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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1SkampJig That Thing3:09Celtic Soundclash122001145
2Skee-LoThe Tale Of Mr. Morton4:05Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks151996206
3Skeeter DavisEnd Of The World2:38AM Gold: 196361995182
4Skeeter DavisEnd Of The World2:38Best Of Country Vol.1 (Disc 2)91996171
5Skeeter DavisI Can't Belive It's Over2:08Best Of Country Vol.3 (Disc 1)121996176
6Skeeter DavisMy Last Date (With You)2:34Classic Country - The Nashville Era: 1958-1963 (Disc 1)51999210
7Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:38Classic Country: 1960-1964 (Disc 2)111997186
8Skeeter DavisI'm Falling Too2:37Country Girls 131991200
9Skeeter DavisAm I That Easy To Forget2:09Country Girls 1131991186
10Skeeter DavisGonna Get Along Without You Now2:32Country Girls 311995200
11Skeeter DavisEnd Of The World2:36Definite 60's Volume 3 (Disc 1)121997195
12Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:39Easy Listening Gold - 1962-1963 (Disc 1)6 181
13Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:39Girls Girls Girls Volume 1131995189
14Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:37Jukebox Hits Of 196361991234
15Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:39Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)62002196
16Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:37Stars Of Country102001193
17Skeeter DavisI Can't Stay Mad At You2:09The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 1131990243
18Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:39The Rock Box (Disc 5)17 180
19Skeeter DavisI Can't Stay Mad At You2:08The Rock 'N' Roll Era - The '60s: Last Dance171991204
20Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World2:38The Ultimate Classic Country Collection Volume 2 (Disc 2)22001187
21Skeeter DavisThe End of the World2:39TM Century GoldDisc Update 431991196
22Skid RowYouth Gone Wild3:2140 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)11998224
23Skid Row18 And Life3:4940 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)21998225
24Skid RowPiece Of Me2:4840 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)31998229
25Skid RowI Remember You5:1440 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)41998210
26Skid RowThe Threat3:4840 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)51998250
27Skid RowPsycho Love3:5640 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)61998242
28Skid RowMonkey Business4:1940 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)71998241
29Skid RowQuicksand Jesus5:2140 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)81998215
30Skid RowSlave To The Grind3:2840 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)91998246
31Skid RowInto Another (Remix)3:5940 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)101998230
32Skid RowFrozen (Demo 1994)5:3240 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)111998169
33Skid RowMy Enemy (Remix)3:3240 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)121998238
34Skid RowBreakin' Down (Remix)4:2840 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)131998221
35Skid RowBeat Yourself Blind (Live From The Astoria, London, England 19955:2040 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)141998233
36Skid RowForever (1998 Previously Unreleased)4:0440 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)151998241
37Skid RowFire In The Hole (Demo 1991 Previously Unreleased)3:2440 Seasons (The Best Of Skid Row)161998228
38Skid RowPsycho Therapy2:30B-Side Ourselves11992234
39Skid RowC'mon And Love Me3:23B-Side Ourselves21992239
40Skid RowDelivering The Goods (Live)4:54B-Side Ourselves31992232
41Skid RowWhat You're Doing4:26B-Side Ourselves41992248
42Skid RowLittle Wing3:19B-Side Ourselves51992207
43Skid RowBig Guns3:37Skid Row11989225
44Skid RowSweet Little Sister3:09Skid Row21989225
45Skid RowCan't Stand The Heartache3:24Skid Row31989221
46Skid RowPiece Of Me2:48Skid Row41989219
47Skid Row18 And Life3:51Skid Row51989212
48Skid RowRattlesnake Shake3:09Skid Row61989222
49Skid RowYouth Gone Wild3:18Skid Row71989209
50Skid RowHere I Am3:09Skid Row81989226
51Skid RowMakin' A Mess3:38Skid Row91989219
52Skid RowI Remember You5:14Skid Row101989200
53Skid RowMidnight/Tornado4:18Skid Row111989219
54Skid RowMonkey Business4:18Slave To The Grind11991238
55Skid RowSlave To The Grind3:29Slave To The Grind21991246
56Skid RowThe Threat3:50Slave To The Grind31991245
57Skid RowQuicksand Jesus5:26Slave To The Grind41991216
58Skid RowPsycho Love3:57Slave To The Grind51991240
59Skid RowGet The Fuck Out2:42Slave To The Grind61991239
60Skid RowLivin' On A Chain Gang3:58Slave To The Grind71991242
61Skid RowCreepshow3:58Slave To The Grind81991237
62Skid RowIn A Darkened Room3:55Slave To The Grind91991215
63Skid RowRiot Act2:40Slave To The Grind101991251
64Skid RowMudkicker3:53Slave To The Grind111991233
65Skid RowWasted Time5:48Slave To The Grind121991218
66The Skidmore BandersnatchersLeaving on a Jet Plane4:01Beware the Frumious Bandersnatch! 1975 - 1999  128
67SkilletAlien Youth4:11Alien Youth12001242
68SkilletVapor3:38Alien Youth22001225
69SkilletEarth Invasion4:47Alien Youth32001222
70SkilletYou Are My Hope4:15Alien Youth42001232
71SkilletEating Me Away3:37Alien Youth52001218
72SkilletKill Me Heal Me3:35Alien Youth62001245
73SkilletThe Thirst Is Taking Over6:32Alien Youth72001218
74SkilletOne Real Thing3:35Alien Youth82001234
75SkilletStronger4:06Alien Youth92001240
76SkilletRippin' Me Off4:46Alien Youth102001241
77SkilletWill You Be There (Falling Down)5:09Alien Youth112001214
78SkilletCome My Way5:02Alien Youth122001177
82SkilletA Little More4:49Collide42003232
83SkilletMy Obsession5:00Collide52003241
86SkilletUnder My Skin4:05Collide82003247
88SkilletCycle Down4:00Collide102003256
90SkilletThe Last Night3:32Comatose22006249
91SkilletYours To Hold3:42Comatose32006242
92SkilletBetter Than Drugs3:57Comatose42006243
94SkilletThe Older I Get3:38Comatose62006251
95SkilletThose Nights3:46Comatose72006245
96SkilletFalling Inside The Black3:30Comatose82006246
97SkilletSay Goodbye4:16Comatose92006242
98SkilletWhispers In The Dark3:24Comatose102006241
99SkilletLooking For Angels4:31Comatose112006238
100SkilletThe Older I Get3:39Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007162007253
101SkilletThe Older I Get3:38Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-05132007254
102Skip And FlipCherry Pie2:081960 - Still Rockin'11 191
103Skip JamesDevil Got My Woman3:20Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 2)201997184
104SkopeBe Mine Again3:21Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)132001198
105Skunk AnansieWeak3:31Mission: Impossible (OST)61996229
108SkyLa Danza2:58Sky31979209
109SkyGymnopedie No. 13:40Sky41979181
111SkyWhere Opposites Meet Part 1-2-3-4-519:22Sky61979212
112SkyHotta7:47Sky 211980197
113SkyDance Of The Little Fairies3:35Sky 221980205
114SkySahara6:59Sky 231980198
115SkyFifo17:15Sky 241980203
116SkyTuba Smarties3:23Sky 251980188
117SkyBallet - Volta2:48Sky 261980192
118SkyTristan's Magic Garden4:11Sky 271980199
119SkyEl Cielo4:27Sky 281980209
120SkyVivaldi4:04Sky 291980198
121SkyScipio (Part I And Part II)12:11Sky 2101980208
122SkyToccata4:42Sky 2111980216
123SkyThe Grace0:29Sky 311981168
124SkyChiropodie No. 14:23Sky 321981215
125SkyWest Wind6:22Sky 331981191
126SkySarabande3:05Sky 341981184
127SkyConnecting Rooms7:15Sky 351981184
128SkyMoonroof4:07Sky 361981200
129SkySister Rose4:34Sky 371981198
130SkyHello4:13Sky 381981166
131SkyDance Of The Big Fairies3:24Sky 391981200
132SkyMeheeco6:35Sky 3101981190
133SkyKeep Me Safe And Keep Me Warm, Shelter Me From Darkness0:57Sky 3111981163
134SkyMasquerade3:22Sky 4 - Forthcoming11982214
135SkyRide Of The Valkyries5:08Sky 4 - Forthcoming21982186
136SkyMarch To The Scaffold4:57Sky 4 - Forthcoming31982181
137SkyTo Yelasto Pedi (Theme From 'Z')4:02Sky 4 - Forthcoming41982198
138SkyWaltz No. 2 (from "Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales")2:33Sky 4 - Forthcoming51982174
139SkyFantasy3:15Sky 4 - Forthcoming61982206
140SkyMy Giselle (from "A Theme By Adam De La Halle")4:37Sky 4 - Forthcoming71982200
141SkyXangô5:05Sky 4 - Forthcoming81982187
142SkyFantasia3:44Sky 4 - Forthcoming91982193
143SkySkylark3:10Sky 4 - Forthcoming101982191
144Skye SweetnamBilly S2:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-05172003220
145Skye SweetnamTangled Up In Me2:41Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-0762004228
146Skye SweetnamNumber One2:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-0192005240
147SkyhooksWomen In Uniform4:23Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)72000243
148SkyhooksLivin' In The 70's3:44Living In The 70's (Disc 1)11995207
149SkylarkI'll Have To Go Away5:19Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 1)141992194
150SkylarkWildflower4:09Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)21992203
151SkylarkWildflower4:07Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)141996197
152SkylarkWildflower4:11Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1091990205
153The SkylinersSince I Don't Have You2:37American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)111973201
154The SkylinersSince I Don't Have You2:38Jukebox Hits Of 1959121991250
155The SkylinersSince I Don't Have You2:43The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)181994134
156The SkylinersThis I Swear2:41The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)101996131
157SL2On A Ragga Tip3:43The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)151993190
158SladeLet's Call It Quits3:33Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)13 189
159SladeRun Runaway5:01Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply11984265
160SladeMy Oh My4:12Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply21984249
161SladeHigh And Dry3:13Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply31984243
162SladeSlam The Hammer Down3:24Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply41984243
163SladeIn The Doghouse2:47Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply51984224
164SladeKeep Your Hands Off My Power Supply3:33Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply61984260
165SladeCheap 'N' Nasty Luv2:42Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply71984236
166SladeCan't Tame A Hurricane2:32Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply81984274
167Slade(And Now--The Waltz) C'est La Vie3:42Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply91984242
168SladeReady To Explode8:11Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply101984235
169SladeJust A Little Bit4:01Old New Borrowed & Blue11974197
170SladeWhen The Lights Are Out3:06Old New Borrowed & Blue21974210
171SladeMy Town3:07Old New Borrowed & Blue31974190
172SladeFind Yourself A Rainbow2:11Old New Borrowed & Blue41974199
173SladeMiles Out To Sea3:50Old New Borrowed & Blue51974200
174SladeWe're Really Gonna Raise The Roof3:09Old New Borrowed & Blue61974191
175SladeDo We Still Do It3:04Old New Borrowed & Blue71974210
176SladeHow Can It Be3:03Old New Borrowed & Blue81974185
177SladeDon't Blame Me2:32Old New Borrowed & Blue91974192
178SladeMy Friend Stan2:42Old New Borrowed & Blue101974214
179SladeEveryday3:12Old New Borrowed & Blue111974194
180SladeGood Time Gals3:35Old New Borrowed & Blue121974212
181SladeMerry X-Mas Everybody3:25Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 1)131995199
182SladeCum On Feel The Noize4:30Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)12000211
183SladeMerry XMas Everybody3:44The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 1)41996205
184SladeFar Far Away3:35Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)82001192
185SladeGet Down And Get With It3:50Wall Of Hits11991235
186SladeCoz I Luv You3:32Wall Of Hits21991235
187SladeLook Wot You Dun2:51Wall Of Hits31991228
188SladeTake Me Bak 'Ome3:13Wall Of Hits41991242
189SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now3:43Wall Of Hits51991240
190SladeGudbuy T'Jane3:31Wall Of Hits61991240
191SladeCum On Feel The Noize4:27Wall Of Hits71991237
192SladeSkweeze Me Pleeze Me4:28Wall Of Hits81991242
193SladeMy Friend Stan2:41Wall Of Hits91991228
194SladeEveryday3:10Wall Of Hits101991207
195SladeBangin' Man4:08Wall Of Hits111991213
196SladeFar Far Away3:36Wall Of Hits121991216
197SladeHow Does It Feel5:55Wall Of Hits131991207
198SladeThanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)4:34Wall Of Hits141991222
199SladeLet's Call It Quits3:32Wall Of Hits151991218
200SladeMy Oh My4:11Wall Of Hits161991206
201SladeRun Run Away3:43Wall Of Hits171991204
202SladeRadio Wall Of Sound3:47Wall Of Hits181991211
203SladeUniverse4:12Wall Of Hits191991203
204SladeMerry Xmas Everybody3:25Wall Of Hits201991190
205Slainte MhathCongress3:53Brewed In Nova Scotia22000195
206SlaughterLive Like There's No Tommorrow5:45Fear No Evil11995243
207SlaughterGet Used To It3:34Fear No Evil21995248
208SlaughterSearchin'4:27Fear No Evil31995241
209SlaughterIt'll Be Alright5:14Fear No Evil41995218
210SlaughterLet The Good Times Roll3:31Fear No Evil51995249
211SlaughterBreakdown N' Cry6:07Fear No Evil61995225
212SlaughterHard Times5:56Fear No Evil71995234
213SlaughterDivine Order1:10Fear No Evil81995222
214SlaughterYesterday's Gone5:12Fear No Evil91995228
215SlaughterPrelude1:55Fear No Evil101995204
216SlaughterOutta My Head3:51Fear No Evil111995238
217SlaughterUnknown Destination5:29Fear No Evil121995231
218SlaughterEye To Eye3:58Stick It To Ya11990207
219SlaughterBurnin' Bridges4:06Stick It To Ya21990217
220SlaughterUp All Night4:17Stick It To Ya31990210
221SlaughterSpend My Life3:21Stick It To Ya41990203
222SlaughterThinking Of June1:05Stick It To Ya51990207
223SlaughterShe Wants More3:54Stick It To Ya61990215
224SlaughterFly To The Angels5:08Stick It To Ya71990212
225SlaughterMad About You4:08Stick It To Ya81990217
226SlaughterThat's Not Enough3:26Stick It To Ya91990211
227SlaughterYou Are The One3:56Stick It To Ya101990217
228SlaughterGave Me Your Heart3:51Stick It To Ya111990219
229SlaughterDesperately3:34Stick It To Ya121990205
230SlaughterLoaded Gun4:19Stick It To Ya131990205
231SlaughterFly To The Angels (Acoustic Version)3:23Stick It To Ya141990207
232SlaughterWingin' It1:12Stick It To Ya151990183
233SlaughterReach For The Sky5:30The Wild Life11992239
234SlaughterOut For Love3:32The Wild Life21992235
235SlaughterThe Wild Life3:24The Wild Life31992231
236SlaughterDays Gone By4:34The Wild Life41992212
237SlaughterDance For Me Baby3:20The Wild Life51992240
238SlaughterTimes They Change7:07The Wild Life61992232
239SlaughterMove To The Music4:38The Wild Life71992237
240SlaughterReal Love3:40The Wild Life81992233
241SlaughterShake This Place3:36The Wild Life91992245
242SlaughterStreets Of Broken Hearts4:39The Wild Life101992230
243SlaughterHold On3:55The Wild Life111992232
244SlaughterDo Ya Know6:25The Wild Life121992230
245SlaughterOld Man5:26The Wild Life131992215
246SlaughterDays Gone By3:25The Wild Life141992212
247SlaveSlide3:21Tower Records: 30 Years On The Sunset Strip72000233
248SlavesSlaves Time2:22Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)242001129
249Sleater-KinneyTurn It On2:47Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)52005224
250Sleepy John EstesMilk Cow Blues3:05Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 4 (Labor Songs) (Disc 2)72000128
251Sleepy John EstesBroke & Hungry4:32Broke And Hungry11995191
252Sleepy John EstesBlack Mattie4:25Broke And Hungry21995200
253Sleepy John Estes3:00 Morning Blues2:49Broke And Hungry31995189
254Sleepy John EstesBeale Street Sugar3:53Broke And Hungry41995197
255Sleepy John EstesEverybody Oughta Change3:53Broke And Hungry51995197
256Sleepy John EstesOlie Blues4:26Broke And Hungry61995196
257Sleepy John EstesSo Glad I'm Livin'2:37Broke And Hungry71995185
258Sleepy John EstesAl Rawls3:34Broke And Hungry81995190
259Sleepy John EstesFreedom Loan4:47Broke And Hungry91995196
260Sleepy John EstesThe Girl I Love3:56Broke And Hungry101995207
261Sleepy John EstesElectric Chair4:14Broke And Hungry111995203
262Sleepy John EstesSleepy John's Twist2:44Broke And Hungry121995204
263Sleepy John EstesSomeday Baby Blues3:06Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)11995129
264Sleepy John EstesEverybody Oughta Make A Change2:53Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)21995128
265Sleepy John EstesStop That Thing2:47Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)31995131
266Sleepy John EstesDrop Down Mama3:17Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)41995128
267Sleepy John EstesMarried Woman Blues3:19Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)51995129
268Sleepy John EstesI Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More3:10Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)61995135
269Sleepy John EstesWorking Man Blues3:04Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)71995128
270Sleepy John EstesSpecial Agent2:55Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)81995128
271Sleepy John EstesDown South Blues3:13Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)91995129
272Sleepy John EstesClean Up At Home2:39Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)101995128
273Sleepy John EstesMilk Cow Blues3:05Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)111995128
274Sleepy John EstesDiving Duck Blues3:18Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)121995128
275Sleepy John EstesStreet Car Blues3:18Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)131995128
276Sleepy John EstesThe Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair3:00Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)141995128
277Sleepy John EstesBroken Hearted, Ragged And Dirty, Too3:17Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)151995128
278Sleepy John EstesWhatcha' Doin'3:05Drop Down Mama (The Blues Collection Vol. 53)161995128
279Sleepy John EstesMilk Cow Blues3:05I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194211992134
280Sleepy John EstesThe Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair2:59I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194221992127
281Sleepy John EstesSomeday Baby Blues3:02I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194231992128
282Sleepy John EstesLittle Laura Blues2:33I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194241992159
283Sleepy John EstesBlack Mattie Blues3:26I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194251992131
284Sleepy John EstesSpecial Agent (Railroad Police Blues)2:53I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194261992140
285Sleepy John EstesBroken-Hearted, Ragged And Dirty Too3:15I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194271992131
286Sleepy John EstesDrop Down Mama3:13I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194281992129
287Sleepy John EstesStreet Car Blues3:17I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-194291992140
288Sleepy John EstesLawyer Clark Blues3:10I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942101992139
289Sleepy John EstesWhatcha Doin'?3:05I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942111992126
290Sleepy John EstesWho's Been Tellin' You Buddy Brown Blues3:23I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942121992131
291Sleepy John EstesEverybody Oughta Make A Change2:50I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942131992140
292Sleepy John EstesPoor John Blues2:54I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942141992127
293Sleepy John EstesFire Department Blues (Martha Hardin)3:09I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942151992133
294Sleepy John EstesI Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More3:06I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942161992145
295Sleepy John EstesDiving Duck Blues3:16I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942171992156
296Sleepy John EstesDown South Blues3:10I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942181992142
297Sleepy John EstesClean Up At Home2:37I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942191992133
298Sleepy John EstesFloating Bridge3:12I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942201992127
299Sleepy John EstesWorking Man Blues3:03I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942211992130
300Sleepy John EstesAirplane Blues2:52I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942221992133
301Sleepy John EstesStop That Thing2:43I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1942231992138
302Sleepy John EstesRats In My Kitchen3:06The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)81994127
303Sleepy John Estes And Yank RachellExpressman Blues3:01Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)141952128
304Slick RickChildren's Story4:00Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 1)51995232
305Slick RickMona Lisa4:04Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 2)41995199
306Slick RickHey Young World4:21Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)81995180
307Slick RickTeenage Love4:48Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 3)131995209
308Slick RickImpress The Kid4:11Rush Hour (OST)111998178
309Slick RickI Sparkle4:10Wild Wild West (OST)121999172
310The SlickersJohnny Too Bad3:05The Harder They Come (OST)71972177
311SlikForever And Ever3:40Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 3)81992212
312SlikForever And Ever3:39Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)61995205
313SlikForever And Ever3:39Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 4)132000210
314SlikForever And Ever3:38Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)152001232
315SlikRequiem4:55Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 2)12001208
316Slim DustyCountry Revival2:20Country Complete (Disc 5)11997187
317Slim DustyLights On The Hill3:08Country Complete (Disc 5)131997195
318Slim DustyDuncan2:34Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 1)141992205
319Slim GaillardOh, Lady Be Good2:28Gershwin Jazz11998131
320The SlipEven Rats5:33Single  128
321Slipknot.execute.1:48All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]12008219
322SlipknotGematria (The Killing Name)6:01All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]22008246
323SlipknotSulfur4:37All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]32008253
324SlipknotPsychosocial4:43All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]42008256
325SlipknotDead Memories4:28All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]52008240
326SlipknotVendetta5:15All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]62008247
327SlipknotButcher's Hook4:14All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]72008253
328SlipknotGehenna6:53All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]82008231
329SlipknotThis Cold Black4:40All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]92008262
330SlipknotWherein Lies Continue5:36All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]102008240
331SlipknotSnuff4:36All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]112008218
332SlipknotAll Hope Is Gone4:47All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]122008244
333SlipknotChild Of Burning Time5:09All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]132008245
334SlipknotVermilion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix)3:39All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]142008205
335Slipknot'Til We Die5:45All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]152008219
337SlipknotPeople = Shit3:35Iowa22001236
339SlipknotMy Plague3:40Iowa42001266
340SlipknotEverything Ends4:14Iowa52001250
341SlipknotThe Heretic Anthem4:14Iowa62001249
343SlipknotLeft Behind4:01Iowa82001255
344SlipknotThe Shape3:37Iowa92001241
345SlipknotI Am Hated2:37Iowa102001255
346SlipknotSkin Ticket6:41Iowa112001233
347SlipknotNew Abortion3:36Iowa122001258
353SlipknotWait And Bleed2:27Slipknot41999248
355SlipknotSpit It Out2:39Slipknot61999248
356SlipknotTattered & Torn2:53Slipknot71999228
357SlipknotFrail Limb Nursery0:45Slipknot81999183
361SlipknotNo Life2:47Slipknot121999250
363SlipknotOnly One2:26Slipknot141999235
365SlipknotPrelude 3.03:57Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)12004224
366SlipknotThe Blister Exists5:19Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)22004266
367SlipknotThree Nil4:48Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)32004249
368SlipknotDuality4:12Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)42004243
369SlipknotOpium Of The People3:12Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)52004236
370SlipknotCircle4:23Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)62004237
371SlipknotWelcome3:15Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)72004248
372SlipknotVermilion5:16Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)82004225
373SlipknotPulse Of The Maggots4:19Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)92004250
374SlipknotBefore I Forget4:38Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)102004255
375SlipknotVermilion Pt. 23:44Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)112004229
376SlipknotThe Nameless4:28Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)122004251
377SlipknotThe Virus Of Life5:25Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)132004232
378SlipknotDanger - Keep Away3:13Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)142004153
379SloanThe N.S.4:37Between The Bridges11999223
380SloanSo Beyond Me2:53Between The Bridges21999235
381SloanDon't You Believe A Word3:15Between The Bridges31999231
382SloanFriendship3:21Between The Bridges41999264
383SloanSensory Deprivation6:20Between The Bridges51999232
384SloanAll By Ourselves3:54Between The Bridges61999227
385SloanA Long Time Coming4:33Between The Bridges71999230
386SloanWaiting For Slow Songs3:15Between The Bridges81999234
387SloanLosing California2:56Between The Bridges91999251
388SloanThe Marquee And The Moon3:09Between The Bridges101999236
389SloanTake Good Care Of The Poor Boy3:16Between The Bridges111999248
390SloanDelivering Maybes4:23Between The Bridges121999233
391SloanShe Says What She Means3:01Navy Blues11998237
392SloanC'Mon C'Mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)3:30Navy Blues21998205
393SloanIggy & Angus2:49Navy Blues31998208
394SloanSinking Ships4:57Navy Blues41998217
395SloanKeep On Thinkin'2:32Navy Blues51998223
396SloanMoney City Maniacs3:53Navy Blues61998213
397SloanSeems So Heavy4:08Navy Blues71998199
398SloanChester The Molester3:14Navy Blues81998233
399SloanStand By Me, Yeah3:19Navy Blues91998221
400SloanSuppose They Close The Door3:45Navy Blues101998217
401SloanOn The Horizon4:06Navy Blues111998228
402SloanI Wanna Thank You3:58Navy Blues121998219
403SloanI'm Not Through With You Yet3:15Navy Blues131998197
404SloanThe Good In Everyone2:17One Chord To Another11996213
405SloanNothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay2:35One Chord To Another21996176
406SloanAutobiography3:18One Chord To Another31996206
407SloanJunior Panthers2:38One Chord To Another41996188
408SloanG Turns To D3:24One Chord To Another51996177
409SloanA Side Wins3:11One Chord To Another61996205
410SloanEverything You've Done Wrong3:29One Chord To Another71996193
411SloanAnyone Who's Anyone2:48One Chord To Another81996192
412SloanThe Lines You Amend2:32One Chord To Another91996206
413SloanTake The Bench3:50One Chord To Another101996213
414SloanCan't Face Up3:53One Chord To Another111996164
415Sloan400 Metres4:31One Chord To Another121996217
418SloanI Am The Cancer3:41Smeared31992222
419SloanMedian Strip3:35Smeared41992224
420SloanTake It In3:58Smeared51992213
421Sloan500 Up4:20Smeared61992214
422SloanMarcus Said4:31Smeared71992239
424SloanLeft of Centre2:32Smeared91992206
426SloanTwo Seater3:05Smeared111992210
427SloanWhat's There To Decide?4:20Smeared121992214
428SloanPenpals3:08Twice Removed11994196
429SloanI Hate My Generation2:26Twice Removed21994190
430SloanPeople Of The Sky3:37Twice Removed31994189
431SloanCoax Me3:26Twice Removed41994202
432SloanBells On3:55Twice Removed51994174
433SloanLoosens5:27Twice Removed61994166
434SloanWorried Now2:40Twice Removed71994181
435SloanShame Shame3:04Twice Removed81994166
436SloanDeeper Than Beauty2:41Twice Removed91994149
437SloanSnowsuit Sound3:48Twice Removed101994200
438SloanBefore I Do7:05Twice Removed111994197
439SloanI Can Feel It3:29Twice Removed121994183
440SlugtrailEverytime Jacker3:07Heavycore: Core Til Death132002230
441Slum VillageGet Dis Money3:36Office Space (OST)21999230
442Sly & The Family StoneEverybody Is A Star3:03Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 1)62001128
443Sly & The Family StoneFamily Affair3:07Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)142001196
444Sly & The Family StoneI Want To Take You Higher3:01Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On71989210
445Sly & The Family StoneEverybody Is A Star3:00Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)51994179
446Sly & The Family StoneEveryday People2:22Crooklyn (OST)31994212
447Sly & The Family StoneHot Fun in the Summertime2:38Everything Summer31997130
448Sly & The Family StoneIn Time5:48Fresh [2007 Remaster]11973209
449Sly & The Family StoneIf You Want Me To Stay3:01Fresh [2007 Remaster]21973197
450Sly & The Family StoneLet Me Have It All2:56Fresh [2007 Remaster]31973171
451Sly & The Family StoneFrisky3:12Fresh [2007 Remaster]41973205
452Sly & The Family StoneThankful N' Thoughtful4:41Fresh [2007 Remaster]51973200
453Sly & The Family StoneSkin I'm In2:55Fresh [2007 Remaster]61973196
454Sly & The Family StoneI Don't Know (Satisfaction)3:52Fresh [2007 Remaster]71973205
455Sly & The Family StoneKeep On Dancin'2:23Fresh [2007 Remaster]81973203
456Sly & The Family StoneQue Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)5:23Fresh [2007 Remaster]91973198
457Sly & The Family StoneIf It Were Left Up To Me2:00Fresh [2007 Remaster]101973195
458Sly & The Family StoneBabies Makin' Babies3:43Fresh [2007 Remaster]111973205
459Sly & The Family StoneLet Me Have It All (Previousy Unissued Alternate Mix)2:20Fresh [2007 Remaster]121973192
460Sly & The Family StoneFrisky (Previousy Unissued Alternate Mix)3:27Fresh [2007 Remaster]131973192
461Sly & The Family StoneSkin I'm In (Previousy Unissued Alternate Mix)2:48Fresh [2007 Remaster]141973195
462Sly & The Family StoneKeep On Dancin' (Previousy Unissued Alternate Mix)2:44Fresh [2007 Remaster]151973193
463Sly & The Family StoneBabies Makin' Babies (Previousy Unissued Alternate Version)4:20Fresh [2007 Remaster]161973193
464Sly & the Family StoneFamily Affair3:06Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)21998205
465Sly & The Family StoneStand!3:10Stand! [2007 Remaster]11969217
466Sly & The Family StoneDon't Call Me Nigger, Whitey5:59Stand! [2007 Remaster]21969207
467Sly & The Family StoneI Want To Take You Higher5:24Stand! [2007 Remaster]31969220
468Sly & The Family StoneSomebody's Watching You3:21Stand! [2007 Remaster]41969213
469Sly & The Family StoneSing A Simple Song3:57Stand! [2007 Remaster]51969209
470Sly & The Family StoneEveryday People2:22Stand! [2007 Remaster]61969210
471Sly & The Family StoneSex Machine13:48Stand! [2007 Remaster]71969183
472Sly & The Family StoneYou Can Make It If You Try3:43Stand! [2007 Remaster]81969207
473Sly & The Family StoneStand! (Mono Single Version)3:09Stand! [2007 Remaster]91969135
474Sly & The Family StoneI Want To Take You Higher (Mono Single Version)3:02Stand! [2007 Remaster]101969127
475Sly & The Family StoneYou Can Make It If You Try (Previously Unissued Mono Single Version)3:40Stand! [2007 Remaster]111969153
476Sly & The Family StoneSoul Clappin' II (Previously Unissued)3:27Stand! [2007 Remaster]121969189
477Sly & The Family StoneMy Brain (Zig-Zag) - (Instrumental - Previously Unissued)3:18Stand! [2007 Remaster]131969189
478Sly & The Family StoneUnderdog3:58The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)12002183
