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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1St. NickJingle Bells (Laughing All The Way)1:26Christmas Comedy Classics111985193
2St. PaulEvery Heart Needs A Home5:08Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (OST)71990199
3Stabbing WestwardDarkest Days3:51Darkest Days11998209
4Stabbing WestwardEverything I Touch3:23Darkest Days21998241
5Stabbing WestwardHow Can I Hold On4:28Darkest Days31998238
6Stabbing WestwardDrugstore4:57Darkest Days41998223
7Stabbing WestwardYou Complete Me4:05Darkest Days51998212
8Stabbing WestwardSave Yourself4:13Darkest Days61998234
9Stabbing WestwardHaunting Me3:35Darkest Days71998245
10Stabbing WestwardTorn Apart3:24Darkest Days81998248
11Stabbing WestwardSometimes It Hurts3:39Darkest Days91998234
12Stabbing WestwardDrowning3:28Darkest Days101998190
13Stabbing WestwardDesperate Now5:24Darkest Days111998217
14Stabbing WestwardGoodbye1:56Darkest Days121998176
15Stabbing WestwardWhen I'm Dead3:04Darkest Days131998260
16Stabbing WestwardThe Thing I Hate3:36Darkest Days141998232
17Stabbing WestwardOn Your Way Down4:39Darkest Days151998254
18Stabbing WestwardWaking Up Beside You6:34Darkest Days161998234
19Stabbing WestwardSo Far Away4:10Stabbing Westward12001240
20Stabbing WestwardPerfect3:46Stabbing Westward22001239
21Stabbing WestwardI Remember5:44Stabbing Westward32001239
22Stabbing WestwardWasted4:45Stabbing Westward42001242
23Stabbing WestwardHappy4:03Stabbing Westward52001227
24Stabbing WestwardThe Only Thing5:38Stabbing Westward62001231
25Stabbing WestwardAngel4:22Stabbing Westward72001243
26Stabbing WestwardBreathe You In4:00Stabbing Westward82001220
27Stabbing WestwardHigh3:21Stabbing Westward92001246
28Stabbing WestwardTelevision4:52Stabbing Westward102001205
29Stabbing WestwardLost3:21Ungod11993217
30Stabbing WestwardControl3:39Ungod21993224
31Stabbing WestwardNothing4:50Ungod31993231
32Stabbing WestwardACF4:43Ungod41993209
33Stabbing WestwardLies4:43Ungod51993220
34Stabbing WestwardUngod7:43Ungod61993227
35Stabbing WestwardThrow5:24Ungod71993235
36Stabbing WestwardViolent Mood Swings5:12Ungod81993220
37Stabbing WestwardRed On White5:20Ungod91993212
38Stabbing WestwardCan't Happen Here8:26Ungod101993212
39Stabbing WestwardI Don't Believe4:21Wither Blister Burn & Peel11996232
40Stabbing WestwardShame4:54Wither Blister Burn & Peel21996234
41Stabbing WestwardWhat Do I Have to Do4:09Wither Blister Burn & Peel31996213
42Stabbing WestwardWhy6:08Wither Blister Burn & Peel41996207
43Stabbing WestwardInside You3:43Wither Blister Burn & Peel51996196
44Stabbing WestwardFalls Apart3:57Wither Blister Burn & Peel61996241
45Stabbing WestwardSo Wrong3:24Wither Blister Burn & Peel71996220
46Stabbing WestwardCrushing Me4:21Wither Blister Burn & Peel81996192
47Stabbing WestwardSleep5:21Wither Blister Burn & Peel91996203
48Stabbing WestwardSlipping Away6:15Wither Blister Burn & Peel101996210
49Stacey QTwo Of Hearts7:14Teen Riot (Disc 2)32000214
50Stacey QTwo Of Hearts4:00Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s171996217
51Stacie OrricoO Come, All Ye Faithful4:00Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 1)22003214
52Stacie OrricoChristmas Wish3:56Now That's What I Call Christmas! 3 (Disc 2)182006209
53Stacie OrricoThere's Gotta Be More To Life3:20Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0772003240
54Stacie OrricoI'm Not Missing You4:13Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0692006201
55Stacie OrricoStuck [Thunderpuss Radio Remix]4:12TM Century PrimeCuts 515P162003194
56Stacie Orrico(Theres Gotta Be) More To Life [Dr Octavo Radio Edit]3:21TM Century PrimeCuts 527P162003216
57Stacie OrricoDon't Look At Me3:38WOW #1s (Gray Disc)142005224
58Stacie OrricoDon't Look at Me3:37WOW 2001 (Blue Disc)122000217
59Stacie OrricoO Come All Ye Faithful3:58WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)142002227
60Stacie OrricoGenuine5:00WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)72001229
61Stacie OrricoSecurity3:27WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)112002213
62Stacie OrricoStuck3:42WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)42003211
63Stacie Orrico(There's Gotta Be) More To Life3:21WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)32004232
64Stacy LattisawNail It To The Wall3:56Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)41993212
65Stacy Lattisaw with Johnny GillWhere Do We Go From Here4:20Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)111993196
66Staff Sgt. Steve LuckTaps0:59Songs Of The Civil War251991188
67StaindPrice To Play3:3614 Shades Of Grey12003242
68StaindHow About You3:5814 Shades Of Grey22003216
69StaindSo Far Away4:0514 Shades Of Grey32003232
70StaindYesterday3:4714 Shades Of Grey42003212
71StaindFray5:0414 Shades Of Grey52003215
72StaindZoe Jane4:3714 Shades Of Grey62003209
73StaindFill Me Up4:2514 Shades Of Grey72003238
74StaindLayne4:2614 Shades Of Grey82003219
75StaindFalling Down3:5614 Shades Of Grey92003233
76StaindReality4:3814 Shades Of Grey102003223
77StaindTonight4:2514 Shades Of Grey112003222
78StaindCould It Be4:4414 Shades Of Grey122003220
79StaindBlow Away6:1614 Shades Of Grey132003217
80StaindIntro4:2814 Shades Of Grey142003202
81StaindOpen Your Eyes3:52Break The Cycle12001231
82StaindPressure3:22Break The Cycle22001249
83StaindFade4:03Break The Cycle32001225
84StaindIt's Been Awhile4:25Break The Cycle42001217
85StaindChange3:37Break The Cycle52001223
86StaindCan't Believe2:48Break The Cycle62001249
87StaindEpiphany4:18Break The Cycle72001176
88StaindSuffer3:59Break The Cycle82001244
89StaindSafe Place4:35Break The Cycle92001226
90StaindFor You3:26Break The Cycle102001247
91StaindOutside4:52Break The Cycle112001216
92StaindWaste3:56Break The Cycle122001219
93StaindTake It3:41Break The Cycle132001223
94StaindIt's Been Awhile [Acoustic]4:30Break The Cycle142001195
95StaindRun Away3:39Chapter V12005235
96StaindRight Here4:13Chapter V22005225
97StaindPaper Jesus4:14Chapter V32005246
98StaindSchizophrenic Conversations4:32Chapter V42005234
99StaindFalling4:20Chapter V52005245
100StaindCross To Bear3:40Chapter V62005251
101StaindDevil5:00Chapter V72005220
102StaindPlease4:24Chapter V82005243
103StaindEverything Changes3:58Chapter V92005225
104StaindTake This4:42Chapter V102005202
105StaindKing Of All Excuses3:39Chapter V112005259
106StaindReply4:14Chapter V122005237
108StaindJust Go4:50Dysfunction21999222
113StaindA Flat4:59Dysfunction71999233
116StaindSo Far Away4:03Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2003-0832003232
117StaindRight Here4:15Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-01152006223
118StaindEverything Changes (Tom Lord Alge Mix)3:58Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-07102006238
119StaindThis Is It3:43The Illusion Of Progress12008234
120StaindThe Way I Am4:18The Illusion Of Progress22008236
121StaindBelieve4:17The Illusion Of Progress32008218
122StaindSave Me4:52The Illusion Of Progress42008227
123StaindAll I Want3:30The Illusion Of Progress52008241
124StaindPardon Me5:02The Illusion Of Progress62008208
125StaindLost Along The Way4:20The Illusion Of Progress72008233
126StaindBreak Away4:10The Illusion Of Progress82008226
127StaindTangled Up In You4:35The Illusion Of Progress92008189
128StaindRaining Again3:53The Illusion Of Progress102008222
129StaindRainy Day Parade4:17The Illusion Of Progress112008250
130StaindThe Corner5:17The Illusion Of Progress122008215
131StaindNothing Left To Say4:40The Illusion Of Progress132008217
132Stained Glass LifeRight In Front Of Me4:00   128
133Stamford BridgeRoly Poly2:48Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 1)91997206
134StampedersHit The Road Jack2:52Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 3)111992198
135StampedersSweet City Woman3:24Oh What A Feeling (Disc 3)31996208
136Stan BrovlovskiIt's Hard to Be a Jew on Christmas1:34   64
137Stan BushThe Touch3:55Transformers: The Movie (OST)11986217
138Stan BushDare4:02Transformers: The Movie (OST)41986233
139Stan FrebergGreen Chri$tma$6:54Christmas Comedy Classics31985148
140Stan FrebergNuttin' For Chirstmas2:24Christmas Comedy Classics81985170
141Stan FrebergSt. George And The Dragonnet3:26Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)141991130
142Stan FrebergNuttin' For Christmas2:24Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD61989131
143Stan FrebergGreen Christmas6:56Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD111989129
144Stan FrebergSh-boom3:29Greatest Hits Of The 50's (Disc 2)112002160
145Stan FrebergHeartbreak Hotel2:20The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky21991183
146Stan FrebergChristmas Dragnet6:39The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 4252000130
147Stan FrebergTry3:17Your Hit Parade - Golden Goofers81993126
148Stan Freberg & Daws ButlerChristmas Dragnet6:38Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD161989130
149Stan GetzSummertime6:58Gershwin Jazz131998191
150Stan Getz & Charlie BirdDesafinado2:08Your Hit Parade - '60s Instrumentals Take Two81993208
151Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimThe Girl From Ipanema5:16Getz/Gilberto11964200
152Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimDoralice2:46Getz/Gilberto21964210
153Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimPara Machucar Meu Coracao5:05Getz/Gilberto31964201
154Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimDesafinado4:04Getz/Gilberto41964197
155Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimCorcovado4:16Getz/Gilberto51964196
156Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimSo Danco Samba3:34Getz/Gilberto61964207
157Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimO Grande Amor5:27Getz/Gilberto71964200
158Stan Getz & João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimVivo Sohando2:52Getz/Gilberto81964203
159Stan Jones & William LavaCheyenne1:14Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)301996154
160Stan KentonWhat Is A Santa Claus?2:29Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two201997172
161Stan KentonArtistry in Rhythm3:19Your Hit Parade 19446 126
162Stan KentonAnd Her Tears Flowed Like Wine3:09Your Hit Parade 194413 126
163Stan KentonTampico2:44Your Hit Parade 19457 128
164Stan KentonShoo-Fly Pie2:38Your Hit Parade 194613 128
165Stan Ridgway & Stewart CopelandDon't Drop The Soap (For Anyone Else But Me)2:23Pecker (OST)121998180
166Stan RogersBarrett's Privateers4:17Brewed In Nova Scotia12000197
167Stand StillI Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus2:54A Santa Cause - It's A Punk Rock Christmas162003243
168The StandellsSometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White2:38Highs Of The Sixties151986165
169The StandellsDirty Water2:48Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)21998154
170The StandellsSometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White2:38Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 3)221998147
171The StandellsWhy Pick On Me2:46Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)261998155
172The StandellsDirty Water2:48Toga Rock121987151
173The StandellsRiot On Sunset Strip2:21Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 1)12009153
174The Stanley BrothersAngel Band2:15O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST)192000129
175The Stanley BrothersMan Of Constant Sorrow2:42Vanguard Collector's Edition (Disc 1)141997178
176The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain BoysI Long To See The Old Folks3:05The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards11991129
177The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain BoysOur Last Goodbye2:36The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards161991143
178The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain BoysWho Will Call You Sweetheart2:55The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards181991127
179The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain BoysLoving You Too Well2:12The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards201991129
180The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain BoysAngel Band2:18The Best Of Bluegrass - Volume 1: The Standards221991128
181Stanley ClarkeChildren Of Forever10:42Children Of Forever11973188
182Stanley ClarkeUnexpected Days5:53Children Of Forever21973185
183Stanley ClarkeBass Folk Song7:59Children Of Forever31973169
184Stanley ClarkeButterfly Dreams6:52Children Of Forever41973178
185Stanley ClarkeSea Journey16:26Children Of Forever51973166
186Stanley ClarkeJustice's Groove4:07East River Drive11993214
187Stanley ClarkeFantasy Love4:37East River Drive21993207
188Stanley ClarkeZabadoobeedé? (Yabadoobeeda!)4:35East River Drive31993219
189Stanley ClarkeEast River Drive7:48East River Drive41993212
190Stanley ClarkeI'm Home Africa5:59East River Drive51993225
191Stanley ClarkeTheme from Boyz N the Hood6:58East River Drive61993210
192Stanley ClarkeChristmas in Rio6:42East River Drive71993211
193Stanley ClarkeWhat If I Forget the Champagne5:12East River Drive81993211
194Stanley ClarkeNever Lose Your Heart/There Lies the Passion5:59East River Drive91993214
195Stanley ClarkeIllegal3:20East River Drive101993235
196Stanley Clarke"Lords of the Low Frequencies"6:07East River Drive111993242
197Stanley ClarkeFunk Is Its Own Reward4:45East River Drive121993226
198Stanley ClarkeIf This Bass Could Only Talk2:30If This Bass Could Only Talk11988218
199Stanley ClarkeGoodbye Pork Pie Hat6:24If This Bass Could Only Talk21988210
200Stanley ClarkeI Want To Play For Ya3:22If This Bass Could Only Talk31988221
201Stanley ClarkeStories To Tell3:46If This Bass Could Only Talk41988210
202Stanley ClarkeFunny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)6:07If This Bass Could Only Talk51988214
203Stanley ClarkeWorkin' Man6:27If This Bass Could Only Talk61988208
204Stanley ClarkeTradition7:11If This Bass Could Only Talk71988205
205Stanley ClarkeCome Take My Hand4:08If This Bass Could Only Talk81988208
206Stanley ClarkeBassically Taps3:15If This Bass Could Only Talk91988228
207Stanley ClarkeOpening (Statement)4:09Modern Man11978206
208Stanley ClarkeHe Lives On (Story About the Last Journey of a Warrior)4:29Modern Man21978200
209Stanley ClarkeMore Hot Fun4:31Modern Man31978218
210Stanley ClarkeSlow Dance3:18Modern Man41978206
211Stanley ClarkeInterlude: A Serious Occasion0:20Modern Man51978179
212Stanley ClarkeGot to Find My Own Place3:17Modern Man61978198
213Stanley ClarkeDayride4:08Modern Man71978213
214Stanley ClarkeInterlude: It's What She Didn't Say1:24Modern Man81978187
215Stanley ClarkeModern Man3:31Modern Man91978199
216Stanley ClarkeInterlude: A Relaxed Occasion1:25Modern Man101978181
217Stanley ClarkeRock 'n' Roll Jelly5:08Modern Man111978222
218Stanley ClarkeClosing (Statement)2:33Modern Man121978212
219Stanley ClarkeSchool Days7:52School Days11976213
220Stanley ClarkeQuiet Afternoon5:09School Days21976204
221Stanley ClarkeThe Dancer5:27School Days31976212
222Stanley ClarkeDesert Song6:56School Days41976189
223Stanley ClarkeHot Fun2:55School Days51976218
224Stanley ClarkeLife Is Just A Game9:00School Days61976207
225Stanley ClarkeVulcan Princess4:01Stanley Clarke11974214
226Stanley ClarkeYesterday Princess1:41Stanley Clarke21974188
227Stanley ClarkeLopsy Lu7:04Stanley Clarke31974209
228Stanley ClarkePower7:21Stanley Clarke41974209
229Stanley ClarkeSpanish Phases For Strings & Bass6:32Stanley Clarke51974185
230Stanley ClarkeLife Suite - Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV13:49Stanley Clarke61974210
231Stanley ClarkeSchool Days7:49The Bass-Ic Collection11997224
232Stanley ClarkeWild Dog3:31The Bass-Ic Collection21997224
233Stanley ClarkeWe Supply4:11The Bass-Ic Collection31997231
234Stanley ClarkeMothership Connection (Star Child)4:16The Bass-Ic Collection41997234
235Stanley ClarkeJourney To Love4:42The Bass-Ic Collection51997202
236Stanley ClarkeHello Jeff5:14The Bass-Ic Collection61997232
237Stanley ClarkeI Wanna Play For You5:13The Bass-Ic Collection71997204
238Stanley ClarkeSilly Putty4:40The Bass-Ic Collection81997216
239Stanley ClarkeHot Fun2:30The Bass-Ic Collection91997222
240Stanley ClarkeRock & Roll Jelly5:06The Bass-Ic Collection101997249
241Stanley ClarkeJamaican Boy3:26The Bass-Ic Collection111997222
242Stanley ClarkeLost In A Thought5:11The Bass-Ic Collection121997203
243Stanley ClarkeBetween Love & Magic4:09The Bass-Ic Collection131997206
244Stanley ClarkeLife Suite/Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 413:48The Bass-Ic Collection141997211
245Stanley Clarke & FriendsMinute By Minute3:27Live At The Greek11994211
246Stanley Clarke & FriendsStratus9:40Live At The Greek21994207
247Stanley Clarke & FriendsBuenos Aires5:19Live At The Greek31994196
248Stanley Clarke & FriendsAll Blues14:01Live At The Greek41994204
249Stanley Clarke & FriendsGoodbye Pork Pie Hat10:07Live At The Greek51994194
250Stanley Clarke & FriendsHer Favorite Song7:42Live At The Greek61994196
251Stanley Clarke & FriendsSchool Days21:33Live At The Greek71994214
252Stanley Clarke & George DukeWild Dog3:30The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]11981209
253Stanley Clarke & George DukeLouie Louie5:07The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]21981202
254Stanley Clarke & George DukeSweet Baby3:47The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]31981190
255Stanley Clarke & George DukeI Just Want To Love You3:51The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]41981202
256Stanley Clarke & George DukeNever Judge A Cover By Its Book1:44The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]51981197
257Stanley Clarke & George DukeLet's Get Started3:58The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]61981206
258Stanley Clarke & George DukeWinners4:01The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]71981216
259Stanley Clarke & George DukeTouch And Go4:38The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]81981193
260Stanley Clarke & George DukeFinding My Way5:39The Clarke / Duke Project [1991 Remaster]91981197
261Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyIndigo7:12The Rite Of Strings11995211
262Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyRenassaince4:36The Rite Of Strings21995203
263Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontySong To John [Dedicated To John Coltrane]6:03The Rite Of Strings31995219
264Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyChilean Pipe Song6:14The Rite Of Strings41995222
265Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyTopanga5:56The Rite Of Strings51995193
266Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyMorocco5:44The Rite Of Strings61995218
267Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyChange Of Life5:29The Rite Of Strings71995198
268Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyLa Cancion De Sofia8:33The Rite Of Strings81995219
269Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc PontyMemory Canyon5:59The Rite Of Strings91995214
270Stanley KeyanaRin Tin Tin1:00Television's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (50's & 60's)451986191
271The Staple SingersLet's Do It Again3:3070's Party Mix (Disc 2)31996201
272The Staple SingersRespect Yourself3:34Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)132001204
273The Staple SingersI'll Take You There3:17Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)12001194
274Staple SingersI'll Take You There4:33Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)101994195
275The Staple SingersRespect Yourself4:55Crooklyn (OST)21994192
276The Staple SingersRespect Yourself4:54Disco Fever (Disc 3)101997209
277The Staple SingersI'll Take You There3:23Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 2)191998197
278The Staple SingersUncloudy Day3:00Jubilation!: Great Gospel Performances Volume 2: More Black Gospel131992127
279Staple SingersI'll Take You There (From "Casino")3:14Mob Hits II - More Music From The Great Mob Movies132000199
280The Staple SingersRespect Yourself3:32Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Vol. 6121991213
281The Staple SingersRespect Yourself3:32Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)81995216
282Staple SingersLet's Do It Again3:29The Buddah Box (Disc 3)91993202
283The Staple SingersHammer & Nails2:30The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)12004194
284The Staple SingersNobody's Fault But Mine1:41The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)22004188
285The Staple SingersToo Close5:33The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)32004127
286The Staple SingersUncloudy Day3:01The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)42004128
287The Staple SingersWon't You Sit Down (Sit Down Servant)2:35The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)52004125
288The Staple SingersI Wish I Had Answered2:47The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)62004200
289The Staple SingersA Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall7:32The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)72004206
290The Staple SingersSwing Low3:01The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)82004126
291The Staple SingersThis May Be The Last Time2:30The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)92004126
292The Staple SingersFor What It's Worth2:25The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)102004195
293The Staple SingersBe Careful Of Stones That You Throw2:50The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)112004185
294The Staple SingersWhy (Am I Treated So Bad)2:53The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)122004207
295The Staple SingersIt's Been A Change2:22The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)132004199
296The Staple SingersWill The Circle Be Unbroken2:42The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)142004203
297The Staple SingersThe Ghetto3:46The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)152004191
298The Staple SingersLong Walk To Dc2:32The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)162004203
299The Staple SingersGod Bless The Children3:54The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)172004199
300The Staple Singers(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay3:13The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)182004180
301The Staple SingersThe Gardener2:22The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)192004186
302The Staple SingersWhen Will We Be Paid For The Work We Did2:39The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)202004204
303The Staple SingersWho Took The Merry Out Of Christmas2:31The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)212004201
304The Staple SingersJohn Henry (Pops Staples)3:56The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)222004197
305The Staple SingersYou're Gonna Make Me Cry5:08The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)232004191
306The Staple SingersSolon Bushi1:32The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 1)242004195
307The Staple SingersThis World3:38The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)12004216
308The Staple SingersI Have Learned To Do Without You (Mavis Staples)4:10The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)22004200
309The Staple SingersRespect Yourself3:33The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)32004205
310The Staple SingersTryin' Times (Pops Staples)5:19The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)42004201
311The Staple SingersHeavy Makes You Happy (Sha Na Boom Boom)3:06The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)52004224
312The Staple SingersI'll Take You There3:15The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)62004201
313The Staple SingersYou've Got To Earn It3:31The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)72004211
314The Staple SingersThe Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me (Mavis Staples)5:15The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)82004165
315The Staple SingersOh La De Da3:34The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)92004192
316The Staple SingersIf You're Ready (Come Go With Me)3:21The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)102004209
317The Staple SingersCity In The Sky3:44The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)112004214
318The Staple SingersI Got To Be Myself3:38The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)122004203
319The Staple SingersTouch A Hand, Make A Friend3:28The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)132004191
320The Staple SingersTrippin' On Your Love (Mavis Staples)4:28The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)142004192
321The Staple SingersLet's Do It Again3:53The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)152004203
322The Staple SingersNew Orleans4:25The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)162004199
323The Staple SingersLove Me, Love Me, Love Me3:14The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)172004205
324The Staple SingersI Honestly Love You3:55The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)182004192
325The Staple SingersSlippery People4:17The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)192004199
326The Staple SingersH-a-t-e (Don't Love Here Any More)4:19The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984 (Disc 2)202004209
327Star OneLift-Off1:13Space Metal [Limited Edition]12002196
328Star OneSet Your Controls6:01Space Metal [Limited Edition]22002237
329Star OneHigh Moon5:36Space Metal [Limited Edition]32002220
330Star OneSongs Of The Ocean5:23Space Metal [Limited Edition]42002228
331Star OneMaster Of Darkness5:14Space Metal [Limited Edition]52002233
332Star OneThe Eye Of Ra7:34Space Metal [Limited Edition]62002219
333Star OneSandrider5:31Space Metal [Limited Edition]72002236
334Star OnePerfect Survivor4:46Space Metal [Limited Edition]82002221
335Star OneIntergalactic Space Crusaders5:22Space Metal [Limited Edition]92002228
336Star OneStarchild9:04Space Metal [Limited Edition]102002215
337Star OneHawkwind Medley9:46Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)12002238
338Star OneSpaced Out4:53Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)22002237
339Star OneInseparable Enemies4:15Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)32002236
340Star OneSpace Oddity (Bowie)4:59Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)42002218
341Star OneStarchild (Mixed In Dolby Pro-logic)9:31Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)52002221
342Star OneSpaced Out (Alternative Version)4:55Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)62002235
343Star OneIntergalactic Laxative (Donovan)2:32Space Metal [Limited Edition] (Bonus Disc)72002192
344Star OneDown the Rabbit Hole1:20Victims of the Modern Age12010194
345Star OneDigital Rain6:23Victims of the Modern Age22010246
346Star OneEarth That Was6:08Victims of the Modern Age32010236
347Star OneVictim of the Modern Age6:27Victims of the Modern Age42010241
348Star OneHuman See, Human Do5:14Victims of the Modern Age52010238
349Star One24 Hours7:20Victims of the Modern Age62010219
350Star OneCassandra Complex5:24Victims of the Modern Age72010241
351Star OneIt's Alive, She's Alive, We're Alive5:07Victims of the Modern Age82010246
352Star OneIt All Ends Here9:46Victims of the Modern Age92010235
353Star OneAs the Crow Dies4:42Victims of the Modern Age (Bonus Disc)12010239
354Star OneTwo Plus Two Equals Five5:04Victims of the Modern Age (Bonus Disc)22010234
355Star OneLastday4:46Victims of the Modern Age (Bonus Disc)32010234
356Star OneCloser to the Stars5:11Victims of the Modern Age (Bonus Disc)42010200
357Star OneKnife Edge4:25Victims of the Modern Age (Bonus Disc)52010225
358Star PilotsIn The Heat Of The Night3:00Hits for Kids 20172008221
359StarbuckMoonlight Feels Right3:3670s Music Explosion: Sunshine (Disc 2)102005201
360StarbuckMoonlight Feels Right3:37Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)91995195
361StarcastleShine On Brightly5:17Citadel11977218
362StarcastleShadows Of Song5:09Citadel21977217
363StarcastleCan't Think Twice3:51Citadel31977208
364StarcastleWings Of White4:54Citadel41977206
365StarcastleEvening Wind5:25Citadel51977214
366StarcastleChange In Time4:31Citadel61977215
367StarcastleCould This Be Love3:24Citadel71977225
368StarcastleWhy Have They Gone6:56Citadel81977209
369StarcastleFountains10:22Fountains Of Light11977202
370StarcastleDawning Of The Day3:43Fountains Of Light21977199
371StarcastleSilver Winds4:54Fountains Of Light31977201
372StarcastleTrue To The Light6:25Fountains Of Light41977205
373StarcastlePortraits5:02Fountains Of Light51977196
374StarcastleDiamond Song (Deep Is The Light)5:35Fountains Of Light61977205
375StarcastleRed Season5:28Song of Times12007235
376StarcastleBabylon9:35Song of Times22007210
377StarcastleSong of Times6:05Song of Times32007193
378StarcastleIslands5:00Song of Times42007225
379StarcastleFaces of Change4:58Song of Times52007222
380StarcastleLove Is The Only Place4:17Song of Times62007206
381StarcastleMaster Machine4:26Song of Times72007200
382StarcastleAll For the Thunder6:13Song of Times82007223
383StarcastleChildren Believe6:33Song of Times92007221
384StarcastleBabylon (edited)4:38Song of Times102007213
385StarcastleLady Of The Lake10:27Starcastle11975215
386StarcastleElliptical Seasons4:29Starcastle21975202
390StarcastleTo The Fire Wind5:16Starcastle61975212
392StardustMusic Sounds Better With You3:36Nu Music Traxx Vol. 14 February 199941999207
393StargardTheme From Which Way Is Up4:53Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)202001203
394StargazerSlomotion3:22Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)112003200
395StarguardTheme From "Which Way Up"3:09Funked! Vol. 342001196
396StarkooAnne2:56Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)52005210
397Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:1470s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)42005214
398Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:13Definite 70's Volume 3 (Disc 4)81997209
399Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:49Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)161998200
400Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:15Living In The 70's Vol II (Disc 2)81995206
401Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:12Those Fabulous '70s51990221
402Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight3:12Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)132001214
403StarlitesValarie2:27The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)21996146
404StarpointObject of My Desire (Maxi Version)5:45Old School Nation! (Disc 1) [CA]72004231
405StarsMighty Rock3:09Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)62000233
406Stars On 45Stars On 45 (Medley)4:51Greatest Hits Of The 80's (Disc 1)41998202
407Stars On 45Stevie Wonder Medley7:39The Very Best Of Stars On 4511994195
408Stars On 45Beatles Medley15:48The Very Best Of Stars On 4521994200
409Stars On 45Medley - The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band In The World5:08The Very Best Of Stars On 4531994202
410Stars On 45Medley - Star Wars And Other Hits5:11The Very Best Of Stars On 4541994206
411Stars On 45ABBA Medley11:26The Very Best Of Stars On 4551994194
412Stars On 45Stars On Stevie Megamix7:39The Very Best Of Stars On 4561994226
413Stars On 54If You Could Read My Mind3:26Fired Up! (Disc 1)52003237
414StarshipWe Built This City4:55Knee Deep In The Hoopla11985204
415StarshipSara4:53Knee Deep In The Hoopla21985186
416StarshipTomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight3:42Knee Deep In The Hoopla31985205
417StarshipRock Myself To Sleep3:27Knee Deep In The Hoopla41985199
418StarshipDesperate Heart4:05Knee Deep In The Hoopla51985199
419StarshipPrivate Room4:52Knee Deep In The Hoopla61985215
420StarshipBefore I Go5:15Knee Deep In The Hoopla71985205
421StarshipHearts Of The World (Will Understand)4:24Knee Deep In The Hoopla81985202
422StarshipLove Rusts4:59Knee Deep In The Hoopla91985194
423StarshipWe Built This City4:56Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 6)132002253
424StarshipThe Burn4:25Love Among The Cannibals11989190
425StarshipIt's Not Enough4:50Love Among The Cannibals21989206
426StarshipTrouble In Mind4:34Love Among The Cannibals31989208
427StarshipI Didn't Mean To Stay All Night4:50Love Among The Cannibals41989211
428StarshipSend A Message4:49Love Among The Cannibals51989218
429StarshipWild Again4:43Love Among The Cannibals61989214
430StarshipLove Among The Cannibals3:44Love Among The Cannibals71989206
431StarshipWe Dream In Color6:27Love Among The Cannibals81989222
432StarshipHealing Waters4:57Love Among The Cannibals91989206
433StarshipBlaze Of Love4:35Love Among The Cannibals101989200
434StarshipI'll Be There5:31Love Among The Cannibals111989195
435StarshipBeat Patrol4:26No Protection11987205
436StarshipNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now4:30No Protection21987211
437StarshipIt's Not Over (Til It's Over)4:18No Protection31987212
438StarshipGirls Like You4:17No Protection41987209
439StarshipWings Of A Lie5:01No Protection51987194
440StarshipThe Children5:42No Protection61987204
441StarshipI Don't Know Why4:09No Protection71987209
442StarshipTransatlantic4:19No Protection81987218
443StarshipSay When4:25No Protection91987219
444StarshipBabylon4:38No Protection101987203
445StarshipSet The Night To Music4:44No Protection111987191
446StarshipNothing's Gonna Stop US Now4:35Sounds Of The Eighties - 1987131995218
447StarshipIt's Not Enough4:26The Power Of Love - Stolen Moments (Disc 1)10 216
448StarshipNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now4:26Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988 (Disc 2)92001212
449State Of The HeartLast Christmas3:44The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)121996211
450Static-XCannibal3:13Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]12007241
451Static-XNo Submission2:41Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]22007237
452Static-XBehemoth3:00Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]32007254
453Static-XChemical Logic3:51Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]42007236
454Static-XDestroyer2:45Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]52007240
455Static-XForty Ways3:00Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]62007234
456Static-XChroma-Matic2:44Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]72007245
457Static-XCuts You Up3:26Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]82007251
458Static-XReptile2:30Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]92007247
459Static-XElectric Pulse2:40Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]102007234
460Static-XGaot3:48Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]112007243
461Static-XTeam Hate3:20Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]122007240
462Static-XLight It Up3:11Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]132007246
463Static-XI'm the One (Wayne Static's Disco Destroyer Remix)3:37Cannibal [Bonus Tracks]142007237
464Static-XLunatic (featuring Dave Mustaine)3:35Cult of Static [Best Buy]12009237
465Static-XZ283:09Cult of Static [Best Buy]22009239
466Static-XTerminal3:37Cult of Static [Best Buy]32009242
467Static-XHypure4:15Cult of Static [Best Buy]42009236
468Static-XTera-Fied5:19Cult of Static [Best Buy]52009225
469Static-XStingwray4:10Cult of Static [Best Buy]62009250
470Static-XYou Am I2:59Cult of Static [Best Buy]72009238
471Static-XIsolaytore2:45Cult of Static [Best Buy]82009245
472Static-XNocturnally3:49Cult of Static [Best Buy]92009241
473Static-XSkinned3:33Cult of Static [Best Buy]102009253
474Static-XGrind 2 Halt4:55Cult of Static [Best Buy]112009232
475Static-XW.F.O.3:11Cult of Static [Best Buy]122009248
476Static-XLooks That Kill4:11Cult of Static [Best Buy]132009210
477Static-XBien Venidos0:21Machine12002187
478Static-XGet To The Gone2:49Machine22002253
480Static-XBlack And White3:50Machine42002244
481Static-XThis Is Not2:57Machine52002258
482Static-XOtsego Undead3:29Machine62002245
484Static-XStructural Defect3:39Machine82002265
485Static-X...In A Bag4:21Machine92002252
486Static-XBurn To Burn4:17Machine102002256
488Static-XA Dios Alma Perdida5:58Machine122002192
489Static-XDestroy All2:18Shadow Zone12003263
490Static-XControl It3:05Shadow Zone22003264
491Static-XNew Pain2:57Shadow Zone32003259
492Static-XShadow Zone3:05Shadow Zone42003256
493Static-XDead World2:47Shadow Zone52003256
494Static-XMonster2:14Shadow Zone62003247
495Static-XThe Only2:51Shadow Zone72003242
496Static-XKill Your Idols4:01Shadow Zone82003260
497Static-XAll In Wait4:01Shadow Zone92003255
498Static-XOtsegolectric2:39Shadow Zone102003260
499Static-XSo3:40Shadow Zone112003251
500Static-XTransmission1:38Shadow Zone122003230
501Static-XInvincible4:05Shadow Zone132003235
502Static-XThe Enemy2:28Start A War12005241
503Static-XI'm The One2:36Start A War22005246
504Static-XStart A War2:44Start A War32005249
505Static-XPieces2:38Start A War42005231
506Static-XDirthouse3:03Start A War52005251
507Static-XSkinnyman3:40Start A War62005236
508Static-XJust In Case4:24Start A War72005212
509Static-XSet It Off3:55Start A War82005228
510Static-XI Want To Fucking Break It2:42Start A War92005237
511Static-XNight Terrors3:09Start A War102005255
512Static-XOtsego Amigo2:46Start A War112005233
513Static-XMy Damnation4:01Start A War122005237
514Static-XBrainfog9:53Start A War132005120
515Static-XPush It2:34Wisconsin Death Trip11999248
516Static-XI'm With Stupid3:24Wisconsin Death Trip21999248
