Mills BrothersNevertheless (I'm In Love With You)2:48All Time Greatest Hits141997127
1708The Mills BrothersGlow Worm2:41All Time Greatest Hits151997127
1709The Mills BrothersCab Driver2:53All Time Greatest Hits161997203
1710The Mills BrothersLazy River2:44Paper Doll11992163
1711The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt The One You Love3:23Paper Doll21992157
1712The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:37Paper Doll31992157
1713The Mills BrothersI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm3:17Paper Doll41992177
1714The Mills BrothersGlow Worm2:41Paper Doll51992169
1715The Mills BrothersTill We Meet Again2:52Paper Doll61992153
1716The Mills BrothersIf I Had My Way3:02Paper Doll71992203
1717The Mills BrothersOn The Banks Of The Wabash3:00Paper Doll81992173
1718The Mills BrothersWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen3:07Paper Doll91992160
1719The Mills BrothersDaddy's Little Girl2:53Paper Doll101992147
1720The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:39The Best of - The Millennium Collection12000126
1721The Mills BrothersLazy River2:47The Best of - The Millennium Collection22000126
1722The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt The One You Love3:09The Best of - The Millennium Collection32000126
1723The Mills BrothersTill Then2:38The Best of - The Millennium Collection42000126
1724The Mills BrothersAcross The Alley From The Alamo2:30The Best of - The Millennium Collection52000126
1725The Mills BrothersI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm3:14The Best of - The Millennium Collection62000149
1726The Mills BrothersSomeday You'll Want Me To Want You2:57The Best of - The Millennium Collection72000126
1727The Mills BrothersNevertheless I'm In Love With You2:48The Best of - The Millennium Collection82000126
1728The Mills BrothersBe My Life's Companion3:14The Best of - The Millennium Collection92000127
1729The Mills BrothersThe Glow Worm2:41The Best of - The Millennium Collection102000127
1730The Mills BrothersStanding On The Corner2:48The Best of - The Millennium Collection112000126
1731The Mills BrothersCab Driver2:53The Best of - The Millennium Collection122000203
1732The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:37The Best Of The Decca Years11990126
1733The Mills BrothersAcross The Alley From The Alamo2:29The Best Of The Decca Years21990127
1734The Mills BrothersSomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)2:57The Best Of The Decca Years31990127
1735The Mills BrothersBe My Life's Companion3:12The Best Of The Decca Years41990127
1736The Mills BrothersLazy River2:43The Best Of The Decca Years51990126
1737The Mills BrothersGlow Worm2:40The Best Of The Decca Years61990127
1738The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt The One You Love3:24The Best Of The Decca Years71990127
1739The Mills BrothersThe Window Washer Man2:26The Best Of The Decca Years81990126
1740The Mills BrothersDaddy's Little Girl2:55The Best Of The Decca Years91990127
1741The Mills BrothersThe Jones Boy2:55The Best Of The Decca Years101990127
1742The Mills BrothersTill Then2:43The Best Of The Decca Years111990126
1743The Mills BrothersIn A Mellow Tone2:16The Best Of The Decca Years121990128
1744The Mills BrothersYou Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine3:29The Best Of The Decca Years131990127
1745The Mills BrothersOpus One2:13The Best Of The Decca Years141990128
1746The Mills BrothersGlow Worm2:38The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)201997131
1747The Mills BrothersPaper Doll2:38Your Hit Parade 1943141991126
1748The Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt the One You Love3:24Your Hit Parade 194418 126
1749The Mills BrothersAcross The Alley From The Alamo2:32Your Hit Parade 1947161989126
1750The Mills BrothersNevertheless2:50Your Hit Parade 195016 128
1751The Mills BrothersThe Glow-Worm2:43Your Hit Parade 19521 128
1752Milt BucknerThe Beast2:32Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale51996193
1753Milton AllenDon't Bug Me Baby2:33Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59281989170
1754MimsLike This3:25Now That's What I Call Music! 25122007194
1755MimsThis Is Why I'm Hot4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-03152007165
1756MindbendersGroovy Kind of Love2:00AM Gold: 196671995125
1757MindbendersGroovy Kind Of Love2:01Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)232001175
1758Mindy McCreadyWhat If I Do3:13If I Don't Stay the Night11997231
1759Mindy McCreadyThis Is Me3:04If I Don't Stay the Night21997222
1760Mindy McCreadyIf I Don't Stay the Night3:33If I Don't Stay the Night31997192
1761Mindy McCreadyCross Against the Moon4:30If I Don't Stay the Night41997213
1762Mindy McCreadyFor a Good Time Call3:12If I Don't Stay the Night51997218
1763Mindy McCreadyOh Romeo4:15If I Don't Stay the Night61997207
1764Mindy McCreadyThe Other Side of This Kiss3:04If I Don't Stay the Night71997219
1765Mindy McCreadyYou'll Never Know4:00If I Don't Stay the Night81997221
1766Mindy McCreadyFine Art of Holding a Woman3:58If I Don't Stay the Night91997193
1767Mindy McCreadyOnly a Whisper3:54If I Don't Stay the Night101997219
1768Mindy McCreadyLong, Long Time4:27If I Don't Stay the Night111997179
1769Mindy McCreadyI'm Not So Tough4:11I'm Not So Tough11999252
1770Mindy McCreadyTumble And Roll3:08I'm Not So Tough21999243
1771Mindy McCreadyAll I Want Is Everything2:45I'm Not So Tough31999221
1772Mindy McCreadyTwo Different Things4:24I'm Not So Tough41999242
1773Mindy McCreadyDream On4:21I'm Not So Tough51999248
1774Mindy McCreadyI've Got A Feeling3:05I'm Not So Tough61999240
1775Mindy McCreadyThunder And Roses3:13I'm Not So Tough71999242
1776Mindy McCreadyOver And Over3:56I'm Not So Tough81999245
1777Mindy McCreadyLucky Me3:06I'm Not So Tough91999231
1778Mindy McCreadyHold Me3:27I'm Not So Tough101999231
1779Mindy McCreadyTake Me Apart4:00I'm Not So Tough111999251
1780Mindy McCreadyTen Thousand Angels3:27Ten Thousand Angels11996215
1781Mindy McCreadyGuys Do It All The Time3:11Ten Thousand Angels21996226
1782Mindy McCreadyAll That I Am3:24Ten Thousand Angels31996217
1783Mindy McCreadyMaybe He'll Notice Her Now3:59Ten Thousand Angels41996195
1784Mindy McCreadyA Girl's Gotta Do (What A Girl's Gotta Do)2:39Ten Thousand Angels51996227
1785Mindy McCreadyHave A Nice Day4:55Ten Thousand Angels61996208
1786Mindy McCreadyIt Ain't A Party3:05Ten Thousand Angels71996216
1787Mindy McCreadyWithout Love4:13Ten Thousand Angels81996200
1788Mindy McCreadyTell Me Something I Don't Know3:10Ten Thousand Angels91996201
1789Mindy McCreadyBreakin' It3:20Ten Thousand Angels101996200
1790Ming TeaBBC2:06Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)21997202
1791Ming Tea Feat. Austin PowersDaddy Wasn't There2:45Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)112002230
1792Mini-KingGet It Back Together3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07221998204
1793Minimum VitalHydromel4:50Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines11992212
1794Minimum VitalBalivernes7:03Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines21992222
1795Minimum VitalEnvol Triangles5:04Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines31992211
1796Minimum VitalDans le Doute7:09Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines41992215
1797Minimum VitalRonde9:32Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines51992210
1798Minimum VitalPour le Temps Présent4:28Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines61992204
1799Minimum VitalZappata !4:41Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines71992209
1800Minimum VitalLequel de Nous...1:59Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines81992210
1801Minimum VitalLa Tour Haute10:02Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines91992202
1802Minimum VitalLes Saisons Marines4:21Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines101992201
1803Minimum VitalA Bien des Egards6:48Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines111992202
1804Minimum VitalRetour au Domaine5:24Envol Triangles - Les Saisons Marines121992214
1805Minimum VitalDans Des Voeux7:02La Source11993211
1806Minimum VitalLa Villa Emo5:28La Source21993230
1807Minimum VitalLes Mondes De Miranda7:48La Source31993226
1808Minimum VitalAnn Dey Floh6:57La Source41993213
1809Minimum VitalTabou9:12La Source51993219
1810Minimum VitalCe Qui Soustient2:27La Source61993200
1811Minimum VitalMystical West7:05La Source71993214
1812Minimum VitalLa Source - Final1:35La Source81993200
1813Minimum VitalLe Chant Du Monde7:37Sarabandes11990202
1814Minimum VitalPorte Sur L'Ete2:55Sarabandes21990193
1815Minimum VitalSarabande No. I6:24Sarabandes31990202
1816Minimum VitalCantiga De Santa Maria3:48Sarabandes41990194
1817Minimum VitalSarabande No. II7:04Sarabandes51990208
1818Minimum VitalHymne Et Danse8:52Sarabandes61990191
1819Minimum VitalDanza Vital7:27Sarabandes71990209
1820Minimum VitalLe Bal Du Diable1:32Sarabandes81990173
1821MinistryN.W.O.5:31Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs11992247
1822MinistryJust One Fix5:11Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs21992220
1823MinistryTV II3:04Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs31992215
1824MinistryHero4:13Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs41992223
1825MinistryJesus Built My Hotrod4:51Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs51992238
1826MinistryScare Crow8:21Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs61992249
1827MinistryPsalm 695:29Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs71992224
1828MinistryCorrosion4:56Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs81992231
1829MinistryGrace3:05Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs91992204
1830MinistryN.W.O.5:30Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)122005252
1831Mink DeVilleLittle Girl4:20The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)31999173
1832Mink DeVilleSpanish Stroll3:34Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)122001217
1833Minna RaskinenJig4:04fRoots #691996203
1834Minnie RipertonLovin' You3:4340 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)162001189
1835Minnie RipertonLovin' You3:23Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)122001169
1836Minnie RipertonLoving You3:23One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)12001200
1837Minnie RipertonLovin' You3:25Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)111993173
1838Minnie RipertonLovin' You3:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)162001190
1839Minnie WallaceThe Cockeyed World3:02Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 2)112000132
1840Mint ConditionWhat You Bring To The Party6:40The Collection (1991-1998)11998207
1841Mint ConditionDeep In My Pockets3:40The Collection (1991-1998)21998180
1842Mint ConditionBreakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Album Edit)4:48The Collection (1991-1998)31998208
1843Mint ConditionU Send Me Swingin' (7" Radio Edit)4:11The Collection (1991-1998)41998217
1844Mint Condition10 Million Strong5:42The Collection (1991-1998)51998186
1845Mint ConditionLet Me Be The One (Ummah Radio Remix Feat. Phife)4:11The Collection (1991-1998)61998195
1846Mint ConditionSomeone To Love (Edit)4:09The Collection (1991-1998)71998193
1847Mint ConditionYou Don't Have To Hurt No More (Radio Edit)4:16The Collection (1991-1998)81998204
1848Mint ConditionWhat Kind Of Man Would I Be (Radio Edit)4:06The Collection (1991-1998)91998201
1849Mint ConditionSo Fine6:18The Collection (1991-1998)101998212
1850Mint ConditionThe Never That You'll Never Know4:38The Collection (1991-1998)111998212
1851Mint ConditionForever In Your Eyes (7" Album Edit)4:10The Collection (1991-1998)121998205
1852Mint ConditionMy Dear5:10The Collection (1991-1998)131998199
1853Mint ConditionSingle To Mingle (Live)5:12The Collection (1991-1998)141998190
1854Mint ConditionBreakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Tear Drop Edit)5:11The Collection (1991-1998)151998196
1855Minus 8Badman & Throbin (Gabor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Remix)5:19Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)142003191
1856MinutemenD's Car Jam / Anxious Mo-Fo1:20Double Nickels On The Dime11984196
1857MinutemenTheatre Is The Life Of You1:30Double Nickels On The Dime21984200
1858MinutemenViet Nam1:29Double Nickels On The Dime31984212
1859MinutemenCohesion1:56Double Nickels On The Dime41984192
1860MinutemenIt's Expected I'm Gone2:05Double Nickels On The Dime51984194
1861Minutemen#1 Hit Song1:49Double Nickels On The Dime61984191
1862MinutemenTwo Beads At The End1:53Double Nickels On The Dime71984200
1863MinutemenDo You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?1:51Double Nickels On The Dime81984180
1864MinutemenDon't Look Now1:47Double Nickels On The Dime91984192
1865MinutemenShit From An Old Notebook1:36Double Nickels On The Dime101984200
1866MinutemenNature Without Man1:46Double Nickels On The Dime111984201
1867MinutemenOne Reporter's Opinion1:51Double Nickels On The Dime121984196
1868MinutemenPolitical Song For Michael Jackson To Sing1:31Double Nickels On The Dime131984180
1869MinutemenMaybe Partying Will Help1:56Double Nickels On The Dime141984168
1870MinutemenToadies1:38Double Nickels On The Dime151984195
1871MinutemenRetreat2:00Double Nickels On The Dime161984201
1872MinutemenThe Big Foist1:30Double Nickels On The Dime171984203
1873MinutemenGod Bows To Math1:16Double Nickels On The Dime181984195
1874MinutemenCorona2:25Double Nickels On The Dime191984216
1875MinutemenThe Glory Of Man2:57Double Nickels On The Dime201984193
1876MinutemenTake 5, D.1:39Double Nickels On The Dime211984189
1877MinutemenMy Heart And The Real World1:06Double Nickels On The Dime221984202
1878MinutemenHistory Lesson - Part II2:12Double Nickels On The Dime231984195
1879MinutemenYou Need The Glory2:03Double Nickels On The Dime241984234
1880MinutemenThe Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts1:21Double Nickels On The Dime251984219
1881MinutemenWest Germany1:49Double Nickels On The Dime261984210
1882MinutemenThe Politics Of Time1:12Double Nickels On The Dime271984201
1883MinutemenThemselves1:18Double Nickels On The Dime281984204
1884MinutemenPlease Don't Be Gentle With Me0:47Double Nickels On The Dime291984190
1885MinutemenNothing Indeed1:22Double Nickels On The Dime301984205
1886MinutemenNo Exchange1:51Double Nickels On The Dime311984197
1887MinutemenThere Ain't Shit On T.V. Tonight1:34Double Nickels On The Dime321984200
1888MinutemenThis Ain't No Picnic1:57Double Nickels On The Dime331984210
1889MinutemenSpillage1:53Double Nickels On The Dime341984189
1890MinutemenUntitled Song For Latin America2:03Double Nickels On The Dime351984220
1891MinutemenJesus And Tequila2:53Double Nickels On The Dime361984196
1892MinutemenJune 16th1:49Double Nickels On The Dime371984185
1893MinutemenStorm In My House1:59Double Nickels On The Dime381984201
1894MinutemenMartin's Story0:52Double Nickels On The Dime391984208
1895MinutemenDr. Wu1:45Double Nickels On The Dime401984188
1896MinutemenThe World Acording To Nouns2:07Double Nickels On The Dime411984185
1897MinutemenLove Dance2:02Double Nickels On The Dime421984195
1898MinutemenThree Car Jam0:38Double Nickels On The Dime431984188
1899MiraCayman5:30Projekt: Gothic82003210
1900The Miracle WorkersYou'll Know Why3:08Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)172005211
1901The MiraclesMickey's Monkey2:481963 - Still Rockin'18 216
1902MiraclesYou've Really Got a Hold on Me2:53AM Gold: 1962191995192
1903The MiraclesTracks Of My Tears2:55AM Gold: 1965121995189
1904The MiraclesOoh Baby Baby2:47AM Gold: The Mid '60s91995175
1905The MiraclesOoo Baby Baby2:48Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On61988235
1906The MiraclesGoing To A Go-Go2:48Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On161988216
1907The MiraclesLove Machine3:26Disco Classics (Disc 2)172004217
1908The MiraclesLove Machine (Part 1)2:59Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)151998208
1909The MiraclesShop Around2:51Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)21992128
1910The MiraclesYou've Really Got A Hold On Me2:59Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)111992128
1911The MiraclesMickey's Monkey2:47Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)161992132
1912The MiraclesOoh Baby Baby2:45Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)71992128
1913The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My Tears3:02Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)101992134
1914The MiraclesDo It Baby3:04Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)151993202
1915The MiraclesLove Machine (Pt. 1)3:01Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)201993195
1916The MiraclesLove Machine2:56More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)82003207
1917The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My Tears2:52Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)22 126
1918The MiraclesLove Machine2:56Pure Disco 3101998208
1919The MiraclesLove Machine (Pt. 1)3:00The Disco Box (Disc 1)141999245
1920The MiraclesBad Girl2:45The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)131996128
1921The Miracles With Billy GriffinLove Machine (Long Version)6:53The Best Of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles111999215
1922MirandaVamos A La Playa3:12Hitzone 871999229
1923Miranda CosgroveKissin U3:18Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0692010211
1924Miriam MakebaMbube3:24Africa11991160
1925Miriam MakebaNomeva2:42Africa21991152
1926Miriam MakebaOlilili2:37Africa31991165
1927Miriam MakebaSuliram2:48Africa41991169
1928Miriam MakebaThe Retreat Song2:36Africa51991166
1929Miriam MakebaThe Click Song2:34Africa61991174
1930Miriam MakebaSaduva2:33Africa71991162
1931Miriam MakebaIya Guduza2:10Africa81991169
1932Miriam MakebaLakutshn Ilanga2:12Africa91991159
1933Miriam MakebaUmhome1:21Africa101991169
1934Miriam MakebaAmampondo2:00Africa111991174
1935Miriam MakebaDubula2:50Africa121991180
1936Miriam MakebaKwedini2:20Africa131991194
1937Miriam MakebaUmhome2:54Africa141991172
1938Miriam MakebaPole Mze2:19Africa151991172
1939Miriam MakebaLe Fleuve2:05Africa161991172
1940Miriam MakebaQhude2:45Africa171991165
1941Miriam MakebaMayibuye2:24Africa181991178
1942Miriam MakebaMaduna3:52Africa191991188
1943Miriam MakebaKilimanjaro3:07Africa201991184
1944Miriam MakebaKwazulu (In The Land Of The Zulus)2:35Africa211991178
1945Miriam MakebaNongqongqo (To Those We Love)2:21Africa221991171
1946Miriam MakebaKhawuleza (Hurry, Mama, Hurry)3:31Africa231991172
1947Miriam MakebaNdodemnyama (Beware, Verwoerd!)2:05Africa241991190
1948Miriam MakebaUthando Luyaphela2:30Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks11998171
1949Miriam MakebaTable Mountain2:26Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks21998165
1950Miriam MakebaMiriam And Spokes' Phata Phata2:38Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks31998159
1951Miriam MakebaMtshakasi2:18Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks41998162
1952Miriam MakebaNdimbone Dluca2:29Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks51998168
1953Miriam MakebaNdamcenga2:28Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks61998175
1954Miriam MakebaMakoti2:36Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks71998175
1955Miriam MakebaNdidiwe Zintaba2:34Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks81998177
1956Miriam MakebaInkomo Zodwa2:27Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks91998175
1957Miriam MakebaSindiza Ngecadillacs2:27Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks101998167
1958Miriam MakebaNamalungelo2:27Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks111998162
1959Miriam MakebaKutheni Sithandwa2:39Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks121998170
1960Miriam MakebaVula Amasango2:49Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks131998167
1961Miriam MakebaOwakho2:43Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks141998167
1962Miriam MakebaBaya Ndi Memeza2:30Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks151998185
1963Miriam MakebaYini Madoda2:37Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks161998175
1964Miriam MakebaEkoneni2:24Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks171998187
1965Miriam MakebaUyadela2:27Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks181998184
1966Miriam MakebaPata Pata3:01Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics82001211
1967Miriam MakebaMasakhane4:44Homeland12000213
1968Miriam MakebaAmalitya3:14Homeland22000201
1969Miriam MakebaPata Pata 20003:51Homeland32000208
1970Miriam Makeba'Cause We Live For Love4:37Homeland42000196
1971Miriam MakebaLiwaechi3:31Homeland52000176
1972Miriam MakebaLindelani3:16Homeland62000209
1973Miriam MakebaHomeland4:07Homeland72000219
1974Miriam MakebaUmhome5:10Homeland82000191
1975Miriam MakebaAfrica Is Where My Heart Lies4:43Homeland92000210
1976Miriam MakebaIn Time5:00Homeland102000199
1977Miriam MakebaPata Pata3:04Pata Pata11967211
1978Miriam MakebaHa Po Zamani2:59Pata Pata21967217
1979Miriam MakebaWhat Is Love2:44Pata Pata31967192
1980Miriam MakebaMaria Fulo2:41Pata Pata41967208
1981Miriam MakebaYetentu Tizaleny2:53Pata Pata51967214
1982Miriam MakebaClick Song Numer 12:18Pata Pata61967213
1983Miriam MakebaRing Bell, Ring Bell2:55Pata Pata71967224
1984Miriam MakebaJol'inkomo3:06Pata Pata81967211
1985Miriam MakebaWest Wind2:50Pata Pata91967208
1986Miriam MakebaSaduva3:47Pata Pata101967221
1987Miriam MakebaA Piece Of Ground3:40Pata Pata111967207
1988Miriam MakebaMalaysha (Bonus Track)2:34Pata Pata121967155
1989Miriam MakebaIyaguduza6:24Reflections12004223
1990Miriam MakebaPata Pata3:23Reflections22004199
1991Miriam MakebaComme Une Symphonie D'Amour3:17Reflections32004181
1992Miriam MakebaMas Que Nada3:17Reflections42004203
1993Miriam MakebaClick Song4:53Reflections52004193
1994Miriam MakebaAfrican Convention5:02Reflections62004196
1995Miriam MakebaI'm In Love With Spring3:26Reflections72004187
1996Miriam MakebaXica Da Silva6:10Reflections82004216
1997Miriam MakebaLove Tastes Like Strawberries5:05Reflections92004196
1998Miriam MakebaI Shall Sing7:11Reflections102004202
1999Miriam MakebaQuit It5:31Reflections112004188
2000Miriam MakebaRing Bell3:15Reflections122004187
2001Miriam MakebaWhere Are You Going?4:00Reflections132004168
2002Miriam MakebaEmabhaceni2:40Sangoma11988174
2003Miriam MakebaBaxabene Oxamu2:15Sangoma21988188
2004Miriam MakebaNgalala Phantsi2:32Sangoma31988168
2005Miriam MakebaIhoyiya1:31Sangoma41988145
