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# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Bitrate
1XBurning House of Love3:55Ain't Love Grand11985216
2XLove Shack3:06Ain't Love Grand21985222
3XMy Soul Cries Your Name3:38Ain't Love Grand31985219
4XMy Goodness4:36Ain't Love Grand41985199
5XAround My Heart4:44Ain't Love Grand51985208
6XWhat's Wrong with Me...3:46Ain't Love Grand61985212
7XAll or Nothing3:09Ain't Love Grand71985206
8XWatch the Sun Go Down3:50Ain't Love Grand81985206
9XI'll Stand Up for You4:05Ain't Love Grand91985206
10XLittle Honey3:45Ain't Love Grand101985211
11XSupercharged3:47Ain't Love Grand111985214
12XLos Angeles2:23Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)11997216
13XThe World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss3:53Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)21997216
14XYr Ignition2:57Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)31997239
15XYear One1:18Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)41997226
16XHungry Wolf3:49Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)51997210
17XWe're Desperate2:00Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)61997222
18XBeyond & Back2:45Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)71997213
19XBack 2 The Base1:30Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)81997215
20XBlue Spark2:12Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)91997198
21XSome Other Time2:22Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)101997215
22XSex And Dying In High Society2:17Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)111997223
23XMotel Room In My Bed2:41Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)121997201
24XHeater2:32Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)131997253
25XThe Once Over Twice2:53Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)141997240
26XBecause I Do2:24Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)151997208
27XIn This House That I Call Home3:35Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)161997217
28XSoul Kitchen2:33Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)171997214
29XUniversal Corner4:09Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)181997245
30XDelta 881:25Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)191997223
31XReal Child Of Hell3:00Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)201997240
32XI'm Coming Over1:21Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)211997199
33XWhite Girl3:29Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)221997209
34XNausea3:05Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)231997209
35XJohnny Hit And Run Paulene2:57Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)241997231
36XYour Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not2:26Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)251997205
37XRiding With Mary4:00Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)261997172
38XNausea Spoken Word/End of Show Recording1:59Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 1)271997186
39XThe New World3:37Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)11997212
40XBreathless2:16Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)21997217
41XPoor Girl2:53Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)31997216
42XWhat's Wrong With Me3:44Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)41997224
43XHow I (Learned My Lesson)2:20Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)51997245
44XThe Have Nots4:46Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)61997207
45XSomeone Like You3:04Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)71997210
46XThe Stage3:57Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)81997195
47XSee How We Are3:31Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)91997210
48XSurprise Surprise2:52Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)101997216
49X4th of July3:18Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)111997202
50XArms For Hostages/Country At War1:53Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)121997188
51XWild Thing3:31Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)131997223
52XBurning House Of Love3:43Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)141997197
53XDevil Doll3:13Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)151997213
54XTrue Love2:14Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)161997212
55XCall of the Wreckin' Ball2:56Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)171997221
56XIn The Time It Takes3:07Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)181997216
57XI Must Not Think Bad Thoughts5:37Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)191997186
58XHungry Wolf (instrumental)3:47Beyond And Back - The X Anthology (Disc 2)201997214
59XSomeone's Watching4:49Hey Zeus!11993210
60XBig Blue House4:04Hey Zeus!21993213
61XClean Like Tomorrow3:57Hey Zeus!31993214
62XNew Life3:26Hey Zeus!41993215
63XCountry at War4:15Hey Zeus!51993214
64XArms for Hostages3:37Hey Zeus!61993197
65XInto The Light3:57Hey Zeus!71993217
66XLettuce & Vodka5:07Hey Zeus!81993224
67XEverybody3:32Hey Zeus!91993219
68XBaby You Lied3:18Hey Zeus!101993220
69XDrawn In The Dark5:55Hey Zeus!111993206
70XYour Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not2:25Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]11980201
71XJohnny Hit And Run Paulene2:50Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]21980218
72XSoul Kitchen2:25Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]31980227
73XNausea3:40Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]41980217
74XSugarlight2:28Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]51980225
75XLos Angeles2:25Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]61980196
76XSex And Dying In High Society2:15Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]71980220
77XThe Unheard Music4:49Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]81980226
78XThe World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss4:43Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]91980213
79XI'm Coming Over (Demo)1:24Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]101980223
80XAdult Books (Dangerhouse Rough Mix)3:21Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]111980207
81XDelta 88 (Demo)1:28Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]121980199
82XCyrano De Berger's Back (Rehearsal)3:01Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]131980192
83XLos Angeles (Dangerhouse Version)2:14Los Angeles [2001 Remaster]141980218
84XThe New World3:27More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]11983215
85XWe're Having Much More Fun3:08More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]21983204
86XTrue Love2:15More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]31983200
87XPoor Girl2:54More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]41983210
88XMake The Music Go Bang3:05More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]51983223
89XBreathless2:18More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]61983201
90XI Must Not Think Bad Thoughts4:15More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]71983196
91XDevil Doll3:07More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]81983200
92XPainting The Town Blue3:20More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]91983192
93XHot House2:58More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]101983185
94XDrunk In My Past2:53More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]111983186
95XI See Red3:02More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]121983203
96XTrue Love Pt. #25:16More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]131983204
97XPoor Girl (Demo Remix)2:58More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]141983182
98XTrue Love Pt. #2 (Demo Remix)4:56More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]151983215
99XDevil Doll (Demo Remix)3:12More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]161983188
100XI Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Demo Remix)5:45More Fun In The New World [2002 Bonus Tracks]171983202
101XThe Hungry Wolf3:47Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]11982192
102XMotel Room in My Bed2:41Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]21982187
103XRiding with Mary3:41Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]31982188
104XCome Back to Me3:45Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]41982196
105XUnder the Big Black Sun3:28Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]51982187
106XBecause I Do2:24Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]61982193
107XBlue Spark2:08Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]71982181
108XDancing with Tears in My Eyes2:15Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]81982199
109XReal Child of Hell3:00Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]91982203
110XHow I (Learned My Lesson)2:16Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]101982199
111XThe Have Nots4:58Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]111982193
112XRiding with Mary (Single)3:12Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]121982214
113XX Rewrites "El Paso" [Rehearsal] / Because I Do [TV mix]2:56Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]131982209
114XUniversal Corner (Live)4:08Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]141982228
115XBreathless (Single Mix)2:20Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]151982204
116XHow I (Learned My Lesson) (Live)2:20Under the Big Black Sun [Remastered]161982178
117XThe Once Over Twice2:30Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]11981181
118XWe're Desperate2:00Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]21981171
119XAdult Books3:19Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]31981188
120XUniversal Corner4:33Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]41981207
121XI'm Coming Over1:14Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]51981190
122XIt's Who You Know2:17Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]61981178
123XIn This House That I Call Home3:34Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]71981193
124XSome Other Time2:17Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]81981169
125XWhite Girl3:27Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]91981173
126XBeyond And Back2:49Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]101981154
127XBack 2 The Base1:33Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]111981158
128XWhen Our Love Passed Out On The Couch1:57Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]121981189
129XYear 11:31Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]131981157
130XBeyond And Back (Live)2:48Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]141981231
131XBlue Spark (Demo)2:04Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]151981173
132XWe're Desperate (Single Version)2:01Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]161981212
133XBack 2 The Base (Live)1:40Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]171981176
134XHeater (Rehearsal)2:32Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]181981128
135XWhite Girl (Single Mix)3:29Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]191981184
136XThe Once Over Twice (Unissued Single Mix)2:35Wild Gift [2001 Reissue] [Bonus Tracks]201981165
137X JapanArt Of Life29:00Art Of Life11993200
138X JapanForever Love8:38Ballad Collection11997194
139X JapanLonging7:20Ballad Collection21997194
140X JapanEndless Rain6:37Ballad Collection31997218
141X JapanCrucify My Love4:35Ballad Collection41997175
142X JapanAlive8:26Ballad Collection51997216
143X JapanSay Anything8:46Ballad Collection61997203
144X JapanUnfinished4:28Ballad Collection71997205
145X JapanTears7:12Ballad Collection81997200
146X JapanForever Love (Last Mix)8:31Ballad Collection91997179
147X JapanThe Last Song (Memorial Track)11:33Ballad Collection101997204
148X JapanDahlia7:57Dahlia [Japan]11996212
149X JapanScars5:06Dahlia [Japan]21996230
150X JapanLonging (Melody)7:39Dahlia [Japan]31996194
151X JapanRusty Nail5:28Dahlia [Japan]41996221
152X JapanWhite Poem I3:18Dahlia [Japan]51996225
153X JapanCrucify My Love4:36Dahlia [Japan]61996174
154X JapanTears10:30Dahlia [Japan]71996199
155X JapanWriggle1:26Dahlia [Japan]81996251
156X JapanDrain3:28Dahlia [Japan]91996226
157X JapanForever Love (Acoustic Version)7:54Dahlia [Japan]101996189
158X-2-CBonafide4:02Save The Last Dance (OST)32000188
159Xandee1 Life2:57Après Ski 2005 (Disc 2)102005209
160XangOn Leave6:44The Last of the lasts2 128
161Xavier CugatPerfidia3:00Your Hit Parade 194122 126
162Xavier Cugat & His Waldorf-Astoria OrchestraBrazil2:48Your Hit Parade 1943171991127
163Xose Manuel BudinoRoncos De Son3:28Celtic Soundclash112001252
164XscapeWho Can I Run To?3:27  1995320
165XscapeJust Kickin' It3:2790's Pop Hits (Disc 1)10 190
166XscapeJust Kickin' It3:25Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha11993200
167XscapePumpin'3:59Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha21993195
168XscapeLet Me Know3:40Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha31993206
169XscapeUnderstanding5:41Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha41993182
170XscapeW.S.S. Deez Nuts0:44Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha51993182
171XscapeWith You4:04Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha61993200
172XscapeIs My Living In Vain2:48Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha71993183
173XscapeLove On My Mind3:49Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha81993210
174XscapeTonight4:04Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha91993169
175XscapeJust Kickin' It (Remix)3:31Hummin' Commin' At 'Cha101993202
176XscapeJust Kickin' It3:01Monsta Jamz82002202
177XscapeUnderstanding5:34Promo Only Mainstream Radio 1994-01131994178
178XscapeMy Little Secrets4:30The Best Of Rap & Black 2 (Disc 2)141999198
179XscapeAll About Me (Intro)2:00Traces Of My Lipstick11998202
180XscapeMy Little Secret4:28Traces Of My Lipstick21998199
181XscapeSoftest Place On Earth4:16Traces Of My Lipstick31998196
182XscapeDo You Know3:36Traces Of My Lipstick41998208
183XscapeOne Of Those Love Songs4:15Traces Of My Lipstick51998195
184XscapeThe Arms Of The One Who Loves You4:20Traces Of My Lipstick61998200
185XscapeI Will4:10Traces Of My Lipstick71998206
186XscapeYour Eyes5:09Traces Of My Lipstick81998206
187XscapeAll I Need4:22Traces Of My Lipstick91998195
188XscapeAm I Dreamin'5:43Traces Of My Lipstick101998195
189XscapeThe Runaround5:14Traces Of My Lipstick111998191
190XscapeHold On4:07Traces Of My Lipstick121998191
191XscapeAll About Me (Reprise)1:04Traces Of My Lipstick131998197
192XTCRespectable Street3:36Black Sea11980192
193XTCGenerals And Majors4:04Black Sea21980196
194XTCLiving Through Another Cuba4:43Black Sea31980208
195XTCLove At First Sight3:07Black Sea41980183
196XTCRocket From A Bottle3:29Black Sea51980172
197XTCNo Language In Our Lungs4:52Black Sea61980202
198XTCSmokeless Zone (bonus)3:50Black Sea71980188
199XTCDon't Lose Your Temper (bonus)2:32Black Sea81980217
200XTCThe Somnambulist (bonus)4:39Black Sea91980176
201XTCTowers Of London5:23Black Sea101980192
202XTCPaper And Iron (Notes And Coins)4:17Black Sea111980201
203XTCBurning With Optimism's Flames4:15Black Sea121980217
204XTCSgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)3:56Black Sea131980207
205XTCTravels In Nihilon6:56Black Sea141980184
206XTCMaking Plans For Nigel4:13Drums And Wires11979235
207XTCHelicopter3:54Drums And Wires21979241
208XTCDay In Day Out3:08Drums And Wires31979220
209XTCWhen You're Near Me I Have Difficulty3:22Drums And Wires41979241
210XTCTen Feet Tall3:16Drums And Wires51979227
211XTCRoads Girdle The Globe4:51Drums And Wires61979219
212XTCReel By Reel3:47Drums And Wires71979229
213XTCMillions5:39Drums And Wires81979220
214XTCThat Is The Way2:56Drums And Wires91979219
215XTCOutside World2:41Drums And Wires101979251
216XTCScissor Man4:00Drums And Wires111979217
217XTCComplicated Game5:04Drums And Wires121979220
218XTCLife Begins At The Hop3:49Drums And Wires131979239
219XTCChain Of Command2:33Drums And Wires141979238
220XTCLimelight2:27Drums And Wires151979217
221XTCRunaways4:34English Settlement [2002 Remaster]11982212
222XTCBall And Chain4:32English Settlement [2002 Remaster]21982203
223XTCSenses Working Overtime4:50English Settlement [2002 Remaster]31982198
224XTCJason And The Argonauts6:07English Settlement [2002 Remaster]41982220
225XTCNo Thugs In Our House5:10English Settlement [2002 Remaster]51982209
226XTCYacht Dance3:56English Settlement [2002 Remaster]61982207
227XTCAll Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)5:21English Settlement [2002 Remaster]71982200
228XTCMelt The Guns6:34English Settlement [2002 Remaster]81982225
229XTCLeisure5:02English Settlement [2002 Remaster]91982196
230XTCIt's Nearly Africa3:55English Settlement [2002 Remaster]101982208
231XTCKnuckle Down4:28English Settlement [2002 Remaster]111982214
232XTCFly On The Wall3:19English Settlement [2002 Remaster]121982227
233XTCDown In The Cockpit5:27English Settlement [2002 Remaster]131982211
234XTCScience Friction3:14Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)11996210
235XTCStatue Of Liberty2:52Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)21996200
236XTCThis Is Pop2:40Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)31996218
237XTCAre You Receiving Me?3:04Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)41996228
238XTCLife Begins At The Hop3:47Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)51996221
239XTCMaking Plans For Nigel4:12Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)61996220
240XTCTen Feet Tall3:13Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)71996207
241XTCWait Till Your Boat Goes Down4:20Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)81996209
242XTCGenerals And Majors3:41Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)91996218
243XTCTowers Of London4:38Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)101996215
244XTCSGT Rock (Is Going To Help Me)3:36Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)111996223
245XTCLove At First Sight3:07Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)121996215
246XTCRespectable Street3:07Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)131996210
247XTCSenses Working Overtime4:34Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)141996211
248XTCBall And Chain4:29Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)151996203
249XTCNo Thugs In Our House5:10Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 1)161996215
250XTCGreat Fire3:50Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)11996201
251XTCWonderland4:15Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)21996191
252XTCLove On A Farmboy's Wages3:59Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)31996187
253XTCAll You Pretty Girls3:59Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)41996202
254XTCThis World Over4:45Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)51996186
255XTCWake Up3:40Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)61996215
256XTCGrass2:42Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)71996183
257XTCThe Meeting Place3:13Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)81996197
258XTCDear God3:37Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)91996180
259XTCThe Mayor Of Simpleton3:57Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)101996239
