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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1P!nkSplit Personality3:58Can't Take Me Home12000202
2P!nkHell Wit Ya2:58Can't Take Me Home22000217
3P!nkMost Girls4:58Can't Take Me Home32000188
4P!nkThere You Go3:22Can't Take Me Home42000214
5P!nkYou Make Me Sick4:07Can't Take Me Home52000199
6P!nkLet Me Know You4:44Can't Take Me Home62000205
7P!nkLove Is Such A Crazy Thing5:13Can't Take Me Home72000223
8P!nkPrivate Show4:14Can't Take Me Home82000203
9P!nkCan't Take Me Home3:38Can't Take Me Home92000231
10P!nkStop Falling5:50Can't Take Me Home102000178
11P!nkDo What You Do3:57Can't Take Me Home112000213
12P!nkHiccup3:31Can't Take Me Home122000221
13P!nkIs It Love3:38Can't Take Me Home132000205
14P!nkSo What3:35Funhouse12008247
16P!nkI Don't Believe You4:36Funhouse32008171
17P!nkOne Foot Wrong3:24Funhouse42008197
18P!nkPlease Don't Leave Me3:51Funhouse52008221
19P!nkBad Influence3:36Funhouse62008233
21P!nkCrystal Ball3:26Funhouse82008167
23P!nkIt's All Your Fault3:52Funhouse102008227
24P!nkAve Mary A3:15Funhouse112008232
25P!nkGlitter In The Air3:47Funhouse122008150
26P!nkStupid Girls3:16I'm Not Dead12006233
27P!nkWho Knew3:28I'm Not Dead22006211
28P!nkLong Way to Happy3:49I'm Not Dead32006223
29P!nkNobody Knows3:59I'm Not Dead42006191
30P!nkDear Mr. President (featuring Indigo Girls)4:33I'm Not Dead52006185
31P!nkI'm Not Dead3:46I'm Not Dead62006216
32P!nk'Cuz I Can3:43I'm Not Dead72006212
33P!nkLeave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)3:18I'm Not Dead82006236
34P!nkU + Ur Hand3:34I'm Not Dead92006220
35P!nkRunaway4:23I'm Not Dead102006189
36P!nkThe One That Got Away4:42I'm Not Dead112006150
37P!nkI Got Money Now3:55I'm Not Dead122006148
38P!nkConversations With My 13 Year Old Self4:17I'm Not Dead132006149
39P!nkI Have Seen the Rain (featuring James T. Moore)3:30I'm Not Dead142006183
41P!nkDon't Let Me Get Me3:30M!ssundaztood22001204
42P!nkJust Like a Pill3:57M!ssundaztood32001204
43P!nkGet the Party Started3:11M!ssundaztood42001215
44P!nkRespect (Featuring Scratch)3:24M!ssundaztood52001231
45P!nk18 Wheeler3:43M!ssundaztood62001244
46P!nkFamily Portrait4:56M!ssundaztood72001187
47P!nkMisery (Featuring Steven Tyler)4:32M!ssundaztood82001199
48P!nkDear Diary3:29M!ssundaztood92001218
50P!nkLonely Girl (Featuring Linda Perry)4:20M!ssundaztood112001201
52P!nkGone to California4:33M!ssundaztood132001198
53P!nkMy Vietnam5:19M!ssundaztood142001187
54P!nkU + Ur Hand3:32Now That's What I Call Music! 2542007221
55P!nkWho Knew?3:27Now That's What I Call Music! 26122007212
56P!nkStupid Girls3:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0332006231
57P!nkWho Knew3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0642006212
58P!nkU + Ur Hand3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1192006221
59P!nkPlease Don't Leave Me3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0472009222
60P!nkYou Make Me Sick4:06Save The Last Dance (OST)52000198
61P!nkYou Make Me Sick (HQ2 Smooth Vibe Vocal Mix)3:29Totally Dance61998245
62P!nkTrouble3:12Try This12003219
63P!nkGod Is A DJ3:45Try This22003244
64P!nkLast To Know4:03Try This32003213
65P!nkTonight's The Night3:56Try This42003224
66P!nkOh My God3:43Try This52003218
67P!nkCatch Me While I'm Sleeping5:02Try This62003215
68P!nkWaiting For Love5:28Try This72003223
69P!nkSave My Life3:16Try This82003222
70P!nkTry Too Hard3:13Try This92003265
71P!nkHumble Neighborhoods3:52Try This102003269
72P!nkWalk Away3:39Try This112003233
73P!nkUnwind3:13Try This122003173
74P!nkLove Song2:29Try This132003203
75P!nk feat. RedmanGet The Party Started/Sweet Dreams4:02Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 912002182
76P!nk feat. William OrbitFeel Good Time3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-06122003216
77P!nk feat. William OrbitFeel Good Time3:48TM Century PrimeCuts 515P42003208
78P. Diddy & FriendsI Need A Girl (Part Two)4:46Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0772002194
79P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family feat. Usher & LoonI Need A Girl3:13The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Winter Collection (Disc 2)82002248
80P. Diddy & UsherI Need A Girl2:28From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)282002138
81P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyIntro0:52We Invented The Remix12002183
82P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilySpecial Delivery [Remix] (G. Dep, (feat. Ghostface Killah, Keith Murray, & Craig Mack)4:34We Invented The Remix22002179
83P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyI Need A Girl, Pt. 2 [Remix] (P. Diddy, (feat. Ginuwine, Loon, Mario Winans, & Tammy Ruggieri)4:45We Invented The Remix32002168
84P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyBad Boy For Life [Remix] (P. Diddy, (feat. Busta Rhymes, M.O.P.)4:37We Invented The Remix42002216
85P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyI Need A Girl, Pt. 1 (P. Diddy, (feat. Usher, Loon)4:26We Invented The Remix52002199
86P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyThe Remix Phenomenon (Interlude)1:13We Invented The Remix62002205
87P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyUnfoolish [Remix] (Ashanti, (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)3:13We Invented The Remix72002232
88P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyDance With Me / Peaches & Cream [Remix] (112, (feat. Ludacris, Beanie Sigel)4:56We Invented The Remix82002225
89P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyNo More Drama [Remix] (feat. Mary J. Blige)4:04We Invented The Remix92002209
90P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilySo Complete [Remix] (P. Diddy & Cheri Dennis)4:36We Invented The Remix102002184
91P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyNotorious B.I.G. [Remix] (The Notorious B.I.G., (feat. Lil' Kim, P. Diddy)3:41We Invented The Remix112002219
92P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyThat's Crazy [Remix] (feat. Black Rob, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, & G. Dep)4:38We Invented The Remix122002221
93P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyWoke Up In The Morning [Remix] (Carl Thomas, (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)6:04We Invented The Remix132002176
94P. Diddy with The Bad Boy FamilyYou Gets No Love [Remix] (Faith Evans, (feat. G. Dep)4:35We Invented The Remix142002200
95P.F. SloanHalloween Mary2:38Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)52009143
96P.F. Sloan & Steve BarriSecret Agent Man2:16Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)531986197
97P.J. ProbyToday I Killed A Man3:26Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)41992145
98P.J. ProbyHold Me2:42One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)122001201
99P.J. ProbyHold Me2:47The Rock Box (Disc 6)8 198
100P.M. DawnSet Adrift On Memory Bliss4:11Awesome Hits141992211
101P.M. DawnI'd Die Without You4:13Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19928 198
102P.M. DawnLooking Through Patient Eyes4:08Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 199312 221
103P.M. DawnSet Adrift On Memory Bliss (Extended Mix)5:12MTV Party To Go, Vol. 221992175
104P.M. DawnSet Adrift On Memory Bliss3:53The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)211993172
105P.M. DawnIntro0:49The Bliss Album...?11993152
106P.M. DawnWhen Midnight Sighs3:55The Bliss Album...?21993201
107P.M. DawnSo On And So On4:05The Bliss Album...?31993219
108P.M. DawnPlastic3:48The Bliss Album...?41993182
109P.M. DawnThe Ways Of The Wind4:31The Bliss Album...?51993198
110P.M. DawnTo Love Me More4:44The Bliss Album...?61993186
111P.M. DawnAbout Nothing For The Love Of Destiny4:17The Bliss Album...?71993190
112P.M. DawnNorwegian Wood3:15The Bliss Album...?81993208
113P.M. DawnBeyond Infinite Affections4:13The Bliss Album...?91993175
114P.M. DawnLooking Through Patient Eyes4:09The Bliss Album...?101993197
115P.M. DawnFilthy Rich I Don't Wanna Be4:08The Bliss Album...?111993176
116P.M. DawnMore Than Likely4:19The Bliss Album...?121993185
117P.M. DawnThe Nocturnal Is In The House4:20The Bliss Album...?131993184
118P.M. DawnWhen It's Raining Cats And Dogs5:35The Bliss Album...?141993198
119P.M. DawnI'd Die Without You4:10The Bliss Album...?151993194
120P.M. Dawn (feat. Boy George)More Than Likely3:52At Worst... The Best Of Boy George & Culture Club151993178
122P.O.D.Know Me4:34Brown21996227
126P.O.D.One Day4:02Brown61996222
127P.O.D.Punk Rock1:46Brown71996246
128P.O.D.Breathe Babylon5:04Brown81996246
129P.O.D.Funk Jam3:18Brown91996197
131P.O.D.Reggae Jam0:59Brown111996190
132P.O.D.Full Color6:18Brown121996224
133P.O.D.Seeking The Wise4:33Brown131996231
134P.O.D.Live And Die3:31Brown141996235
136P.O.D.Wildfire3:15Payable On Death12003225
137P.O.D.Will You3:47Payable On Death22003222
138P.O.D.Change The World3:03Payable On Death32003222
139P.O.D.Execute The Sounds3:01Payable On Death42003211
140P.O.D.Find My Way3:09Payable On Death52003208
141P.O.D.Revolution3:25Payable On Death62003215
142P.O.D.The Reasons3:44Payable On Death72003205
143P.O.D.Freedom Fighters4:12Payable On Death82003214
144P.O.D.Waiting On Today3:06Payable On Death92003215
145P.O.D.I and Identify3:15Payable On Death102003221
146P.O.D.Asthma4:01Payable On Death112003210
147P.O.D.Eternal6:19Payable On Death122003205
148P.O.D.Alive3:21Satellite 2001128
149P.O.D.Set It Off4:16Satellite12001255
152P.O.D.Youth Of The Nation4:19Satellite42001221
155P.O.D.Ridiculous (Featuring Eek-A-Mouse)4:17Satellite72001237
156P.O.D.The Messenjah4:19Satellite82001264
157P.O.D.Guitarras de Amor1:14Satellite92001208
158P.O.D.Anything Right (Featuring Christian of blindside)4:17Satellite102001234
160P.O.D.Masterpiece Conspiracy3:11Satellite122001234
161P.O.D.Without Jah, Nothin' (Featuring H.R.)3:41Satellite132001235
162P.O.D.Thinking About Forever3:46Satellite142001237
164P.O.D.Rock The Party4:01Satellite162001230
165P.O.D.Roots in Stereo (featuring Matisyahu)4:42Testify12006232
166P.O.D.Lights Out2:47Testify22006232
167P.O.D.If You Could See Me Now3:07Testify32006243
168P.O.D.Goodbye for Now (featuring Suzie Katayama & Katy Perry)4:34Testify42006237
169P.O.D.Sounds Like War3:52Testify52006242
170P.O.D.On the Grind (featuring Sick Jacken, Amy Terrin & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.)4:24Testify62006230
171P.O.D.This Time4:41Testify72006249
172P.O.D.Mistakes & Glories3:38Testify82006234
173P.O.D.Let You Down4:15Testify92006228
175P.O.D.Strength of My Life (featuring Matisyahu)3:37Testify112006216
176P.O.D.Say Hello2:32Testify122006238
177P.O.D.Mark My Words (featuring Sick Jacken)3:43Testify132006245
178P.O.D.Boom [The Crystal Method Remix]3:31The Crystal Method - Community Service92002223
179P.O.D.Greetings1:29The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown11999194
180P.O.D.Hollywood5:22The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown21999237
181P.O.D.Southtown4:08The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown31999239
182P.O.D.Checkin' Levels1:06The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown41999214
183P.O.D.Rock The Party3:24The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown51999249
184P.O.D.Lie Down5:09The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown61999215
185P.O.D.Set Your Eyes To Zion4:06The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown71999217
186P.O.D.Lo Siento0:33The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown81999204
187P.O.D.Bullet The Blue Sky5:18The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown91999237
188P.O.D.Pslam 1500:55The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown101999190
189P.O.D.Image3:32The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown111999237
190P.O.D.Shouts0:55The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown121999204
191P.O.D.Tribal4:26The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown131999222
192P.O.D.Freestyle3:57The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown141999222
193P.O.D.Follow Me3:43The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown151999234
194P.O.D.Outkast9:33The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown161999189
195P.O.D.Sleeping Awake3:30TM Century PrimeCuts 510P152003236
196P.O.D.Lights Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)2:56TMNT (OST)112006128
197P.O.D.Addicted3:32When Angels & Serpents Dance12008254
198P.O.D.Shine With Me3:32When Angels & Serpents Dance22008235
199P.O.D.Condescending4:02When Angels & Serpents Dance32008236
200P.O.D.It Can't Rain Everyday4:42When Angels & Serpents Dance42008221
201P.O.D.Kaliforn-Eye-A (featuring Mike Muir)4:29When Angels & Serpents Dance52008232
202P.O.D.I'll Be Ready (featuring The Marley Girls)4:43When Angels & Serpents Dance62008233
203P.O.D.End of the World4:34When Angels & Serpents Dance72008231
204P.O.D.This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song3:43When Angels & Serpents Dance82008234
205P.O.D.God Forbid (featuring Page Hamilton)3:55When Angels & Serpents Dance92008232
206P.O.D.Roman Empire2:42When Angels & Serpents Dance102008201
207P.O.D.When Angels & Serpents Dance3:16When Angels & Serpents Dance112008228
208P.O.D.Tell Me Why3:19When Angels & Serpents Dance122008216
209P.O.D.Rise Against4:52When Angels & Serpents Dance132008213
210P.O.D.Set Your Eyes to Zion4:07WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)12000214
211Pablo CruiseA Place In The Sun4:46A Place In The Sun11977192
212Pablo CruiseWhatcha Gonna Do4:19A Place In The Sun21977208
213Pablo CruiseRaging Fire4:42A Place In The Sun31977206
214Pablo CruiseI Just Wanna Believe4:15A Place In The Sun41977200
215Pablo CruiseTonight My Love3:53A Place In The Sun51977208
216Pablo CruiseCan't You Hear The Music?4:06A Place In The Sun61977215
217Pablo CruiseNever Had A Love5:09A Place In The Sun71977204
218Pablo CruiseAtlanta June4:08A Place In The Sun81977206
219Pablo CruiseEl Verano4:40A Place In The Sun91977226
220Pablo CruiseWhatcha Gonna Do?4:17Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two121991208
221Pablo CruiseLove Will Find A Way4:14TM Century GoldDisc Update 5141991190
222Pablo CruiseWorlds Away3:48Worlds Away11978200
223Pablo CruiseLove Will Find A Way4:15Worlds Away21978195
224Pablo CruiseFamily Man5:03Worlds Away31978195
225Pablo CruiseRunnin'6:31Worlds Away41978204
226Pablo CruiseDon't Want To Live Without It4:39Worlds Away51978192
227Pablo CruiseYou're Out To Lose3:31Worlds Away61978201
228Pablo CruiseAlways Be Together5:04Worlds Away71978195
229Pablo CruiseSailing To Paradise3:52Worlds Away81978192
230Pablo CruiseI Go To Rio3:59Worlds Away91978201
231Pablo de SarasateZapateado3:29100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 317 185
232Pablo SarasateZigeunerweisen9:15Gypsy! Classics Inspired by Gypsy Folk Music71990199
233Pacific Gas & ElectricAre You Ready? [Edit]2:45Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s151996197
234Pacific Gas and ElectricAre You Ready5:46The Oldie Collection (Disc 3)131992209
235Paddy Glackin, Micheal O'domhnaillThe South Wind3:35Celtic Christmas III61997189
236PagliaroLovin' You Ain't Easy2:40Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)31992155
237Paige O'HaraBelle (Reprise)1:05Beauty And The Beast (OST)31991170
238Paige O'Hara And ChorusBelle (Beauty And The Beast 1991)5:09Classic Disney, Vol. 561998188
239Paige O'Hara And Robby BensonSomething There (Beauty And The Beast 1991)2:18Classic Disney, Vol. 261995187
240Paige O'Hara, Alec Murphy & OthersBelle5:09Beauty And The Beast (OST)21991187
241Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury & David Ogden StiersSomething There2:19Beauty And The Beast (OST)71991186
242Pain of Salvation! (Foreword)6:11Entropia11997208
243Pain of SalvationWelcome To Entropia1:22Entropia21997196
244Pain of SalvationWinning A War6:32Entropia31997219
245Pain of SalvationPeople Passing By9:07Entropia41997225
246Pain of SalvationOblivion Ocean4:42Entropia51997203
247Pain of SalvationStress5:00Entropia61997208
248Pain of SalvationRevival7:38Entropia71997212
249Pain of SalvationVoid Of Her1:46Entropia81997234
250Pain of SalvationTo The End4:56Entropia91997221
251Pain of SalvationCircles0:55Entropia101997187
252Pain of SalvationNightmist6:48Entropia111997214
253Pain of SalvationPlains Of Dawn7:23Entropia121997197
254Pain of SalvationLeaving Entropia (Epilogue)2:31Entropia131997187
255Pain of SalvationLinoleum4:54Linoleum (EP)12009231
256Pain of SalvationMortar Grind5:50Linoleum (EP)22009204
257Pain of SalvationIf You Wait2:49Linoleum (EP)32009225
258Pain of SalvationGone7:54Linoleum (EP)42009211
259Pain of SalvationBonus Track B2:27Linoleum (EP)52009203
260Pain of SalvationYellow Raven5:39Linoleum (EP)62009211
261Pain of SalvationSpirit Of The Land0:43One Hour by the Concrete Lake11998191
262Pain of SalvationInside6:12One Hour by the Concrete Lake21998240
263Pain of SalvationThe Big Machine4:21One Hour by the Concrete Lake31998236
264Pain of SalvationNew Year's Eve5:43One Hour by the Concrete Lake41998212
265Pain of SalvationHandful Of Nothing5:39One Hour by the Concrete Lake51998227
266Pain of SalvationWater5:05One Hour by the Concrete Lake61998228
267Pain of SalvationHome5:49One Hour by the Concrete Lake71998219
268Pain of SalvationBlack Hills6:33One Hour by the Concrete Lake81998211
269Pain of SalvationPilgrim3:17One Hour by the Concrete Lake91998197
270Pain of SalvationShore Serenity3:14One Hour by the Concrete Lake101998209
271Pain of SalvationInside Out13:20One Hour by the Concrete Lake111998175
272Pain of SalvationOf Two Beginnings2:24Remedy Lane12002218
273Pain of SalvationEnding Theme4:59Remedy Lane22002229
274Pain of SalvationFandango5:51Remedy Lane32002221
275Pain of SalvationA Trace Of Blood8:17Remedy Lane42002242
276Pain of SalvationThis Heart Of Mine (I Pledge)4:01Remedy Lane52002214
277Pain of SalvationUndertow4:47Remedy Lane62002216
278Pain of SalvationRope Ends7:02Remedy Lane72002233
279Pain of SalvationChain Sling3:58Remedy Lane82002209
280Pain of SalvationDryad Of The Woods4:56Remedy Lane92002208
281Pain of SalvationRemedy Lane2:15Remedy Lane102002199
282Pain of SalvationWaking Every God5:19Remedy Lane112002236
283Pain of SalvationSecond Love4:21Remedy Lane122002205
284Pain of SalvationBeyond The Pale9:56Remedy Lane132002230
285Pain of SalvationWhat She Means to Me (Bonus Track)0:49Road Salt One [Limited Edition]12010197
286Pain of SalvationNo Way (Extended Version)7:08Road Salt One [Limited Edition]22010201
287Pain of SalvationShe Likes to Hide2:57Road Salt One [Limited Edition]32010206
288Pain of SalvationSisters6:15Road Salt One [Limited Edition]42010208
289Pain of SalvationOf Dust2:32Road Salt One [Limited Edition]52010196
290Pain of SalvationTell Me You Don't Know2:42Road Salt One [Limited Edition]62010196
291Pain of SalvationSleeping Under the Stars3:37Road Salt One [Limited Edition]72010209
292Pain of SalvationDarkness of Mine4:15Road Salt One [Limited Edition]82010190
293Pain of SalvationLinoleum4:55Road Salt One [Limited Edition]92010230
294Pain of SalvationCuriosity3:33Road Salt One [Limited Edition]102010199
295Pain of SalvationWhere It Hurts4:51Road Salt One [Limited Edition]112010198
296Pain of SalvationRoad Salt (Extended Version)4:40Road Salt One [Limited Edition]122010194
297Pain of SalvationInnocence7:13Road Salt One [Limited Edition]132010194
298Pain of SalvationRoad Salt Theme0:45Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]12011208
299Pain of SalvationSoftly She Cries4:16Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]22011220
300Pain of SalvationConditioned4:15Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]32011237
301Pain of SalvationHealing Now4:29Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]42011239
302Pain of SalvationTo the Shoreline3:03Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]52011241
303Pain of SalvationBreak Darling Break (Bonus Track)2:22Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]62011216
304Pain of SalvationEleven6:55Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]72011247
305Pain of Salvation19792:53Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]82011184
306Pain of SalvationOf Salt (Bonus Track)2:36Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]92011203
307Pain of SalvationThe Deeper Cut6:07Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]102011228
308Pain of SalvationMortar Grind5:46Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]112011236
309Pain of SalvationThrough the Distance2:56Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]122011175
310Pain of SalvationThe Physics of Gridlock8:43Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]132011225
311Pain of SalvationEnd Credits3:31Road Salt Two [Limited Edition]142011203
312Pain of SalvationScarsick7:08Scarsick12007231
313Pain of SalvationSpitfall7:17Scarsick22007240
314Pain of SalvationCribcaged5:56Scarsick32007230
315Pain of SalvationAmerica5:05Scarsick42007233
316Pain of SalvationDisco Queen8:22Scarsick52007224
317Pain of SalvationKingdom Of Loss6:41Scarsick62007222
318Pain of SalvationMrs Modern Mother Mary4:14Scarsick72007232
319Pain of SalvationIdiocracy7:04Scarsick82007233
320Pain of SalvationFlame To The Moth5:58Scarsick92007237
321Pain of SalvationEnter Rain10:03Scarsick102007221
322Pain of SalvationUsed5:23The Perfect Element (Part I)12000242
323Pain of SalvationIn The Flesh8:36The Perfect Element (Part I)22000225
324Pain of SalvationAshes4:28The Perfect Element (Part I)32000210
325Pain of SalvationMorning On Earth4:34The Perfect Element (Part I)42000203
326Pain of SalvationIdioglossia8:29The Perfect Element (Part I)52000248
327Pain of SalvationHer Voices7:56The Perfect Element (Part I)62000226
328Pain of SalvationDedication4:00The Perfect Element (Part I)72000206
329Pain of SalvationKing Of Loss9:46The Perfect Element (Part I)82000230
330Pain of SalvationReconciliation4:24The Perfect Element (Part I)92000241
331Pain of SalvationSong For The Innocent3:02The Perfect Element (Part I)102000204
332Pain of SalvationFalling1:50The Perfect Element (Part I)112000205
333Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element10:09The Perfect Element (Part I)122000225
334The Pains of Being Pure at HeartBelong4:21Belong12011216
335The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHeaven's Gonna Happen Now3:54Belong22011227
336The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHeart in Your Heartbreak3:45Belong32011215
337The Pains of Being Pure at HeartThe Body3:53Belong42011246
338The Pains of Being Pure at HeartAnne With an E4:07Belong52011200
339The Pains of Being Pure at HeartEven in Dreams4:23Belong62011209
340The Pains of Being Pure at HeartMy Terrible Friend3:10Belong72011260
341The Pains of Being Pure at HeartGirl of 1,000 Dreams2:48Belong82011227
342The Pains of Being Pure at HeartToo Tough4:31Belong92011225
343The Pains of Being Pure at HeartStrange4:21Belong102011242
344The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHigher Than the Stars3:49Higher Than the Stars (EP)12009194
345The Pains of Being Pure at Heart1032:03Higher Than the Stars (EP)22009251
346The Pains of Being Pure at HeartFalling Over3:11Higher Than the Stars (EP)32009226
347The Pains of Being Pure at HeartTwins3:17Higher Than the Stars (EP)42009237
348The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHigher Than the Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank remix)6:47Higher Than the Stars (EP)52009218
349The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHigher Than The Stars3:48Higher Than The Stars EP12010128
350The Pains of Being Pure at HeartContender2:40The Pains of Being Pure at Heart12009219
351The Pains of Being Pure at HeartCome Saturday3:17The Pains of Being Pure at Heart22009226
352The Pains of Being Pure at HeartYoung Adult Friction4:08The Pains of Being Pure at Heart32009208
353The Pains of Being Pure at HeartThis Love Is Fucking Right!3:15The Pains of Being Pure at Heart42009217
354The Pains of Being Pure at HeartThe Tenure Itch3:46The Pains of Being Pure at Heart52009186
355The Pains of Being Pure at HeartStay Alive4:56The Pains of Being Pure at Heart62009226
356The Pains of Being Pure at HeartEverything with You2:59The Pains of Being Pure at Heart72009233
357The Pains of Being Pure at HeartA Teenager in Love3:24The Pains of Being Pure at Heart82009216
358The Pains of Being Pure at HeartHey Paul2:04The Pains of Being Pure at Heart92009221
359The Pains of Being Pure at HeartGentle Sons4:32The Pains of Being Pure at Heart102009224
360The Palace GuardFalling Sugar2:10Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)111998133
361The Palace GuardAll Night Long2:56Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)112009138
362PallasStranger3:50Knightmoves To Wedge...11986238
363PallasExecutioner5:36Knightmoves To Wedge...21986216
364PallasThrowing Stones At The Wind5:15Knightmoves To Wedge...31986209
365PallasWin Or Lose4:33Knightmoves To Wedge...41986200
366PallasImagination4:35Knightmoves To Wedge...51986222
367PallasRatracing8:09Knightmoves To Wedge...61986203
368PallasSanctuary9:34Knightmoves To Wedge...71986208
369PallasJust A Memory5:29Knightmoves To Wedge...81986213
370PallasDance Through The Fire4:46Knightmoves To Wedge...91986213
371PallasNightmare4:22Knightmoves To Wedge...101986234
372PallasThe Big Bang3:18The Cross & The Crucible12001200
373PallasThe Cross & The Crucible9:06The Cross & The Crucible22001215
374PallasFor The Greater Glory7:36The Cross & The Crucible32001212
375PallasWho's To Blame?4:45The Cross & The Crucible42001208
376PallasThe Blinding Darkness6:43The Cross & The Crucible52001208
377PallasTowers Of Babble8:11The Cross & The Crucible62001204
378PallasGenerations5:21The Cross & The Crucible72001205
379PallasMidas Touch11:14The Cross & The Crucible82001200
380PallasCelebration!7:22The Cross & The Crucible92001213
381PallasThe Bringer Of Dreams9:49The Dreams Of Men12005212
382PallasWarriors7:14The Dreams Of Men22005219
383PallasGhostdancers7:31The Dreams Of Men32005210
384PallasToo Close To The Sun11:34The Dreams Of Men42005211
385PallasMessiah4:57The Dreams Of Men52005231
386PallasNorthern Star4:00The Dreams Of Men62005198
387PallasMr. Wolfe5:48The Dreams Of Men72005224
388PallasInvincible10:44The Dreams Of Men82005221
389PallasThe Last Angel11:28The Dreams Of Men92005202
390PallasMr. Wolfe (Remix)6:05The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)12005206
391PallasGhostdancers (Remix)7:13The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)22005202
392PallasToo Close To The Sun (Remix)5:55The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)32005199
393PallasThe Last Angel (Remix)11:30The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)42005196
394PallasInvincible (Jam)7:15The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)52005193
395PallasSad Waltz2:39The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)62005188
396PallasBlue Walk2:44The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)72005195
397PallasFaure1:02The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)82005168
398PallasNorth South5:52The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)92005180
399PallasFear2:18The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)102005183
400PallasBottle Of Broken Dreams2:44The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)112005156
401PallasKalinka6:25The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)122005188
402PallasStrange Reflections2:49The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)132005195
403PallasColin Counts Out Time1:20The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)142005199
404PallasFragments Of The Sun (Remix)7:59The Dreams of Men (Bonus Disc)152005198
405PallasShock Treatment4:29The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]11984208
406PallasCut and Run5:02The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]21984202
407PallasArrive Alive4:08The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]31984195
408PallasRise and Fall (Part One)6:07The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]41984195
409PallasEast West5:00The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]51984194
410PallasMarch on Atlantis5:22The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]61984203
411PallasRise and Fall (Part Two)4:04The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]71984201
412PallasHeart Attack7:59The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]81984213
413PallasAtlantis8:06The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]91984207
414PallasArk of Infinity7:07The Sentinel [Reissue 1992] [Bonus Tracks]101984193
415Palmer-JostShe's My Baby (And She's Outta Control)2:55Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)181982200
416Pam TillisLand Of The Living3:33Greatest Hits11997222
417Pam TillisAll The Good Ones Are Gone3:16Greatest Hits21997182
418Pam TillisDon't Tell Me What To Do3:12Greatest Hits31997232
419Pam TillisMaybe It Was Memphis3:59Greatest Hits41997232
420Pam TillisShake The Sugar Tree3:08Greatest Hits51997224
421Pam TillisLet That Pony Run3:30Greatest Hits61997208
422Pam TillisCleopatra, Queen Of Denial3:13Greatest Hits71997232
423Pam TillisSpilled Perfume3:52Greatest Hits81997193
424Pam TillisWhen You Walk In The Room2:44Greatest Hits91997223
425Pam TillisIn Between Dances3:21Greatest Hits101997195
426Pam TillisMi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)2:51Greatest Hits111997214
427Pam TillisThe River And The Highway3:49Greatest Hits121997188
428Pam TillisBurning Memories3:06It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)12002208
429Pam TillisSo Wrong3:19It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)22002173
430Pam TillisUnmitigated Gall3:00It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)32002214
431Pam TillisViolet And A Rose3:54It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)42002194
432Pam TillisI Ain't Never2:33It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)52002191
433Pam TillisNot Like It Was With You3:27It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)62002187
434Pam TillisMental Revenge4:05It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)72002196
435Pam TillisHeart Over Mind6:12It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)82002183
436Pam TillisGoodbye Wheeling3:42It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)92002190
437Pam TillisEmotions3:26It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)102002171
438Pam TillisHoney (Open That Door) (with Ray Benson)2:52It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)112002220
439Pam TillisDetroit City4:09It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)122002175
440Pam TillisCome On And Sing2:48It's All Relative (Tillis Sings Tillis)132002215
441Pam TillisJagged Hearts4:29Thunder & Roses12001222
442Pam TillisSpace3:29Thunder & Roses22001237
443Pam TillisIt Isn't Just Raining3:49Thunder & Roses32001207
444Pam TillisPlease3:31Thunder & Roses42001230
445Pam TillisTryin'3:55Thunder & Roses52001239
446Pam TillisThunder And Roses3:40Thunder & Roses62001222
447Pam TillisWhich Five Years4:00Thunder & Roses72001211
448Pam TillisBe A Man4:04Thunder & Roses82001220
449Pam TillisOff-White4:10Thunder & Roses92001211
450Pam TillisI Smile3:54Thunder & Roses102001228
451Pam TillisIf I Didn't Love You4:17Thunder & Roses112001221
452Pam TillisWaiting On The Wind (Duet With Mel Tillis)3:41Thunder & Roses122001201
453Pamela BlueMy Friend Bobby2:10It's Hard To Believe It - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek71995135
454The Panda BandLuray Caverns0:39Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)12005167
455The Panda BandEyelashes3:49Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)22005189
456The Panda BandThen You Appear4:36Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)32005217
457The Panda BandQuiet As Meeses0:57Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)42005188
458The Panda BandSleepy Little Deathtoll Town3:07Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)52005228
459The Panda BandFools 'N' Sharks3:27Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town (EP)62005195
460The Panda BandSleepy Little Deathtoll Town3:08Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)172005228
461Panda BearComfy in Nautica4:04Person Pitch12007202
462Panda BearTake Pills5:23Person Pitch22007179
463Panda BearBros12:30Person Pitch32007239
464Panda BearI'm Not3:59Person Pitch42007188
465Panda BearGood Girl/Carrots12:42Person Pitch52007195
466Panda BearSearch for Delicious4:53Person Pitch62007147
467Panda BearPonytail2:05Person Pitch72007160
468Panda BearYou Can Count On Me2:32Tomboy12011208
469Panda BearTomboy4:55Tomboy22011205
470Panda BearSlow Motion4:36Tomboy32011211
471Panda BearSurfers Hymn4:09Tomboy42011197
472Panda BearLast Night At The Jetty4:39Tomboy52011204
473Panda BearDrone4:00Tomboy62011178
474Panda BearAlsation Darn4:16Tomboy72011203
475Panda BearScheherazade3:52Tomboy82011184
476Panda BearFriendship Bracelet5:54Tomboy92011202
477Panda BearAfterburner6:49Tomboy102011213
478Panda BearBenfica4:11Tomboy112011189
479PandemoniumNo Presents For Me2:52Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)142001147
480PanderaI Love You Baby3:39Piece of Paradise131999128
481The PandorasIt's About Time2:22Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)252005233
482Panic At The DiscoNine In The Afternoon2:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-0432008249
483Panic! at the DiscoIntroduction0:37A Fever You Can't Sweat Out12005154
484Panic! at the DiscoThe Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage2:54A Fever You Can't Sweat Out22005229
485Panic! at the DiscoLondon Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines3:23A Fever You Can't Sweat Out32005225
486Panic! at the DiscoNails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks3:23A Fever You Can't Sweat Out42005222
487Panic! at the DiscoCamisado3:11A Fever You Can't Sweat Out52005210
488Panic! at the DiscoTime to Dance3:22A Fever You Can't Sweat Out62005245
489Panic! at the DiscoLying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off3:20A Fever You Can't Sweat Out72005214
490Panic! at the DiscoIntermission2:35A Fever You Can't Sweat Out82005188
491Panic! at the DiscoBut It's Better if You Do3:25A Fever You Can't Sweat Out92005214
492Panic! at the DiscoI Write Sins not Tragedies3:06A Fever You Can't Sweat Out102005225
493Panic! at the DiscoI Constantly Thank God for Esteban3:30A Fever You Can't Sweat Out112005213
494Panic! at the DiscoThere's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet3:16A Fever You Can't Sweat Out122005223
495Panic! at the DiscoBuild God, Then We'll Talk3:40A Fever You Can't Sweat Out132005217
496Panic! at the DiscoWe're So Starving1:21Pretty. Odd.12008239
497Panic! at the DiscoNine in the Afternoon3:11Pretty. Odd.22008231
498Panic! at the DiscoShe's a Handsome Woman3:12Pretty. Odd.32008238
499Panic! at the DiscoDo You Know What I'm Seeing4:14Pretty. Odd.42008211
500Panic! at the DiscoThat Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)3:15Pretty. Odd.52008235
501Panic! at the DiscoI Have Friends in Holy Spaces1:56Pretty. Odd.62008183
502Panic! at the DiscoNorthern Downpour4:07Pretty. Odd.72008214
503Panic! at the DiscoWhen the Day Met the Night4:53Pretty. Odd.82008231
504Panic! at the DiscoPas de Cheval2:39Pretty. Odd.92008217
505Panic! at the DiscoThe Piano Knows Something I Don't Know3:43Pretty. Odd.102008207
506Panic! at the DiscoBehind the Sea3:33Pretty. Odd.112008211
507Panic! at the DiscoFolkin' Around1:55Pretty. Odd.122008195
508Panic! at the DiscoShe Had the World3:47Pretty. Odd.132008201
509Panic! at the DiscoFrom a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins3:02Pretty. Odd.142008221
510Panic! at the DiscoMad as Rabbits3:48Pretty. Odd.152008233
511Panic! At The DiscoI Write Sins Not Tragedies3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0722006151
512Panic! At The DiscoThe Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage2:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1022006229
513Panic! At The DiscoLying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without...3:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0182007196
514Panic! at the DiscoThis Is Halloween3:36Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) (Disc 2) [2006 Bonus Tracks]51993198
515PanteraWalk5:16Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)112005224
516Papa RoachBlood (Empty Promises)2:55Getting Away With Murder12004243
517Papa RoachNot Listening3:09Getting Away With Murder22004258
518Papa RoachStop Looking Start Seeing3:08Getting Away With Murder32004254
519Papa RoachTake Me3:26Getting Away With Murder42004253
520Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder3:12Getting Away With Murder52004228
521Papa RoachBe Free3:17Getting Away With Murder62004246
522Papa RoachDone With You2:52Getting Away With Murder72004254
523Papa RoachScars3:28Getting Away With Murder82004241
524Papa RoachSometimes3:08Getting Away With Murder92004249
525Papa RoachBlanket Of Fear3:21Getting Away With Murder102004245
526Papa RoachTyranny Of Normality2:40Getting Away With Murder112004263
527Papa RoachDo Or Die3:25Getting Away With Murder122004249
528Papa RoachInfest4:09Infest12000254
529Papa RoachLast Resort3:19Infest22000249
530Papa RoachBroken Home3:41Infest32000246
531Papa RoachDead Cell3:06Infest42000260
532Papa RoachBetween Angels And Insects3:54Infest52000256
533Papa RoachBlood Brothers3:33Infest62000254
534Papa RoachRevenge3:41Infest72000266
535Papa RoachSnakes3:30Infest82000264
536Papa RoachNever Enough3:35Infest92000253
537Papa RoachBinge3:48Infest102000255
538Papa RoachThrown Away9:37Infest112000239
539Papa RoachBetween Angels And Insects3:56Infest (Bonus Disc - Between Angels And Insects)12001254
540Papa RoachLast Resort3:21Infest (Bonus Disc - Between Angels And Insects)22001248
541Papa RoachDead Cell (Live)3:51Infest (Bonus Disc - Between Angels And Insects)32001236
542Papa RoachLegacy (Non Album Track)3:03Infest (Bonus Disc - Between Angels And Insects)42001264
543Papa RoachM-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)2:26lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]12002245
544Papa RoachLife Is A Bullet4:05lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]22002217
545Papa RoachTime and Time Again2:58lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]32002232
546Papa RoachWalking Thru Barbed Wire3:04lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]42002235
547Papa RoachDecompression Period3:59lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]52002209