517Static-XBled For Days3:45Wisconsin Death Trip31999239
518Static-XLove Dump4:19Wisconsin Death Trip41999231
519Static-XI Am2:47Wisconsin Death Trip51999254
520Static-XOtsegolation3:32Wisconsin Death Trip61999239
521Static-XStem2:54Wisconsin Death Trip71999195
522Static-XSweat Of The Bud3:30Wisconsin Death Trip81999240
523Static-XFix2:49Wisconsin Death Trip91999246
524Static-XWisconsin Death Trip3:09Wisconsin Death Trip101999250
525Static-XThe Trance Is The Motion4:50Wisconsin Death Trip111999211
526Static-XDecember6:17Wisconsin Death Trip121999247
527The Statler BrothersFlowers on the Wall2:21Country by Peter O.E. Bekker, Jr.141997211
528The Statler BrothersFlowers On The Wall2:22Country Complete (Disc 1)131997210
529The Statler BrothersFlowers On The Wall3:27Johnny Cash At San Quentin [Legacy Edition] (Disc 1)21969179
530The Statler BrothersLess Of Me2:44Johnny Cash At San Quentin [Legacy Edition] (Disc 2)91969197
531The Statler BrothersBed Of Roses2:28The Best Of The Statler Bros.11975202
532The Statler BrothersWhatever Happened To Randolph Scott1:54The Best Of The Statler Bros.21975194
533The Statler BrothersDo You Remember These2:53The Best Of The Statler Bros.31975196
534The Statler BrothersCarry Me Back3:15The Best Of The Statler Bros.41975198
535The Statler BrothersFlowers On The Wall2:27The Best Of The Statler Bros.51975203
536The Statler BrothersThe Class Of '572:40The Best Of The Statler Bros.61975192
537The Statler BrothersI'll Go To My Grave Loving You2:52The Best Of The Statler Bros.71975190
538The Statler BrothersPictures3:01The Best Of The Statler Bros.81975188
539The Statler BrothersThank You World3:09The Best Of The Statler Bros.91975201
540The Statler BrothersNew York City2:50The Best Of The Statler Bros.101975189
541The Statler BrothersSusan When She Tried3:00The Best Of The Statler Bros.111975205
542Status QuoDown The Dustpipe2:06A Decade Of Pop The 70's14 130
543Status QuoIce In The Sun2:11Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)141998137
544Status QuoDown The Dustpipe2:03Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 1)51998156
545Status QuoPaper Plane2:54Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)14 171
546Status QuoRoll Over Lay Down4:41Classic Rock - 1973-1979 (Disc 1)15 181
547Status QuoPictures Of Matchstick Men3:11Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 3)212001151
548Status QuoRockin' All Over The World3:27Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 3)22000211
549Status QuoLiving On An Island3:48The Power Of Love - 1978-1980 (Disc 2)121999209
550Status QuoPictures Of Matchstick Men3:12The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)191997155
551Status QuoDown Down3:49Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)72001210
552Status QuoThe Wanderer3:27Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)122001189
553Status QuoPictures Of Matchstick Men3:10Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)11997128
554Status QuoIce In The Sun2:01Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)21997139
555Status QuoDown The Dustpipe2:03Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)31997165
556Status QuoIn My Chair3:10Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)41997131
557Status QuoPaper Plane2:55Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)51997178
558Status QuoMean Girl3:59Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)61997202
559Status QuoCaroline3:43Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)71997206
560Status QuoBreak The Rules3:39Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)81997206
561Status QuoDown Down3:50Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)91997211
562Status QuoRoll Over Lay Down5:41Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)101997193
563Status QuoRain4:34Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)111997205
564Status QuoMystery Song3:58Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)121997229
565Status QuoWild Side Of Life3:16Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)131997194
566Status QuoRockin' All Over The World3:32Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)141997214
567Status QuoAgain And Again3:42Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)151997237
568Status QuoWhatever You Want4:01Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)161997225
569Status QuoLiving On An Island3:47Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)171997212
570Status QuoWhat You're Proposing3:51Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)181997199
571Status QuoLies3:54Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)191997193
572Status QuoDon't Drive My Car4:13Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)201997207
573Status QuoSomething About You Baby I Like2:50Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 1)211997209
574Status QuoRock 'N' Roll4:04Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)11997197
575Status QuoDear John3:13Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)21997201
576Status QuoOl Rag Blues2:48Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)31997209
577Status QuoA Mess Of The Blues3:20Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)41997212
578Status QuoMarguerita Time3:28Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)51997206
579Status QuoGoing Down Town Tonight3:37Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)61997201
580Status QuoThe Wanderer3:28Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)71997196
581Status QuoRollin' Home4:00Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)81997223
582Status QuoRed Sky4:10Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)91997192
583Status QuoIn The Army Now3:54Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)101997193
584Status QuoDreamin'3:04Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)111997213
585Status QuoAin't Complaining3:59Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)121997196
586Status QuoBurning Bridges3:53Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)131997217
587Status QuoAnniversary Waltz Part 1 (Medley)5:32Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)141997221
588Status QuoAnniversary Waltz Part 2 (Medley)5:29Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)151997220
589Status QuoI Didn't Mean It3:24Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)161997236
590Status QuoWhen You Walk In The Room3:04Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)171997229
591Status QuoFun Fun Fun (feat. The Beach Boys)3:05Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)181997220
592Status QuoDon't Stop3:43Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)191997215
593Status QuoAll Around My Hat (with Maddy Prior)3:06Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of (Disc 2)201997203
594Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You3:26Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 3)201998214
595Stealers WheelStuck in the Middle With You3:23Reservoir Dogs (OST)111992211
596Stealers WheelLate Again3:16Stealers Wheel11973204
597Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle3:28Stealers Wheel21973209
598Stealers WheelAnother Meaning2:56Stealers Wheel31973192
599Stealers WheelI Get By3:16Stealers Wheel41973214
600Stealers WheelOutside Looking In3:54Stealers Wheel51973212
601Stealers WheelJohnny's Song3:45Stealers Wheel61973208
602Stealers WheelNext To Me3:37Stealers Wheel71973198
603Stealers WheelJosé3:23Stealers Wheel81973211
604Stealers WheelGets So Lonely2:57Stealers Wheel91973173
605Stealers WheelYou Put Something Better Inside Of Me3:50Stealers Wheel101973203
606Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You3:27Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1071990211
607Stealers WheelStar3:02Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1261990217
608Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You3:25The Best Of Stealers Wheel11990213
609Stealers WheelNothing's Gonna Change My Mind3:57The Best Of Stealers Wheel21990218
610Stealers WheelStar2:57The Best Of Stealers Wheel31990212
611Stealers WheelThis Morning3:28The Best Of Stealers Wheel41990206
612Stealers WheelSteamboat Row2:52The Best Of Stealers Wheel51990203
613Stealers WheelNext To Me3:37The Best Of Stealers Wheel61990201
614Stealers WheelRight Or Wrong4:48The Best Of Stealers Wheel71990202
615Stealers WheelGo As You Please3:44The Best Of Stealers Wheel81990217
616Stealers WheelBenediction4:48The Best Of Stealers Wheel91990198
617Stealers WheelWaltz2:52The Best Of Stealers Wheel101990197
618Stealers WheelBlind Faith3:23The Best Of Stealers Wheel111990216
619Stealers WheelLate Again3:13The Best Of Stealers Wheel121990206
620Stealers WheelWheelin'3:52The Best Of Stealers Wheel131990217
621Stealers WheelJose3:21The Best Of Stealers Wheel141990204
622Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You3:25The Power Of Love - 1971-1979 (Disc 1)61999207
623Stealers WheelStar2:55Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)112001226
624Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You3:24Van Inkel's Choice111993211
625SteamNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye4:11AM Gold: The '60s Generation141995195
626SteamNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye3:45Simply The Best Of The 70's (Disc 1)122000165
627SteamNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye4:13Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 151990206
628SteamNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye4:08Toga Rock91987208
629Steel MagnoliaOoh La La3:28Steel Magnolia12011235
630Steel MagnoliaKeep On Lovin' You3:02Steel Magnolia22011220
631Steel MagnoliaJust By Being You (Halo And Wings)4:00Steel Magnolia32011210
632Steel MagnoliaEdge Of Goodbye4:25Steel Magnolia42011218
633Steel MagnoliaBulletproof3:49Steel Magnolia52011236
634Steel MagnoliaNot Tonight4:15Steel Magnolia62011216
635Steel MagnoliaLast Night Again3:54Steel Magnolia72011210
636Steel MagnoliaWithout You3:27Steel Magnolia82011198
637Steel MagnoliaRainbow4:30Steel Magnolia92011226
638Steel MagnoliaEggs Over Easy3:55Steel Magnolia102011215
639Steel MagnoliaHomespun Love3:18Steel Magnolia112011214
640Steel MagnoliaGlass Houses4:05Steel Magnolia122011181
641Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:06100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 3)231997199
642Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:0740 One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)182001208
643Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:08Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 3)61992204
644Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:07One Hit Wonders: Hard 2 Get Hits (Disc 4)92001230
645Steeleye SpanThe Blacksmith3:40Spanning The Years (Disc 1)11995210
646Steeleye SpanMy Johnny Was A Shoemaker1:11Spanning The Years (Disc 1)21995189
647Steeleye SpanThe King1:28Spanning The Years (Disc 1)31995194
648Steeleye SpanLovely On The Water5:19Spanning The Years (Disc 1)41995201
649Steeleye SpanMarrowbones4:27Spanning The Years (Disc 1)51995205
650Steeleye SpanRave On1:25Spanning The Years (Disc 1)61995164
651Steeleye SpanGaudete2:26Spanning The Years (Disc 1)71995189
652Steeleye SpanJohn Barleycorn4:48Spanning The Years (Disc 1)81995201
653Steeleye SpanAlison Gross5:26Spanning The Years (Disc 1)91995234
654Steeleye SpanRobbery With Violins1:47Spanning The Years (Disc 1)101995234
655Steeleye SpanRogues Of A Nation4:33Spanning The Years (Disc 1)111995199
656Steeleye SpanCam Ye O'er Frae France2:47Spanning The Years (Disc 1)121995210
657Steeleye SpanThomas The Rhymer3:14Spanning The Years (Disc 1)131995204
658Steeleye SpanTo Know Him Is To Love Him2:43Spanning The Years (Disc 1)141995201
659Steeleye SpanNew York Girls3:08Spanning The Years (Disc 1)151995196
660Steeleye SpanLong Lankin8:42Spanning The Years (Disc 1)161995194
661Steeleye SpanBlack Jack Davy4:15Spanning The Years (Disc 1)171995209
662Steeleye SpanHard Times Of Old England5:12Spanning The Years (Disc 1)181995213
663Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:08Spanning The Years (Disc 1)191995204
664Steeleye SpanLondon4:09Spanning The Years (Disc 1)201995181
665Steeleye SpanFighting For Strangers4:22Spanning The Years (Disc 2)11995194
666Steeleye SpanThe Black Freighter5:58Spanning The Years (Disc 2)21995192
667Steeleye SpanThe Victory8:36Spanning The Years (Disc 2)31995186
668Steeleye SpanThe False Knight On The Road6:09Spanning The Years (Disc 2)41995208
669Steeleye SpanRag Doll3:18Spanning The Years (Disc 2)51995204
670Steeleye SpanLet Her Go Down3:37Spanning The Years (Disc 2)61995187
671Steeleye SpanSails Of Silver3:27Spanning The Years (Disc 2)71995200
672Steeleye SpanGone To America4:22Spanning The Years (Disc 2)81995192
673Steeleye SpanMy Love2:55Spanning The Years (Disc 2)91995184
674Steeleye SpanLady Diamond4:36Spanning The Years (Disc 2)101995215
675Steeleye SpanBlackleg Miner4:11Spanning The Years (Disc 2)111995206
676Steeleye SpanOne Misty Moisty Morning4:38Spanning The Years (Disc 2)121995188
677Steeleye SpanThe Fox3:05Spanning The Years (Disc 2)131995195
678Steeleye SpanFollowing Me3:39Spanning The Years (Disc 2)141995204
679Steeleye SpanTam Lin10:44Spanning The Years (Disc 2)151995192
680Steeleye SpanGaudette2:25The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! (Disc 2)211996197
681Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat4:07Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 1)82001216
682SteelheartLove Ain't Easy3:41Steelheart11990222
683SteelheartCan't Stop Me Lovin' You5:07Steelheart21990223
684SteelheartLike Never Before4:46Steelheart31990224
685SteelheartI'll Never Let You Go5:06Steelheart41990211
686SteelheartEverybody Loves Eileen6:21Steelheart51990222
688SteelheartGimme Gimme5:24Steelheart71990224
689SteelheartRock 'n Roll (I Just Wanna)4:12Steelheart81990223
690SteelheartShe's Gone6:32Steelheart91990209
691SteelheartDown N' Dirty6:44Steelheart101990234
692Steely DanBlack Cow5:12Aja [Original Master Recording]11977204
693Steely DanAja7:56Aja [Original Master Recording]21977217
694Steely DanDeacon Blues7:37Aja [Original Master Recording]31977213
695Steely DanPeg3:56Aja [Original Master Recording]41977208
696Steely DanHome At Last5:34Aja [Original Master Recording]51977216
697Steely DanI Got The News5:06Aja [Original Master Recording]61977215
698Steely DanJosie4:31Aja [Original Master Recording]71977209
699Steely DanDo It Again5:55Can't Buy A Thrill11972203
700Steely DanDirty Work3:09Can't Buy A Thrill21972203
701Steely DanKings3:47Can't Buy A Thrill31972200
702Steely DanMidnite Cruiser4:09Can't Buy A Thrill41972199
703Steely DanOnly A Fool Would Say That2:57Can't Buy A Thrill51972204
704Steely DanReelin' In The Years4:34Can't Buy A Thrill61972205
705Steely DanFire In The Hole3:27Can't Buy A Thrill71972194
706Steely DanBrooklyn4:21Can't Buy A Thrill81972203
707Steely DanChange Of The Guard3:36Can't Buy A Thrill91972199
708Steely DanTurn That Heartbeat Over Again5:02Can't Buy A Thrill101972198
709Steely DanBodhisattva5:18Countdown To Ecstasy11973218
710Steely DanRazor Boy3:11Countdown To Ecstasy21973218
711Steely DanThe Boston Rag5:40Countdown To Ecstasy31973212
712Steely DanYour Gold Teeth6:59Countdown To Ecstasy41973207
713Steely DanShow Biz Kids5:26Countdown To Ecstasy51973228
714Steely DanMy Old School5:46Countdown To Ecstasy61973207
715Steely DanPearl Of The Quarter3:51Countdown To Ecstasy71973209
716Steely DanKing Of The World5:00Countdown To Ecstasy81973214
717Steely DanThe Last Mall3:36Everything Must Go12003202
718Steely DanThings I Miss the Most3:59Everything Must Go22003198
719Steely DanBlues Beach4:29Everything Must Go32003213
720Steely DanGodwhacker4:57Everything Must Go42003216
721Steely DanSlang of Ages4:15Everything Must Go52003205
722Steely DanGreen Book5:55Everything Must Go62003193
723Steely DanPixeleen4:01Everything Must Go72003205
724Steely DanLunch With Gina4:27Everything Must Go82003213
725Steely DanEverything Must Go6:45Everything Must Go92003195
726Steely DanBabylon Sisters5:55Gaucho11980199
727Steely DanHey Nineteen5:10Gaucho21980210
728Steely DanGlamour Profession7:29Gaucho31980199
729Steely DanGaucho5:32Gaucho41980194
730Steely DanTime Out Of Mind4:14Gaucho51980207
731Steely DanMy Rival4:34Gaucho61980188
732Steely DanThird World Man5:13Gaucho71980204
733Steely DanHey Nineteen5:05Gold (Expanded Edition)11991209
734Steely DanGreen Earrings4:07Gold (Expanded Edition)21991212
735Steely DanDeacon Blues7:32Gold (Expanded Edition)31991200
736Steely DanChain Lightning3:00Gold (Expanded Edition)41991209
737Steely DanFM5:06Gold (Expanded Edition)51991197
738Steely DanBlack Cow5:08Gold (Expanded Edition)61991203
739Steely DanKing of the World5:03Gold (Expanded Edition)71991210
740Steely DanBabylon Sisters5:51Gold (Expanded Edition)81991205
741Steely DanHere At the Western World4:02Gold (Expanded Edition)91991189
742Steely DanCentury's End (by Donald Fagen)5:31Gold (Expanded Edition)101991199
743Steely DanTrue Companion (by Donald Fagen)5:10Gold (Expanded Edition)111991215
744Steely DanBodhisattva (Live)7:40Gold (Expanded Edition)121991210
745Steely DanBlack Friday3:41Katy Lied (ReMastered)11975227
746Steely DanBad Sneakers3:20Katy Lied (ReMastered)21975236
747Steely DanRose Darling3:05Katy Lied (ReMastered)31975242
748Steely DanDaddy Don't Live In That NYC No More3:15Katy Lied (ReMastered)41975235
749Steely DanDoctor Wu3:56Katy Lied (ReMastered)51975241
750Steely DanEveryone's Gone To The Movies3:44Katy Lied (ReMastered)61975232
751Steely DanYour Gold Teeth II4:12Katy Lied (ReMastered)71975240
752Steely DanChain Lightning3:00Katy Lied (ReMastered)81975242
753Steely DanAny World (That I'm Welcome To)3:55Katy Lied (ReMastered)91975237
754Steely DanThrow Back The Little Ones3:13Katy Lied (ReMastered)101975247
755Steely DanRikki Don't Lose That Number4:32Pretzel Logic11974197
756Steely DanNight By Night3:39Pretzel Logic21974212
757Steely DanAny Major Dude Will Tell You3:07Pretzel Logic31974204
758Steely DanBarrytown3:20Pretzel Logic41974207
759Steely DanEast St. Louis Toodle-OO2:49Pretzel Logic51974198
760Steely DanParker's Band2:42Pretzel Logic61974214
761Steely DanThrough With Buzz1:32Pretzel Logic71974192
762Steely DanPretzel Logic4:31Pretzel Logic81974198
763Steely DanWith A Gun2:17Pretzel Logic91974216
764Steely DanCharlie Freak2:44Pretzel Logic101974206
765Steely DanMonkey In Your Soul2:36Pretzel Logic111974200
766Steely DanRikki Don't Lose That Number4:00Sounds Of The Seventies - 1974141990219
767Steely DanKid Charlemagne4:39The Royal Scam11976190
768Steely DanThe Caves Of Altamira3:32The Royal Scam21976201
769Steely DanDon't Take Me Alive4:14The Royal Scam31976188
770Steely DanSign In Stranger4:21The Royal Scam41976196
771Steely DanThe Fez4:00The Royal Scam51976194
772Steely DanGreen Earrings4:09The Royal Scam61976209
773Steely DanHaitian Divorce5:50The Royal Scam71976199
774Steely DanEverything You Did3:57The Royal Scam81976177
775Steely DanThe Royal Scam6:33The Royal Scam91976202
776Steely DanGaslighting Abbie5:54Two Against Nature12000201
777Steely DanWhat A Shame About Me5:17Two Against Nature22000197
778Steely DanTwo Against Nature6:17Two Against Nature32000225
779Steely DanJanie Runaway4:09Two Against Nature42000185
780Steely DanAlmost Gothic4:09Two Against Nature52000190
781Steely DanJack Of Speed6:17Two Against Nature62000205
782Steely DanCousin Dupree5:28Two Against Nature72000203
783Steely DanNegative Girl5:34Two Against Nature82000198
784Steely DanWest Of Hollywood8:21Two Against Nature92000215
785StefyChelsea2:52Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0792006190
786StegaZoiD & Milani Di FoxioFlight [StegaZoiD remake]2:19  2005128
787Steinar Eliassen, ShalianLadyHawk (c) 1998128
788Stellar KartMe And Jesus3:24WOW Hits 2008 (Orange Disc)42007242
789Stellar KartJesus Loves You3:07WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 2)102008230
790The StemsShe's Fine2:35Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 1)122005211
791The StemsLove Will Grow3:15Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)152005218
792Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanShine5:18Live11981205
793Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanPent-Up House4:38Live21981211
794Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanMisty6:20Live31981196
795Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanSweet Georgia Brown5:13Live41981210
796Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanTiger Rag (Hold That Tiger)4:56Live51981200
797Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanSatin Doll7:36Live61981199
798Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanSwing '424:00Live71981215
799Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanMedly: a) Tzigani, b) Fisztorza, c) Fulginiti5:42Live81981213
800Stephanie MillsWhat Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'4:40Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 2) (T.G.I. Disco)31995211
801Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before5:27Great Original Hits of the '80s (Disc 2)61992215
802Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before5:19Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 1)162001219
803Stephen BishopAnimal House4:07Animal House (OST)71978198
804Stephen BishopDream Girl4:41Animal House (OST)111978207
805Stephen BishopOn and On3:09Best of Bish11988179
806Stephen BishopUnfaithfully Yours (One Love)3:35Best of Bish21988183
807Stephen BishopLooking For the Right One3:49Best of Bish31988192
808Stephen BishopSave It For a Rainy Day3:18Best of Bish41988205
809Stephen BishopMadge4:05Best of Bish51988183
810Stephen BishopOne More Night3:47Best of Bish61988192
811Stephen BishopFallin'4:08Best of Bish71988185
812Stephen BishopOnly the Heart Within You4:11Best of Bish81988187
813Stephen BishopThe Big House3:43Best of Bish91988211
814Stephen BishopIt Might Be You4:18Best of Bish101988184
815Stephen BishopIf Love Takes You Away3:36Best of Bish111988213
816Stephen BishopSend a Little Love My Way3:30Best of Bish121988188
817Stephen BishopSomeone's In Love4:33Best of Bish131988209
818Stephen BishopRed Cab To Manhattan4:41Best of Bish141988181
819Stephen BishopSeparate Lives4:08Best of Bish151988194
820Stephen BishopOn and On3:03Careless11976203
821Stephen BishopNever Letting Go3:48Careless21976182
822Stephen BishopCareless3:45Careless31976194
823Stephen BishopSinking In an Ocean of Tears3:08Careless41976207
824Stephen BishopMadge4:03Careless51976184
825Stephen BishopEvery Minute3:58Careless61976200
826Stephen BishopLittle Italy3:27Careless71976214
827Stephen BishopOne More Night4:02Careless81976202
828Stephen Bishop(guitar interlude)0:35Careless91976167
829Stephen BishopSave It For a Rainy Day3:12Careless101976214
830Stephen BishopRock and Roll Slave3:38Careless111976205
831Stephen BishopThe Same Old Tears On a New Background2:40Careless121976177
832Stephen DorffMajor Dad1:02Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)111996192
833Stephen DorffMurphy Brown0:27Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)301996212
834Stephen LynchLullaby (Divorce Song)3:23A Little Bit Special12000214
835Stephen LynchHalf a Man2:59A Little Bit Special22000241
836Stephen LynchBitch1:03A Little Bit Special32000230
837Stephen LynchIntro (Gortengar Trail)0:15A Little Bit Special42000231
838Stephen LynchSpecial3:56A Little Bit Special52000242
839Stephen LynchA Month Dead2:48A Little Bit Special62000236
840Stephen LynchPriest4:11A Little Bit Special72000237
841Stephen LynchHair0:11A Little Bit Special82000220
842Stephen LynchIntro (Super Karate Monkey Death Car)0:10A Little Bit Special92000211
843Stephen LynchGerbil3:04A Little Bit Special102000225
844Stephen LynchWalken I0:31A Little Bit Special112000220
845Stephen LynchR.D.C (Opie's Lament)3:27A Little Bit Special122000217
846Stephen LynchMother's Day Song0:41A Little Bit Special132000211
847Stephen LynchIntro (Curly McDimple)0:19A Little Bit Special142000213
848Stephen LynchHermaphrodite2:49A Little Bit Special152000246
849Stephen LynchTall Glass O' Water0:49A Little Bit Special162000249
850Stephen LynchWalken II0:29A Little Bit Special172000197
851Stephen LynchIn Defense of a Peepshow Girl3:00A Little Bit Special182000232
852Stephen LynchJim Henson's Dead3:02A Little Bit Special192000218
853Stephen LynchIntro (A Tribute to Multigrain Bun)0:23A Little Bit Special202000184
854Stephen LynchGay3:00A Little Bit Special212000230
855Stephen LynchWalken III7:19A Little Bit Special222000204
856Stephen LynchTalk To Me3:20Superhero12003175
857Stephen LynchDr. Stephen2:11Superhero22003188
858Stephen LynchPriest (Live)4:29Superhero32003184
859Stephen LynchCountry Love Song2:11Superhero42003177
860Stephen LynchSuperhero8:57Superhero52003183
861Stephen LynchWhat If That Guy From Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?0:52Superhero62003178
862Stephen LynchMothers Day (Live)1:07Superhero72003184
863Stephen LynchTaxi Driver1:28Superhero82003181
864Stephen LynchFor The Ladies1:24Superhero92003179
865Stephen LynchGrandfather2:36Superhero102003185
866Stephen LynchBowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)5:00Superhero112003201
867Stephen LynchShe Gotta Smile2:57Superhero122003186
868Stephen LynchBest Friends Song2:03Superhero132003183
869Stephen LynchD&D2:46Superhero142003190
870Stephen LynchDown To The Old Pub Instead3:13Superhero152003181
871Stephen LynchLullaby & Special Olympics (Live)8:21Superhero162003156
872Stephen LynchVanilla Ice Cream3:10The Craig Machine12005182
873Stephen LynchBaby3:30The Craig Machine22005174
874Stephen LynchHalloween2:46The Craig Machine32005168
875Stephen LynchLove Song1:23The Craig Machine42005191
876Stephen LynchCraig3:33The Craig Machine52005177
877Stephen LynchBeelz2:54The Craig Machine62005180
878Stephen LynchAlbino1:52The Craig Machine72005166
879Stephen LynchMixer At Delta Chi2:06The Craig Machine82005181
880Stephen LynchLittle Tiny Moustache3:40The Craig Machine92005172
881Stephen LynchPierre2:01The Craig Machine102005183
882Stephen LynchWhittlin' Man2:51The Craig Machine112005183
883Stephen LynchClassic Rock Song2:12The Craig Machine122005186
884Stephen LynchNot Home1:14The Craig Machine132005189
885Stephen LynchVoices In My Head4:09The Craig Machine142005168
886Stephen LynchD&D4:26The Craig Machine152005193
887Stephen Malkmus & The JicksBaltimore6:37Real Emotional Trash62007192
888Stephen SchwartzPrepare Ye the Way of the Lord2:03Godspell (OST)11974188
889Stephen SchwartzSave the People3:24Godspell (OST)21974198
890Stephen SchwartzDay By Day3:16Godspell (OST)31974204
891Stephen SchwartzLearn Your Lessons Well1:26Godspell (OST)41974171
892Stephen SchwartzBless the Lord3:01Godspell (OST)51974205
893Stephen SchwartzAll For the Best2:31Godspell (OST)61974198
894Stephen SchwartzAll Good Gifts3:33Godspell (OST)71974190
895Stephen SchwartzLight of the World2:59Godspell (OST)81974205
896Stephen SchwartzTurn Back, O Man4:20Godspell (OST)91974187
897Stephen SchwartzAlas For You2:01Godspell (OST)101974197
898Stephen SchwartzBy My Side2:42Godspell (OST)111974179
899Stephen SchwartzWe Beseech Thee3:37Godspell (OST)121974193
900Stephen SchwartzOn the Willows3:07Godspell (OST)131974186
901Stephen SchwartzFinale5:40Godspell (OST)141974197
902Stephen SchwartzDay By Day (Reprise)1:56Godspell (OST)151974212
903Stephen SondheimPrologue - Into The Woods11:58Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)11987192
904Stephen SondheimCinderella At The Grave1:13Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)21987183
905Stephen SondheimHello, Little Girl2:33Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)31987184
906Stephen SondheimI Guess This Is Goodbye Maybe They're Magic2:03Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)41987187
907Stephen SondheimI Know Things Now1:49Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)51987168
908Stephen SondheimA Very Nice Prince First Midnight Giants In The Sky5:20Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)61987184
909Stephen SondheimAgony2:27Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)71987195
910Stephen SondheimIt Takes Two2:48Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)81987184
911Stephen SondheimStay With Me2:42Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)91987181
912Stephen SondheimOn The Steps Of The Palace2:34Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)101987170
913Stephen SondheimEver After2:27Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)111987186
914Stephen SondheimAct II Prologue - So Happy3:49Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)121987197
915Stephen SondheimAgony2:16Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)131987197
916Stephen SondheimLament2:03Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)141987180
917Stephen SondheimAny Moment Moments In The Woods4:57Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)151987165
918Stephen SondheimYour Fault Last Midnight4:46Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)161987185
919Stephen SondheimNo More4:16Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)171987182
920Stephen SondheimNo One Is Alone3:57Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)181987193
921Stephen SondheimFinale - Children Will Listen5:10Into The Woods (Original Broadway Cast)191987194
922Stephen StillsLove The One You're With3:0770's Party Mix (Disc 1)51996177
923Stephen StillsLove The One You're With3:04Stephen Stills11970184
924Stephen StillsDo For The Others2:52Stephen Stills21970196
925Stephen StillsChurch (Part Of Someone)4:05Stephen Stills31970180
926Stephen StillsOld Times Good Times3:39Stephen Stills41970206
927Stephen StillsGo Back Home5:54Stephen Stills51970193
928Stephen StillsSit Yourself Down3:05Stephen Stills61970196
929Stephen StillsTo A Flame3:08Stephen Stills71970197
930Stephen StillsBlack Queen5:26Stephen Stills81970199
931Stephen StillsCherokee3:23Stephen Stills91970188
932Stephen StillsWe Are Not Helpless4:18Stephen Stills101970207
933Stephen StillsChange Partners3:15Stephen Stills 211971176
934Stephen StillsNothin' ro Do but Today2:43Stephen Stills 221971189
935Stephen StillsFishes and Scorpions3:17Stephen Stills 231971221
936Stephen StillsSugar Babe4:01Stephen Stills 241971199
937Stephen StillsKnow You Got to Run3:50Stephen Stills 251971190
938Stephen StillsOpen Secret4:58Stephen Stills 261971192
939Stephen StillsRelaxing Town2:23Stephen Stills 271971209
940Stephen StillsSingin' Call3:01Stephen Stills 281971187
941Stephen StillsEcology Song3:25Stephen Stills 291971204
942Stephen StillsWord Game4:11Stephen Stills 2101971167
943Stephen StillsMarianne2:29Stephen Stills 2111971200
944Stephen StillsBluebird Revisited5:23Stephen Stills 2121971187
945Stephen StillsLove the One You're With3:08TM Century GoldDisc Update 4211991188
946Stephen StillsLove The One You're With3:05Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972 (Disc 2)52001216
947Stephen Stills & ManassasSong of Love3:26Manassas [1995 Remaster]11972206
948Stephen Stills & ManassasRock and Roll Crazies / Cuban Bluegrass3:32Manassas [1995 Remaster]21972211
949Stephen Stills & ManassasJet Set (Sigh)4:22Manassas [1995 Remaster]31972204
950Stephen Stills & ManassasAnyway3:19Manassas [1995 Remaster]41972221
951Stephen Stills & ManassasBoth of Us (Bound to Lose)3:02Manassas [1995 Remaster]51972221
952Stephen Stills & ManassasFallen Eagle2:05Manassas [1995 Remaster]61972225
953Stephen Stills & ManassasJesus Gave Love Away for Free3:01Manassas [1995 Remaster]71972199
954Stephen Stills & ManassasColorado2:52Manassas [1995 Remaster]81972214
955Stephen Stills & ManassasSo Begins the Task3:59Manassas [1995 Remaster]91972197
956Stephen Stills & ManassasHide It So Deep2:46Manassas [1995 Remaster]101972219
957Stephen Stills & ManassasDon't Look at My Shadow2:29Manassas [1995 Remaster]111972213
958Stephen Stills & ManassasIt Doesn't Matter2:30Manassas [1995 Remaster]121972214
959Stephen Stills & ManassasJohnny's Garden2:45Manassas [1995 Remaster]131972220
960Stephen Stills & ManassasBound to Fall1:53Manassas [1995 Remaster]141972209
961Stephen Stills & ManassasHow Far2:51Manassas [1995 Remaster]151972205
962Stephen Stills & ManassasMove Around4:15Manassas [1995 Remaster]161972209
963Stephen Stills & ManassasThe Love Gangster2:51Manassas [1995 Remaster]171972217
964Stephen Stills & ManassasWhat to Do4:44Manassas [1995 Remaster]181972212
965Stephen Stills & ManassasRight Now2:58Manassas [1995 Remaster]191972218
966Stephen Stills & ManassasThe Treasure (Take One)8:04Manassas [1995 Remaster]201972222
967Stephen Stills & ManassasBlues Man4:04Manassas [1995 Remaster]211972179
968Stephen Stills & Richie FuraySit Down I Think I Love You2:49Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 4)12009149
969SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild3:28100% Pure Rock161994205
970SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild3:3016 Greatest Hits11973219
971SteppenwolfIt's Never Too Late3:0216 Greatest Hits21973223
972SteppenwolfRock Me3:4016 Greatest Hits31973227
973SteppenwolfHey Lawdy Mama2:5516 Greatest Hits41973213
974SteppenwolfMove Over2:5416 Greatest Hits51973227
975SteppenwolfWho Needs Ya2:5816 Greatest Hits61973225
976SteppenwolfSnowblind Friend3:5416 Greatest Hits71973207
977SteppenwolfRide With Me3:2316 Greatest Hits81973226
978SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:2716 Greatest Hits91973212
979SteppenwolfThe Pusher5:5016 Greatest Hits101973214
980SteppenwolfSookie, Sookie3:1516 Greatest Hits111973218
981SteppenwolfJupiter's Child3:2416 Greatest Hits121973214
982SteppenwolfScreaming Night Hog3:1616 Greatest Hits131973213
983SteppenwolfFor Ladies Only3:4116 Greatest Hits141973210
984SteppenwolfTenderness3:1316 Greatest Hits151973219
985SteppenwolfMonster3:5716 Greatest Hits161973223
986SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:201960's Classic Hits112003201
987SteppenwolfRock Me3:42Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)111998212
988SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:26Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On21989213
989SteppenwolfRock Me3:37Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On181989222
990SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride2:54Classic Rock - 1969-1970 (Disc 1)21998205
991SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:20More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)41999217
992SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild3:30Oh What A Feeling (Disc 1)41996212
993SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild3:27Rock Line171992219
994SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:24The Sixties Complete (Disc 4)201997205
995StepsIt's The Way You Make Me Feel3:18Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 48 (Disc 1) (UK)122001225
996Stereo MC'sConnected5:14Connected11992232
997Stereo MC'sGround Level4:13Connected21992231
998Stereo MC'sEverything3:47Connected31992236
999Stereo MC'sSketch5:44Connected41992237
1000Stereo MC'sFade Away4:25Connected51992234
1001Stereo MC'sAll Night Long4:10Connected61992228
1002Stereo MC'sStep It Up5:01Connected71992233
1003Stereo MC'sPlaying With Fire4:21Connected81992219
1004Stereo MC'sPressure3:50Connected91992239
1005Stereo MC'sChicken Shake3:50Connected101992232
1006Stereo MC'sCreation5:04Connected111992234
1007Stereo MC'sThe End3:49Connected121992226
1008Stereo MC'sStep It Up3:57The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)171993181
1009Stereo MC'sConnected5:14Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 3)72005162
1010StereolabCybele's Reverie4:40Whatever - The '90s Pop & Culture Box (Disc 6)132005206
1011The StereosI Really Love You2:19The Doo Wop Box II (Disc 4)121996196
1012SteriogramWalkie Talkie Man2:14Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-05152004254
1013SteriogramWalkie Talkie Man2:16Pump It Up Exceed SE OST  256
1014Sterling HollowayTrust In Me (The Jungle Book 1967)2:50Classic Disney, Vol. 3201996128
1015Sterling HollowayTrust In Me (The Python's Song)2:50The Jungle Book (OST)101967128
1016Steve AlaimoEvery Day I Have to Cry2:25Hard To Find 45s On CD: Vol. 6 More Sixties Classics22001136
1017Steve AllenHow To Think44:06How To Think 1965128
1018Steve CarlCurfew2:24Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)142006129
1019Steve CarterBlue Horizon Season Two1:41   128
1020Steve CarterSkates on a Spectral Morning1:16  2011128
1021Steve CarterThe Bonny Irish Lass1:26  2008128
1022Steve CropperCrop-Dustin'3:01With A Little Help From My Friends11990208
1023Steve CropperLand Of 1000 Dances5:38With A Little Help From My Friends21990210
1024Steve Cropper99-1/23:22With A Little Help From My Friends31990216
1025Steve CropperBoo-Ga-Loo Down Broadway4:31With A Little Help From My Friends41990206
1026Steve CropperFunky Broadway4:47With A Little Help From My Friends51990221
1027Steve CropperWith A Little Help From My Friends5:35With A Little Help From My Friends61990208
1028Steve CropperOh, Pretty Woman3:36With A Little Help From My Friends71990212
1029Steve CropperI'd Rather Drink Muddy Water3:12With A Little Help From My Friends81990207
1030Steve CropperThe Way I Feel Tonight3:02With A Little Help From My Friends91990206
1031Steve CropperIn The Midnight Hour3:39With A Little Help From My Friends101990209
1032Steve CropperRattlesnake4:57With A Little Help From My Friends111990212
1033Steve Dorff & John BettisGrowing Pains ("As Long As We Got Each Other")1:04Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)61996131
