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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1R & J StoneWe Do It3:24Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)51995200
2R Dean TaylorIndiana Wants Me3:45Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)162000207
3R KellyBump N' Grind4:16Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers11996244
4R KellyBump 'N' Grind3:52The Very Best Of Pure R&B - The Summer Collection 2003 (Disc 2)172003262
5A R Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls Feat. Nicole ScherzingerJai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-04102009217
6R. BruceDysfunctional Family Reunion1:20Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 06161997128
7R. Dean TaylorGotta See Jane3:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)62001222
8R. Dean TaylorAin't It A Sad Thing2:26Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)232001204
9R. KellyGotham City4:55Batman & Robin (OST)31997188
10R. KellyYou Remind Me Of Something4:11Billboard Top Hits - 19957 200
11R. KellyChocolate Factory3:51Chocolate Factory12003219
12R. KellyStep In The Name Of Love5:42Chocolate Factory22003191
13R. KellyHeart Of A Woman4:31Chocolate Factory32003202
14R. KellyI'll Never Leave3:45Chocolate Factory42003173
15R. KellyBeen Around The World Feat. Ja Rule4:05Chocolate Factory52003190
16R. KellyYou Made Me Love You4:35Chocolate Factory62003184
17R. KellyForever4:06Chocolate Factory72003186
18R. KellyDream Girl3:57Chocolate Factory82003174
19R. KellyIgnition3:16Chocolate Factory92003178
20R. KellyIgnition [Remix]3:06Chocolate Factory102003197
21R. KellyForever More3:33Chocolate Factory112003204
22R. KellyYou Knock Me Out4:10Chocolate Factory122003191
23R. KellyStep In The Name Of Love [Remix]7:12Chocolate Factory132003190
24R. KellyHoney Love5:05Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 199212 197
25R. KellyBump N' Grind4:14Monsta Jamz52002206
26R. KellyBump 'N Grind4:17Monster Booty32001205
27R. KellyBump N' Grind4:16More! Bump N' Grind11995199
28R. KellyYour Body's Callin'4:12More! Bump N' Grind191995208
29R. KellyIf I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time4:58Now That's What I Call Music! 3111999180
30R. KellyJust a Touch4:15Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)152000195
31R. KellyI Can't Sleep Baby (Remix)3:56Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1996-0871996194
32R. KellyThoia Thoing3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0852003212
33R. KellyStep In The Name Of Love (Remix)4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01102004190
34R. KellyI'm A Flirt5:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-06102007200
35R. KellyHome Alone (feat. Keith Murray)4:59R. (Disc 1)11998212
36R. KellySpendin' Money4:54R. (Disc 1)21998216
37R. KellyIf I'm Wit You4:32R. (Disc 1)31998215
38R. KellyHalf On A Baby4:55R. (Disc 1)41998182
39R. KellyWhen A Woman's Fed Up4:38R. (Disc 1)51998188
40R. KellyGet Up On A Room4:10R. (Disc 1)61998201
41R. KellyOne Man4:57R. (Disc 1)71998198
42R. KellyWe Ride (feat. Cam'Ron, Noreaga, Jay-Z & Vegas Cats)4:50R. (Disc 1)81998165
43R. KellyThe Opera1:23R. (Disc 1)91998191
44R. KellyThe Interview (feat. Suzanne LeMignot)1:33R. (Disc 1)101998193
45R. KellyOnly The Loot Can Make Me Happy4:58R. (Disc 1)111998211
46R. KellyDon't Put Me Out5:21R. (Disc 1)121998197
47R. KellySuicide5:19R. (Disc 1)131998187
48R. KellyEtcetera4:12R. (Disc 1)141998195
49R. KellyIf I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time6:18R. (Disc 1)151998184
50R. KellyWhat I Feel / Issues4:45R. (Disc 1)161998205
51R. KellyI Believe I Can Fly5:20R. (Disc 1)171998189
52R. KellyThe Chase2:45R. (Disc 2)11998200
53R. KellyV.I.P.4:16R. (Disc 2)21998206
54R. KellyDid You Ever Think4:32R. (Disc 2)31998212
55R. KellyDollar Bill (feat. Foxy Brown)4:22R. (Disc 2)41998216
56R. KellyReality4:44R. (Disc 2)51998178
57R. Kelly2nd Kelly5:03R. (Disc 2)61998207
58R. KellyGhetto Queen (feat. Crucial Conflict)4:20R. (Disc 2)71998218
59R. KellyDown Low Double Life5:00R. (Disc 2)81998199
60R. KellyLooking For Love4:37R. (Disc 2)91998193
61R. KellyDancing With A Rich Man3:30R. (Disc 2)101998214
62R. KellyI'm Your Angel (With Celine Dion)5:32R. (Disc 2)111998200
63R. KellyMoney Makes The World Go Round (Feat. Nas)4:10R. (Disc 2)121998188
64R. KellyGotham City4:55R. (Disc 2)131998201
65R. KellyThe Sermon (Intro)3:21R. Kelly11995212
66R. KellyHump Bounce4:06R. Kelly21995205
67R. KellyNot Gonna Hold On4:04R. Kelly31995210
68R. KellyYou Remind Me Of Something4:10R. Kelly41995207
69R. KellyStep In My Room3:48R. Kelly51995207
70R. KellyBaby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...4:19R. Kelly61995192
71R. Kelly(You To Be) Be Happy4:36R. Kelly71995196
72R. KellyDown Low (Nobody Has To Know)4:48R. Kelly81995187
73R. KellyI Can't Sleep Baby (If I)5:30R. Kelly91995211
74R. KellyThank God It's Friday3:53R. Kelly101995192
75R. KellyLove Is On The Way3:02R. Kelly111995204
76R. KellyHeaven If You Hear Me0:57R. Kelly121995181
77R. KellyReligious Love4:11R. Kelly131995190
78R. KellyTempo Slow4:11R. Kelly141995205
79R. KellyAs I Look Into My Life1:30R. Kelly151995180
80R. KellyTrade In My Life6:21R. Kelly161995215
81R. KellyI Believe I Can Fly5:22Space Jam (OST)41996175
82R. KellyAll Of My Days (feat. Changing Faces And Jay-Z)4:01Space Jam (OST)121996197
83R. KellyStep In The Name Of Love [Remix Radio Edit]5:14TM Century PrimeCuts 528P92003190
84R. KellyI Believe I Can Fly4:43Top 40 Hitdossier 1997-1998 (Disc 1)12001177
85R. KellyIf I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time4:56Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)32001171
86R. KellyTP-22:19TP-2.com12000225
87R. KellyStrip For You4:10TP-2.com22000243
88R. KellyR&B Thug4:03TP-2.com32000223
89R. KellyThe Greatest Sex4:39TP-2.com42000237
90R. KellyI Don't Mean It4:19TP-2.com52000233
91R. KellyJust Like That4:34TP-2.com62000236
92R. KellyLike A Real Freak4:34TP-2.com72000224
93R. KellyFiesta3:16TP-2.com82000237
94R. KellyDon't You Say No4:06TP-2.com92000229
95R. KellyThe Real R. Kelly0:54TP-2.com102000215
96R. KellyOne Me3:53TP-2.com112000229
97R. KellyI Wish5:34TP-2.com122000228
98R. KellyA Woman's Threat5:55TP-2.com132000233
99R. KellyI Decided4:12TP-2.com142000260
100R. KellyI Mean (I Don't Mean It)3:25TP-2.com152000231
101R. KellyI Wish (Remix) (To The Homies That We Lost)5:17TP-2.com162000242
102R. KellyAll I Really Want3:59TP-2.com172000235
103R. KellyFeelin' On Yo Booty4:05TP-2.com182000226
104R. KellyThe Storm Is Over Now4:32TP-2.com192000250
105R. Kelly & Jay-ZTake You Home2:41From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)12002136
106R. Kelly & Jay-ZHoney3:07From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)62002137
107R. Kelly feat. Big TigerSnake3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0692003207
108R. Kelly with Keith MurrayHome Alone3:49Much Dance 1999121999191
109R. L. BurnsideIt's Bad You Know4:42The Sopranos (OST)21999211
110R. Stevie MooreHug Me1:13Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 1212 320
111R. StraussAlso Sparach Zarathustra Theme from 20011:39This is... Science Fiction (Disc 1)51999214
112R.B. GreavesTake A Letter Maria2:44Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 7) (1967-1969)171991193
113R.B. GreavesTake A Letter Maria2:42Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On31989199
114R.B. GreavesTake A Letter Maria2:43The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)141997201
115R.B. GreavesTake A Letter Maria2:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)52001188
116R.E.M.Living Well Is The Best Revenge3:11Accelerate12008239
117R.E.M.Man-Sized Wreath2:33Accelerate22008231
118R.E.M.Supernatural Superserious3:23Accelerate32008227
119R.E.M.Hollow Man2:39Accelerate42008222
122R.E.M.Until The Day Is Done4:08Accelerate72008218
123R.E.M.Mr. Richards3:46Accelerate82008240
124R.E.M.Sing For The Submarine4:50Accelerate92008225
125R.E.M.Horse To Water2:18Accelerate102008235
126R.E.M.I'm Gonna DJ2:07Accelerate112008229
127R.E.M.Leaving New York4:49Around The Sun12004209
128R.E.M.Electron Blue4:12Around The Sun22004230
129R.E.M.The Outsiders (Featuring Q-Tip)4:14Around The Sun32004217
130R.E.M.Make It All Okay3:44Around The Sun42004195
131R.E.M.Final Straw4:07Around The Sun52004206
132R.E.M.I Wanted To Be Wrong4:35Around The Sun62004194
133R.E.M.Wanderlust3:03Around The Sun72004220
134R.E.M.Boy In The Well5:22Around The Sun82004216
135R.E.M.Aftermath3:53Around The Sun92004215
136R.E.M.High Speed Train5:03Around The Sun102004198
137R.E.M.The Worst Joke Ever3:38Around The Sun112004202
138R.E.M.The Ascent Of Man4:07Around The Sun122004206
139R.E.M.Around The Sun4:28Around The Sun132004199
140R.E.M.Draggin' the Line4:27Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)31999210
141R.E.M.Drive4:31Automatic For The People11992204
142R.E.M.Try Not To Breathe3:50Automatic For The People21992232
143R.E.M.The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite4:09Automatic For The People31992225
144R.E.M.Everybody Hurts5:20Automatic For The People41992196
145R.E.M.New Orleans Instrumental No. 12:15Automatic For The People51992195
146R.E.M.Sweetness Follows4:21Automatic For The People61992208
147R.E.M.Monty Got A Raw Deal3:17Automatic For The People71992212
148R.E.M.Ignoreland4:27Automatic For The People81992253
149R.E.M.Star Me Kitten3:16Automatic For The People91992224
150R.E.M.Man On The Moon5:14Automatic For The People101992215
151R.E.M.Nightswimming4:17Automatic For The People111992198
152R.E.M.Find The River3:49Automatic For The People121992208
153R.E.M.Revolution3:04Batman & Robin (OST)51997221
154R.E.M.1,000,0003:06Chronic Town (EP)11982189
155R.E.M.Stumble5:41Chronic Town (EP)21982207
156R.E.M.Wolves, Lower4:13Chronic Town (EP)31982203
157R.E.M.Gardening at Night3:30Chronic Town (EP)41982201
158R.E.M.Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)3:53Chronic Town (EP)51982190
159R.E.M.Discoverer3:31Collapse Into Now12011230
160R.E.M.All The Best2:47Collapse Into Now22011242
161R.E.M.Überlin4:14Collapse Into Now32011234
162R.E.M.Oh My Heart3:20Collapse Into Now42011212
163R.E.M.It Happened Today3:48Collapse Into Now52011226
164R.E.M.Every Day Is Yours To Win3:26Collapse Into Now62011201
165R.E.M.Mine Smell Like Honey3:12Collapse Into Now72011254
166R.E.M.Walk It Back3:24Collapse Into Now82011207
167R.E.M.Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter2:45Collapse Into Now92011239
168R.E.M.That Someone Is You1:44Collapse Into Now102011238
169R.E.M.Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I3:03Collapse Into Now112011195
170R.E.M.Blue5:45Collapse Into Now122011217
171R.E.M.Crazy3:03Dead Letter Office11987190
172R.E.M.There She Goes Again2:50Dead Letter Office21987208
173R.E.M.Burning Down4:13Dead Letter Office31987211
174R.E.M.Voice Of Harold4:25Dead Letter Office41987220
175R.E.M.Burning Hell3:49Dead Letter Office51987200
176R.E.M.White Tornado1:56Dead Letter Office61987215
177R.E.M.Toys In The Attic2:30Dead Letter Office71987216
178R.E.M.Windout2:00Dead Letter Office81987219
179R.E.M.Ages Of You3:44Dead Letter Office91987216
180R.E.M.Pale Blue Eyes2:54Dead Letter Office101987196
181R.E.M.Rotary Ten2:00Dead Letter Office111987201
182R.E.M.Bandwagon2:17Dead Letter Office121987200
183R.E.M.Femme Fatale2:50Dead Letter Office131987206
184R.E.M.Walters Theme1:31Dead Letter Office141987219
185R.E.M.King Of The Road3:15Dead Letter Office151987200
186R.E.M.Wolves, Lower4:13Dead Letter Office161987202
187R.E.M.Gardening At Night3:30Dead Letter Office171987200
188R.E.M.Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)3:55Dead Letter Office181987188
189R.E.M.1,000,0003:06Dead Letter Office191987186
190R.E.M.Stumble5:41Dead Letter Office201987206
191R.E.M.Gardening At Night (Acoustic)3:54Dead Letter Office211987198
192R.E.M.All The Right Friends3:53Dead Letter Office221987211
193R.E.M.Finest Worksong3:50Document [Import Bonus Tracks]11987211
194R.E.M.Welcome To The Occupation2:48Document [Import Bonus Tracks]21987210
195R.E.M.Exhuming McCarthy3:21Document [Import Bonus Tracks]31987217
196R.E.M.Disturbance At The Heron House3:34Document [Import Bonus Tracks]41987210
197R.E.M.Strange2:33Document [Import Bonus Tracks]51987202
198R.E.M.Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)4:07Document [Import Bonus Tracks]61987211
199R.E.M.The One I Love3:17Document [Import Bonus Tracks]71987215
200R.E.M.Fireplace3:24Document [Import Bonus Tracks]81987207
201R.E.M.Lightnin' Hopkins3:21Document [Import Bonus Tracks]91987203
202R.E.M.King Of Birds4:10Document [Import Bonus Tracks]101987191
203R.E.M.Oddfellows Local 1515:22Document [Import Bonus Tracks]111987201
204R.E.M.Finest Worksong (Other Mix)3:47Document [Import Bonus Tracks]121987202
205R.E.M.Last Date2:16Document [Import Bonus Tracks]131987202
206R.E.M.The One I Love (Live)4:06Document [Import Bonus Tracks]141987178
207R.E.M.Time After Time Etc. (Live)8:22Document [Import Bonus Tracks]151987199
208R.E.M.Disturbance At The Heron House (Live)3:26Document [Import Bonus Tracks]161987169
209R.E.M.Finest Worksong5:52Document [Import Bonus Tracks]171987197
210R.E.M.Drive4:28Drive [Collector's Edition]11992250
211R.E.M.It's A Free World, Baby5:16Drive [Collector's Edition]21992243
212R.E.M.Winged Mammal Theme2:59Drive [Collector's Edition]31992250
213R.E.M.First We Take Manhattan6:03Drive [Collector's Edition]41992232
214R.E.M.Feeling Gravitys Pull4:51Fables Of The Reconstruction11985179
215R.E.M.Maps And Legends3:10Fables Of The Reconstruction21985173
216R.E.M.Driver 83:23Fables Of The Reconstruction31985195
217R.E.M.Life And How To Live It4:08Fables Of The Reconstruction41985178
218R.E.M.Old Man Kensey4:10Fables Of The Reconstruction51985181
219R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here3:39Fables Of The Reconstruction61985183
220R.E.M.Green Grow The Rushes3:46Fables Of The Reconstruction71985185
221R.E.M.Kohoutek3:17Fables Of The Reconstruction81985182
222R.E.M.Auctioneer (Another Engine)2:44Fables Of The Reconstruction91985175
223R.E.M.Good Advices3:30Fables Of The Reconstruction101985191
224R.E.M.Wendell Gee3:02Fables Of The Reconstruction111985191
225R.E.M.Crazy3:04Fables Of The Reconstruction121985183
226R.E.M.Burning Hell3:49Fables Of The Reconstruction131985199
227R.E.M.Bandwagon2:15Fables Of The Reconstruction141985191
228R.E.M.Driver 8 (live)3:30Fables Of The Reconstruction151985194
229R.E.M.Maps And Legends (live)3:15Fables Of The Reconstruction161985170
230R.E.M.Pop Song 893:04Green11988206
231R.E.M.Get Up2:41Green21988201
232R.E.M.You Are The Everything3:44Green31988180
234R.E.M.World Leader Pretend4:19Green51988198
235R.E.M.The Wrong Child3:38Green61988196
236R.E.M.Orange Crush3:51Green71988215
237R.E.M.Turn You Inside-Out4:17Green81988202
239R.E.M.I Remember California5:03Green101988196
241R.E.M.Begin The Begin3:28Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]11986208
242R.E.M.These Days3:24Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]21986219
243R.E.M.Fall On Me2:50Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]31986206
244R.E.M.Cuyahoga4:21Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]41986203
245R.E.M.Hyena2:51Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]51986202
246R.E.M.Underneath The Bunker1:27Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]61986193
247R.E.M.The Flowers Of Guatemala3:56Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]71986192
248R.E.M.I Believe3:50Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]81986199
249R.E.M.What If We Give It Away?3:34Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]91986199
250R.E.M.Just A Touch3:00Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]101986210
251R.E.M.Swan Swan H2:43Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]111986201
252R.E.M.Superman2:52Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]121986214
253R.E.M.Tired Of Singing Trouble0:59Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]131986174
254R.E.M.Rotary Ten1:58Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]141986201
255R.E.M.Toys In The Attic2:26Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]151986220
256R.E.M.Just A Touch (Live In Studio)2:38Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]161986230
257R.E.M.Dream (All I Have To Do)2:38Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]171986157
258R.E.M.Swan Swan H (Acoustic Version)2:41Lifes Rich Pageant [NL 1993 Re-Release]181986145
259R.E.M.What's The Frequency, Kenneth?4:00Monster11994214
260R.E.M.Crush With Eyeliner4:38Monster21994209
261R.E.M.King Of Comedy3:41Monster31994229
262R.E.M.I Don't Sleep, I Dream3:28Monster41994200
263R.E.M.Star 693:08Monster51994230
264R.E.M.Strange Currencies3:53Monster61994205
266R.E.M.Bang And Blame5:30Monster81994195
267R.E.M.I Took Your Name4:03Monster91994218
268R.E.M.Let Me In3:28Monster101994207
269R.E.M.Circus Envy4:15Monster111994243
271R.E.M.Radio Free Europe4:05Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]11983206
272R.E.M.Pilgrimage4:30Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]21983206
273R.E.M.Laughing3:58Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]31983207
274R.E.M.Talk About The Passion3:23Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]41983193
275R.E.M.Moral Kiosk3:32Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]51983212
276R.E.M.Perfect Circle3:30Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]61983213
277R.E.M.Catapult3:55Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]71983203
278R.E.M.Sitting Still3:18Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]81983176
279R.E.M.9-93:05Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]91983194
280R.E.M.Shaking Through4:30Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]101983203
281R.E.M.We Walk3:01Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]111983195
282R.E.M.West Of The Fields3:18Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]121983211
283R.E.M.There She Goes Again2:49Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]131983206
284R.E.M.9-9 (Live)3:06Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]141983212
285R.E.M.Gardening At Night (Live)3:48Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]151983217
286R.E.M.Catapult (Live)4:03Murmur [NL 1992 Re-Release]161983215
287R.E.M.How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us4:31New Adventures In Hi-Fi11996211
288R.E.M.The Wake-Up Bomb5:08New Adventures In Hi-Fi21996202
289R.E.M.New Test Leper5:26New Adventures In Hi-Fi31996234
290R.E.M.Undertow5:09New Adventures In Hi-Fi41996196
291R.E.M.E-Bow The Letter5:24New Adventures In Hi-Fi51996201
292R.E.M.Leave7:17New Adventures In Hi-Fi61996221
293R.E.M.Departure3:29New Adventures In Hi-Fi71996201
294R.E.M.Bittersweet Me4:05New Adventures In Hi-Fi81996220
295R.E.M.Be Mine5:33New Adventures In Hi-Fi91996176
296R.E.M.Binky The Doormat5:01New Adventures In Hi-Fi101996190
297R.E.M.Zither2:34New Adventures In Hi-Fi111996197
298R.E.M.So Fast, So Numb4:12New Adventures In Hi-Fi121996222
299R.E.M.Low Desert3:32New Adventures In Hi-Fi131996213
300R.E.M.Electrolite4:05New Adventures In Hi-Fi141996198
301R.E.M.Radio Song4:15Out Of Time11991212
302R.E.M.Losing My Religion4:28Out Of Time21991217
303R.E.M.Low4:56Out Of Time31991207
304R.E.M.Near Wild Heaven3:19Out Of Time41991214
305R.E.M.Endgame3:50Out Of Time51991210
306R.E.M.Shiny Happy People3:46Out Of Time61991214
307R.E.M.Belong4:06Out Of Time71991223
308R.E.M.Half A World Away3:28Out Of Time81991204
309R.E.M.Texarkana3:40Out Of Time91991225
310R.E.M.Country Feedback4:09Out Of Time101991208
311R.E.M.Me In Honey4:06Out Of Time111991219
312R.E.M.Harborcoat3:54Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]11984214
313R.E.M.7 Chinese Bros.4:18Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]21984215
314R.E.M.So. Central Rain3:16Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]31984208
315R.E.M.Pretty Persuasion3:53Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]41984211
316R.E.M.Time After Time (Annelise)3:32Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]51984213
317R.E.M.Second Guessing2:51Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]61984210
318R.E.M.Letter Never Sent3:02Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]71984208
319R.E.M.Camera5:51Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]81984198
320R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville4:33Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]91984207
321R.E.M.Little America2:58Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]101984210
322R.E.M.Wind Out (With Friends)2:00Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]111984220
323R.E.M.Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)4:02Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]121984212
324R.E.M.White Tornado (Live in Studio)1:53Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]131984219
325R.E.M.Tighten Up4:09Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]141984221
326R.E.M.Moon River2:21Reckoning [1992 Bonus Tracks Reissue]151984196
327R.E.M.The Lifting4:39Reveal12001223
328R.E.M.I've Been High3:26Reveal22001195
329R.E.M.All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)4:44Reveal32001213
330R.E.M.She Just Wants To Be5:22Reveal42001204
332R.E.M.Saturn Return4:54Reveal62001201
333R.E.M.Beat A Drum4:20Reveal72001201
334R.E.M.Imitation Of Life3:56Reveal82001213
335R.E.M.Summer Turns To High3:31Reveal92001214
336R.E.M.Chorus And The Ring4:31Reveal102001209
337R.E.M.I'll Take The Rain5:51Reveal112001212
339R.E.M.The Great Beyond (Radio Edit)4:13The Great Beyond (Single)11999212
340R.E.M.Everybody Hurts (Live From Glastonbury)6:23The Great Beyond (Single)21999188
341R.E.M.The One I Love (Live From Glastonbury)3:08The Great Beyond (Single)31999207
342R.E.M.Shiny Happy People3:44Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)122001210
343R.E.M.Drive4:25Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 2)162001201
344R.E.M.Everybody Hurts4:59Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)91997197
349R.E.M.At My Most Beautiful3:35Up51998190
350R.E.M.The Apologist4:29Up61998207
351R.E.M.Sad Professor4:03Up71998199
352R.E.M.You're In The Air5:23Up81998190
353R.E.M.Walk Unafraid4:33Up91998208
354R.E.M.Why Not Smile4:02Up101998216
358R.E.M.Falls To Climb5:06Up141998190
359R.E.M.What's The Frequency, Kenneth?3:59Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)102005211
360RaceySome Girls3:24100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 1)41997212
361RaceyLay Your Love On Me3:15100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 4)21997212
362RaceySome Girls3:26Disco Fever (Disc 1)101997209
363RaceyLay Your Love On Me3:14Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 2)11998201
364RaceySome Girls Do3:25Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 3)21998213
365Rachael LampaLive For You3:58WOW #1s (Blue Disc)152005224
366Rachael LampaLive for You3:57WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)22000221
367Rachael LampaYou Lift Me Up3:38WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)92001241
368Rachael LampaI'm All Yours4:30WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)112002212
369Rachael LampaWhen I Fall5:06WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)92004220
370Rachael YamagataReason Why5:05The Last Kiss (OST)82006220
371Rachel PortmanSuite5:33Mona Lisa Smile (OST)152003203
372Rachel StevensSweet Dreams My LA Ex (Flip & Fill Mix)3:25Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)42003181
373Racing CarsThey Shoot Horses Don't They?3:37One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)202001234
374Racing CarsThey Shoot Horses Don't They3:41The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 2)151999194
375The RadiantsVoice Your Choice2:36Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)181997205
376Radio Active CatsShotgun Shack4:54Radio Active Cats11991225
377Radio Active CatsHold On Tight3:26Radio Active Cats21991225
378Radio Active CatsBed Of Roses4:45Radio Active Cats31991219
379Radio Active CatsFinger In The Pie4:55Radio Active Cats41991231
380Radio Active CatsStandin' In The Rain4:24Radio Active Cats51991230
381Radio Active CatsLove Razor4:18Radio Active Cats61991221
382Radio Active CatsCry On My Shoulder3:47Radio Active Cats71991221
383Radio Active CatsThink About Love3:28Radio Active Cats81991219
384Radio Active CatsCheap Mascara4:28Radio Active Cats91991223
385Radio Active CatsKnock Knock3:56Radio Active Cats101991206
386Radio Active CatsWet, Hot Sweat4:35Radio Active Cats111991231
387Radio Free VestibuleBulbous Bouffant4:14Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 0411995128
388RadioheadAirbag4:46Airbag / How Am I Driving?11998241
389RadioheadPearly3:33Airbag / How Am I Driving?21998181
390RadioheadMeeting In The Aisle3:09Airbag / How Am I Driving?31998229
391RadioheadA Reminder3:51Airbag / How Am I Driving?41998203
392RadioheadPolyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)4:22Airbag / How Am I Driving?51998208
393RadioheadMelatonin2:09Airbag / How Am I Driving?61998172
394RadioheadPalo Alto3:43Airbag / How Am I Driving?71998197
395RadioheadPackt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box4:00Amnesiac12001193
396RadioheadPyramid Song4:48Amnesiac22001175
397RadioheadPulk/Pull Revolving Doors4:07Amnesiac32001238
398RadioheadYou And Whose Army?3:11Amnesiac42001188
399RadioheadI Might Be Wrong4:53Amnesiac52001215
400RadioheadKnives Out4:14Amnesiac62001207
401RadioheadMorning Bell/Amnesiac3:14Amnesiac72001209
402RadioheadDollars and Cents4:51Amnesiac82001210
403RadioheadHunting Bears2:01Amnesiac92001189
404RadioheadLike Spinning Plates3:57Amnesiac102001186
405RadioheadLife In A Glasshouse4:34Amnesiac112001182
406Radiohead2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm.)3:19Hail To The Thief12003215
407RadioheadSit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.)4:20Hail To The Thief22003222
408RadioheadSail To The Moon. (Brush The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky.)4:18Hail To The Thief32003187
409RadioheadBackdrifts. (Honeymoon Is Over.)5:22Hail To The Thief42003204
410RadioheadGo To Sleep. (Little Man Being Erased.)3:21Hail To The Thief52003244
411RadioheadWhere I End And You Begin. (The Sky Is Falling In.)4:29Hail To The Thief62003196
412RadioheadWe Suck Young Blood. (Your Time Is Up.)4:56Hail To The Thief72003167
413RadioheadThe Gloaming. (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold.)3:32Hail To The Thief82003201
414RadioheadThere There. (The Boney King Of Nowhere.)5:23Hail To The Thief92003220
415RadioheadI Will. (No Man's Land.)1:59Hail To The Thief102003171
416RadioheadA Punchup At A Wedding. (No No No No No No No No.)4:57Hail To The Thief112003195
417RadioheadMyxomatosis. (Judge, Jury & Executioner.)3:52Hail To The Thief122003256
418RadioheadScatterbrain. (As Dead As Leaves.)3:21Hail To The Thief132003189
419RadioheadA Wolf At The Door. (It Girl. Rag Doll.)3:21Hail To The Thief142003211
420RadioheadThe National Anthem4:57I Might Be Wrong12001186
421RadioheadI Might Be Wrong4:52I Might Be Wrong22001211
422RadioheadMorning Bell4:14I Might Be Wrong32001199
423RadioheadLike Spinning Plates3:47I Might Be Wrong42001176
424RadioheadIdioteque4:24I Might Be Wrong52001189
425RadioheadEverything In Its Right Place7:42I Might Be Wrong62001198
426RadioheadDollars And Cents5:13I Might Be Wrong72001202
427RadioheadTrue Love Waits5:02I Might Be Wrong82001146
428Radiohead15 Step3:58In Rainbows (Disc 1)12007188
429RadioheadBodysnatchers4:02In Rainbows (Disc 1)22007202
430RadioheadNude4:15In Rainbows (Disc 1)32007202
431RadioheadWeird Fishes / Arpeggi5:18In Rainbows (Disc 1)42007202
432RadioheadAll I Need3:48In Rainbows (Disc 1)52007198
433RadioheadFaust Arp2:09In Rainbows (Disc 1)62007194
434RadioheadReckoner4:50In Rainbows (Disc 1)72007230
435RadioheadHouse of Cards5:28In Rainbows (Disc 1)82007195
436RadioheadJigsaw Falling Into Place4:08In Rainbows (Disc 1)92007230
437RadioheadVideotape4:41In Rainbows (Disc 1)102007195
438RadioheadMK11:04In Rainbows (Disc 2)12007186
439RadioheadDown Is The New Up4:59In Rainbows (Disc 2)22007203
440RadioheadGo Slowly3:48In Rainbows (Disc 2)32007185
441RadioheadMK20:53In Rainbows (Disc 2)42007127
442RadioheadLast Flowers4:26In Rainbows (Disc 2)52007201
443RadioheadUp On The Ladder4:17In Rainbows (Disc 2)62007229
444RadioheadBangers & Mash3:19In Rainbows (Disc 2)72007226
445Radiohead4 Minute Warning4:06In Rainbows (Disc 2)82007201
446RadioheadEverything In Its Right Place4:11Kid A12000197
447RadioheadKid A4:44Kid A22000201
448RadioheadThe National Anthem5:51Kid A32000210
449RadioheadHow To Disappear Completely5:56Kid A42000201
450RadioheadTreefingers3:42Kid A52000205
451RadioheadOptimistic5:16Kid A62000207
452RadioheadIn Limbo3:31Kid A72000204
453RadioheadIdioteque5:09Kid A82000200
454RadioheadMorning Bell4:35Kid A92000192
455RadioheadMotion Picture Soundtrack7:01Kid A102000122
456RadioheadAirbag4:44OK Computer11997238
457RadioheadParanoid Android6:23OK Computer21997204
458RadioheadSubterranean Homesick Alien4:27OK Computer31997217
459RadioheadExit Music (For A Film)4:24OK Computer41997177
460RadioheadLet Down4:59OK Computer51997241
461RadioheadKarma Police4:21OK Computer61997209
462RadioheadFitter Happier1:57OK Computer71997185
463RadioheadElectioneering3:50OK Computer81997226
464RadioheadClimbing Up The Walls4:45OK Computer91997207
465RadioheadNo Surprises3:48OK Computer101997209
466RadioheadLucky4:19OK Computer111997194
467RadioheadThe Tourist5:24OK Computer121997187
468RadioheadYou3:28Pablo Honey11993210
469RadioheadCreep3:55Pablo Honey21993203
470RadioheadHow Do You?2:12Pablo Honey31993231
471RadioheadStop Whispering5:25Pablo Honey41993214
472RadioheadThinking About You2:41Pablo Honey51993217
473RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar3:37Pablo Honey61993225
474RadioheadRipcord3:09Pablo Honey71993214
475RadioheadVegetable3:12Pablo Honey81993221
476RadioheadProve Yourself2:25Pablo Honey91993189
477RadioheadI Can't4:13Pablo Honey101993213
478RadioheadLurgee3:07Pablo Honey111993199
479RadioheadBlow Out4:40Pablo Honey121993222
480RadioheadPlanet Telex4:19The Bends11995222
481RadioheadThe Bends4:06The Bends21995216
482RadioheadHigh And Dry4:17The Bends31995211
483RadioheadFake Plastic Trees4:50The Bends41995192
484RadioheadBones3:09The Bends51995229
485RadioheadNice Dream3:53The Bends61995207
486RadioheadJust3:54The Bends71995224
487RadioheadMy Iron Lung4:36The Bends81995211
488RadioheadBullet Proof. . . I Wish I Was3:28The Bends91995204
489RadioheadBlack Star4:07The Bends101995222
490RadioheadSulk3:43The Bends111995239
491RadioheadStreet Spirit (Fade Out)4:12The Bends121995217
492RadioheadBloom5:14The King of Limbs12011221
493RadioheadMorning Mr. Magpie4:40The King of Limbs22011204
494RadioheadLittle By Little4:27The King of Limbs32011172
495RadioheadFeral3:12The King of Limbs42011179
496RadioheadLotus Flower5:00The King of Limbs52011188
497RadioheadCodex4:46The King of Limbs62011166
498RadioheadGive Up the Ghost4:50The King of Limbs72011168
499RadioheadSeparator5:21The King of Limbs82011206
500RadioheadThere There (Edit)4:47TM Century PrimeCuts 510P142003208
501RadioheadGo To Sleep [Album Version]3:27TM Century PrimeCuts 528P142003232
502RadiosShe Goes Nana3:45Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)42001181
503RaekwonSmith Bros.4:27Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 142004189
504Raekwon & GhostfaceCutting It Up3:29Ratatat - Remixes Vol. 1102004194
505RaffiBaby Beluga2:42Baby Beluga11980188
506RaffiBiscuits In the Oven2:26Baby Beluga21980186
507RaffiOats And Beans And Barley1:27Baby Beluga31980197
508RaffiDay O3:01Baby Beluga41980190
509RaffiThanks A Lot2:28Baby Beluga51980177
510RaffiTo Everyone In All The World1:46Baby Beluga61980177
511RaffiAll I Really Need3:46Baby Beluga71980197
512RaffiOver In The Meadow2:18Baby Beluga81980176
513RaffiThis Old Man2:25Baby Beluga91980190
514RaffiWater Dance1:55Baby Beluga101980188
515RaffiKumbaya2:23Baby Beluga111980190
516RaffiJoshua Giraffe6:05Baby Beluga121980185
517RaffiMorningtown Ride2:24Baby Beluga131980183
519RaffiShake A Toe2:21Bananaphone21994192
520RaffiThe World We Love3:28Bananaphone31994182
521RaffiSlow Day3:27Bananaphone41994174
522RaffiThe Changing Garden Of Mr. Bell4:12Bananaphone51994174
524RaffiSpring Flowers2:42Bananaphone71994180
526RaffiMichael Row The Boat Ashore3:28Bananaphone91994170
527RaffiFirst Peoples4:42Bananaphone101994206
528RaffiDee Myth2:22Bananaphone111994194
529RaffiCowlit Night3:22Bananaphone121994216
530RaffiThe Gorilla Song2:13Bananaphone131994142
531RaffiSimple Gifts2:17Bananaphone141994170
532RaffiDown By The Riverside3:16Bananaphone151994171
533RaffiThe Shmenge Polka2:12Bananaphone161994186
534RaffiSix Little Ducks1:37More Singable Songs11977182
535RaffiYou Gotta Sing2:19More Singable Songs21977173
536RaffiLes Petites Marionettes0:54More Singable Songs31977175
537RaffiSodeo1:45More Singable Songs41977174
538RaffiOh Me, Oh My2:01More Singable Songs51977159
539RaffiJunior Ragtime1:36More Singable Songs61977197
540RaffiComin' Down The Chimney1:50More Singable Songs71977174
541RaffiDouglas Mountain1:41More Singable Songs81977177
542RaffiListen To The Horses1:58More Singable Songs91977181
543RaffiWho Built The Ark1:52More Singable Songs101977161
544RaffiSambalele2:06More Singable Songs111977176
545RaffiSkin And Bones1:06More Singable Songs121977157
546RaffiShake My Sillies Out1:06More Singable Songs131977178
547RaffiIf I Had A Dinosaur1:08More Singable Songs141977168
548RaffiWorkin' On The Railroad1:11More Singable Songs151977168
549RaffiNew River Train3:41More Singable Songs161977183
550RaffiFrosty The Snowman2:03Raffi's Christmas Album11983168
551RaffiUp On The House-Top1:58Raffi's Christmas Album21983200
552RaffiOn Christmas Morning2:04Raffi's Christmas Album31983201
553RaffiPetit Papa Noel2:56Raffi's Christmas Album41983168
554RaffiJingle Bells2:09Raffi's Christmas Album51983200
555RaffiThe First Noel/Deck The Halls2:42Raffi's Christmas Album61983191
556RaffiEver Little Wish2:12Raffi's Christmas Album71983176
557RaffiRudolph The Red-Hosed Reindeer1:54Raffi's Christmas Album81983182
558RaffiMust Be Santa2:28Raffi's Christmas Album91983192
559RaffiDouglas Mountain1:45Raffi's Christmas Album101983177
560RaffiOld Toy Train2:16Raffi's Christmas Album111983185
561RaffiChristmas Time's A Comin'1:46Raffi's Christmas Album121983185
562RaffiSilent Night/Away In A Manger2:31Raffi's Christmas Album131983169
563RaffiThere Was A Little Baby1:41Raffi's Christmas Album141983200
564RaffiWe Wish You A Merry Christmas1:24Raffi's Christmas Album151983194
565RaffiWe Wish You A Merry Christmas1:23Raffi's Christmas Album: A Collection of Christmas Songs for Children161982128
566Rafiki, Kiara, Kovu & Ladysmith Black MambazoUpendi2:54The Lion King II: Return To Pride Rock (OST)31998202
567The Rag DollsSociety Girl2:55Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)222005134
568RageRun To You3:42The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)201993211
569Rage Against The MachinePeople of the Sun2:30Evil Empire11996225
570Rage Against The MachineBulls On Parade3:51Evil Empire21996226
571Rage Against The MachineVietnow4:39Evil Empire31996219
572Rage Against The MachineRevolver5:30Evil Empire41996215
573Rage Against The MachineSnakecharmer3:55Evil Empire51996215
574Rage Against The MachineTire Me3:00Evil Empire61996227
575Rage Against The MachineDown Rodeo5:20Evil Empire71996222
576Rage Against The MachineWithout a Face3:36Evil Empire81996210
577Rage Against The MachineWind Below5:50Evil Empire91996205
578Rage Against The MachineRoll Right4:22Evil Empire101996221
579Rage Against The MachineYear of tha Boomerang3:59Evil Empire111996226
580Rage Against The MachineNo Shelter4:03Godzilla (OST)41998230
581Rage Against The MachineBombtrack4:04Rage Against The Machine11992234
582Rage Against The MachineKilling In The Name5:14Rage Against The Machine21992231
583Rage Against The MachineTake The Power Back5:37Rage Against The Machine31992226
584Rage Against The MachineSettle For Nothing4:48Rage Against The Machine41992204
585Rage Against The MachineBullet In The Head5:09Rage Against The Machine51992219
586Rage Against The MachineKnow Your Enemy4:55Rage Against The Machine61992221
587Rage Against The MachineWake Up6:04Rage Against The Machine71992231
