mwalimu's Song List, generated by MediaMonkey

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1 battle050:44   160
2 battle061:02   160
3 Fausse fille de Pigalle3:37   80
4 Pour toé3:23   80
5 Tribal Techno25:20   128
6 A Hyrulian Symphony4:44   160
7 battle010:48   160
8 battle021:02  2004160
9 battle030:27  2004160
10 battle040:36  2004160
11 Carol of the Bells (techno remix)4:55   128
12 Christmas Rave Mix4:20   128
13 Darnassus Intro0:39   128
14 Darnassus Walking 11:24   128
15 Darnassus Walking 21:09   128
16 Darnassus Walking 31:07   128
17 DayBarrenDry011:04  2003128
18 DayBarrenDry021:04  2003128
19 DayDesert011:05  2004128
20 DayDesert021:21  2004128
21 DayDesert030:54  2004128
22 Druid Grove0:44   128
23 Feliz Navidad/We Wish You a Merry Christmas/Last Christmas (dance medley)7:18   128
24 GhostMusic031:02   128
25 gloomy010:36  2004160
26 gloomy020:39  2004160
27 GuldansEntranceTheme1:40  2006128
28 Hava Nagila (Techno Remix)3:06   128
29 Here Come The Hawks2:21   64
30 How Bill Gates Stole Christmas1:59   64
31 IronForge Intro1:26   128
32 IronForge Walking 012:03   128
33 Ironforge Walking 041:10   128
34 Mr. Sandman2:23   128
35 mystery01-zone1:00   160
36 mystery02-zone0:53  2004160
37 NightBarrenDry011:07   128
38 NightBarrenDry020:40  2003128
39 NightBarrenDry030:47  2003128
40 NightDesert011:17  2004128
41 NightDesert021:02  2004128
42 NightDesert030:57  2004128
43 orgrimmar01-zone1:08   160
44 orgrimmar02-zone1:02  2004160
45 Pokemon League Theme1:45   128
46 Real Slim Santa1:58   192
47 sacred020:19  2004160
48 Scottish National Anthem - Scotland the Brave4:06   128
49 Techno Jingle Bells3:28   128
50 That's Logistics1:02  2010192
51 The Lyin' King1:58   32
52 Thunderbluff Intro0:46   128
53 Thunderbluff Walking 011:57   128
54 Thunderbluff Walking 021:56   128
55 Thunderbluff Walking 032:01   128
56 Warrior Terrace0:53   128
57 White Christmas (punk version)1:46   128
58 wow_main_theme2:41   160
59 Zelda Techno3:00   128
60 The 12 Drugs of Christmas3:20 32 160
61 Delta Airlines Commercial1:16Delta Airlines Commercial  128
62 Definitions of Fuck2:28Dr. Demento  192
63 Fun (audio rip)0:40Simba's Pride  128
64 Nala Hunts (score rip)1:18The Lion King  64
65 Simba Returns Home (score rip)2:37The Lion King  158
66 Beyond the Bounds (Full Version)5:37Zone of the Enders 2 - Beyond the Bounds, Theme from Anubis12003214
67"Dock" BoggsSugar Baby2:58Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)61952128
68"Dock" BoggsCountry Blues2:59Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)31952126
69"Little" Jimmy DickensCountry Boy2:57Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.71997126
70"Little" Jimmy DickensMay The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose2:26Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s201993195
71"T-Bone" Tom StankusExistential Blues6:14Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)171991181
72"Weird Al" YankovicIt's Still Billy Joel To Me2:30  1979160
73"Weird Al" YankovicIt's Still Billy Joel To Me (Live)2:58  1980160
74"Weird Al" YankovicPac-Man2:30  1981160
75"Weird Al" YankovicYou're Pitiful3:16  2006192
76"Weird Al" YankovicRicky2:36"Weird Al" Yankovic11983207
77"Weird Al" YankovicGotta Boogie2:14"Weird Al" Yankovic21983224
78"Weird Al" YankovicI Love Rocky Road2:36"Weird Al" Yankovic31983213
79"Weird Al" YankovicBuckingham Blues3:13"Weird Al" Yankovic41983200
80"Weird Al" YankovicHappy Birthday2:28"Weird Al" Yankovic51983215
81"Weird Al" YankovicStop Draggin' My Car Around3:16"Weird Al" Yankovic61983208
82"Weird Al" YankovicMy Bologna2:01"Weird Al" Yankovic71983207
83"Weird Al" YankovicThe Check's In The Mail3:13"Weird Al" Yankovic81983206
84"Weird Al" YankovicAnother One Rides The Bus2:40"Weird Al" Yankovic91983212
85"Weird Al" YankovicI'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead3:39"Weird Al" Yankovic101983205
86"Weird Al" YankovicSuch A Groovy Guy3:02"Weird Al" Yankovic111983208
87"Weird Al" YankovicMr. Frump In The Iron Lung1:54"Weird Al" Yankovic121983207
88"Weird Al" YankovicJurassic Park3:55Alapalooza11993205
89"Weird Al" YankovicYoung, Dumb & Ugly4:24Alapalooza21993211
90"Weird Al" YankovicBedrock Anthem3:40Alapalooza31993225
91"Weird Al" YankovicFrank's 2000" TV4:05Alapalooza41993226
92"Weird Al" YankovicAchy Breaky Song3:23Alapalooza51993212
93"Weird Al" YankovicTraffic Jam4:01Alapalooza61993223
94"Weird Al" YankovicTalk Soup4:24Alapalooza71993204
95"Weird Al" YankovicLivin' In the Fridge3:35Alapalooza81993226
96"Weird Al" YankovicShe Never Told Me She Was a Mime4:54Alapalooza91993223
97"Weird Al" YankovicHarvey the Wonder Hamster0:21Alapalooza101993164
98"Weird Al" YankovicWaffle King4:25Alapalooza111993211
99"Weird Al" YankovicBohemian Polka3:40Alapalooza121993226
100"Weird Al" YankovicPerform This Way2:53Alpocalypse12011320
101"Weird Al" YankovicPerform This Way2:54Alpocalypse12011202
102"Weird Al" YankovicCNR3:21Alpocalypse22011234
103"Weird Al" YankovicTMZ3:40Alpocalypse32011207
104"Weird Al" YankovicSkipper Dan4:01Alpocalypse42011226
105"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Face4:47Alpocalypse52011209
106"Weird Al" YankovicCraigslist4:53Alpocalypse62011215
107"Weird Al" YankovicParty in the CIA2:56Alpocalypse72011213
108"Weird Al" YankovicRingtone3:24Alpocalypse82011214
109"Weird Al" YankovicAnother Tattoo2:49Alpocalypse92011201
110"Weird Al" YankovicIf That Isn't Love3:48Alpocalypse102011232
111"Weird Al" YankovicWhatever You Like3:41Alpocalypse112011237
112"Weird Al" YankovicStop Forwarding That Crap to Me5:42Alpocalypse122011210
113"Weird Al" YankovicAmish Paradise3:20Bad Hair Day11996165
114"Weird Al" YankovicEverything You Know Is Wrong3:47Bad Hair Day21996226
115"Weird Al" YankovicCavity Search4:19Bad Hair Day31996221
116"Weird Al" YankovicCallin' In Sick3:40Bad Hair Day41996219
117"Weird Al" YankovicThe Alternative Polka4:50Bad Hair Day51996211
118"Weird Al" YankovicSince You've Been Gone1:22Bad Hair Day61996177
119"Weird Al" YankovicGump2:10Bad Hair Day71996214
120"Weird Al" YankovicI'm So Sick Of You3:26Bad Hair Day81996201
121"Weird Al" YankovicSyndicated Inc.3:54Bad Hair Day91996218
122"Weird Al" YankovicI Remember Larry3:56Bad Hair Day101996218
123"Weird Al" YankovicPhony Calls3:22Bad Hair Day111996198
124"Weird Al" YankovicThe Night Santa Went Crazy4:01Bad Hair Day121996209
125"Weird Al" YankovicChristmas At Ground Zero3:11Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas41994189
126"Weird Al" YankovicLike a Surgeon3:32Dare to Be Stupid11985200
127"Weird Al" YankovicDare to Be Stupid3:25Dare to Be Stupid21985205
128"Weird Al" YankovicI Want a New Duck3:04Dare to Be Stupid31985190
129"Weird Al" YankovicOne More Minute4:04Dare to Be Stupid41985193
130"Weird Al" YankovicYoda3:58Dare to Be Stupid51985200
131"Weird Al" YankovicGeorge of the Jungle1:05Dare to Be Stupid61985200
132"Weird Al" YankovicSlime Creatures From Outer Space4:23Dare to Be Stupid71985208
133"Weird Al" YankovicGirls Just Want to Have Lunch2:48Dare to Be Stupid81985204
134"Weird Al" YankovicThis Is the Life3:06Dare to Be Stupid91985212
135"Weird Al" YankovicCable TV3:38Dare to Be Stupid101985208
136"Weird Al" YankovicHooked on Polkas3:51Dare to Be Stupid111985213
137"Weird Al" YankovicEat It3:20Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)41991195
138"Weird Al" YankovicChristmas At Ground Zero3:11Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD151989203
139"Weird Al" YankovicThe Saga Begins5:27Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space32002200
140"Weird Al" YankovicFat3:37Even Worse11988212
141"Weird Al" YankovicStuck In A Closet With Vanna White5:01Even Worse21988215
142"Weird Al" Yankovic(This Song's Just) Six Words Long3:37Even Worse31988200
143"Weird Al" YankovicYou Make Me3:05Even Worse41988211
144"Weird Al" YankovicI Think I'm A Clone Now3:19Even Worse51988218
145"Weird Al" YankovicLasagna2:47Even Worse61988196
146"Weird Al" YankovicMelanie3:59Even Worse71988204
147"Weird Al" YankovicAlimony3:16Even Worse81988205
148"Weird Al" YankovicVelvet Elvis4:30Even Worse91988198
149"Weird Al" YankovicTwister1:03Even Worse101988197
150"Weird Al" YankovicGood Old Days3:20Even Worse111988189
151"Weird Al" YankovicUHF3:52Greatest Hits Volume II61994221
152"Weird Al" YankovicHeadline News3:48Greatest Hits, Vol. II11994209
153"Weird Al" YankovicEat It3:21In 3-D11984205
154"Weird Al" YankovicMidnight Star4:35In 3-D21984195
155"Weird Al" YankovicThe Brady Bunch2:41In 3-D31984203
156"Weird Al" YankovicBuy Me A Condo3:53In 3-D41984195
157"Weird Al" YankovicI Lost On Jeopardy3:29In 3-D51984188
158"Weird Al" YankovicPolkas On 454:20In 3-D61984197
159"Weird Al" YankovicMr. Popeil4:42In 3-D71984212
160"Weird Al" YankovicKing Of Suede4:15In 3-D81984197
161"Weird Al" YankovicThat Boy Could Dance3:34In 3-D91984205
162"Weird Al" YankovicThe Rye or the Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII)3:37In 3-D101984195
163"Weird Al" YankovicNature Trail To Hell5:52In 3-D111984195
164"Weird Al" YankovicSmells Like Nirvana3:43Off The Deep End11992232
165"Weird Al" YankovicTrigger Happy3:47Off The Deep End21992218
166"Weird Al" YankovicI Can't Watch This3:31Off The Deep End31992212
167"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Your Eyes Out3:50Off The Deep End41992221
168"Weird Al" YankovicI Was Only Kidding3:30Off The Deep End51992223
169"Weird Al" YankovicThe White Stuff2:43Off The Deep End61992196
170"Weird Al" YankovicWhen I Was Your Age4:35Off The Deep End71992205
171"Weird Al" YankovicTaco Grande3:44Off The Deep End81992220
172"Weird Al" YankovicAirline Amy3:50Off The Deep End91992222
173"Weird Al" YankovicThe Plumbing Song4:06Off The Deep End101992213
174"Weird Al" YankovicYou Don't Love Me Anymore4:01Off The Deep End111992178
175"Weird Al" YankovicLiving With A Hernia3:20Polka Party!11986204
176"Weird Al" YankovicDog Eat Dog3:42Polka Party!21986214
177"Weird Al" YankovicAddicted To Spuds3:50Polka Party!31986197
178"Weird Al" YankovicOne Of Those Days3:18Polka Party!41986216
179"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Party!3:15Polka Party!51986198
180"Weird Al" YankovicHere's Johnny3:24Polka Party!61986208
181"Weird Al" YankovicDon't Wear Those Shoes3:36Polka Party!71986206
182"Weird Al" YankovicToothless People3:23Polka Party!81986197
183"Weird Al" YankovicGood Enough For Now3:03Polka Party!91986204
184"Weird Al" YankovicChristmas At Ground Zero3:09Polka Party!101986174
185"Weird Al" YankovicCouch Potato4:18Poodle Hat12003186
186"Weird Al" YankovicHardware Store3:44Poodle Hat22003251
187"Weird Al" YankovicTrash Day3:11Poodle Hat32003206
188"Weird Al" YankovicParty at the Leper Colony3:38Poodle Hat42003208
