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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1N SyncTearin Up My Heart3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0771998224
2'N SyncTearin' Up My Heart3:19Much Dance 199941999216
3'N SyncYou Don't Have To Be Alone (On Christmas)4:32Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)162001186
4'N SyncI Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You4:04Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)32003198
5N*E*R*DShe Wants To Move3:32Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)192005229
6N*E*R*D feat. Common, Mos Def, De La Soul & Q-TipShe Wants To Move3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-02152004227
7N.O.R.E.Nothin'3:57Now That's What I Call Music! 1122002182
8N.O.R.E. feat. Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star & Big MatoOye Mi Canto3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-10162004216
9N.R.G.Instruments of Destruction3:22Transformers: The Movie (OST)21986222
10N.W.A.Straight Outta Compton4:24Old Skool Hip Hop (Disc 2)62002225
11N.W.A.Straight Outta Compton4:19Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]11988202
12N.W.A.Fuck Tha Police5:45Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]21988215
13N.W.A.Gangsta Gangsta5:36Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]31988230
14N.W.A.If It Ain't Ruff3:34Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]41988229
15N.W.A.Parental Discretion Iz Advised5:16Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]51988222
16N.W.A.8 Ball (Remix)4:52Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]61988215
17N.W.A.Something Like That3:36Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]71988206
18N.W.A.Express Yourself4:25Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]81988226
19N.W.A.Compton's In The House (Remix)5:20Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]91988214
20N.W.A.I Ain't Tha 14:54Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]101988223
21N.W.A.Dopeman (Remix)5:20Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]111988221
22N.W.A.Quiet On Tha Set3:59Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]121988222
23N.W.A.Something 2 Dance 23:32Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]131988227
24N.W.A.Express Yourself (Extended Mix)4:42Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]141988188
25N.W.A.Bonus Beats3:03Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]151988193
26N.W.A.Straight Outta Compton (Extended Mix)4:54Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]161988192
27N.W.A.A Bitch Iz A Bitch3:10Straight Outta Compton [2002 Remaster]171988182
28N2deepBack To The Hotel5:05New Millennium Hip-Hop Party142000213
29Nacio Herb Brown & L. Wolfe GilbertHopalong Cassidy0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)331996211
30Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind Me3:4080's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]101997241
31Naked Eyes(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me3:42Generation 80's (Disc 2)82001198
32Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind Me3:41Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)102002202
33Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind Me3:43Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes11994200
34Naked EyesPromises, Promises3:46Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes21994217
35Naked EyesWhen The Lights Go Out3:03Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes31994203
36Naked EyesVoices In My Head3:48Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes41994197
37Naked Eyes(What) In The Name Of Love4:27Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes51994220
38Naked EyesSacrifice4:08Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes61994221
39Naked EyesNo Flowers Please4:03Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes71994216
40Naked EyesFortune And Fame3:18Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes81994209
41Naked EyesEmotion In Motion4:41Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes91994210
42Naked EyesEyes Of A Child3:36Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes101994212
43Naked EyesFlying Solo4:32Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes111994213
44Naked EyesNew Hearts3:38Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes121994215
45Naked EyesMe I See In You3:35Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes131994200
46Naked EyesLow Life3:53Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes141994191
47Naked EyesI Could Show You How3:26Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes151994203
48Naked EyesBurning Bridges3:37Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes161994190
49Naked EyesA Very Hard Act To Follow4:03Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes171994213
50Naked EyesThe Time Is Now3:24Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes181994207
51Naked EyesFlag Of Convenience4:10Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes191994205
52Naked EyesPromises, Promises (UK Version)4:28Promises, Promises The Very Best of Naked Eyes201994220
53Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind Me3:42Rock Of The 80's Volume 231992233
54Naked EyesPromises, Promises3:50Rock Of The 80's Volume 631993246
55Naked EyesWhen The Lights Go Out3:04Rock Of The 80's Volume 861993229
56Naked EyesIn The Name Of Love4:27Rock Of The 80's Volume 951993259
57Naked EyesCould Be2:52The Best Of Naked Eyes131991182
58NanaDreams3:52The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)31999229
59Nana MouskouriMaría Dolores4:29Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 211991183
60Nana MouskouriMalagueña Salerosa4:10Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 221991187
61Nana MouskouriAmapola3:45Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 231991195
62Nana MouskouriDe Colores3:02Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 241991208
63Nana MouskouriEn Recuerdo De Ti3:13Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 251991170
64Nana MouskouriLa Bamba3:42Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 261991194
65Nana MouskouriGranada4:04Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 271991188
66Nana MouskouriCielito Lindo Como Te Quiero3:35Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 281991177
67Nana MouskouriJuguete De Amor3:26Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 291991154
68Nana MouskouriGuantanamera3:46Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 2101991186
69Nana MouskouriVolver, Volver3:16Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 2111991177
70Nana MouskouriVaya Con Dios3:17Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 2121991176
71Nanci GriffithEverything's Comin' Up Roses2:55Blue Roses From The Moons11997212
72Nanci GriffithTwo For The Road3:03Blue Roses From The Moons21997207
73Nanci GriffithWouldn't That Be Fine4:05Blue Roses From The Moons31997225
74Nanci GriffithBattlefield3:35Blue Roses From The Moons41997218
75Nanci GriffithSaint Teresa Of Avila5:20Blue Roses From The Moons51997188
76Nanci GriffithGulf Coast Highway3:31Blue Roses From The Moons61997192
77Nanci GriffithI Fought The Law2:38Blue Roses From The Moons71997215
78Nanci GriffithNot My Way Home3:55Blue Roses From The Moons81997196
79Nanci GriffithIs This All There Is?3:49Blue Roses From The Moons91997194
80Nanci GriffithMaybe Tomorrow2:21Blue Roses From The Moons101997193
81Nanci GriffithWaiting For Love4:12Blue Roses From The Moons111997191
82Nanci GriffithI'll Move Along2:39Blue Roses From The Moons121997208
83Nanci GriffithMorning Train3:10Blue Roses From The Moons131997215
84Nanci GriffithShe Ain't Goin' Nowhere3:41Blue Roses From The Moons141997196
85Nanci GriffithClock Without Hands3:43Clock Without Hands12001193
86Nanci GriffithTraveling Through This Part of You4:04Clock Without Hands22001184
87Nanci GriffithWhere Would I Be4:28Clock Without Hands32001185
88Nanci GriffithMidnight in Missoula4:01Clock Without Hands42001181
89Nanci GriffithLost Him in the Sun2:53Clock Without Hands52001205
90Nanci GriffithThe Ghost Inside of Me3:04Clock Without Hands62001184
91Nanci GriffithTruly Something Fine3:07Clock Without Hands72001179
92Nanci GriffithCotton2:43Clock Without Hands82001171
93Nanci GriffithPearl's Eye View (The Life of Dickey Chapelle)3:29Clock Without Hands92001204
94Nanci GriffithRoses on the 4th of July3:37Clock Without Hands102001187
95Nanci GriffithShaking out the Snow4:44Clock Without Hands112001171
96Nanci GriffithArmstrong3:34Clock Without Hands122001172
97Nanci GriffithLast Song for Mother2:40Clock Without Hands132001202
98Nanci GriffithIn the Wee Small Hours2:50Clock Without Hands142001191
99Nanci GriffithThe Flyer4:23Flyer11994200
100Nanci GriffithNobody's Angel4:15Flyer21994202
101Nanci GriffithSay It Isn't So3:19Flyer31994204
102Nanci GriffithSouthbound Train4:32Flyer41994172
103Nanci GriffithThese Days In An Open Book3:32Flyer51994216
104Nanci GriffithTime Of Inconvenience3:49Flyer61994224
105Nanci GriffithDon't Forget About Me2:59Flyer71994222
106Nanci GriffithAlways Will2:42Flyer81994169
107Nanci GriffithGoing Back To Georgia4:16Flyer91994193
108Nanci GriffithTalk To Me While I'm Listening4:12Flyer101994185
109Nanci GriffithFragile3:26Flyer111994197
110Nanci GriffithOn Grafton Street4:02Flyer121994175
111Nanci GriffithAnything You Need But Me3:07Flyer131994203
112Nanci GriffithGoodnight To A Mother's Dream4:03Flyer141994192
113Nanci GriffithThis Heart3:25Flyer151994219
114Nanci GriffithIt's Just Another Morning Here4:24Late Night Grande Hotel11991181
115Nanci GriffithLate Night Grande Hotel3:36Late Night Grande Hotel21991193
116Nanci GriffithIt's Too Late2:19Late Night Grande Hotel31991164
117Nanci GriffithFields Of Summer4:20Late Night Grande Hotel41991189
118Nanci GriffithHeaven3:30Late Night Grande Hotel51991193
119Nanci GriffithThe Power Lines2:39Late Night Grande Hotel61991178
120Nanci GriffithHometown Streets4:13Late Night Grande Hotel71991187
121Nanci GriffithDown 'N' Outer2:46Late Night Grande Hotel81991187
122Nanci GriffithOne Blade Shy Of A Sharp Edge2:59Late Night Grande Hotel91991199
123Nanci GriffithThe Sun, Moon, And Stars4:25Late Night Grande Hotel101991193
124Nanci GriffithSan Diego Serenade3:27Late Night Grande Hotel111991181
125Nanci GriffithAnyone Can Be Somebody's Fool2:42Little Love Affairs11988184
126Nanci GriffithI Knew Love (by Roger Brown)3:19Little Love Affairs21988176
127Nanci GriffithNever Mind (by Harlan Howard)3:42Little Love Affairs31988188
128Nanci GriffithLove Wore a Halo (Back Before the War)3:23Little Love Affairs41988191
129Nanci GriffithSo Long Ago4:10Little Love Affairs51988197
130Nanci GriffithGulf Coast Highway (by Nanci, James Hooker, Danny Flowers)3:08Little Love Affairs61988187
131Nanci GriffithLittle Love Affairs3:09Little Love Affairs71988160
132Nanci GriffithI Wish It Would Rain2:39Little Love Affairs81988179
133Nanci GriffithOutbound Plane (by Nanci, Tom Russell)2:40Little Love Affairs91988203
134Nanci GriffithI Would Change My Life (by Earl Ken Jr.)3:09Little Love Affairs101988190
135Nanci GriffithSweet Dreams Will Come (by John Stewart; duet vocal)4:25Little Love Affairs111988206
136Nanci GriffithLone Star State Of Mind4:01Lone Star State Of Mind11987181
137Nanci GriffithCold Hearts / Closed Minds2:43Lone Star State Of Mind21987174
138Nanci GriffithFrom A Distance4:14Lone Star State Of Mind31987175
139Nanci GriffithBeacon Street2:54Lone Star State Of Mind41987166
140Nanci GriffithNickel Dreams2:51Lone Star State Of Mind51987185
141Nanci GriffithSing One For Sister3:24Lone Star State Of Mind61987173
142Nanci GriffithFord Econoline2:14Lone Star State Of Mind71987187
143Nanci GriffithTrouble In The Fields3:21Lone Star State Of Mind81987176
144Nanci GriffithLove In A Memory3:20Lone Star State Of Mind91987187
145Nanci GriffithLet It Shine On Me3:03Lone Star State Of Mind101987175
146Nanci GriffithThere's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)4:22Lone Star State Of Mind111987174
147Nanci GriffithOnce In A Very Blue Moon3:08One Fair Summer Evening11988169
148Nanci GriffithLooking For The Time (Workin' Girl)3:10One Fair Summer Evening21988190
149Nanci GriffithDeadwood, South Dakota5:15One Fair Summer Evening31988174
150Nanci GriffithMore Than A Whisper3:45One Fair Summer Evening41988176
151Nanci GriffithI Would Bring You Ireland3:37One Fair Summer Evening51988182
152Nanci GriffithRoseville Fair3:46One Fair Summer Evening61988185
153Nanci GriffithWorkin' In Corners4:10One Fair Summer Evening71988173
154Nanci GriffithTrouble In The Fields4:01One Fair Summer Evening81988178
155Nanci GriffithThe Wing And The Wheel3:29One Fair Summer Evening91988166
156Nanci GriffithFrom A Distance4:48One Fair Summer Evening101988166
157Nanci GriffithLove At The Five And Dime7:29One Fair Summer Evening111988182
158Nanci GriffithSpin On A Red Brick Floor3:12One Fair Summer Evening121988192
159Nanci GriffithAcross The Great Divide3:58Other Voices, Other Rooms11993179
160Nanci GriffithWoman Of The Phoenix2:42Other Voices, Other Rooms21993179
161Nanci GriffithTecumseh Valley4:29Other Voices, Other Rooms31993178
162Nanci GriffithThree Flights Up3:31Other Voices, Other Rooms41993200
163Nanci GriffithBoots Of Spanish Leather5:17Other Voices, Other Rooms51993191
164Nanci GriffithSpeed Of The Sound Of Loneliness4:20Other Voices, Other Rooms61993199
165Nanci GriffithFrom Clare To Here5:11Other Voices, Other Rooms71993173
166Nanci GriffithCan't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound3:16Other Voices, Other Rooms81993190
167Nanci GriffithDo Re Mi2:52Other Voices, Other Rooms91993203
168Nanci GriffithThis Old Town3:00Other Voices, Other Rooms101993201
169Nanci GriffithComin' Down In The Rain3:45Other Voices, Other Rooms111993182
170Nanci GriffithTen Degrees And Getting Colder2:40Other Voices, Other Rooms121993178
171Nanci GriffithMorning Song For Sally4:56Other Voices, Other Rooms131993195
172Nanci GriffithNight Rider's Lament3:57Other Voices, Other Rooms141993161
173Nanci GriffithAre You Tired Of Me Darling3:11Other Voices, Other Rooms151993175
174Nanci GriffithTurn Around3:19Other Voices, Other Rooms161993178
175Nanci GriffithWimoweh1:47Other Voices, Other Rooms171993198
176Nanci GriffithWall Of Death3:09Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)11998204
177Nanci GriffithWho Knows Where The Time Goes5:35Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)21998199
178Nanci GriffithYou Were On My Mind2:46Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)31998197
179Nanci GriffithWalk Right Back2:34Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)41998180
180Nanci GriffithCanadian Whiskey2:59Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)51998193
181Nanci GriffithDesperadoes Waiting For A Train4:18Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)61998173
182Nanci GriffithWings Of A Dove2:52Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)71998179
183Nanci GriffithDress Of Laces4:58Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)81998172
184Nanci GriffithSummer Wages4:06Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)91998190
185Nanci GriffithHe Was A Friend Of Mine3:13Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)101998198
186Nanci GriffithHard Times Come Again No More5:46Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)111998174
187Nanci GriffithWasn't That A Mighty Storm5:01Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)121998192
188Nanci GriffithDeportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)5:21Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)131998175
189Nanci GriffithYarrington Town4:25Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)141998195
190Nanci GriffithI Still Miss Someone3:35Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)151998185
191Nanci GriffithTry The Love3:46Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)161998189
192Nanci GriffithThe Streets Of Baltimore2:37Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)171998181
193Nanci GriffithDarcy Farrow2:33Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)181998159
194Nanci GriffithIf I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)2:46Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful)191998195
195Nanci GriffithI Don't Wanna Talk About Love4:10Storms11989201
196Nanci GriffithDrive-In Movies And Dashboard Lights3:14Storms21989202
197Nanci GriffithYou Made This Love A Teardrop3:12Storms31989193
198Nanci GriffithBrave Companion Of The Road3:20Storms41989194
199Nanci GriffithStorms3:12Storms51989199
200Nanci GriffithIt's A Hard Life Wherever You Go4:02Storms61989198
201Nanci GriffithIf Wishes Were Changes3:48Storms71989196
202Nanci GriffithListen To The Radio3:50Storms81989213
203Nanci GriffithLeaving The Harbor3:30Storms91989197
204Nanci GriffithRadio Fragile5:37Storms101989201
205Nanci GriffithSpeed Of The Sound Of Loneliness4:40Winter Marquee12002194
206Nanci GriffithI Wish It Would Rain2:36Winter Marquee22002201
207Nanci GriffithBoots Of Spanish Leather6:34Winter Marquee32002191
208Nanci GriffithTwo For The Road2:59Winter Marquee42002185
209Nanci GriffithListen To The Radio3:51Winter Marquee52002215
210Nanci GriffithThere's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)4:46Winter Marquee62002166
211Nanci GriffithGulf Coast Highway3:32Winter Marquee72002198
212Nanci GriffithThe Flyer4:46Winter Marquee82002214
213Nanci GriffithGood Night, New York5:05Winter Marquee92002182
214Nanci GriffithTraveling Through This Part Of You4:19Winter Marquee102002202
215Nanci GriffithLast Train Home3:05Winter Marquee112002229
216Nanci GriffithI'm Not Drivin' These Wheels (Bring The Prose To The Wheel)3:39Winter Marquee122002213
217Nanci GriffithWhat's That I Hear4:08Winter Marquee132002188
218Nanci GriffithWhite Freight Liner4:37Winter Marquee142002225
219Nancy AdamsLove (Robin Hood 1973)1:51Classic Disney, Vol. 4111997163
220Nancy MartinezFor Tonight (Club Mix)4:59Old School Nation! (Disc 1) [CA]92004229
221Nancy MartinezMove Out (12" Mix)6:06Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 1) [CA]52005214
222Nancy PeppersCoat Of Many Colors3:32Country Girls 2181991209
223Nancy ShanksTrials of the Heart4:29About Last Night (OST)71986207
224Nancy SinatraThese Boots are Made for Walking2:46   128
225Nancy SinatraAs Tears Go By2:53Boots11966195
226Nancy SinatraDay Tripper3:03Boots21966195
227Nancy SinatraI Move Around2:51Boots31966192
228Nancy SinatraIt Ain't Me Babe2:04Boots41966194
229Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'2:46Boots51966193
230Nancy SinatraIn My Room2:41Boots61966189
231Nancy SinatraLies2:49Boots71966196
232Nancy SinatraSo Long, Babe3:08Boots81966208
233Nancy SinatraFlowers On The Wall2:41Boots91966188
234Nancy SinatraIf He'd Love Me2:47Boots101966196
235Nancy SinatraRun For Your Life2:43Boots111966205
236Nancy SinatraThe City Never Sleeps At Night2:53Boots121966189
237Nancy SinatraLeave My Dog Alone2:11Boots131966197
238Nancy SinatraIn Our Time2:39Boots141966183
239Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Mono Single Version)2:43Boots151966127
240Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'2:43Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 1)131992199
241Nancy SinatraLike I Do2:12Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)81997176
242Nancy SinatraBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)2:40Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST)12003184
243Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walking2:42Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)61999203
244Nancy SinatraSugar Town2:24Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)171999205
245Nancy SinatraYou Only Live Twice2:56Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)172001186
246Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walking2:44Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s161989201
247Nancy SinatraYou Only Live Twice2:46The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)132002183
248Nancy SinatraSummer Wine [with Lee Hazlewood]3:42The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs12001204
249Nancy SinatraThe Last Of The Secret Agents2:45The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs22001170
250Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walking2:44The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs32001201
251Nancy SinatraLady Bird [with Lee Hazlewood]3:02The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs42001201
252Nancy SinatraIt Ain't Me Babe2:01The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs52001208
253Nancy SinatraSand [with Lee Hazlewood]3:44The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs62001205
254Nancy SinatraSo Long, Babe3:05The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs72001218
255Nancy SinatraWishin' & Hopin'2:51The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs82001199
256Nancy SinatraCall Me2:48The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs92001206
257Nancy SinatraStorybook Children [with Lee Hazlewood]3:08The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs102001202
258Nancy SinatraThe Shadow Of Your Smile2:51The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs112001188
259Nancy SinatraSomethin' Stupid [with Frank Sinatra]2:39The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs122001210
260Nancy SinatraThings [with Dean Martin]2:43The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs132001195
261Nancy SinatraYou Only Live Twice2:56The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs142001185
262Nancy SinatraSundown, Sundown [with Lee Hazlewood]2:37The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs152001203
263Nancy SinatraSome Velvet Morning [with Lee Hazlewood]3:37The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs162001209
264Nancy SinatraFriday's Child3:02The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs172001201
265Nancy SinatraLightning's Girl2:54The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs182001204
266Nancy SinatraSorry 'bout That2:56The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs192001209
267Nancy SinatraHow Does That Grab You, Darlin'?2:32The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs202001189
268Nancy SinatraJackson [with Lee Hazlewood]2:47The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs212001214
269Nancy Sinatra100 Years2:30The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs222001207
270Nancy SinatraMy Elusive Dreams [with Lee Hazlewood]3:13The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs232001208
271Nancy SinatraSugar Town2:24The Very Best Of Nancy Sinatra: 24 Great Songs242001207
272Nancy SinatraSugar Town2:26TM Century GoldDisc Update 481991208
273Nancy WhiteIt's So Chic To Be Pregnant At Christmas2:28Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia21995189
274Nancy WilsonThe Christmas Waltz (awayTEAM Remix)4:09Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed122005198
275Nancy WilsonWhat Are You Doing New Year's Eve?2:26Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer111998186
276Nancy WilsonWhat Are You Doing New Year's Eve?2:24Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One141996186
277Nancy WilsonThat's What I Want For Christmas2:19Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three6 200
278Nancy WilsonThe Christmas Waltz2:40Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two81997186
279Nancy Wilson(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am2:39Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s231992179
280Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataPalmtree Panic Past1:30Sonic CD1199396
281Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataCollision Chaos Past1:29Sonic CD21993192
282Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataTidal Tempest Past1:23Sonic CD31993183
283Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataStardust Speedway Past1:27Sonic CD41993160
284Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataWacky Workbench Past1:49Sonic CD51993173
285Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataQuartz Quadrant Past1:28Sonic CD61993180
286Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataMetallic Madness Past1:13Sonic CD71993176
287Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataMetal Sonic0:08Sonic CD Japan11993128
288Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataPalmtree Panic Present1:45Sonic CD Japan21993128
289Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataPalmtree Panic Good Future1:18Sonic CD Japan31993128
290Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataPalmtree Panic Bad Future1:21Sonic CD Japan41993128
291Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataCollision Chaos Present1:37Sonic CD Japan51993128
292Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataCollision Chaos Good Future1:17Sonic CD Japan61993128
293Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataCollision Chaos Bad Future1:19Sonic CD Japan71993128
294Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataTidal Tempest Present1:53Sonic CD Japan81993128
295Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataTidal Tempest Good Future1:17Sonic CD Japan91993128
296Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataTidal Tempest Bad Future1:15Sonic CD Japan101993128
297Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataQuartz Quadrant Present1:40Sonic CD Japan111993128
298Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataQuartz Quadrant Good Future1:14Sonic CD Japan121993128
299Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataQuartz Quadrant Bad Future1:02Sonic CD Japan131993128
300Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataWacky Workbench Present1:29Sonic CD Japan141993128
301Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataWacky Workbench Good Future0:59Sonic CD Japan151993128
302Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataWacky Workbench Bad Future1:17Sonic CD Japan161993128
303Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataStardust Speedway1:17Sonic CD Japan171993128
304Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataStardust Speedway Good Future1:10Sonic CD Japan181993128
305Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataStardust Speedway Bad Future1:04Sonic CD Japan191993128
306Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataMetallic Madness Present1:22Sonic CD Japan201993128
307Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataMetallic Madness Good Future1:03Sonic CD Japan211993128
308Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataMetallic Madness Bad Future1:10Sonic CD Japan221993128
309Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataBoss Theme1:17Sonic CD Japan231993128
310Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataFinal Fury1:21Sonic CD Japan241993112
311Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataTitle Screen0:27Sonic CD Japan251993128
312Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataSuper Sneakers0:20Sonic CD Japan281993128
313Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataInvincibility0:19Sonic CD Japan291993128
314Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataGame Over0:09Sonic CD Japan301993128
315Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataSpecial Stage1:57Sonic CD Japan311993128
316Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi OgataBG Menu Music2:02Sonic CD Japan321993128
317NaomiAnybody Here4:36Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)42003201
318Naomi StriemerFall Behind3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-06162004181
319Naomi Striemer feat. Carlos SantanaCars4:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-06162007209
320Napalm DeathTwist The Knife (Slowly)2:51Mortal Kombat (OST)131995227
321Napolean XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!2:11The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky201991196
322Napoleon XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha!2:09Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)91992204
323Napoleon XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!2:10Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)181991216
324Napoleon XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away2:08One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)212001256
325Napoleon XIVThey're Coming To Get Me Again, Ha-Haaa!2:30The Second Coming 1996128
326Napoleon XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha - Haaa!2:11The Very Best Of Dr. Demento172001202
327Napoleon XIVMarching Off To Bedlam2:08They're Coming to Take Me Away31966128
328Nappy Roots feat. Anthony HamiltonPo' Folks4:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-08172002207
329Narada Michael WaldenI Shoulda Loved Ya3:57The Disco Box (Disc 3)201999238
330Narada Michael WaldenDivine Emotions4:17Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 1)92001215
331Narada Michael Walden & Patti AustinGimme Gimme Gimme4:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)152001208
332NarajamaTrápja Zlé7:48V Tom Víne Je Nalháno11997205
333NarajamaŠtestelína9:38V Tom Víne Je Nalháno21997220
334NarajamaDášaleneukošomišua4:24V Tom Víne Je Nalháno31997170
335NarajamaO Krok Dále6:59V Tom Víne Je Nalháno41997213
336NarajamaKráká Láska7:11V Tom Víne Je Nalháno51997205
337NarajamaSvítá5:09V Tom Víne Je Nalháno61997211
338NarajamaJen Stín3:05V Tom Víne Je Nalháno71997215
339NarajamaVíno6:11Vytancuj Chmury11996220
340NarajamaZ Korene Mandragory4:57Vytancuj Chmury21996193
341NarajamaMrazivá5:28Vytancuj Chmury31996208
342NarajamaChriby4:15Vytancuj Chmury41996210
343NarajamaHouslari3:38Vytancuj Chmury51996216
344NarajamaTurecké Hospodárství6:14Vytancuj Chmury61996205
345NarajamaOuréó5:54Vytancuj Chmury71996197
346NarajamaHimaláj3:36Vytancuj Chmury81996222
347NarajamaPrekrásný Let Chladivým Vzduchem4:18Vytancuj Chmury91996206
348NarajamaJdu6:51Vytancuj Chmury101996193
349NarajamaDál Jdou Myšlenky Mlhou, Dál Se Rvou S Prázdnem2:50Vytancuj Chmury111996214
350NasU Wanna Be Me3:508 Mile (OST)102002169
351NasGot Yourself A Gun2:37From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)22002147
352NasThe Genesis (Intro)1:45Illmatic11994152
353NasN.Y. State of Mind4:54Illmatic21994146
354NasLife's A Bitch (w/ AZ)3:30Illmatic31994184
355NasThe World is Yours4:50Illmatic41994191
357NasMemory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)4:08Illmatic61994146
358NasOne Love5:25Illmatic71994194
359NasOne Time 4 Your Mind3:18Illmatic81994184
361NasIt Ain't Hard to Tell3:22Illmatic101994185
362NasEscobar '973:31Men In Black (OST)81997187
363The Nashville RamblersThe Trains3:07Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)52005127
364The Nashville SuperpickersStrawberry Fields Forever (Instr.)2:21That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)131995211
365The Nashville TeensTobacco Road2:30Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)31998126
366Nashville TeensTobacco Road2:28Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics42001127
367The Nashville TeensTobacco Road2:41Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)62000190
368The Nashville TeensTobacco Road2:29The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)151997146
369Nat Hiken & John StraussCar 54, Where Are You?1:11Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)291986199
370Nat Kendricks & The SwansMashed Potatoes3:28Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)181991127
371Nat King ColeThe Christmas Song (1946)3:13Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)41989128
372Nat King ColeRamblin' Rose2:49Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)9 185
373Nat King ColeAll Over The World2:23Jukebox Hits Of 1963161991232
374Nat King ColeMona Lisa (From "The Godfather")3:13Mob Hits II - More Music From The Great Mob Movies92000128
375Nat King ColeLet There Be Love2:45Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)181999196
376Nat King ColeThe Christmas Song3:09Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)12001171
377Nat King ColeO Come All Ye Faithful2:19Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)12006190
378Nat King ColeI Wanna Be A Friend Of Yours2:12Pottery Barn Kids: Play Time!102002129
379Nat King ColeStardust3:14Sleepless In Seattle (OST)31993178
380Nat King ColeThe Christmas Song3:10The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 2)182003203
381Nat King ColeThe Christmas Song3:11The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)21996189
382Nat King ColeFascination2:28The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)161997187
383Nat King ColeMona Lisa3:16The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)81997166
384Nat King ColeUnforgettable3:12The Greatest Hits11994127
385Nat King Cole(Get Your Kicks On) Route 663:02The Greatest Hits21994126
386Nat King ColeOrange Colored Sky2:34The Greatest Hits31994126
387Nat King ColeMona Lisa3:16The Greatest Hits41994127
388Nat King ColeWalkin' My Baby Back Home2:40The Greatest Hits51994127
389Nat King ColeStraighten Up and Fly Right2:26The Greatest Hits61994126
390Nat King ColeSend For Me2:38The Greatest Hits71994126
391Nat King ColeLooking Back2:27The Greatest Hits81994184
392Nat King ColeYou Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)3:05The Greatest Hits91994126
393Nat King Cole(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons2:54The Greatest Hits101994126
394Nat King ColeNature Boy2:39The Greatest Hits111994127
395Nat King ColeRamblin' Rose2:50The Greatest Hits121994174
396Nat King ColePretend2:44The Greatest Hits131994126
397Nat King ColeToo Young3:13The Greatest Hits141994127
398Nat King ColeSomewhere Along the Way2:54The Greatest Hits151994127
399Nat King ColeThose Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer2:25The Greatest Hits161994182
400Nat King ColeSmile2:54The Greatest Hits171994127
401Nat King ColeDarling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup2:51The Greatest Hits181994126
402Nat King ColeAnswer Me, My Love2:38The Greatest Hits191994126
403Nat King ColeA Blossom Fell2:33The Greatest Hits201994127
404Nat King ColeIf I May3:04The Greatest Hits211994127
405Nat King ColeUnforgettable3:29The Greatest Hits221994180
406Nat King ColeHark, The Herald Angels Sing1:51The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)61987201
407Nat King ColeDeck The Hall1:07The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5162000209