588Rage Against The MachineFistful Of Steel5:31Rage Against The Machine81992223
589Rage Against The MachineTownship Rebellion5:24Rage Against The Machine91992217
590Rage Against The MachineFreedom6:06Rage Against The Machine101992224
591Rage Against The MachineMicrophone Fiend5:01Renegades12000196
592Rage Against The MachinePistol Grip Pump3:18Renegades22000182
593Rage Against The MachineKick Out The Jams3:11Renegades32000236
594Rage Against The MachineRenegades Of Funk4:35Renegades42000196
595Rage Against The MachineBeautiful World2:35Renegades52000175
596Rage Against The MachineI'm Housin'4:56Renegades62000207
597Rage Against The MachineIn My Eyes2:54Renegades72000242
598Rage Against The MachineHow I Could Just Kill A Man4:04Renegades82000196
599Rage Against The MachineThe Ghost Of Tom Joad5:38Renegades92000243
600Rage Against The MachineDown On The Street3:39Renegades102000216
601Rage Against The MachineStreet Fighting Man4:42Renegades112000215
602Rage Against The MachineMaggie's Farm6:54Renegades122000208
603Rage Against The MachineKick Out The Jams (Live Grand Olympic Auditorium)4:31Renegades132000208
604Rage Against The MachineHow I Could Just Kill A Man (Live Grand Olympic Auditorium)4:30Renegades142000209
605Rage Against The MachineTestify3:30The Battle Of Los Angeles11999236
606Rage Against The MachineGuerrilla Radio3:26The Battle Of Los Angeles21999248
607Rage Against The MachineCalm Like A Bomb4:58The Battle Of Los Angeles31999223
608Rage Against The MachineMic Check3:33The Battle Of Los Angeles41999182
609Rage Against The MachineSleep Now In The Fire3:25The Battle Of Los Angeles51999215
610Rage Against The MachineBorn Of A Broken Man4:40The Battle Of Los Angeles61999224
611Rage Against The MachineBorn As Ghosts3:22The Battle Of Los Angeles71999234
612Rage Against The MachineMaria3:48The Battle Of Los Angeles81999227
613Rage Against The MachineVoice Of The Voiceless2:31The Battle Of Los Angeles91999239
614Rage Against The MachineNew Millennium Homes3:44The Battle Of Los Angeles101999231
615Rage Against The MachineAshes In The Fall4:37The Battle Of Los Angeles111999211
616Rage Against The MachineWar Within A Breath3:36The Battle Of Los Angeles121999232
617Rage Against The MachineRenegades Of Funk [The Crystal Method Remix]3:55The Crystal Method - Community Service112002218
618RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)2:55AM Gold: 1971171998180
619The RaidersIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)3:27Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 1)171998177
620The RaidersIndian Reservation2:54The Oldie Collection (Disc 2)51992194
621Railroad EarthDrag Him Down4:19Bird In A House12002233
622Railroad EarthBird In A House5:28Bird In A House22002227
623Railroad EarthLike A Buddha7:05Bird In A House32002232
624Railroad EarthPack A Day3:09Bird In A House42002240
625Railroad EarthMountain Time7:02Bird In A House52002197
626Railroad EarthGive That Boy A Hand4:19Bird In A House62002233
627Railroad EarthPeace On Earth4:30Bird In A House72002230
628Railroad EarthWalk On By5:57Bird In A House82002191
629Railroad EarthMighty River5:28Bird In A House92002237
630Railroad EarthLois Ann3:47Bird In A House102002231
631Railroad EarthCame Up Smilin'5:53Bird In A House112002208
632Railroad EarthDandelion Wine4:38Bird In A House122002238
633Railroad EarthSaddle Of The Sun4:39Bird In A House132002222
634Railroad EarthLong Way To Go6:20Elko (Disc 1)12005215
635Railroad EarthColorado9:26Elko (Disc 1)22005223
636Railroad EarthBird In A House7:22Elko (Disc 1)32005215
637Railroad EarthThe Hunting Song11:56Elko (Disc 1)42005220
638Railroad EarthOld Man and the Land6:57Elko (Disc 1)52005220
639Railroad EarthHead15:41Elko (Disc 1)62005230
640Railroad EarthElko8:59Elko (Disc 2)12005223
641Railroad EarthMighty River7:54Elko (Disc 2)22005202
642Railroad EarthLike A Buddha16:00Elko (Disc 2)32005236
643Railroad EarthWarhead Boogie15:05Elko (Disc 2)42005221
644Railroad EarthRailroad Earth6:00Elko (Disc 2)52005209
645Railroad EarthSeven Story Mountain14:10Elko (Disc 2)62005215
646Railroad EarthLong Walk Home4:40Railroad Earth12010217
647Railroad EarthThe Jupiter & The 1197:57Railroad Earth22010210
648Railroad EarthBlack Elk Speaks5:40Railroad Earth32010222
649Railroad EarthDay on the Sand4:10Railroad Earth42010170
650Railroad EarthLone Croft Farewell5:18Railroad Earth52010220
651Railroad EarthToo Much Information4:50Railroad Earth62010207
652Railroad EarthSpring-Heeled Jack11:28Railroad Earth72010216
653Railroad EarthOn the Banks4:58Railroad Earth82010193
654Railroad EarthPotter's Field6:12Railroad Earth92010198
655Railroad EarthHead6:59The Black Bear Sessions12001221
656Railroad EarthLordy Lordy4:12The Black Bear Sessions22001207
657Railroad EarthSeven Story Mountain6:02The Black Bear Sessions32001208
658Railroad EarthChains4:29The Black Bear Sessions42001211
659Railroad EarthBlack Bear9:13The Black Bear Sessions52001198
660Railroad EarthColorado5:11The Black Bear Sessions62001217
661Railroad EarthReal Love3:48The Black Bear Sessions72001197
662Railroad EarthStillwater Getaway5:50The Black Bear Sessions82001226
663Railroad EarthCold Water3:52The Black Bear Sessions92001206
664Railroad EarthRailroad Earth5:26The Black Bear Sessions102001196
665Railroad GinA Matter Of Time2:37Living In The 70's (Disc 1)201995204
666The Rain ParadeYou Are My Friend3:06Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)172005207
667The Rain ParadeOne Half Hour Ago4:12Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)82005219
668The Rain ParadeSad Eyes Kill3:07Demolition11991143
669The Rain ParadeMystic Green3:16Demolition21991189
670The Rain ParadeShoot Down the Railroad Man3:01Demolition31991193
671The Rain ParadeMy Secret Country2:57Demolition41991187
672The Rain ParadeInvisible People2:17Demolition51991138
673The Rain ParadeOnly Business1:55Demolition61991185
674The Rain ParadeCrashing Dream6:44Demolition71991217
675The Rain ParadeDepending on You3:20Demolition81991161
676The Rain ParadeGone West3:47Demolition91991190
677The Rain ParadeMy Dog's Last Dream3:26Demolition101991175
678The Rain ParadeTranquility Base3:01Demolition111991201
679The Rain ParadeThe Sniper4:08Demolition121991220
680The Rain ParadeMurder Boy3:22Demolition131991176
681The Rain ParadeGot the Fear4:43Demolition141991197
682The Rain ParadeTV Stone2:14Demolition151991220
683The Rain ParadeUndermine2:30Demolition161991191
684The Rain ParadeNovocaine2:43Demolition171991215
685The Rain ParadePower2:47Demolition181991216
686The Rain ParadeEvery Morning Does3:02Demolition191991144
687The Rain ParadeTalking in My Sleep3:49Emergency Third Rail Power Trip11983209
688The Rain ParadeThis Can't Be Today4:36Emergency Third Rail Power Trip21983204
689The Rain ParadeI Look Around3:07Emergency Third Rail Power Trip31983216
690The Rain Parade1 Hour 1/2 Ago4:14Emergency Third Rail Power Trip41983204
691The Rain ParadeCarolyn's Song4:05Emergency Third Rail Power Trip51983193
692The Rain ParadeWhat's She Done to Your Mind2:56Emergency Third Rail Power Trip61983213
693The Rain ParadeLook at Merri6:34Emergency Third Rail Power Trip71983201
694The Rain ParadeSaturday's Asylum3:46Emergency Third Rail Power Trip81983222
695The Rain ParadeKaleidoscope5:35Emergency Third Rail Power Trip91983207
696The Rain ParadeLook Both Ways3:10Emergency Third Rail Power Trip101983198
697The Rain ParadeYou Are My Friend3:05Emergency Third Rail Power Trip111983202
698The Rain ParadePrisoners3:52Emergency Third Rail Power Trip121983198
699The Rain ParadeBlue2:55Emergency Third Rail Power Trip131983204
700The Rain ParadeBroken Horse3:42Emergency Third Rail Power Trip141983191
701The Rain ParadeNo Easy Way Down6:56Emergency Third Rail Power Trip151983198
702RainbowStranded4:29Bent Out Of Shape11983196
703RainbowCan't Let You Go4:22Bent Out Of Shape21983196
704RainbowFool For The Night4:04Bent Out Of Shape31983216
705RainbowFire Dance4:30Bent Out Of Shape41983215
706RainbowAnybody There2:38Bent Out Of Shape51983185
707RainbowDesperate Heart4:04Bent Out Of Shape61983192
708RainbowStreet Of Dreams4:26Bent Out Of Shape71983197
709RainbowDrinking With The Devil3:44Bent Out Of Shape81983205
710RainbowSnowman4:33Bent Out Of Shape91983197
711RainbowMake Your Move3:56Bent Out Of Shape101983209
712RainbowI Surrender4:05Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]11981203
713RainbowSpotlight Kid4:57Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]21981194
714RainbowNo Release5:37Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]31981203
715RainbowMagic4:09Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]41981199
716RainbowVielleicht Das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time)3:20Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]51981174
717RainbowCan't Happen Here5:00Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]61981202
718RainbowFreedom Fighter4:24Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]71981208
719RainbowMidtown Tunnel Vision4:35Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]81981187
720RainbowDifficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth)5:58Difficult To Cure [1999 Remaster]91981223
721RainbowAll Night Long3:53Down To Earth11979221
722RainbowEyes Of The World6:41Down To Earth21979210
723RainbowNo Time To Lose3:44Down To Earth31979227
724RainbowMakin' Love4:40Down To Earth41979224
725RainbowSince You Been Gone3:20Down To Earth51979194
726RainbowLove's No Friend4:54Down To Earth61979225
727RainbowDanger Zone4:31Down To Earth71979229
728RainbowLost In Hollywood4:50Down To Earth81979225
729RainbowLong Live Rock 'n' Roll4:25Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]11978190
730RainbowLady Of The Lake3:38Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]21978196
731RainbowL.A. Connection5:02Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]31978200
732RainbowGates Of Babylon6:51Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]41978199
733RainbowKill The King4:30Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]51978199
734RainbowThe Shed (Subtle)4:47Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]61978216
735RainbowSensitive To Light3:08Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]71978193
736RainbowRainbow Eyes7:26Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [Remaster]81978195
737RainbowTarot Woman6:10Rising11976211
738RainbowRun With The Wolf3:49Rising21976215
740RainbowDo You Close Your Eyes3:01Rising41976207
742RainbowLight In The Black8:12Rising61976210
743RainbowMan On The Silver Mountain4:41Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow11975209
744RainbowSelf Portrait3:17Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow21975207
745RainbowBlack Sheep Of The Family3:22Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow31975206
746RainbowCatch The Rainbow6:31Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow41975204
747RainbowSnake Charmer4:33Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow51975216
748RainbowThe Temple Of The King4:45Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow61975210
749RainbowIf You Don't Like Rock & Roll2:37Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow71975223
750RainbowSixteenth Century Greensleeves3:31Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow81975210
751RainbowStill I'm Sad3:52Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow91975214
752RainbowDeath Alley Driver4:45Straight Between The Eyes11982195
753RainbowStone Cold5:19Straight Between The Eyes21982190
754RainbowBring On The Night (Dream Chaser)4:08Straight Between The Eyes31982204
755RainbowTite Squeeze3:16Straight Between The Eyes41982196
756RainbowTearin' Out My Heart4:06Straight Between The Eyes51982178
757RainbowPower4:27Straight Between The Eyes61982187
758RainbowMiss Mistreated4:30Straight Between The Eyes71982188
759RainbowRock Fever3:52Straight Between The Eyes81982203
760RainbowEyes Of Fire6:40Straight Between The Eyes91982202
761RainbowWolf To The Moon4:16Stranger in Us All11995204
762RainbowCold Hearted Woman4:30Stranger in Us All21995244
763RainbowHunting Humans (Insatiable)5:44Stranger in Us All31995230
764RainbowStand And Fight5:21Stranger in Us All41995240
765RainbowAriel5:39Stranger in Us All51995228
766RainbowToo Late For Tears4:54Stranger in Us All61995223
767RainbowBlack Masquerade5:35Stranger in Us All71995247
768RainbowSilence4:04Stranger in Us All81995236
769RainbowHall Of The Mountain King5:31Stranger in Us All91995210
770RainbowStill I'm Sad5:24Stranger in Us All101995226
771RainbowStone Cold4:12The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 2)3 216
772The RainbowsMary Lee2:32The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)161994149
773RaindropsThe Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget2:121963 - Still Rockin'13 136
774The RaindropsWhat a Guy2:20Lost Treasures Volume 114 126
775The RaindropsThe Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget2:11The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 251990261
776RajaNee3:50More! Bump N' Grind71995192
777RajnaRajna4:51Projekt: Gothic112003184
778RakimR.A.K.I.M.4:238 Mile (OST)132002203
779Rakim and Danny SaberTake The Train4:05The Rugrats Movie (OST)111998223
780Ral DonnerYou Don't Know What You've Got2:14The Rock & Roll Era - 1961 Still Rockin'111961198
781Ralph BurnsDeep River Blues4:25National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)71983200
782Ralph BurnsThe Trip2:37National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)131983209
783Ralph BurnsChristie's Song3:02National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)171983200
784Ralph CarterExtra, Extra (Read All About It)5:12Disco Train Vol. 1141996243
785Ralph MacDonaldCalypso Breakdown7:52Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]91977245
786Ralph Marterie & His "Down Beat" OrchestraCaravan2:48Your Hit Parade - '50s Instrumentals71992126
787Ralph McTellStreets Of London4:0740 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)52001206
788Ralph McTellStreets Of London4:08One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 3)172001247
789Ralph McTellStreets Of London4:39Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)112001212
790Ralph Rainger & Leo RobinThe Bob Hope Show1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)651996220
791Ralph StanleyChristmas Is Near2:25A Very Special Acoustic Christmas82003167
792Ralph StanleyO Death3:19O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)142000133
793Ralph TresvantSensitivity4:42The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 2)121999208
794Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Wasps: Overture8:36In Classical Mood - 06 - Great Overtures51996190
795Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.3 "Pastoral" - I. Molto moderato10:19Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)1 169
796Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.3 "Pastoral" - II. Lento moderato9:25Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)2 158
797Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.3 "Pastoral" - III. Moderato pesante7:26Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)3 181
798Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.3 "Pastoral" - IV. Lento11:50Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)4 174
799Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.4 in Fm - I. Allegro8:41Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)5 176
800Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.4 in Fm - II. Andante moderato10:10Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)6 169
801Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.4 in Fm - III. Scherzo: Allegro molto5:27Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)7 181
802Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.4 in Fm - IV. Finale con epilogo fugato8:39Symphonies 3 & 4 - Haitink, LPO (EMI 1998)8 179
803Ralph Vaughan WilliamsI - A Song For All Seas, All Ships - Andante maestoso - Behold, The Sea Itself3:24Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)1 200
804Ralph Vaughan WilliamsI - A Song For All Seas, All Ships - Andante maestoso - Today A Rude Brief Recitative5:02Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)2 196
805Ralph Vaughan WilliamsI - A Song For All Seas, All Ships - Andante maestoso - Flaunt Out, O Sea2:46Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)3 190
806Ralph Vaughan WilliamsI - A Song For All Seas, All Ships - Andante maestoso - Token Of All Brave Captains4:24Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)4 197
807Ralph Vaughan WilliamsI - A Song For All Seas, All Ships - Andante maestoso - A Pennant Universal3:28Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)5 183
808Ralph Vaughan WilliamsII - On The Beach At Night, Alone - Largo sostenuto - On The Beach At Night, Alone3:45Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)6 167
809Ralph Vaughan WilliamsII - On The Beach At Night, Alone - Largo sostenuto - A Vast Similitude Of Interlocks All7:34Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)7 175
810Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIII - The Waves - Allegro brillante7:48Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)8 199
811Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - O Vast Rondure, Swimming In Space5:04Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)9 179
812Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - Down The Gardens Of Asia Descending7:44Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)10 186
813Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - O We Can Wait No Longer5:42Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)11 168
814Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - O Thou Transcendent2:56Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)12 178
815Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - Greater Than Stars Or Suns1:31Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)13 200
816Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - Sail Forth, Steer For Deep Waters Only2:19Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)14 189
817Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIV - The Explorers - Grave e molto adagio - O My Brave Soul!3:45Symphony 1 'A Sea Symphony' - Slatkin (1992 EMI 1993)15 167
818Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.6 in Em - I. Allegro7:37Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)1 196
819Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.6 in Em - II. Moderato8:58Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)2 178
820Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.6 in Em - III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace6:15Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)3 199
821Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.6 in Em - IV. Epilogue: Moderato10:17Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)4 167
822Ralph Vaughan WilliamsIn The Fen Country13:57Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)5 172
823Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - I. On Wenlock Edge3:51Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)6 184
824Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - II. From Far, From Eve And Morning2:04Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)7 177
825Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - III. Is My Team Ploughing3:47Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)8 171
826Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - IV. Oh, When I Was In Love With You0:44Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)9 170
827Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - V. Bredon Hill7:38Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)10 180
828Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOn Wenlock Edge - VI. Clun3:27Symphony 6, On Wenlock Edge - Haitink, LPO (1999 EMI 1999)11 180
829RamIbo Lele (Dreams Come True)4:14Philadelphia (OST)41994206
830Ram JamBlack Betty5:29Disco Super Hits71998220
831Ram JamBlack Betty3:58Rock Line71992209
832Ram JamBlack Betty2:33Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2111993199
833Ram JamBlack Betty3:58The Very Best Of Ram Jam11990214
834Ram JamLet It All Out4:00The Very Best Of Ram Jam21990211
835Ram JamKeep Your Hands On The Wheel3:35The Very Best Of Ram Jam31990215
836Ram JamRight On The Money3:11The Very Best Of Ram Jam41990217
837Ram JamAll For The Love Of Rock 'N' Roll3:01The Very Best Of Ram Jam51990214
838Ram Jam4043:44The Very Best Of Ram Jam61990192
839Ram JamHigh Steppin'3:41The Very Best Of Ram Jam71990228
840Ram JamOverloaded2:55The Very Best Of Ram Jam81990220
841Ram JamHey Boogie Woman3:09The Very Best Of Ram Jam91990226
842Ram JamToo Bad On Your Birthday3:11The Very Best Of Ram Jam101990205
843Ram JamThe Kid Next Door3:23The Very Best Of Ram Jam111990227
844Ram JamTurnpike5:42The Very Best Of Ram Jam121990214
845Ram JamWanna Find Love3:44The Very Best Of Ram Jam131990245
846Ram JamJust Like Me4:14The Very Best Of Ram Jam141990252
847Ram JamHurricane Ride4:04The Very Best Of Ram Jam151990248
848Ram JamSaturday Night3:33The Very Best Of Ram Jam161990214
849Ram JamRunway Runaway4:47The Very Best Of Ram Jam171990250
850Ram JamPlease, Please, Please (Please Me)2:55The Very Best Of Ram Jam181990227
851Ram JamGone Wild3:17The Very Best Of Ram Jam191990234
852Ram JamPretty Poison4:27The Very Best Of Ram Jam201990225
853Ram JamBlack Betty2:32Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two41991214
854Ramblin' Jack ElliottDiamond Joe2:58Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 1)151997203
855Ramblin' ThomasPoor Boy Blues2:24Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 2)11952127
856RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut '984:24Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)11998240
857RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Faith No More)1:57Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)21998192
858RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Günter Schulz-Kmfdm & Hiwatt Marshall)4:07Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)31998240
859RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Sascha Konietzko-Kmfdm)4:47Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)41998227
860RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Olaf Bruhn-Bobo in White Wooden Houses)4:45Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)51998233
861RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Sascha Moser-Bobo in White Wooden Houses)3:53Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)61998223
862RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut (Rmx by Hellner-Marc Stagg)4:33Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)71998249
863RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut 'Migräne' -Rmx by Günter Schulz-Kmfdm5:17Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Ep)81998244
864RammsteinWollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen5:17Herzeleid11996249
865RammsteinDer Meister4:10Herzeleid21996234
866RammsteinWeißes Fleisch3:35Herzeleid31996236
867RammsteinAsche Zu Asche3:51Herzeleid41996238
869RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut4:49Herzeleid61996237
870RammsteinLe Mal Ancien (Das Alte Leid)5:44Herzeleid71996239
871RammsteinÉpouse-Moi (Heirate Mich)4:44Herzeleid81996222
872RammsteinMaux De Coeur (Herzeleid)3:43Herzeleid91996236
875RammsteinMein Herz Brennt4:39Mutter12001229
876RammsteinLinks 2 3 43:36Mutter22001210
878RammsteinIch Will3:37Mutter42001210
879RammsteinFeuer Frei!3:11Mutter52001228
883RammsteinRein Raus3:10Mutter92001222
886RammsteinMein Teil (PSB There Are No Guitars on This Mix)7:08Pet Shop Boys - Disco Four72007235
887RammsteinReise, Reise4:11Reise, Reise12004242
888RammsteinMein Teil4:32Reise, Reise22004251
889RammsteinDalai Lama5:38Reise, Reise32004252
890RammsteinKeine Lust3:42Reise, Reise42004254
891RammsteinLos4:25Reise, Reise52004227
892RammsteinAmerika3:46Reise, Reise62004247
893RammsteinMoskau4:16Reise, Reise72004245
894RammsteinMorgenstern3:59Reise, Reise82004239
895RammsteinStein Um Stein3:56Reise, Reise92004239
896RammsteinOhne Dich4:32Reise, Reise102004228
897RammsteinAmour4:50Reise, Reise112004218
899RammsteinMann Gegen Mann3:50Rosenrot22005246
902RammsteinWo Bist Du3:55Rosenrot52005248
903RammsteinStirb Nicht Vor Mir / Don't Die Before I Do (featuring Sharleen Spiteri)4:05Rosenrot62005228
905RammsteinHilf Mir4:43Rosenrot82005243
906RammsteinTe Quiero Puta!3:55Rosenrot92005234
907RammsteinFeuer und Wasser5:17Rosenrot102005220
908RammsteinEin Lied3:43Rosenrot112005190
912RammsteinBestrafe Mich3:38Sehnsucht41997224
913RammsteinDu Hast3:55Sehnsucht51997215
914RammsteinBück Dich3:22Sehnsucht61997228
915RammsteinSpiel Mit Mir4:46Sehnsucht71997232
917RammsteinAlter Mann4:24Sehnsucht91997239
919RammsteinKüss Mich (Fellfrosch)3:31Sehnsucht111997241
920RammsteinEngel (English Version)4:25Sehnsucht121997231
921RammsteinDu Hast (English Version)3:55Sehnsucht131997217
922RammsteinStripped4:29Stripped (Single)11998228
923RammsteinStripped (Psilonaut Mix)4:32Stripped (Single)21998212
924RammsteinStripped (Heavy Mental Mix)5:16Stripped (Single)31998206
925RammsteinStripped (Tribute To Düsseldorf Mix)5:13Stripped (Single)41998198
926RammsteinStripped (Fkk Mix)4:35Stripped (Single)51998241
927Ramona JonesCluck Ol' Hen (Instr.)1:33That's Bluegrass! (Disc 1)151995200
928RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop2:14Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)11999229
929RamonesBeat On The Brat2:32Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)21999218
930RamonesJudy Is A Punk1:32Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)31999233
931RamonesI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend2:27Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)41999225
932Ramones53rd & 3rd2:21Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)51999228
933RamonesNow I Wanna Sniff Some Glue1:37Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)61999224
934RamonesGlad To See You Go2:13Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)71999230
935RamonesGimme Gimme Shock Treatment1:44Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)81999236
936RamonesI Remember You2:20Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)91999233
937RamonesCalifornia Sun2:03Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)101999228
938RamonesCommando1:54Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)111999234
939RamonesSwallow My Pride2:07Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)121999230
940RamonesCarbona Not Glue1:53Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)131999231
941RamonesPinhead2:44Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)141999230
942RamonesSheena Is A Punk Rocker2:49Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)151999194
943RamonesCretin Hop1:58Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)161999207
944RamonesRockaway Beach2:08Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)171999198
945RamonesHere Today, Gone Tomorrow2:50Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)181999202
946RamonesTeenage Lobotomy2:03Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)191999209
947RamonesSurfin' Bird2:37Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)201999219
948RamonesI Don't Care1:40Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)211999212
949RamonesI Just Want To Have Something To Do2:43Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)221999243
950RamonesI Wanna Be Sedated2:31Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)231999229
951RamonesDon't Come Close2:46Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)241999224
952RamonesShe's The One2:15Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)251999221
953RamonesNeedles & Pins2:23Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)261999208
954RamonesRock 'N' Roll High School2:21Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)271999198
955RamonesI Want You Around3:02Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)281999226
956RamonesDo You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?3:52Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)291999232
957RamonesI Can't Make It On Time2:33Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)301999226
958RamonesChinese Rock2:30Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)311999197
959RamonesI'm Affected2:54Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)321999220
960RamonesDanny Says3:06Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 1)331999219
961RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby Away2:31Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)11999225
962RamonesShe's A Sensation3:26Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)21999234
963RamonesIt's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)3:23Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)31999228
964RamonesWe Want The Airwaves3:22Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)41999245
965RamonesPsycho Therapy2:39Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)51999229
966RamonesHowling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)4:06Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)61999193
967RamonesMama's Boy2:12Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)71999218
968RamonesDaytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love)4:33Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)81999231
969RamonesI'm Not Afraid Of Life3:13Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)91999221
970RamonesToo Tough To Die2:38Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)101999230
971RamonesEndless Vacation1:50Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)111999236
972RamonesMy Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)3:57Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)121999213
973RamonesSomebody Put Something In My Drink3:23Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)131999224
974RamonesSomething To Believe In4:09Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)141999222
975RamonesI Don't Want To Live This Life (Anymore)3:29Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)151999229
976RamonesI Wanna Live2:39Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)161999219
977RamonesGarden Of Serenity2:28Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)171999215
978RamonesMerry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)2:05Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)181999226
979RamonesPet Sematary3:34Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)191999215
980RamonesI Believe In Miracles3:21Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)201999234
981RamonesTomorrow She Goes Away2:41Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)211999232
982RamonesPoison Heart4:04Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)221999233
983RamonesI Don't Wanna Grow Up2:46Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)231999241
984RamonesShe Talks To Rainbows3:14Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)241999220
985RamonesR.A.M.O.N.E.S.1:24Hey Ho Let's Go!: The Anthology (Disc 2)251999239
986The RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop2:13National Lampoon's Vacation (OST)51983213
987RamonesMerry Christmas2:38Punk Rock Xmas10 96
988RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop2:13Ramones [2001 Remaster]11976228
989RamonesBeat On The Brat2:32Ramones [2001 Remaster]21976217
990RamonesJudy Is A Punk1:32Ramones [2001 Remaster]31976236
991RamonesI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend2:24Ramones [2001 Remaster]41976228
992RamonesChain Saw1:56Ramones [2001 Remaster]51976234
993RamonesNow I Wanna Sniff Some Glue1:36Ramones [2001 Remaster]61976226
994RamonesI Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement2:40Ramones [2001 Remaster]71976231
995RamonesLoudmouth2:15Ramones [2001 Remaster]81976230
996RamonesHavana Affair1:57Ramones [2001 Remaster]91976236
997RamonesListen To My Heart1:58Ramones [2001 Remaster]101976223
998Ramones53rd & 3rd2:21Ramones [2001 Remaster]111976233
999RamonesLet's Dance1:52Ramones [2001 Remaster]121976244
1000RamonesI Don't Wanna Walk Around With You1:43Ramones [2001 Remaster]131976233
1001RamonesToday Your Love, Tomorrow The World2:17Ramones [2001 Remaster]141976226
1002RamonesI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo)3:02Ramones [2001 Remaster]151976226
1003RamonesJudy Is A Punk (Demo)1:36Ramones [2001 Remaster]161976250
1004RamonesI Don't Care (Demo)1:55Ramones [2001 Remaster]171976231
1005RamonesI Can't Be (Demo)1:56Ramones [2001 Remaster]181976206
1006RamonesNow I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo)1:42Ramones [2001 Remaster]191976235
1007RamonesI Don't Wanna Be Learned/I Don't Wanna Be Tamed (Demo)1:05Ramones [2001 Remaster]201976222
1008RamonesYou Should Never Have Opened That Door (Demo)1:54Ramones [2001 Remaster]211976213
1009RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop (Single Version)2:12Ramones [2001 Remaster]221976149
1010RamonesCretin Hop1:55Rocket To Russia [Remastered]11977219
1011RamonesRockaway Beach2:06Rocket To Russia [Remastered]21977200
1012RamonesHere Today, Gone Tomorrow2:49Rocket To Russia [Remastered]31977213
1013RamonesLocket Love2:11Rocket To Russia [Remastered]41977203
1014RamonesI Don't Care1:39Rocket To Russia [Remastered]51977200
1015RamonesSheena Is A Punk Rocker2:49Rocket To Russia [Remastered]61977207
1016RamonesWe're A Happy Family2:40Rocket To Russia [Remastered]71977204
1017RamonesTeenage Lobotomy2:01Rocket To Russia [Remastered]81977201
1018RamonesDo You Wanna Dance?1:55Rocket To Russia [Remastered]91977188
1019RamonesI Wanna Be Well2:28Rocket To Russia [Remastered]101977196
1020RamonesI Can't Give You Anything2:01Rocket To Russia [Remastered]111977202
1021RamonesRamona2:38Rocket To Russia [Remastered]121977204
1022RamonesSurfin' Bird2:37Rocket To Russia [Remastered]131977213
1023RamonesWhy Is It Always This Way?2:22Rocket To Russia [Remastered]141977190
1024RamonesNeedles & Pins [Early Version]2:24Rocket To Russia [Remastered]151977220
1025RamonesSlug [Demo]2:23Rocket To Russia [Remastered]161977233
1026RamonesIt's A Long Way Back To Germany [UK B-Side]2:22Rocket To Russia [Remastered]171977211
1027RamonesI Don't Care [Single Version]1:40Rocket To Russia [Remastered]181977210
1028RamonesSheena Is A Punk Rocker [Single Version]2:48Rocket To Russia [Remastered]191977195
1029RamonesSpider-Man2:07Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits91995234
1030The RamonesDo You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?3:50Shrek The Third (OST)22007236
1031The Ramrods(Ghost) Riders in the Sky2:41Axes and Saxes: The Great Instrumentals141991139
1032Ramsey LewisThe in Crowd3:15'60s Soul Number 1's72007197
1033The Ramsey Lewis TrioThe "In" Crowd3:14AM Gold: 1965181995186
1034The Ramsey Lewis TrioThe "In" Crowd3:20Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two101993189
1035The Ran-DellsMartian Hop2:11Halloween Hits101991153
1036Randy & The RainbowsDenise1:59The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)211994129
1037Randy & The RainbowsDenise2:01Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 196351986146
1038Randy CrawfordOne Day I'll Fly Away4:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)72001202
1039Randy CrawfordOne Day I'll Fly Away4:22World Of Harmony (Harmonic Pop) (Disc 2)131998190
1040Randy EdelmanMacGyver1:11Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)541996195
1041Randy EdelmanConcrete & Clay3:02The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)101999199
1042Randy MeisnerHearts On Fire2:4680's Pop Hits (Disc 3)42001257
1043Randy MeisnerHearts On Fire2:4680's Pop Hits (Disc 3)42001257
1044Randy MeisnerBad Man2:38FM (OST) (Disc 1)61978200
1045Randy MeisnerDeep Inside My Heart3:27Greatest Hits Of The 80s [Platinum Disc] (Disc 1)91999200
1046Randy NewmanHave You Seen My Baby?2:3412 Songs11970204
1047Randy NewmanLet's Burn Down The Cornfield3:0512 Songs21970187
1048Randy NewmanMama Told Me Not To Come2:1212 Songs31970211
1049Randy NewmanSuzanne3:0712 Songs41970195
1050Randy NewmanLover's Prayer1:5812 Songs51970192
1051Randy NewmanLucinda2:4412 Songs61970205
1052Randy NewmanUnderneath The Harlem Moon1:5312 Songs71970186