189"Weird Al" YankovicAngry White Boy Polka5:03Poodle Hat52003213
190"Weird Al" YankovicWanna B Ur Lovr6:14Poodle Hat62003217
191"Weird Al" YankovicA Complicated Song3:39Poodle Hat72003223
192"Weird Al" YankovicWhy Does This Always Happen to Me4:52Poodle Hat82003220
193"Weird Al" YankovicOde to a Superhero4:52Poodle Hat92003214
194"Weird Al" YankovicBob2:29Poodle Hat102003212
195"Weird Al" YankoviceBay3:36Poodle Hat112003223
196"Weird Al" YankovicGenius in France8:56Poodle Hat122003222
197"Weird Al" YankovicThe Saga Begins5:28Running With Scissors11999200
198"Weird Al" YankovicMy Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder3:26Running With Scissors21999225
199"Weird Al" YankovicPretty Fly For A Rabbi3:02Running With Scissors31999232
200"Weird Al" YankovicThe Weird Al Show Theme1:14Running With Scissors41999211
201"Weird Al" YankovicJerry Springer2:46Running With Scissors51999205
202"Weird Al" YankovicGerms4:38Running With Scissors61999194
203"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Power!4:21Running With Scissors71999214
204"Weird Al" YankovicYour Horoscope For Today3:59Running With Scissors81999213
205"Weird Al" YankovicIt's All About The Pentiums3:34Running With Scissors91999241
206"Weird Al" YankovicTruck Drivin' Song2:27Running With Scissors101999208
207"Weird Al" YankovicGrapefruit Diet3:30Running With Scissors111999215
208"Weird Al" YankovicAlbuquerque11:23Running With Scissors121999207
209"Weird Al" YankovicWhite & Nerdy2:50Straight Outta Lynwood12006252
210"Weird Al" YankovicPancreas3:48Straight Outta Lynwood22006228
211"Weird Al" YankovicCanadian Idiot2:23Straight Outta Lynwood32006248
212"Weird Al" YankovicI'll Sue Ya3:51Straight Outta Lynwood42006255
213"Weird Al" YankovicPolkarama!4:17Straight Outta Lynwood52006236
214"Weird Al" YankovicVirus Alert3:46Straight Outta Lynwood62006252
215"Weird Al" YankovicConfessions Part III3:52Straight Outta Lynwood72006234
216"Weird Al" YankovicWeasel Stomping Day1:34Straight Outta Lynwood82006224
217"Weird Al" YankovicClose But No Cigar3:55Straight Outta Lynwood92006247
218"Weird Al" YankovicDo I Creep You Out2:46Straight Outta Lynwood102006227
219"Weird Al" YankovicTrapped in the Drive Thru10:51Straight Outta Lynwood112006216
220"Weird Al" YankovicDon't Download This Song3:54Straight Outta Lynwood122006240
221"Weird Al" YankovicThe Ballad of Homer and Marge1:35The Simpsons 2002160
222"Weird Al" YankovicYoda3:56The Very Best Of Dr. Demento22001196
223"Weird Al" YankovicDare To Be Stupid3:27Transformers: The Movie (OST)101986217
224"Weird Al" YankovicMoney For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies3:11UHF11989198
225"Weird Al" YankovicGandhi II1:00UHF21989223
226"Weird Al" YankovicAttack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars3:28UHF31989220
227"Weird Al" YankovicIsle Thing3:37UHF41989197
228"Weird Al" YankovicThe Hot Rocks Polka4:51UHF51989219
229"Weird Al" YankovicUHF5:09UHF61989233
230"Weird Al" YankovicLet Me Be Your Hog0:17UHF71989203
231"Weird Al" YankovicShe Drives Like Crazy3:42UHF81989226
232"Weird Al" YankovicGeneric Blues4:34UHF91989206
233"Weird Al" YankovicSpatula City1:07UHF101989168
234"Weird Al" YankovicFun Zone1:45UHF111989202
235"Weird Al" YankovicSpam2:59UHF121989231
236"Weird Al" YankovicThe Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota6:50UHF131989203
237"Weird Al" Yankovic (featuring The Simpsons)The Ballad of Homer and Marge1:48Testimony 2007160
238"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy Carlos(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction3:57Peter and the Wolf11988153
239"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosPeter and the Wolf27:55Peter and the Wolf21988172
240"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosIntroduction (The Carnival Of The Animals - Part Two)1:20Peter and the Wolf31988160
241"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosAardvark1:46Peter and the Wolf41988157
242"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosHummingbirds0:57Peter and the Wolf51988170
243"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosSnails2:03Peter and the Wolf61988152
244"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosAlligator1:15Peter and the Wolf71988185
245"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosAmoeba1:51Peter and the Wolf81988164
246"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosPigeons1:56Peter and the Wolf91988181
247"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosShark2:17Peter and the Wolf101988178
248"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosCockroaches1:39Peter and the Wolf111988159
249"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosIguana0:34Peter and the Wolf121988158
250"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosVulture3:14Peter and the Wolf131988170
251"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosUnicorn1:25Peter and the Wolf141988167
252"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosPoodle2:51Peter and the Wolf151988164
253"Weird Al" Yankovic and Wendy CarlosFinale2:53Peter and the Wolf161988174
254(Australian) PlayboysSad2:55Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)232001148
255(Dialog)Interview With The Sherman Brothers With Demos Chim Chim Cher-Ee, Let's Go Fly A Kite, The Eyes Of Love, Feed The Birds16:07Mary Poppins (OST)181963182
256(no artist)(blank)0:08TM Century GoldDisc Update 918199132
257(The Exotic Sound Of) Martin DennyQuiet Village3:47The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)151997215
258*NSYNCTearin' Up My Heart3:31*NSYNC11998223
259*NSYNCI Just Wanna Be with You4:03*NSYNC21998214
260*NSYNCHere We Go3:35*NSYNC31998233
261*NSYNCFor the Girl Who Has Everything3:46*NSYNC41998202
262*NSYNCGod Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You4:43*NSYNC51998219
263*NSYNCYou Got It3:33*NSYNC61998229
264*NSYNCI Need Love3:15*NSYNC71998239
265*NSYNCI Want You Back3:22*NSYNC81998194
266*NSYNCEverything I Own3:58*NSYNC91998220
267*NSYNCI Drive Myself Crazy3:59*NSYNC101998227
268*NSYNCCrazy for You3:41*NSYNC111998229
270*NSYNCGiddy Up4:08*NSYNC131998217
273*NSYNCThe Game Is Over3:27Celebrity32001214
275*NSYNCThe Two of Us3:51Celebrity52001211
277*NSYNCTell Me, Tell Me... Baby3:38Celebrity72001196
278*NSYNCUp Against the Wall3:37Celebrity82001224
279*NSYNCSee Right Through You2:55Celebrity92001226
281*NSYNCJust Don't Tell Me That3:03Celebrity112001210
282*NSYNCSomething Like You4:15Celebrity122001206
283*NSYNCDo Your Thing4:19Celebrity132001194
284*NSYNCBye Bye Bye3:20No Strings Attached11999229
285*NSYNCIt's Gonna Be Me3:12No Strings Attached21999221
286*NSYNCSpace Cowboy4:23No Strings Attached31999236
287*NSYNCJust Got Paid4:10No Strings Attached41999210
288*NSYNCIt Makes Me Ill3:27No Strings Attached51999217
289*NSYNCThis I Promise You4:44No Strings Attached61999191
290*NSYNCNo Strings Attached3:48No Strings Attached71999202
291*NSYNCDigital Get Down4:23No Strings Attached81999218
292*NSYNCBringin' Da Noise3:32No Strings Attached91999234
293*NSYNCThat's When I'll Stop Loving You4:51No Strings Attached101999219
294*NSYNCI'll Be Good For You3:56No Strings Attached111999216
295*NSYNCI Thought She Knew3:22No Strings Attached121999161
296*NSYNCPop2:54Now That's What I Call Music! 0822001214
297*NSYNCGone4:50Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 9122002205
298*NSYNC and Gloria EstefanMusic Of My Heart4:33Music Of The Heart (OST)11999199
299*NSYNC And Gloria EstefanMusic Of My Heart (Pablo Flores Remix)4:46Music Of The Heart (OST)111999235
300*NSYNC feat. NellyGirlfriend (Neptunes Remix)4:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0312002222
301.38 SpecialThe Sound Of Your Voice4:58Bone Against Steel11991211
302.38 SpecialSigns Of Love4:49Bone Against Steel21991210
303.38 SpecialLast Thing I Ever Do5:22Bone Against Steel31991224
304.38 SpecialYou Definitely Got Me5:12Bone Against Steel41991223
305.38 SpecialRebel To Rebel5:33Bone Against Steel51991220
306.38 SpecialBone Against Steel5:24Bone Against Steel61991223
307.38 SpecialYou Be The Dam, I'll Be The Water4:26Bone Against Steel71991203
308.38 SpecialJimmy Gillum5:07Bone Against Steel81991219
309.38 SpecialTear It Up4:39Bone Against Steel91991223
310.38 SpecialDon't Wanna Get It Dirty4:36Bone Against Steel101991213
311.38 SpecialBurning Bridges4:45Bone Against Steel111991210
312.38 SpecialCan't Shake It3:29Bone Against Steel121991232
313.38 SpecialTreasure5:40Bone Against Steel131991187
314.38 SpecialHold On Loosely3:55Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)82002205
315.38 SpecialRock & Roll Strategy4:34Rock & Roll Strategy11988213
316.38 SpecialWhats It To Ya?4:30Rock & Roll Strategy21988215
317.38 SpecialLittle Sheba4:54Rock & Roll Strategy31988196
318.38 SpecialComin' Down Tonight4:26Rock & Roll Strategy41988195
319.38 SpecialMidnight Magic4:21Rock & Roll Strategy51988196
320.38 SpecialSecond Chance5:04Rock & Roll Strategy61988174
321.38 SpecialHot Lanta5:42Rock & Roll Strategy71988208
322.38 SpecialNever Be Lonely4:39Rock & Roll Strategy81988215
323.38 SpecialChattahoochee4:11Rock & Roll Strategy91988202
324.38 SpecialInnocent Eyes4:17Rock & Roll Strategy101988203
325.38 SpecialLove Strikes4:31Rock & Roll Strategy111988202
326.38 SpecialRockin' Into The Night4:01Rockin' Into The Night11979162
327.38 SpecialStone Cold Believer4:16Rockin' Into The Night21979175
328.38 SpecialTake Me Through the Night4:12Rockin' Into The Night31979214
329.38 SpecialMoney Honey3:10Rockin' Into The Night41979181
330.38 SpecialThe Love That I've Lost4:35Rockin' Into The Night51979177
331.38 SpecialYou're The Captain4:26Rockin' Into The Night61979181
332.38 SpecialRobin Hood4:44Rockin' Into The Night71979188
333.38 SpecialYou Got The Deal4:55Rockin' Into The Night81979186
334.38 SpecialTurn It On4:34Rockin' Into The Night91979197
335.38 SpecialCaught Up In You4:36Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-1982141995203
336.38 SpecialCaught Up in You4:41Special Forces11982137
337.38 SpecialBack Door Stranger4:42Special Forces21982131
338.38 SpecialBack on the Track4:46Special Forces31982146
339.38 SpecialChain Lightin'5:08Special Forces41982135
340.38 SpecialRough-housin'4:12Special Forces51982145
341.38 SpecialYou Keep Running Away3:58Special Forces61982138
342.38 SpecialBreakin' Loose3:35Special Forces71982146
343.38 SpecialTake 'em Out4:10Special Forces81982141
344.38 SpecialFirestarter4:55Special Forces91982150
345.38 SpecialSomebody Like You4:08Strength In Numbers11986215
346.38 SpecialLike No Other Night3:59Strength In Numbers21986209
347.38 SpecialLast Time3:26Strength In Numbers31986214