408Nat King ColeThe Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)3:12Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One161996168
409Nat King ColeBuon Natale (Means Merry Christmas To You)1:36Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three14 213
410Nat King ColeRamblin' Rose2:49Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s91992184
411Nat King ColeDarling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup2:51Your Hit Parade - Late 50's8 141
412Nat King ColeThose Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer2:25Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s141993187
413Nat King ColeNature Boy2:42Your Hit Parade 1948121990140
414Nat King ColeMona Lisa3:17Your Hit Parade 195015 128
415Nat King ColeToo Young3:14Your Hit Parade 195141988127
416Nat King ColePretend2:46Your Hit Parade 195322 151
417Nat King ColeA Blossom Fell2:34Your Hit Parade 195517 129
418Nat King ColeSend For Me2:38Your Hit Parade 195721990127
419Nat King ColeLooking Back2:15Your Hit Parade 195831990128
420The Nat King Cole TrioAll I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (MJ Cole Remix)3:20Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed22005165
421Nat King Cole TrioAll I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)2:32Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two71997140
422Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Nancy WilsonMarine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots PSA2:33Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One201996139
423Nat StuckyTake Time To Love Her3:03Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)171996201
424Natacha Atlas, Hossam Ramzy, Neil SparkesHabibe7:12Big Blue Ball22008192
425NatalieGoin' Crazy3:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0332005200
426NatalieLove You So3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09192006143
427Natalie ColeEverlasting5:17Everlasting11987209
428Natalie ColeJump Start6:28Everlasting21987202
429Natalie ColeThe Urge To Merge4:10Everlasting31987219
430Natalie ColeSplit Decision4:14Everlasting41987198
431Natalie ColeWhen I Fall In Love5:08Everlasting51987185
432Natalie ColePink Cadillac4:28Everlasting61987205
433Natalie ColeI Live For Your Love4:28Everlasting71987179
434Natalie ColeIn My Reality5:21Everlasting81987200
435Natalie ColeI'm The One5:21Everlasting91987179
436Natalie ColeMore Than The Stars4:38Everlasting101987188
437Natalie ColeWhat I Must Do4:54Everlasting111987190
438Natalie ColeThis Will Be2:51Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)101998199
439Natalie ColeSafe3:48Good To Be Back11989205
440Natalie ColeAs A Matter Of Fact4:00Good To Be Back21989200
441Natalie ColeRest Of The Night4:36Good To Be Back31989211
442Natalie ColeMiss You Like Crazy3:56Good To Be Back41989186
443Natalie ColeI Do (Duet With Freddie Jackson)3:58Good To Be Back51989187
444Natalie ColeGood To Be Back4:21Good To Be Back61989209
445Natalie ColeGonna Make You Mine4:38Good To Be Back71989206
446Natalie ColeStarting Over Again4:16Good To Be Back81989179
447Natalie ColeDon't Mention My Heartache4:48Good To Be Back91989190
448Natalie ColeI Can't Cry4:20Good To Be Back101989203
449Natalie ColeSomeone's Rockin' My Dreamboat4:06Good To Be Back111989184
450Natalie ColeMr. Melody (Live)3:39Greatest Hits Volume I12000217
451Natalie ColeThis Will Be (an Everlasting Love)2:50Greatest Hits Volume I22000211
452Natalie ColeI've Got Love on My Mind4:22Greatest Hits Volume I32000189
453Natalie ColeSong for You4:17Greatest Hits Volume I42000175
454Natalie ColeI Can't Say No3:31Greatest Hits Volume I52000195
455Natalie ColeLucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Live)4:53Greatest Hits Volume I62000216
456Natalie ColePink Cadillac4:28Greatest Hits Volume I72000218
457Natalie ColeMiss You Like Crazy3:53Greatest Hits Volume I82000194
458Natalie ColeInseparable2:26Greatest Hits Volume I92000180
459Natalie ColeSnowfall on the Sahara4:20Greatest Hits Volume I102000216
460Natalie ColeSay You Love Me4:53Greatest Hits Volume I112000187
461Natalie ColeLa Costa3:54Greatest Hits Volume I122000203
462Natalie ColeI Live for Your Love4:26Greatest Hits Volume I132000201
463Natalie ColeI'm Catchin' Hell3:55Greatest Hits Volume I142000188
464Natalie ColeA Smile Like Yours4:22Greatest Hits Volume I152000196
465Natalie ColeUnforgettable (duet with Nat King Cole)3:29Greatest Hits Volume I162000186
466Natalie ColeAngel on My Shoulder4:24Greatest Hits Volume I172000202
467Natalie ColeOur Love (Live)5:19Greatest Hits Volume I182000215
468Natalie ColeLivin' for Love3:33Greatest Hits Volume I192000213
469Natalie ColeThis Will Be2:51Sophisticated Lady11995205
470Natalie ColeGood Morning Heartache4:20Sophisticated Lady21995199
471Natalie ColeTouch Me4:14Sophisticated Lady31995199
472Natalie ColeUnpredictable You3:41Sophisticated Lady41995207
473Natalie ColeSophisticated Lady3:28Sophisticated Lady51995215
474Natalie ColeJoey2:58Sophisticated Lady61995202
475Natalie ColeI've Got Love On My Mind4:20Sophisticated Lady71995198
476Natalie ColeNeeding You2:46Sophisticated Lady81995215
477Natalie ColeYour Face Stays In My Mind2:46Sophisticated Lady91995216
478Natalie ColeCan We Get Together Again3:08Sophisticated Lady101995214
479Natalie ColeHeaven Is With You4:12Sophisticated Lady111995195
480Natalie ColeOur Love4:02Sophisticated Lady121995200
481Natalie ColeI Love You So3:30Sophisticated Lady131995216
482Natalie ColeKeep Smiling2:59Sophisticated Lady141995210
483Natalie ColeNot Like Mine3:01Sophisticated Lady151995208
484Natalie ColeBe Thankful3:05Sophisticated Lady161995208
485Natalie ColeWho Will Carry On3:39Sophisticated Lady171995205
486Natalie ColeYou3:31Sophisticated Lady181995199
487Natalie ColeOh Daddy4:02Sophisticated Lady191995197
488Natalie ColeStand By4:15Sophisticated Lady201995212
489Natalie ColeThere's A Lull In My Life5:24Stardust11996173
490Natalie ColeStardust4:40Stardust21996171
491Natalie ColeLet's Face The Music And Dance2:17Stardust31996202
492Natalie ColeTeach Me Tonight3:17Stardust41996200
493Natalie ColeWhen I Fall In Love (Duet With Nat King Cole)4:11Stardust51996187
494Natalie ColeWhat A Difference A Day Made3:16Stardust61996163
495Natalie ColeLove Letters4:49Stardust71996176
496Natalie ColeHe Was Too Good To Me5:09Stardust81996179
497Natalie ColeDindi (Portuguese)4:36Stardust91996174
498Natalie ColeTwo For The Blues4:22Stardust101996197
499Natalie ColeIf Love Ain't There3:26Stardust111996186
500Natalie ColeTo Whom It May Concern3:28Stardust121996174
501Natalie ColeWhere Can I Go Without You4:23Stardust131996181
502Natalie ColeAhmad's Blues4:14Stardust141996197
503Natalie ColePick Yourself Up3:31Stardust151996176
504Natalie ColeIf You Could See Me Now4:43Stardust161996185
505Natalie ColeLike A Lover5:18Stardust171996194
506Natalie ColeThis Morning It Was Summer3:25Stardust181996169
507Natalie ColeWhen I Fall In Love (Spanish)4:10Stardust191996185
508Natalie ColeWhen I Fall in Love (45 Version)4:30TM Century GoldDisc Update 9111991183
509Natalie ColeThe Very Thought of You4:16Unforgettable With Love11991193
510Natalie ColePaper Moon3:25Unforgettable With Love21991205
511Natalie ColeRoute 663:01Unforgettable With Love31991197
512Natalie ColeMona Lisa3:46Unforgettable With Love41991180
513Natalie ColeL-O-V-E2:31Unforgettable With Love51991199
514Natalie ColeThis Can't Be Love2:14Unforgettable With Love61991198
515Natalie ColeSmile3:38Unforgettable With Love71991178
516Natalie ColeLush Life4:20Unforgettable With Love81991182
517Natalie ColeThat Sunday That Summer3:31Unforgettable With Love91991185
518Natalie ColeOrange Colored Sky2:27Unforgettable With Love101991205
519Natalie ColeA Medley of: For Sentimental Reasons, Tenderly, Autumn Leaves7:32Unforgettable With Love111991189
520Natalie ColeStraighten Up And Fly Right2:40Unforgettable With Love121991196
521Natalie ColeAvalon1:51Unforgettable With Love131991208
522Natalie ColeDon't Get Around Much Anymore2:34Unforgettable With Love141991195
523Natalie ColeToo Young4:32Unforgettable With Love151991188
524Natalie ColeNature Boy3:24Unforgettable With Love161991183
525Natalie ColeDarling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup3:25Unforgettable With Love171991194
526Natalie ColeAlmost Like Being In Love2:11Unforgettable With Love181991212
527Natalie ColeThou Swell1:50Unforgettable With Love191991204
528Natalie ColeNon Dimenticar2:57Unforgettable With Love201991189
529Natalie ColeOur Love Is Here to Stay3:29Unforgettable With Love211991194
530Natalie ColeUnforgettable3:28Unforgettable With Love221991189
531Natalie feat. Baby BashEnergy3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0562005170
532Natalie GrantThere Is A God3:49WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)161998207
533Natalie GrantJoy To The World4:30WOW Christmas (Green Disc)22005199
534Natalie GrantLive For Today4:22WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)72005218
535Natalie GrantHeld4:21WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)62006207
536Natalie GrantAwaken3:48WOW Hits 2008 (Yellow Disc)62007224
537Natalie GrantIn Better Hands3:38WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)142008211
538Natalie GrantI Will Not Be Moved3:44WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)52009221
539Natalie ImbrugliaBig Mistake4:33Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)42000214
540Natalie ImbrugliaMy God4:03Come To Life12009218
541Natalie ImbrugliaLukas3:50Come To Life22009214
542Natalie ImbrugliaFun4:22Come To Life32009205
543Natalie ImbrugliaTwenty3:56Come To Life42009222
544Natalie ImbrugliaScars3:31Come To Life52009205
545Natalie ImbrugliaWant4:19Come To Life62009227
546Natalie ImbrugliaWYUT3:20Come To Life72009237
547Natalie ImbrugliaCameo3:12Come To Life82009221
548Natalie ImbrugliaAll The Roses3:28Come To Life92009171
549Natalie ImbrugliaWild About It4:07Come To Life102009215
550Natalie ImbrugliaStarting Today2:56Counting Down The Days12005231
551Natalie ImbrugliaShiver3:44Counting Down The Days22005235
552Natalie ImbrugliaSatisfied3:30Counting Down The Days32005232
553Natalie ImbrugliaCounting Down The Days4:09Counting Down The Days42005216
554Natalie ImbrugliaI Won't Be Lost3:53Counting Down The Days52005189
555Natalie ImbrugliaSlow Down3:32Counting Down The Days62005197
556Natalie ImbrugliaSanctuary3:09Counting Down The Days72005237
557Natalie ImbrugliaPerfectly3:24Counting Down The Days82005243
558Natalie ImbrugliaOn The Run3:38Counting Down The Days92005185
559Natalie ImbrugliaCome On Home3:56Counting Down The Days102005220
560Natalie ImbrugliaWhen You're Sleeping3:07Counting Down The Days112005206
561Natalie ImbrugliaHoneycomb Child4:14Counting Down The Days122005181
562Natalie ImbrugliaTorn4:04Left Of The Middle11997238
563Natalie ImbrugliaOne More Addiction3:31Left Of The Middle21997234
564Natalie ImbrugliaBig Mistake4:33Left Of The Middle31997221
565Natalie ImbrugliaLeave Me Alone4:23Left Of The Middle41997184
566Natalie ImbrugliaWishing I Was There3:52Left Of The Middle51997226
567Natalie ImbrugliaSmoke4:37Left Of The Middle61997197
568Natalie ImbrugliaPigeons And Crumbs5:21Left Of The Middle71997226
569Natalie ImbrugliaDon't You Think3:55Left Of The Middle81997211
570Natalie ImbrugliaImpressed4:49Left Of The Middle91997224
571Natalie ImbrugliaIntuition3:23Left Of The Middle101997232
572Natalie ImbrugliaCity9:33Left Of The Middle111997118
573Natalie ImbrugliaLeft Of The Middle3:47Left Of The Middle121997173
574Natalie ImbrugliaWishing I Was There3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0651998239
575Natalie ImbrugliaTorn4:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)42001218
576Natalie ImbrugliaTorn4:07Torn (Single)11997229
577Natalie ImbrugliaSometimes3:52Torn (Single)21997217
578Natalie ImbrugliaContradictions4:08Torn (Single)31997213
579Natalie ImbrugliaDiving In The Deep End3:54Torn (Single)41997180
580Natalie ImbrugliaThat Day4:44White Lilies Island12001225
581Natalie ImbrugliaBeauty On The Fire4:21White Lilies Island22001219
582Natalie ImbrugliaSatellite3:08White Lilies Island32001196
583Natalie ImbrugliaDo You Love?4:43White Lilies Island42001222
584Natalie ImbrugliaWrong Impression4:18White Lilies Island52001225
585Natalie ImbrugliaGoodbye5:01White Lilies Island62001190
586Natalie ImbrugliaEverything Goes4:01White Lilies Island72001212
587Natalie ImbrugliaHurricane3:38White Lilies Island82001198
588Natalie ImbrugliaSunlight5:01White Lilies Island92001221
589Natalie ImbrugliaTalk In Tongues3:29White Lilies Island102001186
590Natalie ImbrugliaButterflies4:56White Lilies Island112001209
591Natalie ImbrugliaCome September4:10White Lilies Island122001217
592Natalie MacMasterSpace Ceilidh3:41Brewed In Nova Scotia32000208
593Natalie MacMasterIn My Hands (Album Version Edit)3:36Women & Songs 3181999216
594Natalie MerchantChildren Go Where I Send Thee5:14A Very Special Christmas 331997191
595Natalie MerchantThis House Is On Fire4:43Motherland12001174
596Natalie MerchantMotherland4:46Motherland22001179
597Natalie MerchantSaint Judas5:46Motherland32001182
598Natalie MerchantPut The Law On You5:01Motherland42001183
599Natalie MerchantBuild A Levee4:47Motherland52001165
600Natalie MerchantGolden Boy4:12Motherland62001190
601Natalie MerchantHenry Darger4:26Motherland72001185
602Natalie MerchantThe Worst Thing5:48Motherland82001181
603Natalie MerchantTell Yourself5:13Motherland92001202
604Natalie MerchantJust Can't Last4:31Motherland102001171
605Natalie MerchantNot In This Life5:23Motherland112001192
606Natalie MerchantI'm Not Gonna Beg3:40Motherland122001187
607Natalie MerchantOphelia5:10Ophelia11998195
608Natalie MerchantLife Is Sweet5:12Ophelia21998201
609Natalie MerchantKind and Generous4:07Ophelia31998180
610Natalie MerchantFrozen Charlotte5:23Ophelia41998182
611Natalie MerchantMy Skin5:32Ophelia51998186
612Natalie MerchantBreak Your Heart4:48Ophelia61998186
613Natalie MerchantKing Of May4:09Ophelia71998184
614Natalie MerchantThick As Thieves6:57Ophelia81998188
615Natalie MerchantEffigy2:30Ophelia91998186
616Natalie MerchantThe Living3:18Ophelia101998177
617Natalie MerchantWhen They Ring The Golden Bells9:33Ophelia111998190
618Natalie MerchantSally Ann5:48The House Carpenter's Daughter12003200
619Natalie MerchantWhich Side Are You On?5:04The House Carpenter's Daughter22003194
620Natalie MerchantCrazy Man Michael5:14The House Carpenter's Daughter32003185
621Natalie MerchantDiver Boy4:45The House Carpenter's Daughter42003175
622Natalie MerchantWeeping Pilgrim4:14The House Carpenter's Daughter52003173
623Natalie MerchantSoldier, Soldier3:45The House Carpenter's Daughter62003195
624Natalie MerchantBury Me Under The Weeping Willow3:22The House Carpenter's Daughter72003204
625Natalie MerchantHouse Carpenter6:00The House Carpenter's Daughter82003201
626Natalie MerchantOwensboro4:22The House Carpenter's Daughter92003191
627Natalie MerchantDown On Penny's Farm3:43The House Carpenter's Daughter102003203
628Natalie MerchantPoor Wayfaring Stranger4:17The House Carpenter's Daughter112003185
629Natalie MerchantSan Andreas Fault3:58Tigerlily11995188
630Natalie MerchantWonder4:27Tigerlily21995200
631Natalie MerchantBeloved Wife5:02Tigerlily31995197
632Natalie MerchantRiver5:32Tigerlily41995199
633Natalie MerchantCarnival5:59Tigerlily51995209
634Natalie MerchantI May Know The World8:08Tigerlily61995197
635Natalie MerchantThe Letter2:12Tigerlily71995180
636Natalie MerchantCowboy Romance4:39Tigerlily81995186
637Natalie MerchantJealousy2:41Tigerlily91995193
638Natalie MerchantWhere I Go4:00Tigerlily101995189
639Natalie MerchantSeven Years5:30Tigerlily111995194
640Natalie MerchantCarnival5:56Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)192005208
641Natalie MerchantBreak Your Heart4:47Women & Songs 3151999189
642Natasha BedingfieldI Wanna Have Your Babies3:37Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)162007224
643Natasha BedingfieldIf You're Gonna Jump (Paul Oakenfold Remix)4:56Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club42005248
644Natasha BedingfieldThese Words3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0532005201
645Natasha BedingfieldUnwritten3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1072005209
646Natasha BedingfieldSingle3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0512006205
647Natasha BedingfieldTouch3:45Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0752010209
648Natasha BedingfieldStrip Me3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1082010200
649Natasha BedingfieldThese Words3:36Unwritten12004204
650Natasha BedingfieldSingle3:57Unwritten22004193
651Natasha BedingfieldI'm A Bomb3:42Unwritten32004224
652Natasha BedingfieldUnwritten4:19Unwritten42004218
653Natasha BedingfieldI Bruise Easily4:14Unwritten52004209
654Natasha BedingfieldIf You're Gonna3:22Unwritten62004219
655Natasha BedingfieldSilent Movie3:47Unwritten72004202
656Natasha BedingfieldWe're All Mad4:48Unwritten82004211
657Natasha BedingfieldFrogs & Princes3:45Unwritten92004195
658Natasha BedingfieldDrop Me In The Middle (Feat. Bizarre Of D-12)4:16Unwritten102004210
659Natasha BedingfieldWild Horses4:01Unwritten112004163
660Natasha BedingfieldSize Matters (Bonus Track)3:25Unwritten122004201
661Natasha BedingfieldPeace Of Me (Bonus Track)9:05Unwritten132004153
662Nate SallieIt's About Time3:45TM Century PrimeCuts 515P192003222
663Nate SallieWhatever It Takes4:15WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)152004234
664Nathan LaneThat's All I Need2:29The Lion King 1 1/2 (OST)32004209
665Nathan LaneThe King Of Broadway5:09The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)32001193
666Nathan LaneWe Can Do It3:36The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)42001173
667Nathan LaneAlong Came Bialy6:58The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)102001181
668Nathan LaneWhere Did We Go Right?2:16The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)162001197
669Nathan LaneBetrayed4:54The Producers - Original Broadway Cast (OST)172001174
670Nathan Lane and Ernie SabellaWarthog Rhapsody3:06Rhythm of the Pride Lands - Music Inspired by The Lion King81995204
671Nathan Lane And Ernie Sabella With Jason Weaver And Joseph WilliamsHakuna Matata (The Lion King 1994)3:32Classic Disney, Vol. 151995180
672Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella with Jason Weaver and Joseph WilliamsHakuna Matata3:33The Lion King (OST)41994180
673Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason WeaverHakuna Matata3:32The Lion King 1 1/2 (OST)42004199
674National HealthTenemos Roads14:35National Health11977199
675National HealthBrujo10:17National Health21977203
676National HealthBorogoves (Excerpt From Part 2)4:11National Health31977186
677National HealthBorogoves (Part 1)6:34National Health41977201
678National HealthElephants14:22National Health51977202
679National HealthThe Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians) Part 18:55Of Queues And Cures11978208
680National HealthThe Collapso6:19Of Queues And Cures21978200
681National HealthSquarer For Maud11:52Of Queues And Cures31978203
682National HealthDreams Wide Awake8:51Of Queues And Cures41978206
683National HealthBinoculars11:46Of Queues And Cures51978197
684National HealthPhlakaton0:08Of Queues And Cures61978190
685National HealthThe Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians) Part 25:29Of Queues And Cures71978205
686Natural SelectionDo Anything3:58Awesome Hits61992237
687Naughty By NatureO.P.P.4:30Awesome Hits31992230
688Naughty By NatureHip Hop Hooray3:51Jock Jams, Vol. 1111995189
689Naughty By NatureO.P.P. (Ultimix Remix)6:07MTV Party To Go, Vol. 241992198
690Naughty By NatureO.P.P.4:30New Millennium Hip-Hop Party82000188
691Naughty By NatureO.P.P.4:30The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)12004184
692Naughty By NatureO.P.P.4:32Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)162005184
693Naughty By Nature (Feat. Zhané)Jamboree3:33  1999320
694NazarethBroken Down Angel3:43Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)14 209
695NazarethHoly Roller3:25Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)11 199
696NazarethThis Flight Tonight3:23Classics Volume 1611987200
697NazarethExpect No Mercy3:27Classics Volume 1621987201
698NazarethLove Hurts3:53Classics Volume 1631987189
699NazarethMorning Dew3:53Classics Volume 1641987197
700NazarethCarry Out Feelings3:19Classics Volume 1651987213
701NazarethHair Of The Dog4:09Classics Volume 1661987205
702NazarethRazamanaz3:49Classics Volume 1671987176
703NazarethLove Leads To Madness4:05Classics Volume 1681987199
704NazarethI Want To (Do Everything)4:15Classics Volume 1691987213
705NazarethHoliday3:35Classics Volume 16101987209
706NazarethStar4:54Classics Volume 16111987202
707NazarethDressed To Kill3:31Classics Volume 16121987195
708NazarethBroken Down Angel3:44Classics Volume 16131987204
709NazarethMy White Bicycle3:28Classics Volume 16141987187
710NazarethHeart's Grown Cold4:11Classics Volume 16151987199
711NazarethShanghai'd In Shanghai3:45Classics Volume 16161987198
712NazarethGo Down Fighting3:05Classics Volume 16171987174
713NazarethLove Hurts3:52Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 3)51992210
714NazarethLove Hurts3:00Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)41994212
715NazarethHair of the Dog4:10Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)11975212
716NazarethMiss Misery4:42Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)21975193
717NazarethGuilty3:38Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)31975171
718NazarethChangin' Times5:59Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)41975189
719NazarethBeggar's Day/Rose in the Heather6:30Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)51975199
720NazarethWhiskey Drinkin' Woman5:29Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)61975197
721NazarethPlease Don't Judas Me9:48Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)71975194
722NazarethLove Hurts3:51Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)81975183
723NazarethDown3:54Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)91975225
724NazarethRailroad Boy4:07Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)101975212
725NazarethHair of the Dog [single edit]3:21Hair Of The Dog (1997 Remaster)111975212
726NazarethCrazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)3:27Heavy Metal (OST)81981201
727NazarethLove Hurts3:52Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)42002215
728NazzOpen My Eyes2:45Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)251998153
729NB Ridaz feat. AngelinaRunaway4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-03182002204
730Neal HeftiBatman0:45All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)302005141
731Neal HeftiBatman1:12Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)381986200
732Neal HeftiBatman Theme2:21Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two201993184
733Neal Hefti & Sammy CahnThe Odd Couple1:17All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)172005214
734Neal Hefti & Sammy CahnThe Odd Couple1:16Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)161986197
735Neal McCoyCount On Me3:2824-7-36512000224
736Neal McCoyForever Works For Me3:2524-7-36522000221
737Neal McCoyMy Life Began With You3:2024-7-36532000220
738Neal McCoyWhat Would Love Say3:3124-7-36542000208
739Neal McCoyBeatin' It In3:4524-7-36552000225
740Neal McCoyEvery Man For Himself3:5324-7-36562000219
741Neal McCoyDisconnected3:0124-7-36572000218
742Neal McCoyLove That Strong3:4224-7-36582000205
743Neal McCoy24-7-3653:2524-7-36592000217
744Neal McCoyThe Key To Your Heart3:5224-7-365102000207
745Neal McCoyNow I Pray For Rain3:06Greatest Hits11997207
746Neal McCoyNo Doubt About It3:49Greatest Hits21997194
747Neal McCoyWink2:45Greatest Hits31997201
748Neal McCoyThe City Put The Country Back In Me3:36Greatest Hits41997199
749Neal McCoyFor A Change3:25Greatest Hits51997197
750Neal McCoyThey're Playin' Our Song3:23Greatest Hits61997187
751Neal McCoyIf I Was A Drinkin' Man3:21Greatest Hits71997186
752Neal McCoyYou Gotta Love That2:38Greatest Hits81997201
753Neal McCoyThen You Can Tell Me Goodbye3:18Greatest Hits91997191
754Neal McCoyThe Shake3:33Greatest Hits101997206
755Neal McCoyNo Doubt About It3:47No Doubt About It11994196
756Neal McCoyThe City Put The Country Back In Me3:33No Doubt About It21994205
757Neal McCoyWhy Now4:19No Doubt About It31994190
758Neal McCoyHeaven4:03No Doubt About It41994196
759Neal McCoyWink2:42No Doubt About It51994209
760Neal McCoyI Apologize3:51No Doubt About It61994191
761Neal McCoyMudslide2:39No Doubt About It71994200
762Neal McCoyWhy Not Tonight3:36No Doubt About It81994201
763Neal McCoySmall Up And Simple Down3:23No Doubt About It91994201
764Neal McCoySomething Moving In Me3:54No Doubt About It101994195
765Neal McCoyI Was3:13The Life Of The Party11999218
766Neal McCoyLipstick On The Radio3:10The Life Of The Party21999215
767Neal McCoyOnly You3:28The Life Of The Party31999186
768Neal McCoyThe Girls Of Summer3:08The Life Of The Party41999223
769Neal McCoyNew Old Songs3:55The Life Of The Party51999221
770Neal McCoyThe Life Of The Party2:56The Life Of The Party61999189
771Neal McCoyCompletely4:13The Life Of The Party71999178
772Neal McCoyThat's Not Her3:39The Life Of The Party81999210
773Neal McCoyAin't Nothin' Like It3:43The Life Of The Party91999192
774Neal McCoyThe Strongest Man In The World3:41The Life Of The Party101999192
775Neal McCoyStraighten Up And Fly Right2:19The Life Of The Party111999204
776Neal McCoyYou Gotta Love That2:36You Gotta Love That11995200
777Neal McCoyFor A Change3:22You Gotta Love That21995199
778Neal McCoyY-O-U3:47You Gotta Love That31995208
779Neal McCoyPlease Don't Leave Me Now4:09You Gotta Love That41995173
780Neal McCoyTwang2:58You Gotta Love That51995209
781Neal McCoyThey're Playin' Our Song3:22You Gotta Love That61995189
782Neal McCoySpending Every Minute In Love3:26You Gotta Love That71995192
783Neal McCoyPlain Jane3:05You Gotta Love That81995207
784Neal McCoyYou're Backin' Up3:02You Gotta Love That91995196
785Neal McCoyIf I Was A Drinkin' Man3:18You Gotta Love That101995185
786Neal MorseThe Temple Of The Living God6:13?12005217
787Neal MorseAnother World2:36?22005219
788Neal MorseThe Outsider2:21?32005201
789Neal MorseSweet Elation2:32?42005238
790Neal MorseIn The Fire7:24?52005224
791Neal MorseSolid As The Sun6:12?62005230
792Neal MorseThe Glory Of The Lord1:41?72005200
793Neal MorseOutside Looking In4:19?82005199
794Neal Morse126:46?92005226
795Neal MorseEntrance6:22?102005222
796Neal MorseInside His Presence5:30?112005199
797Neal MorseThe Temple Of The Living God (Reprise)4:27?122005208
798Neal MorseIt's Not Too Late6:26It's Not Too Late12001198
799Neal MorseAll The Young Girls Cry4:59It's Not Too Late22001227
800Neal MorseLeah4:02It's Not Too Late32001173
801Neal MorseThe Angels Will Remember4:33It's Not Too Late42001198
802Neal MorseSo Long Goodbye Blues4:39It's Not Too Late52001188
803Neal MorseThe Change4:41It's Not Too Late62001211
804Neal MorseBroken Homes3:59It's Not Too Late72001158
805Neal MorseOh Angie3:21It's Not Too Late82001215
806Neal MorseThe Eyes Of The World (George's Song)4:09It's Not Too Late92001188
807Neal MorseAin't Seen Nothin'Like Me5:10It's Not Too Late102001210
808Neal MorseI Am Your Father4:20It's Not Too Late112001177
809Neal MorseSomething Blue4:24It's Not Too Late122001205
810Neal MorseThe Wind + The Rain6:09It's Not Too Late132001191
811Neal MorseLifeline13:28Lifeline12008232
812Neal MorseThe Way Home4:20Lifeline22008218
813Neal MorseLeviathan6:05Lifeline32008231
814Neal MorseGod's Love5:27Lifeline42008208
815Neal MorseChildren Of The Chosen4:57Lifeline52008212
816Neal MorseSo Many Roads28:44Lifeline62008220
817Neal MorseFly High6:31Lifeline72008202
818Neal MorseCrazy Horses3:40Lifeline (Bonus Disc)12008240
819Neal MorseLemons Never Forget6:37Lifeline (Bonus Disc)22008226
820Neal MorseThe Letter4:17Lifeline (Bonus Disc)32008237
821Neal Morse(What's So Funny Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding4:43Lifeline (Bonus Disc)42008245
822Neal MorseSometimes He Waits5:22Lifeline (Bonus Disc)52008232
823Neal MorseSet The Kingdom13:31Lifeline (Bonus Disc)62008193
824Neal Morse(Hidden Track)4:36Lifeline (Bonus Disc)72008171
825Neal MorseThe Creation18:23One12004210
826Neal MorseThe Man's Gone2:51One22004191
827Neal MorseAuthor Of Confusion9:31One32004211
828Neal MorseThe Separated Man17:59One42004204
829Neal MorseCradle To The Grave4:56One52004188
830Neal MorseHelp Me / The Spirit And The Flesh11:14One62004213
831Neal MorseFather Of Forgiveness5:47One72004188
832Neal MorseReunion9:12One82004199
833Neal MorseThe Door29:13Sola Scriptura12007208
834Neal MorseThe Conflict25:00Sola Scriptura22007206
835Neal MorseHeaven in My Heart5:10Sola Scriptura32007190
836Neal MorseThe Conclusion16:34Sola Scriptura42007208
837Neal MorseThe Fang... Sings!0:18Testimony (Bonus Disc)12003135
838Neal MorseTuesday Afternoon / Find My Way Back Home13:21Testimony (Bonus Disc)22003192
839Neal MorseThe Land Of Beginning Again3:10Testimony (Disc 1)12003182
840Neal MorseOverture No. 15:57Testimony (Disc 1)22003224
841Neal MorseCalifornia Nights5:46Testimony (Disc 1)32003213
842Neal MorseColder In The Sun6:20Testimony (Disc 1)42003216
843Neal MorseSleeping Jesus5:32Testimony (Disc 1)52003195
844Neal MorseInterlude1:56Testimony (Disc 1)62003233
845Neal MorseThe Prince Of The Power Of The Air2:43Testimony (Disc 1)72003223
846Neal MorseThe Promise2:52Testimony (Disc 1)82003218
847Neal MorseWasted Life6:49Testimony (Disc 1)92003192
848Neal MorseOverture No. 22:30Testimony (Disc 1)102003218
849Neal MorseBreak Of Day6:55Testimony (Disc 1)112003207
850Neal MorsePower In The Air5:03Testimony (Disc 1)122003217
851Neal MorseSomber Days5:06Testimony (Disc 1)132003186
852Neal MorseLong Story5:35Testimony (Disc 1)142003216
853Neal MorseIt's All I Can Do6:24Testimony (Disc 1)152003187
854Neal MorseTransformation3:00Testimony (Disc 2)12003230
855Neal MorseReady To Try4:16Testimony (Disc 2)22003219
856Neal MorseSing It High4:47Testimony (Disc 2)32003198
857Neal MorseMoving In My Heart3:06Testimony (Disc 2)42003209
858Neal MorseI Am Willing6:28Testimony (Disc 2)52003194
859Neal MorseIn The Middle2:26Testimony (Disc 2)62003208
860Neal MorseThe Storm Before The Calm7:31Testimony (Disc 2)72003217
861Neal MorseOh, To Feel Him6:16Testimony (Disc 2)82003185
862Neal MorseGod's Theme2:31Testimony (Disc 2)92003202
863Neal MorseOverture No. 31:05Testimony (Disc 2)102003205
864Neal MorseRejoice2:28Testimony (Disc 2)112003205
865Neal MorseOh Lord My God3:53Testimony (Disc 2)122003214
866Neal MorseGod's Theme 22:09Testimony (Disc 2)132003207
867Neal MorseThe Land Of Beginning Again0:54Testimony (Disc 2)142003146
868Neal SchonBig Moon4:53Beyond The Thunder11995204
869Neal SchonBandalero4:46Beyond The Thunder21995215
870Neal SchonCool Breeze4:55Beyond The Thunder31995211
871Neal SchonZanzibar5:09Beyond The Thunder41995197
872Neal SchonSend Me An Angel5:06Beyond The Thunder51995204
873Neal SchonBoulevard Of Dreams4:14Beyond The Thunder61995221
874Neal SchonEspanique4:28Beyond The Thunder71995205
875Neal SchonCaribbean Blue4:36Beyond The Thunder81995202
876Neal SchonSomeone's Watching Over Me / Iguassa Falls5:09Beyond The Thunder91995184
877Neal SchonDeep Forest2:52Beyond The Thunder101995186
878Neal SchonCall Of The Wild5:27Beyond The Thunder111995203
879Neal SchonLe Dome1:06Late Nite11989193
880Neal SchonLate Nite6:37Late Nite21989215
881Neal SchonSoftly5:19Late Nite31989206
882Neal SchonThe Theme9:41Late Nite41989211
883Neal SchonI'll Be Waiting5:05Late Nite51989201
884Neal SchonI'll Cover You5:56Late Nite61989224
885Neal SchonRain's Comin' Down7:06Late Nite71989206
886Neal SchonSmoke Of The Revolution4:45Late Nite81989205
887Neal SchonInner Circles4:38Late Nite91989225
888Neal SchonSteps5:32Late Nite101989207
889Neal SchonBlackened Bacon2:25Late Nite111989206
890Neal SchonWhiskey, Women & Blues3:34Piranha Blues11999234
891Neal SchonGotta Get Back To You6:32Piranha Blues21999225
892Neal SchonLonesome Road3:58Piranha Blues31999238
893Neal SchonHole In My Pocket5:21Piranha Blues41999222
894Neal SchonWalkin' Out The Door5:22Piranha Blues51999191
895Neal SchonI'm In Love5:07Piranha Blues61999238
896Neal SchonLove Trance6:53Piranha Blues71999204
897Neal SchonSlow Down5:06Piranha Blues81999220
898Neal SchonPlay The Blues2:55Piranha Blues91999211
899Neal SchonA Girl Like You5:07Piranha Blues101999221
900Neal SchonHey, Hey, Babe3:54Piranha Blues111999220
901Neal SchonBlues For Miles4:57Piranha Blues121999195
902Neal SchonCaruso5:42Voice12001210
903Neal SchonHero4:21Voice22001209
904Neal Schon(Everything I Do) I Do It For You5:53Voice32001220
905Neal SchonKilling Me Sofely5:05Voice42001210
906Neal SchonFrom This Moment On5:09Voice52001222
907Neal SchonWhy4:55Voice62001223
908Neal SchonI Can't Make You Love Me4:46Voice72001203
909Neal SchonCon Te Partiro4:13Voice82001219
910Neal SchonMy Heart Will Go On4:43Voice92001207
911Neal SchonA Song For You4:11Voice102001210
912Neal Schon & Jan HammerMiami Vice Theme2:27No More Lies11998241
913Neal Schon & Jan HammerWasting Time3:46No More Lies21998236
914Neal Schon & Jan HammerI'm Talking To You4:54No More Lies31998233
915Neal Schon & Jan HammerI'm Down4:09No More Lies41998230
916Neal Schon & Jan HammerArc3:57No More Lies51998232
917Neal Schon & Jan HammerIt's Alright4:43No More Lies61998232
918Neal Schon & Jan HammerHooked On Love3:06No More Lies71998216
919Neal Schon & Jan HammerOn The Beach5:28No More Lies81998237
920Neal Schon & Jan HammerUntold Passion7:01No More Lies91998215
921Neal Schon & Jan HammerNo More Lies3:30No More Lies101998226
922Neal Schon & Jan HammerDon't Stay Away3:35No More Lies111998217
923Neal Schon & Jan Hammer(You Think You're) So Hot3:54No More Lies121998216
924Neal Schon & Jan HammerTurnaround4:49No More Lies131998216
925Neal Schon & Jan HammerSelf Defense3:11No More Lies141998233
926Neal Schon & Jan HammerLong Time3:50No More Lies151998222
927Neal Schon & Jan HammerTime Again4:55No More Lies161998202
928Neal Schon & Jan HammerSticks And Stones3:14No More Lies171998216
929Neal Schon & Jan HammerPeace Of Mind2:12No More Lies181998195
930Neal Schon & Jan HammerCovered By Midnight5:26No More Lies191998219
931The Neanderthal SpongecakeGet It On (Bang A Gong)4:34When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear102003192
932Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A King2:11Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 1)111997158
933Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A King2:08Country Complete (Disc 2)81997186
934Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A King2:09The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)72001179
935NeedtobreatheWashed by The Water3:31WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)62008230
936NegaRenLove is Delicious3:39Love is Delicious12009320
937NegaRenLove is Delicious (Klippa Remix)4:08Love is Delicious22009320
938NegaRenRuv 4 U How U Ruv3:25October Promo12009320
939NegaRenStark Raving Mad3:53October Promo22009320
940NegaRenEjac Attack4:11October Promo32009320
941Neil ChristianThat's Nice2:43Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)21997215
942Neil DiamondBeautiful Noise3:2412 Greatest Hits, Vol. II11982217
943Neil DiamondHello Again4:0712 Greatest Hits, Vol. II21982188
944Neil DiamondForever In Blue Jeans3:2412 Greatest Hits, Vol. II31982204
945Neil DiamondSeptember Morn3:5212 Greatest Hits, Vol. II41982195
946Neil DiamondDesiree3:2012 Greatest Hits, Vol. II51982209
947Neil DiamondYou Don't Bring Me Flowers (Duet With Barbra Streisand)3:2612 Greatest Hits, Vol. II61982180
948Neil DiamondAmerica4:1912 Greatest Hits, Vol. II71982208
949Neil DiamondBe5:0512 Greatest Hits, Vol. II81982207
950Neil DiamondLongfellow Serenade3:5212 Greatest Hits, Vol. II91982218
951Neil DiamondIf You Know What I Mean3:4112 Greatest Hits, Vol. II101982206
952Neil DiamondYesterday's Songs2:5012 Greatest Hits, Vol. II111982207
953Neil DiamondLove On The Rocks3:3912 Greatest Hits, Vol. II121982196
954Neil DiamondKentucky Woman2:25Classics: The Early Years11983200
955Neil DiamondCherry, Cherry2:43Classics: The Early Years21983182
956Neil DiamondSolitary Man2:35Classics: The Early Years31983184
957Neil DiamondYou Got To Me2:47Classics: The Early Years41983207
958Neil DiamondI Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)2:13Classics: The Early Years51983177
959Neil DiamondThank The Lord For The Night Time3:06Classics: The Early Years61983195
960Neil DiamondI'm A Believer2:40Classics: The Early Years71983177
961Neil DiamondGirl, You'll Be A Woman Soon3:23Classics: The Early Years81983187
962Neil DiamondShilo3:50Classics: The Early Years91983192
963Neil DiamondDo It2:24Classics: The Early Years101983156
964Neil DiamondRed, Red Wine2:41Classics: The Early Years111983180
965Neil DiamondThe Boat That I Row2:41Classics: The Early Years121983200
966Neil DiamondBrooklyn Roads3:39Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)11992203
967Neil DiamondShilo3:01Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)21992218
968Neil DiamondTwo-Bit Manchild3:07Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)31992221
969Neil DiamondSunday Sun2:49Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)41992211
970Neil DiamondBrother Love's Traveling Salvation Show3:30Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)51992182
971Neil DiamondAnd the Grass Won't Pay No Mind3:32Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)61992214
972Neil DiamondSweet Caroline3:21Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)71992199
973Neil DiamondGlory Road3:21Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)81992189
974Neil DiamondMemphis Streets2:41Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)91992203
975Neil DiamondIf I Never Knew Your Name3:18Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)101992195
976Neil DiamondJuliet2:54Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)111992191
977Neil DiamondAin't No Way2:42Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)121992199
978Neil DiamondUntil It's Time For You To Go3:31Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)131992188
979Neil DiamondNew York Boy2:37Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)141992197
980Neil DiamondHolly Holy4:42Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)151992206
981Neil DiamondBoth Sides Now3:32Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)161992199
982Neil DiamondAnd the Singer Sings His Song3:38Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)171992174
983Neil DiamondLordy (live)5:01Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)181992207
984Neil DiamondSolitary Man (live)3:18Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 1)191992207
985Neil DiamondKentucky Woman (live)2:41Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)11992222
986Neil DiamondThank the Lord For the Night Time (live)3:05Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)21992215
987Neil DiamondCracklin' Rosie3:04Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)31992205
988Neil DiamondHe Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother4:11Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)41992202
989Neil DiamondFree Life3:13Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)51992213
990Neil DiamondSoolaimon4:14Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)61992198
991Neil DiamondDone Too Soon2:41Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)71992194
992Neil DiamondI Am...I Said3:34Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)81992205
993Neil DiamondThe Last Thing On My Mind3:33Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)91992196
994Neil DiamondCrunchy Granola Suite2:54Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)101992212
995Neil DiamondStones3:04Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)111992201
996Neil DiamondI Think It's Gonna Rain Today2:35Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)121992193
997Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue3:16Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)131992207
998Neil DiamondPlay Me3:51Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)141992204
999Neil DiamondWalk On Water3:05Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)151992194
1000Neil DiamondTheme1:38Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)161992187
1001Neil DiamondMorningside4:20Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)171992197
1002Neil DiamondRed, Red Wine (live)3:53Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)181992201
1003Neil DiamondCherry, Cherry (live)4:44Glory Road - 1968-1972 (Disc 2)191992215
1004Neil DiamondLordy5:00Gold11971204
1005Neil DiamondBoth Sides Now4:12Gold21971201
1006Neil DiamondSolitary Man3:24Gold31971208
1007Neil DiamondHolly Holy4:51Gold41971209
1008Neil DiamondCherry, Cherry3:13Gold51971221
1009Neil DiamondKentucky Woman2:41Gold61971218
1010Neil DiamondSweet Caroline3:35Gold71971192
1011Neil DiamondThank the Lord for the Night Time3:10Gold81971218
1012Neil DiamondAnd the Singer Sings His Song3:34Gold91971190
1013Neil DiamondBrother Love's Traveling Salvation Show4:54Gold101971213
1014Neil DiamondHeartlight4:28Heartlight11982199
1015Neil DiamondI'm Alive3:48Heartlight21982191
1016Neil DiamondI'm Guilty3:17Heartlight31982186
1017Neil DiamondHurricane4:16Heartlight41982188
1018Neil DiamondLost Among The Stars3:56Heartlight51982188
1019Neil DiamondIn Ensenada3:51Heartlight61982184
1020Neil DiamondA Fool For You3:04Heartlight71982191
1021Neil DiamondStar Flight3:53Heartlight81982193
1022Neil DiamondFront Page Story4:30Heartlight91982189
1023Neil DiamondComin' Home2:37Heartlight101982198
1024Neil DiamondFirst You Have To Say You Love Me2:47Heartlight111982194
1025Neil DiamondIf I Don't See You Again7:12Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]12008196
1026Neil DiamondPretty Amazing Grace4:53Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]22008189
1027Neil DiamondDon't Go There6:03Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]32008207
1028Neil DiamondAnother Day (That Time Forgot) (with Natalie Maines)6:12Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]42008195
1029Neil DiamondOne More Bite Of The Apple6:39Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]52008173
1030Neil DiamondForgotten4:22Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]62008201
1031Neil DiamondAct Like A Man4:04Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]72008178
1032Neil DiamondWhose Hands Are These3:11Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]82008199
1033Neil DiamondNo Words4:48Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]92008216
1034Neil DiamondThe Power Of Two4:35Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]102008183
1035Neil DiamondSlow It Down4:55Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]112008193
1036Neil DiamondHome Before Dark6:28Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]122008181
1037Neil DiamondWithout Her4:23Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]132008203
1038Neil DiamondMake You Feel My Love4:38Home Before Dark [Deluxe Edition]142008174
1039Neil DiamondPrologue3:22Jonathan Livingston Seagull11973200
1040Neil DiamondBe6:34Jonathan Livingston Seagull21973200
1041Neil DiamondFlight Of The Gull2:25Jonathan Livingston Seagull31973210
1042Neil DiamondDear Father5:19Jonathan Livingston Seagull41973188
1043Neil DiamondSkybird1:14Jonathan Livingston Seagull51973213
1044Neil DiamondLonely Looking Sky3:19Jonathan Livingston Seagull61973199
1045Neil DiamondThe Odyssey - Be/Lonely Looking Sky/Dear Father9:42Jonathan Livingston Seagull71973197
1046Neil DiamondAnthem3:07Jonathan Livingston Seagull81973194
1047Neil DiamondBe1:09Jonathan Livingston Seagull91973189
1048Neil DiamondSkybird2:22Jonathan Livingston Seagull101973216
1049Neil DiamondDear Father1:20Jonathan Livingston Seagull111973187
1050Neil DiamondBe3:32Jonathan Livingston Seagull121973197
1051Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue3:15Moods11972201
1052Neil DiamondPorcupine Pie2:05Moods21972206
1053Neil DiamondHigh Rolling Man2:34Moods31972192
1054Neil DiamondCanta Libre4:47Moods41972197
1055Neil DiamondCaptain Sunshine3:24Moods51972199
1056Neil DiamondPlay Me3:52Moods61972202
1057Neil DiamondGitchy Goomy3:53Moods71972208
1058Neil DiamondWalk On Water3:05Moods81972196
1059Neil DiamondTheme1:38Moods91972191
1060Neil DiamondPlelude In E Minor0:33Moods101972193
1061Neil DiamondMorningside4:24Moods111972197
1062Neil DiamondHappy Christmas (War Is Over)4:16Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)101995212
1063Neil DiamondI Am...I Said3:35Stones11971255
1064Neil DiamondThe Last Thing On My Mind3:35Stones21971242
1065Neil DiamondHusbands And Wives3:47Stones31971254
1066Neil DiamondChelsea Morning2:38Stones41971236
1067Neil DiamondCrunchy Granola Suite2:56Stones51971247
1068Neil DiamondStones3:06Stones61971240
1069Neil DiamondIf You Go Away3:50Stones71971236
1070Neil DiamondSuzanne4:41Stones81971236
1071Neil DiamondI Think It's Gonna Rain Today2:35Stones91971236
1072Neil DiamondI Am.. I Said (reprise)2:36Stones101971236
1073Neil DiamondCracklin' Rosie3:00Tap Root Manuscript11970215
1074Neil DiamondFree Life3:10Tap Root Manuscript21970215
1075Neil DiamondColdwater Morning3:21Tap Root Manuscript31970204
1076Neil DiamondDone Too Soon2:41Tap Root Manuscript41970209
1077Neil DiamondHe Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother4:10Tap Root Manuscript51970204
1078Neil DiamondChildsong2:11Tap Root Manuscript61970196
1079Neil DiamondI Am The Lion2:07Tap Root Manuscript71970207
1080Neil DiamondMadrigál1:52Tap Root Manuscript81970204
1081Neil DiamondSoolaimon4:33Tap Root Manuscript91970206
1082Neil DiamondMissa2:05Tap Root Manuscript101970189
1083Neil DiamondAfrican Trilogy4:28Tap Root Manuscript111970202
1084Neil DiamondChildsong (Reprise)2:05Tap Root Manuscript121970213
1085Neil DiamondTennessee Moon3:00Tennessee Moon11996206
1086Neil DiamondOne Good Love (With Waylon Jennings)4:18Tennessee Moon21996181
1087Neil DiamondShame (With Hal Ketchum)3:31Tennessee Moon31996212
1088Neil DiamondA Matter Of Love4:35Tennessee Moon41996210
1089Neil DiamondMarry Me (With Buffy Lawson)3:51Tennessee Moon51996185
1090Neil DiamondDeep Inside Of You (With Beth Nielsen Chapman)3:53Tennessee Moon61996178
1091Neil DiamondGold Don't Rust3:43Tennessee Moon71996210
1092Neil DiamondLike You Do (With Rosemary Butler)4:05Tennessee Moon81996167
1093Neil DiamondCan Anybody Hear Me3:51Tennessee Moon91996200
1094Neil DiamondWin The World4:12Tennessee Moon101996190
1095Neil DiamondNo Limit3:08Tennessee Moon111996182
1096Neil DiamondReminisce For A While (With Raul Malo)4:28Tennessee Moon121996175
1097Neil DiamondKentucky Woman2:49Tennessee Moon131996221
1098Neil DiamondIf I Lost My Way3:23Tennessee Moon141996185
1099Neil DiamondEverybody3:46Tennessee Moon151996168
1100Neil DiamondTalking Optimist Blues (Good Day Today)2:54Tennessee Moon161996216
1101Neil DiamondOpen Wide These Prison Doors4:31Tennessee Moon171996200
1102Neil DiamondBlue Highway3:56Tennessee Moon181996190
1103Neil DiamondO Come, O Come Emmanuel / We Three Kings Of Orient Are2:57The Christmas Album, Vol. 111992178
1104Neil DiamondSilent Night4:03The Christmas Album, Vol. 121992181
1105Neil DiamondLittle Drummer Boy3:58The Christmas Album, Vol. 131992200
1106Neil DiamondSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:25The Christmas Album, Vol. 141992234
1107Neil DiamondThe Christmas Song3:33The Christmas Album, Vol. 151992185
1108Neil DiamondMorning Has Broken3:02The Christmas Album, Vol. 161992190
1109Neil DiamondHappy Christmas (War Is Over)4:19The Christmas Album, Vol. 171992211
1110Neil DiamondWhite Christmas3:55The Christmas Album, Vol. 181992199
1111Neil DiamondGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1:20The Christmas Album, Vol. 191992169
1112Neil DiamondJingle Bell Rock1:51The Christmas Album, Vol. 1101992216
1113Neil DiamondHark The Herald Angels Sing2:50The Christmas Album, Vol. 1111992189
1114Neil DiamondSilver Bells3:06The Christmas Album, Vol. 1121992202
1115Neil DiamondYou Make It Feel Like Christmas3:39The Christmas Album, Vol. 1131992204
1116Neil DiamondO Holy Night3:28The Christmas Album, Vol. 1141992190
1117Neil DiamondJoy To The World2:40The Christmas Album, Vol. 211994191
1118Neil DiamondMary's Little Boy Child2:59The Christmas Album, Vol. 221994194
1119Neil DiamondDeck The Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas1:42The Christmas Album, Vol. 231994188
1120Neil DiamondWinter Wonderland2:44The Christmas Album, Vol. 241994211
1121Neil DiamondHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:44The Christmas Album, Vol. 251994191
1122Neil DiamondI'll Be Home For Christmas3:42The Christmas Album, Vol. 261994175
1123Neil DiamondRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer4:04The Christmas Album, Vol. 271994194
1124Neil DiamondSleigh Ride2:42The Christmas Album, Vol. 281994196
1125Neil DiamondCandlelight Carol4:09The Christmas Album, Vol. 291994182
1126Neil DiamondAway In A Manger2:33The Christmas Album, Vol. 2101994194
1127Neil DiamondO Come All Ye Faithful4:15The Christmas Album, Vol. 2111994188
1128Neil DiamondO Little Town Of Bethlehem3:35The Christmas Album, Vol. 2121994189
1129Neil DiamondAngels We Have Heard On High3:17The Christmas Album, Vol. 2131994183
1130Neil DiamondThe First Noel3:33The Christmas Album, Vol. 2141994172
1131Neil DiamondHallelujah Chorus3:31The Christmas Album, Vol. 2151994201
1132Neil DiamondAmerica4:17The Jazz Singer (OST)11980212
1133Neil DiamondAdon Olom0:36The Jazz Singer (OST)21980190
1134Neil DiamondYou Baby2:56The Jazz Singer (OST)31980187
1135Neil DiamondLove On The Rocks3:38The Jazz Singer (OST)41980197
1136Neil DiamondAmazed And Confused2:52The Jazz Singer (OST)51980192
1137Neil DiamondOn The Robert E. Lee2:02The Jazz Singer (OST)61980205
1138Neil DiamondSummerlove3:16The Jazz Singer (OST)71980190
1139Neil DiamondHello Again4:02The Jazz Singer (OST)81980189
1140Neil DiamondAcapulco2:50The Jazz Singer (OST)91980212
1141Neil DiamondHey Louise2:59The Jazz Singer (OST)101980215
1142Neil DiamondSongs Of Life3:35The Jazz Singer (OST)111980204
1143Neil DiamondJerusalem3:04The Jazz Singer (OST)121980207
1144Neil DiamondKol Nidre/My Name Is Yussel1:38The Jazz Singer (OST)131980200
1145Neil DiamondAmerica (Reprise)2:21The Jazz Singer (OST)141980213
1146Neil DiamondBrother Love's Traveling Salvation Show3:30TM Century GoldDisc Update 3161991205
1147Neil DiamondHeartlight4:26Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love42003201
1148Neil FinnDon't Dream It's Over3:55Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)111997187
1149Neil Norman & His Cosmic OrchestraTwilight Zone2:02Halloween Hits51991198
1150Neil SedakaCalendar Girl2:40196017 208
1151Neil SedakaBreaking Up Is Hard to Do2:21AM Gold: 196211995190
1152Neil SedakaBad Blood3:17Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)211998182
1153Neil SedakaHappy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen2:36Hit History Vol. 7 1961161990213
1154Neil SedakaCalender Girl2:40Jukebox Hits Of 1961271991227
1155Neil SedakaLove Makes The World Go Round2:28Jukebox Hits Of 196341991244
1156Neil SedakaNext Door To An Angel2:26Only Rock 'n Roll (1960-1964)91996194
1157Neil SedakaCalendar Girl2:41Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)111997194
1158Neil SedakaOh Carol2:18The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties4 205
1159Neil SedakaOh Carol2:21The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)101997206
1160Neil SedakaStairway To Heaven2:42The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)121960137
1161Neil SedakaLaughter In The Rain2:50The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)12 189
1162Neil SedakaCalendar Girl2:39The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'131961192
1163Neil SedakaHappy Birthday Sweet Sixteen2:36The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols71990202
1164Neil SedakaOh! Carol2:17The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols191990200
1165Neil SedakaStairway To Heaven2:40The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance41991201
1166Neil SedakaStairway To Heaven2:41The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196031995214
1167Neil SedakaLittle Devil2:42The Sixties Complete (Disc 1)131997208
1168Neil SedakaCalendar Girl2:41The Very Best Of (Disc 1)11999192
1169Neil SedakaStairway To Heaven2:43The Very Best Of (Disc 1)21999235
1170Neil SedakaHappy Birthday Sweet Sixteen2:40The Very Best Of (Disc 1)31999205
1171Neil SedakaOh! Carol2:17The Very Best Of (Disc 1)41999200
1172Neil SedakaOne Way Ticket To The Blues2:23The Very Best Of (Disc 1)51999211
1173Neil SedakaRun Samson Run2:43The Very Best Of (Disc 1)61999189
1174Neil SedakaBaby Blue3:30The Very Best Of (Disc 1)71999208
1175Neil SedakaKing Of Clowns2:43The Very Best Of (Disc 1)81999194
1176Neil SedakaRainy Jane3:00The Very Best Of (Disc 1)91999186
1177Neil SedakaWorkin' On A Groovy Thing3:57The Very Best Of (Disc 1)101999198
1178Neil SedakaBeautiful You3:20The Very Best Of (Disc 1)111999189
1179Neil SedakaStanding On The Inside3:58The Very Best Of (Disc 1)121999209
1180Neil SedakaAmarillo3:15The Very Best Of (Disc 1)131999216
1181Neil SedakaLaughter In The Rain2:46The Very Best Of (Disc 1)141999191
1182Neil SedakaThe Hungry Years4:07The Very Best Of (Disc 1)151999178
1183Neil SedakaLonely Night3:10The Very Best Of (Disc 1)161999210
1184Neil SedakaThe Queen Of 19643:30The Very Best Of (Disc 1)171999185
1185Neil SedakaThe Miracle Song4:29The Very Best Of (Disc 1)181999174
1186Neil SedakaThe Other Side Of Me3:37The Very Best Of (Disc 1)191999197
1187Neil SedakaGoing Nowhere3:55The Very Best Of (Disc 1)201999195
1188Neil SedakaSad Eyes3:40The Very Best Of (Disc 1)211999181
1189Neil SedakaPerfect Strangers4:43The Very Best Of (Disc 1)221999207
1190Neil SedakaI Go Ape2:26The Very Best Of (Disc 2)11999205
1191Neil SedakaThe Diary2:19The Very Best Of (Disc 2)21999195
1192Neil SedakaTillie The Twirler3:52The Very Best Of (Disc 2)31999224
1193Neil SedakaNew York City Blues4:18The Very Best Of (Disc 2)41999194
1194Neil SedakaYou Mean Everything To Me2:40The Very Best Of (Disc 2)51999202
1195Neil SedakaStupid Cupid2:42The Very Best Of (Disc 2)61999194
1196Neil SedakaLittle Devil2:43The Very Best Of (Disc 2)71999198
1197Neil SedakaBreaking Up Is Hard To Do2:21The Very Best Of (Disc 2)81999202
1198Neil SedakaNext Door To An Angel2:28The Very Best Of (Disc 2)91999203
1199Neil SedakaBetty Grable2:51The Very Best Of (Disc 2)101999203
1200Neil SedakaWheeling West Virginia3:32The Very Best Of (Disc 2)111999196
1201Neil SedakaThat's When The Music Takes Me (Live)3:10The Very Best Of (Disc 2)121999188
1202Neil SedakaSolitaire (Live)4:50The Very Best Of (Disc 2)131999161
1203Neil SedakaOur Last Song Together4:02The Very Best Of (Disc 2)141999194
1204Neil SedakaThe Immigrant3:47The Very Best Of (Disc 2)151999199
1205Neil SedakaLove Will Keep Us Together3:42The Very Best Of (Disc 2)161999225
1206Neil SedakaBad Blood3:09The Very Best Of (Disc 2)171999198
1207Neil SedakaLove In The Shadows3:19The Very Best Of (Disc 2)181999197
1208Neil SedakaBreaking Up Is Hard To Do (slow version)3:16The Very Best Of (Disc 2)191999185
1209Neil SedakaShould've Never Let You Go4:16The Very Best Of (Disc 2)201999178
1210Neil SedakaA Little Lovin'2:54The Very Best Of (Disc 2)211999194
1211Neil SedakaOne More Ride On The Merry Go Round3:39The Very Best Of (Disc 2)221999165
1212Neil SedakaBad Blood3:07Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6182003190
1213Neil SedakaOh! Carol2:20TM Century GoldDisc 605251991216
1214Neil SedakaBreaking Up Is Hard To Do2:25TM Century GoldDisc Update 1201991201
1215Neil SedakaLaughter In The Rain2:44Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)152001210
1216Neil YoungTell Me Why2:58After The Gold Rush11970200
1217Neil YoungAfter The Gold Rush3:46After The Gold Rush21970169
1218Neil YoungOnly Love Can Break Your Heart3:08After The Gold Rush31970202
1219Neil YoungSouthern Man5:32After The Gold Rush41970217
1220Neil YoungTill The Morning Comes1:20After The Gold Rush51970197
1221Neil YoungOh Lonesome Me3:50After The Gold Rush61970152
1222Neil YoungDon't Let It Bring You Down2:57After The Gold Rush71970200
1223Neil YoungBirds2:33After The Gold Rush81970193
1224Neil YoungWhen You Dance I Can Really Love4:05After The Gold Rush91970207
1225Neil YoungI Believe In You3:27After The Gold Rush101970216
1226Neil YoungCripple Creek Ferry1:33After The Gold Rush111970198
1227Neil YoungThe Old Country Waltz3:00American Stars 'n Bars11977205
1228Neil YoungSaddle Up The Palomino3:01American Stars 'n Bars21977207
1229Neil YoungHey Babe3:37American Stars 'n Bars31977216
1230Neil YoungHold Back The Tears4:20American Stars 'n Bars41977208
1231Neil YoungBite The Bullet3:36American Stars 'n Bars51977220
1232Neil YoungStar Of Bethlehem2:42American Stars 'n Bars61977171
1233Neil YoungWill To Love7:11American Stars 'n Bars71977192
1234Neil YoungLike A Hurricane8:20American Stars 'n Bars81977221
1235Neil YoungHomegrown2:21American Stars 'n Bars91977227
1236Neil YoungYou're My Girl4:41Are You Passionate?12002207
1237Neil YoungMr. Disappointment5:26Are You Passionate?22002200
1238Neil YoungDifferently6:04Are You Passionate?32002215
1239Neil YoungDon't Say You Love Me6:02Are You Passionate?42002203
1240Neil YoungLet's Roll5:54Are You Passionate?52002213
1241Neil YoungAre You Passionate?5:08Are You Passionate?62002199
1242Neil YoungGoin' Home8:49Are You Passionate?72002215
1243Neil YoungWhen I Hold You In My Arms4:44Are You Passionate?82002170
1244Neil YoungBe With You3:32Are You Passionate?92002222
1245Neil YoungTwo Old Friends6:15Are You Passionate?102002195
1246Neil YoungShe's A Healer9:08Are You Passionate?112002210
1247Neil YoungBeautiful Bluebird4:30Chrome Dreams II12007167
1248Neil YoungBoxcar2:46Chrome Dreams II22007193
1249Neil YoungOrdinary People18:13Chrome Dreams II32007193
1250Neil YoungShining Light4:46Chrome Dreams II42007180
1251Neil YoungThe Believer2:43Chrome Dreams II52007159
1252Neil YoungSpirit Road6:35Chrome Dreams II62007210
1253Neil YoungDirty Old Man3:20Chrome Dreams II72007200
1254Neil YoungEver After3:34Chrome Dreams II82007191
1255Neil YoungNo Hidden Path14:33Chrome Dreams II92007208
1256Neil YoungThe Way5:14Chrome Dreams II102007183
1257Neil YoungGoin' Back4:41Comes A Time11978194
1258Neil YoungComes A Time3:06Comes A Time21978185
1259Neil YoungLook Out For My Love4:05Comes A Time31978199
1260Neil YoungLotta Love2:38Comes A Time41978187
1261Neil YoungPeace Of Mind4:10Comes A Time51978184
1262Neil YoungHuman Highway3:10Comes A Time61978173
1263Neil YoungAlready One4:54Comes A Time71978176
1264Neil YoungField Of Opportunity3:09Comes A Time81978207
1265Neil YoungMotorcycle Mama3:11Comes A Time91978187
1266Neil YoungFour Strong Winds4:05Comes A Time101978200
1267Neil YoungDown To The Wire2:28Decade (Disc 1)11977146
1268Neil YoungBurned2:15Decade (Disc 1)21977217
1269Neil YoungMr. Soul2:50Decade (Disc 1)31977191
1270Neil YoungBroken Arrow6:13Decade (Disc 1)41977191
1271Neil YoungExpecting To Fly3:45Decade (Disc 1)51977194
1272Neil YoungSugar Mountain5:41Decade (Disc 1)61977170
1273Neil YoungI Am A Child2:20Decade (Disc 1)71977204
1274Neil YoungThe Loner3:50Decade (Disc 1)81977208
1275Neil YoungThe Old Laughing Lady5:37Decade (Disc 1)91977200
1276Neil YoungCinnamon Girl3:00Decade (Disc 1)101977204
1277Neil YoungDown By The River8:59Decade (Disc 1)111977208
1278Neil YoungCowgirl In The Sand10:02Decade (Disc 1)121977211
1279Neil YoungI Believe In You3:27Decade (Disc 1)131977206
1280Neil YoungAfter The Gold Rush3:45Decade (Disc 1)141977179
1281Neil YoungSouthern Man5:29Decade (Disc 1)151977211
1282Neil YoungHelpless3:32Decade (Disc 1)161977192
1283Neil YoungOhio2:58Decade (Disc 2)11977199
1284Neil YoungSoldier2:28Decade (Disc 2)21977187
1285Neil YoungOld Man3:22Decade (Disc 2)31977196
1286Neil YoungA Man Needs a Maid4:00Decade (Disc 2)41977188
1287Neil YoungHarvest3:09Decade (Disc 2)51977192
1288Neil YoungHeart of Gold3:06Decade (Disc 2)61977200
1289Neil YoungStar of Bethlehem2:43Decade (Disc 2)71977170
1290Neil YoungThe Needle and the Damage Done2:06Decade (Disc 2)81977186
1291Neil YoungTonight's the Night (Part 1)4:41Decade (Disc 2)91977187
1292Neil YoungTired Eyes4:33Decade (Disc 2)101977191
1293Neil YoungWalk On2:41Decade (Disc 2)111977203
1294Neil YoungFor the Turnstiles3:01Decade (Disc 2)121977191
1295Neil YoungWinterlong3:08Decade (Disc 2)131977199
1296Neil YoungDeep Forbidden Lake3:41Decade (Disc 2)141977196
1297Neil YoungLike a Hurricane8:17Decade (Disc 2)151977207
1298Neil YoungLove Is a Rose2:16Decade (Disc 2)161977191
1299Neil YoungCortez the Killer7:31Decade (Disc 2)171977201
1300Neil YoungCampaigner3:30Decade (Disc 2)181977174
1301Neil YoungLong May You Run3:48Decade (Disc 2)191977200
1302Neil YoungWhen Worlds Collide4:13Fork In The Road12009194
1303Neil YoungFuel Line3:11Fork In The Road22009200
1304Neil YoungJust Singing A Song3:31Fork In The Road32009183
1305Neil YoungJohnny Magic4:18Fork In The Road42009188
1306Neil YoungCough Up The Bucks4:37Fork In The Road52009184
1307Neil YoungGet Behind The Wheel3:08Fork In The Road62009185
1308Neil YoungOff The Road3:21Fork In The Road72009184
1309Neil YoungHit The Road3:36Fork In The Road82009187
1310Neil YoungLight A Candle3:01Fork In The Road92009142
1311Neil YoungFork In The Road5:46Fork In The Road102009199
1312Neil YoungRockin' In The Free World (Live)3:39Freedom11989215
1313Neil YoungCrime In The City (Sixty To Zero Part I)8:44Freedom21989206
1314Neil YoungDon't Cry4:15Freedom31989202
1315Neil YoungHangin' On A Limb4:19Freedom41989158
1316Neil YoungEldorado6:05Freedom51989201
1317Neil YoungThe Ways Of Love4:29Freedom61989201
1318Neil YoungSomeday5:42Freedom71989200
1319Neil YoungOn Broadway4:59Freedom81989205
1320Neil YoungWrecking Ball5:09Freedom91989191
1321Neil YoungNo More6:06Freedom101989199
1322Neil YoungToo Far Gone2:48Freedom111989190
1323Neil YoungRockin' In The Free World4:42Freedom121989195
1324Neil YoungOut On The Weekend4:34Harvest11972184
1325Neil YoungHarvest3:11Harvest21972199
1326Neil YoungA Man Needs A Maid4:05Harvest31972187
1327Neil YoungHeart Of Gold3:07Harvest41972200
1328Neil YoungAre You Ready For The Country?3:23Harvest51972203
1329Neil YoungOld Man3:24Harvest61972198
1330Neil YoungThere's A World2:59Harvest71972195
1331Neil YoungAlabama4:02Harvest81972205
1332Neil YoungThe Needle And The Damage Done2:03Harvest91972175
1333Neil YoungWords (Between The Lines Of Age)6:40Harvest101972204
1334Neil YoungUnknown Legend4:32Harvest Moon11992169
1335Neil YoungFrom Hank To Hendrix5:17Harvest Moon21992186
1336Neil YoungYou And Me3:45Harvest Moon31992188
1337Neil YoungHarvest Moon5:05Harvest Moon41992186
1338Neil YoungWar Of Man5:43Harvest Moon51992188
1339Neil YoungOne Of These Days4:57Harvest Moon61992195
1340Neil YoungSuch A Woman4:37Harvest Moon71992179
1341Neil YoungOld King2:57Harvest Moon81992193
1342Neil YoungDreamin' Man4:36Harvest Moon91992191
1343Neil YoungNatural Beauty10:23Harvest Moon101992189
1344Neil YoungLittle Wing2:15Hawks & Doves11980146
1345Neil YoungThe Old Homestead7:43Hawks & Doves21980188
1346Neil YoungLost in Space4:21Hawks & Doves31980188
1347Neil YoungCaptain Kennedy2:59Hawks & Doves41980149
1348Neil YoungStayin' Power2:22Hawks & Doves51980206
1349Neil YoungCoastline2:30Hawks & Doves61980215
1350Neil YoungUnion Man2:13Hawks & Doves71980200
1351Neil YoungComin' Apart at Every Nail2:40Hawks & Doves81980206
1352Neil YoungHawks & Doves3:27Hawks & Doves91980132
1353Neil YoungWeight Of The World3:43Landing On Water11986189
1354Neil YoungViolent Side4:22Landing On Water21986192
1355Neil YoungHippie Dream4:13Landing On Water31986207
1356Neil YoungBad News Beat3:17Landing On Water41986218
1357Neil YoungTouch The Night4:30Landing On Water51986213
1358Neil YoungPeople On The Street4:33Landing On Water61986214
1359Neil YoungHard Luck Stories4:08Landing On Water71986177
1360Neil YoungI Got A Problem3:18Landing On Water81986200
1361Neil YoungPressure2:47Landing On Water91986213
1362Neil YoungDrifter5:04Landing On Water101986200
1363Neil YoungWalk With Me4:26Le Noise12010240
1364Neil YoungSign Of Love3:57Le Noise22010236
1365Neil YoungSomeone's Gonna Rescue You3:28Le Noise32010229
1366Neil YoungLove And War5:36Le Noise42010198
1367Neil YoungAngry World4:13Le Noise52010229
1368Neil YoungHitchhiker5:31Le Noise62010223
1369Neil YoungPeaceful Valley Boulevard7:09Le Noise72010185
1370Neil YoungRumblin'3:36Le Noise82010240
1371Neil YoungAfter The Garden3:23Living With War12006209
1372Neil YoungLiving With War5:04Living With War22006189
1373Neil YoungThe Restless Consumer5:47Living With War32006196
1374Neil YoungShock And Awe4:52Living With War42006208
1375Neil YoungFamilies2:25Living With War52006214
1376Neil YoungFlags Of Freedom3:42Living With War62006209
1377Neil YoungLet's Impeach The President5:10Living With War72006227
1378Neil YoungLookin' For A Leader4:03Living With War82006213
1379Neil YoungRoger And Out4:25Living With War92006195
1380Neil YoungAmerica The Beautiful2:56Living With War102006144
1381Neil YoungAfter The Garden3:27Living With War: In The Beginning12006208
1382Neil YoungLiving With War5:10Living With War: In The Beginning22006187
1383Neil YoungThe Restless Consumer5:52Living With War: In The Beginning32006204
1384Neil YoungShock And Awe4:57Living With War: In The Beginning42006215
1385Neil YoungFamilies2:33Living With War: In The Beginning52006214
1386Neil YoungFlags Of Freedom3:47Living With War: In The Beginning62006210
1387Neil YoungLet's Impeach The President4:32Living With War: In The Beginning72006225
1388Neil YoungLookin' For A Leader4:10Living With War: In The Beginning82006216
1389Neil YoungRoger And Out4:24Living With War: In The Beginning92006198
1390Neil YoungSong X4:40Mirror Ball11995212
1391Neil YoungAct Of Love4:54Mirror Ball21995208
1392Neil YoungI'm The Ocean7:05Mirror Ball31995219
1393Neil YoungBig Green Country5:08Mirror Ball41995207
1394Neil YoungTruth Be Known4:39Mirror Ball51995204
1395Neil YoungDowntown5:10Mirror Ball61995219
1396Neil YoungWhat Happened Yesterday0:46Mirror Ball71995191
1397Neil YoungPeace And Love7:02Mirror Ball81995211
1398Neil YoungThrow Your Hatred Down5:46Mirror Ball91995180
1399Neil YoungScenery8:50Mirror Ball101995206
1400Neil YoungFallen Angel1:15Mirror Ball111995191
1401Neil YoungThe Emperor of Wyoming2:19Neil Young11968198
1402Neil YoungThe Loner3:53Neil Young21968207
1403Neil YoungIf I Could Have Her Tonight2:22Neil Young31968206
1404Neil YoungI've Been Waiting For You2:34Neil Young41968206
1405Neil YoungThe Old Laughing Lady5:58Neil Young51968198
1406Neil YoungExcerpt from Whiskey Boot Hill1:05Neil Young61968192
1407Neil YoungHere We Are In The Years3:19Neil Young71968197
1408Neil YoungWhat Did You Do To My Life?2:28Neil Young81968213
1409Neil YoungI've Loved Her So Long2:41Neil Young91968191
1410Neil YoungThe Last Trip To Tulsa9:26Neil Young101968206
1411Neil YoungHelpless3:36Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)91996192
1412Neil YoungThe Wayward Wind3:12Old Ways11985181
1413Neil YoungGet Back To The Country2:50Old Ways21985199
1414Neil YoungAre There Any More Real Cowboys?3:03Old Ways31985191
1415Neil YoungOnce An Angel3:55Old Ways41985163
1416Neil YoungMisfits5:07Old Ways51985175
1417Neil YoungCalifornia Sunset2:56Old Ways61985207
1418Neil YoungOld Ways3:08Old Ways71985184
1419Neil YoungMy Boy3:37Old Ways81985183
1420Neil YoungBound For Glory5:48Old Ways91985186
1421Neil YoungWhere Is The Highway Tonight?3:02Old Ways101985177
1422Neil YoungWalk On2:42On The Beach [2003 Remaster]11974204
1423Neil YoungSee The Sky About To Rain5:02On The Beach [2003 Remaster]21974188
1424Neil YoungRevolution Blues4:03On The Beach [2003 Remaster]31974204
1425Neil YoungFor The Turnstiles3:15On The Beach [2003 Remaster]41974193
1426Neil YoungVampire Blues4:14On The Beach [2003 Remaster]51974200
1427Neil YoungOn The Beach6:59On The Beach [2003 Remaster]61974195
1428Neil YoungMotion Pictures4:23On The Beach [2003 Remaster]71974150
1429Neil YoungAmbulance Blues8:56On The Beach [2003 Remaster]81974178
1430Neil YoungPhiladelphia4:06Philadelphia (OST)91994182
1431Neil YoungThe Painter4:36Prairie Wind12005175
1432Neil YoungNo Wonder5:45Prairie Wind22005187
1433Neil YoungFalling Off The Face Of The Earth3:35Prairie Wind32005169
1434Neil YoungFar From Home3:47Prairie Wind42005189
1435Neil YoungIt's A Dream6:31Prairie Wind52005177
1436Neil YoungPrairie Wind7:34Prairie Wind62005192
1437Neil YoungHere For You4:32Prairie Wind72005190
1438Neil YoungThis Old Guitar5:32Prairie Wind82005174
1439Neil YoungHe Was The King6:08Prairie Wind92005184
1440Neil YoungWhen God Made Me4:05Prairie Wind102005170
1441Neil YoungMy My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)3:47Rust Never Sleeps11979206
1442Neil YoungThrasher5:40Rust Never Sleeps21979196
1443Neil YoungRide My Llama2:30Rust Never Sleeps31979192
1444Neil YoungPocahontas3:24Rust Never Sleeps41979209
1445Neil YoungSail Away3:50Rust Never Sleeps51979185
1446Neil YoungPowderfinger5:30Rust Never Sleeps61979200