1053Randy NewmanYellow Man2:2312 Songs81970201
1054Randy NewmanOld Kentucky Home2:3912 Songs91970203
1055Randy NewmanRosemary2:1012 Songs101970199
1056Randy NewmanIf You Need Oil2:5912 Songs111970184
1057Randy NewmanUncle Bob's Midnight Blues2:0212 Songs121970194
1058Randy NewmanOpening Race2:04Cars (OST)92006210
1059Randy NewmanMcQueen's Lost2:28Cars (OST)102006206
1060Randy NewmanBessie0:58Cars (OST)122006195
1061Randy NewmanDirt is Different1:27Cars (OST)132006206
1062Randy NewmanNew Road1:17Cars (OST)142006197
1063Randy NewmanTractor Tipping1:21Cars (OST)152006203
1064Randy NewmanMcQueen and Sally2:00Cars (OST)162006201
1065Randy NewmanGoodbye2:42Cars (OST)172006191
1066Randy NewmanPre-Race Pageantry1:30Cars (OST)182006196
1067Randy NewmanThe Piston Cup1:52Cars (OST)192006205
1068Randy NewmanThe Big Race3:07Cars (OST)202006198
1069Randy NewmanYou've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story 1995)2:04Classic Disney, Vol. 321996192
1070Randy NewmanI Will Go Sailing No More (Toy Story 1995)2:57Classic Disney, Vol. 481997187
1071Randy NewmanStrange Things (Toy Story 1995)3:19Classic Disney, Vol. 571998189
1072Randy NewmanMr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)2:48Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)101994202
1073Randy NewmanRednecks3:10Good Old Boys11974186
1074Randy NewmanBirmingham2:47Good Old Boys21974191
1075Randy NewmanMarie3:10Good Old Boys31974176
1076Randy NewmanMr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)2:47Good Old Boys41974200
1077Randy NewmanGuilty2:34Good Old Boys51974198
1078Randy NewmanLouisiana 19272:58Good Old Boys61974187
1079Randy NewmanEvery Man A King1:02Good Old Boys71974189
1080Randy NewmanKingfish2:45Good Old Boys81974189
1081Randy NewmanNaked Man3:12Good Old Boys91974208
1082Randy NewmanA Wedding In Cherokee County3:10Good Old Boys101974182
1083Randy NewmanBack On My Feet Again3:23Good Old Boys111974190
1084Randy NewmanRollin'2:52Good Old Boys121974183
1085Randy NewmanLove Story (You And Me)3:21Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)11998196
1086Randy NewmanBet No One Ever Hurt This Bad2:05Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)21998202
1087Randy NewmanCowboy2:38Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)31998189
1088Randy NewmanThe Beehive State1:50Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)41998217
1089Randy NewmanI Think It's Going To Rain Today2:58Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)51998189
1090Randy NewmanDavy The Fat Boy2:48Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)61998194
1091Randy NewmanHave You Seen My Baby2:32Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)71998216
1092Randy NewmanLet's Burn Down The Cornfield3:02Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)81998191
1093Randy NewmanMama Told Me Not To Come2:11Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)91998213
1094Randy NewmanSuzanne3:09Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)101998195
1095Randy NewmanOld Kentucky Home2:37Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)111998226
1096Randy NewmanSail Away2:52Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)121998178
1097Randy NewmanLonely At The Top2:32Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)131998197
1098Randy NewmanLast Night I Had A Dream3:01Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)141998213
1099Randy NewmanPolitical Science2:00Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)151998182
1100Randy NewmanBurn On2:34Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)161998181
1101Randy NewmanMemo To My Son1:53Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)171998194
1102Randy NewmanYou Can Leave Your Hat On3:14Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)181998200
1103Randy NewmanGod's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)3:38Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)191998169
1104Randy NewmanRednecks3:09Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)201998199
1105Randy NewmanBirmingham2:46Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)211998203
1106Randy NewmanMarie3:09Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)221998186
1107Randy NewmanGuilty2:32Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)231998216
1108Randy NewmanLouisiana 19272:56Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)241998203
1109Randy NewmanKingfish2:44Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)251998207
1110Randy NewmanBaltimore4:03Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)261998204
1111Randy NewmanRider In The Rain3:53Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 1)271998221
1112Randy NewmanShort People2:55Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)11998214
1113Randy NewmanLittle Criminals3:03Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)21998223
1114Randy NewmanIn Germany Before The War3:39Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)31998199
1115Randy NewmanI'll Be Home2:47Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)41998200
1116Randy NewmanIt's Money That I Love3:40Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)51998216
1117Randy NewmanGhosts2:28Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)61998178
1118Randy NewmanThe Girls In My Life (Part I)2:37Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)71998175
1119Randy NewmanWilliam Brown1:50Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)81998172
1120Randy NewmanI Love L.A.3:30Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)91998211
1121Randy NewmanMikey's2:10Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)101998221
1122Randy NewmanMy Life Is Good4:38Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)111998215
1123Randy NewmanMiami4:02Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)121998217
1124Randy NewmanReal Emotional Girl2:30Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)131998193
1125Randy NewmanTake Me Back4:09Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)141998227
1126Randy NewmanSong For The Dead3:00Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)151998195
1127Randy NewmanDixie Flyer4:07Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)161998215
1128Randy NewmanNew Orleans Wins The War3:29Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)171998206
1129Randy NewmanFour Eyes3:36Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)181998218
1130Randy NewmanIt's Money That Matters4:03Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)191998229
1131Randy NewmanI Want You To Hurt Like I Do4:06Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)201998203
1132Randy NewmanCan't Keep A Good Man Down2:43Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)211998189
1133Randy NewmanBleeding All Over The Place (Alt. Mix)4:15Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)221998184
1134Randy NewmanHappy Ending3:18Guilty : 30 Years Of (Disc 2)231998194
1135Randy NewmanGolden Gridiron Boy1:56Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)11998128
1136Randy NewmanVine Street [Demo]2:21Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)21998172
1137Randy NewmanLove Is Blind [Demo]1:36Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)31998180
1138Randy NewmanDon't Ruin Our Happy Home [Demo]2:31Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)41998187
1139Randy NewmanThe Goat1:49Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)51998212
1140Randy NewmanGone Dead Train2:54Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)61998210
1141Randy NewmanTickle Me [Live]2:00Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)71998189
1142Randy NewmanMaybe I'm Doing It Wrong [Live]1:25Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)81998170
1143Randy NewmanYellow Man [Live]2:13Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)91998171
1144Randy NewmanMagic In The Moon Light [Live]1:48Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)101998191
1145Randy NewmanBeat Me Baby [Demo]1:58Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)111998201
1146Randy NewmanSimon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear2:03Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)121998180
1147Randy NewmanLet Me Go2:50Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)131998193
1148Randy NewmanJesus In The Summertime [Demo]3:32Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)141998199
1149Randy NewmanGoing Home (1918) [Demo]1:58Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)151998173
1150Randy NewmanInteriors [Demo]1:52Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)161998182
1151Randy NewmanPretty Boy4:01Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)171998184
1152Randy NewmanSomething To Sing About [Demo]3:06Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)181998171
1153Randy NewmanThe Ballad Of The Three Amigos [Demo]2:16Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)191998192
1154Randy NewmanMy Little Buttercup [Demo]2:05Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)201998198
1155Randy NewmanBlue Shadows On The Trail [Demo]2:47Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)211998181
1156Randy NewmanHappy [Demo]0:39Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)221998195
1157Randy NewmanThe Longest Night [Demo]2:34Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)231998198
1158Randy NewmanDays Of Heaven [Demo]2:25Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)241998186
1159Randy NewmanWhat Have You Done To Me [Demo]2:00Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)251998192
1160Randy NewmanMasterman And Baby J [Demo]1:52Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)261998201
1161Randy NewmanLines In The Sand2:32Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)271998185
1162Randy NewmanGainesville [Demo]3:26Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)281998158
1163Randy NewmanFeels Like Home [Live]4:12Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)291998165
1164Randy NewmanMy Name Is James [Demo]2:43Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)301998189
1165Randy NewmanLaugh And Be Happy [Demo]2:13Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 3)311998196
1166Randy NewmanRev Running [From Cold Turkey]2:15Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)11998205
1167Randy NewmanChange Your Way [From Ragtime]2:02Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)21998179
1168Randy NewmanClef Club No. 1 [From Ragtime]1:43Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)31998191
1169Randy NewmanClef Club No. 2 [From Ragtime]1:20Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)41998197
1170Randy NewmanRagtime [From Ragtime]2:45Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)51998198
1171Randy NewmanPrologue 1915-1923 [From The Natural]5:21Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)61998195
1172Randy NewmanThe Natural [From The Natural]3:35Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)71998200
1173Randy NewmanIntroduction - I Love To See You Smile [From Parenthood]3:25Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)81998186
1174Randy NewmanKevin's Party (Cowboy Girl) [From Parenthood]3:23Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)91998199
1175Randy Newman1914 [From Avalon]3:40Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)101998188
1176Randy NewmanEnd Titles [From Avalon]7:19Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)111998191
1177Randy NewmanLeonard [From Awakenings]4:30Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)121998190
1178Randy NewmanDexter's Tune [From Awakenings]2:38Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)131998150
1179Randy NewmanClocks [From The Paper]3:09Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)141998208
1180Randy NewmanMake Up Your Mind [From The Paper]3:14Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)151998195
1181Randy NewmanOpening [From Maverick]5:34Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)161998197
1182Randy NewmanTartine De Merde [From Maverick]1:33Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)171998174
1183Randy NewmanYou've Got A Friend In Me [From Toy Story]2:04Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)181998197
1184Randy NewmanWoody And Buzz [From Toy Story]4:30Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)191998195
1185Randy NewmanI Will Go Sailing No More [From Toy Story]2:56Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)201998189
1186Randy NewmanHeaven Is My Home [From Michael]3:05Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)211998200
1187Randy NewmanMain Title [From James And The Giant Peach]0:36Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)221998173
1188Randy NewmanClouds [From James And The Giant Peach]1:40Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)231998190
1189Randy NewmanGood News [From James And The Giant Peach]4:16Guilty: 30 Years Of (Disc 4)241998203
1190Randy NewmanShort People2:57Little Criminals11977198
1191Randy NewmanYou Can't Fool The Fat Man2:46Little Criminals21977201
1192Randy NewmanLittle Criminals3:06Little Criminals31977201
1193Randy NewmanTexas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father2:43Little Criminals41977179
1194Randy NewmanJolly Coppers On Parade3:49Little Criminals51977203
1195Randy NewmanIn Germany Before The War3:42Little Criminals61977173
1196Randy NewmanSigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America2:53Little Criminals71977202
1197Randy NewmanBaltimore4:05Little Criminals81977189
1198Randy NewmanI'll Be Home2:48Little Criminals91977185
1199Randy NewmanRider In The Rain3:54Little Criminals101977206
1200Randy NewmanKathleen (Catholicism Made Easier)3:37Little Criminals111977194
1201Randy NewmanOld Man On The Farm2:13Little Criminals121977156
1202Randy NewmanSail Away2:52Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]11972185
1203Randy NewmanLonely At The Top2:35Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]21972190
1204Randy NewmanHe Gives Us All His Love1:56Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]31972176
1205Randy NewmanLast Night I Had A Dream3:02Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]41972215
1206Randy NewmanSimon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear2:05Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]51972198
1207Randy NewmanOld Man2:44Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]61972184
1208Randy NewmanPolitical Science2:01Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]71972186
1209Randy NewmanBurn On2:34Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]81972196
1210Randy NewmanMemo To My Son1:55Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]91972202
1211Randy NewmanDayton, Ohio - 19031:51Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]101972174
1212Randy NewmanYou Can Leave Your Hat On3:18Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]111972209
1213Randy NewmanGod's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)3:45Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]121972177
1214Randy NewmanLet It Shine1:44Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]131972191
1215Randy NewmanMaybe I'm Doing It Wrong (studio version)1:23Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]141972149
1216Randy NewmanDayton, Ohio - 1903 (early version)1:55Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]151972126
1217Randy NewmanYou Can Leave Your Hat On (demo)2:47Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]161972165
1218Randy NewmanSail Away (early version)3:17Sail Away [2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks]171972206
1219Randy NewmanYou've Got a Friend in Me2:04Toy Story (OST)11995197
1220Randy NewmanStrange Things3:18Toy Story (OST)21995197
1221Randy NewmanI Will Go Sailing No More2:57Toy Story (OST)31995190
1222Randy NewmanAndy's Birthday5:58Toy Story (OST)41995196
1223Randy NewmanSoldier's Mission1:29Toy Story (OST)51995195
1224Randy NewmanPresents1:09Toy Story (OST)61995200
1225Randy NewmanBuzz1:40Toy Story (OST)71995198
1226Randy NewmanSid1:20Toy Story (OST)81995194
1227Randy NewmanWoody and Buzz4:30Toy Story (OST)91995196
1228Randy NewmanMutants6:05Toy Story (OST)101995199
1229Randy NewmanWoody's Gone2:13Toy Story (OST)111995201
1230Randy NewmanThe Big One2:50Toy Story (OST)121995193
1231Randy NewmanHang Together6:02Toy Story (OST)131995195
1232Randy NewmanOn the Move6:18Toy Story (OST)141995202
1233Randy NewmanInfinity and Beyond3:09Toy Story (OST)151995195
1234Randy NewmanYou've Got a Friend in Me (Duet) (featuring Lyle Lovett)2:39Toy Story (OST)161995197
1235Randy NewmanI Love L.A.3:31Trouble In Paradise11983195
1236Randy NewmanChristmas In Cape Town4:23Trouble In Paradise21983201
1237Randy NewmanThe Blues3:04Trouble In Paradise31983198
1238Randy NewmanSame Girl2:54Trouble In Paradise41983184
1239Randy NewmanMikey's2:12Trouble In Paradise51983202
1240Randy NewmanMy Life Is Good4:38Trouble In Paradise61983200
1241Randy NewmanMiami4:07Trouble In Paradise71983200
1242Randy NewmanReal Emotional Girl2:31Trouble In Paradise81983186
1243Randy NewmanTake Me Back4:10Trouble In Paradise91983210
1244Randy NewmanThere's A Party At My House2:52Trouble In Paradise101983203
1245Randy NewmanI'm Different2:34Trouble In Paradise111983195
1246Randy NewmanSong For The Dead3:02Trouble In Paradise121983189
1247Randy NewmanLast Night I Had A Dream (Single Version)2:04Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)182009140
1248Randy NewmanLonely At The Top2:32You've Got Mail (OST)81998192
1249Randy Pedersen and FriendsLet the Good Times Roll2:56Bowl Me Over11997217
1250Randy Pedersen and FriendsFour-Step Approach3:44Bowl Me Over21997213
1251Randy Pedersen and FriendsWhen Love Strikes2:38Bowl Me Over31997205
1252Randy Pedersen and FriendsBowling Alley Sally3:06Bowl Me Over41997220
1253Randy Pedersen and FriendsIn the Gutter Again3:21Bowl Me Over51997207
1254Randy Pedersen and FriendsBeer Frame Blues3:22Bowl Me Over61997202
1255Randy Pedersen and FriendsSpare Me3:38Bowl Me Over71997197
1256Randy Pedersen and FriendsSomeone Else's Shoes2:41Bowl Me Over81997202
1257Randy Pedersen and FriendsRight in the Pocket2:22Bowl Me Over91997224
1258Randy Pedersen and FriendsBowl Me Over3:19Bowl Me Over101997222
1259Randy TravisJingle Bell Rock4:00A Very Special Christmas 221992174
1260Randy TravisToo Gone Too Long2:27Always & Forever11987197
1261Randy TravisMy House2:57Always & Forever21987178
1262Randy TravisGood Intentions3:40Always & Forever31987195
1263Randy TravisWhat'll You Do About Me2:41Always & Forever41987202
1264Randy TravisI Won't Need You Anymore3:12Always & Forever51987191
1265Randy TravisForever And Ever, Amen3:33Always & Forever61987196
1266Randy TravisI Told You So3:40Always & Forever71987184
1267Randy TravisAnything2:45Always & Forever81987196
1268Randy TravisThe Truth Is Lyin' Next To You3:28Always & Forever91987189
1269Randy TravisTonight We're Gonna Tear Down The Walls2:39Always & Forever101987201
1270Randy TravisAround The Bend3:36Around The Bend12008216
1271Randy TravisYou Didn't Have A Good Time3:56Around The Bend22008202
1272Randy TravisEvery Head Bowed3:27Around The Bend32008198
1273Randy TravisLove Is A Gamble4:51Around The Bend42008213
1274Randy TravisFaith In You3:47Around The Bend52008201
1275Randy TravisDon't Think Twice, It's All Right4:16Around The Bend62008215
1276Randy TravisDig Two Graves3:17Around The Bend72008191
1277Randy TravisTurn It Around3:00Around The Bend82008211
1278Randy TravisFrom Your Knees4:01Around The Bend92008208
1279Randy TravisEverything That I Own (Has Got A Dent)3:31Around The Bend102008203
1280Randy Travis'Til I'm Dead And Gone4:38Around The Bend112008229
1281Randy TravisHighway Junkie3:59Full Circle11996255
1282Randy TravisPrice To Pay3:48Full Circle21996244
1283Randy TravisLong On Lonely (Short On Pride)3:28Full Circle31996239
1284Randy TravisWould I2:24Full Circle41996249
1285Randy TravisFuture Mister Me3:06Full Circle51996236
1286Randy TravisDon't Take Your Love Away From Me2:56Full Circle61996254
1287Randy TravisAre We In Trouble Now4:26Full Circle71996238
1288Randy TravisIf It Ain't One Thing It's Another2:16Full Circle81996244
1289Randy TravisI Wish It Would Rain3:17Full Circle91996235
1290Randy TravisKing Of The Road3:49Full Circle101996221
1291Randy TravisI Can Almost Hear Her Wings4:21Full Circle111996252
1292Randy TravisAnts On A Log3:28Full Circle121996237
1293Randy TravisIf I Didn't Have You3:07Greatest Hits Volume One11992177
1294Randy Travis19823:01Greatest Hits Volume One21992198
1295Randy TravisHard Rock Bottom of Your Heart3:57Greatest Hits Volume One31992203
1296Randy TravisOn the Other Hand3:08Greatest Hits Volume One41992194
1297Randy TravisHonky Tonk Moon2:50Greatest Hits Volume One51992193
1298Randy TravisAn Old Pair of Shoes2:55Greatest Hits Volume One61992203
1299Randy TravisI Told You So3:41Greatest Hits Volume One71992188
1300Randy TravisToo Gone Too Long2:27Greatest Hits Volume One81992197
1301Randy TravisHeroes and Friends3:17Greatest Hits Volume One91992188
1302Randy TravisDeeper Than the Holler3:40Greatest Hits Volume One101992184
1303Randy TravisReasons I Cheat4:23Greatest Hits Volume One111992192
1304Randy TravisLook Heart, No Hands3:11Greatest Hits Volume Two11992185
1305Randy TravisForever and Ever, Amen3:34Greatest Hits Volume Two21992197
1306Randy TravisNo Place Like Home4:08Greatest Hits Volume Two31992190
1307Randy TravisIs It Still Over?3:12Greatest Hits Volume Two41992192
1308Randy TravisHe Walked on Water3:26Greatest Hits Volume Two51992194
1309Randy TravisTake Another Swing at Me2:12Greatest Hits Volume Two61992202
1310Randy TravisPromises4:02Greatest Hits Volume Two71992148
1311Randy TravisDiggin' Up Bones3:01Greatest Hits Volume Two81992206
1312Randy TravisI Won't Need You Anymore (Always and Forever)3:11Greatest Hits Volume Two91992200
1313Randy TravisIt's Just a Matter of Time3:56Greatest Hits Volume Two101992188
1314Randy TravisI'd Do It All Again With You2:30Greatest Hits Volume Two111992175
1315Randy TravisLet Me Try4:03High Lonesome11991188
1316Randy TravisOh, What A Time To Be Me3:36High Lonesome21991197
1317Randy TravisHeart Of Hearts2:41High Lonesome31991189
1318Randy TravisPoint Of Light3:34High Lonesome41991198
1319Randy TravisForever Together3:06High Lonesome51991187
1320Randy TravisBetter Class Of Losers2:42High Lonesome61991200
1321Randy TravisI'd Surrender All3:36High Lonesome71991176
1322Randy TravisHigh Lonesome3:27High Lonesome81991178
1323Randy TravisAllergic To The Blues2:28High Lonesome91991198
1324Randy TravisI'm Gonna Have A Little Talk2:42High Lonesome101991161
1325Randy TravisMining For Coal3:06No Holdin' Back11989188
1326Randy TravisSinging The Blues2:17No Holdin' Back21989188
1327Randy TravisWhen Your World Was Turning For Me2:38No Holdin' Back31989181
1328Randy TravisHe Walked On Water3:26No Holdin' Back41989190
1329Randy TravisNo Stoppin' Us Now3:03No Holdin' Back51989196
1330Randy TravisIt's Just A Matter Of Time3:57No Holdin' Back61989188
1331Randy TravisCard Carryin' Fool2:25No Holdin' Back71989177
1332Randy TravisSomewhere In My Broken Heart3:14No Holdin' Back81989192
1333Randy TravisHard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart4:04No Holdin' Back91989206
1334Randy TravisHave A Nice Rest Of Your Life3:22No Holdin' Back101989170
1335Randy TravisHonky Tonk Moon2:50Old 8x1011988187
1336Randy TravisDeeper Than The Holler3:40Old 8x1021988180
1337Randy TravisIt's Out Of My Hands4:12Old 8x1031988180
1338Randy TravisIs It Still Over?3:11Old 8x1041988189
1339Randy TravisOld 8x102:59Old 8x1051988180
1340Randy TravisWritten In Stone3:16Old 8x1061988185
1341Randy TravisThe Blues In Black And White3:00Old 8x1071988183
1342Randy TravisHere In My Heart3:13Old 8x1081988177
1343Randy TravisWe Ain't Out Of Love Yet2:25Old 8x1091988183
1344Randy TravisPromises4:02Old 8x10101988156
1345Randy TravisPick Up The Oars And Row2:50Passing Through12005194
1346Randy TravisFour Walls3:42Passing Through22005195
1347Randy TravisThat Was Us3:29Passing Through32005219
1348Randy TravisAngels3:46Passing Through42005200
1349Randy TravisRunning Blind2:53Passing Through52005191
1350Randy TravisMy Daddy Never Was3:56Passing Through62005174
1351Randy TravisA Place To Hang My Hat3:19Passing Through72005209
1352Randy TravisRight On Time3:58Passing Through82005184
1353Randy TravisMy Poor Old Heart2:48Passing Through92005204
1354Randy TravisI'm Your Man3:28Passing Through102005198
1355Randy TravisTrain Long Gone3:57Passing Through112005228
1356Randy TravisI Can See It In Your Eyes4:17Passing Through122005204
1357Randy TravisHeroes and Friends2:09Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends11990186
1358Randy TravisHeroes and Friends (Reprise)1:58Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends141990168
1359Randy TravisRaise Him Up4:04Rise And Shine12002191
1360Randy TravisRise And Shine3:02Rise And Shine22002234
1361Randy TravisWhen Mama Prayed4:42Rise And Shine32002206
1362Randy TravisI'm Ready2:56Rise And Shine42002215
1363Randy TravisThree Wooden Crosses3:22Rise And Shine52002192
1364Randy TravisThat's Jesus2:57Rise And Shine62002207
1365Randy TravisPray For The Fish3:01Rise And Shine72002221
1366Randy TravisJerusalem's Cry3:56Rise And Shine82002197
1367Randy TravisKeep Your Lure In The Water3:02Rise And Shine92002208
1368Randy TravisIf You Only Knew4:13Rise And Shine102002203
1369Randy TravisEverywhere We Go2:32Rise And Shine112002238
1370Randy TravisThe Gift3:11Rise And Shine122002208
1371Randy TravisValley Of Pain4:04Rise And Shine132002202
1372Randy TravisOn The Other Hand3:06Storms Of Life11986187
1373Randy TravisThe Storms Of Life2:45Storms Of Life21986186
1374Randy TravisMy Heart Cracked (But It Did Not Break)2:21Storms Of Life31986196
1375Randy TravisDiggin' Up Bones3:01Storms Of Life41986199
1376Randy TravisNo Place Like Home4:08Storms Of Life51986189
1377Randy Travis19822:59Storms Of Life61986197
1378Randy TravisSend My Body3:02Storms Of Life71986195
1379Randy TravisMessin' With My Mind3:07Storms Of Life81986188
1380Randy TravisReasons I Cheat4:24Storms Of Life91986187
1381Randy TravisThere'll Always Be A Honky Tonk Somewhere3:13Storms Of Life101986205
1382Randy TravisOn The Other Hand3:08The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 1)142001186
1383Randy TravisHonky Tonk Side Of Town3:07This Is Me11994211
1384Randy TravisBefore You Kill Us All3:22This Is Me21994221
1385Randy TravisThat's Where I Draw The Line3:18This Is Me31994194
1386Randy TravisWhisper My Name3:09This Is Me41994196
1387Randy TravisSmall Y'all2:53This Is Me51994198
1388Randy TravisRunaway Train3:20This Is Me61994214
1389Randy TravisThis Is Me3:24This Is Me71994190
1390Randy TravisThe Box3:21This Is Me81994189
1391Randy TravisGonna Walk That Line3:17This Is Me91994200
1392Randy TravisOscar The Angel4:23This Is Me101994188
1393Randy TravisThree Wooden Crosses3:22Three Wooden Crosses12009197
1394Randy TravisFour Walls3:43Three Wooden Crosses22009199
1395Randy TravisAngels3:47Three Wooden Crosses32009207
1396Randy TravisJust A Closer Walk With Thee (with John Anderson)4:38Three Wooden Crosses42009208
1397Randy TravisIn The Garden3:21Three Wooden Crosses52009192
1398Randy TravisFaith In You3:48Three Wooden Crosses62009203
1399Randy TravisLove Lifted Me (with Mac Powell)3:11Three Wooden Crosses72009206
1400Randy TravisBlessed Assurance3:28Three Wooden Crosses82009215
1401Randy TravisSoftly And Tenderly3:19Three Wooden Crosses92009190
1402Randy TravisRaise Him Up4:03Three Wooden Crosses102009196
1403Randy TravisHe's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield2:30Three Wooden Crosses112009221
1404Randy TravisSweet By And By2:27Three Wooden Crosses122009223
1405Randy TravisEverywhere We Go2:31Three Wooden Crosses132009242
1406Randy TravisRise And Shine3:03Three Wooden Crosses142009238
1407Randy TravisWere You There?3:52Three Wooden Crosses152009205
1408Randy TravisHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands2:19Three Wooden Crosses162009224
1409Randy TravisShall We Gather At The River?3:15Three Wooden Crosses172009212
1410Randy TravisPray For The Fish3:01Three Wooden Crosses182009228
1411Randy TravisSwing Down Chariot (with The Blind Boys Of Alabama)3:13Three Wooden Crosses192009228
1412Randy TravisWill The Circle Be Unbroken?3:07Three Wooden Crosses202009210
1413Randy TravisPray For The Fish3:08TM Century PrimeCuts 524P112003209
1414Randy TravisThe Hole3:08You And You Alone11998214
1415Randy TravisOut of My Bones2:45You And You Alone21998210
1416Randy TravisSpirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man3:50You And You Alone31998197
1417Randy TravisOnly Worse2:53You And You Alone41998213
1418Randy TravisOne Word Song3:36You And You Alone51998187
1419Randy TravisI Did My Part3:46You And You Alone61998215
1420Randy TravisHorse Called Music4:30You And You Alone71998192
1421Randy TravisI'm Still Here, You're Still Gone2:45You And You Alone81998206
1422Randy TravisEasy to Love You3:47You And You Alone91998200
1423Randy TravisStranger in My Mirror3:16You And You Alone101998199
1424Randy TravisYou and You Alone3:59You And You Alone111998196
1425Randy TravisSatisfied Mind3:36You And You Alone121998196
1426Randy Travis & B.B. KingWaiting on the Light to Change2:46Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends71990199
1427Randy Travis & Clint EastwoodSmokin' the Hive2:26Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends111990199
1428Randy Travis & Conway TwittyCome See About Me2:50Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends121990194
1429Randy Travis & Dolly PartonDo I Ever Cross Your Mind2:50Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends21990193
1430Randy Travis & George JonesA Few Ole Country Boys3:39Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends81990190
1431Randy Travis & Kris KristoffersonWalk Our Own Road2:46Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends91990193
1432Randy Travis & Loretta LynnShopping for Dresses3:00Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends61990174
1433Randy Travis & Merle HaggardAll Night Long3:08Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends41990198
1434Randy Travis & Roy RogersHappy Trails2:15Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends131990177
1435Randy Travis & Tammy WynetteWe're Strangers Again2:48Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends101990182
1436Randy Travis & Vern GosdinThe Human Race2:30Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends51990193
1437Randy Travis & Willie NelsonBirth of the Blues2:41Randy Travis - Heroes & Friends31990198
1438Randy VanwarmerJust When I Needed You Most4:0070s Music Explosion Sunshine (Disc 1)152005184
1439Randy VanwarmerJust When I Needed You Most4:03Billboard Top Hits - 19793 183
1440The Rankin FamilyFare Thee Well Love4:31Oh What A Feeling (Disc 4)71996199
1441Raoul KraushaarThe Abbott And Costello Show0:36Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)591996191
1442Rare BirdBaby Listen3:25Epic Forest11972222
1443Rare BirdHey Man5:52Epic Forest21972224
1444Rare BirdHouse in the City4:24Epic Forest31972197
1445Rare BirdEpic Forest9:11Epic Forest41972223
1446Rare BirdTurning the Lights Out4:38Epic Forest51972224
1447Rare BirdHer Darkest Hour3:33Epic Forest61972195
1448Rare BirdFears of the Night3:17Epic Forest71972199
1449Rare BirdTurn It All Around4:43Epic Forest81972209
1450Rare BirdTitle No. 1 Again (Birdman)6:05Epic Forest91972227
1451Rare BirdRoadside Welcome4:20Epic Forest101972213
1452Rare BirdFour Grey Walls3:54Epic Forest111972225
1453Rare BirdYou're Lost10:07Epic Forest121972219
1454Rare BirdIceberg6:58Rare Bird11969208
1455Rare BirdTimes3:25Rare Bird21969214
1456Rare BirdYou Went Away4:40Rare Bird31969205
1457Rare BirdMelanie3:29Rare Bird41969212
1458Rare BirdBeautiful Scarlet5:44Rare Bird51969220
1459Rare BirdSympathy2:46Rare Bird61969199
1460Rare BirdNatures Fruit2:38Rare Bird71969212
1461Rare BirdBird on a Wing4:18Rare Bird81969214
1462Rare BirdGod of War5:34Rare Bird91969225
1463Rare BirdDevil's High Concern2:49Rare Bird101969127
1464Rare BirdSympathy (Mono)2:34Rare Bird111969128
1465Rare BirdSympathy2:38Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)71996187
1466Rare BlendBoom Boom Boom3:22Coyote Ugly (OST)102000205
1467The Rare BreedBeg, Borrow And Steal2:32Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)71998152
1468Rare EarthMagic Key4:01Get Ready11969211
1469Rare EarthTobacco Road7:15Get Ready21969199
1470Rare EarthFeelin' Alright5:05Get Ready31969217
1471Rare EarthIn Bed3:04Get Ready41969218
1472Rare EarthTrain To Nowhere3:25Get Ready51969223
1473Rare EarthGet Ready21:27Get Ready61969216
1474Rare EarthGet Ready2:48Greatest Hits and Rare Classics11991230
1475Rare EarthGeneration (Light up the Sky)2:45Greatest Hits and Rare Classics21991229
1476Rare Earth(I Know) I'm Losing You3:37Greatest Hits and Rare Classics31991220
1477Rare EarthWhen Joanie Smiles2:54Greatest Hits and Rare Classics41991206
1478Rare EarthBorn to Wander3:20Greatest Hits and Rare Classics51991203
1479Rare EarthHere Comes the Night3:26Greatest Hits and Rare Classics61991145
1480Rare EarthI Just Want to Celebrate3:37Greatest Hits and Rare Classics71991221
1481Rare EarthLove Shines Down3:39Greatest Hits and Rare Classics81991218
1482Rare EarthGood Time Sally2:54Greatest Hits and Rare Classics91991216
1483Rare EarthHey Big Brother4:44Greatest Hits and Rare Classics101991224
1484Rare EarthWe're Gonna Have a Good Time3:25Greatest Hits and Rare Classics111991211
1485Rare EarthBig John Is My Name4:18Greatest Hits and Rare Classics121991208
1486Rare EarthChained2:49Greatest Hits and Rare Classics131991210
1487Rare EarthWarm Ride2:59Greatest Hits and Rare Classics141991210
1488Rare EarthI Can Feel My Love Risin'2:57Greatest Hits and Rare Classics151991211
1489Rare EarthKeepin' Me out of the Storm4:18Greatest Hits and Rare Classics161991223
1490Rare EarthIt Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last)3:11Greatest Hits and Rare Classics171991209
1491Rare EarthMidnight Lady3:31Greatest Hits and Rare Classics181991214
1492Rare EarthHum Along and Dance4:05Greatest Hits and Rare Classics191991206
1493Rare EarthFresh from the Can5:14Greatest Hits and Rare Classics201991199
1494Rare EarthGet Ready2:49Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)31992143
1495Rare EarthI Just Want To Celebrate2:53Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)231992130
1496Rare EarthGet Ready2:49Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)82000229
1497Rare EarthI Know I'm Losing You3:38Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 1)92000220
1498Rare EarthI Just Want To Celebrate3:36Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)132000217
1499Rare EarthBorn To Wander2:59Tamla Motown - Big Hits & Hard To Find Classics (Disc 2)142000218
1500Rascal FlattsLife Is a Highway4:36Cars (OST)32006221
1501Rascal FlattsWhere You Are3:53Feels Like Today12004223
1502Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road3:47Feels Like Today22004196
1503Rascal FlattsThen I Did3:12Feels Like Today32004214
1504Rascal FlattsFeels Like Today3:21Feels Like Today42004223
1505Rascal FlattsFast Cars And Freedom4:23Feels Like Today52004222
1506Rascal FlattsWhen The Sand Runs Out3:46Feels Like Today62004211
1507Rascal FlattsHere's To You3:38Feels Like Today72004227
1508Rascal FlattsThe Day Before You4:06Feels Like Today82004222
1509Rascal FlattsBreak Away3:11Feels Like Today92004229
1510Rascal FlattsHoles4:18Feels Like Today102004216
1511Rascal FlattsOklahoma-Texas Line8:16Feels Like Today112004184
1512Rascal FlattsStand3:28Me And My Gang12006228
1513Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most3:34Me And My Gang22006219
1514Rascal FlattsBackwards3:48Me And My Gang32006213
1515Rascal FlattsI Feel Bad3:18Me And My Gang42006215
1516Rascal FlattsMy Wish4:08Me And My Gang52006222
1517Rascal FlattsPieces4:07Me And My Gang62006228
1518Rascal FlattsYes I Do4:16Me And My Gang72006208
1519Rascal FlattsTo Make Her Love Me4:08Me And My Gang82006191
1520Rascal FlattsWords I Can't Say4:35Me And My Gang92006224
1521Rascal FlattsMe And My Gang3:38Me And My Gang102006239
1522Rascal FlattsCool Thing3:51Me And My Gang112006199
1523Rascal FlattsEllsworth4:01Me And My Gang122006206
1524Rascal FlattsHe Ain't The Leavin' Kind4:33Me And My Gang132006215
