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Welcome to N.A.T.C.

    The Nalaholics Anonymous Therapy Center (NATC) is pleased to be world renown for its treatment of Nalaholics. Our caring staff and gentle training assists even the toughest visitor to harness their Nalaholic energy.
    If this is your first time visiting Nalaholics Anonymous, welcome! If you are coming back for more therapy, welcome back! Enjoy your stay!

    As of May 29, 1999, Nalaholics Anonymous is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new section called Fun With Nala! Enjoy everyone!

    In an effort to better serve Nalaholics everywhere, NA has renovated the Therapy Center and incorporated many new changes in philosophy and scope.  We hope these changes will be amenable to the many Nalaholics out there, as well as encourage more participation from Nala's adoring fans.

To increase Nala exposure, NA has a Nala-themed desktop for Windows 95/98. Download your copy here!