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Nalaholics Anonymous has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. All Nalaholics Anonymous members are included in the list below by default. To omit your name from the list please email Simba Wiltz. Thank you.

Nalaholics Anonymous is not responsible for the content on members' web pages.  The content does not necessarily reflect the views and goals of Nalaholics Anonymous and is the product of the member who owns it.

ICQ Network Name: Nalaholics Anonymous

Description / Purpose: A place where Nalaholics can feel at ease with themselves, and of course, their unique personalities. This is for all Nalaholics, no matter what your level or involvement, feel free to correspond with the others.

Searchable Keywords: Nalaholics Anonymous, Nala, Nalaholics, The Lion King, TLK, Lioness

Relevant Categories: The Lion King, TLK, Nalaholics
ICQ NetworkAdmin: Simba Wiltz
Organization / Affiliation: Nalaholics Anonymous
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Number Of Users: 56
Network Created On: March 14, 1998
Last Updated On: June 24, 2001


Real Name Nickname ICQ #  Status URL Language
Simba Wiltz SimbaW 1058620  Yes English & some Spanish
Jim Burgess Hodari 3255909 No English
Marty McGuire Ndoto 6173457 Yes English
Justin Cooke Nalaholic 2022099 Yes English
Peter Sunnergren The WebLion 449693 Yes English
Shaun Daugherty Stahi 1046129 Yes English
Mirco Zacher Kublia 1572258 Yes English and German
Baine S. Brock Baine 23967253 No English
Daniel Borgshammar Simba 678996 No English
Frank Post Marsian 6426158 Yes English
Benjamin G. Teb 643858 No English
Roger van der Wal Kahn 1045183 Yes English & some Dutch
N/A Sarafina 4851687 Yes English
N/A Gesten 2051200 Yes English
Kelli Jaunsen eccoblue 9678142 No English
Oliver Feiler Kiza  10816828 Yes English & German
David Jansson the Panther 8951261 Yes English
Kathleen L. lil' nala 11429194 No English
Remy Monsen Monsen 14318072 Yes English & Norwegian
Jaco van Niekerk _Sparky_ 3214545 Yes English
John Taylor JFT 14128631 Yes English
Dark Unicorn DarkUnicorn 12756920 Yes English & German
Jayson Morden Jay Morden 1799936 No English
Jonathan Williams Cyberiam 21421655 Yes English
Nala M. Nala 22231671 No English
Elliot Elliot 16491513 No English
Brian Lands Lycaon 8785013 No English
Geir Kirksæther Ugas 22275643 Yes English & Norwegian
Simba Canuso Simba C 3546725 Yes English
Steffen Kilb CubSimba 9515885 No English & German 
N/A Sichi 4851687 Yes Slovenian, English, Serbo-Croatian, some German
Jadia Jadia 13913149 No English
Netolu Shadowlin Netolu 29170546 Yes English
Brian Bommarito BrianB 16303083 No English
Johannes Läuffer  Thersites 21290845  No  English
Rene Puls  Kianga 11130988  Yes  English & German
David Gadd Ibegie 31910443  Yes English
Asali Nyuki Asali Nyuki 38516413 Yes English & Swahili
N/A YounSimba 35491727 Yes English & Spanish
Paul Z-TA_Paul191 35519997 Yes English
N/A Zimba 12478498 No English & Swedish
Heather Carstens Emile 36424456 No English & French
Jeremy Weingart Konama 34597469 No English
Dominik Senn  Welfie 29733055 Yes German,  French, & English 
Piotr Kilanowicz Majzel 15043559 No English & Polish
N/A Kamaru 39266107 No English
Anthony Yingling Kitran/Chipper/Amili 12215363  Yes English
Alex Mann AlexMannG1 58821109 Yes English
Fernando Caballero Ndugu 54818523 Yes English & Spanish
Graham Auld Lionheart 43298179 No English & German
Nimrod Carmi Simba 72236668 No English
Thomas Jensen Tombo'z 17394447 Yes English & Danish
Michael Read Kovu_282 108674007 No English
Ryan Stieber NOREastwood 42939583 No English & Hebrew
Jared Haudenschield Jared 114039792 No English