NA Milestones
7/5/97 Planning and sending off for web site.
7/6/97 Began creating page using Netscape Composer (wonderful program)
Edited images collected Finished several pages.
7/7/97 First drafts of pages complete, web site obtained, massive uploading begins.
7/8/97 Version 1.0 of Nalaholics Anonymous is put on the web.
7/19/97 Updated links, including area
10/17/97 Added links section, added Takeshi's confession. Several stories added as well.
12/26/97 Added Bruce Porterfield's essay on Nala in the info.html section
1/13/98 Added version 1.2 of Nalaholics test by Takeshi and SW. Also added five images courtesy of Myra Weber
2/3/98 Corrected some minor flaws in the page.
3/13/98 Created the Nalaholics Anonymous web ring picture.
3/14/98 Created the Nalaholics Anonymous ICQ list and page. Two great new images up as well.
3/19/98 Added several articles to the therapy section. Takeshi's NALA team, How much is that Nala in the window by Snowcat, and two pictures by Elfasi.
3/20/98 Completely redid the therapy section. Separated into cub and adult Nala, fan material, and quicktime movies from Also added the .gif link to the index page.
5/5/98 WHEW! Long time to not have something added. Well, I added nala.gif by Moon Wang, Jeff Dearman's poem NALA and the Online AOL interview with Kajuana and Heather from TLK on Broadway. All in therapy of course.
9/19/98 Decided that NA needed an upgrade from the old place and site so began work on a NEW Nalaholics Anonymous
9/20/98 After a weekend of work, Nalaholics Anonymous 2.0 is up and running! Enjoy the new site layout!
9/24/98 Added Takeshi's parody entitled "Simba's defense" and NALA-TABs by SW
9/25/98 "Addicted to Nala" by Rindimo Cheetah added in Fan Material Therapy
9/27/98 Created the "Nala" desktop. Uploaded image composite and desktop
9/28/98 Lotsa updates in the last few days, hmm? :) DarkUnicorn's Fierce Nala has been added to the fan material wing of the therapy center.
9/29/98 Added "just another day in the ward" story to the Fan Material section. And Rindimo's addicted to Nala parody.
10/1/98 Put on KrzyKatMer's poem about Nala in the fanmaterial section. NA is on a roll!
10/20/98 Joined Disney Webmaster's Alliance and Friends of Disney Alliance.
10/25/98 Created the Nalaholics Anonymous listserv using
11/18/98 Added Casey H.'s confession to the Nalaholics Anonymous FAQ in the Therapy Center.
11/18/98 Added "the Panther's" essay to the Nalaholics Anonymous FAQ in the Therapy Center.
12/16/98 Wow, life got busy. Exams and whatnot have kept me from doing much. Casey H.'s second essay went up today. Happy Holidays to all!
1/17/99 Added "Eight hours a day without Nala" to fanmaterial section by Casey H.
1/18/99 Added two important essays by SW regarding Nalaholics Anonymous in the Information Section. An important read regarding NA.
1/25/99 Added two song spoofs from anonymous submissions. Both in the fan material wing under writings.
2/22/99 Finally cleaned out the 'To be added' section on my hard drive. Whew, LOTS of image updates in the therapy center! Enjoy.
3/31/99 Updated ICQ list to use the ICQ flower for online determination as opposed to that nasty little banner.
4/18/99 Created the banner for the Nalaholics Webring and sent to Remy Monsen to start the ring. Thanks to Remy for the great idea and work.
4/19/99 NA is added as the #1 site on the Nalaholics Ring.
5/29/99 Fun With Nala section has been in the works for a long time, and today, it officially opened. Thanks to Remy Monsen for adding a touch of fun to the section, as well as Meeko for his counter CGI.
6/9/99 JessKat's two pictures are up in the Fan Material section.
7/15/99 I apologize for the lack of recent updates. RL has kept me quite busy. Added YounSimba's nifty ICQ+ Nala skin to the Fun with Nala section, as well as the ICQ section. All who have ICQ should get this essential upgrade!
8/18/99 Updated YounSimba's ICQ+ as per his instruction. Better than before! Thanks to YounSimba for the work.
8/19/99 Added Remy Monsen's new game 'Nala vs. Hyenas' to the Fun with Nala Section, as well as Monsen's terrific WetNalaAMP winamp skin. Thanks to Remy for the effort.
9/2/99 A series of small but significant changes. Thanks to Remy Monsen, we now have high-scores listings in certain Fun With Nala games. The Memory Game/Nala vs. Hyenas/Nala Puzzles all keep this listing, so try to beat your scores!
1/17/2000 Added "Guess words with Nala" on the Fun with Nala page! Thanks to Welfie, we have a new game hosted on Enjoy everyone!
6/4/2000 Somewhere in the switch for servers, the counter was messed up. I apologize to everyone who had been anxiously counting up with it. The suggestion has been made to get more fanfiction, so all those who see this message and are interested, start writing! NA needs your help! Added 'More than a Lioness; A Mother' from Ndugu to the Fanmaterial section.
9/4/2000 After a few months of being down, Nalaholics Anonymous is back! The Certified Nalaholic section has been revamped to a format that's a little more tenable, but there's a lot that will be changing on this site soon! NA is still in need of good writers and artists to contribute fan submissions for the page! Don't be shy, send your stuff!
10/12/2000 Nalaholics Anonymous is rapidly approaching the 100th member mark.  As a result, I've been contemplating a full (and I do mean full) overhaul of the NA site to help it better serve its visitors (and maybe create a more homogeneous looking site).  Be on the lookout for what will eventually be known as 'The Great Change'
12/14/2000 The highly anticipated Great Change of Nalaholics Anonymous begins tonight with the uploading of version 3.0 to the internet!  There have been an incredible number of changes that you're going to have to see for yourself. A lot of work and love went into this site, so enjoy!
12/16/2000 Added April F.'s mouse drawn image of Nala stalking in the Fan Art section.
12/23/2000 Fixed the missing link to Sign the visitation log
1/9/2001 Certification of Nalaholics reopens.
1/12/2001 Featured story is changed to "Fond Memories" by SW.  Still waiting anxiously for other fanart and fanfiction to arrive.
1/16/2001 Added Sean C.'s picture of Simba and Nala on a composited background to the fan art section.
2/19/2001 Featured story is changed to "Just a Haunch" by SW.  Featured picture is 'President Simba and the first lioness' by Karl Kratt.  Still looking for other fanart and fanfiction to be sent in.
2/20/2001 The Nalaholics Counter on the Fun With Nala page is not working properly and has been taken down indefinitely for repair.
1/7/2002 NA gets its own message board.
1/18/2002 Several updates that were missed.  Ryan Stiber's Nalaholic essay was posted on the 7th, Nalaholics Anonymous gets a message board community, and Meeko's Nalaholics Counter on the Fun with Nala page returns, thanks to Meeko!
3/21/2003 More Fan art is added from Sarafina and J.C.