1525Rascal FlattsThis Everyday Love3:27Me And My Gang (Bonus Disc)12006238
1526Rascal FlattsThen I Did3:10Me And My Gang (Bonus Disc)22006231
1527Rascal FlattsI'm Movin' On5:39Me And My Gang (Bonus Disc)32006197
1528Rascal FlattsHere's To You4:29Me And My Gang (Bonus Disc)42006219
1529Rascal FlattsFeels Like Today3:23Me And My Gang (Bonus Disc)52006237
1530Rascal FlattsThese Days4:14Melt12002223
1531Rascal FlattsToo Good Is True3:19Melt22002231
1532Rascal FlattsI Melt3:54Melt32002228
1533Rascal FlattsMayberry4:33Melt42002226
1534Rascal FlattsLove You Out Loud3:05Melt52002236
1535Rascal FlattsDry County Girl3:16Melt62002223
1536Rascal FlattsLike I Am4:05Melt72002216
1537Rascal FlattsYou4:07Melt82002227
1538Rascal FlattsFallin' Upside Down2:34Melt92002222
1539Rascal FlattsShine On3:01Melt102002226
1540Rascal FlattsMy Worst Fear3:54Melt112002212
1541Rascal FlattsTake Me There3:58Nu Music Traxx Vol. 218 September 2007132007225
1542Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts The Most (The Hot Mix)3:32Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-08102006220
1543Rascal FlattsPrayin' For Daylight3:38Rascal Flatts12000236
1544Rascal FlattsThis Everyday Love3:05Rascal Flatts22000227
1545Rascal FlattsWhile You Loved Me3:31Rascal Flatts32000210
1546Rascal FlattsSome Say4:00Rascal Flatts42000232
1547Rascal FlattsSee Me Through6:25Rascal Flatts52000233
1548Rascal FlattsOne Good Love3:50Rascal Flatts62000243
1549Rascal FlattsIt's Not Just Me3:55Rascal Flatts72000206
1550Rascal FlattsWaiting All My Life3:09Rascal Flatts82000234
1551Rascal FlattsFrom Time To Time3:50Rascal Flatts92000227
1552Rascal FlattsLong Slow Beautiful Dance3:58Rascal Flatts102000229
1553Rascal FlattsI'm Movin' On4:05Rascal Flatts112000182
1554Rascal FlattsTake Me There4:26Still Feels Good12007226
1555Rascal FlattsHere3:55Still Feels Good22007225
1556Rascal FlattsBob That Head4:02Still Feels Good32007222
1557Rascal FlattsHelp Me Remember4:12Still Feels Good42007207
1558Rascal FlattsStill Feels Good3:55Still Feels Good52007233
1559Rascal FlattsWinner at a Losing Game4:48Still Feels Good62007204
1560Rascal FlattsNo Reins3:21Still Feels Good72007216
1561Rascal FlattsEvery Day4:15Still Feels Good82007222
1562Rascal FlattsSecret Smile3:49Still Feels Good92007231
1563Rascal FlattsBetter Now3:08Still Feels Good102007187
1564Rascal FlattsShe Goes All the Way4:00Still Feels Good112007208
1565Rascal FlattsHow Strong Are You Now3:51Still Feels Good122007225
1566Rascal FlattsIt's Not Supposed to Go Like That3:59Still Feels Good132007209
1567Rascal FlattsLove Who You Love3:36Unstoppable12009214
1568Rascal FlattsHere Comes Goodbye4:03Unstoppable22009213
1569Rascal FlattsClose3:48Unstoppable32009220
1570Rascal FlattsForever4:16Unstoppable42009211
1571Rascal FlattsShe'd Be California4:18Unstoppable52009218
1572Rascal FlattsUnstoppable3:47Unstoppable62009227
1573Rascal FlattsThings That Matter4:41Unstoppable72009211
1574Rascal FlattsSummer Nights4:03Unstoppable82009220
1575Rascal FlattsHoldin' On4:25Unstoppable92009208
1576Rascal FlattsOnce3:50Unstoppable102009214
1577Rascal FlattsWhy4:55Unstoppable112009186
1578The RascalsA Beautiful Morning2:34AM Gold: 196811995183
1579The RascalsPeople Got To Be Free3:01Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)11992195
1580The RascalsIsland Of Love2:23Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)21992208
1581The RascalsLook Around3:03Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)31992180
1582The RascalsA Ray Of Hope3:43Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)41992193
1583The RascalsHeaven3:24Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)51992194
1584The RascalsSee4:48Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)61992194
1585The RascalsI'd Like To Take You Home2:37Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)71992196
1586The RascalsTemptation's 'Bout To Get Me3:31Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)81992203
1587The RascalsNubia3:44Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)91992196
1588The RascalsReal Thing2:45Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)101992194
1589The RascalsCarry Me Back2:52Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)111992209
1590The RascalsRight On3:48Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)121992209
1591The RascalsReady For Love3:09Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)131992187
1592The RascalsI Believe3:58Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)141992221
1593The RascalsGlory Glory3:32Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 2)151992217
1594The RascalsPeople Got To Be Free2:58Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On51989203
1595The RascalsGood Lovin'2:30Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)151989227
1596The RascalsEasy Rollin'2:55The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)191992197
1597The RascalsRainy Day3:29The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)201992191
1598The RascalsIt's Wonderful3:24The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)211992131
1599The RascalsSilly Girl2:44The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)221992196
1600The RascalsFinale: Once Upon A Dream3:53The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)231992195
1601The RascalsA Beautiful Morning2:34The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)241992193
1602The RasmusIn The Shadows4:01Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-07202004225
1603The RaspberriesOvernight Sensation5:23Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)7 179
1604The RaspberriesGo All The Way3:23Teen Idols Of The 70's161999179
1605The RaspberriesDon't Wanna Say Goodbye5:07The Very Best Of The Raspberries12002196
1606The RaspberriesGo All The Way3:22The Very Best Of The Raspberries22002173
1607The RaspberriesLet's Pretend3:41The Very Best Of The Raspberries32002186
1608The RaspberriesI Wanna Be With You3:06The Very Best Of The Raspberries42002214
1609The RaspberriesDrivin' Around2:59The Very Best Of The Raspberries52002205
1610The RaspberriesTonight3:42The Very Best Of The Raspberries62002202
1611The RaspberriesOn The Beach4:21The Very Best Of The Raspberries72002187
1612The RaspberriesMoney Down4:07The Very Best Of The Raspberries82002241
1613The RaspberriesI'm A Rocker5:11The Very Best Of The Raspberries92002202
1614The RaspberriesOvernight Sensation (Hit Record)5:24The Very Best Of The Raspberries102002203
1615The RaspberriesCruisin' Music3:07The Very Best Of The Raspberries112002235
1616The RaspberriesI Don't Know What I Want4:18The Very Best Of The Raspberries122002196
1617The RaspberriesParty's Over3:12The Very Best Of The Raspberries132002195
1618The RaspberriesEcstasy3:39The Very Best Of The Raspberries142002218
1619The RaspberriesStarting Over4:08The Very Best Of The Raspberries152002229
1620The RaspberriesI Reach For The Light3:50The Very Best Of The Raspberries162002191
1621The RaspberriesAll Through The Night4:32The Very Best Of The Raspberries172002202
1622The RaspberriesShould I Wait?3:56The Very Best Of The Raspberries182002229
1623The RaspberriesRose Coloured Glasses3:40The Very Best Of The Raspberries192002187
1624The RaspberriesWaiting2:48The Very Best Of The Raspberries202002165
1630RatatatLoud Pipes3:46Classics62006233
1634RatatatTacobel Canon4:26Classics102006241
1636RatatatFalcon Jab3:55LP322008234
1637RatatatMi Viejo2:40LP332008226
1645RatatatMumtaz Khan2:37LP3112008237
1646RatatatGipsy Threat1:37LP3122008202
1647RatatatBlack Heroes4:09LP3132008190
1648RatatatSeventeen Years4:26Ratatat12004215
1649RatatatEl Pico4:41Ratatat22004217
1651RatatatDesert Eagle4:25Ratatat42004201
1654RatatatBreaking Away4:19Ratatat72004205
1656RatatatGermany To Germany3:38Ratatat92004209
1657RatatatSpanish Armada2:58Ratatat102004216
1659The RationalsRespect2:42Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 4)202005130
1660The RationalsI Need You2:16Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)131998137
1661RattDance4:20Dancing Undercover11986209
1662RattOne Good Lover3:07Dancing Undercover21986216
1663RattDrive Me Crazy3:41Dancing Undercover31986213
1664RattSlip Of The Lip3:16Dancing Undercover41986217
1665RattBody Talk3:48Dancing Undercover51986207
1666RattLooking For Love3:06Dancing Undercover61986211
1667Ratt7th Avenue3:10Dancing Undercover71986210
1668RattIt Doesn't Matter3:08Dancing Undercover81986213
1669RattTake A Chance4:00Dancing Undercover91986211
1670RattEnough Is Enough3:22Dancing Undercover101986210
1671RattIntro To Shame0:55Detonator11990214
1672RattShame Shame Shame4:32Detonator21990221
1673RattLovin' You's A Dirty Job3:14Detonator31990224
1674RattScratch That Itch3:16Detonator41990230
1675RattOne Step Away4:50Detonator51990216
1676RattHard Time3:46Detonator61990224
1677RattHeads I Win, Tails You Lose3:59Detonator71990220
1678RattAll Or Nothing4:14Detonator81990212
1679RattCan't Wait On Love4:04Detonator91990218
1680RattGivin' Yourself Away5:26Detonator101990214
1681RattTop Secret3:49Detonator111990211
1682RattYou're In Love3:14Invasion Of Your Privacy11985213
1683RattNever Use Love3:55Invasion Of Your Privacy21985210
1684RattLay It Down3:25Invasion Of Your Privacy31985213
1685RattGive It All3:20Invasion Of Your Privacy41985217
1686RattCloser To My Heart4:31Invasion Of Your Privacy51985205
1687RattBetween The Eyes3:56Invasion Of Your Privacy61985219
1688RattWhat You Give Is What You Get3:48Invasion Of Your Privacy71985213
1689RattGot Me On The Line3:05Invasion Of Your Privacy81985218
1690RattYou Should Know By Now3:29Invasion Of Your Privacy91985218
1691RattDangerous But Worth The Risk3:29Invasion Of Your Privacy101985212
1692RattWanted Man3:42Out Of The Cellar11984203
1693RattYou're in Trouble3:21Out Of The Cellar21984203
1694RattRound and Round4:25Out Of The Cellar31984199
1695RattIn Your Direction3:32Out Of The Cellar41984208
1696RattShe Wants Money3:06Out Of The Cellar51984207
1697RattLack of Communication3:54Out Of The Cellar61984201
1698RattBack for More3:47Out Of The Cellar71984197
1699RattThe Morning After3:34Out Of The Cellar81984189
1700RattI'm Insane2:56Out Of The Cellar91984200
1701RattScene of the Crime5:00Out Of The Cellar101984196
1702RattSweet Cheater2:45Ratt (EP)11983145
1703RattYou Think You're Tough4:02Ratt (EP)21983140
1704RattU Got It3:06Ratt (EP)31983145
1705RattTell The World3:18Ratt (EP)41983153
1706RattBack For More5:20Ratt (EP)51983154
1707RattWalkin' The Dog3:36Ratt (EP)61983152
1708RattCity To City3:31Reach For The Sky11988222
1709RattI Want A Woman3:58Reach For The Sky21988220
1710RattWay Cool Jr.4:27Reach For The Sky31988222
1711RattDon't Bite The Hand That Feeds3:08Reach For The Sky41988214
1712RattI Want To Love You Tonight4:27Reach For The Sky51988210
1713RattChain Reaction3:42Reach For The Sky61988219
1714RattNo Surprise4:03Reach For The Sky71988216
1715RattBottom Line4:20Reach For The Sky81988220
1716RattWhat's It Gonna Be4:07Reach For The Sky91988223
1717RattWhat I'm After3:35Reach For The Sky101988219
1718RattRound And Round4:26Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two121996199
1719The RattlesThe Witch2:32Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)71998215
1720RattlesIt's My Fault2:08Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)272001212
1721RavenGrazing In The Grass2:58The Lion King 1 1/2 (OST)12004209
1722Raven MaizeThe Real Life (Original 12" Mix)6:00Plastic Compilation Vol. 672002253
1723The RavensCount Every Star2:55The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)21994126
1724RavynsRaised on the Radio3:46Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)61982194
1725Ray AnthonyThe Bunny Hop2:56The Ultimate Party Survival Kit51995129
1726Ray AnthonyThe Hokey Pokey3:13The Ultimate Party Survival Kit111995127
1727Ray AnthonyChristmas Trumpets; We Wish You A Merry Christmas4:27Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One31996202
1728Ray AnthonyChristmas Kisses1:58Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part One121996188
1729Ray AnthonyA Marshmallow World2:46Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Three11 128
1730Ray AnthonyDragnet; Room 434:54Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene11996169
1731Ray AnthonyPeter Gunn Suite8:33Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene161996193
1732Ray AnthonyPeter Gunn Theme1:53Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler131996203
1733Ray AnthonyDragnet2:51Your Hit Parade 195313 132
1734Ray Anthony, George ShearingThe Shadow Of Your Smile/Days Of Wine And Roses4:44Ultra-Lounge Volume 16 - Mondo Hollywood91997201
1735Ray Bolger & Ethel MermanDearie3:25Your Hit Parade - The '50s Forever221992127
1736Ray Bolger And Judy GarlandIf I Only Had A Brain [Extended Version]3:44The Wizard Of Oz (OST)151995128
1737Ray BoltzThe Anchor Holds5:55WOW 1996 (Disc 2)141995201
1738Ray BoltzOne Drop of Blood5:17WOW 1997 (Disc 2)151996207
1739Ray Brown And The Whispers20 Miles2:19The Sixties Complete (Disc 5)141997163
1740Ray Bryant & His ComboThe Madison3:0860's Pop Hits (Disc 1)6 210
1741The Ray Bryant ComboThe Madison Time (Part 1)3:08Lost Treasures Volume 19 201
1742Ray Bryant ComboThe Madison Time (Part 1)3:08The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 2)161960204
1743Ray CallcutWas The Night4:40Metal Christmas91994184
1744Ray CastoldiHappy And You Know It0:37Jock Jams, Vol. 2201996215
1745Ray CharlesThe Midnight Hour3:00Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)31991127
1746Ray CharlesMess Around2:40Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)81991129
1747Ray CharlesI Got A Woman2:50Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)251991127
1748Ray CharlesGreenbacks2:48Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 2) (1952-1954)261991128
1749Ray CharlesA Fool For You3:01Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)31991127
1750Ray CharlesThis Little Girl Of Mine2:32Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)41991126
1751Ray CharlesDrown In My Own Tears3:20Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)121991127
1752Ray CharlesHallelujah, I Love Her So2:35Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)131991127
1753Ray CharlesLonely Avenue2:35Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 3) (1955-1957)201991126
1754Ray CharlesThe Right Time3:24Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)101991127
1755Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2)5:07Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)121991127
1756Ray CharlesLet The Good Times Roll2:52Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)151991199
1757Ray CharlesJust For A Thrill3:25Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)181991191
1758Ray CharlesIn the Heat Of The Night3:24Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul (Beg 2)241997132
1759Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say (Parts I & II)6:28Georgia On My Mind12001255
1760Ray CharlesBlues Is My Middle Name3:12Georgia On My Mind22001244
1761Ray CharlesLate In The Evening Blues3:05Georgia On My Mind32001240
1762Ray CharlesHeartbreaker2:53Georgia On My Mind42001245
1763Ray CharlesI Got A Woman6:19Georgia On My Mind52001251
1764Ray CharlesI'm Movin' On2:18Georgia On My Mind62001242
1765Ray CharlesKiss Me Baby3:09Georgia On My Mind72001254
1766Ray CharlesGeorgia On My Mind6:51Georgia On My Mind82001205
1767Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving You3:06Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)211994211
1768Ray CharlesBye Bye, Love2:12Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music11962246
1769Ray CharlesYou Don't Know Me3:16Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music21962239
1770Ray CharlesHalf As Much3:28Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music31962227
1771Ray CharlesI Love You So Much It Hurts3:35Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music41962241
1772Ray CharlesJust A Little Lovin'3:29Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music51962243
1773Ray CharlesBorn To Lose3:18Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music61962241
1774Ray CharlesWorried Mind2:57Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music71962247
1775Ray CharlesIt Makes No Difference Now3:36Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music81962228
1776Ray CharlesYou Win Again3:31Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music91962236
1777Ray CharlesCareless Love4:01Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music101962238
1778Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving You4:14Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music111962245
1779Ray CharlesHey, Good Lookin'2:15Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music121962249
1780Ray CharlesYou Are My Sunshine3:01Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music131962239
1781Ray CharlesHere We Go Again3:18Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music141962246
1782Ray CharlesThat Lucky Old Sun4:21Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music151962242
1783Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Lovin' You4:13Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)5 203
1784Ray CharlesOne Mint Julep3:05Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed112001219
1785Ray CharlesMy Buddy2:49Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 1) - Jumpin' In The Woodshed212001197
1786Ray CharlesIn The Heat Of The Night2:33Q - The Musical Biography Of Quincy Jones (Disc 2) - Gone Hollywood22001197
1787Ray CharlesI've Got A Woman2:52Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1954 - 1957 (Disc 2)42004126
1788Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say3:10Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1957 - 1959 (Disc 2)182004131
1789Ray CharlesI Love You, I Love You (I Will Never Let You Go)2:40The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)11992205
1790Ray CharlesConfession Blues2:31The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)21992208
1791Ray CharlesAlone in this City2:57The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)31992190
1792Ray CharlesCan Anyone Ask for More?2:49The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)41992203
1793Ray CharlesLet's Have a Ball2:33The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)51992197
1794Ray CharlesRockin' Chair Blues2:46The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)61992208
1795Ray CharlesIf I Give You My Love2:38The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)71992199
1796Ray CharlesCan't You See Darling2:38The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)81992200
1797Ray CharlesThis Love of Mine3:03The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)91992203
1798Ray CharlesHow Long Blues2:36The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)101992187
1799Ray CharlesBlues Before Sunrise2:50The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)111992213
1800Ray CharlesA Sentimental Blues2:26The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)121992200
1801Ray CharlesYou'll Never Miss the Water (Until the Well's Gone Dry)2:49The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)131992184
1802Ray CharlesAin't That Fine2:18The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)141992200
1803Ray CharlesDon't Put All Your Dreams in One Basket2:51The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)151992187
1804Ray CharlesSittin' On Top of the World2:17The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)161992193
1805Ray CharlesI've Had My Fun2:43The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)171992208
1806Ray CharlesSee See Rider2:35The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)181992201
1807Ray CharlesWhat Have I Done?2:33The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)191992193
1808Ray CharlesHoney Honey2:43The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)201992196
1809Ray CharlesShe's On the Ball2:30The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 1)211992200
1810Ray CharlesTh' Ego Song2:21The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)11992181
1811Ray CharlesLate in the Evening Blues3:06The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)21992198
1812Ray CharlesSomeday3:10The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)31992198
1813Ray CharlesI'll Do Anything But Work2:28The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)41992198
1814Ray CharlesI Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now2:20The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)51992207
1815Ray CharlesAll To Myself2:00The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)61992170
1816Ray CharlesLonely Boy2:50The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)71992185
1817Ray CharlesBaby Let Me Hold Your Hand3:02The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)81992201
1818Ray CharlesI'm Glad For Your Sake2:41The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)91992191
1819Ray CharlesBaby Won't You Please Come Home2:55The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)101992186
1820Ray CharlesKissa Me Baby3:10The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)111992211
1821Ray CharlesHey Now2:19The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)121992218
1822Ray CharlesThe Snow Is Falling2:49The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)131992210
1823Ray CharlesMisery in My Heart3:04The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)141992214
1824Ray CharlesLet Me Hear You Call My Name3:34The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)151992203
1825Ray CharlesWhy Did You Go?2:49The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)161992200
1826Ray CharlesI'm Wondering and Wondering3:20The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)171992206
1827Ray CharlesWalkin' and Talkin'3:10The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)181992205
1828Ray CharlesGuitar Blues2:33The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)191992220
1829Ray CharlesBack Home2:32The Birth of a Legend 1949-52 (Disc 2)201992219
1830Ray CharlesThe Sun's Gonna Shine Again2:40The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)11991125
1831Ray CharlesRoll With My Baby2:37The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)21991126
1832Ray CharlesThe Midnight Hour3:01The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)31991126
1833Ray CharlesJumpin' In The Morning2:47The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)41991126
1834Ray CharlesIt Should Have Been Me2:44The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)51991127
1835Ray CharlesLosing Hand3:13The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)61991127
1836Ray CharlesHeartbreaker2:52The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)71991127
1837Ray CharlesSinner's Prayer3:24The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)81991127
1838Ray CharlesMess Around2:41The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)91991140
1839Ray CharlesFunny But I Still Love You3:15The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)101991127
1840Ray CharlesFeelin' Sad2:50The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)111991128
1841Ray CharlesI Wonder Who2:49The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)121991128
1842Ray CharlesDon't You Know2:57The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)131991126
1843Ray CharlesNobody Cares2:39The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)141991126
1844Ray CharlesRay's Blues2:55The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)151991126
1845Ray CharlesMr. Charles Blues2:48The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)161991126
1846Ray CharlesBlackjack2:18The Birth Of Soul (1952-1954) (Disc 1)171991128
1847Ray CharlesI Got A Woman2:50The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)11991127
1848Ray CharlesGreenbacks2:50The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)21991127
1849Ray CharlesCome Back Baby3:05The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)31991127
1850Ray CharlesA Fool For You3:01The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)41991127
1851Ray CharlesThis Little Girl Of Mine2:32The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)51991126
1852Ray CharlesHard Times2:55The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)61991126
1853Ray CharlesA Bit Of Soul2:20The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)71991126
1854Ray CharlesMary Ann2:47The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)81991128
1855Ray CharlesDrown In My Own Tears3:21The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)91991127
1856Ray CharlesHallelujah I Love Her So2:35The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)101991128
1857Ray CharlesWhat Would I Do Without You2:36The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)111991126
1858Ray CharlesLonely Avenue2:35The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)121991127
1859Ray CharlesI Want To Know2:25The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)131991127
1860Ray CharlesLeave My Woman Alone2:40The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)141991126
1861Ray CharlesIt's Alright2:17The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)151991127
1862Ray CharlesAin't That Love2:52The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)161991130
1863Ray CharlesGet On The Right Track2:20The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)171991127
1864Ray CharlesRockhouse Parts 1 & 23:51The Birth Of Soul (1954-1957) (Disc 2)181991129
1865Ray CharlesSwanee River Rock2:21The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)11991130
1866Ray CharlesThat's Enough2:45The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)21991132
1867Ray CharlesTalkin' About You2:50The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)31991128
1868Ray CharlesWhat Kind Of Man Are You2:49The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)41991126
1869Ray CharlesI Want A Little Girl2:55The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)51991127
1870Ray CharlesYes Indeed2:15The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)61991200
1871Ray CharlesI Had A Dream2:55The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)71991193
1872Ray CharlesYou Be My Baby2:29The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)81991197
1873Ray CharlesTell All The World About You2:03The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)91991197
1874Ray CharlesMy Bonnie2:47The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)101991200
1875Ray CharlesEarly In The Morning2:47The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)111991208
1876Ray CharlesThe Right Time3:28The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)121991207
1877Ray CharlesCarryin' The Load2:24The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)131991195
1878Ray CharlesTell Me How Do You Feel2:43The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)141991196
1879Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say, Parts 1 & 26:29The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)151991206
1880Ray CharlesTell The Truth3:04The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)161991204
1881Ray CharlesI'm Movin' On2:21The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)171991194
1882Ray CharlesI Believe To My Soul2:59The Birth Of Soul (1957-1959) (Disc 3)181991185
1883Ray CharlesShake A Tail Feather2:52The Blues Brothers (OST)41980188
1884Ray CharlesWhat Child Is This4:59The Spirit Of Christmas11985177
1885Ray CharlesThe Little Drummer Boy5:29The Spirit Of Christmas21985183
1886Ray CharlesSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town3:28The Spirit Of Christmas31985172
1887Ray CharlesThis Time Of The Year3:15The Spirit Of Christmas41985187
1888Ray CharlesRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer4:05The Spirit Of Christmas51985195
1889Ray CharlesThat Spirit Of Christmas5:06The Spirit Of Christmas61985190
1890Ray CharlesAll I Want For Christmas4:24The Spirit Of Christmas71985168
1891Ray CharlesChristmas In My Heart4:14The Spirit Of Christmas81985182
1892Ray CharlesWinter Wonderland3:32The Spirit Of Christmas91985175
1893Ray CharlesChristmas Time4:38The Spirit Of Christmas101985176
1894Ray CharlesGeorgia On My Mind3:39The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"11994182
1895Ray CharlesI Got A Woman2:51The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"21994127
1896Ray CharlesSwanee River Rock2:19The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"31994138
1897Ray CharlesLonely Avenue2:36The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"41994128
1898Ray CharlesHalleluljah I Love Her So2:35The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"51994129
1899Ray CharlesShake A Tailfeather2:47The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"61994191
1900Ray CharlesMess Around2:40The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"71994162
1901Ray CharlesDrown In My Own Tears3:20The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"81994133
1902Ray CharlesThis Little Girl Of Mine2:32The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"91994127
1903Ray CharlesYes Indeed2:16The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"101994203
1904Ray CharlesWhat'D I Say6:29The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"111994207
1905Ray CharlesEarly In The Morning2:46The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"121994213
1906Ray CharlesLeave My Woman Alone2:39The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"131994161
1907Ray CharlesThe Right Time3:28The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"141994212
1908Ray CharlesI Believe To My Soul3:01The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"151994184
1909Ray CharlesI'm Moving On2:21The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"161994195
1910Ray CharlesUnchain My Heart2:49The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"171994205
1911Ray CharlesLet The Good Times Roll2:52The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"181994214
1912Ray CharlesDon't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'3:45The Very Best "Georgia On My Mind"191994193
1913Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2)5:07Time-Life The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 195981988152
1914Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say (Part 1)4:23TM Century GoldDisc 60591991208
1915Ray CharlesMess Around2:41Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)11999189
1916Ray CharlesI've Got A Woman2:54Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)21999128
1917Ray CharlesA Fool For You3:06Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)31999160
1918Ray CharlesGreenbacks2:51Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)41999157
1919Ray CharlesDrown In My Own Tears3:21Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)51999163
1920Ray CharlesHalleluja I Love Her So2:34Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)61999164
1921Ray CharlesLonely Avenue2:36Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)71999140
1922Ray CharlesAin't That Love2:54Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)81999174
1923Ray Charles(Night Time Is) The Right Time3:24Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)91999153
1924Ray CharlesWhat'd I Say, Parts I & II6:28Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)101999208
1925Ray CharlesDon't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'3:44Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)111999194
1926Ray CharlesThem That Got2:50Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)121999191
1927Ray CharlesSticks And Stones2:14Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)131999200
1928Ray CharlesGeorgia On My Mind3:39Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)141999185
1929Ray CharlesRuby3:53Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)151999181
1930Ray CharlesOne Mint Julep3:05Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)161999214
1931Ray CharlesI've Got News For You4:32Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 1)171999211
1932Ray CharlesHit The Road Jack1:58Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)11999193
1933Ray CharlesUnchain My Heart2:52Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)21999197
1934Ray CharlesBut On The Other Hand Baby3:14Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)31999182
1935Ray CharlesHide 'Nor Hair3:10Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)41999202
1936Ray CharlesAt The Club3:00Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)51999191
1937Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving You4:13Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)61999199
1938Ray CharlesYou Don't Know Me3:15Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)71999199
1939Ray CharlesYou Are My Sunshine3:00Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)81999200
1940Ray CharlesDon't Set Me Free2:36Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)91999206
1941Ray CharlesTake These Chains From My Heart2:57Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)101999192
1942Ray CharlesNo One3:10Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)111999202
1943Ray CharlesBusted2:11Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)121999202
1944Ray CharlesCrying Time2:58Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)131999191
1945Ray CharlesTogether Again2:40Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)141999193
1946Ray CharlesLet's Go Get Stoned3:02Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)151999202
1947Ray CharlesYesterday2:47Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)161999202
1948Ray CharlesAmerica The Beautiful3:39Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)171999191
1949Ray CharlesSeven Spanish Angels (with Willie Nelson)3:52Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)181999203
1950Ray CharlesI'll Be Good To You (Quincy Jones feat. Ray Charles and Chaka Khan)4:56Ultimate Hits Collection (Disc 2)191999216
1951Ray Charles & Julie RinkerThree's Company1:01All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)442005176
1952Ray Charles SingersLove Me With All Your Heart2:21Easy Listening Gold - 1964-1965 (Disc 1)7 194
1953Ray Colcord227 ("There's No Place Like Home")1:01Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)161996199
1954Ray ConniffAt Seventeen4:26Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)41997199
1955Ray ConniffSomewhere My Love (Lara's Theme - 'Dr. Zhivago')2:32Instrumental Gold (Disc 2)191992219
1956Ray ConniffS'Wonderful2:27More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)31999205
1957Ray ConniffEdelweiss2:06Music To Watch Movies By (Disc 2)82001201
1958Ray ConniffThe Twelve Days of Christmas4:18The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 482000203
1959Ray ConniffHarmony2:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 2)212001236
1960Ray ConniffDanke Schoen2:36World Of Hits11967229
1961Ray ConniffThe Shadow Of Your Smile2:56World Of Hits21967225
1962Ray ConniffHello, Dolly!2:50World Of Hits31967238
1963Ray ConniffMidsummer In Sweden2:51World Of Hits41967212
1964Ray ConniffMore2:43World Of Hits51967233
1965Ray ConniffGranada3:11World Of Hits61967236
1966Ray ConniffMoscow Nights2:29World Of Hits71967232
1967Ray ConniffTry To Rmember2:43World Of Hits81967213
1968Ray ConniffAlley Cat3:05World Of Hits91967227
1969Ray ConniffMoon River2:47World Of Hits101967224
1970Ray ConniffI Will Wait For You2:19World Of Hits111967228
1971Ray ConniffGreenfields3:11World Of Hits121967210
1972Ray Conniff & His SingersPeople Say We're In Love2:51Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 1)62001216
1973Ray Conniff and the SingersSomewhere, My Love2:32Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)9 203
1974Ray HarrisCome On Little Mama2:17Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)192006135
1975Ray Heindorf & Sammy CahnPete Kelly's Blues1:20Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)491996161
1976Ray JFormal Invite2:28From Sac To SF 2K2 (Mixed by DJ E Rock)92002138
1977Ray JOne Wish (PO Clean Edit)3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1182005181
