Title: NALA
Author: Kurabi [Jeff D.]
Date: 5/5/98


Your figure shines
in the golden grass
The spirit of Africa
You're home at last!
The bright red sun rising
above the plain
Upon your return
The Warmth...the rain
Your shadow looms over
 all who watch you
Your stride
so swift as stars
that guide you
You  move gracefully
the time stands
still as you pass
All creature bow to you
for you're home
At last!
Nala..fast and swift
as the evening breeze
Graceful as the eagle
soaring through the trees
Sharp as a hawk,
to watch her cubs
You provide them care
and give them love
Your mate watches you
from the rocks above
He knows that peace
has returned
guided by the great kings
in the stars above
your  love so great,
your heart so divine
Your love so strong
through the circle of time
Your heart your des-tiny
Your spirit burns so bright
Marks  your place in the circle
....of Life
To stand the test of time
And never again will
the darkness devour light
Nala..your future
your journey...
Your destiny
Begins on this
Glorious night!
Oh Nala.
Your presence
embraced us all with joy
For the Great Kings
Have Listend
 the time for peace
At Last!
Among all things dead
in this great land
 now grow to itheir
previous splendor
Oh Nala.
In  the name of Aiheu
We will
We will
All Remember.
Busa Simba
Busa Simba Iyo!
For those who
tread these lands today
For those who live tomorrow.