260XTCKing For A Day3:36Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)111996232
261XTCThe Loving3:54Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)121996225
262XTCThe Disappointed3:38Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)131996202
263XTCThe Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead5:03Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)141996225
264XTCWrapped In Grey3:47Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-1992 (Disc 2)151996193
265XTCMeccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!)2:35Go 211978218
266XTCBattery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)4:35Go 221978202
267XTCBuzzcity Talking2:40Go 231978212
268XTCCrowded Room2:53Go 241978211
269XTCThe Rhythm2:58Go 251978229
270XTCAre You Receiving Me?3:04Go 261978219
271XTCRed3:01Go 271978223
272XTCBeatown4:35Go 281978215
273XTCLife Is Good in the Greenhouse4:41Go 291978186
274XTCJumping in Gomorrah2:03Go 2101978227
275XTCMy Weapon2:20Go 2111978207
276XTCSuper-Tuff4:24Go 2121978213
277XTCI Am the Audience3:38Go 2131978212
278XTCBeating of Hearts3:59Mummer11983187
280XTCLove on a Farmboy's Wages3:58Mummer31983182
281XTCGreat Fire3:47Mummer41983189
282XTCDeliver Us from the Elements4:36Mummer51983196
283XTCFrost Circus3:53Mummer61983187
287XTCProcession towards Learning Land3:44Mummer101983204
288XTCDesert Island4:47Mummer111983196
289XTCHuman Alchemy5:11Mummer121983179
291XTCIn Loving Memory of a Name3:16Mummer141983200
292XTCMe and the Wind4:17Mummer151983182
293XTCFunk Pop a Roll3:03Mummer161983198
294XTCThe Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead5:00Nonsuch11992229
295XTCMy Bird Performs3:50Nonsuch21992209
296XTCDear Madam Barnum2:53Nonsuch31992215
297XTCHumble Daisy3:39Nonsuch41992202
298XTCThe Smartest Monkeys4:18Nonsuch51992198
299XTCThe Disappointed3:23Nonsuch61992205
300XTCHolly Up On Poppy3:04Nonsuch71992205
304XTCThat Wave3:33Nonsuch111992195
305XTCThen She Appeared3:52Nonsuch121992209
306XTCWar Dance3:22Nonsuch131992214
307XTCWrapped In Grey3:46Nonsuch141992195
308XTCThe Ugly Underneath3:55Nonsuch151992206
310XTCBooks Are Burning4:51Nonsuch171992210
311XTCGarden Of Earthly Delights5:02Oranges & Lemons11989227
312XTCThe Mayor Of Simpleton3:58Oranges & Lemons21989233
313XTCKing For A Day3:38Oranges & Lemons31989229
314XTCHere Comes President Kill Again3:34Oranges & Lemons41989208
315XTCThe Loving4:11Oranges & Lemons51989230
316XTCPoor Skeleton Steps Out3:28Oranges & Lemons61989221
317XTCOne Of The Millions4:42Oranges & Lemons71989213
318XTCScarecrow People4:13Oranges & Lemons81989220
319XTCMerely A Man3:26Oranges & Lemons91989228
320XTCCynical Days3:17Oranges & Lemons101989204
321XTCAcross This Antheap4:51Oranges & Lemons111989219
322XTCHold Me My Daddy3:47Oranges & Lemons121989218
323XTCPink Thing3:48Oranges & Lemons131989206
324XTCMiniature Sun3:56Oranges & Lemons141989207
325XTCChalkhills And Children4:52Oranges & Lemons151989200
326XTCSummer's Cauldron3:18Skylarking11986186
328XTCThe Meeting Place3:14Skylarking31986200
329XTCThat's Really Super, Supergirl3:21Skylarking41986193
330XTCBallet For A Rainy Day2:53Skylarking51986198
331XTC1000 Umbrellas3:41Skylarking61986171
332XTCSeason Cycle3:21Skylarking71986191
333XTCEarn Enough For Us2:54Skylarking81986194
334XTCBig Day3:32Skylarking91986203
335XTCAnother Satellite4:16Skylarking101986196
336XTCThe Man Who Sailed Around His Soul3:23Skylarking111986202
337XTCDear God3:34Skylarking121986176
339XTCSacrificial Bonfire3:45Skylarking141986182
340XTCWake Up4:39The Big Express11984212
341XTCAll You Pretty Girls3:40The Big Express21984211
342XTCShake You Donkey Up4:19The Big Express31984215
343XTCSeagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her3:50The Big Express41984209
344XTCThis World Over5:36The Big Express51984198
345XTCRed Brick Dream2:01The Big Express61984197
346XTCWashaway3:01The Big Express71984190
347XTCBlue Overall4:25The Big Express81984208
348XTCThe Everyday Story Of Smalltown3:54The Big Express91984195
349XTCI Bought Myself A Liarbird2:49The Big Express101984203
350XTCReign Of Blows3:31The Big Express111984209
351XTCYou're The Wish You Are I Had3:13The Big Express121984195
352XTCI Remember The Sun3:10The Big Express131984200
353XTCTrain Running Low On Soul Coal5:06The Big Express141984209
354XTCRadios In Motion2:54White Music [2002 Remaster]11978211
355XTCCross Wires2:06White Music [2002 Remaster]21978195
356XTCThis Is Pop2:41White Music [2002 Remaster]31978219
357XTCDo What You Do1:16White Music [2002 Remaster]41978212
358XTCStatue Of Liberty2:55White Music [2002 Remaster]51978210
359XTCAll Along The Watchtower5:43White Music [2002 Remaster]61978205
360XTCInto The Atomic Age2:32White Music [2002 Remaster]71978202
361XTCI'll Set Myself On Fire3:04White Music [2002 Remaster]81978212
362XTCI'm Bugged3:59White Music [2002 Remaster]91978216
363XTCNew Town Animal In A Furnished Cage1:53White Music [2002 Remaster]101978205
364XTCSpinning Top2:40White Music [2002 Remaster]111978214
365XTCNeon Shuffle4:37White Music [2002 Remaster]121978204
366XTCScience Friction3:13White Music [2002 Remaster]131978223
367XTCShe's So Square3:07White Music [2002 Remaster]141978211
368XTCDance Band2:41White Music [2002 Remaster]151978209
369XTCHang Onto The Night2:09White Music [2002 Remaster]161978211
370XTCHeatwave2:12White Music [2002 Remaster]171978206
371XTCTraffic Light Rock1:40White Music [2002 Remaster]181978223
372XTCInstant Tunes2:34White Music [2002 Remaster]191978227
373XTM & DJ Chucky pres. AnniaFly On The Wings Of Love (Flip & Fill Remix)4:31Clubland 4: The Night Of Your Life (Disc 3) (Live)202003181
374The xxIntro2:07xx12009201
375The xxVCR2:57xx22009158
376The xxCrystalised3:22xx32009197
377The xxIslands2:40xx42009213
378The xxHeart Skipped a Beat4:02xx52009206
379The xxFantasy2:38xx62009190
380The xxShelter4:30xx72009179
381The xxBasic Space3:08xx82009187
382The xxInfinity5:13xx92009198
383The xxNight Time3:36xx102009190
384The xxStars4:22xx112009185
385XystusEquilibrio Overture3:02Equilibrio12008222
386XystusAct 1 Sc. 1: My Song of Creation3:40Equilibrio22008223
387XystusAct 1 Sc. 3: The Traveller4:50Equilibrio32008225
388XystusAct 1 Sc. 5: Last Breath4:56Equilibrio42008231
389XystusAct 1 Sc. 6: Divided We Sand4:29Equilibrio52008231
390XystusAct 1 Sc. 8: The Conflict6:32Equilibrio62008229
391XystusAct 2 Sc. 1: Destiny Unveiled5:26Equilibrio72008202
392XystusAct 2 Sc. 3: My Time of Need4:10Equilibrio82008220
393XystusAct 2 Sc. 4: Forever Bound3:46Equilibrio92008237
394XystusAct 2 Sc. 5: The Message6:14Equilibrio102008233
395XystusAct 2 Sc. 6: Balance Restored3:07Equilibrio112008187
396XystusAct 2 Sc. 7: God of Symmetry6:38Equilibrio122008219
397XYZFace Down In The Gutter4:11Hungry11991232
398XYZDon't Say No4:31Hungry21991240
399XYZFire And Water4:12Hungry31991230
400XYZWhen The Night Comes Down4:57Hungry41991219
401XYZOff To The Sun5:38Hungry51991234
402XYZFeels Good4:19Hungry61991232
403XYZShake Down The Walls4:34Hungry71991226
404XYZWhen I Find Love4:17Hungry81991192
405XYZH.H. Boogie4:29Hungry91991240
406XYZThe Sun Also Rises In Hell5:16Hungry101991244
407XYZA Roll Of The Dice3:57Hungry111991222
408XYZWhiskey On A Heartache4:53Hungry121991235
409XzibitSpit Shine3:398 Mile (OST)82002175
410XzibitHey Now (Mean Muggin)3:43Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-1142004251
411Y&TFrom The Moon0:42Best Of '81 To '8511990231
412Y&TOpen Fire4:10Best Of '81 To '8521990205
413Y&THurricane3:24Best Of '81 To '8531990213
414Y&TMean Streak4:07Best Of '81 To '8541990205
415Y&TRescue Me4:44Best Of '81 To '8551990188
416Y&TBlack Tiger4:19Best Of '81 To '8561990197
417Y&TDirty Girl5:06Best Of '81 To '8571990187
418Y&TForever5:48Best Of '81 To '8581990207
419Y&TMidnight In Tokyo5:41Best Of '81 To '8591990202
420Y&THang 'Em High5:31Best Of '81 To '85101990211
421Y&TLipstick And Leather3:27Best Of '81 To '85111990210
422Y&TSummertime Girls3:29Best Of '81 To '85121990208
423Y&TBeautiful Dreamer4:06Best Of '81 To '85131990211
424Y&T25 Hours A Day (Live)4:09Best Of '81 To '85141990214
425Y&TBarroom Boogie4:33Best Of '81 To '85151990216
426Y&TI Believe In You7:14Best Of '81 To '85161990205
427Y&TFrom The Moon0:42Black Tiger11982226
428Y&TOpen Fire4:10Black Tiger21982215
429Y&TDon't Wanna Lose4:09Black Tiger31982209
430Y&THell Or High Water3:44Black Tiger41982219
431Y&TForever5:48Black Tiger51982209
432Y&TBlack Tiger4:17Black Tiger61982202
433Y&TBarroom Boogie4:19Black Tiger71982200
434Y&TMy Way Or The Highway4:43Black Tiger81982220
435Y&TWinds Of Change6:19Black Tiger91982212
437Y&TL.A. Rocks4:41Contagious21987213
439Y&TThe Kid Goes Crazy4:15Contagious41987198
440Y&TFight For Your Life4:49Contagious51987217
441Y&TArmed And Dangerous4:20Contagious61987223
442Y&TRhythm Or Not5:06Contagious71987219
443Y&TBodily Harm3:33Contagious81987223
444Y&TEyes Of A Stranger4:40Contagious91987211
445Y&TI'll Cry For You2:35Contagious101987207
446Y&TIn The Name Of Rock5:30Down For The Count11985196
447Y&TAll American Boy2:22Down For The Count21985201
448Y&TAnytime At All4:30Down For The Count31985221
449Y&TAnything For Money3:20Down For The Count41985202
450Y&TFace Like An Angel4:34Down For The Count51985214
451Y&TSummertime Girls3:27Down For The Count61985214
452Y&TLooks Like Trouble4:05Down For The Count71985189
453Y&TYour Mama Don't Dance2:48Down For The Count81985193
454Y&TDon't Tell Me What To Wear4:00Down For The Count91985186
455Y&THands Of Time6:10Down For The Count101985190
456Y&THungry For Rock3:47Earthshaker11981217
457Y&TDirty Girl5:06Earthshaker21981188
458Y&TShake It Loose2:55Earthshaker31981214
460Y&TRescue Me4:44Earthshaker51981187
461Y&TYoung And Tough3:47Earthshaker61981204
463Y&TLet Me Go3:12Earthshaker81981206
464Y&TKnock You Out2:59Earthshaker91981205
465Y&TI Believe In You7:14Earthshaker101981206
466Y&THello, Hello (I'm Back Again)5:01Endangered Species11997221
467Y&TBlack Gold4:47Endangered Species21997235
468Y&TGimme The Beat4:43Endangered Species31997224
469Y&TGod Only Knows5:13Endangered Species41997210
470Y&TSumthin 4 Nuth'n4:12Endangered Species51997222
471Y&TStill Falling5:38Endangered Species61997218
472Y&TVoices4:21Endangered Species71997221
473Y&TI Wanna Cry4:24Endangered Species81997215
474Y&TSail On By5:21Endangered Species91997219
475Y&TCan't Stop The Rain3:39Endangered Species101997229
476Y&TTry To Believe5:03Endangered Species111997212
477Y&TRocco4:40Endangered Species121997222
478Y&THands Of Time (acoustic)5:12Endangered Species13 192
479Y&TRock & Roll's Gonna Save The World4:41In Rock We Trust11984203
480Y&TLife, Life, Life4:37In Rock We Trust21984210
481Y&TMasters And Slaves4:01In Rock We Trust31984212
482Y&TI'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know)3:48In Rock We Trust41984212
483Y&TBreak Out Tonight!4:22In Rock We Trust51984200
484Y&TLipstick And Leather3:26In Rock We Trust61984208
485Y&TDon't Stop Runnin'4:21In Rock We Trust71984212
486Y&T(Your Love Is) Drivin' Me Crazy4:55In Rock We Trust81984217
487Y&TShe's A Liar3:35In Rock We Trust91984214
488Y&TThis Time5:40In Rock We Trust101984200
489Y&TMean Streak4:06Mean Streak11983211
490Y&TStraight Thru The Heart4:14Mean Streak21983205
491Y&TLonely Side Of Town4:48Mean Streak31983209
492Y&TMidnight In Tokyo5:40Mean Streak41983203
493Y&TBreaking Away4:42Mean Streak51983214
494Y&THang 'Em High5:29Mean Streak61983219
495Y&TTake You To The Limit4:57Mean Streak71983214
496Y&TSentimental Fool3:11Mean Streak81983215
497Y&TDown And Dirty3:55Mean Streak91983202
498Y&TLong Way Down7:11Musically Incorrect11995212
499Y&TFly Away7:03Musically Incorrect21995212
500Y&TQuicksand5:44Musically Incorrect31995219
501Y&TCold Day In Hell5:06Musically Incorrect41995211
502Y&TI've Got My Own4:29Musically Incorrect51995213
503Y&TNowhere Land6:35Musically Incorrect61995207
504Y&TPretty Prison6:26Musically Incorrect71995213
505Y&TDon't Know What To Do4:52Musically Incorrect81995208
506Y&T21st Century5:30Musically Incorrect91995212
507Y&TI'm Lost3:19Musically Incorrect101995221
508Y&TConfusion3:09Musically Incorrect111995215
509Y&TNo Regrets5:28Musically Incorrect121995199
510Y&TStruck Down4:34Struck Down11978226
511Y&TPleasure In My Heart4:44Struck Down21978224
512Y&TRoad2:59Struck Down31978238
513Y&TNasty Sadie3:49Struck Down41978225
514Y&TDreams Of Egypt4:15Struck Down51978226
515Y&TTried To Show You3:43Struck Down61978230
516Y&TI'm Lost2:59Struck Down71978225
517Y&TStargazer (Round & Round)4:37Struck Down81978212
518Y&THard Times5:13Ten11990213
520Y&TDon't Be Afraid Of The Dark4:51Ten31990198
521Y&TGirl Crazy4:01Ten41990208
523Y&TCome In From The Rain6:03Ten61990201
524Y&TRed Hot & Ready4:18Ten71990203
525Y&TShe's Gone4:17Ten81990211
526Y&TLet It Out4:47Ten91990204
527Y&TTen Lovers6:06Ten101990207
528Y&TGoin' Off The Deep End4:32Ten111990212
530Y&TMeanstreak4:45Yesterday & Today Live11991226
531Y&THurricane3:42Yesterday & Today Live21991224
532Y&TDon't Stop Runnin'5:26Yesterday & Today Live31991224
533Y&TStruck Down4:55Yesterday & Today Live41991223
534Y&TWinds Of Change6:55Yesterday & Today Live51991209
535Y&TBlack Tiger5:18Yesterday & Today Live61991216
536Y&TMidnight In Tokyo6:38Yesterday & Today Live71991210
537Y&TBeautiful Dreamer5:15Yesterday & Today Live81991211
538Y&THard Times7:13Yesterday & Today Live91991218
539Y&TI'll Cry4:48Yesterday & Today Live101991216
540Y&TI Believe In You7:36Yesterday & Today Live111991211
541Y&TSqueeze4:28Yesterday & Today Live121991225
542Y&TForever7:09Yesterday & Today Live131991219
543Ya Kid KAwesome (You Are My Hero)4:04Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Secret Of The Ooze (OST)11991214
544YahppXtree1:37   160
545YahppCanon-D (Technova)4:35Pump It Up  128
546Yamato EnsembleYamaji8:21The Very Best Of Japanese Music12004196
547Yamato EnsembleFutatsu No Den-En-Shi I4:13The Very Best Of Japanese Music42004191
548Yamato EnsembleHoshun9:00The Very Best Of Japanese Music72004194
549Yang TianningI Want Rock and Roll5:04Yang Tianning12007223
550Yang TianningRain of Tears4:59Yang Tianning22007222
551Yang TianningModification3:43Yang Tianning32007221
552Yang TianningRunning4:33Yang Tianning42007240
553Yang TianningSunny Day4:59Yang Tianning52007212
554Yang TianningSpeedy Hurricane4:00Yang Tianning62007239
555Yang TianningPuppet's Tragedy6:10Yang Tianning72007213
556Yang TianningManifesto3:54Yang Tianning82007225
557Yang TianningThe Black Night Grips (Only Then Struggles)5:12Yang Tianning92007223
558Yang TianningAlthough I Am Sad, I Am Still...5:35Yang Tianning102007234
559Yankee GreyAll Things Considered2:40Untamed11999229
560Yankee GreyAnother Nine Minutes3:10Untamed21999231
561Yankee GreyThis Time Around3:57Untamed31999198
562Yankee GreyI Should've Listened To Me3:31Untamed41999239
563Yankee GreyUntamed3:06Untamed51999234
564Yankee GreyThis Ain't It2:47Untamed61999230
565Yankee GreyThat Would Be Me3:18Untamed71999221
566Yankee GreyThere's Only One4:32Untamed81999216
567Yankee GreyI Know How You Feel2:59Untamed91999229
568Yankee GreyTell Me Something I Don't Know3:05Untamed101999237
569YanniSwept Away4:44Chameleon Days11988198
570YanniMarching Season5:36Chameleon Days21988190
571YanniChasing Shadows5:45Chameleon Days31988221
572YanniThe Rain Must Fall4:39Chameleon Days41988191
573YanniDays Of Summer4:25Chameleon Days51988195
574YanniReflections Of Passion4:34Chameleon Days61988180
575YanniWalkabout4:34Chameleon Days71988200
576YanniEverglade Run5:03Chameleon Days81988201
577YanniA Word In Private3:44Chameleon Days91988191
578YanniOnce Upon A Time3:53Dare To Dream11992189
579YanniA Love For Life5:10Dare To Dream21992195
580YanniNice To Meet You5:38Dare To Dream31992197
581YanniSo Long My Friend3:50Dare To Dream41992191
582YanniYou Only Live Once7:22Dare To Dream51992199
583YanniTo The One Who Knows5:40Dare To Dream61992186
584YanniFace In The Photograph3:49Dare To Dream71992196
585YanniFelitsa4:48Dare To Dream81992188
586YanniDesire5:02Dare To Dream91992197
587YanniAria4:00Dare To Dream101992186
588YanniA Night To Remember5:48Dare To Dream111992199
589YanniIn The Mirror4:07Dare To Dream121992200
590YanniRites Of Passage4:35Ethnicity12003219
591YanniFor All Season5:37Ethnicity22003223
592YanniThe Promise3:42Ethnicity32003207
594YanniWritten On The Wind3:57Ethnicity52003219
595YanniPlaying By Heart4:38Ethnicity62003217
596YanniAt First Sight5:14Ethnicity72003208
597YanniTribal Dream5:35Ethnicity82003216
598YanniAlmost A Whisper3:51Ethnicity92003216
599YanniNever Too Late5:01Ethnicity102003220
600YanniPlay Time5:29Ethnicity112003226
601YanniJivaera (Jiva-Eri)4:39Ethnicity122003194
602YanniForbidden Dreams3:58Forbidden Dreams11998212
603YanniAria4:00Forbidden Dreams21998185
604YanniSantorini4:36Forbidden Dreams31998212
605YanniNostalgia4:30Forbidden Dreams41998199
606YanniAfter The Sunrise4:40Forbidden Dreams51998196
607YanniKeys To Imagination5:16Forbidden Dreams61998216
608YanniUntil The Last Moment6:22Forbidden Dreams71998189
609YanniOn Sacred Ground7:11If I Could Tell You12000208
610YanniThe Flame Within5:56If I Could Tell You22000205
611YanniMidnight Hymn5:52If I Could Tell You32000206
612YanniNovember Sky4:46If I Could Tell You42000198
613YanniWith An Orchid5:07If I Could Tell You52000205
614YanniWishing Well5:45If I Could Tell You62000202
615YanniA Walk In The Rain4:58If I Could Tell You72000202
616YanniHighland5:56If I Could Tell You82000203
617YanniIf I Could Tell You5:54If I Could Tell You92000204
618YanniIn Your Eyes5:13If I Could Tell You102000208
619YanniReason For Rainbows6:04If I Could Tell You112000214
620YanniSantorini4:36In Celebration Of Life11991205
621YanniSong For Antarctica4:24In Celebration Of Life21991193
622YanniMarching Season5:36In Celebration Of Life31991190
623YanniWalkabout4:32In Celebration Of Life41991209
624YanniKeys To Imagination5:16In Celebration Of Life51991207
625YanniLooking Glass6:40In Celebration Of Life61991212
626YanniSomebody4:36In Celebration Of Life71991198
627YanniWithin Attraction4:10In Celebration Of Life81991210
628YanniStanding In Motion5:22In Celebration Of Life91991216
629YanniSand Dance5:09In Celebration Of Life101991200
630YanniIn the Morning Light3:51In My Time11993178
631YanniOne Man's Dream2:46In My Time21993177
632YanniBefore I Go4:33In My Time31993180
633YanniEnchantment3:54In My Time41993179
634YanniThe End of August4:52In My Time51993188
635YanniTo Take ... To Hold4:03In My Time61993175
636YanniIn the Mirror4:05In My Time71993184
637YanniFelitsa4:54In My Time81993187
638YanniWhispers in the Dark5:27In My Time91993182
639YanniOnly a Memory4:19In My Time101993188
640YanniUntil the Last Moment6:22In My Time111993177
641YanniThe North Shore Of Matsushima5:09Keys To Imagination11986207
642YanniLooking Glass6:43Keys To Imagination21986209
643YanniNostalgia4:35Keys To Imagination31986190
644YanniSantorini4:39Keys To Imagination41986202
645YanniPort Of Mystery4:55Keys To Imagination51986192
646YanniKeys To Imagination5:19Keys To Imagination61986209
647YanniForgotten Yesterdays3:32Keys To Imagination71986194
648YanniForbidden Dreams3:58Keys To Imagination81986210
649YanniNorth Shore Of Matsushima5:10Nightbird11997213
650YanniPoint Of Origin5:58Nightbird21997227
651YanniWithin Attraction4:11Nightbird31997218
652YanniDance With A Stranger5:02Nightbird41997204
653YanniChasing Shadows5:38Nightbird51997203
654YanniDays Of Summer4:25Nightbird61997211
656YanniNiki Nana (We Are One)5:21Niki Nana11989195
657YanniDance with a Stranger5:02Niki Nana21989194
658YanniRunning Time6:01Niki Nana31989215
659YanniSomeday4:38Niki Nana41989197
660YanniHuman Condition5:12Niki Nana51989194
661YanniFirst Touch3:00Niki Nana61989181
662YanniNightbird6:03Niki Nana71989206
