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    Nalaholics Anonymous would not exist without the gracious support of friends and fans. Here, we proudly present some of the best written works dealing with Nala.

Note: If you have Nala-related writing that you'd like to contribute, please contact the Head Administrator! Your addition will help Nalaholics everywhere gain more of an appreciation for Nala.

Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Submissions must involve Nala in a significant role.
  2. All works must be posted with a name or some kind of credit identification.
  3. Submission must be an original work created by you.  ie: do not submit someone else's work without their permission, even if you think it is terrific.
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  5. While essays are allowed a little bit more freedom of expression, they are still subject to scrutiny of their appropriateness and significance.
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  7. All works here have been screened to a G/PG rating only.  Nothing explicit will be allowed, and only mild language in very rare occassions.
  8. The Head Administrator reserves the right to accept or reject any piece of work.




A Valentines Story Simba decides to get Nala a Valentine's present in this cute holiday story by Judith Hale

Sailor Moon/TLK crossover

Nala stars as Sailor Moon in this funny crossover by Ndoto.

Simba's Defense

Takeshi addresses the question of what Simba might say if he knew everyone was after his mate.

Eight hours a day without Nala

Casey takes us through the fun of trying to concentrate when your favorite lioness walks into his mind.

The Light in Her Eyes

Where did Nala come from? Trey answers this question in style.

Why Nala is Flawless

A funny view on why Nala is Flawless by TLK comedy legend Jason Knight and addendum by Takeshi.



NALA poem

A poem on Nala by Jeff Dearman.

He's Alive

KrzyKatMer's Terrific little poem on Nala's thoughts.

More than a Lioness, a Mother

Submittted by Fernando Caballero. An interesting poem speaking of the relationship between lioness and cub, mother and offspring.



Nala song Parody

Jim Burgess makes a new hit song by the Kings. 

"Lady Nala"

Takeshi's song on our lady. Spoof from Penny Lane of the Beatles.

Nala, A Shilo Parody

Jim Burgess makes a parody of Shilo, by Neil Diamond.

Addicted to Nala

Song Parody of Addicted to Love, by Rindimo Cheetah NOT Robert Palmer.



Interview with the Nalas from Broadway

Meet the ladies behind the lioness in this transcript of an online interview with Kadjuana Shuford and Heather Headley.

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J. Takeshi

Becoming a Nalaholic

Bruce "Simba" Porterfield

What captured me about Nala...

Marty "Ndoto" McGuire

Nala and Nalaholics: A Study

Casey H.

How and why I became a Nalaholic.............


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