2006Miriam MakebaKulo Nyaka2:22Sangoma51988166
2007Miriam MakebaBaya Jabula2:25Sangoma61988177
2008Miriam MakebaMabhongo1:26Sangoma71988175
2009Miriam MakebaIngwemabala1:58Sangoma81988166
2010Miriam MakebaMosadi Ku Rima3:15Sangoma91988155
2011Miriam MakebaAngilalanga2:19Sangoma101988179
2012Miriam MakebaUngakanani1:29Sangoma111988175
2013Miriam MakebaNgiya Khuyeka1:38Sangoma121988166
2014Miriam MakebaNyankwabe1:58Sangoma131988170
2015Miriam MakebaSabumoya1:47Sangoma141988163
2016Miriam MakebaCongo2:49Sangoma151988161
2017Miriam MakebaNginani Na2:38Sangoma161988183
2018Miriam MakebaUmam' Uyajabula2:04Sangoma171988172
2019Miriam MakebaNyamuthla2:32Sangoma181988169
2020Miriam MakebaIcala3:12Sangoma191988165
2021Miriam MakebaAmampondo4:20Welela11989205
2022Miriam MakebaAfrican Sunset5:49Welela21989192
2023Miriam MakebaDjiu De Galinha4:08Welela31989191
2024Miriam MakebaA Luta Continua4:50Welela41989203
2025Miriam MakebaSoweto Blues4:18Welela51989201
2026Miriam MakebaWelela4:18Welela61989207
2027Miriam MakebaHapo Zamani4:29Welela71989200
2028Miriam MakebaPata Pata3:53Welela81989195
2029Miriam MakebaSaduva4:43Welela91989200
2030Miriam MakebaAfrica4:33Welela101989192
2031Mi-SexComputer Games4:02Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)52000239
2032Miss PiggySanta Baby2:51A Green And Red Christmas62006199
2033Miss PiggyThe Christmas Queen2:39A Green And Red Christmas112006221
2034Miss PiggyWhat Now My Love2:16The Muppet Show, The 25th Anniversary Collection112002187
2035Miss PingleHappy New Year (The Countdown Version)4:41Absolute Christmas Hitmania202004211
2036Miss Toni FisherThe Big Hurt2:14Your Hit Parade 195912 125
2037Missing LinksYou're Driving Me Insane2:57Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)122001156
2038Missing PersonsWords4:24Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)62002244
2039Missing PersonsWords4:27Rock Of The 80's Volume 171990243
2040Missing PersonsDestination Unknown3:36Rock Of The 80's Volume 671993247
2041Missing PersonsWalking In L.A.3:59Rock Of The 80's Volume 881993257
2042Missing PersonsWords4:29The Best Of Missing Persons11987205
2043Missing PersonsDestination Unknown3:35The Best Of Missing Persons21987205
2044Missing PersonsI Like Boys2:39The Best Of Missing Persons31987204
2045Missing PersonsMental Hopscotch3:16The Best Of Missing Persons41987199
2046Missing PersonsHello, I Love You2:19The Best Of Missing Persons51987206
2047Missing PersonsWindows5:02The Best Of Missing Persons61987206
2048Missing PersonsIt Ain't None Of Your Business2:57The Best Of Missing Persons71987219
2049Missing PersonsWalking In L.A.4:00The Best Of Missing Persons81987209
2050Missing PersonsTears4:23The Best Of Missing Persons91987211
2051Missing PersonsBad Streets3:43The Best Of Missing Persons101987211
2052Missing PersonsGive4:56The Best Of Missing Persons111987212
2053Missing PersonsRight Now3:31The Best Of Missing Persons121987212
2054Missing PersonsColor In Your Life4:59The Best Of Missing Persons131987209
2055Missing PersonsI Can't Think About Dancin'5:43The Best Of Missing Persons141987223
2056Missing PersonsNo Secrets4:27The Best Of Missing Persons151987197
2057Missing PersonsWords4:25VH-1 More Of The Big 80's61997209
2058Missing the PointMatt & JC3:31All I Had (EP)12002239
2059Missing the PointMore Than That3:10All I Had (EP)22002226
2060Missing the PointAll the Way Home3:41All I Had (EP)32002231
2061Missing the PointPicture Perfect3:33All I Had (EP)42002222
2062Missing the Point3rd Hour3:45All I Had (EP)52002220
2063Missing the PointSex Van (All I Had)3:25All I Had (EP)62002188
2064Mississippi John HurtFrankie3:28Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 2)71952128
2065Mississippi John HurtSpike Driver Blues3:17Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)101952127
2066Mississippi John HurtCandy Man2:55Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)81997184
2067Mississippi Jook BandBarbecue Bust2:41Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 2)122000142
2068Missy ElliottHit 'Em Wit Da Hee (Remix) (With Lil' Kim & Mocha)4:49Can't Hardly Wait (OST)61998206
2069Missy ElliottMysterious (Intro)1:06Da Real World [Bonus Track]11999203
2070Missy ElliottBeat Biters4:23Da Real World [Bonus Track]21999208
2071Missy ElliottBusa Rhyme feat. Eminem5:00Da Real World [Bonus Track]31999211
2072Missy ElliottAll N My Grill feat. Big Boi of Outkast & Nicole4:32Da Real World [Bonus Track]41999208
2073Missy ElliottDangerous Mouths feat. Redman3:28Da Real World [Bonus Track]51999176
2074Missy ElliottHot Boyz3:35Da Real World [Bonus Track]61999187
2075Missy ElliottYou Don't Know feat. Lil' Mo4:48Da Real World [Bonus Track]71999209
2076Missy ElliottMr. D.J. feat. Lady Saw4:30Da Real World [Bonus Track]81999211
2077Missy ElliottCheckin' for You - Interlude feat. Lil' Kim2:08Da Real World [Bonus Track]91999170
2078Missy ElliottStickin' Chickens feat. Aaliyah & Da Brat4:54Da Real World [Bonus Track]101999211
2079Missy ElliottSmooth Chick4:18Da Real World [Bonus Track]111999210
2080Missy ElliottWe Did It3:51Da Real World [Bonus Track]121999216
2081Missy ElliottThrow Your Hands Up - Interlude feat. Lil' Kim1:18Da Real World [Bonus Track]131999197
2082Missy ElliottShe's a Bitch3:59Da Real World [Bonus Track]141999216
2083Missy ElliottU Can't Resist feat. Juvenile & B.G.4:36Da Real World [Bonus Track]151999197
2084Missy ElliottCrazy Feelings feat. Beyoncé of Destiny's Child4:35Da Real World [Bonus Track]161999169
2085Missy ElliottReligious Blessings (Outro)0:39Da Real World [Bonus Track]171999127
2086Missy ElliottAll N My Grill feat. Mc Slaar4:47Da Real World [Bonus Track]181999209
2087Missy ElliottGet Ur Freak On (Edit)3:32Get Ur Freak On (Single)12001217
2088Missy ElliottGet Ur Freak On (Amended Version)3:59Get Ur Freak On (Single)22001218
2089Missy ElliottGet Ur Freak On (Instrumental)3:53Get Ur Freak On (Single)32001221
2090Missy ElliottWork It (Squeekly Clean)4:23Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-10152002182
2091Missy ElliottHot3:21Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 132004168
2092Missy ElliottWake Up3:27Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 1132004197
2093Missy ElliottGo to the Floor (Intro)5:06Under Construction12002173
2094Missy ElliottBring the Pain feat. Method Man2:59Under Construction22002196
2095Missy ElliottGossip Folks feat. Ludacris3:54Under Construction32002195
2096Missy ElliottWork It4:58Under Construction42002188
2097Missy ElliottBack in the Day feat. Jay-Z4:56Under Construction52002193
2098Missy ElliottFunky Fresh Dressed feat. Ms. Jade3:56Under Construction62002191
2099Missy ElliottPussycat4:32Under Construction72002175
2100Missy ElliottNothing Out There for Me feat. Beyonce Knowles3:05Under Construction82002206
2101Missy ElliottSlide3:43Under Construction92002203
2102Missy ElliottPlay That Beat3:02Under Construction102002213
2103Missy ElliottAin't That Funny2:48Under Construction112002242
2104Missy ElliottHot4:09Under Construction122002200
2105Missy ElliottCan You Hear Me feat. TLC4:29Under Construction132002172
2106Missy ElliottWork It (Remix) (Bonus Track)5:04Under Construction142002202
2107Missy Elliott (ft. Nelly Furtado)Get Ur Freak On3:10Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)42001219
2108Missy Elliott feat. 702 & MagooBeep Me 9114:23Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)102003215
2109Missy Elliott feat. Ciara & Fat Man ScoopLose Control3:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-07102005215
2110Missy HigginsWhere I Stood4:17On A Clear Night12007183
2111Missy Higgins100 Round The Bends2:58On A Clear Night22007198
2112Missy HigginsSteer3:50On A Clear Night32007214
2113Missy HigginsSugarcane3:17On A Clear Night42007171
2114Missy HigginsSecret4:07On A Clear Night52007172
2115Missy HigginsWarm Whispers3:13On A Clear Night62007177
2116Missy HigginsThe Wrong Girl3:31On A Clear Night72007191
2117Missy HigginsAngela3:03On A Clear Night82007173
2118Missy HigginsPeachy2:40On A Clear Night92007222
2119Missy HigginsGoing North2:48On A Clear Night102007189
2120Missy HigginsForgive Me4:05On A Clear Night112007140
2121Missy HigginsScar3:33Scar (EP)12004204
2122Missy HigginsCasuality4:11Scar (EP)22004201
2123Missy HigginsDancing Dirt Into The Snow3:25Scar (EP)32004187
2124Missy HigginsThe Cactus That Found The Beat2:02Scar (EP)42004176
2125Missy HigginsGreed for Your Love4:10The Missy Higgins EP (EP)12003193
2126Missy HigginsFalling4:18The Missy Higgins EP (EP)22003177
2127Missy HigginsAll for Believing3:07The Missy Higgins EP (EP)32003192
2128Missy HigginsThe Special Two4:22The Missy Higgins EP (EP)42003189
2129Missy HigginsAll For Believing3:30The Sound Of White12004176
2130Missy HigginsDon't Ever2:54The Sound Of White22004185
2131Missy HigginsScar3:36The Sound Of White32004199
2132Missy HigginsTen Days3:48The Sound Of White42004182
2133Missy HigginsNight Minds3:20The Sound Of White52004170
2134Missy HigginsCasualty4:15The Sound Of White62004200
2135Missy HigginsAny Day Now3:53The Sound Of White72004175
2136Missy HigginsKatie3:37The Sound Of White82004192
2137Missy HigginsThe River4:29The Sound Of White92004183
2138Missy HigginsThe Special Two4:29The Sound Of White102004190
2139Missy HigginsThis Is How It Goes3:34The Sound Of White112004199
2140Missy HigginsThe Sound Of White4:51The Sound Of White122004191
2141Missy HigginsThey Weren't There4:07The Sound Of White132004175
2142Missy HigginsThe Special Two4:26The Special Two (EP)12005179
2143Missy HigginsDrop The Mirror4:34The Special Two (EP)22005183
2144Missy HigginsBlind Winter3:19The Special Two (EP)32005191
2145Missy HigginsYou Just Like Me Cause I'm Good In Bed2:44The Special Two (EP)42005202
2146Missy HigginsScar3:30Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)12005205
2147Mis-TeeqScandalous3:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0452004204
2148Mis-TeeqOne Night Stand3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0952004204
2149Mis-TeeqRoll On4:29The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)92003247
2150Mis-TeeqB With Me3:31The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)142002224
2151Mister JonesDestiny3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07211998208
2152MisunderstoodChildren Of The Sun2:52Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)12001128
2153Mitch MillerMarch From the River Kwai2:29Your Hit Parade 1958121990128
2154Mitch Miller & His OrchestraTheme Song From "Song For A Summer Night"3:11Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals161992126
2155Mitch Miller & His OrchestraThe Yellow Rose Of Texas3:07Your Hit Parade 195520 128
2156Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsJenny Take A Ride!3:23Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On141988184
2157Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly3:06Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On141988197
2158Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsSock It To Me Baby2:59Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On20 228
2159Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly3:32Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)122002242
2160Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsJenny Take A Ride3:25Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels11989207
2161Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe Lu3:11Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels21989226
2162Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsShakin' With Linda3:16Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels31989207
2163Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsI Like It Like That2:47Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels41989204
2164Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsI Had It Made2:41Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels51989205
2165Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsBreak-Out3:17Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels61989222
2166Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsShake A Tail Feather2:30Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels71989205
2167Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsJust A Little Bit2:42Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels81989221
2168Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsTakin' All I Can Get3:22Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels91989132
2169Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsYou Get Your Kicks3:10Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels101989213
2170Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsSticks And Stones2:39Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels111989213
2171Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsBaby Jane (Mo-Mo Jane)4:03Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels121989217
2172Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsJoy3:10Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels131989226
2173Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly3:32Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels141989229
2174Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsSock It To Me - Baby!3:12Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels151989210
2175Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsToo Many Fish In The Sea & Three Little Fishes3:02Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels161989205
2176Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsI'd Rather Go To Jail3:11Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels171989149
2177Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsLiberty3:33Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels181989206
2178Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsLong Neck Goose3:30Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels191989211
2179Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsRock 'N Roll4:16Rev Up: The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels201989213
2180Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress3:35The Essential Rock 'N' Roll Jukebox Vol.2181999176
2181Mitch Ryder And The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On3:04Toga Rock61987212
2182Mitch Ryder And The Detroit WheelsJenny Take A Ride3:21Toga Rock161987202
2183Mitchel MussoJingle Bell Rock2:46A Very Special Christmas 782009229
2184Mitchell AyresMake-Believe Island3:14Your Hit Parade 194021 131
2185Mitchell TorokCarribean2:31The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)151997199
2186Mixed EmotionsYou Want Love (Maria, Maria)3:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)22001196
2187The MixturesThe Pushbike Song2:29Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 5)41998169
2188MK feat. AlanaLove Changes3:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-0121994196
2189MN8I've Got A Little Something For You3:35The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)22003259
2190Mo B. DickPicture U & Me4:42No Limit - Greatest Hits (Disc 2)92006199
2191Mo' HorizonsYes Baby Yes5:00Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)72003211
2192Mo' HorizonsDance Naked Under Palmtrees3:34Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)62003198
2193Mo' HorizonsFever '996:06Morley Select Part 2012009210
2194MobyWe Are All Made Of Stars4:321812002207
2195MobyIn This World4:021822002206
2196MobyIn My Heart4:361832002202
2197MobyGreat Escape2:091842002188
2198MobySigns Of Love4:261852002214
2199MobyOne Of These Mornings3:131862002199
2200MobyAnother Woman3:561872002210
2202MobyExtreme Ways3:571892002213
2203MobyJam For The Ladies3:2218102002204
2204MobySunday (The Day Before My Birthday)5:0918112002207
2206MobySleep Alone4:4518132002201
2207MobyAt Least We Tried4:0818142002203
2209MobyLook Back In2:2018162002210
2210MobyThe Rafters3:2218172002196
2211MobyI'm Not Worried At All4:1318182002214
2212MobyNow I Can Let It Go2:08Animal Rights11996177
2213MobyCome On Baby4:40Animal Rights21996250
2214MobySomeone To Love2:51Animal Rights31996258
2215MobyHeavy Flow1:53Animal Rights41996281
2216MobyYou2:33Animal Rights51996241
2217MobyMy Love Will Never Die4:32Animal Rights61996234
2218MobySoft3:57Animal Rights71996230
2219MobySay It's All Mine6:06Animal Rights81996245
2220MobyThat's When I Reach For My Revolver3:57Animal Rights91996267
2221MobyFace It10:03Animal Rights101996240
2222MobyLiving7:00Animal Rights111996200
2223MobyLove Song For My Mom3:40Animal Rights121996183
2224MobyHymn3:17Everything is Wrong11995203
2225MobyFeeling So Real3:21Everything is Wrong21995224
2226MobyAll That I Need2:43Everything is Wrong31995252
2227MobyLet's Go Free0:38Everything is Wrong41995142
2228MobyEverytime You Touch Me3:41Everything is Wrong51995209
2229MobyBring Back My Happiness3:12Everything is Wrong61995234
2230MobyWhat Love2:48Everything is Wrong71995233
2231MobyFirst Cool Hive5:17Everything is Wrong81995196
2232MobyInto the Blue5:33Everything is Wrong91995192
2233MobyAnthem3:27Everything is Wrong101995209
2234MobyEverything Is Wrong1:14Everything is Wrong111995173
2235MobyGod Moving Over the Face of the Waters7:21Everything is Wrong121995211
2236MobyWhen It's Cold I'd Like to Die4:13Everything is Wrong131995175
2237MobyBodyrock3:21Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!171999182
2238MobyHotel Intro1:55Hotel12005205
2239MobyRaining Again3:46Hotel22005241
2241MobyLift Me Up3:19Hotel42005233
2242MobyWhere You End3:22Hotel52005208
2245MobyDream About Me3:21Hotel82005204
2247MobyI Like It3:46Hotel102005199
2248MobyLove Should3:51Hotel112005201
2249MobySlipping Away3:39Hotel122005230
2251MobyHomeward Angel5:50Hotel142005192
2252Moby35 Minutes5:20Hotel152005214
2253MobyAin't Never Learned3:45Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)62001197
2254MobyAnthem3:28Miami Vice (OST)122006224
2255MobyDrop a Beat4:20Moby11992249
2259MobyNext Is the E4:42Moby51992241
2262MobyHelp Me to Believe6:32Moby81992232
2263MobyHave You Seen My Baby4:09Moby91992250
2264MobyAh Ah3:46Moby101992210
2265MobySlight Return4:29Moby111992210
2267MobyMove (You Make Me Feel So Good)3:38Move11993227
2268MobyAll That I Need Is to Be Loved [MV Mix]5:19Move21993215
2269MobyMorning Dove5:43Move31993229
2270MobyMove (Disco Threat)4:43Move41993223
2271MobyUnloved Symphony6:09Move51993217
2272MobyThe Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders6:15Move61993187
2274MobyFind My Baby3:59Play21999216
2276MobyWhy Does My Heart Feel So Bad?4:24Play41999186
2277MobySouth Side3:49Play51999188
2280MobyNatural Blues4:13Play81999170
2283MobyRun On3:45Play111999201
2284MobyDown Slow1:34Play121999175
2285MobyIf Things Were Perfect4:18Play131999188
2288MobyGuitar Flute & String2:09Play161999192
2289MobyThe Sky Is Broken4:18Play171999174
2290MobyMy Weakness3:37Play181999202
2291MobyVerb: That's What's Happening4:29Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks111996226
2292MobyJames Bond Theme (Tomorrow Never Dies)3:23The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)212002202
2293MobySouth Side3:28Totally Dance31998236
2294MobyNatural Blues4:13Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)192005167
2295Moby (Feat. Patti Labelle)One Of These Mornings4:00Miami Vice (OST)22006210
2296Moby GrapeHey Grandma2:32Moby Grape11967189
2297Moby GrapeMr Blues2:00Moby Grape21967190
2298Moby GrapeFall on You1:56Moby Grape31967186
2299Moby Grape8:052:21Moby Grape41967198
2300Moby GrapeCome in the Morning2:16Moby Grape51967191
2301Moby GrapeOmaha2:25Moby Grape61967195
2302Moby GrapeNaked, if I Want to0:57Moby Grape71967190
2303Moby GrapeSomeday2:43Moby Grape81967196
2304Moby GrapeAin't No Use1:40Moby Grape91967202
2305Moby GrapeSitting by the Window2:47Moby Grape101967194
2306Moby GrapeChanges3:24Moby Grape111967198
2307Moby GrapeLazy Me1:47Moby Grape121967193
2308Moby GrapeIndifference4:13Moby Grape131967196
2309Moby GrapeThe Place And The Time2:08Wow Grape Jam11968205
2310Moby GrapeMurder In My Heart For The Judge3:01Wow Grape Jam21968213
2311Moby GrapeBitter Wind1:59Wow Grape Jam31968195
2312Moby GrapeCan't Be So Bad3:31Wow Grape Jam41968189
2313Moby GrapeHe3:39Wow Grape Jam51968206
2314Moby GrapeMotorcycle Irene2:25Wow Grape Jam61968210
2315Moby GrapeThree-Four5:05Wow Grape Jam71968209
2316Moby GrapeFunky-Tunk2:13Wow Grape Jam81968211
2317Moby GrapeRose Colored Eyes4:01Wow Grape Jam91968209
2318Moby GrapeMiller's Blues5:28Wow Grape Jam101968192
2319Moby GrapeNaked, If I Want To0:50Wow Grape Jam111968173
2320Moby GrapeNever6:18Wow Grape Jam121968185
2321Moby GrapeBoysenberry Jam6:05Wow Grape Jam131968201
2322Moby GrapeBlack Currant Jam7:18Wow Grape Jam141968205
2323Moby GrapeMarmalade5:51Wow Grape Jam151968202
2324MocedadesEres Tu (Touch The Wind)3:34Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1281990207
2325The MockingbirdsYou Stole My Love2:41Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)192001132
2326MockingbirdsHow To Find A Lover1:56Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)162001133
2327The ModelsOut Of Mind Out Of Sight3:35Another Lost Decade: The '80s: Hard To Find Hits132005217
2328ModelsOut Of Mind Out Of Sight3:35Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)52000228
2329Modern EnglishI Melt With You3:51Cherish (OST)42002167
2330Modern EnglishI Melt With You (Tokes' Rock The World Mix)5:49I Melt With You (Maxi CD)11990204
2331Modern EnglishI Melt With You (Carl's Stop The World Mix)7:33I Melt With You (Maxi CD)21990216
2332Modern EnglishBeautiful People3:10I Melt With You (Maxi CD)31990211
2333Modern EnglishI Melt With You (Tokes' Rock The Radio Mix)4:19I Melt With You (Maxi CD)41990207
2334Modern EnglishI Melt With You (Bass Meltdown Mix)6:09I Melt With You (Maxi CD)51990217
2335Modern English16 Days4:37Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English12001193
2336Modern EnglishGathering Dust4:20Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English22001194
2337Modern EnglishI Melt With You3:48Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English32001163
2338Modern EnglishMesh And Lace4:18Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English42001200
2339Modern EnglishBlack Houses5:42Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English52001180
2340Modern EnglishAfter The Snow3:49Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English62001193
2341Modern EnglishRainbows End3:06Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English72001160
2342Modern EnglishSmiles And Laughter3:10Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English82001204
