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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1PFRGreat Lengths2:31WOW 1996 (Disc 2)91995221
2PFRAnything3:52WOW 1997 (Disc 2)21996218
3PGDMy Brother from Monte Negro (Jan Vogin Trebjesanin)5:41French Fried Funk61998200
4The PhaetonsI Love My Baby2:51Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)182006131
5The PhantomLove Me1:30Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 4)241999137
6The PhantomLove Me1:27Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)72006141
7The PharcydePassin' Me By5:02The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)82004169
8Pharrell feat. Jay-ZFrontin'3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-08162003182
9Phats & SmallFeel Good3:25Hitzone 8141999231
10PhDI Won't Let You Down4:06The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)151999191
11PhDI Won't Let You Down3:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)92001210
12PhideauxRailyard3:33313 [2010 Remaster]12006207
13PhideauxHave You Hugged Your Robot?3:08313 [2010 Remaster]22006236
14PhideauxA Storm of Cats2:34313 [2010 Remaster]32006206
15PhideauxNever Gonna Go3:43313 [2010 Remaster]42006232
16PhideauxPyramid4:13313 [2010 Remaster]52006212
17PhideauxThere's Only One of You2:37313 [2010 Remaster]62006207
18PhideauxOrangutan2:57313 [2010 Remaster]72006179
19PhideauxSick of Me5:41313 [2010 Remaster]82006219
20PhideauxIn Search of Bitter Ore4:05313 [2010 Remaster]92006211
21PhideauxBody to Space5:34313 [2010 Remaster]102006218
22PhideauxWatching Machine2:28313 [2010 Remaster]112006243
23PhideauxRun Singing Tiger3:37313 [2010 Remaster]122006224
24PhideauxBenediction4:05313 [2010 Remaster]132006176
28PhideauxFortress of Sand5:05Chupacabras42005212
29PhideauxRuffian on the Stairs2:59Chupacabras52005240
31PhideauxReturn of the Ruffian4:17Chupacabras72005214
33PhideauxMicro Softdeathstar11:15Doomsday Afternoon12007205
34PhideauxThe Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part One)3:00Doomsday Afternoon22007227
35PhideauxCandybrain4:06Doomsday Afternoon32007213
36PhideauxCrumble2:56Doomsday Afternoon42007188
37PhideauxThe Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two)8:08Doomsday Afternoon52007221
38PhideauxThank You For The Evil9:17Doomsday Afternoon62007212
39PhideauxA Wasteland Of Memories2:21Doomsday Afternoon72007193
40PhideauxCrumble2:55Doomsday Afternoon82007162
41PhideauxFormaldehyde8:17Doomsday Afternoon92007209
42PhideauxMicrodeath Softstar14:39Doomsday Afternoon102007218
44PhideauxAnimal Games3:30Fiendish22003201
45Phideaux100 Mg3:12Fiendish32003204
46Phideaux100 Coda2:24Fiendish42003200
48PhideauxLittle Monster5:12Fiendish62003210
51PhideauxVultures & Mosquitoes4:18Fiendish92003211
53PhideauxSpace Brother5:23Fiendish112003170
54PhideauxEverynight5:14Ghost Story12004243
55PhideauxFeel the Radiation4:02Ghost Story22004237
56PhideauxA Curse of Miracles6:25Ghost Story32004213
57PhideauxKiteman4:30Ghost Story42004200
58PhideauxWily Creilly5:24Ghost Story52004213
59PhideauxBeyond the Shadow of Doubt7:45Ghost Story62004215
60PhideauxGhostforest5:45Ghost Story72004218
61PhideauxUniversally5:45Ghost Story82004190
62PhideauxCome Out Tonight5:52Ghost Story92004201
63PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - Dormuse - A Theme1:08Number Seven12009189
64PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - Waiting For The Axe To Fall6:14Number Seven22009212
65PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - Hive Mind4:00Number Seven32009206
66PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - The Claws Of A Crayfish5:41Number Seven42009212
67PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - My Sleeping Slave3:26Number Seven52009201
68PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Darkness At Noon1:50Number Seven62009188
69PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Prequiem1:53Number Seven72009215
70PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Gift Of The Flame6:08Number Seven82009217
71PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Interview With A Dormouse1:17Number Seven92009223
72PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Thermonuclear Cheese1:54Number Seven102009190
73PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - The Search For Terrestrial Life5:33Number Seven112009205
74PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - A Fistfull Of Fortude2:41Number Seven122009203
75PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Love Theme From "Number Seven"7:06Number Seven132009198
76PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Storia Senti6:42Number Seven142009206
77PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Infinite Supply4:57Number Seven152009199
78PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Dormouse - An End2:17Number Seven162009174
79PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - Dormouse - A Theme1:08Number Seven [2010 Remix]12009188
80PhideauxOne: Dormouse Ensnared - Waiting For the Axe to Fall19:21Number Seven [2010 Remix]22009213
81PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Darkness at Noon3:44Number Seven [2010 Remix]32009206
82PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Gift of the Flame6:57Number Seven [2010 Remix]42009225
83PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Interview with a Dormouse0:27Number Seven [2010 Remix]52009187
84PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - Thermonuclear Cheese1:54Number Seven [2010 Remix]62009186
85PhideauxTwo: Dormouse Escapes - The Search For Terrestrial Life8:14Number Seven [2010 Remix]72009209
86PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Love Theme From "Number Seven"13:50Number Seven [2010 Remix]82009202
87PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Infinite Supply4:58Number Seven [2010 Remix]92009200
88PhideauxThree: Dormouse Enlightened - Dormouse - An End2:16Number Seven [2010 Remix]102009177
89PhideauxSnowtorch (Part One)19:42Snowtorch12011219
91PhideauxSnowtorch (Part Two)16:29Snowtorch32011218
93PhideauxWake Up4:03The Great Leap12006248
94PhideauxYou And Me Against A World Of Pain5:35The Great Leap22006221
95PhideauxThe Waiting3:33The Great Leap32006215
96PhideauxAbducted6:10The Great Leap42006225
97PhideauxRainboy6:15The Great Leap52006220
98PhideauxI Was Thinking4:24The Great Leap62006213
99PhideauxLong And Lonely Way4:18The Great Leap72006227
100PhideauxThey Hunt You Down3:54The Great Leap82006201
101PhideauxTannis Root4:52The Great Leap92006222
102PhideauxOne Star5:14The Great Leap102006243
103PhideauxLast5:50The Great Leap112006202
104Phil Bywater's Buried TreasureAwakening8:20Looking Up1 128
105Phil CollinsThe Man With the Horn3:56  1984160
106Phil CollinsHang In Long Enough4:44...But Seriously11989205
107Phil CollinsThat's Just the Way it Is5:20...But Seriously21989187
108Phil CollinsDo You Remember?4:36...But Seriously31989197
109Phil CollinsSomething happened on the way to Heaven4:51...But Seriously41989200
110Phil CollinsColours8:51...But Seriously51989185
111Phil CollinsI Wish it Would Rain Down5:27...But Seriously61989194
112Phil CollinsAnother Day In Paradise5:22...But Seriously71989186
113Phil CollinsHeat on the Street3:51...But Seriously81989209
114Phil CollinsAll of My Life5:35...But Seriously91989183
115Phil CollinsSaturday Night and Sunday Morning1:25...But Seriously101989209
116Phil CollinsFather to Son3:28...But Seriously111989191
117Phil CollinsFind A Way to My Heart6:11...But Seriously121989194
118Phil CollinsAnother Day In Paradise5:22...Hits11998187
119Phil CollinsTrue Colors4:34...Hits21998203
120Phil CollinsEasy Lover5:02...Hits31998216
121Phil CollinsYou Can't Hurry Love2:52...Hits41998230
122Phil CollinsTwo Hearts3:24...Hits51998213
123Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain Down5:28...Hits61998201
124Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds3:25...Hits71998199
125Phil CollinsSomething Happened On The Way To Heaven4:51...Hits81998204
126Phil CollinsSeparate Lives4:06...Hits91998180
127Phil CollinsBoth Sides Of The Story6:37...Hits101998199
128Phil CollinsOne More Night4:46...Hits111998184
129Phil CollinsSussudio4:21...Hits121998212
130Phil CollinsDance Into The Light4:23...Hits131998203
131Phil CollinsA Groovy Kind Of Love3:29...Hits141998198
132Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight5:30...Hits151998189
133Phil CollinsTake Me Home5:52...Hits161998202
134Phil CollinsTake Me Home8:0612"ers11987213
135Phil CollinsSussudio6:3512"ers21987211
136Phil CollinsWho Said I Would5:5112"ers31987210
137Phil CollinsOnly You Know And I Know6:5612"ers41987236
138Phil CollinsDon't Lose My Number6:3612"ers51987210
139Phil CollinsOne More Night6:2012"ers61987184
140Phil CollinsBoth Sides Of The Story6:42Both Sides11993196
141Phil CollinsCan't Turn Back The Years4:40Both Sides21993176
142Phil CollinsEveryday5:43Both Sides31993200
143Phil CollinsI've Forgotten Everything5:15Both Sides41993199
144Phil CollinsWe're Sons Of Our Fathers6:24Both Sides51993192
145Phil CollinsCan't Find My Way5:09Both Sides61993202
146Phil CollinsSurvivors6:05Both Sides71993206
147Phil CollinsWe Fly So Close7:33Both Sides81993194
148Phil CollinsThere's A Place For Us6:52Both Sides91993192
149Phil CollinsWe Wait And We Wonder7:01Both Sides101993219
150Phil CollinsPlease Come Out tonight5:46Both Sides111993189
151Phil CollinsLook Through My Eyes4:00Brother Bear (OST)12003222
152Phil CollinsWelcome3:38Brother Bear (OST)32003214
153Phil CollinsNo Way Out (Theme From Brother Bear) (Single Version)4:17Brother Bear (OST)42003216
154Phil CollinsOn My Way3:40Brother Bear (OST)62003215
155Phil CollinsNo Way Out (Theme From Brother Bear)2:37Brother Bear (OST)82003182
156Phil CollinsTransformation2:25Brother Bear (OST)92003204
157Phil CollinsTwo Hearts3:49Buster (OST)11988200
158Phil CollinsBig Noise3:54Buster (OST)31988211
159Phil CollinsGroovy Kind Of Love3:28Buster (OST)111988195
160Phil CollinsDance Into The Light4:24Dance Into The Light11996208
161Phil CollinsThat's What You Said4:21Dance Into The Light21996197
162Phil CollinsLorenzo5:52Dance Into The Light31996196
163Phil CollinsJust Another Story6:25Dance Into The Light41996177
164Phil CollinsLove Police4:11Dance Into The Light51996194
165Phil CollinsWear My Hat4:44Dance Into The Light61996207
166Phil CollinsIt's In Your Eyes3:03Dance Into The Light71996209
167Phil CollinsOughta Know By Now5:30Dance Into The Light81996202
168Phil CollinsTake Me Down3:27Dance Into The Light91996207
169Phil CollinsThe Same Moon4:09Dance Into The Light101996200
170Phil CollinsRiver So Wide4:57Dance Into The Light111996206
171Phil CollinsNo Matter Who4:40Dance Into The Light121996197
172Phil CollinsThe Times They Are A-Changin'5:08Dance Into The Light131996193
173Phil CollinsIn the Air Tonight5:35Face Value11981189
174Phil CollinsThis Must Be Love3:56Face Value21981180
175Phil CollinsBehind the Lines3:55Face Value31981204
176Phil CollinsThe Roof Is Leaking3:17Face Value41981186
177Phil CollinsDroned2:49Face Value51981235
178Phil CollinsHand in Hand5:22Face Value61981211
179Phil CollinsI Missed Again3:46Face Value71981194
180Phil CollinsYou Know What I Mean2:33Face Value81981185
181Phil CollinsThunder and Lightning4:14Face Value91981196
182Phil CollinsI'm Not Moving2:35Face Value101981186
183Phil CollinsIf Leaving Me Is Easy4:55Face Value111981182
184Phil CollinsTomorrow Never Knows4:46Face Value121981185
185Phil CollinsGirl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)2:32Going Back12010210
186Phil Collins(Love Is Like A) Heatwave2:53Going Back22010189
187Phil CollinsUptight (Everything's Alright)3:03Going Back32010176
188Phil CollinsSome of Your Lovin'3:19Going Back42010179
189Phil CollinsIn My Lonely Room2:25Going Back52010202
190Phil CollinsTake Me in Your Arms (Rock Me for a Little While)2:59Going Back62010157
191Phil CollinsBlame It on the Sun3:27Going Back72010171
192Phil CollinsPapa Was a Rolling Stone6:44Going Back82010155
193Phil CollinsNever Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer2:59Going Back92010164
194Phil CollinsStanding in the Shadows of Love2:42Going Back102010181
195Phil CollinsDo I Love You2:50Going Back112010184
196Phil CollinsJimmy Mack2:56Going Back122010184
197Phil CollinsSomething About You2:47Going Back132010216
198Phil CollinsLove Is Here and Now You're Gone2:40Going Back142010204
199Phil CollinsLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever2:48Going Back152010207
200Phil CollinsGoing to a Go-Go2:49Going Back162010185
201Phil CollinsTalkin About My Baby2:47Going Back172010195
202Phil CollinsGoing Back4:36Going Back182010181
203Phil CollinsI Don't Care Anymore5:05Hello, I Must Be Going!11982177
204Phil CollinsI Cannot Believe it's true5:17Hello, I Must Be Going!21982212
205Phil CollinsLike China5:09Hello, I Must Be Going!31982199
206Phil CollinsDo You Know, do you care?4:59Hello, I Must Be Going!41982197
207Phil CollinsYou Can't Hurry Love2:56Hello, I Must Be Going!51982197
208Phil CollinsIt don't Matter to Me4:18Hello, I Must Be Going!61982217
209Phil CollinsThru these Walls5:06Hello, I Must Be Going!71982189
210Phil CollinsDon't let him Steal your heart away4:46Hello, I Must Be Going!81982201
211Phil CollinsThe West Side5:03Hello, I Must Be Going!91982191
212Phil CollinsWhy Can't it wait 'til morning3:04Hello, I Must Be Going!101982184
213Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight5:29Miami Vice (OST)51985189
214Phil CollinsTake Me Home5:52Miami Vice II (OST)31986199
215Phil CollinsSussudio4:23No Jacket Required11985202
216Phil CollinsOnly You Know And I Know4:21No Jacket Required21985200
217Phil CollinsLong Long Way To Go4:22No Jacket Required31985182
218Phil CollinsI Don't Wanna Know4:15No Jacket Required41985199
219Phil CollinsOne More Night4:48No Jacket Required51985182
220Phil CollinsDon't Lose My Number4:48No Jacket Required61985198
221Phil CollinsWho Said I Would4:01No Jacket Required71985215
222Phil CollinsDoesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore4:18No Jacket Required81985178
223Phil CollinsInside Out5:15No Jacket Required91985202
224Phil CollinsTake Me Home5:53No Jacket Required101985199
225Phil CollinsWe Said Hello Goodbye4:15No Jacket Required111985184
226Phil CollinsTwo Worlds3:18Tarzan (OST)11999217
227Phil CollinsSon of Man2:44Tarzan (OST)31999225
228Phil CollinsStrangers Like Me3:00Tarzan (OST)51999214
229Phil CollinsTwo Worlds Reprise0:51Tarzan (OST)61999221
230Phil CollinsYou'll Be in My Heart (Phil Version)4:18Tarzan (OST)81999242
231Phil CollinsTwo Worlds (Phil Version)2:42Tarzan (OST)91999213
232Phil CollinsTwo Worlds Finale1:16Tarzan (OST)141999205
233Phil CollinsWake Up Call5:15Testify12002188
234Phil CollinsCome With Me4:34Testify22002222
235Phil CollinsTestify6:31Testify32002227
236Phil CollinsDon't Get Me Started4:41Testify42002241
237Phil CollinsSwing Low5:08Testify52002195
238Phil CollinsIt's Not Too Late3:59Testify62002202
239Phil CollinsThis Love This Heart4:04Testify72002195
240Phil CollinsDriving Me Crazy4:37Testify82002241
241Phil CollinsThe Least You Can Do4:21Testify92002228
242Phil CollinsCan't Stop Loving You4:17Testify102002229
243Phil CollinsThru My Eyes5:07Testify112002218
244Phil CollinsYou Touch My Heart4:42Testify122002181
245Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight5:30The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)31988189
246Phil CollinsTake Me Home5:52The Best Of Miami Vice (OST)101988202
247Phil CollinsTake Me Home4:53TM Century GoldDisc Update 9131991197
248Phil CollinsTake Me Home (Long Version)5:49TM Century GoldDisc Update 9191991200
249Phil CollinsYou Can't Hurry Love2:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)112001234
250Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight5:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)12001188
251Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)3:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)182001202
252Phil CollinsSussudio4:22Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)72001216
253Phil CollinsA Groovy Kind Of Love3:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)12001202
254Phil CollinsAnother Day In Paradise5:16Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 1)32001181
255Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain Down5:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 2)42001188
256Phil CollinsBurn Down the Mission6:10Two Rooms - Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin151991199
257Phil CollinsGroovy Kind Of Love3:30Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love62003198
258Phil Collins & Philip BaileyEasy Lover5:05   128
259Phil Collins and Glenn CloseYou'll Be in My Heart1:36Tarzan (OST)21999182
260Phil Collins And Marilyn MartinSeparate Lives (Love Theme From White Nights)4:07White Nights (OST)11985176
261Phil Collins and 'N SyncTrashin' the Camp (Phil and 'N Sync Version)2:24Tarzan (OST)71999217
262The Phil Collins Big BandSussudio6:52A Hot Night In Paris11999224
263The Phil Collins Big BandThat's All5:34A Hot Night In Paris21999222
264The Phil Collins Big BandInvisible Touch5:42A Hot Night In Paris31999205
265The Phil Collins Big BandHold On My Heart6:36A Hot Night In Paris41999178
266The Phil Collins Big BandChips & Salsa5:23A Hot Night In Paris51999221
267The Phil Collins Big BandI Don't Care Anymore6:05A Hot Night In Paris61999212
268The Phil Collins Big BandMilestones6:34A Hot Night In Paris71999223
269The Phil Collins Big BandAgainst All Odds5:04A Hot Night In Paris81999193
270The Phil Collins Big BandPick Up The Pieces12:41A Hot Night In Paris91999222
271The Phil Collins Big BandThe Los Endos Suite10:26A Hot Night In Paris101999228
272Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentSave A Place For Me5:09Wild Connections11996238
273Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentDeep Green5:01Wild Connections21996223
274Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentCarlin How6:26Wild Connections31996256
275Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentOld Man Of The Ocean5:28Wild Connections41996249
276Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentSkinningrove Bay Part 11:12Wild Connections51996260
277Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentSkinningrove Bay Part 24:51Wild Connections61996234
278Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentNorth Country Girl3:20Wild Connections71996229
279Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentKilten Castle5:23Wild Connections81996249
280Phil Collins, Gary Moore and Rod ArgentThe Abbess St. Hilda5:16Wild Connections91996255
281Phil Collins, Rosie O'Donnell and CastTrashin' the Camp2:16Tarzan (OST)41999216
282Phil CoulterSilent Night3:27Phil Coulter's Christmas12000128
283Phil CoulterMary's Boy Child3:19Phil Coulter's Christmas22000128
284Phil CoulterLittle Drummer Boy3:22Phil Coulter's Christmas52000128
285Phil CoulterJingle Bells3:17Phil Coulter's Christmas82000128
286Phil Cunningham & Manus LunnyWhen The Snow Melts3:56Celtic Christmas11995198
287Phil Cunningham & Manus LunnyChanonry Point3:48Celtic Christmas II11996173
288Phil Cunningham & Manus LunnySior-Uaine (Evergreen)4:19Celtic Christmas IV21998173
289Phil HarrisThomas O'Malley Cat (The Aristocats 1970)2:35Classic Disney, Vol. 4121997188
290Phil HarrisThe Thing2:21Your Hit Parade - The Fun-Time '50s & '60s11993197
291Phil Harris & Bruce ReithermanThe Bare Necessities4:51The Jungle Book (OST)41967136
292Phil Harris & Sebastian CabotThe Bare Necessities (Reprise)0:57The Jungle Book (OST)161967128
293Phil Harris And Bruce ReithermanThe Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book 1967)4:50Classic Disney, Vol. 2111995136
294Phil Harris, Scatman Crothers, Thurl Ravenscroft, And Liz EnglishEv'rybody Wants To Be A Cat (The Aristocats 1970)2:03Classic Disney, Vol. 5181998128
295Phil KeaggyThe True Believers4:37WOW 1996 (Disc 1)141995202
296Phil Lesh & FriendsPassenger4:30Limited Edition Bonus CD12002205
297Phil Lesh & FriendsSt. Stephen9:01Limited Edition Bonus CD22002183
298Phil Lesh & FriendsDark Star25:30Limited Edition Bonus CD32002193
299Phil Lesh & FriendsThe Eleven13:11Limited Edition Bonus CD42002206
300Phil Lesh & FriendsDancin' In The Street22:06Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)11999215
301Phil Lesh & FriendsBroken Arrow8:56Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)21999205
302Phil Lesh & FriendsBig Boss Man6:56Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)31999209
303Phil Lesh & FriendsFriend Of The Devil6:45Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)41999204
304Phil Lesh & FriendsMr. Charlie8:03Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)51999207
305Phil Lesh & FriendsMississippi Half-Step Toodeloo8:58Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)61999204
306Phil Lesh & FriendsFranklin's Tower14:35Love Will See You Through (Disc 1)71999213
307Phil Lesh & FriendsDupree's Diamond Blues4:39Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)11999194
308Phil Lesh & FriendsI Am The Light Of This World4:05Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)21999200
309Phil Lesh & FriendsGood Shepherd10:54Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)31999210
310Phil Lesh & FriendsMashed Potato Jam12:46Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)41999197
311Phil Lesh & FriendsNew Potato Caboose3:31Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)51999197
312Phil Lesh & FriendsCaboose Jam10:47Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)61999203
313Phil Lesh & FriendsSt. Stephen26:02Love Will See You Through (Disc 2)71999207
314Phil Lesh & FriendsMason's Children4:52Mason's Children12002196
315Phil Lesh & FriendsCelebration4:49There And Back Again12002207
316Phil Lesh & FriendsNight Of A Thousand Stars5:46There And Back Again22002209
317Phil Lesh & FriendsThe Real Thing6:05There And Back Again32002197
318Phil Lesh & FriendsAgain And Again5:26There And Back Again42002200
319Phil Lesh & FriendsNo More Do I5:48There And Back Again52002217
320Phil Lesh & FriendsPatchwork Quilt4:56There And Back Again62002201
321Phil Lesh & FriendsLiberty5:34There And Back Again72002208
322Phil Lesh & FriendsMidnight Train6:14There And Back Again82002206
323Phil Lesh & FriendsLeave Me Out Of This6:58There And Back Again92002215
324Phil Lesh & FriendsWelcome To The Underground5:32There And Back Again102002194
325Phil Lesh & FriendsRock-N-Roll Blues6:06There And Back Again112002210
326Phil LynottMy Old Town3:22The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)101999200
327Phil ManzaneraK-Scope4:23K-Scope11978198
328Phil ManzaneraRemote Control2:36K-Scope21978203
329Phil ManzaneraCuban Crisis6:00K-Scope31978193
330Phil ManzaneraHot Spot5:00K-Scope41978202
331Phil ManzaneraNumbers3:24K-Scope51978190
332Phil ManzaneraSlow Motion T.V.3:12K-Scope61978197
333Phil ManzaneraGone Flying4:27K-Scope71978200
334Phil ManzaneraN-Shift5:31K-Scope81978201
335Phil ManzaneraWalking Through Heaven's Door6:50K-Scope91978187
336Phil ManzaneraYou Are Here3:13K-Scope101978168
337Phil ManzaneraA Million Reasons Why4:11Southern Cross11991201
338Phil ManzaneraFrontera '914:59Southern Cross21991206
339Phil ManzaneraThe Great Leveller5:13Southern Cross31991200
340Phil ManzaneraTambor6:00Southern Cross41991219
341Phil ManzaneraSouthern Cross4:37Southern Cross51991205
342Phil ManzaneraRich and Poor5:50Southern Cross61991210
343Phil ManzaneraDance (Break this Trance)4:28Southern Cross71991206
344Phil ManzaneraVerde6:52Southern Cross81991210
345Phil ManzaneraDr.Fidel5:47Southern Cross91991228
346Phil ManzaneraVenceremos3:23Southern Cross101991196
347Phil OchsThere But For Fortune2:14Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)41997201
348Phil PhillipsWith the Twilights2:2245s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)121987169
349Phil PhillipsSea Of Love2:22Jukebox Hits Of 1959271991258
350Phil PhillipsSea Of Love2:24Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1959111988130
351Phil Phillips & The TwilightsSea Of Love2:23Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)172004126
352Phil Spector And ArtistsSilent Night2:10A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector131963127
353Phil StaceyYou're Not Shaken4:42WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)152009233
354Phil Upchurch ComboYou Can't Sit Down, Part 22:17Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals131991149
355Phil VassarAmerican Child3:14American Child12002207
356Phil VassarForgettin's So Long3:43American Child22002212
357Phil VassarTime's Wastin'3:54American Child32002203
358Phil VassarI'm Already Gone3:33American Child42002208
359Phil VassarAthens Grease4:00American Child52002201
360Phil VassarBaby, You're Right3:34American Child62002216
361Phil VassarUltimate Love3:06American Child72002204
362Phil VassarStand Still4:12American Child82002192
363Phil VassarSomeone You Love3:35American Child92002211
364Phil VassarHouston3:29American Child102002217
365Phil VassarI Thought I Never Would Forget4:15American Child112002196
366Phil VassarI'll Be The One3:39American Child122002219
367Phil VassarBye Bye3:19Greatest Hits Vol. 112006214
368Phil VassarIn A Real Love3:31Greatest Hits Vol. 122006220
369Phil VassarCarlene4:25Greatest Hits Vol. 132006229
370Phil VassarI'm Alright4:13Greatest Hits Vol. 142006230
371Phil VassarLast Day Of My Life4:09Greatest Hits Vol. 152006208
372Phil VassarMy Next Thirty Years3:32Greatest Hits Vol. 162006226
373Phil VassarLittle Red Rodeo3:24Greatest Hits Vol. 172006235
374Phil VassarAmerican Child3:09Greatest Hits Vol. 182006224
375Phil VassarTwenty One3:58Greatest Hits Vol. 192006217
376Phil VassarJust Another Day In Paradise3:54Greatest Hits Vol. 1102006222
377Phil VassarFor A Little While4:31Greatest Hits Vol. 1112006227
378Phil VassarThe Woman In My Life3:44Greatest Hits Vol. 1122006199
379Phil VassarSix-Pack Summer3:38Greatest Hits Vol. 1132006212
380Phil VassarThat's When I Love You3:29Greatest Hits Vol. 1142006221
381Phil VassarI'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)3:26Greatest Hits Vol. 1152006213
382Phil VassarCarlene4:07Phil Vassar12000231
383Phil VassarJust Another Day In Paradise3:54Phil Vassar22000223
384Phil VassarThat's When I Love You3:30Phil Vassar32000224
385Phil VassarRose Bouquet3:53Phil Vassar42000194
386Phil VassarJoe & Rosalita3:27Phil Vassar52000192
387Phil VassarSix-Pack Summer3:40Phil Vassar62000210
388Phil VassarLucky As Me3:43Phil Vassar72000218
389Phil VassarLike I Never Loved Before4:06Phil Vassar82000191
390Phil VassarDidn't You Know She's Gone3:15Phil Vassar92000219
391Phil VassarSomewhere In Between3:54Phil Vassar102000213
392Phil VassarDrive Away3:41Phil Vassar112000226
393Phil VassarThis Is My Life3:38Prayer of a Common Man12008226
394Phil VassarAround Here Somewhere3:27Prayer of a Common Man22008236
395Phil VassarMy Chevrolet4:14Prayer of a Common Man32008223
396Phil VassarLove Is a Beautiful Thing3:58Prayer of a Common Man42008227
397Phil VassarPrayer of a Commom Man3:22Prayer of a Common Man52008200
398Phil VassarI Would3:40Prayer of a Common Man62008219
399Phil VassarWhy Don't Ya (feat. Los Lonely Boys)2:47Prayer of a Common Man72008240
400Phil VassarIt's Only Love3:53Prayer of a Common Man82008231
401Phil VassarLet Me Love You Tonight3:49Prayer of a Common Man92008191
402Phil VassarBaby Rocks3:36Prayer of a Common Man102008245
403Phil VassarThe World Is a Mess3:28Prayer of a Common Man112008217
404Phil VassarCrazy Life3:38Prayer of a Common Man122008203
405Phil VassarGood Ole Days3:04Shaken Not Stirred12004228
406Phil VassarIn A Real Love3:34Shaken Not Stirred22004219
407Phil VassarWhat Happens In Vegas3:41Shaken Not Stirred32004205
408Phil VassarI'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)3:29Shaken Not Stirred42004212
409Phil VassarErase4:27Shaken Not Stirred52004190
410Phil VassarHere To Forget3:48Shaken Not Stirred62004209
411Phil VassarI Miss The Innocence5:04Shaken Not Stirred72004210
412Phil VassarAmazing Grace3:55Shaken Not Stirred82004216
413Phil VassarNobody Knows Me Like You3:39Shaken Not Stirred92004187
414Phil VassarDancin' With Dreams3:49Shaken Not Stirred102004172
415Phil VassarGone By Dawn4:08Shaken Not Stirred112004213
416Phil VassarBlack & Whites4:10Shaken Not Stirred122004182
417Philadelphia OrchestraJoy To The World (Watts-Mason-Handel)2:12Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites21993206
418Philadelphia OrchestraI Wonder As I Wander (Traditional)3:02Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites111993195
419Philadelphia OrchestraCarol Of The Bells (Leontovich)2:38Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites121993198
420Philadelphia OrchestraJesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (J.S. Bach)3:43Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites151993207
421Philadelphia OrchestraWhat Child Is This? (Greensleeves)2:29Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites191993198
422Philadelphia OrchestraHallelujah Chorus (Handel's Messiah)4:20Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites241993221
423Philadelphia OrchestraIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear3:21The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)141987192
424Philadelphia Orchestra And ChorusWe Wish You A Merry Christmas2:01The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas, Vol. 1 (Disc 2)231987211
425Philadelphia Orchestra And ChorusWe Wish You a Merry Christmas2:02Time-Life: Treasury of Christmas II (Disc 2) - Christmas Joy121998207
426Philharmonia Virtuosi & Richard KappSleigh Ride - (German Dance in C, K. 605, No. 3) (W.A. Mozart)3:08Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites61993189
427Philharmonia Virtuosi & Richard KappSleigh Ride - (Leopold Mozart)1:55Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites71993178
428Philharmonia Virtuosi & Richard KappGerman Dance In D, K.605, No.1 (W.A. Mozart)1:57Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites161993175
429Philharmonia Virtuosi & Richard KappGerman Dance In G, K.605, No. 2 (W.A. Mozart)1:55Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites201993177
430Philharmonia Virtuosi & Richard KappOr Let The Merry Bells Ring Rround (L'allegro, Il Penseroso Ed Il Moderato) (Handel)1:38Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites231993189
431Philip BaileyPhotogenic Memory5:26Chinese Wall11984213
432Philip BaileyI Go Crazy4:49Chinese Wall21984218
433Philip BaileyWalking On The Chinese Wall5:08Chinese Wall31984215
434Philip BaileyFor Every Heart That's Been Broken4:16Chinese Wall41984194
435Philip BaileyGo4:30Chinese Wall51984207
436Philip BaileyEasy Lover (Duet with Phil Collins)5:05Chinese Wall61984215
437Philip BaileyShow You The Way To Love4:43Chinese Wall71984194
438Philip BaileyTime Is A Woman4:32Chinese Wall81984217
439Philip BaileyWoman5:05Chinese Wall91984210
440Philip BaileyChildren Of The Ghetto6:53Chinese Wall101984201
441Philip BaileyWalking on the Chinese Wall5:09Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)62004227
442Philip BaileyWalking On The Chinese Wall4:47The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)3 208
443Philip Bailey & Phil CollinsEasy Lover5:03Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)12001233
444Philip Bailey With Phil CollinsEasy Lover4:43Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two21996211
445Philip GlassThe Journey1:49Anima Mundi (OST)11993181
446Philip GlassThe Ark4:33Anima Mundi (OST)21993199
447Philip GlassThe Garden4:36Anima Mundi (OST)31993197
448Philip GlassThe Beginning4:07Anima Mundi (OST)41993225
449Philip GlassLiving Waters3:51Anima Mundi (OST)51993184
450Philip GlassPerpetual Motion5:35Anima Mundi (OST)61993191
451Philip GlassThe Witness4:11Anima Mundi (OST)71993189
452Philip Parker & Stephen BaltesBarney And Friends0:54Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)81996169
453Philip Scheib & Marshall BarerMighty Mouse0:29Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)51986187
454Phillip Glasser and Dom DeLuiseA Duo2:41An American Tail (OST)111986192
455Phillip Glasser and Dom DeLuiseThe Great Fire2:57An American Tail (OST)121986192
456Phillips, Craig & DeanFriend Of God4:55Let The Worshippers Arise12004220
457Phillips, Craig & DeanBecause I'm Forgiven3:55Let The Worshippers Arise22004227
458Phillips, Craig & DeanYou Are God Alone4:18Let The Worshippers Arise32004225
459Phillips, Craig & DeanIn Christ Alone (Medley)5:15Let The Worshippers Arise42004213
460Phillips, Craig & DeanLet The Worshippers Arise4:25Let The Worshippers Arise52004232
461Phillips, Craig & DeanMy Redeemer Lives3:55Let The Worshippers Arise62004220
462Phillips, Craig & DeanBe The Praise Of My Heart4:16Let The Worshippers Arise72004231
463Phillips, Craig & DeanAwake My Soul (Christ Is Formed In Me)5:09Let The Worshippers Arise82004221
464Phillips, Craig & DeanI'm Making Melody4:03Let The Worshippers Arise92004238
465Phillips, Craig & DeanMighty Is The Power Of The Cross4:40Let The Worshippers Arise102004211
466Phillips, Craig & DeanWonderful Merciful Savior3:52Let The Worshippers Arise112004209
467Phillips, Craig & DeanConcert Of The Age4:18WOW 1996 (Disc 2)121995211
468Phillips, Craig & DeanMercy Came Running4:29WOW 1997 (Disc 2)101996218
469Phillips, Craig & DeanJust One3:08WOW 1998 (Black Disc)91997238
470The Philly Groove OrchestraLove Freeze4:11Disco Train Vol. 1131996231
471PhishBouncing Around The Room4:08A Live One (Disc 1)11995208
472PhishStash12:31A Live One (Disc 1)21995203
473PhishGumbo5:14A Live One (Disc 1)31995203
474PhishMontana2:04A Live One (Disc 1)41995197
475PhishYou Enjoy Myself20:57A Live One (Disc 1)51995204
476PhishChalkdust Torture6:48A Live One (Disc 1)61995215
477PhishSlave To The Traffic Light10:46A Live One (Disc 1)71995205
478PhishWilson5:07A Live One (Disc 2)11995219
479PhishTweezer30:55A Live One (Disc 2)21995201
480PhishSimple4:53A Live One (Disc 2)31995200
481PhishHarry Hood15:11A Live One (Disc 2)41995201
482PhishThe Squirming Coil12:30A Live One (Disc 2)51995208
483PhishLlama3:32A Picture Of Nectar11992199
484PhishEliza1:32A Picture Of Nectar21992193
485PhishCavern4:24A Picture Of Nectar31992205
486PhishPoor Heart2:44A Picture Of Nectar41992210
487PhishStash7:11A Picture Of Nectar51992215
488PhishManteca0:29A Picture Of Nectar61992195
489PhishGuelah Papyrus5:22A Picture Of Nectar71992206
490PhishMagilla2:46A Picture Of Nectar81992203
491PhishThe Landlady2:56A Picture Of Nectar91992211
492PhishGlide4:13A Picture Of Nectar101992204
493PhishTweezer8:42A Picture Of Nectar111992213
494PhishThe Mango Song6:23A Picture Of Nectar121992216
495PhishChalk Dust Torture4:36A Picture Of Nectar131992198
496PhishFaht2:21A Picture Of Nectar141992180
497PhishCatapult0:32A Picture Of Nectar151992148
498PhishTweezer Reprise2:39A Picture Of Nectar161992217
499PhishFree3:49Billy Breathes11996202
500PhishCharacter Zero4:00Billy Breathes21996208
501PhishWaste4:50Billy Breathes31996163
502PhishTaste4:07Billy Breathes41996194
503PhishCars Trucks Buses2:25Billy Breathes51996205
504PhishTalk3:09Billy Breathes61996199
505PhishTheme From The Bottom6:22Billy Breathes71996200
506PhishTrain Song2:33Billy Breathes81996171
507PhishBliss2:03Billy Breathes91996211
508PhishBilly Breathes5:31Billy Breathes101996181
509PhishSwept Away1:16Billy Breathes111996177
510PhishSteep1:37Billy Breathes121996184
511PhishPrince Caspian5:19Billy Breathes131996180
515PhishBack On The Train3:02Farmhouse42000201
516PhishHeavy Things4:15Farmhouse52000206
517PhishGotta Jibboo5:31Farmhouse62000213
521PhishThe Inlaw Josie Wales2:56Farmhouse102000188
523PhishFirst Tube6:45Farmhouse122000207
525PhishDown With Disease4:07Hoist21994209
526PhishIf I Could4:09Hoist31994190
527PhishRiker's Mailbox0:26Hoist41994218
528PhishAxilla [Part II]4:28Hoist51994209
530PhishSample In A Jar4:41Hoist71994204
531PhishWolfman's Brother4:28Hoist81994203
532PhishScent Of A Mule4:02Hoist91994211
533PhishDog Faced Boy2:11Hoist101994144
535PhishFee5:24Junta (Disc 1)11988196
536PhishYou Enjoy Myself9:50Junta (Disc 1)21988208
537PhishEsther9:24Junta (Disc 1)31988197
538PhishGolgi Apparatus4:39Junta (Disc 1)41988218
539PhishFoam6:50Junta (Disc 1)51988196
540PhishDinner And A Movie3:42Junta (Disc 1)61988207
541PhishThe Divided Sky11:56Junta (Disc 1)71988208
542PhishDavid Bowie10:59Junta (Disc 1)81988217
543PhishFluffhead3:24Junta (Disc 2)11988205
544PhishFluff's Travels11:38Junta (Disc 2)21988208
545PhishContact6:41Junta (Disc 2)31988188
546PhishUnion Federal (Live)25:29Junta (Disc 2)41988202
547PhishSanity (Live)8:26Junta (Disc 2)51988185
548PhishIcculus (Live)4:26Junta (Disc 2)61988183
549PhishThe Squirming Coil6:04Lawn Boy11990191
550PhishReba12:27Lawn Boy21990194
551PhishMy Sweet One2:07Lawn Boy31990188
552PhishSplit Open And Melt4:42Lawn Boy41990194
553PhishThe Oh Kee Pa Ceremony1:41Lawn Boy51990207
554PhishBathtub Gin4:29Lawn Boy61990201
555PhishRun Like An Antelope9:52Lawn Boy71990201
556PhishLawn Boy2:32Lawn Boy81990189
557PhishBouncing Around The Room3:56Lawn Boy91990183
558PhishA Christmas Without Weed3:04No Album Folks....16 128
560PhishFast Enough For You4:51Rift21993195
565PhishThe Wedge4:07Rift71993209
566PhishMy Friend, My Friend6:09Rift81993204
568PhishAll Things Reconsidered2:32Rift101993185
570PhishIt's Ice8:14Rift121993199
572PhishThe Horse1:24Rift141993186
573PhishSilent In The Morning5:28Rift151993208
574PhishPebbles And Marbles11:39Round Room12002197
575PhishAnything But Me4:30Round Room22002187
576PhishRound Room4:15Round Room32002203
577PhishMexican Cousin3:16Round Room42002211
578PhishFriday6:32Round Room52002203
579PhishSeven Below8:31Round Room62002212
580PhishMock Song4:29Round Room72002203
581Phish46 Days6:15Round Room82002217
582PhishAll Of These Dreams4:08Round Room92002198
583PhishWalls Of The Cave9:59Round Room102002217
584PhishThunderhead3:21Round Room112002197
585PhishWaves11:05Round Room122002216
586PhishCities5:18Slip, Stitch & Pass11997204
587PhishWolfman's Brother13:50Slip, Stitch & Pass21997202
588PhishJesus Just Left Chicago12:58Slip, Stitch & Pass31997199
589PhishWeigh5:29Slip, Stitch & Pass41997197
590PhishMike's Song13:52Slip, Stitch & Pass51997205
591PhishLawn Boy2:56Slip, Stitch & Pass61997198
592PhishWeekapaug Groove8:20Slip, Stitch & Pass71997217
593PhishHello My Baby1:19Slip, Stitch & Pass81997196
594PhishTaste8:45Slip, Stitch & Pass91997210