663YanniQuiet Man4:35Niki Nana81989197
664YanniThe Sphynx4:13Optimystique [1989 Reissue]11984206
665YanniButterfly Dance6:26Optimystique [1989 Reissue]21984209
666YanniStrings3:49Optimystique [1989 Reissue]31984227
667YanniTwilight7:33Optimystique [1989 Reissue]41984197
668YanniThe Chase5:08Optimystique [1989 Reissue]51984213
669YanniFarewell2:46Optimystique [1989 Reissue]61984189
670YanniTurn Of The Tide3:56Optimystique [1989 Reissue]71984211
671YanniThe Magus4:44Optimystique [1989 Reissue]81984208
672YanniSand Dance5:15Out of Silence11987203
673YanniAfter The Sunrise4:38Out of Silence21987194
674YanniStanding In Motion5:22Out of Silence31987222
675YanniThe Mermaid3:47Out of Silence41987181
676YanniWithin Attraction4:11Out of Silence51987213
677YanniStreet Level4:18Out of Silence61987198
678YanniSecret Vows3:59Out of Silence71987192
679YanniPoint Of Origin5:57Out of Silence81987216
680YanniAcroyali5:07Out of Silence91987197
681YanniPaths On Water3:52Out of Silence101987213
682YanniAfter The Sunrise4:40Reflections Of Passion11990196
683YanniThe Mermaid3:51Reflections Of Passion21990182
684YanniQuiet Man4:36Reflections Of Passion31990199
685YanniNostalgia4:33Reflections Of Passion41990196
686YanniAlmost A Whisper3:12Reflections Of Passion51990197
687YanniThe Rain Must Fall4:40Reflections Of Passion61990197
688YanniAcroyali5:06Reflections Of Passion71990197
689YanniFarewell2:49Reflections Of Passion81990190
690YanniSwept Away5:12Reflections Of Passion91990198
691YanniTrue Nature4:32Reflections Of Passion101990197
692YanniSecret Vows4:00Reflections Of Passion111990191
693YanniFlight Of Fantasy5:45Reflections Of Passion121990197
694YanniA Word In Private3:47Reflections Of Passion131990199
695YanniFirst Touch3:02Reflections Of Passion141990188
696YanniReflections Of Passion4:33Reflections Of Passion151990193
697YanniAfter The Sunrise4:40Snowfall12000196
698YanniIn The Morning Light3:50Snowfall22000188
700YanniTrue Nature4:30Snowfall42000199
701YanniTurn Of The Tide3:56Snowfall52000209
702YanniOnly A Memory4:17Snowfall62000198
704YanniA Word In Private3:47Snowfall82000203
705YanniOne Man's Dream2:44Snowfall92000186
707YanniYou Only Live Once7:18Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)12003199
708YanniFlight of Fantasy5:39Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)22003206
709YanniTo the One Who Knows5:36Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)32003188
710YanniKey to Imagination5:14Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)42003218
711YanniButterfly Dance6:24Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)52003214
712YanniNice to Meet You5:33Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)62003200
713YanniSantorini6:47Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)72003205
714YanniNostalgia5:37Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)82003201
715YanniAria3:58Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)92003191
716YanniPoint of Origin5:55Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)102003226
717YanniNightbird5:59Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)112003216
718YanniChasing Shadows5:42Ultimate Yanni (Disc 1)122003233
719YanniPaths of Water3:50Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)12003223
720YanniMarching Season4:33Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)22003190
721YanniReflections of Passion4:33Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)32003195
722YanniLooking Glass6:38Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)42003211
723YanniA Word in Private3:43Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)52003204
724YanniOne Man's Dream2:43Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)62003189
725YanniFelitsa4:51Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)72003200
726YanniIn the Mirror4:01Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)82003202
727YanniDesire4:57Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)92003198
728YanniThe Rain Must Fall7:27Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)102003210
729YanniRunning Time5:56Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)112003223
730YanniForbidden Dreams3:55Ultimate Yanni (Disc 2)122003215
731YanniOmaggio (Tribute)4:36Voices12009197
732YanniThe Keeper3:28Voices22009210
733YanniOur Days4:28Voices32009230
734YanniNever Leave The Sun3:56Voices42009207
735YanniBefore The Night Ends3:55Voices52009177
737YanniMas Allá3:30Voices72009220
738YanniUnico Amore (Enchantment)4:06Voices82009174
739YanniVivi Il Tuo Sogno (Almost A Whisper)3:38Voices92009190
741YanniSet Me Free3:24Voices112009214
742YanniKill Me With Your Love3:33Voices122009215
743YanniMi Todo Eres Tú (Until The Last Moment)3:24Voices132009213
744YanniRitual De Amor (Desire)4:13Voices142009225
745YanniMoments Without Time3:51Voices152009215
746YanniNei Tuoi Occhi (In The Mirror)3:58Voices162009180
747YanniAmare Di Nuovo (Adagio In C Minor)3:51Voices172009204
748YanniOne Man's Dream2:45Windham Hill Artists - Conversations With God (Disc 1)81997184
749Yannis MarkopoulosWho Pays The Ferryman2:39Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978 (Disc 1)212001236
750Yarbrough And PeoplesDon't Stop The Music (Long Version)7:50Magnum Opus: 20 Dance Masterpieces (Disc 2)42001218
751The YardbirdsI'm A Man2:36Classic Rock - 1965 The Beat Goes On221988179
752The YardbirdsOver Under Sideways Down2:21Classic Rock - 1966: The Beat Goes On221988131
753The YardbirdsBoom Boom2:26Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)11988128
754The YardbirdsHoney In Your Hips2:19Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)21988128
755The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong2:41Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)31988136
756The YardbirdsI Wish You Would2:18Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)41988138
757The YardbirdsA Certain Girl2:17Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)51988135
758The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl2:45Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)61988167
759The YardbirdsI Ain't Got You2:00Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)71988158
760The YardbirdsFor Your Love2:30Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)81988157
761The YardbirdsGot To Hurry2:36Eric Clapton - Crossroads (Disc 1)91988219
762The YardbirdsToo Much Monkey Business3:51Five Live Yardbirds11964141
763The YardbirdsGot Love If You Want It2:38Five Live Yardbirds21964146
764The YardbirdsSmokestack Lightning5:37Five Live Yardbirds31964153
765The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl2:42Five Live Yardbirds41964159
766The YardbirdsRespectable5:35Five Live Yardbirds51964164
767The YardbirdsFive Long Years5:18Five Live Yardbirds61964165
768The YardbirdsPretty Girl3:04Five Live Yardbirds71964160
769The YardbirdsLouise3:43Five Live Yardbirds81964165
770The YardbirdsI'm A Man4:33Five Live Yardbirds91964161
771The YardbirdsHere 'Tis5:11Five Live Yardbirds101964153
772The YardbirdsMr. You're A Better Man Than I3:19Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]11965132
773The YardbirdsEvil Hearted You2:25Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]21965127
774The YardbirdsI'm A Man2:38Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]31965141
775The YardbirdsStill I'm Sad2:59Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]41965127
776The YardbirdsHeart Full Of Soul2:29Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]51965131
777The YardbirdsTrain Kept A Rollin'3:26Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]61965142
778The YardbirdsHeart Full Of Soul (Sitar Version)1:54Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]71965134
779The YardbirdsSteeled Blues2:38Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]81965127
780The YardbirdsShapes Of Things2:26Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]91965128
781The YardbirdsNew York City Blues4:19Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]101965131
782The YardbirdsQuesta Volta2:33Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]111965129
783The YardbirdsPaff... Bum (Italian Issue)2:37Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]121965128
784The YardbirdsPaff... Bum (German Issue)2:27Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]131965133
785The YardbirdsWhat Do You Want?3:11Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]141965198
786The YardbirdsJeff's Blues3:04Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]151965193
787The YardbirdsSomeone To Love (Part 1)2:24Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]161965128
788The YardbirdsSomeone To Love (Part 2)4:17Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]171965213
789The YardbirdsFor R.S.G.4:05Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]181965128
790The YardbirdsLike Jimmy Reed Again3:04Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]191965206
791The YardbirdsChris' Number2:23Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]201965197
792The YardbirdsPounds And Stomps2:32Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]211965140
793The YardbirdsStroll On2:44Having A Rave Up [JVC +16]221965128
794The YardbirdsI'm A Man2:37Highs Of The Sixties191986138
795The YardbirdsShapes Of Things2:25Legacy Hall Of Fame - Rock 'N' Roll Legends (Volume 7) (Sugar, Sugar)10 162
796The YardbirdsLittle Games2:26Little Games11968200
797The YardbirdsSmile On Me3:16Little Games21968134
798The YardbirdsWhite Summer3:51Little Games31968203
799The YardbirdsTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor (Instr.)2:41Little Games41968135
800The YardbirdsGlimpes4:24Little Games51968188
801The YardbirdsDrinking Muddy Water2:53Little Games61968189
802The YardbirdsNo Excess Baggage2:32Little Games71968191
803The YardbirdsStealing Stealing2:23Little Games81968194
804The YardbirdsOnly The Black Rose2:51Little Games91968161
805The YardbirdsLittle Soldier Boy2:35Little Games101968190
806The YardbirdsGoodnight Sweet Josephine (UK Version)2:40Little Games111968126
807The YardbirdsPuzzles2:03Little Games121968131
808The YardbirdsHa Ha Said The Clown2:25Little Games131968127
809The YardbirdsI Remember The Night2:58Little Games141968161
810The YardbirdsTen Little Indians2:17Little Games151968127
811The YardbirdsThink About It3:45Little Games161968128
812The YardbirdsGoodnight Sweet Josephine (US Version)2:44Little Games171968130
813The YardbirdsTogether Now (Performed By Together)2:58Little Games181968137
814The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong2:39Over Under Sideways Down11990173
815The YardbirdsI Wish You Would2:18Over Under Sideways Down21990137
816The YardbirdsCertain Girl2:18Over Under Sideways Down31990134
817The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl2:46Over Under Sideways Down41990140
818The YardbirdsGot Love If You Want It2:33Over Under Sideways Down51990127
819The YardbirdsI Ain't Got You2:00Over Under Sideways Down61990154
820The YardbirdsI'm Not Talking2:32Over Under Sideways Down71990135
821The YardbirdsTrain Kept A 'Rollin'3:10Over Under Sideways Down81990143
822The YardbirdsI Ain't Done Wrong3:38Over Under Sideways Down91990131
823The YardbirdsFor Your Love2:30Over Under Sideways Down101990144
824The YardbirdsHeart Full Of Soul2:28Over Under Sideways Down111990165
825The YardbirdsEvil Hearted You2:25Over Under Sideways Down121990129
826The YardbirdsStill I'm Sad2:59Over Under Sideways Down131990127
827The YardbirdsI'm A Man2:37Over Under Sideways Down141990133
828The YardbirdsShapes Of Things2:26Over Under Sideways Down151990133
829The YardbirdsOver Under Sideways Down2:23Over Under Sideways Down161990214
830The YardbirdsYou're A Better Man Than I3:18Over Under Sideways Down171990130
831The YardbirdsHappenings Ten Years Time Ago2:56Over Under Sideways Down181990129
832The YardbirdsThe Nazz Are Blue3:03Over Under Sideways Down191990205
833The YardbirdsRack My Mind3:14Over Under Sideways Down201990202
834The YardbirdsPsycho Daisies1:46Over Under Sideways Down211990145
835The YardbirdsStroll On2:43Over Under Sideways Down221990207
836The YardbirdsLittle Games2:25Over Under Sideways Down231990192
837The YardbirdsPuzzles1:59Over Under Sideways Down241990203
838The YardbirdsDrinking Muddy Water2:53Over Under Sideways Down251990180
839The YardbirdsTinker Tailor Soldier Sailor2:40Over Under Sideways Down261990136
840The YardbirdsTen Little Indians2:17Over Under Sideways Down271990198
841The YardbirdsThink About It3:45Over Under Sideways Down281990173
842The YardbirdsLost Women3:17Roger The Engineer11966208
843The YardbirdsOver, Under, Sideways, Down2:24Roger The Engineer21966214
844The YardbirdsThe Nazz Are Blue3:04Roger The Engineer31966204
845The YardbirdsI Can't Make Your Way2:26Roger The Engineer41966204
846The YardbirdsRack My Mind3:15Roger The Engineer51966201
847The YardbirdsFarewell1:30Roger The Engineer61966200
848The YardbirdsHappenings 10 Years Time Ago2:58Roger The Engineer71966129
849The YardbirdsPsycho Daisies1:50Roger The Engineer81966136
850The YardbirdsHot House Of Omagararshid2:39Roger The Engineer91966229
851The YardbirdsJeff's Boogie2:25Roger The Engineer101966212
852The YardbirdsHe's Always There2:15Roger The Engineer111966205
853The YardbirdsTurn Into Earth3:06Roger The Engineer121966208
854The YardbirdsWhat Do You Want3:22Roger The Engineer131966199
855The YardbirdsEver Since The World Began2:03Roger The Engineer141966211
856The YardbirdsShapes Of Things2:28The Sixties Complete (Disc 3)131997143
857The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong2:40The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)11999151
858The YardbirdsI Wish You Would2:20The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)21999149
859The YardbirdsA Certain Girl2:19The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)31999135
860The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl2:48The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)41999134
861The YardbirdsI Ain't Got You2:01The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)51999136
862The YardbirdsFor Your Love2:30The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)61999134
863The YardbirdsGot To Hurry2:37The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)71999184
864The YardbirdsMy Girl Sloopy5:38The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)81999141
865The YardbirdsI'm Not Talking2:34The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)91999136
866The YardbirdsHeart Full Of Soul2:30The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)101999139
867The YardbirdsSteeled Blues2:39The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)111999172
868The YardbirdsEvil Hearted You2:26The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)121999128
869The YardbirdsStill I'm Sad2:59The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)131999131
870The YardbirdsI'm A Man4:31The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)141999174
871The YardbirdsNew York City Blues4:20The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)151999130
872The YardbirdsShapes Of Things2:27The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)161999126
873The YardbirdsMr. You're A Better Man Than I3:19The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)171999132
874The YardbirdsTrain Kept A-Rollin'3:25The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)181999157
875The YardbirdsSmokestack Lightning (Live)6:51The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)11999193
876The YardbirdsYou Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover (Live)2:58The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)21999182
877The YardbirdsLet It Rock (Live)2:55The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)31999181
878The YardbirdsToo Much Monkey Business (Live)3:00The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)41999176
879The YardbirdsGot Love If You Want It (Live)2:29The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)51999174
880The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl (Live)2:30The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)61999174
881The YardbirdsFive Long Years (Live)4:58The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)71999145
882The YardbirdsLouise (Live)3:37The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)81999155
883The YardbirdsBoom Boom2:27The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)91999188
884The YardbirdsHoney In Your Hips2:19The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)101999196
885The YardbirdsTalkin' 'Bout You1:58The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)111999196
886The YardbirdsPutty (In Your Hands)2:19The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)121999134
887The YardbirdsSweet Music (Take 3)2:31The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)131999204
888The YardbirdsI Ain't Done Wrong3:40The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)141999137
889The YardbirdsJeff's Blues (Take 2)3:05The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)151999191
890The YardbirdsSomeone To Love Part One (Take 15, Vocal)2:24The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)161999127
891The YardbirdsLike Jimmy Reed Again3:05The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)171999192
892The YardbirdsStroll On2:49The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)181999193
893Yasunori Mitsuda, Noriko Matsueda, Nobuo UematsuWorld Revolution2:12Chrono Trigger OSV131995128
894Yasunori Mitsuda, Noriko Matsueda, Nobuo UematsuLast Battle4:05Chrono Trigger OSV141995128
895YazSituation (12" Mix)5:46Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]12004226
896YazDon't Go3:11Upstairs At Eric's11982198
897YazToo Pieces3:15Upstairs At Eric's21982187
898YazBad Connection3:21Upstairs At Eric's31982208
899YazI Before E Except After C4:42Upstairs At Eric's41982186
900YazMidnight4:23Upstairs At Eric's51982181
901YazIn My Room3:54Upstairs At Eric's61982198
902YazOnly You3:15Upstairs At Eric's71982183
903YazGoodbye Seventies2:37Upstairs At Eric's81982198
904YazSituation5:46Upstairs At Eric's91982217
905YazWinter Kills4:04Upstairs At Eric's101982183
906YazBring Your Love Down (Didn't I)4:40Upstairs At Eric's111982192
907YazNobody's Diary4:30You and Me Both11983202
908YazSoftly Over4:02You and Me Both21983204
909YazSweet Thing3:42You and Me Both31983214
910YazMr. Blue3:27You and Me Both41983198
911YazGood Times4:20You and Me Both51983205
912YazWalk Away From Love3:19You and Me Both61983207
913YazOde to Boy3:36You and Me Both71983196
914YazUnmarked3:35You and Me Both81983210
915YazAnyone3:25You and Me Both91983203
916YazState Farm3:36You and Me Both101983222
917YazAnd On3:11You and Me Both111983202
918YazzFine Time3:41Heart & Soul21989238
919YazzThe Only Way Is Up3:56The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 2 (Disc 2)21993206
920Yeah Yeah YeahsRich3:36Fever To Tell12003211
921Yeah Yeah YeahsDate With The Night2:35Fever To Tell22003225
922Yeah Yeah YeahsMan1:49Fever To Tell32003229
923Yeah Yeah YeahsTick1:49Fever To Tell42003221
924Yeah Yeah YeahsBlack Tongue2:59Fever To Tell52003227
925Yeah Yeah YeahsPin2:00Fever To Tell62003229
926Yeah Yeah YeahsCold Light2:16Fever To Tell72003222
927Yeah Yeah YeahsNo No No5:14Fever To Tell82003210
928Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps3:39Fever To Tell92003223
929Yeah Yeah YeahsY Control4:00Fever To Tell102003233
930Yeah Yeah YeahsModern Romance7:28Fever To Tell112003162
931Yeah Yeah YeahsRockers To Swallow3:12Is Is (EP)12007163