548Papa RoachBorn With Nothing, Die With Everything3:49lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]62002224
549Papa RoachShe Loves Me Not3:29lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]72002217
550Papa RoachSingular Indestructible Droid3:48lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]82002223
551Papa RoachBlack Clouds4:01lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]92002216
552Papa RoachCode of Energy4:04lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]102002237
553Papa RoachLovehatetragedy3:13lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]112002211
554Papa RoachGouge Away2:07lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]122002235
555Papa RoachNever Said It3:06lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks]132002237
556Papa RoachDays Of War1:25Metamorphosis12009224
557Papa RoachChange Or Die3:19Metamorphosis22009250
558Papa RoachHollywood Whore3:54Metamorphosis32009229
559Papa RoachI Almost Told You That I Loved You3:11Metamorphosis42009245
560Papa RoachLifeline4:17Metamorphosis52009231
561Papa RoachHad Enough4:01Metamorphosis62009218
562Papa RoachLive This Down3:36Metamorphosis72009224
563Papa RoachMarch Out Of The Darkness4:22Metamorphosis82009227
564Papa RoachInto The Light3:27Metamorphosis92009225
565Papa RoachCarry Me4:26Metamorphosis102009220
566Papa RoachNights Of Love5:16Metamorphosis112009232
567Papa RoachState Of Emergency5:06Metamorphosis122009238
568Papa RoachScars3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03102005244
569Papa Roach...To Be Loved3:02The Paramour Sessions12006249
570Papa RoachAlive (N' out of Control)3:22The Paramour Sessions22006234
571Papa RoachCrash3:22The Paramour Sessions32006263
572Papa RoachThe World Around You4:35The Paramour Sessions42006231
573Papa RoachForever4:06The Paramour Sessions52006211
574Papa RoachI Devise My Own Demise3:36The Paramour Sessions62006227
575Papa RoachTime Is Running Out3:23The Paramour Sessions72006250
576Papa RoachWhat Do You Do?4:22The Paramour Sessions82006213
577Papa RoachMy Heart Is a Fist4:58The Paramour Sessions92006213
578Papa RoachNo More Secrets3:15The Paramour Sessions102006211
579Papa RoachReckless3:34The Paramour Sessions112006225
580Papa RoachThe Fire3:32The Paramour Sessions122006224
581Papa RoachRoses on My Grave3:14The Paramour Sessions132006209
582Paper DragonApril Fool3:18Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)42001135
583Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died3:3170s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)62005197
584Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died3:16Back to the 70's! (Disc 1)5 218
585Paper LaceBilly Don't Be a Hero3:32Back to the 70's! (Disc 2)7 209
586Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died3:31Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)101998204
587Paper LaceBilly Don't Be a Hero4:01Living In The 70's (Disc 2)11995211
588Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died3:32Those Fabulous '70s121990199
589Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died3:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)92001222
590Paper TonguesRide To California3:22Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-1072010216
591PaperboyDitty4:01New Millennium Hip-Hop Party72000215
592Par Lindh ProjectDresden Lamentation2:06Gothic Impressions11994195
593Par Lindh ProjectThe Iconoclast7:05Gothic Impressions21994197
594Par Lindh ProjectGreen Meadow Lands7:25Gothic Impressions31994184
595Par Lindh ProjectThe Cathedral19:34Gothic Impressions41994202
596Par Lindh ProjectGunnlev's Round2:52Gothic Impressions51994191
597Par Lindh ProjectNight On Bare Mountain (Incl. The Black Stone)13:51Gothic Impressions61994187
598ParachuteShe Is Love3:05Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0772009201
599The Parachute ClubRise Up3:44Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)191996218
600The ParadeSunshine Girl2:42Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets15 169
601The ParadeSunshine Girl2:45Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)131992131
602Paradiso Girls feat. Lil' Jon & EvePatron Tequila4:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-07152009221
603The ParadonsDiamonds And Pearls2:201960 - Still Rockin'17 194
604The ParadonsDiamonds & Pearls2:16The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)251996181
605ParagonsFlorence2:44The Doo Wop Box (Disc 2)181994148
606The ParagonsLet's Start All Over Again2:42The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)241996128
607ParamoreAll We Know3:13All We Know Is Falling12005241
608ParamorePressure3:05All We Know Is Falling22005235
609ParamoreEmergency4:00All We Know Is Falling32005241
610ParamoreBrighter3:43All We Know Is Falling42005239
611ParamoreHere We Go Again3:46All We Know Is Falling52005201
612ParamoreNever Let This Go3:40All We Know Is Falling62005234
613ParamoreWhoa3:21All We Know Is Falling72005237
614ParamoreConspiracy3:42All We Know Is Falling82005219
615ParamoreFranklin3:18All We Know Is Falling92005221
616ParamoreMy Heart3:59All We Know Is Falling102005222
617ParamoreCareful3:50Brand New Eyes12009229
618ParamoreIgnorance3:38Brand New Eyes22009227
619ParamorePlaying God3:02Brand New Eyes32009236
620ParamoreBrick By Boring Brick4:13Brand New Eyes42009238
621ParamoreTurn It Off4:19Brand New Eyes52009223
622ParamoreThe Only Exception4:27Brand New Eyes62009217
623ParamoreFeeling Sorry3:05Brand New Eyes72009231
624ParamoreLooking Up3:29Brand New Eyes82009226
625ParamoreWhere The Lines Overlap3:18Brand New Eyes92009250
626ParamoreMisguided Ghosts3:01Brand New Eyes102009179
627ParamoreAll I Wanted3:45Brand New Eyes112009219
628ParamoreThat's What You Get3:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04142008250
629ParamoreFor A Pessmist I'm Pretty Optimistic3:48Riot! [Bonus Tracks]12007245
630ParamoreThat's What You Get3:40Riot! [Bonus Tracks]22007251
631ParamoreHallelujah3:23Riot! [Bonus Tracks]32007246
632ParamoreMisery Business3:31Riot! [Bonus Tracks]42007226
633ParamoreWhen It Rains3:35Riot! [Bonus Tracks]52007224
634ParamoreLet The Flames Begin3:18Riot! [Bonus Tracks]62007216
635ParamoreMiracle3:29Riot! [Bonus Tracks]72007235
636ParamoreCrushCrushCrush3:09Riot! [Bonus Tracks]82007231
637ParamoreWe Are Broken3:38Riot! [Bonus Tracks]92007213
638ParamoreFences3:19Riot! [Bonus Tracks]102007236
639ParamoreBorn For This4:03Riot! [Bonus Tracks]112007241
640ParamoreStop This Song (Lovesick Melody) (Bonus Track)3:23Riot! [Bonus Tracks]122007228
641ParamoreRewind (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)3:46Riot! [Bonus Tracks]132007237
642ParamoreEmergency (Live Version) (Bonus Track)4:23Riot! [Bonus Tracks]142007247
643Paris HiltonStars Are Blind3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0732006223
644Paris HiltonNothing In This World3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-10112006227
645Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me1:45Hit History Vol. 7 196141990182
646The Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me2:07Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)61991126
647The Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me2:08Red, White & Rock (Disc 1)212002126
648The Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me2:06Still Rockin' 1961221989128
649The Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me2:09The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 2171990168
650Park Jin YoungA Prison Without Bars5:00PIU - Full Versions12 128
651ParliamentFlashlight4:27Can't Hardly Wait (OST)81998231
652ParliamentGive Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off)3:45Casablanca Records Greatest Hits91996203
653ParliamentTear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)5:28Funked! Vol. 2132001208
654ParliamentFlashlight5:31Funked! Vol. 352001223
655ParliamentTear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)4:09Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)131998197
656ParliamentP.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)7:39Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)11976202
657ParliamentMothership Connection (Star Child)6:11Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)21976198
658ParliamentUnfunky UFO4:24Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)31976211
659ParliamentSupergroovalisticprosifunkstication5:04Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)41976213
660ParliamentHandcuffs4:03Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)51976193
661ParliamentGive Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)5:46Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)61976204
662ParliamentNight Of The Thumpasorus Peoples5:11Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)71976206
663ParliamentStar Child (Mothership Connection) (Promo Radio Version)3:08Mothership Connection (Bonus Track)81976207
664ParliamentTear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)3:41Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two41991204
665Parodi & FairJames Bond Theme (Goldeneye Trailer Version)2:21The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)222002216
666Parry GrippGreat Nachos, Great Price0:31For Those About To Shop, We Salute You12005218
667Parry GrippSay Hello To Your Brand New Favorite Pizza0:49For Those About To Shop, We Salute You22005209
668Parry GrippOne Donut A Day0:41For Those About To Shop, We Salute You32005226
669Parry GrippFried Chicken0:53For Those About To Shop, We Salute You42005240
670Parry GrippBran Flakes0:39For Those About To Shop, We Salute You52005229
671Parry GrippWe're Gonna Kick Your Ass Today0:25For Those About To Shop, We Salute You62005249
672Parry GrippTime For Tennis0:34For Those About To Shop, We Salute You72005207
673Parry GrippEuropean Football0:35For Those About To Shop, We Salute You82005226
674Parry GrippBaseball Is Fun0:35For Those About To Shop, We Salute You92005171
675Parry GrippGolf0:34For Those About To Shop, We Salute You102005225
676Parry GrippGolf Is Groovy0:58For Those About To Shop, We Salute You112005207
677Parry GrippMuffler Shop0:35For Those About To Shop, We Salute You122005245
678Parry GrippAt The Bar0:42For Those About To Shop, We Salute You132005222
679Parry GrippLondon's Calling0:43For Those About To Shop, We Salute You142005190
680Parry GrippHealth Food Store1:01For Those About To Shop, We Salute You152005192
681Parry GrippPita City Falafel0:32For Those About To Shop, We Salute You162005224
682Parry GrippTruck Drivin' Man0:30For Those About To Shop, We Salute You172005241
683Parry GrippBig Mamma-Jamma0:39For Those About To Shop, We Salute You182005209
684Parry GrippThis Is One Hell Of A Truck0:34For Those About To Shop, We Salute You192005203
685Parry GrippGood Woman, Good Truck, Good Life1:05For Those About To Shop, We Salute You202005188
686Parry GrippNice Motherf@#!*&g Truck0:30For Those About To Shop, We Salute You212005205
687Parry GrippMore Blades = Better Shave0:39For Those About To Shop, We Salute You222005220
688Parry GrippYou've Got To Have Faith (In Your Anti-Perspirant)0:40For Those About To Shop, We Salute You232005207
689Parry GrippThat Ain't Fresh0:50For Those About To Shop, We Salute You242005215
690Parry GrippMouthwash0:45For Those About To Shop, We Salute You252005229
691Parry GrippCoffee Breath0:27For Those About To Shop, We Salute You262005185
692Parry GrippDo You Like Waffles?0:30For Those About To Shop, We Salute You272005239
693Parry GrippWaffles Are Outrageous0:30For Those About To Shop, We Salute You282005219
694Parry GrippDippin'0:36For Those About To Shop, We Salute You292005227
695Parry GrippGot To Dip It!0:33For Those About To Shop, We Salute You302005206
696Parry GrippEveryone's Dipping0:32For Those About To Shop, We Salute You312005236
697Parry GrippBeer In A Can0:38For Those About To Shop, We Salute You322005212
698Parry GrippYou Need A Beer0:27For Those About To Shop, We Salute You332005236
699Parry GrippYou're My One, You're My Only, You're My Beer0:53For Those About To Shop, We Salute You342005179
700Parry GrippDrinkin' A Beer With My Lady0:38For Those About To Shop, We Salute You352005229
701Parry GrippLight Beer0:18For Those About To Shop, We Salute You362005245
702Parry GrippIt's The Greatest Deal0:36For Those About To Shop, We Salute You372005234
703Parry GrippDon't Wait Too Long0:55For Those About To Shop, We Salute You382005233
704Parry GrippBlue Light Special0:43For Those About To Shop, We Salute You392005184
705Parry GrippThis Sale Is Going To Blow Your Mind0:40For Those About To Shop, We Salute You402005230
706Parry GrippBig Sale0:29For Those About To Shop, We Salute You412005213
707Parry GrippMucho Cafeino, Pico Dinero0:47For Those About To Shop, We Salute You422005230
708Parry GrippDrinkin' Time!0:31For Those About To Shop, We Salute You432005225
709Parry GrippYou Ain't Never Drank No Soda Like This One Here0:53For Those About To Shop, We Salute You442005230
710Parry GrippShe Likes Yoo-Hoo (More Than She Likes Me-Hoo)0:47For Those About To Shop, We Salute You452005224
711Parry GrippLeprechaun's Holiday0:46For Those About To Shop, We Salute You462005193
712Parry GrippLife's Too Short0:40For Those About To Shop, We Salute You472005210
713Parry GrippWhy Do I Always Get In The Wrong Line At The Grocery Store?0:49For Those About To Shop, We Salute You482005224
714Parry GrippYou Can't Sleep0:54For Those About To Shop, We Salute You492005187
715Parry GrippYou Need Our Cold Medicine1:10For Those About To Shop, We Salute You502005220
716Parry GrippHooray For Santa Claus0:42For Those About To Shop, We Salute You512005211
717Parry GrippNom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom1:02Song Of The Week For February 17, 2009 2009160
718Parry GrippPile Of Kittens (In My Mind)1:58Song Of The Week for September 10, 2010 2010160
719Partners In KrymeT-U-R-T-L-E Power!4:20Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (OST)51990201
720Partners In KrymeTurtle Power4:24Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)81993199
721Partners In KrymeTurtle Power3:52U Can't Touch This161990202
722The Partridge FamilySleigh Ride2:40   197
723The Partridge FamilyWhite Christmas2:45   199
724The Partridge FamilyI Think I Love You2:53David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection12000204
725The Partridge FamilyI Woke Up In Love This Morning2:42David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection22000199
726The Partridge FamilyI'll Meet You Halfway3:49David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection32000185
727The Partridge FamilyDoesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted2:48David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection42000198
728The Partridge FamilyIt's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)3:37David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection62000197
729The Partridge FamilyAm I Losing You2:25David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection72000183
730The Partridge FamilyBreaking Up Is Hard To Do2:35David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection112000126
731The Partridge FamilyPoint Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque3:49David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection132000184
732The Partridge FamilyLooking Through The Eyes Of Love3:05David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection142000177
733The Partridge FamilyFriend And A Lover2:32David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection152000190
734The Partridge FamilyWalking In The Rain3:00David Cassidy & The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection182000171
735The Partridge FamilyCome On Get Happy1:05Greatest Hits11989166
736The Partridge FamilyI Think I Love You2:54Greatest Hits21989214
737The Partridge FamilyDoesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted2:48Greatest Hits31989204
738The Partridge FamilyI'll Meet You Halfway3:50Greatest Hits41989195
739The Partridge FamilyI Woke Up In Love This Morning2:40Greatest Hits51989197
740The Partridge FamilyCherish3:50Greatest Hits61989193
741The Partridge FamilyIt's One Of Those Nights3:37Greatest Hits71989198
742The Partridge FamilyI Can Feel Your Heartbeat2:07Greatest Hits81989201
743The Partridge FamilyAm I Losing You2:25Greatest Hits91989192
744The Partridge FamilyCould It Be Forever2:19Greatest Hits101989184
745The Partridge FamilyPoint Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque3:50Greatest Hits111989190
746The Partridge FamilyEcho Valley 2-68093:04Greatest Hits121989192
747The Partridge FamilySummer Days3:13Greatest Hits131989197
748The Partridge FamilyLooking Through The Eyes Of Love3:06Greatest Hits141989188
749The Partridge FamilyHow Long Is Too Long3:42Greatest Hits151989190
750The Partridge FamilyOne Night Stand3:03Greatest Hits161989199
751The Partridge FamilyI Think I Love You2:52Living In The 70's (Disc 1)41995211
752The Partridge FamilyI Can Feel Your Heartbeat2:07Teen Idols Of The 70's51999201
753The Partridge FamilyI Think I Love You2:51Those Fabulous '70s11990210
754The Party AnimalsIn Zaire3:45Snake, Rattle N' Jungle12008192
755The Party AnimalsWig Wam Bam3:21Snake, Rattle N' Jungle22008192
756The Party AnimalsI'm The Leader Of The Gang4:30Snake, Rattle N' Jungle32008192
757The Party AnimalsThe Lion Sleeps Tonight4:25Snake, Rattle N' Jungle42008192
758The Party AnimalsSugar Sugar3:11Snake, Rattle N' Jungle52008192
759The Party AnimalsHooked On A Feeling3:43Snake, Rattle N' Jungle62008192
760The Party AnimalsI Was Made For Lovin' You3:49Snake, Rattle N' Jungle72008192
761The Party AnimalsBaby Come Back3:11Snake, Rattle N' Jungle82008192
762The Party AnimalsDo Wah Diddy Diddy4:03Snake, Rattle N' Jungle92008192
763The Party AnimalsPoppa Joe3:19Snake, Rattle N' Jungle102008192
764The Party AnimalsAll Right Now4:02Snake, Rattle N' Jungle112008192
765The Party AnimalsCo-co3:21Snake, Rattle N' Jungle122008192
766The Party AnimalsThe Snake, Rattle, 'N' Jungle Medley3:46Snake, Rattle N' Jungle132008192
767The PasadenasTribute4:21Back To The 80's (Disc 1)91996203
768Pascal feat. Karen ParryThis Will Be (The Best Days Of Our Lives) (Voodoo & Serano Mix)3:55Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)82003204
769Pass Into SilenceVoices1:58Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)12004245
770Passengers & Luciano PavarottiMiss Sarajevo5:21Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)51997194
771Passengers feat. Luciano PavarottiMiss Sarajevo5:43U2 - Duals42011194
772PassionAmerica (featuring Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman)4:44WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)142000216
773The PassionsJust To Be With You2:25The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)31994128
774The PassionsI Only Want You2:15The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)211996214
775PassionsIm In Love Wich A German Film Star4:00The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)91999211
780PassportLemuria's Dance4:50Doldinger51971195
782PassportMadhouse Jam5:48Doldinger71971196
783PassportMandragora3:55Second Passport11972209
784PassportNexus5:34Second Passport21972222
785PassportFairy Tale7:44Second Passport31972201
786PassportGet Yourself A Second Passport4:10Second Passport41972217
787PassportRegistration O9:39Second Passport51972202
788PassportHorizon Beyond6:57Second Passport61972207
789PassportThe Cat From Katmandu4:45Second Passport71972210
790The PastelsBeen So Long2:43The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)11994128
791Pasternak ProgressFlower Eyes2:31Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)162009130
792PasticheSonic Boom 2 (Time Attack)2:05Sonic CD USA321993192
793PasticheSonic Boom1:33Sonic CD USA331993192
794PasticheSonic Boom 2 (ending)2:59Sonic CD USA341993192
795Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2:5180's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]31997241
796Pat BenatarInvincible4:03Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 1)13 232
797Pat BenatarTreat Me Right3:25Crimes of Passion11980201
798Pat BenatarYou Better Run3:05Crimes of Passion21980214
799Pat BenatarNever Wanna Leave You3:10Crimes of Passion31980213
800Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2:51Crimes of Passion41980215
801Pat BenatarHell Is For Children4:55Crimes of Passion51980213
802Pat BenatarLittle Paradise3:33Crimes of Passion61980215
803Pat BenatarI'm Gonna Follow You4:29Crimes of Passion71980206
804Pat BenatarWuthering Heights4:29Crimes of Passion81980193
805Pat BenatarPrisoner Of Love3:08Crimes of Passion91980211
806Pat BenatarOut-A-Touch4:18Crimes of Passion101980217
807Pat BenatarShadows Of The Night4:21Get Nervous11982197
808Pat BenatarLooking For A Stranger3:26Get Nervous21982212
809Pat BenatarAnxiety (Get Nervous)3:43Get Nervous31982207
810Pat BenatarFight It Out3:57Get Nervous41982189
811Pat BenatarThe Victim4:47Get Nervous51982190
812Pat BenatarLittle Too Late4:08Get Nervous61982191
813Pat BenatarI'll Do It4:10Get Nervous71982202
814Pat BenatarI Want Out3:43Get Nervous81982207
815Pat BenatarTell It To Her3:45Get Nervous91982211
816Pat BenatarSilent Partner3:47Get Nervous101982199
817Pat BenatarGo3:51Go12003230
818Pat BenatarBrave4:30Go22003205
819Pat BenatarI Won't4:42Go32003218
820Pat BenatarHave It All4:29Go42003227
821Pat BenatarSorry5:27Go52003224
822Pat BenatarPlease Don't Leave Me5:25Go62003191
823Pat BenatarGirl4:50Go72003220
824Pat BenatarOut Of The Ruins2:46Go82003179
825Pat BenatarIn My Dreams5:50Go92003220
826Pat BenatarTell Me4:41Go102003217
827Pat BenatarBrokenhearted5:48Go112003221
828Pat BenatarChristmas In America [Edited Version]4:03Go152003190
829Pat BenatarPictures Of A Gone World0:33Gravity's Rainbow11993193
830Pat BenatarEverybody Lay Down4:20Gravity's Rainbow21993230
831Pat BenatarSomebody's Baby4:26Gravity's Rainbow31993225
832Pat BenatarTies That Bind3:38Gravity's Rainbow41993229
833Pat BenatarYou & I4:23Gravity's Rainbow51993214
834Pat BenatarDisconnected3:42Gravity's Rainbow61993245
835Pat BenatarCrazy4:25Gravity's Rainbow71993235
836Pat BenatarEvery Time I Fall Back5:02Gravity's Rainbow81993202
837Pat BenatarSanctuary3:52Gravity's Rainbow91993217
838Pat BenatarRise (Part 2)3:02Gravity's Rainbow101993210
839Pat BenatarKingdom Key4:17Gravity's Rainbow111993212
840Pat BenatarTradin' Down3:30Gravity's Rainbow121993252
841Pat BenatarWe Belong3:38Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)51998203
842Pat BenatarHeartbreaker3:29In The Heat Of The Night11979196
843Pat BenatarI Need A Lover3:30In The Heat Of The Night21979204
844Pat BenatarIf You Think You Know How To Love Me4:23In The Heat Of The Night31979197
845Pat BenatarIn The Heat Of The Night5:25In The Heat Of The Night41979185
846Pat BenatarMy Clone Sleeps Alone3:35In The Heat Of The Night51979182
847Pat BenatarWe Live For Love3:57In The Heat Of The Night61979188
848Pat BenatarRated X3:17In The Heat Of The Night71979193
849Pat BenatarDon't Let It Show4:04In The Heat Of The Night81979195
850Pat BenatarNo You Don't3:20In The Heat Of The Night91979189
851Pat BenatarSo Sincere3:32In The Heat Of The Night101979192
852Pat BenatarGuitar Intro0:23Innamorata11997199
853Pat BenatarOnly You6:05Innamorata21997252
854Pat BenatarRiver of Love5:17Innamorata31997225
855Pat BenatarI Don't Want To Be Your Friend5:09Innamorata41997213
856Pat BenatarStrawberry Wine5:53Innamorata51997232
857Pat BenatarPurgatory4:54Innamorata61997229
858Pat BenatarPapa's Roses4:19Innamorata71997190
859Pat BenatarAt This Time4:36Innamorata81997235
860Pat BenatarDirty Little Secrets5:18Innamorata91997215
861Pat BenatarAngry4:08Innamorata101997219
862Pat BenatarIn These Times6:48Innamorata111997225
863Pat BenatarInnamorata3:23Innamorata121997187
864Pat BenatarGina's Song0:22Innamorata131997135
865Pat BenatarFire And Ice3:46Live From Earth11983190
866Pat BenatarLookin' For A Stranger3:28Live From Earth21983190
867Pat BenatarI Want Out4:05Live From Earth31983202
868Pat BenatarWe Live For Love3:39Live From Earth41983198
869Pat BenatarHell Is For Children6:06Live From Earth51983202
870Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot3:07Live From Earth61983195
871Pat BenatarPromises In The Dark5:14Live From Earth71983192
872Pat BenatarHeartbreaker4:21Live From Earth81983195
873Pat BenatarLove Is A Battlefield5:25Live From Earth91983195
874Pat BenatarLipstick Lies3:51Live From Earth101983211
875Pat BenatarPromises In The Dark4:49Precious Time11981236
876Pat BenatarFire And Ice3:21Precious Time21981222
877Pat BenatarJust Like Me3:30Precious Time31981240
878Pat BenatarPrecious Time6:07Precious Time41981244
879Pat BenatarIt's A Tuff Life3:19Precious Time51981243
880Pat BenatarTake It Anyway You Want It2:49Precious Time61981230
881Pat BenatarEvil Genius4:35Precious Time71981253
882Pat BenatarHard To Believe3:27Precious Time81981231
883Pat BenatarHelter Skelter3:51Precious Time91981228
884Pat BenatarSex As A Weapon4:20Seven The Hard Way11985210
885Pat BenatarLe Bel Age5:11Seven The Hard Way21985210
886Pat BenatarWalking In The Underground4:42Seven The Hard Way31985203
887Pat BenatarBig Life2:42Seven The Hard Way41985223
888Pat BenatarRed Vision3:54Seven The Hard Way51985212
889Pat Benatar7 Rooms Of Gloom3:36Seven The Hard Way61985201
890Pat BenatarRun Between The Raindrops4:29Seven The Hard Way71985195
891Pat BenatarInvincible (Theme From "The Legend Of Billie Jean")4:28Seven The Hard Way81985216
892Pat BenatarThe Art Of Letting Go4:00Seven The Hard Way91985219
893Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2:54Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980101995198
894Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2:53The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 1)91999214
895Pat BenatarLove Is A Battlefield4:09The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)7 225
896Pat BenatarFire & Ice3:18The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 2)7 204
897Pat BenatarLove Is A Battlefield5:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)42001221
898Pat BenatarDiamond Field3:22Tropico11984201
899Pat BenatarWe Belong3:41Tropico21984198
900Pat BenatarPainted Desert5:26Tropico31984205
901Pat BenatarTemporary Heroes4:25Tropico41984202
902Pat BenatarLove In The Ice Age4:06Tropico51984207
903Pat BenatarOoh Ooh Song4:08Tropico61984175
904Pat BenatarThe Outlaw Blues3:48Tropico71984215
905Pat BenatarSuburban King1:47Tropico81984175
906Pat BenatarA Crazy World Like This4:04Tropico91984203
907Pat BenatarTakin' It Back4:07Tropico101984196
908Pat BenatarBloodshot Eyes2:49True Love11991200
909Pat BenatarPayin' The Cost To Be The Boss3:15True Love21991213
910Pat BenatarSo Long3:59True Love31991193
911Pat BenatarI've Got Papers On You2:23True Love41991213
912Pat BenatarI Feel Lucky4:31True Love51991207
913Pat BenatarTrue Love4:42True Love61991206
914Pat BenatarThe Good Life4:11True Love71991221
915Pat BenatarEvening3:43True Love81991182
916Pat BenatarI Get Evil3:12True Love91991204
917Pat BenatarDon't Happen No More2:43True Love101991207
918Pat BenatarPlease Come Home For Christmas3:09True Love111991194
919Pat BenatarAll Fired Up4:32Wide Awake In Dreamland11988223
920Pat BenatarOne Love5:14Wide Awake In Dreamland21988213
921Pat BenatarLet's Stay Together4:58Wide Awake In Dreamland31988210
922Pat BenatarDon't Walk Away4:40Wide Awake In Dreamland41988198
923Pat BenatarToo Long A Soldier6:42Wide Awake In Dreamland51988208
924Pat BenatarCool Zero5:30Wide Awake In Dreamland61988219
925Pat BenatarCerebral Man4:47Wide Awake In Dreamland71988206
926Pat BenatarLift 'Em On Up4:59Wide Awake In Dreamland81988230
927Pat BenatarSuffer The Little Children4:13Wide Awake In Dreamland91988214
928Pat BenatarWide Awake In Dreamland4:57Wide Awake In Dreamland101988221
929Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:35Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)91997207
930Pat BooneMoody River2:38Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)11 192
931Pat BooneYou've Got Another Thing Comin'4:20In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)11997227
932Pat BooneSmoke On The Water3:53In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)21997222
933Pat BooneIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock 'N Roll)4:37In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)31997213
934Pat BoonePanama5:16In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)41997225
935Pat BooneNo More Mr. Nice Guy3:06In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)51997221
936Pat BooneLove Hurts4:57In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)61997188
937Pat BooneEnter Sandman3:52In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)71997212
938Pat BooneHoly Diver4:44In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)81997220
939Pat BooneParadise City4:41In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)91997213
940Pat BooneThe Wind Cries Mary4:12In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)101997202
941Pat BooneCrazy Train4:32In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)111997211
942Pat BooneStairway To Heaven5:00In A Metal Mood (No More Mr. Nice Guy)121997210
943Pat BooneMoody River2:36Jukebox Hits Of 1961141991246
944Pat BooneApril Love2:27Love Letters In The Sand12000171
945Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:31Love Letters In The Sand22000171
946Pat BooneDon't Forbid Me2:13Love Letters In The Sand32000160
947Pat BooneMoody River2:27Love Letters In The Sand42000163
948Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand2:06Love Letters In The Sand52000164
949Pat BooneRemember That Your Mine2:17Love Letters In The Sand62000185
950Pat BooneAin't That A Shame2:21Love Letters In The Sand72000173
951Pat BooneBernadine2:06Love Letters In The Sand82000179
952Pat BooneA Wonderful Time Up There2:01Love Letters In The Sand92000186
953Pat BooneJohnny Will2:21Love Letters In The Sand102000176
954Pat BooneFriendly Persuasion3:02Love Letters In The Sand112000168
955Pat BooneI Almost Lost My Mind2:31Love Letters In The Sand122000161
956Pat BooneI'll Be Home2:59Love Letters In The Sand132000162
957Pat BooneYou Lay So Easy On My Mind2:39Love Letters In The Sand142000184
958Pat BooneWhy Baby Why1:56Love Letters In The Sand152000198
959Pat BooneTutti Frutti2:21Love Letters In The Sand162000173
960Pat BooneJambalaya2:55Love Letters In The Sand172000189
961Pat BooneMr Blue2:05Love Letters In The Sand182000179
962Pat BooneLove Letters in the Sand2:14Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)41999201
963Pat BooneAin't That A Shame2:25Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)7 163
964Pat BooneMoody River2:38The '60s - Jukebox Memories16 203
965Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand2:12The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand11974193
966Pat BooneTutti Frutti2:27The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand21974209
967Pat BooneHey Good Lookin'2:20The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand31974187
968Pat BooneMr. Blue2:25The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand41974192
969Pat BooneI Believe In Music3:12The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand51974207
970Pat BooneI Love You More And More Every Day2:27The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand61974198
971Pat BooneOh Boy2:01The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand71974194
972Pat BoonePoetry In Motion2:40The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand81974178
973Pat BooneThe Three Bells5:02The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand91974194
974Pat BooneRip It Up1:54The Best Of - Love Letters In The Sand101974218
975Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand2:12The Best Of Pat Boone11994194
976Pat BooneI Love You More And More2:27The Best Of Pat Boone21994211
977Pat BooneI Almost Lost My Head2:36The Best Of Pat Boone31994185
978Pat BooneFriendly Persuasion3:07The Best Of Pat Boone41994191
979Pat BooneMr. Blue2:12The Best Of Pat Boone51994201
980Pat BooneApril Love2:32The Best Of Pat Boone61994198
981Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:36The Best Of Pat Boone71994193
982Pat BooneAin't That A Shame2:26The Best Of Pat Boone81994196
983Pat BooneTutti Frutti2:26The Best Of Pat Boone91994200
984Pat BooneDon't Forbid Me2:18The Best Of Pat Boone101994183
985Pat BooneA Wonderful Time Up There2:06The Best Of Pat Boone111994209
986Pat BooneI Believe In Music3:06The Best Of Pat Boone121994200
987Pat BooneI'll Be Home3:03The Best Of Pat Boone131994177
988Pat BooneMoody River2:32The Best Of Pat Boone141994184
989Pat BooneShe Fights That Lovin' Feelin'2:45The Best Of Pat Boone151994196
990Pat BooneJambalaya2:59The Best Of Pat Boone161994211
991Pat BooneYou Lay So Easy On My Mind2:44The Best Of Pat Boone171994197
992Pat BooneBernadine2:11The Best Of Pat Boone181994197
993Pat BooneWhere There's A Heartache2:24The Best Of Pat Boone191994201
994Pat BoonePoetry In Motion2:34The Best Of Pat Boone201994189
995Pat BooneWalking The Floor Over You2:24The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)231960201
996Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand2:25The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols11990128
997Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:35The Rock Box (Disc 1)19 218
998Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:31The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)12 203
999Pat BooneMoody River2:39Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s11992193
1000Pat BooneSugar Moon1:57Your Hit Parade - Late 50's23 175
1001Pat BooneDon't Forbid Me2:18Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever111992126
1002Pat BooneSpeedy Gonzales2:34Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s141993192
1003Pat BooneI Almost Lost My Mind2:39Your Hit Parade 195620 127
1004Pat BooneLove Letters In The Sand2:25Your Hit Parade 1957111990128
1005Pat BooneApril Love2:42Your Hit Parade 1957201990128
1006Pat BooneA Wonderful Time Up There2:10Your Hit Parade 195871990128
1007Pat CarrollPoor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid 1989)4:51Classic Disney, Vol. 181995179
1008Pat CarrollPoor Unfortunate Souls4:52The Little Mermaid (OST)81988179
1009Pat CuppLong Gone Daddy2:28Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)132006131
1010Pat FergusonFool I Am2:03Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)52006129
1011Pat GreenWinter Wonderland2:35A Very Special Acoustic Christmas112003193
1012Pat GreenWave On Wave [Country Radio Edit]4:05TM Century PrimeCuts 515P92003192
1013Pat HareI'm Gonna Murder My Baby3:05The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)221994127
1014Pat HodgesSaving My Love [Josh Harris Soul House Remix]7:41TM Century PrimeCuts Dance 561D32004174
1015Pat MethenyBright Size Life4:45Bright Size Life11976205
1016Pat MethenySirabhorn5:29Bright Size Life21976192
1017Pat MethenyUnity Village3:40Bright Size Life31976186
1018Pat MethenyMissouri Uncompromised4:21Bright Size Life41976200
1019Pat MethenyMidwestern Nights Dream6:00Bright Size Life51976194
1020Pat MethenyUnquity Road3:35Bright Size Life61976200
1021Pat MethenyOmaha Celebration4:18Bright Size Life71976197
1022Pat MethenyRound Trip / Broadway Blues4:58Bright Size Life81976206
1023Pat MethenyNew Chautauqua5:19New Chautauqua11979193
1024Pat MethenyCountry Poem2:34New Chautauqua21979175
1025Pat MethenyLong-Ago Child / Fallen Star10:19New Chautauqua31979179
1026Pat MethenyHermitage5:39New Chautauqua41979181
1027Pat MethenySueño con Mexico5:59New Chautauqua51979186
1028Pat MethenyDaybreak8:38New Chautauqua61979188
1029Pat MethenyLet Joy And Innocence Prevail (Instrumental)5:00Toys (OST)71992200
1030Pat MethenyWatercolors6:30Watercolors11977193
1031Pat MethenyIcefire6:08Watercolors21977167
1032Pat MethenyOasis4:05Watercolors31977188
1033Pat MethenyLakes4:46Watercolors41977187
1034Pat MethenyRiver Quay4:57Watercolors51977190
1035Pat MethenySuite: I. Florida Greeting Song2:33Watercolors61977185
1036Pat MethenySuite: II. Legend Of The Fountain2:32Watercolors71977181
1037Pat MethenySea Song10:17Watercolors81977183
1038Pat Metheny & Lyle MaysAs Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls20:45As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls11981195
1039Pat Metheny & Lyle MaysOzark4:03As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls21981216
1040Pat Metheny & Lyle MaysSeptember Fifteenth (dedicated to Bill Evans)7:45As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls31981190
1041Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays"It's For You"8:20As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls41981203
1042Pat Metheny & Lyle MaysEstupenda Graça2:41As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls51981189
1043Pat Metheny Group(Cross the) Heartland6:55American Garage11979197
1044Pat Metheny GroupAirstream6:20American Garage21979194
1045Pat Metheny GroupThe Search4:54American Garage31979194
1046Pat Metheny GroupAmerican Garage4:13American Garage41979200
1047Pat Metheny GroupThe Epic12:59American Garage51979198
1048Pat Metheny GroupImaginary Day10:11Imaginary Day11997217
1049Pat Metheny GroupFollow Me5:56Imaginary Day21997231
1050Pat Metheny GroupInto The Dream2:27Imaginary Day31997197
1051Pat Metheny GroupA Story Within The Story8:01Imaginary Day41997211
1052Pat Metheny GroupThe Heat Of The Day9:44Imaginary Day51997223
1053Pat Metheny GroupAcross The Sky5:13Imaginary Day61997192
1054Pat Metheny GroupThe Roots Of Coincidence7:48Imaginary Day71997212
1055Pat Metheny GroupToo Soon Tomorrow5:48Imaginary Day81997190
1056Pat Metheny GroupThe Awakening9:28Imaginary Day91997215
1057Pat Metheny GroupSan Lorenzo10:16Pat Metheny Group11978203
1058Pat Metheny GroupPhase Dance8:25Pat Metheny Group21978192
1059Pat Metheny GroupJaco5:40Pat Metheny Group31978201
1060Pat Metheny GroupApril Wind2:09Pat Metheny Group41978193
1061Pat Metheny GroupApril Joy8:15Pat Metheny Group51978193
1062Pat Metheny GroupLone Jack6:43Pat Metheny Group61978194
1063Pat Metheny GroupIntroduction0:56Quartet11996178
1064Pat Metheny GroupWhen We Were Free5:39Quartet21996207
1065Pat Metheny GroupMontevideo2:55Quartet31996205
1066Pat Metheny GroupTake Me There3:39Quartet41996207
1067Pat Metheny GroupSeven Days4:04Quartet51996179
1068Pat Metheny GroupOceania3:47Quartet61996177
1069Pat Metheny GroupDismantling Utopia6:52Quartet71996201
1070Pat Metheny GroupDouble Blind4:15Quartet81996196
1071Pat Metheny GroupSecond Thought2:50Quartet91996175
1072Pat Metheny GroupMojave3:37Quartet101996195
1073Pat Metheny GroupBadland7:31Quartet111996189