1978Ray JWhat I Need3:24Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0462006191
1979Ray J Feat. Yung BergSexy Can I3:27Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04162008208
1980Ray LaMontagneHold You in My Arms5:05The Last Kiss (OST)92006247
1981Ray LlewellynSea Hunt0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)391986185
1982Ray LlewellynHighway Patrol0:54Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)401996144
1983Ray Lyell And The StormColour Of Money3:58U Can't Touch This141990221
1984Ray LynchCelestial Soda Pop4:42Deep Breakfast11986205
1985Ray LynchThe Oh Of Pleasure5:22Deep Breakfast21986204
1986Ray LynchFalling Into The Garden2:47Deep Breakfast31986183
1987Ray LynchYour Feeling Shoulders7:32Deep Breakfast41986184
1988Ray LynchRhythm In The Pews4:13Deep Breakfast51986195
1989Ray LynchKathleen's Song4:10Deep Breakfast61986180
1990Ray LynchPastorale5:31Deep Breakfast71986195
1991Ray LynchTiny Geometries6:01Deep Breakfast81986216
1992Ray LynchHer Knees Deep In Your Mind6:18Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)11997195
1993Ray ManzarekHe Can't Come Today4:32The Golden Scarab11973225
1994Ray ManzarekSolar Boat5:46The Golden Scarab21973204
1995Ray ManzarekDownbound Train5:19The Golden Scarab31973228
1996Ray ManzarekThe Golden Scarab6:29The Golden Scarab41973212
1997Ray ManzarekThe Purpose Of Existence Is?6:25The Golden Scarab51973206
1998Ray ManzarekThe Moorish Idol5:25The Golden Scarab61973247
1999Ray ManzarekChoose Up And Choose Off4:33The Golden Scarab71973214
2000Ray ManzarekOh Thou Precious Nectar Filled Form4:46The Golden Scarab81973203
2001Ray ManzarekThe Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control2:35The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control11974209
2002Ray ManzarekThe Gambler5:28The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control21974210
2003Ray ManzarekWhirling Dervish5:25The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control31974210
2004Ray ManzarekBegin The World Again6:45The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control41974202
2005Ray ManzarekI Wake Up Screaming3:36The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control51974222
2006Ray ManzarekArt Deco Fandango3:05The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control61974212
2007Ray ManzarekBicentennial Blues (Love It Or Leave It)7:57The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control71974207
2008Ray ManzarekPerfumed Garden5:54The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control81974209
2009Ray MartinBleu Tango2:39Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 5)52002130
2010Ray NobleLinda3:20Your Hit Parade 194731989128
2011Ray NobleI'll Dance at Your Wedding3:12Your Hit Parade 1948141990126
2012Ray Parker JrThe Other Woman4:03The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)101999208
2013Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters4:05Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]11984227
2014Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters (Instrumental Version)4:49Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]101984227
2015Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters (12" Single Remix)6:04Ghostbusters (OST) [2006 Remaster]121984227
2016Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters4:00Greatest Hits11993223
2017Ray Parker Jr.The Other Woman4:05Greatest Hits21993205
2018Ray Parker Jr.You Can't Change That3:25Greatest Hits31993199
2019Ray Parker Jr.Let Me Go4:13Greatest Hits41993183
2020Ray Parker Jr.A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)4:06Greatest Hits51993191
2021Ray Parker Jr.I Still Can't Get Over Loving You4:07Greatest Hits61993212
2022Ray Parker Jr.Jack And Jill4:37Greatest Hits71993192
2023Ray Parker Jr.Jamie4:17Greatest Hits81993213
2024Ray Parker Jr.Bad Boy4:14Greatest Hits91993204
2025Ray Parker Jr.Two Places At The Same Time3:55Greatest Hits101993183
2026Ray Parker Jr.For Those Who Like To Groove4:32Greatest Hits111993203
2027Ray Parker Jr.That Old Song4:22Greatest Hits121993203
2028Ray Parker Jr.Girls Are More Fun4:24Greatest Hits131993220
2029Ray Parker Jr.Christmas Time Is Here3:00Greatest Hits141993192
2030Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters4:00Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)162002233
2031Ray Parker Jr. & RaydioA Woman Needs Love4:02Hit History Vol. 27 1981111990205
2032Ray Parker, Jr.Ghostbusters4:07Halloween Hits41991226
2033Ray PetersonThe Wonder Of You2:36Jukebox Hits Of 1959241991226
2034Ray PetersonCorinna, Corinna2:39Original Oldies 50's & 60's, Vol. 3 (Disc 3)22 192
2035Ray PetersonCorinna, Corinna2:41Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 1)21991127
2036Ray PetersonThe Wonder Of You2:38The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)171997204
2037Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her2:57The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll 1960 - (Disc 3)91960188
2038Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her2:57The Rock & Roll Era - Teen Idols111990197
2039Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her2:55The Rock Box (Disc 5)15 190
2040Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her2:59TM Century GoldDisc Update 161991195
2041Ray PriceCrazy Arms2:3316 Biggest Hits [HDCD]11999128
2042Ray PriceI've Got A New Heartache2:4316 Biggest Hits [HDCD]21999147
2043Ray PriceMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You2:3516 Biggest Hits [HDCD]31999148
2044Ray PriceCity Lights3:0016 Biggest Hits [HDCD]41999176
2045Ray PriceHeartaches By The Number2:5916 Biggest Hits [HDCD]51999183
2046Ray PriceThe Same Old Me2:4316 Biggest Hits [HDCD]61999176
2047Ray PriceOne More Time2:4716 Biggest Hits [HDCD]71999194
2048Ray PriceMake The World Go Away2:3416 Biggest Hits [HDCD]81999135
2049Ray PriceBurning Memories2:3016 Biggest Hits [HDCD]91999161
2050Ray PriceThe Other Woman2:5816 Biggest Hits [HDCD]101999148
2051Ray PriceFor The Good Times3:5016 Biggest Hits [HDCD]111999204
2052Ray PriceI Won't Mention It Again3:3816 Biggest Hits [HDCD]121999200
2053Ray PriceI'd Rather Be Sorry2:4716 Biggest Hits [HDCD]131999145
2054Ray PriceShe's Got To Be A Saint3:4916 Biggest Hits [HDCD]141999199
2055Ray PriceYou're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me3:5016 Biggest Hits [HDCD]151999135
2056Ray PriceDanny Boy3:0516 Biggest Hits [HDCD]161999128
2057Ray PriceRelease Me2:43Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.91997163
2058Ray PriceFor The Good Times3:49Greatest Hits11993206
2059Ray PriceYou're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me3:43Greatest Hits21993200
2060Ray PriceCrazy Arms2:31Greatest Hits31993185
2061Ray PriceNight Life3:21Greatest Hits41993206
2062Ray PriceMake The World Go Away2:12Greatest Hits51993201
2063Ray PriceHeartaches By The Number3:01Greatest Hits61993189
2064Ray PriceShe's Got To Be A Saint3:35Greatest Hits71993192
2065Ray PriceMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You2:32Greatest Hits81993189
2066Ray PriceI Won't Mention It Again3:30Greatest Hits91993190
2067Ray PriceCity Lights2:52Greatest Hits101993186
2068Ray PriceIf You're Ever Lonely Darling2:32The Essential Ray Price11991169
2069Ray PriceThe Road Of No Return2:40The Essential Ray Price21991147
2070Ray PriceTalk To Your Heart2:42The Essential Ray Price31991170
2071Ray PriceMove On In & Stay2:23The Essential Ray Price41991156
2072Ray PriceI'll Be There2:27The Essential Ray Price51991146
2073Ray PriceRelease Me2:41The Essential Ray Price61991150
2074Ray PriceI Can't Go Home Like This2:13The Essential Ray Price71991154
2075Ray PriceYou Done Me Wrong2:23The Essential Ray Price81991134
2076Ray PriceFalling Falling Falling2:27The Essential Ray Price91991174
2077Ray PriceWasted Words2:29The Essential Ray Price101991161
2078Ray PriceCrazy Arms2:33The Essential Ray Price111991127
2079Ray PriceI've Got A New Heartache2:43The Essential Ray Price121991145
2080Ray PriceMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You2:35The Essential Ray Price131991148
2081Ray PriceInvitation To The Blues2:48The Essential Ray Price141991127
2082Ray PriceCity Lights3:00The Essential Ray Price151991152
2083Ray PriceHeartaches By Number2:58The Essential Ray Price161991160
2084Ray PriceThe Same Old Me2:43The Essential Ray Price171991141
2085Ray PriceOne More Time2:46The Essential Ray Price181991162
2086Ray PriceHeart Over Mind2:43The Essential Ray Price191991146
2087Ray PricePride2:34The Essential Ray Price201991158
2088Ray SmithRockin' Little Angel2:15Lost Treasures Volume 118 129
2089Ray SmithRight Behind You Baby2:24The Sun Records Collection (Disc 3)181994134
2090Ray StevensRedneck Christmas2:16   128
2091Ray StevensXerox Christmas Letter3:00   96
2092Ray StevensPower Tools3:32#1 With A Bullet11991179
2093Ray StevensTeenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens3:22#1 With A Bullet21991192
2094Ray StevensYou Gotta Have A Hat2:48#1 With A Bullet31991184
2095Ray StevensTabloid News2:42#1 With A Bullet41991173
2096Ray StevensThe Pirate Song4:03#1 With A Bullet51991196
2097Ray StevensThe Sheik Of R & B2:51#1 With A Bullet61991199
2098Ray StevensJuanita And The Kids4:40#1 With A Bullet71991192
2099Ray StevensBack In The Doghouse Again3:07#1 With A Bullet81991183
2100Ray StevensA Little Blue-Haired Lady2:44#1 With A Bullet91991188
2101Ray StevensWorking For The Japanese2:56#1 With A Bullet101991185
2102Ray StevensThe Streak3:18AM Gold: 1970-197491995188
2103Ray StevensThe All-American 2-Week Vacation3:25Classic Ray Stevens321993128
2104Ray StevensThe Streak3:19Collection11993200
2105Ray StevensShriner's Convention5:37Collection21993213
2106Ray StevensThe Mississippi Squirrel Revival3:45Collection31993211
2107Ray StevensGitarzan3:15Collection41993199
2108Ray StevensAhab the Arab3:49Collection51993208
2109Ray StevensIt's Me Again Margaret3:34Collection61993212
2110Ray StevensSanta Claus Is Watching You3:24Collection71993190
2111Ray StevensThe Ballad of the Blue Cyclone5:03Collection81993208
2112Ray StevensWould Jesus Wear a Rolex2:49Collection91993197
2113Ray StevensFreddie Feelgood (and His Funky Little Five Piece Band)2:51Collection101993184
2114Ray StevensSurfin' U.S.S.R.3:07Collection111993216
2115Ray StevensI Saw Elvis in a U.F.O.3:37Collection121993202
2116Ray StevensThe Haircut Song6:14Collection131993196
2117Ray StevensEverything Is Beautiful3:33Collection141993198
2118Ray StevensMisty2:53Country Complete (Disc 4)51997212
2119Ray StevensSanta Claus Is Watching You3:16Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia51995130
2120Ray StevensGitarzan3:16Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)161991208
2121Ray StevensSanta Claus is Watching You3:19Frosty's Christmas Favorites1 128
2122Ray StevensThe Streak3:19Greatest Hits11987199
2123Ray StevensShriner's Convention5:37Greatest Hits21987208
2124Ray StevensIt's Me Again Margaret3:33Greatest Hits31987198
2125Ray StevensTurn Your Radio On2:13Greatest Hits41987192
2126Ray StevensMisty2:55Greatest Hits51987208
2127Ray StevensThe Mississippi Squirrel Revival3:45Greatest Hits61987208
2128Ray StevensGitarzan3:15Greatest Hits71987212
2129Ray StevensAhab The Arab3:49Greatest Hits81987206
2130Ray StevensAlong Came Jones3:47Greatest Hits91987204
2131Ray StevensEverything Is Beautiful3:33Greatest Hits101987200
2132Ray StevensThe Streak3:16Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)201998204
2133Ray StevensThe Streak3:19His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits11990197
2134Ray StevensShriner's Convention5:37His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits21990211
2135Ray StevensWould Jesus Wear A Rolex2:49His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits31990187
2136Ray StevensMississippi Squirrel Revival3:46His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits41990207
2137Ray StevensGitarzan3:17His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits51990197
2138Ray StevensIt's Me Again, Margaret3:34His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits61990196
2139Ray StevensAhab, The Arab3:48His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits71990204
2140Ray StevensIn The Mood2:43His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits81990192
2141Ray StevensFreddie Feelgood2:50His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits91990197
2142Ray StevensBridget The Midget3:38His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits101990192
2143Ray StevensMama Sang Bass3:30Hum It 1997128
2144Ray StevensI'm Kissin' You Goodbye3:11Mississippi Squirrel Revival11992206
2145Ray StevensIt's Me Again, Margaret3:34Mississippi Squirrel Revival21992193
2146Ray StevensMississippi Squirrel Revival3:45Mississippi Squirrel Revival31992199
2147Ray StevensNed Nostril4:14Mississippi Squirrel Revival41992185
2148Ray StevensFred2:42Mississippi Squirrel Revival51992192
2149Ray StevensErik The Awful4:37Mississippi Squirrel Revival61992191
2150Ray StevensThe Monkees3:11Mississippi Squirrel Revival71992197
2151Ray StevensJoggin'3:43Mississippi Squirrel Revival81992204
2152Ray StevensHappy Hour4:08Mississippi Squirrel Revival91992187
2153Ray StevensFurthermore2:52Mississippi Squirrel Revival101992195
2154Ray StevensThe Annual Office Christmas Party3:13Ray Stevens Christmas- Through8 96
2155Ray StevensThe Streak3:16Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 12121990206
2156Ray StevensA Mama And A Papa2:49The Collection 1971320
2157Ray StevensGitarzan3:11The Rock Box (Disc 1)4 215
2158Ray StevensAhab, The Arab3:49The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky121991215
2159Ray StevensGitarzan3:17The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)61997218
2160Ray StevensSanta Clause Is Watching You2:18The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 5232000214
2161Ray StevensEverything Is Beautiful3:31The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)112001198
2162Ray StevensAlong Came Jones3:49There's A Riot Goin' On! The Rock 'N' Roll Classics Of Leiber & Stoller151991205
2163The RaybeatsTight Turn [Album Version]3:54Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 4)222005219
2164RaydioJack And Jill4:34Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)132001192
2165Raydio (Ft. Ray Parker Jr.)You Can't Change That3:21Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)92001202
2166Raymond & Imakuni?Pokemon Ierukana Baby?5:03Pocket Monsters Best Collection  128
2167Raymond CastoldiThe Old Ballgame0:38Jock Jams, Vol. 1191995199
2168Raymond FroggattCallow La Vita2:35Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)12001203
2169Raymond FroggattRoly2:40Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)22001127
2170Raymond ScottPowerhouse2:56The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights11992127
2171Raymond ScottThe Toy Trumpet2:59The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights21992127
2172Raymond ScottTobacco Autioneer2:36The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights31992126
2173Raymond ScottNew Year's Eve In A Haunted House2:21The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights41992129
2174Raymond ScottManhattan Minuet2:40The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights51992127
2175Raymond ScottDinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals2:55The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights61992126
2176Raymond ScottReckless Night On Board An Oceanliner3:05The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights71992127
2177Raymond ScottMoment Musical2:17The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights81992126
2178Raymond ScottTwilight In Turkey2:43The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights91992127
2179Raymond ScottThe Penguin2:38The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights101992126
2180Raymond ScottOil Gusher2:39The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights111992127
2181Raymond ScottIn A 18Th Century Drawing Room2:39The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights121992126
2182Raymond ScottThe Girl At The Typewriter3:02The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights131992126
2183Raymond ScottSiberian Sleighride2:52The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights141992127
2184Raymond ScottAt An Arabian House Party3:20The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights151992127
2185Raymond ScottBoy Scout In Switzerland2:50The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights161992127
2186Raymond ScottBumpy Weather In Newark2:56The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights171992127
2187Raymond ScottMinuet In Jazz2:51The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights181992126
2188Raymond ScottWar Dance For Wooden Indians2:31The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights191992128
2189Raymond ScottThe Quintet Plays Carmen2:39The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights201992127
2190Raymond ScottHuckelberry Duck2:51The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights211992128
2191Raymond ScottPeter Tambourine2:54The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights221992126
2192Raymond ScottUntitled0:20The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights231992123
2193The RaysSilhouettes2:44Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)92005126
2194The RaysDaddy Cool2:42Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)102005138
2195RayvonMy Bad [Album Version]3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-08132002208
2196RazahRain3:33Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2008-04212008198
2197RazeAlways And Forever3:33WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)151999223
2198RazeFollow Your Dreams3:17WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)112000237
2199RBDTu Amor3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1142006204
2200RBDWanna Play3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02112007222
2201Rboi Rob's Club WorldMake That Money (Roxbury Remix)3:51A Night At The Roxbury (OST)31998232
2202Ready For The WorldLove You Down4:01MCA 52947 1986128
2203Ready for the WorldOh Sheila (Extended Version)6:50Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 2) [CA]72005233
2204Ready For The WorldOh Sheila3:40Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-1986131995221
2205The Ready SetLove Like Woe3:20Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06122010201
2206Real LifeSend Me An Angel3:54Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)122000225
2207Real LifeLet's Fall In Love (12" Version)3:40Let's Fall In Love11989181
2208Real LifeFlame5:12Let's Fall In Love21989197
2209Real LifeExploding Bullets4:11Let's Fall In Love31989187
2210Real LifeOpenhearted3:55Let's Fall In Love41989181
2211Real LifeThe Legend4:04Let's Fall In Love51989190
2212Real LifeBleeding Babies (12" Version)4:20Let's Fall In Love61989178
2213Real LifeThe Longest Day4:19Let's Fall In Love71989177
2214Real LifeI Wish5:32Let's Fall In Love81989196
2215Real LifeBurning Blue4:44Let's Fall In Love91989186
2216Real LifeCathedral4:22Let's Fall In Love101989197
2217Real LifeSend Me An Angel '893:51Send Me An Angel '8911989219
2218Real LifeFace To Face3:48Send Me An Angel '8921989196
2219Real LifeCatch Me I'm Falling5:53Send Me An Angel '8931989228
2220Real LifeAlways3:54Send Me An Angel '8941989213
2221Real LifeBabies5:18Send Me An Angel '8951989225
2222Real LifeSend Me An Angel '89 (Dance Mix)6:15Send Me An Angel '8961989212
2223Real LifeHammer Of Love3:55Send Me An Angel '8971989225
2224Real LifeLet's Fall In Love3:38Send Me An Angel '8981989218
2225Real LifeOne Blind Love4:18Send Me An Angel '8991989189
2226Real LifeNo Shame3:30Send Me An Angel '89101989198
2227Real McCoyAnother Night3:55Another Night11994226
2228Real McCoyCome And Get Your Love3:14Another Night21994225
2229Real McCoyIf You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep In The Night)4:05Another Night31994221
2230Real McCoyRun Away4:05Another Night41994199
2231Real McCoySleeping With An Angel4:38Another Night51994169
2232Real McCoyOoh Boy3:05Another Night61994200
2233Real McCoyLove & Devotion4:30Another Night71994203
2234Real McCoyAutomatic Lover (Call For Love)3:47Another Night81994228
2235Real McCoyOperator5:26Another Night91994229
2236Real McCoyI Want You4:47Another Night101994227
2237Real McCoyAnother Night (House Mix)5:16Another Night111994198
2238Real McCoyRun Away4:05Billboard Top Hits - 19956 202
2239Real McCoyAnother Night3:36The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)41999219
2240Real McCoyAnother Night3:51Ultimate Dance Party 199731996228
2241The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie TeeBang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)5:55Electro Breakdance (Disc 2)62002215
2242Real ThingYou To Me Are Everything3:29Disco Fever (Disc 2)71997215
2243The Real ThingCan't Get By Without You3:18Heart & Soul71989245
2244Real ThingYou To Me Are Everything3:29One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)112001268
2245The ReasoningAwakening6:49Awakening12007228
2246The ReasoningChasing Rainbows6:06Awakening22007219
2247The ReasoningPlaying the Game4:13Awakening32007207
2248The ReasoningAching Hunger6:45Awakening42007238
2249The ReasoningSacred Shape6:37Awakening52007231
2250The ReasoningFallen Angels6:25Awakening62007226
2251The ReasoningShadows of the Mind7:18Awakening72007217
2252The ReasoningWithin Cold Glass4:42Awakening82007214
2253The ReasoningDark Angel6:55Dark Angel12008214
2254The ReasoningSharp Sea7:33Dark Angel22008211
2255The ReasoningHow Far To Fall4:22Dark Angel32008214
2256The ReasoningSerenity1:41Dark Angel42008199
2257The ReasoningCall Me God?6:09Dark Angel52008220
2258The ReasoningIn The Future5:06Dark Angel62008210
2259The ReasoningAbsolute Zero4:44Dark Angel72008202
2260The ReasoningBreaking The 4th Wall5:50Dark Angel82008198
2261The ReasoningA Musing Dream9:13Dark Angel92008219
2262Reba McEntireSilent Night3:36A Very Special Acoustic Christmas12003178
2263Reba McEntireTurn On The Radio3:36All The Women I Am12010236
2264Reba McEntireIf I Were A Boy3:53All The Women I Am22010201
2265Reba McEntireThe Bridge You Burn3:36All The Women I Am32010219
2266Reba McEntireCry3:26All The Women I Am42010211
2267Reba McEntireWhen Love Gets A Hold Of You3:35All The Women I Am52010229
2268Reba McEntireSomebody's Chelsea4:34All The Women I Am62010209
2269Reba McEntireAll The Women I Am4:37All The Women I Am72010221
2270Reba McEntireThe Day She Got Divorced3:32All The Women I Am82010183
2271Reba McEntireA Little Want To3:08All The Women I Am92010218
2272Reba McEntireWhen You Have A Child4:09All The Women I Am102010179
2273Reba McEntireI'll Be Home For Christmas3:16Christmas Of Hope101995192
2274Reba McEntireFor My Broken Heart4:18For My Broken Heart11991183
2275Reba McEntireIs There Life Out There3:52For My Broken Heart21991202
2276Reba McEntireBobby4:37For My Broken Heart31991188
2277Reba McEntireHe's In Dallas3:05For My Broken Heart41991191
2278Reba McEntireAll Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)3:13For My Broken Heart51991191
2279Reba McEntireThe Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia4:17For My Broken Heart61991197
2280Reba McEntireBuying Her Roses2:52For My Broken Heart71991197
2281Reba McEntireThe Greatest Man I Never Knew3:13For My Broken Heart81991191
2282Reba McEntireI Wouldn't Go That Far3:26For My Broken Heart91991192
2283Reba McEntireIf I Had Only Known3:57For My Broken Heart101991185
2284Reba McEntireI'm A Survivor (Previously Unreleased)3:07Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)12001203
2285Reba McEntireForever Love3:54Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)22001217
2286Reba McEntireThe Heart Is A Lonely Hunter3:51Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)32001207
2287Reba McEntireAnd Still3:28Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)42001192
2288Reba McEntireIf You See Him, If You See Her (With Brooks & Dunn)3:57Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)52001191
2289Reba McEntireThe Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia4:16Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)62001210
2290Reba McEntireFallin' Out Of Love4:35Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)72001198
2291Reba McEntireThe Heart Won't Lie (Duet With Vince Gill)3:22Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)82001195
2292Reba McEntireTake It Back3:17Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)92001215
2293Reba McEntireShe Thinks His Name Was John4:21Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)102001185
2294Reba McEntireThe Fear Of Being Alone3:02Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)112001209
2295Reba McEntireWhy Haven't I Heard From You3:29Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)122001207
2296Reba McEntireOne Honest Heart3:55Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)132001236
2297Reba McEntireMyself Without You4:23Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)142001200
2298Reba McEntireSweet Music Man3:27Greatest Hits - Vol. III (I'm A Survivor)152001179
2299Reba McEntireDoes He Love You (Duet With Linda Davis)4:21Greatest Hits Volume Two11993193
2300Reba McEntireYou Lie3:59Greatest Hits Volume Two21993188
2301Reba McEntireFancy4:58Greatest Hits Volume Two31993202
2302Reba McEntireFor My Broken Heart3:35Greatest Hits Volume Two41993181
2303Reba McEntireLove Will Find It's Way To You3:38Greatest Hits Volume Two51993203
2304Reba McEntireThey Asked About You3:17Greatest Hits Volume Two61993189
2305Reba McEntireIs There Life Out There3:11Greatest Hits Volume Two71993200
2306Reba McEntireRumor Has It3:47Greatest Hits Volume Two81993192
2307Reba McEntireWalk On3:16Greatest Hits Volume Two91993198
2308Reba McEntireThe Greatest Man I Never Knew3:15Greatest Hits Volume Two101993190
2309Reba McEntireIf You See Him, If You See Her (feat. Brooks & Dunn)3:55If You See Him11998189
2310Reba McEntireOne Honest Heart3:54If You See Him21998231
2311Reba McEntireI Wouldn't Know3:29If You See Him31998204
2312Reba McEntireI'll Give You Something To Miss3:35If You See Him41998239
2313Reba McEntireInvisible4:02If You See Him51998205
2314Reba McEntireUp & Flying4:29If You See Him61998198
2315Reba McEntireForever Love3:52If You See Him71998212
2316Reba McEntireFace To Face - Linda Davis3:59If You See Him81998223
2317Reba McEntireHeart Hush4:15If You See Him91998205
2318Reba McEntireLonely Alone3:24If You See Him101998190
2319Reba McEntireWrong Night2:51If You See Him111998212
2320Reba McEntireAll This Time3:11If You See Him121998216
2321Reba McEntireIt's Your Call3:10It's Your Call11992185
2322Reba McEntireStraight From You2:40It's Your Call21992188
2323Reba McEntireTake It Back3:17It's Your Call31992204
2324Reba McEntireBaby's Gone Blues4:20It's Your Call41992191
2325Reba McEntireThe Heart Won't Lie (Duet With Vince Gill)3:21It's Your Call51992186
2326Reba McEntireOne Last Good Hand3:33It's Your Call61992199
2327Reba McEntireHe Wants To Get Married3:56It's Your Call71992180
2328Reba McEntireFor Herself4:04It's Your Call81992182
2329Reba McEntireWill He Ever Go Away3:23It's Your Call91992189
2330Reba McEntireLighter Shade Of Blue3:29It's Your Call101992181
2331Reba McEntireStrange3:00Keep On Loving You12009226
2332Reba McEntireJust When I Thought I'd Stopped Loving You3:50Keep On Loving You22009230
2333Reba McEntireI Keep On Lovin' You3:13Keep On Loving You32009192
2334Reba McEntireI Want A Cowboy3:39Keep On Loving You42009237
2335Reba McEntireConsider Me Gone3:38Keep On Loving You52009219
2336Reba McEntireBut Why3:28Keep On Loving You62009187
2337Reba McEntirePink Guitar2:53Keep On Loving You72009225
2338Reba McEntireShe's Turning 50 Today4:05Keep On Loving You82009216
2339Reba McEntireEight Crazy Hours (In The Story Of Love)4:04Keep On Loving You92009185
2340Reba McEntireNothing To Lose4:47Keep On Loving You102009211
2341Reba McEntireOver You3:57Keep On Loving You112009192
2342Reba McEntireMaggie Creek Road4:50Keep On Loving You122009215
2343Reba McEntireI'll Have What She's Having2:57Keep On Loving You132009200
2344Reba McEntireLove Revival4:08Love Revival12008208
2345Reba McEntireYou Must Really Love Me3:05Love Revival22008204
2346Reba McEntireBad For My Own Good3:40Love Revival32008208
2347Reba McEntireThe Heart Won't Lie (Duet w/ Vince Gill)3:22Love Revival42008186
2348Reba McEntireLove Needs A Holiday3:15Love Revival52008213
2349Reba McEntireWith You I Am3:46Love Revival62008193
2350Reba McEntireSomebody3:52Love Revival72008205
2351Reba McEntireForever Love3:53Love Revival82008210
2352Reba McEntireBig Blue Sky4:23Love Revival92008235
2353Reba McEntireI'll Still Be Loving You4:57Love Revival102008201
2354Reba McEntireAway In The Manager2:26Merry Christmas To You11987181
2355Reba McEntireOn This Day4:03Merry Christmas To You21987193
2356Reba McEntireO Holy Night3:54Merry Christmas To You31987184
2357Reba McEntireThe Christmas Guest5:23Merry Christmas To You41987176
2358Reba McEntireSilent Night3:36Merry Christmas To You51987174
2359Reba McEntireHappy Birthday Jesus (I'll Open This One For You)2:33Merry Christmas To You61987187
2360Reba McEntireWhite Christmas3:02Merry Christmas To You71987200
2361Reba McEntireI'll Be Home For Christmas3:16Merry Christmas To You81987189
2362Reba McEntireA Christmas Letter3:11Merry Christmas To You91987198
2363Reba McEntireThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)3:26Merry Christmas To You101987186
2364Reba McEntireI Don't Want To Be A One Night Stand3:02Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)11994183
2365Reba McEntireA Cowboy Like You2:15Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)21994193
2366Reba McEntire(There's Nothing Like The Love) Between A Woman And A Man2:58Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)31994205
2367Reba McEntireRight Time Of The Night2:39Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)41994194
2368Reba McEntireInvitation To The Blues3:31Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)51994196
2369Reba McEntireLast Night, Ev'ry Night3:04Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)61994208
2370Reba McEntireRunaway Heart3:00Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)71994208
2371Reba McEntire(I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then2:37Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)81994184
2372Reba McEntireDaddy3:09Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)91994194
2373Reba McEntireThe Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em3:16Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)101994208
2374Reba McEntireSweet Dreams3:03Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)111994202
2375Reba McEntireMy Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own2:27Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)121994207
2376Reba McEntireI'm A Woman3:51Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)131994208
2377Reba McEntireI Don't Think Love Ought To Be That Way2:44Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)141994201
2378Reba McEntire(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven2:47Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)151994195
2379Reba McEntireTears On My Pillow2:37Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)161994194
2380Reba McEntireEmpty Arms3:13Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)171994190
2381Reba McEntireSuddenly There's A Valley3:32Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)181994181
2382Reba McEntireI Can See Forever In Your Eyes2:47Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)191994195
2383Reba McEntireA Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold)2:54Oklahoma Girl (Disc 1)201994194
2384Reba McEntireWaitin' For The Sun To Shine2:52Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)11994196
2385Reba McEntireHow Does It Feel To Be Free3:25Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)21994157
2386Reba McEntireSmall Two-Bedroom Starter3:12Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)31994176
2387Reba McEntireLovin' You, Lovin' Me2:46Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)41994180
2388Reba McEntireOnly You (And You Alone)2:53Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)51994178
2389Reba McEntireToday All Over Again3:22Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)61994183
2390Reba McEntireHeart3:03Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)71994187
2391Reba McEntireI'm Not That Lonely Yet2:49Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)81994195
2392Reba McEntireOld Man River (I've Come To Talk Again)3:27Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)91994186
2393Reba McEntireWhoever's Watchin'2:52Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)101994199
2394Reba McEntireCan't Even Get The Blues No More2:32Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)111994197
2395Reba McEntireYou're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving2:57Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)121994184
2396Reba McEntireMuddy Mississippi3:30Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)131994194
2397Reba McEntireReasons2:11Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)141994190
2398Reba McEntireShe Came On Like Lightnin'3:24Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)151994201
2399Reba McEntireOne Good Reason3:06Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)161994185
2400Reba McEntireWhy Do We Want (What We Know We Can't Have)2:42Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)171994205
2401Reba McEntirePins And Needles2:20Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)181994189
2402Reba McEntireWe'll Waltz In Love Tonight3:33Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)191994194
2403Reba McEntireThere Ain't No Future In This2:36Oklahoma Girl (Disc 2)201994194
2404Reba McEntireEverything That You Want4:23Read My Mind11994204
2405Reba McEntireRead My Mind4:04Read My Mind21994190
2406Reba McEntireI Won't Stand In Line4:01Read My Mind31994212
2407Reba McEntireI Wish That I Could Tell You3:18Read My Mind41994194
2408Reba McEntireShe Thinks His Name Was John4:22Read My Mind51994192
2409Reba McEntireWhy Haven't I Heard From You3:28Read My Mind61994205
2410Reba McEntireAnd Still3:28Read My Mind71994195
2411Reba McEntireThe Heart Is A Lonely Hunter3:51Read My Mind81994211
2412Reba McEntireI Wouldn't Wanna Be You3:34Read My Mind91994201
2413Reba McEntireTill You Love Me3:53Read My Mind101994193
2414Reba McEntireSo, So, So Long3:40Reba11988202
2415Reba McEntireSunday Kind Of Love3:04Reba21988187
2416Reba McEntireNew Fool At An Old Game3:49Reba31988183
2417Reba McEntireYou're The One I Dream About3:37Reba41988191
2418Reba McEntireSilly Me4:14Reba51988185
2419Reba McEntireRespect2:38Reba61988207
2420Reba McEntireDo Right By Me3:37Reba71988192
2421Reba McEntireI Know How He Feels3:20Reba81988187
2422Reba McEntireWish I Were Only Lonely3:59Reba91988186
2423Reba McEntireEverytime You Touch Her3:47Reba101988171
2424Reba McEntireJust a Little Love4:06Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits11987200
2425Reba McEntireHe Broke Your Memory Last Night2:53Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits21987198
2426Reba McEntireHow Blue2:42Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits31987174
2427Reba McEntireSomebody Should Leave3:34Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits41987177
2428Reba McEntireHave I Got a Deal for You2:46Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits51987179
2429Reba McEntireOnly in My Mind3:40Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits61987179
2430Reba McEntireWhoever's in New England3:24Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits71987181
2431Reba McEntireLittle Rock3:07Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits81987186
2432Reba McEntireWhat Am I Gonna Do About You3:31Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits91987173
2433Reba McEntireOne Promise Too Late3:26Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits101987190
2434Reba McEntireSecret3:22Room To Breathe12003206
2435Reba McEntireIf I Had Any Sense Left At All4:01Room To Breathe22003192
2436Reba McEntireMy Sister3:59Room To Breathe32003214