932Yeah Yeah YeahsDown Boy3:55Is Is (EP)22007194
933Yeah Yeah YeahsKiss Kiss2:45Is Is (EP)32007180
934Yeah Yeah YeahsIsis4:02Is Is (EP)42007197
935Yeah Yeah Yeahs10 x 103:44Is Is (EP)52007186
936Yeah Yeah YeahsZero4:25It's Blitz!12009230
937Yeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will Roll3:42It's Blitz!22009227
938Yeah Yeah YeahsSoft Shock3:53It's Blitz!32009218
939Yeah Yeah YeahsSkeletons5:02It's Blitz!42009197
940Yeah Yeah YeahsDull Life4:08It's Blitz!52009233
941Yeah Yeah YeahsShame and Fortune3:31It's Blitz!62009217
942Yeah Yeah YeahsRunaway5:13It's Blitz!72009211
943Yeah Yeah YeahsGradon Queen4:02It's Blitz!82009226
944Yeah Yeah YeahsHysteric3:52It's Blitz!92009215
945Yeah Yeah YeahsLittle Shadow3:57It's Blitz!102009205
946Yeah Yeah YeahsMachine3:17Machine (EP)12002258
947Yeah Yeah YeahsGraveyard1:29Machine (EP)22002197
948Yeah Yeah YeahsPin (Remix)2:19Machine (EP)32002185
949Yeah Yeah YeahsGold Lion3:07Show Your Bones12006199
950Yeah Yeah YeahsWay Out2:51Show Your Bones22006238
951Yeah Yeah YeahsFancy4:24Show Your Bones32006232
952Yeah Yeah YeahsPhenomena4:10Show Your Bones42006235
953Yeah Yeah YeahsHoneybear2:25Show Your Bones52006232
954Yeah Yeah YeahsCheated Hearts3:58Show Your Bones62006217
955Yeah Yeah YeahsDudley3:42Show Your Bones72006231
956Yeah Yeah YeahsMysteries2:35Show Your Bones82006209
957Yeah Yeah YeahsThe Sweets3:55Show Your Bones92006218
958Yeah Yeah YeahsWarrior3:42Show Your Bones102006189
959Yeah Yeah YeahsTurn Into4:05Show Your Bones112006223
960Yeah Yeah YeahsGold Lion3:05Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 14 (Disc 2)42007227
961Yeah Yeah YeahsBang3:09Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP)12001237
962Yeah Yeah YeahsMystery Girl2:57Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP)22001210
963Yeah Yeah YeahsArt Star2:00Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP)32001243
964Yeah Yeah YeahsMiles Away2:20Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP)42001219
965Yeah Yeah YeahsOur Time3:23Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP)52001207
966YelloOh Yeah3:08Essential11992197
967YelloThe Race3:22Essential21992198
970YelloVicious Games4:20Essential51992202
971YelloTied Up3:34Essential61992211
972YelloLost Again4:21Essential71992212
973YelloI Love You4:09Essential81992211
974YelloOf Course I'm Lying3:54Essential91992202
975YelloPinball Cha Cha3:38Essential101992233
978YelloJungle Bill3:41Essential131992226
979YelloCall It Love4:07Essential141992204
981YelloThe Rhythm Divine4:22Essential161992189
982YelloOh Yeah3:05Rock Of The 80's Volume 591993254
983The Yellow BalloonYellow Balloon2:13Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 3)92009138
984The Yellow PaygesOur Time Is Running Out2:38Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Disc 2)262009147
985YellowcardOcean Avenue3:17Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-02182004239
986YellowcardOnly One3:28Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-09102004238
987YellowcardLights And Sounds2:51Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0282006212
988YellowcardRough Landing, Holly3:12Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-0572006235
989YellowjacketsSuite 154:51Altererd State12005196
990YellowjacketsMarch Majestic5:20Altererd State22005192
991YellowjacketsThe Hope5:05Altererd State32005193
992YellowjacketsHunter's Point6:13Altererd State42005202
993YellowjacketsMother Earth4:43Altererd State52005198
994YellowjacketsYouth Eternal5:08Altererd State62005205
995YellowjacketsFree day5:27Altererd State72005204
996YellowjacketsCross Current5:28Altererd State82005204
997YellowjacketsAha5:49Altererd State92005199
998Yellowjackets57 Chevy6:23Altererd State102005195
999YellowjacketsUnity5:28Altererd State112005200
1000YellowjacketsCapetown5:37Blue Hats11997201
1001YellowjacketsWith These Hands6:57Blue Hats21997204
1002YellowjacketsPrayer For Peace6:48Blue Hats31997177
1003YellowjacketsStatue Of Liberty6:11Blue Hats41997211
1004YellowjacketsCoal Minor Blues5:56Blue Hats51997202
1005YellowjacketsSavanna7:09Blue Hats61997201
1006YellowjacketsNew Rochelle6:09Blue Hats71997193
1007YellowjacketsCoquimbo4:32Blue Hats81997198
1008YellowjacketsAngelina7:15Blue Hats91997164
1009YellowjacketsThe Chosen4:58Dreamland11995210
1011YellowjacketsSummer Song6:37Dreamland31995201
1012YellowjacketsSmall Town6:32Dreamland41995214
1013YellowjacketsA Walk In The Park5:22Dreamland51995203
1014YellowjacketsTurn In Time5:07Dreamland61995204
1015YellowjacketsFather Time4:46Dreamland71995211
1016YellowjacketsNew Lullaby (For Gabriela)4:31Dreamland81995195
1018YellowjacketsTake My Hand4:31Dreamland101995192
1019YellowjacketsOut of Town5:05Four Corners11987198
1020YellowjacketsWildlife6:06Four Corners21987209
1021YellowjacketsSightseeing5:55Four Corners31987206
1022YellowjacketsOpen Road3:40Four Corners41987192
1023YellowjacketsMile High4:14Four Corners51987199
1024YellowjacketsPast Ports5:33Four Corners61987203
1025YellowjacketsPostcards5:31Four Corners71987196
1026YellowjacketsRoom With a View4:31Four Corners81987193
1027YellowjacketsGeneva2:28Four Corners91987191
1028YellowjacketsIndigo5:29Four Corners101987202
1031YellowjacketsSeven Stars7:41Greenhouse31991199
1032YellowjacketsIndian Summer5:40Greenhouse41991197
1034YellowjacketsBrown Zone4:54Greenhouse61991200
1035YellowjacketsLiam / Rain Dance6:33Greenhouse71991198
1036YellowjacketsInvisible People5:48Greenhouse81991196
1039YellowjacketsMan Facing North6:28Like A River11993208
1040YellowjacketsMy Old School7:16Like A River21993204
1041YellowjacketsRiver Waltz6:00Like A River31993199
1042YellowjacketsDewey (For Miles)5:41Like A River41993192
1043YellowjacketsMemoirs6:20Like A River51993186
1044YellowjacketsAzure Moon6:03Like A River61993199
1045YellowjacketsSue Os6:37Like A River71993197
1046Yellowjackets19987:00Like A River81993209
1047YellowjacketsSandstone5:32Like A River91993206
1048YellowjacketsSolitude5:04Like A River101993178
1049YellowjacketsLes Is Mo4:58Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)12002219
1050YellowjacketsBoomtown5:35Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)22002213
1051YellowjacketsMotet9:29Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)32002204
1052YellowjacketsMofongo7:17Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)42002205
1053YellowjacketsBlues For KJ5:24Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)52002208
1054YellowjacketsRunferyerlife7:32Mint Jam (Disc 1) (Blue)62002227
1055YellowjacketsSong For Carla5:36Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)12002207
1056YellowjacketsTortoise and the Hare7:25Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)22002217
1057YellowjacketsMosaic6:27Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)32002221
1058YellowjacketsNew Jig7:14Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)42002209
1059YellowjacketsStatue of Liberty9:48Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)52002217
1060YellowjacketsEvening News6:53Mint Jam (Disc 2) (Green)62002216
1062YellowjacketsTortoise & The Hare5:35Politics21988208
1063YellowjacketsLocal Hero4:40Politics31988190
1064YellowjacketsGalileo (For Jaco)5:07Politics41988185
1065YellowjacketsForeign Correspondent5:43Politics51988207
1069YellowjacketsOne Voice3:59Politics91988187
1070YellowjacketsEvening Dance5:11Politics101988202
1071YellowjacketsJacket Town5:27Run For Your Life11994201
1072YellowjacketsEven Song6:36Run For Your Life21994194
1073YellowjacketsRunferyerlife4:25Run For Your Life31994206
1074YellowjacketsThe Red Sea5:47Run For Your Life41994210
1075YellowjacketsMuhammed6:50Run For Your Life51994212
1076YellowjacketsCity of Lights6:59Run For Your Life61994199
1077YellowjacketsSage5:06Run For Your Life71994191
1078YellowjacketsAncestors5:02Run For Your Life81994208
1079YellowjacketsWisdom7:29Run For Your Life91994205
1080YellowjacketsHomecoming5:12Samurai Samba11985212
1081YellowjacketsDeat Beat5:25Samurai Samba21985202
1082YellowjacketsDaddy's Gonna Miss You4:35Samurai Samba31985199
1083YellowjacketsSylvania4:14Samurai Samba41985217
1084YellowjacketsSilverlake5:46Samurai Samba51985214
1085YellowjacketsLonely Weekend4:22Samurai Samba61985203
1086YellowjacketsLos Mambos4:26Samurai Samba71985199
1087YellowjacketsSamurai Samba5:20Samurai Samba81985213
1088YellowjacketsAnd You Know That5:14Shades11986194
1089YellowjacketsNew Shoes5:17Shades21986209
1090YellowjacketsOne Family5:39Shades31986191
1093YellowjacketsRegular Folks5:02Shades61986199
1094YellowjacketsBlack Tie5:45Shades71986208
1095YellowjacketsSonja's Sanfona6:28Shades81986205
1097YellowjacketsWildcats & Cougars5:33Shades101986204
1098YellowjacketsGeraldine6:44The Spin11989197
1099YellowjacketsThe Spin4:48The Spin21989195
1100YellowjacketsStorytellers6:46The Spin31989200
1101YellowjacketsPrayer For El Salvador6:02The Spin41989184
1102YellowjacketsWhistle While You Walk5:15The Spin51989191
1103YellowjacketsEnigma4:48The Spin61989192
1104YellowjacketsDark Horses5:01The Spin71989200
1105YellowjacketsBlues For Nikki4:19The Spin81989193
1106YellowjacketsA Flower Is A Lovesome Thing - Hallucinations8:47The Spin91989191
1107YellowjacketsGo Go5:33Time Squared12003212
1108YellowjacketsMonk's Habit5:13Time Squared22003204
1109YellowjacketsSmithtown5:18Time Squared32003206
1110YellowjacketsHealing Waters6:11Time Squared42003202
1111YellowjacketsTime Squared6:46Time Squared52003212
1112YellowjacketsGabriela Rose4:55Time Squared62003189
1113YellowjacketsSea Folk6:33Time Squared72003204
1114YellowjacketsV5:27Time Squared82003207
1115YellowjacketsClaire @ 1 85:25Time Squared92003190
1116YellowjacketsVillage Gait5:32Time Squared102003200
1117YellowjacketsMy 1st Best Friend4:48Time Squared112003187
1118YellowjacketsRevelation7:38Twenty Five12006204
1119YellowjacketsGeraldine9:06Twenty Five22006192
1120YellowjacketsJacket Town10:56Twenty Five32006204
1121YellowjacketsSea Folk11:05Twenty Five42006203
1122YellowjacketsFree Day7:37Twenty Five52006211
1123YellowjacketsMy Old School5:26Twenty Five62006209
1124YellowjacketsGreenhouse11:08Twenty Five72006198
1125YellowjacketsRunFerYerLife9:39Twenty Five82006210
1126YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:299012511983188
1127YesHold On5:189012521983201
1128YesIt Can Happen5:299012531983177
1131YesLeave It4:149012561983201
1132YesOur Song4:189012571983200
1133YesCity Of Love4:529012581983204
1135YesRhythm Of Love4:48Big Generator11987188
1136YesBig Generator4:33Big Generator21987203
1137YesShoot High Aim Low7:03Big Generator31987191
1138YesAlmost Like Love5:01Big Generator41987189
1139YesLove Will Find A Way4:49Big Generator51987192
1140YesFinal Eyes6:26Big Generator61987195
1141YesI'm Running7:37Big Generator71987184
1142YesHoly Lamb3:19Big Generator81987189
1143YesClose to the Edge18:40Close To The Edge [Remastered]11972219
1144YesAnd You and I10:09Close To The Edge [Remastered]21972210
1145YesSiberian Khatru8:55Close To The Edge [Remastered]31972224
1146YesMachine Messiah10:27Drama11980193
1147YesWhite Car1:21Drama21980192
1148YesDoes It Really Happen?6:34Drama31980181
1149YesInto The Lens8:33Drama41980191
1150YesRun Through The Light4:43Drama51980186
1151YesTempus Fugit5:14Drama61980192
1152YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:25Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks (Disc 3)12000252
1153YesFly From Here: Overture1:53Fly From Here12011208
1154YesFly From Here Part I: We Can Fly6:00Fly From Here22011222
1155YesFly From Here Part II: Sad Night at the Airfield6:41Fly From Here32011214
1156YesFly From Here Part III: Madman at the Screens5:16Fly From Here42011220
1157YesFly From Here Part IV: Bumpy Ride2:15Fly From Here52011221
1158YesFly From Here Part V: We Can Fly Reprise1:44Fly From Here62011238
1159YesThe Man You Always Wanted Me to Be5:07Fly From Here72011224
1160YesLife on a Film Set5:01Fly From Here82011225
1161YesHour of Need3:07Fly From Here92011210
1162YesSolitaire3:30Fly From Here102011188
1163YesInto the Storm6:54Fly From Here112011249
1164YesRoundabout8:35Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)11972233
1165YesCans and Brahms (Extracts from Brahms' 4th Symphony in E Minor Third Movement)1:42Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)21972193
1166YesWe Have Heaven1:39Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)31972218
1167YesSouth Side of the Sky7:58Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)41972221
1168YesFive Per Cent for Nothing0:37Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)51972209
1169YesLong Distance Runaround3:30Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)61972215
1170YesThe Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)2:42Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)71972220
1171YesMood for a Day3:02Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)81972211
1172YesHeart of the Sunrise11:32Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)91972208
1173YesAmerica10:33Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)101972232
1174YesRoundabout (Early Rough Mix)8:35Fragile (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)111972228
1175YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:29Generation 80's (Disc 2)32001190
1176YesGoing For The One5:32Going For The One11977206
1177YesTurn Of The Century7:54Going For The One21977203
1178YesParallels5:54Going For The One31977200
1179YesWondrous Stories3:50Going For The One41977188
1180YesAwaken15:26Going For The One51977204
1181YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart3:51Like, Omigod! - The 80's Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 5)12002212
1182YesThe Gates Of Delirium21:56Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]11974200
1183YesSound Chaser9:27Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]21974201
1184YesTo Be Over9:19Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]31974184
1185YesSoon (Single Edit - Bonus Track)4:18Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]41974179
1186YesSound Chaser (Single Edit - Bonus Track)3:13Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]51974205
1187YesThe Gates Of Delirium (Previously Unissued Studio Run Through)21:16Relayer [Remastered & Expanded]61974216
1188YesPerpetual Change8:57Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 3)11996220
1189YesSiberian Khatru8:58Supernatural Fairy Tales (The Progressive Rock Era) (Disc 4)21996223
1190YesThe Revealing Science Of God Dance Of The Dawn22:37Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 1)11973209
1191YesThe Remembering High The Memory20:53Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 1)21973208
1192Yes'The Ancient' Giants Under The Sun18:35Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 1)31973220
1193YesRitual Nous Sommes Du Soleil21:52Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 2)11973215
1194YesDance Of The Dawn (Studio Run-Through)23:35Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 2)21973199
1195YesGiants Under The Sun (Studio Run-Through)17:17Tales From Topographic Oceans [Remastered] (Disc 2)31973207
1196YesThe Calling6:56Talk11994231
1197YesI Am Waiting7:25Talk21994203
1198YesReal Love8:48Talk31994208
1199YesState of Play5:00Talk41994223
1201YesWhere Will You Be6:09Talk61994205
1202YesEndless Dream - a. Silent Spring (instrumental)1:55Talk71994229
1203YesEndless Dream - b. Talk11:54Talk81994215
1204YesEndless Dream - c. Endless Dream1:53Talk91994193
1205YesHomeworld (The Ladder)9:34The Ladder11999208
1206YesIt Will Be A Good Day (The River)4:53The Ladder21999208
1207YesLightning Strikes4:35The Ladder31999221
1208YesCan I?1:32The Ladder41999203
1209YesFace to Face5:03The Ladder51999216
1210YesIf Only You Knew5:43The Ladder61999205
1211YesTo Be Alive (Hep Yadda)5:07The Ladder71999229
1212YesFinally6:01The Ladder81999213
1213YesThe Messenger5:13The Ladder91999215
1214YesNew Language9:19The Ladder101999226
1215YesNine Voices (Longwalker)3:20The Ladder111999172
1216YesWondrous Stories3:51The Power Of Love - 1975-1977 (Disc 1)141999200
1217YesYours Is No Disgrace9:40The Yes Album11971214
1218YesThe Clap3:16The Yes Album21971216
1219YesStarship Trooper: Life Seeker/Disillusion/Wurm9:26The Yes Album31971218
1220YesI've Seen All Good People: Your Move/All Good People6:57The Yes Album41971217
1221YesA Venture3:18The Yes Album51971204
1222YesPerpetual Change8:49The Yes Album61971222
1223YesNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed4:51Time And A Word11970220
1224YesThen5:46Time And A Word21970207
1225YesEverydays6:10Time And A Word31970210
1226YesSweet Dreams3:51Time And A Word41970218
1227YesThe Prophet6:37Time And A Word51970216
1228YesClear Days2:07Time And A Word61970202
1229YesAstral Traveller5:55Time And A Word71970230
1230YesTime And A Word4:30Time And A Word81970211
1231YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart3:51Time-Life Music Sounds Of The Eighties: The Mid '80s101996196
1232YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:27Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 2)62001199
1233YesFuture Times / Rejoice6:44Tormato [Remastered]11978208
1234YesDon't Kill the Whale3:56Tormato [Remastered]21978208
1235YesMadrigal2:23Tormato [Remastered]31978199
1236YesRelease, Release5:46Tormato [Remastered]41978232
1237YesArriving Ufo6:03Tormato [Remastered]51978214
1238YesCircus of Heaven4:29Tormato [Remastered]61978199
1239YesOnward4:02Tormato [Remastered]71978188
1240YesOn The Silent Wings of Freedom7:46Tormato [Remastered]81978216
1241YesI Would Have Waited Forever6:32Union11991207
1242YesShock To The System5:09Union21991213
1244YesLift Me Up6:30Union41991203
1245YesWithout Hope You Cannot Start The Day5:18Union51991200
1246YesSaving My Heart4:42Union61991217
1247YesMiracle Of Life7:29Union71991231
1248YesSilent Talking4:01Union81991208
1249YesThe More We Live~let Go4:53Union91991213
1250YesAngkor Wat5:23Union101991184
1251YesDangerous (Look In The Light Of What You're Searching For)3:38Union111991212
1252YesHolding On5:24Union121991208
1254YesTake The Water To The Mountain3:10Union141991199
1255YesBeyond And Before4:57Yes [Remastered]11969220
1256YesI See You6:52Yes [Remastered]21969216
1257YesYesterday And Today2:51Yes [Remastered]31969190
1258YesLooking Around4:02Yes [Remastered]41969240
1259YesHarold Land5:45Yes [Remastered]51969209
1260YesEvery Little Thing5:45Yes [Remastered]61969212
1261YesSweetness4:34Yes [Remastered]71969205
1262YesSurvival6:17Yes [Remastered]81969196
1263YesOpening (Excerpt From "Firebird Suite")3:47Yessongs (Disc 1)11973210
1264YesSiberian Khatru9:03Yessongs (Disc 1)21973201
1265YesHeart Of The Sunrise11:33Yessongs (Disc 1)31973193
1266YesPerpetual Change14:11Yessongs (Disc 1)41973208
1267YesAnd You And I9:33Yessongs (Disc 1)51973212
1268YesMood For A Day2:53Yessongs (Disc 1)61973202
1269YesExcerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"6:37Yessongs (Disc 1)71973217
1270YesRoundabout8:33Yessongs (Disc 1)81973202
1271YesI've Seen All Good People7:09Yessongs (Disc 2)11973204
1272YesLong Distance Runaround / The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)13:37Yessongs (Disc 2)21973216
1273YesClose To The Edge18:13Yessongs (Disc 2)31973204
1274YesYours Is No Disgrace14:23Yessongs (Disc 2)41973211
1275YesStarship Trooper10:18Yessongs (Disc 2)51973215
1276YescaHere Come the Mounties to the Rescue2:57Cheech & Chong - Up in Smoke (OST)91978220
1277YescaLost Due to Incompetence (Theme for a Big Green Van)3:45Cheech & Chong - Up in Smoke (OST)111978225
1278Yezda UrfaGive 'em Some Rawhide Chewies3:52Sacred Baboon11989199