1034Steve EarleGuitar Town2:36Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)11996208
1035Steve EarleGood Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)4:01Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)21996203
1036Steve EarleHillbilly Highway3:40Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)31996202
1037Steve EarleMy Old Friend The Blues3:09Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)41996184
1038Steve EarleFearless Heart4:08Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)51996200
1039Steve EarleThink It Over2:17Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)61996221
1040Steve EarleSomeday3:49Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)71996209
1041Steve EarleGoodbye's All We Got Left3:25Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)81996204
1042Steve EarleState Trooper (Live)5:13Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)91996199
1043Steve EarleI Ain't Ever Satisfied4:03Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)101996209
1044Steve EarleNowhere Road2:51Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)111996211
1045Steve EarleThe Rain Came Down4:10Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)121996209
1046Steve EarleI Love You Too Much3:40Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)131996210
1047Steve EarleThe Week Of Living Dangerously4:29Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)141996213
1048Steve EarleContinental Trailway Blues3:11Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)151996215
1049Steve EarleSix Days On The Road3:06Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 1)161996211
1050Steve EarleCopperhead Road4:32Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)11996206
1051Steve EarleSnake Oil3:31Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)21996216
1052Steve EarleEven When I'm Blue4:14Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)31996225
1053Steve EarleDevil's Right Hand3:04Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)41996228
1054Steve EarleNothing But A Child4:25Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)51996188
1055Steve EarleJohnny Come Lately4:08Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)61996202
1056Steve EarleDead Flowers (Live)5:37Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)71996192
1057Steve EarleThe Other Kind5:11Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)81996224
1058Steve EarleWhen The People Find Out4:13Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)91996223
1059Steve EarleBilly Austin6:17Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)101996199
1060Steve EarleShe's About A Mover (Live)4:10Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)111996215
1061Steve EarleWest Nashville Boogie (Live)7:39Ain't Ever Satisfied (Disc 2)121996222
1062Steve EarleCopperhead Road4:30Copperhead Road11988198
1063Steve EarleSnake Oil3:30Copperhead Road21988195
1064Steve EarleBack To The Wall5:28Copperhead Road31988208
1065Steve EarleThe Devil's Right Hand3:03Copperhead Road41988201
1066Steve EarleJohnny Come Lately4:09Copperhead Road51988189
1067Steve EarleEven When I'm Blue4:14Copperhead Road61988205
1068Steve EarleYou Belong To Me4:24Copperhead Road71988205
1069Steve EarleWaiting On You5:10Copperhead Road81988202
1070Steve EarleOnce You Love4:40Copperhead Road91988195
1071Steve EarleNothing But A Child4:23Copperhead Road101988175
1072Steve EarleGuitar Town2:35Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)11986199
1073Steve EarleGoodbye's All We've Got Left3:23Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)21986201
1074Steve EarleHillbilly Highway3:38Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)31986185
1075Steve EarleGood Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)3:59Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)41986191
1076Steve EarleMy Old Friend, The Blues3:08Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)51986170
1077Steve EarleSomeday3:47Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)61986194
1078Steve EarleThink It Over2:15Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)71986210
1079Steve EarleFearless Heart4:06Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)81986187
1080Steve EarleLittle Rock 'N' Roller4:52Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)91986184
1081Steve EarleDown The Road2:46Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)101986176
1082Steve EarleState Trooper (Live Bonus Track)5:13Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)111986175
1083Steve EarleMy Old Friend The Blues3:03Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe22001195
1084Steve EarleIntroduction To Valentine's Day1:03Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe62001197
1085Steve EarleValentine's Day3:10Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe72001186
1086Steve EarleTom Ames' Prayer3:22Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe102001208
1087Steve EarleI Ain't Ever Satisfied4:00Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe142001200
1088Steve EarleSirocco's Pizza1:42Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe172001197
1089Steve EarleMercenary Song3:02Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe182001204
1090Steve EarleCopperhead Road3:20Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark - Together At The Bluebird Cafe202001212
1091Steve Earle And Reckless KellyReconsider Me2:35Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon32004226
1092Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys MeyersBach/Break3:51August Rush (OST)22007205
1093Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys MeyersElgar/Something Inside4:53August Rush (OST)92007181
1094Steve ErquiagaAngels We Have Heard On High4:08A Windham Hill Christmas22002320
1095Steve ForbertGoin' Down To Laurel5:00Alive On Arrival11978194
1096Steve ForbertSteve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast2:48Alive On Arrival21978202
1097Steve ForbertThinkin'3:27Alive On Arrival31978196
1098Steve ForbertWhat Kinda Guy?2:35Alive On Arrival41978207
1099Steve ForbertIt Isn't Gonna Be That Way4:56Alive On Arrival51978194
1100Steve ForbertBig City Cat2:51Alive On Arrival61978198
1101Steve ForbertGrand Central Station, March 18, 19774:15Alive On Arrival71978202
1102Steve ForbertTonight I Feel So Far Away From Home3:13Alive On Arrival81978191
1103Steve ForbertSettle Down3:47Alive On Arrival91978194
1104Steve ForbertYou Cannot Win If You Do Not Play4:32Alive On Arrival101978206
1105Steve ForbertWhat Kinda Guy?2:37Best Of11993208
1106Steve ForbertRomeo's Tune3:32Best Of21993187
1107Steve ForbertYa Ya (Next To Me)3:48Best Of31993220
1108Steve ForbertCellophane City5:36Best Of41993202
1109Steve ForbertSong For Katrina3:33Best Of51993204
1110Steve ForbertThe Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes A Long Long Way)3:39Best Of61993195
1111Steve ForbertI'm In Love With You4:44Best Of71993176
1112Steve ForbertComplications3:52Best Of81993180
1113Steve ForbertYou Cannot Win If You Do Not Play3:01Best Of91993174
1114Steve ForbertThinkin'4:04Best Of101993147
1115Steve ForbertGoin' Down To Laurel5:02Best Of111993186
1116Steve ForbertJanuary 23-30., 19784:27Best Of121993196
1117Steve ForbertGet Well Soon3:55Best Of131993198
1118Steve ForbertSchoolgirl3:01Best Of141993205
1119Steve ForbertSamson And Delilah's Beauty Shop3:43Best Of151993211
1120Steve ForbertThe Oil Song6:25Best Of161993222
1121Steve ForbertListen To Me4:12Best Of171993214
1122Steve ForbertSteve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast2:50Best Of181993206
1123Steve ForbertIt Isn't Gonna Be That Way4:58Best Of191993189
1124Steve ForbertRomeo's Tune3:32Jackrabbit Slim11979225
1125Steve ForbertThe Sweet Love That You Give3:38Jackrabbit Slim21979223
1126Steve ForbertI'm In Love With You4:45Jackrabbit Slim31979243
1127Steve ForbertSay Goodbye To Little Jo3:55Jackrabbit Slim41979216
1128Steve ForbertWait4:36Jackrabbit Slim51979246
1129Steve ForbertMake It All So Real5:56Jackrabbit Slim61979246
1130Steve ForbertBaby4:14Jackrabbit Slim71979244
1131Steve ForbertComplications3:44Jackrabbit Slim81979243
1132Steve ForbertSadly Sortta Like A Soap Opera3:39Jackrabbit Slim91979232
1133Steve ForbertJanuary 23-30, 19784:25Jackrabbit Slim101979250
1134Steve ForbertRunning On Love3:35Streets Of This Town11988200
1135Steve ForbertDon't Tell Me3:34Streets Of This Town21988198
1136Steve ForbertI Blinked Once4:48Streets Of This Town31988185
1137Steve ForbertMexico3:31Streets Of This Town41988199
1138Steve ForbertAs We Live And Breathe3:20Streets Of This Town51988207
1139Steve ForbertOn The Streets Of This Town3:41Streets Of This Town61988184
1140Steve ForbertHope Faith And Love3:44Streets Of This Town71988206
1141Steve ForbertPerfect Stranger3:35Streets Of This Town81988182
1142Steve ForbertWait A Little Longer3:50Streets Of This Town91988202
1143Steve ForbertSearch Your Heart4:38Streets Of This Town101988177
1144Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsStop-Breakin'-Down Blues3:26Here's Your Pizza11997194
1145Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsWhat Kinda Guy?/Rockin' Robin3:33Here's Your Pizza21997201
1146Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsOne After 9093:11Here's Your Pizza31997194
1147Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsYears Ago2:39Here's Your Pizza41997186
1148Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsEverybody Does It in Hawaii2:12Here's Your Pizza51997182
1149Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsYou're Darn Right2:43Here's Your Pizza61997191
1150Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsRunaway Train of Love2:44Here's Your Pizza71997225
1151Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsAll Because of You2:27Here's Your Pizza81997190
1152Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsSong for Katrina3:12Here's Your Pizza91997200
1153Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsHonky Tonker3:31Here's Your Pizza101997217
1154Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsSamson & Delilah's Beauty Shop3:30Here's Your Pizza111997210
1155Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsYou Cannot Win (If You Do Not Play)/Polk Salad Annie6:06Here's Your Pizza121997213
1156Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsTribute to Ritchie Valens: His Was the Sound/La Bamba3:54Here's Your Pizza131997216
1157Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsSweet Pea2:24Here's Your Pizza141997203
1158Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsBackin' Up Boys4:00Here's Your Pizza151997176
1159Steve Forbert & the Rough SquirrelsYou Cannot Win 'em All3:24Here's Your Pizza161997185
1160Steve Geyer & Mike PostBlossom (My Opinionation)0:47Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)131996178
1161Steve GoodmanIf Jethro Were Here2:29Affordable Art11988219
1162Steve GoodmanVegematic2:59Affordable Art21988199
1163Steve GoodmanOld Smoothies4:14Affordable Art31988198
1164Steve GoodmanTalk Backwards2:33Affordable Art41988210
1165Steve GoodmanHow Much Tequila (Did I Drink Last Night?)2:29Affordable Art51988196
1166Steve GoodmanWhen My Rowboat Comes In3:38Affordable Art61988212
1167Steve GoodmanSouvenirs3:33Affordable Art71988201
1168Steve GoodmanTake Me Out To The Ballgame2:33Affordable Art81988232
1169Steve GoodmanA Dying Cub Fan's Last Request6:02Affordable Art91988194
1170Steve GoodmanCalifornia Promises2:45Affordable Art101988190
1171Steve GoodmanWatchin' Joey Glow2:42Affordable Art111988193
1172Steve GoodmanGrand Canyon Song3:38Affordable Art121988188
1173Steve GoodmanEast St. Louis Tweedle-Dee2:14Artistic Hair11983184
1174Steve GoodmanLet's Give A Party4:13Artistic Hair21983210
1175Steve GoodmanWinter Wonderland2:51Artistic Hair31983191
1176Steve GoodmanElvis Imitators2:50Artistic Hair41983212
1177Steve GoodmanTico Tico2:03Artistic Hair51983202
1178Steve GoodmanThe Water Is Wide4:53Artistic Hair61983170
1179Steve GoodmanRed Red Robin2:01Artistic Hair71983193
1180Steve GoodmanChicken Cordon Bleus3:02Artistic Hair81983206
1181Steve GoodmanOld Fashioned3:42Artistic Hair91983198
1182Steve GoodmanCity Of New Orleans4:10Artistic Hair101983182
1183Steve GoodmanThree-Legged Man4:12Artistic Hair111983200
1184Steve GoodmanYou Never Even Call Me By My Name4:05Artistic Hair121983201
1185Steve GoodmanThe Dutchman4:21City of New Orleans11978218
1186Steve GoodmanSong For David3:09City of New Orleans21978195
1187Steve GoodmanChicken Cordon Blues3:06City of New Orleans31978191
1188Steve GoodmanSomebody's Else's Troubles3:44City of New Orleans41978208
1189Steve GoodmanSix Hours Ahead of the Sun4:39City of New Orleans51978206
1190Steve GoodmanI Ain't Heard You Play No Blues0:59City of New Orleans61978201
1191Steve GoodmanYou Never Even Call Me by My Name4:21City of New Orleans71978205
1192Steve GoodmanCity of New Orleans3:54City of New Orleans81978207
1193Steve GoodmanThe Vegetable Song2:40City of New Orleans91978207
1194Steve GoodmanLincoln Park Pirates3:37City of New Orleans101978211
1195Steve GoodmanThe Ballad of Penny Evans3:43City of New Orleans111978207
1196Steve GoodmanEight Ball Blues4:17City of New Orleans121978201
1197Steve GoodmanRainbow Road3:35City of New Orleans131978197
1198Steve GoodmanDonald and Lydia4:53City of New Orleans141978206
1199Steve GoodmanMind Your Own Business2:56City of New Orleans151978199
1200Steve GoodmanTurnpike Tom4:16City of New Orleans161978213
1201Steve GoodmanYellow Coat4:40City of New Orleans171978207
1202Steve GoodmanSo Fine3:43City of New Orleans181978208
1203Steve GoodmanWould You Like to Learn to Dance4:03City of New Orleans191978205
1204Steve GoodmanYou're The Girl I Love5:03Live Wire12000201
1205Steve GoodmanBanana Republics3:40Live Wire22000185
1206Steve GoodmanLuxury's Lap4:51Live Wire32000210
1207Steve GoodmanThe One That Got Away3:29Live Wire42000196
1208Steve GoodmanThis Hotel Room4:19Live Wire52000189
1209Steve GoodmanThe Dutchman4:49Live Wire62000193
1210Steve GoodmanCity Of New Orleans6:05Live Wire72000198
1211Steve GoodmanMen Who Love Women Who Love Men4:57Live Wire82000207
1212Steve GoodmanHand It To You7:02Live Wire92000207
1213Steve GoodmanWould You Like To Learn To Dance5:15Live Wire102000182
1214Steve GoodmanWhat Have You Done For Me Lately4:17Live Wire112000192
1215Steve GoodmanIt's A Sin To Tell A Lie1:51Live Wire122000190
1216Steve GoodmanOld Smoothies3:29Live Wire132000181
1217Steve GoodmanThe Auctioneer2:52Live Wire142000193
1218Steve GoodmanMy Old Man3:38Live Wire152000183
1219Steve GoodmanTossin' And Turnin'3:33Live Wire162000219
1220Steve GoodmanCrazy Mary3:16Live Wire172000184
1221Steve GoodmanThe I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm Going Nowhere In A Hurry Blues2:31Steve Goodman11972211
1222Steve GoodmanRainbow Road3:33Steve Goodman21972200
1223Steve GoodmanDonald And Lydia4:51Steve Goodman31972195
1224Steve GoodmanYou Never Even Call Me By My Name4:20Steve Goodman41972197
1225Steve GoodmanMind Your Own Business2:53Steve Goodman51972195
1226Steve GoodmanEight Ball Blues4:22Steve Goodman61972212
1227Steve GoodmanCity Of New Orleans3:51Steve Goodman71972207
1228Steve GoodmanTurnpike Tom4:15Steve Goodman81972215
1229Steve GoodmanYellow Coat4:41Steve Goodman91972198
1230Steve GoodmanSo Fine3:14Steve Goodman101972206
1231Steve GoodmanJazzman3:41Steve Goodman111972220
1232Steve GoodmanWould You Like To Learn To Dance?4:00Steve Goodman121972194
1233Steve GoodmanThe City Of New Orleans3:53The Buddah Box (Disc 2)111993198
1234Steve HackettThe Palace Of Thesus2:47A Midsummer Night's Dream11997174
1235Steve HackettA Form In Wax4:40A Midsummer Night's Dream21997187
1236Steve HackettBy Paved Fountain2:00A Midsummer Night's Dream31997178
1237Steve HackettTitania2:23A Midsummer Night's Dream41997160
1238Steve HackettSet Your Heart At Rest3:31A Midsummer Night's Dream51997166
1239Steve HackettOberon2:31A Midsummer Night's Dream61997156
1240Steve HackettWithin This Wood2:36A Midsummer Night's Dream71997156
1241Steve HackettIn The Beached Margent Of The Sea2:38A Midsummer Night's Dream81997200
1242Steve HackettBetween The Cold Moon & The Earth2:44A Midsummer Night's Dream91997183
1243Steve HackettPuck1:53A Midsummer Night's Dream101997153
1244Steve HackettHelena4:21A Midsummer Night's Dream111997176
1245Steve HackettPeaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed4:28A Midsummer Night's Dream121997163
1246Steve HackettMountains Turned Into Clouds4:36A Midsummer Night's Dream131997207
1247Steve HackettThe Lunatic, The Lover & The Poet4:14A Midsummer Night's Dream141997168
1248Steve HackettStarlight4:48A Midsummer Night's Dream151997173
1249Steve HackettLysander & Demetrius2:45A Midsummer Night's Dream161997173
1250Steve HackettCelebration6:15A Midsummer Night's Dream171997201
1251Steve HackettAll Is Mended3:13A Midsummer Night's Dream181997159
1252Steve HackettBay Of Kings4:57Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]11983195
1253Steve HackettThe Journey4:14Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]21983211
1254Steve HackettKim2:25Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]31983191
1255Steve HackettMarigold3:36Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]41983201
1256Steve HackettSt. Elmo's Fire3:08Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]51983214
1257Steve HackettPetropolis2:45Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]61983193
1258Steve HackettSecond Chance1:58Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]71983193
1259Steve HackettCast Adrift2:15Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]81983191
1260Steve HackettHorizons1:47Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]91983186
1261Steve HackettBlack Light2:31Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]101983198
1262Steve HackettThe Barren Land3:46Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]111983204
1263Steve HackettCalmaria3:23Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]121983201
1264Steve HackettTime Lapse At Milton Keynes (Bonus Track)3:56Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]131983164
1265Steve HackettTales Of The Riverbank (Bonus Track)2:02Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]141983130
1266Steve HackettSkye Boat Song (Bonus Track)1:35Bay Of Kings [1994 Remaster Bonus Tracks]151983128
1267Steve HackettHope I Don't Wake3:47Cured [2007 Remaster]11981223
1268Steve HackettPicture Postcard3:54Cured [2007 Remaster]21981224
1269Steve HackettCan't Let Go5:42Cured [2007 Remaster]31981226
1270Steve HackettThe Air-Conditioned Nightmare4:42Cured [2007 Remaster]41981218
1271Steve HackettFunny Feeling4:06Cured [2007 Remaster]51981235
1272Steve HackettA Cradle Of Swans2:49Cured [2007 Remaster]61981193
1273Steve HackettOvernight Sleeper4:37Cured [2007 Remaster]71981225
1274Steve HackettTurn Back Time4:23Cured [2007 Remaster]81981193
1275Steve HackettTales Of The Riverbank (B-Side)2:00Cured [2007 Remaster]91981199
1276Steve HackettSecond Chance (B-Side)2:00Cured [2007 Remaster]101981192
1277Steve HackettThe Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Live at The Reading Festival)4:08Cured [2007 Remaster]111981217
1278Steve HackettThe Steppes6:05Defector [2005 Remaster]11980215
1279Steve HackettTime To Get Out4:12Defector [2005 Remaster]21980237
1280Steve HackettSlogans3:57Defector [2005 Remaster]31980234
1281Steve HackettLeaving3:04Defector [2005 Remaster]41980196
1282Steve HackettTwo Vamps As Guests1:55Defector [2005 Remaster]51980173
1283Steve HackettJacuzzi4:36Defector [2005 Remaster]61980235
1284Steve HackettHammer In The Sand3:10Defector [2005 Remaster]71980210
1285Steve HackettThe Toast3:43Defector [2005 Remaster]81980205
1286Steve HackettThe Show3:40Defector [2005 Remaster]91980238
1287Steve HackettSentimental Institution2:44Defector [2005 Remaster]101980165
1288Steve HackettHercules Unchained2:44Defector [2005 Remaster]111980235
1289Steve HackettSentimental Institution (Live at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)3:02Defector [2005 Remaster]121980201
1290Steve HackettThe Steppes (Live at the Reading Festival)6:33Defector [2005 Remaster]131980200
1291Steve HackettSlogans (Live at the Reading Festival)4:19Defector [2005 Remaster]141980208
1292Steve HackettClocks - The Angel of Mons (Live at the Reading Festival)5:54Defector [2005 Remaster]151980210
1293Steve HackettFirth of Fifth9:40Genesis Files (Disc 1)11997199
1294Steve HackettWatcher of The Skies8:39Genesis Files (Disc 1)21997212
1295Steve HackettRiding The Colossus4:07Genesis Files (Disc 1)31997194
1296Steve HackettRise Again4:26Genesis Files (Disc 1)41997209
1297Steve HackettValley of The Kings6:30Genesis Files (Disc 1)51997211
1298Steve HackettTime Lapse at Milton Keynes3:55Genesis Files (Disc 1)61997165
1299Steve HackettYour Own Special Way4:17Genesis Files (Disc 1)71997202
1300Steve HackettThe Fountain of Salmacis9:53Genesis Files (Disc 1)81997203
1301Steve HackettFor Absent Friends3:02Genesis Files (Disc 1)91997183
1302Steve HackettTwice Around The Sun7:15Genesis Files (Disc 1)101997224
1303Steve HackettHorizons1:44Genesis Files (Disc 2)11997194
1304Steve HackettPrizefighters5:15Genesis Files (Disc 2)21997198
1305Steve HackettCamino Royale8:46Genesis Files (Disc 2)31997210
1306Steve HackettI Know What I Like5:24Genesis Files (Disc 2)41997193
1307Steve HackettDeja Vu5:52Genesis Files (Disc 2)51997194
1308Steve HackettWaiting Room Only6:50Genesis Files (Disc 2)61997201
1309Steve HackettDance on a Volcano7:28Genesis Files (Disc 2)71997200
1310Steve HackettThe Steppes5:41Genesis Files (Disc 2)81997203
1311Steve HackettIn That Quiet Earth3:56Genesis Files (Disc 2)91997202
1312Steve HackettLos Endos6:43Genesis Files (Disc 2)101997207
1313Steve HackettCamino Royale5:27Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]11982223
1314Steve HackettCell 1516:25Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]21982212
1315Steve HackettAlways Somewhere Else4:01Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]31982222
1316Steve HackettWalking Through Walls3:48Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]41982228
1317Steve HackettGive It Away4:07Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]51982224
1318Steve HackettWeightless3:31Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]61982210
1319Steve HackettGroup Therapy5:47Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]71982234
1320Steve HackettIndia Rubber Man2:31Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]81982195
1321Steve HackettHackett to Pieces2:39Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]91982230
1322Steve HackettGuitar Boogie (Encore Favorite)2:12Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]101982223
1323Steve HackettWalking Through Walls (12" Version)5:55Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]111982215
1324Steve HackettTime Lapse at Milton Keynes (B-Side)3:52Highly Strung [2007 Remaster]121982195
1325Steve HackettCavalcanti6:13Momentum [1994 Remaster]11987206
1326Steve HackettThe Sleeping Sea3:27Momentum [1994 Remaster]21987195
1327Steve HackettPortrait of a Brazilian Lady5:15Momentum [1994 Remaster]31987195
1328Steve HackettWhen the Bell Breaks3:03Momentum [1994 Remaster]41987181
1329Steve HackettA Bed, a Chair, and a Guitar2:44Momentum [1994 Remaster]51987187
1330Steve HackettConcert for Munich4:55Momentum [1994 Remaster]61987189
1331Steve HackettLast Rites of Innocence5:28Momentum [1994 Remaster]71987184
1332Steve HackettTroubled Spirits2:30Momentum [1994 Remaster]81987190
1333Steve HackettVariation on a Theme by Chopin4:55Momentum [1994 Remaster]91987190
1334Steve HackettPierrot2:53Momentum [1994 Remaster]101987199
1335Steve HackettMomentum2:38Momentum [1994 Remaster]111987204
1336Steve HackettBourèe1:34Momentum [1994 Remaster]121987178
1337Steve HackettAn Open Window9:02Momentum [1994 Remaster]131987202
1338Steve HackettThe Vigil6:19Momentum [1994 Remaster]141987167
1339Steve HackettFire on the Moon6:11Out of the Tunnel's Mouth12010171
1340Steve HackettNomads4:31Out of the Tunnel's Mouth22010183
1341Steve HackettEmerald and Ash8:59Out of the Tunnel's Mouth32010203
1342Steve HackettTubehead3:36Out of the Tunnel's Mouth42010210
1343Steve HackettSleepers8:50Out of the Tunnel's Mouth52010186
1344Steve HackettGhost in the Glass2:59Out of the Tunnel's Mouth62010206
1345Steve HackettStill Waters4:35Out of the Tunnel's Mouth72010203
1346Steve HackettLast Train to Istanbul5:56Out of the Tunnel's Mouth82010202
1347Steve HackettBlood on the Rooftops5:46Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200912010205
1348Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down4:26Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200922010225
1349Steve HackettFirth of Fifth10:09Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200932010206
1350Steve HackettFly on a Windshield2:18Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200942010213
1351Steve HackettBroadway Melody of 19742:03Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200952010204
1352Steve HackettEvery Star in the Night Sky8:05Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (Bonus Disc) Live in Italy 200962010205
1353Steve HackettNarnia4:06Please Don't Touch!11978206
1354Steve HackettCarry On Up The Vicarage3:11Please Don't Touch!21978206
1355Steve HackettRacing In A5:07Please Don't Touch!31978209
1356Steve HackettKim2:13Please Don't Touch!41978197
1357Steve HackettHow Can I?4:40Please Don't Touch!51978203
1358Steve HackettHoping Love Will Last4:08Please Don't Touch!61978187
1359Steve HackettLand Of A Thousand Autumns1:56Please Don't Touch!71978188
1360Steve HackettPlease Don't Touch3:39Please Don't Touch!81978209
1361Steve HackettThe Voice Of Necam3:10Please Don't Touch!91978184
1362Steve HackettIcarus Ascending6:20Please Don't Touch!101978191
1363Steve HackettEvery Day6:14Spectral Mornings11979221
1364Steve HackettThe Virgin and the Gypsy4:28Spectral Mornings21979189
1365Steve HackettThe Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere2:06Spectral Mornings31979201
1366Steve HackettClocks-The Angel of Mons4:15Spectral Mornings41979212
1367Steve HackettThe Ballad of the Decomposing Man3:48Spectral Mornings51979219
1368Steve HackettLost Time in Cordoba4:03Spectral Mornings61979179
1369Steve HackettTigermoth7:35Spectral Mornings71979195
1370Steve HackettSpectral Mornings6:30Spectral Mornings81979219
1371Steve HackettStrutton Ground3:04To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]12003184
1372Steve HackettCircus Of Becoming3:48To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]22003183
1373Steve HackettThe Devil Is An Englishman4:27To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]32003197
1374Steve HackettFrozen Statues2:58To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]42003172
1375Steve HackettMechanical Bride6:40To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]52003196
1376Steve HackettWind, Sand And Stars5:08To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]62003193
1377Steve HackettBrand New4:41To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]72003201
1378Steve HackettThis World5:19To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]82003195
1379Steve HackettRebecca4:20To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]92003204
1380Steve HackettThe Silk Road5:25To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]102003217
1381Steve HackettPollution B0:59To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]112003210
1382Steve HackettFire Island5:24To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]122003200
1383Steve HackettMarijuana Assassin Of Youth5:49To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]132003197
1384Steve HackettCome Away3:12To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]142003191
1385Steve HackettThe Moon Under Water2:14To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]152003168
1386Steve HackettSerpentine Song6:52To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]162003201
1387Steve HackettIf You Only Knew2:25To Watch The Storms [Special Edition]172003151
1388Steve HackettAce Of Wands5:24Voyage Of The Acolyte11975200
1389Steve HackettHands Of The Priestess, Part I3:31Voyage Of The Acolyte21975197
1390Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down4:49Voyage Of The Acolyte31975207
1391Steve HackettHands Of The Priestess, Part II1:34Voyage Of The Acolyte41975194
1392Steve HackettThe Hermit4:49Voyage Of The Acolyte51975199
1393Steve HackettStar Of Sirius7:07Voyage Of The Acolyte61975200
1394Steve HackettThe Lovers1:49Voyage Of The Acolyte71975195
1395Steve HackettShadow Of The Hierophant11:43Voyage Of The Acolyte81975197
1396Steve HackettWatcher Of The Skies8:40Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited11996209
1397Steve HackettDance On A Volcano7:28Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited21996196
1398Steve HackettValley Of The Kings6:30Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited31996211
1399Steve HackettDeja Vu5:53Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited41996193
1400Steve HackettFirth Of Fifth9:39Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited51996196
1401Steve HackettFor Absent Friends3:02Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited61996181
1402Steve HackettYour Own Special Way4:18Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited71996198
1403Steve HackettFountain Of Salmacis9:53Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited81996198
1404Steve HackettWaiting Room Only6:53Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited91996200
1405Steve HackettI Know What I Like5:37Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited101996191
1406Steve HackettLos Endos8:51Watchers Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited111996203
1407Steve Harley & Cockney RebelMr. Raffles4:31Definite 70's Volume 2 (Disc 2)111992199
1408Steve Harley & Cockney RebelMake Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)3:58Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 2)101998231
1409Steve Harley & Cockney RebelMake Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)3:57The Power Of Love - 1970-1976 (Disc 1)31999216
1410Steve Harley & Cockney RebelHere Comes The Sun3:01The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)51999207
1411Steve HillageHurdy Gurdy Glissando10:59BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert11992214
1412Steve HillageUnidentified (Flying Being)10:16BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert21992222
1413Steve HillageRadio7:43BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert31992227
1414Steve HillageNew Age Synthesis8:30BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert41992230
1415Steve HillageElectrick Gypsies4:51BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert51992215
1416Steve HillageThe Salmon Song7:24BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert61992221
1417Steve HillageIt's All Too Much6:24BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert71992251
1418Steve Hillage1988 Activator2:31BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert81992246
1419Steve HillageCrystal City3:21BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert91992222
1420Steve HillageActivation Meditation1:10BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert101992215
1421Steve HillageThe Glorious Om Riff7:24BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert111992237
1422Steve HillageSolar Musick Suite16:55Fish Rising11975189
1423Steve HillageFish1:22Fish Rising21975194
1424Steve HillageMeditation of the Snake3:16Fish Rising31975192
1425Steve HillageThe Salmon Song8:32Fish Rising41975194
1426Steve HillageAftaglid14:41Fish Rising51975197
1427Steve HillageThese Uncharted Lands5:38For to Next [2007 Remaster]11983213
1428Steve HillageKamikaze Eyes4:50For to Next [2007 Remaster]21983221
1429Steve HillageAlone5:21For to Next [2007 Remaster]31983209
1430Steve HillageAnthems for the Blind4:30For to Next [2007 Remaster]41983203
1431Steve HillageBright Future5:08For to Next [2007 Remaster]51983203
1432Steve HillageFrame by Frame5:52For to Next [2007 Remaster]61983201
1433Steve HillageWaiting5:24For to Next [2007 Remaster]71983208
1434Steve HillageGlory6:28For to Next [2007 Remaster]81983203
1435Steve HillageBefore the Storm7:06For to Next [2007 Remaster]91983239
1436Steve HillageRed Admiral6:11For to Next [2007 Remaster]101983200
1437Steve HillageSerotonin5:37For to Next [2007 Remaster]111983227
1438Steve HillageAnd Not Or6:27For to Next [2007 Remaster]121983209
1439Steve HillageKnights Templar4:32For to Next [2007 Remaster]131983223
1440Steve HillageStill Golden5:54For to Next [2007 Remaster]141983230
1441Steve HillageHurdy Gurdy Man6:33L11976200
1442Steve HillageHurdy Gurdy Glissando9:00L21976205
1443Steve HillageElectrik Gypsies6:26L31976200
1444Steve HillageOm Nama Shivaya3:33L41976211
1445Steve HillageLunar Musik Suite11:57L51976210
1446Steve HillageIts All Too Much6:28L61976209
1447Steve HillageHello Dawn2:49Motivation Radio11987214
1448Steve HillageMotivation4:10Motivation Radio21987205
1449Steve HillageLight in the Sky4:11Motivation Radio31987210
1450Steve HillageRadio6:13Motivation Radio41987207
1451Steve HillageWait One Moment3:19Motivation Radio51987205
1452Steve HillageSaucer Surfing4:20Motivation Radio61987214
1453Steve HillageSearching For the Spark5:31Motivation Radio71987212
1454Steve HillageOctave Doctors3:33Motivation Radio81987211
1455Steve HillageNot Fade Away (Glide Forever)3:28Motivation Radio91987207
1456Steve HillageTalking to the Sun6:00Open [2007 Remaster]11979223
1457Steve Hillage1988 Aktivator2:28Open [2007 Remaster]21979200
1458Steve HillageNew Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype)8:52Open [2007 Remaster]31979216
1459Steve HillageHealing Feeling6:07Open [2007 Remaster]41979207
1460Steve HillageEarthrise8:35Open [2007 Remaster]51979224
1461Steve HillageOpen5:17Open [2007 Remaster]61979217
1462Steve HillageDefinite Activity4:43Open [2007 Remaster]71979222
1463Steve HillageGetting Better2:59Open [2007 Remaster]81979210
1464Steve HillageDay After Day6:19Open [2007 Remaster]91979218
1465Steve HillageGetting in Tune3:15Open [2007 Remaster]101979228
1466Steve HillageDon't Dither Do It5:05Open [2007 Remaster]111979228
1467Steve HillageThe Fire Inside6:18Open [2007 Remaster]121979218
1468Steve HillageDon't Dither Do It (1974 Power Trio Backing Track)4:46Open [2007 Remaster]131979219
1469Steve HillageFour Ever Rainbow (Part 3 Alternative Mix)8:55Open [2007 Remaster]141979210
1470Steve HillageGarden Of Paradise23:10Rainbow Dome Musick11979198
1471Steve HillageFour Ever Rainbow20:31Rainbow Dome Musick21979210
1472Steve HoweDoors of Sleep4:08Beginnings [Remastered]11975201
1473Steve HoweAustralia4:13Beginnings [Remastered]21975206
1474Steve HoweThe Nature of the Sea3:57Beginnings [Remastered]31975204
1475Steve HoweLost Symphony4:41Beginnings [Remastered]41975198
1476Steve HoweBeginnings7:31Beginnings [Remastered]51975199
1477Steve HoweWill O' the Wisp6:00Beginnings [Remastered]61975205
1478Steve HoweRam1:53Beginnings [Remastered]71975203
1479Steve HowePleasure Stole the Night2:57Beginnings [Remastered]81975192
1480Steve HoweBreak Away From It All4:19Beginnings [Remastered]91975212
1481Steve HoweSketches in the Sun3:10Homebrew 111996188
1482Steve HoweSharp on Attack3:56Homebrew 121996218
1483Steve HoweThe Valley of Rock2:39Homebrew 131996213
1484Steve HoweGeorgia's Theme3:38Homebrew 141996192
1485Steve HoweDorothy4:34Homebrew 151996188
1486Steve HoweMeadow Rag1:28Homebrew 161996205
1487Steve HoweAt the Full Moon4:06Homebrew 171996185
1488Steve HoweNever Stop Learning2:50Homebrew 181996199
1489Steve HoweRed and White3:36Homebrew 191996187
1490Steve HoweMore About You2:53Homebrew 1101996177
1491Steve HoweRare Birds3:10Homebrew 1111996211
1492Steve HoweBig Love4:44Homebrew 1121996191
1493Steve HoweRunning in the Human Race3:55Homebrew 1131996184
1494Steve HoweBarren Land2:38Homebrew 1141996192
1495Steve HoweAgainst the Tide3:00Homebrew 1151996213
1496Steve HoweBreakaway From It All4:32Homebrew 1161996139
1497Steve HoweFor This Moment5:19Homebrew 1171996196
1498Steve HoweMasquerade2:11Homebrew 212000209
1499Steve HoweSuccess Story1:26Homebrew 222000191
1500Steve HoweTogether4:39Homebrew 232000194
1501Steve HoweRhythm of the Road2:38Homebrew 242000203
1502Steve HoweSeparate Ways2:13Homebrew 252000219
1503Steve HoweSun Carnival2:26Homebrew 262000205
1504Steve HoweRiviera3:59Homebrew 272000225
1505Steve HoweSleepless in the City1:05Homebrew 282000212
1506Steve HoweThe Spiral3:12Homebrew 292000211
1507Steve HoweThe Serpentine4:09Homebrew 2102000192
1508Steve HoweThe Go Between3:19Homebrew 2112000204
1509Steve HoweFollow Your Heart3:45Homebrew 2122000204
1510Steve HoweBeginnings5:36Homebrew 2132000198
1511Steve HoweSurface Tension2:49Homebrew 2142000202
1512Steve HoweEvery Time You Look Over Your Shoulder3:58Homebrew 2152000228
1513Steve HoweCactus Boogie2:35Homebrew 2162000214
1514Steve HoweResistance Day2:07Homebrew 2172000138
1515Steve HoweWayward Course2:36Homebrew 2182000204
1516Steve HoweSpanish Heritage2:18Homebrew 2192000206
1517Steve HoweOutlawed2:21Homebrew 2202000203
1518Steve HoweMules' Head Stomp3:14Homebrew 2212000204
1519Steve HoweDistant Seas6:14Natural Timbre12001204
1520Steve HoweProvence4:00Natural Timbre22001203
1521Steve HoweIntersection Blues2:28Natural Timbre32001205
1522Steve HoweFamily Tree4:29Natural Timbre42001206
1523Steve HoweJ's Theme3:52Natural Timbre52001199
1524Steve HoweIn the Course of the Day3:32Natural Timbre62001199
1525Steve HoweDream River3:58Natural Timbre72001191