1074Pat Metheny GroupGlacier1:25Quartet121996173
1075Pat Metheny GroupLanguage Of Time7:33Quartet131996200
1076Pat Metheny GroupSometimes I See6:01Quartet141996179
1077Pat Metheny GroupAs I Am5:04Quartet151996191
1078Pat SkyMany A Mile3:18Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)71997194
1079Pat Travers BandHooked On Music6:25Go For What You Know11979219
1080Pat Travers BandGettin' Betta4:52Go For What You Know21979218
1081Pat Travers BandGo All Night4:02Go For What You Know31979217
1082Pat Travers BandBoom Boom Out Go The Lights5:05Go For What You Know41979210
1083Pat Travers BandStevie6:22Go For What You Know51979201
1084Pat Travers BandMakin' Magic4:00Go For What You Know61979208
1085Pat Travers BandHeat In The Street4:24Go For What You Know71979208
1086Pat Travers BandMakes No Difference7:03Go For What You Know81979201
1087Pat WilliamsThe Streets Of San Fransisco1:07Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)531990176
1088The Patea Maori ClubSilent Night3:56So This Is Christmas82010193
1089Patience & PrudenceTonight You Belong To Me1:54The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)111997201
1090Pato Banton & The Reggae RevolutionBaby Come Back3:53100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995121995188
1091PatraPull Up To The Bumper4:54Monster Booty142001208
1092Patrice RushenForget Me Nots (12" Version)7:18Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]32004213
1093Patrice RushenForget-Me-Nots4:09Pure Disco 3141998205
1094Patrice RushenForget Me Nots4:08The Disco Box (Disc 4)121999240
1095Patricia PaayThe World I Threw Away3:00Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)31992201
1096Patricia PaayWho's That Lady With My Man3:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)102001190
1097Patrick CassidyLament5:39Celtic Christmas III121997176
1098Patrick CassidyKitty Magennis3:08Celtic Christmas IV121998185
1099Patrick DoyleEragon4:12Eragon (OST)12006199
1100Patrick DoyleRoran Leaves3:22Eragon (OST)22006202
1101Patrick DoyleSaphira's First Flight2:12Eragon (OST)32006197
1102Patrick DoyleRa'zac2:48Eragon (OST)42006204
1103Patrick DoyleBurning Farm3:08Eragon (OST)52006206
1104Patrick DoyleFortune Teller3:56Eragon (OST)62006197
1105Patrick DoyleIf You Were Flying2:55Eragon (OST)72006199
1106Patrick DoyleBrom's Story2:53Eragon (OST)82006205
1107Patrick DoyleDurza2:20Eragon (OST)92006202
1108Patrick DoylePassing The Flame3:05Eragon (OST)102006202
1109Patrick DoyleBattle For Varden9:59Eragon (OST)112006210
1110Patrick DoyleTogether2:18Eragon (OST)122006193
1111Patrick DoyleSaphira Returns1:49Eragon (OST)132006203
1112Patrick DoyleLegend Of Eragon2:08Eragon (OST)142006200
1113Patrick DoyleThe Story Continues1:32Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)12005204
1114Patrick DoyleFrank Dies2:12Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)22005195
1115Patrick DoyleThe Quidditch World Cup1:52Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)32005208
1116Patrick DoyleThe Dark Mark3:27Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)42005203
1117Patrick DoyleForeign Visitors Arrive1:30Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)52005202
1118Patrick DoyleThe Goblet Of Fire3:23Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)62005199
1119Patrick DoyleRita Skeeter1:42Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)72005185
1120Patrick DoyleSirius Fire2:00Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)82005194
1121Patrick DoyleHarry Sees Dragons1:54Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)92005199
1122Patrick DoyleGolden Egg6:11Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)102005202
1123Patrick DoyleNeville's Waltz2:11Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)112005194
1124Patrick DoyleHarry In Winter2:56Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)122005195
1125Patrick DoylePotter Waltz2:19Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)132005199
1126Patrick DoyleUnderwater Secrets2:28Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)142005187
1127Patrick DoyleThe Black Lake4:37Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)152005201
1128Patrick DoyleHogwarts' March2:46Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)162005184
1129Patrick DoyleThe Maze4:44Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)172005199
1130Patrick DoyleVoldemort9:39Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)182005202
1131Patrick DoyleDeath Of Cedric1:59Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)192005185
1132Patrick DoyleAnother Year Ends2:21Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)202005198
1133Patrick DoyleHogwarts' Hymn2:59Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)212005209
1134Patrick DoyleDo The Hippogriff3:39Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)222005208
1135Patrick DoyleThis Is The Night3:24Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)232005200
1136Patrick DoyleMagic Works4:01Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (OST)242005209
1137Patrick HernandezBorn To Be Alive3:25The Disco Box (Disc 3)161999237
1138Patrick HernandezBorn To Be Alive3:08Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)42001242
1139Patrick JuvetI Love America3:36Disco Classics (Disc 1)162004244
1140Patrick MorazLight Elements6:40Human Interface11987205
1141Patrick MorazBeyond Binary4:32Human Interface21987195
1142Patrick MorazCin - A - Maah5:48Human Interface31987187
1143Patrick MorazStormtroops on Loops1:16Human Interface41987198
1144Patrick MorazModular Symphony (1st Movement)3:07Human Interface51987195
1145Patrick MorazGoTo Ophioplomel4:06Human Interface61987231
1146Patrick MorazKyushu11:03Human Interface71987207
1147Patrick MorazStressless6:07Human Interface81987217
1148Patrick MorazHyperwaves6:06Human Interface91987204
1149Patrick MorazArchetypes (Movement 1) (Invocation: A) Aural Contract I B) Sacrifies)7:09Windows of Time11994217
1150Patrick MorazArchetypes (Movement 2) (Soul Eternal)5:20Windows of Time21994209
1151Patrick MorazArchetypes (Movement 3) (Initiation: A) Aural Contract II B) Soulstice)4:08Windows of Time31994223
1152Patrick MorazArchetypes (Movement 4) (Lost Way)4:12Windows of Time41994217
1153Patrick MorazRite Of Passage (Kaaru)3:49Windows of Time51994217
1154Patrick MorazRite Of Passage (Talisman (Caravan))6:20Windows of Time71994240
1155Patrick MorazRite Of Passage (Gaia Tea "Reflections")5:44Windows of Time81994213
1156Patrick MorazRite Of Passage (Festival)5:54Windows of Time91994223
1157Patrick MorazRite Of Passage ("Reflections" Too)1:52Windows of Time101994198
1158Patrick MorazRite Of Passage (The Best Years Of Our Lives)3:49Windows of Time111994216
1159Patrick MorazSanctuary (Isle Of View)4:29Windows of Time121994208
1160Patrick MorazSanctuary (Liberation)5:58Windows of Time131994223
1161Patrick MorazSanctuary (Ascend)1:03Windows of Time141994181
1162Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordTemples of Joy4:55Flags11985187
1163Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordSplit Seconds4:43Flags21985184
1164Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordKaru3:48Flags31985201
1165Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordImpromptu, Too!3:37Flags41985207
1166Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordFlags4:30Flags51985200
1167Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordMachines Programmed by Genes5:18Flags61985210
1168Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordThe Drum Also Waltzes2:55Flags71985190
1169Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordInfra Dig3:16Flags81985189
1170Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordA Way with Words1:36Flags91985205
1171Patrick Moraz + Bill BrufordEverything You've Heard Is True6:04Flags101985197
1172Patrick O'HearnBlack Delilah5:13Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)101997190
1173Patrick SwayzeShe's Like The Wind3:52Dirty Dancing (OST)31987200
1174Patrick WilliamsThe Magician0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5401996128
1175Patrick WilliamsThe Days And Nights Of Molly Dodd0:52Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)371996196
1176Patrick WolfThe Magic Position3:27 1200196
1177Patrick Wolf(Prelude)1:32Lycanthropy12003184
1178Patrick WolfWolf Song3:28Lycanthropy22003197
1179Patrick WolfBloodbeat3:50Lycanthropy32003215
1180Patrick WolfTo the Lighthouse4:05Lycanthropy42003208
1181Patrick WolfPigeon Song3:34Lycanthropy52003192
1182Patrick WolfDon't Say No4:02Lycanthropy62003227
1183Patrick WolfThe Childcatcher4:28Lycanthropy72003227
1184Patrick WolfDemolition6:06Lycanthropy82003183
1185Patrick WolfLondon3:54Lycanthropy92003183
1186Patrick WolfParis4:46Lycanthropy102003215
1187Patrick WolfPeter Pan1:53Lycanthropy112003186
1188Patrick WolfLycanthropy4:10Lycanthropy122003221
1189Patrick WolfA Boy Like Me3:29Lycanthropy132003215
1190Patrick WolfEpilogue2:08Lycanthropy142003193
1191Patsy ClineLeavin' On Your Mind2:28Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)101999176
1192Patsy ClineCrazy2:44Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 1)61997176
1193Patsy ClineI Fall To Pieces2:49Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)11997167
1194Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight2:34Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.101997183
1195Patsy ClineCrazy2:46Country Complete (Disc 2)31997179
1196Patsy ClineI Fall To Pieces2:52Country Complete (Disc 3)151997191
1197Patsy ClineStop The World And Let Me Off2:28Country Girls 351995128
1198Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight2:32Country Girls 3251995183
1199Patsy ClineI Fall To Pieces2:51Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)11 160
1200Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight1:59Girls Girls Girls Volume 1181995167
1201Patsy ClineSweet Dreams2:34Jukebox Hits Of 1963291991229
1202Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight2:37Stars Of Country92001222
1203Patsy ClineHonky Tonk Merry-Go-Round2:22The Millenium Collection (Disc 2) (50's)41999184
1204Patsy ClineCrazy2:45The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)11991180
1205Patsy ClineWho Can I Count On2:17The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)21991204
1206Patsy ClineSeven Lonely Days2:14The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)31991197
1207Patsy ClineI Love You So Much It Hurts2:15The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)41991177
1208Patsy ClineFoolin' 'Round2:15The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)51991209
1209Patsy ClineHave You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)2:13The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)61991207
1210Patsy ClineSouth of the Border (Down Mexico Way)2:28The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)71991192
1211Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight2:02The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)81991188
1212Patsy ClineStrange2:13The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)91991198
1213Patsy ClineYou're Stronger Than Me2:53The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)101991212
1214Patsy ClineCome On In (Make Yourself at Home)2:41The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)111991128
1215Patsy ClineA Poor Man's Roses (or a Rich Man's Gold)4:55The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)121991128
1216Patsy ClineBill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home1:56The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)131991126
1217Patsy ClineShe's Got You3:10The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)141991198
1218Patsy ClineYou Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)2:48The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)151991210
1219Patsy ClineYou Belong To Me3:05The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)161991184
1220Patsy ClineHeartaches2:13The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)171991189
1221Patsy ClineYour Cheatin' Heart2:23The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)181991184
1222Patsy ClineThat's My Desire3:04The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)191991186
1223Patsy ClineHalf As Much2:31The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)201991182
1224Patsy ClineLonely Street2:35The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)211991199
1225Patsy ClineAnytime2:00The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)221991213
1226Patsy ClineYou Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling in Love)2:00The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)231991195
1227Patsy ClineI Can't Help It (if I'm Still in Love With You)2:59The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)241991191
1228Patsy ClineYou're Stronger Than Me2:40The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)251991155
1229Patsy ClineWhen I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me Too)2:37The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)261991197
1230Patsy ClineImagine That2:55The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)271991126
1231Patsy ClineSo Wrong3:01The Patsy Cline Collection (Heartaches)281991190
1232Patsy ClineI'm Walking the Dog (Radio Transcription)2:45The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)11991126
1233Patsy ClineIt Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (Radio Transcription)2:48The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)21991126
1234Patsy ClineTurn the Cards Slowly2:13The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)31991195
1235Patsy ClineA Church, a Courtroom, and Then Goodbye3:15The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)41991177
1236Patsy ClineHonky Tonk Merry Go Round2:38The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)51991164
1237Patsy ClineI Love You, Honey2:20The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)61991172
1238Patsy ClineCome On In (And Make YourselfaAt Home)2:06The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)71991185
1239Patsy ClineI Don't Wanta2:26The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)81991189
1240Patsy ClineStop, Look and Listen (Previously Unreleased)2:26The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)91991151
1241Patsy ClineI've Loved and Lost Again2:38The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)101991151
1242Patsy ClineYes, I Know Why (Radio Transcription)2:07The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)111991126
1243Patsy ClineFor Rent (Radio Transcription)1:46The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)121991125
1244Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight2:36The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)131991178
1245Patsy ClineThe Heart You Break May Be Your Own2:33The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)141991126
1246Patsy ClinePick Me Up On Your Way Down2:18The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)151991131
1247Patsy ClineA Poor Man's Roses (or a Rich Man's Gold)2:45The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)161991178
1248Patsy ClineToday, Tomorrow and Forever2:38The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)171991178
1249Patsy ClineDon't Ever Leave Me Again2:29The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)181991164
1250Patsy ClineTry Again2:00The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)191991166
1251Patsy ClineToo Many Secrets2:19The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)201991136
1252Patsy ClineThen You'll Know3:23The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)211991171
1253Patsy ClineThree Cigarettes in an Ashtray2:31The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)221991159
1254Patsy ClineThat Wonderful Someone2:33The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)231991139
1255Patsy ClineIn Care of the Blues2:35The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)241991138
1256Patsy ClineHungry For Love2:31The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)251991150
1257Patsy ClineI Can't Forget2:28The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)261991140
1258Patsy ClineIf I Could See the World (Through the Eyes of a Child)2:52The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)271991160
1259Patsy ClineJust Out of Reach2:31The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)11991126
1260Patsy ClineI Can See an Angel2:23The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)21991128
1261Patsy ClineLet the Teardrops Fall2:38The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)31991196
1262Patsy ClineNever No More2:38The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)41991203
1263Patsy ClineIf I Could Only Stay Asleep2:39The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)51991191
1264Patsy ClineI'm Moving Along2:07The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)61991192
1265Patsy ClineI'm Blue Again2:12The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)71991199
1266Patsy ClineLove, Love, Love Me Honey Do2:10The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)81991205
1267Patsy ClineYes, I Understand2:51The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)91991168
1268Patsy ClineGotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul2:23The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)101991232
1269Patsy ClineLife's Railway to Heaven2:54The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)111991198
1270Patsy ClineJust a Closer Walk With Thee2:50The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)121991191
1271Patsy ClineLovesick Blues2:21The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)131991223
1272Patsy ClineHow Can I Face Tomorrow2:18The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)141991173
1273Patsy ClineThere He Goes2:27The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)151991210
1274Patsy ClineCrazy Dreams2:33The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)161991182
1275Patsy ClineWhen Your House Is Not a Home (Radio Transcription)2:19The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)171991126
1276Patsy ClineStupid Cupid (Radio Transcription)2:17The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)181991125
1277Patsy ClineLoose Talk (Radio Transcription)2:49The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)191991126
1278Patsy ClineI Fall to Pieces2:51The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)201991162
1279Patsy ClineShoes2:27The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)211991195
1280Patsy ClineLovin' in Vain2:12The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)221991190
1281Patsy ClineSide By Side (Radio Transcription)2:09The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)231991125
1282Patsy ClineTrue Love2:09The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)241991188
1283Patsy ClineSan Antonio Rose2:21The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)251991198
1284Patsy ClineThe Wayward Wind3:22The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)261991188
1285Patsy ClineA Poor Man's Roses (or a Rich Man's Gold)2:36The Patsy Cline Collection (Moving Along)271991191
1286Patsy ClineWhy Can't He Be You3:30The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)11991177
1287Patsy ClineYour Kinda Love2:34The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)21991203
1288Patsy ClineWhen You Need a Laugh2:51The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)31991192
1289Patsy ClineLeavin' on Your Mind2:28The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)41991191
1290Patsy ClineBack in Baby's Arms2:06The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)51991204
1291Patsy ClineTra Le La Le La Triangle2:16The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)61991195
1292Patsy ClineThat's How a Heartache Begins2:17The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)71991201
1293Patsy ClineLeavin' on Your Mind (Radio Transcription)2:56The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)81991126
1294Patsy ClineTennessee Waltz (Radio Transcription)2:30The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)91991126
1295Patsy ClineFaded Love3:45The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)101991194
1296Patsy ClineSomeday (You'll Want Me To Love You)2:53The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)111991200
1297Patsy ClineLove Letters in the Sand2:27The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)121991200
1298Patsy ClineBlue Moon of Kentucky2:11The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)131991203
1299Patsy ClineSweet Dreams (of You)2:37The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)141991184
1300Patsy ClineAlways2:42The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)151991199
1301Patsy ClineDoes Your Heart Beat for Me2:40The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)161991198
1302Patsy ClineBill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home2:49The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)171991198
1303Patsy ClineHe Called Me Baby2:42The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)181991207
1304Patsy ClineCrazy Arms2:25The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)191991207
1305Patsy ClineYou Took Him Off My Hands3:01The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)201991194
1306Patsy ClineI'll Sail My Ship Alone2:32The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)211991207
1307Patsy ClineJust A Closer Walk With Thee (Live)4:31The Patsy Cline Collection (Sweet Dreams)221991207
1308Patsy ClineCrazy2:44The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)82001179
1309Patsy ClineCrazy2:45Your Hit Parade - The Early '60s221993183
1310Patsy MontanaI Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart3:07Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.31997188
1311Patti AustinSay You Love Me3:28Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)72004204
1312Patti AustinChristmas Time Is Here3:27Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown91989183
1313Patti Austin & James IngramBaby, Come To Me3:35Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man32001200
1314Patti Austin & James IngramBaby Come To Me3:36Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)142001203
1315Patti LaBelleJoy To Have Your Love5:47Anthology (Disc 1)12004204
1316Patti LaBelleYou Are My Friend4:39Anthology (Disc 1)22004206
1317Patti LaBelleSpirit's In It5:51Anthology (Disc 1)32004222
1318Patti LaBelleHere You Come Again3:03Anthology (Disc 1)42004216
1319Patti LaBelleLove Lives2:55Anthology (Disc 1)52004189
1320Patti LaBelleI Fell In Love Without Warning3:14Anthology (Disc 1)62004211
1321Patti LaBelleBoats Against The Current4:03Anthology (Disc 1)72004206
1322Patti LaBelleRockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu4:26Anthology (Disc 1)82004222
1323Patti LaBelleFamily4:24Anthology (Disc 1)92004226
1324Patti LaBelleShoot Him On Sight5:32Anthology (Disc 1)102004199
1325Patti LaBelleOver The Rainbow3:46Anthology (Disc 1)112004192
1326Patti LaBelleI'm In Love Again5:41Anthology (Disc 1)122004206
1327Patti LaBelleLover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)4:08Anthology (Disc 1)132004196
1328Patti LaBelleLove, Need And Want You5:02Anthology (Disc 1)142004196
1329Patti LaBelleIf You Only Knew4:50Anthology (Disc 2)12004189
1330Patti LaBelleBody Language4:47Anthology (Disc 2)22004239
1331Patti LaBelleI'll Never, Never Give Up5:23Anthology (Disc 2)32004226
1332Patti LaBelleLove Bankrupt4:34Anthology (Disc 2)42004197
1333Patti LaBelleWhen Am I Gonna Find True Love4:24Anthology (Disc 2)52004213
1334Patti LaBelleLove Symphony3:49Anthology (Disc 2)62004206
1335Patti LaBelleLiving Double4:15Anthology (Disc 2)72004204
1336Patti LaBelleWhere I Wanna Be4:16Anthology (Disc 2)82004211
1337Patti LaBelleShy4:04Anthology (Disc 2)92004217
1338Patti LaBelleLook To The Rainbow4:33Anthology (Disc 2)102004195
1339Patti LaBelleI Can't Forget You4:32Anthology (Disc 2)112004208
1340Patti LaBelleWhat Can I Do For You4:16Anthology (Disc 2)122004207
1341Patti LaBelleIf You Don't Know Me By Now8:13Anthology (Disc 2)132004183
1342Patti LaBelleIf You Asked Me To4:00Anthology (Disc 2)142004208
1343Patti LaBelleOn My Own (Feat. Micheal McDonald)4:52Anthology (Disc 2)152004206
1344Patti LaBelleNew Attitude4:39Beverly Hills Cop (OST)11984203
1345Patti LaBelleStir It Up3:36Beverly Hills Cop (OST)81984210
1346Patti LaBelleLady Marmalade3:56Het Gevoel Van... De 70's (Disc 2)82002208
1347Patti LabelleLady Marmalade3:56Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas32000211
1348Patti LaBelleLady Marmalade3:19Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)191995211
1349Patti LabelleMy Love, Sweet Love4:21Waiting To Exhale (OST)121995187
1350Patti Labelle & Bill ChamplinThe Last Unbroken Heart3:55Miami Vice II (OST)41986189
1351Patti Labelle & Her Blue BellesYou'll Never Walk Alone3:11Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)82005194
1352Patti Labelle & Her Blue BellesDanny Boy2:48Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)92005126
1353Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonaldOn My Own4:40The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)201998198
1354Patti LaBelle & The BluebellesWhite Christmas2:26The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 492000204
1355Patti Labelle And Bill ChamplinThe Last Unbroken Heart3:55The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)51988189
1356Patti LuponeDon't Cry For Me Argentina5:22Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold102002193
1357Patti PageGentle On My Mind2:49Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)161996216
1358Patti PageTennessee Waltz2:58Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)151996196
1359Patti PageFrosty The Snowman [Rondo Brothers Remix]3:54Christmas Remixed, Vol. 262005171
1360Patti PageTennessee Waltz3:00Country Girls 191991200
1361Patti PageAllegheny Moon2:51Country Girls 1141991176
1362Patti PageMockin' Bird Hill3:01Greatest Hits [Columbia]11990214
1363Patti Page(How Much Is That) Doggie in the Window2:41Greatest Hits [Columbia]21990205
1364Patti PageCross Over the Bridge2:39Greatest Hits [Columbia]31990206
1365Patti PageDetour2:14Greatest Hits [Columbia]41990205
1366Patti PageMister and Mississippi3:34Greatest Hits [Columbia]51990208
1367Patti PageOld Cape Cod3:10Greatest Hits [Columbia]61990203
1368Patti PageI Went to Your Wedding3:01Greatest Hits [Columbia]71990203
1369Patti PageTennessee Waltz2:27Greatest Hits [Columbia]81990205
1370Patti PageWith My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming3:10Greatest Hits [Columbia]91990206
1371Patti PageChanging Partners2:22Greatest Hits [Columbia]101990207
1372Patti PageAllegheny Moon2:59Greatest Hits [Columbia]111990198
1373Patti PageTennessee Waltz3:01The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)101997197
1374Patti PageAllegheny Moon2:51The Fifties Complete (Disc 3)61997187
1375Patti PageOld Cape Cod2:24The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)61997199
1376Patti Page(How Much Is That) Doggie In The Window2:28The Fifties Complete (Disc 5)131997204
1377Patti PageHush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte2:34Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s81992175
1378Patti PageLeft Right Out Of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up)2:23Your Hit Parade - Late 50's19 128
1379Patti PageAnd So To Sleep Again2:57Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s161992127
1380Patti PageAll My Love3:17Your Hit Parade 19508 128
1381Patti PageThe Tennessee Waltz3:05Your Hit Parade 195022 128
1382Patti PageDetour2:47Your Hit Parade 195151988125
1383Patti PageMister And Mississippi3:11Your Hit Parade 1951141988126
1384Patti PageI Went To Your Wedding3:17Your Hit Parade 195217 128
1385Patti PageThe Doggie In The Window2:30Your Hit Parade 195312 126
1386Patti PageChanging Partners2:59Your Hit Parade 195321 128
1387Patti PageCross Over The Bridge2:35Your Hit Parade 1954131989131
1388Patti PageAllegheny Moon2:54Your Hit Parade 19569 126
1389Patti PageOld Cape Cod2:38Your Hit Parade 1957121990126
1390Patti PageTennessee Waltz3:03Zabriskie Point (OST)51970184
1391Patti SmithWe Three Kings5:47A Very Special Christmas 3161997164
1392Patti SmithTill Victory2:44Easter11978181
1393Patti SmithSpace Monkey4:05Easter21978206
1394Patti SmithBecause The Night3:22Easter31978188
1395Patti SmithGhost Dance4:34Easter41978155
1396Patti SmithBabelogue1:30Easter51978192
1397Patti SmithRock n Roll Nigger3:23Easter61978180
1398Patti SmithPrivilege (Set Me Free)3:29Easter71978184
1399Patti SmithWe Three4:19Easter81978185
1400Patti Smith25th Floor4:03Easter91978178
1401Patti SmithHigh On Rebellion2:35Easter101978194
1402Patti SmithEaster5:56Easter111978181
1403Patti SmithGloria5:57Horses [1996 Remastered]11975211
1404Patti SmithRedondo Beach3:26Horses [1996 Remastered]21975200
1405Patti SmithBirdland9:15Horses [1996 Remastered]31975196
1406Patti SmithFree Money3:52Horses [1996 Remastered]41975213
1407Patti SmithKimberly4:27Horses [1996 Remastered]51975200
1408Patti SmithBreak It Up4:04Horses [1996 Remastered]61975190
1409Patti SmithLand: Horses/Land Of A Thousand Dances/La Mer (De)9:25Horses [1996 Remastered]71975199
1410Patti SmithElegie2:56Horses [1996 Remastered]81975178
1411Patti SmithMy Generation [Bonus Track]3:17Horses [1996 Remastered]91975206
1412Pattie BrooksAfter Dark3:41Casablanca Records Greatest Hits111996220
1413Patty DukeDon't Just Stand There2:35  1965192
1414Patty LovelessO Come All Ye Faithful2:33A Very Special Acoustic Christmas92003183
1415Patty LovelessCan't Get Enough2:56Classics11999233
1416Patty LovelessYou Can Feel Bad3:24Classics21999217
1417Patty LovelessLonely Too Long4:34Classics31999208
1418Patty LovelessI Just Wanna Be Loved By You3:43Classics41999218
1419Patty LovelessYou Don't Even Know Who I Am4:05Classics51999197
1420Patty LovelessHere I Am3:04Classics61999181
1421Patty LovelessYou Don't Seem To Miss Me4:06Classics71999217
1422Patty LovelessNothin' But The Wheel3:57Classics81999191
1423Patty LovelessMy Kind Of Woman, My Kind Of Man3:55Classics91999190
1424Patty LovelessBlame It On Your Heart3:34Classics101999215
1425Patty LovelessI Try To Think About Elvis2:50Classics111999204
1426Patty LovelessHow Can I Help You Say Goodbye5:00Classics121999197
1427Patty LovelessBlue Side of Town3:21Honky Tonk Angel11988205
1428Patty LovelessI Won't Gamble With Your Love3:14Honky Tonk Angel21988201
1429Patty LovelessGo On2:36Honky Tonk Angel31988191
1430Patty LovelessIf You Think4:11Honky Tonk Angel41988188
1431Patty LovelessChains2:29Honky Tonk Angel51988195
1432Patty LovelessDon't Toss Us Away4:13Honky Tonk Angel61988190
1433Patty LovelessThe Lonely Side of Love3:03Honky Tonk Angel71988186
1434Patty LovelessI'll Never Grow Tired of You3:03Honky Tonk Angel81988192
1435Patty LovelessTimber I'm Falling in Love2:32Honky Tonk Angel91988199
1436Patty LovelessI'm on Your Side3:20Honky Tonk Angel101988197
1437Patty LovelessThe Party Ain't Over Yet3:32Long Stretch Of Lonesome11997230
1438Patty LovelessTo Have You Back Again4:34Long Stretch Of Lonesome21997210
1439Patty LovelessI Don't Want To Feel Like That4:19Long Stretch Of Lonesome31997177
1440Patty LovelessHigh On Love3:04Long Stretch Of Lonesome41997220
1441Patty LovelessLike Water Into Wine4:47Long Stretch Of Lonesome51997184
1442Patty LovelessThat's Exactly What I Mean3:22Long Stretch Of Lonesome61997202
1443Patty LovelessYou Don't Seem To Miss Me4:06Long Stretch Of Lonesome71997208
1444Patty LovelessToo Many Memories3:53Long Stretch Of Lonesome81997175
1445Patty LovelessLong Stretch Of Lonesome3:57Long Stretch Of Lonesome91997190
1446Patty LovelessWhere I'm Bound4:03Long Stretch Of Lonesome101997174
1447Patty LovelessDraggin' My Heart Around3:26On Your Way Home12003212
1448Patty LovelessNothin' Like The Lonely3:34On Your Way Home22003200
1449Patty LovelessI Wanna Believe3:59On Your Way Home32003205
1450Patty LovelessOn Your Way Home3:57On Your Way Home42003184
1451Patty LovelessI Don't Wanna Be That Strong3:38On Your Way Home52003194
1452Patty LovelessBorn-Again Fool4:49On Your Way Home62003187
1453Patty LovelessLooking For A Heartache Like You3:12On Your Way Home72003207
1454Patty LovelessHigher Than The Wall3:22On Your Way Home82003180
1455Patty LovelessLovin' All Night3:37On Your Way Home92003207
1456Patty LovelessLast In A Long Lonesome Line3:43On Your Way Home102003191
1457Patty LovelessThe Grandpa That I Know5:19On Your Way Home112003181
1458Patty LovelessYou Will3:16Only What I Feel11993208
1459Patty LovelessHow About You2:41Only What I Feel21993203
1460Patty LovelessNothin' But The Wheel3:57Only What I Feel31993182
1461Patty LovelessLove Builds The Bridges (Pride Builds The Walls)3:32Only What I Feel41993187
1462Patty LovelessMr. Man In The Moon3:11Only What I Feel51993180
1463Patty LovelessBlame It On Your Heart3:34Only What I Feel61993193
1464Patty LovelessYou Don't Know How Lucky You Are3:42Only What I Feel71993185
1465Patty LovelessAll I Need (Is Not To Need You)2:53Only What I Feel81993204
1466Patty LovelessWhat's A Broken Heart3:09Only What I Feel91993172
1467Patty LovelessHow Can I Help You Say Goodbye4:59Only What I Feel101993190
1468Patty LovelessYou're So Cool4:01Strong Heart12000217
1469Patty LovelessThe Last Thing On My Mind3:22Strong Heart22000205
1470Patty LovelessMy Heart Will Never Break This Way Again4:15Strong Heart32000172
1471Patty LovelessYou Don't Get No More3:26Strong Heart42000200
1472Patty LovelessThat's The Kind Of Mood I'm In3:30Strong Heart52000225
1473Patty LovelessThirsty4:56Strong Heart62000173
1474Patty LovelessStrong Heart5:41Strong Heart72000180
1475Patty LovelessThe Key Of Love3:39Strong Heart82000230
1476Patty LovelessShe Never Stopped Loving Him4:53Strong Heart92000184
1477Patty LovelessPieces On The Ground4:34Strong Heart102000180
1478Patty LovelessTear Stained Letter3:28The Trouble With The Truth11996236
1479Patty LovelessThe Trouble With The Truth4:21The Trouble With The Truth21996240
1480Patty LovelessI Miss Who I Was (With You)3:19The Trouble With The Truth31996237
1481Patty LovelessEverybody's Equal In The Eyes Of Love3:27The Trouble With The Truth41996261
1482Patty LovelessLonely Too Long4:34The Trouble With The Truth51996239
1483Patty LovelessYou Can Feel Bad3:24The Trouble With The Truth61996241
1484Patty LovelessA Thousand Times A Day3:31The Trouble With The Truth71996244
1485Patty LovelessShe Drew A Broken Heart2:52The Trouble With The Truth81996240
1486Patty LovelessTo Feel That Way At All3:47The Trouble With The Truth91996226
1487Patty LovelessSomeday I Will Lead The Parade3:57The Trouble With The Truth101996209
1488Patty LovelessA Handful Of Dust3:10When Fallen Angels Fly11994198
1489Patty LovelessHalfway Down3:46When Fallen Angels Fly21994214
1490Patty LovelessWhen Fallen Angels Fly4:34When Fallen Angels Fly31994194
1491Patty LovelessYou Don't Even Know Who I Am4:05When Fallen Angels Fly41994194
1492Patty LovelessFeelin' Good About Feelin' Bad3:19When Fallen Angels Fly51994207
1493Patty LovelessHere I Am3:05When Fallen Angels Fly61994178
1494Patty LovelessI Try To Think About Elvis2:51When Fallen Angels Fly71994195
1495Patty LovelessShips3:42When Fallen Angels Fly81994187
1496Patty LovelessOld Weakness (Coming On Strong)3:00When Fallen Angels Fly91994212
1497Patty LovelessOver My Shoulder4:25When Fallen Angels Fly101994177
1498Patty SmythWish I Were You3:49Armageddon (OST)101998196
1499Patty SmythNo Mistakes5:23Patty Smyth11992212
1500Patty SmythToo Much Love3:54Patty Smyth21992225
1501Patty SmythMake Me a Believer4:38Patty Smyth31992228
1502Patty SmythSometimes Love Just Ain't Enough4:27Patty Smyth41992198
1503Patty SmythOut There4:45Patty Smyth51992224
1504Patty SmythRiver of Love4:23Patty Smyth61992225
1505Patty SmythMy Town4:07Patty Smyth71992222
1506Patty SmythShine4:26Patty Smyth81992210
1507Patty SmythOne Moment to Another3:34Patty Smyth91992224
1508Patty SmythI Should Be Laughing5:03Patty Smyth101992207
1509Patty SmythWish I Were You3:49Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)31998194
1510Patty SmythCarnival Lights5:05Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)41998224
1511Patty SmythI Should Be Laughing5:04Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)71998216
1512Patty SmythDowntown Train4:01Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)81998212
1513Patty SmythThe River Cried4:21Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)91998230
1514Patty SmythEveryone Gets Older3:54Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)101998208
1515Patty SmythHeartache Heard Round The World4:56Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)131998202
1516Patty SmythIsn't It Enough4:23Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)141998216
1517Patty SmythNo Mistakes5:23Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)151998217
1518Patty SmythNever Enough4:17Scandal featuring Patty Smyth - Scandalous21992201
1519Patty Smyth & Don HenleySometimes Love Just Ain't Enough4:27Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (Featuring Scandal)21998200
1520Patty StonemanBlue Ridge Mountain Blues2:0350 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 261992190
1521Paul & Linda McCartneyToo Many People4:10Ram11971214
1522Paul & Linda McCartney3 Legs2:47Ram21971208
1523Paul & Linda McCartneyRam On2:30Ram31971203
1524Paul & Linda McCartneyDear Boy2:15Ram41971209
1525Paul & Linda McCartneyUncle Albert-Admiral Halsey4:54Ram51971221
1526Paul & Linda McCartneySmile Away3:54Ram61971213
1527Paul & Linda McCartneyHeart Of The Country2:23Ram71971213
1528Paul & Linda McCartneyMonkberry Moon Delight5:26Ram81971217
1529Paul & Linda McCartneyEat At Home3:24Ram91971209
1530Paul & Linda McCartneyLong Haired Lady6:05Ram101971209
1531Paul & Linda McCartneyRam On0:55Ram111971215
1532Paul & Linda McCartneyThe Back Seat Of My Car4:37Ram121971215
1533Paul & Linda McCartneyAnother Day3:44Ram131971209
1534Paul & Linda McCartneyOh Woman, Oh Why4:34Ram141971213
1535Paul & PaulaHey Paula2:321963 - Still Rockin'6 126
1536Paul & PaulaHoliday for Teens1:52A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II71998216
1537Paul & PaulaHey Paula2:30AM Gold: 1963151995126
1538Paul & PaulaHey Paula2:36Animal House (OST)61978193
1539Paul & PaulaYoung Lovers2:32Jukebox Hits Of 1963211991191
1540Paul & PaulaHey Paula2:28One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)112001184
1541Paul AnkaDiana2:2221 Golden Hits11963193
