Frequently asked questions


What is a Nalaholic?

  • Currently, a Nalaholic is defined as one who possesses a special 'leaning' towards the lioness Nala. 

Why do people become Nalaholics?

  • People become Nalaholics for a variety of reasons.  The character of Nala has come to represent something more than her original bounds. Some people have come to see her as a symbol of something greater.  She may very well fill the gaps left in many people's hearts. Many see her as an archetype of a good friend, a caring companion, or a loving mate.

What is the purpose of Nalaholics Anonymous?

  • The purpose of Nalaholics Anonymous (NA) is to provide an internet-based location serving as a hub for fans of Nala, and, hence, 'therapy' for Nalaholics.

What is required of me if I become a member?

  • Certified Nalaholics are required to ensure that their contact information is maintained and to visit every once in a while.  This is done on an honor system only.  It is strongly recommended and encouraged that Certified Nalaholics utilize their creative skills to donate material for the fan sections of the site.

Can I join NA even if I don't own a Nala plushie?

  • As Nala plushies become harder and harder to find these days, Nalaholics Anonymous has officially stricken that requirement from the general listing.

Don't you think that being in love with a cartoon lioness is a bit immature?

  • Yes, in fact I do.  But being a Nalaholic does not imply or demand that you 'be in love' with a cartoon lioness.  You don't have to be head-over-heels to be a Nalaholic, just like you don't have to be a rabid fan of a music group to like them.

Can I find furrotica of Nala on this site?

  • No.  Nalaholics Anonymous is dedicated to fan presentation of Nala in a manner accessible to all ages.

Additional questions can be mailed to Nalaholics Anonymous