1526Steve HoweGolden Years4:35Natural Timbre82001205
1527Steve HoweThe Little Galliard1:22Natural Timbre92001199
1528Steve HoweUp Above Somewhere3:56Natural Timbre102001192
1529Steve HoweCurls & Swirls2:33Natural Timbre112001195
1530Steve HowePyramidology3:06Natural Timbre122001193
1531Steve HoweLost for Words3:34Natural Timbre132001207
1532Steve HoweWinter2:16Natural Timbre142001192
1533Steve HoweSolar Winds3:53Natural Timbre152001199
1534Steve HoweYour Move3:27Natural Timbre162001205
1535Steve HoweDisillusion1:41Natural Timbre172001195
1536Steve HoweTo Be Over6:13Natural Timbre182001205
1537Steve HoweSad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands12:03Portraits Of Bob Dylan11999202
1538Steve HoweMama You've Been on My Mind2:36Portraits Of Bob Dylan21999176
1539Steve HoweIt's All Over Now Baby Blue4:35Portraits Of Bob Dylan31999192
1540Steve HoweGoing, Going, Gone3:55Portraits Of Bob Dylan41999185
1541Steve HoweJust Like a Woman4:38Portraits Of Bob Dylan51999187
1542Steve HoweWell, Well, Well4:08Portraits Of Bob Dylan61999197
1543Steve HoweThe Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll6:11Portraits Of Bob Dylan71999182
1544Steve HoweLay, Lady, Lay3:46Portraits Of Bob Dylan81999194
1545Steve HoweOne Too Many Mornings3:33Portraits Of Bob Dylan91999175
1546Steve HoweI Don't Believe You4:19Portraits Of Bob Dylan101999179
1547Steve HoweDon't Think Twice It's All Right4:04Portraits Of Bob Dylan111999197
1548Steve HoweBuckets of Rain3:54Portraits Of Bob Dylan121999197
1549Steve HoweTigers Den3:48Spectrum12005211
1550Steve HoweLabyrinth3:59Spectrum22005192
1551Steve HoweBand of Light3:36Spectrum32005205
1552Steve HoweUltra Definition3:41Spectrum42005207
1553Steve HoweRaga of Our Times4:14Spectrum52005219
1554Steve HoweEbb and Flow4:05Spectrum62005211
1555Steve HoweRealm Thirteen4:29Spectrum72005206
1556Steve HoweWithout Doubt3:47Spectrum82005206
1557Steve HoweHighly Strung4:32Spectrum92005225
1558Steve HoweHour of Need5:15Spectrum102005211
1559Steve HoweFools Gold4:07Spectrum112005210
1560Steve HoweWhere Words Fail4:18Spectrum122005209
1561Steve HoweIn the Skyway3:15Spectrum132005220
1562Steve HoweLivelihood3:36Spectrum142005204
1563Steve HoweFree Rein3:52Spectrum152005210
1564Steve HoweThe Grand Scheme Of Things5:11The Grand Scheme Of Things11993192
1565Steve HoweDesire Comes First3:38The Grand Scheme Of Things21993201
1566Steve HoweBlinded By Science3:29The Grand Scheme Of Things31993209
1567Steve HoweBeautiful Ideas4:01The Grand Scheme Of Things41993184
1568Steve HoweThe Valley Of Rocks3:08The Grand Scheme Of Things51993209
1569Steve HoweAt The Gates Of The New World3:58The Grand Scheme Of Things61993202
1570Steve HoweWayward Course4:15The Grand Scheme Of Things71993194
1571Steve HoweReaching The Point3:52The Grand Scheme Of Things81993182
1572Steve HoweCommon Ground2:17The Grand Scheme Of Things91993175
1573Steve HoweLuck Of The Draw1:42The Grand Scheme Of Things101993197
1574Steve HoweThe Fall Of Civilization4:07The Grand Scheme Of Things111993182
1575Steve HowePassing Phase3:28The Grand Scheme Of Things121993203
1576Steve HoweGeorgia's Theme2:44The Grand Scheme Of Things131993185
1577Steve HoweToo Much Is Taken And Not Enough Given5:35The Grand Scheme Of Things141993192
1578Steve HoweMaiden Voyage4:24The Grand Scheme Of Things151993194
1579Steve HoweRoad To One's Self2:40The Grand Scheme Of Things161993187
1580Steve HowePennants4:34The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]11979216
1581Steve HoweCactus Boogie2:05The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]21979211
1582Steve HoweAll's A Chord4:57The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]31979199
1583Steve HoweDiary of a Man Who Vanished2:35The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]41979202
1584Steve HoweLook Over Your Shoulder5:04The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]51979199
1585Steve HoweMeadow Rag2:42The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]61979217
1586Steve HoweThe Continental2:54The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]71979208
1587Steve HoweSurface Tension3:31The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]81979207
1588Steve HoweDouble Rondo8:15The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]91979194
1589Steve HoweConcerto In D (2nd Movement)4:51The Steve Howe Album [Remastered]101979199
1590Steve HoweTurbulence4:59Turbulence11991210
1591Steve HoweHint Hint3:28Turbulence21991209
1592Steve HoweRunning The Human Race4:23Turbulence31991205
1593Steve HoweThe Inner Battle3:31Turbulence41991198
1594Steve HoweNovalis2:26Turbulence51991209
1595Steve HoweFine Line3:25Turbulence61991212
1596Steve HoweSensitive Chaos4:24Turbulence71991209
1597Steve HoweCorkscrew3:58Turbulence81991190
1598Steve HoweWhile Rome's Burning4:25Turbulence91991213
1599Steve HoweFrom A Place Where Time Runs Slow3:42Turbulence101991210
1600Steve Howe, Jay Schellen, Rick Wakeman & C.C. WhiteThe Great Gig In The Sky4:37Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: A Tribute To Pink Floyd42006200
1601Steve Howe's RemedyAcross The Cobblestone4:18Elements12003202
1602Steve Howe's RemedyBee Sting3:23Elements22003217
1603Steve Howe's RemedyWestwinds4:31Elements32003192
1604Steve Howe's RemedyWhere I Belong4:17Elements42003208
1605Steve Howe's RemedyWhiskey Hill2:02Elements52003212
1606Steve Howe's RemedyThe Chariot Of Gold3:25Elements62003208
1607Steve Howe's RemedyTremolando2:11Elements72003186
1608Steve Howe's RemedyPacific Haze7:23Elements82003176
1609Steve Howe's RemedyLoad Off My Mind3:31Elements92003205
1610Steve Howe's RemedyHecla Lava3:08Elements102003127
1611Steve Howe's RemedySmoke Silver3:12Elements112003210
1612Steve Howe's RemedyInside Out Muse6:55Elements122003180
1613Steve Howe's RemedyRising Sun3:06Elements132003225
1614Steve Howe's RemedySand Devil4:36Elements142003127
1615Steve Howe's RemedyThe Longing2:27Elements152003197
1616Steve Howe's RemedyA Drop In The Ocean3:05Elements162003193
1617Steve JablonskyPrime2:14Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)12009192
1618Steve JablonskyEinstein's Wrong3:35Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)22009192
1619Steve JablonskyN.E.S.T.2:10Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)32009192
1620Steve JablonskyThe Shard2:42Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)42009192
1621Steve JablonskyThe Fallen4:03Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)52009192
1622Steve JablonskyInfinite White3:58Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)62009192
1623Steve JablonskyHeed Our Warning4:27Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)72009192
1624Steve JablonskyThe Fallen Arrives3:47Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)82009192
1625Steve JablonskyTomb of the Primes2:47Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)92009192
1626Steve JablonskyForest Battle2:04Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)102009192
1627Steve JablonskyPrecious Cargo1:38Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)112009192
1628Steve JablonskyThe Matrix of Leadership3:51Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)122009192
1629Steve JablonskyI Claim Your Sun3:06Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)132009192
1630Steve JablonskyI Rise, You Fall3:35Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)142009192
1631Steve JonesMercy4:31Miami Vice II (OST)11986200
1632Steve LawrenceGo Away Little Girl2:16Go Away Little Girl 1962320
1633Steve LawrenceFootsteps2:14Jukebox Hits Of 1960261991241
1634Steve LawrencePortrait Of My Love2:49Portrait Of My Love971961320
1635Steve LawrencePretty Blue Eyes1:54The Best Of Steve Lawrence11960320
1636Steve LukatherTwist The Knife5:24Lukather11989216
1637Steve LukatherSwear Your Love4:00Lukather21989205
1638Steve LukatherFall Into Velvet9:03Lukather31989213
1639Steve LukatherDrive A Crooked Road5:20Lukather41989234
1640Steve LukatherGot My Way4:57Lukather51989206
1641Steve LukatherDarkest Night Of The Year5:19Lukather61989217
1642Steve LukatherLonely Beat Of My Heart4:17Lukather71989202
1643Steve LukatherWith A Second Chance4:36Lukather81989216
1644Steve LukatherTurns To Stone5:35Lukather91989208
1645Steve LukatherIt Looks Like Rain4:21Lukather101989200
1646Steve LukatherSteppin' On Top Of Your World5:41Lukather111989211
1647Steve LukatherThe Real Truth5:10Luke11997215
1648Steve LukatherBroken Machine4:54Luke21997226
1649Steve LukatherTears Of My Own Shame5:38Luke31997221
1650Steve LukatherLove The Things You Hate5:44Luke41997234
1651Steve LukatherHate Everything About U5:56Luke51997236
1652Steve LukatherReservations To Live (The Way It Is)4:49Luke61997235
1653Steve LukatherDon't Hang Me On4:40Luke71997246
1654Steve LukatherAlways Be There For Me5:38Luke81997219
1655Steve LukatherOpen Your Heart4:27Luke91997226
1656Steve LukatherBag O' Tales5:50Luke101997238
1657Steve LukatherBluebird6:42Luke111997237
1658Steve MartinI'm Feelin' It5:32A Wild And Crazy Guy11978252
1659Steve MartinPhilosophy & Religion & College & Language10:22A Wild And Crazy Guy21978249
1660Steve MartinCreativity In Action & I'm In The Mood For Love2:26A Wild And Crazy Guy31978241
1661Steve MartinA Wild And Crazy Guy7:01A Wild And Crazy Guy41978240
1662Steve MartinA Charitable Kind Of Guy1:38A Wild And Crazy Guy51978260
1663Steve MartinAn Expose'2:54A Wild And Crazy Guy61978252
1664Steve MartinCat Handcuffs1:41A Wild And Crazy Guy71978261
1665Steve MartinYou Naive Americans2:00A Wild And Crazy Guy81978258
1666Steve MartinMy Real Name2:22A Wild And Crazy Guy91978267
1667Steve MartinKing Tut (Song)3:40A Wild And Crazy Guy101978235
1668Steve MartinBorn To Be Wild5:49Comedy Is Not Pretty!11979252
1669Steve MartinThe All Being1:23Comedy Is Not Pretty!21979249
1670Steve MartinMcDonald's & Men's Underwear3:11Comedy Is Not Pretty!31979251
1671Steve MartinDrop Thumb Medley2:10Comedy Is Not Pretty!41979240
1672Steve MartinGooglephonics3:06Comedy Is Not Pretty!51979252
1673Steve MartinHostages1:13Comedy Is Not Pretty!61979244
1674Steve MartinCruel Shoes (From The Book "Cruel Shoes")2:17Comedy Is Not Pretty!71979250
1675Steve MartinComedy Is Not Pretty3:25Comedy Is Not Pretty!81979250
1676Steve MartinHow To Meet A Girl3:47Comedy Is Not Pretty!91979241
1677Steve MartinRubberhead0:56Comedy Is Not Pretty!101979242
1678Steve MartinJackie O. And Farrah F.3:38Comedy Is Not Pretty!111979254
1679Steve MartinYou Can Be A Millionaire2:55Comedy Is Not Pretty!121979248
1680Steve MartinRamblin' Man (Theme From Ramblin' Man)2:14Let's Get Small11977244
1681Steve MartinVegas3:49Let's Get Small21977251
1682Steve MartinLet's Get Small15:36Let's Get Small31977248
1683Steve MartinSmoking2:11Let's Get Small41977250
1684Steve MartinOne Way To Leave Your Lover1:33Let's Get Small51977250
1685Steve MartinMad At My Mother0:54Let's Get Small61977259
1686Steve MartinExcuse Me3:02Let's Get Small71977250
1687Steve MartinGrandmother's Song3:35Let's Get Small81977251
1688Steve MartinFunny Comedy Gags3:06Let's Get Small91977247
1689Steve MartinClosing2:04Let's Get Small101977238
1690Steve MartinDaddy Played The Banjo3:19The Crow12009188
1691Steve MartinPitkin County Turnaround2:26The Crow22009211
1692Steve MartinHoedown At Alice's3:13The Crow32009194
1693Steve MartinLate For School3:47The Crow42009189
1694Steve MartinTin Roof2:18The Crow52009187
1695Steve MartinWords Unspoken2:54The Crow62009205
1696Steve MartinPretty Flowers2:42The Crow72009200
1697Steve MartinWally On The Run1:38The Crow82009203
1698Steve MartinFreddie's Lilt2:55The Crow92009200
1699Steve MartinSaga Of The Old West3:23The Crow102009208
1700Steve MartinClawhammer Medley2:16The Crow112009170
1701Steve MartinCalico Train4:48The Crow122009199
1702Steve MartinBanana Banjo2:16The Crow132009202
1703Steve MartinBlue River Waltz2:18The Crow142009205
1704Steve MartinThe Crow3:25The Crow152009198
1705Steve MartinCalico Train (Instrumental)3:10The Crow162009196
1706Steve Martin & The Toot UncommonsKing Tut2:12Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)81991210
1707Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandRare Bird Alert2:39Rare Bird Alert12011205
1708Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandYellow-Backed Fly3:21Rare Bird Alert22011202
1709Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandBest Love (feat. Paul McCartney)4:21Rare Bird Alert32011201
1710Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandNorthern Island2:39Rare Bird Alert42011209
1711Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandGo Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back3:35Rare Bird Alert52011195
1712Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandJubilation Day3:12Rare Bird Alert62011213
1713Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandMore Bad Weather on the Way3:32Rare Bird Alert72011209
1714Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandYou (feat. The Dixie Chicks)3:46Rare Bird Alert82011184
1715Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandThe Great Remember (For Nancy)3:10Rare Bird Alert92011197
1716Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandWomen Like to Slow Dance2:13Rare Bird Alert102011205
1717Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandHide Behind a Rock2:06Rare Bird Alert112011196
1718Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandAtheists Don't Have No Songs3:51Rare Bird Alert122011183
1719Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon BandKing Tut3:06Rare Bird Alert132011216
1720Steve MillerFly Like An Eagle3:01Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 6)241998207
1721The Steve Miller BandKeeps Me Wondering Why3:45Abracadabra11982158
1722The Steve Miller BandAbracadabra5:08Abracadabra21982191
1723The Steve Miller BandSomething Special3:33Abracadabra31982154
1724The Steve Miller BandGive It Up3:37Abracadabra41982191
1725The Steve Miller BandNever Say No3:39Abracadabra51982171
1726The Steve Miller BandThings I Told You3:19Abracadabra61982166
1727The Steve Miller BandYoung Girl's Heart3:38Abracadabra71982176
1728The Steve Miller BandGoodbye Love2:56Abracadabra81982184
1729The Steve Miller BandCool Magic4:25Abracadabra91982181
1730The Steve Miller BandWhile I'm Waiting3:26Abracadabra101982177
1731The Steve Miller BandI Love You2:46Anthology11972167
1732The Steve Miller BandGoing to the Country3:14Anthology21972207
1733The Steve Miller BandBaby's House8:07Anthology31972202
1734The Steve Miller BandKow Kow Calqulator4:27Anthology41972199
1735The Steve Miller BandYour Saving Grace4:50Anthology51972207
1736The Steve Miller BandGoing to Mexico2:29Anthology61972217
1737The Steve Miller BandSpace Cowboy4:55Anthology71972213
1738The Steve Miller BandLiving in the U.S.A.4:06Anthology81972196
1739The Steve Miller BandJourney From Eden6:25Anthology91972204
1740The Steve Miller BandSeasons3:51Anthology101972197
1741The Steve Miller BandMotherless Children4:22Anthology111972203
1742The Steve Miller BandNever Kill Another Man2:44Anthology121972199
1743The Steve Miller BandDon't You Let Nobody Turn You Around2:29Anthology131972218
1744The Steve Miller BandLittle Girl3:24Anthology141972207
1745The Steve Miller BandCelebration Song2:32Anthology151972209
1746The Steve Miller BandMy Dark Hour3:08Anthology161972213
1747The Steve Miller BandHey Yeah3:16Bingo!12010226
1748The Steve Miller BandWho's Been Talkin'?3:03Bingo!22010223
1749The Steve Miller BandDon't Cha Know3:12Bingo!32010207
1750The Steve Miller BandRock Me Baby3:47Bingo!42010217
1751The Steve Miller BandTramp3:26Bingo!52010211
1752The Steve Miller BandSweet Soul Vibe3:38Bingo!62010200
1753The Steve Miller BandCome On (Let the Good Times Roll)2:38Bingo!72010207
1754The Steve Miller BandAll Your Love (I Miss Loving)3:11Bingo!82010200
1755The Steve Miller BandYou Got Me Dizzy2:22Bingo!92010221
1756The Steve Miller BandOoh Poo Pah Doo3:31Bingo!102010215
1757The Steve Miller BandThreshold1:06Book Of Dreams11977205
1758The Steve Miller BandJet Airliner4:25Book Of Dreams21977211
1759The Steve Miller BandWinter Time3:12Book Of Dreams31977199
1760The Steve Miller BandSwingtown3:56Book Of Dreams41977216
1761The Steve Miller BandTrue Fine Love2:39Book Of Dreams51977209
1762The Steve Miller BandWish Upon A Star3:39Book Of Dreams61977203
1763The Steve Miller BandJungle Love3:07Book Of Dreams71977214
1764The Steve Miller BandElectro Lux Imbroglio0:57Book Of Dreams81977188
1765The Steve Miller BandSacrifice5:20Book Of Dreams91977204
1766The Steve Miller BandThe Stake3:58Book Of Dreams101977211
1767The Steve Miller BandMy Own Space3:04Book Of Dreams111977205
1768The Steve Miller BandBabes In The Woods2:32Book Of Dreams121977217
1769The Steve Miller BandZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah4:13Born 2B Blue11988197
1770The Steve Miller BandYa Ya3:37Born 2B Blue21988187
1771The Steve Miller BandGod Bless The Child5:00Born 2B Blue31988183
1772The Steve Miller BandFilthy McNasty2:50Born 2B Blue41988210
1773The Steve Miller BandBorn To Be Blue5:25Born 2B Blue51988182
1774The Steve Miller BandMary Ann4:49Born 2B Blue61988179
1775The Steve Miller BandJust A Little Bit4:04Born 2B Blue71988200
1776The Steve Miller BandWhen Sunny Gets Blue4:36Born 2B Blue81988179
1777The Steve Miller BandWillow Weep For Me5:12Born 2B Blue91988183
1778The Steve Miller BandRed Top2:31Born 2B Blue101988205
1779The Steve Miller BandBrave New World3:30Brave New World11969200
1780The Steve Miller BandCelebration Song2:31Brave New World21969213
1781The Steve Miller BandCan't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat2:31Brave New World31969222
1782The Steve Miller BandGot Love 'Cause You Need It2:26Brave New World41969227
1783The Steve Miller BandKow Kow4:27Brave New World51969202
1784The Steve Miller BandSeasons3:50Brave New World61969195
1785The Steve Miller BandSpace Cowboy4:56Brave New World71969212
1786The Steve Miller BandLt's Midnight Dream2:29Brave New World81969209
1787The Steve Miller BandMy Dark Hour3:06Brave New World91969225
1788The Steve Miller BandChildren Of The Future2:59Children Of The Future11968205
1789The Steve Miller BandPushed Me To It0:39Children Of The Future21968218
1790The Steve Miller BandYou've Got The Power0:53Children Of The Future31968202
1791The Steve Miller BandIn My First Mind7:35Children Of The Future41968205
1792The Steve Miller BandThe Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing5:18Children Of The Future51968198
1793The Steve Miller BandBaby's Callin' Me Home3:16Children Of The Future61968193
1794The Steve Miller BandSteppin' Stone3:09Children Of The Future71968210
1795The Steve Miller BandRoll With It2:30Children Of The Future81968219
1796The Steve Miller BandJunior Saw It Happen2:30Children Of The Future91968206
1797The Steve Miller BandFanny Mae3:09Children Of The Future101968192
1798The Steve Miller BandKey To The Highway6:18Children Of The Future111968193
1799The Steve Miller BandHeart Like a Wheel4:00Circle of Love11981240
1800The Steve Miller BandGet on Home4:02Circle of Love21981214
1801The Steve Miller BandBaby Wanna Dance2:14Circle of Love31981211
1802The Steve Miller BandCircle of Love6:29Circle of Love41981210
1803The Steve Miller BandMacho City16:26Circle of Love51981220
1804The Steve Miller BandSpace Intro.1:15Fly Like An Eagle11976182
1805The Steve Miller BandFly Like an Eagle4:43Fly Like An Eagle21976212
1806The Steve Miller BandWild Mountain Honey4:53Fly Like An Eagle31976202
1807The Steve Miller BandSerenade3:13Fly Like An Eagle41976220
1808The Steve Miller BandDance, Dance, Dance2:19Fly Like An Eagle51976208
1809The Steve Miller BandMercury Blues3:45Fly Like An Eagle61976211
1810The Steve Miller BandTake the Money and Run2:51Fly Like An Eagle71976220
1811The Steve Miller BandRock'n Me3:08Fly Like An Eagle81976221
1812The Steve Miller BandYou Send Me2:44Fly Like An Eagle91976185
1813The Steve Miller BandBlue Odyssey0:50Fly Like An Eagle101976195
1814The Steve Miller BandSweet Maree4:24Fly Like An Eagle111976195
1815The Steve Miller BandThe Window4:19Fly Like An Eagle121976211
1816The Steve Miller BandSpace Intro1:14Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]11976193
1817The Steve Miller BandFly Like An Eagle4:46Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]21976221
1818The Steve Miller BandWild Mountain Honey4:53Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]31976211
1819The Steve Miller BandSerenade3:14Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]41976228
1820The Steve Miller BandDance, Dance, Dance2:19Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]51976217
1821The Steve Miller BandMercury Blues3:44Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]61976210
1822The Steve Miller BandTake The Money And Run2:51Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]71976235
1823The Steve Miller BandRock'n Me3:09Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]81976229
1824The Steve Miller BandYou Send Me2:44Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]91976193
1825The Steve Miller BandBlue Odyssey0:53Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]101976195
1826The Steve Miller BandSweet Maree4:20Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]111976198
1827The Steve Miller BandThe Window4:20Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]121976206
1828The Steve Miller BandFly Like An Eagle '73 (Demo)4:33Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]131976208
1829The Steve Miller BandTake The Joker And Run (Demo)3:43Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]141976196
1830The Steve Miller BandRock'n Me '76 Slow (Demo)4:22Fly Like An Eagle [2006 Remaster]151976208
1831The Steve Miller BandRadio 10:37Italian X Rays11984171
1832The Steve Miller BandItalian X Rays4:37Italian X Rays21984208
1833The Steve Miller BandDaybreak2:41Italian X Rays31984201
1834The Steve Miller BandShangri-La5:04Italian X Rays41984191
1835The Steve Miller BandWho Do You Love2:56Italian X Rays51984193
1836The Steve Miller BandHarmony Of The Spheres 11:46Italian X Rays61984179
1837The Steve Miller BandRadio 20:36Italian X Rays71984188
1838The Steve Miller BandBongo Bongo3:12Italian X Rays81984190
1839The Steve Miller BandOut Of The Night3:46Italian X Rays91984188
1840The Steve Miller BandGolden Opportunity3:32Italian X Rays101984203
1841The Steve Miller BandThe Hollywood Dream3:51Italian X Rays111984178
1842The Steve Miller BandOne In A Million3:41Italian X Rays121984194
1843The Steve Miller BandHarmony Of The Spheres 20:55Italian X Rays131984173
1844The Steve Miller BandSnatch It Back And Hold It3:59Let Your Hair Down12011215
1845The Steve Miller BandI Got Love If You Want It2:30Let Your Hair Down22011220
1846The Steve Miller BandJust A Little Bit2:55Let Your Hair Down32011218
1847The Steve Miller BandClose Together2:53Let Your Hair Down42011210
1848The Steve Miller BandNo More Doggin'2:51Let Your Hair Down52011201
1849The Steve Miller BandPretty Thing2:56Let Your Hair Down62011230
1850The Steve Miller BandCan't Be Satisfied3:40Let Your Hair Down72011231
1851The Steve Miller BandSweet Home Chicago2:41Let Your Hair Down82011233
1852The Steve Miller BandLove The Life I Live3:22Let Your Hair Down92011202
1853The Steve Miller BandThe Walk2:58Let Your Hair Down102011200
1854The Steve Miller BandNobody But You Baby4:04Living in the 20th Century11986214
1855The Steve Miller BandI Want to Make the World Turn Around4:26Living in the 20th Century21986184
1856The Steve Miller BandSlinky2:40Living in the 20th Century31986199
1857The Steve Miller BandLiving in the 20th Century3:07Living in the 20th Century41986213
1858The Steve Miller BandMaelstrom4:07Living in the 20th Century51986213
1859The Steve Miller BandI Wanna Be Loved (But By Only You)2:25Living in the 20th Century61986200
1860The Steve Miller BandMy Babe2:53Living in the 20th Century71986194
1861The Steve Miller BandBig Boss Man2:37Living in the 20th Century81986199
1862The Steve Miller BandCaress Me Baby3:18Living in the 20th Century91986193
1863The Steve Miller BandAin't That Lovin' You Baby2:51Living in the 20th Century101986198
1864The Steve Miller BandBehind the Barn3:38Living in the 20th Century111986189
1865The Steve Miller BandGood Morning2:48Number 511970233
1866The Steve Miller BandI Love You2:45Number 521970199
1867The Steve Miller BandGoing To The Country3:47Number 531970239
1868The Steve Miller BandHot Chili3:30Number 541970235
1869The Steve Miller BandTokin's4:23Number 551970242
1870The Steve Miller BandGoing To Mexico2:29Number 561970273
1871The Steve Miller BandSteve Miller's Midnight Tango2:40Number 571970237
1872The Steve Miller BandIndustrial Military Complex Hex3:54Number 581970243
1873The Steve Miller BandJackson-Kent Blues7:18Number 591970241
1874The Steve Miller BandNever Kill Another Man2:42Number 5101970232
1875The Steve Miller BandSong For Our Ancestors5:59Sailor11968191
1876The Steve Miller BandDear Mary3:34Sailor21968193
1877The Steve Miller BandMy Friend3:28Sailor31968208
1878The Steve Miller BandLiving In The U.S.A.4:04Sailor41968196
1879The Steve Miller BandQuicksilver Girl2:43Sailor51968189
1880The Steve Miller BandLucky Man3:06Sailor61968197
1881The Steve Miller BandGangster Of Love1:22Sailor71968189
1882The Steve Miller BandYou're So Fine2:52Sailor81968188
1883The Steve Miller BandOverdrive3:53Sailor91968217
1884The Steve Miller BandDime-A-Dance Romance3:26Sailor101968202
1885The Steve Miller BandAbracadabra3:41Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980-198211995202
1886Steve Miller BandRock'n Me3:09Sounds Of The Seventies - 197611989222
1887The Steve Miller BandSugar Babe4:02The Joker11973201
1888The Steve Miller BandMary Lou2:56The Joker21973187
1889The Steve Miller BandShu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma5:42The Joker31973195
1890The Steve Miller BandYour Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash3:22The Joker41973191
1891The Steve Miller BandThe Joker4:26The Joker51973196
1892The Steve Miller BandThe Lovin' Cup2:11The Joker61973187
1893The Steve Miller BandCome On In My Kitchen4:06The Joker71973206
1894The Steve Miller BandEvil4:34The Joker81973188
1895The Steve Miller BandSomething To Believe In4:42The Joker91973183
1896Steve Miller BandTake The Money And Run2:52Time Life Music Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976 Take Two91991217
1897The Steve Miller BandJet Airliner3:34Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 Take Two61991218
1898The Steve Miller BandWide River4:00Wide River11993214
1899The Steve Miller BandMidnight Train4:20Wide River21993201
1900The Steve Miller BandBlue Eyes5:13Wide River31993206
1901The Steve Miller BandPerfect World3:49Wide River41993171
1902The Steve Miller BandLost In Your Eyes5:30Wide River51993198
1903The Steve Miller BandHorse and Rider4:13Wide River61993180
1904The Steve Miller BandCircle of Fire3:47Wide River71993187
1905The Steve Miller BandConversation4:12Wide River81993202
1906The Steve Miller BandCry Cry Cry4:21Wide River91993204
1907The Steve Miller BandStranger Blues4:30Wide River101993179
1908The Steve Miller BandWalks Like a Lady3:58Wide River111993181
1909The Steve Miller BandAll Your Love (I Miss Loving)5:17Wide River121993191
1910Steve MorseGhostwind3:14High Tension Wires11989206
1911Steve MorseThe Road Home4:48High Tension Wires21989218
1912Steve MorseCountry Colors3:47High Tension Wires31989204
1913Steve MorseHighland Wedding3:21High Tension Wires41989212
1914Steve MorseThird Power4:16High Tension Wires51989219
1915Steve MorseLooking Back3:59High Tension Wires61989201
1916Steve MorseLeprechaun Promenade6:24High Tension Wires71989219
1917Steve MorseTumeni Notes4:11High Tension Wires81989216
1918Steve MorseEndless Waves3:46High Tension Wires91989205
1919Steve MorseModoc2:19High Tension Wires101989216
1920Steve MorseDerailleur4:39Major Impacts12000238
1921Steve MorseWell, I Have4:13Major Impacts22000211
1922Steve MorseTruth Ola5:33Major Impacts32000235
1923Steve MorseMigration3:55Major Impacts42000220
1924Steve MorseLed On5:58Major Impacts52000248
1925Steve MorseThe White Light3:21Major Impacts62000202
1926Steve MorseHow Does It Feel4:10Major Impacts72000228
1927Steve MorseBring It To Me4:03Major Impacts82000220
1928Steve MorseSomething Gently Weeps4:38Major Impacts92000215
1929Steve MorseFree In The Park4:36Major Impacts102000242
1930Steve MorsePrognosis6:03Major Impacts112000223
1931Steve Morse BandUser Friendly3:42Coast To Coast11992224
1932Steve Morse BandCollateral Damage3:54Coast To Coast21992214
1933Steve Morse BandGet It In Writing3:52Coast To Coast31992200
1934Steve Morse BandMorning Rush Hour3:29Coast To Coast41992222
1935Steve Morse BandRunaway Train3:05Coast To Coast51992210
1936Steve Morse BandLong Lost3:35Coast To Coast61992210
1937Steve Morse BandThe Oz3:19Coast To Coast71992215
1938Steve Morse BandOver Easy5:15Coast To Coast81992199
1939Steve Morse BandCabin Fever3:49Coast To Coast91992216
1940Steve Morse BandFlat Baroque2:23Coast To Coast101992196
1941Steve Morse BandCut to the Chase3:53Southern Steel11991213
1942Steve Morse BandSimple Simon3:49Southern Steel21991218
1943Steve Morse BandVista Grande5:04Southern Steel31991218
1944Steve Morse BandSleaze Factor3:39Southern Steel41991226
1945Steve Morse BandBattle Lines4:07Southern Steel51991225
1946Steve Morse BandSouthern Steel3:56Southern Steel61991211
1947Steve Morse BandWolf Song3:22Southern Steel71991209
1948Steve Morse BandWeekend Overdrive4:06Southern Steel81991223
1949Steve Morse BandArena Rock4:01Southern Steel91991225
1950Steve Morse BandPoint Counterpoint2:12Southern Steel101991206
1951Steve Morse BandBook of Dreams3:25Stand Up11985216
1952Steve Morse BandEnglish Rancher4:25Stand Up21985214
1953Steve Morse BandRockin' Guitars4:20Stand Up31985209
1954Steve Morse BandDistant Star3:56Stand Up41985217
1955Steve Morse BandPick Your Poison3:30Stand Up51985193
1956Steve Morse BandStand Up3:40Stand Up61985207
1957Steve Morse BandTravels of Marco Polo5:57Stand Up71985216
1958Steve Morse BandGolden Quest4:15Stand Up81985212
1959Steve Morse BandUnity Gain5:47Stand Up91985204
1960Steve Morse BandStessfest3:47Stressfest11996224
1961Steve Morse BandRising Power3:58Stressfest21996203
1962Steve Morse BandEyes Of A Child4:32Stressfest31996216
1963Steve Morse BandNightwalk4:24Stressfest41996213
1964Steve Morse BandBrave New World4:23Stressfest51996217
1965Steve Morse Band4 Minutes To Live3:53Stressfest61996203
1966Steve Morse BandThe Easy Way5:20Stressfest71996208
1967Steve Morse BandGlad To Be4:34Stressfest81996217
1968Steve Morse BandDelicate Balance2:31Stressfest91996187
1969Steve Morse BandLive To Ride5:47Stressfest101996210
1970Steve Morse BandSacred Ground4:01Structural Damage11995209
1971Steve Morse BandGood to Go4:54Structural Damage21995217
1972Steve Morse BandDreamland4:58Structural Damage31995204
1973Steve Morse BandBarbary Coast3:27Structural Damage41995226
1974Steve Morse BandSmokey Mtn. Drive3:43Structural Damage51995223
1975Steve Morse BandSlice of Time2:37Structural Damage61995208
1976Steve Morse BandNative Dance4:40Structural Damage71995214
1977Steve Morse BandJust Out of Reach3:45Structural Damage81995214
1978Steve Morse BandRally Cry4:33Structural Damage91995204
1979Steve Morse BandForeign Exchange2:53Structural Damage101995219
1980Steve Morse BandStructural Damage3:29Structural Damage111995221
1981Steve Morse BandCruise Missile5:35The Introduction11984187
1982Steve Morse BandGeneral Lee3:19The Introduction21984188
1983Steve Morse BandIntroduction2:54The Introduction31984200
1984Steve Morse BandV.H.F. (Vertical Hair Factor)4:18The Introduction41984193
1985Steve Morse BandOn The Pipe4:49The Introduction51984192
1986Steve Morse BandThe Whistle2:17The Introduction61984198
1987Steve Morse BandMountain Waltz4:28The Introduction71984195
1988Steve Morse BandHuron River Blues (a. Dark Water, b. Water Under The Bridge, c. Toxic Shuffle)6:12The Introduction81984200
1989Steve OverlandWinter Wonderland4:07Metal Christmas11994194
1990Steve OverlandThis Christmas4:25Metal Christmas51994196
1991Steve PerryYou Better Wait4:52For The Love Of Strange Medicine11994203
1992Steve PerryYoung Hearts Forever4:30For The Love Of Strange Medicine21994199
1993Steve PerryI Am4:53For The Love Of Strange Medicine31994198
1994Steve PerryStand Up (Before It's Too Late)4:49For The Love Of Strange Medicine41994219
1995Steve PerryFor The Love Of Strange Medicine5:52For The Love Of Strange Medicine51994217
1996Steve PerryDonna Please4:00For The Love Of Strange Medicine61994189
1997Steve PerryListen To Your Heart3:31For The Love Of Strange Medicine71994215
1998Steve PerryTuesday Heartache6:00For The Love Of Strange Medicine81994211
1999Steve PerryMissing You3:47For The Love Of Strange Medicine91994177
2000Steve PerrySomewhere There's Hope6:08For The Love Of Strange Medicine101994212
2001Steve PerryAnyway4:18For The Love Of Strange Medicine111994183
2002Steve PerryOh Sherrie3:48Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased11998199
2003Steve PerryFoolish Heart3:38Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased21998198
2004Steve PerryShe's Mine4:25Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased31998219
2005Steve PerryStrung Out3:45Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased41998212
2006Steve PerryGo Away4:05Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased51998205
2007Steve PerryWhen You're In Love (For The First Time)4:08Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased61998229
2008Steve PerryAgainst The Wall4:43Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased71998238
2009Steve PerryForever Right Or Wrong (Love's Like A River)4:31Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased81998223
2010Steve PerrySummer Of Luv4:25Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased91998231
2011Steve PerryMelody4:05Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased101998201
2012Steve PerryOnce In A Lifetime, Girl4:52Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased111998225
2013Steve PerryWhat Was3:57Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased121998183
2014Steve PerryYou Better Wait4:54Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased131998218
2015Steve PerryMissing You3:46Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased141998185
2016Steve PerryI Stand Alone3:42Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased151998189
2017Steve PerryIt Won't Be You (Writing Demo)4:26Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased161998210
2018Steve PerryIf You Need Me, Call Me (Demo)4:23Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased171998215
2019Steve PerryOh Sherrie3:49Street Talk11984194
2020Steve PerryI Believe4:12Street Talk21984194
2021Steve PerryGo Away4:07Street Talk31984203
2022Steve PerryFoolish Heart3:39Street Talk41984192
2023Steve PerryIt's Only Love3:48Street Talk51984203
2024Steve PerryShe's Mine4:26Street Talk61984216
2025Steve PerryYou Should Be Happy3:25Street Talk71984203
2026Steve PerryRunning Alone4:07Street Talk81984199
2027Steve PerryCaptured By The Moment3:49Street Talk91984201
2028Steve PerryStrung Out3:45Street Talk101984207
2029Steve Rowland & The Family DoggSympathy3:19Definite 70's Volume 1 (Disc 1)31992195
2030Steve ThorneHere They Come!1:45Emotional Creatures - Part One12005195
2031Steve ThorneGod Bless America3:10Emotional Creatures - Part One22005176
2032Steve ThorneWell Outta That4:50Emotional Creatures - Part One32005215
2033Steve ThorneTen Years5:51Emotional Creatures - Part One42005196
2034Steve ThorneLast Line4:23Emotional Creatures - Part One52005221
2035Steve ThorneJulia5:33Emotional Creatures - Part One62005204
2036Steve ThorneTherapy7:06Emotional Creatures - Part One72005220
2037Steve ThorneEvery Second Counts5:15Emotional Creatures - Part One82005227
2038Steve ThorneTumbleweeds3:38Emotional Creatures - Part One92005200
2039Steve ThorneGone6:01Emotional Creatures - Part One102005224
2040Steve ThorneGoodbye5:24Emotional Creatures - Part One112005184
2041Steve ThorneToxicana Apocalypso5:07Emotional Creatures - Part Two12007227
2042Steve ThorneWayward5:50Emotional Creatures - Part Two22007216
2043Steve ThorneCrossfire4:43Emotional Creatures - Part Two32007227
2044Steve ThorneRoundabout4:23Emotional Creatures - Part Two42007196
2045Steve ThorneHounded7:12Emotional Creatures - Part Two52007226
2046Steve ThorneAll the Wisemen5:19Emotional Creatures - Part Two62007222
2047Steve ThorneGreat Ordeal3:07Emotional Creatures - Part Two72007197
2048Steve Thorne6am (Your Time)2:46Emotional Creatures - Part Two82007209
2049Steve ThorneSolace2:32Emotional Creatures - Part Two92007206
2050Steve ThorneThe White Dove Song5:59Emotional Creatures - Part Two102007216
2051Steve ThorneSandheads7:29Emotional Creatures - Part Two112007199
2052Steve ThorneKings of Sin4:54Into the Ether12009218
2053Steve ThorneFeathers4:17Into the Ether22009233
2054Steve ThornePaper Tiger4:05Into the Ether32009213
2055Steve ThorneInto the Ether4:14Into the Ether42009231
2056Steve ThorneGranite Man6:13Into the Ether52009224
2057Steve ThorneBlack Dahlia4:45Into the Ether62009226
2058Steve ThorneSons of Tomorrow6:45Into the Ether72009217
2059Steve ThorneValerie3:21Into the Ether82009197
2060Steve ThorneVictims5:53Into the Ether92009219
2061Steve ThorneThe End5:00Into the Ether102009230
2062Steve ThorneCurtain5:14Into the Ether112009196
2063Steve VaiBad Horsie5:50Alien Love Secrets11995234
2064Steve VaiJuice3:44Alien Love Secrets21995238
2065Steve VaiDie To Live3:53Alien Love Secrets31995231
2066Steve VaiThe Boy From Seattle5:04Alien Love Secrets41995228
2067Steve VaiYa-Yo Gakk2:52Alien Love Secrets51995236