2437Reba McEntireOnce You've Learned To Be Lonely4:28Room To Breathe42003185
2438Reba McEntireMoving Oleta3:27Room To Breathe52003175
2439Reba McEntireLove Revival4:07Room To Breathe62003204
2440Reba McEntireHe Gets That From Me3:39Room To Breathe72003187
2441Reba McEntireI'm Gonna Take That Mountain3:24Room To Breathe82003212
2442Reba McEntireRoom To Breathe3:31Room To Breathe92003179
2443Reba McEntireSky Full Of Angels2:51Room To Breathe102003205
2444Reba McEntireSomebody3:50Room To Breathe112003204
2445Reba McEntireIt Just Has To Be This Way (duet with Vince Gill)3:48Room To Breathe122003181
2446Reba McEntireClimb That Mountain High2:55Rumor Has It11990208
2447Reba McEntireRumor Has It3:49Rumor Has It21990192
2448Reba McEntireWaitin' For The Deal To Go Down3:18Rumor Has It31990195
2449Reba McEntireYou Lie3:59Rumor Has It41990188
2450Reba McEntireNow You Tell Me3:40Rumor Has It51990197
2451Reba McEntireFancy4:59Rumor Has It61990202
2452Reba McEntireFallin' Out Of Love4:36Rumor Has It71990189
2453Reba McEntireThis Picture3:27Rumor Has It81990196
2454Reba McEntireYou Remember Me4:27Rumor Has It91990188
2455Reba McEntireThat's All She Wrote3:27Rumor Has It101990196
2456Reba McEntireThis Is My Prayer For You3:40Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)11999191
2457Reba McEntireI Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus3:44Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)21999194
2458Reba McEntireOne Child, One Day3:31Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)31999196
2459Reba McEntireMary, Did You Know?3:21Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)41999182
2460Reba McEntireUp On The Housetop2:07Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)51999217
2461Reba McEntireThe Angels Sang3:45Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)61999209
2462Reba McEntireSanta Claus Is Coming Back To Town3:35Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)71999173
2463Reba McEntireThe Secret Of Giving3:55Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)81999180
2464Reba McEntireThis Christmas3:52Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)91999180
2465Reba McEntire'Til The Season Comes 'Round Again3:34Secret Of Giving (A Christmas Collection)101999185
2466Reba McEntireWe're So Good Together3:33So Good Together11999227
2467Reba McEntireTill I Said It To You3:22So Good Together21999185
2468Reba McEntireI'll Be4:28So Good Together31999192
2469Reba McEntireWhat You Say3:29So Good Together41999195
2470Reba McEntireRoses4:41So Good Together51999177
2471Reba McEntireI'm Not Your Girl3:40So Good Together61999178
2472Reba McEntireShe Wasn't Good For Him3:33So Good Together71999180
2473Reba McEntireNobody Dies From A Broken Heart4:00So Good Together81999185
2474Reba McEntireBack Before The War4:11So Good Together91999184
2475Reba McEntireWhen You're Not Trying To3:40So Good Together101999191
2476Reba McEntireWhere You End And I Begin4:16So Good Together111999192
2477Reba McEntireWe're All Alone4:09So Good Together121999187
2478Reba McEntireTalking In Your Sleep4:26Starting Over11995195
2479Reba McEntirePlease Come To Boston4:41Starting Over21995197
2480Reba McEntireOn My Own4:34Starting Over31995204
2481Reba McEntireI Won't Mention It Again4:15Starting Over41995188
2482Reba McEntireYou're No Good3:34Starting Over51995209
2483Reba McEntireRing On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands4:14Starting Over61995199
2484Reba McEntireFive Hundred Miles Away From Home4:25Starting Over71995202
2485Reba McEntireStarting Over Again4:11Starting Over81995192
2486Reba McEntireYou Keep Me Hangin' On3:26Starting Over91995221
2487Reba McEntireBy The Time I Get To Phoenix4:03Starting Over101995197
2488Reba McEntireCathy's Clown3:05Sweet Sixteen11989186
2489Reba McEntire'Til Love Comes Again3:44Sweet Sixteen21989189
2490Reba McEntireIt Always Rains On Saturday4:33Sweet Sixteen31989183
2491Reba McEntireAm I The Only One Who Cares3:07Sweet Sixteen41989197
2492Reba McEntireSomebody Up There Likes Me3:11Sweet Sixteen51989206
2493Reba McEntireYou Must Really Love Me3:05Sweet Sixteen61989198
2494Reba McEntireSay The Word2:54Sweet Sixteen71989186
2495Reba McEntireLittle Girl3:26Sweet Sixteen81989185
2496Reba McEntireWalk On3:16Sweet Sixteen91989200
2497Reba McEntireA New Love3:29Sweet Sixteen101989213
2498Reba McEntireI'm Gonna Take The Mountain3:30TM Century PrimeCuts 528P112003205
2499Reba McEntireHow Was I To Know3:40What If It's You11996207
2500Reba McEntireThe Fear Of Being Alone3:03What If It's You21996204
2501Reba McEntireWhat If It's You4:07What If It's You31996192
2502Reba McEntireI'd Rather Ride Around With You3:29What If It's You41996213
2503Reba McEntireIt Don't Matter3:37What If It's You51996202
2504Reba McEntireState Of Grace3:32What If It's You61996202
2505Reba McEntireClose To Crazy3:38What If It's You71996180
2506Reba McEntireShe's Callin' It Love3:05What If It's You81996206
2507Reba McEntireJust Looking For Him3:44What If It's You91996196
2508Reba McEntireNever Had A Reason To3:51What If It's You101996210
2509Reba McEntire and Carole KingEveryday People3:35Reba McEntire - Reba Duets62007206
2510Reba McEntire and Don HenleyBreak Each Other's Hearts Again3:38Reba McEntire - Reba Duets112007181
2511Reba McEntire and Faith HillSleeping With The Telephone3:34Reba McEntire - Reba Duets92007209
2512Reba McEntire and Justin TimberlakeThe Only Promise That Remains5:07Reba McEntire - Reba Duets102007192
2513Reba McEntire and Kelly ClarksonBecause Of You3:45Reba McEntire - Reba Duets32007215
2514Reba McEntire and Kenny ChesneyEvery Other Weekend4:04Reba McEntire - Reba Duets72007192
2515Reba McEntire and LeAnn RimesWhen You Love Someone Like That4:40Reba McEntire - Reba Duets12007197
2516Reba McEntire and Rascal FlattsFaith In Love3:49Reba McEntire - Reba Duets42007198
2517Reba McEntire and Ronnie DunnDoes The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma4:38Reba McEntire - Reba Duets22007189
2518Reba McEntire and Trisha YearwoodShe Can't Save Him3:04Reba McEntire - Reba Duets52007187
2519Reba McEntire and Vince GillThese Broken Hearts4:26Reba McEntire - Reba Duets82007212
2520Reba McEntire feat. Kelly ClarksonBecause Of You3:43Nu Music Traxx Vol. 215 July 2007162007195
2521Rebecca St. JamesSweet Little Jesus Boy3:56Christmas11997191
2522Rebecca St. JamesHappy Christmas3:40Christmas21997204
2523Rebecca St. JamesO Come Emmanuel5:20Christmas31997205
2524Rebecca St. JamesOne Small Child3:25Christmas41997229
2525Rebecca St. JamesSilent Night5:50Christmas51997202
2526Rebecca St. JamesO Holy Night4:55Christmas61997209
2527Rebecca St. JamesWhat Child Is This?4:25Christmas71997203
2528Rebecca St. JamesJesu' Joy Of Man's Desiring3:47Christmas81997195
2529Rebecca St. JamesO Come All Ye Faithful4:35Christmas91997213
2530Rebecca St. JamesA Cradle Prayer3:24Christmas101997189
2531Rebecca St. JamesGod4:08God11996205
2532Rebecca St. JamesYou're The Voice5:00God21996222
2533Rebecca St. JamesYou Then Me3:51God31996205
2534Rebecca St. JamesSpeak To Me4:47God41996194
2535Rebecca St. JamesAbba (Father)5:20God51996211
2536Rebecca St. JamesMe Without You4:15God61996212
2537Rebecca St. JamesThat's What Matters4:52God71996189
2538Rebecca St. JamesCarry Me High4:40God81996213
2539Rebecca St. JamesA Cold Heart Turns2:54God91996150
2540Rebecca St. JamesGo And Sin No More8:41God101996172
2541Rebecca St. JamesGod Help Me3:12If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something12005238
2542Rebecca St. JamesAlive3:22If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something22005228
2543Rebecca St. JamesYou Are Loved4:38If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something32005225
2544Rebecca St. JamesShadowlands3:55If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something42005235
2545Rebecca St. JamesLove Being Loved By You3:56If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something52005240
2546Rebecca St. JamesI Need You3:55If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something62005225
2547Rebecca St. JamesBeautiful Stranger3:43If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something72005231
2548Rebecca St. JamesThank You3:56If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something82005181
2549Rebecca St. JamesTake All of Me5:53If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something92005226
2550Rebecca St. JamesForgive Me3:43If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something102005181
2551Rebecca St. JamesI Can Trust You4:14If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something112005228
2552Rebecca St. JamesLest I Forget6:10If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something122005212
2553Rebecca St. JamesPray4:28Pray11998224
2554Rebecca St. JamesOK4:38Pray21998234
2555Rebecca St. JamesGive Myself Away3:48Pray31998203
2556Rebecca St. JamesHold Me Jesus5:04Pray41998234
2557Rebecca St. JamesI'll Carry You4:41Pray51998243
2558Rebecca St. JamesCome Quickly Lord4:29Pray61998219
2559Rebecca St. JamesPeace5:50Pray71998234
2560Rebecca St. JamesMirror4:35Pray81998210
2561Rebecca St. JamesLord You're Beautiful6:07Pray91998216
2562Rebecca St. JamesLord To Love You5:01Pray101998218
2563Rebecca St. JamesOmega11:19Pray111998201
2564Rebecca St. JamesIntro0:52Transform12000197
2565Rebecca St. JamesFor the Love of God4:37Transform22000205
2566Rebecca St. JamesReborn3:59Transform32000223
2567Rebecca St. JamesDon't Worry3:37Transform42000232
2568Rebecca St. JamesMerciful5:00Transform52000241
2569Rebecca St. JamesOne4:38Transform62000224
2570Rebecca St. JamesUniverse5:00Transform72000232
2571Rebecca St. JamesWait for Me4:40Transform82000228
2572Rebecca St. JamesIn Me4:14Transform92000234
2573Rebecca St. JamesLean On3:38Transform102000213
2574Rebecca St. JamesAll Around Me3:41Transform112000220
2575Rebecca St. JamesStand4:36Transform122000241
2576Rebecca St. JamesMy Hope4:29Transform132000217
2577Rebecca St. JamesLet My Words Be Few4:53Worship God12002224
2578Rebecca St. JamesSong Of Love4:08Worship God22002222
2579Rebecca St. JamesBreathe3:58Worship God32002225
2580Rebecca St. JamesGod Of Wonders4:12Worship God42002225
2581Rebecca St. JamesLamb Of God3:08Worship God52002197
2582Rebecca St. JamesAbove All4:07Worship God62002226
2583Rebecca St. JamesBetter Is One Day4:23Worship God72002208
2584Rebecca St. JamesQuiet You With My Love4:06Worship God82002220
2585Rebecca St. JamesMore Than The Watchman3:02Worship God92002197
2586Rebecca St. JamesIt Is Well4:08Worship God102002204
2587Rebecca St. JamesYou3:56Worship God112002185
2588Rebecca St. JamesOmega (Remix)4:53Worship God122002220
2589Rebecca St. JamesGod4:10WOW #1s (Gray Disc)102005209
2590Rebecca St. JamesGod4:08WOW 1997 (Disc 1)151996205
2591Rebecca St. JamesAbba (Father)5:20WOW 1998 (Red Disc)41997211
2592Rebecca St. JamesPray4:09WOW 1999 (Green Disc)71998227
2593Rebecca St. JamesOmega (Radio Remix)4:03WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)131999209
2594Rebecca St. JamesReborn3:59WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)92000214
2595Rebecca St. JamesSweet Little Jesus Boy3:35WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)102002204
2596Rebecca St. JamesHark! The Herald Angels Sing4:22WOW Christmas (Green Disc)32005238
2597Rebecca St. JamesWait for Me4:30WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)72001226
2598Rebecca St. JamesSong of Love4:09WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)82002222
2599Rebecca St. JamesI Thank You3:46WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)82003231
2600Rebecca St. JamesAlive3:21WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)112006236
2601Rebel MC & Double TroubleStreet Tuff3:29Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)21989254
2602ReclinerLeaving Hollywood3:53Tranquilizer4 128
2603ReclooseAbsence Of One6:04Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)102003197
2604RedBreathe Into Me3:35WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)112007224
2605RedAlready Over4:26WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)132008213
2606RedNever Be the Same3:46WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)102009228
2607Red AllenI'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes2:36The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards191991128
2608Red BoxFor America3:45Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)82001183
2609Red Hot Chili PeppersWarped4:20100 Percent Hits - The Best Of 199561995199
2610Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Power Of Equality4:03Blood Sugar Sex Magik11991229
2611Red Hot Chili PeppersIf You Have To Ask3:36Blood Sugar Sex Magik21991213
2612Red Hot Chili PeppersBreaking The Girl4:55Blood Sugar Sex Magik31991187
2613Red Hot Chili PeppersFunky Monks5:23Blood Sugar Sex Magik41991203
2614Red Hot Chili PeppersSuck My Kiss3:37Blood Sugar Sex Magik51991221
2615Red Hot Chili PeppersI Could Have Lied4:04Blood Sugar Sex Magik61991200
2616Red Hot Chili PeppersMellowship Slinky In B Major4:00Blood Sugar Sex Magik71991196
2617Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Righteous & The Wicked4:08Blood Sugar Sex Magik81991220
2618Red Hot Chili PeppersGive It Away4:42Blood Sugar Sex Magik91991223
2619Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik4:31Blood Sugar Sex Magik101991224
2620Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder The Bridge4:24Blood Sugar Sex Magik111991207
2621Red Hot Chili PeppersNaked In The Rain4:25Blood Sugar Sex Magik121991215
2622Red Hot Chili PeppersApache Rose Peacock4:42Blood Sugar Sex Magik131991196
2623Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Greeting Song3:13Blood Sugar Sex Magik141991241
2624Red Hot Chili PeppersMy Lovely Man4:39Blood Sugar Sex Magik151991210
2625Red Hot Chili PeppersSir Psycho Sexy8:16Blood Sugar Sex Magik161991213
2626Red Hot Chili PeppersThey're Red Hot1:11Blood Sugar Sex Magik171991213
2627Red Hot Chili PeppersBy The Way3:37By The Way12002208
2628Red Hot Chili PeppersUniversally Speaking4:19By The Way22002213
2629Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Is The Place4:17By The Way32002215
2630Red Hot Chili PeppersDosed5:12By The Way42002201
2631Red Hot Chili PeppersDon't Forget Me4:37By The Way52002213
2632Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Zephyr Song3:52By The Way62002223
2633Red Hot Chili PeppersCan't Stop4:29By The Way72002200
2634Red Hot Chili PeppersI Could Die For You3:13By The Way82002200
2635Red Hot Chili PeppersMidnight4:55By The Way92002209
2636Red Hot Chili PeppersThrow Away Your Television3:44By The Way102002209
2637Red Hot Chili PeppersCabron3:38By The Way112002252
2638Red Hot Chili PeppersTear5:17By The Way122002208
2639Red Hot Chili PeppersOn Mercury3:28By The Way132002228
2640Red Hot Chili PeppersMinor Thing3:37By The Way142002233
2641Red Hot Chili PeppersWarm Tape4:16By The Way152002203
2642Red Hot Chili PeppersVenice Queen6:07By The Way162002226
2643Red Hot Chili PeppersAround the World3:58Californication11999195
2644Red Hot Chili PeppersParallel Universe4:30Californication21999229
2645Red Hot Chili PeppersScar Tissue3:37Californication31999192
2646Red Hot Chili PeppersOther Side4:15Californication41999203
2647Red Hot Chili PeppersGet on Top3:18Californication51999193
2648Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication5:21Californication61999205
2649Red Hot Chili PeppersEasily3:51Californication71999245
2650Red Hot Chili PeppersPorcelain2:43Californication81999169
2651Red Hot Chili PeppersEmitremmus4:00Californication91999207
2652Red Hot Chili PeppersI like Dirt2:37Californication101999199
2653Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Velvet Glove3:45Californication111999227
2654Red Hot Chili PeppersSavior4:52Californication121999181
2655Red Hot Chili PeppersPurple Stain4:13Californication131999186
2656Red Hot Chili PeppersRight on Time1:52Californication141999188
2657Red Hot Chili PeppersRoad Trippin'3:25Californication151999146
2658Red Hot Chili PeppersGong Li (Non LP Track)3:44Californication (Bonus Disc)11999187
2659Red Hot Chili PeppersHow Strong (Non LP Track)4:43Californication (Bonus Disc)21999182
2660Red Hot Chili PeppersInstrumental #2 (Non LP Track)2:32Californication (Bonus Disc)31999199
2661Red Hot Chili PeppersJungle Man4:09Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]11985227
2662Red Hot Chili PeppersHollywood (Africa)5:03Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]21985198
2663Red Hot Chili PeppersAmerican Ghost Dance3:51Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]31985204
2664Red Hot Chili PeppersIf You Want Me To Stay4:07Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]41985207
2665Red Hot Chili PeppersNevermind2:47Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]51985206
2666Red Hot Chili PeppersFreaky Styley3:39Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]61985212
2667Red Hot Chili PeppersBlackeyed Blonde2:40Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]71985228
2668Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Brothers Cup3:27Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]81985222
2669Red Hot Chili PeppersBattleship1:53Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]91985208
2670Red Hot Chili PeppersLovin' And Touchin'0:36Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]101985178
2671Red Hot Chili PeppersCatholic School Girls Rule1:55Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]111985215
2672Red Hot Chili PeppersSex Rap1:54Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]121985237
2673Red Hot Chili PeppersThirty Dirty Birds0:14Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]131985186
2674Red Hot Chili PeppersYertle The Turtle3:46Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]141985212
2675Red Hot Chili PeppersNevermind (Demo)2:17Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]151985220
2676Red Hot Chili PeppersSex Rap (Demo)1:37Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]161985190
2677Red Hot Chili PeppersFreaky Styley (Original Long Version)8:49Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]171985230
2678Red Hot Chili PeppersMillionaires Against Hunger ('Taste The Pain' B-Side)3:28Freaky Styley [2003 Remaster]181985233
2679Red Hot Chili PeppersMonarchy Of Roses4:12I'm With You12011245
2680Red Hot Chili PeppersFactory Of Faith4:21I'm With You22011216
2681Red Hot Chili PeppersBrendan's Death Song5:39I'm With You32011223
2682Red Hot Chili PeppersEthiopia3:51I'm With You42011225
2683Red Hot Chili PeppersAnnie Wants A Baby3:40I'm With You52011220
2684Red Hot Chili PeppersLook Around3:28I'm With You62011248
2685Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie4:43I'm With You72011231
2686Red Hot Chili PeppersDid I Let You Know4:21I'm With You82011243
2687Red Hot Chili PeppersGoodbye Hooray3:52I'm With You92011255
2688Red Hot Chili PeppersHappiness Loves Company3:33I'm With You102011226
2689Red Hot Chili PeppersPolice Station5:35I'm With You112011230
2690Red Hot Chili PeppersEven You Brutus?4:01I'm With You122011210
2691Red Hot Chili PeppersMeet Me At The Corner4:22I'm With You132011214
2692Red Hot Chili PeppersDance, Dance, Dance3:45I'm With You142011226
2693Red Hot Chili PeppersGood Time Boys5:01Mother's Milk11989224
2694Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground3:22Mother's Milk21989231
2695Red Hot Chili PeppersSubway to Venus4:25Mother's Milk31989215
2696Red Hot Chili PeppersMagic Johnson2:56Mother's Milk41989213
2697Red Hot Chili PeppersNobody Weird Like Me3:49Mother's Milk51989223
2698Red Hot Chili PeppersKnock Me Down3:44Mother's Milk61989220
2699Red Hot Chili PeppersTaste the Pain4:31Mother's Milk71989212
2700Red Hot Chili PeppersStone Cold Bush3:06Mother's Milk81989213
2701Red Hot Chili PeppersFire2:03Mother's Milk91989193
2702Red Hot Chili PeppersPretty Little Ditty1:36Mother's Milk101989201
2703Red Hot Chili PeppersPunk Rock Classic1:46Mother's Milk111989203
2704Red Hot Chili PeppersSexy Mexican Maid3:22Mother's Milk121989210
2705Red Hot Chili PeppersJohnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky5:09Mother's Milk131989217
2706Red Hot Chili PeppersDani California4:42Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 2006142006226
2707Red Hot Chili PeppersWarped5:04One Hot Minute11995197
2708Red Hot Chili PeppersAeroplane4:45One Hot Minute21995203
2709Red Hot Chili PeppersDeep Kick6:33One Hot Minute31995214
2710Red Hot Chili PeppersMy Friends4:02One Hot Minute41995223
2711Red Hot Chili PeppersCoffee Shop3:08One Hot Minute51995241
2712Red Hot Chili PeppersPea1:47One Hot Minute61995134
2713Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Big Mob6:02One Hot Minute71995188
2714Red Hot Chili PeppersWalkabout5:07One Hot Minute81995204
2715Red Hot Chili PeppersTearjerker4:19One Hot Minute91995206
2716Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot Minute6:23One Hot Minute101995218
2717Red Hot Chili PeppersFalling Into Grace3:48One Hot Minute111995198
2718Red Hot Chili PeppersShallow Be Thy Game4:34One Hot Minute121995240
2719Red Hot Chili PeppersTranscending5:46One Hot Minute131995192
2720The Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Zephyr Song3:53Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-1052002222
2721Red Hot Chili PeppersDani California4:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0622006224
2722Red Hot Chili PeppersTell Me Baby4:07Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-1172006215
2723Red Hot Chili PeppersSnow (Hey Oh)4:40Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0282007232
2724Red Hot Chili PeppersTrue Men Don't Kill Coyotes3:40Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]11984234
2725Red Hot Chili PeppersBaby Appeal3:40Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]21984242
2726Red Hot Chili PeppersBuckle Down3:24Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]31984241
2727Red Hot Chili PeppersGet Up And Jump2:53Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]41984226
2728Red Hot Chili PeppersWhy Don't You Love Me3:25Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]51984219
2729Red Hot Chili PeppersGreen Heaven3:59Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]61984211
2730Red Hot Chili PeppersMommy Where's Daddy3:31Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]71984198
2731Red Hot Chili PeppersOut In L.A.2:00Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]81984213
2732Red Hot Chili PeppersPolice Helicopter1:16Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]91984228
2733Red Hot Chili PeppersYou Always Sing The Same0:19Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]101984174
2734Red Hot Chili PeppersGrand Pappy Du Plenty4:14Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]111984217
2735Red Hot Chili PeppersGet Up And Jump [Demo]2:37Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]121984198
2736Red Hot Chili PeppersPolice Helicopter [Demo]1:12Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]131984175
2737Red Hot Chili PeppersOut In L.A. [Demo]1:56Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]141984208
2738Red Hot Chili PeppersGreen Heaven [Demo]3:50Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]151984182
2739Red Hot Chili PeppersWhat It Is (Aka Nina's Song) [Demo]3:57Red Hot Chili Peppers [2003 Remaster]161984207
2740Red Hot Chili PeppersSoul To Squeeze4:54Soul To Squeeze (Single)11993209
2741Red Hot Chili PeppersNobody Weird Like Me (Live)5:05Soul To Squeeze (Single)21993194
2742Red Hot Chili PeppersSuck My Kiss (Live)3:40Soul To Squeeze (Single)31993186
2743Red Hot Chili PeppersDani California4:42Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)12006227
2744Red Hot Chili PeppersSnow (Hey Oh)5:34Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)22006236
2745Red Hot Chili PeppersCharlie4:37Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)32006220
2746Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium5:15Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)42006197
2747Red Hot Chili PeppersHump De Bump3:33Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)52006212
2748Red Hot Chili PeppersShe's Only 183:25Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)62006220
2749Red Hot Chili PeppersSlow Cheetah5:19Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)72006219
2750Red Hot Chili PeppersTorture Me3:44Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)82006222
2751Red Hot Chili PeppersStrip My Mind4:19Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)92006202
2752Red Hot Chili PeppersEspecially In Michigan4:01Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)102006243
2753Red Hot Chili PeppersWarlocks3:25Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)112006195
2754Red Hot Chili PeppersC'mon Girl3:48Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)122006225
2755Red Hot Chili PeppersWet Sand5:09Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)132006206
2756Red Hot Chili PeppersHey5:39Stadium Arcadium (Disc 1) (Jupiter)142006208
2757Red Hot Chili PeppersDesecration Smile5:01Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)12006220
2758Red Hot Chili PeppersTell Me Baby4:07Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)22006216
2759Red Hot Chili PeppersHard To Concentrate4:02Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)32006215
2760Red Hot Chili Peppers21st Century4:22Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)42006202
2761Red Hot Chili PeppersShe Looks To Me4:06Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)52006223
2762Red Hot Chili PeppersReadymade4:30Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)62006233
2763Red Hot Chili PeppersIf2:52Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)72006182
2764Red Hot Chili PeppersMake You Feel Better3:51Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)82006218
2765Red Hot Chili PeppersAnimal Bar5:25Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)92006209
2766Red Hot Chili PeppersSo Much I3:44Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)102006227
2767Red Hot Chili PeppersStorm In A Teacup3:45Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)112006227
2768Red Hot Chili PeppersWe Believe3:36Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)122006203
2769Red Hot Chili PeppersTurn It Again6:06Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)132006234
2770Red Hot Chili PeppersDeath Of A Martian4:24Stadium Arcadium (Disc 2) (Mars)142006216
2771Red Hot Chili PeppersFight Like A Brave3:53The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]11987234
2772Red Hot Chili PeppersFunky Crime3:01The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]21987233
2773Red Hot Chili PeppersMe And My Friends3:09The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]31987236
2774Red Hot Chili PeppersBackwoods3:08The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]41987232
2775Red Hot Chili PeppersSkinny Sweet Man1:16The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]51987236
2776Red Hot Chili PeppersBehind The Sun4:40The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]61987225
2777Red Hot Chili PeppersSubterranean Homesick Blues2:34The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]71987235
2778Red Hot Chili PeppersParty On Your Pussy3:16The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]81987237
2779Red Hot Chili PeppersNo Chump Love Sucker2:42The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]91987253
2780Red Hot Chili PeppersWalkin' On Down The Road3:49The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]101987236
2781Red Hot Chili PeppersLove Trilogy2:42The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]111987214
2782Red Hot Chili PeppersOrganic Anti-Beat Box Band4:10The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]121987237
2783Red Hot Chili PeppersBehind The Sun (Instrumental Demo)2:55The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]131987179
2784Red Hot Chili PeppersMe And My Friends (Instrumental Demo)1:54The Uplift Mofo Party Plan [2003 Remaster]141987188
2785Red Hot Chili PeppersSikamikanico3:25Wayne's World (OST)51992220
2786Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder The Bridge4:25Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)12005204
2787Red Hot R+B All StarsEvery Nation4:51Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 1)171997190
2788Red Ingle and the Natural SevenTemptation (Tim-Tayshun)2:44Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers11993125
2789The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusFace Down3:09Now That's What I Call Music! 24162007255
2790The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusFace Down3:10Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11172006253
2791Red Nichols & His Five PenniesSweet Georgia Brown2:48The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 1)112000171
2792Red Nichols & His Five PenniesRose Of Washington Square2:54The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 2)142000204
2793Red Nichols & His Five PenniesFan It3:00The Great Dixieland Bands (Disc 3)72000186
2794Red PetersHoly Shit It's Christmas3:03   128
2795Red PrysockHand Clappin'2:50Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50's Rock (Disc 2)101999135
2796Red RiderLight in the Tunnel2:23Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider11987203
2797Red RiderPower (Strength in Numbers)3:53Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider21987199
2798Red RiderHuman Race2:59Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider31987213
2799Red RiderCan't Turn Back3:54Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider41987206
2800Red RiderNapoleon Sheds His Skin5:49Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider51987209
2801Red RiderWalking the Fine Line4:51Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider61987206
2802Red RiderWinner Take All4:02Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider71987203
2803Red RiderCrack the Sky (Breakaway)3:59Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider81987202
2804Red RiderLunatic Fringe4:22Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider91987196
2805Red RiderCowboys in Hong Kong (As Far as Siam)4:08Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider101987207
2806Red RiderThru the Curtain3:18Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider111987198
2807Red RiderWhat Have You Got To Do3:18Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider121987211
2808Red RiderWhite Hot5:07Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider131987203
2809Red RiderDon't Fight It4:15Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider141987208
2810Red RiderAvenue A3:20Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider151987198
2811Red RiderYoung Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)3:32Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider161987188
2812Red RiderBreaking Curfew3:41Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider171987201
2813Red RiderWhite Hot5:09Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)12002202
2814Red RiderAvenue A3:23Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)22002189
2815Red RiderLunatic Fringe4:21Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)32002209
2816Red RiderLight In The Tunnel2:24Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)42002200
2817Red RiderPower (Strength In Numbers)3:54Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)52002210
2818Red RiderHuman Race2:58Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)62002208
2819Red RiderCan't Turn Back3:52Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)72002203
2820Red RiderNapoleon Sheds His Skin5:50Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)82002210
2821Red RiderYoung Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)3:33Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)102002196
2822Red RockersChina4:02Rock Of The 80's Volume 1371994237
2823Red SimpsonI'm A Truck3:25Best Of Country Vol.2 (Disc 2)91996190
2824Red SquaresYou Can Be My Baby2:18Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)252001156
2825The Red ThreadWax Museum3:31Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway22005128
2826The Red WestIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear5:17A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas202003218
2827RedboneWitch Queen Of New Orleans2:45Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)3 197
2828RedboneCome And Get Your Love3:34Sounds Of The Seventies - 197431990206
2829RedboneCome And Get Your Love3:34Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1291990197
2830RedboneThe Witch Queen of New Orleans2:48Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 771990130
2831RedboneThe Witch Queen of New Orleans2:43The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)131992211
2832RedboneWe Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee3:29Woodstock Memories131995194
2833Redd KrossYesterday Once More3:59If I Were A Carpenter91994227
2834RedemptionPeel6:31Snowfall On Judgment Day12009244
2835RedemptionWalls6:56Snowfall On Judgment Day22009251
2836RedemptionLeviathan Rising6:41Snowfall On Judgment Day32009248
2837RedemptionBlack and White World8:03Snowfall On Judgment Day42009235
2838RedemptionUnformed6:29Snowfall On Judgment Day52009240
2839RedemptionKeep Breathing7:37Snowfall On Judgment Day62009225
2840RedemptionAnother Day Dies (Feat. James LaBrie)5:14Snowfall On Judgment Day72009240
2841RedemptionWhat Will You Say?5:20Snowfall On Judgment Day82009223
2842RedemptionFistfull of Sand6:35Snowfall On Judgment Day92009237
2843RedemptionLove Kills Us All / Life in One Day11:00Snowfall On Judgment Day102009236
2844RedeyeGames3:04Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 5111990209
2845RedgumI Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green)4:18Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 3)112000184
2846Redhead Kingpin & The FbiDo The Right Thing4:02Now That's What I Call Music Volume 16 (Disc 2) (UK)171989225
2847RedloutsThe Old Keep (part 1)3:30 321999128
2848RedmanTonight's Da Night3:22Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)61995180
2849RedmanBlow Your Mind3:17Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)41995193
2850Redman & EminemOff the Wall3:56Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (OST)142000182
2851Redman & Method ManHow High (Remix)3:59Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)151995205
2852Redman & Method ManHow High (Remix)4:41The Hip Hop Box (Disc 4)12004159
2853RednexCotton Eye Joe3:11Billboard Top Hits - 199510 226
2854RednexCotton-Eye Joe3:03Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)162000233
2855RednexCotton Eye Joe3:11Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 2)42001229
2856RedtailAsteroid Miner5:30  2010192
2857RedtailEvent Horizon8:35  2010192
2858RedtailOrion9:00  2010192
2859RedtailSeptember8:01  2010192
2860RedtailM2- Grace6:09Halfbreed52010192
2861Reel 2 RealI Like to Move It (Eric "More" Club Mix)3:46Ultimate Dance Party 199761996182
2862Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad StuntmanI Like To Move It3:47The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)121994176
2863Reel Big FishBrown Eyed Girl2:31   128
2864Reel Big FishGood Thing3:38Cheer Up!12002228
2865Reel Big FishSomebody Loved Me3:19Cheer Up!22002238
2866Reel Big FishBan The Tube Top3:10Cheer Up!32002239
2867Reel Big FishCheer Up2:43Cheer Up!42002236
2868Reel Big FishWhere Have You Been?4:00Cheer Up!52002236
2869Reel Big FishSuckers3:57Cheer Up!62002230
2870Reel Big FishWhat Are Friends For3:35Cheer Up!72002224
2871Reel Big FishA Little Doubt Goes A Long Way3:19Cheer Up!82002222
2872Reel Big FishDateless Losers3:34Cheer Up!92002250
2873Reel Big FishValerie3:56Cheer Up!102002231
2874Reel Big FishRock 'N' Roll Is Bitchin'2:53Cheer Up!112002253
2875Reel Big FishNew York, New York3:25Cheer Up!122002191
2876Reel Big FishSayonara Señorita4:08Cheer Up!132002230
2877Reel Big FishBoss DJ3:09Cheer Up!142002167
2878Reel Big FishBrand New Hero3:39Cheer Up!152002225
2879Reel Big FishDrunk Again4:50Cheer Up!162002204
2880Reel Big FishKiss Me Deadly3:42Cheer Up!172002225
2881Reel Big FishRock It With I8:56Cheer Up!182002164
2882Reel Big FishI'm Cool1:43Everything Sucks11995244
2883Reel Big FishJoin the Club3:11Everything Sucks21995233
2884Reel Big FishCall You3:04Everything Sucks31995227