1279Yezda UrfaCancer of the Band6:51Sacred Baboon21989198
1280Yezda UrfaTota in the Moya10:16Sacred Baboon31989191
1281Yezda UrfaBoris and His Three Verses2:51Sacred Baboon41989171
1282Yezda UrfaFlow Guides Aren't My Bag4:45Sacred Baboon51989199
1283Yezda Urfa(My Doc Told Me I Had) Doggie Head5:04Sacred Baboon61989204
1284Yezda Urfa3, Almost 4, 6, Yea8:39Sacred Baboon71989194
1285Ying Yang TwinsSay I Yi Yi4:24Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2002-07172002214
1286Ying Yang TwinsSalt Shaker4:09Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2004-01162004220
1287Ying Yang Twins feat Mike JonesBadd [Radio Version]3:49Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-09202005209
1288Ying Yang Twins feat. WyclefDangerous4:21Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11132006183
1289Yma SumacAtaypura3:03The Big Lebowski (OST)41998169
1290Yma SumacTaki Rari1:51Ultra-Lounge: Leopard Sampler31996167
1291Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteThe Fountain of Salmacis7:59Genesis For Two Grand Pianos12002203
1292Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteMad Man Moon7:26Genesis For Two Grand Pianos22002182
1293Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteCan-Utility and The Coastliners5:52Genesis For Two Grand Pianos32002203
1294Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteOne For The Vine10:48Genesis For Two Grand Pianos42002196
1295Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteDown and Out5:10Genesis For Two Grand Pianos52002216
1296Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteDuke's Travels6:22Genesis For Two Grand Pianos62002197
1297Yngve Guddal and Roger T. MatteEvidence of Autumn5:22Genesis For Two Grand Pianos72002184
1298Yngwie MalmsteenMaking Love4:56Eclipse11990200
1299Yngwie MalmsteenBedroom Eyes4:02Eclipse21990199
1300Yngwie MalmsteenSave Our Love5:24Eclipse31990189
1301Yngwie MalmsteenMotherless Child4:13Eclipse41990199
1302Yngwie MalmsteenDevil In Disguise6:11Eclipse51990202
1303Yngwie MalmsteenJudas4:25Eclipse61990201
1304Yngwie MalmsteenWhat Do You Want3:49Eclipse71990209
1305Yngwie MalmsteenDemon Driver3:25Eclipse81990196
1306Yngwie MalmsteenFaultline5:08Eclipse91990191
1307Yngwie MalmsteenSee You In Hell (Don't Be Late)3:39Eclipse101990204
1308Yngwie MalmsteenEclipse3:46Eclipse111990199
1309Yngwie MalmsteenBraveheart5:19Facing The Animal11998239
1310Yngwie MalmsteenFacing The Animal4:37Facing The Animal21998244
1311Yngwie MalmsteenEnemy4:53Facing The Animal31998239
1312Yngwie MalmsteenSacrifice4:19Facing The Animal41998246
1313Yngwie MalmsteenLike An Angel5:47Facing The Animal51998224
1314Yngwie MalmsteenMy Resurrection4:49Facing The Animal61998247
1315Yngwie MalmsteenAnother Time5:03Facing The Animal71998235
1316Yngwie MalmsteenHeathens From The North3:39Facing The Animal81998239
1317Yngwie MalmsteenAlone In Paradise4:33Facing The Animal91998224
1318Yngwie MalmsteenEnd Of My Rope4:24Facing The Animal101998239
1319Yngwie MalmsteenOnly The Strong6:05Facing The Animal111998243
1320Yngwie MalmsteenPoison In Your Veins4:23Facing The Animal121998238
1321Yngwie MalmsteenAir On A Theme1:43Facing The Animal131998220
1322Yngwie MalmsteenPerpetual4:13Fire And Ice11992221
1323Yngwie MalmsteenDragonfly4:49Fire And Ice21992230
1324Yngwie MalmsteenTeaser3:29Fire And Ice31992235
1325Yngwie MalmsteenHow Many Miles To Babylon6:11Fire And Ice41992234
1326Yngwie MalmsteenCry No More5:17Fire And Ice51992208
1327Yngwie MalmsteenNo Mercy5:32Fire And Ice61992215
1328Yngwie MalmsteenC'est La Vie5:19Fire And Ice71992220
1329Yngwie MalmsteenLeviathan4:24Fire And Ice81992209
1330Yngwie MalmsteenFire And Ice4:31Fire And Ice91992225
1331Yngwie MalmsteenForever Is A Long Time4:28Fire And Ice101992222
1332Yngwie MalmsteenI'm My Own Enemy6:09Fire And Ice111992198
1333Yngwie MalmsteenAll I Want Is Everything4:02Fire And Ice121992227
1334Yngwie MalmsteenGolden Dawn1:28Fire And Ice131992182
1335Yngwie MalmsteenFinal Curtain4:46Fire And Ice141992217
1336Yngwie MalmsteenCarry On Wayward Son5:09Inspiration11996219
1337Yngwie MalmsteenPictures Of Home4:56Inspiration21996204
1338Yngwie MalmsteenGates Of Babylon7:12Inspiration31996222
1339Yngwie MalmsteenManic Depression3:39Inspiration41996220
1340Yngwie MalmsteenIn The Dead Of Night6:10Inspiration51996228
1341Yngwie MalmsteenMistreated7:30Inspiration61996226
1342Yngwie MalmsteenThe Sails Of Charon5:05Inspiration71996227
1343Yngwie MalmsteenDemon's Eye4:53Inspiration81996212
1344Yngwie MalmsteenAnthem4:18Inspiration91996231
1345Yngwie MalmsteenChild In Time8:07Inspiration101996219
1346Yngwie MalmsteenVengeance4:49Magnum Opus11995218
1347Yngwie MalmsteenNo Love Lost3:07Magnum Opus21995217
1348Yngwie MalmsteenTomorrow's Gone5:19Magnum Opus31995217
1349Yngwie MalmsteenThe Only One4:01Magnum Opus41995210
1350Yngwie MalmsteenI'd Die Without You5:49Magnum Opus51995193
1351Yngwie MalmsteenOverture 16222:41Magnum Opus61995221
1352Yngwie MalmsteenVoodoo6:18Magnum Opus71995207
1353Yngwie MalmsteenCross The Line3:32Magnum Opus81995224
1354Yngwie MalmsteenTime Will Tell5:08Magnum Opus91995221
1355Yngwie MalmsteenFire In the Sky4:57Magnum Opus101995225
1356Yngwie MalmsteenAmberdawn4:26Magnum Opus111995211
1357Yngwie MalmsteenPrelude1:00Marching Out11985182
1358Yngwie MalmsteenI'll See The Light, Tonight4:27Marching Out21985196
1359Yngwie MalmsteenDon't Let It End4:09Marching Out31985198
1360Yngwie MalmsteenDisciples Of Hell5:53Marching Out41985202
1361Yngwie MalmsteenI Am A Viking6:00Marching Out51985200
1362Yngwie MalmsteenOverture 13832:58Marching Out61985208
1363Yngwie MalmsteenAnguish And Fear3:50Marching Out71985191
1364Yngwie MalmsteenOn The Run Again3:25Marching Out81985203
1365Yngwie MalmsteenSoldier Without Faith6:10Marching Out91985203
1366Yngwie MalmsteenCaught In The Middle4:20Marching Out101985199
1367Yngwie MalmsteenMarching Out3:10Marching Out111985184
1368Yngwie MalmsteenRising Force4:24Odyssey11988209
1369Yngwie MalmsteenHold On5:12Odyssey21988220
1370Yngwie MalmsteenHeaven Tonight4:07Odyssey31988206
1371Yngwie MalmsteenDreaming (Tell Me)5:22Odyssey41988185
1372Yngwie MalmsteenBite The Bullet1:35Odyssey51988216
1373Yngwie MalmsteenRiot In The Dungeons4:26Odyssey61988212
1374Yngwie MalmsteenDéjà Vu4:17Odyssey71988214
1375Yngwie MalmsteenCrystal Ball4:56Odyssey81988208
1376Yngwie MalmsteenNow Is The Time4:34Odyssey91988198
1377Yngwie MalmsteenFaster Than The Speed Of Light4:30Odyssey101988208
1378Yngwie MalmsteenKrakatau6:06Odyssey111988219
1379Yngwie MalmsteenMemories1:13Odyssey121988195
1380Yngwie MalmsteenBlack Star4:53Rising Force11984220
1381Yngwie MalmsteenFar Beyond The Sun5:52Rising Force21984208
1382Yngwie MalmsteenNow Your Ships Are Burned4:11Rising Force31984205
1383Yngwie MalmsteenEvil Eye5:14Rising Force41984206
1384Yngwie MalmsteenIcarus' Dream Suite Op.48:33Rising Force51984207
1385Yngwie MalmsteenAs Above, So Below4:39Rising Force61984205
1386Yngwie MalmsteenLittle Savage5:22Rising Force71984201
1387Yngwie MalmsteenFarewell0:48Rising Force81984188
1388Yngwie MalmsteenNever Die3:29The Seventh Sign11994240
1389Yngwie MalmsteenI Don't Know3:25The Seventh Sign21994236
1390Yngwie MalmsteenMeant to Be3:52The Seventh Sign31994213
1391Yngwie MalmsteenForever One4:35The Seventh Sign41994217
1392Yngwie MalmsteenHairtrigger2:43The Seventh Sign51994244
1393Yngwie MalmsteenBrothers3:47The Seventh Sign61994229
1394Yngwie MalmsteenSeventh Sign6:31The Seventh Sign71994249
1395Yngwie MalmsteenBad Blood4:25The Seventh Sign81994232
1396Yngwie MalmsteenPrisoner of Your Love4:27The Seventh Sign91994211
1397Yngwie MalmsteenPyramid of Cheops5:10The Seventh Sign101994243
1398Yngwie MalmsteenCrash and Burn4:05The Seventh Sign111994237
1399Yngwie MalmsteenSorrow2:02The Seventh Sign121994199
1400Yngwie MalmsteenYou Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget4:30Trilogy11986203
1401Yngwie MalmsteenLiar4:09Trilogy21986188
1402Yngwie MalmsteenQueen In Love4:04Trilogy31986193
1403Yngwie MalmsteenCrying5:04Trilogy41986209
1404Yngwie MalmsteenFury3:56Trilogy51986189
1405Yngwie MalmsteenFire4:12Trilogy61986200
1406Yngwie MalmsteenMagic Mirror3:53Trilogy71986191
1407Yngwie MalmsteenDark Ages3:54Trilogy81986207
1408Yngwie MalmsteenTrilogy Suite Op:57:17Trilogy91986201
1409Yogi YorgessonI Yust Go Nuts At Christmas3:15Christmas Comedy Classics61985160
1410Yogi YorgessonI Yust Go Nuts At Christmas3:15Dr. Demento Greatest Christmas CD91989127
1411YohanyAll That I Want4:06Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-09212005202
1412Yoko KannoYubiwa (The Ring) Movie Version3:37Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)12001183
1413Yoko KannoFirst Vision4:11Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)22001201
1414Yoko KannoColors3:07Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)32001196
1415Yoko KannoInto GAEA2:40Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)42001198
1416Yoko KannoAppearance Of The Dragon Armor2:00Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)52001195
1417Yoko KannoHorse Ride1:39Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)62001202
1418Yoko KannoGaia Sheep0:48Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)72001182
1419Yoko KannoRegret4:04Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)82001189
1420Yoko KannoBird Song0:59Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)92001162
1421Yoko KannoSora2:24Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)102001170
1422Yoko KannoAlseides2:20Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)112001213
1423Yoko KannoThe Hurt2:35Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)122001192
1424Yoko KannoTake My Hands1:14Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)132001196
1425Yoko KannoOrgan Pub1:25Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)142001166
1426Yoko KannoWhat'cha Gonna Do???3:16Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)152001185
1427Yoko KannoSora's Folktale1:36Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)162001192
1428Yoko KannoTorushina1:05Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)172001219
1429Yoko KannoDance of Curse II1:48Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)182001213
1430Yoko KannoBlack Escaflowne2:58Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)192001218
1431Yoko KannoTree of Hearts1:46Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)202001182
1432Yoko KannoWe're Flying2:40Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)212001207
1433Yoko KannoWho Will Save1:55Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)222001196
1434Yoko KannoFinal Vision1:35Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)232001197
1435Yoko KannoNomitori Song0:41Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)242001119
1436Yoko KannoYou're Not Alone3:53Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)252001176
1437Yoko KannoCall Your Name [Piano Version - Bonus]4:12Escaflowne: The Movie (OST)262001133
1438Yoko KannoRun Rabbit Junk4:32Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]12003208
1439Yoko KannoYakitori7:09Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]22003177
1440Yoko KannoStamina Rose2:51Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]32003186
1441Yoko KannoSurf3:00Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]42003195
1442Yoko KannoWhere Does This Ocean Go?4:44Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]52003153
1443Yoko KannoTrain Search1:58Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]62003215
1444Yoko KannoSyberian Doll House3:50Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]72003185
1445Yoko KannoVelveteen5:05Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]82003188
1446Yoko KannoLithium Flower3:25Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]92003197
1447Yoko KannoHome Stay3:57Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]102003207
1448Yoko KannoInner Universe4:54Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]112003174
1449Yoko KannoFish - Silent Cruise7:30Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]122003178
1450Yoko KannoSome Other Time4:07Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]132003178
1451Yoko KannoBeauty Is Within Us6:08Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]142003171
1452Yoko KannoWe're The Great1:33Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]152003181
1453Yoko KannoMonochrome5:06Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex (OST) [Japan]162003182
1454Yoko KannoWelcome To Sparefish2:53Macross Plus (OST)11995200
1455Yoko KannoFly Up In The Air2:58Macross Plus (OST)21995206
1456Yoko KannoIdol Talk5:01Macross Plus (OST)31995208
1457Yoko KannoTepee4:03Macross Plus (OST)41995196
1458Yoko KannoNomad Soul (Piano Version)1:39Macross Plus (OST)51995187
1459Yoko KannoBreak Out3:02Macross Plus (OST)61995208
1460Yoko KannoCantabile3:17Macross Plus (OST)71995200
1461Yoko KannoMyung Theme (Cello Version)5:40Macross Plus (OST)81995182
1462Yoko KannoWanna Be An Angel5:35Macross Plus (OST)91995196
1463Yoko KannoSANTI-U5:09Macross Plus (OST)101995188
1464Yoko KannoTorch Song2:38Macross Plus (OST)111995174
1465Yoko KannoDog Fight4:05Macross Plus (OST)121995200
1466Yoko KannoVoices (A Cappella Version)2:15Macross Plus (OST)131995136
1467Yoko KannoStray5:22Wolf's Rain (OST)12003223
1468Yoko KannoRequiem3:03Wolf's Rain (OST)22003197
1469Yoko KannoCoração Selvagem3:28Wolf's Rain (OST)32003221
1470Yoko KannoRenga1:32Wolf's Rain (OST)42003223
1471Yoko KannoPilgrim Snow2:22Wolf's Rain (OST)52003199
1472Yoko KannoLeaving on Red Hill2:58Wolf's Rain (OST)62003211
1473Yoko KannoShiro2:04Wolf's Rain (OST)72003202
1474Yoko KannoDogs and Angels3:01Wolf's Rain (OST)82003174
1475Yoko KannoStrangers5:03Wolf's Rain (OST)92003203
1476Yoko KannoSleeping Wolves2:07Wolf's Rain (OST)102003188
1477Yoko KannoTip Toe Waltz1:31Wolf's Rain (OST)112003204
1478Yoko KannoMy Little Flower2:43Wolf's Rain (OST)122003200
1479Yoko KannoCould You Bite the Hand?3:39Wolf's Rain (OST)132003211
1480Yoko KannoValse De La Lune3:03Wolf's Rain (OST)142003195
1481Yoko KannoHot Dog Wolf2:23Wolf's Rain (OST)152003224
1482Yoko KannoSilver River3:24Wolf's Rain (OST)162003219
1483Yoko KannoSold Your Soul2:25Wolf's Rain (OST)172003198
1484Yoko KannoVisions of a Flame1:33Wolf's Rain (OST)182003191
1485Yoko KannoRun, Wolf Warrior, Run5:55Wolf's Rain (OST)192003204
1486Yoko KannoGravity3:23Wolf's Rain (OST)202003183
1487Yoko KannoParadiso3:47Wolf's Rain (OST)212003165
1488Yoko OnoWalking on Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)6:27Pet Shop Boys - Disco Four42007192
1489Yolanda AdamsO Little Town of Bethlehem4:10Now That's What I Call Christmas! 2: The Signature Collection (Disc 2)132003216
1490Yonder Mountain String BandHalf Moon Rising4:31Elevation11999184
1491Yonder Mountain String BandMental Breakdown2:57Elevation21999208
1492Yonder Mountain String BandThe Bolton Stretch2:45Elevation31999194
1493Yonder Mountain String BandLeft Me In A Hole5:25Elevation41999201
1494Yonder Mountain String BandDarkness And Light5:23Elevation51999187
1495Yonder Mountain String BandOn The Run3:49Elevation61999208
1496Yonder Mountain String BandEight Cylinders3:53Elevation71999206
1497Yonder Mountain String Band40 Miles From Denver3:46Elevation81999197
1498Yonder Mountain String BandThis Lonesome Heart2:06Elevation91999191
1499Yonder Mountain String BandAt The End Of The Day3:38Elevation101999183
1500Yonder Mountain String BandMossy Cow2:47Elevation111999202
1501Yonder Mountain String BandHigh On A Hilltop2:42Elevation121999203
1502Yonder Mountain String BandTo Say Goodbye, To Be Forgiven3:41Elevation131999198
1503Yonder Mountain String BandIf There's Still Ramblin' In The Rambler (Let Him Go)2:46Elevation141999190
1504Yonder Mountain String BandWaijal Breakdown6:22Elevation151999188
1505Yonder Mountain String BandSharecropper's Son3:06Mountain Tracks, Vol. 112001157
1506Yonder Mountain String BandKeep On Going12:05Mountain Tracks, Vol. 122001192
1507Yonder Mountain String BandMy Gal5:52Mountain Tracks, Vol. 132001199
1508Yonder Mountain String BandSnow On The Pines14:36Mountain Tracks, Vol. 142001199
1509Yonder Mountain String BandWhiskey Before Breakfast3:02Mountain Tracks, Vol. 152001203
1510Yonder Mountain String BandIf You're Ever In Oklahoma > Elzic's Farewell > If You're Ever In Oklahoma18:06Mountain Tracks, Vol. 162001199
1511Yonder Mountain String BandAt The End Of The Day4:38Mountain Tracks, Vol. 212002192
1512Yonder Mountain String BandDawn's Early Light11:05Mountain Tracks, Vol. 222002198
1513Yonder Mountain String BandTwo Hits And The Joint Turned Brown3:37Mountain Tracks, Vol. 232002195
1514Yonder Mountain String BandRaleigh And Spencer5:26Mountain Tracks, Vol. 242002197
1515Yonder Mountain String BandGood Hearted Woman4:03Mountain Tracks, Vol. 252002212
1516Yonder Mountain String BandNo Expectations10:02Mountain Tracks, Vol. 262002200
1517Yonder Mountain String BandPeace Of Mind > Follow Me Down To The Riverside > Peace Of Mind27:18Mountain Tracks, Vol. 272002203
1518Yonder Mountain String BandGoodbye Blue Sky3:49Mountain Tracks, Vol. 282002179
1519Yonder Mountain String BandBloody Mary Morning3:14Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)12004193
1520Yonder Mountain String BandCoo Coo's Nest3:23Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)22004213
1521Yonder Mountain String BandTown2:27Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)32004215
1522Yonder Mountain String BandIf There's Still Ramblin' In The Rambler (Let Him Go)3:42Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)42004206
1523Yonder Mountain String BandSteep Grade, Sharp Curves > Ramblin' Reprise7:05Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)52004199
1524Yonder Mountain String BandTraffic Jam10:28Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)62004205
1525Yonder Mountain String BandYears With Rose7:16Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)72004199
1526Yonder Mountain String BandWinds O' Wyoming4:17Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)82004202
1527Yonder Mountain String BandTraffic Jam4:36Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)92004211
1528Yonder Mountain String BandHolding8:57Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 1)102004197
1529Yonder Mountain String BandQueen Of The Earth3:21Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)12004190
1530Yonder Mountain String BandTrain Bound For Glory Land3:55Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)22004207
1531Yonder Mountain String BandLittle Rabbit7:46Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)32004213
1532Yonder Mountain String BandLeft Me In A Hole5:40Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)42004197
1533Yonder Mountain String BandOld Plank Road3:02Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)52004195
1534Yonder Mountain String BandDeep Pockets3:55Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)62004198
1535Yonder Mountain String BandMaid Of The Canyon3:59Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)72004206
1536Yonder Mountain String BandToo Late Now6:19Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)82004200
1537Yonder Mountain String BandYee Haw Factor0:45Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)92004209
1538Yonder Mountain String BandKentucky Mandolin8:53Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)102004206
1539Yonder Mountain String BandPeace Of Mind5:30Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)112004198
1540Yonder Mountain String BandSnow On The Pines8:37Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)122004196