348.38 SpecialOnce In A Lifetime3:39Strength In Numbers41986206
349.38 SpecialJust A Little Love3:34Strength In Numbers51986208
350.38 SpecialHas There Ever Been A Good Goodbye3:55Strength In Numbers61986206
351.38 SpecialOne In A Million3:49Strength In Numbers71986206
352.38 SpecialHeart's On Fire4:15Strength In Numbers81986215
353.38 SpecialAgainst The Night3:34Strength In Numbers91986216
354.38 SpecialNever Give An Inch4:56Strength In Numbers101986210
355.38 SpecialHold On Loosely4:41The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)21994219
356.38 SpecialIf I'd Been The One3:52The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)121994195
357.38 SpecialIf I'd Been the One3:55Tour De Force11983181
358.38 SpecialBack Where You Belong4:29Tour De Force21983205
359.38 SpecialOne Time for Old Times4:32Tour De Force31983181
360.38 SpecialSee Me in Your Eyes3:54Tour De Force41983202
361.38 SpecialTwentieth Century Fox3:45Tour De Force51983210
362.38 SpecialLong Distance Affair3:56Tour De Force61983200
363.38 SpecialI Outta Let You Go3:59Tour De Force71983198
364.38 SpecialOne of the Lonely Ones4:01Tour De Force81983188
365.38 SpecialUndercover Lover4:10Tour De Force91983197
366.38 SpecialHold On Loosely4:40Wild-Eyed Southern Boys11980221
367.38 SpecialFirst Time Around4:02Wild-Eyed Southern Boys21980231
368.38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys4:18Wild-Eyed Southern Boys31980219
369.38 SpecialBack Alley Sally3:13Wild-Eyed Southern Boys41980225
370.38 SpecialFantasy Girl4:07Wild-Eyed Southern Boys51980226
371.38 SpecialHittin' And Runnin'4:56Wild-Eyed Southern Boys61980224
372.38 SpecialHonky Tonk Dancer4:56Wild-Eyed Southern Boys71980214
373.38 SpecialThrow Out The Line3:45Wild-Eyed Southern Boys81980226
374.38 SpecialBring It On5:39Wild-Eyed Southern Boys91980234
375? and The Mysterians96 Tears2:59Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)162005137
376? and The MysteriansI Needed Somebody2:15Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)172005135
377? and The MysteriansCan't Get Enough Of You Baby2:04Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)192005127
3781 Giant Leap feat. Robbie Williams & Maxi JazzMy Culture3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-10122002191
37910 ft. Ganja PlantBlood Money3:56Bass Chalice12005197
38010 ft. Ganja PlantEngine Trouble3:50Bass Chalice22005194
38110 ft. Ganja PlantLast Dance3:35Bass Chalice32005181
38210 ft. Ganja PlantSuits and Ski Masks3:29Bass Chalice42005186
38310 ft. Ganja PlantTo Teach4:26Bass Chalice52005177
38410 ft. Ganja PlantBurning James3:11Bass Chalice62005190
38510 ft. Ganja PlantYour Voice4:11Bass Chalice72005194
38610 ft. Ganja PlantSwedish Prison4:05Bass Chalice82005183
38710 ft. Ganja PlantDeliver Us Jah4:42Bass Chalice92005176
38810 ft. Ganja PlantBass Chalice4:32Bass Chalice102005200
38910 ft. Ganja PlantLong Time Ago5:11Hillside Airstrip12001174
39010 ft. Ganja PlantPure Sugar6:34Hillside Airstrip22001198
39110 ft. Ganja PlantJah Will Go On3:45Hillside Airstrip32001201
39210 ft. Ganja PlantTime I know5:01Hillside Airstrip42001208
39310 ft. Ganja PlantSoul Love4:41Hillside Airstrip52001188
39410 ft. Ganja PlantTwo Bulls3:12Hillside Airstrip62001208
39510 ft. Ganja PlantWalkey Walk Tall4:07Hillside Airstrip72001199
39610 ft. Ganja PlantHillside Airstrip3:41Hillside Airstrip82001148
39710 ft. Ganja PlantBorn Free4:10Hillside Airstrip92001205
39810 ft. Ganja PlantNew Day12:23Hillside Airstrip102001156
39910 ft. Ganja Plant100 lb. Weight3:25Midnight Landing12003162
40010 ft. Ganja PlantGanja Plane Rider4:05Midnight Landing22003155
40110 ft. Ganja PlantKneel At The Feet4:47Midnight Landing32003204
40210 ft. Ganja PlantLet The Music Hit2:58Midnight Landing42003174
40310 ft. Ganja PlantShine Dub3:31Midnight Landing52003163
40410 ft. Ganja PlantMidnight Landing3:49Midnight Landing62003210
40510 ft. Ganja PlantChanting Nyabinghi3:55Midnight Landing72003191
40610 ft. Ganja PlantMercy3:31Midnight Landing82003222
40710 ft. Ganja PlantWide Open2:56Midnight Landing92003144
40810 ft. Ganja PlantSweet Country2:56Midnight Landing102003168
40910 ft. Ganja PlantRighteous Dub4:52Midnight Landing112003172
41010 ft. Ganja PlantChalwa4:37Presents11999151
41110 ft. Ganja PlantRebel in the Hills4:05Presents21999144
41210 ft. Ganja PlantBlues Dance3:15Presents31999145
41310 ft. Ganja PlantGood Time Girl3:38Presents41999135
41410 ft. Ganja PlantSunny Foundation3:26Presents51999145
41510 ft. Ganja PlantWhy Can't They Tell Us the Good News?5:33Presents61999214
41610 ft. Ganja PlantJah Teach I a Lession3:45Presents71999202
41710 ft. Ganja PlantOff Road Version6:40Presents81999213
41810 ft. Ganja PlantJah Will Go On3:45Presents91999201
41910 ft. Ganja PlantWalkey Walk Tall4:08Presents101999199
42010,000 ManiacsEat For Two3:31Blind Man's Zoo11989211
42110,000 ManiacsPlease Forgive Us3:24Blind Man's Zoo21989205
42210,000 ManiacsThe Big Parade4:01Blind Man's Zoo31989202
42310,000 ManiacsTrouble Me3:14Blind Man's Zoo41989193
42410,000 ManiacsYou Happy Puppet3:38Blind Man's Zoo51989218
42510,000 ManiacsHeadstrong4:16Blind Man's Zoo61989221
42610,000 ManiacsPoison In the Well3:09Blind Man's Zoo71989220
42710,000 ManiacsDust Bowl4:12Blind Man's Zoo81989180
42810,000 ManiacsThe Lion's Share3:03Blind Man's Zoo91989210
42910,000 ManiacsHateful Hate4:31Blind Man's Zoo101989210
43010,000 ManiacsJubilee6:07Blind Man's Zoo111989184
43110,000 ManiacsWhat's the Matter Here?4:51In My Tribe11987196
43210,000 ManiacsHey Jack Kerouac3:26In My Tribe21987191
43310,000 ManiacsLike the Weather3:56In My Tribe31987214
43410,000 ManiacsCherry Tree3:13In My Tribe41987206
43510,000 ManiacsThe Painted Desert3:39In My Tribe51987194
43610,000 ManiacsDon't Talk5:04In My Tribe61987209
43710,000 ManiacsPeace Train3:26In My Tribe71987201
43810,000 ManiacsGun Shy4:11In My Tribe81987196
43910,000 ManiacsMy Sister Rose3:12In My Tribe91987184
44010,000 ManiacsA Campfire Song3:15In My Tribe101987199
44110,000 ManiacsCity of Angels4:17In My Tribe111987204
44210,000 ManiacsVerdi Cries4:21In My Tribe121987169
44310,000 ManiacsNoah's Dove4:31Our Time In Eden11992211
44410,000 ManiacsThese Are Days3:42Our Time In Eden21992215
44510,000 ManiacsEden4:09Our Time In Eden31992199
44610,000 ManiacsFew And Far Between3:16Our Time In Eden41992213
44710,000 ManiacsStockton Gala Days4:22Our Time In Eden51992208
44810,000 ManiacsGold Rush Brides3:25Our Time In Eden61992196
44910,000 ManiacsJezebel4:02Our Time In Eden71992186
45010,000 ManiacsHow You've Grown3:41Our Time In Eden81992182
45110,000 ManiacsCandy Everybody Wants3:08Our Time In Eden91992214
45210,000 ManiacsTolerence4:16Our Time In Eden101992209
45310,000 ManiacsCircle Dream3:27Our Time In Eden111992204
45410,000 ManiacsIf You Intend3:05Our Time In Eden121992212
45510,000 ManiacsI'm Not the Man3:25Our Time In Eden131992182
45610,000 ManiacsRainy Day3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-11101997228
457100 Proof Aged In SoulSomebody's Been Sleeping2:47Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)182001202
458100 Proof Aged In SoulSomebody's Been Sleeping4:12The Buddah Box (Disc 2)61993212
4591000 Clowns(Not The) Greatest Rapper3:52Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 1999151999184
460101 StringsPut Your Dreams Away2:39Lets Dance! The Best Of Ballroom (Fox Trots & Waltzes)121997206
46110ccRubber Bullets5:1610cc11973246
46310ccJohnny, Don't Do It3:3910cc31973248
46410ccSand In My Face3:3810cc41973246
46510ccSpeed Kills3:5010cc51973250
46610ccThe Dean And I3:0410cc61973231
46710ccShips Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)3:0510cc71973245
46810ccThe Hospital Song2:4310cc81973234
46910ccFresh Air For My Mama3:0510cc91973239
47010ccHeadline Hustler3:3210cc101973234
47110ccDreadlock Holiday4:30Bloody Tourists11978210
47210ccFor You And I5:20Bloody Tourists21978189
47310ccTake These Chains2:38Bloody Tourists31978200
47410ccShock In The Tube3:41Bloody Tourists41978187
47510ccLast Night3:14Bloody Tourists51978194
47610ccThe Anonymous Alcoholic5:42Bloody Tourists61978195
47710ccReds In My Bed4:11Bloody Tourists71978190
47810ccLifeline3:29Bloody Tourists81978207
47910ccTokyo4:30Bloody Tourists91978184
48010ccOld Mister Time4:27Bloody Tourists101978193
48110ccFrom Rochdale To Ocho Rios3:44Bloody Tourists111978209
48210ccEverything You've Wanted To Know About...!4:26Bloody Tourists121978200
48310ccDreadlock Holiday5:03Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme11987219
48410ccThe Wall Street Shuffle3:53Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme21987216
48510ccLife Is A Minestrone4:29Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme41987207
48610ccArt For Art's Sake4:22Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme61987207
48710ccDonna2:59Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme71987208
48810ccThe Things We Do For Love3:23Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme101987193
48910ccI'm Mandy, Fly Me5:22Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme121987207
49010ccGood Morning Judge2:56Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme131987207
49110ccRubber Bullets4:44Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme141987210
49210ccI'm Not In Love6:01Changing Faces - The Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme161987188
49310ccI'm Not In Love6:02Cherish (OST)62002190
49410ccGood Morning Judge2:56Deceptive Bends11977207
49510ccThe Things We Do for Love3:32Deceptive Bends21977199
49610ccMarriage Bureau Rendezvous4:06Deceptive Bends31977206
49710ccPeople in Love3:48Deceptive Bends41977201
49810ccModern Man Blues5:37Deceptive Bends51977211
49910ccHoneymoon with B Troop2:50Deceptive Bends61977209
50010ccI Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor1:48Deceptive Bends71977191
50110ccYou've Got a Cold3:40Deceptive Bends81977207
50210ccFeel the Benefit (Parts 1, 2 and 3)11:29Deceptive Bends91977223
50310ccI'm Not In Love3:58Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)41998189
50410ccHow Dare You4:13How Dare You!11976245
50510ccLazy Ways4:17How Dare You!21976263
50610ccI Wanna Rule The World3:56How Dare You!31976234
50710ccI'm Mandy, Fly Me5:20How Dare You!41976237
50810ccIceberg3:42How Dare You!51976242
50910ccArt For Art's Sake5:57How Dare You!61976248
51010ccRock 'n' Roll Lullaby3:57How Dare You!71976241
51110ccHead Room4:12How Dare You!81976233
51210ccDon't Hang Up6:16How Dare You!91976239
51310ccOne Two Five5:11Look Hear11980205
51410ccWelcome To The World3:45Look Hear21980211
51510ccHow'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye3:40Look Hear31980200
51610ccDon't Send We Back3:20Look Hear41980200