479Sly & The Family StoneI Cannot Make It3:19The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)22002186
480Sly & The Family StoneDance To The Music3:00The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)32002201
481Sly & The Family StoneAre You Ready?2:50The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)42002220
482Sly & The Family StoneFun2:23The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)52002208
483Sly & The Family StoneM'Lady2:46The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)62002220
484Sly & The Family StoneLife3:00The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)72002213
485Sly & The Family StoneLove City2:44The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)82002209
486Sly & The Family StoneStand!3:08The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)92002212
487Sly & The Family StoneDon't Call Me Nigger, Whitey6:00The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)102002202
488Sly & The Family StoneI Want To Take You Higher5:24The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)112002219
489Sly & The Family StoneSomebody's Watching You3:21The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)122002215
490Sly & The Family StoneSing A Simple Song3:57The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)132002211
491Sly & The Family StoneEveryday People2:22The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)142002210
492Sly & The Family StoneYou Can Make It If You Try3:40The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)152002210
493Sly & The Family StoneHot Fun In The Summertime2:39The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)162002200
494Sly & The Family StoneEverybody Is A Star3:05The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)172002192
495Sly & The Family StoneThank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)4:48The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 1)182002197
496Sly & The Family StoneFamily Affair3:06The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)12002194
497Sly & The Family StoneLuv N' Haight4:04The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)22002185
498Sly & The Family StonePoet3:01The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)32002189
499Sly & The Family Stone(You Caught Me) Smilin'2:55The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)42002182
500Sly & The Family StoneRunnin' Away2:56The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)52002202
501Sly & The Family StoneBrave & Strong3:30The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)62002204
502Sly & The Family StoneJust Like A Baby5:12The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)72002180
503Sly & The Family StoneThank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa7:15The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)82002173
504Sly & The Family StoneIn Time5:49The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)92002211
505Sly & The Family StoneIf You Want Me To Stay3:01The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)102002203
506Sly & The Family StoneFrisky3:12The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)112002208
507Sly & The Family StoneSkin I'm In2:55The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)122002206
508Sly & The Family StoneBabies Makin' Babies3:39The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)132002210
509Sly & The Family StoneIf It Were Left Up To Me1:59The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)142002202
510Sly & The Family StoneTime For Livin'3:17The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)152002212
511Sly & The Family StoneLoose Booty3:47The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)162002172
512Sly & The Family StoneI Get High On You3:13The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (Disc 2)172002198
513Sly & The Family StoneDance to the Music3:00The Oldie Collection (Disc 1)81992195
514Sly & The Family StoneLuv N' Haight4:04There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]11971189
515Sly & The Family StoneJust Like A Baby5:13There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]21971191
516Sly & The Family StonePoet3:02There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]31971203
517Sly & The Family StoneFamily Affair3:08There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]41971196
518Sly & The Family StoneAfrica Talks To You "The Asphalt Jungle"8:45There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]51971200
519Sly & The Family StoneBrave & Strong3:32There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]71971205
520Sly & The Family Stone(You Caught Me) Smilin'2:56There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]81971196
521Sly & The Family StoneTime3:05There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]91971185
522Sly & The Family StoneSpaced Cowboy3:59There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]101971186
523Sly & The Family StoneRunnin' Away2:57There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]111971197
524Sly & The Family StoneThank You For Talkin' To Me Africa7:18There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]121971173
525Sly & The Family StoneRunnin' Away (Single Version)2:44There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]131971148
526Sly & The Family StoneMy Gorilla Is My Butler (Instrumental)3:11There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]141971223
527Sly & The Family StoneDo You Know What? (Instrumental)7:16There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]151971127
528Sly & The Family StoneThat's Pretty Clean (Instrumental)4:12There's A Riot Going On [2007 Remaster]161971128
529Sly & The Family StoneFamily Affair3:09TM Century GoldDisc Update 6231991190
530Sly & The Family StoneFamily Affair3:01Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)92001187
531Sly & The Family StoneI Want To Take You Higher5:23Woodstock Memories101995219
532Sly and RobbieGumby, We Love You4:30Gumby51989211
533Sly And The Family StoneDance To The Music3:00Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On121989137
534Sly And The Family StoneDance To The Music2:45Disco Classics (Disc 2)142004203
535Sly And the Family StoneMedley Dance To The Music/Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher12:28Woodstock: 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)101994183
536Sly FoxLet's Go All The Way3:51Absolute 80s (Disc 2)11999204
537Sly FoxLet's Go All The Way3:48Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 2)112001238
538Small FacesItchycoo Park2:48Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On141989205
539Small FacesSha La La La Lee2:55Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)31992204
540Small FacesItchycoo Park2:50Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 3)51992204
541Small FacesLazy Sunday3:05Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 4)41992200
542The Small FacesMy Mind's Eye2:03Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)212001126
543Small FacesHere Come The Nice2:58Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)262001136
544Small FacesAll Or Nothing3:05Number Ones Of The Sixties171993133
545Small FacesOgdens' Nut Gone Flake2:29Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake11968208
546Small FacesAfterglow3:31Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake21968212
547Small FacesLong Agos And Worlds Apart2:34Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake31968217
548Small FacesRene4:31Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake41968222
549Small FacesSong Of A Baker3:18Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake51968205
550Small FacesLazy Sunday3:06Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake61968204
551Small FacesHappiness Stan2:36Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake71968198
552Small FacesRollin' Over2:49Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake81968190
553Small FacesThe Hungry Intruder2:14Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake91968211
554Small FacesThe Journey4:12Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake101968196
555Small FacesMad John2:46Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake111968185
556Small FacesHappydaystoytown4:20Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake121968197
557Small FacesTin Soldier (Live)3:29Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake131968232
558Small Faces(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me2:16Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]11967212
559Small FacesSomething I Want to Tell You2:11Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]21967222
560Small FacesFeeling Lonely1:34Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]31967203
561Small FacesHappy Boys Happy1:36Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]41967207
562Small FacesThings Are Going to Get Better2:39Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]51967220
563Small FacesMy Way of Giving1:59Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]61967207
564Small FacesGreen Circles2:46Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]71967201
565Small FacesBecome Like You1:58Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]81967211
566Small FacesGet Yourself Together2:16Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]91967198
567Small FacesAll Our Yesterdays1:53Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]101967217
568Small FacesTalk to You2:07Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]111967222
569Small FacesShow Me the Way2:09Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]121967207
570Small FacesUp the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire2:05Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]131967230
571Small FacesEddie's Dreaming2:57Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]141967207
572Small FacesI Can't Make It2:10Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]151967221
573Small FacesJust Passing1:15Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]161967200
574Small FacesHere Come the Nice3:02Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]171967215
575Small FacesItchycoo Park2:53Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]181967212
576Small FacesI'm Only Dreaming2:25Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]191967199
577Small FacesTin Soldier3:23Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]201967202
578Small FacesI Feel Much Better3:56Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]211967200
579Small FacesDon't Burst My Bubble2:24Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]221967224
580Small FacesThings Are Going to Get Better [Alternative Version]2:34Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]231967221
581Small FacesGreen Circles [Slow Version]2:37Small Faces [Immediate] [2002 UK Stereo Mix]241967127
582Small FacesHere Come the Nice3:07The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]11969208
583Small FacesThe Autumn Stone4:02The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]21969197
584Small FacesCollibosher3:15The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]31969216
585Small FacesAll or Nothing3:03The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]41969200
586Small FacesRed Balloon4:17The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]51969207
587Small FacesLazy Sunday3:08The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]61969209
588Small FacesCall It Something Nice2:07The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]71969201
589Small FacesI Can't Make It2:06The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]81969207
590Small FacesAfterglow of Your Love3:26The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]91969192
591Small FacesSha La La La Lee2:55The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]101969197
592Small FacesThe Universal2:44The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]111969208
593Small FacesRollin' Over [Live]2:22The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]121969229
594Small FacesIf I Were a Carpenter [Live]2:33The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]131969224
595Small FacesEvery Little Bit Hurts [Live]6:25The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]141969210
596Small FacesMy Mind's Eye2:02The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]151969185
597Small FacesTin Soldier3:27The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]161969192
598Small FacesJust Passing1:14The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]171969184
599Small FacesItchycoo Park2:54The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]181969209
600Small FacesHey Girl2:14The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]191969194
601Small FacesWide Eyed Girl on the Wall2:49The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]201969219
602Small FacesWatcha Gonna Do About It2:00The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]211969192
603Small FacesWham Bam Thank You Mam3:23The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]221969222
604Small FacesDonkey Rides, Penny a Glass2:51The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]231969183
605Small FacesAll or Nothing [Live]3:38The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]241969220
606Small FacesTin Soldier [Live]3:24The Autumn Stone [1998 Castle Bonus Tracks]251969244
607Small FacesLazy Sunday3:05The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties15 161
608Small FacesItchycoo Park2:47The Rock Box (Disc 6)5 204
609The Small FacesItchycoo Park2:46The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)41997203
610Small FacesGreen Circles (Alternate)2:35There Are But Four Small Faces131968172
611Small Faces(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alternate)2:03There Are But Four Small Faces141968223
612The Small FacesHere Comes The Nice3:00Tonite Let's All Make Love In London... Plus (OST)201968209
613Small FacesSha-La-La-La-Lee2:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)162001204
616SmallfishHis Banner5:19Sushi32003128
617SmallfishI'm a Believer2:15Sushi42003134
618SmallfishEvery Move I Make2:55Sushi52003133
619SmallfishLean on Me4:39Sushi62003132
620SmallfishMcDonalds Girl4:58Sushi72003132
621SmallfishMeaning of the Meaning1:24Sushi82003129
623SmallfishI've Always Loved You3:12Sushi102003132
624SmallfishIt's Amazing4:30Sushi112003132
626SmallfishAmazing Grace3:50Sushi132003130
627SmallfishBlessed Be7:32Sushi142003131
628SmallfishDuck Tape4:00Sushi152003130
629SmallfishBrown Eyed Girl3:46Sushi162003131
630SmallfishThe Devil Went Down To Georgia4:08Sushi172003134
631SmallfishDon't Hand Me No Lines4:19Sushi182003131
632Smallfishouttake #10:30Sushi192003130
633Smallfishouttake #22:28Sushi202003129
634Smallfishouttake #31:21Sushi212003130
635Smallfishouttake #40:38Sushi222003130
636Smallfishouttake #50:12Sushi232003131
637Smallfishouttake #60:52Sushi242003130
638Smallfishouttake #71:33Sushi252003131
639Smallfish AdventuresAdvice2:45Catch This12001220
640Smallfish AdventuresCatch This4:53Catch This22001218
641Smallfish AdventuresThe Band3:41Catch This32001231
642Smallfish AdventuresCartoons2:30Catch This42001220
643Smallfish AdventuresFish3:32Catch This52001219
644Smallfish AdventuresKayak Girl2:21Catch This62001209
645Smallfish AdventuresBlessed Be3:28Catch This72001208
646Smallfish AdventuresYou Know What?3:00Catch This82001195
647Smallfish AdventuresLet Me Be3:36Catch This92001238
648Smallfish AdventuresMeaning3:38Catch This102001218
649Smallfish AdventuresWaves3:35Catch This112001230
650Smallfish AdventuresAmazing Grace/Alleluia2:46Something Catchy12005127
651Smallfish AdventuresAmazing Love3:19Something Catchy22005127
652Smallfish AdventuresBig Enough3:03Something Catchy32005127
653Smallfish AdventuresBreathe3:18Something Catchy42005127
654Smallfish AdventuresGod of Wonders3:19Something Catchy52005127
655Smallfish AdventuresHeart of Worship3:02Something Catchy62005127
656Smallfish AdventuresHere I Am to Worship3:12Something Catchy72005127
657Smallfish AdventuresI Can Only Imagine2:59Something Catchy82005127
658Smallfish AdventuresI Could Sing of Your Love Forever3:12Something Catchy92005127
659Smallfish AdventuresIt's Amazing3:52Something Catchy102005127
660Smallfish AdventuresOne Tin Soldier4:32Something Catchy112005127
661Smallfish AdventuresSanctuary2:00Something Catchy122005126
662Smallfish AdventuresSmell the Color 92:39Something Catchy132005128
663Smalltown PoetsAnything Genuine3:05WOW 1999 (Green Disc)111998203
664Smash MouthWho's There?3:33Astro Lounge11999253
665Smash MouthDiggin' Your Scene3:10Astro Lounge21999227
666Smash MouthI Just Wanna See3:45Astro Lounge31999231
667Smash MouthWaste3:27Astro Lounge41999217
668Smash MouthAll Star3:21Astro Lounge51999224
669Smash MouthSatellite3:39Astro Lounge61999227
670Smash MouthRadio3:21Astro Lounge71999230
671Smash MouthStoned4:10Astro Lounge81999236
672Smash MouthThen The Morning Comes3:04Astro Lounge91999221
673Smash MouthRoad Man2:31Astro Lounge101999212
674Smash MouthFallen Horses4:06Astro Lounge111999264
675Smash MouthDefeat You3:54Astro Lounge121999240
676Smash MouthCome On, Come On2:33Astro Lounge131999229
677Smash MouthHome3:12Astro Lounge141999224
678Smash MouthCan't Get Enough Of You Baby2:30Astro Lounge151999235
679Smash MouthAin't No Mystery3:56Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)72002202
680Smash MouthCan't Get Enough Of You Baby2:31Can't Hardly Wait (OST)21998239
681Smash MouthWalkin' On The Sun3:25Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!101999211
682Smash MouthFlo2:12Fush Yu Mang11997240
683Smash MouthBeer Goggles2:00Fush Yu Mang21997226
684Smash MouthWalkin' On The Sun3:27Fush Yu Mang31997226
685Smash MouthLet's Rock2:50Fush Yu Mang41997208
686Smash MouthHeave-Ho3:46Fush Yu Mang51997227
687Smash MouthThe Fonz3:39Fush Yu Mang61997220
688Smash MouthPet Names2:19Fush Yu Mang71997243
689Smash MouthPadrino3:44Fush Yu Mang81997225
690Smash MouthNervous In The Alley2:31Fush Yu Mang91997246
691Smash MouthDisconnect The Dots2:49Fush Yu Mang101997208
692Smash MouthPush2:50Fush Yu Mang111997235
693Smash MouthWhy Can't We Be Friends4:46Fush Yu Mang121997223
694Smash MouthHang On2:53Get the Picture?12003226
695Smash MouthAlways Gets Her Way3:12Get the Picture?22003236
696Smash MouthYou Are My Number One2:32Get the Picture?32003217
697Smash MouthWhole Lotta Love3:22Get the Picture?42003220
698Smash MouthSpace Man4:14Get the Picture?52003215
699Smash MouthHot2:31Get the Picture?62003212
700Smash MouthLooking For a Wall3:18Get the Picture?72003226
701Smash MouthSeventh Grade Dance3:30Get the Picture?82003218
702Smash Mouth1053:31Get the Picture?92003216
703Smash MouthFun2:39Get the Picture?102003218
704Smash MouthNew Planet2:17Get the Picture?112003223
705Smash MouthYou Are My Number One (Radio Remix)2:32Get the Picture?122003189
706Smash MouthI'm A Believer3:04Now That's What I Call Music! 08152001227
707Smash MouthAll Star3:20Now That's What I Call Music! 311999225
708Smash MouthCan't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe2:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0751998242
709Smash MouthYou Are My Number One2:30Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0662003189
710Smash MouthI'm a Believer3:12Shrek (OST)22001215
711Smash MouthAll Star3:20Shrek (OST)92001222
712Smash MouthHoliday In My Head2:40Smash Mouth12001222
713Smash MouthYour Man3:36Smash Mouth22001236
714Smash MouthPacific Coast Party2:58Smash Mouth32001239
715Smash MouthShe Turns Me On3:12Smash Mouth42001246
716Smash MouthSister Psychic3:16Smash Mouth52001224
717Smash MouthOut Of Sight2:56Smash Mouth62001214
718Smash MouthForce Field3:49Smash Mouth72001229
719Smash MouthShoes 'N' Hats2:48Smash Mouth82001231
720Smash MouthHold You High3:01Smash Mouth92001240
721Smash MouthThe In Set3:41Smash Mouth102001231
722Smash MouthDisenchanted4:16Smash Mouth112001222
723Smash MouthKeep It Down5:31Smash Mouth122001212
724Smash MouthI'm A Believer3:03Smash Mouth132001230
725Smash MouthThe Crawl3:20Summer Girl12006206
726Smash MouthEveryday Superhero3:28Summer Girl22006238
727Smash MouthSo Insane2:55Summer Girl32006217
728Smash MouthGirl Like You2:22Summer Girl42006212
729Smash MouthGetaway Car2:40Summer Girl52006201
730Smash MouthStory Of My Life3:21Summer Girl62006225
731Smash MouthRight Side, Wrong Bed3:13Summer Girl72006153
732Smash MouthSummer Girl2:28Summer Girl82006209
733Smash MouthHey L.A.2:29Summer Girl92006229
734Smash MouthQuality Control3:17Summer Girl102006208
735Smash MouthBeautiful Bomb1:49Summer Girl112006235
736Smash MouthBurn Cycle2:36The East Bay Sessions11999243
737Smash MouthStrung1:54The East Bay Sessions21999237
738Smash MouthCome On, Come on2:31The East Bay Sessions31999246
739Smash MouthTo Be Continued2:38The East Bay Sessions41999208
740Smash MouthSolitude3:07The East Bay Sessions51999219
741Smash MouthSorry3:21The East Bay Sessions61999214
742Smash MouthTrip2:20The East Bay Sessions71999207
743Smash MouthPet Names2:28The East Bay Sessions81999219
744Smash MouthGet Some Hoes0:16The East Bay Sessions91999175
745Smash MouthEvery Word2:47The East Bay Sessions101999212
746Smash MouthNervous In The Alley2:28The East Bay Sessions111999237
747Smash MouthBeer Goggles2:17The East Bay Sessions121999229
748Smash MouthIf You Don't2:47The East Bay Sessions131999223
749Smash MouthPush2:45The East Bay Sessions141999245
750Smash MouthWalking On The Sun3:25Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)112005217
751Smashing PumpkinsChristmastime3:17A Very Special Christmas 321997188
752The Smashing PumpkinsTo Sheila4:45Adore11998165
753The Smashing PumpkinsAva Adore4:22Adore21998221
754The Smashing PumpkinsPerfect3:23Adore31998192
755The Smashing PumpkinsDaphne Descends4:39Adore41998239
756The Smashing PumpkinsOnce Upon A Time4:06Adore51998208
757The Smashing PumpkinsTear5:53Adore61998171
758The Smashing PumpkinsCrestfallen4:09Adore71998197
759The Smashing PumpkinsAppels + Oranjes3:35Adore81998195
760The Smashing PumpkinsPug4:47Adore91998243
761The Smashing PumpkinsThe Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete4:35Adore101998207
762The Smashing PumpkinsAnnie Dog3:38Adore111998179
763The Smashing PumpkinsShame6:40Adore121998189
764The Smashing PumpkinsBehold! The Night Mare5:13Adore131998215
765The Smashing PumpkinsFor Martha8:17Adore141998189
766The Smashing PumpkinsBlank Page4:58Adore151998189
767The Smashing Pumpkins170:20Adore161998158
768The Smashing PumpkinsThe End Is The Beginning Is The End5:08Batman & Robin (OST)11997235
769The Smashing PumpkinsThe Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning5:01Batman & Robin (OST)151997185
770The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness2:52Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)11995181
771The Smashing PumpkinsTonight, Tonight4:14Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)21995194
772The Smashing PumpkinsJellybelly3:01Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)31995166
773The Smashing PumpkinsZero2:40Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)41995196
774The Smashing PumpkinsHere Is No Why3:44Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)51995209
775The Smashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings4:18Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)61995214
776The Smashing PumpkinsTo Forgive4:16Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)71995169
777The Smashing PumpkinsAn Ode To No One4:51Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)81995189
778The Smashing PumpkinsLove4:21Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)91995226
779The Smashing PumpkinsCupid De Locke2:50Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)101995199
780The Smashing PumpkinsGalapogos4:46Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)111995197
781The Smashing PumpkinsMuzzle3:44Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)121995172
782The Smashing PumpkinsPorcelina Of The Vast Oceans9:21Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)131995208
783The Smashing PumpkinsTake Me Down2:52Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)141995184
784The Smashing PumpkinsWhere Boys Fear To Tread4:23Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)11995187
785The Smashing PumpkinsBodies4:12Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)21995198
786The Smashing PumpkinsThirty-Three4:10Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)31995199
787The Smashing PumpkinsIn The Arms Of Sleep4:12Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)41995182
788The Smashing Pumpkins19794:26Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)51995191
789The Smashing PumpkinsTales Of A Scorched Earth3:45Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)61995230
790The Smashing PumpkinsThru The Eyes Of Ruby7:38Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)71995188
791The Smashing PumpkinsStumbleine2:54Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)81995192
792The Smashing PumpkinsX.Y.U.7:07Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)91995206
793The Smashing PumpkinsWe Only Come Out At Night4:05Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)101995191
794The Smashing PumpkinsBeautiful4:18Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)111995201
795The Smashing PumpkinsLily (My One And Only)3:31Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)121995171
796The Smashing PumpkinsBy Starlight4:48Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)131995209
797The Smashing PumpkinsFarewell And Goodnight4:22Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Disc 2)141995172
798The Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock4:58Siamese Dream11993211
799The Smashing PumpkinsQuiet3:42Siamese Dream21993199
800The Smashing PumpkinsToday3:19Siamese Dream31993176
801The Smashing PumpkinsHummer6:57Siamese Dream41993191
802The Smashing PumpkinsRocket4:06Siamese Dream51993193
803The Smashing PumpkinsDisarm3:17Siamese Dream61993202
804The Smashing PumpkinsSoma6:39Siamese Dream71993189
805The Smashing PumpkinsGeek U.S.A.5:13Siamese Dream81993198
806The Smashing PumpkinsMayonaise5:49Siamese Dream91993192
807The Smashing PumpkinsSpaceboy4:28Siamese Dream101993177
808The Smashing PumpkinsSilverfuck8:43Siamese Dream111993191
809The Smashing PumpkinsSweet Sweet1:38Siamese Dream121993179
810The Smashing PumpkinsLuna3:20Siamese Dream131993191
811Smashing PumpkinsDrown8:16Singles (OST)131992197
812The Smashing Pumpkins1979 (New Originals 1799 Remix)6:57The Crystal Method - Community Service II162005211
813Smashing PumpkinsDoomsday Clock3:44Transformers: The Album (OST)22007233
814Smash-Up DerbyChristmas Bop2:46Santastic Four12008256
815SmithBaby It's You3:12AM Gold: 1969171995177
816SmithBaby It's You3:25Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 121990191
817SmithBaby It's You3:25TM Century GoldDisc Update 1151991198
818The SmithereensA Girl Like You4:421111989225
819The SmithereensBlues Before and After3:151121989221
820The SmithereensBlue Period2:571131989207
821The SmithereensBaby Be Good3:201141989230
822The SmithereensRoom Without a View4:091151989218
823The SmithereensYesterday Girl3:271161989223
824The SmithereensCut Flowers2:591171989219
825The SmithereensWilliam Wilson3:331181989237
826The SmithereensMaria Elena2:481191989231
827The SmithereensKiss Your Tears Away3:1011101989217
828The SmithereensTop of the Pops4:32Blow Up11991222
829The SmithereensToo Much Passion4:35Blow Up21991221
830The SmithereensTell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong2:22Blow Up31991236
831The SmithereensEvening Dress3:13Blow Up41991208
832The SmithereensGet a Hold of My Heart4:22Blow Up51991228
833The SmithereensIndigo Blues4:59Blow Up61991211
834The SmithereensNow and Then3:50Blow Up71991233
835The SmithereensGirl in Room 123:22Blow Up81991235
836The SmithereensAnywhere You Are3:44Blow Up91991213
837The SmithereensOver and Over Again3:17Blow Up101991219
838The SmithereensIt's Alright3:45Blow Up111991247
839The SmithereensIf You Want the Sun to Shine5:59Blow Up121991212
840The SmithereensStrangers When We Meet3:46Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)72005247
841The SmithereensBeauty And Sadness3:24Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)122005231
842The SmithereensStrangers When We Meet3:48Especially For You11986218
843The SmithereensListen To Me Girl3:00Especially For You21986208
844The SmithereensGroovy Tuesday2:40Especially For You31986211
845The SmithereensCigarette2:31Especially For You41986198
846The SmithereensI Don't Want To Lose You3:21Especially For You51986221
847The SmithereensTime and Time Again3:11Especially For You61986210
848The SmithereensBehind the Wall of Sleep3:23Especially For You71986206
849The SmithereensIn a Lonely Place4:12Especially For You81986199
850The SmithereensBlood and Roses3:36Especially For You91986215
851The SmithereensCrazy Mixed-Up Kid2:07Especially For You101986218
852The SmithereensHand of Glory2:46Especially For You111986223
853The SmithereensAlone At Midnight3:42Especially For You121986211
854The SmithereensWhite Castle Blues3:58Especially For You131986203
855The SmithereensOnly A Memory3:43Green Thoughts11988200
856The SmithereensHouse We Used To Live In4:03Green Thoughts21988223
857The SmithereensSomething New1:56Green Thoughts31988212
858The SmithereensThe World We Know3:48Green Thoughts41988217
859The SmithereensEspecially For You3:07Green Thoughts51988194
860The SmithereensDrown In My Own Tears3:12Green Thoughts61988210
861The SmithereensDeep Black2:57Green Thoughts71988219
862The SmithereensElaine2:33Green Thoughts81988221
863The SmithereensSpellbound4:12Green Thoughts91988200
864The SmithereensIf The Sun Doesn't Shine3:32Green Thoughts101988212
865The SmithereensGreen Thoughts2:29Green Thoughts111988218
866The SmithsIs It Really So Strange?3:04Louder Than Bombs11987220
867The SmithsSheila Take A Bow2:41Louder Than Bombs21987214
868The SmithsShoplifters Of The World Unite2:57Louder Than Bombs31987180
869The SmithsSweet And Tender Hooligan3:35Louder Than Bombs41987217
870The SmithsHalf A Person3:36Louder Than Bombs51987206
871The SmithsLondon2:06Louder Than Bombs61987195
872The SmithsPanic2:20Louder Than Bombs71987190
873The SmithsGirl Afraid2:48Louder Than Bombs81987207
874The SmithsShakespeare's Sister2:09Louder Than Bombs91987201
875The SmithsWilliam, It Was Really Nothing2:11Louder Than Bombs101987221
876The SmithsYou Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby3:23Louder Than Bombs111987216
877The SmithsHeaven Knows I'm Miserable Now3:35Louder Than Bombs121987197
878The SmithsAsk3:18Louder Than Bombs131987194
879The SmithsGolden Lights2:39Louder Than Bombs141987219
880The SmithsOscillate Wildly3:27Louder Than Bombs151987198
881The SmithsThese Things Take Time2:23Louder Than Bombs161987198
882The SmithsRubber Ring3:48Louder Than Bombs171987193
883The SmithsBack To The Old House3:04Louder Than Bombs181987207
884The SmithsHand In Glove3:14Louder Than Bombs191987234
885The SmithsStretch Out And Wait2:38Louder Than Bombs201987201
886The SmithsPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want1:52Louder Than Bombs211987218
887The SmithsThis Night Has Opened My Eyes3:40Louder Than Bombs221987208
888The SmithsUnloveable3:56Louder Than Bombs231987204
889The SmithsAsleep4:10Louder Than Bombs241987190
890The SmithsThe Headmaster Ritual4:52Meat Is Murder11985199
891The SmithsRusholme Ruffians4:20Meat Is Murder21985203
892The SmithsI Want The One I Can't Have3:14Meat Is Murder31985205
893The SmithsWhat She Said2:42Meat Is Murder41985187
894The SmithsThat Joke Isn't Funny Anymore4:58Meat Is Murder51985189
895The SmithsHow Soon Is Now?6:46Meat Is Murder61985193
896The SmithsNowhere Fast2:37Meat Is Murder71985187
897The SmithsWell I Wonder4:00Meat Is Murder81985194
898The SmithsBarbarism Begins At Home6:57Meat Is Murder91985201
899The SmithsMeat Is Murder6:06Meat Is Murder101985184