1541Yonder Mountain String BandPeace Of Mind4:07Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3 (Disc 2)132004199
1542Yonder Mountain String BandRambler's Anthem2:53Town By Town12001217
1543Yonder Mountain String BandEasy As Pie3:37Town By Town22001217
1544Yonder Mountain String BandIdaho2:27Town By Town32001201
1545Yonder Mountain String BandLoved You Enough2:47Town By Town42001207
1546Yonder Mountain String BandSorrow Is A Highway3:54Town By Town52001205
1547Yonder Mountain String BandMust've Had Your Reasons3:04Town By Town62001207
1548Yonder Mountain String BandWildewood Drive4:42Town By Town72001210
1549Yonder Mountain String BandNew Horizons7:11Town By Town82001204
1550Yonder Mountain String BandCheck Out Time3:17Town By Town92001201
1551Yonder Mountain String BandTo See You Coming 'round The Bend3:23Town By Town102001213
1552Yonder Mountain String BandRed Tail Lights2:58Town By Town112001203
1553Yonder Mountain String BandA Father's Arms3:24Town By Town122001207
1554Yonder Mountain String BandHog Potato3:50Town By Town132001217
1555Yonder Mountain String BandPeace Of Mind12:22Town By Town142001186
1556Yonder Mountain String BandThe Boatman6:14Town By Town152001210
1557Yonder Mountain String BandSidewalk Stars4:13Yonder Mountain String Band12006195
1558Yonder Mountain String BandI Ain't Been Myself In Years3:08Yonder Mountain String Band22006209
1559Yonder Mountain String BandHow 'Bout You?3:46Yonder Mountain String Band32006197
1560Yonder Mountain String BandAngel4:48Yonder Mountain String Band42006216
1561Yonder Mountain String BandFastball1:06Yonder Mountain String Band52006217
1562Yonder Mountain String BandEast Nashville Easter4:49Yonder Mountain String Band62006221
1563Yonder Mountain String BandJust The Same4:02Yonder Mountain String Band72006221
1564Yonder Mountain String BandClassic Situation3:22Yonder Mountain String Band82006206
1565Yonder Mountain String BandNight Out3:38Yonder Mountain String Band92006217
1566Yonder Mountain String BandMidwest Gospel Radio2:32Yonder Mountain String Band102006205
1567Yonder Mountain String BandTroubled Mind2:50Yonder Mountain String Band112006221
1568Yonder Mountain String BandWind's On Fire3:35Yonder Mountain String Band122006201
1569Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayPride Of Alabama3:42Old Hands12003211
1570Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayHill Country Girl2:41Old Hands22003205
1571Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayBig Lights2:38Old Hands32003187
1572Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayDeep Pockets3:15Old Hands42003199
1573Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowaySleepy Cowboy2:58Old Hands52003189
1574Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayTrain Bound For Glory Land3:35Old Hands62003193
1575Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayWind Through The Willows3:53Old Hands72003196
1576Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayNot Far Away2:57Old Hands82003204
1577Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayAnd Going Away4:31Old Hands92003193
1578Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayAlone And Blue2:35Old Hands102003201
1579Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayEverytime3:19Old Hands112003186
1580Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayWinds O' Wyoming3:43Old Hands122003203
1581Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny GallowayBehold, The Rock Of Ages2:48Old Hands132003183
1582YonderboiAnother Geometry5:09Erotic Lounge (Soft And Lazy) (Disc 1)72003191
1583YoshikiBlack Diamond7:08Kiss My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved111994202
1584Yoshinori SunaharaClipper's Discotheque Break6:08Made In Japan Mix 222008180
1585Yothu YindiTreaty4:04Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 4)72000217
1586Yothu YindiTimeless Land5:10Freedom11993225
1587Yothu YindiWorld of Innocence3:57Freedom21993222
1588Yothu YindiFreedom3:05Freedom31993214
1589Yothu YindiBaywara4:49Freedom41993213
1590Yothu YindiNgerrk1:26Freedom51993207
1591Yothu YindiBack to Culture3:17Freedom61993221
1592Yothu YindiWorld Turning4:27Freedom71993223
1593Yothu YindiMabo3:24Freedom81993219
1594Yothu YindiMilika0:37Freedom91993185
1595Yothu YindiDanggultji1:14Freedom101993207
1596Yothu YindiGunitjpirr Man3:20Freedom111993186
1597Yothu YindiYolngu Boy4:14Freedom121993235
1598Yothu YindiDots On the Shells3:20Freedom131993208
1599Yothu YindiOur Generation3:17Freedom141993216
1600Yothu YindiGany 'Tjurr2:17Freedom151993203
1601Yothu YindiGapu (Tidal Mix)5:12Freedom161993188
1602Yothu YindiMainstream4:03Homeland Movement11989201
1603Yothu YindiYolnu Woman4:30Homeland Movement21989185
1604Yothu YindiHomeland Movement3:32Homeland Movement31989193
1605Yothu YindiYolnu Boy4:10Homeland Movement41989208
1606Yothu YindiDjapana3:30Homeland Movement51989202
1607Yothu YindiGamadala1:55Homeland Movement61989202
1608Yothu YindiGarrtjambul2:08Homeland Movement71989201
1609Yothu YindiMambulmambul1:16Homeland Movement81989208
1610Yothu YindiGudurrku5:14Homeland Movement91989206
1611Yothu YindiBarrwula Pt.12:49Homeland Movement101989201
1612Yothu YindiBarrwula Pt.20:46Homeland Movement111989207
1613Yothu YindiBarrwula Pt.30:40Homeland Movement121989200
1614Yothu YindiGunmore Seq 11:14Homeland Movement131989205
1615Yothu YindiGunmore Seq 20:49Homeland Movement141989208
1616Yothu YindiLuku-Wänawuy Manikay (1788)2:16Homeland Movement151989192
1617Yothu YindiLaykarrambu0:25One Blood11999191
1618Yothu YindiOne Blood6:18One Blood21999201
1619Yothu YindiMainstream5:04One Blood31999218
1620Yothu YindiWorld Turning4:25One Blood41999218
1621Yothu YindiBaywara4:19One Blood51999212
1622Yothu YindiDots on the Shells4:49One Blood61999218
1623Yothu YindiRrama1:03One Blood71999164
1624Yothu YindiDjapana (Sunset Dreaming)4:34One Blood81999237
1625Yothu YindiWritten on a Bark4:44One Blood91999200
1626Yothu YindiTribal Voice4:36One Blood101999224
1627Yothu Yindi7 Sisters0:41One Blood111999210
1628Yothu YindiMinga Minga0:21One Blood121999181
1629Yothu YindiTears For Law (Garrathiya Run)4:03One Blood131999209
1630Yothu YindiBaru1:49One Blood141999160
1631Yothu YindiBelief in the Future3:47One Blood151999242
1632Yothu YindiNyinga Nyinga0:56One Blood161999156
1633Yothu YindiOur Land5:00One Blood171999248
1634Yothu YindiYarryurru1:18One Blood181999167
1635Yothu YindiTreaty 984:24One Blood191999214
1636Yothu YindiGapu2:43Tribal Voice11992166
1637Yothu YindiTreaty3:38Tribal Voice21992214
1638Yothu YindiDjäpana (Sunset Dreaming)3:44Tribal Voice31992203
1639Yothu YindiMy Kind Of Life4:32Tribal Voice41992216
1640Yothu YindiMaralitja (Crocodile Man)4:03Tribal Voice51992209
1641Yothu YindiDhum Dhum (Bush Wallaby)1:05Tribal Voice61992151
1642Yothu YindiTribal Voice4:14Tribal Voice71992217
1643Yothu YindiMainstream4:24Tribal Voice81992215
1644Yothu YindiDharpa (Tree)4:04Tribal Voice91992222
1645Yothu YindiYinydjapana (Dolphin)1:25Tribal Voice101992149
1646Yothu YindiMätjala (Driftwood)5:26Tribal Voice111992203
1647Yothu YindiHope3:33Tribal Voice121992223
1648Yothu YindiGapirri (Stingray)2:20Tribal Voice131992210
1649Yothu YindiBeyarrmak (Comic)1:52Tribal Voice141992180
1650Yothu YindiTreaty (Radio Mix)4:03Tribal Voice151992212
1651Yothu YindiDjäpana (Radio Mix)3:58Tribal Voice161992219
1652Young & CompanyI Like What You're Doin' To Me4:16The Disco Box (Disc 4)81999240
1653Young & CowboyI Like It3:46Disco Classics (Disc 2)152004211
1654Young BergSexy Lady3:49Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007102007216
1655Young Dro feat. T.I.Shoulder Lean (PO Clean Edit)4:20Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-09142006214
1656The Young DublinersWash My Hands4:19Breathe11995241
1657The Young DublinersBreathe4:15Breathe21995250
1658The Young DublinersThunder4:33Breathe31995239
1659The Young DublinersFollow Me Up To Carlow4:01Breathe41995233
1660The Young DublinersShake Me Down3:54Breathe51995251
1661The Young DublinersNothing's Gonna Change4:18Breathe61995275
1662The Young DublinersMary4:23Breathe71995248
1663The Young DublinersChange The World4:21Breathe81995234
1664The Young DublinersFoggy Dew3:41Breathe91995230
1665The Young DublinersDon't You Worry4:51Breathe101995225
1666The Young DublinersShame3:43Breathe111995252
1667The Young DublinersRocky Road To Dublin4:02Rocky Road (EP)11994251
1668The Young DublinersLast House On The Block4:21Rocky Road (EP)21994249
1669The Young DublinersBlack & White4:14Rocky Road (EP)31994233
1670The Young DublinersHoly Ground2:58Rocky Road (EP)41994239
1671The Young DublinersEnough Is Enough4:22Rocky Road (EP)51994239
1672The Young DublinersAshley Falls4:12Rocky Road (EP)61994261
1673Young Jeezy feat. AkonSoul Survivor (PO Clean Edit)4:16Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2005-11172005184
1674Young Jeezy feat. R. KellyGo Getta3:45Nu Music Traxx Vol. 206 March 200792007183
1675Young JocGoin' Down (PO Clean Edit)4:00Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-07192006182
1676Young LoveFind A New Way2:51Nu Music Traxx Vol. 211 May 2007192007243
1677Young M.C.Bust A Move4:25Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 198932000178
1678Young M.C.Bust A Move4:03U Can't Touch This171990184
1679Young MCBust A Move4:26Teen Riot (Disc 1)152000178
1680Young Money feat. LloydBedrock4:50Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2010-0232010237
1681The Young RascalsHow Can I Be Sure2:54AM Gold: 196751995174
1682Young RascalsI Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore2:42Highs Of The Sixties61986199
1683The Young RascalsGood Lovin'2:32Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)112002143
1684Young RascalsGroovin'2:30Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)61992128
1685The Young RascalsI Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore2:46The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)11992133
1686The Young RascalsGood Lovin'2:32The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)21992139
1687The Young RascalsDo You Feel It3:24The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)31992129
1688The Young RascalsMustang Sally3:22The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)41992132
1689The Young RascalsBaby Let's Wait3:24The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)51992128
1690The Young RascalsIn The Midnight Hour4:05The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)61992128
1691The Young RascalsYou Better Run2:28The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)71992133
1692The Young RascalsWhat Is The Reason2:26The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)81992130
1693The Young RascalsI've Been Lonely Too Long2:07The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)91992128
1694The Young RascalsCome On Up2:45The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)101992131
1695The Young RascalsToo Many Fish In The Sea2:19The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)111992128
1696The Young RascalsLove Is A Beautiful Thing2:34The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)121992139
1697The Young RascalsGroovin'2:31The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)131992129
1698The Young RascalsA Girl Like You2:48The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)141992133
1699The Young RascalsFind Somebody3:42The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)151992128
1700The Young RascalsHow Can I Be Sure2:55The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)161992129
1701The Young RascalsIf You Knew3:07The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)171992128
1702The Young RascalsI'm So Happy Now2:50The (Young) Rascals - Anthology (1965-1972) (Disc 1)181992129
1703Young RascalsPeople Got To Be Free2:57Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 1)182001187
1704Young RascalsGroovin'2:30Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968 (Disc 2)22001202
1705Young ZeeThat's My Nigga Fo' Real4:458 Mile (OST)142002200
1706The YoungbloodsGet Together4:37AM Gold: 1969221995195
1707The YoungbloodsLet's Get Together4:39Forrest Gump (OST) (Disc 2)21994197
1708The YoungbloodsGet Together4:41Red, White & Rock (Disc 3)12002129
1709The YoungbloodsGet Together4:42Summer of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In (Good Times & Love Vibrations)31992129
1710The YoungbloodsGet Together4:39TM Century GoldDisc Update 2141991206
1711The YoungbloodsSugar Babe2:12Zabriskie Point (OST)61970209
1712YoungBloodz Feat. Lil' JonDamn [Radio Edit]4:06TM Century PrimeCuts 524P92003189
1713Young-Holt UnlimitedSoulful Strut2:59Classic Rock - 1968: The Beat Goes On81989190
1714YourFavoriteMartian8-Bit World3:15  2011128
1715Youssou N'DourThe Lion / Gaiende5:35The Lion11989187
1716Youssou N'DourShaking the Tree5:42The Lion21989207
1717Youssou N'DourKocc Barma4:28The Lion31989189
1718Youssou N'DourBamako4:19The Lion41989190
1719Youssou N'DourThe Truth4:05The Lion51989212
1720Youssou N'DourOld Tucson5:04The Lion61989203
1721Youssou N'DourMacoy7:17The Lion71989179
1722Youssou N'DourMy Daughter (Sama Doom)6:38The Lion81989188
1723Youssou N'DourBes5:08The Lion91989200
1724Yo-Yo MaDona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) (With Counterpoint)2:00Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace12008190
1725Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin: Grace3:54Hush11992183
1726Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinVivaldi: Andante (From Concerto In D Minor For 2 Mandolins)4:03Hush21992178
1727Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinRimsky-Korsakov: Flight Of The Bumblebee1:08Hush31992183
1728Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin: Stars4:04Hush41992180
1729Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinTraditional: Hush Little Baby (Arr: Bobby McFerrin)2:36Hush51992194
1730Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinRachmaninoff: Vocalise6:26Hush61992179
1731Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinJ.S. Bach: Musette (From The Notebok For Anna Magdalena Bach)4:12Hush71992185
1732Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin: Coyote2:51Hush81992189
1733Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinBarrière: Allegro Prestissimo (From Sonata For 2 Cellos)2:37Hush91992192
1734Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinGounod/Bach: Ave Maria2:37Hush101992178
1735Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin: Hoedown!5:38Hush111992193
1736Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinJ.S. Bach: Air (From Orchestral Suite No. 3)5:11Hush121992178
1737Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin: Good-bye1:11Hush131992156
1738Yo-Yo Ma, Alison Krauss, Natalie MacMasterThe Wexford Carol4:20Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace82008169
1739Yo-Yo Ma, Amelia Zirin-BrownThis Little Light Of Mine5:02Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace202008189
1740Yo-Yo Ma, Assad FamilyFamilia3:57Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace152008190
1741Yo-Yo Ma, Chris BottiMy Favorite Things6:29Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace172008188
1742Yo-Yo Ma, Chris BottiDona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) / Auld Lang Syne1:57Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace222008191
1743Yo-Yo Ma, Cristina PatoPanxoliña: A Galician Carol3:05Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace92008223
1744Yo-Yo Ma, Dave Brubeck, Matt BrubeckConcordia4:30Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace162008217
1745Yo-Yo Ma, Dave Brubeck, Matt Brubeck, Paquito D'RiveraJoy To The World3:42Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace32008198
1746Yo-Yo Ma, Diana Krall, John ClaytonYou Couldn't Be Cuter3:28Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace22008175
1747Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris ThileImprovisation On Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)2:57Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace52008189
1748Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris ThileThe Wassail Song / All Through The Night2:37Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace62008199
1749Yo-Yo Ma, Jake ShimabukuroHappy Xmas (War Is Over)4:45Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace212008192
1750Yo-Yo Ma, James TaylorHere Comes The Sun2:50Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace42008178
1751Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua RedmanMy One And Only Love4:07Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace142008192
1752Yo-Yo Ma, Natalie MacMasterA Christmas Jig / Mouth Of The Tobique Reel3:46Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace72008201
1753Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D'Rivera, Alon YavnaiImprovisation On Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)2:32Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace122008181
1754Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D'Rivera, Alon YavnaiInvitación Al Danzón4:53Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace132008201
1755Yo-Yo Ma, Renée Fleming, Edgar Meyer, Chris ThileTouch The Hand Of Love4:35Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace182008180
1756Yo-Yo Ma, Sérgio Assad, Odair AssadImprovisation On Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)0:58Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace102008187
1757Yo-Yo Ma, Sérgio Assad, Odair AssadVassourinhas3:25Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace112008211
1758Yo-Yo Ma, Wu Tong, The Silk Road EnsembleKuai Le3:26Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace192008180
1759Yung BergSexy Lady3:48Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2007-06192007216
1760Yung JocIt's Goin' Down4:04Nu Music Traxx Vol. 187 May 200662006178
1761Yung Joc feat. Brandy "Ms. B" HambrickI Know You See It3:26Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2006-11102006163
1762Yusuf IslamMidday (Avoid City After Dark)4:24An Other Cup12006219
1763Yusuf IslamHeaven/Where True Love Goes4:49An Other Cup22006216
1764Yusuf IslamMaybe There's A World3:06An Other Cup32006177
1765Yusuf IslamOne Day At A Time4:54An Other Cup42006196
1766Yusuf IslamWhen Butterflies Leave0:41An Other Cup52006193
1767Yusuf IslamIn The End4:02An Other Cup62006205
1768Yusuf IslamDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood3:22An Other Cup72006186
1769Yusuf IslamI Think I See The Light5:34An Other Cup82006215
1770Yusuf IslamWhispers From A Spiritual Garden2:04An Other Cup92006181
1771Yusuf IslamThe Beloved4:51An Other Cup102006219
1772Yusuf IslamGreenfields, Golden Sands3:28An Other Cup112006189
1773Yusuf IslamWelcome Home4:23Roadsinger12009198
1774Yusuf IslamThinking 'Bout You2:31Roadsinger22009175
1775Yusuf IslamEverytime I Dream3:09Roadsinger32009191
1776Yusuf IslamThe Rain3:26Roadsinger42009175
1777Yusuf IslamWorld O' Darkness2:23Roadsinger52009194
1778Yusuf IslamBe What You Must3:25Roadsinger62009194
1779Yusuf IslamThis Glass World2:02Roadsinger72009188
1780Yusuf IslamRoadsinger4:09Roadsinger82009208
1781Yusuf IslamAll Kinds Of Roses2:38Roadsinger92009193
1782Yusuf IslamDream On (Until...)1:56Roadsinger102009192
1783Yusuf IslamShamsia1:29Roadsinger112009180
1784Yve .N. AdamImperfect Girl3:35Women & Songs 3161999212
1785Yves LenaertsRevenge - A Minecraft Parody3:41Revenge12011128
1786Yvonne EllimanI Don't Know How To Love Him3:41Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold92002198