2343Modern EnglishRicochet Days5:13Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English92001185
2344Modern EnglishDawn Chorus4:41Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English102001205
2345Modern EnglishCarry Me Down5:24Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English112001202
2346Modern EnglishMachines5:53Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English122001205
2347Modern EnglishHeart6:56Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English132001195
2348Modern EnglishSwans On Glass4:34Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English142001203
2349Modern EnglishBlue Waves3:57Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English152001191
2350Modern EnglishLife In The Gladhouse5:03Life In The Gladhouse (1980-1984) The Best Of Modern English162001223
2351The Modern Folk QuartetThis Could Be The Night2:40Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 3)91991143
2352Modern Folk QuintetNight Time Girl2:35Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)202009147
2353The Modern LoversRoadrunner4:06The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]11976236
2354The Modern LoversAstral Plane3:00The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]21976221
2355The Modern LoversOld World4:01The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]31976226
2356The Modern LoversPablo Picasso4:21The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]41976221
2357The Modern LoversShe Cracked2:55The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]51976229
2358The Modern LoversHospital5:31The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]61976196
2359The Modern LoversSomeone I Care About3:39The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]71976239
2360The Modern LoversGirlfriend3:55The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]81976197
2361The Modern LoversModern World3:44The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]91976222
2362The Modern LoversDignified & Old2:28The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]101976222
2363The Modern LoversI'm Straight4:18The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]111976195
2364The Modern LoversGovernment Center2:03The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]121976211
2365The Modern LoversI Wanna Sleep In Your Arms2:32The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]131976198
2366The Modern LoversDance With Me4:26The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]141976169
2367The Modern LoversSomeone I Care About [alternative version]2:58The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]151976235
2368The Modern LoversModern World [alternative version]3:16The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]161976222
2369The Modern LoversRoadrunner [alternative version]4:55The Modern Lovers [2003 Bonus Tracks]171976241
2370Modern MusicSixteen Going On Seventeen2:44Sixteen Going on Seventeen 2008192
2371Modern TalkingYou're My Heart, You're My Soul3:22One Shot '80 - Volume 03 (Love)11999218
2372Modern TalkingYou Can Win If You Want3:48Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)112001213
2373Modest MouseNever Ending Math Equation3:23Building Nothing Out Of Something11999219
2374Modest MouseInterstate 84:39Building Nothing Out Of Something21999196
2375Modest MouseBroke3:19Building Nothing Out Of Something31999203
2376Modest MouseMedication5:01Building Nothing Out Of Something41999190
2377Modest MouseWorkin' On Leavin' the Livin'6:40Building Nothing Out Of Something51999197
2378Modest MouseAll Nite Diner4:44Building Nothing Out Of Something61999217
2379Modest MouseBaby Blue Sedan4:04Building Nothing Out Of Something71999196
2380Modest MouseA Life of Artic Sounds2:29Building Nothing Out Of Something81999180
2381Modest MouseSleepwalkin'3:23Building Nothing Out Of Something91999223
2382Modest MouseGrey Ice Water5:05Building Nothing Out Of Something101999221
2383Modest MouseWhenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive Negative)5:18Building Nothing Out Of Something111999186
2384Modest MouseOther People's Lives7:10Building Nothing Out Of Something121999215
2385Modest MouseHorn Intro0:09Good News For People Who Love Bad News12004196
2386Modest MouseThe World At Large4:32Good News For People Who Love Bad News22004184
2387Modest MouseFloat On3:28Good News For People Who Love Bad News32004232
2388Modest MouseOcean Breathes Salty3:49Good News For People Who Love Bad News42004246
2389Modest MouseDig Your Grave0:12Good News For People Who Love Bad News52004219
2390Modest MouseBury Me With It3:49Good News For People Who Love Bad News62004229
2391Modest MouseDance Hall2:57Good News For People Who Love Bad News72004229
2392Modest MouseBukowski4:14Good News For People Who Love Bad News82004216
2393Modest MouseThis Devil's Workday2:19Good News For People Who Love Bad News92004223
2394Modest MouseThe View4:13Good News For People Who Love Bad News102004235
2395Modest MouseSatin In A Coffin2:35Good News For People Who Love Bad News112004191
2396Modest MouseInterlude (Milo)0:58Good News For People Who Love Bad News122004206
2397Modest MouseBlame It On The Tetons5:25Good News For People Who Love Bad News132004191
2398Modest MouseBlack Cadillacs2:43Good News For People Who Love Bad News142004216
2399Modest MouseOne Chance3:04Good News For People Who Love Bad News152004209
2400Modest MouseThe Good Times Are Killing Me4:16Good News For People Who Love Bad News162004196
2401Modest MouseSatellite Skin3:59No One's First and You're Next (EP)12009211
2402Modest MouseGuilty Cocker Spaniels4:02No One's First and You're Next (EP)22009209
2403Modest MouseAutumn Beds3:40No One's First and You're Next (EP)32009217
2404Modest MouseWhale Song6:04No One's First and You're Next (EP)42009212
2405Modest MousePerpetual Motion Machine3:10No One's First and You're Next (EP)52009190
2406Modest MouseHistory Sticks to Your Feet3:54No One's First and You're Next (EP)62009192
2407Modest MouseKing Rat5:30No One's First and You're Next (EP)72009216
2408Modest MouseI've Got It All (Most)3:10No One's First and You're Next (EP)82009203
2409Modest MouseFloat On3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0692004230
2410Modest MouseTeeth Like God's Shoeshine6:53The Lonesome Crowded West11997204
2411Modest MouseHeart Cooks Brain4:02The Lonesome Crowded West21997204
2412Modest MouseConvenient Parking4:08The Lonesome Crowded West31997180
2413Modest MouseLounge (Closing Time)7:03The Lonesome Crowded West41997213
2414Modest MouseJesus Christ Was An Only Child2:36The Lonesome Crowded West51997196
2415Modest MouseDoin' The Cockroach4:18The Lonesome Crowded West61997215
2416Modest MouseCowboy Dan6:14The Lonesome Crowded West71997189
2417Modest MouseTrailer Trash5:49The Lonesome Crowded West81997214
2418Modest MouseOut Of Gas2:31The Lonesome Crowded West91997199
2419Modest MouseLong Distance Drunk3:42The Lonesome Crowded West101997195
2420Modest MouseShit Luck2:22The Lonesome Crowded West111997239
2421Modest MouseTruckers Atlas10:57The Lonesome Crowded West121997191
2422Modest MousePolar Opposites3:30The Lonesome Crowded West131997209
2423Modest MouseBankrupt On Selling2:53The Lonesome Crowded West141997203
2424Modest MouseStyrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright6:53The Lonesome Crowded West151997226
2425Modest Mouse3rd Planet3:59The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]12004213
2426Modest MouseGravity Rides Everything4:19The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]22004207
2427Modest MouseDark Center Of The Universe5:03The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]32004187
2428Modest MousePerfect Disguise2:41The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]42004183
2429Modest MouseTiny Cities Made Of Ashes3:41The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]52004209
2430Modest MouseA Different City3:07The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]62004214
2431Modest MouseThe Cold Part5:00The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]72004197
2432Modest MouseAlone Down There2:22The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]82004198
2433Modest MouseThe Stars Are Projectors8:46The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]92004195
2434Modest MouseWild Packs Of Family Dogs1:46The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]102004165
2435Modest MousePaper Thin Walls3:02The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]112004186
2436Modest MouseI Came As A Rat3:48The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]122004201
2437Modest MouseLives3:18The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]132004196
2438Modest MouseLife Like Weeds6:30The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]142004192
2439Modest MouseWhat People Are Made Of2:25The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]152004179
2440Modest Mouse3rd Planet (Radio Edit) (BBC Radio 1 Session)4:00The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]162004212
2441Modest MousePerfect Disguise (BBC Radio 1 Session)2:59The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]172004208
2442Modest MouseCustom Concern (Instrumental) (BBC Radio 1 Session)1:59The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]182004213
2443Modest MouseTiny Cities Made Of Ashes (BBC Radio 1 Session)3:08The Moon & Antarctica [Expanded Edition]192004227
2444Modest MouseDramamine5:42This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About11996207
2445Modest MouseBreakthrough4:06This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About21996210
2446Modest MouseCustom Concern4:28This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About31996194
2447Modest MouseMight1:31This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About41996190
2448Modest MouseLounge6:33This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About51996201
2449Modest MouseBeach Side Property6:59This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About61996202
2450Modest MouseShe Ionizes And Atomizes4:21This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About71996195
2451Modest MouseHead South4:22This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About81996216
2452Modest MouseDog Paddle2:02This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About91996206
2453Modest MouseNovocain Stain3:43This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About101996211
2454Modest MouseTundra/Desert5:24This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About111996216
2455Modest MouseOhio6:02This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About121996200
2456Modest MouseExit Does Not Exist4:57This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About131996228
2457Modest MouseTalking Shit About A Pretty Sunset5:50This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About141996201
2458Modest MouseMade Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds6:04This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About151996210
2459Modest MouseSpace Travel Is Boring1:54This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About161996186
2460Modest MouseFloat On3:29Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)112005236
2461Modest MouseMarch Into The Sea3:30We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank12007198
2462Modest MouseDashboard4:06We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank22007224
2463Modest MouseFire It Up4:34We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank32007220
2464Modest MouseFlorida2:57We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank42007239
2465Modest MouseParting Of The Sensory5:34We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank52007219
2466Modest MouseMissed The Boat4:24We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank62007221
2467Modest MouseWe've Got Everything3:40We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank72007239
2468Modest MouseFly Trapped In A Jar4:29We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank82007215
2469Modest MouseEducation3:56We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank92007215
2470Modest MouseLittle Motel4:44We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank102007215
2471Modest MouseSteam Engenius4:26We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank112007225
2472Modest MouseSpitting Venom8:27We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank122007220
2473Modest MousePeople As Places As People3:42We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank132007228
2474Modest MouseInvisible3:59We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank142007244
2475Modest Petrovich MussorgskyChowanshchina: Entr'acte3:01100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 44 188
2476Modest Petrovich MussorgskyGopak2:36100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 519 196
2477Modest Petrovich MussorgskyPictures At An Exhibition: The Hut On Fowl's Legs3:35In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic91998193
2478Modest Petrovich MussorgskyPromenade1:27Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain11974193
2479Modest Petrovich MussorgskyGnomus2:36Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain21974191
2480Modest Petrovich MussorgskyPromenade0:50Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain31974177
2481Modest Petrovich MussorgskyThe Old Castle4:23Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain41974182
2482Modest Petrovich MussorgskyPromenade0:29Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain51974185
2483Modest Petrovich MussorgskyTuileries1:02Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain61974190
2484Modest Petrovich MussorgskyBydlo2:32Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain71974182
2485Modest Petrovich MussorgskyPromenade0:38Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain81974191
2486Modest Petrovich MussorgskyBallet Of The Chicks In Their Shells1:18Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain91974189
2487Modest Petrovich MussorgskySamuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle2:15Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain101974194
2488Modest Petrovich MussorgskyLimoges: The Market Place1:32Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain111974201
2489Modest Petrovich MussorgskyCatacombae1:37Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain121974172
2490Modest Petrovich MussorgskyCon Mortuis In Lingua Mortua1:52Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain131974182
2491Modest Petrovich MussorgskyThe Hut On Fowl's Legs3:31Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain141974190
2492Modest Petrovich MussorgskyThe Great Gate At Kiev5:21Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain151974195
2493Modest Petrovich MussorgskyNight On Bald Mountain11:17Pictures At An Exhibition - Night On Bald Mountain161974192
2494ModjoChillin'3:47Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)72001242
2495MO-DOEins, Zwei, Polizei3:21Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)192000236
2496Moe BandyI Cheated Me Right Out of You3:05Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits21999205
2497Moe BandyHank Williams, You Wrote My Life3:12Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits31999204
2498Moe BandyBandy the Rodeo Clown2:56Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits41999219
2499Moe BandyAmericana4:24The Very Best Of Moe Bandy11991201
2500Moe BandyTill I'm Too Old To Die Young3:11The Very Best Of Moe Bandy21991198
2501Moe BandySomeday Soon3:11The Very Best Of Moe Bandy31991203
2502Moe BandyHank Williams You Wrote My Life3:13The Very Best Of Moe Bandy41991192
2503Moe BandyJust Good Ol' Boys2:32The Very Best Of Moe Bandy51991205
2504Moe BandyI Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today3:04The Very Best Of Moe Bandy61991205
2505Moe BandyCowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry2:46The Very Best Of Moe Bandy71991207
2506Moe BandyBarstool Mountain2:49The Very Best Of Moe Bandy81991207
2507Moe BandyIt Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)2:37The Very Best Of Moe Bandy91991201
2508Moe BandyI Just Cheated Me Right Out Of You3:03The Very Best Of Moe Bandy101991205
2509Moe BandyBandy The Rodeo Clown3:06The Very Best Of Moe Bandy111991218
2510Moe BandyIt's A Cheating Situation2:38The Very Best Of Moe Bandy121991197
2511Moe BandyYou Haven't Heard The Last Of Me3:41The Very Best Of Moe Bandy131991203
2512Moe BandyI've Got My Mojo Working2:47The Very Best Of Moe Bandy141991214
2513Moe BandySoft Lights And Hard Country Music2:48The Very Best Of Moe Bandy151991204
2514Moe BandyRodeo Romeo3:01The Very Best Of Moe Bandy161991205
2515Moe BandyTell Old I Ain't Here To Get On Home2:17The Very Best Of Moe Bandy171991217
2516Moe BandyShe's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even)2:44The Very Best Of Moe Bandy181991207
2517Moe BandyThat's What Makes The Jukebox Play2:27The Very Best Of Moe Bandy191991203
2518Moe BandyYesterday Once More2:56The Very Best Of Moe Bandy201991207
2519Moe Bandy & Joe StampleyJust Good Ol' Boys2:35Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits11999198
2520Moe Bandy & Joe StampleyWhere's the Dress2:52Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits51999219
2521Moe Bandy & Joe StampleyHolding the Bag2:34Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits61999203
2522Moe Bandy & Joe StampleyHey Joe (Hey Moe)2:18Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - Super Hits101999210
2523The Moe Koffman QuartetteThe Swingin' Shepherd Blues2:17The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)41997146
2524Moe Koffman QuartetteThe Swingin' Shepherd Blues2:15Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals41992125
2526moe.Long Island Girls Rule4:54Fatboy21999201
2527moe.Dr. Gaffenberg5:25Fatboy31999212
2528moe.Don't Fuck With Flo4:57Fatboy41999193
2530moe.Spine Of A Dog5:00Fatboy61999215
2531moe.Sensory Deprivation4:51Fatboy71999196
2532moe.The Battle Of Benny Hill1:52Fatboy81999197
2535moe.Timmy Tucker7:09Headseed31993223
2536moe.St. Augustine3:50Headseed41993206
2537moe.Recreational Chemistry6:49Headseed51993223
2538moe.Time Again3:42Headseed61993186
2540moe.Brent Black6:06Headseed81993216
2541moe.Threw It All Away4:21Headseed91993212
2542moe.Time Ed10:30Headseed101993208
2543moe.Spine Of A Dog12:54L (Disc 1)11999229
2544moe.Buster10:31L (Disc 1)21999240
2545moe.Can't Seem To Find5:35L (Disc 1)31999232
2546moe.Seat Of My Pants11:28L (Disc 1)41999246
2547moe.Yodelittle15:25L (Disc 1)51999240
2548moe.Plane Crash11:32L (Disc 1)61999231
2549moe.Akimbo8:24L (Disc 2)11999253
2550moe.Captain America4:36L (Disc 2)21999218
2551moe.Meat8:03L (Disc 2)31999244
2552moe.St. Augustine10:38L (Disc 2)41999261
2553moe.Timmy Tucker23:25L (Disc 2)51999253
2554moe.Recreational Chemistry18:46L (Disc 2)61999260
2555moe.She Sends Me3:56No Doy11996231
2556moe.32 Things6:26No Doy21996218
2557moe.Saint Augustine3:44No Doy31996219
2558moe.Bring You Down3:49No Doy41996225
2559moe.Rebubula11:27No Doy51996224
2560moe.Spine Of A Dog3:48No Doy61996222
2561moe.Moth5:40No Doy71996227
2562moe.Buster8:34No Doy81996223
2563moe.Four10:50No Doy91996209
2564moe.Carol of the Bells2:30Season's Greetings12002199
2565moe.Together at Christmas3:49Season's Greetings22002197
2566moe.Blue Christmas2:16Season's Greetings32002192
2567moe.We're a Couple of Misfits1:40Season's Greetings42002185
2568moe.Oh Hanukah1:53Season's Greetings52002216
2569moe.Home4:25Season's Greetings62002202
2570moe.Silent Night | Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire3:44Season's Greetings72002205
2571moe.Linus and Lucy3:17Season's Greetings82002212
2572moe.Little Drummer Boy3:10Season's Greetings92002189
2573moe.Jingle Bells3:24Season's Greetings102002219
2574moe.Blue Jeans Pizza5:16The Conch12007213
2575moe.Lost Along The Way6:39The Conch22007206
2576moe.The Conch0:54The Conch32007206
2577moe.Tailspin5:00The Conch42007217
2578moe.Tubing The River Styx0:56The Conch52007204
2579moe.The Pit5:21The Conch62007226
2580moe.Another One Gone3:29The Conch72007182
2581moe.Wind It Up7:55The Conch82007210
2582moe.Y Eaux Massa1:09The Conch92007188
2583moe.Down Boy5:51The Conch102007222
2584moe.She5:05The Conch112007218
2585moe.Where Does The Time Go5:54The Conch122007206
2586moe.Summer O I4:17The Conch132007186
2587moe.The Road6:45The Conch142007227
2588moe.MacIntyre Range3:58The Conch152007177
2589moe.The Col0:48The Conch162007193
2590moe.Brittle End5:36The Conch172007209
2591moe.Stranger Than Fiction3:02Tin Cans and Car Tires11998204
2592moe.Spaz Medicine5:06Tin Cans and Car Tires21998221
2593moe.Nebraska3:50Tin Cans and Car Tires31998211
2594moe.Head5:46Tin Cans and Car Tires41998214
2595moe.Hi & Lo4:29Tin Cans and Car Tires51998187
2596moe.Plane Crash8:54Tin Cans and Car Tires61998216
2597moe.Letter Home4:07Tin Cans and Car Tires71998200
2598moe.Big World4:50Tin Cans and Car Tires81998212
2599moe.Again & Again4:34Tin Cans and Car Tires91998198
2600moe.It5:04Tin Cans and Car Tires101998213
2601moe.Happy Hour Hero5:03Tin Cans and Car Tires111998198
2602moe.Queen Of The Rodeo3:05Tin Cans and Car Tires121998206
2603moe.Not Coming Down3:55Wormwood12003242
2606moe.Rumble Strip1:11Wormwood42003133
2609moe.Crab Eyes5:04Wormwood72003237
2611moe.Kyle's Song7:54Wormwood92003213
2612moe.Bend Sinister2:38Wormwood102003213
2615moe.Shoot First4:02Wormwood132003207
2616moe.Edison Laugh Record1:35Wormwood142003128
2617The MoffattsMisery4:50Nu Music Traxx Vol. 30 November 199961999226
2618MogwaiPunk Rock2:08Come On Die Young11999183
2619MogwaiCody6:33Come On Die Young21999198
2620MogwaiHelps Both Ways4:53Come On Die Young31999183
2621MogwaiYear 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia3:25Come On Die Young41999216
2622MogwaiKappa4:52Come On Die Young51999194
2623MogwaiWaltz For Aidan3:44Come On Die Young61999177
2624MogwaiMay Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door8:29Come On Die Young71999186
2625MogwaiOh! How The Dogs Stack Up2:03Come On Die Young81999187
2626MogwaiEx-Cowboy9:09Come On Die Young91999212
2627MogwaiChocky9:23Come On Die Young101999197
2628MogwaiChristmas Steps10:39Come On Die Young111999182
2629MogwaiPunk Rock / Puff Daddy / ANTICHRIST2:14Come On Die Young121999189
2630MogwaiHunted By A Freak4:16Happy Songs For Happy People12003220
2631MogwaiMoses? I Amn't3:01Happy Songs For Happy People22003196
2632MogwaiKids Will Be Skeletons5:27Happy Songs For Happy People32003214
2633MogwaiKilling All The Flies4:35Happy Songs For Happy People42003203
2634MogwaiBoring Machines Disturbs Sleep3:05Happy Songs For Happy People52003215