51710ccI Took You Home5:10Look Hear51980200
51810ccIt Doesn't Matter At All4:02Look Hear61980191
51910ccDressed To Kill3:30Look Hear71980206
52010ccLovers Anonymous5:08Look Hear81980200
52110ccI Hate To Eat Alone2:57Look Hear91980193
52210ccStrange Lover3:40Look Hear101980199
52310ccL.A. Inflatable4:25Look Hear111980196
52410ccThe Wall Street Shuffle3:57Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]11974228
52510ccThe Worst Band In The World2:46Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]21974208
52610ccHotel4:51Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]31974219
52710ccOld Wild Men3:20Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]41974195
52810ccClockwork Creep2:45Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]51974212
52910ccSilly Love4:00Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]61974223
53010ccSomewhere In Hollywood6:38Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]71974201
53110ccBaron Samedi3:46Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]81974229
53210ccThe Sacro-Iliac2:32Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]91974202
53310ccOh Effendi2:51Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]101974213
53410cc18 Carat Man Of Means (Bonus Track)3:27Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]111974216
53510ccGismo My Way (Bonus Track)3:43Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]121974219
53610ccThe Worst Band In The World (Radio Version, Bonus Track)2:49Sheet Music [2007 Remaster]131974202
53710ccI'm Not In Love3:58Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 14121990189
53810ccThe Things We Do For Love3:32Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1991993202
53910ccUne Nuit a Paris8:41The Original Soundtrack11975198
54010ccI'm Not in Love6:04The Original Soundtrack21975189
54110ccBlackmail4:27The Original Soundtrack31975207
54210ccThe Second Sitting for the Last Supper4:27The Original Soundtrack41975194
54310ccBrand New Day4:06The Original Soundtrack51975192
54410ccFlying Junk4:12The Original Soundtrack61975220
54510ccLife Is a Minestrone4:44The Original Soundtrack71975204
54610ccThe Film of My Love5:04The Original Soundtrack81975195
54710ccThe Things We Do For Love3:31The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)131999194
54810ccThe Wall Street Shuffle3:53The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)11991221
54910ccI'm Not In Love6:01The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)21991190
55010ccArt For Art's Sake4:21The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)31991209
55110ccDreadlock Holiday4:31The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)41991217
55210ccPeople In Love3:47The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)51991201
55310ccDonna2:58The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)61991195
55410ccLife Is A Minestrone4:29The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)71991207
55510ccI'm Mandy, Fly Me5:20The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)81991204
55610ccFood For Thought3:28The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)101991201
55710ccRubber Bullets4:43The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)111991199
55810ccGood Morning Judge2:55The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)121991206
55910ccFeel The Love5:06The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)131991198
56010ccMemories4:26The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)141991204
56110ccThe Things We Do For Love3:23The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)151991196
56210ccDon't Turn Me Away4:59The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)161991209
56310ccSilly Love3:14The Very Best Of 10cc (And Godley & Creme)181991214
56410ccDonna2:55Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)42001221
56510ccI'm Not In Love6:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)52001191
566112Only You (Bad Boy Remix) (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)4:51Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 1111998192
567112Only You3:16From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)152002139
568112112 (Intro)1:16Part III12001171
569112Dance With Me3:51Part III22001200
570112It's Over Now4:24Part III32001212
571112Peaches & Cream3:13Part III42001209
572112I Surrender (Interlude)1:14Part III52001176
573112Missing You4:01Part III62001169
574112All I Want Is You3:41Part III72001195
575112Don't Hate Me Feat. Twista4:19Part III82001223
576112Q, Mike, Slim, Daron (Interlude)1:58Part III92001178
577112Player4:43Part III102001164
578112Sweet Love5:26Part III112001180
579112Smile3:52Part III122001216
580112Caught Up4:03Part III132001221
581112Do What You Gotta Do3:50Part III142001201
582112I Think4:15Part III152001192
583112Still In Love4:44Part III162001199
584112 (With The Notorious B.I.G.)Only You4:19Save The Last Dance (OST)122000198
58512 GaugeDunkie Butt4:58Booty Jams111998210
58612 Girls BandMiracle2:45Eastern Energy12004207
58712 Girls BandClocks5:00Eastern Energy22004241
58812 Girls BandLiu San Jie4:42Eastern Energy32004179
58912 Girls BandEarthly Stars (Unsung Heroes)5:22Eastern Energy42004207
59012 Girls BandFreedom4:05Eastern Energy52004241
59112 Girls BandShangri-La4:50Eastern Energy62004211
59212 Girls BandReel Around The Sun5:02Eastern Energy72004217
59312 Girls BandA Girl's Dream5:01Eastern Energy82004204
59412 Girls BandForbidden City4:42Eastern Energy92004215
59512 Girls BandThe Great Valley5:05Eastern Energy102004230
59612 Girls BandAlamuhan3:08Eastern Energy112004217
59712 Girls BandMountains And Rivers5:08Eastern Energy122004202
59812 Girls BandOnly Time3:39Eastern Energy132004185
59912 Girls BandNew Classicism5:38Eastern Energy142004214
60012 Girls BandS.D. Garden6:03Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)12004212
60112 Girls BandSpirit Dance4:02Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)22004207
60212 Girls BandSpring of Dream4:57Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)32004203
60312 Girls BandMidnight Mood4:19Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)42004205
60412 Girls BandJasmine2:57Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)52004222
60512 Girls BandHorse Racing3:24Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)62004219
60612 Girls BandRegion With Rivers in Dream3:36Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)72004214
60712 Girls BandLiu San Jie3:42Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)82004194
60812 Girls BandLife on Clouds3:50Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)92004185
60912 Girls BandForeknow3:54Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)102004222
61012 Girls BandThe Shades of City3:59Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)112004208
61112 Girls BandThe Song of Salinla3:51Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)122004216
61212 Girls BandAdvance Bravely5:21Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 1)132004168
61312 Girls BandFreedom4:17Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)12004228
61412 Girls BandThanks for Age12:36Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)22004222
61512 Girls BandTake Five2:51Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)32004216
61612 Girls BandRhythm Within2:23Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)42004184
61712 Girls BandKang Ding Qing Ge4:38Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)52004186
61812 Girls BandVictoria's Smile3:41Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)62004223
61912 Girls BandSmiling Proudly in Rivers and Lakes3:09Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)72004215
62012 Girls BandAppointing in Mongolian House3:00Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)82004200
62112 Girls BandI Can't Be Your Man3:11Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)92004197
62212 Girls BandHi! Salute to Bach3:51Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)102004202
62312 Girls BandNo Word5:04Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)112004200
62412 Girls BandPronunciation of Love5:09Mei Li Yin Yue Hui (Disc 2)122004220
62512 Girls BandDunhuang4:27Romantic Energy12005241
62612 Girls BandRuten4:42Romantic Energy22005221
62712 Girls BandRiver Shule5:15Romantic Energy32005212
62812 Girls BandRomantic Energy4:37Romantic Energy42005224
62912 Girls BandEl Condor Pasa4:36Romantic Energy52005221
63012 Girls BandTang Court Ensemble4:14Romantic Energy62005221
63112 Girls BandFrom The Beginning Till Now4:41Romantic Energy72005208
63212 Girls BandYangguan4:52Romantic Energy82005216
63312 Girls BandWhispering Earth4:54Romantic Energy92005204
63412 Girls BandFlower4:13Romantic Energy102005215
63512 Girls BandCarnival5:48Romantic Energy112005230
63612 Girls BandFreedom (Live)4:17Romantic Energy122005240
63712 O'Clock & RaekwonNasty Immigrants3:59The Nutty Professor (OST)121996178
63812 StonesThe Way I Feel3:47WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)102003221
63913th Floor ElevatorsSlip Inside This House8:03Easter Everywhere11967228
64013th Floor ElevatorsSlide Machine3:43Easter Everywhere21967231
64113th Floor ElevatorsShe Lives (In a Time of Her Own)2:57Easter Everywhere31967213
64213th Floor ElevatorsNobody To Love2:59Easter Everywhere41967223
64313th Floor ElevatorsBaby Blue5:17Easter Everywhere51967235
64413th Floor ElevatorsEarthquake4:50Easter Everywhere61967242
64513th Floor ElevatorsDust4:02Easter Everywhere71967253
64613th Floor ElevatorsLevitation2:40Easter Everywhere81967220
64713th Floor ElevatorsI Had To Tell You2:28Easter Everywhere91967243
64813th Floor ElevatorsPictures (Leave Your Body Behind)6:30Easter Everywhere101967248
64913th Floor ElevatorsYou're Gonna Miss Me2:45His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)11999188
65013th Floor ElevatorsStreet Song4:59His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)21999172
65113th Floor ElevatorsPictures (Leave Your Body Behind)6:31His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)31999189
65213th Floor ElevatorsSlide Machine3:45His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)41999196
65313th Floor ElevatorsEarthquake4:51His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)51999194
65413th Floor ElevatorsRose and the Thorn3:39His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)61999178
65513th Floor ElevatorsYou Can't Hurt Me Anymore3:54His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)71999180
65613th Floor ElevatorsSlip Inside This House8:04His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)81999192