595PhishGhost3:52The Story Of The Ghost11998213
596PhishBirds Of A Feather4:14The Story Of The Ghost21998232
597PhishMeat2:39The Story Of The Ghost31998214
598PhishGuyute8:26The Story Of The Ghost41998221
599PhishFikus2:20The Story Of The Ghost51998191
600PhishShafty2:21The Story Of The Ghost61998206
601PhishLimb By Limb3:31The Story Of The Ghost71998226
602PhishFrankie Says3:06The Story Of The Ghost81998216
603PhishBrian And Robert3:02The Story Of The Ghost91998184
604PhishWater In The Sky2:29The Story Of The Ghost101998214
605PhishRoggae2:59The Story Of The Ghost111998220
606PhishWading In The Velvet Sea4:29The Story Of The Ghost121998203
607PhishThe Moma Dance4:28The Story Of The Ghost131998214
608PhishEnd Of Session1:53The Story Of The Ghost141998201
609PhishScents And Subtle Sounds (Intro)1:37Undermind12004184
611PhishThe Connection2:25Undermind32004230
612PhishA Song I Heard The Ocean Sing6:23Undermind42004215
613PhishArmy Of One5:01Undermind52004218
614PhishCrowd Control3:34Undermind62004219
615PhishMaggie's Revenge1:43Undermind72004231
617PhishTwo Versions Of Me3:45Undermind92004213
618PhishAccess Me2:38Undermind102004215
619PhishScents And Subtle Sounds5:05Undermind112004219
620PhishTomorrow's Song1:56Undermind122004189
621PhishSecret Smile6:41Undermind132004195
623Phoebe SnowPoetry Man4:38The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow12001198
624Phoebe SnowAll Over3:30The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow22001196
625Phoebe SnowTeach Me Tonight4:31The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow32001196
626Phoebe SnowDon't Let Me Down5:49The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow42001199
627Phoebe SnowShakey Ground4:18The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow52001216
628Phoebe SnowLove Makes A Woman3:24The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow62001202
629Phoebe SnowNever Letting Go3:14The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow72001192
630Phoebe SnowEvery Night3:20The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow82001199
631Phoebe SnowDo Right Woman, Do Right Man4:14The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow92001185
632Phoebe SnowGoing Down For The Third Time2:34The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow102001206
633Phoebe SnowTwo Fisted Love4:07The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow112001202
634Phoebe SnowAt Last (Live)5:14The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow122001189
635Phoebe SnowSomething Real3:53The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow132001171
636Phoebe SnowSomething So Right4:06The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow142001191
637Phoebe SnowHarpo's Blues (Live)5:06The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow152001187
638Phoebe SnowGood Times (Live)6:18The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow162001203
639PhoenixEverything Is Everything3:01Alphabetical12004227
640PhoenixRun Run Run3:50Alphabetical22004213
641PhoenixI'm An Actor2:33Alphabetical32004198
642PhoenixLove For Granted4:24Alphabetical42004201
643PhoenixVictim Of The Crime4:02Alphabetical52004207
644Phoenix(You Can't Blame It On) Anybody3:33Alphabetical62004208
646PhoenixIf It's Not With You3:57Alphabetical82004194
647PhoenixHoldin' On Together3:27Alphabetical92004194
649PhoenixNapoleon Says3:13It's Never Been Like That12006262
650PhoenixConsolation Prizes3:16It's Never Been Like That22006231
651PhoenixRally3:17It's Never Been Like That32006235
652PhoenixLong Distance Call3:04It's Never Been Like That42006206
653PhoenixOne Time Too Many3:40It's Never Been Like That52006225
654PhoenixLost and Found2:56It's Never Been Like That62006213
655PhoenixCourtesy Laughs3:14It's Never Been Like That72006227
656PhoenixNorth5:01It's Never Been Like That82006207
657PhoenixSometimes in the Fall5:49It's Never Been Like That92006207
658PhoenixSecond to None3:25It's Never Been Like That102006202
659PhoenixLisztomania4:01Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix12009219
660Phoenix19013:13Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix22009243
661PhoenixFences3:45Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix32009222
662PhoenixLove Like A Sunset Part I5:38Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix42009204
663PhoenixLove Like A Sunset Part II1:56Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix52009202
664PhoenixLasso2:47Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix62009206
665PhoenixRome4:38Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix72009195
666PhoenixCountdown3:57Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix82009222
667PhoenixGirlfriend3:24Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix92009201
668PhoenixArmistice3:04Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix102009212
669Phylis NelsonMove Closer5:50Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)132004225
670Phyllis NelsonMove Closer4:26The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)151999206
671Pied PipersDream2:50Your Hit Parade 194521 128
672Piergiorgio LucidiCat Mind5:04Spontaneous2 128
673Piero PiccioniTraffic Boom3:15The Big Lebowski (OST)51998213
674Piet VeermanSailin' Home4:34Back To The 80's (Disc 1)181996186
675PigeonhedBattle Flag (Lo-Fidelitey Allstars Remix)3:58More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)62003192
676PigletsJohnny Reggae2:10One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)212001246
677Pigmeat MarkhamWho Got The Number2:14Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 0952000226
678The Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be Home For Christmas2:31Blue Yule: Christmas Blues And R&B Classics171991127
679The Pilgrim TravelersMother Beloved2:55Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel161992127
680PilotMagic3:01100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)61997183
681PilotJust A Smile3:03Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)141992217
682PilotMagic3:03Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 2)41998182
683PilotJanuary3:30Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)31998203
684PilotMagic3:04Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 5)141998190
685PilotMagic3:06Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 14111990190
686The Piltdown MenMcDonalds Cave2:25Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)41997161
687Piltdown MenMacDonald's Cave2:27The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 1)111960160
688Piltdown MenBrontosaurus Stomp2:34The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)191960151
689The Piltown MenBrontosaurus Stomp2:35Rock 'N' Roll Complete (Disc 1)71997233
690The Pineapple ThiefPrey For Me6:3810 Stories Down [Limited Edition]12005206
691The Pineapple ThiefClapham4:2810 Stories Down [Limited Edition]22005195
692The Pineapple ThiefWretched Soul4:5710 Stories Down [Limited Edition]32005206
693The Pineapple ThiefThe World I Always Dreamed Of7:1110 Stories Down [Limited Edition]42005218
694The Pineapple ThiefStart Your Descent3:5210 Stories Down [Limited Edition]52005186
695The Pineapple ThiefMy Own Oblivion3:3810 Stories Down [Limited Edition]62005195
696The Pineapple ThiefIt's Just You And Me4:5610 Stories Down [Limited Edition]72005193
697The Pineapple ThiefThe Answers5:2110 Stories Down [Limited Edition]82005182
698The Pineapple ThiefFrom Where You're Standing4:0510 Stories Down [Limited Edition]92005214
699The Pineapple ThiefLight Up Your Eyes - I. I7:2210 Stories Down [Limited Edition]102005187
700The Pineapple ThiefLight Up Your Eyes - II. Who7:5510 Stories Down [Limited Edition]112005198
701The Pineapple ThiefSunday - Crash6:2410 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)12005219
702The Pineapple ThiefMonday - Sleep5:2410 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)22005188
703The Pineapple ThiefTuesday - Haboob9:0810 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)32005217
704The Pineapple ThiefWednesday - The Snail Song8:3210 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)42005198
705The Pineapple ThiefThursday - Fifty Four6:5910 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)52005194
706The Pineapple ThiefFriday - 5 Minutes5:1310 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)62005202
707The Pineapple ThiefSaturday - Reverse8:2410 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)72005186
708The Pineapple ThiefSunday - King Street8:3010 Stories Down [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc) (8 Days Later)82005202
709Pineapple ThiefLay On The Tracks4:4413712001201
710Pineapple ThiefPerpetual Night Shift5:2813722001179
711Pineapple ThiefKid Chameleon6:5613732001199
712Pineapple ThiefIncubate3:2713742001168
713Pineapple ThiefDoppler7:3313752001197
714Pineapple ThiefSter4:0513762001148
715Pineapple Thief1375:0913772001199
716Pineapple ThiefRelease The Tether3:5413782001179
717Pineapple ThiefHow Did We Find Our Way?5:4413792001178
718Pineapple ThiefPreserve5:20137102001200
719Pineapple ThiefWarm Me3:36137112001160
720Pineapple ThiefPVS11:29137122001177
721Pineapple ThiefMD One3:56137132001184
722The Pineapple ThiefGod Bless The Child4:473000 Days (Disc 1)12009222
723The Pineapple ThiefShoot First4:153000 Days (Disc 1)22009227
724The Pineapple ThiefPart Zero7:293000 Days (Disc 1)32009205
725The Pineapple Thief1375:023000 Days (Disc 1)42009187
726The Pineapple ThiefWe Love You8:353000 Days (Disc 1)52009200
727The Pineapple ThiefClapham4:283000 Days (Disc 1)62009199
728The Pineapple ThiefDead In The Water5:333000 Days (Disc 1)72009198
729The Pineapple ThiefKid Chameleon7:023000 Days (Disc 1)82009204
730The Pineapple ThiefTightly Wound (Acoustic)5:343000 Days (Disc 1)92009190
731The Pineapple ThiefRemember Us16:083000 Days (Disc 1)102009211
732The Pineapple ThiefThe World I Always Dreamed Of7:123000 Days (Disc 2)12009217
733The Pineapple ThiefWretched Soul5:003000 Days (Disc 2)22009213
734The Pineapple ThiefAll You Need To Know4:143000 Days (Disc 2)32009215
735The Pineapple ThiefVapour Trails8:573000 Days (Disc 2)42009192
736The Pineapple ThiefHow Did We Find Our Way3:563000 Days (Disc 2)52009198
737The Pineapple ThiefI Will Light Up Your Eyes7:243000 Days (Disc 2)62009186
738The Pineapple ThiefSubside5:003000 Days (Disc 2)72009198
739The Pineapple ThiefPrivate Paradise11:463000 Days (Disc 2)82009212
740The Pineapple ThiefSnowdrops5:563000 Days (Disc 2)92009211
741The Pineapple ThiefToo Much To Lose14:493000 Days (Disc 2)102009228
742The Pineapple ThiefClapham4:284 Stories Down (EP)12005196
743The Pineapple ThiefWretched Soul4:544 Stories Down (EP)22005208
744The Pineapple ThiefThe Ground Floor4:584 Stories Down (EP)32005208
745The Pineapple ThiefSubside (13th Floor Mix)7:034 Stories Down (EP)42005195
746The Pineapple ThiefDead In The Water5:27Little Man12006192
747The Pineapple ThiefGod Bless The Child4:45Little Man22006228
748The Pineapple ThiefWilting Violet4:41Little Man32006201
749The Pineapple ThiefWait3:26Little Man42006175
750The Pineapple ThiefRun A Mile6:43Little Man52006220
751The Pineapple ThiefLittle Man3:43Little Man62006178
752The Pineapple ThiefNovember6:50Little Man72006224
753The Pineapple ThiefBoxing Day3:58Little Man82006204
754The Pineapple ThiefGod The Bless Children2:01Little Man92006217
755The Pineapple ThiefSnowdrops5:58Little Man102006212
756The Pineapple ThiefWe Love You8:46Little Man112006199
757The Pineapple ThiefShow A Little Love (Single Edit)3:38Show A Little Love12010209
758The Pineapple ThiefI Can Only See The Lights2:21Show A Little Love22010207
759The Pineapple ThiefA Million Miles Off Course5:04Show A Little Love32010218
760The Pineapple ThiefCounting The Cost4:24Show A Little Love42010205
761The Pineapple ThiefTo Live And Die To4:22Show A Little Love52010238
762The Pineapple ThiefWake Up The Dead (Acoustic)4:03Show A Little Love62010206
763The Pineapple ThiefSomeone Here Is Missing (Acoustic)3:56Show A Little Love72010207
764The Pineapple ThiefDead In The Water (Worldengine Remix)5:03Show A Little Love82010219
765The Pineapple ThiefNothing At Best4:08Someone Here Is Missing12010195
766The Pineapple ThiefWake Up The Dead4:23Someone Here Is Missing22010179
767The Pineapple ThiefThe State We're In3:18Someone Here Is Missing32010211
768The Pineapple ThiefPreparation For Meltdown7:27Someone Here Is Missing42010223
769The Pineapple ThiefBarely Breathing3:44Someone Here Is Missing52010200
770The Pineapple ThiefShow A Little Love3:59Someone Here Is Missing62010210
771The Pineapple ThiefSomeone Here Is Missing3:52Someone Here Is Missing72010228
772The Pineapple Thief3000 Days6:09Someone Here Is Missing82010224
773The Pineapple ThiefSo We Row8:16Someone Here Is Missing92010222
774The Pineapple ThiefMy Debt To You5:16Tightly Unwound12008183
775The Pineapple ThiefShoot First4:12Tightly Unwound22008231
776The Pineapple ThiefSinners4:52Tightly Unwound32008241
777The Pineapple ThiefTightly Wound6:35Tightly Unwound42008226
778The Pineapple ThiefThe Sorry State4:11Tightly Unwound52008213
779The Pineapple ThiefMy Bleeding Hand4:20Tightly Unwound62008246
780The Pineapple ThiefDifferent World10:44Tightly Unwound72008216
781The Pineapple ThiefAnd So Say All Of You4:05Tightly Unwound82008220
782The Pineapple ThiefToo Much To Lose15:13Tightly Unwound92008226
783Pineapple ThiefWe Subside4:58Variations on a Dream12003181
784Pineapple ThiefThis Will Remain Unspoken3:27Variations on a Dream22003198
785Pineapple ThiefVapour Trails8:31Variations on a Dream32003194
786Pineapple ThiefRun Me Through4:41Variations on a Dream42003214
787Pineapple ThiefThe Bitter Pill4:36Variations on a Dream52003181
788Pineapple ThiefResident Alien4:14Variations on a Dream62003181
789Pineapple ThiefSooner or Later4:16Variations on a Dream72003199
790Pineapple ThiefPart Zero7:26Variations on a Dream82003185
791Pineapple ThiefKeep Dreaming4:26Variations on a Dream92003179
792Pineapple ThiefRemember Us16:18Variations on a Dream102003201
793Pink FloydSigns Of Life4:25A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]11987206
794Pink FloydLearning To Fly4:53A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]21987212
795Pink FloydThe Dogs Of War6:08A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]31987199
796Pink FloydOne Slip5:07A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]41987225
797Pink FloydOn The Turning Away5:39A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]51987205
798Pink FloydYet Another Movie/Round And Around7:27A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]61987207
799Pink FloydA New Machine (Part 1)1:46A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]71987179
800Pink FloydTerminal Frost6:17A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]81987210
801Pink FloydA New Machine (Part 2)0:38A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]91987186
802Pink FloydSorrow8:48A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [1997 Remaster]101987208
803Pink FloydLet There Be More Light5:37A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]11968206
804Pink FloydRemember A Day4:33A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]21968198
805Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun5:27A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]31968196
806Pink FloydCorporal Clegg4:12A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]41968207
807Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets11:56A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]51968200
808Pink FloydSee Saw4:37A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]61968196
809Pink FloydJugband Blues2:59A Saucerful Of Secrets [1992 Remaster]71968181
810Pink FloydPigs On The Wing (Part One)1:25Animals [1997 Remaster]11977166
811Pink FloydDogs17:08Animals [1997 Remaster]21977203
812Pink FloydPigs (Three Different Ones)11:28Animals [1997 Remaster]31977202
813Pink FloydSheep10:20Animals [1997 Remaster]41977201
814Pink FloydPigs On The Wing (Part Two)1:25Animals [1997 Remaster]51977206
815Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother23:45Atom Heart Mother (Original Master Recording)11970202
816Pink FloydIf4:31Atom Heart Mother (Original Master Recording)21970184
817Pink FloydSummer '685:28Atom Heart Mother (Original Master Recording)31970216
818Pink FloydFat Old Sun5:23Atom Heart Mother (Original Master Recording)41970195
819Pink FloydAlan's Psychedelic Breakfast13:42Atom Heart Mother (Original Master Recording)51970202
820Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond11:54Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)11988195
821Pink FloydLearning To Fly5:27Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)21988210
822Pink FloydYet Another Movie6:21Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)31988206
823Pink FloydRound And Around0:33Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)41988210
824Pink FloydSorrow9:28Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)51988213
825Pink FloydThe Dogs Of War7:19Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)61988191
826Pink FloydOn The Turning Away7:57Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 1)71988202
827Pink FloydOne Of These Days6:16Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)11988204
828Pink FloydTime5:16Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)21988207
829Pink FloydWish You Were Here4:49Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)31988196
830Pink FloydUs And Them7:22Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)41988192
831Pink FloydMoney9:52Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)51988204
832Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall - Part II5:29Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)61988207
833Pink FloydComfortably Numb8:56Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)71988204
834Pink FloydRun Like Hell7:12Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Disc 2)81988202
835Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive (Full Length Version)16:44In London 1966-196711967175
836Pink FloydNick's Boogie11:50In London 1966-196721967170
837Pink FloydOne Of These Days5:42Meddle [MFSL]11971204
838Pink FloydA Pillow Of Winds5:29Meddle [MFSL]21971203
839Pink FloydFearless6:07Meddle [MFSL]31971209
840Pink FloydSan Tropez3:43Meddle [MFSL]41971198
841Pink FloydSeamus2:14Meddle [MFSL]51971193
842Pink FloydEchoes23:31Meddle [MFSL]61971202
843Pink FloydCirrus Minor5:18More (OST) [1995 Remaster]11969182
844Pink FloydThe Nile Song3:26More (OST) [1995 Remaster]21969218
845Pink FloydCrying Song3:33More (OST) [1995 Remaster]31969181
846Pink FloydUp The Khyber2:12More (OST) [1995 Remaster]41969210
847Pink FloydGreen Is The Colour2:58More (OST) [1995 Remaster]51969198
848Pink FloydCymbaline4:50More (OST) [1995 Remaster]61969189
849Pink FloydParty Sequence1:07More (OST) [1995 Remaster]71969221
850Pink FloydMain Theme5:28More (OST) [1995 Remaster]81969210
851Pink FloydIbiza Bar3:19More (OST) [1995 Remaster]91969213
852Pink FloydMore Blues2:12More (OST) [1995 Remaster]101969201
853Pink FloydQuicksilver7:13More (OST) [1995 Remaster]111969190
854Pink FloydA Spanish Piece1:05More (OST) [1995 Remaster]121969188
855Pink FloydDramatic Theme2:15More (OST) [1995 Remaster]131969214
856Pink FloydObscured By Clouds3:05Obscured By Clouds11972214
857Pink FloydWhen You're In2:31Obscured By Clouds21972191
858Pink FloydBurning Bridges3:30Obscured By Clouds31972202
859Pink FloydThe Gold It's In The ...3:08Obscured By Clouds41972219
860Pink FloydWot's ... Uh The Deal5:09Obscured By Clouds51972199
861Pink FloydMudmen4:18Obscured By Clouds61972201
862Pink FloydChildhood's End4:33Obscured By Clouds71972204
863Pink FloydFree Four4:16Obscured By Clouds81972222
864Pink FloydStay4:07Obscured By Clouds91972190
865Pink FloydAbsolutely Curtains5:51Obscured By Clouds101972206
866Pink FloydArnold Layne2:56Relics11971184
867Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive9:43Relics21971217
868Pink FloydSee Emily Play2:53Relics31971152
869Pink FloydRemember a Day4:29Relics41971205
870Pink FloydPaintbox3:33Relics51971218
871Pink FloydJulia Dream2:37Relics61971180
872Pink FloydCareful with That Axe, Eugene5:46Relics71971209
873Pink FloydCirrus Minor5:18Relics81971180
874Pink FloydThe Nile Song3:25Relics91971217
875Pink FloydBiding My Time5:18Relics101971207
876Pink FloydBike3:21Relics111971206
877Pink FloydSpeak To Me1:13The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]11973190
878Pink FloydBreathe In The Air2:45The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]21973197
879Pink FloydOn The Run3:34The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]31973207
880Pink FloydTime7:04The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]41973207
881Pink FloydThe Great Gig In The Sky4:47The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]51973186
882Pink FloydMoney6:23The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]61973204
883Pink FloydUs And Them7:49The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]71973196
884Pink FloydAny Colour You Like3:25The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]81973216
885Pink FloydBrain Damage3:50The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]91973195
886Pink FloydEclipse2:04The Dark Side Of The Moon [MFSL]101973191
887Pink FloydCluster One5:58The Division Bell11994199
888Pink FloydWhat Do You Want From Me4:21The Division Bell21994200
889Pink FloydPoles Apart7:04The Division Bell31994203
890Pink FloydMarooned5:29The Division Bell41994213
891Pink FloydA Great Day For Freedom4:17The Division Bell51994188
892Pink FloydWearing The Inside Out6:49The Division Bell61994198
893Pink FloydTake It Back6:12The Division Bell71994198
894Pink FloydComing Back To Life6:19The Division Bell81994208
895Pink FloydKeep Talking6:11The Division Bell91994207
896Pink FloydLost For Words5:14The Division Bell101994204
897Pink FloydHigh Hopes8:32The Division Bell111994190
898Pink FloydThe Post War Dream3:00The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]11983181
899Pink FloydYour Possible Pasts4:26The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]21983190
900Pink FloydOne Of The Few1:11The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]31983195
901Pink FloydWhen The Tigers Broke Free3:16The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]41983182
902Pink FloydThe Hero's Return2:42The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]51983185
903Pink FloydThe Gunner's Dream5:18The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]61983179
904Pink FloydParanoid Eyes3:41The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]71983186
905Pink FloydGet Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert1:17The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]81983187
906Pink FloydThe Fletcher Memorial Home4:12The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]91983195
907Pink FloydSouthampton Dock2:10The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]101983156
908Pink FloydThe Final Cut4:45The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]111983197
909Pink FloydNot Now John4:56The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]121983220
910Pink FloydTwo Suns In The Sunset5:22The Final Cut [2004 Remaster]131983187
911Pink FloydAstronomy Domine4:12The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]11967194
912Pink FloydLucifer Sam3:07The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]21967192
913Pink FloydMatilda Mother3:08The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]31967192
914Pink FloydFlaming2:46The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]41967207
915Pink FloydPow R. Toc H.4:26The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]51967194
916Pink FloydTake Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk3:05The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]61967200
917Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive9:41The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]71967194
918Pink FloydThe Gnome2:13The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]81967197
919Pink FloydChapter 243:42The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]91967190
920Pink FloydScarecrow2:11The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]101967214
921Pink FloydBike3:21The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [1994 Remaster]111967194
922Pink FloydIn the Flesh?3:19The Wall (Disc 1)11979200
923Pink FloydThe Thin Ice2:29The Wall (Disc 1)21979198
924Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall part 13:10The Wall (Disc 1)31979191
925Pink FloydThe Happiest Days of our Lives1:51The Wall (Disc 1)41979196
926Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall part 23:59The Wall (Disc 1)51979204
927Pink FloydMother5:36The Wall (Disc 1)61979184
928Pink FloydGoodbye Blue Sky2:48The Wall (Disc 1)71979186
929Pink FloydEmpty Spaces2:08The Wall (Disc 1)81979197
930Pink FloydYoung Lust3:30The Wall (Disc 1)91979193
931Pink FloydOne of my turns3:37The Wall (Disc 1)101979193
932Pink FloydDon't Leave me now4:17The Wall (Disc 1)111979192
933Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall part 31:15The Wall (Disc 1)121979192
934Pink FloydGoodbye Cruel World1:17The Wall (Disc 1)131979189
935Pink FloydHey you4:42The Wall (Disc 2)11979195
936Pink FloydIs there anybody out there?2:40The Wall (Disc 2)21979191
937Pink FloydNobody Home3:24The Wall (Disc 2)31979184
938Pink FloydVera1:33The Wall (Disc 2)41979178
939Pink FloydBring the boys back home1:27The Wall (Disc 2)51979193
940Pink FloydComfortably Numb6:24The Wall (Disc 2)61979197
941Pink FloydThe Show must go on1:35The Wall (Disc 2)71979187
942Pink FloydIn the Flesh4:17The Wall (Disc 2)81979206
943Pink FloydRun like Hell4:24The Wall (Disc 2)91979202
944Pink FloydWaiting for the Worms3:58The Wall (Disc 2)101979200
945Pink FloydStop0:30The Wall (Disc 2)111979168
946Pink FloydThe Trial5:20The Wall (Disc 2)121979191
947Pink FloydOutside the Wall1:44The Wall (Disc 2)131979200
948Pink FloydThe Thin Ice2:48The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)11980191
949Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall Pt. 15:07The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)21980194
950Pink FloydHappiest Days Of Our Lives1:26The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)31980194
951Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall Pt. 26:16The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)41980196
952Pink FloydMother7:01The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)51980197
953Pink FloydGoodbye Blue Sky3:53The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)61980195
954Pink FloydWhat Shall We Do Now?3:11The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)71980199
955Pink FloydYoung Lust4:12The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)81980196
956Pink FloydOne Of My Turns6:58The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)91980196
957Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall Pt. 35:34The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)101980194
958Pink FloydHey You10:10The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)111980194
959Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out There?3:34The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)121980191
960Pink FloydNobody Home3:06The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)131980185
961Pink FloydVera1:20The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)141980187
962Pink FloydBring The Boys Back Home1:34The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)151980187
963Pink FloydComfortably Numb6:35The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)161980191
964Pink FloydThe Show Must Go On2:43The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)171980187
965Pink FloydMurderistic Women2:19The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)181980162
966Pink FloydAn Effervescin' Elephant1:02The Wall Rehearsals (Bootleg)191980156
967Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive (Full Length Version)16:50Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)11968143
968Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive (Reprise)0:33Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)81968147
969Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive (Reprise 2)0:54Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)221968155
970Pink FloydNick's Boogie11:50Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)241968169
971Pink FloydAstronomy Domine (Live)8:29Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 1)11969196
972Pink FloydCareful With That Axe, Eugene (Live)8:50Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 1)21969203
973Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Live)9:12Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 1)31969183
974Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets (Live)12:48Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 1)41969190
975Pink FloydSysyphus, Part 11:08Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)11969163
976Pink FloydSysyphus, Part 23:30Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)21969173
977Pink FloydSysyphus, Part 31:49Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)31969213
978Pink FloydSysyphus, Part 46:59Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)41969189
979Pink FloydGrantchester Meadows7:26Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)51969192
980Pink FloydSeveral Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict4:59Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)61969206
981Pink FloydThe Narrow Way, Part 13:27Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)71969221
982Pink FloydThe Narrow Way, Part 22:53Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)81969186
983Pink FloydThe Narrow Way, Part 35:57Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)91969187
984Pink FloydThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Part 1 (Entrance)1:00Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)101969177
985Pink FloydThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Part 2 (Entertainment)7:06Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)111969191
986Pink FloydThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Part 3 (Exit)0:38Ummagumma [1994 Remaster] (Disc 2)121969190
987Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)13:36Wish You Were Here [MasterSound Limited Edition]11975200
988Pink FloydWelcome To The Machine7:24Wish You Were Here [MasterSound Limited Edition]21975207
989Pink FloydHave A Cigar5:24Wish You Were Here [MasterSound Limited Edition]31975193
990Pink FloydWish You Were Here5:19Wish You Were Here [MasterSound Limited Edition]41975186
991Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)12:26Wish You Were Here [MasterSound Limited Edition]51975205
992Pink FloydOne Of These Days6:00Works11983207
993Pink FloydArnold Layne2:53Works21983209
994Pink FloydFearless (Interpolating "You'll Never Walk Alone")5:38Works31983214
995Pink FloydBrain Damage3:43Works41983208
996Pink FloydEclipse2:06Works51983206
997Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun5:22Works61983196
998Pink FloydSee Emily Play2:46Works71983209
999Pink FloydSeveral Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict4:39Works81983211
1000Pink FloydFree Four4:08Works91983221
1001Pink FloydEmbryo4:41Works101983200
1002Pink FloydHeat Beat, Pig Meat3:11Zabriskie Point (OST)11970168
1003Pink FloydCrumbling Land4:14Zabriskie Point (OST)41970203
1004Pink FloydCome In Number 51, Your Time Is Up4:56Zabriskie Point (OST)111970194
1005Pink MartiniEverywhere3:10Hey Eugene!12007165
1006Pink MartiniTempo Perdido3:42Hey Eugene!22007219
1007Pink MartiniMar Desconocido3:13Hey Eugene!32007196
1008Pink MartiniTaya Tan2:42Hey Eugene!42007199
1009Pink MartiniCity of Night4:19Hey Eugene!52007220
1010Pink MartiniOjalá3:02Hey Eugene!62007188
1011Pink MartiniBukra Wba'do3:56Hey Eugene!72007207
1012Pink MartiniCante e Dance4:28Hey Eugene!82007193
1013Pink MartiniHey Eugene3:10Hey Eugene!92007209
1014Pink MartiniSyracuse3:50Hey Eugene!102007174
1015Pink MartiniDosvedanya Mio Bombino4:41Hey Eugene!112007194
1016Pink MartiniTea For Two5:02Hey Eugene!122007169
1017Pink SpidersLittle Razorblade3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09202006251
1018Pinkard & Bowden(I'm Gonna) Beat The Cheat Out Of You2:25  1993160
1019Pinkard & BowdenArab, Alabama2:46  1993160
1020Pinkard & BowdenBlue Hairs Driving In My Lane (Live)3:00  1993160
1021Pinkard & BowdenDaddy Sang Bass-Delta Dawg (Live)2:23  1993160
1022Pinkard & BowdenDon't Pet the Dog2:26  1993160
1023Pinkard & BowdenDrivin' My Wife Away (Live)1:58  1993160
1024Pinkard & BowdenElvis Was A Narc1:54  1993160
1025Pinkard & BowdenHarvard, A.K.A. Coon - Aspirations or Higher Edu-Cajun3:10  1993160
1026Pinkard & BowdenHelp Me Make It Through the Yard (Live)2:08  1993160
1027Pinkard & BowdenI Lobster But Never Flounder (Live)3:28  1993160
1028Pinkard & BowdenLibyan On A Jet Plane2:12  1993160
1029Pinkard & BowdenMail Order Dog (Live)3:45  1993160
1030Pinkard & BowdenMama, She's Lazy3:21  1993160
1031Pinkard & BowdenMusic Industry3:35  1993160
1032Pinkard & BowdenSatellite Dish2:39  1993160
1033Pinkard & BowdenSexual Harrasser2:10  1993160
1034Pinkard & BowdenShe Thinks I Steal Cars2:14  1993160
1035Pinkard & BowdenThree Mile Island (Live)2:24  1993160
1036Pinkard & BowdenTrailer Park Woman2:31  1993160
1037Pinkard & BowdenWhat's a W-4... (Live)2:01  1993160
1038Pinkard & BowdenWoman With A Gun (Live)2:16  1993160
1039Pinkard & BowdenPersonal History, Crawfish Heads, Religion...6:09Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS11989145
1040Pinkard & BowdenElvis Was a Narc3:08Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS21989153
1041Pinkard & BowdenDriving Others T Christ Thru Barnyard Inuendo4:46Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS31989149
1042Pinkard & BowdenFolk Music (Libyan on a Jet Plane)2:48Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS41989151
1043Pinkard & BowdenThe Ballad of Dick and Jane2:22Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS51989166
1044Pinkard & BowdenJimi and Eddie (Purple Haze/Green Acres)3:06Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS61989183
1045Pinkard & BowdenThe Universal Adjective Song4:54Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS71989169
1046Pinkard & BowdenThe Fifties Suck3:18Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS81989193
1047Pinkard & BowdenFor the Good Dogs2:08Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS91989198
1048Pinkard & BowdenI Was a Froggy3:14Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS101989201
1049Pinkard & BowdenShe Dances With Meat3:32Live in Front of a Bunch of D-CKH--DS111989194
1050Pinkerton's "Assort" ColoursMirror Mirror2:03Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)212001168
1051The Pinnacle BoysCheyenne3:0450 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 2231992203
1052Pinnacle BoysBluegrass Melodies2:0950 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 451992210
1053The Pinnacle BoysCheyenne (Instr.)3:04That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)51995207
1054Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder, Dorothy Compton, And Billy BletcherWho's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? (The Three Little Pigs 1933)2:42Classic Disney, Vol. 2251995127
1055The PipkinsGimme Dat Ding2:11One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 2)202001243
1056The PipsEvery Beat of My Heart2:04Still Rockin' 1961151989127
1057Pirates Of The SeaWolves Of The Sea2:59Hits for Kids 2032008235
1058Pitbull305 Anthem (feat. Lil' Jon)4:13M.I.A.M.I.12004226
1059PitbullCulo (feat. Lil' Jon)3:39M.I.A.M.I.22004173
1060PitbullShe's Freaky3:20M.I.A.M.I.32004238
1061PitbullShake It Up (feat. Oobie)3:14M.I.A.M.I.42004203
1062PitbullToma (feat. Lil' Jon)3:33M.I.A.M.I.52004232
1063PitbullI Wonder (feat. Oobie)3:51M.I.A.M.I.62004209
1064PitbullGet On The Floor (feat. Oobie)3:05M.I.A.M.I.72004208
1065PitbullDirty (feat. Bun B)4:36M.I.A.M.I.82004222
1066PitbullDammit Man (feat. Piccallo)4:01M.I.A.M.I.92004209
1067PitbullWe Don't Care Bout Ya (feat. Cubo)5:06M.I.A.M.I.102004221
1068PitbullThat's Nasty (feat. Lil' Jon & Fat Joe)4:12M.I.A.M.I.112004216
1069PitbullBack Up3:38M.I.A.M.I.122004211
1070PitbullMelting Pot (feat. Trick Daddy)3:57M.I.A.M.I.132004217
1071PitbullHustler's Withdrawl4:09M.I.A.M.I.142004213
1072PitbullHurry Up & Wait3:34M.I.A.M.I.152004201
1073PitbullCulo [Miami Mix] (feat. Mr. Vegas & Lil' Jon)4:09M.I.A.M.I.162004173
1074PitbullEverybody Get Up (feat. Pretty Ricky)4:48Money Is Still A Major Issue12005230
1075PitbullRah Rah (feat. Elephant Man & Daddy Yankee)3:51Money Is Still A Major Issue22005203
1076PitbullSheke (Remix) (feat. Ying Yang Twins & Elephant Man)4:13Money Is Still A Major Issue32005210
1077PitbullCulo (Remix) (feat. Lil Jon & Ivy Queen)4:00Money Is Still A Major Issue42005216
1078PitbullMil Amores (feat. Master Joe & O.G. Black)3:39Money Is Still A Major Issue52005187
1079PitbullTurnin Me On (Remix) (feat. Nina Sky)4:09Money Is Still A Major Issue62005185
1080PitbullShe's Hotter (feat. T.O.K.)4:15Money Is Still A Major Issue72005161
1081PitbullGet To Poppin (Remix) (feat. Rich Boy)4:14Money Is Still A Major Issue82005199
1082PitbullMight Be The Police (feat. Brisco)3:34Money Is Still A Major Issue92005159
1083PitbullWho U Rollin' With (feat. Picallo & Cubo)4:24Money Is Still A Major Issue102005209
1084PitbullDammit Man (Remix) (feat. Lil Flip)3:47Money Is Still A Major Issue112005210
1085PitbullOh No He Didn't (feat. Cubo)3:33Money Is Still A Major Issue122005171
1086PitbullToma (DJ Buddha Remix) (feat. Lil Jon, Mr. Vegas, Wayne Marshall, Red Hat, T.O.K. & Hardinal Offishall)6:24Money Is Still A Major Issue132005203
1087PitbullCulo3:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-06212004174
1088PitbullI Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)3:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-0492009198
1091PixiesWave of Mutilation2:04Doolittle31989206
1092PixiesI Bleed2:34Doolittle41989210
1093PixiesHere Comes Your Man3:21Doolittle51989207
1095PixiesMonkey Gone to Heaven2:56Doolittle71989201