2635MogwaiRatts Of The Capital8:25Happy Songs For Happy People62003212
2636MogwaiGolden Porsche2:48Happy Songs For Happy People72003198
2637MogwaiI Know You Are But What Am I?5:17Happy Songs For Happy People82003189
2638MogwaiStop Coming To My House4:53Happy Songs For Happy People92003216
2639MogwaiWhite Noise5:03Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)12011231
2640MogwaiMexican Grand Prix5:17Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)22011246
2641MogwaiRano Pano5:14Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)32011227
2642MogwaiDeath Rays6:00Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)42011210
2643MogwaiSan Pedro3:27Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)52011255
2644MogwaiLetters To The Metro4:40Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)62011196
2645MogwaiGeorge Square Thatcher Death Party3:59Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)72011237
2646MogwaiHow To Be A Werewolf6:22Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)82011209
2647MogwaiToo Raging To Cheers4:29Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)92011223
2648MogwaiYou're Lionel Richie8:29Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)102011210
2649MogwaiMusic For A Forgotten Future (The Singing Mountain)23:09Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)12011207
2650MogwaiWe're No Here5:38Miami Vice (OST)32006228
2651MogwaiAuto Rock4:18Miami Vice (OST)52006206
2652MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan (Mogwai Remix)9:49Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes11998195
2653MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan (µ-Ziq Remix)7:21Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes21998242
2654MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix)6:25Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes31998234
2655MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine Remix)16:12Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes41998242
2656MogwaiAuto Rock4:18Mr Beast12006205
2657MogwaiGlasgow Mega-Snake3:35Mr Beast22006228
2658MogwaiAcid Food3:40Mr Beast32006178
2659MogwaiTravel Is Dangerous4:01Mr Beast42006213
2660MogwaiTeam Handed3:58Mr Beast52006180
2661MogwaiFriend Of The Night5:30Mr Beast62006213
2662MogwaiEmergency Trap3:31Mr Beast72006218
2663MogwaiFolk Death 953:34Mr Beast82006224
2664MogwaiI Chose Horses5:13Mr Beast92006185
2665MogwaiWe're No Here5:39Mr Beast102006225
2666MogwaiSine Wave4:55Rock Action12001225
2667MogwaiTake Me Somewhere Nice6:57Rock Action22001214
2668MogwaiO I Sleep0:55Rock Action32001187
2669MogwaiDial: Revenge3:28Rock Action42001221
2670MogwaiYou Don't Know Jesus8:02Rock Action52001234
2671MogwaiRobot Chant1:03Rock Action62001239
2672Mogwai2 Rights Make 1 Wrong9:31Rock Action72001220
2673MogwaiSecret Pint3:37Rock Action82001206
2674MogwaiI'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead6:44The Hawk Is Howling12008194
2675MogwaiBatcat5:24The Hawk Is Howling22008236
2676MogwaiDanphe and the Brain5:17The Hawk Is Howling32008205
2677MogwaiLocal Authority4:14The Hawk Is Howling42008198
2678MogwaiThe Sun Smells Too Loud6:58The Hawk Is Howling52008201
2679MogwaiKings Meadow4:41The Hawk Is Howling62008198
2680MogwaiI Love You, I'm Going to Blow Up Your School7:33The Hawk Is Howling72008198
2681MogwaiScotland's Shame8:00The Hawk Is Howling82008210
2682MogwaiThank You Space Expert7:53The Hawk Is Howling92008197
2683MogwaiThe Precipice6:41The Hawk Is Howling102008218
2684MogwaiYes! I Am A Long Way From Home5:59Young Team11997187
2685MogwaiLike Herod11:44Young Team21997192
2686MogwaiKatrien5:27Young Team31997189
2687MogwaiRadar Maker1:38Young Team41997178
2688MogwaiTracy7:22Young Team51997196
2689MogwaiSummer (Priority Version)3:31Young Team61997186
2690MogwaiWith Portfolio3:14Young Team71997213
2691MogwaiR U Still In 2 It7:23Young Team81997182
2692MogwaiA Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters2:21Young Team91997198
2693MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan16:18Young Team101997206
2694MohawksHeavy Bopper2:27Groovy Organ Funk51992188
2695MohombiBumpy Ride3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-12192010215
2696MoistPush3:52Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)161996210
2697The Mojo MenSit Down, I Think I Love You2:22Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets3 127
2698The Mojo MenSit Down, I Think I Love You2:23Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)221998133
2699The Mojo MenShe's My Baby3:02Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)231998159
2700mojochronicWhoville (Won't Get Yuled Again)1:03Santastic Four42008256
2701mojochronicXmasploitation (Santa's Baddass Revenge)4:14Santastic Four52008256
2702MokenstefI Got Him All The Time (He's Mine Remix - Grand Puba Version)3:59Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)161995207
2703MokenStefHe's Mine4:13Monsta Jamz152002193
2704Molly HatchetBeatin' The Odds3:18Beatin' The Odds11980196
2705Molly HatchetDouble Talker3:15Beatin' The Odds21980187
2706Molly HatchetThe Rambler4:50Beatin' The Odds31980184
2707Molly HatchetSailor3:50Beatin' The Odds41980189
2708Molly HatchetDead And Gone4:22Beatin' The Odds51980196
2709Molly HatchetFew And Far Between3:40Beatin' The Odds61980189
2710Molly HatchetPenthouse Pauper3:18Beatin' The Odds71980192
2711Molly HatchetGet Her Back3:03Beatin' The Odds81980188
2712Molly HatchetPoison Pen3:06Beatin' The Odds91980186
2713Molly HatchetDown From The Mountain4:39Devil's Canyon11996229
2714Molly HatchetRolling Thunder4:05Devil's Canyon21996234
2715Molly HatchetDevil's Canyon6:19Devil's Canyon31996230
2716Molly HatchetHeartless Land6:25Devil's Canyon41996235
2717Molly HatchetNever Say Never3:47Devil's Canyon51996223
2718Molly HatchetTatanka5:03Devil's Canyon61996233
2719Molly HatchetCome Hell Or High Water3:41Devil's Canyon71996220
2720Molly HatchetThe Look In Your Eyes6:09Devil's Canyon81996222
2721Molly HatchetEat Your Heart Out3:37Devil's Canyon91996226
2722Molly HatchetThe Journey7:22Devil's Canyon101996235
2723Molly HatchetDreams I'll Never See7:22Devil's Canyon111996225
2724Molly HatchetWhiskey Man3:39Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]11979203
2725Molly HatchetIt's All Over Now3:42Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]21979188
2726Molly HatchetOne Man's Pleasure3:25Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]31979188
2727Molly HatchetJukin' City3:47Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]41979196
2728Molly HatchetBoogie No More6:07Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]51979200
2729Molly HatchetFlirtin' With Disaster4:59Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]61979207
2730Molly HatchetGood Rockin'3:19Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]71979192
2731Molly HatchetGunsmoke3:14Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]81979192
2732Molly HatchetLong Time3:20Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]91979192
2733Molly HatchetLet The Good Times Roll3:02Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]101979188
2734Molly HatchetSilver And Sorrow (Demo)3:36Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]111979213
2735Molly HatchetFlirtin' With Disaster (Live)6:15Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]121979231
2736Molly HatchetOne Man's Pleasure (Live)3:16Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]131979237
2737Molly HatchetCross Road Blues (Live)4:13Flirtin' With Disaster [2001 Remaster]141979237
2738Molly HatchetHeart Of The USA4:01Kingdom Of XII12000236
2739Molly HatchetCornbread Mafia3:27Kingdom Of XII22000237
2740Molly HatchetOne Last Ride7:46Kingdom Of XII32000236
2741Molly HatchetWhy Won't You Take Me Home3:21Kingdom Of XII42000234
2742Molly HatchetTurn My Back On Yesterday5:04Kingdom Of XII52000216
2743Molly HatchetGypsy Trail3:47Kingdom Of XII62000234
2744Molly HatchetWhite Lightning3:50Kingdom Of XII72000247
2745Molly HatchetTumbling Dice3:13Kingdom Of XII82000247
2746Molly HatchetAngel In Dixie4:08Kingdom Of XII92000191
2747Molly HatchetKickstart To Freedom4:36Kingdom Of XII102000239
2748Molly HatchetDreams Of Life7:12Kingdom Of XII112000229
2749Molly HatchetEdge Of Sundown7:10Kingdom Of XII122000214
2750Molly HatchetTake Miss Lucy Home3:12Lightning Strikes Twice11989209
2751Molly HatchetThere Goes The Neighborhood3:45Lightning Strikes Twice21989195
2752Molly HatchetNo Room On The Crew3:27Lightning Strikes Twice31989204
2753Molly HatchetFind Somebody New3:11Lightning Strikes Twice41989217
2754Molly HatchetThe Big Payback4:35Lightning Strikes Twice51989208
2755Molly HatchetI Can't Be Watching You6:01Lightning Strikes Twice61989197
2756Molly HatchetGoodbye To Love5:30Lightning Strikes Twice71989197
2757Molly HatchetHide Your Heart4:38Lightning Strikes Twice81989202
2758Molly HatchetWhat's The Story, Old Glory3:21Lightning Strikes Twice91989208
2759Molly HatchetHeart Of My Soul5:32Lightning Strikes Twice101989202
2760Molly HatchetBounty Hunter2:59Molly Hatchet11978194
2761Molly HatchetGator Country6:17Molly Hatchet21978197
2762Molly HatchetBig Apple3:03Molly Hatchet31978193
2763Molly HatchetThe Creeper3:20Molly Hatchet41978196
2764Molly HatchetThe Price You Pay3:05Molly Hatchet51978188
2765Molly HatchetDreams I'll Never See7:08Molly Hatchet61978182
2766Molly HatchetI'll Be Running3:02Molly Hatchet71978184
2767Molly HatchetCheatin' Woman3:37Molly Hatchet81978183
2768Molly HatchetTrust Your Old Friend3:55Molly Hatchet91978194
2769Molly HatchetWhat Does It Matter?3:33No Guts...No Glory11983200
2770Molly HatchetAin't Even Close4:35No Guts...No Glory21983207
2771Molly HatchetSweet Dixie3:54No Guts...No Glory31983204
2772Molly HatchetFall Of The Peacemakers8:03No Guts...No Glory41983212
2773Molly HatchetWhat's It Gonna Take?3:59No Guts...No Glory51983221
2774Molly HatchetKinda Like Love4:09No Guts...No Glory61983207
2775Molly HatchetUnder The Gun3:54No Guts...No Glory71983206
2776Molly HatchetOn The Prowl4:07No Guts...No Glory81983210
2777Molly HatchetBoth Sides5:07No Guts...No Glory91983203
2778Molly HatchetMississippi Moon Dog3:47Silent Reign Of Heroes11998238
2779Molly HatchetWorld Of Trouble5:34Silent Reign Of Heroes21998234
2780Molly HatchetSilent Reign Of Heroes8:36Silent Reign Of Heroes31998225
2781Molly HatchetMiss Saturday Night4:06Silent Reign Of Heroes41998231
2782Molly HatchetBlue Thunder4:04Silent Reign Of Heroes51998236
2783Molly HatchetJust Remember (You' re The Only One)4:35Silent Reign Of Heroes61998213
2784Molly HatchetJunk Yard Dawg3:35Silent Reign Of Heroes71998228
2785Molly HatchetDead And Gone (Redneck Song)3:16Silent Reign Of Heroes81998241
2786Molly HatchetSaddle Tramp7:18Silent Reign Of Heroes91998227
2787Molly HatchetFall Of The Peacemakers6:56Silent Reign Of Heroes101998220
2788Molly HatchetBloody Reunion4:00Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]11981235
2789Molly HatchetRespect Me In The Morning3:22Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]21981238
2790Molly HatchetLong Tall Sally2:56Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]31981227
2791Molly HatchetLoss Of Control3:31Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]41981239
2792Molly HatchetAll Mine4:00Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]51981235
2793Molly HatchetLady Luck3:36Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]61981228
2794Molly HatchetPower Play3:50Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]71981226
2795Molly HatchetDon't Mess Around3:01Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]81981232
2796Molly HatchetDon't Leave Me Lonely3:59Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]91981235
2797Molly HatchetDead Giveaway3:28Take No Prisoners [2008 Remaster]101981242
2798Molly HatchetSatisfied Man5:01The Deed Is Done11984194
2799Molly HatchetBackstabber4:17The Deed Is Done21984203
2800Molly HatchetShe Does She Does6:14The Deed Is Done31984209
2801Molly HatchetIntro Piece1:15The Deed Is Done41984206
2802Molly HatchetStone In Your Heart4:18The Deed Is Done51984213
2803Molly HatchetMan On The Run4:14The Deed Is Done61984199
2804Molly HatchetGood Smoke And Whiskey3:37The Deed Is Done71984206
2805Molly HatchetHeartbreak Radio3:31The Deed Is Done81984191
2806Molly HatchetI Ain't Got You2:32The Deed Is Done91984199
2807Molly HatchetStraight Shooter3:54The Deed Is Done101984206
2808Molly HatchetSong For The Children2:32The Deed Is Done111984199
2809Molly HatchetSon Of The South4:44Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge12005216
2810Molly HatchetMoonlight Dancin' On The Bayou5:08Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge22005227
2811Molly HatchetI'm Ready For You4:24Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge32005231
2812Molly HatchetRoadhouse Boogie3:58Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge42005220
2813Molly HatchetTime Keeps Slipping Away3:18Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge52005221
2814Molly HatchetGet In The Game5:32Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge62005218
2815Molly HatchetFlames Are Burning6:43Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge72005221
2816Molly HatchetHell Has No Fury4:32Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge82005217
2817Molly HatchetGone In Sixty Seconds3:37Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge92005219
2818Molly HatchetBehind The Bedroom Door6:10Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge102005233
2819Molly HatchetNo Stranger To The Darkness4:23Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge112005223
2820Molly HatchetRainbow Bridge6:18Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge122005226
2821MolokoFun For Me5:08Batman & Robin (OST)101997221
2822MolokoSing It Back3:35Hitzone 8151999207
2823MombassaCry Freedom (Full Length Master Mix)10:55Morley Select Part 2062009232
2824The MomentsSpecial Lady4:18Body + Soul - Disc 2 - Sweet Seduction41980160
2825The MomentsLove On A Two-Way Street3:33Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)112001189
2826Moments & WhatnautsGirls3:10Disco Fever (Disc 2)51997216
2827Mona AbboudThe Pretty Little Dolly3:26Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia131995128
2828The MonarchsPretty Little Girl2:09The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)121996128
2829Mondo RockCome Said The Boy4:49Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)62000208
2830Mondo RockCool World3:33Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)21992221
2831Mondo RockState Of The Heart4:16The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)191999208
2832Mongo Santamaria BandWatermelon Man2:29Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals171993184
2833MonicaAngel of Mine4:11Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 1)62003217
2834MonicaIntro1:04After The Storm12003173
2835MonicaGet It Off4:19After The Storm22003173
2836MonicaSo Gone4:02After The Storm32003220
2837MonicaU Should've Known Better4:17After The Storm42003195
2838MonicaDon't Gotta Go Home (feat. DMX)3:55After The Storm52003215
2839MonicaKnock Knock4:18After The Storm62003169
2840MonicaBreaks My Heart4:26After The Storm72003175
2841MonicaI Wrote This Song3:48After The Storm82003180
2842MonicaAin't Gonna Cry No More4:10After The Storm92003192
2843MonicaGo To Bed Mad (feat. Tyrese)4:37After The Storm102003192
2844MonicaHurts The Most4:44After The Storm112003183
2845MonicaThat's My Man4:34After The Storm122003164
2846MonicaSo Gone Remix (feat. Busta Rhymes)4:20After The Storm132003186
2847MonicaMiss Thang3:52Miss Thang11995195
2848MonicaDon't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)4:21Miss Thang21995178
2849MonicaLike This And Like That4:43Miss Thang31995193
2850MonicaGet Down4:25Miss Thang41995197
2851MonicaWith You4:52Miss Thang51995208
2852MonicaSkate4:29Miss Thang61995199
2853MonicaAngel4:44Miss Thang71995209
2854MonicaWoman In Me (Interlude)1:38Miss Thang81995179
2855MonicaTell Me If You Still Care4:47Miss Thang91995212
2856MonicaLet's Straighten It Out4:28Miss Thang101995187
2857MonicaBefore You Walk Out Of My Life4:54Miss Thang111995176
2858MonicaNow I'm Gone4:41Miss Thang121995189
2859MonicaWhy I Love You So Much4:31Miss Thang131995191
2860MonicaNever Can Say Goodbye5:03Miss Thang141995206
2861MonicaDon't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (Remix)3:51Miss Thang151995157
2862MonicaForever Always4:43Miss Thang161995197
2863MonicaDon't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)4:17Monsta Jamz42002188
2864MonicaAll Eyez On Me [Version 1]3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07112002205
2865MonicaSo Gone3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06192003241
2866MonicaYou Should've Known Better4:18Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0872004195
2867MonicaFor You I Will4:56Space Jam (OST)71996207
2868MonicaStreet Symphony5:34The Boy Is Mine11998201
2869MonicaThe Boy Is Mine (Feat. Brandy)4:50The Boy Is Mine21998213
2870MonicaRing Da Bell4:36The Boy Is Mine31998188
2871MonicaThe First Night3:55The Boy Is Mine41998198
2872MonicaMisty Blue4:21The Boy Is Mine51998186
2873MonicaAngel Of Mine4:10The Boy Is Mine61998219
2874MonicaGone Be Fine (Feat. Outkast)4:17The Boy Is Mine71998187
2875MonicaInside4:12The Boy Is Mine81998196
2876MonicaTake Him Back4:25The Boy Is Mine91998187
2877MonicaRight Here Waiting (Feat. 112)4:30The Boy Is Mine101998196
2878Monica'Cross The Room3:52The Boy Is Mine111998202
2879MonicaI Keep It To Myself4:25The Boy Is Mine121998197
2880MonicaFor You I Will4:54The Boy Is Mine131998208
2881MonicaThe First Night3:20The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)172002245
2882Monica & TreachAin't Nobody4:46The Nutty Professor (OST)41996160
2883Monica feat. Dem Franchize BoyzEverytime Tha Beat Drop3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-10182006223
2884Monie Love (Feat. True Image)It's A Shame (My Sister)3:39Old Skool Hip Hop (Disc 2)112002197
2885MonifahTouch It3:45The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)21999214
2886Monique Rhodes + The Jordan Luck BandHappy Xmas (War Is Over)3:48So This Is Christmas132010214
2887MonitorsGreetings (This Is Uncle Sam)3:03Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)181992128
2888The MonkeesThe Monkees0:51All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)292005226
2889The MonkeesI'm a Believer2:46AM Gold: 1966131995178
2890The MonkeesDaydream Believer2:56AM Gold: 196731995193
2891The MonkeesLast Train To Clarksville2:45AM Gold: The '60s Generation31995187
2892Monkees(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone2:23Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)151998221
2893The MonkeesLast Train To Clarksville2:45Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On151988147
2894The MonkeesPleasant Valley Sunday3:16Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On17 221
2895The MonkeesA Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You2:46Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On22 213
2896The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:46Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)51989213
2897The Monkees(Theme From) The Monkees2:21Greatest Hits11995209
2898The MonkeesLast Train to Clarksville2:46Greatest Hits21995204
2899The MonkeesI Wanna Be Free2:26Greatest Hits31995194
2900The MonkeesI'm a Believer2:46Greatest Hits41995210
2901The Monkees(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (single version)2:22Greatest Hits51995143
2902The MonkeesMary, Mary2:17Greatest Hits61995230
2903The MonkeesA Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You2:51Greatest Hits71995136
2904The MonkeesThe Girl I Knew Somewhere2:34Greatest Hits81995212
2905The MonkeesRandy Scouse Git2:35Greatest Hits91995213
2906The MonkeesPleasant Valley Sunday (single version)3:11Greatest Hits101995136
2907The MonkeesWords (single version)2:51Greatest Hits111995129
2908The MonkeesDaydream Believer3:00Greatest Hits121995202
2909The MonkeesGoin' Down4:25Greatest Hits131995208
2910The MonkeesValleri2:21Greatest Hits141995212
2911The MonkeesD.W. Washburn2:51Greatest Hits151995203
2912The MonkeesIt's Nice to Be With You2:53Greatest Hits161995203
2913The MonkeesPorpoise Song (Theme from 'Head') (single version)4:12Greatest Hits171995204
2914The MonkeesListen to the Band (single version)2:33Greatest Hits181995157
2915The MonkeesThat Was Then , This Is Now (Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork)4:04Greatest Hits191995216
2916The MonkeesHeart and Soul3:43Greatest Hits201995233
2917The MonkeesOpening Ceremony1:20Head (OST)11994191
2918The MonkeesPorpoise Song (Theme From "Head")2:56Head (OST)21968206
2919The MonkeesDitty Diego - War Chant1:25Head (OST)31994202
2920The MonkeesCircle Sky2:31Head (OST)41994237
2921The MonkeesSupplicio0:48Head (OST)51994197
2922The MonkeesCan You Dig It3:23Head (OST)61994222
2923The MonkeesAs We Go Along3:51Head (OST)91994187
2924The MonkeesDandruff?0:39Head (OST)101994192
2925The MonkeesDaddy's Song2:30Head (OST)111994213
2926The MonkeesPoll1:13Head (OST)121994188
2927The MonkeesLong Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again2:39Head (OST)131994246
2928The MonkeesSwami - Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.5:21Head (OST)141994187
2929The MonkeesDitty Diego - War Chant [Previously Unissued Version]4:30Head (OST)151994174
2930The MonkeesCircle Sky [Live Version]2:20Head (OST)161994204
2931The MonkeesHappy Birthday To You [Previously Unissued]1:02Head (OST)171994175
2932The MonkeesCan You Dig It [Previously Unissued Mix]3:25Head (OST)181994141
2933The MonkeesDaddy's Song [Previously Unissued Mix]2:06Head (OST)191994140
2934The MonkeesHead Radio Spot [Previously Unissued]2:03Head (OST)201994128
2935The MonkeesYou Told Me2:25Headquarters [1995 Remaster]11967218
2936The MonkeesI'll Spend My Life With You2:26Headquarters [1995 Remaster]21967215
2937The MonkeesForget That Girl2:25Headquarters [1995 Remaster]31967220
2938The MonkeesBand 60:41Headquarters [1995 Remaster]41967202
2939The MonkeesYou Just May Be The One2:03Headquarters [1995 Remaster]51967221
2940The MonkeesShades Of Gray3:22Headquarters [1995 Remaster]61967203
2941The MonkeesI Can't Get Her Off My Mind2:27Headquarters [1995 Remaster]71967213
2942The MonkeesFor Pete's Sake2:11Headquarters [1995 Remaster]81967220
2943The MonkeesMr. Webster2:05Headquarters [1995 Remaster]91967203
2944The MonkeesSunny Girlfriend2:33Headquarters [1995 Remaster]101967227
2945The MonkeesZilch1:06Headquarters [1995 Remaster]111967197
2946The MonkeesNo Time2:08Headquarters [1995 Remaster]121967222