1447Neil YoungWelfare Mothers3:49Rust Never Sleeps71979199
1448Neil YoungSedan Delivery4:39Rust Never Sleeps81979207
1449Neil YoungHey Hey, My My (Into The Black)5:13Rust Never Sleeps91979196
1450Neil YoungGood To See You2:50Silver & Gold12000183
1451Neil YoungSilver & Gold3:16Silver & Gold22000188
1452Neil YoungDaddy Went Walkin'4:01Silver & Gold32000157
1453Neil YoungBuffalo Springfield Again3:23Silver & Gold42000183
1454Neil YoungThe Great Divide4:34Silver & Gold52000174
1455Neil YoungHorseshoe Man4:00Silver & Gold62000192
1456Neil YoungRed Sun2:48Silver & Gold72000157
1457Neil YoungDistant Camera4:07Silver & Gold82000181
1458Neil YoungRazor Love6:31Silver & Gold92000205
1459Neil YoungWithout Rings3:41Silver & Gold102000153
1460Neil YoungTen Men Workin'6:28This Note's For You11988211
1461Neil YoungThis Note's For You2:06This Note's For You21988203
1462Neil YoungCoupe De Ville4:18This Note's For You31988187
1463Neil YoungLife In The City3:13This Note's For You41988211
1464Neil YoungTwilight5:54This Note's For You51988180
1465Neil YoungMarried Man2:38This Note's For You61988202
1466Neil YoungSunny Inside2:37This Note's For You71988196
1467Neil YoungCan't Believe Your Lyin'2:58This Note's For You81988187
1468Neil YoungHey Hey3:05This Note's For You91988189
1469Neil YoungOne Thing6:01This Note's For You101988178
1470Neil YoungTonight's The Night4:41Tonight's The Night11975181
1471Neil YoungSpeakin' Out4:57Tonight's The Night21975195
1472Neil YoungWorld On A String2:25Tonight's The Night31975206
1473Neil YoungBorrowed Tune3:26Tonight's The Night41975180
1474Neil YoungCome On Baby Let's Go Downtown3:36Tonight's The Night51975182
1475Neil YoungMellow My Mind3:11Tonight's The Night61975188
1476Neil YoungRoll Another Number (For The Road)3:04Tonight's The Night71975190
1477Neil YoungAlbuquerque4:01Tonight's The Night81975188
1478Neil YoungNew Mama2:13Tonight's The Night91975158
1479Neil YoungLookout Joe3:54Tonight's The Night101975194
1480Neil YoungTired Eyes4:33Tonight's The Night111975182
1481Neil YoungTonight's The Night - Part II4:52Tonight's The Night121975186
1482Neil YoungLittle Thing Called Love3:13Trans11983203
1483Neil YoungComputer Age5:24Trans21983191
1484Neil YoungWe R in Control3:31Trans31983187
1485Neil YoungTransformer Man3:23Trans41983177
1486Neil YoungComputer Cowboy4:13Trans51983183
1487Neil YoungHold On to Your Love3:28Trans61983205
1488Neil YoungSample and Hold8:03Trans71983184
1489Neil YoungMr. Soul3:19Trans81983216
1490Neil YoungLike an Inca9:46Trans91983217
1491Neil YoungThe Old Laughing Lady5:15Unplugged11993192
1492Neil YoungMr. Soul3:54Unplugged21993200
1493Neil YoungWorld On A String3:02Unplugged31993196
1494Neil YoungPocahontas5:05Unplugged41993193
1495Neil YoungStringman4:00Unplugged51993196
1496Neil YoungLike A Hurricane4:44Unplugged61993210
1497Neil YoungThe Needle And The Damage Done2:52Unplugged71993202
1498Neil YoungHelpless5:47Unplugged81993195
1499Neil YoungHarvest Moon5:20Unplugged91993207
1500Neil YoungTransformer Man3:36Unplugged101993204
1501Neil YoungUnknown Legend4:46Unplugged111993204
1502Neil YoungLook Out For My Love5:57Unplugged121993212
1503Neil YoungLong May You Run5:21Unplugged131993203
1504Neil YoungFrom Hank To Hendrix5:50Unplugged141993204
1505Neil Young & Crazy HorseBig Time7:26Broken Arrow11996212
1506Neil Young & Crazy HorseLoose Change9:49Broken Arrow21996218
1507Neil Young & Crazy HorseSlip Away8:36Broken Arrow31996230
1508Neil Young & Crazy HorseChanging Highways2:23Broken Arrow41996210
1509Neil Young & Crazy HorseScattered4:13Broken Arrow51996213
1510Neil Young & Crazy HorseThis Town3:01Broken Arrow61996199
1511Neil Young & Crazy HorseMusic Arcade4:01Broken Arrow71996142
1512Neil Young & Crazy HorseBaby What You Want Me To Do8:08Broken Arrow81996210
1513Neil Young & Crazy HorseCinnamon Girl3:00Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere11969213
1514Neil Young & Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere2:28Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere21969217
1515Neil Young & Crazy HorseRound & Round (It Won't Be Long)5:53Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere31969209
1516Neil Young & Crazy HorseDown By The River9:16Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere41969212
1517Neil Young & Crazy HorseThe Losing End (When You're On)4:07Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere51969189
1518Neil Young & Crazy HorseRunning Dry (Requiem For The Rockets)5:36Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere61969211
1519Neil Young & Crazy HorseCowgirl In The Sand10:07Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere71969219
1520Neil Young & Crazy HorseFalling From Above7:27Greendale12003211
1521Neil Young & Crazy HorseDouble E5:18Greendale22003212
1522Neil Young & Crazy HorseDevil's Sidewalk5:18Greendale32003206
1523Neil Young & Crazy HorseLeave The Driving7:14Greendale42003189
1524Neil Young & Crazy HorseCarmichael10:20Greendale52003201
1525Neil Young & Crazy HorseBandit5:12Greendale62003179
1526Neil Young & Crazy HorseGrandpa's Interview12:57Greendale72003213
1527Neil Young & Crazy HorseBringin' Down Dinner3:16Greendale82003204
1528Neil Young & Crazy HorseSun Green12:03Greendale92003215
1529Neil Young & Crazy HorseBe The Rain9:13Greendale102003223
1530Neil Young & Crazy HorseMideaset Vacation4:22Life11987199
1531Neil Young & Crazy HorseLong Walk Home4:56Life21987192
1532Neil Young & Crazy HorseAround The World5:28Life31987201
1533Neil Young & Crazy HorseInca Queen8:01Life41987209
1534Neil Young & Crazy HorseToo Lonely2:49Life51987187
1535Neil Young & Crazy HorsePrisoners Of Rock 'N' Roll3:13Life61987193
1536Neil Young & Crazy HorseCryin' Eyes2:52Life71987209
1537Neil Young & Crazy HorseWhen Your Lonely Heart Breaks5:17Life81987192
1538Neil Young & Crazy HorseWe Never Danced3:38Life91987175
1539Neil Young & Crazy HorseSugar Mountain5:02Live Rust11979201
1540Neil Young & Crazy HorseI Am A Child3:00Live Rust21979198
1541Neil Young & Crazy HorseComes A Time3:15Live Rust31979201
1542Neil Young & Crazy HorseAfter The Gold Rush3:48Live Rust41979173
1543Neil Young & Crazy HorseMy My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)4:11Live Rust51979200
1544Neil Young & Crazy HorseWhen You Dance I Can Really Love3:42Live Rust61979206
1545Neil Young & Crazy HorseThe Loner4:52Live Rust71979213
1546Neil Young & Crazy HorseThe Needle And The Damage Done3:06Live Rust81979191
1547Neil Young & Crazy HorseLotta Love2:51Live Rust91979188
1548Neil Young & Crazy HorseSedan Delivery4:50Live Rust101979208
1549Neil Young & Crazy HorsePowderfinger5:43Live Rust111979205
1550Neil Young & Crazy HorseCortez The Killer6:19Live Rust121979187
1551Neil Young & Crazy HorseCinnamon Girl3:21Live Rust131979209
1552Neil Young & Crazy HorseLike A Hurricane8:02Live Rust141979208
1553Neil Young & Crazy HorseHey Hey, My My (Into The Black)4:37Live Rust151979201
1554Neil Young & Crazy HorseTonnight's The Night7:12Live Rust161979183
1555Neil Young & Crazy HorseCountry Home7:05Ragged Glory11990214
1556Neil Young & Crazy HorseWhite Line2:57Ragged Glory21990203
1557Neil Young & Crazy HorseF*!#in' Up5:55Ragged Glory31990220
1558Neil Young & Crazy HorseOver and Over8:28Ragged Glory41990219
1559Neil Young & Crazy HorseLove to Burn10:00Ragged Glory51990216
1560Neil Young & Crazy HorseFarmer John4:14Ragged Glory61990211
1561Neil Young & Crazy HorseMansion on the Hill4:48Ragged Glory71990223
1562Neil Young & Crazy HorseDays That Used to Be3:42Ragged Glory81990212
1563Neil Young & Crazy HorseLove and Only Love10:18Ragged Glory91990224
1564Neil Young & Crazy HorseMother Earth (Natural Anthem)5:11Ragged Glory101990181
1565Neil Young & Crazy HorseOpera Star3:33Re-ac-tor11981213
1566Neil Young & Crazy HorseSurfer Joe & Moe The Sleaze4:18Re-ac-tor21981209
1567Neil Young & Crazy HorseT-Bone9:15Re-ac-tor31981224
1568Neil Young & Crazy HorseGet Back On It2:17Re-ac-tor41981197
1569Neil Young & Crazy HorseSouthern Pacific4:09Re-ac-tor51981187
1570Neil Young & Crazy HorseMotor City3:13Re-ac-tor61981217
1571Neil Young & Crazy HorseRapid Transit4:38Re-ac-tor71981214
1572Neil Young & Crazy HorseShots7:43Re-ac-tor81981203
1573Neil Young & Crazy HorseRaining In Paradise4:36Re-ac-tor91981177
1574Neil Young & Crazy HorseIf You Got Love3:21Re-ac-tor101981175
1575Neil Young & Crazy HorseMr. Soul5:05Re-ac-tor111981177
1576Neil Young & Crazy HorseBaby What You Want Me To Do6:13Re-ac-tor121981158
1577Neil Young & Crazy HorseSweet Little Rock 'n' Roller8:49Re-ac-tor131981159
1578Neil Young & Crazy HorseMy Heart2:47Sleeps With Angels11994181
1579Neil Young & Crazy HorsePrime Of Life4:05Sleeps With Angels21994190
1580Neil Young & Crazy HorseDriveby4:45Sleeps With Angels31994194
1581Neil Young & Crazy HorseSleeps With Angels2:46Sleeps With Angels41994210
1582Neil Young & Crazy HorseWestern Hero4:00Sleeps With Angels51994185
1583Neil Young & Crazy HorseChange Your Mind14:39Sleeps With Angels61994199
1584Neil Young & Crazy HorseBlue Eden6:25Sleeps With Angels71994200
1585Neil Young & Crazy HorseSafeway Cart6:31Sleeps With Angels81994167
1586Neil Young & Crazy HorseTrain Of Love3:59Sleeps With Angels91994191
1587Neil Young & Crazy HorseTrans Am4:07Sleeps With Angels101994180
1588Neil Young & Crazy HorsePiece Of Crap3:15Sleeps With Angels111994181
1589Neil Young & Crazy HorseA Dream That Can Last5:27Sleeps With Angels121994194
1590Neil Young & Crazy HorseDon't Cry No Tears2:35Zuma11975193
1591Neil Young & Crazy HorseDanger Bird6:54Zuma21975195
1592Neil Young & Crazy HorsePardon My Heart3:47Zuma31975168
1593Neil Young & Crazy HorseLookin' For A Love3:16Zuma41975203
1594Neil Young & Crazy HorseBarstool Blues3:00Zuma51975194
1595Neil Young & Crazy HorseStupid Girl3:12Zuma61975196
1596Neil Young & Crazy HorseDrive Back3:33Zuma71975205
1597Neil Young & Crazy HorseCortez The Killer7:31Zuma81975193
1598Neil Young & Crazy HorseThrough My Sails2:40Zuma91975165
1599Neil Young & The RestlessCocaine Eyes4:26Eldorado (EP)11989183
1600Neil Young & The RestlessDon't Cry5:01Eldorado (EP)21989196
1601Neil Young & The RestlessHeavy Love5:11Eldorado (EP)31989188
1602Neil Young & The RestlessOn Broadway4:58Eldorado (EP)41989202
1603Neil Young & The RestlessEldorado6:04Eldorado (EP)51989199
1604Neil Young & The Shocking PinksBetty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes3:01Everybody's Rockin'11983180
1605Neil Young & The Shocking PinksRainin' In My Heart2:11Everybody's Rockin'21983180
1606Neil Young & The Shocking PinksPayola Blues3:09Everybody's Rockin'31983185
1607Neil Young & The Shocking PinksWonderin'2:59Everybody's Rockin'41983174
1608Neil Young & The Shocking PinksKinda Fonda Wanda1:52Everybody's Rockin'51983187
1609Neil Young & The Shocking PinksJellyroll Man2:00Everybody's Rockin'61983181
1610Neil Young & The Shocking PinksBright Lights, Big City2:18Everybody's Rockin'71983186
1611Neil Young & The Shocking PinksCry, Cry, Cry2:39Everybody's Rockin'81983156
1612Neil Young & The Shocking PinksMystery Train2:47Everybody's Rockin'91983172
1613Neil Young & The Shocking PinksEverybody's Rockin'1:57Everybody's Rockin'101983185
1614NekoLight Emitting Diode3:54   158
1615Neko CaseThings That Scare Me2:30Blacklisted12002191
1616Neko CaseDeep Red Bells4:03Blacklisted22002198
1617Neko CaseOutro With Bees1:35Blacklisted32002178
1618Neko CaseLady Pilot2:26Blacklisted42002173
1619Neko CaseTightly2:16Blacklisted52002182
1620Neko CaseLook for Me (I'll Be Around)3:21Blacklisted62002164
1621Neko CaseStinging Velvet2:55Blacklisted72002192
1622Neko CasePretty Girls3:25Blacklisted82002184
1623Neko CaseI Missed the Point1:52Blacklisted92002189
1624Neko CaseBlacklisted2:22Blacklisted102002197
1625Neko CaseI Wish I Was the Moon3:34Blacklisted112002187
1626Neko CaseRunnin' Out of Fools3:05Blacklisted122002195
1627Neko CaseGhost Wiring3:54Blacklisted132002150
1628Neko CaseOutro With Bees (Reprise)2:24Blacklisted142002191
1629Neko CaseAndy1:40Canadian Amp12001179
1630Neko CaseDreaming Man3:46Canadian Amp22001206
1631Neko CaseKnock Loud3:08Canadian Amp32001198
1632Neko CaseMake Your Bed3:15Canadian Amp42001195
1633Neko CasePoor Ellen Smith2:17Canadian Amp52001194
1634Neko CaseIn California3:29Canadian Amp62001194
1635Neko CaseAlone & Forsaken2:42Canadian Amp72001190
1636Neko CaseFavorite3:17Canadian Amp82001202
1637Neko CaseMargaret vs. Pauline2:52Fox Confessor Brings The Flood12006193
1638Neko CaseStar Witness5:16Fox Confessor Brings The Flood22006209
1639Neko CaseHold On, Hold On2:46Fox Confessor Brings The Flood32006215
1640Neko CaseA Widow's Toast1:36Fox Confessor Brings The Flood42006185
1641Neko CaseThat Teenage Feeling2:42Fox Confessor Brings The Flood52006195
1642Neko CaseFox Confessor Brings the Flood2:42Fox Confessor Brings The Flood62006208
1643Neko CaseJohn Saw That Number4:06Fox Confessor Brings The Flood72006219
1644Neko CaseDirty Knife3:18Fox Confessor Brings The Flood82006184
1645Neko CaseLion's Jaws2:28Fox Confessor Brings The Flood92006195
1646Neko CaseMaybe Sparrow2:37Fox Confessor Brings The Flood102006204
1647Neko CaseAt Last1:35Fox Confessor Brings The Flood112006186
1648Neko CaseThe Needle Has Landed3:45Fox Confessor Brings The Flood122006191
1649Neko CaseSet Out Running3:00Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Bonus Disc)12007183
1650Neko CaseFurnace Room Lullaby2:53Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Bonus Disc)22007174
1651Neko CaseDeep Red Bells4:01Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Bonus Disc)32007200
1652Neko CaseI Wish I Was The Moon3:33Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Bonus Disc)42007188
1653Neko CaseBehind The House (Demo)2:59Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Bonus Disc)52007207
1654Neko CaseThis Tornado Loves You3:21Middle Cyclone12009211
1655Neko CaseThe Next Time You Say Forever1:46Middle Cyclone22009196
1656Neko CasePeople Got A Lotta Nerve2:33Middle Cyclone32009227
1657Neko CasePolar Nettles2:26Middle Cyclone42009193
1658Neko CaseVengeance Is Sleeping3:22Middle Cyclone52009194
1659Neko CaseNever Turn Your Back On Mother Earth2:14Middle Cyclone62009193
1660Neko CaseMiddle Cyclone3:05Middle Cyclone72009191
1661Neko CaseFever3:18Middle Cyclone82009194
1662Neko CaseMagpie To The Morning2:44Middle Cyclone92009199
1663Neko CaseI'm An Animal2:21Middle Cyclone102009186
1664Neko CasePrison Girls5:25Middle Cyclone112009210
1665Neko CaseDon't Forget Me3:09Middle Cyclone122009192
1666Neko CaseThe Pharaohs3:37Middle Cyclone132009200
1667Neko CaseRed Tide2:53Middle Cyclone142009186
1668Neko CaseMarais La Nuit31:39Middle Cyclone152009162
1669Neko CaseIf You Knew2:30The Tigers Have Spoken12004193
1670Neko CaseSoulful Shade Of Blue2:33The Tigers Have Spoken22004215
1671Neko CaseHex4:59The Tigers Have Spoken32004182
1672Neko CaseTrain From Kansas City3:25The Tigers Have Spoken42004200
1673Neko CaseThe Tigers Have Spoken2:41The Tigers Have Spoken52004192
1674Neko CaseBlacklisted2:11The Tigers Have Spoken62004210
1675Neko CaseLoretta2:09The Tigers Have Spoken72004212
1676Neko CaseFavorite3:36The Tigers Have Spoken82004184
1677Neko CaseRated X2:49The Tigers Have Spoken92004225
1678Neko CaseThis Little Light3:00The Tigers Have Spoken102004195
1679Neko CaseWayfaring Stranger3:16The Tigers Have Spoken112004194
1680Neko Case(Untitled)1:07The Tigers Have Spoken122004180
1681Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsSet out Running3:00Furnace Room Lullaby12000183
1682Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsGuided by Wire3:21Furnace Room Lullaby22000192
1683Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsPorchlight3:35Furnace Room Lullaby32000183
1684Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsMood to Burn Bridges2:53Furnace Room Lullaby42000207
1685Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsNo Need to Cry2:16Furnace Room Lullaby52000165
1686Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsTwist the Knife2:34Furnace Room Lullaby62000193
1687Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsThrice All American3:13Furnace Room Lullaby72000191
1688Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsWe've Never Met2:52Furnace Room Lullaby82000169
1689Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsWhip the Blankets2:43Furnace Room Lullaby92000202
1690Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsSouth Tacoma Way4:51Furnace Room Lullaby102000186
1691Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsBought and Sold2:09Furnace Room Lullaby112000192
1692Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsFurnace Room Lullaby2:53Furnace Room Lullaby122000175
1693Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsTimber2:35The Virginian11997199
1694Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsBowling Green2:17The Virginian21997213
1695Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsJettison3:14The Virginian31997180
1696Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsHigh On Cruel2:02The Virginian41997210
1697Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsKaroline2:25The Virginian51997225
1698Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsLonely Old Lies3:34The Virginian61997165
1699Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsHonky Tonk Hiccups2:22The Virginian71997242
1700Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsThe Virginian3:29The Virginian81997201
1701Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsDuchess2:56The Virginian91997205
1702Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsThanks A Lot2:35The Virginian101997221
1703Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsSomebody Led Me Away2:46The Virginian111997174
1704Neko Case & Her BoyfriendsMisfire2:04The Virginian121997220
1705NektarPrelude1:24Journey To The Centre Of The Eye11971207
1706NektarAstronauts Nightmare6:26Journey To The Centre Of The Eye21971209
1707NektarCountenance3:33Journey To The Centre Of The Eye31971207
1708NektarThe Nine Lifeless Daughters Of The Sun2:54Journey To The Centre Of The Eye41971212
1709NektarWarp Oversight4:09Journey To The Centre Of The Eye51971204
1710NektarThe Dream Nebula Part 12:15Journey To The Centre Of The Eye61971213
1711NektarThe Dream Nebula Part 22:26Journey To The Centre Of The Eye71971209
1712NektarIt's All In The Mind3:22Journey To The Centre Of The Eye81971211
1713NektarBurn Out My Eyes7:49Journey To The Centre Of The Eye91971210
1714NektarVoid Of Vision2:02Journey To The Centre Of The Eye101971212
1715NektarPupil Of The Eye2:46Journey To The Centre Of The Eye111971216
1716NektarLook Inside Yourself0:53Journey To The Centre Of The Eye121971209
1717NektarDeath Of The Mind1:55Journey To The Centre Of The Eye131971198
1718NektarQuestions And Answers5:07Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)81996196
1719NellyIntro (feat. Cedric The Entertainer)1:21Country Grammar12000159
1720NellySt. Louie4:27Country Grammar22000213
1721NellyGreed, Hate, Envy4:15Country Grammar32000210
1722NellyCountry Grammar4:47Country Grammar42000178
1723NellySteal the Show (feat. The St. Lunatics)5:27Country Grammar52000198
1724NellyInterlude (feat. Cedric The Entertainer)0:33Country Grammar62000143
1725NellyRide Wit Me (feat. City Spud)4:51Country Grammar72000197
1726NellyE.I.4:45Country Grammar82000176
1727NellyThicky Thick Girl (feat. Murphy Lee and Ali)4:34Country Grammar92000198
1728NellyFor My (feat. Lil Wayne)4:08Country Grammar102000199
1729NellyUtha Side4:33Country Grammar112000212
1730NellyTho Dem Rappas4:08Country Grammar122000203
1731NellyWrap Sumdem (feat. The St. Lunatics)4:15Country Grammar132000205
1732NellyBatter Up (feat. Murphy Lee and Ali)5:27Country Grammar142000202
1733NellyNever Let Em C U Sweat (feat. The Teamsters)4:14Country Grammar152000206
1734NellyLuven Me4:07Country Grammar162000220
1735NellyOutro (feat. Cedric The Entertainer)0:43Country Grammar172000137
1736NellyHot In Herre3:47Hip Hop Classics (Disc 1)22003211
1738NellyGettin' It Started (Skit)1:51Nellyville22002181
1739NellyHot In Herre3:48Nellyville32002196
1740NellyDem Boyz4:34Nellyville42002192
1741NellyOh Nelly4:03Nellyville52002180
1742NellyPimp Juice4:52Nellyville62002188
1743NellyAir Force Ones5:04Nellyville72002195
1744NellyIn The Store (Skit)1:40Nellyville82002176
1745NellyOn The Grind4:45Nellyville92002230
1748NellyWork It4:22Nellyville122002217
1749NellyRoc The Mic (Remix)4:18Nellyville132002189
1750NellyThe Gank4:48Nellyville142002188
1753NellyCg 24:32Nellyville172002181
1754NellySay Now5:42Nellyville182002200
1755NellyFuck It Then (Skit)1:38Nellyville192002174
1756NellyHot In Herre3:48Now That's What I Call Music! 1112002197
1757NellyN Dey Say3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0222005185
1758NellyFly Away4:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1132005153
1759NellyGrillz4:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1252005215
1760Nelly feat. Christina AguileraTilt Ya Head Back4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11192004185
1761Nelly feat. JaheimMy Place4:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0812004195
1762Nelly feat. Jung Tru & King JacobErrtime4:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0412005181
1763Nelly feat. Kyjuan, Ali & Murphy LeeAir Force Ones4:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1232002191
1764Nelly feat. Tim McGrawOver And Over4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1112004195
1765Nelly FurtadoOne-Trick Pony4:47Folklore12003212
1766Nelly FurtadoPowerless (Say What You Want)3:52Folklore22003203
1767Nelly FurtadoExplode3:44Folklore32003236
1768Nelly FurtadoTry4:39Folklore42003204
1769Nelly FurtadoFresh Off The Boat3:16Folklore52003201
1770Nelly FurtadoForça3:40Folklore62003209
1771Nelly FurtadoThe Grass Is Green3:50Folklore72003211
1772Nelly FurtadoPicture Perfect5:16Folklore82003202
1773Nelly FurtadoSaturdays2:05Folklore92003172
1774Nelly FurtadoBuild You Up4:58Folklore102003204
1775Nelly FurtadoIsland Of Wonder3:49Folklore112003191
1776Nelly FurtadoChildhood Dreams6:33Folklore122003203
1777Nelly FurtadoAfraid (featuring Attitude)3:35Loose12006214
1778Nelly FurtadoManeater4:25Loose22006214
1779Nelly FurtadoPromiscuous (featuring Timbaland)4:02Loose32006227
1780Nelly FurtadoGlow4:02Loose42006229
1781Nelly FurtadoShowtime4:15Loose52006214
1782Nelly FurtadoNo Hay Igual3:35Loose62006219
1783Nelly FurtadoTe Busque (featuring Juanes)3:38Loose72006213
1784Nelly FurtadoSay It Right3:43Loose82006214
1785Nelly FurtadoDo It3:41Loose92006245
1786Nelly FurtadoIn God's Hands4:54Loose102006177
1787Nelly FurtadoWait For You5:11Loose112006221
1788Nelly FurtadoAll Good Things (Come To An End)6:11Loose122006184
1789Nelly FurtadoLet My Hair Down3:38Loose132006203
1790Nelly FurtadoSomebody To Love4:56Loose142006230
1791Nelly FurtadoSay It Right3:45Now That's What I Call Music! 2432007213
1792Nelly FurtadoI'm Like A Bird4:03Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)42001233
1793Nelly FurtadoTurn Off The Light4:35Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9112002211
1794Nelly FurtadoTry4:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-04172004207
1795Nelly FurtadoManeater3:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1042006212
1796Nelly FurtadoHey, Man!4:10Whoa, Nelly!12000203
1797Nelly Furtado....On The Radio (Remember the Days)3:54Whoa, Nelly!22000217
1798Nelly FurtadoBaby Girl3:46Whoa, Nelly!32000215
1799Nelly FurtadoLegend3:34Whoa, Nelly!42000187
1800Nelly FurtadoI'm Like A Bird4:03Whoa, Nelly!52000207
1801Nelly FurtadoTurn Off The Light4:36Whoa, Nelly!62000212
1802Nelly FurtadoTrynna Finda Way3:33Whoa, Nelly!72000199
1803Nelly FurtadoParty4:02Whoa, Nelly!82000218
1804Nelly FurtadoWell, Well*3:00Whoa, Nelly!92000203
1805Nelly FurtadoMy Love Grows Deeper Part 14:23Whoa, Nelly!102000198
1806Nelly FurtadoI Will Make U Cry3:59Whoa, Nelly!112000208
1807Nelly FurtadoScared Of You6:09Whoa, Nelly!122000209
1808Nelly FurtadoOnde Estás4:14Whoa, Nelly!132000196
1809Nelly Furtado feat. TimberlandPromiscuous3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0612006232
1810Nelly Furtado ft TimbalandPromiscuous3:41Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 200612006232
1811Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy LeeShake Ya Tailfeather4:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0712003205
1812Nelson(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection3:56After The Rain11990226
1813NelsonI Can Hardly Wait4:23After The Rain21990233
1814NelsonAfter the Rain4:05After The Rain31990222
1815NelsonTracy's Song/Only Time Will Tell5:21After The Rain41990200
1816NelsonMore Than Ever3:30After The Rain51990210
1817Nelson(It's Just) Desire4:26After The Rain61990216
1818NelsonFill You Up4:40After The Rain71990223
1819NelsonInterlude/Everywhere I Go6:37After The Rain81990209
1820NelsonBits and Pieces4:06After The Rain91990217
1821NelsonWill You Love Me?4:21After The Rain101990207
1822Nelson(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection3:52Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)6 217
1823Nelson(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection3:57Teen Riot (Disc 1)132000230
1824Nelson RiddleLisbon Antigua2:37Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)101992180
1825Nelson RiddleRoute 661:10Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)511986199
1826Nelson RiddleThe Untouchables1:05Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)431996161
1827Nelson RiddleEmergency!0:56Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5471996128
1828Nelson RiddleThe Untouchables2:19Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene71996183
1829Nelson RiddleYour Zowie Face2:39Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood181997187
1830Nelson RiddleRoute 66 Theme2:10Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals21993193
1831Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLisbon Antigua2:35Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra11997175
1832Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraTheme From Route 662:11Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra21997204
1833Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraCharade2:50Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra31997201
1834Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraMona Lisa3:06Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra41997201
1835Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraShangri-La2:08Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra51997190
1836Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraRamblin' Rose2:40Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra61997191
1837Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraJava2:28Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra71997197
1838Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraWalkin' My Baby Back Home2:42Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra81997181
1839Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraI Wish You Love2:19Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra91997202
1840Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraI Want To Hold Your Hand2:13Best of Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra101997210
1841Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThe Theme From Route 662:09Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale11996204
1842Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraTheme from Route 662:10Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler71996211
1843Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLisbon Antiqua2:36Your Hit Parade 195616 126
1844Nelson RoddleLisbon Antigua2:37The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)171997128
1845Nelstone's HawaiiansFatal Flower Garden2:58Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 1 (Ballads) (Disc 1)21952128
1846Nena99 Luftballons3:53Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)82002206
1847Nena99 Luftballoons3:52Rock Of The 80's Volume 361992247
1848Neneh CherryKisses On The Wind3:38Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)161989257
1849Neneh CherryBuffalo Stance5:42Raw Like Sushi11989215
1850Neneh CherryManchild3:52Raw Like Sushi21989210
1851Neneh CherryKisses On The Wind3:57Raw Like Sushi31989223
1852Neneh CherryInna City Mamma4:50Raw Like Sushi41989201
1853Neneh CherryThe Next Generation5:05Raw Like Sushi51989209
1854Neneh CherryLove Ghetto4:29Raw Like Sushi61989223
1855Neneh CherryHeart5:09Raw Like Sushi71989225
1856Neneh CherryPhoney Ladies3:54Raw Like Sushi81989205
1857Neneh CherryOutré Risqué Locomotive5:05Raw Like Sushi91989217
1858Neneh CherrySo Here I Come4:03Raw Like Sushi101989219
1859Neneh CherryMy Bitch5:27Raw Like Sushi111989222
1860Neneh CherryHeart (It's A Demo!)4:52Raw Like Sushi121989217
1861Neneh CherryBuffalo Stance (Sukka Mix)5:21Raw Like Sushi131989202
1862Neneh CherryManchild (The Old School Mix)5:31Raw Like Sushi141989213
1863Neneh CherryBuffalo Stance3:50The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)191993209
1864Neneh CherryBuffalo Stance4:07Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two131996228
1865Neo CortexElements4:36Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)92003179
1866Neon PhilharmonicHeighdy-Ho Princess3:21Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)62001209
1867Neon TreesSins Of My Youth3:38Habits12010244
1868Neon TreesLove And Affection3:03Habits22010226
1869Neon TreesAnimal3:32Habits32010225
1870Neon TreesYour Surrender3:40Habits42010233
1871Neon Trees19833:42Habits52010201
1872Neon TreesGirls And Boys In School3:31Habits62010206
1873Neon TreesIn The Next Room3:51Habits72010195
1874Neon TreesOur War4:05Habits82010217
1875Neon TreesAnimal3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0842010228
1876The NervesOne Way Ticket2:10Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)232005209
1877Nervous NorvusTransfusion2:27Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)121991129
1878Nervous NorvusTransfusion2:27The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky31991187
1879Nervous NorvusApe Call2:39Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers151993125
1880Neu!Super 16 (Excerpt)1:06Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST)172003171
1884Neu!Im Glück6:53Neu!41972186
1886Neu!Lieber Honig7:18Neu!61972189
1887Neu!Für Immer (Forever)11:17Neu! 211973208
1888Neu!Spitzenqualität3:35Neu! 221973203
1889Neu!Gedenkminute (Für A + K)2:06Neu! 231973169
1890Neu!Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)4:37Neu! 241973222
1891Neu!Neuschnee 782:32Neu! 251973210
1892Neu!Super 163:39Neu! 261973199
1893Neu!Neuschnee4:07Neu! 271973199
1894Neu!Cassetto1:48Neu! 281973177
1895Neu!Super 781:36Neu! 291973210
1896Neu!Hallo Excentrico!3:44Neu! 2101973199
1897Neu!Super3:11Neu! 2111973216
1898Neu!Isi5:06Neu! '7511975209
1899Neu!Seeland6:54Neu! '7521975208
1900Neu!Leb Wohl8:51Neu! '7531975190
1901Neu!Hero7:11Neu! '7541975209
1902Neu!E-Musik9:57Neu! '7551975203
1903Neu!After Eight4:44Neu! '7561975223
1904NeuroticfishThe Bomb (Single Edit)3:47Bomb (EP)12004226
1905NeuroticfishThe Bomb (Extended)5:56Bomb (EP)22004228
1906NeuroticfishThe Bomb (Dub)4:58Bomb (EP)32004229
1907NeuroticfishThe Bomb (Remix By O. Froning)7:03Bomb (EP)42004224
1908NeuroticfishSuffocating Right (Raw)4:29Bomb (EP)52004222
1909NeuroticfishNo More Ghosts (Unreleased)5:15Bomb (EP)62004228
1910NeuroticfishCare (Greek Symphony Version)4:49Bomb (EP)72004195
1911NeuroticfishAre You Alive?5:26Gelb92005224
1912NeuroticfishWakeMeUp! (Club-Edit)5:15Sushi12001229
1913NeuroticfishWakeMeUp! (JAB-Remix)4:56Sushi22001221
1914NeuroticfishCare (Previously Unreleased)6:11Sushi32001213
1915NeuroticfishRotten (Demo)4:12Sushi42001232
1916NeuroticfishMechanic Of The Sequence (Smooth)4:36Sushi52001228
1917NeuroticfishWakeMeUp! (Recompiled)5:56Sushi62001233
1918NeuroticfishWakeMeUp! (Extended Dance)9:41Sushi72001218
1919NeuroticfishVelocity (Original)5:02Sushi82001220
1920NeuroticfishVelocity (Club-Edit)5:33Sushi92001204
1922NeuroticfishM.F.A.P.L. (Intelligent Tribal Freak Mix)5:23Sushi112001239
1923NeuroticfishAll I Say4:53Sushi122001222
1924NeuroticfishBlack Again V32:27Sushi132001219
1925NeutralChocolate Form4:11Wild Wild West (OST)111999225
1926NeverthelessSleeping In3:55WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)152008226
1927New BirthDream Merchant4:40The Buddah Box (Disc 3)71993196
1928New Boyz feat. Ray JTie Me Down2:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0262010212
1929New Christy MinstrelsGreen, Green2:09Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)71996218
1930The New Christy MinstrelsGreen, Green2:10Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s131993209
1931New Colony SixAt The River's Edge2:39Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)31998162
1932New EditionSupernatural4:34Ghostbusters II (OST)21989202
1933New EditionBoys To Men (Remixed Version)5:49Greatest Hits11991199
1934New EditionIf It Isn't Love5:10Greatest Hits21991223
1935New EditionCan You Stand The Rain4:55Greatest Hits31991199
1936New EditionCount Me Out5:37Greatest Hits41991208
1937New EditionA Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)4:04Greatest Hits51991202
1938New EditionCool It Now5:43Greatest Hits61991179
1939New EditionMr. Telephone Man3:58Greatest Hits71991207
1940New EditionLost In Love4:11Greatest Hits81991158
1941New EditionCandy Girl3:53Greatest Hits91991199
1942New EditionPopcorn Love4:52Greatest Hits101991215
1943New EditionIs This The End4:10Greatest Hits111991194
1944New EditionOh, Yeah, It Feels So Good6:02Home Again11996204
1945New EditionHit Me Off4:21Home Again21996202
1946New EditionYou Don't Have To Worry4:42Home Again31996190
1947New EditionTighten It Up4:00Home Again41996215
1948New EditionShop Around3:28Home Again51996205
1949New EditionHear Me Out5:12Home Again61996213
1950New EditionSomething About You4:47Home Again71996209
1951New EditionTry Again4:24Home Again81996236
1952New EditionHow Do You Like Your Love Served5:32Home Again91996197
1953New EditionOne More Day5:04Home Again101996226
1954New EditionI'm Still In Love With You4:39Home Again111996208
1955New EditionThank You (The J.G. Interlude)2:38Home Again121996191
1956New EditionHome Again6:23Home Again131996214
1957New EditionCool It Now4:10Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)152002183
1958New EditionCandy Girl (Original 12" Vocal Version)7:18Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)32001203
1959New EditionCandy Girl (Long Version)7:20Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 1) [CA]102005207
1960New EditionHit Me Off3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0821996183