1096PixiesMr. Grieves2:05Doolittle81989201
1097PixiesCrackity Jones1:24Doolittle91989215
1098PixiesLa La Love You2:43Doolittle101989199
1099PixiesNo. 13 Baby3:51Doolittle111989214
1100PixiesThere Goes My Gun1:49Doolittle121989200
1103PixiesGouge Away2:44Doolittle151989211
1104PixiesAin't That Pretty At All3:53Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon132004212
1105PixiesBone Machine3:02Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim11988207
1106PixiesBreak My Body2:05Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim21988210
1107PixiesSomething Against You1:47Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim31988213
1108PixiesBroken Face1:30Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim41988228
1109PixiesGigantic3:54Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim51988211
1110PixiesRiver Euphrates2:31Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim61988220
1111PixiesWhere Is My Mind?3:53Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim71988211
1112PixiesCactus2:16Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim81988196
1113PixiesTony's Theme1:52Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim91988214
1114PixiesOh My Golly!1:47Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim101988225
1115PixiesInterlude0:44Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim111988195
1116PixiesVamos4:20Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim121988217
1117PixiesI'm Amazed1:42Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim131988218
1118PixiesBrick Is Red2:00Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim141988213
1119PixiesCaribou3:14Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim151988199
1120PixiesVamos2:53Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim161988197
1121PixiesIsla De Encanta1:41Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim171988207
1122PixiesEd Is Dead2:30Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim181988199
1123PixiesThe Holiday Song2:14Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim191988195
1124PixiesNimrod's Son2:17Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim201988203
1125PixiesI've Been Tired3:00Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim211988203
1126PixiesLevitate Me2:37Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim221988187
1127PJ HarveyOh My Lover4:02Dry11992198
1128PJ HarveyO Stella2:30Dry21992215
1129PJ HarveyDress3:18Dry31992212
1130PJ HarveyVictory3:15Dry41992212
1131PJ HarveyHappy and Bleeding4:51Dry51992197
1132PJ HarveySheela-na-gig3:10Dry61992212
1133PJ HarveyHair3:47Dry71992200
1134PJ HarveyJoe2:33Dry81992220
1135PJ HarveyPlants and Rags4:09Dry91992197
1136PJ HarveyFountain3:54Dry101992190
1137PJ HarveyWater4:32Dry111992202
1138PJ HarveyRid Of Me4:29Rid Of Me11993181
1139PJ HarveyMissed4:25Rid Of Me21993201
1140PJ HarveyLegs3:40Rid Of Me31993195
1141PJ HarveyRub 'Til It Bleeds5:03Rid Of Me41993205
1142PJ HarveyHook3:57Rid Of Me51993196
1143PJ HarveyMan-Size Sextet2:19Rid Of Me61993187
1144PJ HarveyHighway '61 Revisited2:57Rid Of Me71993197
1145PJ Harvey50ft Queenie2:23Rid Of Me81993204
1146PJ HarveyYuri-G3:28Rid Of Me91993207
1147PJ HarveyMan-Size3:16Rid Of Me101993200
1148PJ HarveyDry3:23Rid Of Me111993203
1149PJ HarveyMe-Jane2:42Rid Of Me121993196
1150PJ HarveySnake1:36Rid Of Me131993205
1151PJ HarveyEcstasy4:27Rid Of Me141993205
1152PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love5:33To Bring You My Love11995188
1153PJ HarveyMeet Ze Monsta3:29To Bring You My Love21995200
1154PJ HarveyWorking for the Man4:49To Bring You My Love31995156
1155PJ HarveyC'mon Billy2:50To Bring You My Love41995192
1156PJ HarveyTeclo4:58To Bring You My Love51995187
1157PJ HarveyLong Snake Moan5:15To Bring You My Love61995203
1158PJ HarveyDown by the Water3:14To Bring You My Love71995201
1159PJ HarveyI Think I'm a Mother4:02To Bring You My Love81995180
1160PJ HarveySend His Love to Me4:20To Bring You My Love91995166
1161PJ HarveyThe Dancer4:05To Bring You My Love101995195
1162PlaceboTaste In Men4:15Black Market Music12000205
1163PlaceboDays Before You Came2:33Black Market Music22000233
1164PlaceboSpecial K3:52Black Market Music32000232
1165PlaceboSpite And Malice3:37Black Market Music42000197
1166PlaceboPassive Aggressive5:24Black Market Music52000183
1167PlaceboBlack-Eyed3:48Black Market Music62000213
1168PlaceboBlue American3:31Black Market Music72000177
1169PlaceboSlave To The Wage4:06Black Market Music82000189
1170PlaceboCommercial For Levi2:20Black Market Music92000193
1171PlaceboHaemoglobin3:46Black Market Music102000191
1172PlaceboNarcoleptic4:22Black Market Music112000175
1173PlaceboPeeping Tom14:10Black Market Music122000167
1174PlaceboMeds (Feat. Alison Mosshart)2:55Meds12006199
1177PlaceboSpace Monkey3:51Meds42006209
1178PlaceboFollow The Cops Back Home4:39Meds52006221
1179PlaceboPost Blue3:12Meds62006202
1180PlaceboBecause I Want You3:22Meds72006260
1182PlaceboPierrot The Clown4:22Meds92006192
1183PlaceboBroken Promise (Feat. Michael Stipe)4:12Meds102006207
1184PlaceboOne Of A Kind3:20Meds112006230
1185PlaceboIn The Cold Light Of Morning3:52Meds122006199
1186PlaceboSong To Say Goodbye3:36Meds132006215
1187PlaceboCome Home5:09Placebo11996216
1188PlaceboTeenage Angst2:42Placebo21996218
1190Placebo36 Degrees3:05Placebo41996233
1191PlaceboHang On To Your IQ5:13Placebo51996204
1192PlaceboNancy Boy3:48Placebo61996208
1193PlaceboI Know4:44Placebo71996214
1194PlaceboBruise Pristine3:35Placebo81996222
1195PlaceboLady Of The Flowers4:47Placebo91996212
1197PlaceboBulletproof Cupid2:22Sleeping With Ghosts12003243
1198PlaceboEnglish Summer Rain4:01Sleeping With Ghosts22003223
1199PlaceboThis Picture3:34Sleeping With Ghosts32003245
1200PlaceboSleeping With Ghosts4:38Sleeping With Ghosts42003223
1201PlaceboThe Bitter End3:10Sleeping With Ghosts52003233
1202PlaceboSomething Rotten5:28Sleeping With Ghosts62003228
1203PlaceboPlasticine3:26Sleeping With Ghosts72003246
1204PlaceboSpecial Needs5:16Sleeping With Ghosts82003218
1205PlaceboI'll Be Yours3:32Sleeping With Ghosts92003209
1206PlaceboSecond Sight2:50Sleeping With Ghosts102003225
1207PlaceboProtect Me From What I Want3:15Sleeping With Ghosts112003229
1208PlaceboCentrefolds5:02Sleeping With Ghosts122003190
1209PlaceboMeds (feat. Alison Mosshart)2:52Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)192007224
1210PlaceboPure Morning4:14Without You I'm Nothing11998224
1211PlaceboBrick Shithouse3:18Without You I'm Nothing21998230
1212PlaceboYou Don't Care About Us3:58Without You I'm Nothing31998203
1213PlaceboAsk For Answers5:19Without You I'm Nothing41998209
1214PlaceboWithout You I'm Nothing4:08Without You I'm Nothing51998199
1215PlaceboAllergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth)3:49Without You I'm Nothing61998212
1216PlaceboThe Crawl2:59Without You I'm Nothing71998180
1217PlaceboEvery You Every Me3:33Without You I'm Nothing81998224
1218PlaceboMy Sweet Prince5:45Without You I'm Nothing91998182
1219PlaceboSummer's Gone3:05Without You I'm Nothing101998194
1220PlaceboScared Of Girls3:01Without You I'm Nothing111998212
1221PlaceboBurger Queen22:39Without You I'm Nothing121998142
1222Placido Domingo, Vienna Symphony & Vienna Boys ChoirAdeste Fideles (Traditional)3:03Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites41993180
1223Placido Domingo, Vienna Symphony & Vienna Boys ChoirAve Maria (Schubert)5:32Sleighride! - Classic Christmas Favorites171993194
1224Plain White T'sAll That We Needed3:41All That We Needed12005236
1225Plain White T'sRevenge3:26All That We Needed22005234
1226Plain White T'sTake Me Away2:42All That We Needed32005239
1227Plain White T'sMy Only One3:49All That We Needed42005230
1228Plain White T'sSad Story2:57All That We Needed52005240
1229Plain White T'sBreakdown3:34All That We Needed62005241
1230Plain White T'sWhat More Do You Want?2:24All That We Needed72005225
1231Plain White T'sLazy Day Afternoon2:15All That We Needed82005247
1232Plain White T'sAnything2:59All That We Needed92005233
1233Plain White T'sSing My Best2:51All That We Needed102005235
1234Plain White T'sFaster2:51All That We Needed112005229
1235Plain White T'sLast Call2:53All That We Needed122005243
1236Plain White T'sHey There Delilah3:52All That We Needed132005129
1237Plain White T'sHey There Delilah3:50Now That's What I Call Music! 26152007171
1238Plain White T'sHey There Delilah3:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0622007171
1239Planet AsiaG's And Soldiers (feat. Kurupt)4:14Be Cool (OST)112005180
1240Planet P ProjectStatic4:11Planet P Project11983201
1241Planet P ProjectKing For A Day3:55Planet P Project21983180
1242Planet P ProjectI Won't Wake Up3:45Planet P Project31983197
1243Planet P ProjectTop Of The World4:33Planet P Project41983193
1244Planet P ProjectArmageddon4:22Planet P Project51983191
1245Planet P ProjectTranquility Base1:55Planet P Project61983198
1246Planet P ProjectWhy Me4:06Planet P Project71983192
1247Planet P ProjectPower Tools3:59Planet P Project81983209
1248Planet P ProjectSend It In A Letter3:54Planet P Project91983201
1249Planet P ProjectAdam And Eve3:40Planet P Project101983202
1250Planet P ProjectOnly You And Me3:24Planet P Project111983187
1251Planet P ProjectRuby4:00Planet P Project121983200
1252Planet PatrolPlay at Your Own Risk (Original Mix)4:23Old School Jams 3 (Disc 2)112001221
1253Planet PatrolPlay at Your Own Risk (Vocal Mix)7:46Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]122004226
1254Planet XIgnotus Per Ignotium7:46Live From Oz12002211
1255Planet XInside Black5:16Live From Oz22002223
1256Planet XDog Boots3:55Live From Oz32002221
1257Planet XApocalypse 1470 BC6:23Live From Oz42002227
1258Planet XSea of Antiquity4:20Live From Oz52002214
1259Planet XLost Island6:20Live From Oz62002214
1260Planet XDerek Sherinian Solo2:41Live From Oz72002212
1261Planet XWarfinger4:36Live From Oz82002226
1262Planet XVirgil Donati Solo4:00Live From Oz92002200
1263Planet XWarfinger Reprise1:51Live From Oz102002215
1264Planet XTony Macalpine Solo4:14Live From Oz112002218
1265Planet XHer Animal4:39Live From Oz122002234
1266Planet XEuropa4:19Live From Oz132002234
1267Planet XPods of Trance8:12Live From Oz142002217
1268Planet XClonus (Hidden Track)4:24Live From Oz152002231
1269Planet XMoonbabies5:39MoonBabies12002233
1270Planet XThe Noble Savage6:14MoonBabies22002228
1271Planet XAtaraxia6:17MoonBabies32002228
1272Planet X70 VIR4:02MoonBabies42002237
1273Planet XMicronesia5:56MoonBabies52002223
1274Planet XInterlude In Milan4:40MoonBabies62002228
1275Planet XDigital Vertigo4:25MoonBabies72002239
1276Planet XGround Zero6:03MoonBabies82002221
1277Planet XMidnight Bell3:56MoonBabies92002223
1278Planet XIgnotus Per Ignotium9:28MoonBabies102002184
1279Planet XAlien Hip Hop7:13Quantum12007236
1280Planet XDesert Girl6:06Quantum22007223
1281Planet XMatrix Gate4:10Quantum32007228
1282Planet XThe Thinking Stone4:14Quantum42007234
1283Planet XSpace Foam4:46Quantum52007239
1284Planet XPoland5:23Quantum62007218
1285Planet XSnuff4:59Quantum72007231
1286Planet XKingdom of Dreams6:48Quantum82007240
1287Planet XQuantum Factor7:09Quantum92007236
1288Planet XClonus4:15Universe12000239
1289Planet XHer Animal4:50Universe22000237
1290Planet XDog Boots3:36Universe32000230
1291Planet XBitch5:20Universe42000241
1292Planet XKing Of The Universe8:16Universe52000222
1293Planet XInside Black5:12Universe62000250
1294Planet XEuropa4:20Universe72000247
1295Planet XWarfinger5:38Universe82000230
1296Planet XChocalate5:22Universe92000224
1297Planet XPods Of Trance4:48Universe102000230
1298Planet X21164:39Universe112000235
1299PlantIn the End It's All Nice6:17Requiem for a Dream (Remixed) (OST)22002175
1300Plas JohnsonPink Panther/It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Sta Sera)4:20Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood61997193
1301Plas JohnsonTanya2:54Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler241996189
1302Plastic BertrandCa Plane Pour Moi3:00Living In The 70's (Disc 2)181995222
1303Plastic PennyEverything I Am2:23Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 2)181997206
1304Plastic PeopleTake It Easy4:19Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)12001201
1305PlasticlandMink Dress2:50Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)212005199
1306The PlattersTwilight Time2:47100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)11999191
1307The PlattersThe Magic Touch2:42100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)71999181
1308The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:39100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 1)161999198
1309The PlattersHarbor Lights3:13100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)11999193
1310The PlattersWashed Ashore2:49100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)141999157
1311The PlattersOnly You2:34100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 2)181999186
1312The PlattersMy Prayer2:55100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)171999173
1313The PlattersHeaven On Earth2:35100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)21999216
1314The PlattersSmoke Gets in Your Eyes2:25100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)51999173
1315The PlattersSayonara1:45100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)191999216
1316The PlattersMy Prayer2:4645s on CD, Vol. 1 (1956-1959)11987203
1317The PlattersHarbor Lights2:47AM Gold: Early '60s Classics111995180
1318The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2:38American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)141973207
1319The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:36American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)211973200
1320The PlattersOnly You (And You Alone)2:38American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)181973205
1321The PlattersHarbor Lights2:47Easy Listening Gold - 1960-1961 (Disc 2)6 181
1322The PlattersOnly You2:37Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 14) (Only You)1 183
1323The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2:39Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)21 202
1324The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:39Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)13 198
1325The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2:40Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)4 181
1326The PlattersOnly You (And You Alone)2:35Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)19 195
1327The PlattersMy Prayer2:46Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)1 205
1328The PlattersTwilight Time2:46Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 4)9 150
1329The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:41Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 1)102004131
1330The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:40Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)121997208
1331The PlattersOnly You (And You Alone)2:41The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)201994129
1332The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:41The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)241994130
1333The PlattersMy Prayer2:48The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)91996128
1334The PlattersMy Prayer3:25The Millenium Collection (Disc 2) (50's)21999132
1335The PlattersThe Great Pretender2:36The Rock Box (Disc 2)10 192
1336The PlattersTwilight Time2:47The Rock Box (Disc 5)1 189
1337The PlattersHarbour Lights3:09The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1960101995201
1338The PlattersWinter Wonderland2:16The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4172000209
1339The PlattersHarbor Lights2:47Your Hit Parade - Into The '60s41992182
1340The PlattersOnly You2:39Your Hit Parade 195514 148
1341The PlattersMy Prayer2:49Your Hit Parade 195618 129
1342The PlattersTwilight Time2:50Your Hit Parade 195891990192
1343The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2:41Your Hit Parade 195918 179
1344PlatypusOh God4:16Ice Cycles12000230
1345PlatypusBetter Left Unsaid5:24Ice Cycles22000213
1346PlatypusThe Tower3:29Ice Cycles32000226
1347PlatypusCry6:15Ice Cycles42000219
1348PlatypusI Need You4:16Ice Cycles52000220
1349Platypus255:09Ice Cycles62000226
1350PlatypusGone6:41Ice Cycles72000189
1351PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): a) Intro Pompatous0:21Ice Cycles82000208
1352PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): b) Yoko Ono1:26Ice Cycles92000246
1353PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): c) Yoko Two-No1:00Ice Cycles102000211
1354PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): d) Yoko Three-No2:13Ice Cycles112000210
1355PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): e) Platmosis1:15Ice Cycles122000229
1356PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): f) Yoko Againo2:08Ice Cycles132000232
1357PlatypusPartial To The Bean (A Tragic American Quintogy): g) Yoko Outro2:02Ice Cycles142000204
1358PlatypusStanding In Line3:10When Pus Comes To Shove11998238
1359PlatypusNothing To Say4:54When Pus Comes To Shove21998204
1360PlatypusRock Balls/Destination Unknown7:40When Pus Comes To Shove31998212
1361PlatypusPlatt Opus5:01When Pus Comes To Shove41998207
1362PlatypusI'm With You4:13When Pus Comes To Shove51998236
1363PlatypusBlue Plate Special7:21When Pus Comes To Shove61998213
1364PlatypusChimes4:45When Pus Comes To Shove71998213
1365PlatypusWillie Brown5:03When Pus Comes To Shove81998229
1366PlatypusBye Bye4:51When Pus Comes To Shove91998211
1367PlatypusWhat About The Merch?4:29When Pus Comes To Shove101998234
1368PlayI'm Gonnna Make You Love Me2:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-0862002238
1369Play DeadSuckcess2:22Heavycore: Core Til Death142002161
1370The PlayboysOver The Weekend2:45Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)62005167
1371PlayerThis Time I'm In It For Love4:23   128
1372PlayerBaby Come Back4:13Rock & Pop Classics - Since You've Been Gone132000206
1373PlayerBaby Come Back3:38Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2131993196
1374PlayerBaby Come Back4:13The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back11998209
1375PlayerThis Time I'm In It For Love4:24The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back21998210
1376PlayerMelanie3:47The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back31998220
1377PlayerPrisoner of Your Love6:26The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back41998215
1378PlayerI've Been Thinking4:16The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back51998198
1379PlayerWait Until Tomorrow4:03The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back61998207
1380PlayerGivin' It All4:18The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back71998213
1381PlayerWho Do You Think You Are?4:18The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back81998234
1382PlayerIt's For You4:37The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back91998219
1383PlayerBad News Travels Fast4:27The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back101998201
1384PlayerIf Looks Could Kill3:35The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back111998197
1385PlayerSome Things Are Better Left Unsaid3:26The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back121998214
1386PlayerIt Only Hurts When I Breathe3:32The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back131998212
1387PlayerBeautiful Love4:51The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back141998204
1388PlayerFootprints In The Sand3:58The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back151998224
1389PlayerBaby Come Back3:34The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)71999210
1390Player (1)Space Invaders3:15Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)81992207
1391The Players AssociationGoin' To The Disco4:29Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)21997214
1392Playin 4 The CityMental Floss6:24French Fried Funk51998233
1393The PlaymatesBeep Beep2:47Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)131991179
1394The PlaymatesBeep Beep2:30Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)132002128
1395The PlaymatesBeep Beep2:32Rock 'n' Roll Complete (Disc 4)171997144
1396The PlaymatesBeep Beep2:31The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky51991196
1397PlazaYo Yo Yo3:29Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)192005233
1398Pleasure Featuring Billy ElderPoor Old Organ Grinder3:56Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)242009129
1399Plies feat. T-PainShawty4:16Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 200762007234
1400The PlimsoulsEveryday Things2:29Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)162005217
1401The PlimsoulsHypnotized2:55Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)172005194
1402PlumbStranded3:38WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)131999222
1403PlumbI Can't Do This4:04WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)152006213
1404Plus OneWritten on My Heart3:49WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)32000225
1405Plus OneA Prayer For Every Year4:21WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)92002204
1406Plus OneGod Is in This Place3:41WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)52001219
1407Plus OneCamouflage2:33WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)52002228
1408PMTGyromancer (Elite Force Remix)4:14The Crystal Method - Community Service II22005193
1409PocoGlorybound3:22Blue & Gray11981204
1410PocoBlue & Gray4:39Blue & Gray21981202
1411PocoStreets Of Paradise3:50Blue & Gray31981207
1412PocoThe Writing On The Wall3:14Blue & Gray41981196
1413PocoDown On The River Again3:41Blue & Gray51981191
1414PocoPlease Wait For Me4:36Blue & Gray61981208
1415PocoWidowmaker3:40Blue & Gray71981210
1416PocoHere Comes That Girl Again3:07Blue & Gray81981186
1417PocoSometimes (We Are All We Got)3:38Blue & Gray91981211
1418PocoThe Land Of Glory3:32Blue & Gray101981206
1419PocoBlue Water3:07Crazy Eyes11973229
1420PocoFools Gold2:24Crazy Eyes21973219
1421PocoHere We Go Again3:29Crazy Eyes31973209
1422PocoBrass Buttons4:18Crazy Eyes41973194
1423PocoA Right Along4:43Crazy Eyes51973201
1424PocoCrazy Eyes9:39Crazy Eyes61973185
1425PocoMagnolia6:19Crazy Eyes71973200
1426PocoLet's Dance Tonight3:55Crazy Eyes81973194
1427PocoHeart Of The Night4:53Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198211989320
1428PocoKeep On Tryin'2:54Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198221989320
1429PocoMidnight Rain4:27Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198231989320
1430PocoWidowmaker3:39Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198241989320
1431PocoCrazy Love2:57Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198251989320
1432PocoThe Price of Love3:24Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198261989320
1433PocoThe Price Of Love3:24Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198261989320
1434PocoToo Many Nights Too Long5:59Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198271989320
1435PocoAshes/Feudin' (Instrumental)5:20Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198281989320
1436PocoAshes/feudin' (Instrumental)5:20Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198281989320
1437PocoSometimes (We Are All We Got)3:38Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-198291989320
1438PocoLegend4:18Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-1982101989320
1439PocoIndian Summer4:42Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-1982111989320
1440PocoUnder The Gun3:13Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-1982121989320
1441PocoRose Of Cimarron6:41Crazy Loving - The Best Of Poco 1975-1982131989320
1442PocoI'll Leave It up to You3:04Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)151982191
1446PocoLittle Darlin'3:46Legend41978212
1447PocoLove Comes Love Goes3:59Legend51978196
1448PocoHeart Of The Night4:54Legend61978205
1449PocoCrazy Love2:56Legend71978197
1450PocoThe Last Goodbye5:43Legend81978200
1452PocoForeword0:49Pickin' Up the Pieces11969190
1453PocoWhat a Day2:30Pickin' Up the Pieces21969197
1454PocoNobody's Fool3:29Pickin' Up the Pieces31969206
1455PocoCalico Lady3:05Pickin' Up the Pieces41969211
1456PocoFirst Love3:11Pickin' Up the Pieces51969188
1457PocoMake Me a Smile3:18Pickin' Up the Pieces61969211
1458PocoShort Changed3:19Pickin' Up the Pieces71969214
1459PocoPickin' Up the Pieces3:22Pickin' Up the Pieces81969222
1460PocoGrand Junction3:00Pickin' Up the Pieces91969228
1461PocoOh Yeah4:09Pickin' Up the Pieces101969196
1462PocoJust in Case It Happens, Yes Indeed2:47Pickin' Up the Pieces111969214
1463PocoTomorrow3:14Pickin' Up the Pieces121969193
1464PocoConsequently, So Long3:52Pickin' Up the Pieces131969210
1465PocoDo You Feel It Too3:05Pickin' Up the Pieces141969203
1466PocoPickin' Up The Pieces3:21Rockin' USA - Los Angeles Rock - The 60s101989226
1467PocoRose Of Cimarron6:44Rose Of Cimarron11976201
1468PocoStealaway3:13Rose Of Cimarron21976201
1469PocoJust Like Me2:47Rose Of Cimarron31976183
1470PocoCompany's Comin'2:36Rose Of Cimarron41976199
1471PocoSlow Poke2:06Rose Of Cimarron51976202
1472PocoToo Many Nights Too Long6:00Rose Of Cimarron61976195
1473PocoP.N.S. (When You Come Around)3:18Rose Of Cimarron71976191
1474PocoStarin' At The Sky2:59Rose Of Cimarron81976198
1475PocoAll Alone Together3:22Rose Of Cimarron91976191
1476PocoTulsa Turnaround2:42Rose Of Cimarron101976221
1477PocoHeart Of The Night4:51The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection12000222
1478PocoCrazy Love2:56The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection22000218
1479PocoUnder The Gun3:14The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection32000247
1480PocoMidnight Rain4:26The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection42000231
1481PocoLittle Darlin'3:44The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection52000229
1482PocoBarbados3:32The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection62000228
1483PocoKeep On Tryin'2:54The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection72000205
1484PocoMaking Love2:56The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection82000218
1485PocoIndian Summer4:42The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection92000210
1486PocoWidowmaker3:39The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection102000225
1487PocoRose Of Cimarron6:43The Best Of Poco - 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection112000200
1488PocoPickin' Up the Pieces3:27The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)11990219
1489PocoGrand Junction3:00The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)21990224
1490PocoConsequently So Long3:52The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)31990210
1491PocoFirst Love3:17The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)41990188
1492PocoCalico Lady3:08The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)51990211
1493PocoMy Kind of Love2:44The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)61990204
1494PocoHard Luck3:53The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)71990223
1495PocoLast Call (Cold Enchilada #2)3:01The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)81990224
1496PocoHonky Tonk Downstairs2:46The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)91990196
1497PocoHurry Up4:08The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)101990211
1498PocoYou Better Think Twice3:23The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)111990221
1499PocoAnyway Bye Bye7:00The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)121990202
1500PocoI Guess You Made It3:13The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)131990214
1501PocoC'mon3:18The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)141990203
1502PocoHear That Music3:09The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)151990206
1503PocoKind Woman5:47The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)161990210
1504PocoJust for Me and You3:46The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)171990206
1505PocoBad Weather5:05The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)181990216
1506PocoYou Better Think Twice3:35The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)191990200
1507PocoLullaby in September2:47The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 1)201990142
1508PocoYou Are the One3:01The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)11990205
1509PocoFrom the Inside3:14The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)21990196
1510PocoA Good Feelin' To Know4:22The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)31990199
1511PocoI Can See Everything3:34The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)41990176
1512PocoAnd Settlin' Down3:43The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)51990205
1513PocoBlue Water3:07The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)61990230
1514PocoFool's Gold2:24The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)71990219
1515PocoNothin's Still the Same4:25The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)81990192
1516PocoSkunk Creek2:27The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)91990211
1517PocoHere We Go Again3:27The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)101990209
1518PocoCrazy Eyes9:41The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)111990185
1519PocoGet In the Wind3:50The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)121990214
1520PocoBelieve Me7:44The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)131990182
1521PocoRocky Mountain Breakdown2:30The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)141990198
1522PocoFaith In the Families3:45The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)151990190
1523PocoWestern Waterloo4:02The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)161990208
1524PocoWhaterver Happened To Your Smile3:15The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)171990199
1525PocoSagebrush Serenade5:43The Forgotten Trail (1969-74) (Disc 2)181990186
1526PocoRose Of Cimarron3:16Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)32001207
1527PoetsThat's The Way It's Got To Be2:36Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)162001139
1528The PoguesFairytale Of New York (Featuring Kirsty Maccoll)4:36Fairytale Of New York (EP)11987239
1529The PoguesA Pair Of Brown Eyes (Live)3:54Fairytale Of New York (EP)21987239
1530The PoguesThe Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn (Live)3:34Fairytale Of New York (EP)31987255
1531The PoguesMaggie May (Live)4:38Fairytale Of New York (EP)41987243
1532The PoguesThe Sunnyside Of The Street2:43Hell's Ditch11990200
1533The PoguesSayonara3:07Hell's Ditch21990205
1534The PoguesThe Ghost Of A Smile2:58Hell's Ditch31990200
1535The PoguesHell's Ditch3:03Hell's Ditch41990210
1536The PoguesLorca's Novena4:40Hell's Ditch51990201
1537The PoguesSummer In Siam4:07Hell's Ditch61990206
1538The PoguesRain Street4:01Hell's Ditch71990220
1539The PoguesRainbow Man2:45Hell's Ditch81990203
1540The PoguesThe Wake Of The Medusa3:04Hell's Ditch91990208
1541The PoguesHouse Of The Gods3:46Hell's Ditch101990208
1542The PoguesFive Green Queens And Jean2:35Hell's Ditch111990202
1543The PoguesMaidrin Rua1:49Hell's Ditch121990207
1544The PoguesSix To Go2:58Hell's Ditch131990207
1545The PoguesIf I Should Fall From Grace With God2:21If I Should Fall From Grace With God11988186
1546The PoguesTurkish Song Of The Damned3:27If I Should Fall From Grace With God21988208
1547The PoguesBottle Of Smoke2:47If I Should Fall From Grace With God31988208
1548The PoguesFairytale Of New York4:36If I Should Fall From Grace With God41988187
1549The PoguesMetropolis2:50If I Should Fall From Grace With God51988211
1550The PoguesThousands Are Sailing5:28If I Should Fall From Grace With God61988189
1551The PoguesSouth Australia3:28If I Should Fall From Grace With God71988203
1552The PoguesFiesta4:13If I Should Fall From Grace With God81988189
1553The PoguesMedley4:02If I Should Fall From Grace With God91988196
1554The PoguesStreets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six4:39If I Should Fall From Grace With God101988198
1555The PoguesLullaby Of London3:32If I Should Fall From Grace With God111988193
1556The PoguesThe Battle March Medley4:10If I Should Fall From Grace With God121988199
1557The PoguesSit Down By The Fire2:17If I Should Fall From Grace With God131988196
1558The PoguesThe Broad Majestic Shannon2:55If I Should Fall From Grace With God141988204
1559The PoguesWorms1:03If I Should Fall From Grace With God151988162
1560The PoguesGridlock3:32Peace And Love11989200
1561The PoguesWhite City2:31Peace And Love21989206
1562The PoguesYoung Ned of the Hill2:45Peace And Love31989203
1563The PoguesMisty Morning, Albert Bridge3:01Peace And Love41989198
1564The PoguesCotton Fields2:51Peace And Love51989206
1565The PoguesBlue Heaven3:35Peace And Love61989204
1566The PoguesDown All the Days3:45Peace And Love71989202
1567The PoguesUSA4:52Peace And Love81989202
1568The PoguesLorelei3:33Peace And Love91989172
1569The PoguesGartloney Rats2:32Peace And Love101989200
1570The PoguesBoat Train2:40Peace And Love111989195
1571The PoguesTombstone2:57Peace And Love121989186
1572The PoguesNight Train to Lorca3:28Peace And Love131989194
1573The PoguesLondon You're a Lady2:54Peace And Love141989202
1574The PoguesA Rainy Night In Soho4:46Poguetry In Motion (EP)11986235
1575The PoguesLondon Girl3:05Poguetry In Motion (EP)21986212
1576The PoguesThe Body Of An American4:49Poguetry In Motion (EP)31986220
1577The PoguesPlanxty Noel Hill3:11Poguetry In Motion (EP)41986227
1578The PoguesTransmetropolitan4:15Red Roses For Me11984220
1579The PoguesThe Battle Of Brisbane1:49Red Roses For Me21984214
1580The PoguesThe Auld Triangle4:20Red Roses For Me31984175
1581The PoguesWaxie's Dargle1:53Red Roses For Me41984201
1582The PoguesBoys From The County Hell2:56Red Roses For Me51984209
1583The PoguesSea Shanty2:24Red Roses For Me61984208
1584The PoguesDark Streets Of London3:33Red Roses For Me71984218
1585The PoguesStreams Of Whiskey2:32Red Roses For Me81984217
1586The PoguesPoor Paddy3:09Red Roses For Me91984188
1587The PoguesDingle Regatta2:52Red Roses For Me101984199
1588The PoguesGreenland Whale Fisheries2:36Red Roses For Me111984203
1589The PoguesDown In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go3:30Red Roses For Me121984212
1590The PoguesKitty4:23Red Roses For Me131984186
1591The PoguesThe Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn2:59Rum, Sodomy & The Lash11985180
1592The PoguesThe Old Main Drag3:19Rum, Sodomy & The Lash21985170
1593The PoguesWild Cats Of Kilkenny2:48Rum, Sodomy & The Lash31985187
1594The PoguesI'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day2:55Rum, Sodomy & The Lash41985185
1595The PoguesA Pair Of Brown Eyes4:54Rum, Sodomy & The Lash51985177
1596The PoguesSally MacLennane2:43Rum, Sodomy & The Lash61985200
1597The PoguesA Pistol For Paddy Garcia2:31Rum, Sodomy & The Lash71985194
1598The PoguesDirty Old Town3:45Rum, Sodomy & The Lash81985174
1599The PoguesJesse James2:58Rum, Sodomy & The Lash91985186
1600The PoguesNavigator4:12Rum, Sodomy & The Lash101985190
1601The PoguesBilly's Bones2:02Rum, Sodomy & The Lash111985165
1602The PoguesThe Gentleman Soldier2:04Rum, Sodomy & The Lash121985182
1603The PoguesThe Band Played Waltzing Matilda8:10Rum, Sodomy & The Lash131985191
1604PoguesRainy Night In Soho4:46The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)81999191
1605The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacCollA Fairytale Of New York4:31The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)61996188
1606The PointAll My Life2:05Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)132005215
1607Point BlankMean To Your Queenie4:42Airplay11979182
1608Point BlankTwo Time Loser3:54Airplay21979178
1609Point BlankShine On3:06Airplay31979181
1610Point BlankPenthouse Pauper5:39Airplay41979182
1611Point BlankDanger Zone4:39Airplay51979191
1612Point BlankLouisiana Leg3:48Airplay61979198
1613Point BlankTakin' It Easy4:43Airplay71979175
1614Point BlankThunder And Lightning3:16Airplay81979179
1615Point BlankChanged My Mind6:04Airplay91979186
1616Point BlankLet Me Stay With You Tonight3:07American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)12008232
1617Point BlankWalk Across the Fire2:27American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)22008228
1618Point BlankNicole3:53American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)32008223
1619Point BlankGo On Home3:19American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)42008221
1620Point BlankThe Getaway4:09American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)52008226
1621Point BlankThe Way You Broke My Heat2:56American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)62008232
1622Point BlankRestless4:21American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)72008225
1623Point BlankCadillac Dragon3:37American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)82008226
1624Point BlankDo It All Night3:51American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)92008224
1625Point BlankOn a Roll4:00American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)102008228
1626Point BlankI Just Want to Know3:11American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)112008220
1627Point BlankLove on Fire4:16American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)122008206
1628Point BlankDon't Look Down4:51American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)132008219
1629Point BlankGreat White Line5:36American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)142008236
1630Point BlankLet Her Go3:51American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)152008234
1631Point BlankGone Hollywood3:35American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)162008225
1632Point BlankTake Me Up3:08American Exce$$ (1981) / On a Roll (1982)172008234
1633Point BlankNicole4:02American Excess3 256
1634Point BlankTurning Back3:14The Hard Way11980214
1635Point BlankThe Hard Way3:26The Hard Way21980211
1636Point BlankOn The Run5:43The Hard Way31980212
1637Point BlankHighway Star6:26The Hard Way41980218