2947The MonkeesEarly Morning Blues And Greens2:35Headquarters [1995 Remaster]131967214
2948The MonkeesRandy Scouse Git2:40Headquarters [1995 Remaster]141967210
2949The MonkeesAll Of Your Toys (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)3:02Headquarters [1995 Remaster]151967128
2950The MonkeesThe Girl I Knew Somewhere (Prev. Unissued Alt. Version)2:38Headquarters [1995 Remaster]161967132
2951The MonkeesPeter Gunn's Gun (Prev. Unissued)3:38Headquarters [1995 Remaster]171967210
2952The MonkeesJericho (Prev. Unissued)2:02Headquarters [1995 Remaster]181967130
2953The MonkeesNine Times Blue (Prev. Unissued Demo Version)2:07Headquarters [1995 Remaster]191967127
2954The MonkeesPillow Time (Prev. Unissued Demo Version)4:00Headquarters [1995 Remaster]201967129
2955The MonkeesDaydream Believer3:04Hit History Vol. 13 196751990203
2956The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:44More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)31999216
2957The MonkeesShe2:40More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]11967204
2958The MonkeesWhen Love Comes Knocking At Your Door1:49More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]21967212
2959The MonkeesMary, Mary2:16More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]31967230
2960The MonkeesHold On Girl2:29More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]41967195
2961The MonkeesYour Auntie Grizelda2:30More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]51967219
2962The Monkees(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone2:25More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]61967221
2963The MonkeesLook Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)2:16More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]71967197
2964The MonkeesThe Kind Of Girl I Could Love1:53More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]81967209
2965The MonkeesThe Day We Fall In Love2:26More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]91967200
2966The MonkeesSometime In The Morning2:30More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]101967188
2967The MonkeesLaugh2:30More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]111967190
2968The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:50More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]121967211
2969The MonkeesDon't Listen To Linda (Prev. Unissued Version)2:28More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]131967198
2970The MonkeesI'll Spend My Life With You (Alt. Version)2:30More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]141967191
2971The MonkeesI Don't Think You Know Me (Prev. Unissued Mix)2:19More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]151967143
2972The MonkeesLook Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (Prev. Unissued Long Mix)2:53More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]161967134
2973The MonkeesI'm A Believer (Prev. Unissued Early Version)2:53More Of The Monkees [1994 Remaster]171967135
2974The MonkeesSalesman2:37Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]11967207
2975The MonkeesShe Hangs Out2:57Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]21967214
2976The MonkeesThe Door Into Summer2:49Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]31967216
2977The MonkeesLove Is Only Sleeping2:31Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]41967204
2978The MonkeesCuddly Toy2:38Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]51967211
2979The MonkeesWords2:52Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]61967209
2980The MonkeesHard To Believe2:37Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]71967205
2981The MonkeesWhat Am I Doing Hanging 'Round?3:09Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]81967209
2982The MonkeesPeter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky0:27Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]91967180
2983The MonkeesPleasant Valley Sunday3:15Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]101967213
2984The MonkeesDaily Nightly2:33Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]111967208
2985The MonkeesDon't Call On Me2:51Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]121967200
2986The MonkeesStar Collector4:28Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]131967210
2987The MonkeesSpecial Announcement (Prev. Unissued)0:36Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]141967127
2988The MonkeesGoin' Down (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)4:46Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]151967129
2989The MonkeesSalesman (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)2:37Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]161967127
2990The MonkeesThe Door Into Summer (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)2:52Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]171967149
2991The MonkeesLove Is Only Sleeping (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)2:32Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]181967195
2992The MonkeesDaily Nightly (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)2:31Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]191967212
2993The MonkeesStar Collector (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)4:52Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [1995 Remaster]201967221
2994The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:47Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)102002207
2995The MonkeesDaydream Believer2:59Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s191989207
2996The MonkeesDream World3:21The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]11968200
2997The MonkeesAuntie's Municipal Court4:05The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]21968206
2998The MonkeesWe Were Made For Each Other2:25The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]31968200
2999The MonkeesTapioca Tundra3:08The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]41968221
3000The MonkeesDaydream Believer3:00The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]51968202
3001The MonkeesWriting Wrongs5:08The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]61968201
3002The MonkeesI'll Be Back Up On My Feet2:26The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]71968216
3003The MonkeesThe Poster2:21The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]81968205
3004The MonkeesP.O. Box 98473:16The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]91968199
3005The MonkeesMagnolia Simms3:48The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]101968128
3006The MonkeesValleri2:15The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]111968213
3007The MonkeesZor And Zam2:10The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]121968208
3008The MonkeesAlvin (Prev. Unissued)0:27The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]131968163
3009The MonkeesI'm Gonna Try (Prev. Unissued)2:44The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]141968201
3010The MonkeesP.O. Box 9847 (Prev. Unissued Alt. Mix)3:15The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]151968201
3011The MonkeesThe Girl I Left Behind Me (Prev. Unissued Early Version)2:40The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]161968206
3012The MonkeesLady's Baby (Prev. Unissued Alternate Mix)2:29The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees [1994 Remaster]171968131
3013The Monkees(Theme From) The Monkees2:21The Monkees [1994 Remaster]11966212
3014The MonkeesSaturday's Child2:45The Monkees [1994 Remaster]21966203
3015The MonkeesI Wanna Be Free2:27The Monkees [1994 Remaster]31966183
3016The MonkeesTomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day2:39The Monkees [1994 Remaster]41966205
3017The MonkeesPapa Gene's Blues2:00The Monkees [1994 Remaster]51966222
3018The MonkeesTake A Giant Step2:31The Monkees [1994 Remaster]61966201
3019The MonkeesLast Train To Clarksville2:47The Monkees [1994 Remaster]71966202
3020The MonkeesThis Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day2:09The Monkees [1994 Remaster]81966212
3021The MonkeesLet's Dance On2:32The Monkees [1994 Remaster]91966213
3022The MonkeesI'll Be True To You2:49The Monkees [1994 Remaster]101966209
3023The MonkeesSweet Young Thing1:58The Monkees [1994 Remaster]111966218
3024The MonkeesGonna Buy Me A Dog2:44The Monkees [1994 Remaster]121966203
3025The MonkeesI Can't Get Her Off My Mind (Prev. Unissued Early Version)2:55The Monkees [1994 Remaster]131966186
3026The MonkeesI Don't Think You Know Me (Prev. Unissued Alt. Version)2:18The Monkees [1994 Remaster]141966143
3027The Monkees(Theme From) The Monkees (Prev. Unissued Early Version)0:51The Monkees [1994 Remaster]151966147
3028The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:45The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)161997196
3029The MonkeesValleri2:21TM Century GoldDisc Update 3211991210
3030The MonkeesLast Train to Clarksville2:44TM Century GoldDisc Update 4151991203
3031The MonkeesLast Train To Clarksville2:44Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)182001204
3032The MonkeesDaydream Believer2:50Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)12001208
3033The MonkeesI'm A Believer2:45Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)162001215
3034The MonkeesDaily Nightly2:30Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)192009142
3035The MonksComplication2:24Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)151998247
3036The MonotonesBook Of Love2:20American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)181973173
3037The MonotonesBook Of Love2:22Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)42004126
3038The MonotonesBook Of Love2:21The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)31994128
3039The MonotonesBook Of Love2:25Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1958161987127
3040Monroe BrothersNine Pound Hammer Is Too Heavy2:14Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 1)72000138
3041Montell JordanThis Is How We Do It3:56100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995151995210
3042Montell JordanSomethin' 4 Da Honeyz Featuring Redman (Human Rhythm Remix)3:58Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)151995208
3043Montell JordanThis Is How We Do It3:56Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)151995215
3044Montell JordanThis Is How We Do It3:18Jock Jams, Vol. 281996225
3045Montell JordanWhen You Get Home3:52Let's Ride11998254
3046Montell JordanDon't Call Me4:50Let's Ride21998251
3047Montell JordanLet's Ride (feat. Master P & Silkk "The Shocker")4:52Let's Ride31998247
3048Montell JordanI Can Do That4:44Let's Ride41998251
3049Montell JordanMidnight Rain (Interlude)1:34Let's Ride51998245
3050Montell JordanOne Last Chance5:36Let's Ride61998253
3051Montell JordanAnything & Everything (feat. Redman)4:23Let's Ride71998255
3052Montell JordanBody Ah (feat. Lil' Bo Peep)4:26Let's Ride81998252
3053Montell JordanIrresistible4:10Let's Ride91998258
3054Montell JordanLet's Ride (feat. Master P & Silkk "The Shocker") [Beats By The Pound/Master P Remix]5:15Let's Ride101998249
3055Montell JordanCan I5:26Let's Ride111998270
3056Montell JordanMissing You4:10Let's Ride121998249
3057Montell JordanThe Longest Night5:23Let's Ride131998239
3058Montell JordanI Say Yes (Interlude) (feat. Pastor Clarence E. McClendon)1:36Let's Ride141998256
3059Montell Jordan4 You (feat. Schappell Crawford & Fulfillment Choir)4:36Let's Ride151998263
3060Montell JordanI Say Yes5:30Let's Ride161998262
3061Montell JordanDo You Remember (Once Upon a Time)4:10Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)122000190
3062Montell JordanIf I Die Tonight (feat.Monifah & Flesh-N-Bone)4:51Rush Hour (OST)121998198
3063Montell JordanGet It On Tonite4:36Save The Last Dance (OST)132000208
3064Montell JordanLet's Ride4:54The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)11999221
3065Montell JordanThis Is How We Do It3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)132001199
3066Montell JordanGet It On Tonite4:36Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)122001205
3067Montell Jordan & Slick RickI Like4:42The Nutty Professor (OST)21996218
3068Montgomery GentryThe Big Revival4:02Back When I Knew It All12008225
3069Montgomery GentryLong Line Of Losers3:48Back When I Knew It All22008208
3070Montgomery GentryHow You're Talkin'3:24Back When I Knew It All32008215
3071Montgomery GentryBack When I Knew It All3:59Back When I Knew It All42008225
3072Montgomery GentryRoll With Me3:53Back When I Knew It All52008203
3073Montgomery GentryOne In Every Crowd3:31Back When I Knew It All62008220
3074Montgomery GentryLook Some More2:58Back When I Knew It All72008220
3075Montgomery GentryI Pick My Parties (Feat. Toby Keith)3:22Back When I Knew It All82008223
3076Montgomery GentryOne Trip4:01Back When I Knew It All92008218
3077Montgomery GentryIt Ain't About Easy3:00Back When I Knew It All102008211
3078Montgomery GentryGod Knows Who I Am (Feat. Lillie Mae Rische Of Jypsi)3:15Back When I Knew It All112008198
3079Montgomery GentryShe Couldn't Change Me4:20Carrying On12001204
3080Montgomery GentryMy Father's Son4:45Carrying On22001204
3081Montgomery GentryThe Fine Line3:51Carrying On32001184
3082Montgomery GentryCold One Comin' On5:10Carrying On42001208
3083Montgomery GentryWhile The World Goes Down The Drain4:06Carrying On52001194
3084Montgomery GentryHellbent On Saving Me3:19Carrying On62001198
3085Montgomery GentryCarrying On3:43Carrying On72001207
3086Montgomery GentryRamblin' Man3:13Carrying On82001200
3087Montgomery GentryBlack Jack Fletcher And Mississippi Sam3:52Carrying On92001204
3088Montgomery GentryLucky To Be Here3:23Carrying On102001193
3089Montgomery GentryToo Hard To Handle, Too Free To Hold5:08Carrying On112001205
3090Montgomery GentryTried And True5:43Carrying On122001208
3091Montgomery GentryMy Town (Piano Intro)0:21My Town12002209
3092Montgomery GentryMy Town4:25My Town22002208
3093Montgomery GentryBreak My Heart Again4:02My Town32002219
3094Montgomery GentryScarecrow3:21My Town42002217
3095Montgomery GentryBad For Good3:00My Town52002216
3096Montgomery GentrySpeed4:01My Town62002211
3097Montgomery GentryHell Yeah4:50My Town72002220
3098Montgomery GentryLonesome4:22My Town82002222
3099Montgomery GentryWhy Do I Feel Like Running4:00My Town92002219
3100Montgomery GentryFree Fall3:54My Town102002199
3101Montgomery GentryLie Before You Leave4:13My Town112002211
3102Montgomery GentryFor The Money4:01My Town122002215
3103Montgomery GentryGood Clean Fun5:23My Town132002219
3104Montgomery GentrySome People Change3:23Some People Change12006216
3105Montgomery GentryHey Country3:23Some People Change22006224
3106Montgomery GentryLucky Man3:17Some People Change32006199
3107Montgomery GentryTakes All Kinds2:53Some People Change42006212
3108Montgomery GentryYour Tears Are Comin'4:04Some People Change52006231
3109Montgomery GentryClouds3:45Some People Change62006196
3110Montgomery GentryTwenty Years Ago4:21Some People Change72006191
3111Montgomery GentryWhat Do Ya Think About That3:40Some People Change82006225
3112Montgomery GentryRedder Than That4:18Some People Change92006226
3113Montgomery GentryA Man's Job4:12Some People Change102006206
3114Montgomery GentryIf You Wanna Keep An Angel4:28Some People Change112006227
3115Montgomery GentryFree Ride In The Fast Line3:21Some People Change122006223
3116Montgomery GentryHillbilly Shoes3:12Tattoos & Scars11999217
3117Montgomery GentryTrying To Survive3:50Tattoos & Scars21999216
3118Montgomery GentryLonely And Gone3:19Tattoos & Scars31999210
3119Montgomery GentrySelf Made Man3:35Tattoos & Scars41999194
3120Montgomery GentryDaddy Won't Sell The Farm4:18Tattoos & Scars51999217
3121Montgomery GentryIf A Broken Heart Could Kill3:19Tattoos & Scars61999207
3122Montgomery GentryI've Loved A Lot More Than I've Hurt3:14Tattoos & Scars71999191
3123Montgomery GentryDidn't Your Mama Tell Ya'3:26Tattoos & Scars81999215
3124Montgomery GentryTrouble Is3:09Tattoos & Scars91999220
3125Montgomery GentryTattoos & Scars3:59Tattoos & Scars101999184
3126Montgomery GentryAll Night Long3:33Tattoos & Scars111999225
3127Montgomery GentrySomething To Be Proud Of4:16You Do Your Thing12004222
3128Montgomery GentryYou Do Your Thing3:43You Do Your Thing22004209
3129Montgomery GentryIf You Ever Stop Loving Me3:24You Do Your Thing32004237
3130Montgomery GentryIf It's The Last Thing I Do4:02You Do Your Thing42004216
3131Montgomery GentryShe Loved Me3:58You Do Your Thing52004180
3132Montgomery GentryGone4:11You Do Your Thing62004229
3133Montgomery GentryAll I Know About Mexico4:10You Do Your Thing72004224
3134Montgomery GentryI Got Drunk4:14You Do Your Thing82004224
3135Montgomery GentryIt's All Good3:58You Do Your Thing92004222
3136Montgomery GentryI Ain't Got It All That Bad (Featuring Hank Williams, Jr.)3:23You Do Your Thing102004210
3137Montgomery GentryTalking To My Angel3:22You Do Your Thing112004218
3138Montgomery GentryI Never Thought I'd Live This Long5:28You Do Your Thing122004225
3139MontroseRock The Nation3:03Montrose11973217
3140MontroseBad Motor Scooter3:44Montrose21973208
3141MontroseSpace Station #55:18Montrose31973200
3142MontroseI Don't Want It2:58Montrose41973203
3143MontroseGood Rockin' Tonight2:59Montrose51973202
3144MontroseRock Candy5:05Montrose61973214
3145MontroseOne Thing On My Mind3:41Montrose71973208
3146MontroseMake It Last5:31Montrose81973200
3147MontroseUnderground3:38Paper Money11974187
3148MontroseConnection5:44Paper Money21974197
3149MontroseThe Dreamer4:07Paper Money31974203
3150MontroseStarliner3:41Paper Money41974198
3151MontroseI Got The Fire3:10Paper Money51974197
3152MontroseSpaceage Sacrifice4:58Paper Money61974181
3153MontroseWe're Going Home4:54Paper Money71974203
3154MontrosePaper Money4:58Paper Money81974214
3155MontroseRock The Nation3:03The Very Best Of12000237
3156MontroseBad Motor Scooter3:43The Very Best Of22000222
3157MontroseSpace Station #55:16The Very Best Of32000211
3158MontroseRock Candy5:05The Very Best Of42000214
3159MontroseI Got The Fire3:09The Very Best Of52000222
3160MontroseSpaceage Sacrifice4:57The Very Best Of62000186
3161MontroseWe're Going Home4:51The Very Best Of72000205
3162MontrosePaper Money5:00The Very Best Of82000236
3163MontroseAll I Need4:21The Very Best Of92000205
3164MontroseTwenty Flight Rock2:44The Very Best Of102000178
3165MontroseClown Woman4:23The Very Best Of112000188
3166MontroseDancin' Feet4:06The Very Best Of122000189
3167MontroseLet's Go4:15The Very Best Of132000212
3168MontroseJump On It3:32The Very Best Of142000225
3169MontroseMusic Man4:19The Very Best Of152000193
3170MontroseM For Machine4:00The Very Best Of162000202
3171MontroseStand4:48The Very Best Of172000220
3172MontroseReady Willing And Able4:18The Very Best Of182000226
3173Monty PythonAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life3:35Monty Python Sings11989242
3174Monty PythonSit on My Face0:46Monty Python Sings21989230
3175Monty PythonLumberjack Song3:22Monty Python Sings31989230
3176Monty PythonPenis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)0:42Monty Python Sings41989243
3177Monty PythonOliver Cromwell4:10Monty Python Sings51989249
3178Monty PythonMoney Song0:55Monty Python Sings61989252
3179Monty PythonAccountancy Shanty1:17Monty Python Sings71989231
3180Monty PythonFinland2:03Monty Python Sings81989237
3181Monty PythonMedical Love Song3:34Monty Python Sings91989233
3182Monty PythonI'm So Worried3:19Monty Python Sings101989254
3183Monty PythonEvery Sperm is Sacred4:34Monty Python Sings111989216
3184Monty PythonNever Be Rude to an Arab1:03Monty Python Sings121989245
3185Monty PythonI Like Chinese3:12Monty Python Sings131989265
3186Monty PythonEric the Half a Bee2:09Monty Python Sings141989241
3187Monty PythonBrian Song2:39Monty Python Sings151989252
3188Monty PythonBruces' Philosophers Song (Bruces' Song)0:54Monty Python Sings161989248
3189Monty PythonMeaning of Life2:17Monty Python Sings171989237
3190Monty PythonKnights of the Round Table1:06Monty Python Sings181989252
3191Monty PythonAll Things Dull and Ugly1:35Monty Python Sings191989244
3192Monty PythonDecomposing Composers2:46Monty Python Sings201989255
3193Monty PythonHenry Kissinger1:31Monty Python Sings211989233
3194Monty PythonI've Got Two Legs0:35Monty Python Sings221989231
3195Monty PythonChristmas in Heaven2:46Monty Python Sings231989245
3196Monty PythonGalaxy Song2:43Monty Python Sings241989248
3197Monty PythonSpam Song0:33Monty Python Sings251989245
3198Monty PythonIntroduction To The Executive CD Edition1:07The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail11975188
3199Monty PythonTour Of The Classic Silbury Hill Theatre0:12The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail21975193
3200Monty PythonLive Broadcast From London: Premiere Of The Film3:56The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail31975193
3201Monty PythonNarration From The Silbury Hill Gentlemen's Room / You're Using Coconuts2:56The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail41975165
3202Monty PythonBring Out Your Dead1:03The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail51975182
3203Monty PythonKing Arthur And The Old Woman: A Lesson In Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune Living2:57The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail61975180
3204Monty PythonA Witch?2:46The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail71975172
3205Monty PythonA Lesson In Logic2:51The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail81975182
3206Monty PythonKnights of the Round Table1:34The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail91975186
3207Monty PythonThe Quest For The Holy Grail1:11The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail101975179
3208Monty PythonLive From The Parking Lot At The Silbury Hill Theatre1:01The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail111975193
3209Monty PythonThe Castle Of Louis De Lombard: A Strange Person2:25The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail121975160
3210Monty PythonBomb Scare0:43The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail131975199
3211Monty PythonExecutive CD Edition Announcement0:16The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail141975182
3212Monty PythonAnother Executive CD Edition Announcement0:29The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail151975198
3213Monty PythonThe Story Of The Film So Far2:11The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail161975205
3214Monty PythonThe Tale Of Sir Robin1:54The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail171975199