1961New EditionCool It Now5:45Teen Riot (Disc 1)72000182
1962New EditionCool It Now4:11Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s131996183
1963New Found GloryEx' Miss3:35A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas102003254
1964New Found GloryAll Downhill From Here3:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-06172004216
1965New Found GloryI Don't Wanna Know3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11132004240
1966New Found GloryIt's Not Your Fault3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09102006232
1967New FoundationsBuild Me Up Buttercup2:54The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)131997193
1968New InspirationRainbow (I Love You)2:41Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)111992197
1969New InspirationI See No Reason Why2:50Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)142001213
1970New Kids on The BlockStep By Step4:2890's Pop Hits (Disc 2)10 214
1971New Kids On The BlockTonight3:27Beat The Heat - Summer 1991171991206
1972New Kids on the BlockYou Got It (The Right Stuff)4:13Hangin' Tough11988180
1973New Kids on the BlockPlease Don't Go Girl4:31Hangin' Tough21988203
1974New Kids on the BlockI'll Be Loving You (Forever)4:27Hangin' Tough31988180
1975New Kids on the BlockCover Girl4:08Hangin' Tough41988190
1976New Kids on the BlockI Need You3:38Hangin' Tough51988181
1977New Kids on the BlockHangin' Tough4:18Hangin' Tough61988201
1978New Kids on the BlockI Remember When4:13Hangin' Tough71988179
1979New Kids on the BlockWhat'cha Gonna Do (About It)3:59Hangin' Tough81988182
1980New Kids on the BlockMy Favorite Girl5:33Hangin' Tough91988191
1981New Kids on the BlockHold On3:39Hangin' Tough101988189
1982New Kids On The BlockI'll Be Loving You (Forever)3:57Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 7)112002233
1983New Kids on the BlockThis One's For The Children3:57Merry, Merry Christmas11995191
1984New Kids on the BlockLast Night I Saw Santa Claus3:31Merry, Merry Christmas21995201
1985New Kids on the BlockI'll Be Missin You Come Christmas (A Letter To Santa)5:06Merry, Merry Christmas31995199
1986New Kids on the BlockI Still Believe In Santa Claus3:24Merry, Merry Christmas41995167
1987New Kids on the BlockMerry, Merry Christmas4:08Merry, Merry Christmas51995186
1988New Kids on the BlockThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Oper Fire)4:18Merry, Merry Christmas61995190
1989New Kids on the BlockFunky, Funky Xmas5:06Merry, Merry Christmas71995204
1990New Kids on the BlockWhite Christmas3:40Merry, Merry Christmas81995181
1991New Kids on the BlockLittle Drummer Boy4:14Merry, Merry Christmas91995212
1992New Kids on the BlockThis One's For The Children1:13Merry, Merry Christmas101995206
1993New Kids on the BlockStop It Girl3:43New Kids on the Block11986208
1994New Kids on the BlockDidn't I Blow Your Mind4:25New Kids on the Block21986185
1995New Kids on the BlockPopsicle4:47New Kids on the Block31986208
1996New Kids on the BlockAngel3:31New Kids on the Block41986193
1997New Kids on the BlockBe My Girl3:55New Kids on the Block51986190
1998New Kids on the BlockNew Kids on the Block3:22New Kids on the Block61986223
1999New Kids on the BlockAre You Down?5:02New Kids on the Block71986214
2000New Kids on the BlockI Wanna Be Loved By You4:56New Kids on the Block81986204
2001New Kids on the BlockDon't Give Up On Me4:45New Kids on the Block91986220
2002New Kids on the BlockTreat Me Right4:17New Kids on the Block101986201
2003New Kids On The Block2 In The Morning3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04182009180
2004New Kids On The BlockLittle Drummer Boy4:14Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)71995215
2005New Kids on the BlockStep By Step4:29Step By Step11990207
2006New Kids on the BlockTonight3:28Step By Step21990204
2007New Kids on the BlockBaby, I Believe In You4:42Step By Step31990202
2008New Kids on the BlockCall It What You Want4:12Step By Step41990210
2009New Kids on the BlockLet's Try It Again3:53Step By Step51990185
2010New Kids on the BlockHappy Birthday2:48Step By Step61990188
2011New Kids on the BlockGames3:29Step By Step71990196
2012New Kids on the BlockTime Is On Our Side3:49Step By Step81990193
2013New Kids on the BlockWhere Do I Go From Here?3:50Step By Step91990189
2014New Kids on the BlockStay With Me Baby4:21Step By Step101990198
2015New Kids on the BlockFunny Feeling3:50Step By Step111990175
2016New Kids on the BlockNever Gonna Fall In Love Again5:08Step By Step121990219
2017New Kids On The BlockYou Got It (The Right Stuff)4:11Teen Riot (Disc 1)12000189
2018New Kids On The BlockStep by Step4:26The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)131999220
2019New Kids On The BlockHangin' Tough3:54Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two121996206
2020New Kids On The BlockTonight3:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)72001205
2021New OrderParadise3:51Brotherhood11986194
2022New OrderWeirdo3:53Brotherhood21986215
2023New OrderAs It Is When It Was3:46Brotherhood31986196
2024New OrderBroken Promise3:47Brotherhood41986201
2025New OrderWay of Life4:06Brotherhood51986199
2026New OrderBizarre Love Triangle4:22Brotherhood61986192
2027New OrderAll Day Long5:12Brotherhood71986207
2028New OrderAngel Dust3:44Brotherhood81986209
2029New OrderEvery Little Counts4:28Brotherhood91986205
2030New OrderState of the Nation6:33Brotherhood101986185
2031New OrderBizarre Love Triangle6:46Generation 80's (Disc 2)102001220
2032New OrderCrystal6:51Get Ready12001239
2033New Order60 Miles An Hour4:34Get Ready22001218
2034New OrderTurn My Way5:05Get Ready32001207
2035New OrderVicious Streak5:40Get Ready42001183
2036New OrderPrimitive Notion5:43Get Ready52001206
2037New OrderSlow Jam4:53Get Ready62001221
2038New OrderRock The Shack4:12Get Ready72001226
2039New OrderSomeone Like You5:42Get Ready82001209
2040New OrderClose Range4:13Get Ready92001238
2041New OrderRun Wild3:57Get Ready102001203
2042New OrderBizarre Love Triangle6:18Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's41997257
2043New OrderLove Vigilantes4:18Low-Life11985211
2044New OrderThe Perfect Kiss4:49Low-Life21985195
2045New OrderThis Time Of Night4:45Low-Life31985200
2046New OrderSunrise6:00Low-Life41985185
2047New OrderElegia4:56Low-Life51985184
2048New OrderSooner Than You Think5:12Low-Life61985192
2049New OrderSub-Culture4:58Low-Life71985182
2050New OrderFace Up5:03Low-Life81985207
2051New OrderDreams Never End3:15Movement11981217
2052New OrderTruth4:39Movement21981229
2053New OrderSenses4:46Movement31981246
2054New OrderChosen Time4:07Movement41981228
2055New OrderICB4:33Movement51981224
2056New OrderThe Him5:30Movement61981222
2057New OrderDoubts Even Here4:19Movement71981219
2058New OrderDenial4:20Movement81981229
2059New OrderAge Of Consent5:15Power, Corruption & Lies11983167
2060New OrderWe All Stand5:14Power, Corruption & Lies21983172
2061New OrderThe Village4:37Power, Corruption & Lies31983179
2062New Order5867:31Power, Corruption & Lies41983183
2063New OrderYour Silent Face6:00Power, Corruption & Lies51983199
2064New OrderUltraviolence4:52Power, Corruption & Lies61983183
2065New OrderEcstasy4:25Power, Corruption & Lies71983168
2066New OrderLeave Me Alone4:41Power, Corruption & Lies81983188
2067New OrderRegret4:08Republic11993227
2068New OrderWorld4:44Republic21993222
2069New OrderRuined in a Day4:22Republic31993195
2070New OrderSpooky4:43Republic41993203
2071New OrderEveryone Everywhere4:24Republic51993229
2072New OrderYoung Offender4:48Republic61993217
2073New OrderLiar4:21Republic71993209
2074New OrderChemical4:10Republic81993228
2075New OrderTimes Change3:52Republic91993198
2076New OrderSpecial4:51Republic101993218
2077New OrderAvalanche3:14Republic111993210
2078New OrderCeremony4:23Substance (Disc 1)11987209
2079New OrderEverything's Gone Green5:30Substance (Disc 1)21987225
2080New OrderTemptation6:59Substance (Disc 1)31987203
2081New OrderBlue Monday7:29Substance (Disc 1)41987208
2082New OrderConfusion4:43Substance (Disc 1)51987209
2083New OrderThieves Like Us6:36Substance (Disc 1)61987189
2084New OrderPerfect Kiss8:02Substance (Disc 1)71987204
2085New OrderSubculture4:48Substance (Disc 1)81987212
2086New OrderShellshock6:28Substance (Disc 1)91987221
2087New OrderState Of The Nation6:32Substance (Disc 1)101987183
2088New OrderBizarre Love Triangle6:44Substance (Disc 1)111987223
2089New OrderTrue Faith5:51Substance (Disc 1)121987208
2090New OrderIn a Lonely Place6:16Substance (Disc 2)11987213
2091New OrderProcession4:28Substance (Disc 2)21987216
2092New OrderMesh3:25Substance (Disc 2)31987235
2093New OrderHurt6:59Substance (Disc 2)41987217
2094New OrderThe Beach7:19Substance (Disc 2)51987187
2095New OrderConfusion Instrumental7:38Substance (Disc 2)61987220
2096New OrderLonesome Tonight5:12Substance (Disc 2)71987204
2097New OrderMurder3:55Substance (Disc 2)81987194
2098New OrderThieves Like Us Instrumental6:57Substance (Disc 2)91987197
2099New OrderKiss of Death7:02Substance (Disc 2)101987207
2100New OrderShame of the Nation7:54Substance (Disc 2)111987232
2101New Order19635:33Substance (Disc 2)121987218
2102New OrderFine Time4:42Technique11989228
2103New OrderAll The Way3:24Technique21989227
2104New OrderLove Less3:04Technique31989205
2105New OrderRound And Round4:31Technique41989223
2106New OrderGuilty Partner4:48Technique51989213
2107New OrderRun4:31Technique61989230
2108New OrderMr. Disco4:21Technique71989218
2109New OrderVanishing Point5:17Technique81989218
2110New OrderDream Attack5:12Technique91989224
2111New OrderRegret4:06The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)211993226
2112New OrderBlue Monday (1988 Remix)7:23The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)71994209
2113New OrderBizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method's CSII Mix)5:32The Crystal Method - Community Service II152005189
2114New OrderWho's Joe5:43Waiting For The Sirens' Call12005236
2115New OrderHey Now What You Doing5:13Waiting For The Sirens' Call22005218
2116New OrderWaiting For The Sirens' Call5:40Waiting For The Sirens' Call32005217
2117New OrderKrafty4:33Waiting For The Sirens' Call42005217
2118New OrderI Told You So5:58Waiting For The Sirens' Call52005214
2119New OrderMorning Night And Day5:09Waiting For The Sirens' Call62005235
2120New OrderDracula's Castle5:38Waiting For The Sirens' Call72005223
2121New OrderJetstream5:21Waiting For The Sirens' Call82005227
2122New OrderGuilt Is A Useless Emotion5:37Waiting For The Sirens' Call92005221
2123New OrderTurn4:33Waiting For The Sirens' Call102005200
2124New OrderWorking Overtime3:27Waiting For The Sirens' Call112005209
2125New RadicalsMother We Just Can't Get Enough5:45Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too11998227
2126New RadicalsYou Get What You Give5:02Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too21998225
2127New RadicalsI Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending6:37Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too31998233
2128New RadicalsI Don't Wanna Die Anymore4:16Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too41998215
2129New RadicalsJehovah Made This Whole Joint For You4:11Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too51998226
2130New RadicalsSomeday We'll Know3:37Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too61998220
2131New RadicalsMaybe You've Been Brainwashed Too5:20Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too71998196
2132New RadicalsIn Need Of A Miracle3:43Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too81998244
2133New RadicalsGotta Stay High3:06Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too91998204
2134New RadicalsTechnicolor Lover3:43Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too101998218
2135New RadicalsFlowers3:51Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too111998227
2136New RadicalsCrying Like A Church On Monday5:02Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too121998201
2137New Riders of the Purple SageKeep On Keepin' On3:35Keep On Keepin' On11989196
2138New Riders of the Purple SageNow I Call It Love2:46Keep On Keepin' On21989191
2139New Riders of the Purple SageIt's O.K. To Cry3:18Keep On Keepin' On31989180
2140New Riders of the Purple SageBounty Hunter4:02Keep On Keepin' On41989169
2141New Riders of the Purple SageBarbaric Splendor3:21Keep On Keepin' On51989187
2142New Riders of the Purple SageSeñorita3:01Keep On Keepin' On61989187
2143New Riders of the Purple SageNight Of The Living Lonely2:58Keep On Keepin' On71989196
2144New Riders of the Purple SageRancher's Daughter3:02Keep On Keepin' On81989195
2145New Riders of the Purple SageBig Ed3:17Keep On Keepin' On91989204
2146New Riders of the Purple SageFriend Of The Devil3:36Keep On Keepin' On101989194
2147New Riders of the Purple SageI Don't Know You2:28New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]11971221
2148New Riders of the Purple SageWhatcha Gonna Do3:17New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]21971214
2149New Riders of the Purple SagePortland Woman3:40New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]31971206
2150New Riders of the Purple SageHenry2:37New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]41971213
2151New Riders of the Purple SageDirty Business8:19New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]51971202
2152New Riders of the Purple SageGlendale Train3:01New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]61971209
2153New Riders of the Purple SageGarden Of Eden4:37New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]71971200
2154New Riders of the Purple SageAll I Ever Wanted4:39New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]81971201
2155New Riders of the Purple SageLast Lonely Eagle5:14New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]91971193
2156New Riders of the Purple SageLouisiana Lady3:09New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]101971210
2157New Riders of the Purple SageDown In Boondocks [Live]4:03New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]111971191
2158New Riders of the Purple SageThe Weight [Live]7:36New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]121971189
2159New Riders of the Purple SageSuperman [Live]4:04New Riders of the Purple Sage [2003 Remaster]131971190
2160New Riders of the Purple SageHenry2:37Wasted Tasters 1971-7512001208
2161New Riders of the Purple SageGlendale Train3:02Wasted Tasters 1971-7522001209
2162New Riders of the Purple SageLousiana Lady3:04Wasted Tasters 1971-7532001219
2163New Riders of the Purple SageI Don't Know You2:28Wasted Tasters 1971-7542001210
2164New Riders of the Purple SageLast Lonely Eagle5:13Wasted Tasters 1971-7552001193
2165New Riders of the Purple SageI Don't Need No Doctor3:07Wasted Tasters 1971-7562001204
2166New Riders of the Purple SageContact3:19Wasted Tasters 1971-7572001220
2167New Riders of the Purple SageRainbow3:04Wasted Tasters 1971-7582001200
2168New Riders of the Purple SageSweet Lovin' One2:57Wasted Tasters 1971-7592001201
2169New Riders of the Purple SageDim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud Loud Music)4:18Wasted Tasters 1971-75102001190
2170New Riders of the Purple SageShe's No Angel2:52Wasted Tasters 1971-75112001202
2171New Riders of the Purple SageGypsy Cowboy4:15Wasted Tasters 1971-75122001201
2172New Riders of the Purple SageSutters Mill1:52Wasted Tasters 1971-75132001198
2173New Riders of the Purple SageSailin'2:49Wasted Tasters 1971-75142001217
2174New Riders of the Purple SagePanama Red2:49Wasted Tasters 1971-75152001231
2175New Riders of the Purple SageLonesome L.A. Cowboy4:05Wasted Tasters 1971-75162001220
2176New Riders of the Purple SageKick In The Head2:32Wasted Tasters 1971-75172001232
2177New Riders of the Purple SageTeardrops In My Eye2:16Wasted Tasters 1971-75182001233
2178New Riders of the Purple SageHello Mary Lou2:56Wasted Tasters 1971-75192001202
2179New Riders of the Purple SageDead Flowers4:03Wasted Tasters 1971-75202001212
2180New Riders of the Purple SageYou Angel You2:42Wasted Tasters 1971-75212001194
2181New Riders of the Purple SageSinging Cowboy3:55Wasted Tasters 1971-75222001191
2182New Riders of the Purple SageI Heard You Layin' My Old Lady3:23Wasted Tasters 1971-75232001215
2183New Riders of the Purple SageFarewell Angelina2:40Wasted Tasters 1971-75242001201
2184The New SeekersI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing2:2370s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)22005193
2185The New SeekersBeg, Steal or Borrow2:44Back to the 70's! (Disc 1)4 192
2186The New SeekersCircles3:36Back to the 70's! (Disc 2)6 204
2187The New SeekersI'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)2:31Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)7 199
2188New SeekersI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)2:24Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 1)112007195
2189The New SeekersFree to Be... You and Me3:14Free to Be... You and Me11972203
2190The New SeekersFree to Be... You and Me (Reprise)0:33Free to Be... You and Me191972203
2191The New SeekersI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing2:24Perfect Harmony1 183
2192The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow2:48Perfect Harmony2 215
2193The New SeekersNever Ending Song Of Love3:11Perfect Harmony3 191
2194The New SeekersBlowin' In The Wind4:13Perfect Harmony4 208
2195The New SeekersHere, There And Everywhere2:27Perfect Harmony5 174
2196The New SeekersCircles4:03Perfect Harmony6 206
2197The New SeekersPinball Wizzard/See Me Feel Me3:22Perfect Harmony7 192
2198The New SeekersYou Won't Find Another Fool Like Me3:19Perfect Harmony8 214
2199The New SeekersGentle On My Mind2:33Perfect Harmony9 195
2200The New SeekersI Get A Little Sentimental Over You2:58Perfect Harmony10 199
2201The New SeekersCome Softly To Me2:14Perfect Harmony11 176
2202The New SeekersYour Song3:23Perfect Harmony12 205
2203The New SeekersUnwithered Rose4:53Perfect Harmony13 195
2204The New SeekersSing Hallalujah3:09Perfect Harmony14 186
2205The New SeekersBeg Steal Or Borrow2:47Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)92000210
2206The New SeekersPinball Wizard + See Me, Feel Me3:19Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6172003187
2207New Vaudeville BandWinchester Cathedral2:26AM Gold: 1966191995126
2208New Vaudeville BandWinchester Cathedral2:25Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)121992199
2209The New Vaudeville BandWinchester Cathedral2:27Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)4 127
2210New WorldTom Tom Turn Around3:16100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)101997196
2211New World SymphonyWonder Woman1:42All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)452005126
2212New York CityI'm Doin' Fine Now2:44Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)62001204
2213New York CityI'm Doin' Fine Now2:50Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)111992194
2214New York CityI'm Doing Fine Now2:33Disco Fever (Disc 3)71997149
2215New York CityI'm Doin' Fine Now2:47One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)92001216
2216New York Community ChoirI'll Keep My Light In My Window (New Re-mixed Disco Version)6:00Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 2)22001222
2217New York DollsPersonality Crisis3:43New York Dolls11973202
2218New York DollsLooking For A Kiss3:20New York Dolls21973206
2219New York DollsVietnamese Baby3:39New York Dolls31973201
2220New York DollsLonely Planet Boy4:10New York Dolls41973191
2221New York DollsFrankenstein (Orig.)6:00New York Dolls51973201
2222New York DollsTrash3:09New York Dolls61973191
2223New York DollsBad Girl3:05New York Dolls71973204
2224New York DollsSubway Train4:22New York Dolls81973193
2225New York DollsPills2:49New York Dolls91973199
2226New York DollsPrivate World3:40New York Dolls101973205
2227New York DollsJet Boy4:40New York Dolls111973200
2228The NewbeatsBread And Butter1:59Classic Rock - 196415 197
2229The NewbeatsRun, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms)3:00Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind141965205
2230The NewbeatsBread And Butter1:52The Rock Box (Disc 2)18 191
2231NewcleusJam On It3:48Booty Jams91998234
2232NewcleusJam on Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)5:44Electro Breakdance (Disc 2)142002213
2233NewcleusJam on It (Original 12" Mix)7:57Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)102001231
2234NewcleusJam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)5:06Old Skool Hip Hop (Disc 2)152002211
2235NewsboysHe Reigns4:55Adoration: The Worship Album12003226
2236NewsboysYou Are My King (Amazing Love)4:31Adoration: The Worship Album22003215
2237NewsboysGreat Is Your Faithfulness3:17Adoration: The Worship Album32003223
2238NewsboysTake My Hands (Praises)4:22Adoration: The Worship Album42003213
2239NewsboysAdoration4:22Adoration: The Worship Album52003227
2240NewsboysIn Christ Alone4:17Adoration: The Worship Album62003213
2241NewsboysLord (I Don't Know)4:24Adoration: The Worship Album72003224
2242NewsboysIt Is You6:18Adoration: The Worship Album82003216
2243NewsboysFather, Blessed Father3:59Adoration: The Worship Album92003229
2244NewsboysHallelujah3:16Adoration: The Worship Album102003213
2245NewsboysKingdom Man3:06Boys Will Be Boyz11992187
2246NewsboysYou And Me3:15Boys Will Be Boyz21992213
2247NewsboysOne Heart4:41Boys Will Be Boyz31992208
2248NewsboysTurn3:28Boys Will Be Boyz41992221
2249NewsboysPrecious Love5:45Boys Will Be Boyz51992202
2250NewsboysTaste And See3:02Boys Will Be Boyz61992195
2251NewsboysNot Stand Silent2:30Boys Will Be Boyz71992206
2252NewsboysSing Aloud3:07Boys Will Be Boyz81992192
2253NewsboysStay With Me5:19Boys Will Be Boyz91992214
2254NewsboysIsrael2:52Boys Will Be Boyz101992211
2255NewsboysTaste And See3:28Boys Will Be Boyz111992228
2256NewsboysWherever We Go3:27Go12006244
2258NewsboysSomething Beautiful3:51Go32006221
2259NewsboysThe Mission3:40Go42006234
2260NewsboysLet It All Come Out4:20Go52006228
2261NewsboysIn Wonder4:12Go62006227
2262NewsboysYour Love Is Better Than Life3:39Go72006219
2263NewsboysI Am Free3:36Go82006246
2264NewsboysSecret Kingdom3:21Go92006256
2265NewsboysThe Letter3:22Go102006230
2266NewsboysGonna Be Alright3:33Go112006192
2267NewsboysReal Good Thing2:53Going Public11994191
2268NewsboysShine3:42Going Public21994195
2269NewsboysSpirit Thing3:27Going Public31994201
2270NewsboysLet It Rain4:18Going Public41994194
2271NewsboysGoing Public3:30Going Public51994206
2272NewsboysTruth And Consequences2:58Going Public61994183
2273NewsboysLights Out3:08Going Public71994209
2274NewsboysBe Still3:19Going Public81994176
2275NewsboysWhen You Called My Name4:02Going Public91994181
2276NewsboysElle G.5:12Going Public101994204
2277NewsboysBeautiful Sound3:46Love Liberty Disco11999222
2278NewsboysLove Liberty Disco3:45Love Liberty Disco21999230
2279NewsboysForever Man3:13Love Liberty Disco31999233
2280NewsboysGood Stuff2:59Love Liberty Disco41999227
2281NewsboysEveryone's Someone5:14Love Liberty Disco51999223
2282NewsboysSay You Need Love3:18Love Liberty Disco61999239
2283NewsboysI Would Give Everything3:22Love Liberty Disco71999220
2284NewsboysBreak3:20Love Liberty Disco81999220
2285NewsboysI Surrender All4:12Love Liberty Disco91999203
2286NewsboysFall on You2:30Love Liberty Disco101999208
2287NewsboysI Cannot Get You Out of My System3:18Not Ashamed11992235
2288NewsboysI'm Not Ashamed3:52Not Ashamed21992237
2289NewsboysWhere You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus5:32Not Ashamed31992211
2290NewsboysUpon This Rock4:39Not Ashamed41992203
2291NewsboysStrong Love4:02Not Ashamed51992200
2292NewsboysDear Shame3:50Not Ashamed61992229
2293NewsboysBoycott Hell3:41Not Ashamed71992240
2294NewsboysWe Come Together4:36Not Ashamed81992233
2295NewsboysLove Comes True3:31Not Ashamed91992235
2296NewsboysLost the Sky Again5:05Not Ashamed101992242
2297The NewsboysWoo Hoo2:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07191998235
2298NewsboysSomething Beautiful3:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-06112007217
2299NewsboysWoohoo3:15Step Up To The Microphone11998237
2300NewsboysStep Up To The Microphone3:43Step Up To The Microphone21998213
2301NewsboysEntertaining Angels4:19Step Up To The Microphone31998216
2302NewsboysBelieve4:33Step Up To The Microphone41998215
2303NewsboysTuning In4:17Step Up To The Microphone51998206
2304NewsboysTruth Be Known-Everybody Gets A Shot4:00Step Up To The Microphone61998223
2305NewsboysDeep End4:05Step Up To The Microphone71998222
2306NewsboysHallelujah3:55Step Up To The Microphone81998236
2307NewsboysThe Tide5:00Step Up To The Microphone91998189
2308NewsboysAlways5:01Step Up To The Microphone101998185
2309NewsboysGod Is Not A Secret3:09Take Me To Your Leader11996216
2310NewsboysTake Me To Your Leader2:58Take Me To Your Leader21996234
2311NewsboysBreathe3:15Take Me To Your Leader31996209
2312NewsboysReality3:08Take Me To Your Leader41996215
2313NewsboysBreakfast3:40Take Me To Your Leader51996216
2314NewsboysLet It Go3:38Take Me To Your Leader61996209
2315NewsboysCup O' Tea2:40Take Me To Your Leader71996232
2316NewsboysIt's All Who You Know3:11Take Me To Your Leader81996226
2317NewsboysMiracle Child3:10Take Me To Your Leader91996210
2318NewsboysLost the Plot4:56Take Me To Your Leader101996196
2319NewsboysBreathe3:15Take Me To Your Leader111996192
2320NewsboysGiving It Over3:47Thrive12002239
2321NewsboysLive in Stereo3:06Thrive22002247
2322NewsboysMillion Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)4:14Thrive32002218
2325NewsboysIt Is You4:22Thrive62002228
2327NewsboysThe Fad of the Land3:18Thrive82002238
2328NewsboysJohn Woo3:09Thrive92002238
2329NewsboysLord (I Don't Know)3:46Thrive102002218
2330NewsboysHe Reigns4:56WOW #1s (Gray Disc)72005227
2331NewsboysShine3:41WOW 1996 (Disc 2)101995191
2332NewsboysTake Me to Your Leader2:59WOW 1997 (Disc 1)111996228
2333NewsboysReality3:08WOW 1998 (Red Disc)101997218
2334NewsboysEntertaining Angels4:18WOW 1999 (Green Disc)21998224
2335NewsboysLove Liberty Disco3:43WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)31999226
2336NewsboysBeautiful Sound3:47WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)42000217
2337NewsboysJoy4:09WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)12001225
2338NewsboysIt Is You4:23WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)32002226
2339NewsboysHe Reigns4:55WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)12003226
2340NewsboysYou Are My King (Amazing Love)4:30WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)42004213
2341NewsboysPrescence (My Heart's Desire)3:56WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)82005232
2342NewsboysI'm Free3:57WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)142006230
2343NewsboysSomething Beautiful3:51WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)32007217
2344NewsboysIn the Hands of God4:17WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)62009237
2345NewsongThe Christmas Shoes4:51WOW Christmas (Green Disc)72005191
2346NewsongDefining Moment4:31WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)152002218
2347NextToo Close4:21Absolute Body & Soul (Disc 2)22003203
2348NextToo Close4:18Monsta Jamz22002205
2349NextIntro0:57Rated Next11997199
2350NextToo Close4:19Rated Next21997204
2351NextButta Love4:56Rated Next31997202
2352NextMy Place2:19Rated Next41997190
2353NextCozy4:11Rated Next51997192
2354NextPenetration4:32Rated Next61997184
2355NextYou Are My High2:07Rated Next71997167
2356NextI Still Love You4:14Rated Next81997203
2357NextStop, Drop & Roll5:05Rated Next91997202
2358NextRepresent Me4:31Rated Next101997180
2359NextNext Experience5:00Rated Next111997187
2360NextProblems3:48Rated Next121997175
2361NextDo You Think About Me5:43Rated Next131997183
2362NextAdmit The Rat1:57Rated Next141997195
2363NextSexitude4:34Rated Next151997195
2364NextTaste So Good5:13Rated Next161997194
2365NextPhone Sex5:21Rated Next171997197
2366NextRock On3:57Rated Next181997203
2367NextWelcome II Nextasy1:07Welcome II Nextasy12000221
2368NextWhat U Want (feat Beanie Sigel)4:19Welcome II Nextasy22000193
2369NextWifey4:03Welcome II Nextasy32000217
2370NextCybersex4:56Welcome II Nextasy42000208
2371NextBeauty Queen3:53Welcome II Nextasy52000213
2372NextWhen We Kiss5:07Welcome II Nextasy62000201
2373NextJerk (feat 50 Cent)3:45Welcome II Nextasy72000205
2374NextCall On Me4:38Welcome II Nextasy82000216
2375NextShorty4:19Welcome II Nextasy92000210
2376NextMinnesnowta (Interlude)0:37Welcome II Nextasy102000194
2377NextLet's Make A Movie4:49Welcome II Nextasy112000217
2378NextMy Everything4:00Welcome II Nextasy122000204
2379NextSplash5:05Welcome II Nextasy132000231
2380NextBanned From TV4:00Welcome II Nextasy142000192
2381NextOh No No (feat Red Rat & Renee Neufville)8:59Welcome II Nextasy152000195
2382Next EvidenceLil' Brothers4:47French Fried Funk81998203
2383Ne-YoHome4:25Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)162006187
2384Ne-YoBecause Of You4:27Now That's What I Call Music 67 [UK] (Disc 1)192007235
2385Ne-YoBecause of You3:45Now That's What I Call Music! 2582007173
2386Ne-YoDo You3:47Nu Music Traxx Vol. 213 June 200792007195
2387Ne-YoBecause Of You [Sunfreakz Remix Edit]3:28Nu Music Traxx Vol. 216 August 2007102007223
2388Ne-YoCan We Chill3:48Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 200772007183
2389Ne-YoSo Sick3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-12142005168
2390Ne-YoWhen You're Mad (PO Clean Edit)3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-04102006209
2391Ne-YoSexy Love3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0752006189
2392Ne-YoBecause Of You3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0382007172
2393Ne-YoBeautiful Monster4:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0772010163
2394Nia PeeplesStreet Of Dreams4:25Awesome Hits71992240
2395NiacinHigh Bias6:06High Bias11998218
2396NiacinBirdland6:34High Bias21998221
2397NiacinSlapped Silly4:49High Bias31998220
2398NiacinMontuno6:25High Bias41998215
2399NiacinRevenge8:15High Bias51998203
2400NiacinCool To The Touch6:08High Bias61998207
2401NiacinDarkside4:26High Bias71998213
2402NiacinIt's The Little Things5:27High Bias81998203
2403NiacinSoul Diversion5:03High Bias91998229
2404NiacinWho Cares If It's Raining4:17High Bias101998214
2405NiacinHang Me Upside Down11:30High Bias111998204
2406Niamh ParsonsRambling Irishman3:34The Essential Celtic Woman Collection (Disc 1)92005167
2407Niamh ParsonsJohn O'Dreams3:45The Essential Celtic Woman Collection (Disc 2)122005153
2408The NiceDaddy, Where Did I Come From?3:44Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]11968197
2409The NiceLittle Arabella4:16Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]21968203
2410The NiceHappy Freuds3:27Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]31968141
2411The NiceIntermezzo From The Karelia Suite8:57Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]41968197
2412The NiceDon Edito El Gruva0:14Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]51968164
2413The NicePrelude1:49Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]61968205
2414The Nice1st Movement Awakening4:01Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]71968198
2415The Nice2nd Movement Realisation4:31Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]81968208
2416The Nice3rd Movement Acceptance "Brandenburger"4:46Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]91968207
2417The Nice4th Movement Denial3:23Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]101968200
2418The NiceCoda - Extension To The Big Note0:54Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]111968181
2419The NiceAcceptance Brandenburger (3rd Movement)4:26Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]121968203
2420The NiceHappy Freuds3:27Ars Longa Vita Brevis [Remastered]131968128
2421The NiceHang on to a Dream12:43Elegy [1990 Reissue]11971202
2422The NiceMy Back Pages9:10Elegy [1990 Reissue]21971225
2423The Nice3rd Movement7:04Elegy [1990 Reissue]31971221
2424The NiceAmerica10:17Elegy [1990 Reissue]41971227
2425The NiceDiamond - Hard Blue Apples of the Moon2:45Elegy [1990 Reissue]51971188
2426The NiceDawn5:05Elegy [1990 Reissue]61971203
2427The NiceTantalising Maggie4:20Elegy [1990 Reissue]71971223
2428The NiceCry of Eugene4:31Elegy [1990 Reissue]81971212
2429The NiceDaddy Where Did I Come From?2:46Elegy [1990 Reissue]91971201
2430The NiceAzirial3:46Elegy [1990 Reissue]101971200
2431The NiceFantasia 1st Bridge/2nd Bridge2:41Five Bridges11969189
2432The NiceChorale 3rd Bridge3:27Five Bridges21969184
2433The NiceHigh Level Fugue 4th Bridge4:01Five Bridges31969206
2434The NiceFinale 5th Bridge7:58Five Bridges41969200
2435The NiceIntermezzo Karelia Suite9:01Five Bridges51969201
2436The NicePathetique (Symphony No. 6 3rd Movement)9:22Five Bridges61969201
2437The NiceCounty Pie/Brandenburg Concerto No. 65:40Five Bridges71969206
2438The NiceOne of Those People3:08Five Bridges81969188
2439The NiceThe Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack4:12Five Bridges91969185
2440The NiceFlower King of Flies3:35Five Bridges101969157
2441The NiceBonnie K3:19Five Bridges111969153
2442The NiceDiary of an Empty Day3:58Five Bridges121969135
2443The NiceAmerica6:06Five Bridges131969193
2444The NiceHang On To A Dream4:49Intermezzo11989205
2445The NiceTantalising Maggie4:25Intermezzo21989162
2446The NiceRondo8:24Intermezzo31989216
2447The NiceThe Cry Of The Eugene4:33Intermezzo41989205
2448The NiceThe Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack2:49Intermezzo51989206
2449The NiceIntermezzo From Karellia9:13Intermezzo61989197
2450The NiceThe Diamond Hard Apples Of The Moon2:50Intermezzo71989187
2451The NiceLittle Arabella4:18Intermezzo81989210
2452The NiceAmerica 1 A (Adapted From West Side Story)6:20Intermezzo91989181
2453The NiceFive Bridges Suite18:13Keith Emerson With The Nice11970203
2454The NiceIntermezzo "Karella Suite"9:01Keith Emerson With The Nice21970199
2455The Nice"Pathetique" Symphony No. 6, 3rd Movement9:27Keith Emerson With The Nice31970203
2456The NiceHang On To A Dream12:42Keith Emerson With The Nice41970205
2457The NiceAmerica10:21Keith Emerson With The Nice51970215
2458The NiceMy Back Pages9:12Keith Emerson With The Nice61970197
2459The NiceAzrael Revisited5:56Nice11969192
2460The NiceHang On To A Dream4:46Nice21969193
2461The NiceDiary Of An Empty Day3:58Nice31969206
2462The NiceFor Example8:56Nice41969206
2463The NiceRondo (69)7:54Nice51969219
2464The NiceShe Belongs To Me12:15Nice61969212
2465The NiceAmerica6:18Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)11996225
