Amurtigress and hir world

Hello furries, or just interested beings! Over the past years, since I became a Lion King fan, there have been mainly two furry characters evolving from my fantasy: Kublia and Amurtigress. Kublia was basically a fan fiction character by Adrian Rossi, so I did not feel like changing Kub as my fantasy saw it. So finally created Amurtiger who is basically just Kublia stripped from his past as Adrian Rossi's creation, and from it Amurtigress came to be. Not only Amurtigress, but a whole world around. A word about the pronoun HIR and SHI. They were invented by Roy D. Pounds for the fictional Chakats, as pronouns for beings who are hermaphrodites. Means fully functional male and female. After all you wouldn't like to be called an 'it' if you had both genders, would you? ;)

A note to minor readers: Part of this page is very graphic when it comes to Amurtigress' biology and personality, just as graphic as life simply is. You may leave now if you find such topics offensive, and you are not able to handle realistic descriptions.

Last but not least, this world has been heavily influenced by various fictional worlds on the Transformation Story Archive's Mailing list.

Amurtigress' World: The Past | The Present and Future | Weredom
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The Past (Pre-1990)

The world of Amurtigress is just as our known world was till 1995, with a difference: Werebeings are a reality. Only they lived a secret, hidden life away from civilization. Which doesn't mean they did not know about the world 'outside'. Anyway weres had extremely bad experiences with humans: They were victims of the Inquisition during the medieval times and other superstitious tendencies. The catholic Inquisition tortured and killed them, and not only them. Also the so-called witches, who were open-minded healers that didn't find weredom repulsive, or even as an enhancement of their existence. They even saw them as beings who were supposed have the same rights as 'usual' people. Weres retreated into the natural habitats where their animal side made a life possible for them, for example as wolves or cougars living in European forests or the Rocky Mountains, and became again victims. This time as supposed targets of hunters. Weres were close to being extinct in Western Europe, but as odd as it may sound, life behind the iron curtain proved to be safer for them. Lynxes in Romania, wolves in Russia, tigers in Siberia and China, and many more species. Their chance to ensure their existence as weres had come with the downfall of the Warsaw Treaty.

Present and Future

The first attempt to spread weredom beyond the humans after the medieval times was around 1992, when a woman was seemingly 'attacked' by wolves. They were werewolves, not having anything bad in mind but mating with someone suitable for them. Weres lived a remote life with little contact to people, yet they kept track of the basic development of mankind. However, science was nothing that they were too familiar with, thus they could not know their 'GIFT' would spread through intercourse or blood transfer. So until 1995 weredom became known in Europe and Northern America, while in most other areas of the world weres did not dare to unveil their existence and people there thought of Weredom as a crazy idea of the western media to increase their profitable audience. At first weres did not feel like bragging about with their shifting abilities, fearing discrimination. Over the years weredom became increasingly accepted by people. Later, around the years of 2015, economy begins to take advantage of the animalistic abilities of weres. Their more precise and sensitive senses and all other special abilities that humans do not have push Weres into a position where they become the preferred employees, and humans underpaid folks for less sophisticated jobs. Major parts of the purely human population slid down into poverty, with all preoccupations and rassistic tendencies one can think of. Whoever is able to will try to become a were even against their partially existing disgust. Other cultural problems, setbacks and potential reason for uproar was weredom in countries with strong religious rules, like ones with a majority of Muslims or radical Christians, to see everything non human as something they were given by God to rule over. They damned everything part-inhuman to Hell or at least into suppression, locally even into slavery in parts of Africa.