3215Monty PythonThe Knights Who Say Ni!2:34The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail181975180
3216Monty PythonInterview With Filmmaker Carl French2:38The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail191975199
3217Monty PythonThe Tale Of Sir Lancelot: At Swamp Castle4:08The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail201975176
3218Monty PythonTim the Enchanter / A Shakespearean Critique3:29The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail211975186
3219Monty PythonA Foul-Tempered Rabbit2:33The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail221975173
3220Monty PythonThe Bridge Of Death3:58The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail231975130
3221Monty PythonExecutive CD Edition Addedum0:54The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail241975183
3222Monty PythonThe Castle Aaargh / The End2:46The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail251975164
3223Monty PythonIntroduction0:48The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)11987152
3224Monty PythonConstitutional Peasant2:51The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)21987214
3225Monty PythonFish Licence2:49The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)31987194
3226Monty PythonEric the Half-A-Bee Song2:06The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)41987214
3227Monty PythonFinland Song2:20The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)51987203
3228Monty PythonTravel Agent3:46The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)61987203
3229Monty PythonAre You Embarrassed Easily?2:25The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)71987190
3230Monty PythonAustralian Table Wines1:38The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)81987185
3231Monty PythonArgument3:39The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)91987196
3232Monty PythonHenry Kissinger Song1:36The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)101987195
3233Monty PythonParrot (Oh, Not Again)5:40The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)111987141
3234Monty PythonSit on My Face0:44The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)131987212
3235Monty PythonUndertaker1:34The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)141987166
3236Monty PythonNovel Writing (Live From Wessex)2:34The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)151987207
3237Monty PythonThis Record Has Been Skillfully Crafted0:21The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)161987167
3238Monty PythonString2:19The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)171987164
3239Monty PythonBells2:23The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)181987206
3240Monty PythonTraffic Lights1:56The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)191987192
3241Monty PythonCocktail Bar3:46The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)201987133
3242Monty PythonFour Yorkshiremen3:19The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)211987135
3243Monty PythonElection Special6:53The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)221987150
3244Monty PythonLumberjack Song2:28The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)231987145
3245Monty PythonTheme Song0:35The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)241987130
3246Monty PythonI Like Chinese3:15The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)11987171
3247Monty PythonSpanish Inquisition (Part 1)2:01The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)21987179
3248Monty PythonCheese Shop4:09The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)31987203
3249Monty PythonCherry Orchard2:02The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)41987153
3250Monty PythonArchitect's Sketch2:48The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)51987158
3251Monty PythonSpanish Inquisition (Part 2)1:08The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)61987157
3252Monty PythonSpam2:28The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)71987160
3253Monty PythonSpanish Inquisition (Part 3)1:08The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)81987157
3254Monty PythonComfy Chair0:15The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)91987147
3255Monty PythonFamous Person Quiz1:22The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)101987182
3256Monty PythonYou Be the Actor3:01The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)111987159
3257Monty PythonNudge Nudge2:09The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)121987140
3258Monty PythonCannibalism3:15The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)131987158
3259Monty PythonSpanish Inquisition Revisited0:21The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)141987165
3260Monty PythonI Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio0:55The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)151987196
3261Monty PythonBruces3:03The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)161987204
3262Monty PythonBookshop4:27The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)171987179
3263Monty PythonDo Wot John0:30The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)181987224
3264Monty PythonRock Notes2:12The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)191987174
3265Monty PythonI'm So Worried3:17The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)201987187
3266Monty PythonCrocodile2:48The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)211987195
3267Monty PythonFrench Taunter2:34The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)221987188
3268Monty PythonMarilyn Monroe2:06The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)231987203
3269Monty PythonSwamp Castle4:05The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)241987197
3270Monty PythonFrench Taunter (Part 2)2:30The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)251987198
3271Monty PythonLast Word0:18The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)261987168
3272Monty PythonThe Executive Intro1:06The Monty Python Instant Record Collection11981184
3273Monty PythonPet Shop4:52The Monty Python Instant Record Collection21981190
3274Monty PythonNudge Nudge2:41The Monty Python Instant Record Collection31981178
3275Monty PythonPremiere of Film (Live Broadcast From London)1:18The Monty Python Instant Record Collection41981193
3276Monty PythonBring Out Your Dead0:55The Monty Python Instant Record Collection51981181
3277Monty PythonHow Do You Tell a Witch2:46The Monty Python Instant Record Collection61981173
3278Monty PythonCamelot1:33The Monty Python Instant Record Collection71981184
3279Monty PythonArgument Clinic3:42The Monty Python Instant Record Collection81981164
3280Monty PythonCrunchy Frog3:48The Monty Python Instant Record Collection91981190
3281Monty PythonThe Cheese Shop4:05The Monty Python Instant Record Collection101981185
3282Monty PythonThe Phone-in2:36The Monty Python Instant Record Collection111981185
3283Monty PythonSit on My Face0:44The Monty Python Instant Record Collection121981179
3284Monty PythonAnother Executive Announcement0:29The Monty Python Instant Record Collection131981188
3285Monty PythonBishop on the Landing3:06The Monty Python Instant Record Collection141981182
3286Monty PythonElephantoplasty1:56The Monty Python Instant Record Collection151981179
3287Monty PythonThe Lumberjack Song3:21The Monty Python Instant Record Collection161981182
3288Monty PythonBookshop4:23The Monty Python Instant Record Collection171981164
3289Monty PythonBlackmail3:48The Monty Python Instant Record Collection181981177
3290Monty PythonFarewell to John Denver0:15The Monty Python Instant Record Collection191981168
3291Monty PythonWorld Forum3:45The Monty Python Instant Record Collection201981186
3292Monty PythonString2:16The Monty Python Instant Record Collection211981183
3293Monty PythonWide World of Novel Writing2:33The Monty Python Instant Record Collection221981181
3294Monty PythonDeath of Mary Queen of Scots1:10The Monty Python Instant Record Collection231981182
3295Monty PythonNever Be Rude to an Arab0:55The Monty Python Instant Record Collection241981187
3296Monty Sunshine's Jazz BandSaturday Night Function3:14Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland121987189
3297Mood MosaicA Touch Of Velvet3:19Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)31997165
3298MooderamaAre U Comin'5:28Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)112003174
3299MoodlexUnlikely5:58Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)142003201
3300The Moody BluesTuesday Afternoon4:501960's Classic Hits82003179
3301The Moody BluesQuestion5:43A Question Of Balance11970213
3302The Moody BluesHow Is It (We Are Here)2:44A Question Of Balance21970214
3303The Moody BluesAnd The Tide Rushes In2:57A Question Of Balance31970191
3304The Moody BluesDon't You Feel Small2:37A Question Of Balance41970204
3305The Moody BluesTortoise And The Hare3:22A Question Of Balance51970213
3306The Moody BluesIt's Up To You3:11A Question Of Balance61970213
3307The Moody BluesMinstrel's Song4:27A Question Of Balance71970209
3308The Moody BluesDawning Is The Day4:21A Question Of Balance81970207
3309The Moody BluesMelancholy Man5:45A Question Of Balance91970196
3310The Moody BluesThe Balance3:28A Question Of Balance101970199
3311The Moody BluesWhat Child Is This?2:25A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas41994184
3312The Moody BluesGypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time)4:03Caught Live +511977235
3313The Moody BluesThe Sunset4:33Caught Live +521977245
3314The Moody BluesDr. Livingstone, I Presume3:23Caught Live +531977233
3315The Moody BluesNever Comes The Day5:39Caught Live +541977229
3316The Moody BluesPeak Hour5:13Caught Live +551977249
3317The Moody BluesTuesday Afternoon4:51Caught Live +561977239
3318The Moody BluesAre You Sitting Comfortably?4:21Caught Live +571977233
3319The Moody BluesThe Dream0:58Caught Live +581977237
3320The Moody BluesHave You Heard? (Part 1)1:22Caught Live +591977241
3321The Moody BluesThe Voyage3:37Caught Live +5101977241
3322The Moody BluesHave You Heard? (Part 2)2:33Caught Live +5111977244
3323The Moody BluesNights In White Satin5:55Caught Live +5121977245
3324The Moody BluesLegend Of A Mind7:05Caught Live +5131977243
3325The Moody BluesRide My See-Saw4:30Caught Live +5141977261
3326The Moody BluesGimme A Little Somethin'3:13Caught Live +5151977249
3327The Moody BluesPlease Think About It3:44Caught Live +5161977234
3328The Moody BluesLong Summer Days3:12Caught Live +5171977234
3329The Moody BluesKing And Queen3:55Caught Live +5181977252
3330The Moody BluesWhat Am I Doing Here?3:36Caught Live +5191977242
3331The Moody BluesGo Now3:13Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)81998141
3332The Moody BluesGo Now3:14Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind211965141
3333The Moody BluesQuestion4:56Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 2)151998205
3334Moody BluesIsn't Life Strange6:36Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)11 190
3335The Moody BluesThe Day Begins5:55Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)11967190
3336The Moody BluesDawn: Dawn Is A Feeling3:48Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)21967193
3337The Moody BluesThe Morning: Another Morning3:55Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)31967195
3338The Moody BluesLunch Break: Peak Hour5:29Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)41967194
3339The Moody BluesThe Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)8:23Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)51967190
3340The Moody BluesEvening: The Sun Set: Twilight Time6:39Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)61967190
3341The Moody BluesThe Night: Nights In White Satin7:24Days Of Future Passed (MFSL Ultradisc)71967177
3342The Moody BluesProcession4:40Every Good Boy Deserves Favour11971193
3343The Moody BluesThe Story In Your Eyes2:56Every Good Boy Deserves Favour21971213
3344The Moody BluesOur Guessing Game3:34Every Good Boy Deserves Favour31971196
3345The Moody BluesEmily's Song3:42Every Good Boy Deserves Favour41971207
3346The Moody BluesAfter You Came4:39Every Good Boy Deserves Favour51971216
3347The Moody BluesOne More Time To Live5:41Every Good Boy Deserves Favour61971204
3348The Moody BluesNice To Be Here4:23Every Good Boy Deserves Favour71971210
3349The Moody BluesYou Can Never Go Home4:14Every Good Boy Deserves Favour81971204
3350The Moody BluesMy Song6:19Every Good Boy Deserves Favour91971201
3351The Moody BluesNights In White Satin4:27Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)12007227
3352The Moody BluesGo Now3:11Go Now11965181
3353The Moody BluesLose Your Money2:00Go Now21965171
3354The Moody BluesI Don't Mind3:26Go Now31965174
3355The Moody BluesFrom The Bottom Of My Heart3:25Go Now41965176
3356The Moody BluesLet Me Go3:12Go Now51965164
3357The Moody BluesIt's Easy Child3:12Go Now61965182
3358The Moody BluesStop2:05Go Now71965196
3359The Moody BluesCome Back (I Dont Want To Go Without You)2:45Go Now81965184
3360The Moody BluesSomething You've Got2:53Go Now91965184
3361The Moody BluesI've Got A Dream2:50Go Now101965171
3362The Moody BluesCan't Nobody Love You4:01Go Now111965180
3363The Moody BluesBye Bye Bird2:49Go Now121965187
3364The Moody BluesTime Is On My Side3:02Go Now131965180
3365The Moody BluesAnd My Baby's Gone2:19Go Now141965206
3366The Moody BluesDeparture0:48In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]11968174
3367The Moody BluesRide My See-Saw3:39In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]21968202
3368The Moody BluesDr. Livingstone, I Presume2:58In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]31968210
3369The Moody BluesHouse Of Four Doors4:12In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]41968207
3370The Moody BluesLegend Of A Mind6:37In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]51968214
3371The Moody BluesHouse Of Four Doors (Part 2)1:42In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]61968215
3372The Moody BluesVoices In The Sky3:30In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]71968208
3373The Moody BluesThe Best Way To Travel3:11In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]81968206
3374The Moody BluesVisions Of Paradise4:15In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]91968204
3375The Moody BluesThe Actor4:39In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]101968213
3376The Moody BluesThe Word0:49In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]111968166
3377The Moody BluesOM5:46In Search Of The Lost Chord [MFSL Ultradisc]121968190
3378The Moody BluesThe Voice5:22Long Distance Voyager11981204
3379The Moody BluesTalking Out Of Turn7:19Long Distance Voyager21981189
3380The Moody BluesGemini Dream4:10Long Distance Voyager31981194
3381The Moody BluesIn My World7:22Long Distance Voyager41981198
3382The Moody BluesMeanwhile4:09Long Distance Voyager51981200
3383The Moody Blues22,000 Days5:26Long Distance Voyager61981194
3384The Moody BluesNervous5:46Long Distance Voyager71981192
3385The Moody BluesPainted Smile3:19Long Distance Voyager81981190
3386The Moody BluesReflective Smile0:36Long Distance Voyager91981198
3387The Moody BluesVeteran Cosmic Rocker3:18Long Distance Voyager101981200
3388Moody BluesGo Now3:12Number Ones Of The Sixties101993126
3389The Moody BluesSteppin' In A Slide Zone5:26Octave11978208
3390The Moody BluesUnder Moonshine4:57Octave21978206
3391The Moody BluesHad To Fall In Love3:40Octave31978196
3392The Moody BluesI'll Be Level With You3:46Octave41978205
3393The Moody BluesDriftwood5:01Octave51978206
3394The Moody BluesTop Rank Suite3:41Octave61978210
3395The Moody BluesI'm Your Man4:18Octave71978203
3396The Moody BluesSurvival5:00Octave81978197
3397The Moody BluesOne Step Into The Light4:26Octave91978202
3398The Moody BluesThe Day We Meet Again6:16Octave101978209
3399The Moody BluesIn The Beginning2:08On The Threshold Of A Dream11969206
3400The Moody BluesLovely To See You2:34On The Threshold Of A Dream21969220
3401The Moody BluesDear Diary3:56On The Threshold Of A Dream31969202
3402The Moody BluesSend Me No Wine2:21On The Threshold Of A Dream41969213
3403The Moody BluesTo Share Our Love2:53On The Threshold Of A Dream51969211
3404The Moody BluesSo Deep Within You3:10On The Threshold Of A Dream61969213
3405The Moody BluesNever Comes The Day4:43On The Threshold Of A Dream71969199
3406The Moody BluesLazy Day2:43On The Threshold Of A Dream81969197
3407The Moody BluesAre You Sitting Comfortably3:30On The Threshold Of A Dream91969193
3408The Moody BluesThe Dream0:57On The Threshold Of A Dream101969204
3409The Moody BluesHave You Heard - Part I1:28On The Threshold Of A Dream111969201
3410The Moody BluesThe Voyage4:11On The Threshold Of A Dream121969206
3411The Moody BluesHave You Heard - Part II2:26On The Threshold Of A Dream131969201
3412The Moody BluesLost In A Lost World4:41Seventh Sojourn11972202
3413The Moody BluesNew Horizons5:10Seventh Sojourn21972192
3414The Moody BluesFor My Lady3:57Seventh Sojourn31972196
3415The Moody BluesIsn't Life Strange6:10Seventh Sojourn41972194
3416The Moody BluesYou And Me4:20Seventh Sojourn51972197
3417The Moody BluesThe Land Of Make-Believe4:51Seventh Sojourn61972193
3418The Moody BluesWhen You're A Free Man6:05Seventh Sojourn71972194
3419The Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)4:17Seventh Sojourn81972204
3420The Moody BluesLegend Of A Mind6:47Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)51996216
3421The Moody BluesI Know You're Out There Somewhere6:37Sur La Mer11988192
3422The Moody BluesWant To Be With You4:48Sur La Mer21988193
3423The Moody BluesRiver Of Endless Love4:46Sur La Mer31988210
3424The Moody BluesNo More Lies5:15Sur La Mer41988200
3425The Moody BluesHere Comes The Weekend4:15Sur La Mer51988215
3426The Moody BluesVintage Wine3:38Sur La Mer61988219
3427The Moody BluesBreaking Point4:55Sur La Mer71988211
3428The Moody BluesMiracle4:57Sur La Mer81988210
3429The Moody BluesLove Is On The Run5:02Sur La Mer91988200
3430The Moody BluesDeep6:51Sur La Mer101988209
3431The Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams4:51The Other Side Of Life11986194
3432The Moody BluesTalkin' Talkin'3:55The Other Side Of Life21986213
3433The Moody BluesRock 'N' Roll Over You4:50The Other Side Of Life31986207
3434The Moody BluesI Just Don't Care3:28The Other Side Of Life41986185
3435The Moody BluesRunning Out Of Love4:24The Other Side Of Life51986198
3436The Moody BluesThe Other Side Of Life6:52The Other Side Of Life61986199
3437The Moody BluesThe Spirit4:19The Other Side Of Life71986191
3438The Moody BluesSlings And Arrows4:29The Other Side Of Life81986203
3439The Moody BluesIt May Be A Fire4:54The Other Side Of Life91986193
3440The Moody BluesIsn't Life Strange5:55The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 2)131999189
3441The Moody BluesBlue World5:20The Present11983205
3442The Moody BluesMeet Me Halfway4:08The Present21983205
3443The Moody BluesSitting At The Wheel5:40The Present31983214
3444The Moody BluesGoing Nowhere5:33The Present41983203
3445The Moody BluesHole In The World1:54The Present51983193
3446The Moody BluesUnder My Feet4:51The Present61983207
3447The Moody BluesIt's Cold Outside Of Your Heart4:27The Present71983198
3448The Moody BluesRunning Water3:23The Present81983181
3449The Moody BluesI Am1:40The Present91983183
3450The Moody BluesSorry5:02The Present101983203
3451The Moody BluesGo Now3:13The Rock Box (Disc 6)19 183
3452The Moody BluesGo Now3:13The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)141997158
3453The Moody BluesQuestion5:39This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]11974211
3454The Moody BluesThe Actor4:08This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]21974215
3455The Moody BluesThe Word0:51This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]31974188
3456The Moody BluesEyes Of A Child2:35This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]41974204
3457The Moody BluesDear Diary3:46This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]51974210
3458The Moody BluesLegend Of A Mind6:35This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]61974221
3459The Moody BluesIn The Beginning2:04This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]71974212
3460The Moody BluesLovely To See You2:34This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]81974240
3461The Moody BluesNever Comes The Day4:39This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]91974207
3462The Moody BluesIsn't Life Strange5:32This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]101974219
3463The Moody BluesThe Dream0:51This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]111974215
3464The Moody BluesHave You Heard? (Part One)1:22This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]121974215
3465The Moody BluesThe Voyage4:09This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]131974205
3466The Moody BluesHave You Heard? (Part Two)2:07This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 1) [Remaster 1989]141974210
3467The Moody BluesRide My See Saw3:32This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]11974206
3468The Moody BluesTuesday Afternoon4:01This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]21974173
3469The Moody BluesAnd The Tide Rushes In2:56This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]31974186
3470The Moody BluesNew Horizons5:05This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]41974201
3471The Moody BluesA Simple Game3:18This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]51974221
3472The Moody BluesWatching And Waiting4:16This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]61974198
3473The Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band)4:10This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]71974212
3474The Moody BluesFor My Lady3:53This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]81974210
3475The Moody BluesThe Story In Your Eyes2:44This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]91974207
3476The Moody BluesMelancholy Man5:05This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]101974203
3477The Moody BluesNights In White Satin4:32This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]111974188
3478The Moody BluesLate Lament2:36This Is The Moody Blues (Disc 2) [Remaster 1989]121974210
3479The Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams4:53Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-1986151995208
3480The Moody BluesHigher And Higher4:06To Our Children's Children's Children11969221