65713th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know3:00His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)91999184
65813th Floor ElevatorsLevitation2:41His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)101999190
65913th Floor ElevatorsThrough the Rhythm3:11His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)111999189
66013th Floor ElevatorsDust4:03His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)121999197
66113th Floor ElevatorsKingdom of Heaven3:12His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)131999193
66213th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster5:14His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 1)141999193
66313th Floor ElevatorsFire Engine3:23His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)11999187
66413th Floor ElevatorsBarnyard Blues2:52His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)21999178
66513th Floor ElevatorsShe Lives (In a Time of Her Own)3:07His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)31999184
66613th Floor ElevatorsSplash 13:56His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)41999194
66713th Floor ElevatorsScarlet and Gold5:00His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)51999176
66813th Floor ElevatorsDon't Fall Down3:03His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)61999190
66913th Floor ElevatorsMonkey Island2:40His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)71999189
67013th Floor ElevatorsBefore You Accuse Me (45 Version From Lik 52)3:47His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)81999188
67113th Floor ElevatorsReverberation (Doubt)2:51His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)91999191
67213th Floor ElevatorsI Had to Tell You2:27His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)101999196
67313th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster5:08His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)111999193
67413th Floor ElevatorsNobody to Love2:57His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)121999192
67513th Floor ElevatorsTill Then3:18His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)131999192
67613th Floor ElevatorsBaby Blue5:16His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)141999193
67713th Floor ElevatorsTried to Hide3:02His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)151999189
67813th Floor ElevatorsI've Got Levitation2:54His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)161999189
67913th Floor ElevatorsNever Another2:26His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)171999165
68013th Floor ElevatorsMay the Circle Remain Unbroken2:43His Eye Is on the Pyramid (Disc 2)181999182
68113th Floor ElevatorsYou're Gonna Miss Me2:30The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators11966198
68213th Floor ElevatorsRoller Coaster5:07The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators21966202
68313th Floor ElevatorsSplash 13:56The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators31966202
68413th Floor ElevatorsReverberation (Doubt)2:51The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators41966196
68513th Floor ElevatorsDon't Fall Down3:03The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators51966203
68613th Floor ElevatorsFire Engine3:23The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators61966193
68713th Floor ElevatorsThru the Rhythm3:10The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators71966203
68813th Floor ElevatorsYou Don't Know2:59The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators81966206
68913th Floor ElevatorsKingdom of Heaven3:11The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators91966200
69013th Floor ElevatorsMonkey Island2:40The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators101966197
69113th Floor ElevatorsTried to Hide2:49The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators111966207
6921910 Fruitgum Co.Simon Says2:17Classic Rock - 1968: Blowin' Your Mind191991209
6931910 Fruitgum Co.Indian Giver2:43Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets13 215
6941910 Fruitgum Co.Simon Says2:17The Buddah Box (Disc 1)71993212
6951910 Fruitgum Co.1,2,3 Red Light2:12The Buddah Box (Disc 1)91993200
6961910 Fruitgum Co.Simon Says2:17The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)2 201
6971910 Fruitgum Co.1, 2, 3, Red Light2:10Yummy Yummy Yummy The Best of Bubble Gum Music71995205
6981927That's When I Think Of You4:14Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)102000200
6991927The Other Side5:29Beat The Heat - Summer 1991161991202
7002 In A RoomWiggle It4:07Monster Booty62001230
7012 In A RoomWiggle It4:05Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers81996259
7022 Live CrewMe So Horny4:25Booty Jams51998204
7032 Live CrewHoochie Mama3:01Friday (OST)141995209
7042 Live CrewMe So Horny4:26Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers121996246
7052 Live CrewMe So Horny4:37The Hip Hop Box (Disc 2)62004203
7062 Pac feat. K-Ci & JojoHow Do You Want It?4:27The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)142003251
7072 Play feat. Raghav & JucxiSo Confused3:12Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)82004167
7082 UnlimitedGet Ready for This (Orchestral Mix)5:28Get Ready11992224
7092 UnlimitedTwilight Zone (Club Mix)5:54Get Ready21992219
7102 UnlimitedThe Magic Friend4:31Get Ready31992213
7112 UnlimitedContrast3:42Get Ready41992240
7122 UnlimitedDesire4:25Get Ready51992220
7132 UnlimitedPacific Walk3:07Get Ready61992219
7142 UnlimitedWorkaholic4:12Get Ready71992232
7152 UnlimitedRougher Than Average4:08Get Ready81992231
7162 UnlimitedDelight3:43Get Ready91992224
7172 UnlimitedEternally Yours4:23Get Ready101992208
7182 UnlimitedTwilight Zone (Rave Version Edit)4:08Get Ready111992223
7192 UnlimitedGet Ready for This (Vocal Version)3:44Get Ready121992217
7202 UnlimitedThe Magic Friend (Instrumental)3:31Get Ready131992210
7212 UnlimitedWorkaholic (Instrumental)4:12Get Ready141992237
7222 UnlimitedGet Ready 4 This3:25Jock Jams, Vol. 121995240
7232 UnlimitedTwilight Zone3:24Jock Jams, Vol. 1181995252
7242 UnlimitedNo Limit3:01Jock Jams, Vol. 221996242
7252 UnlimitedGet Ready For This (Orchestral Mix)5:27Rave 'til Dawn31992213
7262 UnlimitedNo Limit3:15The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)21993212
7272 UnlimitedTribal Dance3:38The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)31993211
7282 UnlimitedLet The Beat Control Your Body3:37The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)71994217
7292 UnlimitedGet Ready For This2:52The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)11994213
7302, The Ranting Gryphon2 Sense Theme #10:20  2003256
7312, The Ranting Gryphon2 Sense Theme #20:47  2005256
7322, The Ranting GryphonAnd We Are3:01  1999128
7332, The Ranting GryphonAnimal3:08   160
7342, The Ranting GryphonBlue Skies6:37  1989128
7352, The Ranting GryphonChanged5:32  1995128
7362, The Ranting GryphonChoir4:05  1978320
7372, The Ranting GryphonCoyena7:06  2002128
7382, The Ranting GryphonCoyote Wind5:34  1997128
7392, The Ranting GryphonDragon Song2:54  2001128
7402, The Ranting GryphonEchos5:41  1996128
7412, The Ranting GryphonFox Dance5:48  1998128
7422, The Ranting GryphonFox Love5:48  1998128
7432, The Ranting GryphonGray Belief2:46  1985128
7442, The Ranting GryphonJaunt2:56  1997128
7452, The Ranting GryphonJourney We More4:02  1989128
7462, The Ranting GryphonMarch of Doom4:50  2001128
7472, The Ranting GryphonMungh1:13  2002128
7482, The Ranting GryphonNo Pain6:58  1995128
7492, The Ranting GryphonPawpet Song5:30  2003128
7502, The Ranting GryphonPlayground5:36  1991128
7512, The Ranting GryphonSanity Falls3:39  1993128
7522, The Ranting GryphonSecret Dance3:43  1997128
7532, The Ranting GryphonSomewhere4:55  1994128
7542, The Ranting GryphonSurreal5:10  1995128
7552, The Ranting GryphonThe Door5:21  1988128
7562, The Ranting GryphonTurn It Up4:34  1980128
7572, The Ranting GryphonUntitled #13:15  1981128
7582, The Ranting GryphonUntitled #22:56  1996128
7592, The Ranting GryphonWe'll Run5:49  1987128
7602, The Ranting GryphonWhite Hunter3:37  1997128
7612, The Ranting GryphonWolf Cry3:32  1984128
7622, The Ranting GryphonSalvation6:46 322000128
76320 Fingers Featuring GilletteShort Dick Man2:56Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)142000182
7642AM ClubWorry About You3:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06152010207
7652be3Excuse My French3:03Rugrats In Paris (OST)122000216
7662PacAmbitionz Az A Ridah4:38All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)11996208
7672PacAll Bout U4:36All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)21996225
7682PacScandalouz4:08All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)31996243
7692PacGot My Mind Made Up5:12All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)41996199
7702PacHow Do U Want It4:47All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)51996223
7712Pac2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted4:06All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)61996231
7722PacNo More Pain6:14All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)71996234
7732PacHeartz Of Men4:43All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)81996199
7742PacLife Goes On5:01All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)91996230
7752PacOnly God Can Judge Me4:56All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)101996192
7762PacTradin War Stories5:29All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)111996219
7772PacCalifornia Love (RMX)6:25All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)121996231
7782PacI Ain't Mad At Cha4:53All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)131996197
7792PacWhat'z Ya Phone #5:09All Eyez On Me (Disc 1)141996223
7802PacCan't C Me5:30All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)11996223
7812PacShorty Wanna Be A Thug3:51All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)21996212
7822PacHolla At Me4:55All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)31996247
7832PacWonder Why They Call U Bitch4:18All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)41996215
7842PacWhen We Ride5:09All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)51996214
7852PacThug Passion5:07All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)61996221
7862PacPicture Me Rollin'5:14All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)71996220
7872PacCheck Out Time4:39All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)81996223
7882PacRatha Be Ya Nigga4:14All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)91996225