2068Steve VaiKill The Guy With The Ball / The God Eaters7:02Alien Love Secrets61995246
2069Steve VaiTender Surrender5:01Alien Love Secrets71995224
2070Steve VaiThere's A Fire In The House5:26Fire Garden11996249
2071Steve VaiThe Crying Machine4:50Fire Garden21996254
2072Steve VaiDyin' Day4:29Fire Garden31996243
2073Steve VaiWhookam0:36Fire Garden41996226
2074Steve VaiBlowfish4:03Fire Garden51996258
2075Steve VaiThe Mysterious Murder Of Christian Tiera's Lover1:02Fire Garden61996230
2076Steve VaiHand On Heart5:25Fire Garden71996235
2077Steve VaiBangkok2:46Fire Garden81996231
2078Steve VaiFire Garden Suite: Bull Whip - Pusa Road - Angel Food - Taurus Bulba9:56Fire Garden91996245
2079Steve VaiDeepness0:47Fire Garden101996182
2080Steve VaiLittle Alligator6:12Fire Garden111996256
2081Steve VaiAll About Eve4:38Fire Garden121996238
2082Steve VaiAching Hunger4:45Fire Garden131996232
2083Steve VaiBrother5:04Fire Garden141996213
2084Steve VaiDamn You4:31Fire Garden151996245
2085Steve VaiWhen I Was A Little Boy1:18Fire Garden161996177
2086Steve VaiGenocide4:11Fire Garden171996245
2087Steve VaiWarm Regards4:06Fire Garden181996218
2088Steve VaiLittle Green Men5:39Flex-Able11984230
2089Steve VaiViv Woman3:09Flex-Able21984230
2090Steve VaiLovers Are Crazy5:39Flex-Able31984207
2091Steve VaiSalamanders In The Sun2:25Flex-Able41984216
2092Steve VaiThe Boy/Girl Song4:02Flex-Able51984220
2093Steve VaiThe Attitude Song3:23Flex-Able61984234
2094Steve VaiCall It Sleep5:09Flex-Able71984201
2095Steve VaiJunkie7:23Flex-Able81984193
2096Steve VaiBill's Private Parts0:16Flex-Able91984228
2097Steve VaiNext Stop Earth0:34Flex-Able101984198
2098Steve VaiThere's Something Dead In Here3:46Flex-Able111984211
2099Steve VaiSo Happy2:43Flex-Able121984183
2100Steve VaiBledsoe Bluvd4:22Flex-Able131984208
2101Steve VaiBurnin' Down The Mountain4:22Flex-Able141984213
2102Steve VaiChronic Insomnia2:05Flex-Able151984225
2103Steve Vai#?@! Yourself8:27Flex-Able Leftovers11984231
2104Steve VaiSo Happy2:43Flex-Able Leftovers21984190
2105Steve VaiBledsoe Bluvd4:22Flex-Able Leftovers31984215
2106Steve VaiNatural Born Boy3:34Flex-Able Leftovers41984239
2107Steve VaiDetails At 105:58Flex-Able Leftovers51984209
2108Steve VaiMassacre3:25Flex-Able Leftovers61984237
2109Steve VaiBurnin' Down The Mountain4:20Flex-Able Leftovers71984217
2110Steve VaiLittle Pieces Of Seaweed5:12Flex-Able Leftovers81984214
2111Steve VaiSan Sebastian1:08Flex-Able Leftovers91984217
2112Steve VaiThe Beast Of Love3:30Flex-Able Leftovers101984195
2113Steve VaiYou Didn't Break It4:19Flex-Able Leftovers111984230
2114Steve VaiThe X-Equalibrium Dance5:12Flex-Able Leftovers121984210
2115Steve VaiChronic Insomnia2:05Flex-Able Leftovers131984219
2116Steve VaiLiberty2:03Passion And Warfare11990234
2117Steve VaiErotic Nightmares4:15Passion And Warfare21990242
2118Steve VaiThe Animal4:01Passion And Warfare31990250
2119Steve VaiAnswers2:56Passion And Warfare41990241
2120Steve VaiThe Riddle6:24Passion And Warfare51990234
2121Steve VaiBallerina 12/241:43Passion And Warfare61990201
2122Steve VaiFor The Love Of God6:03Passion And Warfare71990224
2123Steve VaiThe Audience Is Listening5:30Passion And Warfare81990232
2124Steve VaiI Would Love To3:41Passion And Warfare91990236
2125Steve VaiBlue Powder4:44Passion And Warfare101990224
2126Steve VaiGreasy Kid's Stuff2:58Passion And Warfare111990241
2127Steve VaiAlien Water Kiss1:10Passion And Warfare121990263
2128Steve VaiSisters4:07Passion And Warfare131990208
2129Steve VaiLove Secrets3:40Passion And Warfare141990217
2130Steve VaiBuilding The Church4:58Real Illusions: Reflections12005243
2131Steve VaiDying For Your Love4:50Real Illusions: Reflections22005216
2132Steve VaiGlorious4:35Real Illusions: Reflections32005243
2133Steve VaiK'm-Pee-Du-Wee4:00Real Illusions: Reflections42005217
2134Steve VaiFirewall4:19Real Illusions: Reflections52005246
2135Steve VaiFreak Show Excess6:51Real Illusions: Reflections62005230
2136Steve VaiLotus Feet6:45Real Illusions: Reflections72005215
2137Steve VaiYai Yai2:37Real Illusions: Reflections82005208
2138Steve VaiMidway Creatures3:42Real Illusions: Reflections92005240
2139Steve VaiI'm Your Secrets4:27Real Illusions: Reflections102005215
2140Steve VaiUnder It All8:07Real Illusions: Reflections112005242
2141Steve VaiAn Earth Dweller's Return1:03Sex & Religion11993201
2142Steve VaiHere & Now4:47Sex & Religion21993239
2143Steve VaiIn My Dreams With You5:01Sex & Religion31993249
2144Steve VaiStill My Bleeding Heart6:00Sex & Religion41993251
2145Steve VaiSex & Religion4:24Sex & Religion51993249
2146Steve VaiDirty Black Hole4:27Sex & Religion61993237
2147Steve VaiTouching Tongues5:33Sex & Religion71993230
2148Steve VaiState Of Grace1:41Sex & Religion81993220
2149Steve VaiSurvive4:46Sex & Religion91993240
2150Steve VaiPig3:36Sex & Religion101993240
2151Steve VaiThe Road To Mt. Calvary2:35Sex & Religion111993219
2152Steve VaiDown Deep Into The Pain8:01Sex & Religion121993234
2153Steve VaiRescue Me Or Bury Me8:27Sex & Religion131993203
2154Steve VaiKill The Guy With The Ball4:30Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger12007236
2155Steve VaiThe God Eaters2:09Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger22007224
2156Steve VaiThe Murder Prologue1:09Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger32007217
2157Steve VaiThe Murder7:56Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger42007226
2158Steve VaiGentle Ways5:48Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger52007218
2159Steve VaiAnswers5:44Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger62007245
2160Steve VaiI'm Becoming2:20Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger72007185
2161Steve VaiSalamanders In The Sun5:05Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger82007236
2162Steve VaiLiberty2:06Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger92007242
2163Steve VaiThe Attitude Song4:37Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger102007253
2164Steve VaiFor The Love Of God9:35Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger112007227
2165Steve VaiShadows And ...8:41Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks12007214
2166Steve VaiSparks9:27Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks22007203
2167Steve VaiFrangelica Pt. I3:04Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks32007213
2168Steve VaiFrangelica Pt. II10:30Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks42007228
2169Steve VaiHelios And Vesta8:19Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks52007220
2170Steve VaiBledsoe Bluvd10:08Sound Theories Vol. II Shadows & Sparks62007228
2171Steve VaiFor The Love Of God6:09The 7th Song12000216
2172Steve VaiTouching Tougues5:32The 7th Song22000224
2173Steve VaiWindows To The Soul6:25The 7th Song32000232
2174Steve VaiBurnin' Down The Mountain4:19The 7th Song42000215
2175Steve VaiTender Surrender5:10The 7th Song52000211
2176Steve VaiHand On Heart5:26The 7th Song62000222
2177Steve VaiMelissa's Garden7:54The 7th Song72000208
2178Steve VaiCall It Sleep5:04The 7th Song82000193
2179Steve VaiChristmas Time Is Here4:13The 7th Song92000209
2180Steve VaiThe Wall Of Light2:38The 7th Song102000189
2181Steve VaiBoston Rain Melody8:53The 7th Song112000216
2182Steve VaiCelluloid Heroes6:20The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 112002214
2183Steve VaiLove Blood4:48The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 122002240
2184Steve VaiFried Chicken2:29The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 132002196
2185Steve VaiButler's Bag1:07The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 142002200
2186Steve VaiHead-Cuttin' Duel4:43The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 152002191
2187Steve VaiEugene's Trick Bag2:27The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 162002194
2188Steve VaiAmazing Grace1:52The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 172002192
2189Steve VaiLouisiana Swamp Skank3:15The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 182002217
2190Steve VaiAir Guitar Hell0:40The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 192002186
2191Steve VaiThe Reaper3:25The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1102002234
2192Steve VaiIntroducing The Wylde Stallions0:45The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1112002225
2193Steve VaiGirls Mature Faster Than Guys0:14The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1122002224
2194Steve VaiThe Battle2:24The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1132002222
2195Steve VaiMeet The Reaper0:40The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1142002229
2196Steve VaiFinal Guitar Solo1:35The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1152002191
2197Steve VaiThe Reaper Rap5:46The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1162002241
2198Steve VaiDrive The Hell Out Of Here1:28The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1172002230
2199Steve VaiGet The Hell Out Of Here3:53The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1182002242
2200Steve VaiWelcome Pre-Frosh0:49The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1192002204
2201Steve VaiThe Dark Hallway1:07The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1202002198
2202Steve VaiThe Dead Band Ends0:56The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1212002215
2203Steve VaiThe Cause Heads1:18The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1222002218
2204Steve VaiFind The Meat0:26The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1232002233
2205Steve VaiThe Ax Will Fall0:39The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1242002238
2206Steve VaiNow We Run (Cue)0:44The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1252002228
2207Steve VaiHey Jack0:21The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1262002232
2208Steve VaiWhat!0:08The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1272002227
2209Steve VaiStill Running0:28The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1282002224
2210Steve VaiDead Heads3:12The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1292002207
2211Steve VaiBlow Me Where The Pampers Is0:55The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1302002208
2212Steve VaiPins And Needles0:24The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1312002193
2213Steve VaiPlug My Ass In0:44The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1322002191
2214Steve VaiLoose Keg Sightings0:21The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1332002231
2215Steve VaiDon't Sweat It0:37The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1342002207
2216Steve VaiHow Hidge0:44The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1352002221
2217Steve VaiBeer Beer0:19The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1362002218
2218Steve VaiWe're Not Gonna Protest1:53The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1372002229
2219Steve VaiInitiation0:16The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1382002193
2220Steve VaiSee Ya Next Year0:51The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1392002231
2221Steve VaiNow We Run3:47The Elusive Light & Sound, Vol. 1402002218
2222Steve VaiThe Blood & Tears4:25The Ultra Zone11999211
2223Steve VaiThe Ultra Zone4:52The Ultra Zone21999241
2224Steve VaiOooo5:12The Ultra Zone31999240
2225Steve VaiFrank5:09The Ultra Zone41999221
2226Steve VaiJibboom3:46The Ultra Zone51999240
2227Steve VaiVoodoo Acid6:25The Ultra Zone61999233
2228Steve VaiWindows To The Soul6:25The Ultra Zone71999231
2229Steve VaiThe Silent Within5:00The Ultra Zone81999218
2230Steve VaiI'll Be Around4:57The Ultra Zone91999238
2231Steve VaiLucky Charms6:44The Ultra Zone101999223
2232Steve VaiFever Dream6:04The Ultra Zone111999240
2233Steve VaiHere I Am4:12The Ultra Zone121999239
2234Steve VaiAsian Sky5:34The Ultra Zone131999253
2235Steve VaiPaint Me Your Face1:59Where The Wild Things Are12009228
2236Steve VaiNow We Run6:37Where The Wild Things Are22009237
2237Steve VaiOooo5:07Where The Wild Things Are32009238
2238Steve VaiBuilding The Church8:35Where The Wild Things Are42009231
2239Steve VaiTender Surrender6:18Where The Wild Things Are52009217
2240Steve VaiBand Intros2:27Where The Wild Things Are62009210
2241Steve VaiFire Wall6:02Where The Wild Things Are72009235
2242Steve VaiFreak Show Excess11:00Where The Wild Things Are82009217
2243Steve VaiDie To Live6:30Where The Wild Things Are92009220
2244Steve VaiAll About Eve5:08Where The Wild Things Are102009211
2245Steve VaiGary 70:48Where The Wild Things Are112009204
2246Steve VaiTreasure Island1:54Where The Wild Things Are122009195
2247Steve VaiAngel Food6:23Where The Wild Things Are132009219
2248Steve VaiTarus Bulba6:48Where The Wild Things Are142009230
2249Steve VaiPar Brahm2:14Where The Wild Things Are152009201
2250Steve WalshGlossolalia5:31Glossolalia12000220
2251Steve WalshSerious Wreckage6:03Glossolalia22000208
2252Steve WalshHeart Attack4:15Glossolalia32000255
2253Steve WalshKansas8:54Glossolalia42000225
2254Steve WalshNothing3:09Glossolalia52000192
2255Steve WalshHaunted Man5:38Glossolalia62000226
2256Steve WalshSmackin' the Clowns10:04Glossolalia72000244
2257Steve WalshThat's What Love's All About5:13Glossolalia82000235
2258Steve WalshMascara Tears5:43Glossolalia92000223
2259Steve WalshRebecca5:15Glossolalia102000230
2260Steve WalshRise5:15Shadowman12005211
2261Steve WalshShadowman6:44Shadowman22005212
2262Steve WalshDavey and the Stone that Rolled Away5:54Shadowman32005203
2263Steve WalshKeep on Knockin'5:53Shadowman42005209
2264Steve WalshPages of Old4:54Shadowman52005202
2265Steve WalshHell Is Full of Heroes6:03Shadowman62005220
2266Steve WalshAfter9:58Shadowman72005210
2267Steve WalshThe River4:13Shadowman82005205
2268Steve WinwoodChristmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand2:32A Very Special Christmas 3141997167
2269Steve WinwoodDifferent Light6:36About Time12003209
2270Steve WinwoodCigano (For The Gypsies)6:20About Time22003199
2271Steve WinwoodTake It To The Final Hour5:36About Time32003203
2272Steve WinwoodWhy Can't We Live Together6:39About Time42003197
2273Steve WinwoodDomingo Morning5:06About Time52003190
2274Steve WinwoodNow That You're Alive5:29About Time62003222
2275Steve WinwoodBully5:40About Time72003183
2276Steve WinwoodPhoenix Rising7:26About Time82003211
2277Steve WinwoodHorizon4:31About Time92003162
2278Steve WinwoodWalking On4:55About Time102003217
2279Steve WinwoodSilvia (Who Is She)11:27About Time112003198
2280Steve WinwoodWhile You See A Chance5:13Arc Of A Diver11981201
2281Steve WinwoodArc Of A Diver5:28Arc Of A Diver21981175
2282Steve WinwoodSecond-Hand Woman3:41Arc Of A Diver31981172
2283Steve WinwoodSlowdown Sundown5:27Arc Of A Diver41981203
2284Steve WinwoodSpanish Dancer6:00Arc Of A Diver51981179
2285Steve WinwoodNight Train7:50Arc Of A Diver61981189
2286Steve WinwoodDust6:21Arc Of A Diver71981200
2287Steve WinwoodHigher Love5:51Back In The High Life11986199
2288Steve WinwoodTake It As It Comes5:24Back In The High Life21986208
2289Steve WinwoodFreedom Overspill5:37Back In The High Life31986198
2290Steve WinwoodBack In The High Life Again5:36Back In The High Life41986209
2291Steve WinwoodThe Finer Things5:51Back In The High Life51986195
2292Steve WinwoodWake Me Up On Judgement Day5:50Back In The High Life61986203
2293Steve WinwoodSplit Decision6:01Back In The High Life71986198
2294Steve WinwoodMy Love's Leavin'5:18Back In The High Life81986210
2295Steve WinwoodReach for the Light (Theme From Balto)4:24Balto (OST)11995192
2296Steve WinwoodReach for the Light (Theme From Balto)(Long Version)5:26Balto (OST)131995192
2297Steve WinwoodSpy In The House Of Love4:46Junction Seven11997224
2298Steve WinwoodAngel Of Mercy5:02Junction Seven21997210
2299Steve WinwoodJust Wanna Have Some Fun4:57Junction Seven31997226
2300Steve WinwoodLet Your Love Come Down (feat. Lenny Kravitz)5:47Junction Seven41997226
2301Steve WinwoodReal Love5:22Junction Seven51997191
2302Steve WinwoodFill Me Up4:27Junction Seven61997198
2303Steve WinwoodGotta Get Back To My Baby4:52Junction Seven71997236
2304Steve WinwoodSomeone Like You4:38Junction Seven81997209
2305Steve WinwoodFamily Affair5:17Junction Seven91997218
2306Steve WinwoodPlenty Lovin' (feat. Des'ree)5:57Junction Seven101997205
2307Steve WinwoodLord Of The Street6:26Junction Seven111997223
2308Steve WinwoodI'm Not Drowning3:32Nine Lives12008204
2309Steve WinwoodFly7:49Nine Lives22008195
2310Steve WinwoodRaging Sea6:17Nine Lives32008200
2311Steve WinwoodDirty City7:44Nine Lives42008218
2312Steve WinwoodWe're All Looking5:25Nine Lives52008225
2313Steve WinwoodHungry Man7:07Nine Lives62008216
2314Steve WinwoodSecrets6:41Nine Lives72008203
2315Steve WinwoodAt Times We Do Forget5:57Nine Lives82008192
2316Steve WinwoodOther Shore6:41Nine Lives92008200
2317Steve WinwoodYou'll Keep On Searching6:21Refugees of the Heart11990203
2318Steve WinwoodEvery Day (Oh Lord)5:51Refugees of the Heart21990201
2319Steve WinwoodOne and Only Man5:02Refugees of the Heart31990214
2320Steve WinwoodI Will Be Here6:02Refugees of the Heart41990184
2321Steve WinwoodAnother Deal Goes Down4:58Refugees of the Heart51990199
2322Steve WinwoodRunning On4:20Refugees of the Heart61990205
2323Steve WinwoodCome Out and Dance5:35Refugees of the Heart71990201
2324Steve WinwoodIn the Light of Day9:43Refugees of the Heart81990186
2325Steve WinwoodRoll With It5:20Roll With It11988200
2326Steve WinwoodHolding On6:16Roll With It21988208
2327Steve WinwoodThe Morning Side5:14Roll With It31988204
2328Steve WinwoodPut On Your Dancing Shoes5:12Roll With It41988205
2329Steve WinwoodDon't You Know What The Night Can Do?6:55Roll With It51988207
2330Steve WinwoodHearts On Fire5:17Roll With It61988205
2331Steve WinwoodOne More Morning5:00Roll With It71988195
2332Steve WinwoodShining Song5:29Roll With It81988200
2333Steve WinwoodHold On4:34Steve Winwood11977191
2334Steve WinwoodTime Is Running Out6:31Steve Winwood21977214
2335Steve WinwoodMidland Maniac8:28Steve Winwood31977203
2336Steve WinwoodVacant Chair6:56Steve Winwood41977199
2337Steve WinwoodLuck's In5:23Steve Winwood51977201
2338Steve WinwoodLet Me Make Something In Your Life5:32Steve Winwood61977198
2339Steve WinwoodValerie4:09Talking Back To The Night11982203
2340Steve WinwoodBig Girls Walk Away3:54Talking Back To The Night21982203
2341Steve WinwoodAnd I Go4:16Talking Back To The Night31982174
2342Steve WinwoodWhile There's A Candle Burning3:14Talking Back To The Night41982190
2343Steve WinwoodStill In The Game4:54Talking Back To The Night51982189
2344Steve WinwoodIt Was Happiness5:01Talking Back To The Night61982203
2345Steve WinwoodHelp Me Angel5:08Talking Back To The Night71982201
2346Steve WinwoodTalking Back To The Night5:48Talking Back To The Night81982187
2347Steve WinwoodThere's A River4:38Talking Back To The Night91982167
2348Steve WinwoodHigher Love4:15Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: 1985-198611995207
2349Steve WinwoodWhile You See A Chance5:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)122001216
2350Steve WinwoodHigher Love5:46Top 40 Hitdossier 1985-1986 (Disc 1)172001223
2351Steve ZuckermanNanny And The Professor1:05Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5201996192
2352SteveCh!snallSoaring Above & Beyond2:32  2004160
2353Steven CarlisleWKRP In Cincinnati0:43All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)372005179
2354Steven Curtis ChapmanAll About Love3:42All About Love12002237
2355Steven Curtis ChapmanYour Side Of The World4:25All About Love22002246
2356Steven Curtis ChapmanHow Do I Love Her?4:57All About Love32002232
2357Steven Curtis Chapman11-6-643:07All About Love42002214
2358Steven Curtis ChapmanYou've Got Me3:45All About Love52002229
2359Steven Curtis ChapmanI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)3:44All About Love62002226
2360Steven Curtis ChapmanEchos Of Eden5:04All About Love72002215
2361Steven Curtis ChapmanHolding A Mystery4:22All About Love82002235
2362Steven Curtis ChapmanWe Will Dance4:40All About Love92002192
2363Steven Curtis ChapmanWe Belong Together (Tarzan And Jane)3:16All About Love102002247
2364Steven Curtis ChapmanWith Every Little Kiss3:13All About Love112002237
2365Steven Curtis ChapmanMiracle Of You3:35All About Love122002235
2366Steven Curtis ChapmanI'll Take Care Of You4:23All About Love132002202
2367Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Be Here4:13All About Love142002197
2368Steven Curtis ChapmanMoment Made For Worshipping6:10All About Love152002229
2369Steven Curtis ChapmanWhen Love Takes You In4:47All About Love162002196
2370Steven Curtis ChapmanChristmas Is All In The Heart5:16Christmas Is All In The Heart12003206
2371Steven Curtis ChapmanSilver Bells3:37Christmas Is All In The Heart22003181
2372Steven Curtis ChapmanWinter Wonderland2:51Christmas Is All In The Heart32003201
2373Steven Curtis ChapmanI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day4:04Christmas Is All In The Heart42003220
2374Steven Curtis ChapmanGo Tell It On The Mountain3:30Christmas Is All In The Heart52003212
2375Steven Curtis ChapmanIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear4:21Christmas Is All In The Heart62003178
2376Steven Curtis ChapmanO Little Town Of Bethlehem4:53Christmas Is All In The Heart72003193
2377Steven Curtis ChapmanO Come All Ye Faithful4:19Christmas Is All In The Heart82003238
2378Steven Curtis ChapmanThis Baby4:16Christmas Is All In The Heart92003228
2379Steven Curtis ChapmanO Come O Come Emmanuel3:35Christmas Is All In The Heart102003202
2380Steven Curtis ChapmanHome For Christmas5:22Christmas Is All In The Heart112003201
2381Steven Curtis ChapmanSilent Night Melody6:01Christmas Is All In The Heart122003208
2382Steven Curtis ChapmanLive Out Loud3:55Declaration12001245
2383Steven Curtis ChapmanThis Day4:37Declaration22001241
2384Steven Curtis ChapmanJesus Is Life3:32Declaration32001226
2385Steven Curtis ChapmanNo Greater Love4:58Declaration42001214
2386Steven Curtis ChapmanGod Is God4:17Declaration52001230
2387Steven Curtis ChapmanSee The Glory3:36Declaration62001229
2388Steven Curtis ChapmanBring It On4:16Declaration72001217
2389Steven Curtis ChapmanWhen Love Takes You In4:43Declaration82001174
2390Steven Curtis ChapmanMagnificent Obsession5:02Declaration92001232
2391Steven Curtis ChapmanDeclaration Of Dependance3:51Declaration102001228
2392Steven Curtis ChapmanGod Follower4:19Declaration112001228
2393Steven Curtis ChapmanCarry You To Jesus4:05Declaration122001214
2394Steven Curtis ChapmanSavior5:36Declaration132001198
2395Steven Curtis ChapmanHeaven in the Real World4:50Heaven in the Real World11994211
2396Steven Curtis ChapmanKing of the Jungle4:55Heaven in the Real World21994213
2397Steven Curtis ChapmanDancing with the Dinosaur4:46Heaven in the Real World31994227
2398Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Mountain4:56Heaven in the Real World41994189
2399Steven Curtis ChapmanTreasure of You4:41Heaven in the Real World51994212
2400Steven Curtis ChapmanLove And Learn4:09Heaven in the Real World61994184
2401Steven Curtis ChapmanBurn the Ships4:56Heaven in the Real World71994207
2402Steven Curtis ChapmanRemember Your Chains5:22Heaven in the Real World81994188
2403Steven Curtis ChapmanHeartbeat of Heaven5:07Heaven in the Real World91994203
2404Steven Curtis ChapmanStill Listening4:32Heaven in the Real World101994175
2405Steven Curtis ChapmanFacts Are Facts3:30Heaven in the Real World111994224
2406Steven Curtis ChapmanMiracle of Mercy2:39Heaven in the Real World121994170
2407Steven Curtis ChapmanHeartbeat of Heaven (Reprise)0:57Heaven in the Real World131994199
2408Steven Curtis ChapmanMore To This Life5:15More To This Life11989200
2409Steven Curtis ChapmanLove You With My Life3:23More To This Life21989199
2410Steven Curtis ChapmanWaiting For Lightning3:44More To This Life31989194
2411Steven Curtis ChapmanLiving For The Moment4:52More To This Life41989205
2412Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Be Here4:28More To This Life51989182
2413Steven Curtis ChapmanWho Makes The Rules3:31More To This Life61989203
2414Steven Curtis ChapmanTreasure Island4:52More To This Life71989198
2415Steven Curtis ChapmanWay Beyond The Blue5:45More To This Life81989190
2416Steven Curtis ChapmanIn This Little Room3:37More To This Life91989202
2417Steven Curtis ChapmanMore Than Words4:33More To This Life101989192
2418Steven Curtis ChapmanOut In The Highways4:59More To This Life111989197
2419Steven Curtis ChapmanLord Of The Dance5:21Signs Of Life11996230
2420Steven Curtis ChapmanChildren Of The Burning Heart4:29Signs Of Life21996229
2421Steven Curtis ChapmanSigns Of Life5:01Signs Of Life31996226
2422Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Walk4:12Signs Of Life41996212
2423Steven Curtis ChapmanLet Us Pray3:58Signs Of Life51996217
2424Steven Curtis ChapmanFree6:43Signs Of Life61996210
2425Steven Curtis ChapmanOnly Natural3:35Signs Of Life71996222
2426Steven Curtis ChapmanRubber Meets The Road4:12Signs Of Life81996211
2427Steven Curtis ChapmanCelebrate You4:31Signs Of Life91996210
2428Steven Curtis ChapmanWhat I Would Say5:40Signs Of Life101996174
2429Steven Curtis ChapmanLand Of Opportunity4:54Signs Of Life111996222
2430Steven Curtis ChapmanHold On To Jesus3:51Signs Of Life121996184
2431Steven Curtis ChapmanDive3:58Speechless11999219
2432Steven Curtis ChapmanSpeechless5:07Speechless21999222
2433Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Change3:46Speechless31999223
2434Steven Curtis ChapmanGreat Expectations5:03Speechless41999211
2435Steven Curtis ChapmanNext 5 Minutes4:21Speechless51999216
2436Steven Curtis ChapmanFingerprints of God4:04Speechless61999223
2437Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Invitation4:58Speechless71999197
2438Steven Curtis ChapmanWhatever4:02Speechless81999225
2439Steven Curtis ChapmanI Do Believe4:02Speechless91999237
2440Steven Curtis ChapmanWhat I Really Want to Say4:22Speechless101999207
2441Steven Curtis ChapmanWith Hope5:12Speechless111999187
2442Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Journey3:05Speechless121999181
2443Steven Curtis ChapmanBe Still and Know3:19Speechless131999181
2444Steven Curtis ChapmanPrologue2:37The Great Adventure11992198
2445Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Great Adventure4:37The Great Adventure21992202
2446Steven Curtis ChapmanWhere We Belong4:20The Great Adventure31992210
2447Steven Curtis ChapmanGo There With You5:22The Great Adventure41992207
2448Steven Curtis ChapmanThat's Paradise5:02The Great Adventure51992206
2449Steven Curtis ChapmanDon't Let The Fire Die4:50The Great Adventure61992199
2450Steven Curtis ChapmanGot To B Tru4:20The Great Adventure71992201
2451Steven Curtis ChapmanWalk With The Wise4:35The Great Adventure81992196
2452Steven Curtis ChapmanMaria5:02The Great Adventure91992185
2453Steven Curtis ChapmanStill Called Today6:01The Great Adventure101992191
2454Steven Curtis ChapmanHeart's Cry3:11The Great Adventure111992167
2455Steven Curtis ChapmanPrologue1:05The Live Adventure11993212
2456Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Great Adventure4:46The Live Adventure21993210
2457Steven Curtis ChapmanThat's Paradise4:42The Live Adventure31993204
2458Steven Curtis ChapmanIntroduction1:14The Live Adventure41993190
2459Steven Curtis ChapmanGo There With You5:15The Live Adventure51993205
2460Steven Curtis ChapmanBusy Man4:41The Live Adventure61993206
2461Steven Curtis ChapmanGreat Adventure "Stuff"4:49The Live Adventure71993193
2462Steven Curtis ChapmanAcoustic Medley12:13The Live Adventure81993167
2463Steven Curtis ChapmanFamily Talk5:53The Live Adventure91993167
2464Steven Curtis ChapmanMore To This Life6:28The Live Adventure101993195
2465Steven Curtis ChapmanFor The Sake Of The Call7:41The Live Adventure111993201
2466Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Be Here4:09The Live Adventure121993169
2467Steven Curtis ChapmanMy Turn Now3:32The Live Adventure131993207
2468Steven Curtis ChapmanNo Better Place5:34The Live Adventure141993210
2469Steven Curtis ChapmanMiracle Of The Moment3:28This Moment12007238
2470Steven Curtis ChapmanBroken3:34This Moment22007238
2471Steven Curtis ChapmanCinderella4:25This Moment32007209
2472Steven Curtis ChapmanYours6:39This Moment42007242
2473Steven Curtis ChapmanSomething Crazy3:38This Moment52007246
2474Steven Curtis ChapmanChildren Of God4:12This Moment62007255
2475Steven Curtis ChapmanOne Heartbeat At A Time4:05This Moment72007210
2476Steven Curtis ChapmanMy Surrender3:24This Moment82007238
2477Steven Curtis ChapmanYou Are Being Loved5:25This Moment92007246
2478Steven Curtis ChapmanDefinition Of Me3:25This Moment102007239
2479Steven Curtis ChapmanWith One Voice4:58This Moment112007240
2480Steven Curtis ChapmanDive3:59WOW #1s (Blue Disc)12005226
2481Steven Curtis ChapmanHeaven In The Real World4:12WOW 1996 (Disc 1)31995218
2482Steven Curtis ChapmanLord of the Dance5:21WOW 1997 (Disc 1)11996228
2483Steven Curtis ChapmanLet Us Pray3:58WOW 1998 (Black Disc)11997216
2484Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Not Go Quietly3:40WOW 1999 (Silver Disc)41998221
2485Steven Curtis ChapmanSpeechless4:17WOW 2000 (Silver Disc)11999215
2486Steven Curtis ChapmanDive3:59WOW 2001 (Silver Disc)12000225
2487Steven Curtis ChapmanO Little Town Of Bethlehem4:57WOW Christmas (Green Disc)42005177
2488Steven Curtis ChapmanThis Day4:37WOW Hits 2002 (Gold Disc)22001237
2489Steven Curtis ChapmanMagnificent Obsession5:01WOW Hits 2003 (Blue Disc)12002228
2490Steven Curtis ChapmanAll About Love3:43WOW Hits 2004 (Green Disc)42003234
2491Steven Curtis ChapmanAll Things New5:44WOW Hits 2005 (Purple Disc)22004235
2492Steven Curtis ChapmanMuch of You4:52WOW Hits 2006 (Gold Disc)52005240
2493Steven Curtis ChapmanCinderella4:26WOW Hits 2009 (Disc 1)72008209
2494Steven Curtis ChapmanYours (radio version with new verse)4:49WOW Hits 2010 (Disc 1)92009242
2495Steven FairbanksOde to Vine Grove2:07Ode to Vine Grove 200264
2496Steven HalpernTouch With Your Heart (With Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith)5:27Among Friends - Collection 111987190
2497Steven HalpernShared Vision (With David Friesen)3:34Among Friends - Collection 121987205
2498Steven HalpernThigh Ch'I (With Paul Horn)5:38Among Friends - Collection 131987184
2499Steven HalpernNatural Light (With Dallas Smith)7:12Among Friends - Collection 141987194
2500Steven HalpernSpectrum Suite2:57Among Friends - Collection 151987168
2501Steven HalpernIvory Moon3:42Among Friends - Collection 161987178
2502Steven HalpernThreshold (With Dallas Smith)2:50Among Friends - Collection 171987200
2503Steven HalpernHear To Eternity5:25Among Friends - Collection 181987182
2504Steven HalpernApollo's Lyre (With Georgia Kelly)3:55Among Friends - Collection 191987189
2505Steven HalpernDawn (With Friends)4:16Among Friends - Collection 1101987193
2506Steven HalpernRecollections (With Daniel Kobialka)6:36Among Friends - Collection 1111987201
2507Steven HalpernFarewell To Atlantis (With David Friesen)3:46Among Friends - Collection 1121987178
2508Steven HalpernBe One With Love6:33Enhancing Sensual Pleasure11993201
2509Steven HalpernDawn3:48Enhancing Sensual Pleasure21993172
2510Steven HalpernTouch With Your Heart5:27Enhancing Sensual Pleasure31993196
2511Steven HalpernThigh Ch'i5:39Enhancing Sensual Pleasure41993182
2512Steven HalpernPachelbel's Canon6:46Enhancing Sensual Pleasure51993197
2513Steven HalpernComfort Zone3:34Enhancing Sensual Pleasure61993178
2514Steven HalpernHot Chakra6:56Enhancing Sensual Pleasure71993194
2515Steven HalpernLight in Your Eyes14:32Enhancing Sensual Pleasure81993177
2516Steven HalpernRadiance4:42Enhancing Sensual Pleasure91993193
2517Steven HalpernPower Point4:51Higher Ground11991193
2518Steven HalpernHigher Ground, Pt. 15:39Higher Ground21991196
2519Steven HalpernCommunion4:26Higher Ground31991173
2520Steven Halpern48 Hours5:59Higher Ground41991179
2521Steven HalpernCrystal Cave4:12Higher Ground51991184
2522Steven HalpernPleiadian Consort, Pt. 17:33Higher Ground61991155
2523Steven HalpernPleiadian Consort, Pt. 27:22Higher Ground71991167
2524Steven HalpernHigher Ground, Pt. 28:34Higher Ground81991190
2525Steven HalpernWhisper on the Wind2:18Higher Ground91991176
2526Steven HalpernInner Peace, Pt. I5:05Inner Peace [Sound RX]11994195
2527Steven HalpernEternally3:12Inner Peace [Sound RX]21994174
2528Steven HalpernAwakening4:02Inner Peace [Sound RX]31994185
2529Steven HalpernTroubadours of the Spirit13:39Inner Peace [Sound RX]41994172
2530Steven HalpernAngel Song3:33Inner Peace [Sound RX]51994179
2531Steven HalpernOneness3:20Inner Peace [Sound RX]61994191
2532Steven HalpernWagnerian Prelude2:39Inner Peace [Sound RX]71994187
2533Steven HalpernAlpha Waves4:47Inner Peace [Sound RX]81994201
2534Steven HalpernCrystal Lake3:27Inner Peace [Sound RX]91994178
2535Steven HalpernEcho Play5:21Inner Peace [Sound RX]101994185
2536Steven HalpernInner Peace, Pt. II3:52Inner Peace [Sound RX]111994179
2537Steven HalpernInner Peace, Pt. III5:01Inner Peace [Sound RX]121994192
2538Steven HalpernQuantum Leap8:32Inner Peace [Sound RX]131994169
2539Steven HalpernLegacy5:06Legacy11997177
2540Steven HalpernMoment's Pause4:33Legacy21997199
2541Steven HalpernGreensleeves7:14Legacy31997172
2542Steven HalpernWaterfall4:17Legacy41997190
2543Steven HalpernIvory Moon (Part 1)4:43Legacy51997191
2544Steven HalpernDawn (Part 1)6:15Legacy61997187
2545Steven HalpernMy Bonnie7:56Legacy71997177
2546Steven HalpernBrahms Lullaby6:41Legacy81997181
2547Steven HalpernLight As A Feather7:32Legacy91997182
2548Steven HalpernDawn (Part 2)6:17Legacy101997185
2549Steven HalpernIvory Moon (Part 2)3:28Legacy111997191
2550Steven HalpernCelestine Rhapsody4:18Legacy121997213
2551Steven HalpernInner Peace3:37Radiant Health and Well Being11991194
2552Steven HalpernWe Were Talking5:09Radiant Health and Well Being21991192
2553Steven HalpernDharma Duet4:50Radiant Health and Well Being31991194
2554Steven HalpernCrystal Suite13:05Radiant Health and Well Being41991194
2555Steven HalpernNatural Light4:08Radiant Health and Well Being51991187
2556Steven HalpernCry in Divine Order6:01Radiant Health and Well Being61991188
2557Steven HalpernAbundance4:03Radiant Health and Well Being71991196
2558Steven HalpernHeart to Heart4:15Radiant Health and Well Being81991205
2559Steven HalpernToward the One3:47Radiant Health and Well Being91991175
2560Steven HalpernIn the Comfort Zone6:54Radiant Health and Well Being101991179
2561Steven TylerAnimal Crackers2:35Armageddon (OST)141998177
2562Steven TylerRockin' On Top Of The World2:35The Polar Express (OST)32004229
2563Steven WilsonCover Version4:37Cover Version (Single)12003171
2564Steven WilsonMoment I Lost3:16Cover Version (Single)22003193
2565Steven WilsonCover Version II5:12Cover Version II (Single)12004189
2566Steven WilsonPlease Come Home3:33Cover Version II (Single)22004205
2567Steven WilsonCover Version III6:06Cover Version III (Single)12005186
2568Steven WilsonFour Trees Down3:34Cover Version III (Single)22005173
2569Steven WilsonCover Version IV4:08Cover Version IV (Single)12006193
2570Steven WilsonThe Unquiet Grave6:57Cover Version IV (Single)22006181
2571Steven WilsonHarmony Korine5:07Insurgentes (Disc 1)12008207
2572Steven WilsonAbandoner4:48Insurgentes (Disc 1)22008190
2573Steven WilsonSalvaging8:17Insurgentes (Disc 1)32008215
2574Steven WilsonVeneno Para Las Hadas5:57Insurgentes (Disc 1)42008209
2575Steven WilsonNo Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun8:37Insurgentes (Disc 1)52008206
2576Steven WilsonSignificant Other4:31Insurgentes (Disc 1)62008197
2577Steven WilsonOnly Child4:24Insurgentes (Disc 1)72008193
2578Steven WilsonTwilight Coda3:24Insurgentes (Disc 1)82008209
2579Steven WilsonGet All You Deserve6:17Insurgentes (Disc 1)92008207
2580Steven WilsonInsurgentes3:55Insurgentes (Disc 1)102008205
2581Steven WilsonPort Rubicon4:24Insurgentes (Disc 2)12008181
2582Steven WilsonPuncture Wound4:19Insurgentes (Disc 2)22008209
2583Steven WilsonCollecting Space5:10Insurgentes (Disc 2)32008221
2584Steven WilsonInsurgentes (Mexico)5:45Insurgentes (Disc 2)42008160
2585Steven Wilson(Untitled)4:47Insurgentes (Disc 2)52008203
2586Steven WrightIntroduction4:14I Have A Pony11985196
2587Steven WrightAnts4:43I Have A Pony21985191
2588Steven WrightHitchhiking2:14I Have A Pony31985197
2589Steven WrightIce2:28I Have A Pony41985198
2590Steven WrightDog Stay3:27I Have A Pony51985192
2591Steven WrightRachel4:46I Have A Pony61985214
2592Steven Wright7's and Museums4:00I Have A Pony71985192
2593Steven WrightWater3:06I Have A Pony81985191
2594Steven WrightJiggs Casey3:03I Have A Pony91985189
2595Steven WrightCross Country2:15I Have A Pony101985190
2596Steven WrightBook Store1:26I Have A Pony111985191
2597Steven WrightWinny1:28I Have A Pony121985181
2598Steven WrightApt.2:08I Have A Pony131985184
2599Steven WrightBabies and Skiing2:21I Have A Pony141985196
2600Steven WrightQuote4:56I Still Have A Pony12007189
2601Steven WrightI Met This Woman4:05I Still Have A Pony22007185
2602Steven WrightThe Store4:18I Still Have A Pony32007172
2603Steven WrightCamera4:23I Still Have A Pony42007183
2604Steven WrightThe Kitten Song1:08I Still Have A Pony52007189
2605Steven WrightTwin3:12I Still Have A Pony62007185
2606Steven WrightMonopoly3:33I Still Have A Pony72007182
2607Steven WrightHitchhiker3:15I Still Have A Pony82007175
2608Steven WrightPlanetarium2:49I Still Have A Pony92007178
2609Steven WrightMy Grandfather3:01I Still Have A Pony102007178
2610Steven WrightShopping Carts2:16I Still Have A Pony112007181
2611Steven WrightMumble Song2:02I Still Have A Pony122007192
2612Steven WrightFriends of Mine Song3:11I Still Have A Pony132007184
2613Steven WrightAnd Now Little Green Bag...0:15Reservoir Dogs (OST)11992139