900The SmithsA Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours3:00Strangeways, Here We Come11987213
901The SmithsI Started Something I Couldn't Finish3:47Strangeways, Here We Come21987196
902The SmithsDeath Of A Disco Dancer5:26Strangeways, Here We Come31987195
903The SmithsGirlfriend In A Coma2:02Strangeways, Here We Come41987208
904The SmithsStop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before3:32Strangeways, Here We Come51987211
905The SmithsLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me5:06Strangeways, Here We Come61987210
906The SmithsUnhappy Birthday2:45Strangeways, Here We Come71987207
907The SmithsPaint A Vulgar Picture5:35Strangeways, Here We Come81987191
908The SmithsDeath At One's Elbow2:02Strangeways, Here We Come91987215
909The SmithsI Won't Share You2:48Strangeways, Here We Come101987190
910The SmithsWhat Difference Does it Make?3:16The Peel Sessions 18.5.83 (EP)11988205
911The SmithsMiserable Lie4:37The Peel Sessions 18.5.83 (EP)21988206
912The SmithsReel Around The Fountain5:54The Peel Sessions 18.5.83 (EP)31988206
913The SmithsHandsome Devil2:44The Peel Sessions 18.5.83 (EP)41988219
914The SmithsThe Queen Is Dead6:24The Queen Is Dead11986185
915The SmithsFrankly, Mr. Shankly2:19The Queen Is Dead21986193
916The SmithsI Know It's Over5:49The Queen Is Dead31986198
917The SmithsNever Had No One Ever3:37The Queen Is Dead41986196
918The SmithsCemetry Gates2:41The Queen Is Dead51986199
919The SmithsBigmouth Strikes Again3:14The Queen Is Dead61986208
920The SmithsThe Boy With The Thorn In His Side3:17The Queen Is Dead71986182
921The SmithsVicar In A Tutu2:22The Queen Is Dead81986200
922The SmithsThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out4:03The Queen Is Dead91986201
923The SmithsSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others3:15The Queen Is Dead101986202
924The SmithsReel Around the Fountain5:57The Smiths11984201
925The SmithsYou've Got Everything Now3:59The Smiths21984216
926The SmithsMiserable Lie4:27The Smiths31984211
927The SmithsPretty Girls Make Graves3:43The Smiths41984207
928The SmithsThe Hand That Rocks the Cradle4:38The Smiths51984212
929The SmithsThis Charming Man2:42The Smiths61984212
930The SmithsStill Ill3:20The Smiths71984201
931The SmithsHand in Glove3:23The Smiths81984218
932The SmithsWhat Difference Does It Make?3:49The Smiths91984193
933The SmithsI Don't Owe You Anything4:04The Smiths101984202
934The SmithsSuffer Little Children5:27The Smiths111984207
935The SmokeMy Friend Jack3:01Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)42001128
936The Smoke (Nz)No More Now2:12Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)172001139
937Smokey RobinsonCruisin'4:29Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 6)202001167
938Smokey RobinsonBeing With You4:05Hit History Vol. 27 1981161990204
939Smokey RobinsonQuiet Storm4:04Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)11993184
940Smokey RobinsonCruisin'4:30Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)151993163
941Smokey RobinsonBeing With You4:00Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)201993194
942Smokey RobinsonJust To See Her4:04Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)61993194
943Smokey RobinsonOne Heartbeat4:06Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)71993192
944Smokey RobinsonMy World3:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-06202005165
945Smokey RobinsonBaby Come Close3:28Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)181995186
946Smokey RobinsonCruisin'4:30Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980141995166
947Smokey RobinsonI Am I Am3:27The Ultimate Collection11997225
948Smokey RobinsonBaby Come Close5:00The Ultimate Collection21997195
949Smokey RobinsonQuiet Storm7:46The Ultimate Collection31997216
950Smokey RobinsonBaby That's Backatcha3:48The Ultimate Collection41997228
951Smokey RobinsonThe Agony And The Ecstasy4:47The Ultimate Collection51997219
952Smokey RobinsonOpen3:53The Ultimate Collection61997228
953Smokey RobinsonDaylight & Darkness4:03The Ultimate Collection71997198
954Smokey RobinsonThere Will Come A Day (I'm Gonna Happen To You)3:01The Ultimate Collection81997200
955Smokey RobinsonCruisin'5:56The Ultimate Collection91997208
956Smokey RobinsonLet Me Be The Clock5:17The Ultimate Collection101997206
957Smokey RobinsonTell Me Tomorrow - Pt. I3:50The Ultimate Collection111997213
958Smokey RobinsonBeing With You4:05The Ultimate Collection121997207
959Smokey RobinsonEbony Eyes Rick James ft Smokey Robinson4:01The Ultimate Collection131997207
960Smokey RobinsonI've Made Love To You A Thousand Times4:24The Ultimate Collection141997193
961Smokey RobinsonOne Heartbeat4:07The Ultimate Collection151997196
962Smokey RobinsonJust To See Her4:05The Ultimate Collection161997195
963Smokey RobinsonEverything You Touch3:56The Ultimate Collection171997218
964Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Second That Emotion2:45AM Gold: 196771995199
965Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Second That Emotion2:47Feel Good Rock (Disc 2)71989222
966Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My Tears2:57Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]12001202
967Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesGoing To A Go-Go2:50Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]22001206
968Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesOoo Baby Baby2:48Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]32001207
969Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Girl Has Gone2:54Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]42001216
970Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesIn Case You Need Love2:41Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]52001199
971Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesChoosey Beggar2:37Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]62001198
972Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesSince You Won My Heart2:20Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]72001217
973Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesFrom Head To Toe2:28Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]82001210
974Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAll That's Good3:17Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]92001214
975Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Baby Changes Like The Weather2:50Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]102001217
976Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesLet Me Have Some3:12Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]112001219
977Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesA Fork In The Road3:30Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]122001204
978Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWhole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You)2:47Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]132001205
979Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me3:05Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]142001199
980Smokey Robinson & The Miracles(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need2:34Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]152001199
981Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesSave Me2:27Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]162001192
982Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesOh Be My Love2:56Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]172001189
983Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesCan You Love A Poor Boy3:18Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]182001180
984Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBeauty Is Only Skin Deep2:23Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]192001199
985Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself2:31Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]202001185
986Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBaby Baby3:12Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]212001197
987Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWalk On By2:50Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]222001178
988Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesSwept For You Baby3:01Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]232001207
989Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMore, More, Of Your Love2:36Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]242001190
990Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesIt's Fantastic (Bonus - Previously Unreleased)2:37Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]252001182
991Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesGoin' Out Of My Head (Bonus - Previously Unreleased)2:26Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]262001196
992Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesA Fork In The Road (Bonus - Live - Previously Unreleased)4:46Going To A Go-Go (1965)/Away We A Go-Go (1966) [Expanded]272001166
993Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tears Of A Clown2:59Heart & Soul111989257
994Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMore Love2:49Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)91992128
995Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Second That Emotion2:42Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)111992129
996Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBaby, Baby Don't Cry3:59Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)201992135
997Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tears Of A Clown3:06Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)131992136
998Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesNoel2:23Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)32006215
999Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesGot A Job2:43Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)12002131
1000Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBad Girl2:44Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)22002128
1001Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWay Over There2:54Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)32002142
1002Smokey Robinson & The Miracles(You Can) Depend On Me3:10Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)42002129
1003Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWho's Lovin You3:06Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)52002130
1004Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesShop Around2:52Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)62002128
1005Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAin't It Baby2:35Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)72002135
1006Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMighty Good Lovin'2:38Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)82002136
1007Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesEverybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues3:00Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)92002200
1008Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWhat's So Good About Goodbye3:11Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)102002195
1009Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI'll Try Something New2:41Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)112002196
1010Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYou've Really Got A Hold On Me3:12Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)122002205
1011Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesA Love She Can Count On3:02Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)132002213
1012Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Can Take A Hint2:45Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)142002226
1013Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI've Been Good To You (Live)3:32Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)152002208
1014Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMickey's Monkey3:13Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)162002205
1015Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWhatever Makes You Happy2:41Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)172002209
1016Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying2:41Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)182002189
1017Smokey Robinson & The Miracles(You Can't Let The Boy Overpower) The Man In You3:21Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)192002195
1018Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Like It Like That3:04Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)202002200
1019Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThat's What Love Is Made Of2:56Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)212002220
1020Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWould I Love You3:09Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)222002214
1021Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesCome On Do The Jerk2:52Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)232002220
1022Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBaby Don't You Go3:19Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)242002194
1023Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesOoo Baby Baby2:48Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)252002220
1024Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My Tears2:56Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)262002216
1025Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Girl Has Gone2:47Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 1)272002220
1026Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesGoing To A Go-Go2:47Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)12002209
1027Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesChoosey Beggar2:34Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)22002201
1028Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWhole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You)2:45Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)32002212
1029Smokey Robinson & The Miracles(Come 'round Here) I'm The One You Need2:32Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)42002196
1030Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage3:01Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)52002216
1031Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMore Love2:48Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)62002203
1032Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Second That Emotion2:49Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)72002212
1033Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesIf You Can Want2:46Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)82002200
1034Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYester Love2:20Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)92002222
1035Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesSpecial Occasion2:24Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)102002208
1036Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesGive Her Up3:12Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)112002198
1037Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBaby, Baby Don't Cry4:04Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)122002201
1038Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesDoggone Right2:59Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)132002204
1039Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesHere I Go Again3:00Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)142002190
1040Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAbraham, Martin And John3:03Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)152002213
1041Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesPoint It Out2:35Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)162002227
1042Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesDarling Dear3:16Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)172002217
1043Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWho's Gonna Take The Blame3:38Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)182002212
1044Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tears Of A Clown3:02Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)192002239
1045Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Don't Blame You At All3:12Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)202002205
1046Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesCrazy About The La La La2:59Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)212002220
1047Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesSatisfaction3:26Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)222002207
1048Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWhen Sundown Comes3:25Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)232002226
1049Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWe've Come Too Far To End It Now4:05Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)242002201
1050Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Can't Stand To See You Cry3:38Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology (Disc 2)252002230
1051Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Second That Emotion2:43Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)152002130
1052Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesShop Around2:50Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1959 - 1961 (Disc 1)62004126
1053Smokey Robinson and The MiraclesTears Of A Clown3:04Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)131994145
1054Smokey Robinson And The MiraclesYou've Really Got A Hold On Me2:59Mermaids (OST)31990127
1055SmokieI'll Meet You At Midnight3:16Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 3)131992200
1056SmokieLiving Next Door To Alice3:29Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 4)91998209
1057SmokieLiving Next Door To Alice3:29Living In The 70's (Disc 2)111995205
1058SmokieLiving Next Door To Alice3:28Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)112000206
1059SmokieLay Back In The Arms Of Someone4:06Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 4)92000207
1060SmokieIf You Think You Know How To Love Me3:26The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)11999207
1061SmokieLay Back In The Arms Of Someone4:04The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)9 213
1062The Smoky Mountain PlayersRocky Top3:08Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites11992202
1063The Smoky Mountain PlayersTurkey In The Straw2:29Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites21992192
1064The Smoky Mountain PlayersThe Great Speckled Bird2:10Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites31992191
1065The Smoky Mountain PlayersUnder The Double Eagle2:35Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites41992195
1066The Smoky Mountain PlayersCindy / Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine3:06Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites51992194
1067The Smoky Mountain PlayersDown In The Valley2:49Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites61992188
1068The Smoky Mountain PlayersEast Tennessee Blues2:45Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites71992198
1069The Smoky Mountain PlayersCumberland Gap / Foggy Mountain Breakdown3:12Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites81992203
1070The Smoky Mountain PlayersMaple On The Hill1:54Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites91992199
1071The Smoky Mountain PlayersBlack Mountain Rag2:41Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites101992198
1072The Smoky Mountain PlayersThe Wreck Of The Old 972:30Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites111992196
1073The Smoky Mountain PlayersOld Joe Clark3:14Smoky Mountain Old Time Favorites121992203
1074SmyleIt's Gonna Be Alright2:51Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 2)151997198
1075SmyleThe Tandem3:08Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 1 (Disc 2)232001228
1076SnapOoops Up4:06Beat The Heat - Summer 199141991204
1077SnapRhythm Is A Dancer3:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 1)22001222
1078Snap!The Power3:40Coyote Ugly (OST)72000177
1079Snap!Rhythm Is A Dancer3:55Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19931 208
1080Snap!The Power4:12Jock Jams, Vol. 1131995231
1081Snap!The Power3:46The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)51993195
1082Snap!Rhythm Is A Dancer3:40The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)11993220
1083Snap!Exterminate!4:11The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)51994207
1084Snap!Rhythm Is a Dancer3:40The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)21999221
1085SneakerMore Than Just The Two Of Us3:20Golden Love Songs Top 100 (Disc 3)141994197
1086Sneaker Pimps6 Underground4:06Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 7)132005153
1087Sniff N The TearsDriver's Seat4:02Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 22101993232
1088Sniff 'n The TearsDriver's Seat3:5840 One Hit Wonders (Disc 2)122001204
1089Snoop DoggBathtub1:50Doggystyle11993200
1090Snoop DoggG Funk Intro2:24Doggystyle21993213
1091Snoop DoggGin and Juice3:31Doggystyle31993206
1092Snoop DoggW-Balls (Tha Shiznit Intro)0:36Doggystyle41993188
1093Snoop DoggTha Shiznit4:03Doggystyle51993230
1094Snoop DoggLodi Dodi Intro0:37Doggystyle61993205
1095Snoop DoggLodi Dodi4:24Doggystyle71993227
1096Snoop DoggMurder Was the Case (Death After Visualizing Eternity)3:38Doggystyle81993231
1097Snoop DoggSerial Killa3:34Doggystyle91993215
1098Snoop DoggWho Am I (What's My Name)?4:06Doggystyle101993229
1099Snoop DoggFor All My Niggaz and Bitches4:42Doggystyle111993242
1100Snoop DoggAin't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)4:07Doggystyle121993211
1101Snoop DoggCronic Break0:33Doggystyle131993155
1102Snoop DoggDoggy Dogg World5:05Doggystyle141993213
1103Snoop DoggYou Betta Ask Sombody0:44Doggystyle151993217
1104Snoop DoggG'z and Hustlas3:51Doggystyle161993221
1105Snoop DoggU Betta Rocognize (Pump Pump Intro)0:56Doggystyle171993190
1106Snoop DoggPump Pump3:43Doggystyle181993220
1107Snoop DoggWe Will Rock You2:04Fox Sports Presents: Game Time!41999201
1108Snoop DoggWe Just Wanna Party With You (Feat. JD)4:32Men In Black (OST)21997202
1109Snoop DoggBitch Please (feat. Xzibit)3:54No Limit - Greatest Hits (Disc 2)72006198
1110Snoop DoggLay Low (feat. Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & The Eastsidaz)3:42No Limit - Greatest Hits (Disc 2)132006200
1111Snoop DoggDon Doggy0:43Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss12002204
1112Snoop DoggDa Boss Would Like To See You1:59Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss22002183
1113Snoop DoggStoplight4:26Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss32002216
1114Snoop DoggFrom Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace4:40Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss42002173
1115Snoop DoggI Believe In You4:34Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss52002186
1116Snoop DoggLollipop3:48Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss62002203
1117Snoop DoggBallin'5:19Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss72002205
1118Snoop DoggBeautiful4:58Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss82002183
1119Snoop DoggPaper'd Up3:50Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss92002220
1120Snoop DoggWasn't Your Fault4:30Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss102002190
1121Snoop DoggBoss Playa5:53Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss112002197
1122Snoop DoggHourglass4:20Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss122002207
1123Snoop DoggThe One And Only3:49Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss132002180
1124Snoop DoggI Miss That Bitch3:12Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss142002217
1125Snoop DoggFrom Long Beach 2 Brick City3:43Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss152002209
1126Snoop DoggSuited N Booted3:16Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss162002199
1127Snoop DoggYou Got What I Want3:36Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss172002203
1128Snoop DoggBatman & Robin5:03Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss182002185
1129Snoop DoggA Message 2 Fat Cuzz1:40Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss192002228
1130Snoop DoggPimp Slapp'd5:42Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss202002151
1131Snoop Dogg feat. Charlie Wilson & Justin TimberlakeSigns3:54Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-03142005213
1132Snoop Dogg feat. PharrellDrop It Like It's Hot4:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-11182004204
1133Snoop Dogg feat. R. KellyThat's That4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-01102007162
1134Snoop Dogg feat. The Bee GeesUps & Downs3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-08122005179
1135Snoop Doggy Dog and Nate DogThe Night Before Christmas2:41 1 128
1136SnowRunway4:2612 Inches Of Snow11993164
1137SnowChampion Sound4:0012 Inches Of Snow21993192
1138SnowLonely Monday Morning4:4312 Inches Of Snow31993164
1139SnowDrunken Styles4:0412 Inches Of Snow41993164
1140SnowGirl, I've Been Hurt4:1212 Inches Of Snow51993179
1141SnowHey Pretty Love4:2412 Inches Of Snow61993207
1142SnowInformer4:2812 Inches Of Snow71993189
1143SnowCreative Child3:1612 Inches Of Snow81993189
1144SnowLady With The Red Dress3:2512 Inches Of Snow91993189
1145SnowUhh In You3:4612 Inches Of Snow101993205
1146SnowCan't Get Enough3:5012 Inches Of Snow111993185
1147SnowEase Up4:5112 Inches Of Snow121993193
1148Snow50 Ways3:4012 Inches Of Snow131993213
1149SnowLonely Monday Morning (Remix)4:2112 Inches Of Snow141993171
1150SnowInformer4:32Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 19935 199
1151SnowInformer4:27New Millennium Hip-Hop Party182000192
1152SnowInformer [album version]4:02The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)181994195
1153SnowInformer4:29Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 1)52001184
1154SnowInformer4:29Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)62005193
1155Snow PatrolIf There's A Rocket Tie Me To It4:19A Hundred Million Suns12008211
1156Snow PatrolCrack The Shutters3:21A Hundred Million Suns22008221
1157Snow PatrolTake Back The City4:40A Hundred Million Suns32008238
1158Snow PatrolLifeboats4:41A Hundred Million Suns42008201
1159Snow PatrolThe Golden Floor3:19A Hundred Million Suns52008196
1160Snow PatrolPlease Just Take These Photos From My Hands4:25A Hundred Million Suns62008230
1161Snow PatrolSet Down Your Glass3:43A Hundred Million Suns72008177
1162Snow PatrolThe Planets Bend Between Us4:18A Hundred Million Suns82008193
1163Snow PatrolEngines5:10A Hundred Million Suns92008217
1164Snow PatrolDisaster Button3:58A Hundred Million Suns102008246
1165Snow PatrolThe Lightning Strike16:18A Hundred Million Suns112008211
1166Snow PatrolYou're All I Have4:33Eyes Open [UK]12006235
1167Snow PatrolHands Open3:17Eyes Open [UK]22006235
1168Snow PatrolChasing Cars4:28Eyes Open [UK]32006220
1169Snow PatrolShut Your Eyes3:17Eyes Open [UK]42006200
1170Snow PatrolIt's Beginning To Get To Me4:35Eyes Open [UK]52006225
1171Snow PatrolYou Could Be Happy3:04Eyes Open [UK]62006196
1172Snow PatrolMake This Go On For Ever5:47Eyes Open [UK]72006202
1173Snow PatrolSet Fire To The Third Bar (Feat. Martha Wainwright)3:23Eyes Open [UK]82006188
1174Snow PatrolHeadlights On Dark Roads3:30Eyes Open [UK]92006231
1175Snow PatrolOpen Your Eyes5:41Eyes Open [UK]102006207
1176Snow PatrolThe Finish Line3:28Eyes Open [UK]112006190
1177Snow Patrol(Untitled)3:55Eyes Open [UK]122006138
1178Snow PatrolIn My Arms4:36Eyes Open [UK]132006229
1179Snow PatrolWarmer Climate4:08Eyes Open [UK]142006198
1180Snow PatrolHow To Be Dead3:21Final Straw (Extended)12004222
1181Snow PatrolWow4:02Final Straw (Extended)22004242
1182Snow PatrolGleaming Auction2:04Final Straw (Extended)32004243
1183Snow PatrolWhatever's Left2:39Final Straw (Extended)42004238
1184Snow PatrolSpitting Games3:46Final Straw (Extended)52004248
1185Snow PatrolChocolate3:02Final Straw (Extended)62004223
1186Snow PatrolRun5:54Final Straw (Extended)72004227
1187Snow PatrolGrazed Knees2:55Final Straw (Extended)82004214
1188Snow PatrolWays And Means4:47Final Straw (Extended)92004219
1189Snow PatrolTiny Little Fractures2:28Final Straw (Extended)102004222
1190Snow PatrolSomewhere A Clock Is Ticking4:32Final Straw (Extended)112004225
1191Snow PatrolSame6:54Final Straw (Extended)122004133
1192Snow PatrolWe Can Run Away Now They're All Dead And Gone (Bonus)3:15Final Straw (Extended)132004143
1193Snow PatrolHalf The Fun (Bonus)2:54Final Straw (Extended)142004246
1194Snow PatrolChasing Cars (Edit)4:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-07172006212
1195Snow PatrolDownhill From Here3:23Songs For Polarbears11998231
1196Snow PatrolStarfighter Pilot3:19Songs For Polarbears21998209
1197Snow PatrolThe Last Shot Ringing in My Ears4:26Songs For Polarbears31998201
1198Snow PatrolAbsolute Gravity2:45Songs For Polarbears41998238
1199Snow PatrolGet Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool!3:27Songs For Polarbears51998197
1200Snow PatrolMahogany2:46Songs For Polarbears61998188
1201Snow PatrolNYC4:27Songs For Polarbears71998214
1202Snow PatrolLittle Hide2:41Songs For Polarbears81998216
1203Snow PatrolMake Up2:12Songs For Polarbears91998227
1204Snow PatrolVelocity Girl4:37Songs For Polarbears101998186
1205Snow PatrolDays Without Paracetamol3:32Songs For Polarbears111998206
1206Snow PatrolFifteen Minutes Old3:08Songs For Polarbears121998191
1207Snow PatrolFavourite Friend2:45Songs For Polarbears131998196
1208Snow PatrolOne Hundred Things You Should Have Done in Bed6:14Songs For Polarbears141998208
1209Snow PatrolChocolate3:11The Last Kiss (OST)12006258
1210Snow PatrolChasing Cars4:27Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 1)202007235
1211Snow PatrolNever Gonna Fall In Love Again2:10When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up12001216
1212Snow PatrolAsk Me How I Am2:34When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up22001190
1213Snow PatrolMaking Enemies4:19When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up32001180
1214Snow PatrolBlack And Blue3:39When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up42001204
1215Snow PatrolLast Ever Lone Gunman2:42When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up52001211
1216Snow PatrolIf I'd Found The Right Words To Say4:47When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up62001201
1217Snow PatrolBatten Down The Hatch3:29When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up72001179
1218Snow PatrolOne Night Is Not Enough3:22When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up82001213
1219Snow PatrolChased By... I Don't Know What2:40When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up92001223
1220Snow PatrolOn/Off2:39When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up102001185
1221Snow PatrolAn Olive Grove Facing The Sea5:18When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up112001195
1222Snow PatrolWhen It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up3:17When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up122001214
1223Snow PatrolMake Love To Me Forever2:55When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up132001173
1224Snow PatrolFirelight3:43When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up142001169
1225Snowy WhiteBird Of Paradise4:08The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)111999191
1226Snowy White and the White FlamesBlues Is the Road4:32Restless12002216
1227Snowy White and the White FlamesThe Time Has Come3:50Restless22002197
1228Snowy White and the White FlamesRestless2:14Restless32002234
1229Snowy White and the White FlamesRestless Too7:17Restless42002235
