Title: Sailor Moon & TLK Crossover
Author: Marty "Ndoto" McGuire
Date: Unknown


(Cast begins to scroll along a black screen.)


Serena/Sailor Moon-------------------------Nala
Amy/Sailor Mercury-----------------------Sarabi
Lita/Sailor Jupiter-----------------------Sarafina
Raye/Sailor Mars-----------------------------Isha
Mina/Sailor Venus-------------------------Ndoto

 Ndoto:  [in background; voice only]  Hey, wait a minute...

(Cast continues to scroll.)

Darien/Tuxedo Mask----------------------Timon

 Timon:  [in bkgr.; voice only]  Well, at least _I_ don't have to wear a
wimpy skirt.
 Ndoto:  [bkgd.; voice only]  Shut up or I'll eat you.

(Cast continues to scroll again.)

Queen Beryl------------------------------------Scar

 Scar:  [bkgd.; voice only] A-ha!  I am the queen, I can do whatever I want!

(Cast continues to scroll once more.)

Agents of the Negaverse

(Fade in on Nala's house, about 9:00 AM, then cut to the inside of her room.
 Open books and magazines lay on the bed, but Nala is sitting on the floor,
shoving candy bars and ice cream into her mouth.  Luna, her talking black
cat, walks in.)

 Luna:  Nala, if you keep eating like that, you'll get fat!
 Nala:  [with mouth full]  Well, Scar's fat, why not me?
 Luna:  [exasperated]  You're a champion of justice!  You need to stay fit!
 Nala:  Phooey!

(Skip ahead one hour, still in Nala's room.  The others, Sarabi, Sarafina,
Isha and Ndoto are there.  All are wearing sailor uniforms [but not scouts,
mind you.]  Ndoto seems to be getting very aggrivated.)

 Ndoto:  [mumbling]  Do I have to wear this skirt?
 Sarafina:  [to Luna, who is sitting on Nala's bed]  What's wrong, Luna?
 Why'd you call us all here?  Is the Negaverse up to something?

(Artemis, Sailor Jupiter's talking cat, walks in, rubs up against her and
purrs.  Coincidentally, Artemis is played by a non-anthropomorphic Simba.)

 Nala:  _Simba_!

('Artemis' grins sheepishly and whispers, "Sorry love, it's in the script.")

 Luna:  [ignoring Nala and Artemis]  Queen Beryl has deployed three of her
most trusted Negaknights to find the Silver Imperium Crystal.  You have to
stop them!  I think I know where they're hiding out.
 Isha:  [groans]  Oh, don't say it...
 Luna:  But the faster you find and get rid of them, the less chance Sc-- er,
Beryl will have to find the crystal!
 Sarabi:  Of course we'll go, Luna.  Just tell us where.

(Cut to an exterior view of a warehouse, old, decrepit and seemingly

 Luna:  [voice only]  A warehouse on Hirohita street.  My guess is they're
planning their strategy.

(Cut to an interior view of the warehouse.  Shenzi, Ed and Banzai are
gathered around a TV; Banzai playing the 'Sailor V' video game while Shenzi
coaches him.)

 Shenzi:  Look our for that--  whoa, whoa, careful of that--  [there is a
small explosion sound from the TV]--  Aww, you let the flying pigs get you!
 Banzai:  Yeah.  Man, I hate flying pigs.
 Shenzi:  So pushy.
 Banzai:  And hairy.
 Shenzi:  And stinky.
 Banzai:  And man, are they...
 Both:  ScaaaaRY!  [they burst into laughter]
 [Ed makes some grunting and snickering noises.]
 Banzai:  Well, yeah, Ed, I guess they're ugly, too.  Hey, let's play another
 Shenzi:  Let's play this.  [pops out the 'Sailor V' cartridge and inserts a
new one.  She starts up the game and the title screen, 'Timon and Pumbaa's
Jungle Games' appears on the screen.]  Man, I love that jungle pinball.

(Cut to the exterior, where the four girls and Ndoto are peering through a

 Ndoto:  [wincing]  This skirt itches...
 Sarabi:  We should try a surprise attack.
 Isha:  Yeah, that'd work!
 Sarafina:  Shh!
 Isha:  Sorry.
 Ndoto:  Do I seriously have to wear this skirt?
 Sarafina:  So much for a surprise attack.
 [The five transform into Sailor Scouts and do battle with the Negaknights
but, alas, are quickly captured.]