2885Reel Big FishHate You3:27Everything Sucks41995237
2886Reel Big FishI'll Never Be4:05Everything Sucks51995228
2887Reel Big FishBoyfriend3:49Everything Sucks61995228
2888Reel Big FishFo' Head2:04Everything Sucks71995233
2889Reel Big FishTrendy3:25Everything Sucks81995201
2890Reel Big FishSkatanic3:13Everything Sucks91995238
2891Reel Big FishWhy Do All Girls Think They're Fat2:21Everything Sucks101995233
2892Reel Big FishSay "ten"2:22Everything Sucks111995221
2893Reel Big FishI Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend3:17Everything Sucks121995218
2894Reel Big FishJig1:37Everything Sucks131995215
2895Reel Big FishGo Away1:16Everything Sucks141995228
2896Reel Big FishBeer3:40Everything Sucks151995225
2897Reel Big FishSnoop Dog, Baby3:32Everything Sucks161995220
2898Reel Big FishBig Fuckin' Star3:12Everything Sucks171995225
2899Reel Big FishFuck Yourself2:45Everything Sucks181995240
2900Reel Big FishSpin the Globe4:20Everything Sucks191995214
2901Reel Big FishI'm Her Man3:48Everything Sucks201995231
2902Reel Big FishSuper Hero #53:29Everything Sucks211995235
2903Reel Big FishParty Down4:08Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free12007243
2904Reel Big FishAnother F.U. Song1:04Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free22007229
2905Reel Big FishLive Your Dream3:13Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free32007238
2906Reel Big FishMy Imaginary Friend3:24Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free42007224
2907Reel Big FishSlow Down5:04Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free52007210
2908Reel Big FishThe New Version Of You3:23Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free62007230
2909Reel Big FishWill The Revolution Come?2:22Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free72007206
2910Reel Big FishAnother Day In Paradise2:41Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free82007234
2911Reel Big FishEverybody's Drunk3:07Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free92007232
2912Reel Big FishPlease Don't Tell Her I Have A Girlfriend2:57Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free102007228
2913Reel Big FishWay Back2:41Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free112007213
2914Reel Big FishHate You2:59Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free122007245
2915Reel Big FishCall You3:12Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free132007219
2916Reel Big FishWhy Do All Girls Think They're Fat?2:33Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free142007247
2917Reel Big FishI'm Her Man4:11Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free152007229
2918Reel Big FishTill I Hit The Ground3:48Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free162007221
2919Reel Big FishCannibal6:16Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free172007223
2920Reel Big FishSell Out3:47Turn The Radio Off11996225
2921Reel Big FishTrendy2:23Turn The Radio Off21996224
2922Reel Big FishJoin The Club3:26Turn The Radio Off31996212
2923Reel Big FishShe Has A Girlfriend Now3:06Turn The Radio Off41996219
2924Reel Big FishSnoop Dogg, Baby3:26Turn The Radio Off51996225
2925Reel Big FishBeer3:30Turn The Radio Off61996231
2926Reel Big Fish2412:40Turn The Radio Off71996224
2927Reel Big FishEverything Sucks2:40Turn The Radio Off81996230
2928Reel Big FishS. R.1:26Turn The Radio Off91996218
2929Reel Big FishSkatanic3:15Turn The Radio Off101996224
2930Reel Big FishAll I Want Is More3:03Turn The Radio Off111996223
2931Reel Big FishNothin'2:21Turn The Radio Off121996226
2932Reel Big FishSay 'Ten'2:11Turn The Radio Off131996226
2933Reel Big FishI'll Never Be3:15Turn The Radio Off141996222
2934Reel Big FishAlternative, Baby2:56Turn The Radio Off151996224
2935Reel Big FishOff3:56Turn The Radio Off16199683
2936Reel Big FishThe Fire3:05We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy12005224
2937Reel Big FishDrinkin'3:25We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy22005211
2938Reel Big FishDon't Start a Band3:18We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy32005206
2939Reel Big FishA-W-E-S-O-M-E3:32We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy42005219
2940Reel Big FishWe Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful2:23We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy52005218
2941Reel Big FishTurn the Radio Off2:38We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy62005237
2942Reel Big FishTalkin' Bout a Revolution3:24We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy72005215
2943Reel Big FishThe Bad Guy3:32We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy82005207
2944Reel Big FishStory of My Life4:10We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy92005224
2945Reel Big FishThe Joke's On Me3:49We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy102005196
2946Reel Big FishOne Hit Wonderful4:18We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy112005207
2947Reel Big FishLast Show3:02We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy122005204
2948Reel Big FishSay Goodbye4:09We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy132005223
2949Reel Big FishYour Guts (I Hate 'Em)14:58We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy142005168
2950Reel Big FishSomebody Hates Me3:28Why Do They Rock So Hard11998236
2951Reel Big FishBrand New Song3:04Why Do They Rock So Hard21998239
2952Reel Big FishShe's Famous Now3:05Why Do They Rock So Hard31998249
2953Reel Big FishYou Don't Know3:26Why Do They Rock So Hard41998231
2954Reel Big FishThe Set Up (You Need This)4:22Why Do They Rock So Hard51998241
2955Reel Big FishThank You for Not Moshing2:41Why Do They Rock So Hard61998219
2956Reel Big FishI'm Cool3:20Why Do They Rock So Hard71998210
2957Reel Big FishI Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too2:53Why Do They Rock So Hard81998231
2958Reel Big FishEverything Is Cool3:07Why Do They Rock So Hard91998239
2959Reel Big FishSong #33:28Why Do They Rock So Hard101998222
2960Reel Big FishScott's a Dork3:04Why Do They Rock So Hard111998217
2961Reel Big FishBig Star3:34Why Do They Rock So Hard121998208
2962Reel Big FishThe Kids Don't Like It3:20Why Do They Rock So Hard131998228
2963Reel Big FishDown in Flames4:49Why Do They Rock So Hard141998236
2964Reel Big FishWe Care3:55Why Do They Rock So Hard151998234
2965Reel Big FishVictory Over Peter Bones10:50Why Do They Rock So Hard161998114
2966Reel Big Fish[Secret Track]11:26Why Do They Rock So Hard171998205
2967Reel Big FishTake On Me2:53Why Do They Rock So Hard?21998241
2968Reel To RealI Like To Move It3:40Jock Jams, Vol. 2111996191
2969Reel To ReelI Like To Move It (feat. The Mad Stuntman)3:51Monster Booty152001234
2970The Reflections(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet2:11Back to the '60s Volume V1 201
2971The Reflections(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet2:23Classic Rock - 1964: The Beat Goes On131988133
2972ReflectionsJust Like Romeo and Juliet2:20Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics102001192
2973Re-FlexThe Politics Of Dancing3:56Rock Of The 80's Volume 481993243
2974Re-FlexThe Politics Of Dancing3:57Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s Take Two61996206
2975RefreshHarry Potter Dance Theme4:08Hits for Kids 20212008206
2976Reg LindsayArmstrong2:42Country Complete (Disc 5)41997213
2977Reg Owens & His OrchestraManhattan Spiritual2:44Hard to Find Pop Instrumentals81958160
2978The RegentsBarbara Anne2:12American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 1)171973210
2979The RegentsBarbara-Ann2:20Still Rockin' 1961181989130
2980The RegentsBarbara-Ann2:16The Doo Wop Box (Disc 4)111994130
2981The RegentsRunaround2:20The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)101996193
2982ReginaBaby Love4:06 121986320
2983Regina BelleMake It Like It Was5:08Feels So Good 2 (Disc 2)102004214
2984Regina SpektorFidelity3:47Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 2007172007173
2985Regina SpektorFidelity3:46Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)122007203
2986RegurgitatorMy Friend Robot2:59Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)192005231
2987RehabLet 'Em Know3:23Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]12008226
2988RehabBump3:16Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]22008242
2989RehabChest Pain3:03Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]32008229
2990RehabGraffiti the World4:35Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]42008237
2991RehabBartender Song3:49Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]52008214
2992RehabLast Tattoo3:35Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]62008245
2993Rehab19803:20Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]72008212
2994RehabBottles&Cans2:47Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]82008220
2995RehabLawn Chair High3:18Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]92008235
2996RehabThis Town4:07Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]102008230
2997RehabRed Water5:20Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]112008211
2998RehabWalk Away3:39Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]122008198
2999RehabWe Live3:21Graffiti the World [Universal Republic]132008222
3000RehabEscape Intro0:51Southern Discomfort12000154
3001RehabHey Fred3:57Southern Discomfort22000218
3002RehabStorm Chaser (feat. Cee-Lo + Big Gipp Of Goodie Mob)3:29Southern Discomfort32000200
3003RehabCrazy People3:10Southern Discomfort42000219
3004RehabScarecrow3:40Southern Discomfort52000229
3005RehabIt Don't Matter3:40Southern Discomfort62000200
3006RehabMy Addiction1:25Southern Discomfort72000198
3007RehabDrinkin' Problem (feat. Denny AKA "Steaknife")3:33Southern Discomfort82000206
3008RehabRattle My Cage3:06Southern Discomfort92000226
3009RehabMore Like You (feat. Mandy Lauderdale)3:47Southern Discomfort102000208
3010RehabSittin' At A Bar3:55Southern Discomfort112000198
3011RehabMiss Jones3:35Southern Discomfort122000215
3012RehabMission Impossible0:43Southern Discomfort132000137
3013RehabThinkin' Again4:49Southern Discomfort142000185
3014RehabKick My Ass4:12Southern Discomfort152000219
3015Reid DiamondKids In The Hall (Having An Average Week)0:59Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)641996199
3016ReiVeganFrom Ashes (Nautica Theme)1:30Dion Turner's Album 2009160
3017Relient KThe Truth3:18Apathetic (EP)12005223
3018Relient KApathetic Way To Be3:21Apathetic (EP)22005237
3019Relient KBe My Escape (Acoustic)4:02Apathetic (EP)32005201
3020Relient KWhich To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet (Acoustic)2:44Apathetic (EP)42005205
3021Relient KOver Thinking (Acoustic)4:09Apathetic (EP)52005205
3022Relient KIn Like A Lion (Always Winter)3:43Apathetic (EP)62005194
3023Relient KThe Thief2:22Apathetic (EP)72005171
3024Relient KAuld Lang Syne4:05Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hand102003132
3025Relient KWit's All Been Done Before3:32Employee Of The Month (EP)12003226
3026Relient KA Penny Loafer Saved, A Penny Loafer Earned2:26Employee Of The Month (EP)22003196
3027Relient KFor The Band4:23Employee Of The Month (EP)32003219
3028Relient KFailure To Excomunicate3:39Employee Of The Month (EP)42003228
3029Relient KPleading The Fifth (A Cappella)1:13Five Score & Seven Years Ago12007210
3030Relient KCome Right Out & Say It3:00Five Score & Seven Years Ago22007218
3031Relient KI Need You3:18Five Score & Seven Years Ago32007243
3032Relient KThe Best Thing3:28Five Score & Seven Years Ago42007221
3033Relient KForgiven4:05Five Score & Seven Years Ago52007228
3034Relient KMust Have Done Something Right3:19Five Score & Seven Years Ago62007229
3035Relient KGive Untill There's Nothing Left3:27Five Score & Seven Years Ago72007226
3036Relient KDevastation & Reform3:41Five Score & Seven Years Ago82007226
3037Relient KI'm Taking You With Me3:28Five Score & Seven Years Ago92007220
3038Relient KFaking My Own Suicide3:23Five Score & Seven Years Ago102007210
3039Relient KCrayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care0:12Five Score & Seven Years Ago112007169
3040Relient KBite My Tounge3:30Five Score & Seven Years Ago122007217
3041Relient KUp & Up4:03Five Score & Seven Years Ago132007213
3042Relient KDeathbed11:05Five Score & Seven Years Ago142007204
3043Relient KForget And Not Slow Down3:22Forget And Not Slow Down12009202
3044Relient KI Don't Need A Soul3:51Forget And Not Slow Down22009214
3045Relient KCandlelight3:21Forget And Not Slow Down32009224
3046Relient KFlare0:59Forget And Not Slow Down42009190
3047Relient KPart Of It3:20Forget And Not Slow Down52009218
3048Relient KOutro1:34Forget And Not Slow Down62009199
3049Relient KTherapy3:43Forget And Not Slow Down72009210
3050Relient KOver It3:53Forget And Not Slow Down82009202
3051Relient KSahara3:48Forget And Not Slow Down92009220
3052Relient KOasis0:40Forget And Not Slow Down102009166
3053Relient KSavannah4:16Forget And Not Slow Down112009209
3054Relient KBaby0:46Forget And Not Slow Down122009197
3055Relient KIf You Believe Me3:20Forget And Not Slow Down132009212
3056Relient KThis Is The End2:16Forget And Not Slow Down142009225
3057Relient K(If You Want It)3:18Forget And Not Slow Down152009179
3058Relient KHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2:11Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer12007210
3059Relient KSleigh Ride3:32Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer22007208
3060Relient KMerry Christmas, Here's To Many More3:51Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer32007217
3061Relient KAngels We Have Heard On High1:55Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer42007226
3062Relient KDeck The Halls1:21Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer52007228
3063Relient K12 Days Of Christmas3:33Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer62007232
3064Relient KSilent Night / Away In A Manger2:18Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer72007164
3065Relient KI Celebrate The Day3:17Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer82007201
3066Relient KIn Like A Lion (Always Winter)3:44Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer92007189
3067Relient KI'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas1:39Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer102007209
3068Relient KWe Wish You A Merry Christmas2:12Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer112007231
3069Relient KSanta Claus Is Thumbing To Town2:44Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer122007226
3070Relient KHandel's Messiah1:09Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer132007246
3071Relient KI Hate Christmas Parties4:36Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer142007183
3072Relient KBoxing Day3:38Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer152007182
3073Relient KAuld Lang Syne2:58Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer162007133
3074Relient K(Untitled)3:17Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer172007191
3075Relient KThe One I'm Waiting For3:02Mmhmm12004254
3076Relient KBe My Escape4:00Mmhmm22004223
3077Relient KHigh Of 752:27Mmhmm32004231
3078Relient KI So Hate Consequences4:01Mmhmm42004224
3079Relient KThe Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One1:13Mmhmm52004239
3080Relient KMy Girl's Ex-Boyfriend2:28Mmhmm62004224
3081Relient KMore Than Useless3:50Mmhmm72004238
3082Relient KWhich To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet?4:11Mmhmm82004209
3083Relient KLet It All Out4:21Mmhmm92004189
3084Relient KWho I Am Hates Who I've Been3:52Mmhmm102004240
3085Relient KMaintain Consciousness2:52Mmhmm112004245
3086Relient KThis Week The Trend2:59Mmhmm122004234
3087Relient KLife After Death And Taxes (Failure II)4:23Mmhmm132004233
3088Relient KWhen I Go Down6:42Mmhmm142004189
3089Relient K12 Days Of Christmas3:29Now That's What I Call Christmas [CD2]192006232
3090Relient K12 Days of Christmas3:30Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)192006231
3091Relient KThe Best Thing3:28Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007172007160
3092Relient KBe My Escape3:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-02142005228
3093Relient KWho I Am Hates Who I've Been3:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-1162005262
3094Relient KMust Have Done Something Right3:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-02102007248
3095Relient KThe Best Thing3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-0592007222
3096Relient KHello McFly2:49Relient K12000213
3097Relient KMy Girlfriend2:47Relient K22000230
3098Relient KWake Up Call3:19Relient K32000211
3099Relient KBenediction1:39Relient K42000214
3100Relient KWhen You're Around2:02Relient K52000224
3101Relient KSofter To Me3:22Relient K62000218
3102Relient KCharles In Charge2:39Relient K72000217
3103Relient KStaples2:59Relient K82000212
3104Relient KAnchorage0:22Relient K92000222
3105Relient K17 Magazine3:07Relient K102000229
3106Relient KBalloon Ride2:58Relient K112000223
3107Relient KEverything Will Be3:31Relient K122000220
3108Relient KNancy Drew2:48Relient K132000215
3109Relient KK Car12:10Relient K142000146
3110Relient KKick-Off0:39The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek12001239
3111Relient KPressing On3:30The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek22001248
3112Relient KSadie Hawkins Dance2:57The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek32001236
3113Relient KDown in Flames4:07The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek42001236
3114Relient KMaybe It's Maybeline3:14The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek52001241
3115Relient KBreakdown3:45The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek62001242
3116Relient KThose Words Are Not Enough4:39The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek72001253
3117Relient KFor the Moments I Feel Faint3:47The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek82001222
3118Relient KLion Wilson0:35The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek92001213
3119Relient KI'm Lion-O2:55The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek102001248
3120Relient KWhat Have You Been Doing Lately?3:23The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek112001242
3121Relient KMay the Horse Be With You2:17The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek122001241
3122Relient KMy Way or the Highway...3:47The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek132001237
3123Relient KBreakfast at Timpani's0:22The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek142001226
3124Relient KThe Rest Is Up to You4:04The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek152001234
3125Relient KFailure to Excommunicate3:35The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek162001232
3126Relient KLess Is More7:17The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek172001162
3127Relient KPressing On3:31The Creepy EP (EP)12001247
3128Relient KThose Words Are Not Enough4:49The Creepy EP (EP)22001252
3129Relient KOperation2:32The Creepy EP (EP)32001249
3130Relient KSofter To Me (Acoustic)4:12The Creepy EP (EP)42001211
3131Relient KJefferson Airplane (Demo)3:56The Creepy EP (EP)52001212
3132Relient KPressing On (Back Porch Acoustic)6:59The Creepy EP (EP)62001209
3133Relient KWhere Do I Go From Here2:15The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides12008250
3134Relient KThe Scene And Herd2:53The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides22008227
3135Relient KAt Least We Made It This Far2:53The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides32008234
3136Relient KThe Last, The Lost, The Least2:25The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides42008255
3137Relient KThe Lining Is Silver3:41The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides52008219
3138Relient KThere Was No Thief3:22The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides62008212
3139Relient KNo Reaction1:03The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides72008244
3140Relient KCurl Up And Die4:08The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides82008225
3141Relient KYou'll Allways Be My Best Friend1:39The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides92008234
3142Relient KThere Was Another Time In My Life2:51The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides102008220
3143Relient KBeaming1:00The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides112008220
3144Relient KI Just Want You To Know2:57The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides122008239
3145Relient KBee Your Man1:38The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides132008210
3146Relient KUp And Up (Acoustic)4:06The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides142008225
3147Relient KWit's All Been Done Before3:30The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides152008235
3148Relient KThe Vinyl Countdown2:49The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides162008228
3149Relient KFor The Band4:15The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides172008232
3150Relient KNothing Without You4:14The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides182008239
3151Relient KA Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Loafer Earned2:19The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides192008199
3152Relient KFive Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying0:32The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides202008227
3153Relient KFive Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying (Ska Version)0:42The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides212008201
3154Relient KWho I Am Hates Who I've Been (Acoustic)3:18The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides222008213
3155Relient KHere I Go (Demo)2:34The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides232008247
3156Relient KThe Stenographer (Demo)2:30The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides242008181
3157Relient KJefferson Aeroplane (Demo)3:58The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides252008228
3158Relient KHope For Every Fallen Man (Acoustic)3:26The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird And The Bee Sides262008225
3159Relient KThe Pirates Who Don't Do Anything2:37The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything12002185
3160Relient KBreakdown (Performed by Larry the Cucumber)2:19The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything22002208
3161Relient KChap Stick, Chapped Lips, And Things Like Chemistry3:10Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do12003242
3162Relient KMood Rings3:18Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do22003217
3163Relient KFalling Out3:52Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do32003232
3164Relient KForward Motion3:57Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do42003229
3165Relient KIn Love With The 80's (Pink Tux To The Prom)3:08Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do52003227
3166Relient KCollege Kids3:27Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do62003237
3167Relient KTrademark3:54Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do72003236
3168Relient KHoopes I Did It Again3:12Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do82003227
3169Relient KOver Thinking4:08Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do92003214
3170Relient KI Am Understood?4:23Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do102003224
3171Relient KGetting Into You3:24Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do112003184
3172Relient KKids On The Street0:26Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do122003131
3173Relient KGibberish1:45Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do132003235
3174Relient KFrom End To End4:37Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do142003210
3175Relient KJefferson Aero Plane10:20Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do152003203
3176Relient KGetting Into You3:29WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)32003184
3177Relient KBe My Escape4:00WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)72005223
3178Relient KWho I Am Hates Who I've Been3:53WOW Hits 2007 (Pink Disc)32006232
3179Relient KForgiven4:04WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)62007225
3180Relient KThe Best Thing3:27WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)42008219
3181The RemainsDon't Look Back2:43Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)111998156
3182The RemainsWhy Do I Cry2:50Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)181998155
3183The RembrandtsFriends0:49All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)72005217
3184The RembrandtsI'll Be There For You3:09Billboard Top Hits - 19958 209
3185The RembrandtsEnd Of The Beginning4:32L.P.11995213
3186The RembrandtsEasy To Forget4:25L.P.21995215
3187The RembrandtsMy Own Way4:07L.P.31995202
3188The RembrandtsDon't Hide Your Love4:18L.P.41995215
3189The RembrandtsDrowning In Your Tears4:33L.P.51995197
3190The RembrandtsThis House Is Not A Home3:16L.P.61995209
3191The RembrandtsApril 294:34L.P.71995207
3192The RembrandtsLovin' Me Insane4:01L.P.81995209
3193The RembrandtsThere Goes Lucy3:36L.P.91995217
3194The RembrandtsAs Long As I Am Breathing4:36L.P.101995196
3195The RembrandtsCall Me4:02L.P.111995203
3196The RembrandtsComin' Home4:07L.P.121995220
3197The RembrandtsWhat Will It Take4:43L.P.131995207
3198The RembrandtsThe Other Side Of Night4:08L.P.141995188
3199The RembrandtsI'll Be There For You3:08L.P.151995218
3200RembrandtsJust The Way It Is, Baby4:08The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 2)81999196
3201The RembrandtsI'll Be There For You (Theme From Friends)3:07Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)162005220
3202Remedy DriveAll Along3:07WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)142008225
3203Remedy DriveAll Along3:05WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 2)122009224
3204Remy ZeroProphecy3:24The Last Kiss (OST)102006251
3205RenaissanceCan You Understand?9:52Ashes Are Burning11973200
3206RenaissanceLet It Grow4:18Ashes Are Burning21973190
3207RenaissanceOn the Frontier4:57Ashes Are Burning31973196
3208RenaissanceCarpet of the Sun3:32Ashes Are Burning41973205
3209RenaissanceThe Harbour6:48Ashes Are Burning51973198
3210RenaissanceAshes Are Burning11:21Ashes Are Burning61973205
3211RenaissanceLove Goes On2:54Illusion11970186
3212RenaissanceGolden Thread8:19Illusion21970196
3213RenaissanceLove Is All3:42Illusion31970187
3214RenaissanceMr. Pine7:02Illusion41970196
3215RenaissanceFace Of Yesterday6:08Illusion51970193
3216RenaissancePast Orbits Of Dust14:38Illusion61970195
3219RenaissanceSounds Of The Sea7:12Prologue31972197
3220RenaissanceSpare Some Love5:13Prologue41972215
3221RenaissanceBound For Infinity4:24Prologue51972195
3222RenaissanceRajah Khan11:31Prologue61972210
3223RenaissanceKings & Queens11:02Renaissance11969204
3228RenaissanceTrip To The Fair10:54Scheherazade and Other Stories11975212
3229RenaissanceThe Vultures Fly High3:08Scheherazade and Other Stories21975205
3230RenaissanceOcean Gypsy7:09Scheherazade and Other Stories31975206
3231RenaissanceSong Of Scheherazade24:39Scheherazade and Other Stories41975203
3232RenaissanceKings & Queens11:00Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 1)61996201
3233RenardRidley's Lair + Battle3:30  2009320
3234RenardThe Mega Viper Bros VS The Mother Brain1:16  2009320
3235RenardA Dog2:14   158
3236RenardCrushing on E9511:18   152
3237RenardDoll, Tank, Box1:15   164
3238RenardDownhill1:24   158
3239RenardDuke of Wellington1:24   158
3240RenardFlamingo2:06   159
3241RenardGirls and Boys1:14   174
3242RenardGreatest Fear (Moral Fibre Retool)3:05   172
3243RenardHalo Noodles the Amen3:17   162
3244RenardHuman2:54   164
3245RenardI Love Vic Viper1:18   159
3246RenardI'll Cover You1:21   152
3247RenardInvisible1:29   157
3248RenardMix a Little Foolishness1:26   158
3249RenardReheated Leftovers1:09   161
3250RenardSimple Forms2:24   152
3251RenardSleep2:32   168
3252RenardSweet Morning1:11   170
3253RenardWinterkill Wings2:38   160
3254RenardWorth More Than 40 Seconds0:40   174
3255RenardYou Can't Do This Underwater1:03   158
3256RenardYou're Dumb0:38   150
3257Renardメス1:47   320
3258RenardIn Stereo2:02 1 128
3259RenardLove Crazy2:25 2 251
3260RenardRinse Out2:00 3 258
3261RenardRun Faster2:55 4 234
3262RenardWho Are You3:47 5 248
3263RenardRenard Mix15:07End of Days32008160
3266RenardCold Intelligence2:54Failure32009320
3267RenardSystem Failure1:56Failure42009320
3268RenardLove Bite1:58Love Bite12009320
3269RenardExrhathmica2:39Love Bite22009320
3270RenardHold Tight2:49Love Bite32009320
3271RenardSweet-Ass Hardcore Mix36:37Sweet-Ass Hardcore Mix 2009188
3272Rene And AngelaI'll Be Good (12" Dance Mix)7:25Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 2)112001212
3273Rene AuberjonoisLes Poissons (The Little Mermaid 1989)1:34Classic Disney, Vol. 361996158
3274René AuberjonoisLes Poissons1:36The Little Mermaid (OST)91988157
3275René FrogerJust Say Hello3:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990 (Disc 1)142001213
3276René FrogerCrazy Way About You3:40Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 1)142001218
3277René KlijnMr. Blue3:47Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)32001161
3278Renee & RenatoSave Your Love3:08One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)192001204
3279Renee GeyerSay I Love You3:34Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)122000229
3280Renee StakeyRainy Day (Boris & Beck Radio Mix)4:35TM Century PrimeCuts 510P182003229
3281Renee ZellwegerRoxie3:22Chicago (OST)72002183
3282Renee ZellwegerNowadays (Roxie)2:14Chicago (OST)122002162
3283Renee Zellweger And John C. ReillyFunny Honey3:39Chicago (OST)22002166
3284Renzo CesanaUntitled Voice Track2:30Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene191996128
3285REO SpeedwagonSophisticated Lady4:01A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)11980215
3286REO SpeedwagonMusic Man4:35A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)21980213
3287REO SpeedwagonGolden Country6:33A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)31980220
3288REO SpeedwagonSon of a Poor Man3:51A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)41980199
3289REO SpeedwagonLost in a Dream3:47A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)51980206
3290REO SpeedwagonReelin'4:29A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)61980210
3291REO SpeedwagonKeep Pushin'3:59A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)71980219
3292REO Speedwagon(I Believe) Our Time is Gonna Come5:03A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)81980214
3293REO SpeedwagonBreakaway3:51A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)91980214
3294REO SpeedwagonLightning5:31A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 1)101980207
3295REO SpeedwagonLike You Do6:55A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)11980220
3296REO SpeedwagonFlying Turkey Trot2:30A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)21980226
3297REO Speedwagon157 Riverside Avenue12:22A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)31980196
3298REO SpeedwagonRidin' the Storm Out6:00A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)41980205
3299REO SpeedwagonRoll With the Changes5:36A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)51980228
3300REO SpeedwagonTime For Me to Fly3:40A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)61980207
3301REO SpeedwagonSay You Love Me or Say Goodnight4:56A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)71980234
3302REO SpeedwagonOnly the Strong Survive3:53A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)81980217
3303REO SpeedwagonBack on the Road Again5:34A Decade of Rock and Roll (1970-1980) (Disc 2)91980211
3304REO SpeedwagonCan't Stop Rockin'3:52Building The Bridge11996219
3305REO SpeedwagonI Still Love You4:12Building The Bridge21996198
3306REO SpeedwagonBuilding The Bridge4:43Building The Bridge31996191
3307REO SpeedwagonWhen I Get Home4:34Building The Bridge41996219
3308REO SpeedwagonThen I Met You4:53Building The Bridge51996206
3309REO SpeedwagonLook The Other Way3:29Building The Bridge61996212
3310REO SpeedwagonAfter Tonight4:44Building The Bridge71996184
3311REO SpeedwagonHey Wait A Minute5:21Building The Bridge81996194
3312REO SpeedwagonOne True Man4:42Building The Bridge91996200
3313REO SpeedwagonShe's Gonna Love Me4:02Building The Bridge101996202
3314REO SpeedwagonBallad Of The Illinois Opry4:10Building The Bridge111996202
3315REO SpeedwagonSmilin' in the End3:36Find Your Own Way Home12007232
3316REO SpeedwagonFind Your Own Way Home4:48Find Your Own Way Home22007216
3317REO SpeedwagonI Needed to Fall4:08Find Your Own Way Home32007222
3318REO SpeedwagonDangerous Combination4:45Find Your Own Way Home42007223
3319REO SpeedwagonLost on the Road of Love5:16Find Your Own Way Home52007229
3320REO SpeedwagonAnother Lifetime4:04Find Your Own Way Home62007220
3321REO SpeedwagonRun Away Baby3:05Find Your Own Way Home72007210
3322REO SpeedwagonEverything You Feel5:29Find Your Own Way Home82007218
3323REO SpeedwagonBorn to Love You4:46Find Your Own Way Home92007219
3324REO SpeedwagonLet My Love Find You3:58Find Your Own Way Home102007200
3325REO SpeedwagonKeep The Fire Burnin'3:58Good Trouble11982210
3326REO SpeedwagonSweet Time3:08Good Trouble21982199
3327REO SpeedwagonGirl With The Heart Of Gold4:25Good Trouble31982208
3328REO SpeedwagonEvery Now And Then4:02Good Trouble41982195
3329REO SpeedwagonI'll Follow You4:24Good Trouble51982220
3330REO SpeedwagonThe Key3:27Good Trouble61982214
3331REO SpeedwagonBack In My Heart Again3:20Good Trouble71982207
3332REO SpeedwagonLet's Be-Bop3:15Good Trouble81982220
3333REO SpeedwagonStillness Of The Night3:45Good Trouble91982209
3334REO SpeedwagonGood Trouble4:08Good Trouble101982209
3335REO SpeedwagonRidin' The Storm Out (Live)3:05Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)31998236
3336REO SpeedwagonDon't Let Him Go3:46Hi Infidelity11980209
3337REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:22Hi Infidelity21980216
3338REO SpeedwagonFollow My Heart3:50Hi Infidelity31980228
3339REO SpeedwagonIn Your Letter3:17Hi Infidelity41980211
3340REO SpeedwagonTake It On The Run4:00Hi Infidelity51980219
3341REO SpeedwagonTough Guys3:50Hi Infidelity61980202
3342REO SpeedwagonOut Of Season3:07Hi Infidelity71980207
3343REO SpeedwagonShakin' It Loose2:25Hi Infidelity81980222
3344REO SpeedwagonSomeone Tonight2:40Hi Infidelity91980219
3345REO SpeedwagonI Wish You Were There4:28Hi Infidelity101980211
3346REO SpeedwagonNew Way To Love4:08Life As We Know It11987207
3347REO SpeedwagonThat Ain't Love4:01Life As We Know It21987217
3348REO SpeedwagonIn My Dreams4:30Life As We Know It31987192
3349REO SpeedwagonOne Too Many Girlfriends3:57Life As We Know It41987214
3350REO SpeedwagonVariety Tonight4:26Life As We Know It51987210
3351REO SpeedwagonScreams And Whispers3:29Life As We Know It61987218
3352REO SpeedwagonCan't Get You Out Of My Heart3:33Life As We Know It71987222
3353REO SpeedwagonOver The Edge3:56Life As We Know It81987220
3354REO SpeedwagonAccidents Can Happen4:20Life As We Know It91987210
3355REO SpeedwagonTired Of Gettin' Nowhere4:11Life As We Know It101987217
3356REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:22Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 1)92002221
3357REO SpeedwagonLike You Do6:54Live: You Get What You Play For11977264
3358REO SpeedwagonLay Me Down3:38Live: You Get What You Play For21977255
3359REO SpeedwagonAny Kind Of Love3:34Live: You Get What You Play For31977252
3360REO SpeedwagonBeing Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)6:35Live: You Get What You Play For41977259
3361REO SpeedwagonKeep Pushin'4:06Live: You Get What You Play For51977258
3362REO Speedwagon(Only A) Summer Love6:05Live: You Get What You Play For61977257
3363REO SpeedwagonSon Of A Poor Man5:30Live: You Get What You Play For71977259
3364REO Speedwagon(I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come4:49Live: You Get What You Play For81977261
3365REO SpeedwagonFlying Turkey Trot2:35Live: You Get What You Play For91977261
3366REO Speedwagon157 Riverside Avenue7:38Live: You Get What You Play For101977258
3367REO SpeedwagonRidin' The Storm Out5:47Live: You Get What You Play For111977266