1638Point BlankRock & Roll Soldier3:28The Hard Way51980207
1639Point BlankGuessing Game4:56The Hard Way61980220
1640Point BlankWrong To Cry3:54The Hard Way71980192
1641Point BlankThank You Mama6:45The Hard Way81980207
1642Point Of GraceGather At The River3:27WOW #1s (Blue Disc)92005236
1643Point Of GraceThe Great Divide4:17WOW 1996 (Disc 1)81995205
1644Point of GraceKeep the Candle Burning4:28WOW 1997 (Disc 1)71996215
1645Point of GraceCircle of Friends4:14WOW 1998 (Black Disc)21997198
1646Point Of GraceSteady On4:47WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)11998229
1647Point Of GraceSaving Grace3:33WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)71999222
1648Point of GraceGather at the River (Remix)3:21WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)62000229
1649Point of GraceBegin With Me3:16WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)12001239
1650Point of GraceYou Will Never Walk Alone4:25WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)42002221
1651Point Of GraceDay By Day3:32WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)72003237
1652Point of GraceI Choose You4:00WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)112005227
1653Point of GraceHow You Live (Turn Up the Music)4:30WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)82008224
1654The Pointer SistersSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:22A Very Special Christmas11987231
1655The Pointer SistersNeutron Dance4:14Beverly Hills Cop (OST)51984203
1656Pointer SistersHe's So Shy3:40Billboard Top Hits (1980)71992239
1657The Pointer SistersYes We Can Can3:54Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 5)82001205
1658The Pointer SistersJump For My Love4:01Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)61989199
1659The Pointer SistersDon't Try To Take The Fifth2:36Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)11996126
1660The Pointer SistersYes We Can Can3:09Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)21996197
1661The Pointer SistersWang Dang Doodle3:05Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)31996202
1662The Pointer SistersFairytale5:05Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)41996197
1663The Pointer SistersHow Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)3:30Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)51996188
1664The Pointer SistersEverybody Is A Star3:23Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)61996198
1665The Pointer SistersFire3:31Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)71996191
1666The Pointer SistersHappiness4:01Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)81996188
1667The Pointer Sisters(She's Got) The Fever6:19Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)91996189
1668The Pointer SistersDreaming As One4:20Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)101996187
1669The Pointer SistersHe's So Shy3:41Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)111996189
1670The Pointer SistersThe Love Too Good To Last3:36Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)121996197
1671The Pointer SistersCould I Be Dreamin'3:34Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)131996205
1672The Pointer SistersSomeday We'll Be Together4:40Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)141996208
1673The Pointer SistersWhat A Surprise3:52Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)151996197
1674The Pointer SistersShould I Do It3:54Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)161996178
1675The Pointer SistersSlow Hand3:54Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)171996188
1676The Pointer SistersSweet Lover Man4:10Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 1)181996201
1677The Pointer SistersJune Pointer: I'm Ready For Love4:00Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)11996190
1678The Pointer SistersHeart To Heart3:33Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)21996184
1679The Pointer SistersAmerican Music4:01Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)31996187
1680The Pointer SistersSee How The Love Goes4:07Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)41996190
1681The Pointer SistersAutomatic4:49Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)51996189
1682The Pointer SistersJump (For My Love)4:26Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)61996182
1683The Pointer SistersI Need You4:07Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)71996173
1684The Pointer SistersI'm So Excited3:56Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)81996207
1685The Pointer SistersTelegraph Your Love4:02Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)91996209
1686The Pointer SistersBaby, Come And Get It4:13Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)101996186
1687The Pointer SistersNeutron Dance4:17Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)111996205
1688The Pointer SistersDare Me3:46Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)121996210
1689The Pointer SistersFreedom4:26Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)131996200
1690The Pointer SistersBack In My Arms4:42Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)141996197
1691The Pointer SistersGoldmine3:54Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)151996209
1692The Pointer SistersAll I Know Is The Way I Feel4:44Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)161996195
1693The Pointer SistersAnita Pointer: Overnight Success4:46Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)171996203
1694The Pointer SistersHe Turned Me Out4:12Fire: The Very Best Of (Disc 2)181996197
1695The Pointer SistersSlow Hand3:53Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)171992188
1696Pointer SistersSlow Hand3:52Hit History Vol. 27 1981141990184
1697Pointer SistersI'm So Excited3:50Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)32002201
1698The Pointer SistersYes We Can Can3:03Maid In Manhattan (OST)32002212
1699The Pointer SistersI'm So Excited4:56National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)191983167
1700Pointer SistersJump (For My Love)3:57Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas82000203
1701Pointer SistersJump (For My Love)3:59Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 2)151995190
1702Pointer SistersHe's So Shy3:40Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980171995202
1703The Pointer SistersFire3:31The Best Of The Pointer Sisters12000196
1704The Pointer SistersHappiness4:01The Best Of The Pointer Sisters22000194
1705The Pointer SistersHe's So Shy3:41The Best Of The Pointer Sisters32000191
1706The Pointer SistersCould I Be Dreamin'3:34The Best Of The Pointer Sisters42000209
1707The Pointer SistersSlow Hand3:54The Best Of The Pointer Sisters52000191
1708The Pointer SistersShould I Do It3:53The Best Of The Pointer Sisters62000185
1709The Pointer SistersAmerican Music4:01The Best Of The Pointer Sisters72000192
1710The Pointer SistersI Need You4:06The Best Of The Pointer Sisters82000178
1711The Pointer SistersHeart To Heart3:31The Best Of The Pointer Sisters92000203
1712The Pointer SistersIf You Wanna Get Back Your Lady4:15The Best Of The Pointer Sisters102000205
1713The Pointer SistersAutomatic4:49The Best Of The Pointer Sisters112000193
1714The Pointer SistersJump (For My Love)4:25The Best Of The Pointer Sisters122000190
1715The Pointer SistersI'm So Excited3:55The Best Of The Pointer Sisters132000211
1716The Pointer SistersNeutron Dance4:17The Best Of The Pointer Sisters142000212
1717The Pointer SistersBaby, Come And Get It4:13The Best Of The Pointer Sisters152000193
1718The Pointer SistersDare Me3:46The Best Of The Pointer Sisters162000218
1719The Pointer SistersFreedom4:25The Best Of The Pointer Sisters172000206
1720The Pointer SistersGoldmine3:51The Best Of The Pointer Sisters182000216
1721The Pointer SistersSanta Claus Is Coming To Town3:21The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 542000232
1722Pointer SistersNeutron Dance4:14Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s121996207
1723The Pointer SistersAutomatic4:49Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two51996194
1724PoisonStrange Days Of Uncle Jack1:41Flesh & Blood11990198
1725PoisonValley Of Lost Souls3:58Flesh & Blood21990240
1726Poison(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice4:40Flesh & Blood31990240
1727PoisonSwampjuice (Soul-O)1:26Flesh & Blood41990204
1728PoisonUnskinny Bop3:48Flesh & Blood51990235
1729PoisonLet It Play4:22Flesh & Blood61990234
1730PoisonLife Goes On4:47Flesh & Blood71990217
1731PoisonCome Hell Or High Water5:02Flesh & Blood81990233
1732PoisonRide The Wind3:51Flesh & Blood91990229
1733PoisonDon't Give Up An Inch3:43Flesh & Blood101990226
1734PoisonSomething To Believe In5:28Flesh & Blood111990207
1735PoisonBall And Chain4:23Flesh & Blood121990222
1736PoisonLife Loves A Tragedy5:14Flesh & Blood131990211
1737PoisonPoor Boy Blues5:21Flesh & Blood141990204
1738PoisonCry Tough3:38Look What The Cat Dragged In11986213
1739PoisonI Want Action3:05Look What The Cat Dragged In21986221
1740PoisonI Won't Forget You3:34Look What The Cat Dragged In31986207
1741PoisonPlay Dirty4:04Look What The Cat Dragged In41986227
1742PoisonLook What The Cat Dragged In3:08Look What The Cat Dragged In51986207
1743PoisonTalk Dirty To Me3:43Look What The Cat Dragged In61986223
1744PoisonWant Some, Need Some3:39Look What The Cat Dragged In71986223
1745PoisonBlame It On You2:32Look What The Cat Dragged In81986220
1746Poison#1 Bad Boy3:14Look What The Cat Dragged In91986221
1747PoisonLet Me Go To The Show2:47Look What The Cat Dragged In101986211
1748PoisonNative Tongue1:02Native Tongue11993237
1749PoisonThe Scream3:49Native Tongue21993241
1750PoisonStand5:15Native Tongue31993224
1751PoisonStay Alive4:23Native Tongue41993236
1752PoisonUntil You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice)4:14Native Tongue51993215
1753PoisonBody Talk4:01Native Tongue61993229
1754PoisonBring It Home3:55Native Tongue71993222
1755Poison7 Days Over You4:13Native Tongue81993225
1756PoisonRichie's Acoustic Thang0:56Native Tongue91993183
1757PoisonAin't That the Truth3:25Native Tongue101993232
1758PoisonTheatre of the Soul4:41Native Tongue111993211
1759PoisonStrike Up the Band4:15Native Tongue121993231
1760PoisonRide Child Ride3:53Native Tongue131993236
1761PoisonBlind Faith3:32Native Tongue141993244
1762PoisonBastard Son of a Thousand Blues4:58Native Tongue151993214
1763PoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn4:18One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 8)42001244
1764PoisonLove on the Rocks3:33Open Up and Say... Ahh!11988197
1765PoisonNothin' But a Good Time3:45Open Up and Say... Ahh!21988202
1766PoisonBack to the Rocking Horse3:36Open Up and Say... Ahh!31988205
1767PoisonGood Love2:52Open Up and Say... Ahh!41988200
1768PoisonTearin' Down the Walls3:51Open Up and Say... Ahh!51988206
1769PoisonLook But You Can't Touch3:25Open Up and Say... Ahh!61988208
1770PoisonFallen Angel3:58Open Up and Say... Ahh!71988200
1771PoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn4:20Open Up and Say... Ahh!81988190
1772PoisonYour Mama Don't Dance3:00Open Up and Say... Ahh!91988202
1773PoisonBad to Be Good4:03Open Up and Say... Ahh!101988201
1774PoisonNothin' But A Good Time3:43Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199611996245
1775PoisonTalk Dirty To Me3:44Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199621996251
1776PoisonUnskinny Bop3:47Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199631996254
1777PoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn4:18Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199641996210
1778PoisonFallen Angel3:55Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199651996253
1779PoisonI Won't Forget You3:34Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199661996236
1780PoisonStand5:12Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199671996243
1781PoisonRide The Wind3:50Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199681996243
1782PoisonLook What The Cat Dragged In3:08Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199691996243
1783PoisonI Want Action3:06Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996101996244
1784PoisonLife Goes On4:47Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996111996233
1785Poison(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice4:40Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996121996247
1786PoisonCry Tough3:35Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996131996250
1787PoisonYour Mama Don't Dance3:00Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996141996246
1788PoisonSo Tell Me Why3:22Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996151996240
1789PoisonSomething To Believe In5:31Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996161996217
1790PoisonSexual Thing3:35Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996171996249
1791PoisonLay Your Body Down5:28Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996181996232
1792PoisonTalk Dirty To Me3:47Sounds Of The Eighties - 1987151995235
1793PoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn4:21Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 198861995196
1794PoisonNothin' But A Good Time3:45Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Late '80s Take Two111996217
1795PoisonUnskinny Bop5:09U Can't Touch This61990226
1796PolarisHey Sandy2:36Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete11999192
1797PolarisShe Is Staggering3:08Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete21999192
1798PolarisWaiting For October3:52Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete31999192
1799PolarisSaturnine3:13Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete41999192
1800PolarisEverywhere3:37Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete51999192
1801PolarisIvy Boy3:51Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete61999192
1802PolarisSummerbaby3:24Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete71999192
1803PolarisCoronado Il4:19Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete81999192
1804PolarisAshamed Of The Story I Told4:30Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete91999192
1805PolarisAs Usual5:22Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete101999192
1806PolarisRecently2:40Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete111999192
1807PolarisThe Monster's Loose9:01Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete121999192
1808The PoliceFall Out2:03Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)11993183
1809The PoliceNothing Achieving1:56Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)21993194
1810The PoliceDead End Job3:35Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)31993217
1811The PoliceNext To You2:52Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)41993199
1812The PoliceSo Lonely4:51Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)51993194
1813The PoliceRoxanne3:14Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)61993190
1814The PoliceHole In My Life4:54Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)71993196
1815The PolicePeanuts4:01Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)81993206
1816The PoliceCan't Stand Losing You3:01Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)91993196
1817The PoliceTruth Hits Everybody2:54Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)101993185
1818The PoliceBorn In The 50's3:44Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)111993193
1819The PoliceBe My Girl-Sally3:23Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)121993196
1820The PoliceMasoko Tanga5:43Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)131993215
1821The PoliceLandlord (Live)2:36Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)141993190
1822The PoliceNext To You (Live)3:11Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)151993186
1823The PoliceLandlord3:09Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)161993189
1824The PoliceMessage In A Bottle4:50Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)171993202
1825The PoliceReggatta De Blanc3:06Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)181993224
1826The PoliceIt's Alright For You3:13Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)191993222
1827The PoliceBring On The Night4:16Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)201993217
1828The PoliceDeathwish4:11Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 1)211993225
1829The PoliceWalking On The Moon5:02Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)11993212
1830The PoliceOn Any Other Day2:57Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)21993211
1831The PoliceThe Bed's Too Big Without You4:25Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)31993218
1832The PoliceContact2:38Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)41993217
1833The PoliceDoes Everyone Stare3:46Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)51993195
1834The PoliceNo Time This Time3:20Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)61993213
1835The PoliceVisions Of The Night3:05Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)71993202
1836The PoliceThe Bed's Too Big Without You (Mono)3:29Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)81993211
1837The PoliceTruth Hits Everybody (Live)2:26Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)91993190
1838The PoliceFriends3:36Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)101993204
1839The PoliceDon't Stand So Close To Me4:03Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)111993173
1840The PoliceDriven To Tears3:20Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)121993179
1841The PoliceWhen The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around3:36Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)131993184
1842The PoliceCanary In A Coalmine2:26Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)141993179
1843The PoliceVoices Inside My Head3:52Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)151993177
1844The PoliceBombs Away3:06Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)161993184
1845The PoliceDe Do Do Do, De Da Da Da4:09Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)171993187
1846The PoliceBehind My Camel2:54Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)181993214
1847The PoliceMan In A Suitcase2:19Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)191993169
1848The PoliceShadows In The Rain5:02Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)201993189
1849The PoliceThe Other Way Of Stopping3:23Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)211993208
1850The PoliceA Sermon2:32Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)11993197
1851The PoliceDriven To Tears (Live)3:29Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)21993197
1852The PoliceShambelle5:00Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)31993202
1853The PoliceSpirits In The Material World2:59Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)41993190
1854The PoliceEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic4:20Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)51993198
1855The PoliceInvisible Sun3:44Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)61993196
1856The PoliceHungry For You (J'aurais toujours faim de toi)2:52Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)71993202
1857The PoliceDemolition Man5:57Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)81993202
1858The PoliceToo Much Information3:42Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)91993203
1859The PoliceRehumanize Yourself3:10Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)101993195
1860The PoliceOne World (Not Three)4:46Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)111993209
1861The PoliceOmegaman2:47Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)121993194
1862The PoliceSecret Journey3:33Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)131993199
1863The PoliceDarkness3:14Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)141993228
1864The PoliceFlexible Strategies3:43Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)151993207
1865The PoliceLow Life3:45Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)161993212
1866The PoliceHow Stupid Mr. Bates2:41Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)171993206
1867The PoliceA Kind Of Loving2:03Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 3)181993205
1868The PoliceSynchronicity I3:22Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)11993198
1869The PoliceWalking In Your Footsteps3:36Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)21993184
1870The PoliceO My God4:02Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)31993179
1871The PoliceMother3:05Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)41993171
1872The PoliceMiss Gradenko2:00Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)51993188
1873The PoliceSynchronicity II5:03Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)61993178
1874The PoliceEvery Breath You Take4:14Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)71993180
1875The PoliceKing Of Pain4:59Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)81993182
1876The PoliceWrapped Around Your Finger5:13Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)91993179
1877The PoliceTea In The Sahara4:13Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)101993174
1878The PoliceMurder By Numbers4:36Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)111993177
1879The PoliceMan In A Suitcase (Live)2:17Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)121993206
1880The PoliceSomeone To Talk To3:08Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)131993170
1881The PoliceMessage In A Bottle (Live)4:51Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)141993207
1882The PoliceI Burn For You4:49Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)151993206
1883The PoliceOnce Upon A Daydream3:31Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)161993192
1884The PoliceTea In The Sahara (Live)5:06Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)171993201
1885The PoliceDon't Stand So Close To Me '864:51Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (Disc 4)181993191
1886Polly BrownUp In a Puff of Smoke3:29Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1461990221
1887Polly Cutter, Cynthia Bullens, Harry Neils, Valerie Carter & Fred FreemanOne Day At A Time0:53All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)12005198
1888The Polyphonic SpreeSection 1 (Have A Day/Celebratory)4:38The Beginning Stages Of...12002212
1889The Polyphonic SpreeSection 2 (It's The Sun)5:33The Beginning Stages Of...22002206
1890The Polyphonic SpreeSection 3 (Days Like This Keep Me Warm)4:05The Beginning Stages Of...32002188
1891The Polyphonic SpreeSection 4 (La La)2:10The Beginning Stages Of...42002219
1892The Polyphonic SpreeSection 5 (Middle Of The Day)2:45The Beginning Stages Of...52002174
1893The Polyphonic SpreeSection 6 (Hanging Around The Day Part 1)2:37The Beginning Stages Of...62002205
1894The Polyphonic SpreeSection 7 (Hanging Around The Day Part 2)2:39The Beginning Stages Of...72002212
1895The Polyphonic SpreeSection 8 (Soldier Girl)3:59The Beginning Stages Of...82002203
1896The Polyphonic SpreeSection 9 (Light & Day/Reach For The Sun)3:23The Beginning Stages Of...92002197
1897The Polyphonic SpreeSection 10 (A Long Day)36:30The Beginning Stages Of...102002131
1898The Polyphonic SpreeSection 11 (A Long Day Continues/We Sound Amazed)8:32Together We're Heavy12004200
1899The Polyphonic SpreeSection 12 (Hold Me Now)4:30Together We're Heavy22004227
1900The Polyphonic SpreeSection 13 (Diamonds/Mild Devotion To Majesty)4:55Together We're Heavy32004205
1901The Polyphonic SpreeSection 14 (Two Thousand Places)5:19Together We're Heavy42004214
1902The Polyphonic SpreeSection 15 (Ensure Your Reservation)1:41Together We're Heavy52004197
1903The Polyphonic SpreeSection 16 (One Man Show)5:01Together We're Heavy62004193
1904The Polyphonic SpreeSection 17 (Suitcase Calling)8:48Together We're Heavy72004195
1905The Polyphonic SpreeSection 18 (Everything Starts At The Seam)1:54Together We're Heavy82004209
1906The Polyphonic SpreeSection 19 (When The Fool Becomes A King)10:37Together We're Heavy92004216
1907The Polyphonic SpreeSection 20 (Together We're Heavy)6:30Together We're Heavy102004201
1908The Poni-TailsBorn Too Late2:19Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)12 191
1909Pop Evil100 In A 553:55Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-07192009206
1910Poppa Hop & His OrchestraMerry Christmas Darling3:08Blue Yule: Christmas Blues And R&B Classics151991127
1911Poppy FamilyWhich Way You Goin' Billy3:23Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)81992201
1912Poppy FamilyThat's Where I Went Wrong2:34Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)81997242
1913The Poppy FamilyThat's Where I Went Wrong2:33Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 1)61995187
1914Poppy FamilyWhich Way You Goin' Billy?3:24Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)71996200
1915Porcupine TreeDeadwing9:46Deadwing12005226
1916Porcupine TreeShallow4:17Deadwing22005240
1917Porcupine TreeLazarus4:18Deadwing32005211
1918Porcupine TreeHalo4:38Deadwing42005233
1919Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere But Not Here12:02Deadwing52005217
1920Porcupine TreeMellotron Scratch6:57Deadwing62005203
1921Porcupine TreeOpen Car3:46Deadwing72005215
1922Porcupine TreeStart Of Something Beautiful7:39Deadwing82005215
1923Porcupine TreeGlass Arm Shattering11:12Deadwing92005123
1924Porcupine TreeShesmovedon (Bonus Track)5:00Deadwing102005210
1925Porcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet7:28Fear Of A Blank Planet12007209
1926Porcupine TreeMy Ashes5:07Fear Of A Blank Planet22007185
1927Porcupine TreeAnesthetize17:43Fear Of A Blank Planet32007209
1928Porcupine TreeSentimental5:26Fear Of A Blank Planet42007191
1929Porcupine TreeWay Out Of Here7:38Fear Of A Blank Planet52007197
1930Porcupine TreeSleep Together7:30Fear Of A Blank Planet62007201
1931Porcupine TreeBlackest Eyes4:23In Absentia12002233
1932Porcupine TreeTrains5:56In Absentia22002235
1933Porcupine TreeLips Of Ashes4:39In Absentia32002204
1934Porcupine TreeThe Sound Of Muzak4:59In Absentia42002237
1935Porcupine TreeGravity Eyelids7:56In Absentia52002217
1936Porcupine TreeWedding Nails6:33In Absentia62002230
1937Porcupine TreeProdigal5:32In Absentia72002237
1938Porcupine Tree.35:25In Absentia82002213
1939Porcupine TreeThe Creator Has A Mastertape5:21In Absentia92002236
1940Porcupine TreeHeartattack In A Lay By4:15In Absentia102002203
1941Porcupine TreeStrip The Soul7:21In Absentia112002228
1942Porcupine TreeCollapse The Light Into Earth5:52In Absentia122002199
1943Porcupine TreeDrown With Me5:22In Absentia (Bonus Disc)12002226
1944Porcupine TreeChloroform7:15In Absentia (Bonus Disc)22002204
1945Porcupine TreeStrip The Soul [Video Edit]3:35In Absentia (Bonus Disc)32002216
1946Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun5:31Lightbulb Sun12000217
1947Porcupine TreeHow Is Your Life Today?2:46Lightbulb Sun22000177
1948Porcupine TreeFour Chords That Made A Million3:36Lightbulb Sun32000224
1949Porcupine TreeShesmovedon5:13Lightbulb Sun42000212
1950Porcupine TreeLast Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled4:48Lightbulb Sun52000194
1951Porcupine TreeThe Rest Will Flow3:24Lightbulb Sun62000208
1952Porcupine TreeHatesong8:26Lightbulb Sun72000218
1953Porcupine TreeWhere We Would Be4:12Lightbulb Sun82000186
1954Porcupine TreeRussia On Ice13:03Lightbulb Sun92000205
1955Porcupine TreeFeel So Low5:18Lightbulb Sun102000192
1956Porcupine TreeMesmer I8:33Metanoia12001196
1957Porcupine TreeMesmer II6:07Metanoia22001200
1958Porcupine TreeMesmer III / Coma Divine13:18Metanoia32001197
1959Porcupine TreeDoor to the River4:42Metanoia42001212
1960Porcupine TreeMetanoia I / Intermediate Jesus14:14Metanoia52001203
1961Porcupine TreeInsignificance4:58Metanoia62001203
1962Porcupine TreeMetanoia II10:56Metanoia72001198
1963Porcupine TreeMilan2:30Metanoia82001193
1964Porcupine TreeNil Recurring6:08Nil Recurring (EP)12007217
1965Porcupine TreeNormal7:07Nil Recurring (EP)22007209
1966Porcupine TreeCheating The Polygraph7:06Nil Recurring (EP)32007206
1967Porcupine TreeWhat Happens Now?8:23Nil Recurring (EP)42007210
1968Porcupine TreeMusic For The Head2:42On The Sunday Of Life...11997191
1969Porcupine TreeJupiter Island6:12On The Sunday Of Life...21997235
1970Porcupine TreeThird Eye Surfer2:50On The Sunday Of Life...31997211
1971Porcupine TreeOn The Sunday Of Life...2:07On The Sunday Of Life...41997207
1972Porcupine TreeThe Nostalgia Factor7:29On The Sunday Of Life...51997190
1973Porcupine TreeSpace Transmission2:59On The Sunday Of Life...61997204
1974Porcupine TreeMessage From A Self-Destructining Turnip0:27On The Sunday Of Life...71997207
1975Porcupine TreeRadioactive Toy10:00On The Sunday Of Life...81997191
1976Porcupine TreeNine Cats3:54On The Sunday Of Life...91997209
1977Porcupine TreeHymn1:14On The Sunday Of Life...101997195
1978Porcupine TreeFootprints5:56On The Sunday Of Life...111997214
1979Porcupine TreeLinton Samuel Dawson3:05On The Sunday Of Life...121997247
1980Porcupine TreeAnd The Swallows Dance Above The Sun4:06On The Sunday Of Life...131997221
1981Porcupine TreeQueen Quotes Crowley3:50On The Sunday Of Life...141997212
1982Porcupine TreeNo Luck With Rabbits0:46On The Sunday Of Life...151997192
1983Porcupine TreeBegonia Seduction Scene2:14On The Sunday Of Life...161997219
1984Porcupine TreeThis Long Silence5:05On The Sunday Of Life...171997205
1985Porcupine TreeIt Will Rain For A Million Years10:51On The Sunday Of Life...181997195
1986Porcupine TreeBornlivedie1:42Signify11996182
1987Porcupine TreeSignify3:26Signify21996210
1988Porcupine TreeSleep Of No Dreaming5:24Signify31996200
1989Porcupine TreePagan1:34Signify41996173
1990Porcupine TreeWaiting Phase One4:24Signify51996192
1991Porcupine TreeWaiting Phase Two6:15Signify61996212
1992Porcupine TreeSever5:30Signify71996212
1993Porcupine TreeIdiot Prayer7:37Signify81996197
1994Porcupine TreeEvery Home Is Wired5:09Signify91996181
1995Porcupine TreeIntermediate Jesus7:29Signify101996197
1996Porcupine Tree"Light Mass Prayer"4:28Signify111996171
1997Porcupine TreeDark Matter8:59Signify121996182
1998Porcupine TreeCloud Zero4:40Staircase Infinities [2005 Remaster]11994214
1999Porcupine TreeThe Joke's On You4:17Staircase Infinities [2005 Remaster]21994197
2000Porcupine TreeNavigator4:49Staircase Infinities [2005 Remaster]31994207
2001Porcupine TreeRainy Taxi6:50Staircase Infinities [2005 Remaster]41994203
2002Porcupine TreeYellow Hedgerow Dreamscape9:36Staircase Infinities [2005 Remaster]51994209
2003Porcupine TreeEven Less7:11Stupid Dream11999207
2004Porcupine TreePiano Lessons4:21Stupid Dream21999223
2005Porcupine TreeStupid Dream0:28Stupid Dream31999187
2006Porcupine TreePure Narcotic5:02Stupid Dream41999206
2007Porcupine TreeSlave Called Shiver4:40Stupid Dream51999223
2008Porcupine TreeDon't Hate Me8:30Stupid Dream61999191
2009Porcupine TreeThis Is No Rehearsal3:26Stupid Dream71999210
2010Porcupine TreeBaby Dream in Cellophane3:15Stupid Dream81999220
2011Porcupine TreeStranger by the Minute4:30Stupid Dream91999216
2012Porcupine TreeA Smart Kid5:22Stupid Dream101999202
2013Porcupine TreeTinto Brass6:17Stupid Dream111999216
2014Porcupine TreeStop Swimming6:53Stupid Dream121999195
2015Porcupine TreeOccam's Razor1:56The Incident (Disc 1)12009191
2016Porcupine TreeThe Blind House5:47The Incident (Disc 1)22009214
2017Porcupine TreeGreat Expectations1:26The Incident (Disc 1)32009212
2018Porcupine TreeKneel And Disconnect2:03The Incident (Disc 1)42009170
2019Porcupine TreeDrawing The Line4:43The Incident (Disc 1)52009190
2020Porcupine TreeThe Incident5:20The Incident (Disc 1)62009228
2021Porcupine TreeYour Unpleasant Family1:48The Incident (Disc 1)72009216
2022Porcupine TreeThe Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train2:00The Incident (Disc 1)82009158
2023Porcupine TreeTime Flies11:40The Incident (Disc 1)92009226
2024Porcupine TreeDegree Zero Of Liberty1:45The Incident (Disc 1)102009184
2025Porcupine TreeOctane Twisted5:03The Incident (Disc 1)112009215
2026Porcupine TreeThe Séance2:39The Incident (Disc 1)122009212
2027Porcupine TreeCircle Of Manias2:19The Incident (Disc 1)132009231
2028Porcupine TreeI Drive The Hearse6:43The Incident (Disc 1)142009209
2029Porcupine TreeFlicker3:42The Incident (Disc 2)12009206
2030Porcupine TreeBonnie The Cat5:45The Incident (Disc 2)22009215
2031Porcupine TreeBlack Dahlia3:40The Incident (Disc 2)32009194
2032Porcupine TreeRemember Me Lover7:34The Incident (Disc 2)42009208
2033Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)18:39The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 1) [2003 Remaster]11995207
2034Porcupine TreeDislocated Day5:24The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 1) [2003 Remaster]21995209
2035Porcupine TreeThe Moon Touches Your Shoulder5:40The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 1) [2003 Remaster]31995213
2036Porcupine TreePrepare Yourself1:58The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 1) [2003 Remaster]41995219
2037Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two)16:48The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 1) [2003 Remaster]51995215
2038Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways (Alternate Version)34:42The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 2) [2003 Remaster]11995208
2039Porcupine TreeStars Die5:01The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 2) [2003 Remaster]21995216
2040Porcupine TreeMoonloop (Improvisation)16:18The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 2) [2003 Remaster]31995203
2041Porcupine TreeMoonloop (Coda)4:52The Sky Moves Sideways (Disc 2) [2003 Remaster]41995205
2042Porcupine TreeWhat You Are Listening To0:57Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]11993205
2043Porcupine TreeSynesthesia5:16Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]21993206
2044Porcupine TreeMonuments Burn Into Moments0:22Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]31993178
2045Porcupine TreeAlways Never7:00Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]41993207
2046Porcupine TreeUp The Downstair10:14Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]51993181
2047Porcupine TreeNot Beautiful Anymore3:25Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]61993227
2048Porcupine TreeSiren0:57Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]71993189
2049Porcupine TreeSmall Fish2:42Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]81993201
2050Porcupine TreeBurning Sky11:36Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]91993202
2051Porcupine TreeFadeaway6:19Up The Downstair [2005 Remaster]101993195
2052Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways4:02We Lost The Skyline (EP)12008155
2053Porcupine TreeEven Less3:27We Lost The Skyline (EP)22008182
2054Porcupine TreeStars Die4:33We Lost The Skyline (EP)32008165
2055Porcupine TreeWaiting3:52We Lost The Skyline (EP)42008168
2056Porcupine TreeNormal4:52We Lost The Skyline (EP)52008171
2057Porcupine TreeDrown With Me4:09We Lost The Skyline (EP)62008166
2058Porcupine TreeLazarus4:29We Lost The Skyline (EP)72008158
2059Porcupine TreeTrains4:04We Lost The Skyline (EP)82008171
2060Porcupine TreeBlackest Eyes4:28XM12003204
2061Porcupine TreeThe Sound Of Muzak5:04XM22003205
2062Porcupine TreeGravity Eyelids7:32XM32003195
2063Porcupine TreeWedding Nails5:19XM42003218
2064Porcupine TreeEven Less / Slave Called Shiver11:40XM52003196
2065Porcupine TreeHeartattack In A Layby4:18XM62003160
2066Porcupine TreeStrip The Soul7:08XM72003207
2067Porcupine TreeTinto Brass6:38XM82003209
2068Porcupine TreeShesmovedon5:11XMII12005202
2069Porcupine TreeFadeaway5:20XMII22005205
2070Porcupine TreeTrains5:33XMII32005196
2071Porcupine TreeHatesong8:31XMII42005209
2072Porcupine TreePure Narcotic5:12XMII52005186
2073Porcupine TreeRussia On Ice12:07XMII62005203
2074Porcupine TreeLast Chance To Evacuate The Earth Before It Is Recycled4:59XMII72005211
2075Porcupine TreeFeel So Low3:51XMII82005168
2076Porky PigBlue Christmas1:59   128
2077Porno For PyrosSadness2:33Porno For Pyros11993195
2078Porno For PyrosPorno For Pyros3:07Porno For Pyros21993207
2079Porno For PyrosMeija3:13Porno For Pyros31993206
2080Porno For PyrosCursed Female3:25Porno For Pyros41993199
2081Porno For PyrosCursed Male3:51Porno For Pyros51993214
2082Porno For PyrosPets3:37Porno For Pyros61993209
2083Porno For PyrosBad Shit2:59Porno For Pyros71993209
2084Porno For PyrosPackin'4:10Porno For Pyros81993201
2085Porno For PyrosBlack Girlfriend4:34Porno For Pyros91993211
2086Porno For PyrosBlood Rag3:31Porno For Pyros101993216
2087Porno For PyrosOrgasm4:28Porno For Pyros111993205
2088Porter WagonerGreen, Green Grass Of Home2:12Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)161996218
2089Porter WagonerThe Carol County Accident2:51Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 1)82001182
2090Porter WagonerMisery Loves Company2:37Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)91999193
2091Porter WagonerWagonmaster #10:48Wagonmaster12007196
2092Porter WagonerBe a Little Quieter2:25Wagonmaster22007200
2093Porter WagonerWho Knows Right from Wrong3:17Wagonmaster32007190
2094Porter WagonerAlbert Erving4:18Wagonmaster42007175
2095Porter WagonerA Place to Hang My Hat3:24Wagonmaster52007184
2096Porter WagonerEleven Cent Cotton2:39Wagonmaster62007216
2097Porter WagonerMy Many Hurried Southern Trips3:19Wagonmaster72007199
2098Porter WagonerCommitted to Parkview3:40Wagonmaster82007169
2099Porter WagonerThe Agony of Waiting3:36Wagonmaster92007187
2100Porter WagonerBuck and the Boys0:52Wagonmaster102007206
2101Porter WagonerFool Like Me2:51Wagonmaster112007201
2102Porter WagonerLate Love of Mine3:11Wagonmaster122007182
2103Porter WagonerHotwired3:35Wagonmaster132007198
2104Porter WagonerBrother Harold Dee4:24Wagonmaster142007173
2105Porter WagonerSatan's River3:21Wagonmaster152007204
2106Porter WagonerWagonmaster #21:08Wagonmaster162007204
2107Porter WagonerPorter & Marty (Hidden Track)6:04Wagonmaster172007143
2109PortisheadSour Times4:13Dummy21994139