1230Snowy White and the White FlamesYou Can't Break My Heart2:57Restless52002202
1231Snowy White and the White FlamesIt's Your Life3:36Restless62002231
1232Snowy White and the White FlamesSoftly3:37Restless72002192
1233Snowy White and the White FlamesSoldier Of Fortune7:06Restless82002200
1234Snowy White and the White FlamesNew Day ...Maybe4:14Restless92002200
1235Snowy White and the White FlamesToo Far Away7:24Restless102002204
1236Snuff GarrettEvening Shade0:58Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)361996162
1237Snuffy WaldenSails Of Galway4:45Celtic Christmas III51997181
1238Social DistortionBall And Chain5:44Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 1)52005230
1239The Soft BoysWading Through A Ventilator3:20Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)82005205
1240The Soft BoysI Wanna Destroy You2:53Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 2)172005203
1241Soft CellTainted Love2:42Cherish (OST)22002215
1242Soft CellTainted Love2:42Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)32002220
1243Soft CellTainted Love (Original 12")8:58Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 1) [CA]12005221
1244Soft CellTainted Love2:40Rock Of The 80's Volume 221992219
1245Soft CellTainted Love2:37Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)62001208
1246The Soft MachineAll White6:06Fifth11972252
1247The Soft MachineDrop7:43Fifth21972256
1248The Soft MachineM C4:54Fifth31972230
1249The Soft MachineAs If8:23Fifth41972253
1250The Soft MachineL B O1:31Fifth51972274
1251The Soft MachinePigling Bland4:23Fifth61972257
1252The Soft MachineBone3:29Fifth71972264
1253The Soft MachineTeeth9:11Fourth11971232
1254The Soft MachineKings And Queens5:02Fourth21971256
1255The Soft MachineFletcher's Blemish4:35Fourth31971239
1256The Soft MachineVirtually, Part 15:14Fourth41971246
1257The Soft MachineVirtually, Part 27:04Fourth51971249
1258The Soft MachineVirtually, Part 34:36Fourth61971248
1259The Soft MachineVirtually, Part 43:19Fourth71971230
1260The Soft MachineNettle Bed4:51Seven [2007 Remaster]11973180
1261The Soft MachineCarol Ann3:45Seven [2007 Remaster]21973171
1262The Soft MachineDay's Eye5:03Seven [2007 Remaster]31973184
1263The Soft MachineBone Fire0:35Seven [2007 Remaster]41973216
1264The Soft MachineTarabos4:27Seven [2007 Remaster]51973208
1265The Soft MachineD.I.S.3:04Seven [2007 Remaster]61973198
1266The Soft MachineSnodland1:51Seven [2007 Remaster]71973173
1267The Soft MachinePenny Hitch6:38Seven [2007 Remaster]81973195
1268The Soft MachineBlock4:18Seven [2007 Remaster]91973196
1269The Soft MachineDown The Road5:44Seven [2007 Remaster]101973197
1270The Soft MachineThe German Lesson1:51Seven [2007 Remaster]111973187
1271The Soft MachineThe French Lesson1:03Seven [2007 Remaster]121973156
1272The Soft MachineFanfare0:43Six11973199
1273The Soft MachineAll White4:48Six21973211
1274The Soft MachineBetween2:24Six31973204
1275The Soft MachineRiff4:32Six41973205
1276The Soft Machine37 ?6:51Six51973207
1277The Soft MachineGesolreut6:14Six61973199
1278The Soft MachineE.P.V.2:46Six71973201
1279The Soft MachineLefty5:00Six81973206
1280The Soft MachineStumble1:36Six91973251
1281The Soft Machine5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love & Thanks)5:18Six101973198
1282The Soft MachineRiff II1:23Six111973197
1283The Soft MachineThe Soft Weed Factor11:12Six121973200
1284The Soft MachineStanley Stamps Gibbon Album (For B.O.)5:56Six131973210
1285The Soft MachineChloe And The Pirates9:26Six141973202
1286The Soft Machine19837:56Six151973206
1287The Soft MachineHope For Happiness4:22The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)11989210
1288The Soft MachineJoy Of A Toy2:49The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)21989200
1289The Soft MachineHope For Happiness (Reprise)1:39The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)31989209
1290The Soft MachineWhy Am I So Short?1:37The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)41989208
1291The Soft MachineSo Boot If At All7:24The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)51989208
1292The Soft MachineA Certain Kind4:14The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)61989195
1293The Soft MachineSave Yourself2:25The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)71989215
1294The Soft MachinePriscilla1:03The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)81989206
1295The Soft MachineLullabye Letter4:42The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)91989207
1296The Soft MachineWe Did It Again3:46The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)101989212
1297The Soft MachinePlus Belle Qu'une Poubelle1:00The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)111989210
1298The Soft MachineWhy Are We Sleeping?5:32The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)121989211
1299The Soft MachineBox 25/4 Lid0:49The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)131989198
1300The Soft MachinePataphysical Introduction Part I1:00The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)141989182
1301The Soft MachineA Concise British Alphabet Part I0:09The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)151989178
1302The Soft MachineHibou, Anemone And Bear5:59The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)161989198
1303The Soft MachineA Concise British Alphabet Part II0:12The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)171989165
1304The Soft MachineHulloder0:54The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)181989194
1305The Soft MachineDada Was Here3:25The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)191989194
1306The Soft MachineThank You Pierrot Lunaire0:48The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)201989198
1307The Soft MachineHave You Ever Bean Green?1:19The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)211989191
1308The Soft MachinePataphysical Introduction Part II0:51The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)221989192
1309The Soft MachineOut Of Tunes2:34The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)231989187
1310The Soft MachineAs Long As He Lies Perfectly Still2:34The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)241989178
1311The Soft MachineDedicated To You But You Weren't Listening2:32The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)251989194
1312The Soft MachineFire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging1:51The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)261989195
1313The Soft MachinePig2:09The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)271989191
1314The Soft MachineOrange Skin Food1:47The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)281989204
1315The Soft MachineA Door Opens And Closes1:09The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)291989203
1316The Soft Machine10:30 Returns To The Bedroom4:13The Soft Machine (1968) / Volume Two (1969)301989200
1317The Soft MachineFacelift [live]18:45Third11970236
1318The Soft MachineSlightly All the Time18:12Third21970240
1319The Soft MachineMoon in June19:08Third31970233
1320The Soft MachineOut-Bloody-Rageous19:13Third41970221
1321Soft PillowGilbert Green3:11Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 3)141992133
1322The Soggy Bottom BoysI Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow3:10O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)52000139
1323The Soggy Bottom BoysIn The Jailhouse Now3:36O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)152000177
1324The Soggy Bottom BoysI Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow4:17O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)162000183
1325SolatrusEndless Skies (Clear Horizon Remix)10:03Solatrus - Endless Skies (Clear Horizon Remix) 2010112
1326SolcofnNude Christmas4:15Santastic Four182008256
1327SolexClose To The Edge4:34Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)132003189
1328The SolitairesWalking Along2:34The Doo Wop Box (Disc 2)151994133
1329The SolitairesThe Angels Sang2:22The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)111996128
1330Solomon BurkeJust Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)2:47Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 4) (1957-1960)271991196
1331Solomon BurkeCry to Me2:36Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)71991186
1332Solomon BurkeIf You Need Me2:33Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 5) (1961-1965)131991187
1333Solomon BurkeGot To Get You Off My Mind1:59Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 6) (1965-1967)21991197
1334SolunaMonday Mi Amor3:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-11102002226
1335Somethin' For The People feat. Trina & TamaraMy Love Is the Shhh!5:10  1997320
1336Somethin' Smith & The RedheadsIt's A Sin To Tell A Lie2:58Your Hit Parade - Late 50's18 128
1337Something CorporateForget December3:11A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas22003217
1338Something With NumbersApple Of The Eye (Lay Me Down)3:27Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)112007220
1339SommerkompanietSommer'n Gjør Meg Gal4:23Hits for Kids 2022008222
1341SomnambulistConqueror Worm3:32Somnambulist21996212
1342SomnambulistReturn Of The Son Of Civilization4:40Somnambulist31996224
1343SomnambulistGlobos Formas Para Manana6:20Somnambulist41996224
1345SomnambulistMultum In Parvo5:00Somnambulist61996206
1346SomnambulistPromethus' Lament7:10Somnambulist71996215
1348SomnambulistUnlearning Folds Of Red (I-IV)13:38Somnambulist91996217
1349SomnambulistIn the Mindwarp Pavilion8:09The Paranormal Humidor12001213
1350SomnambulistPathos of Least Resistance7:56The Paranormal Humidor22001223
1351SomnambulistDestroy...She Said7:23The Paranormal Humidor32001221
1352SomnambulistInfant1:30The Paranormal Humidor42001147
1353SomnambulistTroy Built Helen10:10The Paranormal Humidor52001203
1354SomnambulistDied and Gone5:59The Paranormal Humidor62001218
1355SomnambulistParanormal Humidor13:19The Paranormal Humidor72001233
1356Somo SomoHello Hello6:00fRoots #6121996204
1357Sonata ArcticaFull Moon (Jackal Queenston Remix)2:58 3 160
1358Sonata ArcticaBlank File4:05Ecliptica11999250
1359Sonata ArcticaMy Land4:37Ecliptica21999234
1360Sonata Arctica8th Commandment3:41Ecliptica31999238
1361Sonata ArcticaReplica4:55Ecliptica41999220
1362Sonata ArcticaKingdom For A Heart3:51Ecliptica51999238
1363Sonata ArcticaFullmoon5:08Ecliptica61999237
1364Sonata ArcticaLetter To Dana6:00Ecliptica71999223
1365Sonata ArcticaUnopened3:43Ecliptica81999242
1366Sonata ArcticaPicturing The Past3:36Ecliptica91999251
1367Sonata ArcticaDestruction Preventer7:39Ecliptica101999219
1368Sonata ArcticaMisplaced4:42Reckoning Night12004221
1369Sonata ArcticaBlinded No More5:33Reckoning Night22004220
1370Sonata ArcticaAin't Your Fairytale5:26Reckoning Night32004224
1371Sonata ArcticaReckoning Day, Reckoning Night...3:21Reckoning Night42004195
1372Sonata ArcticaDon't Say A Word5:49Reckoning Night52004237
1373Sonata ArcticaBoy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet4:44Reckoning Night62004210
1374Sonata ArcticaMy Selene5:28Reckoning Night72004226
1375Sonata ArcticaWildfire4:36Reckoning Night82004222
1376Sonata ArcticaWhite Pearl, Black Oceans...8:47Reckoning Night92004216
1377Sonata ArcticaShamandalie4:04Reckoning Night102004211
1378Sonata Arctica"Jam"2:51Reckoning Night112004129
1379Sonata Arctica... Of Silence1:17Silence12001190
1380Sonata ArcticaWeballergy3:51Silence22001240
1381Sonata ArcticaFalse News Travel Fast5:18Silence32001242
1382Sonata ArcticaThe End Of This Chapter7:01Silence42001215
1383Sonata ArcticaBlack Sheep3:42Silence52001224
1384Sonata ArcticaLand Of The Free4:24Silence62001239
1385Sonata ArcticaLast Drop Falls5:13Silence72001205
1386Sonata ArcticaSan Sebastian (Revisited)4:37Silence82001242
1387Sonata ArcticaSing In Silence3:51Silence92001235
1388Sonata ArcticaRevontulet1:32Silence102001232
1389Sonata ArcticaTallulah5:20Silence112001204
1390Sonata ArcticaWolf And Raven4:15Silence122001251
1391Sonata ArcticaThe Power Of One11:33Silence132001208
1392Sonata ArcticaFull Moon (Edit)4:00Successor12000263
1393Sonata ArcticaStill Loving You (Scorpions Cover)4:33Successor22000258
1394Sonata ArcticaI Want Out (Helloween Cover)3:52Successor32000273
1395Sonata ArcticaSan Sebastian4:46Successor42000275
1396Sonata ArcticaShy4:18Successor52000218
1397Sonata ArcticaReplica (Live)4:48Successor62000234
1398Sonata ArcticaMy Land (Live)4:22Successor72000228
1399Sonata ArcticaEverything Fades to Gray (Instrumental)3:06The Days of Grays12009252
1400Sonata ArcticaDeathaura7:58The Days of Grays22009264
1401Sonata ArcticaThe Last Amazing Grays5:40The Days of Grays32009263
1402Sonata ArcticaFlag in the Ground4:08The Days of Grays42009262
1403Sonata ArcticaBreathing3:55The Days of Grays52009260
1404Sonata ArcticaZeroes4:23The Days of Grays62009269
1405Sonata ArcticaThe Dead Skin6:14The Days of Grays72009258
1406Sonata ArcticaJuliet5:59The Days of Grays82009257
1407Sonata ArcticaNo Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart4:33The Days of Grays92009258
1408Sonata ArcticaAs if the World Wasn't Ending3:49The Days of Grays102009258
1409Sonata ArcticaThe Truth is Out There5:03The Days of Grays112009271
1410Sonata ArcticaEverything Fades to Gray (Full Version)4:29The Days of Grays122009246
1411Sonata ArcticaIn My Eyes You're a Giant4:42The Days of Grays132009254
1412Sonata ArcticaIn Black and White5:03Unia12007249
1413Sonata ArcticaPaid in Full4:24Unia22007243
1414Sonata ArcticaFor the Sake of Revenge3:23Unia32007211
1415Sonata ArcticaIt Won't Fade5:58Unia42007238
1416Sonata ArcticaUnder Your Tree5:14Unia52007235
1417Sonata ArcticaCaleb6:16Unia62007233
1418Sonata ArcticaThe Vice4:08Unia72007236
1419Sonata ArcticaMy Dream's but a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare6:13Unia82007226
1420Sonata ArcticaThe Harvest4:18Unia92007227
1421Sonata ArcticaThe Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden2:57Unia102007207
1422Sonata ArcticaFly with the Black Swan5:08Unia112007238
1423Sonata ArcticaGood Enough Is Good Enough4:38Unia122007172
1424Sonata ArcticaOut in the Fields (Bonus Track)4:57Unia132007215
1425Sonata ArcticaAbandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited5:37Winterheart's Guild12003246
1426Sonata ArcticaGravenimage6:58Winterheart's Guild22003207
1427Sonata ArcticaThe Cage4:37Winterheart's Guild32003249
1428Sonata ArcticaSilver Tongue3:58Winterheart's Guild42003235
1429Sonata ArcticaThe Misery5:08Winterheart's Guild52003201
1430Sonata ArcticaVictoria's Secret4:43Winterheart's Guild62003250
1431Sonata ArcticaChampagne Bath3:57Winterheart's Guild72003233
1432Sonata ArcticaBroken5:18Winterheart's Guild82003226
1433Sonata ArcticaThe Ruins of My Life5:14Winterheart's Guild92003218
1434Sonata ArcticaDraw Me9:26Winterheart's Guild102003113
1435The Song SpinnersComin' In On A Wing And A Prayer2:23Your Hit Parade 1943221991126
1436Sonic & KnucklesTitle Music0:21Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)122001142
1437Sonic AdventureOpen Your Heart5:12Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)212001214
1438Sonic AdventureMy Sweet Passion5:12Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)222001219
1439Sonic Adventure 2Mix8:53Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)232001207
1440Sonic CDYou Can Do Anything1:34Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)162001228
1441Sonic CDCosmic Eternity - Believe In Yourself3:36Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)172001229
1442Sonic RSuper Sonic Racing4:04Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)182001209
1443Sonic RCan You Feel The Sunshine?5:06Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)192001225
1444Sonic RNumber One4:02Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)202001201
1445Sonic The HedgehogTitle Music0:12Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)12001113
1446Sonic The HedgehogGreen Hill Zone2:25Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)22001172
1447Sonic The HedgehogStar Light Zone1:38Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)32001151
1448Sonic The HedgehogSpecial Stage1:54Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)42001150
1449Sonic The HedgehogFinal Zone1:16Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)52001133
1450Sonic The HedgehogAll Clear0:21Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)62001126
1451Sonic The Hedgehog 2Emerald Hill Zone1:40Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)72001163
1452Sonic The Hedgehog 2Casino Night Zone2:15Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)82001148
1453Sonic The Hedgehog 2Special Stage1:45Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)92001173
1454Sonic The Hedgehog 2All Clear1:17Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)102001132
1455Sonic The Hedgehog 3Title Music0:20Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)112001141
1456Sonic The Hedgehog 3Angel Island Zone2:24Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)132001179
1457Sonic The Hedgehog 3Sky Sanctuary Zone2:13Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)142001138
1458Sonic The Hedgehog 3Special Stage2:23Sonic The Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary (OST)152001170
1459Sonic YouthTeen Age Riot6:57Daydream Nation11988222
1460Sonic YouthSilver Rocket3:47Daydream Nation21988207
1461Sonic YouthThe Sprawl7:42Daydream Nation31988194
1462Sonic Youth'cross The Breeze7:00Daydream Nation41988209
1463Sonic YouthEric's Trip3:48Daydream Nation51988216
1464Sonic YouthTotal Trash7:33Daydream Nation61988219
1465Sonic YouthHey Joni4:23Daydream Nation71988226
1466Sonic YouthProvidence2:41Daydream Nation81988218
1467Sonic YouthCandle4:58Daydream Nation91988208
1468Sonic YouthRain King4:39Daydream Nation101988217
1469Sonic YouthKissability3:08Daydream Nation111988208
1470Sonic YouthThe Wonder4:15Daydream Nation121988220
1471Sonic YouthHyperstation7:13Daydream Nation131988206
1472Sonic YouthEliminator Jr.2:37Daydream Nation141988230
1473Sonic Youth100%2:29Dirty11992209
1474Sonic YouthSwimsuit Issue2:59Dirty21992206
1475Sonic YouthTheresa's Sound-world5:28Dirty31992207
1476Sonic YouthDrunken Butterfly3:04Dirty41992209
1477Sonic YouthShoot5:16Dirty51992210
1478Sonic YouthWish Fulfillment3:26Dirty61992212
1479Sonic YouthSugar Kane5:57Dirty71992211
1480Sonic YouthOrange Rolls, Angel's Spit4:19Dirty81992210
1481Sonic YouthYouth Against Fascism3:36Dirty91992201
1482Sonic YouthNic Fit0:59Dirty101992198
1483Sonic YouthOn The Strip5:42Dirty111992209
1484Sonic YouthChapel Hill4:47Dirty121992221
1485Sonic YouthJC4:03Dirty131992201
1486Sonic YouthPurr4:22Dirty141992232
1487Sonic YouthCréme Brûlèe2:32Dirty151992192
1488Sonic YouthTom Violence3:06EVOL11986199
1489Sonic YouthShadow Of A Doubt3:32EVOL21986199
1490Sonic YouthStar Power4:48EVOL31986196
1491Sonic YouthIn The Kingdom #193:25EVOL41986191
1492Sonic YouthGreen Light3:46EVOL51986195
1493Sonic YouthDeath To Our Friends3:19EVOL61986205
1494Sonic YouthSecret Girl2:54EVOL71986198
1495Sonic YouthMarilyn Moore4:04EVOL81986195
1496Sonic YouthExpressway To Yr. Skull (Madonna, Sean And Me)7:19EVOL91986196
1497Sonic YouthBubblegum2:50EVOL101986195
1498Sonic YouthDirty Boots5:28Goo11990201
1499Sonic YouthTunic (Song For Karen)6:22Goo21990185
1500Sonic YouthMary-Christ3:11Goo31990207
1501Sonic YouthKool Thing4:06Goo41990192
1502Sonic YouthMote7:37Goo51990202
1503Sonic YouthMy Friend Goo2:19Goo61990198
1504Sonic YouthDisappearer5:08Goo71990192
1505Sonic YouthMildred Pierce2:13Goo81990218
1506Sonic YouthCinderella's Big Score5:55Goo91990207
1507Sonic YouthScooter + Jinx1:06Goo101990157
1508Sonic YouthTitanium Expose6:24Goo111990209
1509Sonic YouthSuperstar4:08If I Were A Carpenter31994187
1510Sonic YouthSchizophrenia4:38Sister11987198
1511Sonic YouthCatholic Block3:26Sister21987206
1512Sonic YouthBeauty Lies In The Eye2:18Sister31987175
1513Sonic YouthStereo Sanctity3:49Sister41987208
1514Sonic YouthPipeline/Kill Time4:36Sister51987193
1515Sonic YouthTuff Gnarl3:13Sister61987198
1516Sonic YouthPacific Coast Highway4:16Sister71987173
1517Sonic YouthHot Wire My Heart3:22Sister81987174
1518Sonic YouthKotton Krown5:07Sister91987193
1519Sonic YouthWhite Cross2:52Sister101987182
1520Sonic YouthMaster-Dik5:09Sister111987187
1521Sonic YouthBecuz4:43Washing Machine11995215
1522Sonic YouthJunkie's Promise4:02Washing Machine21995213
1523Sonic YouthSaucer-Like4:25Washing Machine31995212
1524Sonic YouthWashing Machine9:33Washing Machine41995205
1525Sonic YouthUnwind6:02Washing Machine51995204
1526Sonic YouthLittle Trouble Girl4:29Washing Machine61995175
1527Sonic YouthNo Queen Blues4:35Washing Machine71995210
1528Sonic YouthPanty Lies4:15Washing Machine81995207
1529Sonic YouthUntitled2:49Washing Machine91995198
1530Sonic YouthSkip Tracer3:48Washing Machine101995201
1531Sonic YouthThe Diamond Sea19:36Washing Machine111995196
1532SonicBluCyber Sex5:34  2011160
1533SonicBluLa-Da-Dee La-Da-Daa (Demo)3:04  2007256
1534SonicBluA Little Less Conversation2:53  2011160
1535SonicBluAround the World (Live)3:55  2008160
1536SonicBluBaby Got Back (Live)4:37  2008160
1537SonicBluBefore She Sings (Demo)3:18  2008160
1538SonicBluBig Bottom (Live)3:32  2008160
1539SonicBluEl Paso (Live)4:57  2009160
1540SonicBluGive It Away (Live)4:38  2009160
1541SonicBluGlycerine (Live)3:59  2009160
1542SonicBluInsane in the Brain (Live)4:44  2008160
1543SonicBluKeep Your Hands to Yourself (Live)2:24  2008160
1544SonicBluLife by the Drop2:25  2011160
1545SonicBluLife By The Drop (Live)2:21  2009160
1546SonicBluLove Hurts3:48  2011160
1547SonicBluLove On The Rocks (Live)3:41  2009160
1548SonicBluPaint It Black (Live)3:11  2009160
1549SonicBluPride and Joy (Live)3:40  2009160
1550SonicBluPurple Rain (Live)4:16  2009160
1551SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 14:54   32
1552SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 24:04   32
1553SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 36:11   32
1554SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 44:29   32
1555SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 53:00   32
1556SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 62:50   32
1557SonicBluRadio Bloopers: Take 74:14   32
1558SonicBluSunglasses at Night (Live)5:17  2008160
1559SonicBluSympathy for the Devil (Live)4:18  2009160
1560SonicBluTNT (Live)3:39  2008160
1561SonicBluWalk Upright3:58  2008160
1562SonicBluSummer of Y2K3:33 7 256
1563SonicBluLet The Furries Play (Live Demo Version)3:10 122008160
1564SonicBlu15 Minutes To Go (Demo)2:57 152008160
1565SonicBluLife Is a Rock But the Radio Rolled Me (Live Sep 11 2008)6:28   74
1566SonicBluLeavin' The Con2:51  2008160
1567SonicBluLeavin' The Con2:51  2008160
1568SonicBluCross-Tie Walker3:21Cajun Covers Revisited 24 128
1569SonicBluI Walk The Line1:36Cajun Revisited42006160
1570SonicBluFag In Drag4:28Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll12007160
1571SonicBluRip It2:39Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll22007160
1572SonicBluHotel of the Fur Con6:49Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll32007160
1573SonicBluIt's A Fur's Life3:47Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll42007160
1574SonicBluDrippin' Out My Back Door2:29Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll52007160
1575SonicBluCozy Little Thing Called Fur2:43Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll62007160
1576SonicBluWhore In My Lap3:39Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll72007160
1577SonicBluDrawin' the Night Away3:41Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll82007160
1578SonicBluBathroom on the Right2:20Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll92007160
1579SonicBluCon of the West Coast Bay4:12Four on the Floor... and Ready to Roll102007160
1580SonicBluStone Cold Furry2:30Fur Folks And Fun12004128
1581SonicBluFur Con Alabama4:37Fur Folks And Fun22004128
1582SonicBluBrown Eyed Squirrel3:45Fur Folks And Fun32004128
1583SonicBluGimme One Reason to Fursuit4:03Fur Folks And Fun42004128
1584SonicBluThe Pile of Furries2:45Fur Folks And Fun52004128
1585SonicBluFurries In Memphis4:09Fur Folks And Fun62004128
1586SonicBluMaking a Fursuit4:24Fur Folks And Fun72004128
1587SonicBluYerf! I Feel Like a Furry!3:56Fur Folks And Fun82004128
1588SonicBluAnthrocon2:28Fur Folks And Fun92004128
1589SonicBluP.C.D. (Post Con Depression)3:14Fur Folks And Fun102004128
1590SonicBluTiusruf Ot Nosaer Eno Emmig [Bonus Track]7:48Fur Folks And Fun692004128
1591SonicBluRun Around4:36HD00392011160
1592SonicBluWhitechapel Nightmare2:38Jack The Ripper Trilogy12007128
1593SonicBluSaucy Jack Is Gone4:00Jack The Ripper Trilogy22007128
1594SonicBluEyes Of A Killer6:37Jack The Ripper Trilogy32007128
1595SonicBluMy Way3:41Karaoke 2011160
1596SonicBluIt Suits Me Fine2:26Karaoke Limewire 2008160
1597SonicBluSnowman2:50Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use12006128
1598SonicBluDon't Stop The Fandom4:09Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use22006128
1599SonicBluSoft To Cuddle2:32Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use32006128
1600SonicBluThe Furry3:34Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use42006128
1601SonicBluSweet Child A-Fryin'6:06Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use52006128
1602SonicBluNo Furry, No Cry4:35Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use62006128
1603SonicBluSummer Of 'Y2K3:35Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use72006128
1604SonicBluTail After Tail4:16Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use82006128
1605SonicBluFurry Seems To Be The Hardest Word3:43Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use92006128
1606SonicBluButterball4:22Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use102006128
1607SonicBluArtist Alley5:39Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use112006128
1608SonicBluIce Within Your Veins7:05Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use122006128
1609SonicBluI've Been Everywhere Man3:50Live 8-15-2007 2007128
1610SonicBlu(Wish I Could) Hideaway3:52SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1611SonicBlu(Wish I Could) Hideaway3:52SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1612SonicBluChameleon3:16SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1613SonicBluChameleon3:16SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1614SonicBluCommotion2:44SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1615SonicBluCommotion2:44SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1616SonicBluGreen River2:28SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1617SonicBluGreen River2:29SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1618SonicBluHave You Ever Seen the Rain2:47SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1619SonicBluHave You Ever Seen the Rain2:47SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1620SonicBluI Walk The Line1:36SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006160
1621SonicBluI Walk The Line1:36SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1622SonicBluLong as I Can See the Light3:23SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1623SonicBluLong as I Can See the Light3:23SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1624SonicBluLookin' Out My Back Door2:30SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1625SonicBluLookin' Out My Back Door2:31SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1626SonicBluProud Mary3:01SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006128
1627SonicBluProud Mary3:01SONICBLU: The Rockin' Reptile Collection 2006192
1628SonicBluFur3:10Sprout Your Fur12005128
1629SonicBluWelcome to McDonalds4:30Sprout Your Fur22005128
1630SonicBluDark Autumn Night4:37Sprout Your Fur32005128
1631SonicBluLanding on Boardwalk2:42Sprout Your Fur42005128
1632SonicBluI'm a Furry One4:17Sprout Your Fur52005128
1633SonicBluI'm Not On Drugs4:57Sprout Your Fur62005128
1634SonicBluRudy2:57Sprout Your Fur72005128
1635SonicBluI Am A Fox2:43Sprout Your Fur82005128
1636SonicBluWe're Still The Furs3:19Sprout Your Fur92005128
1637SonicBluSprout Your Fur4:23Sprout Your Fur102005128
1638SonicBlu & Halfshell HeroScalies In A Dream (Demo)3:52Scalies In A Dream/Leavin' The Con (single)12008160
1639SonicfloodCry Holy [Album Version]4:36TM Century PrimeCuts 527P192003230
1640SonicFloodOpen The Eyes Of My Heart5:10WOW #1s (Gray Disc)132005200
1641SONICFLOOdI Want To Know You (In The Secret)2:52WOW 2000 (Purple Disc)91999202
1642The SonicsStrychnine2:12Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)281998160
1643The SonicsPsycho2:17Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)161998144
1644The SonicsThe Witch2:40Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)161998147
1645SoniqueFeels So Good3:57Fired Up! (Disc 2)102003213
1646SoniqueIt Feels So Good3:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1999-2000 (Disc 2)92001197
1647Sonitus VirBreathe In Time1:38   159
1648Sonitus VirDon't Be2:04   147
1649Sonitus VirGet Somewhere1:29   163
1650Sonitus VirJe T'aime (Encore)1:12   150
1651Sonitus VirThe Last Horror to Walk the Earth2:31   157
1652Sonitus VirYou Mean the World2:16   174
1653Sonja MarieAnd I Gave My Love To You4:48Waiting To Exhale (OST)91995207
1654SonnyLaugh at Me2:54Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind171965144
1655Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:131965 Billboard Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits91993128
1656Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:12AM Gold: 196511995126
1657Sonny & CherA Cowboy's Work Is Never Done3:17Be Cool (OST)132005212
1658Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:23Buster (OST)51988203
1659Sonny & CherAll I Ever Need Is You2:39Cher - Essential Collection82001225
1660Sonny & CherA Cowboy's Work Is Never Done3:17Cher - Essential Collection122001215
1661Sonny & CherI Got You Babe (Live)3:27Cher - Essential Collection232001191
1662Sonny & CherBaby Don't Go3:06Classic Rock - 1965 Blowin' Your Mind61965158
1663Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:14Red, White & Rock (Disc 2)212002129
1664Sonny & CherBaby Don't Go3:11Sock Hoppin' Sixties21988210
1665Sonny & CherBaby Don't Go3:12The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On11991128
1666Sonny & CherJust You4:06The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On21991131
1667Sonny & CherSing C'est La Vie3:41The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On31991128
1668Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:13The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On41991128
1669Sonny & CherWhy Don't They Let Us Fall In Love2:37The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On51991137
1670Sonny & CherLaugh At Me2:53The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On61991137
1671Sonny & CherBut You're Mine3:05The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On71991136
1672Sonny & CherThe Revolution Kind3:27The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On81991134
1673Sonny & CherWhat Now My Love3:38The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On91991129
1674Sonny & CherHave I Stayed Too Long3:45The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On101991129
1675Sonny & CherLeave Me Be2:05The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On111991140
1676Sonny & CherLittle Man3:22The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On121991130
1677Sonny & CherLiving For You3:40The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On131991128
1678Sonny & CherLove Don't Come3:04The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On141991128
1679Sonny & CherThe Beat Goes On3:30The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On151991211
1680Sonny & CherBeautiful Story2:53The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On161991177
1681Sonny & CherIt's The Little Things3:06The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On171991129