(Cut back to the interior, where the five are chained to a wall.)

 Ndoto:  See?  If you had just let me wear some REGULAR clothes...
 Nala:  Well if you hadn't been complaining...!
 Ndoto:  You're the one who screamed like a Banshee!
 Nala:  And you're the one who--
 Sarafina:  QUIET!!
 Sarabi:  Jupiter's right, this arguing isn't going to help us any.
 Banzai:  [walking by them all like a prison guard]  And you ain't GONNA find
any help.
 ????:  [voice only]  WRONG!

(Pan up to reveal Timon Mask, in his trademark tuxedo, enchanted rose in
hand, standing up on the rafters.)

 Timon:  I, Timon Mask, (who comes up with these names?) shall save you!

(Cut back down to Nala.)

 Nala:  [voice only; hearing her thoughts]  Oh, it's Timon Mask!  He's so
handsome!  A little small, but...
 Banzai:  Who's the rat?
 Mageuzi:  [standing up in the audience]  KAT!!  That's KAT!!  He's not a
RAT!!  He is a MEERKAT!
 Timon:  [sweatdrop appearing on the back of his head to signify
embarassment]  Eheh...  I am NOT a rat...
 Shenzi:  Does he look wafer-thin to you guys?
 [Ed and Banzai nod in agreement.]
 Timon:  WAFER-THIN!?  [jumps down to the ground and lands in a figher's
crouch]  I'll show you 'wafer-thin...'  [jump-kicks Shenzi, sending her
reeling, then quickly pins Ed and Banzai to the wall with his roses]
 Nala:  Oh, Timon Mask!
 Shenzi:  Grrrr...  [staggers over to Banzai and Ed and frees them from the
 Timon:  [throws more roses that slash through the Sailor Scouts' chains]
 Sailor Moon!  Run!
 Nala:  [starts running, then turns back]  What about you?
 Timon:  [mumbling]  Eyaaaah... good point.  [louder]  I'll be fine!  Just
run!  [backs away cautiously as the Negaknights close in on him]
 Nala:  We can't leave you!  [close-up of Nala as she pulls of her tiara]
 "Moon...  Tiara...  MAGIC!!"  [she throws her glowing tiara at the
Negaknights, who yip and just barely dodge]  Drat!  I should've practiced my
aim before the story started!  Sailor Scouts--  Attack!
 Sarabi:  [Close up of Sarabi as she shouts]  "Mercury...  Bubble...
 BLAST!!"  [A fog fills the room, concealing the location of the Sailor
Scouts and Timon Mask]
 Banzai:  Hey!  Who turned out that lights?
 Isha:  [Close up of Isha as she shouts]  "Mars...  Fire...  IGNITE!!"  [A
blast of fire springs from her fingertips and singes Ed's fur]  Ha!  Mess
with ME, will ya?
 Sarafina:  [Close up of Sarafina as she shouts]  "Jupiter...  Thunderclap...
 ZAP!!"  [A streak of lightning hits the antennae on Sarafina's headband and
rips toward Shenzi.  Shenzi yelps and turns, howling as the bolt strikes her
 Ndoto:  Finally, I get more lines!  [Close up of Ndoto as he shouts]
 "Venus...  Meteor...  SHOWER!!"  [a beam of light shoots out from his hands
and explodes into thousands of tinier beams, pounding Banzai]  Now THAT'S
what I've been waiting for!
 Shenzi:  Let's get outta here!  [in a flash of light, she disappears]
 Banzai:  Yeah!  We're gonna tell Queenie on you!  [in a flash of light, he
 [Ed nods, laughs, and disappears in a flash of light.]

(Cut back to Nala, breathing a sigh of relief.)

 Nala:  Whew, thank you Ti--  Timon Mask!?  Where'd he go?  [looks around for
Timon Mask, but he is nowhere to be found]
 Sarafina:  Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see him again.
 Sarabi:  He's so cute...
 Isha:  You said it!
 [Nala stares off into space with a half-forlorn look on her face.]