2614Steven WrightRock Flock of Five0:11Reservoir Dogs (OST)31992137
2615Steven WrightBohemiath0:34Reservoir Dogs (OST)51992139
2616Steven WrightSuper Sounds0:18Reservoir Dogs (OST)101992136
2617Steven WrightKeep on Truckin'0:16Reservoir Dogs (OST)141992138
2618Stevens & GrdnicFast Food2:22Dr. Demento - 25th Anniversary Collection 1995170
2619Stevie BBecause I Love You4:08Millennium Hit Mix (Disc 2)12000189
2620Stevie BI Wanne Be the One (Original)4:32Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 1) [CA]122005237
2621Stevie BBecause I Love You3:43Only Rock 'n Roll (1990-1994)18 177
2622Stevie B.Because I Love You (The Postman Song)4:18Best Of Slow Jams (Disc 2)122003181
2623Stevie B.Because I Love You (Postman Song)5:00Living In The 90's (Disc 2)151995202
2624Stevie NicksSilent Night4:37A Very Special Christmas151987189
2625Stevie NicksSilent Night3:28A Very Special Christmas 5132001177
2626Stevie NicksBella Donna5:21Bella Donna11981198
2627Stevie NicksKind Of Woman3:12Bella Donna21981186
2628Stevie NicksStop Draggin' My Heart Around (feat. Tom Petty)4:04Bella Donna31981187
2629Stevie NicksThink About It3:35Bella Donna41981191
2630Stevie NicksAfter The Glitter Fades3:31Bella Donna51981189
2631Stevie NicksEdge Of Seventeen5:28Bella Donna61981198
2632Stevie NicksHow Still My Love3:54Bella Donna71981190
2633Stevie NicksLeather And Lace (feat. Don Henley)3:44Bella Donna81981201
2634Stevie NicksOutside The Rain4:18Bella Donna91981188
2635Stevie NicksThe Highwayman4:50Bella Donna101981186
2636Stevie NicksSleeping Angel4:43Fast Times at Ridgemont High (OST)171982174
2637Stevie NicksBlue Lamp3:48Heavy Metal (OST)161981206
2638Stevie NicksSecret Love3:15In Your Dreams12011213
2639Stevie NicksFor What It's Worth4:32In Your Dreams22011201
2640Stevie NicksIn Your Dreams3:58In Your Dreams32011241
2641Stevie NicksWide Sargasso Sea5:36In Your Dreams42011228
2642Stevie NicksNew Orleans5:34In Your Dreams52011187
2643Stevie NicksMoonlight (A Vampire's Dream)5:26In Your Dreams62011229
2644Stevie NicksAnnabel Lee5:58In Your Dreams72011221
2645Stevie NicksSoldier's Angel5:16In Your Dreams82011175
2646Stevie NicksEverybody Loves You5:16In Your Dreams92011211
2647Stevie NicksGhosts Are Gone6:06In Your Dreams102011236
2648Stevie NicksYou May Be The One5:26In Your Dreams112011218
2649Stevie NicksItalian Summer4:38In Your Dreams122011231
2650Stevie NicksCheaper Than Free (Feat. Dave Stewart)3:38In Your Dreams132011203
2651Stevie NicksRooms On Fire4:26Now That's What I Call Music! - Vol 15 (Disc 1)81989238
2652Stevie NicksI Can't Wait4:37Rock A Little11985219
2653Stevie NicksRock A Little (Go Ahead Lily)3:39Rock A Little21985195
2654Stevie NicksSister Honey3:52Rock A Little31985186
2655Stevie NicksI Sing For The Things3:46Rock A Little41985199
2656Stevie NicksImperial Hotel2:54Rock A Little51985200
2657Stevie NicksSome Become Strangers3:27Rock A Little61985201
2658Stevie NicksTalk To Me4:11Rock A Little71985209
2659Stevie NicksThe Nightmare5:24Rock A Little81985205
2660Stevie NicksIf I Were You4:11Rock A Little91985195
2661Stevie NicksNo Spoken Word4:14Rock A Little101985193
2662Stevie NicksHas Anyone Ever Written Anything For You4:35Rock A Little111985180
2663Stevie NicksSometimes It's A Bitch4:40Sometimes It's A Bitch [Maxi CD]11990215
2664Stevie NicksDesert Angel5:24Sometimes It's A Bitch [Maxi CD]21990214
2665Stevie NicksBattle Of The Dragons5:13Sometimes It's A Bitch [Maxi CD]31990205
2666Stevie NicksBlue Denim4:23Street Angel11994222
2667Stevie NicksGreta4:21Street Angel21994201
2668Stevie NicksStreet Angel4:10Street Angel31994183
2669Stevie NicksDocklands4:48Street Angel41994201
2670Stevie NicksListen To The Rain4:34Street Angel51994218
2671Stevie NicksDestiny5:01Street Angel61994206
2672Stevie NicksUnconditional Love3:22Street Angel71994214
2673Stevie NicksLove Is Like A River4:44Street Angel81994207
2674Stevie NicksRose Garden4:29Street Angel91994208
2675Stevie NicksMaybe Love Will Change Your Mind4:19Street Angel101994224
2676Stevie NicksJust Like A Woman3:51Street Angel111994192
2677Stevie NicksKick It4:25Street Angel121994205
2678Stevie NicksJane4:58Street Angel131994198
2679Stevie NicksRooms On Fire4:35The Other Side Of The Mirror11989198
2680Stevie NicksLong Way To Go4:07The Other Side Of The Mirror21989198
2681Stevie NicksTwo Kinds Of Love4:46The Other Side Of The Mirror31989213
2682Stevie NicksOoh My Love5:04The Other Side Of The Mirror41989201
2683Stevie NicksGhosts4:54The Other Side Of The Mirror51989203
2684Stevie NicksWhole Lotta Trouble4:55The Other Side Of The Mirror61989190
2685Stevie NicksFire Burning3:16The Other Side Of The Mirror71989210
2686Stevie NicksCry Wolf4:09The Other Side Of The Mirror81989192
2687Stevie NicksAlice5:47The Other Side Of The Mirror91989188
2688Stevie NicksJuliet4:51The Other Side Of The Mirror101989189
2689Stevie NicksDoing The Best I Can (Escape From Berlin)5:36The Other Side Of The Mirror111989196
2690Stevie NicksI Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)4:09The Other Side Of The Mirror121989192
2691Stevie NicksI Can't Wait4:23The Power Of Love - 1977-1981 (disc 2)4 211
2692Stevie NicksWild Heart6:11The Wild Heart11983189
2693Stevie NicksIf Anyone Falls4:09The Wild Heart21983193
2694Stevie NicksGate And Garden4:06The Wild Heart31983184
2695Stevie NicksEnchanted3:06The Wild Heart41983201
2696Stevie NicksNightbird5:00The Wild Heart51983175
2697Stevie NicksStand Back4:51The Wild Heart61983205
2698Stevie NicksI Will Run To You3:22The Wild Heart71983188
2699Stevie NicksNothing Ever Changes4:09The Wild Heart81983196
2700Stevie NicksSable On Blonde4:15The Wild Heart91983179
2701Stevie NicksBeauty And The Beast6:02The Wild Heart101983188
2702Stevie NicksTrouble In Shangri-La4:49Trouble In Shangri-La12001235
2703Stevie NicksCandlebright4:41Trouble In Shangri-La22001210
2704Stevie NicksSorcerer4:55Trouble In Shangri-La32001228
2705Stevie NicksPlanets Of The Universe4:46Trouble In Shangri-La42001228
2706Stevie NicksEveryday3:36Trouble In Shangri-La52001219
2707Stevie NicksToo Far From Texas3:48Trouble In Shangri-La62001227
2708Stevie NicksThat Made Me Stronger4:19Trouble In Shangri-La72001214
2709Stevie NicksIt's Only Love3:32Trouble In Shangri-La82001192
2710Stevie NicksLove Changes4:23Trouble In Shangri-La92001214
2711Stevie NicksI Miss You4:15Trouble In Shangri-La102001227
2712Stevie NicksBombay Sapphires4:05Trouble In Shangri-La112001245
2713Stevie NicksFall From Grace4:31Trouble In Shangri-La122001238
2714Stevie NicksLove Is4:30Trouble In Shangri-La132001203
2715Stevie Ray VaughanLove Struck Baby2:22Rock Line81992214
2716Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleAin't Giving Up On Love7:39Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]11985175
2717Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroublePride And Joy5:09Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]21985170
2718Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleVoodoo Child12:40Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]31985183
2719Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleTin Pan Alley12:01Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]41985187
2720Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleLittle Sister4:08Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]51985184
2721Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleFlooding Down In Texas9:20Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]61985190
2722Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleCome On6:28Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]71985183
2723Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleLittle Wing7:44Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]81985191
2724Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble3 Stones From The Sun8:21Stilleto Rain [Bootleg]91985201
2725Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleScuttle Buttin'1:52Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]11984227
2726Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCouldn't Stand The Weather4:41Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]21984208
2727Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleThe Things (That) I Used To Do4:55Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]31984216
2728Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleVoodoo Child (Slight Return)7:59Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]41984211
2729Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCold Shot4:01Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]51984204
2730Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTin Pan Alley9:11Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]61984194
2731Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleHoney Bee2:43Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]71984207
2732Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleStang's Swang2:55Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]81984197
2733Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleSRV Speaks1:08Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]91984128
2734Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleHide Away4:04Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]101984215
2735Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLook At Little Sister2:46Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]111984188
2736Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleGive Me Back My Wig4:07Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]121984193
2737Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCome On (Part III)4:33Couldn't Stand The Weather [1999 Remaster]131984200
2738Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleThe House Is Rockin'2:24In Step [1999 Remaster]11989218
2739Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCrossfire4:10In Step [1999 Remaster]21989219
2740Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTightrope4:40In Step [1999 Remaster]31989207
2741Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLet Me Love You Baby2:43In Step [1999 Remaster]41989208
2742Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLeave My Girl Alone4:16In Step [1999 Remaster]51989209
2743Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTravis Walk2:20In Step [1999 Remaster]61989183
2744Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleWall of Denial5:36In Step [1999 Remaster]71989211
2745Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleScratch-N-Sniff2:43In Step [1999 Remaster]81989222
2746Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLove Me Darlin'3:21In Step [1999 Remaster]91989207
2747Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleRiviera Paradise9:00In Step [1999 Remaster]101989198
2748Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleSRV Speaks1:33In Step [1999 Remaster]111989128
2749Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleThe House Is Rockin' (Live)2:48In Step [1999 Remaster]121989219
2750Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLet Me Love You Baby (Live)3:46In Step [1999 Remaster]131989214
2751Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTexas Flood (Live)7:28In Step [1999 Remaster]141989218
2752Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLife Without You (Live)13:17In Step [1999 Remaster]151989204
2753Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleSay What!5:24Soul To Soul11985191
2754Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLookin' Out The Window2:47Soul To Soul21985204
2755Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLook At Little Sister3:07Soul To Soul31985207
2756Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleAin't Gone 'N' Give up On Love6:07Soul To Soul41985192
2757Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleGone Home3:05Soul To Soul51985195
2758Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleChange It3:57Soul To Soul61985215
2759Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleYou'll Be Mine3:44Soul To Soul71985197
2760Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleEmpty Arms3:03Soul To Soul81985207
2761Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCome On (Part III)4:31Soul To Soul91985220
2762Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLife Without You4:18Soul To Soul101985196
2763Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLove Struck Baby2:24Texas Flood11983189
2764Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroublePride and Joy3:40Texas Flood21983192
2765Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTexas Flood5:21Texas Flood31983206
2766Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTell Me2:48Texas Flood41983226
2767Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTestify3:22Texas Flood51983215
2768Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleRude Mood4:40Texas Flood61983186
2769Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleMary Had A Little Lamb2:47Texas Flood71983198
2770Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleDirty Pool5:02Texas Flood81983194
2771Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleI'm Cryin'3:47Texas Flood91983198
2772Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLenny5:07Texas Flood101983183
2773Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleSRV Speaks0:37Texas Flood111983146
2774Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town)7:42Texas Flood121983163
2775Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTestify (Live)3:54Texas Flood131983186
2776Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleMary Had A Little Lamb (Live)3:31Texas Flood141983187
2777Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleWham! (Live)4:21Texas Flood151983202
2778Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleBoot Hill2:16The Sky Is Crying11991194
2779Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleThe Sky Is Crying4:38The Sky Is Crying21991206
2780Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleEmpty Arms3:31The Sky Is Crying31991208
2781Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLittle Wing6:50The Sky Is Crying41991202
2782Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleWham2:27The Sky Is Crying51991213
2783Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleMay I Have A Talk With You5:50The Sky Is Crying61991201
2784Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleClose To You3:13The Sky Is Crying71991209
2785Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleChitlins Con Carne3:59The Sky Is Crying81991201
2786Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleSo Excited3:32The Sky Is Crying91991201
2787Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLife By The Drop2:28The Sky Is Crying101991163
2788Stevie WonderSomeday at Christmas2:52A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas II61998204
2789Stevie WonderIf Your Love Cannot Be Moved (featuring Kim Burrell)6:11A Time To Love12005213
2790Stevie WonderSweetest Somebody I Know4:31A Time To Love22005220
2791Stevie WonderMoon Blue6:44A Time To Love32005192
2792Stevie WonderFrom The Bottom Of My Heart5:11A Time To Love42005196
2793Stevie WonderPlease Don't Hurt My Baby4:40A Time To Love52005235
2794Stevie WonderHow Will I Know (featuring Aisha Morris)3:39A Time To Love62005187
2795Stevie WonderMy Love Is On Fire6:16A Time To Love72005211
2796Stevie WonderPassionate Raindrops4:50A Time To Love82005202
2797Stevie WonderTell Your Heart I Love You4:30A Time To Love92005223
2798Stevie WonderTrue Love3:32A Time To Love102005180
2799Stevie WonderShelter In The Rain4:19A Time To Love112005207
2800Stevie WonderSo What The Fuss5:04A Time To Love122005217
2801Stevie WonderCan't Imagine Love Without You3:45A Time To Love132005203
2802Stevie WonderPositivity (featuring Aisha Morris)5:07A Time To Love142005196
2803Stevie WonderA Time To Love (featuring India Arie)9:17A Time To Love152005207
2804Stevie WonderFingertips Pts. 1 & 26:55At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)11999132
2805Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)2:53At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)21999231
2806Stevie WonderNothing's Too Good For My Baby2:45At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)31999222
2807Stevie WonderBlowin' In The Wind3:06At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)41999208
2808Stevie WonderA Place In The Sun2:51At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)51999202
2809Stevie WonderHey Love2:45At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)61999200
2810Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love Her2:37At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)71999207
2811Stevie WonderUntil You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)3:01At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)81999139
2812Stevie WonderI'm Wondering2:55At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)91999218
2813Stevie WonderShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day2:46At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)101999241
2814Stevie WonderYou Met Your Match2:38At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)111999249
2815Stevie WonderFor Once In My Life2:49At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)121999247
2816Stevie WonderI Don't Know Why2:47At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)131999205
2817Stevie WonderMy Cherie Amour2:53At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)141999202
2818Stevie WonderYester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday3:04At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)151999256
2819Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come True3:14At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)161999223
2820Stevie WonderSigned, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours2:40At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)171999238
2821Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us All3:14At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)181999231
2822Stevie WonderWe Can Work It Out3:17At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)191999218
2823Stevie WonderIf You Really Love Me3:00At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)201999204
2824Stevie WonderNever Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer2:56At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)211999195
2825Stevie WonderSuperwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)8:07At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)221999207
2826Stevie WonderI Love Every Little Thing About You3:55At The Close Of A Century (Disc 1)231999209
2827Stevie WonderSuperstition4:26At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)11999218
2828Stevie WonderYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life2:58At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)21999206
2829Stevie WonderYou And I4:39At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)31999191
2830Stevie WonderI Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)4:52At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)41999207
2831Stevie WonderToo High4:36At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)51999208
2832Stevie WonderVisions5:23At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)61999203
2833Stevie WonderLiving For The City7:23At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)71999208
2834Stevie WonderGolden Lady4:58At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)81999209
2835Stevie WonderHigher Ground3:42At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)91999216
2836Stevie WonderAll In Love Is Fair3:41At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)101999204
2837Stevie WonderDon't You Worry 'Bout A Thing4:44At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)111999220
2838Stevie WonderHe's Misstra Know It All5:36At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)121999217
2839Stevie WonderYou Haven't Done Nothin'3:24At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)131999220
2840Stevie WonderHeaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away5:02At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)141999198
2841Stevie WonderToo Shy Too Say3:29At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)151999187
2842Stevie WonderBoogie On Reggae Woman5:13At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)161999226
2843Stevie WonderCreepin'4:20At The Close Of A Century (Disc 2)171999206
2844Stevie WonderSir Duke3:52At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)11999217
2845Stevie WonderI Wish4:12At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)21999227
2846Stevie WonderKnocks Me Off My Feet3:36At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)31999204
2847Stevie WonderPastime Paradise3:28At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)41999209
2848Stevie WonderIsn't She Lovely6:36At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)51999239
2849Stevie WonderNgiculela - Es Una Historia - I Am Singing3:48At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)61999224
2850Stevie WonderIf It's Magic3:12At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)71999204
2851Stevie WonderAs7:08At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)81999212
2852Stevie WonderAnother Star8:22At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)91999230
2853Stevie WonderSend One Your Love4:01At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)101999211
2854Stevie WonderAll I Do5:14At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)111999183
2855Stevie WonderRocket Love4:39At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)121999204
2856Stevie WonderI Ain't Gonna Stand For It4:39At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)131999219
2857Stevie WonderMaster Blaster (Jammin')5:09At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)141999209
2858Stevie WonderLately4:05At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)151999197
2859Stevie WonderHappy Birthday5:56At The Close Of A Century (Disc 3)161999224
2860Stevie WonderThat Girl5:15At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)11999208
2861Stevie WonderRibbon In The Sky5:38At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)21999203
2862Stevie WonderDo I Do10:30At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)31999224
2863Stevie WonderLove Light in Flight6:54At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)41999235
2864Stevie WonderI Just Called To Say I Love You4:23At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)51999198
2865Stevie WonderOverjoyed3:43At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)61999220
2866Stevie WonderPart-Time Lover4:12At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)71999227
2867Stevie WonderGo Home5:19At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)81999227
2868Stevie WonderYou Will Know5:00At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)91999212
2869Stevie WonderSkeletons5:24At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)101999211
2870Stevie WonderGotta Have You6:26At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)111999182
2871Stevie WonderThese Three Words4:54At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)121999194
2872Stevie WonderFor Your Love5:00At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)131999208
2873Stevie WonderHow Come, How Long (Babyface featuring Stevie Wonder)5:11At The Close Of A Century (Disc 4)141999200
2874Stevie WonderYou Will Know5:01Characters11987208
2875Stevie WonderDark'n' Lovely4:38Characters21987209
2876Stevie WonderIn Your Corner4:30Characters31987197
2877Stevie WonderWith Each Beat Of My Heart5:55Characters41987179
2878Stevie WonderOne Of A Kind5:11Characters51987209
2879Stevie WonderSkeletons5:24Characters61987202
2880Stevie WonderGet It (Duet With Michael Jackson)4:32Characters71987223
2881Stevie WonderGalaxy Paradise3:51Characters81987203
2882Stevie WonderCryin' Trough The Night5:48Characters91987222
2883Stevie WonderFree4:11Characters101987202
2884Stevie WonderCome Let Me Make Your Love Come Down5:21Characters111987205
2885Stevie WonderMy Eyes Dont Cry7:08Characters121987200
2886Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)2:56Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On181988229
2887Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love Her2:38Classic Rock - 1967 - The Beat Goes On1 206
2888Stevie WonderRain Your Love Down6:08Conversation Peace11995203
2889Stevie WonderEdge Of Eternity6:03Conversation Peace21995211
2890Stevie WonderTaboo To Love4:25Conversation Peace31995176
2891Stevie WonderTake The Time Out5:05Conversation Peace41995200
2892Stevie WonderI'm New5:41Conversation Peace51995190
2893Stevie WonderMy Love Is With You6:15Conversation Peace61995220
2894Stevie WonderTreat Myself4:55Conversation Peace71995207
2895Stevie WonderTomorrow Robins Will Sing4:45Conversation Peace81995196
2896Stevie WonderSensuous Whisper5:47Conversation Peace91995201
2897Stevie WonderFor Your Love5:00Conversation Peace101995208
2898Stevie WonderCold Chill6:53Conversation Peace111995199
2899Stevie WonderSorry6:14Conversation Peace121995226
2900Stevie WonderConversation Peace6:41Conversation Peace131995190
2901Stevie WonderSigned, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours2:40Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)21994223
2902Stevie WonderFor Once In My Life2:50For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)11986213
2903Stevie WonderShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day2:47For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)21986218
2904Stevie WonderYou Met Your Match2:39For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)31986204
2905Stevie WonderI Wanna Make Her Love Me2:54For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)41986209
2906Stevie WonderI'm More Than Happy (I'm Satisfied)2:58For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)51986196
2907Stevie WonderI Don't Know Why2:48For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)61986187
2908Stevie WonderSunny4:01For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)71986201
2909Stevie WonderI'd Be A Fool Right Now2:57For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)81986208
2910Stevie WonderAin't No Lovin'2:38For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)91986197
2911Stevie WonderGod Bless The Child3:29For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)101986188
2912Stevie WonderDo I Love Her3:00For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)111986195
2913Stevie WonderThe House On The Hill2:39For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)121986212
2914Stevie WonderLove A Go Go2:45For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)131986208
2915Stevie WonderHold Me2:36For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)141986195
2916Stevie WonderBlowin' In The Wind3:46For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)151986202
2917Stevie WonderNothing's Too Good For My Baby2:40For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)161986210
2918Stevie WonderTeach Me Tonight2:40For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)171986211
2919Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)2:55For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)181986228
2920Stevie WonderAin't That Asking For Trouble2:50For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)191986204
2921Stevie WonderI Want My Baby Back2:50For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)201986213
2922Stevie WonderPretty Little Angel2:13For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)211986205
2923Stevie WonderMusic Talk2:54For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)221986211
2924Stevie WonderContract On Love2:08For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)231986216
2925Stevie WonderWith A Child's Heart3:08For Once In My Life (1968) / Up-Tight (1966)241986201
2926Stevie WonderSmile Please3:28Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]11974204
2927Stevie WonderHeaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away5:02Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]21974199
2928Stevie WonderToo Shy To Say3:29Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]31974187
2929Stevie WonderBoogie On Reggae Woman4:56Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]41974228
2930Stevie WonderCreepin'4:22Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]51974205
2931Stevie WonderYou Haven't Done Nothin'3:22Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]61974223
2932Stevie WonderIt Ain't No Use4:01Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]71974204
2933Stevie WonderThey Won't Go When I Go5:58Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]81974189
2934Stevie WonderBird Of Beauty3:48Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]91974226
2935Stevie WonderPlease Don't Go4:07Fulfillingness' First Finale [2000 Remaster]101974222
2936Stevie WonderSir Duke3:55Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 7)111998214
2937Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love Her2:36Hit History Vol. 13 196781990212
2938Stevie WonderFingertips-Part 23:12Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 1)141992128
2939Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)2:54Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 2)141992137
2940Stevie WonderFor Once In My Life2:52Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 3)171992137
2941Stevie WonderSigned, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours2:48Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 (Disc 4)71992130
2942Stevie WonderSuperstition4:15Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 1)81993207
2943Stevie WonderSir Duke3:57Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 2)61993205
2944Stevie WonderI Just Called To Say I Love You4:25Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 3)121993191
2945Stevie WonderPart Time Lover3:45Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection, Vol. 2 1972-1992 (Disc 4)11993205
2946Stevie WonderDid I Hear You Say You Love Me4:08Hotter Than July11980207
2947Stevie WonderAll I Do5:06Hotter Than July21980177
2948Stevie WonderRocket Love4:39Hotter Than July31980199
2949Stevie WonderI Ain't Gonna Stand For It4:39Hotter Than July41980218
2950Stevie WonderAs If You Read My Mind3:36Hotter Than July51980215
2951Stevie WonderMaster Blaster (Jammin')5:07Hotter Than July61980198
2952Stevie WonderDo Like You4:25Hotter Than July71980214
2953Stevie WonderCash In Your Face3:59Hotter Than July81980182
2954Stevie WonderLately4:05Hotter Than July91980186
2955Stevie WonderHappy Birthday5:58Hotter Than July101980220
2956Stevie WonderPart-time Lover4:12In Square Circle11985208
2957Stevie WonderI Love You Too Much5:27In Square Circle21985193
2958Stevie WonderWhereabouts4:17In Square Circle31985197
2959Stevie WonderStranger On The Shore Of Love5:00In Square Circle41985218
2960Stevie WonderNever In Your Sun4:06In Square Circle51985216
2961Stevie WonderSpiritual Walkers5:14In Square Circle61985196
2962Stevie WonderLand Of La La5:12In Square Circle71985214
2963Stevie WonderGo Home5:18In Square Circle81985225
2964Stevie WonderOverjoyed3:42In Square Circle91985203
2965Stevie WonderIts Wrong (Apartheid)6:53In Square Circle101985231
2966Stevie WonderToo High4:36Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]11973203
2967Stevie WonderVisions5:23Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]21973205
2968Stevie WonderLiving For The City7:21Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]31973206
2969Stevie WonderGolden Lady5:03Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]41973203
2970Stevie WonderHigher Ground3:42Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]51973214
2971Stevie WonderJesus Children Of America4:10Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]61973209
2972Stevie WonderAll In Love Is Fair3:42Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]71973208
2973Stevie WonderDon't You Worry 'Bout A Thing4:45Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]81973214
2974Stevie WonderHe's Misstra Know-It-All5:37Innervisions [MFSL Ultradisc]91973208
2975Stevie WonderEarth's Creation4:03Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)11979186
2976Stevie WonderThe First Garden2:36Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)21979179
2977Stevie WonderVoyage To India6:29Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)31979209
2978Stevie WonderSame Old Song3:45Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)41979198
2979Stevie WonderVenus' Flytrap And The Bug2:25Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)51979201
2980Stevie WonderAi No, Sono2:05Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)61979207
2981Stevie WonderSeasons2:55Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)71979203
2982Stevie WonderPower Flower5:30Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)81979198
2983Stevie WonderSend One Your Love (Instrumental)3:06Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)91979198
2984Stevie WonderRace Babbling8:52Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 1)101979227
2985Stevie WonderSend One Your Love4:02Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)11979198
2986Stevie WonderOutside My Window5:30Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)21979208
2987Stevie WonderBlack Orchid3:47Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)31979206
2988Stevie WonderEcclesiastes3:44Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)41979202
2989Stevie WonderKesse Ye Lolo De Ye3:04Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)51979217
2990Stevie WonderCome Back As A Flower3:23Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)61979189
2991Stevie WonderA Seed's A Star / Tree Medley5:54Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)71979214
2992Stevie WonderThe Secret Life Of Plants4:16Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)81979202
2993Stevie WonderTree5:47Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)91979201
2994Stevie WonderFinale7:02Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Disc 2)101979204
2995Stevie WonderLove Having You Around7:23Music Of My Mind11972206
2996Stevie WonderSuperwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You?)8:07Music Of My Mind21972205
2997Stevie WonderI Love Every Little Thing About You3:55Music Of My Mind31972211
2998Stevie WonderSweet Little Girl4:59Music Of My Mind41972211
2999Stevie WonderHappier Than The Morning Sun5:18Music Of My Mind51972195
3000Stevie WonderGirl Blue3:36Music Of My Mind61972205
3001Stevie WonderSeems So Long4:22Music Of My Mind71972218
3002Stevie WonderKeep On Running6:40Music Of My Mind81972225
3003Stevie WonderEvil3:33Music Of My Mind91972211
3004Stevie WonderMy Cherie Amour2:54My Cherie Amour11969187
3005Stevie WonderHello Young Lovers3:16My Cherie Amour21969221
3006Stevie WonderAt Last2:51My Cherie Amour31969221
3007Stevie WonderLight My Fire3:43My Cherie Amour41969219
3008Stevie WonderThe Shadow Of Your Smile2:44My Cherie Amour51969192
3009Stevie WonderYou & Me2:48My Cherie Amour61969216
3010Stevie WonderPearl2:47My Cherie Amour71969208
3011Stevie WonderSomebody Knows, Somebody Cares2:35My Cherie Amour81969203
3012Stevie WonderYester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday3:08My Cherie Amour91969193
3013Stevie WonderAngie Girl3:03My Cherie Amour101969198
3014Stevie WonderGive Your Love3:47My Cherie Amour111969200
3015Stevie WonderI've Got You2:34My Cherie Amour121969200
3016Stevie WonderFeeding Off The Love Of The Land5:55Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal91990199
3017Stevie WonderSo What The Fuss4:11Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-05132005210
3018Stevie WonderFingertips (Part 2)3:12Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years 1961 - 1964 (Disc 1)42004195
3019Stevie WonderSomeday At Christmas2:48Rock Christmas - Best Of (Disc 2)151995206
3020Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come True3:15Signed, Sealed & Delivered11970210
3021Stevie WonderWe Can Work It Out3:19Signed, Sealed & Delivered21970210
3022Stevie WonderSigned, Sealed, Delivered, I..2:41Signed, Sealed & Delivered31970228
3023Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us All3:15Signed, Sealed & Delivered41970215
3024Stevie WonderYou Can't Judge A Book By It..2:33Signed, Sealed & Delivered51970224
3025Stevie WonderSugar2:54Signed, Sealed & Delivered61970229
3026Stevie WonderDon't Wonder Why4:57Signed, Sealed & Delivered71970214
3027Stevie WonderAnything You Want Me To Do2:21Signed, Sealed & Delivered81970225
3028Stevie WonderI Can't Let My Heaven Walk A..2:51Signed, Sealed & Delivered91970213
3029Stevie WonderJoy (Takes Over Me)2:12Signed, Sealed & Delivered101970242
3030Stevie WonderI Gotta Have A Song2:33Signed, Sealed & Delivered111970210
3031Stevie WonderSomething To Say3:25Signed, Sealed & Delivered121970218
3032Stevie WonderLove's In Need Of Love Today7:05Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]11976196
3033Stevie WonderHave A Talk With God2:42Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]21976218
3034Stevie WonderVillage Ghetto Land3:25Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]31976201
3035Stevie WonderContusion3:46Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]41976229
3036Stevie WonderSir Duke3:54Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]51976220