3481The Moody BluesEyes Of A Child, Pt. 13:23To Our Children's Children's Children21969205
3482The Moody BluesFloating3:01To Our Children's Children's Children31969207
3483The Moody BluesEyes Of A Child, Pt. 21:21To Our Children's Children's Children41969218
3484The Moody BluesI Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Hundred1:06To Our Children's Children's Children51969193
3485The Moody BluesBeyond2:58To Our Children's Children's Children61969210
3486The Moody BluesOut And In3:48To Our Children's Children's Children71969219
3487The Moody BluesGypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time)3:34To Our Children's Children's Children81969211
3488The Moody BluesEternity Road4:18To Our Children's Children's Children91969209
3489The Moody BluesCandle Of Life4:17To Our Children's Children's Children101969208
3490The Moody BluesSun Is Still Shining3:37To Our Children's Children's Children111969208
3491The Moody BluesI Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Million0:33To Our Children's Children's Children121969189
3492The Moody BluesWatching And Waiting4:15To Our Children's Children's Children131969194
3493The Moody BluesGo Now3:10Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)42001179
3494The MoonMothers And Fathers2:04Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)132009150
3495Moon SafariConstant Bloom1:27[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I12008178
3496Moon SafariMethuselah's Children15:42[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I22008213
3497Moon SafariIn the Countryside5:42[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I32008190
3498Moon SafariMoonwalk8:48[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I42008212
3499Moon SafariBluebells10:11[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I52008207
3500Moon SafariThe Ghost of Flowers Past9:46[ blomljud ] (Disc 1) - Ka-on I62008211
3501Moon SafariYasgur's Farm8:06[ blomljud ] (Disc 2) - Ka-on II12008228
3502Moon SafariLady of the Woodlands3:36[ blomljud ] (Disc 2) - Ka-on II22008213
3503Moon SafariA Tale of Three and Tree3:28[ blomljud ] (Disc 2) - Ka-on II32008172
3504Moon SafariOther Half of the Sky31:44[ blomljud ] (Disc 2) - Ka-on II42008213
3505Moon SafariTo Sail Beyond the Sunset5:18[ blomljud ] (Disc 2) - Ka-on II52008146
3506Moon SafariDoorway11:35A Doorway to Summer12005207
3507Moon SafariDance Across the Ocean7:26A Doorway to Summer22005208
3508Moon SafariA Sun of Your Own9:19A Doorway to Summer32005208
3509Moon SafariWe Spin the World24:52A Doorway to Summer42005209
3510Moon SafariBeyond the Door6:40A Doorway to Summer52005204
3511Moon SafariLover's End Pt. I6:42Lover's End12010202
3512Moon SafariA Kid Called Panic13:57Lover's End22010215
3513Moon SafariSouthern Belle3:46Lover's End32010173
3514Moon SafariThe World's Best Dreamers5:47Lover's End42010214
3515Moon SafariNew York City Summergirl4:08Lover's End52010221
3516Moon SafariHeartland5:46Lover's End62010215
3517Moon SafariCrossed the Rubicon9:45Lover's End72010234
3518Moon SafariLover's End Pt. II1:56Lover's End82010183
3519Moondog With OrchestraStamping Ground5:11The Big Lebowski (OST)71998212
3520MoongardenMy Dark Side7:26Songs From the Lighthouse12008236
3521MoongardenIt's You7:04Songs From the Lighthouse22008225
3522MoongardenSolaris13:00Songs From the Lighthouse32008219
3523MoongardenEmotionaut3:55Songs From the Lighthouse42008241
3524MoongardenThat Child5:52Songs From the Lighthouse52008233
3525MoongardenFlesh2:49Songs From the Lighthouse62008194
3526MoongardenDreamlord11:30Songs From the Lighthouse72008211
3527MoongardenSouthampton Railroad4:11Songs From the Lighthouse82008214
3528MoongardenSonya in Search of the Moon (Part 5)5:47Songs From the Lighthouse92008228
3529MoongardenThe Lighthouse Song9:32Songs From the Lighthouse102008201
3530MoonglowsSincerely3:12Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)112001127
3531The MoonglowsSincerely3:10Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)92004127
3532The MoonglowsSincerely3:12The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)151994128
3533The MoonglowsSecret Love2:50The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 1)111996127
3534The MoontrekkersNight Of The Vampire2:49It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek51995129
3535Moot the HoopleAll the Young Dudes3:26The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)111992203
3536MopsI'm Just A Mops2:58Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)52001219
3537Morgan TwinsLet's Get Goin'2:07Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59291989165
3538Morning, Noon & NightLe Joint4:30Disco Train Vol. 1101996231
3539Morning, Noon & NightBite Your Granny7:12Disco Train Vol. 291997237
3540MorningwoodNth Degree2:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0152006205
3541MorrisBorn in a Manger1:29Favourite Christmas Carols - The Bach Choir, Case, The Jacques Orchestra, Willcocks201993197
3542MorrisMasters in This Hall4:02Favourite Christmas Carols - The Bach Choir, Case, The Jacques Orchestra, Willcocks241993214
3543Morris AlbertFeelings3:4370s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)152005187
3544Morris AlbertFeelings3:56Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)121998184
3545Morris AlbertFeelings3:34One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)82001224
3546Morris StoloffMoonglow And Theme From "Picnic"2:52Your Hit Parade 19566 127
3547Morris Stoloff And The Columbia Pictures OrchestraMoonglow And Theme From 'Picnic'3:50Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)21992195
3548Mors SyphiliticaMy Virgin Widows3:31Projekt: Gothic62003205
3549Mort ShumanLe Lac Majeur5:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)82001208
3550Morton Gould And The RCA Symphony OrchestraGood King Wenceslas2:36The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)191987205
3551Morton StevensPolice Woman1:02All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)72005199
3552Morton StevensHawaii 5-O0:57All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)252005124
3553Morton StevensHawaii 5-O1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)581986192
3554Morton StevensPolice Woman1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5431996128
3555MosesWe Just4:49Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 1)101998214
3556MosesWe Just4:47Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)62001248
3557The MotelsTotal Control5:56Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)8 163
3558The MotelsSuddenly Last Summer3:42Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)142002174
3559The MotelsSuddenly Last Summer3:40Rock Of The 80's Volume 1441994209
3560The MotelsSuddenly Last Summer3:43The Best Of12002184
3561The MotelsTotal Control5:55The Best Of22002173
3562The MotelsDanger3:28The Best Of32002212
3563The MotelsCelia3:08The Best Of42002201
3564The MotelsOnly The Lonely3:18The Best Of52002204
3565The MotelsShame4:16The Best Of62002218
3566The MotelsTake The L3:43The Best Of72002193
3567The MotelsRember The Nights3:12The Best Of82002205
3568The MotelsShock4:12The Best Of92002239
3569The MotelsMission Of Mercy3:03The Best Of102002216
3570Mother Love BoneChloe Dancer & Crown Of Thorns8:19Singles (OST)61992207
3571Mother Love BoneChloe Dancer,Crown Of Thorns8:21Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)72005197
3572MotherlodeWhen I Die3:22Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)81996199
3573MotherlodeWhen I Die3:23The Buddah Box (Disc 2)21993222
3574The MotionsEverything (That's Mine)2:03Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)122001130
3575MotionsFor Another Man1:49Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)242001127
3576The MotionsWasted Words2:08Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)152001202
3577Mötley CrüeT.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)0:42Dr. Feelgood11989196
3578Mötley CrüeDr. Feelgood4:50Dr. Feelgood21989219
3579Mötley CrüeSlice Of Your Pie4:31Dr. Feelgood31989210
3580Mötley CrüeRattlesnake Shake3:40Dr. Feelgood41989225
3581Mötley CrüeKickstart My Heart4:42Dr. Feelgood51989205
3582Mötley CrüeWithout You4:29Dr. Feelgood61989203
3583Mötley CrüeSame Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)4:12Dr. Feelgood71989209
3584Mötley CrüeSticky Sweet3:51Dr. Feelgood81989220
3585Mötley CrüeShe Goes Down4:37Dr. Feelgood91989229
3586Mötley CrüeDon't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)4:39Dr. Feelgood101989233
3587Mötley CrüeTime For Change4:50Dr. Feelgood111989211
3588Mötley CrüeFind Myself2:50Generation Swine11997243
3589Mötley CrüeAfraid4:07Generation Swine21997256
3590Mötley CrüeFlush5:02Generation Swine31997222
3591Mötley CrüeGeneration Swine4:39Generation Swine41997237
3592Mötley CrüeConfessions4:20Generation Swine51997228
3593Mötley CrüeBeauty3:46Generation Swine61997225
3594Mötley CrüeGlitter5:00Generation Swine71997201
3595Mötley CrüeAnybody Out There?1:50Generation Swine81997231
3596Mötley CrüeLet Us Prey4:21Generation Swine91997237
3597Mötley CrüeRocketship2:04Generation Swine101997193
3598Mötley CrüeA Rat Like Me4:13Generation Swine111997231
3599Mötley CrüeShout At The Devil '973:42Generation Swine121997222
3600Mötley CrüeBrandon3:20Generation Swine131997184
3601Mötley CrüeWild Side4:43Girls, Girls, Girls11987216
3602Mötley CrüeGirls, Girls, Girls4:30Girls, Girls, Girls21987216
3603Mötley CrüeDancing On Glass4:20Girls, Girls, Girls31987218
3604Mötley CrüeBad Boy Boogie3:28Girls, Girls, Girls41987209
3605Mötley CrüeNona1:25Girls, Girls, Girls51987206
3606Mötley CrüeFive Years Dead3:50Girls, Girls, Girls61987222
3607Mötley CrüeAll In The Name Of...3:40Girls, Girls, Girls71987202
3608Mötley CrüeSumthin' For Nuthin'4:49Girls, Girls, Girls81987204
3609Mötley CrüeYou're All I Need4:35Girls, Girls, Girls91987193
3610Mötley CrüeJailhouse Rock (Live)4:39Girls, Girls, Girls101987206
3611Mötley CrüePower To The Music5:12Mötley Crüe11994226
3612Mötley CrüeUncle Jack5:28Mötley Crüe21994228
3613Mötley CrüeHooligan's Holiday5:51Mötley Crüe31994220
3614Mötley CrüeMisunderstood6:53Mötley Crüe41994210
3615Mötley CrüeLoveshine2:36Mötley Crüe51994212
3616Mötley CrüePoison Apples3:41Mötley Crüe61994229
3617Mötley CrüeHammered5:15Mötley Crüe71994222
3618Mötley CrüeTil Death Do Us Part6:03Mötley Crüe81994219
3619Mötley CrüeWelcome To The Numb5:18Mötley Crüe91994231
3620Mötley CrüeSmoke The Sky3:37Mötley Crüe101994229
3621Mötley CrüeDroppin Like Flies6:25Mötley Crüe111994219
3622Mötley CrüeDriftaway3:59Mötley Crüe121994215
3623Mötley CrüeLive Wire3:15Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)12005237
3624Mötley CrüePiece of Your Action4:40Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)22005237
3625Mötley CrüeToast of the Town3:32Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)32005226
3626Mötley CrüeToo Fast For Love3:21Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)42005233
3627Mötley CrüeBlack Widow4:26Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)52005219
3628Mötley CrüeLooks That Kill4:08Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)62005245
3629Mötley CrüeToo Young To Fall In Love (Remix)3:38Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)72005248
3630Mötley CrüeHelter Skelter3:12Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)82005235
3631Mötley CrüeShout At The Devil3:14Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)92005244
3632Mötley CrüeSmokin' In the Boys Room3:27Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)102005224
3633Mötley CrüeUse It Or Lose It2:38Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)112005226
3634Mötley CrüeGirls, Girls, Girls4:29Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)122005234
3635Mötley CrüeWild Side4:38Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)132005236
3636Mötley CrüeYou're All I Need4:34Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)142005218
3637Mötley CrüeAll In The Name of...3:40Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)152005240
3638Mötley CrüeKickstart My Heart4:43Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)162005218
3639Mötley CrüeWithout You4:29Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)172005221
3640Mötley CrüeDon't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)4:40Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)182005252
3641Mötley CrüeSame Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)4:14Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)192005240
3642Mötley CrüeDr. Feelgood4:48Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 1)202005232
3643Mötley CrüeAnarchy In the UK3:21Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)12005224
3644Mötley CrüePrimal Scream4:47Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)22005232
3645Mötley CrüeHome Sweet Home ('91 Remix)4:02Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)32005209
3646Mötley CrüeHooligan's Holiday (Brown Nose Edit)5:20Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)42005221
3647Mötley CrüeMisunderstood (Successful Format Version)4:58Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)52005213
3648Mötley CrüePlanet Boom3:23Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)62005234
3649Mötley CrüeBittersuite3:19Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)72005227
3650Mötley CrüeAfraid (Alternative Rave Mix)4:08Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)82005248
3651Mötley CrüeBeauty3:46Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)92005225
3652Mötley CrüeGeneration Swine4:40Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)102005231
3653Mötley CrüeBitter Pill4:26Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)112005231
3654Mötley CrüeEnslaved4:30Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)122005223
3655Mötley CrüeHell On High Heels4:16Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)132005236
3656Mötley CrüeNew Tattoo (Single Version)4:02Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)142005241
3657Mötley CrüeIf I Die Tomorrow3:41Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)152005245
3658Mötley CrüeSick Love Song4:18Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)162005230
3659Mötley CrüeStreet Fighting Man3:30Red, White, and Crüe (Disc 2)172005249
3660Mötley CrüeIn the Beginning1:14Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]11983196
3661Mötley CrüeShout at the Devil3:15Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]21983246
3662Mötley CrüeLooks That Kill4:07Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]31983246
3663Mötley CrüeBastard2:53Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]41983239
3664Mötley CrüeGod Bless the Children of the Beast1:30Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]51983205
3665Mötley CrüeHelter Skelter3:12Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]61983233
3666Mötley CrüeRed Hot3:21Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]71983228
3667Mötley CrüeToo Young to Fall in Love3:35Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]81983250
3668Mötley CrüeKnock 'Em Dead, Kid3:43Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]91983230
3669Mötley CrüeTen Seconds to Love4:18Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]101983234
3670Mötley CrüeDanger3:51Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]111983214
3671Mötley CrüeShout at the Devil (Demo)3:18Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]121983229
3672Mötley CrüeLooks That Kill (Demo)5:06Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]131983248
3673Mötley CrüeHotter Than Hell (Demo)2:51Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]141983237
3674Mötley CrüeI Will Survive (Unreleased Track)3:22Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]151983209
3675Mötley CrüeToo Young to Fall in Love (Demo)3:02Shout at the Devil [2003 Remaster]161983228
3676Mötley CrüeCity Boy Blues4:09Theatre Of Pain11985201
3677Mötley CrüeSmokin' In The Boys Room3:27Theatre Of Pain21985202
3678Mötley CrüeLouder Than Hell2:32Theatre Of Pain31985210
3679Mötley CrüeKeep Your Eye On The Money4:39Theatre Of Pain41985207
3680Mötley CrüeHome Sweet Home3:57Theatre Of Pain51985198
3681Mötley CrüeTonight (We Need A Lover)3:37Theatre Of Pain61985208
3682Mötley CrüeUse It Or Lose It2:38Theatre Of Pain71985213
3683Mötley CrüeSave Our Souls4:12Theatre Of Pain81985211
3684Mötley CrüeRaise Your Hands To Rock2:46Theatre Of Pain91985200
3685Mötley CrüeFight For Your Rights3:45Theatre Of Pain101985214
3686Mötley CrüeLive Wire3:14Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]11982243
3687Mötley CrüeCome on and Dance2:46Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]21982221
3688Mötley CrüePublic Enemy4:21Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]31982237
3689Mötley CrüeMerry Go Round3:21Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]41982217
3690Mötley CrüeTake Me to the Top3:43Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]51982249
3691Mötley CrüePiece of Your Action4:39Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]61982244
3692Mötley CrüeStarry Eyes4:28Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]71982223
3693Mötley CrüeToo Fast For Love3:21Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]81982236
3694Mötley CrüeOn with the Show4:07Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]91982247
3695Mötley CrüeToast of the Town (Unreleased)3:35Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]101982233
3696Mötley CrüeTonight (Unreleased)4:26Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]111982221
3697Mötley CrüeToo Fast For Love (Alternate Intro)4:19Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]121982234
3698Mötley CrüeStick to Your Guns (Unreleased)4:22Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]131982238
3699Mötley CrüeMerry Go Round (Live)3:54Too Fast For Love [2003 Remaster]141982200
3700Motoi SakurabaBrave Fish Below the Heavens2:27Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)12003182
3701Motoi SakurabaThe True Mirror - (Battle Music)2:39Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)22003196
3702Motoi SakurabaSoft Labyrinth2:42Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)32003195
3703Motoi SakurabaFighting Spirits2:22Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)42003207
3704Motoi SakurabaBrave Way2:13Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)52003180
3705Motoi SakurabaSurvival From the Force3:19Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)62003184
3706Motoi SakurabaViolent Storm3:40Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (OST)72003208
3707MotorcycleImagination (Acoustic)2:49Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)112004198
3708MotorcycleAs The Rush Comes3:31Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)222004211
3709The Motorcycle Abeline (Warren Zevon & Bones Howe)(You Used To) Ride So High2:34Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)92009147
3710MotörheadAce Of Spades2:50Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)12006199
3711MotörheadOverkill (Long Version)5:14Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)22006232
3712MotörheadBomber3:44Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)32006233
3713MotörheadPlease Don't Touch (Performed By Headgirl)2:52Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)42006177
3714MotörheadMotorhead3:14Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)52006233
3715MotörheadNo Class2:42Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)62006236
3716MotörheadLouie Louie2:54Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)72006212
3717MotörheadDamage Case3:05Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)82006228
3718MotörheadToo Late Too Late3:26Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)92006240
3719MotörheadDead Men Tell No Tales3:08Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)102006215
3720MotörheadKilled By Death3:56Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)112006229
3721MotörheadMetropolis3:37Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)122006231
3722MotörheadEmergency3:02Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)132006165
3723MotörheadTear Ya Down2:42Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)142006232
3724MotörheadWhite Line Fever2:46Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)152006210
3725MotörheadIron Horse - Born to Lose5:23Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)162006218
3726MotörheadCity Kids3:46Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)172006196
3727MotörheadMotorhead (performed by Hawkwind)3:06Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)182006211
3728MotörheadFire Fire (live)2:47Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)192006224
3729MotörheadBite the Bullet / The Chase is Better Than the Catch (live)6:56Best of Motörhead (Disc 1)202006198
3730MotörheadIron Fist2:56Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)12006194
3731MotörheadHeart Of Stone3:05Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)22006205
3732MotörheadBomber (Performed By Girlschool)3:38Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)32006181
3733MotörheadShine3:12Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)42006217
3734MotörheadI Got Mine5:26Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)52006225
3735MotörheadAin't My Crime3:47Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)62006211
3736MotörheadDoctor Rock3:42Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)72006205
3737MotörheadThe Chase Is Better Than The Catch4:20Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)82006191
3738MotörheadDeaf Forever4:29Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)92006214
3739MotörheadOrgasmatron5:26Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)102006206
3740MotörheadEat The Rich4:38Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)112006225
3741MotörheadRock 'N' Roll3:52Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)122006204
3742MotörheadDogs3:52Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)132006207
3743MotörheadThe One To Sing The Blues3:12Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)142006241
3744MotörheadSacrifice3:19Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)152006213
3745MotörheadOvernight Sensation4:13Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)162006233
3746MotörheadSnake Bite Love3:35Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)172006216