1787Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have You2:58Dance Fever: The Best Of Disco (Disc 2) (T.G.I. Disco)61995162
1788Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have You2:52Disco Classics (Disc 2)132004174
1789Yvonne EllimanCasserole Me Over2:49Food For Love11973194
1790Yvonne EllimanMore Than One, Less Than Five3:52Food For Love21973181
1791Yvonne EllimanI Want To Make You Laugh, I Want To Make You Cry4:24Food For Love31973199
1792Yvonne EllimanMuesli Dreams3:48Food For Love41973195
1793Yvonne EllimanI Can't Explain3:12Food For Love51973203
1794Yvonne EllimanSunshine3:46Food For Love61973198
1795Yvonne EllimanHawaii3:12Food For Love71973200
1796Yvonne EllimanI Don't Know How To Love Him Blues2:57Food For Love81973200
1797Yvonne EllimanThe Moon Struck One4:24Food For Love91973186
1798Yvonne EllimanHappy Ending3:57Food For Love101973201
1799Yvonne EllimanLove's Bringing Me Down5:13Food For Love111973198
1800Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have You2:55Pure Disco131996175
1801Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have You2:59Saturday Night Fever (OST) [MFSL Ultradisc II]51977171
1802Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have You2:59Sounds of the Seventies - '70s Dance Party 1978-19791 154
1803Z.Z. HillIt Ain't No Use (Act I, Scene I )4:52The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]11971204
1804Z.Z. HillHa Ha (Laughing Song) (Act I, Scene II)4:29The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]21971193
1805Z.Z. HillSecond Chance (Act II, Scene I)4:52The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]31971192
1806Z.Z. HillOur Love Is Getting Better (Act II, Scene II)4:02The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]41971214
1807Z.Z. HillFaithful And True (Act III, Finale)3:16The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]51971155
1808Z.Z. HillChoking Kind3:08The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]61971205
1809Z.Z. HillHold Back (One Man At A Time)3:05The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]71971192
1810Z.Z. HillA Man Needs A Woman (A Woman Needs A Man)3:15The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]81971185
1811Z.Z. HillEarly In The Morning2:52The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]91971172
1812Z.Z. HillI Think I'd Do It2:14The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]101971175
1813Z.Z. HillSuppertime (Home Just Ain't Home At)4:14The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]111971200
1814Z.Z. HillJust As I Am3:42The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]121971190
1815Z.Z. HillTouch Em' With Love1:50The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]131971182
1816Z.Z. HillPut A Little Love In Your Heart2:31The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]141971197
1817Z.Z. HillJust As I Am (Collectors Version)3:41The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]151971211
1818Z.Z. HillFaithful And True (Collectors Version)5:33The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]161971222
1819Z.Z. HillIt's A Hang Up Baby2:29The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]171971200
1820Z.Z. HillPut A Llittle Love In Your Heart (Collectors Version)2:55The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]181971210
1821Z.Z. HillHold Back (One Man At A Time) (Collectors Version)3:17The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]191971184
1822Z.Z. HillEarly In The Morning (Collectors Version)3:55The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]201971204
1823Z.Z. HillI Think I'd Do It (Collectors Version)2:28The Brand New Z.Z. Hill [2003 Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]211971193
1824Zac Brown BandToes4:21The Foundation12008193
1825Zac Brown BandWhatever It Is3:29The Foundation22008195
1826Zac Brown BandWhere The Boat Leaves From3:44The Foundation32008211
1827Zac Brown BandViolin Intro To Free1:01The Foundation42008193
1828Zac Brown BandFree3:48The Foundation52008203
1829Zac Brown BandChicken Fried3:58The Foundation62008200
1830Zac Brown BandMary2:50The Foundation72008226
1831Zac Brown BandDifferent Kind Of Fine3:18The Foundation82008212
1832Zac Brown BandHighway 20 Ride3:51The Foundation92008198
1833Zac Brown BandIt's Not OK4:11The Foundation102008218
1834Zac Brown BandJolene4:21The Foundation112008210
1835Zac Brown BandSic 'Em On A Chicken3:51The Foundation122008211
1836Zac Brown BandLet It Go4:38You Get What You Give12010191
1837Zac Brown BandKnee Deep (Feat. Jimmy Buffett)3:24You Get What You Give22010199
1838Zac Brown BandNo Hurry3:47You Get What You Give32010197
1839Zac Brown BandI Play The Road4:21You Get What You Give42010198
1840Zac Brown BandCold Hearted3:48You Get What You Give52010189
1841Zac Brown BandWhiskey's Gone2:48You Get What You Give62010208
1842Zac Brown BandQuiet Your Mind3:41You Get What You Give72010193
1843Zac Brown BandColder Weather4:35You Get What You Give82010187
1844Zac Brown BandSettle Me Down3:23You Get What You Give92010208
1845Zac Brown BandAs She's Walking Away (Feat. Alan Jackson)3:45You Get What You Give102010204
1846Zac Brown BandKeep Me In Mind3:35You Get What You Give112010197
1847Zac Brown BandWho Knows10:04You Get What You Give122010216
1848Zac Brown BandMartin5:07You Get What You Give132010189
1849Zac Brown BandMake This Day4:02You Get What You Give142010213
1850Zac EfronGet'cha Head In The Game2:27High School Musical (OST)22006214
1851Zac Efron And Vanessa Anne HudgensStart Of Something New3:16High School Musical (OST)12006212
1852Zac Efron And Vanessa Anne HudgensWhat I've Been Looking For (Reprise)1:19High School Musical (OST)42006151
1853Zac Efron And Vanessa Anne HudgensBreaking Free3:27High School Musical (OST)82006209
1854Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Lucas Gabreed And Ashley TisdaleI Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You2:51High School Musical (OST)102006226
1855Zager & EvansIn The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)3:16Classic Rock - 1969 The Beat Goes On121989193
1856Zager & EvansIn The Year 2525 (Exordium And Terminus)3:17The Best Singles Of All Time (Disc 1) - The Sixties11 177
1857Zager And EvansCary Lynn Javes2:55Definite 60's Volume 2 (Disc 4)21992185
1858Zak and Kief NilssonJam2:02  2002192
1859Zak NilssonAmbient Electronica1:31  2004192
1860Zak NilssonBond-like1:22  2003192
1861Zak NilssonChill Dance4:56  2005192
1862Zak NilssonDBtest0:51  2002192
1863Zak NilssonDKR Xmas3:03   128
1864Zak NilssonFunkenGruven4:16   128
1865Zak NilssonGB Funk3:43  2004192
1866Zak NilssonHiphop1:16   160
1867Zak NilssonIn Your Eyes6:38   192
1868Zak NilssonMaxx Theme1:14  2003192
1869Zak NilssonMonster Groove1:28  2003192
1870Zak NilssonMovement0:36  2003192
1871Zak NilssonRemember to Breathe4:20  2004192
1872Zak NilssonSORP Theme1:14  2003192
1873Zak NilssonStorm2:47  2003192
1874Zak NilssonTuned Up4:30  2004192
1875Zak NilssonTVDave5:01   192
1876Zak NilssonZak's Reason0:50  2002192
1877Zak NilssonDuelling Keyboards3:02  2004256
1878Zak NilssonFire3:32  2003192
1879Zak NilssoniDrum Test Song0:43  2004256
1880Zak NilssonLoopy Goodness3:45  2004256
1881Zak NilssonMad About You7:42   128
1882Zak NilssonMercy Street5:14  2004256
1883Zak NilssonMrAP Promo 10:38  2004256
1884Zak NilssonTurn Back The Wheel1:47  2004256
1885Zak NilssonWhen Robots Dream3:45  2004256
1886Zak NilssonIdentity Crisis2:50   192
1887Zak NilssonSonicBlu Promo0:41Zak's Album 2008192
1888Zak NilssonElectroDance1:30Zak's Album  256
1889Zak Nilsson and Mark BookerThe Ballad of Zig Zag3:54   192
1890The Zakary ThaksBad Girl2:10Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 (Disc 4)271998139
1891ZamfirThe Lonely Shepherd4:20Kill Bill Vol. 1 (OST)142003198
1892Zangeres Zonder NaamMexico3:51Après Ski 2005 (Disc 1)102005183
1893ZappMore Bounce to the Ounce (Extended Version)5:52Old School Nation! (Disc 2) [CA]92004226
1894Zapp & RogerMore Bounce To The Ounce5:14All The Greatest Hits11993204
1895Zapp & RogerBe Alright2:43All The Greatest Hits21993198
1896Zapp & RogerI Heard It Through The Grapevine6:48All The Greatest Hits31993221
1897Zapp & RogerSo Ruff, So Tuff3:35All The Greatest Hits41993223
1898Zapp & RogerDo It Roger5:17All The Greatest Hits51993219
1899Zapp & RogerDance Floor5:13All The Greatest Hits61993218
1900Zapp & RogerDoo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)3:46All The Greatest Hits71993212
1901Zapp & RogerI Can Make You Dance4:00All The Greatest Hits81993229
1902Zapp & RogerHeartbreaker, Parts 1 & 24:15All The Greatest Hits91993191
1903Zapp & RogerIn The Mix3:28All The Greatest Hits101993212
1904Zapp & RogerMidnight Hour (Live '93 Remix)5:08All The Greatest Hits111993220
1905Zapp & RogerComputer Love4:44All The Greatest Hits121993212
1906Zapp & RogerNight And Day '93 (Remix)3:08All The Greatest Hits131993227
1907Zapp & RogerI Want To Be Your Man4:09All The Greatest Hits141993212
1908Zapp & RogerCuriosity '93 (Remix)4:28All The Greatest Hits151993214
1909Zapp & RogerSlow And Easy5:11All The Greatest Hits161993224
1910Zapp & RogerMega Medley4:08All The Greatest Hits171993225
1911ZappacostaOverload3:41Dirty Dancing (OST)91987203
1912ZebraSaid Before3:32Live11990209
1913ZebraShe's Waiting For You4:25Live21990204
1914ZebraLast Time4:59Live31990211
1915ZebraWait Until The Summer's Gone3:41Live41990211
1916ZebraOne More Chance3:37Live51990200
1917ZebraTake Your Fingers From My Hair8:24Live61990200
1919ZebraBetter Not Call5:33Live81990219
1920ZebraThe La La Song9:40Live91990207
1922ZebraWho's Behind The Door?6:16Live111990202
1923ZebraMaking You The Fool3:51Live121990210
1924ZebraTell Me What You Want4:21Live131990207
1925ZebraThe Ocean4:59Live141990221
1926ZebraTell Me What You Want3:50Zebra11983197
1927ZebraOne More Chance3:16Zebra21983188
1928ZebraSlow Down3:31Zebra31983183
1929ZebraAs I Said Before2:56Zebra41983188
1930ZebraWho's Behind The Door?5:16Zebra51983209
1931ZebraWhen You Get There2:59Zebra61983202
1932ZebraTake Your Fingers From My Hair7:20Zebra71983186
1933ZebraDon't Walk Away3:35Zebra81983187
1934ZebraThe La La Song6:11Zebra91983202
1935Zelda 64Pachelbel's Canon (OC Remix)3:39   165
1936Zend AvestaUn Dimanche A La Campagne8:30French Fried Funk101998208
1937Zero 7Yesterday's New Quintet - Sunrays3:14Another Late Night12002159
1938Zero 7Quasimoto - Real Eyes2:51Another Late Night22002162
1939Zero 7Roots Manuva - Witness (One Hope) (Walworth Road Rockers Dub)3:01Another Late Night32002197
1940Zero 7Slum Village - Jealousy3:51Another Late Night42002184
1941Zero 7Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite4:11Another Late Night52002158
1942Zero 7Jim Zipper - Christine Bonilla3:53Another Late Night62002160
1943Zero 7Jim O'Rourke - Ghost Ship In A Storm3:41Another Late Night72002198
1944Zero 7Souls Of Mischief - '93 'Til Infinity4:39Another Late Night82002181
1945Zero 7Da Lata - Pra Manha5:08Another Late Night92002212
1946Zero 7Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde (Herbert's Fred & Ginger Mix)4:11Another Late Night102002196
1947Zero 7Shawn Lee - Happiness4:51Another Late Night112002228
1948Zero 7Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away4:15Another Late Night122002201
1949Zero 7Don Blackman - Holding You, Loving You3:58Another Late Night132002192
1950Zero 7Leroy Hutson - Cool Out2:47Another Late Night142002200
1951Zero 7Zero 7 - Truth & Rights (Ultimate Dilemma)4:33Another Late Night152002195
1952Zero 7The Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round6:15Another Late Night162002206
1953ZhanéHey Mr. D.J.4:09The Best Singles Of All Time - The Nineties (Disc 8)161999175
1954Ziggy MarleyKozmik3:54Top 40 Hitdossier 1991-1992 (Disc 2)132001210
1955Zimbo TrioPara Lennon & Mccartney2:00Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 09172000209
1956ZippsKicks And Chicks3:14Nuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond (Disc 4)192001127
1957Zira, Vitani, Nuka & ChorusMy Lullaby2:54The Lion King II: Return To Pride Rock (OST)51998188
1958ZOEgirlBeautiful Name4:46Different Kind of Free12003217
1959ZOEgirlYou Get Me3:48Different Kind of Free22003233
1960ZOEgirlInside Out3:16Different Kind of Free32003231
1961ZOEgirlLove Me For Me3:32Different Kind of Free42003217
1962ZOEgirlUnbroken4:59Different Kind of Free52003217
1963ZOEgirlWait4:34Different Kind of Free62003235
1964ZOEgirlFeel Alright3:09Different Kind of Free72003207
1965ZOEgirlShe4:49Different Kind of Free82003225
1966ZOEgirlContagious5:34Different Kind of Free92003208
1967ZOEgirlDifferent Kind of Free4:32Different Kind of Free102003234
1968ZOEgirlLife to Me5:49Different Kind of Free112003203
1969ZOEgirlReason to Live3:48Room to Breathe12005228
1970ZOEgirlDead Serious3:01Room to Breathe22005236
1971ZOEgirlAbout You3:24Room to Breathe32005227
1972ZOEgirlScream4:15Room to Breathe42005218
1973ZOEgirlForevermore3:31Room to Breathe52005229
1974ZOEgirlThe Way You Love Me4:25Room to Breathe62005212
1975ZOEgirlLet It Out2:39Room to Breathe72005225
1976ZOEgirlGood Girl3:02Room to Breathe82005233
1977ZOEgirlNot the One3:24Room to Breathe92005227
1978ZOEgirlSkin Deep4:41Room to Breathe102005221
1979ZOEgirlSafe4:07Room to Breathe112005208
1980ZOEgirlAngels We Have Heard On High3:46WOW Christmas (Gold Disc)32002223
1981ZoegirlWhat Child Is This?4:46WOW Christmas (Green Disc)62005196
1982ZOEgirlDismissed3:26WOW Hits 2002 (Red Disc)42001206
1983ZOEgirlWith All of My Heart4:18WOW Hits 2003 (Silver Disc)22002219
1984ZOEgirlYou Get Me3:47WOW Hits 2004 (Gold Disc)22003233
1985ZOEgirlBeautiful Name4:42WOW Hits 2005 (Silver Disc)132004215
1986ZOEgirlAbout You3:24WOW Hits 2006 (Bronze Disc)62005226
1987ZOEgirlI Believe4:05ZOEgirl12000221
1988ZOEgirlAnything Is Possible3:17ZOEgirl22000218
1990ZOEgirlGive Me One Reason4:52ZOEgirl42000219
1991ZOEgirlLiving for You3:46ZOEgirl52000236
1992ZOEgirlNo You4:43ZOEgirl62000231
1993ZOEgirlLittle Did I Know3:26ZOEgirl72000222
1994ZOEgirlStop Right There3:31ZOEgirl82000222
1995ZOEgirlUpside Down3:59ZOEgirl92000240
1996ZOEgirlLive Life4:03ZOEgirl102000213
1998Zombie NationKernkraft 4003:32Fired Up! (Disc 1)72003216
1999The ZombiesShe's Not There2:25AM Gold: 196431995127
2000The ZombiesShe's Not There2:25Classic Rock - 1963-1969 (Disc 1)41998142
2001The ZombiesShe's Not There2:25Classic Rock - 19642 137
2002The ZombiesTell Her No2:07Classic Rock - 1965 - Shakin' All Over2 203
2003ZombiesTime Of The Season3:32Flower Power: Time Of The Season (Disc 2)12007244
2004The ZombiesShe's Not There2:24Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings11995192
2005The ZombiesGotta Get A Hold Of Myself2:26Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings21995127
2006The ZombiesI Remember When I Loved Her1:59Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings31995209
2007The ZombiesTell Her No2:07Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings41995213
2008The ZombiesShe's Coming Home2:34Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings51995211
2009The ZombiesI Love You3:11Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings61995197
2010The ZombiesSummertime2:14Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings71995193
2011The ZombiesWhenever You're Ready2:44Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings81995202
2012The ZombiesYou've Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me3:39Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings91995187
2013The ZombiesLeave Me Be2:06Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings101995203
2014The ZombiesTime Of The Season3:33Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings111995201
2015The ZombiesI Can't Make Up My Mind2:36Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings121995205
2016The ZombiesCan't Nobody Love You2:15Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings131995126
2017The ZombiesI Want You Back Again2:09Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings141995202
2018The ZombiesSometimes2:09Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings151995128
2019The ZombiesWould You Like To Be In A Band?3:48Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings161995127
2020The ZombiesThe Most Exciting Time Of All4:27Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings171995126
2021The ZombiesCreating Waves2:12Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings181995125
2022The ZombiesEarly Decca3:14Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings191995126
2023The ZombiesShe's Not There1:45Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings201995124
2024The ZombiesBritish Invasion2:41Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings211995125
2025The ZombiesScissors0:28Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings221995120
2026The ZombiesTell Her No Vs. Leave Me Be2:41Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings231995125
2027The ZombiesFrustrations3:30Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings241995126
2028The ZombiesTime Of The Season2:23Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings251995126
2029The ZombiesDon't Look Back0:44Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings261995123
2030The ZombiesDiamonds Are Forever1:01Greatest Hits Greatest Recordings271995128
2031The ZombiesTime Of The Season4:15More Music From The Motion Picture Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (OST)101999197
2032The ZombiesShe's Not There2:28Rock'n Thru Time Vol. 8 (Cool Classics)12000198
2033The ZombiesShe's Not There2:26The Rock Box (Disc 6)3 201
2034The ZombiesTell Her No2:06Top 40 Hitdossier 1965-1966 (Disc 2)52001218
2035The ZombiesShe's Not There2:26Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles11997126
2036The ZombiesYou Make Me Feel Good2:40Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles21997127
2037The ZombiesLeave Me Be2:08Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles31997126
2038The ZombiesWoman2:26Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles41997126
2039The ZombiesTell Her No2:07Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles51997127
2040The ZombiesWhat More Can I Do1:38Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles61997130
2041The ZombiesRoad Runner2:06Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles71997139
2042The ZombiesSummertime2:17Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles81997126
2043The ZombiesI Can't Make Up My Mind2:32Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles91997134
2044The ZombiesThe Way I Feel Inside1:51Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles101997127
2045The ZombiesWork 'n' Play2:09Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles111997127
2046The ZombiesYou've Really Got A Hold On Me-Bring It On Home To Me3:40Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles121997127
2047The ZombiesSticks And Stones2:57Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles131997134
2048The ZombiesCan't Nobody Love You2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles141997126
2049The ZombiesI Don't Want To Know2:07Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles151997126
2050The ZombiesI Remember When I Loved Her2:01Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles161997128
2051The ZombiesI Got My Mojo Working3:36Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles171997134
2052The ZombiesShe's Coming Home2:38Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles181997130
2053The ZombiesI Must Move1:57Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles191997125