That woman who turned into a werewolf herself back in 1992, and being an assistant in a biological labor, she found out that weredom is based upon a rather aggressive genetic instability, or as others put it, an extreme flexibility in integrating and adjusting to other than human genes. Weredom is basically being spread through sexual contact, or blood, much like HIV. Humans do not always 'catch' weredom, a lot depends also on how virulent a were's genes are. This differs with the were's species as well as with the degree that the weregenes take over a human body. The first, involuntary transformation happens between one and seven days after the infection, and it can be the most irritating, painful and scaring change in their lifes. All future changes are voluntarily, unless some extreme situation triggers it. Like a pregnant were can being forced by it's genes to stay as much animal as necessary to ensure the health of a baby, or litter, during the pregnancy and birth. Also, not every were is fully in control of their body, and all weres do also have to deal with their animalistic instincts to a degree.
However, no were can fully return to human form. Some remnant of the animal side always remains. Weres do always have the ability to shift to 'full form'', means all animal, and to be an intermediate of human and animal. Though they only rarely lose control over their body to their animal consciousness.
In the beginning weredom spread uncontrollably. Later, around the year 2010, governments began to control the transitions of people to weredom. It takes a thorough genetic structure check to avoid undesired side effects such as gender changes and hermaphroditism. All that has proven to be very expensive and usually impossible to afford by underpaid humans. Certainly people find ways, and one of those ways are voluntary experiments at companies who develop gene transformation chemicals, and were prostitutes. The first transformation can be an ordeal, physically and psychologically. First the at least one day long waiting time during which people keep pondering about their new life, pros and cons they did not consider earlier. Being worried about the animal that is going to be part of them, and also of being something better than only human. There are for example new limbs growing like a tail or even wings, one has to learn how to use them. Again others would only choose weredom to have an at least somewhat happy life through being able to earn enough money in an appropriate job. Yet most of them learn to accept or even get to love the animal they are. About in 2015 companies began to experiment with transformational gene injections to make even dinosaur- and dragon like bodies possible, and to get all factors of transitions into were under control.

How Amurtigress came to be

No, this is not about birds and bees :). An American woman spent her holidays in Slovenia in 1995. Her name was Sarah, and she was mountaineering when a sudden change of the weather put her into a distress situation. She hang unconscious in her ropes, when further below two weres came by. Jason, being a wereeagle, and his friend, a hermaphrodite weretiger. Jason could see Sarah after shifting his eyes to an eagle's, and began his transformation to save her. The rescue was successful, and later that day the two were heroes decided to fill Sarah in after gaining trust in her. She fell in love with them, and willingly became a were through sleeping with them. Still, the result was unforeseeable. She became a female tiger-griffin, just like her daughter later. Only she had an eagle's head and was just female. Amurtigress was born nine months later.


Amurtigress by Chipmunk
Above: ATi  at an age of 18 years, symbolically sitting on the wire. Balancing out her feelings about what she turned into

At an age of 20, in the year 2015, ATi is as follows:
Shi has the body of a rather roundish and female looking tigressmorph with digitigrade legs. Two large eagle wings with a wingspan of over 20 ft. extend from hir shoulderblades, supported by an appropriately strong muscled chest, her forearms and hands are looking like a bird of prey's feet. The arms are sinewy and covered with yellow scales from the middle of hir arms downwards, and the fingers are tipped with typical bird's talons, while the upper arms are covered in fur as well as in mall feathers. Feathers grow from the sides of hir tailbase and the top of hir buttocks. Her head is the one of a tiger, yet the eyes are an eagle's with feathers around. A feather crown goes from the top of her head down the neck ending between the wingbases. Generally, wherever bird and tiger meet, there is a smooth transition from feathers to fur. Hir genders are not very prominent, yet visible and everything but obscene for a normal taste. Hir female part is mostly hidden under fur, yet you can see a slight bulge where hir femaleness must be, and above all that you can see a small male sheath which is almost completely hidden in fur. Only it's top is visible.

Below: ATi at an age of 20, in 2015. Finally enjoying what she has become.