1542Paul AnkaPut Your Head On My Shoulder2:3621 Golden Hits21963198
1543Paul AnkaLonely Boy2:2821 Golden Hits31963203
1544Paul AnkaTime To Cry2:3021 Golden Hits41963195
1545Paul AnkaPuppy Love2:4621 Golden Hits51963203
1546Paul AnkaI Love You In The Same Old Way2:2921 Golden Hits61963198
1547Paul AnkaYou Are My Destiny2:2921 Golden Hits71963186
1548Paul AnkaCrazy Love2:2821 Golden Hits81963195
1549Paul AnkaDon't Ever Leave Me2:2321 Golden Hits91963200
1550Paul AnkaSummer's Gone2:2421 Golden Hits101963180
1551Paul AnkaAdam And Eve2:1521 Golden Hits111963225
1552Paul AnkaDon't Gamble With Love2:2721 Golden Hits121963206
1553Paul AnkaI'm Still Waiting Here For You2:3621 Golden Hits131963195
1554Paul AnkaI Love You, Baby2:2521 Golden Hits141963198
1555Paul AnkaIt Doesn't Matter Anymore1:5221 Golden Hits151963199
1556Paul AnkaTonight, My Love, Tonight2:0921 Golden Hits161963202
1557Paul AnkaMy Home Town2:0721 Golden Hits171963213
1558Paul AnkaCinderella2:0421 Golden Hits181963227
1559Paul AnkaLove Land2:1721 Golden Hits191963211
1560Paul AnkaDance On Little Girl1:5621 Golden Hits201963221
1561Paul AnkaThe Longest Day2:0621 Golden Hits211963202
1562Paul AnkaDiana2:2830th Anniversary Collection11989129
1563Paul AnkaYou Are My Destiny2:4830th Anniversary Collection21989129
1564Paul AnkaCrazy Love2:2830th Anniversary Collection31989207
1565Paul AnkaLet The Bells Keep Ringing2:0030th Anniversary Collection41989142
1566Paul AnkaThe Teen Commandments1:4430th Anniversary Collection51989129
1567Paul Anka(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings3:0430th Anniversary Collection61989200
1568Paul AnkaLonely Boy2:3830th Anniversary Collection71989132
1569Paul AnkaPut Your Head On My Shoulder2:4030th Anniversary Collection81989208
1570Paul AnkaIt's Time To Cry2:2730th Anniversary Collection91989132
1571Paul AnkaPuppy Love2:4330th Anniversary Collection101989196
1572Paul AnkaMy Home Town2:3130th Anniversary Collection111989217
1573Paul AnkaSummer's Gone2:4430th Anniversary Collection121989201
1574Paul AnkaTonight My Love, Tonight2:1030th Anniversary Collection131989194
1575Paul AnkaDance On Little Girl2:2130th Anniversary Collection141989209
1576Paul AnkaLove Me Warm And Tender2:1930th Anniversary Collection151989212
1577Paul AnkaEso Beso (That Kiss!)2:2830th Anniversary Collection161989211
1578Paul AnkaGoodnight My Love3:1630th Anniversary Collection171989199
1579Paul AnkaJubilation6:5030th Anniversary Collection181989223
1580Paul Anka(You're) Having My Baby2:3430th Anniversary Collection191989185
1581Paul AnkaOne Man Woman/One Woman Man3:0430th Anniversary Collection201989201
1582Paul AnkaI Don't Like To Sleep Alone3:1830th Anniversary Collection211989184
1583Paul Anka(I Believe) There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love3:0130th Anniversary Collection221989194
1584Paul AnkaTimes Of Your Life3:1630th Anniversary Collection231989187
1585Paul AnkaMy Way4:2730th Anniversary Collection241989190
1586Paul AnkaLove Me Warm And Tender2:19AM Gold: 1962201995200
1587Paul AnkaYou're Having My Baby2:35Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 1)111998205
1588Paul Anka(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings2:59Jukebox Hits Of 195911991265
1589Paul AnkaPuppy Love2:40Jukebox Hits Of 1960141991231
1590Paul Anka(You're) Having My Baby2:33One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)22001265
1591Paul AnkaLonely Boy2:31Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)17 195
1592Paul AnkaYou Are My Destiny2:25Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)16 216
1593Paul AnkaPuppy Love2:46The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)131960198
1594Paul AnkaPuppy Love2:42The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols91990192
1595Paul AnkaPut Your Head On My Shoulder2:40The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols211990206
1596Paul AnkaLonely Boy2:28The Rock Box (Disc 2)20 221
1597Paul AnkaDiana2:23The Rock Box (Disc 4)2 213
1598Paul Anka(You're) Having My Baby2:36Those Fabulous '70s151990202
1599Paul AnkaDiana2:29TM Century GoldDisc Update 611991177
1600Paul AnkaLonely Boy2:37TM Century GoldDisc Update 6241991183
1601Paul Anka & Johnny CarsonThe Tonight Show (Johnny's Theme)1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)641986188
1602Paul BradySteal Your Heart Away5:53The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)111999197
1603The Paul Butterfield Blues BandBorn In Chicago3:08The Paul Butterfield Blues Band11965207
1604The Paul Butterfield Blues BandShake Your Money-Maker2:28The Paul Butterfield Blues Band21965198
1605The Paul Butterfield Blues BandBlues With A Feeling4:24The Paul Butterfield Blues Band31965194
1606The Paul Butterfield Blues BandThank You Mr. Poobah4:07The Paul Butterfield Blues Band41965209
1607The Paul Butterfield Blues BandI Got My Mojo Working3:34The Paul Butterfield Blues Band51965195
1608The Paul Butterfield Blues BandMellow Down Easy2:51The Paul Butterfield Blues Band61965198
1609The Paul Butterfield Blues BandScreamin'4:36The Paul Butterfield Blues Band71965219
1610The Paul Butterfield Blues BandOur Love Is Drifting3:34The Paul Butterfield Blues Band81965205
1611The Paul Butterfield Blues BandMystery Train2:36The Paul Butterfield Blues Band91965211
1612The Paul Butterfield Blues BandLast Night4:18The Paul Butterfield Blues Band101965200
1613The Paul Butterfield Blues BandLook Over Yonders Wall2:26The Paul Butterfield Blues Band111965208
1614The Paul Butterfield Blues BandBorn In Chicago4:04Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 3)141997215
1615Paul Butterfield Blues BandLove March9:43Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 4)71994160
1616Paul CarrackThe Rumour4:15Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection81994183
1617Paul CarrackI Need You2:49Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection91994209
1618Paul CarrackAlways Better With You3:31Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection101994216
1619Paul CarrackA Little Unkind3:03Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection111994229
1620Paul CarrackOne Good Reason3:20Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection121994172
1621Paul CarrackDon't Shed A Tear3:43Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection131994180
1622Paul CarrackButton Off My Shirt3:44Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection141994187
1623Paul CarrackWhen You Walk In The Room3:31Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection151994186
1624Paul CarrackI Live By The Groove3:58Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection161994206
1625Paul CarrackOnly My Heart Can Tell4:17Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection171994201
1626Paul CarrackBattlefield3:45Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection181994203
1627Paul CarrackLoveless4:24Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection191994202
1628Paul CarrackWhen You Walk In The Room3:26The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 1)81999179
1629Paul CarrackDon't Shed A Tear3:45Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1988171995187
1630Paul Colman TrioTurn3:41WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)162002212
1631Paul DavisIf We Can Get Through the Night4:30About Last Night (OST)91986215
1632Paul DavisI Go Crazy3:42Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)91993187
1633Paul Davis'65 Love Affair3:52Super Hits12008223
1634Paul DavisThinking of You3:35Super Hits22008208
1635Paul DavisCool Night3:39Super Hits32008215
1636Paul DavisDarlin' (feat. Susan Collins)3:02Super Hits42008211
1637Paul DavisI Go Crazy3:54Super Hits52008200
1638Paul DavisDo Right4:04Super Hits62008181
1639Paul DavisSuperstar3:10Super Hits72008212
1640Paul DavisSweet Life3:31Super Hits82008201
1641Paul DavisRide 'Em Cowboy3:58Super Hits92008200
1642Paul DavisLove or Let Me Be Lonely3:37Super Hits102008228
1643Paul DavisI Go Crazy3:55The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 2)12 191
1644Paul DavisI Go Crazy3:54TM Century GoldDisc Update 561991191
1645Paul De LeeuwVlieg Met Me Mee5:12Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)52005217
1646Paul Di'AnnoWhite Christmas4:10Metal Christmas21994204
1647Paul Di'AnnoSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:26Metal Christmas41994193
1648Paul Di'AnnoAnother Rock 'n' Roll Christmas4:20Metal Christmas71994201
1649Paul Di'AnnoSilent Night (Rocks)4:29Metal Christmas81994205
1650Paul DukasThe Sorcerer's Apprentice10:10In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic101998193
1651Paul EvansHello This Is Joannie3:09Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 4)91992214
1652Paul EvansHappy-Go-Lucky-Me2:00Pecker (OST)11998182
1653Paul EvansSeven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat2:14The Rock Box (Disc 1)3 164
1654Paul Francis Webster & David ButtolphMaverick1:09Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)451986195
1655Paul FreesThe Spectrum Song (Walt Disney's Wonderfull World Of Color 1961)1:36Classic Disney, Vol. 1151995128
1656Paul FreesI'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake (The Wonderful World Of Color 1961)2:13Classic Disney, Vol. 3221996155
1657Paul FreesAlthough I Dropped $100,000 (I Found A Million Dollars In Your Smile)(Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color 1962)1:48Classic Disney, Vol. 4191997200
1658Paul HamptonMy Mother The Car0:56Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)281986197
1659Paul Hardcastle193:3840 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)172001228
1660Paul Hardcastle193:37Electro Breakdance (Disc 1)32002228
1661Paul HardcastleNineteen3:40Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 3)101998220
1662Paul HardcastleNineteen3:38One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 7)132001254
1663Paul Hardcastle196:20Rock Of The 80's Volume 1591994264
1664Paul HardcastleNineteen3:38The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)161999232
1665Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettiganRock And Roll Kids3:00Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)51994196
1666Paul HenningThe Beverly Hillbillies1:16Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)151986209
1667Paul HenningPetticoat Junction1:32Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)161986208
1668Paul HindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber: I - Allegro4:06Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)11995205
1669Paul HindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber: II - Scherzo (Turandot): Moderato - Lively8:04Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)21995197
1670Paul HindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber: III - Andantino4:56Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)31995191
1671Paul HindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber: IV - Marsch5:04Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)41995201
1672Paul Hindemith'Nobilissima Visione' Suite: Ia - Introduction: Sehr langsam3:49Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)51995205
1673Paul Hindemith'Nobilissima Visione' Suite: Ib - Rondo: Massig schnell4:01Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)61995197
1674Paul Hindemith'Nobilissima Visione' Suite: II - Marsch und Pastorale: Lebhaft8:28Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)71995197
1675Paul Hindemith'Nobilissima Visione' Suite: III - Passacaglia: Feierlich bewegt5:51Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)81995202
1676Paul Hindemith'Mathis der Maler' Symphonie: I - Concert of Angels9:09Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)91995193
1677Paul Hindemith'Mathis der Maler' Symphonie: II - Entombment4:19Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)101995179
1678Paul Hindemith'Mathis der Maler' Symphonie: III - The Temptation of St. Anthony13:35Mathis der Maler, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Nobilissima Visione - Sawallisch (1994 EMI)111995198
1679Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid CCool Aid2:42Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)252001211
1680Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid ChemistsCool Aid2:44Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 531991213
1681Paul JonesThinkin' Ain't For Me3:20Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)141997213
1682Paul JonesI've Been A Bad Bad Boy2:22Hit History Vol. 13 1967101990194
1683Paul JonesSons And Lovers3:05The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)51997161
1684Paul KandelTopsy Turvy5:36The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)31996188
1685Paul KandelThe Court Of Miracles1:27The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)101996182
1686Paul KandelThe Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)1:11The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)141996175
1687Paul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers, and Tony JayThe Bells Of Notre Dame6:24The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (OST)11996180
1688Paul Kantner & Grace SlickSilver Spoon5:43Sunfighter11971216
1689Paul Kantner & Grace SlickDiana Part 10:52Sunfighter21971218
1690Paul Kantner & Grace SlickSunfighter3:56Sunfighter31971207
1691Paul Kantner & Grace SlickTitanic2:33Sunfighter41971203
1692Paul Kantner & Grace SlickLook At The Wood2:12Sunfighter51971211
1693Paul Kantner & Grace SlickWhen I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves5:03Sunfighter61971201
1694Paul Kantner & Grace SlickMillion4:06Sunfighter71971235
1695Paul Kantner & Grace SlickChina3:20Sunfighter81971193
1696Paul Kantner & Grace SlickEarth Mother3:21Sunfighter91971215
1697Paul Kantner & Grace SlickDiana Part 21:03Sunfighter101971207
1698Paul Kantner & Grace SlickUniversal Copernican Mumbles2:04Sunfighter111971200
1699Paul Kantner & Grace SlickHolding Together7:42Sunfighter121971210
1700Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipMau Mau (Amerikon)6:37Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]11970209
1701Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipThe Baby Tree1:44Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]21970165
1702Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipLet's Go Together4:23Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]31970207
1703Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipA Child Is Coming6:19Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]41970207
1704Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipSunrise1:53Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]51970195
1705Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipHijack8:17Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]61970204
1706Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipHome0:36Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]71970212
1707Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipHave You Seen The Stars Tonite3:43Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]81970217
1708Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipX-M1:24Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]91970219
1709Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipStarship7:07Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]101970212
1710Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipLet's Go Together [Alternate Lyrics]4:22Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]111970197
1711Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipSunrise [Grace's Acoustic Demo Tk. 8]1:21Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]121970163
1712Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipHijack [Paull's Acoustic Demo Tk.5]7:02Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]131970185
1713Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipSFX2:04Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]141970195
1714Paul Kantner & Jefferson StarshipStarship [Live]13:04Blows Against The Empire [2005 Remaster]151970197
1715Paul KellyBefore Too Long2:47Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)102000224
1716Paul KellyGod's Hotel5:08Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)131997210
1717Paul LekakisBoom Boom3:45Hard To Find Classics - Dance 80's141997270
1718Paul MauriatLove Is Blue2:35Easy Listening Gold - 1968-1969 (Disc 1)1 173
1719Paul MauriatLove Is Blue2:38Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)61992202
1720Paul MauriatLove Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)2:36TM Century GoldDisc Update 771991191
1721Paul MauriatLove Is Blue2:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)222001203
1722Paul McCandlessO Come, O Come Emmanuel3:50A Windham Hill Christmas112002320
1723Paul McCartneyJunior's Farm4:23All The Best121987191
1724Paul McCartneyComing Up (live)3:31All The Best141987197
1725Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight4:20All The Best151987187
1726Paul McCartneyComing Up3:52All The Best!31987208
1727Paul McCartneyLive And Let Die3:13All The Best!111987197
1728Paul McCartneyOnce Upon A Long Ago4:10All The Best!131987199
1729Paul McCartneyMull Of Kintyre4:43All The Best!171987191
1730Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows3:47Amoeba's Secret (Maxi CD)12009227
1731Paul McCartneyC Moon3:18Amoeba's Secret (Maxi CD)22009226
1732Paul McCartneyThat Was Me3:02Amoeba's Secret (Maxi CD)32009237
1733Paul McCartneyI Saw Her Standing There3:24Amoeba's Secret (Maxi CD)42009243
1734Paul McCartneyFine Line3:05Chaos And Creation In The Backyard12005215
1735Paul McCartneyHow Kind Of You4:47Chaos And Creation In The Backyard22005202
1736Paul McCartneyJenny Wren3:46Chaos And Creation In The Backyard32005184
1737Paul McCartneyAt The Mercy2:38Chaos And Creation In The Backyard42005214
1738Paul McCartneyFriends To Go2:43Chaos And Creation In The Backyard52005217
1739Paul McCartneyEnglish Tea2:12Chaos And Creation In The Backyard62005191
1740Paul McCartneyToo Much Rain3:24Chaos And Creation In The Backyard72005229
1741Paul McCartneyA Certain Softness2:41Chaos And Creation In The Backyard82005201
1742Paul McCartneyRiding To Vanity Fair5:06Chaos And Creation In The Backyard92005216
1743Paul McCartneyFollow Me2:31Chaos And Creation In The Backyard102005198
1744Paul McCartneyPromise To You Girl3:09Chaos And Creation In The Backyard112005202
1745Paul McCartneyThis Never Happened Before3:24Chaos And Creation In The Backyard122005176
1746Paul McCartneyAnyway7:22Chaos And Creation In The Backyard132005205
1747Paul McCartneyLonely Road3:16Driving Rain12001210
1748Paul McCartneyFrom a Lover to a Friend3:48Driving Rain22001177
1749Paul McCartneyShe's Given Up Talking4:57Driving Rain32001179
1750Paul McCartneyDriving Rain3:27Driving Rain42001183
1751Paul McCartneyI Do2:56Driving Rain52001202
1752Paul McCartneyTiny Bubble4:21Driving Rain62001166
1753Paul McCartneyMagic3:58Driving Rain72001187
1754Paul McCartneyYour Way2:55Driving Rain82001174
1755Paul McCartneySpinning on an Axis5:16Driving Rain92001178
1756Paul McCartneyAbout You2:54Driving Rain102001190
1757Paul McCartneyHeather3:25Driving Rain112001191
1758Paul McCartneyBack in the Sunshine Again4:22Driving Rain122001190
1759Paul McCartneyYour Loving Flame3:43Driving Rain132001193
1760Paul McCartneyRiding Into Jaipur4:07Driving Rain142001201
1761Paul McCartneyRinse the Raindrops10:12Driving Rain152001206
1762Paul McCartneyFreedom3:33Driving Rain162001228
1763Paul McCartneyThe Song We Were Singing3:54Flaming Pie11997204
1764Paul McCartneyThe World Tonight4:06Flaming Pie21997203
1765Paul McCartneyIf You Wanna4:37Flaming Pie31997234
1766Paul McCartneySomedays4:15Flaming Pie41997188
1767Paul McCartneyYoung Boy3:54Flaming Pie51997195
1768Paul McCartneyCalico Skies2:32Flaming Pie61997169
1769Paul McCartneyFlaming Pie2:30Flaming Pie71997198
1770Paul McCartneyHeaven On A Sunday4:26Flaming Pie81997205
1771Paul McCartneyUsed To Be Bad4:12Flaming Pie91997203
1772Paul McCartneySouvenir3:41Flaming Pie101997174
1773Paul McCartneyLittle Willow2:57Flaming Pie111997181
1774Paul McCartneyReally Love You5:17Flaming Pie121997208
1775Paul McCartneyBeautiful Night5:08Flaming Pie131997206
1776Paul McCartneyGreat Day2:09Flaming Pie141997140
1777Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face3:18Flowers In The Dirt11989203
1778Paul McCartneyRough Ride4:43Flowers In The Dirt21989201
1779Paul McCartneyYou Want Her Too3:12Flowers In The Dirt31989204
1780Paul McCartneyDistractions4:40Flowers In The Dirt41989190
1781Paul McCartneyWe Got Married4:56Flowers In The Dirt51989196
1782Paul McCartneyPut It There2:10Flowers In The Dirt61989192
1783Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight3:25Flowers In The Dirt71989202
1784Paul McCartneyThis One4:10Flowers In The Dirt81989204
1785Paul McCartneyDon't Be Careless Love3:19Flowers In The Dirt91989188
1786Paul McCartneyThat Day Is Done4:20Flowers In The Dirt101989173
1787Paul McCartneyHow Many People4:15Flowers In The Dirt111989191
1788Paul McCartneyMotor Of Love6:24Flowers In The Dirt121989174
1789Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil4:44Flowers In The Dirt131989202
1790Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights [Ballad]5:12Give My Regards To Broad Street11984198
1791Paul McCartneyGood Day Sunshine / Corridor Music2:33Give My Regards To Broad Street21984201
1792Paul McCartneyYesterday1:42Give My Regards To Broad Street31984177
1793Paul McCartneyHere, There And Everywhere1:43Give My Regards To Broad Street41984179
1794Paul McCartneyWanderlust4:07Give My Regards To Broad Street51984211
1795Paul McCartneyBallrooom Dancing4:51Give My Regards To Broad Street61984206
1796Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs / Reprise5:27Give My Regards To Broad Street71984207
1797Paul McCartneyNot Such A Bad Boy3:28Give My Regards To Broad Street81984209
1798Paul McCartneySo Bad3:24Give My Regards To Broad Street91984198
1799Paul McCartneyNo Values / No More Lonely Nights4:12Give My Regards To Broad Street101984207
1800Paul McCartneyFor No One2:12Give My Regards To Broad Street111984192
1801Paul McCartneyEleanor Rigby / Eleanor's Dream9:12Give My Regards To Broad Street121984196
1802Paul McCartneyThe Long And Winding Road3:56Give My Regards To Broad Street131984181
1803Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights [Playout Version]5:07Give My Regards To Broad Street141984212
1804Paul McCartneyGoodnight Princess4:07Give My Regards To Broad Street151984194
1805Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights [Extended Version]8:11Give My Regards To Broad Street161984219
1806Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights [Special Dance Mix]4:21Give My Regards To Broad Street171984204
1807Paul McCartneyThe Lovely Linda0:45McCartney11970192
1808Paul McCartneyThat Would Be Something2:42McCartney21970193
1809Paul McCartneyValentine Day1:44McCartney31970205
1810Paul McCartneyEvery Night2:40McCartney41970204
1811Paul McCartneyHot As Sun/Glasses2:08McCartney51970196
1812Paul McCartneyJunk1:57McCartney61970191
1813Paul McCartneyMan We Was Lonely3:00McCartney71970205
1814Paul McCartneyOo You2:50McCartney81970211
1815Paul McCartneyMomma Miss America4:07McCartney91970230
1816Paul McCartneyTeddy Boy2:25McCartney101970211
1817Paul McCartneySingalong Junk2:37McCartney111970191
1818Paul McCartneyMaybe I'm Amazed3:55McCartney121970212
1819Paul McCartneyKreen -- Akrore4:13McCartney131970197
1820Paul McCartneyComing Up3:55McCartney II11980204
1821Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary3:16McCartney II21980198
1822Paul McCartneyOn The Way3:39McCartney II31980194
1823Paul McCartneyWaterfalls4:44McCartney II41980179
1824Paul McCartneyNobody Knows2:54McCartney II51980218
1825Paul McCartneyFront Parlour3:34McCartney II61980193
1826Paul McCartneySummer's Day Song3:26McCartney II71980192
1827Paul McCartneyFrozen Jap3:41McCartney II81980187
1828Paul McCartneyBogey Music3:28McCartney II91980225
1829Paul McCartneyDarkroom2:20McCartney II101980218
1830Paul McCartneyOne Of Those Days3:37McCartney II111980193
1831Paul McCartneyCheck My Machine5:52McCartney II121980191
1832Paul McCartneySecret Friend10:30McCartney II131980216
1833Paul McCartneyDance Tonight2:54Memory Almost Full12007223
1834Paul McCartneyEver Present Past2:57Memory Almost Full22007242
1835Paul McCartneySee Your Sunshine3:20Memory Almost Full32007212
1836Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows4:17Memory Almost Full42007218
1837Paul McCartneyYou Tell Me3:15Memory Almost Full52007213
1838Paul McCartneyMr. Bellamy3:39Memory Almost Full62007194
1839Paul McCartneyGratitude3:19Memory Almost Full72007209
1840Paul McCartneyVintage Clothes2:22Memory Almost Full82007246
1841Paul McCartneyThat Was Me2:38Memory Almost Full92007245
1842Paul McCartneyFeet In The Clouds3:24Memory Almost Full102007186
1843Paul McCartneyHouse Of Wax4:59Memory Almost Full112007219
1844Paul McCartneyThe End Of The End2:57Memory Almost Full122007177
1845Paul McCartneyNod Your Head1:58Memory Almost Full132007222
1846Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime3:45Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 2)42001207
1847Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face3:18Now That's What I Call Music! - Vol 15 (Disc 1)91989244
1848Paul McCartneyOff The Ground3:40Off The Ground11993204
1849Paul McCartneyLooking For Changes2:48Off The Ground21993203
1850Paul McCartneyHope Of Deliverance3:22Off The Ground31993215
1851Paul McCartneyMistress And Maid3:00Off The Ground41993199
1852Paul McCartneyI Owe It All To You4:51Off The Ground51993187
1853Paul McCartneyBiker Like An Icon3:26Off The Ground61993210
1854Paul McCartneyPeace In The Neighborhood5:06Off The Ground71993197
1855Paul McCartneyGolden Earth Girl3:44Off The Ground81993188
1856Paul McCartneyThe Lovers That Never Were3:42Off The Ground91993206
1857Paul McCartneyGet Out Of My Way3:32Off The Ground101993211
1858Paul McCartneyWinedark Open Sea5:26Off The Ground111993178
1859Paul McCartneyC'mon People7:42Off The Ground121993191
1860Paul McCartneyOnce Upon a Long Ago4:15Once Upon a Long Ago (EP)11987191
1861Paul McCartneyBack on My Feet4:23Once Upon a Long Ago (EP)21987178
1862Paul McCartneyDon't Get Around Much Anymore2:52Once Upon a Long Ago (EP)31987188
1863Paul McCartneyKansas City4:01Once Upon a Long Ago (EP)41987187
1864Paul McCartneyPipes Of Peace3:56Pipes Of Peace11983208
1865Paul McCartneySay Say Say (with Michael Jackson)3:56Pipes Of Peace21983207
1866Paul McCartneyThe Other Me3:59Pipes Of Peace31983218
1867Paul McCartneyKeep Under Cover3:05Pipes Of Peace41983205
1868Paul McCartneySo Bad3:20Pipes Of Peace51983195
1869Paul McCartneyThe Man3:56Pipes Of Peace61983202
1870Paul McCartneySweetest Little Show2:53Pipes Of Peace71983208
1871Paul McCartneyAverage Person4:33Pipes Of Peace81983199
1872Paul McCartneyHey Hey2:54Pipes Of Peace91983214
1873Paul McCartneyTug Of Peace2:55Pipes Of Peace101983206
1874Paul McCartneyThrough Our Love3:39Pipes Of Peace111983194
1875Paul McCartneyTwice In A Lifetime3:02Pipes Of Peace121983181
1876Paul McCartneyWe All Stand Together4:25Pipes Of Peace131983187
1877Paul McCartneySimple As That4:17Pipes Of Peace141983212
1878Paul McCartneyStranglehold3:36Press To Play11986199
1879Paul McCartneyGood Times Coming + Feel The Sun4:56Press To Play21986198
1880Paul McCartneyTalk More Talk5:17Press To Play31986198
1881Paul McCartneyFootprints4:32Press To Play41986197
1882Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains4:16Press To Play51986179
1883Paul McCartneyPress4:42Press To Play61986206
1884Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head5:13Press To Play71986215
1885Paul McCartneyMove Over Busker4:05Press To Play81986186
1886Paul McCartneyAngry3:36Press To Play91986201
1887Paul McCartneyHowever Absurd4:59Press To Play101986202
1888Paul McCartneyWrite Away3:01Press To Play111986192
1889Paul McCartneyIt's Not True5:53Press To Play121986197
1890Paul McCartneyTough On A Tightrope4:42Press To Play131986201
1891Paul McCartneySpies Like Us4:45Press To Play141986320
1892Paul McCartneyBlue Jean Bop1:57Run Devil Run11999186
1893Paul McCartneyShe Said Yeah2:06Run Devil Run21999222
1894Paul McCartneyAll Shook Up2:05Run Devil Run31999216
1895Paul McCartneyRun Devil Run2:36Run Devil Run41999220
1896Paul McCartneyNo Other Baby4:17Run Devil Run51999196
1897Paul McCartneyLonesome Town3:30Run Devil Run61999224
1898Paul McCartneyTry Not To Cry2:40Run Devil Run71999224
1899Paul McCartneyMovie Magg2:12Run Devil Run81999185
1900Paul McCartneyBrown Eyed Handsome Man2:27Run Devil Run91999216
1901Paul McCartneyWhat It Is2:23Run Devil Run101999234
1902Paul McCartneyCoquette2:42Run Devil Run111999199
1903Paul McCartneyI Got Stung2:40Run Devil Run121999221
1904Paul McCartneyHoney Hush2:35Run Devil Run131999242
1905Paul McCartneyShake A Hand3:52Run Devil Run141999222
1906Paul McCartneyParty2:37Run Devil Run151999223
1907Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime3:46The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)22003219
1908Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmas3:46The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)21996223
1909Paul McCartneyLittle Willow2:57Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)71997179
1910Paul McCartneyTropic Island Hum (Radio Edit)3:16Tropic Island Hum & We All Stand Together (Single) [UK]12004188
1911Paul McCartneyWe All Stand Together (The Frog Song)4:23Tropic Island Hum & We All Stand Together (Single) [UK]22004200
1912Paul McCartneyTug Of War4:22Tug Of War11982200
1913Paul McCartneyTake It Away4:16Tug Of War21982210
1914Paul McCartneySomebody Who Cares3:19Tug Of War31982190
1915Paul McCartneyWhat's That You're Doing?6:22Tug Of War41982225
1916Paul McCartneyHere Today2:29Tug Of War51982162
1917Paul McCartneyBallroom Dancing4:08Tug Of War61982208
1918Paul McCartneyThe Pound Is Sinking2:55Tug Of War71982213
1919Paul McCartneyWanderlust3:49Tug Of War81982202
1920Paul McCartneyGet It2:28Tug Of War91982207
1921Paul McCartneyBe What You See (Link)0:34Tug Of War101982190
1922Paul McCartneyDress Me Up As A Robber2:42Tug Of War111982199
1923Paul McCartneyEbony And Ivory (with Stevie Wonder)3:43Tug Of War121982203
1924Paul McCartney & Stevie WonderEbony & Ivory3:52TM Century GoldDisc 109141991194
1925Paul McCartney & WingsReception1:07Back to the Egg11979206
1926Paul McCartney & WingsGetting Closer3:22Back to the Egg21979193
1927Paul McCartney & WingsWe're Open Tonight1:28Back to the Egg31979184
1928Paul McCartney & WingsSpin It On2:13Back to the Egg41979185
1929Paul McCartney & WingsAgain and Again and Again3:34Back to the Egg51979155
1930Paul McCartney & WingsOld Siam, Sir4:11Back to the Egg61979203
1931Paul McCartney & WingsArrow through Me3:36Back to the Egg71979187
1932Paul McCartney & WingsRockestra Theme2:35Back to the Egg81979213
1933Paul McCartney & WingsTo You3:13Back to the Egg91979183
1934Paul McCartney & WingsAfter the Ball - Million Miles4:00Back to the Egg101979187
1935Paul McCartney & WingsWinter Rose - Love Awake4:58Back to the Egg111979187
1936Paul McCartney & WingsThe Broadcast1:30Back to the Egg121979188
1937Paul McCartney & WingsSo Glad to See You Here3:22Back to the Egg131979200
1938Paul McCartney & WingsBaby's Request2:50Back to the Egg141979177
1939Paul McCartney & WingsDaytime Nighttime Suffering3:21Back to the Egg151979182
1940Paul McCartney & WingsWonderful Christmastime3:48Back to the Egg161979201
1941Paul McCartney & WingsRudolf the Red Nose Reggae1:46Back to the Egg171979159
1942Paul McCartney & WingsBand on the Run5:13Band On The Run (Disc 1)11973195
1943Paul McCartney & WingsJet4:08Band On The Run (Disc 1)21973194
1944Paul McCartney & WingsBluebird3:23Band On The Run (Disc 1)31973194
1945Paul McCartney & WingsMrs. Vandebilt4:41Band On The Run (Disc 1)41973204
1946Paul McCartney & WingsLet Me Roll It4:50Band On The Run (Disc 1)51973193
1947Paul McCartney & WingsMamunia4:50Band On The Run (Disc 1)61973185
1948Paul McCartney & WingsNo Words2:34Band On The Run (Disc 1)71973166
1949Paul McCartney & WingsHelen Wheels3:47Band On The Run (Disc 1)81973185
1950Paul McCartney & WingsPicasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)5:49Band On The Run (Disc 1)91973204
1951Paul McCartney & WingsNineteen Hundred and Eighty Five5:28Band On The Run (Disc 1)101973210
1952Paul McCartney & WingsCountry Dreamer3:08Band On The Run (Disc 1) [1999 Remaster]111973199
1953Paul McCartney & WingsPaul McCartney; Band On The Run (Nicely Toasted Mix)1:11Band On The Run (Disc 2)11999170
1954Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run (Original) (Background); Paul McCartney2:16Band On The Run (Disc 2)21999170
1955Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run (Barn Rehearsal - 21st July 1989)4:59Band On The Run (Disc 2)31999191
1956Paul McCartney & WingsPaul McCartney; Mamunia (Original) (Background); Denny Lane; Linda McCartney4:22Band On The Run (Disc 2)41999164
1957Paul McCartney & WingsBluebird (Live - Version - Australia 1975)0:54Band On The Run (Disc 2)51999140
1958Paul McCartney & WingsBluebird (Original); Paul McCartney0:23Band On The Run (Disc 2)61999177
1959Paul McCartney & WingsPaul McCartney; No Words (Original) (Background); Geoff Emerick1:24Band On The Run (Disc 2)71999152
1960Paul McCartney & WingsNo Words (Original); Paul McCartney; Tony Visconti; Band On The Run (Original)1:47Band On The Run (Disc 2)81999143
1961Paul McCartney & WingsJet (Original From Picasso's Last Words) (Background); Paul McCartney; Al Coury2:55Band On The Run (Disc 2)91999152
1962Paul McCartney & WingsJet (Berlin Soundcheck - 3rd September 1993)3:51Band On The Run (Disc 2)101999205
1963Paul McCartney & WingsPaul McCartney; Clive Arrowsmith1:44Band On The Run (Disc 2)111999154
1964Paul McCartney & WingsNineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (Original) (Background); Paul McCartney; James Coburn; John Conteh3:24Band On The Run (Disc 2)121999169
1965Paul McCartney & WingsMrs Vandeblit (Original) (Background); Paul McCartney; Kenny Lynch2:10Band On The Run (Disc 2)131999172
1966Paul McCartney & WingsLet Me Roll It (Cardington Rehearsal - 5th February 1993); Paul McCartney3:52Band On The Run (Disc 2)141999204
1967Paul McCartney & WingsPaul McCartney; Mrs Vandeblit (Background); Michael Parkinson; Linda McCartney (Band On The Run Photo Shoot)2:25Band On The Run (Disc 2)151999169
1968Paul McCartney & WingsHelen Wheels (Crazed); Paul McCartney; Christopher Lee5:32Band On The Run (Disc 2)161999190
1969Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run (Strum Bit); Paul McCartney; Clement Freud1:00Band On The Run (Disc 2)171999136
1970Paul McCartney & WingsPicasso's Last Words (Original) (Background); Paul McCartney; Dustin Hoffman4:21Band On The Run (Disc 2)181999169
1971Paul McCartney & WingsPicasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) (Acoustic Version)1:10Band On The Run (Disc 2)191999161
1972Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run (Nicely Toasted Mix); Paul McCartney0:42Band On The Run (Disc 2)201999156
1973Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run (Northern Comic Version)0:36Band On The Run (Disc 2)211999129
1974Paul McCartney & WingsLondon Town4:10London Town11978195
1975Paul McCartney & WingsCafe On The Left Bank3:26London Town21978199
1976Paul McCartney & WingsI'm Carrying2:44London Town31978193
1977Paul McCartney & WingsBackwards Traveller1:09London Town41978197
1978Paul McCartney & WingsCuff Link2:02London Town51978190
1979Paul McCartney & WingsChildren Children2:22London Town61978198
1980Paul McCartney & WingsGirlfriend4:42London Town71978187
1981Paul McCartney & WingsI've Had Enough3:04London Town81978193
1982Paul McCartney & WingsWith A Little Luck5:47London Town91978194
1983Paul McCartney & WingsFamous Groupies3:36London Town101978191
1984Paul McCartney & WingsDeliver Your Children4:18London Town111978196
1985Paul McCartney & WingsName And Address3:09London Town121978191
1986Paul McCartney & WingsDon't Let It Bring You Down4:36London Town131978191
1987Paul McCartney & WingsMorse Moose And The Grey Goose6:27London Town141978190
1988Paul McCartney & WingsGirls' School4:34London Town151978201
1989Paul McCartney & WingsBig Barn Bed3:49Red Rose Speedway11973208
1990Paul McCartney & WingsMy Love4:07Red Rose Speedway21973205
1991Paul McCartney & WingsGet On The Right Thing4:16Red Rose Speedway31973194
1992Paul McCartney & WingsOne More Kiss2:29Red Rose Speedway41973215
1993Paul McCartney & WingsLittle Lamb Dragonfly6:20Red Rose Speedway51973185
1994Paul McCartney & WingsSingle Pigeon1:52Red Rose Speedway61973181
1995Paul McCartney & WingsWhen The Night3:36Red Rose Speedway71973200
1996Paul McCartney & WingsLoup (1st Indian On The Moon)4:23Red Rose Speedway81973202
1997Paul McCartney & WingsMedley: a) Hold Me Tight b) Lazy Dynamite c)Hands Of Love d)Power Cut11:25Red Rose Speedway91973187
1998Paul McCartney & WingsC Moon4:34Red Rose Speedway101973200
1999Paul McCartney & WingsHi, Hi, Hi3:08Red Rose Speedway111973198
2000Paul McCartney & WingsThe Mess4:57Red Rose Speedway121973181
2001Paul McCartney & WingsI Lie Around4:59Red Rose Speedway131973206
2002Paul McCartney & WingsLive And Let Die3:14The Best Of Bond...James Bond (OST)72002199
2003Paul McCartney & WingsWonderful Christmastime3:47The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 512000212
2004Paul McCartney & WingsVenus And Mars1:19Venus And Mars11975203
2005Paul McCartney & WingsRock Show5:31Venus And Mars21975217
2006Paul McCartney & WingsLove In Song3:03Venus And Mars31975191
2007Paul McCartney & WingsYou Gave Me The Answer2:14Venus And Mars41975199
2008Paul McCartney & WingsMagneto And Titanium Man3:16Venus And Mars51975200
2009Paul McCartney & WingsLetting Go4:32Venus And Mars61975206
2010Paul McCartney & WingsVenus And Mars (Reprise)2:05Venus And Mars71975210
2011Paul McCartney & WingsSpirits Of Ancient Egypt2:58Venus And Mars81975201
2012Paul McCartney & WingsMedicine Jar3:37Venus And Mars91975199
2013Paul McCartney & WingsCall Me Back Again4:59Venus And Mars101975210
2014Paul McCartney & WingsListen To What The Man Said4:00Venus And Mars111975222
2015Paul McCartney & WingsTreat Her Gently/Lonely Old People4:23Venus And Mars121975205
2016Paul McCartney & WingsCrossroads1:01Venus And Mars131975214
2017Paul McCartney & WingsZoo Gang2:00Venus And Mars141975198
2018Paul McCartney & WingsLunch Box/Odd Sox3:52Venus And Mars151975217
2019Paul McCartney & WingsMy Carnival3:58Venus And Mars161975182
2020Paul McCartney & WingsLet 'Em In5:12Wings At The Speed Of Sound11976197
2021Paul McCartney & WingsThe Note You Never Wrote4:21Wings At The Speed Of Sound21976184