2466The NiceFlower King of Flies3:20The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]11967209
2467The NiceThe Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack2:49The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]21967216
2468The NiceBonnie K3:24The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]31967209
2469The NiceRondo8:22The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]41967214
2470The NiceWar and Peace5:14The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]51967221
2471The NiceTantalising Maggie4:35The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]61967231
2472The NiceDawn5:17The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]71967212
2473The NiceThe Cry of Eugene4:41The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]81967215
2474The NiceThe Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack (Single A side)2:49The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]91967127
2475The NiceAzrial (Angel of death) (Single B side)3:44The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]101967128
2476The NiceThe Diamond-hard Blues Apples of the Moon (Single B side)2:47The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Remastered]111967126
2477Nice & SmoothHip Hop Junkies3:26Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)121995173
2478Nice & SmoothSometimes I Rhyme Slow2:50Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)111995173
2479Nice & WildDiamond Girl4:21Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's151997257
2480Nice & WildDiamond Girl (Vocal Disco Version)5:51Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]102004239
2481Nichole NordemanBrave4:15Brave12005210
2482Nichole NordemanWhat If4:43Brave22005225
2483Nichole NordemanSomeday4:49Brave32005218
2484Nichole NordemanReal To Me3:47Brave42005229
2485Nichole NordemanCrimson2:58Brave52005180
2486Nichole NordemanHold On5:47Brave62005202
2487Nichole NordemanLay It Down3:44Brave72005218
2488Nichole NordemanNo More Chains4:51Brave82005231
2489Nichole NordemanGotta Serve Somebody3:59Brave92005208
2490Nichole NordemanLive4:11Brave102005217
2491Nichole NordemanWe Build5:05Brave112005177
2492Nichole NordemanThis Mystery4:35This Mystery12000196
2493Nichole NordemanTremble4:11This Mystery22000187
2494Nichole NordemanFool for You4:12This Mystery32000205
2495Nichole NordemanHelp Me Believe4:53This Mystery42000183
2496Nichole NordemanSmall Enough (featuring Fernando Ortega)4:16This Mystery52000170
2497Nichole NordemanLookin' at You (Lookin' at Me)3:36This Mystery62000212
2498Nichole NordemanAs3:48This Mystery72000205
2499Nichole NordemanHome4:31This Mystery82000206
2500Nichole NordemanPlease Come4:25This Mystery92000190
2501Nichole NordemanEvery Season4:06This Mystery102000170
2502Nichole NordemanWhy (Live Recording)6:02This Mystery112000161
2503Nichole NordemanHoly3:20Woven & Spun12002235
2504Nichole NordemanMercies New4:24Woven & Spun22002213
2505Nichole NordemanHealed4:12Woven & Spun32002219
2506Nichole NordemanLegacy3:45Woven & Spun42002223
2507Nichole NordemanI Am5:28Woven & Spun52002184
2508Nichole NordemanIn Your Eyes4:23Woven & Spun62002219
2509Nichole NordemanEven Then4:05Woven & Spun72002223
2510Nichole NordemanNever Loved You More3:44Woven & Spun82002217
2511Nichole NordemanTake Me As I Am4:29Woven & Spun92002234
2512Nichole NordemanDoxology0:40Woven & Spun102002151
2513Nichole NordemanMy Offering5:16Woven & Spun112002210
2514Nichole NordemanGratitude4:39Woven & Spun122002195
2515Nichole NordemanHoly3:22WOW #1s (Blue Disc)22005236
2516Nichole NordemanTo Know You9:30WOW 1999 (Green Disc)161998199
2517Nichole NordemanEvery Season4:03WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)92000171
2518Nichole NordemanHoly3:19WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)102002235
2519Nichole NordemanLegacy3:44WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)102003222
2520Nichole NordemanBrave4:13WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)32005210
2521Nichole NordemanWhat If4:42WOW Hits 2007 (Blue Disc)102006224
2522Nick (of Paws For Effect)I Don't Know Why2:24  2009128
2523Nick Cannon feat. IzzyDime Piece (PO Clean Edit)3:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-05182006152
2524Nick Cannon feat. R. KellyGigolo3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-02142004193
2525Nick CarterDo I Have To Cry For You3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12112002187
2526Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPeople Ain't No Good5:39Shrek 2 (OST)112004181
2527Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds With Kylie MinogueWhere The Wild Roses Grow3:56Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)82000195
2528Nick DrakeIntroduction1:32Bryter Layter11970179
2529Nick DrakeHazy Jane II3:46Bryter Layter21970186
2530Nick DrakeAt The Chime Of A City Clock4:45Bryter Layter31970182
2531Nick DrakeOne Of These Things First4:51Bryter Layter41970182
2532Nick DrakeHazey Jane I4:29Bryter Layter51970182
2533Nick DrakeBryter Layter3:22Bryter Layter61970188
2534Nick DrakeFly3:00Bryter Layter71970177
2535Nick DrakePoor Boy6:09Bryter Layter81970184
2536Nick DrakeNorthern Sky3:45Bryter Layter91970188
2537Nick DrakeSunday3:43Bryter Layter101970185
2538Nick DrakeTime Has Told Me4:27Five Leaves Left11969181
2539Nick DrakeRiver Man4:22Five Leaves Left21969176
2540Nick DrakeThree Hours6:15Five Leaves Left31969193
2541Nick DrakeWay To Blue3:11Five Leaves Left41969198
2542Nick DrakeDay Is Done2:28Five Leaves Left51969182
2543Nick Drake'Cello Song4:48Five Leaves Left61969193
2544Nick DrakeThe Thoughts Of Mary Jane3:22Five Leaves Left71969183
2545Nick DrakeMan In A Shed3:55Five Leaves Left81969201
2546Nick DrakeFruit Tree4:49Five Leaves Left91969174
2547Nick DrakeSaturday Sun4:05Five Leaves Left101969185
2548Nick DrakePink Moon2:05Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]11972197
2549Nick DrakePlace to Be2:43Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]21972196
2550Nick DrakeRoad2:02Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]31972196
2551Nick DrakeWhich Will2:58Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]41972187
2552Nick DrakeHorn1:23Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]51972179
2553Nick DrakeThings Behind the Sun3:57Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]61972195
2554Nick DrakeKnow2:25Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]71972187
2555Nick DrakeParasite3:36Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]81972193
2556Nick DrakeFree Ride3:06Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]91972189
2557Nick DrakeHarvest Breed1:37Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]101972190
2558Nick DrakeFrom the Morning2:30Pink Moon [2000 Remaster]111972194
2559Nick GilderHot Child In The City3:09Billboard Top Hits: 197821978187
2560Nick GilderHot Child In The City3:10Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2221993234
2561Nick HeywardWhistle Down The Wind3:43The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)13 216
2562Nick KamenEach Time You Break My Heart4:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)92001211
2563Nick KamenI Promised Myself3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)92001173
2564Nick LacheyWhat's Left Of Me4:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0442006230
2565Nick LacheyI Can't Hate You Anymore3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-08212006223
2566Nick LacheyResolution3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-01122007233
2567Nick LoweHeart Of The City2:02Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)3 185
2568Nick Lowe(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding3:34Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)12009220
2569Nick LoweSo It Goes2:33Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)22009201
2570Nick LoweHeart of the City2:08Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)32009159
2571Nick LoweEndless Sleep4:09Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)42009188
2572Nick LoweMarie Provost2:48Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)52009204
2573Nick LoweI Love the Sound of Breaking Glass3:14Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)62009205
2574Nick LoweCracking Up2:58Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)72009218
2575Nick LoweAmerican Squirm2:31Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)82009234
2576Nick LoweCruel to Be Kind3:29Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)92009225
2577Nick LoweWithout Love2:29Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)102009196
2578Nick LoweYou Make Me1:49Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)112009167
2579Nick LoweWhen I Write the Book3:17Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)122009214
2580Nick LowePlay That Fast Thing (One More Time)4:13Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)132009209
2581Nick LoweBurning2:03Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)142009236
2582Nick LoweHeart3:42Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)152009200
2583Nick LoweRaining Raining2:47Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)162009211
2584Nick LoweRagin' Eyes2:41Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)172009192
2585Nick LoweMess Around With Love3:06Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)182009200
2586Nick LoweWish You Were Here3:15Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)192009203
2587Nick LoweL.A.F.S.3:32Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)202009208
2588Nick LoweHalf a Boy and Half a Man2:55Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)212009201
2589Nick LoweThe Gee and the Rick and the Three Card Trick4:21Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)222009200
2590Nick LoweThe Rose of England3:26Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)232009212
2591Nick LoweI Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)4:26Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)242009225
2592Nick LoweWishing Well3:00Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 1)252009220
2593Nick LoweLovers Jamboree3:37Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)12009218
2594Nick LoweShting-Shtang3:22Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)22009186
2595Nick LoweAll Men Are Liars3:24Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)32009198
2596Nick LoweWhat's Shakin' on the Hill4:01Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)42009174
2597Nick LoweDon't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive (demo)2:59Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)52009190
2598Nick LoweFool Who Knows3:48Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)62009193
2599Nick LoweSoulful Wind3:02Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)72009194
2600Nick LoweThe Beast in Me2:30Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)82009153
2601Nick LoweI Live On a Battlefield3:25Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)92009156
2602Nick LoweShelley My Love3:15Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)102009148
2603Nick LoweYou Inspire Me3:10Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)112009164
2604Nick LoweLonesome Reverie2:53Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)122009162
2605Nick LoweFaithless Lover2:47Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)132009139
2606Nick LoweWhat Lack of Love Has Done2:49Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)142009187
2607Nick LoweMan That I've Become2:54Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)152009178
2608Nick LoweLately I've Let Things Slide3:06Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)162009203
2609Nick LoweHomewrecker3:09Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)172009180
2610Nick LoweHas She Got a Friend?2:39Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)182009170
2611Nick LoweLet's Stay in and Make Love3:50Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)192009198
2612Nick LoweIndian Queens3:45Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)202009170
2613Nick LoweI Trained Her to Love Me3:00Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)212009172
2614Nick LowePeople Change2:54Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)222009172
2615Nick LoweLong Limbed Girl2:54Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)232009181
2616Nick LoweHope for Us All3:41Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (Disc 2)242009157
2617Nick LoweThe Beast in Me2:29The Sopranos (OST)111999157
2618Nick Mason & Rick FennMalta6:00Profiles11985200
2619Nick Mason & Rick FennLie for a Lie3:07Profiles21985219
2620Nick Mason & Rick FennRhoda3:21Profiles31985197
2621Nick Mason & Rick FennProfiles Parts 1 & 210:01Profiles41985207
2622Nick Mason & Rick FennIsrael3:32Profiles51985198
2623Nick Mason & Rick FennAnd the Address2:48Profiles61985215
2624Nick Mason & Rick FennMumbo Jumbo3:52Profiles71985207
2625Nick Mason & Rick FennZip Code3:04Profiles81985211
2626Nick Mason & Rick FennBlack Ice3:40Profiles91985200
2627Nick Mason & Rick FennAt the End of the Day2:42Profiles101985173
2628Nick Mason & Rick FennProfiles Part 31:58Profiles111985199
2629Nick McKenzieOne Is One3:45Hit History Vol. 19 197351990219
2630Nick SkitzAll You Deejays3:12Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)52003240
2631Nick StrakerA Walk In The Park4:08Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)61998219
2632Nick Straker BandA Walk In The Park3:49One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 5)202001251
2633Nickel CreekOde To A Butterfly4:08Nickel Creek12000227
2634Nickel CreekThe Lighthouse's Tale5:01Nickel Creek22000197
2635Nickel CreekOut Of The Woods5:19Nickel Creek32000200
2636Nickel CreekHouse Of Tom Bombadil3:46Nickel Creek42000235
2637Nickel CreekReasons Why4:08Nickel Creek52000191
2638Nickel CreekWhen You Come Back Down3:49Nickel Creek62000198
2639Nickel CreekSweet Afton5:37Nickel Creek72000184
2640Nickel CreekCuckoo's Nest2:19Nickel Creek82000231
2641Nickel CreekThe Hand Song4:26Nickel Creek92000188
2642Nickel CreekRobin And Marian4:34Nickel Creek102000210
2643Nickel CreekThe Fox2:30Nickel Creek112000203
2644Nickel CreekPastures New3:53Nickel Creek122000204
2645Nickel CreekThe Lighthouse's Tale5:03Red White and Bluegrass42002195
2646Nickel CreekSmoothie Song3:20This Side12002219
2647Nickel CreekSpit on a Stranger2:34This Side22002185
2648Nickel CreekSpeak4:01This Side32002193
2649Nickel CreekHanging by a Thread4:06This Side42002166
2650Nickel CreekI Should've Known Better4:27This Side52002203
2651Nickel CreekThis Side3:33This Side62002209
2652Nickel CreekGreen and Gray3:36This Side72002194
2653Nickel CreekSeven Wonders4:10This Side82002191
2654Nickel CreekHouse Carpenter5:30This Side92002181
2655Nickel CreekBeauty and the Mess2:52This Side102002197
2656Nickel CreekSabra Girl4:04This Side112002175
2657Nickel CreekYoung3:29This Side122002191
2658Nickel CreekBrand New Sidewalk4:16This Side132002167
2659Nickel CreekWhen In Rome4:15Why Should The Fire Die?12005217
2660Nickel CreekSomebody More Like You3:01Why Should The Fire Die?22005206
2661Nickel CreekJealous Of The Moon4:41Why Should The Fire Die?32005201
2662Nickel CreekScotch And Chocolate3:07Why Should The Fire Die?42005213
2663Nickel CreekCan't Complain5:34Why Should The Fire Die?52005201
2664Nickel CreekTomorrow Is A Long Time3:36Why Should The Fire Die?62005188
2665Nickel CreekEveline3:11Why Should The Fire Die?72005205
2666Nickel CreekStumptown1:44Why Should The Fire Die?82005233
2667Nickel CreekAnthony1:55Why Should The Fire Die?92005181
2668Nickel CreekBest Of Luck3:22Why Should The Fire Die?102005215
2669Nickel CreekDoubting Thomas3:19Why Should The Fire Die?112005191
2670Nickel CreekFirst And Last Waltz1:53Why Should The Fire Die?122005210
2671Nickel CreekHelena4:45Why Should The Fire Die?132005215
2672Nickel CreekWhy Should The Fire Die?2:50Why Should The Fire Die?142005195
2673NickelbackFollow You Home4:20All The Right Reasons12005250
2674NickelbackFight For All The Wrong Reasons3:44All The Right Reasons22005251
2675NickelbackPhotograph4:18All The Right Reasons32005250
2676NickelbackAnimals3:06All The Right Reasons42005250
2677NickelbackSavin' Me3:39All The Right Reasons52005237
2678NickelbackFar Away3:58All The Right Reasons62005246
2679NickelbackNext Contestant3:34All The Right Reasons72005235
2680NickelbackSide Of A Bullet3:00All The Right Reasons82005256
2681NickelbackIf Everyone Cared3:38All The Right Reasons92005223
2682NickelbackSomeone That You're With4:01All The Right Reasons102005260
2683NickelbackRockstar4:15All The Right Reasons112005239
2684NickelbackLittle Friend3:49Curb11996214
2689NickelbackFalls Back On2:57Curb61996240
2690NickelbackSea Groove3:58Curb71996230
2692NickelbackJust Four3:54Curb91996231
2694NickelbackWindow Shopper3:42Curb111996220
2695NickelbackI Don't Have4:08Curb121996219
2696NickelbackSomething In Your Mouth3:38Dark Horse12008251
2697NickelbackBurn It To The Ground3:31Dark Horse22008249
2698NickelbackGotta Be Somebody4:13Dark Horse32008234
2699NickelbackI'd Come For You4:22Dark Horse42008235
2700NickelbackNext Go Round3:45Dark Horse52008257
2701NickelbackJust To Get High4:02Dark Horse62008240
2702NickelbackNever Gonna Be Alone3:47Dark Horse72008240
2703NickelbackShakin' Hands3:39Dark Horse82008245
2704NickelbackS.E.X.3:55Dark Horse92008249
2705NickelbackIf Today Was Your Last Day4:08Dark Horse102008240
2706NickelbackThis Afternoon4:34Dark Horse112008249
2707NickelbackIf Everyone Cared3:35Now That's What I Call Music! 24182007224
2708NickelbackRockstar4:12Now That's What I Call Music! 26172007241
2709NickelbackSomeday3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0942003230
2710NickelbackFeelin' Way Too Damn Good (Loncao Pop Mix)4:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0492004176
2711NickelbackPhotograph [Pop Edit]3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0962005249
2712NickelbackSavin' Me3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0252006237
2713NickelbackFar Away3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0832006245
2714NickelbackIf Everyone Cared3:37Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-01142007223
2715NickelbackRockstar4:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0662007240
2716NickelbackNever Again4:20Silver Side Up12001255
2717NickelbackHow You Remind Me3:43Silver Side Up22001226
2718NickelbackWoke Up This Morning3:50Silver Side Up32001229
2719NickelbackToo Bad3:52Silver Side Up42001206
2720NickelbackJust For4:03Silver Side Up52001224
2721NickelbackHollywood3:04Silver Side Up62001235
2722NickelbackMoney Bought3:24Silver Side Up72001222
2723NickelbackWhere Do I Hide3:38Silver Side Up82001232
2724NickelbackHangnail3:54Silver Side Up92001221
2725NickelbackGood Times Gone5:20Silver Side Up102001214
2726NickelbackFlat On The Floor2:02The Long Road12003234
2727NickelbackDo This Anymore4:04The Long Road22003224
2728NickelbackSomeday3:27The Long Road32003230
2729NickelbackBelieve It Or Not4:08The Long Road42003236
2730NickelbackFeelin' Way Too Damn Good4:16The Long Road52003219
2731NickelbackBecause Of You3:30The Long Road62003238
2732NickelbackFigured You Out3:48The Long Road72003233
2733NickelbackShould've Listened3:42The Long Road82003217
2734NickelbackThrow Yourself Away3:55The Long Road92003236
2735NickelbackAnother Hole In The Head3:35The Long Road102003231
2736NickelbackSee You At The Show4:03The Long Road112003227
2737NickelbackBreathe3:58The State11999208
2738NickelbackCowboy Hat3:56The State21999210
2739NickelbackLeader Of Men3:30The State31999206
2740NickelbackOld Enough2:45The State41999222
2741NickelbackWorthy To Say4:05The State51999204
2742NickelbackDiggin' This3:01The State61999221
2743NickelbackDeep2:48The State71999200
2744NickelbackOne Last Run3:30The State81999222
2745NickelbackNot Leavin' Yet3:44The State91999231
2746NickelbackHold Out Your Hand4:08The State101999219
2747NickelbackLeader Of Men (Acoustic)3:23The State111999216
2748Nicki FrenchTotal Eclipse of the Heart3:42Ultimate Dance Party 1997151996217
2749Nicki MinajYour Love4:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-08112010197
2750Nico GomezLupita3:35Groovy Organ Funk131992211
2751Nicol SponbergCrazy In Love3:41Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 2006192006215
2752NicolArmarfiWiosna1:09Katawa Shoujo12009172
2753NicolArmarfiLullaby of Open Eyes3:09Katawa Shoujo22009171
2754NicolArmarfiCold Iron1:27Katawa Shoujo32009148
2755NicolArmarfiT Card0:13Katawa Shoujo52009156
2756NicolArmarfiSchool Days2:47Katawa Shoujo72009189
2757NicolArmarfiThe Student Council3:44Katawa Shoujo82009179
2758NicolArmarfiDaylight2:25Katawa Shoujo92009159
2759NicolArmarfiStride3:54Katawa Shoujo112009189
2760NicolArmarfiOut of the Loop2:08Katawa Shoujo122009160
2761NicolArmarfiNocturne4:50Katawa Shoujo132009192
2762NicolArmarfiPassing of Time0:48Katawa Shoujo142009154
2763NicolArmarfiRaindrops and Puddles2:49Katawa Shoujo152009179
2764NicolArmarfiConcord3:06Katawa Shoujo162009184
2765NicolArmarfiAfternoon2:56Katawa Shoujo172009184
2766NicolArmarfiHigh Tension0:28Katawa Shoujo192009183
2767NicolArmarfiStanding Tall3:00Katawa Shoujo202009207
2768NicolArmarfiGeneric Happy Music1:20Katawa Shoujo212009178
2769NicolArmarfiParity4:33Katawa Shoujo222009179
2770NicolArmarfiAir Guitar2:32Katawa Shoujo232009128
2771NicolArmarfiPainful History2:30Katawa Shoujo242009151
2772NicolArmarfiShadow of the Truth3:48Katawa Shoujo252009181
2773NicolArmarfiAria de l'etoile1:23Katawa Shoujo262009172
2774NicolArmarfiMoment of Decision2:47Katawa Shoujo272009175
2775NicolArmarfiRomance in Andante0:57Katawa Shoujo282009183
2776Nicole AtkinsBleeding Diamonds4:26Bleeding Diamonds (EP)12006174
2777Nicole AtkinsSnow Shakes2:27Bleeding Diamonds (EP)22006205
2778Nicole AtkinsCarouselle3:09Bleeding Diamonds (EP)32006173
2779Nicole AtkinsWar Torn3:41Bleeding Diamonds (EP)42006169
2780Nicole AtkinsDelora3:40Bleeding Diamonds (EP)52006187
2781Nicole AtkinsNeptune City (In A Different City Version)3:49Bleeding Diamonds (EP)62006177
2782Nicole AtkinsMaybe Tonight3:16Neptune City12007209
2783Nicole AtkinsTogether We're Both Alone4:18Neptune City22007208
2784Nicole AtkinsThe Way It Is3:36Neptune City32007205
2785Nicole AtkinsCool Enough5:25Neptune City42007209
2786Nicole AtkinsWar Torn3:58Neptune City52007195
2787Nicole AtkinsLove Surreal4:07Neptune City62007211
2788Nicole AtkinsNeptune City3:53Neptune City72007208
2789Nicole AtkinsBrooklyn's On Fire!3:51Neptune City82007186
2790Nicole AtkinsKill The Headlights3:19Neptune City92007204
2791Nicole AtkinsParty's Over4:15Neptune City102007215
2792Nicole C. MullenRedeemer4:59WOW #1s (Blue Disc)102005208
2793Nicole C. MullenRedeemer4:58WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)152000205
2794Nicole C. MullenWitness3:34WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)102001231
2795Nicole C. MullenTalk About It3:06WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)52002197
2796Nicole C. MullenEveryday People3:22WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)132004219
2797Nicole Featuring Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott & MochaMake It Hot4:05  1998320
2798Nicole KidmanOne Day I'll Fly Away3:18Moulin Rouge (OST)82001182
2799Nicole Kidman and Ewan McgregorCome What May4:48Moulin Rouge (OST)112001209
2800Nicole Kidman, Ewan Mcgregor and Jamie AllenElephant Love Medley4:13Moulin Rouge (OST)102001188
2801Nicole Kidman, Jim BroadbentSparkling Diamonds2:52Moulin Rouge (OST)42001223
2802Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo and Alka YagnikHindi Sad Diamonds3:28Moulin Rouge (OST)142001225
2803NicoletteHarden Up5:17Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)152003229
2804NicoletteNo Government5:32Mission: Impossible (OST)131996203
2805Nicolette LarsonSummer Hearts3:05National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)91983198
2806Nicolette LarsonWelcome to the World3:17Sleep, Baby, Sleep11994191
2807Nicolette LarsonOh Bear2:00Sleep, Baby, Sleep21994178
2808Nicolette LarsonStarlight, Starbright3:37Sleep, Baby, Sleep31994186
2809Nicolette LarsonIrish Lullaby3:20Sleep, Baby, Sleep41994182
2810Nicolette LarsonBarefoot Floors4:40Sleep, Baby, Sleep51994198
2811Nicolette LarsonAppalachian Lullaby (with David Crosby)3:22Sleep, Baby, Sleep61994188
2812Nicolette LarsonI Bid You Goodnight (with Linda Ronstadt)3:19Sleep, Baby, Sleep71994183
2813Nicolette LarsonMoon and Me3:36Sleep, Baby, Sleep81994174
2814Nicolette LarsonRock-A-Bye (Mallory's Song)3:18Sleep, Baby, Sleep91994190
2815Nicolette LarsonRocking My Baby To Sleep2:34Sleep, Baby, Sleep101994184
2816Nicolette LarsonThe Moment I Saw You (with Graham Nash)3:01Sleep, Baby, Sleep111994171
2817Nicolette LarsonLotta Love3:11Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2241993226
2818Nicolette LarsonLotta Love3:11The Very Best of Nicolette Larson11999194
2819Nicolette LarsonRhumba Girl3:49The Very Best of Nicolette Larson21999197
2820Nicolette LarsonGive a Little2:57The Very Best of Nicolette Larson31999184
2821Nicolette LarsonAngels Rejoiced2:27The Very Best of Nicolette Larson41999212
2822Nicolette LarsonFrench Waltz (Live 1978)4:31The Very Best of Nicolette Larson51999156
2823Nicolette LarsonBaby, Don't You Do it (Live 1978)4:01The Very Best of Nicolette Larson61999194
2824Nicolette LarsonLet Me Go, Love (with Michael McDonald)3:46The Very Best of Nicolette Larson71999182
2825Nicolette LarsonRadioland3:03The Very Best of Nicolette Larson81999209
2826Nicolette LarsonOoo-eee3:24The Very Best of Nicolette Larson91999220
2827Nicolette LarsonFool Me Again4:04The Very Best of Nicolette Larson101999193
2828Nicolette LarsonI Only Want to Be With You3:15The Very Best of Nicolette Larson111999227
2829Nicolette LarsonTwo Trains4:12The Very Best of Nicolette Larson121999224
2830Nicolette LarsonOnly Love Will Make It Right3:00The Very Best of Nicolette Larson131999199
2831Nicolette LarsonLet Me Be the First3:54The Very Best of Nicolette Larson141999211
2832Nicolette LarsonThat's How You Know When Love's Right (with Steve Wariner)3:26The Very Best of Nicolette Larson151999193
2833Nicolette LarsonIrish Lullaby3:20The Very Best of Nicolette Larson161999183
2834Nicolette LarsonLotta Love3:12TM Century GoldDisc Update 3121991198
2835NicolsThis World Is My World2:54Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)212001208
2836Nigel OlssonDancin' Shoes4:05Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2251993256
2837NightHot Summer Nights3:25Living In The 70's (Disc 2)201995203
2838Night RangerSeven Wishes4:537 Wishes11985205
2839Night RangerFaces4:127 Wishes21985192
2840Night RangerFour In The Morning3:547 Wishes31985207
2841Night RangerI Need A Woman4:407 Wishes41985200
2842Night RangerSentimental Street4:137 Wishes51985192
2843Night RangerThis Boy Needs To Rock3:597 Wishes61985208
2844Night RangerI Will Follow You4:157 Wishes71985207
2845Night RangerInterstate Love Affair3:157 Wishes81985181
2846Night RangerNight Machine4:357 Wishes91985207
2847Night RangerGoodbye4:197 Wishes101985200
2848Night RangerBig Life5:18Big Life11987208
2849Night RangerColor Of Your Smile4:12Big Life21987213
2850Night RangerLove Is Standing Near4:27Big Life31987192
2851Night RangerRain Comes Crashing Down5:56Big Life41987190
2852Night RangerThe Secret Of My Success4:27Big Life51987209
2853Night RangerCarry On4:22Big Life61987207
2854Night RangerBetter Let It Go4:43Big Life71987210
2855Night RangerI Know Tonight4:03Big Life81987213
2856Night RangerHearts Away5:00Big Life91987196
2857Night RangerSister Christian5:00Boogie Nights (OST)101997197
2858Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me4:22Dawn Patrol11982215
2859Night RangerSing Me Away4:11Dawn Patrol21982201
2860Night RangerAt Night She Sleeps4:12Dawn Patrol31982212
2861Night RangerCall My Name3:45Dawn Patrol41982202
2862Night RangerEddie's Comin' out Tonight4:25Dawn Patrol51982217
2863Night RangerCan't Find Me a Thrill3:22Dawn Patrol61982225
2864Night RangerYoung Girl in Love3:35Dawn Patrol71982216
2865Night RangerPlay Rough4:16Dawn Patrol81982216
2866Night RangerPenny3:48Dawn Patrol91982219
2867Night RangerNight Ranger4:34Dawn Patrol101982212
2868Night RangerSister Christian4:21Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 4)192002207
2869Night RangerMan In Motion4:26Man In Motion11988202
2870Night RangerReason To Be4:11Man In Motion21988203
2871Night RangerDon't Start Thinkin'4:43Man In Motion31988208
2872Night RangerLove Shot Me Down4:06Man In Motion41988206
2873Night RangerRestless Kind4:41Man In Motion51988197
2874Night RangerHalf Way To The Sun5:19Man In Motion61988209
2875Night RangerHere She Comes Again4:21Man In Motion71988208
2876Night RangerRight On You4:13Man In Motion81988213
2877Night RangerKiss Me Where It Hurts4:34Man In Motion91988216
2878Night RangerI Did It For Love4:49Man In Motion101988197
2879Night RangerWoman In Love4:40Man In Motion111988212
2880Night Ranger(You Can Still) Rock In America4:15Midnight Madness11983205
2881Night RangerRumours In The Air4:33Midnight Madness21983201
2882Night RangerWhy Does Love Have To Change3:49Midnight Madness31983207
2883Night RangerSister Christian5:03Midnight Madness41983193
2884Night RangerTouch Of Madness5:01Midnight Madness51983196
2885Night RangerPassion Play4:43Midnight Madness61983198
2886Night RangerWhen You Close Your Eyes4:16Midnight Madness71983192
2887Night RangerChippin' Away4:13Midnight Madness81983186
2888Night RangerLet Him Run3:23Midnight Madness91983177
2889Night RangerSister Christian4:18Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s51996197
2890The NightcrawlersThe Little Black Egg3:02Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets11 211
2891The NightcrawlersThe Little Black Egg2:45Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)201998131
2892NightcrawlersPush The Feeling On4:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 1)42001197
2893NightnoiseThe Holly And The Ivy4:14A Windham Hill Christmas132002320
2894NightnoiseSnow On High Ground3:43Celtic Christmas81995187
2895NightnoiseBrid Óg Ní Mháille3:58Celtic Christmas II41996177
2896NightnoiseLully Lullay3:41Celtic Christmas III31997184
2897NightnoiseWhiter Than Snow3:34Celtic Christmas IV91998192
2898NightwishBless the Child6:12Century Child12002223
2899NightwishEnd of All Hope3:55Century Child22002255
2900NightwishDead to the World4:19Century Child32002236
2901NightwishEver Dream4:44Century Child42002229
2902NightwishSlaying the Dreamer4:31Century Child52002234
2903NightwishForever Yours3:50Century Child62002200
2904NightwishOcean Soul4:14Century Child72002220
2905NightwishFeel for You3:55Century Child82002206
2906NightwishThe Phantom of the Opera4:10Century Child92002232
2907NightwishBeauty of the Beast10:21Century Child102002227
2908NightwishThe Poet and the Pendulum13:54Dark Passion Play12007219
2909NightwishBye Bye Beautiful4:14Dark Passion Play22007239
2910NightwishAmaranth3:51Dark Passion Play32007243
2911NightwishCadence of Her Last Breath4:14Dark Passion Play42007232
2912NightwishMaster Passion Greed6:02Dark Passion Play52007242
2913NightwishEva4:25Dark Passion Play62007199
2914NightwishSahara5:47Dark Passion Play72007241
2915NightwishWhoever Brings the Night4:17Dark Passion Play82007248
2916NightwishFor the Heart I Once Had3:56Dark Passion Play92007240
2917NightwishThe Islander5:05Dark Passion Play102007196
2918NightwishLast of the Wilds5:40Dark Passion Play112007235
2919Nightwish7 Days to the Wolves7:03Dark Passion Play122007241
2920NightwishMeadows of Heaven7:10Dark Passion Play132007214
2921NightwishDark Chest of Wonders4:28Once [Platinum Edition]12004239
2922NightwishWish I Had an Angel4:06Once [Platinum Edition]22004228
2923NightwishNemo4:36Once [Platinum Edition]32004223
2924NightwishPlanet Hell4:38Once [Platinum Edition]42004238
2925NightwishCreek Mary's Blood8:29Once [Platinum Edition]52004210
2926NightwishThe Siren4:45Once [Platinum Edition]62004234
2927NightwishDead Gardens4:28Once [Platinum Edition]72004240
2928NightwishRomanticide4:58Once [Platinum Edition]82004243
2929NightwishGhost Love Score10:02Once [Platinum Edition]92004230
2930NightwishKuolema Tekee Taiteilijan3:58Once [Platinum Edition]102004190
2931NightwishHigher than Hope5:37Once [Platinum Edition]112004222
2932NightwishWhite Night Fantasy4:04Once [Platinum Edition]122004204
2933NightwishLive to Tell the Tale4:58Once [Platinum Edition]132004221
2934Nihon DaikoDzauku6:50The Very Best Of Japanese Music92004197
2935Nik KershawWouldn't It Be Good4:32Rock Of The 80's Volume 1091994253
2936NikasBein' Furry2:13  1996117
2937Nikki DDaddy's Little Girl4:25Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)111995231
2938Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov(unknown)3:46100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 517 199
2939Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade, Op. 35 - The Sea And Sindbad's Ship - Largo E Maestoso10:06Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)1 185
2940Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade, Op. 35 - The Story Of Prince Kalender - Lento Adagio12:15Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)2 178
2941Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade, Op. 35 - The Young Prince And Princess - Andantino Quasi Allegretto10:12Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)3 177
2942Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade, Op. 35 - Festival At Bagdad - The Sea - The Shipwreck At Magnetberg - Finale: Allegro Molto13:17Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)4 188
2943Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovFlight Of The Bumble-Bee (From "The Tale Of Czar Saltan")1:37Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)5 181
2944Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 - Alborado1:16Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)6 197
2945Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 - Variazioni4:41Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)7 190
2946Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 - Alborado1:18Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)8 195
2947Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 - Scena E Canto Gitano5:04Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)9 195
2948Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 - Fandango Asturiano3:28Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol - Anton Nanut (MM 1999)10 204