2054The ZombiesI Want You Back Again2:15Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles201997125
2055The ZombiesWhenever You're Ready2:43Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles211997127
2056The ZombiesI Love You3:23Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles221997130
2057The ZombiesIs This The Dream2:45Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles231997138
2058The ZombiesDon't Go Away2:35Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles241997126
2059The ZombiesRemember You2:00Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles251997125
2060The ZombiesJust Out Of Reach2:10Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles261997134
2061The ZombiesIndication3:01Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles271997131
2062The ZombiesHow We Were Before2:06Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles281997125
2063The ZombiesGotta Get A Hold Of Myself2:29Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles291997126
2064The ZombiesGoin' Out Of My Head3:03Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles301997126
2065The ZombiesShe Does Everything For Me2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 1) Begin Here (1965) & Singles311997144
2066The ZombiesCare Of Cell 443:57Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album11997200
2067The ZombiesA Rose For Emily2:19Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album21997190
2068The ZombiesMaybe After He's Gone2:34Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album31997208
2069The ZombiesBeechwood Park2:44Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album41997202
2070The ZombiesBrief Candles3:31Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album51997188
2071The ZombiesHung Up On A Dream3:02Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album61997208
2072The ZombiesChanges3:19Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album71997203
2073The ZombiesI Want Her She Wants Me2:52Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album81997212
2074The ZombiesThis Will Be Our Year (Mono Mix)2:09Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album91997129
2075The ZombiesButcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)2:48Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album101997216
2076The ZombiesFriends Of Mine2:17Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album111997199
2077The ZombiesTime Of The Season3:34Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album121997211
2078The ZombiesI'll Call You Mine (Single Version)2:36Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album131997138
2079The ZombiesImagine The Swan3:12Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album141997187
2080The ZombiesConversation Off Floral Street2:41Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album151997217
2081The ZombiesIf It Don't Work Out (Overdubbed)2:29Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album161997179
2082The ZombiesDon't Cry For Me (Overdubbed)2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album171997174
2083The ZombiesI Know She Will (Overdubbed)2:36Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album181997178
2084The ZombiesWalking In The Sun (Overdubbed)2:39Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album191997165
2085The ZombiesI'll Keep Trying (Overdubbed)2:28Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album201997185
2086The ZombiesI'll Call You Mine (Overdubbed)2:39Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album211997203
2087The ZombiesSmokey Day2:25Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album221997188
2088The ZombiesShe Loves The Way They Love Her3:03Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album231997204
2089The ZombiesGirl Help Me2:22Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album241997199
2090The ZombiesI Could Spend The Day2:31Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album251997205
2091The ZombiesA Rose For Emily (Alternative Version)2:21Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album261997198
2092The ZombiesThis Will Be Our Year (Stereo Version)2:08Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album271997220
2093The ZombiesTime Of The Season (US Radio Spot)0:52Zombie Heaven (Disc 2) Odessey & Oracle (1968) & The Lost Album281997124
2094The ZombiesSummertime (Demo)2:29Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio11997126
2095The ZombiesWoman (Demo)3:14Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio21997126
2096The ZombiesKind Of Girl (Demo)2:39Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio31997126
2097The ZombiesLeave Me Be (Demo)2:43Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio41997126
2098The ZombiesI'm Going Home (Takes 1 & 2)2:03Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio51997125
2099The ZombiesI'm Going Home1:51Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio61997125
2100The ZombiesSometimes (Intro Takes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)1:53Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio71997128
2101The ZombiesSometimes2:05Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio81997129
2102The ZombiesIt's Alright With Me1:52Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio91997130
2103The ZombiesKind Of Girl2:10Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio101997133
2104The ZombiesWalking In The Sun (Undubbed)2:37Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio111997126
2105The ZombiesStudio Chat - The Way I Feel Inside (False Start)2:08Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio121997128
2106The ZombiesThe Way I Feel Inside (Rehearsal)2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio131997126
2107The ZombiesI Want You Back Again (Alternative Version)2:10Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio141997125
2108The ZombiesNothing's Changed (Backing Track)2:44Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio151997127
2109The ZombiesNothing's Changed3:18Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio161997126
2110The ZombiesRemember You (Soundtrack Version)2:12Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio171997126
2111The ZombiesCome On Time2:01Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio181997129
2112The ZombiesI'll Keep Trying (Undubbed)2:29Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio191997128
2113The ZombiesWhenever You're Ready (Demo)2:34Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio201997126
2114The ZombiesYou'll Go From Me Aka Don't Go Away (Undubbed)2:35Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio211997125
2115The ZombiesI Know She Will (Undubbed)2:48Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio221997127
2116The ZombiesDon't Cry For Me (Undubbed)2:18Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio231997136
2117The ZombiesIf It Don't Work Out (Undubbed)2:33Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio241997127
2118The ZombiesOne Day I'll Say Goodbye (Home Demo)2:52Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio251997126
2119The ZombiesI Don't Want To Worry (Home Demo)2:30Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio261997126
2120The ZombiesA Love That Never Was (Demo)2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio271997126
2121The ZombiesCall Of The Night Aka Girl Help Me (Demo)1:59Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio281997125
2122The ZombiesOut Of The Day (Demo)2:21Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio291997126
2123The ZombiesThis Will Be Our Year (Demo)1:46Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio301997125
2124The ZombiesBunny Lake Promo Spot (To Music Of) Come On Time0:57Zombie Heaven (Disc 3) In The Studio311997125
2125The ZombiesRoad Runner2:10Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC11997132
2126The ZombiesYou Make Me Feel Good2:24Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC21997133
2127The ZombiesEarly One Morning1:42Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC31997137
2128The ZombiesShe's Not There3:34Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC41997132
2129The ZombiesTell Her No2:03Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC51997127
2130The ZombiesWhat More Can I Do2:01Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC61997127
2131The ZombiesI'm Going Home2:00Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC71997126
2132The ZombiesFor You My Love3:01Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC81997128
2133The ZombiesTell Her No (Acoustic Piano Version)1:59Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC91997128
2134The ZombiesSoulville2:19Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC101997127
2135The ZombiesRip It Up3:27Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC111997127
2136The ZombiesCan't Nobody Love You2:17Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC121997127
2137The ZombiesYou Must Believe Me2:17Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC131997127
2138The ZombiesShe's Coming Home2:29Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC141997128
2139The ZombiesI Must Move1:46Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC151997127
2140The ZombiesJust Out Of Reach2:02Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC161997127
2141The ZombiesIf It Don't Work Out4:09Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC171997128
2142The ZombiesWhenever You're Ready2:36Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC181997128
2143The ZombiesIt's All Right3:46Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC191997128
2144The ZombiesWill You Love Me Tomorrow2:42Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC201997127
2145The ZombiesWhen The Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes2:39Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC211997128
2146The ZombiesJust A Little Bit2:28Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC221997128
2147The ZombiesSitting In The Park2:22Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC231997128
2148The ZombiesGotta Get A Hold Of Myself3:48Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC241997127
2149The ZombiesGoin' Out Of My Head2:26Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC251997127
2150The ZombiesThis Old Heart Of Mine2:55Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC261997127
2151The ZombiesFriends Of Mine2:16Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC271997128
2152The ZombiesThe Look Of Love2:20Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC281997127
2153The ZombiesKenny Everett Show Jingle (Medley) Time Of The Season-A Rose For Emily-Jingle-This Will Be Our Year4:51Zombie Heaven (Disc 4) Live On The BBC291997127
2154The ZooReach Out5:19Shakin' The Cage11992227
2155The ZooGod Created Woman4:50Shakin' The Cage21992213
2156The ZooNight Life6:02Shakin' The Cage31992218
2157The ZooShakin' The Cage4:15Shakin' The Cage41992218
2158The ZooVoodoo7:26Shakin' The Cage51992211
2159The ZooHow Does It Feel4:17Shakin' The Cage61992212
2160The ZooNight And You4:19Shakin' The Cage71992206
2161The ZooTakin' It Out To The People4:32Shakin' The Cage81992226
2162The ZooBreakin' Up4:57Shakin' The Cage91992229
2163The ZooIn Your Hands6:17Shakin' The Cage101992223
2164ZootEleanor Rigby4:41Australia's Ultimate Songs (Disc 1)192000215
2165Zucchero & Paul YoungSenza Una Donna4:26More Summer41994198
2166Zucchero & Paul YoungSenza Una Donna4:28The Power Of Love - 1990-1992 (Disc 1)131999194
2167Zucchero Featuring Paul YoungSenza Una Donna (Without A Woman)4:28Awesome Hits131992244
2168Zucchero FornaciariIl Volo5:28Top 40 Hitdossier 1995-1996 (Disc 2)152001196
2169Zygmunt KrauzeQuatour Pour La Naissance17:44Messiaen , Krauze Quatuors (Pour La Fin Du Temps) - (1993 Collins)91994164
2170ZZ TopSleeping Bag4:06Afterburner11985227
2171ZZ TopStages3:35Afterburner21985229
2172ZZ TopWoke Up With Wood3:49Afterburner31985223
2173ZZ TopRough Boy4:52Afterburner41985207
2174ZZ TopCan't Stop Rockin'3:04Afterburner51985232
2175ZZ TopPlanet of Women4:06Afterburner61985225
2176ZZ TopI Got the Message3:30Afterburner71985223
2177ZZ TopVelcro Fly3:32Afterburner81985214
2178ZZ TopDipping Low (In the Lap of Luxury)3:15Afterburner91985228
2179ZZ TopDelirious3:41Afterburner101985230
2180ZZ TopPincushion4:32Antenna11994237
2181ZZ TopBreakaway4:57Antenna21994208
2182ZZ TopWorld Of Swirl4:08Antenna31994227
2183ZZ TopFuzzbox Voodoo4:42Antenna41994214
2184ZZ TopGirl In A T-Shirt4:10Antenna51994218
2185ZZ TopAntenna Head4:43Antenna61994207
2186ZZ TopPCH3:57Antenna71994221
2187ZZ TopCherry Red4:38Antenna81994221
2188ZZ TopCover Your Rig5:49Antenna91994220
2189ZZ TopLizard Life5:09Antenna101994223
2190ZZ TopDeal Goin' Down4:06Antenna111994208
2191ZZ TopLa Grange3:34Armageddon (OST)41998208
2192ZZ TopLa Grange3:54Classic Rock - 1971-1973 (Disc 2)11 207
2193ZZ TopI Thank You3:25Deguello11979173
2194ZZ TopShe Loves My Automobile2:23Deguello21979185
2195ZZ TopI'm Bad, I'm Nationwide4:53Deguello31979180
2196ZZ TopA Fool For Your Stockings4:16Deguello41979169
2197ZZ TopManic Mechanic2:36Deguello51979199
2198ZZ TopDust My Broom3:09Deguello61979174
2199ZZ TopLowdown In The Street2:50Deguello71979180
2200ZZ TopHi Fi Mama2:25Deguello81979169
2201ZZ TopCheap Sunglasses4:48Deguello91979179
2202ZZ TopEsther Be The One3:30Deguello101979187
2203ZZ TopTube Snake Boogie3:05El Loco11981205
2204ZZ TopI Wanna Drive You Home4:48El Loco21981171
2205ZZ TopTen Foot Pole4:23El Loco31981180
2206ZZ TopLeila3:17El Loco41981184
2207ZZ TopDon't Tease Me4:24El Loco51981184
2208ZZ TopIt's So Hard5:11El Loco61981180
2209ZZ TopPearl Necklace4:07El Loco71981194
2210ZZ TopGroovy Little Hippie Pad2:44El Loco81981193
2211ZZ TopHeaven, Hell Or Houston2:33El Loco91981197
2212ZZ TopParty On The Patio2:49El Loco101981204
2213ZZ TopGimme All Your Lovin4:04Eliminator11983186
2214ZZ TopGot Me Under Pressure4:02Eliminator21983187
2215ZZ TopSharp Dressed Man4:18Eliminator31983165
2216ZZ TopI Need You Tonight6:17Eliminator41983200
2217ZZ TopI Got The Six2:55Eliminator51983186
2218ZZ TopLegs4:34Eliminator61983180
2219ZZ TopThug4:18Eliminator71983203
2220ZZ TopTV Dinners3:50Eliminator81983186
2221ZZ TopDirty Dog4:04Eliminator91983181
2222ZZ TopIf I Could Only Flag Her Down3:41Eliminator101983181
2223ZZ TopBad Girl3:14Eliminator111983197
2224ZZ TopThunderbird4:08Fandango11975206
2225ZZ TopJailhouse Rock1:56Fandango21975195
2226ZZ TopBackdoor Medley: Backdoor love affair/Mellow down easy/Backdoor love affair no.2/Long distance boogie9:54Fandango31975201
2227ZZ TopNasty Dogs And Funky Kings2:49Fandango41975208
2228ZZ TopBlue Jean Blues4:45Fandango51975193
2229ZZ TopBalinese2:38Fandango61975208
2230ZZ TopMexican Blackbird3:05Fandango71975198
2231ZZ TopHeard It On The X2:28Fandango81975213
2232ZZ TopTush2:14Fandango91975212
2233ZZ TopMescalero3:49Mescalero12003255
2234ZZ TopTwo Ways To Play4:15Mescalero22003232
2235ZZ TopAlley-Gator3:29Mescalero32003245
2236ZZ TopBuck Nekkid3:02Mescalero42003238
2237ZZ TopGoin' So Good5:34Mescalero52003213
2238ZZ TopMe So Stupid3:33Mescalero62003229
2239ZZ TopPiece4:19Mescalero72003259
2240ZZ TopPunk Ass Boyfriend3:05Mescalero82003249
2241ZZ TopStackin' Paper2:58Mescalero92003245
2242ZZ TopWhat Would You Do3:03Mescalero102003249
2243ZZ TopWhat It Is Kid4:13Mescalero112003264
2244ZZ TopQue Lastima4:24Mescalero122003240
2245ZZ TopTramp5:12Mescalero132003245
2246ZZ TopCrunchy3:13Mescalero142003244
2247ZZ TopDusted3:56Mescalero152003219
2248ZZ TopLiquor8:10Mescalero162003210
2249ZZ TopConcrete And Steel3:49Recycler11990196
2250ZZ TopLovething3:25Recycler21990182
2251ZZ TopPenthouse Eyes3:47Recycler31990187
2252ZZ TopTell It4:48Recycler41990187
2253ZZ TopMy Head's In Mississippi4:25Recycler51990188
2254ZZ TopDecision Or Collision4:02Recycler61990191
2255ZZ TopGive It Up3:34Recycler71990190
2256ZZ Top2000 Blues4:45Recycler81990195
2257ZZ TopBurger Man3:19Recycler91990185
2258ZZ TopDoubleback3:57Recycler101990182
2259ZZ TopRhythmeen3:53Rhythmeen11996249
2260ZZ TopBang Bang4:28Rhythmeen21996233
2261ZZ TopBlack Fly3:33Rhythmeen31996234
2262ZZ TopWhat's Up With That5:20Rhythmeen41996233
2263ZZ TopVincent Price Blues6:04Rhythmeen51996233
2264ZZ TopZipper Job4:14Rhythmeen61996240
2265ZZ TopHairdresser3:49Rhythmeen71996246
2266ZZ TopShe's Just Killing Me4:57Rhythmeen81996241
2267ZZ TopMy Mind is Gone4:06Rhythmeen91996248
2268ZZ TopLoaded3:48Rhythmeen101996237
2269ZZ TopPrettyhead4:40Rhythmeen111996230
2270ZZ TopHummbucking, Part 25:12Rhythmeen121996237
2271ZZ TopFrancine2:53Rio Grande Mud11972206
2272ZZ TopJust Got Paid3:48Rio Grande Mud21972216
2273ZZ TopMushmouth Shoutin'3:45Rio Grande Mud31972209
2274ZZ TopKo Ko Blue4:23Rio Grande Mud41972210
2275ZZ TopChevrolet3:19Rio Grande Mud51972197
2276ZZ TopApologies To Pearly2:47Rio Grande Mud61972214
2277ZZ TopBar-B-Q3:22Rio Grande Mud71972200
2278ZZ TopSure Got Cold After The Rain Fell6:49Rio Grande Mud81972190
2279ZZ TopWhiskey'n Mama3:21Rio Grande Mud91972212
2280ZZ TopDown Brownie2:26Rio Grande Mud101972204
2281ZZ TopCan't Stop Rockin'3:02Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (OST)21993245
2282ZZ TopIt's Only Love4:22Tejas11976192
2283ZZ TopArrested for Driving While Blind3:08Tejas21976210
2284ZZ TopEl Diablo4:22Tejas31976205
2285ZZ TopSnappy Kakkie2:58Tejas41976197
2286ZZ TopEnjoy And Get It On3:26Tejas51976176
2287ZZ TopTen Dollar Man3:41Tejas61976186
2288ZZ TopPan Am Highway Blues3:14Tejas71976197
2289ZZ TopAvalon Hideaway3:07Tejas81976192
2290ZZ TopShe's A Heartbreaker3:01Tejas91976198
2291ZZ TopAsleep In The Desert3:24Tejas101976205
2292ZZ TopRough Boy4:50The Power Of Love - 1986-1987 (Disc 1)151999214
2293ZZ TopGimme All Your Lovin'4:00Top 40 Hitdossier 1983-1984 (Disc 1)182001193
2294ZZ TopWaitin' For The Bus2:53Tres Hombres11973211
2295ZZ TopJesus Just Left Chicago3:31Tres Hombres21973203
2296ZZ TopBeer Drinkers & Hell Raisers3:27Tres Hombres31973214
2297ZZ TopMaster Of Sparks3:30Tres Hombres41973198
2298ZZ TopHot, Blue And Righteous3:17Tres Hombres51973181
2299ZZ TopMove Me On Down The Line2:30Tres Hombres61973216
2300ZZ TopPrecious And Grace3:10Tres Hombres71973215
2301ZZ TopLa Grange3:54Tres Hombres81973212
2302ZZ TopShiek4:04Tres Hombres91973202
2303ZZ TopHave You Heard?3:12Tres Hombres101973202
2304ZZ TopPoke Chop Sandwich4:50XXX11999233
2305ZZ TopCrucifixx-A-Flatt3:59XXX21999216
2306ZZ TopFearless Boogie4:01XXX31999225
2307ZZ Top36-22-362:35XXX41999220
2308ZZ TopMade Into A Movie5:13XXX51999214
2309ZZ TopBeatbox2:48XXX61999227
2310ZZ TopTrippin'3:55XXX71999230
2311ZZ TopDreadmonboogaloo2:36XXX81999229
2312ZZ TopLive Intro By Ross Mitchell0:34XXX91999198
2313ZZ TopSinpusher5:18XXX101999239
2314ZZ Top(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear5:21XXX111999217
2315ZZ TopHey Mr. Millionaire4:14XXX121999237
2316ZZ TopBelt Buckle4:04XXX131999207
2317ZZ Top(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree2:29ZZ Top's First Album11970185
2318ZZ TopBrown Sugar5:22ZZ Top's First Album21970188
2319ZZ TopSquank2:49ZZ Top's First Album31970208
2320ZZ TopGoin' Down To Mexico3:23ZZ Top's First Album41970190
2321ZZ TopOld Man3:32ZZ Top's First Album51970196
2322ZZ TopNeighbor, Neighbor2:19ZZ Top's First Album61970214
2323ZZ TopCertified Blues3:28ZZ Top's First Album71970190
2324ZZ TopBedroom Thang3:53ZZ Top's First Album81970196
2325ZZ TopJust Got Back From Baby's4:14ZZ Top's First Album91970190
2326ZZ TopBackdoor Love Affair2:42ZZ Top's First Album101970187

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