Title: More than a Lioness; A Mother
Author: Ferdnando Caballero
Date: 6/4/2000


In the velvet blackness of the Serengeti night,
a gentle purr and a soft cub-mourn intertwines,
gently in middle of a purr,
drawing milk with satisfaction,
a motherhood relation between her and her cub,
gently, lovingly she grooms his golden fur,
shimmering at the moon light,
the cub grows stronger,
day by day he learns from his mothers wisdom,
she looks after him with pure love,
willingly to give her own life to protect him,
seasons pass by and his dear mother left this existence,
she is now a bright star in the night sky,
leaving his son behind,
a gentle and  wise king traversing the plains,
and keeping the promises of his mother;