Title: The Dark Side of Nalaholics
Author: Simba Wiltz
Date: 1/18/99

     This essay came about as a result of an email I received the other day. It was requesting that I sent pictures of Nala porn to the sender, particularly ones with certain anthropomorphic aspects. I returned a simple reply to the person, letting them know that Nalaholics Anonymous is not about distributing or dealing in smutty pictures of the character and left it at that. But the incident left me thinking.
    Was Nalaholics Anonymous making the wrong impression?

    I created this site as a place for Nala fans to see Nala and have their names up as a part of the group. But when I look at some of the descriptions on how they see Nala as a sexual creature only, I begin to contemplate if the focus has been lost. I did not create this site to extoll Nala as a sexual creature. This was to allow Nalaholics to be comfortable with themselves and their unique feelings.
    Yes, loving Nala that much makes them a Nalaholic, and wanting to do such things to her qualifies as unique. But it is certainly time to set the record straight regarding Nalaholics Anonymous. YES, some of the members want Nala solely for her body, YES some members wish they were lions instead of humans, and YES some members are so angry at the world that they despise all humanity and Nala has come to be their symbol of perfection.
    But this is NOT, I repeat, NOT the purpose of Nalaholics Anonymous. This is a fan site, and with that comes peculiar situations. Like any fandom of any kind, there are those who are in it primarily to satisfy their sexual urges. I can accept that and understand that need. Some of the works here contain innuendo and hints, others express the purely personal fantasies of specific indivuduals. Regardless, this is NOT a beastiality site, it is NOT a location to find your favorite x-rated picture of Nala, and it is NOT a site advocating the total relinquishing of life for an animated character.

    This essay is a reality check. Nala was created as an animated character. Yes, many of us are aware of that. Her symbolism and what she has come to represent for so many members is the truth of what makes her so marvelous. Sure, you may see the stories of how someone has come to fantasize about Nala every night and despise humanity. You can see the sordid and overtly erotic tales that float through people's minds at night. But that is not what we are about.
    Many stories go unheard at Nalaholics Anonymous. There is a member who found solace in Nala after losing a girlfriend. His time showed him that all females were not 'evil'. Someone else emailed NA and told of how Nala is like a 'sister' to her in fantasy and they have lots of fun adventures together. And still others are doing the same as I am, using Nala as a symbolic representation for all the positive emotions and feelings that society very often considers 'weak' or 'wimpy'. Through her, many people are discovering aspects of their personalities that might otherwise go undeveloped. As said before in the information section, Nala fills a void in some people.
    Now, I know there is a large group of people out there who might be thinking that this is simply an unhealthy obsession that should never get that far. I remind you that not everyone who is a certified Nalaholic is obsessed. This place began as a joke (see The TRUTH about Nalaholics Anonymous), and its essence is based in having fun with the character of Nala. YES, I admit that this place might be advocating the idolization of a cartoon lioness. YES, I am aware that there are those out there who want to do things with Nala that would make Madonna blush. YES, I am aware of the dark side of Nalaholics Anonymous. In light of this I refer back to an email I received a few months ago:

    Hi, my name is [Jerry]. You don't know me, but I have been having some real problems in life. I was going to commit suicide and was searching the net a last time when I came upon your site. I was really touched. I liked Nala a lot but never knew how to exprece it. It made me think. Nala didn't kill herself when her best friend died, so why should I? Because of your site, I decided not to kill myself. Thanks for being there.

    And I don't know how many others of the 74,000 people that have hit Nalaholics Anonymous might have felt the same way. There may be a dark side to everything but letters like this and similar prove to me that this site can touch people in a positive way. For that, I am willing to keep Nalaholics Anonymous pure in purpose, just as it was founded for. Any questions, ask me.
Simba Wiltz, Head Administrator: Nalaholics Anonymous