2022Paul McCartney & WingsShe's My Baby3:08Wings At The Speed Of Sound31976190
2023Paul McCartney & WingsBeware My Love6:28Wings At The Speed Of Sound41976204
2024Paul McCartney & WingsWino Junko5:20Wings At The Speed Of Sound51976212
2025Paul McCartney & WingsSilly Love Songs5:53Wings At The Speed Of Sound61976205
2026Paul McCartney & WingsCook Of The House2:38Wings At The Speed Of Sound71976188
2027Paul McCartney & WingsTime To Hide4:32Wings At The Speed Of Sound81976190
2028Paul McCartney & WingsMust Do Something About It3:44Wings At The Speed Of Sound91976198
2029Paul McCartney & WingsSan Ferry Anne2:09Wings At The Speed Of Sound101976200
2030Paul McCartney & WingsWarm And Beautiful3:14Wings At The Speed Of Sound111976173
2031Paul McCartney & WingsWalking In The Park With Eloise3:10Wings At The Speed Of Sound121976199
2032Paul McCartney & WingsBridge On The River Suite3:11Wings At The Speed Of Sound131976197
2033Paul McCartney & WingsSally G.3:42Wings At The Speed Of Sound141976206
2034Paul McCartney And WingsNo More Lonely Nights4:47Wingspan Disc 1 - Hits181984128
2035Paul NicholasHeaven on the 7th Floor2:48Heaven on the 7th Floor 1977320
2036Paul NortonSouthern Sky4:00U Can't Touch This71990213
2037Paul OakenfoldSend Me An Angel (remix)5:41   128
2038Paul Oakenfold19754:21Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)92002216
2039Paul OakenfoldReady Steady Go4:13Bunkka12002203
2040Paul OakenfoldSouthern Sun6:57Bunkka22002211
2041Paul OakenfoldTime Of Your Life4:17Bunkka32002202
2042Paul OakenfoldHypnotised6:34Bunkka42002215
2043Paul OakenfoldZoo York5:25Bunkka52002200
2044Paul OakenfoldNixon's Spirit2:48Bunkka62002191
2045Paul OakenfoldHold Your Hand3:40Bunkka72002214
2046Paul OakenfoldStarry Eyed Surprise3:48Bunkka82002222
2047Paul OakenfoldGet Em Up3:50Bunkka92002192
2048Paul OakenfoldMotion6:25Bunkka102002227
2049Paul OakenfoldThe Harder They Come3:47Bunkka112002191
2050Paul OakenfoldHypnotised (Deepsky's Radio Reaktor Remix)3:38Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)122003223
2051Paul OakenfoldSet Me Free (trance mix)3:17Final Fantasy  128
2052Paul OakenfoldDelerium - The Silence 2000 (DJ Tiesto remix)10:46Perfecto Presents... Another World - Disc 2102000320
2053Paul OakenfoldAeternal6:50Requiem for a Dream (Remixed) (OST)42002217
2054Paul OakenfoldTime (Original Mix) - Dream Traveler6:36Tranceport11998230
2055Paul OakenfoldGreece 2000 (Original Mix) - Three Drives On A Vinyl6:30Tranceport21998226
2056Paul OakenfoldRendezvous (Quadraphonic Mix) - Tilt v. Paul Van Dyk3:58Tranceport31998230
2057Paul OakenfoldPurple (Sasha v. The Light) - Gus Gus8:14Tranceport41998216
2058Paul OakenfoldSomeone (Slacker and Original Vocal Mix) - Ascension8:18Tranceport51998223
2059Paul OakenfoldEl Nino (Matt Darey 12 Mix) - Agnelli + Nelson8:02Tranceport61998215
2060Paul OakenfoldCafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix) - Energy 527:12Tranceport71998219
2061Paul Oakenfold1998 (Original Mix, PVD Mix) - Binary Finary4:50Tranceport81998207
2062Paul OakenfoldWords (For Love, Original Mix) - Paul Van Dyk5:25Tranceport91998219
2063Paul OakenfoldGamemaster (Original Mix) - Lost Tribe7:17Tranceport101998245
2064Paul OakenfoldEnervate (Original Mix) - Transa7:03Tranceport111998216
2065Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany MurphyFaster Kill Pussycat (Radio Edit)3:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-07132006191
2066Paul PenaGonna Move4:31New Train12000207
2067Paul PenaNew Train4:53New Train22000199
2068Paul PenaJet Airliner5:42New Train32000212
2069Paul PenaWait On What You Want3:28New Train42000222
2070Paul PenaVenutian Lady4:43New Train52000233
2071Paul PenaCosmic Mirror5:23New Train62000204
2072Paul PenaLet's Move And Groove Together4:13New Train72000199
2073Paul PenaIndian Boy4:37New Train82000205
2074Paul PenaA Bit Of All Right3:43New Train92000225
2075Paul PenaTaking Your Love Down2:52New Train102000171
2076Paul PetersenMy Dad2:27Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)212007200
2077Paul Reiser & Don WasMad About You (Final Frontier)1:40Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)241996198
2078Paul Revere & The RaidersHungry3:02Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On121988131
2079Paul Revere & The RaidersHim Or Me, What's It Gonna Be2:42Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On19 134
2080Paul Revere & The RaidersLet Me2:31Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 4)81997206
2081Paul Revere & The RaidersLouie, Louie2:44Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]11967128
2082Paul Revere & The RaidersLouie - Go Home2:41Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]21967229
2083Paul Revere & The RaidersSteppin' Out2:14Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]31967181
2084Paul Revere & The RaidersJust Like Me2:26Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]41967173
2085Paul Revere & The RaidersMelody For An Unknown Girl2:03Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]51967189
2086Paul Revere & The RaidersKicks2:28Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]61967189
2087Paul Revere & The RaidersHungry2:57Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]71967211
2088Paul Revere & The RaidersThe Great Airplane Strike3:09Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]81967192
2089Paul Revere & The RaidersGood Thing3:05Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]91967182
2090Paul Revere & The RaidersUps And Downs2:51Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]101967129
2091Paul Revere & The RaidersLegend Of Paul Revere3:12Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]111967218
2092Paul Revere & The RaidersAction1:30Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]121967185
2093Paul Revere & The RaidersI'm Not Your Steppin' Stone2:48Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]131967194
2094Paul Revere & The RaidersHim Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?2:53Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]141967213
2095Paul Revere & The RaidersPeace Of Mind2:26Greatest Hits [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]151967128
2096Paul Revere & The RaidersSteppin' Out2:13Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)261998139
2097Paul Revere & The RaidersJust Like Me2:24Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)201998137
2098Paul Revere & The RaidersKicks2:25Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s201989215
2099Paul Revere & The RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)2:55Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 571990183
2100Paul Revere & The RaidersBeatnick Sticks2:12The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)11990128
2101Paul Revere & The RaidersLike, Long Hair1:56The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)21990148
2102Paul Revere & The RaidersMidnight Ride2:32The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)31990142
2103Paul Revere & The RaidersSlippin' & Slidin' (Remix)2:25The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)41990185
2104Paul Revere & The RaidersLouie, Louie2:43The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)51990127
2105Paul Revere & The RaidersNight Train2:55The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)61990127
2106Paul Revere & The RaidersLouie, Go Home2:43The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)71990128
2107Paul Revere & The RaidersHave Love Will Travel2:33The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)81990127
2108Paul Revere & The RaidersOver You2:13The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)91990130
2109Paul Revere & The RaidersWhole Lotta Shakin' Going On (Remix)3:03The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)101990224
2110Paul Revere & The RaidersHi-Heel Sneakers (Remix)2:47The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)111990216
2111Paul Revere & The RaidersSearchin' (Remix)2:32The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)121990212
2112Paul Revere & The RaidersDon't You Just Know It (Remix)3:36The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)131990205
2113Paul Revere & The RaidersIrresistable You (Remix)3:10The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)141990204
2114Paul Revere & The RaidersMaybelline (Remix)2:29The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)151990206
2115Paul Revere & The RaidersOoh Poo Pah Doo (Remix)2:46The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)161990224
2116Paul Revere & The RaidersSometimes (Remix)2:30The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)171990242
2117Paul Revere & The RaidersSteppin' Out (Remix)2:15The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)181990150
2118Paul Revere & The RaidersBlue Fox (Remix)2:30The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)191990218
2119Paul Revere & The RaidersJust Like Me (Remix)2:26The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)201990208
2120Paul Revere & The RaidersAction1:29The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)211990203
2121Paul Revere & The RaidersSs 396 (Remix)2:28The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)221990181
2122Paul Revere & The RaidersCorvair Baby (Remix)2:15The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)231990199
2123Paul Revere & The RaidersKicks (Remix)2:28The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)241990216
2124Paul Revere & The RaidersShake It Up (Remix)4:03The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)251990221
2125Paul Revere & The RaidersHungry (Remix)2:54The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)261990212
2126Paul Revere & The RaidersThe Great Airplane Strike (Remix)2:56The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)271990197
2127Paul Revere & The RaidersGood Thing (Remix)3:02The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)281990210
2128Paul Revere & The RaidersUps & Downs2:49The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 1)291990133
2129Paul Revere & The RaidersLegend Of Paul Revere3:07The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)11990129
2130Paul Revere & The RaidersHim Or Me (What's It Gonna Be?)2:40The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)21990145
2131Paul Revere & The RaidersI Had A Dream2:18The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)31990229
2132Paul Revere & The RaidersPeace Of Mind2:40The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)41990136
2133Paul Revere & The RaidersToo Much Talk2:15The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)51990132
2134Paul Revere & The RaidersHappening '681:46The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)61990127
2135Paul Revere & The RaidersDon't Take It So Hard2:41The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)71990207
2136Paul Revere & The RaidersCinderella Sunshine2:02The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)81990128
2137Paul Revere & The RaidersIt's Happening2:44The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)91990128
2138Paul Revere & The RaidersJudge Gto Breakaway (Remix)2:44The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)101990205
2139Paul Revere & The RaidersMr. Sun, Mr. Moon2:45The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)111990205
2140Paul Revere & The RaidersLet Me2:40The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)121990213
2141Paul Revere & The RaidersWe Gotta All Get Together3:00The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)131990195
2142Paul Revere & The RaidersJust Seventeen3:51The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)141990190
2143Paul Revere & The RaidersGone Movin' On2:37The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)151990185
2144Paul Revere & The RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)2:53The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)161990186
2145Paul Revere & The RaidersBirds Of A Feather2:39The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)171990189
2146Paul Revere & The RaidersCountry Wine2:31The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)181990204
2147Paul Revere & The RaidersPowder Blue Mercedes Queen3:02The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)191990206
2148Paul Revere & The RaidersSong Seller3:32The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)201990220
2149Paul Revere & The RaidersA Simple Song2:58The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)211990209
2150Paul Revere & The RaidersLove Music3:42The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)221990210
2151Paul Revere & The Raiders(If I Had It To Do All Over Again, I'd Do It) All Over You2:45The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)231990213
2152Paul Revere & The RaidersTobacco Road (Remix)3:31The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)241990201
2153Paul Revere & The RaidersAngels Of Mercy3:30The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)251990196
2154Paul Revere & The RaidersChain Of Fools3:47The Legend Of Paul Revere (Disc 2)261990187
2155Paul Revere & The RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)2:56Those Fabulous '70s221990194
2156Paul Revere & The RaidersJust Like Me2:24TM Century GoldDisc 60581991132
2157Paul Revere & The RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee)2:58TM Century GoldDisc Update 661991186
2158Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark LindsayKicks2:29Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)32002193
2159Paul RobesonShenandoah2:57Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 1)11997201
2160Paul SawtellVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)381986197
2161Paul SchwartzLo, How A Rose3:55A Windham Hill Christmas142002320
2162Paul ShafferThe Late Show With David Letterman1:10Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)651996209
2163Paul Shaffer & The CBS OrchestraLate Show With David Letterman1:22All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)82005203
2164Paul SimonThe Obvious Child4:38Concert in the Park (Disc 1)11991194
2165Paul SimonThe Boy in the Bubble5:59Concert in the Park (Disc 1)21991207
2166Paul SimonShe Moves On6:26Concert in the Park (Disc 1)31991197
2167Paul SimonKodachrome4:13Concert in the Park (Disc 1)41991200
2168Paul SimonBorn at the Right Time5:12Concert in the Park (Disc 1)51991193
2169Paul SimonTrain in the Distance4:45Concert in the Park (Disc 1)61991197
2170Paul SimonMe and Julio Down by the School Yard3:13Concert in the Park (Disc 1)71991188
2171Paul SimonI Know What I Know4:44Concert in the Park (Disc 1)81991207
2172Paul SimonThe Cool, Cool River5:40Concert in the Park (Disc 1)91991193
2173Paul SimonBridge over Troubled Water5:16Concert in the Park (Disc 1)101991195
2174Paul SimonProof5:39Concert in the Park (Disc 1)111991209
2175Paul SimonThe Coast7:04Concert in the Park (Disc 2)11991202
2176Paul SimonGraceland5:31Concert in the Park (Disc 2)21991203
2177Paul SimonYou Can Call Me Al5:10Concert in the Park (Disc 2)31991212
2178Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years3:42Concert in the Park (Disc 2)41991191
2179Paul SimonLoves Me Like a Rock2:53Concert in the Park (Disc 2)51991202
2180Paul SimonDiamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes9:30Concert in the Park (Disc 2)61991213
2181Paul SimonHearts and Bones6:17Concert in the Park (Disc 2)71991180
2182Paul SimonLate in the Evening4:44Concert in the Park (Disc 2)81991208
2183Paul SimonAmerica3:22Concert in the Park (Disc 2)91991184
2184Paul SimonThe Boxer4:18Concert in the Park (Disc 2)101991189
2185Paul SimonCecilia3:24Concert in the Park (Disc 2)111991216
2186Paul SimonThe Sound of Silence5:44Concert in the Park (Disc 2)121991203
2187Paul SimonThe Boy In The Bubble3:59Graceland11986179
2188Paul SimonGraceland4:50Graceland21986176
2189Paul SimonI Know What I Know3:13Graceland31986198
2190Paul SimonGumboots2:44Graceland41986196
2191Paul SimonDiamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes5:48Graceland51986193
2192Paul SimonYou Can Call Me Al4:40Graceland61986201
2193Paul SimonUnder African Skies3:37Graceland71986201
2194Paul SimonHomeless3:48Graceland81986188
2195Paul SimonCrazy Love, Vol. II4:19Graceland91986207
2196Paul SimonThat Was Your Mother2:52Graceland101986198
2197Paul SimonAll Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints3:15Graceland111986189
2198Paul SimonSlip Slidin' Away4:47Greatest Hits, Etc.11977190
2199Paul SimonStranded In A Limousine3:10Greatest Hits, Etc.21977209
2200Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years3:26Greatest Hits, Etc.31977190
2201Paul SimonHave A Good Time3:25Greatest Hits, Etc.41977208
2202Paul SimonDuncan5:07Greatest Hits, Etc.51977207
2203Paul SimonMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard2:43Greatest Hits, Etc.61977226
2204Paul SimonSomething So Right4:36Greatest Hits, Etc.71977201
2205Paul SimonKodachrome3:33Greatest Hits, Etc.81977236
2206Paul SimonI Do It For Your Love3:34Greatest Hits, Etc.91977203
2207Paul Simon50 Ways To Leave Your Lover3:27Greatest Hits, Etc.101977206
2208Paul SimonAmerican Tune4:05Greatest Hits, Etc.111977191
2209Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion2:51Greatest Hits, Etc.121977207
2210Paul SimonLoves Me Like A Rock3:28Greatest Hits, Etc.131977224
2211Paul SimonTake Me To The Mardi Gras3:32Greatest Hits, Etc.141977211
2212Paul SimonAllergies4:39Hearts And Bones11983183
2213Paul SimonHearts And Bones5:38Hearts And Bones21983189
2214Paul SimonWhen Numbers Get Serious3:26Hearts And Bones31983179
2215Paul SimonThink Too Much (b)2:45Hearts And Bones41983179
2216Paul SimonSong About The Moon4:08Hearts And Bones51983187
2217Paul SimonThink Too Much (a)3:05Hearts And Bones61983198
2218Paul SimonTrain In The Distance5:12Hearts And Bones71983172
2219Paul SimonRene And Georgette Margritte With Their Dog After The War3:45Hearts And Bones81983162
2220Paul SimonCars Are Cars3:15Hearts And Bones91983171
2221Paul SimonThe Late Great Johnny Ace4:46Hearts And Bones101983183
2222Paul SimonMe & Julio Down By The Schoolyard2:43Maid In Manhattan (OST)102002239
2223Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion2:49Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198611988209
2224Paul SimonMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard2:43Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198621988221
2225Paul SimonSomething So Right4:30Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198631988178
2226Paul SimonSt. Judy's Comet3:16Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198641988205
2227Paul SimonLoves Me Like A Rock3:18Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198651988208
2228Paul SimonKodachrome3:30Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198661988229
2229Paul SimonHave A Good Time3:22Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198671988186
2230Paul Simon50 Ways To Leave Your Lover3:32Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198681988202
2231Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years3:22Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-198691988182
2232Paul SimonLate In The Evening3:54Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986101988208
2233Paul SimonSlip Slidin' Away4:43Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986111988182
2234Paul SimonHearts And Bones5:38Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986121988195
2235Paul SimonTrain In The Distance4:22Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986131988167
2236Paul SimonRene And Georgette Margritte With Their Dog After The War3:43Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986141988177
2237Paul SimonDiamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes5:45Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986151988186
2238Paul SimonYou Can Call Me Al4:40Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986161988199
2239Paul SimonLate In The Evening4:03One-Trick Pony11980208
2240Paul SimonThat's Why God Made The Movies3:38One-Trick Pony21980166
2241Paul SimonOne-Trick Pony3:54One-Trick Pony31980196
2242Paul SimonHow The Heart Approaches What It Yearns2:49One-Trick Pony41980185
2243Paul SimonOh, Marion4:00One-Trick Pony51980188
2244Paul SimonAce In The Hole5:43One-Trick Pony61980195
2245Paul SimonNobody3:33One-Trick Pony71980178
2246Paul SimonJonah3:31One-Trick Pony81980187
2247Paul SimonGod Bless The Absentee3:15One-Trick Pony91980200
2248Paul SimonLong, Long Day3:48One-Trick Pony101980175
2249Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion3:09Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]11972204
2250Paul SimonDuncan4:43Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]21972189
2251Paul SimonEverything Put Together Falls Apart2:01Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]31972180
2252Paul SimonRun That Body Down3:54Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]41972187
2253Paul SimonArmistice Day3:57Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]51972214
2254Paul SimonMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard2:44Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]61972234
2255Paul SimonPeace Like A River3:23Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]71972194
2256Paul SimonPapa Hobo2:35Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]81972191
2257Paul SimonHobo's Blues1:20Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]91972203
2258Paul SimonParanoia Blues2:58Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]101972209
2259Paul SimonCongratulations3:51Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]111972179
2260Paul SimonMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Demo - San Francisco 2/71)2:29Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]121972152
2261Paul SimonDuncan (Demo - San Francisco 2/71)2:48Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]131972150
2262Paul SimonParanoia Blues (Alternate Version)3:14Paul Simon [2004 Remaster]141972191
2263Paul SimonMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard2:53Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'11974231
2264Paul SimonHomeward Bound2:34Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'21974203
2265Paul SimonAmerican Tune4:05Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'31974175
2266Paul SimonEl Condor Pasa (If I Could)4:05Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'41974201
2267Paul SimonDuncan5:08Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'51974206
2268Paul SimonThe Boxer6:07Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'61974202
2269Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion4:11Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'71974197
2270Paul SimonThe Sound Of Silence4:16Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'81974199
2271Paul SimonJesus Is The Answer3:30Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'91974214
2272Paul SimonBridge Over Troubled Water7:09Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'101974204
2273Paul SimonLoves Me Like A Rock3:16Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'111974208
2274Paul SimonAmerica4:34Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin'121974191
2275Paul SimonSomething So Right4:28Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 3) - Hit Man92001181
2276Paul SimonGetting Ready For Christmas Day4:06So Beautiful Or So What12011205
2277Paul SimonThe Afterlife3:40So Beautiful Or So What22011210
2278Paul SimonDazzling Blue4:32So Beautiful Or So What32011194
2279Paul SimonRewrite3:49So Beautiful Or So What42011189
2280Paul SimonLove And Hard Times4:09So Beautiful Or So What52011161
2281Paul SimonLove Is Eternal Sacred Light4:02So Beautiful Or So What62011194
2282Paul SimonAmulet1:36So Beautiful Or So What72011151
2283Paul SimonQuestions For The Angels3:49So Beautiful Or So What82011143
2284Paul SimonLove & Blessings4:18So Beautiful Or So What92011187
2285Paul SimonSo Beautiful Or So What4:08So Beautiful Or So What102011215
2286Paul SimonAdios Hermanos4:42Songs From The Capeman11997175
2287Paul SimonBorn In Puerto Rico5:03Songs From The Capeman21997188
2288Paul SimonSatin Summer Nights5:45Songs From The Capeman31997169
2289Paul SimonBernadette3:34Songs From The Capeman41997184
2290Paul SimonThe Vampires5:14Songs From The Capeman51997194
2291Paul SimonQuality4:18Songs From The Capeman61997157
2292Paul SimonCan I Forgive Him6:02Songs From The Capeman71997132
2293Paul SimonSunday Afternoon3:25Songs From The Capeman81997176
2294Paul SimonKiller Wants To Go To College1:51Songs From The Capeman91997199
2295Paul SimonTime Is An Ocean5:23Songs From The Capeman101997191
2296Paul SimonVirgil2:49Songs From The Capeman111997172
2297Paul SimonKiller Wants To Go To College II2:09Songs From The Capeman121997201
2298Paul SimonTrailways Bus5:15Songs From The Capeman131997196
2299Paul Simon50 Ways To Leave Your Lover3:40Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976151989195
2300Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years3:26Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]11975185
2301Paul SimonMy Little Town3:51Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]21975207
2302Paul SimonI Do It For Your Love3:35Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]31975190
2303Paul Simon50 Ways To Leave Your Lover3:37Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]41975202
2304Paul SimonNight Game2:58Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]51975177
2305Paul SimonGone At Last3:40Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]61975196
2306Paul SimonSome Folks' Lives Roll Easy3:14Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]71975184
2307Paul SimonHave A Good Time3:26Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]81975201
2308Paul SimonYou're Kind3:20Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]91975196
2309Paul SimonSilent Eyes4:12Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]101975198
2310Paul SimonSlip Slidin' Away (Demo)5:30Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]111975208
2311Paul SimonGone At Last (Original Demo With The Jessy Dixon Singers)4:38Still Crazy After All These Years [2004 Remaster]121975181
2312Paul SimonHow Can You Live In The Northeast?3:42Surprise12006199
2313Paul SimonEverything About It Is A Love Song3:57Surprise22006201
2314Paul SimonOutrageous3:24Surprise32006211
2315Paul SimonSure Don't Feel Like Love3:57Surprise42006187
2316Paul SimonWartime Prayers4:49Surprise52006180
2317Paul SimonBeautiful3:07Surprise62006189
2318Paul SimonI Don't Believe4:09Surprise72006198
2319Paul SimonAnother Galaxy5:22Surprise82006194
2320Paul SimonOnce Upon A Time There Was An Ocean3:55Surprise92006187
2321Paul SimonThat's Me4:43Surprise102006197
2322Paul SimonFather And Daughter4:11Surprise112006192
2323Paul SimonI Am A Rock2:45The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)11965125
2324Paul SimonLeaves That Are Green2:33The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)21965125
2325Paul SimonA Church Is Burning3:27The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)31965126
2326Paul SimonApril Come She Will1:51The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)41965124
2327Paul SimonThe Sound Of Silence3:09The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)51965126
2328Paul SimonA Most Peculiar Man2:26The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)61965125
2329Paul SimonHe Was My Brother2:49The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)71965125
2330Paul SimonKathy's Song3:31The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)81965126
2331Paul SimonThe Side Of A Hill2:20The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)91965125
2332Paul SimonA Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)2:21The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)101965125
2333Paul SimonFlowers Never Bend With The Rainfall2:20The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)111965125
2334Paul SimonPatterns3:13The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)121965123
2335Paul SimonI Am A Rock (alternate version)2:47The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)131965128
2336Paul SimonA Church Is Burning (alternate version)3:10The Paul Simon Song Book (Bonus Tracks 2004)141965128
2337Paul SimonThe Obvious Child4:09The Rhythm Of The Saints11990195
2338Paul SimonCan't Run But3:36The Rhythm Of The Saints21990186
2339Paul SimonThe Coast5:03The Rhythm Of The Saints31990194
2340Paul SimonProof4:39The Rhythm Of The Saints41990200
2341Paul SimonFurther To Fly5:39The Rhythm Of The Saints51990180
2342Paul SimonShe Moves On5:03The Rhythm Of The Saints61990208
2343Paul SimonBorn At The Right Time3:47The Rhythm Of The Saints71990201
2344Paul SimonThe Cool, Cool River4:32The Rhythm Of The Saints81990173
2345Paul SimonSpirit Voices3:56The Rhythm Of The Saints91990181
2346Paul SimonThe Rhythm Of The Saints4:10The Rhythm Of The Saints101990202
2347Paul SimonKodachrome3:35There Goes Rhymin' Simon11973224
2348Paul SimonTenderness2:55There Goes Rhymin' Simon21973188
2349Paul SimonTake Me To The Mardi Gras3:30There Goes Rhymin' Simon31973204
2350Paul SimonSomething So Right4:37There Goes Rhymin' Simon41973190
2351Paul SimonOne Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor3:48There Goes Rhymin' Simon51973202
2352Paul SimonAmerican Tune3:47There Goes Rhymin' Simon61973194
2353Paul SimonWas A Sunny Day3:44There Goes Rhymin' Simon71973195
2354Paul SimonLearn How To Fall2:47There Goes Rhymin' Simon81973208
2355Paul SimonSt. Judy's Comet3:21There Goes Rhymin' Simon91973201
2356Paul SimonLoves Me Like A Rock3:32There Goes Rhymin' Simon101973209
2357Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years3:28Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two51991178
2358Paul SimonKodachrome3:35TM Century GoldDisc 10951991235
2359Paul SimonThat's Where I Belong3:12You're The One12000186
2360Paul SimonDarling Lorraine6:39You're The One22000195
2361Paul SimonOld2:19You're The One32000214
2362Paul SimonYou're The One4:27You're The One42000200
2363Paul SimonThe Teacher3:36You're The One52000203
2364Paul SimonLook At That3:54You're The One62000208
2365Paul SimonSeñorita With A Necklace Of Tears3:41You're The One72000201
2366Paul SimonLove3:50You're The One82000192
2367Paul SimonPigs, Sheep And Wolves3:58You're The One92000190
2368Paul SimonHurricane Eye4:12You're The One102000212
2369Paul SimonQuiet4:17You're The One112000190
2370Paul Simon & George HarrisonHomeward Bound2:38Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal51990173
2371Paul StanleyTonight You Belong To Me4:40Paul Stanley [Remaster]11978213
2372Paul StanleyMove On3:11Paul Stanley [Remaster]21978214
2373Paul StanleyAin't Quite Right3:37Paul Stanley [Remaster]31978201
2374Paul StanleyWouldn't You Like To Know Me?3:20Paul Stanley [Remaster]41978222
2375Paul StanleyTake Me Away (Together As One)5:35Paul Stanley [Remaster]51978207
2376Paul StanleyIt's Alright3:37Paul Stanley [Remaster]61978196
2377Paul StanleyHold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart)3:42Paul Stanley [Remaster]71978228
2378Paul StanleyLove In Chains3:33Paul Stanley [Remaster]81978234
2379Paul StanleyGoodbye4:09Paul Stanley [Remaster]91978212
2380Paul StookeyWedding Song (There Is Love)3:46TM Century GoldDisc Update 741991193
2381Paul TerryEating The Peach (James And The Giant Peach 1996)2:54Classic Disney, Vol. 591998186
2382Paul Terry With Drew HarrahMy Name Is James (James And The Giant Peach 1996)2:36Classic Disney, Vol. 391996183
2383Paul Van DykFor An Angel (Robert Miles & Ayla rmx)7:22   256
2384Paul Van DykConnected3:23Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)112003230
2385Paul Van Dyk feat. Hemstock & JenningsNothing But You [Vandit Radio Mix]3:53TM Century PrimeCuts 515P142003210
2386Paul WallGirl3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-04172006197
2387Paul Wall feat. Jermaine DupriI'm Throwed3:54Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 200792007197
2388Paul Wall feat. Jermaine DupriI'm Throwed3:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-05192007196
2389Paul WesterbergDyslexic Heart4:32Singles (OST)41992201
2390Paul WesterbergWaiting For Somebody3:28Singles (OST)101992214
2391Paul WhitemanTrav'lin' Light3:15Your Hit Parade 194210 127
2392Paul Williams & Charles FoxLove Boat1:37Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)461990178
2393Paul YoungEverytime You Go Away4:2680's Pop Hits (Disc 3)92001222
2394Paul YoungOh Girl3:3390's Pop Hits (Disc 1)13 204
2395Paul YoungWhat Christmas Means To Me2:53A Very Special Christmas 271992220
2396Paul YoungEverytime You Go Away4:29From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)11991178
2397Paul YoungCome Back And Stay4:23From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)21991177
2398Paul YoungI'm Only Foolin' Myself4:37From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)31991207
2399Paul YoungSenza Una Donna4:28From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)41991196
2400Paul YoungI'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down4:47From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)51991191
2401Paul YoungBroken Man3:56From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)61991187
2402Paul YoungEverything Must Change5:33From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)71991187
2403Paul YoungWonderland5:02From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)81991209
2404Paul YoungDon't Dream It's Over4:22From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)91991198
2405Paul YoungLove Of The Common People3:41From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)101991211
2406Paul YoungWherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)4:11From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)111991189
2407Paul YoungBoth Sides Now4:46From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)121991184
2408Paul YoungSome People4:46From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)131991205
2409Paul YoungOh Girl3:35From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)141991201
2410Paul YoungSoftly Whispering I Love You3:44From Time To Time (The Singles Collection)151991203
2411Paul YoungEvery Time You Go Away4:16Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)122002242
2412Paul YoungEverytime You Go Away5:26Modern Rock: 1984 - 1985 (Disc 1)31999185
2413Paul YoungCome Back And Stay7:56No Parlez11983176
2414Paul YoungLove Will Tear Us Apart5:00No Parlez21983189
2415Paul YoungWherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)6:01No Parlez31983192
2416Paul YoungKu Ku Kurama4:20No Parlez41983210
2417Paul YoungNo Parlez4:54No Parlez51983204
2418Paul YoungBehind Your Smile4:08No Parlez61983190
2419Paul YoungLove Of The Common People5:51No Parlez71983205
2420Paul YoungOh Women3:34No Parlez81983188
2421Paul YoungIron Out The Rough Spots7:29No Parlez91983202
2422Paul YoungBroken Man3:55No Parlez101983182
2423Paul YoungTender trap4:32No Parlez111983197
2424Paul YoungSex6:52No Parlez121983227
2425Paul YoungHeaven Can Wait4:12Other Voices11990197
2426Paul YoungA Little Bit Of Love3:52Other Voices21990188
2427Paul YoungSoftly Whispering I Love You4:14Other Voices31990203
2428Paul YoungTogether4:33Other Voices41990201
2429Paul YoungStop On By5:23Other Voices51990196
2430Paul YoungOur Time Has Come4:39Other Voices61990201
2431Paul YoungOh Girl3:36Other Voices71990196
2432Paul YoungRight About Now5:11Other Voices81990200
2433Paul YoungIt's What She Didn't Say5:05Other Voices91990194
2434Paul YoungCalling You5:08Other Voices101990172
2435Paul YoungEverytime You Go Away4:28Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone12000182
2436Paul YoungEvery Time You Go Away4:26The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)15 178
2437Paul YoungOh Girl3:36The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 2)61999200
2438Paul YoungEverything Must Change5:27The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 2)131999198
2439Paul YoungBite The Hand That Feeds4:29The Secret Of Association11985194
2440Paul YoungEvery Time You Go Away5:25The Secret Of Association21985189
2441Paul YoungI'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down5:05The Secret Of Association31985199
2442Paul YoungStanding On The Edge4:33The Secret Of Association41985187
2443Paul YoungSoldier's Things6:20The Secret Of Association51985191
2444Paul YoungEverything Must Change5:34The Secret Of Association61985180
2445Paul YoungTomb Of Memories3:52The Secret Of Association71985179
2446Paul YoungOne Step Forward3:42The Secret Of Association81985173
2447Paul YoungHot Fun4:26The Secret Of Association91985207
2448Paul YoungThis Means Anything3:11The Secret Of Association101985180
2449Paul YoungI Was In Chains5:45The Secret Of Association111985193
2450Paul YoungMan In The Iron Mask3:14The Secret Of Association121985183
2451Paul YoungCome Back And Stay4:20Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)62001177
2452Paul YoungEverytime You Go Away5:26Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love142003190
2453Paul Young & the Q-TipsI Wish It Would Rain3:04Back to the 70's! (Disc 3)13 194
2454Paula AbdulMy Love Is For Real3:54100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 1995141995224
2455Paula AbdulBend Time Back Around3:57Beverly Hills 90210 (OST)11992223
2456Paula AbdulKnock Out (Extended Mix)6:53Dance Classics Vol. 3132010223
2457Paula AbdulThe Way That You Love Me5:22Forever Your Girl11988232
2458Paula AbdulKnocked Out3:53Forever Your Girl21988213
2459Paula AbdulOpposites Attract4:25Forever Your Girl31988229
2460Paula AbdulState of Attraction4:08Forever Your Girl41988214
2461Paula AbdulI Need You5:02Forever Your Girl51988231
2462Paula AbdulForever Your Girl5:00Forever Your Girl61988219
2463Paula AbdulStraight Up4:11Forever Your Girl71988202
2464Paula AbdulNext To You4:28Forever Your Girl81988198
2465Paula AbdulCold Hearted3:51Forever Your Girl91988213
2466Paula AbdulOne Or the Other4:10Forever Your Girl101988216
2467Paula AbdulKnocked Out5:06MTV Party To Go, Vol. 151991226
2468Paula AbdulThe Promise of a New Day4:30Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)1 213
2469Paula AbdulThe Promise Of A New Day4:32Spellbound11991226
2470Paula AbdulRock House4:11Spellbound21991204
2471Paula AbdulRush Rush4:52Spellbound31991213
2472Paula AbdulSpellbound4:48Spellbound41991231
2473Paula AbdulVibeology5:16Spellbound51991199
2474Paula AbdulU4:05Spellbound61991203
2475Paula AbdulMy Foolish Heart4:10Spellbound71991232