2111PortisheadIt Could Be Sweet4:19Dummy41994141
2112PortisheadWandering Star4:56Dummy51994131
2117PortisheadGlory Box5:06Dummy101994159
2119PortisheadAll Mine4:02Portishead21997163
2121PortisheadHalf Day Closing3:48Portishead41997193
2124PortisheadMourning Air4:15Portishead71997136
2125PortisheadSeven Months4:18Portishead81997150
2126PortisheadOnly You5:02Portishead91997157
2128PortisheadWestern Eyes3:59Portishead111997161
2131PortisheadNylon Smile3:19Third32008171
2132PortisheadThe Rip4:31Third42008172
2134PortisheadWe Carry On6:27Third62008187
2135PortisheadDeep Water1:33Third72008128
2136PortisheadMachine Gun4:46Third82008190
2138PortisheadMagic Doors3:31Third102008196
2140The PosiesDaily Mutilation4:04Amazing Disgrace11996207
2141The PosiesOntario2:39Amazing Disgrace21996234
2142The PosiesThrowaway3:53Amazing Disgrace31996195
2143The PosiesPlease Return It3:31Amazing Disgrace41996206
2144The PosiesHate Song4:06Amazing Disgrace51996169
2145The PosiesPrecious Moments3:47Amazing Disgrace61996195
2146The PosiesFight It (If You Want)3:04Amazing Disgrace71996210
2147The PosiesEverybody Is a Fucking Liar3:15Amazing Disgrace81996217
2148The PosiesWorld3:56Amazing Disgrace91996196
2149The PosiesGrant Hart2:25Amazing Disgrace101996242
2150The PosiesBroken Record2:40Amazing Disgrace111996198
2151The PosiesThe Certainty2:28Amazing Disgrace121996195
2152The PosiesSong #15:39Amazing Disgrace131996209
2153The PosiesWill You Ever Ease Your Mind?3:50Amazing Disgrace141996189
2154The PosiesI May Hate You Sometimes3:23Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)232005210
2155The PosiesApology5:14Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)192005209
2156The PosiesMy Big Mouth2:27Dear 2311990208
2157The PosiesGolden Blunders4:28Dear 2321990224
2158The PosiesApology5:17Dear 2331990200
2159The PosiesAny Other Way4:07Dear 2341990212
2160The PosiesYou Avoid Parties4:49Dear 2351990197
2161The PosiesSuddenly Mary4:13Dear 2361990205
2162The PosiesHelp Yourself4:29Dear 2371990204
2163The PosiesMrs. Green5:52Dear 2381990193
2164The PosiesEveryone Moves Away4:16Dear 2391990169
2165The PosiesFlood of Sunshine8:22Dear 23101990207
2166The PosiesBlind Eyes Open3:53Failure11989201
2167The PosiesThe Longest Line3:14Failure21989193
2168The PosiesUnder Easy3:27Failure31989195
2169The PosiesLike Me Too3:38Failure41989208
2170The PosiesI May Hate You Sometimes3:23Failure51989198
2171The PosiesIroning Tuesdays2:58Failure61989198
2172The PosiesPaint Me4:08Failure71989197
2173The PosiesBelieve in Something Other (Than Yourself)4:11Failure81989196
2174The PosiesCompliment?3:27Failure91989201
2175The PosiesAt Least for Now3:36Failure101989200
2176The PosiesUncombined4:03Failure111989206
2177The PosiesWhat Little Remains2:50Failure121989195
2178The PosiesDream All Day3:04Frosting On The Beater11993238
2179The PosiesSolar Sister3:20Frosting On The Beater21993231
2180The PosiesFlavor of the Month2:35Frosting On The Beater31993224
2181The PosiesLove Letter Boxes3:09Frosting On The Beater41993229
2182The PosiesDefinite Door4:02Frosting On The Beater51993212
2183The PosiesBurn & Shine6:52Frosting On The Beater61993208
2184The PosiesEarlier Than Expected3:35Frosting On The Beater71993208
2185The Posies20 Questions3:56Frosting On The Beater81993225
2186The PosiesWhen Mute Tongues Can Speak3:31Frosting On The Beater91993230
2187The PosiesLights Out4:14Frosting On The Beater101993210
2188The PosiesHow She Lied by Living4:01Frosting On The Beater111993205
2189The PosiesComing Right Along6:19Frosting On The Beater121993189
2190The PosiesDream All Day3:03Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 4)92005240
2191Positive ForceWe Got The Funk6:02Disco Train Vol. 231997210
2192Positive KI Got A Man3:51Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19937 208
2193Positive KI Got A Man3:28The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)32003237
2194The Postal ServiceThe District Sleeps Alone Tonight4:44Give Up12003193
2195The Postal ServiceSuch Great Heights4:26Give Up22003221
2196The Postal ServiceSleeping In4:21Give Up32003194
2197The Postal ServiceNothing Better3:46Give Up42003200
2198The Postal ServiceRecycled Air4:29Give Up52003211
2199The Postal ServiceClark Gable4:54Give Up62003204
2200The Postal ServiceWe Will Become Silhouettes5:00Give Up72003185
2201The Postal ServiceThis Place Is A Prison3:54Give Up82003205
2202The Postal ServiceBrand New Colony4:12Give Up92003200
2203The Postal ServiceNatural Anthem5:07Give Up102003192
2204PotliquorCheer3:37Dick Bartley Presents Collector's Essentials: The '70s71996205
2205PougesChristmas in the Drunk Tank4:04   128
2206Poul Young & the Q-TipsThe Tracks of My Tears3:17Back to the 70's! (Disc 2)12 199
2207PoussezI'm In Love With You3:55Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 4)31997205
2208PowderChristmas Don't Be Late (Chipmunk Song)2:54A Very Special Christmas 5122001235
2209Powder Blues BandDoin' It Right3:16Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)71996209
2210PowderfingerPick You Up4:19Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 5)102000195
2211Power StationSome Like It Hot5:06One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 7)112001262
2212Power StationSome Like It Hot5:05The Power Station CD11985220
2213Power StationMurderess4:17The Power Station CD21985221
2214Power StationLonely Tonight4:00The Power Station CD31985212
2215Power StationCommunication3:38The Power Station CD41985220
2216Power StationGet It On (Bang A Gong)5:29The Power Station CD51985223
2217Power StationGo To Zero4:58The Power Station CD61985216
2218Power StationHarvest For The World3:37The Power Station CD71985214
2219Power StationStill In Your Heart3:07The Power Station CD81985195
2220Power ToolTwo Heads Are Better Than One4:26Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (OST)101989193
2221PPKResurrection7:27Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents...The Club92005219
2222PPKResurrection (Original Mix)7:54Plastic Compilation Vol. 652002199
2223Praga Khan Featuring Jade 4 UInjected With A Poison (MNO Power Mix)5:01Rave 'til Dawn71992226
2224Pras (Featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard & Mya)Ghetto Superstar (That Is What You Are)4:21Monsta Jamz122002190
2225Pras feat. Sharlie McQueenHaven't Found3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0612005202
2226Pratt & McClainHappy Days3:15Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)101998197
2227Pratt & McClain with Brother LoveHappy Days2:3570s Music Explosion: Sunshine (Disc 2)72005210
2228Pratt And McClainHappy Days2:37Sounds of the Seventies (The Late '70s)61993206
2229Prefab SproutThe King of Rock 'n' Roll4:22From Langley Park to Memphis11988219
2230Prefab SproutCars and Girls4:27From Langley Park to Memphis21988220
2231Prefab SproutI Remember That4:14From Langley Park to Memphis31988210
2232Prefab SproutEnchanted3:47From Langley Park to Memphis41988217
2233Prefab SproutNightingales5:53From Langley Park to Memphis51988205
2234Prefab SproutHey Manhattan!4:47From Langley Park to Memphis61988213
2235Prefab SproutKnock on Wood4:17From Langley Park to Memphis71988205
2236Prefab SproutThe Golden Calf5:06From Langley Park to Memphis81988227
2237Prefab SproutNancy (Let Your Hair Down for Me)4:04From Langley Park to Memphis91988200
2238Prefab SproutThe Venus of the Soup Kitchen4:28From Langley Park to Memphis101988192
2239Prefab SproutThe King Of Rock 'n Roll4:25The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises11992216
2240Prefab SproutWhen Love Breaks Down4:10The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises21992204
2241Prefab SproutThe Sound Of Crying4:44The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises31992198
2242Prefab SproutFaron Young3:47The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises41992201
2243Prefab SproutCarnival 20003:22The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises51992222
2244Prefab SproutGoodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny)4:28The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises61992208
2245Prefab SproutI Remember That4:15The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises71992202
2246Prefab SproutCruel4:19The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises81992212
2247Prefab SproutCars & Girls4:27The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises91992210
2248Prefab SproutWe Let The Stars Go3:35The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises101992213
2249Prefab SproutLife Of Surprises4:05The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises111992204
2250Prefab SproutAppetite3:57The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises121992211
2251Prefab SproutIf You Don't Love Me3:44The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises131992206
2252Prefab SproutWild Horses3:41The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises141992192
2253Prefab SproutHey Manhattan!4:46The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises151992217
2254Prefab SproutAll The World Loves Lovers3:51The Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises161992205
2255Prefab SproutWhen Love Breaks Down4:10The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)2 202
2256Prefab SproutIf You Don't Love Me3:45The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)41999207
2257PreludeAfter The Goldrush2:09A Decade Of Pop The 70's12 192
2258PreludeAfter The Goldrush2:09Classic Rock - Undercover (Disc 1)11 182
2259Premiata Forneria MarconiFrom Under7:35Chocolate Kings11975201
2260Premiata Forneria MarconiHarlequin7:53Chocolate Kings21975209
2261Premiata Forneria MarconiChocolate Kings4:43Chocolate Kings31975199
2262Premiata Forneria MarconiOut On The Roundabout7:56Chocolate Kings41975208
2263Premiata Forneria MarconiPaper Charms8:33Chocolate Kings51975192
2264Premiata Forneria MarconiImpressioni Di Settembre4:23Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)11974198
2265Premiata Forneria MarconiAppena Un Po'7:41Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)21974194
2266Premiata Forneria MarconiPer Un Amico5:22Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)31974202
2267Premiata Forneria MarconiGenerale4:14Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)41974207
2268Premiata Forneria MarconiGrazie Davvero5:53Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)51974189
2269Premiata Forneria MarconiLa Carrozza Di Hans5:43Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)61974190
2270Premiata Forneria MarconiE' Festa4:51Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)71974177
2271Premiata Forneria MarconiLe Trame Blu4:53Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 1)81974179
2272Premiata Forneria MarconiIl Banchetto8:37Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)11974194
2273Premiata Forneria MarconiDolcissima Maria4:03Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)21974184
2274Premiata Forneria MarconiLa Luna Nuova6:22Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)31974209
2275Premiata Forneria MarconiVia Lumiere7:23Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)41974195
2276Premiata Forneria MarconiL'isola Di Niente10:46Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)51974204
2277Premiata Forneria MarconiChocolate Kings4:41Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)61974194
2278Premiata Forneria MarconiCerco La Lingua5:34Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)71974203
2279Premiata Forneria MarconiI Cavalieri Del Tavolo Cubico5:22Gli Anni Settanta (Disc 2)81974186
2280Premiata Forneria MarconiL'Isola Di Niente10:48L'Isola Di Niente11974210
2281Premiata Forneria MarconiIs My Face On Straight6:41L'Isola Di Niente21974212
2282Premiata Forneria MarconiLa Luna Nuova6:27L'Isola Di Niente31974214
2283Premiata Forneria MarconiDolcissima Maria4:08L'Isola Di Niente41974187
2284Premiata Forneria MarconiVia Lumier7:25L'Isola Di Niente51974198
2285Premiata Forneria MarconiAppena Un Po'7:43Per Un Amico11973200
2286Premiata Forneria MarconiGenerale4:18Per Un Amico21973213
2287Premiata Forneria MarconiPer Un Amico5:23Per Un Amico31973205
2288Premiata Forneria MarconiIl Banchetto8:39Per Un Amico41973199
2289Premiata Forneria MarconiGeranio8:06Per Un Amico51973202
2290Premiata Forneria MarconiIntroduzione1:10Storia Di Un Minuto11972193
2291Premiata Forneria MarconiImpressioni Di Settembre5:43Storia Di Un Minuto21972195
2292Premiata Forneria MarconiE' Festa4:51Storia Di Un Minuto31972187
2293Premiata Forneria MarconiDove...Quando...(Parte I)4:07Storia Di Un Minuto41972199
2294Premiata Forneria MarconiDove...Quando...(Parte II)6:00Storia Di Un Minuto51972194
2295Premiata Forneria MarconiLa Carrozza Di Hans6:45Storia Di Un Minuto61972191
2296Premiata Forneria MarconiGrazie Davvero5:51Storia Di Un Minuto71972199
2297Premiata Forneria MarconiCelebration3:53Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)91996206
2298The PremiersFarmer John2:16Classic Rock - 19649 127
2299The PremiersFarmer John2:27Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)261998148
2300The PremiersGet On This Plane2:30Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 2)42009136
2301The Presidents of The United States of AmericaLump2:1490's Pop Hits (Disc 2)6 219
2302The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTiny Explosions2:50Freaked Out And Small12000227
2303The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaNuthin' But Luv2:41Freaked Out And Small22000225
2304The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTiger Bomb3:18Freaked Out And Small32000197
2305The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLast Girl On Earth2:20Freaked Out And Small42000225
2306The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaJazz Guy2:13Freaked Out And Small52000232
2307The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMeanwhile Back In The City3:22Freaked Out And Small62000215
2308The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaJupiter2:38Freaked Out And Small72000236
2309The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSuperstar3:08Freaked Out And Small82000244
2310The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaDeath Star3:22Freaked Out And Small92000213
2311The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBlank Baby3:48Freaked Out And Small102000222
2312The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaI'm Mad2:15Freaked Out And Small112000227
2313The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaHeadin' Out4:15Freaked Out And Small122000213
2314The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLadies And Gentlemen Part I1:37II11996213
2315The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLunatic To Love2:57II21996226
2316The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaVolcano2:58II31996214
2317The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMach 53:15II41996215
2318The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTwig2:37II51996209
2319The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBug City3:05II61996218
2320The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBath Of Fire3:02II71996196
2321The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTiki God2:53II81996219
2322The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaL.I.P.3:20II91996204
2323The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaFroggie3:10II101996203
2324The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaToob Amplifier1:22II111996211
2325The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSupermodel2:49II121996216
2326The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaPuffy Little Shoes5:00II131996198
2327The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLadies And Gentlemen Part II3:12II141996193
2328The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMagic Johnson Dream0:55II151996191
2329The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLove Everybody2:37Love Everybody12004260
2330The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSome Postman2:51Love Everybody22004245
2331The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaClean Machine2:31Love Everybody32004247
2332The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaHighway Forever2:52Love Everybody42004253
2333The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaZero Friction2:48Love Everybody52004246
2334The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSurf's Down1:44Love Everybody62004193
2335The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaShortwave2:12Love Everybody72004263
2336The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaPoke And Destroy2:39Love Everybody82004262
2337The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMunky River3:02Love Everybody92004230
2338The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaDrool At You2:29Love Everybody102004256
2339The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaVestina2:53Love Everybody112004204
2340The Presidents Of The United States Of America5,500 Miles3:57Love Everybody122004243
2341The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaShreds Of Boa3:02Love Everybody132004241
2342The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaJennifer's Jacket2:39Love Everybody142004241
2343The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLove Delicatessen4:15Pure Frosting11998223
2344The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaVideo Killed The Radio Star3:23Pure Frosting21998196
2345The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMobile Home2:54Pure Frosting31998198
2346The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaJapan2:31Pure Frosting41998221
2347The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSunshine2:09Pure Frosting51998200
2348The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBack Porch (Live)3:31Pure Frosting61998197
2349The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMan (Opposable Thumb)3:16Pure Frosting71998217
2350The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTiki Lounge God3:10Pure Frosting81998204
2351The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTeenage Girl2:25Pure Frosting91998208
2352The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaSlip Away2:45Pure Frosting101998217
2353The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTremolo Blooz2:52Pure Frosting111998205
2354The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaCleveland Rocks2:39Pure Frosting121998228
2355The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLump (Live)8:16Pure Frosting131998105
2356The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLump2:12Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)11998218
2357The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaTiki God2:54Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)21998214
2358The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKick Out The Jams1:28Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)31998235
2359The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaDune Buggy2:44Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)41998208
2360The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaPeaches2:50Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)51998210
2361The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaMach 53:15Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)61998213
2362The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKitty3:23Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)71998194
2363The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaCa Piane Pour Moi1:52Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)81998202
2364The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaVolcano2:59Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)91998207
2365The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaNaked And Famous3:42Pure Frosting (Bonus Disc - Extra Frosting)101998220
2366The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKitty3:22The Presidents Of The United States Of America11995196
2367The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaFeather Pluckn2:57The Presidents Of The United States Of America21995222
2368The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLump2:14The Presidents Of The United States Of America31995220
2369The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaStranger3:04The Presidents Of The United States Of America41995190
2370The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBoll Weevil3:16The Presidents Of The United States Of America51995195
2371The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaPeaches2:51The Presidents Of The United States Of America61995210
2372The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaDune Buggy2:44The Presidents Of The United States Of America71995207
2373The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaWe Are Not Going To Make It1:51The Presidents Of The United States Of America81995184
2374The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaKick Out The Jams1:26The Presidents Of The United States Of America91995235
2375The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBody4:11The Presidents Of The United States Of America101995216
2376The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaBack Porch2:59The Presidents Of The United States Of America111995206
2377The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaCandy3:16The Presidents Of The United States Of America121995214
2378The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaNaked And Famous3:43The Presidents Of The United States Of America131995220
2379Presto BalletBetween the Lines7:15Invisible Places12011221
2380Presto BalletThe Puzzle7:52Invisible Places22011215
2381Presto BalletSundancer8:44Invisible Places32011227
2382Presto BalletOf Grand Design12:04Invisible Places42011214
2383Presto BalletOne Perfect Moment5:16Invisible Places52011213
2384Presto BalletAll in All8:09Invisible Places62011220
2385Presto BalletNo End to a Beginning12:26Invisible Places72011212
2386Presto BalletThe Mind Machine10:50The Lost Art of Time Travel12008216
2387Presto BalletThieves9:05The Lost Art of Time Travel22008205
2388Presto BalletYou're Alive4:26The Lost Art of Time Travel32008226
2389Presto BalletOne Tragedy at a Time14:02The Lost Art of Time Travel42008220
2390Presto BalletI'm Not Blind6:01The Lost Art of Time Travel52008205
2391Presto BalletEasy Tomorrow6:32The Lost Art of Time Travel62008222
2392Presto BalletHaze9:28The Lost Art of Time Travel72008199
2393Preston EppsBongo Rock2:09100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 4)121999214
2394The PretendersPopstar3:34¡Viva El Amor!11999227
2395The PretendersHuman3:55¡Viva El Amor!21999196
2396The PretendersFrom The Heart Down3:31¡Viva El Amor!31999200
2397The PretendersNails In The Road3:25¡Viva El Amor!41999216
2398The PretendersWho's Who4:10¡Viva El Amor!51999224
2399The PretendersDragway 425:20¡Viva El Amor!61999227
2400The PretendersBaby's Breath3:15¡Viva El Amor!71999232
2401The PretendersOne More Time3:15¡Viva El Amor!81999214
2402The PretendersLegalise Me3:51¡Viva El Amor!91999215
2403The PretendersSamurai4:43¡Viva El Amor!101999209
2404The PretendersRabo De Nube1:26¡Viva El Amor!111999173
2405The PretendersBiker4:42¡Viva El Amor!121999211
2406The PretendersHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:28A Very Special Christmas51987181
2407The PretendersBrass In Pocket3:04Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 2)14 191
2408The PretendersMy Baby4:06Get Close11986219
2409The PretendersWhen I Change My Life3:37Get Close21986214
2410The PretendersLight Of The Moon3:56Get Close31986204
2411The PretendersDance! (Full Length Version)6:44Get Close41986214
2412The PretendersTradition Of Love5:22Get Close51986216
2413The PretendersDon't Get Me Wrong3:46Get Close61986203
2414The PretendersI Remember You2:38Get Close71986201
2415The PretendersHow Much Did You Get For Your Soul3:47Get Close81986204
2416The PretendersChill Factor3:27Get Close91986202
2417The PretendersHymn To Her4:57Get Close101986194
2418The PretendersRoom Full Of Mirrors4:36Get Close111986222
2419The PretendersHollywood Perfume3:55Last of the Independents11994222
2420The PretendersNight in My Veins3:16Last of the Independents21994233
2421The PretendersMoney Talk3:39Last of the Independents31994231
2422The Pretenders9773:53Last of the Independents41994190
2423The PretendersRevolution4:32Last of the Independents51994201
2424The PretendersAll My Dreams3:14Last of the Independents61994202
2425The PretendersI'll Stand By You3:58Last of the Independents71994201
2426The PretendersI'm a Mother5:17Last of the Independents81994209
2427The PretendersTequila1:04Last of the Independents91994193
2428The PretendersEvery Mothers' Son3:36Last of the Independents101994210
2429The PretendersRebel Rock Me3:08Last of the Independents111994212
2430The PretendersLove Colours4:32Last of the Independents121994232
2431The PretendersForever Young5:04Last of the Independents131994198
2432The PretendersMiddle of the Road4:15Learning To Crawl11983202
2433The PretendersBack On the Chain Gang3:51Learning To Crawl21983202
2434The PretendersTime the Avenger4:55Learning To Crawl31983198
2435The PretendersWatching the Clothes2:53Learning To Crawl41983184
2436The PretendersShow Me4:08Learning To Crawl51983190
2437The PretendersThumbelina3:17Learning To Crawl61983197
2438The PretendersMy City Was Gone5:24Learning To Crawl71983209
2439The PretendersThin Line Between Love and Hate3:44Learning To Crawl81983202
2440The PretendersI Hurt You4:39Learning To Crawl91983205
2441The Pretenders2000 Miles3:37Learning To Crawl101983185
2442The PretendersBack On The Chain Gang3:53Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)42002186
2443The PretendersLie to Me2:22Loose Screw12002199
2444The PretendersTime3:57Loose Screw22002178
2445The PretendersYou Know Who Your Friends Are3:30Loose Screw32002232
2446The PretendersComplex Person2:47Loose Screw42002202
2447The PretendersFools Must Die2:35Loose Screw52002223
2448The PretendersKinda Nice, I Like It3:37Loose Screw62002197
2449The PretendersNothing Breaks Like a Heart3:28Loose Screw72002204
2450The PretendersI Should Of4:02Loose Screw82002200
2451The PretendersClean up Woman3:23Loose Screw92002191
2452The PretendersThe Losing4:49Loose Screw102002202
2453The PretendersSaving Grace3:20Loose Screw112002203
2454The PretendersWalk Like a Panther4:40Loose Screw122002180
2455The PretendersNever Do That3:19Packed!11990202
2456The PretendersLet's Make A Pact3:18Packed!21990208
2457The PretendersMillionaires3:04Packed!31990196
2458The PretendersMay This Be Love2:43Packed!41990195
2459The PretendersNo Guarantee3:49Packed!51990195
2460The PretendersWhen Will I See You4:54Packed!61990196
2461The PretendersSense Of Purpose3:02Packed!71990203
2462The PretendersDowntown (Akron)2:43Packed!81990208
2463The PretendersHow Do I Miss You4:22Packed!91990197
2464The PretendersHold A Candle To This3:40Packed!101990200
2465The PretendersCriminal3:49Packed!111990205
2466The PretendersPrecious3:37Pretenders11980182
2467The PretendersThe Phone Call2:29Pretenders21980177
2468The PretendersUp The Neck4:28Pretenders31980197
2469The PretendersTattooed Love Boys2:59Pretenders41980209
2470The PretendersSpace Invader3:27Pretenders51980198
2471The PretendersThe Wait3:37Pretenders61980176
2472The PretendersStop Your Sobbing2:38Pretenders71980203
2473The PretendersKid3:07Pretenders81980187
2474The PretendersPrivate Life6:26Pretenders91980198
2475The PretendersBrass In Pocket3:05Pretenders101980183
2476The PretendersLovers Of Today5:51Pretenders111980183
2477The PretendersMystery Achievement5:24Pretenders121980176
2478The PretendersThe Adultress3:59Pretenders II11981203
2479The PretendersBad Boys Get Spanked4:07Pretenders II21981196
2480The PretendersMessage of Love3:28Pretenders II31981185
2481The PretendersI Go to Sleep2:57Pretenders II41981191
2482The PretendersBirds of Paradise4:16Pretenders II51981202
2483The PretendersTalk of the Town2:45Pretenders II61981204
2484The PretendersPack It Up3:52Pretenders II71981204
2485The PretendersWaste not, Want Not3:46Pretenders II81981202
2486The PretendersDay After Day3:47Pretenders II91981188
2487The PretendersJealous Dogs5:38Pretenders II101981205
2488The PretendersThe English Roses4:31Pretenders II111981193
2489The PretendersLouie, Louie3:29Pretenders II121981217
2490PretendersHave Yourself A Merry Christmas4:39Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)31995182
2491The PretendersBrass In Pocket3:06Sounds Of The Eighties - 198031995191
2492Pretenders2000 Miles3:40The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)81996197
2493The PretendersStop Your Sobbing2:39The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)41999204
2494The PretendersBrass In Pocket3:04The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)61999190
2495PretendersI Go To Sleep2:56The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)71999189
2496The PretendersThin Line Between Love and Hate3:42The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)13 204
2497The PretendersDon't Get Me Wrong3:50The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 2)21999221
2498PretendersNight In My Veins3:18The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 1)81999230
2499PretendersI Go To Sleep2:55Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)142001212
2500The PretendersHymn To Her4:56Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)121997217
2501The PretendersHymn To Her4:55World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)41998201
2502Pretty Boy FloydShut Up3:54A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock N' Roll (EP)11998227
2503Pretty Boy FloydJunkie Girl2:37A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock N' Roll (EP)21998237
2504Pretty Boy FloydEverybody Needs A Hero (Big Bang Babies Cover)2:47A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock N' Roll (EP)31998230
2505Pretty Boy FloydDo You Love Me?2:56A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock N' Roll (EP)41998236
2506Pretty Boy FloydGood Girl Gone Bad3:42A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock N' Roll (EP)51998235
2507Pretty Boy FloydLeather Boyz With Electric Toyz4:51Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz11989220
2508Pretty Boy FloydRock & Roll3:13Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz21989222
2509Pretty Boy FloydWild Angels5:08Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz31989208
2510Pretty Boy Floyd48 Hours2:59Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz41989220
2511Pretty Boy FloydToast Of The Town3:19Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz51989226
2512Pretty Boy FloydRock And Roll Outlaws2:34Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz61989228
2513Pretty Boy FloydOnly The Young3:52Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz71989216
2514Pretty Boy FloydThe Last Kiss2:51Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz81989221
2515Pretty Boy FloydYour Mama Won't Know3:44Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz91989230
2516Pretty Boy FloydI Wanna Be With You3:59Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz101989217
2517Pretty Boy FloydSlam Dunk2:55Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz111989210
2518Pretty Boy FloydShe's My Baby3:30Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz121989197
2519Pretty Boy FloydTwo Hearts3:56Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz131989205
2520Pretty Boy FloydOver The Edge3:24Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz141989207
2521Pretty Boy FloydI Just Wanna Have Something To Do2:42Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz151989199
2522Pretty Boy FloydGood Girl Gone Bad3:43Porn Stars11999238
2523Pretty Boy FloydRock And Roll Outlaws2:34Porn Stars21999250
2524Pretty Boy FloydShy Diane4:16Porn Stars31999226
2525Pretty Boy FloydShout It Out Loud (KISS Cover)2:44Porn Stars41999250
2526Pretty Boy FloydLeather Boyz With Electric Toyz4:08Porn Stars51999249
2527Pretty Boy FloydI Wanna Be With You4:25Porn Stars61999232
2528Pretty Boy FloydSaturday Nite4:58Porn Stars71999238
2529Pretty Boy Floyd48 Hours3:06Porn Stars81999240
2530Pretty Boy FloydSummer Luv4:42Porn Stars91999238
2531Pretty Boy FloydYour Momma Won't Know4:07Porn Stars101999246
2532Pretty Boy FloydRestless4:25Porn Stars111999241
2533Pretty Boy FloydSet The Night On Fire3:36Porn Stars121999238
2534Pretty Boy FloydDepartment Of Youth (Alice Cooper Cover)2:59Porn Stars131999238
2535Pretty Boy FloydDead2:12Size Really Does Matter12004191
2536Pretty Boy FloydSuicide4:02Size Really Does Matter22004212
2537Pretty Boy FloydI've Got Nothing2:31Size Really Does Matter32004217
2538Pretty Boy FloydEarth Girls3:18Size Really Does Matter42004205
2539Pretty Boy FloydThings I Said5:17Size Really Does Matter52004209
2540Pretty Boy FloydAnother Day (In The Death Of America)2:46Size Really Does Matter62004222
2541Pretty Boy Floyd2Heads2Faces4:46Size Really Does Matter72004213
2542Pretty Boy FloydFuck The Rock4:24Size Really Does Matter82004210
2543Pretty Boy Floyd7275:21Size Really Does Matter92004191
2544Pretty Boy FloydIt's Alright3:25Size Really Does Matter102004196
2545Pretty Boy FloydTonight Belongs To The Young4:52Tonight Belongs To The Young12000200
2546Pretty Boy FloydHands Off My Radio4:09Tonight Belongs To The Young22000192
2547Pretty Boy FloydFar Away4:33Tonight Belongs To The Young32000193
2548Pretty Boy FloydTill The Real Thing Comes Along3:46Tonight Belongs To The Young42000187
2549Pretty Boy FloydFive Long Days3:10Tonight Belongs To The Young52000203
2550Pretty Boy FloydRestless4:03Tonight Belongs To The Young62000189
2551Pretty Boy FloydHold On To Your Dreams4:04Tonight Belongs To The Young72000184
2552Pretty Boy FloydStray Bullet4:31Tonight Belongs To The Young82000219
2553Pretty Boy FloydHeaven Must Be Missing An Angel3:48Tonight Belongs To The Young92000192
2554Pretty Boy FloydGangster Of Love3:38Tonight Belongs To The Young102000195
2555Pretty PoisonCatch Me (I'm Falling)4:27Absolute 80s (Disc 1)61999223
2556Pretty PoisonCatch Me I'm Falling4:25Rock & Pop Classics - Dance Divas52000230
2557Pretty RickyGrind With Me3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-07152005221
2558Pretty RickyYour Body (Promo Only Clean Edit)4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-10132005211
2559Pretty RickyOn The Hotline4:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02172007191
2560Pretty RickyPush It Baby3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0572007219
2561The Pretty ThingsYou Don't Believe Me2:22Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]11965129
2562The Pretty ThingsBuzz The Jerk1:54Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]21965128
2563The Pretty ThingsGet The Picture1:55Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]31965127
2564The Pretty ThingsCan't Stand The Pain2:41Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]41965127
2565The Pretty ThingsRainin' In My Heart2:30Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]51965127
2566The Pretty ThingsWe'll Play House2:33Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]61965132
2567The Pretty ThingsYou'll Never Do It Baby2:26Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]71965127
2568The Pretty ThingsI Had A Dream2:58Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]81965127
2569The Pretty ThingsI Want Your Love2:16Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]91965128
2570The Pretty ThingsLondon Town2:26Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]101965127
2571The Pretty ThingsCry To Me2:51Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]111965128
2572The Pretty ThingsGonna Find Me A Substitute2:58Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]121965127
2573The Pretty ThingsGet A Buzz4:01Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]131965127
2574The Pretty ThingsSittin' All Alone2:47Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]141965128
2575The Pretty ThingsMidnight To Six Man2:19Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]151965127
2576The Pretty ThingsMe Needing You1:58Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]161965126
2577The Pretty ThingsCome See Me2:39Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]171965130
2578The Pretty ThingsL.S.D.2:25Get The Picture? [2000 Reissue]181965128
2579The Pretty ThingsMidnight to Six Man2:20Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)162001127
2580The Pretty ThingsWalking Through My Dreams3:38Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)182001127
2581The Pretty ThingsRosalyn2:21Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)12001127
2582The Pretty ThingsScene One1:50Parachute11970210
2583The Pretty ThingsThe Good Mr. Square1:01Parachute21970206
2584The Pretty ThingsShe Was Tall, She Was High2:00Parachute31970210
2585The Pretty ThingsIn The Square1:55Parachute41970215
2586The Pretty ThingsThe Letter1:35Parachute51970211
2587The Pretty ThingsRain2:32Parachute61970204
2588The Pretty ThingsMiss Fay Regrets3:28Parachute71970204
2589The Pretty ThingsCries From The Midnight Circus6:29Parachute81970205
2590The Pretty ThingsGrass4:20Parachute91970218
2591The Pretty ThingsSickle Clowns6:36Parachute101970200
2592The Pretty ThingsShe's A Lover3:31Parachute111970216
2593The Pretty ThingsWhat's The Use1:45Parachute121970197
2594The Pretty ThingsParachute3:50Parachute131970202
2595The Pretty ThingsS. F. Sorrow Is Born3:13S. F. Sorrow11968219
2596The Pretty ThingsBracelets of Fingers3:41S. F. Sorrow21968209
2597The Pretty ThingsShe Says Good Morning3:23S. F. Sorrow31968208
2598The Pretty ThingsPrivate Sorrow3:51S. F. Sorrow41968202
2599The Pretty ThingsBalloon Burning3:51S. F. Sorrow51968206
2600The Pretty ThingsDeath3:10S. F. Sorrow61968201
2601The Pretty ThingsBaron Saturday4:01S. F. Sorrow71968214
2602The Pretty ThingsThe Journey2:39S. F. Sorrow81968210
2603The Pretty ThingsI See You4:03S. F. Sorrow91968213
2604The Pretty ThingsWell of Destiny1:53S. F. Sorrow101968194
2605The Pretty ThingsTrust2:50S. F. Sorrow111968209
2606The Pretty ThingsOld Man Going3:09S. F. Sorrow121968208
2607The Pretty ThingsLoneliest Person1:27S. F. Sorrow131968187