7892PacAll Eyez On Me5:07All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)101996206
7902PacRun Tha Streetz5:16All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)111996220
7912PacAin't Hard 2 Find4:28All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)121996232
7922PacHeaven Ain't Hard 2 Find3:59All Eyez On Me (Disc 2)131996221
7932PacIntro1:40Me Against The World11995221
7942PacIf I Die 2Nite4:01Me Against The World21995210
7952PacMe Against The World4:41Me Against The World31995184
7962PacSo Many Tears3:59Me Against The World41995206
7972PacTemptations5:00Me Against The World51995220
7982PacYoung Niggaz4:53Me Against The World61995195
7992PacHeavy In The Game4:23Me Against The World71995210
8002PacLord Knows4:31Me Against The World81995218
8012PacDear Momma4:39Me Against The World91995193
8022PacIt Ain't Easy4:54Me Against The World101995197
8032PacCan U Get Away5:45Me Against The World111995220
8042PacOld School4:40Me Against The World121995191
8052PacFuck The World4:13Me Against The World131995202
8062PacDeath Around The Corner4:07Me Against The World141995217
8072PacOutlaw4:33Me Against The World151995196
8082PacUntil The End Of Time4:28The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)122004194
8092XL feat. Na'SahyKissing Game3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-05162006196
8103Talkin' Bout4:03...To The Power of Three11988209
8113Lover To Lover4:13...To The Power of Three21988214
8123Chains3:43...To The Power of Three31988203
8133Desde La Vida7:08...To The Power of Three41988197
8143Eight Miles High4:12...To The Power of Three51988218
8153Runaway4:44...To The Power of Three61988209
8163You Do or You Don't5:07...To The Power of Three71988206
8173On My Way Home4:46...To The Power of Three81988182
8183 Doors DownTrain3:103 Doors Down12008231
8193 Doors DownCitizen/Soldier3:523 Doors Down22008233
8203 Doors DownIt's Not My Time4:023 Doors Down32008241
8213 Doors DownLet Me Be Myself3:483 Doors Down42008219
8223 Doors DownPages3:473 Doors Down52008221
8233 Doors DownIt's The Only One You've Got4:233 Doors Down62008220
8243 Doors DownGive It To Me3:223 Doors Down72008226
8253 Doors DownThese Days3:393 Doors Down82008227
8263 Doors DownYour Arms Feel Like Home3:443 Doors Down92008214
8273 Doors DownRunaway3:243 Doors Down102008231
8283 Doors DownWhen It's Over4:183 Doors Down112008221
8293 Doors DownShe Don't Want The World4:073 Doors Down122008198
8303 Doors DownFeet In The Water4:343 Doors Down132008218
8313 Doors DownWho Are You3:083 Doors Down142008234
8323 Doors DownDuck And Run4:35Another 700 Miles (EP)12003213
8333 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone (Intro)1:18Another 700 Miles (EP)22003186
8343 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone4:21Another 700 Miles (EP)32003202
8353 Doors DownKryptonite4:14Another 700 Miles (EP)42003196
8363 Doors DownHere Without You4:11Another 700 Miles (EP)52003190
8373 Doors DownIt's Not Me3:47Another 700 Miles (EP)62003204
8383 Doors DownThat Smell6:01Another 700 Miles (EP)72003205
8393 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone4:21Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]12003214
8403 Doors DownAway From The Sun3:53Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]22003209
8413 Doors DownThe Road I'm On3:59Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]32003221
8423 Doors DownTicket To Heaven3:27Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]42003229
8433 Doors DownRunning Out Of Days3:31Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]52003213
8443 Doors DownHere Without You3:58Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]62003198
8453 Doors DownI Feel You4:07Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]72003215
8463 Doors DownDangerous Game3:36Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]82003218
8473 Doors DownChanges3:56Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]92003215
8483 Doors DownGoing Down In Flames3:28Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]102003231
8493 Doors DownSarah Yellin'3:18Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]112003237
8503 Doors DownHere Without You (Acoustic)3:52Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]122003214
8513 Doors DownLoser (Acoustic)3:53Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]132003135
8523 Doors Down(Untitled) (Hidden Track)5:21Away From The Sun [Bonus Tracks]142003202
8533 Doors DownKryptonite3:53Better Life12000202
8543 Doors DownLoser4:24Better Life22000221
8553 Doors DownDuck and Run3:50Better Life32000240
8563 Doors DownNot Enough3:14Better Life42000218
8573 Doors DownBe Like That4:25Better Life52000227
8583 Doors DownLife of My Own3:58Better Life62000219
8593 Doors DownBetter Life3:07Better Life72000234
8603 Doors DownDown Poison4:22Better Life82000223
8613 Doors DownBy My Side3:16Better Life92000226
8623 Doors DownSmack2:29Better Life102000236
8633 Doors DownSo I Need You3:50Better Life112000217
8643 Doors DownKryptonite (LP Version)3:56Kryptonite (Single)12000216
8653 Doors DownWasted Me3:12Kryptonite (Single)22000230
8663 Doors DownDuck And Run (LP Version)3:51Kryptonite (Single)32000243
8673 Doors DownBe Like That3:55Now That's What I Call Music! 08192001217
8683 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-10162002220
8693 Doors DownHere Without You3:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-07112003210
8703 Doors DownAway From The Sun3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01112004215
8713 Doors DownLet Me Go3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0112005240
8723 Doors DownHere By Me3:44Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0822005212
8733 Doors DownIt's Not My Time4:03Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04112008240
8743 Doors DownRight Where I Belong2:32Seventeen Days12005239
8753 Doors DownIt's Not Me3:14Seventeen Days22005234
8763 Doors DownLet Me Go3:52Seventeen Days32005239
8773 Doors DownBe Somebody3:15Seventeen Days42005225
8783 Doors DownLanding In London4:31Seventeen Days52005215
8793 Doors DownThe Real Life3:52Seventeen Days62005216
8803 Doors DownBehind Those Eyes4:19Seventeen Days72005220
8813 Doors DownNever Will I Break3:50Seventeen Days82005248
8823 Doors DownFather's Son4:12Seventeen Days92005207
8833 Doors DownLive For Today3:47Seventeen Days102005232
8843 Doors DownMy World3:00Seventeen Days112005226
8853 Doors DownHere By Me3:47Seventeen Days122005213
88630 Seconds To MarsCapricorn (A Brand New Name)3:5330 Seconds To Mars12002233
88730 Seconds To MarsEdge Of The Earth4:3730 Seconds To Mars22002239
88830 Seconds To MarsFallen4:5930 Seconds To Mars32002230
88930 Seconds To MarsOblivion3:2930 Seconds To Mars42002232
89030 Seconds To MarsBuddha For Mary5:4530 Seconds To Mars52002219
89130 Seconds To MarsEchelon5:4930 Seconds To Mars62002225
89230 Seconds To MarsWelcome To The Universe2:4030 Seconds To Mars72002216
89330 Seconds To MarsThe Mission4:0530 Seconds To Mars82002217
89430 Seconds To MarsEnd Of The Beginning4:3930 Seconds To Mars92002231
89530 Seconds To Mars93 Million Miles5:2030 Seconds To Mars102002230
89630 Seconds To MarsYear Zero7:5230 Seconds To Mars112002215
89730 Seconds To MarsAttack3:09A Beautiful Lie12005245
89830 Seconds To MarsA Beautiful Lie4:05A Beautiful Lie22005218
89930 Seconds To MarsThe Kill3:51A Beautiful Lie32005240
90030 Seconds To MarsWas It A Dream?4:15A Beautiful Lie42005223
90130 Seconds To MarsThe Fantasy4:29A Beautiful Lie52005218
90230 Seconds To MarsSavior3:24A Beautiful Lie62005222
90330 Seconds To MarsFrom Yesterday4:08A Beautiful Lie72005227
90430 Seconds To MarsThe Story3:55A Beautiful Lie82005203
90530 Seconds To MarsR-Evolve3:59A Beautiful Lie92005207
90630 Seconds To MarsA Modern Myth14:14A Beautiful Lie10200581
90730 Seconds To MarsBattle Of One2:47A Beautiful Lie112005215
90830 Seconds To MarsHunter3:54A Beautiful Lie122005210
90930 Seconds To MarsThe Kill (Bury Me)3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09132006241
91030 Seconds To MarsThe Kill (Bury Me)3:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0362007241
91130 Seconds To MarsCloser To The Edge4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1272010258
91230 Seconds To MarsEscape2:23This Is War12009202
91330 Seconds To MarsNight Of The Hunter5:40This Is War22009224
91430 Seconds To MarsKings And Queens5:47This Is War32009224
91530 Seconds To MarsThis Is War5:27This Is War42009219
91630 Seconds To Mars100 Suns1:58This Is War52009174
91730 Seconds To MarsHurricane6:12This Is War62009218
91830 Seconds To MarsCloser To The Edge4:33This Is War72009251
91930 Seconds To MarsVox Populi5:43This Is War82009218
92030 Seconds To MarsSearch And Destroy5:38This Is War92009232
92130 Seconds To MarsAlibi5:59This Is War102009186
92230 Seconds To MarsStranger In A Strange Land6:54This Is War112009221
92330 Seconds To MarsL4904:26This Is War122009202
924311Love Song3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0362004228
925311Amber2:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-10122004197
926311Don't Tread On Me3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11182005207
9273LW feat. P. Diddy & LoonI Do Wanna Get Close To You3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-08122002200
9283OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06102010212
9293rd BassThe Gas Face3:51Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)111995191
9303rd BassPop Goes The Weasel3:53Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)101995174
9313RD BassSteppin' To The A.M.4:50Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)141995211
9323rd BassThe Gas Face3:49The Hip Hop Box (Disc 2)92004196
9333rd PartyPop Muzik3:05A Night At The Roxbury (OST)61998207
9343rd StoreeIf Ever4:14Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 1999121999198
9353TAnything5:20Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)82004207
9363TWaiting For Love3:47Men In Black (OST)121997220
9373TAnything4:03The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)191999198
9384 Non BlondesTrain3:43Bigger, Better, Faster, More!11992233
9394 Non BlondesSuperfly4:37Bigger, Better, Faster, More!21992233
9404 Non BlondesWhat's Up4:55Bigger, Better, Faster, More!31992219
9414 Non BlondesPleasantly Blue2:28Bigger, Better, Faster, More!41992217
9424 Non BlondesMorphine & Chocolate4:43Bigger, Better, Faster, More!51992223
9434 Non BlondesSpaceman3:40Bigger, Better, Faster, More!61992219
9444 Non BlondesOld Mr. Heffer2:16Bigger, Better, Faster, More!71992222
9454 Non BlondesCalling All The People3:17Bigger, Better, Faster, More!81992238