3037Stevie WonderI Wish4:12Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]61976226
3038Stevie WonderKnocks Me Off My Feet3:36Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]71976208
3039Stevie WonderPastime Paradise3:27Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]81976212
3040Stevie WonderSummer Soft4:14Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]91976216
3041Stevie WonderOrdinary Pain6:23Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1) [2000 Remaster]101976217
3042Stevie WonderIsn't She Lovely6:34Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]11976241
3043Stevie WonderJoy Inside My Tears6:29Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]21976213
3044Stevie WonderBlack Man8:29Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]31976220
3045Stevie WonderNgiculela, Es Una Historia, I Am Singing3:48Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]41976226
3046Stevie WonderIf It's Magic3:12Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]51976206
3047Stevie WonderAs7:08Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]61976219
3048Stevie WonderAnother Star8:28Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]71976240
3049Stevie WonderSaturn4:53Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]81976205
3050Stevie WonderEbony Eyes4:08Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]91976221
3051Stevie WonderAll Day Sucker5:05Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]101976235
3052Stevie WonderEasy Goin' Evening (My Mama's Call)3:56Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 2) [2000 Remaster]111976205
3053Stevie WonderSuperstition4:13Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame (Disc 1)151995223
3054Stevie WonderYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life2:58Talking Book [2000 Remaster]11972205
3055Stevie WonderMaybe Your Baby6:50Talking Book [2000 Remaster]21972200
3056Stevie WonderYou And I4:38Talking Book [2000 Remaster]31972194
3057Stevie WonderTuesday Heartbreak3:02Talking Book [2000 Remaster]41972208
3058Stevie WonderYou've Got It Bad Girl4:58Talking Book [2000 Remaster]51972199
3059Stevie WonderSuperstition4:26Talking Book [2000 Remaster]61972216
3060Stevie WonderBig Brother3:33Talking Book [2000 Remaster]71972189
3061Stevie WonderBlame It On The Sun3:25Talking Book [2000 Remaster]81972197
3062Stevie WonderLookin' For Another Pure Love4:43Talking Book [2000 Remaster]91972196
3063Stevie WonderI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)4:53Talking Book [2000 Remaster]101972206
3064Stevie WonderSomeday at Christmas2:50The Best Christmas Album In The World...Ever! - New Edition (Disc 1)52003208
3065Stevie WonderWhat Christmas Means To Me2:27The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 131994226
3066Stevie WonderSomeday At Christmas2:51The Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 2211995226
3067Stevie WonderThe Woman in Red4:39The Woman In Red (OST)11984203
3068Stevie WonderI Just Called To Say I Love You6:16The Woman In Red (OST)41984198
3069Stevie WonderLove Light in Flight6:54The Woman In Red (OST)51984225
3070Stevie WonderDon't Drive Drunk6:34The Woman In Red (OST)81984220
3071Stevie WonderYester Me Yester You Yester Day3:04Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970 (Disc 2)82001203
3072Stevie WonderLook Around2:48Where I'm Coming From11971197
3073Stevie WonderDo Yourself A Favor6:07Where I'm Coming From21971224
3074Stevie WonderThink Of Me As Your Soldier3:39Where I'm Coming From31971189
3075Stevie WonderSomething Out Of The Blue3:01Where I'm Coming From41971182
3076Stevie WonderIf You Really Love Me3:00Where I'm Coming From51971192
3077Stevie WonderI Wanna Talk To You5:19Where I'm Coming From61971213
3078Stevie WonderTake Up A Course In Happiness3:13Where I'm Coming From71971198
3079Stevie WonderNever Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer2:55Where I'm Coming From81971178
3080Stevie WonderSunshine In Their Eyes6:58Where I'm Coming From91971206
3081Stevie WonderSigned Sealed Delivered I'm Yours2:38You've Got Mail (OST)91998235
3082Stevie Wonder & Dionne WarwickIt's You4:55The Woman In Red (OST)21984203
3083Stevie Wonder & Dionne WarwickMoments Aren't Moments4:32The Woman In Red (OST)61984183
3084Stevie Wonder & Dionne WarwickWeakness4:13The Woman In Red (OST)71984202
3085Stevie Wonder & Kimberly BrewerI Love You More3:55A Very Special Christmas 5142001193
3086Stevie Wonder & Wyclef JeanMerry Christmas, Baby5:22A Very Special Christmas 552001214
3087Stevie WrightEvie (Part One)4:14Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)52000197
3088Stevie WrightEvie (Part 1)11:11Explosive Hits Of The 70s (Disc 5)141998210
3089Stewart CopelandThe Love Chase1:17Pecker (OST)21998185
3090Stewart CopelandMemama0:36Pecker (OST)41998165
3091Stewart CopelandBack To Hampden/Sneaky Sally1:45Pecker (OST)91998181
3092Stewart CopelandThrift Shop Fashion Shoot1:55Pecker (OST)111998170
3093Stewart CopelandNew York Montage0:52Pecker (OST)131998208
3094Stewart CopelandDon't Box Me In [With Stan Ridgway]4:40Rumble Fish (OST)11983194
3095Stewart CopelandTulsa Tango3:42Rumble Fish (OST)21983237
3096Stewart CopelandOur Mother Is Alive4:20Rumble Fish (OST)31983195
3097Stewart CopelandParty At Someone Else's Place2:25Rumble Fish (OST)41983215
3098Stewart CopelandBiff Gets Stomped By Rusty James2:27Rumble Fish (OST)51983210
3099Stewart CopelandBrothers On Wheels4:20Rumble Fish (OST)61983219
3100Stewart CopelandWest Tusla Story4:02Rumble Fish (OST)71983185
3101Stewart CopelandTusla Rags1:42Rumble Fish (OST)81983195
3102Stewart CopelandFather On The Stairs3:01Rumble Fish (OST)91983216
3103Stewart CopelandHostile Bridge To Benny's1:56Rumble Fish (OST)101983205
3104Stewart CopelandYour Mother Is Not Crazy2:50Rumble Fish (OST)111983211
3105Stewart CopelandPersonal Midget + Cain's Ballroom5:59Rumble Fish (OST)121983200
3106Stewart CopelandMotorboy's Fate2:03Rumble Fish (OST)131983212
3107Stewart CopelandThe Equalizer (The Equalizer Busy Equalizing)1:04Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)511996214
3108Stewart CopelandKoteja (Oh Bolilla)3:29The Rhythmatist11985178
3109Stewart CopelandBrazzaville4:11The Rhythmatist21985213
3110Stewart CopelandLiberte4:04The Rhythmatist31985168
3111Stewart CopelandCoco3:55The Rhythmatist41985192
3112Stewart CopelandKemba5:53The Rhythmatist51985179
3113Stewart CopelandSamburu Sunset6:17The Rhythmatist61985187
3114Stewart CopelandGong Rock3:36The Rhythmatist71985184
3115Stewart CopelandFranco2:10The Rhythmatist81985180
3116Stewart CopelandSerengeti Long Walk4:28The Rhythmatist91985177
3117Stewart CopelandAfrican Dream3:25The Rhythmatist101985169
3118Stick McGheeDrinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee3:15Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 1) (1947-1952)71991127
3119Stick McGheeOne Monkey Don't Stop No Show2:40Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] (Disc 1) (1947-1952)161991126
3120StingMy One and Only Love3:35   160
3121StingThe Lazarus Heart4:36...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]11987208
3122StingBe Still My Beating Heart5:34...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]21987209
3123StingEnglishman In New York4:27...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]31987188
3124StingHistory Will Teach Us Nothing5:01...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]41987205
3125StingThey Dance Alone (Gueca Solo)7:14...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]51987198
3126StingFragile3:56...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]61987193
3127StingWe'll Be Together4:55...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]71987206
3128StingStraight To My Heart3:54...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]81987201
3129StingRock Steady4:28...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]91987197
3130StingSister Moon3:47...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]101987163
3131StingLittle Wing5:10...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]111987181
3132StingThe Secret Marriage2:04...Nothing Like the Sun [MFSL]121987151
3133StingGabriel's Message2:13A Very Special Christmas71987193
3134StingI Saw Three Ships1:44A Very Special Christmas 311997177
3135StingA Thousand Years5:57Brand New Day11999194
3136StingDesert Rose4:46Brand New Day21999219
3137StingBig Lie Small World5:05Brand New Day31999196
3138StingAfter The Rain Has Fallen5:03Brand New Day41999213
3139StingPerfect Love... Gone Wrong5:25Brand New Day51999192
3140StingTomorrow We'll See4:48Brand New Day61999205
3141StingPrelude To The End Of The Game0:20Brand New Day71999164
3142StingFill Her Up5:38Brand New Day81999211
3143StingGhost Story5:29Brand New Day91999197
3144StingBrand New Day6:20Brand New Day101999211
3145StingWindmills Of Your Mind (Studio Version)4:18Brand New Day (Bonus CD)11999181
3146StingA Thousand Years (Live)6:35Brand New Day (Bonus CD)21999194
3147StingDesert Rose (Live)4:31Brand New Day (Bonus CD)31999232
3148StingAfter The Rain Has Fallen (Live)4:48Brand New Day (Bonus CD)41999233
3149StingDesert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit)4:44Brand New Day (Bonus CD)51999208
3150StingGabriel's Message2:34If On a Winter's Night...12009167
3151StingSoul Cake3:29If On a Winter's Night...22009197
3152StingThere Is No Rose of Such Virtue4:04If On a Winter's Night...32009186
3153StingThe Snow It Melts the Soonest3:44If On a Winter's Night...42009144
3154StingChristmas at Sea4:38If On a Winter's Night...52009180
3155StingLo How a Rose E'er Blooming2:42If On a Winter's Night...62009153
3156StingCold Song3:16If On a Winter's Night...72009164
3157StingThe Burning Babe2:45If On a Winter's Night...82009198
3158StingNow Winter Comes Slowly3:06If On a Winter's Night...92009176
3159StingThe Hounds of Winter5:51If On a Winter's Night...102009186
3160StingBalulalow3:10If On a Winter's Night...112009163
3161StingCherry Tree Carol3:12If On a Winter's Night...122009142
3162StingLullaby For an Anxious Child2:50If On a Winter's Night...132009158
3163StingHurdy Gurdy Man2:51If On a Winter's Night...142009162
3164StingYou Only Cross My Mind In Winter2:35If On a Winter's Night...152009162
3165StingUntil3:09Kate and Leopold Soundtrack12001128
3166StingThe Hounds Of Winter5:26Mercury Falling11996187
3167StingI Hung My Head4:40Mercury Falling21996185
3168StingLet Your Soul Be Your Pilot6:43Mercury Falling31996188
3169StingI Was Brought To My Senses5:50Mercury Falling41996176
3170StingYou Still Touch Me3:46Mercury Falling51996173
3171StingI'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying3:57Mercury Falling61996174
3172StingAll Four Seasons4:29Mercury Falling71996194
3173StingLa Belle Dame Sans Regrets5:16Mercury Falling81996196
3174StingValparaiso5:27Mercury Falling91996179
3175StingLithium Sunset2:37Mercury Falling101996179
3176StingInside4:47Sacred Love12003219
3177StingSend Your Love (Feat Vicente Amigo)4:38Sacred Love22003222
3178StingWhenever I Say Your Name (Feat Mary J Blige)5:28Sacred Love32003193
3179StingDead Man's Rope5:43Sacred Love42003192
3180StingNever Coming Home4:59Sacred Love52003214
3181StingStolen Car (Take Me Dancing)3:58Sacred Love62003203
3182StingForget About The Future5:12Sacred Love72003189
3183StingThis War5:30Sacred Love82003206
3184StingThe Book Of My Life (Feat Anoushka Shankar)6:16Sacred Love92003211
3185StingSacred Love6:03Sacred Love102003187
3186StingSend Your Love (Dave Audé Remix)3:15Sacred Love112003227
3187StingWalsingham0:38Songs From The Labyrinth12006187
3188StingCan She Excuse My Wrongs2:35Songs From The Labyrinth22006190
3189Sting"Ryght honorable..."0:40Songs From The Labyrinth32006205
3190StingFlow My Tears (Lachrimae)4:42Songs From The Labyrinth42006152
3191StingHave You Seen The Bright Lily Grow2:35Songs From The Labyrinth52006159
3192Sting"...Then In Time Passing On..."0:32Songs From The Labyrinth62006199
3193StingThe Battle Galliard3:01Songs From The Labyrinth72006197
3194StingThe Lowest Trees Have Tops2:16Songs From The Labyrinth82006159
3195Sting"...And Accordinge As I Desired Ther Cam A Letter..."0:55Songs From The Labyrinth92006148
3196StingFine Knacks For Ladies1:50Songs From The Labyrinth102006176
3197Sting"...From thenc I Went To The Landgrave Of Hessen..."0:24Songs From The Labyrinth112006167
3198StingFantasy2:42Songs From The Labyrinth122006201
3199StingCome, Heavy Sleep3:45Songs From The Labyrinth132006152
3200StingForlorn Hope Fancy3:08Songs From The Labyrinth142006197
3201Sting"...And From Thence I Had Great Desire To See Italy..."0:28Songs From The Labyrinth152006194
3202StingCome Again2:56Songs From The Labyrinth162006160
3203StingWilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me2:40Songs From The Labyrinth172006177
3204Sting"...After My Departure, I Caled To Mynde..."0:29Songs From The Labyrinth182006135
3205StingWeep You No More, Sad Fountains2:38Songs From The Labyrinth192006168
3206StingMy Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home1:34Songs From The Labyrinth202006178
3207StingClear Or Cloudy2:47Songs From The Labyrinth212006174
3208Sting"...Men Say That The Kinge Of Spain..."1:01Songs From The Labyrinth222006132
3209StingIn Darkness Let Me Dwell4:12Songs From The Labyrinth232006153
3210StingSacred Love5:44Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)12003192
3211StingWhen We Dance5:58Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)22003190
3212StingMad About You3:54Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)32003208
3213StingThey Dance Alone7:11Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)42003208
3214StingYou Still Touch Me3:46Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)52003175
3215StingFortress Around Your Heart4:38Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)62003185
3216StingGhost Story5:27Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)72003196
3217StingI Burn For You5:18Songs Of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive) (EP)82003209
3218StingNext To You2:30Symphonicities12010202
3219StingEnglishman In New York4:23Symphonicities22010193
3220StingEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic4:58Symphonicities32010182
3221StingI Hung My Head5:31Symphonicities42010196
3222StingYou Will Be My Ain True Love3:44Symphonicities52010193
3224StingWhen We Dance5:26Symphonicities72010186
3225StingThe End Of The Game6:08Symphonicities82010190
3226StingI Burn For You4:04Symphonicities92010181
3227StingWe Work The Black Seam7:18Symphonicities102010193
3228StingShe's Too Good For Me3:03Symphonicities112010194
3229StingThe Pirate's Bride5:02Symphonicities122010169
3230StingIf I Ever Lose My Faith In You4:30Ten Summoner's Tales11995188
3231StingLove Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)5:11Ten Summoner's Tales21995197
3232StingFields Of Gold3:42Ten Summoner's Tales31995181
3233StingHeavy Cloud No Rain3:48Ten Summoner's Tales41995186
3234StingShe's Too Good For Me2:30Ten Summoner's Tales51995175
3235StingSeven Days4:39Ten Summoner's Tales61995186
3236StingSaint Augustine In Hell5:17Ten Summoner's Tales71995197
3237StingIt's Probably Me5:09Ten Summoner's Tales81995191
3238StingShape Of My Heart4:38Ten Summoner's Tales91995185
3239StingSomething The Boy Said5:29Ten Summoner's Tales101995189
3240StingEpilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)3:41Ten Summoner's Tales111995195
3241StingIf You Love Somebody Set Them Free4:16The Dream Of The Blue Turtles11985200
3242StingLove Is The Seventh Wave3:32The Dream Of The Blue Turtles21985203
3243StingRussians3:58The Dream Of The Blue Turtles31985172
3244StingChildren's Crusade5:02The Dream Of The Blue Turtles41985192
3245StingShadows In The Rain4:50The Dream Of The Blue Turtles51985194
3246StingWe Work The Black Seam5:42The Dream Of The Blue Turtles61985189
3247StingConsider Me Gone4:20The Dream Of The Blue Turtles71985163
3248StingThe Dream Of The Blue Turtles1:18The Dream Of The Blue Turtles81985175
3249StingMoon Over Bourbon Street4:00The Dream Of The Blue Turtles91985175
3250StingFortress Around Your Heart4:39The Dream Of The Blue Turtles101985184
3251StingIsland of Souls6:41The Soul Cages [Remaster]11991190
3252StingAll This Time4:54The Soul Cages [Remaster]21991204
3253StingMad About You3:53The Soul Cages [Remaster]31991209
3254StingJeremiah Blues (Part 1)4:54The Soul Cages [Remaster]41991195
3255StingWhy Should I Cry for You4:46The Soul Cages [Remaster]51991209
3256StingSaint Agnes and the Burning Train2:43The Soul Cages [Remaster]61991206
3257StingThe Wild Wild Sea6:41The Soul Cages [Remaster]71991185
3258StingThe Soul Cages5:51The Soul Cages [Remaster]81991200
3259StingWhen the Angels Fall7:49The Soul Cages [Remaster]91991189
3260StingCome Down In Time3:46Two Rooms - Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin31991166
3261Sting feat. Vicente AmigoSend Your Love [Radio Edit]3:43TM Century PrimeCuts 528P52003186
3262The Sting-RaysDon't Break Down2:50Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 (Disc 3)212005211
3263Stir FryBreakin On The Streets [False Prophet Remix]3:54The Crystal Method - Community Service32002227
3264Stockard ChanningLook At Me, I'm Sandra Dee1:40Grease (OST)71978183
3265Stockard ChanningThere Are Worse Things I Could Do2:23Grease (OST)201978166
3266Stokes feat. Baby BashGravy (All The Bad Girls)3:04Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0282010218
3267Stompin Tom ConnorsNewfie Christmas2:17   96
3268Stone PoneysDifferent Drum2:36The Acoustic Highway Collection : The Road To Country Rock171996211
3269Stone Poneys Feat. Linda RonstadtDifferent Drum2:39Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)32007241
3270Stone SourAudio Secrecy1:43Audio Secrecy12010195
3271Stone SourMission Statement3:50Audio Secrecy22010254
3272Stone SourDigital (Did You Tell)4:00Audio Secrecy32010249
3273Stone SourSay You'll Haunt Me4:24Audio Secrecy42010224
3274Stone SourDying3:01Audio Secrecy52010232
3275Stone SourLet's Be Honest3:44Audio Secrecy62010238
3276Stone SourUnfinished3:10Audio Secrecy72010270
3277Stone SourHesitate4:16Audio Secrecy82010226
3278Stone SourNylon 6/63:38Audio Secrecy92010236
3279Stone SourMiracles4:07Audio Secrecy102010218
3280Stone SourPieces4:30Audio Secrecy112010237
3281Stone SourThe Bitter End3:33Audio Secrecy122010254
3282Stone SourImperfect4:22Audio Secrecy132010200
3283Stone SourThreadbare5:44Audio Secrecy142010238
3284Stone Sour30/30-1504:18Come What(ever) May12006241
3285Stone SourCome What(ever) May3:39Come What(ever) May22006229
3286Stone SourHell & Consequences3:31Come What(ever) May32006236
3287Stone SourSillyworld4:08Come What(ever) May42006234
3288Stone SourMade Of Scars3:23Come What(ever) May52006220
3289Stone SourReborn3:13Come What(ever) May62006237
3290Stone SourYour God4:43Come What(ever) May72006224
3291Stone SourThrough Glass4:42Come What(ever) May82006214
3292Stone SourSocio3:20Come What(ever) May92006233
3293Stone Sour1st Person4:01Come What(ever) May102006225
3294Stone SourCardiff4:42Come What(ever) May112006228
3295Stone SourZzyzx Rd.5:16Come What(ever) May122006208
3296Stone SourBother3:59Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-12162002195
3297Stone SourThrough Glass4:02Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11122006215
3298Stone SourGet Inside3:13Stone Sour12002261
3299Stone SourOrchids4:24Stone Sour22002246
3300Stone SourCold Reader3:41Stone Sour32002245
3301Stone SourBlotter4:02Stone Sour42002213
3302Stone SourChoose4:17Stone Sour52002228
3303Stone SourMonolith3:45Stone Sour62002248
3304Stone SourInhale4:25Stone Sour72002240
3305Stone SourBother4:00Stone Sour82002195
3306Stone SourBlue Study4:37Stone Sour92002243
3307Stone SourTake A Number3:42Stone Sour102002248
3308Stone SourIdle Hands3:56Stone Sour112002248
3309Stone SourTumult4:03Stone Sour122002251
3310Stone SourOmega2:52Stone Sour132002153
3311Stone Temple PilotsDead & Bloated5:10Core11992243
3312Stone Temple PilotsSex Type Thing3:38Core21992254
3313Stone Temple PilotsWicked Garden4:05Core31992228
3314Stone Temple PilotsNo Memory1:20Core41992220
3315Stone Temple PilotsSin6:05Core51992221
3316Stone Temple PilotsNaked Sunday3:49Core61992231
3317Stone Temple PilotsCreep5:33Core71992219
3318Stone Temple PilotsPiece of Pie5:24Core81992249
3319Stone Temple PilotsPlush5:14Core91992237
3320Stone Temple PilotsWet My Bed1:36Core101992211
3321Stone Temple PilotsCrackerman3:14Core111992252
3322Stone Temple PilotsWhere the River Goes8:25Core121992236
3323Stone Temple PilotsDown3:48No. 411999244
3324Stone Temple PilotsHeaven & Hot Rods3:26No. 421999250
3325Stone Temple PilotsPruno3:14No. 431999208
3326Stone Temple PilotsChurch On Tuesday3:00No. 441999228
3327Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl4:16No. 451999197
3328Stone Temple PilotsNo Way Out4:19No. 461999236
3329Stone Temple PilotsSex & Violence2:54No. 471999248
3330Stone Temple PilotsGlide5:00No. 481999227
3331Stone Temple PilotsI Got You4:15No. 491999209
3332Stone Temple PilotsMC52:42No. 4101999236
3333Stone Temple PilotsAtlanta5:18No. 4111999202
3334Stone Temple PilotsMeatplow3:37Purple11994223
3335Stone Temple PilotsVasoline2:56Purple21994224
3336Stone Temple PilotsLounge Fly5:18Purple31994226
3337Stone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song3:14Purple41994229
3338Stone Temple PilotsStill Remains3:33Purple51994230
3339Stone Temple PilotsPretty Penny3:42Purple61994209
3340Stone Temple PilotsSilvergun Superman5:16Purple71994239
3341Stone Temple PilotsBig Empty4:54Purple81994218
3342Stone Temple PilotsUnglued2:34Purple91994256
3343Stone Temple PilotsArmy Ants3:46Purple101994234
3344Stone Temple PilotsKitchenware & Candybars8:06Purple111994192
3345Stone Temple PilotsDumb Love2:51Shangri-La Dee Da12001249
3346Stone Temple PilotsDays Of The Week2:35Shangri-La Dee Da22001229
3347Stone Temple PilotsComa3:41Shangri-La Dee Da32001224
3348Stone Temple PilotsHollywood Bitch2:43Shangri-La Dee Da42001212
3349Stone Temple PilotsWonderful3:47Shangri-La Dee Da52001214
3350Stone Temple PilotsBlack Again3:26Shangri-La Dee Da62001201
3351Stone Temple PilotsHello It's Late4:22Shangri-La Dee Da72001187
3352Stone Temple PilotsToo Cool Queenie2:47Shangri-La Dee Da82001223
3353Stone Temple PilotsRegeneration3:55Shangri-La Dee Da92001211
3354Stone Temple PilotsBi-Polar Bear5:04Shangri-La Dee Da102001201
3355Stone Temple PilotsTransmissions From A Lonely Room3:15Shangri-La Dee Da112001194
3356Stone Temple PilotsA Song For Sleeping4:15Shangri-La Dee Da122001207
3357Stone Temple PilotsLong Way Home4:32Shangri-La Dee Da132001221
3358Stone Temple PilotsPress Play1:21Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop11996175
3359Stone Temple PilotsPop's Love Suicide3:43Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop21996231
3360Stone Temple PilotsTumble In The Rough3:18Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop31996206
3361Stone Temple PilotsBig Bang Baby3:23Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop41996211
3362Stone Temple PilotsLady Picture Show4:08Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop51996229
3363Stone Temple PilotsAnd So I Know3:57Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop61996190
3364Stone Temple PilotsTrippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart2:56Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop71996230
3365Stone Temple PilotsArt School Girl3:35Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop81996214
3366Stone Temple PilotsAdhesive5:34Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop91996214
3367Stone Temple PilotsRide The Cliché3:17Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop101996212
3368Stone Temple PilotsDaisy2:18Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop111996170
3369Stone Temple PilotsSeven Caged Tigers4:17Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop121996215
3370Stone, Hart & RaposoSesame Street0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (70's & 80's)11990142
3371The Stoneman FamilyThe Spanish Merchant's Daughter3:18Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol. 3 (Songs) (Disc 1)91952128
3372The StonemansMuleskinner Blues3:4550 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 1161992206
3373The StonemansLittle Old Log Cabin In The Lane2:4350 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 2241992200
3374The StonemansThinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes2:0450 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3151992203
3375The StonemansCripple Creek2:1850 Years Of Bluegrass Hits, Vol. 3231992196
3376The StonemansRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town3:43That's Bluegrass! (Disc 2)121995179
3377Stonewall JacksonB.J. The D.J.2:49Classic Country - Great Story Songs (Disc 1)122001190
3378Stonewall JacksonMe And You And A Dog Named Boo2:50Country Superstars61992213
3379Stonewall JacksonWaterloo2:31The Fifties Complete (Disc 1)141997221
3380StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog3:10Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 2)121998221
3381The StoogesDown On The Street3:43Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)11970228
3382The StoogesLoose3:34Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)21970251
3383The StoogesT.V. Eye4:17Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)31970220
3384The StoogesDirt7:03Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)41970216
3385The Stooges19705:15Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)51970217
3386The StoogesFun House7:47Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)61970227
3387The StoogesL.A. Blues4:57Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)71970218
3388The StoogesT.V. Eye (Takes 7 & 8)6:01Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)11970233
3389The StoogesLoose (Demo)1:16Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)21970189
3390The StoogesLoose (Take 2)3:42Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)31970214
3391The StoogesLoose (Take 22)3:42Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)41970219
3392The StoogesLost In The Future (Take 1)5:50Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)51970190
3393The StoogesDown On The Street (Take 1)2:22Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)61970202
3394The StoogesDown On The Street (Take 8)4:10Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)71970221
3395The StoogesDirt (Take 4)7:09Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)81970206
3396The StoogesSlide (Slidin' The Blues) (Take 1)4:38Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)91970176
3397The Stooges1970 (Take 3)7:29Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)101970216
3398The StoogesFun House (Take 2)9:30Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)111970228
3399The StoogesFun House (Take 3)11:29Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)121970237
3400The StoogesDown On The Street (Single Mix)2:43Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)131970140
3401The Stooges1970 (Single Mix)3:21Fun House [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)141970142
3402The Stooges19694:07The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)11969241
3403The StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog3:12The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)21969250
3404The StoogesWe Will Fall10:17The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)31969198
3405The StoogesNo Fun5:18The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)41969243
3406The StoogesReal Cool Time2:32The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)51969207
3407The StoogesAnn3:00The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)61969225
3408The StoogesNot Right2:51The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)71969218
3409The StoogesLittle Doll3:23The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 1)81969221
3410The StoogesNo Fun (Original John Cale Mix)4:42The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)11969257
3411The Stooges1969 (Original John Cale Mix)2:44The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)21969248
3412The StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog (Original John Cale Mix)3:25The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)31969231
3413The StoogesLittle Doll (Original John Cale Mix)2:48The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)41969246
3414The Stooges1969 (Alternate Vocal)4:47The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)51969243
3415The StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog (Alternate Vocal)3:28The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)61969246
3416The StoogesNot Right (Alternate Vocal)3:11The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)71969235
3417The StoogesReal Cool Time (Alternate Mix)3:22The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)81969225
3418The StoogesAnn (Full Version)7:51The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)91969260
3419The StoogesNo Fun (Full Version)6:49The Stooges [2005 Remaster] (Disc 2)101969251
3420The Storey Sisters (aka The Twinkles)Bad Motorcycle1:58Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 1)132005129
3421The StoriesBrother Louie3:5570s Music Explosion One Hit Wonders (Disc 1)122005207
3422StoriesBrother Louie3:57AM Gold: 1970-197481995195
3423StoriesBrother Louie3:56Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)51998209
3424StoriesBrother Louie3:57Super Hits of the '70s - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 10101990205
3425StoriesBrother Louie3:59The Buddah Box (Disc 3)11993211
3426StoriesBrother Louie3:55Those Fabulous '70s81990207
3427The StormYou Keep Me Waiting5:12The Storm11991217
3428The StormI've Got a Lot to Learn About Love4:25The Storm21991212
3429The StormIn the Raw5:41The Storm31991215
3430The StormYou're Gonna Miss Me4:33The Storm41991215
3431The StormCall Me4:43The Storm51991210
3432The StormShow Me the Way4:38The Storm61991205
3433The StormI Want You Back4:52The Storm71991212
3434The StormStill Loving You5:04The Storm81991201
3435The StormTouch And Go3:15The Storm91991231
3436The StormGimme Love3:57The Storm101991231
3437The StormTake Me Away4:30The Storm111991208
3438The StormCan't Live Without Love5:41The Storm121991205
3439Story Of The YearAnthem Of Our Dying Day3:36Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-08132004244
3440Story Of The YearSidewalks3:35Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-02102005233
3441StrafeSet It Off3:49Jock Jams, Vol. 291996231
3442Straight No ChaserThe 12 Days of Christmas 2008 Version3:21Christmas Cheers! 2009192
3443Straight No ChaserThe Christmas Can-Can2:39Christmas Cheers! 2009256
3444StramonioThe World That I've Drawn5:29Time Will Tell12004240
3445StramonioBlame Me!5:03Time Will Tell22004242
3446StramonioAnyway5:16Time Will Tell32004235
3447StramonioI Will Believe6:15Time Will Tell42004242
3448StramonioUniverse5:54Time Will Tell52004245
3449StramonioYou6:38Time Will Tell62004244
3450StramonioCall Me3:40Time Will Tell72004248
3451StramonioSpring Of Dreams5:26Time Will Tell82004244
3452StramonioA New Life6:48Time Will Tell92004244
3453The StrangelovesI Want Candy2:36Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over15 136
3454The StrangelovesNight Time2:32Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 1)31998146
3455The StrangelovesI Want Candy2:37Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)61998131
3456The StranglersNo More Heroes3:26100 Non Stop Party Hits (Disc 2)191997217
3457StranglersGolden Brown3:28The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)71999205
3458The StranglersSkin Deep3:55The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 1)11 215
3459Strawberry Alarm ClockIncense And Peppermints2:48Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (OST)31997129
3460Strawberry Alarm ClockIncense & Peppermints2:49Incense & Peppermints [Collection]11990131
3461Strawberry Alarm ClockRainy Day Mushroom Pillow3:07Incense & Peppermints [Collection]21990190
3462Strawberry Alarm ClockBirds In My Tree1:54Incense & Peppermints [Collection]31990219
3463Strawberry Alarm ClockSit With The Guru3:04Incense & Peppermints [Collection]41990228
3464Strawberry Alarm ClockTomorrow2:15Incense & Peppermints [Collection]51990223
3465Strawberry Alarm ClockBarefoot In Baltimore2:24Incense & Peppermints [Collection]61990228
3466Strawberry Alarm ClockGood Morning Starshine2:23Incense & Peppermints [Collection]71990220
3467Strawberry Alarm ClockBird Man Of Alkatrash2:14Incense & Peppermints [Collection]81990129
3468Strawberry Alarm ClockStrawberries Mean Love3:03Incense & Peppermints [Collection]91990191
3469Strawberry Alarm ClockStarting Out The Day2:38Incense & Peppermints [Collection]101990221
3470Strawberry Alarm ClockIncense And Peppermints2:50Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 2)101998145
3471StrawbsFlying4:51Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]11974207
3472StrawbsLady Fuschia4:00Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]21974216
3473StrawbsStormy Down2:46Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]31974220
3474StrawbsThe River2:22Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]41974204
3475StrawbsDown by the Sea6:20Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]51974223
3476StrawbsPart of the Union2:55Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]61974218
3477StrawbsTears and Pavan6:37Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]71974225
3478StrawbsThe Winter and the Summer4:09Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]81974213
3479StrawbsLay Down4:32Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]91974222
3480StrawbsThank You2:15Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]101974192
3481StrawbsWill You Go (Bonus Track)3:54Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]111974203
3482StrawbsBackside (Bonus Track)3:49Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]121974208
3483StrawbsLay Down (Single Version) (Bonus Track)3:34Bursting at the Seams [1998 Remaster]131974238
3484StrawbsLay Down3:34Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 1)13 174
3485StrawbsI Only Want My Love To Grow In You3:05Deep Cuts11996217
3486StrawbsTurn Me Around3:45Deep Cuts21996217
3487StrawbsHard Hard Winter2:58Deep Cuts31996205
3488StrawbsMy Friend Peter2:18Deep Cuts41996222
3489StrawbsThe Soldier's Tale4:19Deep Cuts51996222
3490StrawbsSimple Visions4:43Deep Cuts61996193
3491StrawbsCharmer3:17Deep Cuts71996203
3492Strawbs(Wasting My Time) Thinking Of You2:31Deep Cuts81996183
3493StrawbsBeside The Rio Grande4:22Deep Cuts91996201
3494StrawbsSo Close And Yet So Far Away3:01Deep Cuts101996194
3496StrawbsLemon Pie4:03Ghosts21974203
3497StrawbsStarshine/Angel Wine5:15Ghosts31974203
3498StrawbsWhere Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)3:02Ghosts41974217
3499StrawbsThe Life Auction6:52Ghosts51974207
3500StrawbsDon't Try to Change Me4:28Ghosts61974208
3502StrawbsYou and I (When We Were Young)4:04Ghosts81974192
3503StrawbsGrace Darling3:55Ghosts91974206
3504StrawbsChanges Arrange Us3:57Ghosts101974215
3505StrawbsBenedictus4:25Grave New World11972216
3506StrawbsHey, Little Man... Thursday's Child1:06Grave New World21972190
3507StrawbsQueen of Dreams5:31Grave New World31972221
3508StrawbsHeavy Disguise2:53Grave New World41972236
3509StrawbsNew World4:13Grave New World51972230
3510StrawbsHey Little Man... Wednesday's Child1:07Grave New World61972182
3511StrawbsThe Flower and the Young Man4:18Grave New World71972211
3512StrawbsTomorrow4:49Grave New World81972240
3513StrawbsOn Growing Older1:56Grave New World91972234
3514StrawbsAh Me, Ah My1:25Grave New World101972228
3515StrawbsIs It Today, Lord?3:07Grave New World111972202
3516StrawbsThe Journey's End1:45Grave New World121972206
3517StrawbsHere It Comes (Bonus Track)2:43Grave New World131972212
3518StrawbsI'm Going Home (Bonus Track)3:15Grave New World141972228
3519StrawbsAutumn8:28Hero and Heroine11974205
3520StrawbsSad Young Man4:08Hero and Heroine21974211
3521StrawbsJust Love3:40Hero and Heroine31974232
3522StrawbsShine On Silver Sun2:46Hero and Heroine41974215
3523StrawbsHero and Heroine3:29Hero and Heroine51974228
3524StrawbsMidnight Sun3:06Hero and Heroine61974212
3525StrawbsOut in the Cold3:18Hero and Heroine71974212
3526StrawbsRound and Round4:43Hero and Heroine81974216
3527StrawbsLay a Little Light on Me3:27Hero and Heroine91974221
3528StrawbsHero's Theme2:27Hero and Heroine101974210
3529StrawbsStill Small Voice (Bonus Track)2:27Hero and Heroine111974180
3530StrawbsLay a Little Light on Me (Early Version) (Bonus Track)2:22Hero and Heroine121974184
3531The StrawbsNew World4:16Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)81996201
3532The StrawbsRound And Round4:44Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)71996204
3533Stray CatsRock This Town3:23Budweiser Presents Frank & Louie's Greatest Hits201999175
3534Stray CatsRock This Town3:29Built For Speed11982168
3535Stray CatsBuilt For Speed2:57Built For Speed21982194
3536Stray CatsRev It Up & Go2:31Built For Speed31982205
3537Stray CatsStray Cat Strut3:18Built For Speed41982196
3538Stray CatsLittle Miss Prissy3:03Built For Speed51982206
3539Stray CatsRumble In Brighton3:15Built For Speed61982176
3540Stray CatsRunaway Boys3:03Built For Speed71982193
3541Stray CatsLonely Summer Nights3:20Built For Speed81982198
3542Stray CatsDouble Talkin' Baby3:06Built For Speed91982186
3543Stray CatsYou Don't Believe Me2:58Built For Speed101982203
3544Stray CatsJeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie2:22Built For Speed111982193