ATi by Cara Mitten

Amurtigress, or short Ati, was born as a healthy morphic tigress cub, to the surprise of her mother and fathers. They had hoped she'd inherit both father's features, just as Sarah did. However, Ati grew up as a werechild, without ever having changed. One day when she was sixteen, and well into her puberty, she awoke with an odd spreading ache all over her body. It was the beginning of a truly unique change. Literally. The pain seemed to concentrate in her belly at first, and her arms, which became like an eagle's feet, taking two hours. Her eyes changed slowly, blurring her vision, and finally plunging her into blindness for six fearful hours. Everything was different for her...or better, HIR, when she could see again. Shi had those wings, and what's even more irritating, shi was now also male. It was also a shock that shi was laying an egg merely a month later. Shi had a very throrough medical check thereafter, the results are further below in "ATigress' biology". All that was shocking enough for the just physically getting mature Ati that she decided to live alone in the wild for some time. She wanted to be one with hirself, deal with and accept what shi had become. Especially the male side of hir sexuality has been something shi pushed away for the first two years. By now, at an age of twenty, she feels like she was fully in acceptance of hir body. About one year ago she had fallen in love with an outcast who was much like shi was...his name is Scratch. He is a male tigermorph with bat wings, loving hir dearly for what she is. At an age of 19 Amurtigress gave birth to a healthy little baby tigressgriffin who looks much like a small version of Ati.


General: Amurtigress is basically an almost perfect blend of bird and tiger, biologically speaking. Hir eyes give hir the ability to see in perfect 3D with the resolution of a bird of prey's eyes. Usual predatory birds lack the three dimensional perspective since their eyes are at the sides of their heads. The chest is very strongly muscled, to support the wingbases. They are even somewhat thicker than Ati's arms, and can easily knock someone out by accident if shi's not careful with those really huge limbs.

ATi birthing. By Scale

ATi reclining in labor, getting hir baby in 2014

The female side: Amurtigress is a fully functional hermaphrodite, she has two sets of female reproductive organs. A set of ovaries for the womb, and a third independent ovary for producing avian eggs. The avian egg canal meets the mammalian vaginal canal about two centimeters below the womb. Shi is able to conceive a child in the normal mammalian way as well as laying eggs. Actually, shi lays an egg every 28 days. The size of the eggs varies, depending on the amount of prey that shi can get when living in the wild, usually 8-15 cm (3-6 inches) big. That avian side of hirs has trained her vaginal musculature rather well. Shi can sense the incoming egg abut three hours before the actual laying, enabling hir to get prepared. Hir outer female sex is mostly like a human female's, only it is covered in fur. The avian reproductive part has not been producing eggs while Ati was pregnant with the baby by Scratch, so one can assume that both parts are not entirely separate, but instead the eggs being also a partial replacement for the lacking period of hirs. It might be possible that shi can also lay fertile eggs after mating with an appropriate bird of prey were.

The male side: Amurtigress' male gender is as small as a normal male tiger's. It is pointed and barbed, and about 12 cm long when fully erect and unsheathed. Shi has no scrotum, which is a necessary adjustment to the overall hermaphrodite nature of hirs. The two about 3cm thick testes are left and right beside the member's root, directly under the skin.
Medical status: Shi is, to the surprise of major authorities of human and veterinarian medicine, fully functional in terms of reproduction. Hir DNA status is rather unusual, shi was told that hir genes have developed a balance of bird and big cat. This is likely to be permanent, with the exception of possible partial and temporarily limited changes of parts of hir, but sooner or later shi will return to hir present form since this seems to be a stable state.


Shi is mostly as shi looks. Very motherly and nice, yet the wild sides of hir animalistic heirloom shows at times. Shi does not like clothing, which is no surprise when you're having fur to cover you appropriately. Also a halter top or pants do not fit very well when you're having a tail, tail feathers and wings. Shi is open minded in every aspect, except when it comes to religion. She regards this as almost a form of madness, after seeing what terrible things mankind has done in the name of dogma. Shi is also rather well educated, into computers, writing, and arts. Shi has a lot of fantasy and occasionally bitter humor, and can also be very thoughtful. It is basically up to you to pick what you like...Get to know hir. :)

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