1682Sonny & CherMy Best Friend's Girl Is Out Of Sight4:17The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On181991190
1683Sonny & CherGood Combination2:59The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On191991128
1684Sonny & CherI Got You Babe (Good Times- Soundtrack Version)2:20The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On201991128
1685Sonny & CherHello3:11The Best of Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On211991125
1686Sonny & CherAll I Ever Need Is You2:37The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 2)121999201
1687Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:07The Very Best Of Cher (Disc 2)82003225
1688Sonny & CherThe Beat Goes On3:28The Very Best Of Cher (Disc 2)92003218
1689Sonny & CherA Cowboy's Work Is Never Done3:17The Very Best Of Cher (Disc 2)142003216
1690Sonny & CherAll I Ever Need Is You2:39The Very Best Of Cher (Disc 2)202003225
1691Sonny & CherBaby Don't Go3:08The Very Best Of Cher (Disc 2)212003214
1692Sonny & CherI Got You Babe3:08Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 1)122001207
1693Sonny & CherThe Beat Goes On3:24Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)172001214
1694Sonny & CherIt's Gonna Rain2:36Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)122009151
1695Sonny Boy WilliamsonSanta Claus2:43Blue Yule: Christmas Blues And R&B Classics141991128
1696Sonny Boy Williamson IGood Morning, School Girl3:00The Blues At Christmas II131994127
1697Sonny Boy Williamson IIHelp Me3:10More Real Folk Blues11967128
1698Sonny Boy Williamson IIBye Bye Bird2:40More Real Folk Blues21967129
1699Sonny Boy Williamson IINine Below Zero3:31More Real Folk Blues31967128
1700Sonny Boy Williamson IIThe Hunt2:49More Real Folk Blues41967128
1701Sonny Boy Williamson IIStop Right Now2:28More Real Folk Blues51967128
1702Sonny Boy Williamson IIShe's My Baby2:10More Real Folk Blues61967128
1703Sonny Boy Williamson IIThe Goat2:47More Real Folk Blues71967128
1704Sonny Boy Williamson IIDecoration Day3:29More Real Folk Blues81967129
1705Sonny Boy Williamson IITrying To Get Back On My Feet2:09More Real Folk Blues91967129
1706Sonny Boy Williamson IIMy Younger Days3:22More Real Folk Blues101967128
1707Sonny Boy Williamson IIClose To Me3:03More Real Folk Blues111967128
1708Sonny Boy Williamson IISomebody Help Me2:17More Real Folk Blues121967128
1709Sonny Boy Williamson IIOne Way Out2:51The Real Folk Blues11965130
1710Sonny Boy Williamson IIToo Young To Die2:59The Real Folk Blues21965128
1711Sonny Boy Williamson IITrust Me Baby2:45The Real Folk Blues31965128
1712Sonny Boy Williamson IICheckin' Up On My Baby2:00The Real Folk Blues41965129
1713Sonny Boy Williamson IISad To Be Alone2:59The Real Folk Blues51965130
1714Sonny Boy Williamson IIGot To Move2:27The Real Folk Blues61965128
1715Sonny Boy Williamson IIBring It On Home2:38The Real Folk Blues71965128
1716Sonny Boy Williamson IIDown Child2:34The Real Folk Blues81965128
1717Sonny Boy Williamson IIPeach Tree2:35The Real Folk Blues91965128
1718Sonny Boy Williamson IIDissatisfied2:47The Real Folk Blues101965128
1719Sonny Boy Williamson IIThat's All I Want2:19The Real Folk Blues111965128
1720Sonny Boy Williamson IIToo Old To Think2:47The Real Folk Blues121965128
1721Sonny BurgessRed Headed Woman2:10The Sun Records Collection (Disc 2)231994126
1722Sonny Charles And The CheckmatesBlack Pearl3:19Phil Spector: Back To Mono (1958-1969) (Disc 3)171991128
1723Sonny CurtisThe Mary Tyler Moore Show0:57All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 2)182005235
1724Sonny CurtisMary Tyler Moore (Love Is All Around)0:58Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)181986192
1725Sonny FisherPink And Black1:58Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)162006131
1726Sonny JamesYoung Love2:30Best 100 Music of the Sixties (Disc 4)152007127
1727Sonny JamesYoung Love2:30Country Complete (Disc 3)201997208
1728Sonny OsborneBluegrass Concerto4:2950 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3181992192
1729Sonny ShroyerBeep Beep3:13The Rock Box (Disc 1)17 201
1730Sonny ShroyerBeep Beep3:11The Rock Box 2 (Rock 'N' Roll's Fun Hits)7 189
1731Sonny Till & The OriolesCrying In The Chapel3:05American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)141973169
1732Sonny WestSweet Rockin' Baby2:19Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 3)122006132
1733Sonnytill and the OriolesCrying in the Chapel1:56100 Hits of the 50's (Disc 3)61999217
1734The Sons (ft. Bret Reilly)Too Much Of A Good Thing5:15Dumb And Dumber (OST)71994235
1735The Sons Of AdamSaturday's Son2:09Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)212009143
1736Sons Of AngelsCowgirl4:13Sons Of Angels11990208
1737Sons Of AngelsSpend The Night5:05Sons Of Angels21990210
1738Sons Of AngelsLook Out For Love4:52Sons Of Angels31990215
1739Sons Of AngelsLonely Rose4:35Sons Of Angels41990198
1740Sons Of AngelsRock & Roll Star5:26Sons Of Angels51990210
1741Sons Of AngelsTrance Dance5:31Sons Of Angels61990211
1742Sons Of AngelsWould You Die For Me?4:38Sons Of Angels71990208
1743Sons Of AngelsFight5:46Sons Of Angels81990222
1744Sons Of AngelsCould It Be Love5:00Sons Of Angels91990201
1745Sons Of AngelsFly6:16Sons Of Angels101990211
1746Sons Of MaxwellOceanside Again2:48Brewed In Nova Scotia82000194
1747Sony & CherI Got You Babe3:11The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)11997157
1748Sophie B. HawkinsDamn, I Wish I Was Your Lover4:15The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)11999194
1749Sophie B. HawkinsRight Beside You4:11The Power Of Love - 1990-1994 (disc 1)121999218
1750Sophie B. HawkinsWalking In My Blue Jeans3:53Timbre11999207
1751Sophie B. HawkinsNo Connection4:48Timbre21999235
1752Sophie B. Hawkins32 Lines5:02Timbre31999211
1753Sophie B. HawkinsMmm My Best Friend4:41Timbre41999214
1754Sophie B. HawkinsBare The Weight Of Me4:29Timbre51999208
1755Sophie B. HawkinsNocturne4:08Timbre61999206
1756Sophie B. HawkinsThe Darkest Childe5:54Timbre71999214
1757Sophie B. HawkinsI Walk Alone4:12Timbre81999213
1758Sophie B. HawkinsYour Tongue Like The Sun In My Mouth5:43Timbre91999205
1759Sophie B. HawkinsLose Your Way4:04Timbre101999194
1760Sophie B. HawkinsHelp Me Breathe5:42Timbre111999207
1761Sophie B. HawkinsThe One You Have Not Seen6:09Timbre121999186
1762Sophie B. HawkinsDamn I Wish I Was Your Lover5:23Tongues And Tails11992199
1763Sophie B. HawkinsCalifornia Here I Come4:38Tongues And Tails21992209
1764Sophie B. HawkinsMysteries We Understand4:40Tongues And Tails31992218
1765Sophie B. HawkinsSaviour Child4:45Tongues And Tails41992201
1766Sophie B. HawkinsCarry Me4:36Tongues And Tails51992217
1767Sophie B. HawkinsI Want You5:19Tongues And Tails61992167
1768Sophie B. HawkinsBefore I Walk On Fire4:58Tongues And Tails71992205
1769Sophie B. HawkinsWe Are One Body4:49Tongues And Tails81992219
1770Sophie B. HawkinsListen3:32Tongues And Tails91992212
1771Sophie B. HawkinsLive And Let Love4:13Tongues And Tails101992201
1772Sophie B. HawkinsDon't Stop Swaying5:32Tongues And Tails111992203
1773Sophie B. HawkinsRight Beside You4:46Whaler11994216
1774Sophie B. HawkinsDid We Not Choose Each Other4:25Whaler21994203
1775Sophie B. HawkinsDon't Don't Tell Me No4:53Whaler31994219
1776Sophie B. HawkinsAs I Lay Me Down4:08Whaler41994196
1777Sophie B. HawkinsSwing From Limb To Limb (My Home Is In Your Jungle)4:15Whaler51994219
1778Sophie B. HawkinsTrue Romance2:23Whaler61994178
1779Sophie B. HawkinsLet Me Love You Up3:26Whaler71994217
1780Sophie B. HawkinsOnly Love (The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty)5:05Whaler81994197
1781Sophie B. HawkinsI Need Nothing Else4:17Whaler91994207
1782Sophie B. HawkinsSometimes I See4:40Whaler101994182
1783Sophie B. HawkinsMr. Tugboat Hello5:30Whaler111994186
1784Sophie Ellis BextorMurder On The Dancefloor3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-08192002219
1785Sophie Ellis-BexterMixed Up World (Eighth Day Remix)4:06Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 1)102003218
1786Sophie Ellis-BextorI Won't Change You3:40Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)162004206
1787Sopwith CamelHello Hello2:28Classic Rock - Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets2 207
1788Sopwith CamelHello Hello2:26The Buddah Box (Disc 1)51993194
1789The SorrowsTake A Heart3:16Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 1)142001135
1790Soul AsylumJust Plain Evil3:01Clam Dip & Other Delights11988217
1791Soul AsylumChains3:18Clam Dip & Other Delights21988215
1792Soul AsylumSecret No More2:43Clam Dip & Other Delights31988229
1793Soul AsylumArtificial Heart3:37Clam Dip & Other Delights41988203
1794Soul AsylumP-92:32Clam Dip & Other Delights51988209
1795Soul AsylumTake It To The Root3:39Clam Dip & Other Delights61988226
1796Soul AsylumSomebody To Shove3:15Grave Dancers Union11992232
1797Soul AsylumBlack Gold3:57Grave Dancers Union21992224
1798Soul AsylumRunaway Train4:26Grave Dancers Union31992219
1799Soul AsylumKeep It Up3:48Grave Dancers Union41992229
1800Soul AsylumHomesick3:34Grave Dancers Union51992209
1801Soul AsylumGet On Out3:30Grave Dancers Union61992235
1802Soul AsylumNew World4:04Grave Dancers Union71992214
1803Soul AsylumApril Fool3:46Grave Dancers Union81992229
1804Soul AsylumWithout A Trace3:33Grave Dancers Union91992220
1805Soul AsylumGrowing Into You3:13Grave Dancers Union101992236
1806Soul Asylum99%3:59Grave Dancers Union111992244
1807Soul AsylumThe Sun Maid3:52Grave Dancers Union121992198
1808Soul AsylumMisery4:24Let Your Dim Light Shine11995228
1809Soul AsylumShut Down2:51Let Your Dim Light Shine21995228
1810Soul AsylumTo My Own Devices2:59Let Your Dim Light Shine31995196
1811Soul AsylumHopes Up3:45Let Your Dim Light Shine41995235
1812Soul AsylumPromises Broken3:14Let Your Dim Light Shine51995197
1813Soul AsylumBittersweetheart3:34Let Your Dim Light Shine61995209
1814Soul AsylumString Of Pearls4:56Let Your Dim Light Shine71995210
1815Soul AsylumCrawl4:00Let Your Dim Light Shine81995223
1816Soul AsylumCaged Rat3:03Let Your Dim Light Shine91995217
1817Soul AsylumEyes Of A Child3:35Let Your Dim Light Shine101995207
1818Soul AsylumJust Like Anyone2:47Let Your Dim Light Shine111995222
1819Soul AsylumTell Me When3:42Let Your Dim Light Shine121995203
1820Soul AsylumNothing To Write Home About3:14Let Your Dim Light Shine131995212
1821Soul AsylumI Did My Best3:46Let Your Dim Light Shine141995212
1822Soul AsylumRunaway Train4:25Top 40 Hitdossier 1993-1994 (Disc 2)82001215
1823Soul AsylumRunaway Train4:25Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)162005221
1824The Soul ChildrenHearsay3:37Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)222001222
1825Soul CoughingThe Bug3:09Batman & Robin (OST)91997211
1826Soul CoughingRolling3:36El Oso11998182
1827Soul CoughingMisinformed3:24El Oso21998195
1828Soul CoughingCircles3:06El Oso31998185
1829Soul CoughingBlame5:00El Oso41998211
1830Soul CoughingSt. Louise Is Listening4:29El Oso51998218
1831Soul CoughingMaybe I'll Come Down4:32El Oso61998180
1832Soul CoughingHouston4:03El Oso71998188
1833Soul Coughing$3003:07El Oso81998160
1834Soul CoughingFully Retractable3:25El Oso91998175
1835Soul CoughingMonster Man4:16El Oso101998183
1836Soul CoughingPensacola4:15El Oso111998175
1837Soul CoughingI Miss the Girl4:03El Oso121998227
1838Soul CoughingSo Far I Have Not Found the Science2:53El Oso131998212
1839Soul CoughingThe Incumbent6:46El Oso141998155
1840Soul CoughingCircles3:06El Oso31998192
1841Soul CoughingSuper Bon Bon3:31Irresistible Bliss11996230
1842Soul CoughingSoft Serve3:12Irresistible Bliss21996203
1843Soul CoughingWhite Girl2:37Irresistible Bliss31996223
1844Soul CoughingSoundtrack To Mary3:06Irresistible Bliss41996229
1845Soul CoughingLazybones4:48Irresistible Bliss51996205
1846Soul Coughing4 Out Of 53:11Irresistible Bliss61996206
1847Soul CoughingPaint2:55Irresistible Bliss71996220
1848Soul CoughingDisseminated2:41Irresistible Bliss81996226
1849Soul CoughingCollapse3:06Irresistible Bliss91996238
1850Soul CoughingSleepless4:50Irresistible Bliss101996218
1851Soul CoughingThe Idiot Kings3:57Irresistible Bliss111996207
1852Soul CoughingHow Many Cans?4:24Irresistible Bliss121996206
1853Soul CoughingIs Chicago, Is Not Chicago3:48Ruby Vroom11994199
1854Soul CoughingSugar Free Jazz3:55Ruby Vroom21994198
1855Soul CoughingCasiotone Nation3:50Ruby Vroom31994215
1856Soul CoughingBlueeyed Devil4:12Ruby Vroom41994210
1857Soul CoughingBus To Beelzebub4:33Ruby Vroom51994219
1858Soul CoughingTrue Dreams Of Wichita5:00Ruby Vroom61994182
1859Soul CoughingScreenwriter's Blues5:08Ruby Vroom71994167
1860Soul CoughingMoon Sammy4:09Ruby Vroom81994204
1861Soul CoughingSupra Genius3:59Ruby Vroom91994209
1862Soul CoughingCity Of Motors4:38Ruby Vroom101994197
1863Soul CoughingUh, Zoom Zip3:56Ruby Vroom111994202
1864Soul CoughingDown To This3:49Ruby Vroom121994201
1865Soul CoughingMr. Bitterness5:33Ruby Vroom131994203
1866Soul CoughingJanine4:58Ruby Vroom141994193
1867Soul CoughingSugar Free Jazz3:54Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 5)82005197
1868Soul For RealCandy Rain4:33Monsta Jamz112002205
1869Soul For RealCandy Rain3:32More! Bump N' Grind31995197
1870Soul Hooligan Feat. Diana KingEvil Woman3:45Austin Powers In Goldmember (OST)82002214
1871Soul II SoulBack To Life (However Do You Want Me)3:42Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 198912000214
1872Soul II SoulBack To Life (However Do You Want Me)3:48The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)111993207
1873Soul II SoulJoy4:10The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)201993181
1874Soul II SoulKeep On Movin'3:33The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 1)171993217
1875Soul II SoulGet A Life3:40The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 3 (Disc 1)201994202
1876The Soul StirrersBy And By Pts. 1 & 24:41Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 1: Black Gospel81992129
1877The Soul StirrersJesus, I'll Never Forget2:35Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel11992126
1878The Soul SurvivorsExpressway To Your Heart2:23Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box Of '60s Soul - Shout 261997137
1879Soul SurvivorsExpressway To Your Heart2:23Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On12 171
1880Soul SurvivorsExpressway To Your Heart2:22Toga Rock51987175
1881SoulboneMy Window5:00Save The Last Dance (OST)112000191
1882Soulja Boy Tell'emCrank That (Soulja Boy)3:41Now That's What I Call Music! 2612007206
1883Soulja Boy Tell'emTurn My Swag On3:29Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2009-07102009217
1884SouljahzAll Around the World4:35WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)172002236
1885Sound ExperienceSha Na Na Na Boom Boom7:26Disco Train Vol. 2111997224
1886Sound MagicsDon't You Remember?2:14Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)92001156
1887The Sound of Animals FightingIntro0:40Lover, The Lord Has Left Us12006198
1888The Sound of Animals FightingUn'aria1:05Lover, The Lord Has Left Us22006130
1889The Sound of Animals FightingSkullflower4:15Lover, The Lord Has Left Us32006199
1890The Sound of Animals FightingMy Horse Must Lose4:22Lover, The Lord Has Left Us42006201
1891The Sound of Animals FightingChiriacho Summit1:30Lover, The Lord Has Left Us52006183
1892The Sound of Animals FightingHorses In The Sky5:21Lover, The Lord Has Left Us62006200
1893The Sound of Animals FightingStockhausen, Es Ist Ihr Gehirn, Das Ich Suche8:03Lover, The Lord Has Left Us72006186
1894The Sound of Animals FightingPrayers On Fire3:29Lover, The Lord Has Left Us82006218
1895The Sound of Animals FightingThe Golden Boy That Was Swallowed By The Sea1:42Lover, The Lord Has Left Us92006245
1896The Sound of Animals FightingThis Heat10:35Lover, The Lord Has Left Us102006215
1897The Sound of Animals FightingUn'aria Ancora0:39Lover, The Lord Has Left Us112006128
1898The Sound of Animals FightingSt. Broadrick Is In Antarctica3:00Lover, The Lord Has Left Us122006141
1899The Sound of Animals FightingThe Heretic5:01Lover, The Lord Has Left Us132006185
1900The Sound of Animals FightingThere Can Be No Dispute That Monsters Live Among Us6:33Lover, The Lord Has Left Us142006190
1901The Sound of Animals FightingIntro0:31The Ocean and the Sun12008198
1902The Sound of Animals FightingThe Ocean and the Sun5:38The Ocean and the Sun22008196
1903The Sound of Animals FightingI, the Swan4:13The Ocean and the Sun32008208
1904The Sound of Animals FightingAnother Leather Lung5:14The Ocean and the Sun42008225
1905The Sound of Animals FightingLude1:59The Ocean and the Sun52008152
1906The Sound of Animals FightingCellophane4:58The Ocean and the Sun62008228
1907The Sound of Animals FightingThe Heraldic Beak of the Manufacturer's Medallion5:39The Ocean and the Sun72008230
1908The Sound of Animals FightingChinese New Year1:06The Ocean and the Sun82008166
1909The Sound of Animals FightingUzbekistan7:27The Ocean and the Sun92008222
1910The Sound of Animals FightingBlessings Be Yours Mister V6:37The Ocean and the Sun102008224
1911The Sound of Animals FightingAhab1:00The Ocean and the Sun112008229
1912The Sound of Animals FightingOn the Occasion of Wet Snow7:18The Ocean and the Sun122008225
1913The Sound of Animals FightingOverture1:29Tiger And The Duke12005222
1914The Sound of Animals FightingAct I: Chasing Suns5:13Tiger And The Duke22005220
1915The Sound of Animals FightingInterlude2:30Tiger And The Duke32005203
1916The Sound of Animals FightingAct II: All Is Ash Or The Light Shining Through It4:19Tiger And The Duke42005213
1917The Sound of Animals FightingInterlude2:39Tiger And The Duke52005208
1918The Sound of Animals FightingAct III: Modulate Back To The Tonic4:50Tiger And The Duke62005207
1919The Sound of Animals FightingInterlude1:53Tiger And The Duke72005166
1920The Sound of Animals FightingAct IV: You Don't Need A Witness5:21Tiger And The Duke82005230
1921The Sound of Animals FightingPostlude5:54Tiger And The Duke92005197
1922SoundationGoodbye Forever3:19Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 3)111992192
1923SoundgardenRusty Cage4:26Badmotorfinger11991220
1925SoundgardenSlaves And Bulldozers6:55Badmotorfinger31991212
1926SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose5:50Badmotorfinger41991214
1927SoundgardenFace Pollution2:23Badmotorfinger51991221
1929SoundgardenSearching With My Good Eye Closed6:31Badmotorfinger71991223
1930SoundgardenRoom A Thousand Years Wide4:05Badmotorfinger81991229
1931SoundgardenMind Riot4:49Badmotorfinger91991215
1932SoundgardenDrawing Flies2:26Badmotorfinger101991213
1933SoundgardenHoly Water5:07Badmotorfinger111991222
1934SoundgardenNew Damage5:39Badmotorfinger121991213
1935SoundgardenBurden In My Hand4:51Burden In My Hand (single)11995199
1936SoundgardenBleed Together3:52Burden In My Hand (single)21995186
1937SoundgardenShe's A Politician1:46Burden In My Hand (single)31995219
1938SoundgardenChris Cornell Interview7:42Burden In My Hand (single)41995128
1939SoundgardenPretty Noose4:11Down On The Upside11996214
1940SoundgardenRhinosaur3:14Down On The Upside21996217
1941SoundgardenZero Chance4:18Down On The Upside31996204
1942SoundgardenDusty4:34Down On The Upside41996208
1943SoundgardenTy Cobb3:05Down On The Upside51996226
1944SoundgardenBlow Up The Outside World5:45Down On The Upside61996210
1945SoundgardenBurden In My Hand4:50Down On The Upside71996221
1946SoundgardenNever Named2:27Down On The Upside81996236
1947SoundgardenApplebite5:09Down On The Upside91996202
1948SoundgardenNever The Machine Forever3:36Down On The Upside101996214
1949SoundgardenTighter & Tighter6:06Down On The Upside111996212
1950SoundgardenNo Attention4:26Down On The Upside121996232
1951SoundgardenSwitch Opens3:52Down On The Upside131996206
1952SoundgardenOverfloater5:08Down On The Upside141996200
1953SoundgardenAn Unkind2:08Down On The Upside151996224
1954SoundgardenBoot Camp2:59Down On The Upside161996202
1955SoundgardenFlower3:29Flower (EP)11989190
1956SoundgardenHead Injury2:23Flower (EP)21989216
1957SoundgardenToy Box5:40Flower (EP)31989196
1958SoundgardenUgly Truth5:26Louder Than Love11989208
1959SoundgardenHands All Over6:00Louder Than Love21989211
1960SoundgardenGun4:42Louder Than Love31989213
1961SoundgardenPower Trip4:11Louder Than Love41989203
1962SoundgardenGet On The Snake3:43Louder Than Love51989217
1963SoundgardenFull On Kevin's Mom3:37Louder Than Love61989206
1964SoundgardenLoud Love4:57Louder Than Love71989207
1965SoundgardenI Awake4:21Louder Than Love81989199
1966SoundgardenNo Wrong No Right4:48Louder Than Love91989191
1967SoundgardenUncovered4:32Louder Than Love101989207
1968SoundgardenBig Dumb Sex4:11Louder Than Love111989215
1969SoundgardenFull On (Reprise)2:42Louder Than Love121989198
1970SoundgardenHunted Down2:43Screaming Life/Fopp11990208
1971SoundgardenEntering4:36Screaming Life/Fopp21990196
1972SoundgardenTears To Forget2:00Screaming Life/Fopp31990200
1973SoundgardenNothing To Say4:00Screaming Life/Fopp41990201
1974SoundgardenLittle Joe4:31Screaming Life/Fopp51990214
1975SoundgardenHand Of God4:27Screaming Life/Fopp61990207
1976SoundgardenKingdom Of Come2:35Screaming Life/Fopp71990216
1977SoundgardenSwallow My Pride2:18Screaming Life/Fopp81990202
1978SoundgardenFopp3:37Screaming Life/Fopp91990193
1979SoundgardenFopp (Dub)6:25Screaming Life/Fopp101990213
1980SoundgardenBirth Ritual6:08Singles (OST)71992222
1981SoundgardenSuperunknown (LP Version)5:12Songs From The Superunknown11995215
1982SoundgardenFell On Black Days (Video Version)5:28Songs From The Superunknown21995215
1983SoundgardenShe Likes Surprises (International LP Version)3:17Songs From The Superunknown31995212
1984SoundgardenLike Suicide (Acoustic Version)6:16Songs From The Superunknown41995186
1985SoundgardenJerry Garcia's Finger3:26Songs From The Superunknown51995202
1986SoundgardenLet Me Drown3:52Superunknown11994212
1987SoundgardenMy Wave5:11Superunknown21994206
1988SoundgardenFell On Black Days4:42Superunknown31994208
1991SoundgardenHead Down6:08Superunknown61994202
1992SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun5:18Superunknown71994208
1994SoundgardenLimo Wreck5:47Superunknown91994223
1995SoundgardenThe Day I Tried To Live5:19Superunknown101994208
1997SoundgardenFresh Tendrils4:16Superunknown121994208
1998Soundgarden4th Of July5:08Superunknown131994198
2000SoundgardenLike Suicide7:01Superunknown151994191
2001SoundgardenBlack Rain5:25Telephantasm122010211
2002SoundgardenFlower3:29Ultramega OK11988191
2003SoundgardenAll Your Lies3:51Ultramega OK21988205
2004Soundgarden6651:37Ultramega OK31988191
2005SoundgardenBeyond The Wheel4:21Ultramega OK41988189
2006Soundgarden6671:04Ultramega OK51988189
2007SoundgardenMood For Trouble4:25Ultramega OK61988209
2008SoundgardenCircle Of Power2:06Ultramega OK71988220
2009SoundgardenHe Didn't2:50Ultramega OK81988193
2010SoundgardenSmokestack Lightning5:07Ultramega OK91988191
2011SoundgardenNazi Driver3:57Ultramega OK101988209
2012SoundgardenHead Injury2:26Ultramega OK111988214
2013SoundgardenIncessant Mace6:27Ultramega OK121988201
2014SoundgardenOne Minute Of Silence1:01Ultramega OK131988141
2015Sounds IncorporatedWilliam Tell Overture2:07The Sixties Complete (Disc 2)81997210
2016Sounds OrchestralCast Your Fate To The Wind3:16Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)102005127
2017Sounds OrchestralCast Your Fate To The Wind3:13More Music To Watch Girls By (Disc 1)81999192
2018Soundtrack MusicAn Affair To Remember2:31Sleepless In Seattle (OST)101993178
2019The SourceYou Got The Love3:57The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 2)71993198
2020South Central CartelGang Stories4:47Def Jam Music Group Ten Year Anniversary (Disc 4)91995207
2021South ParkDreidel Dreidel Dreidel3:20   86
2022South ParkOh Holy Night (Cattle Prod)2:15   128
2023South ParkMr. Hankey The Christmas Poo2:16Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics11999175
2024South ParkMerry Fucking Christmas2:04Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics21999165
2025South ParkO Holy Night1:57Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics31999157
2026South ParkDead, Dead, Dead2:13Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics41999159
2027South ParkCarol Of The Bells0:57Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics51999173
2028South ParkThe Lonely Jew On Christmas2:46Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics61999157
2029South ParkI Saw Three Ships1:02Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics71999149
2030South ParkIt Happened In Sun Valley2:21Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics81999199
2031South ParkO Tannenbaum1:10Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics91999153
2032South ParkChristmas Time In Hell2:15Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics101999171
2033South ParkWhat The Hell Child Is This?4:28Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics111999190
2034South ParkSanta Claus Is On His Way0:28Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics121999152
2035South ParkSwiss Colony Beef Log2:16Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics131999168
2036South ParkHark The Herald Angels Sing0:40Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics141999154
2037South ParkDreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel3:20Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics151999186
2038South ParkThe Most Offensive Song Ever3:00Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics161999141
2039South ParkWe Three Kings0:51Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics171999159
2040South ParkHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2:30Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics181999159
2041South Shore CommissionTrain Called Freedom6:42Disco Train Vol. 171996225
2042The Southern JubileesThere's A Man In Jerusalem2:23The Sun Records Collection (Disc 1)71994126
2043Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHard To Find4:17At Least We Got Shoes11986212
2044Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTell Me (That Our Love's Still Strong)4:05At Least We Got Shoes21986203
2045Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWalk Away Renée4:21At Least We Got Shoes31986202
2046Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTake My Love3:12At Least We Got Shoes41986213
2047Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesYou Can Count On Me4:41At Least We Got Shoes51986200
2048Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTill The End Of The Night3:54At Least We Got Shoes61986207
2049Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Only Want To Be With You3:48At Least We Got Shoes71986185
2050Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLorraine4:26At Least We Got Shoes81986211
2051Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Can't Wait4:05At Least We Got Shoes91986193
2052Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesUnder The Sun4:46At Least We Got Shoes101986207
2053Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLove Goes To War3:47In The Heat11984211
2054Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesNew Romeo3:23In The Heat21984207
2055Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLove Is The Drug4:44In The Heat31984209
2056Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesCaptured4:44In The Heat41984214
2057Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Can't Live Without Love4:08In The Heat51984206
2058Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesOver My Head2:56In The Heat61984205
2059Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesDon't Look Back3:31In The Heat71984187
2060Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTell Me Lies3:27In The Heat81984202
2061Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesAction Speaks Louder Than Words3:28In The Heat91984198
2062Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesNew Coat Of Paint4:47In The Heat101984195
2063Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI'm So Anxious3:09Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky11981198
2064Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTalk To Me6:04Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky21981204
2065Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesAll I Want Is Everything3:24Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky31981207
2066Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHearts Of Stone4:29Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky41981202
2067Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTrapped Again5:15Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky51981210
2068Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWhy Is Love Such A Sacrifice6:34Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky61981203
2069Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesRestless Heart3:43Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky71981215
2070Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesVertigo4:06Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky81981212
2071Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Don't Want To Go Home3:48Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky91981198
2072Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesThe Fever7:09Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky101981201
2073Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesSam Cooke Medley4:16Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky111981200
2074Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesBring It On Home3:26Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky121981195
2075Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHaving A Party6:01Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky131981199
2076Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesBack In The USA4:44Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky141981208
2077Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHaving A Party, Roll Out The Barrel1:26Live - Reach Up & Touch The Sky151981194
2078Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWhy3:06Love Is A Sacrifice11980197
2079Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLove When It's Strong3:37Love Is A Sacrifice21980202
2080Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesGoodbye Love3:32Love Is A Sacrifice31980201
2081Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesMurder4:33Love Is A Sacrifice41980192
2082Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesKeep Our Love Simple3:27Love Is A Sacrifice51980191
2083Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesRestless Heart3:34Love Is A Sacrifice61980212
2084Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWhy Is Love Such A Sacrifice4:51Love Is A Sacrifice71980207
2085Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesOn The Beach2:56Love Is A Sacrifice81980202
2086Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLong Distance3:37Love Is A Sacrifice91980204
2087Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesIt Hurts3:06Love Is A Sacrifice101980207
2088Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesIt's Been A Long Time4:59Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)11995170
2089Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTalk To Me5:04Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)21995157
2090Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesThe Fever7:19Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)31995163
2091Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesBlue Radio5:54Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)41995158
2092Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTrapped Again4:03Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)51995161
2093Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWe'll Make The World Stand Still4:52Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)61995163
2094Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLove On The Wrong Side Of Town3:36Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)71995171