2608The Pretty ThingsUnder The Volcano6:01Savage Eye11975206
2609The Pretty ThingsMy Song5:09Savage Eye21975199
2610The Pretty ThingsSad Eye4:31Savage Eye31975185
2611The Pretty ThingsRemember That Boy5:05Savage Eye41975204
2612The Pretty ThingsIt Isn't Rock 'n' Roll3:58Savage Eye51975199
2613The Pretty ThingsI'm Keeping4:00Savage Eye61975199
2614The Pretty ThingsIt's Been So Long5:06Savage Eye71975192
2615The Pretty ThingsDrowned Man4:23Savage Eye81975205
2616The Pretty ThingsTheme For Michelle1:50Savage Eye91975182
2617The Pretty ThingsTonight3:09Savage Eye101975198
2618The Pretty ThingsLove Me A Little3:13Savage Eye111975194
2619The Pretty ThingsDance All Night2:54Savage Eye121975196
2620The Pretty ThingsPrivate Sorrow-Balloon Burning7:39Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)41996211
2621The Pretty ThingsRoadrunner3:12The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]11965128
2622The Pretty ThingsJudgement Day2:46The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]21965128
2623The Pretty Things13 Chester Street2:22The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]31965126
2624The Pretty ThingsBig City2:01The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]41965127
2625The Pretty ThingsUnknown Blues3:48The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]51965128
2626The Pretty ThingsMama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut3:04The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]61965126
2627The Pretty ThingsHoney, I Need1:59The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]71965130
2628The Pretty ThingsOh Baby Doll3:01The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]81965128
2629The Pretty ThingsShe's Fine She's Mine4:24The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]91965127
2630The Pretty ThingsDon't Lie to Me3:53The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]101965127
2631The Pretty ThingsThe Moon Is Rising2:33The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]111965127
2632The Pretty ThingsPretty Thing1:38The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]121965127
2633The Pretty ThingsRosalyn2:20The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]131965127
2634The Pretty ThingsBig Boss Man2:38The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]141965127
2635The Pretty ThingsDon't Bring Me Down2:10The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]151965127
2636The Pretty ThingsWe'll Be Together2:10The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]161965127
2637The Pretty ThingsI Can Never Say2:36The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]171965128
2638The Pretty ThingsGet Yourself Home2:16The Pretty Things [U.K.] [2003 Reissue]181965127
2639Pride TigerLet 'Em Go3:45The Lucky Ones12007236
2640Pride TigerWhat It Is3:04The Lucky Ones22007256
2641Pride TigerFill Me In4:15The Lucky Ones32007255
2642Pride TigerA Long Way Down (Shine)4:51The Lucky Ones42007229
2643Pride TigerThe White Witch Woman Blues3:14The Lucky Ones52007245
2644Pride TigerThe Lucky Ones3:36The Lucky Ones62007249
2645Pride TigerIt's Only You3:32The Lucky Ones72007245
2646Pride TigerNo One's Listening3:56The Lucky Ones82007263
2647Pride TigerSweet Dreams2:46The Lucky Ones92007243
2648Pride TigerWizard's Council0:59The Lucky Ones102007203
2649Pride TigerForget Everything3:00The Lucky Ones112007246
2650Pride TigerA New Jones2:59The Lucky Ones122007260
2651Pride Tiger56 Days3:49The Lucky Ones132007261
2652Prima JRock Star3:24Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 200752007237
2653Primal ScreamGentle Tuesday3:47Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)12005228
2654The PrimativesCrash (The '95 Mix)3:14Dumb And Dumber (OST)51994239
2655Primitive Radio GodsStanding Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand4:3490's Pop Hits (Disc 3)92002208
2656Primitive Radio GodsWomen4:18Rocket11996233
2657Primitive Radio GodsMotherfucker5:20Rocket21996239
2658Primitive Radio GodsStanding Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand5:38Rocket31996218
2659Primitive Radio GodsWho Say3:24Rocket41996242
2660Primitive Radio GodsThe Rise And Fall Of Ooo Mau3:50Rocket51996246
2661Primitive Radio GodsWhere The Monkey Meets The Man4:17Rocket61996227
2662Primitive Radio GodsAre You Happy5:35Rocket71996233
2663Primitive Radio GodsChain Reaction4:47Rocket81996234
2664Primitive Radio GodsSkin Turns Blue4:27Rocket91996230
2665Primitive Radio GodsRocket4:42Rocket101996227
2666Primitive Radio GodsStanding Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand4:34Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)122005209
2667PrimitivesYou Said2:19Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 2)192001146
2668PrimusThe Carpenter And The Dainty Bride6:35Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (EP)12003208
2669PrimusPilcher's Squad1:54Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (EP)22003216
2670PrimusMary The Ice Cube4:37Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (EP)32003182
2671PrimusThe Last Superpower AKA Rapscallion7:16Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (EP)42003216
2672PrimusMy Friend Fats7:55Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (EP)52003216
2673PrimusIntruder4:18Miscellaneous Debris (EP)11992189
2674PrimusMaking Plans for Nigel3:35Miscellaneous Debris (EP)21992189
2675PrimusSinister Exaggerator3:37Miscellaneous Debris (EP)31992199
2676PrimusTippi Toes1:26Miscellaneous Debris (EP)41992200
2677PrimusHave a Cigar5:27Miscellaneous Debris (EP)51992194
2678PrimusPork Chop's Little Ditty0:21Pork Soda11993179
2679PrimusMy Name Is Mud4:46Pork Soda21993220
2680PrimusWelcome To This World3:40Pork Soda31993217
2681PrimusBob4:40Pork Soda41993212
2682PrimusDMV4:58Pork Soda51993227
2683PrimusThe Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)4:39Pork Soda61993228
2684PrimusNature Boy5:33Pork Soda71993209
2685PrimusWounded Knee2:25Pork Soda81993205
2686PrimusPork Soda2:20Pork Soda91993219
2687PrimusThe Pressman5:11Pork Soda101993214
2688PrimusMr. Krinkle5:27Pork Soda111993214
2689PrimusThe Air Is Getting Slippery2:31Pork Soda121993169
2690PrimusHamburger Train8:11Pork Soda131993223
2691PrimusPork Chop's Little Ditty1:03Pork Soda141993144
2692PrimusHail Santa1:48Pork Soda151993196
2693PrimusSeas Of Cheese0:42Sailing The Seas Of Cheese11991194
2694PrimusHere Come The Bastards2:54Sailing The Seas Of Cheese21991201
2695PrimusSgt. Baker4:16Sailing The Seas Of Cheese31991205
2696PrimusAmerican Life4:32Sailing The Seas Of Cheese41991205
2697PrimusJerry Was A Race Car Driver3:10Sailing The Seas Of Cheese51991214
2698PrimusEleven4:19Sailing The Seas Of Cheese61991214
2699PrimusIs It Luck?3:27Sailing The Seas Of Cheese71991208
2700PrimusGrandad's Little Ditty0:37Sailing The Seas Of Cheese81991152
2701PrimusTommy The Cat4:15Sailing The Seas Of Cheese91991209
2702PrimusSathington Waltz1:42Sailing The Seas Of Cheese101991212
2703PrimusThose Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers5:19Sailing The Seas Of Cheese111991205
2704PrimusFish On (Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter II)7:45Sailing The Seas Of Cheese121991183
2705PrimusLos Bastardos2:38Sailing The Seas Of Cheese131991208
2706PrimusProfessor Nutbutter's House Of Treats7:13Tales From The Punchbowl11995206
2707PrimusMrs. Blaileen3:20Tales From The Punchbowl21995223
2708PrimusWynona's Big Brown Beaver4:24Tales From The Punchbowl31995195
2709PrimusSouthbound Pachyderm6:22Tales From The Punchbowl41995206
2710PrimusSpace Farm1:45Tales From The Punchbowl51995169
2711PrimusYear Of The Parrot5:45Tales From The Punchbowl61995221
2712PrimusHellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From)2:59Tales From The Punchbowl71995215
2713PrimusGlass Sandwich4:05Tales From The Punchbowl81995196
2714PrimusDel Davis Tree Farm3:23Tales From The Punchbowl91995202
2715PrimusDe Anza Jig2:26Tales From The Punchbowl101995196
2716PrimusOn The Tweek Again4:41Tales From The Punchbowl111995203
2717PrimusOver The Electric Grapevine6:25Tales From The Punchbowl121995179
2718PrimusCaptain Shiner1:15Tales From The Punchbowl131995191
2719PrimusMy Name Is Mud4:45Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)162005221
2721PrinceLittle Red Corvette5:03199921983200
2723PrinceLet's Pretend We're Married7:21199941983189
2725PrinceSomething In the Water4:02199961983211
2727PrinceLady Cab Driver8:14199981983199
2728PrinceAll the Critics Love U In New York6:03199991983206
2729PrinceInternational Lover6:371999101983202
2730PrinceThe Future4:07Batman (OST)11989176
2731PrinceElectric Chair4:08Batman (OST)21989187
2732PrinceThe Arms Of Orion5:03Batman (OST)31989178
2733PrincePartyman3:11Batman (OST)41989200
2734PrinceVicki Waiting4:52Batman (OST)51989180
2735PrinceTrust4:24Batman (OST)61989210
2736PrinceLemon Crush4:15Batman (OST)71989189
2737PrinceScandalous6:15Batman (OST)81989171
2738PrinceBatdance6:13Batman (OST)91989185
2739PrinceThieves In The Temple3:22Beat The Heat - Summer 1991131991191
2742PrinceDo Me, Baby7:43Controversy31981212
2743PrincePrivate Joy4:37Controversy41981216
2744PrinceRonnie, Talk To Russia1:51Controversy51981205
2745PrinceLet's Work3:53Controversy61981209
2746PrinceAnnie Christian4:23Controversy71981220
2747PrinceJack U Off3:09Controversy81981215
2748PrinceDirty Mind4:14Dirty Mind11980197
2749PrinceWhen You Were Mine3:47Dirty Mind21980200
2750PrinceDo It All Night3:42Dirty Mind31980174
2751PrinceGotta Broken Heart Again2:16Dirty Mind41980175
2752PrinceUptown5:32Dirty Mind51980200
2753PrinceHead4:44Dirty Mind61980189
2754PrinceSister1:31Dirty Mind71980213
2755PrincePartyup4:24Dirty Mind81980210
2757PrinceSign 'O' the Times4:56Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)11987180
2758PrincePlay In the Sunshine5:05Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)21987216
2759PrinceHousequake4:42Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)31987205
2760PrinceThe Ballad of Dorothy Parker4:01Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)41987203
2761PrinceIt5:09Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)51987185
2762PrinceStarfish and Coffee2:50Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)61987182
2763PrinceSlow Love4:22Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)71987188
2764PrinceHot Thing5:39Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)81987193
2765PrinceForever In My Life3:30Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 1)91987178
2766PrinceU Got the Look3:47Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)11987205
2767PrinceIf I Was Your Girl Friend5:01Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)21987177
2768PrinceStrange Relationship4:01Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)31987194
2769PrinceI Could Never Take the Place of Your Man6:29Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)41987217
2770PrinceThe Cross4:48Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)51987180
2771PrinceIt's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night9:01Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)61987212
2772PrinceAdore6:30Sign 'O' the Times (Disc 2)71987184
2773PrinceBeautiful5:55The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)11994226
2774PrinceStaxowax5:14The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)21994222
2775PrinceMustang Mix6:19The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)31994199
2776PrinceFlutestramental3:35The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)41994224
2777PrinceSexy Staxophone And Guitar3:53The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)51994216
2778PrinceMustang Instrumental3:26The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)61994206
2779PrinceThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World4:42The Beautiful Experience (Remix Single)71994207
2780PrinceI Wanna Be Your Lover2:57The Very Best Of Prince12001186
2781Prince19993:37The Very Best Of Prince22001211
2782PrinceLittle Red Corvette4:56The Very Best Of Prince32001205
2783PrinceWhen Doves Cry3:48The Very Best Of Prince42001204
2784PrinceLet's Go Crazy4:40The Very Best Of Prince52001213
2785PrincePurple Rain8:40The Very Best Of Prince62001200
2786PrinceI Would Die 4 U2:56The Very Best Of Prince72001235
2787PrinceRaspberrry Beret3:32The Very Best Of Prince82001201
2788PrinceKiss3:46The Very Best Of Prince92001198
2789PrinceSign 'O' The Times3:42The Very Best Of Prince102001190
2790PrinceU Got The Look3:47The Very Best Of Prince112001200
2791PrinceAlphabet St.5:39The Very Best Of Prince122001165
2792PrinceThieves In The Temple3:20The Very Best Of Prince132001191
2793PrinceGett Off4:31The Very Best Of Prince142001205
2794PrinceCream4:13The Very Best Of Prince152001198
2795PrinceDiamonds And Pearls4:20The Very Best Of Prince162001203
2796PrinceMoney Don't Matter 2 Night4:47The Very Best Of Prince172001200
2797Prince & The New Power GenerationThunder5:46Diamonds And Pearls11991202
2798Prince & The New Power GenerationDaddy Pop5:17Diamonds And Pearls21991219
2799Prince & The New Power GenerationDiamonds And Pearls4:45Diamonds And Pearls31991202
2800Prince & The New Power GenerationCream4:13Diamonds And Pearls41991206
2801Prince & The New Power GenerationStrollin'3:47Diamonds And Pearls51991195
2802Prince & The New Power GenerationWilling And Able5:00Diamonds And Pearls61991197
2803Prince & The New Power GenerationGett Off4:31Diamonds And Pearls71991208
2804Prince & The New Power GenerationWalk Don't Walk3:07Diamonds And Pearls81991216
2805Prince & The New Power GenerationJughead4:57Diamonds And Pearls91991198
2806Prince & The New Power GenerationMoney Don't Matter 2 Night4:47Diamonds And Pearls101991208
2807Prince & The New Power GenerationPush5:53Diamonds And Pearls111991191
2808Prince & The New Power GenerationInsatiable6:39Diamonds And Pearls121991184
2809Prince & The New Power GenerationLive 4 Love6:59Diamonds And Pearls131991224
2810Prince & The New Power GenerationMy Name Is Prince6:38Love Symbol Album11992236
2811Prince & The New Power GenerationSexy M.F.5:24Love Symbol Album21992194
2812Prince & The New Power GenerationLove 2 The 9's5:45Love Symbol Album31992227
2813Prince & The New Power GenerationThe Morning Papers3:57Love Symbol Album41992209
2814Prince & The New Power GenerationThe Max4:30Love Symbol Album51992222
2815Prince & The New Power GenerationSegue0:21Love Symbol Album61992160
2816Prince & The New Power GenerationBlue Light4:38Love Symbol Album71992201
2817Prince & The New Power GenerationWanna Melt With U3:50Love Symbol Album81992245
2818Prince & The New Power GenerationSweet Baby4:01Love Symbol Album91992205
2819Prince & The New Power GenerationThe Continental5:31Love Symbol Album101992228
2820Prince & The New Power GenerationDamn U4:27Love Symbol Album111992201
2821Prince & The New Power GenerationArrogance1:32Love Symbol Album121992220
2822Prince & The New Power GenerationThe Flow2:31Love Symbol Album131992223
2823Prince & The New Power Generation75:08Love Symbol Album141992227
2824Prince & The New Power GenerationAnd God Created Woman3:18Love Symbol Album151992216
2825Prince & The New Power Generation3 Chains O' Gold6:03Love Symbol Album161992221
2826Prince & The New Power GenerationSegue1:30Love Symbol Album171992162
2827Prince & The New Power GenerationThe Sacrifice Of Victor5:41Love Symbol Album181992234
2828Prince & The New Power GenerationCream4:12Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)72001199
2829Prince & The RevolutionAround The World In A Day3:28Around The World In A Day11985213
2830Prince & The RevolutionPaisley Park4:42Around The World In A Day21985202
2831Prince & The RevolutionCondition Of The Heart6:48Around The World In A Day31985190
2832Prince & The RevolutionRaspberry Beret3:33Around The World In A Day41985197
2833Prince & The RevolutionTamborine2:47Around The World In A Day51985206
2834Prince & The RevolutionAmerica3:42Around The World In A Day61985212
2835Prince & The RevolutionPop Life3:43Around The World In A Day71985213
2836Prince & The RevolutionThe Ladder5:29Around The World In A Day81985187
2837Prince & The RevolutionTemptation8:18Around The World In A Day91985202
2838Prince & The RevolutionChristopher Tracy's Parade2:11Parade (OST)11986195
2839Prince & The RevolutionNew Position2:20Parade (OST)21986208
2840Prince & The RevolutionI Wonder U1:40Parade (OST)31986209
2841Prince & The RevolutionUnder The Cherry Moon2:57Parade (OST)41986203
2842Prince & The RevolutionGirls & Boys5:29Parade (OST)51986204
2843Prince & The RevolutionLife Can Be So Nice3:13Parade (OST)61986217
2844Prince & The RevolutionVenus De Milo1:55Parade (OST)71986185
2845Prince & The RevolutionMountains3:57Parade (OST)81986207
2846Prince & The RevolutionDo You Lie?2:44Parade (OST)91986180
2847Prince & The RevolutionKiss3:37Parade (OST)101986208
2848Prince & The RevolutionAnotherloverholenyohead4:00Parade (OST)111986189
2849Prince & The RevolutionSometimes It Snows In April6:49Parade (OST)121986191
2850Prince & The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy4:39Purple Rain (OST)11984223
2851Prince & The RevolutionTake Me With U3:54Purple Rain (OST)21984226
2852Prince & The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones5:14Purple Rain (OST)31984202
2853Prince & The RevolutionComputer Blue3:59Purple Rain (OST)41984224
2854Prince & The RevolutionDarling Nikki4:14Purple Rain (OST)51984191
2855Prince & The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry5:54Purple Rain (OST)61984208
2856Prince & The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U2:49Purple Rain (OST)71984222
2857Prince & The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star4:24Purple Rain (OST)81984220
2858Prince & The RevolutionPurple Rain8:41Purple Rain (OST)91984209
2859Prince & The RevolutionPurple Rain4:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)12001221
2860Prince & The RevolutionKiss3:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)32001208
2861Prince Albert Hunt's Texas RamblersWake Up Jacob2:55Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 1)31952128
2862Prince CharmingI'm Too Sexy2:58Shrek 2 Party CD52004198
2863Prince Ital Joe & Marky MarkUnited4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)122001198
2864PrismComin' Home4:32Armageddon11979213
2867PrismYou Walked Away Again3:40Armageddon41979206
2868PrismTake It or Leave It4:19Armageddon51979218
2870PrismNight to Remember5:51Armageddon71979207
2871PrismMirror Man5:34Armageddon81979241
2872PrismGood To Be Back3:09Over 60 Minutes With...11988194
2873PrismDon't Let Him Know3:10Over 60 Minutes With...21988187
2874PrismCover Girl2:54Over 60 Minutes With...31988183
2875PrismYoung And Restless3:27Over 60 Minutes With...41988209
2876PrismAmerican Music3:32Over 60 Minutes With...51988207
2877PrismArmageddon7:45Over 60 Minutes With...61988231
2878PrismVirginia3:57Over 60 Minutes With...71988210
2879PrismYou Walked Away Again3:39Over 60 Minutes With...81988197
2880PrismMirror Man5:31Over 60 Minutes With...91988235
2881PrismNight To Remember5:52Over 60 Minutes With...101988199
2882PrismSee Forever Eyes5:09Over 60 Minutes With...111988223
2883PrismFlying4:35Over 60 Minutes With...121988204
2884PrismTake Me Away3:16Over 60 Minutes With...131988212
2885PrismIt's Over4:06Over 60 Minutes With...141988196
2886PrismOpen Soul Surgery3:51Over 60 Minutes With...151988221
2887PrismTake Me To The Kaptin3:57Over 60 Minutes With...161988203
2888PrismSpaceship Superstar4:08Over 60 Minutes With...171988198
2889PrismHello2:48See Forever Eyes11978224
2890PrismFlyin'4:33See Forever Eyes21978202
2891PrismNickels And Dimes4:08See Forever Eyes31978214
2892PrismCrime Wave4:35See Forever Eyes41978209
2893PrismYou're Like The Wind3:44See Forever Eyes51978200
2894PrismN-N-N-No!2:51See Forever Eyes61978219
2895PrismTake Me Away3:18See Forever Eyes71978203
2896PrismYou're My Reason3:36See Forever Eyes81978192
2897PrismJust Like Me4:40See Forever Eyes91978206
2898PrismSee Forever Eyes5:10See Forever Eyes101978224
2899PrisonairesA Prisoner's Prayer2:40Ike Turner - Rock-A-Bucket (Disc 2)22011129
2900The PrisonairesJust Walkin' In The Rain2:40The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)141994127
2901The PrisonersWhenever I'm Gone2:47Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)32005167
2902The PrisonersFar Away5:23Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)192005236
2903ProbotCenturies Of Sin (Featuring Cronos)4:09Probot12004228
2904ProbotRed War (Featuring Max Cavalera)3:30Probot22004252
2905ProbotShake Your Blood (Featuring Lemmy)2:59Probot32004236
2906ProbotAccess Babylon (Featuring Mike Dean)1:24Probot42004227
2907ProbotSilent Spring (Featuring Kurt Brecht)3:27Probot52004248
2908ProbotIce Cold Man (Featuring Lee Dorrian)5:53Probot62004221
2909ProbotThe Emerald Law (Featuring Wino)5:33Probot72004220
2910ProbotBig Sky (Featuring Tom G. Warrior)4:51Probot82004234
2911ProbotDictatosaurus (Featuring Snake)3:52Probot92004251
2912ProbotMy Tortured Soul (Featuring Eric Wagner)5:00Probot102004267
2913ProbotSweet Dreams (Featuring King Diamond)12:08Probot112004170
2914The ProcessionMajor & Minor3:25Single  128
2915The ProclaimersGet Ready3:02Dumb And Dumber (OST)131994247
2916The ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)3:39Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19933 206
2917The ProclaimersLet's Get Married4:19Hit The Highway11994195
2918The ProclaimersThe More I Believe4:09Hit The Highway21994207
2919The ProclaimersWhat Makes You Cry?2:51Hit The Highway31994203
2920The ProclaimersFollow The Money3:28Hit The Highway41994209
2921The ProclaimersThese Arms Of Mine3:20Hit The Highway51994185
2922The ProclaimersSout Shout3:51Hit The Highway61994191
2923The ProclaimersThe Light3:09Hit The Highway71994201
2924The ProclaimersHit The Highway3:59Hit The Highway81994213
2925The ProclaimersA Long Long Long Time Ago4:16Hit The Highway91994196
2926The ProclaimersI Want To Be A Christian2:04Hit The Highway101994172
2927The ProclaimersYour Childhood3:40Hit The Highway111994193
2928The ProclaimersDon't Turn Out Like Your Mother4:46Hit The Highway121994204
2929The ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)3:35Living In The 90's (Disc 2)111995198
2930The ProclaimersI'm On My Way3:38Shrek (OST)112001228
2931The ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)3:39Sunshine On Leith11988192
2932The ProclaimersCap In Hand3:24Sunshine On Leith21988192
2933The ProclaimersThen I Met You3:50Sunshine On Leith31988214
2934The ProclaimersMy Old Friend The Blues3:06Sunshine On Leith41988164
2935The ProclaimersSean3:23Sunshine On Leith51988198
2936The ProclaimersSunshine On Leith5:16Sunshine On Leith61988181
2937The ProclaimersCome On Nature3:34Sunshine On Leith71988193
2938The ProclaimersI'm On My Way3:45Sunshine On Leith81988200
2939The ProclaimersWhat Do You Do3:38Sunshine On Leith91988165
2940The ProclaimersIt's Saturday Night3:24Sunshine On Leith101988193
2941The ProclaimersTeardrops2:32Sunshine On Leith111988167
2942The ProclaimersOh Jean5:55Sunshine On Leith121988209
2943The ProclaimersThrow the 'R' Away2:45This Is the Story11987185
2944The ProclaimersOver and Done With2:48This Is the Story21987197
2945The ProclaimersMisty Blue3:35This Is the Story31987168
2946The ProclaimersThe Part That Really Matters2:42This Is the Story41987175
2947The Proclaimers(I'm Gonna) Burn Your Playhouse Down1:59This Is the Story51987191
2948The ProclaimersLetter From America (Acoustic Version)4:04This Is the Story61987179
2949The ProclaimersSky Takes the Soul2:22This Is the Story71987178
2950The ProclaimersIt Broke My Heart2:25This Is the Story81987182
2951The ProclaimersThe First Attack3:58This Is the Story91987161
2952The ProclaimersMake My Heart Fly2:28This Is the Story101987199
2953The ProclaimersBeautiful Truth4:26This Is the Story111987166
2954The ProclaimersThe Joyful Kilmarnock Blues3:04This Is the Story121987172
2955The ProclaimersLetter From America (Band Version)4:02This Is the Story131987193
2956Procol HarumConquistador2:3930th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)11997127
2957Procol HarumShe Wandered Through The Garden Fence3:2430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)21997131
2958Procol HarumSomething Following Me3:3830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)31997127
2959Procol HarumMabel1:5330th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)41997130
2960Procol HarumCerdes (Outside The Gates Of)5:0230th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)51997127
2961Procol HarumChristmas Camel4:4930th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)61997127
2962Procol HarumKaleidoscope2:5430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)71997127
2963Procol HarumSalad Days (Are Here Again)3:3930th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)81997127
2964Procol HarumGood Captain Clack1:3130th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)91997126
2965Procol HarumRepent Walpurgis5:0130th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)101997128
2966Procol HarumQuite Rightly So3:3830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)111997211
2967Procol HarumShine On Brightly3:3130th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)121997213
2968Procol HarumSkip Softly (My Moonbeams)3:4530th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)131997207
2969Procol HarumWish Me Well3:1630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)141997208
2970Procol HarumRambling On4:2830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)151997205
2971Procol HarumMagdalene (My Regal Zonophone)2:5030th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)161997204
2972Procol HarumIn Held Twas In I17:3430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 1)171997206
2973Procol HarumThe Milk of Human Kindness3:4730th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)11997204
2974Procol HarumToo Much Between US3:4630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)21997203
2975Procol HarumThe Devil Came from Kansas4:3830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)31997239
2976Procol HarumBoredom4:3430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)41997217
2977Procol HarumJuicy John Pink2:0530th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)51997127
2978Procol HarumWreck of the Hesperus3:4730th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)61997226
2979Procol HarumAll This and More3:4830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)71997225
2980Procol HarumCrucification Lane4:5630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)81997209
2981Procol HarumPilgrims Progress4:3230th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)91997213
2982Procol HarumWhisky Train4:3030th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)101997233
2983Procol HarumThe Dead Man's Dream4:4430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)111997199
2984Procol HarumStill There'll Be More4:5830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)121997210
2985Procol HarumNothing That I Didn't Know3:3830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)131997197
2986Procol HarumAbout to Die3:3830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)141997222
2987Procol HarumBarnyard Story2:4630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)151997198
2988Procol HarumPiggy Pig Pig4:4730th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)161997247
2989Procol HarumWhaling Stories7:0830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)171997214
2990Procol HarumYour Own Choice3:1030th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 2)181997214
2991Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale4:0530th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)11997127
2992Procol HarumLine Street Blues2:5330th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)21997130
2993Procol HarumHomburg3:5630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)31997133
2994Procol HarumGood Captain Clack1:3130th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)41997128
2995Procol HarumQuite Rightly So3:4430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)51997137
2996Procol HarumIn The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence3:0230th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)61997137
2997Procol HarumSalty Dog4:3930th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)71997195
2998Procol HarumLong Gone Geek3:0830th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)81997132
2999Procol HarumMonsieur Armand2:2330th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)91997139
3000Procol HarumSeem To Have The Blues [Mostly All The Time]2:4630th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)101997141
3001Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale [Alternate Version - Stereo]6:0430th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)111997181
3002Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale [Instrumental]5:4730th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)121997128
3003Procol HarumHomburg [Alternate Version 1 - Stereo]3:5330th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)131997184
3004Procol HarumHomburg [Alternate Version 2 - Stereo]5:3230th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)141997195
3005Procol HarumConquistador [Alternate Version - Stereo]2:3930th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)151997203
3006Procol HarumShe Wandered Through The Garden Fence [Alternate Version]3:2730th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)161997202
3007Procol HarumMagdelene [My Regal Zonophone]2:2230th Anniversary Anthology (Disc 3)171997128
3008Procol HarumA Salty Dog4:43A Salty Dog11969199
3009Procol HarumThe Milk Of Human Kindness3:48A Salty Dog21969194
3010Procol HarumToo Much Between Us3:45A Salty Dog31969194
3011Procol HarumThe Devil Came From Kansas4:39A Salty Dog41969230
3012Procol HarumBoredom4:35A Salty Dog51969216
3013Procol HarumJuicy John Pink2:07A Salty Dog61969145
3014Procol HarumWreck Of The Hesperus3:49A Salty Dog71969211
3015Procol HarumAll This And More3:49A Salty Dog81969222
3016Procol HarumCrucifiction Lane5:00A Salty Dog91969203
3017Procol HarumPilgrims Progress4:32A Salty Dog101969206
3018Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale4:02A Whiter Shade Of Pale11967127
3019Procol HarumConquistador2:40A Whiter Shade Of Pale21967127
3020Procol HarumSalad Days (Are Here Again)3:40A Whiter Shade Of Pale31967128
3021Procol HarumA Salty Dog4:41A Whiter Shade Of Pale41967191
3022Procol HarumShine On Brightly3:32A Whiter Shade Of Pale51967193
3023Procol HarumThe Milk Of Human Kindness3:47A Whiter Shade Of Pale61967188
3024Procol HarumShe Wandered Through The Garden Fence3:27A Whiter Shade Of Pale71967130
3025Procol HarumQuite Rightly So3:34A Whiter Shade Of Pale81967190
3026Procol HarumTo Much Between Us3:45A Whiter Shade Of Pale91967198
3027Procol HarumKaleidoscope2:54A Whiter Shade Of Pale101967127
3028Procol HarumThe Devil Came From Kansas4:39A Whiter Shade Of Pale111967190
3029Procol HarumPilgrims Progress4:32A Whiter Shade Of Pale121967201
3030Procol HarumMabel1:56A Whiter Shade Of Pale131967131
3031Procol HarumHomburg3:44A Whiter Shade Of Pale141967180
3032Procol HarumRepent Walpurgis5:03A Whiter Shade Of Pale151967128
3033Procol HarumSimple Sister5:50Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)11971208
3034Procol HarumBroken Barricades3:11Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)21971203
3035Procol HarumMemorial Drive3:45Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)31971230
3036Procol HarumLuskus Delph3:46Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)41971206
3037Procol HarumPower Failure4:31Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)51971225
3038Procol HarumSong For A Dreamer5:38Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)61971216
3039Procol HarumPlaymate Of The Mouth5:05Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)71971234
3040Procol HarumPoor Mohammed3:07Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)81971218
3041Procol HarumBroken Barricades (Single Edit)2:34Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)91971128
3042Procol HarumPower Failure (Single Edit)3:11Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)101971132
3043Procol HarumSimple Sister (Mono Version)5:48Broken Barricades (Bonus Tracks)111971130
3044Procol HarumConquistador4:16Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)12 195
3045Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale3:58Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 3)31992200
3046Procol HarumConquistador (Live)4:12Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 4)101992203
3047Procol HarumRepent Walpurgis5:10Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)31996129
3048Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale3:59Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)92001141
3049Procol HarumConquistador (Live)4:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)202001209
3050The ProdigyBreathe3:59Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!61999216
3051The ProdigyOut Of Space3:40The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)111993198
3052Professor Alex Bradford with The Beale StreetersToo Close To Heaven3:02Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel81992127
3053Professor LonghairHey Little Girl3:02Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 1) (1947-1952)101991126
3054Professor LonghairMardi Gras In New Orleans2:52Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 1) (1947-1952)111991127
3055Professor LonghairTipitina2:39Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)141991126
3056Professor LonghairIn The Night2:33New Orleans Piano11972187
3057Professor LonghairTipitina2:25New Orleans Piano21972130
3058Professor LonghairTipitina2:39New Orleans Piano31972188
3059Professor LonghairBall The Wall3:20New Orleans Piano41972175
3060Professor LonghairWho's Been Fooling You2:12New Orleans Piano51972169
3061Professor LonghairHey Now Baby2:57New Orleans Piano61972159
3062Professor LonghairMardi Gras In New Orleans2:55New Orleans Piano71972134
3063Professor LonghairShe Walks Right In3:09New Orleans Piano81972152
3064Professor LonghairHey Little Girl3:03New Orleans Piano91972157
3065Professor LonghairWillie Mae2:49New Orleans Piano101972158
3066Professor LonghairWalk Your Blues Away2:57New Orleans Piano111972156
3067Professor LonghairProfessor Longhair Blues2:29New Orleans Piano121972152
3068Professor LonghairBoogie Woogie2:41New Orleans Piano131972158
3069Professor LonghairLonghair's Blues-Rhumba3:14New Orleans Piano141972153
3070Professor LonghairMardi Gras In New Orleans2:53New Orleans Piano151972156
3071Professor LonghairShe Walks Right In2:48New Orleans Piano161972163
3072Professor LonghairMess Around4:18The Blues At Christmas (The Blues Collection Vol. 93)121993194
3073Project PitchforkCarnival4:17Eon : Eon11998283
3074Project PitchforkRealm Center4:08Eon : Eon21998251
3075Project PitchforkHunter4:29Eon : Eon31998260
3076Project PitchforkResist3:58Eon : Eon41998232
3077Project PitchforkRescue5:01Eon : Eon51998253
3078Project PitchforkKarma Monster3:52Eon : Eon61998243
3079Project PitchforkOur Destiny4:22Eon : Eon71998247
3080Project PitchforkEon4:10Eon : Eon81998252
3081Project PitchforkOrange Moon4:12Eon : Eon91998252
3082Project PitchforkDreamer4:01Eon : Eon101998248
3083Project PitchforkWish4:18Eon : Eon111998278
3084Project PitchforkI Live Your Dream4:25Eon : Eon121998251
3085Project PitchforkSteelrose4:03Eon : Eon131998251
3086ProngFor Dear Life3:26Beg To Differ11990217
3087ProngSteady Decline4:13Beg To Differ21990221
3088ProngBeg To Differ4:15Beg To Differ31990223
3089ProngLost And Found4:05Beg To Differ41990222
3090ProngYour Fear4:51Beg To Differ51990218
3091ProngTake It In Hand3:43Beg To Differ61990221
3092ProngIntermentrual, D.S.B.3:12Beg To Differ71990222
3093ProngRight To Nothing2:57Beg To Differ81990224
3094ProngPrime Cut3:49Beg To Differ91990214
3095ProngJust The Same4:51Beg To Differ101990214
3096ProngThird From The Sun (Live)5:55Beg To Differ111990178
3097ProngAnother Worldly Device3:23Cleansing11994243
3098ProngWhose Fist Is This Anyway?4:41Cleansing21994241
3099ProngSnap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck4:11Cleansing31994233
3101ProngBroken Peace6:11Cleansing51994240
3102ProngOne Outnumbered4:57Cleansing61994242
3103ProngOut Of This Misery4:25Cleansing71994237
3104ProngNo Question4:17Cleansing81994247
3105ProngNot Of This Earth6:24Cleansing91994236
3106ProngHome Rule3:57Cleansing101994228
3109ProngFreezer Burn2:34Force Fed11988214
3110ProngForgery1:54Force Fed21988194
3111ProngSenseless Abuse3:20Force Fed31988177
3112ProngPrimitive Origins3:24Force Fed41988205
3113ProngAggravated Condition2:54Force Fed51988181
3114ProngThe Coliseum2:34Force Fed61988203
3115ProngDecay2:45Force Fed71988200
3116ProngIt's Been Decided2:20Force Fed81988228
3117ProngForce Fed2:50Force Fed91988196
3118ProngThe Taming1:48Force Fed101988199
3119ProngBought and Sold3:16Force Fed111988179
3120ProngLook Up at the Sun3:09Force Fed121988201
3121ProngDrainpipe2:21Force Fed131988204
3122ProngIrrelevant Thoughts2:37Prove You Wrong11991187
3123ProngUnconditional4:45Prove You Wrong21991202
3124ProngPositively Blind2:43Prove You Wrong31991201
3125ProngProve You Wrong3:31Prove You Wrong41991204
3126ProngHell If I Could4:00Prove You Wrong51991216
3127ProngPointless3:07Prove You Wrong61991223
3128ProngContradictions4:10Prove You Wrong71991182
3129ProngTorn Between3:11Prove You Wrong81991223
3130ProngBrainwave3:02Prove You Wrong91991198
3131ProngTerritorial Rites3:31Prove You Wrong101991212
3132ProngGet A Grip (On Yourself)3:05Prove You Wrong111991245
3133ProngShouldn't Have Bothered2:39Prove You Wrong121991198
3134ProngNo Way To Deny It4:41Prove You Wrong131991190
3135ProngController3:39Rude Awakening11996260
3136ProngCaprice2:46Rude Awakening21996257
3137ProngRude Awakening4:18Rude Awakening31996266
3138ProngUnfortunately3:08Rude Awakening41996255
3139ProngFace Value4:09Rude Awakening51996262
3140ProngAvenue of the Finest3:37Rude Awakening61996262
3141ProngSlicing3:27Rude Awakening71996246
3142ProngWithout Hope3:12Rude Awakening81996262
3143ProngMansruin3:29Rude Awakening91996276
3144ProngInnocence Gone3:10Rude Awakening101996268
