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Title: The Love of a Lioness
Author: Judith Hale
Date: 2002


I stared at the figure in disbelief,
Could it really be him?
My childhood friend, my former playmate.

As I stood,
Sorrow flooded my heart,
My best friend,
My fiancé, My betrothed,
The one to whom I should be wed.


The name echoed in my mind,
He consoled me, Held me close,
I was falling,
Falling in love,
His voice so gentle,
His mane so soft.

I was safe,
Safe from harm.

In the jungle,
We played, frolicked,
Became cubs once more.

He pinned me,
I kissed him,
He smiled back in a way I’d only dreamed.

I knew,
Our destiny would come true,
We were one,
Bound by trust, by love,
A love no-one could break.
Our love.

I am queen,
A queen with a king,
A king that loves me,
A love I know he will not break,
For we are one,
We will always be one.

Right now.
Now he holds me,
Holds me closely, but weeps,
He Weeps with joy,
The joy of our first born,
The symbol of our union,
The symbol of our love,
The symbol of a king and his queen.

He whispers in my ear,
"I love you Nala"