9464 Non BlondesDear Mr. President4:43Bigger, Better, Faster, More!91992222
9474 Non BlondesDrifting3:31Bigger, Better, Faster, More!101992218
9484 Non BlondesNo Place Like Home3:08Bigger, Better, Faster, More!111992221
9494 Non BlondesBless The Beasts And Children4:19If I Were A Carpenter131994230
9504 Non BlondesWhat's Up4:14Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)22001205
9514 Non BlondesWhat's Up4:55Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)172005221
9524 The CauseStand By Me3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07151998230
953The 45 KingThe 900 Number2:03Electro Breakdance (Disc 1)82002254
954The 49ersTouch Me3:40The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)181994197
9554HimReal Thing4:32Best Ones11999220
9564HimHe Never Changes4:32Best Ones21999208
9574HimBasics Of Life5:16Best Ones31999203
9584HimCouldn't We Stand4:05Best Ones41999213
9594HimMeasure Of A Man4:07Best Ones51999210
9604HimWhy?4:57Best Ones61999206
9614HimWhere There Is Faith4:59Best Ones71999203
9624HimWings4:01Best Ones81999215
9634HimBefore The River Came4:11Best Ones91999224
9644HimThe Message4:24Best Ones101999202
9654HimGreat Awakening4:49Best Ones111999202
9664HimLay It All On The Line4:24Best Ones121999223
9674HimCenter Of The Mark5:24Best Ones131999203
9684HimFor Future Generations4:55Best Ones141999223
9694HimFaith of Our Fathers (Interlude)0:37Hymns: A Place of Worship12000165
9704HimThe Solid Rock4:08Hymns: A Place of Worship22000230
9714HimBe Thou My Vision4:20Hymns: A Place of Worship32000201
9724HimTake My Life and Let It Be (Interlude)0:28Hymns: A Place of Worship42000146
9734HimIt Is Well5:08Hymns: A Place of Worship52000202
9744HimO Sacred Head, Now Wounded6:09Hymns: A Place of Worship62000204
9754HimSavior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us5:29Hymns: A Place of Worship72000209
9764HimHoly, Holy, Holy (Interlude)0:48Hymns: A Place of Worship82000169
9774HimAll Creatures of Our God and King5:00Hymns: A Place of Worship92000209
9784HimThe Love of God5:30Hymns: A Place of Worship102000223
9794HimGreat Is Thy Faithfulness6:03Hymns: A Place of Worship112000197
9804HimO Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go (Interlude)0:36Hymns: A Place of Worship122000141
9814HimFairest Lord Jesus4:51Hymns: A Place of Worship132000208
9824HimThere Is a Fountain5:15Hymns: A Place of Worship142000201
9834HimLet The Lion Run Free4:53Obvious11998222
9844HimCan't Get Past The Evidence3:53Obvious21998214
9854HimSigns And Wonders3:55Obvious31998222
9864HimGreat Awakening4:47Obvious41998203
9874HimThat Kind Of Love4:10Obvious51998200
9884HimMystery Of Grace5:06Obvious61998199
9904HimBefore The River Came4:08Obvious81998226
9914HimVoice In The Wilderness4:46Obvious91998222
9924HimWho's At The Wheel6:01Obvious101998221
9934HimThe Hand Of God5:12Obvious111998181
9944HimFor Future Generations4:37WOW 1996 (Disc 1)91995224
9954HimThe Message4:23WOW 1997 (Disc 1)91996210
9964HimThe Measure of a Man4:04WOW 1998 (Black Disc)51997216
9974HimCan't Get Past The Evidence3:53WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)51998216
9984HimPsalm 1124:49WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)132001223
9994PMSukiyaki2:43100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995111995203
10004TROOPSBless the Broken Road3:444TROOPS12010197
10014TROOPSFor Freedom3:204TROOPS22010200
10024TROOPSCourtesy of the Red, White and Blue3:174TROOPS32010220
10034TROOPSI'm Already There3:484TROOPS42010180
10044TROOPSDance With My Father4:134TROOPS52010207
10074TROOPSYou Raise Me Up3:374TROOPS82010194
10084TROOPSYou'll Never Walk Alone3:564TROOPS92010202
10094TROOPSMedley (Battle Hymn of the Republic; Grand Old Flag; America the Beautiful)5:084TROOPS102010200
10104TROOPSHere We've Been4:134TROOPS112010196
10114TROOPSRaise Your Glasses4:124TROOPS122010220
1012The 5 BrownsGershwin - Rhapsody In Blue9:46No Boundaries12006166
1013The 5 BrownsLecouna - Malaguefia From Andalucia Suite3:29No Boundaries22006174
1014The 5 BrownsCopland/Dvorak - Simple Gifts/Going Home3:02No Boundaries32006153
1015The 5 BrownsNovacek - Full Stride Ahead (Rag)1:32No Boundaries42006183
1016The 5 BrownsRavel - Feria From Rapsodie Espagnole6:05No Boundaries52006168
1017The 5 BrownsLiebermann - Gargoyles, Op 29: III2:07No Boundaries62006145
1018The 5 BrownsLiebermann - Gargoyles, Op 29: IV2:39No Boundaries72006186
1019The 5 BrownsLiszt - Hungarian Rhapsody7:12No Boundaries82006168
1020The 5 BrownsLutoslawski - Variations On A Theme Of Paganini5:06No Boundaries92006179
1021The 5 BrownsGinastera - Danzas Argentinas, Op 2, Danza del viejo boyero1:10No Boundaries102006153
1022The 5 BrownsGinastera - Danzas Argentinas, Op 2, Danza de la moza donosa2:46No Boundaries112006143
1023The 5 BrownsGinastera - Danzas Argentinas, Op 2, Danza del gaucho matrero2:56No Boundaries122006186
1024The 5 BrownsRachmaninoff - Valse1:21No Boundaries132006165
1025The 5 BrownsRachmaninoff - Romance3:34No Boundaries142006150
1026The 5 BrownsStravinsky - The Firebird (From The 1911 Version)8:39No Boundaries152006170
1027The 5 BrownsRimsky-Korsakov - Flight Of The Bumble Bee1:24The 5 Browns12005188
1028The 5 BrownsBernstein - Scenes From West Side Story7:04The 5 Browns22005194
1029The 5 BrownsDukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice8:38The 5 Browns32005186
1030The 5 BrownsRavel - La Valse (Poème Chorégraphique)11:26The 5 Browns42005170
1031The 5 BrownsFriedman - Tabatière À Musique, Op. 33, No. 32:46The 5 Browns52005166
1032The 5 BrownsRachmaninoff - Moments Musicaux, Op. 16, No. 42:56The 5 Browns62005194
1033The 5 BrownsRachmaninoff - Elégie (From 'Morceaux De Fantasie'), Op. 36:03The 5 Browns72005178
1034The 5 BrownsDebussy - L'Isle Joyeuse5:31The 5 Browns82005180
1035The 5 BrownsProkofiev - Sonata No.3 In A Minor, Op. 287:21The 5 Browns92005182
1036The 5 BrownsBowen - Toccata, Op. 1554:16The 5 Browns102005202
1037The 5 BrownsGrieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King (From 'Peer Gynt'), Op. 232:26The 5 Browns112005184
1038The 5 StairstepsO-O-H Child3:19Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)132001198
1039The 5 StairstepsO-O-H Child3:16Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)131998222
10405 StairstepsOoh Child2:57The Buddah Box (Disc 2)41993204
1041The'sBomb The Twist2:25Bomb The Twist (EP)11996196
1042The'sJane In The Jungle2:49Bomb The Twist (EP)21996191
1043The'sThree Cool Chicks2:29Bomb The Twist (EP)31996194
1044The'sGuitar Date2:41Bomb The Twist (EP)41996218
1045The'sWoo Hoo2:02Bomb The Twist (EP)51996180
1046The'sDream Boy3:10Bomb The Twist (EP)61996201
1047The'sWoo Hoo1:59Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST)112003189
1048The'sHarlem Nocturne1:17The's11997163
1049The'sOriental Rock2:27The's21997166
1050The'sI Walk Like Jayne Mansfield3:49The's31997176
1051The'sArkansas Twist2:24The's41997171
1052The'sHandsome Man2:36The's51997166
1053The'sRockin' Rochester2:21The's61997165
1054The'sOne Potato2:26The's71997162
1055The'sLong Tall Sally2:58The's81997169
1056The'sCat Fight Run2:15The's91997183
1057The'sI Don't Need You No More2:12The's101997162
1058The'sHighschool Witch3:00The's111997177
1059The'sTeenage Cleopatra3:29The's121997179
1060The'sTallahassee Lassie2:31The's131997167
106250 CentPlaces to Go4:158 Mile (OST)52002180
106350 CentWanksta3:388 Mile (OST)112002179
106450 CentIntro0:50Curtis12007193
106550 CentMy Gun Go Off3:12Curtis22007196
106650 CentMan Down (Censored)2:49Curtis32007186
106750 CentI'll Still Kill (Feat. Akon)3:43Curtis42007209
106850 CentI Get Money3:43Curtis52007197
106950 CentCome & Go (Feat. Dr. Dre)3:28Curtis62007194
107050 CentAyo Technology (Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)4:08Curtis72007223
107150 CentFollow My Lead (Feat. Robin Thicke)3:17Curtis82007197
107250 CentMovin' On Up3:24Curtis92007157
107350 CentStraight To The Bank3:10Curtis102007186
107450 CentAmusement Park3:09Curtis112007194
107550 CentFully Loaded Clip3:13Curtis122007198
107650 CentPeep Show (Feat. Eminem)3:52Curtis132007191
107750 CentFire (Feat. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger)2:49Curtis142007241
107850 CentAll Of Me (Feat. Mary J. Blige)3:51Curtis152007180
107950 CentCurtis 1873:57Curtis162007218
108050 CentTouch The Sky (Feat. Tony Yayo)3:10Curtis172007210
108150 CentWhat Up Gangsta2:59Get Rich Or Die Tryin'22003190
108250 CentPatiently Waiting4:48Get Rich Or Die Tryin'32003205
108350 CentMany Men (Wish Death)4:16Get Rich Or Die Tryin'42003195
108450 CentIn Da Club3:13Get Rich Or Die Tryin'52003195
108550 CentHigh All The Time4:29Get Rich Or Die Tryin'62003198
108650 CentHeat4:14Get Rich Or Die Tryin'72003205
108750 CentIf I Can't3:16Get Rich Or Die Tryin'82003177
108850 CentBlood Hound4:00Get Rich Or Die Tryin'92003192
108950 CentBack Down4:03Get Rich Or Die Tryin'102003190
109050 CentP.I.M.P.4:09Get Rich Or Die Tryin'112003172
109150 CentLike My Style3:13Get Rich Or Die Tryin'122003198
109250 CentPoor Lil' Rich3:19Get Rich Or Die Tryin'132003202
109350 Cent21 Questions3:44Get Rich Or Die Tryin'142003199
109450 CentDon't Push Me4:08Get Rich Or Die Tryin'152003201
109550 CentGotta Make It To Heaven4:00Get Rich Or Die Tryin'162003215
109650 CentWanksta3:39Get Rich Or Die Tryin'172003187
109750 CentU Not Like Me4:15Get Rich Or Die Tryin'182003176
109850 CentLife's On The Line3:38Get Rich Or Die Tryin'192003195
109950 CentIn Da Club (Acapella)2:57Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Bonus Disc)12003159
110050 CentAmusement Park3:09Nu Music Traxx Vol. 213 June 200782007193
110150 CentDisco Inferno3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-02162005197
110250 CentCandy Shop3:25Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-04132005206
110350 CentJust A Lil Bit3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0672005216
110450 CentWindow Shopper3:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-12122005190
110550 CentIntro0:41The Massacre12005165
110650 CentIn My Hood3:51The Massacre22005175
110750 CentThis Is 503:04The Massacre32005189
110850 CentI'm Supposed To Die Tonight3:51The Massacre42005190
110950 CentPiggy Bank4:15The Massacre52005209
111050 CentGatman And Robbin' (feat. Eminem)3:46The Massacre62005184
111150 CentCandy Shop (feat. Olivia)3:29The Massacre72005202
111250 CentOutta Control3:21The Massacre82005221
111350 CentGet In My Car4:05The Massacre92005208
111450 CentSki Mask Way3:05The Massacre102005207
111550 CentA Baltimore Love Thing4:17The Massacre112005182
111650 CentRyder Music3:51The Massacre122005177
111750 CentDisco Inferno3:34The Massacre132005200
111850 CentJust A Lil Bit3:57The Massacre142005203