2949Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade - The Sea And Sinbad's Ship9:18Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)1 194
2950Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade - The Kalender Prince11:22Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)2 190
2951Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade - The Young Prince And The Young Princess9:57Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)3 192
2952Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade - Festival At Baghdad -The Sea11:26Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)4 196
2953Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Tale Of Tsar Saltan - The Tsar's Farewell And Departure4:33Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)5 195
2954Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Tale Of Tsar Saltan - The Tsarina In A Barrel At Sea7:22Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)6 190
2955Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Tale Of Tsar Saltan - The Three Wonders7:04Scheherazade, Tale Of Tsar Saltan - Bátiz (1992 Naxos 1993)7 199
2956Nils LofgrenYou3:36Acoustic Live11997202
2957Nils LofgrenSticks And Stones4:10Acoustic Live21997203
2958Nils LofgrenSome Must Dream6:08Acoustic Live31997209
2959Nils LofgrenLittle On Up5:02Acoustic Live41997194
2960Nils LofgrenKeith Don't Go6:50Acoustic Live51997202
2961Nils LofgrenWonderland3:23Acoustic Live61997193
2962Nils LofgrenBig Tears Fall5:17Acoustic Live71997179
2963Nils LofgrenBelieve4:12Acoustic Live81997189
2964Nils LofgrenBlack Books5:46Acoustic Live91997198
2965Nils LofgrenTo Your Heart3:31Acoustic Live101997198
2966Nils LofgrenMan In The Moon3:34Acoustic Live111997186
2967Nils LofgrenI'll Arise3:08Acoustic Live121997204
2968Nils LofgrenBlue Skies4:16Acoustic Live131997189
2969Nils LofgrenTears On Ice4:22Acoustic Live141997196
2970Nils LofgrenAll Out3:21Acoustic Live151997187
2971Nils LofgrenMud In Your Eye2:44Acoustic Live161997196
2972Nils LofgrenNo Mercy4:33Acoustic Live171997205
2973Nils LofgrenA Child Could Tell4:20Crooked Line11992211
2974Nils LofgrenBlue Skies3:58Crooked Line21992200
2975Nils LofgrenMisery6:45Crooked Line31992215
2976Nils LofgrenYou3:30Crooked Line41992198
2977Nils LofgrenShot At You5:47Crooked Line51992195
2978Nils LofgrenCrooked Line4:54Crooked Line61992214
2979Nils LofgrenWalk On Me4:06Crooked Line71992208
2980Nils LofgrenSomeday5:30Crooked Line81992216
2981Nils LofgrenNew Kind Of Freedom3:40Crooked Line91992201
2982Nils LofgrenJust A Little3:22Crooked Line101992224
2983Nils LofgrenDrunken Driver6:27Crooked Line111992225
2984Nils LofgrenI'll Fight For You2:47Crooked Line121992183
2985Nils LofgrenMoontears (Live)4:04Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren11990207
2986Nils LofgrenBack It Up2:24Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren21990201
2987Nils LofgrenKeith Don't Go4:24Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren31990199
2988Nils LofgrenThe Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet2:49Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren41990208
2989Nils LofgrenGoin' Back3:53Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren51990188
2990Nils LofgrenCry Tough5:08Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren61990205
2991Nils LofgrenJailbait3:55Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren71990203
2992Nils LofgrenCan't Get Closer (WCGC)3:45Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren81990188
2993Nils LofgrenMud In Your Eye2:43Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren91990214
2994Nils LofgrenI Came To Dance4:32Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren101990208
2995Nils LofgrenTo Be A Dreamer3:48Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren111990205
2996Nils LofgrenNo Mercy4:09Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren121990206
2997Nils LofgrenSteal Away4:03Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren131990194
2998Nils LofgrenBaltimore6:32Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren141990210
2999Nils LofgrenShine Silently3:41Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren151990195
3000Nils LofgrenSecrets In The Street5:23Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren161990209
3001Nils LofgrenFlip Ya Flip4:07Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren171990212
3002Nils LofgrenDelivery Night3:46Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren181990210
3003Nils LofgrenAnytime At All (Live)2:42Don't Walk, Rock: The Best Of Nils Lofgren191990199
3004Nils LofgrenShine Silently3:36Romantic Love Songs151985200
3005Nils LofgrenSilver Lining4:48Silver Lining11991212
3006Nils LofgrenValentine6:14Silver Lining21991207
3007Nils LofgrenWalkin' Nerve3:57Silver Lining31991190
3008Nils LofgrenLive Each Day4:00Silver Lining41991187
3009Nils LofgrenSticks And Stones6:09Silver Lining51991200
3010Nils LofgrenTrouble's Back5:23Silver Lining61991205
3011Nils LofgrenLittle Bit O' Time2:50Silver Lining71991193
3012Nils LofgrenBein' Angry5:54Silver Lining81991202
3013Nils LofgrenGun And Run4:21Silver Lining91991197
3014Nils LofgrenGirl In Motion5:50Silver Lining101991199
3015NilssonWithout You3:2170's Party Mix (Disc 1)111996190
3016NilssonEverybody's Talkin'2:43AM Gold: 196991995184
3017NilssonEverybody's Talking2:44Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)182001200
3018NilssonEverybody's Talking2:46The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties10 198
3019NilssonWithout You3:19The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)151999197
3020NilssonEverybody's Talking2:41Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)112001205
3021NilssonSpaceman3:31Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)152001190
3022NilssonSister Marie3:00Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)172009133
3023NIN3 5TR1P3 T41L5Closer To A Raccoon3:07Closer To A Raccoon (CD single) 2005128
3024Nina GordonBleeding Heart Graffiti0:42Bleeding Heart Graffiti12006212
3025Nina GordonChristmas Lights5:13Bleeding Heart Graffiti22006226
3026Nina GordonKiss Me 'til It Bleeds4:09Bleeding Heart Graffiti32006218
3027Nina GordonSuffragette3:37Bleeding Heart Graffiti42006228
3028Nina GordonThis Was The Year0:32Bleeding Heart Graffiti52006176
3029Nina GordonDon't Let Me Down4:14Bleeding Heart Graffiti62006212
3030Nina GordonPure4:29Bleeding Heart Graffiti72006199
3031Nina GordonWatercolors3:25Bleeding Heart Graffiti82006209
3032Nina GordonSuperstar3:15Bleeding Heart Graffiti92006177
3033Nina GordonTurn On Your Radio4:05Bleeding Heart Graffiti102006213
3034Nina GordonWhen You Don't Want Me Anymore4:03Bleeding Heart Graffiti112006194
3035Nina GordonBones And A Name4:55Bleeding Heart Graffiti122006196
3036Nina GordonThe Time Comes4:19Bleeding Heart Graffiti132006185
3037Nina GordonThe Crickets Sound Like Sleigh Bells0:37Bleeding Heart Graffiti142006194
3038Nina GordonNow I Can Die3:07Tonight and the Rest of My Life12000219
3039Nina Gordon20034:05Tonight and the Rest of My Life22000230
3040Nina GordonTonight and the Rest of My Life5:14Tonight and the Rest of My Life32000202
3041Nina GordonBadway3:08Tonight and the Rest of My Life42000233
3042Nina GordonHorses in the City4:08Tonight and the Rest of My Life52000209
3043Nina GordonHold on to Me4:05Tonight and the Rest of My Life62000214
3044Nina GordonNew Year's Eve3:28Tonight and the Rest of My Life72000226
3045Nina GordonFade to Black4:07Tonight and the Rest of My Life82000209
3046Nina GordonNumber One Camera2:59Tonight and the Rest of My Life92000226
3047Nina GordonGot Me Down4:05Tonight and the Rest of My Life102000202
3048Nina GordonToo Slow to Ride3:49Tonight and the Rest of My Life112000226
3049Nina GordonHate Your Way4:46Tonight and the Rest of My Life122000202
3050Nina GordonThe End of the World3:39Tonight and the Rest of My Life132000190
3051Nina SimoneAin't Got No, I Got Life2:56Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 3)171997173
3052Nina SimoneSinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)4:37Miami Vice (OST)42006175
3053Nina SimoneI Got It Bad and That Ain't Good4:07The Big Lebowski (OST)61998196
3054Nina SkyMove Ya Body3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-05172004229
3055Nina SkyTurnin' Me On3:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-02122005186
3056Nine DaysGood Friend4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0812002235
3057Nine DaysSo Far Away3:56The Madding Crowd12000207
3058Nine DaysAbsolutely (Story Of A Girl)3:09The Madding Crowd22000236
3059Nine DaysIf I Am4:18The Madding Crowd32000219
3060Nine DaysEnd Up Alone3:57The Madding Crowd42000233
3061Nine DaysSometimes5:14The Madding Crowd52000219
3062Nine DaysBob Dylan4:35The Madding Crowd62000213
3063Nine Days257 Weeks4:04The Madding Crowd72000216
3064Nine DaysBitter6:21The Madding Crowd82000216
3065Nine DaysBack To Me4:01The Madding Crowd92000229
3066Nine DaysCrazy4:15The Madding Crowd102000219
3067Nine DaysRevolve3:54The Madding Crowd112000241
3068Nine DaysWanna Be6:03The Madding Crowd122000183
3069Nine Inch NailsPinion1:03Broken (EP)11992194
3070Nine Inch NailsWish3:46Broken (EP)21992218
3071Nine Inch NailsLast4:44Broken (EP)31992216
3072Nine Inch NailsHelp Me I Am In Hell1:56Broken (EP)41992204
3073Nine Inch NailsHappiness In Slavery5:21Broken (EP)51992243
3074Nine Inch NailsGave Up4:08Broken (EP)61992219
3075Nine Inch NailsPhysical (You're So)5:29Broken (EP)981992239
3076Nine Inch NailsSuck5:07Broken (EP)991992216
3077Nine Inch NailsGave Up (Remixed By Coil With Danny Hyde)5:25Fixed (EP)11992210
3078Nine Inch NailsWish (Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell)9:10Fixed (EP)21992241
3079Nine Inch NailsHappiness In Slavery (Remixed By T. Reznor And Chris Vrenna With P.K.)6:08Fixed (EP)31992219
3080Nine Inch NailsThrow This Away (Assembled By T. Reznor And C. Vrenna With Butch Vig)4:14Fixed (EP)41992197
3081Nine Inch NailsFist Fuck (Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell)7:20Fixed (EP)51992218
3082Nine Inch NailsScreaming Slave (Reznor/Vrenna/Kennedy/Beavan/Brumbach/Flanagan)8:01Fixed (EP)61992246
3083Nine Inch NailsPiggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)4:03Further Down The Spiral11995181
3084Nine Inch NailsThe Art Of Self Destruction, Part One5:41Further Down The Spiral21995221
3085Nine Inch NailsSelf Destruction, Part Three3:28Further Down The Spiral31995233
3086Nine Inch NailsHeresy (Version)5:20Further Down The Spiral41995236
3087Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral (The Bottom)7:29Further Down The Spiral51995218
3088Nine Inch NailsHurt (Live)5:07Further Down The Spiral61995196
3089Nine Inch NailsAt The Heart Of It All7:08Further Down The Spiral71995139
3090Nine Inch NailsRuiner (Version)5:35Further Down The Spiral81995224
3091Nine Inch NailsEraser (Denial; Realization)6:38Further Down The Spiral91995225
3092Nine Inch NailsSelf Destruction, Final9:52Further Down The Spiral101995228
3093Nine Inch Nails1 Ghosts I2:48Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)12008189
3094Nine Inch Nails2 Ghosts I3:16Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)22008178
3095Nine Inch Nails3 Ghosts I3:51Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)32008224
3096Nine Inch Nails4 Ghosts I2:12Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)42008206
3097Nine Inch Nails5 Ghosts I2:52Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)52008200
3098Nine Inch Nails6 Ghosts I4:18Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)62008150
3099Nine Inch Nails7 Ghosts I2:00Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)72008219
3100Nine Inch Nails8 Ghosts I2:56Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)82008233
3101Nine Inch Nails9 Ghosts I2:47Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)92008200
3102Nine Inch Nails10 Ghosts II2:42Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)102008224
3103Nine Inch Nails11 Ghosts II2:17Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)112008220
3104Nine Inch Nails12 Ghosts II2:17Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)122008191
3105Nine Inch Nails13 Ghosts II3:13Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)132008184
3106Nine Inch Nails14 Ghosts II3:05Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)142008218
3107Nine Inch Nails15 Ghosts II1:53Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)152008173
3108Nine Inch Nails16 Ghosts II2:30Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)162008208
3109Nine Inch Nails17 Ghosts II2:13Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)172008228
3110Nine Inch Nails18 Ghosts II5:14Ghosts (Disc 1) (Ghosts I-II)182008215
3111Nine Inch Nails19 Ghosts III2:11Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)12008231
3112Nine Inch Nails20 Ghosts III3:39Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)22008256
3113Nine Inch Nails21 Ghosts III2:54Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)32008199
3114Nine Inch Nails22 Ghosts III2:31Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)42008205
3115Nine Inch Nails23 Ghosts III2:43Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)52008245
3116Nine Inch Nails24 Ghosts III2:39Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)62008234
3117Nine Inch Nails25 Ghosts III1:58Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)72008219
3118Nine Inch Nails26 Ghosts III2:25Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)82008227
3119Nine Inch Nails27 Ghosts III2:51Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)92008236
3120Nine Inch Nails28 Ghosts IV5:22Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)102008210
3121Nine Inch Nails29 Ghosts IV2:54Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)112008206
3122Nine Inch Nails30 Ghosts IV2:58Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)122008166
3123Nine Inch Nails31 Ghosts IV2:25Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)132008233
3124Nine Inch Nails32 Ghosts IV4:25Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)142008177
3125Nine Inch Nails33 Ghosts IV4:01Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)152008222
3126Nine Inch Nails34 Ghosts IV5:52Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)162008200
3127Nine Inch Nails35 Ghosts IV3:29Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)172008236
3128Nine Inch Nails36 Ghosts IV2:19Ghosts (Disc 2) (Ghosts III-IV)182008189
3129Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole (Slate)4:18Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]11989223
3130Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole (Clay)4:34Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]21989215
3131Nine Inch NailsTerrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)4:31Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]31989207
3132Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole (Copper)6:26Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]41989227
3133Nine Inch NailsYou Know Who You Are5:42Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]51989231
3134Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole (Soil)6:38Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]61989230
3135Nine Inch NailsTerrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)6:17Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]71989210
3136Nine Inch NailsDown In It (Shred)7:00Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]81989204
3137Nine Inch NailsDown In It (Singe)7:21Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]91989211
3138Nine Inch NailsDown In It (Demo)3:52Head Like A Hole (Single) [US]101989221
3139Nine Inch NailsDeep4:07Lara Croft Tomb Raider (OST)22001231
3140Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole4:59Pretty Hate Machine11989204
3141Nine Inch NailsTerrible Lie4:39Pretty Hate Machine21989201
3142Nine Inch NailsDown In It3:46Pretty Hate Machine31989208
3143Nine Inch NailsSanctified5:48Pretty Hate Machine41989207
3144Nine Inch NailsSomething I Can Never Have5:54Pretty Hate Machine51989193
3145Nine Inch NailsKinda I Want To4:33Pretty Hate Machine61989229
3146Nine Inch NailsSin4:06Pretty Hate Machine71989214
3147Nine Inch NailsThat's What I Get4:30Pretty Hate Machine81989197
3148Nine Inch NailsThe Only Time4:47Pretty Hate Machine91989203
3149Nine Inch NailsRingfinger5:40Pretty Hate Machine101989201
3150Nine Inch NailsMr. Self Destruct4:30The Downward Spiral11994220
3151Nine Inch NailsPiggy4:24The Downward Spiral21994195
3152Nine Inch NailsHeresy3:54The Downward Spiral31994230
3153Nine Inch NailsMarch Of The Pigs2:58The Downward Spiral41994215
3154Nine Inch NailsCloser6:13The Downward Spiral51994226
3155Nine Inch NailsRuiner4:58The Downward Spiral61994205
3156Nine Inch NailsThe Becoming5:31The Downward Spiral71994221
3157Nine Inch NailsI Do Not Want This5:41The Downward Spiral81994216
3158Nine Inch NailsBig Man With A Gun1:36The Downward Spiral91994260
3159Nine Inch NailsA Warm Place3:22The Downward Spiral101994190
3160Nine Inch NailsEraser4:53The Downward Spiral111994215
3161Nine Inch NailsReptile6:52The Downward Spiral121994223
3162Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral3:56The Downward Spiral131994194
3163Nine Inch NailsHurt6:14The Downward Spiral141994193
3164Nine Inch NailsSomewhat Damaged4:31The Fragile (Left)11999226
3165Nine Inch NailsThe Day The World Went Away4:33The Fragile (Left)21999216
3166Nine Inch NailsThe Frail1:54The Fragile (Left)31999162
3167Nine Inch NailsThe Wretched5:25The Fragile (Left)41999197
3168Nine Inch NailsWe're In This Together7:16The Fragile (Left)51999220
3169Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile4:35The Fragile (Left)61999213
3170Nine Inch NailsJust Like You Imagined3:49The Fragile (Left)71999219
3171Nine Inch NailsEven Deeper5:47The Fragile (Left)81999165
3172Nine Inch NailsPilgrimage3:31The Fragile (Left)91999192
3173Nine Inch NailsNo, You Don't3:35The Fragile (Left)101999230
3174Nine Inch NailsLa Mer4:37The Fragile (Left)111999189
3175Nine Inch NailsThe Great Below5:17The Fragile (Left)121999176
3176Nine Inch NailsThe Way Out Is Through4:17The Fragile (Right)11999209
3177Nine Inch NailsInto The Void4:49The Fragile (Right)21999213
3178Nine Inch NailsWhere Is Everybody?5:40The Fragile (Right)31999197
3179Nine Inch NailsThe Mark Has Been Made5:15The Fragile (Right)41999201
3180Nine Inch NailsPlease3:30The Fragile (Right)51999209
3181Nine Inch NailsStarfuckers, Inc.5:00The Fragile (Right)61999226
3182Nine Inch NailsComplication2:30The Fragile (Right)71999213
3183Nine Inch NailsI'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally4:13The Fragile (Right)81999198
3184Nine Inch NailsThe Big Come Down4:12The Fragile (Right)91999200
3185Nine Inch NailsUnderneath It All2:46The Fragile (Right)101999239
3186Nine Inch NailsRipe (With Decay)6:34The Fragile (Right)111999183
3187Nine Inch Nails999,9991:25The Slip12008184
3188Nine Inch Nails1,000,0003:56The Slip22008209
3189Nine Inch NailsLetting You3:49The Slip32008265
3190Nine Inch NailsDiscipline4:19The Slip42008224
3191Nine Inch NailsEchoplex4:45The Slip52008227
3192Nine Inch NailsHead Down4:55The Slip62008203
3193Nine Inch NailsLights In The Sky3:29The Slip72008138
3194Nine Inch NailsCorona Radiata7:33The Slip82008202
3195Nine Inch NailsThe Four Of Us Are Dying4:37The Slip92008228
3196Nine Inch NailsDemon Seed4:59The Slip102008228
3197Nine Inch NailsSlipping Away6:11Things Falling Apart12000220
3198Nine Inch NailsThe Great Collapse4:42Things Falling Apart22000200
3199Nine Inch NailsThe Wretched (Keith Hillebrandt)5:52Things Falling Apart32000197
3200Nine Inch NailsStarfuckers Inc. (Adrian Sherwood For 140db)5:11Things Falling Apart42000237
3201Nine Inch NailsThe Frail (Benelli)2:47Things Falling Apart52000214
3202Nine Inch NailsStarfuckers Inc. (Dave Ogilvie)6:06Things Falling Apart62000224
3203Nine Inch NailsWhere Is Everybody? (Danny Lohner Featuring Telefon Tel Aviv)5:07Things Falling Apart72000225
3204Nine Inch NailsMetal7:05Things Falling Apart82000219
3205Nine Inch Nails10 Miles High (Keith Hillebrandt)5:11Things Falling Apart92000183
3206Nine Inch NailsStarfuckers Inc. (Charlie Clouser)5:09Things Falling Apart102000204
3207Nine Inch NailsAll The Love In The World5:15With Teeth [UK]12005177
3208Nine Inch NailsYou Know What You Are?3:41With Teeth [UK]22005218
3209Nine Inch NailsThe Collector3:07With Teeth [UK]32005220
3210Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds3:31With Teeth [UK]42005207
3211Nine Inch NailsLove Is Not Enough3:41With Teeth [UK]52005220
3212Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly The Same4:54With Teeth [UK]62005215
3213Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth5:37With Teeth [UK]72005217
3214Nine Inch NailsOnly4:23With Teeth [UK]82005216
3215Nine Inch NailsGetting Smaller3:35With Teeth [UK]92005230
3216Nine Inch NailsSunspots4:03With Teeth [UK]102005197
3217Nine Inch NailsThe Line Begins To Blur3:44With Teeth [UK]112005216
3218Nine Inch NailsBeside You In Time5:24With Teeth [UK]122005224
3219Nine Inch NailsRight Where It Belongs5:07With Teeth [UK]132005214
3220Nine Inch NailsHome3:14With Teeth [UK]142005189
3221Nine Inch NailsRight Where It Belongs V.25:03With Teeth [UK]152005160
3222Nine Inch NailsHyperpower! (Gunshots By Computer Remix By Saul Williams)1:43Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D12007229
3223Nine Inch NailsThe Great Destroyer (Remix By Modwheelmood)4:19Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D22007183
3224Nine Inch NailsMy Violent Heart (Remix By Pirate Robot Midget)2:34Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D32007203
3225Nine Inch NailsThe Beginning Of The End (Remix By Ladytron J-Type Overdrive)4:20Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D42007201
3226Nine Inch NailsSurvivalism (Tardusted Remix By Saul Williams and Thavius Beck)4:19Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D52007219
3227Nine Inch NailsCapital G (Remix By Epworth Phones 666 Revolutions)7:26Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D62007214
3228Nine Inch NailsVessel (Remix By Bill Laswell)6:10Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D72007256
3229Nine Inch NailsThe Warning (Real World Remix By Stefan Goodchild ft. Doudou N'Diaye Rose)3:43Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D82007213
3230Nine Inch NailsMeet Your Master (Remix By The Faint)3:35Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D92007206
3231Nine Inch NailsGod Given (Remix By Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert)4:27Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D102007209
3232Nine Inch NailsMe, I'm Not (Remix By Olof Dreijer)14:00Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D112007202
3233Nine Inch NailsAnother Version Of The Truth (Remix By Kronos Quartet and Enrique Gonzalez Müller)4:25Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D122007217
3234Nine Inch NailsIn This Twilight (Remix By Fennesz)4:37Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D132007213
3235Nine Inch NailsZero-Sum (Remix By Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert)5:38Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D142007218
3236Nine Inch NailsHyperpower!1:42Year Zero12007239
3237Nine Inch NailsThe Beginning Of The End2:47Year Zero22007201
3238Nine Inch NailsSurvivalism4:23Year Zero32007235
3239Nine Inch NailsThe Good Soldier3:23Year Zero42007197
3240Nine Inch NailsVessel4:52Year Zero52007246
3241Nine Inch NailsMe, I'm Not4:51Year Zero62007206
3242Nine Inch NailsCapital G3:50Year Zero72007213
3243Nine Inch NailsMy Violent Heart4:13Year Zero82007204
3244Nine Inch NailsThe Warning3:38Year Zero92007211
3245Nine Inch NailsGod Given3:50Year Zero102007210
3246Nine Inch NailsMeet Your Master4:08Year Zero112007225
3247Nine Inch NailsThe Greater Good4:52Year Zero122007187
3248Nine Inch NailsThe Great Destroyer3:17Year Zero132007221
3249Nine Inch NailsAnother Version Of The Truth4:09Year Zero142007191
3250Nine Inch NailsIn This Twilight3:33Year Zero152007197
3251Nine Inch NailsZero-Sum6:14Year Zero162007204
3252Ninety Eight DegreesTrue To Your Heart (Single)4:16Mulan (OST)51998201
3253Ni-NiLittle Kitty Mine1:48In the Groove OST 2  128
3254Nino BravoUn Beso Un Y Flor4:32Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)11992193
3255Nino Temple And April StevensDeep Purple2:42Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s171993190
3256Nino Tempo & April StevensDeep Purple2:42AM Gold: 1963131995183
3257Nino Tempo & April StevensDeep Purple2:44TM Century GoldDisc Update 491991192
3258Nino Tempo & April StevensI Love How You Love Me2:44Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)72009160
3259NintendoOverworld BGM3:00New Super Mario Bros. Wii Soundtrack62009228
3260nirreFcM ybboByppaH eB yrroW t'noD3:54   128
3262NirvanaFloyd The Barber2:18Bleach21989181
3263NirvanaAbout A Girl2:48Bleach31989194
3265NirvanaLove Buzz3:35Bleach51989188
3266NirvanaPaper Cuts4:05Bleach61989194
3267NirvanaNegative Creep2:55Bleach71989177
3269NirvanaSwap Meet3:03Bleach91989178
3270NirvanaMr. Moustache3:23Bleach101989185
3272NirvanaBig Cheese3:42Bleach121989172
3274NirvanaBlew2:56Blew (EP)11988167
3275NirvanaLove Buzz3:36Blew (EP)21988175
3276NirvanaBeen a Son2:22Blew (EP)31988203
3277NirvanaStain2:38Blew (EP)41988220
3278NirvanaRainbow Chaser2:38Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 4)101992206
3279NirvanaServe the Servants3:36In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]11993217
3280NirvanaScentless Apprentice3:47In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]21993219
3281NirvanaHeart Shaped Box4:41In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]31993208
3282NirvanaRape Me2:49In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]41993209
3283NirvanaFrances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle4:09In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]51993217
3284NirvanaDumb2:32In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]61993193
3285NirvanaVery Ape1:55In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]71993211
3286NirvanaMilk It3:54In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]81993211
3287NirvanaPennyroyal Tea3:37In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]91993185
3288NirvanaRadio Friendly Unit Shifter4:51In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]101993219
3289NirvanaTourette's1:35In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]111993216
3290NirvanaAll Apologies3:51In Utero [MFSL Ultradisc II]121993206
3294NirvanaBeen A Son1:55Incesticide41992219
3296NirvanaMolly's Lips1:54Incesticide61992218
3297NirvanaSon Of A Gun2:48Incesticide71992234
3298Nirvana(New Wave) Polly1:48Incesticide81992210
3301NirvanaMexican Seafood1:55Incesticide111992184
3302NirvanaHairspray Queen4:13Incesticide121992185
3303NirvanaAero Zeppelin4:41Incesticide131992195
3304NirvanaBig Long Now5:03Incesticide141992201
3306NirvanaAbout A Girl3:38MTV Unplugged In New York11994213
3307NirvanaCome As You Are4:13MTV Unplugged In New York21994211
3308NirvanaJesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam4:37MTV Unplugged In New York31994200
3309NirvanaThe Man Who Sold The World4:21MTV Unplugged In New York41994205
3310NirvanaPennyroyal Tea3:40MTV Unplugged In New York51994173
3311NirvanaDumb2:52MTV Unplugged In New York61994196
3312NirvanaPolly3:16MTV Unplugged In New York71994198
3313NirvanaOn A Plain3:44MTV Unplugged In New York81994203
3314NirvanaSomething In The Way4:01MTV Unplugged In New York91994181
3315NirvanaPlateau3:38MTV Unplugged In New York101994195
3316NirvanaOh, Me3:26MTV Unplugged In New York111994195
3317NirvanaLake Of Fire2:56MTV Unplugged In New York121994201
3318NirvanaAll Apologies4:23MTV Unplugged In New York131994190
3319NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night5:06MTV Unplugged In New York141994208
3320NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit5:02Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]11991214
3321NirvanaIn Bloom4:15Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]21991228
3322NirvanaCome As You Are3:39Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]31991194
3323NirvanaBreed3:04Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]41991223
3324NirvanaLithium4:17Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]51991207
3325NirvanaPolly2:55Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]61991153
3326NirvanaTerritorial Pissings2:23Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]71991235
3327NirvanaDrain You3:44Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]81991222
3328NirvanaLounge Act2:37Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]91991206
3329NirvanaStay Away3:32Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]101991205
3330NirvanaOn A Plain3:16Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]111991217
3331NirvanaSomething In The Way20:35Nevermind [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]121991115
3332NirvanaIf You Must3:47Outcesticide11994197
3334NirvanaFloyd The Barber2:06Outcesticide31994205
3335NirvanaPaper Cuts3:49Outcesticide41994199
3336NirvanaSpank Thru3:18Outcesticide51994212
3338NirvanaPen Cap Chew2:47Outcesticide71994203
3340NirvanaPolly (Acoustic)2:19Outcesticide91994186
3341NirvanaMisery Loves Company2:21Outcesticide101994187
3342NirvanaSappy (Acoustic)2:22Outcesticide111994191
3343NirvanaDo You Love Me3:26Outcesticide121994254
3344NirvanaBeen A Son2:22Outcesticide131994237
3347NirvanaD.7. (Version)2:27Outcesticide161994188
3349NirvanaPay To Play3:26Outcesticide181994190
3351NirvanaHere She Comes Now4:40Outcesticide201994183
3352NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night?4:54Outcesticide211994185
3353NirvanaReturn Of The Rat2:59Outcesticide221994250
3354NirvanaTalk To Me3:18Outcesticide231994256
3355NirvanaKrist Speaks0:52Outcesticide241994194
3356NirvanaCourtney Speaks6:19Outcesticide251994182
3357NirvanaPennyroyal Tea (Remix)3:36Pennyroyal Tea (Single)11994194
3358NirvanaI Hate Myself And Want To Die (LP Version)2:44Pennyroyal Tea (Single)21994217
3359NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night (In The Pines) (MTV Unplugged Version)4:53Pennyroyal Tea (Single)31994207
3360NittyNasty Girl4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-09192004194
3361NittyHey Bitty2:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-01152005218
3362The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:38AM Gold: 1971111998201
3363The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr Bojangles5:14Country Complete (Disc 4)201997212
3364Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:35Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 2)91992223
3365The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles5:14Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)121998213
3366Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr Bojangles3:37Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)92007249
3367Nitty Gritty Dirt BandJambalaya (On the Bayou)1:41Stars & Stripes Forever11974221
3368Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDirt Band Interview3:16Stars & Stripes Forever21974186
3369Nitty Gritty Dirt BandCosmic Cowboy (Part 1)3:44Stars & Stripes Forever31974218
3370Nitty Gritty Dirt BandAluminum Record Award1:25Stars & Stripes Forever41974199
3371Nitty Gritty Dirt BandFish Song3:52Stars & Stripes Forever51974202
3372Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:50Stars & Stripes Forever61974222
3373Nitty Gritty Dirt BandVassar Clements Interview3:56Stars & Stripes Forever71974187
3374Nitty Gritty Dirt BandListen To The Mockingbird2:43Stars & Stripes Forever81974222
3375Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Sheik Of Araby2:05Stars & Stripes Forever91974211
3376Nitty Gritty Dirt BandResign Yourself To Me2:47Stars & Stripes Forever101974204
3377Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDixie Hoedown2:25Stars & Stripes Forever111974229
3378Nitty Gritty Dirt BandCripple Creek0:57Stars & Stripes Forever121974212
3379Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMountain Whippoorwill (or, How Hillbilly Jim Won The Great Fiddler's Prize)7:00Stars & Stripes Forever131974167
3380Nitty Gritty Dirt BandHonky Tonkin'2:03Stars & Stripes Forever141974222
3381Nitty Gritty Dirt BandHouse At Pooh Corner2:54Stars & Stripes Forever151974229
3382Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBuy For Me The Rain2:37Stars & Stripes Forever161974196
3383Nitty Gritty Dirt BandOh Boy2:51Stars & Stripes Forever171974221
3384Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTeardrops In My Eyes2:16Stars & Stripes Forever181974214
3385Nitty Gritty Dirt BandGlocoat Blues3:07Stars & Stripes Forever191974201
3386Nitty Gritty Dirt BandStars And Stripes Forever0:38Stars & Stripes Forever201974221
3387Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBattle Of New Orleans3:00Stars & Stripes Forever211974224
3388Nitty Gritty Dirt BandIt Came From The 50's (Blast From The Past)6:49Stars & Stripes Forever221974201
3389Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMy True Story3:10Stars & Stripes Forever231974221
3390Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDiggy Liggy Lo3:56Stars & Stripes Forever241974222
3391The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBuy For Me The Rain2:23The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock31996206
3392The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:36The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)111999211
3393Nitty Gritty Dirt BandFishin' In The Dark3:22The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)112001208
3394The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:37TM Century GoldDisc Update 271991221
3395Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSome of Shelley's Blues3:11Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]11970227
3396Nitty Gritty Dirt BandProdigal's Return3:10Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]21970206
3397Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Cure2:10Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]31970228
3398Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTravelin' Mood2:38Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]41970219
3399Nitty Gritty Dirt BandChicken Reel0:55Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]51970183
3400Nitty Gritty Dirt BandYukon Railroad2:15Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]61970222
3401Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLiving Without You2:00Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]71970207