2476Paula AbdulBlowing Kisses In The Wind4:41Spellbound81991210
2477Paula AbdulTo You3:31Spellbound91991229
2478Paula AbdulAlright Tonight4:28Spellbound101991224
2479Paula AbdulWill You Marry Me4:24Spellbound111991208
2480Paula AbdulStraight Up3:46The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)191994204
2481Paula AbdulOpposites Attract3:42The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 7) (The Nineties)11999219
2482Paula AbdulStraight Up4:09Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 1)42001199
2483Paula ColeI Believe In Love5:48Amen11999223
2484Paula ColeAmen5:58Amen21999183
2485Paula ColeLa Tonya6:13Amen31999169
2486Paula ColePearl6:05Amen41999183
2487Paula ColeBe Somebody5:15Amen51999172
2488Paula ColeRhythm Of Life7:50Amen61999172
2489Paula ColeFree3:54Amen71999171
2490Paula ColeSuwannee Jo5:24Amen81999172
2491Paula ColeGod Is Watching4:47Amen91999208
2492Paula ColeComin' Down4:01Courage12007179
2493Paula ColeLovelight4:57Courage22007210
2494Paula ColeEl Greco4:40Courage32007186
2495Paula ColeLonelytown4:40Courage42007157
2496Paula Cole143:39Courage52007194
2497Paula ColeHard To Be Soft4:53Courage62007186
2498Paula ColeIt's My Life5:31Courage72007191
2499Paula ColeSafe In Your Arms4:56Courage82007184
2500Paula ColeI Wanna Kiss You5:05Courage92007199
2501Paula ColeIn Our Dreams4:17Courage102007180
2502Paula ColeUntil I Met You5:03Courage112007187
2503Paula ColeHappy Home4:46Harbinger11994192
2504Paula ColeI Am So Ordinary4:14Harbinger21994192
2505Paula ColeSaturn Girl4:18Harbinger31994195
2506Paula ColeWatch The Woman's Hands4:21Harbinger41994198
2507Paula ColeBethlehem4:39Harbinger51994184
2508Paula ColeChiaroscuro5:08Harbinger61994192
2509Paula ColeBlack Boots2:28Harbinger71994173
2510Paula ColeOh John4:29Harbinger81994190
2511Paula ColeOur Revenge3:42Harbinger91994186
2512Paula ColeDear Gertrude4:12Harbinger101994177
2513Paula ColeHitler's Brothers3:36Harbinger111994205
2514Paula ColeShe Can't Feel Anything Anymore4:01Harbinger121994157
2515Paula ColeGarden Of Eden4:32Harbinger131994194
2516Paula ColeThe Ladder3:45Harbinger141994179
2517Paula ColeTiger4:18This Fire11996195
2518Paula ColeWhere Have All The Cowboys Gone?4:26This Fire21996203
2519Paula ColeThrowing Stones3:46This Fire31996219
2520Paula ColeCarmen3:45This Fire41996176
2521Paula ColeMississippi5:07This Fire51996202
2522Paula ColeNietzsche's Eyes5:32This Fire61996169
2523Paula ColeRoad To Dead3:41This Fire71996204
2524Paula ColeME5:02This Fire81996186
2525Paula Colefeelin' love5:37This Fire91996184
2526Paula Colehush, hush, hush4:22This Fire101996184
2527Paula ColeI Don't Want to Wait5:19This Fire111996179
2528Paula Cole BandI Believe In Love4:11Women & Songs 341999225
2529Paula DeandaWhen It Was Me4:01Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 200762007208
2530Paula DeAndaWhen It Was Me4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-04122007207
2531Paula DeAndaRoll The Credits4:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04202009201
2532Paula Deanda feat. Baby BashDoing Too Much4:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0672006218
2533Paula Deanda feat. Bow WowEasy3:30Nu Music Traxx Vol. 213 June 200762007210
2534Paula DeAnda feat. The DEYWalk Away (No Rap)3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09112006213
2535Pauletta WashingtonIt's In Your Eyes3:46Philadelphia (OST)31994186
2536PavementStereo3:07Brighten The Corners11997203
2537PavementShady Lane3:51Brighten The Corners21997202
2538PavementTransport Is Arranged3:52Brighten The Corners31997210
2539PavementDate With Ikea2:39Brighten The Corners41997215
2540PavementOld To Begin3:22Brighten The Corners51997202
2541PavementType Slowly5:20Brighten The Corners61997206
2542PavementEmbassy Row3:51Brighten The Corners71997220
2543PavementBlue Hawaiian3:33Brighten The Corners81997202
2544PavementWe Are Underused4:12Brighten The Corners91997193
2545PavementPassat Dream3:51Brighten The Corners101997223
2546PavementStarlings Of The Slipstream3:08Brighten The Corners111997213
2547PavementFin5:24Brighten The Corners121997200
2548PavementSilence Kit3:00Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain11994196
2549PavementElevate Me Later2:51Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain21994211
2550PavementStop Breathin4:27Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain31994196
2551PavementCut Your Hair3:06Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain41994206
2552PavementNewark Wilder3:53Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain51994192
2553PavementUnfair2:33Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain61994226
2554PavementGold Soundz2:39Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain71994205
2555Pavement5-4=Unity2:09Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain81994204
2556PavementRange Life4:54Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain91994213
2557PavementHeaven Is A Truck2:31Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain101994186
2558PavementHit The Plane Down3:36Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain111994202
2559PavementFillmore Jive6:38Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain121994201
2560PavementMajor Leagues3:01Major Leagues (EP)11999202
2561PavementYour Time To Change3:10Major Leagues (EP)21999189
2562PavementStub Your Toe2:34Major Leagues (EP)31999200
2563PavementMajor Leagues (Demo)3:07Major Leagues (EP)41999194
2564PavementDecouvert De Soleil2:08Major Leagues (EP)51999210
2565PavementKilling Moon5:15Major Leagues (EP)61999208
2566PavementThe Classical3:26Major Leagues (EP)71999196
2567PavementNo More Kings4:22Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks61996224
2568PavementSummer Babe (Winter Version)3:16Slanted and Enchanted11992209
2569PavementTrigger Cut / Wounded-Kite at :173:16Slanted and Enchanted21992199
2570PavementNo Life Singed Her2:09Slanted and Enchanted31992192
2571PavementIn the Mouth a Desert3:52Slanted and Enchanted41992205
2572PavementConduit For Sale!2:52Slanted and Enchanted51992204
2573PavementZurich Is Stained1:41Slanted and Enchanted61992193
2574PavementChesley's Little Wrists1:16Slanted and Enchanted71992208
2575PavementLoretta's Scars2:55Slanted and Enchanted81992206
2576PavementHere3:55Slanted and Enchanted91992198
2577PavementTwo States1:47Slanted and Enchanted101992206
2578PavementPerfume-V2:10Slanted and Enchanted111992214
2579PavementFame Throwa3:22Slanted and Enchanted121992196
2580PavementJackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era3:21Slanted and Enchanted131992205
2581PavementOur Singer3:08Slanted and Enchanted141992204
2582PavementSpit On a Stranger3:04Terror Twilight11999181
2583PavementFolk Jam3:34Terror Twilight21999199
2584PavementYou Are a Light3:54Terror Twilight31999178
2585PavementCream of Gold3:47Terror Twilight41999197
2586PavementMajor Leagues3:25Terror Twilight51999206
2587PavementPlatform Blues4:42Terror Twilight61999209
2588PavementAnn Don't Cry4:09Terror Twilight71999190
2589PavementBillie3:44Terror Twilight81999216
2590PavementSpeak, See, Remember4:20Terror Twilight91999217
2591PavementThe Hexx5:39Terror Twilight101999193
2592PavementCarrot Rope3:52Terror Twilight111999201
2593PavementCut Your Hair3:08Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)162005208
2594PavementWe Dance2:58Wowee Zowee11995193
2595PavementRattled By The Rush4:16Wowee Zowee21995211
2596PavementBlack Out2:10Wowee Zowee31995203
2597PavementBrinx Job1:33Wowee Zowee41995216
2598PavementGrounded4:14Wowee Zowee51995196
2599PavementSerpentine Pad1:17Wowee Zowee61995220
2600PavementMotion Suggests3:15Wowee Zowee71995195
2601PavementFather To A Sister Of Thought3:31Wowee Zowee81995191
2602PavementExtradition2:12Wowee Zowee91995194
2603PavementBest Friends Arm2:19Wowee Zowee101995200
2604PavementGrave Architecture4:16Wowee Zowee111995200
2605PavementAT&T3:32Wowee Zowee121995206
2606PavementFlux=Rad1:47Wowee Zowee131995222
2607PavementFight This Generation4:23Wowee Zowee141995191
2608PavementKennel District2:58Wowee Zowee151995201
2609PavementPueblo3:24Wowee Zowee161995204
2610PavementHalf A Canyon6:09Wowee Zowee171995201
2611PavementWestern Homes1:48Wowee Zowee181995191
2612Pavlov's DogShe Came Shining4:19At The Sound Of The Bell11975188
2613Pavlov's DogStanding Here With You (Megan's Song)3:52At The Sound Of The Bell21975196
2614Pavlov's DogMersey3:05At The Sound Of The Bell31975203
2615Pavlov's DogValkerie5:22At The Sound Of The Bell41975214
2616Pavlov's DogTry To Hang On2:10At The Sound Of The Bell51975200
2617Pavlov's DogGold Nuggets3:28At The Sound Of The Bell61975208
2618Pavlov's DogShe Breaks Like A Morning Sky2:28At The Sound Of The Bell71975201
2619Pavlov's DogEarly Morning On3:12At The Sound Of The Bell81975206
2620Pavlov's DogDid You See Him Cry5:39At The Sound Of The Bell91975203
2621Pavlov's DogLost in America3:59Lost in America11990216
2622Pavlov's DogA Hardly Innocent Mind4:49Lost in America21990196
2623Pavlov's DogDon't Rain on Me3:47Lost in America31990195
2624Pavlov's DogNot by My Side3:07Lost in America41990199
2625Pavlov's DogPantomime5:22Lost in America51990209
2626Pavlov's DogBreaking Ice4:34Lost in America61990213
2627Pavlov's DogYou & I3:38Lost in America71990210
2628Pavlov's DogAll Night3:22Lost in America81990215
2629Pavlov's DogAs Lovers Do4:48Lost in America91990200
2630Pavlov's DogBrown Eyes5:38Lost in America101990193
2631Pavlov's DogJulia3:11Pampered Menial11974207
2632Pavlov's DogLate November3:14Pampered Menial21974211
2633Pavlov's DogSong Dance5:01Pampered Menial31974210
2634Pavlov's DogFast Gun3:05Pampered Menial41974207
2635Pavlov's DogNatchez Trace3:43Pampered Menial51974205
2636Pavlov's DogTheme From Subway Sue4:27Pampered Menial61974210
2637Pavlov's DogEpisode4:04Pampered Menial71974207
2638Pavlov's DogPreludin1:38Pampered Menial81974190
2639Pavlov's DogOf Once And Future Kings5:27Pampered Menial91974194
2640Paws For EffectAwake4:57  2009128
2641Paws For EffectAway5:00  2009128
2642Paws For EffectBass Fun0:58  2009128
2643Paws For EffectFirewalker3:29  2009128
2644Paws For EffectLove Me Do2:27  2009128
2645Paws For EffectOur Last Goodnight5:02  2009128
2646Paws For EffectPeace Corps4:02  2010128
2647Paws For EffectThis Outsider3:53  2010128
2648Paws For EffectThis Outsider (acoustic version)3:45  2010128
2649Paws For EffectWhen You Love Me3:34  2009128
2650Paws For EffectYou Were Mine4:02  2009128
2651Paws For EffectYou Were Mine3:52  2009128
2652Paws For EffectYou Were Mine (acoustic version)3:40  2010128
2653Paws For EffectFake Blonde Hair2:29 12010128
2654Paws For EffectBack To Boston4:47Paws For Effect 2010128
2655Paws For EffectSocial Dropout (Media Reject)2:27Paws For Effect 2010128
2656Paws For Effect with NiionThat Funky Kitty2:03  2009128
2657The Paws OffWelcome (The Furry Forest Theme)3:56Welcome To The Furry Forest12006160
2658PayolasEyes Of A Stranger4:55Oh What A Feeling (Disc 2)51996216
2659PCPLust & Perversion3:05Heavycore: Core Til Death42002231
2660Peabo BrysonIf Ever You're In My Arms Again4:15   128
2661Peabo BrysonIf Ever You're In My Arms Again4:13Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 2)22003201
2662Peabo BrysonCan You Stop the Rain5:33Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)32004194
2663Peabo BrysonIf Ever You're In My Arms Again4:15Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s141996192
2664Peabo Bryson & Regina BelleA Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)4:07Aladdin (OST)211992172
2665Peabo Bryson & Regina BelleI Can't Imagine4:28Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)142004191
2666Peabo Bryson & Roberta FlackTonight I Celebrate My Love3:31Now And Forever - Timeless Wedding Songs21999174
2667Peaches & HerbReunited4:01Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)192001188
2668Peaches & HerbShake Your Groove Thing3:49Disco Classics (Disc 1)142004225
2669Peaches & HerbShake Your Groove Thing3:26Pure Disco 351998217
2670Peaches & HerbShake Your Groove Thing3:27Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-197911 200
2671Peaches & HerbShake Your Groove Thing3:27The Disco Box (Disc 3)11999249
2672Peaches & HerbClose Your Eyes2:36The Soul Story: Hard To Find Hits (Disc 1)132006210
2673Peaches & HerbReunited4:00Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 197991990188
2674The Peanut Butter ConspiracyIt's A Happening Thing2:26Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets21 210
2675The Peanut Butter ConspiracyEventually1:53Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)222009140
2676Peanuts WilsonCast Iron Arm2:24Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)92006151
2677Pearl BaileyBest Of Friends (The Fox And The Hound 1981)2:16Classic Disney, Vol. 2131995177
2678Pearl DjangoAvalon3:50Avalon12000221
2679Pearl DjangoTroublant Bolero3:46Avalon22000196
2680Pearl DjangoSwing 423:41Avalon32000219
2681Pearl DjangoMemories Of You2:28Avalon42000205
2682Pearl DjangoLover, Come Back To Me3:10Avalon52000210
2683Pearl DjangoBlues En Mineur4:27Avalon62000204
2684Pearl DjangoSmoke Gets In Your Eyes5:22Avalon72000203
2685Pearl DjangoManoir De Mes Reves5:24Avalon82000198
2686Pearl DjangoBegin The Beguine4:26Avalon92000220
2687Pearl DjangoBelleville3:05Avalon102000224
2688Pearl DjangoWalc Nagrobek2:21Avalon112000205
2689Pearl DjangoSwingtonic3:21Avalon122000201
2690Pearl DjangoHoneysuckle Rose3:57Avalon132000220
2691Pearl DjangoI'm Confessin'4:11Avalon142000207
2692Pearl JamGonna See My Friend2:48Backspacer12009249
2693Pearl JamGot Some3:02Backspacer22009225
2694Pearl JamThe Fixer2:57Backspacer32009227
2695Pearl JamJohnny Guitar2:50Backspacer42009232
2696Pearl JamJust Breathe3:35Backspacer52009186
2697Pearl JamAmongst The Waves3:58Backspacer62009220
2698Pearl JamUnthought Known4:08Backspacer72009204
2699Pearl JamSupersonic2:40Backspacer82009248
2700Pearl JamSpeed Of Sound3:34Backspacer92009202
2701Pearl JamForce Of Nature4:04Backspacer102009235
2702Pearl JamThe End2:57Backspacer112009152
2703Pearl JamBreakerfall2:19Binaural12000206
2704Pearl JamGods' Dice2:26Binaural22000229
2705Pearl JamEvacuation2:56Binaural32000219
2706Pearl JamLight Years5:07Binaural42000212
2707Pearl JamNothing As It Seems5:23Binaural52000214
2708Pearl JamThin Air3:32Binaural62000196
2709Pearl JamInsignificance4:28Binaural72000219
2710Pearl JamOf The Girl5:07Binaural82000192
2711Pearl JamGrievance3:14Binaural92000220
2712Pearl JamRival3:38Binaural102000208
2713Pearl JamSleight Of Hand4:47Binaural112000191
2714Pearl JamSoon Forget1:46Binaural122000196
2715Pearl JamParting Ways7:17Binaural132000124
2716Pearl JamLast Kiss3:16Last Kiss (Single)11999199
2717Pearl JamSoldier Of Love2:54Last Kiss (Single)21999204
2718Pearl JamCorduroy5:05Live On Two Legs11998207
2719Pearl JamGiven To Fly3:53Live On Two Legs21998203
2720Pearl JamHail, Hail3:43Live On Two Legs31998216
2721Pearl JamDaughter6:47Live On Two Legs41998199
2722Pearl JamElderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town3:49Live On Two Legs51998202
2723Pearl JamUntitled2:02Live On Two Legs61998155
2724Pearl JamMFC2:28Live On Two Legs71998223
2725Pearl JamGo2:41Live On Two Legs81998222
2726Pearl JamRed Mosquito4:02Live On Two Legs91998208
2727Pearl JamEven Flow5:17Live On Two Legs101998211
2728Pearl JamOff He Goes5:43Live On Two Legs111998195
2729Pearl JamNothingman4:38Live On Two Legs121998187
2730Pearl JamDo The Evolution3:45Live On Two Legs131998198
2731Pearl JamBetter Man4:06Live On Two Legs141998197
2732Pearl JamBlack6:55Live On Two Legs151998203
2733Pearl JamF*ckin' Up6:17Live On Two Legs161998211
2734Pearl JamI Got Id4:53Merkin Ball (EP)11995197
2735Pearl JamLong Road5:59Merkin Ball (EP)21995189
2736Pearl JamSometimes2:40No Code11996179
2737Pearl JamHail, Hail3:41No Code21996239
2738Pearl JamWho You Are3:50No Code31996208
2739Pearl JamIn My Tree3:59No Code41996205
2740Pearl JamSmile3:52No Code51996221
2741Pearl JamOff He Goes6:02No Code61996189
2742Pearl JamHabit3:35No Code71996237
2743Pearl JamRed Mosquito4:03No Code81996223
2744Pearl JamLukin1:02No Code91996232
2745Pearl JamPresent Tense5:46No Code101996191
2746Pearl JamMankind3:28No Code111996225
2747Pearl JamI'm Open2:57No Code121996168
2748Pearl JamAround The Bend4:35No Code131996188
2749Pearl JamLife Wasted3:54Pearl Jam12006243
2750Pearl JamWorld Wide Suicide3:29Pearl Jam22006233
2751Pearl JamComatose2:19Pearl Jam32006246
2752Pearl JamSevered Hand4:30Pearl Jam42006228
2753Pearl JamMarker In The Sand4:23Pearl Jam52006231
2754Pearl JamParachutes3:36Pearl Jam62006201
2755Pearl JamUnemployable3:04Pearl Jam72006225
2756Pearl JamBig Wave2:58Pearl Jam82006240
2757Pearl JamGone4:09Pearl Jam92006195
2758Pearl JamWasted Reprise0:53Pearl Jam102006183
2759Pearl JamArmy Reserve3:45Pearl Jam112006227
2760Pearl JamCome Back5:29Pearl Jam122006201
2761Pearl JamInside Job7:08Pearl Jam132006179
2762Pearl JamWho You Are3:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0881996207
2763Pearl JamCan't Keep3:39Riot Act12002220
2764Pearl JamSave You3:50Riot Act22002240
2765Pearl JamLove Boat Captain4:36Riot Act32002208
2766Pearl JamCropduster3:51Riot Act42002235
2767Pearl JamGhost3:15Riot Act52002239
2768Pearl JamI Am Mine3:35Riot Act62002242
2769Pearl JamThumbing My Way4:10Riot Act72002170
2770Pearl JamYou Are4:30Riot Act82002217
2771Pearl JamGet Right2:38Riot Act92002227
2772Pearl JamGreen Disease2:41Riot Act102002231
2773Pearl JamHelp Help3:35Riot Act112002216
2774Pearl JamBu$hleaguer3:57Riot Act122002227
2775Pearl Jam½ Full4:10Riot Act132002226
2776Pearl JamArc1:05Riot Act142002169
2777Pearl JamAll Or None4:37Riot Act152002205
2778Pearl JamBreath5:27Singles (OST)21992215
2779Pearl JamState Of Love And Trust3:48Singles (OST)81992216
2780Pearl JamOnce3:51Ten11991215
2781Pearl JamEven Flow4:53Ten21991221
2782Pearl JamAlive5:41Ten31991229
2783Pearl JamWhy Go3:19Ten41991230
2784Pearl JamBlack5:43Ten51991201
2785Pearl JamJeremy5:19Ten61991218
2786Pearl JamOceans2:41Ten71991199
2787Pearl JamPorch3:30Ten81991217
2788Pearl JamGarden4:59Ten91991203
2789Pearl JamDeep4:18Ten101991209
2790Pearl JamRelease9:06Ten111991200
2791Pearl JamLast Exit2:54Vitalogy11994235
2792Pearl JamSpin the Black Circle2:47Vitalogy21994249
2793Pearl JamNot for You5:52Vitalogy31994208
2794Pearl JamTremor Christ4:12Vitalogy41994219
2795Pearl JamNothingman4:35Vitalogy51994189
2796Pearl JamWhipping2:34Vitalogy61994245
2797Pearl JamPry, To1:03Vitalogy71994211
2798Pearl JamCorduroy4:37Vitalogy81994218
2799Pearl JamBugs2:44Vitalogy91994131
2800Pearl JamSatan's Bed3:30Vitalogy101994218
2801Pearl JamBetter Man4:28Vitalogy111994209
2802Pearl JamAye Davanita2:57Vitalogy121994188
2803Pearl JamImmortality5:28Vitalogy131994200
2804Pearl JamHey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me (Stupid Mop)7:44Vitalogy141994199
2805Pearl JamGo3:13Vs.11993231
2806Pearl JamAnimal2:49Vs.21993261
2807Pearl JamDaughter3:55Vs.31993209
2808Pearl JamGlorified G3:26Vs.41993234
2809Pearl JamDissident3:35Vs.51993229
2810Pearl JamW.M.A.5:59Vs.61993221
2811Pearl JamBlood2:50Vs.71993240
2812Pearl JamRearviewmirror4:44Vs.81993241
2813Pearl JamRats4:15Vs.91993225
2814Pearl JamElderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town3:16Vs.101993221
2815Pearl JamLeash3:09Vs.111993232
2816Pearl JamIndifference5:03Vs.121993179
2817Pearl JamBrain of J.2:59Yield11998245
2818Pearl JamFaithful4:18Yield21998231
2819Pearl JamNo Way4:19Yield31998227
2820Pearl JamGiven to Fly4:01Yield41998212
2821Pearl JamWishlist3:26Yield51998218
2822Pearl JamPilate3:00Yield61998225
2823Pearl JamDo the Evolution3:54Yield71998234
2824Pearl JamUntitled (Red Dot)1:06Yield81998226
2825Pearl JamMFC2:28Yield91998242
2826Pearl JamLow Light3:46Yield101998229
2827Pearl JamIn Hiding5:00Yield111998235
2828Pearl JamPush Me, Pull Me2:28Yield121998232
2829Pearl JamAll Those Yesterdays7:45Yield131998190
2830The PearlsYou Came, You Saw, You Conquered2:44Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)61992221
2831PearlsThird Finger, Left Hand2:38Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 2)91997195
2832PearlsGuilty3:05Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)81997204
2833Peatbog FaeriesFolk Police3:12Celtic Soundclash42001210
2834PebblesGiving You The Benefit5:42Always11990224
2836PebblesLove Makes Things Happen5:11Always31990211
2837PebblesSay A Prayer For Me5:15Always41990236
2838PebblesWhy Do I Believe (Prelude)1:01Always51990181
2839PebblesGive It To Me4:12Always61990222
2840PebblesWhy Do I Believe3:52Always71990201
2842PebblesStay With Me4:36Always91990211
2843PebblesGood Thang4:25Always101990224
2844PebblesGiving You The Benefit (Extended Club Mix)7:41Always111990228
2845PebblesMercedes Boy (Extended Version)7:21Dance Classics Vol. 3172010225
2846PebblesMercedes Boy4:56Mercedes Boy 1988320
2847PebblesGirlfriend4:18Teen Riot (Disc 1)62000219
2848PebblesGirlfriend4:15Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two151996212
2849Pee Wee HuntTwelfth Street Rag2:52Your Hit Parade 1948131990157
2850Pee Wee HuntOh!2:43Your Hit Parade 19539 128
2851Pee Wee KingCatty Town2:10Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59181989184
2852Pee Wee King & His Golden West CowboysSlow Poke3:03Your Hit Parade 19525 128
2853The PeelsJuanita Banana2:35Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 1)141992220
2854Peggy LeeThe Siamese Cat (Lady And The Tramp 1955)2:13Classic Disney, Vol. 4171997125
2855Peggy LeeHe's A Tramp (Lady And The Tramp 1955)2:02Classic Disney, Vol. 5221998126
2856Peggy LeeFever3:18More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)91999128
2857Peggy LeeMr Wonderful3:19Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)92001143
2858Peggy LeeBali Ha'i3:10Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)132001139
2859Peggy LeeNew York City Blues3:21New York With Fond Memories121992198
2860Peggy LeeHappy Holiday1:55Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)52003222
2861Peggy LeeThe Little Drummer Boy2:17Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 1)122006198
2862Peggy LeeAs Time Goes By2:49Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed122001192
2863Peggy LeeFever3:19The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)71997198
2864Peggy LeeI'm A Woman2:09There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller121991194
2865Peggy LeeWinter Wonderland1:55Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 1) - Christmas Favorites31998198
2866Peggy LeeWinter Wonderland1:54Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One21996196
2867Peggy LeeWhite Christmas2:09Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three9 179
2868Peggy LeeHappy Holiday1:56Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two171997201
2869Peggy LeeMr. Wonderful3:20Your Hit Parade - Late 50's9 128
2870Peggy LeeI Don't Know Enough About You3:22Your Hit Parade 19469 127
2871Peggy LeeMañana (Is Soon Enough for Me)2:58Your Hit Parade 194811990152
2872Peggy LeeGolden Earrings3:02Your Hit Parade 1948151990143
2873Peggy LeeLover3:23Your Hit Parade 195212 139
2874Peggy LeeBaubles, Bangles And Beads3:21Your Hit Parade 195323 133
2875Peggy LeeFever3:23Your Hit Parade 195861990128
2876Peggy Scott & Jo Jo BensonSoulshake2:30Coolin' Out - 24 Carolina Classics Volume 3231987208
2877PendragonAs Good As Gold3:29As Good As Gold11996219
2878PendragonBird Of Paradise6:55As Good As Gold21996192
2879PendragonMidnight Running7:44As Good As Gold31996201
2880PendragonA Million Miles Away3:17As Good As Gold41996187
2882PendragonNo Place for the Innocent5:36Believe22005229
2883PendragonThe Wisdom of Solomon7:07Believe32005222
2884PendragonThe Wishing Well (i) For Your Journey4:31Believe42005172
2885PendragonThe Wishing Well (ii) Sou' by Sou'west6:48Believe52005223
2886PendragonThe Wishing Well (iii) We Talked5:29Believe62005235
2887PendragonThe Wishing Well (iv) Two Roads4:19Believe72005213
2888PendragonLearning Curve6:38Believe82005218
2889PendragonThe Edge of the World8:21Believe92005196
2892PendragonFeeding Frenzy5:47Passion32011224
2893PendragonThis Green and Pleasant Land13:13Passion42011219
2894PendragonIt's Just a Matter of Not Getting Caught4:41Passion52011222
2895PendragonSkara Brae7:31Passion62011231
2896PendragonYour Black Heart6:46Passion72011205
2899PendragonComatose I. View From the Seashore7:40Pure32008215
2900PendragonComatose II. Space Cadet4:02Pure42008216
2901PendragonComatose III. Home and Dry5:55Pure52008207
2902PendragonThe Freak Show4:26Pure62008222
2903PendragonIt's Only Me8:15Pure72008197
2904PendragonHigher Circles3:30The Jewel [2005 Remaster]11985253
2905PendragonThe Pleasure of Hope3:44The Jewel [2005 Remaster]21985247
2906PendragonLeviathan6:14The Jewel [2005 Remaster]31985232
2907PendragonAlaska8:39The Jewel [2005 Remaster]41985243
2908PendragonCircus6:32The Jewel [2005 Remaster]51985230
2909PendragonOh Divineo6:50The Jewel [2005 Remaster]61985243
2910PendragonThe Black Knight9:57The Jewel [2005 Remaster]71985224
2911PendragonFly High Fall Far (Bonus Track)4:57The Jewel [2005 Remaster]81985253
2912PendragonVictims of Life (Bonus Track)6:54The Jewel [2005 Remaster]91985240
2913PendragonArmageddon (Bonus Track)6:13The Jewel [2005 Remaster]101985225
2914PendragonInsomnia (Bonus Track)4:12The Jewel [2005 Remaster]111985231
2915PendragonThe Masquerade Overture3:04The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)11996194
2916PendragonAs Good As Gold7:15The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)21996219
2917PendragonPaintbox8:38The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)31996204
2918PendragonThe Pursuit of Excellence2:37The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)41996195
2919PendragonGuardian of My Soul12:41The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)51996218
2920PendragonThe Shadow9:55The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)61996210
2921PendragonMasters of Illusion12:51The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)71996209
2922PendragonThe Last Man on Earth (Live Bonus Track)14:40The Masquerade Overture (2005 Reissue)81996208
2923PendragonSaved by You4:03The Rest of Pendragon11991203
2924PendragonLady Luck5:00The Rest of Pendragon21991198
2925PendragonChase the Jewel6:03The Rest of Pendragon31991200
2926PendragonElephants Never Grow Old3:30The Rest of Pendragon41991195
2927PendragonRed Shoes4:21The Rest of Pendragon51991201
2928PendragonSearching3:38The Rest of Pendragon61991190
2929PendragonContact3:23The Rest of Pendragon71991205
2930PendragonFly High Fall Far4:56The Rest of Pendragon81991202
2931PendragonVictims of Life6:54The Rest of Pendragon91991191
2932PendragonDark Summer's Day5:32The Rest of Pendragon101991182
2933PendragonExcalibur6:30The Rest of Pendragon111991187
2934PendragonFly High Fall Far (Live)4:23The Rest of Pendragon121991192
2935PendragonThe Walls of Babylon10:50The Window of Life11993214
2936PendragonGhosts8:02The Window of Life21993208
2937PendragonBreaking the Spell9:18The Window of Life31993207
2938PendragonThe Last Man on Earth14:46The Window of Life41993207
2939PendragonNostradamus (Stargazing)6:23The Window of Life51993205
2940PendragonAm I Really Losing You?4:47The Window of Life61993197
2941PendragonBack in the Spotlight7:44The World11991204
2942PendragonThe Voyager12:18The World21991209
2943PendragonShane4:27The World31991213
2944PendragonPrayer5:22The World41991199
2945PendragonQueen of Hearts (i) Queen of Hearts8:18The World51991199
2946PendragonQueen of Hearts (ii) A Man Could Die Out Here8:08The World61991219
2947PendragonQueen of Hearts (iii) The Last Waltz5:26The World71991209
2948PendragonAnd We'll Go Hunting Deer7:16The World81991199
2949PendulumPrelude0:52Hold Your Colour12005215
2950PendulumSlam5:45Hold Your Colour22005179
2951PendulumPlasticworld (Feat. Fats & TC)6:21Hold Your Colour32005188
2952PendulumFasten Your Seatbelt (Feat. The Freestylers)6:38Hold Your Colour42005185
2953PendulumThrough The Loop6:13Hold Your Colour52005187
2954PendulumSounds Of Life (Feat. Jasmine Yee)5:21Hold Your Colour62005199
2955PendulumGirl In The Fire4:53Hold Your Colour72005190
2956PendulumTarantula (Feat. Fresh, $pyda & Tenor Fly)5:31Hold Your Colour82005178
2957PendulumOut Here6:07Hold Your Colour92005185
2958PendulumHold Your Colour5:28Hold Your Colour102005179
2959PendulumThe Terminal5:42Hold Your Colour112005182
2960PendulumStreamline5:23Hold Your Colour122005181
2961PendulumAnother Planet7:38Hold Your Colour132005182
2962PendulumStill Grey7:51Hold Your Colour142005182
2963PendulumShowdown5:27In Silico12008191
2964PendulumDifferent5:51In Silico22008213
2965PendulumPropane Nightmares5:13In Silico32008189
2966PendulumVision5:36In Silico42008198
2967PendulumMidnight Runner6:55In Silico52008214
2968PendulumThe Otherside5:15In Silico62008210
2969PendulumMutiny5:09In Silico72008218
2970Pendulum9,000 Miles6:26In Silico82008198
2971PendulumGranite4:41In Silico92008187
2972PendulumThe Tempest7:27In Silico102008192
2973The PenguinsEarth Angel2:56100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)111999219
2974The PenguinsEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine)2:56Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)82004126
2975The PenguinsEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine)2:56The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)141994128
2976The PenguinsHey Señorita2:12The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 1)131996127
2977The PenguinsMemories Of El Monte2:45The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)231996185
2978Penny ArkadeSwim2:43Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)232009134
2979The PentagonsTo Be Loved (Forever)2:28The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)31996128
2980People's ChoiceDo It Anyway U Wanna3:13Disco Super Hits41998225
2981The People's ChoiceMy Feet Won't Move, But My Shoes Did The Boogie4:22Disco Train Vol. 151996213
2982The People's ChoiceYou Oughta Be Dancin'6:16Disco Train Vol. 2131997210
2983PepeMerry Christmas Baby2:45A Green And Red Christmas42006221
2984PepperBring Me Along3:34TMNT (OST)62006128
2985Peppino Di CapriRoberta3:07Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)141992222
2986Pepsi & ShirlieAll Right Now4:01Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 2)3 180
2987Percy FaithTheme From A Summer Place2:27Jukebox Hits Of 196011991204
2988Percy FaithTheme from 'A Summer Place'2:23Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)51999220
2989Percy FaithThe Virginian0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)481986198
2990Percy FaithChristmas Is2:57The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4222000204
2991Percy FaithCrunchy Granola Suite3:06Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)192001225
2992Percy FaithTheme For Young Lovers3:11Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two231993199
2993Percy Faith & His OrchestraThe Theme From "A Summer Place"2:25Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals221993195
2994Percy Faith & His OrchestraDelicado2:53Your Hit Parade 19528 129
2995Percy Faith & His OrchestraThe Song From Moulin Rouge3:21Your Hit Parade 195316 128
2996Percy Faith And His OrchestraThem From A Summer Place2:23Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 1)1 199
2997Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Theme From 'A Summer Place'2:28Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)11992202
2998Percy Faith and His OrchestraSong From 'Moulin Rouge' (Where is Your Heart)3:22Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)181992191
2999Percy Faith StringsThe Song From Moulin Rouge3:22Lets Dance! The Best Of Ballroom (Fox Trots & Waltzes)111997127
3000Percy SledgeWhen a Man Loves a Woman2:53AM Gold: 1966111995158
3001Percy SledgeWhen A Man Loves A Woman2:53Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)101991126
3002Percy SledgeWhen A Man Loves A Woman2:55The Rock Box (Disc 5)8 199
3003Percy SledgeWhen A Man Loves A Woman2:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)32001129
3004Percy SledgeMy Special Prayer3:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)102001200
3005Perez "Prez" Prado & His OrchestraCherry Pink And Apple Blossom White3:03Your Hit Parade 19558 132
3006Perez PradoGuaglione2:25More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)151999212
3007Perez PradoMambo #82:06Office Space (OST)111999272
3008Perez PradoThe Peanut Vendor2:39Office Space (OST)121999281
3009Perez PradoPatricia2:20The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)61997212
3010Perez PradoPatricia2:23TM Century GoldDisc Update 471991218
3011Perez PradoPatricia2:23Your Hit Parade 195851990215
3012Perez Prado And His OrchestraCherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (Cerezo Rosa)2:29Instrumental Gold (Disc 1)71992205
3013Perez Prado and His OrchestraPatricia2:10Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)151992210
3014Perez Prado feat. Rosemary ClooneySway2:22More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)11999167
3015A Perfect CircleAnnihilation2:13eMOTIVe12004188
3016A Perfect CircleImagine4:48eMOTIVe22004215
3017A Perfect CirclePeace Love And Understanding5:03eMOTIVe32004208
3018A Perfect CircleWhat's Going On4:53eMOTIVe42004199
3019A Perfect CirclePassive4:10eMOTIVe52004201
3020A Perfect CircleGimmie Gimmie Gimmie2:18eMOTIVe62004235
3021A Perfect CirclePeople Are People3:43eMOTIVe72004187
3022A Perfect CircleFreedom Of Choice2:59eMOTIVe82004220
3023A Perfect CircleLet's Have A War3:28eMOTIVe92004240
3024A Perfect CircleCounting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums5:36eMOTIVe102004229
3025A Perfect CircleWhen The Levee Breaks5:55eMOTIVe112004204
3026A Perfect CircleFiddle And The Drum3:06eMOTIVe122004184
3027A Perfect CircleThe Hollow2:59Mer de Noms12000230
3028A Perfect CircleMagdalena4:06Mer de Noms22000224
3029A Perfect CircleRose3:26Mer de Noms32000213
3030A Perfect CircleJudith4:07Mer de Noms42000242
3031A Perfect CircleOrestes4:48Mer de Noms52000230
3032A Perfect Circle3 Libras3:39Mer de Noms62000216
3033A Perfect CircleSleeping Beauty4:10Mer de Noms72000216
3034A Perfect CircleThomas3:29Mer de Noms82000231
3035A Perfect CircleRenholdër2:24Mer de Noms92000210
3036A Perfect CircleThinking Of You4:34Mer de Noms102000221
3037A Perfect CircleBreña4:24Mer de Noms112000197
3038A Perfect CircleOver2:23Mer de Noms122000152
3039A Perfect CircleMagdalena (Live)4:15Mer de Noms (Bonus Disc)12000239
3040A Perfect CircleBreña (Live)4:04Mer de Noms (Bonus Disc)22000226
3041A Perfect CircleThe Package7:40Thirteenth Step12003213
3042A Perfect CircleWeak And Powerless3:15Thirteenth Step22003230
3043A Perfect CircleThe Noose4:53Thirteenth Step32003202
3044A Perfect CircleBlue4:13Thirteenth Step42003217
3045A Perfect CircleVanishing4:51Thirteenth Step52003216
3046A Perfect CircleA Stranger3:12Thirteenth Step62003196
3047A Perfect CircleThe Outsider4:06Thirteenth Step72003234
3048A Perfect CircleCrimes2:35Thirteenth Step82003202
3049A Perfect CircleThe Nurse Who Loved Me4:04Thirteenth Step92003195
3050A Perfect CirclePet4:34Thirteenth Step102003227
3051A Perfect CircleLullabye2:02Thirteenth Step112003171
3052A Perfect CircleGravity5:08Thirteenth Step122003219
3053Perfect GentlemenOoh La La (I Can't Get Over You)4:47Rated PG31990320
3054Perfect PhaseHorny Horns3:34Hitzone 8131999214
3055Perfecto AllstarzPsycho3:30Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club12005230
3056Perfecto AllstarzBullit (Long)5:28Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club32005245
3057Perfecto AllstarzChroma (Long)4:06Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club122005192
3058Perfecto AllstarzThe Club Theme4:12Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club132005225
3059PergolesiStabat Mater: Stabat Mater dolorosa3:59The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music61995196
3060PergolesiStabat Mater: Cujus animam gementem2:38The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music71995198
3061PergolesiStabat Mater: O quam tristis et afflicta2:15The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music81995198
3062PergolesiStabat Mater: Quae moerebat et dolebat2:49The Very Best of Gregorian Chants and Other Sacred Music91995186
3063The PerishersNothing Like You And I3:31London (OST)142005188
3064Perpetual GrooveLife1:32All This Everything12004215
3065Perpetual GrooveAll This Everything Pt. I4:48All This Everything22004218
3066Perpetual GrooveAll This Everything Pt. II5:12All This Everything32004227
3067Perpetual Groove53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity4:41All This Everything42004218
3068Perpetual GrooveAndromeda2:45All This Everything52004209
3069Perpetual GrooveLong Past Settled In6:42All This Everything62004219
3070Perpetual GrooveCrockett & Tubbs7:13All This Everything72004226
3071Perpetual GrooveThe Universe1:57All This Everything82004234
3072Perpetual GrooveStealy Man5:55All This Everything92004221
3073Perpetual GrooveLeft To Drifting5:10All This Everything102004220
3074Perpetual GrooveScooter4:21All This Everything112004216
3075Perpetual GrooveGone 'Round The Twist1:55All This Everything122004178
3076Perpetual GrooveOccam's Blazer7:35All This Everything132004213
3077Perpetual GrooveFor Now Forget4:59All This Everything142004203
3078Perpetual GrooveAnd Everything2:16All This Everything152004211
3079Perpetual GrooveThree Weeks9:16Sweet Oblivious Antidote12003239
3080Perpetual GroovePerihelion6:29Sweet Oblivious Antidote22003221
3081Perpetual GrooveSun Dog7:29Sweet Oblivious Antidote32003235
3082Perpetual GrooveTSMM6:32Sweet Oblivious Antidote42003215
3083Perpetual GrooveTeakwood Betz7:33Sweet Oblivious Antidote52003243
3084Perpetual GrooveAstro Monkey4:37Sweet Oblivious Antidote62003243
3085Perpetual GrooveRobot Waltz5:42Sweet Oblivious Antidote72003241
3086Perpetual GrooveWalking In Place6:15Sweet Oblivious Antidote82003228
3087Perpetual GroovePlayground7:46Sweet Oblivious Antidote92003223
3088Perpetual GrooveSweet Oblivious Antidote5:01Sweet Oblivious Antidote102003241
3089Perpetual MotionKeep On Dancin' (Let's Go) (Fox Sports Highlight Reel)2:05Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!231999211
3090Perrey & KingsleyThe Savers1:45Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's21999246
3091Perrey & KingsleyOne Note Samba / Spanish Flea2:07Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's61999221
3092Perrey & KingsleyWinchester Cathedral2:15Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's91999239
3093Perrey & KingsleyBaroque Hoedown2:26Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's111999221
3094Perrey & KingsleyThe Unidentified Flying Object2:01The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)12001209