3145ProngDark Signs3:21Rude Awakening111996267
3146ProngClose the Door4:05Rude Awakening121996254
3147ProngProud Division3:13Rude Awakening131996254
3148ProngDetached3:23Scorpio Rising12003221
3149ProngAll Knowing Force2:39Scorpio Rising22003226
3150ProngEmbrace The Depth4:01Scorpio Rising32003221
3151ProngReactive Mind2:21Scorpio Rising42003233
3152ProngRegal2:41Scorpio Rising52003219
3153ProngInner Truth2:44Scorpio Rising62003223
3154ProngAvoid Promises3:13Scorpio Rising72003233
3155ProngSiriusly Emerging3:41Scorpio Rising82003220
3156ProngAssurances3:19Scorpio Rising92003219
3157ProngOut Of This Realm3:10Scorpio Rising102003219
3158ProngEntrance Of The Eclipse4:58Scorpio Rising112003228
3159ProngLetter To A "Friend"4:10Scorpio Rising122003229
3160ProngRed Martial Working3:44Scorpio Rising132003222
3161ProngHidden Agenda4:37Scorpio Rising142003221
3162ProngProve You Wrong (Fuzzbuster Mix)4:50Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)11992227
3163ProngGet a Grip (On Yourself) (Harm Mix)3:24Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)21992249
3164ProngHell If I Could (Dub Mix)4:55Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)31992236
3165ProngIrrelevant Thoughts (Safety Mix)2:51Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)41992207
3166ProngTalk Talk1:59Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)51992200
3167ProngProve You Wrong (Xanax Mix)8:44Whose Fist Is This Anyway (EP)61992220
3168PropagandaDuel4:49The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)1 218
3169Pro-PainFuck Shit Up - Live2:45Heavycore: Core Til Death232002277
3170PropellerheadsTake California7:21Decksandrumsandrockandroll11998229
3171PropellerheadsEcho And Bounce5:26Decksandrumsandrockandroll21998213
3172PropellerheadsVelvet Pants5:47Decksandrumsandrockandroll31998199
3174PropellerheadsOh Yeah?5:26Decksandrumsandrockandroll51998194
3175PropellerheadsHistory Repeating (feat. Miss Shirley Bassey)4:02Decksandrumsandrockandroll61998209
3176PropellerheadsWinning Style5:58Decksandrumsandrockandroll71998221
3177PropellerheadsBang On!5:45Decksandrumsandrockandroll81998196
3178PropellerheadsA Number Of Microphones0:45Decksandrumsandrockandroll91998184
3179PropellerheadsOn Her Majesty's Secret Service9:20Decksandrumsandrockandroll101998224
3183PropellerheadsDive! (Radio Edit) "It's Shorter"3:52Dive (EP)11996235
3184PropellerheadsDive!7:05Dive (EP)21996213
3185PropellerheadsRon's Theory6:39Dive (EP)31996189
3186PropellerheadsLethal Cut7:28Dive (EP)41996237
3187PropellerheadsGo Faster6:10Dive (EP)51996209
3188PropellerheadsCrash! (Edit)3:42Extended Play (EP)11999211
3189PropellerheadsYou Want It Back (Feat. The Jungle Brothers) (Edit)3:19Extended Play (EP)21999191
3190Propellerheads360° (Oh Yeah) (Feat. De La Soul)4:28Extended Play (EP)31999191
3191PropellerheadsProps Vote Of Gratitude5:07Extended Play (EP)41999187
3192PropellerheadsCrash!6:57Extended Play (EP)51999210
3193PropellerheadsYou Want It Back (Feat. The Jungle Brothers)6:00Extended Play (EP)61999200
3194PropellerheadsCrash!3:44More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)91999199
3195PropellerheadsBang On!5:45Propellerheads (EP)11997198
3196PropellerheadsSpybreak! (Long One)6:57Propellerheads (EP)21997238
3197PropellerheadsClang5:21Propellerheads (EP)31997227
3198PropellerheadsProps Got Mo' Skills2:38Propellerheads (EP)41997182
3199PropellerheadsBring Us Together6:31Propellerheads (EP)51997212
3200Proto-KawHegemonium7:49Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197312002217
3201Proto-KawReunion in the Mountains of Sarne7:47Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197322002212
3202Proto-KawNactolos 2111:38Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197332002232
3203Proto-KawBelexes5:11Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197342002228
3204Proto-KawTotus Nemesis13:54Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197352002214
3205Proto-KawGreek Structure Sunbeam5:42Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197362002204
3206Proto-KawIncomudro11:28Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197372002211
3207Proto-KawCyclopy5:46Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197382002192
3208Proto-KawSkont9:39Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-197392002202
3209ProvidenceWithout You4:05First Concert102005128
3210Prymary Colorz feat. Rah DiggaIf You Only Knew (Darkchild Mix Radio Edit)3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12182002196
3211Pseudo EchoFunky Town3:43Absolute Music 3141987228
3212Pseudo EchoFunky Town3:30Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)82000253
3213Pseudo EchoListening5:32Long Plays 83-8711987233
3214Pseudo EchoA Beat For You7:25Long Plays 83-8721987218
3215Pseudo EchoStranger In Me6:05Long Plays 83-8731987220
3216Pseudo EchoDon't Go6:29Long Plays 83-8741987234
3217Pseudo EchoLove An Adventure6:22Long Plays 83-8751987222
3218Pseudo EchoLiving In A Dream5:39Long Plays 83-8761987216
3219Pseudo EchoDestination Unknown5:44Long Plays 83-8771987225
3220Pseudo EchoFunky Town6:34Long Plays 83-8781987231
3221Pseudo EchoA Beat For You3:39Love An Adventure11987195
3222Pseudo EchoLiving In A Dream3:28Love An Adventure21987205
3223Pseudo EchoTry4:19Love An Adventure31987205
3224Pseudo EchoListening3:05Love An Adventure41987205
3225Pseudo EchoI Will Be You5:19Love An Adventure51987192
3226Pseudo EchoLove An Adventure4:17Love An Adventure61987215
3227Pseudo EchoDestination Unknown4:58Love An Adventure71987193
3228Pseudo EchoFunkytown4:53Love An Adventure81987212
3229Pseudo EchoLonely Without You4:34Love An Adventure91987173
3230Pseudo EchoLies Are Nothing3:56Love An Adventure101987208
3231Pseudo EchoFooled Again4:38Race11988212
3232Pseudo EchoOver Tomorrow5:04Race21988205
3233Pseudo EchoCaught4:32Race31988201
3234Pseudo EchoImagination4:06Race41988231
3235Pseudo EchoDon't You Forget4:16Race51988217
3236Pseudo EchoRunaways3:15Race61988204
3237Pseudo EchoSearching For A Glory5:10Race71988213
3238Pseudo EchoTake On The World3:46Race81988211
3239Pseudo EchoMetropolis1:48Race91988206
3240Pseudo EchoEye Of The Storm3:29Race101988216
3241Pseudo EchoFunky Town3:45Rock Of The 80's Volume 1131994266
3242PsilonautGhosts in the Machine6:56Requiem for a Dream (Remixed) (OST)32002221
3243Psio CrewFurrrmanek2:22Szumi Jawor Soundsystem4 128
3244Psio CrewPude9:41Szumi Jawor Soundsystem12 128
3245Psychedelic DustTurtle Jam (Feat. Loose Bruce)4:01Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)51993190
3246Psychedelic FursLove My Way3:3280's Pop Hits (Disc 3)142001249
3247The Psychedelic FursShine4:08Book Of Days11989196
3248The Psychedelic FursEntertain Me5:04Book Of Days21989211
3249The Psychedelic FursBook Of Days5:14Book Of Days31989210
3250The Psychedelic FursShould God Forget4:23Book Of Days41989212
3251The Psychedelic FursTorch4:51Book Of Days51989207
3252The Psychedelic FursParade4:49Book Of Days61989212
3253The Psychedelic FursMother-Son4:10Book Of Days71989212
3254The Psychedelic FursHouse5:14Book Of Days81989214
3255The Psychedelic FursWedding4:22Book Of Days91989209
3256The Psychedelic FursI Don't Mine3:16Book Of Days101989196
3257The Psychedelic FursForever Now5:38Forever Now11982215
3258The Psychedelic FursLove My Way3:33Forever Now21982196
3259The Psychedelic FursGoodbye3:56Forever Now31982207
3260The Psychedelic FursOnly You And I4:26Forever Now41982203
3261The Psychedelic FursSleep Comes Down3:53Forever Now51982192
3262The Psychedelic FursPresident Gas5:19Forever Now61982204
3263The Psychedelic FursRun And Run3:50Forever Now71982196
3264The Psychedelic FursDanger2:40Forever Now81982207
3265The Psychedelic FursNo Easy Street4:06Forever Now91982201
3266The Psychedelic FursYes I Do3:53Forever Now101982196
3267The Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink3:59Greatest Hits Of The 80's: Vol. 791996210
3268The Psychedelic FursHeartbreak Beat5:11Midnight To Midnight11987206
3269The Psychedelic FursShock5:07Midnight To Midnight21987216
3270The Psychedelic FursShadow In My Heart4:07Midnight To Midnight31987200
3271The Psychedelic FursAngels Don't Cry5:10Midnight To Midnight41987210
3272The Psychedelic FursMidnight To Midnight4:31Midnight To Midnight51987204
3273The Psychedelic FursOne More Word5:20Midnight To Midnight61987227
3274The Psychedelic FursAll of the Law4:48Midnight To Midnight71987202
3275The Psychedelic FursTorture3:53Midnight To Midnight81987204
3276The Psychedelic FursNo Release4:53Midnight To Midnight91987206
3277The Psychedelic FursThe Ghost In You4:17Mirror Moves11984203
3278The Psychedelic FursHere Come Cowboys3:57Mirror Moves21984214
3279The Psychedelic FursHeaven3:27Mirror Moves31984201
3280The Psychedelic FursHeartbeat5:20Mirror Moves41984215
3281The Psychedelic FursMy Time4:26Mirror Moves51984203
3282The Psychedelic FursLike A Stranger4:01Mirror Moves61984210
3283The Psychedelic FursAlice's House3:54Mirror Moves71984197
3284The Psychedelic FursOnly A Game4:12Mirror Moves81984223
3285The Psychedelic FursHighwire Days4:03Mirror Moves91984212
3286Psychedelic FursThe Ghost In You4:16Rock Of The 80's Volume 1361994240
3287The Psychedelic FursLove My Way3:35Rock Of The 80's Volume 571993247
3288Psychedelic FursHeartbreak Beat5:12Rock Of The 80's Volume 841993244
3289The Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink3:59Talk Talk Talk11981207
3290The Psychedelic FursMr. Jones4:02Talk Talk Talk21981237
3291The Psychedelic FursNo Tears3:17Talk Talk Talk31981213
3292The Psychedelic FursDumb Waiters5:03Talk Talk Talk41981201
3293The Psychedelic FursShe Is Mine3:53Talk Talk Talk51981206
3294The Psychedelic FursInto You Like A Train4:32Talk Talk Talk61981199
3295The Psychedelic FursIt Goes On3:52Talk Talk Talk71981228
3296The Psychedelic FursSo Run Down2:50Talk Talk Talk81981200
3297The Psychedelic FursI Wanna Sleep With You3:17Talk Talk Talk91981193
3298The Psychedelic FursAll Of This & Nothing6:23Talk Talk Talk101981218
3299The Psychedelic FursHeaven3:26The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)10 205
3300The Psychedelic FursIndia6:21The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]11980167
3301The Psychedelic FursSister Europe5:38The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]21980193
3302The Psychedelic FursImitation Of Christ5:29The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]31980165
3303The Psychedelic FursFall2:41The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]41980134
3304The Psychedelic FursPulse2:37The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]51980181
3305The Psychedelic FursWe Love You3:26The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]61980172
3306The Psychedelic FursWedding Song4:20The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]71980188
3307The Psychedelic FursBlacks/Radio6:56The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]81980149
3308The Psychedelic FursFlowers4:11The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]91980150
3309The Psychedelic FursSusan's Strange (Bonus Track)3:14The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]101980199
3310The Psychedelic FursSoap Commercial (Bonus Track)2:53The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]111980197
3311The Psychedelic FursMack The Knife (Bonus Track)4:19The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]121980164
3312The Psychedelic FursFlowers (Bonus Track) [Demo]5:36The Psychedelic Furs [2002 Remaster]131980223
3313The Psychedelic FursSister Europe5:41The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits12001197
3314The Psychedelic FursMr. Jones (Single Version)3:24The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits22001227
3315The Psychedelic FursDumb Waiters5:04The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits32001201
3316The Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink3:58The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits42001217
3317The Psychedelic FursLove My Way3:31The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits52001201
3318The Psychedelic FursPresident Gas5:16The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits62001216
3319The Psychedelic FursHere Come Cowboys3:56The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits72001223
3320The Psychedelic FursHeaven3:27The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits82001215
3321The Psychedelic FursHeartbeat5:18The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits92001221
3322The Psychedelic FursThe Ghost In You4:17The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits102001213
3323The Psychedelic FursHeartbreak Beat5:14The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits112001209
3324The Psychedelic FursAngels Don't Cry3:56The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits122001200
3325The Psychedelic FursAll That Money Wants3:47The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits132001248
3326The Psychedelic FursSometimes4:14The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits142001208
3327The Psychedelic FursUntil She Comes3:47The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits152001232
3328The Psychedelic FursThere's A World Outside4:48The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits162001204
3329The Psychedelic FursOnly You And I (Live)6:38The Psychedelic Furs Greatest Hits172001197
3330The Psychedelic FursValentine4:48World Outside11991208
3331The Psychedelic FursIn My Head3:31World Outside21991200
3332The Psychedelic FursUntil She Comes3:50World Outside31991217
3333The Psychedelic FursDon't Be A Girl3:47World Outside41991205
3334The Psychedelic FursSometimes4:14World Outside51991197
3335The Psychedelic FursTearing Down5:23World Outside61991216
3336The Psychedelic FursThere's A World4:45World Outside71991203
3337The Psychedelic FursGet A Room3:45World Outside81991215
3338The Psychedelic FursBetter Days4:32World Outside91991218
3339The Psychedelic FursAll About You4:01World Outside101991199
3340PsykosonikUnlearn (Wink's Live Mix)4:50Mortal Kombat (OST)41995218
3341pu_freakSuper Mario World: Plain Donut Jazz R:TS Mix6:55http://remix.thasauce.net1 128
3342Public AnnouncementBody Bumpin' Yippie-Yi-Yo4:36Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo) Si 1998320
3343Public EnemyRebel Without A Pause4:19Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)21995197
3344Public EnemyWelcome To The Terrordome5:27Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)131995243
3345Public EnemyShut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Mix)4:39Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)31995197
3346Public EnemyFight The Power4:37Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)11995221
3347Public EnemyBlack Steel In The Hour Of Chaos6:05Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)71995195
3348Public EnemyPublic Enemy No. 14:38Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)91995223
3349Public EnemyDon't Believe The Hype5:18Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)11995181
3350Public EnemyCan't Truss It4:51Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)41995215
3351Public EnemyNight Of The Living Baseheads3:14Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)61995239
3352Public EnemyGive It Up4:42Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)141995197
3353Public EnemyDon't Believe the Hype5:19Electro Breakdance (Disc 2)82002178
3354Public EnemyContract On The World Love Jam1:44Fear Of A Black Planet11990152
3355Public EnemyBrothers Gonna Work It Out5:07Fear Of A Black Planet21990206
3356Public Enemy911 Is A Joke3:17Fear Of A Black Planet31990188
3357Public EnemyIncident At 66.6 FM1:37Fear Of A Black Planet41990172
3358Public EnemyWelcome To The Terrordome5:25Fear Of A Black Planet51990222
3359Public EnemyMeet The G That Killed Me0:44Fear Of A Black Planet61990149
3360Public EnemyPollywannacracka3:52Fear Of A Black Planet71990181
3361Public EnemyAnti-Nigger Machine3:17Fear Of A Black Planet81990164
3362Public EnemyBurn Hollywood Burn2:47Fear Of A Black Planet91990178
3363Public EnemyPower To The People3:50Fear Of A Black Planet101990208
3364Public EnemyWho Stole The Soul?3:49Fear Of A Black Planet111990187
3365Public EnemyFear Of A Black Planet3:45Fear Of A Black Planet121990195
3366Public EnemyRevolutionary Generation5:43Fear Of A Black Planet131990162
3367Public EnemyCan't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man2:46Fear Of A Black Planet141990192
3368Public EnemyReggie Jax1:35Fear Of A Black Planet151990181
3369Public EnemyLeave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts2:31Fear Of A Black Planet161990189
3370Public EnemyB Side Wins Again3:45Fear Of A Black Planet171990195
3371Public EnemyWar At 33 1/32:07Fear Of A Black Planet181990182
3372Public EnemyFinal Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned0:48Fear Of A Black Planet191990180
3373Public EnemyFight The Power4:43Fear Of A Black Planet201990203
3374Public EnemyCountdown To Armageddon1:40It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back11988192
3375Public EnemyBring The Noise3:45It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back21988186
3376Public EnemyDon't Believe The Hype5:19It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back31988165
3377Public EnemyCold Lampin' With Flavor4:17It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back41988199
3378Public EnemyTerminator X To The Edge Of Panic4:31It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back51988187
3379Public EnemyMind Terrorist1:21It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back61988183
3380Public EnemyLouder Than A Bomb3:37It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back71988165
3381Public EnemyCaught, Can We Get A Witness?4:53It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back81988179
3382Public EnemyShow 'Em Whatcha Got1:56It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back91988159
3383Public EnemyShe Watch Channel Zero?!3:49It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back101988162
3384Public EnemyNight Of The Living Baseheads3:14It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back111988210
3385Public EnemyBlack Steel In The Hour Of Chaos6:23It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back121988183
3386Public EnemySecurity Of The First World1:20It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back131988152
3387Public EnemyRebel Without A Pause5:02It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back141988187
3388Public EnemyProphets Of Rage3:18It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back151988193
3389Public EnemyParty For Your Right To Fight3:24It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back161988191
3390Public EnemyFight The Power5:24The Hip Hop Box (Disc 2)52004211
3391Public EnemyYou're Gonna Get Yours4:04Yo! Bum Rush The Show11987223
3392Public EnemySophisticated Bitch4:30Yo! Bum Rush The Show21987211
3393Public EnemyMiuzi Weighs A Ton5:44Yo! Bum Rush The Show31987208
3394Public EnemyTimebomb2:54Yo! Bum Rush The Show41987201
3395Public EnemyToo Much Posse2:25Yo! Bum Rush The Show51987210
3396Public EnemyRightstarter (Message To A Black Man)3:48Yo! Bum Rush The Show61987209
3397Public EnemyPublic Enemy No. 14:41Yo! Bum Rush The Show71987207
3398Public EnemyM.P.E.3:44Yo! Bum Rush The Show81987200
3399Public EnemyYo! Bum Rush The Show4:25Yo! Bum Rush The Show91987216
3400Public EnemyRaise The Roof5:18Yo! Bum Rush The Show101987220
3401Public EnemyMegablast2:51Yo! Bum Rush The Show111987221
3402Public EnemyTerminator X Speaks With His Hands2:13Yo! Bum Rush The Show121987199
3403Public Enemy With AnthraxBring Tha Noize3:26Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)101995225
3404Public Image Ltd.Theme9:11First Issue11978214
3405Public Image Ltd.Religion I1:25First Issue21978192
3406Public Image Ltd.Religion II5:53First Issue31978220
3407Public Image Ltd.Annalisa6:05First Issue41978236
3408Public Image Ltd.Public Image3:01First Issue51978187
3409Public Image Ltd.Low Life3:38First Issue61978203
3410Public Image Ltd.Attack2:55First Issue71978190
3411Public Image Ltd.Fodderstompf7:46First Issue81978224
3412Public Image Ltd.Four Enclosed Walls4:45Flowers of Romance11981225
3413Public Image Ltd.Track 83:15Flowers of Romance21981218
3414Public Image Ltd.Phenagen2:40Flowers of Romance31981201
3415Public Image Ltd.Flowers of Romance2:51Flowers of Romance41981198
3416Public Image Ltd.Under The House4:32Flowers of Romance51981208
3417Public Image Ltd.Hymie' Him3:18Flowers of Romance61981204
3418Public Image Ltd.Banging The Door4:49Flowers of Romance71981194
3419Public Image Ltd.Go Back3:46Flowers of Romance81981214
3420Public Image Ltd.Francis Massacre3:32Flowers of Romance91981230
3421Public Image Ltd.Flowers of Romance (instrumental)2:51Flowers of Romance101981228
3422Public Image Ltd.Home Is Where The Heart Is7:33Flowers of Romance111981203
3423Public Image Ltd.Another3:51Flowers of Romance121981203
3424Public Image Ltd.Albatross10:35Second Edition (Metal Box)11980220
3425Public Image Ltd.Memories5:04Second Edition (Metal Box)21980203
3426Public Image Ltd.Swan Lake4:11Second Edition (Metal Box)31980207
3427Public Image Ltd.Pop Tones7:46Second Edition (Metal Box)41980187
3428Public Image Ltd.Careering4:31Second Edition (Metal Box)51980212
3429Public Image Ltd.Socialist3:10Second Edition (Metal Box)61980209
3430Public Image Ltd.Graveyard3:08Second Edition (Metal Box)71980190
3431Public Image Ltd.The Suit3:28Second Edition (Metal Box)81980188
3432Public Image Ltd.Bad Baby4:31Second Edition (Metal Box)91980216
3433Public Image Ltd.No Birds4:41Second Edition (Metal Box)101980212
3434Public Image Ltd.Chant5:01Second Edition (Metal Box)111980180
3435Public Image Ltd.Radio 44:24Second Edition (Metal Box)121980206
3436Puck & NattyJust Wanna Be Your Baby3:52Beverly Hills 90210 (OST)51992204
3437Puddle of MuddControl3:50Come Clean12001234
3438Puddle of MuddDrift & Die4:25Come Clean22001229
3439Puddle of MuddOut Of My Head3:43Come Clean32001240
3440Puddle of MuddNobody Told Me5:21Come Clean42001225
3441Puddle of MuddBlurry5:03Come Clean52001238
3442Puddle of MuddShe Hates Me3:36Come Clean62001205
3443Puddle of MuddBring Me Down4:02Come Clean72001227
3444Puddle of MuddNever Change3:58Come Clean82001232
3445Puddle of MuddBasement4:22Come Clean92001234
3446Puddle of MuddSaid4:08Come Clean102001230
3447Puddle of MuddP*** It All Away5:38Come Clean112001237
3448Puddle of MuddFamous3:16Famous12007231
3449Puddle of MuddLivin' On Borrowed Time3:00Famous22007232
3450Puddle of MuddIt Was Faith3:31Famous32007240
3451Puddle of MuddPsycho3:30Famous42007231
3452Puddle of MuddWe Don't Have To Look Back Now3:42Famous52007228
3453Puddle of MuddMoonshine4:07Famous62007231
3454Puddle of MuddThinking About You3:41Famous72007220
3455Puddle of MuddMerry-Go-Round2:42Famous82007234
3456Puddle of MuddI'm So Sure4:32Famous92007234
3457Puddle of MuddRadiate3:12Famous102007215
3458Puddle of MuddIf I Could Love You3:10Famous112007224
3459Puddle of MuddAway From Me3:58Life On Display12003245
3460Puddle of MuddHeel Over Head4:05Life On Display22003241
3461Puddle of MuddNothing Left To Lose4:29Life On Display32003238
3462Puddle of MuddChange My Mind4:19Life On Display42003224
3463Puddle of MuddSpin You Around4:27Life On Display52003254
3464Puddle of MuddAlready Gone4:31Life On Display62003232
3465Puddle of MuddThink4:10Life On Display72003221
3466Puddle of MuddCloud 93:34Life On Display82003237
3467Puddle of MuddBottom5:22Life On Display92003219
3468Puddle of MuddFreak of the World3:36Life On Display102003244
3469Puddle of MuddSydney4:56Life On Display112003211
3470Puddle of MuddTime Flies7:03Life On Display122003201
3471Puff DaddyForever (Intro)1:52Forever11999200
3472Puff DaddyWhat You Want4:29Forever21999221
3473Puff DaddyI'll Do This For You (Featuring Kelly Price)5:01Forever31999213
3474Puff DaddyDo You Like It... Do You Want It... (Featuring Jay-Z)3:54Forever41999211
3475Puff DaddySatisfy You (Featuring R. Kelly)4:48Forever51999211
3476Puff DaddyIs This The End, Pt. 2 (Featuring Twista)4:40Forever61999225
3477Puff DaddyI Hear Voices (Featuring Carl Thomas)5:14Forever71999190
3478Puff DaddyFake Thugs Dedication (Featuring Redman)3:14Forever81999178
3479Puff DaddyDiddy Speaks! (Interlude)1:11Forever91999129
3480Puff DaddyAngels With Dirty Faces (Featuring Bizzy Bone)4:10Forever101999217
3481Puff DaddyGangsta Shit (Featuring Lil' Kim, Mark Curry)4:42Forever111999201
3482Puff DaddyP.S. 112 (Interlude)0:59Forever121999168
3483Puff DaddyPain (Featuring G-Dep)3:56Forever131999204
3484Puff DaddyReverse (Featuring Shyne, G-Dep, Cee-Lo, Busta Rhymes, & Sauce Money)5:07Forever141999195
3485Puff DaddyReal Niggas (Featuring Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim)4:01Forever151999187
3486Puff DaddyJourney Through The Life (Featuring Nas, Beanie Sigel, Lil' Kim, & Joe Hooker)4:55Forever161999194
3487Puff DaddyBest Friends (Featuring Mario Winans)5:33Forever171999196
3488Puff DaddyMad Rapper (Interlude)1:14Forever181999206
3489Puff DaddyP.E. 2000 (Featuring Hurricane G)4:53Forever191999217
3490Puff DaddyIt's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)4:42Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!21999253
3491Puff DaddyNo Way Out (INtro)1:22No Way Out11997185
3492Puff DaddyVictory (feat. the Notorious B.I.G and Busta Rhymes)4:56No Way Out21997218
3493Puff DaddyBeen Around the World (feat. the Notorious B.I.G. and Mase)5:25No Way Out31997209
3494Puff DaddyWhat You Gonna Do?4:55No Way Out41997193
3495Puff DaddyDon't Stop What You're Doing (feat. Lil' Kim)3:58No Way Out51997211
3496Puff DaddyIf I Should Die Tonight (Interlude) (feat. Carl Thomas)2:59No Way Out61997191
3497Puff DaddyDo You Know?6:06No Way Out71997197
3498Puff DaddyYoung G's (feat. the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z)5:25No Way Out81997182
3499Puff DaddyI Love You Baby (feat. Black Rob)4:03No Way Out91997198
3500Puff DaddyIt's All About the Benjamins (Remix) (feat. the Notorious B.I.G. and the Lox)4:38No Way Out101997213
3501Puff DaddyPain5:08No Way Out111997195
3502Puff DaddyIs This the End? (feat. Ginuwine, Twista, and Carl Thomas)4:34No Way Out121997211
3503Puff DaddyI Got the Power (feat. the Lox)4:05No Way Out131997203
3504Puff DaddyFriend (feat. Foxy Brown)6:37No Way Out141997188
3505Puff DaddySenorita4:07No Way Out151997215
3506Puff DaddyI'll Be Missing You (feat. Faith Evans and 112)5:43No Way Out161997190
3507Puff DaddyCan't Nobody Hold Me Down (feat. Mase)3:52No Way Out171997196
3508Puff DaddyI'll Be Missing You4:05Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)11997242
3509Puff Daddy & The FamilyCan't Nobody Hold Me Down (feat. Mase)5:06Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 171998203
3510Puff Daddy & The FamilyIt's All About The Benjamins (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Lil' Kim & The Lox)4:39Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 1131998209
3511Puff Daddy Featuring Jimmy PageCome With Me6:06Godzilla (OST)21998209
3512Puff JohnsonForever More5:05Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)142004228
3513Puff JohnsonOver and Over3:59The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)201999215
3514PulpI Spy5:56Mission: Impossible (OST)31996219
3515PunchlineIcicles3:22A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas182003216
3516PUPILBlow Your House Down1:02Hoodwinked (OST)152005234
3517Pure Prairie LeagueJazzman2:36Bustin' Out11972213
3518Pure Prairie LeagueAngel #94:57Bustin' Out21972213
3519Pure Prairie LeagueLeave My Heart Alone4:25Bustin' Out31972220
3520Pure Prairie LeagueEarly Morning Riser5:07Bustin' Out41972220
3521Pure Prairie LeagueFalling In And Out Of Love2:12Bustin' Out51972193
3522Pure Prairie LeagueAmie4:19Bustin' Out61972207
3523Pure Prairie LeagueBoulder Skies4:02Bustin' Out71972211
3524Pure Prairie LeagueAngel4:27Bustin' Out81972214
3525Pure Prairie LeagueCall Me, Tell Me2:51Bustin' Out91972205
3526Pure Prairie LeagueI Can't Hold Back2:49Can't Hold Back11979216
3527Pure Prairie LeagueI Can't Believe4:43Can't Hold Back21979208
3528Pure Prairie LeagueRude Rude Awakening3:56Can't Hold Back31979209
3529Pure Prairie LeagueWhite Line4:29Can't Hold Back41979208
3530Pure Prairie LeagueMisery Train4:39Can't Hold Back51979219
3531Pure Prairie LeagueRestless Woman3:53Can't Hold Back61979211
3532Pure Prairie LeagueI'm Goin' Away3:08Can't Hold Back71979215
3533Pure Prairie LeagueJerene1:01Can't Hold Back81979209
3534Pure Prairie LeagueLivin' It Alone3:18Can't Hold Back91979215
3535Pure Prairie LeagueFool Fool4:02Can't Hold Back101979211
3536Pure Prairie LeagueGoodbye So Long3:05Can't Hold Back111979211
3537Pure Prairie LeagueI'm Almost Ready3:40Firin' Up11980191
3538Pure Prairie LeagueGive It Up3:56Firin' Up21980202
3539Pure Prairie LeagueToo Many Heartaches In Paradise4:04Firin' Up31980206
3540Pure Prairie LeagueShe's All Mine2:48Firin' Up41980203
3541Pure Prairie LeagueYou're My True Love3:13Firin' Up51980183
3542Pure Prairie LeagueLet Me Love You Tonight2:47Firin' Up61980207
3543Pure Prairie LeagueI Can't Stop This Feelin'3:36Firin' Up71980188
3544Pure Prairie LeagueLifetime Of Nighttime4:57Firin' Up81980213
3545Pure Prairie LeagueI'll Be Damned2:45Firin' Up91980196
3546Pure Prairie LeagueJanny Lou4:25Firin' Up101980186
3547Pure Prairie LeagueLet Me Love You Tonight2:46The Best Of Southern Rock (Rebound)111994208
3548Pure Reason RevolutionLes Malheurs5:02Amor Vincit Omnia12009196
3549Pure Reason RevolutionVictorious Cupid3:39Amor Vincit Omnia22009197
3550Pure Reason RevolutionI) Keep Me Sane/Insane0:54Amor Vincit Omnia32009194
3551Pure Reason RevolutionII) Apogee III) Requiem For The Lovers5:22Amor Vincit Omnia42009218
3552Pure Reason RevolutionDeus Ex Machina5:40Amor Vincit Omnia52009216
3553Pure Reason RevolutionBloodless4:55Amor Vincit Omnia62009205
3554Pure Reason RevolutionDisconnect5:54Amor Vincit Omnia72009181
3555Pure Reason RevolutionThe Gloaming9:10Amor Vincit Omnia82009191
3556Pure Reason RevolutionAVO4:47Amor Vincit Omnia92009204
3557Pure Reason RevolutionAeropause5:06The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)12007212
3558Pure Reason RevolutionGoshen's Remains5:44The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)22007207
3559Pure Reason RevolutionApprentice Of The Universe4:16The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)32007219
3560Pure Reason RevolutionThe Bright Ambassadors Of Morning11:56The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)42007214
3561Pure Reason RevolutionNimos & Tambos3:44The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)52007228
3562Pure Reason RevolutionVoices In Winter/In The Realms Of The Divine6:34The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)62007220
3563Pure Reason RevolutionBullitts Dominæ5:22The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)72007227
3564Pure Reason RevolutionArrival/The Intention Craft8:53The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)82007216
3565Pure Reason RevolutionHe Tried To Show Them Magic!/Ambassadors Return13:15The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 1)92007137
3566Pure Reason RevolutionIn Aurélia3:59The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 2)12007204
3567Pure Reason RevolutionBorgens Vor4:17The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 2)22007200
3568Pure Reason RevolutionThe Exact Colour4:05The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 2)32007201
3569Pure Reason RevolutionThe Twyncyn/Trembling Willows7:16The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 2)42007210
3570Pure Reason RevolutionGolden Clothes7:31The Dark Third [EU] (Disc 2)52007200
3571Pure SugarDelicious3:57Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-07201998202
3572PureNRGWhat If2:29WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)162007238
3573The Pursuit Of HappinessI'm An Adult Now4:27Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)161996207
3574PusciferPolar Bear4:03C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)12010216
3575PusciferThe Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)3:45C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)22010203
3576PusciferMomma Sed (Alive At Club Nokia)6:13C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)32010205
3577PusciferVagina Mine (Alive At Club Nokia)5:08C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)42010214
3578PusciferPotions (Deliverance Mix)4:36C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)52010196
3579PusciferThe Humbling River5:08C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (EP)62010214
3580PusciferCuntry Boner (Evil Joe Barresi Mix)3:56Cuntry Boner (Single)12007208
3581PusciferWorld Up My Ass (Alan Moulder Mix)2:39Cuntry Boner (Single)22007174
3582PusciferSour Grapes (Where's The Line? Mix)7:28Sound Into Blood Into Wine12010194
3583PusciferMomma Sed (Vis4V Mix)3:24Sound Into Blood Into Wine22010208
3584PusciferQueen B (Vis4V Mix)3:52Sound Into Blood Into Wine32010205
3585PusciferThe Undertaker (Vis4V Mix)3:56Sound Into Blood Into Wine42010236
3586PusciferDrunk With Power (Vis4V Mix)5:00Sound Into Blood Into Wine52010225
3587PusciferRev 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix)5:04Sound Into Blood Into Wine62010194
3588PusciferIndigo Children (Vis4V Mix)6:20Sound Into Blood Into Wine72010236
3589PusciferThe Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)3:44Sound Into Blood Into Wine82010205
3590PusciferThe Humbling River (Nagual Del Judith Mix)4:55Sound Into Blood Into Wine92010199
3591PusciferWorld Up My Ass (7 Inch Mix)2:41Sound Into Blood Into Wine102010189
3592PusciferSour Grapes (Legend Of The Mix)4:16Sound Into Blood Into Wine112010180
3593PusciferThe Humbling River (Duet Mix)5:08Sound Into Blood Into Wine122010215
3594PusciferQueen B3:55V Is For Vagina12007211
3595PusciferDozo4:00V Is For Vagina22007225
3596PusciferVagina Mine5:35V Is For Vagina32007213
3597PusciferMomma Sed3:24V Is For Vagina42007212
3598PusciferDrunk With Power5:01V Is For Vagina52007222
3599PusciferThe Undertaker4:00V Is For Vagina62007246
3600PusciferTrekka4:45V Is For Vagina72007223
3601PusciferIndigo Children6:22V Is For Vagina82007234
3602PusciferSour Grapes6:44V Is For Vagina92007200
3603PusciferRev. 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix)5:08V Is For Vagina102007190
3604PusciferIndigo Children (JLE Dub Mix By Josh Eustis)5:22V Is For Viagra - The Remixes12008210
3605PusciferTrekka (Desert Porn Mix By Lustmord)6:39V Is For Viagra - The Remixes22008216
3606PusciferMomma Sed (Tandimonium Mix By Dave "Rave" Ogilvie And Colin Janz)4:42V Is For Viagra - The Remixes32008230
3607PusciferSour Grapes (Late For Dinner Mix By Danny Lohner)4:08V Is For Viagra - The Remixes42008217
3608PusciferCuntry Boner (Dirty Robot Mix By Mat Mitchell And Contradicktator)3:58V Is For Viagra - The Remixes52008216
3609PusciferDrunk With Power (Hungover And Hostile In Hannover Mix By Joey Jordison)6:22V Is For Viagra - The Remixes62008212
3610PusciferVagina Mine (Deflowering Mix By Paul Barker)5:11V Is For Viagra - The Remixes72008232
3611PusciferTrekka (The Great Unwashed Mix By Aaron Turner)7:21V Is For Viagra - The Remixes82008214
3612PusciferQueen B. (Glitched And Bent Mix By Richard Devine)5:05V Is For Viagra - The Remixes92008216
3613PusciferDozo (Guns For Hire Mix By Lustmord)5:01V Is For Viagra - The Remixes102008208
3614PusciferQueen B. (Narcovice Mix Radio Edit By Michael Patterson)3:08V Is For Viagra - The Remixes112008220
3615PusciferPSA, LOL!!0:22V Is For Viagra - The Remixes122008187
3616PusciferCuntry Boner (Disco Viagra Mix By 8mm)3:51V Is For Viagra - The Remixes132008235
3617PushElectric Eclipse9:35Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom (Disc 2)102004255
3618Push PlayMy Everything3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-02152010226
3619Puss In BootsThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'2:25Shrek 2 Party CD22004218
3620PussycatMississippi4:32100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)111997214
3621PussycatMississippi4:33Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 4)71998208
3622PussycatMississippi4:34Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)92001223
3623The Pussycat DollsWhen I Grow Up4:05Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)12008244
3624The Pussycat DollsBottle Pop Feat. Snoop Dogg3:30Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)22008236
3625The Pussycat DollsWhatcha Think About That Feat. Missy Elliott3:48Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)32008249
3626The Pussycat DollsI Hate This Part3:39Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)42008218
3627The Pussycat DollsTakin' Over the World3:35Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)52008233
3628The Pussycat DollsOut of This Club Feat. R. Kelly and Polow Da Don4:08Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)62008243
3629The Pussycat DollsWho's Gonna Love You4:00Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)72008253
3630The Pussycat DollsHappily Never After4:49Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)82008218
3631The Pussycat DollsMagic3:41Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)92008271
3632The Pussycat DollsHalo5:24Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)102008259
3633The Pussycat DollsIn Person3:35Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)112008273
3634The Pussycat DollsElevator3:41Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)122008244
3635The Pussycat DollsHush Hush3:48Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)132008235
3636The Pussycat DollsLove the Way You Love Me3:21Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)142008243
3637The Pussycat DollsWhatchamacallit4:19Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)152008266
3638The Pussycat DollsI'm Done3:18Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1)162008233
3639The Pussycat DollsIf I Was A Man (Introducing Jessica Sutta)3:31Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)12008233
3640The Pussycat DollsSpace (Introducing Melody Thornton)3:08Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)22008234
3641The Pussycat DollsDon't Wanna Fall In Love (Introducing Kimberly Wyatt)3:21Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)32008243