2095Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesDay In & Day Out4:22Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)81995165
2096Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWild Horses4:53Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)91995167
2097Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLittle Calcutta6:49Spittin' Fire (Disc 1)101995165
2098Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesFade Away5:11Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)11995152
2099Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesIt's All Over Now3:34Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)21995171
2100Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHoochie Coochie Man10:02Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)31995170
2101Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Played The Fool3:38Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)41995178
2102Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLovey Dovey4:46Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)51995162
2103Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesComing Back3:26Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)61995168
2104Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesAll Night Long5:41Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)71995173
2105Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Don't Want To Go Home11:27Spittin' Fire (Disc 2)81995161
2106Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Don't Want To Go Home3:45The Best of11992192
2107Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesThe Fever5:09The Best of21992199
2108Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesThis Time It's For Real4:08The Best of31992195
2109Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLove On The Wrong Side Of Town3:14The Best of41992192
2110Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesWithout Love4:33The Best of51992198
2111Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHavin' A Party3:47The Best of61992207
2112Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesGot To Get You Off My Mind (Live)4:57The Best of71992165
2113Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesSnatchin' It Back (Live)3:07The Best of81992168
2114Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesSweeter Than Honey (Live)3:40The Best of91992159
2115Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesYou Mean So Much To Me (Live)4:19The Best of101992195
2116Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesLittle By Little3:47The Best of111992205
2117Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesGot To Be A Better Way Home3:24The Best of121992213
2118Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesThis Time Baby's Gone For Good3:30The Best of131992199
2119Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesI Played The Fool3:31The Best of141992184
2120Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesHearts Of Stone4:33The Best of151992197
2121Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTake It Inside3:24The Best of161992193
2122Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTalk To Me4:23The Best of171992186
2123Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesNext To You3:50The Best of181992201
2124Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesTrapped Again4:29The Best of191992192
2125SpaceFemale Of The Species (Fembot Mix)3:09Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)61997178
2126SpacehogIn The Meantime4:59Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)92005212
2127Spandau BalletTrue5:32Charlie's Angels (OST)42000218
2128Spandau BalletGold3:55Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet12000212
2129Spandau BalletTrue5:40Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet22000212
2130Spandau BalletOnly When You Leave4:48Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet32000219
2131Spandau BalletLifeline3:27Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet42000214
2132Spandau BalletCommunication3:27Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet52000221
2133Spandau BalletInstinction3:39Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet62000179
2134Spandau BalletChant No.1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)4:09Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet72000197
2135Spandau BalletTo Cut a Long Story Short3:22Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet82000210
2136Spandau BalletThe Freeze3:33Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet92000213
2137Spandau BalletMusclebound3:56Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet102000202
2138Spandau BalletPaint Me Down3:47Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet112000204
2139Spandau BalletShe Loved Like Diamond2:55Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet122000194
2140Spandau BalletRound and Round4:34Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet132000210
2141Spandau BalletHighly Strung4:11Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet142000221
2142Spandau BalletFight for Ourselves4:24Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet152000204
2143Spandau BalletI'll Fly for You5:14Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet162000208
2144Spandau BalletThrough the Barricades5:58Gold: The Best of Spandau Ballet172000189
2145Spandau BalletGold3:56Rock Of The 80's Volume 751993250
2146Spandau BalletTrue5:27Slow Dancin'61990210
2147Spandau BalletTrue4:54The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)21999208
2148Spandau BalletShe Loved Like Diamond2:55The Power Of Love - Memories (Disc 1)4 191
2149Spandau BalletBe Free With Your Love4:39The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (disc 2)8 192
2150Spandau BalletRound & Round4:34The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)4 203
2151Spandau BalletGold3:52Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)72001220
2152The SpanielsGoodnight, Well It's Time To Go2:45American Graffiti (OST) (Disc 2)191973150
2153SpanielsGoodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite2:42The Doo Wop Box (Disc 1)101994128
2154The SpanielsBaby, It's You2:37The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 1)61996145
2155The SpanielsYou Gave Me Peace Of Mind2:47The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 2)151996131
2156The SpanielsStormy Weather2:32The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 3)71996129
2157Spanky & Our GangSunday Will Never Be The Same2:58AM Gold: 196761995187
2158Spanky & Our GangLike To Get To Know You3:12AM Gold: 196851995190
2159Spanky & Our GangLazy Day3:07Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)101992130
2160Spanky & Our GangLike To Get To Know You3:21TM Century GoldDisc Update 231991203
2161Spanky & Our GangSunday Will Never Be The Same2:59TM Century GoldDisc Update 2171991201
2162Spanky & Our GangLike To Get To Know You3:16Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)112001201
2163SpargoYou And Me4:12Disco Fever (Disc 2)11997206
2164SpargoJust For You3:36Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 2)102001218
2165Sparkle feat. R. KellyBe Careful5:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1998-0791998200
2166The SparklesNo Friend Of Mine2:26Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)51998148
2167The SparkletonesJust One Chance2:35Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)72005133
2168SparksGratuitous Sax0:31Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins11995182
2169SparksWhen Do I Get To Sing "My Way"4:37Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins21995230
2170Sparks(When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing5:13Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins31995233
2171SparksFrankly, Scarlett, I Don't Give A Damn5:03Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins41995204
2172SparksI Thought I Told You To Wait In The Car4:20Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins51995200
2173SparksHear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil5:37Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins61995210
2174SparksNow That I Own The BBC4:58Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins71995222
2175SparksTsui Hark4:31Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins81995209
2176SparksThe Ghost Of Liberace4:15Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins91995210
2177SparksLet's Go Surfing5:02Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins101995220
2178SparksSenseless Violins0:49Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins111995169
2179SparksHospitality on Parade4:00Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]11975211
2180SparksHappy Hunting Ground3:47Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]21975205
2181SparksWithout Using Hands3:23Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]31975201
2182SparksGet In the Swing4:07Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]41975206
2183SparksUnder the Table With Her2:21Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]51975193
2184SparksHow Are You Getting Home?2:59Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]61975202
2185SparksPineapple2:44Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]71975204
2186SparksTits4:59Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]81975198
2187SparksIt Ain't 19182:08Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]91975204
2188SparksThe Lady Is Lingering3:41Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]101975208
2189SparksIn the Future2:12Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]111975216
2190SparksLooks, Looks, Looks2:36Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]121975206
2191SparksMiss the Start, Miss the End2:49Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]131975201
2192SparksProfile3:30Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]141975203
2193SparksI Wanna Hold Your Hand2:56Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]151975204
2194SparksEngland3:16Indiscreet [1995 Re-issue]161975204
2195SparksThis Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us3:06Kimono My House11974210
2196SparksAmateur Hour3:41Kimono My House21974189
2197SparksFalling in Love with Myself Again3:05Kimono My House31974187
2198SparksHere in Heaven2:51Kimono My House41974190
2199SparksThank God It's Not Christmas5:09Kimono My House51974204
2200SparksHasta Mañana, Monsieur3:53Kimono My House61974193
2201SparksTalent Is an Asset3:27Kimono My House71974189
2202SparksComplaints2:54Kimono My House81974203
2203SparksIn My Family3:49Kimono My House91974205
2204SparksEquator4:43Kimono My House101974199
2205SparksBarbecutie3:10Kimono My House111974192
2206SparksLost and Found3:18Kimono My House121974197
2207SparksWonder Girl2:23Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)11990196
2208Sparks(No More) Mr. Nice Guys5:49Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)21990209
2209SparksGirl from Germany3:30Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)31990227
2210SparksI Like Girls2:53Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)41990207
2211SparksThis Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us3:07Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)51990218
2212SparksBarbecutie3:10Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)61990195
2213SparksAmateur Hour3:38Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)71990207
2214SparksTalent Is an Asset3:24Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)81990204
2215SparksLost and Found3:21Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)91990208
2216SparksHasta Mañana, Monsieur3:51Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)101990205
2217SparksPropaganda0:22Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)111990192
2218SparksAt Home, at Work, at Play3:10Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)121990238
2219SparksSomething for the Girl With Everything2:19Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)131990198
2220SparksNever Turn Your Back on Mother Earth2:30Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)141990203
2221SparksAchoo3:32Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)151990203
2222SparksGet in the Swing4:33Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)161990191
2223SparksLooks, Looks, Looks2:36Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)171990207
2224SparksHappy Hunting Ground3:46Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)181990202
2225SparksBig Boy3:30Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)191990228
2226SparksNothing to Do3:08Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)201990232
2227SparksOver the Summer3:51Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)211990212
2228SparksA Big Surprise3:42Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 1)221990211
2229SparksBeat The Clock4:25Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)11990237
2230SparksThe Number One Song In Heaven7:30Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)21990206
2231SparksTryouts For The Human Race6:08Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)31990229
2232SparksWhen I'm With You4:07Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)41990209
2233SparksFunny Face3:28Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)51990179
2234SparksTips For Teens3:36Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)61990194
2235SparksUpstairs3:43Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)71990189
2236SparksAngst In My Pants3:33Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)81990184
2237SparksSextown, U.S.A.3:03Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)91990234
2238SparksI Predict2:56Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)101990198
2239SparksMoustache3:33Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)111990231
2240SparksModesty Plays3:06Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)121990218
2241SparksCool Places3:25Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)131990228
2242SparksAll You Ever Think About Is Sex3:35Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)141990224
2243SparksWith All My Might3:43Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)151990216
2244SparksChange5:28Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)161990218
2245SparksMusic That You Can Dance To4:23Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)171990212
2246SparksSo Important4:33Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection (Disc 2)181990236
2247SparksPropaganda0:22Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)12005187
2248SparksAt Home, at Work, at Play3:06Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)22005202
2249SparksReinforcements3:55Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)32005199
2250SparksB.C.2:13Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)42005197
2251SparksThanks But No Thanks4:14Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)52005210
2252SparksDon't Leave Me Alone With Her3:02Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)62005196
2253SparksNever Turn Your Back on Mother Earth2:28Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)72005193
2254SparksSomething for the Girl With Everything2:17Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)82005184
2255SparksAchoo3:34Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)92005187
2256SparksWho Don't Like Kids3:37Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)102005201
2257SparksBon Voyage4:54Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)112005208
2258SparksAlabamy Right2:11Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)122005194
2259SparksMarry Me2:46Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)132005198
2260SparksPulling Rabbits Out of a Hat4:07Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)142005204
2261SparksLove Scenes4:07Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)152005203
2262SparksPretending to Be Drunk3:41Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)162005214
2263SparksProgress4:44Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)172005219
2264SparksWith All My Might3:41Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)182005213
2265SparksSparks in the Dark (Part One)0:29Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)192005208
2266SparksEverybody Move3:01Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)202005213
2267SparksA Song That Sings Itself4:27Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)212005202
2268SparksSisters3:56Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)222005219
2269SparksKiss Me Quick4:05Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)232005217
2270SparksSparks in the Dark (Part Two)2:59Propaganda (1974)/Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat (1984)242005220
2271SparksCool Places3:26Rock Of The 80's Volume 581993266
2272SparksI Predict2:55Rock Of The 80's Volume 851993232
2273The SpatsShe Done Moved2:27Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 2)82009159
2274The SpazzysPaco Doesn't Love Me2:31Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 2)132005241
2275Special DCome With Me4:18Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)32003186
2276Special DCome With Me2:39Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 57 (Disc 1) (UK)202004214
2277SpecialsGhost Town3:40Hit History Vol. 27 198191990205
2278SpecialsGhost Town3:39One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 6)182001240
2279SpecialsRegreza Maria3:12Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)192001220
2280Spectre GeneralNothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way3:39Transformers: The Movie (OST)51986211
2281Spectre GeneralHunger3:46Transformers: The Movie (OST)81986203
2282SpectrumI'll Be Gone4:24Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)92000213
2283Spencer Davis GroupGimme Some Lovin'2:581960's Classic Hits72003147
2284The Spencer Davis GroupGimme Some Lovin'2:55Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On18 136
2285Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running2:44Definite 60's Volume 1 (Disc 2)21992147
2286The Spencer Davis GroupLove Is On A Roll3:50Keep On Running11994207
2287The Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running3:05Keep On Running21994132
2288The Spencer Davis GroupIt Must Be Love3:48Keep On Running31994187
2289The Spencer Davis GroupSomebody Help Me2:40Keep On Running41994133
2290The Spencer Davis GroupDon't Want You No More4:04Keep On Running51994196
2291The Spencer Davis GroupCrossfire4:04Keep On Running61994205
2292The Spencer Davis GroupI'm A Man3:34Keep On Running71994132
2293The Spencer Davis GroupPrivate Number4:17Keep On Running81994204
2294The Spencer Davis GroupSuch A Good Woman3:12Keep On Running91994193
2295The Spencer Davis GroupGimme Some Lovin'2:53Keep On Running101994133
2296The Spencer Davis GroupNo Other Baby3:22Keep On Running111994196
2297The Spencer Davis GroupBlood Runs Hot3:59Keep On Running121994203
2298The Spencer Davis GroupMistakes3:17Keep On Running131994199
2299Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running2:45The Best Of Heartbeat (Disc 2)181994172
2300The Spencer Davis GroupGimme Some Lovin'2:55The Best of Spencer Davis Group11987160
2301The Spencer Davis GroupSearchin'2:36The Best of Spencer Davis Group21987194
2302The Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running2:44The Best of Spencer Davis Group31987178
2303The Spencer Davis GroupI Can't Stand It2:09The Best of Spencer Davis Group41987205
2304The Spencer Davis GroupStrong Love2:15The Best of Spencer Davis Group51987182
2305The Spencer Davis GroupEvery Little Bit Hurts3:28The Best of Spencer Davis Group61987167
2306The Spencer Davis GroupI'm A Man2:51The Best of Spencer Davis Group71987138
2307The Spencer Davis GroupBack into My Life Again2:26The Best of Spencer Davis Group81987180
2308The Spencer Davis GroupTrampoline2:25The Best of Spencer Davis Group91987175
2309The Spencer Davis GroupSomebody Help Me1:58The Best of Spencer Davis Group101987182
2310The Spencer Davis GroupWhen I Come Home2:03The Best of Spencer Davis Group111987159
2311The Spencer Davis GroupStevie's Blues3:50The Best of Spencer Davis Group121987185
2312The Spencer Davis GroupThe Hammer Song2:16The Best of Spencer Davis Group131987178
2313The Spencer Davis GroupWaltz for Lumumba4:16The Best of Spencer Davis Group141987189
2314The Spencer Davis GroupGoodbye Stevie2:23The Best of Spencer Davis Group151987178
2315The Spencer Davis GroupI'm A Man2:42TM Century GoldDisc 605101991129
2316The Spencer Davis GroupTime Seller2:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)142001184
2317Spencer Davis GroupWe Will Be There After Tea3:20Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)82001207
2318Spencer NilsenPalmtree Panic1:51Sonic CD USA21993192
2319Spencer NilsenPalmtree Panic good1:22Sonic CD USA31993192
2320Spencer NilsenPalmtree Panic bad1:26Sonic CD USA41993192
2321Spencer NilsenCollision Chaos1:41Sonic CD USA51993192
2322Spencer NilsenCollision Chaos good1:21Sonic CD USA61993192
2323Spencer NilsenCollision Chaos bad1:23Sonic CD USA71993192
2324Spencer NilsenTidal Tempest1:56Sonic CD USA81993192
2325Spencer NilsenTidal Tempest good1:21Sonic CD USA91993192
2326Spencer NilsenTidal Tempest bad1:19Sonic CD USA101993192
2327Spencer NilsenQuartz Quadrant1:44Sonic CD USA111993192
2328Spencer NilsenQuartz Quadrant good1:19Sonic CD USA121993192
2329Spencer NilsenQuartz Quadrant bad1:06Sonic CD USA131993192
2330Spencer NilsenWacky Workbench1:33Sonic CD USA141993192
2331Spencer NilsenWacky Workbench good1:03Sonic CD USA151993192
2332Spencer NilsenWacky Workbench bad1:21Sonic CD USA161993192
2333Spencer NilsenStardust Speedway1:56Sonic CD USA171993192
2334Spencer NilsenStardust Speedway bad1:08Sonic CD USA191993192
2335Spencer NilsenMetallic Madness1:26Sonic CD USA201993192
2336Spencer NilsenMetallic Madness good1:07Sonic CD USA211993192
2337Spencer NilsenMetallic Madness good1:14Sonic CD USA221993192
2338Spencer NilsenRobotnik’s Theme 11:21Sonic CD USA231993192
2339Spencer NilsenRobotnik’s Theme 21:25Sonic CD USA241993192
2340Spencer NilsenTitle Screen 10:31Sonic CD USA251993192
2341Spencer NilsenTitle Screen 20:31Sonic CD USA261993192
2342Spencer NilsenLevel complete0:10Sonic CD USA271993192
2343Spencer NilsenSuper Shoes0:24Sonic CD USA281993192
2344Spencer NilsenInvincibility0:23Sonic CD USA291993192
2345Spencer NilsenGame Over0:13Sonic CD USA301993192
2346Spencer NilsenSpecial Zone2:03Sonic CD USA311993192
2347Spencer NilsenStardust Speedway good1:14Sonic CD USA181993192
2348Spencer RossTracy's Theme2:54Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two61993189
2349Spice GirlsHoller4:15Forever12000245
2350Spice GirlsTell Me Why4:14Forever22000206
2351Spice GirlsLet Love Lead The Way4:58Forever32000243
2352Spice GirlsRight Back At Ya4:10Forever42000220
2353Spice GirlsGet Down With Me3:46Forever52000186
2354Spice GirlsWasting My Time4:14Forever62000227
2355Spice GirlsWeekend Love4:06Forever72000231
2356Spice GirlsTime Goes By4:51Forever82000203
2357Spice GirlsIf You Wanna Have Some Fun5:26Forever92000217
2358Spice GirlsOxygen4:57Forever102000182
2359Spice GirlsGoodbye4:35Forever112000213
2360Spice GirlsSpice Up Your Life2:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1997-1121997231
2361Spice GirlsWannabe2:53Spice11996214
2362Spice GirlsSay You'll Be There3:56Spice21996214
2363Spice Girls2 Become 14:01Spice31996207
2364Spice GirlsLove Thing3:38Spice41996197
2365Spice GirlsLast Time Lover4:11Spice51996208
2366Spice GirlsMama5:05Spice61996206
2367Spice GirlsWho Do You Think You Are4:00Spice71996234
2368Spice GirlsSomething Kinda Funny4:05Spice81996192
2369Spice GirlsNaked4:25Spice91996214
2370Spice GirlsIf U Can't Dance3:48Spice101996217
2371Spice GirlsSpice Up Your Life2:53Spiceworld11997229
2372Spice GirlsStop3:24Spiceworld21997209
2373Spice GirlsToo Much4:31Spiceworld31997197
2374Spice GirlsSaturday Night Divas4:25Spiceworld41997215
2375Spice GirlsNever Give Up On The Good Times4:30Spiceworld51997227
2376Spice GirlsMove Over2:46Spiceworld61997215
2377Spice GirlsDo It4:04Spiceworld71997230
2378Spice GirlsDenying3:47Spiceworld81997209
2379Spice GirlsViva Forever5:10Spiceworld91997223
2380Spice GirlsThe Lady Is A Vamp3:11Spiceworld101997239
2381Spice GirlsWannabe2:53Total Hits Vol. 281999207
2382Spice GirlsMama5:03Tribute To Diana Princess Of Wales (Disc 2)131997248
2383SpiderbaitBlack Betty3:26Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)32005226
2384Spike JonesAll I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth3:10   128
2385Spike JonesAll I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth3:09Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD21989128
2386Spike JonesClink, Clink, Another Drink2:24Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)11994126
2387Spike JonesDer Fuehrer's Face2:41Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)21994132
2388Spike JonesThe Sheik Of Araby2:29Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)31994128
2389Spike JonesHotcha Cornia (Black Eyes)2:29Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)41994133
2390Spike JonesCocktails For Two2:58Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)51994125
2391Spike JonesLeave The Dishes In The Sink, Ma2:51Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)61994130
2392Spike JonesHoliday For Strings3:10Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)71994127
2393Spike JonesChloe3:14Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)81994127
2394Spike JonesThat Old Black Magic2:30Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)91994136
2395Spike JonesYou Always Hurt The One You Love2:55Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)101994132
2396Spike JonesLiebestraum3:17Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)111994132
2397Spike JonesThe Glow-Worm3:11Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)121994129
2398Spike JonesHawaiian War Chant (Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai)2:46Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)131994140
2399Spike JonesLaura3:00Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)141994137
2400Spike JonesJones Polka2:41Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)151994135
2401Spike JonesLove In Bloom3:30Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)161994127
2402Spike JonesThe Man On The Flying Trapeze3:05Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)171994136
2403Spike JonesMy Old Flame3:38Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)181994127
2404Spike JonesAll I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)3:11Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)191994130
2405Spike JonesHappy New Year3:28Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 1)201994135
2406Spike JonesWilliam Tell Overture3:18Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)11994128
2407Spike JonesBy The Beautiful Sea3:11Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)21994132
2408Spike JonesIll Barkio (Il Bacio)3:29Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)31994128
2409Spike JonesNone But The Lonely Heart3:19Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)41994127
2410Spike JonesYa Wanna Buy A Bunny?3:22Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)51994129
2411Spike JonesDance Of The Hours3:36Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)61994130
2412Spike JonesWild Bill Hiccup3:24Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)71994129
2413Spike JonesBarney Google2:39Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)81994128
2414Spike JonesMorpheus3:02Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)91994127
2415Spike JonesRhapsody From Hunger(y)3:21Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)101994128
2416Spike JonesBlack Bottom2:35Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)111994138
2417Spike JonesPal-Yat-Chee3:23Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)121994135
2418Spike JonesYes! We Have No Bananas3:19Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)131994130
2419Spike JonesApril Showers1:32Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)141994125
2420Spike JonesI Went To Your Wedding3:30Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)151994127
2421Spike JonesSecret Love2:35Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)161994129
2422Spike JonesI'm In The Mood For Love3:03Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)171994128
2423Spike JonesBlack and Blue Danube Waltz4:20Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)181994131
2424Spike JonesThe Late Late Late Movies, Part II3:18Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)191994182
2425Spike JonesI Only Have Eyes For You3:29Musical Depreciation Revue: The Spike Jones Anthology (Disc 2)201994193
2426Spike Jones & His City SlickersCocktails For Two2:58Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)111991128
2427Spike Jones & His City SlickersDer Fuehrer's Face2:39Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)91991129
2428Spike Jones & His City SlickersBarstool Cowboy From Old Barstow2:32Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)11999126
2429Spike Jones & His City SlickersBehind Those Swinging Doors3:05Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)21999127
2430Spike Jones & His City SlickersRed Wing2:24Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)31999126
2431Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along2:50Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)41999126
2432Spike Jones & His City SlickersClink, Clink, Another Drink2:21Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)51999126
2433Spike Jones & His City SlickersLittle Bo-Peep Has Lost Her Jeep2:23Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)61999127
2434Spike Jones & His City SlickersPack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag2:27Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)71999126
2435Spike Jones & His City SlickersThree Little Words2:19Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)81999126
2436Spike Jones & His City SlickersWhen Buddah Smiles1:57Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)91999126
2437Spike Jones & His City SlickersYou're A Sap Mister Jap2:06Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)101999126
2438Spike Jones & His City SlickersNever Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel3:01Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)111999126
2439Spike Jones & His City SlickersHorsey, Keep Your Tail Up2:07Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)121999126
2440Spike Jones & His City SlickersCamptown Races2:04Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)131999126
2441Spike Jones & His City SlickersJohn Scotter Trot2:13Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)141999126
2442Spike Jones & His City SlickersLove For Sale2:46Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)151999126
2443Spike Jones & His City SlickersMoanin' Low2:31Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)161999126
2444Spike Jones & His City SlickersCheatin' On The Sandman2:47Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)171999127
2445Spike Jones & His City SlickersCome Josephine In My Flying Machine2:36Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)181999126
2446Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Sailor With The Navy Blue Eyes2:45Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)191999126
2447Spike Jones & His City SlickersDer Fuehrer's Face2:40Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)201999126
2448Spike Jones & His City SlickersHotcha Cornia (Hotcha Chornya - Russian Folk Song)2:30Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)211999126