3747MotörheadGod Save The Queen3:22Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)182006225
3748MotörheadShoot You In The Back (Live)2:48Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)192006243
3749MotörheadThe Hammer (Live)3:08Best of Motörhead (Disc 2)202006245
3750MotorsAirport4:25Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)82001210
3751Mott The HoopleSweet Jane4:21All The Young Dudes11972203
3752Mott The HoopleMomma's Little Jewel4:26All The Young Dudes21972208
3753Mott The HoopleAll The Young Dudes3:32All The Young Dudes31972204
3754Mott The HoopleSucker5:00All The Young Dudes41972209
3755Mott The HoopleJerkin' Crocus4:01All The Young Dudes51972207
3756Mott The HoopleOne Of The Boys6:46All The Young Dudes61972206
3757Mott The HoopleSoft Ground3:19All The Young Dudes71972217
3758Mott The HoopleReady For Love / After Lights6:47All The Young Dudes81972207
3759Mott The HoopleSea Diver2:52All The Young Dudes91972201
3760Mott The HoopleAll The Way From Memphis4:59Mott11973189
3761Mott The HoopleWhizz Kid3:22Mott21973190
3762Mott The HoopleHymn For The Dudes5:23Mott31973194
3763Mott The HoopleHonaloochie Boogie2:44Mott41973192
3764Mott The HoopleViolence4:50Mott51973191
3765Mott The HoopleDrivin' Sister3:51Mott61973192
3766Mott The HoopleBallad Of Mott The Hoople (March 26, 1972- Zurich)5:25Mott71973195
3767Mott The HoopleI'm A Cadillac/El Camino Dolo Roso7:49Mott81973192
3768Mott The HoopleI Wish I Was Your Mother4:50Mott91973201
3769Mott The HoopleThe Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll3:27The Hoople11974211
3770Mott The HoopleMarionette5:04The Hoople21974213
3771Mott The HoopleAlice5:17The Hoople31974206
3772Mott The HoopleCrash Street Kidds4:31The Hoople41974204
3773Mott The HoopleBorn Late '583:58The Hoople51974213
3774Mott The HoopleTrudi's Song4:25The Hoople61974212
3775Mott The HooplePearl 'N' Roy (England)4:26The Hoople71974205
3776Mott The HoopleThrough The Looking Glass4:36The Hoople81974194
3777Mott The HoopleRoll Away The Stone3:07The Hoople91974208
3778MountainWholle Lotta Shakin' Goin' On5:08Avalanche11974213
3779MountainSister Justice3:59Avalanche21974205
3781MountainSwamp Boy2:56Avalanche41974183
3784MountainYou Better Believe It5:50Avalanche71974195
3785MountainI Love To See You Fly3:46Avalanche81974202
3786MountainBack Where I Belong3:00Avalanche91974187
3787MountainLast Of The Sunshine Days3:48Avalanche101974188
3788MountainMississippi Queen2:31Climbing! [2003 Remaster]11970190
3789MountainTheme From An Imaginary Western5:07Climbing! [2003 Remaster]21970186
3790MountainNever In My Life3:53Climbing! [2003 Remaster]31970169
3791MountainSilver Paper3:18Climbing! [2003 Remaster]41970179
3792MountainFor Yasgur's Farm3:23Climbing! [2003 Remaster]51970205
3793MountainTo My Friend3:38Climbing! [2003 Remaster]61970196
3794MountainThe Laird4:39Climbing! [2003 Remaster]71970192
3795MountainSittin' On A Rainbow2:22Climbing! [2003 Remaster]81970199
3796MountainBoys In The Band3:43Climbing! [2003 Remaster]91970182
3797MountainFor Yasgur's Farm (Live, Bonus Track)4:18Climbing! [2003 Remaster]101970129
3798MountainFlowers Of Evil4:53Flowers Of Evil11971231
3799MountainKing's Chorale1:04Flowers Of Evil21971265
3800MountainOne Last Cold Kiss3:54Flowers Of Evil31971246
3801MountainCrossroader4:53Flowers Of Evil41971242
3802MountainPride And Passion7:11Flowers Of Evil51971236
3803MountainDream Sequence25:03Flowers Of Evil61971256
3804MountainMississippi Queen3:49Flowers Of Evil71971259
3805MountainDon't Look Around3:45Nantucket Sleighride11971201
3806MountainTaunta/Nantucket Sleighride6:54Nantucket Sleighride21971208
3807MountainYou Can't Get Away3:27Nantucket Sleighride31971186
3808MountainTired Angels4:40Nantucket Sleighride41971195
3809MountainThe Animal Trainer and the Toad3:28Nantucket Sleighride51971187
3810MountainMy Lady4:34Nantucket Sleighride61971199
3811MountainTravellin' in the Dark4:25Nantucket Sleighride71971189
3812MountainThe Great Train Robbery5:43Nantucket Sleighride81971186
3813MountainMississippi Queen2:31Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1121990199
3814MountainNever In My Life3:52The Best Of Mountain11973230
3815MountainTaunta (Sammy's Tune)1:00The Best Of Mountain21973266
3816MountainNantucket Sleighride5:52The Best Of Mountain31973246
3817MountainRoll Over Beethoven2:59The Best Of Mountain41973233
3818MountainFor Yasgur's Farm3:24The Best Of Mountain51973219
3819MountainThe Animal Trainer And The Toad3:28The Best Of Mountain61973243
3820MountainMississippi Queen2:32The Best Of Mountain71973216
3821MountainKing's Chorale1:04The Best Of Mountain81973272
3822MountainBoys In The Band3:38The Best Of Mountain91973235
3823MountainDon't Look Around3:46The Best Of Mountain101973239
3824MountainTheme For An Imaginary Western5:09The Best Of Mountain111973205
3825MountainCrossroader4:53The Best Of Mountain121973228
3826MountainNever In My Life4:16Twin Peaks11974206
3827MountainTheme For An Imaginary Western5:01Twin Peaks21974204
3828MountainBlood Of The Sun3:05Twin Peaks31974198
3829MountainGuitar Solo5:41Twin Peaks41974206
3830MountainNantucket Sleighride31:49Twin Peaks51974205
3831MountainCrossroader5:56Twin Peaks61974199
3832MountainMississippi Queen4:17Twin Peaks71974206
3833MountainSilver Paper6:15Twin Peaks81974204
3834MountainRoll Over Beethoven2:24Twin Peaks91974204
3835MountainBlood Of The Sun3:30Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)141994211
3836MountainTheme For An Imaginary Western5:26Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)151994210
3837The Mountain GoatsThis Year3:50Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)72006214
3838MouseA Public Execution2:49Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)61998153
3839The Mouse & The TrapsMaid Of Sugar - Maid Of Spice2:39Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)201998170
3840The Mouse ChorusThe Work Song (Cinderella 1950)2:05Classic Disney, Vol. 1191995125
3841The MousketeersMickey Mouse Club March (The Mickey Mouse Club 1955)2:42Classic Disney, Vol. 2171995131
3842Mousse T. Vs Hot 'N' JuicyHorny '983:53Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)112000262
3843Mouth & MacNealHello-A4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 1)32001207
3844Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do4:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)182001206
3845The MoveFlowers In The Rain2:28Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 3)81992171
3846The MoveFirebrigade2:25Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 4)21992176
3847The MoveBlackberry Way3:38Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 1)41992173
3848The MoveCurly2:45Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)81992160
3849The MoveIt Wasn't My Idea To Dance5:29Message From The Country11971209
3850The MoveThe Minister4:28Message From The Country21971214
3851The MoveMessage From The Country4:45Message From The Country31971215
3852The MoveThe Words Of Aaron5:25Message From The Country41971212
3853The MoveBen Crawley Stel Company3:03Message From The Country51971209
3854The MoveUntil Your Mama's Gone5:05Message From The Country61971205
3855The MoveNo Time3:41Message From The Country71971211
3856The MoveElla James3:14Message From The Country81971217
3857The MoveDon't Mess Me Up3:11Message From The Country91971210
3858The MoveMy Marge2:00Message From The Country101971208
3859The MoveNight Of Fear2:14Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)11997135
3860The MoveDisturbance2:45Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)21997142
3861The MoveI Can Hear The Grass Grow3:00Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)31997156
3862The MoveWave The Flag And Stop The Train2:57Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)41997168
3863The MoveYellow Rainbow2:36Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)51997186
3864The MoveKilroy Was Here2:45Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)61997148
3865The MoveThe Lemon Tree3:10Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)71997142
3866The MoveWeekend1:47Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)81997148
3867The MoveWalk Upon The Water3:18Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)91997179
3868The MoveFlowers In The Rain2:22Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)101997132
3869The MoveUseless Information2:57Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)111997158
3870The MoveZing Went The Strings Of My Heart2:49Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)121997147
3871The MoveThe Girl Outside2:55Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)131997141
3872The MoveFire Brigade2:24Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)141997142
3873The MoveMist On A Monday Morning2:33Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)151997139
3874The MoveCherry Blossom Clinic2:31Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)161997167
3875The MoveHey Grandma3:13Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)171997140
3876The MoveDisturbance (Alt. Version)2:01Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)181997208
3877The MoveWild Tiger Woman2:38Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)191997145
3878The MoveOmnibus3:52Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)201997138
3879The MoveBlackberry Way3:35Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)11997178
3880The MoveSomething3:31Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)21997168
3881The MoveCurly2:45Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)31997171
3882The MoveThis Time Tomorrow3:41Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)41997135
3883The MoveHello Suzie4:56Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)51997197
3884The MoveBeautiful Daughter3:03Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)61997196
3885The MoveCherry Blossom Clinic Revisited7:42Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)71997205
3886The MoveFields Of People10:55Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)81997211
3887The MoveDon't Make My Baby Blue6:06Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)91997211
3888The MoveThe Last Thing On My Mind7:38Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)101997214
3889The MoveThe Lemon Tree (Stereo Mix)2:59Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)111997163
3890The MoveCherry Blossom Clinic (Stereo Mix)2:56Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)121997162
3891The MoveFire Brigade (Alt. Version)2:19Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)131997195
3892The MoveSecond Class (A.K.A She's Too Good For Me)2:14Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)141997199
3893The MoveWild Tiger Woman Blues (Early Undubbed Mix)2:29Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)151997154
3894The MoveCurly Where's Your Girly (Alt. Mix)2:49Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)161997196
3895The MoveSomething (Italian Version)2:57Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)171997133
3896The MoveVote For Me2:48Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)181997169
3897The MoveLooking On7:49Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)11997212
3898The MoveTurkish Tram Conductor Blues4:49Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)21997209
3899The MoveWhat6:43Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)31997217
3900The MoveWhen Alice Comes Back To The Farm3:44Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)41997215
3901The MoveOpen Up Said The World At The Door7:11Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)51997219
3902The MoveBrontosaurus4:26Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)61997218
3903The MoveFeel Too Good9:35Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)71997220
3904The MoveLightning Never Strikes Twice3:10Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)81997209
3905The MoveSo You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star2:51Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)91997137
3906The MoveStephanie Knows Who2:59Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)101997130
3907The MoveSomething Else2:21Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)111997136
3908The MoveIt'll Be Me2:36Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)121997134
3909The MovePiece Of My Heart4:04Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)131997185
3910The MoveToo Much In Love2:41Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)141997140
3911The Move(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher3:36Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)151997196
3912The MoveSushine Help Me6:33Movements - 30th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)161997186
3913The MoveI Can Hear the Grass Grow3:07Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)32001152
3914MoveFire Brigade2:24Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)252001150
3915The MoveHello Suzie4:53Shazam11970197
3916The MoveBeautiful Daughter2:53Shazam21970206
3917The MoveCherry Blossom Clinic Revisited7:42Shazam31970208
3918The MoveFields Of People10:58Shazam41970212
3919The MoveDon't Make My Baby Blue6:07Shazam51970210
3920The MoveThe Last Thing On My Mind7:39Shazam61970216
3921The MoveSo You Want To Be A Rock'n' Roll Star (Bonus Track)3:02Shazam71970127
3922The MoveStephanie Knows Who (Bonus Track)3:05Shazam81970127
3923The MoveSomething Else (Bonus Track)2:25Shazam91970127
3924The MoveI'll Be Me (Bonus Track)2:39Shazam101970126
3925The MoveSunshine Help Me (Bonus Track)5:13Shazam111970127
3926The MovePiece Of My Heart (Previously Unissued Live EP Outtake)4:04Shazam121970187
3927The MoveToo Much In Love (Previously Unissued Live EP Outtake)2:41Shazam131970140
3928The Move(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (Previously Unissued Live EP Outtake)3:36Shazam141970200
3929The MoveSunshine Help Me (Previously Unissued Live EP Outtake)6:34Shazam151970187
3930The MovementJump (Mutha Mix)3:53Rave 'til Dawn21992198
3931Moving PicturesWhat About Me3:32Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)162000218
3932Moving PicturesNever3:47Footloose (OST) (15th Anniversary Collector's Edition)91984223
3933Moving PicturesWhat About Me?3:31Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)181992200
3934Moxy FrüvousRiver Valley3:27Bargainville11993208
3935Moxy FrüvousStuck in the 90's4:29Bargainville21993208
3936Moxy FrüvousB.J. Don't Cry3:21Bargainville31993212
3937Moxy FrüvousVideo Bargainvillle4:16Bargainville41993208
3938Moxy FrüvousFell in Love4:25Bargainville51993188
3939Moxy FrüvousThe Lazy Boy3:14Bargainville61993213
3940Moxy FrüvousMy Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors2:34Bargainville71993214
3941Moxy FrüvousThe Drinking Song5:09Bargainville81993198
3942Moxy FrüvousMorpheé2:15Bargainville91993190
3943Moxy FrüvousKing of Spain2:59Bargainville101993199
3944Moxy FrüvousDarlington Darling3:38Bargainville111993206
3945Moxy FrüvousBittersweet3:27Bargainville121993190
3946Moxy FrüvousLaika2:55Bargainville131993221
3947Moxy FrüvousSpiderman1:48Bargainville141993191
3948Moxy FrüvousGulf War Song4:02Bargainville151993179
3949Moxy FrüvousI Love My Boss3:04The B Album11998188
3950Moxy FrüvousThe Greatest Man In America3:09The B Album21998191
3951Moxy FrüvousJohnny Saucep'n1:26The B Album31998197
3952Moxy FrüvousAsh Hash2:10The B Album41998178
3953Moxy FrüvousGord's Gold1:01The B Album51998153
3954Moxy FrüvousBig Fish3:42The B Album61998188
3955Moxy FrüvousJenny Washington1:52The B Album71998176
3956Moxy FrüvousThe Ballad Of Cedric Fruvous2:39The B Album81998203
3957Moxy FrüvousEntropy1:09The B Album91998149
3958Moxy FrüvousThe Kids' Song (Live)2:40The B Album101998144
3959Moxy FrüvousWelcome To C0:55The C Album12000171
3960Moxy FrüvousPisco Bandito2:53The C Album22000205
3961Moxy FrüvousThe Norbals!1:27The C Album32000208
3962Moxy FrüvousVideo Disco Bargainville4:27The C Album42000185
3963Moxy FrüvousBeware The Killer Tents3:25The C Album52000186
3964Moxy FrüvousHeatseeker Boy2:24The C Album62000203
3965Moxy FrüvousThe Mitosis Waltz1:38The C Album72000200
3966Moxy FrüvousJared (The Wild Boy)2:14The C Album82000201
3967Moxy FrüvousBad Jim0:53The C Album92000184
3968Moxy FrüvousThe Goal Judge2:42The C Album102000203
3969Moxy FrüvousThe Norbals! (Reprise)0:22The C Album112000187
3970Moxy FrüvousPork Tenderloin3:04The C Album122000184
3971Moxy FrüvousGuinea Pig1:11The C Album132000155
3972Moxy FrüvousHalf As Much2:17Thornhill11999218
3973Moxy FrüvousSad Girl4:05Thornhill21999203
3974Moxy FrüvousYou Can't Be Too Careful3:23Thornhill31999183
3975Moxy FrüvousI Will Hold On4:24Thornhill41999193
3976Moxy FrüvousEarthquackes4:35Thornhill51999214
3977Moxy FrüvousWhen She Talks3:15Thornhill61999202
3978Moxy FrüvousSplatter Splatter2:59Thornhill71999221
3979Moxy FrüvousIndependence Day4:38Thornhill81999177
3980Moxy FrüvousDownsizing6:55Thornhill91999203
3981Moxy FrüvousHate Letter5:02Thornhill101999166
3982Moxy FrüvousIf Only You Knew2:48Thornhill111999210
3983Moxy FrüvousMy Poor Generation3:59Thornhill121999197
3984Moxy FrüvousDown From Above4:34Wood11995196
3985Moxy FrüvousHorseshoes3:57Wood21995200
3986Moxy FrüvousFly4:56Wood31995202
3987Moxy FrüvousThe Present Tense Tureen3:39Wood41995200
3988Moxy FrüvousPoor Mary Lane3:26Wood51995228
3989Moxy FrüvousOn Her Doorstep3:21Wood61995193
3990Moxy FrüvousMisplaced4:35Wood71995165
3991Moxy FrüvousIt's Too Cold3:25Wood81995211
3992Moxy FrüvousBed And Breakfast4:11Wood91995212
3993Moxy FrüvousNuits De Reve6:04Wood101995200
3994Moxy FrüvousSad Today / Organ Grinder9:04Wood111995181
3995Moxy FrüvousMichigan Militia3:18You Will Go To The Moon11997188
3996Moxy FrüvousGet In The Car2:36You Will Go To The Moon21997203
3997Moxy FrüvousI've Gotta Get A Message To You3:58You Will Go To The Moon31997193
3998Moxy FrüvousLazlo's Career4:13You Will Go To The Moon41997184
3999Moxy FrüvousSahara3:50You Will Go To The Moon51997216
4000Moxy FrüvousLee3:37You Will Go To The Moon61997181
4001Moxy FrüvousNo No Raja2:57You Will Go To The Moon71997171
4002Moxy FrüvousThe Incredible Medicine Show3:48You Will Go To The Moon81997206
4003Moxy FrüvousYour New Boyfriend2:04You Will Go To The Moon91997177
4004Moxy FrüvousKick In The Ass2:18You Will Go To The Moon101997190
4005Moxy FrüvousBoo Time2:25You Will Go To The Moon111997215
4006Moxy FrüvousLove Set Fire4:25You Will Go To The Moon121997204
4007Moxy FrüvousYou Will Go To The Moon2:11You Will Go To The Moon131997172
4008MozartCarmina Burana O Fortuna - Techno Remix6:20   128
4009MozartRequiem, K. 626 (Sequence: Dies Irae, Tuba Mirum, Rex Tremendae, Recordare, Confutatis, Lacrimosa)20:19The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music51995205
4010M-PeopleMoving On Up3:31The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)111999198
4011Mr Fab & His Bag O' ToysLittle Saint Grinch3:05Santastic Four132008192
4012Mr MisterBroken Wings3:18The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)91999230
4013Mr. Acker BilkStranger On The Shore2:57Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)2 175
4014Mr. Acker BilkStranger on the Shore2:57Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)121992189
4015Mr. Acker BilkStranger On The Shore2:57Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals121993179
4016Mr. Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz BandPerdido Street Blues4:05Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland131987197
4017Mr. BigColorado Bulldog4:13Bump Ahead11993218
4018Mr. BigPrice You Gotta Pay3:56Bump Ahead21993226
4019Mr. BigPromise Her The Moon4:06Bump Ahead31993205
4020Mr. BigWhat's It Gonna Be3:57Bump Ahead41993231
4021Mr. BigWild World3:28Bump Ahead51993222
4022Mr. BigMr.Gone4:32Bump Ahead61993223
4023Mr. BigThe Whole World's Gonna Know3:52Bump Ahead71993230
4024Mr. BigNothing But Love3:45Bump Ahead81993213
4025Mr. BigTemperamental4:55Bump Ahead91993225
4026Mr. BigAin't Seen Love Like That3:31Bump Ahead101993197
4027Mr. BigMr.Big4:14Bump Ahead111993229
4028Mr. BigElectrified4:12Get Over It12000216
4029Mr. BigStatic3:07Get Over It22000222
4030Mr. BigHiding Place4:46Get Over It32000223
4031Mr. BigSuperfantastic3:45Get Over It42000199
4032Mr. BigA Rose Alone3:52Get Over It52000218
4033Mr. BigHole In The Sun3:46Get Over It62000221
4034Mr. BigHow Does It Feel4:14Get Over It72000222
4035Mr. BigTry To Do Without It4:54Get Over It82000195
4036Mr. BigDancin' With My Devils3:43Get Over It92000218
4037Mr. BigMr. Never In A Million Years5:40Get Over It102000196
4038Mr. BigMy New Religion3:20Get Over It112000206
4039Mr. BigTrapped In Toyland4:24Hey Man11996224
4040Mr. BigTake Cover4:37Hey Man21996214
4041Mr. BigJane Doe3:35Hey Man31996220
4042Mr. BigGoin' Where The Wind Blows4:19Hey Man41996195
4043Mr. BigThe Chain3:46Hey Man51996209
4044Mr. BigWhere Do I Fit In?4:22Hey Man61996231
4045Mr. BigIf That's What It Takes4:48Hey Man71996213
4046Mr. BigOut Of The Underground4:05Hey Man81996241
4047Mr. BigDancin' Right Into The Flame3:03Hey Man91996211
4048Mr. BigMama D.4:33Hey Man101996224
4049Mr. BigFool Us Today4:22Hey Man111996220
4050Mr. BigLittle Mistake (Bonus Track)3:46Hey Man121996217
4051Mr. BigDaddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)3:55Lean Into It11991219
4052Mr. BigAlive And Kickin'5:29Lean Into It21991212
4053Mr. BigGreen-Tinted Sixties Mind3:30Lean Into It31991217
4054Mr. BigCDFF-Lucky This Time4:14Lean Into It41991211
4055Mr. BigVoodoo Kiss4:06Lean Into It51991207
4056Mr. BigNever Say Never3:49Lean Into It61991216
4057Mr. BigJust Take My Heart4:25Lean Into It71991189
4058Mr. BigMy Kinda Woman4:12Lean Into It81991209
4059Mr. BigA Little Too Loose5:21Lean Into It91991204
4060Mr. BigRoad To Ruin3:59Lean Into It101991217
4061Mr. BigTo Be With You3:28Lean Into It111991192
4062Mr. BigTo Be With You3:21Living In The 90's (Disc 2)91995191
4063Mr. BigAddicted To That Rush4:46Mr. Big11989210
4064Mr. BigWind Me Up4:11Mr. Big21989216
4065Mr. BigMerciless3:57Mr. Big31989216
4066Mr. BigHad Enough4:57Mr. Big41989202
4067Mr. BigBlame It On My Youth4:14Mr. Big51989205
4068Mr. BigTake A Walk3:57Mr. Big61989212
4069Mr. BigBig Love4:49Mr. Big71989199
4070Mr. BigHow Can You do What You Do3:58Mr. Big81989206
4071Mr. BigAnything For You4:37Mr. Big91989202
4072Mr. BigRock & Roll Over3:50Mr. Big101989211
4073Mr. Big30 Days In The Hole4:13Mr. Big111989214
4074Mr. BigTo Be With You3:19Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)20 185
4075Mr. BigTo Be With You3:21The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)151999193