Title: Eight hours a day without NALA
Author: Casey H.
Date: 1/17/99


This truly illustrates the effect that NALA has on me. Not only have I lost a
lot of concentration in school, but there are times where I simply CAN'T get
NALA out of my mind. Just for your information this is based on a true story.
Narrator: Next to the entrance to Casey Hoerth's imagination stands a guard
dressed in red. For the 8th time in seven days, the lioness NALA walks toward
the gate.
red mind guard: State your name and purpose for entery.
NALA: My name is NALA, and I am here for a daydream.
red guard: What? you again? This is the eighth time this week.
NALA: Yeah, so? Are you going to let me through or will I have to force my way
red guard: Hold on, let me contact my superior....(using two way radio) Red
leader, the lioness by the name of "NALA" wants to enter for a daydream, is it
ok at this time?
red leader: No, not now, Casey is in the middle of an important math test.
red guard: Not right now ma'am. Casey is taking an important math exam.
NALA: It seems to me that you don't understand. I am NALA, and I am here for a
red guard: Sorry ma'am, but this is an important test which requires Casey's
concentration. I can't have you messing around in his head right now. Wait
untill he is in his next class period, history, that class doesn't matter.
Besides, if I let you through now, I could get demoted to the digestive
(NALA gives the red guard a sweet and innocent look, the red guard opens the
gate with a subdued, hypnotized expression on his face. NALA walks gracefully
past the gate.)
Two minuets later.......
red leader: What?! This can't be happening, stop that lioness!
red ensign: Too late, she has already penetrated the second line of defense.
Besides, who is going to be able to resist those wonderful eyes, and that
'look' that she gives?
red leader: So you are saying that we have absolutely NO defense at all against
red ensign: Yep, basically.
red leader: Damn!
Me: (thinking out loud) Oh, jeez, not again, now I can't concentrate on this
important test.
Math teacher: Is something wrong Casey?
Me: Uhh, heh heh, no, not really.
Math teacher: Good, because I would hate to see you fail this test, it counts as
fifteen percent of your grade, you know.
Narrator: The bell rings and it is time for history class. Meanwhile, NALA
finds a nice cloud to sit on, and continues to redirect Casey's neurological
pathways toward herself.
Me: Oh well, its only history class. I've read this book cover-to-cover about
ten times and my class still isn't past the Roman Empire, what a bunch of
dumb-butts. I think I will just sit here and daydream.
History Teacher: CASEY! READ! NOW!
Me: Uhh, what page is that again?
History Teacher: (speaking in a sarcastically condescending manor) Feel like
telling the class what your daydreaming about?
Me: No, actually I don't.
History Teacher: Your days are numbered, mister! Quit lipping off! NOW READ!
Me: (thinking) Jeez, and I still have five hours to go.