2449Spike Jones & His City SlickersI Wanna Go Back To West Virginia3:10Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)221999127
2450Spike Jones & His City SlickersWater Lou (Drip, Drip, Drip)2:55Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 1)231999126
2451Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Sheik Of Araby2:35Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)11999126
2452Spike Jones & His City SlickersOh! By Jingo3:02Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)21999126
2453Spike Jones & His City SlickersI'm Going To Write Home2:15Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)31999126
2454Spike Jones & His City SlickersHi Ho My Lady3:07Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)41999126
2455Spike Jones & His City SlickersI Know A Story2:25Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)51999126
2456Spike Jones & His City SlickersSt-st-st-stella1:43Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)61999125
2457Spike Jones & His City SlickersHotcha Cornya (Hotcha Chornya - Russian Folk Songs)2:24Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)71999126
2458Spike Jones & His City SlickersDown In Jungle Town2:19Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)81999127
2459Spike Jones & His City SlickersAs Time Goes By2:44Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)91999127
2460Spike Jones & His City SlickersPeople Will Say We're In Love2:48Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)101999126
2461Spike Jones & His City SlickersG I Haircut1:51Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)111999126
2462Spike Jones & His City SlickersIt Never Rains In Sunny California3:10Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)121999127
2463Spike Jones & His City SlickersWang Wang Blues2:10Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)131999126
2464Spike Jones & His City SlickersMy Little Girl1:42Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)141999126
2465Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Sound Effects Man2:18Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)151999126
2466Spike Jones & His City SlickersRagtime Cowboy Joe2:49Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)161999126
2467Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Vamp1:57Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)171999126
2468Spike Jones & His City SlickersHe Broke My Heart In Three Places2:56Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)181999126
2469Spike Jones & His City SlickersBesame Mucho3:26Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)191999127
2470Spike Jones & His City SlickersI'm Goin Back To Where I Came From2:42Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)201999126
2471Spike Jones & His City SlickersThere's A Fly On My Music2:34Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)211999126
2472Spike Jones & His City SlickersRow, Row, Row2:09Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)221999126
2473Spike Jones & His City SlickersI Wanna Gal Just Like The Gal That Married Dear Old Dad1:48Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)231999125
2474Spike Jones & His City SlickersJingle Bells2:54Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 2)241999127
2475Spike Jones & His City SlickersCocktails For Two2:49Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)11999126
2476Spike Jones & His City SlickersAnd The Great Big Saw Came Nearer And Nearer2:39Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)21999127
2477Spike Jones & His City SlickersRed Grow The Roses2:22Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)31999126
2478Spike Jones & His City SlickersJamboree Jones2:46Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)41999126
2479Spike Jones & His City SlickersWhittle Out A Whistle2:02Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)51999126
2480Spike Jones & His City SlickersCasey Jones1:59Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)61999127
2481Spike Jones & His City SlickersAt Last I'm First With You2:44Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)71999126
2482Spike Jones & His City SlickersDown By The O-hi-o1:57Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)81999126
2483Spike Jones & His City SlickersHoliday For Strings3:11Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)91999127
2484Spike Jones & His City SlickersCocktails For Two2:59Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)101999126
2485Spike Jones & His City SlickersLeave The Dishes In The Sink, Ma2:52Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)111999127
2486Spike Jones & His City SlickersSerenade To A Jerk3:13Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)121999126
2487Spike Jones & His City SlickersDrip, Drip, Drip (Sloppy Lagoon)3:12Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)131999127
2488Spike Jones & His City SlickersChloe3:12Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)141999127
2489Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Blue Danube3:14Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)151999128
2490Spike Jones & His City SlickersBlack Bottom2:30Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)161999126
2491Spike Jones & His City SlickersToot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye2:15Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)171999126
2492Spike Jones & His City SlickersMacnamara's Band2:33Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)181999126
2493Spike Jones & His City SlickersSiam2:48Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)191999126
2494Spike Jones & His City SlickersLiebestraume3:12Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)201999128
2495Spike Jones & His City SlickersYou Always Hurt The One You Love2:51Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)211999126
2496Spike Jones & His City SlickersThat Old Black Magic2:29Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)221999126
2497Spike Jones & His City SlickersMother Goose Medley3:20Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)231999127
2498Spike Jones & His City SlickersHawaiian War Chant2:44Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 3)241999127
2499Spike Jones & His City SlickersOld Mcdonald Had A Farm3:09Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)11999127
2500Spike Jones & His City SlickersI Dream Of Brownie With The Light Blue Jeans3:08Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)21999128
2501Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Glow Worm3:08Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)31999127
2502Spike Jones & His City SlickersLaura3:00Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)41999130
2503Spike Jones & His City SlickersJones Polka2:39Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)51999131
2504Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Jones Laughing Record2:46Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)61999126
2505Spike Jones & His City SlickersWilliam Tell Overture3:17Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)71999127
2506Spike Jones & His City SlickersMy Pretty Girl2:57Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)81999126
2507Spike Jones & His City SlickersRhapsody From Hunger (Y)3:10Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)91999128
2508Spike Jones & His City SlickersI'm In The Mood For Love3:00Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)101999126
2509Spike Jones & His City SlickersWhen Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba2:34Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)111999135
2510Spike Jones & His City SlickersI'm Forever Blowing Bubble Gum3:21Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)121999127
2511Spike Jones & His City SlickersLove In Bloom3:29Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)131999127
2512Spike Jones & His City SlickersThe Man On The Flying Trapeze3:04Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)141999127
2513Spike Jones & His City SlickersPopcorn Sack3:00Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)151999126
2514Spike Jones & His City SlickersOur Hour (The Puppy Love Song)3:25Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)161999126
2515Spike Jones & His City SlickersMy Old Flame3:31Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)171999127
2516Spike Jones & His City SlickersPeople Are Funnier Than Anybody3:08Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)181999126
2517Spike Jones & His City SlickersBy The Beautiful Sea3:11Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)191999126
2518Spike Jones & His City SlickersI'm Getting Sentimental Over You3:33Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)201999127
2519Spike Jones & His City SlickersI Kiss Your Hand Madame3:36Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)211999127
2520Spike Jones & His City SlickersAll I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)3:10Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)221999126
2521Spike Jones & His City SlickersIll Brakio (Il Bracio)3:25Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)231999127
2522Spike Jones & His City SlickersNone But The Lonely Heart (A Soaperetta)3:19Strictly For Music Lovers (Disc 4)241999127
2523Spike Jones And His City SlickersAll I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (1948)3:09Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits (1935-1954)51989131
2524Spike Jones and his City SlickersHappy New Year3:26Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia161995130
2525Spike Jones and His City SlickersCocktails for Two2:58Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers31993125
2526Spike Jones New BandShangri-La1:59Ultra-Lounge Volume 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale161996192
2527Spike Jones New BandHarlem Nocturne2:27Ultra-Lounge Volume 07 - The Crime Scene101996192
2528The Spill CanvasOur Song3:42Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06212010196
2529SpillerCry Baby (Röyksopps Målselves Memorabilia Mix)5:57Erotic Lounge (Quick And Dirty) (Disc 2)92003220
2530SpillerGroovejet (If This Ain't Love)3:58Totally Dance161998262
2531Spin DoctorsTwo Princes4:1790's Pop Hits (Disc 2)3 218
2532Spin DoctorsWhat Time Is It?/Off My Line12:19Homebelly Groove...Live11992212
2533Spin DoctorsFreeway Of The Plains/Lady Kerosene10:53Homebelly Groove...Live21992196
2534Spin DoctorsYo Baby5:50Homebelly Groove...Live31992200
2535Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong4:42Homebelly Groove...Live41992216
2536Spin DoctorsShinbone Alley8:13Homebelly Groove...Live51992206
2537Spin DoctorsRefrigerator Car6:20Homebelly Groove...Live61992209
2538Spin DoctorsSweet Widow11:38Homebelly Groove...Live71992197
2539Spin DoctorsStepped On A Crack5:13Homebelly Groove...Live81992206
2540Spin DoctorsYo Mama's A Pajama4:06Homebelly Groove...Live91992218
2541Spin DoctorsRosetta Stone8:07Homebelly Groove...Live101992186
2542Spin DoctorsHave You Ever Seen The Rain?2:41Philadelphia (OST)61994206
2543Spin DoctorsJimmy Olsen's Blues4:38Pocket Full Of Kryptonite11991198
2544Spin DoctorsWhat Time Is It?4:50Pocket Full Of Kryptonite21991217
2545Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong3:54Pocket Full Of Kryptonite31991210
2546Spin DoctorsForty Or Fifty4:23Pocket Full Of Kryptonite41991184
2547Spin DoctorsRefrigerator Car4:46Pocket Full Of Kryptonite51991213
2548Spin DoctorsMore Than She Knows2:12Pocket Full Of Kryptonite61991211
2549Spin DoctorsTwo Princes4:18Pocket Full Of Kryptonite71991217
2550Spin DoctorsOff My Line3:58Pocket Full Of Kryptonite81991217
2551Spin DoctorsHow Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)4:59Pocket Full Of Kryptonite91991200
2552Spin DoctorsShinbone Alley/Hard To Exist12:43Pocket Full Of Kryptonite101991213
2553Spin DoctorsThat's The Way (I Like It) (feat. Biz Markie)3:49Space Jam (OST)131996205
2554The Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong3:52The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)91999218
2555Spin DoctorsBig Fat Funky Booty4:15Turn It Upside Down11994208
2556Spin DoctorsYou Let Your Heart Go Too Fast3:49Turn It Upside Down21994219
2557Spin DoctorsCleopatra's Cat4:04Turn It Upside Down31994207
2558Spin DoctorsHungry Hamed's5:11Turn It Upside Down41994208
2559Spin DoctorsBiscuit Head4:19Turn It Upside Down51994213
2560Spin DoctorsIndifference4:23Turn It Upside Down61994195
2561Spin DoctorsBags Of Dirt4:47Turn It Upside Down71994213
2562Spin DoctorsMary Jane3:41Turn It Upside Down81994206
2563Spin DoctorsMore Than Meets The Ear3:55Turn It Upside Down91994200
2564Spin DoctorsLaraby's Gang3:39Turn It Upside Down101994213
2565Spin DoctorsAt This Hour3:53Turn It Upside Down111994212
2566Spin DoctorsSomeday All This Will Be Road4:41Turn It Upside Down121994215
2567Spin DoctorsBeasts In The Woods4:35Turn It Upside Down131994214
2568Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong3:55Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 2)172005220
2569Spinal TapTonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight2:42Back from the Dead12009219
2570Spinal TapBack from the Dead4:06Back from the Dead22009203
2571Spinal Tap(Funky) Sex Farm4:30Back from the Dead32009209
2572Spinal TapRock N' Roll Creation5:05Back from the Dead42009217
2573Spinal TapJazz Oddyssey I2:19Back from the Dead52009190
2574Spinal TapGimme Some Money2:33Back from the Dead62009206
2575Spinal TapRock N' Roll Nightmare3:19Back from the Dead72009224
2576Spinal TapHeavy Duty4:57Back from the Dead82009235
2577Spinal TapAmerica3:39Back from the Dead92009220
2578Spinal TapJazz Oddyssey II2:00Back from the Dead102009205
2579Spinal Tap(Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee)3:20Back from the Dead112009190
2580Spinal TapHell Hole3:34Back from the Dead122009205
2581Spinal TapBig Bottom3:39Back from the Dead132009201
2582Spinal TapCeltic Blues1:25Back from the Dead142009180
2583Spinal TapJazz Oddyssey III2:17Back from the Dead152009193
2584Spinal TapWarmer Than Hell3:51Back from the Dead162009223
2585Spinal TapStonehenge4:30Back from the Dead172009198
2586Spinal TapShort and Sweet6:35Back from the Dead182009215
2587Spinal TapCups and Cakes1:40Back from the Dead192009197
2588Spinal TapBitch School2:51Break Like The Wind11992223
2589Spinal TapThe Majesty Of Rock3:55Break Like The Wind21992221
2590Spinal TapDiva Fever3:06Break Like The Wind31992234
2591Spinal TapJust Begin Again4:53Break Like The Wind41992202
2592Spinal TapCash On Delivery3:03Break Like The Wind51992236
2593Spinal TapThe Sun Never Sweats4:23Break Like The Wind61992218
2594Spinal TapRainy Day Sun3:42Break Like The Wind71992220
2595Spinal TapBreak Like The Wind4:35Break Like The Wind81992221
2596Spinal TapStinkin' Up The Great Outdoors2:50Break Like The Wind91992236
2597Spinal TapSpringtime4:02Break Like The Wind101992216
2598Spinal TapClam Caravan3:37Break Like The Wind111992205
2599Spinal TapChristmas With The Devil4:33Break Like The Wind121992228
2600Spinal TapNow Leaving On Track 132:08Break Like The Wind131992198
2601Spinal TapAll The Way Home2:08Break Like The Wind141992237
2602Spinal TapHell Hole3:08This Is Spinal Tap11984196
2603Spinal TapTonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight2:38This Is Spinal Tap21984194
2604Spinal TapHeavy Duty4:28This Is Spinal Tap31984195
2605Spinal TapRock & Roll Creation4:08This Is Spinal Tap41984212
2606Spinal TapAmerica3:32This Is Spinal Tap51984194
2607Spinal TapCups and Cakes1:33This Is Spinal Tap61984190
2608Spinal TapBig Bottom3:32This Is Spinal Tap71984195
2609Spinal TapSex Farm3:21This Is Spinal Tap81984188
2610Spinal TapStonehenge4:36This Is Spinal Tap91984195
2611Spinal TapGimme Some Money2:27This Is Spinal Tap101984193
2612Spinal Tap(Listen to the) Flower People2:36This Is Spinal Tap111984204
2613SpinettaViento del Azur4:52L. A. Spinetta - "A 18' del sol"1 128
2614SpinettaViejas Mascarillas5:13L. A. Spinetta - "A 18' del sol"3 128
2615The SpinnersThat's What Girls Are Made For3:07A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)11991129
2616The SpinnersI'll Always Love You2:44A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)21991191
2617The SpinnersIt's A Shame3:12A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)31991225
2618The Spinners(Oh Lord) I Wish I Could Sleep3:09A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)41991183
2619The SpinnersHow Could I Let You Get Away3:45A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)51991205
2620The SpinnersI'll Be Around3:09A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)61991210
2621The SpinnersCould It Be I'm Falling In Love4:31A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)71991197
2622The SpinnersOne Of A Kind (Love Affair)3:31A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)81991213
2623The SpinnersDon't Let The Green Grass Fool You4:00A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)91991198
2624The SpinnersGhetto Child3:51A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)101991206
2625The SpinnersMighty Love4:55A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)111991214
2626The SpinnersI'm Coming Home4:09A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)121991216
2627The SpinnersHe'll Never Love You Like I Do3:55A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)131991205
2628The SpinnersLove Don't Love Nobody7:11A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)141991202
2629The SpinnersThen Came You3:57A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)151991213
2630The SpinnersLiving A Little, Laughing A Little5:02A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)161991208
2631The SpinnersSadie5:26A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 1)171991200
2632The SpinnersGames People Play4:41A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)11991209
2633The SpinnersI Don't Want To Lose You3:41A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)21991197
2634The SpinnersHonest I Do4:00A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)31991210
2635The SpinnersLove Or Leave4:57A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)41991211
2636The SpinnersSweet Love Of Mine4:19A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)51991206
2637The SpinnersHow Could I Let You Get Away (Live)7:11A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)61991192
2638The SpinnersWake Up Susan3:23A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)71991217
2639The SpinnersThe Rubberband Man7:21A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)81991221
2640The SpinnersMe And My Music4:21A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)91991199
2641The SpinnersYou're Throwing A Good Love Away8:35A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)101991185
2642The SpinnersHeaven on Earth (So Fine)3:58A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)111991189
2643The SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl6:01A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)121991205
2644The SpinnersFunny How Time Slips Away3:30A One Of A Kind Love Affair (Disc 2)131991206
2645The SpinnersCould It Be I'm Falling In Love4:12Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)121991206
2646The SpinnersI'll Be Around3:11Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)151991212
2647The SpinnersOne Of A Kind3:23Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)171991200
2648The SpinnersMighty Love4:59Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 8) (1970-1974)191991211
2649SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl4:05Billboard Top Hits (1980)31992243
2650SpinnersI'll Be Around3:12Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)82001201
2651SpinnersCould It Be I'm Falling in Love4:14Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)12001199
2652The SpinnersMighty Love4:59Crooklyn (OST)91994216
2653The SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You / Forgive Me, Girl4:04Feel Good Rock (Disc 1)31989194
2654SpinnersI'll Be Around3:12Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)221998207
2655The SpinnersIt's A Shame3:09Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)91992131
2656SpinnersThen Came You3:57Pure Disco 3171998212
2657The SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl4:04Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-1982121995197
2658The SpinnersRubberband Man3:33Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976201989216
2659The SpinnersThe Twelve Days Of Christmas3:53The Best Christmas Album In The World Ever201996212
2660The SpinnersThe 12 Days Of Christmas3:53The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)201996206
2661The SpinnersIt's A Shame3:11The Very Best Of Spinners11993133
2662The SpinnersI'll Be Around3:14The Very Best Of Spinners21993205
2663The SpinnersHow Could I Let You Get Away3:50The Very Best Of Spinners31993196
2664The SpinnersCould It Be I'm Falling In Love4:16The Very Best Of Spinners41993203
2665The SpinnersOne Of A Kind (Love Affair)3:35The Very Best Of Spinners51993201
2666The SpinnersGhetto Child3:51The Very Best Of Spinners61993200
2667The SpinnersMighty Love (Pt. 1)3:18The Very Best Of Spinners71993209
2668The SpinnersComing Home3:26The Very Best Of Spinners81993208
2669The SpinnersThen Came You (With Dionne Warwick)4:01The Very Best Of Spinners91993210
2670The SpinnersLove Don't Love Nobody (Pt. 1)3:38The Very Best Of Spinners101993198
2671The SpinnersLiving A Little, Laughing A Little3:18The Very Best Of Spinners111993204
2672The SpinnersSadie3:40The Very Best Of Spinners121993183
2673The SpinnersThey Just Can't Stop It The (Games People Play)3:33The Very Best Of Spinners131993209
2674The SpinnersThe Rubberband Man3:37The Very Best Of Spinners141993217
2675The SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl4:06The Very Best Of Spinners151993203
2676The SpinnersCupid I've Loved You For A Long Time3:56The Very Best Of Spinners161993215
2677SpinnersRubberband Man3:32Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)162001224
2678Spiral StaircaseMore Today Than Yesterday2:59Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 111990203
2679Spiral StaircaseMore Today Than Yesterday2:51TM Century GoldDisc Update 5161991212
2680SpiritI Got A Line On You2:43Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)71998203
2681SpiritI Got A Line On You2:42Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On141989221
2682SpiritFresh Garbage3:13Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)11991205
2683SpiritUncle Jack2:45Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)21991217
2684SpiritMechanical World5:19Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)31991203
2685SpiritTaurus2:38Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)41991189
2686SpiritGirl In Your Eye3:18Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)51991201
2687SpiritStraight Arrow2:51Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)61991208
2688SpiritTopanga Windows3:38Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)71991201
2689SpiritGramophone Man3:51Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)81991197
2690SpiritThe Great Canyon Fire In General2:48Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)91991207
2691SpiritI Got A Line On You2:47Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)101991220
2692SpiritIt Shall Be3:28Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)111991185
2693SpiritPoor Richard2:29Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)121991205
2694SpiritSilky Sam4:10Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)131991184
2695SpiritSherozode2:12Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)141991193
2696SpiritAll The Same4:41Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)151991203
2697SpiritDream Within A Dream3:01Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)161991202
2698SpiritAren't You Glad5:35Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)171991193
2699SpiritEventide4:22Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)181991200
2700SpiritModel Shoppe Theme (The Moving Van)2:58Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)191991209
2701SpiritGreen Gorilla2:19Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)201991192
2702SpiritRehearsal Theme1:12Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 1)211991127
2703SpiritFog2:24Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)11991197
2704SpiritNow Or Anywhere4:22Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)21991192
2705SpiritDark-Eyed Woman3:07Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)31991196
2706SpiritSo Little Time To Fly2:48Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)41991213
2707SpiritGround Hog3:12Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)51991199
2708SpiritIce7:07Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)61991199
2709SpiritI'm Truckin'2:26Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)71991203
2710SpiritNew Dope In Town4:24Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)81991193
2711Spirit19843:37Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)91991128
2712SpiritSweet Stella Baby2:56Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)101991127
2713SpiritPrelude - Nothin' To Hide3:42Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)111991214
2714SpiritNature's Way2:25Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)121991215
2715SpiritAnimal Zoo3:26Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)131991209
2716SpiritLove Has Found A Way2:41Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)141991200
2717SpiritWhy Can't I Be Free1:04Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)151991196
2718SpiritMr. Skin3:51Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)161991206
2719SpiritWhen I Touch You5:36Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)171991212
2720SpiritStreet Worm3:41Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)181991199
2721SpiritMorning Will Come2:51Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)191991212
2722SpiritTurn To The Right3:47Time Circle (1968-1972) (Disc 2)201991210
2723SpiritGirl In Your Eye3:08Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)252009132
2724SpiritI Got A Line On You2:41Woodstock Memories81995215
2725Split EnzI Got You3:31Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)192000210
2726Split EnzHistory Never Repeats2:56Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)71992228
2727Split EnzI Got You3:29Rock Of The 80's Volume 1101990256
2728Split EnzTitus3:15The Best Of Split Enz11994207
2729Split EnzLate Last Night4:04The Best Of Split Enz21994199
2730Split EnzMatinee Idyll2:56The Best Of Split Enz31994201
2731Split EnzLovey Dovey3:08The Best Of Split Enz41994201
2732Split EnzTime For A Change4:06The Best Of Split Enz51994199
2733Split EnzCrosswords3:24The Best Of Split Enz61994202
2734Split EnzCharley5:29The Best Of Split Enz71994196
2735Split EnzAnother Great Divide3:40The Best Of Split Enz81994208
2736Split EnzBold As Brass3:29The Best Of Split Enz91994215
2737Split EnzMy Mistake3:01The Best Of Split Enz101994198
2738Split EnzI See Red3:14The Best Of Split Enz111994206
2739Split EnzI Got You3:29The Best Of Split Enz121994217
2740Split EnzOne Step Ahead2:53The Best Of Split Enz131994204
2741Split EnzHistory Never Repeats2:58The Best Of Split Enz141994230
2742Split EnzSix Months In A Leaky Boat3:14The Best Of Split Enz151994208
2743Split EnzMessage To My Girl3:58The Best Of Split Enz161994192
2744Spock's BeardBeware Of Darkness5:42Beware Of Darkness11997197
2745Spock's BeardThoughts7:10Beware Of Darkness21997207
2746Spock's BeardThe Doorway11:35Beware Of Darkness31997206
2747Spock's BeardChatauqua2:50Beware Of Darkness41997150
2748Spock's BeardWalking On The Wind9:09Beware Of Darkness51997209
2749Spock's BeardWaste Away5:21Beware Of Darkness61997220
2750Spock's BeardTime Has Come16:22Beware Of Darkness71997205
2751Spock's BeardDay For Night7:34Day For Night11999216
2752Spock's BeardGibberish4:18Day For Night21999207
2753Spock's BeardSkin4:01Day For Night31999214
2754Spock's BeardThe Distance To The Sun5:12Day For Night41999176
2755Spock's BeardCrack The Big Sky9:51Day For Night51999221
2756Spock's BeardThe Gypsy7:29Day For Night61999213
2757Spock's BeardCan't Get It Wrong4:13Day For Night71999179
2758Spock's BeardThe Healing Colors Of Sound (Part 1)2:22Day For Night81999221
2759Spock's BeardMy Shoes4:16Day For Night91999193
2760Spock's BeardMommy Comes Back4:50Day For Night101999223
2761Spock's BeardLay It Down3:17Day For Night111999180
2762Spock's BeardThe Healing Colors Of Sound3:16Day For Night121999218
2763Spock's BeardMy Shoes (Revisited)3:58Day For Night131999220
2764Spock's Beard(Enhanced CD Track)0:41Day For Night141999144
2765Spock's BeardOnomatopoeia5:16Feel Euphoria12003231
2766Spock's BeardThe Bottom Line7:33Feel Euphoria22003210
2767Spock's BeardFeel Euphoria7:20Feel Euphoria32003216
2768Spock's BeardShining Star4:04Feel Euphoria42003222
2769Spock's BeardEast Of Eden, West Of Memphis7:05Feel Euphoria52003225
2770Spock's BeardGhosts Of Autumn6:54Feel Euphoria62003213
2771Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. I - Intro3:00Feel Euphoria72003229
2772Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. II - Same Old Story4:25Feel Euphoria82003222
2773Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. III - You Don't Know3:11Feel Euphoria92003208
2774Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. IV - Judge3:20Feel Euphoria102003229
2775Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. V - Sid's Boys Choir1:09Feel Euphoria112003191
2776Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid: Pt. VI - Change5:18Feel Euphoria122003211
2777Spock's BeardCarry On5:19Feel Euphoria132003218
2778Spock's BeardMoth Of Many Flames (Bonus Track)2:49Feel Euphoria142003211
2779Spock's BeardFrom The Messenger (Bonus Track)7:25Feel Euphoria152003213
2780Spock's BeardIntroduction1:02Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)11999204
2781Spock's BeardMouth of Madness5:00Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)21999214
2782Spock's BeardGibberish4:41Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)31999209
2783Spock's BeardSkin4:13Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)41999212
2784Spock's BeardGo The Way You Go13:29Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)51999207
2785Spock's BeardThe Distance to the Sun5:20Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)61999193
2786Spock's BeardCrack the Big Sky9:50Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 1)71999213
2787Spock's BeardThe Doorway14:05Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)11999221
2788Spock's BeardThe Light20:13Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)21999218
2789Spock's BeardJune3:48Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)31999199
2790Spock's BeardWaste Away5:04Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)41999232
2791Spock's BeardSquonk3:33Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)51999210
2792Spock's BeardWalking on the Wind9:59Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (Disc 2)61999228
2793Spock's BeardThe Ballet Of The Impact5:34Octane12005226
2794Spock's BeardI Wouldn't Let It Go4:53Octane22005218
2795Spock's BeardSurfing Down The Avalanche3:43Octane32005240
2796Spock's BeardShe Is Everything6:46Octane42005218
2797Spock's BeardClimbing Up That Hill3:31Octane52005244
2798Spock's BeardLetting Go1:52Octane62005231
2799Spock's BeardOf The Beauty Of It All4:53Octane72005218
2800Spock's BeardNWC4:16Octane82005231
2801Spock's BeardThere Was A Time4:58Octane92005218
2802Spock's BeardThe Planet's Hum4:42Octane102005225
2803Spock's BeardWatching The Tide5:07Octane112005200
2804Spock's BeardAs Long As We Ride5:35Octane122005228
2805Spock's BeardMade Alive / Overture5:32Snow (Disc 1)12002224