3545Stray CatsBaby Blue Eyes2:48Built For Speed121982212
3546Stray CatsBaby Blue Eyes2:49Gonna Ball11981264
3547Stray CatsLittle Miss Prissy3:02Gonna Ball21981257
3548Stray CatsWasn't That Good2:46Gonna Ball31981254
3549Stray CatsCryin' Shame3:30Gonna Ball41981241
3550Stray Cats(She'll Stay Just) One More Day3:41Gonna Ball51981260
3551Stray CatsYou Don't Believe Me2:58Gonna Ball61981256
3552Stray CatsGonna Ball3:15Gonna Ball71981266
3553Stray CatsWicked Whisky2:17Gonna Ball81981259
3554Stray CatsRev It Up & Go2:28Gonna Ball91981263
3555Stray CatsLonely Summer Nights3:21Gonna Ball101981254
3556Stray CatsCrazy Mixed-Up Kid2:39Gonna Ball111981243
3557Stray CatsRock This Town3:27Greatest Hits11992166
3558Stray CatsStray Cat Strut3:18Greatest Hits21992198
3559Stray Cats(She's) Sexy + 173:32Greatest Hits31992203
3560Stray CatsI Won't Stand In Your Way3:57Greatest Hits41992194
3561Stray CatsLook At That Cadillac4:04Greatest Hits51992194
3562Stray Cats18 Miles To Memphis2:59Greatest Hits61992199
3563Stray CatsRunaway Boys3:02Greatest Hits71992202
3564Stray CatsToo Hip, Gotta Go2:37Greatest Hits81992190
3565Stray CatsRev It Up And Go2:30Greatest Hits91992211
3566Stray CatsHotrod Gang2:46Greatest Hits101992230
3567Stray CatsStray Cat Strut3:16Hit History Vol. 27 198171990174
3568Stray CatsRock This Town2:40Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)42002166
3569Stray CatsRock This Town3:24More Music from Coyote Ugly (OST)32003185
3570Stray CatsRebels Rule3:27Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats11983238
3571Stray CatsToo Hip, Gotta Go2:36Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats21983195
3572Stray CatsLook At That Cadillac4:03Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats31983212
3573Stray CatsSomething's Wrong With My Radio2:37Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats41983222
3574Stray Cats18 Miles To Memphis2:59Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats51983235
3575Stray Cats(She's) Sexy + 173:30Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats61983237
3576Stray CatsDig Dirty Doggie2:01Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats71983188
3577Stray CatsI Won't Stand In Your Way3:57Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats81983223
3578Stray CatsHotrod Gang2:47Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats91983240
3579Stray CatsHow Long You Wanna Live, Anyway?2:40Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats101983222
3580Stray CatsRunaway Boys3:01Stray Cats11981184
3581Stray CatsFishnet Stockings2:26Stray Cats21981168
3582Stray CatsUbangi Stomp3:13Stray Cats31981175
3583Stray CatsJeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie2:19Stray Cats41981176
3584Stray CatsStorm The Embassy4:03Stray Cats51981205
3585Stray CatsRock This Town3:25Stray Cats61981192
3586Stray CatsRumble In Brighton3:13Stray Cats71981156
3587Stray CatsStray Cat Strut3:16Stray Cats81981173
3588Stray CatsCrawl Up And Die3:13Stray Cats91981172
3589Stray CatsDouble Talkin Baby3:04Stray Cats101981160
3590Stray CatsMy One Desire2:57Stray Cats111981164
3591Stray CatsWild Saxaphone3:01Stray Cats121981179
3592Stray CatsRunaway Boys3:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1981-1982 (Disc 1)52001205
3593Stray CatsStray Cat Strut3:17VH-1 More Of The Big 80's81997208
3594Stream Of PassionSpellbound3:34Embrace The Storm12005213
3595Stream Of PassionPassion5:20Embrace The Storm22005222
3596Stream Of PassionDeceiver5:09Embrace The Storm32005221
3597Stream Of PassionI'll Keep On Dreaming3:45Embrace The Storm42005199
3598Stream Of PassionHaunted4:31Embrace The Storm52005219
3599Stream Of PassionWherever You Are5:08Embrace The Storm62005203
3600Stream Of PassionOpen Your Eyes5:14Embrace The Storm72005202
3601Stream Of PassionEmbrace The Storm4:12Embrace The Storm82005219
3602Stream Of PassionBreathing Again3:38Embrace The Storm92005195
3603Stream Of PassionOut In The Real World4:32Embrace The Storm102005220
3604Stream Of PassionNostalgia3:08Embrace The Storm112005173
3605Stream Of PassionCalliopeia5:39Embrace The Storm122005227
3606StreetheartHollywood (Live)3:27Over 60 Minutes With...11989208
3607StreetheartJust For You (Live)4:47Over 60 Minutes With...21989209
3608StreetheartWhat Kind Of Love Is This?3:53Over 60 Minutes With...31989230
3609StreetheartDrugstore Dancer4:13Over 60 Minutes With...41989249
3610StreetheartTeenage Rage4:23Over 60 Minutes With...51989219
3611StreetheartMiss Plaza Suite5:40Over 60 Minutes With...61989233
3612StreetheartTin Soldier3:09Over 60 Minutes With...71989229
3613StreetheartTrouble4:10Over 60 Minutes With...81989206
3614StreetheartAction (Live)5:23Over 60 Minutes With...91989196
3615StreetheartLook In Your Eyes4:50Over 60 Minutes With...101989223
3616StreetheartComin' True4:12Over 60 Minutes With...111989214
3617StreetheartWithout Your Love5:04Over 60 Minutes With...121989225
3618StreetheartOne More Time4:34Over 60 Minutes With...131989227
3619StreetheartUnder My Thumb (Live)9:01Over 60 Minutes With...141989205
3620StreetheartSnow White (Live)4:12Over 60 Minutes With...151989195
3621StreetheartHave It Your Way3:38Over 60 Minutes With...161989205
3622Streetlight ManifestoEverything Went Numb3:30Everything Goes Numb12003212
3623Streetlight ManifestoThat'll Be the Day4:42Everything Goes Numb22003218
3624Streetlight ManifestoPoint/Counterpoint5:27Everything Goes Numb32003204
3625Streetlight ManifestoIf and When We Rise Again4:19Everything Goes Numb42003210
3626Streetlight ManifestoA Better Place, a Better Time6:28Everything Goes Numb52003196
3627Streetlight ManifestoWe Are the Few4:56Everything Goes Numb62003214
3628Streetlight ManifestoFailing, Flailing5:28Everything Goes Numb72003226
3629Streetlight ManifestoHere's to Life4:41Everything Goes Numb82003209
3630Streetlight ManifestoA Moment of Silence5:13Everything Goes Numb92003206
3631Streetlight ManifestoA Moment of Violence2:00Everything Goes Numb102003223
3632Streetlight ManifestoThe Saddest Song3:18Everything Goes Numb112003217
3633Streetlight ManifestoThe Big Sleep5:03Everything Goes Numb122003208
3634Streetlight ManifestoDear Sergio2:54Keasbey Nights12006229
3635Streetlight ManifestoSick And Sad2:17Keasbey Nights22006217
3636Streetlight ManifestoKeasbey Nights3:00Keasbey Nights32006222
3637Streetlight ManifestoDay In, Day Out3:22Keasbey Nights42006211
3638Streetlight ManifestoWalking Away4:10Keasbey Nights52006223
3639Streetlight ManifestoGiving Up, Giving In2:49Keasbey Nights62006218
3640Streetlight ManifestoOn & On & On3:12Keasbey Nights72006208
3641Streetlight ManifestoRiding The Fourth Wave2:12Keasbey Nights82006228
3642Streetlight ManifestoThis One Goes Out To...2:34Keasbey Nights92006215
3643Streetlight ManifestoSupernothing2:50Keasbey Nights102006209
3644Streetlight Manifesto9mm And A Three Piece Suit1:56Keasbey Nights112006219
3645Streetlight ManifestoKristina She Don't Know I Exist5:07Keasbey Nights122006214
3646Streetlight ManifestoAs The Footsteps Die Out Forever3:15Keasbey Nights132006211
3647Streetlight Manifesto1234 12347:10Keasbey Nights142006205
3648The StreetsFit But You Know It4:11Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 12 (Disc 1)102005209
3649StretchWhy Did You Do It3:34A Decade Of Pop The 70's15 201
3650StretchWhy Did You Do It3:31Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976 (Disc 2)102001225
3651Stretch 'n' VernI'm Alive (12" Original)7:15Old School Nation! 2 (Disc 2) [CA]52005222
3652The Strike BoysGo Back Home6:02Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)132003202
3653The String Cheese IncidentLonesome Fiddle Blues9:58A String Cheese Incident11997217
3654The String Cheese IncidentLittle Hands8:15A String Cheese Incident21997216
3655The String Cheese IncidentDudley's Kitchen3:01A String Cheese Incident31997216
3656The String Cheese IncidentRhythm Of The Road6:08A String Cheese Incident41997209
3657The String Cheese IncidentHow Mountain Girls Can Love2:56A String Cheese Incident51997211
3658The String Cheese IncidentPirates9:26A String Cheese Incident61997219
3659The String Cheese IncidentWake Up7:05A String Cheese Incident71997210
3660The String Cheese IncidentLand's End12:00A String Cheese Incident81997209
3661The String Cheese IncidentSan Jose8:52A String Cheese Incident91997212
3662The String Cheese IncidentWalk This Way4:46A String Cheese Incident101997210
3663The String Cheese IncidentBlack Clouds4:23Born on the Wrong Planet11996198
3664The String Cheese IncidentBorn on the Wrong Planet4:57Born on the Wrong Planet21996204
3665The String Cheese IncidentLands End5:19Born on the Wrong Planet31996205
3666The String Cheese IncidentThe Remington Ride4:10Born on the Wrong Planet41996190
3667The String Cheese IncidentResumé Man3:46Born on the Wrong Planet51996191
3668The String Cheese IncidentElvis' Wild Ride4:29Born on the Wrong Planet61996211
3669The String Cheese IncidentBigger Isn't Better6:32Born on the Wrong Planet71996201
3670The String Cheese IncidentJohnny Cash6:06Born on the Wrong Planet81996201
3671The String Cheese IncidentLester Had a Coconut4:25Born on the Wrong Planet91996219
3672The String Cheese IncidentDiggin' In2:34Born on the Wrong Planet101996219
3673The String Cheese IncidentTexas8:46Born on the Wrong Planet111996206
3674The String Cheese IncidentJellyfish5:25Born on the Wrong Planet121996202
3675The String Cheese IncidentOutside And Inside4:42Outside Inside12001231
3676The String Cheese IncidentJoyful Sound6:28Outside Inside22001204
3677The String Cheese IncidentClose Your Eyes4:50Outside Inside32001210
3678The String Cheese IncidentSearch4:38Outside Inside42001224
3679The String Cheese IncidentDrifting3:28Outside Inside52001188
3680The String Cheese IncidentBlack And White6:11Outside Inside62001206
3681The String Cheese IncidentLost4:50Outside Inside72001201
3682The String Cheese IncidentLatinissmo5:10Outside Inside82001213
3683The String Cheese IncidentSing A New Song4:41Outside Inside92001206
3684The String Cheese IncidentRollover10:56Outside Inside102001224
3685The String Cheese IncidentUp The Canyon3:02Outside Inside112001189
3686The String Cheese IncidentSamba DeGreeley0:42Round the Wheel11998214
3687The String Cheese IncidentCome as You Are6:38Round the Wheel21998221
3688The String Cheese IncidentRestless Wind3:48Round the Wheel31998213
3689The String Cheese IncidentOn the Road3:56Round the Wheel41998218
3690The String Cheese IncidentRoad Home5:07Round the Wheel51998220
3691The String Cheese IncidentGalactic7:15Round the Wheel61998212
3692The String Cheese Incident100 Year Flood6:11Round the Wheel71998217
3693The String Cheese IncidentMLT6:26Round the Wheel81998214
3694The String Cheese IncidentGot What He Wanted4:28Round the Wheel91998209
3695The String Cheese IncidentRound the Wheel7:27Round the Wheel101998215
3696The String Cheese IncidentGood Times Around the Bend3:26Round the Wheel111998197
3697The String Cheese IncidentWake Up5:46Untying The Not12003225
3698The String Cheese IncidentSirens5:07Untying The Not22003202
3699The String Cheese IncidentLooking Glass5:44Untying The Not32003229
3700The String Cheese IncidentOrion's Belt2:50Untying The Not42003207
3701The String Cheese IncidentMountain Girl4:57Untying The Not52003199
3702The String Cheese IncidentLonesome Road Rules1:24Untying The Not62003146
3703The String Cheese IncidentElijah2:41Untying The Not72003221
3704The String Cheese IncidentValley Of The Jig4:04Untying The Not82003205
3705The String Cheese IncidentTinder Box4:24Untying The Not92003217
3706The String Cheese IncidentJust Passin' Through4:46Untying The Not102003207
3707The String Cheese IncidentWho Am I?4:23Untying The Not112003213
3708The String Cheese IncidentTime Alive5:11Untying The Not122003204
3709The String Cheese IncidentOn My Way3:02Untying The Not132003204
3710The String KingsBloodshot2:50Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 2)102006139
3711The String-a-LongsWheels1:59Still Rockin' 196161989187
3712Stroke 9Little Black Backpack4:28Cafe Cuts12005128
3713Stroke 9Next Time4:10Cafe Cuts72006128
3714The StrokesMachu Picchu3:32Angles12011225
3715The StrokesUnder Cover Of Darkness3:57Angles22011230
3716The StrokesTwo Kinds Of Happiness3:43Angles32011221
3717The StrokesYou're So Right2:33Angles42011234
3718The StrokesTaken For A Fool3:24Angles52011230
3719The StrokesGames3:53Angles62011233
3720The StrokesCall Me Back3:03Angles72011181
3721The StrokesGratisfaction2:59Angles82011243
3722The StrokesMetabolism3:04Angles92011229
3723The StrokesLife Is Simple In The Moonlight4:15Angles102011235
3724The StrokesYou Only Live Once3:09First Impressions Of Earth12006224
3725The StrokesJuicebox3:17First Impressions Of Earth22006237
3726The StrokesHeart In A Cage3:27First Impressions Of Earth32006240
3727The StrokesRazorblade3:29First Impressions Of Earth42006222
3728The StrokesOn The Other Side4:38First Impressions Of Earth52006233
3729The StrokesVision Of Division4:20First Impressions Of Earth62006237
3730The StrokesAsk Me Anything3:12First Impressions Of Earth72006131
3731The StrokesElectricityscape3:33First Impressions Of Earth82006214
3732The StrokesKilling Lies3:50First Impressions Of Earth92006227
3733The StrokesFear Of Sleep4:00First Impressions Of Earth102006211
3734The Strokes15 Minutes4:34First Impressions Of Earth112006233
3735The StrokesIze Of The World4:29First Impressions Of Earth122006232
3736The StrokesEvening Sun3:06First Impressions Of Earth132006216
3737The StrokesRed Light3:11First Impressions Of Earth142006200
3738The StrokesIs This It2:35Is This It12001211
3739The StrokesThe Modern Age3:32Is This It22001205
3740The StrokesSoma2:37Is This It32001217
3741The StrokesBarely Legal3:58Is This It42001185
3742The StrokesSomeday3:07Is This It52001211
3743The StrokesAlone, Together3:12Is This It62001219
3744The StrokesLast Nite3:17Is This It72001225
3745The StrokesHard To Explain3:48Is This It82001244
3746The StrokesNew York City Cops3:36Is This It92001237
3747The StrokesWhen It Started2:57Is This It92001201
3748The StrokesTrying Your Luck3:27Is This It102001172
3749The StrokesTake It Or Leave It3:16Is This It112001237
3750The StrokesWhat Ever Happened?2:54Room On Fire12003205
3751The StrokesReptilia3:41Room On Fire22003228
3752The StrokesAutomatic Stop3:27Room On Fire32003223
3753The Strokes12:512:33Room On Fire42003245
3754The StrokesYou Talk Way Too Much3:04Room On Fire52003254
3755The StrokesBetween Love & Hate3:15Room On Fire62003224
3756The StrokesMeet Me In The Bathroom2:57Room On Fire72003244
3757The StrokesUnder Control3:06Room On Fire82003201
3758The StrokesThe Way It Is2:22Room On Fire92003223
3759The StrokesThe End Has No End3:07Room On Fire102003193
3760The StrokesI Can't Win2:34Room On Fire112003222
3761The StrokesWhen it Started2:56Spider-Man (OST)102002203
3762The StrokesJuicebox3:13Triple J: Hottest 100 Vol. 13 (Disc 1)182006239
3763Strong BadTrogdor1:39Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits12003247
3764Strong BadThe System Is Down1:46Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits22003192
3765Strong BadStrong Badia National Anthem (Feat. Ms. Partsmatter's 1st Grade Class)2:12Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits32003197
3766Strong BadLet's Get Started On Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested0:49Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits72003188
3767Strong BadSweet Cuppin Cakes Theme Song0:56Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits92003198
3768Strong BadIt's Like It Was Meant To Be1:05Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits112003199
3769Strong BadYou've Got An Ugly & Stupid Butt0:32Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits142003204
3770Strong BadThe Ladies In My Town All Know My Name0:34Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits162003204
3771Strong BadThe Theme From Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque I1:30Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits172003204
3772Strong BadSomebody Told Me (Now I Believe Them)0:47Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits182003201
3773Strong BadThe Cheat Is Not Dead3:02Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits192003200
3774Strong BadEverybody To The Limit (Live)7:56Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits202003141
3775StruggleTrue Independence2:32Heavycore: Core Til Death162002232
3776StryperAgainst the Law3:49Against the Law11990234
3777StryperTwo Time Woman3:40Against the Law21990248
3778StryperRock the People3:34Against the Law31990246
3779StryperTwo Bodies (One Mind One Soul)5:17Against the Law41990220
3780StryperNot That Kind of Guy3:59Against the Law51990228
3781StryperShining Star4:22Against the Law61990236
3782StryperOrdinary Man3:51Against the Law71990230
3783StryperLady4:53Against the Law81990210
3784StryperCaught in the Middle3:48Against the Law91990244
3785StryperAll for One4:31Against the Law101990232
3786StryperRock the Hell Out of You3:35Against the Law111990235
3787StryperIn God We Trust3:56In God We Trust11988227
3788StryperAlways There for You4:10In God We Trust21988224
3789StryperKeep the Fire Burning3:35In God We Trust31988221
3790StryperI Believe In You3:17In God We Trust41988194
3791StryperThe Writings on the Wall4:19In God We Trust51988221
3792StryperIt's Up 2 You3:50In God We Trust61988221
3793StryperThe World of You and I3:45In God We Trust71988218
3794StryperCome to the Everlife4:08In God We Trust81988224
3795StryperLonely4:10In God We Trust91988216
3796StryperThe Reign2:49In God We Trust101988226
3797StryperSoldiers Under Command5:03Soldiers Under Command11985211
3798StryperMakes Me Wanna Sing2:52Soldiers Under Command21985211
3799StryperTogether Forever4:02Soldiers Under Command31985217
3800StryperFirst Love5:49Soldiers Under Command41985196
3801StryperThe Rock That Makes Me Roll4:57Soldiers Under Command51985216
3802StryperReach Out5:21Soldiers Under Command61985223
3803Stryper(Waiting For) A Love That's Real4:35Soldiers Under Command71985214
3804StryperTogether as One5:03Soldiers Under Command81985185
3805StryperSurrender4:28Soldiers Under Command91985210
3806StryperBattle Hymn of the Republic2:39Soldiers Under Command101985190
3807StryperLoud 'N' Clear3:32The Yellow and Black Attack11984204
3808StryperFrom Wrong to Right3:51The Yellow and Black Attack21984209
3809StryperMy Love I'll Always Show3:38The Yellow and Black Attack31984181
3810StryperYou Know What to Do4:47The Yellow and Black Attack41984207
3811StryperC'mon Rock3:46The Yellow and Black Attack51984204
3812StryperYou Won't Be Lonely3:43The Yellow and Black Attack61984206
3813StryperLoving You4:15The Yellow and Black Attack71984211
3814StryperReason for the Season6:32The Yellow and Black Attack81984197
3815StryperAbyss (To Hell With The Devil)1:21To Hell With The Devil11986189
3816StryperTo Hell With The Devil4:08To Hell With The Devil21986205
3817StryperCalling On You3:59To Hell With The Devil31986195
3818StryperFree3:44To Hell With The Devil41986202
3819StryperHonestly4:10To Hell With The Devil51986197
3820StryperThe Way3:37To Hell With The Devil61986218
3821StryperSing-Along Song4:21To Hell With The Devil71986212
3822StryperHolding On4:16To Hell With The Devil81986212
3823StryperRockin' The World3:30To Hell With The Devil91986214
3824StryperAll Of Me3:11To Hell With The Devil101986168
3825StryperMore Than A Man4:35To Hell With The Devil111986219
3826Stu Gardner & Bill CosbyThe Cosby Show0:59Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)171996207
3827Stu Gardner & Bill CosbyA Different World1:10Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)181996195
3828Stu PhillipsKnight Rider - Main Title1:19Knight Rider11982192
3829Stu PhillipsMain Title1:19Knight Rider11982192
3830Stu PhillipsLas Vegas Country Rock / Safe / Busted Play2:36Knight Rider21982192
3831Stu PhillipsMichael Saved / Keep Fighting2:44Knight Rider31982192
3832Stu PhillipsNot Bad / He Dies3:02Knight Rider41982192
3833Stu PhillipsTest Drive0:48Knight Rider51982192
3834Stu PhillipsAutomobile Heaven / Piece of Cake / Dreamin' / Auto Cruise3:09Knight Rider61982192
3835Stu PhillipsEvil Tanya1:19Knight Rider71982192
3836Stu PhillipsThey're Off0:34Knight Rider81982192
3837Stu PhillipsA Little Speak0:45Knight Rider91982192
3838Stu PhillipsKitt to the Rescue2:20Knight Rider101982192
3839Stu PhillipsEscape from Jail1:05Knight Rider111982192
3840Stu PhillipsIt's Back1:05Knight Rider121982192
3841Stu PhillipsThe Shootout3:16Knight Rider131982192
3842Stu PhillipsHi Yo Kitt1:21Knight Rider141982192
3843Stu PhillipsThrough a Truck / Airport Chase5:01Knight Rider151982192
3844Stu PhillipsTanya Gets Hers / Warm / Knight2:53Knight Rider161982192
3845Stu PhillipsAct Breaks0:16Knight Rider171982192
3846Stu PhillipsOnly M.K. / Love You Too / Car Pick-Up1:33Knight Rider181982192
3847Stu PhillipsThey'll Never Believe / To the Pipes1:25Knight Rider191982192
3848Stu PhillipsBull / More Bull2:28Knight Rider201982192
3849Stu PhillipsFight in the Woods0:59Knight Rider211982192
3850Stu PhillipsKitt From Outer Space2:16Knight Rider221982192
3851Stu PhillipsLong Walk2:12Knight Rider231982192
3852Stu PhillipsFran Kidnapped / Fran Rescued / Good Guys Win4:02Knight Rider241982192
3853Stu PhillipsKnocked Out Guard / The Monster1:37Knight Rider251982192
3854Stu PhillipsBonnie Snatched3:07Knight Rider261982192
3855Stu PhillipsTony's Time2:25Knight Rider271982192
3856Stu PhillipsShowdown2:19Knight Rider281982192
3857Stu PhillipsKarr Dies2:14Knight Rider291982192
3858Stu PhillipsMad Love / Mikki Abducted1:52Knight Rider301982192
3859Stu PhillipsMikki's Escape1:40Knight Rider311982192
3860Stu PhillipsGun Case / Suitcase / Assassin Flees2:02Knight Rider321982192
3861Stu PhillipsThe Purse1:58Knight Rider331982192
3862Stu PhillipsActivity1:53Knight Rider341982192
3863Stu PhillipsKitt vs. Horse1:32Knight Rider351982192
3864Stu PhillipsMission Begins1:04Knight Rider361982192
3865Stu PhillipsFrantic / Kitt's Magic1:21Knight Rider371982192
3866Stu PhillipsGo / Convoy3:03Knight Rider381982192
3867Stu PhillipsCaught0:57Knight Rider391982192
3868Stu PhillipsEnd Title1:16Knight Rider401982192
3869Stu PhillipsThe Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries1:03Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6 (Remote Control)621996130
3870Stu Phillips & Glen LarsonKnight Rider1:17All-Time Top 100 TV Themes (Disc 1)292005136
3871Stuart Gorrell & Hoagy CarmicahelDesigning Women (Georgia On My Mind)0:48Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)321996150
3872Stuart McLeanPolly Anderson's Christmas Party23:03Christmas Songs [Nettwerk]142000162
3873Stuart Oderman & Marvin HatleyLaurel And Hardy Laughtoons0:47Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Black & White Classics)601996153
3874The StudentsI'm So Young2:31The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)91994128
3875The StudentsEveryday Of The Week2:32The Doo Wop Box (Disc 3)101994131
3876Studio Orkest Olv Tony VosLove In Copenhagen2:03Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's Vol. 2 (Disc 1)202001197
3877The Stunners Ft. New BoyzDancin' Around The Truth3:31Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-06182010208
3878The Style CouncilYou're the Best Thing3:43Feels So Good 2 (Disc 1)122004221
3879Style CouncilMy Ever Changing Moods5:43Modern Rock: 1984 - 1985 (Disc 1)121999220
3880Style CouncilLong Hot Summer3:35The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 1)81999201
3881The Style CouncilYou're The Best Thing4:36The Power Of Love - 1984-1985 (Disc 2)4 199
3882Styles & BreezeYou're Shining4:27Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 2)72003216
3883Styles Of BeyondSecond To None (feat. Mike Shinoda)3:07Transformers: The Album (OST)82007188
3884The StylettesMy Boy2:32Cameo Parkway 1957-1967 (Disc 3)282005126
3885The StylisticsBetcha By Golly, Wow3:18Can You Dig It? - The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 3)32001199
3886The StylisticsPeople Make The World Go Round6:23Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)11994206
3887The StylisticsI'm Stone In Love With You3:19Crooklyn - Volume II (OST)41994208
3888The StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand New3:15Romantic Love Songs71985208
3889The StylisticsCan't Give You Anything (But My Love)3:14The Best Of The Stylistics11999202
3890The StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand New5:28The Best Of The Stylistics21999201
3891The StylisticsLet's Put It All Together3:29The Best Of The Stylistics31999189
3892The StylisticsI'm Stone In Love With You3:19The Best Of The Stylistics41999197
3893The StylisticsFunky Weekend3:26The Best Of The Stylistics51999204
3894The StylisticsYou'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)3:34The Best Of The Stylistics61999200
3895The StylisticsPeek A Boo2:51The Best Of The Stylistics71999203
3896The StylisticsStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)2:55The Best Of The Stylistics81999197
3897The StylisticsBetcha By Golly, Wow3:47The Best Of The Stylistics91999204
3898The StylisticsSing Baby Sing2:54The Best Of The Stylistics101999218
3899The StylisticsStar On A TV Show4:11The Best Of The Stylistics111999206
3900The StylisticsNa Na Is The Saddest Word2:57The Best Of The Stylistics121999191
3901The Stylistics7000 Dollars And You3:20The Best Of The Stylistics131999212
3902The StylisticsBreak Up To Make Up3:57The Best Of The Stylistics141999203
3903The StylisticsLove At First Sight4:28The Best Of The Stylistics151999188
3904The StylisticsOnly For The Children3:36The Best Of The Stylistics161999210
3905The StylisticsYou're A Big Girl Now3:18The Best Of The Stylistics171999191
3906The StylisticsYou Are Everything2:56The Best Of The Stylistics181999199
3907The StylisticsYou'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)3:38The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (Disc 3)181998197
3908The StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand New4:42Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974 (Disc 1)92001210
3909StyxLady3:01American Dreams - The Best Of The 70's Volume 1131989247
3910StyxI Will Be Your Witness4:31Brave New World11999223
3911StyxBrave New World5:14Brave New World21999216
3912StyxWhile There's Still Time3:53Brave New World31999206
3913StyxNumber One4:33Brave New World41999226
3914StyxBest New Face3:36Brave New World51999223
3915StyxWhat Have They Done To You4:33Brave New World61999219
3916StyxFallen Angel4:49Brave New World71999203
3917StyxEverything Is Cool5:19Brave New World81999218
3918StyxGreat Expectations4:44Brave New World91999213
3919StyxHeavy Water4:29Brave New World101999224
3920StyxHigh Crimes & Misdemeanors (Hip Hop-Crazy)3:26Brave New World111999231
3921StyxJust Fell In3:25Brave New World121999223
3922StyxGoodbye Roseland3:49Brave New World131999176
3923StyxBrave New World (Reprise)3:31Brave New World141999215
3925StyxWhy Me3:56Cornerstone21979212
3927StyxNever Say Never3:10Cornerstone41979214
3928StyxBoat On The River3:11Cornerstone51979207
3929StyxBorrowed Time5:01Cornerstone61979204
3930StyxFirst Time4:26Cornerstone71979186
3932StyxLove In The Midnight5:22Cornerstone91979196
3933StyxPut Me On4:55Crystal Ball11976182
3934StyxMademoiselle4:00Crystal Ball21976179
3935StyxJennifer4:18Crystal Ball31976185
3936StyxCrystal Ball4:34Crystal Ball41976176
3937StyxShooz4:49Crystal Ball51976188
3938StyxThis Old Man5:10Crystal Ball61976182
3939StyxClair De Lune - Ballerina7:09Crystal Ball71976183
3940StyxLove Is The Ritual3:49Edge Of The Century11990228
3941StyxShow Me The Way4:37Edge Of The Century21990213
3942StyxEdge Of The Century4:21Edge Of The Century31990228
3943StyxLove At First Sight4:36Edge Of The Century41990222
3944StyxAll In A Day's Work4:12Edge Of The Century51990207
3945StyxNot Dead Yet3:32Edge Of The Century61990221
3946StyxWorld Tonite3:40Edge Of The Century71990242
3947StyxCarrie Ann4:28Edge Of The Century81990214
3948StyxHomewrecker5:13Edge Of The Century91990233
3949StyxBack To Chicago4:19Edge Of The Century101990222
3950StyxLight Up4:19Equinox11975189
3952StyxMother Dear5:30Equinox31975196
3953StyxLonely Child3:50Equinox41975188
3954StyxMidnight Ride4:19Equinox51975196
3955StyxBorn for Adventure5:16Equinox61975192
3956StyxPrelude 121:20Equinox71975174
3957StyxSuite Madame Blue6:30Equinox81975183
3958StyxLady3:31Have A Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box (Disc 4)131998204
3959StyxMr. Roboto5:28Kilroy Was Here11983215
3960StyxCold War4:27Kilroy Was Here21983211
3961StyxDon't Let It End4:56Kilroy Was Here31983202
3962StyxHigh Time4:33Kilroy Was Here41983208
3963StyxHeavy Metal Poisoning4:57Kilroy Was Here51983216
3964StyxJust Get Through This Night6:06Kilroy Was Here61983201
3965StyxDouble Life3:46Kilroy Was Here71983205
3966StyxHaven't We Been Here Before4:06Kilroy Was Here81983196
3967StyxDon't Let It End (Reprise)2:22Kilroy Was Here91983214
3968StyxMr. Roboto4:49Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)22002225
3969StyxRock & Roll Feeling3:02Man of Miracles11974211
3970StyxHavin' A Ball3:52Man of Miracles21974191
3971StyxGolden Lark3:21Man of Miracles31974204
3972StyxA Song For Suzanne5:19Man of Miracles41974206
3973StyxA Man Like Me2:49Man of Miracles51974213
3974StyxLies2:48Man of Miracles61974212
3975StyxEvil Eyes4:09Man of Miracles71974204
3976StyxSouthern Woman3:11Man of Miracles81974214
3977StyxChristopher, Mr. Christopher4:01Man of Miracles91974200
3978StyxMan Of Miracles4:58Man of Miracles101974206
3979StyxA.D. 19281:07Paradise Theater11981169
3980StyxRockin' The Paradise3:34Paradise Theater21981202
3981StyxToo Much Time On My Hands4:33Paradise Theater31981199
3982StyxNothing Ever Goes As Planned4:47Paradise Theater41981207
3983StyxThe Best Of Times4:21Paradise Theater51981188
3984StyxLonely People5:25Paradise Theater61981194
3985StyxShe Cares4:21Paradise Theater71981201
3986StyxSnowblind4:59Paradise Theater81981193
3987StyxHalf-Penny, Two-Penny5:58Paradise Theater91981211
3988StyxA.D. 19581:06Paradise Theater101981183
3989StyxState Street Sadie0:26Paradise Theater111981198
3990StyxGreat White Hope4:25Pieces Of Eight11978147
3991StyxI'm Okay5:46Pieces Of Eight21978141
3992StyxSing For The Day5:02Pieces Of Eight31978144
3993StyxThe Message1:10Pieces Of Eight41978142
3994StyxLords Of The Ring4:36Pieces Of Eight51978144
3995StyxBlue Collar Man (Long Nights)4:09Pieces Of Eight61978140
3996StyxQueen Of Spades5:43Pieces Of Eight71978140
3997StyxRenegade4:19Pieces Of Eight81978138
3998StyxPieces Of Eight4:45Pieces Of Eight91978143
3999StyxAku-Aku2:57Pieces Of Eight101978141
4000StyxMovement For The Common Man13:16Styx11972203
4001StyxRight Away3:38Styx21972189
4002StyxWhat Has Come Between Us4:54Styx31972197
4003StyxBest Thing3:17Styx41972208
4004StyxQuick Is The Beat Of My Heart3:50Styx51972208
4005StyxAfter You Leave Me4:03Styx61972194
4006StyxBlue Collar Man5:01Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)12000210
4007StyxGrand Illusion5:39Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)22000243
4008StyxFooling Yourself6:17Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)32000197
4009StyxLady4:47Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)42000214
4010StyxBrave New World5:43Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)52000188
4011StyxEdge Of The Century5:09Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)62000209
4012StyxHeavy Water5:50Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)72000204
4013StyxToo Much Time On My Hands5:23Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)82000206
4014StyxRenegade7:27Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)92000207
4015StyxBlue Collar Man (Jam With REO)5:20Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)102000210
4016StyxRoll With The Changes (Jam With REO)5:56Styx & REO Speedwagon: Arch Allies - Live At Riverport (Disc 1)112000213
4017StyxYou Need Love3:45Styx II11973218
4018StyxLady3:00Styx II21973204
4019StyxA Day8:24Styx II31973200
4020StyxYou Better Ask3:56Styx II41973224
4021StyxLittle Fugue In 'G'1:17Styx II51973187
4022StyxFather O.S.A7:07Styx II61973188
4023StyxEarl of Roseland4:41Styx II71973193
4024StyxI'm Gonna Make You Feel It2:24Styx II81973191
4025StyxThe Grand Illusion4:37The Grand Illusion11977189
4026StyxFooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)5:31The Grand Illusion21977192
4027StyxSuperstars3:55The Grand Illusion31977177
4028StyxCome Sail Away6:07The Grand Illusion41977189
4029StyxMiss America5:02The Grand Illusion51977195
4030StyxMan In The Wilderness5:50The Grand Illusion61977182
4031StyxCastle Walls5:58The Grand Illusion71977187
4032StyxThe Grand Finale1:57The Grand Illusion81977175
4033StyxThe Best Of Times4:14The Power Of Love - 1981-1983 (Disc 2)61999200
4034StyxShow Me The Way4:36The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 2)101999203
4035StyxWitch Wolf3:58The Serpent Is Rising11974182
4036StyxThe Grove of Eglantine4:51The Serpent Is Rising21974190
4037StyxYoung Man4:46The Serpent Is Rising31974193
4038StyxAs Bad As This6:07The Serpent Is Rising41974199
4039StyxWinner Take All2:58The Serpent Is Rising51974170
4040Styx22 Years3:36The Serpent Is Rising61974185
4041StyxJonas Psalter4:41The Serpent Is Rising71974174
4042StyxThe Serpent Is Rising4:49The Serpent Is Rising81974184
4043StyxKrakatoa1:35The Serpent Is Rising91974186
4044StyxHallelujah Chorus1:33The Serpent Is Rising101974165
4045StyxBabe4:23Top 40 Hitdossier 1979-1980 (Disc 2)82001194
4046Sub SubAin't No Love (Ain't No Use)2:43The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! (Disc 1)141993187
4047Sub-Level 03A New Beginning3:44Elements Of The Paw12003128
4048Sub-Level 03Trials6:48Elements Of The Paw22003128
4049Sub-Level 03Life After You6:48Elements Of The Paw32003128
4050Sub-Level 032nd Best4:52Elements Of The Paw42003128
4051Sub-Level 03Forever Eternal4:32Elements Of The Paw52003128
4052Sub-Level 03The Hands Of Time6:06Elements Of The Paw62003128
4053Sub-Level 03Ambient Jake4:59Elements Of The Paw72003128
4054Sub-Level 03Elements Of The Paw5:53Elements Of The Paw82003128
4055Sub-Level 03Paradox6:54Elements Of The Paw92003128
4056Sub-Level 03Diana2:37Elements Of The Paw102003128
4057Sub-Level 03...For You5:33Elements Of The Paw112003128
4058Sub-Level 03What If?6:26Elements Of The Paw122003128
4059Sub-Level 03December3:50Elements Of The Paw132003128
4060Sub-Level 03Elements Of The Paw (Dirty Mutt Mix)5:44Elements Of The Paw (Dirty Mutt Mix)12003128
4061Sub-Level 03Legacy of a Boy3:25Furry Fiesta 2009 Sampler CD12009191
4062Sub-Level 03Touch of Pink5:28Furry Fiesta 2009 Sampler CD22009201
4063Sub-Level 03Paradox6:57Furry Fiesta 2009 Sampler CD32009209
4064Sub-Level 0399 Red Balloons4:07Furry Fiesta 2009 Sampler CD42009198
4065Sub-Level 03Rogue5:23Furry Fiesta 2009 Sampler CD52009196
4066Sub-Level 03Project One6:57Music For Dogs12002128
4067Sub-Level 03Music For Dogs6:04Music For Dogs22002128
4068Sub-Level 03Cycles2:30Music For Dogs32002128
4069Sub-Level 03Prelude No. 14:20Music For Dogs42002128
4070Sub-Level 03Sea 992:06Music For Dogs52002128
4071Sub-Level 034 Billion Years4:59Music For Dogs62002128
4072Sub-Level 03When You Become Naked5:25Music For Dogs72002128
4073Sub-Level 03Rogue5:47Music For Dogs82002128
4074Sub-Level 03Binding7:21Music For Dogs92002128
4075Sub-Level 03The Illusion of Me8:25Sub-Level 03: Live12006192
4076Sub-Level 03Splinter4:22Sub-Level 03: Live22006192
4077Sub-Level 03Paradox6:55Sub-Level 03: Live32006192
4078Sub-Level 03Return to Paradise6:44Sub-Level 03: Live42006192
4079Sub-Level 03Music for Dogs6:59Sub-Level 03: Live52006192
4080Sub-Level 03Second Best4:48Sub-Level 03: Live62006192
4081Sub-Level 03Elements of the Paw6:10Sub-Level 03: Live72006192
4082Sub-Level 03...For You5:35Sub-Level 03: Live82006192
4083Sub-Level 03Rogue5:22Sub-Level 03: Live92006192
4084Sub-Level 03Touch of Pink5:41Sub-Level 03: Live102006192
4085Sub-Level 03Call of the Wild7:23Sub-Level 03: Live112006192
4086Sub-Level 03Touch of Pink5:28Touch of Pink12005192
4087Sub-Level 03The Illusion of Me8:00Touch of Pink22005199
4088Sub-Level 03Return to Paradise6:40Touch of Pink32005199
4089Sub-Level 03Splinter4:10Touch of Pink42005195
4090Sub-Level 03Permanent4:45Touch of Pink52005176
4091Sub-Level 03Shout6:42Undercover (Disc 1)12008160
4092Sub-Level 03Run Away4:04Undercover (Disc 1)32008160
4093Sub-Level 03Don't You (Forget About Me)4:14Undercover (Disc 1)42008160
4094Sub-Level 03Imagine3:11Undercover (Disc 1)52008160
4095Sub-Level 03Cars4:20Undercover (Disc 1)62008160
4096Sub-Level 03Enjoy the Silence4:35Undercover (Disc 1)72008160
4097Sub-Level 0399 Red Balloons4:05Undercover (Disc 1)82008160
4098Sub-Level 03No. 1 Crush4:42Undercover (Disc 1)92008160
4099Sub-Level 03Undercover6:14Undercover (Disc 2)12008160
4100Sub-Level 035 Minutes5:02Undercover (Disc 2)22008160
4101Sub-Level 03In The Dark Of Day7:22Undercover (Disc 2)32008160
4102Sub-Level 03Legacy Of A Boy3:23Undercover (Disc 2)42008160
4103Sub-Level 03Zero Signal6:19Undercover (Disc 2)52008160
4104Sub-Level 03Listen4:33Undercover (Disc 2)62008160
4105Sub-Level 03Stand Up3:31Undercover (Disc 2)72008160
4106Sub-Level 03Nausea4:48Undercover (Disc 2)82008160
4107Sub-Level 03E.O.T.P. (Dirty Mutt Mix)6:42Undercover (Disc 2)92008160
4108Sub-Level 03Mi Amor Eterno4:41Undercover (Disc 2)102008160
4109SublimeWaiting for My Ruca2:2040oz. to Freedom11992185
4110Sublime40oz. to Freedom3:0240oz. to Freedom21992218
4111SublimeSmoke Two Joints2:5340oz. to Freedom31992214
4112SublimeWe're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance3:0740oz. to Freedom41992250
4113SublimeDon't Push4:1840oz. to Freedom51992205
4114Sublime54-46 That's My Number/Ball and Chain5:1740oz. to Freedom61992232