3402Nitty Gritty Dirt BandClinch Mountain Backstep2:30Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]81970232
3403Nitty Gritty Dirt BandRave On2:56Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]91970237
3404Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBilly In the Low Ground1:15Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]101970222
3405Nitty Gritty Dirt BandJesse James0:50Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]111970176
3406Nitty Gritty Dirt BandUncle Charlie Interview1:38Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]121970191
3407Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMr. Bojangles3:36Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]131970230
3408Nitty Gritty Dirt BandOpus 361:41Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]141970204
3409Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSanta Rosa2:23Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]151970221
3410Nitty Gritty Dirt BandPropinquity2:18Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]161970211
3411Nitty Gritty Dirt BandUncle Charlie1:47Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]171970195
3412Nitty Gritty Dirt BandRandy Lynn Rag1:47Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]181970234
3413Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe House at Pooh Corner2:38Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]191970229
3414Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSwanee River0:36Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]201970172
3415Nitty Gritty Dirt BandUncle Charlie Interview #2/The End/Spanish Fandango2:37Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]211970182
3416Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMississippi Rain3:06Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]221970215
3417Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWhat Goes On2:12Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy [2003 Remaster]231970222
3418The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI'll Search The Sky2:15Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)132009139
3419Nitty Gritty Dirt BandGrand Ole Opry Song3:11Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)11972202
3420Nitty Gritty Dirt BandKeep On The Sunny Side4:27Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)21972195
3421Nitty Gritty Dirt BandNashville Blues3:15Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)31972199
3422Nitty Gritty Dirt BandYou Are My Flower3:35Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)41972198
3423Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Precious Jewel4:10Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)51972190
3424Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDark As A Dungeon2:46Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)61972191
3425Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTennesse Stud4:47Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)71972192
3426Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBlack Mountain Rag2:40Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)81972198
3427Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Wreck On The Highway3:25Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)91972184
3428Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe End Of The World4:30Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)101972208
3429Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI Saw The Light3:44Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)111972201
3430Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSunny Side Of The Mountain2:52Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)121972198
3431Nitty Gritty Dirt BandNine Pound Hammer2:52Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)131972207
3432Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLosin' You (Might Be The Best Thing Yet)2:49Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)141972194
3433Nitty Gritty Dirt BandHonky Tonkin'2:27Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)151972214
3434Nitty Gritty Dirt BandYou Don't Know My Mind2:45Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)161972211
3435Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMy Walkin' Shoes2:49Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 1)171972195
3436Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLonesome Fiddle Blues2:43Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)11972214
3437Nitty Gritty Dirt BandCannonball Rag1:16Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)21972205
3438Nitty Gritty Dirt BandAvalanche2:51Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)31972221
3439Nitty Gritty Dirt BandFlint Hill Special2:10Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)41972214
3440Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTogary Mountain2:28Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)51972226
3441Nitty Gritty Dirt BandEarl's Breakdown2:36Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)61972216
3442Nitty Gritty Dirt BandOrange Blossom Special2:13Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)71972209
3443Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWabash Cannonball2:03Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)81972203
3444Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLost Highway3:48Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)91972215
3445Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDoc Watson & Merle Travis: First Meeting (Dialogue)1:53Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)101972182
3446Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWay Downtown3:31Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)111972213
3447Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDown Yonder3:46Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)121972206
3448Nitty Gritty Dirt BandPins & Needles (In My Heart)2:54Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)131972184
3449Nitty Gritty Dirt BandHonky Tonk Blues2:23Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)141972217
3450Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSailin' On To Hawaii2:11Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)151972211
3451Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes4:26Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)161972201
3452Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI Am A Pilgrim3:55Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)171972193
3453Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWildwood Flower3:35Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)181972193
3454Nitty Gritty Dirt BandSoldier's Joy3:30Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)191972211
3455Nitty Gritty Dirt BandWill The Circle Be Unbroken4:50Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)201972203
3456Nitty Gritty Dirt BandBoth Sides Now2:25Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Disc 2)211972175
3457Nivea feat. Brian & Brandon CaseyDon't Mess With My Man3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11192002197
3458Nivea feat. Lil Jon & YoungBloodzOkay3:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04172005206
3459No AuthorityI'm Telling You This4:08Rugrats In Paris (OST)72000212
3460No DoubtOi To The World2:42A Very Special Christmas 351997218
3461No DoubtBND0:44No Doubt11992194
3462No DoubtLet's Get Back4:12No Doubt21992216
3463No DoubtAche3:48No Doubt31992199
3464No DoubtGet On The Ball3:32No Doubt41992212
3465No DoubtMove On3:55No Doubt51992207
3466No DoubtSad For Me1:59No Doubt61992202
3467No DoubtDoormat2:26No Doubt71992215
3468No DoubtBig City Train3:56No Doubt81992212
3469No DoubtTrapped In A Box3:24No Doubt91992207
3470No DoubtSometimes4:29No Doubt101992184
3471No DoubtSinking3:20No Doubt111992202
3472No DoubtA Little Something Refreshing1:18No Doubt121992205
3473No DoubtPaulina2:30No Doubt131992205
3474No DoubtBrand New Day3:17No Doubt141992206
3475No DoubtSpiderwebs3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0831996234
3476No DoubtEx-Girlfriend3:32Return Of Saturn12000245
3477No DoubtSimple Kind Of Life4:16Return Of Saturn22000229
3478No DoubtBathwater4:02Return Of Saturn32000230
3479No DoubtSix Feet Under2:28Return Of Saturn42000241
3480No DoubtMagic's In The Makeup4:21Return Of Saturn52000220
3481No DoubtArtificial Sweetener3:54Return Of Saturn62000226
3482No DoubtMarry Me4:38Return Of Saturn72000212
3483No DoubtNew4:26Return Of Saturn82000227
3484No DoubtToo Late4:16Return Of Saturn92000214
3485No DoubtComforting Lie2:52Return Of Saturn102000245
3486No DoubtSuspension Without Suspense4:10Return Of Saturn112000206
3487No DoubtStaring Problem2:43Return Of Saturn122000223
3488No DoubtHome Now4:34Return Of Saturn132000222
3489No DoubtDark Blue10:30Return Of Saturn142000187
3490No DoubtIntro0:27Rock Steady12001183
3491No DoubtHella Good4:02Rock Steady22001232
3492No DoubtHey Baby3:27Rock Steady32001242
3493No DoubtMaking Out4:14Rock Steady42001242
3494No DoubtUnderneath It All5:02Rock Steady52001219
3495No DoubtDetective2:53Rock Steady62001243
3496No DoubtDon't Let Me Down4:08Rock Steady72001225
3497No DoubtStart The Fire4:11Rock Steady82001220
3498No DoubtRunning4:01Rock Steady92001212
3499No DoubtIn My Head3:25Rock Steady102001207
3500No DoubtPlatinum Blonde Life3:27Rock Steady112001237
3501No DoubtWaiting Room4:27Rock Steady122001223
3502No DoubtRock Steady5:22Rock Steady132001205
3503No DoubtJust a Girl3:46Rock Steady (Bonus Disc)12002146
3504No DoubtUnderneath It All [Dub]3:33Rock Steady (Bonus Disc)22002154
3505No DoubtOpen The Gate3:40The Beacon Street Collection11995242
3506No DoubtBlue In The Face4:35The Beacon Street Collection21995205
3507No DoubtTotal Hate 953:18The Beacon Street Collection31995223
3508No DoubtStricken4:06The Beacon Street Collection41995208
3509No DoubtGreener Pastures5:05The Beacon Street Collection51995222
3510No DoubtBy The Way4:29The Beacon Street Collection61995201
3511No DoubtSnakes4:37The Beacon Street Collection71995212
3512No DoubtThat's Just Me4:09The Beacon Street Collection81995220
3513No DoubtSqueal2:38The Beacon Street Collection91995222
3514No DoubtDoghouse4:26The Beacon Street Collection101995222
3515No DoubtJust A Girl3:26The Singles 1992-200312003240
3516No DoubtIt's My Life3:45The Singles 1992-200322003220
3517No DoubtHey Baby (Featuring Bounty Killer)3:26The Singles 1992-200332003241
3518No DoubtBathwater4:00The Singles 1992-200342003232
3519No DoubtSunday Morning4:31The Singles 1992-200352003227
3520No DoubtHella Good4:02The Singles 1992-200362003232
3521No DoubtNew4:24The Singles 1992-200372003228
3522No DoubtUnderneath It All (Featuring Lady Saw)5:02The Singles 1992-200382003220
3523No DoubtExcuse Me Mr.3:04The Singles 1992-200392003238
3524No DoubtRunning4:00The Singles 1992-2003102003213
3525No DoubtSpiderwebs4:26The Singles 1992-2003112003237
3526No DoubtSimple Kind Of Life4:15The Singles 1992-2003122003236
3527No DoubtDon't Speak4:22The Singles 1992-2003132003223
3528No DoubtEx-Girlfriend3:31The Singles 1992-2003142003247
3529No DoubtTrapped In A Box3:23The Singles 1992-2003152003239
3530No DoubtGirls Get the Bass in the Back ("Hey Baby" remix)6:13The Singles 1992-2003162003228
3531No DoubtSpiderwebs4:28Tragic Kingdom11995229
3532No DoubtExcuse Me Mr.3:05Tragic Kingdom21995236
3533No DoubtJust A Girl3:29Tragic Kingdom31995236
3534No DoubtHappy Now?3:44Tragic Kingdom41995224
3535No DoubtDifferent People4:35Tragic Kingdom51995213
3536No DoubtHey You3:34Tragic Kingdom61995214
3537No DoubtThe Climb6:38Tragic Kingdom71995206
3538No DoubtSixteen3:21Tragic Kingdom81995198
3539No DoubtSunday Morning4:33Tragic Kingdom91995217
3540No DoubtDon't Speak4:23Tragic Kingdom101995214
3541No DoubtYou Can Do It4:14Tragic Kingdom111995216
3542No DoubtWorld Go 'round4:09Tragic Kingdom121995208
3543No DoubtEnd It On This3:46Tragic Kingdom131995202
3544No DoubtTragic Kingdom5:31Tragic Kingdom141995218
3545No Doubt (Feat. Elvis Costello)I Throw My Toys Around3:02The Rugrats Movie (OST)21998210
3546No Doubt feat. Lady SawUnderneath It All4:07Now That's What I Call Music! 1182002223
3547No MercyWhere Do You Go (Ocean Drive Mix)7:21A Night At The Roxbury (OST)111998237
3548No MercyWhere Do You Go4:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-08121996219
3549No MercyKiss You All Over4:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11191997224
3550No MercyWhen I Die4:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 2)22001205
3551No MercyWhere Do You Go (Ocean Drive Edit)4:23Ultimate Dance Party 199721996234
3552No MercyWhen I Die4:28World Of Music - Ballads From The 90's62002213
3553Nobuyoshi KoshibeSpeed Racer1:11Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)41990205
3554Noe Venable TrioDown Easy4:05Cherish (OST)102002196
3555Noel HarrisonWindmills Of Your Mind2:21More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)131999222
3556Noel HarrisonWindmills Of Your Mind2:20Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)192001223
3557Noel HarrisonLife Is A Dream2:00Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)192009132
3558Noel LeonThe Olympics0:55Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5571996128
3559NoiseworksNo Lies3:53Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)42000225
3560The NolansGotta Pull Myself Together2:43Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)101992209
3561Nomad Featuring MC Mikee Freedom(I Wanna Give You) Devotion4:03The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)141994185
3562The NomadsWhere The Wolf Bane Blooms2:15Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)122005220
3563No-ManAngel Gets Caught in the Beauty Trap9:57Flowermouth11994195
3564No-ManYou Grow More Beautiful5:38Flowermouth21994209
3565No-ManAnimal Ghost6:11Flowermouth31994194
3566No-ManSoft Shoulders3:58Flowermouth41994218
3567No-ManShell of a Fighter7:49Flowermouth51994209
3568No-ManTeardrop Fall4:40Flowermouth61994225
3569No-ManWatching Over Me4:51Flowermouth71994192
3571No-ManThings Change7:31Flowermouth91994200
3572No-ManOnly Rain7:24Returning Jesus12001246
3573No-ManNo Defence5:20Returning Jesus22001249
3574No-ManClose Your Eyes8:25Returning Jesus32001221
3575No-ManCarolina Skeletons5:08Returning Jesus42001246
3576No-ManOutside The Machine5:47Returning Jesus52001230
3577No-ManReturning Jesus5:19Returning Jesus62001207
3578No-ManSlow It All Down3:42Returning Jesus72001249
3579No-ManLighthouse8:13Returning Jesus82001239
3580No-ManAll That You Are4:44Returning Jesus92001233
3581No-ManTogether We're Stranger8:31Together We're Stranger12003180
3582No-ManAll The Blue Changes7:49Together We're Stranger22003201
3583No-ManThe City In A Hundred Ways2:23Together We're Stranger32003193
3584No-ManThings I Want To Tell You9:04Together We're Stranger42003176
3585No-ManPhotographs In Black And White10:03Together We're Stranger52003183
3586No-ManBack When You Were Beautiful5:07Together We're Stranger62003140
3587No-ManThe Break-Up For Real4:11Together We're Stranger72003214
3588Nona ReevesLove Together4:51Parappa The Rapper  128
3591NonpointYour Signs3:29Development32002242
3592NonpointNormal Days4:04Development42002249
3593NonpointMy Own Sake3:36Development52002234
3595NonpointExcessive Reaction2:51Development72002244
3597NonpointAny Advice3:29Development92002235
3598NonpointHide And Seek3:05Development102002248
3599NonpointGet Inside2:54Development112002242
3601NonpointIn The Air Tonight4:33Miami Vice (OST)12006220
3602NonpointThe Same2:58Recoil12004253
3603NonpointThe Truth4:02Recoil22004234
3604NonpointBroken Bones2:54Recoil32004265
3607NonpointDone It Anyway3:22Recoil62004252
3608NonpointIn The Air Tonight4:32Recoil72004217
3609NonpointMove Now3:19Recoil82004256
3610NonpointPeace Of Mind3:34Recoil92004244
3611NonpointPast It All3:42Recoil102004234
3612NonpointImpossible Needs3:35Recoil112004248
3613NonpointSide With The Guns2:57Recoil122004248
3618NonpointBack Up3:17Statement42000233
3619NonpointWhat A Day3:18Statement52000233
3627NonpointBullet With a Name3:26To the Pain12005231
3628NonpointThere's Going to Be a War!3:02To the Pain22005239
3629NonpointThe Wreckoning3:44To the Pain32005239
3630NonpointAlive and Kicking3:59To the Pain42005233
3631NonpointExplain Yourself.3:37To the Pain52005211
3632NonpointBuscandome4:15To the Pain62005222
3633NonpointTo the Pain5:43To the Pain72005219
3634Nonpoint(ren-dish'en)3:18To the Pain82005216
3635NonpointExplain Myself?4:13To the Pain92005236
3636NonpointSkin5:05To the Pain102005236
3637NonpointCode Red4:02To the Pain112005234
3638NonpointWrong Before3:29To the Pain122005218
3639NonpointThe Longest Beginning3:16To the Pain132005221
3640NonpointThe Shortest Ending4:44To the Pain142005233
3641Nonpoint316:42To the Pain312005203
3642NonpointUntitled16:03To the Pain312005159
3643NonpointWake Up World3:26Vengeance12007254
3644NonpointWhat I Do Best3:23Vengeance22007233
3646NonpointBring Me Down3:46Vengeance42007254
3647NonpointMarch Of War4:16Vengeance52007236
3649NonpointHands Off3:40Vengeance72007250
3650NonpointA Way Out3:32Vengeance82007243
3651NonpointChange Your Mind3:42Vengeance92007236
3653NonpointEverybody Down3:18Vengeance112007233
3654NonpointWhen It's Over3:02Vengeance122007255
3655Norah JonesPeace3:50A Very Special Acoustic Christmas162003173
3656Norah JonesDon't Know Why3:06Come Away With Me12002189
3657Norah JonesSeven Years2:25Come Away With Me22002192
3658Norah JonesCold Cold Heart3:38Come Away With Me32002178
3659Norah JonesFeelin' The Same Way2:57Come Away With Me42002184
3660Norah JonesCome Away With Me3:18Come Away With Me52002187
3661Norah JonesShoot The Moon3:56Come Away With Me62002176
3662Norah JonesTurn Me On2:34Come Away With Me72002195
3663Norah JonesLonestar3:06Come Away With Me82002182
3664Norah JonesI've Got To See You Again4:13Come Away With Me92002190
3665Norah JonesPainter Song2:42Come Away With Me102002180
3666Norah JonesOne Flight Down3:05Come Away With Me112002174
3667Norah JonesNightingale4:12Come Away With Me122002168
3668Norah JonesThe Long Day Is Over2:44Come Away With Me132002177
3669Norah JonesThe Nearness Of You3:07Come Away With Me142002173
3670Norah JonesRuler Of My Heart3:01Come Away With Me (Bonus Disc)12003199
3671Norah JonesCold, Cold Heart (Live)4:43Come Away With Me (Bonus Disc)22003180
3672Norah JonesI'll Be Your Baby Tonight3:18Come Away With Me (Bonus Disc)32003192
3673Norah JonesPeace3:54Come Away With Me (Bonus Disc)42003166
3674Norah JonesSunrise3:20Feels Like Home12004164
3675Norah JonesWhat Am I To You?3:29Feels Like Home22004179
3676Norah JonesThose Sweet Words3:22Feels Like Home32004176
3677Norah JonesCarnival Town3:12Feels Like Home42004165
3678Norah JonesIn The Morning4:07Feels Like Home52004187
3679Norah JonesBe Here To Love Me3:28Feels Like Home62004174
3680Norah JonesCreepin' In (feat. Dolly Parton)3:03Feels Like Home72004152
3681Norah JonesToes3:46Feels Like Home82004171
3682Norah JonesHumble Me4:36Feels Like Home92004159
3683Norah JonesAbove Ground3:43Feels Like Home102004180
3684Norah JonesThe Long Way Home3:13Feels Like Home112004158
3685Norah JonesThe Prettiest Thing3:51Feels Like Home122004173
3686Norah JonesDon't Miss You At All3:06Feels Like Home132004154
3687Norah JonesCome Away With Me3:18Maid In Manhattan (OST)72002187
3688Norah JonesWish I Could4:18Not Too Late12007178
3689Norah JonesSinkin' Soon4:38Not Too Late22007191
3690Norah JonesThe Sun Doesn't Like You2:59Not Too Late32007181
3691Norah JonesUntil The End3:56Not Too Late42007189
3692Norah JonesNot My Friend2:54Not Too Late52007183
3693Norah JonesThinking About You3:20Not Too Late62007191
3694Norah JonesBroken3:21Not Too Late72007179
3695Norah JonesMy Dear Country3:25Not Too Late82007171
3696Norah JonesWake Me Up2:46Not Too Late92007187
3697Norah JonesBe My Somebody3:36Not Too Late102007182
3698Norah JonesLittle Room2:44Not Too Late112007144
3699Norah JonesRosie's Lullaby3:56Not Too Late122007172
3700Norah JonesNot Too Late3:31Not Too Late132007175
3701Norah JonesPeace3:49Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)182003172
3702Norah JonesDon't Know Why3:03Now That's What I Call Music! 11142002194
3703Norah JonesSunrise3:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0472004167
3704Norbert Leo Butz, Kristin Chenoweth, Christoper Fitzgerald, Michelle Federer, Idina MenzelDancing Through Life7:37Wicked (OST)62003192
3705NoreagaSuperthug (What, What)5:00The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)92004192
3706Norfolk Jubilee QuartetStanding By The Bedside Of A Neighbor2:33Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel41992126
3707The Norm Wooster SingersLovin' You Lots and Lots1:53That Thing You Do! (OST)11996223
3708Norman BlakeSavannah Rag5:04A Tribute to John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage32001157
3709Norman BlakeYou Are My Sunshine4:27O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)32000185
3710Norman BlakeI Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow4:29O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)72000161
3711Norman ConnorsYou Are My Starship3:24The Buddah Box (Disc 3)121993199
3712Norman Fox & The Rob-RoysTell Me Why2:45The Doo Wop Box (Disc 2)241994128
3713Norman Fox & The Rob-RoysPizza Pie2:19The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)191994131
3714Norman Gimble & Charles FoxHappy Days1:16Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)241990186
3715Norman Gimble & Charles FoxLaverne And Shirley ("Making Our Dreams Come True")1:19Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)251990158
3716Norman Gimble & Charles FoxWonder Woman1:37Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)451990188
3717Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:0370's Party Mix (Disc 1)11996198
3718Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:02Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)91998211
3719Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:00One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)172001231
3720Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:03Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)192002209
3721Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:02Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)42000203
3722Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky4:02Then '70s: Totally Oldies 6132003198
3723Norman GreenbaumSpirit In The Sky3:58Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)32001196
3724Normand RogerMystery!0:47Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)611996157
3725Normie Rowe And The PlayboysQue Sera Sera2:34The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)121997187
3726North Mississippi Allstars51 Phantom3:1751 Phantom12001193
3727North Mississippi AllstarsSnakes In My Bushes3:4451 Phantom22001208
3728North Mississippi AllstarsSugartown3:4751 Phantom32001200
3729North Mississippi AllstarsLord Have Mercy5:2751 Phantom42001182
3730North Mississippi AllstarsStorm4:2051 Phantom52001185
3731North Mississippi AllstarsFreedom Highway3:1751 Phantom62001189
3732North Mississippi AllstarsCircle In The Sky3:3451 Phantom72001205
3733North Mississippi AllstarsShip5:2951 Phantom82001200
3734North Mississippi AllstarsLeavin'3:1751 Phantom92001193
3735North Mississippi AllstarsUp Over Yonder3:4951 Phantom102001173
3736North Mississippi AllstarsMud3:2551 Phantom112001197
3737North Mississippi AllstarsMississippi Bo Weevil2:48Electric Blue Watermelon12005217
3738North Mississippi AllstarsNo Mo4:56Electric Blue Watermelon22005208
3739North Mississippi AllstarsTeasin' Brown3:38Electric Blue Watermelon32005211
3740North Mississippi AllstarsMoonshine4:18Electric Blue Watermelon42005212
3741North Mississippi AllstarsHurry Up Sunrise4:58Electric Blue Watermelon52005228
3742North Mississippi AllstarsStompin' My Foot3:37Electric Blue Watermelon62005178
3743North Mississippi AllstarsBang Bang Lulu4:03Electric Blue Watermelon72005205
3744North Mississippi AllstarsDeep Sea Blue3:52Electric Blue Watermelon82005208
3745North Mississippi AllstarsMean Ol' Wind Died Down7:22Electric Blue Watermelon92005199
3746North Mississippi AllstarsHorseshoe5:02Electric Blue Watermelon102005165
3747North Mississippi AllstarsBounce Ball4:43Electric Blue Watermelon112005170
3748North Mississippi AllstarsShake (Yo Mama)3:01Hernando12008198
3749North Mississippi AllstarsKeep The Devil Down3:50Hernando22008204
3750North Mississippi AllstarsSoldier5:59Hernando32008186
3751North Mississippi AllstarsEaglebird2:17Hernando42008200
3752North Mississippi AllstarsI'd Love To Be A Hippy4:54Hernando52008180
3753North Mississippi AllstarsMizzip2:47Hernando62008195
3754North Mississippi AllstarsBlow Out1:34Hernando72008161
3755North Mississippi AllstarsCome Go With Me3:35Hernando82008194
3756North Mississippi AllstarsRooster's Blues3:23Hernando92008198
3757North Mississippi AllstarsTake Yo Time, Rodney3:53Hernando102008193
3758North Mississippi AllstarsLong Way From Home5:13Hernando112008193
3759North Mississippi AllstarsShake 'em On Down5:14Hill Country Revue12004217
3760North Mississippi AllstarsPo Black Maddie + Skinny Woman12:54Hill Country Revue22004208
3761North Mississippi AllstarsJumper On The Line5:17Hill Country Revue32004205
3762North Mississippi AllstarsBad Bad Pain2:46Hill Country Revue42004210
3763North Mississippi AllstarsDown In Mississippi5:07Hill Country Revue52004213
3764North Mississippi AllstarsNever In All My Days4:18Hill Country Revue62004211
3765North Mississippi AllstarsBoomer's Story4:37Hill Country Revue72004192
3766North Mississippi AllstarsPsychedelic Sex Machine4:58Hill Country Revue82004209
3767North Mississippi AllstarsShimmy She Wobble + Station Blues9:11Hill Country Revue92004218
3768North Mississippi AllstarsFriend Of Mine4:02Hill Country Revue102004226
3769North Mississippi AllstarsBe So Glad7:21Hill Country Revue112004224
3770North Mississippi AllstarsSnake Drive5:06Hill Country Revue122004221
3771North Mississippi AllstarsGoin' Home Part Two4:13Hill Country Revue132004205
3772North Mississippi AllstarsGoing Down South3:01Hill Country Revue142004233
3773North Mississippi AllstarsEyes4:05Polaris12003210
3774North Mississippi AllstarsMeet Me In The City4:07Polaris22003215
3775North Mississippi AllstarsConan4:04Polaris32003209
3776North Mississippi AllstarsAll Along2:44Polaris42003187
3777North Mississippi AllstarsOtay2:57Polaris52003195
3778North Mississippi AllstarsKids These Daze2:58Polaris62003209
3779North Mississippi AllstarsOne To Grow On4:44Polaris72003191
3780North Mississippi AllstarsNever In All My Days2:52Polaris82003188
3781North Mississippi AllstarsBad Bad Pain2:43Polaris92003181
3782North Mississippi AllstarsPolaris3:22Polaris102003219
3783North Mississippi AllstarsTime For The Sun To Rise4:17Polaris112003176
3784North Mississippi AllstarsBe So Glad6:10Polaris122003195
3785North Mississippi AllstarsShake 'em On Down4:08Shake Hands With Shorty12000200
3786North Mississippi AllstarsDrop Down Mama4:39Shake Hands With Shorty22000204
3787North Mississippi AllstarsPo Black Maddie4:32Shake Hands With Shorty32000211
3788North Mississippi AllstarsSkinny Woman5:18Shake Hands With Shorty42000210
3789North Mississippi AllstarsDrinking Muddy Water3:21Shake Hands With Shorty52000162
3790North Mississippi AllstarsGoin' Down South6:11Shake Hands With Shorty62000219
3791North Mississippi AllstarsK.C. Jones (On The Road Again)4:36Shake Hands With Shorty72000192
3792North Mississippi AllstarsStation Blues2:40Shake Hands With Shorty82000176
3793North Mississippi AllstarsSomeday Baby2:30Shake Hands With Shorty92000173
3794North Mississippi AllstarsAll Night Long16:16Shake Hands With Shorty102000192
3795The North SeaBatik7:12Untitled Album5 128
3796NorthboundTorches5:38Landscapes Of Late2 128
3797Northern LightsTears Are Not Enough5:17Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)181996199
3798Northstarz pres. Neon 8What's Up4:45Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)142003179
3799Nothingham ForrestWe Got The Whole World3:20Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)132005175
3800The Notorious B.I.G.One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix)4:38Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 1121998206
3801The Notorious B.I.G.Life After Death Intro1:39Life After Death (Disc 1)11997180
3802The Notorious B.I.G.Somebody's Gotta Die4:26Life After Death (Disc 1)21997193
3803The Notorious B.I.G.Hypnotize3:49Life After Death (Disc 1)31997212
3804The Notorious B.I.G.Kick In The Door4:46Life After Death (Disc 1)41997154
3805The Notorious B.I.G.Fuckin' You Tonight (feat. R. Kelly)5:45Life After Death (Disc 1)51997196
3806The Notorious B.I.G.Last Day (feat. The Lox)4:18Life After Death (Disc 1)61997203
3807The Notorious B.I.G.I Love The Dough (feat. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush)5:12Life After Death (Disc 1)71997202
3808The Notorious B.I.G.What's Beef?5:15Life After Death (Disc 1)81997201
3809The Notorious B.I.G.B.I.G. Interlude0:48Life After Death (Disc 1)91997177
3810The Notorious B.I.G.Mo Money Mo Problems (feat. Mase & Puff Daddy)4:17Life After Death (Disc 1)101997212
3811The Notorious B.I.G.Niggas Bleed4:51Life After Death (Disc 1)111997222
3812The Notorious B.I.G.I Got A Story To Tell4:42Life After Death (Disc 1)121997198
3813The Notorious B.I.G.Notorious Thugs6:07Life After Death (Disc 2)11997224
3814The Notorious B.I.G.Miss U4:59Life After Death (Disc 2)21997173
3815The Notorious B.I.G.Another (feat. Lil' Kim)4:15Life After Death (Disc 2)31997229
3816The Notorious B.I.G.Going Back To Cali5:07Life After Death (Disc 2)41997183
3817The Notorious B.I.G.Ten Crack Commandments3:24Life After Death (Disc 2)51997167
3818The Notorious B.I.G.Playa Hater3:57Life After Death (Disc 2)61997200
3819The Notorious B.I.G.Nasty Boy5:33Life After Death (Disc 2)71997203
3820The Notorious B.I.G.Sky's The Limit (feat. 112)5:29Life After Death (Disc 2)81997194
3821The Notorious B.I.G.The World Is Filled... (feat. Too Short and Puff Daddy)4:54Life After Death (Disc 2)91997165
3822The Notorious B.I.G.My Downfall (feat. DMC)5:26Life After Death (Disc 2)101997206
3823The Notorious B.I.G.Long Kiss Goodnight5:18Life After Death (Disc 2)111997202
3824The Notorious B.I.G.You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)4:52Life After Death (Disc 2)121997203
3825The Notorious B.I.G.Juicy5:00New Millennium Hip-Hop Party132000210
3826The Notorious B.I.G.Intro3:23Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]11994204
3827The Notorious B.I.G.Things Done Changed3:58Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]21994216
3828The Notorious B.I.G.Gimme The Loot5:04Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]31994215
3829The Notorious B.I.G.Machine Gun Funk4:17Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]41994223
3830The Notorious B.I.G.Warning3:40Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]51994195
3831The Notorious B.I.G.Ready To Die4:24Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]61994198
3832The Notorious B.I.G.One More Chance4:43Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]71994197
3833The Notorious B.I.G.Fuck Me (Interlude)1:31Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]81994186
3834The Notorious B.I.G.The What (feat. Method Man)3:57Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]91994199
3835The Notorious B.I.G.Juicy5:02Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]101994216
3836The Notorious B.I.G.Everyday Struggles5:19Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]111994216
3837The Notorious B.I.G.Me And My Bitch4:00Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]121994201
3838The Notorious B.I.G.Big Poppa4:12Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]131994195
3839The Notorious B.I.G.Respect5:21Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]141994185
3840The Notorious B.I.G.Friend Of Mine3:28Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]151994220
3841The Notorious B.I.G.Unbelievable3:43Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]161994207
3842The Notorious B.I.G.Suicidal Thoughts2:50Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]171994192
3843The Notorious B.I.G.Who Shot Ya5:19Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]181994178
3844The Notorious B.I.G.Just Playing (Dreams)2:43Ready To Die [2004 Remaster]191994170
3845Notorious B.I.G. feat. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery StormNasty Girl3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-02122006205
3846NovellHe Can't4:53From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)302002217
3847N-TranceStayin Alive3:54Fired Up! (Disc 2)112003227
3848N-TranceStayin' Alive3:37Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)82000238
3849N-TranceDo Ya Think I'm Sexy?4:01Much Dance 199921999197
3850N-TranceDo Ya Think I'm Sexy4:01Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 199991999199
3851N-Trance (feat. Rod Stewert)Da Ya Think I'm Sexy3:25A Night At The Roxbury (OST)51998203
3852Nu FlavorHeaven4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11151997187
3853Nu ShoozI Can't Wait3:42Absolute 80s (Disc 1)111999220
3854Nu ShoozI Can't Wait3:43Generation 80's (Disc 2)52001221
3855Nu ShoozI Can't Wait (Vocal American Mix)4:53Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]112004236
3856Nu ShoozPoint of No Return (Vocal Long Version)5:52Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 1) [CA]32005228
3857Nu ShoozLost Your Number5:45Poolside11986220
3858Nu ShoozI Can't Wait5:26Poolside21986212
3859Nu ShoozDon't Let Me Be The One4:25Poolside31986222
3860Nu ShoozGoin' Thru The Motions4:04Poolside41986220
3861Nu ShoozYou Put Me In A Trance4:20Poolside51986214
3862Nu ShoozPoint Of No Return4:26Poolside61986220
3863Nu ShoozSecret Message3:30Poolside71986204
3864Nu ShoozDon't You Be Afraid5:18Poolside81986201
3865Nu ShoozI Can't Wait3:43Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two71996226
3866Nuno BettenbourtBeethoven's 5th3:24  1999128
3867Nuns ChorusMorning Hymn And Alleluia2:02The Sound Of Music (OST) [1995 Remaster]31965154
3868Nuns ChorusMaria3:18The Sound Of Music (OST) [1995 Remaster]41965189
3869The NutmegsStory Untold2:21The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)191994129
3870Nuttin' NyceFroggy Style4:01More! Bump N' Grind141995183
3871The Nutty SquirrelsUh! Oh! (Part 1)2:20Pecker (OST)51998125
3872NYFBTo the Core2:40Heavycore: Core Til Death172002150
3873The NylonsDrift Away4:04The Best of the Nylons 1993128

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