3368REO SpeedwagonMusic Man2:58Live: You Get What You Play For121977267
3369REO SpeedwagonGolden Country8:26Live: You Get What You Play For131977262
3370REO SpeedwagonHeavy on Your Love3:35Nine Lives11979211
3371REO SpeedwagonDrop It (An Old Disguise)3:14Nine Lives21979224
3372REO SpeedwagonOnly the Strong Survive3:52Nine Lives31979211
3373REO SpeedwagonEasy Money4:01Nine Lives41979222
3374REO SpeedwagonRock & Roll Music2:55Nine Lives51979200
3375REO SpeedwagonTake Me3:29Nine Lives61979224
3376REO SpeedwagonI Need You Tonight3:35Nine Lives71979217
3377REO SpeedwagonMeet Me On the Mountain4:04Nine Lives81979219
3378REO SpeedwagonBack on the Road Again5:39Nine Lives91979206
3379REO SpeedwagonThe First Noel0:58Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]12009152
3380REO SpeedwagonWinter Wonderland3:02Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]22009208
3381REO SpeedwagonSilent Night3:42Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]32009212
3382REO SpeedwagonDeck the Halls3:24Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]42009233
3383REO SpeedwagonLittle Drummer Boy3:49Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]52009215
3384REO SpeedwagonThe White Snows of Winter2:56Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]62009169
3385REO SpeedwagonAngels We Have Heard on High (Gloria)4:16Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]72009211
3386REO SpeedwagonChildren Go Where I Send Thee4:03Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]82009225
3387REO SpeedwagonI'll Be Home for Christmas3:46Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]92009212
3388REO SpeedwagonGod Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen3:51Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]102009233
3389REO SpeedwagonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)4:22Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]112009210
3390REO SpeedwagonBlue Christmas3:57Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]122009189
3391REO SpeedwagonJoy to the World3:44Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]132009220
3392REO SpeedwagonSleigh Ride3:48Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]142009226
3393REO SpeedwagonHark! The Herald Angels Sing4:13Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]152009225
3394REO SpeedwagonI Believe in Santa Claus2:45Not So Silent Night [2010 Bonus Tracks]162009177
3395REO SpeedwagonKeep Pushin'4:05R.E.O.11976215
3396REO SpeedwagonAny Kind Of Love3:39R.E.O.21976215
3397REO Speedwagon(Only A) Summer Love4:38R.E.O.31976212
3398REO Speedwagon(I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come5:04R.E.O.41976224
3399REO SpeedwagonBreakaway4:14R.E.O.51976220
3400REO SpeedwagonFlying Turkey Trot2:35R.E.O.61976209
3401REO SpeedwagonTonight3:14R.E.O.71976217
3402REO SpeedwagonLightning5:51R.E.O.81976206
3403REO SpeedwagonGypsy Woman's Passion5:21R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]11971230
3404REO Speedwagon157 Riverside Avenue4:00R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]21971223
3405REO SpeedwagonAnti-Establishment Man5:23R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]31971232
3406REO SpeedwagonLay Me Down3:55R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]41971205
3407REO SpeedwagonSophisticated Lady4:01R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]51971226
3408REO SpeedwagonFive Men Were Killed Today3:04R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]61971205
3409REO SpeedwagonPrison Women2:39R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]71971212
3410REO SpeedwagonDead At Last10:09R.E.O. Speedwagon [2007 remaster]81971214
3411REO SpeedwagonRidin' The Storm Out4:13Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)12008208
3412REO SpeedwagonWhiskey Night4:43Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)22008205
3413REO SpeedwagonOh Woman2:47Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)32008194
3414REO SpeedwagonFind My Fortune2:53Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)42008194
3415REO SpeedwagonOpen Up3:33Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)52008203
3416REO SpeedwagonMovin'3:21Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)62008197
3417REO SpeedwagonSon Of A Poor Man3:44Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)72008201
3418REO SpeedwagonStart A New Life3:50Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)82008202
3419REO SpeedwagonIt's Everywhere3:25Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)92008202
3420REO SpeedwagonWithout Expression (Don't Be The Man)3:53Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)102008214
3421REO SpeedwagonGive Me A Ride (Roller Coaster)3:48Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)112008215
3422REO SpeedwagonThrow The Chains Away2:24Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)122008203
3423REO SpeedwagonSky Blues3:19Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)132008211
3424REO SpeedwagonYou Can Fly4:16Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)142008195
3425REO SpeedwagonLost In A Dream6:34Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)152008211
3426REO SpeedwagonDown By The Dam4:37Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)162008216
3427REO SpeedwagonDo Your Best3:22Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)172008202
3428REO SpeedwagonWild As The Western Wind4:04Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)182008218
3429REO SpeedwagonThey're On The Road3:41Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)192008207
3430REO SpeedwagonI'm Feeling Good3:05Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)/Lost In A Dream (1974)202008211
3431REO SpeedwagonDon't Let Him Go4:31Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)12000206
3432REO SpeedwagonMusic Man3:19Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)22000212
3433REO SpeedwagonTake It On The Run4:18Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)32000208
3434REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling5:07Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)42000199
3435REO SpeedwagonTime For Me To Fly3:51Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)52000191
3436REO SpeedwagonBack On The Road Again7:09Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)62000208
3437REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:25Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)72000197
3438REO SpeedwagonRoll With The Changes6:18Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)82000221
3439REO SpeedwagonRidin' The Storm Out5:03Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)92000217
3440REO Speedwagon157 Riverside Avenue7:46Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)102000213
3441REO SpeedwagonBlue Collar Man (Jam With Styx)5:20Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)112000210
3442REO SpeedwagonRoll With The Changes (Jam With Styx)5:57Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 2)122000213
3443REO SpeedwagonLet Me Ride6:00T.W.O.11972215
3444REO SpeedwagonHow the Story Goes3:33T.W.O.21972213
3445REO SpeedwagonLittle Queenie6:39T.W.O.31972216
3446REO SpeedwagonBeing Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)6:02T.W.O.41972215
3447REO SpeedwagonMusic Man4:38T.W.O.51972209
3448REO SpeedwagonLike You Do5:57T.W.O.61972215
3449REO SpeedwagonFlash Tan Queen4:23T.W.O.71972205
3450REO SpeedwagonGolden Country6:33T.W.O.81972221
3451REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:20The Best Singles Of All Time - The Eighties (Disc 6)61999222
3452REO SpeedwagonLove Is A Rock5:36The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken11990250
3453REO SpeedwagonThe Heart Survives4:52The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken21990247
3454REO SpeedwagonLive It Up4:01The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken31990241
3455REO SpeedwagonAll Heaven Broke Loose4:12The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken41990241
3456REO SpeedwagonLove In The Future4:36The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken51990246
3457REO SpeedwagonHalf Way4:18The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken61990246
3458REO SpeedwagonLove To Hate4:09The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken71990236
3459REO SpeedwagonYou Won't See Me3:22The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken81990247
3460REO SpeedwagonCan't Lie To My Heart4:40The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken91990242
3461REO SpeedwagonL.I.A.R.3:09The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken101990246
3462REO SpeedwagonGo For Broke3:28The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken111990244
3463REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:20The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)141999226
3464REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling4:57Ultimate Love Songs - The Power Of Love92003194
3465REO SpeedwagonI Do' Wanna Know4:13Wheels Are Turnin'11984212
3466REO SpeedwagonOne Lonely Night3:21Wheels Are Turnin'21984202
3467REO SpeedwagonThru The Window5:02Wheels Are Turnin'31984204
3468REO SpeedwagonRock 'N Roll Star3:41Wheels Are Turnin'41984196
3469REO SpeedwagonLive Every Moment5:01Wheels Are Turnin'51984215
3470REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling4:55Wheels Are Turnin'61984189
3471REO SpeedwagonGotta Feel More4:27Wheels Are Turnin'71984214
3472REO SpeedwagonBreak His Spell2:58Wheels Are Turnin'81984205
3473REO SpeedwagonWheels Are Turnin'5:51Wheels Are Turnin'91984209
3474REO SpeedwagonRoll With The Changes5:37You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish11978238
3475REO SpeedwagonTime For Me To Fly3:42You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish21978212
3476REO SpeedwagonRunnin' Blind3:08You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish31978226
3477REO SpeedwagonBlazin' Your Own Trail Again3:32You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish41978237
3478REO SpeedwagonSing To Me2:34You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish51978232
3479REO SpeedwagonLucky For You5:02You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish61978233
3480REO SpeedwagonDo You Know Where Your Woman Is Tonight2:53You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish71978225
3481REO SpeedwagonThe Unidentified Flying Tuna Trot2:17You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish81978231
3482REO SpeedwagonSay You Love Me Or Say Goodnight4:58You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish91978250
3483Reparata & The DelronsCaptain Of Your Ship2:25Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)132001209
3484The ReplacementsMerry Go Round3:39All Shook Down11990209
3485The ReplacementsOne Wink at a Time3:04All Shook Down21990204
3486The ReplacementsNobody3:10All Shook Down31990221
3487The ReplacementsBent out of Shape3:46All Shook Down41990210
3488The ReplacementsSadly Beautiful3:16All Shook Down51990176
3489The ReplacementsSomeone Take the Wheel3:40All Shook Down61990216
3490The ReplacementsWhen It Began3:07All Shook Down71990215
3491The ReplacementsAll Shook Down3:15All Shook Down81990180
3492The ReplacementsAttitude2:43All Shook Down91990206
3493The ReplacementsHappy Town2:55All Shook Down101990206
3494The ReplacementsTorture1:51All Shook Down111990217
3495The ReplacementsMy Little Problem4:03All Shook Down121990210
3496The ReplacementsThe Last2:55All Shook Down131990182
3497The ReplacementsCan't Hardly Wait3:03Can't Hardly Wait (OST)131998225
3498The ReplacementsTalent Show3:32Don't Tell A Soul11989202
3499The ReplacementsBack To Back3:21Don't Tell A Soul21989203
3500The ReplacementsWe'll Inherit The Earth4:21Don't Tell A Soul31989204
3501The ReplacementsAchin' To Be3:42Don't Tell A Soul41989200
3502The ReplacementsThey're Blind4:36Don't Tell A Soul51989197
3503The ReplacementsAnywhere's Better Than Here2:49Don't Tell A Soul61989184
3504The ReplacementsAsking Me Lies3:39Don't Tell A Soul71989204
3505The ReplacementsI'll Be You3:26Don't Tell A Soul81989201
3506The ReplacementsI Won't2:43Don't Tell A Soul91989193
3507The ReplacementsRock 'N' Roll Ghost3:23Don't Tell A Soul101989194
3508The ReplacementsDarlin' One3:39Don't Tell A Soul111989199
3509The ReplacementsHootenanny1:52Hootenanny11983220
3510The ReplacementsRun It1:11Hootenanny21983212
3511The ReplacementsColor Me Impressed2:25Hootenanny31983224
3512The ReplacementsWillpower4:22Hootenanny41983219
3513The ReplacementsTake Me Down To The Hospital3:47Hootenanny51983235
3514The ReplacementsMr. Whirly1:53Hootenanny61983209
3515The ReplacementsWithin Your Reach4:24Hootenanny71983209
3516The ReplacementsBuck Hill2:09Hootenanny81983230
3517The ReplacementsLovelines2:01Hootenanny91983226
3518The ReplacementsYou Lose1:41Hootenanny101983234
3519The ReplacementsHayday2:06Hootenanny111983239
3520The ReplacementsTreatment Bound3:16Hootenanny121983211
3521The ReplacementsI Will Dare3:18Let It Be11984210
3522The ReplacementsFavorite Thing2:20Let It Be21984222
3523The ReplacementsWe're Comin' Out2:21Let It Be31984204
3524The ReplacementsTommy Gets His Tonsils Out1:53Let It Be41984222
3525The ReplacementsAnadrogynous3:11Let It Be51984192
3526The ReplacementsBlack Diamond2:40Let It Be61984196
3527The ReplacementsUnsatisfied4:01Let It Be71984219
3528The ReplacementsSeen Your Video3:08Let It Be81984217
3529The ReplacementsGary's Got a Boner2:28Let It Be91984229
3530The ReplacementsSixteen Blue4:24Let It Be101984213
3531The ReplacementsAnswering Machine3:39Let It Be111984189
3532The ReplacementsI.O.U.2:59Pleased To Meet Me11987195
3533The ReplacementsAlex Chilton3:15Pleased To Meet Me21987197
3534The ReplacementsI Don't Know3:22Pleased To Meet Me31987196
3535The ReplacementsNightclub Jitters2:45Pleased To Meet Me41987188
3536The ReplacementsThe Ledge4:07Pleased To Meet Me51987201
3537The ReplacementsNever Mind2:50Pleased To Meet Me61987184
3538The ReplacementsValentine3:36Pleased To Meet Me71987195
3539The ReplacementsShooting Dirty Pool2:23Pleased To Meet Me81987197
3540The ReplacementsRed Red Wine3:01Pleased To Meet Me91987204
3541The ReplacementsSkyway2:06Pleased To Meet Me101987151
3542The ReplacementsCan't Hardly Wait3:03Pleased To Meet Me111987199
3543The ReplacementsTakin a Ride2:23Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash11981202
3544The ReplacementsCareless1:08Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash21981189
3545The ReplacementsCustomer1:29Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash31981202
3546The ReplacementsHangin Downtown2:06Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash41981198
3547The ReplacementsKick Your Door Down3:11Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash51981208
3548The ReplacementsOtto2:09Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash61981197
3549The ReplacementsI Bought a Headache2:25Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash71981175
3550The ReplacementsRattlesnake1:47Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash81981199
3551The ReplacementsI Hate Music1:50Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash91981209
3552The ReplacementsJohnny's Gonna Die3:32Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash101981187
3553The ReplacementsShiftless When Idle2:19Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash111981185
3554The ReplacementsMore Cigarettes1:20Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash121981194
3555The ReplacementsDon't Ask Why1:57Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash131981204
3556The ReplacementsSomthin to Du1:41Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash141981203
3557The ReplacementsI'm in Trouble2:10Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash151981193
3558The ReplacementsLove You Till Friday1:53Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash161981205
3559The ReplacementsShutup1:23Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash171981192
3560The ReplacementsRaised in the City1:59Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash181981195
3561The ReplacementsKids Don't Follow2:50Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]11982224
3562The ReplacementsFuck School1:26Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]21982240
3563The ReplacementsStuck In The Middle1:48Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]31982249
3564The ReplacementsGod Damn Job1:19Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]41982240
3565The ReplacementsWhite And Lazy2:06Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]51982250
3566The ReplacementsDope Smokin Moron1:31Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]61982227
3567The ReplacementsGo2:29Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]71982224
3568The ReplacementsGimme Noise1:42Stink (EP) [2002 Remaster]81982261
3569The ReplacementsHold My Life4:21Tim11985194
3570The ReplacementsI'll Buy3:25Tim21985210
3571The ReplacementsKiss Me on the Bus2:54Tim31985217
3572The ReplacementsDose of Thunder2:19Tim41985195
3573The ReplacementsWaitress in the Sky2:02Tim51985176
3574The ReplacementsSwingin Party3:51Tim61985191
3575The ReplacementsBastards of Young3:38Tim71985203
3576The ReplacementsLay It Down Clown2:24Tim81985200
3577The ReplacementsLeft of the Dial3:44Tim91985189
3578The ReplacementsLittle Mascara3:36Tim101985199
3579The ReplacementsHere Comes A Regular4:45Tim111985174
3580Reprise With The Peanuts GangLinus & Lucy3:04Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown121989209
3581The Republic TigersBuildings & Mountains4:48Keep Color12008217
3582The Republic TigersGolden Sand3:48Keep Color22008216
3583The Republic TigersFeelin' The Future4:50Keep Color32008208
3584The Republic TigersWeatherbeaten3:43Keep Color42008235
3585The Republic TigersAir Guitar2:10Keep Color52008190
3586The Republic TigersThe Nerve3:59Keep Color62008208
3587The Republic TigersContortionists2:57Keep Color72008211
3588The Republic TigersFight Song3:40Keep Color82008225
3589The Republic TigersMade Concrete3:52Keep Color92008230
3590The Republic TigersGive Arm To Its Socket3:53Keep Color102008221
3591The Republic TigersStranger To The Eyes Of A Child-Man3:43Keep Color112008223
3592The Republic TigersCast On, Cast Off3:23Keep Color122008212
3593The Republic TigersBuildings & Mountains4:48The Republic Tigers (EP)12008219
3594The Republic TigersSinkin' Annie, Down, Down, Down, Down4:36The Republic Tigers (EP)22008214
3595The Republic TigersThe Drums3:20The Republic Tigers (EP)32008202
3596The Republic TigersRollercoaster4:44The Republic Tigers (EP)42008231
3597RepublicaReady To Go3:32Fired Up! (Disc 2)132003240
3598RepublicaReady To Go3:39Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!211999260
3599RepublicaReady To Go5:01Republica11996268
3602RepublicaGet Off3:57Republica41996224
3603RepublicaPicture Me5:42Republica51996218
3604RepublicaDrop Dead Gorgeous4:31Republica61996243
3605RepublicaOut of the Darkness3:49Republica71996229
3607RepublicaDon't You Ever4:01Republica91996247
3609RepublicaReady To Go (Original Mix)5:00Republica111996245
3610RepublicaFrom Rush Hour With Love3:26Speed Ballads11998216
3611RepublicaFading Of The Man4:34Speed Ballads21998240
3612RepublicaTry Everything4:03Speed Ballads31998224
3613RepublicaLuxury Cage5:03Speed Ballads41998218
3614RepublicaFaster Faster3:21Speed Ballads51998237
3615RepublicaNothing's Feeling New3:51Speed Ballads61998239
3616RepublicaMillennium3:16Speed Ballads71998243
3617RepublicaPretty Girl Hate3:48Speed Ballads81998219
3618RepublicaKung Fu Movies4:02Speed Ballads91998247
3619RepublicaPub Pusher4:24Speed Ballads101998238
3620RESMiracles4:17Maid In Manhattan (OST)52002175
3621The ResidentsOn The Way (to Oklahoma)4:06Animal Lover12005185
3622The ResidentsOlive and Gray4:07Animal Lover22005190
3623The ResidentsWhat Have My Chickens Done Now?4:24Animal Lover32005180
3624The ResidentsTwo Lips2:43Animal Lover42005187
3625The ResidentsMr. Bee's Bumble3:25Animal Lover52005206
3626The ResidentsInner Space4:18Animal Lover62005188
3627The ResidentsDead Man3:25Animal Lover72005185
3628The ResidentsMy Window5:20Animal Lover82005185
3629The ResidentsIngrid's Oily Tongue1:55Animal Lover92005202
3630The ResidentsMother No More3:19Animal Lover102005174
3631The ResidentsDreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)2:24Animal Lover112005197
3632The ResidentsElmer's Song4:34Animal Lover122005179
3633The ResidentsThe Monkey Man4:01Animal Lover132005201
3634The ResidentsThe Whispering Boys4:28Animal Lover142005198
3635The ResidentsBurn My Bones6:19Animal Lover152005211
3636The ResidentsDiskomo 20004:52Diskomo 200012000217
3637The ResidentsDiskomo7:56Diskomo 200022000197
3638The ResidentsDisaster3:54Diskomo 200032000192
3639The ResidentsPlants3:18Diskomo 200042000194
3640The ResidentsFarmers5:27Diskomo 200052000187
3641The ResidentsTwinkle2:00Diskomo 200062000178
3642The ResidentsTwinkle 20002:37Diskomo 200072000204
3643The ResidentsDiskomo 19923:04Diskomo 200082000193
3644The ResidentsBoxes Of Armageddon2:12The Bunny Boy12008218
3645The ResidentsRabbit Habit2:14The Bunny Boy22008177
3646The ResidentsI'm Not Crazy2:38The Bunny Boy32008209
3647The ResidentsPictures From A Little Girl2:29The Bunny Boy42008196
3648The ResidentsWhat If It's True?2:32The Bunny Boy52008231
3649The ResidentsFever Dreams1:37The Bunny Boy62008207
3650The ResidentsButcher Shop2:34The Bunny Boy72008219
3651The ResidentsI Like Black2:23The Bunny Boy82008204
3652The ResidentsSecret Room3:19The Bunny Boy92008204
3653The ResidentsMy Nigerian Friend1:59The Bunny Boy102008193
3654The ResidentsIt Was Me1:59The Bunny Boy112008214
3655The ResidentsGolden Guy2:22The Bunny Boy122008232
3656The ResidentsThe Bunny Boy2:24The Bunny Boy132008211
3657The ResidentsBlood On The Bunny2:13The Bunny Boy142008198
3658The ResidentsI Killed Him2:15The Bunny Boy152008215
3659The ResidentsThe Dark Man2:34The Bunny Boy162008206
3660The ResidentsSecret Message2:38The Bunny Boy172008216
3661The ResidentsPatmos2:30The Bunny Boy182008195
3662The ResidentsThe Black Behind4:44The Bunny Boy192008203
3663Restless HeartMending Fences2:51Big Iron Horses11992202
3664Restless HeartWe Got the Love2:49Big Iron Horses21992207
3665Restless HeartAs Far as I Can Tell3:49Big Iron Horses31992187
3666Restless HeartWhen She Cries3:43Big Iron Horses41992200
3667Restless HeartMeet Me on the Other Side4:09Big Iron Horses51992209
3668Restless HeartWe're Gonna Be OK4:04Big Iron Horses61992209
3669Restless HeartBlame It on Love3:30Big Iron Horses71992207
3670Restless HeartBorn in a High Wind4:09Big Iron Horses81992204
3671Restless HeartJust in Time4:03Big Iron Horses91992201
3672Restless HeartBig Iron Horses4:30Big Iron Horses101992203
3673Restless HeartWheels3:47Classic Country - Road Songs112003220
3674Restless HeartYou Can Depend On Me2:40The Best Of Restless Heart11991204
3675Restless HeartFast Movin' Train4:23The Best Of Restless Heart21991208
3676Restless HeartA Tender Lie3:28The Best Of Restless Heart31991194
3677Restless HeartWheels3:47The Best Of Restless Heart41991213
3678Restless HeartThe Bluest Eyes In Texas4:45The Best Of Restless Heart51991205
3679Restless HeartFamiliar Pain4:19The Best Of Restless Heart61991210
3680Restless HeartThat Rock Won't Roll3:30The Best Of Restless Heart71991209
3681Restless HeartTil I Loved You3:03The Best Of Restless Heart81991188
3682Restless HeartWhy Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right)3:00The Best Of Restless Heart91991210
3683Restless HeartI'll Still Be Loving You4:17The Best Of Restless Heart101991204
3684Return To ForeverHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy3:31Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy11973163
3685Return To ForeverAfter The Cosmic Rain8:25Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy21973181
3686Return To ForeverCaptain Señor Mouse9:01Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy31973176
3687Return To ForeverTheme To The Mothership8:49Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy41973173
3688Return To ForeverSpace Circus5:42Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy51973189
3689Return To ForeverThe Game Maker6:46Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy61973192
3690Return To ForeverThe Musician7:11Musicmagic11977191
3691Return To ForeverHello Again3:49Musicmagic21977183
3692Return To ForeverMusicmagic11:00Musicmagic31977198
3693Return To ForeverSo Long Mickey Mouse6:09Musicmagic41977192
3694Return To ForeverDo You Ever3:59Musicmagic51977163
3695Return To ForeverThe Endless Night9:41Musicmagic61977196
3696Return To ForeverOpening Prayer2:04Returns (Disc 1)12008189
3697Return To ForeverHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy3:43Returns (Disc 1)22008204
3698Return To ForeverVulcan Worlds13:45Returns (Disc 1)32008203
3699Return To ForeverSorceress11:22Returns (Disc 1)42008209
3700Return To ForeverSong To The Pharaoh Kings27:13Returns (Disc 1)52008204
3701Return To ForeverAl's Solo8:54Returns (Disc 1)62008206
3702Return To ForeverNo Mystery8:52Returns (Disc 1)72008205
3703Return To ForeverFriendship - Chick's Solo8:52Returns (Disc 2)12008196
3704Return To ForeverRomantic Warrior7:19Returns (Disc 2)22008207
3705Return To ForeverEl Bayo de Negro - Stanley's Solo11:25Returns (Disc 2)32008201
3706Return To ForeverLineage - Lenny's Solo7:39Returns (Disc 2)42008202
3707Return To ForeverRomantic Warrior (continued)3:03Returns (Disc 2)52008209
3708Return To ForeverDuel of the Jester and the Tyrant14:03Returns (Disc 2)62008204
3709Return To Forever500 Miles High (Bonus Track)12:48Returns (Disc 2)72008198
3710Return To ForeverBBC Lifetime Achievement Award (Bonus Track)8:20Returns (Disc 2)82008192
3711Return To ForeverMedieval Overture5:14Romantic Warrior11976201
3712Return To ForeverSorceress7:33Romantic Warrior21976204
3713Return To ForeverThe Romantic Warrior10:52Romantic Warrior31976202
3714Return To ForeverMajestic Dance5:00Romantic Warrior41976202
3715Return To ForeverThe Magician5:28Romantic Warrior51976193
3716Return To ForeverDuel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Part I & Part II)11:26Romantic Warrior61976187
3717Return To ForeverVulcan Worlds7:51Where Have I Known You Before11974191
3718Return To ForeverWhere Have I Loved You Before1:02Where Have I Known You Before21974188
3719Return To ForeverThe Shadow Of Lo7:30Where Have I Known You Before31974180
3720Return To ForeverWhere Have I Danced With You Before1:14Where Have I Known You Before41974180
3721Return To ForeverBeyond The Seventh Galaxy3:14Where Have I Known You Before51974185
3722Return To ForeverEarth Juice3:46Where Have I Known You Before61974188
3723Return To ForeverWhere Have I Known You Before2:20Where Have I Known You Before71974190
3724Return To ForeverSong To The Pharoah Kings14:22Where Have I Known You Before81974185
3725ReunionLife Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)3:3270s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)52005211
3726ReunionLife Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)3:31American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 1121989246
3727Rev RunMind On The Road2:39Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11212005216
3728Rev Run & Xmas All StarsSanta Baby4:04A Very Special Christmas 341997177
3729Rev. D.C. Rice & CongregationIn The Battlefield For My Lord3:20Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)151952128
3730Rev. F.C. Barnes And Rev. Janice BrownRough Side Of The Mountain5:23Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel171992194
3731Rev. F.W. McgeeFifty Miles Of Elbow Room2:43Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)141952128
3732Rev. J.M. GatesYou Must Be Born Again1:31Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)11952128
3733Rev. J.M. GatesOh Death Where Is Thy Sting1:29Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)21952128
3734Rev. Moses MasonJohn The Baptist3:05Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 2 (Social Music) (Disc 2)91952128
3735Reverend Gary DavisSamson & Delilah (If I Had My Way)3:32Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)211997186
3736Reverend Horton HeatJonny Quest/Stop That Pigeon3:09Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits101995218
3737The Reverend Horton HeatThe Devil's Chasing Me5:18Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)142005227
3738RevillosMotorbike Beat2:22Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)62005178
3739The Revolving Paint DreamFlowers In The Sky2:24Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)232005166
3740Rex Koury & George SpencerGunsmoke1:36Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)261996186
3741Rex SmithYou Take My Breath Away3:14Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2291993236
3742Rex SmithYou Take My Breath Away3:14Teen Idols Of The 70's181999210
3743RezidentsPopcorn2:26Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)92003209
3744Rezonance QSweetheart4:25Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)182003206
3745RhapsodyLux Triumphans2:00Dawn of Victory12000233
3746RhapsodyDawn of Victory4:47Dawn of Victory22000257
3747RhapsodyTriumph for My Magic Steel5:46Dawn of Victory32000261
3748RhapsodyThe Village of Dwarves3:52Dawn of Victory42000225
3749RhapsodyDargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain4:48Dawn of Victory52000260
3750RhapsodyThe Bloody Rage of the Titans6:23Dawn of Victory62000216
3751RhapsodyHoly Thunderforce4:21Dawn of Victory72000252
3752RhapsodyTrolls in the Dark (Instrumental)2:32Dawn of Victory82000254
3753RhapsodyThe Last Winged Unicorn5:43Dawn of Victory92000259
3754RhapsodyThe Mighty Ride of the Firelord9:15Dawn of Victory102000239
3755RhapsodyIra Tenax1:13Legendary Tales11997195
3756RhapsodyWarrior Of Ice5:58Legendary Tales21997226
3757RhapsodyRage O The Winter6:12Legendary Tales31997221
3758RhapsodyForest Of Unicorns3:24Legendary Tales41997189
3759RhapsodyFlames Of Revenge5:34Legendary Tales51997230
3760RhapsodyVirgin Skies1:20Legendary Tales61997199
3761RhapsodyLand Of Immortals4:54Legendary Tales71997237
3762RhapsodyEchoes Of Tragedy3:32Legendary Tales81997185
3763RhapsodyLord Of The Thunder5:34Legendary Tales91997228
3764RhapsodyLegendary Tales7:49Legendary Tales101997202
3765RhapsodyIn Tenebris1:28Power Of The Dragonflame12002243
3766RhapsodyKnightrider Of Doom3:56Power Of The Dragonflame22002250
3767RhapsodyPower Of The Dragonflame4:27Power Of The Dragonflame32002244
3768RhapsodyThe March Of The Swordmaster5:04Power Of The Dragonflame42002243
3769RhapsodyWhen Demons Awake6:46Power Of The Dragonflame52002257
3770RhapsodyAgony Is My Name4:57Power Of The Dragonflame62002243
3771RhapsodyLamento Eroico4:38Power Of The Dragonflame72002195
3772RhapsodySteelgods Of The Last Apocalypse5:48Power Of The Dragonflame82002243
3773RhapsodyThe Pride Of The Tyrant4:53Power Of The Dragonflame92002248
3774RhapsodyGargoyles, Angels Of Darkness19:02Power Of The Dragonflame102002231
3775RhapsodyRain Of A Thousand Flames3:44Rain Of A Thousand Flames12001250
3776RhapsodyDeadly Omen1:48Rain Of A Thousand Flames22001195
3777RhapsodyQueen Of The Dark Horizons13:41Rain Of A Thousand Flames32001232
3778RhapsodyRhymes Of A Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: 1. Tears Of A Dying Angel6:22Rain Of A Thousand Flames42001221
3779RhapsodyRhymes Of A Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: 2. Elnor's Magic Valley1:40Rain Of A Thousand Flames52001186
3780RhapsodyRhymes Of A Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: 3. The Poem's Evil Page4:04Rain Of A Thousand Flames62001214
3781RhapsodyRhymes Of A Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: 4. The Wizard's Last Rhymes10:31Rain Of A Thousand Flames72001236
3782RhapsodyEpicus Furor1:14Symphony of Enchanted Lands11998217
3783RhapsodyEmerald Sword4:21Symphony of Enchanted Lands21998262
3784RhapsodyWisdom of the Kings4:28Symphony of Enchanted Lands31998244
3785RhapsodyHeroes of the Lost Valley2:04Symphony of Enchanted Lands41998191
3786RhapsodyEternal Glory7:29Symphony of Enchanted Lands51998223
3787RhapsodyBeyond the Gates of Infinity7:23Symphony of Enchanted Lands61998225
3788RhapsodyWings of Destiny4:28Symphony of Enchanted Lands71998194
3789RhapsodyThe Dark Tower of Abyss6:46Symphony of Enchanted Lands81998225
3790RhapsodyRiding the Winds of Eternity4:13Symphony of Enchanted Lands91998234
3791RhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands13:16Symphony of Enchanted Lands101998217
3792RhapsodyThe Dark Secret (Ira Divina)4:13Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret12004183
3793RhapsodyUnholy Warcry5:53Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret22004226
3794RhapsodyNever Forgotten Heroes5:32Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret32004221
3795RhapsodyElgard's Green Valleys2:19Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret42004186
3796RhapsodyThe Magic Of The Wizard's Dream4:30Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret52004212
3797RhapsodyErian's Mystical Rhymes (The White Dragon's Order)10:31Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret62004216
3798RhapsodyThe Last Angels' Call4:36Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret72004235
3799RhapsodyDragonland's Rivers3:44Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret82004191
3800RhapsodySacred Power Of Raging Winds10:06Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret92004218
3801RhapsodyGuardiani Del Destino5:51Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret102004198
3802RhapsodyShadows Of Death8:13Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret112004221
3803RhapsodyNightfall On The Grey Mountains7:20Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret122004215
3804RhapsodyWarrior Of Ice5:59Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga12004230
3805RhapsodyRage Of The Winter (Symphonic Version)4:48Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga22004235
3806RhapsodyForest Of Unicorns3:24Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga32004202
3807RhapsodyLand Of Immortals (Remix)4:51Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga42004225
3808RhapsodyEmerald Sword4:20Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga52004230
3809RhapsodyWisdom Of The Kings4:30Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga62004231
3810RhapsodyWings Of Destiny4:31Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga72004192
3811RhapsodyRiding The Winds Of Eternity (Edit)3:47Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga82004225
3812RhapsodyDawn Of Victory4:49Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga92004230
3813RhapsodyHoly Thunderforce (Remix)4:17Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga102004218
3814RhapsodyThe Village Of Dwarves3:51Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga112004216
3815RhapsodyRain Of A Thousand Flames3:41Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga122004235
3816RhapsodyKnightrider Of Doom3:58Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga132004221
3817RhapsodyMarch Of The Swordmaster5:02Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga142004218
3818RhapsodyPower Of The Dragonflame4:25Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga152004238
3819RhapsodyLamento Eroico4:37Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga162004192
3820Rhino BucketRide With Yourself3:15Wayne's World (OST)111992215
3821Rhonda VincentChristmas Time at Home2:46A Very Special Acoustic Christmas142003192
3822Rhythm HeritageTheme From S.W.A.T.3:25Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 09112000250
3823Rhythm SyndicateHey Donna4:38Rhythm Syndicate11991235
3824Rhythm SyndicateP.A.S.S.I.O.N.4:14Rhythm Syndicate21991200
3825Rhythm SyndicateSuite: Anatomy of A Love Affair (Acts 1-4)16:17Rhythm Syndicate31991201
3826Rhythm SyndicatePass It On0:58Rhythm Syndicate41991182
3827Rhythm SyndicateYou Really Rock Me4:30Rhythm Syndicate51991225
3828Rhythm SyndicateLove Is The Reason4:19Rhythm Syndicate61991228
3829Rhythm SyndicateYou'll Never Walk Alone5:56Rhythm Syndicate71991203
3830Rhythm SyndicateA Shoulder To Cry On5:05Rhythm Syndicate81991203
3831Rhythm SyndicateTearin' Down The Walls5:32Rhythm Syndicate91991205

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