111950 CentGunz Come Out4:24The Massacre152005196
112050 CentMy Toy Soldier (feat. Tony Yayo)3:44The Massacre162005212
112150 CentPosition Of Power3:12The Massacre172005188
112250 CentBuild You Up (feat. Jamie Foxx)2:55The Massacre182005212
112350 CentGod Gave Me Style3:01The Massacre192005206
112450 CentSo Amazing (feat. Olivia)3:16The Massacre202005209
112550 CentI Don't Need 'Em3:20The Massacre212005169
112650 CentHate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix) (feat. The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck & Lloyd Banks)4:23The Massacre222005206
112750 Cent & OliviaBest Friend4:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-03142006168
112850 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake & TimbalandAyo Technology4:08Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 200782007224
112950 Cent feat. Mobb DeepOutta Control3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0832005176
113050 Cent Featuring Nate Dogg21 Questions3:45The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)132004194
11315000 VoltsI'm On Fire2:39Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)21997203
11325000 VoltsI'm On Fire2:49The Disco Box (Disc 1)131999255
11335000 VoltsI'm on Fire2:40The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)141992193
1134The 5th DimensionUp-Up & Away2:39AM Gold: 196711995197
1135The 5th DimensionStoned Soul Picnic3:26AM Gold: 1968131995187
1136The 5th DimensionWedding Bell Blues2:44AM Gold: 1969141995190
1137The 5th DimensionAquarius - Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)4:49AM Gold: The '60s Generation71995225
1138The 5th DimensionUp-Up And Away2:39Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 2)6 197
1139The 5th DimensionWedding Bell Blues2:44Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)9 191
1140The 5th DimensionNever My Love3:55Greatest Hits On Earth101972181
1141The 5th DimensionTogether Let's Find Love3:36Greatest Hits On Earth111972197
1142The 5th DimensionUp, Up and Away2:40Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)81992134
1143The 5th DimensionOne Less Bell To Answer3:31The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)131998185
1144The 5th DimensionLiving Together, Growing Together3:50The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)171998189
1145The 5th DimensionUp, Up And Away2:39The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension11999201
1146The 5th DimensionAquarius/Let The Sunshine In4:48The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension21999234
1147The 5th DimensionStoned Soul Picnic3:28The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension31999206
1148The 5th DimensionWedding Bell Blues2:43The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension41999219
1149The 5th DimensionWorkin' On A Groovy Thing3:11The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension51999209
1150The 5th Dimension(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All3:10The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension61999187
1151The 5th DimensionLove's Lines, Angles And Rhymes4:10The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension71999190
1152The 5th DimensionOne Less Bell To Answer3:30The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension81999186
1153The 5th DimensionAnother Day, Another Heartache2:33The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension91999194
1154The 5th DimensionPaper Cup2:43The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension101999205
1155The 5th DimensionCalifornia Soul3:13The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension111999219
1156The 5th DimensionCarpet Man3:06The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension121999204
1157The 5th DimensionLiving Together, Growing Together3:50The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension131999184
1158The 5th DimensionIf I Could Reach You3:09The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension141999182
1159The 5th DimensionGo Where You Wanna Go2:24The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension151999193
1160The 5th DimensionSweet Blindness3:25The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension161999200
1161The 5th DimensionPuppet Man2:58The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension171999225
1162The 5th DimensionSave The Country2:39The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension181999221
1163The 5th DimensionOn The Beach (In The Summertime)3:30The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension191999206
1164The 5th DimensionBlowing Away2:32The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension201999209
1165The 5th DimensionAshes To Ashes3:31The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension211999187
1166The 5th DimensionThe Girl's Song3:41The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension221999202
1167The 5th Dimension(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All3:15TM Century GoldDisc Update 2121991191
11685th Dimension(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All3:16TM Century GoldDisc Update 751991185
116965daysofstaticDrove Through Ghosts To Get Here4:18One Time For All Time12005244
117065daysofstaticAwait Rescue4:44One Time For All Time22005232
117165daysofstatic23kid4:32One Time For All Time32005220
117265daysofstaticWelcome To The Times3:53One Time For All Time42005246
117365daysofstaticMean Low Water4:00One Time For All Time52005236
117465daysofstaticClimbing On Roofs (Desperate Edit)2:27One Time For All Time62005228
117565daysofstaticThe Big Afraid2:08One Time For All Time72005207
117665daysofstatic65 Doesn't Understand You5:36One Time For All Time82005247
117765daysofstaticRadio Protector5:26One Time For All Time92005201
117865daysofstaticWhen We Were Younger & Better6:54The Destruction Of Small Ideas12007202
117965daysofstaticA Failsafe4:28The Destruction Of Small Ideas22007206
118065daysofstaticDon't Go Down To Sorrow6:55The Destruction Of Small Ideas32007203
118165daysofstaticWax Futures4:03The Destruction Of Small Ideas42007202
118265daysofstaticThese Things You Can't Unlearn6:27The Destruction Of Small Ideas52007204
118365daysofstaticLyonesse3:26The Destruction Of Small Ideas62007181
118465daysofstaticMusic Is Music As Devices Are Kisses Is Everything5:20The Destruction Of Small Ideas72007190
118565daysofstaticThe Distant & Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties3:33The Destruction Of Small Ideas82007205
118665daysofstaticLittle Victories5:14The Destruction Of Small Ideas92007208
118765daysofstaticPrimer4:51The Destruction Of Small Ideas102007210
118865daysofstaticWhite Peak/Dark Peak3:57The Destruction Of Small Ideas112007213
118965daysofstaticThe Conspiracy Of Seeds7:08The Destruction Of Small Ideas122007195
119065daysofstaticAnother Code Against The Gone1:40The Fall Of Math12004212
119165daysofstaticInstall A Beak In The Heart That Clucks Time In Arabic4:55The Fall Of Math22004222
119265daysofstaticRetreat! Retreat!4:10The Fall Of Math32004243
119365daysofstaticDefault This1:43The Fall Of Math42004177
119465daysofstaticI Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood5:27The Fall Of Math52004215
119565daysofstaticThe Fall Of Math3:59The Fall Of Math62004222
119665daysofstaticThis Cat Is A Landmine4:45The Fall Of Math72004227
119765daysofstaticThe Last Home Recording2:13The Fall Of Math82004212
119865daysofstaticHole4:33The Fall Of Math92004233
119965daysofstaticFix The Sky A Little5:29The Fall Of Math102004224
120065daysofstaticAren't We All Running?4:51The Fall Of Math112004230
1201666Alarma!3:10Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)172000220
120269 BoysTootsie Roll4:03Jock Jams, Vol. 151995221
120369 BoyzTootsie Roll4:20Booty Jams121998133
12047 Year BitchM.I.A.3:54Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)62005233
1205702Get It Together4:48  1997320
1206702Where My Girls At?2:47Hitzone 8191999228
1207702I Still Love You (Radio)4:06TM Century PrimeCuts 510P72003190
1208777Brand New Old Skool4:36Be Cool (OST)102005162
1209The 8th DayShe's Not Just Another Woman3:04Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)232001134
1210The 8th DayShe's Not Just Another Woman3:06Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 521991135
1211The 8th DayYou've Got to Crawl (Before You Walk)2:49Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 661991217
121398°Come And Get It4:2898°21997193
121498°Invisible Man4:4398°31997214
121598°Was It Something I Didn't Say5:0298°41997186
121698°Take My Breath Away4:3098°51997210
121798°Hand In Hand (feat. LaShanda Reese)5:1898°61997206
122098°Heaven's Missing An Angel4:4398°91997215
122198°I Wasn't Over You4:2198°101997195
122398°Don't Stop The Love4:3298°121997216
122498°I Wanna Love You3:5998°131997200
122598°Intro0:4198° and Rising11998190
122698°Heat It Up4:1698° and Rising21998200
122798°If She Only Knew4:2998° and Rising31998196
122898°I Do (Cherish You)3:4698° and Rising41998193
122998°Fly with Me3:5098° and Rising51998189
123098°Still4:0198° and Rising61998193
123198°Because of You4:5798° and Rising71998193
123298°Give It Up (Interlude)1:3198° and Rising81998191
123398°Do You Wanna Dance4:1598° and Rising91998192
123498°True to Your Heart (feat. Stevie Wonder)4:1798° and Rising101998217
123598°To Me You're Everything4:0998° and Rising111998190
123698°The Hardest Thing4:3498° and Rising121998213
123798°She's Out of My Life3:0998° and Rising131998191
123898°Invisible Man4:4298° and Rising141998214
123998°The Hardest Thing (U Be U Mix)3:4298° and Rising151998199
124098°Because of You (Hex Hector Dance Mix)3:0598° and Rising161998200
124198°The Hardest Thing4:35Now That's What I Call Music! 3171999212
124298°The Hardest Thing3:47Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 199951999217
124398°Why (Are We Still Friends)3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0332002210
124498°Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)3:25Revelation12000230
124598°The Way You Want Me To3:29Revelation22000218
124698°Stay The Night3:53Revelation32000208
124798°Yesterday's Letter4:21Revelation42000200
124898°He'll Never Be... (What I Used To Be To You)4:13Revelation52000230
124998°I'll Give It All (Interlude)0:40Revelation62000188
125098°My Everything3:51Revelation72000204
125198°You Should Be Mine3:22Revelation82000217
125298°You Don't Know4:14Revelation92000200
125498°The Way You Do4:05Revelation112000210
125598°Always You And I3:53Revelation122000205
125698°Never Giving Up4:00Revelation132000222

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