3642The Pussycat DollsPlayed (Introducing Ashley Roberts)3:20Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)42008240
3643The Pussycat DollsUntil U Love U (Nicole Scherzinger)3:39Doll Domination [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 2)52008228
3644Pussycat DollsSanta Baby3:00Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)152006209
3645The Pussycat DollsDon't Cha (Feat. Busta Rhymes)4:32PCD12005194
3646The Pussycat DollsBeep (Feat. Will.I.Am)3:49PCD22005198
3647The Pussycat DollsWait A Minute (Feat. Timbaland)3:41PCD32005235
3648The Pussycat DollsStickwitu3:27PCD42005208
3649The Pussycat DollsButtons3:45PCD52005206
3650The Pussycat DollsI Don't Need A Man3:39PCD62005229
3651The Pussycat DollsHot Stuff (I Want You Back)3:46PCD72005223
3652The Pussycat DollsHow Many Times, How Many Lies3:55PCD82005212
3653The Pussycat DollsBite The Dust3:32PCD92005215
3654The Pussycat DollsRight Now2:27PCD102005204
3655The Pussycat DollsTainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?3:25PCD112005201
3656The Pussycat DollsFeelin' Good4:18PCD122005204
3657The Pussycat DollsStickwitu (LP Version)3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11152005208
3658Pussycat DollsBeep3:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-03112006197
3659The Pussycat Dolls feat. Big Snoop DoggButtons3:47Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0582006204
3660The Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta RhymesDon't Cha3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05202005189
3661The Pussycat Dolls feat. TimbalandWait A Minute3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1132006232
3662PussyfootThe Way That You Do It3:08Living In The 70's (Disc 2)101995190
3663Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - Dance Of The Reeds2:37100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 23 190
3664Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyString Serenade - Waltz3:45100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 215 199
3665Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty: Waltz4:23100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 315 213
3666Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugen Onegin: Waltz6:37100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 42 202
3667Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker: Overture3:27100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 47 194
3668Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty: Introduction3:31100 Classical Masterpieces Vol. 49 187
3669Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky1812 Overture, Op. 4915:431812 Overture - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (1979 TELARC CD-80041)11979184
3670Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyCapriccio Italien, Op. 4515:191812 Overture - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (1979 TELARC CD-80041)21979177
3671Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyCossack Dance from Mazeppa4:171812 Overture - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (1979 TELARC CD-80041)31979192
3672Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker, Op.71 - Sugar Plum Fairy2:14Best Loved Classics (Disc 1)101988189
3673Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker: Miniature Overture3:43In Classical Mood - 06 - Great Overtures81996192
3674Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySwan Lake, Act II: Introduction3:09In Classical Mood - 30 - Myth & Magic61998190
3675Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Overture3:22Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)11992185
3676Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - The Decoration Of The Christmas Tree3:56Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)21992186
3677Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - March2:23Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)31992185
3678Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Children's Galop And Dance Of The Parents2:41Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)41992194
3679Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Arrival Of Drosselmayer5:41Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)51992185
3680Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Grandfather Dance6:47Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)61992194
3681Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Departure Of The Guests - Night6:56Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)71992181
3682Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - The Battle And Transformation3:18Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)81992194
3683Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - The Journey Through The Snow3:57Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)91992191
3684Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Waltz Of The Snowflakes6:24Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)101992194
3685Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - The Magic Castle4:15Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)111992191
3686Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Arrival Of Clara And The Nutcracker4:37Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)121992192
3687Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Character Dances12:08Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 1)131992183
3688Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Waltz Of The Flowers6:58Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)11992188
3689Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Pas De Deux9:12Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)21992185
3690Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNutcracker - Final Waltz And Apotheosis5:40Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)31992195
3691Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty - Introduction, Tanz Der Fee Lila4:26Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)41992188
3692Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty - Adagio5:59Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)51992190
3693Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty - Der Gestiefelte Kater Und Die Weisse Katzchen1:51Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)61992173
3694Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty - Panorama, Die Bootfahrt Zum Schloss3:08Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)71992193
3695Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty - Waltz4:34Nutcracker Op. 71 & The Sleeping Beauty Op. 66a - Ozawa (Deutsche) (Disc 2)81992196
3696Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyAndante Cantabile For Cello And String Orchestra. Op. Posth.6:33Paper Music - Bobby McFerrin & Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra141995184
3697Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor Op.23 1. Allegro Non Troppo... - Argerich,Dutoit,LPO21:14Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto11973191
3698Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor Op.23 2. Andantino Semplice - Argerich, Dutoit, LPO7:31Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto21973191
3699Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor Op.23 3. Allegro Con Fuoco - Argerich, Dutoit, LPO6:59Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto31973188
3700Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyViolin Concerto In D Major Op.35 1. Allegro Moderato - Milstein, Abbado, Wiener Phil.17:02Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto41973195
3701Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyViolin Concerto In D Major Op.35 2. Canzonetta Andante - Attacca - Milstein, Abbado, Wiener Phil.6:14Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto51973187
3702Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyViolin Concerto In D Major Op.35 3. Finale, Allegro Vivacissimo - Milstein, Abbado, Wiener Phil.8:57Piano Concerto No.1 & Violin Concerto61973194
3703Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyCapriccio Italien op. 4516:01Romantic Festival Vol. 171990188
3704Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySouvenir de Florence op. 70 d-moll - Allegro con spiritu11:13Romantic Festival Vol. 241990194
3705Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 1 in G Minor, Op 13, (Winter Dreams) - Allegro tranquillo10:18Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)11997193
3706Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 1 in G Minor - Adagio cantabile ma non tanto9:48Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)21997192
3707Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 1 in G Minor - Scherzo. Allegro scherzando giocoso9:44Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)31997187
3708Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 1 in G Minor - Finale. Andante lugubre - Allegro Maestoso14:23Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)41997196
3709Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 17 (Little Russian) - Andante sostenuto. Allegro vivo10:54Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)51997193
3710Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 2 in C Minor - Andantino marziale, quasi moderato7:18Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)61997197
3711Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 2 in C Minor - Scherzo. Allegro molto vivace5:15Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)71997192
3712Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 2 in C Minor - Finale. Moderato assai9:57Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 1)81997197
3713Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 3 in D Major, Op. 29 (Polish) - Introduzione e Allegro14:28Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)11997198
3714Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 3 - Alla tedesca. Allegro moderato e semplice6:13Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)21997195
3715Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 3 - Andante elegiaco7:27Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)31997197
3716Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 3 - Scherzo. Allegro vivo5:14Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)41997189
3717Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No. 3 - Finale. Allegro con fuoco8:49Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)51997194
3718Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyArensky - Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky, Op. 35a15:39Symphonies 1-3 - Antal Dorati (1965 Mercury 1997) (Disc 2)61997195
3719Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.4 In Fm Op.36 - Andante-Moderato-Moderato-Allegro Vivo18:47Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)11990201
3720Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.4 In Fm Op.36 - Andantino In Modo Di Canzone9:17Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)21990194
3721Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.4 In Fm Op.36 - Scherzo. Pizzicato Ostinato. Allegro5:49Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)31990198
3722Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.4 In Fm Op.36 - Finale. Allegro Con Fuoco8:00Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)41990203
3723Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.5 In Em Op.64 - Andante-Allegro Con Anima14:33Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)51990198
3724Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.5 In Em Op.64 - Andante-Moderato-Andante-Allegro-Tempo I11:53Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 1)61990199
3725Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.5 In Em Op.64 - Valse. Allegro Moderato5:30Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)11990196
3726Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.5 In Em Op.64 - Finale. Andante-Allegro-Vivace-Moderato-Presto11:10Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)21990206
3727Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.6 In Bm Op.74 'Pathetique' - Adagio-Allegro Non Troppo17:40Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)31990198
3728Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.6 In Bm Op.74 'Pathetique' - Allegro Con Grazio8:06Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)41990199
3729Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.6 In Bm Op.74 'Pathetique' - Allegro Molto Vivace8:20Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)51990207
3730Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNo.6 In Bm Op.74 'Pathetique' - Finale. Adagio Lamentoso9:46Symphonies 4-6 - Mravinsky (1960 DG 1990) (Disc 2)61990199
3731Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 in Bbm, Op.23 - I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso - Allegro con spirito19:23Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)4 196
3732Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 in Bbm, Op.23 - II. Andantino semplice7:12Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)5 184
3733Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No.1 in Bbm, Op.23 - III. Allegro con fuoco6:48Volume 37: Grieg Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 - Rubinstein (1956-63)6 199
3734The PyramidsPenetration2:00Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals101991137
3735The PyramidsPenetration2:01Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On191988128
3736Q'65The Life I Live3:20Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)152001127
3737Q'65Cry In The Night2:16Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)52001127
3738QEDLove Bites4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-05202003222
3739Qkumba ZooThe Child (Inside)3:55Fired Up! (Disc 1)142003235
3740Qkumba ZooRain3:49Wake Up & Dream11996208
3741Qkumba ZooThe Child (Inside)4:00Wake Up & Dream21996236
3742Qkumba ZooCloud Eyes (I'm Scared, You're Scared)4:35Wake Up & Dream31996220
3743Qkumba ZooFlesh And Blood4:05Wake Up & Dream41996233
3744Qkumba ZooBig3:50Wake Up & Dream51996237
3745Qkumba ZooInto The Night5:06Wake Up & Dream61996233
3746Qkumba ZooWeeping5:08Wake Up & Dream71996209
3747Qkumba ZooMermaids4:47Wake Up & Dream81996231
3748Qkumba ZooHappy Earthday3:43Wake Up & Dream91996233
3749Qkumba ZooTime Of Wonder5:14Wake Up & Dream101996215
3750Qkumba ZooBig-Mothership15:27Wake Up & Dream111996161
3751Q-TexI Remember (Main)3:31Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)52003216
3752Q-TipBreathe And Stop4:06Save The Last Dance (OST)92000216
3753Quad City DJ'sC'mon Ride The Train4:05Fired Up! (Disc 2)32003230
3754Quad City DJ'sSpace Jam5:07Space Jam (OST)31996218
3755Quad City DJ'sC'mon N' Ride It (The Train) (Remix Edit)3:53Ultimate Dance Party 199791996235
3756QuandaryOut Of Time4:25Ready To Fail12010215
3757QuandaryIllusion Of Progress8:54Ready To Fail22010203
3758QuandaryUmbra4:34Ready To Fail32010201
3759QuandaryReady To Fail2:26Ready To Fail42010190
3760QuandaryWaiting For Change5:23Ready To Fail52010202
3761QuandaryPenumbra5:08Ready To Fail62010183
3762QuandaryDisconnect9:36Ready To Fail72010208
3763QuandaryCloud Shapes12:23Ready To Fail82010202
3764QuandaryStepping Stones20:20Ready To Fail92010207
3765QuarterflashHarden My Heart3:54Classic Rock - Women In Rock (Disc 2)10 187
3766QuarterflashDon't Be Lonely3:16Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)91982195
3767QuarterflashHarden My Heart3:51Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash11997195
3768QuarterflashFind Another Fool4:35Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash21997211
3769QuarterflashRight Kind Of Love3:49Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash31997214
3770QuarterflashCritical Times5:08Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash41997181
3771QuarterflashTake Me To Heart3:32Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash51997206
3772QuarterflashTake Another Picture4:29Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash61997212
3773QuarterflashNight Shift4:04Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash71997213
3774QuarterflashEye To Eye4:11Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash81997194
3775QuarterflashTalk To Me4:58Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash91997209
3776QuarterflashDon't Be Lonely3:00Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash101997204
3777QuarterflashMake It Shine4:08Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash111997201
3778QuarterflashWalking On Ice3:47Harden My Heart: The Best Of Quarterflash121997227
3779QuarterflashHarden My Heart3:37Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 2)72002241
3780Quartz Introducing Dina CarrollIt's Too Late3:54The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 2)101994166
3781QueenBohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid)2:31   128
3782QueenRadio Ga Ga5:4380's Alive (Disc 1) [JP]11997245
3783QueenTie Your Mother Down4:47A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]11976205
3784QueenYou Take My Breath Away5:08A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]21976177
3785QueenLong Away3:33A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]31976211
3786QueenThe Millionaire Waltz4:54A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]41976199
3787QueenYou And I3:25A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]51976204
3788QueenSomebody To Love4:56A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]61976194
3789QueenWhite Man4:59A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]71976198
3790QueenGood Old Fashioned Lover Boy2:54A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]81976198
3791QueenDrowse3:45A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]91976205
3792QueenTeo Torriatte (Let US Cling Together)5:57A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]101976192
3793QueenTie Your Mother Down (1991 Bonus Remix By Matt Wallace)3:44A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]111976201
3794QueenSomebody To Love (1991 Bonus Remix By Randy Badazz)5:00A Day At The Races [1991 Bonus Tracks]121976204
3795QueenOne Vision5:10A Kind Of Magic11986201
3796QueenA Kind Of Magic4:24A Kind Of Magic21986211
3797QueenOne Year Of Love4:28A Kind Of Magic31986182
3798QueenPain Is So Close To Pleasure4:23A Kind Of Magic41986178
3799QueenFriends Will Be Friends4:04A Kind Of Magic51986185
3800QueenWho Wants To Live Forever5:16A Kind Of Magic61986183
3801QueenGimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)4:34A Kind Of Magic71986188
3802QueenDon't Lose Your Head4:38A Kind Of Magic81986206
3803QueenPrinces Of The Universe3:37A Kind Of Magic91986184
3804QueenForever3:22A Kind Of Magic101986194
3805QueenOne Vision (Extended Vision)6:28A Kind Of Magic111986206
3806QueenDeath On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)3:43A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]11975175
3807QueenLazing On A Sunday Afternoon1:07A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]21975172
3808QueenI'm In Love With My Car3:05A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]31975184
3809QueenYou're My Best Friend2:52A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]41975175
3810Queen'393:31A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]51975199
3811QueenSweet Lady4:03A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]61975177
3812QueenSeaside Rendezvous2:15A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]71975179
3813QueenThe Prophet's Song8:21A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]81975185
3814QueenLove Of My Life3:39A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]91975170
3815QueenGood Company3:23A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]101975182
3816QueenBohemian Rhapsody5:54A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]111975180
3817QueenGod Save The Queen1:18A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]121975187
3818QueenI'm In Love With My Car (Bonus Remix)3:28A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]131975186
3819QueenYou're My Best Friend (Bonus Remix)2:52A Night At The Opera [1991 Bonus Tracks Edition]141975193
3820QueenThank God It's Christmas4:26Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas11994198
3821QueenFlash's Theme3:30Flash Gordon (OST)11980193
3822QueenIn The Space Capsule (The Love Theme)2:43Flash Gordon (OST)21980211
3823QueenMing's Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless)2:41Flash Gordon (OST)31980195
3824QueenThe Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale)0:57Flash Gordon (OST)41980177
3825QueenFootball Fight1:29Flash Gordon (OST)51980180
3826QueenIn The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)2:25Flash Gordon (OST)61980211
3827QueenExecution of Flash1:06Flash Gordon (OST)71980191
3828QueenThe Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)1:45Flash Gordon (OST)81980185
3829QueenArboria (Planet of the Tree Men)1:42Flash Gordon (OST)91980164
3830QueenEscape From The Swamp1:43Flash Gordon (OST)101980227
3831QueenFlash To The Rescue2:44Flash Gordon (OST)111980206
3832QueenVultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men)1:12Flash Gordon (OST)121980201
3833QueenBattle Theme2:18Flash Gordon (OST)131980187
3834QueenThe Wedding March0:56Flash Gordon (OST)141980175
3835QueenMarriage Of Dale And Ming (and Flash Approaching)2:04Flash Gordon (OST)151980186
3836QueenCrash Dive On Mingo City1:00Flash Gordon (OST)161980202
3837QueenFlash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)1:24Flash Gordon (OST)171980193
3838QueenThe Hero3:36Flash Gordon (OST)181980180
3839QueenFlash's Theme (1991 Bonus Remix by Mista Lawnge, 9.5)6:42Flash Gordon (OST)191980160
3840QueenStaying Power4:13Hot Space11982200
3841QueenDancer3:47Hot Space21982201
3842QueenBack Chat4:36Hot Space31982218
3843QueenBody Language4:32Hot Space41982188
3844QueenAction This Day3:34Hot Space51982203
3845QueenPut Out The Fire3:20Hot Space61982198
3846QueenLife Is Real (Song For Lennon)3:31Hot Space71982206
3847QueenCalling All Girls3:52Hot Space81982208
3848QueenLas Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)4:31Hot Space91982195
3849QueenCool Cat3:29Hot Space101982197
3850QueenUnder Pressure4:05Hot Space111982200
3852QueenI'm Going Slightly Mad4:22Innuendo21991209
3854QueenI Can't Live With You4:33Innuendo41991188
3855QueenDon't Try So Hard3:39Innuendo51991194
3856QueenRide The Wild Wind4:42Innuendo61991206
3857QueenAll God's People4:21Innuendo71991198
3858QueenThese Are The Days Of Our Lives4:15Innuendo81991204
3860QueenThe Hitman4:56Innuendo101991208
3862QueenThe Show Must Go On4:35Innuendo121991200
3863QueenMustapha3:01Jazz (Digital Remasters)11978164
3864QueenFat Bottomed Girls4:17Jazz (Digital Remasters)21978196
3865QueenJealousy3:13Jazz (Digital Remasters)31978191
3866QueenBicycle Race3:03Jazz (Digital Remasters)41978216
3867QueenIf You Can't Beat Them4:15Jazz (Digital Remasters)51978209
3868QueenLet Me Entertain You3:02Jazz (Digital Remasters)61978206
3869QueenDead on Time3:23Jazz (Digital Remasters)71978218
3870QueenIn Only Seven Days2:30Jazz (Digital Remasters)81978186
3871QueenDreamer's Ball3:30Jazz (Digital Remasters)91978192
3872QueenFun It3:29Jazz (Digital Remasters)101978190
3873QueenLeaving Home Ain't Easy3:15Jazz (Digital Remasters)111978191
3874QueenDon't Stop Me Now3:29Jazz (Digital Remasters)121978204
3875QueenMore of That Jazz4:16Jazz (Digital Remasters)131978206
3876QueenAnother One Bites The Dust3:35Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)42002205
3877QueenIt's A Beautiful Day2:32Made In Heaven11995192
3878QueenMade In Heaven5:25Made In Heaven21995228
3879QueenLet Me Live4:45Made In Heaven31995203
3880QueenMother Love4:49Made In Heaven41995194
3881QueenMy Life Has Been Saved3:15Made In Heaven51995216
3882QueenI Was Born To Love You4:49Made In Heaven61995212
3883QueenHeaven For Everyone5:36Made In Heaven71995209
3884QueenToo Much Love Will Kill You4:20Made In Heaven81995188
3885QueenYou Don't Fool Me5:24Made In Heaven91995227
3886QueenA Winter's Tale3:49Made In Heaven101995204
3887QueenIt's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)3:01Made In Heaven111995218
3888QueenMade In Heaven (Instrumental)22:33Made In Heaven131995194
3889QueenWe Will Rock You2:02News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]11977199
3890QueenWe Are The Champions3:01News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]21977191
3891QueenSheer Heart Attack3:27News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]31977231
3892QueenAll Dead, All Dead3:10News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]41977183
3893QueenSpread Your Wings4:35News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]51977201
3894QueenFight From The Inside3:04News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]61977206
3895QueenGet Down, Make Love3:51News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]71977204
3896QueenSleeping On The Sidewalk3:07News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]81977202
3897QueenWho Needs You3:07News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]91977210
3898QueenIt's Late6:26News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]101977218
3899QueenMy Melencholy Blues3:34News Of The World [1993 Original Master Recording]111977174
3900QueenI Want It All4:03Now That's What I Call Music! - Vol 15 (Disc 1)11989241
3901QueenYou Don't Fool Me3:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0891996191
3902QueenKeep Yourself Alive3:47Queen11973192
3903QueenDoing All Right4:09Queen21973189
3904QueenGreat King Rat5:43Queen31973197
3905QueenMy Fairy King4:08Queen41973191
3907QueenThe Night Comes Down4:23Queen61973188
3908QueenModern Times Rock 'n' Roll1:48Queen71973179
3909QueenSon & Daughter3:23Queen81973186
3911QueenSeven Seas Of Rhye1:15Queen101973193
3912QueenProcession1:12Queen II11974184
3913QueenFather To Son6:12Queen II21974211
3914QueenWhite Queen (As It Began)4:34Queen II31974204
3915QueenSome Day One Day4:21Queen II41974206
3916QueenThe Loser In The End4:01Queen II51974208
3917QueenOgre Battle4:08Queen II61974214
3918QueenThe Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke2:40Queen II71974211
3919QueenNevermore1:17Queen II81974207
3920QueenThe March of The Black Queen6:03Queen II91974208
3921QueenFunny How Love Is3:15Queen II101974199
3922QueenSeven Seas of Rhye2:49Queen II111974201
3923QueenBrighton Rock5:10Sheer Heart Attack11974212
3924QueenKiller Queen3:00Sheer Heart Attack21974199
3925QueenTenement Funster2:47Sheer Heart Attack31974194
3926QueenFlick of the Wrist3:17Sheer Heart Attack41974198
3927QueenLily of the Valley1:45Sheer Heart Attack51974185
3928QueenNow I'm Here4:14Sheer Heart Attack61974197
3929QueenIn the Lap of the Gods3:22Sheer Heart Attack71974205
3930QueenStone Cold Crazy2:16Sheer Heart Attack81974213
3931QueenDear Friends1:08Sheer Heart Attack91974185
3932QueenMisfire1:50Sheer Heart Attack101974214
3933QueenBring Back That Leroy Brown2:15Sheer Heart Attack111974207
3934QueenShe Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos)4:09Sheer Heart Attack121974207
3935QueenIn the Lap of the Gods...Revisited3:46Sheer Heart Attack131974193
3936QueenStone Cold Crazy (1991 Remix)2:14Sheer Heart Attack141974222
3937QueenCrazy Little Thing Called Love2:45Sounds Of The Eighties - 198011995202
3938QueenThank God It's Christmas4:15The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)12003232
3939QueenPlay the Game3:31The Game [Remastered]11980200
3940QueenDragon Attack4:19The Game [Remastered]21980226
3941QueenAnother One Bites the Dust3:37The Game [Remastered]31980194
3942QueenNeed Your Loving Tonight2:49The Game [Remastered]41980198
3943QueenCrazy Little Thing Called Love2:44The Game [Remastered]51980203
3944QueenRock It (Prime Jive)4:33The Game [Remastered]61980203
3945QueenDon't Try Suicide3:52The Game [Remastered]71980193
3946QueenSail Away Sweet Sister3:33The Game [Remastered]81980198
3947QueenComing Soon2:50The Game [Remastered]91980198
3948QueenSave Me3:53The Game [Remastered]101980188
3949QueenDragon Attack [1991 Bonus Remix]4:22The Game [Remastered]111980205
3950QueenParty2:24The Miracle11989199
3951QueenKhashoggi's Ship2:48The Miracle21989196
3952QueenThe Miracle5:02The Miracle31989196
3953QueenI Want It All4:41The Miracle41989199
3954QueenThe Invisible Man3:57The Miracle51989210
3955QueenBreakthru4:08The Miracle61989190
3956QueenRain Must Fall4:23The Miracle71989188
3957QueenScandal4:42The Miracle81989203
3958QueenMy Baby Does Me3:23The Miracle91989184
3959QueenWas It All Worth It5:45The Miracle101989202
3960QueenHang On In There3:46The Miracle111989188
3961QueenChinese Torture1:45The Miracle121989198
3962QueenThe Invisible Man (12' Version)5:28The Miracle131989212
3963QueenRadio Ga Ga5:49The Works11984200
3964QueenTear It Up3:28The Works21984190
3965QueenIt's A Hard Life4:08The Works31984197
3966QueenMan On The Prowl3:28The Works41984214
3967QueenMachines (Back To Humans)5:09The Works51984204
3968QueenI Want To Break Free3:20The Works61984214
3969QueenKeep Passing The Open Windows5:21The Works71984207
3970QueenHammer To Fall4:28The Works81984220
3971QueenIs This The World We Created...?2:13The Works91984189
3972QueenWho Wants To Live Forever5:16Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)11997189
3973QueenBohemian Rhapsody5:57Wayne's World (OST)11992190
3974Queen and David BowieUnder Pressure4:01  1981128
3975Queen LatifahWhen You're Good To Mama3:19Chicago (OST)32002195
3976Queen LatifahU.N.I.T.Y.4:13The Hip Hop Box (Disc 3)102004160
3977Queen Latifah (Feat. Monie Love)Ladies First3:57Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)42005210
3978Queen Latifah And Catherine Zeta-JonesClass2:54Chicago (OST)112002180
3979Queen Latifah And Lil' KimCell Block Tango (He Had It Comin')3:40Chicago (OST)172002215
3980Queens Of The Stone AgeTurnin' On The Screw5:20Era Vulgaris12007226
3981Queens Of The Stone AgeSick, Sick, Sick3:34Era Vulgaris22007218
3982Queens Of The Stone AgeI'm Designer4:04Era Vulgaris32007222
3983Queens Of The Stone AgeInto The Hollow3:42Era Vulgaris42007204
3984Queens Of The Stone AgeMisfit Love5:39Era Vulgaris52007243
3985Queens Of The Stone AgeBattery Acid4:06Era Vulgaris62007225
3986Queens Of The Stone AgeMake It Wit Chu4:50Era Vulgaris72007215
3987Queens Of The Stone Age3's & 7's3:34Era Vulgaris82007238
3988Queens Of The Stone AgeSuture Up Your Future4:37Era Vulgaris92007204
3989Queens Of The Stone AgeRiver In The Road3:19Era Vulgaris102007230
3990Queens Of The Stone AgeRun, Pig, Run4:39Era Vulgaris112007232
3991Queens of the Stone AgeIf Only Everything3:32Kyuss & Queens of The Stone Age Split (EP)41997230
3992Queens of the Stone AgeBorn to Hula5:05Kyuss & Queens of The Stone Age Split (EP)51997249
3993Queens of the Stone AgeSpiders and Vinegaroons6:24Kyuss & Queens of The Stone Age Split (EP)61997225
3994Queens Of The Stone AgeThis Lullaby1:22Lullabies To Paralyze12005198
3995Queens Of The Stone AgeMedication1:54Lullabies To Paralyze22005236
3996Queens Of The Stone AgeEverybody Knows That You Are Insane4:14Lullabies To Paralyze32005233
3997Queens Of The Stone AgeTangled Up In Plaid4:13Lullabies To Paralyze42005231
3998Queens Of The Stone AgeBurn The Witch3:35Lullabies To Paralyze52005224
3999Queens Of The Stone AgeIn My Head4:01Lullabies To Paralyze62005241
4000Queens Of The Stone AgeLittle Sister2:54Lullabies To Paralyze72005217
4001Queens Of The Stone AgeI Never Came4:48Lullabies To Paralyze82005217
4002Queens Of The Stone AgeSomeone's In The Wolf7:15Lullabies To Paralyze92005232
4003Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Blood Is Love6:37Lullabies To Paralyze102005236
4004Queens Of The Stone AgeSkin On Skin3:42Lullabies To Paralyze112005234
4005Queens Of The Stone AgeBroken Box3:02Lullabies To Paralyze122005250
4006Queens Of The Stone Age"You Got A Killer Scene There, Man..."4:56Lullabies To Paralyze132005208
4007Queens Of The Stone AgeLong Slow Goodbye6:53Lullabies To Paralyze142005211
4008Queens Of The Stone AgeRegular John4:35Queens Of The Stone Age11998200
4009Queens Of The Stone AgeAvon3:22Queens Of The Stone Age21998201
4010Queens Of The Stone AgeIf Only3:20Queens Of The Stone Age31998206
4011Queens Of The Stone AgeWalkin On The Sidewalks5:03Queens Of The Stone Age41998208
4012Queens Of The Stone AgeYou Would Know4:16Queens Of The Stone Age51998219
4013Queens Of The Stone AgeHow To Handle A Rope3:30Queens Of The Stone Age61998220
4014Queens Of The Stone AgeMexicola4:54Queens Of The Stone Age71998217
4015Queens Of The Stone AgeHispanic Impressions2:44Queens Of The Stone Age81998206
4016Queens Of The Stone AgeYou Can't Quit Me Baby6:33Queens Of The Stone Age91998221
4017Queens Of The Stone AgeGive The Mule What He Wants3:09Queens Of The Stone Age101998181
4018Queens Of The Stone AgeI Was A Teenage Hand Model5:01Queens Of The Stone Age111998214
4019Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Bronze3:43Queens Of The Stone Age / Beaver Split EP11998218
4020Queens Of The Stone AgeThese Aren't The Droids You're Looking For3:08Queens Of The Stone Age / Beaver Split EP21998213
4021Queens Of The Stone AgeFeel Good Hit Of The Summer2:43Rated R12000240
4022Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret3:36Rated R22000233
4023Queens Of The Stone AgeLeg Of Lamb2:48Rated R32000237
4024Queens Of The Stone AgeAuto Pilot4:01Rated R42000220
4025Queens Of The Stone AgeBetter Living Through Chemistry5:49Rated R52000239
4026Queens Of The Stone AgeMonsters In The Parasol3:27Rated R62000231
4027Queens Of The Stone AgeQuick And To The Pointless1:42Rated R72000234
4028Queens Of The Stone AgeIn The Fade4:25Rated R82000224
4029Queens Of The Stone AgeTension Head2:52Rated R92000248
4030Queens Of The Stone AgeLightning Song2:07Rated R102000191
4031Queens Of The Stone AgeI Think I Lost My Headache8:40Rated R112000233
4032Queens Of The Stone AgeFeel Good Hit of the Summer2:45Rated R (Bonus Disc)12000237
4033Queens Of The Stone AgeNever Say Never4:23Rated R (Bonus Disc)22000223
4034Queens Of The Stone AgeYou're So Vague3:39Rated R (Bonus Disc)32000223
4035Queens Of The Stone AgeWho'll Be Next In Line2:29Rated R (Bonus Disc)42000218
4036Queens Of The Stone AgeYou Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire3:12Songs For The Deaf12002211
4037Queens Of The Stone AgeNo One Knows4:38Songs For The Deaf22002218
4038Queens Of The Stone AgeFirst It Giveth3:18Songs For The Deaf32002253
4039Queens Of The Stone AgeA Song For The Dead5:52Songs For The Deaf42002227
4040Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Sky Is Fallin'6:15Songs For The Deaf52002218
4041Queens Of The Stone AgeSix Shooter1:19Songs For The Deaf62002198
4042Queens Of The Stone AgeHangin' Tree3:06Songs For The Deaf72002240
4043Queens Of The Stone AgeGo With The Flow3:07Songs For The Deaf82002245
4044Queens Of The Stone AgeGonna Leave You2:50Songs For The Deaf92002207
4045Queens Of The Stone AgeDo It Again4:04Songs For The Deaf102002212
4046Queens Of The Stone AgeGod Is On The Radio6:04Songs For The Deaf112002211
4047Queens Of The Stone AgeAnother Love Song3:15Songs For The Deaf122002229
4048Queens Of The Stone AgeA Song For The Deaf6:42Songs For The Deaf132002192
4049Queens Of The Stone AgeMosquito Song (Hidden Tack)5:38Songs For The Deaf142002195
4050Queens Of The Stone AgeWho'll Be The Next In Line2:31Stone Age Complications (EP)12004218
4051Queens Of The Stone AgeWake Up Screaming5:03Stone Age Complications (EP)22004211
4052Queens Of The Stone AgeNo One Knows - Unkle Reconstruction (Radio Edit)4:37Stone Age Complications (EP)32004197
4053Queens Of The Stone AgeMost Exalted Potentate Of Love2:46Stone Age Complications (EP)42004270
4054Queens Of The Stone AgeBorn To Hula5:55Stone Age Complications (EP)52004233
4055Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Bronze3:41Stone Age Complications (EP)62004228
4056Queens Of The Stone AgeLittle Sister2:54Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 2)52006216
4057QueensrÿcheSliver3:09American Soldier12009239
4058QueensrÿcheUnafraid4:47American Soldier22009213
4059QueensrÿcheHundred Mile Stare4:31American Soldier32009225
4060QueensrÿcheAt 30,000 Ft5:11American Soldier42009216
4061QueensrÿcheA Dead Man's Words6:35American Soldier52009237
4062QueensrÿcheThe Killer5:26American Soldier62009230
4063QueensrÿcheMiddle Of Hell5:28American Soldier72009224
4064QueensrÿcheIf I Were King5:17American Soldier82009202
4065QueensrÿcheMan Down!4:57American Soldier92009220
4066QueensrÿcheRemember Me5:00American Soldier102009234
4067QueensrÿcheHome Again4:41American Soldier112009212
4068QueensrÿcheThe Voice5:29American Soldier122009218
4069QueensrÿcheBest I Can5:34Empire11990209
4070QueensrÿcheThe Thin Line5:42Empire21990211
4071QueensrÿcheJet City Woman5:22Empire31990209
4072QueensrÿcheDella Brown7:03Empire41990206
4073QueensrÿcheAnother Rainy Night (Without You)4:29Empire51990209
4076QueensrÿcheSilent Lucidity5:47Empire81990202
4077QueensrÿcheHand On Heart5:33Empire91990212
4078QueensrÿcheOne And Only5:54Empire101990204
4079QueensrÿcheAnybody Listening?7:41Empire111990200
4080QueensrÿcheSign of the Times3:36Hear in the Now Frontier11997226
4081QueensrÿcheCuckoo's Nest4:00Hear in the Now Frontier21997229
4082QueensrÿcheGet a Life3:40Hear in the Now Frontier31997237
4083QueensrÿcheThe Voice Inside3:52Hear in the Now Frontier41997233
4084QueensrÿcheSome People Fly5:18Hear in the Now Frontier51997218
4085QueensrÿcheSaved4:09Hear in the Now Frontier61997219
4086QueensrÿcheYou3:57Hear in the Now Frontier71997228
4087QueensrÿcheHero5:25Hear in the Now Frontier81997217
4088QueensrÿcheMiles Away4:34Hear in the Now Frontier91997219
4089QueensrÿcheReach3:33Hear in the Now Frontier101997235
4090QueensrÿcheAll I Want4:06Hear in the Now Frontier111997213
4091QueensrÿcheHit the Black3:36Hear in the Now Frontier121997227
4092QueensrÿcheAnytime / Anywhere2:56Hear in the Now Frontier131997240
4093Queensrÿchesp00L4:56Hear in the Now Frontier141997227
4094QueensrÿcheI Remember Now1:17Operation: Mindcrime11988178
4095QueensrÿcheAnarchy-X1:27Operation: Mindcrime21988197
4096QueensrÿcheRevolution Calling4:39Operation: Mindcrime31988195
4097QueensrÿcheOperation: Mindcrime4:45Operation: Mindcrime41988178