3095Perrey & KingsleyThe Little Man From Mars2:30The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)22001224
3096Perrey & KingsleyCosmic Ballad3:29The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)32001207
3097Perrey & KingsleySwan's Splashdown2:21The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)42001208
3098Perrey & KingsleyCountdown At 62:53The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)52001203
3099Perrey & KingsleyBarnyard In Orbit2:26The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)62001223
3100Perrey & KingsleySpooks In Space2:06The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)72001217
3101Perrey & KingsleyGirl From Venus2:25The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)82001202
3102Perrey & KingsleyElectronic Can-Can2:03The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)92001219
3103Perrey & KingsleyJungle Blues From Jupiter2:59The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)102001196
3104Perrey & KingsleyComputer In Love2:09The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)112001205
3105Perrey & KingsleyVisa To The Stars2:19The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)122001219
3106Perrey & KingsleyThe Savers1:46The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)132001227
3107Perrey & KingsleyUmbrellas Of Cherbourg2:46The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)142001208
3108Perrey & KingsleyStrangers In The Night2:58The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)152001211
3109Perrey & KingsleyOne Note Samba - Spanish Flea2:07The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)162001214
3110Perrey & KingsleyLover's Concerto2:14The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)172001210
3111Perrey & KingsleyThird Man Theme2:12The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)182001209
3112Perrey & KingsleyFallout1:57The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)192001243
3113Perrey & KingsleyBaroque Hoedown2:28The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)202001194
3114Perrey & KingsleyWinchester Cathedral2:18The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)212001220
3115Perrey & KingsleyCarousel Of The Planets2:43The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)222001207
3116Perrey & KingsleyToy Balloons2:07The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)232001206
3117Perrey & KingsleyMoon River2:53The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)242001202
3118Perrey & KingsleyMas Que Nada2:23The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)252001208
3119Perrey & KingsleyPioneers Of The Stars2:46The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)262001206
3120Perrey & KingsleyMary France2:51The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)12001221
3121Perrey & KingsleyThe Little Ships2:19The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)22001219
3122Perrey & KingsleyIsland In Space2:44The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)32001214
3123Perrey & KingsleyThe Mexican Cactus2:17The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)42001239
3124Perrey & KingsleyPorcupine Rock2:17The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)52001192
3125Perrey & KingsleyThe Little Girl From Mars2:59The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)62001223
3126Perrey & KingsleyMister James Bond3:03The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)72001229
3127Perrey & KingsleyFr?e Jean Jacques2:41The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)82001212
3128Perrey & KingsleyBrazilian Flower1:56The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)92001192
3129Perrey & KingsleyIn The Heart Of A Rose2:43The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)102001205
3130Perrey & KingsleyThe Minuet Of The Robots2:18The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)112001223
3131Perrey & KingsleyFour, Three, Two, One2:35The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)122001202
3132Perrey & KingsleyGypsy In Rio2:04The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)132001219
3133Perrey & KingsleySoul City2:07The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)142001225
3134Perrey & KingsleyE.V.A.3:10The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)152001233
3135Perrey & KingsleyThe Rose And The Cross2:38The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)162001189
3136Perrey & KingsleyCat In The Night3:34The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)172001233
3137Perrey & KingsleyFlight Of The Bumblebee2:10The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)182001244
3138Perrey & KingsleyMoog Indigo3:00The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)192001218
3139Perrey & KingsleyGossippo Perpetuo2:08The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)202001217
3140Perrey & KingsleyCountry Rock Polka2:29The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)212001222
3141Perrey & KingsleyThe Elephant Never Forgets2:27The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)222001216
3142Perrey & Kingsley18th Century Puppet2:40The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)232001209
3143Perrey & KingsleyHello Dolly2:00The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)242001198
3144Perrey & KingsleyPassport To The Future2:43The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)252001238
3145Perrey & KingsleyE.V.A. (Dub) (Fat Boy Slim)6:06The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)12001166
3146Perrey & KingsleyE.V.A. (Remix) (Fat Boy Slim)6:27The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)22001203
3147Perrey & KingsleyWinchester Cathedral (Eurotrash)3:41The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)32001223
3148Perrey & KingsleyFlight Of The Bumblebee (Eurotrash)4:00The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)42001238
3149Perrey & KingsleyLover's Concerto (Eurotrash)3:47The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)52001221
3150Perrey & KingsleyThe Unidentified Flying Object (Eurotrash)3:43The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)62001232
3151Perrey & KingsleyElectronic Can-Can (Eurotrash)3:36The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)72001233
3152Perry Botkin Jr.Mork & Mindy1:28Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)191996197
3153Perry ComoIt's Impossible3:15American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 141989222
3154Perry ComoDon't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes2:43Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 1)121996224
3155Perry ComoO Come All Ye Faithful2:46Christmas With Perry Como11997179
3156Perry ComoGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:54Christmas With Perry Como21997203
3157Perry ComoJingle Bells2:59Christmas With Perry Como31997169
3158Perry ComoAve Maria4:42Christmas With Perry Como41997182
3159Perry ComoO Holy Night3:01Christmas With Perry Como51997197
3160Perry ComoSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town2:42Christmas With Perry Como61997205
3161Perry ComoToyland3:11Christmas With Perry Como71997210
3162Perry ComoSilent Night3:51Christmas With Perry Como81997179
3163Perry ComoDo You Hear What I Hear3:09Christmas With Perry Como91997183
3164Perry ComoThe Little Drummer Boy3:36Christmas With Perry Como101997199
3165Perry ComoAnd I Love You So3:18Legendary (Disc 1)12000209
3166Perry ComoRound and Round2:35Legendary (Disc 1)22000188
3167Perry ComoYesterday3:01Legendary (Disc 1)32000190
3168Perry ComoMoon Talk2:36Legendary (Disc 1)42000203
3169Perry ComoEl Condor Pasa3:44Legendary (Disc 1)52000193
3170Perry ComoSomething3:33Legendary (Disc 1)62000206
3171Perry ComoMagic Moments2:43Legendary (Disc 1)72000212
3172Perry ComoIt All Seems to Fall into Line2:53Legendary (Disc 1)82000215
3173Perry ComoJust Born (To Be Your Baby)2:33Legendary (Disc 1)92000158
3174Perry ComoFeelings3:34Legendary (Disc 1)102000197
3175Perry ComoMi Casa Su Casa3:02Legendary (Disc 1)112000194
3176Perry ComoSnowbird3:04Legendary (Disc 1)122000197
3177Perry ComoFor the Good Times3:40Legendary (Disc 1)132000190
3178Perry ComoKewpie Doll2:35Legendary (Disc 1)142000175
3179Perry ComoIt's Impossible3:18Legendary (Disc 1)152000192
3180Perry ComoTry to Remember4:32Legendary (Disc 1)162000191
3181Perry ComoCatch a Falling Star2:30Legendary (Disc 1)172000207
3182Perry ComoWind Beneath My Wings4:15Legendary (Disc 1)182000175
3183Perry ComoI Believe in Music2:58Legendary (Disc 2)12000207
3184Perry ComoSing2:42Legendary (Disc 2)22000202
3185Perry ComoUnchained Melody3:19Legendary (Disc 2)32000178
3186Perry ComoDream on Little Dreamer2:21Legendary (Disc 2)42000190
3187Perry ComoRaindrops Keep Falling on My Head3:21Legendary (Disc 2)52000194
3188Perry ComoYou Light Up My Life3:41Legendary (Disc 2)62000200
3189Perry ComoWhen I Need You3:04Legendary (Disc 2)72000183
3190Perry ComoMandolins in the Moonlight2:46Legendary (Disc 2)82000216
3191Perry ComoKilling Me Softly with Her Song4:30Legendary (Disc 2)92000204
3192Perry ComoWe Kiss in a Shadow3:17Legendary (Disc 2)102000207
3193Perry ComoTie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree3:00Legendary (Disc 2)112000200
3194Perry ComoWhere You're Concerned2:39Legendary (Disc 2)122000201
3195Perry ComoWalk Right Back2:25Legendary (Disc 2)132000213
3196Perry ComoJuke Box Baby2:16Legendary (Disc 2)142000186
3197Perry ComoThe Most Beautiful Girl2:35Legendary (Disc 2)152000191
3198Perry ComoMoon River3:22Legendary (Disc 2)162000208
3199Perry ComoI Know2:23Legendary (Disc 2)172000224
3200Perry ComoDon't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes2:45Legendary (Disc 3)12000224
3201Perry ComoI Left My Heart in San Francisco3:21Legendary (Disc 3)22000188
3202Perry ComoHawaiian Wedding Song2:36Legendary (Disc 3)32000185
3203Perry ComoSeattle2:48Legendary (Disc 3)42000201
3204Perry ComoThe Days of Wine and Roses2:47Legendary (Disc 3)52000199
3205Perry ComoBeyond Tomorrow2:47Legendary (Disc 3)62000201
3206Perry ComoIvy Rose3:14Legendary (Disc 3)72000215
3207Perry ComoMore2:38Legendary (Disc 3)82000169
3208Perry ComoWe've Only Just Begun3:28Legendary (Disc 3)92000201
3209Perry ComoPapa Loves Mambo2:41Legendary (Disc 3)102000194
3210Perry ComoClose to You3:17Legendary (Disc 3)112000192
3211Perry ComoLet's Do It Again3:03Legendary (Disc 3)122000208
3212Perry ComoGlendora2:46Legendary (Disc 3)132000207
3213Perry ComoThere's a Kind of Hush3:09Legendary (Disc 3)142000194
3214Perry ComoDelaware2:23Legendary (Disc 3)152000220
3215Perry ComoCatch A Falling Star2:28More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)121999157
3216Perry ComoMagic Moments2:40Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)151999127
3217Perry ComoAnd I Love You So3:17Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 1)62001201
3218Perry ComoSome Enchanted Evening3:28Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)62001127
3219Perry ComoThere's No Place Like Home For The Holidays2:51Now That's What I Call Christmas! (Disc 1)82001127
3220Perry ComoCatch A Falling Star2:31Pottery Barn Kids: Play Time!52002128
3221Perry ComoGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:55The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)181996189
3222Perry ComoCatch A Falling Star2:32The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)181997211
3223Perry ComoHot Diggety2:24The Fifties Complete (Disc 2)11997219
3224Perry ComoMagic Moments2:42The Fifties Complete (Disc 4)111997135
3225Perry ComoMagic Moments2:40The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 1)21998128
3226Perry ComoO Holy Night3:43The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)71987192
3227Perry ComoHome For The Holidays2:57The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 1)161987189
3228Perry ComoSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:45The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)41987192
3229Perry ComoI'll Be Home For Christmas2:56The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)81987141
3230Perry ComoIt's Beginning To Look Like Christmas2:39The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)221987165
3231Perry ComoThere Is No Christmas Like A Home Christmas2:47The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5132000127
3232Perry ComoSanta Claus Is Coming To Town2:43The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6232001187
3233Perry ComoWhite Christmas3:29Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 3) - Holiday Cheer121998127
3234Perry ComoJoy to the World2:40White Christmas12003160
3235Perry ComoWinter Wonderland3:27White Christmas22003178
3236Perry ComoI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus2:27White Christmas32003128
3237Perry ComoWhite Christmas3:30White Christmas42003165
3238Perry ComoThe Christmas Song3:35White Christmas52003127
3239Perry ComoHere We Come A-Caroling - We Wish You a Merry Christmas1:37White Christmas62003186
3240Perry ComoChrist Is Born2:47White Christmas72003165
3241Perry ComoThe Twelve Days of Christmas4:01White Christmas82003134
3242Perry ComoSilver Bells (From The Lemon Drop Kid)2:33White Christmas92003198
3243Perry ComoHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (From Meet Me in St. Louis)2:50White Christmas102003186
3244Perry ComoJuke Box Baby2:14Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever191992128
3245Perry ComoJust Born (To Be Your Baby)2:33Your Hit Parade - The Fabulous '50s131992126
3246Perry ComoDelaware2:24Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s181993126
3247Perry ComoIf I Loved You3:19Your Hit Parade 194510 140
3248Perry ComoTill The End Of Time3:11Your Hit Parade 194516 133
3249Perry ComoDig You Later (A Hubba Hubba Hubba)3:04Your Hit Parade 194524 140
3250Perry ComoPrisoner Of Love3:30Your Hit Parade 19466 126
3251Perry ComoSurrender3:16Your Hit Parade 194614 128
3252Perry ComoThey Say Its Wonderful2:36Your Hit Parade 194622 127
3253Perry ComoChi-Baba Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep)3:01Your Hit Parade 194761989126
3254Perry ComoWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen3:16Your Hit Parade 1947211989128
3255Perry ComoBecause2:51Your Hit Parade 194831990142
3256Perry ComoSome Enchanted Evening3:29Your Hit Parade 19496 128
3257Perry ComoBali Ha'i3:40Your Hit Parade 194915 128
3258Perry ComoIf3:11Your Hit Parade 1951201988127
3259Perry ComoDon't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes2:42Your Hit Parade 19531 148
3260Perry ComoNo Other Love3:14Your Hit Parade 19538 127
3261Perry ComoPapa Loves Mambo2:41Your Hit Parade 195471989129
3262Perry ComoKo Ko Mo (I Love You So)2:43Your Hit Parade 19551 127
3263Perry ComoMore2:37Your Hit Parade 19565 126
3264Perry ComoHot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)2:23Your Hit Parade 195613 127
3265Perry ComoRound And Round2:36Your Hit Parade 1957191990127
3266Perry ComoCatch a Falling Star2:31Your Hit Parade 1958101990193
3267Perry ComoMagic Moments2:41Your Hit Parade 1958201990128
3268Perry Como & Betty HuttonA bushel And A Beck2:47Your Hit Parade 19504 128
3269Perry Como & Eddie FisherMaybe2:53Your Hit Parade 19523 128
3270Perry Como & The Fontane SistersA Dreamer's Holiday3:19Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters12001126
3271Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters'A' - You're Adorable2:26Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters22001126
3272Perry Como & The Fontane SistersIt's a Lovely Day Today2:43Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters32001127
3273Perry Como & The Fontane SistersYou're Just in Love (I Wonder Why)2:57Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters42001126
3274Perry Como & The Fontane SistersI Wanna Go Home (With You)2:20Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters52001126
3275Perry Como & The Fontane SistersIf Wishes Were Kisses3:01Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters62001126
3276Perry Como & The Fontane SistersTo Know You (Is To Love You)2:42Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters72001126
3277Perry Como & The Fontane SistersThere's No Boat Like a Rowboat2:31Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters82001127
3278Perry Como & The Fontane SistersPlay Me a Hurtin' Tune2:48Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters92001126
3279Perry Como & The Fontane SistersNoodlin' Rag2:46Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters102001127
3280Perry Como & The Fontane SistersHoop-Dee-Doo2:56Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters112001126
3281Perry Como & The Fontane SistersRollin' Stone3:07Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters122001126
3282Perry Como & The Fontane SistersHush Little Darlin'3:20Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters132001126
3283Perry Como & The Fontane SistersN'Yot N'Yow (The Pussycat Song)2:23Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters142001128
3284Perry Como & The Fontane SistersIt's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas2:37Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 1) - Christmas Favorites21998127
3285Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters'A' - You're Adorable2:26Your Hit Parade 194922 128
3286Perry Como & The Fontane SistersHoop-Dee-Doo2:58Your Hit Parade 195013 128
3287Perry Como (with The Fontane Sisters)It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas2:38The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4202000164
3288Perry Como With The Fontane SistersIt's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas2:40The Polar Express (OST)112004167
3289The PersiansGet A Hold Of Yourself2:32Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)102005132
3290The PersuadersThin Line Between Love And Hate3:26Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)71991202
3291The PersuadersThin Line Between Love & Hate3:26Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)102001188
3292The PersuadersThin Line Between Love And Hate3:26Crooklyn (OST)51994201
3293The PersuadersThin Line Between Love & Hate3:25Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 651991195
3294Pet Shop BoysIt's A Sin5:03Absolute Music 311987216
3295Pet Shop BoysOne More Chance5:31Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)11987233
3296Pet Shop BoysWhat Have I Done to Deserve This?4:23Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)21987211
3297Pet Shop BoysShopping3:37Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)31987208
3298Pet Shop BoysRent5:08Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)41987226
3299Pet Shop BoysHit Music4:45Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)51987220
3300Pet Shop BoysIt Couldn't Happen Here5:21Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)61987201
3301Pet Shop BoysIt's a Sin4:59Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)71987221
3302Pet Shop BoysI Want to Wake Up5:10Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)81987231
3303Pet Shop BoysHeart3:58Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)91987195
3304Pet Shop BoysKing's Cross5:12Actually (Disc 1) (2001 Remaster)101987212
3305Pet Shop BoysI Want to Wake Up (breakdown mix)6:00Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198811987210
3306Pet Shop BoysHeart (Shep Pettibone version)4:12Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198821987225
3307Pet Shop BoysYou Know Where You Went Wrong5:51Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198831987240
3308Pet Shop BoysOne More Chance (seven-inch mix)3:49Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198841987220
3309Pet Shop BoysIt's a Sin (disco mix)7:41Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198851987232
3310Pet Shop BoysWhat Have I Done to Deserve This? (extended mix)6:50Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198861987231
3311Pet Shop BoysHeart (disco mix)8:39Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198871987208
3312Pet Shop BoysA New Life4:56Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198881987228
3313Pet Shop BoysAlways On My Mind (demo mix)4:04Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-198891987234
3314Pet Shop BoysRent (seven-inch mix)3:36Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-1988101987223
3315Pet Shop BoysI Want a Dog4:59Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-1988111987233
3316Pet Shop BoysAlways On My Mind (extended dance mix)8:13Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-1988121987227
3317Pet Shop BoysDo I Have To?5:16Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-1988131987215
3318Pet Shop BoysAlways On My Mind (dub mix)2:04Actually (Disc 2) Further listening 1987-1988141987181
3319Pet Shop BoysBeing Boring6:49Behaviour11990210
3320Pet Shop BoysThis Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave5:30Behaviour21990219
3321Pet Shop BoysTo Face The Truth5:33Behaviour31990210
3322Pet Shop BoysHow Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?3:56Behaviour41990222
3323Pet Shop BoysOnly The Wind4:18Behaviour51990194
3324Pet Shop BoysMy October Symphony5:17Behaviour61990212
3325Pet Shop BoysSo Hard3:58Behaviour71990228
3326Pet Shop BoysNervously4:06Behaviour81990189
3327Pet Shop BoysThe End Of The World4:43Behaviour91990202
3328Pet Shop BoysJealousy4:47Behaviour101990199
3329Pet Shop BoysDiscoteca4:37Bilingual11996233
3330Pet Shop BoysSingle3:48Bilingual21996233
3331Pet Shop BoysMetamorphosis4:03Bilingual31996225
3332Pet Shop BoysElectricity4:58Bilingual41996202
3333Pet Shop BoysSe A vida é (That's The Way Life Is)4:01Bilingual51996203
3334Pet Shop BoysIt Always Comes As A Surprise6:07Bilingual61996199
3335Pet Shop BoysA Red Letter Day5:09Bilingual71996199
3336Pet Shop BoysUp Against It4:16Bilingual81996221
3337Pet Shop BoysThe Survivors4:30Bilingual91996193
3338Pet Shop BoysBefore4:32Bilingual101996232
3339Pet Shop BoysTo Step Aside3:48Bilingual111996224
3340Pet Shop BoysSaturday Night Forever3:59Bilingual121996235
3341Pet Shop BoysIt Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas (New Version)3:51Christmas (EP)12009211
3342Pet Shop BoysMy Girl3:43Christmas (EP)22009216
3343Pet Shop BoysAll Over The World (New Version)3:50Christmas (EP)32009229
3344Pet Shop BoysViva La Vida/Domino Dancing5:33Christmas (EP)42009236
3345Pet Shop BoysMy Girl (Our House Mix)5:49Christmas (EP)52009212
3346Pet Shop BoysPsychological4:10Fundamental (Disc 1)12006213
3347Pet Shop BoysThe Sodom and Gomorrah Show5:19Fundamental (Disc 1)22006231
3348Pet Shop BoysI Made My Excuses and Left4:53Fundamental (Disc 1)32006208
3349Pet Shop BoysMinimal4:21Fundamental (Disc 1)42006239
3350Pet Shop BoysNumb4:43Fundamental (Disc 1)52006189
3351Pet Shop BoysGod Willing1:17Fundamental (Disc 1)62006216
3352Pet Shop BoysLuna Park5:31Fundamental (Disc 1)72006206
3353Pet Shop BoysI'm With Stupid3:24Fundamental (Disc 1)82006232
3354Pet Shop BoysCasanova in Hell3:13Fundamental (Disc 1)92006194
3355Pet Shop BoysTwentieth Century4:39Fundamental (Disc 1)102006224
3356Pet Shop BoysIndefinite Leave to Remain3:08Fundamental (Disc 1)112006202
3357Pet Shop BoysIntegral3:53Fundamental (Disc 1)122006214
3358Pet Shop BoysFugitive (Richard X Extended Mix)6:06Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism12006213
3359Pet Shop BoysSodom (Trentem0ller Remix)7:24Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism22006209
3360Pet Shop BoysPsychological (Alter Ego Remix)7:13Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism32006230
3361Pet Shop BoysFlamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt Mix)7:58Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism42006201
3362Pet Shop BoysI'm With Stupid (Melnyk Heavy Petting Mix)6:07Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism52006205
3363Pet Shop BoysIn Private (Stuart Crichton Club Mix)5:07Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism62006212
3364Pet Shop BoysMinimal (Lobe Remix)4:47Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism72006240
3365Pet Shop BoysGomorrah (Dettinger Remix)5:39Fundamental (Disc 2) Fundamentalism82006196
3366Pet Shop BoysLeft To My Own Devices8:17Introspective11988206
3367Pet Shop BoysI Want a Dog6:15Introspective21988225
3368Pet Shop BoysDomino Dancing7:40Introspective31988211
3369Pet Shop BoysI'm Not Scared7:25Introspective41988193
3370Pet Shop BoysAlways On My Mind - In My House9:04Introspective51988212
3371Pet Shop BoysIt's Alright9:23Introspective61988197
3372Pet Shop BoysFor Your Own Good5:13Nightlife11999219
3373Pet Shop BoysCloser To Heaven4:06Nightlife21999231
3374Pet Shop BoysI Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More5:09Nightlife31999246
3375Pet Shop BoysHappiness Is An Option3:48Nightlife41999227
3376Pet Shop BoysYou Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk3:11Nightlife51999242
3377Pet Shop BoysVampires4:43Nightlife61999219
3378Pet Shop BoysRadiophonic3:31Nightlife71999224
3379Pet Shop BoysThe Only One4:21Nightlife81999217
3380Pet Shop BoysBoy Strange5:09Nightlife91999221
3381Pet Shop BoysIn Denial3:20Nightlife101999209
3382Pet Shop BoysNew York City Boy5:15Nightlife111999225
3383Pet Shop BoysFootsteps4:16Nightlife121999231
3384Pet Shop BoysMore Than a Dream/Heart4:22Pandemonium12010205
3385Pet Shop BoysDid You See Me Coming?3:41Pandemonium22010204
3386Pet Shop BoysPandemonium/Can You Forgive Her?4:04Pandemonium32010223
3387Pet Shop BoysLove etc.3:14Pandemonium42010211
3388Pet Shop BoysGo West3:54Pandemonium52010196
3389Pet Shop BoysTwo Divided by Zero3:45Pandemonium62010220
3390Pet Shop BoysWhy Don't We Live Together?4:17Pandemonium72010224
3391Pet Shop BoysNew York City Boy2:51Pandemonium82010210
3392Pet Shop BoysAlways on My Mind3:43Pandemonium92010219
3393Pet Shop BoysCloser to Heaven/Left to My Own Devices5:40Pandemonium102010209
3394Pet Shop BoysDo I Have To?3:13Pandemonium112010190
3395Pet Shop BoysKing's Cross4:11Pandemonium122010203
3396Pet Shop BoysSuburbia5:12Pandemonium132010209
3397Pet Shop BoysSe a Vida é/Discoteca/Domino Dancing/Viva la Vida5:59Pandemonium142010202
3398Pet Shop BoysIt's a Sin5:03Pandemonium152010227
3399Pet Shop BoysBeing Boring5:17Pandemonium162010225
3400Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls5:14Pandemonium172010212
3401Pet Shop BoysIntegral (Perfect Immaculate Mix)6:37Pet Shop Boys - Disco Four32007177
3402Pet Shop BoysI'm With Stupid (Pet Shop Boys Maxi-mix)8:13Pet Shop Boys - Disco Four82007219
3403Pet Shop BoysTwo Divided by Zero3:35Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)11986212
3404Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls4:45Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)21986190
3405Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)3:44Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)31986210
3406Pet Shop BoysLove Comes Quickly4:19Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)41986205
3407Pet Shop BoysSuburbia5:07Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)51986217
3408Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Reprise)0:33Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)61986204
3409Pet Shop BoysTonight is Forever4:32Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)71986203
3410Pet Shop BoysViolence4:29Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)81986194
3411Pet Shop BoysI Want a Lover4:06Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)91986210
3412Pet Shop BoysLater Tonight2:49Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)101986202
3413Pet Shop BoysWhy Don't We Live Together?4:49Please (Disc 1) (Remastered)111986207
3414Pet Shop BoysA Man Could Get Arrested (Twelve-Inch B-Side)4:11Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198611986225
3415Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) (Full Length Original Seven-Inch)4:36Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198621986217
3416Pet Shop BoysIn the Night4:51Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198631986216
3417Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Original Twelve-Inch Mix)7:00Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198641986224
3418Pet Shop BoysWhy Don't We Live Together? (Original New York Mix)5:14Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198651986220
3419Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls (Dance Mix)6:39Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198661986209
3420Pet Shop BoysA Man Could Get Arrested (Seven-Inch B-Side)4:51Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198671986227
3421Pet Shop BoysLove Comes Quickly (Dance Mix)6:50Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198681986212
3422Pet Shop BoysThat's My Impression (Disco Mix)5:19Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-198691986244
3423Pet Shop BoysWas That What It Was?5:17Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-1986101986222
3424Pet Shop BoysSuburbia (The Full Horror)8:58Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-1986111986231
3425Pet Shop BoysJack the Lad4:32Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-1986121986212
3426Pet Shop BoysPaninaro (Italian Remix)8:38Please (Disc 2) Further Listening 1984-1986131986223
3427Pet Shop BoysHome And Dry4:21Release12002203
3428Pet Shop BoysI Get Along5:49Release22002201
3429Pet Shop BoysBirthday Boy6:26Release32002206
3430Pet Shop BoysLondon3:46Release42002208
3431Pet Shop BoysE-Mail3:55Release52002202
3432Pet Shop BoysThe Samurai In Autumn4:17Release62002222
3433Pet Shop BoysLove Is A Catastrophe4:50Release72002184
3434Pet Shop BoysHere3:15Release82002190
3435Pet Shop BoysThe Night I Fell In Love5:04Release92002220
3436Pet Shop BoysYou Choose3:10Release102002174
3437Pet Shop BoysHome & Dry (Ambient Mix)5:31Release (US Bonus Disc)12002181
3438Pet Shop BoysSexy Northerner3:43Release (US Bonus Disc)22002217
3439Pet Shop BoysAlways5:07Release (US Bonus Disc)32002213
3440Pet Shop BoysCloser to Heaven (Slow Version)6:30Release (US Bonus Disc)42002216
3441Pet Shop BoysNightlife3:58Release (US Bonus Disc)52002212
3442Pet Shop BoysFriendly Fire3:24Release (US Bonus Disc)62002181
3443Pet Shop BoysBreak For Love (US Mix)3:29Release (US Bonus Disc)72002207
3444Pet Shop BoysHome & Dry (Blank & Jones Mix)6:35Release (US Bonus Disc)82002166
3445Pet Shop BoysCan You Forgive Her?3:53Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)11993231
3446Pet Shop BoysI Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing3:03Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)21993222
3447Pet Shop BoysLiberation4:05Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)31993229
3448Pet Shop BoysA Different Point Of View3:26Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)41993207
3449Pet Shop BoysDreaming Of The Queen4:19Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)51993216
3450Pet Shop BoysYesterday, When I Was Mad3:55Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)61993229
3451Pet Shop BoysThe Theatre5:10Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)71993213
3452Pet Shop BoysOne And One Make Five3:31Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)81993219
3453Pet Shop BoysTo Speak Is A Sin4:45Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)91993197
3454Pet Shop BoysYoung Offender4:49Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)101993227
3455Pet Shop BoysOne In A Million3:53Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)111993230
3456Pet Shop BoysGo West8:21Very/Relentless (Disc 1) (Very)121993191
3457Pet Shop BoysMy Head Is Spinning6:33Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)11993215
3458Pet Shop BoysForever In Love6:19Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)21993227
3459Pet Shop BoysKDX 1256:25Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)31993180
3460Pet Shop BoysWe Came From Outer Space5:24Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)41993212
3461Pet Shop BoysThe Man Who Has Everything6:00Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)51993209
3462Pet Shop BoysOne Thing Leads To Another6:28Very/Relentless (Disc 2) (Relentless)61993193
3463Pet Shop BoysLove Etc.3:32Yes12009212
3464Pet Shop BoysAll Over the World3:50Yes22009226
3465Pet Shop BoysBeautiful People3:41Yes32009216
3466Pet Shop BoysDid You See Me Coming?3:41Yes42009236
3467Pet Shop BoysVulnerable4:47Yes52009222
3468Pet Shop BoysMore Than a Dream4:56Yes62009210
3469Pet Shop BoysBuilding a Wall3:49Yes72009232
3470Pet Shop BoysKing of Rome5:31Yes82009207
3471Pet Shop BoysPandemonium3:42Yes92009225
3472Pet Shop BoysThe Way It Used To Be4:43Yes102009232
3473Pet Shop BoysLegacy6:20Yes112009214
3474Pet Shop BoysYes Megamix10:08Yes Megamix1 128
3475Pete AntellNight Times2:15Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)72005158
3476Pete Bardens "Mirage"Many Too Many2:58Supper's Ready - Another Serving from the Musical Box91995200
3477Pete DrogeIf You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)3:32Dumb And Dumber (OST)41994243
3478Pete KleinowThe Gumby Show0:43Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)41996245
3479Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothThey Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)4:46The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)62004192
3480Pete RugoloThe Fugitive1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)441996149
3481Pete RugoloThe Felony Squad0:51Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5421996128
3482Pete SeegerInterlude #1: Living In The Country2:06A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)11996182
3483Pete SeegerMy Oklahoma Home Blowed Away4:44A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)21996175
3484Pete SeegerGet Up And Go2:44A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)31996165
3485Pete SeegerOh, I Had A Golden Thread3:04A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)41996193
3486Pete SeegerNever Wed An Old Man2:26A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)51996171
3487Pete SeegerQueen Anne Front3:29A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)61996186
3488Pete SeegerCryderville Jail4:00A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)71996188
3489Pete SeegerWaist Deep In The Big Muddy2:55A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)81996151
3490Pete SeegerInterlude #2: This Land Is Your Land3:01A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)91996194
3491Pete SeegerDraft Dodger Rag2:10A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)101996194
3492Pete SeegerThe Pill2:22A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)111996191
3493Pete SeegerWhere Have All The Flowers Gone1:56A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)121996149
3494Pete SeegerMy Name Is Liza Kalvelage3:59A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)131996130
3495Pete SeegerTurn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)3:10A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)141996173
3496Pete SeegerGuantanamera4:39A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)151996184
3497Pete SeegerLast Train To Nuremburg2:44A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)161996193
3498Pete SeegerKeep Your Eyes On The Prize2:01A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)171996196
3499Pete SeegerOh, Freedom3:16A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)181996206
3500Pete SeegerWe Shall Overcome5:56A Link In The Chain (Disc 1)191996209
3501Pete SeegerInterlude #3: Coal Creek March1:17A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)11996189
3502Pete SeegerPretty Boy Floyd2:47A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)21996178
3503Pete SeegerHobo's Lullaby4:11A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)31996171
3504Pete SeegerAimee Semple McPherson3:12A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)41996183
3505Pete SeegerThe Cowboy's Lament2:46A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)51996175
3506Pete SeegerJesse James4:38A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)61996205
3507Pete SeegerBelle Starr3:51A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)71996206
3508Pete SeegerHarry Sims2:05A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)81996193
3509Pete SeegerMrs. McGrath3:39A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)91996193
3510Pete SeegerJay Gould's Daughter3:53A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)101996181
3511Pete SeegerInterlude #4: Nameless Lick0:58A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)111996132
3512Pete SeegerWhat Did You Learn In School Today?1:43A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)121996181
3513Pete SeegerHenry My Son3:48A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)131996133
3514Pete SeegerPut Your Finger In The Air1:48A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)141996157
3515Pete SeegerMichael, Row The Boat Ashore2:06A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)151996179
3516Pete SeegerThis Old Car3:54A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)161996174
3517Pete SeegerBe Kind To Your Parents0:58A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)171996152
3518Pete SeegerCumberland Mountain Bear Chase3:53A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)181996173
3519Pete SeegerThis Land Is Your Land1:29A Link In The Chain (Disc 2)191996180
3520Pete SeegerCurly Headed Baby1:51A Tribute to Woody Guthrie81972165
3521Pete SeegerIf I Had A Hammer2:53Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]11993201
3522Pete SeegerWe Shall Overcome4:42Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]21993194
3523Pete SeegerLolly-Too-Dum3:31Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]31993181
3524Pete SeegerWimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)1:47Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]41993200
3525Pete SeegerJohn Henry4:12Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]51993186
3526Pete SeegerBarbara Allen4:30Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]61993177
3527Pete SeegerLittle Boxes1:53Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]71993173
3528Pete SeegerMichael, Row The Boat Ashore2:11Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]81993159
3529Pete SeegerWhere Have All The Flowers Gone1:53Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]91993187
3530Pete SeegerTurn, Turn, Turn3:12Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]101993182
3531Pete SeegerDarlin' Corey2:47Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]111993208