2806Spock's BeardStranger In A Strange Land4:29Snow (Disc 1)22002209
2807Spock's BeardLong Time Suffering6:03Snow (Disc 1)32002223
2808Spock's BeardWelcome To NYC3:32Snow (Disc 1)42002215
2809Spock's BeardLove Beyond Words3:24Snow (Disc 1)52002182
2810Spock's BeardThe 39Th Street Blues (I'm Sick)4:05Snow (Disc 1)62002238
2811Spock's BeardDevil's Got My Throat7:17Snow (Disc 1)72002219
2812Spock's BeardOpen Wide The Flood Gates6:14Snow (Disc 1)82002211
2813Spock's BeardOpen The Gates Part 23:02Snow (Disc 1)92002225
2814Spock's BeardSolitary Soul7:33Snow (Disc 1)102002200
2815Spock's BeardWind At My Back5:12Snow (Disc 1)112002214
2816Spock's BeardSecond Overture3:47Snow (Disc 2)12002229
2817Spock's Beard4th Of July3:11Snow (Disc 2)22002224
2818Spock's BeardI'm The Guy4:48Snow (Disc 2)32002200
2819Spock's BeardReflection2:49Snow (Disc 2)42002189
2820Spock's BeardCarie3:06Snow (Disc 2)52002197
2821Spock's BeardLooking For Answers5:17Snow (Disc 2)62002228
2822Spock's BeardFreak Boy2:12Snow (Disc 2)72002231
2823Spock's BeardAll Is Vanity4:35Snow (Disc 2)82002227
2824Spock's BeardI'm Dying5:09Snow (Disc 2)92002214
2825Spock's BeardFreak Boy Part 23:01Snow (Disc 2)102002216
2826Spock's BeardDevil's Got My Throat Revisited1:55Snow (Disc 2)112002238
2827Spock's BeardSnow's Night Out2:04Snow (Disc 2)122002224
2828Spock's BeardLadies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards2:40Snow (Disc 2)132002227
2829Spock's BeardI Will Go5:08Snow (Disc 2)142002196
2830Spock's BeardMade Alive Again / Wind At My Back8:27Snow (Disc 2)152002214
2831Spock's BeardOn a Perfect Day7:45Spock's Beard12006218
2832Spock's BeardSkeletons at the Feast6:33Spock's Beard22006226
2833Spock's BeardIs This Love2:51Spock's Beard32006232
2834Spock's BeardAll That's Left4:45Spock's Beard42006212
2835Spock's BeardWith Your Kiss11:46Spock's Beard52006198
2836Spock's BeardSometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go4:31Spock's Beard62006219
2837Spock's BeardThe Slow Crash Landing Man5:47Spock's Beard72006215
2838Spock's BeardWherever You Stand5:09Spock's Beard82006225
2839Spock's BeardHereafter5:01Spock's Beard92006187
2840Spock's BeardAs Far as the Mind Can See: Part 1 - Dreaming in the Age of Answers4:44Spock's Beard102006213
2841Spock's BeardAs Far as the Mind Can See: Part 2 - Here's a Man3:28Spock's Beard112006224
2842Spock's BeardAs Far as the Mind Can See: Part 3 - They Know We Know3:15Spock's Beard122006231
2843Spock's BeardAs Far as the Mind Can See: Part 4 - Stream of Unconsciousness5:22Spock's Beard132006219
2844Spock's BeardRearranged6:08Spock's Beard142006221
2845Spock's BeardThe Good Don't Last10:04The Kindness Of Strangers11997209
2846Spock's BeardIn The Mouth Of Madness4:45The Kindness Of Strangers21997227
2847Spock's BeardCakewalk On Easy Street5:01The Kindness Of Strangers31997205
2848Spock's BeardJune5:29The Kindness Of Strangers41997200
2849Spock's BeardStrange World4:20The Kindness Of Strangers51997211
2850Spock's BeardHarm's Way11:05The Kindness Of Strangers61997209
2851Spock's BeardFlow15:48The Kindness Of Strangers71997213
2852Spock's BeardThe Light15:33The Light11995200
2853Spock's BeardGo The Way You Go12:07The Light21995205
2854Spock's BeardThe Water23:10The Light31995198
2855Spock's BeardOn The Edge6:14The Light41995212
2856Spock's BeardBonus Track [Live]2:27The Light51995199
2857Spock's BeardBeware of Darkness6:53There & Here (Disc 1)12001205
2858Spock's BeardGibberish5:11There & Here (Disc 1)22001207
2859Spock's BeardAt the End of the Day16:57There & Here (Disc 1)32001188
2860Spock's BeardRevelation6:48There & Here (Disc 1)42001205
2861Spock's BeardAll on a Sunday3:55There & Here (Disc 1)52001205
2862Spock's BeardThoughts, Pt. 25:22There & Here (Disc 1)62001201
2863Spock's BeardHarm's Way12:35There & Here (Disc 1)72001218
2864Spock's BeardRyo's Solo10:03There & Here (Disc 1)82001221
2865Spock's BeardThe Great Nothing26:41There & Here (Disc 2)12001200
2866Spock's BeardMedley: The Doorway/Mood for a Day/The Light/June19:53There & Here (Disc 2)22001158
2867Spock's BeardSpace Truckin'/Soul Sacrifice4:58There & Here (Disc 2)32001153
2868Spock's BeardWhole Lotta Love/Waste Away12:03There & Here (Disc 2)42001208
2869Spock's BeardAt The End Of The Day16:28V12000212
2870Spock's BeardRevelation6:05V22000204
2871Spock's BeardThoughts (Part II)4:39V32000213
2872Spock's BeardAll On A Sunday4:04V42000222
2873Spock's BeardGoodbye To Yesterday4:39V52000198
2874Spock's BeardThe Great Nothing27:03V62000203
2875Spock's BeardEdge of the In-Between10:29X [Limited Edition]12010223
2876Spock's BeardThe Emperor's Clothes6:00X [Limited Edition]22010205
2877Spock's BeardKamikaze4:15X [Limited Edition]32010218
2878Spock's BeardFrom the Darkness16:53X [Limited Edition]42010218
2879Spock's BeardThe Quiet House9:13X [Limited Edition]52010228
2880Spock's BeardTheir Names Escape Me8:51X [Limited Edition]62010215
2881Spock's BeardThe Man Behind the Curtain7:44X [Limited Edition]72010217
2882Spock's BeardJaws of Heaven16:22X [Limited Edition]82010212
2883SpongeMolly (Sixteen Candles)3:3590's Pop Hits (Disc 2)13 213
2884SpongeGo, Speed Racer, Go!3:07Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits21995230
2885The Spongetones(My Girl) Maryanne2:43Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)152005235
2886The SpongetonesShe Goes Out With Everybody2:27Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)162005229
2887Spooky & SueSwingin' On A Star2:37Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 3)121997193
2888Spooky & SueSwingin' On A Star2:35Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)132001209
2889Spooky BananaMr. Fire Fighter3:36Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  128
2890Spooky ToothWaitin' For The Wind3:32Spooky Two11969201
2891Spooky ToothFeelin' Bad3:18Spooky Two21969209
2892Spooky ToothI've Got Enough Heartaches3:27Spooky Two31969202
2893Spooky ToothEvil Woman9:02Spooky Two41969208
2894Spooky ToothLost In My Dream5:03Spooky Two51969207
2895Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday3:53Spooky Two61969207
2896Spooky ToothBetter By You, Better Than Me3:40Spooky Two71969201
2897Spooky ToothHangman Hang My Shell On A Tree5:41Spooky Two81969198
2898Spooky ToothTobacco Road4:57The Best Of Spooky Tooth11975188
2899Spooky ToothBetter By You, Better Than Me3:42The Best Of Spooky Tooth21975192
2900Spooky ToothIt's All About A Rounabout2:45The Best Of Spooky Tooth31975198
2901Spooky ToothWaitin' For The Wind3:45The Best Of Spooky Tooth41975198
2902Spooky ToothLast Puff3:39The Best Of Spooky Tooth51975206
2903Spooky ToothEvil Woman9:10The Best Of Spooky Tooth61975183
2904Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday3:54The Best Of Spooky Tooth71975197
2905Spooky ToothI Am The Walrus6:25The Best Of Spooky Tooth81975199
2906Spooky ToothSelf Seeking Man3:50The Best Of Spooky Tooth91975195
2907Spooky ToothAll Sewn Up3:45The Best Of Spooky Tooth101975197
2908Spooky ToothTimes Have Changed3:58The Best Of Spooky Tooth111975191
2909Spooky ToothAs Long As The World Keeps Turning3:40The Best Of Spooky Tooth121975190
2910Spooky ToothThe Weight3:08The Best Of Spooky Tooth131975198
2911Spooky ToothFantasy Satisfier4:38The Mirror11974210
2912Spooky ToothTwo Time Love3:30The Mirror21974215
2913Spooky ToothKyle3:47The Mirror31974186
2914Spooky ToothWoman And Gold3:41The Mirror41974206
2915Spooky ToothHigher Circles5:22The Mirror51974208
2916Spooky ToothHell Or High Water5:10The Mirror61974211
2917Spooky ToothI'm Alive4:15The Mirror71974215
2918Spooky ToothThe Mirror5:23The Mirror81974217
2919Spooky ToothThe Hoofer3:54The Mirror91974215
2920Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday3:51Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 1)132001207
2921The SportsWho Listens To The Radio3:15Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 2)22000222
2922The SportsmenReindeer Rock2:08   64
2923SpringMet De Trein Naar Oostende3:24Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)12005201
2924The SpringfieldsSilver Threads and Golden Needles2:14AM Gold: Early '60s Classics41995126
2925SpringwaterI Will Return3:02Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)72001196
2926The SproutsTeen Billy Baby2:06Get Hot Or Go Home - Vintage RCA Rockabilly '56-'59271989175
2927Spuds MurphyThe Three Stooges1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (50's & 60's)11986200
2928Spunkadelic9.954:02Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (OST)41990216
2929SpunkadelicCreatures Of Habit4:02Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Secret Of The Ooze (OST)71991210
2930Spyro GyraThe Unwritten Letter5:0720/2011987207
2931Spyro GyraRuled By Venus4:4920/2021987223
2932Spyro Gyra20/205:2620/2031987208
2933Spyro GyraThree Sisters4:4220/2041987196
2934Spyro GyraSweet Baby James3:5220/2051987190
2935Spyro GyraThe Deep End6:3520/2061987208
2936Spyro GyraTogether4:3120/2071987200
2937Spyro GyraDarke-eyed Lady4:5520/2081987219
2938Spyro GyraSouth American Sojourn4:1220/2091987214
2939Spyro GyraRockaway To Sunset5:4720/20101987224
2940Spyro GyraShakedown4:27Alternating Currents11985205
2941Spyro GyraAlternating Currents4:34Alternating Currents21985207
2942Spyro GyraTaking The Plunge (For Jennifer)5:01Alternating Currents31985199
2943Spyro GyraBinky's Dream No. 64:19Alternating Currents41985206
2944Spyro GyraPG4:16Alternating Currents51985212
2945Spyro GyraHeartbeat4:51Alternating Currents61985190
2946Spyro GyraMardi Gras6:08Alternating Currents71985206
2947Spyro GyraI Believe In You5:37Alternating Currents81985197
2948Spyro GyraSunflurry5:01Alternating Currents91985211
2949Spyro GyraBob Goes to the Store4:42Breakout11986206
2950Spyro GyraFreefall4:56Breakout21986196
2951Spyro GyraDoubletake4:06Breakout31986195
2952Spyro GyraBreakout4:41Breakout41986205
2953Spyro GyraBody Wave4:10Breakout51986210
2954Spyro GyraWhirlwind5:41Breakout61986201
2955Spyro GyraSwept Away5:45Breakout71986197
2956Spyro GyraGuiltless5:11Breakout81986203
2957Spyro GyraCatching The Sun4:43Catching The Sun11980196
2958Spyro GyraCockatoo4:05Catching The Sun21980195
2959Spyro GyraAutumn Of Our Love5:09Catching The Sun31980189
2960Spyro GyraLaser Material5:01Catching The Sun41980191
2961Spyro GyraPercolator2:30Catching The Sun51980182
2962Spyro GyraPhilly4:19Catching The Sun61980184
2963Spyro GyraLovin' You (Interlude) / Lovin' You5:51Catching The Sun71980186
2964Spyro GyraHere Again4:57Catching The Sun81980197
2965Spyro GyraSafari4:54Catching The Sun91980188
2966Spyro GyraDown the Wire5:57Down The Wire12009211
2967Spyro GyraUnspoken5:51Down The Wire22009213
2968Spyro GyraNot For Nothin'5:02Down The Wire32009213
2969Spyro GyraIsland Pond6:00Down The Wire42009183
2970Spyro GyraThe Tippin' Point5:24Down The Wire52009206
2971Spyro GyraIce Mountain6:58Down The Wire62009217
2972Spyro GyraA Flower for Annie Jeanette7:05Down The Wire72009203
2973Spyro GyraLa Zona Rosa6:22Down The Wire82009222
2974Spyro GyraWhat It Is6:23Down The Wire92009214
2975Spyro GyraA Distant Memory4:42Down The Wire102009198
2976Spyro GyraMake It Mine5:30Down The Wire112009206
2977Spyro GyraWalk The Walk4:19Dreams Beyond Control11993215
2978Spyro GyraPatterns In The Rain4:38Dreams Beyond Control21993195
2979Spyro GyraBreakfast At Igor's5:23Dreams Beyond Control31993200
2980Spyro GyraWaltz For Isabel4:42Dreams Beyond Control41993192
2981Spyro GyraSouth Beach5:13Dreams Beyond Control51993221
2982Spyro GyraSend Me One Line4:57Dreams Beyond Control61993203
2983Spyro GyraBahia5:08Dreams Beyond Control71993204
2984Spyro GyraKindred Spirit4:05Dreams Beyond Control81993206
2985Spyro GyraBirks Law4:36Dreams Beyond Control91993200
2986Spyro GyraSame Difference5:26Dreams Beyond Control101993212
2987Spyro GyraThe Delicate Prey5:32Dreams Beyond Control111993208
2988Spyro GyraBright Lights5:22Fast Forward11990217
2989Spyro GyraPara Ti Latino4:16Fast Forward21990215
2990Spyro GyraAlexandra4:42Fast Forward31990210
2991Spyro GyraOcean Parkway4:33Fast Forward41990217
2992Spyro GyraSpeak Easy5:01Fast Forward51990196
2993Spyro GyraFuturephobia4:23Fast Forward61990218
2994Spyro Gyra4MD4:37Fast Forward71990216
2995Spyro GyraShadow Play5:06Fast Forward81990197
2996Spyro GyraEscape Hatch5:11Fast Forward91990212
2997Spyro GyraTower Of Babel5:29Fast Forward101990206
2998Spyro GyraSimple Pleasures5:48Good To Go-Go12007218
2999Spyro GyraGet Busy5:20Good To Go-Go22007223
3000Spyro GyraJam Up4:15Good To Go-Go32007205
3001Spyro GyraThe Left Bank5:40Good To Go-Go42007209
3002Spyro GyraFunkyard Dog5:02Good To Go-Go52007208
3003Spyro GyraAlong For The Ride6:45Good To Go-Go62007209
3004Spyro GyraIsland Time6:23Good To Go-Go72007228
3005Spyro GyraWassup!4:45Good To Go-Go82007210
3006Spyro GyraEasy Street5:01Good To Go-Go92007232
3007Spyro GyraA Winter Tale6:34Good To Go-Go102007217
3008Spyro GyraGood To Go-Go6:41Good To Go-Go112007213
3009Spyro GyraNewroses6:42Good To Go-Go122007232
3010Spyro GyraSilk And Satin5:31Got The Magic11999209
3011Spyro GyraBreezeway4:49Got The Magic21999230
3012Spyro GyraHavana Moonlight4:54Got The Magic31999221
3013Spyro GyraSpringtime Laughter4:51Got The Magic41999199
3014Spyro GyraIf You Will5:16Got The Magic51999215
3015Spyro GyraGot The Magic4:26Got The Magic61999213
3016Spyro GyraTeardrops5:28Got The Magic71999217
3017Spyro GyraPure Mood5:59Got The Magic81999222
3018Spyro GyraSierra5:08Got The Magic91999236
3019Spyro GyraLove Comes4:27Got The Magic101999210
3020Spyro GyraR.S.V.P.4:47Got The Magic111999209
3021Spyro GyraHeart Of The Night4:34Heart Of The Night11996211
3022Spyro GyraDe La Luz5:15Heart Of The Night21996210
3023Spyro GyraWestwood Moon4:55Heart Of The Night31996212
3024Spyro GyraMidnight4:26Heart Of The Night41996218
3025Spyro GyraPlaytime4:33Heart Of The Night51996219
3026Spyro GyraSurrender4:47Heart Of The Night61996199
3027Spyro GyraValentino's4:56Heart Of The Night71996210
3028Spyro GyraBelieve5:10Heart Of The Night81996220
3029Spyro GyraAs We Sleep5:16Heart Of The Night91996197
3030Spyro GyraWhen Evening Falls4:58Heart Of The Night101996204
3031Spyro GyraJ Squared4:49Heart Of The Night111996213
3032Spyro GyraAfter Hours5:07In Modern Times12001221
3033Spyro GyraFeelin' Fine4:23In Modern Times22001222
3034Spyro GyraJulio's Party5:08In Modern Times32001225
3035Spyro GyraThe River Between6:45In Modern Times42001225
3036Spyro GyraGroovin' For Grover5:50In Modern Times52001212
3037Spyro GyraOpen Door4:38In Modern Times62001225
3038Spyro GyraFlorida Straits4:18In Modern Times72001232
3039Spyro GyraFeelin' Fine Pt. 24:04In Modern Times82001218
3040Spyro GyraEast River Blue6:14In Modern Times92001202
3041Spyro GyraYour Touch5:10In Modern Times102001205
3042Spyro GyraLucky Bounce4:18In Modern Times112001218
3043Spyro GyraPlanet J4:38In Modern Times122001215
3044Spyro GyraLost And Found5:09Love & Other Obsessions11995196
3045Spyro GyraAriana5:07Love & Other Obsessions21995198
3046Spyro GyraSerengeti4:54Love & Other Obsessions31995212
3047Spyro GyraFine Time To Explain4:40Love & Other Obsessions41995207
3048Spyro GyraThird Street4:48Love & Other Obsessions51995217
3049Spyro GyraGroup Therapy5:45Love & Other Obsessions61995214
3050Spyro GyraHorizon's Edge5:01Love & Other Obsessions71995215
3051Spyro GyraLet's Say Goodbye4:32Love & Other Obsessions81995213
3052Spyro GyraOn Liberty Road (For South Africa)5:52Love & Other Obsessions91995211
3053Spyro GyraRockin' A Heart Place5:23Love & Other Obsessions101995222
3054Spyro GyraBaby Dreams4:43Love & Other Obsessions111995196
3055Spyro GyraMorning Dance4:01Morning Dance11979219
3056Spyro GyraJubilee4:39Morning Dance21979225
3057Spyro GyraRasul3:59Morning Dance31979209
3058Spyro GyraSong For Lorraine4:02Morning Dance41979227
3059Spyro GyraStarburst4:52Morning Dance51979222
3060Spyro GyraHeliopolis5:41Morning Dance61979232
3061Spyro GyraIt Doesn't Matter4:33Morning Dance71979222
3062Spyro GyraLittle Linda4:25Morning Dance81979216
3063Spyro GyraBump It Up4:53Original Cinema12003228
3064Spyro GyraExtrovertical6:21Original Cinema22003214
3065Spyro GyraDream Sequence5:02Original Cinema32003215
3066Spyro GyraParty Of Seven4:51Original Cinema42003216
3067Spyro GyraBig Dance Number3:27Original Cinema52003220
3068Spyro GyraClose-Up3:47Original Cinema62003209
3069Spyro GyraFilm Noir6:11Original Cinema72003216
3070Spyro GyraCape Town Love5:17Original Cinema82003223
3071Spyro GyraHandheld4:01Original Cinema92003221
3072Spyro GyraFunky Tina5:17Original Cinema102003216
3073Spyro GyraGetaway4:11Original Cinema112003230
3074Spyro GyraCalle Ocho5:31Original Cinema122003225
3075Spyro GyraFlashback3:36Original Cinema132003173
3076Spyro GyraSlow Burn4:07Point Of View11989213
3077Spyro GyraSwing Street5:15Point Of View21989213
3078Spyro GyraFairweather4:48Point Of View31989206
3079Spyro GyraThe Unknown Soldier5:21Point Of View41989186
3080Spyro GyraHannibal's Boogie5:55Point Of View51989223
3081Spyro GyraNo Limits4:41Point Of View61989212
3082Spyro GyraCarolina4:34Point Of View71989216
3083Spyro GyraRiverwalk4:29Point Of View81989211
3084Spyro GyraSwamp Thing6:26Point Of View91989212
3085Spyro GyraCounterpoint3:56Point Of View101989211
3086Spyro GyraGotcha4:07Point Of View111989223
3087Spyro GyraClaire's Dream5:44Rites Of Summer11988206
3088Spyro GyraDaddy's Got A New Girl Now4:06Rites Of Summer21988212
3089Spyro GyraLimelight4:30Rites Of Summer31988209
3090Spyro GyraShanghai Gumbo4:33Rites Of Summer41988203
3091Spyro GyraInnocent Soul4:57Rites Of Summer51988181
3092Spyro GyraNo Man's Land5:43Rites Of Summer61988209
3093Spyro GyraYosemite5:24Rites Of Summer71988207
3094Spyro GyraThe Archer5:04Rites Of Summer81988213
3095Spyro GyraCaptain Karma5:41Rites Of Summer91988209
3096Spyro GyraHeart Of The Night6:41Road Scholars11998194
3097Spyro GyraBreakfast At Igor's7:22Road Scholars21998199
3098Spyro GyraMorning Dance4:16Road Scholars31998185
3099Spyro GyraShaker Song10:15Road Scholars41998195
3100Spyro GyraShanghai Gumbo6:29Road Scholars51998206
3101Spyro GyraInnocent Soul6:28Road Scholars61998163
3102Spyro GyraSouth American Sojourn5:37Road Scholars71998192
3103Spyro GyraAriana6:08Road Scholars81998196
3104Spyro GyraDe La Luz8:25Road Scholars91998191
3105Spyro GyraDaddy's Got A New Girl Now6:04Road Scholars101998196
3106Spyro GyraBest Friends [New Studio Version]3:59Road Scholars111998216
3107Spyro GyraCayo Hueso5:36Stories Without Words11987204
3108Spyro GyraSerpentine Shelly4:29Stories Without Words21987208
3109Spyro GyraDel Corazon6:32Stories Without Words31987199
3110Spyro GyraEarly Light4:27Stories Without Words41987194
3111Spyro GyraNu Sungo4:14Stories Without Words51987208
3112Spyro GyraChrysalis4:17Stories Without Words61987202
3113Spyro GyraJoy Ride5:01Stories Without Words71987204
3114Spyro GyraPyramid6:31Stories Without Words81987196
3115Spyro GyraSummer Fling4:58The Deep End12004212
3116Spyro GyraEastlake Shuffle5:02The Deep End22004205
3117Spyro GyraMonsoon7:00The Deep End32004223
3118Spyro GyraAs You Wish4:36The Deep End42004204
3119Spyro GyraJoburg Jam6:10The Deep End52004226
3120Spyro GyraThe Crossing7:17The Deep End62004222
3121Spyro GyraWiggle Room6:48The Deep End72004223
3122Spyro GyraWind Warriors6:15The Deep End82004212
3123Spyro GyraIn Your Arms4:46The Deep End92004202
3124Spyro GyraChippewa Street5:46The Deep End102004208
3125Spyro GyraBeyond The Rain6:09The Deep End112004206
3126Spyro GyraPipo's Song4:54Three Wishes11992209
3127Spyro GyraIntroduction To Breathless1:05Three Wishes21992188
3128Spyro GyraBreathless5:21Three Wishes31992208
3129Spyro GyraIntroduction To Real Time0:23Three Wishes41992176
3130Spyro GyraReal Time3:56Three Wishes51992205
3131Spyro GyraJennifer's Lullaby5:40Three Wishes61992192
3132Spyro GyraWhitewater6:14Three Wishes71992208
3133Spyro GyraInside Your Love4:09Three Wishes81992189
3134Spyro GyraNothing To Lose5:06Three Wishes91992207
3135Spyro GyraThree Wishes4:52Three Wishes101992190
3136Spyro GyraGliding4:52Three Wishes111992198
3137Spyro GyraCabana Carioca5:20Three Wishes121992205
3138Spyro GyraRollercoaster4:33Three Wishes131992204
3139Spyro GyraThree Wishes Reprise1:41Three Wishes141992160
3140Spyro GyraSpyro Time4:02Wrapped In A Dream12006217
3141Spyro GyraMidnight Thunder4:12Wrapped In A Dream22006201
3142Spyro GyraThe Voodooyoodoo5:21Wrapped In A Dream32006214
3143Spyro GyraTuesday4:59Wrapped In A Dream42006205
3144Spyro GyraImpressions of Madrid5:21Wrapped In A Dream52006213
3145Spyro GyraImpressions of Toledo5:54Wrapped In A Dream62006213
3146Spyro GyraWrapped in a Dream6:25Wrapped In A Dream72006189
3147Spyro GyraAfter the Storm6:06Wrapped In A Dream82006213
3148Spyro GyraWalkin' Home4:39Wrapped In A Dream92006220
3149Spyro GyraThe Lowdown4:09Wrapped In A Dream102006223
3150Spyro GyraLil' Mono5:48Wrapped In A Dream112006222
3151Spyro GyraWoogitybop4:38Wrapped In A Dream122006205
3152SqueezeChristmas Day3:55A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II41998184
3153SqueezeAnnie Get Your Gun (live)3:25Annie Get Your Gun (EP)11990202
3154SqueezeIs It Too Late (live)3:23Annie Get Your Gun (EP)21990186
3155SqueezeBack Track2:22Annie Get Your Gun (EP)31990210
3156SqueezeNight Ride3:05Annie Get Your Gun (EP)41990208
3157SqueezeCat On The Wall3:13Annie Get Your Gun (EP)51990214
3158SqueezePulling Mussels (From The Shell)3:58Argybargy11981203
3159SqueezeAnother Nail In My Heart2:56Argybargy21981206
3160SqueezeSeparate Beds3:20Argybargy31981198
3162SqueezeI Think I'm Go Go4:17Argybargy51981197
3163SqueezeIf I Didn't Love You4:11Argybargy61981198
3164SqueezeFarfisa Beat2:57Argybargy71981218
3165SqueezeHere Comes That Feeling2:11Argybargy81981196
3166SqueezeVicky Verky3:11Argybargy91981201
3167SqueezeWrong Side Of The Moon2:25Argybargy101981212
3168SqueezeThere At The Top3:45Argybargy111981214
3169SqueezeHourglass3:17Babylon and On11987210
3170SqueezeFootprints3:49Babylon and On21987201
3171SqueezeTough Love3:07Babylon and On31987210
3172SqueezeThe Prisoner4:07Babylon and On41987212
3173Squeeze853-59373:17Babylon and On51987210
3174SqueezeIn Today's Room3:28Babylon and On61987203
3175SqueezeTrust Me To Open My Mouth3:13Babylon and On71987221
3176SqueezeStriking Matches3:02Babylon and On81987231
3177SqueezeCigaretteof a Single Man3:29Babylon and On91987211
3178SqueezeWho Are You?3:30Babylon and On101987220
3179SqueezeThe Waiting Game3:06Babylon and On111987182
3180SqueezeSome Americans4:41Babylon and On121987204
3181SqueezeSlap & Tickle4:01Cool For Cats11979202
3182SqueezeRevue2:30Cool For Cats21979194
3183SqueezeTouching Me, Touching You2:26Cool For Cats31979187
3184SqueezeIt's Not Cricket2:35Cool For Cats41979201
3185SqueezeIt's So Dirty3:12Cool For Cats51979206
3186SqueezeThe Knack4:35Cool For Cats61979201
3187SqueezeHop Skip & Jump2:47Cool For Cats71979196
3188SqueezeUp The Junction3:11Cool For Cats81979187
3189SqueezeHard To Find3:38Cool For Cats91979211
3190SqueezeSlightly Drunk2:41Cool For Cats101979187
3191SqueezeGoodbye Girl2:59Cool For Cats111979203
3192SqueezeCool For Cats3:39Cool For Cats121979209
3193SqueezeBig Beng4:03Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti11985164
3194SqueezeBy Your Side4:24Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti21985182
3195SqueezeKing George Street3:48Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti31985187
3196SqueezeI Learnt How To Pray4:47Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti41985213
3197SqueezeLast Time Forever6:26Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti51985192
3198SqueezeNo Place Like Home4:26Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti61985175
3199SqueezeHeartbreaking World5:26Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti71985196
3200SqueezeHits Of The Year3:03Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti81985202
3201SqueezeBreak My Heart4:51Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti91985198
3202SqueezeI Won't Ever Go Drinking Again (?)5:07Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti101985218
3203SqueezeIn Quintessence2:55East Side Story11981252
3204SqueezeSomeone Else's Heart3:00East Side Story21981240
3205SqueezeTempted4:00East Side Story31981243
3206SqueezePiccadilly3:27East Side Story41981248
3207SqueezeThere's No Tomorrow3:29East Side Story51981253
3208SqueezeHeaven3:49East Side Story61981249
3209SqueezeWoman's World3:43East Side Story71981242
3210SqueezeIs That Love2:31East Side Story81981238
3211SqueezeF-Hole4:41East Side Story91981240
3212SqueezeLabelled With Love4:44East Side Story101981254
3213SqueezeSomeone Else's Bell3:09East Side Story111981261
3214SqueezeMumbo Jumbo3:13East Side Story121981244
3216SqueezeIf It's Love4:02Frank21989197
3217SqueezePeyton Place4:07Frank31989203
3218SqueezeRose I Said3:36Frank41989205
3219SqueezeSlaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken4:36Frank51989177
3220Squeeze(This Could Be) The Last Time3:49Frank61989193
3221SqueezeShe Doesn't Have To Shave3:26Frank71989202
3222SqueezeLove Circles5:34Frank81989195
3223SqueezeMelody Motel3:51Frank91989206
3224SqueezeCan of Worms4:47Frank101989193
3225SqueezeDr. Jazz4:04Frank111989201
3226SqueezeIs It Too Late3:12Frank121989187
3227SqueezeTempted3:59Paul Carrack - Twenty-One Good Reasons: The Paul Carrack Collection51994217
3229SqueezeCrying In My Sleep5:03Play21991207
3230SqueezeLetting Go5:01Play31991194
3231SqueezeThe Day I Get Home4:50Play41991203
3232SqueezeThe Truth4:12Play51991177
3233SqueezeHouse Of Love3:23Play61991203
3234SqueezeCupid's Toy4:31Play71991200
3235SqueezeGone To The Dogs3:54Play81991204
3236SqueezeWalk A Straight Line3:50Play91991194
3237SqueezeSunday Street4:16Play101991212
3238SqueezeWicked & Cruel4:14Play111991195
3239SqueezeThere Is A Voice4:01Play121991208
3240SqueezeTempted4:01Rock Of The 80's Volume 191990249
3241SqueezeEverything In The World4:30Some Fantastic Place11993221
3242SqueezeSome Fantastic Place4:31Some Fantastic Place21993192
3243SqueezeThird Rail3:38Some Fantastic Place31993225
3244SqueezeLoving You Tonight4:48Some Fantastic Place41993185
3245SqueezeIt's Over3:45Some Fantastic Place51993217
3246SqueezeCold Shoulder5:48Some Fantastic Place61993167
3247SqueezeTalk To Him3:46Some Fantastic Place71993223
3248SqueezeJolly Comes Home5:00Some Fantastic Place81993166
3249SqueezeImages Of Loving4:10Some Fantastic Place91993234
3250SqueezeTrue Colors (The Storm)3:39Some Fantastic Place101993213
3251SqueezePinocchio4:42Some Fantastic Place111993193
3252SqueezeAnother Nail In My Heart3:00Spot The Difference12010216
3253SqueezeBlack Coffee In Bed6:08Spot The Difference22010189
3254SqueezeCool For Cats3:10Spot The Difference32010231
3255SqueezeGoodbye Girl3:00Spot The Difference42010191
3256SqueezeHourglass3:16Spot The Difference52010222
3257SqueezeIs That Love2:32Spot The Difference62010207
3258SqueezeLabelled With Love4:30Spot The Difference72010200
3259SqueezeLoving You Tonight4:09Spot The Difference82010189
3260SqueezePulling Mussels (From The Shell)3:59Spot The Difference92010227
3261SqueezeSlap And Tickle4:12Spot The Difference102010199
3262SqueezeSome Fantastic Place4:41Spot The Difference112010221
3263SqueezeTake Me I'm Yours2:47Spot The Difference122010225
3264SqueezeTempted4:01Spot The Difference132010196
3265SqueezeUp The Junction3:09Spot The Difference142010228
3266SqueezeLabelled With Love4:32The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)61999202
3267SqueezeTempted3:25The Power Of Love - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Disc 1)8 217
3268The SquiresGoing All The Way2:22Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)141998149
3269Squirrel Nut ZippersBedbugs3:12Bedlam Ballroom12000199
3270Squirrel Nut ZippersBaby Wants A Diamond Ring3:25Bedlam Ballroom22000216
3271Squirrel Nut ZippersDo What?2:42Bedlam Ballroom32000183
3272Squirrel Nut ZippersBent Out Of Shape2:47Bedlam Ballroom42000160
3273Squirrel Nut ZippersStop Drop And Roll2:58Bedlam Ballroom52000208
3274Squirrel Nut ZippersHush4:12Bedlam Ballroom62000182
3275Squirrel Nut ZippersIt All Depends3:47Bedlam Ballroom72000202
3276Squirrel Nut ZippersBedlam Ballroom2:15Bedlam Ballroom82000228
3277Squirrel Nut ZippersJust This Side Of Blue3:08Bedlam Ballroom92000199
3278Squirrel Nut ZippersDon't Fix It3:33Bedlam Ballroom102000217
3279Squirrel Nut ZippersMissing Link3:21Bedlam Ballroom112000209
3280Squirrel Nut ZippersBedlam Reprise0:21Bedlam Ballroom122000195
3281Squirrel Nut ZippersDo It This A Way2:31Bedlam Ballroom132000190
3282Squirrel Nut ZippersWinter Weather2:24Christmas Caravan11998180
3283Squirrel Nut ZippersIndian Giver3:37Christmas Caravan21998210
3284Squirrel Nut ZippersA Johnny Ace Christmas3:43Christmas Caravan31998184
3285Squirrel Nut ZippersMy Evergreen2:35Christmas Caravan41998188
3286Squirrel Nut ZippersSleigh Ride3:09Christmas Caravan51998198
3287Squirrel Nut ZippersI'm Coming Home for Christmas3:46Christmas Caravan61998187
3288Squirrel Nut ZippersCarolina Christmas1:51Christmas Caravan71998190
3289Squirrel Nut ZippersGift of the Magi3:20Christmas Caravan81998194
3290Squirrel Nut ZippersHot Christmas2:35Christmas Caravan91998209
3291Squirrel Nut ZippersHanging up My Stockings7:11Christmas Caravan101998177
3292Squirrel Nut ZippersGot My Own Thing Now2:30Hot11996219
3293Squirrel Nut ZippersPut a Lid On It2:39Hot21996188
3294Squirrel Nut ZippersMemphis Exorcism2:24Hot31996211
3295Squirrel Nut ZippersTwilight3:34Hot41996192
3296Squirrel Nut ZippersIt Ain't You3:08Hot51996202
3297Squirrel Nut ZippersPrince Nez2:53Hot61996211
3298Squirrel Nut ZippersHell3:13Hot71996224
3299Squirrel Nut ZippersMeant To Be3:11Hot81996189
3300Squirrel Nut ZippersBad Businessman3:48Hot91996206
3301Squirrel Nut ZippersFlight of the Passing Fancy3:52Hot101996217
3302Squirrel Nut ZippersBlue Angel4:35Hot111996202
3303Squirrel Nut ZippersThe Interlocutor2:48Hot121996213
3304Squirrel Nut ZippersSuits Are Picking Up the Bill3:03Perennial Favorites11998218
3305Squirrel Nut ZippersLow Down Man4:14Perennial Favorites21998205
3306Squirrel Nut ZippersGhost of Stephen Foster3:32Perennial Favorites31998222
3307Squirrel Nut ZippersPallin' With Al2:41Perennial Favorites41998190
3308Squirrel Nut ZippersFat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter2:47Perennial Favorites51998179
3309Squirrel Nut ZippersTrou Macacq3:18Perennial Favorites61998221
3310Squirrel Nut ZippersMy Drag3:27Perennial Favorites71998191
3311Squirrel Nut ZippersSoon3:02Perennial Favorites81998198
3312Squirrel Nut ZippersEvening At Lafitte's2:48Perennial Favorites91998199
3313Squirrel Nut ZippersThe Kraken3:56Perennial Favorites101998195
3314Squirrel Nut ZippersThat Fascinating Thing3:59Perennial Favorites111998212
3315Squirrel Nut ZippersIt's Over1:51Perennial Favorites121998188
3316Squirrel Nut ZippersSt. Louis Cemetery Blues3:32Sold Out11997169
3317Squirrel Nut ZippersBedlam Ballroom2:40Sold Out21997166
3318Squirrel Nut ZippersPallin' With Al2:49Sold Out31997178
3319Squirrel Nut ZippersLa Grippe6:57Sold Out41997182
3320Squirrel Nut ZippersI Raise Hell5:01Sold Out51997196
3321Squirrel Nut ZippersFell To Pieces12:48Sold Out61997172
3322Squirrel Nut ZippersLover's Lane3:05The Inevitable11995193
3323Squirrel Nut ZippersDanny Diamond3:51The Inevitable21995206
3324Squirrel Nut ZippersI've Found a New Baby2:45The Inevitable31995197
3325Squirrel Nut ZippersAnything But Love2:41The Inevitable41995184
3326Squirrel Nut ZippersGood Enough for Granddad2:19The Inevitable51995222
3327Squirrel Nut ZippersWished For You2:17The Inevitable61995187
3328Squirrel Nut ZippersLa Grippe3:13The Inevitable71995198
3329Squirrel Nut ZippersLugubrious Whing Whang2:34The Inevitable81995191
3330Squirrel Nut ZippersClub Limbo3:00The Inevitable91995192
3331Squirrel Nut ZippersWash Jones3:07The Inevitable101995207
3332Squirrel Nut ZippersYou're Drivin' Me Crazy2:49The Inevitable111995202
3333Squirrel Nut ZippersPlenty More3:27The Inevitable121995199
3334SR-71Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You2:38A Very Special Christmas 572001198
3335Ssgt Barry SadlerBallad Of The Green Berets2:31Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 2)22001197
3336Ssgt. Barry SadlerThe Ballad Of The Green Berets2:29Easy Listening Gold - 1966-1967 (Disc 1)2 193

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