3532Pete SeegerGuantanamera4:35Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]121993187
3533Pete SeegerThis Land Is Your Land3:01Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]131993208
3534Pete SeegerHobo's Lullaby4:14Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]141993211
3535Pete SeegerThe Erie Canal1:42Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]151993200
3536Pete SeegerDown By The Riverside3:12Clearwater Classics [Sony Special Product]161993224
3537Pete SeegerPeg & Awl2:28Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs11999128
3538Pete SeegerThe Titanic (When The Great Ship Went Down)3:44Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs21999128
3539Pete SeegerSinking Of The Reuben James2:19Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs31999146
3540Pete SeegerListen Mr. Bilbo2:03Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs41999127
3541Pete SeegerHold The Line4:37Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs51999128
3542Pete SeegerPassing Through2:51Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs61999127
3543Pete SeegerCoal Creek March / Payday at Coal Creek / Roll Down The Line6:41Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs71999128
3544Pete SeegerI Come & Stand at Every Door2:27Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs81999128
3545Pete SeegerTimes A-Getting Hard2:23Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs91999127
3546Pete SeegerLittle Boxes1:54Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs101999127
3547Pete SeegerFrom Way up Here2:42Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs111999127
3548Pete SeegerThe Battle Of Maxton Field2:29Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs121999128
3549Pete SeegerMy Get up & Go2:34Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs131999128
3550Pete SeegerThe Bells Of Rhymney5:38Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs141999129
3551Pete SeegerWaist Deep In The Big Muddy2:59Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs151999128
3552Pete SeegerGuantanamera5:53Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs161999128
3553Pete SeegerThere Once Was A Woman Who Swallowed A Lie3:33Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs171999164
3554Pete SeegerWasn't That A Time2:57Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs181999128
3555Pete SeegerViva La Quice Brigada3:05Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs191999176
3556Pete SeegerWimoweh (Mbube)2:20Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs201999181
3557Pete SeegerEnglish is Cuh-ray-zee (English is Crazy)3:42Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs211999153
3558Pete SeegerOdds On Favorite (A Long Story Terse)1:51Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs221999162
3559Pete SeegerA Little Of This & That2:29Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection Of Topical Songs231999169
3560Pete SeegerLittle Boxes1:54Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits11990183
3561Pete SeegerWimoweh1:49Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits21990210
3562Pete SeegerWhere Have All The Flowers Gone1:57Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits31990171
3563Pete SeegerAbi Yoyo5:13Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits41990169
3564Pete SeegerThe Bells Of Rhymney5:20Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits51990183
3565Pete SeegerTurn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)3:13Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits61990175
3566Pete SeegerTalking Union3:55Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits71990184
3567Pete SeegerWhich Side Are You On2:48Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits81990194
3568Pete SeegerWe Shall Overcome4:42Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits91990182
3569Pete SeegerLiving In The Country2:07Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits101990168
3570Pete SeegerDarling Corey2:49Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits111990191
3571Pete SeegerGuantanamera4:38Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits121990187
3572Pete SeegerOh Mary Don't You Weep4:30Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)221997201
3573Pete SeegerWhere Have All The Flowers Gone1:55Woodstock Memories61995168
3574Pete SinfieldUnder The Sky4:21Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)81996211
3575Pete SkellernShe3:11Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 2)141999189
3576Pete TownshendYou Better You Bet5:19Another Scoop (Disc 1)11987230
3577Pete TownshendGirl In A Suitcase3:24Another Scoop (Disc 1)21987245
3578Pete TownshendBrooklyn Kids4:51Another Scoop (Disc 1)31987229
3579Pete TownshendPinball Wizard2:57Another Scoop (Disc 1)41987231
3580Pete TownshendFootball Fugue3:24Another Scoop (Disc 1)51987229
3581Pete TownshendHappy Jack2:16Another Scoop (Disc 1)61987202
3582Pete TownshendSubstitute3:34Another Scoop (Disc 1)71987239
3583Pete TownshendLong Live Rock3:45Another Scoop (Disc 1)81987239
3584Pete TownshendCall Me Lightning2:14Another Scoop (Disc 1)91987170
3585Pete TownshendHolly Like Ivy2:52Another Scoop (Disc 1)101987236
3586Pete TownshendBegin The Beguine4:09Another Scoop (Disc 1)111987275
3587Pete TownshendVicious Interlude0:24Another Scoop (Disc 1)121987226
3588Pete TownshendLa-La-La-Lies1:56Another Scoop (Disc 1)131987207
3589Pete TownshendCat Snatch3:19Another Scoop (Disc 1)141987262
3590Pete TownshendPrelude #5561:18Another Scoop (Disc 2)11987236
3591Pete TownshendBaroque Ippanese2:25Another Scoop (Disc 2)21987230
3592Pete TownshendPraying The Game4:19Another Scoop (Disc 2)31987226
3593Pete TownshendDriftin' Blues3:15Another Scoop (Disc 2)41987231
3594Pete TownshendChristmas1:56Another Scoop (Disc 2)51987217
3595Pete TownshendPictures Of Lily2:49Another Scoop (Disc 2)61987217
3596Pete TownshendDon't Let Go The Coat4:01Another Scoop (Disc 2)71987245
3597Pete TownshendThe Kids Are Alright2:57Another Scoop (Disc 2)81987174
3598Pete TownshendPrelude, The Right To Write1:34Another Scoop (Disc 2)91987254
3599Pete TownshendNever Ask Me4:23Another Scoop (Disc 2)101987260
3600Pete TownshendAsk Yourself4:32Another Scoop (Disc 2)111987255
3601Pete TownshendThe Ferryman5:45Another Scoop (Disc 2)121987233
3602Pete TownshendThe Shout3:46Another Scoop (Disc 2)131987256
3603Pete TownshendRough Boys4:03Empty Glass [Remastered]11980209
3604Pete TownshendI Am An Animal3:48Empty Glass [Remastered]21980188
3605Pete TownshendAnd I Moved3:23Empty Glass [Remastered]31980205
3606Pete TownshendLet My Love Open The Door2:44Empty Glass [Remastered]41980196
3607Pete TownshendJools And Jim2:37Empty Glass [Remastered]51980194
3608Pete TownshendKeep On Working3:23Empty Glass [Remastered]61980188
3609Pete TownshendCat's In The Cupboard3:33Empty Glass [Remastered]71980198
3610Pete TownshendA Little Is Enough4:43Empty Glass [Remastered]81980207
3611Pete TownshendEmpty Glass5:23Empty Glass [Remastered]91980193
3612Pete TownshendGonna Get Ya6:26Empty Glass [Remastered]101980196
3613Pete TownshendLet My Love Open The Door2:44Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)72002195
3614Pete TownshendSo Sad About Us/Brrr4:44Scoop11983254
3615Pete TownshendSqueezebox2:27Scoop21983247
3616Pete TownshendZelda2:25Scoop31983232
3617Pete TownshendPolitician3:37Scoop41983245
3618Pete TownshendDirty Water2:08Scoop51983222
3619Pete TownshendCircles2:10Scoop61983233
3620Pete TownshendPiano: 'Tipperary'1:00Scoop71983240
3621Pete TownshendUnused Piano: 'Quadrophenia'2:34Scoop81983259
3622Pete TownshendMelancholia3:17Scoop91983244
3623Pete TownshendBargain4:14Scoop101983237
3624Pete TownshendThings Have Changed2:25Scoop111983214
3625Pete TownshendPopular2:29Scoop121983236
3626Pete TownshendBehind Blue Eyes3:27Scoop131983235
3627Pete TownshendThe Magic Bus4:22Scoop141983247
3628Pete TownshendCache, Cache3:44Scoop151983228
3629Pete TownshendCookin'3:20Scoop161983236
3630Pete TownshendYou're So Clever4:19Scoop171983242
3631Pete TownshendBody Language1:32Scoop181983242
3632Pete TownshendInitial Machine Experiments1:53Scoop191983233
3633Pete TownshendMary3:20Scoop201983250
3634Pete TownshendRecorders1:18Scoop211983231
3635Pete TownshendGoin' Fishin'2:54Scoop221983259
3636Pete TownshendTo Barney Kessell2:01Scoop231983243
3637Pete TownshendYou Came Back4:07Scoop241983246
3638Pete TownshendLove Reign O'er Me4:56Scoop251983238
3639Pete TownshendCan You See The Real Me4:19Scoop 3 (Disc 1)12001216
3640Pete TownshendDirty Water1:04Scoop 3 (Disc 1)22001231
3641Pete TownshendCommonwealth Boys3:39Scoop 3 (Disc 1)32001259
3642Pete TownshendTheme 0150:42Scoop 3 (Disc 1)42001204
3643Pete TownshendMarty Robbins1:42Scoop 3 (Disc 1)52001211
3644Pete TownshendI Like It The Way It Is4:38Scoop 3 (Disc 1)62001243
3645Pete TownshendTheme 0160:41Scoop 3 (Disc 1)72001197
3646Pete TownshendNo Way Out (However Much I Booze)6:06Scoop 3 (Disc 1)82001251
3647Pete TownshendCollings2:35Scoop 3 (Disc 1)92001207
3648Pete TownshendParvardigar (German Version)6:47Scoop 3 (Disc 1)102001232
3649Pete TownshendSea & Sand5:01Scoop 3 (Disc 1)112001223
3650Pete Townshend971104 Arpeggio Piano1:37Scoop 3 (Disc 1)122001201
3651Pete TownshendTheme 0172:08Scoop 3 (Disc 1)132001246
3652Pete TownshendI Am Afraid2:30Scoop 3 (Disc 1)142001202
3653Pete TownshendMaxims For Lunch2:55Scoop 3 (Disc 1)152001242
3654Pete TownshendWistful2:59Scoop 3 (Disc 1)162001224
3655Pete TownshendEminence Front6:35Scoop 3 (Disc 1)172001226
3656Pete TownshendLonely Words3:57Scoop 3 (Disc 1)182001247
3657Pete TownshendPrelude 9705190:39Scoop 3 (Disc 2)12001218
3658Pete TownshendIron Man Recitative3:39Scoop 3 (Disc 2)22001221
3659Pete TownshendTough Boys3:10Scoop 3 (Disc 2)32001248
3660Pete TownshendDid You Steal My Money3:53Scoop 3 (Disc 2)42001220
3661Pete TownshendCan You Really Dance3:47Scoop 3 (Disc 2)52001247
3662Pete TownshendVariations On Dirty Jobs4:41Scoop 3 (Disc 2)62001221
3663Pete TownshendAll Lovers Are Deranged (Pete's version)3:22Scoop 3 (Disc 2)72001227
3664Pete TownshendElephants2:52Scoop 3 (Disc 2)82001204
3665Pete TownshendWired To The Moon1:30Scoop 3 (Disc 2)92001231
3666Pete TownshendHow Can You Do It Alone6:25Scoop 3 (Disc 2)102001229
3667Pete TownshendPoem Disturbed3:11Scoop 3 (Disc 2)112001235
3668Pete TownshendSquirm Squirm4:09Scoop 3 (Disc 2)122001225
3669Pete TownshendOutlive The Dinosaur3:38Scoop 3 (Disc 2)132001213
3670Pete TownshendTeresa4:37Scoop 3 (Disc 2)142001231
3671Pete TownshendMan & Machines3:48Scoop 3 (Disc 2)152001246
3672Pete TownshendIt's In Ya5:32Scoop 3 (Disc 2)162001272
3673Pete TownshendGive Blood5:45White City11985198
3674Pete TownshendBrilliant Blues3:06White City21985201
3675Pete TownshendFace The Face5:54White City31985193
3676Pete TownshendHiding Out3:02White City41985212
3677Pete TownshendSecondhand Love4:13White City51985201
3678Pete TownshendCrashing By Design3:17White City61985213
3679Pete TownshendI Am Secure4:00White City71985180
3680Pete TownshendWhite City Fighting4:41White City81985206
3681Pete TownshendCome To Mama4:39White City91985218
3682Pete WingfieldEighteen With A Bullet3:32Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1581990204
3683Pete YornSplendid Isolation3:27Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon92004196
3684Pete YornEver Fallen in Love2:32Shrek 2 (OST)82004221
3685Pete YornUndercover3:59Spider-Man (OST)132002243
3686PeterPeace3:33Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)11997151
3687Peter & GordonA World Without Love2:38100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)41997131
3688Peter & GordonA World Without Love2:40All Time Greatest Hits11991211
3689Peter & GordonNobody I Know2:31All Time Greatest Hits21991219
3690Peter & GordonI Don't Want To See You Again2:01All Time Greatest Hits31991205
3691Peter & GordonI Go To Pieces2:23All Time Greatest Hits41991201
3692Peter & GordonTrue Love Ways2:40All Time Greatest Hits51991209
3693Peter & GordonTo Know You Is To Love You2:37All Time Greatest Hits61991199
3694Peter & GordonWoman2:28All Time Greatest Hits71991203
3695Peter & GordonLady Godiva2:26All Time Greatest Hits81991207
3696Peter & GordonKnight In Rusty Armour2:38All Time Greatest Hits91991207
3697Peter & GordonSunday For Tea2:20All Time Greatest Hits101991208
3698Peter & GordonWorld Without Love2:41AM Gold: 1964121995200
3699Peter & GordonI Go To Pieces2:22AM Gold: 196551995194
3700Peter & GordonLady Godiva2:26AM Gold: The Mid '60s81995191
3701Peter & GordonNobody I Know2:30Classic Rock - 196411 198
3702Peter & GordonA World Without Love2:42Classic Rock - 196422 205
3703Peter & GordonI Go To Pieces2:23Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over5 202
3704Peter & GordonA World Without Love2:41One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 1)132001247
3705Peter & GordonA World Without Love2:41The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)101997206
3706Peter & GordonLady Godiva2:27The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)161997224
3707Peter & GordonTrue Love Ways2:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)82001217
3708Peter AllenI Go To Rio3:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 2)212001208
3709Peter AndreMysterious Girl3:37Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)162000198
3710Peter AndreMysterious Girl3:38Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)102004200
3711Peter Banks, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony Kaye & John WettonEclipse2:04Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd92006201
3712Peter BestBoys2:19Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)132005150
3713Peter Bjorn and JohnYoung Folks (live in the studio)5:08   128
3714Peter Bjorn And JohnYoung Folks4:37Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)52007227
3715Peter Bjorn and JohnYoung Folks4:39Writer's Block32006190
3716Peter BrownDance With Me3:50Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-19798 196
3717Peter BrownDance With Me3:50The Disco Box (Disc 2)121999236
3718Peter CaseTakin' It3:49Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)151997187
3719Peter CeteraThe End Of Camelot4:19One Clear Voice11995223
3720Peter CeteraFaithfully3:21One Clear Voice21995230
3721Peter Cetera(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight4:36One Clear Voice31995213
3722Peter CeteraApple Of Your Daddy's Eye4:05One Clear Voice41995241
3723Peter CeteraOne Clear Voice3:47One Clear Voice51995211
3724Peter CeteraWanna Be There3:29One Clear Voice61995211
3725Peter CeteraThe Lucky Ones3:27One Clear Voice71995220
3726Peter CeteraStill Getting Over You4:15One Clear Voice81995204
3727Peter CeteraS.O.S.4:13One Clear Voice91995226
3728Peter CeteraAnd I Think Of You3:36One Clear Voice101995233
3729Peter CeteraHappy Man4:36One Clear Voice111995214
3730Peter CeteraBest Of Times4:15One More Story11988207
3731Peter CeteraOne Good Woman4:38One More Story21988203
3732Peter CeteraPeace Of Mind4:38One More Story31988208
3733Peter CeteraHeaven Help This Lonely Man4:28One More Story41988205
3734Peter CeteraSave Me4:23One More Story51988217
3735Peter CeteraHolding Out5:15One More Story61988203
3736Peter CeteraBody Language (There In The Dark)4:46One More Story71988217
3737Peter CeteraYou Never Listen To Me4:55One More Story81988209
3738Peter CeteraScheherazade5:29One More Story91988211
3739Peter CeteraOne More Story3:41One More Story101988175
3740Peter CeteraBig Mistake5:41Solitude/Solitaire11986213
3741Peter CeteraThey Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To4:03Solitude/Solitaire21986200
3742Peter CeteraGlory Of Love (Theme From 'The Karate Kid Part II')4:23Solitude/Solitaire31986187
3743Peter CeteraQueen Of The Masquerade Ball3:53Solitude/Solitaire41986209
3744Peter CeteraDaddy's Girl3:46Solitude/Solitaire51986209
3745Peter CeteraThe Next Time I Fall (with Amy Grant)3:46Solitude/Solitaire61986190
3746Peter CeteraWake Up To Love4:29Solitude/Solitaire71986213
3747Peter CeteraSolitude/Solitaire5:00Solitude/Solitaire81986212
3748Peter CeteraOnly Love Knows Why4:29Solitude/Solitaire91986199
3749Peter CeteraRestless Heart4:09World Falling Down11992223
3750Peter CeteraEven A Fool Can See4:31World Falling Down21992206
3751Peter CeteraFeels Like Heaven (duet with Chaka Khan)4:48World Falling Down31992200
3752Peter CeteraWild Ways4:00World Falling Down41992219
3753Peter CeteraWorld Falling Down5:00World Falling Down51992220
3754Peter CeteraMan In Me5:41World Falling Down61992224
3755Peter CeteraWhere There's No Tomorrow4:43World Falling Down71992217
3756Peter CeteraThe Last Place God Made4:14World Falling Down81992207
3757Peter CeteraDip Your Wings3:33World Falling Down91992220
3758Peter CeteraHave You Ever Been In Love4:06World Falling Down101992194
3759Peter CrissI'm Gonna Love You3:19Peter Criss [Remaster]11978220
3760Peter CrissYou Matter To Me3:17Peter Criss [Remaster]21978201
3761Peter CrissTossin' And Turnin'4:03Peter Criss [Remaster]31978208
3762Peter CrissDon't You Let Me Down3:43Peter Criss [Remaster]41978205
3763Peter CrissThat's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes3:02Peter Criss [Remaster]51978203
3764Peter CrissEasy Thing3:55Peter Criss [Remaster]61978212
3765Peter CrissRock Me, Baby2:55Peter Criss [Remaster]71978193
3766Peter CrissKISS The Girl Goodbye2:48Peter Criss [Remaster]81978222
3767Peter CrissHooked On Rock 'N' Roll3:39Peter Criss [Remaster]91978203
3768Peter CrissI Can't Stop The Rain4:26Peter Criss [Remaster]101978206
3769Peter FondaNarration1:43A Tribute to Woody Guthrie171972172
3770Peter FondaNovember Night2:59Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)32009136
3771Peter FramptonShow Me The Way4:3340 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)92001229
3772Peter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do7:05Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 2)7 214
3773Peter FramptonBoot It Up3:28Fingerprints12006230
3774Peter FramptonIda Y Vuelta (Out and Back)3:24Fingerprints22006214
3775Peter FramptonBlack Hole Sun5:25Fingerprints32006226
3776Peter FramptonFloat4:03Fingerprints42006219
3777Peter FramptonMy Cup Of Tea4:52Fingerprints52006215
3778Peter FramptonShewango Way3:19Fingerprints62006240
3779Peter FramptonBlooze5:14Fingerprints72006222
3780Peter FramptonCornerstones3:13Fingerprints82006220
3781Peter FramptonGrab A Chicken (Put It Back)3:52Fingerprints92006230
3782Peter FramptonDouble Nickels3:48Fingerprints102006218
3783Peter FramptonSmoky4:51Fingerprints112006206
3784Peter FramptonBlowin' Smoke3:49Fingerprints122006233
3785Peter FramptonOh When...1:19Fingerprints132006194
3786Peter FramptonSouvenirs De Nos Pères (Memories of Our Fathers)4:58Fingerprints142006199
3787Peter FramptonDay's Dawning3:55Frampton11975209
3788Peter FramptonShow Me The Way4:02Frampton21975182
3789Peter FramptonOne More Time3:19Frampton31975198
3790Peter FramptonThe Crying Clown4:03Frampton41975197
3791Peter FramptonFanfare3:28Frampton51975196
3792Peter FramptonNowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)4:18Frampton61975207
3793Peter FramptonNassau1:07Frampton71975213
3794Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way4:42Frampton81975194
3795Peter FramptonApple Of Your Eye3:41Frampton91975207
3796Peter FramptonPenny For Your Thoughts1:27Frampton101975205
3797Peter Frampton(I'll Give You) Money4:34Frampton111975195
3798Peter FramptonIntroduction/ Somethin's Happening5:56Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)11976239
3799Peter FramptonDoobie Wah5:43Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)21976232
3800Peter FramptonLines On My Face6:59Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)31976209
3801Peter FramptonShow Me The Way4:32Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)41976228
3802Peter FramptonIt's A Plain Shame4:03Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)51976240
3803Peter FramptonWind Of Change2:57Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)61976183
3804Peter FramptonJust The Time Of The Year4:21Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)71976165
3805Peter FramptonPenny For Your Thoughts1:34Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)81976191
3806Peter FramptonAll I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)3:08Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)91976178
3807Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way4:41Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)101976207
3808Peter FramptonI Wanna Go To The Sun7:15Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)111976224
3809Peter FramptonNowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)4:49Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)11976231
3810Peter Frampton(I'll Give You) Money5:46Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)21976213
3811Peter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do13:46Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)31976218
3812Peter FramptonShine On3:29Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)41976249
3813Peter FramptonWhite Sugar4:43Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)51976221
3814Peter FramptonJumping Jack Flash7:40Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)61976241
3815Peter FramptonDay's Dawning3:34Frampton Comes Alive! [25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)71976209
3816Peter FramptonI Got My Eyes On You4:29Frampton's Camel11973210
3817Peter FramptonAll Night Long3:19Frampton's Camel21973208
3818Peter FramptonLines On My Face4:50Frampton's Camel31973209
3819Peter FramptonWhich Way The Wind Blows3:32Frampton's Camel41973219
3820Peter FramptonI Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever)4:10Frampton's Camel51973199
3821Peter FramptonWhite Sugar3:37Frampton's Camel61973226
3822Peter FramptonDon't Fade Away4:39Frampton's Camel71973210
3823Peter FramptonJust The Time Of Year3:58Frampton's Camel81973202
3824Peter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do6:44Frampton's Camel91973217
3825Peter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do7:46Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)11998216
3826Peter FramptonI'm In You4:10I'm In You11977182
3827Peter Frampton(Putting My) Heart On The Line3:42I'm In You21977201
3828Peter FramptonSt. Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel)4:15I'm In You31977207
3829Peter FramptonWon't You Be My Friend8:10I'm In You41977215
3830Peter FramptonDon't Have To Worry5:16I'm In You51977201
3831Peter FramptonTried To Love4:27I'm In You61977208
3832Peter FramptonRocky's Hot Club3:25I'm In You71977196
3833Peter Frampton(I'm A) Roadrunner3:40I'm In You81977210
3834Peter FramptonSigned, Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours)3:54I'm In You91977206
3835Peter FramptonVerge Of A Thing2:51Now12003232
3836Peter FramptonFlying Without Wings4:08Now22003206
3837Peter FramptonLove Stands Alone4:12Now32003226
3838Peter FramptonNot Forgotten2:50Now42003197
3839Peter FramptonHour Of Need5:21Now52003226
3840Peter FramptonMia Rose4:46Now62003194
3841Peter FramptonI'm Back3:31Now72003245
3842Peter FramptonI Need Ground3:44Now82003229
3843Peter FramptonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps6:54Now92003231
3844Peter FramptonGreens5:59Now102003205
3845Peter FramptonAbove It All3:37Now112003224
3846Peter FramptonNo Going Back3:13Now122003250
3847Peter FramptonCleveland4:06Now132003252
3848Peter FramptonHow Long Is Forever4:52Now142003206
3849Peter FramptonDay In The Sun4:26Peter Frampton11994236
3850Peter FramptonYou Can Be Sure4:27Peter Frampton21994219
3851Peter FramptonIt All Comes Down To You6:23Peter Frampton31994226
3852Peter FramptonYou5:08Peter Frampton41994233
3853Peter FramptonCan't Take That Away5:50Peter Frampton51994220
3854Peter FramptonYoung Island1:39Peter Frampton61994201
3855Peter FramptonOff The Hook3:05Peter Frampton71994238
3856Peter FramptonWaiting For Your Love5:40Peter Frampton81994224
3857Peter FramptonSo Hard To Believe5:14Peter Frampton91994215
3858Peter FramptonOut Of The Blue4:24Peter Frampton101994218
3859Peter FramptonShelter Through The Night4:27Peter Frampton111994241
3860Peter FramptonChanging All The Time6:19Peter Frampton121994217
3861Peter FramptonDoobie Wah4:03Somethin's Happening11974189
3862Peter FramptonGolden Goose5:29Somethin's Happening21974220
3863Peter FramptonUnderhand3:38Somethin's Happening31974216
3864Peter FramptonI Wanna Go To The Sun7:28Somethin's Happening41974213
3865Peter FramptonBaby (Somethin's Happening)4:45Somethin's Happening51974191
3866Peter FramptonWaterfall6:00Somethin's Happening61974197
3867Peter FramptonMagic Moon3:50Somethin's Happening71974197
3868Peter FramptonSail Away7:30Somethin's Happening81974204
3869Peter FramptonShow Me The Way3:36Sounds Of The Seventies - 197681989207
3870Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way3:39Teen Idols Of The 70's171999194
3871Peter FramptonShow Me The Way4:38The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)21999202
3872Peter FramptonI'm In You4:10The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)21999174
3873Peter FramptonBaby I Love Your Way4:49The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)61999193
3874Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way3:39Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two191991194
3875Peter FramptonFig Tree Bay3:36Wind of Change11972202
3876Peter FramptonWind of Change3:05Wind of Change21972212
3877Peter FramptonLady Lieright2:56Wind of Change31972195
3878Peter FramptonJumping Jack Flash5:20Wind of Change41972222
3879Peter FramptonIt's a Plain Shame3:14Wind of Change51972215
3880Peter FramptonOh for Another Day3:53Wind of Change61972194
3881Peter FramptonAll I Want to Be (Is by Your Side)6:36Wind of Change71972214
3882Peter FramptonThe Lodger5:44Wind of Change81972222
3883Peter FramptonHard4:30Wind of Change91972190
3884Peter FramptonAlright4:26Wind of Change101972220
3885Peter GabrielAt Night2:46Birdy (OST)11985195
3886Peter GabrielFloating Dogs3:02Birdy (OST)21985204
3887Peter GabrielQuiet and Alone2:35Birdy (OST)31985198
3888Peter GabrielClose Up0:55Birdy (OST)41985174
3889Peter GabrielSlow Water2:54Birdy (OST)51985187
3890Peter GabrielDressing the Wound4:10Birdy (OST)61985200
3891Peter GabrielBirdy's Flight3:03Birdy (OST)71985221
3892Peter GabrielSlow Marimbas3:24Birdy (OST)81985203
3893Peter GabrielThe Heat4:47Birdy (OST)91985204
3894Peter GabrielSketch Pad with Trumpet and Voice3:09Birdy (OST)101985195
3895Peter GabrielUnder Lock and Key2:28Birdy (OST)111985169
3896Peter GabrielPowerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain2:24Birdy (OST)121985190
3897Peter GabrielJigalong4:03Long Walk Home12002197
3898Peter GabrielStealing The Children3:19Long Walk Home22002234
3899Peter GabrielUnlocking The Door1:57Long Walk Home32002195
3900Peter GabrielThe Tracker2:47Long Walk Home42002200
3901Peter GabrielRunning To The Rain3:18Long Walk Home52002201
3902Peter GabrielOn The Map0:59Long Walk Home62002196
3903Peter GabrielA Sense Of Home1:59Long Walk Home72002204
3904Peter GabrielGo Away Mr. Evans5:15Long Walk Home82002195
3905Peter GabrielMoodoo's Secret3:02Long Walk Home92002188
3906Peter GabrielGracie's Recapture4:40Long Walk Home102002201
3907Peter GabrielCrossing The Salt Pan5:07Long Walk Home112002190
3908Peter GabrielThe Return Parts 1, 2 & 310:25Long Walk Home122002201
3909Peter GabrielNgankarrparni (Sky Blue - Reprise)6:01Long Walk Home132002191
3910Peter GabrielThe Rabbit-Proof Fence1:06Long Walk Home142002189
3911Peter GabrielCloudless4:50Long Walk Home152002214
3912Peter GabrielThe Story of OVO5:21OVO12000202
3913Peter GabrielLow Light6:37OVO22000205
3914Peter GabrielThe Time of the Turning5:05OVO32000194
3915Peter GabrielThe Man Who Loved the Earth/The Hand That Sold Shadows4:14OVO42000207
3916Peter GabrielThe Time of the Turning (reprise)/The Weavers Reel5:36OVO52000209
3917Peter GabrielFather, Son4:56OVO62000173
3918Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People4:49OVO72000220
3919Peter GabrielRevenge1:30OVO82000211
3920Peter GabrielWhite Ashes2:34OVO92000172
3921Peter GabrielDownside-Up6:05OVO102000198
3922Peter GabrielThe Nest That Sailed the Sky5:06OVO112000184
3923Peter GabrielMake Tomorrow10:02OVO122000205
3924Peter GabrielThe Feeling Begins4:00Passion11989204
3925Peter GabrielGethsemane1:25Passion21989188
3926Peter GabrielOf These, Hope3:55Passion31989211
3927Peter GabrielLazarus Raised1:25Passion41989185
3928Peter GabrielOf These, Hope - Reprise2:44Passion51989191
3929Peter GabrielIn Doubt1:33Passion61989185
3930Peter GabrielA Different Drum4:39Passion71989196
3931Peter GabrielZaar4:53Passion81989191
3932Peter GabrielTroubled2:55Passion91989204
3933Peter GabrielOpen3:27Passion101989193
3934Peter GabrielBefore Night Falls2:18Passion111989225
3935Peter GabrielWith This Love3:40Passion121989200
3936Peter GabrielSandstorm3:01Passion131989187
3937Peter GabrielStigmata2:28Passion141989183
3938Peter GabrielPassion7:38Passion151989177
3939Peter GabrielWith This Love - Choir3:20Passion161989185
3940Peter GabrielWall of Breath2:29Passion171989195
3941Peter GabrielThe Promise of Shadows2:12Passion181989202
3942Peter GabrielDisturbed3:36Passion191989219
3943Peter GabrielIt Is Accomplished2:55Passion201989202
3944Peter GabrielBread and Wine2:23Passion211989185
3945Peter GabrielMoribund The Burgermeister4:18Peter Gabriel [1]11977181
3946Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:20Peter Gabriel [1]21977204
3947Peter GabrielModern Love3:38Peter Gabriel [1]31977178
3948Peter GabrielExcuse Me3:19Peter Gabriel [1]41977185
3949Peter GabrielHumdrum3:24Peter Gabriel [1]51977192
3950Peter GabrielSlowburn4:36Peter Gabriel [1]61977176
3951Peter GabrielWaiting For The Big One7:13Peter Gabriel [1]71977174
3952Peter GabrielDown The Dolce Vita4:42Peter Gabriel [1]81977187
3953Peter GabrielHere Comes The Flood5:54Peter Gabriel [1]91977187
3954Peter GabrielOn The Air5:32Peter Gabriel [2]11978200
3955Peter GabrielD.I.Y.2:47Peter Gabriel [2]21978222
3956Peter GabrielMother Of Violence3:13Peter Gabriel [2]31978188
3957Peter GabrielA Wonderful Day In A One-Way World3:35Peter Gabriel [2]41978205
3958Peter GabrielWhite Shadow5:18Peter Gabriel [2]51978212
3959Peter GabrielIndigo3:32Peter Gabriel [2]61978197
3960Peter GabrielAnimal Magic3:29Peter Gabriel [2]71978198
3961Peter GabrielExposure4:17Peter Gabriel [2]81978193
3962Peter GabrielFlotsam And Jetsam2:22Peter Gabriel [2]91978185
3963Peter GabrielPerspective3:29Peter Gabriel [2]101978210
3964Peter GabrielHome Sweet Home4:39Peter Gabriel [2]111978176
3965Peter GabrielIntruder4:53Peter Gabriel [3]11980206
3966Peter GabrielNo Self Control3:55Peter Gabriel [3]21980197
3967Peter GabrielStart1:20Peter Gabriel [3]31980190
3968Peter GabrielI Don't Remember4:41Peter Gabriel [3]41980206
3969Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot4:28Peter Gabriel [3]51980188
3970Peter GabrielAnd Through The Wire5:00Peter Gabriel [3]61980168
3971Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers4:06Peter Gabriel [3]71980208
3972Peter GabrielNot One Of Us5:21Peter Gabriel [3]81980215
3973Peter GabrielLead A Normal Life4:14Peter Gabriel [3]91980167
3974Peter GabrielBiko7:29Peter Gabriel [3]101980188
3975Peter GabrielLovetown5:29Philadelphia (OST)21994198
3976Peter GabrielThe Rhythm of the Heat6:26Plays Live (Disc 1)11983187
3977Peter GabrielI Have the Touch4:43Plays Live (Disc 1)21983189
3978Peter GabrielNot One of Us5:50Plays Live (Disc 1)31983194
3979Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot4:48Plays Live (Disc 1)41983179
3980Peter GabrielD.I.Y.4:06Plays Live (Disc 1)51983192
3981Peter GabrielThe Family and the Fishing Net7:34Plays Live (Disc 1)61983191
3982Peter GabrielIntruder4:43Plays Live (Disc 1)71983207
3983Peter GabrielI Go Swimming5:05Plays Live (Disc 1)81983186
3984Peter GabrielSan Jacinto8:27Plays Live (Disc 2)11983188
3985Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:42Plays Live (Disc 2)21983197
3986Peter GabrielNo Self Control5:02Plays Live (Disc 2)31983184
3987Peter GabrielI Don't Remember4:19Plays Live (Disc 2)41983188
3988Peter GabrielShock the Monkey7:10Plays Live (Disc 2)51983206
3989Peter GabrielHumdrum4:23Plays Live (Disc 2)61983188
3990Peter GabrielOn the Air5:22Plays Live (Disc 2)71983186
3991Peter GabrielBiko7:01Plays Live (Disc 2)81983209
3992Peter GabrielHeroes4:09Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)12010184
3993Peter GabrielThe Boy In The Bubble4:27Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)22010159
3994Peter GabrielMirrorball4:48Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)32010186
3995Peter GabrielFlume3:00Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)42010167
3996Peter GabrielListening Wind4:22Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)52010170
3997Peter GabrielThe Power Of The Heart5:51Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)62010168
3998Peter GabrielMy Body Is A Cage6:12Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)72010174
3999Peter GabrielThe Book Of Love3:52Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)82010174
4000Peter GabrielI Think It's Going To Rain Today2:34Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)92010149
4001Peter GabrielAprès Moi5:13Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)102010174
4002Peter GabrielPhiladelphia3:46Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)112010167
4003Peter GabrielStreet Spirit (Fade Out)5:06Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 1)122010157
4004Peter GabrielThe Book Of Love (Remix)3:40Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 2)12010174
4005Peter GabrielMy Body Is A Cage (Oxford London Temple version)6:04Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 2)22010157
4006Peter GabrielWaterloo Sunset (Oxford London Temple version)3:49Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 2)32010163
4007Peter GabrielHeroes (Wildebeest mix)4:06Scratch My Back [Special Edition] (Disc 2)42010186
4008Peter GabrielCome Talk to Me6:13Secret World Live (Disc 1)11994198
4009Peter GabrielSteam7:42Secret World Live (Disc 1)21994218
4010Peter GabrielAcross the River5:56Secret World Live (Disc 1)31994199
4011Peter GabrielSlow Marimbas1:45Secret World Live (Disc 1)41994207
4012Peter GabrielShaking the Tree9:18Secret World Live (Disc 1)51994202
4013Peter GabrielRed Rain6:14Secret World Live (Disc 1)61994216
4014Peter GabrielBlood of Eden6:57Secret World Live (Disc 1)71994181
4015Peter GabrielKiss That Frog5:56Secret World Live (Disc 1)81994207
4016Peter GabrielWashing of the Water4:06Secret World Live (Disc 1)91994185
4017Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:43Secret World Live (Disc 1)101994206
4018Peter GabrielDigging in the Dirt7:36Secret World Live (Disc 2)11994193
4019Peter GabrielSledgehammer4:59Secret World Live (Disc 2)21994220
4020Peter GabrielSecret World9:11Secret World Live (Disc 2)31994203
4021Peter GabrielDon't Give Up7:35Secret World Live (Disc 2)41994194
4022Peter GabrielIn Your Eyes11:34Secret World Live (Disc 2)51994204
4023Peter GabrielThe Rhythm Of The Heat5:18Security11982185
4024Peter GabrielSan Jacinto6:34Security21982191
4025Peter GabrielI Have The Touch4:35Security31982188
4026Peter GabrielThe Family And The Fishing Net7:07Security41982193
4027Peter GabrielShock The Monkey5:28Security51982189
4028Peter GabrielLay Your Hands On Me6:09Security61982200
4029Peter GabrielWallflower6:38Security71982193
4030Peter GabrielKiss Of Life4:15Security81982214
4031Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:22Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]11990212
4032Peter GabrielI Don't Remember3:48Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]21990194
4033Peter GabrielSledgehammer4:55Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]31990219
4034Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot4:26Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]41990190
4035Peter GabrielMercy Street4:43Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]51990200
4036Peter GabrielShaking The Tree6:24Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]61990204
4037Peter GabrielDon't Give Up5:55Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]71990191
4038Peter GabrielSan Jacinto6:40Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]81990195
4039Peter GabrielHere Comes The Flood4:31Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]91990173
4040Peter GabrielRed Rain5:35Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]101990218
4041Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers3:57Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]111990203
4042Peter GabrielShock The Monkey3:57Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]121990179
4043Peter GabrielI Have The Touch3:44Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]131990196
4044Peter GabrielBig Time4:25Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]141990226
4045Peter GabrielZaar2:58Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]151990189
4046Peter GabrielBiko6:58Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [2002 Remaster]161990186
4047Peter GabrielRed Rain5:39So11986200
4048Peter GabrielSledgehammer5:16So21986201
4049Peter GabrielDon't Give Up6:32So31986164
4050Peter GabrielThat Voice Again4:53So41986208
4051Peter GabrielIn Your Eyes5:29So51986184
4052Peter GabrielMercy Street6:20So61986193
4053Peter GabrielBig Time4:29So71986206
4054Peter GabrielWe Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)3:21So81986183
4055Peter GabrielThis Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)4:18So91986192
4056Peter GabrielIn The Sun6:44Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)141997180
4057Peter GabrielDarkness6:51Up12002193
4058Peter GabrielGrowing Up7:33Up22002202
4059Peter GabrielSky Blue6:37Up32002190
4060Peter GabrielNo Way Out7:53Up42002196
4061Peter GabrielI Grieve7:24Up52002180
4062Peter GabrielThe Barry Williams Show7:16Up62002195
4063Peter GabrielMy Head Sounds Like That6:29Up72002189
4064Peter GabrielMore Than This6:02Up82002193
4065Peter GabrielSignal To Noise7:36Up92002204
4066Peter GabrielThe Drop2:59Up102002162
4067Peter GabrielCome Talk To Me7:05Us11992190
4068Peter GabrielLove To Be Loved5:18Us21992182
4069Peter GabrielBlood of Eden6:37Us31992163
4070Peter GabrielSteam6:03Us41992198
4071Peter GabrielOnly Us6:32Us51992187
4072Peter GabrielWashing of the Water3:52Us61992161
4073Peter GabrielDigging in the Dirt5:18Us71992183
4074Peter GabrielFourteen Black Paintings4:37Us81992174
4075Peter GabrielKiss That Frog5:20Us91992189
4076Peter GabrielSecret World7:01Us101992200
4077Peter GabrielDown to Earth5:58WALL-E (OST)372008